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The Ledge Jun 17, 1926

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/ (-
The Oldest Minjng Camp Newspaper in British Columbia
_   GREENWOOD,. B. C., THURSDAY, JUNE  17, 1926
McLary's Blue Kitchen Ware
Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, fancy and plain
Trunks*, Suitcases, Handbags i
Golf Clubs, Balls and Bags, Tennis Balls
" s
1 ���
Ladies_and Gents
Men's Dross Shoes and
fine Oxfords   .
Miners Boots
Canvas Shoes for the children
Ladies Fancy Silk'Hose ,
Around Home
-Vi.? J.   Morrison  is  on  a   business
trip to .Vancouver.
,   Mrs. Ben .Salmonsoii of, Nelson, is
thc guest of Mrs. Andy Sater,
Mrs.  R. Forshaw left on Tuesday
morning on a trip to-Vancouver.
Cook Stove For Sale
S�� Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Malkins Best Marmalade 4s - 65c
Malkins Best Plum Jam 4s - ���.���65c
Singapore Pineapple 3 cans - 50c.,
Libbys [Jeans with Pork l8oz cans 15c
For quality and value order from' '   ' ���' Phone 46
R. C. Pawsey of Rock Creek, was,
in town for a few days this week.
John  Cropley of Kamloops  is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gqodevo.
P. H. Sheffield of Nelson, school
inspector, was a visitor in town on
Thursday.   -> '
'Ubiic Auction
Agents for  _      '"    ' -
Imperial Oil, Limited
-Premier Gas.
by the' Barrel 3k.     r
taVlo'r & so IN
Phone 17
Farmer's Corrall, Rock Creek
/      "  Oil	
Saturday, June 26th, 1926
Mr. H. L. T. Martin's-fine herd of Cattle,"
both Dairy and Beef, also
One Registered Hereford Bull
Bills of approved credit may b'e ac-'*
cepfed carrying S%   interest,   of not.
- .less thau $5.00 value.
Mr. ami Mrs, Walter Murray- and
Arthur Murray, ot. Trail,'were visitors
in town this week.
CJias. Nichols' left" on  Tuesday  to
attend  the  Grand Lodge  of Masons
in "Victoria this week.
a " ,���c	
Olo-Lofstad and Fred Johnson left
this week for a,- visit to the hot
springs near Nakusp.
Angus Camoion, of Laurier, was
looking over some .mining property
in-lho district this week.
\   Mr. S.T. Pittendrigh. ���
has also included ' ,
Three Work Horses, one Saddle Horse,
Wagon, Mower, Rake and other articles
King of the' Woods Gasoline;Saw ""
Charles King
with one'of those refreshing
Ice Cream Sundaes and Sodas
Buy a Kodak for your vacation.
Film, Supplies, Etc.
From the international stage success
\      with
Georffc " O'Brien,    Madge    Bellamy,
-Leslie. Fenton,   Walter  McGr.iil,"
Eulalic Jensen
A inig-hly drama of war-dazed women
Mrs. H.  McCutcheon  lias  returned
to  town from a visit to  friends   at
Laurier, Wash., and Grand Forks.
\        ^ _     ���      /-
Thoro will be a 'King of the Woods'
gasoline saw for sale, as good as new,
a I the Auction at Rock Cree!?.
Miss Isabel Keir left on Saturday
morning last for a visit to relatives
at Po'itland and Hood River, Oregon.
A dance will be given hy the
Woman's Hospital Auxiliary in the
Masonic.hall  on Friday,  June  25th.
Ansto motor oil, non-carbonising
western, $1.00 per .gallon���at Greenwood Grocery.       ���' X '.. /  *
Also Fox Varieties
"The River Nile"
Mrs. S. B Lawrence and son. ot*
Grand Forks, were the guests-of Mr.
and Mrs'. E. F. Keir during the weekend.'
Airs. J, H. Goodeve returned on
Wednesday from a few weeks visit
to her daughter, Mrs. Sid Storer in
IPiinceton. '       /
. W.-B. Fleming returned the 'first*of
the week trom Vernon, where he had
been attending the Grand Lodge sessions- of the I.O.O.F.
.,  "The World We Live In"
Frank. Richter returned    to   Kettle
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
Adults SOc.
Children 25c.
Let us Quote you o,n
W Agents for the
JOMM DEERE Line of farm arid Tillage Goods
We carry.only the bestNslock procurable iu
"Beef; Veal, E>ork, Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
Belter a dead Camp Fire than a Dead_F.orest
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
^      Office, Smelting and Refining  Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and.Zinc Ores'
Producers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
Wc would like to call your attention to-
the fact that our
is always in a position to yiv.o you the
best there is in
Service and Workmanship
If yon have had diiliculty in yetliny-
yotir watch to keep time briujy it to us
and wc will inuUo it ri^ht
We handle a good line of Glasses
Watclimnkcr and Jeweler  ,     '
F. J. White, Manager
New WesLminster,i where he had been
attending Columbian College.
Fred Whiting was able to return f-o
his home at Kettle Valley on Tuesday
after being a patient in the district
hospital for a few days.
,Miss Tillie McDonnell is spending
u holiday in Vancouver.^ Miss McDonnell was motored as far as .Penticton by Miss Bawtinheimer and party.
II. W. R. Moore returned from Victoria on Tuesday evening and is very
plgased with the result of his trip,
having becn successful in winning thc
appeal case of Cudwovth vs. Eddy.,
The Grand Forks Garage announces a further reduction in the
price of Chevrolet cars. The touring has been reduced a further $25;
the coach $40 and Iho sedan $50. The
prices are effective now.
under auspices of the Ladies Hospital
Masonic Hall, Greenwood
Friday, June 25th, 8:30 p.m.
. "Havoc", a William Pox picture will
be the foaluro attraction, at the
Greenwood theatre on Saturday,
June 26th. There will also be Fox
varieties entitled "The River Nile"
and "The world we Live in."
The appeal in the case of Cudworth
vs. Eddy, oiigiiially tried here before-
Judge Brown and a jury, was allowed
by the Court~of Appeal at Victoria
on  Friday,..the  11th inst.
This was'an appeal by plainlilf
from the judgment of -Judge Brown
in tlie -County Court at Greenwood,
in an action claiming $500 commission on a real estate deal. Plaintiff,
a married woman, alleged that she
was employed by the defendant to
sell his ranch for $15,000, and was to
get a commission of .$600 on any sale
she brought about. Defendant denied
liiis ahd states that the agreement"
was that if the plaintiff procured a
purchaser,-she would be paid something .for her trouble when the purchase money was paid.'
Plaintiff, according to the evidence,
did procure a purchaser, and- one of
the terms was. the acceptance of an
agreement for sale_ of land in-Saskatchewan as part' payment to the
amount'of $3,300. ,-This was tp he
subject to inquiry .as to value. The
negotiations between the plaintiff and
defendant" as to the former getting a
purchaser 'commenced late in August,
1924, and extended to September 13,
The defendant's inquiries as to the
satisfactoriness of the-agreemenl of
salo wore apparently finished on September 20, 1524, when he notified tlie
plaintiff that lie would accept it in
part payment. Plaintiff, during the
early part, of the'transaction was not
a" holder of a real estate agent's
licence, which is a condition precedent to entitle a,person to bring an
action for commission.1 But she obtained one on September 16. The
deal was completed on September 20
by the notification from the defendant" that - he was satisfied with the
Saskatchewan agreement.
Defendant moved for a non-suit -on
the ground that the plaintiff had fully
earned her commission on September 13, but-that as she was no,t then
a holder of a, real estate, agent's licence, she was not entitled, in law,
to recover. -The judge took the case
from, the .'jury, and .directed .a nonsuit. -
The Court of Appeal, on the .contrary, was of opinion that the plaintiff's right of action did not arise until the deal was completed; that it
was-not completed until September
20,- when* defendant accepted the Saskatchewan agreement,'1 as until he did
so, it could not be-said that the plaintiff had produced a purchaser'"ready,
able and willing" to carry out his side
of th'e transaction.
A  discussion   arose   as   to   what
would be. tha effect of allowing the
appeal,  Mr.  Moore  pressing  for  immediate  judgment  and    Mr.   Lucas
trial,  when the Chief Justice reflected that, as the defendant had moved
���at the trial -for a non-suit, he must'
be" taken lo have rested his chances
of success. on the weakness of the
plaintiff's case   rather   than   on   the
strength  of  his  own.      He   cannot,
therefore,  be heard  to  say that lie
can take advantage of the appeal and
.return  to build  up a  case on what
was shown on tlie'appeal.   The court
���would,  therefore,  exercise its discretion   and  allow   the   appoal,  giving
judgment for the amount of commission claimed.
Mr. H. W. K. Moore appeared for
appellant; Mr. E. A.\ Lucas ari<| Mr.
C. P. R, Pincott for respondent.
The Board of Managers verv thank-
fullr acknowledge receipt of'the following subscription's. Anyone wishing to subscribe, kindly call at the
office, or mail lo. Chas. King,. Sec.-
Treas., when receipts will be given
and amounts acknowledged in tho
current issue of The Ledge.
Previously acknowledged... .$2234.50
Rock Creek Junior W. A.
per. Mrs. Richard Norris....   " 20 0U
Rev. E. A. St. G. -Smyth      10.00
TovtaI  $2264.50
Donations for May
Mrs. Forshaw, onions; 'Mrs.-Auger,
rhubarb; Mr��. McLaren, rhubarb and
cream; Mrs. Dorman, light shades;
Mrs. Gauvreau, pillows; Mrs. Hallett,
scales; Mrs. J._ Mulhern? two pair of
pillows, pillow slips and towels; Mr.
Lawson,, apples; Mrs. G. A.- Rendell,"
.pillows, .pillow slips" and baby blankets; Christ Nelson, four days' work;
Mrs. Hanrahan. buns and magazines;
Mrs. Sater, milk, flowers and plates;
Mrs. J. McDonell, buns, buttermilk,
oranges and cream; "Mrs. John, Clark,
flowers; Mrs. Bellgrove, oranges and
eggs; Mrs. G. D. McDonald,.potatoes;
Ladies' Auxiliary, bath mat; Mr. Pur-
kis. magazines; Mrs. Pannell, nut-
bread; Mrs. Floyd, marmalade; Mrs.
G. S. Walters, strawberries; -Mrs. M.
Anderson,  lettuce'.
Mr. Brown, Land Surveyor, of Penticton,'-made a business-visit to tow'ii
on Monday. ���    --.    -
E. Nordman _ returned on Friday
from a week's visit' to Nelson and
other points.
���C. I-L Clegg, of the Sally' Mine, has
purchased a new Ford ..setfan, and
Mrs. Ted - Clarke also purchased a
Chev. sedan. *   ���
Miss Goldie Saunders returned to
town on Friday; from Greenwood,
where'she has been a patient in the
District Hospital.
%E. D. "Steeves, "an old-tinier on the
main  river,  arrived  from  the  Coast-
aboufc a week ago ancl is doing some
prospecting in' this vicinity.
The new machinery has arrived
for the Revenge Mine and a crew of
men are now busy '-getting saine
hauled up . the hill and installed.
The Wellington =Syiidicate are now
shipping ore from their claim, whicli
is very high grade. -It is expected
in a, year or so the Wellngton will be
in the same class as the Bell fcnd
Representatives of the Hecla Mining
iCo. of Wallace, Idaho, are examining
the Imperial group near.Rock,Creek.
This company has the .property under
option from J. W.. y Clark -and Xk is.
being developed with a;vi'ew_to erecting a concentrator.        : ���"'' "."':';
Bush's 5 Piece Orchestra in Attendance
This is the first of a series of dances
*��� for the benefit of the Hospital
Admission $1.00 whicli includes, supper
Good music.   Good lloor.   Good supper
Come to the Auction at Rock
Creek on the 2'Jlh'June���you can exchange your views and opiuions with
one another���especially on the "hoppers."
E. W. Harker of Rock''-.Creek .was
brought to the District Hospital here
the first of the week having been
taken Quite sick. He is now making
good progress.     -      �� "'_
The Ladies' Aid, congregation ancl
'friends of the United Church met in
lhe,'church on -Tuesday evening to
receive the Rev. A. Walker and Mrs.
Walker. A very pleasant and sociable evening was spent. Mrs. K. M.
Spence, president of the Aid, called,
on P. H. McCurrach, who welcomed
Rev. Mr. Walker and wife to Greenwood, while' R, D. Kerr extended a
hearty welcome;-to tlie Rev. gentleman on behalf of Midway. Mr. Walker was well pleased-with the reception extend and hoped for the co-operation of tlie citizens of the whole
district. .Dainty refreshments ;: were
served:beforeytlie gathering dispersed.
Mr. Love, local school teacher,' ia
Djanning a school picnic for Saturday, 26th, for -the school children
and wishes to have everyone attend
who is interested. Tliere.will be all
kinds of sports and probably a little
dance in the school house to finish*
off the dav,
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw writing
from Kamloops says: "On Monday we
moved into our, new home at 731
Nicola stroe't. We had a splendid
trip en route. Traded the Overland
in" at Penticton and secured a new
,Chev. We saw all the Greenwood
nurses at Vernon���four of^ them���
Pijiscilla, Mabel, Irene and Georgina.
All looked well and happy. Kind regards to all old friends."
L-^In the, column acknowledging receipts/ ofv donations to the Greenwood
and District Hospital this week.j appears die from' the Rock Creek Jun-
ior Womens' Auxiliary per Mrs. R.
Norris their president., it* is /most
gratifying to the directors of the hospital to know that.they have the sympathy and co-operation of these gen
erous young people. 'Their money is
secured ��� br;their own-efforts, and'it
is praiseworthy to know that,these
young people should choose-the hospital as a medium to expend -this
money; 'The Junior/W.A.. and their-
Executive deserve the congratulations
of the .public for their success and
generous impulse.
The Michvay baseball nine, accompanied, by a good crowd of rooters,
invaded the camp  on  Sunday.  Both .
Beaverdell and Midway were out to
win and gave the fans lots of excitement during the entire game.   In tha
second  inning,  Clarke's  two-base  hit
and  an  overthrow  to  first,   started
the  scoring for Beaverdell.   Midway-
came  back  strong in  the third  and
scored on a squeeze play from third.
Doth  teams were  playing good  ball  '"
and (he scoring kept down until the
5tli<  inning   when   a   home   run   for
Beaverdell   started   the ..team  on  a
batting spree and  netted  them five
runs..    The   game   ended   with   the
score,, 7:1 in favor of Beaverdell, and
while -the home team deserved their
victory.-- Midway put up a strong uphill right and were dangerous all tho
time.   Tlie   visitors 'havr,   a   nicely
balanced team and would he hard to
heat with  a  little  more practice^-at
the    bat.   . Sonny    Jackson,    centre
fielder, .was the star of the Midway
'team,;';arid good work was also done
hy Turner, who was catching for Midway, although not one of the regular ,.
liiie'iip. While every one of tlie Beaverdell boys played-good ball, the hon-   -
'ore. probably go to Charlie Nordman."
pitcher; Tommy Crowe, catcher, and
Tid   Clark.   The    champion   rooter   '
was L. Chase.
Rock Creek is a central place to
hold an Auction. All progressive
ranchers will be .present.
New Postage Rates
New rates of postage; as provided
by the budget at Ottawa, will go into
effect on-July 1. After that date the
rate toy letters to Canada, United
States and all other-places on the
North American continent, as well as
to British Guiana, will be two instead
of three cents. The rate of postage
to Great Britain and all otlier places
within the British Empire (excepting'
North America points and British
Guiana) will bo three cents Instead
of four. ���* 11
*, 11
%opU -wiw want tfk.v&Ly hst>
auc Slai Slo-si (hange fmot Jm
Enterprising London Tailor
Guarantiees     Suits     Will     Not     Be
Duplicated  In  Cut Or  Material
Since neither tho .bright colored
suits nor the Oxford trousers havo
been adopted by the really smart
Londoners, an enterprising tailor has
decided to boom a new fashion for tho
coming season. It is announced that
ho has mado special arrangements
with a cloth weaver which will allow
him'-to supply suitings to young mon
which will not-only bo excluslvo in
cut, but which will carry thy guarantee that only one suit will bo made
from.that particular material. It will
bo moro exclusive than any "Paris
model" for women. For some limd
the most fashionable tailors have regarded it as an unwritten law that not
more tlfan ten sulis may bo nuulo from
any one material, but the exclusive
suit Is an unprecedented development.
The rights of tho first exclusive suit
will be put up for auction.���London
Dispatch to Chicago News.
Joint Stiff ness Goes,
Swellings Disappear,
Pain Is Subdued
Liniment   Gives   Such
Satisfaction As
II la thc grpat penetrating power of
Nerviline lhat makes it-so efficient in
overcoming swelling,-stiffness and Inflammation, it rubs into thc very
coro of tho -pain, penetrates quickly
through the tissues, and brings a
warm, comforting relief at once. No
liniment compares in pain relieving
.power with Norvlllne. For the minor
pains.and Ills that arise lu every family, Nerviil no should always be kept
handy on the shelf. Use It for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia and
Colds.     35 cents at all dealers.
Progress  Ol Tke,  C. N. R. .
The most encouraging raiding mailer to be laid before tho pufiple'of Can
ana, for many years was thai, selling forth tlio uoniplele" operating results of
:ho Canadian National Railways ior the your 192i>, supplemented a few weeks
later by the statement made to��� Parlhuni'iit by Hon. C. A. Dunning, lhe now.
Minister oj.l.al'hvays. The Canadian Nalional Railways, and its predecessors
in lho various separate lines which now constitute the National system, havo
"for so long been, n. tinancal burden un'the Canadian tax payor, that it is a distinct relief to road ihu really splendid showing'of the system last year, and
.lie furtlier betterments iilreaily reported for !H)2(*. ..
��� The .net Earnings of the Canadian National last your were nearly double
tuose of 1-92-1, being ?22,2G-i.-ll4 as compared, with ?I7.'.M-1,25.L. . This substantial betterment was 'brought, about in two ways, by an increase of nearly feu
million dollars In oper-unig'revenues, and a decrease of over Ave and one-:
naif millions in operating expensbs. Net,earnings in 1925 were twelve times
wliat they were in 1922. ��     "*
Supplementing this annual statement for-1025, Air. Dunning was able to.inform Parliament that for. the first four months -of. :I92G, net yearnings of the
Canadian National amounted lo -,?9,(iS9,2l7, a record "for any similar, period
in the history of the amalgamated system,'and the Minister, was therefore
iu the happy position..of being able to say that '���given a reasonably good harvest and freedom from tratlic losses duo'to labor difliculties it may be .possible for the National Kail ways to pay this year their, "entire. Interest charges
��� - .   - ���    ��� . _^r
due the public." - ..."
That is to say, if present conditions are main tained, and the promise ol
the 192G crop realized, the-"Canadian people this year will not be called upon
to make good any deficit out* of tuxes.
t"For the first time, too, tlio Canadian Government ships, now operated by
the Canadian "National management, showed an operating profit, during the
iirst four months of 192G.     The National Hallways are carrying cargoes'. to
the ships, and the ships aro bringing tratlic to the railway,
Sometimes operating betterments are shown by cutting down expenditures
in-the provision of needed equipment and in; maintaining-a railway fully, up to
standard. In the case of the-Canadian National, however, il is satisfactory to
learn that this is not the case."    On the contrary* the physical condition oi
��� the system has been steadily improved and better, not less satisfactory, service
iirovidcd.       ��� " -Z_'.;        ������_,���.��� ;'"���-'
As pointed out in a recent article, it was'this improvement in Canadian
National finances wliich was'an important factor in enabling the Finauco Min-"
' ister In his recent budget to lower the Income Tax, return,lo two-cent postage, wipe out the receipt tax, and reduce the Customs duties, on certain types
���of automobiles.     Thus, not indirectly,-but directly and immediately* tlie: pep-'
pie of panada enjoy a measure, of tax relief because of the.success,.-being:
achieved by'-.Sir* Henry'Thornton"anil .his crj-workersiii the management of
lhe, Canadian National.*...**   -.*'"-: ���'_._.;yy     y;,,,^.y,,. ���''.-':-..*���.
If the expectations'-of Sir Henry and Mi\ DiinhiiigareTealized this year���
and present indications are tliat tliey will be���then further taxation relief may
be looked for, or, as an alternative,'a start made in the direction of reducing-j-A Condition Always Due to Thin,
the enormous war debt which, the-Dominion now has to, carry.    Either step,.
of course, would mean a rurther reductin.In' the -financial burden-and. obligations of the Canadian people. y**r'
Finally,.it isii-maUer of particular national gratification that,this steady
9and even rapid Improvement in the   Canadian'.National'--;has   been   brought
about'without "doing any injury whatever to Canada's other great, national
railway, the (Canadian Pacific.   .-The C.P.R, also reported a very successful
yoar in 1925,-far better,than, was expected * during*the earlier months; of that
year, and thus- far in 192Git,coutiniies to; further improve aud .strengthen'**its
position.     Much as Canadians desire lo see the'.Canadian National prosper
and more, than pay its'way,'they are equally desirous of seeing the CPi, grow
-. and prosper.     There, is no wish to advance the welfare of one system at the
expense of the oilier/    Both are national' systems in-the true meaning .of the
term, and both can and are rendering services   of immense   value ;-to   the
Dominion. X *; -'-" JX .-���"*'   ..'*'; ''���'* -. ' ���
With increasing immigralion, a general renewal in all lines of iudu'stfy
__--.imL__commer.c.e_,__an.d given a good crop throughout the country this year, the
Makes Living From '
Unusual Profession
Money In Potatoes
Owing to the shortage of potatoes
in'Canada and the "fruited States, farmers In* the Sault SLe. Mario district
have been marketing their potato crop
at'good prices." Recently a farmer In
'the'-*'township of Laird sold $1,000
worth of potatoes at ?2.50 per bag.
Woman  Supplies Catchy  Names  For
Homes,  Boats and  Many Com
mercial Products
Have you some unusual little gift or
talent, some whimsical little aptitude
or individual trick of turning out
originalities?' Use it till It shines!
It may bring you happiness aud friends,
fame and fortune! even though It
may not be easy to classify your ability or find a title for it.
"Nomenclature" is a. profession ot
which o"ne woman is believed to be the
sole representative. Miss Laura, Lee
Rogers, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, has
for twenty.years made a business of
the^art of supplying attractive names
���artistically appropriate, or cleverly "catchy"���for homes,' boats arid
products of commercial manufacture.
Some of tho names Miss Rogers suggested, or invented, for prepared cereals and other foodstuffs have become known throughout the world.
Writing Off the Debt
Giving the Canadian National a Chance-
To Pay Profits On Its Real Value
If tho Canadian Natiomil can be
brought to tlie point of paying Interest
to tho bondholders out of its earnings,
thero la much "to bo said for the suggestion that the government should
write off at least some of the huge
debt contalued in its, own account
against the railways. It is true that
this would be literally a matter ot
bookkeeping. The debt "would remain. Tho account would be transferred to the national debt.
But the moral effect would be salutary, and doubtless It would be rolled*
ed lu a greater buoyancy of that intangible but vital psychology of business which counts for so much nowadays in the material prosperity of the
nation. Mr. Dunnlug says it is questionable if any railway management
"could make good the frantic borrowings which overwhelmed the .former
���owners." Thai, is the .real, point at
Issue. "It ls not fair to charge- the
railways with debts whicli are really
the heritage-of a frenzied finance.; It
would be better business to squeeze
all tho water from the .National; to
revaluate it op a--.physlcal basis; .-to
give ,lt a chance to pay profits on its
real value as a going concern; and to
charge the water to those other "liabilities' of calamity," such as thc Avar
debt, which have to bo paid, but which
need not and should not' be liung as a
millstone on the nock or any single Industry.���Vancouver Province".
Find Rare Stone
future of Canada's railways is .encouraging.
Big Fair Opened
Sesqui-Centennial Exposition In
Philadelphia Is Now Underway
Philadelphia's Sesqui - Centennial
Exposition, celebrating the 150tli anniversary of the signing of the Declar-
- ai ion of -Independence,..'got ^underway.
Way 31st, and will remain open until
There was . a parade three miles
long; there- wereiyO guns; 20,000 spectators; addresses by Secretary of
Slate Kellogg; Secretary of Commerce.
Hoover and Mayor Freeland Ketul-
rick.       y
Gallon, who classified fingerprints to
aid in "identifying criminals, figured
that exact duplication nf prints would
occur only onco in (>'����� billion cases.
Women Workers huBritajn   :
Four Million Employedln Industries
Says'Former Labor "Member
Approximately. '���1.000,000 women jure
being employed in' British: industries.
It; was stilted by Miss Margaret Bohd-
field, formei\;Laborj_iem.beiV_of parllay
ment and the,first woman to serve as
parliamentary secretary: for tho:ministry of labor.; She said there were
some 10,000 women engaged in-mining-
and about: 225,000 in engineering."
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled with worms Is Mother Graves'
Worm 10x terminator,    ���
Watery Blood
Thin blood and weak nerves generally are found together.    .Red blooded
people seldom   complain   of  nervousness.     The reason Is that the blood
feeds the nerves and keeps them toned up to do the work nuturo intended.
'When the blood is thin and weak It
fails''in this   important function   and
nervous troubles follow.   The following case will interest those who need
a tonic for the blood and nerves. Mrs.
IX Veno, Union Square, N.S., says:���
"With a feeling of gratitude I write
to   tell   you   what Dr. .Williams' Pink
Pills did for me.     I had become badly run, down, and reached the si ago
when 1 could not do my housework.   I
was not only weak,   but   my   ner-ves
seemed   completely   shattered.     The
*leasHiol3e-wouId startle-me-iuid-I-was-
subject to nervous headaches.   Worse
still, 1 could not sleep at night.   Perhaps I would get an hour or two sleep,
and then lie awake for the rest of the
uight.     I had reached a stage when I1
actually feared I would lose' my mind.'
>Up to the time I decided to take Dr.
Williams' Iiuk Pill!),- nothing  I  had
taken seemed to do mo any good.     1
got a few boxes of these ancl  soon
there-was no doubt   ihey   wyere   the
medlciiio lo help me.    As I continued
the use of the'pills I gradually grew
stronger, ate better and could sleep
at night, and now I am aa well and
strong as aywoman could wish to be.
I hope, some other weak, nervous person will be benefitted by my experience."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro sold by-
all medicine dealers or by mail at 50b
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medl-
ciiie Co., Brockville, Ont.
Red   Diamond   Dug   Up At  Kimberley.
A red diamond of considerable value
has been found ou tho alluvial river
dlgglns ..at Kimberley, South Africa.
This specie,^ of stone ia very rare, and
is -likely to fetch anything from $600
to $750 a carat.
The cutting of the stone"wa3 placed
hi the hands of a local firm, and,
though the accomplishment of iliis ha3
proved of somc difficulty, the result
will be that a flawless stone of about
six carats will bo produced.
The gem, at first glance, might be
taken by the .uninitiated to be a>ruby
of" gigantic proportions, as it is an entirely rod stone without a blemish of
any kind.' " Closer Inspection, however, reveals that It possesses all the
requisite properties of tho tviie diamond, " tho grain being absolutely-
His Back Has Not
Bothered Him Since
Why    Mr.    Marchbank    Knows
Dodd's Kidney Pills Are
New   Brunswick   man   Is  enthusiastic
over the remedy that brought him
relief���Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Sussex, N.B. ��� (Special). ��� "My
trouble first started from .ji strain and
bothered my back so much. . I was
laid up most of my time. I saw several doctor^' but thcy did ine no good.
I took about six to ten boxes of your
Dodd's Kidney,Pills and niy back has
not bothered cmo, for over two years
now. You may publish this if vou
wish." '
This statement was scut to us by
Mr. II. J. Marchbank, a well-known
resident of this place.
Mr. Mar'chbank's lame back was
caused) bq sick""kidneys. ' That ls���why
he got such prompt and permanent
relief from Dodd's Klduey Pills. They
act directly on the kidneys strengthen-,
ing them and enabling tliein to do their
full work of straining'all the impurities
out of thc blood.
_, impurities In tbe blood aro the seeds
of disease. Dodd's Kidney Pills make
good health by removing tho seeds of
disease.        ' ���    -
Cireat Success Of
A well-known London surgeon
and recognized authority on
Ciincor has created world-wido
interest In the discovery tlmt
Cancer Is due to i\ deficiency ��t
potassium "suits" In lho' body,
which causes tho cells to break
flown and become malignant.
In o I'd or tbat every one may learn
The Real Cause of Cancer
a    ronmrkublo     book    lias'   been
specially .written,
This book will bo, sent free to
prillcnin fir nny "one who Is ln-
teroslcil in tho" mosl sncces^ful
method of lighting; "TErR CANCKU
Tho following Is a list of the
chapters-*: <.       ^
J. Tho UmlUtions of'Surjrery. 2.
Somc Doctor's Oppose Operation: 3,-
What Cancer Is: i. -\Vhytho 1'OOY
CKl.LK HKfcUIC TOVN; .-..-Injurious Cooklnff Methods; (!. Common
Errors iu Diet: 7. Vital Klomcnts'
of Food: S. Medical Endorsement '
of Onr Claims; 9. Thc Chief Minor.
' als of Hie body: 10. The Thymus
Gland; 11 j\kv AVhen Limn IJeRins
to Accumulate; 12. , Potas&Ium
"Causes l-)imc Kxcrction: 13. Ureat
Value of Potassium; 14. Parts of
Body Liable to Cancer; 15. J'nrts
Wliich Arc Seldom Affocted: 10.
How a Doctor Can Help: 17. How-
to Avoid Cancer; IS. Death-rate
Prom Cancer; 19, Arterial ScleroMa
��� And Old Age; 20. Rheumatism,. Gout
a'nd  Kindred Complaints.     >
With this book aie a number of
Interesting; ease-reports proving tho-
groat value of "Cantasslum Treat--
nfent" in various cases. - Thc treatment   is   simple   and   Inexpensive, .
and caii bo  easily taken in one's
own home.
Apply for Free Book to
* Charles Walter
51 Brunswick Ave,, Toronto~4, Ont.
Canada Takes Stock
A clever girl Is one who knows what
you do mean when you say things you
don't mean. '"���-...
Growth Of B.C. Industry
Production Haa Increased at Rapid
Rate as Shpwn by Figures
Great, i'alth ln the future of British
Columbia lias been shown. In tlie establishment of many new industries
and the expansion oC those already
existing,-according to A. A. Milledge,
secretary of the B.C. products bureau.
In 1910, tliere were 392 plants In tho
province having a production valued at
$35,000,000 and employing LI,000, wltti
a payroll of approximately ? 11,000,000.
In 1925 tlio number had grown to l,50t.
plants Willi a production of $190,000,-
000 and a'payroll ol $11,000,000 to 38,-
500 employees.
Alberta Oil Boom
Nearly Fifty Wells to be Drilled In
-Turner Valley Field
Oil drilling operations in Southern
Alberta continue at a steady pace .and
a recent survey-of tho industry shows
lhat nearly fifty wells aro. drilling or
about to be slarlod this year in the
Turner Valley field alono. The E. J.
Miley Exploration Co., of California, is
planning to drill several wells ln the
Many Island fiold near Medicine Hat.
It is also stated, although unconfirmed, that tho Dutch Shell Oil Company,
will invade the Alberta field ln search
of oil.
Stage Historic Pageant
Edmonton Exhibition .to Have a Novel
Attraction This Year
Hon. Frank Oliver will opeu Edmonton exhibition this year, July J2. The
peculiarly lilting that this, honor
should fall to Mr. Oliver hi view ot
thc fact, that this year marks tho 21st
anniversary of the creating of tho
province of Alberta -yiUi the early history of which.ho had so much to do.
The Old-Timers', Association, 800
strong, ls taking activeNinterest iu
the historic parade, which .is the exhibition's method of marking tiie anniversary and has moved the'original
building of the Bulletin, Edmonton's
first paper, to a place beside their club
house on the exhibition grounds. The
pageant will be olllcl.ilyjcnowr. as
"The Coming ot'Ago," and will have 15
Figures Given Out Recently Are Very.
' -    Gratifying
Canada's lates^t -istocktaking has
brought' out encouraging figures both
actually aiid potentially.". The Dominion's gross, agricultural wealth at tho ������
close'of 1925 is placed at $7,832,942,000. '
an increase of $324,6S5,000 over the
previous year. The aggregate agricultural revenue last year was $1,708,-
567,000, greater by - $264,890,000 , than
that of 192.4.     / ;-
Returns ��� from sixty cities show
tlio building permits issued in-April,''
1926," were ?3,54-l,900, or 23 per cent,
over those for- April, .1925. Immigration records' a "steady increase.. A
feature of this'particularly gratifying
to Canadians is the return of natives
from the United States.-" In the .fiscal
year ended -Marcli 31 there were 47,22t
of these repatriated" sous and daughters'who hail been , absent for six
months or moro. -Eighteen" thousand
citizens of tho United States kept
them company.
Canadians feel that the immigrants
-now entering are particularly qualified
to develop th eagricultural /esb'urccn
of the land. That is the kind ot settlers the Dominion desires,' and it has
the habit of getting what it desires.
Many people, ap almost crippled
with corns. But it\is.needless suffer-
ingAvliich can be speedily ended with
Holloway's Corn Remover.
George.���My razor doesn't cut at all.
Georgia.���Why, George, you don't
mean to tell me that your beard Is
tougher than the oilcloth I cut with it
this morning'?.       ��� ���
Sores Heal Quickly.���Have you a
persistent soro that refuses to heal?
Then, try Dr. Thomas Eclectric Oil in
thc dressing. It will stop sloughing,
carry away the proud ilosh, draw out
the "pus -and prepare a cleitn way for
the new skin. It Is a recognized healer among oils, and numbers of people
can certify that it healed where properly applied.
Castoria JS especially pire-
pafed to relieve Infants in
'arms and Children all ages of
Constipation,' Flatulency, Wind
Colic   and ' Diarrhea;'  allaying
Feverishness-arising, 'therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomach:
and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of
Absolutely Harmless - No Opiates.   Physicians everywhere recommend &���
Husband (Irritably).���Can't you -remember where I left my pipe? Wife.
���No, dear. Husband.���Bless me,
that Just show3 tbe forget fulness of
British Royal Princes All Barristers
Il.R.II. the Dulce of York was_called
to tbe bar and mado a bencher of
Gray's Inn last month. , Following
ancient tradition, British Itoyal
Princes always become barristers, but
are not required to pass the usual examinations.
British Housewives Form Union
Iu thc "opinion of Mrs. C. S. reel if
Is absurd that tho latest profession
for women���housewifery���Is entirely
without any union. Therefore, the
Ilritisii Housewives' Association, oE
which sho-ts tho chairman, has been
formed with tho purpose of urging cooperation among women for better
domestic service aiid cleaner methods
of handling food.
on tlie care &n.d
feeding of babies
���will be sent you
for iKe asking
Condensed Milk
Tin Borden Co.', Limited.
MONTREAL      *. zo-2fi
Ding.-^'What kind or a doc i3
Ling.���"I thought .he was an "eye
doctor till I got his bill; then \ found
he was a skin specialist."
Minard'a Liniment for burns
W.   N.   17.   1633
Bathe llie face with Minard's
and water. Placo a piece of
cotton wool saturated with
Minard's in the cavity of the
Give" Him the Gas
"Sistab Jones, Tse titklu' up a collection fo' do benefit of our worthy
pastah," exclaimed one of the brethren. "Vou know, he's leavln' us fo'
to take a church down In Mobile, an'
we thought we'd, get together and give
him a Jittlo momentum."���Tho
High in Food Value; Low in Cosf
Sir Walter Raleigh spread his cloak
across the puddle for Queen Elizabeth..
"Tread on this, your majesty," ho said,
"you are in danger of getting wet."   .
"So's your old mantle,"- retorted
Elizabeth.���Boston Transcript.'
Life's Journey is so tiresome that a
man ig out of breath when he reaches
the end of it.   " .
Ask Your Grocer for our Famous'
Sardine Cook Book.. It is FREE.
BAYERS' OVENS���Write for catalogue end list ot uscd ovent
Hubbard Oven Company, 1100 Queea
West, Toronto.
Minard's. Liniment for backacho
Ho. 1 tar Bladflu Catarrh. Ha. 9 far Blood a
Skin Dlaeaita. Ho. 3 for Chronic WaoJcnuMit,
Sold bjlMdlcaChsrali_i.orel_._-r No.return maUfrom J
DK.LECi.__fcCMa__.Co iUTcritotliEd.N.WJ.LeoiIca
���r Mall 8(1.10. (ticht pickets for 38,CO), froca-
n, fkomt SHUf kajt. torohto. one cuada.
'! ���'
-ii THE   LEDGE,   G DELIST WOOD,   B. <*
���    I .r
"\. '__���**
./'.   *
' ���'
shorter, time than the veteran savant
required 'to find. his solutionWtTie.
���Montreal Gazette.
jCIean to handle.   Sold by al|
Druggisjs, Grocers and
General Stores
Genius At Figures
Youthful ^Precocity Has Shown  Some
.. Remarkable Triumphs
Intellectuals of middle blurope aro
all agog over the weird-po-weia displayed by Henry Humboldt, a slx-j;ear-
old child of Prague, who, it is report-
"ed, can calculate logarithms with tlie
same ease! with    whicli   an    nverage
schoolboy can recognize simple figures
or do modest sums.-    Furthermore,?, il
is  said  I lia i this  prodigy is  able to
work .out.correct answers'to some oi.
the siiffest problems in higher malhe-
-inatics at-incredlble speed.,'a pace more
suggestive of insight than ofj;oekon:
ing, and of the lightning Hash of genius rather tjiftn of the slower process
of arithmetical   talent.     There   have
been many instances of "calculating
boys"'whose feats of ""mental 'figuring
'_ have seemed little short of miraculous.
��� In intricate games, auch as chess, and
by mental processes apart from writ-
*    ten signs, sonic lads of ,very tender
. , years--have become'a..sensation of a
season. Nor is this quick faculty
confined to the" realm-of mathematics,
for in all departments of the fine arts
and-in mechanic .vocations, youthful
precocity, has-shown-- its   remarkable
. triumphs. Coleridge was a "Grecian," Keats a poet, Mozart a musician,
Blake aud Morland, clever a.rtists,;at a
timtaof lUe when we expect- lads to
play iuarbles_andi spin tops. - -Monck-
ton Millies, Lord Ma caul-ay and.Archbishop Whaloly .exhibited astounding
foals of-jiiemory during childhood, and
all af them kept the talent-to.maturer
years. "Yet this is unusual, for in the
vast,majority of instance's unwonted-
talent'Mowers early arid quickly fades*
���The'."divine lire" burns loo'intensely
tojiist. .
���Revei'tinef to tho knack'- art or iu-
, siinct of prompl, figuring, however,-it
--is not an unknown thing for a child
to perform a feat which folk or much
older growth could "not .tackle. Alexander Gwin, a. youngster ol" TJerry, at
y eight .years of age, know the
logarithms or all numbers from, one lo
a .thousand, and could repeat them in
any order chosen _. for test. Each
logarithm   contains- seven digits and
', there is no connection between' digital
sets by .which tho memory can' bo aided. ' And slill more marvellous were
tho feats of Zerba ,-Gollmrn and George'!
Bidder, two Juvenile stars of tlie
mathomaticfirmament.    Colburn mul-
 _-_liplied_eigli(_into_i!sel��_fi��teeii_ times.
extracted the cubo roof, of nine digits,
named the pairs of numbers which
wouUrmake 171t,H95, ancl, being asked
what number will "divide' 31,0S3 without remainder, instantly replied,
"Tliere is no such number." Long
after ICuler, the famous mathematician,
ifad found, a divisor of ^4,29-1,1)67,2117,
Colburn, knowing nothing of Euler's
labors, gave the correct "answer in far
Drinking Ice "Water
Is Harmful Habit
Too Cool To. Be-Taken Into Normal
Human  Body
iced drinks are consumed during the
year and particularly during the summer months, lo an extern ihat staggers
tho imagination of Europeans," It
may well give us pause, for the ice-
water habit Is perhaps not as harmless ;is sonic people think.    .
Probably the best water _ls spoiled
by'this'tingovoi'iied habi'l of putting
ice into II. So dote'nninod are we to
drink our water iced tha4, rather
than ���-drink clean water of ordinary
temporaluro. many of us will drink
wajer out" of coolers even though wo
have seen dirty. Iwmils pouring dirty
ice Into the cooler before our very
eyes. . ,    ,
Even when water is chilled-in-the
most sanitary way by lets applied in
sijch a way that It does not-touch,the
water, that, water is often too cool to
be taken"into the normal human bodj,
suggests Dr. Hugh S. Gumming, sur-.
geon-geueral, U. S. public health; service. Iced water should hover be lafc-
en in large quantities at any time: - It
should not bo taken in any quantity
when the body is overheated. 7V re-
fieshing degree "of���coolness is desirable and.ought lo be sufficient to satisfy even the most fastidious .palate.
To be--sure,, there arc forces-of-nature wliich exert themselves in purifying ice. r- Those forces are crystallization, temperature and time,''but it
cannot bo concluded_from this that no
danger exists of -ice convoying infectious diseases. There' 'is danger,
and pure-Ice iy'easily contaminated by
unclean' hands. i
. No Family Names In Turkey
Each' Person Starts With Fresh Name
Given By Parents . -
.That the Turkish peoplo have long
been democrats'at heart is indicated
by the' absence throughout Turkish
history of family names.- .
, No /Turk receives the tag of a
famous or inlamou.s" ancestor, ^ but
each, starts"" fresh with the new namo
whispered- in his ear at fiirth by his
parents*   ' "
President Kemal, for Instance, is
known to the world as_ Gaza "Mous-
tapha Kemal Pasha. - Only one of
these four names, Hiat of Moustapha,
waS given him at birth,-ami as. plain
Moustapha 'he passed his-boyhood.
As this js a common name in Turkey,
one of his.-schoolmasters 'added
"Kemal' 'to distinguish' him from the
numerous other,Mouslaphas < in| tlie
c!ass.; His, other names were, addeo
for various accomplishments.
Giant  Passenger  Plane        ��� Discoverer of the ""Amperes"
English Lady- Had ���   '
Adventurous Trip
Daughter of   Earl" of   Oxford   Lived
Among African Cannibals
Lady Dorothy Mills, daughter of tho
Earl of Oxford;" whose previous travels
hitve taken lier xo such* out-of-the-way
places as Tlmbuctoo, Hayti ancl Kurdistan,, has Jus I returned-to London
fiom a seven-weeksr.journey in the interior of Libeiia, the black'republic
on the west coast" of Africa. -Lady
Dorothy said that she was not only tlie
first white woman to, cross-Liberia up
to the French frontier, but that; ln
m-Any parts, she 'wac actually the
first white person ol any kind the natives had ever seen. For about five
weeks she travelled through 'country
peopled entirely, by cannibals, who
dislike -all llesh >xcept"liuman fleslT.
The interior of Liberhj, Luily, Dorothy slated", Is dominated by a. terrible - society ..called the "Human
Leopards." It is a secret cannibal
society and the members get theni-
selves, up to resemble leopards." They
put " on tlicir backs wickerworkT
through which their natural, black
shows ,with the effect of leopard, spot's.
They'paint their chests white, they
wear iron claws on their hands, and
..they imitate tftc crouching gestures
and the growls of wild beasts,
.The members of this society lie In'
wait for wanderers and .take, them oft
to be slain and eaten. " Nor" are,, tliey
above devouring their closest relatives
���a husband his wife, or a mother her
cliild. r_.o .-y
Lady Dorothy lived among, people'
many" of whom, have "been arrested
for such" crinies:
rApart from- one attack" ;of malaria,
Lady Dorothy suffered no sickness
and enjoyed-her travels immensely. -
Return Of-Victorian Period
Mrs. Parks Tells How jlydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Restored Her Daughter's
Health -
���Toronto, Ontario. ���"My daughter
8 115 now and has been an invalid ever
since she waa six
months old and
h as been compelled to remain
out of- school the
greater part of
the time. We have
tried different
kinds of-medicine,
but none helped
her much.'" I had
taken Lydia E.<
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
when I was run-down, and it had
helped me so much that I thought it
might help her at this time. She has
gained ever since she began taking
"it. She attends school every day now r
and goes skating, and does other out- V
of-door sports. I recommend this
medicine to any one'who is run-down
and nervous and weak.'"���Mrs. PAftKS,
100 Bond Street, Toronto, Ontario.
Lydia E.j Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound is a dependable medicine
for young women's troubles.
For sale'by druggists everywhere. C
Haircloth   Furniture, Wax  Fruits* and
���Side-, Whiskers   Coming   Back
Side whiskers are re-appearing in
England,- and fashion experts fqrecast
the return of short uiilcoats and al-
which dandies ^ill/Wore in the palmy
days of thp-Victorian era. "--
In spite of. the efforts of the in-
felligentia io poke inn at -"East
Lyiine" and the music hall ballads of
fifty /years" ago, decorators say the
Victorian period is certainly co.ming
back. - ��� W   ��� '
..Even -..Victorian furniture, .which
years ago wart supposed lo be.hideous,
is now in great demand and the prices
arc soaring. Wax fruits, hair cloth
furniture and green glass 'vases which
great grandmother treasured aro coming, out. of musty attics ancl commanding fabulous prices at antique shops.
First Horseless Carriage
Was Invented By Frenchman and
'- Propelled By Steam
, The first horseless carriage or automobile"* was"' invented ..by Nicholas
Joseph Cugno't; who was born in the
J village'of Void, in Lorraine, Prance,
constructing a steam-propelled artillery carriage In 1769 Is memorable.
At the end of each quarter of an hour
run the engine had to be given a
similar period of repose. Thus there
was only half an hour's -effective motion" during an hour, and the distance
actually covered was less than a mile,
Nowadays a speed okover ono hundred
miles.an hour is often achieved by rac-
lag motor can,
Now Under Construction .and""Will Be
Used     For    Transcontinental     .
Service In U. S.
A giant aeroplane, multi-motored,
and providing sleeping accommodations for thirty-five to forty passengers, is now under construction from
designs of Anthony IT. (J. Kokfcpr,
Dutch aeroplano designer and builder,
it was, l.-'iii'Jicd 611 iho return of Mr.
Kokk.T Lo New Vork recent ly.-
JMuch secrecy has surrounded the
construction of this Malest typo ot
a cropland bul it is known lhat the preliminary worlc on it has'boon carried
oh at thi' Kolilcer factory in Amsterdam, Holland. Tlicf machine ls unsigned primarily for Ilyliig in America,
and may hc usod lo inaugurate, a
transcontinental passenger service Do-
twi'en New Vork and San Francisco. ^
Tho fuseliigc of thc plane, according
to llie present design, is built in two
sections, lhe upper section being mado
over into sleeping berths at jiighl, very
similar to the berths now used In
sleeping cars of Iho Pullman Company. Tho Jower section will bo
equipped, with  seats-as in-a railroad
���parlor car.     'J'he plane will bc coin-
parable in conveniences to any first-
class sleeping train. No date has
been set for its completion,' as several
alterations hi design have interrupted
'its building schedule. ' ""'
Baby's Own Tablets Should be in
.   Every Home Where There
Are Children
The perfect medicine for little ones
is found in Baby's Own Tablets. They
are a gent lo but" thorough laxaTivo
which regulate the bowels, sweeten
the stomach; drive out constipatioii
and indigestion; break up scolds and
shnple fevers and promote healthful
.refreshing sleep. It isTmpossiblo for
Baby's Own Tablets to harm evmi the
new-borii babe, as thoy .are absolutely,
guaranteud free from" opiates or any
other injurious drug.
-Concerning the Tablets, Mrs. Alex.
J. Perry, Atlantic, N.S., writes:��� "1
always keep Baby's Own Tablets" In
the house for the children, as"! havc
found them a ' p'orfect medicine for
little ones."-
Baby's Own Tablets aro soM by
mediclnt' dealers or by mail at 25 cents
a box from The Dr. .Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Out.
Name of French Mathematician Given
To Electric Unit
la this ck'ctrically-driveii ago one
talks glibly of "amperes," "ampei-
moler.V ."amperage." How many
people know how these terms originated? In the centre oi a tiny square
in the ancient Perrache district ..sec-
lion of Lyons, France, is the monument to Marie Andre Ampere, thc
Si eat physicist and ��� mathematician,
whose name has been given tu
lhe electric unit in acknowledgment
of his many notable discoveries.
Walking along fhu Rue Victor Hugo
0110 comes upon it quite unexpectedly.
Thn figure of thp," famous scientist
rosts-In a huge chair.
Ampere's malheniatical genius was
evidenced when ho was a mere infant.
It ls said that with pebbles ancl bread
crumbs he worked out complicated and
elaborate arithmetical problems bo-
fcro he even knew.ilie figures by sight,
lie is reputed 10 have said lhat hc
knew as much abont mathematics at
IS as he did in the .later years of his
Iifo. Quito .a" startling statement
when one recalls him as one of the
chicfest autoriiics on'mathematics in
the. nineteenth century.
Ampre'fi most important contributions to science were the establishment of the relations between electricity-and magnetism-and the develop"-
ment of the science of electro-magnetism, which followed, lief wrote-many
interesting works on other subjects.
Among them was a short treatise* on
gambling. in- thia he.applied tho
theories of mathenutics-to -prove that
the odds were 'against thc man who
engaged in gambling habitually.
Celtic Calendar Deciphered
Months Spent In Reproducing Frag-
* ments Found Years.Ago
The Celtic calendar composed ot
200 bronze fragments discovered some
years ago at Colign;*/ in the Ain Department, or France have at last been
deciphered, by French scientists. Expert archaeologists spent months In
cleaning .and .reproducing the fragments and a full plate was made by.
electroplating, whicli permitted the
Interpretation of thc signs. It is're:
vealed that fhe Collie.year was composed of S55 days, with-the months at-,
ternately thirty and twenty-nine days.
Every'two and a hitlf years an extra
month was inserted, to catch up with
the solar year.
 1 '
"Lei thc Clark Kitchens help you."
Improves the
taste of fish or
meat. A most
Made by the makers of tliz celebrated
W. CLARK Limited,.Montreal
Bray without ceasing,���I. Thoss.-v.,
More things are wrought by prayer
Than this world dreams of.     Where-
' fore let thy voice
Rise like a fountain for mo night and
For *\yhal are men bettor than- sheep
,- .or goats,
That nourish si blind life, within the
If knowing God., they lift not hands in
���Both for themselves  and  those who
call them friend?
For so tho whole round world is every
Book Lending and Book Buying
Libraries Have Not Hurt Business Of
Bock Stores ���
Unquestionably, notwithstanding tho
high price of, books, theiv is a tendency among book readers lo vi.��it-the
book stores more and tho libraries
less.' This trend is the very opposite
of lhat predicted by soino publishers
when the public libraries were-first
established. One of those,pessimists
was sure that, with ihe advent of the
public library, the book stores would
go.Into bankruptcy, and that publishers would'find their occupations'goneT
If anything 'the libraries have created
a taste Tor reading which is responsible for the enormous inundation ot
books each season aiid for the establishment ol boolc stores in the smallest towns.���New York.World.
-*' .Meadow Larks Halt Train
Meadow larks have" appeared lu the
vicinity - of Glenwood City, Wis.', ��� in
such numbers that the local Soo line
freight train was obliged, to stop a
few miles west of there to avoid
running over hundreds of the birds
on the track.���Milwaukee Journal.
W.   N.   U. ,,1633
1    Of all beasts   of "burden   In    the
worhl^  the   water buffalo in Java Is
Iknown as the slowest animal
Don't- was la your time disputing
figurr.-.. Thfy -seldom He, "except in
gas meters.
"Is ho a good salesman?"
'Ts he?     Jle dniUl sell sand on the
Sahara Desert:"
Bound b'y" gold chains about the feet
ol God.        ^    "
��� ���Alfred Tennyson.
Braver Is tho door forever open between earth and heaven. Sooner
than sound cau roach a human ear
through tlils lower atmosphere, the
longing desire of tho spirit rises to the
heart of the Eternal Friend. Whether
wo believe it'"or not, wo aro living in
an invisible world, whero our wishes
aro understood before our words aro
spoken.���Lucy Larcom.
Miller's Worm Towdors . are complete in .themselves. "" The"y not only
drive worms from the system, but re-
paii' the damage that worms cause and
so invigorate the constitution that it
speedily recovers from the disorders
of the digestion that are tho result of
the' work of these parasitic intruders.
They do their work thoroughly anu
strength and soundness follow their
Lesson Is Obvious
'ea a sit should be
Would Take Aerial
Survey' Of Canada
Air Surveys Company, of London,1
Asking Permission
Col. C. It. Ryder, C.B., C.I.S., D.S.O,"
recently arrived in'this country on his
way to Otiawa and afterwards to tho
capitals of the various provinces to' interview the heads of the Federal and
Provincial Governments relative Wo
the possibility of allowing his firm, tho
'Air Surveys Company, London, to
make a "complete aeiial survey of the
whole of. Canada
For Sprains and Bruises.���Thero is
nothing better for sprains and contusions than. Dr. Thomas 'Eclectric Oil.
It will "reduco the swelling that follows a sprain, will-cool lho inflamed
flesh and draw the pain. It will take'
the ache out of a bruit/ by "counter-
acthing the inflammation. A. trial
will convince any who djmbt its power.
( ,  V
A Woman Railroad President
Mrs. Sarah Drain Deuborn, of New
Orleans, who is ln the seventies, is"
railroad president. She has succeed'
ed her husband as head of the" Louisiana Railway and Navigation ""Company. "" Founder of the steel wire industry and a partner of John W.
Gates. He died , recently a multimillionaire.        -    '
If a man loves a woman he will give'
up something Cor her"sake, but if she!
loves him she wou't ask It. 1
No Rest With Asthma. Asthma
usually-al tacks at. night, tho one time
when^rest is needed most. Hence
the loss of strength, the nervous debility, the loss of flesh and olho.' evils
which must bc expected unless relief
is secured. Fortunately relief is possible. Dr, .1. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy has proved its merits througli
years of service. 'A trial will surety
convince you.
Large, Hard and Red, Itched h nd
Burned. Healed by Cuticura.
" I was troubled with pimples that
broke out on my forehead. They
were large, hatd and ltd, and soon
scattered over niy face disfiguring it.
The pimples festered and itched and
burned causing me to scratch, which
made them worse. Th'e trouble
lasted about two months.
'' I read an adveriisement for Cuticura Soap and Ointment and sent
for a free sample. After using it I
purchased more and now I am completely healed." (Signed) Miss
Anna Molnar, R. F. D. 5, Box 55,
Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 8, 1925.
Clear the pores of imp_ritie3 by
daily use of Cuticura Soap, with
touches of Cuticura Ointment as
needed to soothe and heal^ Cuticura
Talcum is fragrant and refreshing.
Suaplt EMh Frw by- Hill.   Address Canadian
Depot:  "Stealcnw. Ltd, Montie-l" 1'rice, Soap
25c. Ointment 25 and SOc. Talccn_ 25c.     v
Cuticura Shaving Stick 25c\
Peculiar Auto Accidents
Clifton lhibcoch, i!0 years of age, of
"Middletown, N.V., has sustained one
of the most remarkable auto accidents
over known, lie was thrown from"Ills
car aud struck against a tree, fracturing his Adam's apple. 11 ia feared
he will never be able to speak: again,
although he will live.  ,
Use Minard's Liniment in the"stables
Thc ministers of agriculture for the
six states of the Australian Commonwealth arc meeting in June to discuss
Australian participation in tho World's
Poultry Congress. Australia has
taken a" prominent place in poultry,
activity, and her laying tests are
world renowned.
Two of a Kind
Mr.���I'll havo to let some bills go
this month���our grocery bill is something fierce.
Mrs.���Yes, dear, and s,o is the
Minard's Liniment King of Pain
Canadians Should Use Money To
Develop Rich Resources
Our universities seem to bo engag-
gagcd.very largely in training mon
and the men - from that counlry are
wise enough' to be using the resources of Canad.1 for their own advantage. Tho lesson scorns obvious. It is that Canadian should not
sic so tightly on their money, but venture some of it not only in milling, but
in industries of various descriptions.
It is no use, and il is not fair, to complain-of graduates and others leaving
Canada when good opportunities do.
not offer themselves here. Canadians have thc money antl thoy havo
the finest resources in the world; to
build, up a prosperous country thoy
should use ,the- lirsf. in developing
the second,���Kingston Standard.
She Could Hardly
Do Her Housework
Nerves Were So Bad
Epidemics Take Huge Toll
Epidemics, with a toll or '10,000,000
have claimed more lives throughout
the world since 19It than all tho wars
and civil strife- since that year, thej
second Pan-American lied Cross conference was told by T. 11. Kitteridge,
assistant director-general of the
League of Red Cro'ss Societies.
Mrs: I. M. Parks. Consccon, Out.,
writes:���"I had heart jmd ucrvo
trouble, and became so short of
breath I could hardly do my daily
housework, and was po nervous I
could not think of staving alone, as
every little sound I heard-felt liko
a shock to mo. '  '
8 Saw    ,
recommended, so I
hied a box, arid
after taking tho
second ono 1 am
now fooling like a
different woman."
This preparation
has been on tlio
mar Ice t for tho
past -32 years and has achieved a
wonderful reputation for the relief
of all heart aud nerve troubles.
Put up only by 'Tho T. Milburn
Co., Limited, Toronto, On I.
Aeroplanes Had Busy Year
More   than   2,600 passengers worn
carried iu  the past year by the fiv3
privately   operated   aeroplane lines la
Keeps Food Fresh
and Full Flavored
After each meal cover your bread, cake; meat and
other left-overs with Para Sani. This heavy waxed
paper protects your food from drying out and saves
much that would otherwise be thrown out.
Para Sani is sold in a most convenient package.
From the large, cardboard box you, tear off the exact
amount of paper you want. No paper wasted���no
time lost. '
Ask your dealer for Para Sani. or v/rite direct to
p._.-<-  i��r       .��> ~     WESTERN AGENCIES
k^  320n^^dv,JlpcrCo- Wwtera waxed Pwerro. *V��
KA  320 Davie kU Vancouver 290 McDcrmolt Ave. Winnipeg Ki
M . Hunter Martin & Co.   itegina K/j
/ \
SAi��W*--WJJ-^-'W.1<>w.��n_Mll_f *.
Here and Th
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance/'
or $2.50 when not paid for throe
months or more have passed. To
Great Britian and the United States
$2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent  Co-Owner   Notices. .$25.00
Coal  and  Oil Notices     7,00
Est ray Notices ,.    ;-;.fj<j
Cards   of   Thanks .      LOO
Certificate   of   Improvement  .12.50
(When   more   lluTn   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim),
All    other    legal    advertising, 15
cents  a   line   first   insertion,  and 10
cents a line for each subsequent insertion, nonpariel measurement.
Transoient display advertising 50
cents, an-inch each insertion.
Business locals ..12y,c. a lino each'
The. blue: cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased to  have more monev.
(Issued  by the  B.C;  Medical  Assn.)
With the exception of very young
children, tlie human family needs a
variety of. other foods than milk for
growth* as Avell as t'or repair of waste,
. In Canada, wheat,- oats, corn and
rico are the .cereal'grains ordinarily used; less commonly barley, rye,
and buckwheat. Whether we use
flies�� cracked, rolled, or coarsely
ground, and call them "breakfast
foods" or buy theiii as Hour or bread,
let us see how far they go toward
making ii good diet.
In the first place they are a"good
fuel as well as' a cheap food. 'We
��� can get more working force for our
money from cereal grains than from
any other kind of rood. For comparison, if you-measure the number of
calories (fuel units) in a pound of
beefsteak yoti would find it to be 950,
a pound of raw potatoes would be
3(>9. On the other hand, a pound of
any of our.^common" cereals' would'
"average about 1700. The less money
we hare to spend, the more we* need
to depend upon cereals for our body
fuel. y    *'W
ln the second place, cereals furnish
material which will build and*" repair
���body tissue in uracil the same way as
do meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc. For
instance whenwe have oatmeal for
breakfast, Ave do not need meat too,
and when Ave cook macaroni or rice
with milk and cheese, it takes, the
place of meat and potatoes. Indeed
the combination of iri'ilk and cereals
satisfies such a large part of our.hody
needs tliat we require only, fresh fruit
and vegetables and a moderate
'amount of meat, if you like, to make
not only a,palatable, but a coiBpletely
nutritious diet.
-We eat-"a great deal of wheat in
the form of bread, and to a lessor
ertent iiu cake, cookies, doughnuts,
etc. .Whole wheal flour is far superior to white flour as a food, but prob-
ahly .-be.caiile_b.ii.e_._us_nally���associn.l-.RR.
whiteness'-with purity, avb usually demand'white flour which is made from
the inside of the wheat kernel. White
flour also keeps better than whole
wheat flour. Thus wo' lose the min-,
eral content and the very valuable
substance necessary for our growth
known tit vitamin B which is-contained in the outer shell of "the wheat
kernel. For this reason and for the
reason Uiiit the grain covering serves
as You/hake iii theintestines, 7 we
should add bran to our diet eillitr
with our breakfast cereals or cooked
in the form..of bran muffins or in
other tasty 'ways. What has been
said in regard to the value of the
whole wheat grain applies equally lo
other cereals such as oatmeal, corn-
meal,   etc.:
On May 1G two hundred-new Scottish settlers arrived on the Canadian
Pacific liner "Metagama" in charge
of Father R. A. MacDonnell, managing- director of the Scottish Immigration Aid Society. This is the
second consignment of settlers
brought out this year under the Clan
Donald plan.
The well-knoAvn comic strip artist,
Clare Brig-gs, of "Mr. and Mrs."
��� fame, arrived in'Montreal recently
with six N-gav York newspaper men.
They .then went up to the Laurentian
mountains for somc trout fishing on
Lake Archambault and streams in
the immediate vicinity of St. Donat
Chalet.   ��� '    .
A. L. RaAvlinson, passenger agent,
and Victor Collignon, chief clerk of
tlie Canadian Pacific Railway at
Antwerp, have been appointed as
Officers of the Order of the Roumanian Crown by His Majesty, King
of Roumania, for services rendered
in connection with the general handling' of Roumanian passengers at the
port of Antwerp.*      ������
An innovation is now in use along
the Laurentian run of the Canadian*
Pacific Itaihvay in the form of .two
hospital cars wliich 'will meet any demand whicli arises or urgent calls
that may occur in cases of illness.
First-class cars have been converted
into hospital rooms in'such a..way as
to easily take care of four or five
sick persons. '
. A record ftingle shipment ,."of Indian motorcycles, consisting of 85
cases from Armory, Mass., recently
arrived in Tokyo, having come for--
Avard by Canadian Pacific rail and
steamer lines. The,- demand for"
motorcycles'-.in Japan, is steadily increasing as this is considered a cheap
and convenient'method of locomotion
and Avell suited to the somewhat narrow roads of the country.
Work on the New Grand Hotel at
Yokohama, Japan, started in March
after various citizens had pleaded
with the municipality for at least
ono good hotel for one of the main
ports of their Empire. The hotel
structure -will be. of, concrete with a
steel frame. ahd four stories in
height. -The estimated cost is���'.��_,-
���150,000. Furnishings are expected
to' cost another =1850,000,>bringing
the total cost to ��2,000,000,       -i.
The dance held at tho homo of Arthur Mellor's on June 12th, was a
real success and everybody reported,
a very enoyalile lime. The net receipts were $21.1.0, whicli will be donated to the Westbridge and Rhone
school picnic. .
Initiative and resource. shoAvn hy
the Foreign Department of the Dominion Express Company went far
to neutralize, if not entirely nullify,
shipping troubles during the recent
general .strike in England. A 'fleet
pf motor trucks in London, Manchester, y Bradford and Liverpool
carried out receipts and deliveries
in the usual manner thereby eliminating any ill effects to the British-
Canadian trade during the period of
&th6-striker~W.'"' *' ~:������.^-  ���'���^==
The English Football Team., now
touring Canada was met at Quebec,
where they arrived on the Canadian
Pacific liner "Empress of Scotland,"
by (Samuel Davidson, Secretary of
the Dominion Football Association.
The team played the first game in
Montreal and,then went on to carry-
out the schedule at; Hamilton, Toronto, Fort William, Winnipeg, Regina, Lethbridge, Calgary, Vancouver; Nanaimo, Victoria, Edmonton,
Saskatoon, Timmins. T'V.tour end3
July 14.
"Lord and'Lady. Allenby haws-left
Canada, on board the Canadian Pacific liner "Montrose," for home.
The distinguished general Avas received -enthusiastically in every city
throughout his tour of the Dominion,'
He delivered addresses showing' the
importance of the capture of Palestine to "the Allies in the Great War.
V. C. Vickers, managing director
of Messrs. Vickers Ltd., London,
England, avIio arrived in Canada recently on board the Canadian Pacific
liner "Empress of Canada," reported
that the shipbuilding industry both
jn China and Japan' was in a
healthier condition than for many
years past, with shipbuilders favoring the motor ship.
Travelling right across the Do- '
minion, exclusively on Canadian Pacific lines and in the palatial special
car "Loch Lomond," Her Grace the
DuchcsS of Atholl, whose family seat
is at Banff, Scotland, will make
���acquaintance for the first time in her
life with the Avorltl famous resort
in the Canadian Rockies, which took
its name' from her Scottish home.
A. Hatton, general superintendent
of transportation for,.the Canadian'
Pacific Railway, has announced the
intention of the company to raise the
embargo against the loading, of
grain to Fort William and Port
Arthur ancl the milling companies
and elevators at, Winnipeg. This is
due to the anticipation of the open--"
ing of navigation on the Great Lakes
about April 20.
The total yield of wheat in Canada
for 1925, as finally estimated -by
the Dominion Bureau of Statistics,
is 416,849,700 bushels, the second
largest, on record, .'having been exceeded only by thc 1923 crop. The
value of this crop is estimated at
��465,110,200, or over ��53 per capita
of Canadian population. The average wheat yield Avas -19.2 bushels per
acre.   ' W . ���'  "-^
-���;.*.A general survey of reports hy
the Canadian -."Pacific"-Railway'- on
.agricultural conditions throughout
the West shows 'that'*-farmers, are:
���'pleased:-with present conditions and
speak optimistically on. the season's*
outlook. Sufficient moisture for
.spring crops--'seems"to- he assured.
Livestock wintered well. Adequate
supplies of seed are available and
no shortage of labor is expected.
A special C. P. R. train carrying
438 settlers from the S.S. "Montcalm" reached Winnipeg recently.
Among the passengers were thirty-
one British families Avho came under
tho 3,000 family settlement scheme.
There* was oiie, party of 10 German-
speaking Catholics, and the Salvation Army, under "Captain Sharp,
brought out a party of twenty young'
lads going to Bntish Columbia.
It has been announced by the
passenger department of the C. P. R.
at Winnipeg that negotiations have
been complete with the Central Can-
service between Kenora and the new
gold fields at Long Lake and Red
Lake. A regular daily service is to
be inaugurated*about May 24 in connection with the C.P.R. from Kenora
and during summer services -will
be run between Kenora and Duluth.
The Westbridge and Rhone school
picnic will he held in June 27th At
Harrison's v. flat. Everybody bring
their lunch baskets and enjoy a Sunday out. There will be some sports
for-the children of the schools.
Everybody welcome.    .     i--*'     ���".*-.���
Hospital Dance Next Friday
, The first of series "ttt, dances in aid
of the District Hospital,-will be held
under the auspices of the Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary, in the Masonic Hall,
on Friday, June 25th. -'The Bush Orchestra of Midway wilLbe on hand to
dispense the Litest in dance hits. The
admission will he ?1 each Avhich -will
include supper. Don't miss this big
event���it is for.a worthy cause.
Heavy Rains at Greenwood
Severe storms hit the district this
week. On Wednesday lightning
struck the Government look-out station at Phoenix and caused; minor
damage.- On Thursday the heaviest
ddwnjpour in years occurred in Greenwood and the streets for a time re
eembled creeks.  '���
Travellers who arrived on the
"Empress of Russia" from the Far
East, and who crossed Canada in
order to connect Avith the sailing of
the "Empress of France" from Quebec late in May, stated that action
had been started for.the stabilization
of China ancl the end of brigand
rule. "Und-er the chairmanship of Sun
Yen, son of the late president of
Southern China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a
meeting was held which may result
in the coalition of all the forces of
order in China.
Farmers have a CoramunityWlall,
why not a Conimuiiily Bull? You "will
have a chance of securing one at the
Auction at Rock Creek. Breed good
stock instead of" scrubs, they eat no
more. ' ' -    ..
27th���Adorning,   Prayer* .and  Sermon,
and' Confirmation  by \the   Lord
Bishop of Kootenay..11,o'clock
���To    ������_'-.       ...
GEO. ARMSON, /Grand Forks,
The 20tli Century Shoe Repairer  .-/
All work and material g-uaranieed.-
We pajrpostage one way. Terms cash.
The   recent   fire   at" the   Banff
Springs Hotel, which resulted in the-
destruction of the north wing with
about seventy rooms, -will have little'
effect-on the coming tourist season.
During the past Avinter the company
has built an annex with 100 rooms'
with baths   and,  with, the   central
stone toAver and the- south wing of
the old building  that  were   saved,
there will be. a*.total of 313 rooms
available by July 1, or mor-e than ���
.were in. use last year.       .....
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
.Greenwood .
Office: McCutcheon Residence
The Auction of cattle at Rock
Creek on June 2Gt.li, is worthy of tho
attention of all ranchers in the District. Anyone wishing to secure beof
cattle should  attend. ... ..
Dodd's Barber Shop
and Billiard Hal!
Cigars,. Cigarettes, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks &. Confectionery
Open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Real Estate ���& Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life.
Automobile, Bonds. Burglary, &c
Houses for Rentor'Sale
Call at the Office of     i
H. W.R: MOOftE
'Yacnr��'.. unreserved, aurveyed
Crown lands "may be -pre-empted by
Uritish subjects over 18 yeara of age,
-and by aliens on declaring Intention
to , become British subjects, conditional, upon residence, .occupation,
and __improvemont for agricultural
Pull information concerning regulations regarding pie-emptlona la
given'In Bulletin No. 1, "Land Series,
"Hovy. to Pre-empt Land," copies of
whicli can be obtained free of charge
by addressing tlie Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any.-Gov-
. ernmentAgent. (__���
y ltecords Svill lie.granted covering
only land suitable for. agricultural
'purposes, and which 13 not timber-
land. I.e., carrying over 8.000 board
feet per acre west of tha Coast Range
and -5,000 feet per acre east of that
'Range. -'.   ��� "' - ���
Applications"for pre-emptions are
to bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which'the land applied for
is. situated, and We made on printed
forms, copies' of vvhl-cli can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for-
five years and improvements made
to value^of $10 per acrd?Jncluding
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
received. -   -
:. For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
���Land."  ."'.- ������-
"Applications are recelyed for purchase - of vacant and _ unreserved
Crown lands, not being." tlrnberland,
for" agricultural purposes; minimum
pricey for first-class (arable) land la
?5 per acre, and second-claee '(grazing) land ?2,50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase .or leaso
of Crown lands is glv��n: in Bulletin
No. 10', Land_ Series, "Purchase; ahd
Lease of Crown. Lands.'!
Mill, factory, or..Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40,.acrea,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions      Including   -: payment :-:-a���'
stumpage.'       *'   '; ��� '-z
Unsuryeyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as yhomesitea,
conditional upon a dlvellihg being
erected in tho first year, title befnf
obtainable after residence.; and - lm-'
provement conditions are fulfilled
find land has been.surveyed.   -..!
.'.-'. '"'.  .-     LEASES   -'-'-- '  ���"���--'-
- Por grazing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding <40 acre-
may bo leased by one pereon or .��
company. -..-���''
.; Under the Grazing Aet the Province is divided into giving district*
and the" range administered under 6
Grazing Commissioner, Annual
grazing permits are issued based on
numb'ora ranged, priority being given
to established owners.. Stock-owners
may form- associations for range
niandg em'o'n t., F,ree,i or, _ partly free,
permits are' available i for settlers,
hamper- ar.-s LravnilerB, up, to ten
h����d y
=      \
';**���','.'    YOUR CHEVROLET FOR $11.00.
-       POINTS AND CAMSk ALWAYS ON  HAND '["���-,������   /'
g     JOHN  R. MOOYBOER, Proprietor TELEPHONE  24     1-
i ���_ y-   i
How Many Letters
Do, You Owe?
Are the unanswered letters piling up on you?^ Are you
wondering what your friends think oC your delay in writing to tliem? A. long-distance telephone call will make
things right .again. Your friends will appreciate a chat
by wire, and you will enjoy il, too,, The niglit rates after
S.30 p.m. are advantaneous for social conversations.
...... JIS
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,GG3.015, Lode Gold    ,  '
, $122,808,459;   Silver,  $74,111,397;   Lead,   $S9,218,907;    Copper,   $197,1512,647; -      '
-..-.. Zinc,-$39,925"947; ; Miscellaneous  Minerals; $1,594,38-7; Coal ami Coke,$273,- .
���048,953; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc, $44,905,SSG; making ils  Min-
;" eral.production t'o'tho end'of 1925, show* .an
iyyXi^^^'y^ of $920,919,628" . 7
Production for the year ending December, 1925, $61.4-92,242
The1 Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the \fees lower|' than tfiose of   any   oilier
'Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.
Mineral-locations are granted ti)_discoverers  for  nominal' fees.
Absolute Titles are  obtained by developing such properties, the security oC which is  guaranteed
y    ���*....   hy Crown Grants. .. '
Full information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia,
N.B. Practically all British Coldmhia Mineral Properties upon which development work lias
been done are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering mining-investments should refer to-such reports.' They are available -without charge on
application, to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Reports covering each of the six Mineral
Survey Districts are published separately, and .are available on application. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, "Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources oE
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