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The Ledge Jul 9, 1925

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 Vol.   XXXI
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
.New Kitchenware
���  i i
McClary's   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by the set or by the piece
Also a large assortment of
McClary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
Make your selections while the stock is complete ,
Canned Chicken, Lunch Tongue, Devilled and
Potted Meats, Salmon, Sardines, Etc
Queen Perfect Seal, Economy, Mason Jars,
Rubber Rings, Jar Caps and Bands, Etc
ICE Delivered Promptly
For Quality and Value Order FromV Phone 46
Big Sale
Starting Friday
'  Ladies Dresses
All latest colors    ,
Ladies Fine Silk Hose
Latest colors
Also a few
Ladies and Girls Hats
Very Reasonable
Mrs.   Ellen   Trounson
For Anything in the
Drug  or   Stationery   Line
Call or mail'your orders to
Kodaks,   Filmsj   Albums.    Victrolas,   Records;   Etc.
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident & Sickness. Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Greenwood. B.C.
������������������������������+�������������������������������������������������������������� ������ ��������������������������� ������������������������
��� * ���
Hot   Weather   Drinks
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
A. Zukor aud J. h. Lasky present
Sinners in Heaven
Befce Daniels and Richard Dix
From Uie novel by Clive Ardei.
��������������� ���
Montserrat and Rose's Lime Juice
,      .Welsch's Grape Juice
Lemons' and Lemonade Powders
Phone 17
Also a two-reel comedy
"Big Game"
D.  r;McSL33i_CON
Mrs. J. D.   Graham is  on visit
to relatives in Spokane.        0
E.   W.   Carlson,   of  Trail,   is
visitiug Harold Mellrud.
Miss Dorothy White, of Silver-
ton, is visiting Miss Irene Inglis.
Miss Mabel A.x?tn returned on
Wednesday, from a visit to Trail.
Miss Daisy Axam, of ��� Trail,
spent the week-end in town tlie
guest of her mother, Mrs. M.
Axarn. '-. �����
Mrs. J.'H. Dorman, of Victoria,
is the guest of her son and
daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. A.
J. Dorman. .
The dry squad were active in
this end of the riding last week
and convicted two for infractions
of the Liquor,Act.
Sam and Chester -Fretz arrived
home a few days, ago from California to visit their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. S. Fretz.
Mrs. Jas. Skilton and four
children aud Kenneth Skilton,
left on Sunday afternoon for a
two weeks visit to Spokane.
Mr Wand  Mrs.   Chas. .Nichols i
and family left this  morning by
motor   for   Vernon   where   they
will spend two weeks camping.
Bruce and Lorua Terhune
arrived from Vancouver ' on Friday to spend the summer with
their grandmother, Mrs. I.
Mrs. Fred Hopkins is' spending a few day wi'th her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Mark!. Christensen,
on her way home to Trail from
the coast.
Mrs., J. H. Goodeve and four
grandchildren, Ruby, Cleo, June
and Glenn left on Tuesday, via
Ornviile, to spendN the summer,
in Seattle.
' Mrs. Kate Walters and -two
sons, Murray and Archie,* of
Vancouver, are visiting at the
home of Mrs. Wm..Walters, for a
few weeks.
Watcli and Optical
xyy^MkS,. yx y
.; Repairing
:Waltham: Watches;
'.':-   For Sale
Good Line of Spectacles
sS��J ��5<i��*<?eMt=M��S_M
Mr. and Mrs. Simiagton and
family, of Vulcan, Alberta, called
on -Mr. and Mrs. 0, T. Fenner, on
Monday evening on" their way to
to Armstrong.',    x     .;        7
St. ;.Jude's'- Church,'. Sunday,
July 12th,~ Matinsi and Holy. Communion" at- 11; .o'clock,-- Rev;
Archdeacon : Grahau--,-..of .Nelson,
will have.charge of ,the Service.
Mrs. J. C. Casselman and -three
children, VFlorence; V John-- sin-
Russei,f of Bouudary. Falls,..left
on :Mbnday-morning for a month's
visit'with-relatives  in Victoria.
-" Rev. -W A, ISt/.G. Smyth will.
be away from Midwayf. for three
weeks/and during this interval
Rev.VW. R. 'Walkinshaw. will
hold Ser.vice/ih- the' Church each
Sunday morning.. ' .yiX'X
..Mr., and. Mrs... Albert Harvey,
of-. Swari- River, f.Mah.,V w��re.in
town "the first.of.;the week visiting
Mr. and -Mrs. Ed. Pope.. 7Mr.
Harvey is. a cousin.~of7Ed._ Pope
aud they had not seen each 6th��r
for-35..years.'.'" W- ���
City Council
The regular meeting of the
City Council'was held in the City
Hall on Monday, July 6tb, Mayor
Gulley in the chair and present
Aldermen Peterson, Mowat, Kerr,
Taylor and King.
Considerable correspondence
was dealt with the most important being a synopsis from the
Union of B.C. Municipalities of
the proposed rearrangements 'between municipalities and hospitals. The present system being
deemed satisfactory it was decided not to take any action in
the matter.     ' ... "
. The attention of the Council
was directed to arrears of. water
aud light owing by consumers
and the City Clerk was givenQthe
names of certain ones to notify
that service will be discontinued
unless payment is made by the
end of the present month.
The Water committee, reported
shortage of water in Lind Creek
reservoir and recommended the
supply being augmented from
Twin Creek tank. To help conserve an adequated supply in the
latter reservoir it was decided to
restrict hour of sprinkling from 7
to S'p tn.   .
A list was presented of householders using sprinkling hose and
the clerk was instructed to collect
the" rate during the present
The pound committee reported
improvement in the care being
taken to keep cattle outside the
town but have every intention of
continuing to enforce the bylaw
whenever necessary.
Sidewalk and street repairs
were reported as proceeding satisfactorily.
The ' annual report of the
Medical Health Officer was received and considered satisfactory. During discussion of this
report it was considered advisable
to'defer investigation until next
meeting the conditions under
which private owners of cows are
keeping their animals and selling
milk, and this no doubt will be
drawn to the attention of the
Health Officer.
Kettle Valley Notes
Rupert and Teddy Gray returned
homo for the holidays last week.
Miss M. "Williamson is in Greenwood for a few days, helping in the
Mrs. H. "Whiting and children
left on Wednesday last for Kelowna
to spend a two mojiths holiday.
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Valley School will be held in the
School House on Saturday the 11th
July at S o'clock.
Mrs. W. H. N". Glossop. and
family arrived from Vernon on
Saturday last and are spending a
few days with Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Martin. *
A Service .'will be held in the
Anglican Church on Sunday evening, July 12th at 7:30 o?clock.
The Rev. Archdeacon Graham, of
Nelson, will preach';
Major R. Gray, H. Douglas ""
Hamilton, R. E. J. Gray ...and
Bolton P. Hardcastle played
a game of golf with the
enthusiasts^of the royal and ancient
game at Greenwood last Saturday.
A prospecting party is going
around shortly to see if a course
cannot be made somewhere in the
Midway Warbles
(By the Warbler)
R. D. Kerr has returned from a
visit to Toronto, Ont,-,  and  Butte,
Ace Mesker has returned to town
and intends to take in the sights
for a few days.
Haying is general throughout
the district and good crops are
being harvested.
The �� grasshoppers have commenced to harvest the crops for the
farmers in the vicinity of town.
A most interesting game . was
played .on^the golf course on Sat-"
urday, when the.metf from Kettle
.Valley. Jocked -horns   with   the
local  "pill-chasers." '  Major-R-
Gray and, H. Douglas: Hamilton
played P. ,.H. .McCurrach .and -J.
H;.Goodeve and although .'the latter -were'at the top" of 'their form
they could, a oft down" their worthy
opponents.-and the .game-ended
"all square,"   R. E. j7'Gray7and'
-bol tonP;- Hardcastlepl ayed Chas/
King.and K. M. .Spence/-the latter   proving, too good..for-;their
���Kettle "Valley.opponents and' win-
pi��g;3 up; and 3; to' play. -7 The
visitors  .expressed .'themselves'- as -
delighted f with-the.. afternoon's'
enjoyment, and are loud iti' their
.praise of 4hfe7work - accomplished
by the-local committee in *'manufacturing" -th e golf.course, -and in-
timated.their intention of coming
^ -;-      . '.Remember 7. -
Dominion tires are good tires
The Corisolidated Mining i& Smelting Co.
:vv7w '-v y: '"''��� Pt%^^adavM^^^;l7:.w;
"'.' Office, Smelting arid Refining "Department"
SMELTOS and refiners
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers  of   Gold.    Silver, -Copper.    PiK   Lead   and Zinc
llie United Churcfi of Canada
.Minister.in charge 'V    V
7 Rev. vy:R; Walkinshaw. B. A.  -<..
'���' ' - -X'-'Z '- .-Greenwood
X'Xy,   Sunday, July i2tlt.  -   '���}}
X;- - -'"   Midway II.a.-in.
Aiyacaster 3 ��. m.
.Greenwoddi 7.30 o.m.
Spriakling is restricted to the
hour of 7 to 8.p.m.    Infraction of
this   regulation   will   result ;.in
water &ZTvice being cut off.   -'-���-.}-.-
...X'" By. order,.-:
.       .... -Watkr Committee;
���-'Miss Mary. Hughes, cousin of
Mrs, "H.; "���-McGrillivary,'. ..-was -the
successful candidate fpr Dominion
D.ay-Queen.at Fernie. Anuthb'cr
of tickets were sbld: locally, for
which many thanks arcf extended
for. tbe= assistance;.   .. .
Frederic Keffer, M.\'E ; acepm-
patiied 7|sy. Messrs, .Kelly 7and'
Pynne, are visiting, the Riverside
mine near Rock Creek. : Work on
this property will, be immediately
started. An up-to-date . blink
house will be erected.
iMrs.-J. A; "'Abraham,.-' of Spokane,' is-visiting at the-" home ��� of.
her .brother.,-George Lord-at Kock'
Creek... Mr., and Mrs. Lord's
neice-and husband, E: E. Jordbn,
accompanied by J. -A. Abraham
motored from Spokane tc spend
the week end.. They report a
wonderful trip;
While repairing a tire ori the
road between Loon Lake and
Clayton, Wash., Reginald Skilton Was run into by a passing car
and knocked unconscious for 15
imuutes. He was carried about
25 yards by the car and received
a cut over the eye and shoulder.
Latest reports is that he,is doiag
nicely.,  .'-.; 7-7' -- ' --   "���    '���'-������   ' W
, - Robert; :M'ow"afc   is spending1 a
few days-tn GrandForks,-  ���-
"���-"'Mr." and.Mrs, Paul Harris,.-Mr.
and -Mrs. 7-Harry ��� Hewer ".'and
daughter'-amiVFrank- H.arrisy .of
LSpok.aue, %yere-'visiting-friends in
tofwu during the. week-end. .' Oa
Saturday evening --' the'-- -above
visitors were the- guests- ofhoiior
at a 'dance''and "social given by
their- f'friends .in ��� the Algdma
Hotel,f .Deadwood. -; A \real. jolly
time was enjoyed' by, all present.
Vipla Kingsley and Frederic
Christensen, of Greenwood, were
married'at the home of the bride's
parents.Mr.faud Mr'sf.'E. Kiiigsiey,
Bridesville' - on ..Wednesday- at
five-p. m. -by the-Rev. W. XR.
W-alktnsha.w;., The happy couple
left after" a wedding-, supper- for.
Greenwood and.early
ing motored to Trail
will reside.'
��� One of.   the   best
picnics held iu recent ., ,,_,  ..^n
place on Wednesday'afternoon at
the ideal' picnic grounds near the
C.P.R. Depot.. There was a big
crowd and the children and
grown-ups had a real good time.
"A programme of races -- was
carried out and the. prize
winners in the various events
will be published ' nest week.
Lunch was served towards evening., from well filled, baskets
brought by parents and Meads.;
-this triort_-_
where they
years- took
Lew Salter and O-ta Hanson engaged in a fishing competition last -
Sunday.    Ofct-a goe a bite and Lew
caught a sucker.
Jack William?, the lone entertainer gave a concert in the Farmers Hall last Friday evening, to a-
fair sized audience.- , -   -
f The Midway ball team journeyed
to Chesaw. on the 4th and played
the locals, a close game ending in
a win for Chepaw. .
��� Mr. Fewing,.Customs -Officer afe
Midway during the absence of Mr.
"Kerr,., left .last week for Laurier to
relieve Angus Cameron.
V.Frar__j_i.Care.y:f-was7 a- visitor-to- -
town on  Mfonday. .Frank  antici~
pates putting   through   a. mining .
deal   in .the . near   fufcurev in the ���
Beaverdell camp.        V..    ...
". 7Lew Salter has. taken.' a ' leaf out"
"of -Jimmie' Moran's.bopk.f He" ia  .
painting', the. hotel green in spots,
Ofcfca Hanson.is the artist and.Lew "
is inspector of works.-.   -" y ���=;  ���"-; .
- " The bopt-leg'gera. iii tha,, district -
were reported' to be at. fever heat;
la3t  \yeek-end.    I. .was7 reported
that some of- the "dry squad".were7'
arounii looking for. wet goods'., -
'". .The, Midway Junior Bail team
journeyed  to   Greenwood:,on  the   .
5th. ancl ,'plaiyed the   locals. - The.-. -
game "was closely-contested Green-/ '
wood finishing.ou. the long end oift  '
1-3-14 score.,;.' -"   '."���.-."   ";.'-'
. /Don't ,'fqrget  the. Ball Gatrie 6h - ,
Sunday, f-Malo. plays. Midway, on .
the Midway diamond.   This -is the.   .
last league game of   the 7sea90h,;  -
and as,Midway is tied  for .second.,
place;'.'on  the   league,   tbe   game. ;
promii.es to be fast and furious. '������',-
Mrs. J. J.; Ddwling, ...of "Salem, .7
Ore,, and.Mra. ,H.   McCalla-n ; and
sonj .Roy, of St.- Paul.;: Minn.,  are; .",
visiting-at 'the home of ..Mr.   and 7
alrsif'-H. A".., Nichols.'   Mrs.,- Dbw-7
|ingfanicl.-Mrs.. McCallum are sisters
of.Mra. ificholsV  V .-.; 7;.V- x-X
.    Corporal J.. - R, Oi?eilly7 of lib��'.
R.C.M.P.,   Penticton,-. and   Mrs.
O'Reilly  are oh a visit" to-.Mra.-7'
O'Reilly's parents, Mr.   and'Mrs.'   ,'���
H.. A. fffcho!s.    B. A. Hsicholp, of V
.Bonni'ngtbn,   is   also   vi'aiting   Ibis.
parents here this week. 7"   '
Rod and Gun Club
* A meeting of the Greenwood
and District  Rod and Gaa Club
will   be   held  Id" ..the"   Ba-k   of
Montreal Bldg.,  Greenwood,   on
_ Friday,  July  10th at 8 p.m.    A
1 large attendance is requested. TEE   LEDGE, ��� GEEHNWOOD,   B. U
3  '
passed to you.   ^uii       .        {at meal.
It stimulates
the digestion
assimilating your
To Horn-Up The Farmers
Vi'lih wi_ui._u.r and other conditions at the end of June���when this article
iS written���favorable lo ilie production of a bumper crop in all three prairie
liri.-vlnce,. this yoar, :i report comes of a movement uncler way having i'or its
object Iho holding-tip of tlio fanner in order to extort, from him a high rate of
wigo for harvest hands and farm workers in general. It. remains for tho
fanners themselves to nJp the scheme in the bud. and for them lo he fore-
Won  First Victoria Cross
warned is to be forearmed.
Results    Come    When    You
It A<5ts Quickly
Mr. W. T. Greeinvay, formerly eon-
Aa effort is now being made by organizers oi' the l.AV.W. lo organize a
farm-workers' branch of that body of international agitators and trouble
makers in AVinnipeg, which is the centre of distribution of farm .workers
throughout Western Canada, and oue of the international organizers, is now jn
Winnipeg assisting Uie local organizers of i.he I.WAV.
On a previous occasion, two or three years ago, an attempt was made'to
organize an I.W.W. farm-workers body among the unemployed in Winnipeg
al a time when efforts were being made by the civic authorities to find employment for these men on farms, thus benefiting them, helping the fanners,
���and relieving the economic situation in the city. At that time one. of the
1.W.AV. organizers was reported as using the following language in a speech
'delivered in the Labor Temple:
''The; only way lo get even wiih the farmer for paying so small a wage
to��� the worker was for tlie worker to turn round and sabotage the farmer.
There were always Jots of wagons, machinery aud shovel handles that the
workers could break up. and it would only be a short: time until tlie farmer
would realize the necessity of paying a decent wage in order to protect his
personal  belongings.      Those of the unemployed ranks who were going out
on the farm should get together and run an organized sabotage on the farmers,
and make them spend more money on  tools and implements if they would
not spend If on their farm hands."
In Alberta an attempt of the l.AA'.AA". to organize farm-workers' branches
was lulled through newspaper publicity, resulting in the farmers themselves
being made fully aware of the designs against them, and leading to tlie taking
of necessary precautions and concerted action.
Harvest and threshing time in 'Western Canada always forces fhe necessity of bringing tens of thousands of men from Hasten. Canada and British
Columbia  for-temporary employment .in: lhe. harvest lielus.  .- Included iu this
temporary army there is ahvays-af.large.numbor'(sf that class who are in  _.
- chronic state, of unemployment.- men. who. drift from'-placr. lb place. 7 There Is
ulso a -pei'ce.niage.of youiigfTellows- "oil 1 .i'or.a lark" a nil/read:-; foVu.y kind of
.-.dev 11m en if,-' '.-������JMingjed' ainong' i.heni iin\:- professional agitatp'iV whose' business
In life is the sHiritig.-uti oL'.tHH-esl.filifsaffectiotiaiid-j.roubhV: . -"They, .require
.'to'be .watched, aiidtheir-presence promptly reported to, 'the authorities. ���-���'_ ���-
y .yX The..vast, majority, "of harvest excursionists ".are:, steady ..reliable men;' wil!-;
-Ing and anxious jo-..work"'and~g'iye an'-honest, relurnTirv."'labor,'for tlicir "wage."
'-���fUimlreiis of. them coine to spy out the land with a'view-.to perhirineii't-setMo-r''
' hie'iU' hero..-   ll'uiitirecis ol ".others arc i'rVrme'rs' sons who, liafying-completed
���ftiioir'-ov.-n farm-worlO.are keen" I.o see nsore of'C'aiiada.- gain new. experiences,
-.and. van., money, which, ilie.y' cannot do, by remaining at. home. -: It. musi.'-.bo-
recognized. that such men.-', after paying .(.heir fart": froni "the i'Casr.��� low. though
.��� satcli-fare iriay" be-���faced .with only, a- few. weeks employment' and the cost:,of
tlio ret 11 rn journey, ..are enl itlcd-'to receive, fairly- good ��� wages,- good- f.ood,- and.
-ilecein.. living quarters- siuii-- troalnu'iU.';-   Ami -the -farmer :who so treats- his-���
workers'.is -advancing'.his own jbesf,intere'st"s and thoseof the AVest at. large. V|
_- llut.tin. man who lias.no realdesire to Avork. who ���'soldiers", on .his job. I
'.who Hurts ��� fault.,- grumbles and. complains all the"time,,in a 'word, whose Wain j Kirig and Qut.cn Visit Bell- Factory nt
. occupiHioir.is'to'agitato, should receive short'shrift.". \Ho earns" little or'noth-.
' ing,: imd ustta).ly-'gcts"'morf-i than' he'does earn. ���.    It is this type whicli -later'
���.drifts, into, our Western- cities .and towns' .-"-broke,", unable, io.'gei- back'-tof'tlie
place'"ifroni.-'wliich lie ..came, and- cqnsiHules.a, burden a'ndVniire'o of expense
and .1 rouble to, these urban-communities I hrbughouj:-:I.lie" ensuing-winter months.
when there" is lack of .e_n|>ibymeni.',of "all, kinds.-.'    "7.-."   -     ��� '"   '.-'-.'
���'Business, men-and .communities .geiieiftlly shoi.kMiniU'.with-.the' farmers
' in prtiie'ctihg .tlicmselyF's against this hitter::clas_. "and.every "possibleaction
, Rtljc*ii 'within tlie law tof eliminate ;(he.agitators aiuljceep tjiem-isi.-.bouiHls .and
-not allow tItem-to play-duetts'ahd .drakes with'tho.interests', not."only bl';.the
"; I'-irmtTs at "1 heir .busiest time, but. also' w.Ifii-tlio. math/body n't'. raYni workers
, atui'harvesters who'are-anxious-to pot. oh." with "their'work..' ."--.    X-X
Charles David Lucas Was Decorated
By Queen Victoria
Included in the estate of Mra.
Frances Russell Lucas, is a priceless
relic, the first Victoria Cross ever
awarded. Mrs. Lucas was the widow
of Admiral Charles David Lucas, ihe
first man to win the A'.C.
This was gained on June 20, 1S5-I,
when H.M.S. Ift-chi \v_as bombarding
liomarsunda fortress, in lhe Baltic.
AVhen the Hecla was within 500 yards
of the principal fort, a live shell, with
the fuse burning, fell on tho deck.
Lucas, who was then a midshipman,
picked up the shell in an instant and
hurled it into the sea. Almost before
it reached the water it exploded with
a terrific roar. Captain Hall, of the
Hecla. immediately promoted Lucas a
lieutenant, and three years later
Queen Victoria decorated him with the
Victoria Cross. Mrs. Lucas was't.he
daughter or Captain Hall, of the
J-Tocla, afterwards Admiral Sir William Hutchison Hall.
Neuralgia Conquered
Its Pain Destroyed
In Rash, Spread toScalp.Itched
and Burned. Face Very Sore.
" Eczema broke out in a rash on
my face and later '.spread to my
scalp. The rash scaled over and
sore eruptions formed. It caused a
great deal of itching and burning
and my face was very sore. The
trouble lasted three or four weeks.
" I was treated without any benefit. I began using Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and could see a great
change after the first night. I continued the treatment and In four
weeks I waa completely healed."
(Signed) Miss Margaret Danyow,
Ferrisburg, Vermont.
Daily use of Cuticura Soap, with
touches of Cuticura Ointment now
and then, keeps the akin fresh,
smooth and clear. Cuticura Talcum is also ideal for the skin.
Sampla Iaeb Frve by _S-il. Addrt_s__ CanadliM
Depot: "SUuhoui*, utA., Montre*-." Price, Soap
25-. Oin truent 25 antl 50c. Tnl.um 2__.
Cuticura Shaving Stick 25c.
Believe School Boys
Suffering From Leprosy
Two   At   Newark, . N.J.,   Confined    In
Isolation  Hospital _
Suffering lrom a disease diagnosed
as leprosy, two Newark school boys
have been takett from their "classrooms and confined ia an isolation
hospital at So Ho, N.J.     The victims
nected with the Guide newspaper staff, jure brothers, Hal and Frank  George
has  written:   "For   twentv. years   we. ..    ���_.,, .,��� ���.,,,,.��� ���,. ,���������������. .��.���...
have, used Nerviline in our home, and   H uml "U J0iirs ��ldvrespqpUvel>:
not for the world would we be without,
it. As a remedy for all pain, earache,
toothache, cramps and disordered
stomach, 1 know of no preparation so
useful and quick to relieve as Nerviline." Remember this, wherever
there is pain, rub on Nerviline, and
you will get prompt results���35c at all
Labrador Esquimaux
Will Enjoy Radio
i  .
Set Especially Made and Presented by
s English Fans <
Even    the    .Ksquiniaiix in   farthest
Labrador are to have the unique advantages of radio conferred on them, j
The.Moravian .mission- has bought the j
Harmony,  a _22_>-ton ^barque,    which
They complained of a strange skin
infection to the school nurse, who
reported it to the physicians. Examination disclosed this malady to
be leprosy, which the boys are believed to ha m contracted in Bermuda,
where they lived until six years ago,
when they came' to Newark 'witli their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank George.
Golden Text: Behold, I have given
him for a witness to the peoples, a
leader and commander to the peoples.
Isaiah 55.4. . . .
Lesson: Acts 13.13-52.
Devotional Reading: Isaiah 9.1-7.
The Text Explained and Illumined
1.���The Impression made by Paul's
first preaching at PIsldian Antioch,
verses 42, 43.���See tho Historical
Background. As Paul and Barnabas
went out of the synagogue, tho people
besought Paul to address them the
following f?abbath. AVhen the congregation was dismissed, many devout
proselytes (God-fearing Gentiles���
their presence in the synagogue
gives evidence of th9 kindly feeling
existing between Jews and Gentiles in
this city),-followed Paul and Barnabas, who urged them "to hold fast the
measure/of faith they already had, and
to expect further divine .'favor in answer to  their steadfastness."
H.���The jealousy of the Jews, verses
44, 45.���-Taul must have been a most
convincing speaker, for the next
Sabbath almost the whole city was
gathered to hear him. The sight of
such a crowd filled the hearts of the
Jews with jealousy, and they contradicted Paul's word and slandered the
Science Versus Grime
Can  Be Had Through the Rich
Red Blood Made  By  Dr.
:  .Williams'.Pink Pills
_ _. _��� ���,,.,    _���.,.,,.._.,     ,..__���..._,   .'There comes a time in. the life  ot
���Uim'        left-Lomlonliocks for her annual visit' !l,1"��-S1 ,cvt',,y' ?''!'' w.'oi .weakness al_
.-;   ,      ,  - .-  ���,.:'���/���'_.������-' ,.      =: tacks ��� her..     I lie "strain   upon " her
to Labrador/and.j.s taking out a four- iblooU  ,;���-j>J>!y i;:  too gmil>. aiu,  there
valve wircdess set.   ���,;_}, .--   - -..'--,.-���' | comes headaches and backaches, loss
'Specially made for use in the m"is--; ��'7 . appeiil-'
of    dizziness,'
sic.n- boarding.school- for- lOsqulniitux"! Ht-"rl' Imitation,' a    constant   weari-
V.  <__,'f i ���_."' ���-���-_��� -'.';. - -    _  -., \ '" i ness. and a tendency to a decline:-   All
and.fhe.childron._of settlers at Mak- i lhoso iSyin���tonis may'-not be  present
kovik. the set is- a. pt.e.smsL.-from- list'-.' In any. particular, case, but the pres-
eiSVrs in-various.parti oT-Eiigiand who ;.once-of.; any one of "them .shows the
heard-'- Captain-' Jacksbii,: off-thc Bar- j-nrcessitj- for;prompt.-,treatmeM, And
-" - , .-���.-/," ���- . ���-. -���-'--'_.-_-,'. ' the-very-best treatment 'is, through
mony. speak-pn (lie .-wireless, ot. Urn j.(ho -^^y^y^y 1o-,llc" qualities ���f
loneliness      "     '       -   .   ��� ~ .... .
ments.  ���"-���
Doctor's Examination Helped to Convict Man of Counterfeiting
French police suspected a man of
counterfeiting, but had not the desired proof. The suspect was quite glib
and plausible under examination and
nothing could be proved against him.
"Before you depart, though," said
the investigator, "a doctor will examine you. "Merely a little precaution in
the interest or public health." The
man submitted willingly. Two days
later .the police called at his cafe and
again took him ln custody, for they
had evidence that eventually resulted
in his conviction. The prisoner liad
unwittingly supplied it during the
physical examination, In a tiny specimen of wax which the doctor had taken from hls'ear. This bit of wax had
been forwarded tho director of the
police-technical laboratory at Lyons,
who had photographically enlarged it
with" his microscopic camera. Magnified more than fifty thousand times,
the speck " of wax. showed telltale
streaks of printer's'ink, particles of
dust- identified as from a lithographic
stone, and traces of characteristic
crystals of a chemical used by cn-
gravers.jindeniable evidence" that the
prisoners .story was a - fabrication,-.. ..
the    Labrador - set'fle-
',-. Defining  An,. Oyster:.".'   -   "' t--   '��� V7-, Nestf More'Exercise7-V ' :
. ���/. Out. of  'the r-mouth's   of'-babes .'andj.-   TtiV.nioitrrn   lious.ewifo is noi.get-f
���"sucklings mil y.-be. perfected .definition j ting: .siifUeicnl '.exercise., HiV-Guy. [li.
as' well. as.   jtraise.. :, Ifor., example, i Manning!'* San   Fraucis'qo,'' editor :  of
(here is i-lie case ;df the.-te.achcr.;Wh6VThe. pacific" Coast ''Journal ofHomeo-1
Royalty  Sees Bells .Made
'X. .'. ���-; "-"    ���- .Croydon  '. ' '        V "���. ,;
.-. King_Gepi:ge and:Queen.Mary- spent
part.- of an-.afternoon.recentlv a" few
���feet, from a cauldron- containing tons
of'white- hoi .metal- in the.,bell foundry,
of- Messrs.-. Gilletf. a'ii��i7.rohnsoii,"'iit'
Croydon, "England. ;'... -. ;;" '-.*'���"_ ." -_
. "It .was at. tlie .King's personal!" wish
that /thcy. should see -"th.e"7wprldls'lilg"-.
gesi:- carillon' of - bells 'approaching,
'completion.'..-.They.. stayed - in the
broiling .beat of tlie foundry for more
Dr.. Williams', -Pink-",- Pills. ._���!They' are.
the one'Using: needed',to maintain the
..health-, of- growing-girls' .and " women
of mature .years. ���'   ' '' W    ��� --���""*:''���'-'-���
[   Here.is a bit.of strong proof:���Miss
.Matilda. Br >iiiv. King. Highway, Newcastle,' N.K.-. says:Hr-"I'''was _iii an' ox-'
aremelyf run-down" and nervous.condition. ;"._.. was losing "flesh, liad a. poor.
ap"petite7'alwaysi!P,ale,' and suffered,
frequent I \V 'j'-'oih headaches. .In -"fact
niy condition can best-be-described as
miserable; -I had tried -several' treatments but they.did.not help me in_NUie
'least.... Then, reading one dav about
Hr._ Williams' Plhlc'.Pills.. I decided to
try'(hem. . After using thi'ee"boxes :[l
��.'";is -.much    improved, but,'continued-
flinti 1 .1 ��� had-faketr six-.h6xes;,-with. 1 he
result -thai' I "aiii now welland strong,
with'good color slml. a hearty appetite.. .In yi'iw of what .Dr. Williams'.
Pink Pills have done, for nio I cannot
recommend ' t hem too ''highly."
than hall au hour ...watching one g.��'at
bell Vutd two small-'bells cast, :utd;t' -   You' cun~.ge.t- these Pills-frofii  any
tiny -specimen, was 7made ���Toi-''.prcf*en'-i'n-irtll-,;5uo--  i,fiftk'''.    prby "mail  at' 50
l^i���.'-'fnMift,.\ri-i'..it_,u. ���'     cents a  box  from  The v]5r. Williams''
tatioii to tiiQii* atajesties...   ��� .    - �����_���_-.       _-,      ���>.      .    ���,, ���  _-.  .
.--       .-.-..       ... . .;-     Medicine. Co., Brock\illo,- Ont.-   . -      .
For Both'.riouse and Stable.���i-There"
Wej'come "From  West
' ' at-' tiie   close-   of-the   reading '.lesson,'! par.hy,, declared la- an "address "to the ! iiS !l f"��'Cl ^l of-similarity; physically j     ^j--;' Brili3j,- emigrants-are- lies In-
",-   ,   -.    .....,..' '.. -,    ...,   j   ,-.     ' - . .. .    - '.speaking, -between human, beings and     *   ������--". - ���   ��� "        f
.--was 'questioning her' class* ;on"th*.. sub- j eighty-first annual- convention 'of the : jju.   lower" animals"  "' Poti-   are'"'"iib~ ! -ni"B -,0 filter into the .district oMslav, j-
What   is   au"( American-Instliuief" of Homeopathy.-' .- jfjeci to many ailments arising i'rom"in-j Alta.-. iiow aml';t\vo" move families arf-
"The.' 'labor.-s;ivingf.' devices whicli ffiammation and Xo all manner ol'.cuts.j rived  recently!" '. V" ';'' oVie-'of-   the
>ject.-mafier   thereof
oyster.?." she. asked
���_���   "IMtiase.--   iiiiss."    replied the bright, j have come'on
boy of the-elass.. "it's half a fish and; work   of th��
haif a hut.
Dr. Manning.
-'Chinese soliliers frel'ust* tiV fight in
' the rain:'- -tt does dampen _ one's j��ii-
- thusiasrrt:-   -��� / ."- -     -'������ --.f   '--'.'-���"
)orrsavingf.'tlevicos"Svhicii'!'fi!inima,io" "A'-t to'all manner ol'.cuts.! rived  recently!" '.    ,
in the inarket to make i.'h^ I "I}!(1.l?.ruiscs---7  .- ^l11���.���'' Eclurlfie': ladieS s.,y :_.Uo haU g0t.m0re hospital-.
.   .. .     ���   -,   . .-,   -   .������::.       ������-���   I Oil Is an entirely relialrt.rremedv-.-or...., '    -���-."-. .���.'    '��� ,       --,   " -     - -
ror.k   of tli��  modern. housttWtte_-easy.' Hucir ailmVits. and   mishaps   in "both !ily   ami- sociability., shown..-her. hince
re   mrtking  h��-r   lazy, instead,"- sakt i hijm;iiS being" and the', lower: order? "of.! she .came-lo'Canada .than she liiwl ever
-;   Looks'   count.      That's    why
cost more than', hath itihs.
Curious   Inheritance  Case
received in I.e"rnativo"laud of.Euglantl,
Cams I Is a Truck1
Jo. win-a'bet for his owner! a.camel,
at. Cairo,-Kiiypt.'recently-.carried .L200
7       Essay   On  Canada     f
"British .Columbia   Wins" ^lost   Prizes
.' In Dominioii-wide Competition -
���. rirst.-prize ,of;fl,00Q/in:;.he university .group-in -the .essay',competitions
on tlie general subjects of, .'^Canada
NortlV of =the- Fiftyrsixth-'Parailel of
LatUude,v':has been f awarded to" J. fiV
K.'Engiish.-o'f-2r..J:r. Eton' Street-, Vancouver", .'B.C.' - The" competition was
open to - Canadians _ In Canadian universities.- - - .'z '���' :'��� - ������.'-'-������
First, prize: of :?1,P00 inVhe general
group' competition - on the. same siib-
-jeet -goes-'to"---E:-MV:Kiadlo,:-Ol.tawa.
Siecond,. 95.66,; to .'Arthur Woollacott,
-77.7. Burrard- Street,.. Vancouver,'. B.C.;'
.third,; 53667 to .Alfred" Thompson, .of
Dawson', - Yukon;;; and fourth,. 5200,".to
FraucesTDiclde.fof ileriotrB.C: "
_'. The; donors pf the prizes were, the
late Sir 'William Price, of Quebec
City; Sir Jamt^s ��� Aikins; He'jitonant:"
govenior of Manitoba; "and'. A. .J. T.
Taylor', of ..Toronto:" Tlie judges- were:
���Dr. K.y..-.'Prince, chief commissioner
of- "fisheries,, Ottawa;,- Dr.;.. Charles
Canisell,- deputy "minister, of "-'mine3,
Ottawa; and liobert" C! Wallace', -professor, of geology 'of-the,-University-of
Manitoba.             } ���;:       -V"'    " ..'
'���-.. fFOR/:,v
i\rOTHER:- Fletcher's
���Castoria'is especially prepared  .
to,relieve Infants in arms and .
-Children all ages -of Constipa-",-
"tion. Flatulency, Wind Colic f'
j        ���-���"--���.-.,- ,
and Diarrhea;' -allaying Feverishhess arising therefrom, and, by
.regulating  the Stomach ;and. Bowels,'"aids- the.-assimilation" -of .
Food; giving healthy .and natural sleep.-    ..
���   --.. '-':       .."....   y-^f
To'avoid imitations, zlwzy$ look for the signature or   C&&
Absohtte-y Harmless--No Opiates.    Pliysiciaus everywhc.�� rccoiE_mBicl jfe
: Descendants-of Armenian-Will .Receive-
' Property AftcVfifty KAn) ]y X l)(nmih ;:ldistance of two miles
j      A   curious   lnhei-llanrin   nf,^^..i^ .'^'f--; ' "'       " '       ,   ���--
'cnpying the attention of ihe Armenian i'
' patriaix-ha! Cuurt. which js trying- to!
: discover the {lCi.cen<lants of a wealthy.:
i Arhu'iiian, ."n.tmed .Sulerian, who Oictl-'i
j.in India hall* a omtury ago and nuuh. J
;a .will, "ordering the* investment "of his ;
i great, "wealth -for" years, after which -i��"J
! should be t'.qually divided, among-his.-
| d-Scendnnts.      Most.- of them:.are be---!
He.ed' io b.e  living  in  Egypt-, and of'.
these about; a score have already lodg- \
ed their claims.      The estate is said i
-to amount to SJoO.OOO.OOO, and tho{
'diiliculties j( distribution sire it_creas-.j
��� ed by* the fact, thai many of the!
1 sought-for descendants are scattered j
��� over the wo:*ld aud their whereabout?!
iare unknown! |
'.File,.Many Homesteads,      -   '[
Up to the last week"In June, a total;
of 62 homesteads ^ere filed 'at the Do- f
minion land-ofltce at Edmonton,- Alta.,!.
br new settlers. -'._"'- } ,...'. ,,  .'.-. ',���"'.-���;
"River Moved/After--Bridge Buift   7
.'The . Missouri... state highway* coni-
] mission just-about had a brldg^ coiu:
pleted at . Lexington, Mo:,,over the
Missouri Kivei-. when -iho..river'..Mft'-
ed its channel a.half:mile to the north,
took out7-the approach on! "that side
and "-left the-brjiige spanning a lot -'of
mud" and''sand.-and a- small .fraction
of tho river's current. United
States'engineers are bringing the river back to where it helongsjt will cost
$200,000, .borne." jointly .by the state
highway department aud the war department.    ��� ';'���    -' .,"-,,,.'.-.''   '"
'., For   'Rheumatic - Pains.���The pains
and  aches "of- Sciatica'..and -.Rheunia-
j lisin    jshbnld,  be: ..treated . with - Dr.
i'Thomas' Eclectric Oih"'   Tiie'soothing
i and healing "properties of,.this iambus
j remedy  have been  demonstrated ���_ for
fifty years. , Use it also for inilamnia-
tory' pains, cuts,    scratches;    bruises.
and sprains, either in human-' beings
or the lower animals.
'THHE constant use
���*"   of Sally Ann in
'houseKold duties is
beneficial to the hands
���it leaves them white
and soft. Softens hard
water;  can't  scratch.
'   CAt-QARY, Canada' ���
��� ���-..-                 .   ������. ���
Honor, North  Pole Explorers
Amundsen   Receives   Gold  jVledal   Of
Good (Citizenship From Norwegian
King   .  , ,-���   7/ 7' 7
Tho King of Norway has conferred,:
the gold medal of good citizenship on
Captain Itoald Amundsen,, leader   of
the    recent    aeroplane expedition to
the North Pole.     This honor has only
been conferred three times previously.    .Lincoln Ellsworth, Chicago-born
memtier of the expedition, was made
commander, of the Order of St. Olaf.
The   other    four    members    of    the
Amundsen     expedition   ' were     made.
Knights of St. Qla'f.
An agency dispatch from Oslo reports that the Norwegian state council at-a meeting decided to double ths
national award to Captain Amundsen,
making it 12,000 instead of 0,000
Dust Causes Asthma. Even a llttltt
speck.'too s'nail to seo ,will -lead to
agonies which no words' can describe.
Tho walls of the breathing tubes contract and. it seems as it! tlie very lift*
must pass. From this .condition Dr..
J.'T). Kellogg's Asthma Remedy brings
tho user to perfect "rest." " it relieves
the ' passages and normal ' breathing
is' firmly .established ' again: Hundreds of testimonials received annually "prove-:'lts. effectiveness.   ���' 77-.
S _.���
'Blanltots"-;netted.��� ihe".Navajo Indians $150,000 for ."their '-'weaving hist
year.r ���- -i" '    ...-',"���.   "��� : . '[ '  >' ���'- -
. Many'mothers have reason. ;to bless
Mother- Graves' - .Worm Exterminator,
because it-has" relieved:the little.onn*
of suffering and made - them healthy.
��� '- In - Africa^there; is : a -large lake of.
soda!   "'Its surface, is glistening whitw
and.the soda crust- is about three filet'-
thick.7'":-:"""   . - '- "' '   'X' ' -X Xyy".
,Spread   .Minard's   on    brown
.-pap'sr and.apply ia the throat.
Ala.)    inhale.      Quick    relief;
assured. - . ���-*-.!
Caron v
1023rd Avs., S.
. - Sackaioha'wan
Minard's Liniment ior  Rheumatism.
W.-  N.-IT.   .1584.'
-Thfs vfllnaRTc preparation has Lcen
on thc market for over SO years, ahd
lia? no equal for' offsetting tic-voinit-
. in'gjiparging.and diarrho^, of cholera
Infantum. .   ' X
Pnt up only by Tha T, Milbara Co^
. Liiaittd, Toroato, Oat.
Amundsen To Lecture
Captain Aoald Amundsen. Arctic air
explorer, intends to write a book' cov-
-jering'hte flight almost-to the pole:
-This will appear in the autumn, and
i thereafter he plans to lecture, at home
!an3"Sbfoa3V ""
.Mads Into'y'arn 35c ife., or-'Batts 25c. tb.
tVrita  for circular. <]iiotjng our prices
.for--tindorwoar, ' sweaters.-  -Maiikela;
m.ic5tlna.w conts" and pants, etc.
Sudbury, On*. ^-.
1 Minard's Liniment for Sprains
So. I for Bi_.dd-_Catar.fi. Ho. S far Blood S'
Skin Diisasas, Ho-SfarChronisWeaknetset.
. _^>i.r.��vi.F.\��s-;ciCii^��ir&r_.;pi.rcirtw snci.anp.s*-
Da.-.ECl.i.i'C rrfsi. Co. ti������it.ocli K-.S.V._9.L_oJo��
cr Mil! $_   . Ofrom Tt Fj"ir ST. E..To �����__>_< iO,��S
. ezja.Bix.s.**.* S-.'B__T. StvTMa^Cm. '  '. ��.
3  'I
Proved safe by millions -and proscribed by physicians for
Headache    Neuralgia,    Colds Lumbago
Pain Toothache    Neuritis       Rheumatism X
Accept  only  "Bayer'   package-
--���_������_____��� A...    .- ������ ��� -__������ �����_>__������ '     ������     ,���������
which contains proven directions.
Handy   "Bayer"   boxes  of   12   tablets
Also bottles'of 24 and 100--Druggists.
Aspirin  Is tlio trade  msrk  (registered  In Canada)  nf-Bayer llaniifncturc of Mononcetl,-
acldosler of Sa\i.yllcacld  (Acetyl  Salicylic Acid,   "A. S. A.").    Wlilte  It is well known"
tliat Anplrtn nieans liayer manufitctiir<_,. to assist the publli! against Imitations,  the'Tub-its
of Sayer Comimny H-illbo atamped with   their general  trade mark,  the "Itayer Cross),"
Changes Made
By Electricity
ff; ���;-_.",������-/:.. .>;7'. y
Primitive Pumps In Many .Parts Supplanted By Motors 7 .
Some of the most primitive pumps
in the world havo been supplanted
by electrically.! drivt-Ji water ���'. pumps.
The Near .East Relief 'maintains at
Syria, an island.just off__the coast of
Greece! an orphanage which cares for
about 2.500'.children'brought from Turkey at the tinie of the evacuation of
the Christian minorities. Here the
principal water supply came lrom
deep wells. 13a rt lien jars attached to
wheels   rotated   by   donkeys   brought
life water to the surface.     Now, how
Earliest  Train  Exhibited
One or Novel Features at English
Centenary Celebration
A curious procession' travelled over
the road of the world's first railway
between Stockton and Darlington on
July 2'' to celebrate the. centenary of
the opening of the railway.  '
First caine Hetton Colliery, one of
tho first locomotives pufiing away at a
speed of G miles an hour as it did-^on
its first run in 1S22, ..-
This and otherf ol.d-stager set the
pace to great, modern locomotives
drawing luxurious carriages sent by
the greal   railway companies.
The procession was six miles long
and showed the century's development
ever, electric motors drive the pumps   lvon* tho anciont   rollinK   sroric.   ,lml
that raise the-watcr from these wells.
These were installed by boys in the
orphanage,- who, having special mechanical aptilude, wore aiiprenticecl
to the. electrical contractor.'' The actual work of installing these electric j
motor-drivey pumps, whicli daily j
handle 120 tons of water, was done by
|he orphan tge boys its part of their
school-work in manual 1 raining. Wnhii
i.-> supplied ior the garden as well after use in the orphanage building-!.
Island   Is  LittSe   Known
Impossible to Journey Fat* Into Papua
To Map ln;��rior
The Island of New C4uinoa, or Papua,
as il is soinoliincs called. 1;, ing norlli
ol Australia, is. a hit of the world little known. The greater part of the
island has nevfr been mapped, simply
because it is impossible to 'journey
far inio the Jnleiior. LomT than a
thousand whites live ia New Guinea,
and few ol those escape tho fevers
for which the island is notorious. Very
lew can continue lo li\c there lor
many years a.s. the continued til tacks
bi fever are certain to prove fatal. In
the Interior there lurk uibes abojtt
which little is. known, save thai they
are cannibals. ' There are immense
deposits ol gold In the interior; also
many kinds of precious stones? Prom
time to time various attempts have
been made to reach I hem. Kxplorors
u)ustrliterall��,~takt> Iheir lives-��� llieir
hands, for, in nearly all expeditions,
more than half,of (he men have never
returned. Those who perish have
either died of fever or else la lion victims to the hostile natives.
primitive engines to the most modern
equipment, including motor and electrically driven train ���*. One train
was composed of flat wagons, each
presenting a tableau.
Last hut one caine lhe "City ot
Newcastle," the L.N.K.R. Company's
newest and greatest locomotive,
drawing one of the trains of iho Flying .Scotsman 8��-i*v1cp.
This was lollowed by Locomotion
No. 1. George Htephenson's engine,
drawing a replica of the train it haul-
Advice  In  New  Form 7
How One Fire Chief Warned People
Against Carelessness
The Brandon Sun quotes a fire
chief who has a happy way of telling
a few things to people in general as
to the avoidance of fires, and he does
not do so in the stereotyped fashion at
aU. In fact, he gives hunches, and
he warns the people as follows:
A crack in your chimney is a sure"
sign that you are going to move.
To see a. paperhaugcr hang paper
over a Hue hole indicates, an impending
loss:     .,
It is worse luck to look in a dark
closet-"with a lighted match than to
see the "'new moon oyer your left
When the wind moans it. is extremely bad thick to burn trash near your
house.      V
If you smell gas or gasoline and
look for. it with a lighted match, il;
is probable that you are about to starjt
on a long journey. .'..."
If you have a pile of rubbish .in your
cellar, if indicates that a crowd of
people are coming to yotuThouse. -���"-���
A 'quart of gasoline will cause an
automobile to move three miles.' A
similar amount fin household cleaning
may cause three, auto fire trucks and
an ambulance- to .run a similar distance.   ������'..���
A child .who'..plays with matches
will gain "experience-���if he lives.
Earthquakes In  Britain
Records Show Average of More Than
One a Year
Reports    of    earthquakes  in  Great
Britain aie  usually dismissed  as..being of no importance.
' This is reasonable, because, compared with countries such as Japan,
where an earthquake occurs on _ tho
I average once a day, Groat Britain escapes very lightly. The earlh tremors Telt not long ago at Kedrulh, ior
example, did no more~than rattle a few
windows and dislodgo several chimney pots.
Yet     lhe    nuinber    of    earthquake
shocks  recorded   in   Groat   Britain is
vr.i-y im-go indeed.
- Or. diaries l.a*. isou. of Cambridge,
For your shoes.   -    .��������
It saves the leather and -
Improves your personal appearance
V,  '
Had Lively Voyage
With Jungle Cargo
Collection   For  London  Zoo   Provided
Plenty  of Thrills
The London Z.00 has just welcomed
a most i n teres liug collection of rare
creatures���perhaps the finest to arrive in the' country since the war.
it was brought from Singapore by
G. II. Hicks," of the Zoo staff, and
he never had a dull moment on the
3o days passage.
For example, his cabin door opened to admit the whiskered face of a
seaman announcing stolidly, '*Co'bra
adrift, sir."'. Then Mr. Hicks, with
the.moral support of the entire.crew,,
went out with .a stick; pinned down
Uie hooded head, and put. the squirm-,
ing death back in its box.
Or it might me, "Tapir adrift, sir."
Then followed what Mr. Hicks describes as bull-fighting, with bananas
instead of a sword.
Another time it was, "Two sun-
bearsVidrift, sir." "These were discovered curled up. in bunks belonging
to Chinese passengers.
These Chinese had ono golden mo-!
ment.      A fine turtle had died.      Mr.
Hicks,  conducted   an  inquest   on   the
temains, while the Orientals stood h\
with a*pot of boiling water'.
Soup followed.
Fisherfolks  Greatest  Holiday
Blizzard   Coming   Around   March   18th
Mal.es   Work   Impossible
������ Among    the    Newfoundland  fisher-, will grow in any province of the Bo
"Lady  Of  the  Peony  Rose"
Peonies Flourish to Utmost Perfection
V In Canada
A blaze of color will meet the eyes
of those who visit the C.P.R. pavilion
at Wembley early in July; for"5,000
peony blooms will soon be shipped
overseas from Canada for exhibition
Canada has long'enough been heralded as "'Our Lady of thc Snows," say
those wlio aro behind the scheme.
Tho time has come when she should
be known as "Our Lady of the Peony
Tlie bulk of the blossoms will be
cut from plants grown by "\y. Orniis-
���ton Roy, well-known landscape gardener of Montreal. In order that
everything may be done to" keep the
blooms in proper condition, John F.
Roy will go over with them on the
boat; ror It is'believcil that this is the
first time cut (lowers have been sent
across the ocean on a considerable
scale. A .emperalu're varying with'
the humidity, but below ;<10' degrees
Fahrenheit, is required*for. the best
results. VV
AV. Ormiston Roy's world-famous
collection of peonies, recognized as
the greatest" and largest assemblage
ofthe classic sorts old enough to produce exhibition 'blooms, will be supplemented .by a few rare kinds���from
the noted peony gardens of H. Norton, A'yerscllff, Quef
-; Mr,'Roy has a growing ambition to
have the peony recognized in Canada
at its true value" as a. landscape
plant; and he claims that it is the
only-bcaulilul hardy plant that will
| thrive the length and breadth of Canada. This is a rare and proud distinction, bec.iuso our national emblem,
llie maple, cannot exist in many parts
bi our couatry. Tho peony requires
less care than auy other plant or
shrub, and will succeed in any good
garden soil, provided it is exposed lo
sunlight and is well drained. Given
these slmph: conditions, and if it is
not planted more than two or three
inches below the surface of the soil, it
'��� has given up all his> leisure    in    the
ed on the memorable dav, September!,    ,,-,_.
,_.,,,_, last  ilnr!y-ii\e years to an investiga-
:_.. IS*!:., when the lino was opened,     i,. ,.   ,,    ,     .,    ,,, . ,.       ,
I lion   ol   Knglantl s  li'^a   earthquakes.
In tho seats across ihe old wagons   .,���",, - . ,    ,,
*       ' His   catalogue   oogius   with   the   vein
was a haud wearing uniforms- just like ;���_.,        , . ,      *    .    .,
. , 'Oil. and goes right on to the present
the band  wore on  fhe opening dav.     : , ,_, ���        .   , ,    '
,_,  , , x day.      The worm period recorded ap-
Iho    Duke    and    Duchess of Yorki .    , . , ,_.,.      ,
; pears to have bent; about  I ioi). when
wero    -iniong    those    watching    IIiIm., ...        . ,. .,       ',
there were live notable earthquakes,
procession. ,���, ,      .    _ _ ..   . ,
I     Ihe number in Groat Britain rocord-
Xolk  the gi-.vttest holidaj   of tho yoar
t is   known   as   Sheila's   Brush,   which
falls  on   the  ISth  of March.      Primal ily the word "brush"-in tho dia'loc.
of the island  means a storm or bli/_-
] zard,  aud  becauso fishing is isuposs-
i ible    al    such    1int>\s a ���'brush" has
I conic to m^'tn a cessation of work, ln
I short,   a   holiday;    en.orced   if   you
! pieaso, but none the lo"s a holidtiv.
minion, even the Klondykc, he says.
The varieties which Mr.-Roy intends
exhibiting  at  "Wembley  will   include*
silch rare sorts as La France, Solange,
Tourangell*..    Sarah    Bernhardt, En-
1 clutntvesse    and    Avalanche���all    of
��� wliich aie seldom seen in  such per-
jiVciioii in P'ngllsh gardens.      ln fact,
[in  no counlry in  tho  world do  they
i flourish   as   in   Canada���not   o. on   in
Decency In News Reporting
Everything Should Be Given To Public
In Bast Manner
Occasionally, during the debate as
to* what newspapers should prim and
especially wnat they should not print,
something is said which clarifies tho
cliscur'sion. A case in point is 1ho
comment of Kdward McKernon. Htiper-
intendont of, the cuslern division ol
(he A.ssocia'ed   Press, in   tho'" course
ed by Dr. Davison reacluitl the astounding total of eleven hundred and
niuety-om-', ,or an averi'go of more
ihan oue a >ear.
[    Newfoundland    lia.-.    two    brushes. |-China, where  Use first peonies  came
.���Patrick's and Sheila'-, lhat i.*> to .saj%; from,   and   whore   for   upwards   of  a
I storms supposed to be connected- with ��� thousand vears tho plant has been rt-
i -
|thu  birthday of St. Patrick  and  tliatlgardod with love and reverence.
j of Sheila, his wife. ' I    From    Mr.    Norton'?    garden    will
Of course,   theso--atmospheric   dis-1 come bloom., ot such unusual vaiieties
lurhances, corresponding  to what we, asKellway's Glorious, which originat-
ferm the equinoctial gales, do not a!- i ed    in    England;  Lo'Cygne, perhaps
Coffee  Is Good Stimulant
Every lime poor Heinie shows signs
of repentence .somebody find.: anbthet
gun eii hint.     ���      W
, Better   Than   Alcohol   Says   Dean   of
College of Pharmacy
I     Alcohol    is    unjusclv    famous as a
isiimulanl. while coffee is insufficientl.v
I praisetl. Dean Henry II.    Rnshby    of
.           ,,                ,,                     ..   .. I 'lie Columbia  College    of    Pharmacy
of an  address  at Manchester. -N.-Il.i    -.,       ,,     ..*..,,,,     .    , ,
,.���", ,,���.���'.  _���*,.._��� ,  ..  .   ' said at the J\ew Vork Botitnical Gar-
j den in sv lecture on *'VHiar iho World
[DrinfesJ ami-Why."     _ _ -
|    Alcohol is deprob.sing, Doau Itushby
I wa>\s come exactly to date;   but
i storms occurring aboul. this linn*
named in hbtior of iheso ssiiiis.
an\ (Victor Lo Mqiuo's greatest  cojmibu-
arojiion to tlie peony-world; Martha Bul-
i loch and Mrs. Edward Harding's out-
Then,  when  ilie bli/.7.ard  from  iho   standing   varieties   of  American   ori-
frozen Arclic swepps down upon  the i gin. all of which still range from ?25
island, and is all mirk and gloom out-   to ?J0O a plant.
Wo suppress nothing because it is
bad," said Mr. McKernon, ."but wc
present���th.- ���unpleasant", "docontly."'
This is close to the heart ol tho mat-
I side,  Inside  the srone-built  houses  is
light and .warmth, and jollity con tin-
7ued sometimes for a.s many as lorly-
' eight hours on end.
I argued, because it paralyses fear and
| restraint.    Men slightly under Its in-'
flu ence   can  do  more  work,  ho   con- ���
tinueil,  Iittt  thoy   do not  do   it well.
Coffeu and tea are truly stimulating, j
on the other.hand, enabling a tis^r tn'
work  beyond   normal"   strength,    although later ho must pay tho penalty
for losing sleep.
tor. The newspaperman fools instinctively ili.il the suppression of
news is wrong; that whether tlie item
is good or bad. the public is entitled !o
know about it. But he is sometimes
called upon to answer the charge ot
those -who itisist* that publication of
bad news corrupts the public morals.
Mr.  McKernon answers  that  charge.
In effect what he says is tliat no mat-1 }
ter how iinoleasant tho news mav be/1 "     ,Toky�� Coming Back
if It is ww,. the public is entitled to!    T1'"    Population   of   tin-    Japanese
know it.    ' The item should be given  ca^ilul is nm" VniMn. or only about
One Of London's
Treasure Houses
to the public, bur the reporting should
bo decent.���New Vork World.
Orient Uses Many Lanterns
Part    of     National     Expression
Japan and China
Lanterns in all their grades of picturesque beauty aro Inseparable irom
the life of the Chinese and Japanese.
Letter from Mrs. Ayars'Tells
How Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
.   Helped Her
*,      ���* *
I ' ''   '   -���c
'  Spring Valley, Sask.���"I took the
Vegetable Compound before my last   In ail groups and classes ami environ-1
confinement, when I got to feeling so
badly- that I conld not sleep nights, iny
back" ached so aeioss my hips, and I
could hardly do my work during the day.
I never had 6uch an easy confinement
and this is my sixth baby. I read about
��� Lydia E."Pinkham's Vegetable Compound in thc ' Farmer's Telegram*' and
wrote you for one,of your books. We
. have no druKgist in our town, but 1 saw
four medicine in T. Eaton's catalogue,
am a farmer's wife, so have all kinds
of work to do inside and outside the
house. My baby is a nice healthy girl, ] moon, bj giving the lanterns thai are
who weighed nine pounds at birth. I V/>f t)Uf in the doorstop to light tho
. am feeling fine after putting in a large
garden since baby came,    (She is as
120,000 less ihan foprore    the    earthquake.     Iu Yokohama tho population
|is  390,000. as comp.uvd with   l_.__.00tj
before' the earthquake.
por;    The  daily   eonsump.ion   of   lea   in
'jCroat liritain amounts to ovor one million pounds'.
Room   Houses Priceless Collec
, tion of Old Coins
j    Hidden, away at the top  of a  lull J
building, in an tuipretentious part ni;
| London, England, is a (iny- room, j
! Thousands* of people pass ihe build-j
ling axery day, but lew glance upwards j
' and none suspect what that room j
I contains. '
A short time ago I mounted the ion?
] Highl of sl;.irs (writes n London
'nowspaper man) rapped at rho door
and whispered the, password���"Coins.
, A genial   figure appeared  and  I  was
, welcomed   in.      It   was   -Mr.  William
' Valentino.     Once lie was a carpenter
'on the tnim.vnys.     Now li't Is one of
Mr. Boy -points out lhat If Canadians once appreciate ihe value of
the peony iu landscape planting,
every city and' village in the country
could-be -as-noted for peonies-in a
comparatively lew years a* Portland,
Oregon, is now famous, for irs roses.
Canada yet lias the opportunity to preempt the peony and to grow it in every
garden where i here Is a yard or ttvo ot
i soil open to the sun. No other country has yet wakened to its wonderful
. Removing Salty Tasta
A recipe which date. from the days
i of "salt junk" in fhe navy is given by
] an ex-naval man. He says salted
' meat should be placed, uncooked, over-
' night in cold, well salted water, about
','. I half a toacupful bf salt lo a gallon of
I water. * This sounds a strange cure
1 for saltiness, but the sender says if
j is a fact th.it iu the morning tlie bait
i will be removed from the meat.
the  greatest authorities  on  coin.-.      . M|njfrd_B  L|nlmcnt for   Neuralgia'
"See that, s*afe?" !i-_  said,   pointing 	
nvnts the lantvrns of the Orient fashioned of paper and bamboo, of horn,'
porcelain and bionxo, of wood and of',
stone and lacquer, jointed, embroid- ,
prod, carved or bojewc-lHl, iorm a part,;
ot the iiiitkmal oT_pre~;.iO!_."
Even   tho   oriental   hea\on   has   its
p*Ity    lantern,    while    the New  Yoar'
celebrations are brought   to a  tnum- .
phal   close'on   the  lUtli   of  ihe  fir.fl '
The  Best Sink Value
Ever Offered
Entirety new type of Sink at a remsfk-
ably low mire. The ba.c is ru-t-ress-tinc
Atmco Iron, coated with purest white
enamel, same as refrigerators, electric
ranges, etc. Sold complete with all fit-
tisigs and im true lions.
SMP Enameled Sinks
good as she can be.) Yours is the best
medicine for women, and I have tcld
about it and even written to my friends
about it."- Mrs. Annie E. Ayahs,
Spring Valley, Sask.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is an excellent medicine for expectant mothers, and should be taken
during the entire period. It has a general ejleet to strengthen and tone up the
entire system so that ifc may work iri.
cvery respect as nature intends. All
druggists sell this dependable medicine.
Give it a trial. O
\Y.   H.    U.    158*
viay of the bidden o:ii'_xInough tho
-various .courts -svlsich sIipj mav hav*
io travel, aie tho -o-.on<.��Wof roo.1
choor and  court os v.
Price -
to a cornor of the room.     "I had to
, buy that to sioro J.20it coins sent to
tun for classification by tho Indian
Museum of Calcutta. * They wore
sold, silver and  copper coins of the
.native yrlncw, and the wholo colloc-'
, tion was priceless. Ten years ago 11 flower. .He declares- tliat bees spe-
began the task aud it Is not finished ' clalize- on some one flower for the reaver,   for   I   havo.  boon   stricken   with j ?on {hat ihey react-to only one per-
VV VV^forw. ��� WW
headache, biliousness
��� constipation;
kidneys, uver,
Tree Grew From Cane
Cottonwood" Stick    Was    Planted    In
Kansas   Fifty   Years   Ago
Oue of the largest trees in Hutchinson, Kas., has grown from a judge's
Fifty-one years ago, in April, 1S7I,
Judge W. fR. Brown, thc first judge
of this Judicial district, was walking
along Kast Sherman Street in Hutchinson twirling a cottonwood stick.
Amos Plank, veteran jeweller, who
vouches for the story, was ��� working
in his yard when Judge Brown camp
"Well, I guess I'd better plant you
a tree," thc judge remarked, and ho
stuck his cane into the soft ground
in front of the Plank home. Plank
was called away from home for tho
summer. When he returned he found
the cottonwood .stick" had sproutecr.
Ho left it in the ground. Today It
is one of the largest cottonwood trees~
in Hutchinson.���New York World,
Airs. Howard^King, K.R. No. 5,
Truro, N.S.. st.ys:���"J ara the mother
of four children and have always used
Baby's Own Tablets when any of
them tieeded a medicine,, and I can recommend Ih? Tablets as" beins. unsurpassed for childhood ailments." Thousands of other mothers agree with
Mrs. King as to tho merits of the Tablets. Tliere are thousands of homes
throughout Canada where'the Tablets
are always kept on hand in readiness
for the least sign ot any o! lho"minor
ailments which aillict little ones.
Baby's Own Tablets never, fail to regulate tho stomach and bowels, thus
thev banish constipation and indigestion; break up colds and timple fevers; relieve colic and bring the baby
through that dread te~elhiug period in
s.-tfetij. ' The Tablets never do harm���
always good���as thoy are guaranteed
absolutely free from any injurious
drugs. They aro sold by medicine-
dealers ov by mail at 2'< eeius a bo*<
from The Ur. Williams' Medicine Co..
Brockville*- Ont.
Pads Of Money
A New York broker gets new cur- ;
roncy and then ^sends it tb his .stationer to bo nude up in pads. He says
this Is the nio-t convenient way to
keep ���tlie money from being mussed'
Says Bees Are Specialists
Prof. Von Frisch, of Uerliii University, who has made a special study
of apiculture, believes that bees that
collect honey from roses, for instance,
will  not pay  attention  to any othet
Miller's "Worm Powders act mildly
and without injury to ihc child,, and
there can.be no doubt of their deadly
effect upon worms. Thoy have been
in successful use for a long time and
are recognized as a leading preparation for tin purpose. They. have
proved their power in -numberless
.cases _and have-given-relief-to- many-
children, who, but for the good officer
of this compound, would have continued weak and  enfeebled.
Taught 80 Years
For SO years, Mrs. Anna Slado, of
Hastings, Kng., who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday** has been a
Sunday School teacher. She is be-,
lieved to hold (he.world's record.
Whether the corn be of old or n^w
growth, it must yield to Holloway's
Corn Remover.
Baby "Finds Her Ring
Mrs. Mary Koza lost her baby ring
while playing along the beach 2i yean;
ago. Her own daughter recently
found it in the sand. It was in excellent condition.
Minard's Liniment for Sore Feet
Saskatchewan University
Contracts have been let for.'a new
engineering building at the University of Saskatchewan, and the work
is being pushed iorward as rapidly as
Britain's Guarantee
To Americans, who liaie as wtnTi
lo gain b> ii��ac��\ it should bo worth
noting that Gieat Britain not onlj
want.-. iieac"\ but i.- prepared to at -
cepi 1J��t ful! share of the rosnoa^ibil-
ity in making peae.- possible and in
guaranteeing its i_iain��'onauco������
Brooklyn Kigie. \
SMP Enameled Drain
Board���Price $g.5Q
Wcrt��i-rit_t value. White enameled Armco
Iron base. Very stroiis; handsome; handy.
These new SMP S-nks end Drai*. Board-
sold by oil plumbers and hardware store.,
or write -direct to
vrwnf j
Trotzky's  Uncollected  Saiary
, Trotzky u.-od to live in New York
lie lelt thoie in order to help in the , wol.](]
Russian re.-alution and-lias since 1>e- '���
, come a world figure.     In hi-, haste he [
, neglectedr to  collect    three   .months'
'salary trom the,Canadian,Pacific Bail-,
way for publicity -. work.   -Some time
ago the troioUier    of   Ihe    company
wrote him rotative to it, hut has had
uo repij.    He iisa> be thinking or coming back  to collect.���-Bailroad Magazine.
Don't you believe that it's hard to be
poor.      It's  tho- easiest  ihing. in  the
Keeps EYES
Clear, Bright and Beautiful
"Write MurineC<5..Chic*go.forEyeCsreSoofc
sS��eet UtxAt Pro duos Co
People   v. ho   live   in   spring
sJiouhl not opt-n milk bottles.
tSMGHTOH   "VAneouven ohjgajsv
When a 'log gro>v3_5 over his foodlip'
liU<-3 It; but with a mm It is diltorent j THB LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH- COLUMBIA,-THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1925
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance,
School Sports at Midway
The expectations of all were
more than satisfied last Wednesday when pupils from eight
schools gathered to enjoy a days
real sport at Midway. The
spirit displayed by the children
was splendid. Each one entered
heartily into all the events working for the sake of the sport and
not for mere mercenary gain.
Many girls and boys proved
themselves sports in the true
sense of the word when they
entered into every possible event
and worked their very best when
they knew that they were beaten.
Their only desire was to make
points for their school. This unselfish spirit of school loyalty is
one all too rare among our
schools. It is very gratifying to
see signs of this spirit. May it
spread throughout this district
until each and every pupil feels a
deep and great pride in his school.
May each pupil desire bis school
to prove itself superior to any
other, and work with3 that end
in view, striving to gain points
; for the school when he cannot
gain a prize himself. When
this is true then those who have
worked to make this sports day a
success, will feel  amply repaid.
The. schools did splendidly,
especially the Norwegian Creek
school, the Greenwood boys and
the Midway girls. -VV 7-7- V-' "[
Come on-boys and- girls who is
.going to have.he cups next year.
.   Let's see how much, better you
'���������can all do. 7 7""1'--'W    ',���'.-""    '-77-'
��� V.-The prize winners follows:';,
.'.-7 Giris "tiiider'��� ��� 8-r-Mary:-. Riley, f-Nor-
7-:.wegiai_fCreel.V   .V- ' -   ' 7 * -'---.,
>'Boy's,   tinder   8 ���Eniest-    Hawkes,
..." Midway.   '���"'-:' ; W 7
.'��� ���":,-Girls iiiider-llO���Virginia "Riley, Nor-
-Vweg-ian'Creek.' -- 7 -"'".���'���-' * .... ' f f.���-
..' .Boys ' under -" 10���fFrahk Krotiten,
���-"'-Kerr CreekV. - - .- ���-'"._..' ' . --���;"".
-'.-- .'Girls-under .12--���Mae Sharp, Midway.
."���'���" Boys unde_*12���Jim Riley",-Norwegian
.'Creek';- "     ���' -        -."' _.-. .;---��� 7W ,' '. '" W
��� , Girls   u.nd'ei* .14--Kathleen" Salmon,
7Midway.'..'.'-.'   ,W 7 --.--;_-"..���   X -".-/ ;-W.
- Boj's . imde'r,,14--George ;, Bryan,
���- Greenwood.;.  ....-,-- ",   ...     . -.-.-.   ,-..      W_
'-"_��� ' Girls . under  16���Kathleen "Salmon,
--- Midway,.  ���    ������'-' ". ���' ���:���'���''        "_-.,      f    f '
,-.    .Boy sounder Ifc-Leslie .Salmon;,-Mid-
"Wvay. Xy _��� ���-"������ . y "- ';'.      '-���___��� - . ;" ;    ��� ���
_."...'-.. "J . . 7=H0P?" STEP AND JUMP- ,-"-"- -'���'--
Girls under 12���Mae Sharp," Midway..
/..Boys under-12���Roy Bakke, Green-,
wood.     '-���'��� \   ' '-   ','.'      7   . '-'
��� - 7 Girls ��� tinder-. 14���Kathleen   Salmon,
Midway..' -   ���     ���--   ._���'   '   X    7   .'.���'-'-'
Boys under-i*���Johnny McGillivary,
���Greenwood.-- [XX '-'"��� %W    '',-���'.   -,;f"'
Girls   tuKler' i<5--Kathleen< -Salmon,
���Midway.' . W 'f   ������'��� ''���,'. W W'
��� ��� .Boys'under 16���Leslie "'Salmon, Mid-
-  --way. ;,'";_;-- ��� : ���'���'_-  ��� y :  '��� ,���"'.'.;-"; .'-.-*
���,    ',    7 . -'jiroab jyiir -.  . -'',:.'���-.-���'
..Girls under 12���Mae Sharp, Midway
. ���'������. Boys nii'der' 12��� Charles "Riley,- Nor-
. wegian'Creek.f. f-7   ��� ��� 7   "''--   .' y'-y   ';
Girls     under'Vl4-rJAliceV;McMyiiri,
������Midway...'.',/'' ���������-;..,"-��� ".-"  7 ''.' ,:'..' XX    ' f
:   Boys 'untler. .14��� George '" .Bryan,1
��� Greenwood. V. ���. *     -'���'.: "-,";' .-��� '������ .*'.   ""
Girls   -under-   16���Alice. ,McMynn,
'���'-Midway.'' ���- . *'*   .-'.-/V       -  .'.-, W ���-;-".
', .Boys: under - -16��� Allan.  McCurrach,'
[ - Greenwood. ��� V .= * " }. '���������- 'X. '.'   7',,   V;
V" '���  "X ,'"���   -.-.HIGH."'JUMP..'- ,'���'���,.':.-'      '--���
- .Girls. 11nder.i2-7J.Iae Sharp, Midway:
; Boys _.under   12^--I)esnioij'd   Roberts,
Ingram Bridge.'   :'<   .. W      ���'
Girls'. X under 7i+r-rAlice '���"���- sMcMynii,
- Midway..- - ,-'.". W;-.-  '."-; ' .
���Boys tinder 7714���George Bryan,
-Greenwood.'-    '    -   ������* _."..'_      ...    -'
; Girls, under- l^-Gisele'- Bohemier:
���Midway.  "''���"'-   7, ���.'-���''���       .-"'.'������
X * Boys   under-- 16-rEdward   Johnson;
,. Greeinvbod.     WW   -'V- ���
Girls hurdle race���Kathleen.'Salmon,
���Midway;-- ���}���'���.���
Boys hurdlef-v., race^^fployd , fEHistis,
Greenwood. W\f--'7 =7 ..: X.;- [XX .' Xx
Girls -relay race���-Midway.;/ftea;n.'.
Kathleen Salmon,- Alice--"-McMynn,'
Rosalie Brown, Mae Sharp..-, 7  a     V
Boys relay race���Greenwood team:
George Bryan, Lloyd Eustis, Edward
Johnson, John McDonell.   ''
- Girls tug of war���^Norwegian Creek.
.Boys tug* of war���"Greenwood team.
Girls % mile dash���Kathleen Salmon,
Midway- '-'���-' '������;
Boys yi niiie dash-r-George.--Brjranj.
Greenwood. './���";/���.'-'-,-'���' yX.'X:y. [-',. '" ���.'���'.
K. of P's Install Officers
Grand Forks and Greenwood
Knights of Pythias had a joint
installation at the local Castle
Hall on Wednesday and a big
social evening followed. Maiiy
of the Sisters came over from
Grand Forks with the brothers
and after the installation which
was conducted by Deputy Grand
Chancellor E. H. Cagnon, supper
was served and a dance was held
in the Masonic Hall at which
Fisher's Orchestra- rendered excellent music. - Floor manager
Wm. Walmsley kept the dancing
going until .2 o'clock when ice
cream and cake was served and
all departed for their homes feel7
ing that a good social and fraternal evening had been spent.
The following were the officers
Grand Forks���J. T. Simmons, C. C;
L. Mader, V.C.;,_ B. B. McCannoii,
Prelate; A. F, Michener, M. of ,W.;
R. L. Hodson, K. of R. ancl S.; D. C.
Manly, M. of F.; Dr. G. H. Acres, M. of
E.; H. C. Weir, M. atA.;W. B. Glan-
ville, I, G.; Jas. Hind, O. G.
Greenwood���K. M. Spence, C.C.; F.
Christensen, V. C; D. McGillis,
Prelate; G. Boag, M. of "W.; W.,Walmsley, K. of R. and S.; H.Bryan, M.
of F.; G. S. Walters, M. of E.; C. T.
Fenner, M. at A.; E. G. Berg, I. G.; A.
N. Mowat, O. G.
ere an
Record catches of mackerel are
reported from Yarmouth, N. S.% and
nearby fishing villages. One man
at Cranberry Head took over 150
barrels of fish from one trap and
another fisherman at Burns Point
reported over, seventy-five barrels
from a single trap', ".
7'Thirteen "ships   with' a  total   of
7988 head. of. Canadian- cattle", left
' Montreal   during". May., and   three
.-more .ships.-;left- during  the".first',
-week, of June. .*' Canadian-cattle "are '
���now stated to be .in' strong demand,
-in7 the-British market despite' Irish
anil English 'competition".'   ,.-���"-",
"The- -reconstructed - Basilica -'. at-
.Ste. Anne tie ��� Beaupre which was
^destroyed by'fire iri .1923 will .-be,,
open to - the public-: on- ��� the/, second
Sunday, fin September according' to'.
a -recent report and it is' expected'
that .the huge ..pilgrimages -to the
famous shrine. - will' .shortly be' re--
"sum'ed..-'"--' 7 - -   - '��� X" "X '       .""V
" A remarkable" wave, of interest -in
.Canada.-is:sweeping Great,Britainf
at-the.present-timeraiid ail'sorts of
.information ���-. is 'being sought by
^British-firms .as .to- conditions'/in-
���the... Dominion, according-"to... E/JfflX
MottJey"superintendent.of the Dominion Express Company of Canada
.".for Europewho-.arrived here" recently for a .trip across' the country.
/...Canada's third  largest' industry,'-
its.-tourist traffic  showed"' a'n..'-ii_-
-crease.;-of-  60,000  in  the- National'
Parks' for 1924, .according .to a* report issued by-Commissioner J. B,
Harkinf.....Banff/arid- Lake--Louise,,
���infthe Eocky -Mountains, showed a
combined advance ;of 15,000 visitors.^.
At Banff- 1,693. camping., permits
were. issued. 7 ��� V '   -"""-'���   '���   XzX: -���'.-.���
: fRobert   E,   Barlow," manager   of
.Walter Hagen," announces that. the..
.British' .Open'' Championship, .winner,
will make a golf ��� tour'- of Western
Cariada this; suitnmer .-visiting". Win-'
nipeg.-f  Regina, -Calgary, 'and . the
famous-. Rocky Mountain, '.tourse '��� at
Banff.7 Hagen has: v��-n the Brit-"
"ish" Open Championship, twice .and.
the United "States..Open.Champiorir'1;
ship once.-"-,-..-' '"-"' -7 -.-'y -'"_-..'.
Rock Creek. Items
7 . Arrangements,""haye .'/been.' com-'
plet?d' for. staging:.the'Biggest-;In-
diair Pow-pow' ever' held on"the
North ;Arnerican Continent, at Maeleod, Alberta, eafly in. July.-*Thous'-
ands of ��� Indians from the Bloods,-
Blac|cfeet;_ Peigans'i.: Crows, :Crees,
Stonies, Sioux and -representatives
from-the Six Nations; in the East'
will take part in the historic and
picturesque pageant.
Vf,A7: Canadian..;? Pacific:' f-Eailway
'" freight; train -.was.'fxecently^-held.f ,iip
���,ftear.'-'I��mberg'V7S.ask.',: 7by;,a ..swarm
.' of. '-.tent7 caterpillars ^ "vvhich . interfered - with the functioning" of .the
driye wheels- on  the.-greasy rails,
where -the, insects had gathered in
millions.  ., All ���;��� efforts ���[ ,qp ': plow
through or remove the awarm *were
unsuccessful,and no,progress coald
be rfiade; antil.hal|_,tb�� cars;^i_��
discfa*rgedr 7 yX y 7 7' X.y: -: .*-.
(By G. Willis)    -.
H. W. Whiting spent Dominion
Day in Penticton.
Mrs. W. Clark motored to
Chesaw on Saturday.
E. F. Wilson was in Chesaw for
the 4th of July Celebration.
Mr. aud Mrs. Joe Richter motored to Osoyoos ou Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Madge wero in
Penticton.for the 1st of July sports.-
Miss Dorothy Debney attended
the 4th July Celebration in Chesaw.
Mies Lena Weed has arrived
home for a few weeks vacation
from Portland, Ore.
Quite a number of Rock Creek-
ites went to Chesaw for the Dauce
on Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hanrahan aud
'M. Beattie took in the 1 _t of July
Celebration in Penticton.
We regret to say that our old
friend Dad Hopper is very ill at
his homejn Grand Forks.
-��� ' o
Mr. and Mrs. James Lindsay
and Mr. Martin motored to Chesaw
on Saturday to see the sports.
Mies Gladys and Nora Jackson,
of Midway, were visitors, to Riverside and Chesaw on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Weed and
family motored to Chesaw on Saturday to attend the Celebration.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Johnson passed
through Rock Creek on Saturday
to attend the Chesaw 4th of July
_ Jack Williams, the musical
mystic, ,'eritertained a large audience at Riverside Hall.on Tues"-;
"day evening.'"'. -'- W V ;"        ' *- ������'--.
. The Midway baseball team and
Manager J. R, f Brown passed
through Riverside on their way to
Chesaw'on'Saturday.  ' WV-.,
. Mr./arid-Mrs." O. 'Wh'eeW'a'nd
family-accompanied by the .Misses
Margaret, and Doris Clark, motored
to Osoyoos .on_Sumlay-.mpr_-ii_g,-
- ���_ '   .. (Too-late-, for last issue) ��� ..''��� ..
Eddie Pittendrigh is enlarging
his honse:: He ie. building ori 'au
extra room and a verandah..
. Mrsf Qannon, of Spokane, was
the guest/of her mother, Mre7
Pittendrigh, , for.f.a, few days last
.week. \ XX": WW'  ���'.���'' ���' "y] ���". -,
.. -Bjelen Bn rdicfc, ..Doris CI (i'rfe an df
Westley.Wheeler were in Gfeeh-
wood last weekftryicgthcEn'traiice
exam's.      7 .--���-.""'
Misb Florrie Jupp arrived-home
from, yancouver,- for her .vacation,
where she has. been attending
college.  .. .' - '-;  V- -" '- -.,7 -:   ' '���"",
X Roy Worthington is sporting;a
grand new Ford. .It certainly is a
smarilittle car arid Roy is already
an 11 driver... -    f
XMr. and Mrs. Swannell left Rock
Creek . on Friday, June -26th,--to
take np tbeir resi den ce' :iri, Nelson.
Many of their friends will mies
them and regret their departure
from, here.  ,7.'    .'.-".-" ���' -',-- ;"'"
-:' Mr. and, Mrs. E.. Rich ter. parsed
fchrotigh Rock Creek on Monday-.on
their-.; way .to. the .-"coast. . ��r-:
Bichter; took parVin the big trap
shooting tournament in VanconVer
on "Jaly'.iat.,'7:. -'[.. ���'-'}'"' :y" X XX- X '��� 7
M. Beattie has resigned his posir
tion'-as ���.,.teacher- of Eock Creek
School,���: He has gone to , "Vancouver ,'- where his family, lives.
Mr.. Beattie has been with . us for a
bbamber of jears,., eo consequently,
we are sorry to lose him.
The... Rock" Creek -Woinans institute members imet at Riverside
Hail on Saturday and, the attendance was very good considering the
hot weather. , Prizes were given to
the childrenf for. their .best bouquet.
being t!ae judge BBd ;he awardedihe
prizes, to: Pearl Lindsay,' 'Dons;
Clark and Bryan -Kayes, /W.V'W.:7
The Musical Mystic
Jack Williams
Canadian Entertainer���
in Music, Ma?ic,  Mirth/ Conjurinir.
Card, Coin and Ball Tricks   ���
Selections 011 Piano, Violin, Mandolin,
Guitar, Cello, Harp and Phone-Fiddle.
Sonys���Sentimental,    Ragtime,   Comic'
For. Sale
Saturday, July 25th
Monday, July 27th
Commence at 8:15 p m..
Adults 75c.   Children under 12, 25c
Free Dance after show for ticket holders
The Ledge for Job Printing
Greenwood Garage
Kinney Bldg., Main St.
Experienced Mechanic
employed to attend to all car troubles
Gas, Oil, Cup Crease, Floor Dressing,
Harness Oil, Candles
Agent for Imperial Oil Company.
Cars for Hire.
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th 'Century Shoe Retairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage, one way.   Terms Cash.
Flight of Words
When you talk over the long-distance
telephone lines your words, translated
iuto electrical impulses, fly along* at a
trctneadous speed. This rapid transmission of the natural voice is making
the loti^-distance service increasingly
Winnipeg ..v...f;.....'
.-'....;.$'f72"06 ""7
"''. Fort-William .:,...:,
;...,..-.!"��� 86.30 ���
Toronto WW- ..'.
..-.':.*.. -113.7s.w
...7..-113.75, V;.
���'��� .Ottawa....-....".'.......,
.=;.... 113,75
si_-.-jo.iii- .wn-.........
... Halifax-.'.W.'.'.._...���__���
 7. 153-45.. _
.St,-Paul-'.-.....-; ;.'.-.
....... . 72.00 ,; "
, f,. Chicago ; ,j.............
;...;..".' .86.06 -
Mi nneapolis ".. W.".:.
7.7. :z-'r 72.00 w
-f'   New York -...-;...���.....;
,.;.;..-...��� .14740 ���
.;:..;.��� .72.00 ' ;������,=
"���_.:;;���;   MANY   ADDITIONAL   DESTINATIONS     w,
Route .via Port-Artliiir o'r via Soo,I.iue,'through Winnipegor Portal to
���St.-Paul, thence via "Chicago- or.Sault Ste. Marie, -via Great Lakes;-or via
California at additional fare; or good- to go via .one'-, ofthe" above routes,
return another.-   ���'.'-       ..-������-    -,    " ��� ���'-"-.- '���' '   -'; '-'.
S. CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson
See Local Agent or Write for Details,"-;
Physician and Surtreon.
Residence Phone 69
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by x
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
Full information -concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions ls
given-.In Bulletin No.'l, Land Series,
��� "How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
whiclj can be obtained free of charge, '
by addressing the Department, oi!
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.       _,
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber- .
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 5,000 feet per acre east .of that
Range. .''.'.'   7   '
Applications for pre-emptions ar.a
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Di-7
virion, in which the land applied for N
is situated, and are made on ..rinted
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to valuo of $10 per acre, Including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can b��
Cor more detailed information seo
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for ptirr
chase    of   vacant    and    unreserved ..
Crown lands,  not being timberland,
foi- agricultural purposes;  minimum
price for first-class  (arable) land la ,
55 per acre, and second-class (graz- ' -
ing) land $2.50 per acre.   Further information regarding purchase or leaso
. of Crown lands is given ln Bulletin .
. No.. 10;-'Land Series,  "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."-. '
Mill, factory, or industrial .sites on  -,
timber -land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may.be,purchased or leased, the con-'
"ditiohs   ; .including-     payment "   Ot
stumpage. -       ���   "-     -        ���.'-..���'   ,���   -
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding SO
acres, - may ' be leased'as homesitea.- -
���'conditional'"upon-- a   dwelling   beinff
. erected in the' first year, title being . *.
obtainable.-.after  residence  and improvement   conditions   are: fulfilled.-
and. land "has been, surveyed.^ -j. .
") '     '   X ���    -'LEASES  ���}���_) ). X [z   '[-'"-
-.   For .-'.grazing-; and--industrial- pur=---
poses areas not exceeding 640^acra��   *
'may be .leased by. one person.- or a
company.- ��� " ���.-,���'     -'   W .
;-...- --y.-y ...GBAZlfSlQ-
* Under'the Grazing Act the Prov- ...
ince is. divided into grazing dlstrlota ���.
���and-the .range administered, under a. -'
Gracing    ..Commissioner.':   - Annual
.grazing permits are issued based ori , '-"
numbers franged,-priority being given.- -
to established owners.-   Stock-owners ���
may   form,  associations,  for.   range
management." Free, - - or   partly   free, :
permits   are   available   for f BettlerB.7
-"campers  and" travellers,  up  to-  lea  .
���hcad.f--"  .'-..- f  -   -   _ --. -y _.''���������'   . ...
i%#i^ ig||7|fi P$[&[ii S^i@l^iwlli
w  The Mineral Province of Western Canada
xyyy'y) x:)x .TO-;ENp..0F- DECEMBER,��� 1924-7
-  ]_ti.s produced .Minerals as follows:     Placer Gold,- 877,382,953; Lode Qolfl;
S118,473,190;.Silver, $68,824,579: Lead, 870,548,578; Copper, 31.S7,489",378; Zin 0A
;832,171,497;. MiBeellanebaa/ Minerals,  8i;431.,349;" Coal> and Coke, $260,880,048;
Building,Stone, Brick, Cem8afe,;e6c,,$42,225;814: making ifes TMineralProdacMon   :
..to-ithe-end of'192478hov?; an- yy'y "���������������. ;���:'}. :-y.' X ;        " y.-.X.X '''��� '-'-���"' X     ' "-'7 '.  -
wtlieYeaif Ending Decei^r, 1924: $48.7(W.
The Mining Laws fof -tbis Province are more liber*l, and . fehe .fees lower, tiian those; o�� any other
-''���-���"'     Province in,ihe: Ponoinion,.or any colony in^ this Britieh Empire.   ...7 .
��� Mine'fai-^^iocafcions^^are granted, to discoverers for nominal fees. . -������ - y-..,,���,*."-,7'*-_���-" :
��� Absolute .Tiilcs' .are obtalaed by. developing sach .properties,, fche. seccirifey of which Is guaranteed
- . by Crown Grants. ...,,-. .yyxxx.y.yy.; .7.77 'X-    ������.-������      "���'"  ''
Full information together withf Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���-
|^@^/^^v^-::;r': ���"���'    .   THE .."HON. TBE MINISTER OF"MINES
y'\y-'"}'''\xx- J'y:.: )���. x '   VICTORIA, British Coluinbia.
.   N. B. - Practically aii British Columbia Mineral*Properties cpon which development work has been
.7:;.. done, are'described in some one o�� the Acnnal fEeports jof the Minister of Mines.    Those
���"'-*'.���:  '. considering mining.investments^^ shonid.refer to snch  reports.    They are available  withoufe
7-; }X'i   charge on application to the.Department of Minea*. Victoria, B.C. . Eeporta of the Geological
.../ Survey of Canada, Pacific Ba_lding, .Vancouver, are recommended, as. valuable jsoarces of
XXX X :X:xolovm^an.y -,yy. ,y.y,,y X X :j'iXX---izy X Xx...-  ..,.-������ x.  , . ������. .,W Wf-W.-.w  '..-.   -...-.


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