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The Ledge Aug 6, 1925

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,'��� ""n"i'1 w-ni
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vod. * XXXII'
No. 2
New Kitchenware
McClary's   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by the set or by the piece
Also a large assortment of
McClary's Enamel, Galvanized arid Tinware
Make your selections while the stock is complete
Canned Chicken, Lunch Tongue, Devilled and
Potted Meats, Salmon, Sardines, Etc
^ For PRESERVING SEASON   " -���"*,"���
Queen Perfect Seal, Economy, Mason Jars,
Rubber Rings, Jar Caps and Bands, Etc
ICE Delivered Promptly
For-'Qualitv.an'd Value Order From
Phone 46 <ffi
For Anything in the
Drug  or   Stationery   Line.
Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.    Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
<*������������+������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������ ��������������������������� ������������������������
will be scarce
Place your orders with us_and be sure of Delivery
Phone 17
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������ ������������������������������������
.i ��======
We carry ouly  the best slock procurable in
Beef,  Veal, Pork,   Ham,  Bacon, Lard, Etc.
,   A trial will convince you
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada; Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, C6pper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers* oi   Gold.    Silver,   Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc
.    Big Sale
Starting Friday
Ladies Dresses
All latest colors
Ladies Fine Silk Hose
-    Latest colors
Also a few
Ladies and Girts Hats
Very Reasonable
-Mrs.   Ellen   Trounson
Real Estate and Insurance
i   *
Fire. Accident & Sickness, Life,    !
Automobile. Bonds. Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Officeof
Greenwood, B.C.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   pn,
One perfect week���
and he sent her away!
Seven days of gaiety,
of love, of luxury���aud he
sent Let away! The crudest
thing any man cau do. See
how she dared to conquer, to
��� find true love in a startling,
audacious way. The truest
sweetest love* story you've
ever seen!
/   ; "The-
Price of Pleasure"
Virginia Valli and Norman Kerry
ZANE GREY'S      x
"The Thundering Herd"
~ August 14th and 15th
Watch and Optical
.WalthamN Watches
For Sale
Good Line of Spectacles
The United Church of Canada
MinisjEr in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinsnaw. B. A.
Sunday! August 9iti.
Midway 11 a.m,
Greenwood 7.30 s.m.
, Apples For Sale
���   (Picked) 50c, falls 25c. in.yoar
own boxes. X      T.' A._ Clark,. -.-
Junior Clerk's Examination for
the Civil Service of British Columbia will be held on Saturday
afternoon. August 29 tb, 1925.
For application forms and further
information apply to P. H. McCurrach, Government Agent,
Greenwood, or to W. H. Mac-
lanes, Civil Service Commissioner, Victoria, B.C.
J. D. McCreath, of Tiail, was
a Visitor in town during ihe
Mrs. F. O. Peterson and son,
Maurice, are on a visit to friends
in Rossland.
It is reported that Wm. Jewell,
a fotmer C. P.'R. conductor, died
recently in Mexico.
Mrs. Shafer left on Thursday
afternoon last for a few days
visit ia Grand Forks.
^Mrs. A. Horovatin and three
children, of Kerr CreeS, were
visitors in town pn Tuesday afternoon.
.The swimming hole at the red-
bridge   is   a   popular   place for
boys, girls and adults  these  hot
days.      '���*.'���'��� -
./ Local golfers were delighted
with their visit to the Kettle
Valley Golf Course" on Sunday
afternoon. '
H. F. Dore who has been relieving at the Canadian Bank of
Commerce left on Saturday for
Grand Forks.
Joe Johnson's barn and contents
were destroyed by fire on Monday
at Bridesville. Mr. Johnson was
iaTrail at the time. '"
Mrs. A. Tanner, of Kettle
Valley, was in town on Friday to
join the Pythian Sisters on their
visit to Graud Forks.     ,     ,7   -
Mrs. Chas. Case and two sons
left on Friday last for Cranbrook
where they will visit for a time
before locating at Kimberley.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Pope and
daughter have returned from an
enjoyable holiday in Vancouver,
Victoria and other coast cities.
Miss Mon a .George returned to
Nelson on Friday, after a several
weeks visit, being the guest of
Miss G. L.ee and Mrs. H. Hartley.
Mr., and' Mrs. Jake' Saunders
were renewing acquaintances iti
town on Friday last. Mr. Saunders is now in business at Canmore,
Alta, , x
Jas. Kerr has been appointed
deputy-assessor for- the Vernon,
Princeton- - and Kettle River
Assessment  districts with  office
in Penticton.
. .  -
Miss'-Silvia Price, of the staff
of the B. C. Telephone Co., left
on Sunday morning fof Penticton
to visit at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Fraser. .
Miss   Mary    Taylor - left -for
Spokane  "on" Saturday""after "a
several weeks visit i'n- town with
her brother.and sister-iu-1 aw, Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Taylor.
** _ *
-W. EY Doubt, who has been in
charge of the Government-Liquor
store during the absence of Mr.
Pope, left for Rossland on Monday accompanied by his wife aud
son, "    *. ,     ���'.
Mrs. Kate- Walters and two
sons/who have beeu visiting.at
the home ,of Mrs. Wm. Walters
for several weeks, left for their
home in Vancouver on Sunday
morning. - .
Mr. and Mrs. BW Francis returned to Vancouver oa Monday
after-a"pleasant holiday spent iu
town the guests of their son and
daughter-in-law, Dr. and, Mrs. A.
Francis. "   - w
E. A. Andreas motored t'o
Penticton during the week-end
returning bn Sunday accompanied
by G. H. Stilwell, who has been
ou a two weeks'holiday at his
home in Duncan. ' -
. Herb. "Bryant,"of Grand Forks,
was visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. h. Bryant, on .Saturday.
Herb-is making good progress
towards recovery from an attack
of typhoid fever. *    "
; Dr. and Mrs. -A. J. Dorman,
Mrs. J.~ IT. Dorman," and Mr. ;atid
Mrs. K- M_ Spence and family
returned on Wednesday morning
from a few days camping ou
the Kettle river above the
Steeves ranch.
A number of members of the
Greenwood Lodge of Pythian
Sisters motored to Grand Forks
oa Friday evening to meet the
Grand Chief, Mrs. Eliza Davidson, of Ladysmitb, who was on
an official visit. They report a
very enjoyable time.
Kettle Valley Notes
Sever.il carloads of cattle were
shipped from the district this week.
A meeting of fehe Farmers Institute will be held on Aug. 22nd
in Riverside Hall, to discuss the
Fall Fair.
The next meeting of tho United.
Farmers will be held in Rock
Creek on Saturda)', Aug. Sbh at
2 p.m. Parties with abundance of
hayton hand will be interested in a
scheme to ship in feeders this fall.
An attempt will, also bo made to
ship a carload''of hogs later in fehe
season.. Information from Ottawa
regarding bull clubs vtall also be
discussed.. A full attendance is
Mr. and Mrs. P. ,H. McCurrach
and family and Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. King returned on Monday
from a pleasant outing, camping
on the banks of the Kettle river
above Rock Creek.-'
- ft is understood th'at Mose
Burns, well known in this part as
"Mose, the hard rock miner,"
and a pensioner of- the Civil War,
has been admitted' to 'the Old
Man's Home in Kamloops.
Distribution of liquor profits to
the municipalities/ is now being
allotted for the first time on the
basis of school attendance. Formerly'it was distributed on the
basis of census population.
Mrs. Frank Buckless ^ and
daughter, Miss Maria Williamson, left on Monday for Spokane"
Miss Williamson has not been in
good health for some time and
she will consult a specialist in
that city.
Archie Aberdeen, of Bridesville, is spending a few days in
town. Archie has not been well
and came to town to recuperate,
and his many friends will be
pleased to learn that .he is greatly improved.
S. H. M. Staines, of Pasadena,
CaL, and\Jndge Jv ~R. Brown, of
Grand Forks, who were * so
pleased with their visit to the
Greenwood Golf Course last-week
tbat they made a return visit on
Tuesday and played the local
Mr. and. Mrs.' James Grooves
and son, Edward, returned to
their home in Trail on Friday,
after a ten day visit with Mr. and
Mrs, E. Lund, Midway road..
Peter Grooves, who came over
with his parents will remain ior
* Mr. and Mrs. .G. H. Bawtin-
heimer.and son, William,.motored
over-from Armstrong the first of
the week to'visit Miss L."Bawtinheimer,- matron of the District
Hospital.: On -Tuesday morning
the visitors left on a trip to
Spokane accompanied by Miss
Bawtinheimer- -arid' Mrs., A.
Francis, ,     -   **
The Surprise .party given by
the Ladies Aid 'as a farewell.to
Mrs; L. MacKenzie and Mrs. C
T. Fenner- was' held at Mrs.-. E
Mellrud's on" July -25th, These
ladies will be greatly missed by
the *'Aid" both . being i active
workers. As;a xmall token of
appreciation they were presented
with gifts of ' "china". .The
presentation was made by the
pastor Rev. -W.   R.   Walkinshaw..
Reggie Skilton motored J. -D.
Graham to Spokane on Tuesday
word' having been- received that
Mrs. Graham was, seriously -ill.
When the news came Mr. Graham
was at Lightning. Peak and word
was conveyed to him by .Reggie
and - Kenneth Skiiton wh?
motored to the etsd of* road above
Edgewood, leaving here Friday
morning and- returning early-
Tuesday morning with Mr.
Graham.       .. -
E. Lund, cf the fire, patrol, reports no fires in the district he
looks after. Last week a fire
-was caused by lightning near
Walter Wartman's but it was
soon put out. It burned over
five acres. Mr, Lund was unable to locate the fire at Bear
lake near Eholt. reported Wednesday morning from the lookout station in Phoenix. On Wednesday afternoon a-spartr from
the eastbound passenger train
started a fire in Anaconda.
Prompt action on the part of the
person who discovered the blaze
(kept it from spreading. .
Beaverdell Notes N
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Crane spent
the week-end camping  at Taurus.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Nordman have
returned from a week's visit to
Mr. and Mre, Wm. Walmele)7,
of Greenwood, were visiting friends
in town on Sunday. '\
Mre. R. Halcrow and Mrs, F.
Hoskins are the guests of their
mother, Mrs. A.. Lutner.
Mrs. Traunson and party, of
Greenwood, made a flying trip to
this city on Monday evening.
Mr. * Bates,   of   Ames,   Holden
Rubber Co., and  Mr.  Pritchard of   '
W. H. Malkin Co., were visitors to
town on Monday.
Mrs. T. W. Clarke has as her
house guests Miss Elsa Olson, of
Greenwood and Miss "" Sara McCallum, of Grand Forks.
Roy Clothier, M.   E., is opening-'
a new camp afe  the  Beaver Claim,
where fehe sensational silver strike
waB made a' short time ago.    -
The forest. fires in the district
are assuming alarming proportions.
Tbe Bell and Sally mines have
suspended operations and their entire, crews have joined the firefighters: About' 100 men are fighting fires iri this vicinity.
While driving the City Band
around for its usual Sunday afternoon coricerty Myrtle Clothier met
with a painful accident when she
collided with a wash tub, losing
her windshield and both doors.
In spite of this injury, Myrtle can
still take all fehe hills on high.
Midway News
Jim Bush' now drives a now
Mrs. H, H. Pannell and two
children left; on Friday lasfe to
spend a holiday afe the coast.
Harold Erickson has kindly
put a double door on fehe Chnrch,
which is a gfeafe improvement,
i * -Ms.-Nicholas, K...V. section fore- ,
man, left on Tuesday afternoon for   -
Indiana, having  been   called there ^
through fehe illness of his sister.
Mr. and Mrs. R. McMillan were
fehe guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. D.
Kerr, the first of fehe week, on their
way home to Trail from a motor
trip to fehe coasts.
- The United Farmers, Midway
Local, met in their hall on Saturday last.-* It was proposed feo have
a Dance on Labor Day, Sept. 7th.
Ife was also decided to have a *'
Hospital Day on Sept. oth, each
member feo bring something for the
Green wood-and���Dtsferict-Hoppital���
such, as fruit, egge,. butter,
chicken's?, flowers, bookfW etc.,
each article to be put in a box and
sent to the Hospital. -
Mining Notes .
"J. W.;,Clark has a crew-busy
loading ore from the Providence
mine dump for shipment to the
Consolidated Company's smelter at
Trail. Mr, Clark- has received a
favorable rate from the smelting
company and he will ehip this ore
instead of potting it through, the
local mill.   -   / . .-
The Western Canada Mining
News of Vanconver^ says: Dun6an
Mcintosh, one of fehe owners of the
Bell mine afe Beaverdell, was a-
ealic'r at- tho oitice of Western
Canada Mining News. This is one
of the mines��� in Bntish Colombia
that is paying handsome returns to.
its owners. - The best paysJtreak
was uncovered when blasting ont a
stump to make a tennis court a year
or two ago. -The vein encountered
then was one "worked previously,
bat which had faulted. Messrs.
Mcintosh and Crane have fourteen
men at work, getting out about a *
carload of ore per month, which
amounts to close oh.to-50 tons.
Last year "returns, .from fehe ore
were 351 ounces silver,-12 per cent,
lead and 12 per cent, zinc, approximately ��255 to the ton,
Drowiis in Kettle River
"As the forms were put on the.
press the sad news was ''received
of the death of Henry. Tanner, by
drowning, in the Kettle river at
Christian Valley yesteraay. "No
particulars of * the tragedy are
available. The deceased is a
brother of Mrs. Frank Maletta,
of Anacoada. TJTK   T/Ef"XTR.    ttHTCKNTTOOI).   B.  G*
- '    fafH no* onty'
Dkfyou know f^^to meats,
gives more zest   nd na ,
tut also .stinw^jJSation U adds
nourishment io
A flint To Our Towns
Townspeople, says ;i Western farm papiM-, J��re -notoriously ready to give
���advice lo the liiniieis, ;wid, ii tisks, why should noi ilio farmer who talcos
pride in his farm and his home give a Jittle good advice to his tfroccr and gar-
��f?e man antl I u in her desiler anl hardware inerehant. It (hereupon pro-
ceeds, on helutll' of its I'arniei- .subscribers, io tell the townspeople some, home
truths. ���
Trees and flowers. beautiful home**, will) attractive surroundings, are,.says
thi* paper, to be found in practically every farming district in the West, but
the towns ami villages are lagging far behind tind most cf them are becoming
uglier and more hideous with the years. l.npainted stores, un.ittractive
shacks In many cases to begin with, ramshackle out buildings ancl sheds,
<!own-at-the-heoLs feuces ;md weedy, neglected gardens;���how many of the
country towns in tiie West answer this description?.
The word picture sketched by this farm paper is by no means overdrawn.
While Ihe cities, and farmers by lhe thousands, have gone in extensively for
tlie planting or trees and the beautifying of the surroundings in which ihe
people pass (heir lives, very few towns and villages have made any effort to
make them attractive. -Most, of them present the appearance of a group
of squatters' huts, .occupied hy transients, having no intention of remaining
permanently and establishing real homes, but expeetiug to move on. They
give' the impression of. "boom" oil and mining towns where anything is good
���enough for the time being until the boom bursts and Ihe town dies.
Country roads are frequently butter than these town and village streets
-with their gutters overgrown with grass and weeds, and with backyards and
ianos common dumping grounds for refuse and junk -of all kinds. ln such
���surroundings it is liule wonder that veiy soon store windows remain unwashed tuid in a generally unkempt, untidy, dirly condition. * A city store which
presented the same indications of sloth would drive away rather than invite
customers. Vet many town and village merchants wonder why peoplo pass
their doors to trade elsewhere.
Complain! is also voiced because of thi; diHic-iilly of obtaining and relain-
_ing the services of ipialifted  lielp in  ihese smaller communities.      But why
.should any self-respecting, ambitious young man or woman settle down to
spend their lives in a (own or village where the people hick even suflieient on-
English Teachers Visit Canada
His Majesty Conveys Message to
Departing Pedagogues
Tlie party of 100 school teachers
from Britain who are visiting Canada,
received the following message from
His Majesty the King before their departure: ���  ������ '    .
"His Majesty congratulates the
league upon lhe happy conception of
the undertaking which will give opportunities to study the educational
system in Canada and' to gain an insight iuto her history, development
and general resources. Tlie King
feels sure that the results of this experience will be fraught with good and
far-reaching effects, not only on the
teachers themselves but also on those
who will In the future come under
their influence antl instruction and
upon the relations between the
-Motherland and ihe great nonunion.
"From hid recollections of Canada
and her warm-hearted people, His Majesty can assure the teachers of the
very hearty welcome which they will
receive and wishes them God-speed
and au enjoyable stay in that vast and
beautiful country."
The message was received with enthusiasm by the teachers aboard the
Empress of Scotland, on which they
sailed i'or Canada.
Goldeii Text:
He shall have dominion also from sea
And from the River unto tho ends of
the earth.
Psalm 72.8
Lesson: Acts 15.3G to 16.5.
Devotional Reading:   Psalm 67.
Subdues Sore Throat
The Text Explained and Illumined
The second missionary journey planned, verso 3C���"After some days"���
au indefinite-expression denoting a
considerable lapse of time���Paul suggested to Barnabas that they royisit.
(lie churehe'i founded on their previous
journey and see how they were faring,
"lie would visit them that he might
acquaint himself with their case, and
imparl, unto them such spiritual gifts
its were suited to it; as thc physician
visits his recovering patients that ho
may prescribe what is proper for the
perfecting of his cure, aud the preventing of :i relapse" (Matthew Henry).
On that previous journey they had
suffered much. They .had been, expelled fronr Antioch of Plsidla, they
had been driven from Iconium with
throats of stoning,' and at Lystra Paul
had been stoned and left for dead
ottlside the city. Now Pauiv'proposes
retracing the same route.
"Give us the courage that prevails/
The steady faith that never fails"
! (Van Dylte).
In a Short Time!      Vancouver  A  Busy  Port
,   , j Remarkable Strides Made in the Past
U hen   a   severe   cold   grips   vour i .  p.      v
throat,  when  it  makes  you  gag  and1 -  Mve Years
cough���that's-the time you ought to; Forty-two regular steamship lines
apply good old "Nerviline." This won- j are now operating out of.the port of
di-rful  liniment sinks right in,  pone- j Vancouver, the gross tonnage for last
(.rates to the \cry core of the affect- j  ,,,.,���    ... .,.,,-10      ...   .
ed regions You get a trttlv wonder- 'V,,;" belug J'M��J,'.JS. winch is over a
ful effect from Nerviline, and for sore j million tons in excess of lho 1D2.1? fig-
throat, tight chests and bad coU\fi ��� ures. Keniarkable strides have been
nothing   else   will   act   the same as i nKUi0 bv ihiii povl during the past five
.subduing power, Nerviline is a neces-1 0I���� of the leading ports on the Pacific.
sity in every home.     Get. a 35c bottle
Th�� Airtight Tins insure BIG BEN
being in the same perfect condition,
when you buy it, as when tiie tobacco
left the factory.
You always lure a nice f re A plug
. on hand���and the empty tins uo
uicful, too, . ���  v
it; by tHe $iiy
Clay Products Production
Fastest  Mail  In  the  World
Chicago-New   York    Night   Air
Gives Wonderful Service
To  Chicago  and  back in  forty-two
Aching* Backs and Tired Limbs
Need Not Be Endured
Tota'l Value of Production Last Year
Was Close to Six Million Dollars '
Including brick of all kinds valued
at close to six million dollars, the production of clay products in Canadian
plants from domestic 'and imported
clays reached a .value of $1.1,071,-12!) in
1924. according to a preliminary report of the bureau of statistics. There
were 2J9 plants in operation last year,  ords to the museum.
representing a  capital investment off ���;	
$33,110,355, and whicli provided era-t
ployment for 4,312 employees; to whom
salaries and wages totalling $1,441,27y
were paid.
Valuable Phonograph Records
Registered on the first phonograph
ever brought to London from. the
United States, the records-of twelva
of Tennyson's poems in the Poet.Laureate's own voice are in tho /possession of the British Museum. They,
will not bo released, however, for fifty
years, unless the present Lord Tenny
son can he induced.to.alter the conditions on which he, presented the rec-
Signs Of Prosperity
No    Business    Failures s"Recorded
Northern Saskatchewan in June
lu the whole, of northern' Saskatchewan not one business failure was recorded during the month of'June, ac
id-prise to paint Iheir buildings, tidy  up their premises, and convert Iheir
bald  prairie  streets  Into avemtes-of.-irees,  and   their pri.ate  -.'rounds-,into i     iU- ^"Jl"li=u ."""  ";,L1_1- J"  JUU)n,vuj    .Too many women endure. MilTering
"IWr and neat vegeiable garden*;? '* ��� '' ~X Xy      .-'" x.X  ."   .       . |.1��oum,   -wlneli,. w . osnctly   what   thc j Hint easts n shadow over half her ex-
.   ' Speaking for the fanners, the iinpoi-nlreadv quoted -�����_��: "A clean; bright."!'nlslu   iiir * n,nI1 ' menns !�� �����P��n-1 ?f ��"<�����     ���-*." "pl-Iug back tired Ilmta,
-���"*-.      '������'-     ���'-       '���-    ���'������������   .",.-.     -   ��� I fient'5 helwf>ii tlif lwr�� eilieti  i* li'iilcil I attaclib or famines.'-,    splitting    IIOlUl-;. ������1;,,��� .r T  r,   r,,.n   .i_,,j. ��r tkn iwiil.
-cheerful town certainly makes a b.-tter'bid. for'-business than.a.-'shabby and j )       0C^WW"- i*o citiu,, ib luiim   .u.hps-,,���,,, n<), ,,���  '     'vL of v0,n.m-s ! c.oulmg to J. C. Bell, cleik of the bank
.ugly ohe, ami/when, ���uvej-ybo.iv^ draw: the'| ;W   T^! D'7^"_'"": ���;��.t;,t?.r. ^^y   lil'e*'     Suc!- trials. Imlicklfi Plainly that [ Vl"?ic>' .district number two. comprls
���trade."     Absolutely tru'W- ��� Siiiikespi'ar.(>-'siiiil),'''-Tlii��-app:irel oiVprorlaims.io
���lhrt"woi,Id.ii.s-i)rogrt'.��sivone.-5rt'.or-,lack''o'f--it.'   ���-"A.'sliiibliyi-unpahUi'dVneglHCitul-
looking collection o.C-buildings is* mir/'ap.-.'to'iiriprtW'.a 'prospective .buyer or !
--new citizen as being Ihe home, of up\to-_da"te, merchants where good value for
.hi.-;- money cau' be obtained. WW'---'*'.-.   ,.''    7-  -  - ..- : "'���   }y-y .-"-, .... ,.-'���: Z    77
. \\W^U."n_7t'.*wn.s;.ami villages should also-, appreciate the fact 'thai/the motor ear-and .thoTra'pid extetisiott'of.'j-ystem?' of* good .roads ii working a revolu-'
-tion iii'-thtj'tou'rirti  ir.icle���ami a"Jueraiive7trade -i'toW'  ..Motor tourists* arri'v-
���ing;at.a negleclen"looking, town quickly.-pass on;, but. a town" ..of nval, nicely
���.j.i'iinted .buildings. Hy'r-fi freed, streets, trimly kept gardens,,tind a.n attractive
.'little square/or pai-k.'ihvjtes^a stop.-. It is in'sucih towus tonriiits slop'Tor the
;"..*_tjiglit and make their purchases;;! iVe'otiie'r places.get the-'go by WW' '.--'. ' " .:
'_,-   -'.Travelling' a.cro.-.s this, country", .ejilier.by-t raiii' or.motorl'Jjoiy. often is the
-remark .liearii: -"I'd. hate to live in. it *to\vn-.like, that."" --'On- the'.other luind,
-_";w;heri.o'3ie.6r-otir ail.tdo-rew'litjle garden towns -is )*ea'ehed,:pe.qp!e 'ai*e7;heard
..'In comment on its atlnu'tiveness-aiKlto sayt.''Kow'there is a.place.I wouldn't"
��� liiind living-ih."- '. '- ,���    -,*.-""���.'...--   ���"���   ''- X- "'. *'" '���;'- .i:    :y   ,7-   .-.;"."..'..:.
.".���"-",'���'.Trobab'ly, the* reason why. nothing: is/iloiiC' io improve the appearance or,
.-liiost"places is fear of-.the cost. But experience has demonstrated oyor'and over'
u'tgain that the cost of planting frees, of laying oiit.-a.small park.,of keepingMhe
tow"U neat,.is e'ompa.raiivoly small, while the-resuj'ting.benefits are large, yield'-;
'  ing'big dividends-on the investment, for, afterTall,' these' things.are;praclicalv
divldend-payiiig investments, "just .as truly.as is the-"pi":pvisio:i-6f;.fi'rc*-lighting.
'��;uijimeaL J And if thi7cotiimunify :.'is_ a'whoie.improves the appearance of.the
' streets "and- paltil.s'.up, 'such--action he'coniesi inKctiousantl very, quickly, in-
��� ���iiliyitlual. .citisi.eni.. ptit their- private grounds, and buildings*; into shape. ���   -'
:. - Certainly there is Vi grand opportiiuity. open ioti few pubiic'-spiritedmen
-..���tind. women-in- most,of our Western towns and villages to. render .real, coni-
-- munily- service by inailg'urating'Town -Ueautifuii cruiades."'������"  -���
l.eaier D. Gardner, editor of Avla-
j.tidn, in a  congratulatory dispatch  to
j-l'ost'master.-Ooner.'il N"ew"aa "the fasl-
K'st.mail service in the world."...'.'.-,".,
I * ^Actually the letter .which-Mr7'Gard-
ner-' started    i'or Chicago at five p.m.
-Wednesday and,-received, on its .reI urn
lit ^eleven 'a.m.. Friday ..waWin; the air
only."sixteen liburs oi'-'tiie total .elapsed,!
.the blood is thin and watery and that
the sufferer needs tlu> help-of a real
tome. such, as Dr. Williams' 'Pink Fills.
Suffering women who have used Ihis
medicine spoilt of if" in the highest
terms. . Among those who have been
thus helped.is Mrs.-Ada L. Hannan,
Virden.-jM au.'-. who. writes:���-"Kollow-
in?-;. the ,birth-, of a still-horn  child a
  ..     i few"- years, ago, I had ti v'erv serious
���-So it is possible lo.-briitg.aboutjj-tiuif..-.. r was sowetik for:jnonl lis, that
I had
ultimately, whon the {service ���_ is -' expanded- to" day- aiid night.both, actual
inlerconiiuiuiicatioti.over she hundreds
of intervening miles'wiihin-U' single
day.���-New- Vork Telegram.  .-'       ' '
ing the judicial districts of Kindersley,
Kerrobert, Wilkie, Battleford, Prince
Albert, iMeiforl, Humboldt, Wynyartl
���and Saskiitoon. in lh�� half-year ending .Time 30, bankruptcies were lcsu
than half* those registered during the
first six .months of .1924. '     -'    V
;iftfiller's \Ydrin"l'owdoi;.s.tire a.'plea^s-
ant;-medic!ne . for vvorni-infest.ed children,'atul they will'take'.it-without pb-
���.1eVtion.'\. Wliwi directions are .follow:
i;d if; will-hot iivjuro" i"he "most delica'ie
child;-as  there' .is. nothing-of' an'Iu-
���-- A*,railroad oflicial .unloaded a car. ot
'sixers iii-.Oklahoma and watered them.;
���Tht'ti lie found-   there    wasn't'- room
.enough fpr.'them iii .the same"car";*���*-.'
.'- - Short faces with, eyes-fai* apart, are
*-said' to- bo   characteristic , of
��� with musical-talent.      ..���'. -.    ,:
���.'���_.'- ;The Hopeless Poet- "..-<-".
Sliss Amy. Lowell,'""{he -welt-knowii
poet, who'died recently, said at'a diii:
lier..iii Greenwich village.:' . - '.-'_:
;' "Our'iiuigazines grow.rich and successful, but they offer little hpj'plial--
people;'ity to the poet, 7 :,   ,,.      7."'-. *"-    .' .   .
���"'j.- .-"I. know .'a poe'i���-and:, a great poet, seize their children" and. how necessary
���-?"-���r;lie -ia���who.entered"'the :' ollice'or.7a ! I>rompi action is.in applying relief/al;
j.n'iagjizino tlie other d;ty;: -;���-. ���  .   ,.   ...-
"'Sorry;' sai'i the .office hoyi 'bht.fhe
Complete, in  itself, - atotlinr. Graves'
Worm Externiihator" does not require
the' assistance of any;other.medicine
It does not faii
I. could not.'walk  "aeross. -the
without" a"feeling'of faintness."  .. .
scarcely, strength enough :-lo- stand up.!*-0 "ih^o-H efloctive.
and, when dressing .would, have "to sit \}�� *lo-lts -Vork,
down��� two _ oi*. three time's]      My face
aiid* lips"' were -colorless, 1 had uo.ap-
petite,. and  life did uot seeni" worth"
"���iving;    ;A friend urged me i.o try Dr:
.Williams' ���'Pink' ^Pills'." and'. I."got six
boxes.;. Before; they were-all gone. I
felt ��� improved';   '-'My-.;tippetite was "re--
turning;  color-was   coming  into  my
face*."-and "I .was.   visibly-*' stronger;'-. I ���      .       ... . .,.,,--_.-
.    . , eonlimie'd taking the. pills   and'. fullv{l1��e committee on imperial..defence, to
jurious natu.-e in ,its composiiion. -They Lre'gaiued.-my "former, good health. *'   r-.which......Ramsay , MacDonald.--referred
consider Dr, WilHams" " Pink .'.Vills.  a"! the question of British-military policy
Britain Will Keep     .
7    .),     )- Defences In Egypt
Must Maintain Adequate Naval Patrols
--��� wv    On Sues Canal  " ��� 77
... London.���:The-'.Daily "'Express'say's
will speediiy.-rid -a' child.of worms.-and
restore the health: of the'little-sufferers' whose yit.aliiy liti!_ become 'impaired - .by" thej.;.a! tacks ;o��__these. ..internal*
pests.-   ;  . ���-,* ' . '. .',*.* '7    .   ."���',""" "
���-" . , Homestead "Entries. :,-." ,*
.- .Decline in homestead.entries" .is the"
settlement of_the,west proceeds is in-
testing' to ' contemplate. - - In :t!)0"i-06
and 1010-1-1. t'ne.two largest'-years,-in'
history, Saskatchewan accommodated
2T,Gy2;and 25,227 homesteaders respectively.. *jri 19Lm", 2.729 homesfeaderrf
'iilbd;'ort-S.askalehe>vais.lands. ..
M inard's is'. wonderful  for. the - ��
rub-down.     Takes out the stiffness, soothes the bruises.
- Truth About Rope Trick
A film producer is offering a big reward . in India fo anybody, who can
show him the famous rope trick, ia
which a juggler throws a rope.'hifo the
air, mid a boy climb's up it and disappears, while the. rope comes tumbling
down. Lord Lonsdale, when in India long ago, made it similar offeT
amounting to ��.1,000, but if was never, claimed." ' The rope trick .is a
myth.���Londou Sunday Pictorial..
blessing to .weak women; and; hope
my. experience will'induce, some other
sufierer"to' .'.ry-them."'"'"' WT7"T'-"'.~}
;You cau'-'gef. these;pills .from any
medicine dealer, or.by- ''mail., at 50
ceuts .a box, direct from The.Dr. Wilr.
Mains' Medicine" Co.;- "lir.oc.kviHei--.Ont;
Mothers..-.Value "this .'Oil.���.Mothers
wlio  know how  suddenly'-croup may.!
-An' Ame.'icah' recruiting sergeant
.1 was-'endeavoring .to" persuade a.coffee-.,
[colored gentleman." to join' the cokirtt.
"See here, you.-.-feller',". he said,. "I'm
.asliin' -you" tp .jine'-'on.e" of the finest
little .standing" armies in -.existence'."
"Ain't, no "good,-boss,-"-saiii the nigger,
"f'got to liev a-"job", wbar.'ah-kin'sit-
down."' .""-   ���'  '���'; "��� -.**.. '������    -7 ". '- ���'--*
in -TigypLr liiis. reported" that, -it Is ot
tain adequate British. - forces' oil' the
j.banks. of the Siiex Canal,-.'adequate
naval patrols -on the canal" itself and
that -wirji.a' view/of insuring .the safety"
of-these forces 'the.;-present-���".���Uritish
garrison at-- Cairo'.must, bo "maintained
as; it - is. now.... Tlie, paper ��� adds- 'the
etibinet litis "accepted the.report;which
wilf .'.form." -the -basis- of .the' British
���policy- ;' X: '.:"*-.    ���'���*-."   "     '   . "-- -."
editor's; out,*
v>.iTft ro_i rhec tva ca^c _.o?k >_ifn__<-re<..��*uc.<a<..(MJ_-
..   ""'in that cast;,''said the poet,-as he
j took a .manuscript from .-his . pocket ��� m
Women "are. .employed -_is sailurs-pn'
ways  keep at hand' a   supply'of :Dr.'-j ships iRailius? ,from  pons ' in "Norway.
Thomas' Kcleciric^OJi.-because.experi-jSw,nden nnd Fj,jlamL,,. -   '- ���������".        ,-
Lence has-taught iheiu that this is an) .-    -." ���    , - -   - - - .    . ��� -   .-'  . .;-������*
exe��'lleht;preparatldn "for the"trealmeiit.i-  7 ���'-���'    ���"  . -        --      -* ���'_���" :
of" tliis*. ailment.."    And they' are wise, "   The coinage.of gold, has.been, resuin-
���j'wonl.r you -mind .dropping- litis poenij
I in. his- wasic'i.nskef for"uie?" " -';.';   -     !
its,������'various uses rentier it
able liifidiclhe. .      ".''*-.
�� vs.lu-
MRN $5,000 TO $1��,000A^YEAR
"'���'-'.*������ Earni $5,000.to f 10.000 yearly or more.- "  (Set into business for your-.
"self. -Study Chiropractic; now/before the educational, requirem.ents_3.re .
raist-d'andthe iehgtli dfthe" course' extended. ",.Tour field is ���unlimited.
Enrol'now for our SeptV-mber^class." ;.Theri be"read>7'to'.make;bJg;niOTiey'
in the.-itrofes_.ion_  . Ask-'for full. part.iculairs from, the '   7'   ": 7 "
Department  A,,.3-'Charles - Sltreet. West,'Tbrorito
; ���;'���. .Force, of Habit -----'.:' '['
��� ���'. I'a^senger-(formerly telephone.siri)."
r-I'orter, why didn't you call me, as I
t old you?.. ._���- . . '"'. -.. ���;._���,... ,";.- "
Sleeping-car ".'P.orterWAh-. did," Uidy,
Ah'shot .'did. '.Ali-sade: VKebeiKthir'ty.
ma'aih,'-' an', you-.sade:' "Litie's: busy."
Fresh and "carefully packed7in:. pure
olive oil. Keep a stock in the pantry
for easily prepared, enjoyable meals.
���-'-'. u
'.[ [ '���'��� ,"*'.-.. Alberta-Tar Sands"!
\'-. Thirteen carloads, of tar* sands-.from
! tl'ie Draper. leasek. at.'*\yatCTways,- were,
'shipped east.'.'during- the-months of
���S-jMay'and J li.'ie." for ..the, purpose or ex-.
[ perimcrital road building' at various
{points, in the-Dominion.    -���;. , ,    : ������-'���
edln Russia' by- the.Soviet .mint.
I "7 '." '".���/-Nothing "Couid;Stb'p-H"e"r'7-'
I    Stevens'.���"Did .your  wife """picli
driving very soon?"
- \y.i!l'iamsW"ires, she learned in. six
wrecks."  ��� ���*������.'
Tho . first    steamship to' cross  the
Pacific sailed from San Francisco in
1S67,   xy      ���,._    ���:-.   v'/-...-.'";/.
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
:W: W*. . U.   158*
Eczeina On Hands
For Two/fears
Cuticura Healed
.'" For about two years I Buffered
with- eczema' on " my bands. . Jt
started with small scaks and then
turned to a rash and was very.' aore
and red.- It itched terribly at times
and'kept spreading'until my'*finger's, were.covered with it.' I could
not put my hands in. -water nt>"r -do
any woik. I did hot get much sleep
at night ofl account" of the limitation.
'.-' '-' I used- 'other remedies, without
much success:* J saw Cuticura Soap
and Ointrocjit "advertised ''and sezst
for a Iree sample. After "using st I
purchases! more and in a month's
time I was cocopletely healed."
(Signed) Lawrence Chaiivin, West
Chaiyf N. Y��� Sept. 27,1S24.
Make Cuticura Soap and Ointment your evety~dsy toilet preparations and faavea clear, s-wcet skia,-
s'oft smooth bands, and a healthy
scalp ���with good hair. Cutico-nai Talcum is wnezccllsd in purity.
B-_zyt�� SMk ttm Sr **&. Aiireat CmuSia'
Dep.it: "Shaeiouia, tlA. KaAxi." ?ric��#So����
Se.^iabs��>CS'x!_<f Ste. Ttinsa St.
C��Sce*-* Sb��*i.�� Stick ZSe.
Natural Resources of the North
Engineer Will Investigate Tar Sands
��� 7 ."-'Of Fort McMurray.W.'.-���'.���' "
���-.With':" the inteittio'n oC'making-fur;
.ther- investigation* i'zito 'the.'.lar sands
of tluJ.Fort'McMurray" district, S. C.
Kiln, mining1 engineer.. ��")f' the', department of/mituJsar.Ottawii', and'one* of
'thejeading tiui.horlties of the'-Dominion .'on the. minorai- deposits "of that
area, has' left- for the liortii on a five-
uiuniiis' trip. ������ Mr. Ells .is.taking -with
him a drilling machine", aiul it is hop.ed
to secure ."by-means of. boring,-more
detailed -knowledge of tiie deposits
titan has ever been'obtained-before.
; ,- ����� ' .".-.. A, Thrifty Lovie'rV- ,"" : ":-;-'.
-���'^Vhy-db you'-.���want""your" Jove letters,
returned':"; ."asked /.the 'girl'wlip had
broken .-the* engagement. "Are- ypu
afraid-ihat-I'll sue yoa in court?" ...
7 "Xo,",->'is��ie'd the young, man; -"but-'I
paid- Quite a'5 bit to have those letters
written-by an expert, and I may lise
Enameled Sink
Best value ever offered.  Made of Armco
Iron, - coated  with ' purest  SJIP   While
Enamel,    Centre drain; with or without
- tap holes.  Price include.-, ell fittings.
Also the SMP Enameled
Drain Board
Price $6^9
White enameled Armco Iron, strong, rfcid.
very handy; also unique value. Fltinugly
to sink. A real plumbing wmutioo. Price
includes ell fitting*. Sold hy .plumber*,
hardware stores, or .write direct to
���^Sheet M��tal Products c��
'.Made'.Into yarn 35c lb., or Batts 25c U).
Writo'for- rlixuilar-'quotinjr our jiiriei'.t
for . tiKidcrwoar," iiwiralt-rs, ; bliinicets,
Inackinavv coats and pants, etc.
,-'"-' ' *   Sudbury," Onf. ...- -    _ *"
'X! iheni,;\ngain'- some
" ' Legion. Weekly. -
The United States dead lr-lter oific-'j
received 21,000,f>00 letters last year
which had incorrect addresses.
\. It -is a fine thing, to teach Chris'tian.-
i ity to primitive peoples. - Christian-
! Ir.y should be preserved somewhere.
���'-:   inc.
;f 0�� 3n_ Ave., S.
" ' S����k��_eh��wa�� .
,r-Minardi   Ltntment   For   Corn*. ' and
'��� Wart* i
9s. 1 far ��l;$d!��er Catarrh. ��s. 5 fer Hloed Ut
��� Snia Plis&nsZ- go.SferChreif'icWt&kg-essei.
-aoto ar r.E��Bt!K c'tt'c��;*T-;.ff��cii��-ESGr����o.3��_.
-I>tI.ff.Cl..'r-KC Me3. Co.1ssvcr*:ock fc&Ji.VfJ, LAftdaW
erHj_!91.10rroa_.fl. r.c-x-z Sr. E..TOEO>t;0.0,��V
m J*. Ssac j����'Sra.��.iir, Kw Vsh errr.
��� \
' I
yy -������ THE   LEDGE,   GBEUWOOD,   B. G
1 ^
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Neuralgia ���   Colds
Toothache - Neuritis
' s       ���
Accept  only  "Bayer"  package
which contains proven directions.
ITuiid.v "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles "of 24 and* 100���Druggists.
Anplrln Is tli* trsdc mark (rpclstprcil In Camilla) of Bayer Mumifncture of Monoacctlc-
���clilcstor or Sallc.rllcHolil (Acetyl Salicylic Aclil, "A. S. A."). . While. It - In well known
that Aspirin mcunn Bayer luiinufactiirr, lo assist the public againstImitations, tlio Tablet*
���(.Bayer Company will he stamped with   tbeir goncral  trade mark, tho  "Bayer Crosu."
Taking Care
Of War Graves
No Other Country Honors Dead Like
England ;
-.Not far from the main lino ol! travel
to Paris and' tho south of Franco,
among the sand dunes of '(Staples, are
buried 11,00) Engliuli soldiers. This;
one of the largest JSnglish cemeteries
in France, is visited every day by
scores of tourists making the rounds
of the battlefields and cemeteries.
Probably uo. country among the
AJli^s lias taken such pains as ling-
land to honor the memory of the men
who died in iter defence. In' every
pari of the -.voiitl, on every continent,
on every island where the great war
wasjought, lies dead Englishmen, and
to the Imperial War Graves Commission has been entrusted the task of
perpetuating the last resting places of
mon- than a.million sons of the empire.       " - .
The work of this commission has
assured to the British dead'of the late
wtir what was once the right only ol
generals and great statesmen-permanent sepulture. The work oT engineers aud architects among the most
prominent in (he empire has gone into
tbe task of making stable and durable'Country's      Food      Production      Not
Says British Nation,
Not Properly Fed
Diet Poorest in World According to
London  Doctor . W
The Britisih nation is"'the-worst'fed
nation in the world, and chemists have
become the greatest .'slayers of man"
kind, SI17William Milligan, M.D.. declared' iii opening a food exhibit"~at
���Manchester. The British diet, on the
average was, insuflicient, ill-balanced
and monotonous, he said; cooking
lelt much to be desired, and the quality of food supplies was open to grave
suspicion. He attributed much ol
the dyspepsia, gaslro-intoslinal disease and intestinal lethargy fo the
tendency of people to live ou preserved loods.
"Our' chemists," he added, "have
become, because of this tendency, in
a sense almost the grealest slayers ot
mankind Responding doubtless, to a
popular demand, they have worked at
the discovery of food preservatives
and these have been so largely used
thai, along with- the results of cold
storage, tood became literally mumi-
Wonderful Features At
���y.. ^ Leipsic Exhibition
Huge Underground Hall Considered
Technical World's Wonder
The coming- Leipsic fair, to be held
from August 30 to September 9, promises to surpass any previous Leipsic
exhibition. It is expected the attend-*,
a&ce win be nearly double that of the
spring-fair, at which there were more
-than. 180,000 business men from all
parts of the world, with 1-4,000 exhibitors from 18 countries. .
One ot the features of the coming
fair will be the huge underground
exhibition / hall, generally considered a' technical world's wonder. . Another prominent feature will bo. the
machinery hall, conceded to be tht>
largest exhibition hall in Germany. It
occupies an area of 21,000 square
meters. The old house for electro-
technics has been materially enlarged by two wings each two stories
high. In order to furnish the necessary space for the erection of a number of new exhibition buildings, the
municipality of Leipsic has placed a
further area of 130,000 square meters
at the disposal of the administrators
of,the.fair. This permits sufficient
space, foi; the construction of a special
freight station.
Tliere is also a plan on foot to have
���foreign firms display-their exhibits in
special halls in a "Street of Nations."
��� The magnitude of fhe Leipsic fuir
has made division into two sections
necessary, "The General Sample Exhibit" *md "The Technical and Constructive Kxhibit." The latter exhibition will contjnue tour days longer
than the former and will bc arranged in 15 halls. The "Sample Exhibition" will be-contained in 80 halls and
special "buildings.
World's Largest Cities
Japan's Most Serious Problem
the graves of the million dead war-
riots. '
In sill cemeteries is the .reproduction of the gieat Cross of Sacrifice, designed by Sir Reginald Hlomfield���"a
cnrveii sione and a stark sword brood-
Adequate      For      Increasing
/The    food    and population problem
still  continues  the  most serious  one
confronting   Japan.       At    a    recent
meeting  of high  ollicials  ol   the   ikv
ing on'the bosom of the cross," vs k.partmenl of agriculture and forestry
was described by Rudyard Kipling In ' it was decided lhat the government
a poem commemorating King George's 'should revis->. the regular ions i'or open-
pilgrimage to the war cemeteries j ing up anil bringing land under oul-
three years ago.      lu each of these. tivation.
cemeteries, front that at Soissons lo i The officials were of the opinion
that on the Mount of Olives itsell, that there "are considerable areas in
stands the great Cross of Sacrifice; Ilokaido and Korea which might be
aud in the larger cemeteries is a companion memorial.
BOWELS.    7
London, New York and Berlin Head
the List in Order Named
-Though London, with Ils 7,17(>,1CS
and New York with 6,103,38-1, still lead
the cities of the world in point of population, recent estimates show Berlin
lo be gaining on her rivals.     Berlin [kpe* tIle boaver* iro��� *oing f,
is now third on the world's list, with  ilergroiind.
a population of 4,114,000���an' increase
of 310,000 over the previous decade.
Paris,    with    2.907,000,    follows  Chicago's  2,935,239, while  Buenos Aires.
Beaver Strategy
How Thes�� Cunning Animals Circumvented Well Laid Plans of Man
Among the most interesting of tho
smaller mammals, and, also typically
Canadian, is the beaver, whoso intelligence, industry and engineering ability have pointed many a moral and
adorned many a tale. The latest
story Illustrating these qualities .is
told by A. Derieux iu the American
Magazine and makes good reading. Incidentally it may strengthen the sentiment that it would be a decided loss
to Canadian wild life were these capable "woodmen,"'builders and strategists permitted to disappear from our
forests and rivers.
The .'bearers of the Bronx Zoo inhabit a beautiful spot with a lake,
where they have a dam/and a house
that they have built themselves. They
work in unison; two cut down a tree
and drag it to thc dam; two others
are engaged in actual construction,
and one or more, the bricklayers or
plasterers, daub the chinks with mud.
Now the space allotted to them at
(he zoo is large; they occupy a whole
valley. Tae only sign of captivity
is tho ,fenc�� that surrounds the lake
and the valley; the fence is of iron
stakes and is set in a concrete base
embedded Jeep in the ground, so that
the animals cannot dig" under il. At
the end of the lake grows a large oak-
tree, near wnich tho lence runs. There,
becauso of the roots of the trees, the
concrete was not poured very deep;
the massive roots seemed sufficient to
tr un-
Russian Peasants Are Superstitions
Believed Property Was Damaged As
Penalty For Sins
An amazing trial illustrating the ignorance and superstition of the Russian peasantry recently was held in
the Minsk district. -In order to increase the income of the village priest
and to strengthen his authority over
the local peasantry a group of villager parishioners resolved to frighten
thc peasantry with the pretence of a
"real" devil in the village.'
A village boy was dressed up to
resemble a devil. During the night
he Avent to the village dwellers to
frighten them. He waa instructed tu
carry out secretly slight damages to
peasants' property. This went on for
several months,- and the ignorant
peasants took it all in earnest, as a
penalty for their sins. They flocked
to the church, Induced the priest to
hold special ^services and organized
common prayers and religious processions. ���
A special commission had to be sent
from the district town to investigate
the peasants' troubles, which were
brought to an end only, by the arrest
of the "devil." The priest and. the
local authorities were placed on trial
and sentenced to many years imprls-
Indian Potentate Likes Golf
Says  Low Score  Gives  Bigger  Thrill
'Than Shooting  Elephants
A rose-turbanned potentate with
gold sport shoes is going to chase a
little white ball with various sticks on
cros3-country walks'through fairways,
juggle rough, desert-like sand traps
and velvety greens in Canada and the
United Stales.
The Zainmindar of Palayampatli
and Paludanathan���take it from the
passenger list���came to" New Vork on
the Atpiitania recently.
"Vou Americans come to India to
shoot tigers in our jungles," ho remarked, y "1 come to America to shoot
golt on your courses." Ife added
that there was a bigger thrill in making a lower score on the links than in
shooting an elephant.
liow the crealures chose thai one Ho w going to Chicago and San
weak spot no one, .knows. It must Vniucisco and return to New York
have taken them weeks*to dig their|b-v' waJ" ��r Canada on tho way-home,
lunnei.     Starling at the shore of lhe|JintJ'���� r-I,u journey he will play his
X70TJ quickly re-
���*"' move those
"ground in" particles of dirt from
linoleum with Sally
Ann.    '
jS_hoe Dressing
lake, they dug to the roots of Lhe tree.' favorite game as much as lie ran.
according   to   late   dispatches,   now
climbs into this group villi a census Iaiul llle�� lhvmi^h ,hwn- lhw'c'b>' <lt)d��
report of 2,310.4-11.
Tokio, before  the eavUitiuakc. had
opened up and tilled if proper encouragement- were   offered   settlers.     It
At Chatham. Portsmouth and Plymouth, in Kcgland itself, aro mwn-
erlalrf to-the dead of the navy. A
tablet to Ihe dead ib also in the"
Church of Notre* Dame at Pat I.s.
Others are scattered throughout the
���   ��� ���Dogs- Hauled- Lumber ""
A team of five Malanuue dogx was
uscd successfully last- winter to haul
lumber from a mill on" Grant" Lake,
west'of Cordova, Alaska, to the Ala.slwi
railroad, two miles distant, for transportation to Seward and Anchorage
���The  'shipment   of
was stated Lhat, while the area of land
in Japan and the volume of foodstuffs
havc been matci hilly increased, the
rale of increase has begun to fall off
lately and id not keeping pace with
the increase of population.
Consequently, additional inducements are to be offeied settlers in tho
districts winch are" still" openlo ~cul-
nearly reached the quota of south
America's largest eity; but late figures
received from Japan place that city's
present population at approximately
1,9J7,3US'���a trillo less than Philadelphia's quota, which at ihe last census
stood at 3,979,364.
Other cities in Europe whose papulations approximate this latter figure
are Vienna with 1,863,720 and Moscow
with 1,551,025. The cities of Madrid
and Pekin have   also   shown consid-
|ing the epncrele. The tunnel came
up ten feet on thu other __ide of ihe
All of Ute animals escaped but one, j cuts or
and therein perhaps lies JLhu supreme
mystery of ihe whole incident.     Why
Trade With  Russia
The small \alue of the recognition
ior ihe Soviet Government was shown
j by figures c$uctled In the Btitish House
  I of Commons hy A. M. Samuel, undei--
��� It Testifies, for Itself.-Dr. Thomas'!decretary 0l the board ot' mule' ITo
; Eciectriti Oil needs no testimonial ot ! saitI the British exports to Russia In
Wis  powers other than Iteelt.    v*\Vho-!l924 amounted, to    ?55.O00,O00,    while
'!!,!"" ly.i0,l,!Lt"L,^0US1-.,.S. 0L?.?lt3^ f��!_',Jl0s0 tii Ul��. United    States   for   the
same period amounted to more than
5ir,50i>.p0fl.     The United Slates has
contusions, i'or (-prams or
burns, ior pi ins in the limbs or body,
wt-li know that the medicine proves
itself antl n-*eds no guarantee.     This
did they leave him?    One thing is cer- j shows why this Oil is iu general use.
tain.     By staving behind he,-conceal-j 	
ed the escape of Hie others.     "eav-1 Woinen   Equal   Men
ers  seldom   appear  all  af  once:   the j
keepers would s-lc ihis one and Think ���
the others werr nearby.    ��� Moreover, I
he made many tracks in the mud and
In Driving Test
not recogni/.ed Russia.
au; a good deal of the corn w-lrich they
erable growth" during lhe past decade, i *'
ire fed.
In   Fact They Slightly Surpass Them
Says  Automobile Association
-Scientists    and    psychologists have
���determined after a series of tests that
Every mother knows how fatal the
hot summer months are to small children. Cholera infantum, diarrhoea,
dysentry, colic and stomach troubles
the' former now having 1 000 000 per-1     inc Uyt>IK'rs lcnew ^ou\nm about tne j von,e��� automobile drivers are Just as ! are rife at this time and often u rrec
sons, according ib lale census figures;' ^^ uint" "^ Cil,M  in mmJ,le'competent, if not more competent than |Ious little life is lost afteronly a few
and the latter city 1,200,000.
Young Men Outlaws
J botanical g-miens, a mile away, fh.i(lmr,..
the American Automobile Asso-1
Idleness .Believed to be a Prime Cause
For  Lawlessness
A' surprising and  distressing thing
15,000 feet waa lis fhe great number of joutig men en-
made from the mill in loads averaging
three-quarters of a ton.
The Decline of Pie
Thomas Masacu is complaining ot
the passing of pie a1, a feature of
every good dinner. v There are restaurants in New York, he declare;?,
that regard it as a social error for
anybody to ask for so plebeian a pus-
try.���Kew York Sun.
The    Untied    States
broadcasting stations.
now has 5t.:��
With the
Cream Jcf tin!
gaged in outlawry. The papers aro
full of burglaries and hold-ups committed bj; ryoung men ranging in age
from flgliteeu to twentytwo. Thero
i.s a way to at least partially stop this
disgraceful state of -affairs: Knl'orco
ihe law against vagrancy. The vagrancy law !__ stilt on the books every-
where. Wherever a young man is
found who has no visible m*ean.s-of
.���uipporl, Jet him bi^ arrested for vagrancy. It he ia not a thief, he is at
least imposing cruelly on parents or
other relatives. " In all the arrests
being made for outlawry by young
men, not one east; ha* been discovered where ihe thief had a job; everywhere these crimes are being ^omuiif-
ted hy men who" hang around pool
halls, soda water counters, or otherwise show the marks of loafers.���E
\V. Howe's Monthly,    '
Explore   Lake   Winnipeg j
--'A - scientific'-tour of'the'nortliefn!
stretches ot Lake "Winnipeg has been I
completed by Charles F. Goodeve, in'
the yacht Clutha. Mr. Goodeve. a'
midshipman in the Royal Canadian'
Volunteer Tteserve, left Winnipeg, May I
25,' in company wiih"G. IIuU, geolog*
ist; L. Clarke and P. Cameron/"entomologists; and Professor F. N'ea\e,
of the zoology department.,
beavers   were' cutting down uiluabie; cialioit- .inn0Ullced at" Washington,
trees.     Tli^n    they   discovered   that'
only one.beaver-was lelt��� and-he-had '
been left as.a blind.  -
Horse Sense Saves Them
A writer in Forbes Magazine reveals
the  somewhat   surprising    fact    that
hours illneaa.    The mother who keeps
i Baby's  Owu Tablets    iu    the    house
I feels safe. ' The occasional use of the
women were found j Tablets -prevent���strmueh-a'nd bowel
They are first, the  troubles, or If trouble comes sudden-
J    .   , iv���as it generally does���the Tablets
taV�� t0!wlll- bring   the - baby safely through,
danger nnd  takes steps  to avert  it; "phf-v are sold bv medicine dealers or
In    two    tests
1J mure competent,
'speed with wliich the driver
the driver responds in such actuation. * Ur- Williams* Medicine
In tho-Jlrst test', the experts found  vlIie,, 0nt' "    '
Co.,    Brock-
J there are more horses in this country'it took ten college women St! seconds,
by several millions than there arc mo-' to relict to danger, and men 20 sector-driven    vehicles.     The   horse   is
not seen oftiTi, as   hi*
Time To Go Fishing
The correct.lime to go fishing does
not depend so much on the moon, the J
sun, the direction of I lie wind or even j
the condition of the. water.     The cor-'
rect time to go fishing is when house1
cleaning starts..���Cham.ite, Kan., Trl-
! bune.
keeps   him
Free Press.
horse   sense
city street-..���Detroit
The carriage 'Was crowded as the
joung man opened the door'and asked: "Is this Noah's Ark fiill?"
I "Ves," was the,reply from tho man
in the corner, "we're all here except
the ass; come in."
Nerves Gave Little Rest
The average maple tree yields
enough sap to make from five to ten
pounds of maple sugar.
Paring a corn Is both risky and Ineffective. It is much better to use
Holloway's Corn Remover and eradicate them entirely.
1 to relict to danger, and men
_ Iu the second lest 'the. variability ot
ton women was only 3 7 seconds, while,
that of ten men was -2 seconds.
Asthma Can be Relieved.     Its buffeting is as needless as it is terrible      ri_,_._.~.._- ��. ���*�� ��� ��* *__���_,.<'r,.T ,.,i,__*.,
to endure. After its many years or * Flatt(?r*v ** 4l!c JLlt of maklns oliim
relief of the most stubborn cases no believe that you are interested in
sufferer can-doubt the-perfect eftVc- ��� them when ,In reality they give yon
tiveness of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma | jj,af tired feeling.
Itemed} .     Comfort of body ami peace j  ,
of mind return with its use and nightri !       -        . .     ~ _, '. . _ .
of sound .sleep come back for good. J Minard's Liniment for Aches and Pain,.
Ask your druggist; he can supply you. "~~
  i    About IrtO tribes of Indian.! rare sup-'
po.��ed to  havo become  extinct .--Ince
Marriage Through Ads
The number of marriage add In the]
Berlin    newspapers - aro    Increasing, j
Many hundreds of people manr each
each   year   as   the result of* reading
these ads. records show.  ' *,
Harrowamith, Ontario.���"I took your
Tijsmi9Riiiietiiiil^ was a grca�� ^e^P
Insane Woman Brilliant Writer.
A woman patient in a London luna-
lic asylum  has written a number of
brilliant short stories which'will soon
be published.      They are said  to be
extremely clever In
peal.    Th* asylum authorities say tne i
writer  appears  perfectly  sane: while;5ie ?'aJ to' bu>' 3*>s to:u!s
j writing fiction, but at other times is
Bought 308 Toads
The backyard of a man at Franklin.
i., was alive with ant.w.     He advf>r-_
Canada's New Headquarters
Relieved by-Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound ��� .  .     .   .     .    ...
Building in London is Famous Union ,
Club Remodelled
A good deal has been published re
  ......  centlv about Canada's new headquar
^��al.����&Ilej-*in Loiulon-but-Iierl,ai'3' ���n-v db,
to take it. I just felt! Ilor know that it is the iamotss-b'nlon !
Club remodelled.     This was ihe cluh
of the great Dnke.of Wellington, who
overthrew Xapoleon.
This transformation of an old clubhouse itiio ihe offices Of a Dominion
(rovernment is u unique event. It Is
a symbol of the blending of old and
Columbus discovered America.
as though I was tired
out all the time and
would take weak,
fainting: spells. My
nerves would bother
me until I could get
little rest, day or
night. I was told by a
friend to take Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vsgc-
new which has widened and sterngth-
i "their human ap-' ti3��* tfl!U ^ would pay 10 cents fori table Compound, and I only took a fc-vv ] ene<i -^e foundations of the British
authorities say the i toad,- " Uoyfcime b, the .core and   ^^jW^^eriMfr.  I CommoimeaI
Infantum "
i hopelessly mad.
Free: Rcc.oe' Cook���
Write the Barden Co.
Limited,   MofrstrcaU
kt'pt secret.
Her name i^'to be.     Passport Officer.���"Where are your
.proofs that she's jour wife?"
  HiMipeck-���"I haven't an>, but if you
The First Mai! Coaches csn prove that she's    not ~f��y    witv
Mail coaches for the conveyance of you're a made man."
letters   were   fimt   set up at Bristol, j 	
England, by John Palmer of Bath, on j    "If   I   were   to die I wondvr If you
J August 2. 17^4.     Tliey soon became j woijhl remember me for long?"
} general.     The mails were first sent j    "I  think so, dear���Use doctor says
W.   N.   V.   US*
��� by steam railway in 183S
Imv indSgfsiioii is incurable.'
would recommend it to any woman. I
am doing what I can to publish this
good medicine. I lend that little book"
you sent me to any one I can help. You
can with the greatest of [pleasure use
my name in regard to the Vegetable
Compound if itwtll serv-e to help others."
���Mrs. Harvey Mslugan.R. R. No.2,
HaiTOWsxnitb, Ontario.
In a recent canvass of purchasers of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ove? 100,000 replies were received
and 98 out of every 100 said they had
been helped by its use. This medicine
is for s-iue by all druggists.
alth. of Nations. Sucji a '
conjunction between the haunts of an
oh! club and the fcuw quarters of a !
ywauger government, with its mani- [
fold and teeming activities;, tiiimulates '
the imagin-ttion and presents a happ:
development, ;
Tha word Oregon is fcald to ha\.
come from the term ''Or^erones,'
mean1t\g big-eared Dies.
"JMsnard's LSnirn��nt for Burns
Tlii* valuable preparation has bees
on the mariel fat over $& ye_vra, and
ha.a ao equal for offi-etfing the vomit-
iupr, pinging and diarrhcea of c&tdcra
Put up only bf Tie T. Mabijm ���e��
, it
Is J2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain aud
the United Slates fa.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $35.00
Coal.and Oil Notices....;.     7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks 1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tliat tbe editor would be pi eased
to have more money.
Trapping Leases
Trap Hnes in tbe fur country
are to be registered and the territory over -which they run will
become the licensed property of
the particular trappers to whom
the ground may be allotted.
This radical  departure  in  the
handling of   trapping   territory
���will be officially.noted in the new
game, protection regulations to be
..announced shortly by the British
7 Columbia Game Board. ---._  .-7 ;';'*���-'-'
*  Announcement-of this is made
\by. Mr... MWB. 'Jackson, ��� K.C.,
chairman of.the board,- who  has
��� just returned -from' ah "inspection
7of the centraKgame districts.
7:7 "He interviewed-trappers, farm-
7ers and  sportsmen...  Conferences
were held with Gol7"Rogers, park
'-;commissioner atJasper, regarding
,��� game -7sancturies...'-'*' .Announce-,
ment will-lbe later made as'to.'the
���" board's7' conclusions. ��� withXregard
. -to game preserves. *".    ''���['"'-'-X
*. 7- ."By-.the,registration sjstein for
- trap".lines,.which :will give'trappers exclusive rights" in *. the cer-
. .tain 'bounds,:, the "7fur .harvester
.-will' '"be--' inspired'-.' to -preserve,
' .rather than deplete,"* the:.district
.""���where  fur.-bea.ring, .animals ;are
-. found, said. Mr.. Jackson'. .��� *,'This
will result'in'savi'ug the breeding
: atiimals., ;Before the -white man
"."'entered';--' the; trapping-; .business,
Wh'e": rt1dia.ns7folLo.wed:-. the._.system.
of .'.maintaining '.breeding stock.;
Under the.new regulations, which
; .meet with1 general   approval   of
* trappers, the trap .line, in reality
.-will become fiir farms."',. -���'.'- 7 " v -
Continuing Presbyterian w
Church Not Recognized 7
By Church Alliance
Montreal.--: "The non-concurring minority of-the Presbyterian
Church in.. Canada *. has:; not'been
recognized' as.' the. continuing
��� Presbyterian'Church by- -.the- alliance ; of the reformed, church'
throughout the JwoHd, known as
the ,P'an-American""CounciL-'. The.
alliance.has' .-decided- to... submit
them as a new church, .whatever
.name will be determined ,,by '���" the
������proper authorities.'! ""���-:---7 yy'-x.
:-���-, This was ..the. statement, made
here on! August 3rd..by7Br7,*C, C.
P id ge.on of % Toronto,'; moderator
.of the United .Church, .in Canada,
who .passed .through7* here ..from
attendiaif the council.;'meeting of
the alliance; of .. tbe7 reformed
churches throughout n the world,
held in Cardiff, Wales,   -*'
.The Price, of Pleasure'
The ever interesting story; of a
joacg woman's straggle and heart-*
aches who marries in lo & family
that considers    itself   above  her
;, /js-bidiaily^ % 'toM in grisiphiis inanher
'in **'tTBe- WiGS-'-iil r-JPlealpre'*; ".T0tsi>
��� ^fer,Mi--'Je#e?,- '.'po-��larru��g; ��� Virgwfe
. %_|li ,m3-,f-N($i&&ii[- K&rry.: itnej
���Which'. - -wiil  fefe- '.screened   is�� 7thfe
���0^nwd��Jd'>'l0[j^fere* 'oh Safeoriflay,
������'&&%*; -BEh. . ������������ 'i^miseX,zM&zmtfoX- %
Moj'B&me^f. JS&te" '���lMt��f,,Ms>Qrg&'
'FawcefetV Ms0exkM&B-X^^ :J:&iaM
���'Oi- .B^prnwi^S^ev^Ap^tiicipal [:Mp.p^.
:p&&tojg} x'pigs. ���' nncfier ���.���^ir^lioaK-ofe
.'Sd'Jws^.'SIona'SV.-'.''-'- yxXXXXx XXyXX
The Late Ari Hopper
Ari Hopper, widely known as
"Dad" Hopper died iu Grand
Forks on July 24bh. Iu referring
to the passing of this pioneer the
Grand Forks Gazette says:
"General regret was expressed
in the city when it; became known
that Ari Hopper had passed away
in the Grand Forks HoBpit-ul last
Friday evening. Deceased was in
his 81st year and had been gradually losing ground for some
months and his end was not entirely unexpected.
The late Ari Hopper was born
in St Louis, Mis. j and was an old-
timer in the Boundary, coming to
British Columbia 30 years ago,
and ' resided in the Rock c Creek
district, where his death is regretted by a large circle of friends.
For the lasfe two years he resided
in Grand ForkB.
He is survived by his wife Mrs.
Virginia Hopper, three daughter?,
Mrs. W. M. Powers, Midway; Mre.
Geo. Lord, Rock Creek, and Mrs.
J. W. Reid, of Grand Forks, and
one son, Calvin Hopper, of Midway., to whom the deepest sympathy of the community is extended in their bereavement.    "   W
Funeral services were held in
the United Church lasfe Sunday
afternoon, and were conducted by
fehe Rev. F. E. Runnall*?, following which the cortege proceeded to
Evergreen cemetery whero interment took place. Many beautiful
floral tributes were sent in respect
to, the memory of fehe deceased,
among these contributing being:
Mrs. McEwen and family, Miss J.
Clery, Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Need-
" Mrs. W.-S. Mc-
Riding in Canadian Rockies: A Growing Summer Diversion
ham,   Mr.
DockBteader,   Mr
Mrs. Bubar,7 Mrs7 Powers and Mr
and Mrs. J,.: W. Reed."     '. .   x
Mrs. Ed.
.. Mrs. E.
Mr. , D.   R:
Mrs. Lord,
/���;;; A Regular Take-Off 7
'. "Of .course.'!* 'IbVo-'-ypriV -.Tom,"
and/she took off her shoes, - '"".Yes,
we, will-get. married some'day,"
and she toot -off7her -.stockings.
"We-.will 'havel'the sweetest little.
bungalow'," arid she took ���off -her
sport .sweater. ."We will;'liave-.a;
lot. of .little' flower beds," ��� and she
took off her', skirt.. * ""Tom,:! dear.,-,
why'caii'fe we be married in-the
spring when-all the .'world is filled
with laughter?-'; and "-"she. tobkoff-
her camisole. ."If you prefer.the
fall 1 prefer it too, .because- we are
as .one,.sw.eethea'rfe,'-' and'- she took
off: her .'petticoat-*; because she'was
an old-fashioned girU'-.'-""'! Torn dear,
tell me'.'once/mojre^tliafe'/'y.ou -love
me,'-!_; and - she--' feraove'd--":l-he: -last
vestages .of- her - clothing. :'.f_T'o'm,
honey,.-t- better' say;. good-night foi:
I.have to get up early in the morning." , And she .hung, up the receiver.��� Exchange.    7
A* number-of. Rossland mining
men were intown the first of the
week and inspected the Providence
mine. -,-* ���"'.--' "7. '
SEND YOURV  ;:   .x)
- BfrOTS   and   SHOES; X
'"���'���'.- ���"' W.7'WT<W'\:'" XX[Xly'
GEO; ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Retairer 7
All" wort ancl material ' guaranteed.; We
,   pay'postage one-way- ���'-.Terms-Cash. ���'.
.-     }.'TOM WILSOM IH &530H1&.'.',' :,'7"
_S ake-O'JIara ;-svill..be...the scene
'AJ of. tliiCQ events this' suitimer. Tho
-'organizations tliat; will* -meet-in -.this
wild,'-romaiitic sjjot in -trie..Canadian lVockios -are: -Mpuntaineering"
Club- ".of-.-;B''n*lish Columbia; .Alpine
G-ltiV oi'. '-Ca-ii-tcIa's-.-aniiual cr.mp
froRv;.J'*'.iy 27,-to "August-8, inclusive;
,aml tl)6*TraiJ Riders of the'Canadian
��� Ro'ckieo*ou.Ay.'ifust-'9th.      ..--;   . -  -; ";
���-  The  special -expedition  to :climb.
'Mt..'Logan,--the Highest peak "in the
.Canadian Rockies',*headed hy ,Capt_
Albert H. MacCarthy, will return
in time to report to the Alpine Club.
Lake O'Hara has been painted
by the late John Singer Sargent
and by Carl Rungius and Richard
M. Kimbel, the.- two latter are
New York artists and members of
the artist colony that summers at.
Banff. Lake O'Hara threatens to
rival Lake Louise whose close neighbor it is.
The Alpine Club*s main objective
this year is to climb Mt. Good-
sir, the highest peak visible from
the Canadian Pacific Railway, and
the ascent will be made from a
'sub-camp.'.....' '.--''      *-������--
Last year's initial Pow-Wow of
the Trail Riders of the Canadian
Rockies' was held in Yoho Valley
���near Field, B. C. Two days of trail
riding and social gathering in a big
lodge in the evenings .were enjoyed by
.more than 200 members and novices,
the .latter qualifying for membership,
one of the requirements of which is to
-have-ridden':fifty mile3.over Canadian- Rockies': trail.* .Dr. Charles
D.- Walcott of the Smithsonian Institution, at Washington, D. C, is the
hoiroraxy, president of..; the. Trail
Ridersf order. ���'*���
"* "Several ^hundred "trail- riders  are
expected to take part in this year's
meeting, which will be held Aug.
8-10 inclusive. The start will be
from Banff and Lake Louise by
motor to.Marble Canyon where the
horses arid guides will be in waiting for the three days' ride, Program
is as follows: first night, tent camp
ori Goodsir Plateau, 6,500 feet above
the valley; second night, tent camp on"
the shore of Lake O'Hara, rivalling
Lake Louise in beauty, but of a wilder
type; third night, Tipi Camp beside
Lake Wapta and Pow-Wow held hv
Sun Dance Lodge. There will he a
sing-song each night in camp.
Riders must bring either a sleeping-
bag or two warm blankets. A change
of underwear and. warm coat or
mackinaw for the hours around the
camp fire, is all the equipment that is
necessary. No grips will be .accepted.
One pack horse for each three riders.
A word of caution, unless one is pre-
Eared to rough it he should not ride;
ut if one delights in the feel.of a
saddle and pony, he, or. she, maybe a
Trail Rider.
The Rocky - Mountain'.. Guides'
Association, . an organization of all
the' guides in- this- tarrirory, with
headquarters at Banff,- is looking
after the"; arrangements far; horses
and  guidp<?.   - .   .7. ""- '   :
77/ FRANK Li. PEXERSONz-Prop:.'.'".'
..Experienced Mechanic .7
employed to attend to all car. troubles
Gas, Oil, Cup Grease, Floor.Dressing,
'������':: Harness OiS, Candles    -    . . -
7Agent for Imperial Oil; Company.
D raying.
Gars f6r Hire.
Advertise in The Ledge
^*^ BriMMk ''_���__��        -M'[ ���"���''   -:'  - --���--'"'-'"      -���   '
Sumnier Excursioii Far^s
;*'.'��� ���-���.'.'.���" ^.TO-EASTERNV'^ yxXx-
Winnipeg ..'...-;
Haffliltbtt ,
1...$ 72 00.
.... 113,75
.... "3-75
.... .113-75
.... 14.1.80
.... 147,90
....   72.00
.,-;'.'.-,. 72.00
-Fort Williatsi".;.
���:..:..y.$ -86.30
Niagara'.Falls :..
..._........ 120.6a
...*.';.'..:..:���   IX]-^S
- Montreal ....;.-...
..:......"���...   132-75
"Mbiicton ....:....
* Halifax-	
.^'.;.S..i.> ;J53-56
XyXxXXy^^M mm ?^$y&m MMt. ?p\^X})X&-. y
X.-... jijfcoote yia;i?ort MthtirpitfazSo&'Lin^ :
���:St. Baul,:theiice ������wa'CKitoggicift'Sa^ :';Lake*5^,��r. -via��� .���'
:..*da}iftfniia-.'~i_(t w3.diti<i'tialxfa'ft,j';"'p^g<^,ittf ofthtfiiljoVSjrouteSf'';
7 Doubtless at the present 7time you
use the telephone7for the ijurpose. of
having social.conversations with friends*,
in your, community. With the same'ease
you caa add to your ..telephone.calling
list those friends who reside many miles .
1 away-, for the .long-distance telephone is
well.suited to friendly talk-trips. 7
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over. 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes. ������'"..
Pull information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions ls
giveii in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies ol
wliich can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the - Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any-Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable" for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Rango
and 5,000 feet p^r acre east,of that
��� Applications for pre-emptions ar��
to bo addressed to the Land. Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in* which tho land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of wliich can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to'value of. $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a. Crown Grant can bt
received. "   ���    . , .
For more detailed information sea
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural purposes;' minimum
price for first-class, (arable) land Ul
?5 per acre, and second-class (gra**
ing) land $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or leaso
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
- Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land,' not exceeding 40 acres,''
may bo purchased or leased, tha condition's . Including-- payment ot
stumpage.    .
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 80,
acres, may be leased as homeslte*,'
"conditional' upon' a dwelling being
erected in.the flifet year, titla being
.obtainable after residence and im*'
prove'ment conditions are " fulfilled
and land" has been surveyed.
'7 V 77...-.-- LEASES
:.., For���grazing Iand__inS.uatria.l__ pur*-
. poses areas not exceeding 840 acre*
- may. be leased by; one person, or *
;company.  ������'.*���-'-. *
. .'Under the Grazing Act the Prov?.
���Itice is divided into grazing district*
and tho-range administered, under A
Grazing-      Commissioner. -'   Annual
���grazing permits-aro issued based on
numbers ranged,- priority being given
to established owners.   Stock-ownwa
' may' form associations -for rang��|
management, -Free, or partly frae,
permits are available for settler*,
campers and travellers, up to tea
head. , .
The Mineral; Pi^yince of W^       Canada
.7     7     Haa produced Mineraiaaa follows:     Placer. Gold, $77,382,953; Lode Gold,
���       .7 $118,473,190; Silver, $68,824,579; Lead,:$70,648,573; Copper, $187,489,378; Zinc,-        "*"""""
832,171,497; Miacellaheoua Minerals,  $1,431,349; Coal and Coke; ��260,880,048;
... Bnildiug Stone, Brick, Cement, etc.,;$42,225,814: aiakiiig.ife Mineral Prodactiou
1' 7 to the1.end of 1924,show an"     .:; XX--, '���''   X'X   '���'���'"'
W^S77-Sr^ .
Production for tte Year Ending Deceni!.er, 192'4, $48,704,604
The-M.iniDgj.Laws of this - Province are more liberal, and the fe��is .lower, than those of any. other
.-Province in. the Dominion, or any colony in the. British Empire,     "
TSIineral location's are granted to^^ discpyeferii'.fQr npiaibal fees..   7 . '    -
Abaplnie* Titles are obtained\bj, developing such properties, the seenrity of which is guaranteed
b'y. Crown Grants."     X ��� .'���---..*-,: .7 W--;-   "X.     ..' ���   [       W    *
Full information together^wUh^Mimn^^j^rte^an^/Maps/Tway7be obtained gratis by addressing���
Silill^^ Ihe minister of mines
k Brilisii Columbia,
j^.B^7P^Cticaily ^1 Bdi!^^ development work has been
#;,s&;^ Minister of Mince.    Those
'^S-^'fijepb'si^M They are available without
XXXyXy'*t!harg^pts-8i_picatip^to th^ ��e^timen|-#_fi|tt^^,Yfc        -B.C.    Repoits of tbe Geological
77|W��|fc as valoable eonrcea of
tigj^iX}^ XxXyyZgyXxXyyyx


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