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The Ledge Jun 10, 1926

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/ -
. The Oldest'Mining Camp Newspaper in British Columbia
.* t ���
McLary's Blue Kitchen Ware
Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, fancy and plain
;    Trunks, Suitcases, Handbags        ,
Golf Clubs, Balls and Bags, Tennis Balls
oney Savers
Malkins Best Marmalade 4s - 65c
Malkins Best Plum Jam 4s - 65c
Singapore Pineapple 3 cans - 50c
Libbys Beans with Pork !8oz cans 85c
for quality and valoe order from Phone 46
Agents for
:"             - -���             '       *
Imperial Oil, Limited
���'                        -'                         i
Premier Gas.
by the Barrel 31c.
Phone 17 '                                                j
q5 Ladies and Gents
rtj Furnishings
fej ���~ .
��5;' Men's Dress Shoes.and
Sta fine Oxfords *K
83 83
c*;Ii) Miners Boots q3
/O] "Canvas Shoes for the children cP
^ '          Millinery           '   - - W5
W '    Ladies fancy Silk Hose      ' ��^
&  sss
gjij .     Cook Stove Por Sale ��j$
Jlf ������-w^-*���-.           |   IIBIHB   HI     IIHI    |   IBIIMI IIIIBIMIMWI rW j\f
���� Mrs. Ellen Trounson $5
PulaSle Auction
Mrs, L. Lyons is spending a holiday in Vancouver.
J'. H. Goodeva was a visilor to Bea-
verdell on "Wednesday.
Dr. A. J. Dorman spent a few days
in Beaverdell this week. , '
Born���At Blakebum on May 29th, to
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Blank, a son.
Dr.  Lamb,  Provincial inspector 'of
hospitals, was in town oil Thursday.
Mrs. M. Axam returned on Tuesday
morning from a few days visit in
Aristo motor oil, non-carbonising
western', $1.00 per gallon���at Greenwood Grocery.      ��� -       *
W. J. Clark shipped a carload of
ore from the Providence mine dump
this week.
Farmer's Corral], Rock Creek
Saturday, June 26th, 1926
Mr. H. L. T. Martin's fine herd of Cattle,
both. Dairy and Beef, also.
-    One Registered Hereford Bull
Mr. S.'T. Pittendrigrli
-has also included
Three Work Horses, one Saddle -Horse,
Wagon,-Mower, Rake, and other articles
For Terms of Auction and other
particulars see Bills
Charles King
with one of those refreshing
Ice Cream Sundaes and Sodas
Buy a Kodak for your vacation. \
Film, Supplies, Etc.
Let us Quote you on
Agents for the
JOHN DEERE Line of Earm and Tillage Goods
Real Estate & Insurance
Fire. Accident & Sickness. Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of
Taylor & Son, who are agents for
the Imperial Oil Co., lire installing an
up-to-date gasoline pump.
Curlew defeated Midway at baseball . by 4-2 "on the latter's diamond
on Sunday. It was a, real snappy
The Ledge Plant   .
Destroyed by Fire
The y'ofTice of The. Ledge newspaper
was badly gutted by fire-during the
early hours of Sunday morning and
the printing plant was very-seriously
.crippled, if not a complete loss.
Flames were first noticed" about
three o'clock and efficient work of the
Greenwood..fire department prevented
its spreading. Had it got, any great
headway the fire might easily have
been serious for a number of business
places. The origin of the fire is. a
mystery, The Editor had been in the
office until a late hour Saturday
night, but had no fire of any kind.
Efforts are now being made to re;
establish the plant in another building in town. Meanwhile the Ledge
will carry on as usual with.the assistance of The Grand Forks Gazette,
who have kindly placed their plant
at our disposal.
Dr. A, J. Dorman, dentist, expects
lo leave-Greenwood about the 1st of
July for Kimberley, where he has
rented an office.
H. W. Moore, who has been-attend-
ing nn appeal case in the Supreme
Court at Victoria", is expected to return on Monday.'
The registered .Hereford Bull to be
sold at' the Auction at Rock Creek,
was bought at the Kamloops Bull Sale
and is a fine animal.
GEO.~ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.
We pay postage one way. Terms cash:
Dodd's Barber Shop
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco,
Soft Drinks & Confectionery
Open 8 a.m. to-11 p.m.
We would like to call yonr attention to
��� the fact that our
is always in a position tp g-ive you the
best there is in
Service and Workmanship
If you havc had difficulty in getting
yonr watch to keep time bring it to lis
and we will make it right
'We handle a good line of Glasses   ���"
Watchmaker and Jeweler
F. J. White, Manager
The feature attraction at the .)���������.
Greenwood Theatre,,Sat., June 19th
COMMENCING AT 8:15 p'.fl.
Also a Comedy "Felix's Trip Through toyland"
ADULTS 50c ��� .        CHILDREN 25c
Physician and Surgeon
Resijence Phone 69
The Ladies^ Auxiliary of the Greenwood and District Hospital, are ' arranging to hold four dances, on" the
last Friday in tltfe months oE June,
July. August and September,proceeds
for the hospital. Further particulars
will be announced as time progresses.
A new strike of ore was- made on No.
3 vein at the Bearer at Beaverdell
-last week .and assay returns show it
to he of very high, grade.
W. B, Fleming- lias been'Tii'Verncm
tins week attending- the Grand Lodge
of Odd Fellows as delegate from Gateway Lodge, Grand Porks.
P. H. McCurrach paid au official
visit to Beavei'dell and Carmi on Wednesday, in company with Provincial
Constable W. B. Stewjirt.
- Mr. Shallcross, representing Coper-
ley, Rounsfell & Co., Vancouver, was
in town on Tuesday adjusting the
fire loss of The Ledge plant.
I-wisli to take this opportunity to
thank the Firemen for prompt assistance in my recent fire; also to the
large number of friends, especially T.
A. Love, 'Grand Forks Gazette, for
their very timely help.
G. W. A.  SMITH.
Midway District Meet
as Great Success
Grasshoppers were very numerous
farmers in that section are making
a strenuous effort target rid of the
pest b'y using poison.
F. H. Harrison of the Audit department 'of the Provincial government,
paid an official visit to the local court
house and the" office, of the official
.administrator this week.
Owing to difficulties in getting our
printing plant re established from the
recent fire, it will be "a few weeks
before The' Ledge will appear- on
Thursday, so we ask the indulgence
of our readers.
London, June S.���Canada's next
governor-general will he Lord Willingdon  of Ration.
Lord Willinglon today announced
that he had accepted the appointment
in succession to Baron Byng of Vimy.
who retires next month.
Lord Willingdon is expected in
London at the end of this month,
being now engaged in completing his
recommendations after inquiring, with
others concerned, into the situation
regarding the Boxer indemnities in
China. He has been in the far east
on this mission for some weeks, and-
is to sail from China on June 19.
Canada's nexty governor-general will
be 60 years old on September 12 next:
Named, Freeman Freeman-Thomas, she-
fore ascending to the peerage", he is
a son of Fredrick Freeman-Thomas,
his mother-being Mabel, daughter of
the first Viscount Hami>len, former
speaker of the house of-commons.
The Dominion,s new "first lady" is
Lady Marie Adelaide, his wife, and
daughter of->the first'Baron B'rassey.
. Was in Parliament
As Mr'.. Freeman-Thomas, Lord
Willingdon' represented Hastings in
the house of commons from 1900 to
1906, and for four years thereafter
represented Bodmin Cornwall.
' As a young man, Freeman-Thomas
was notable for 'his achievements as
cricket elevens. Now, Lord Willingdon has achieved a distinctive reputation for his diplomatic .ami able
governorships of Bombay and Madras
wliich kept him in India from 1913
tp 1924. Since then he had undertaken various missions for the government, culminating in the present
mission.in China.
Lord Willingdon toured Canada on
his way to the far east earlier in this
year, when, of course, he could not
publicly confirm the rumors of his
.appointment to the governor-generalship which even then were widely
A wire was received from Barrister H..W. R. Moore to the effect that
he had successfully appealed the Cudworth case. The Chief Justice unanimously g.-nre judgment to tho plaintiff, allowing all costs wthout litigation.
Jack Mulhern,'an oldtimer in Greenwood but of recent years a'resident
on the prairies, w.as in town during
the week and met many old Boundary
friends here. He had just been discharged from the Greenwood hospital and was on his way to visit a
brother in Vancouver. ��� Princetoa
Malcolm Williamson met with a
very painful accident on June 3rd,
when he cut the toes of his right foot,
breaking a hone and severing two
tendons. He was cutting wood in the
Hartley section and was brought to
the,District Hospital by D. C. McKee,
where Dr. Wood attended the injured
person. Malcolm is getting along
nicely.     N
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Fleming of Cawston, spent a few days in the- district
last week, Mr. Fleming being agent
for the Sun Life Assurance Co.
While returning from -Beaverdell on
Friday last they had an exciting chase
with a large Crown bear that was using the public highway. They returned ' home \. ori - Sunday , accompanied by Mrs._,.C. M. Shawand Mrs. G.
W.'A. Smith and son Donald.
June 3rd was a splendid day and
one to be long remembered by tlie
children and friends who gathered at
Midway (o see what real athfetes
there are in this part of the country.
The competitors were' in splendid
trim and all entered heartily into
each event. A splendid spirit of good
sportsmanship was displayed at all
Great credit is due to the directors
for the- able manner in which the
sports were "conducted, and to the
teachers, who by tneir enthusiasm,
encouraged pupils so greatly. Parents
and friends l from outside parts were
most generous in using their cars .
to take the children clown^.The school
parade led by Scotty Fawns with the
bagpipes,, was a great success the
greatest attractions being the caps
worn by Kerr Creek school pupils,
Greenwood's bicycles' decorated in .
their colors, and Midway pupils costumes.
Norwegian ' Creek again won the
cup for the small schools while Midway captured their cup "again in-a
close contest with Greenwood. The
cup for the highest girl goes to Kathleen Salmon of Midway, while the
boys cup goes to Edwaid Johnson of
The totals for schools were as
follows: - .,* ���
Midway 169 -
Greenwood    - 14G
Norwegian. Creek     86
Boundary  Falls '.,'.. 34
Ingram  Bridge   ..'X:. ".. 12
. Kettle Valley  d
Kerr  Creek    >-...! '   *
Upper Rock Creek  '..    3
Gold medals were won by Edward
Johnson of Greenwood and Kathleen
Salmon, of Midway. -^The .following
received silver medals:
J.-Riley, Norwegian Creek; M. Riloy
Norwegian Creek-; M. Madden, Greenwood;; G. Bryan. Greenwood; K. Sal
mon,  Midway. \
Bronze medals were won by the
following: G. Bohemier, Midway; V.
Riley, Norwegian Creek; C. Riley,
Norwegian Creek; J. Puddy, Greenwood; N. Riley, Norwegian Creek;
M. Sharp,"""MidAvay;--J. -MacDonald,
Greenwood; ,R. Skilton, Greenwood';
L._ Bryan, Midway; A. McCurrach.
Greenwood;!. Richter, Ingram Bridge;
V. Riley, Norwegian Creek;. C.
Bohemier, Midway; L. Folvik, Boundary Falls; R. Halstrom,. Greenwood;
H. Kerr, Greenwood; C. Hamilton,
Kettle Valley; A. McMynn," Midway.
The Greenwood baseball boys carried of the prize, a bat and ball. Pat
Kempston of Greenwood took tha
prize for pole vaulting, a novelty
event which will doubtless another
year be featured as an event winning
points "for the school.
Union Bay.---Rev. Andrew and Mrs.
Walker were lhe recipients of many
gifts,and received good wishes from
all, on Ihe eve of their departure for
their new field at Greenwood. The
present's tions were made hy Mra.
Haggart, on behalf of the Ladies' Aid;
gifts were also made by the Sunday
school and C.G.I.T.'s. Rev. and Mrs.
Walker's ministry of* the last two
years has been a very happy ono.
Thev leave behind' scores -of friends.
Rev. and Mrs. -Andrew Walker and
daughter, arrived in"town this week
ancl have taken up residence in the
United Church Manse. Rev. Mr.
Walker succeeds Rev. W. R. Walkin-
.shaw, who has been transferred to
the North Kamloops.       '   -
'Roy Clothier,  supt. of the  Beaver,
was in town for a few days this.week,
Logging has commenced on tlie Kettle River for McArthur's mill at
���Mid way's ~note"d"" basebalPteam won
the game /with Rock Creek by a substantial' majority. ' ,
A record crowd attended the danca
in the evening. The music was peppy
as usual and all enjoyed themselves
so'thoroughly that it has been decided to hold another dance on July 1st,
There will be a dance in the Farmers' Hall on July 1st. .
The Midway Women's Institute will '
meet on June 26th instead of July--
3rd.   "
Miss H. Nystrom of Curlew, Wash.,
is visiting her father, F. Nystrom, of
Geo-rge Bradshaw of Nelson is relieving Emery Delisle at the C.P.R.
'round  house.
If you attend the Auction 6f cattle
at Rock Creek you will be able'to estimate the value of your own stock. *
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Brown motored to Trail on Wednesday. They
were accompanied by Mrs. Pannell
and daughter as far as Grand Forks
The cattle to be auctioned on June
26th are in good shape and well
worthy of attention from the purchaser's point of view. y *
Mrsi H. McCutcheon, who has been
the guest of Mrs. G. Inglis for several
weeks, left this week on a visit,to
Miss Camerpn at laurier.
���Milton Sills holds  the record    for
pugilistic conquests   in ythe   movies.
Except for "The Sea Hawk", he has .
staged    furious    fistic encounters  in *
practically every picture in which ho  .
has been filmed," and not infrequently
has carried bruises and abrasions for
days after, as a result.
In "As Man Desires", in which Sills
is co-featured with Viola Dana, he
engages" in two battles. As a British
army captain in the Indian service,
he battles his superior officer. Fore- .
ed to flight to escape a murder charge
later, he appears as the captain of u
pearl fishing schooner and battles
Tom Kennedy, one-time heavyweight
contender/ The prize here is the love
of Viola, who has the role of a dancing girl of the Soutli Sea Islands.
"As Man Desires" will be shown at
the Greenwood Theatre, on. Saturday,
June ISth.
U: . THE   LED
B. 0.
Is L
earning the Business
Attract The Tourists
tt is an economic truism that the imports ancl exports of a country must
balance. Thai is to say, if a country imports more, than it exports it must
pay thedifftirt'nee. in gold, which means that It sends' money out ot the country, ihai is, exports it. Thus is the balance maintained. On ilu- other hand,
i( a country -exports.more than it'imports then if has to be paid, which means
an Import of gold. Thus thc country whose exports in raw materials, iialur-.
al products, manufactured goods-and general merchandise.exceed imports of
a like character, and to whom the importing countries" must thero Tore remit
gold in order to balance accounts, can hardly help bui, prosper and grow
wealthy. y\
There aro. however, what are termed, invisible imports. For example,
Great. Britain is obliged to import food and other necessities of life on a huge
.scale, and it not infrequently happens that British exports of-coal and luunu-.
factures do not equal these imports iu value. 'Thus the balance of tangible
trade i.s against Great Britain. But this is more than offset by the fact.thai
the mercantile marine of Great Britain'is the greatest trade carrying agency
in the world and all countries, pay-tribute.'to Britain. The earnings ol
"Uritish shipping constitute a great but invisible import; and these imports,
like exports, add to the naUomtl income, arid, wealthy
There,s another class of imports which operates In the same advantageous way, and one in regard to which Nature has equipped Canada to reap
great benefits if the Canadian people make full use. of their opportunities. Wo
refer io tourist traflic. A tourist brings at least one thing w'ith him���money.
31o '..ponds it in travelling and hotel expenses, in means of recreation and
pleasure, aud in purchases"in the country visited. Making Canada attractive
lrom the stand point* or* the tourist is, therefore, good national business. It
���wlli not only draw countless thousands of visitors froni other countries, but
H will encourage Canadians to-spend .their vacations in Canada, thus keeping
their money at:work for and in Canada,'and iu making: them boiler acquainted
with the Dominion and its enormous possibilities.
As already stated, Nature has done its part in richly endowing Canada
wlik some of the finest scenery in the world and by making the Dominion
a veritable sportsman's paradise. The Canadian climate, both in summer
and winter, makes a strong appeal. But these things are not enough In this
age. Tourists not only demand these things, and a marked change from the
-environment in whicli tlfey live most of the year,, but they" lrfsist on all moil-
�����rji comforts anil conveniences, and go where they can be obtained.
Canada must, therefore, be made a country noted for its good roads if it
is* to .capture any largo share of the automobile tourist traflic which has ��ow
: reached such large proportions. ���   Canada must cater to the needs and tastes
of all tourists by chains of good liotels; by bungalow camps, attractive sum-
jihjv and winter resorts. -
Tourists will go where the greatest beauty beckons, the best roads lead
and reasonable comfort and necessary conveniences can b.e enjoyed. A
motoring tourist along'a good road arriving at a town or village which presents a well kept and clean appearance, streets well treed.* an attractive little
park, and residential lots, both back and front, tidy and with 1 roes, shrubbery,
* grassy spaces and'flowers, and where the hotel,no matter how small, is spotlessly clean and good meals served, will almost certainly stay awhile. But if
the town or village is the opposite of these things, it is even more of a certainly that the tourist will hurry right on.
It costs some money to make our prairie cities, towns and villages pleasant and attractive. But; if lakes'* more of tinie ancl patience'than it does real
money to 'transform them as many have been andi-are being .transformed into
places of real beauty and restfulness. It is the. development of the right
.type of community public spirit that'really counts^in the-achievement of results. '." ' -'-..  ���
The securing of a fair share of the growing tourist traffic of the continent
is something that no Canadian:city, town or village can afford to neglect. It
is'cash business, and frequently leads to larger and unexpected business developments, because many a tourist while on pleasure bent js also -keeping
an eve open foi-investment and business opportunities.
y And tli making of the home town bright, clean and attractive is in itself
paying dividends-lo all the townspeople in increased local pride and pleasure
���at/home throughout the whole year.
Heir to Woqlworth Millions Working
In Long Island Store ,
Newspaper supplement editors will
lie glad to learn that Mr. Norman
Vv'oolworfh, of ,the second generation
in five and ten cent store business, is
hard at work- in the F. W. Woolwortli
store in Flushing, Long Island, y Mr.
Woolworfh, whose income is said to
roach fil.oOO a day, is serving out his
time under one of those queer wills
which make it Incumbent upon the heir
to learn the business from thc bottom
up. He wears overalls in the cellar,
where he Is officially known as "head
ol stock."
When the six p.m. gong rings a large-
Lincoln draws up to the door of the
five and len, and the pumpkin develops
six cylinders, with a liveried chauffeur
in attendance. The heir to the Wool-
worth millions gives James the high-
sign and is driven down the road a
bit to one of the show places of Flushing, where he lives.���The New Yorker.
They Worked a
Miracle for Him
_MastJ3y British Flag
Using Other Flags Alone Forbidden by
Bermuda Law
Because so many houses in Bermuda
were flying'y\he United States flag
alone, the Bermuda House of Assembly
has passed an act forbidding the fly-;
ing of any Hag.'unless the British flag
is also flown. The United States flag
was-being-displayed .to attract tourists it.was ascertained, arid;- not because'the Inmates- of the house were
Destructive Dust Explosions
No less, than rorty-five were, killed,
twenty-eight injured and $3,000,000
property damage .done, by dust explosions in the United Slates in the last
year. The explosions occurred chiefly among ���manufactories of wood and
aluminum wares, starch, feed, cocoa,
-spices, sugar.
High Altitude Affects Taste
So Says Ontario Man of Dodd's
Kidney Pills
>/*}Kitcfltnt fielp jmi,
which comes now so
fresh and green and
crisp, add with your
regular dressing, a
a dessert-spoonful of
Thcfresh tomatoes and pure spices'
blend perfectly and add greatly to
the salad.
Matl c by tbe mnlters of thc celebrated
Mr. H. Austin suffered with backache,
headache, and was gradually losing
Cold wat er, On t.���(S pedal j .���There
is no more enthusiastic believer in
Dodd's Kidney Pills anywhere ihan
Mr. IT. Austin, a well-known resident
here. He has good reasons for his
enthusiasm. Jle writes: "This is to
praise Dodd's Kidney Pills for what
they havc done for one. (iI think it is
a miracle. I suffered so much with
my kidneys and pains in my legs and
back. My head ached and, in fact, I-
seemed to lose my strength. After
using six boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pills
1 am now Quite well. Thanks to
Dodd's Kidney Pills, which I always
keep in the house now. I have gained in weight."
Many men suffer periodically with
.backache and, as middle age approaches, tho pain increases iu severity.- Rest may givo temporary relief,
bin Dodd's Kidney Pills do more than
this. They strengthen weak kidneys
and remove tho cause of the pain.   .
Obtained from druggists everywhere, or Tho Dodd's Medicine Co.,
Ltd., Toronto 2.
Vodka Has Bad Effect
Is  Blamed  For Growth of Loafing  In
Soviet Factories
The re-introduction ,by the. Russian
Government oP vodka of pre-war
strength of- -10 degrees Is blamed by
many iu that land- for the growing increase of loafing ancl abstentfion from
work in Soviet factories.
The whole press, led by Economic
Life and The Moscow Worker, is waging an against-loiifing campaign. As
worker corresponds from many factor-,
ies point out, the decline began last
fall,<which seems to connect it definitely with vodka,
One writer from the Moscow steel
works says: "Unnecessary absences
from work increase 25 per cent, arter
pay days, the reason being drunken-
A  Reciprocal  Tariff
Canada Would Reduce Duty ..On Cattle
If United States Takes First
Hon. W. R. Motherwell, minister of
agriculture, announced in the'House
of Commons that the Canadian Government was prepared to adopt a
"brick Cor a brick policy" with _ the
United States in the reduction of
duties on cattle. "Every step taken
by the "United States Government," ho
said, "in the way of a redaction ln
duty on Canadian cattle will be met
by a. corresponding reduction in the
Canadian duty against American 'cattle. We have a. brick for brick policy. That Is to say every brick tho
Americans tako off the tariff wall
against us will bo met with the removal of a corresponding brick from
our tariff against American cattle."
Mr. Motherwell announced that the
government this month had passed an
order-in-council authorizing the minister of finance to take' such action as
may be necessary in the direction of
reducing the Canadian tariff on cattle
in the event of the United States making similar reductions.
Everest-Climbers" Found Onions and
; Peppermint Had No Flavor
A curious effect (fi high altitude was
found, it is said, by,the men who tried
fo reach the.summit of Mount Everest.
At a height of nineteen thousand feet
the explorers lost their sense, of taste,
such food as onions lost its flavor, and
peppermint had no pep left by which
it might be kno\vn.-y
ness," which seenis to dispose of the
alternative reason advanced in some
quarters that fhe growth df Soviet industry has brought in a number of unqualified, workers 'from thc country,
lacking labor discipline, anil causing
accidents through- unfamiliarity with
their machines.
Madame Lenin Disillusioned
Tired of Sovjets Asks Permission to
Settle in England
Madame Lenin, widow of the great
Bolshevik leader, has had enough of
the land of Soviets and has applied for
permission to setLle in England, according to .a dispatch to the London
Times. The Russian authorities- are
doing their utmost to restrain the lady,
who is known there as Comrade.
Krupskaya, from carrying out her intentions. Not, tobe sure, that they
are so enormously fond of her, as she
has been a merciless critic, but because they fear that she'-will devote
her time Jn England to the writing of
an expose of the Red movement that
would be like a smashing-thunderclap
In the Bolshevist camp. "Tt is plain,
however, that Madame Lenin is disillusioned as much as. Emma Goldman
and Alexander Berkman. Pier desire
to break away from Russia at this time
would again show the ironical conflict,
between the"'dreams of the ideologist
and the hard facts of reality. If
Madame Lenin succeeds in getting out
of Russia, wliich is after jill no easy
matter, as Trotzky discovered, she will
be able to give a true picture, of Russia and none of the naive accounts
that the world had from such credulous individuals as constituted-most
of the different missions that, went to
Russia for investigation, and who
were shown only'the polished surface and not the ugly inside of
things.���New York-Evening 'World.
Pain In The Muscles,
Stiffness In Joints,
Quickly Subdued By Nerviline
 ___    , Q
Those who have tested out numerous liniments will agree that where
something-is needed; to dislodge a
deep-seated, more or less chronic condition there is nothing to compare with
Nerviline.. It's because ' Nerviline
penetrates so deeply, because It has
about five times the strength of the
ordinary oily preparation, It has como
to be known as King over' all Pain.
For Rheumatic conditions, muscular
and joint stiffness, Nerylllue works
wonders. A tiial proves this. Get a
35 cent botllo from your dealer to-day.
Cannibalism Exists In
French West Africa
Fingerprints Fail
Score one against the Uorlillon system. -Fingerprints of two prisoners
in New York could not be classified by
police because ridges of their fingers
had been worn off during bricklaying
The only innocent, harmless things
to wliich man has a natural aversion
are worms and spinach.
Studying Industrial Conditions
Eight  English  Workingmen   Sent To
, U.-S. By London Paper        *-*
A unique delegation arrived In New
York recently aboard the Carmania.
They were eight British workingmen.
One was a patternmaker, one a boiler-
maker, ono a blacksmith, one a tool-
maker, one a mclder, one an ironworker, one a fitter, one a "machine man."
Thoy came to the United State3 for
[our weeks on invitation of the London ' Daily Mail, one- of Lord Rother-
more's '��papers. They are eight actual workers, not labor leaders, sent
to examine working conditions, wage.s
and industrial methods in the United
States. The newspaper Js paying all
their travelling expenses, paying their
wives (who remain at home) the men's
usual wages, giving the men one hundred dollars each for extra clothes and
fifteen dollars a week spending money,
and providing each with a five thousand dollar life and accident Insurance policy while oil-the trip.
It   Comes   Through   the   Tonic
"' Blood-Making- Qualities of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
In tlie-Jife of almost every girl there
comes a time when weakness attacks
her.     Tho. strain upon her blood supply becomes too great, and there follows headaches aud backaches, loss of
appetite,   attacks    of dizziness, heart
palplliiilon   and' constant   weariness
ancl   a.   tendency   to a .decline.     All
these symptoms? may not be present in
any particular case, but the presence
of any one of them shows the necessity for prompt treatment.    And there
is no other treatment so sure aud so
speedy   as   that   through" the blood-
niakiug qualities of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pillri.    They are the one thing needed
to maintain the health of growing girls
arwl~women~of~nialure~yeaiu     =       =
��� Here is a bit of positive proof of
the value of Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills
in  cases of  this  kind.      Miss  Clara
Fraser,   Thossalon,   Out., . has   been
brought back to hoaltli ancl strength
through the timely use of this medicine, and gives expression of her gratitude a.s follows:���'.T feel it a duty as
wel 1 as a pleasure to toll you what Dr.
Williams'  Pink Pills  havo  done  for
me.   They have restored me-to health,
If, indeed, they did not save my lire.
I Wits suffering- greatly .from anaemia.
I -lost flesh and always felt tired and
nervous."   At last I grew .so weak 1
had to remain in bed.     The doctor did
not seem to kelp me any and I was
growing weaker, and my heart was
bothering me.     At last a friend who
called to see me said she had read of
a similar case restored' by   Dr.   Williams' Pink Pills and urged mc to try
them.     I felt helpless but decided to
take her advice, so my mother got me
a supply of_the pills and I began taking them.     It was not long before I
began to find benefit from the uso of
the pills, anil In less than two months
my health was  restored.     In  fact 1
was in better health than I had ever
enjoyed berore.     I   strongly   recommend Dr. Williams* Pink Pills to all
wlio are weak and run doAvn, for.I feei
sure they will not bc disappointed."" "
You caii got these pills  from any
In By - Secret Society
Witch Doctors
Cannibalism exists and is practiced
to a considerable, extent in several villages In-French West Africa, bordering the Liberlan frontier. This' cannibalism is indulged in by witch doctors who form a small but active secret society. Recently two of them,
one a woman,-wore'arrested. The
woman, in her confession revealed details of the manner in-which two chil-"
dreu had been murdered anil eaten by
the witch .'doctors. She explained
that, tho rules of their secret society
demanded that Uie -victim should, always be done Co death by seven o.f the
witch doctors, who .otherwise would
lose their magic powers. ' Members
of the society wero nvost particular
always to sacrifice members of their
flesh of strangers might be bewitched.
Eat More Mustard!
Enjoy-it'.'on both hot and
cold meats���with bacon,
sausages, eggs, fish.._ Let
the-spicy flavour of Keen's
Mustard add greater relish
to every meal.
It's best when freshly
mixed with COLD water.   ���
Recipe Book mailed free
���*.\    - ������- ���
LColmsrvKeen (Cai_ads)Lim!led,Dept,'_ 98
ICOO Amherst Stre��t, Montreal
*ik5s didestioiv
New Klondyke In Siberia
Russians Forced to Sell Gold Dust and
Nuggets to Soviets
Hungry gold seekers,' twelve thousand of thorn, are feverishly-working on
a field which Is described as a. new
Klondyke.    It is situated on the banks
of the River Aldan, in "one of the most
remote and wild regions in Northeastern Siberia, 300 miles from a railway. .
The Soviet estimates fhat there Js .one
ton of gold io^  every" C.OOO ' square
miles comprising the new field. -   Tha
Soviet "has removed all Japanese and .
Koreans.-from the district, and has decreed! that thc field must be "worked
exclusively by-Russians.     Tlie latter'
are' forced to sell their gold-dust and.
nuggets to the Soviet for ��3"lCs. per
oz., . Aeroplanes-are "conveying a lim- ���
iied supply of foodstuffs to the miners.
f Spare ths children rrom suffering
from" worms by using Miller's Worm
Powder's, ai most effective vermifuge
with wlik'li to combat these insidious ���
foes of the young and helpless. It is
an,-excellent worm "destroyer, and
when its qualifies, become known in a
household no other will be uscd. Tlie
"medicine nets by itself, requiring, no
purgative to assist it, and so thoroughly that iiollLing more is desired.
Attacked by Astnma. The first
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
which hour by hour becomes more desperate and hopeless. To such a caso
the relief afforded by Dr. J. 1"). Keir
logg's Asthma Remedy seems nothing
less than- miraculous. lis help is
quickly apparent and soon the dreadful attack Is mastered. The athnia-
tic who' has found out the dependability of this sterling remedy will never
be without it.     It is s'old everywhere.
England's New Princess Christened
Water   Brought   From   River   Jordan
i- -Us��'<l In Ceremony
Tn the private family chapel of Brl-
.tain's Kings and Queens, located in
the basement of Buckingham Palace,'
Princess Elizabeth, daughter, of ,. tho ���
Duke and. Duchess of-Yoik, was chrls- -
tened.- "Water brought from the Elver.
Jordan was used in thc baptism.
The , sponsors   for-  tlio. royal baby }
were the King and Queen, the Princo
ot "Wales,, and-Lady Elphlnstone, a sis- .
ter-of-tlic-Jjachcss-of-i'ork...���= .���____
MOTHERS Fletcher's,
Castoria is a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil,
Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared for Infants in arms and Children all ages.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of C*&*/ffi&��JeM
jproven directions on each package. .Physicians everywhere recommend it
Delicious Dessert
Report Ori,Hebrideans
Of the twelve families���69 people-
brought in from the' Hebrides for settlement in Ciuiada last year, one family���ono adult, and live children���has
been deported because they became.'.,
a public'cluirge. ;  Bi tiie-IIouse.br.
Commons in answer io,a.-question it*
was .also stated tliafPiither MacDon-.
nell, ��� who siipervisea'the'assisted immigration of the I-Iebrideans was paid.
?l,7-il salary and ?2,177 expenses.
medicine dealer or by mail at 50c a
box from The Dr. Williams' Mediclno
Co, "Brockville, Out.
Boys' Hostel At Edmonton
The Church of England has opened
a boys' hostel at Edmonton, the first
of its kind In Alberta. The first lot
of boys who will be cared for at this
institution will arrive this month under the auspices ,of tho church. - A
similar hostel has been operated in
Montreal for- some time ancl has met
with considerable success, in placing
boys on farms in the provinces of
Quebec and Ontario.
Acreage in sugar beets in the irrigated districts of Southern Alberta
will reach 7,000 acres this season. This
Is 1.000 acres more than the contracted area of last season';
;    ' i ���
Minard's Liniment for burns
W-   N.   17.   1632
ARE CURABLE. H you suffer from Leg
Sore* or Varicose Ulcers, I will send you
ABSOLUTELY FREE n. copy .of my famous -book that tella how to be rid of tnoaa
trouMea for a-lt time "by using my remarkable painless treatment. It ia different from anything; you ever heard of,
and the result or over 35 years speclallz-
lnur- Simply send your name smd addreaa
to Dr. H. J. WHITTIER, Suite 29, ��1
East Uth Street, Kansas City, Mo.
Caramel    Pudding,*   a   .Dessert   That
.Makes" Itself
One of the most delicious desserts
one cau serve, aud it is one especially
loved by children,, can be said practically to make itself. It is called
Caramel Pudding.    Hero it.is: ��
"Place an unopened can of Borden's
Eagle Brand .Condensed Milk in a kettle of boiling water- and simmer for
two and a half hours, being careful
not to let the kettle boil dry. , Remove can, cool and chill.- Remove
top of can, cutting along the side of
can���not tho top���so that the contents may be removed whole; place on
a- serving dish and garnish with broken nut meats, and whipped cream, To
serve individually,, cut^ iii slices, garnish with nut meats and whipped
cream-rr-or ' use -plain' unsweetened
cream, with or without garnish."
N 't   -'
"When HoIIoway's .Corn Remover is
applied to a.corn It kills the foots and
the callosity comes out without injury
to the flesh. v
���" Gentlcsaa-a /Visitor: "���-but after-ray
cold shower this morning, I felt aa
lively as a two-year-old pup."
Little Billy: 'LWltli flciis?"
In certain gulfs- and bays,.the tide
rises as iiigli -as 50 fee.t ,
It noTep'.'reduces the size of a claim
against ari estate l<rfll^it.       -     \
Bo.l lor B!��a_l��r Citarrh. No.3 for Blood *
BfcfnDi���*&�������. Mo. 3 torCbronleWasOcntiMI
Bold by .tiding C1IKU181&. or return mall Iron
Tin Added To B.C. Minerals
British Columbia's reputation as a
mineral producuig province received a
decided impetus during 1925 when tin
was added to the list of valuable minerals, production bf which has brought
the province to the forefront In tho
producing areas of the world.
She Couldn't Steep
Heart Was So Bad!
Mrs, J. DI McClint&ekJ Charlotte
town, P.E.I., writes:���"About a year
ago I was gicatlyy troubled 'with my
Leart. -���_     ��� -,-.
; I-cotia not'sleep nt nlgbt^and waa
io nervous I imagined that I could
��ee evoijtlijig-'itt'the room, moving,
and woiOd lave to turn on tho lights
boforo I could get to sleep.
���Mtez having-tead of yoar-
Minard's Liniment King of Pain
I took several boxes of'them, ��n4
ean now got a full night's sleep without a.ay trouble, and feel fine in every
IE, & N. Pills have been on th��
murket for ilo past 32..years; all
dealers sell them; pat up only by The
T. Milbuin Co., Limited. TomBta. On*-
. 3 ,1
To;Study Eskimo
Dominion     Government     Ethnologisl
Will Endeavor-to Trace Ancient"'
. Civilization of Northern Tribe    .-
In an effort to trace the ancient civ-
- ilixation of-the Eskimos, and determine, if possible,'thevtrend of their
migration.eastward, across the top oi
, the world,"Dr. "Diamond Jennes, of Ot-"
tawa, Dominion Government ethnologist, will outfit an expedition to explore
io the northwest and to the east.
Dr. Jennes "will''study and record
ihe grammatical construction of the
native dialects.      ���-
If permission can-be obtained from
the Soviet Government he will cross
Bering Straits to Russian territory to
excavate into the cliff's there where
evidences oLan early civilization are
reported to exist. Permission from
Russia has been asked through diplomatic channels, bul it has not yet been
Foliowiug -the .^obtaining of permission, to- explore in. Alaska,; the
United J3tates- National Museum announced that an expedition, also would
be sent from "Washington, D.C.", on a
, similar errand under the direction ol
Dr. Ale's J-lardlika, a noted'scientist.
Dr. Jennes, who has been in tbe
service" of jhe 'Dominion Government
-.for a number of years, is considered, a
leading authority on Eskimo life, having spent many years-in the'Arctic.
His researches" took him'from-Cape
Barrow to Coronation Gulf," and it.is
to seek- traces of the migration of thp
natives from Asia that he is heading
the present, expedition for Canada. Pie
is inclined to, the belief that following
.a migration from Asia across Bering
Straits thousands of years ago," there
may liavo.been-a return migration to
Asia at a later period.      ^
He expects that very important Information will result from tlie excavations that his party will make west or
Nome. He also may examine two Islands in the straits .between Alaska
and the Russian territory, it being re-
Signed   Without   Reading
Experiment    Tried    In    Pennsylvania
Could. Be Duplicated Any Place
-Eighty-seven residents,01' Braddock,
Rankin,' Swissvale and eight other
boroughs in Pennsylvania are quite
willing to have their homes and places
of business burned down,or otherwise
destroyed���proving all over .that" Bar-
ifum' was right.
To win a box of cigars and as a sarcastic gesture aimed'at lhe originators of foolish petitions, a. Swissvale jso, 90 and
man passed round, a petilion plainly
requesting the governor to cause immediate and entire removal of ". . .
buildings, homes, dwellings, shops or
works . ." . by combustion or manual razing in Braddock.^Wilkinsbiirg,
North Braddock, Rankin, Swissville,
Turtle Creek, East Pittsburgh, Home-"
stead, JMunhall, Irwin and- Wilmei-
In less thau an "hour "87 citizens,
home owners and business 'men of
the boroughs, had signed the petition
without bothering to read it. -.Tlie
author, upon asking for their signature,'-explained that it had been circulated by- the women's club for the
purpose of "cleaning"up" the' community." Only one person out qf SS
read tlio petition, ancl he refused, of
People Living Longer
And Becoming Healthier
Proved   By .Statistics   Given" Out . By
_     " insurance Actuary '    -"' 1
An insurance actuary lias just given
oui the'statistics of old age, and the
old folk may congratulate' themselves
lhat they, are becoming not "onlv a
[multitude, bul a very hearty and
healthy lot, with conditions and prospects that tire every day and in every
M-ny getting belter and Butter. Old
People, says U.^ actuary, now consti-
tulc -1.9 per com. of the population,
whttrens thirty years ago tliey were
only 3.9 ]Kr 0L>r.l. .There lire four old
People today where there wore three
a third of a century ago.  ���
Bul what is .old age? The insurance-actuary makes all the' usual
courtesy dodges so as to let everybody
"eel old if lie wants to or stay young
as he likes; but in order to stick a
Phi somewhere he says 65 is old, 65
and thereafter. And the sixty-fivers
and over���well, there are 500,000 in
New York Slate'and 200,000 in New
York City, and .while the figures are
not given for the other states, thc estimate is around 7,000,000, for the
whole country.
About" two-thirds" of all the "old
people aro said to bo. stdf-support-
ing ancl only one-sixth dependent
upon private or public charity. ��� Another sixth is supported" by children,
relatives or friends. Only 2 per cent,
arc said to be in' almshouses. The
increasing number df the aged," not
merely the youth of 65, "but those of
I'OO, who are said to be a
vast army all by themselves, simply
proves that all of us aVe living longer,
lhau our fathers-didi���Philadelphia
Public Ledger.
Could  Not Remember
Wife's Christian Name
Elderly Farmer Had Never Used It in'
Addressing Her
In certains parts of rural England
it is uncommon for a man to address
his wifo by her baptismal name, an
illustration of which Thomas Hardy,
the novelist,, recently told the following story: An elderly farmer called in
a lawyer and explained that ho wished
to make his will. Tlie lawyer took
.out his fountain pen, and prepared to
receive his client's instructions. "I'll
leave all my brass to my wife," the
fanner -said. '.'*'*��� "We've been married
thirty years." "What's your wife's
Christian name?" asked the lawyer,
making a note of the bequest. Thc
farmer scratched iiis head, thought
hard, for several seconds, and ���finally
said that he couldn't remember. The
lawyer thought of a plan that would
.' Cess i
A Modern Jean  Valjean
course, fo sign iL-MVinnipeg Tribune.
Golf Course Captivates Byng
Jasper  Park  Golf  Course   May Soon
Rival Best in the World
-Baron Byng of Vimy.'who-as com-'jseir up to the-authorities and dLs'clos
French "Convict Had Same Experience
As Victor Hugo's Hero
Tlie-minister of justice has commuted the sentence on an escaped
convict named Honore Chautecaille
in remarkable circumstances.     '   -
In' J8S6. Chautecaille, then 21
years, of age, was ���sentenced to five
years' penal sei vicucle ;l'or robbery, the
term o.f servitude .to be followed by
permanent-residence in French Guiana.
After four unsuccessful attempts he
succeeded in escaping, mado his way
to France and obtained work iu An-
goulemo.as a baker. lie married and
for thirty years has lived honorably
in the town with his family. - In September, lfJ2-J, while suffering from a
recurrence of malaria, ,he gave him
A Pessimistic Picture
Fears Women in-United States Will
Soon Be Ugly
���Intelligence and beauty go together,
and because ihe most intelligent sec-
lion of the population is, having small
families, tlie American woman is becoming ugly, states Albert Edward
Wiggan, scientific writer. The most
intelligent 25 per 'cent, ot the population are having only one or two
children to a family, while the least
intelligent, and ugliest, 25 per cent,
are producing three "or" four.
"If this process goes on, beautiful
women will soon be remembered only
in pictures," he said. "And when
beauty declines, intelligence, morals,
health, sanity7 aucl_ longevity all go
with it, becauso all are'linked with
spur his memory! "Walk to tho
door," he suggested, "and shout upstairs as if you were calling her." The
farmer did, and shouted, "Missus.""
Little Helps For This Week
Laboring Under A Mistake
Colored  Pastor Had To Do His  Own
"Breddern, sistern," said the pastor,
sadly, surveying his dark' flock witli a
face full of woe, "when I done took
this cong'gation I was promised a salary. This salary Was to bo' paid In
chickens. I have been expoundin' de
scripture for two months, and .now I
wishes to ax���whar is dem chickens?"
There was a long silence.
Then a gaunt deacon arose and
said: "Rev-rend Jones, we is mos'
heartily sorry dat yo' has been de victim of a misfakenship. Yo' lias misunderstood do method oh which your
pastors is paid. We provide yo' wid
de lantern and two guunysacks and
den yo' collecks dat salary yo'self."
Usei Found For Locusts
Oil Makes Lubricant For Watches and
.Delicate Machinery
A use has been found Tor the locusts
which destroy vegetation    in    South
Africa and other countries,     Tlie insects  are captured in uuantilies and
fed into presses which crush them and-
squeeze out au oil that is used as a.
lubricant for watches and other deli-"
catu machinery.    The remaining solid
matter is pressed into cakes and turned to use as poultry feed.
Microscopes Used In
Detection Of Crime
ported, that evidences of an ancient
civilization*have been found tliere.' '
Produces Cold Light .
A demonstration of a -method or
producing cold light was given recently by a scientist at Manchester, Eng.
By tho process the electricity isvchang-
ed to light without the luminary substance being heated in any way.'
mander ol" the Canadian Corps
the Third Armv, was known as the
man who has never.been beaten, has
been conquered at last. He was captivated a few Hays ago by the beauty
of the Jasper Park Lodge golf course,
to whicli he went lo play nine holes
and .remained to play 27. All his
private^ engagements i'or the "day ai
Jasper were placed aside following
the morning round so that lie might
cover the full course during Llie afternoon. When he left-for the special
Canadian National train wliich carried
andjed his identity. Since then he has
been kept in prison. "" Strong representations were'made on his be'halt
by the mayor-and population of'An-
goulenie. Chantecaille's sentence ha3
uow been commuted into one of twenty
years' police supervision which carries with it a prohibition to reside m
any place without police authority.
Residence in Angoiilenio is uot forbidden, ancl the man is therefore able
to rejoin his family,���Paris Correspon-
Not-slothful in business, fervent in
spirit, serving the" Lord.���Rom. xii., 11.
Since Thou hast added now, O Clod!
Unto my life another day,
And giv'sf mc leave to walk abroad
And labor in my lawful way,
My -walks and works with me begin:
Conduct me foi th and. bring me in.   '
���Georgo Wither.
Remember that if the opportunities
for great deeds^shouliLncver come,
the opportunity for good deeds is renewed - for yon day by day._ .The
thing foi- us to long for is the goodness, not for glory.���Frederic W. Far-
dent London Times.
Mrs. Horn Tells how. -Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Restored Her Health
Haniilton,Ont.���,iIhavc taken Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
I and would not be
without it now.
I had a f e male
trouble so badly I
could hardly walk'
and I was all rundown arid could
hardly get around ���
to do'my housework. I would be
in bed three or
four days" at a
timc. -I was told
 I by a friend to try
your Vegetable Compound. I did, and
by the time I took two bottles I was
beginnin'g-toget around again." I took
ten bottles in all, and now I am all
.right again and doing my own work.
,'I have six grown-ups to work for~so
' I have'plenty to do. I also used Lydia
E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash, and I
- think it is good.  But I owe* my health
,to the Vegetable .Compound, and I
think if more of it was used women
would be better off.   I would' not be
without it if it cost-much more."���
Mrs. NEhUk lIORfy 28 St. Matthews
Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario.
Do you feel, broken down, nervous
and weak sometimes? Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable" Compound is excellent to take at such a time. It always
helps, and if taken regularly and persistently, will relieve this condition. C
easWon hisWastToflicial "trip
through Canada, he cast a last longing
look towards the beautiful home green
syid remarked lhat it has been one ot
���the -most enjoyable days of his life
and tiie course one of lhe finest he
hail ever-seen. Ho even vbn'tureil the
prediction that within a yar or two
the course_would rival the best in the
^���-���=��� GosperNot"WdrTd"Wic_e 7
'Although the Gospel'has been carried into most corners of rhe world
in execution of the Biblical mandate,
vast fields yet await the missionary.
China _has :-iOO,000,000 adherents of
"heathen" religions (or philosophies);
Japan, 72,000,000 out bf a population of
77,000,000, and India's- 11011-ChristIaus
number 2L7,000,000. . _.
Likely In Canada Too
Large .Percentage^of Earnings Spent
On Motor Cars
It is only 25 years since the automobile emerged as a commercial
product, and today the manufacture of
motor vehicles takes first, place among
American industries, Thc bureau of
industrial   technology   estimates   our
Reveals Many Things Naked
- Would Never See
While Sherlock Holmes has been
depicted as an inveterate user of.the
microscope���or common magnifying
glass���his work of tho kind was as
nothing to that ^now being done in
New York in the use of magnifying
instruments in the detection of crime.
Panicles of dust and lint almost too
fine to be. not iced with the.1 naked eye
have been linked wiih scenes of crime,
after being taken from ihe persons of
suspscts. - ���-
Jade  Is Sacred  Jewel
Pastmast'ers * AtGrading, Grinding and
Carving Are Chinese
��� Jade, which has always stood very
high as a sacred jewel, being called
"The Divine Stone," and worn by Indians as an amulet" against bites of
snakes and other venomous creatures,
is  at present  lite fashionable stone,!    You,can measure civilization's pro-
and the  price has gone  up in sym-igress bv the statues It erects to those
.. ji.__ ���in  ... ....
World's Largest Theatre
A 'group of Italian capitalists is arranging, to construct at Genoa what Is
claimed will be the largest theatre Iri
the world The site chosen is the
Place Tagliata, and will face the sea.
Thin new-playhouse at ���> Genoa Is
to cost. fS.-OOO.OOO, or 40,000,000 lira ln
native coin.
'uTbuarfiutomobilc bill at ?HOOO,000,
000. This makes-an inleresting^com-
parisbn with the total-business of our
retail stores, which has been estimated
al $35,000,000,000. ' Computations of
this sort aro obviously subject/to a
wide margin, of error, but *it seems
safe to conclude.--that, roughly, for
every dollar spent for food, clothing
and house furnishings, we spend -lo
cents on motor cars and their upkeep.
���New York World.
Women Learn Engine Driving
A school lias been opened at Belgrade to teach women'to drive steam
locomotives. Women pupils *do uot
discard the skirt, which in fact they
wear,rather1 long, but practical work
probably will make graduates -adopt
trousers aiid overalls, as so many women did iu France when forced by the
war to take up men's professions.
Is What Thousands of Mothers
Say of Baby's Own Tablets
Once, a mother has used Babv's Own
Tablets for her little ones she will'use
nothing else. Experience toadies her
that they are without an equal for relieving baby of any of. the manv minor "
ailments wliich afflict him at one time
or another. The Tablets never fan
to be of benefit���they cannot possiblv
do harm as they are guaranteed 10 be
freedom all injurious drugs.
Concerning Baby's Own Tablets
Mrs. Russell IHU, Norwood, Out., says:
���"I shall always have a good word' to
say for Baby's Own Tablets- I liave
given them to our baby girl, in fact
they are tho only medicine she ban
ever had and I am proud to sav that
she took second prize .at our' baby
show. She is eleven months' old antl
weighs-22 pounds. No mother whose
child is' peevish or ailing will make a
mistake in giving it Babv's Own Tablets."
Baby's Own Tablets are sold bv
medicine dealers or direct by mail at
25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Riches gnd Luck
Tho fact that Impresses me most
powerfully .is the great number of
poor people who become rich, and the
great number of, rich people who become poor.
And it is never good or bad luck;
it is good or bad couduct.���E. YV.
Howe's Monthly.
During the last decaile the per
capita consumption of meat In Europe
has increased 50 per cent.
&- 1 .���_-\ rm
pathywttli the demand for this polished green "quartz'.. What is erroneously called Chinese jade is the dearest
and'the mosl sought after. Yet in
the strict sense there is no Chinese
jud^, although the lapidaries, past-
masters-at judging, grinding, grading,
and carviug, are Chinese. The raw
material comes by the Oriental caravan routes from Turkestan unci Burma,
finding its way into China. - The Chinese regard jade as the finest of
W.   N.   IT.   1632
Modern Antiquities
ln the final tabulation of the returns
from The Outlook's poll of its readers" as to the most representative objects deserving place in a museum of
modern antiquities, tho automobile
comes out on top. Radio, aeroplanes,
railroads, ship models and model
buildings follow in that, order in a close
group.. Next in order comes a group
containing the telephone, electrical appliances, current"-books, musical instruments, printing press &nd medical
appliances. Some thjAfiwix ' other
objects received from one to'pne;hun-"
drcd votes.���From The Outlook.
it once called cranks!
Asparagus Used Centuries Ago
Culture of Plant Introduced Into England During Reign of William 111.
_ Before the days'of Henry Ytll., vegetable gardens were not-made in England. Asparagus, with its remarkable
properties, was used "as a. food 200
B.C., and-though our Tudor ancestors
ate the whole of tho stalks with
spoons, the culture of this plant was
nqt introduced until the reign of William HI., when Sir William Temple
brought It from tho Hague. The King,
visiting,-Sir.William at Moor Park,,
showed Jonathan Swift, the secretary,
how to eat it in Dutch, style. "King
William always ate the stalks whole,"
said swift.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds  .  Headache    "^Neuritis Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia      Toothache      Rheumatism
Best For The Skin
Because it cleanses, invigorates and preserves the skin,
scalp and hair. Used daily,
assisted, by .Cuticura Ointment
whferi required, it prevents
pore-clogging, pimples, blackheads, and other; annoying
Bampt. Ewh free br Hall   Address Canadian
Depot: "BtsafottM, Ltd, UostruL"  Price, Soap
26s. Olntmei.t 25 and 60c. Talcum 25c
"TF" Cuticura Sharing Stick 25c.
Short Story
Shotgun.   ~ Dizzy hunter,
field.     Brown bear.     Bang!
Please omit flowers.
Accept  only. "B.^er" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy. "Bayer" boxes of 12 'tablets
Also bottles of 2.4 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (rcclstcred In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of llcmoflcetlc-
���cldester of Saltcjllcaclil (Acetyl Salicylic Add. "A. S. A.'!). Wblle ft Is -well known
tliat A��])lrlr_ menus Bayer manufacture, to assist tlie public agaljint Imitations, Uie Tablet*
of Bayer Comptnj will bo stamped, with their general trade mark, Uui "Ilayer Cross."
Insulated Walls Cut Coal Bills
Minard's-Liniment for backache
A man is prouder of things lie
thinks he can accomplish than of
those he really can.
Wise mothers who know the virtues
of Mother Graves' "Worm Exterminator always, have it at hand, because'it
proves its, value.
It. takesforty years to m'ake a. military machine; four years to break it;
a million years to learn better.
Use Minard's Liniment in the stable
Both of
these duties are efficiently performed-by Hercules Build- pj
ing Paper.     Being absolutely impervious to winds and J^j
K2Ciiajffi^JSHSES_S22S23_Sm52J^ *
/H        To heat a building economically you must keep cold
^ and dampness outside and warm air inside.     ""
��< �� --    J    -���fw* '
k* moisture it reduces heating expenses. r^
kA Hercules Sheathing is made from the highest grade, ��^
kA wood pulp and reinforced with a protective coating, which ^
M will endure as long as the walls.
M        We will send samples ahd prices to builders upor*
W request.
M '    I < JUMlrtON, CANADA.
k/f--Pacific Waxed Paper Co. - Western Waxed Paper Co.
KA  320 Davie SI. Vancouver JZ90 McDcrmott Ave. Wiunlji*j��
yiyi Hunter Martin & Co.  Regina 7 : rv-j w
��gf^utf'"��wia'^"Mii*i'Wit if m
jim^i.r ��� i ibirfwi I'-nij i-*--!y--r-J-'rrrr wr"-T- i-v; -r���r-lTTTnT'r������"~TrTr~^*^^���lr~���"���i~���"*^litM, ^^*m-Jt^^--<^w''liV^'^J"prTg^
>fTT.m��nr��ii��-��r����Vj'.;:'. i ommiimi&.B&*0ms*m*ejii&i?&
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance,
or $2.50 when not paid I'or three
months or more have passed. To
Great Britian and the United States
$2.50, always in advance.
'.Delinquent  Co-Owner  Notices. ,$25.u0
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices     y.QU
Cards  of  Thanks     1.00
Certificate  of   Improvement  12.50
(When   more   than   one   claim
appears in notice, $5.00 for each
additional   claim).
All other legal advertising, lu
cents a line first insertion, anil 10
cents a line for each subsequent insertion, nonpariel measurement.
Transcient   display   advertising   50
cents an inch each insertion.'
. ���  Business locals  I2^c.  a  line  each
insertion. ���     -
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due-, ancl
that the editor would be pleas:
ed to have more money.
Great Activity Shown
in Greenwood Mining
The following excerpts are taken
from the annual report of tlie Minister of Mines, and refer to the activity
of mining properties located in Greenwood :
In spite of the persistent suggestions fronr those unfamiliarr..,with the
activities in the'..-.boundary section
that mining is dead, the prospects in
the vicinity of Greenwood never look-'
ed better since the closing of the Canada Copper Corporation smelter some
years ago.
If those living in the town had
accepted this verdict it is probable
that there would have been a tem-
���porary suspension of activities'; but
owing to the healthy optimism prevailing amongst the members of the
mining fraternity, for which, they
are to be congratulated, another lea?e
of life has.been accorded the district.
Results may not be forthcoming for
another year.
Elkhorn Fraction." This claim, ail-
joining the Providence mine to the
south-west and owned by W. McKen-
Jzie, of Greenwood, Avas leased 'and
bonded to .-G...S. Walters and associates, of Greenwood, in 1024. A crosscut was driven in a south-easterly
direction from the bottom of the
shaft, which cut the extension of the
Providence vein at about 40 feet.
Drifts were driven' on the lead 15
feet to the north-east and 2b feet to
the' south-west,' developing*' the. vein.
which varies from 6 to IS inches in
width, for that distance
The ore-minerals are galena,' zinc-
blende, pyrite, gold and silver in u
gangue of quartz and calcite. Free
gold and silver are noticeable with
the naked eye and appear^to be associated with the calcite-filling. A
small shipment was made to the
gold and silver were obtained frd'to
oxidized material on the. surface, The
ore-minerals are galena ancl pyrite
in a gangue of quartz.     *'
Strathmore���This property was reported upon in 1924.' Since that time
5 tons of silver-lead ore was shipped
to the- smelter.
. Spotted Horse���The lower tunnel
on this claim was driven ahead during the early part of the year unci the
lead developed for about 75 feet. Owing 'to financial troubles work has
been discontinued for the present.
D.A. Fraction���This claim, reported
on in the Annual" Report for 1924, is
being developed by a crosscut tunnei
driven about 125 feet below the outcrops of the veins. James Skilton
and Jim Graham, of Greemvood, are
operating the property. Two veins
have been intersected, but not explored to any extent up to the present. Samples from these veins taken
by the owners assayed as follows:
0.87 oz. and 0.14 oz. in gold, 43.6 oz.
and 14.4 oz. in silver to the ton. The
ore-minerals are pyrite, marcasite, ar-
senopyrile, and magnetite in a gangue of quartz and silica.
The maple sugaring industry iVon
the up-grad* again, The yearly
sugar production with its equivalent
in syrup decreased from 22,000,000
pounds in . the '80s to 20,000,000
pounds a few seasons ago. For 1925
production is equal to 26,512,289
pounds of sugar.
Immigration to Canada" Tn   1925.
totalled 8'4,907, of which 35,362 was1
contributed by the British Isles, 17,-'-
117 by the United States, and 31,-
828 by other countries.   In 'addition
39,989 Canadians   who   had   established homes in the United States
and resided there for a period longer
than six months returned to live in
their native land. ''���
.   - -v
Fine  THROWS  275 ���     .
A new cash-on-deliv-ery parcels
system lias been inaugurated at Post
Offices all over Great Britain. Parcels'up to the value of ��40 (about
��195) may now ^ be posted at yany
post office to any address in Great
Britain, the value being collected by
the Post Office authorities and remitted ,.to' the sender. Thc system
seems to be meeting with success.
Business conditions on the Pacific
Coast continue on the upward trend
with great activity in construction
work. Tho lumber industry outlook
13 brighter and there have been important developments in new sawmill construction. The - fishing industry is on a better footing, pulp
and paper mills are active and additional power programmes are being worked out.
���  *���*
After, one of the mildest winters
in the known history of the Rocky
Mountains, the Banff tourist season
was ushered in during the first week
in April, when a distinguished
group of Australians, under Sir
Frank Heath, of Melbourne, took the
general drive through the surrounding mountains.
Late in the atunin tliFlesses -WffiF
ed this claim to Roy Clothier and associates, of'Greenwood,' who have installed a compressor ancl, intend de-.
veloping the property to its full extent.
Providence���J. W. Clark et al, of
Greenwood, leased the Providence
mine dump and have shipped several
hundred tons to the smelter at Trail,
carrying values in gold, silver, lead,
and zinc. Most of this material is
second-class ore sorted from the high
grade shipped in previous ,years to
Trail and represents a large tonnage.
Gold Pick Fraction���This claim, situated approximately three-quarters of
a, mile north of Greenwood and besde
the C.P.R. track, is owned and being-
worked by W. Raveley. of Greenwood.
There has not been sufficient work
done to prove the extont of the veins,
two in number, that were recently
discovered.     Some    high   assays   in
On the last leg of the 129-day
Round-the-World Cruise, the Canadian Pacific liner "Empress of Scotland" passed through the Panama
Canal, and Miss Katherine Kinney,
n passenger, was elected to operate
the controls of the two , Miraflores
locks. In doing this the young lady
raised the vessel fifty-four feet. A
toll of $17,211.25.was paid to clear
the vessel'at the canal. / . W ���
'-      "   *  *    XX  ���    <3 '
Sir John'. Pickford, .Chief Scout
Commissioner and Commissioner
for Overseas Scouts and Migration,
recently laid before E. W. Beatty,
President of the CJP.R., his plans
for assisting boys ,oyer seventeen
years of age" to come to Ca.nada.
Sir John said that more British, boys
were going to Australia because the
age limit for assisted passages to
that country was higher than Canada's.
Increasing prosperity in the agricultural industry, resulting in reawakened interest in the: acquisition
of Canadian farm lands, has had the
result of raising the average value
of western farm lands fronu$37 per
"acre in 1924 to $38 per acre in 1925,
For the year'Trince" Edward Island
shows the highest increase at $45
per acre, compared to $40 in 1924.
�� A. M. Johnson, President !of the
Canadian Club of Boston,'.'. visited
.Montreal for the first time on the
new "Redwing" train now running
between the two cities on Canadian
���Pacific lines. . In telling of the
charitable and naturalization aid
given Canadians by the Canadian
Club of Boston, Mr. Johnson said
there were some 900,000 Canadians
in the State of Massachusetts. Of
this number 80,000 are in Boston.
Sir Esme Howard, British Ambassador to thc United States, stated
on his arrival in Toronto on a C.P.R.
train that the question of. European
peace was the most urgent and immediate problem of the day. It was
necessary for Great Britain to assist
in maintaining peace ancl the League
of Nations^offered a snitable vehicle.
Sir Esme claimed that, if the League
disappeared England would be compelled to join��some European combination against any country whicli'
threatened to dominate the continent.'
Merritt, B.C., June. .9���The sawmill of the Nicola Pine Lumber Company was razed by fire at 11*0011 on
Tuesday, several of tlie employees
having great difficulty in escaping
from ' the blazing building. The
planing mill,.-drying kiln and millions of feet of lumber in lhe yard
escaped, being to windward.
Office: McCutcheon Residence
H. W.R. M00RE
Vancouver, which are toeing steadily
exported, European .market^ received
practically 27 million bushels and
the Orient 20 million bushels of the
47,640,647 bushels of the 1925 crop,
which had been shipped to Van-,
couver. The amount of������ grain in
store at Vancouver 'is seldom more
than 4,500,000 bushels. .'-..;���   .���"���""���
All local trains coming- into Windsor Station, Montreal, from the
Eastern Townships brought supplies
of_ maple syrup which increased
vapidly during April. Similar shipments poured into the Place Viger
Station from the Laurentians. Dominion Express officials stated, that
the quantities were well iip to the
average of former years, while the
quality was also up to the mark.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co,
Office, Smelting and  Refining   Department
Purchasers'of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
':.'    ""���      ���        ,-r-i.. )."-'     "    " '.'--.-.
~ We cari'3r only the best stock procurable iu
Beef, Veal, Pork, Nam, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
Better a dead Camp Fire than a Dead Forest
���Net earnings of the Canadian Pa-;
cific Railway for March were ��2,-.
824;177, an increase of ��706,965 ovei;
the same period last year, and the
best March net since 1918. For the
three months .ending March 31 net
earnings were ��6,531,067, an increase
of ��2,675,385 over, the ��� corresponding/period of last year and the best
showing for the three months since
1917. Gross earnings for March
were up' $1,330,271, while expenses
increased only.��623,306.
The development of tourist traffic
to the Dominion has been one' of the
most noteworthy events of the Cana-
war period. Holiday makers of the
United States apparently find Canada's vacation charm irresistible as
the number of visitors shows large
increases every year, In. 1925- 2,-
429,144 United States' automobiles
entered Canada for touring purposes; as compared with 1,889,210
in 1924. A new record is expected
.this.-season. *..._:_.._...___ __...'__...'_.. ,:....:.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
'Crown .lands'may .be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of ago,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon: residenco, occupation,
and Improvement- for agricultural
Full'Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be^obt&ined free of chargfl
by addressing the Department of
Lands. Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet ner acre west of the Coast Rango
and. 5,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
to bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
Is.situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and. improvements made
to vaiue of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can b$
For more detailed Information seo
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-empt
Land." "
..���*.*- PURCHASE
Applications are received for purchase; of "vacant and .unreserved
Crown lands, not being titnberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land in
$5" per acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 "per acre. Further information regarding purchase or leaso
of Crown lands ls given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the con-,
ditions' Including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homes!lee,
conditional upon a .dwelling belnsf,
erected in tho first year, title being
obtainable after residenco and Improvement conditions aro fulfilled
���nnd-land has.been.surveyed.   . 	
Speaking at the Canadian Daily
Newspaper Association meeting afc.
Toronto recently, E.' W. Beatty,
President" of the C.P.R. said there
is no class of worker more closely
jn touch with, or more soundly informed of, the problems of the country's industrial life than the railway
and newspaper workers. Each was
building up the country as he served
the actual needs of the community.
Mr. Beatty was impressed by tha
universal 'willingness of the Canadian press to get behind appeals
that must be made to the public on
.behalf*-of works of charity, civic
benefit and���education.     '     >    ���   '
; Don't buy any more cattle for your
surplus grass till you have attended
the Auction of cattle at the end .of
June. , V *
Vernon, B.C., June 9.���-Cancellation
of .the contract with Perkin & Adam-
son^ ancl a reversion to the auction
method of selling fruit was the principal business transacted at a four-
day meeting of the directors of the
Associated Growers, ami affiliated
companies, according to a statement
handed out at its head ollice here
Tuesday. Reports were presented by
Col. Scott and Brig. Gen. A. R. I-Tar-
man on European and British market
conditions. ������'*.���
The directors re-appointed E?. J.
Chamber1 as president ;��� O. *vy. Hem-
bling vice president and G. A. Barat
secretary, treasurer, these three forming the executive committee.
-For   grazing   arid   industrial   pur-
eposes areas not exceeding U0 aoros
may bo leased by ono person or a,
^ .    GRAZING
Under the Grazing Act the Province is divided into grazing district*
and the rango administered under 6
Grazing ��� Commissioner. -Annual
grazing permits are Issuod based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for rango
management. Free, or partly froe,
permits are available for sottiero,
campers ax>A tra.v��_llara, up to ' len
7 i    FULL STOCK OF THE*    7    7
I .   ���'   .7     YOUR  CHEVROLET  FOR $11.00. j
I      EXIDE BATTERIES, THE  BEST  MADE....................$19.50     |
I SUN VISORS, ONLY $8.00^-10 INCHES WIDE   7 /^   |;
|/.,-".'���   , FREE CRANK SERVICE . 1
1     JOHN  R. MOOYBOER, Proprietor TELEPHONE   24    g
After Supper
enjoy the pleasure of a long-distance
telephone qhat with a distant friend.
It is a delightful way to visit. Tho
night rates after 8.30 p.m. are specially low.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
"���   ' TO THE END OF DECEMBER, 1925
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, ���$7,7,063,045, Lode Gold
$122,S0'S,4r>9; Silver, $74,111,397; Load, $89,2LS,907; "* Copper, $197,642,647;
Zinc, $39,925,047; .Miscellaneous Minerals, ��1.594,887;, Coal and Coke,$273,-
04S.953; Building Stone. Brick, Ceme.nt, etc, .f44,905,SS6; making its Mineral'production to the end ol 1925, show .an      x ���*������
Aggregate Value of $920,9,19,628,        y '
Production for the year ending December, J925, $61,-492,242
The Joining "Laws oC this Province ar c more liberal, and the fees lower, than those ot  any   other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire.'
Mineral locations aie granted to discovorers   Cor  nominal  Cees. %
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, the' security of  whicli  is  guaranteed
by Crown Grants. . y
Full information  together  with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA, British Columbia.
N.B.   Practically  all  rhiiish  Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development workjhas"
been done are described  in sonic ono of the Annual Reports ol the Minister oE Mines.   Thaae considering   mining  investments  should refer to such reports.    They are available .without charge on 7
application to! the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C.   Reports covering each of the six Mineral >
Survey Districts are published separately,   and .are  available  on .application.   Reports of the Geo-
^ logical Survey of Canada; "Winch Building,   Vancouver,   are   recommended-as valuable sources of
information. iA^-i^Ui.
" i<


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