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The Ledge Feb 4, 1926

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 No.   28
Winter Sports Now On
'We carry
Skates, Hockey Sticks, Pucks, and Sleighs
\ " Agents for the'
Victor Northern Electric Radios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
_ /	
,.  T. M. GULLEY & CO.
Specials in Canned Vegetables
Okanagan Tomatoes, 3 cans - _ 50c
Quaker Brand Corn, 3 cans - 55c
Early. June P^as, per can - - 25c
Libbys Spinach, per. can - - -. 30c .
Libbys Asparagus, per can- - - 45c
Libbys Kraut, per can _---..   25��.
<z<\ For Quality and Value Order From"
Phone 4-6
.   ���
���     '
'���   ���
.������.��������������������� ������<*���������������������������������������������������������>���������������������>��������� �����*������������
_ i
Edison Mazda Lamps
10....    200 Watts ��� 125 Volts:
.'-, y  ���     .     ���',' - .       X    '   ,
Tungsten and Nitrogen
s--     '   ***���        !
Plain or: Frosted
f ������
����������������������*- ������������������������������������*������������������������������������������������*������������ ������������������������
Phone 17
 .  -^
Ladies and Mens.     i~5
Sweaters i~i
King Cot Ginghams. ~s
Suitable for ^3
Ladies and. Childrens  ^
-   Dresses =3
��� Mens and Boys Overalls     ~ig
Big^ale of    ' 3
Stanfield's Underwear ^
Call and inspect our goods      ^2
** -~m
Mrs. Ellen Trounson ^
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness^J-ife,
Automobile. Bond's, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or^ale*
:.   Call at the Office of   >.
Greenwood, B.C.'
Confidence is- necessary to any
You' can ce   sure of getting your
moneys worth from us   -   .
We Know" the Watch,and Jewelery
Business thoroughly and 'can guar:
antee you entire satisfaction
A: Ai WHITE      <
Watchmaker and Jeweler   "-���
F. J.'.WHITE, Manager.
;      Huskies 25c per box
Try them for that tickling cough or sore throat
A great preventative for the present contagious diseases
Creophos $1.00 per bottle?
For the obstinate coughs and colds
Copper Trails
Extending to various parts of south-
western British Columbia,  tbe copper
trails <vNhich we call telephone lines are
jready to carry long-distance 'eon versa-
-tions at speeds ranging from 8,000 to
v  178,000 miles per second.   When speed
counts'���Long Distance.   ,
H. W.%: MOORE, B.A.
1 Greenwood
i -     r��� f,
- Open For Engagement,
f     \
" Can furnish good references. Hofd
4th class B.C. papers, also 2nd class for
Saskatchewan. Handy. at Blacksmith
work.   Apply to " _
.,'--,      -    -J. E. HAMILTON,
Beaverdell, B.C.
Estray Notice
Estrayed to' the ranch of .the undersigned one dark yearling bull, no
brand visible. If not claimed within
10 days fro tn the publication" "of this
notice the animal will be sold to defray, expenses. \.
��� Dated at Bridesville,' B. C, this
19th day of January, 1926.
Geo. Higginbottom,
R.R.No.2.-      ,    Bridesville, B.C.
John Walker of Kettle Valley,
was a visitor, to town 'on Tuesday.
A Chinook wind on Wednesday
brought mild, weather and it is
raining today.
��� Geo. Boag; of the Wellington,
Beaverdell, is visiting aj: his
home in town.
J. Price, G. Sutherland and %.
Berg are in town from the Sally
mine, Beaverdell.
y Duncan Mcintosh, of the Bell
mine, Beaverdell. was in town Qv
business this week.
Ernest Wyder left this morning for Penticton where he' will
remain for some time.
Tuesday was Candlemas Day
and the ground hog had many
chances to see bis shadow.
, Miss Hilda Smilh returned to
Grand Forks this afternoon after
a few days visit in Greenwood.
��� W. Wyills, , foreman "at the
Sally mine, Beaverdell, was a
visitor to town on Wednesday
Geo. Inglis returned to the
Bell mine. t Beaverdell, on. Tues-
dav morning after a few- days
visit at his home. "   -k   '
MissE. M. Royce, R. N,, ]eft
on Friday for Spokane where she
will take a post graduate course
ih St, Luke's Hospital.
��� The-Pythiad Sisters are plan-"
uing a Sale bf Home Cooking-
and Shamrock Tea for1 March'
17th. Further .particulars will
appear later. '       .',       -~
Clarke's" Corner Store, Beaver-
dell, B.C , announces a ^''discount on all winter goods, including -Hudson- Bay. Blankets,
Mackinaw Coats, Pants, .Shifts,
Wool Sweaters, Etc., until March
Asi .:���
y-y^y. *:.*.._    ~ "-,.--^.7 ..
Dr., A._ J.^ Dorman" returned oti
Friday^last from a.-business .trip
to Kimberley. Dr.: Dorman"-has
decided to open a dental office in
that mining townxand expects to
leave ��� here about the'. 1st of'
March...' x    ���
��� R. W. Northey, of Olalla, died
in thepPriuceton Hospital on Jan.
24th. His name in the early history of uewspaper work iu the
Kootenay country is linked with
those of the late John Houston
and the late Col. R. T. Lowery.
Greenwood Revenue Doubles
The Government revenues for
Greenwood and district for the
year 1925 are double those'for the
year 1924 according to official
figures furnished to The Ledge'
by the courtesy of P. H. McCurrach, Government agent. The
most reliable barometer of the
progress or otherwise of a district
such as this is unquestionably
the amount of Government revenue derived therefrom, as these
moneys are derived partly from
business activities in general,
.but largely from the development of those great natural resources which are the backbone
of the prosperity of this province.
The figures given below, however, do got include the 2% royalty
on ores-mined and shipped as
these moneys do not go through
the local office and no statistics
thereon are locally available.
The revenue collected by the'
Greeuwood Government Agent's
office amounted in 1924 to
S6747,93, ancl in 1925 to no less a
figure than $11,325-20. A large
part of the increased revenue is
attributable to greater mining
activity,' the general mining reve-'
nue of the office- having risen
from SL4S8.9S in 1924 to $2648.00
in 1925.
Inspection of the details of
these 'figures , shows that there
were 187 claims recorded in 1925
as against 32 in 1924; 103 certificates of work issued in 1925 as
against 88 in ^1924; 57 transfers
of ..claims .^ filed in 1925' as
against 13 in 1924;- 206 Free"
Miner's licenses issued in 4925 as
against 129 in 1924; -28 leases .of
rarerled crown granted claims
wereissued in 1925 as' against 18
in 1924. The above items make
up much-the largest proportion
of the general mining revenue
given above.
Among other sources from
which the local. Government
Agency receives its revenue are
the following: Motor Licenses,'
Fines, Game ^Licenses, Law
Stamps and .Court Fees, Trade
Licenses,.,-..Successions, D.u t.y",
Amusement Tax' and Poll Tax
All these items as well as others
not enumerated show an increase
received under
Hock Creek Items'
v 7
O. Wheeler arrived from Grand
Forks on Wednesday's train.
John Portmann, of Nicholson
Creek, was a visitor to town- on
Saturday. >.
Miss Rosie Madge arrived from
Nelson on Tuesday for a - few
weeks vacation.
The Woman's Auxiliary held
their meeting on "Wednesday,
Feb. 3rd, at Mrs. Bevan Gane's,
Kettle Valley.
oyer the amounts    	
the same headings in the previous
Grand Forks Wins 5 to 2
i '.."r -       '-*"*������,
# W��f carry .only.^the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
-      -   ���     -     -���.      .'"'"' i
A trial will convince you
||   JOHN MEYER ^ -   l .; Proprietor
The United Church of Canada
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday. February 7th.
.   Greenwood 7:30 cm.
-The Sally mine at Beaverdelf
closed at the end of the month
and the Federal company aie
relinquishing their", hold on.this
group and turning tte property
over to the former'owtffers. It-
isvery.likely that 'Ed.'-Nordman
will be again be in charge. Tbe
Federal will continue to operate
With the Curlers
Men's Socks
Made from heavy.wool yarn" �� 85c a
pr., or from"your owii yarn ��25c a pr.
Made ou aulo-kiiilter,' just as good as
hand knitted.       Apply
' Rock Creek, B.C.
Okanagan Man Has Secret
Ofthe Garden of Eden
�� Producing most ofthe apples grown
in British Columbia, '��� it was only a
question of time when the Okanagan
would produce a real apple joke.
It, has, says the Vancouver Sun,
and CoL Edgett of Vernon brought
it down 'to ^ Vancouver, ^11 polished
and wrapped in a short speech he
delivered to the B. C. Products
Bureau of the Board of Trade..
"We have ..had our difficulties
handling apples," he said. "From
earliest history of "man the apple has
given .trouble, It has been the fruit
of discord,   l
And yet, you know, some, think
it was hot an apple 'that dispelled the
bliss of the Garden, of Eden. They
say-it was a green pair."
The stone men continue to
have a great time at the curlings rink; The McLennan &
McFeely cup competition is well
under way and some very inter-
esting and close games were
played during the past few days.
The Warren cup final was
played^on Tuesday when H. W.
Gregory's rink was victorious
over R. Forsliaw's rink.
On Wednesday evening the
annual points competition was
held, with 23 taking part. ^The
ice. was soft and, shots . were
difficult tomak-a. W. V^almsley
won first priz�� with 20" points,
F. L. Peterson second prize with
16v points and R. Mowat the
cerisolation which was two curl'
ing stones made from onions
attractively covered with tin foil.
The prizes were presented to the
winners by P. H McCurrach who
made a very witty speech to
which the winners responded.
During the evening refreshments
were served by Mrs. R. Blundell
iu her usual capable manner.
The ladies have played a number of games during the past
week and their first competition
was decided on Wednesday. In.
the first round, Mrs. Francis beat
Mrs. Walters, and Mrs. Royce
beat, Mrs. -Spence; final, Mrs!
Francis beat Mrs. Royce.      *   ���
' Graud Forks hockey team, accompanied by 100 rooters, came
over by special train on Saturday
evening and defeated the local
boys^ by 5 to 2. This ties the
tea'ms'with 2 wins each.
The Greenwood boys went on
.the ice in poor condition, only
four of thelplayers being in good
health. Morrison, Galipeau, Carlson and Hallett were suffering
from severe colds, while Taylor
was ill at home. This certainly-
weakened the team, but at that
the boys put up a great game.
m, The game was late in starting
it was 8:50 before the puck was
face-off. The players soon
warmed up and after ten minutes
of play Morrison scored for the
home team. This made the
visitors liven up, and they made
many strong attacks only to meet
with reverse as the period ended
with a lone tally for Greenwood.-
The visitors started the second
period with a rush and in a few
minutes after starting Pennoyer
tied the score. Ten minutes later
Clark made the second counter
for_ the Forks and before the
period ended E. Atwood made
the visitors third tally. ' In
the third the Forks added two
more counters by E. Atwood, and
P. Docksteader, while.,Morrison
scored for the locals, making a
fitaal score of Grand' Forks 5,
Greenwood 2.
The visitors were served refreshments after the game and
the special left at'11:30.��
Greenwood is playing ih Grand
Forks tonight in the first'game
of the home and home series with
goals to count, to qualify tor a
try at the Provincial Intermediate
championship; also to' decide the
winner of the. Boundary cup.
The date of the Greenwood game
will be decided tonight.
T. W. Xlarke, recently ap
pointed a member of the Hospital
Board for the Beaverdell district,
was in town on Saturday to
���attend the monthly meeting* of
the Board.
Neil O'Donnell and several
other residents are angling for
white fish, which seem to be very
plentiful in the "Kettle river.
* Mrs. Shillcock,left on the Monday, afternoon train for Trail,
where she will spend a few weeks
vacation with her daughter, Mrs.
Harold Mar tin.-
Misa Alice Weed, of, Ingram
Mountain, who has been visiting
her aunt, Mrs. Round?, at Oroville, for several weeks, arrived
homa on Wednesday!"
A large new motor truck has
been ordered for the'new sawmill
on Johnson Creek. They vwill
begin hauling ties to Rock Creek
station as soon as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnson and
family, accompanied by Mrs. McDonald and her four young sons,
of Johnson Creek, visited friends
in Kettle Valley on Sunday.
Keep in mind tbe Valentihe
Dance under the Woman's Auxiliary in Riverside ?HaIl on Friday, Feb. 12th. Bush's orchestra
will play. Come and have a good-
time. '    '    "
The Co-Operative shareholders
heldtheir annual meeting at the
home of Mrs. Shillcock, Kettle
Valley,- ou Saturday, Jan. 30th.
All the previous officers-were reelected. '���>
���. The next meeting of the United
Faftn Men and Women "-will be
held   at  Major   Gray's,   Kettle
Valley,- on^Saturday, -Feb... 20th -
at 2 o'clock. 'K" full attendance-
is requested. \
Ernest Harker,-has been'busy
the past few days learning a new
trade for winter. , He makes one
of the best and ��� most up-to-date
hello girls imaginable. ' He is on '
the relief staff.
Mrs. Wm. Johnson, of Bridesville Road, has moved to her
attractive new town residence,
which is situated near- the Rock
Creek station. Her daughter,
-Jean^iaattendidg'schoorhere.,   ��� -'"-
Mr.  and Mrs.   Henderson,   of
Rock Mountain, have retired from
farming and contemplate going '
into the railroad  tie business at ���
Beaverdell.    They visited; Mrs._-
J. C. Madge for' a few days last -
week. x
F. Burdick has been appointed
road cleaner for Rock Creek and
uses a four-horse team with the^
government scraper to remove ^
the snow. It is expected soon
to see the usual number of motor
cars on the road again..'        N '
Coyote trappers have been very
numerous this winter but, alas
with very poor results. They
have abandoned their trap lines
as the snow is too deep and the
fact that the coyotes have sim-ply ���
vanished from the district.
Miss Maria Williamson,   who
has been,residing with her sister,
Mrs. Frad Landers, at Princeton,
arrived on Saturday   at  Kettle.
Valley, where she will .visit her"
aunt,    Mrs^   Shillcock. - ' Miss
Williamson is a daughter of Mrs.
Fratfk ��� Buckless, ,of   the  Main   -
Kettle river.
Basketball Club's Danee
Tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 5th)
is the date of the Dance under the:
the auspices of the Midway
Basketball Club in the Farmers
Hall, ��� Midway. ' Bush's well
known orchestra will supply the
music. The "admission will be
Gents $1.00, Ladies 50c, Supper
25c. Attend and let the members
of the Basketball Club show you
a good time.
Mr. and Mrs. H. -Pannell and
son, Philip, of Midway, w^re- iu^
town   on    Saturday   afternoon,
Mrs. Pannell coming up to attend the Hospital Board meeting.
&iWu 30ymii a MZuidaAd
wtvtiuuwi good. Ua ti Rifled.
aers an
From ell her tlio contemplation, of abstract, phases oi life, or Lho din nnd
: busl.lt! of ordinary .affairs, it is refreshing to. turn to an occasion of robust, red-
Wooded companionship such as is called forth by tin ft association of fathers
aiul pons in tlio annual observance of Father aud Son Week. ;
There is'much philosophizing on tho Brotherhood oGMau, much dogmatizing* on the Fatherhood of Clod, but all is meaningless -without a proper ap-
)>i-(M:ialiou of (ho vital relationship belweon the individual father and the individual son.
No more congenial field for. development can be given a hoy in "which he
way discover the true relationships -which should exist ta Iifo than in the at-'
juosplierc of an understanding father'*; inlluence. And what, matters of vast
import in a-very few years' time depend on the impressions obtained in early
youth!  - W *
���A. long stride has been made from the days when tho old woodshed interview was about the only, occasion on which a father became intimate with his
son and slimmed up the then acknowledged position of ���the father as judge
snd disciplinarian; and that only, with scarce a thought more devoted io the
lioy's welfare, than to see he was home when required and out of sight-the
Jest of tlie lime. We are thankful that today we can point to the fellowship
af father and son in contacts'ruiming throughout aU the family activities,.in
xnany interests of the community and reaching out to things Provincial and
ev��n Dominion-wide!
To what niay we attribute this change? In a large measure It is due to
a keener appreciation of all the aptness and truth of the poet's slatement that
"the boy is father to the man,'' The fathers realize it in lhe winged passage
-of time, daily clipping the'opportunities"for them to prepare and inspire their
lads to greater things than they themselves have done aiul in the urgency of
���fulfilling their .privileged duty of leading out their boys toward atruer sense
-pf Tallies. ,'X '        [ '; ������*.'. ���'-.���������,....,-
The sons recognize it in the urge to look'beyond tho present to that dim
jtlitie' which forever beckons to youth���the time of tho realization of their
powers and* possibilities. And ttie sense of his not long tou>e delayed re-
sponsibilitydlirows hlmjmck to glean hungrily those Lru Ill's -which companion-:
:s'hip with a mature-mind might give him... And in- the..impact'of this seeking,'
:Cor the best in each, the father meets the sonnot merely .as a progenitor, but;
;as the sympathetic counsellor'arid guide, and the son realizes he .is riot- only/
.-the-male offspring,of this man hut-Is of the fibre of his jvery "hear UaiulysSRl
-and holds at his disposal the best of which, the,father iSj Ciipahle.'-X' [XxX:.-." XX
X v, .So, with the thought of the need, the place.and purposeI of tlils liigh.'rela.-;
-���tloagliip between: Father and-Son., the C.S.E.T. movement has'; mado' a very.'
���definite place for its deyelopijient ��� During the mputh .{if-sFehnmrjW week
"As set aside'in which to foster the.-fellowship of Fathers -and Sons. : Tpy.many
rfatliers this- time is- a _time. of��.r.eai:reconse,cratiou to* the biggest job of/their
-lives���that of upbuilding and outfolding the life of a boy/^nd.to'tho boys come
-.a reaiization that,-; though, often��� preoccupied -.with, busliiess."cares, Father has
.*41ieir .hoist interests at heart, and rfa renewed trust is nwa-kenecland strengtu-
'-oiieti iii'the.Tilality'of.all ilie relationships of the home, anil this;ilnds''expression io tlie'mbrd faithful ���performances of theirohltgations to the home. ���:';-��� -'���'���
y Not. on ly ...are 'home relationships '.emphasized, -im I.. a Iso Christiany fellow .'���-.
��� ship iuthe Church. That l.ine.'iu Longfellow depicting the Tillage .blacksmith
aroing. on Sunday to Clhiirch- and_sitting amohgst. his-hoysyearrles, a punch
.mightier than that ���delivered, by theysmitti's musclo_(i'-arnis; and hands-on,;the.
:re<l hot metal at the:anvii:/V''.It'Is'".tli.e'unansw.orabld
would have you*-''do asyf-ysav,*-'-not <loas-1-do.'    *���*'������  y y: '���:������ [.
������������..      .:    .*���   .'- **   .*���������.      ;-.:���-*  V . ���   ���!������'.'.��� ���.-Z-J 'X-.  ' ������������' *      ' *���-".    ..*.-��� ���������'������:.
-.Not only are ���������public':'.'opportunities provided for in Cliurch-service and
:i)an-iuet for expression and; development heUvecn Failwis and Sons, butyen-.
.eo>iragenient is given to the more personal and pritite interchange of
thoughts-and ideas.by means of hikes' and homo nights. These are golden
..ground's affording priceless opportunities'to"each 'participant to'make his contribution* li> that happy estate-of-perfectunderstaudiiig between both.  ���
Much might be said of th'e 'details; of the programme of activities during
.rather and Son Week. Suffice it to say. that, while emphasis is-*laid on'
recognition of Fatherhood and Son-ship and all they inrolrei. during the short
���period of one week, this is to/bo taken only,as aa.IfldiCiilMiiioi-tl)_e_:a.e_cessity..
Manitoba   Winter -Fair  '
Will Be Held At Brandon On. March
15th to 1flth
Tho prize list ior the Manitoba Win-
tor Fair at Brandon, which is staged
for March 15 to 19, inclusive, covers
tho stallion show, poultry show and
soils products exhibition, and ?20;000
in prizes will be distributed. A Cea-
llire of iho calf feednig competition
this year will be tho opportunity given tlio. girls of the province, for the
first time iri Manitoba, lo compete with
[he boys in this outstanding event.
Another'feature of the show will be
tho changed regulation In regard lo
the Dominion livestock branch pilzcs
for groups of five draft horses, whicli
have heen "made with a view to bringing out a larger class than, hitherto.
Two exhibitors may combine in a
group. 'J'he chief change is, that this
group no longer calls for get of sire.
Tho variations in age arc rising' three,
to rising oighr. dated as from the first
of January of the current year.- .'.Entries are confined to bona fide farmers).
In passing, these regulations in regard to prizes for commercial horses
apply to the winter and spring shows
of Alberia'and.Saskatchewan as well
as Manitoba.
CoaUnuai "do��ln_t"
with Internal medic In*
upscta delicate littlo
ntosnschs. Treat colds
externally with Vlckn.
You just rub it on.
At ihe first
sign of Kidney
or bladder
trouble take
.   SQfahoX
At all druggists
Roller Skates For Police    _
Professional    Instructor   Mow   Giving
Lessons to German Officials
Police-making the rounds of their
boats on rubber-tired ioiler skates will
soon be seen in Dresden- Tlie first
���joller stalling class of 20 police has
been started, a professional skater-being employed as ".instructor. -
lCven moving target practice on
skales is planned, but as a prccau-
liouaiy measure officers must also
acquire proficiency in taking .off,tho
shales.^ Thc skate order has been
issued to enable the police to cover
more leiritory, the Versailles Treaty
having placed a limit on Gorman pulico
Just   Dip   to 'Tint   or  Boil
to Dye
Each 15-cenfc pflj:l_>
age contains directions so simple any
woman can tint soft,
delicate shades or dye
rich, permanent colors
in lingerie, silks, ribbons, skirtg, waists,
dresses, coats, stockings, sweaters, draperies, coverings, hangings ��� everything!
Buy Diamond Dy��s���no oilier kind���
and telLyour druggist'whether the material you wish to color is wool or silk, or
���whether it is linen, cotton or mixed
/'���:.���.Thc'ro-Avas one good thing ���.-about,the
longer courtship, of old "times. ,* It ire-'
sultcdia longer,marriage.���*:   .;".-: ,77
and worthwirflenessyof an understanding between: fathers and Sons based
.011 sympathetic, fellowship with and'deep-respect to each other the whole year
round, and fr'orn-'this achievement, of the,soul -will flow out a real spirit, of
brotherhood, cmbraenig tlie height,' breadth and depth of all human relation;
.ships, breathing good-will to man-tind honor to 'man's Ma.ker.
Manitoba Wheat Pool
Three Directors . Issue Statement In
Connection With Elevator Policy
Three directors 'of the Manitoba
Wheat fool, W. G. Weir, C. R. Stevenson and A.-J. M, I'oole issued a statement in connection with a statement
of elevator policy recently made by
Colin H. Burnell, president of tho'pool,
and'published iu tho Free Press of
Jan. .13. The statement in part is as
"The Tree press of Jan. 13 contained a statement from . Mr. Burnell
carrying the heading, 'Pool Will Again
Seek lo Acquire Elevators.'
"This statement wis. issued -without
consultation ���with the board of directors of* the Manitoba p'ool, and without
authority from lliem.    -
"As three moiiihcrs of the Manitoba
pool board, our efforts for over two
months liave been directed to attempting to get the boards of the pool and
the L'GG, together .to discuss frankly any differences df opinion that may
"We belhve nroro can bc done in
this way than by ihe boards staying
apait and each iii their own meetings
evolving plans fo put up to the other,"
w.nM-rcn. pivc_ ere cine boor humheco.ciucaw.w,'.
..Aitmotiy For Husbands
Among a, certain-.tribe in'the dis-
trtcf, of Ahcnedabab, in India; there
is a custom permitting women to discard their' husbands ;and to marry
ag?iin on-payment - of money - compensation to1 tho-first husband..
Total Ccitt.li of Sea Fish * *. -
The total catch; of sea fish on ithc
Atlantic ani'd-'PfictSc coasts during the
month 0f__..N*ovo.m_!>er,y ,vras._. '63,/ll5,'500
pounds, valued i 11Ey$l,-10(j,393.X. During
the, same -period in 1924 there
were 67,958,300 poiinds landed, with a
value of ?i,639,02$i ���'���'.* .   y }-;'
A Test Case" ,S .
"ff you don't helievo in advertising,'''
comments tho ��� bddoricli Signal, "just
put an ad. in this newspaper offering
to 'buy.-cata at.a dollar a head, ami see
what- will happen."
Pains and Aches Disappear When
the Blood is Built Up
When tho blood is thin every organ
of tho body suffers. So anaemia
shows in Inligestion, neivouiness and
headaches as well as in loss of cokn
and strength. Many symptoms develop which to tho patient suggest
widely different diseases and so cause
much needless apprehension. The'
quickness with -which a supply of rich
led blood will drive away all these
pains and aches Is shown by tho result of treatment villi such a reliable
blocid-building tonic as Ur. Williams'
Pink Pills. The value of-this modi
ciin' is fully proved by 'the experience
of Miss Alice Sandbcrg, Ogema, Sask.,
who Hays:���"I can speak with the
highest- praise-of-DiT- Wil liarns'-I'inlT
Pills, for���fo this medicine I owe m> j
present goou health. Last winter 1|
became run-down, yas pale and siclc-j
ly looking. My back ached and I had
s.evere -pains in the ";stomach. At
times my head ached and 1 would feci
dizzy. [ (ried-various medicines but
they did not help mo.' .'A friend advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, aud I can scarcely say how glad
I am that I acted-on this advice. 1
had not been taking tlnj pills very
long when 1 felt a change for the
berter. Day by day 1 became stronger. Thp headaches, backaches, stomach troubles and dizziness disappeared and J ' was again enjoying good
health. You may be"sure f shall ever
have a goo *d word to say for Dr. Williams' Pink I'ilis."
' [f vou need a blood-building tonic
begin taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
to-day. Sold by all medicine dealws
or sent by mail at 50 cents a box by
writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Biockvillf", Out.
It Testifies for Itself.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil needs no testimonial of
its powers other than itself. Whoever tries it for roughs or colds, for
cuts or contusions, ior sprains or
burns, for pains in the limbs or body,
well know" that the medicine proves
itself and'needs-no guarantee^ This
shows *why this Oil Is in generafusc.
Cost of U. S, Governments
lu the year 1925 it cost ? 11,000,000,-
000 to govern the people of the United
States, and now and then one of th'em
was not governed yery much at that.���
Boston Transcript
In all infantile cSmpIainls that are
the result oi the depredations' of
woims in the slomach and intestines
Miller's Woi/m Powders will be found
an effective remedy, They attack the
cause of, llic-.c troubles, and byy.xpcU
ing the worms from the 01 gang insure
an orderly working of the system, wiili-
out which the child cannot.maintain
its strength or Unive. These powders moan health nnd improvement.
A' Georgia woman killed throe deer
with two shots, cQitalllng the record
of thc Indian Imnler who killed a cow,
wounded two-.clilclcens and a horse,
dislocated his shoulder, set fire to a
hay stack, and missed the rabbit with
one shot.
Twenty-l hreo- wombn of England
aro known to earn their living as
chimney sweeps.
Tli we still are more than a dozen
widows of the war of IS12 on, tho"
pension rolls of thc United States.
Canadian Banks In Better
\ Position To Serve Public
One of the most complete and au-',
thoritafive statements over submitted [
legarding the Canadian banking sys-'
tern and the present banking situation'
was made by C. E. Neill, General
Manager of The Royal Bank of Canada, at the annual meeting. Mr. Neill.
said in pait: ' 'i
"Through amalgamation, the number j
of banks iu  Canada has been slowly'
reduced until the present1 situation is
analogous to the condition existing ins
Great Britain, where the groat bulk of
the banking assets of the country-is in
the hands ol five large banks.j Fears,
hare been expressed that the concern,
tratlon of hanking power In the hands
Lof a comparatively  -few   instltulions
may lead to bad results, such as siaedc-
ening of competition or .neglect of local
Interests. ,   Tlie 'feeling in regard to
competition seems to .have hactits In- j
ception in the fear of >Tiat majf hap-1
pen in the future, rather than as a re-!
suit of developments to date, for no
one can say that tho competition between banks is less severe than It has
beon in fhe past.    We believe .that
tho contraiy is the case, and that a
large, proportion of the savings affect-'
ed through-amalgamations have been
passed on to the public'in the form of
increased service and relatively lower
';'J'he merits of branch banking as
compared With a system of unit banks
are a subject of debate in ihe United
States today, and opponents of branch
banking diave stressed the advantage
to'local interests of having their bank-
In? business in the hands of local institutions, yhich aroi claiuied to^be
more, intimately in .'toilch with conditions at the-points, concerned. :For
Canada,'however,"the   arguments ;in
'favor of branch' banking are, in my
opinion, immeasurably stronger thair
anything -which can be said on thb
other side. In tho development of
new districts in this country the necessary funds have been supplied from"
older districts, and'at much lower average rates" than those current in the
irnlted States ' at-, the' same relative
stage^oLdevelopment -.The banking
history of the United States, moreover, contains a long list of banks'
which have lailed, either through lack
of proper perspective ' during hoom
periods, or because in'distrlcts "where'
everything depends on the success of
one crop or one ��� industry, the local
banks had all their eggs in one basket'
I have no hesitation in saying that had
Western Canada been served by unit
banks the situation in 1921-22 would
have becnsnothing short of* calamitous.
"A great financial institution" such
as The Royal Bank of Canada, covering the whole country; must hare intimate, pers-lstent and active interest
in'every part'of Canada. We have..
responsibilitU'S not only^to our-slifirc"-'
holders, but, to a degree which I hope
wc-fully-realize, to the public-o�� Canada; in fact,'there is no conflict of;in-
terest/because it is only to tlie extent
lhat "tfe contribute to the'sound economic development of the country that -
we shall deserve-or receive tbe'confidence of tho public. Self interest
-will prompt us< to secure a diversity,
of risk through the encouragement of
flip industries indigenous tb the vari--
ou's pails of .our, country, and to keep
ahvays before us the fact that we can
achieve, the greatest measure of sues-
cess only" If our actions and policies
promote aiid^foster the.besl interests
of'every partof Canada."
,Other Cities Might Copy
The cheery'smile and -warm greeting of Police Constable Smith on point
duty ln Johannesburg, South Afiica,-
have led to the formation in that city
ol a_ Good Morning Club. Members
pledge themselves as"foilows: "As a
member of thc Good Morning Club I
undertake-lo say a happy 'Good Morning' to everybody."
^_ Mathers Value this Oil.���Mothers
who know how. suddenly croup may
seize their children ami liow neccssaiy prompt '-action is in applying re-"
lief, always keep at hand a supply of
Dr. Thomas JEelectric Oil ,because ex-
poiience has taught them that thisds
an excellent preparation for the treatment ot thic ailment And thoy aro
-wise, for its various use's rentier it a
valuable medicine.
A Tonic Restorative
MOTHER:- Fletcher's
Castoria is especially prepared to relieve. Infants in
amis and Children all ages of
Constipation, Flatulency, Wind
"Colic and Diarriiea; allaying
���Fev-erishness arising therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomach
and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving statural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look for tlie signature of ^cz^/xT^^UA/-
jlhsolutely Harmless -No Opiates.   Physicians everywhere -recommend it>
To  Obtain  Publicity
Finds Newspaper the Best Medium for
Reaching People
Many chinch denominations are now
making a special effort to provide the
newspapers and press associations
with church news material, according
to Dr. J. T. 13. Smith, secular publicHy
secretary of the -world sei-vlce_eoiii-
mission. Thc newspaper offers the
best medium for reaching all the people, said Smith, "the non-churchgoer
as well as'the churchgoer.
Conquers Bad Breath
and is Popular Again
Complete in itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does not reiiuire
the assistance of any other medicine
to make it "effective. It, does not fall
to do its work. x
It is easier to sit upon forms thau
to stand upon: ceremonies.
To err is human; ability^ to conceal
it is unusual. v -
Minard's   Liniment   used   by   Veter.
Inaries    ���
W-   N. - V.   1514
_c<Thc da^I started-taking Carter's
Little Liver Pills," says Mr. John A.
Perry of New York City, "my habitual
bad breath and l>,id stomach stopped.
I strongly recommend them lo all those
afflicted with these nasty troubles. I
assure you that my own case -was a
bad one, causing me untold embarrassment, and Carter's helped me right
from the start"
Bad breath',comes ''from sour stomach
and can usually be relieved quickly by
Carter's Little Liver Pills.  "
They are wojKltrfyl for constipation,
sick-headache and indigestion and they
- physic'tlie System in a mild and gentle
manner, no bad after effects.
Recommended aJii'fof-iale by>aU
1. drug stores,
Credit Crooks
Public.ostracism of credit crooks as
ilie best veapon to' prevent such
ham, crown prosecutor, in an address
before the Canadian Credit Men's
Trust Association meeting held in
Winnipeg. " ' * . '
Griddle Cakes
A-Tested Recipe For This Favorite
"Breakfast Dish
Who doe^n't^ lllco griddle cakes?
From father to the youngest member
of the family, every one clamors for
mon'���when they are tasty! Here
is a tested recipe:
1 cupful Gordon's SI. Charles Mlllt.
1 cii]>rul water.
'2 tahlespoonfuls melted butter.
1 cue, veil beaten.
3 c.uj>fuls white flour.
1 teaspoonful salt
4 teaspoonruls baking powder.
2 tahl^spoonfulsysugar.
Combine the mlllc ancl water, add
the shortening, sugar and thc ��gg, and
beat in the dry. ingredients .which have
been' sifted together. Beat thoroughly and fry as usual on a slightly oiled
griddle, or on an unoiled aluminum or
soapslono griddle.' If very thin calces
are desired, add two more tablespoonfuls of St. Charles milk and -water.
\\-      :	
Kelp for Asthma. ' Neglect-gives
asthma great pdvantage. The trouble,
once it has secured a foothold, fastens
its grip on the bronchial passages ten-
acioysly. Dr. J. D. Kellog's Asthma
ILeiffedy is dally benefiting cases of
asthma of long standing. Years of
suffering, however, might have been
prevented -had the remedy heen used
when the- trouble was in .' its _ first
stages. -Do not neglect asthma', hut
use this preparation at once. -.
Half the people in, the world a.ro
unhappy 'because they' can'.t afford
tho things, that make tlie oftior half
rhiserable.      --v
Girls! Good Health Adds
Tp Your Personality���
Makes You Attractive
To Men
Ba,n'ana3 were first seen In London
lnl613r"'vvhcn a bunch was exhibited
la the window pf an apothecary shop.
Minard's Liniment relieves headache
Bright ejrea, a clear complexion, rosy
cheeks,, animation, make, for-beauty
every time." A well woman is'alwaya
beautiful.     _ . "
Take a bottle "or two of that welt
known herbal Tonic, which lias 'stood
the teat of time, nafaely,   7    *        '
Dr. Pierce's   ^
Golden Medical
- Discovery.
Thautands in every Piovince hare intilied
that instead of being pale, .weak and tiled villi.
DUcoveiy gave them ienewed vitality.   ���  >
1 ��� -  All Druggists
Ba Mther fluid or tablet fcxra.   -
.     / TIIE   LEDGE,   GBEE_N1V00P,   �� a
Once Mobbed. By. Norwegians
Wash with Zam-Buk^ Medicinal Soap.
.Sew Plane
Not Pall
.Pilot  of Auto-Giro  Nocd  Never  Fear
_   Engine Trouble
Experts of the British air ministry
hav0 often prophesied-the time when
�� aerodromes would.be built on the to'p
.    -ot big railway slalions, but tlieyJiava
^   not hitherto boon able to say that such
schemes wore feasible with aeropiaues
as we know (hem today.   ���
The new Auto-Giro aeroplane'recent-
ty cxhibitcd_ in' England lends a certainty to -tlie utterances of ihe -prophets, for tt i3_a craft that cau land
"���and rise almost vertically, says a writer in a London paper.
The.machine does not look like an
aeroplane, and the marvel is how it
flics at all,     it has a body, and a tall
plane and rudder, but of main plane's
,   there is no sign..   There are two tiny
supporting surfaces, and   above   tho
body there is a large windniill-like set
- ol. .vanes  lhat  revolve   continuously.
Someone at Farnborough called this
amazing, invention a Heath Robinson
^ bus, and'to anyone accuslomed^to more
normal craft tt certainly does "seem a
comiq contraption.       "   ' ��� :
It Is impossible to put the Auto-Giro
in any definite class or aircraft,    fit
^ is a new class of its own.-'   It is neith-
'"er a monoplane nor a biplane. '   It is
. _ partly a helicopter, and thercis a'gug-
gestlon bf what 6ne or two scientists1
still believe will_.be the. final outcome
of'man's conquest 'of   the   air���the
as "wing-flapper." ' *   .' -
, In war the Auto-Giro would drop
,bomt.s with deadly precision, and.Us
advent is accordingly to be feared.,"In
peace the principle might ire,adopted
lo all big passenger-carryiiig-crart, and
hern its advent is to be welcomed. Engine stoppage would have no terrors
for air travellers, air Auto-Giro passenger-plane being capable of descending
slowly to earth and'^sitting do.wn like
some contented bird.,'   ���     _    -   ^
New Headgear Perplexes Turk
Polite    Ones    Do   'Not    Understand
Etiquette Regarding Hate
Mustapha Kemal opened the Grand
National Assembly at Angflra in' top
hat and  evening-dress,' the deputies
l)clag similarly attired, writes Meredith  Atkinson,'who has/been  travelling in Turkey. ' '     y.-..
-XX was'iu ihe-old capital when lhe
Turks recently celebrated the second'
anniversary of the allies' evacualion
of Co-\taiitJnopIe.:   In tho^streef processions    the,, fez'was spectacularly
trorldctl under foot or torn-byjts wear;
ersin a paroxysm of progressive zeal.
Two years earlier, as-the allies march-
-ed'o-itt, exactly similar-treatment, was
accorded   to   European jh'ats.     The
whirligig ot progress'.brings^many. revenges.   "                  ���������.--,
The new hat's are a greai perplexity-of the polite Turk.- Shall he remain covered. ott-entering'a mosQue;
as heretofore?' ' Shall-he raise his
howler to ladles? Or stand uncovered iu his own hou^e?- These are
jgrave dilemmas. Worse still,' what
is'to'be douc "about his tombstone?
The familiar fez or turban that crowns
the headstone" in Turkish cemeteries
must sm-Qly disappear. But-it is difficult to imagine the "solemn lex displaced h;- a crush'"hat.
Late-   Dowager-   Queen   of   Italy-  Had'
'   Exciting Time
The Dowager Queen M~arghorlUi ofl JKeep your hor^ ��n,^ L'
naly had a lenmrkablo adventure in   '^PoSl.^sLXd^renr
he wilds of Norway iuUe early days   St^nZ!\l%TJr��nrPistsm
of   the  aulomobile.      She  had  been! ��^W ��S^.E!
~_-ll!!^lzL^ ���Dep'" G��SI��EN, INOJ
Invention Of Mail Carrier
e  had  been
warned   not   lo   go lo a certain dis-',
tnct where the inhabitants were ex
tromely superstitious,   but   shG   von
lured    there   ju&l   the
same, as the
scenery was superb. Then one night
a tiro burst with a loud hang at the
outskirts, of a small village. ^
Almost immediately a large" crowd
gatherpfl . around the car, muttering
and menacing and a huge Norwegian
advanced, hrandishing a club almost
as big as himself. The Dowager
Queen's interpreter stepped forward
and declared the lady with the golden
hair was a-Queen and merely asked
to go through Ihe village.���
"Queen!" snorted' the giant,
"Queen ol death, who goes about with 1
a chariot with a devil in Jt!"
Jus I then the motor in thenar started and the. throb and noiso further
enraged *"the mob, which, became so
���threatening in its-altitude that the
Dowager Queen yielded to her companions' entreaties and ordered a 'retreat, whicli was made in perfect order,
although some-dodging_was necessary
to avoid the stones which were hurled
Has Become Skillful Gardener
New Coinage For Irish Free State
t( / . Expedition Discovers   , ,
j'.' Ancient Dinosaur.-Eggs
Men Traversed Two-Thousand  Miles
Over Unmapped Territory  In -
Forty dinosaur eggs estimated to he
ten   million -yejtrs   old, \ have - been
brought to San Francisco by the Hoy
Chapman-Andrews*expedition to Mongolia. ��� Mr. Andrews, when interviewed, ���'confirmed the theory that all life
original ed in an Asiatic plateau now
_ the Gobi Desert, from which the poo-
v j>le of the earth migrated all over the
��� world..   Thc expedition, he said, traversed1 live'thousand miles, two'thous-
'of which were over unmapped territory.   /The expedition iouiui iho fossilized   skull   of a two-horned beast
probably millions' of years old, ���   -
Head of Griffith Will Replace That of
���'    _ King George -
It Is believed  the head of Arthur
"GiiflUh,".the-Irish  Free  State's  first
������'president,  will replace  that or' King
George on th'e new coinage pio posed
-lit the bill now before, the Dail;-    The
oilier side may show an Irish harp or
other Irish  patterns as ��� in  the  case
witli-'tlic Free 'State^ postage sfaVps.
Some reports-say Irish games also are
to he given"to-tlie. coins.
��� 11 is stated jn Dublin, tlie- contract
for minting tho coinage likely will I. be
DlBcal Jn" .New' iyork if..lhe'.-bill-passes.
There neems to :be. no ."special-enthusiasm fora change*Iu-tho;coinage"and
in-some--financial;quarters it is being
coldly received. ���The government,
however, looks for a profit of ��500,000
by creating the new coinage and it has
not^ugtfested that.tlie Dail reject the
Words of the silent man are never
repeated in court.
Suffered So She Could Not
Walk.   Restored to, Health
by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Minesing, Ontario. ���"I am aprac-
'  tical nurse and I recommend'Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to
suffering women.   For three months.
I was almost helpless and could not
sit at the table long enough to" drink ���
;a cup of tea.;  Many a time my husband carried me to bed, I would be ,
'so weak." Then he1 read in the paper
oC n woman suffering "as 1 did who
got better after taking the Vegetable
Compound, so hejwent and got jt for.,
me.   Y/hen'I had'taken three bottles '
I was just'like a new'woman and-
have had splendid health'ever since.
"When I feel any bearing-down pains
I" always take it; sometimes a half
bottle or whatever I need.   JLt is my
only medicine and I havc told many a
one about it.   Any one vvauting t��
. _**know more about Lydia E.rihkharii's
Vegetable Compound, I will gladly
- write to-her." I do all I can to recommend ifc for-1 feel Towe my life
* 'and. strength to'it." r-"Mrs, NeaIj
.Bowser, R.R.-1, Mine'sjng, Ontario.
Do you feel broken-down, nervous,
and weak sometimes?   Do yon have-
this Horrid feeling of fear which some?
times comes to women when thevare
not well?   Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is excellent to take
. at such a time. It always helps, and
if taken regularly, and persistently
will relieve this condition. O
Had Magnificent Pearls
Italy's Late Queen Mother Left Necklace to-King Victor .
A 57-foot rope" of pearls was willrfl
itftRing~-Victor""Emmanuel' by the late
Queen Mother Marglierlla, according
to iclinble report,? ol' a royal bequest.
' . JMarglierila's pearl.collar was second
only to .that of the Maharajah of
Kapurthala in value and beauty. King
Humbert began tho collar for his
(jueen and gave her a string of pearls
on eacli birthday, Margherita bought
other strings herself.     *"-
Tlic collar,  which is to go to the
king, consists'of 32.strings of pearls,
of a total length of   li)   yards.     Us I
value is 220,000,000 lire. ��� |
' Several    priceless    emeralds    ancl i
_��� /+
Maps By Aerial Photography
Canada  Said  to   Lead "the  World
This New'Development <i
Canada is making great progress in
thc "development' of. this., science'and
may, be said to lead the world.     The
technical direction of all aerial photography  for the Federal Government
services i.s centralized wiih the topographical  surveys department of ,the
interior, Ottawa, and'includes tho'fil-
ing.and indexing of prints of all photograph!; taken.  - The actual Hying is
doner by the Royal Canadian-Air Force.
Last year nearly 30,000 photographs
covering about 48,0'00   square   miles
were0 received,, and have resulted 'in
fhe production of maps which with
the photographs "have been of great i
use'to geologists,    foresters,    water-
power''engineers,' etc., in studying the
problems connected with the development of the natural resources.        __
The publh has been so much interested iu these very complete maps that
large issues luire been exhausted and
th~map.. have had   to -be 'reprinted.
Over fifty-two thousand view? arc now
on^file-and this inference library'is'
being freely consulted not only by the
fedrral services, but. by outside interests'.   . /
War Office Interested
Posties' Motorless Plane
. Tlie French war department has taken up an invention oMih-nest Dole, a
rural mail cariier, who says hc can
build a motorless aeroplane which, by
means of a system-of turbines, can ily
auywhori'. <
. Dole contends he-uses the resistance
of tho air as motive power, and, although ho is not giving away all his
secrets, his formula would appear to
put at nought most oC llie known laws
ot" physics.
Dut it appears -that the uir experts
of the government, nave decided to
take a good look at llie model; which
(he inventor sayg he has built aud
which flies handily without fuel and
wiLhout regard to wind currents.
The. mod el wliich Dole says he has
flown'is described as six' feet.across.
^He says he is now preparing to build
a mail'-oarryirig. machine for the government.      ,
For Aches, Pains,
The Safe Home Remedy -
Personal   Attendant v to   Late    King
Edward Leads Retired Life
Iu 18S0, when the late King Edward
was Prince of "Wales, a young member
of the, Cambridge police force, Arthur
Booty, was appointed special police
officer ln charge ofllio Jockey Club
at Newmarket, and~"later he became
! the personal altendanrof the- Prince
on the turf,
Today Mr. Booty leads a aulet life
as a gaidmior In the littlo village of
Khlwbina, near Cardiff, and Is well
known to the thousands, of city folk
who ilock to the-village in the summer.
He has many good tales to tell of
King Edward and of-Lord Marcus
Bores ford, wlio was trainer fo the
Prince of Wales in the ���eighties.^
King Kdward's generosity was well
known lo the ragged fraternity of
the turf in the eighties, and beggars
and tramps wero always hanging orund
the Jockey Club iu the-hope of attracting his attention. They often received a gift of a sovereign.-
At his homo ln Rhivbinii, the retired ollicer keeps a latgo number of
royal mementoes. . One that he especially prizes ls a diamond tie-pin.
Mr. Booty is a gardener of more
than ordinary skill, and was one of
those -who constructed the unique
floral clock���one. of the most beautiful 'floral works in the country���in
Victoria Park, Swansea.
' When sudden sickness comes, when
tlio kiddies fconio in with colds, their
little chests and throats sore from
coughing, quick results always follow
a vigorous rubbing with good old Nerviline. if it's Cramps, Colic, Diarrhoea, Nerviline Is a wonderful friend;
it-brings ease and com I or t so quicklv.
Snor"��n,ngMa71-0lcl';t0-0VerC0me th"��lover tne" fr
minor ills (hat constantly arise in the;
Planning Aerial Line
To Lonely Prison
Russian Jail is Situated on Island In
1     v      .White Sea
Russia wiirinaugurate an aerial service between the port oi Kcm and Solo-
vetsky Island In the Jrozen AVhilc Sea
for transporting political and'other offenders against the\ Soviet state who
have been exiled to Solovetsky riion-
astery.     Communication with the island has, beeu carried on by sleigns
ozen ice or by boat when
Free Rtcijic   DooJt���.
write tha Borden Co.
Limited,   Montreal.
home, nothing compares with "Nervi-
line.'V35 cents at all dealers.  ���
Great Men
_ "Some men arc boni   great,   some
achieve greatness, and some--"
"Just grate upon you."
"But surely,"' urged Jones
is believing?" -
"Not necessarily,"   replied   Drown
"For instance, I see you cverv dav.'"
Pain In Her Back
Has All Gone
i       ������ . -    ����_. f
Ontario LadfUsed Dodd's Kidney
.    Pills With Beneficial .
ithe ice thaws in the spring.
Situated in tlie middle of the frozen
White Sea, the island is one of the'
lonelie'St places iu the world and is
the most dreaded prison ' in-Soviet
.Russia*.    '
From the fifteenth 'century it was
used by the Czars as a place of banishment fqr ecclesiastical, policital and
secular dignitaries." ���
-Observed the Rules
lug Carrying Free State President
Had "to -Fly Union Jack
President Cosgiavc, of tho Irish
Free State, recently set out to repay
a call to the commander of ah American warship that visited Dublin. The
only vessel available to take the president out lo the warship was a tug, and
fcT. c. a7-��_r
Boy (to sis lor).���"Mra. Grubbs sent
yer four big apples, Milly/for takin'
care of 'er baby. I'ate two and lost
one, aud Billy pinched the other. Mind
yer thanks 'er when yer sees .'er."
Fowler had Suffered for Six
Months  with   Backache^ and   Fou"d
Relief in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
, Arthur, Ont  ��� (Special). ������ Mrs.
Grace  J.  Fowler, a well-known  resl- ,     ,   .   ,
dent here is very satisfied with Dodd's jt was pointed out to him that the tug
Kidney Fills. would   not   be   saluted hy, the Amer-
"I   havo   used   several   boxes 'of j^an  ship unless  it  flew  the  Union
Dodd's Kidney Pills and found- great' iL ha(1'becu defllllle]y laid
rnnilWir AMrClreliet   ln   them," Mrs. Fowler states. I
Mm Ul ILL OllilO!"1 lwe suffered with backache for six
She Couldn't Sleep
Heart Was So Bad
Mra. JrD.'McC'lintock, Charlotte-
town, P.E.I., writes:���"About a year
ago I was <greatly> troubled with my
heart.        . -
I could not sleep,at night; and was
'eo nervous I imagine'd  that' I could
sec everything in the room,moving,-
and would havo to turn on th& lights
before I could get to sleep.    '
After having read of you;   ' '
Mrs. Fowler's troubles   came   from
fhe kill no vs.     Dodd's Kidney Pills acl
other   jewels, are distributed among ifound rllom tl Perfect medicine lor 111-
Ihe family  by Alargherlta'a-vrlll, butjtle1 �����?;" '     '���,,."-
*o bulk of her estate *,e. fo Crown iMS^ deSrs^'t ^i,*0.;!, X
cents   a   box from 'The Dv. Williams
Baby's Own Tablets Should be iu
"   Every Home Where There
.   ' .' Are Children
The perfect medicine for little ones
js round in Baby's Own Tablets. They
are a gentle but    thorough    laxaAivo   ,.     M     -i     .;   -: :���     ,���,
which regulate the bowels, swcelen the &���<My on the kidneys They put
stomach; drive'out constipation and ��eni Jn shape to strain all .the lmpurl-
Indigestion; break up tolds and sim ! J.es 'n\\'o{ lhe b'��j?cl- ^i��iout pure
pie levers and promote healthful rej'Wo(,a there ciui.be iio ffood health. Iii.
rreshing slc.p. It Is impossible ,for 'sJst 0rl *a.v>' 1)odd *��� tlie luclne-v I'1"
Baby's Own Tablets to harm even thof'"our **''ghboura use,
new-born babe, as they are absolutely i ��� ���
guaranteed free from opiates or any
other-injurious drug.-,        -- v
Concerning the Tablets, Mrs. Alex.
J. Perry, Atlantic, N.S., writes:���"I
always keep Baby's Own Tahjets in
the house for ihe children, as I lfave
!down : -.underj. the International;., code
that; the .'Sinn Fein, flag cannot: be
remgniz_.eiu.a_u.a___mari timo=flag^==Mr<-
Cosgravye..,,; accordingly-; .niadoi[Xthe
gone. ' ���*r;am very;thanlcfui to ydu.
months. A friend of mine had-told
me nbout Dodd's Kidney Pills, so I decided���to���give-theiiranrial: rhlfve
taken six boxes and the pain in my
I took serenil boxes of tlioin, anS
ean now got a. full night's sleep without any trouble, and feci fine in everyway. ",        "
11. & N. Pills havo been on tli?
market for tlio past 32 yeajs; all
dealers sell them; put tip only by TI19
T. Milbuni Co., Limited, Toronto., Out.
Open College For, Settlers
,    "What is virtually an emigrants' unl-'
flag in the hows and a tiny.Unioii Jack-versitj- juls i)eeil established in Lon-
at the masthead.
Prince  Humbert,  wliom\she "partJou
larly loved.
For Political Freedom
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
LitSle Helps For This Week
W.   N.   U.   1614
Wants British Women "on . Par
Those in Dominions
"The women ot' Canada and Australia, liave been given the vote on equal
tel-ms with m6n. What's iht>. matter
with "the women of Great Britain that
they aie .denied-.the same political
freedom?" asked Mrs. pethiek LaV-
re'nee, wife of the Conservative member of the House of Commons for West
Leicester, -speaking at a meeting of
the Women's Freedom-League in London. -��� A resolution urging the 'government to pass legislation immediately'
grilling -Vonieii the --parliamentary
rotu at the same age and under the
same terms "as men, wag passed "un-
auluiously.      ��� - -   ,
Truth lies al the lioltom of tlio
well-,���and anglers never go there to
Tyclwuan: "I wish 1 had enough
money to gst'married." '
Climpson: "What would you want to
do th.it for?"
"I wouldn't:^   I'd buy
.a car,
,   Any doctor who gets out of patients
Is likely to' lose his temper.
ilan   . forgets \  when    questioned
about, things he never Jrnew.
Scalp Inflamed. Hair Fell
Out, Cuticura Heals.*
. �����.������
~" My daughter was troubled with
eczema for three years. It broke out
on the back of her bead and her
hair all fell but. The eczema scaled
over and her scalp was red and inflamed. It was very painful and th?
Irritation at night kept my daughter
awake. '
"A friend told tne about Cuticura
Soap and Ointment so I purchased
some and within a week there was
a decided improvement. I purchased more and after using two
boxes of Cuticura Ointment, together with the Cuticura Soap, she
was completely healed." (Signed)
Mrs. John Donovan, Lcwiston,
Minn., June 11,1924. -  '
Use Cuticura for-all skin troubles.
Suspia Saek Tim ���if Mali AMrtm Cumdiaa
Depot: IMhosM. IM. BeetmO.* Friu.Scap
Se. Ointmtnt 26 aad Wc Taken 8c
������������" ' Caticara SbaTiac Stfek 25c
Let this mind he in you which was
also in Christ Jesus.���Phil, ii., 5.
Teach me, then, ""   -
To harmonize tho dlsco.nl of my life,
And stop tlie piinTul jangle -of these
wires ���
I This is a task imp'osslhlo, until
I You I line your heart-strings to" a high-
1 cr key
Than earthly melodies.
_���Longfellow: .Michel Angelo.
Wc cannot gather too-much ofthe
Christian spirit���the spirit of forbearance, and peace "and sacrifice; the
spirit or brotherhood and charity; the
spirit of purity and.devotion to Him
through whom come all that renders
life noble anil -Hue'.���Horatio N. Powers. '
don,W.At','it," men and women going to
��� .-���..-��� y yxX'-xx Australia' will be, prepared to: meet the
"Didn't   I   .tell .> you   to gel white, new-conditions"' of'fife they-'-will faco
��"'"" ���������>*���'    ������' :������::..' and make, the'best possible u^e. of .tho-
but--1  land-: and '-.financial assistance^offered
by: the government. of,>Aiislralia..,'.*
"That's  while  bread,  mom
j dropped it ou Uie way home.'
Minard's  Linirnent-for  frost-bites.
Good Teachers Are Valuable
Gooa teachers ate worth their weight
in goIii;-the value of their work is beyond computation in dollars and cents.
To choose teachers with the -greatest
and most expert care, to expect of
them the very best that is in/them,
and to pay them well, is true educational economy.���Oshawa Keformer.
/Paring a corn is -both riski- and inef-,
fective.    It is much better to use Hol-
loway's Corn Remover and eradicate'
them entire'}-.
-Sand .Hutton, .In Yorkshire, has
three rjdiroaad stations and only four
trains a day.
Minard's Liniment for" Grippe -
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Rheumatism     Colds ..   Neuritis   '     Neuralgia'
. Headache Pain ���    , Toothache     Lumbago
Accept only "Bayer" package!.
which contains proven directions.
Handy '''Bayer" bosea of' 12 tablets
Also bottlesof 24 and 100���Druggists,
��� Aspirin Iitb��. trade mark '(rtfigter*d in Cuisda) ot .Barer -M��nnf*ctsre of. Uon6acetlc-
acldester ot SaHcrlteacId/(Acetyl Sallerllo Acid, "A. S.A."). /.WMle. tt -"te .Veil knd'sni
that Aspirin means Bayer maadfacttire, to assist the tmbllc igalnst lmltitltni��.' tie TableU
or Ba^tr Conipan/* wUl bt ���taaaped *Wlth  tielr geasral. trade mart the "Jiwr ftrn"
mark, t_t�� ������Bajer Gtom."
r ' ���' m
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
Js.50-when not paid for tllree months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the Uniled States $2.50, always in advance. ���       '
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pi eased
to have more money.
Carmi-Kelowna Road
In these days of highway building
it is not ^advisable to" overlook the
Carmi-Kelowna extension as a feasible
northern"route to the Okanagan. It
is understood that two Kelowna residents will make a preliminary survey
erh the uncompleted ������ portion of the
road between Joe Rich's and Carmi
early next spring. This is a move in
the right direction and should be
followed up by the-'united efforts of
the citizens of the Boundary and
Kelowna districts to bring before the
Provincial Government the need of
this road, which will open a large
stretch of country for settlement.
J* C. Dale, an old timer of Carmi,
is an enthusiastic booster for this road
and never misses an opportunity to
biing the issue before the public.
Mr, Dale recently wrote the Kelowna
Courier and weave reprinting his letter
along vvith the Courier editor's remarks, which should be of interest-to
our readers. W-
the Mcculloch route
vs keloyyna-naramatta
Houses That Glow
Do you like
Houses 7
That glow?
I'll tell you
Of one
[ know���
Right down
Our street!'
It is �������.
So gay,
. It seems to
"My dear,
Here's cheer!"
And daffodils
With me
From windows ;
.Frilled.       _      y
And there���,
A blythe young thing
(Of golden wing)
Merrily       _
To Spring.   W
ELLA. H. ECKEL,    ���.
y    (In The New Outlook.).
:-Albhg the'-.Baiiff-W
.: I
Jim Dale's Carmi Letter
"In reading the Vancouver Sun of
thc 5 th inst., I saw an article copied
from the Princeton 'Star, advocating
the construction of a road 'down tlie
east side of Okanagan Lake "to connect Kelowna with the country to the
south, In that article Mi.. J. W.
Jones, M.P.P. for South Okanagan,
is quoted as saying that the proposed
road on the eastVside of the lake is
the only way to reach ��� the south
country, but I would like to call the
attention of Mr. Jones and of any
other persons to the fact that there is
another and much 'better way to connect* Kelowna with the south than
the one he advocates, and that* is by
way of McCulloch, connecting'the
road that is already y,,built from
Kelowna to McCulloch and completing the link from McCulloch to
Ciirmi, which is,only/23 miles, three
miles, of which was built last year,
leaving only twenty miles of new road
to be built   .." ;,
This route would furnish the most
direct road from Kelowna" to connect
with the Trans-Provincial Highway
at Rock Creek, the distance between
these points being about #4 miles, or
routes. Notonly-that, but the grades
are better than of any other connection that could be made between
North and South. The route will
give, tourist's from Eastern Canada
and as far South as Mexico a straight
shoot as far North as they wish to go.
��� Now, Mr. Editor, I hope you will
give this feeble effort of mine.space
"in your valuable paper, _ and that .you
will help to*interest your readers to
take hold and push this, road through,
which3 I aft sure, is to our common
The Kelowna Courier Editorial Note
"The people of Kelowna would
like very much to have both roads,
and, as Mr. Dale probably knows, an
agitation has been kept up more or
less continuously to have the existing
road to McCulloch improved and extended to Carmi, but without result
so far. In fact, the Department of
Public, Works closed the road from
Kelowna to McCulloch over a year,
ago, on the ground that it was in a
dangerous condition from slides and
decayed bridges.. The "Department
has refused to spend any money upon
repairs to the road, presumably because it ends blindly at McCulloch
and its usefulness is therefore very
limited,   y
With the- approaching completion
of the link with the Coast throughithe
Fraser River canyon, it is generally
felt thaty, efforts for the tinie being
should be concentrated upon securing
construction of the Kelowna-Nara-
mata road, which js the missing link
in the main north and south Okanagan
y Highway, and in which the Okanagan
Valley as'a whole is naturally-, more
interested "than, in the route via the
*. Kettle River. Xy
.--��� Neither can * it be overlooked that
the road from Kelowna tp McCulloch
at bestywillalways be of the mountain
- type, with ,:a rise 10I three thousand
feet to overcome in about fifteen miles
of its wholeylength of approximately
������ twenty-six, so tKat it will not be feasible to keep it open during the winter
months.* The",drop-off from McCulloch to - Kelowna is much more
pronounced than on the Kettle Rivcr
side, Carrrii bein-? over one thousand
feet higher than Kelowna, -hence thc
road grade on the east side of the McCulloch divide is naturally much easier
than on the west side, and Mr. Dale
probably has the circumstances of his
environment more particularly in
mind when he speaks of easy.grades.
"The Kelowna-Carmi road will be
completed some day, which wilLeome
all the-earlier if the people of Kettle
River will push for it with all the
vigour they possess. The. people of,
Kelowna will be glad to assist later, ���
but at the present'time it is the general opinion that, th* Kdowna-Nara-
matta route-is indispensable and thai
it would be fatal to any hope of success of securing construction of that
road to prosecute a'crusade 'now: Lit
favour T of the Kelowna - Carmi
project."   .
Former Boundaryites
Hold Reunion in Trail
(1) Eiituince to ���"��� Kootcnn?- I'nrlc
from Cnnsulum1 Pat'sric'C-i'jmi*- *:*tt Sinclair Ciiuyon. "
(.;> U'lio, Basi-fi-'WEflacMiie-ee' Road
from Sinclair. -Cautyon.    ,
(3) Bnng.il<nv C.sni.i�� :it VermiUon
(4) MoHii-tstfci- KOi-iis^siiiiiflJius suit
provided hy 1'arlcs Dt'Ei:u-4:uent, 4o entice tlieiu down to 13ift border o�� tlie
llona. ,"���-.��� '    .
his is the BanH-Wiridermeie Highway. It really needs no introduction
. _ for it is'numbered among the most famous and most perfect M*6tor
highways in the world. Above are the latest pictures of some of the country,
it passes through, aiid'some of the mountain goats ine is sure to encounter
just outside Banff. * '��� .-���..'��� '..'���" ,,,,.,'
Here is what.the ,"Motor News" says about it: "This wonderful highway,
wide and smooth, and hard and level as any the old Romans or.the modern
Americans ever built, is in the Canadian Rockies. For 114 miles it twines
its tortuous way through,'.unbelievably magnificent mountain scenery, from
Ba.nS. the world-famous resort in Alberta,-to'Lake Windermere, in British
Columbia, clinging to-the brim of sheer precipices, cleaving through sheer,
canyons, skirting giant mountains, spanning giant rivers, overlooldng'giant
valleys and affording the most soul-shaking views of rivers and valleys and
mountains btretching away and awayfever so far, ever so deep, ever so
high, for eyer*.and. ever,,amen."     .1    7 ;
The mountains goa*s and sheep, incidentally, are quite tame and-little
groups of the mild-mannered creatures not infrequently make themselves
at home in"the middle of the roadway, and gaze wondefingly at the Lord
of Creation who wait impatiently'in their cars for pejmission to pass. 'Xy: X
SEND VOUR'    .:; ""; .1
'BOOTS ;anl'SHOES' ���:
* -     :-; > - .' i
.. w.''���'��� .     .   To i X w-"W-
GEO.\ARMSON,  Grand "Forks,
The 20th Gejituri' Shoe Resairer
\\\ work antl' materia!   guaranteed.-   We
,.pay postagf one wiy.'*' Terms Cash.������
...'"'." My'wife', Sarah* An uie lHggiii-,li;u-iiig^
left riiy 1)C<1 aiul lionrd'i witlioii't just cause
or provocation, 1 am i\(>t. responsible for
aiiy tie bis of her contracting.
Dated nt Midway, RC.-J* Jim. v.\, 1926.
Trail���Joy reigned supreme when
about 150 former residents of the
Boundary country, including; Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, Phoenix" and Rock Creek, but now Jiving
in Trail,'held a reunion, social and
dance in the Odd Fellows Hall here
on.Friday,iJan. 30th.
The affair, aresult of a movement
organized by -five ladies'. to bri ng former Boundary people together for a
good time, was attended with such
pleasing success that it will probably
beco."ne: an annual affair. The ladies
responsible were Mrs. R. A. McMillan?" Mrs. W. C. McKenzie,
Mrs. J Currie, Mrs. Gibson ancl
Miss Lilly Pickthall.
 The""whist drive,Xin  which  about
100 took part, featured".' the '"'earls
hours. The winners were: Ladies
first, Mrs. A. K. Kollmar,' consolation, Miss B."Jackson; men's first, J.
H. Harrison, consolation, C. Fransen.
Tasty refreshments were served.
THE MATTER of the Estate of FraiA
Forester Ketclium, late of Beaverdell In
the Province of British Columbia, deceased.       y> '
NOTICE is lioreliy fiiveu that'by an order
oi His Honour 'judge liro'vii, dated Uie J2t.li
day ofXiWemtierv A.D., 1025, IV. .1. C. Patlo-
son, of Bwivcrdell, v-as appointed'.Executor of
the Estate of the s:Vid FraiilcForesler Ketcluun,
all creditors and others liavirifi claims against
tlie Estate of the said TVaiilcForeslor Ketcliu 111,
deceased, who died on July lOtli, A.]>.,192.-i, are
hereby requited on or before the IStli of March,
A.D., 1926, to send by i>ost prepaid or deliver to
the said W. J. C. Patterson at Beaverdell,
B. C, Executor of ���. the Estate'of Fran lc
Forester., Ketchuiii, deceased, their Christixn
and siinia'nies, addresses and descriptions tlie
full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their account and the uattire of the securities
(if any) held bv them.
after such mentioned date the Executor 111 ay
proceed to, distribute the said Estate among-
the parties by law entitled there-to, haviuirre-
g-ardonly to the claims of which he shall tlien
have had notice and the Executorwill not be
liable for thc said Estate or any part thereof to
any person or persons notice of whose claims
sliall not have been received by liini at. tlie
time of such distribution. ..'.-..'���'���-������'
., DATED at Beaverdell, B.C., this'Wtli da-J-
6f Januan', 1^20.
"Vacant, '������ unreserved/ ; s*urvoyea
Crown lands may be pi-9-ftmiitod by
British siabjects over l$yea.rs of ag.e,
and by aliens on d'etlaxing. intention
to become British ��uibjectg, conditional upon residence,, occupa-tloii,
and   improvement ."* Cor   agricultural
ClothesXleaned, Pressed and
^Repaired       ^
also Shoe Repairing
C. A. CARLSON.  Next SwaynerHoiise!
purposes^ -       -���   ~^y~-    : : ������: ���-   ~~~
Tdll information cojiceminir regulations regarding pre-emptions ,. ia
ffi-vea, ln-Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-emiit LaiHl," qopies 01
which can be o-btaih��d free,;of charge ���
l>y addressing the Department ol
Lands, Victoria., B.C.;.or to any.Gov*
ernment Agent. '   Kf_,     ���
Records will be giaiited covering,
only land -suitable- ior agricultural
purposes,; and which la not. timber-
land, i.e., carrying oyer 8,000 board
foct per acre "west of thoCoiuit Kange
nnd 5,000 teet per acre' .east"of thatr
Ranee. . --/,-.
Ap-aillcations for pre-emptions aro
to bo'-ad dressed to; th�� Land; Com-
..missloner oC.the Land Recording Division, in whlchtho land tupplled for
Is situated, and are made on printed
fowris, copies of wliich can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
' Pre-emption's 'must i-o occupied for ���
five years and improvements made
to value of R0 per aero, .iricluding
clearing and cultivating ai least five
a.cro��, before a Crown Qi-ant can bo1
For more detailed LnCormation sea
Uie   Bulletin    "How    to   Pre-empt,
���,  ' PURCHASE	
Ajplication-3 are received for purchase of vacant and: unreserved
Crown lands, not, betng timberland,,
for 'agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-clasa (a.ra.ble) land is
?5 per acre, and second-class (frta-
Ing> land $2.50 per acre, 3Turtber In-,
foranatlon regarding purchaso or lejwo
ot Crown :iand-s Is sriy^n In Bulletin
No.. 10, Land Series, "-p-urchase audi
Lease of Crown "Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial.sites on
-Umber land, not exceeding- 40 acres,
ma/ be purchased or leas��ar tho conditions Including : payment W<rf
stumpage. ..* '������'������' ...   ', y -.-..:
;;���"}" ' HOMESITE LEASES   y,   'H.
Unsurveyed areas, -not exceeding 20
-acres, may be loaded, as homesltea,
conditional irpon a: dwelling beiryf
erected.'tn the first ye-ar, title being
obtainable after residence- &n4 to*
provement conditions are fulfilled
and land haa "been surveyed.
..W":   .'������'LEASES Xx'"'-'. \"
Pex  grazing  and   Industrial   pwr��,
posea areas not exceeding 640 acrso
"rnaj; be-leased by or^e ^wsoa or 'a
'c6n��'pany. . .*
. '��� > : GRAZBMQ   -.-.7,
-Under the Grazlmg JLct; tha Province Is dlTldedlnto jfra-zlng dlstrloto
and the range administered under &
Grazing -, \ .Cdmmlssioner- Annual
grazing permits ara Issued baaed on'
munfoera ranged, priority belfiir given
te established d^nesa. Stock-owners
may'form associations for xango
management.-Free, <oi partly free,
permit* are available to* nottler^
carapera ��ta4 t��i��dlMr% -ui��. to. wai
b**i7; ������-:'.;'.''-.";;;;^'
'���.ngtr ������
; TN architectural' keeping'.with' its
surroundings,  a  handsome new
station*has'.bgSn.built by the Can-
���adian National' Railways at Jasper,
Alta,, the headquarters of Jasper
National���Park,   to ^replace, the
'structure which, was-destroyed by
fire about one year ago. The new
building, which, is of natural bouldr
ers and stucco construction, provides ample room for the heavy
tourist traffic which has developed
to Canada's largest national park.
In addition to cbmfortable waiting
rooms,, the *:.building.-.-includes.; res-,'
taurant, ".'..* 'baggage .and ���. express .'*'
quarters1 as well .as. accomn-iodation
for a Canada'customs%officer,;who
is stationed*^ there' for they convenience of American arid overseas .vis- y
itors during,the.;suiriiner';-inc)hths.'';;
DENTIST       ������-;      -
(Jffice: McCutcheonaResideiice
Physician ani.Surgeon
W, Residence Phone 69
,   ..     Greenwood
of Canada,7timited?;W';7 7^^
-Office; Smelting and Refining Department 7     -^     y,/'.
,  :.       .' v   .   ���      TRAIL, BRITISH; COLUMBIA, yy;'7; ' yX^XXXx
Purchasers of GoldrSilv^r;CopperV;Leada^
Producers  ol   Gold,    Silver,; Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc 7
''.. ' '".'*"��� ."TADANAC'-I-BRAND' XyXXiX'x-X.  7
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
to end of December; 19 24
Has produced Minerals as follows:     Placer Gold, <$77,B82*953; Lode Gold,
...    '*   $118,473,190; Silver, $^824,579; Lead, 870,548,578; Copper^ $187^89,378; Zinc, "   W
$32,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals,  $1,431,349; Coal and"O6keiT$260,-880,04.8;_���')���. ������.'-���'-,-;Xy
xy-[    Building Btone, Brick, Cemenb, etc., :842,225,814: making its MineralProductioa   ^      7
,>'-;tp the end of 1924, show an_ :}x.y ,^} ,yx;;y^yX}[XX'-y "XXXXyXyX X[XX'- _.y
^roduc^on for the Year Endin^^
The Mining Laws of this Province- are more liberal, andy the ifgesrlpwe^ythan\thoseyqf any: other
}.���:'���': Province in fehe Dominion, or anj colony in fehe*Briiiat'Bmpue^'?;;'';y^.^/:.::S-^
(Mineral locations aYe granted to disco ver ore for nominal ���'feeeX.y'y[Xxy z) ���y}y}X}yy[:.y^XXiixi'XXyy
Absolute'Titles are .obtained by*, developing'such properties, fehe security, of whicb_ is guaranteed ^
./.   by Crown Grants.     *������'.*"���';. W-7' .-...    ������* '-x}y-      ��� ���-..*.:-    xy^yyy XyXx[XXxyxxX-'-i[)yXX^X[:
.Fall information together with Mining Reports1 and-Maps, may be' obtained gratis' by'addre88ing--r
:;_:."V;;: w:^
Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties,upon which development jvork.hasibeeh
done are described in some one of the Annual Eespprts * of the Minister ofy^Mines.j Those7
considering mining investments^ shonid refer, to such reports^y They are available .without;,
/charge on application to the Departmenfe of ,M
Survey of Canada/ Pacific Building,;Vancouver, are recommended; aa valuable Sources of
.information^" ��� xy-    'xyy     .'"'7' ���'''���yXiX':'yy:!x.'-'Xx;y,X-riz,.lz.[Xy:,y),.


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