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The Ledge Feb 18, 1926

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_     '*
f    "
^ '
The Oldest MiningXamp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   .XXXII
No.   30
We carry a large line of s }      ���   ' %
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc. |
Inspect our stock m.
Agents for the
i Victor Northern Electric Radios
>% 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
i ���
Specials for LENT
Malkins Best Sockeye Salmon   _
Is 40c      1-2 25c
K. D.Pink Salmon Is 20c   ���
Finnan Haddie, Sable Fillets, Kippers, Cod Fish,.&c
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
������   . y  Every Thursday   " a '
For/Quality and Value Order, From , Phone 46
5��             ~3
5�� Ladies and IVIens ~2
��r            Sweaters ^2
E~   King Cot Ginghams   ~i
��~ �����.
S��   , Suitable for ZZ
|��  Ladies and Childrens  ~3
��^ Dresses    - ^3
�����:    ��� Mens and Boys- Overalls     -^J
ST Big Sale of   ��� -3
���*��� Stanfield's Underwear 3
y- --���
������      Call and inspect our goods       ������
������ : : :    �����
�����     ;    -%���_.
g: Mrs. Ellen Trounson 3
��� ������������������������ ������������������������������������������*���������������������<����������������������������������� ���������������������*
��� ���
_, ���-
Edison Mazda Lamps
10 ���'- ',200 Watts'   125 Volts
���*" _ s
.   Tungsten and Nitrogen
.. i -
/   '
-��Vr-Vj-'���   N-.v.-.-   ....Vj.
Plain tor frosted        '      /..
-.- ���:<^:*.y.y^xi.yxy^^^^ yy^xy
-    -   ~ ������' ���
r' 4
'        ' %
i. ���
$                 v   -                              Phone 17. ���
���                                                                              -   < ���
���������������������������  ������*�����������������������������$���*������������������������������������������������������   ������������������������
Huskies. 25c^per box
Try them for that tickling cough or sore throat
.  A great preventative for the present contagious diseases
Creophos $1.00 per bottle
For the obstinate coughs and colds
/   >
V--   '
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life. '
Automobile,' Bonds, Burglary, &c
. /       Auctioneer
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at ttie Office of
Greenwood, B.C. -,.
We "know tbat the People of Greenwood
and vicinity appreciate tbe service that
-^e have given tbeiii in the past.
You can be sure of getting the best there
s is without any delays       '__
Let us have your    \
Watches and Clocks
We carry a good line of
-^      A. A. WHITE
. Watchmaker and .Jeweler
.    F. J. WHITE, Manager.
'   Will Teach
Beginners or Advanced Players
Phone 18G or Write Box 626,
., [ = -Greenwood
I'he United Church of Canada
Minister iu charge '       "   ~
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.o
. Sunday,* February 21st.
Greenwood 7:30 cm.
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
-A trial will convince you
i  '
tiy a
JOHN R. MO0YBOER., Proprietor.
TELEPHONES 24 and 78
Men's Socks .
Made from heavy wool yarn �� 85c a
pr., or from your own yarn @' 25c a pr.
Made on; auto-knitter, just as good as
hand knitted.       Apply
_Rock Creek, B.C.
John Portmann, of Nicholson
Creek, was a visitor"to town on
Barking dogs have kept many
citizens awake during the past
few nights.
/ Geo. jlambly returned last
week from a two months holiday
hi Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Pannell, of
Midway, spent a few hours in
town on Monday.
i. Tom Hick, of Victoria, auditor
for the Liquor Control Boards
���was in town1 on Tuesday.
; .Mrs. G. A., Rendell came in
Trom Trail on Tuesday to attend
lhe    funeral -of  Mrs.    M.'  A.
.. "Flaming Youth" with Colleen
Moore, will be the feature picture
at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, Feb.'28th.
I J. Richter, of Midway, is making good progress towards recovery from an operation for
���goitre, in Spokane a few'days
ago. '  .
; The Pythian Sisters are planning a Sale of Home Cooking
and Shamrock Tea" for- March
.17th. Further particulars will
appear later.
.'Mrs. E. Johnston, ot, Bridesville, isN spending the week in
"town the guest of her daughter,
,Miss Vera kempston. Mrs.
Johnston is accompanied by' her
son, Leslie.
Clarke's Corner Store, Beaverdell, B.C., announces' a 25% discount - on all winter goods, including Hudson JJay Blankets,
Mackinaw Coats, Pants,. Shirts,
-Wool Sweaters, Etc., until March
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Walters,
who have , been visiting at the
home'of Mrs. Wm. Walters, left
'os Suaday-^mor-ntdg^tcircpntibue
theirv honeymoon iri .'Vancouver
and . Seattle .' before going to
Anyox where they.will reside.
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw returned this morning from attending a; meeting of Presbytry in
Nelson.- Mr. Walkinshaw resigned the' charge of the Green*
wood ' and district ��� field, the
resignation to. take effect June
30th. The name of the probable
successor may be announced in a
few weeks. ,"" -     >
WT-hexCitizens^State -Bank- bf
Molson, Wash., and the Bank of
Oroville, Oroville, Wash., -were
merged last week. The Oroville
bank will remain open while the
Molson bank will be discontinued.
While both of the banks'were in
good financial condition each was
too small to have- sufficient- earn-
juigs to pay dividends to its stockholders and it was believed that
through the consolidation of the
two banks much of the overhead
expense could be eliminated'a-nd
a larger bank formed that could
properly > serve the district and
pay .'adequate returns to its stockholders.
Dog Taxes are due.
Open For Engagement
Can furnish 'good references. Hold
4th class B.C. papers, also 2nd class for
Saskatchewan. Handy at Blacksmith
work.   Apply to
Beaverdell, B.C.
Alkska Placer Miner to
Work on Rock Creek
Fred J. Smith, a placer miner who
���has had considerable experience in
placer mining in Alaska, has applied
for a lease of placer ground on0 the
South. Fork .of Rock Creek. -Mr.
Smith came -, to Vancouver from
Alaska, and while there 'heard of the
placer grounds of Rock Creek, which
,were.the cause'"of much excitement
in the early history of this province.
He has been on the ground at Rock
Greek for several^weeks and likes the
location very^much, and says it looks
very favourable- indeed. The results
of his work in this vicinity will be
Swaited with considerable interest
by all.
Dog Taxes are due.
Wellington Shipping
���. A carload of high-grade' ore is
being shipped this week from the
Wellington mine, Beaverdell.
This property is being operated
by a local syndicate and gives
promise of being a steady shipper.
An addition has been made to the
bunk house and new camp equipment is being installed. The ore
handling arrangement "at the
Wellington is considered to. be
equal to any on Wallace Mountain.
Mining Notes
Wm. Johns recently encountered some fiuesore on his claim near
Rock Creek..
Good progress is being made oh
th-e sinking of the shaft at the
Elkhorn .Fraction, a" day and
night shift being run steadily.
If present plans are carried out
there will be a new shipper on
.the list of the Trail smelter
in the near future. This is the
'���Yankee Girl' mine," a well-
known Ymir property, which,
shipped to the Greenwood smelter
years ago.
City Council
The City Council met on Monday evening with Mayor Gulley
presiding and present Aldermen
Taylor,    King,    Peterson   and
Business of the previous year
was concluded and .all members
present took bath of office for the
ensuing year. Alderman Peterson was sworn in as police commissioner and AJderman King as
school trustee,
The auditor's annual report
was thoroughly discussed before
being finally approved. Alderman Mowat was the principal
critic and tbe points involved iu
his queries were satisfactorily
explained by..the finance committee and city clerk.
Standing committees were appointed by the Mayor who -expressed his appreciation of the.
faithful work done by tbe various
committees during the past yean
Considerable- correspondence
from the city trustee was "dealt
with and the Council will endeavor to ca.rry'out his instructions regarding collection of certain arrears of water light and
Recommendations were made
by the Council re several build-'
ings--owned by the city and the
building committee will deal
with them accordingly. Some
undesirable buildings near the
new hospital will be wrecked on
orders of Dr. Lamb, the provincial inspector of hospitals.
Routine business concluded the
lengthy session.
Greenwood Hockey Team
f 0 Play in Cranbrook
The Greenwood Hockey team
will leave on Friday afternoon
for Cranbrook where they will
play Kimberley on Saturday'and
Monday nights, with goals to
count, in the provincial /intermediate championship playoffs.
Should Greenwood win, the finals
jwrll-'b'e'' played in -'the 4ocal:"rink
with the winners of the Okanagan playoffs. . The following
will go to Cranbrook: A J. Morrison,-manager; J. ..Hallett, G.
Clerf, N. E.'Morrison, C. Carlson,
A. Galipeau; H. Royce, W.
Watson, R. C Taylor, and J.
With the Curlers
The weather has been very
favorable to the curlers this week
and the two sheets of ice are in
excellent condition.
- The Cantaloupe competition
^knock-out) was held on the first
of the week with 7 rinks participating and some very interesting games were played. 1st
round, McCurrach drew; a bye;
Walmsley beat Goodeve, Gulley
beat Forshaw, Gregory beat
Walters; 2nd round, McCurrach
beat, -Walmsley, , Gulley beat
Gregory; final, McCurrach1-beat
Gulley. Each member of the
McCurrach rink will be presented
with a box of cantaloupes in
due \. season by the Osoyoos-
The McLennan & McFeely
competition is expected to be decided by the end of the week as
very few games remain to be
played? Gregory's rink is leading with 4 wins. The result of
the games this week are: Tuesr
day���Gregory beat Goodeve,
Walters beat Forshaw; Wednesday���Walmsley beat Walters,
Gregory beat Gulley.
Great interest is being'taken
in the challenge .of the Scots-
men- who will play a Canadian
rink, the loser to donate a sack
of flour to the Greenwood and
District Hospital. The date of
the game has "not beeu decided.
The "rinks will be . as follows:
Scotsmen���A. N. Mowat, J,
Hoy, W. B. Stewart, P. H. M
Currach, skip; Canadians���D. C;
McKee, W. C Wilson, R. C.
Taylor, J'. H. Goodeve, skip. -
Mrs. M. A. Graham Dies
Mrs. Margaret Ann Graham
died very suddenly at her home
here on Monday morning from
heart trouble. Mrs. Graham was
a pioneer of Greenwood, having
been resident here for 29 ye&is
and during that time was partner
with E. Parry in the Imperial
The late Mrs. Graham was
born in Erin Village, Ont., 52
years ago. She is survived by a
brother, John Harper, residing at
Erin Village.'
The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon at 4' o'clock,
services being conducted in: St.
Jude's Church andy at the grave- ���
side by Rev. E. A. St. G. Smyth.
The pallbearers were: Messrs,
Dan, McGillis, Geo. Hambly, L.
Bryant, W. Madden, R. Forsha-w
and H. W. Gregory. Mrs.
Graham was laid to rest in the
local cemetery beside her"
daughter, Mrs. Geo. Lister, who
died' a few years ago.
Rock Creek Items
Frank Bubar was in town on Wednesday.
.Teddy Pittendrigh is visiting his
sisters in Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. James Lindsay paid
a visit to town on Friday.
Mrs. Swezey, of Johnson Creek,
motored to town on Monday.'
v Mr. and Mrs. Gerry .Harpur and
daughter, of Myncasteif visited Kettle
Valley on Wednesday.
Andrew. Porter, Custom's officer,
and Mrs. Porter, of Myncaster,
motored to town on Friday,
v Mrs.- Ted McArthur and Mrs.
Riley, of Myers Creek, were visitors
at the Park Ranch on Friday.
The Woman's Auxiliary of Rock
Creek held their meeting at the' home
of Mrs. F. E. Glossop, Kettle Valley,
on Wednesday, Feb. 17th.
Tom. R. Hanson and son, Ralph,
of Beaverdell, were, visitors "to town
on Friday.    It seemed like old times .
to see Tom-back on his old stamping
ground.;.l-'. x..^.. .-���.,., v.,..- ,^__..
W.   Hatton and A.Johnson, of
Bridesville' Road,   were' visitors   to
town on Monday,  and reported that,
'the roads were getting bare of snow-
in places.
B. Palmer, of Kettle Valley, left
oh the Friday afternoon train for a
short trip to Trail. He looked -particularly happy. Perhaps he has a
surprise in store for his many Kettle
The Dance given by the Rock
Creek W. A. last Friday was fairly.
the roads were.' Several small parties
came from Bridesville, Chesaw, and
Midway, and had a very enjoyable
Dr. Samuel Johnson disliked the
Scots and took every occasion to manifest that dislike. Even in his dictionary he defined "oats" thus: "In
Scotland food for men; in England
for -horses.��� He^asked a Scotch
friend how he liked it. "Couldn't
be better," said the friend, "and you
might have added that' there is no
food equal to .it, for where will you
find such horses as in England and
such men-as in Sc'odand?"
The golf enthusiasts, of. Kettle
Valley, are hoping soon to be able to
resume "playing their favorite game.
The-club expects to increase their "
membership this year. The links
will be greatly improved during the
spring. ,���'
A. E. Bonnett, of Nicholson .
Creek, was a Sunday visitor to Kettle
Valley. He is always cheerful'and a
strong believer in optimism. He
says' that dairy farming and poultry
raising is a good profitable business
providing you have the right material
to start with.
The sad news was received in the
Valley of the death of C. Weed's .
father on Friday morning at Oroville,
Wash. He had a farm at Molson
and lived their many'years. - Grandpa
Weed, as he was familiarly known-
was a particularly fine old gentle,
man. He w"as well known in Midway and district. The deceased was
90 years of age and his passing will
be much regretted among' his many
Canadian friends. " He was buried at
Molson on Sunday.
Rock-Creek and Kettle Valley "are
again on the map.    It was reported  '
that .Rock   Creek's  old timer" had
heard a snipe on January 24th, while
travelling up the Kettle River.    The ���
warm balmy climate has attracted the-
litde visitor,six weeks earlier  than
usual.   The same person ran into a
swarm of Anopletes Psoroph on James
Creek during the   second   week in
January.    He succeeded in  bottling^"
several of them, which are to be sent
to the editor of The Ledge for special
��� The next meeting of the United
Farm Men and Women will be
held at Major Gray's, Kettle
Valley, on Saturday,- Feb. 20th
at 2 o'clock. A full attendance
is requested. TEE   LEDGE,   GKELNWOOD,   B. a
Start tlie Children 'Right
Says It Is Hereditary
Convinced By Experiment Cancer la
Not a Germ Disease
After experimenting 16 years with
moro ilian 50,000 mice, Mins -Maude
Slyo, assocliito professor at tho University of Chicago, is convinced that
c nicer is not a germ disease, but is
hereditary, and that resistance as well
ii 3 susceptibJliiy In tho. disease may be
Iter cxpeiim. i.ls indicate that avoiding chronic irritation of 'susceptlblo
tissues will do much toward avoiding
In this column -last week somt emphasis was laid oiuthe importance and
���value of developing habils of thrift, and in iho concluding paragraphs parents
were urged to encourage their children to start a savings nccounc early in
life, antl even lo provide the nucleus of such an account lidoro thc child
was old enough to think and act Cor itself. '
The writer's attention  has since then been.drawn to a report ou Tho
Penny Dank of '.'Ontario, a system  created for the purpose of encouraging ,
thrift, on the part oT school children In that Province, and thereby leaching
in a concrete way the wisdom and great value ol" thrift and tlio habit of waving.     The subject.is surely impqrtant enough to warrant a further reference.
It is the aim of The Penny Bank-of Ontario to provide.,for evciy child at
school an opportunity on a stated day of each week to put small coins in a
safe place and to prove to him or her how quickly a series of .small amounts
.���builds info a comfortable balance. Prom the report, to wliich reference has
been made, it is learned-that" Penny Bank accounts "in the public schools
���<-f Toronto now number 45,253, while the average school attendance, ls about
���88,000. In ��I her words, 78 per cent, of the children are taking advantage
of the service offered. -   * - ���
Some rather interesting facts are disclosed through this Penny Bank
scheme, and two questions asked, based on the weekly reports, are: "Arc
tho chiUireu of well-to-do parents'gaining a just notion of., the value of
money?" "Is there a tendency among them to regard coppers, nickels and
.ten-cent pieces as mere chicken-feed, as contemptible coins, as unworthy fractions of thai, noble unit, the Dollar "
Analyzing the deposits made in Toronto schools in a'given week, it was
found that in th'e poorer districts the services of the Penny Bank aro accepted
���and appreciated to a far greater extent than, in the more well-to-do districts.
In one school in the heart of the poorest, district, -15 per ceiit.of the children
���present on October 27 last-made deposits. Ou that same day in one school
in one of the richest districts only 13 per cent, of the pupils were depositors,
while at another school in a rich district the figure was 11 per cent. Throughout, the eighty-eight public school's in Toronto the average of depositors on
���October. 27 was 27 per cent, of the pupils present. " .
It may be true, and probably is, that many "of tlio- children in the better
presidential, districts have savings accounts in the chartered hanks.     If so,
tho hoy or girl, is not likely, to mako a journey to the bank to deposit 25 eleven 50 cents,     lie or she is more likely tci wait until a dollar or more is ac-
' cumulated, and meanwhile ,the small coins gradually fritter away.
Asa writer in a Toronto paper'points out, in commenting on this Penny
Bank scheme, tlio training thus afforded is' just as valuable for the ehlld'of
a prosperous home as for the boys or girls of the poorest disliict. It may
be even more .valuable, since tho son or daughter of the -ricl-i man is likely
some time to have the handling of large sums of money. They cannot
-manage them efficiently unless they know tho exact value of a nickel, unless
���they have learned the importance of small sums. It is the untrained children
of the rich who blossom into wasters.  ���
Thrift is a habit, a character-forming habit. Tlio boy or girl who deposits five cents every week'without, exception get more benefit than another
who deposits a dollar at. infrequent and irregular Intervals. In the business
���of life, pay-day-comes once a week, or once. :i month. The man or woman
who hanks a stated amount, large or small, on. each pay-cky is on the road
to success, and the boy or girl who makes tlils a habit early in life is alsiost
���certain to succeed;
Here.lu the West, tho same principle is being applied is some schools by
mauy individual families.- The. boys-or girls are given a pig. a calf, a setting of eggs, for-their very own on the understanding that they look after
them, and the iucrease and profits are theirs. I'nllris way, the boys and girls
. nouonly develop a greater love for animals'aud learn invaluable lessons as to
their proper .care and feeding, hut their interest in thc farm home and agricultural pursuits generally is maintained and intensified. ��� And if lhe profits from
the handling of their own poultry or livestock are carefully placed jn a savings
account, or are used to add to their holdings, it will not be many years before
.these boys and girls accumulate-a-respectable bank-'account,-whicli will prove
a.further Incentive.-to careful management, and a- training.through actual experience which will prove of undoubted value to them throughout life.
She Took Them
Twenty Years Ago
So Says Mrs. A. Demers of Dodd's
Kidney Pills
She Had Suffered From Lumbago and
Indigestion and Found Relief in
Dodd's Kidney Pills. o
Ottawa, Ont.��� (Special).���"Twenty
years ago 1 was very sick with Indigestion and Lumbago," states Mrs. A. Uo
meis, who _ives at 520 Clarence St.
"1 had seen many doctors and nothing seemed lo relieve me. I slarted
faking Dodd's Kidney Pills. Afier
three months l noticed a great chauge
and at tho end of the yoar had no
pains at all. Since that time, If I feel
a pain or even a tiredness in my back
I take Dodd's Kidnev Pills and get
better. I highly recommend your pills
which should be taken coutinually until relieved."
Dodd's Kidney Pills make healthy
kidneys. Healthy kidneys strain all
the impurilies, all the poison out of
the blood. They are tlie greatest of
all tonics. Give them a trial at once.
They cau bo obtained fiom all (hug-
From Underground Spring
Presence of Fish in Pond Mystifies
Dakota Farmers
Fish measuring two inches have
been found on the farm oC John
O'Hagan. near Oniumee, N.D. Farmers in the neighborhood are mystified
because the pond, which has no outlet, has formed .within the last Iwo
years and apparently is fed by a
spring. The only explanation is that
the fish are coining through an underground channel. The discovery
was made when farmers were taking
ice irom Jthe pond for packing purposes. .
___Rut> thioatandchect
whh VIcks;cov�� with
warm flannel. Iti
double direct net Ion
(inhaled and absorbed)
brings welcome rtlUi
Will Unveil Effigy
Of King Edward
Pub��t'c Will See Figure of Queen
Alexandra at Same Time
UTion the recumbent effigy of King
Edward in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, is formally unveiled, tho eiligy ot
his Queen will bo revealed to tho public at the same time.
The figure of King Edward lias been
covered up vsitli :i flag for several
years. The slab for the companion
figure of-Queen Alexandra adjoins it.
"It i.s impossible-to say when tho
unveiling will take place," the sculptor. Sir IkTtram Maekenael, said,
when interviewed. "For five years
repairs have Icon in progress "to the
roof ol St. George's Chapel, and until
the renovations are. complete if will be
impossible to unveil the figures "for
fear of injur*."
Few people knew that at thc time
that Sir Bertram'executed his figure
of King Edward for St. George's
Chapel he designed a "similar figure
ot the Queen under the personal supervision of Queen Alexandra herself. It
shows her in her coronation robes.
Pottery Plant For Estevan
Plans nro now under way-, for tho
establishment of a pottery plant at
Estevan, Saskatchewan, by the International Products Company. Already
a small kiln has been in operation for
experimental purposes. Using only
Saskatchewan clays tho company has
turned out fine face brick, building
terra cotta, floor and wall tiles, and
sanitary whiteware.   -
Just   Dip   to   Tint   or
to Dye
Each 15-ccnfc package- contains directions so simple any
woman can tint soft,
delicate -shades or
dye rich, permanent
colorfi in lingerie;*
silks, ribbons, skirts,
Avaists, dresses,
coats, stbckingaj
sweaters, draperies,
coverings, hangings
���every iii ing I x
Buy Diamond Dyes���no other kind������
and tell your druggist whether the material you wish to color is wool or silk, or
whether it is linen, cotton or mixed
'.; V'o.vo p.s'H'c' n.;-:i nt ajiXx-y
Imprisoned By Soviets
Mexican and  His  Wife Are Accused
Of Espionage
The story of the arrest and imprisonment on a lone island in the White
Sea, of Count Vilar, a former Mexican
consul in Cairo, Egypt, and his wife,
a Russian princess, whose lormer
name was Baraloff, on charges of suspicion of espionage, reached London
through reliable Russian 'channels.
It is stated Count Vilar in the au-.\
tumn of 1924, obtained Soviet visas
for himself and his wife to visit the
latter's relatives ln the Caucasus,
but alter their arrival the princess '
was seized and transported to the
lonely Solovctsky Island' in - the
White Sea, i:oted for its cruelty. .
.Quickly Subdued By Nerviline
In Accordance^With	
Old Danish Tradition
Coffin    of    Queen    Alexandra    Still
Exposed.to View
Those who have tested out numerous-liniments will agree that where
something Is' needed to ��� dislodgo . a
df-ep-seated, more or loss chronic condition there is nothing to. compare with
Nerviline. It's because" Nerviline
penetrates so deeplv, becauso it* has
about live 'fimesTthe slrengfirofTthe apparently,-passed without 'comment
ordinary oily preparation, it has coin-e.iln the newspapers. fu the case of
to be known as King_ovef all- **��>��������"}Qucoxi-Alexandra; its-position was not
That the coll'm*'containing the remains of (Queen Alexandra, is lying
uninterredanckexposed to view before
the altar in tlie Albert Memorial
Chapel at Windsor is strictly in accordance with Danish  tradition, has,
Tor '.Rheumatic*, conditions;- muscular
and joint stiffness; Nervllhift. works
wonders.:. A trial, proves-this. ... Get :a
35 cent, bottle from,your dealer to-day.
She   Had
Fainting Spel&s
Mrs. .)'. Wilson, Port Georgo, N.S.,
writes:���"I suffered from palpitation
of the heait and fainting-spells,'and,
at times, 1 could not bo left aloue I
was so nervous.
My trouble was"caus.ed from"-overwork and worry, having been left
' alone with aT large  family.
1 had tried everything, without any
relief, hut I know, to-day, tliat I
would have, been a nervous wreck
but for vour wonderful
By Regulating the Stomach and
Bowels With'" Baby's Own
Winter is a dangerous season for
the little ones. The days are changeable���one bright, the next cold and
stormy, that the mother Is afraid to
take the children out Cor the fresh
air and exercise they need so much.
In consequence tliey are often cooped
up In overheated, badly ventilated
rooms and aro soon seized with colds
or grippe. What is needed to keep
'tlip little ones well is Ruby's Own
Tablets. ., Tliey will regulate the
stomach and bowels and drive out
fiolds, and through their use the baby
will be able to got over the*, winter
season hi pirleci safety.
1 In using Baby's Own Tablets the
mother has an absolute guarantee
that she is giving her precious little
ones some tli mg"that is absolutely safe
and soiiioili'ng lhat cannot possibly
<lo harm lo even [he. newborn babe hs
the Tablets contain not one particle of
opiates or other dangerous drug. Tlfej;
are sold by medicine dealers* or at 25
cents a box. by mail Iiom'Tlio Dr. "Williams' Medicine Cu., BrockvilkvOnt.
Heat Rays to Destroy Planes
Prof. \A. N. Boyka, of the Russian
magnetic observatory, announces the
invention of an apparatus which, by
means of .Hie reflection of powerful
rays of heat, will destroy aeroplanes,
or dirigibles, while they are in flight.
His appliance, he says, will project
concentrated heat waves a distance of
25 miles, losing-only one-third of their
previous strength. __ .  -
Sask. Co-operative Elevator Co.
Building   a   Large   Addition   to   the
Terminal Transfer at Buffalo
A 900,000-bushel storage addition to
thc "Co-op" Buffalo terminal transfer
elevator, will be erected immediately,
according lo a decision reached by thot
board of directors of fhe Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevators Company.
Contracts for the foundation of the
sliucture have been awarded to D. E.-
Horton Construction Company, of Buffalo, and worlc will bo under way within a few days. The foundation work
will bc completed early In April, wJen
contracts will be let for the super-
structuie. Piesent plans call for the
completion of the new' unit early In
July In order to bc in time i'or the
handling of a portion of the United
States crop, which will be moving to
the seaboard at that time.
Completion of Qthe addition' to the
"Co-op's" Buffalo elevator will 'give
the company 2,000,000 bushels of storage space at Buffalo, and a total terminal storage space at Port Arthur
and Buffalo of 17.L00.000 bushels. ___
-Tho further addition to the "Coop's" terminal storage capacity wilt
give Uie farmers of Saskatchewan con~
trol over more terminal and country
elevator storage space than any othe!
gialn handling organization on the
continent, ' Tho "Co-op" now operates -150 country elevators.
A word to the wise may be sufficient,','
but the policeman frequently has to
use a club on the otherwise.
Thcso Pills arc for 3ale al all druggists and dealers; put up "only 'by
Tho T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
England Thriftiest Town
���'Plymouth claims to bc the thiirtiesl
town 'in England. Its people have purchased L,675,000 savings certificates in
four years, au average of'two per lieofi
per year, as compared wiih one and
a half for the rest of He country.
Alberta Honey Producers ���
The Alberta Government has: about
two hundred names on its list- ofbeekeepers. These in .1925 were respond
Bible for lhe production of about 315,-
000 pounds of honey.  ' .",-"    ;
pre-arranged, and Is only of a temporary character; but in Roskilde Cathedral, the Westminster Abbey of Denmark, whero almost fjll' the Danish
sovereigns, from Harold I., who died
in 9S2..A.D., .to King Frederick VII..
who died in 19.12, are burled, only iho
later kings reclined in side chapels,
ciulte uncovered and opeu to inspection by visitors;-
MOTHER:- Fletcher's
Castoria is especially prepared'
to relieve Jnfants.iri arms aiid.
Children all ages: of Constipation,. Flatulency, Wind Colic
and Diarrhea; allaying- Feverishness arising therefrom, and, Ijy
regulating -he' Stdaiach and Bo\ve!s, aids the assimilation of
Food; giving-healthy-and natural steep.        __     v.       )     n
To avoid imitations, always lookfor the signature ot  C&St/TT&c^
Absolutely Harmless-No Opiates.   Physicians;cy��riTvhe're recommend it,
North'Pole Flight
Aviators toXarry Provisions to Last
a Year S
Prospects of a year's walk back to
civilization should his Fokken. aeroplane "go dead" while on its-flight
across the North Pole, are not worrying Carl Hon ISIclson, University of
North Dakota graduate, who is to pilot
fhe piano on the proposed Wilkins expedition'flight.
"Wc .will, be in the air about 23
hours before we re^ch SpitzbcYrgeii,
according' to our compulations, bul
we will carry enough concentraicd
foods to last us a year should we have
lo walk back from somewhere in that
unexplored land,"' Eielson said as ho
left lor Point Barrow, Alaska, to join
the expedition.       y
The -principal object of the expedition is-to ascertain whether or not
there is undiscovered, land north of
Point Bairow, "America's farthest
north."    .
"Wheu the hop-off ��� comes from
Point Barrow north," Eielson said,
"the captain, George AYilkius, of the
expedition, lias, "left orders that In
case we do not' show up no relief expedition is to be sent out for at least
two years."   -
Freedom from ,Asthma. Asthma ls
one of the most distressing troubles,
sudden in its attack and prolonged In
its agonies. Frequently many things
are tried, but nothing seems to give
hope of relief. Dr. J. I). Kellogg's
Asthma. Remedy is tho one help which
eaiube-depuided-upon If-you^have
tried other iemediesvwithout success,
do not fail to get at once a package
of this uniformly successful preparation.
jliere is only one ~~
For Constipation
*.'   ��� "
Sold ontif in bottles
z packed in sealed
Cations r v v *
Nujol is manufadtured caly by'"'
Nujol laboratories
Bayonne NJ.
-    I
Judicial Robes Costly
The magnificent robes of black satin
damask, heavily embroidered with
gold 'thread, which legal etiquette
compels tho higher judicial officials in
England Mo wear on. sfate occasions,
now cost nearly $2,000 apiece.
Miller's Worm Powders will purge
the stomach and intestines of worni3
so effectively and so easily and painlessly that the most delicate stomach
will not feel any inconvenience lrom
their action They, recommend themselves to mothers as a preparation
tliat will restore strength and vigor
to their children-and protect .them
from the debilltatnig effects which' result from the depredations of worms.
of Farm or Ranch For Sale. W."
Philp, Murpny'Block, Seattle, Wash.
6r light sewing'at home.
Sweet and palatable, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is acceptable to
Children, and it does its work surely
and promptly.
Hushed is the conversation of men
when money talks. ',
Minard's Liniment used  by Veterin-
IV.   K   U.   1615
*Weu>3\��eeited Success
A distinguished citizen, lionorcd
politically and professionally, Dr. B. V.
Pierco, wbosa picture appears above,
made &, success few h-ave equalled. "Ui3
pure herbal r��medie3 whicli have stood*
the test for many years are still among
the "best sellers." Dr. Pierce's Golden
WMca.1 Discovery is'a blood taediclno
and stoniK-ch alterative. It clears tlio
skin, beautifies it, increases tlie blood
supply and tlio circulation, and pimples
and eruptions vanish quickly. Beauty
isLbut skin deep and "good blood is be*
neath both. Por your blood to ba good,
���''your stomach must be in condition, your
liver active- This Discovery of Doctor
Berca's pats you in fine^cotfdltion, with
1 oil the organs active. Ask your near-
'esbdmgglsfc for Doctor Pierce's Golden.
Medical Discovery, in tablet or liquid,
form, or send 10 cents for trial paekago
of tablets to Dr. Pierce's laboratory
lo JJridgelmrg, Ontario/
Saskatchewan Livestock Officers
C. II. Learmouth, of Itegina, was
elected president of thc Saskatchewan
livestock board at the board's meeting at Saskatoon. James Brown, of
Keudorf, was elected vice-president,
J, G". Robertson re-elected secretary-
treasurer. Robert. Sinton, Regina,
tor several years honorary president,
was also re-elected. Swantou Ilag-
gerty, ..of Belle Plaine, and James
Brown being named directors-at-Iarge.
or spare' time. Good pay. Work
sent airy distance. Charges -paid.
ScncHstamp for particulars. National
Manufacturing Co., Montreal.
. 1;
- No. 1 for Bladder Catarrh.     Mo. 3 for Blood A
Ekln DUeaiaa. Ho. 3 (or ChronloW��ak_i����__o��.
SoMbyleaJInjClunilits.oreltherNu.rcUir.inull from
DR.LECl.BltcMtil.Co IlaverstockRd.N.VV.S.London
���r Mill 81.10. (��Uht packet! (or, 88. BO), from
II. motu Sukex ��/iSi'. IokoHio. OaU Canada.
KingNDisiikes Shingled Hair
They say that the most conservative
thing in the^world is Britain's royal
court. ""Queen Alctorla would never*
suffer Innovations in dress, aud that
'was" one of her reasons for appreciat-
lug Queen Alexandra, who, in her exquisite taste, never allowed herself to.
be swayed by fashion. Infthe sama
way, King George never tolerates
shingled hair among'the ladies around
his wife.
A quarter of the total membership
of German trades unions are women.
Minard's Liniment for frost-bites
a IHE   LEDGE,   GBEENWOOD,   & a.
Has Kind Words
, For Canadians
1 Secretary   of   Wisconsin   Dairymen's
���  '   Association-Tells of Trip Through-
Western Canada     . '   \
Paul C, Burchard,-one of the editors
of Hoard's Dairyman and secretary of
the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association,
who  made ��� a  trip   through  Western
Canada" with   other ^agricultural- editors last year, and who has been relating lils experiences fyand, observations In Iiis magazine, concludes his
series Willi the following very friendly note:
. "Pain grateful to the Canadian Government that the two great lailways
that- made this trip 'possible, aud  to
the other hundreds"of Canadians that
at our various stops made us welcome
and entertained us "so royally.     Of all
the,wonders of Western Canada, her
ferlile, spreading prairies, her incomparable mountain scenery, heiymagnifi-
ccnt railway systems,-hei" almost tin-
;   touched natural resources, her unrivalled public  buildings and  educational
institutions���thc greatest of' all these
is her people,   their - courage,   their
faith,   their   resourcefulness.     It   is
Ihis that ia the   explanation   of   the
present'and the promise of the future.
" This impression of a short time visitor
is biighlly colored   by   the   gracious
welcome"~everywhere exteiided to the
stranger across tiie border.     I- lound
no agricultural Nirvana . free    from
worldly   fi'-ouble   and no^Eldorado ol
wealth such as intiamcd the'passions
of the Spanish .Conquistador of old,
but I did find honest opportunity In"
these western provinces of Canada.   1
was impressed with the fertility of the
soils in many see-lions" and the faith
of' the people iir themselves, their in-
'stirutions, aud their future.--'- I found
there, as at home, that the compulsion
of necessity wa.-,   bringing   improved
methods of  farm  and  herd  management.    I'was astounded at fhe gro^vtn
and bize  of the co-operaLive institutions I visited   and   the   enthusiasn
British  Satisfied  With  Monarchy
Would Not Wish to Change to Republic
Says New Statesman-
That the British king is more" assured bf a secure- and .continued tenure
of his throiie than'are moharchs' of
any other great power is the declaration made by-The New ^ Statesman,.
which adds:
���"Most of us are" convinced supporters" of the system of constitutional
monarchy, because we' have seen the
advantage of having' a hereditary
rather than any elocled head of .the
state. ''British political philosophy,
even when it is republican, can find
no room for a head of the" state having such powers as aro granted, for
example, to an American president.
"If we were ever to choose a president, we should choose, him as a figurehead, not as a ruler, and should probably grant him even smaller powers
than are ^accorded, to the president of
Franco and Germany.,'"Our"traditional and deeprooted 'conception 'of a government responsible .only. Iq parlia
ment and primarily, to'"the House ol
Commons, excludes .the possibility .of
any active power being'conceded-eith-
|.er to, a president .or to a king.
"This being so, no one in this coun
try desires In practice any change iri
the direction ot republicanism. Thece
would be no advantage in substituting
election'for heredity in the choice ota
man whoso .duty is to represent tlii?
diguity rather than the power of th'e
state; and.(here would be plain dis-
advantages. ���'---���-���������
"Thc British monarchy is essential;
ly an empirical device, and as such It
works admirably. It^ embodies the
principle of -dignity -without- power
more successfully than any other de-
vice^ that has. ever been proposed,
How He Discovered
Best Constipation Relief
Mr. Joseph' F. Glus of Brooklyn,
N. Y., writes "In the past 20 years
I havc been constantly troubled with
constipation. Every remedy I; tried
would work O.K.-for a while���but
soon failed; The only remedy I have
been able to .use steadily with good
results have been Carter's Little, Liver.
Pills. * I don't guess when I take them
���I know I'm going xo feel relieved."
Cii at all druggists.
A Courageous Editor
of His Paper Devoted to
Only a short time ago, according to
the Fountain lnu"(S.C.) Tribune, the
editor of a paper in Indiana grew tired
of being called a liar and announced
that he would tell the truth in the J'u-
ture, and his next issue contained tlie
following items: - ' .
"John Benin, .the laziest merchant in
Prince Is Good Horseman
Opinion of Those Who Have Seen-HIm
���   ' Ride
The (pleasure    that   the Prince of
Wales derives 'from    hunting    would
seem to indicate-that he .cannot bo a
poor   horseman.     Those   who   have
seen him ride assert that he Is air exceptionally   good    horseman.     Quite
recently a Canadian who owns a cattle ranch adjoining tho Prince's rancj;
in Alberta testified to the young man's
I's'kill.     lie spoke of the Prince's'ability io ride an English hunter using an
English saddle and also his success ln
riding western horses, using a western
stockmen's saddle.   The rancher said
that his royal neighbor not only kne-\v
Old Beauty Shops
v Under London Streets
Relics of Roman Shopping District of
1,800 Years Ago Discovered
England's noney changers now
carry on their traffic over the district
which was ' Roman > London's fashionable shopping centre���the" counterpart
of the modern New Bond Street���l,S0o
years ago.
It   has, just   been discovered that
Lombard  Street,  the Wall Street of
England, runs through the centre of
the district where, in the days ot the
Caesars, tho beauty shops of tho city
flourished, bootmakers displayed
| dainty samlnls and modistes showed
the latest modes in classic robes.
More than 106t leet under'the .level
of the present Lombard ""Street dls-
rlct, ruins have been unearthed whicn
disclose quantities of hairpins,
brooches, combs, remains-'of sandals
arid narrow bottles out of which beauty
preparations were dipped with dainty
spoons. Taese relics were . found
among walls which indicate that there
were gaily colored shops In this location.
A coin of the lime of the Emperor
Claudius indicates that this probabiy
was the shopping centre from the
earliest times of Roman settlement
in Britain.
Wash with Zam-Buk Medicinal Soap.
The Safer Type
a    trip to Beovillo on
tliey, had engendered1. -And,-finally, I
carne home, grateful; that among the
many blessings that "my country enjoys is that it has a good neighbor to
the north that is Industrious, prosperous and friendly."
Bananas For Athletes   "
Bananas iiavo become popular as a
training 'food _ with British football
players,     Professional-    liainers     of
alhletos have ..come out-in favo^'the
banana on" account of the readiness
.wiLh jvhiclt it is digested ancl the fact
y /that ii- -confiiJis a higher percentage of
""' calories than mosl other
don Daily',Mail.
town,    made
"John Coyle, our groceryman, is doing poor business. His store is dirty
and musty. - How cau h0 export to uo
"Dave Conkey died at his home
hero Tuesday.' .-'Xlha 'doctor- gave -u
out as' heart failure. - 'Whisky killed
him.    -
vMarried���Miss'- Silvia*-" Rhoader.
and James Collins,.last Saturday, at
the Baptist parsonage,- by the Rev.
Gordon.. The bride is a very ordinary girl who doesn't know any more
about cooking ,than a jackrabbit--and
never helped her mother three days, in
her life.. She is notya.beauty by any
means, and;has-a. gait like ka duck.
The groom is"an up-to-date, loafer. Ke.
has been Jiving off the old folks at'
home all his life and not worth shucks.
It will1 bo a hard life."
The/master of the Fernie hunt, with
whom the Prince was riding at the
time of his latest accident is report:
ed 1o have described the Prince "as a
grand rider to the hounds and full of
hoa'rt." , The Prince enjoys popularity in Great Britain. \The British people are loud of sport and orieal sportsmen. ' They probably , admire the
Prince for his readiness to engage, in
sports and his enjoyment ot them.
They likely think the  more of him j Pills
Colds, Influenza and Like Troubles Can be Avoided
Have you noticed that some people
enjoy good health through the most
trying weather, while others succumb
lo colds-or inlluenza at every touch
of wintry,conditions, or are attacked
by rheumatism or sciatica?     The reason-is to be found in thc condition or
the blood.   . if it is rich and pure the
system is able to resist disease.   But
-i lot the blood   becomeWmpoverished
how to ride-horses but knew horses, land llie way/is made clear for disease
Tho rvww.,��� ���r .i     -n     -    ��� ' to enter th > system.
The common sense way to avoid
colds and influenza is to keep a plentiful supply of rich, red blood in your
veins, j Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
achieved world-wide fame for Iheir
remarkable blood-enriching' powers.
The new blood which comes lrom the
use of'TJr Williams' Pink Pills tones
up the 'whole system and so helps the
body {q resist winter ills.
If ihc system has already been weakened by co'ds. influenza or other winter ailments, (hen Dr. Williams'. Pink
. , ?ills are lho safest medicine lor,-re-
because he shows courage and is no! building lhc bk,ocl and'strengthening
ii      in >r   ��� _.,,_. _,_._.        ti,iv p (lie body.    An example of the value of
mollycoddle.       Nevertheless,       the> . f]lo<.o  ^  ^  ^ hy Mrs   R   Q
might not be displeased ifmfuture hc , siromberg, Cobalt,' Ont., who Fan.:���
.did not unnecessarily risk his life and ��� "I had a, very severe a"Jfn"ck of "grippe,
'limbs Jn his- sporting activities.���Tor-j��r influenza, whicli cohfinocLmc to my
.   ,, .,      , ,.     . - bed fora week.     On getting tip again
onto Mail and kmpire.        ��� .'T f].(1 noj ^       ; mv nsua, ^^
Curious Will Just Recorded
Maker'Was Evidently Lover of Peace
and Fair Play        _  -
One of the most curious wills on record has'just. been lodged for probate.
' "To niy son I leave the pleasure ot
Building   Up   a   Sounder   System   of
Agriculture Than the  Single
���.".      Crop One
The quicker all the fanners of Western Canada come to see the merits of
mixed fanning and adopt it, the. belter for the country.      in the meantime, however, it Is rather severe to
include thorn all In one sweeping condemnation as "soil robbers" and destroyers of the legitimate cattle trade.
Their  achievement'in .grain  production has astonished the world and Is
entirely to their credit.     IL Is with
capital  accumulated   by  the  sale  of
surplus grain lhat they are building up
i-sounder system of agriculture than
Hie   single  crop .system.���Saskatoon
Invites World to Congress
Canada has ofllcially^ invited the
British dominions and colonics and all
foreign powers to attend the world's
poultry congress, which will be held
July 21 to August 4, 1927.
Take a few drops'of Minard's In
syrup or molasses. Gives quick
A Remedy for Earache.���To have
the earache Is to endure torture. The
ear is a delicate organ and few care
to,deal with It, considering It work for
a doctor. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
offers a simple remedy. A few drops
upon a pieca of lint or medicated cotton and phned ln tho ear will do much
ln relieving pain.
Edna, aged 5, always wanted oatmeal for breakfast. On Thanksgiving morning her mother was about to
prepay her portion when Edna said,
"Never mind, mamma if we are going
to have turkey for dinner I'm not going to waste space ou oatmeal."
Little Helps For Ihis Week
Salt Cave In Buried City '
Mrs, Parks Tells How Lydia E.
Pinkliant's Vegetable Compound
Restored Her Daughter's
Health  '     ._
. Toronto,.Ontario. ��� "My daughter
is 16 now afitlhaa been an invalid ever ,
| since she was six'
months old and
has been com-/
pelled to remain
out of school' the
greater part of
the time. We have
|kinds of medicine,
but. none helped
her much.    I had
taken Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege-
  l.ahla Compound
iwhen I was" run-down, and ifc had
helped me so- much that.Ijthought' it
' inight help her at this time.  She has
gained ever since she iegan taking
it. She attends school every day now
and goes skating, and does other out-.
of-door sports.1 I recommend this
medicine to uny one \vho is run-down
and nervous and weak."���Mrs.PARKS,
106 Bond Street, Toronto, Ontario.
Lydia   E.- Pinkham's   Vegetable
Compound is a dependable medicine
%   for young women's troubles. -
*     For sale Ly druggists everywhere. 0
Contains Intricately Carved Altars and
Assortment of  Pottery
A   salt   cave   has been discovered
near St. Thomas, Nevada.     The exploration of a buried  city there lias
revealed    human    and animal bones
strewn on the- floor, in front of intrl-
cately,-earned altars; of salt and "sandstone:   ' And' scattere"d "about' the
bones were found huge, crudely hewn
hunting knives, and an_assortmen^ oi
pottery. " Tho planning' of the city itself, with its large buildings encircling
a common centre with a fire altar in
this centre,, would show that the prehistoric peoplo were sun worshippers;
at least that Ihey had a knowledge or
astronomy../   "Ceremonial     Jireplace.i
placed    in" the    centre of til tar-like
stages   may- indicate,  fire' iworship.
Keen-edged knives, however, may indicate that ihe ,old inhabitants-,sacrificed bodies'ti> their'deities. Whether
this-sacrifice involved human beings
or animals has not been ascertained
I was very v.-pak, had a severe p.-. in
m mv Iipsui. and, a constant backache.
X Had to ge( a woman to do mv work-
tor mo as J. Had noil her the strength
nor u,P m?vgy t0 dQ nnj.lhini,_    -Al
hi"    Kfasf".    remembering  Ihe great
!}r,P,li,1, 1latl ,,lron*h Dr..imams'
l mk Pilis in girlhood. I began taking   Ihis- medicine,   and    soon   mv
��n*�� ururt*- _,��_ ,���. le_tat������ * fu:Zo^vi^vk uz "Z
��or many years he thought this pleas-,talr'"' <'.'"V or iny baby bov.     I am'very
mv was uniquely mine.     He made a  ;:r:l,K,l' ff"' what (Up pilis have done
mistake.      To my  valeUI leave  the  hn? h���"*.'V*0 ���y ox^v[&nco ���ll.
,,,,,. _ <-   ���_ be of benenl to soum o'W <mffpv��r "
lor   several ..year.   .   .    .       To.   my   bo^in taking Dr.-Wjlliams' Pink Pilli.
chauffeur my motor car, which he has ! 1o"fln.v-     Sold hy all medicine dealers J
iv,-'01'-f-rnl ���b.J' ma" il[ no cpn's a box bv
M(   writing The Dr.   Williams'    Medicine
Co., BrockvLllo, 0nt.
The-Lord grant, joy  that ye may
find rest.���Ruth, 1, 9.
Not in the changing sky,
The stormy sea,
Yet somewhpte in God's wide world
Rest there must be
Within Iho Savior's heart
Place all thy care;
And leain, 0 weary soul,
Thy lest is there/
���Adelaide Ann Procter.
There is-a power in this rest in Goll
"of which the' men who* are rushing
along the .broad and dusty highway
can form no conception. Tho
meadows on which the soul refreshes
itself are ever green.���Tholuck.
Stuck .To One Story
He.���"How old are you?"
He.���"But you told me that fiv&
years ago."
She.���"Well, I'm not one ofs those
people who say one thing one day and
another the next."
Children Always Thrive
 : ON	
Fortune* arc mntle lrom .i_npl<> ideas. Scud
<or list of ioYcbtioni .wonted, our "Putent Protection'! booklet and ' magazine "The Thinker"
SHIPMAN* & CO.-The Old Reliable Firm
iteois-rcAio patent attohnevs. ;  . Ottawa..cam
completely ruined.     I -desire to
Lhini the satisfaction of finishing what
he has started
Miners At School
About fifly" night schools for coal
miners were maintained last year with
the Joint, co-operation of the school ot
mines arid metallurgy of Pennsylvania
State College, the slate department ol
public instruction, and the state department of mines. ��� These night
classes for the training of young men
for positions of redponsibility in lho
mines ;jvlll bo conlimied this year,
using lvasons provided by the colleg*
School Life. ~   '
Recognized     ' y
He: "Awfully jolly ^concert wasn't
ft? - Awfully jolly thing/by that fel-
lo^-j-wlurt'S his . niime? " Something-
like Doornob."
Sho:""Doornobl whomilo you mean?
I only know of Beethoven, Mozart,
Wagner,' Handel���y-"
He: "That's if! - Handel, I knew it
was something you caught hold of!"'
'"What could he worse tli.tn kissing
man" "yon tlidn'l 'know?"
"Knowlng,a nian,you didn't -kiss!"
W-   ti.   V.. 1C16
��� ' M Can't Be Done* - ** -
JThe armchair horseback riders continue, to jeer at the Prince of Wales
for falling off his horse just as ir there
was any way to stay on when the
horso falls down.���Buffalo Express.
-.It's the little things that count-
especially in the primary arithmetic
class.-   . . -    '    -   '
It is one thing lo, talk and another
I to say; something.   .
Also on Shoulders. Lost a Lot
oiNSIeep. .Cuticura Healed.
'' Pimples started breaking out
all over my. face and shoulders.
They were hard andred and I lost
a lot of sleep on account of the irritation. The pimples on my" face
scaled over and' my face was all
" I used-a lot of different remedies without .success. I began
using Cuticura Soap and Ointment
and they afforded relief in about
one month. I continued the treatment and in about three months I
was completely healed." (Signed)
Miss Marie Rose Peters, Box 32,
Tourville, L'Islet Co., Que.
Keep your skin clear and your
pores active by dailynse'Of Cuticura Soap. Heal irritations and
rashes with Cuticura Oftitment.
Basrpla Zaeh TrM ty M__1L -Address ClBsdlan
Depot: *St��h��m It*. ManttmJ."  Price, Soap
tie. Oitttrawt a ud COe. Talcum 2Se.
~ Cuticura SfcoTin? Slick. 25e.
Recognizing Real  Friends
Six Tests  By Which   People  Can   Be
,    .Sure
-   "By five things  ypu  may know a
fiiend 'and by six you may be sure ot
him," writes Lady Buckmaster in the
Daily Impress.
"If his lace brightens at your coining and clouds at your departure.
"If his footsteps hasten to your doorway and linger as they leave it..
"If ho conies to you not from sell-
interest, butjroin delight in your company. ���������������' -���
"If he rejoice at your prosperity as
much a.s .at .his own.
"If iii adversity he will stick to you
closer, than a brother.
"And, abo/e all, If he never babbles
your secrets to another.
,"In friendship there must bo no'debit and credit account, fie who has
most to give will give without a
grudge, aware that the greater privilege is his. ' He wlio has most to accept will accept without misgiving,
conscious that no greater pleasure is
his friend's."
. Tlie Many-Purpose Oil.���Both in the
��� house and stable there'are"scores^ot
: uses. I'or Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
Use it for cuts, bruises, burns, scalds,
1 the pains of rheumatism and sciatica,
sore throat and chest. 'Horses are
liable veiy largely to similar ailments
and mishap;, as afllict mankind, and
are equally amenable to theJiealingJn^.
fliiPTu'cTorthis'fine old remedy whicli
has made thousands of firm friends
during the past fifty years.
Young Sniffles.���"Auntie, thcy made
uie draft clerk at the bank Today."
Aunlio.���"Oh, that's nice���what do
you 'do? y, Open and shut the. door?"
Proven best
Since 1C57
_ tested
Write to Thc Borden Co.
Limited, Montreal, tor
two Daby Welfare Books.
t *n._M
Minard's Liniment relieves headache
First Bum.���"^Eighty fine coffee they
give you at this mission."
Seco.nd Bam.���"Yesf but   it   keeps
kne awake during the sermon."
A man admires a woman who talks
of his future and- makes no inquiries
as to his past.
Proved safe bv millions and prescribed by physicians for
,!!?l?1!ia    -?��IdS      Neu'ritis        Lumbago'
Toothache    Rheumatism , ���
Headache   -' Pain-
There may be other corn removers,
but you will not be completely satis-
fled until -you have, used Holloway's
Corn Remover. __. rs
The faste'st trip around the -globe
was made in.35 days.
Minard's Liniment for Grippe
Accept only "Ba^er" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets"
Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggiste.,
Aspirin Is the trade n>��rk i'reclsteied In Canadi) of Raj-er Man-oCicture of Jlonoaeetlc-
acldester-of Sallcyllcacld (Acetyl Salicylic Acid. "A. S. A."). While It is well known
that Aspirin means Bayer manufictuN, to usslut .the public against Imitations. the.Tableto
of Bajer Company frill be atstapej with ttslr-^Kcr&l traJe mark, th* "Baya Ox-a."* THS IJiDGE,  GREENWOOD/ BRITISHQCOIyUMBIA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1926
5000 Facts About Canada
Is 52.00 a year s'xictly in advance, or
��2.50 when not paid for three montlis or
more have passed. To_Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owuer Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices...!     7,00
Ustray Notices ..3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears iu notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 15 cents a
line first insertion, and 12 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Trauscient display advertising 50 cents.
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2j��c. a-line each'insertion.
The public will welcome the new
edition of "5000 Facts About Canada," compiled by Frank Yeigh, the
well-known Canadian Author and
Lecturer. This excellent compilation
tells the story of Canada in a most
convincing and instructive way, revealing its wealth, resources and
prospects in a striking 'manner under
50 chapter headings, from "Agriculture" to "Yukon." The new
issue has an added feature in an excellent map of Canada, together with
much new matter. We- can imagine
no better advertisement of the
Dominion than this tabloid cyclopaedia, which is becoming increasingly popular. Copies may be had for
35c from the Canadian Facts Publishing Company, 588 Huron St., Toronto, or from leading newsdealers.
ere an
H. B. Beaumont, assistant^steam-
ship; general passenger agent, has
been appointed assistant,.'��� to the
steamship passenger traffic ..manager of the Canadian Pacific Steam- ���
"ships, according to, recent advices "at
the head offices of the company.
Forest Brancli. Department of Lands
Premier King1 Elected
'- .       ���    W"       / ���  -
Rt Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King, premier of-Canada,
was on Monday elected' by an
overwhelming- majority to represent the constituency of Prince
Albert, Saskatchewan, in the
Federal house. The Independent candidate, Capt. D. L.
Burg-ess, M.C," was literally
snowed under in an avalanche of
With 114 polls heard from, the
prime minister continued "to increase h-is majority, over ..his
opponent, the majority on Tuesday night was 5322. Unofficial
vote was: (Premier King, 7421;
Captain Burgess, 2099.
"Oa the occasion of each
division iti the house, parliament
has spoken and now the people
lxave spoken," stated Premier W.
L. Mackenzie King, on Monday,
night in Ottawa -when .asked if
he had any comment to make on
the result of the by election in
Prince Albert.,
"That is all I have to"say,"
continued the prime minister,
"beyond expressing my deepest
gra ti hide to the electors of Prince
Albert for the gr.eat honor they
have conferred upon me fo.elect-
itigyine as their representative by
a majority so expressive oi their
confidence and good will. The
west has shown its approval of
policies designed^ to promote a
united Canada,"
.Tliese examinations arc for tlie intrposc of
Blliiig j.reRcul -vacancies anil to enable candidates to qualify for future vacancies and increases in staff. ' -;
Assistant Forest Rangers' are employed
cluri 11 (<��� tlie fire season of eacli year and Cliis
period is extended wliore possible by work on
niiprovements such as trails, etc. Re-a-piio'inl-
tnem is made eacli year as lonj.'- as sa'iisJ'ac.o.-y
servicers irh-e... Promotion lo the.permanent
staff is made by merit and examination as
occasion offers. Tlie salary is S100 per moutli
tbe first'year and SHOjier month" tlie second
year, an<l 5120 the third year. Tra-velling ex-
Iietises are also iia'ul.
. Candidates must lie ���British Subjects residents in UJritisli Columbia Tor at least one year,
of (food character, pood physical condition'-and
���with woods experience. .
.. .Tliej- should have experience in ��� fire lighting;-possess the ability, lo organize work and
liaudle men; and have knowledge of tlie Forest
Act. ������..
Tlie examinations arc partly written, partly
oral and are designed to test the candidates'
alul'ity aloiiff tlie above lines. AIJ statements
made "by applicants as to lixperieuce, education
aud fuiicss are subject to verification \>y the
csami 11 Iny board.
Preference is given to returned soldiers
-with the necessary qualifications.
. The c-xaini nations will be held at the places
and 011 Uie dales named below. Each intending
candidate should apply to the District Forester
-of his district for application forms and for in-"
formatiom-egaL-diug the hour of the examination and tlie building iu which it-will lie held.
Application forms should, hieaelrcasc, lie Riled
���out and mailed to the District Forester in lime
to reacli liini at least six days before Uie examination. *  *'    -
* -Apply to District,
Canada's agricultural growth during the past quarter of a century is
���\vdll illustrated by figures compiled by the Dominion Government,
which show that during the past
, year field crops had . an estimated
value of. ��940,166,000, as compared
with $196,073,000  in 1900.
Production on Nova Scotia farms
in 1925 amounted to approximately
��40,420,000, as compared with $3G,-
435,000 in the previous year. Items
making up this total were: Dairy,
��10,200,000; livestock, $2,200,000;
field crops, $18,700,000; poultry products, $1,220,000; fruits and vegetables, $8,000,000.
^    Commencing February H
Sunday Departure Froni Nelson
and' Vancouver Will Be Withdrawn
���(.'���������'    ��� ���������      ���(
Making a 6-Day-a-Week Service
This will mean at Greemvoot!:��� '[
No Train      rim Mi(Jway and" to East Monday
       From Nelson and to "West Monday,
Office: McCutcheonjResidence
Greenwood   ������   ���
A railway car, originall^Jauilt as
an observation car for the Canadian
Pacific Railway, was used as a
"ehapelle' ardente""and funeral coach
to transport the .remains of the late
Queen Mother of Italy.'WThis. car
was used in'hospital service during (
the war and was sold, with others,
to the Italian State Railways after
the armistice.
Date         Forester at
March 2nd         '-..Nisi sou ���
March 4tH             Kelson -
Rocl< Creel.    ���
March Glh.           . Kelson
Cranbrook ������
March Sth             Nelson
March 9tli             Nelson '.'-...
��� ., - March 12lli            Nelson . '
March IStli  -        Kami oops
&-R-.-NADEN,      '
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and
also Shoe Repairing
C. A. CARLSON,   Next Swayne House
Strange scenes are,.'laid in -'.'.tlie
Canadian west on account oif hoar-.
fr.ost   and   snow..    The   trees'".aiul'
���shrubs are covered with snow forming strange white animals, hi'the
Kicking Horse Pass1 region. A number pf photographs were taken re-
" cently in this neighborhood showing
grotesque and terrifying figures.; in
the form of prehistoric animals.
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ot Canada. Limited
.Office. Smelling and.<Refmlng Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   nl    Gold.    Silver.   Copper.     Pif?   Lead   and   Zinc
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
To ���
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
the 20th Century Shoe Recairer
All work and material   guaranteed.   We
pay postage one \va\.   '.Terms Cash.
Xy   XI
- * * '���-.-.::      ...
.Applications ior permits to graze,li-vesiock
011 the Crow 11.range within each-^raziiig/district of the Province of British Soluinbiav must
"be filed "with" the District Forester at.. Eort
George, Kamloops, Nelson, Prince Rupert,
Vancouver, aad Williams ialtc on or 1>c_fore
March 31st, 1926" ' W'W' ���*���"'    '""''''"'
Blank forms upon whicli to submit applications may be obtained from the Distrlci Foresters at the above named places, or from the
Department of I^ands at Victoria, B.C.
*'    G. R. NA.DEN,
"���7    '.'���-������'������'  Dcputy_Miiiister of IJands.
Department of Lands, '. .'. ...._"
:��� Victoria, B.'G., ..;   *'-
January 9th, 1926.
Copper Trails
Extending- to various partsbf southwestern British Columbia, tbe.copper
trails which we call telephone lines yare.-,
ready to carry^/loDg-distance conversations at speeds ranging from 8,000 to
178,000 miles per second. When speed
counts���Long Distance.
i-uebec Winter Sporfc
Neatly Finished
II�� L*6u^��
Vacant, unreserved, - survwed
Crown lands may be 'prorompted by ^
British subjects over 18 years of age,-
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjeots, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement! "for agricultural
Full information .-ooncominfl: regulations.: regarding : pre-emptions   lo
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series.,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of oharge
_ by   addressing "the   Department   of
"Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent. . t$
. Records  will be granted covering
only   land   suitable  for  agricultural,   ,
purposes, and. which -Is , hot-timber-,
laird, I.e.,  carrying over 8,000 boaid
feet per acre west ofthe Coast Rang*
and 5,000 feet per acre "east of that
Range.            ~            _,
Applications for preemptions are
to be addressed to tne Land Commissioner "of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can. be obtained from thexLand Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
:-. five years and improvements made
to value of ?10 per aore,; Including -
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant caa ba
received. ."^ -~-_
For more detailed information Bet v
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-empt
Applications are received "for, purchase of vacant" and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; mlnlmuxa
price for first-class (arable) land I��
$6:.per.acre. and Becond-claas (graslng) land $2.50 per aore. Further information regarding purchase=or leaso
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
. Mill, factory, or industrial Bltea ofli
timber land, not exceeding 40 aorefc
may be purchased or leased, the oon��'
ditiona Including payment oi
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 29
acres, may be leased as' homesitee.
conditional upon a dwelling belnjf
erected in the first yoar, title, bolnf
obtainable after roaldence aa*4 lm��'
provement condltlona are-fulfill***���
and land has been surveyed. ��� ,
LEA8ES v '
For  grazing  and  industrial  purposes areas not exceeding U0-aor��a
; miiy be leased by one- p��rson or a
Under "the Grazing Act the Province ls divided into grazing districts
and the range administered under a
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are issued baaed oa
. numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-ownWB
may' form associations ^ �� or . rang 9
management. Froe, or portly trea)1
permits art Available for settlerfcl
oampere ana trA.v��liara up' to tea1
baad, A '
^1) Vrom left io rlisUt:���W. B. Tliojnpson, JIcGlIlj   B.   &.  "WhHenc-j, Yule;   C.  Bc��ul)icn_ l_oyoI.i.   Bloiiticnl;^
J. BenuUicn, Xoyola, nioiitrcul j IV. Wliiteney, "Yale; J. Poi-ticr, 'Dnives-sitr of Mojitrcal; I*. Blousscnu, Uiii%'C��'Sity. ot
Montreal; R- PInnte, I,av��l,.d��el>ec| Gl Taclie-, tJivul, Quebec) S. Ainlette, Otiittva.     "(2)- Isabel Courwicr in action-
(3> W. B. Tiiouipsoii makUs Ms ��5-Coot jump.      (J) AV. Jl.   Tlioiupscji, of 3EcGiIl  University, . JUon-trcnl.
Daring- jumps into space were the opening feaUiT&s
of Quebec most brilliant winter swl!>oq -when tlie
later-national Intercollegiate Ski Jumping- teams lined
up for the famous trophy on Deceinbei 20, at the An-
��ient Capital. W. B. Thompson, of MoOill University,
scored the longest jump of 95 feet, but J. Beauvais, of
I__oyola College, Montreal, vas awarded the maximum
number of points because of Ids flue form, although he
jumped only 91 feet.
Among the university teams taking part in. the contest were McG-ilI, Loyola. Ottova,. Montreal, Tale, and
Laval Although it 'was veiy cold, large crowds turned
put to see the contest, three grand stands on the Duf-
ferin Terrace being packed.
Isabel Coursier uin-eteeu-year-oli miss vrtio holds the
world's woman championship, treated the spectators to
rSffiiTSKttai. while ivind Nelsen, Cauadian Champion, set a new record for Quebec by jumping 101 feet.
PThe International Ski Trophy wwavarded to the
triumolSt Loyola." College team. Two wghts later
S^SSce^Ks.to he seen in sparfcs ,and Hashes
-ArtSfSS S?New England States STXived in force
to take part in the New Year celebrations, and a fireworks exhibition was staged soon after nightfall. Numerous outiugs Svere ananged and the winter carnival
was at its height and ready to ^o strong ior the rest
of the winter frd'm the first week in January.
Another highly interesting event at Quebec, on December 30, was the International cross-country ski race,
won by W. B. Thompson, :of McGill University. The"
course is over a difficult five-mile stretch. Tache, of
Laval -University, Quebec, was second in the crosscountry race, and J. Bcaubien, of Lojoila. Montreal, v, as
The Yale University contestants were left far behind,
in both the ski jumps and races, by their Canadian op-
-ponenta. II WLitency and It. S. Whiteney, of Yale,
v/ere- seventh and ciRhth, respectively, m *-l:e crogs-
country race. Thcy haJ the *vc.y ccme r--~' =n ^n ^e
jumping contest
Heavily-laden sleighs avo to \o rrrn '^omi slowly
through tho old city at all Uuu cf C c cn.ay and night.
Visitors seemingly nayer t>e-of the \-or. lc;;3 cf the
quaint Frcnch-rrnadKiV1 "iji-ta!.
^ Tk Mineral Province of Western Canada
Ha& produced MinftrsU bb IoIIowb:    Placer G-old, $77,382,953; Lode Gold,
8118,475,190; Silver, 368,824,579; Lead, $70,548,578; Copper, ��lS7,4Stf,37S; Zinc, N-
��32,171,497-^ Miscellaneous Minerals, 81,431,349; CoaL and Coke, $260,880,048;
Building Sfeone, Brick, Cement, etc., $42,225,814; raakiug its Mineral Production        "'  ,
to the end of 1924, show au , .    >
Aggregate Value of $859,427,386        ,f
Production fortheYear Ending December, 1924, $48,704,604
The Mining La we of febis Province are more liberal, and 4he fees lower, than those of any other
- \ Province in the Dominion, of -any colony in the British Empire."
Mineral location.8 are granted feo diecoVerers for nominal fees. '
Absolute Titles are obtained  by developing snch properbi-es^ -the security of which is guaranteed^
by Crown Q-rants. > ,
Full information feogether with Mining Reports and Maps, raay.be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA British Columbia. ,
N.B. .Practically all Brifeiah Columbia Mineral Properties npoa which development work has been
do-ae are described in some one of the Annnal Reports ot fehe Minister of Mines. Those
considering -mining investments shonid refer to ancu reports. They are available without
charge,on application to the Department of Mines, Victoria,/B.C. Reports of fehe Geological
Survey of Canada, Pacific Bnilding, Vancouver, are,recommended as valnable sources of
information. ��� "*''1V     '


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