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The Ledge Mar 18, 1926

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St.-. .'5'i^v s"->*<-*-'
/ )
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXII
No.   34
We carry a large line of .
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock ',
���> Agents for the
Victor Northern Electric Radios
2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Tube Sets at all prices
\ Specials for LENT
Malkins Best Sockeye Salmon
Is 40c      1-2 25c      '
K. D: Pink Salmon ls 20c
Finnan Had die, Sable Fillets, Kippers, Cod Fish, &c
Fresh Salmon and Halibut       - .
. Every Thursday.      N
^ For Quality and Value Order From ' Phone 46 ^,
%/   Now.On Disylay   J|
*�� We have a fine assortment of ~^��
gr . Hats and Flowers ~2
��=      -  also  ���    ^S
j�� Fancy Silk Stockings   ',' 3
����� Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs    ~3
*�� Mens Coif Socks & Sweaters ^
"r Sport Shirts         '   3
r Summer Underwear        ~3
%Z: Call^e'arly and inspect our goods ^J
���^ _.       ^
g Mrs. Ellen Trounson 3
��� ������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������>�������������������������������� ����������������������
��� _    i ���
t Edison Mazda Lamps !
10   -    200 Watts   125 Volts
Tungsten arid Nitrogen
Plain or Frosted
��� ;';:-   . '     Phorie"l7
��������������������������  ���������������������������.���������+**����.��+��.������*��*����<��4*+*   ���������*������������
Real Estate and Insurance ��
Fire, Accident & 'Sickness, Lifer-
Automobile, Bonds^Burglary, &c ������
Auctioneer      ;
Houses for Rent or-'Sale
Call at the.Off ice or    .
j   -        Greenwood. B.C. -    .'   ,;
We know that -the People of Greenwood
and vicinity-appreciate the service that
we have given tliem in the past."^ .
You can be sure of getting the best there
is without any delays
Let us have your
Watches and Clocks
We carry a good line oi
Watchmaker and Jeweler
"     .   F. J. WHITE, Manager.
1 Corporal J. fifl. Bella and1 Mrs:
Bella are now located in Duncan.
B.C. ��� '
Chas. Nordman, of Beaverdell,
spent a few days /in town this
week. ���
John Finlay," jr., left on Friday
last for a visit to his home in
Camp Lister.
L.Sortome, of Copper Mountain, is recuperating at his Jhotne
in Greenwood. "  -
Provincial Assessor S. T. Lar-
sen, of Penticton, was ia town
on Wednesday. ''
Born���To Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Riley, of Boundary Falls, a son,
on March'-13th.-->
R. Lee returned to Beaverdell
on Wednesday after spending- a
few days in town.-
Geo.-'S. Walters left this morning to attend a Rod and Gun
Club meeting in Kelowna.
Geo. Inglis returned this morning to Beaverdell," having recovered from his recent illness.-
A number of coast mining men
are examiniug several well known
mines in the Jewel camp this
week.     - '
The Pythian Sisters will hold
a Dance and Card Party in the
Masonic Hall,   Easter   Monday,
Hockey Dance $ Social
Huskies 25c per box
-' . ��� . ���--���-
Try them for thaj: tickling cough or sore throat.
A great preventative for the present contagious diseases
_ XreoDhos_JLl .OOfoerJbottle y
, For the obstinate coughs and colds
I   " ' '    - /
Milliner, Grand Forks, B.C.
Next to Henniger's Feed Store
Bridge St.
For Sale
Pure,.bred Chinchilla rabbits,
prize stock.   Apply to
E. F. Keir,
Box 626. ,Greenwood.
'For Sale'
���50-young-Ewesr-lO^with-l 926
lambs at foot.
George Pitman,
For Sale
A -few head of ..Registered
Ayshire heifers; also two young
bulls.   Apply to
_Chas. Bubar,
Beaverdell, B.C.
���We carry ouly the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, PorlC Ham, Bacon; Lard; Etc.
A trial will convince you '
Proprietor jj
h; w. r. MOORE, b. a.
_________ _ r >--**
In The Telephone Mirror^
Your telephone carries more than a voice-
more than mere words.- It carries your personality. When you tklk tov someone on the telephone, you leave 'an. impression���favorable or
unfavorable. If you are careful in your choice
of words, courteous in your manner, cheerful in
. the tone bf your voice, the telephofae reflects a
favorable picture of you. It pays to develop
voice personality. i
The United Church of Canada
Minister in charge
...  Rev. YV. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
-.   Greenwood
Sunday. March 2 ist.
Beaverdell 11 a. m.
���;, Greenwood 7:30 u.ra.
Born���At the Greenwood and
District Hospital, on March 13th,
to Mr. and Mrs. John Skilling,
of Eholt, a-son.
The curling season closed last
week and it will not be long before'golf and tennis will be the
games of the day.
Miss Olive White, deaconess,
at present working in the Kootenay Presbytery, was the guest
of Rev. and Mrs. W. R.' Walkinshaw on Wednesday.
. Miss,ft McGregor, -field secretary for the Women's Missionary Society of the United Church
of Canada, is. visiting in the
Boundary district this week.
R. G. Keys, Judge of the^Court
of Revision aud Appeal, presided
at a Court of Revision in the
local court house on Wednesday.
All appeals were satisfactorily
settled W
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richter
returned to their ranch west of
Midway on Tuesday after spending thewinter in Spokane. Mr.
Richter is "feeling fine after his
recent operation.
H: Pannell and daughter were
visitors in town from Midway on
Monday. Mrs. Pannell, who had
been a patient - in the District
Hospital for a. few days was able
to return home with them.
The Kimberley hockey team,
Intermediate champions of B.C.,
passed through Greenwood en
route home on Friday. S.* R.
Smith, a former Greenwoodite,
was a member of the team. ���* p
John Kerr and George Morrison arrived on Wednesday from
Powell River and are visiting at
their respective homes in ���> this
city; The boys says it feel good
to be back in old Greenwood.
John Swanson was brought to
the District Hospital on Tuesday
evening, hivingxreceived two
ribs fractured in a runaway accident at.Beaverdell. v Dr. A.
Francis attended the injured man.
This winter'the Hockey Club
proved   themselves^ to   be  real
good- genuine sports.    This was
admitted by all the papers iu the
East Kootenay.   On St. Patrick's
Day they   showed  their  sportsmanship by holding a Dance and
Basket   Social   in   the   Masonic
Hall and again thev proved that
they were uot only good hockey
players  but first class hosts as
well.    That there was a splendid
crowd  and  that everybody supported  the  boys as far as they
could demonstrated that the club's
efforts were  appreciated to  the
fullest extent.  'As predicted in
The Ledge the dance was a great
big    success���even   better   than
was anticipated, and taking all
things into consideration a big
and jolly crowd was present and
the boys certainly appreciate the
loyal support   extended   by   the
public generally.   The'committee
had gone to considerable effort in
making  all   preparations!    The
hall was in  first class condition
and   special    mention ' must  be
made of the excellent music supplied by-Mr.'and Mrs. Romstead,
of Ferry,   Wash.,   Mr. ' Love,'of
Beaverdell, Dr. Francis and Geo.
Clerf, while Mrs. T.   W.   Clarke,
of Beiverdell,  graciously played
the extras,and rendered Ireland's
patriotic    tunes,    thus    giving
enthusiasm  to   the   affair.     As
master    of    ceremonies    A.   N
Mowat .kept things on the move
and as auctioneer made the bidding snappy and let nothing drag.
Dr.    A.    Francis,    president   of
the   club   thanked     the   public
for   their    loyal   support    and
announced   that  $48   had   been
takeu at the door and $80 realized
by the sale of baskets* and also
that   the club   was in   a   good
financial standing.    The club is
figuringon making a substantial
don ation-to the Hospital.
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of February, 1926
Big Game Dates Unchanged
New 'regulations'- governing - the
open season on big'game and.the
.trapping-of fur-bearing animals were
made public last week at the Parliament Buildings,-.Victoria, following
their approval by the. government on
the recommendation -of the Game
Conservation Board.
This year's seasons show practically
no change from the seasons of last
year, as a. result of the Game Board's
deliberations at a private session . in
Victoria recently. The reopening of
trapping of muskrat and beaver south
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Com-
pany'j main line is .the only important
"departure-inlhe new rulesW These
animals were projected for five years
and this measure has restored them to
their original numbers, members of
the Game Board.explained.
Black bears will feel the effect of
the board's decision, as embraced in
the new mles'to allow their destruction generally with varying:'bag limits
for the various districts.
In the course of their meeting
members of the Game Board met
Attorney-General Manson, who explained to them the ' recent reorganization of the provincial game administration. Members of the board
stated afterwards that they were well
satisfied with the arrangements as outlined by the attorney-general. The
board will be kept in constant touch
with game administration in future
although not carrying on actual administrative worlc itself.
Last Thursday A. J. Morrison
had a very narrow escape from
being ��� crushed to death when a
huge boulder weighing some tons
became dislodged iu the Wellington mine at Beaverdell. A powder
box filled with ore was fortunately alongside and this saved Mr.
Morrison. -Dr. Francis went to
Beaverdell on a speeder aud after
considerable difficulty succeeded
in bringing the injured man to
the District Hospital the same
night. After an X-ray was-taken
it was found that his hip was
crushed and other parts of the
body badly bruised. Mr. Morrison isstill in the hospital and
doing nicely.
Jas. Kerr, deputy assessor with
headquarters - in. Penticton, is
spending jffew days in Greenwood this week on business in
connection with his department.
Mr. Kerr attended a conference of
assessors in Victoria last week.
The ladies curling club met on
Saturday afternoon and wound up
the business for the season. The
club made an excellent start this
yearcand has a membership of
nineteen which brought in $38 in
dues. It was decided to donate
half of this amount to the men's
curling club for. use of the ice
aud the balance to be kept for
next season. A .hearty vote ot.
thanks was tendered and a gift
of a box of cigars was made to
H. W. Gregory for the able
manner in which he helped the
ladies at the roarin' game. The
members are looking forward to
the next season.
Two women in a train argued concerning the window, and the last one
called the conductor.
If this window is open," she
declared, "I shall catch cold and
"If the window is shut," declared
the other, "I shall suffocate."
"The two glared at each other.
The conductor was at a loss, and
welcomed the advice of a man who
sat near. "First open the window,"
the man suggested, "that will kill
one. ' 'Then shut the window, that
will kill the other. Then we'll have
peace."     .
Gard of Thanks    .
The relatives of the late Mrs.
Louisa Thornton desire to express
sincere thanks to many friends for
their kind words of sympathy and
help, and for the beautifuFflowers
sent doing their recent sad bereavement.   -)	
Ledge Ads.  Bring Results
N. E.'Morrison
No. on roll W        .        32
Average daily attendance 26 32
Total actual attendance -. 52G 5
Percentage of attendance 82.25
Proficiency List
Grade X: 'Mildred McLaren;
Robert Mowat, Cicilia HallBtrom.
Ruby Goodeve, absent most of
month. \,
Grade IX: Edward Johnson,
John McDonell, George Bryan,
Annie ,8wanland, Jesse Puddy,
Mary Kerr, Silvia Price, Irene
Inglis, Pat Kempston, Leo Madden,
Renie Skilton, Vera Walmsley,.
absent during exams.
drade VII: Robert Mitchell,-
Allan :.McCurracb, Harry Hallstrom, Lawrence DuHamel,
Lewis Mitchell, Kenneth Stewart, Dan Kerr, Bertram ' Price,
Arthur Cox, Allan Morrison.
Helen McGrade) Edward Parry, -
Marguerite Ritchie, ��� Margaret.
Royce, absent during exams.
Regularity and Punottality:
-Lawrence DuHamel, Harry Hall-'
atrom, Allan McCurrach, Robert
Mitchell, Cicilia Hallstrom, . Edward JobnBon, Pat Kempston,
Mildred McLaren, Annie Swanlund, Kenneth, Stewart.
T. Crowley
No." on roll - . 37
Average daily attendance       32 37
Total actual attendance.   -    647.5
Percentage of attendance        87.49 .
Proficiency List:
Grade VIII: Rosie Bombini,
Helen Kerr, Andrew Anderson,
John Campolieto, William "Walmsley. ���
Grade VI: Robert Forshaw,
Eugene McGillivary, Jack Mor-
riaon, Cleo Toney, Thomas
Walmsley, Leonard Moll, Morris
Peterson, Frances Lucente, Lawis
Clerf. -     , X
.Grade,. V: . Eugene Spence,
Beatrice""'McLaren; Arnoltl"' B6m-~'-'*'
bini, Rosa Lncente, Roy Hallstrom,
Rose McGrade, Ruth Oox, Oliver
Newmarch, Munroe Spence, Charles
Royce, Leonard Lucente.
Grade.IV: John McGillivary,
Celia Klinosky, June Toney.
Hugh McCurrach,' Lawrence
Gulley, Alice Ritchie; May Clark,
Ralph 8pence, David Nichols,
Mark Madden, James Forshaw,
Leonard Sortome.
Regularity and Punctuality:
May Clark, Robert Forshaw,
Helen Kerr, CeliaL_ Klinosky,
"Eugene" McGillivary," John "Mc-
Gillivary, Morris Peterson, Munroa
8pence, Cleo Toney, .William
Walmsley, Leonard Moll.     ->
Vera A. Kempston
No. on roll        -       ���      ^~~     28
Average daily attendance       24 3
TdfeaLactual attendance    -   4S6
Percentage of attendance       86.78
Promotion List:
Promoted- to Grade III (a):
Ernest Johnson, William Moll,
George Hingley, Dorothy Boag
(6ie), ��� Victor Ritchie, Walter
Nichols, Clarence Sortome.
Promoted . to Grade II (a):
Harold Ritchie, Ernest Cox, Peter
Maletta, Jack Clark, Glenn Toney.
Promoted on trial to Grade II
(a): Louis Lucente, Edward
Promoted to Grade II (b): Eric
Oox, Madonna Bruce, Gordon McGiUivray (tie) Burton McGilliyray,
Douglas Stewart, Margaret Mc-
Cnrraob, Kathleen Madden.
Promoted on trial to Grade II
(b):    Cecil Maletta.
Remaining in Grade II (b):
Gordon Sortome. *
Promoted to (I a):   Jack McGrade,'  Roland   8kilfeon,   Dorcas -
Promoted   on   trial   to    (I a:)   ���
Thomas Forshaw.
Remaining in Grade I (a):
Virginia Boag.
Regularity and Punctualits:
Virginia Boag, Eric Cox, Ernest
Johnson, Gordon McGiUivray,
Cecil Maletta,. Clarence *-Sortome,
Gordon Sortome, Douglas Stewart,
William Moll.
Mr. H. W. R. (Moore, -banister
of Greenwood, leaves for Victoria
on the Saturday-morning train,
to conduct- a trial before Nthe
Supreme Court. Mr. Moore hopes
to be back at his office here on
Wednesday or Thursday of nest
A' ti
i]^_0ni $4 tfk '{tmsf'^iack
���Skd %w,, ChaagcPekvclcax
World W^ide Reforms
All worth-while reforms are slow of accomplishment becauso the people
of the world are essentially conservative iii their thought find action, It is
perhaps well that this should be so, otlienvisc-naiious might be slaTrfpoileci
into tho ti<_<H*i> lance of unsound theories and hastily concelvetl aiul jll-consid-
fzvd policies leaving loss, suJfe'ring and rum in their'ivalie.
But there is such a thing as being too ultra-conservative, and so bound
ft? ��� old-time, precedent and usage thai vise'progress and sane-advancement
is mack; extremely difficult'and ���for long years imyossiljlo. Such extreme
conservatism is baneful. Danger Tnerc may be from the opiimisiic reformer
who urges his pet theory or scheme as a "cure-all" for tlie ills from which
mankind aad the* body politic may suffer,, and as the key which will open the
door to Utopia. But there is equal danger from the chronic pessimist who
scoffs at everything 'new and declares "it won't work."
.0 For. a long time there have been advocates of-a ..reform of the system of
���currency in Great Britain, and of the systems of weights and measures in Great
: Jiritain,* Canada, United Stales and some other countries. These advocates
"have consistently and persistently urged the adoption of Ihe decimal and
metric systems._ They liave carried ou'a work'of education which apparently
is going to bear fruit. At all .events, oflicial cognizance is being taken, bolh
in Britain and the .United States, of the growing strength,'of thc demand for
'���reform in these matters: ���*;
Great Britain, with its world-vide trade and commerce, cannot afford in
���these days of rapid communication and transportation,  and intense world
���competition, to cling, to its'preseut rather archaic system of pounds, shillings
and pence, when all the other great trading nations hare .adopted thc decimal
system.      .. *���'*���������''.
Nor should Canada and the United Slates continue "to adhere to their
���equally out-of-date systems of weights and measures with twelvo inches to a
foot, three feel to a yard, 1,760 yards to a mile, two pints to a quart, four
������quarts to a gallon, not to mention grains;-.ounces, pounds, pedes, bushels, tons,
���etc., with avoirdupois and troy weights.
The .adoption of the metric system of weights and Measures would cuor-
���mously simplify not only all international'.commerce but our own domestic
'���'business as veil. Soldiers of all nations serving in France soon discovered
���how simple and easily understood is this metric system, and undoubtedly
���their experience and knowledge is having its effect iu influencing the more
pronounced'iLglialioh for this, reform which is in evidence ihroughout the
���world. '.:...-���''
Another "question which is ��� coining to the'" front is the-reform of the calendar. Interested as-it is in the removal of all causes of misunderstanding,-
and in promo-ting the most friendly internationalism, the League of Nations
is taking an ���active part in connection with these reform movements, and at
the present time one of its' coimifR'toes is giving -con'sideration lo numerous
plans submitted to it, providing for a reform of the calendar. One of the
few plans K's-erved for fiirther study" out of the large number submitted is by
��� a Canadian; suit! provides for a year ���of thirteen monthsvyeach of 2S days.
Under this.plan*the first day of each month would be a Sunday. The present
names of the months would he continued, but a now month created our. of rhe
���last half ot" June 'and-the ilrst half of July. In order to'.make up the full
365 days of Llie year, there would iWone day at the end of the year to be
known ay "Vearlliriy." -The convenience of having all months of eaual length,
���and of having the days'of the week always jailing on the same dates, can
���hardly be': overstated. ��� ..
There would naturally and inevitably be some confusion at first during
the short period of readjustment from the present time-honored sj seems and
[ customs .to the new, hut the admittedly great economic gains and conveniences
whiohwoukl result from these proposed 'changes would purely Tar out-weigh
the temporary, inconvenience. ......
Canada led the world,,in adopting the now universal system of standard
time under'which the globe is .mapped' out in zones villi in which the lime is
uniform. 'Canada, like thc United States, has.a decimal monetary system.
Why should the Dominion not lead the way on this ".continent at least by
adopting the. metric system of weights and measures,'and also throw the
weight of its Influence into the scale in favor of a reform of the calendar?
New. Steel Takes Razor Edge
Modern Product Developed By Ohio
Man Is Hard, Yet Pliant
Many of the qualities^of the celebrated Damascus steel are said to be
found in a modern product which an
Ohio man has developed by a secret
process. He combines iron aud carbon in such a way that the resulting
steel vlll bend, keep an edge of razor,
sharpness/Is tough and can be driven
through other steels without breaking.
A-bur of the material, iifteen inches
long, was tempered to five different
degrees, one end of It being hard
enough. to cut glass, a section was
sharpened like a razor and would cue
dry hair without honing or stropping,
while other parts in the same bar
would cut off a spike-under blows of a
hammer, would spring or could be
bent backward and forward with thc
Thumb and forefinger without breaking. . Vanadium is an important Clemen I used in the preparation of the
steel.���Popular Mechanics.
fllO! DIES"
Just   Dip   lo   Tint   or   Boil
to Dye
Each 1 f>-cenfc package   contains' directions so simple any
woman can tint soft,
delicate   shades   or
dye rich, .permanent
colors    in    liiigerie,
silks, ribbons, skirts,
.re sscs,
sweaters,   draperies,
coverings,   hangings
'erytliing! t ""      '
Buy Diamond Dyes���no other kind���
nnd tell your druggist whether thc material yon wisli to color is wool or aillc, or
whetlici it is linen, cotton or mixed
Through Service For
Steamship ^Passengers
Canadian Pacific Rail-way. Inaugurates
Through   Tourist   Sleeping   Car
For the convenience of western passengers enroute to the Old  Country,
the'Canadian Pacific Railway have In-
augurated a through tourist sleeping
car servico  from  Winnipeg  to Saitu
John, Nil.
She laughed!
Thought It Was a Joke
Brooklyn. Mrs. K. Kummer writes.
���"Please lake notice that I can write
again, r have been troubled with what
I thought Rheumatism. I laughed
.when someone suggested that I .try
Carter's Little Liver Pills for I never
thought that my trouble was constipation. About three monlhs later "I
found out. that I am a now person. 1
am thankfiti to you i'or the help your
pills have done for mo and my'
Carter's Li I tie Liver Pills remove
the comdlpaiion poison from the system.     Not habil  terming.
Pruggists 25 �� 75c red packages.
Famous Carpet Being
Exhibited In Paris
Made In Persia And Is Value At
Valued at ��120,000 a famous Persian caipet recently arrived at Paris
Tor exhibition in tlie Louvre. It is
known to collectors as a "hunting carpet," and was intended to be carried
by slaves t'o be spread as ^a .resting
place for the Shah, Lions, "tigers,
panthers and stags alternate with
flowers.of exquisite shades of cream
and rose. France, if the carpet remains; will be liable to ��20,000 customs duty. Its owner has "already refused an "American offer of ��200,000
for the carpel. _ It was formerly'pari
of the Austrian imperial collection,
and was sold with the consent of the
reparations .commission. .According
to tradition lhe carpet was given to
the Austrian Emperor Leopold-In 1698
by l'eier the Great of Russia.
Could'Stand Greater Unity
Canada and Australia Not As Intimate""
As They Should Be  N
Every dominion within Ihe British
emplro will Join in congratulating the
Australian Commonwealth upon the
I3Sth anniversary of the establishment
of British Government on the island
continent. Although Captain Cook
fhat raised the Union Jack on Australian territory In 1770, thus taking formal possession of the unknown land,
it was not until 'eighteen years later
that Britsih rule was formally set up
in Sydney. From the sordid beginning of a penal settlement for poor,
wretches sentenced to transportation,
Australia has grown to be a self-governing dominion" of states, paying.its
way, progressing .teadily towards'definite Ideals, upholdinjWlgid'ly British
standards ot juslice and right, and yet
developing a strong nalional spirit.
'flic relations between Australia
and Canada have not heen so closu
or so intimate as tliey might well
have been. 'Both countries are to
blame in varying degrees for this. We
Kre Australia's nearest .neighbor vllh-
in the empire looking eastward. We
are her easLem link with the centre
of the,empire. Tlie clos'er Canada
and Australia draw together, the
stronger lhe_cmpire becomes hy ttiat
linking up. Though each country
has^iis own individual national aspirations, and each ils own flestiny ro
achieve, there are many directions In
which lhe two can walk together.���.
Monlreal Star.   *'
Baby's Own Tablets Are Effective and Easy to Give
Vou do not have to coax and threaten to get the little ones to take Baby's
Own Tablets. The ease with whicli
they are gi/en, as compared wiih
liquid medicines, will appeal to eVery
mother. a None is spilled or wasted:
you know just how big a dose ban
reached fhe little stomach. As a
remedy for Ihc ills of childhood :m\a-
To, Aid Starving Indians
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Leave
For Far North With Provisions
A detachment br the Ro>;al Canadian
Mourned Police left Fort Sniilh recently on a long trek into the Barren
Lands in an effort to save a band of
Eskimos from death by'.starvation.
Word reached Fort Smith of the
plight of the 'natives' and -Corporal
Blake, a constable from the regular
staff and a special constable, left with
two Indian dog team drivers, A large
quantity of- food was- carried on the
sleds. The-location of-the band of
starving caribou eaters is.believed to
be 250 miles northwest in thc Barren
Indian Killed In
Jump From Aeroplane
Tho World's'Beat
Typewrite. ��� For
ss.oo -
Ba-lance in small monthly payments
(J Send no money. "Mail tho
���" coupon to our nearest oflice.
United Typewriter Co., Ltd.
303 Port Street
307 7th Jive. W.
1860 Cornwall St.
10037 Jasper Ave.
140 Seymour St../    York Bklg.
Send me particulars of your bargain
offer of an Underwood Typewriter.
[>ciTnG ��� ��������������������������������������������*��������*������ ��������
Falls Heir To Fortune
Orphaned at the age of five, a bride
of-.Ui, a .scrubwoman at 17, toiling tor
a meagre .wage to .augment the small
pay   earned '��� by -her husband, Selena
.  Campbell-,-1-7 Madison, Wis., now, see's
the world atJier feet. ..W
' She has fatten heir to $750,000. .  An
.....uncle., she',-.ne.vcr._kn'ow,. .Tolm.Jtandall,
��� died recently at Indiana Harbor,  tn-
diana, leaving an estate "of $750,0.00
without  .it   will-and.without.'known'
relatives except Selena-'Campbell.
Her .husband,   Michael,   is'a; sign
: painter.
Customer:' Why does that dog sit
there and1������watch me all the time?   _, ���
Waiter: I suppose you , have the
ptate he always eats from.
lion  and  coastipalion       1  Have also
Trying  Stunts  With   Parachutes  But
One Failed To Oj>fn
Jaelc   Miller,   an   Indian, at Santa
Monica. Cal.. is dead as a resulfof
jumping lrom an aeroplane with ten
These cars will leave Winnipeg onlinW(,.om deiangemenis of lhe shorn-
"The Imperial" at 10.00 a.m. every jach and bowels ihey are most satis-
Tuesday   unlit    April 20t.1i. jira-.iding jlaolory.
through service io thi- ship's side ai j^;/^ *'!^| J<'!nhV5 Owf Tal^ intending   to   use thohi
Saint ,Tohn. ^_ j i0tK jn  iHo Canadian  Northwfsi   am: ione by one. until he had discarded all
This  service  wil]   prove  extremely i found them a wonderful nu'dieine for'btif lho last one.
popular    with    passengers   from   ttie childmnV; lrouhl-s   especially- indig.-s-;    TIe sucqessfullv cut loose from three
_ lin.i mi.) .,!���     llil   Hull    l.1l_ TYl ���.!-!__ Ill (.���_"������* ^ I ���
prairie provinces, eliminating   as    it
does, changing trains at Montreal.
Oil Flame Bums In Water
Reirurkable     Discovery     Has     Been
Made  By   Belgian  Scientist
A 35elgian scientist has succeeded in
discovering an oil flame that will burn
for weeks submerged iu water witlt-
Says Lloyd George Has
No Political Future
Will Never Unitt Liberal Party
���-... Opinion of Sir Henry Lunn
' -Mr. Do yd'" George has no future as
a political leader, iii'thc opinion of Sir
Henry Luuiv British traveller, former
M.p;, religious, journalist and philanthropist, "whoseJ renuncla lion of his
private fortune to be devoTed to prp-
motiug'.unity in the churches and peace
among the nations of the world was
announced recently.
Sir Henry gave as his opinion that
Mr. Lloyd ���.'George is never likely to
unite the Liberal-party.  '
"out going oui, and by which most of
given them to my children for. simple1 paracluitos. hut  when ne cast  away
fever and Hie ivstlessness accompany- ��� lrom lhe lourlh he was so close to the
ing toothing and thcy always gave n- | ground   that  the   next  ono   fill hid  to
lief.      I cau roumuiiond  Baby's Own
Tablets to all mothers."
.in*!-sold t>>
Baby's   Own    Tabletf
medicine dealers oi    by   mail   at    a
cents a bo\- from The Ur.  Williams'
Medicine C��.. r.rockvillc,M3i_l.
Tic fell 300 feet, sustaining ln-
froni w'n'"ii V' ci mT
From Rome To
Washington By Auto
Ambitious ^Plan   of   Italian   Engineer
May Be Put Into Effect'  -
Anton Daini, an Italian engineer,"
with the support 'bf the Italian Government, announces he will attempt
the unusual���a motor eai- trip froni
Home to Washington.
Baini's plans read as a page from
Jules Yerne. He announces that he
has invented an amphibious .motor
car,^ which will be able to navigate
rivers and not'too stormy seas. Tho
intrepid Italian plans to start bis ven- (
turesome journey from Venice, going,
to Trieste, thence to Constantinople,
Trebizohd, India, Burma, Indo-China,
China, Japan, and Vladivostok.
From Vladivostok, Dirini plans to
head his amphibious automobile- for"
the Behring Straits and leaving the-
land will drive his navigable motor
car across the Behring Straits to
Northern Canada, ''thence to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Chicago, Cleveland,
Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia ami
Washington.   > Date for the-departure
lias'not yet been set. ,
i    . '       . /
;_   ;.   ^'   A Clever ^ntywer
', A'   newspaper   publisher offered as
prize for lhe best answer to the conundrum,  "Why  is a newspaper  like; a _
voiuan."     The prize was won by a
ladr, who sent in this aawwer:  "Be-
the heat loss of an ordinary boiLer is
avoided. A device similar to a carburetor blows a spray _of crude oil
mixed with,air into the burner under
pressure. Water is kept out of the
burner until the flamcis well started,
and then allowed lo rise around the, il)ff aiways make each other tired
flame and oover_it.    "The inventor Is
said to have obtained almost .perfect-
efliclency by putting Ihe flame directly into the water, 'z
Asthma No Longer Dreadeil.     The
dread of renewed attacks from asthma
 ]jas no ]10i(j Upon    n10Se   \rho^ havc
���v Self Defence lt_n:_.n.u u. .    . . ij.j_i im   .i._1_) _.vijij>jf,g,ri
'���-nn von nilmivd Uie W-lesr d__ nec^""   Aslhina   Remedy.   .So ��ale  do   Ihey..       4, ,.. ,_.,..
-No,'declared Miss Cayenne. ,on ihis true specifm with the certainty bol4;/      -      ���
--   ���    ��� - j- - J.
i cause every man- should''' have one of
"Yet you were out. on Iho floor." uial il will always do all that its limit-
"I'd  rather  dance  (hem ihan  Iook ! ers claim.     If you havo not yet learn-
at them"           " '<0(l llQVr f''!L'0 J0li are w"'tl1 <ll*is Pr**l,ai"
- .  | ation al hand get it. to-day and know
.                                  ._.-,' i'or votirself.
The people who talk without think-j -y -
ing and those who think without talk-
to take, risks on their air castles.
Want Designs For Cenotaph
Fund For Prince Albert War Memorial
Is Now Complete
The  Prince  Albert  War Memorial
Association has decided to go ahead
It's a great pity   that   men   can't vIlh fll��J- S(.leclJon  0f "desigas for a
find an insurance    company    willing jJOfOOU niwi,0rlal to be erected in the
jcity, which is to be unveiled and de-
idicatod next Armistice Day.   - The as-
UociaUou is? inviting Canadian sculp-
Itors to sulmiil designs without delay.
The amount required has  been  raised by voluntary subscription and the
memorial is to occupy a commanding
position in Victoria l'ark, on the _.uu.:
mit of the hill which overlooks (he
city from the south.
Castona is a pleasant, harmless-. Substitute for Castor Oil,
���Paregoric,   -Teething   Drops
and  Soothing .Syrups,, espe-
''cia'lij ���jprcpa.red*. for-Infants in arms and ._Children all ages.
To avoid ianltations, always Jook for .the signature of CC^^y&^Mit
Prov-n "directions onyejjch package.   Physicians everywhere recommend it
Wedding Gown of Banknotes
The r-eigii oT prosperity in the'rubber productig areas of the Dutch East
Indies, resulting from the high price
of tli at product, has brought on a
spendthrift wave among the natives.
The Borneo Post tells of. ihe wedding of the daughter of n native rubber king, in which the*'bride's gown
was made entirely of Dutch banknotes,
sewn together and cut where ver
nccessary, regardless of Iheir value.
Date Wot Yet Fixed,
Correspondence in regard to thc
next imperial conference has beeii
passing between the British and Dominion Governments. The date suggested for the conference, it is understood, is at the end or October, but so
far as can be'ascertained, there has
not yet been a definite agreement",
A Citizen
"Who is governor of this state?"
"Fellow I haul ashes for."
MinardVLiniment used by physicians
W.   N.   U.   1620
In your grandfather's time a
.man lived a vigorous, out - door
life. The red blood bf coilrage
was in every line of face and
showed in every muscle of his
Strength of body and strength of
purpose mean success.
Golden Medical
That Reliable Herbal  Tonic, 'from
your nearest druggist, in either
fluid or tablets.
It will aid digestion, make your blood
redder and you will be ready for any
j   task that may confront you.
Internal parasites in the'shape of
worms in the stomach and bowels of
children sap their vital Ity" and retard
physical development. .They keep the
child In a constant stat*1. of unrest, ahd
if not attended lo, endanger life. Tho
child can he spared much stiffening
and the mother much anxiety by Using
a. reliable worm remedy, such'as Miller's Worm Powders, which are sure
death to worms.
, Don't think that because'a soft answer turns away wralli that it .3vM
worlc the same way with-it boob ageni.
Keeps BYES :|
Clear, Bright and Beautiful*
Write Murine Co.,Chica8o,fc��rI-yeCateB_>ok-;
'.    Plan Spanish-American.Air Line
Schulte Frohllnde, chief director of
the Italian branch of tli ft German Dor-
nler Metal Aeroplanes. Company," has
arrived at Madrid to organize a regular mail and passenger service between Spain and the Americas.
King Fuad to Visit London
King ljuad has accepted an invita-
I Ion from King George lo visit London,
lie hopes to make the trip early ^n
June, after the dpening of- the Egyp-
tlon Parliament.
Corns are ^painful growths.     Hollo-
way's Corn Remover will remove them.
Are Just The
with *
"Do you believe in fate?" lie whispered, as she moved a little closer to
"Well," she answered, >'not, exactly,
but I do know that what's going to
happen will happen."        ���,    - .  ,    '
Minard's Liniment for colds
ARE CCIt-VBLE. Ir 'you auft��i from log
Borca or Varicose Ulcers, I -will send yoa
absolutely I'Ulil! a. ropy oi my Janiom.
boolc that- tells-how to lie rJa ot tlies*
troubles for all lime 1>J- using- my^ro-
marltable painlesB treatment. 3t In different from an>tl)!nff you ever lieaiJ of,
and'tha result of over 25 y��ara special-
121ns. SlmpW send your nnma anil ml-
dress to Dr. Jt. J. "WHITTIEI.," Suite 2*9,
4BX East 11th Street. Kansiu City. Bto. .   >
No. 1 roi Bladder Catarrh.     Mo. 1 foi JBlood ft
Skin Dlieaiu. No. 3 forCbronlo'Wea'Bt.ecsei.
SoIin>j.eadlngCberal��t��,oreliherN'o.r��tumra.._lfror__ ���
DR.LECI.ERCMel-Co Hiveritncl _td.W.WS,l.oni>i)a.
��X MsillSl.lO. <��Wit packets for -S8, 59'. f'O"*
11, rM!��r sikeh SASr, Toxomc. pat.. Cwu��
nan 1
- ...  Says Earth Is.Only Speck
German^ Astronomer   Has   Come
America to Measure Stars
The earth. the-s��n nnd its entire I
solar system are in-ihe very centre of
the Milky Way, according to Dr. Waiter, Eaacle, noted German astronomer,
who has a'rrivo.jfin (he United Slates
for a year's" study of the'! heavens
through American telescopes.
Dr. Daade, guest of honor at the
meeting of the Astronomical Nelgn-
bois at Now Ilavjju, Go mi., .outlineti
the scope of his losearch plans for the
Associated'Press.'- -He.has come"io
this counlry to miikp. a special-sluiTy
of measurements In the Milky -Way
and to accumulate "more facts about
the great mass of stars h/the,nebula
���of which" we are a part."
We are only a liny   speck. In   the
Will Climate Become Warm
Scientist  Believes That  Canada  May
Lose  Most of Its Winter Ice
and Snow
Canada may bask, iu a-tropical sun
in summer and lose most of her customary   wi.iter   ice and snow, while
fears of mankind's extinction- under
What Thrift
Cannot Do
Must Be a Balance On the Right'Side
'Between Wages' and Cost of
Living '-   -
" Objection to old age pensions is
founded on the theory that they will
dlsqourage thrift. But will thrift���'
the sternest hind of thrift���assume to
the average individual in advanced
years means of livelihood? On this".
point statistic^ are illuminating, says
tho Moose Jaw Times.
According lo the 15)21 census, there
were -in Canada 1,620,0-1.5 families hi
'receipt of incomes of less than $2,000.
There  wore  2,322,035    married ' and
single men over 20 years of age without sufficient income to- pay income
tax.    According- to the Dominion department of labor the-average yearly
earnings   of   both   wage -and salary
classes in the manufacturing industiyv
,amounted"in 1921 to'��1,002..      '       /
Against these figures may he seethe
labor department's latest estimate lfor
a minimum standard of living. . According to-the labor   department,   a
family of'five* persons would be com-
' pellet! to spend $3,144 a year for foods,
fuel, lighting and" rent.     The figure
exceeds the average annual earnings
in  1921 by $142? while  clothing and
other-necescaries are still unprovided
for. ,   W    -���<*->
- As ivages have remained fairly stationary since 1921,"it is easily seen how
impossible it is for the average worK-;
er fo save for old age.     One spell or
_sickness   o.'   of   unemployment���and
away go tho small savings accounts
built W) under so.great a handicap. .
Commenting-on these stallstics, the
Winnipeg    Tribune    says that ."until
there ls a balance on the, right side
r between the average wages paid and
th minimum standard of living figures
set by the department 6f labor, them
is nothing in Ihe'argument  that old
age pensions-payable at 70 years of
-age will discourage'!hrifl."
Thrirt is' mighty, as lhe Tribune well
says, but 1( cannot perform miracles.
.   a
centre of this great constellation, j glacial blanket will be unfounded if
with a diameter of 25,000 ��� or "30,0.00 j Geological theories put forward by DV.
light .years,"'Dr. Baade    said,    "an.ljA- 1'' Coleman before Ihe Royal-Caim-
witli the enormous telescopes in trie
United Slates we can see through our
own Milky Way, into thousands of
other Milky Ways, just as large as our
own. 'J'he nearest start in our nebula is only three lighL years away, while
the nearest-'separate constellation,
known as Andromeda, is more than a
miflioa light years awav."     -
New Chemical Element Found
Professors     of    Illinois     University
Credited  With the Discovery
Discovery 0I" -one of 'the Ave unknown chemical elements has been announced by thc .-University of Illinois,
lie work of Dr. II, s. Hopkins, professor of inorganic chemistry, assisted by
r* P. YiUema flud J, S. Harris, of the
chemistry staff.
It was the first time such'a discovery ever had been made In the United Status. The new element Is
knownJn the chemical world as Number 61. Eighty-seven of the possible
92 simple substances known on lhe
carlh which hare made up all-compounds tliat exist previously had been
isolated and identified. It is the combination or theses anon.-, elements that
make up matter.
The    specially    constructed " X-ray
machinery with which fhe work ..was I
carried  on was  designed  and manu-
faclured on Hi*, campus.
The mosl recently discovered  element   was   hafnium,   announced
Some Interesting Road Signs
Tired.Motoris's Find Cause For Smiles
Along Lincoln Highway
- The tourist sees many signs as he
travels along, some of "which "bring
grins to tired faces. Here are a few
samples to be found along the Lincoln
Highway in the western states..
Speed limit in this town: 15 miles
an hour. One day, for even- mile*over
Ihai.      N    - \     "
Oyer 1,^00,000 injured in 3923. Keep
out of this census. -,- "
Keep your hands on the wheel. - Let
your girl hug herself.     >���-..'.   -
.There   aro   three "'grades of eggs.'
There, is but one grade- of crossing,
and that's ..dangerous'.- ,'  -."'-   -X-X
Don't try to scare locomotive's with
your horn.
Accident insurance is a good'thing
to have Avithout tlie accident.
Our roads aro wide and smooth, but
some.drivers are narrow and rough.
,\Ve hare seven good hotels and one
jail.    -Take your pick.      ,     W
,^ Your grandfather-lived to be old because he had sense, and so did the
horse.     ' ' *\
There; is room for. two hands
wheel.     No more ahd'jio less.
The minute.you save-1 mav he
last. *" :
on a
Electrical   Instruments   WilJ   Reveal
Virulence of Killing  Power
The discovery of methods for measuring with electrical Instruments fhe
virulence- of killing-* power of- pneumonia'germs from which it is possible
to ��� determine   how much chance the
pal lent has of recovery, Is announced
by Universlly of Chicago investigators.
It is hoped (he experiments will ho
useful in developing a scrum for the
euro ��� and   prevention   of pneumonia
antljn determining   how   the   serum
Dr. I, S. Fallt, nssislant professor of
this ore iu the earth's interior, anu|llJ'B|eVp  an'1  Selenology,  conducted
although   sparsely ^ disseminated tlie jthr* experiments,
sum, total   is   very   great as a heat-1    Tho   Investigator   also   said he had
radiating'.factcr. ���   In the process of'founfI molhods to Increase or decrease-
tending   1o    break *up;tlie virulence of pneumonia germs al-
mosl at will.
Can Determine Power
- Of Pneumonia Germs
dian Institute are tenable,
"It is now believed fhat the internal heat of the earth is constantly
increasing instead of growing less," hej Copenhagen in .IS23
said. "The older geologists favored
Ihe nebular hypothesis which reached
fhe "conclusion ihai -in cooling down
the earth contracted, and thereby gave
off heat." Under this liypothesis (he
earth would in millions of years ue-
come a lileless* frigid place.
"This theory seems well on the way
to"be superseded. Prof. Joly, of Dublin University, has worked out a theory
to explain mountain building changes,
level of land, and many-other activities of.the earth by the action of
radioactivity," he continued.' "This
theory seems to be the most, reasonable to. the geologists of the present
time/''        ��� ������  - -
To uranium chiefly .is allotted the
task of bringing about ' a1 wanner
world.     There are great quantities oi
Skiing Craze Brings
Heavy Casualty List
Many Come to London Daily From
Swiss Sports Playground
London has not forgotten the days
when the Straml^vas fulLof Red Cross
motors, ,aud long glutted hospital
trains- daily unloading their grim harvest of the Western Trout 'at-Charlng
Cross station. Thank God, lhat orgle
of sacrifice is ended. Yet almost
daily the motor ambulances still swing
into Charing Cross station, and wait
at the.old west platform for tho continental train to steam in. They are
waiting to collect casualties from tho
winter sports playground. Tliere are
half a dozen or so almost every afternoon, mostly broken or damaged legs
and arms, ancl fhe victims are of both
sexes, and not always quite young people. The Swiss hotel'keepers have
boomed skiing tifl> thc vogue exceeds
anything ever contemplated before
Uie war, and, with all "sorts of semi-
novices entering for competitions, the
casualty list Is becoming 'really formidable.   ' "    .
The Baby's Cold
Continual "do��li>B"
with internal medicine
upoet��"(leHcate little
stomachs.' Trent colds
externall j wlth'Vlcks.
-You juat rub It on. _.
dh _________ _& ___i _0&
Some Advice  For MotorisSs
Of Interest To Housewives
Prize  Is Offered  For  Best Letter  In
Interesting Contest
. Twenty-one- prizes���1st prize $25
'and 20 of ?5, will bo given for the 21
hest letters' of not more than 350
words tolling: How yoa came to use
Borden's St. Charles Milk���why you
like Jt���anything new you've discovered aboul it or its uses.
Tour letter may cover any one or
all of these points. For the best let
next best a prize of $5 for each. No
rules, except ^that each letter must
contain a label of a Tall Size tin of
St. Charles Milk. Be sure your letter Is mailed to the" Contest Editor,
The Borden Co. Limited, Montreal, not
la lor than Easter Monday, April 5ft.
Warning    Against     Three    Common
Dangers Sent Out By Quebec
Safety League      v.
Motorists are being circularized hy
the   Quebec   Public   Safety   League
against dangers ofteu_ coincident with
jjiutomobiling.    Arthur Gaboury, manager of tlie association, on instruction
of tlie executive has sent placards and
posters   broadcast, ' warning   against
three particularly'^common ��� dangers.
The first shows in a vivid manner
the deadly effects of carbon monoxide
from motor exhausts and bears the
warning not to let the engine run in
the garage unless windows and doors
are wide open., This insidious gas,
the notice shows, produces lethal effects without being - noticed. '
Another common cause-of accidents,
the league points out, is filling the gas
tank while the engine is running. The
motor should be stopped always and
while some garages enforce this rule,'
others^ are not so particular. In 'some
places the law obliges all motorists
to stop .dead whilo filling.
The third nolice displays the danger
from explosion resulting from motor-
gas tank, while looking for trouble
around the engine, etc. - No one, th'o
notice shows, should approach the gas
tank, engine or other parts of. tho fuel
system with lighted matches, clgars;
cigarettes or pfjies.
prize of $25.     For the twenty jlsts wll�� insist on smoking near the
Little-Helps For This Week
Baroda State. Jewels
into small particles���uranium tie-
comes radium, and great heat is given
off in the breaking-up process.
Discussing the subject of "The Earth ,
as a Heat Engine," Dr. Coleman ex-j
plained the various -ways in which j
heat was produced on the surface and j
iri the interior of the earth. "Manl-i
testations of the��carlh'�� Internahhcat!
are hot springy geysers, volcanoes,;
antl the like," he continued. "Volcanic disturbances occur where wealc- Tll,)l1 J'��f' ��Il��' (lui7 ab,��T<i ���� sublime,
. . .   ., ,, , ,     -! Wln-re (lion are "placed sercnelv there
nesses exi:��t in Ihe earth s crust, where :
there is a strain or fault of aomo kind
in'its structure."
-\ - ��
z;-- Blessed .are they that do. His ycom-
niaiulmenls.���ltev.; xxil,. II,
Mortal, thai  slandest on  a point of
xyy . .-.liuieWW' .*w ���*-"-,.*':
.'-.VVIUraiv eternity;on either hand,
Priceless Gems Worn "By Maharajah
Make Gorgeous Display- ^
Jewels beyond price "'were exhibited by the Gaekwar of Baroda to guests
he entertained cm the occasion-of the
jubilee celebratIou"6��;the^st'ate. The
jewels, worn by tlio- Maharajah only
Glasgow. Declares
Heavy "Tourist Traffic
Estimated    That    Number    Totalling
Wore Than  Normal  Population
Visited Canada Last Year     -
Would Require Much Practice
Statement of Professor Was Doubted ,
By  Small  Wideawake   Listener
"All it wants Is practice," remark-'
ed the professor.    "There is no earth-
It cannot always insure'against rainy on important state' occasions," include
days or old days���not at any rate from a gorgeous  collar of 'fifty diamonds,
some as large as wajnuts. and a lam-
earnings which in the individual's pro
ductive years provide a bare and pre
carious "existence.
-Atlantic Sailings
A total of'seventy-six voyages from
Quebec and Montreal, will be mafic
during the 1926 season by ships of Ihc
Canadian Pacific Steamships, Limited.
Thero will be a saliiug from Canada
every -three days, on an average,
throughout "the season. Regular service Is tb be maintained by len .liners,
���**>        ,     9    . _ _
After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Could Do
All Her Work and Gained
in Weight
Melfort, .Saskatchewan. ��� "I had
inward troubles,headaelicsand severe
pains in' my buck
'and'suit's.    I was
so sick generally
that-1   could-not
sit up and I was
in bed mostof the
timc for eight
months. -An aunt
came to visit ancl
help me as 1 was
unable to attend
to myjbaby and
could not do my
.work.    She told
_ jne to try Lydia E. Pinkham's .Vegetable Compound, and after taking two
boltles I could get up and dress myself. 'I also took Lydia E'. Pinkham 'A
-Blood Medicine. -When I first took the
..medieine  I only weighed .seventy-
eight pounds. Now I weigh twice as
much. If I get out of sorts or weary
and can't sleep I always take another
bottle of the Vegetable Compound.
I find it wonderfully good for female   troubles,   and   have  recom-
��� mended it to my neighbors.   I will
be only too glad to answer any letters
I receive-asking .about it." ��� Mrs.
William Ritchie, Box 486, Melfort,
Saskatchewan. C
ous diamond pendant*called "the Star
of tho Deceaii." There are strings of
j pearls_gi:aduatiiig=In.-si'zo f rom-that-of-
a large marble, and. rings, necklaces
and clusters of- sapphires and rubies
hs large as grapes." The most mar-
velolus thing in tiie Gaekwar's' treasure house is a.carpet ten feet.by six
woven with strings of pearls and in-
crustetl with circles of diamonds. The
carpet took three years to make. It
was tlie freak of'a former ruler, in-
Iended to be sent (o Mecca ln order
lo please a Mosl-em woman who fascinated him. II n"ver actually left
Maroda.       ' '
* N        ���
""""*   :      ;       y
. New Story About Wesley
A now story, regarding John .Wesley
recently came to light. Learning
thai ono of his preachers was in financial straits, ho sent him the following communication:'-"Trust' in the
Lord and do l'ight. So shalt thou
dwell lu the land, and verily, thou
ahalt be fad." He encjpsed in the lei*
ter 'n live-pound note. When . the
acknowledgment "'came, Wesley was
delighted with its "contents of a single
.sen ten co, whicli read: "1 -havo*, often
been struck with the beau ly of the
passage you'quote, .but-1'am bound to
say that I have never found such a
useful expository nolo on ir."���The
o sland.
yXxyX';. y-yX.      ; --Lord Ifouphtonvl
7 Wivdld^Jiot. coiiieH'o oiti'-nro'rk.'.by-.-ac-
Hihai I- 7 Wit* did not choose it for our-
s.eivesX, but; under- niucit-'which .���may
n .   -���:"������ '-������."'a:-'m'"��� -- ��� ��� --t^veiu'-ihe :appearance of,accident -and
'"   ������''���'���"���*''���������"   ing and'iippointinent,-    How will Ihis
cojiskl.feralion lioip_ us to appreciate
.justly. Ihe .'dignity o I' tinr.-work, ihough
ii. were,far htiiuhli^-.-worlc, even in the
According Mo the figures of Ihe de-} ly' reason why each of you ladles and"
partmenl of customs,, motor travel \ gentlemen can't use your left "hand
from the United States to Canada in!with the same dexterity as your right "
1025-crcated a new record, in that j Ho picked up a piece of'chalk and
year, a total of 2,429,144 United States | commenced to tlraw-a figure   oa1; the
blackboard.   -.
"I defy anyone," he went on, "to
.ineution'a single action which .I can
mates usually accepted of four per-] pei form with my right hand and which
sons lo a. car, last year's motor'tour-j I can't do equally'as well with my
ist traffic brought info Canada 3,716,-licit."
.Then a sniall voice spoke
automobiles entered Canada for purely touring purposes, as compared with
���1,880,210 cars in." 1924.     At fhe esti-
,rpipe   Is,
Popularity  Has Started  To  Wane
The popularity, of the bn
tottering,. . ��� ^ ^
. Scotsmen do not like-"the skirl
their'native pipes nor .the liool or cry
which often accompanies Ihe plajing,
asvmuch as formerly. N
On the ground that-these "national
noises" are a nuisance, steps havo
been���taken- to-have- them^suppressed
in Glasgow. Proprietors of a hotel
and neighboring properties have begun a local action to stop the noises
which go on at dances and other 'entertainments at the High landers' Institute. . . ��� - .    ���
They complain that po'opleyjiving
near the club are deprived of sleep
by the^bagpipes, aiul their only re
course is ihe- courts.     Among the re-
I eyes of mon, than flint ofyan,v'; of us
-Richard "Cliencvlx Trench.
57(i persons, or an aggregate greater
than Canada's population. These
people. It Is estimated, left ln Canada
?1SS,555,5-I0, as compared with an estimate of ?113,512,520, or aii'iucreas��
of over $45,000,000 for the year.
'mummy, can tho professor put his left
hand in his right hand trousers
Diplomacy Well Defined
Story Told'By Earl  Balfour Is Gooo
 ���---^ Illustration��� =
Earl Balfour onre told an amusing
.    Gots Another Victim
Old Clubfoot; an, enormous man-eat-
m o&casiou when a younB.jnR tiger, -which derives his nickname
from a deformed paw, has killed his
sov.ciileeiiLh human victim in Mysore
state, nulla,', Most, of his victims
hare strayed from the villages.
How "Trade" Rat Received Nam*
Oue of the mcsi unusual animals in
i existence is the wood rat, known some-
It gets its
"noble | name from the fact that, although il
a colonial jis a great thief, it never steals anything without leaving something in its
place'.    The peculiarity is that the rat
deposits, iron spikes,    nails,    spoons,
bits of tobacco, glass_and_miscellaiu-
eous    articles   iu return for what it
Tribute To  King George
a  practical  way  of expressing .'times as th9 "trade" rat.
gratitude lo the King for his
work in the war and peace
visitor to England has .made'an anony
mous gift of 2,500 pounds towards the
cost of-restoring Durham Castle.
story on
man asked him to define diplomacy.
Diplomacy���he saiii���is veil defined
iu the Oriental story of the rajah
who dreamt- that all Ills teeth fell
out, and who sent for a soothsayer
and asked him to'interpret it. "Sire,"
remarked' the soothsayer,  "tho teeth
are 3 our children, and your dream
snondenls associated with lhe insti.|i^ns that all your rarail.v, even down
lute 'are the Duke 'of Athol;  Sir An-|t0 -v0lir >.<>linSest child, will die before
takes, usually edibles.
It is'easy enough for a man to believe that a public office is a public
trust-;-when some other man holds
the office.'  ,
drew Pettigrew, president; the Lord
Provost and Sir Donald Ma'cAllister.
of Glasgow University.   -
- About 97 per ceut. of Christmas
toys liave~Vow been"stepped on, and
it is perhaps just as well.
Napoleon put artillery first in importance of arms. ���
W.- N.   U.   1620_
Giant Turtles Kill Beaver
Thousands of carnivorous,'"-giant
snapping turtles, averaging two feut in
diameter, abound iu the lake country
between Port William and Winnipeg,
according to"Jos(_ph .Spoon, full-blooded. Indian trapper, who has come, from
the Kashabowie country with his first
rich haul of fur this winter. Heavers,
trapped uuder the ice, aro eaten piecemeal, he declares, and turllfs are increasing in numbers.
Itecurrlng every 7 year?, a disease
fatal to wild rabbits, kills ��� thorn by
thousands, scientists say.       '   ���
It is hard to make sbnie; coal deal-
jers see the error of their weighs.
Itched and Burned. Lost
Rest. jCuticura Heals. v
.'lEczema broke out in a rash on
my face and itched and burned
causing me to scratch. "* Later my
face got so sore that I could hardly
wash it. I lost my rest at night
and cried.from the pain of it. My
face was badly disfigured,
" I tried different remedies without any benefit. A friend advised
me,to try Cuticura Soap ahd Ointment so I sent for a free sample
After u^ing, it T got relief so purchased more, "which completely
healed me." (Signed) Leo B. Croft,
Crescent Beach, Noya Scotia.
Use Cuticura for every-day toilet
purposes. Bathe witb'Soap, soothe
with Ointment, dust with Talcum.
SuspU Etch FrM ky KalL  Address Canadian
Depot:  -StaphoOJK, Ltd, MoBtrttL" Price. Soap
35c Ointment 23 and Me., Talcnm 25c.
" Cuticura SbnTing Stick 2Sc
you." The' rajah was so Infuriated
by (his Interpretation thai he had tn��;
soothsayer beaten. Then he sent ror
another .soothsayer, told, his dream
again and asked once niore for an In-
terpretatlon. The second soothsayer, a true diplomat, assumed a beaming, joyous" loolc, aiid exclaimed:
"Sire, the teeth are your children, and
this most auspicious div sun means thai
your life will he prolonged beyond .1 lie
lives .of all your family. Even the
youngest will not on Hast you." The
'second-soothsayer was rewarded with
a purse of gold.���The Argonaut
Was Twice' Torpedoed
During lhe World War, Erie Haggard served on "two transports which
were torpedoed. In each case he escaped,'-but was drowned within'sight
of h|s own h'oine when his row boar,
laden with lobster traps, capsized In
the heavy surf.
He Followed'Suit
"The landlady threw my best coat
autl trousers out into, the street.''
"What did you do?"
"I followed suit."
If you convince a man against his
will you may, have to do Itf over
again the n^xt day.
Some actors are lite eggs���they go
upon the stage, when they are no good
for anything else^
Minard's Liniment for <fandruff
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Lumbago      Colds     'Neuritis        Neuralgia
Headache      Pain       .Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes ofr 12 tablets
Also bottles'of 24 andlOO-r-Pruggiata.
Aeplrln Is the trade mark (r��glstpre3 in Canada) of flayer. Matwhcture of MoMaeetter
���ddester ��t BaUcjJlcaeld (Acetyl Salicylic MU, "A. S. A^'l). ��� .While it Is well known
till Aspirin taeans Bayer fnannfactore. to assist the public against Imitations, the TaMeta
Of Bi/er Oampiay ivUl.be stamped with tlieit general trade mule, tie ."Siiyi>r Crcsa.*
THE LJIDGE     I Vegetables Resom-mended
G. W. A. SM1TB
Is $2.00 a year strictly, in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid Ior three months or
more have passed. To'.Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in -advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices .-.
.   7.00
Kstray Notices	
Cards of Thanks	
.    1.00
. 12.5��
(Where more than one claim ap
pears ir notice,  $5.00 for each ad
ditioiial claim.)
All other legal advertising,   15
cents e
line first insertiou, and 12 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion. ���
Business locals _i.2jfc.
a line each in-
The blue, cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that.the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Hockey Boys Entertained
Last Friday night Dr. and
Mrs. A. Francis entertained, the
Hockey, Club ' and'a number of
������friends���about 30 in all, to a
novelty entertainment and dance.
Everybody was' asked to. come
dressed as school children .and
the costumes were unique, original and comical. The party was
divided into four classes called
the Bums, the Bees, the Bats, and
the Bugs. A number of funny
contests were competed for which
points were given. There ywere
potato races," golf, bean -bag-,.
biscuit; eating-, gum chewing and
the one which probably created
the most interest was a parody
composed to the tune of "Show
me the way to go home." The
Bums won the most points and
the Bees second! Wm. Wilson
had a most difficult task judging
the winners. Great excitement
prevailed when Miss C. Hallstron)
and Geo. Clerf were announced
as the best dressed boy and girl
Because ;,everybody went wholeheartedly into the fun the evening
was very enjoyable- indeed.
Refreshments were served about
midnight and dancing continued
until after 2 o'clock. This is the
second time that- Dr. and; Mrs.
Francis have entertained the club
and  the   hockey boys   certainly
extended to them.
Pioneer Laid to Rest
The funeral
Mrs. Louisa
Thornton, whose death; brief
mention was made in the previous
-issue; was held in Greenwood, on
Saturday morning, services being
conducted by Rev. Father Coccola
in the Catholic Church and at the
graveside. It was largely attended by oldtimers, coming from all
over the district. The pallbearers
were: Chas. Gauvreau, J. C.
Boltz, D. J. . McDonald, Wm.
Riley, Frank Maletta and Sam
Bombini.     '
The death of Mrs. Thornton-��a
the . Racred Heart Hospital' in
Spokane on March 9th, removes
another from the dwindling list
of women pioneers. She had not
been in good health for some time
���-and after repeated efforts to get
well she succumbed to the dread
disease that^adgot such.a strong
hold on her.      * ,. 7*. v.*..:
She wasJ born/near   Colville,
Wash,, 63 years ago and for over
'���' 40 years was a resident of this
province, living for a time on the
Fraser. river before locating ia
the Boundary. She; was the
widow of the late John Thornton,:
better known as -'Jolly Jack",
whose grave, is known to many,
situated across from the'rock
bluff oa the Midway .road-'below
Kerr creek. ";."���'
Mrs. Thornton is survived.by
four d augh ters, Mrs. Mary Putzel
of California, Mrs. Carrie Huff of
Princeton," Mrs. Jane Cochran of
Westbridge, and Mrs.. May Joaes,
of Spokane,   Wash.; two  sons,
' John of Ferry, and Charles of
Spokane, Wash
... (Experimental Farm Note)
Potatoes. For earliest planting
Early Ohio, Early Rose and Irish
Cobbler are recommended. Main
crop and late, Wee Macgregor, Gold
Coin, Green Mountain, Sir VV.
Raleigh, Rural Russet and Netted
Carrots. For main crop nothing is
better than a good strain of Chantenay.
For early work Early Horn may be
used. If a short carrot is' required
for later use Oxheart may be grown
to advantage. Garden Gem is a very
good variety, but is heavier in top
than Chantenay.
Beet. Nothing surpasses Detroit
Dark Red, and here it is ready for
use as soon as Crosbys Egyptian, and
has a much better colour. Where
beets grow rapidly and become large,
sowings should be made weekly from
mid May to mid June. The later
sowings will give.. ideal roots for
winter storing.
Parsnips. Hollow Crown and
Coopers Champion arc both varities
of merit, but strain enters largely into
the matter. '
Radish. Scarlet Oval and Scarlet
White Tip Turnip are both good.
For variety French Breakfast and
Icicle may be added.    ,�������� \
Turnips. For earliest use wc
favour White-Milan. This is followed by Snowball and Goldenball, the
latter perhaps the best flavoured
turnip grown.
Peas. Where only a limited number of varieties may be grown, the
following will be found satisfactory:
Gregory Surprise & Thos. Laxton
early, followed by The Lincoln foi
main crop and Stratagem' late., We
cannot speak too .highly of the Lincoln, as over a series of years it has
proven to be the most constant pea
grown by us, always yielding a full
crop of well-filled pods wjth' peas of
the. highest quality. For exhibition
work, the large podded varieties of
Telephone type are desirable.
Beans. Best results liave been obtained with Davis White Wax,
Bountiful, .Masterpiece, Ward well.
Kidney Wax and Stringless Green
Pod. For longer seasons than ours
add Hodson Long Pod and Refugee
to this list. In runner beans Scarlet
Runner is desirable.
Cabbage. For earliest use Golden
Acre and Copenhagen Market. For
pointed varieties, Suttons Little Gem
and Early Jersey Wakefield. For
winter storage, Danish Ballhead or
Danish Round Head.
Cauliflower. Nothing better than
Early D warf Erfurt ���& Snowball.
Celery. White Plume recommended for earliest ..celery, .followed
by Golden: Self Blanching. 7 The
latter gives good compact heads of
fine, quality. For late-work Giant
Pascal & Evans Triumph.
Corn. Best results are obtained
with Pickaninny, Banting, (both productions of C. E. F., Ottawa,) and
Malakoff.-- '   y
Lettuce.    In    loose    leaf   lettuce
Grand   Rapids   still leads the way.
Head lettuce preferred are Wheelers
Hanson and Giant Crystal Head.
Tomato. We have to depend on
a quickly maturing tomato here, and
for this purpose find the best to be
Alacrity, Earliana and Burbank. In
favourable seasons Bonnie Best does
well. Danish Expert, although rather
small, is recommended for shape and
smoothness. : '.'���*��� ���.
7~x-j-j_ Heath,"ExperimehtalyStation,
Jnvermere, B.C.
Ganada has officially invited'the
British Dominions and colonies and
all foreign powers to attend the
���-world's poultry congress at Ottawa,
which is to be held from July 27 to
August 4, - 1927. Three thousand
delegates are expected to attend.
DENTiST..   *' W
Office: AlcCutcleonLResidence
I    '     ]        _       .   y.
Greenwood        w
Canadian construction contracts
for the month of January totalled
��12,069,000 as compared with $8,-
934,700 in January 1925. This record for January indicates that win-
tor construction is rapidly increasing i:i favor.
M-ardi Gras celebrations at Quebec started off d-ong the lines that
"have made the Ancient Capital famous throughout the continent. This
year the activities 'were rendered
, even more interesting by the fact
that the city is now-at the height
of its winter sports celebrations.
Physician and Surgeon
Residence .Phone .69   .
Green no o<J
"���'-    SEND'YOfo   \
" . . To.
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Cent ary Shoe Retairer
AU work aud material  guaranteed.    We
pay postage one wav.    Terms Cash.
The prices for the 1926 Chevrolet
are as follows:
TOURING $ ,920.00
ROADSTER    920.00
COACH .."... .V. '.... JI65.00
SEDAN*....'.      1265.00
COUPE -.....! ..--1165.00
ONE' TON' TRUCK..'. )...   990.00
All Cars Equipped with Balloon Tires
When equipped with cord tires the price will be $30.00 less
Job Printing at The Ledge
JOHN R. M0OYB0ER, Proprietor.
TELEPHONES 24 and 78
Advertise in Tie Ledg
Pigeons Were Postmen in Old Ragusa
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands ,inay t>�� pre-empted hy^
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and hy aliens on declarlitir intention
to" become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes. .':���../'
Full information ���concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions Is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Lfcnd Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies oi
whicli can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent. ..,' rv
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and, which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
nnd 5,000 feet per acre east of that
Range......-* ' :y
Applications for pre-emptions aje
to be addressed to the Land ,Com-
missloher of the Land,Recording Di- ���
vision, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed,
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be. occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can bo
Tor more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land." ���'..
Applications are received for purchase of "vacant- and unreserved
Crown lands, not: being tlmberland,
ior agricultural purposes; ' minimum
price for first-class (arable) land ls
$6 per acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per acre, 'Further Information regarding purchase or leaso
of Crown lands Is given In Bulletin
Wo. ID, Land Series, "Purchase and
ICease of Crown Lands,"    -
'Mill, "factory, or industrial sites on"
timber land, not exceeding 40 acrea,-
ymay be purchased or leased, the conditions -    including      payment      oi
TJnsurveyed areas, not exoeedlng 20
a-cies, may be leased as homeslte*,
conditional upon a*v dwelling being
erected in the first year,~titl8 being
obtainable after . residence and lra��
yrovement conditions, are fulfilled
and land has. bean survoyed. v
LEA8E8 ' ..'���*���'        V
Tor grazing and  industrial'-pur-
may be leased by one person or a
company. .--   ���'.,<   .
Under the Grazing Act the Prov-
inae. Is divided into grazing districts
and the range-administered under a
Grazing Commissioner. _ Annual
grazing permits are .Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority tfeing given
to established owners. Stock-ownerB
may form associations for range
management. Free, of v partly free,
permits are available for aettlem,
campers - axy* - twur^llora, -up to-   Ua
*<** '���   ' *
Advertise in The Ledge
The Consolidated Mining & .Smelting. Co.
v *   of Canada, Limited
'Office,.,Smelting and Refining Department .
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Leadiand Zinc Ores
Producers. of   Gold,    Silver.  Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc
y        ".,/':.: ;-tadanac>,-brand"    ; w
Clock and Custom House Rjguia.
Seven hundred, years . ago, the
= pigeonsof the_Fieej3it5Lof_Ragusa,,
in Dalmatia, were-postmen. They
went across all the seas. in boats,
travelled with all the caravans, and
knew all the routes of the air which
brought them back to .Ragusa.
Like the sailors of Ragusa. the/
were known in all the ports of the
world; as a protection, they''were
made citizens oi the Free . City of
Ragusa. Any person molesting^or
insulting a pigeon was therefore
guilty of 'offense against the state,'
and was brought before_the_tribunal.
Homes were built for these pigeons
ih the city walls, and the streets and
-roof tops were "theirs. Every man
who entered at -the city gates -was
obliged to offer as tribute from his
in wooden .^jages labeled with the
narr.es of their, homes, and gossiped
with the,pther pigeons until their turn
came to carry out a letter. In this
way, Ragusa enlarged. its postal
system.   .
- But the centuries rolled by. Ragusa
lost its freedom. Venice usurped its
powers on the seas.. Battleships
steamed up and^down the Adriatic.
With the other citizens, the pigeons
lost their rights and' were forced to
associate wjth .the-'sea-gulls, from
Lacroma, an island to the north,
sometimes suffering the indignity of
begging grain from the birds with
whom in the days of their exclusive
splendour, they would not.associate,
usa's harbor, is crowded with- ships
hearing the new flag'of Jugo-Slavia.,
Passengers from the Empress of.
France, the Canadian Pacific steamship which next year will add.Cattaro
and Gravosa ports on its annual
Mediterranean cruise, . will - have a
chance to scatter, crumhs to the
thousands of cooing pigeons still
crowding Ragusa'sstreets.and adding
to-its beauty.-.ThV.white city, "Bride
of the Sea," some poet has called her,
would be less beautifulVif. the irri-
descent necks- ofrjtlpj. pigeons did not
make small splotcl{jes\of. color, on the
spotless smooth ^flagstones and-the
.gray white buildlhgs.W���*.-.-.'��� ,
J    ���'���.   ,,,,..��� -7. ... .,:
Neatly Finished
X'x   ':;;  : *AT:������-���-
pe Mineral Province of Western Canadjaf :
TO END OF DECEMBER, 1924       r    "%
Has produced Minerals as iollowB:    Placer Gold, 877,382,953; Lode Gold.
$118,473,190; Silver, $68,824,579; Lead, $70,548,578; Copper, $187,489,3^; Zinc,
S32,171,497;. Miscellaneous Minerals, . $1,431,349; Coal, and Ooke,$260,880;b48;
Bailditig Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $42,225,814: making its-Mineral Production;
to tho end of 1924, show an '   --        W'   , 7/WW     __   r Xy":
Aggregate Value of -1859,427,386, xyyix.:
Production fpr.titeYear EndinrDecemiber, T924, $48,704*604
The Miniog Laws of tbis Province are more liberal, and the .fees.-lower, than" those!of any. other  -
Proviace in tbe Dominion, or any-colony in the British Empire.       ''���'      >Wj  ���.
Mineral l)oca.bions are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. ���    ���'.-'.,: y
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing, each properties, the Security of which is guaranteed   '
������"   by Crown Grants. '    - 7 W      ''������*.���;     -y^- xy.
Full information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by'addressing��� >-
:  x  ~ VICTORIA, British.Columbia.:
N".B. Practically all British Colombia Mineral Properties upon whioh development work has been '
done are described in some one of thjs Annnal Reports ofthe Minister of Mines; Those
co��sid'ering mining investments should refer to such .reports.. They are available without
charge on applicafcon to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B.C. Beports of the Geological
-Survey oi Canada, Pacific Building, Vancouver, are recommended-, as. valuable sources of
wvvisaBV'-W^WiKJisCOfl^W fZ&fBCvy":
^^���3^^^r*^.flr,,��T's^s��^��*Tr--T����*er9?!>*^*r^<^ 3��w-f


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