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The Ledge Apr 15, 1926

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Coming!   Coming!   Coming!
Sir A. Conan Doyle's Stupendous Story
"The Lost World"
Greenwood Theatre, April 23^& 24
A Sensation!   That's the only word for,it.
Vol.   XXXII
The' OldestNftining Camp Newspaper In British. Columbia
A marvel in romance and adventure
"The Lost World"
Coming to
Greenwood Theatre, April 23 & 24
Admission 75c and 35c
"'GREENWOOD- a C. -THURSDAY,,, APRIL 15, 1926. '
We carry a large line 01
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc. \
Nq_.   38
Inspect our stock
v- . .     .         , s
Agents for the
Victor Northern Electric Radios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
We'liave received a
Special Shipment
and for ^J
One-Week Only" ^
these Huts'will bei'sold at ^3
--���'-( ^S
Reduced Prices =3
Washing Soda
Soap Chips     -     -
Powdered Soap'    -
Royal Crown Soap
7 lbs for 25c.
3 lbs for 50c.
6 tablets 30c.
~      Come early and yet your     ^3
Z Bonnet .   ZZZ
��� ~����
r (VIrs. Ellen Trounson ;2j
O'Cedar Oil, Mops, Brooms, Etc.
ti For Quality and Value Order From
Phone 46 53
Norris' Ranch, I Mile West
of C.P.R. Depot, Midway ;
���������������������������  ���^������-^������^^���^���������������������������������������������������������*   �����������+*+��
��� ''���"����������� ?
J Our -4
Saturday, April 17th, 1926
Commencing at 10 a.m."
All Cattle, Morses;'farm Implements &
Machinery, Tractor & Ford Car, Housed
hold   Furniture,  Blacksmith's  Outfit.
All tool.s necessary on a working ranch
i^Sprjng Ginghams and Prints
The property ofthe Midway Raucli Ltd
For full parliculars.see Bills
Remember the Date and the Hour
arc  better [than ever with  greater
- range of color and pattern
'-   Prices 30c Jto 60c
Phone 17
������������*������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^4^4 ������������������������
: v.- y
^Addition:to Auction:
One Pure Bred Berkshire Sow and
five little Pigs, One( Crate of Chickens.
CHARLES KING - Auctioneer
Sensational Drama!
First of the Season
Saturday, April 17th
Come in before and after" the show
Let us Quote you on
Farm Machinery
.,-       ^"Agents for the '
JOHN DEERE Line of Farm and Tillage Goods
Want My Man''
AVhen due woman walked ouf of
a man's life.aiiotlier walked'right   '
' in.   Think that over���then see
this mighty drama <*'
with       ���   "
Doris Kenyonand Milton Sills
From Strutliers Burt's great novel
"The Interpreter's'House"
Also Two Reel Comedy-"
"Call the Wagon"
C. J. Carlson left on Tuesday
mo ruing- for Alaska.
Miss Silvia Price returned on
Sunday frotn a week's visit in
Remember the Norris Auction
Sale at Midway on Saturday.
Sale commences at 10 a m.   ;"
' Born���At the Greenwbod and
District Hospital,;on April 14th,
to Mr. and MrsWH. N. Cox, a
N. E. Morrison and T. Crowley arrived from Trail on Saturday where they spent-part of the
holidays. ^-
Mrs/ Bruce and daughter,
Madonna, returned on. Tuesday
from a few days visit with friends
in Nelson.
Thos. Williamson has returned
to Crescent Valley after spending
the holidays" at . his home in
��� Miss Vera Kempston and Pat
Kempston are back in town from
spetidiug the Easter holidays in
���Jim White, oi Bonnington, is
taking a few weeks holiday in
.town and is the-guest of his
father, F. J. White.
Born���At tbe Greenwood and
.District Hospital,.on April 9tb,.
to Mr. and Mrs. W. Hatton, of
Rock Creek, a daughter. \
The bills will be out for the
Kettle Valley Auction next week.
There will be a detailed list of
most everything for sale.
A. C. Mesker was intown'from
Midway on Tuesday and reports
that he has leased'his ranch on
the Main River to W. S. Abel, of
Christian Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. D. McPherson
and family, of Grand Forks, were
visitors to town on Sunday. Mr..
McPherson delivered a new Ford
Sedan to H. T. Newmarch.
��� The Automobile Association of
^British Columbia"-has- its first
member in Greenwood in the person of G. S. Walters who hopes
to get several additional members
in the near future."
City Council
The City Council met in regular
session on Monday evening, Mayor
Gulley. presiding and present Aid.'
Taylor, King1, Peterson.. and Mowat.
The Finance committee submitted
an^account from: A. N. Whiteside
covering legal work done in connection with the lighting system. After
considerable discussion this was ordered to be returned to the city trustee
for consideration.
An application for'.rental'-of- the
Kennedy building for the purpose of a
restaurant was referred to the- Building committee for decision.
Clean-up days were  set for April
27th and' 28th, "Aid.   Mowat- being
appointed, to take charge an inaugurate
a movement for as  much-volunteer
work   as   possible.     Aid.   Peterson
offered his services and the use of his
truck which was gladly  accepted by
the  Council. . The Mayor   strongly
condemned the practise  of some citizens allowing rubbish-'to  accumulate
around their premises in anticipation
of the Council' removing same gratis
at the end of the year.    One  of the
Aldermen suggested that the Council
offer a monetary prize  for the best
kept garden and  premises duringthe
present year, biit it was thought by the
rest of the Council  that the city was
not in apposition to  afford  this and
that most householders after seeing
this mentioned would be prepared to
improve the' appearance  of their lots
without any thought of  money consideration. ���
Bylaws one and two were given
final"reading and passed.
Appointment of pound-keeper was
left in the hands of the Pound committee and in view of 'complaints already to hand there will be strict enforcement of this bylaw after ��� this
week. It is hoped that the few cow
owners in the city limits will endeavor
to properly herd their animals aiTd'not
inflict on the rest of the community
what they consider is a nuisance and
Reports'of Street'and Water committees were presented and thcir
recommendations accepted.
H   ��� Y4_r%_r* ��mw.��____ ._��_
���L _
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
&   .
Spring, Cleaning!
,tK��S*��'S��*&S'S^aS��e2&^SS&as^ <&4K&S��&&XHl
'b __.���_._ ' VI
n =
���   Wt carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will-convince you
.While you are cleaning up almost
, everything in sight why not get yonr
Watches Cleaned and Repaired
aiid get a good start for the summer season
This is the right place for most efficient
service and, our work is all guaranteed.
Don't forget that we hiuidlea good line of
Eye Glasses
at reasonable prices
Watchmaker arid Jeweler
x     F. J. WHITE. Manager.
-   --��� ��� ���      -     ��� '        _     .  v.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and'Refining, Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   ol  , Gold."   Silver,   Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc
_"   "        - "TADANAC", BRAND *   -
A new stock of
at Attractive Prices
Men's Work Shoes $3.00 and up
Men's Oxfords- -   $3.50 and up
A Special
31x4.40 Balloon Tire ($ $20.00
Tubes for same    -    @ $ 4.50
Fit a 30x3 1-2 rim
Buy a set at this big saving
McMynn's Store
Midway, -B.C.
For Sale     .     .
Pure bred Chinchilla rabbits,
prize stock.    Apply to
E. F. Keir, ���
Box 626. Greenwood.
Mrs. N. .J. Agaew arrived from
Portland, Ore., oa Wednesday
afternoon and is Hie guest of her
daughter,,Mrs. A, Legault. Mrsr
Agnew was accompanied by Mrs.
L. Smith, of Seattle, Wash.
D. McKinnon has bought out
F. Haverty's interest in the firm
of�� McKinnon & Haverty, Grand
Forks, "the deal being consumated
uounces'a 10 day Stock Reducing
Sale commencing May 15th.
Mr. and Mrs, J. E. Hoy will
move up to their residence on
the No. 7 road next .month after
spen'ding the winter in town,
Mr.'- Hoy has rented his house to
B. J. Wagner, of Idaho, who
is interested in the D.WA.. at
Dead wood. ,-        * ^
R. Dodd has rented the Guess
Block and has opened up a p6ol
room in' connection with his
barbershop. , The building;;has
beeu renovated and' adds greatly
to the appearance of Copper St.
This is an asset ��� to the town as
the young men and others will
now have a place to spend their
leisure hours.
The annual meeting of the
Greenwood District Rod and Gun
Club 'will'be.held io the Kettle
Valley School on Friday, April
23rd at 8 p.m. President, G. S..
Walters, who recently attetfded
the Allied Fish and Game Association meeting in Kelowna, will
give his report. It tarhoped there
will be a large attendance.
The official opening of the
courts of the-Greenwood Tennis
Club will.take place on Saturday,
April 17th at 3 p.m. All interested'in the game ire invited to
attend. , Beginners, both- school
children and others, will be given
an opportunity on this occasion
to play with the senior players.
Refreshments will be served by
the ladies.
At the request of the Mayor
and Council, citizens generally
are asked to make a special effort
this year to clean up their yards
and adjoining vacant lots. Gangs
of men will be employed on the
streets on April 27th and 28th.
Wagons and trucks will haul
away all piled up rubbish.; Let
everyone don their overalls and
make Greenwood beautiful.
-j'S. F. Keir says -that-fur farmiug
is all the go on his ranch these
days/ He has'named the place
the Cedar Glen ,Fur Farm, on
which there are now over SO
pedigreed Chinchilla rabbits, all
of the very best stock. He also has
a pair of pedigreed silver ��� black
foxes and on the morning of
April 7th there arrived 5 baby
Cedar,Glen silver black foxes.
All seem to be doing well.x
Users of gasoline should re��
member that the Gasoline Tax is
still effective in this province."
Buyers must p_ay__.this^tax-to-the
vendors, as the tax is payable in
the first place' by the large oil
companies on all gasoline imported into the province. All
persous claiming exemption from
this tax' under the gasoline act
must have paid the tax to-the
vendors and must make application for refund in the usual way
on forms supplied by -the local
''Government Agent       ���*.������-..
"Rip    Van    Winkle's    famous
beauty nap wasn't even^a wink of
sleep compared to the snooze that
Old Dad Time treats himself to
in "The Lost World," which the
manager    of    the 'Greenwood
Theatre has booked for Friday
and-Saturday,   April  23rd   and
24th.   In this Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle's story Father Time breaks
every sleeping record in all literature���or screen ature.   He snores
away for 10,000,000 years.   Film
magazines herald this picture as
one of the sensations of motion
picture   history.    One magazine
going [, as   far   as to  say "The
greatest film yet made."   There
are 11 reels and  the price of admission will be 75c and 35c.
.   The Grand Forks Gazette says:
"The new garage building of the
McBherson    Garage    Company,
Limited, Vas opened the first of
the week aud becomes quite .an
attractive addition to the business
places ou Bridge street.   - Built
on cemeut  foundation. with full
size basement for the storage of
cars, the frame superstructure is
completed  with    stucco,   which
while new locally is an" altogether
pleasing effect.   The interior is
modern   in   appointments  with
ofl5.ee and show room in the front
and repair shop at the rear.   The
hew building: reflects the enterprise  of   the  manager,  D., McPherson,  M.L. A ,  who  is   the
district agent for the Ford cars,
of wh^ch he has already received
Ihis third carload shipment this
'season." w
Midway News
J. McKaracher, of Vancouver,
was visiting old timers here' this
week.- *���
Boen���At Midway, to Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Bing, a daughter, on
April 13th.
Mrs. T. Hartland, of Graud
Forks, is visiting her daughter;
Mrs. E. Lund.
Mrs. Harold Erickson and
children have returned from a
visit in Grand Forks,.
Miss P. Roberts, of Vancouver,
is visiting her  brothers, Arthur .
and Frank, of Myers Creek.
The Farmers entertainment
and dance will be held on Friday,
April 30th. , The Farm ^omen
are providing a real good supper.
The "many implements that
will be put up for sale at the
Norris Auction, Midway, on Saturday, warrant your- attention, if
you are looking for bargains.
Mrs. W. Salmon will leave ou
Thursday's train for'Vancouver.
She expects to bring back her
daughter, Gwendolyn,' who has
been seriously ill in the General
Hospital. Miss Salmon's health,
is much improved.
- The following officers were
elected for the Farm Women's -'
Local at their meeting on April
3rd: President, Mrs. J. Richter;
Vice Pres., Mrs. -James Bush-
Secretary, Mrs. H. Pannell;
Treasurer, Mrs. E.. Hawkes;
Directors, Mrs:C. J. Lundy, Mrs.
E. Lund, and Mrs.  H.  Erickson-.
Christian Valley Notes
M. Schenck left for. Rock Creek
on Thursday. ��
Mr.  and Mrs.   Abel   left "the
Valley last week.
H. A, Tanner is expecting his
sons up this spring.
* ^Nof e? made a business trip
to, Westbridge ou Friday.   .
Mrs, F. O. Petterson may re-
turn to the Valley from -Green-
fv,MuS,,-^UgHst lindgren spent
the holidays in Grand Forks and
Miss Richards, teacher at the
school, spent the holidays in
Nelson aad Spokane.
.t.T?re J),obbed hair craze has'hit
the Valley, duly two remaining
unbobbed and they are absolutely
. Miss Burns, a 'former teacher
��n the Valley, has returned to
Fruityale, after spending "Easter
with Mrs. Joe Christian.
_A most enjoyable dance was
held at the school house on March
7th in honor of Miss Burns. The
party continued until about 12:30.
Greenwood and
District Hospital
;-,Tfc.e Board of Managers very
thankfully acknowledge   receipt
of the   following' subscriptions.
Anyone    wishing   to   subscribe,
kindly call at the office, or mail,
to Chas. King, Sec.-Treas., when
receipts    will    be    given    and
amounts   acknowledged   iu   the
current issue of The Ledge.
Previously acknowledged......... ��1698 20
W.C.Murray, Trail         500
Total-     $1703.20
Donations for March
Mrs. A. Dorman, cream and jam; D.
Smith, buttennilk; Miss V. Kempston,
sugar and cream set; Mrs. Christensen,
bread;' Mrs. Moore, fruit; Mrs. J. McDonell, milk; Mrs. H. T. Newmarch,
Mining Notes
Penticton men were examining this week the Republic group,
the Helen, and the Bonnie Belle,
owned by Ola Lofstad.
J. W..Clark has resumed operations on the Providence dump and"
expects to make .'��� regular   shipments to the Trail smelter."
The cattle and farm implements at
the Kettle Valley Auction will be
located near Mr. Gane's Store, and
will be,, sold after Major Davies'
effects are all disposed of, y
@Q> ��
Stop Tke Flood
The problem of erecting an' effective dam. lo stem tho flood of United
Stales publications, already large and steadily rising, pouring Into Canada
smd Lending lo Americanize; our social thought, national ideals ami policies,
lias for some time occasioned serious consideration on llie part of Canadian
publishers, aiul is now giving concern to peoplo who are lu no -way' Identified
villi t hi* publishing business.
A large section of tl.evCanadian people not strongly opposed to restrictive
policies based on the protective principle, while others dislike Uie idea, of
-placing a I)an on the free interchange'of reading mailer, and-all are more or
less averse to the adoption of any policy wliich might ho interpreted as unfriendly by our* next door neighbors.* But, as pointed out in last week's
snide in this,.'coininn, the situation has become a. very serious one not only
i'or Canadian publishers, but for Canada as a national entity.
Prohibit ion of United States publications is not to be thought of, except
in the case of those which overstep llie'bounds of morals and decency in their
���SI a grunt attempts at sensationalism to whet the appetites and appeal' to the
morbidness of their readers. The United States should itself place a ban
on tlie.se, and if it fails to do so there is no reason in the world why Canada
"���should not protect itself by taking such action. . Such publications are uot
sic-eessar'y to any people. Tliey serve no good or useful purpose, and.:are
wholly harmful. - _
A suggestion recently advanced and now being widely "discussed. Is that,
white not placing any obstacle,in the way oC United States papers and maga-
aines entering Canada, a tax should be'imposed on the advertising matter
���coaliiined in lliem, Canada is used as a "dumping" ground for these magazines and papers largely for the purpose of increasing circulation, thereby
"boosting advertising rates and revenue for the publishers and: providing an
avenue through which United States manufacturers and others cau, attractively place their wares before the. Canadian public. "These magazines are sold
In Canada at a price considerably below the cost of production/and tons of
���-ihein aro carried annually by thc Canadian post office department at an actual
���Joss to the Government. -��� _>'���-���'
"   That these American publications are circulated in Canada solely in order
���to obtain additional distribution of these advertisements is fairly well "demonstrated by the fact .that In their literary contents little or no a Kempt: is
���mad* to cater to the'views'and'tastes-of Canadian readers.   They are "Amer-
.icaii," in tlio"United Stales acceptation of that word, through; and through, f
Take the current issue of, one of the weekly publications which has. a very
���large circulation in Canada.     It consists of 2-10. pages, printed on book paper,
��� and .each copy weighs'over a pound and a half,     ft retails for five cents, or
less ihan thc cost of the white paper.     Of the 2-10 pages, !M are devoted, to
readtng matter and illustrations all, with the exception, of. the front cover,
.printed in black ink.*'   The other 146.pages are advertisements, and.fl of these
are full page advertisements printed in all the colors of the rainbow,-and. then
; some���reds, blues, greens, purples, browns, yellows, pinks,.mauves and varying shades aud combinations of these colors.v In a word, this 'magazine ;is
mainly an advertising catalogue, and a beautifully attractive one at that, of
/-United States'goods. . *    ' " -
ff all this advertising matter entered Canada as, a catalogue, or,as straight
advertising matter,'thousands of dollars would havo to bs:.paid on it in Customs duties, but coming in under the guise of a. magazine it is practically duty
���free. And in addition the Canadian post office distributes a large percentage
of it for a purely nominal sum. It would cost these United. States advertisers millions of dollars annually.to'theihselves print and distribute this matter
in Canada. " 7
- Therefore, it is argued, and with reason, that while United States magazines, should still be allowed free entry into Canada, a tax should; be imposed
on the advertising matter contained. In. them somewhat comparable to the
amount that Would be collected if-such advertising was sent in-as such and'
not as part of magazine.     ���'*    -
The effect, of course, would be a decided decrease in*the number of such
'publications sent into Canada because the publishers,, having toTXiy this tax,
this country to cover it, aud circulations would, automatically drop.     If the
tax   did   not   havo   this   effect,''then it would at least increase our national
revenues. ��� .    ' "' "������*.*.   ������**
Canadians may naturally object io paying largely increased prices through
Customs duties,imposed on-foreign-made articles they require to pin-chase,"
and' on Canadian-made goods the price of which is advanced, under cover of
���terlfE protection, but they are not likely to object to a tax being placed on the
.advertising propaganda of United, States concerns canvassing for business in
''the Dominion. '.-.*.. ������      W, !i ' W ' ��� ".
Upper  Air  Currents
Scientist Says Region of Upper Strata
Has Tropical Climate.
Discussion of the observation of
meteors7nu1.de during a lifetime by W.
F. Denning,, lhe English amateur as
trouomer, has revealed a totally new
aspect of the upper air, according to
Professor II. H. Turner.- " ,
'"'ft has been known for some
time," says Professor Turner, that
the temperature, which falls rapidly
as we ascend for the first few miles,
ceases to rail about eight miles up.
This Is beyond the reach of aeroplanes
and balloouist.s, but not beyond that ot
exploring,toy balloons. Even their
hi formation, however, has a limit
short of twenty miles.
"Meteors have now extended our
knowledge; up to fifty miles and havc
shown tliat the-atmosphere becomes
actually holier in a certain region
of these upper strata; tho climate becomes tropical as regards temperature.
We. may' confidently expect important
consequences lo follow this new clue."
tias Shown One Mother There is
Nothing- to Equal Them
A con slant.use of Baby's Own Tablets for their children has proven to
thousands of mothers that they ' are
without au equal for babyhood and
childhood ailments. One mother,
Mrs.-C. W. Jackson, _R.R. I, Gilford,
Ont.,'writes:���-"We have used Baby's
Own Tablets ever since our first baby
was born sixteen years ago. We
have fine healthy children and the
Tablets is 'the only medicine they ref
ceived in their early years. Our baby
is one and a half years old, fs walking and talking and weighs 25 pounds.
Baby's Own Tablets is the-only medicine he has over had."
Baby's Own Tablets are guaranteed to be absolutely safe for even
the newborn babe, ' They are free
from opiates and narcotics; act as a
gentle laxative on the stomach and
bowels and thus relieve constipation
and indigestion; break up colds and
.simple, fevers and make baby healthy
and strong.
You can g<-"t Baby's Own Tablets
frohryour druggist or direct by mail
at 25 cents a box Trom The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.", Brockville, Ont.
Through Service For
Steamship Passengers
Canadian  Pacific Railway Inaugurates
Through   Tourist   Sleeping  Car
For the convenience of western passengers* enroute to 1he Old Country,
the Cariadlau Pacific Railway have inaugurated a through 'tourist sleeping
car servico from Winnipeg to Saint
John, N.Br-
' -These cars will leave Winnipeg on
"The Imperial" at 10.00 a.m. every
Tuesday '-.until April 20th. providing
through service to the ship's side at
Saint John.    --    '
This service will prove extremely
popular with passengers from the
prairie provinces, eliminating as It
does, changing trains at Montreal.
Builds up
weak bodies
"Headaches, mn.
ousness and dlxx}-
spells were frequent. I wasted to
S9 lbs. After sixth
bottle of Tanlac,
weigh 101 lbs., eat
ami sleep normally
again, have no aches
or nervousness."
Mile. Jeanne A ubin,
1946 Chateaubriand
Ave,, Montreal,
From Mother Nature's storehouse
���we have gathered the roots, barks
and herbs which are compounded,
under the Cantons Tanlac formula,
to make Tanlac,
If your body is weak and undernourished,'it-yon can't sleep or cat,
have stomach -trouble or burning
rheumatism, just you see how
quickly Tanlac can help you, back
to health and strength.
Don't delay taking Tanlac another day. fcjto]) at your druggist's
now ami get a. bo tile of this, the greatest of all tonics. Take Tanlac vegetable Pills for constipation.
England Talks To Chicago
Message  Broadcast From Rugby Was
When William H. Safford answered
Relayed By Phone
his telephone he was startled to hear
the operator calmly say:
"Hold the line Cor Rugby, England,
A moment latei he heard the voice
of his son-in-law., Arthur A. Oswald,
whom he knows to be in England.
For twenty minutes the conversation continued, Mr. Oswald,, who designed and built the Itugby radio telephone station for tlio British Postal
Service, telling his father-in-law of
the, success of the venture.
The message, broadcast from Rugby,
was pickd up by an unknown station
on tho Maine coast and relayed by
telephone to New York and thence to
Chicago. It was reported to "be the
first time a telephone conversation
had been carried .between Europe and
Chicago,.although such communication
had beeu established with cities on
the Atlantic coast.
the Poor Man's Friend.���Put up in
and sold i'or a very small sum, Dr.
Thomas' -Ee ectric Oil possesses power in concentrated form. Its cheapness and the varied uses to which It
can be pul make it the poor man's
friend. No dealer's stock is complete
without it.
Drives Out Rheumatism:
Subdues Lumbago
House Adopts MacPhail Motion
Resolution to Produce' Productive
Work For Penitentiary Inmat��3
After brief debate, tho house at Ottawa adopted a "resolution moved by
Miss ��� MacPhail" that the administration of penitentiaries be amended to
provide: ,~ -..
(1) Sufficient productive work to-
kecp the inmates employed;   _ f
(2) Thatf a share of the proceeds go
to dependents, and in case of no dependents such share to be held in
trust until release.
Miss MacPhail moved a similar
resolution last session, but it was
talked out.
Hon. Ernest Lapointo, minister ot
justice,'supported lhe resolution, which
was adopted without opposition amid
applause.      *��� -
Miss MacPhail explained^lt was her
purpose to, provide only for the production of goods "needed by Lhe 'Federal Government: ,      ���
The resolution had been presented
lasL yoar and had received very fav-,
orable comment. She believed it would
have been adopted if the' 6 o'clock adjournment had not arrived too soon.
1101 DYES"
i Sess
Just   Dip   to   Tint   or
to,- Dye
Each 15-cenfc pack-
age*- contains directions so simple any
woman can tint soft,.
delicate shades or
dye rich, permanent
colors in lingerie,
Bilks, ribbons, skirts,
waists, d r e a s e a,
coats, stockings,
sweaters, draperies,
coverings, hangings
Buy" Diamond Dyes���no other- kind���
and tell "yew druggist whether the material you wish to color is wool or, silk, or
whether it is linen, '"cotton or mixed
To Advertise Cariada Abroad
Special Canadian Supplement of the
Christian Science Monitor
What Canada needs at the present
lime more than anything else is advertising in those other countries of
the world where there is capital looking for investment and people looking
for opportunities' to get away from
forbidding conditions' ?nd establish
themselves where they will have a
new chance in the new world.
This country has got everything
that the "surplus men and the surplus
money of older nations ma/ he looking for���everything in the way of opportunity for the investment of capi-.
tal ancl where landless'people can acquire homesteads -and set, up enter-'
prising' communities. i
' The tiine is ripe for Canada" to pru-
sent her case to the world and in securing this'foreign advertising, we believe the special Canadian supplement
to The Christian Science Monitor
which will be issued next month will
do important service. There will-he
an issue of 250,000 copies, of "which
100,000 will circulate in the United
States, 50,000 in Europe-and Australia and 100,000 in Ca'hada, largely for
mailing abroad.���Toronto Star.
A Queer Family Group
Ease    and    Comfort
Sufferer at Once ���
to   the
"A King Over Pain
Those who' seek permanent relief
from the -scinding pain of Rheumatism
and Lumbago should read the letter of
F. E. Normand, fiom'Georgetown, who
"I was fairly crippled with aching
joints and Rheumatism. Nerviline
must\liave been what I needed, because It cleared up my trouble quickly."
"If you need a reliable, strong, penetrating pain remedy, one you can depend,on, gej a 35c bottle of Nerviline
to-day; it will make you well quickly.
Cfiickns, Deer and Cat Live Together
In Kansas Zoo
Perhaps thc queerest family group
lives in the Atchison Zoo, Kansas.. In
a pen live Dixie, buckrdeer, six-chickens, and4 a big yellow' alley cat. At
night the deer curls up in its shelter
and the cat and chickens hover in
close proximity absorbing the warmth
from the deer's body,    -
At feeding time thc deer pushes its
muzzle into the feed trough and then
lets the chickens plpk the bits of bran
and grain from Its face. And the cat
has forgotten how to wash.its face and
hands. Dixie gives tho cat a thorough tongus hath regularly.
Lloyds Have Difficulty
Estimating Auto Risks
-Freak Linguistic Case
A freak linguistic case came lo,
light at Honolulu recently in the
court of domestic relatious. - Robert
'���Splice's, bori\, there and now If, cannot speak the language of Hawaii;
ihat is, English, nor can he ������ "spealc
Portuguese, the language of his ���fore-
hears, lie is a fluent speaker of Japanese, however. Etc has lived-with a
Japanese couple since his parents deserted him.      "
The Oil for the Farmer.���A bottle of.
Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Ojl in*-the, farm
house'will save many a journey for the
doctor. It is not only good for the
children when taken with ; colds and
croup, and for the mature who -suffer
from pains and aches, but there are
directions-for.its use on sick_cattle.
There should always be a bottle of it
in the house.
��� More illiterate hod-carriers reach
the top of the ladder than'men with
college degrees.
J-^_��� :*���U. ' .,,. -    . ��� .JS:.
Insurance  Kings  Admit  Startling
crease In Accidents
A legal battle over Ihe-payment of
large claims by Lloyds' underwriters
for taxicab 'accidents in New York
City has bcenvaverted by a compromise in London between Ernest Miller,
treasurer of the Yellow Taxicab Corporation and Lloyds' representative.
The y hazards of .automobile accidents in America havc amounted so
rapidly with the increase., of motor
traffic during the years immediately
following the World War that even
Lloyds had difficulty in estimating the
risks, according to Mr. Miller.
Difficulties ensued over the payment of-rclaims, and the Yellow Taxi
Corporation -started suits in British
courts,against nineteen British underwriters. ' Upon intimations that a
settlement was possible, Mr. Miller
went to London. The claims were
compromised at a figure -understood to
Advertising His Profession
rupted by a man, in the crowd who
kept shouting out, "Liar!" After,
about -the twentieth repetition the
speaker paused and fixed his eyes on
his tormentor. "If the gentleman
who persists in interrupting," he
said, "will, be good enough to tell
us his name instead-of merely shout-,
ing out his calling, I- 'am sure we
shall be all'very much.pleased to
make his acquaintance."'���-Christian
London's Oldest  Industry
Whitecliapel Foundry Has Been Casting Bells For Ove.r 600 Years
metropolian area of London-Is that
of making church bells. A foundry
in Whitecliapel has been casting bells
for over six hundred years, and is
slill so supreme that the whole world
sends to . it, or to another almost
equally old firm at Croydon on the~"out-
skirts of London, when a reliable and
true peal or carillon" is lo. be constructed. _ . ' . .   ,
The Best Medicine
I Have Ever Taken
So Says Mr. Arthur Simmons Of
���    Dodd's Kidney Pills
P.E.I, Man Used Them For Sore Back
and Headaches
Miscouche,' P.E.I.���(Special).���That
Backache-and" Headaches, are caused
by weak kidneys and that the right
way to treat" them Is to use Dodd's
.Kidney Pillsr is again shown by tho
experience of Mr. A. Simmons, a well-
known and highly respected resident
of this place.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills have been a
.great help to me. Before I started
to take them I had severe' pains in
my back and suffered with [terrible
headaches. J I felt well after 'I had
taken the'first box and now I am taking them all tho time. They are tha
best pills I have, ever taken." '
The work of ttie kidneys is to strain
the impurities ouf.pf the blood. It is
necessary worlc if "the body is to be
the kidneys are constantly ,in contact
with the. seeds of disease.
There are S,577 electric signs ln Now
York City.
Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in
arms and Children all ages of
.Constipation, Flatulency, Wind,
Colic a.ud Diarrhea; allaying
Feverishness arising therefrom^and, by regulating the^Stomach
and Bowels, aids tiie assimilation of Food; giving natural,sleep.
The easo with which corns and
warts can be removed by Ilolloway's
Corn Iteniover is its strongest, recommendation.     It seldom fails.
That Shockingly Painful
The Chinese use safety first methods in shoeing a horse, the mild-mannered beast.being securely straight-
jacketed for the occasion.
'"Keep inside those fire-lines, there!"
"But I'm,a reporter." "Well, if you
want to know anything about the fire,
read tomorrow's paper."
'A man is sometimes compelled to
put up with those he does not love���
pawnbrokers, for instance.
Td'avoid itmtatipns, always look for the signature of
Absolutely Harmless - No Opiates.   Physicians everywhere rccouuneiild it
Minard's Linitrent for dandruff
W.   N.   U.   1624
There arc few of.-us who have'not
suffered from tliis trouble, but little
do we realize tliat in most cases it is
due to our own neglect.
Medical authorities agree that
Hemorrhoids (piles) could be largely
avoided were one to assist nature by
observing nature's laws.
Hemorrhoids are' most _frequently
brought about us a result of constipa^
tion. ' Therefore, assist nature by assuring an easy passage of-.the waste
matter, arid this can best bc done by
the use of Nujol.
-Nujol simply softens the waste
matter, and tnus permits regular, easy
elimination, without any overtaxing of
the intestinal muscles.r
_ Nujol, the scientific inte'rnal lubricant, replaces "the lack of nature's
���lubricant, and ohviates thc possibility
of constipation. -   ���_-
' Ask your dnijjrist for Nujol today
and reftiember���Took for the name
"Nuiol" in red on both bottle, label
and package.   '^ \   ���-
Saw Queen Victoria's Wedding '
London Woman Aged 101  Remembers
Many Historic Incidents,
- The oldest inhabitant of > the city ol
London is Mrs". Emma Oliver,, aged
101. This, however,, does not mean
that she is the oldest woman in tho
vast metropolis of Loudon, but that
she is the oldest in the "City," which
is the business section and- the original nucleus of London. . Among the
historic incidents she has seen are tho
wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840,
and the Duke of "Wellington's funeral.
She also witnessed in 1864 the ha"&g^
Ing of five pirates at' Old Dailey.
Find Ammunition Cache In Dublin,
Tw-a  Ions  of high explosives, .285-
live' bombs and hand grenades,'--5,000 -
spare parts of bombs, 5,000 pounds ot
rifle ammunition* and 10,000 detonators
iu    addition ..to bombing machinery*
have beeu found In a stable In North
King Street, Dublin.
- It is said that woman shares .man's
grief, doubles his joys and trebles' his
expenses.        v
ARE CURABLE. If-you suffer from'-Leg
Sores or Varicose Ulcers, I will send you
ABSOLUTELY FREE - a. copy, of tny famous book that tells how to be rid of theas
-troubl��s for all time by using iny re-
markablo painless -treatment.' It 'Is different 'from anything you ever heard of,
and the result of over 35 years specializing. Simply send your namu nnd addresa
to Dr. H. J. WHITTIER. Suite 29, -ia
East ltth Street, Kansas City, Mo.
Northern Ireland Has Many Autos
Northern Ireland, although better1
served by railways than the Irish Free
State, has an automobile for every
forty Inhabitants. In Southern Ireland there Is only one/motor vehicle
for every eighty Inhabitants. ������ ,
of good farm or ranch for sale.-
G. Miller) 9668, 86 Ave., Edmonton,
Alta. -       ...
��� n
Toasting bread converts the starch
Into a more easily digested substance,
An optimist can derive much^ pleasure from thoughts of .troubles which
do'not trouble him.
First impressions aro  seldom cor
rect���so the proofreader tells us.
'Mlnard'8~T-!nlment for 6ore throat
At the first
sign of Kidney
or bladder
trouble take
At alldrugghts
"3Cj /
On Threshold
Of Great Things
Canada    Now    Facing    An    EraWOf
Abundant" Prosperity --
"Canada is on tlie threshold of great
things," declared Sir Henry 'jfhorntoii,
president   of    the Canadian National
Hallways, -who was iormorly general
manager of the Great Eastern Itail-
i way In -England, and also ari executive officer ol the Pennsylvania Railway, in a recent address to the Oltawa Council Knights of Columbus, according to the press report of his remarks. .
"1 am chaiged with being an optimist on things Canadian," continued* Sir
Henry, "i plead guilty because 'I
know I am right. All'civilization has
suffered from the effects of the great
war in blood and treasure. The white
race must pull up its socks and start
about the job of repairing lhe damage
done in as effective and prompt a way
as possible. We have done well in
Canada, however, and our currency is
on a parity with that of the most opulent nation infthe world. Last year
we had an abundant crop. Out west
the people are optimistic, happy and
prosperous. Bankers all over the
country see better times. Mineral
areas are being opened in many parts
of the country. Millions are being
invested daily in.Canada. In one section of Quebec alone over 300 millions
ol^nioney 1-. being put to work, and
here some11,300,000 horsepower is being developed. Is it reasonable to
suppose that business men or the financial interests would put hundreds
of millions into a couutry thai does
not offer assurance of good returns?
Canada is on thc up grade," said Sir
Henry x
Is Phantom City Mirage?
Residents  On    Maine   Co-ist ������ Cannot
Account   For' Phenomenon
A phantom city plays a part in the
legendary history of the Penobscot
River. Fogs af that point on the
Maine roast are very thick and cold.
When tlio fog does part, -however,
the golden walls of the phantom city
of legend may be seen among lhe dark'
pine trees of lhe wooded shore.
Its streets are paved, with ivory and
'pearl, gracious ol' glowiug bruits and
flowerp. stnround its ,palaces, and
bright banners fly from its tall lowers.
Drum-beats and bugle calls are heard,
aud its lofty spires glitter against the
clouds. Then, as suddenly as it has
appeared, il vanishesin' the enlolding
When (lie farmers antl-shipbuilders
along the Penobscot were more ciedu-
lous than thcy are today, more" than
one expedition.set-out fo find the-lost
city, only to behold sombre evergreens
and a tangle of wild briers, on the
heights ol Mount Desert. The sug-
geslion lias beeu made that it was w
mirage ol.Montreal or'Quebec, or some
other'largo city many miles away; but
this does not account lor drums and
bugles or sli'ange flags bearing an unknown device,.
Still less does it explain llie Indian
tradition that the-rich and "beautiful
metropolis of a highly civilized white
[���race once-stood on the spot. , Nor
does it explain the name, Norembegsi,
by which it was known among the Indians.-
Motor Run On Charcoal
^FueIcCost Only $2.35 For Trip of 450
, A Swedish-built.motor truck, equip;
ped with-a charcoal-burning generator
and carrying a load of two and a hall
tons, has completed a trial trip between Malmoe and Stockholm, a distance of:450 miles. Tho-total fuel
cost is declared to have been approximately $2.35.  .     y
Experiments, with chaicoal generators have been going on in Sweden j
ior some time, as well as witli .the use '
of a mixture of gasoline and wood alcohol. Both methods are said to
have been - perfected lor commercial
purposes. Sweden has no. domestic
petroleum supply.. '*���	
*      Largest  National  Park
Jasper   Nalional   Park in Northern
Why Allenky> Chose
A Military ^Career
Failed Iii Examination For Indian Civil
Service Says Field  Marshal
Another interestnig story tells how-
Lord Allenby owed his career ol success as a soldier to a youthful failure
in an entirely different, walk of life.
The episode formed the subject of an
autoblogiaplucal reference during the
presentation oC the freedom ol the
City of London fo_the victor of Palestine:
���The   citv chamberlain, Adrian Pol-
lock, in an address of eulogy, had said
that the field marshal was not originally intended for a military career, as
from Halleylmry, where he was educated, he liad successfully passed the
diflicult examination for ��� the v. Indian
Civil Service, but the lure of the auuy
J proved too fa-eat, and. ho threw over
i the coveted opportunity he had-won.by
his Talents and industry. ,
II was a picturesque story, but life
ing the bald, blunt and less romantic
truth. He had tried to pass the examination for the Indian Civil Service
Venture Was; Successful -
Iowa Photographer Made Trip Around
��� World Alone In Small Boat
Harry Pidgeon, .the Iowa photographer who studied navigation in the public
library, built himsell a 3-i-foo1. yawl
and sailed it around the world single-
handed, came ro New York to receive
the Blue Water Medal of the Cruising
Club of America, awarded once in live
j ears lor the most remarkable accomplishment in deep water navigation.
When Pidgeon docked .his little
boal. "Islander," at San Pedio last
November ], it was Just four years
since, ho grasped the tiller and steered eastward out of the harbor, with tlie
jeers of "lunatic" ancl "crazy laud-
lubber" ringing in his ears'��� his farewell irom skoplic\sailoi& on the west
Thirty-eight thousand miles ol
waler'passod under the keel qf the
"Islander" beloie she nosed into San
Pedro harbor again. Whales had
browsed -her thin sides and nearly
capsized her when she was becalmed
off the Cape of Good Hope. Heavy
sea,s had whipped lier rigging,and
found il sturdy. Once tlie wind shifted aud she ran ashoie on lho Southeast African coast, while her master
was below taking his watch? Even
'xupid tried to steer her into mUrital
seas, but the woman in Natal who
wanted to stay, aboard was left behind.
And when Pidgeon docked "his craft
last November, his remark was "Who's
looney now?'"' to the sailors who scoffed at his idea.
Thc decision of the Crusing Club of
New York to award him the famous
blue water medal is ht_. final triumph.
Tibet City Bars Electricity
Science Plans A- Superman
. y"
Not An Impossibility Says Editor of
Science Service
Creation of a superman by chemists
is not.an impossibility^ according to
Dr. Edwin E. Slosson, editor ot science
Tn an address to the Washington
members of the American Chemical
Society, Dr. SlossOn told Iipw bees
created their queen by feeding the
cells or larvae a kind of jclU-liko mixture extracted "from flowers.
The bees, he said, wanted, th cirque en to be bigger, strongei and bo.--
of   Lhasa    Refuse   to
Modern Improvements
Lhasa, the lorbiddyn city of Tibet,
does not want electric lighting. Ils
rulers, thc lamas, are afraid that thc
light ot modern knowledge might bc
spread by the introduction of modern
machinery, and that would be fatal lo
their authorily. To run an electric
plant in Lhasa would call for education among the operatives and involves contact with the outside world.
I-Icnce the massacre ot a party
transporting 300 tons of electrical
equipment intended . for use in* th'e
lorbidden city. livery member or the
convoy was killed and the machinerj
was destroyed and thrown over a precipice.
It is an uncomforlabie, but not a
poor, countiy. The population remains almost stationary for lhe reason
that tliere is no immigration; polyan-
diy is common and celibacy prevails
among tlie lamas, who number about
500,000 in a toral of something like
6,500,000 "people. ���
Nobody wants to migrate to a
land where the temperature often varies in a single day from roasting heat
to below freezing point. The industries are primitive and will remain so
while the lamas are in control.
But even Tibet will not be able indefinitely, to resist the march of progress". The" killing or the young
Tibetan who was educated in England,
arid   who   wanted    ,o bring electric!
''Looking For Belter Times
Believe Fairies Are Back and
Will Bring Good "Luck
The horns of Elfland have been
heard blowing recently near Mill-
town, Ireland,' aud hundreds of people
have been travelling (lolly to a clump
of bush, recently cut down, whence
Lho unearthly music is said to proceed. -Many decline tlie.v could hear
strange .haunting -melodies".
As the story goes, & horse was saved
from the Blaclcwater lUver, antl two
young men told the owner they saw
il being driven furiously by a veritable leprechaun���a little man Jn red.
At the cutting of a fhornbusli, Elfin,
l/""'^.. .���	
Nurse's Advice
Rid Her Of Pimples
Brooklvn.     .Mrs.   Minnie   Fenstero
writes:���"My pimples and black heads
got so had I leurrd if was eczema.   I
mucin ���_.-���. i ���    i     _ ,_   _, , confided in a nurse fiiend of mine.     I
music a\.is hoard, while, theie are sev^.ad been troubled, with  constipation
era I persons who claim iltey picked up,and indigestion lor some time
advised mo to fry Caller's Little Liver
Pills.      You can  sec  by my picture
i.q��� urm, ,r^,, ,, .        M    ,  i ���    ithat t,ie treatment has done wonders,
lias seen good times since the la!ries|nn(( r am
liny candies
The   old
folks   say Ireland never
departed, and thai now .that they
have, returned, -brigh'ter days may be
expected.: ���}_, ���������������.-..'..'���".
now free, from '���constipation.-*
Chronic   constipation   many   times
causes     pimples,   y Carter's    ..Little
Liver' Pills, encourage.*  the:  boAvels'
to .'eliminate the. poisons. ���������.*'
��� -Druggists, 25.''&' 75c Ted packages. '
People Who Feel Like This Need
the Help, of a Tonic
The_ dictionary defines a Ionic a.s a
medicine thai increases the strength
and gives vigor to the svsieni Thai
tells why Dr. Williams- Pink Pills are
a real tonic. Thousands'of men and
women are ailing (o-day, not sick im
Thinks Women Should  -
Take Aeroplane Flights
Would Allay Fears Regarding Aviation
Opinion   of Officers
Twelve reserve oilicers of thc Eighth
Corps Area, who have mftde a report
to Major-Gen. Ernest ^Jinds, comnian-
iMHiVbut without,ambition to-do a full!der ��n- ^sevve trainin&>:.San Antonio.
day's work,  thoughi- they, are  forced' p'6.3"1!*5. believe wonianrs' place is in the
to keep on..; They are alwavs* "tired
or; nervous; . do not sleep well,-and
awake '.In.' the .morning unrefreshed.
Many have liesdaches, backaches and
stomach trouble:* Such people need
the tonic help of Dr., Williams' Pink
���Pills..��� The beneficial effects of liiis'
medicine'reachqs '-the whole system.
Dry Williams' T-��ink. Pills do more than
relieve -tlie. symptoms���they remove
the: causer-7Mrs.; Ey:Virginia Grav,
Tofield, Alta., has proven'the-Talueof
this medicine a.ndysays:���"I can sincerely recommend. " Dr. Williams'
Pink..Pills, for n ti red Wind ' run-down
search  ior knowledge.      Others  will j numb.
ir.ot-- years   and
���for   a
.after a few
be inspired ralher thaii del erred by hisi VPfhs of hard ^or trying ease.. I take
two or three  boxes of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and always with tlie verv
fate and in time break-down llie barriers of ignorance. -."   '""
Smallest Watch In WorSd
best results. The pills" also proved a
great boon to m> daughter at a trying age, and I have seen splendid results Tollow their use in other cases."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold
hy all mpdicine dealers or sent by
mail at 50 cants a box by Tho Dr. Wil-
air as, well as': the home;. '7
/The-.officers. recommended,, that all;
reserve officers -.-of llie Air Service,
be placed on active duty, without '������
pay. and allowances, at certain* intervals, to permit their wives , to take
aeroplane * 'flights '.with; competent,
pilots. ' -     ;' '. .'.���['[���������", ':-X::
X "This .'���'* suggestion is offered with
the;idea'that such action will stimulate the enthusiasm of the Air Ser-y
vice Eeserve, and will /reduce 'the objection now so prevalent on-th'e;.part <
-of their, families to flying," the .report=
.said. ..XX'X    ' ""*'     *��� *'
Advertise the Prairie Climate
Timepiece Made-By Vancouver Watch
maker  Keeps  Perfect Time-
ter than themselves, and this Jull>-llkc!    WalLor Lelt, Vancouver watchmak-! """" Medicine .Co., Brockville, Out.
mixture produced that result.    - 'or, claims to have produced the sniall-
He suggested chemists might learn i est watch in lho wot Id alti-r two .\ears
of what this substance was made and!0' labor,
by feeding it to human beings might |    Mado lor and mounted on a lie pin, I
be able to produce a .superman      ,_   ;il,tJ watch'can be covoroil easi!> b\ a,
silver  five-cent  pieo".' " Alongside  ol j
a  regular railroad watch   lhe   tie-pin
timepiece i.s about    one-fit teen I h  Jhej
size of the regular watch.
The delicacy ot Mi   Lett's task ni;i\
Might Run Past   ���    _  .
"Of-all the fool quorums I've had
to answer in lorty-two year's on  lhis
railroad," snorted a grw.led conriuctoi
on thc train trom Cop alto Falls io New
he appieciafpd when il is stated
York City, "that old wnnan up thou";1110   screws   used   would   ciur>
250 j
Instead of apologizing for the western climate, and pointing out compensating advantages., we should ad ver-
' lise it and make it known as an asset.
j If ihe health of.the peoplo is any guide
, to the virtues of tho weather they en-
|joy, Saskatchewan's    climate    cannot
! be excelled     The death rate is lower
i heiv than anywhere else on earth.���
Saskatoon Star.
i Alberia, with an area of 4,400 square * but> wUh t|K���best oC assistance, he had
Wles, is one ol    the   largest   "play-' falled/    ne \viLS happy then that lie
gFoiinds" in Uie world.   A part of Ihis had    faileili   wt|ienvise lie would not
.reserve to  the noith  of the  central | have been standing  tliere to receive
section is still unexplored, but thc
park is being rapidly openeifup by tho
cqnstiuction of trails and highways.
that great honor.
That was fnll recompense for anything that might have happened to him
then, he said.���Bystander, in Toronto
Her Suffering Relieved and
Health .Restored by Lydia
��. Pinkham's Vegetable
Toronto, Qntario.���"Lam cerMnly
very grateful for thebenefit I havcre-
ceived.from Lydia E.Einkham's Vegetable Compound, also the Sanative
Wash and the Liver Pills. In the
early spring I was suffering so much ���
from loss of blood that I thought I
would never be any better as doctor's
medicine relieved me .only for the
time being. I saw the Vegetable
Compound advertised -in the 'Toronto
Star,' and I find the Vegetable Compound Tablets the best for me. I
have "been taking them since Spring,
and I intend keeping them by me all
the time.���After reading your Private Text-Book I saw it was necessary to use .Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative "Wash, and I can safely say I
feel a different woman. My friends -
remark how.well I look. I am a very-
busy woman, but 1 am ready at all
times to boost your medicines."���
Mrs. Charles Gifi-in,' 949 Lands-
downe Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.
You may be having an experience
similar to Mrs. Giffin's "and will be
interested to know what she- did.
Every sick woman can feel confident
that Lydia E. Pinkham'B Vegetable
Compound will help her, since we are
told that it.does help 98 out of every
100 women who take it.
Sold by druggists everywhere.   O
Urge Autoists To Save Birds
Motorists have been appealed to to
try lo avoid ticcidentally killing birds
when travelling througli the country
side. It whs discovered on a stretch
thrdugh one of the middle stales, that
more than fifty birds had been killed
by automobiles, due to the birds Hying \
against the machine. It is argued that motorists could avoid killing the biidsUo a certain extent. Many
of^ the fliers aie-not killed outright and
if given aid could be. resuscitated.
just popped the .-prize winner. ���
..���.".'Conductor,'  she said, .worried  to
deatli 'she's: goin'Tp. get lost: 'are -you
sura- -this * train ..slops at-.. Grand . .Gen-
tral Station?'W:     ; Wu ;'
'������*. " Tf;"we: don't.nia'ain.'J
threads to the: inch,'and tliat it would J
i take" 30,000 of them" to niake'a-'pousd.i
told   her,
'you'll  never know
Evening World.
'il.'-"���New. Yortil
Similar;-: screws, ���.*.*. placed on- a* whilo ���
sheet.-'oF.paper, show without:' a'.power-1-
ful glass, .as mere specks,-much sniall- j
er in; length-than the width of a. piii- *
liead.;'; " y .[��� ������[   ������)'���:������-''��� ���-- '.'���
The watcli, in its entirety.-':weighs
-t-hre e^and^one-hal I'-r^peiiiiV weiglvfWor
S-l grains., y Yet: it: ticks right, along
and keeps "perfect time. Mr. Lett
hale and liearly old men.- Im^produc-I"1^16'^?* speciarmagnifying glass reed :;a; super-centenarian,* Ife is Wil-|Quil'edJ3 .^manufacturing of lhe
liam.Smjtii, of Dromara; Count v Down, l.^!1 'ai,(1 mad(S:also what is belieVed
Consistence  is a jewel  whicli  llie
pawnbrokei lefuscs to recognize.
"Silent contempt is' responsible for
in tiny, an unblackcd eye.
Clever" Artist Was Handles*
Trained   Himself To  Hold   Brush and
Pencil Wiih Toes
Alexander Alexander, who although
born without hands gained a considerable reputation as an artist, has just
died-at Edinburgh.
On several occasions he had paintings hung at exhibitions of the Royal
Scottish Academy, in one yeifcr two
'pictures being .accepted.    .
Since' boyhood he- had t rain ed liini -.
self-' to hold brush'or pencil with his
AVhen a valuable miniature, about
one inch in 'size, by a famous Italian
arlist, was defaced, Mr. Alexander un-
���dertook thc delicate work of restoration, and completed it in 12 days.
.*. "But,": she protested.      "I've been
told that you are a reformed rake."
y "Tls false!" ;he rgplied vehemently.
"Why, I'veynever. even; thought ��� ofyreforming."; '        W  y'XXX ': i- yxyX
-t   j. A."Supe'r-.Centena'rian
Ireland, famous breeding guotind
aud has celebrated his 12:">lh birthday
He was middle aged, according to ordinary standards,, when he went olT
fo light in the Crimean War. TI13
most strentuous exercise nowadays is
walking'a mile "each Piidaj to receive
his pension.
to be the: ofily dial indicator ;of..measurement,; which gives" the exact dinieii-
sious.b.f tlie. thinnest sheet of paper.;���..-
"Henry, will you move'my trunk upstairs?"    ��� ���-.._.   ' ,
"Which one, love?"
"All ol them; then I'll be sure to get
the right; one."
The Jazzy Typewriter
'-Instead of tapping out pages of letters with not even a sentence to relieve the monotony, girls at a certain
college in London learn typewriting to'
the accompaniment, of fox-trots and
stirring military marches. If a girl
lias a good sense of rhythm,- this system is said to hasten the early stages
o'f training in a remarkable way.
. "On the level, will this" fliv run'?"
"On the level, not so good, but you
should see her coast."
Cat Worries Sheep
It is. rarely that farmers experience
trouble througli cats worrying, sheep,
but George Siierson, of East Grey, Out.,
reports.that recently he. was forced to
kill a cat which had worried two sheep
to death.
After you observe thc way women
treat a shop girl, the manners of a
five-ton truck don't seem so had.
W.   N.   U.   1624
But few people feel like doing today
the things that they put off yesterday.
I   will    help
Isa. xli., 11.
thee, sfiith lhe Lord.
Cuticura Soap Shampoos
Keep The Scalp Healthy
Regular shampoos with a suds
of Cuticura Soap and hot water,
preceded by light applications of
Cuticura Ointment, are most effective. They do much to cleanse the
scalp of dandruff, allay irritation,
stimulate circulation and promote
the healthy condition necessary to
.a luxuriant growth of hair.
8��sjl�� Ewh Tnt br lUtt AdrlrMB Canadiin
Depot: "StsnlOTw, Ltd. HcmtrtsL" Price, Soap
��*_*<_��� Ointment 25 ami 60c. Talcum 25c
Cuticura. Sharing Stick 25c
There ran a whisper through the list
ening sky,
"Look up and tear not, do thy work
in joy;
Trahrnerve'tuul sinewGin the glad employ
Of simple; souls that neither strive nor
Drink happy draughts: of   lovo   that
will not cloy;
Life shall not inii thee, for thv Lord
is nigh."
-.When;', do we lift each other up?
Must we gain a height first, or can we
reach up our feebleness together to
the hands that do offer us a mighty
lielp from on high? Near:doing. and
near-living,, and near-loving, these life
particles make the great "heaveff, as
the little polarized atoms of light, all
magnetized oue way, make the great
blue -in which the stars burn forever.
���Adeline T. D. Whitney.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds     Headache      Neuritis        Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia     . Toothache     Rheumatism
Dog Makes Spectacular- Leap
A little, terrier caused a stir on the
liner Berengaria at Southampton re-
cepfly. The dog broke away from his
leiish and many persons on deck joined In an attempt to catch him, but he
jumped Into the sea .85 feet below, and.
had to be rescued by occupants of a
small boat.
,The man who is too poor to lend his
frieiids money .will never have many
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
.Accept only  "Bayer"  package
���which contains proyen directions.
Handy  "Bayer"  boxes   of  12   tablets
Also bottles of 24 and; 100���Druggists.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered In Canada) ot Bnyer iMannfncture of Monoacetlc-
��� aciaester or Sallcylleaclrt (Acetyl Salicylic Acid, "A. S. A."). While It Us well known
that Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to-assist the puMlc. against Imitations, tlie Tablets
Ot Bayer Company will be stomped with  their general trade ronxk, Uio "Uaycr Cross."
1st Prize $100
2nd Prize $75
3rd Prize $60
4th  Prize   $50
5 Prizes of $10 each
'   10 Prizes of   $5 each
Every contc.Ntnr* will  receive it prize
of at least $2.50 value.
If vou count the dots correctly- and cell 10 lube* nf ��� Kust "anil Stuln
Jtcmover at 35c n tnbe, you will receive one; ef these! prices. And
you niU have n chance" for the JBIb Citsli J'rlec. IVhen'.ivc receive your
answer tve.tvlll send you the Kust nnd Slain ltcnnover nt once. TO'
your skill now. >
Make Your Town Spotless
- A spotless and well-kept town
is a people's best asset. If all of
us���if every citizen���would ca-e
for the city street in front of his
residence, wbat a lot could be
dotie to keep tbe city spotless
What tbis town���your town���iny
town���need is that each citizen
should take a good look at himself���at kis home property and
business property���at his froni
yard and back yard���at the stree*
in front of his place���and ask
himself if he has doue or is doing
his part to make a town beautiful
out of it.���Okanagan Commoner,
The Greenwood City Council
has decreed that the annual
Cleap-up Days this- year will be
April 27th and 28th. Everybody
is expected to do tbeir duty.
Rock Creek Items
Miss Doreen.Hamilton, who has
been ill, is now much improved.
Mr.   Parsons,  custom's  officer,  of
Chesaw,   was  a   viator to  town on]
Mrs.    A.    Bonnett   and   son   of
Nicholson   Creek,   were   visiting  in..
Grand Forks last week.
Miss Barker, teacher of Myncaster
school, has returned from attending
the Easter vacation at Nelson.
Slim Johnson and John Fernstrom,
of Nicholson Creek, are cutting
timber for McCelvey on Myers Creek.
Service in the Rock Cteek'Anglican
Church on Sunday, April 18th at 1]
a.m.    Sunday   School at 10:15 a.m.
The Misses Mary Kerr, Cecilia
Hallstrom and Vera Walmsley, of
Greenwood, attended the dance on
Friday evening.
Captain and Mrs. K.. R. Davies,
of Nicholson Creek Chateau, were
visitors to Grand Forks on Wednesday of last week.
The annual meeting of the Greenwood District Rod and Gun Club
will be. held in the Kettle Valley
School at 8 p. ni. on Friday, April
Don't forget your cups if you want
a drink of coffee at the Norris Auction
on Saturday in Midway. You needn't
bring any plates as you will have a
chance to buy some.
Lewis Brew left on Wednesday's
train for Nelson, where he has
secured a position with the Hudson
Bay Mining Co. Kettle Valley will
surely be lonesome without Lewis."
The golf medal competition which
was played on Easter Monday, on
the Kettle Valley links was won by
Douglas Hamilton, first, and Ed.
Richter, second. The Bogey competition will be played on April 18th.
~~The=TloclT"CreelWhasebal] team ij
played their first game this season on
April 11th, on the home diamond,
The visiting team came from Chesaw
who were assisted by several of Midway's best players. The visitors won
by 15 to 4.
A Dance in aid of the Rock Creek
Baseball Club will be held in Riverside Hall, Rock Crek, on Friday,
April 23rd. Bush's orchestra will
supply the music. Adults 21.00,
children 50c, including supper. A
good time guaranteed.    -
Miss Dolly Pittendrigh, of Rhone,
who has been spending the Easter
holidays with her sister, Mrs. Gannon, in Spokane,! returned on Saturday evening's train, accompanied by
her sister, Onie, who has been ill for
Pierrett, Shepherdess and Red Riding
Hood being exceptionally pretty.
The grand march was held at 9:30
with 36 children talcing part, after
which the prize winners were
announced as follows: Best dressed
girl, Elsie Gane, who was simply perfect as an early Victorian Lady; best
dressed boy, Charlie Warrington, as
a fierce bold Pirate; two comic prizes,
girls, Rachel Johns and Phyllis
Wheeler, as the Gold Dust Twins,
acted their part wonderfully and
caused many screams of laughter.
Great credit for the costumes and
make-up is due Mrs. Arthur Rusch,
who certainly had a very difficult task.
The original costume, girls, was
awarded to Ruth Whiting, who looked lovely as a Chinese lady, while
Billy Kayes received the prize for thc
most original boy, as Felix the Black
Cat. His costume was very good
and he made a lively pussy. Many
thanks are due to Mr. and Mrs.
Romstead, of Ferry, J. H Bush, of
Midway, and others, who supplied
the music voluntarily. They played
in turns and certainly helped to make
the dance enjoyable. The door receipts amounted to $72.50. Great
credit is due the Junior W. A. and
their superintendent7"Mrs.cR. Norris,
in coming forward so nobly to help
the church, which is in great' need of
funds. After expenses are paid the
balance will goto the wardens-for
church use, as the Rock Creek
church is practically called upon to
support the biggest share of "the
Diocesan expenses. ' The dance has
been asked to be made an*annual
Doris Renyon-j/i^Wi'ltonSills
WI Want My Man'"'
a dramatic sensation ���'with-a
master^- touch to be shown
at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, April I7cb.
Milliner, Grand Forks, B.C.
Next to Henniger'sTeed Store
Bridge St.
The United Church of Canada
Minister iii charge -'.-'
Rev. W. R. "Walkinshaw, B. A.
\ ^r^
I X, UiXmX
(!���!;    "   w--^J----'	
��� \
=^vjL.ii " yW~'-'-'^~^'-';''^T*^=
���^=r^J^���i-ft-r__,-~_*_.-_-___-__r* -���.���..*.���-   **>-^u'__._
Too often Life Insurance is regarded solely
' as;a means of protection for dependents..
It is that. But a more sensible wav to .
look at it is to regard it not only as the
��� means to insure, protection for, dependents
in the event of death, but in addition to'
provide, for one's own comfort in later life.
:*���'������- '*\ .*���*.- .
The Confederation Life Association pro-    y
vides this dual insurance in the form of
a. Peerless Policy which has been found to y
meet the requirements of the business and
professional man. ; [XX.
We should like to send you a booklet
entitled, "The Peerless Policy.'-' It describes this"3u;il plan of insurance precisely.
Write for a coj>y.
Cleveland Bicycles!
When in need of a good bicycle let us sell you one of those
Celebrated Cleveland Wheels
,   We have all sizes in stock
Fully guaranteed for 12 months
All parts In stock, also a full line of accessories and tires
Prices for Boys and. Girls   -   -   $40.00    '
Prices for Ladies and Gents -'-- $52.00
PHONES 24 and 78
yDisirict Maiiat'ur, Holers _3iiil(lhi_r
Vancou'ver,.B.C. '
CllARLKS KINO, Local A (fen i, (
reoiivood, 15.C.
PRIDEA.UX, Gcner.il Agent, \.
rincclon, E. C.     .   :
Please send
me your booklet about
Peerless PolL-y.
/'��� ���
Greenwood   '
', Vacant, umeserved, surveyed
Crown lands may b9 pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on. 'declaring Intention
to become British-''subjects, condl-..
tional upon resilience, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes.; ..-('     .. .___ y
a year, and is still unable to
E. S. Hemming and H. J. ^Hemming, of Beaverdell,, nephews of
Mrs. Ed. Hatton, returned last week
from a three months trip to the Old
Country. The ���cinstant rain there
did not appeal to them, after having-
sampled for a couple of years, the
delightful climate of British Columbia.
Major and Mrs." R, Gray, of
Kettle Valley, gave an 'old time card
party at their residence on Thursday
evening, to the many pioneers of the
Valley, in honor of Captain and Mrs.
Davies, who are leaving shortly for
England. There were, six 'tables of
cards and at 12 o'clock' a most
dainty supper ' was served and after it
was partaken of, Mrs. Gray sang:
several songs in a most charming-
manner. The enjoyable affair came
to close after singing "For they
' are-jolly good fellows."
��� The Rock Creek Junior W. A.
Fancy Dress Dance held in Riverside
Hall on Friday evening, was a. great
success, the hall being filled with
merry makers from the surrounding
district and the U.S. boundary:' The
childrens costumes were very lovely,
the Two Little Girls in Blue, the
Turkish    Lady,    Highland   Lassie,
Sunday, April 18th.
Midway 11 a.m.
Myncaster 3-d. m. .
Greenwood 7:30,0.in.
Physician and Sunreon
Residence Phone 69
Office: McCutcheon Residence
./':,��� u':.To  yiXxi: [}'),y-
GEO. ARMSON, jirand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Reoairer
All .work and material guaranteed; ' We
pay postage one wav.   Terms Cash.
For Rent for the Summer
Nicely furnished residence to
party with no children.
Mks. Elt.en Trounson.
For Sale -
490 Chevrolet 192L, recently
overhauled, 5 goodytires, $450.
Apply to "-���"'���'���
N. Haynes, - -
......    Kettle Valley, B.C.
. Full Information concerning regu��
latlona regard lug- pre-emptions la
given* ln Bulletin No. 1, Land Series.
"How to Pre-empt .Land," copies. 61
wliich can be obtained freo ol charg*
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable lor agricultural
purposes,vand .wliich Is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west oC the Coast Range
and 6,000 feet per .acre east ol that.
'Ratis-o."   ".
Applications Cor pre-emptions aie
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of tlio Land Recording Division, in which the land applied lor
is situated, and are made on printed
forma',' copies of which-can be obtained lrom the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must-be occupied lor
live years and Improvements made
to,value of $10 per acre;'including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can ba
For more detailed Information see
the Bulletin "H.ow to : Pre-empt
Applications, are received for purchase of 'vacfuit and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes;, minimum
price for flrst-claee (arable) land Is
$5 per acre, and second-class (grazing) land ��2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands Is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory v or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding -40 acres,
may be purchased, or leased, the con-'
dltlons. * fficludlng^' payment , ol
stumpage. -,  ���' -.;. Xx - <���: '
Unsurveyed areas, oot exceeding 20
acres, inay be leased as homesiUa,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected'In tho first year; titl�� belaj
obtainable after residence and lm*
provement conditions 'are fulfilled
and land hag been surveyed.
LEA8ES   :'...'
For  grazing  and  Industrial  pw
posaa areas not exoeedlng 440 acres
may *be'leased by one parson or %
company. W ���
Under the Grazing Act the Province la divided into grazing districts
and the range administered under \��
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits aro ilasued baaed oa
numbers ranged, priority "betas given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for rang*
management. Free, ojr partly frea,
permits are available for settlers,
campers aa�� tra-vrtUxB, up to (la��.
baad   " *���'���_.. .." .
h   y    ���--���--   - :
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident & Sickness,-Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Ho'uses for Rent or Sale
Call at the Office of    .
Greenwood, B.C.
.s ���
A Change In Hours
Commencing April 11th, the hours'during
which telephone service will be given through
the Greenwood exchange wllM)e as follows:
"' \ ������   '       . ���
On Week Days
Full service from.
8 a.m. to 12 noon, and 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Emergency'service only, irom 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.
On Sundays and Holidays
-    " Full service irom
" 7 a.m. tovJ a.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
_E)mergenc5r service only, from-9 p.m, ,to 8 a.m.
B. G. Telephone Company
"Provincial Elections Act"
��� -NOTICE Vs HEREBY. GIYEN bliat IsUall,
on Moiidn.v, tlie 17th day oi May, L926, at the
hour of 10 o'clock in Llie forenoon^ at the Courts
House, Greenwood, _ hold a Sittiag of
tlie Court of Revision for tlie purpose of revising the list of Voters for tlie said Electoral
District, and of hearing' and determining- any
and/Slf objections7 to the retention--of any
name on the said List, or to the reg-istration
as a voter of anj applicant for registration;
and. for, the otlier purposes set fortli. in the
"Provincial Elections Act."   -  -���-.-~--vi------t--
.   Dated at Greenwood, B.C. this' Giti day of
'���'���;.      '   y      E. H; McCirRRA.CE,'''  .   *'',.'
_  "     ,   ,     Iteg-istrar of-Yoters
.'."''--." ,   Q_rand rorhs- Greenwood,
Electoral District..
Change In Service
April 19 *
Arrow Lakes/   Slocan Lake,   Nelson-SIocan City,
Raslo-Nakusp" ���
.Regular service will  be resumed' as givca   in   current
time cards,'and present temporary service will be wilhclrawa.
.   J. S. CARTER,
District Passenger A.geat, Nelson, B.C.
y The Mineral Province of Western Canada      ^
' .-'   . *'i ' -���'     . ���  i'.'.':-. 'xy "���-'..
Has produced Minerals as follows:    Placer Q-oldl, $,77,3S2,953; Lode Gold,
.  -     -$118,473,1905 Silver, 868,824,579; Lead, $70,548,578; Copper, 81S7,489,378; Zinc,   ���
$32,171,407; Miscellaneous Minerals,  $1,431,349; Coal -and'Cobe, $260,880,048;      .'
Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $42,225,814: making its M!ioeral Producbion
to the end of 1924, show an
y'^Aggrepte Value of .$859,427,386 /
Proiuction for the Year Ending December, 1924, $48,704,604
*.'.'. "���".*     ..- ��� .- -������ ' '
The Mining Laws 61 /this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower, tlan .those of any other
Province in feheDominioD, or any colony in the British Empire. '      \       ���
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal feee. x
���' *'.'*.' -: -o .���*''���*'-. - "
Absolute Titles are pUainfid by developing such properties, bbe secudby of which is guaranteed
y ��� '���'.  by Cro_wn Q-rants. ) ���'"*
Full information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing���
'V      _    ^      . "       \    VICTORBA.'.Britfsh Columbia.
N. B. ; Practically aU British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which develapmerife work has been
done are described in some one of the Annual Eepprts of the MiniBter of Mines. Those
considering mining investments should refer .feo'Bncj^. reports. They are available without
charge pn application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Ke^iorts of the Geological
Survey of Canada, Pacific Bailding, Vahcoaver, are recommended as, v&laable sources of
���_-__t__��Z__y. -; ^���j.���-_---:-���. =


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