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The Ledge Apr 1, 1926

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, Masonic Hall, Easter Monday
Big Time and Large Crowd Expected
The Oldest Mining,Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Be Sure Not To Miss v '
Masonic Hall,,Easter Monday
Five Piece Orchestra
i mr
>. 8;
Vol.   XXXII
We carry a large line oi
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock /
Agents for the
Victor Northern^Electric'JRadios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Celery, Lettuce
; Bananas, Oranges, Grape Fruit *
Brussel Sprouts and ^Mushrooms
In Cans
���� For duality atid Value Order From y     ,-    phone 4-6
4 ������������������������-*������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������������   ������������*4><>o
!   Spring Ginghams and Prints
are better than ever with  greater
range of color and pattern
Prices 30c to 60c , )
Phone 17
2��_ ���       We have received a 7ZS,
y -~��
IH Special Shipment ~I
&*.. .��_.
K*��    ���                           Of  -��������
���***" ���            \, l~����
1 Easter Mats 1
gr ���-and for  -^j
���� One Week Only 22
2��1 these Hats will be sold at ^5
����: Reduced Prices 3
Cotue early and get
Easter Bonnet
your     ^��
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Auction ���' Sale
Norris' Ranch, I Mile West
of C.P.R. Depot, Midway
Saturday, .April 17th, 1926
Commencing at
All-Cattle, Horses, Fisrm Implements &
Machinery, Tractor & Ford Car, Household Furniture, Blacksmith's Outfit.
All tools liecessary on a working ranch
The property of the Midway Ranch Ud
���For full particulars see Bills*;
Remember the Date and the Hour
Lunch Served
CHARLES KING - Auctioneer
.������������ ���������������.-������������������������������������������������������.��������������������������������^M^ .���������������.���.������
Huskies 25c per box
Try them for that tickling cough or sore throat
' :. ��� ' ^
A great preventative for the present contagious diseases
Creophos $1.00 per bottle
For the obstinate coughs and colds
���- ~ AT	
Let us Quote you-on
Farm Machinery
-'z N Agents for the
40HN DEERE Line of Farm and Tillage Goods
We know-that the People ot Greenwood
aud vicinity appreciate the service that
we have given them in the past.
You can be sure of getting the best there
is without any delays
Let us have your
Watches and Clocks
We carry a good line oi
Glasses     " "
'j    A. A. WHITE
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
F. J. WHITE, Manager.
Greenwood Theatre
APRIL 2nd^ and 3rd
First National Pictures, Inc.
�����      ~,^^^5<,R=fisa'^'''ss'l;*^^
We-carry only the best stock procurable iu
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc
A trial will convinc? you
Lift The Latch
Eater tlie home of some distant  friend"
tonight���by long-distance telephone.    When-,--.
' by this.easy means, you bridge the inteveniug
��� miles.and lift the latch of your friend's dopr.y
he. wil]  welcome you with surprised delight,
and you will be.glad. you called.    The night
rates   in  force after 8:30 g.tn.  are specially
- ' advantageous.-
. F. J. Hudson
The Love knot
Harry Royce left .on Tuesday
for Hedley.
Service iii St. Jude's Church on
Easter Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Mrs. W. B. Fleming left on
Tuesday for a visit in Spokane.
Sten Peterson is back iu town
after a few months sojourn at the
���Mr, and Mrs. Sam Bender, of
Midway, were visitors in town oh
Dance after the show in the
Green wood Theatre on Friday,
April 2nd.
���Personalincome tax forms Tl
have now been received by the
postmaster, ���
Lost���Bunch of keys. Finder
please hand to Mr. McCurrach at
Court .House.
Capt. H. W. R. Mo'ore returned
on Friday last from a business
trip to Victoria,
Mass will be celebrated in the
Catholic Church on Easter Sunday at 31 o'clock.
Dr. W. H. Wood is taking a
two weeks holiday and expects
'o return on April 15th.
R. Vorshaw returned on Tuesday afternoon from a few days
business trip to Penticton.'   .v
Mrs. M. C. McCutcheon arrived
from Victoria today and is the
guest of Mrs. G. R. Inglis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Clarke add
son, Burton, returned on Wednesday from a" trip to Vancouver.
Robt. Mitchell left, last -week
for Kimberley district where he
will be employed by the Consolidated.    -
Go to Church, Sunday evening
7:30 p.m. Special Easter music
by augmented choir. Communion
Service at close.
There will be some choice
furniture aud household goods at
Major Davies' ^Auction at Kettle
Valley on May 1st,
.. .Mr. and Mrs:?F..W..Cauiuff, of,
Kenora, Out,, were in town last
week.- Mr. Cariniff was a resident
of Phoenbs-30 years ago.   ���
' Mrs. P. J. Trodden, aged 62, a
native of County Armagh, Ireland, died iu "Chesaw, Wash., last
month. The late Mrs. Trodden
.was a former resident of Greenwood having lived  here in 1905.
The trout fishing season opened
in the Kettle River district today.
Boundary Creek and tributaries
will remain closed this year and
riot open on April 30 as mentioned
in the Nelson News and Grand
Fork s_Ga zet ter7   =       "
��� Everything is shaping around
nicely for the Grand Easter
Dance in the Masonic Hallfnext
Monday night. Five piece
orchestra will give peppy music,
the floor is ia splendid . condition
and the supper hy the Pythian
Sisters will be par e'tfcellence.
There will-be all the old time
dances'and square dances. A big
crowd and a jolly time is assured.
William M. Smith, who has
bred a patient in the District
Hospital for e number of weeks,-
died on Tuesday evening., Mr.
Smith arrived here in December
from^ Vancouver, aud was visiting
his sisters, .Mrs. A. Greig ancl
Miss Kate Smith, when he became ill. Another sister, Mrs*.
E' C. Fraser arrived from Vancouver today to attend thefuneral
which will be'held on Saturday,
April 3rd, service' to be held in
the United Church at 2 p m.
Interment will take place in the
local cemetery.
The Prince Henry Deal
'��� Another important mining deal
of considerable interest to this
district was transacted last Saturday when G. S.- Walters gave
an option on his lease and .bond
of the Prince Henry mine situated
about one mile east of Greenwood. "E. O. Weston, secretary
and treasurer of the Troy mines
at Stewart is the ���purchaser. Ii
is hoped that work will start
sometime in June.
It'is expected that work will
start bn the Phoenix mines on or
about the 15th of April.  -
There are~bther coast gentlemen .being���-.interested,'in some
Greenwood claims and expect to
visit here at an early date.
Tennis Club Meeting*
The annual meeting of the
Greenwood ��� Tennis! Club held
in Taylor & Son's Store, on
March 29th was largely attended,
'22 members being present. After
the minutes of the previous meeting ancl '.he finaucial report were
adopted ths folicwi',�� officers
were elected:
President, N. E. Morrison.
Vice-Pres,, Miss Ruth Axam,
Sec.-Treas,, H. J. Foster,
Evecutiy'e,' Mrs>A. Francis, T.
Crowley and G. W.-A. Smith.
It was decided that the dues be
the same as last year, viz., Gents
$3.00, Ladies "$2.00-, School
children SL.00, and that the
School children will have the
same hours "as<"other members
With the exception" of Saturday
afternoon. ���
The courts will be repaired,
$50 being set aside for that purpose,
The.opening- date was set for
April 17th, but this does not
mean, that games will not
commence before that time as the
courts "are uow available for play.
McArthur's Mill to
Move to Midway Ranch
i ���
��� A deal of great importance to
Midway was consumated a few
days ago when W. -E McArt:iur.
bought the old Powers' mill site
on the Midway Ranch about one
mile west of town, Mr. McArtb ur
has operated a sawmill on Myers
Creek for a number of^ years and
as he has sawn all the available
timber . in that section decided to
operate on the Kettle River. I: is
his intention to move the mill as
soon as possible aud be able to
operate this year. An unlimited
supply of logs can be easily
secured cup the -river and floated
down. Mr. McArthur has been
very successful in his operation
of the mill on Myers Creek ��ud
the people of the district wish
him even greater prosperity ia his
new location.
��� Fred Russell, a pioneer of
Grand Forks and one of the-best
known hot el men in the province,
died in that city on Sunday night
The funeral was held . on' Wednesday and was one of the largest
e/er held in Grand, Forks. A
number of Greenwood and Rock
Creek friends went over for the
The Board.of Directors of the.
Greenwood-and'District Hospital
beg to announce that the Formal
Opening of the new Hospital will
May probably the 14th. There
will be a Grand Reception at the
Hospital in the'afternoon followed by a Dance' in sthe Masonic
Hall in 'the evening. Confirmation of date and details will be
announced later.'
The Didies Aid of the United
Church, met on Tuesday, 30,th
March at the home of Miss-A.
Br van. The Aid voted the sum
of $100 towar-^s'-'the purchase of a
new organ. Other routine business was transacted and then the
A.id proceeded to elect office bearers for the year beginning April
1st. The following were elected:
President, Mrs. K. Spence; Vice-
Pres., Mrs. G. Clerf; Sec.-Treas.,
Mrs. A. Francis. A hearty vote
of thanks was tendered to Mrs. J,
Kerr, the retiring president, The
Aid has been splendidly led in
the past year aud look forward to
another , prosperous year under
the leadership of Mrs. Spence.
The next meeting is set for the
13 th of April at the Manse.
A wonderful
beautiful romance
in -.a thrilling
drama of the cattle king-s in thc i
gigantic drive of
100,000 steers
across the Texan
border, amid blazing prairie fires,
raging -floods,
stampeding herds
and a hundred and
one other amazing
*! fS ������'-'.- li' ��JSSs &^ /*���"> #\ '���������   ������' ���p��^ &*!* _*��?
Ou -'&-.y-
Greenwood, Monday, April 5th
Dance after show on Friday
Old Time Dances and Square Dances .
 =_**: j .	
Admission:   Gents $1.00, Ladies 50cts.f Supper 35c.
Annual Golf Meeting
The golf season got away to a good
start when 20 members of the Greenwood Golf-Club met in the Bank of
Montreal rooms' on the 24th. After
the president reviewed the work done
for the past year the following were
elected as officers for this season:
President, P. PL McCurrach; Vicc-
Pres.. C. King; Secretary, Dr. A.
Francis; Treasurer, H. T. New-
march; Greens committee, Messrs.
Gregory, Spence, Wilson and Taylor;
Handicap committee, Messrs. Francis
Dorman, Morrison and Walters;
Rules committee, Messrs. Moore,
Crowley, Wright and Goodeve.
Following the election of officers a
vote of thanks was moved to the retiring executive. After discussion,
the fees for the year were set at IS 5
for men and $3 for ladies.
. The Club plan to do considerable
work on the Course this year and are
asking that all members pay their
dues promptly.
Rock Creek Items
The frogs have arrived and ^ave
their"bpening conctrfrt on  March- 22...
. Sherman Warnock expects to move
from Christian Valley to Rock Creek.'
There  will-be  some useful farm
implements, gasoline engine and other'
farm requisites  at the  Kettle Valley
Auction. J   ~
Rock Creek Anglican Church.
Morning Service and Holy Communion, Easter Sunday, April 4th" at
11, o'clock.
Don't forget the Dance  on Easter
Monday at   Riverside   Hall,   Rock
Creek, at 9 p. m., by the Rock Creek
ply the music.
Chas. Hamilton, one of Rock
Creek's old time prospectors, who
has been staying with J. Lindsay since
last fall, is a patient in the Greenwood and,District Hospital.
. A Fancy Dress Dance will be held
at Riverside Hall, Friday, April 9th,
1926, under the auspices of the Rock
Creek Junior W. A. Prizes will be
awarded -for best dressed girl, best
dressed boy, best comic girl, best
comic boy, and for the most original
costume. Floor reserved from 7 to
10   p.   rn.   for   children's dancing.
Arthur Rusch-has his Garage Hospital full of crippled cars, which require his earliest and best possible
attention, in the way of spring tonics
and lubricating cod liver oils, which
he administers in mild doses suitable
to his patientsv peculiar ailments.
Arthur is the luckiest man in Rock
Greek. ,He is the proud possessor of
a pair of twin boys ��� which were one
year old on March 10th,-,and "a few
weeks ago the stork .brought his
nannie goat a set of triplets.
- .The Rock Creek ��� Woman'sv Jn
stitute held their monthly meeting in
Riverside  Hall on  Saturday, March
27th.    It   was. veiy   well  attended-'
The roll call was a donation of money,
which was decided .to' be sent to "the
New Solarium.' -A girls sewing  club"
was organized and its members will b? -.
taught to mend and ^atch their own
clothes.    Two   delegates,   Mrs.   E.
Richter and Mrs. W. Clark,  for the
Sport committee and they will attend
a meeting to be held at  Midway on
Saturday   afternoon,   April  .3rd,   to
"discuss the Victoria Day sports. Mrs.-
J. Madge gave a very  good demonstration on making soup, which the
members   took   a great   interest in.'
A,delightful tea was served /by Mrs.
Blaine and  Mrs.   W.    Warrington.
Among the members attending from a
distance were:    Mrs. - A. . D.  McLennan, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Pitman, Mrs. Smyrl, N. Robinson, W.
Hatton and Andy Johnson.' THE -WEDGE.   GREENWOOD.   B. C.
$��p ��
Skopk, uylw wxnZ (tit veiy Sat
ode %ui Sh-si (hange 9dwt jf.ea
A Land ox Opportunity and Service
Canada, am] Western Canada In particular, lias frequently been describee]
as u young man's country���u country iu which llie humblest hoy possessed of
ability nnd energy, plus ambition, lias an opportunity ol rising to the top in
any walk of 1 ile ho limy choose, and oC achieving, the highest posilion -which
it*is.within tho power of his fellow citizens to bestow. Over nnd over again
has the correctness of this opinion been verilied'iii the lives of young men who
have risen to positions of influence and power in this counlry whereas they
probably would hare led uneventful lives had tliey-remained in their old environment.   .
It is doubtful, however, If quite so striking- nn example of the rapid rise
of a young man from very humble surroundings Lo a high and honored position
has ever been afforded as in the ease of Hon, Charles A Dunniug, until a lew
days ago Premier of Saskatchewan and iioav MLnlster of Railways and Canals
in the Dominion Government. The story of flfr. Running's life since coming
to Western Canada reads like a romantic fairy tale.
Mr. Dunning lias not yet reached his fony-flrsfc birthday, having heen
born in Leicestershire, England, on July 3.1, 1SS5. As a youth of 17, and delicate in health, he emigrated do Saskatchewan, iiud began work as a farm,hand.
.Tho following year ho homesteaded at Deavenlalo, Sask., and, like all new.
sol tiers without worldly wealth, began to break Ills quarter section and erect
his log and sod buildings. " In the year prior to Mr, Dunniug's arrival in what
is now the Province of Saskatchewan, the Territorial Grain Growers' Association was organized,, and the newly-arrived English lad soon identified.-himself,
wiih the "Local" in his district, and thus commenced to render public service";
and climb the ladder of -fame. - -
Within a few years he was a director of the Association, then vice-presi
dent for four years. During this period the Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Co. was created, and Mr. Dunning was appointed ils first General Manager, whicli position he held for six years, developing the infant Company
���until if reached,the posilion of being the -world's greatest initial grain handling
concern. Then, in'11916, when W. M. Martin succeeded Walter Scott asyPre-
mieWof Saskatchewan, he called Mr. Dunning-- to* his. cabinet as Provincial
Treasurer, and, with the possible exception o�� Quebec,'no Province's finances
���were fetter handled .during the last of the jvar-years.and during the diflicult
years of readjustment and depression that folio-wed than were thoso'of Sas.
/In 1922, Mr. Martin retired from the Premiership,'and Mr. Dunning was
tlur unanimous choice of the Liberals of Saskatchewan as his successor.
Thus within, nine years of arriving in Saskatchewan, and at the early age of
26, Mr. Dunning was General Manager, of .one of the Dominion's biggest com-
:.pa.ni.es; at the age of 31 this English emigrant Lad-was.a. cabinet minister; at-
37 he was Prime Minister of the Provkic<?. What otlier country can offer a
parallel to such a record! .--.' ...���'���*���-���..��� ���.���""'*<
During the war Mr. Dunning threw his .abounding-energy and organizing
abilities into the task of furnishing the wherewithal to enable Canada and the
Empire to worthily and successfully play their purl.- He was; chairman of the
Victory Loans campaigns hi Saskatchewan lor three years iii succession', and
Director of Food Production In Canada (luring tlie last critical year of 191S.
r. And now, secure iu llie Premiership, witli ,an overwhelming majority In
the Legislature following an election of less tli an a year ago, Mr. Dunning
relinquishes a safe and comparatively easy "position to go to Ottawa and take
over one. of the heaviest aiul most responsible portfolios in. the Dominion
Government. And those who know him most Intimately are.agreed that he
does so Jn .'order that he may thereby render still, greater service to the country of his adoption and the /Empire which gave him birth,   [y'xz. ������>
ft Is well forCana'da that it. can provide such opportunities-for advancement to ils people, and it is even belter for Camula that when theoccasion and
��� thc need arise, her sons are willing to give her their rery best in effort and
service. . "        "WW ���'���'.-:* ���'.  '
Apart.altogether from p'arlizan feelings and affiliations,' the people of
Western Canada aro proud of the achievements of Mr. Dunning and rejoice
to liave him in tho Government at Ottawa at a time.when strong men, filled
.with initiative, and capable of safe but progressive -leadership are ���urgently
needed. Although a Westerner by his own choice, and fully seized with the
problems and needs of this section of* the.Dominion, Mr. Dunning's vision is
not restricted to the prairies. He will approach and deal with Canadian problems,.not from any narrow or sectional .viewpoint, but in. the interests of Canada as. a whole. *.-,,"
Knowing the West as lie does and its enormous;possibilities, he will apply
���iiis energies beneficially for the West, not because.it is tlle West, but because
thereby the welfare and prosperity oC Canada S3 a national'unit'will be advanced. ' Political friend-and political foe will, therefore,-be found uniting
���In a hopethat the ...same *unb rplc.cn _record^
marked his care'er-in the past will'be.surpassed in the larger arena of national
���affairs.    It is Canada which -will be. the gainer tlser.ebjt '.,*.'*
Gigantic Airship  lines
Service Will Bring Canada Within
Thirty  Hours'-of. Great   Britain
Gigantic airships on lines encircling
Lhe globe, with Cast,, aeroplane feeding
them,, were outlined in a comprehensive address on "progress in civil aviation" by Air Vice-Marshal Sir Set'ton
Branckuer, K.C.B., director of,'- civil
aviation in the British'.air ministry,,at
tho Empire'Club, Toronto.
Great Britain is devoting much
money ��� in the development of two
gigantic airships, each with a capacity
of 5,000,000 cubic feet, which is-twice
the slK.e of any airship flown so far,
I'or a service between Indai aiid'London, England, and which eventually
will include Australia. This in turn
will bring Canada within 25 or 30
Jiours from the old laud, Sir Scfton declared.
The new ship will carry one hundred passengers comfortably and even-
convenience will be provided.' The
trip to India is planned to take 100
hours flat without a" slop...
One ship will burn heavy oil in the
engines, while the otlier will derive its
power from a mixture of kerosene nnd
hydrogen, which is an experiment.
You Can Lay tlie Foundation of
Good Health Now by Building
Up Your -Blood and Strengthening Your Nerves Through
the Use of Dr. Williams' Pink
'   Pills. ���;.':  ,'-.-     7
The good old fashion "of- talcing a
tonic ln the spring time. Jjke hiost of
the customs of our grandparents, is
based upon sound common; sense and
good medical practice. .."Winter is always a trying time for- those who are"
not. in rugged health. * Many men,
wohien. and -children go. through the
winter on reserve strength tliey have
stored up during the: sunny summer
months, and .&row increasingly . pale
and languid.as the spring days ap-
-proach. A tonic lor the-blood and
nerves at this time" will "do'much Un
such : people., by pulling color in*, the
cheeks and banishing* that tired feeling that worries thousands of people
at this.season; of thoyyear.'. ***    :
It is:'impossible to be energetic if
your blood is thin and [ weak, or * if
your nerves are frayed or shattered.
You en nno I com pot e wl th'. others 1 f
yoti do not get refreshing . sleep at
night,- or it': your appetite is; poor, nr
you are losing weight. You need n
tonic at this .''Unto to add .to. -your. eflP
ciency now, as .well as to save you
from suffering later: on.':' .And,; in all
the realm" of : medicine; there 'is no
safer or better 'Ionic Jlian * Dr.. ,Wit-:
liams* Pink Pails.' y ' These' pills tone
nnd enrich lhe-blood wljich circulates
through e'cry porlioii of the .body,
strengthening, ."jaded nerve* , and \. rundown . organs, and bringing "a feeling
of new -Sirengfir-ajnl * energy, to weak,
easily lived,, despondent men, women
and children.,       yxy .y ,   v..
Miss K. 'Sirois, Kamoiiraska, Que.',
says:���."L-would , leel that I. was
neglecting an opportunity to help-.Rome
other poor sufferer-if I failed
Will Be Boon To Motorists
Keep your horses working
"SPOHN'S.' Standard remedy* for 32 years for Distemper,
Strangles, Influenza., Coughs and
Colds. Give to sick and those exposed. Give "SPOHN'S" forDosDis-
eemj>er. Sold by your druggist. If not,
order from us. Two slats, large and
iranll. .Write ior free bootltt on dliotsc*.
Pan-American  Congress
For  Canada's   Entry   Into
gress Is Made At Toronto
Canada's entry Into the run-American congress was urged hy Dr. Clarence ,T. Owens, president of the Pan-
American Commercial congress, ln an
address lo the Canadian Club iit Tor-
onior I lc also expressed lhe hope
that Canada would recognize the
United Slates diplomatically, and send
ft representative lo "Washington.
In pleading lor Canada's entry in
the Pan-American congress, Dr.
Owens pointed out that in tho new
Pan-American' building tho Canadian
coat-of-anns occupied a position of
honor with that ot Llie United States,
and-that a Canadian chair, piovidcd
for the governing boaid, was no
doubt still stored somewhere in tho
building.     /
An official invitation has becn sent
lo- Ottawa by tho Pan-Ameiican congress, Dr. Owens said, and he was
confident thai belore long tho congress
would be truly pan-Ameiiean, which
it could not really he .so long us Canada was not a member. .
Has Compiled "Sound Portraits"
Among_Records Taken By Berlin Pro-,
fessor    Is    Muezzin's   Call   to
~- Prayer '
Many of the sounds of the present
age will be heaul LO.OOO years from
now, if the claims of Professor William DoegCii, stale librarian ot, Berlin, are confirmed iit iliac time. Prof.
Uoegen has compiled a collection of
2,500 sounds of the present ago on
master; phonograph records made of
brass and will file them away for posterity.5 He took records of the sounds
of-war during the world war, street
sounds in the big cities, language
sounds'Of'250 different tribes in Asia
and Europe, and, of course, all metropolitan speaking and singing sounds".
Among other novelties is ihe Mohammedan niuczssini's call to prnyci.
Steam  Cooling  Said to Keep  Engine
At Even Temperature
Freezing In winter and overheating
in summer will no longer"threaten
motorists, if advocates of steam cooling have their hopes fulfilled. Steam
cooling, they say, is the cure-all for
these ills.
SLeam cooling is a method by wliich
the water in the ctfoling system lcecps
tho engine at an, eflicient temperature
suinmcr and winter, yet evaporates at
the bolilng point; It is cooled through
the radiator and returns into the system still warm enough to keep tho
temperature of the engine even at all
times, '���
One advantage claimed for this system is that there's no worry about
radiator leakage, siuco the radiator
connection is at lho bottom and tne
condensed vapor flows down, past any
sniall holes that might appear through
rust. In fact, there's mighty little
chance for rust, because rust Js said
to come from cold water, not water
that's kept at a high temperature.
Just  Dip   to  Tint  or  Boil
to Dye  ,
Each 15-ccnt package contains directions bo eimplo ..any
woman can tint soft,,
delicate shades or dyo
i icli, permanent colors
in lingerie, silks, ribbons, skirls, waists,
dresses, coats, stockings, sweaters, dvaj)
. riea, coverings, hangings ��� everything!
Buy Diamond Dyes
���no other kind���and tell your druggist
whether J,ho material you wish to color
is wool or silk, or whether it, is linen,
cotton or mixed goods.,
Before takingi_ihe .pills I was in a badly run-dowiT"condIlion. " I was very,
weak, pale nnd breathless at the least,
exertion. 1-often had headaches and
Russian Palaces For Sale
Soviets-Would Sell Or Lease Property
Of Late Czar
.���'���-Foreigners who have dreamed of
possessing palaces are given an opportunity by the Soviet Government of
realizing their drca.1113. There are
several disused palaces in Leningrad,
formerly the propciij .of the emperor
to tell and.members of his family, which the
you how m icli "benefit; 1 had through -government will be glad to sell or lease
the use of ])i\-Trilliams'Phiki Pilis
Scenic ParksN Canada's Wool Clip
Of the seven great scenic parks un- Cilnada's wool clip for 1925 amount-
dor .Dominion control in the Rockies cd to, 15,553.(M5 lbs. valued at $-1,199,-
and Sclkirks, three are in Alhert.-i and'000,   as    compared    with   15,111,719
four in British Columbia. Waterton
Lukes, Rocky Mountains (Banff), and
Jasper National Parks are in Alberta
pounds, valued (it $3,771,000, in 192-1,
according 'to & provisional estimate
prepared by the bureau of slfeitisllcs.
and  Yoho,  Glacier,   ..Kootenay,    ahd Ontario bad the greatest production
last year, with an output of 4_82[.,7t!>
Kevclstoke National Parks are in British ���.Columbia.
ing the pills and they restored pie to
better health than I had, enjoyed for a
long time; in fad, my health is now
the best, and I am sure lhat what ttiis'
medicine ha.-; done I'or me it will do for
all weak, ailing people."
You can get,these- pills from'any
medicine dealer, or by mail at 50
cents, a : box1 from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
.- . .    * '* . * ���
Through Service -For )]
Steamship Passengers
Canadian Pacific Railway Inaugurates
Through Tourist Sleeping Car".'..'
For the convenience of western passengers enroute to lhe Old .-Country,
the Canadian Pacific Hallway have inaugurated a through'tourist sleeping
'.���ar servico from Winnipeg to Saint
John, K.B.--.     .    ��� " y*������'.'
These cars will leave Winnipeg on
"The Imperial" at 1.0.0*0 ��� a.m. every
Tuesday until April 20th. providing
through service to the ship's sijlc'at
This service will prove extremely
popular with passengers from the
prairie provinces, eliminating as It
does, changing trains.at Montreal.
to'foreigners for periods ranging from
25-;tti 50-years. The only condition
is that a buyer or lessor shall put tlie
building in proper repair and shall pay
Worms in children, if tliey be not
attended to, cause convulsions, and
often death. Mother Craves' Worm
Exterminator will piotect the children
from,these distressing iiflflctions.     n
Humanity And Kindness
Institution In Texas Has Made Some
Neede'd Changes
Jlumanitarianism mixed with kindness, good food and entertainment has
lemoved the shackles of restraint
from (he six insane asylums of Texas.
Straight jackets, padded cells and
lestraint beds are now articles of a
forgo (ten age In the institutions. Beau-
tirul grounds, moving picture shows,
dancing and exercise are now at the
convenience of (he 9,000 inmates. ,
A violent lunatic brought into the
peaceful surroundings of these institutions within less than a week becomes- docile and industrious, according io K. B. Walthall, member ot
the board. ^
Young vigor
to old folks.
"My nerves wet's
unstrung audi used
to tremble all over.
Lay awake at night;
rose exhausted each
morning. Tanlac
restored health and
appetite. 1 am 71,
but note eat and
work as well as 29 .
years ago." Harry
Johnson, S3 Elm
St��� Windsor, Out.
��� 'One ol Talilac's greatest bless^"
Ings is the new life 'and vigor 'it
brings to old folks. Every day men
and women, up in tho seventies
and eighties thank us for Taulac'a
wondrous benefits.
Tanlac Is a natural tonic, made
from roots, barks and rare herbs.
Harmless to man -or child. It
cleans the blood, stirs up the liver
and puts digestive organs in working order.
I�� your body is -weak and rundown, if yoa lack ambition, can't
eat or "sleep, you'll bo delighted
with Tan lac's results. Take Tanlao
Vegetable Tills for constipation.
Keeping Check On Airv Traffic
Officer Knows Actual Position of Every
Machine Flying In British Area
^At Croydon are.the beginnings of a
system _ tbat will, without doubt,
spread in every direction'as commercial trallic increases In volume. A^,
control tower contains a trallic officer checking the air traffic on any air
route within the-Brilish area. His
posilion reports enable him to know,
from minute to miiiuto the actual posl-
tiort of any machine In flight and beside him is a wireless operator. The
trallic officer i? therefore able to supply information to any pilot who may
need navigation assistance.       ���*-
Insured Their Brains
Insuring brains Is the latest. Two
Detroit men, Norbert A. and J. Arthur
Hoffman, launching a heavy building
programme, have taken out a policy
of a million. dollaTs on their brains, to
protect the Interests of the partnership during the expansion in case of
the death of either partner.
Banish The Blues "
The woman who doesn't understand
the art of making over last yeai's hat
marry a. mati to reform
liini. 7 ���
..'_..���   ��� ���
;:   Girls!
Your Health!
��� ��� .  ���                    i
_$& 13_&&��?��%����33__1
^gSHMKam5Sa|flwBflB______iB_.   t
.        '^Wlir
Not Concerned Over Casualties
Rug Making An Art _ .
Workers Have to Thoroughly Understand Colors and Dyes
like rugs, tapestries and similar ma-
tciials, it is necessary to have a large
nuinbeij of color standards and in the
mg industry some mills have as high
as 5,000 standards from which they
work. The men in charge ofthe colors and dyes aro artists as well" as
craftsmen, and thcy havc to have almost infinite patience in working with
llie aniline dyes used in getting the
color values for each job. A few
grains of dyo In a thousand gallons
of water materially changes vthe. color
of a hundred pounds, of yarn.
MOTHER:-   Fletcher's
Castoria is especially' prepared' to relieve Infants.in
arms.and Children'all ages <>f
Constipation,-; Flatulency, Wind
Colic   and   Diarrhea;   allaying
Feverishness arising- .therefrom,' and, % regulating the Stomach,
and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural > sleep. /
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of wM^wm^;-
Absolutely Harmless-No Opiates.   Physicians everywJicie recommend jt
U. S. Calmly Accepts High Deatli Rate
. From Auto Accidents
In the United; States tlie death rate
from automobile- accidents is forty-
eight, every tw"enty:four hours, with
10.0 injured, in that period. The mos't
peculiar fact associated with these figures, according : to statisticians who
are studying thenf, is .that the popple
show little or no concern over tfie
large casual ty rate,. al though if "war
were taking that many every day there
would' bo great 'excitement about it *'*'
No -man will ever be bored as long
as you talk to "him about liimself7
Minard's Liniment for dandruff
W-   N.   TJ.. 1522
���MleWcLhwalte Studio
..(Toronto, Ont.-���"D*. Pierce's Favor-'
ite Prescription is a godsend to women
and girls who have become run-down in
health. When I was a 'girl, I became
all run-down in hedth, was weak and
nervous, suffered - fiom irregularity,
and. at times with twins. I was as miserable as could be, wlicn. upon the
advice of a friend^ I took tlie^-'Favoritc
Prescription' .and it corrected all my
trouble. I did not suffer any more, my"
nerves grew strong- and I gained in
health and strength very rapidly. After
1 married I took the 'Favorite Prescription' and it ga\e me wonderful
relief."���Mrs. Eliwlieth Penmen, 205
Oak St.   All druggists.
Thij Prescription is made in Dr,
Pierce's Laboratory In Bndgeburg, Ont
Send 10 cents there ii you wisli a, trial
paciagc of the tabids
Testing Them Out
���"Tell the janitor to put up notices
that no boolc agents are to be admitted to the building," said the publisher.
"But you have just advertised Tor
agents to sell our new work," protested the secretary.
"Of course. I want to try thc applicants out. IT a man could bo stop-
lied by a little thing like that, what
good would lie be to us?''���Washington Star. " .
By Observing
'Nature's Basic Rule
Those wlio suffer from despondency,
���1 istlcssncss-and-hcadaches can-usual ly���
* trace the causc-of these conditions to
Thcy are frequently brought about
by overwork, nervous strain, lack of
outdoor exercise or sleep, or improper
food, bul more frequently by the non-
observance of nature's basic rule������
regular thorough bowel elimination.
'Poisons from waste matter left behind are picked up by-the blood and
absorbed by the system, weakening the
nerves and lowering the vitality.
Nujol, tlie scientific internal lubricant, corrects constipation in nature's
own way by augmenting the supply of
nature's lubricant,
Nujol by softening the waste matter
thus pcunits thorough and _ regular
elimination without -overtaxing the
intestinal muscles. It is gentle, safe
and natmal in its action, and can be
taken for any length of time "without
any ill effect.
Ask your druggist for Nujol today
and remember���look for the name
"Nujol" in red on both bottle, label
and package,
"There arc time's when I wish I were
a man," she said wistfully. "When?"
inquired her husband. "When I pass
a milliner's shop and think how happy
1 could mak^ my wife by giving her a
new spring hat.
The man never lived who didn't
at somo time iu-his life expect to invent something that would make him
ABE CUHABJUE. If you aufror lrom _Uf
Borai or Vaifcox Ulcers. I will lend you
���bnolutelj- FliKE a c-opy of my (amoui
book that '���tails l'.ogr to bt rid of tfie����
troubles for all tlnio by uslntf my- ro.
mark able painless treatment. It li 4lf<,
feront from iwthtiiir you^ersr ' Heard of,
���nd tho remit of over. 85- years special*
lElns. Simply kcimI your name and ml-
drem lo Dr, if J. WHITTIER, Suite 29,
481 Kast ILth ��tre��l, Kansas City, Mo.
Slany hav^ been relieved of corns by
Holloway's Corn itemover. _ It has a
power 'of its own that will 'be ftjima
The skins of sharks, porpoise and
other kinds of fish have been developed into excellent commercial leather.
Georgo Westinghouse was bom in
New York,_ whero he worked in his
father's machine shop.
* Minard's Liniment for core throat
o�� mind and
body points to dc-
xahged Kidneys.
Gin .Pills will re;
store theKidneys-
to normal action,
a'nd ��uard against-
more serious
diseases.     ^      ]
IBiiililiiiiii '���tszi.
X; KSf
Honored Memory
"Little Boy Blue" Used In Impressive
Service For "Child's Poet"
AVhen   Eugene   Field wrote "Lillie
Boy Blue," hc had no idea that lie had
penned   words  \hat would form llie
most impressive parf of a service held
_ to honor his memory 31 years after
, his dentin     Yut Judge Jesse Iloklom,
who delivered tlie oration when Field's
casket was removed lo a specially 'hull t
tomb  a few days ago,  could hardly
have'chosen wijji del ter   care,   lines
- more suitable for such a service.
Opinions differ as to the best
��� .thing-Eugene' Field ever wrote," yer
they agree that his "Little Boy Blue"
has a depth of pathos and a touch of
human nature that finds a responsive
chord iu the hearts ol thousands, pai-
ticulaily those lrom whose homes little children have been taken.
What could be more intimate than
his word picture of tho room where
his "Lillie Boy Blue"���-played with his
toys, as in the lines:
\ The little toy dog is covered with dust,
But sturdy and staunch he" stands,
Tho little tin soldier is red with rust,
And his musket motilds in his hands.
Then,   after   desciibing   in -.fender
.lines the taking away of the little life,
Field returns  once moie  to  the hu-
-manizing of these loy liiends of the
nursery, concluding: _
Aye, faithful to Little Boy Blue they
- Each in lhe same old place;
Awaiting the touch of a little hand
And the smile of a liLflc face.       W
Aud  they  wonder,  as  waiting  these
long years through,
In the duft of that little chair,
What has become of our Little Boy
Since he kissed them and put them
there. >      '
._.-JFo*w. writers came^, to such close
Slips' with human nature as. did
-Eugene Field. Jio earned the name
."the child's poet"-by the" beaSty ol
\ his lines and Iiis ability to" enter Into
tliat world of childish imagination
where little folks abide for all too
short a tims. *
Some Ojd Superstitions
Studenis of Folk Lore Report Many
Still Under Spell
A distinguished woman stnden'l of
folk-lore said to a Daily IW..H reporter
that there is slill u very widespread
belief in wiLchcraft iu out-of-the-way
country places and among old-L'ashion-
ed people. She added:
, In a good many.villages today there
are people, mostly old women, who
are supposed io cast spells and cause
illness lo man and beast, and even
Sometimes, people who think that
they are suffering irom a charm cast
by a.witch go to her and draw blood
from her by scratching her.
One method ol trying to get rid of
a -curse "cast by a witch is to obtain
something belonging to her, amljhen
to burn it.- To "burn a witch's possessions is supposed to cause her pain.
The'Doa.ii of Manchester, Dr. Hewlett Johnson, said:
Although it" is the work oF the
Church to pul down superstition, we
all have our little supeistilions.
'"Touching wood" is derived .partly
from the idea oi' touching the Cross,
antl fhe significance of placing a
poker across-the lire bars, to'make
the fire burn up, although few women
who do it know why^ is to make the
sign of tho Cross.^    -'-
Walking under a laddefr is avoided because 2,000 years ago condemned" people al the Tiber had tt> walk
under a ladder to execution.
V Manchester doctor . saitl that
when he,, was ,callcd to a case ot
whooping cough, he found tliat'the
mother had baked a 'mouse in a pie,
believing ihat this tit-bit"'would cure
the ctwld.
7.7- ylord -AHeftbylife
But. Says-LastyStrugg^^^
���will;.hope ynever '���."to��� pee it'ia^aiii;;.but
;the.;one--great thing *thV last ^war^id
spirit "ptWielpfuliiess,ydisqi^in&-ancl;
^V-81 ^u.tp/Is; ^keep i jig ������ * tlii s-y siiiri t-"- till fe/;'
said;; Viscount: Allenby 4n:hisTii(ldress
before -the "Military.:lnsttute,y.Calgary;
* Discipline and respects are' .neces-"
sary because they bind*the/nations^of
Claims Stomach Souring
Causes Bad Breath
Now York Ci ty.     Mr. nCn Lohelde,
,,, . _ unit's:���-"l was former]v n -victim of
lhe empire together and it is splen-iconstant  upset stomach,',bad taste In
did that this institution   should . pre-!"10    mouth   and    very 'disagreeable
serve  for itself and  loi- the coming JS*' ,   ,y bcm"els WPr�� constantly
���;.constipated and nothing helped except
_,.,,.      . A'tor   using    Carter's
jLitlk. Liver Pills m_.ivp overcome all
Speaking ^on    llie    impeiial  rein-1troillJ'c ancl I am especially happy be-
linns ol  ilu, nations which comprise IjjJJJJfj ..ol    a    MVGet.  clean,  hei'ilthy
the British omphe, Viscount Allenby,1
itself and  for
generations this spirit of respectful'j tenirwarlly.'
discipline/' 7 .**:*"���
referring.to his; remarks on-, discipline
and. respect, .dec.Ia.reii that:: imperial
discipline - results';' in: imperial respect
aiid affection causes to be recognized
a bond of common duty. *;���'������'
;."..You-arid all tlie otlier nations of.the"*
British; empire are, bound; together by'
tins'.-'common;*-lie. I-'. As;you have"..stood'.
by'the OidyCountryintheypast;, so wil):
the "Old Country, stand,'by you in -the,
future. ��� Nothing canyc*ause; the downfall .':of*the British;.empire if the"na^
tions hoid'togetiier." *";. 'xy-'fiXi:[''X- XX
Carter's" Little Liver Pills arc small,
sugar coated, easy to lake bv everv
member of Lhe Tamlly. Their action
on tha bowels Is gentle. 25 & 75c
red pkg.s.     Druggists.
The Secret Of,Success
Establish Raccoon Farm
Calgary's newest industry is 11 silver
laecoon farm. Fifteen selected animals havc been imported from the
United States for '^foundation stock.
The aim of the ranch is to bre'ed silver
raccoons for 'experimental .purposes,
and It ls not the object of those inter-
-ostod-to hill-t'or-immediato-scile-on-the
iur market. They also propose tb
breed in. order Ihatthey may supply
other ranchers with 'proven stock.
The Electric Touch
A Carman electrical engineer has
inivented a device that enables a
policeman by merely touching a criminal with the tips of his fingers, to
render the miscreant unconscious.
Ottawa Woman Made Strong by
Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Ottawa, Ontario.���"I was terribly
run-down after the birth of my third
baby, I had awful bearing-down pains
and was afraid I had serious trouble.
I was'tired all the time and had no.
appetite. - My sister-in-law is taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and cannot praise it too highly
and asked me to try it. I have had'
splendid results and feel fine all the
time now. Any one who needs a
thorough pick-me-up soon learns
from me what to take."���Mrs.ItENE*,
Paquin. 320 Cumberland* ^Street, Ot-
tawa, Ontario.    ,~. ���
^      Terrible Backache
Hamilton, Ont.���"After my baby
was born I had terrible .backache and
headaches. I could not do my work and
felt tired from the first minutp 1 got
up. But worst of all were the pains
ih my sides when I moved about. "1
had to sit or lie down for a while afterwards. I could keep my house in
order, but many things had to go undone at the time, because of my ailments. I'was told by a neighbor to
take Lydia E.. Pinkham's "Vegetable
Compound, as she said it would build
nae up. I was relieved before I had
taken the first wc" bought and have
not had any trouble like it since. '"���
Mrs. T. Maiikm:, 115 Ferguson Ave-"
aue South, Hamilton, Ontario:    0
M*WW>K '_ !!������������____���__!������
AV.   N.   TJ.   1622
Concentrating on Work and-Doing it
-Right Said Late Lord Northcliffe
���"J'he late Lord Northcliffe, the great
British newspaper owner, in a certain
interview concerning tho secret-o'f his
great success, said, ".Concentration Js
the secret. 'Joo'many men don't concentrate; they dabble here and there
iu a great many different concerns or
a large nuinber ol interests. I have
only one, ancl that is journalism-; and
the reason r have succeeded is because
I devoted all my time to it."
"Work while you work, and play
while you play." is an old adage. It
means, no matter what you are doing,
you should concentrate upon it and do
it right. It means that" while vou
A\xud<,y^yo^hmU^'orlcjra r d ;_an il_whi 1 e.
you play, play hard. -It"means that
while you a.ro" reading-the newspapers,
you should keep your'mind strictly on
your reading, so that you may derive
benefit therefrom. If you are digging
a ditch, dig with all your might until
you are "ready to give tho next mailer
jour whole attention. In tins way
you -will make every five minules of
your time count, and jou will be ablt-
l<*> say, with lOmerson, "Concentration
is the secret of success in poi Hies, in
war, in trade, iu short; in all the management of human affairs."
Lake Fttrmeid By:i Phenomenon %
Bed of 'Kansas River Believed to Have
'X. :[y ~y Dropped ;Into; Cavern yy XxXt
;A 'yawning-cra ter, ;>vas drinking Mip
the, head watersy of .Smoky; Hill 'River,
ay Western .Kansas**! stream,7afterXy,
short stretch of thef river bed sank* 500,
feet.-'. near"y ciiai;ori':;Springs,^iCansas,
leaving. a great - f uiuieUshaped;:Iiole.,': *
Water,pouring into"the-openirig.trphi
the ;riyer .aiul' oilier;;stream's crii'mbled
awajyilieysiilesyof "the 'cavern. '.���untii'.'.It!
was. more I tli.an 300 feet* in diame tor. 7
he ; watery was.- jgra <lually,. risingy ih
the.;])it"iiidicaf"h)g.t.li,at a' lake maybe
formed:'.-y:*'.'./"'':W7.W *.'W 77.:/v>- W
'���'"��� 'Aii^ _earthqnalcey;yoiy; a;. subterranean]
.'of.; persons; who.'.iuslied to the scene,
���following the rumble 'and .clpuctJof*
dust which accompanied the.-ypheno-;
menon.'". But -so far;as;is Un0wii;.-ilitirtj'.
is'-.no-gas."in ;this\s-ection aiid��� no;earth.
disturbance: wasy^felt yaiiy-great-;dis
tance:'i'r6'nv:the' riArer. ljed. ^*; y k. " yy.-
-..; That the - river bed dropped into
Luncheon Clubs Not New Idea
One Which Flourished In Addison's
Days Had Queer Rules
The modern luncheon clubs such as
the Itotary, Kiwanis and Knights of
tho Round Table, do not typify a_now
idea, according lo records. Luncheon
clubs were well established in Addison's day when the "Spectator's Club"
flourished under rules that Include:
"None shall be admitted inloHhe club
thai Is of iho same trade with aliy
member of it; If any member swears
or cur_.es, his neighbor may give him
a kick on the shins, and if any member tells stories that are not true he
shall forfeit for every���;third lip. a.halt'-
Dog Showed Perseverance
Irish Setter( Puppy Travelled Eight
Months to Find Old Home
We have given many stories of won
deriul feats by- dogs. Here is another very remarkable^ case reported
iu an English newspaper.
A boy living outside Paris senfto a
breeder of dogs in the north of Prance
requesting him 'to send him an Irish
Setter puppy.
The puppy was placed in a crate and
sent by train to. the Gare du Nord station, where it was received by its new
master, removed from the crate, tali-
en across Paris in a taxi, and put In
another train guarded by its. master.
On reaching ils destination,' a little
village about fourteen kilometres on
the other side ol Paris, the dog was[
taken on a lead to its new home.
During the evening the dog was'released for exercise in the garden,
which was entirely enclosed.
When the time, came ior the dog lo
he shut up for tho night, however, it
was nowhere to^be seen. Its master
searched high and (low, consulted the
police ,aud was out half the night In
vain.- No trace of the truant could
be found.
Eighty months later came a letter
from the breeder saying the dog had
just arrived home! Por all those
months the poor-creature had wandered about in search of its old home.
Bow And Arrow
Nervousness, Dizzy
Spells and Heart
Trouble Relieved
Mrs. S.  Widcrman  Used  Dodd's
Kidney Piils
subterranean ciivern .-was ;" tlie-^opiiiioii
expressed.' *;;by ',a Wa .Iter:.:-. SchoeA\re,; a*s-
sociiife^ professdW :ot[ ������ geplbgy-'ofytlie
University, DC/Kansas.
Ontario Lady Has  Had No Return of
Her Troubles  Since Taking   Dodd's
Kidney Pills Four: Years Ago.
Newmarket.   Ont ���(Special).���Once ���
��� again Poddjs Kidney Pills have prov-
1 ed their inestinuible value in the case
1 of .Mrs   S. Widtrman, a well known
a, resident  of (his placid.     She writes
Canada's New Inland Empire
Wonderful Opportunity In Peace River
Country Says*Sir Henry Thornton,
Canada's newest- inland empire is
the title given to the Peace River
country. Sir Henry 'ifiornton says:
"If only 50 per cent, of the acreage of
the Peace River districts were brought
under cultivation, more wheat wouhT
then be produced than is done at presr
ent by the whole of Canada. This
country abounds in what the nations
of the, world want���poultry, cattle,
sheep and grain. These are raised In
abundance.' Here we have another
great empire in the west awaiting development, and an empire which will
be rich iu productiveness in" thc time
to come."
Caraja Indian Shoots Fish Instead of
Using Hook and Line (
Ap explorer, who  is gathering. Indian material ln South Ameiica, writes
thus of the Caraja Indian.
"As a fisherman the.Caraja Indian is
in a class by himself. Instead of
using hook and line, he shoots-fish
with the bow and arrow, a diflicult
feat which taxes.* to the;utmost his
skill with that weapon and also his
ability to handle a canoe. .Their
canoes are dugouts, made by burning
out the insides of trees, and are sometimes more than thirty-feet long. .In
these they will follow a prize fish for
hours, manoeuvring the boat to a_
position which will enable them to get
a likely shot. Many of the fish are
beaufilully marked and colored, so it
is no trouble to trail them up or.dowa
theriver. "When* the Indiany lias.made
a lucky shot, he unhesitatingly dives
into the water and captures his fish���
often nearly as big as he is.
'iVly- bacliywoiildypain*: me so at '.times
lyUJBpiild;,*' hardly; straighten-myself
Agreeable LTntiJ Crowded
X ylo; li-y.:,podd'svKidnQy..:Pills:::"yi .used-
four hoses .aiid; can say I have not bee'it
..ytTOiibled y'Vsiocev.'.witti- Wither *bf''the,
cW* nV-p":,����   ": ��� ������*.".- ���'���!.���:.,.-:"':-l!-*77. .;c|'Over .'t'o.tir. years "ago.":.> -I, 'work^eVerv
[;XX}x} y:j)pX.OccasionX: z. -yy X . ..QThatMrs. .Widerman's^troubhv caine
611 .occasion,,, something. ������o^-V-^riViV^"-^^--^ .-Ti'S^e'.-gtotv'-froin =r)qd(l��is -KMney
get dizzy -spell s. , y-Wiusband told ine j maiiy/organiXed$r eagairi Eckiier. I'or
Allies Allow Germany
Aiiship    Is
Trips and Commerce
lc is reported lrom Friedrichshafen
Prosperity In Evidence
Hopeful 'Feeling 'Is Now Prevalent In Western Canada"
General conditions on the pfulries
and in Uritish Columbia-indicate that
.Western Canada is headed for n period
of real prosperity, according to Charles
Murphy, general manager of western
lines ".oC the Canadian Pacific Railway.
"Farmers and business nien alike Iiav*w
not been so optimisti'J in years," Mr.
Murphy said, "and the fact that tne
farmers are this jear financing themselves aud not calling on the banks
for assistance is oinj_.oE._the mosL hopeful indications that we have had for
:i'nd*:.'r.o*irgh'rieck.-':':'-:.*:A'. real  fellow .--..will.
be ..agreeable. -.1111 til.; crowded;.'* then If
Thoy reliable' old   house* 'dog., will
play prettily, with the * children,   'and
never.. growl   at:7.them,; buL observe
him spine day whe 11 *'f��d 'at .'the kitcheii
fdoorr^rietrainiliroRlo^approaph. w.no-
is on.'ytlie prowl, ^itncly the: old reliable
will develop into, a' terror.'        ,'���>-.   ���
''-'Note ; th.e captain of a* ship......How
agreeable he is to the passengers, tiow
the ladies; adinire' him! -  , But"iu case
of a panic or mutiny, he is the wyorst
roughneck .oiiy;boa'rdWB.'..W7H
Pill'siy" When the .kidneys; become
: ..clogged..or put. of. order, the circuia-
iiloiYybecomos' sitiggist, the .impurities
I are "not strained.: out: of the blood-and
.j the,.result is "weariness and lack of en-
;:ergy;allydyevtlie bofly.   *
If Baby D oes Not En j py-'ORef ^shin g, Sleep He isFar:From Well-
7 They healthy ������'.child1-; 'sleeps*-- well and
during'-"������ its" -waking - hours   is -never.
! cross but always, happy and laughing.
������������������ "T '- n-ii   t        1.   i^t is oiiiy the;-.sickly;,;child..<that'Vis"
iO, build' ZeppellSl j cross .and "peevish;���'"���������Mother's/:-If:'.'y6ur':
..... .....    - :t.-;: ---v.:--.     -     jehiidron (_0 ript.'sleep "well; 'if-'.theware'-'
Designed  'For"" Pleasurs ' H!"cfs Hml '-ry.8-.great, deal, give, them
  ��� ��.at>y's*. -Own   Tablets ".;��� antl thev twill
soon.be,well and-happy again. ��� ���
ty naby's OwnTablcts areY-a mild but
, j thorough laxative .which' regulate the
,; ibowelsy sweeten- the: stomach, banish ������'
' constipation, i-colic" yand -^lidigcstion,'
and"'promote ������Jicaltlifiii.-sleep;;. YTheyY
are absolutely guaranteed   free   from
,'the ycqnstruction'yof-aYiifew. Zeppelin
hasy;produccd:, so.; far 2,300i000. marks
out oL a required wtal of four millions, [opiates and may be given to the new
Hair a million was handed over to the I1'0��� babo wjrh Perfect safety.
^ou can obtain Baby's Own Tablets
through   any   medicine   dealer  a I   25
company in order to begin building the
airship, immediately.
II is understood the allies consented fo the construction as the Zeppelin
is destined for pleasure trips ann
;��cnts;;avbox7or;by ihai], 'post iuiidy
from The 'Div 'Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville,: Ont:,       -:    "   '"-:*
- The Deadly Female
"The mortality rate of sharks in the
Far Bast," accoiding to an Associated
Press di._i)alcli Irom London, "has
greatly increased, as a result of the
fad of women for shark skin shoes."
What with furs and feather and oilier
apparel that women are .wearing,
nothing on land or sea or in the air Is
sa fe.���Vancouver Provnice.
"Give me (T-'sentence with the won!
eelcry." "E\ery time ho goes down
celery takes
lie leadelh'me.���Ps. jaiii., 2.
Through many a thorny path He leads
My tb'ed feet, *
Thiough many a path of tears I go;''
.   Bul it is sweet
To knoWthat He is close to mo,
My- God, my Guide;
I-le'leadelh me. and so I walk   .
-" Quite Satisfied.        ^
Like Alpine climbers, our only
safety is in steadfastly fixing our gaze
ion Him, our'Guide, and following step
by step the path Ilo trod, that He
might kjiow all the dangers aud difficulties that beset our 'way.* And we
may bo sure He will never, lead us
further or faster than we can. safely
���Roso, Porter,
May Place Buffalo On Forest Reserve
Officials of the'department of the in-!
Ileiior aro considering the proposal to
1 serve in the Prince   Albert   district.
Saskatchewan, with buffalo.
Science having discovered ��� that
white is gray, hope is ,renewed that
the puzzle of why blackberries ar'o
led when they are green may yet bo
^ Mexico's New Agricultural Law
"A new agricultural law has been officially published in" Mexico. It provides for the establishment of a national agricultural bank, and requires
all land owners to register their prop-
efty~inTa~Bureau which is to be established. Agiarian debt bonds may be
used 115 security for land loans at tho
new bank.
"Father, what is politeness?"
"Politeness, my son, .is  the ari  of
concealing   from   other   people what
you think of them." '
���-   Cultivated ^
In reporting a 'llower show, 11 newspaper used an "n" for an "r" with the
following result:
"As Mr. Smith mounted tho stage
all eyes wero fixed on the 'large red
nose he displayed. Only years of
patient cultivation could havey -pro--
duced an object of such brilliance."
n' drink."
Congo Evolutionists Eat Inferiors
New evolutionists have, been found
in the Congo. ' Natives known as the
Batagni believe that apes aro descended from disgraced men. - "We are better and' proudeX than the apes, therefore we eat them," they told the Rev.
11. C. Graham, a returned missionary.
Cuticura Loveliness
Priceless Heritage
For generations motheis have
been using. Cuticuia Preparations
for all toilet purposes and have been
teaching their daughters that daily
use of them produces clear, smooth
skin arid healthy hair. They find
the Soap pure and cleansing, the
Ointment soothing and" healing,
should any irritations arise, and
the Talcum an ideal toilet powder.
Sample __tch Trw b? MalL  KA&rt*a Can8<lm_-
Depot:  "Sta-fionue, IM., MontrtiU" Price, Soip.
25c.* Ointment 25 and SOc Talcum ��5c.
' Cuticura -ShtviBg &tiekv25c.
Canada Is A Continent
Has Area 175,574-Square Miles Greater
Than  Europe
Canada is not a country, it-is a continent]
The continent of Europe, from the
topmpst peak" of Norway to the lowest point of Spain; from its westernmost boundaix���-a line which'iucludes
the British Isles���to Its eastern boundary���a line which includes rhe Sea
of Azov���has an area of 3,570,000
sauare miles.
Thc area of the Dominion of Canada, exclusive of the territorial seas
and the Canadian portion ot the
Great Lakes, counting the Islands,of
the Gulf of St. Lawrence, but 'not
its waters, is 3,74*5,57'1-square miles.
The area of the Dominion of Canada,
therefore, is 175,574 square miles
greater than the area of Europe.
Europe is divided into 22 countries.     Gauada is one uation.
The true love of a country so vast
?ls Canada must be greater than the
love of any one of its provinces. Wo
are nine. We are one.���London Free
Minard's Li.iiment used by physician*
Proved safe by millions and.prescribed by physicians for
Neuritis      ^Colds      Headache       Lumbago  -
Neuralgia     Pain       Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept only "Bayer"  package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles "of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin Is Uie trade mart (registered ln C*xiaa__) oMlayer Itaavtacbite (tt Mra_��4��&tle'
ttideiter of Sallcjiicacld (Acetyl Sitllcyllc Acid, ^A.- S. A."). While It b "in.ll fciuiwa
tfiat Asplrln_means Bayer manufacture, to assist the pnbllc against Imitations. Uie Tablet*
pt Bayer Company -ffUl be stamjitd with their eeneral. trade mark,' tie "Bayer Crc_a,*�� THE LEDGE,  GREENWOOD,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 4926
.   G. W. A. SM1TB
Beaverdell Briefs
Friday, April 2nd is Good Friday,
and will be observed as a religious
holiday in, all Christian countries.
' Easter never occurs before March
22nd or after April 25th. In 1761
and 1818 it fell on March 22nd, but
neither in this or thc following century will such be the case again. " In
1913 it fell on March 23rd, as it did
in 1845 aiul 1856. In 1848 Easter
fell on April 23rd and in 1859 on
April 24th. Not in the past dozen
years has Krister fallen on the date
which will be observed this year.
There is; much interesting information in connectin ii with the observance
, of Easter, some of which may not be
known to many of our readers. It
would appear, according to most
'. authorities, that the word Easter is
derived from Eastre, a Saxon goddess
whose festival was annually kept at
about the same time as Easter.
In the ancieirt church the celebra
tion of Easter lasted eight days. After
the eleventh century, however, it was
limited to .three, and in latter times
generally to two days. It was formerly the favorite time for performing
the rite of baptism. The courts of
justice were closed, and alms dispensed to the poor and needy, who
were even feasted in the churches.
Slaves also received their freedom at
that season; and as the austerities of
Lent were over;., the people gave
themselves up to enjoyment. To the
popular sports and dancing were
added farcical exhibitions.
-On Easter., day the people saluted
each other with the Easter kiss,- and
on the exclamation "Surrexit" (He,
is risen) to which .the reply was
"Vere Surrexit" (He is risen indeed)
���a custom still retained in the Greek
The chief, solemnity has always
consisted of the celebration of the
Lord's Supper; and Easter is the one
time of year at which by the Fourth
Lateran Council, Catholics must
�����. receive communion.
Many of the popular observances
connected with Easter are clearly of a
, pagan origin, and traceable to the
feast of the Saxon deity ""Eastre."
The worship of this deity introduced
into England by the Saxons, continued
to be celebrated in many parts of.the
north of Germany down to the beginning of the nineteenth century by
the kindling of bonfires and numerous
other tites. Like the May observances of England, it was especially a
festival of joy.    .
One of the most popular features
of Easter was the Easter Egg, an old
" emblem of the Resurrection. In
Germany, instead of the egg, is represented an emblematic print in which
three hens are holding a basket in
which are three eggs; whereas ,in
Vienna, the Easter Egg- is composed
of silver, mother-of-pearl or bronze,
in which various knick-knacks were-
placed. ' Formerly in England, the
Easter Egg was blessed by the priest,
and being elaborately colored, was
The proper time for the celebration
of Easter has occasioned no little controversy. In the second century a
dispute arose on this point between
the Eastern and Western- churches.
The great mass of the Eastern
churches celebrated Easter on the
fourteenth day of the first Jewish
month or moon, considering it to be
the equivalent of the Jewish Passover.
The-Westerft churches kept it on the
Sunday after the fourteenth day, holding that it was the commemoration" of
the Resurrection of Jesus. ��� The
Council of-Nice (325 A.D.) decided
in favor of-the Western usage.���
Penticton Heraid. '
Kettle Valley Golf Club
The annual meeting of the Kettle
Valley Golf Club was held at Beaven
Gane's on March 24th. Owing to
all the work on the course being done
voluntarily and in spite of the very
nominal subscription last year the
co'mmittee were able to, report a balance in hand of g28.26. A report of
work that the committee considered
..should be. done for the ensuing year
was read and discussed and it was
decided; to. let the committee go ahead
withi their recommendations. The
subscriptions foivthis year is as follows:
Working members men #4, Ladies
#2, Family/ ticket #9j Non working
'membersyy"$8,"Ladies $4, Family
ticket $13. A working member must
attend 6 bees. There will.be no
entrance fee this year but; next year a
sum not less than. #15 will be charged.
Medal competitions will be held on
the 1st Sunday in the month and
Bogey 'competitions on the 3rd Sunday. The Medal competition for the
4th of April will be played on Easter
Monday the'5th, -:
"Sundown," First National's
long-espected drama of the West,
wliich has proved to be the most
pretentious effort of that'��� company's own. pi-oducidg units,
co>mes to the Greenwood Theatre
on Friday and Saturday, April
2b3 and 3rd. i
Mark Smith has returned from a
two weeks trip to Portland and coast
Mrs.-Paul Bongalis left last week
for Burns Lake, where she will visit
her mother.
Chas. Snyder and family of Midway, have rented the Foster house
and expect to move in shortly.
Dr. Affleck, of Penticton, made
his monthly trip to the mines on
Wallace Mountain on Friday and
George Love, teacher in the local
school, leaves on Friday for his home
in Victoria, where he will spend the
Easter holidays.
The Prairie Mining Company, a
new organization, have taken over the
Dollar mine and expect to start operations in a very short time.   ..,..
Francis Cousins made the first trip,
of the season through fronj, the Bell
mine with a car, and reports" that it
was much easier coming down, than
going up.
W. Warrington, of the Bell, mine,
is building a new home on Patterson
Flats and will move his family up
from Rock Creek as soon as it is
A small strike was-made on the
Bounty claim last week and altho the
lead is small, the*" ore is very rich.
This claim is operated by the Federal
Mining and Smelting Co.
Duncan Mcintosh has returned
from Vancouver^ where he went to
purchase a new compressor for the
Bell mine. The rich strike made at
the Bell a short time ago now makes
it necessary to have two plants, to
enable the company .to employ more
Now comes the Baseball season!
Beaverdell citizens hope to be treated
to some real snappy games this summer, and if practice means anything,
the "Silver Sox" are prepared to give
some of the older organized team a
run for their money. There will also
be a football team to compete for
honors in the valley.
An organization meeting for, the
purpose of starting a Sunday School
was held in the school house last Sunday. Some 22 children' attended as
well as several grown-ups, and while
a superintendent has not yet been appointed, it is hoped L. Shaw, who
has had several years experience in
this work, will see his way clear to
act in this capacity. ( '������ '*
Midway News
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder have left
for Beaverdell, where they will
reside. ��
Henry Strauss is now in charge
of the sawmill of the Rock Creek
Laud Co.
Easter. Go to Church on Sunday, Special music aud Communion Service,'11 a.m.
Chas. Snyder has sold his residence to Jce Szezesnink.
Mrs. H. Pannell attended the
,/KDa.bvSold Mm
in Greenwood on Tuesday.
Mrs. A. ;G-   Birch returned to
Penticton  last  week after a few
days visit with Mrs. R. D. Kerr.
. W .    *    _ ���:
Bill Carter, who has been working at Eveleths, is now driving
a tmck for the R. C. Land Co.
at Rock Creek.   77
Miss7 Nora Jackson left on
Wednesday"-'for atwoweelcs vv isi t
with her sister, Miss Barbara
Jackson, in Trail,-- .<
Geo. Guise left Thursday for
Rock Creek where he has take'n a
contract to haul logs for the
Rock Creek Laud Co.
Chesaw won the basketball
game on Friday evening in the
Farmers Hall. The locals put up
a great game at-the start but the
staying powers'" of the visitors
gave them the victory. This was
the final game of /very successful
season. A dance followe(Tand a
real enjoyable time was had.
Greeuwoodites -were very well
represented. ;-..."...
The annual meeting, of the
Baseball Club was held ou the
28th inst., when "the. ��� following
officers were elected: President,
R. A. Brown; Sec.-Treas., E.
DeLisle; Captain, Gordo a McMynn. A large number of players have signed up and practice
has begun. "The .local club
would like.to see Greenwoqd put
a team ia the league. .
A veJy pleasant time was spent
by all -who attended the Card
Party*-in the Farmers Hall on
Wednesday evening"; Theyladies
first prize.was won by Joy Sharp
and the ladies booby by Mrs.
Pannell, while T." Clark won the
gents prize and H. ��� Johnsoajhe
gents booby. Mrs. Joe Richter
assisted byMrs. Hawkes were the
entertainers  and   served   dainty
refreshments after cards.
s       y     *    -   * ���- ���������'��� 7   -'
��� If you want any cooking uten-
sili or kitchen requisites attend
the auction at Kettle Valley.
A man... telephoned a Confederation Life
representative the other day and said, "Bob,
come over and see me." When he got there,
he asked Bob to write his application for
$L0,000. He just said, "Bob, I want you to fix
me up for $10,000 to commence with."
He was a man Bob knew veiy well, but he
had never before succeeded in selling him a
dollar's worth of Insurance.   What made him
change?   Nothing that Bob said:   It was the ~
influence of his first child net' more than a
few weeks old.
' ' ���
IF tjiis thought strikes a responsive chord in you, the
Confederation Life Association -would like to send you a
booklet about tlie Peerless Policy���a policy that meets
the requirements of most business men,    Write for a copy.
> ���
��� association'
���'.,���������' HOWARt) PA K RANT
District Manager. Ropers Buildi 11^, Vancouver, B. C.
GILBERT PRlDEAtrX, General Aijent, Princeton, B. C
CHARGES KTJfG, Agent, CJ roemvood, El.C.
Please send me your booklet about the Peerless Policy.
Name... ���������..�����	
The United Church of Canada
Minister in charge
;    Rev. W. R! Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday, April 4th.
Midway 11 a. m,
Green wood 7:30 cm.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over.18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon ��� residence, occupation,
purposes. -.-. y
Pull Information ���concerning regulation/regarding pre-emptlona U
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies ; of
which can be" obtained free of charge
by addressing tbe Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C.. or, to any Government Agent. '���������'&''���
Records will bo granted covering
.only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which'Is not tlmber-
.land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Kango
and 5,000 feet per acre east of that
Range.   '..-..
���.Applications for pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, In which the land applied for
Is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which con be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptlona must be occupied'for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including,
clearing and cultivating at least fl-ve
acros, before' a Crown Grant can b��
For moro detailed Information a����
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land." .     ���    . -
Applications are received for purchase of yacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for flrst-clasa (arable) land U
?6 per acre, and second-class (gracing) land $2.50 per acre. .Further Information regarding purchase of leaso
of Crown .lands ia given in Bull&tin
No. 10, Land, Series, "Purchase. and
Lease of Crown Lands."
1 Mill, factory, or Industrial Bltoa on
timber land, not- exceeding 40 aore��,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment'';-' <rf
sturnpago. ,
trnsurveyed areaa! not exceeding SO
acres, may be leased as homealte��i
conditional upon a dwelling belnfl
erected in the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and y Improvement; conditions -&!����� fulfillwl
and land h*a been; Burv��y��4,
';i'):["���;���) ;:.LEA8E8 -y_y
Tor grazing and  ind-uatrlaJ   purposes areas not exceeding 140 ftorea
may be leased by one person -w a
company.      - .
Under the Gracing Aot the Prov-
lnoe Is divided Into grazing district*
and the range administered under a
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are Issued b&sed on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management Free, of. partly free,
pennlta are available for settlers,
campers &n# tnLvellera, up to    lea
kuA-  x X    ..,.. ...'_.''.*... r, .   ] y
' Q '    :'  '   ������'--���    Xf      ���
For Sale
SO  young Ewes,   10 with 1926
lambs at foot. ���
George Pitman,
Rock Creek.
For Sale
Pure bred Cirtnchilla rabbits,
prize stock,    Apply to
E. P. Keir,
Box 626. Greeti-wood.
For Sale
A. few head of Registered!
Ayshire'heifers; also two young
bulls.   Apply to
Chas. Bubar,
Beaverdell, ��.C.
Wheii in need of a good bicycle let us sell you one of those
Celebrated Gleyelkhd ^Wheels
We have all sizes iri stock   Wa    ;
���_.    Fully guaranteed for 12 months
AH parts in stock, also a full line of accessories aniHres
Prices for Boys and Girlso -   -   $40.00
Prices for Ladies and Gents   -   $52>0G
J. R. MOOYBOER    ���������'..'��� BLACKSMITH1NG    -    PHONES 24 and 78~
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Departmc iii Vv..--
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
, r       K
Producers   of    Gold,    Silver.   Copper,    Pig   L��a<l   snii Zinc
ii Miiiiiiir^'',��'w-'"4J"-"w"1*
Real Estate and Insurance
-..Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary, &c
^      Houses for RenCor Sale
Call at the Office of
Greenwood, B.C.
~. To
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Reoairer
All work and material guaranteed.. We
pay postage one wav.   Terms Cash.
rs. Poultors
Milliner, Grand forks, B.C.
Next to Henniger's feed Store
Bridge St.
Office: McCutcheon Residence "A
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Ptionfc 69
' - (  Green-wo^l ���:
For Rent for the Summer
Nicely furnished  residence'to
party with.ao' children.
Mrs. El^en Trounson.
H. W. R M00HE, B.A.
-jS-Complete New Line
ofFouzs siidSixes
See New Models at:���    ��� ."*"-.
Riverside Garage, Rock Creek
, W. O'Donnell, Prop. "-
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: ��� Placer Gold, 877,382,953; Lode 4Gold,
8118,473,190; Silver, 868,824,579; Lead, 870,548,578; Copper, $187,489,878fiZane,'
-    S.32,171,497; Miscellaneoiis  Minerals,  81,431,349; Coal andvCoke, .8260,880,048;
Buildiug Stone,' Brick, Cement, etc., 842,225,814; making its Mi'aejaUProducftEon ���
to the end of 1924, show an .  .   C . _>,-,..
, -      Aggregate Value of $859,427,386     ;:   ',
Production fortk Year Ending December, 1924,'$48.704,604
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fges lower, than feho&e oi any other
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire. '"_.���'
Mineral-locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. .
��� �� i    \ -t .
Absolute Titles are obtained by d_evelopmg snch properties, the'seourity of which ie g-aaa-anteed
"  by Crown Grants., ,-.-.,
Pull information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be"obtained gratis byidklmsing���
VICTORIA, British Colbmttu
-""   *v
N. B. Practically all British Colombia Mineral Properties upon which development -wdifc -fcis been
done are described in some one of the Annual Eeporfes of the Minister oE'Mdaea. Those
considering mining investments should refer to such reports. They are avallalle without
charge on application tp the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. ReportB oi 6he Geological
Survey of Canada, Pacific Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of
information. ,, i '     .


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