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The Ledge Feb 25, 1926

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 Provincial Libra
The Oldest Mining* Camp Newspaper In British ColuMa
'Vol.   XXXII
No.   31
We carry a large line of-
i        5K
I Hardware, House Furnishings, -Etc. J
Inspect our stock-      v
Agents for the
Victor Northern Electric Radios   -
_ ' i *
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
^        Specials ior LENT
Malkins Best Sockeye Salmon
>- .'    Is 40c      1-2 25c
"      T   x     k. D. Pink. Salmon ls 20c
Finnan Haddie, Sable Fillets, Kippers, Cod Fish, &c J
,  ^ Fresh Salmon and Halibut
\ Every Thursday
For Quants' and Value Order From Phone -46
!=      JUST ARRIVED      =2
Sr;  :��� ^3
fc,     Ladies and Mens ,. ~i
S�� Sweaters ~i
Ifc ' *
fc;   King Cot Ginghams   ~s
^ Suitabl* for _2S
fc   Ladies and Childrens '2��
^ Dresses =3
5^- ' . ->*���
g��:     Mens and Boys Overalls     ~3
��~~ Big Sale of ^S
�� Stanfield's Underwear ~*
g^;       Coll.and inspect our goods  '   ^S
��*.-        . . - __       ^S
�����   ���-.  ��� =: .__3_5
S Mrs. Ellen trounson 2
' Camilie Saunier,  of Rhone, is
now. located in Vancouver.
-Real Estate and Insurance
Fire-Accident & Sickness. Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or ..Sale
Call at the Officcof
Greenwood, B.C.
��� ������������������������ �����������������������������������������������������>������������+���������������������������������, ������������������*���
Edison Mazda Lamps
I0i -    200 Watts   125 Volts
. Tungsten and (Nitrogen
 -Plain or frosted   ,. /. j
"   !
Phone 17 ,
������������*������������  ���������������������������������������������^���������^���������������������**��***  ������������������������
:\ r
Huskies 25c per box
���- /
Try them for that tickling cough or sore throat
} A great preventative for the" present contagious diseases
Creophos $1.00 per bottle
For -the obstinate coughs and colds
- *�� '.
" ���    ' '        '        ��� = T    AT     :  ^
 =���. ." '   : ^ ��� i
j[     ' Atrial will convince you ji
| . 1!
Proprietor !;
We'carry ouly the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
Atrial will convince you
|   O ffN MEYER
SERVICE        v
We know thai, the People of Greenwood
and vicinity appreciate tbe service that
we have given them in the past.
You .can be sure of getting the best there
is without any delays
Let us have your
Watches and Clocks     J
We carry a good line of
Glasses - 'v "\
, '������   A. A. WHITE
y'       * v
Watchmaker and Jeweler '
F. i. WHITE. Manager.
A Startling..Exppse
���of the.Woman of Today
"Flaming; Youth"
Youth���Joy���JazY        \
Cigarettes���Cocktails.    -
Rollicking Dances.
' Riotous Flirtations7
Pep���Verve���Spice   *>
Pleasure-Mad. Daughters
Sensation'Craving Mothers  ���
Colleen Moore
A First Nati onal_Picture_______
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15  p.m.
' Mrs. Roy*Clothier, of Victoria,
is spending a  few days in town.
"R. Lee, of Beaverdell, spent
Thursday evening of last week in
Juan Puddy accompanied the
hockey team during their visit to
Cranbrook. * ,
W. H. Docksteader, of-Grand
Forks, was in town on business
on Friday last.
The Puddy Barber Shop has
been rented to'Dick Dodd, formerly of Grand Forks.
Matins and1 Holy Communion
in St Jude's Church on Sunday;
Feb. 28th at 11 a. m.
' Joe Price returned on Wednesday morning from a visit to"
Cranbrook and Kimberley.
��� W. F. Trant, post office in
spector, was in town on Friday
last on his annual "oflicial visit.
Mr. and'Mrs. Dick Dodd and
two children, of Grand Forks,
have taken up residence in. town.
��� '     .y.'
, A. J. Morrison, of the Wellington, Beaverdell,   was a-visitor to
town  on Thursday and   Friday
last. ;-  "
W   -
The charges that were brought
under the liquor act-against Tom,
Allen,,   Fred    Murray   aud  H.
Myerson, last week,  were withdrawn. i
Paul Triadou, formerly of
Westbridge, has bought a restaurant iu Vancouver and is doing a
large business. ,
Miss E). A. Olson left for Trail
on Wednesday where she will resume'her duties in the public
" - Born���To Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Skilton, a daughter, on Feb. 19,
at the Greenwood and District
Hospital..  ���   <     l
Mrs. I. Crawford returned 'to
Cascade on Friday'last after a
week's visit with'her daughter,
Mrs. T. W. Clarke, ih Beaver-
dell.       .    -��       y  '   X-
��� Miss Harriett Cameron, who
���taught school at Rhone last term
is now on the staff of the 'Prince
of Wales School, Point Grey district,, Vancouver.
Kimberley Wins Two
���*   Games From Greenwood
4DULTS 50c
H. W. R. MOORE, B. A.
ny a Car
Will Teach
Beginners or Advanced Players
Phone 18G or,Write Box 626,
The United Chiircfi of panada
Minister ih charge' -' '   ���    ��.
Kev. W. R. Walkinshaw.' B. A.
Sunday, February 28th. ���
Midway II a.m.
y      Greenwood 7:30 p.m.;
MARCH. ""*���     '
JOHN R. MOOYBOER, Proprietor. TELEPHONES 24 and 78
Henri Triadou, of Westbridge^
is now employed in Vancouver.
W. W.-'Campbell, aged 11
years, a rancher for about 18
years in the'Sidley district, died
in the Greenwood and_ District
Hospital - on Sunday morning,
Feb. 2ist: ^The funeral was
held ou Wednesday afternoon,
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw officiating. Burial took place in the
local cemetery.
Dog Taxes are due.
D. McPherson was iu town
this-week-and-purched^some plate
glass_ from -R. Forshaw to be
used in the construction of a new
building for the McPherson
Garage Co., Ltd., in Grand Forks.
Clarke's Corner Store, Beaverdell, B.p., announces a 25% discount on._all winter goods, 'including Hudson Bay Blankets,
Mackinaw Coats, Pants/Shirt's,
Wool Sweaters, Etc., until March
1st.     ���>
Mrs. R. Blundell and daughter,
Flossie, took in the hdekey
games in Cranbrook on Sa'turday
and Monday nights. During
their visit they were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. E. Bluudell at
J. C. Bollz, of Boundary Falls,
lost a'valuable horse'this week.
While standing at the Catholic
Church on Sunday one hor.se
kicked its mate breaking its leg
with tbe result that Mr. Boltz
had to shoot ttie animal. -
. r i
While chopping.-wood on Tuesday afternoon A. N. Mowat had
the misfortune to sever his 'left
index finger between the second
and first joint. Mr. Mowat was
taken to the District .Hospital
where Dr. .Francis had to amputate the bone..K
E F. Keir, of the Greenwood
Dairy, had a streak of bad luck
lastjweek.' His delivery team ran
away on the 14th and -smashed
the sleigh when it -struck a hydrant,' while on1 Tuesday his
favorite horse named George took
ill and died the following day.
Alex Tanwakis, of Lois, appeared before P. H. McCurrach,
S.M., on Tuesday-, charged_ with
having deer meat in his possession. He pleaded not guilty.
The charge was proven and he
was fined $25 and costs... ,H. W.
R. Moore appeared for^ the
The hockey boys under Manager Crowley returned on Wednesday, morning from Cranbrook.
They report au excellent trip.
On Sunday -they were shown
through the large Sullivan con-
centrator at Kimberley and on
Monday eveuing were the guests
of honor at a party a^t the home
of, Mr. and Mrs. Ward in Cranbrook, at which the boys had a
real jolly time. The return
.journey was made very pleasant
by.the courtesy of J. R. Armet-
���age, steward, and staff of the
dining car on the Cranbrook-
Kootenay Lauding train, On
arrival home the team was "met at.
the station by a number of fans
who had prepared refreshments.
Although the boys were beaten
ihey were not dismayed. Each
member of .the team played his
best. ��� They . were up;.against a
strong aggregation of players
which could be classed as seniors.
In the first encounter in Cranbrook rink the -Kimberley hockey
team defeated Greenwood by 10
to 2. in -a very fast and 'clean
game. Though from the score
apparently one-side the game was
filled with excitement from start
to finish, Kimberley 'evidently,
not going to take-any,chances~by
Jetting up for one moment, even
though to have done so would
have insured bigger gate receipts
for the second game.
The game-started with Greenwood the aggressors .and after 10
minutes, however,- the p'ace.-began-
to tell, and from that on Kimber-
ly seemed to take command of
things. The first period ended 3
to 0, Blumenauef scoring one and
Huffman two for Kimberley. A
few seconds after the start of the
second period Morrison notched
Greenwood's firsts goal, then for
18, minutes the game was scoreless, finally Huffman scored the
fourth and *LUly the fifth and
sixth for Kimberley.   The period
was a- flash from; the. start.
Huffman adding two ' more,
Rochon one and Blum'enaeurthe-
tenth and last goaljor the winners. - Greenwood took the last
count about 10' seconds before
time was up, Morrison scoring
.from Galipeau. J. p. Scott
refereed and A- Powers was
judge of play.
Rock Creek Items
1?. Madge been-has busy hauling
ties, for Milt Dresser, for a number
of weeks.
Gordon Haskell, of Rock Creek,
shot a large cougar last week,' in
the vicinity of James Lake.
The Rock Creek Junior W. A.
will hold a Fancy DresB Dance in
Riverside Hall on Friday, April 9.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Weed, of In-
gram Mountain, arrived home on
Thursday's morning ferain, after a
long stay in Oroville.
On Monday a chinook wind was
blowing, wasps were buzzing and-
flymgaround.   It certainly must-
be a sign that spring is near.    '
��  The Rock Creek Women's Aux-. -
lliary will give a Dance in' -Riverside    Hall   on    Easter   Monday,
April 5Gh.��  Bills  will   be  issued
The   Kettle   Valley   Golf Club'
have obtained a lease of the ground
which comprises the links,  from
the Kettle Valley Irrigated  Fruit -
Lands Ltd., (in liquidation.)'
Mrs.vI. V. Shillcock.came home
from - Trail on Tuesday? Her
many'friends will be pleased to
learn that she is quite-convalescent
from the^flu which'she contracted
cm her visit to smelter city.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith, of
James Creek, visited Riverside on
Tuesday. They broughfew'ifeh them .
a coyot8_which Mr. Smith shot before leaving for town. He was
harnessing his horses in the barn "
when he saw the animal. He received the government bounty.
Mr. Shaw, of Penticton, has
been visiting friends' in Kettle
Valley for a number of weeks. Ifc
will be^remembered that he was on .
the bridge crew and made many
friends in .the Valley during the
time that Mr." McAlpine, of Sum-
merland, was building the new
iDgram.bridge. ."   - , ���
Referring to the second game,
on  Monday   night,   the   Nelson
"The Greenwood Intermediate
team went down to defeat tonight
in the second game of'their series
with Kimberley, on Cranbrook
ice, by a score of 13 to 4, and
.while they lost the series by a'
total score 'of 23 to 6, they won
the admiration of all the lovers
of clean sport that filled the rink.
As in the first encounter, the
game was one-sided as far as the
scoring' went, but did not lack
interest, the wonderful work of
Peever, in goal, prevented it from
After seven minutes of fast
hockey on sticky ice, Blumeuaeur
scored on a nice, pass from Lilly,
from the face off Kimberley added
another in about, half a minute,
in a Huffman-Gill-Huffman combination. Galipeau, who was
playing a better game than in
the first encounter, got in some
nice work with the hard-working
Morrison. The first period end'
ing 3-0. /
- The second period opened with
Mills again opening the scoring,
Kimberley scored again seven
minutes later on a Mills-to Huff.
man-to,-Blumeuaeur combination.
Morrison - notched Greenwood's
first goal on-a neat shot. Lilly,
after an end--to-end rush,, scored
the sixth goal for Kimberley.
The third period,, which w'a's a
regular scoring bee,. was marked
by some good combination play
by both teams. Taylor of Greenwood was forced to retire with an
injured foot. Musser scored on a
lift ajid slow roller from .center-
ice. In the last 10 minutes the
goalkeepers had a merry time.
Lilly scored from a scrimmage
followed by Morrison for Green-
waod.in half a minute.
Gill scored number nine, and
two minutes after Rochon scored
the tenth. Morrison again scored
in half a minute, while in another
half Huffman tallied on a pass
from    Lilly.    -Hallett     scored'
Mias Hatton; of London, England, arrived in Rock. Creek on
Safenrd&y morning. - Miss Hatton
is a sister of William Hatton and a
niece of'Mrs. Ed. Hatton, of-
Bridesville Road. She reported a
fairly good journey, two days.of
which were very stormy crossing
fehe Atlantic ocean.
- Mrs. H. Pittendrigh has " returned home after a month's visit
with^her .daughter, Mrs. Gannon, ���
ports that'her little daughter; Onie,
is-considerably, better, bub unfortunately, it i8an affliction which
takes quite a time to cure. Her
many-friends hope that she will
have a speedy recovery.
A new branch of farming- has
been started here.\. Arthur Rusch
has imported a real Nannie Goat,
and it is doing'well under his care.'
Ifus to-provide milk for his lovely
twin boys. It would be juefc as
well for other residents to procure
a number of these animals and
then they would not have fco'resort
to tha tin cow. This is the second
goat to take up its quarters in
Rock Creek, bub the first was only'
a stuffed one. Ib will recall feo
mind about 13 years ago when
Archie Cameron (who originally)
owned F. Burdick's ranch) was
seriously intending going into
goat raising, but sad to relate he
never got aify further than his
stuffed billy goat, which Tom
Hanson procured for him at
Nelson, to head his herd of nannie
goats. He never forgave Tom for
playing that joke. Mr. Cameron J
left the country shortly afterwards
and entirely disappeared.'
Greenwood's four and last goal,
Huffman coming < back with
Kimberley's last counter.
.A. Powell refereed.
- Kimberley now plays the winners of- Vancouver-Enderby on
ice to be decided on."
Line-up for Games
Kimberlef Position      Greenwood
J. Peever- H. Royce
G- Maser c. Carlson
J. Rochon r, c. Taylor'
H. Blwneaaeur N. E. Morrison
C- Gill a. Galipeau
C. W. Huffman yj. Hallett
A. B. Lilly  g. Clerf
E.LaFortune W.Watson
S. Mills jssse Pafldy THE   LEDGE,   GKEILWOOD,   B. 0.
J7 ���gmdMr^yoa^jxiitSiUtune?
Canada s ' "Inferiority Complex
iy, <lo-
A prominent Canadian, atldri._s_.ii_g a meeting In ICisw York recent
���plnred the "Jtiift.riorit.y complex" oi' tlio people <>[' the Dom in ion���in
words, ilie nalloria.l tendency to detract froni lho progress and achievements
.ul Canada, to belittle its growth, and (jiiestlon its posslliillties. Too many
people in Canada are found who constantly compare a given.set of conditions,
o.- services, in this, country wil.li the much more populous and wealthy United
Stales, or the older established'countries of Europe. 11 is no doubt well that
Canada should set a high standard of comparison for their country .-rather
than a low one, but it is hardly fair in place ih rontrasl v country of ten -million people with one of one liuiidri-d and Leu million people.
Canadians aie declared to be "slow but sure and reliable." Wu believe
that the people of thh. Dominion have justly established for themselves lhe
y-epuiaaon of reliability. We may"lack the dash, thc t-nthusias-ins, the boast-
ialni'ss of our neighbors to the south, and no doubt il would be to our advantage if some of their enthusiasm and energy -were injected into our national
make-up. Our bouihem neighbors would probably be better off with a little
Jess of .such nalional characleristics just us Canadians would bo better off
with a little more.
.The year of li)!2(i would appear to be an excellent one in -which to develop
move of Ihe spirit of national sell-confidence in Canada. Following the
���fplondid crop telunis of last Fall, the new year opened with expanding bust
'���ness in almost, every direction, and the making.of plans lor largo and inijiori-
ant advancements in practically every branch of industrial and commercial
-activity during lho year. _ The financial heakh of the Dominion is better than
at any period since before the war, -unemployment Is less, and an optimistic
tone prevails. This should be thc normal state of affairs in this counlry, and
if can be maintained if the people of Canada unitedly determine that it shall
be maintained.   . *
Canada's wheal, crop last year was the second largest in its history and
iooro than IfiO.OOO.UOO bushels greater than in 11)21; the oats crop was greatei
W more than 100.000,000 bushels: barley by 25,000,000 bushels. Tlio pons of
Montreal and Yancouver established new high records for tlie export of grain,
Euiter production in the three prairie provinces, which was below 0,000,000
���ju.i_.nd-:, tin ecu >cars ago, exceeded 50,000,000 pounds l.ast year, Foreign
trade is expanding rapidly, and the favorablc'b.ilance ol exports over imports
now reaches lo almost ��300,000,000.
In "lho .face ot such oflicial figures, why should any Canadian feel called
upon to apologi/.o for his country, or to doubt ils future? Thero has been
talk of hard times in Canada, and-unquestionably some recent 3 ears havo been
trying and dlfUcull, bul such conditions have existed in most countries. Not
long ago lhat student of world affairs. Sir Clilford SiLton, slated with absolute
'conviction that man lor man no counlry in the world was better oil' Ihan Canada, nnd in no counlry did there exist belter opportunities, lor ilie man or.
woman willing and eager to work.
The year is yet young^ but aheady in different set-lions of tlie country
contracts for more new building have been let than is usually/the case by
mid-summer, and announcement of new and large undertakings is now the
,! order of thc
-..���iiuiouncoil th
Columbia Douglas fir for railway ties, an order which exceeds in -quanliiy lho
whole of British Columbia's export to the United Kingdom iwo years ago
Admiralty has decided to use Douglas fir for" fhe docks and bulkheads of future
battleships, and the British Board of Trade will use tho samo material for iis
motor boals and lifeboats,    ln two years British Columbia's export of timber
, tins risen from 16,000,000 feet to (56,000,000 Jeet in 1!)2R;
These facts ore cited, not in a spirit of boastl'ulncss. but as concrete evidence, as .substantial reasons, why, Canadians should altogether abandon thai
' "inferiority complex" for whicli they are criticized and which does act to retard the development of the Dominion and to creale ;t lack of confidence, and
.a self-depredation, which is inimical lo the welfare of Canada. Let 3926
.see'this weakness in our nalional make-up buried foiever.
Alberia Oil Development
Royalite Company Now Producing Five
Hundred Barrels Daily,
After spending more thau four million dollars In exploration work, the
Imperial Oil 'Co., Ltd., lias at last obtained a crude oil supply iii Canada,
it was reported by President C. O.
Stillnuiu at tlie lecent annual meeting
of the company in Toronto. . In Ills
address to the shareholders;-Mr. Still-
man said one welt in Alberta operated
by thc Royalite Oil Company, a sui>-
sldlary of tlio Imperial, was now producing 500 barrels daily and 'showed
no signs of diminishing.' .More wells,
he said, wero being drilled by the
RoyaUto Company In Turner Valley,
Alberta, in which district the company
waa hoping Un greater success. The
company was also delivering about
.1.1,000,000 feet of gas dally to Calgary.
to   Tint
to Dye
Each ifj-cpnt pack-
ago contains directions so simple any
woman can tint soft,
del icate shades or
dye rich, permanent
coIots i" lingerie,
silks, ribbons, skirts,
wa ists, dresses,
c.oats, stocking^,
sweaters, draperies,
���coverings, hangings
Diamond Dvgb���no other kind���
The Mew "Direct" Way
No Longer Necessary to "Dose" Children With Internal Medicines lo _
Break Colda.
' _ Children'r digestions are easily upset by-too' much
"dosing."; Vicks
VapoRub being externally -applied,
does not upset little
stomachs.    .*,-""
At the first sign of "���
croup, sore throat, i
or any other cold trouble, apply Vicks'
freely. There is nothing- to swallow���
you just "rub it on."   .,...
OvsrVWiwon Jars Used Yeari*.--
China's Request   Refused
and tell your druggist -whether the material you wish to color is wool or silk, or
whether it is linen, cotton or mixed
Powdered- coal ls converted into
licjuid fuel by hearing to a high temperature in an atmosphere of hydrogen under groat pressure,
Weak and Run-Down���Restored
by Dr. Williams'' Pink Pills
"Two    years    ago,"    says Mrs. L.
Wright, Secret an, Sask., "I was very
much run-down in health.     I suffered
British  Authorities Would  N���ot Allow
Canadian Officers to Train.
Troops ������������-
The refusal by the British aulhorl-
lies in China to allow Sun Yat Sen,
president of the Chinese Republic, to
engage Canadian ofllcors io train his
troops, was responsible for Uie entry
of Soviet troops into Canton, to tho
great ultimate disadvantage of British
traders, states thc special correspondent of tho London Morning Pose In
Southern China.
This Is not the first lime that Cana;
dians haYe been said to have played
a prominent aprt in fhe destinies of
China. Some years agp the report
was broadcast that Monis A. Cohen,
young soldier of fortune from Edmon
ton, had bacomo the confidential advisor of Sun Yat Sen, alter having
acquired intimate acquaintance with
Chinese characteristics -while he .-was
still in Conada, observing the Chinatown of Edmonton.
Golden Text:.' Think uot that I camo
to destroy the law or the prophets: r
came riot -to destroy, but to fulfil.
Matt;-5^7.. y[[zx
7 Lesson:y Matthew 22.1G-22.
-Devotional Reading: Psalm 1.
Explanations and  Comments
/The Clever Question ami Its Purpose, -verses 35-17.���Tho Pharisees
were now resolved to compass the
death of Jesus. They had no power
to order Him put lo death, and so they
discussed among themselves ihe method by which they .could accomplish
their object. They decided to mako
an attempt to ensnare Jllm'Jn His talk,
hoping He would say something whicli
they could icport'to Pilate as treason
and--- thus secure - i'rom the Roman
Governor His death sentence. And,
indeed, two'_, days later they falsely
said to Pilate,- "We found this man
perverting oui- nation, and forbidding
to. glvev.tribute..to Caesar,".Lk. 23.2.
Craftily "keeping themselves in tho
background, they sent their disciples
together villi the Ilerodians, to question Ilim. Tho Ilerodians were the
court party a small class who resented the Roman rule, but favored the
kingship of the' house of'Herod and'
meant to be on good terms with .the
government at any cost.    ""~ -    -
This alliance of Pharisees and
Ilerodians, wlio hated each other,
shows how supremely great was their
common hatred' of Jesus. Cherish
hatred -and It will In time absorb all
��� other feelings, and will expend itself,
not upon the object of your hatred,
bun in tho ruin of,your soul. '
Primitive Race Found In Africa
The Family Remedy
For Over Forty Years
So Says British Columbia Lady of
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Mrs. E. Callie'r Suffered.. From Pains
in lier Back and is New Completely
Relieved. ' -
Vancouver,' B.C.���(Special).���"I. can
truthfully rebommend IDodd's Kidney
Pills," so slates Mrs. B. Callier. 9J7
lllh Avenue Kast, In an interview.   "I
from indigestion, sick headaches and was doubled up with pains in my'bhck,
sleepless nights.     Faint spells' would , but alter taking Dodd's Kidncv Pills I'
' y. n \ __,���'���_._���_,. ���nw_r n,�� imv ...,iin"_i_- m-n.irw _���_ Vnpi .mi' ��^Qa- eome m'w "le and I would have j have not felt a pain in two years. My
j day. ��� Only recently- ono of tho big i-i l��a> gioup.s m ^S^.ro lie down fill the faintness passed i father alwavs kept lliem in the house,
Lho placing oi an order in Canada ior 20,000,000 leet ol J3nti5n j Av.Ay_    <j was so shon ,pf broath that | as he was subject to lumbago.      He
r could not walk ii hy distance or do , always felt relieved after taking thorn.
The i anything that required much exertion, We have used Dodd's Kidney-Pills In
without feeling completely used *up,
As I .was constantly growing weaker,
I consulted a doctor who told me 1 was
anaemic and needed building up. 1
took several bottles of tonic lie gave
me, but the help I got from it was
only temporary. At Ihis stage I decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
used in girlhood with Pills will relieve Kidney trouble, no
Canada's Trade  Grows
Trade ��� Witnin the Empire. Shows
Heavy Increase ,
Canada's active participation in
trade and commerce within tlie empire is revealed In the trade statement
for the year 1925, issued by the bureau
of statistics. In both imports and
export's, Canada has increased her
business with Ihe rest of the, empire.
...The."Imports from oilier sections wfTu
f 107,000,000 in 1923, $190,000,000 in
1924 and ?201,000.00 iu 1925. In the
same three years exports to Drili&h
possessions were 5136,000,000 lu 1923,
S4H00.000 Irt 1921. and the new peak
of ?507,000,000. last year.
Many a man has lost a lot of money
through thc hole in the top of his
Where Liquor Money Goes
More    Money   Spent   On    Liquor    In
Alberta Last Year Went to Ottawa
Than to Provincial Treasury
which I had
much benefit. It wa.s-nol long after
I began using them thai 1 knew I had
ai last found the right medicine. I
ihink I took altogether some fifteen
boxes, and ihe improvement was remarkable as 1 was feeltug as well as
ever I had been, and my good health
ihe family for over 40 years. I hope
Dodd's Kidney Pills will do others as'
much good as thcy have'done our family." '    .- *       ���
Statements like this have built up
and maintained the reputation Dodd's
Kidney gills,hold today.
You   wlll>  find that Dodd's Kidney
where   or   in what-form it is
Expedition Heard of Tribft Said to be
Almost Inhuman
��� An expedition from Denver, Colorado, which has just returned to Cape
Town from the littlo known interior
of the Kolahari Desert, brings vivid
accounts ol life among the peoples of
tlie most primitive races in the world
where there exist the largest herds of
big game ever seen.
Members of the expedition heard of
a lost, unknown tribe of bushmeu'who
had been isolated- hundreds of years.
Their counlry is absolutely impregnable from the west,-owing'to ilie
rocky coast of the' South. Atlantic,
while a desert 100 miles "wide bars tlie
eastern ap'proach.
The tribe never has been -seen by
white men and invariably flee at the
approach of other bushmeii.
��� They were discovered to be stunted, almost inhuman, devouring ants,
eggs, flying ants', mice, lizards, snakes
and scorpions.   -
The women usually dig tlie earth for
food, while the men follow lions and
try to steal their kill, or illch carrion
from tlie vultures.
All kinds of big game were discovered, proving the Kacko veldt evenj
richer thau East Africa.     One-hundred and fifty elephants were counted
In one night around" a water, hole.    '
Keeps teeth
clean, breath sweet,N
appetite keen and
Hl|  Jjto Every Meal ��� $
Record Baggage Handling
Checked     Four   .Milliur.;,   Pieces    of
Luggage Witli Loirs of- Only   .
Eleven Pieces
Handling 4,000,000 piece's'   of   .baggage in a year with a loss of only 11,
pieces, is the record established / by
the baggage department of the Canadian Pacific Railway western lines In
1925.     There was also a decrease in
tlie  amount of claims, of, twenty-five-
���percent, from those of 1921, bringing
the actual amouut pa-id out to "less than
500 dollars. "'
France Growing  More Wheat
It is assumed tlia.t in a-.few years
Prance   wil'.   be    producing   enough,
wheat to" take care of its requirements.
At  present  the production is nearly
90,000,000 quintals more.   A quintal is'
about 220 pounds. . .Most of the wheat
grown in France, however,, is of the "
soft variety,' and il may havo to import
hard wliea;t'f6r some'fihie yet.
ThoughtfaiB Mothers
Donation   From  In'dian  Ruler
Impressed    by   the" Armistice Day
services, the Begum of Bhopal has senr
has-continued-lo-this-day.���-r-had-also|her-check--for-��25,000-to-thc- British
been troubled at times -with' rheuma-.!Legion appeal fund,     Her two small
tlsui. and this as well  as my other
troubles disappeared.     1 have since,
recommended Dr. WHUmis' Pink Pills
i\Iore money spent on liquor in Al-|lo nelghbois who have used .them Willi
ber ia last year went to Ottawa than , dually.- good results."
igrand-daughters also assisted the fund
by selling poppies in the streets.
remained for Alberta's own treasury,
All weak, anaemic women a&d girls
. should    follow   the   example of Mrs.
according to the report of the liquor j AVright, 'and give' these  pills a  fair
, trial.     New health and new strength
is sure to follow.      Ton can get tho
board now submitted Lo tho government. Over $2,128,000 was paid to
the Uominion Government ia 1925,
lopresentlng customs aud excise duties
on liquor aud spirits, taxes on beer,
excise on, malt, and sales taxes on the
various products sold.
No reduction iu llie duty ""charged by
the Dominion Government was made
during tho year, and there Is Utile
prospect, says the report or -any material lowering of present retail prices
uuril such reduction is given effect.
pills from your druggist, or by mail ut
SO cents u box from The Dr. AY1I1 lams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Turkish Women Enter
Industrial World
Proved safe by millions'and prescribed by physicians for
Colds     'Headache      Neuritis        Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia     ,l Toothache    'Rheumatism
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
' Handy "Bayer"  boxes of  12 tablets'
Also bottles of 24 and 100���Druggists.
Aspirin ls Uie tracte mark (reslstertd tn Canada ]i of Bbjtm; Manrh��ta�� of Monoaoetic--
���/���d*��tpr of BaiSejlIcacI.1 (Acetyl Salicylic Acid   ' A. S. A.' ).    While it 5�� well torn
tlat AJi.ir._i meami Kayer maniifactnrc, to aaalat tlie public acalnit IrallaUon". tie TableU
*TlSajcr Company will lo itnajed iriik tbeir ��weral trail* mark, toft "liija QiOH,"
Over Twenty Thousand Have Found
Employment in Last Four Yeara
There wrs not one Turkish woman
among- the Industrial workers of Con-
stnnlinople four yxsars ago-, hut new
theTe aje moro ttian 20,000. A Turlc-
Ish tohacco concern, tlio Douliau Society, led women into industry when
It opened a factory In. 1921yllh trio
���Miiiilnymeiit bf 850 Turkish girls.
Turkish women fearo proved ,so
adept at the sortiug-'aml grading oE tobacco leares that now, this society
employs 6,000 ���women. Oilier companies have sprung up and increased
tVinale employment. Comfort and
health of the "worlters lias been Insured.
The Stamp of Learning
"Pa, what's a post-graduate?"
"A fellow who graduates^ from one
of - those    correspondence schools, I
Reginald Frank Stone
Cattle KiHed By Wolves
During the past year, 50,000 cows,
horses and sheep >v<sre killed by
wolves in4he Akmolinslc district, entailing a loss of ,$250,000. Special
detachments of local huntsmen and
troops ate trying to des'troy'the beasts.
Will Produce Artificial Silk
Artificial silk' to the extent of ten
tons a day -will be produced by a German firm of manufacturers. Erecllo^
of the factory -which ivill operate according to the new process is toeing
hurried forward.
Minard's Liniment for Grippe
Vi'.   N.   V.   1617
Children suffering from1 worms soon
show the symptoms, and'any mother
can detect tho presence of these parasites by the writhing-; and fiettlng ,of
the child.- . Until expelled-aiul the sys
.Flax'Planted  In England in 1532
lflax was first planted in England in
3532, when It was directed to be grown
regain its health. - Millers Worm
Powders*are prompt, and eflicient, nor
only lor the eradication of worms,"but
also as a toner up for children that
arc run down in consequence. ���        '
Sell Prince of Wales'- Checks
���Ratcliffe, Studio"
St. Catharines, Ont.-r'^During my
first expectant period L -was in very
poor health, was very, nervous, suffered
from morning.sickness,, had backache
and abdominal pains. I was as miserable as could bc. Thru a friend 'I
learned of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre-
���scription, and-aitcr I began taking it-I
got along fine; it relieved me of the
morning sickness, pain:, and distress
thru iny back and sides and I grew well
and strong. Was able lo do my own
work the remainder of the time. I
'experienced very little v suffering and
liad a fine healthy .baby, who has never
had'a day's sickness'except slight colds.
I was very glad to know of a medicine
so valuable as-the/Prescription' proved
to be."���Mrs. Reginald Stone, 68
Havnes Ave   All dealers.
S'end'10 cents to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory, Bridgeburg, Ont.,J�� you wish B
trial package of tablets,
Wealthy Americans- Purchase Them
Frbm Merchants For-Souvenirs
Apropos of the Prince of Wales, u,
weird habit has arisen of bartering
the young man's checks. The Princy
does not carry a fat wa'd about witB'
him, aud, when lie makes a purchase,
he frequently gives a" "check in payment. It seems that the' clerk or
manager of the place will sometimes
retain tho check, paying for ,the
Prince's puh'hasc in cash. Then the
check is sold for big money to some
wealthy sycophant who, probably,
frames it, and hangs it in his 'dining
room. Oddly enough, "wealthy Americans" are said'to'be the mosr'eager
purchasers of these souvenirs. As
the checks aro never presented at Ills
bank, the Prince thus benefits by the
sale. Nevertheless, he Is anything
but pleased about it. ..     .        ' '
t'd for the making of fishing-nets.   In *
1783 bounties were iiaid to'growers, of
flax_ in-order to-encourage i^s cuIUvev
1ion'".   " X ,.:.".
/bRjfelW EVE'S
Refreshes Tired Eyes:
WrltcMi Ire" ..Chlc-fco.foiEveCareBirok,
Fortune* ore mule hrom.iimpla idea*.   Scad'
.for lilt ol invention! wanted, our "P��_cat Pro. "|
tcctloa" booklet and mu$��iae "The Thinker"
SHIPMAN & CO.-Thc OlxjUsuablc Firm
���taWTMio ����tiht vrronnrvs,     . Ottawa. c��r<.
Coals of Fire
People In the Marltlmes are calling
Sir Henry Tnornlon "a menace to Canada." And Sir Henry's, response; observes the Kingston Whig, is a contract to purchase 192,000 tons bf Nova.
Scotia coal for" the C.N.H. -That fs
his way of heaping coals of fire on
the heads of his detractors.���Toronto
Globe. '
tMWHtM ���_KI��MW��K
Takes Huge Tpllj
i '     3
| Many Pail ia Life Through ]
Sheer Neglect of Fundamental Rule, of Health
The most obstinate coTns -fall to
resist Hollo-way's Corn Remover. Try,
��� Homes In Irrigation District
More than three hundred and seventy-five home units have been established in the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation Block in Southern Alberta
since Its inception a few years bacK.
Minard's   Liniment
by   Veter-
Thousands of men and women are
to-day victims of their own neglect.
Grouchy, listless, quickly tiring-, suffering from headaches and biliousness,
tliey, spend enormous sums in medicines without avail. They would give
much to regain their old vitality. <
Can it be douefv Yes! ~' How?
Simply by recognizing the importance
of one f iindamentaPrulc of health���the
proper-elimination-of the bowel'con-
teats. Poisons that "are allowed to.
remain in the system quickly lower tho
stamina, weaken the nerves and thus
pave the way to ill-health. Stop this
6elf-poisoning by taking Nujol���the
scientific lubricant that completes the
work of Nature's'lubricant when,
"through modern living conditions, the
natural supply fails.
Nujol can betalccn indefinitely without injury to the'system.. Try Nujol.
- to-day., Ask for it at your nearest drug
Btore, but remembtr there is only one
Nujol. Watch for the name "Nujol"
ia red oa the label and package. -THE' LEDGE,   GEElBnVOOD,   B. Q
t &
Predicts Monster"
action   would
.Will Cross "Atlantic With  Passengers
and Freight'in Twenty-Hours .
Says Frenchman '
Iluge, three-bodied birds, soaring in
one gigantic 20-hour leap across thp
Atlantic��� ..
-   Carrying passengers, their baggage]
and freight, with-as;great ease^'com-1
fort and security as the finest ocean
liner. ' .  ~        "- ,
Costing only one-third as much as
- trans-Atlantic "travel   costs'' at   present���*'  -" ,   ���-
This is" ths prospect-outlined by onu
ol tho foremost aviation authorities
ia the world, Louis Breguet, president,
of the French chamber of- industrial
aeronautics and himself ar leader' in
aeroplane invention. '-' " ���        "^ "
The huge.x metal albatross lhat lie
'"depicts for the future is au- invention
ol his.own imaginative'mirid, but/no'
assorts thaUt is*'merely aii idea or
what the large aeroplane manujactm-
ers  and  inventors "are
hour and Its radius of
be about 2,000 miles?"
Thus the dra.ni of some" modern
thinkers for a sort of floating island
dn the middle of. the.Atlantic, as a w
fueling station- _for ,1'ulure .aeroplane
transports, is surpassed by the .non-,
slop ocean flyer ol Louis Bieguet.
"If it is diflicult to assign a date for
the arrival of the plane of tomorrow,
or to indicate the intermediate stages,
fit cau be affirmed, nevertheless, and
Iherc is nothing In .the conception ol
e'acli that is beyond Jictual human
vision,' and nothing tii-their conslnic-
tton that can' he considerc-tRls impossible of realization.'*        ,*
^.Thatjy   lhc  paiting  .assurance
Louis. Breguet.     -    ���
Using Many Ancient
-}" Churches For Business
Great Britain Is Good Friend
Has Shown   Particular Generosity
Settlement of Italian W^r'Debt  -
As _ a creditor, Britain.is far-more
generous    thau   the    United ^States.
Alter she had almost exhausted her
resources   in   financing her- own tremendous    war - expenditures and advancing lingo loans to her allies, Britain-was forced to borrow from  tlie
United-Slak-a, which liad beeu piling
up wealth for'nioro than two years by
selling war materials io the belligerents at exorbitant prices.     Britain did
not borrow-I'i-oiu the United Slates for
her own needs.    She borrowed in ortl-
er to lend to her European allies what
she borrowed.       Now she is called
upon to pay her American debt with
interest, and- she is doing II, although,
in doing it she ls really paying the
debts  of her  allies.     Naturally, she
has    hoped    to   get back Troiii them
at least a part of what Ihey owe her,
and    the   settlement whicli Winston
Churchill has jusl^mado with the Kalian Government shows that it Is only
,a part thai she will get.
The settlement which the U. S. Government recently made with-llaly for
the lepayinent of the debt directly
owed by that country was hailed as
a remarkable example of American
generbsify'to a debtor nation. But'the
.settlement which" Britain has ���'made
with Italy is lar moro genoious. Italy's
debt to the United States is less than"
three-fouiths ol her debt .to Britain.
The Italian Gov ernment, has undertaken to pay to the United State's, in
liquidation of the-ilebt, a sum equivalent to about ?25,000.000 a year lor G2
���years. If Britain had exacted-, trom
Italt* the, same terms that the Washington;. Government did,'Italy would
pay into the British treasury for (J_2
years about $3l,000,000-annuallj-.\'. ih-^
stead, she. will ,pay only  $20,000,000.'
Mrx-I- nn     .���  .��    1     J*>   -     -"    ���"    '       ' '
The   world's   best   hair 'tint.
Will restore'gray hair to IU
nn tural  color In   15 minutes.
Small    Slss 53.30  by  null   ,
Double Slzo ��5,50  by   mull
The W. T. Pember Stores Limited
Phono M. 227-1-5       12!l Yongo St,
Famous Polar Ship
In H. B. Service
���  I
.actually con-
..templating. - It-may be years before
^lils revolution in world touring -'will
arrive, but-Breguet asserts -,it is actually within 'the -vision or the r.tr-���
sighted" men'of today,-";      '  . .
Here is his desciiption of this huge
"The machine will' appear 'like   a
Spirts and Amusements Now Staged
Im London Buildings
,' Aii old Jewish synagogue in'Maiden
[Lane,-London, is now used as a theatre
lor rehearsals, and a Methodist chapel
in Southwark. where Wesley preached,
is used as a paper warehouse.'^ -
-The  famous.'Surrey  Chapel, where
Rowland 'Hill .preached, is. today the
'fcreat boxing' rendezvous    Known   aa
The-Ring-.-    At .WMesden'   an    old
chapel liiis been converted inlo.a <1 rape's establishment, the pulpit being
used as the cash.desk; another-in the
vast  .bird,    containing manv motor,, ^^^d Rwd; liaa been tui^ctf intd
.    , x.       -     -    ���       "._.,��;    a, picture palace.- ���    - -
.   tanks,    equipment,-   passengers    amir,..,.   -  yy      r~ .  - X, ^-v<-
freight.   "-That is fosay. that-this bird ^r1.,he- ^f!, ^k  Xlub; ^opposite
- will be sufficiently spacious to permiTf^1" ���� s al ���r^nds on. the site
the liberal  circulation of '.passengers^ -^^"^chapel whicli had lost
and Iheir baggage within it.-   - A*' ���^���' **��*' 'St. 'Andrew'*
���,_,,. ��� . iu avis took Place, was once a fashion-
This huge bird will have three bod- al)]e churcllf m ]ias Leou in'im.Qsii
4es-lhe central body containing navl-;cycle sLore ,lnd R c]uj.
gallon equipment and room for pilot'
and comm'trider, and the lateral lobbies, dining "TrallsT saloons  and  first
class cabins.
"Tlie freight compartments cpuld be
set at the rear- of the machine and the
. propellers would be found back of the
would be within the forward party of
this plane.       -    . ���    \
*- y -
.','The.total w.eight would ho about
55 tons,-the dead weight--of lliQappara--
tus being about 20. tons, the additional weight of essential ���equipment 'and
gasoline leaving some'lTtons for^the
passengers and their baggage.     ,
"The commercial speed of this machine 'would .be atout-140 "mile's  an
jWnd- so eany have the British terms
been-made" that" the .London Times
feels warranted in saying^that '"UuA
agreement represents the cancellation
of approximately slx-sevenlhs-of the
Italian war debt to this country." .
It cannot he denied ihat John Bull
is a good friiJn<K���Hamilton Herald.
Famous Scotland- Yard    .
' Formerly  A
Amundsen's    "Maude"    Will    Ply
Tender In Canadian Waters
Captain Amundsen's laiuous polar
exploration .ship "Maude," from now
od will ply Canadian waters, and will
possibly be seen next summer by &onie
of (he Edmonton lur traders who
mako tlie annual pilgrimage to tho
Arctic coast,
On lier return from the fruitless^effort to clrin with the" ice to Europu
via the Siberian coasts 'and the
northeast passage, the "Maude" was
sent to Scaf lio.-where the ice pioneer
was purchased by the Hudson's Kay
Company.  '   ��� --
'With the coming-of the spring the
vessel will bc sent north via the
Behring Straits. Once.'in Canadian
Arctic waters she wlll.be used as a
tender in connection,with the company's large oceai^oing ' steamer
"Eaychhuo." IL is understood thin
Ni�� latter will not go further than
Herschel Island,, due to the danger
of being caught in thc-icc packs. She
will unload her cargo there for the
many new n. 'B. C. posts recently established in lhe Arctic, the "Maude"
transfeh-ing the* cargo to its yaiknis
destinations '    ,
Minerals In B.C'     '*
The mineral production of the Dominion for last year is estimated at
?22S.500,000, an increase of about $18,-
500,000 over thc previous year. Or
this .'increase, British Columbia, accounts for about ?M,000,000, or seven-
nirrlha of the whole. This province
accounted-for a seventh of the gold,
nearly half the silver,-two-thirds ot
the copper and nearly all the lead and
Joint Stiffness Goes,
;s Disappear, _ ;
Fain Is Subdued
No   1,-iniment   Gives   Such
Satisfaction As
Built For Reception of Scottish Kings
. When Visiting England.
Scotland Yard, lormerly .the headquarters of the London police, and
now- the headquarters'^f the great'de-
-tectlvo system, is so, called trom u>
palace buil:'.there' for'the'reception
Is thc  Constant  Care o�� EVery
Young Mother"
Tlie young mother-has a constant
care in 'looking alter (ho welfare of
hor Hltle ones.      Childhood ailments
come on so suddenly���sometimes without a minute's warning���llie mother
may have a very sick   baby   on   her
hands  before  help  can he obtained.
That ls unlppK she has a remedy In
the house which she can snfely give
the baby for any of the. many minor
���'ailments of'babyhood and childhood.
Such a remedy is found in Baby's
Own Tablets. Thousands of mothers
throughout the country always keel)
a hrfx of ihc Tablets on hand and ihey
proclaim them lo bo without an equal
for sweetening babv's stomach; regulating his bowels, and thus driving out
constipation and indigestion, cold.s and
simple fevers, and making the dreaded teething period easy.
Baby's Own Tablets arc an��� absolutely safe remedy. . Thoy are guaranteed to be free from opiates "or any
other narcotic drtts which are so
harmful to the future welfare of the
baby. Mothers, If you value the life
of your HU'.c ones give him Babv's
Own Tablets wh<m he Ls ill, or, better
si ill. give him an occasional dose of
the Tablets to ward off HI ness.. The
Tablets are sold bv medicine dealers
or will be sent lo any address, post
paid, at 25 cents a box by addressing
The Dr William's' Medicine Co., Droclc-
Ville, Ont   .
Says  Man  Like  A   Bicycle
Keeps "Running As Long As Hc Stayo
Congratulated by a .London Evening News man on reaching his 81st
i'ear, Lord Philllinore said his secret
of long life, health and happiness lay
in hard work, plenty of fresh air and
domestic happiness.
"As long as a bicycle keeps running," he said, "it stays upright. It
is the same jn human lite. To llvu
long one must keep active. Idleness
is fatal,",       *
Its Quality Sells It.���The fact that
so many thouasnds of intelligent people continue tb use1 Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil speaks volumes tor its healing
efficiency. Ever since if was first introduced it has grown steadily in public favor, owing entirely to its manifold usefulness in relieving and healing sickness. As a specific for cuts, ,
burns, scalds ancl various inflammatory pains its record is beyond reproach. %
'' Extract Helium From Air
Wife.���The maid has sharp cars.
Husband.���Yes, I"noticed the doors
are all scratched around the keyholes,
'   Some persons are born poor, some '
achieve poverty and some thrust poverty upon others7
s Claim of British Oxygen Company
At,North Wembley
One more ot-lhe great secrets of nature has heen successfully probed hy
British scientists and exploited by a
British firm.     For the first time���except, perhaps,.ln   the   laboratory   of
mon    like    Sir William Ramsay���-the
Briiish   Oxygen    Company,   at   their
.North Womblov works, claims to have
It is the Rip.if penetrating power of extracted    nuro   helium-from the air.
Nervlllno that makes it so "'efficient in-,,,.
overcoming swelling, stiffness nnd in-, J hP" company has employed a power
flammalion.      ]|   rubs  Into  the  verv engine,    with   a    flywheel   of   huge
���n?roJh-n!�� rP'aln; ppne,���t��-f quickly,'dimensions,    sucking    in  fhc\ atmos-
- r ���,.������',��    ��� " I ��� eoX hySiol-'S orc?SS No" 'vh^ t0 be ��ft���rd.>pamlBd into
of; hc lungs ^Scotland when  they ! jInIrapnt- c<X^V�����Ml^^ *��*���� e����s. " .Helium fa-resort-
visife.d   Enfflanl   )If was  -originally j power with Nerviline.     For the .mi hor led a.s Ihe   aie   non-inflammable"
- Don't toll all you know; lceep a Utile fof seed.
��\ Will happen.     Be prepared
for every hurt,     Keep a bot-
_tie ot Minard's handy.
Restored to Health byLydia
��, Pinkham's' Vegetable
 .���:  i
Stratford, Ontario. ��� "After my
'first baby,was born I started to work
., on the tenth day and did a big washing on the twelfth day.    Being so
young (I was married at 19) I did not
Itnow what was'thermatter, so let it _.
go ���'until FwjCs all run-down, weak."
and nervous, and had a bad displacement.   For nearly, two years 1 could ,
not sleep and I would always complain
of having 'not a liead-ache, but a
brain-aoho.'   My mother is taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound during the Change of Life and
<she recommended it., to me.   After
takihg two- bottles-I began to get a
little sleep-and to feel better and I >
have nevetleft off sinco then, .except
for about threemdnths. I can safely,
say I havc taken thirty bottles since
* my second baby was born.. I think
it makes child-birth easier as 1 had
terrible pains with .my "first three [
children and very faw with my fourth
as I waa"1 eo much stronger. I am
now able to do my wdrk alone, but
I am still taking the Vegetable Compound as I am nursing baby."���Mrs.
- Omeb PaOT/, 49 Cherry Street, Stratford, Ontario.
If you are suffering from any weakness which causes such symptoms
as pains in tlie side and back and
nervous feelings, give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial
now. *~      X       c
Absentmindadrifiss    '"-
.'      .          -..       ' -
People Do ' Many Queer -Things
I have the .word ol a valet that this
happened -in-a-New-'-York-ho lt\X'--A
gentleman drefesed*-foi\ dinner. He
was smoking aiLd'.readlng a newspaper
wheu he received a disturbing phone
call. His agitation- wa\ so'-great he
forgot he was bathed and dressed, filled the~tub and not until he was com-
plefely .immersed with his*-clothes on
(Pul lie awaken 'to. his abscutmindeu-
3iess, " _ "     y    "K
XV believe that -iiilghi ,happen._ -I
Talked to 12nd Street and 5tll Avenue
oue day -in bedroom slippers -without
"fealizlng a. dereliction..
.A1 theatrical producer on West i2nd
SUect'ls extremely absenlmiuded.
Eight years ago he. moved from one
floor to the other, but several 'times
a week ho now gels off the elevator
at his old Hour.���New Tork Correspondent. , * ,
the headquarters of the Metropolitan
Police up fo 1890, when removal was
made to New- Scotlandi Yard, on the
Thames Embankment, near Westminster Bridge.
Minard's Linirrient for frost-bites
"* Amundsen Will Try Foi= Pole
Must .Vacate Primitive Home
Man Living in Tree Home Five Years
Forced to Move *
fn a tree top near Masquan, _N\.T., an
enterprising man built himself a house
five years 'ago!     There he has dwelt;
rout free���uow lie must abandon his
primitive abode.     The.troe stands In
x lonely.spat near the beach.     The
x /    -
eity is_ planning to extend an avenue
and the tree, in the way, must come
iowTi. The tenant must look lor another tre eor hie ���himself to"a 'boarding
house or apartment. The. tree man
la employed br the street department
Fj.ve years ago he became enthusiastic
ov��r outdoor life,. Ho built a frame
sUucliU'e hi thc tree, 'five' feet wide,
scveu feet long aud five feet high. H
is twelve feet- above the ground-and
supported by sturdy branches. On
bwlli '-sides arc openings just" large
ciumgli for a roan lo crawl through,
lie-1caches his nest by means of a
ladder. W    '
Plans to Attempt Flight-to Pole in
c.April'       ,   '
Captain - Haold Amundsen, plans to
j*niake a-preliminary flight in a dirigible from Spitzbergen to"Paris, Loudon,
Pulliam and Leningrad before starling
from Spitsbergen to Alaska this year.
, Captain Amundsen said he woujd begin'his socoud attempt Icily ov^r the
North Pole in-. April if thc dirigible
was ready by that lime, _ . '   .
The explorer, wished well for tho
Wilkins expedition "headed by Captain
George Wilkins, but feared, that, if the
party, depended on the Arctic waste to
provide food it would be disappointed.
Ho said members" of the Wilkins
p'arty would starve unless they carried their own food.
���y^ii^yayera'ge^railroad-.1 lc,.in.its iia-.
tiye;;%j5piii't^l5. jjea'rs.y'."^.-!-y.;..:y.:W WW;'
flame would be extinguished,
She.-Co'ulcS f^ever
Ad mothers cany put awayyaiixiety-
. regarding',.their,.; suffering, .children'
���when they-have Mother Craves' Worm
Exterminator, to '.'give reliefs ; ItsyeC-
fectS; are; sure and lasting:     '-'W:-   7
Jfisa I. J. l?oss, Scollard, Alia.,
writes;���"1 am only twenty years
old, but have suffered from heart
palpitation and nervo ���' trouble for
icveial years.
' I could never do tho things other
girls did, that ��� is, in the lino of
sports, skat hig/otc,', and could never
depend 011 myself nt work.
About   six   months   ago   I
That Settles It
Lawyer.���-For the  last' lime  1
asking you lor that ?3.
Debtor.���Thank heaven, that's over!
W.   N.   U.   1617
!*'How old are you"?"
"Eleven years."
"]Jut you weie only'five last year."
|    "That's-riglit, fivo last year, anil six
{this year-���clevea."
^Mother's Coughs and
pColds   Go   Quickly-
Stie cannot afford to bc sick
and neglect her housthold
duties. At the   first f-jtrip'
toms she prepares thc way
BHjwp -v.,  f��r Qu'c'cV recover}-* by the
^8*; VA immediate  use   of Gray's
J^^ os" Syrup���a household
preparation, of sixty
yc<irs standing.
Mothor Always buys    ^
_Jtle Laryft Slza
 '      WANTED
of Farm or Ranch For Sale. W.
and am juct twice the girl I was, and
can enjoy everything in general life
so much moro.    I am very g-nutefuJ -
for' what your Pills have dono .for
Put up only by Tho T. Milburn
Co., Limitod, Toronto, Ont. ,
Cuticura Complexions
Are Fresh And Clear
Daily use of Cuticura Soap prevents clogging and irritation of the
pores, the usual cause of pimples
and blackheads, while the Ointment
soothes and heals. Always keep
Cuticura Talcum oni hand; it is
cooling and refreshing.   .
BimpU Saab Tit* iy MsU. Address Cundion
Depot: "flUnlwas, tt4, "McmbMl" Price, Soap
Se. Ointment a aad SOc. Talcum 25c.
Coticura- Sha-riar Stich 25c      ���
Can Use Waste Hops
The discovery has .ius't boon announced by Biitish scientists of t.
microbe whorc-by 10.000 tons of waste
hops "can be made annually into 500,-
000,000 gallons oi alcohol that fluty be
uscd as motor spirit. "'
Disposal of. waste hops .formerly
cost British brewers large sums every
While they aie yet speaking I will
hrar��� Isa. lsv , 21. "
Every inward aspiration
Is Goci's angel undoiled, "    "'
, And  for every "O, my" Fitlher!"    ,
Slumbers .deep a "Here, my child." j
ui rcniu ui rumen i<ur aaie. v.
II wo use the name of God, is this j Pliilp, Murphy Block, Seattle, Wash.'
not God's presence becoming fact or! --��--����-��--���---���^���-��-��->-^ ss.'^ts
in us? ' No need, then, ��� ol Icing I "RAKERS' OVENS-r-Wrltc for cata-
<i/-i���   i.�� ^     i        n   _.       ���   .. , , ���*-*   logue   and  list   of  used   ovens.
'Great' to share that aspiration and; ^^ Qveu Corapany. ll00 Queen
that presence. The smallest loadsldc j wrest, Toronto,
pool has its��� water froni heaven nnd its
gleam from the sun, and can hold tho
stars iu its bosom as well as the great
ocean. Even-so the. humblest'man
or woman can live ssplondidly. That
Is the' royal : truth that we. need to
learn, you and I who have no mission,
and no great sphere to move in,���"Wil-
I lam1 Chaniilng: Gannett.
"A lot of china is getting chipped
lately, Mary." ~~
"Can't be mum, whin I breaks, I
breaks things proper;"
Stop _ the Cough.���Coughing- is
caused by irritation In the respinttory
passages and is the effort to dislodge
obstructions that come from inflammation of the mucous- membrane
Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
OU williallay the inflammation aid in
consequence the cough will usually
stop,.-    Try it and you will be satis lied.
. Persistent- Asthma. A most distressing characteristic of tills, debilitating disease, is the persistence with
which recurrnig attacks come to sap
:i\vay strength and leave-the ������'sufferer
In a state of almost continual exhaustion. No wiser precaution can -bo
taken thaii that of keeping at hand a
supply of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Abtlima
Remedy, famous as the, most potent
remedy for eradicating the disease
from the tender air passages.
Puzzle Find the Principal
25 Wrist,
25 Cameras
25 Clocks
If you pan soh't this putile and will sell 24 Frozen
Perfiioics at 10c each you cau win one of Uie above
prizes. Will you do Uiis? It is very easy. If so. just
tauii tbe PRINCIPAL with an X and send it to
us at once, and if it is correct irt will send you tb*
Perfume to sell right away. . '
Seifast Specialty Co, W, Waterford, Oct
No. 1 for Bladder Catitfrh. Ho." 9 for Blood *
JHcInDlsea������. NcaforClironlcY/eakncsus
.Sold by. leaillns Cheuisis, or ifturn m��ll from
Policewomen' and
in Los Angeles must
police' matrons
be   trained   re-
When Duke of York Refused ' ,
, The "Duke of .York proved Ids courage In the hunting fields of Africa, but
he hacked aivay -when urged to try his
hand at ironing ono of, his father's
shirts. The King's second son was
ou a tour of inspection throtigli the
laundry, which handles tlie linens or
the royal family, when the invitation
Smilingly declining, he said: "I
might burn one of His Majesty's shirts
and get. into trouble over it."
Time is a sort of perpetual motion
arrangement- for making yesterday's
out of tomorrows.
Whitewashing   a   man's character
doesn't wash it white."
Minard's Liniment relieves headache n
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. Tcf Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
With the Curlers
��*iVi��iar.&3ki $
y rci t   ~ ���
is Gaihim
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices] $25.00
Coal aud Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notioes 3-00
Cards of Thanks  ' 1.00
Certificalc of Improvement ^.12.50
(Where wore than one claim appears \v notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
The curlers are still able to enjoy the king of all sports at the
Local rink. The McLennan &
McFeely* competition has developed into a very close race',
th-e" Gregory and Waltns'ey rinks
now "being' tied , for first pJace,
and the play-off will be held in
a.few days. The Ross cup competition, in which the rinks are
reversed, will commence tonight
(Friday), with Peterson vs
Wright, and Clothier vs.*Moore.
The ladies are also taking
advantage of the good ice and
each afternoon games are being'
played. ��� '     * ,:
All other legal advertising, 15 cents a
line first insertion, aud 12 cents a line (or
each subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Trauscient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business looals i2}��c.  a line each insertion.
Southern holiday resorts received
a. setback when the Quarter Million
Dollar Club of the Canada Life As-:
.surance Company, of Toronto, de-_
,cidfed to substitute Quebec City for
Miami as the place of meeting of;
their Convention this winter.  ..   *-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t'-.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.        ���.-
Beaverdell a Very
Active Mining Camp
Beaverdell,   fifty   miles   west    of
Greenwood,   is the scene of   great
' mining activity right now arid a record-
output will be made this year.
Development is well under way on
the Sally group' of the Wallace
Mountain Mines, Ltd., and it is expected that thissproperty will very soon
appear on the shipping* list. Ed.
Nordman is in charge of a crew of
about 18 men. [x ���}
The Wellington, on which a recent strike was made, shipped a*car-
load of high grade*' die last week to
Trail. This mine is operatedTiy a
Geeenwood syndicate and present indications point to it becoming a regular
shipper. : Six men are employed; y)
The Bell employs 18ymen and this
property is looking- better_than ever:
So far this year 76 tons of .high grade
ore have been shipped to Trail, yy
The Beaverdell Mines are: drifting
to catch the Duncan lead and should
encounter it in a very ��� short time.
Gus Timbermister is in charge.
Harry Nash is driving a tunnel
under contract on the Black Diamond..
A small lead was encountered carrying goodvalues. 7 ���-
The Chrystler Syndicate, of Pen-,
ricton, are installing machinery on the
Highland Lass and Highland Fraction
Homer Wells and Hugh y Mc7
Gillivray are. doing some develop-'
ment work-.on the Gold Drop.'
^ AJciewJs?drifting'^on^th.e^BeyjB.nge=
ahd it is the intention of the operators
to install machinery.
A. McQueen is developing his
property across the Kettle river south
of Beaverdell.
The Beaver Silver Mines, Ltd.,
a Victoria company, is operating the
Beaver.   ,'    '
A number of men are working on
a claim near B.Wv Bubar's ranch.
The Rambler is being worked by
Rambo, Carpenter and partner.
The Tiger is expected to resume
under new management, j
A tunnel is being driven under
contract on the Bounty* ���     .
Strong Star Cast
In "Flaming Youth"
"Flaming Youth" Warner Fabian's delightful expose of modem
social life, a First.Nationalpicture,
is to be the feature of the program
afe the Green wood Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 27th.
In this .picture Colleen Moore,
enacts the _role of. Patricia, tbe
naive and- sophisticated flapper.
Others in the cast are Milton Sills,
popular veteran of. the screen;
Elliott Dexter; known ^s one of
the BSs't actors on the screen today;
Sylvia"Breamer,; who�� played "the
girP'in-^The,Girl' pf tbe Golden
West" ;Myrfele Stedman, the original '^American Beauty,'^ and-who
has the distinction of being one of
the most finished actresses of film-
don ; Walter McQrail, "who played
the role of Morgan Pell in Edwin
Carewe's "The Bad yMan,"sand
Betty Francisco, who is distinctly
^popular,with -film fans.     ~ ;
Dog: Taxes are'dueWy'*' .^WW;*-'
Ice statues have been erected in
many of the quaint old streets of
Quebec. A huge dog, carved out of
ice,' with a stick of candy in his
mouth, is one of the sights in front
of a confectioner's, while another is
.an immense polar bear, in life-like
Job Printing at The Ledge
About 130,000 young apple trees
will he planted in the famous. Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, next
-spring, it' is expected. Good commercial varieties! of apples will include Ganos, Ba.-dwins, Spys, Kings,
Wagners and .Gravensteins.7
������������'<)       .-������.-,  '    ...
Forest Branch, Department of Lands
These cx;u._.nations arc for llie purpose of
fillliip present vacancies and to enable candidates to qualify for ifuture vacancies and in-;
creases in staff.     -     ..    ... \ ;"���
���- Assistant .Forest .Rangers are--cni])lo.ve(l
during tlie,lire season..of each year-'riiid {liip(
period is'extended! where i.oSsU.le by work on
improvements suck as trails, etc. Re-appoiiit-
nicnt is iiiade(eacli jear as loiiy as satisfactory
service is given, Promotion to the permanent
staff is made by merit and., examination as
occasion offers. The salary is. $100 per. month
tlie _lirst yeXr and SltO perNiiotith the. second
year, and $130 tlie tliird year. Travelling- expenses are also paid. ' y.- ��� '���-' - -
Candidates must be British Subjects residents in British Columbia for at least one year,
of good character, good physical condition aiul
witli woods experience.      '. .^      ���
Tliey sliould have experience in fire lighting-; possess tlie ability, to o'fpaiiize work ami
handle men; and have knowledjre of the/Forest
Act.*****1 :*:-.''������''.-. *-'"'      ���*'*  -''  *
- : '< Tlie examinations are partly written, partly
oral and are designed to test" tlie candidates'
ability aloup the-above lines.. All statements
made by applicants as to experience, education
and lilncss are subject to verification by the
e.-cairiinlu" board."        y .7
.Preference is given to returned stldiers
witli the necessary nullifications.; ,
,-*:   Tlie examinations will be held at the places
and on_llie dates named below.   Each intending
"c;in dklate should applr to the District Forester
��t.liis_district_f6r,applicatioii_foriiis/ai-d_for inr__
Start of Ladies Ski Race durinft the Re-vtls tote Carmvai   2   A new diversion���Hockey on skis with a football. 3."
\>iniiin_> Dtscei.t Race at Revelstoke.
Ernest Field
iigh up 011 the -wbgdedrslopes of
Slount -Revelstoke* a long thin
.line  of black figuies is silhouetted
against a background- of snow. Suddenly a shot uiigs out and the thin
black   line   breaks into a seiies of
energized units.-   It is the start of
Reyelstoke's latest innovation 111 the
.'long list of thrilling sport spectacles
��� which hundreds of visitors enjoyed recently   during   the   city's   twelfth
jannual carnival.   This latest winter
���pastime" is known as the "mountain
glissade" and was performed at the
.Revelstoke-'carnival   for   the   first
'  time in Canada.
-/.'���.Two thousand feet belo^V the sts .1-
7 ing point, crowding the street ends 01
the little town, visitors and citizens
alike watcheu those__ alert black
figuies as tney sprang away from the
��� bl.ufi, some to the right, some to the
left, somc straight ahead, hut all
downward, downward towaid the
distant goal within the town. Dropping swiftly down the fhst^open expanse of snow the figures disappeared
into the wooded depths of the first
i.jvme only lo emeige seconds later
iu'ie and there, heltei-skelter, through
tlio trees and snow.
There vet s spills a-plenty as down
the mountain side plunged these
mad ski-shod figures, facing unpie-
mediatcd hazards every foot of the
���\vz*j. But shieis spill only to pick
themselves up again, taking no count
of bruises and" scratches' until the
wild race is over.
Gaining momentum in their downward course, the skiers veered^sharply
from trees and stumps, Reaping
through the v*yooded patches.'gliding
gracefully across the frozen benches
of the hills, ignoiing the kindly incline
of the mountain road which they
crossed and ic-croSsed in their direct
descent. Figine after figure used its
repeated levels as a take-off to carry
them forward and downward in their
mad rush,through the frosty air.
Suddenly all the figures were lost to
view as they neared the foot of the
mountain and disappeared into the
adjacent forests of spruce and pine
**.  -i      ������ '     a--*    ���
and balsam. The crowds in the city
streets"converged to one point where
the race was to finish. _ Then a shout
,went up as far across the railway
tracks and rounding the last foothill, a
swiitly glissading figure flashed into
view, and Nels Nelson, Revelstoke's
famous ski king, glided swiftly/into
the city street, down through the
avenue of cheering crowds and past
the  tape.
In exactly five minutes this'' intrepid world champion ski-jumper
had dropped more than 2,000 feet
covering approximately two miles in
his swift descent. Running him a
close second came Ernest Field, another Revelstoke boy who glided
padt the-tape two minutes'after
Nelson. One after another the glissading skiers returned while the crowd
lingered to give each one his mead of
applause in a sport wnich is fast.
"becoming-a fine" art at the various
resorts throughout Europe.and which
has been introduced in Canada by
progressive members of the Revelstoke Ski Club.
formation reiranliiig tlie hour of the examination arid'the building in which it will Ixj held.
Application formj. should, in each case,.be lilled
out and mailed to theDistrict Forester in time
lo rcaclukim at least- six days beforu the examination., ���.��� ���'��� "..,,
/.���_'-������ Apply to District
Date .
Marcli 2nd
March ,4th
Marcli Gtli
March 8th
Marcli 9th
Maxell 12th
A Scotsman found it necessary to
notify his wife that he might not be
home that evening, in which case he
would phone her. .This is what he
told ber. *
I'Jl ring^you at 6 o'clock. When
Place -
Rock Creek
Nelsoii   7
Kamloops t
Forester at
q" Nelson
Nelson    '''���
Marcli 18th
"''"���'. G7R./JJADEN,  .      '
. Deputy Minister ofLaiuls
you hear the bell you111 know it's me.
Don't answer, ancl I'll get my nickel
back."���Key Notes.
Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and
Repaired ,
also Shoe Repairing
C.A.CARLSON,   Next Swayne House
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting aud Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   of    Gold.    Silver,   Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Znic
Copper Trails
Extending to various parts of south-'
western British Columbia,  tbe. copper
trails which we call telephone lines are x
ready to carry long-distance conversa-"
tions at speeds ranging froai 8,000 to "
178,000 miles per second.    When speed -
counts���Long'Distance. -
Neatly, Finished
   AT   ~^���
Office: McCutcheon ^Residence
Physician and'Surgeon
Residence Phone 69  '
Greenwood   -
BOOTS and  SHOES   . ^
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
" The 20th Century Shoe Recairer
All work hikI material   guaianteecl.   We    1
''   pay postage one wav.    l'ei ius Cash.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown "lands may'be pro-empted by
British fcubjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional ^pon lesldence, occupation,
-and lmpiovement for agricultural
pui poses
' Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land SorleB,
""'How to Pie-cmpt Land," copies oi
which can be obtained free of ohargo
by* addressing tho Department oi
Lands, Victoria, B.C.,'or to any Government Agent. " c��
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i e , ^carrying over 8,000 board
feet per aci e west of the Coast Range
and 5,000 feot per acre ""east of that
Range. -    ^ ~~ ~^
Applications for pre-emptions axe
to be addicssed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division,'in .which the land applied for
'is situated, and are made on printed
foims, copies of which can be obtained from the~Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and impiovements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acros, before a Crown Grant can be
received: ^ ,       7^ _
For more detailed information see
tho Bulletin "How to- Pre-empt
Applications aro received for purchase of vacant and unreserved-
Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural "purposes; minimum
price for firgt-class (arable) land ia
i?5 per acre, and second- clasB (grazing) land $2.50 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or leaso
of Crown lands is 'given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
����� may be purchased or leased, the conditions      Including      payment      of
stumpage. -     ""
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding*
acres, may be leased aa homesites.
.conditional upon a dwelling being
erected ln the -first year, title being
obtainable after residence and ,im��
jlrovenient ��� oorraitlons are fulfilled
���and land-has been surveyed. ���r_j _
LEASES    -' i
'-^For grazing ^and industrial ,pw*
posea areae" not��� exoeedlng 840 aores
may be leased by one parson or ft
company? ���._.��,���
. Under the Grazing Aot the Province'is divided into grazing dlstriott
and tlie range administered under ft
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits arejssued baaed on
numbers ranged,' priority being given
'to established owners... Stook-owaere
. may form associations for raag��r
management. Free, 9r partly Ifree,
permits are; available) for stttlers,
oampers ana travellers, up to tea'
bead.        , - * !
/ >
" The Mineral Province' of Western Canada
Has produced  Minerals aa follows:'   Placer Gold, $77,382,953; L'odo Gold, -    '
8118,473,190; Silver, $68,824,579; Lead, $70,548,57,8; Copper, $187,489,378; Zinc,  -       J .
832,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals, 81,431,349; Coal' and Coke, 8260,880,048; -
-Buildiug Stone, Brick^ Cemenfe, etc, 642,225,814: "making its Mineral Production ���   >    \
to the end of 1924, show an * ' ' W ''/;,',.
f Aggregate Value of $859,427,386    .-T'.y
Production fortheYear Ending December, 1924, $48,704,604
The Mining Laws of this  Province are aaore liberal,-and the fees lower, than.those of anyother
Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British Empire. '/
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.   /       "*        v - ' a ,-
Absolute Titles are obtained bydeveloping such properties, the security of which is guaranteed
by Crown Grants. " >'' {l       '.      X.     . ~
Full information together with Mining Reports'and Maps, may be obtained gratia by addressing���
-    \' . VICTORIA, British Columbia.
���X - ' '      .
N.B.*   Practically "all British Colombia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been
done are described in Borne one of the Annual Eeports ofthe Minister of Mines.   ThoBe.
considering mining investments shonid refer to such reports.'   They are available without'
charge on application to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. .Reports of the Geological
Survey of Canada, Pacific Building, Vancouver, "are recommended as valuable sources of
information. ' ~" ' '->
'- v.


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