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The Ledge Dec 23, 1925

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Array jProvincial Library
< '.
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
No.   22
8    A Right Merry Christnias To All Our Patrons    ||
Gifts for the Home
Yedo Ware gjjj
Jardineers, Vases. Flower Bowls, Fern DishesrSmoking Sets, Etc
/ Lustre Gift Assortment  7
H ..Crown Derby Cups and Saucers. Bon Bon Dislfes, Jam Dishes, Plates ^
B        T- M. GULLEY & GO.
Good' Assortment of Toys
,- 1
Good Things for Christmas
s .   ���,���.��� ��� -���
Christie's Biscuits, Plum Puddings, & Fruit Cake
tiome-Made Mincemeat*
Chocolates in Fancy Boxes and in Bulk
Christmas Mixed Candy, 30c. and 40c. lb
* * *_
Jap Oranges, Delicious Apples, Bananas,0 Etc
For Quality and Vatys Order; From Phone 46
��� *���. .-���;_.��- ^Ve'.'V-. -'f^
XQur ^Stock of *
~' /
Xmas Goods Mas Arrived
Nuts, Figs, Raisins, Jap Oranges, Dates>Candies, ^
Delicious Apples, Cranberries, Etc. f ^
Phone 17   ' *���   ���
;    v
To All!   The Merrier!   The Better!
Christmas Shopping
Make your selections early
"   Stationery /
Newest Styles
As fiiie.an Assortment' as.can be found in B.C.    !
Limoges, Grosvenor, Aynsley and. Others
. '    . Beautiful Goods
. - -    See the new Quida Ware N    "
Neilson's Xm&s Packages.   All sizes.
Always Appreciated. 7    ���
-. -    . /. Cutex Sets
Ranging front smallest to largest
"^ ' -'
Imported Perfumes, Complexion Powders,
Compacts, Toilet Sets, Ivory Goods,
, Fountain Pens,' Et��^
.   -Smokers Sundries
Pipes, Cigarette Cases, Holders
Toys and Dolls
.Xmas Tree Ornaments
Kodaks and Supplies, Snapshot Albums
Vfctrolas and Records
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Real Estate and Insurance
^ Fire. Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for .Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Greenwood, B.C.
Wishing our patrons the
Compliments  of the Season
Adolph Zukor and Jesse h. Ivasky
A Paramount Picture       .    _ -
- Xorc-JSooriC;-,;-. y. Raullne, Stg"sSeJ>.
Wallace Berry
JACK- LONDON'S masterpiece of love
and adventure on a Soutli' Sea Isle.
If jou like 'eui thrilling, we urge
you to ,sce "Adventure."     ',
Also 2 Reel Hat's Comedy
 f_ ',
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8,15 [p.m.
During January, February and March
this Theatre will be open on the
2nd and.4th Saturdays
Don't Send
We want your watches and are" ore-
pared to jrlve you satisfaction
All1 Work Thoroughly Guaranteed
We handle a nice line of
Watchmaker and jeweler
F. J. WJHTE, Manager.
Goodeve's Drug Store
We wish all our patrons
- A Merry Christmas  -
'   We sell
* _.
Thermiodyne] Radios
on tlie time payment plan
5-tube set $135.00
6-tufee set $215.00
Jim Graham is oa a visit.to.
his family in Spokane.
. Jas. Poggi, of Grand Forks,
is spending a few days in Greenwood.
'Thos. Williamson, 'of Crescent
Valley, is visi.ting at his home in
Service will be held in St.
Jude's Church on Sunday, Dec.
27ih at 7:30 p m.
The Misses Cassie aud Marion
McLeod, of Trail, are the guests
Mrs. Geo. Inglis.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Richter and-
son, Frank, of Rock Creek, were
visitors in town^on Tuesday.
Dr. A. J. Dorman left this
morning to spend the festive
season  at his  home  in Victoria.
/ J. P. C. Wright' will leave in
the morning 'for Vancouver to
.spend Christmas with his family.
; Miss Vera Kemoston and Pat
Kempston left on Saturday for
Bridesville where they* will spend
the holidays.
The local post office will be
open from 11:30 until 12 noon,
and frpm 4 to 4:30 p. m. on
Christmas Day.
Miss E. A. MDlsoa, .of Trail, is
spending the Christmas holidays
'with her aunt", Mrs. A. Anderson
in Anaconda.
-��� Mrs. Geo. S. Walters left on
Tuesday morning to spend the
holidays with her sister, Mrs. J.
-D. MacLean, in Victoria.
John'Portmann, of Nicholson
Creek, was in town the first of
the week, returning home on
Tuesday with Ed, Rickter.
,The Bell mine on Wallace
^Mountain- are ."closing for<avweck
UuTing/.the festive '.season. biThe
' Roy - Clothier, president and
managing director of the Elkhorn
Mines, Ltd., left this morning
for-Victoria where he will visit
his family,
, During January, February and
March the Greenwood Theatre
will be open on the 2nd and 4th
Saturdays. The first show io
January will be'held^on the 9th.
^-Everything is in readiness for
the Community Christmas Tree
tonight (Wednesday) in tbe
^Greenwood Theatre. The chil-
dren-of this vicinity are-going fo
have a glorious time.-      ���*���_
A. J, Morrison and Geo. Boag
came down from Wallace Mountain on Tuesday; They report
having encountered the main lead
on tbe Wellington which looks
like a.real bonanza.
Allan Morrison and, Harold
Mellrud, ���who are attending the
Washington State College at
Pullman, Wash"., are spending
the holidavs at their respective
homes in Greenwood.    -
Wm. Jones, of Rock Creek, had
a piece of shrapn��l ^taken away
from him at the Gr*enwood and
District Hospital last week,
which he had received during the
Somme battles over nine years
Early Tuesday' morning death
came as a happy release to Anti
Svelic, better known Jocally as
"Tony Smith," who has been
lying in the Princeton General
Hospital, with the lower portion
of his body paralfeed as the result
of injuries received to his. spine
when his car overturned on the
Coalmont road on the night of
August 2.���Princeton Star.
Before yoa &uy a Radio tie sure
you iisar the
txUtibB it&btst
tuinljra far a
Rock Creek Items
City Council
A regular meeting of the City
Council was held on Monday
evening, Mayor Gulley presiding
and present Aldermen Taylor,
King, Peterson and Mowat.
The Clerk - was instructed to
supply in detail the information
required by tha.City Trustee who
had written to say that he would
not be making a second visit this
Considerable correspondence in
connection with the purchase of
the lighting system was read
from the trustee and Messrs.
Bourne and DesBrisay, solicitors
for the bondholders. All arrangements as made by the chairman
of the lighting committee and
city clerk were approved,
A decreased flow of water in
Twin creek was reported, necessitating an occasional shutting-
off in the central part of the
town in order to keep a sufficient
reserve in the reservoir.
The Election Bylaw was given
preliminary readings and will be
further dealt with at the next
The Council expressed' its
strong disapproval of coasting on
the city streets as with increasing motor traffic the attendant
danger of accident has become
very much more serious than in
former years?"
Complaints were received, of
children riding on motor trucks
and.parents" are-'advised-to,warn
truck-drivers should also, take
warning of their liability in case
of accident.
Death of Mrs. Hugh Murray
A telegram was received in
town conveying .the very sad
news of the death of .Mrs. Hugh
.Murray in Victoria' on Tuesday,
Dec. 22nd, Further particulars
in next issue.
Session Passed Into History
Midway, & C.
To Santa Clans,
North Pole.
The following very interesting letter
was written by a local boy, unknown
to his parents, and no doubt Santa
will answer his appeal:-���-
Greenwood, B. C.,   ,-
Dec. 19th, 1925.
Dear Santa:���
I am writing to tell you
what I want for Christmas.. A Target
and Gun, A Mechanical Airplane, A
Toy Electric Train with Tracks.
^1 thank you, Dear Santa, for
these presents' yoa are going to give
Yoar friend,
Lawrence Guiley.
Victoria,''Dec. 22.���The second
session of the Sixteenth Legis-
laturchas passed into history and
once again Premier Oliver has
led his forces to victory over a
strong opposition and-despite unceasing efforts to unseat him and
his government. At no.time was
the administration -in. danger,
although the session is admitted
to have been the-most strenuous
experienced in a. great many
years', A. government working
from day to day without a party
majority so convinced the Inder
pendents-in the Rouse of,- its
superiority over anything that
the Opposition had to offer that
the issue never was ia doubt.'
Th'e outstanding event of the
Session was' unquestionably the
government's PaciSa Great E^st
ern Railway Bill, which promises
at last a solution of the biggest
problem in British -Columbia.
A land grant of. 16,000.000 acres
of land along the provincial Hoe
and in the Peace River country
will enable the government either
to carry out a colonization programme which will settle the
country and wipe off the P.G E.
debt, or else pave the way for 'a
sale after another Session which
would have the same result:
Midway News
Miss Jose McDonald left for her
home in New Westminster on Saturday.
H. Mair, of the Midway Ranc^
is back from Trail f<gr the Christmas
Mrs. Lela Stapleton, of Spokane,
Wash., is visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. Bush.
Don't forget -the Dance on New
Year's Eve in the Farmers Hal!.
Farm women please take notice and
bring cakes. Dancing from 9 till 3.
Bash's famous melody orchestra will
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hamilton
motored to Midway last' Saturday.
C. O. Bodman, of Bridesville
Road, visited Kettle Valley on Friday
last. .'���-���'
A popular young lady of Rock
Creek is , wearing an engagement
Miss Rosie. Madge is home from
Nelson and will return there after the
holidays to resume her studies.
Johnson Creek School had thcir
Xmas Tree and childrens treat on
Friday afternoon, Dec. 18th.
Miss Jessie Caldwell arrived home
on Thursday last from Nelson to
spend thc Christmas holidays.
Miss Florrie Jupp returned home
on Friday from attending St. Anthony's College in Vancouver.
Teddy and Bruce Gray, of Victoria, arrived at their home in Kettle
Valley on Friday's train, to spend
Miss Dolly and Steve Pittendrigh
arrived home on Monday from Rhone
and Beaverdell, to tspend the Xmas
holidays with their pa'rents.
Mr. Lindgren, of Christian Valley,
had a long drive from there to Rock
Creek on Saturday morning. He reports very little snow in the Valley as
Mrs. A. D. McLennan,  of Highland  Farm,   accompanied   by   Mrs.
McDonald, school teacher,  of Johnson Creek,   motored--to  Midway on
Frank Richter, of Rock Creek,
and Leslie Salmon, ,of Midway, returned home on Sunday's train from
New Wesrminster, where they are
students at Colurribian College. -
The * Riverside Hall has been repaired and the floor has had new sills
placed under it. ��� Two carpenters
have been working on the building
for teri days and it is reported to be
in first class condition,
Ingram- Bridge' School   had   their
usual Xmas tree and  entertainment
pn,Thursday,-.evening, and .a danced.
Followed.   -This is  one  of the most-'
popular school treats-in  the district
and  the  tiny school room is always  .
crowed with visitors.
The golf enthusiasts of Kettle
Valley are still able' to play their favorite game, quite a few turning out
last Sunday to have a couple of
rounds. Mrs._ -Douglas Hamilton
has a game on for Xmas Day and
hopes the weather will be O. K.
The Woman's Institute is going to
give a big Dance on Monday,- Dec.
28th, at Riverside Hall, - Rock Creek.
Bush's famous 4-piece orchestra will
furnish the. music. -It-is, going- to-be -
a real jolly dance and a big crowd is
The treat at Rock Creek School for
Xmas took place on ' Thursday afternoon. The School was beautifully
decorated with evergreens of different
kinds and gaily colored chains which
the pupils had mad^. The entertainment'' consisting of drills, recitations
and dialogues; were given ��� by the
pupils in an excellent manner which
called for hearty cheers from the"
visitors. A delightful tea was served
by the committee .composed of
Mesdames Kayes, Rusch and- Carey.
Every child was presented with an
Xmas stocking filled with candies,
oranges and nuts. - The children certainly had a most enjoyable afternoon.
Thc. Kettle Valley School had a
most delightful entertainment and
Xmas tree on Friday the 18th.. Great
credit is due the teacher for all her
work in training her pupils, for it-cer- -
tainly was one of the best programmes
ever put on there. The programme
consisted of:
1. "Holy Night" chorus.
2. "Wynkcn, Blynken and Nod"
by Ruth Whiting, Edna Madge,
Cecil Hamilton and chorus.
"3.     "Prince Marvel"' a'"playlet.
4. "Like Silver   Lamps" chorus.
5. "Blowing Bubbles" by Ruth
Whiting, Edna Madge,. Cecil Hamilton and Joe Gane.
\.   6.    * rOh', Come All Ye Faithful'',
7.     "Moon Boat", chorus.    "
' 8.    "We-;Three Kings of Orient
Are." ;     ���
God Save The King.
After the entertainment Santa Claus
arrived to-give, the pupils" their pres~
ents. He 'Seemed to he very tired,
having travelled-a. long way and was
loaded down wiih gifts. After they
were distributed he made, an appropriate speech on behalf of "Mrs. Santa
Ciaos arid himself and wished all
present a Very Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year. Afterwards the
visitors had a good time dancing
I which was enjoyed until  12 o'clock
���i~,.y,x.i >f
It Stopped
m* Brought
Peace. Comfort
a"d��i Restful
Trade  In Silver  Foxes
^ X
France Imports a Large Quantity For
Breeding Purposes
Ono thousand, . nlue hundred and
ninety-nine .silver foxes, representing
over half a million dollars' worth,
passed through Montreal recently.
Many of tho animals wero consigned
to France "where they are expected to
be used for breeding purposes.
To handle this huge amount of animals, over 560 crates were necessary
and were put in special steel cars.
Ono car load, containing 128 foxes,
were consigned t.o Boulogne, France,
and were from Manitoba.
Xlie Ola Year and tne New
Canadians can look back over 1925 with a considerable degree of satisfaction, and forward to Uie new year with hope and confidence.
Tlio "old ..year witnessed a gradual but steady improvement Jn conditions
t Itroughoul .'lho Dominion, an improvement which became more pronounced
following the ..yrestern harvest. There has been an all-round betterment in
biiuiness, wiih a marked lessening in unemployment, while prices for the
primary prodtictsof the country have remained firm, thus assuring a fair re-
inrr. to the producers for their labor.
The ox part trade of the Dominion has' mounted higher ancl higher, bringing money into I.he country and sending the Canadian dollar to a premium
in the world's money markets. The increased buying power of the people has
been reflected in a speeding up of industry at home and in increased purchases from abroad;
Our great railway systems, which faced a serious drop in business in the
earlier months of (.he year as a result o.f the smaller crop of 1924, more than
made up their losses in the latter half of the year and at tho close of 1925
are able to'present better balance sheets than a year ago.
Th need .for economy stressed during the diflicult period through which
Canada iu common with most countries has been passing, resulted in greater,
care in administration by municipal bodies, as well as 'by all large commercial
concerns, and today the whole financial fabric is healthier and stronger than
for some yc.irs. The feeling is now, that, although there must bo no orgy
of spending'and no extravagances, the way is open to important, developments
which were unite inadvisable during the years which have elapsed since tho
close of the ..war. .-.'������.
o Canada-was' fortunate, too, that throughout 1925 thc country was free from
any great calamities or epidemics. Industrial peace prevailed except in tho
coal mining districts, and before the year drew to a close tho trouble in the
Nova SeoUa area was ended, and it ls confidently expected that a permanent
aud satisfactory settlement of long standing disputes there will be reached.
Canada's prosperity depends not only on the energy and progressiveness
of its own people, but, iis a great exporting country, upon the peace, progress
and prosperity of' the whole world. The old year witnessed substantial progress made in the direction of removing old feelings of bitterness and suspicion in Kurope, and the reaching ol guarantees among iho Great Powers calculated to maintain peace in the future.      "
As the year was closing :i note of optimism was sounded at the annual
meetings of the JSanks, by the heads of our groat transportation systems, .And
by the mtimiraclui hif; and wholesale and .retail world. All aro agreed that
.th'*; peak of thes era ol depression has boon passed, and that the outlook fo.. tho
new year is bright with promise.
With the outbreak of the Great War in 1911 immigration' to Canada came
iibiuptly'tn a stop. ' While tho war raged the movemenC-was toward Europe,
and with the ending of the grim stniggle canto a period of readjustment when
Canada's,bigg-fat Isis-k Was to rr-_.bs.orr_ jrs hundreds of thousands of soldier.,
back into civilian Mo and ffnu'.^uitabki and rnmuaerativo employment for
them���ti gigantic task in_ view of tho Industrial T-haos and unrest existing
Throughout tho world, and the loss of buying power ou the part of all nations.
Has Won His Promotion
Services   of   Vice-Admiral   Sir   Lionel
Halsey  Have  Been   Recognized
Vice-Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey,
who has had conferred on him a
Grand Cross of thoy Order of St.
Michael and St. George, has well won
promotion in an order which specially
recognizes services rendered overseas.
As comptroller and treasurer to the
Prince of Wales for the last five years,
Sir Lionel has accompanied the heir-
apparent many thousands of miles,
over both sea and land. He cannot
be considered to havo ended those
travels yet, for there are other p'arts
of the vast continent of Soutli America thau Argentina and Chile of very
great importance to British trade, and
especially Brazil, still to bo visited.
The time fo.- another long tour by the
Prince is not Just yet, but if can "be
taken as certain that, if all goes well,
it will come, and within the next IS
months -or two years.
Famous Waxworks For Sale
Hoped     Purchaser     Will      Continue
Madame Tussaud's Exhibition
- The site, buildings and contents of
Madame Tussaud's Waxworks Museum
will be offered for sale shortly,_.and it
Is hoped tho purchaser will continue
the famous exhibition, whicli was considerably damaged by fire last March.
Many figures are in perfect condition,
and one wing of the building escaped
tho flames entirely. John/russaud,
descendant of the founder, is'willing
to remain at tho museum in the service of the purchaser.
No Wonder Health Gives Out and
She Becomes Weak and
Despondent .
It Is literally true concerning woman In the home that her work is
never done. She starts with housework when she rises, in the'morning
and Is kept busy up to the time she
retires at night. The work must bo
done whether .she is feeling well or
not. Ir ig no wonder lhat she often
breaks down undei: (the strain. She
becomes breathless at. slight exertion,
feels exhausted if she walks up stairs.
Headaches and dizzy spells become
frequent, and life seems a burden.
Mrwh of this trouble is due to the fact
that her blood has betonv thin nnd
watery, and to regain herrgood health
she must take a reliable blood-enrlch-
iug tonic such as Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. The ijrmt value of tlils tonic
medicine is shown by thc statement of
Mrs. Mary Nolan, Lintlaw, Sask., who
saya:���"Wfc'-n I began using Dr. Wil
Hants'   Pink  I'ilis   I  waa' a .physical
The   world's   be��t   hair   tint.
Will restoro gray hair to lt��
natural  color in  15  minutes.
Small   Size |3.30  by mall
Double Size 15.50   by  mall
The W. T. 'Pember Stores Limited
Phone M. 2274-8       12-3 Yongo St.
Getting Under the  Thames
Huge" Tunnel   Is  Being   Bored   Under
Bed of River
Unknown to many Londoners wlio
pass over tho bridges of tho Thames
on their way to work each morning,
a huge tunnel is being bored under tho
bed of the river. In a few w.eeks tho
final drilling will haye been done, and
a clear way from south to north established. After that, the tunnel will
have to be lined, however, and this will
not be finished until next year. No
fewer than 27.000 tons of cast iron will
be used in the^lining process.' ^Boring operations have been carried on
from both sides of.the river, and the
greatest care and accuracy is required to "link up" properly. The object
of tho excavation is to link the Ken-
nington underground railway to that
at Charing Cross.
Miller's. Worm fPowders will clear
the stomach and bowels of worms, so
that the child will no more be troubled
by their ravages. The powders are
sweet to the taste and no child-will
object to taking them. They aro non-
Injurious in their composition, and
while in some cases they may cause
vomiting, that must not be'taken as a
sign that, they aro.nauseating, but as
an indication of their effective work.
WiU Help "Fight Tuberculosis
Canadian Red Cross Donates $5,0U0 to
Carry on Work
The central council of the Canadian
Red Cross Society at Toronto voted
$5,000. to the Canadian Tuberculosis
Association to continue the demons tra;
tions being carried on. to determine the
best means of eradicating tuberculosis.
Following a discussion on the .finances' of the society, it. was.decided
that in view of the 'heavy demand on..
resources of tho organization, owing
to expansions. of activities .for promoting national welfare, a natinal
appeal should be made .for funds.
In connection witli the report of
the Junior Red Cross, it was agreed
this branch of tho organization's
activity had .brought a new influence
into tho schoolroom.
The report showed a total of 3,906
branches witli 102,242 members.
The Baby's Gold
' Continual "doalnjr"'
vrilh Internal madlclh*'
up��eta dclIc��t��llttlB
���tQRu_cht. Trent oolda
externally with Vicka.
You juat rub ltfon.
W VapoRub
No More Asthma. Dr. J. P.- Kellogg's Asthma Remedy sounds the
death knell of this trying trouble. It
stops the awful choking and\palnful
breathing. It guards against night
attacks and gives-renewed ability to
sleep jind rcst'tho whole niglit,long.
Much is claimed for this remedy, but
nothing-but-what can be demonstrated by a trial. If- you suffer.^ from,
asthma try it and convince yourself
of its great value.
Another Famous Painting Found
To Change Name
Citizens of North Battleford By Vote
Decide to Change Name of City ���'
At the municipal elections, citizens
of North Battleford endorsed the bylaw providingTor a change in the namo
of tho city by: a majority of 300. Eight
^hundred and 20 ratepayers voted on
the matter and of these 560 were in
favor of the ehange.
Some timo ago a movement was set
afoot here to have the namo changed
as it "appeared to be too closely allied
to Battleford.     The fiialn reason atl-
jvanced was that   a    great   deal    of
j trouble rose over mall being directed
j to North Battleford and should havo
gone to Old Battleford and vice versa.
A committee set to work to find tho
feelings of '.he citizens on the matter
and the result was the request for tho
submission of a bylaw.
. No plans have as yet been put forward for the choosing of a iiame.
Flour For Japan
In Canada with the avowed purpose
of buying 150,000 tons of.wheat for tho
Missin Flour. Mills and Mitsui Grain
Company of Tokio, two representatives
of these companies conferred with
Winnipeg grain dealers recently. They
estimated that thero was'a possibility of establishing branch offices in
Vancouver, where the agents do most
of their buying.
Minard's Liniment for bruises
With the coming veai, however. It Is" couiidoiulv expected that once again j wreck.      Ir. was with' great diiliculty
���thdldo of immigration will flow strongly toward Canada.     The ^i^a^J^^^t^^l.^
would beat violently nr. tlio least" "exertion; and I always felt tired and do-
pressed. I did not sleep'well at night,
and I had no appetite���my limbs would
swell as iu dropsy. It was at this
stage that a neighbor advised me to
lake Dr. Williams* Pink Pills. I had'
used tho piils for some weeks before
Cuvcrnnu'iil jind lailway and steamship co'rppanlesi are-getting ready to take
full advantage of this .movement.
Canada'n great national need Is more peopli1. A large population is an
fsiseutia! requirement to tiie development "of our national resources, tho settlement of our vat-ant lauds, ilw provision of adequate trallic foi' our railways,
$uid lho paying off of our national debt. Thf probabilities are that 1926 will
���wilne-is.tSie beginning of'ihn fulfilment of our'national desire for years past,'
nnd large julvince continuants of incoming new and permanent s>eltlers. Th��y
will come to voile and establish homes for themselves and their children,'and
���their coining will mean work'and prosperity for those who are already here.
Canadians can bid the old year la rowell .knowing it served lliem well, but
thcy can look forward wllli even greater f-atisfaction to 192G as holding promise of .ttill fit-eater achievement and better things.- - ** "         -   -
A Better Atmosphere
.Tust because It is colder out'of doors,
don't neglect to ventilate each room in
3rour house every day for at least a little while. It means n sweeter atmosphere- in tho home and tho fresh air
will heat much moro quickly than
stale. - " -
Ruben's "St Theresa" Has' Been
covered After 200 Years
A painting of St. Theresa, said to
be a genuine Rubens,,, has baen dls--
covered by Pr. Ludwig Burchard, art
critic and an expert on the paintings
of Rubens. The work was executed
in Antwerp, ho says,"^hortly after
Rubens' return from Rome, where the
beatification of St. Theresa, who was
called "the Spanish mystic," was celebrated in 1814.
At the end of tho seventeenth century, this painting was in the Schwar-
zenbei'g collection in \ Vienna. .For
more than 200 years the picture was
supposed to be lost, but a short time
ago Dr.j Burchard discovered it in a
private collection which he has \ not
named lu giving au account of the discovery.
Grow Sugar Beets
AH sugar beets grown in the Brooks
,Alta.. district during, the past season have been dug out of the ground
vand shipped to the new sugar beet factory at at' Raymond. Enough has
been learned in the. past two years to
3tate definitely that the experiment has
pi oven a decided suecess and that
sugar beets can be' raised here at a
Praise For Saskatchewan
Tn the pictorial supplement to "The
World's Health," a monthly review
of fhe League of Red Cross Societies
edited in Paris, France, appears a
picture of the Saskatchewan Red
Cross stamp aroon^ emblems of Red
Cross work in other nations, specially
picked for the purpose of illustrating
commendable efforts of propaganda
bearing tho Red Cross emblem.
Rudolf Kruby, the Hartford "king
of beggars," can ask for alms in ten
languages. Arraigned in court 'recently-vfor fighting, ho said: "I -would
rather earn my bread houestly by
begglug than become a burglar.''    '/
^^J Take half a teaspoon of
Minard's ..internally-..ln
molasses. E as e s the
throat,  stops  the  cough.
No  Si-Lingualism  In  Turkey
Natives to be Fined For Speaking Any
Language But Turkish "
"if a bill just introduced in the Turk-
inh"'assembly Is adopted, any Turk
sjf.'aklnK any language but Turkish
���will bo fined from two to 'M) dollars for
.���aoh offence. The bill makes it compulsory to speak only Turkish, but applies only lo Turkish citizens.
Tiie object.is to prevent Turks of
fireek.    Armenian    or Judiac-Spanish
< might   from��� ^onsUtntim?   themselves!
Into    communities    apart    from    tlie
naiional life and culture.,
Tlie limmco commission, which ha;,
Wva' examining ptoposed   r.f-w_ tnx^s,
���...���.I ���..I. ��i ���������������������������
Itching and Burning Terrible. Cuticura Heals.
" My trouble started by little phm-
ples coming' out on ray face and
the baclc oi. my head. After a few
weeks the pimples scaled over and
the itching end barn ing were something terriblccausing me to scratch.
I los: rt-st et night becatsse of the
" I heard about Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and sent for a free
sample. After waing it a few times
I got relief so purchased more, and
after using about four cakes of
Cuticura Soap aad three boxes cf
Cuiicsra Oifltrnent I was healed."
���(Signed) Miss Dorothy Welach.
Dare, Ne.'Dsk., Jaly 16, 1924.
Use Catieara Soap, Oiuttaer.i acd
Talcum for daily toilet pwposes.
Jfesate iut ?r*�� ty M��fi- Addreo OriiKi
_>rc5: -Sfc*_4-_m��. 1*4. JftRtwut" Prief.Scatt
SSe. Otatevst S *=k! Ste. Tafea* '&c.
Cetiean Shx-nti* StieJc 23c-
has decided, to Impose on bachelors
a-flve-lold poll tax,'as compared with
married men.
I began to feel their benefit, and thu.v
encouraged I continued taking them
for several months, when I was again
as strong and well as ever I had been.
I haye no y.ositatlon in saying that
these pills, are a remarkable blood
builder find -strength renewer nnd I
shairevov bo griiluful for what they
did for me."
You can get- these pills from your
druggi-at, or by mail at 50 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams* Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Out.      ,
Mennonites   Disillusioned
Will Hold Joint Conference
Reported To Be Returning To Canada' PoojS.Dcaiir.g With Farm Produce Plan
After Bitter Experience In Mexico    ) -        .     Meetlng In Winnip*g
- A story of crop failures and famine j    Th���    tliVoo    western wheat   pools,
In connection with the attempt of Men-jtbl.ougU    the    j���lnt    contrai    selling
nonttos to colonize in Mexico was told ilge,K!y Kre planning to hold in Winnl-
;��t Dallas. Tex., by a family of the religious sect, which is returning to
Manitoba. -    ��� -  '
They said that others had left tho
colony b��jlo\v the Rio Grande and thai
virtually all members of iho faith in
Mexico wero "looking, 'forward to the
time when"they might return to ttie
An ��xodus of MennonltcK from Canada to tho southern republic took
place about two ycars.ago.
Became. More Friendly
Re'ations  Between  France  and
.many Further Helped
Further Indication of the iraprove-
ni'.-nt in the relations between.France
peg, a Joint conference.-of all the cooperative movements in America dealing in larm produce, with a representative of Australia and one or two
from Great Britain's interests proseut.
If had been Intended to hold the conference Xov. 12, but tlio date did not
give all concome-d time to send repru-
eentatives, and Jt was, therefore, necessary to postpone the event.
.��� Corns are caused by the pressure of
tight boots, but no one need be
troubled with tbem long when so simple a remedy, as Holfoway's Corn Remover is available. .
First Colony In Britain
Maldon, in Essex County, England,
is held to have been the ftrst colony
and Germany as a 6equcl to the Lo-, ���stabHt.hed ln Brita!n by Ule Romntls<
earno   conference  has  just been   af- j
forded with the formation*in Paris of j
a "central*tonacll -for   International
!who built there in 28 B.C.   .It was
| touring." Th8..-. body is to coinpdse
' govc-rmnent representatives from the
ifounrries    Int^restPd.   and    delegates
, from such associations as automobile	
!^d touring dubs.     At thc prelhnln-j    Qno of  ,h(j coninMMjefcC ^plaints
ary mating It wa-j voted, 25 to 7, to.of {nfanta is worms, and the mobl <-f-
burnt by the British Queen Beadicea,
and rebuilt by the Romans: burnt .by
kite Danes A.D. 931^ an.l rebuilt by the
| Saxons.     It was Incorporated during
I the- loisu of Quet-n Mary.
_  i
1 admit Germany Vs a member.
I fcctive application for them is Mother!
"    Th.-   romniiuee* Immediately s��t to (Graves' Worm Exterminator.
'] work on a peheme, for presentation to j
, tit*-    first    international    conference, |
'dealing Wirh road tra^*1! through the
.various c��u.itri^-__.
HERE, 'neath -Vancouver's snowy mountains, you
may enjoy the.winter sports of your own more
rigorous climate.   Iiy a few hours you may be
in the snowfields of the mountains on the North Shore
' ���or skate in Canada's largest arena on a great sheet,
of artificial ice. "���
Mild weather has made- this Western city famous.
- The average winter temperature is 43.6 degrees���only
a few days of frost.
- The port jwill fascinate you with its
. strange atmosphere���all kinds of ships,
from the'fisherman's gas boat to palatial ocean liners; all kinds of sailormen,-
weird costumes, weirder tongues.
Write Ur beautifully iilustraUtl FREE koohi   ,
let W4-   This Bureau uliii gladly supply in-
fermctian   oit  tity   hemes,  farm   lends,  or
business opportunities.   Consult laatl ��g*nt
regarding railway rates.
43S Pender St. W-, Vancouver, B��
W.   S.    V.. H'Jfi
Case Dismissed |
Judge:   ."You   are    cbarg-d - with!
stealing Col. Julep's chlt-kent-,     navc-j
yo�� any witnesses?" -       ' j
Uncle Moose:   "Ah  bas  not,   -"Alij
\ vacation makes some- people so;(Ioft.t wal cWolwTl8 befof Trffnes��a.-|
��� lazy that th*'y don't caro'if they nerer i  |
iizavr. to work ajfain. ; gt(1)p t[Sst coid-wHh Minard's Liniment! ���    _.
yixtiHdmfrfQHXi )*
"fl i
Tanks Were.
__Too Slow
Likad By Infantrymen Because They
Could Traverse Barbed "Wire
The attempt of an Englishman to
collect a large sum from his government for Uie basic Idea of the tank,
or landship as It was originally called,
may revive discussions as to the military value of these engines of warfare.
Lord Kitchener, who was enough of
a genius lo be tolerated as an auto-
ciat, appears always to have been
lukewarrn^and skeptical with regard
to tanks, and it remained for Winston
Churchill, who'll try anything once, to
authorize thcir construction.'   ���
At tlie close, of the war the British,
''aiid some of tho other allies, had
developed.a tank which would travel
'al Irom fifteen to twenty miles an hour
over rough ground and there was some
talk of equipping the machines with
heavier armament and larger-weapons
than ,the sa\yed-off naval six-pounder
quick-firing guns that did effective
work whenever thc enemy could be
spotted. >
The principal defects of the tanks
were their deadly slowness. They
attracted the enemy's fire'-and, one
shot frohi^a. light field gun, especially
in ihe older models when the gasoline
tanks were high-in the bow, was usually, enough to start a fire which burned
the crew to cinde?s, Infantrymen
who were always expected to work
with tho tauks,-disliked them-for this
reason,., ail hough they were glad to
.see." something lhat could traverse
barbed wire. Tanks could also demolish pillboxes if they could get near
enough. In some regions, particularly, in Flanders, they were frequently
mired, and their success at Cambral
was modified' by the fact that several
of them were blow.up by nrints.pkuu;
ed for .he-German ofthe species." '���' ���
Tanks probably, never justified .tlie'
enormous. expenditure of men and^
money- which their development re-'
quired In tlie hurry of -war. But ah
improvement in speed," arpnanient
and "visibility for the crew ln the" in-"
tervening years may" have made this
branch of the army more useful than
the ��� ordinary 'armored car ever could
be.-'-Buffalo Express.
Dirigibles Only Means
For Exploring Arctic
But Dog Tteams NeededJ='or Scientific j
_ Study Says McMillan    '���"������'-'
One person, at least, is convinced���
and yery glad���that, the impracticability of-aeroplanes for far north exploration was pretty well demonslrat-
ecLb'y. the recent MacMiilan expedition
to the Arctic. ,
That person ls Donald 13. MacMiilan himself, commander of the expedition.
"All the romance and adventure of
exploration will go with the dog
teams," he said. "Riding around in
aeroplanes isn't very exciting. The
dog was king ln the north, and I am
glad lie will remain king, as we have
proved conclusively by this last expedition."
Perhaps -..Commander MacMillan's
last expedition did seem tame beside
his first, if years ' ago with Peary,
when lie slept out In the snow in 70
degrees below-weather, when he didn't
change his clothes for SO days.
, Dirigibles built of mefal will be
used in exploration of the northern
seas iu the, future. Commander MacMiilan believes.
"The dlglbles will riot need to come
to laud," he said. "Of course, they
must be, perfected before they can' be
used for exploration and for mapping,
but not for scientific study of the land,
because the men cannot be landed. In
scientific study dog teams will always
be used, he is convinced.
"We are sure that there is a vast
body of land In the unexplored pola��
seas," he said, "not a land covered
with Ice probably, because there isn't
as much ice and snow at the pole aa
there is 800 miles from the pole. I
doubt that it. will ever be colonized,
but it would be suitable for air .stations when tlje aeroplanes start routes
over the far north to. Europe.
A Chinese Superstition   -
Millionaire Will Restore Rivers As Aid
To Better Education
Superstition has caused Kuo Chuen-
yen, a Hong Kong millionaire, 'to don-
rivers ,to their original^ channels.
Al No-Shan, In Shantung .province'',
birthplace of ���onfucius, tlie Chu and
Sze aro silting up, thus, according to
superstition, being responsible for a
gradual decline in clas&ical learning
iu China.
Mr. Kuo therefore decided to assist
"classical education by having tho
f-treaun. "dredged aud returned to their
-original bedS.
Large Dividends From Ontario Mines
Dividends paid by tho gold and silver mining companies of Northern
Ontario, including probable December
disbursements, bring the total up' io
.? 10,402,174. This represents a gain
of 52.013.1S1 over the dividend record
of 1921. yinc�� silver was first fwtnd
in thc-Cohait field in 1904 and since
lhe discovery of gold in Porcupine find
Klrkland Lake tu'1909 and 1910, total
dividend* of $150,? 11,199 have been i
paid from these fields in that period.
Ships Lighted By
v        .  Phosphorescent Seas
Cuba    Where
Sd At Night
illuminated    Belt .Off
Newspapers Are Re
" The navy aircraft tender Patoka has
reported recently encountering phosphorescent seas so bright that a newspaper and ship's orders could be read
ou .the open deck at night. The Illuminated seas, fhe ship's commander
reported, wero encountered-on a recent trip from Port Arthur .to Key
West,- north of tho, western" end of
Cuba. ' '
_, "This vessel," tho., report said,
"crossed a phosphorescent band about
six miles wide ���which extended as far
as could be seen in a north and south
direction.      ^
"One half hour previously and for
about a Jiaif hour .afterward the band
was visible as an incandescent Hue in
the 'horizon. The change from the
sea of ordinary appearaneo "to the
phosphorescent band was distinct and
"The line was less than 400 fvet
from plain sea to the highest light.
In the band strong shadows ,were cast
upward under the ship's awnings.. Ou
the stern large prlnt_could_ _be_ read
from the light ��� of the wake. The
wake showed marked red and green
colors besidu the phosphorescent hue
present. The border along the ship's
"side was about six feet thick
British Army Bans Spats
Howler hais have bt-comu very pop-
Mar in .Turkey, now that the national
. .    .
Iteadgoar -of that countrs*. the i'ez. Is
being abandoned.,
Measure     Puts _ End
Century-Old Custom
Spats have been banished from the
British army.
The war ollice has announced that
as a measure of economy the White
spats which have formed a part of the
regular uniform, of'the kilted Scottish
regiments for-more than 100 years,
will no longer be issued.1
Spats became a. part of the High
landers', equipment Jn tho" Peninsular
War" against - Napoleon in Portugal
and Spain. _ -
During' the retrviu of 250 miles
I i'rom Asterga. to Corunna Iu. January,
1SW9, through snow and rain In a
mountainous counlry, tho High
landers tore thef!" .shirts Into strips
ro bind their lacerated feet. Official
sanction was given this addition to
the uniform soon afterward by .the
is.��ue of. white spats.
, xi��mMs^m
Must Have Been Cold V
A farmer engaged a young lad from
a large town. One cold winter's morning the farmer told the boy to harness
tlie mule to the cart. The lad lur
some reason took no light with him,
and he was unable to see that -there
was it cow in tlie stable with the
mul��>. After ��i long delay thf> farmer
grew Impudent, and shouted: "Billy,
wliat arc y��u doing?" 'T can't get
thp collar over the mule's'head," yell-
fd'.back she boy. "His ears arc frozen:���St. Mary's Journal-Argus,
Find Spectacle Case In Arctic
Believed  It  Belonged To   Member Of
Nares 1875 Expedition
Considerable interest and much his-
toricarspeculation in Canada, in Great
Britain, Is centring around a leathei
spectacle case found .in the Arctic by
the Canadian expedition of 1924.
Dr. D.-. L. Levingston, who was s'hip
doctor, on ihe Canadian steamship
Arctic, found the case on the beach
on Pirn Island.""' It is of heavy leather,
bound in the shape of a small pouch,
with a heavy gold monogram of the
letters V.R.I, suromunted by a crown.
It is assumed the case was lost by a
member of the Nares naval expedition of 1875. ��� The Nares expedition
was sent by the Royal navy in an
attempt to reach tlie North Pole., The
parly wintered on Pirn Island.
The point whicli has raised the controversy is the fact that, in 1875, Queen
Victoiia had not been created Empress
India, yet the monogram boars the letters V.R.I, standing for Victoria tte-
giua Imporatrix. The North-West
Territories branch has becn prosecuting an Inquiry into the .possible origin
of the spectacle case for more than a
year and considerable correspondence
has passed between the ollicials of the
department and surviving members of
tlie expedition. ��� '
~ Nothing has yet been' established,
however, but it appears that the title
Imperatrlx might have been used before officially conferred and that the
spectacle case was a gift of the
Queen to Nares himself or to some
senior officer of the expedition.
Chinese Use Roses In Food
Greatest Consumers in Nanking Are
Bakers and-Tea Dealers
Roses are used in Nanking not only
to scent tea leaves or drinks, as people
in other parts of China do, but also iu
tho preparation of various kinds of
food, especially candy and light refreshments. Nanking bakers' use
roses very liberally iri scenting cakes
and other kind of pastry."" During the
flowering season tlie bakers collect
large quantities of these flowers and
keep them in a preserved state to be
used in the next twelve months. Rose
petals are preserved for food scenting,
in two ways; they are either dried in
lhe sun and kept, ln a covered jar, gen-
eially of glass, or preserved iu sugar
sirup. Nanking brewers use rose
petals in preparing a kind ��� of rose
scented liquor." Even ppdlorts". and
food vendors boast "that their wares
are rose scented. The greatest consumers of roses in Nanking are th.e
bakers and tea dealers' the latter
using them to scent tea leaves.
For   Frost   I3ites   and" Chilblains.���
Chilblains come from undue exposuro
to slush and cold and frost bite from
the icy winds of winter. In the treat-'
ment of either an excellent preparation
is Dr. Thomas' Eelectiic Oil", as - it
counteractsf^the Inflammation and relieves the" pain. The action of the
oil is prompt and its application is extremely simple. 1-.
' Only One Destination
Aged^ Hlndoo^CouJd   Not  U_nderAand
Americans' Pride In Speed
President Nicholas Murray Butler,
of Columbia, said at a Columbia tea:
"Mechanical progress, isn't intellectual progress. - Man can fly, but can,
he write better than the Greeks of
2,000 years ago? No, ho can't write
as well. ��
'. "An American o was vaunting our
mechanical progress,-Avhich he mistook for intellectual progress, to au
aged Hindoo.. The American was especially proud of a ur\\-' aeroplane
that makes four miles a minute.   *   .
"'Think of^t" ho said. 'An aer.o-
plane that makes four miles a minute
���240 miles an hour:'"*   ^_
The aged-'Hindoo yawned and said:
"".'Why do you Americans want to
go so fast when at! roads lead to tho
B.C. Station Renamed
The station of the Canadian Nation;
al'Railways at Mile 1?3.2, Yale subdivision, British Columbia, at present
known as "Langley," will be known as
"Fort Langley" on the next railway
time card. This change has been
found necessary-In order to avoid confusion with "Langley Prairie," whicli
is situated on'the B.C. electric railway about seven mile�� from the Canadian National town. Thc name of the
post office, formerly known a_$."Lang>
ley^ort," has been changed io "Fort
Langley." *
Tells Why He Can
Now Eat Hearty
Swiss  Mountain  Moves
A-verified case of a moving mountain has been reported by a Swiss
engineer named Zurburchon. The
phenomenon is in the Morabbia Valley in the Canton of Tessin where
Motto Darbiuo rises to a height of
In the past ten years the peak has
moved six beet'and at lho same ibne
has sunk seven feet Great cracks
who have boon sent to examine it,
have appeared' in its slues and expert:;
I ear lhat tremendous landslides may
occur at any moment.
''A letter wfilcn* I read in tEe paper
about Carter's Little Liver Pills fitted
my own case so closely that I could
not help trying thcm> and am very
happy I did." So writes Mr. Frank J..
Trumbull of Jersey City, N^ J., whose
letter goes on to say, "I had heard
about Carter's Little Liver Pills for
years but never knew they helped overcome poor appetite and sour stomach,
until 1 read about another man in the
same plight who took Carter's with
good results. I tried them and can
honestly say that thcy 'freed me of
nasty gas on stomach, 'so that I can
now eat without getting bilious, and
thcy improved my appetite fully 1009&.
You can rest assured that from now on
I will boost Carter's Little Liver Pills
whenever L can."
^   Recommended and for sale by all
drue stores.
Discover. Ancient
Temple In Palestine
Magnificent Building Contained Golden
Image of Goddess
Further discoveries within the temple of Ashtaroth at Beisan, the Beth-
shan of the Bible, were reported in a
cable dispatch leccived by the university museum, Philadelphia, from
Alan Rowe, field director of the-museum's Palestine expedition... A statement Issued by the museum says that
according to Rowe's dispatch the' expedition has; discovered beneath the
foundations of the lately found temple
of Ashtaroth the ruins of au older
temple of ttte same divinity.
"Within this older'temple Rowe reports the finding of a golden image of
tho goddess," the announcement says,
"The brief cable dispatch gives no
further details, but it is evident that
this discovery of an earlior temple of
Ashtaroth"underneath the later one is
of great historic importance.
"The new discoveries -which reveal
.the, existence of an old temple underneath are conclusive proof of two
"First, that Beihshan must have
been, destroyed at some date' prior to
1,000 B.C. wITen this older temple waa
laid in ruinp.-and lhat it was later rebuilt.' ,
"Second, that this older tempi* was.
more magnificent than the later one,
indicating a more powerful civilization.
The fact that the image of the goddess
was made of gold is it\" itself a significant fact."        / ' .'
6,000   Foot  Peak  Shifts   Six   Feet  In
Last Ten  Years
Big  Wireless  Station
Empire    Wireless    Establishes    Communication Between Mother Coun-
try and Dominions
The British empire wireless station
at Blllmorton, in Warwickshire, near
Rugby-, was successfully tested for
communication with distant parts of
the empire recently, reports indicating
that satisfactory and clear communication was established between the
Mother Country" and dominions.
The-, station covers an area of 900
acres. It has 10 masts, each S20 foot
high, ancl the total length of its aerials
is three miles. '
Thoughtful Mothers
By shipping your own grain you
help to" stabilize prices, and you
secure-; all premiums, which "we
think will be larger than usual over
street or track prices.'' We also
handle Tuturey. Ship to the old
reliable firm of
453J4 Grain Exchange Bldg.
Reference.  Bank  of N'ova Scotia
Chest Colds
Subdued Over Night
Trained  Nurse Tells How Colds
Qjickly Broken Up
A-Home Necessity
Speaking of valuable home remedies that every mother should always
keep on hand. Nurse Carrlngton says:
"I haven't met any preparation more
dependable Ihan 'Nerviline.' It Is
the Ideal liniment; every drop rubs in
���It is absorbed quickly, eases and relieves congestion in a short lime. For
chest colds, pain in the side, stiff neck,
earache and toothache, I havfi found
Nerviline invaluable. In treating the
minor ills that arise in every, home,
nothing is more efficient than Nerviline."
For nearly fifty years Nerviline has
been a household article in thousands
of Canadla-i homes. Getr a 35c. bot-
Ue to-day.
Handshaking is becoming t-aboo in
Italy under Fascism. As a substitute
the Fascist salute, consisting of the
right arm extended .upward, is given.
How To Run A Newspaper
A Few Things-Required to"_Make"a"
.Successful Editor
To run a newspaper all*a fellow has
to do is to be able to write poems,
discuss the tariff and money questions,
umpire a baseball game, report "a wedding, saw "wood, describe a fire so'iliat
the readers will shed their wraps,
make ?1 do the work of.SlO, shine at
a dance,' measure calico, abuse the
lltiuor habit, test whisky, subscribe to
charity, go without meals, attack free
silver, wear diamonds, invtoit advertisements, sneer at snobbery, overlook
scandal, appraise babies, delight potato raisers, minister, to the afllicted,
heal the disgruntled, fight to a finish,
set type, mold public opinion, sweep
the oflice, speak at prayer meetings
and stand iu with cvcryU'ody.���Florida
Som�� people cain't see what pleasure
those' who mind their own business
find in living.
-  Copenhagen Alive With Bicycles
��� In Canada "one dodges automobiles,
but in Copenhagen it is the Wcycli-s.
During working hour.=, the streets
ar*-* alive with cyclists and in one day
as many as 51.S26 were counted in
various point? in th*1 .city.
"While motor cars are increasing in
numbr-r. the bicycles are increasing at
a greater rat*.
She Couldn't Sleep
Heart Was So Bad
lira. J. D. McClintoek, Charlotte-
town, P.E.I., writes:���"About a year
agol waa greatly troubled with my
JL eould not sleep at -eight, and was
so -nervous I imagined that I could
see everything -in the room moving,
and would have to turn on tho lights
before I could get to sleep.
After having read of your
Baby's Own Tablets Arc Effective
aind Easy to Give
Vou do not have to coax and threaten to get th3 little ones to take-nabv's
Own Tablets. Tlie ease with which
thc-y are given, as compared with
liquid medicine, will appeal fo every
mother. ' None-is spilled or wasted;
���you know just how big a dose has
reached tho ' little stomach. As a
remedy for thc ills of childhood arising
from derangements of . the stomach
aiid_ bowels ..tbey^are.most satlsfac--
Mrs. Ttose Voyr, "VVMlmamic, Conn.,
says: "I used Baby's Own Tablets in
the Canadian Northwest and found
them a wonderful medicine for children's troubles, especially indigestion
and constipation: I have also given
them to niy children for simple fever
and- the restlessness accompanying
teething and ihey always gave relief".
���I can recommend llaby's Own'Tablets
to all mothers."
Laby's Own Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cent.-*
a box from The Dr. WTllfanis' Medicine, Co., Brockville, Ont.
World Has Enough Inventions
AVe Instruct In the following Ki.tiJ��_i_t_j:
COMMBItCrAL.���Shorthand. Typewrit-
ttiB, I_tooklcocr>lrnr. Secretarial, Accountancy. Commercial l_.uv. Comptometer.
Dlctaphoho. Llstln.r Machine. Salovman-
ship. Commercial Art, UesiKii, Fashion
I5NC?rNKRT1INra.���Klectrtcal, Mepbanl-
cal. Stenm Rpfrlffer.-itlon. Chemistry.
SurvoyIi.fr, Arrhlloctnrc. Civil 'RnRlnPor-
l.ne, AutomoMlo *I3n_rlnefrlnq. Minlnc V.n-
plnp^rlne. TtjHIn. TVlcirrnrihy. .Prlntfns.
Public. Hlqh School & University Subjectj
LANGUAGES.���Ermllsli. French. Latin.
Oreek.   Germtju." Spanish   _._��.rl   Ttnlinn.
The United Tcohnloal Schools, Ltd.
Largest     and    best    equipped    prlvata
Commercial    &    Engineering   Collegia   in
Corner   Portage   A   Langslde,   WInnlpeo.
Will Publish Old Novel
Written By Victor Hugo 75 Years Ago
and Just  Discovered
The manuscript of a novel written
by Vicfor Hugo ten years before "Les
Mlserables" appeared, has been discovered, and soon -will be given to the
The project .is tlie idea of Gustavo
Simon, the venerable literary" executor
of Victor Hugo, who for forty years
has been active in promoting interest
in the groat novelist.
Doth thb tact that the did manuscript is in existence and the plan to
publish it, have been kept secret
hitherto, as far as the public is concerned.
Announcement of the- dlseovery
and proposed publication of the manuscript was made here by the American Braille Press for AVar and Civilian Blind,"which lias been making inquiries regarding the matter, in a desire to promote interest on the part
of French blind readers in the works
of Victor Hugo.
The following statement was mado
by a representative of the Press:
"It should be - interesting to know-
that Victor Hugo's literary executor,
Gustav Simon, the scholar and bibliophile, is still busy and that after years
of research he has discovered the
manuscript of 'Les Mlseres/'-a novel
written by Victor Hugo more than ten*
years before the appearance of 'Les-
Miserables,' or more than three-quarters of_a century ago."
,    Lacking Backward
We have no desire to cast' any reflections on the progress of the age,
but we' wiU admit ihat every time we
use^ a paper towel we think _rather
wistfully of the old roller one and
wonder if it really had as many deadly' germs on It as it waa accused cf
harboring.���Ohio State Journal.
13-Inch Apples
There is au applw iree at Itoscoe,
Eng., that is making an. international
name for itself.. Large delicious ban-"
ana apples aie its product. One of
tli�� apples measured 13 Inches in circumference.
For Burns and Scalds.���Dr. Thomas*
Eclectric Oil will take the lire out of a
burn or scald.     It should be at hand
in  every  kitchen so  tbat it  may be
Until   intelligence  Catches   Up   With  available at any time.     There is no
��� What it Has Says Edia'on preparation required.     Just apply the
,���.   -       ,   ���,,        z,    .        _.     ,       oil to the b-trn or scald, and ilie pain
Ihomas A. Edison, thc inventor, has!^l!S nba|e and ia a short Ul)lt, C(1.lie
concluded  fhe  world   can  get  aloiig j altogether.
without more inventions .until general J ���.~^���_ ���
intelligence catches up with those it
now has. according to un interview
published ia a popular science monthly. '    '
The motlotipicture and phonograph,
he esteems above ail the others of his
own inventions, he said. Ho did not
discuss"future products from his labor-1
atory at Orange, N.J., other than toi
say he Is working on a storage battery
and an improvement ter the phonos,
He sleeps niore and eats less now
than over before, lie said/    His idea
of a hearty meal is a tablespoouful of > -=-
cooked oats, a sardine and a glass and
half of milk.
Grace and speed arc t;_5.aential for
women athletes to rracli man's level,
asi they hare less "horsepower" than
men In the opinion cf 1'iof. Hill, of
London, England, who recently began tests on women athlete?.
TV.   U.   U.    lfc'S
Robbins.���"I didn't think you had
any idea of marrying the- widovr."   .
Newlj-erfd.���"I hadn't; it was an
Idea of hers "
Kind words aever die���and thc other
kind H>e forever.
Minard's Liniment for chilblains
t took Faveral boxes of them, arid
can now get a/ull,night's sleep without any trouble, and feel fine ia e-vcry
H. & N. ?Uls eavo l>een on tha
market for the paat 32 years; all
dealers sell them; put np onlv by Tba
T. Mi!buraCo.iLimited, Toronto^ Oat.
TVirh his shirt, torn to shreds by
the wind,, a young hobo was found
hanging to nhe wing of an" aeroplane
piloted by the head of the California
Nationaf Guard Air Force tvIio made
a trip from Las Vegas, 'J'fcw Mexico,'
to Los Angeles. '
:G<$fc*s .K^gulal^
',o.(.:prkej'- yFicz. jusM&lei.'. i^i~;" ;'.
W. :"T^^Rj*yi{Bi^"r^ffni&��r-'���'���.
yit.iyi-yi^r-y^tigi 3
It Is better to appear nngallant "than J
to  give  people  the   impression   that
jou love to hear yourself talk. !
IViiRard's Liiiment for stiff muscles
TH �� R&FKS r4ife3.
So. ( fer Biawtaer easayrh. a*. 2 {er$t��s4 t
Stein Dis*s��ss. ScSffrCferosicWtiiBCiseit,
w.r t>at i-T��3!"iJCf��si srv.fmcJ�� 1"tlr A��r.?fc
��**-1___ CLllte Hre!. Co. Kji-rerMBClk HJ.K tV_S, {.Vtt&q
KXn'lt  tO*���-Sti. rviaTST.HE-TOKO*!*8��f
�� w assiKist ��riKuti Xew Tc?.* cm. ���tr.
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
��2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To'Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices  ._.*.     7.00
fistnty Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks ".     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
"After all, Christmas-living- is
the best kind of Christmas-giving."���Henry Van Dyke.
"A Merry Christmas to everybody: A Happy New Year to
all the world."���Scrooge in A
Christmas Carol. Dickens.
"It was always said of him,
that he knew how to keep
Christmas well, if any man alive
possessed the knowledge. Ntay
that be truly said of us! And so,
as Tiny Tim observed, God bless
us every one!"���A Christmas
Carol, Dickens.
Once more we reach a finger post,
Upon life's broad highway
To keep a tryst with Father Time
Who comes with greetings gay.
Leave care and trouble to themselves
Let pleasure hold full sway,
Hark to the laughter and the song,
All hail to Christmas Day.
The old folks and the youngsters join
la play ancl merry jest,
Or in the singing of the songs -   ...
That old folks love the best,     ...
'.Because the merh'ries that,they bring
-Are .like, a golden "ray '[���������'.'. '������'���-,   ���'
r'Lumming all the"happy hours  _"' "" -.
..That, crowd the. Christmas Day. ���-.
.'���;���    '" ,':-,-'.--" . - X. -'���-'.''-':"  7 i Ex
./:   Myncaster Notes '.���-
'��� The,'-prospectors " around ��� here
y are-glad, to, hear that the Imperial
��� Group yare shipping- ore ���as-"it is.
only" about six'/niiles" ' a.wa-^'from
their claimsat "-Myncaster bti-the'
G. ff.;'Sail way; .The ore "is. of 'a
.s.im'ilar character.-   '���_���     '���::.. 7
���"- The. -. motorists around ���-Myncaster are-certainly enjoying., the
fine weather, and our jolly-mail
carrier is thanking-hisliickystars
th'st/he can -still '-"travel in his
1T_,-izxie""-fr'otn'i Bridesville-: via
-Myncaster.. Rock'_' Creekand back
/tb/Bridesvi_ie.;' ''���-���". ���    ..'.":".,, ���'"--.'.'   -.'
���Ori Friday afternoon, Dec. .18 th,
:ay very 'enjoyable - entertainment-
._aricl/Xraas._tre'e. was-, held .ia..th"e.
.Myncaster'''School. 'House, .-being"
largely-attended   by/parents; and-
. friends;- Ah. excellent programme:
of . songs, y- music,'. recitations,
dances arid a; pi ay," '.'The- Grouch-.
"Family" rendered by :the_ children
. was-certainly.appreciated- by/the.
grown-ups.- -After, the   program
Santa- Claus appeared and a .'most
'jollV;Santa he- proved, to'-'be and
.gave/ away - the = -presents-amid.
-laughterr    Games.-, were'-'-played
[by yduag and-old ;until   refresh"-"'
ments.were served. W At "the close'
of "the. afternoon the crowd .vqt'ed
their, hearty, approval ��� of  the ex...
cellent ..manner' - in ".which -/.Miss-
.Mary-"'.Barker, "the;. ��� teacher, /hid":
"trained Vhcchildren";.   .      W ���'. ���-
. Muline Starke .to Play.-, -
. ." j'ReaiRole'in Real Life
.��� _ When Pauline. Starke: retires' froni'
������'��� motipfl-picttires,y'sheyhas 'determined
X to.play-in real life';they role \she-pbr-
Wtrays 'in VAdventure,''-- 'the.new Vic'toi*
-���: Flemingr'Pdramount'melodrama,.based-'
���.: on Jack -London's widely" -read -novel.
'.of-the same.name.    7   ,-..���'���_
,: In "this-photoplay,. Miss .Starke is"
" " cast as a woman soldier of .fortune, a
.yfemale'. adventurer". in' search of ex-
.,-" cite.rn.eht. -.. .In '.-the    course-  of. her
���travels;-slie., visits -one of the cannibal
; isiaii.ds of the South-Seas,   where she
:.meets Tom/Moore, .the owner of a
copra' plantation,-��� with   whom   she
" enters .into' a business partnership.
"Adventure" will beshovyn at the
Greenwood    Theatre   on   Saturday,
. Dec. ,26th."   ;       .:.-'.' --.
Card of Thanks
'Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of December. 1925
N".  E. Morrison
Total actual attendance -   255 5
Percentage of attendance 52.42
No. on roll              - -         31
Average daily attendance 25 55
Proficiency List
Grade X: Cicilia Hallstrom,
(Mildred McLaren, Roberfe Mowat,
tied). Ruby G-oodevp, absent during examinations.
Grade IX: Annie Swanlund,
Renie Skilton, Edward Johnson,
Silvia Price, Mary Kerr, Jesse
Puddy, John McDonell, Irene
inglis, Vera Walmsley, Pafe Kempston, George Bryan. Leo Madden
absent during examinations.
Grade VII: (Edward Parry,
Margaret Royce, tied), Allan McCurrach, Eileen Bryan, Robert
Mitchell, Bertram Price, Harry
Hallstrom, Kenneth Stewart, Marguerite Ritchip, Lewis' Mitchell,
Lawrence DuHamel, Allan Morrison, Arthur Cox, Dan, Kerr.
Regularity  and Punctuality:
Eileen Bryan, Arbhnr Qox,
Lawrence DuHamel, Allan Mc
Currach, Allan Morrison, Edward
Parr}r, Margaret Royce, George
Bryan, Irene Inglis, Edward
Johnson, Mary Kerr, Mildrpd
McLaren, Robert Mowat, Vera
Walmsley, Jesse Puddy, Kenneth
Stewart. . .y
division ii
M. I. Keir (pro tem)
Total actnai attendance'    *-"   291
Percentage of attendance SO S3
Average daily atten dan Ce        20 1'
No. on roil -*       - - 36
Pkoficiency List:
Grade IV: John, McGillivary,
May Clark, Celia Klinosky, Hugh
McCurrach, Alice Etitchie, Mark
Madden, David Nicholp,"' James
Forshaw, Leonard   Sortome.
Absent during examination!*,
June Toney> Ralph Speuee. ,'
- Grade- V: .Eugene Spence,'
Beatrice-' McLaren,- Valeria Cud-
wort It ,'7. Arnold.;. Bombini, Ruth
Ox,-Charlesv-Royce and Munroe
Spence equal, Roy Hallstrom.--
Absent "''daring    examinations,
Rose.'" MiiGrade,     Rosa   Lucente,
Leonard Lucente.
"Grade VI: ���- Eugene McGillivary,
Robert Forshaw/ Thomas" Walmsley, . Jack.'Morn son. and- Leonard'
Moll'; equal;   Cleo-/Toney, ��� "Morris
Petterson;,. ' '.Walter-- -_ Cudworth.'
- -Absent: .during '���} examination's���:
Frariees'Luceiate. W y/y ["
-:"'..��� Grade VIII:.".,-Helen* .Kerr-;-"Aih-
"drew"  Anderson, John Campolieto,
Rosie Bombini/William, Walmsley.
Regularity and Punctuality:-'.
-'- Arnold'Bombini,r-Rosie" Bci.mbini,
John .Campolieto,'-Eubh Cbsj'"-Helen
Kerr, Celia Klinosky,, Hugh .McCarrach, ' "Eugene.y. Mc'GilHvWy.
John . McGillivary, -Beatrice.. Mc^.
Laren, 'Morris --Pettersqii, ..Alice
Ritchie, -"-Charles - Royce,'- "Eugene
Spence.,:.' -Munroe.' Spence, >���_ Cleo
Toney," William Walmsley, Thomas
Walmsley, Leonard Moll..  -. ;- -/.
-.-'-_��� Pa-dineSurkt lit. ..'y-'y *
.: -"' taft Paramount Picture
���    - 'Adyentufe*'. "
.. ;Saturday, Dec." ;26tli ���*-.:.
The United Church of Canada
Minister iii charge
Rev. VV. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Green wood
Sunday, December 27th.
Midway 11 a.m. ..
Greenwood 7:30 p.m.
Christmas Service
Friday, Dec. 25th, 9 a.m.
High Mass
Angels we have heard
Aguus Dei	
Acleste Fitlelcs
..... La Feillee
....   La Feillee
...... Chambery
.... I_,a Feillee
  I<a Feillee
.. Vieux Noels
-    BeuedicLion of the Blessed Sacrament
O Salutaris.....: Mozart
Ave Maria     Gaunod
Tan turn ergo  Chambery
���  DR. A. J. DORMAN '
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Vaeaiit, unreserved, .surveyed
Crown lands ma^ be pro-ismptod by
British subjects over IS 'years 6t age,
ami by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon -residence, occupation,
and - improvement for agricultural
purposes, _-_'"-.       y
- Full information concerninsr regu-
lEitiona  ' regarding    pre-emptions    is
. given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
��� "How to Pre-empt Land," copies ot
which can be obtained freo of eharga
by addressing: tho ���. Department. of.
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent. '.'���������
- Records  will, be  granted   covering
'only   land   suitable-for. agricultural
; purposes, .and-which is-.not timber-
land, ,i.o,,-'-carrying oyer  8,000. board
-febt-per'acre, west "of the Coast Rango
and. 5,000-feet per aero east of that
Ra'tgo-!; -    y .'' . y ���> .'.-'*''
��Applications for" pre-emptions are
-to be  addressed  to  the'-Lana\Cbm-
_ ml��sibner of* the "Land Recorclinft-'Di-
vislon.-in which, the Sand" applied for
_ts situated, .and' are made -on printed-
-forms, ""-copies ot. which can -be obtained'from the.Land Commissioner.'
,;_-." Preemptions must be occupied for
- five.;",years  and Improvements made'
to -value"-of '$10 per."acre,, including
clearing-aiiid cultivating at least five
acres", before a Crown, Grant'* can be.-
received.,. .""-\_". -      .      _-._"���.'
v.For ���more- detailed 'information-se<��
the-. Bulletin .-"How'   to.  Pre,-empf-
:Land.V ".-     * '* "-    '      .���"-.-    >"'      .   --.
.   Xy .-[-���   -PURCHASE'-'/-'"';..;,  '.
.   'Applications are received, for jiur/.,
'...cliaso;__ o/_ ...vacant"_. and"J... unreserveij -
Crown, lands,  not  being  tlmberiand,'
��� for., agricultural, purposes;'- minimum ',
price for' first-class, (arable)  laiid l��
. 55 per acre, and "second-elaaa (graz-
Ing): land $2.'50 per-acre. . further Information regarding purchase or leaso-
'ot.prbwh lands. Is.7glvon in Bulletin
No." 10',-:Land'..Series,- "Purchase, and-
'Lease'o'f Crown Landa.""..-*..'��� . -..-:.-
Mill, factory, or industrial sites bn
timber land, not,'exceeding-.40 .acres,_
may be purchased "or leased,,the,conditions'' ..including ' .payment,' '-'oi
stumpage.    ,������,"'       '.���---      ,  '     ���
���W.-W.'.HOM-E��iiE'LEASES  -������-.-
_��� Unsurvo^ed areas,, nets exceeding SO
.."acres;  may  be, leased, as hbmesitee,-.
.conditional.upon :a. dwelling-beiritf
,pro'ct'ed In tho first year,.'title being"-
obtainable afterJ residence .and im- ,
provemont' conditions" .ore .' fulfilled ..
and ,la,nd has b"&eh euryeyeiS. - ,y- ".- ���"-,;
'.XX ; .-''���: 'V:I-.EA8E8 y[ X[x -'.
. '������ l^br. grazing. and'; industrial   pur- ;
: pos'ss". areas,, not exc��<_"d��ififf 84Q - e.cr����
may, be leased by,-, on* yperson - or." a
..company.'' ���;������';   "-' ;"    -���'��� *- '-  ���   '.'---���   -.
";-.    '.QRA2INQ,;   .
-."Under the;Gm5sing Act. the -.Prov-.
-ince is'divided-into grazing- diBtrlcti;
-iririd' the rango administered ~ under - a"-
.Grazing -', ,:.Comm!ssio'ner7"'   Annual -
grazing permits are -Issued .fcdjs.sd ob-
numb'erij" ranged;' priority, being given,
to-established owners.' -Stock-owners'
may ���. form ; asffocla-Ubhs " for ; Tango,.
management., -Free,, or. partly."free,
"pornslta- are ..aya-Uabls-^for '-settlers,"
campers bjx&  trav��ll��r��,--up .to    tea.
.b-aail .���"���'.-    . '-   ."-"'-
Mr. and  Mrs.  Samuel  Fretz and
family," of. Eholt Road,   desire to express their heartfelt gratitude  to. the
rnany friends for the kind  words' ofj
���sympathy and.for the/many beautiful|
flowers Sent during their recent sad {
Extending to various" parts of>south-
western British Colutabia, 'the copper
trails which ise call telephone lines are
ready to carry longdistance converse-.
tioos at speeds ranging from 8,000 to
178,000 miles per second. When speed
counts���-Long Distance. ,
Bees' Set out to Make a Recbra
llfho ever heard ui a hive oi bees that in one day
4 V gathered no less than 25 pounds of honey? If anyone
doubt.; that the busy bee can be as busy as all that, refer
him to Mr. W. D. Wright who has p. laige and prosperous
apiary near Souris, which is in southern Manitoba on the
Canadian Pacific Railway, and if anybody doubts the
fertility oi* the Province of Manitoba or wonders if the
summer suns there shine down on wide fields of glorious
bloom, let him read the following which is gathered frqm
the columns of the "Souris Plaindealer."
It was on July 31st last that the hive' of bees beside
which Mr. Wright stands in the above picture gathered
and stored the twenty-five pounds and established a
record for this continent and perhaps for the whole
world. There was no doubt about its being true, because
tho Provincial Department of Agriculture made the test.
Fiom July 13 lto August 3,'the hive.stoodon a scale and
every evening when the bees' work was done and they ha'd
gathered around their fireside to talk it over, the weight
of the hive was taken. The first gain was on July 14
when 1Yi pounds was brought in and from that quantity
thg daily "take varied up to 14 and "16 pounds. But-on
July 31 the bees got together and made a Special effort
ji'st to show what they could do in the way of establishing
' records.-   : .....
Perhaps.they had just discovered that their efforts
were'being" recorded. Anyway we can imagine that the
nij;ht before, the queen called the crowd together, or
perhaps only the captains of teams, and said something
like this:���   - t j
"Now, boy?, the world's got its eye on you and tomorrow's the day we go over the top. Any lad that comes
-in litre with less than his full load gets into trouble and
the chap or team bringing in the biggest bag gets a wax ���
medal with my picture on one side and his own name on
the other." \ _ ' '   -   ���..
And how they worked that day! They worked all the
other days of the season too, because the total honey
produced for the season was 496 H pounds. Of course
there were two or three rainy days when they stayed
at home and did chores around the hive, and two or three
other days when it'didn't rain, but they r.tayed home
anyway to look after the local'elections or something like
that. And when it was all over no doubt the queen said
"Well, it's been a pretty good working season, I'll tell the
world," and as always is the case the Queen was right. *
-"Having proved her superiority as an organizer etc.,
it was natural that wider spheres_jof endeavour should
call to this queen, so Mr. Wright-shipped her to a big
Bee firm in Alabama who are sending him another queen
now, ten of her daughters next spring and three two-
pound packages of bees with three more of her daughters
in command. The trade was worth $35 to the Floradale
Apiaries. The locating, capturing and.caging ready for'
exportation of the Wright queen was ritnessedby J. W.
Brcakey, M.L.A., and a representative of the Plain-
dealer. She was indeed a very fine lady and was head of
an enormous population that objected pretty strenuously
to her removal, and you cannot really blame them for
Mr. Wright's Floradale Apiaries'this year produced
almost four tons of honey\and he hopes that next year
.Southern. Manitoba ancl the neighborhood of Souris
in particular wiUagain show the world something startling in the way "of honey production. In the meantime
our .friend the queen will continue her campaign for a
bigger and better honey crop.
.IL W. R.- M00BE, B.A.
. Physician and Surgeon
/Residence Phone 69
��� ZW  . Greenwood      , 7
'--  ' y'y. '.. yMoolcup the ., / .. ���_    ,/
���':. ////.-VCity-'.Garage':'-.- ���/';.-v
Y^_^??.._Ave/ _:,7_-^7 Gsr andXFotte
. ....CARL/WpLFRXM, Prop/
Garage Pliorie.53/���   Night/Ph'6iie".125R
7..^SEND. YOUR   W  ;,
���)���   ���}     ./"    WT6;/ .; ���';,"."' 7.. "..
GEO/ ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th��� Century Shoe Rcoairer
All. work and .material/-guaranteed. /We"'
"- 'p ly'-postage oiie way.    Terms Cash. "������
. -   '   We carry  only  the  best 'stock  procurable in
Beef,  Veal, Pork,   Ham,   Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A* trial will convince you ^
|; JOHN" MEYER   ;     . , -',".'. ���";-.'���;""" "       Proprietor jj'
^sawiswaw^sswsi^M*^^ -y-'-YTyrar ���jar rill
of Canada, Limited [x,
'/���'���'/."'.'   Office,-.Smelting and.Refining,Departmem 7       .-
���; />' ."-   X /TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMbU  S/.-"'-��� W - W  ' W'
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
- '". y. Producers   of;   Gold'. ..'Silver; , Copper,   .Pig'"-Lead .and Zinc     /- ���
..:--.     '..'-.        :_��� ('TADANACVi BRAND-   -/'-'.-      ,.'"   W.'.'-""
The Mineral Pro
Hiia produispd". Minerals, ae follows:,   Placer^Grold, $77,382,953: Lodo' Gold,
/C?0   -��ri_\.   <_. .*t'V__     -��_>_>   on_    ci-nL   V'-.J     _ifn   trio.   cso.  e-t..  ......    *k._.i.    _ r,r.   nWn     _-..      -
to tbeeD'd of 192^,- show.an*
A^^teyValaey of $859,427,386
'ear Ei
The MiniDg.Lawe of fehia. Province are riaor�� liberalj and "���'the'-: fees': lower, than /"those of aoy ,otlier>
Province in the Dotniniob, or."any colony'itt the 'British-EjpapiJre.--", .    :     : .  - 7 X--'���-;'���'*:
MiDeralJocations are granted-tohjiscovererV for.tioDsibal fees.-        .   -.-.        ";     . .   ,/*-       '. / - - ���
Absolute Titles are obtaiaed  by deyelopingysacb; properties, the sec'ority: of.which is guaraiateed"
by* Crown Grants.        ";        '���      '"���        "���-.     -.-.''.   '���'-/,- /'   '����� ��� ./:. -* . W"���/."  X.yy  ���
Pull inforination-together with Mioing R^pbrts and Maps, raay be -obtained/gratis/by addressing���...
-* ^V-Tlffi'ftO^-TO
'��� '' - ' '   VICYOKIA. Bn"fish Columbia.  }--x'
N.B.- Practically all British Colombia/Mineral Properties 'upon which deVelopiaaent workybas beeE
done are described in some one of tbe Annnal iEEeporfs ofthe Minister 6! Miaes.,.:. Those
considering mining investments shonid reler io.Baeb reports. They are available. ^itbont.
charge-on application to the Departaaent of Mines, Viekfrisj B.C. Keports of the Geological
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