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The Ledge Sep 3, 1925

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The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper, Iif British Columbia
Vol.   XXXII
No. 6
C aBESBhtrHfJ-HW <
New Kitchenware
'" ���  ^^    ��� t
McClary's   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by the set o.r by the piece
Also a large assortment of
McClary's Jjiamel, Galvanized and Tinware
Make your selections while the stock is complete
^0��� _.*_.
Canned Chicken, Lunch Tongue, Devilled and     v��>
Potted Meats, Salmon, Sardines, Etc
��� * ___���   \
Queen Perfect Seal, Economy, Mason Jars,
Rubber Rings, Jar Caps and Bands, Etc,
ICE  Delivered  Promptly
For Quality and Value Order From Phone 46 c&
For Anything in the
Drug  or  Stationery   Line
Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.    Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
-   Ladies
v       Fine Silk hose
Boys and Girls
Wool & Cotton Hose
For School
New FjplKMillinery will be on
'   display about Sept. 17th
#& Try our 5 o'clock
s& Sunday Chicken  Dinner 50c-
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire- Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for. Rent or Sale
CallattheOffice-of ���
Greenwood, B.C,
������������������������^������������������������������������������^�������������������� ������ ���������*������������* ������������������������
��� Place Orders For .      , |
��� Preserving X
��� Peaches and Pears
J ���___. _  *
��� Peaches are Scarce    , I
��� - ���
Phone 17    ,
$�����������������������������������*���* ������������������*��������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������������������������
We carry/only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham,  Bacon, Lard, Etc:
A trial will convince you.
Proprietor  |
?&~Z$Z&Z5&Z3?>ZZ��^>^^^^ 5S^53i^S5Wa*5^��^U>?SW^^5E3^M5^
The Consolidated Mining. & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   oi    Gold,    Silver.   Copper,    Pig*   Lead   and Zinc
Friday and Saturday
Sept. 4th and 5th
^Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
Drama Supreme !
'A tale' of romance
aud, 'piratical " ad-
Venture on the high
seas in the days
when ' gentlemen
buccaneers scoured'
the Spanish " Main
in search of booty
and love.'-
Widening The Field
Doubtless at the present time yoiW
use the telephone for the purpose of
having social conversations with friends
in your comiaunity, Witkthe same ease
yoa can add to your telephone calling
list those friends who reside many miles
away, for the long-distance telephone is
well suited to friendly talk-trips.
Rafael Sabatiui's great novel
-30G0 players
Order Your
McMynn's S
Midway,, B.C.
*    Wanted
Double barrel   shot   gun,   12
guage,  "Apply to
The Lbbge. "
; Mrs. T. Moore of West Robson,
is visiting- io town today.
Service "'in St.. Jude's Church
on Sunday,  Sept. 6th at_ IL a.m.
A. R. Royce returned to Trail
on Friday after a few days visit
with his family. *.
N. E- Morrison left on Friday
morning to spend 'the balance of
the holidays at the coast.
Finlay-Fraser, of Hedley, an
old-timer of Greenwood, waS'ic
town during the week-end.
Mrs. R. Eustis, returned to
Xrail on Tuesday accompanied
by her mother,  Mrs.   Thompson.
.Mrs. L. C. Terhune .arrived
from Vancouver on Wednesday
to visit her mother, Mrs. I.
Mr. and Mrs. II. Steeuberg, of
Spokane, were the quests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. Sater for a couple of
days last week.
J. L. White, deputy provincial
secretary, reXurned to Victoria on
Friday morning after a few days
holiday in town.
The Womens Hospital Auxiliary will meet on Thursday, Sept.
10th at 3 p.rri. It is hoped there
will be a large attendance."
. Mrs. A. J. Morrison and three
children returned ou Monday from
spending several weeks at the
Wellington mine, Beaverdell.
Robert Jenks, of Vancouver,
is spending a few days iu town
enroute to Camp Lister, where he
will be in charge bf the school.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Legault left
by motor for Seattle and Portland
on Tuesday morning, to visit
with relatives for . a couple of
Miss Margaret Stickney left on
Wednesday morning for Spokane.
after several weeks .visit in town
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ja?.
��� Mrs. Lester MacKenzie and
two daughters, Dorothy " and
Comma, left- on Saturday morning for Vancouver where they
wil! reside.
.Mrs. G. J. Wright and two
daughters left on Saturday for
their home in. Nelson after a
number of weeks visit with Mrs.
Lester MacKenzie.  -
Jack Roylance, Reggie Skiltot^
and Kenneth Skilton left on
Wednesday afternoon by motor
for Alberta where they will take
part"in"the"h~afvest.~ ~ ' -
The public and high schools
of the province open on Tuesday,
Sept. 8tb. In the local school,
Miss Isabel' Keir will take T.
Crowley's class room until he is
able to attend.
Mrs. C. Tv Fenner and two
sons, Meredith and Melvyn, who
have lived in Greenwood for
many years, left for Vancouver
this morning where they/ will
make their home.
Miss L. Bawtinheimer, matron
of the District Hospital, has returned fromi the coast. , "Miss
Brown, who has been relieving
Miss Bawtinheimer, left for the
coast on Wednesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs./ P. E Crane aud
son, Walton, have left Beaverdell for; SBOhomisb, Wash.', to
visit relatives. The Crane family,
will be greatly missed in this
locality as. they always took an
active part in the. welfare of the
Noel Butler, formerly on thc
staff of.the Bank af Commerce in
Greenwood,, was one of the. two
clerks shut in with the hold-up
man in the safe of the Powell St.
branch of the Bank of Commerce
in Vancouver last week. It will
be remembered that Noel was
here'when the outer door of safe
of" the Bank of Montreal was
blown open. .
Hon. A. M. Mauson, grand
master of the Masonic order of
British Columbia, accompanied
by D. W. Sutherland of Kelowna
aad Robt. Baird of Victoria, were
received at a joint session of
Grand Forks and Greenwood
Lodges in the local Masonic
Temple on Saturday evening, at
which 25 Masons attended from
Grand Forks.
Kettle Valley Notes
H. Paley Wilson is now working
at the smeltec at Trail.
Mrs. and Mies Brew have returned from a visit to Okanogan
Lake points.
There will be a- Service in the
Anglican Church, on Sunday, Sept.
Gfch at 7:30 p.m.
Mrs. DouglaH Hamilton aud
children returned on-Sunday from
a six weeks visit at the coast.
Mra. W. H. N. Glossop and
children, who have been spending
the summer holidays in the Valley,
returned to Vernon on Tuesday.
The Golf Club committee will
welcome any workers, on the
course at 9 o'clock on the 6th, and
on the 7th Labor Day, it is hoped
to hold some competitions for
Greenwood District Rod &
Gun Club Takes Action
An emergency meeting of the
executive of tbe Greenwood and
District Rod and Gun Club was
held this morning to consider the
game regulations published in
the B. C. Gazette of Aug.  27th.
Reports were ou hand from
various parts of the district and
it was an unanimous decision that
both willow and blue grouse were
as plentiful as in former years.
A. strong protest is being wired
to the Attorney. General against
the closing of the- district in respect of willow grouse and
against the season for bli^e grouse
not opening until Oct. 1st.
.This matter will be followed
up by personal representation at
Victoria if necessary from the
R<*d and Gun Club, as it is felt
that -the regulations have been
issued without any consultation
of the wishes of the people of the
district and without due knowledge of the game bird conditions.
The local member, Dougald
McPhersonv ���h,2s _ promised \ his
hearty support of the protest
and it is --hoped that the
regulations will be amended and
placed on the same basis as last
Federal Has-Bond
-   Option on Sally Group
The. Sally group of 13 silver
claims ou Wallace Mountain,
Beaverdell, about 55 miles from
Greenwood, owned by the Wallace
Mountain Mines, Ltd., has been
sold under an option bond to the
Guggenheim interests represented
by thejFederal Mining &"Smelting
Co. for about $500,000 which
represents 850 a share on the capitalization of the company of 10,-
000 shares originally purchased at
par value of one dollar. The Sally
group,, has been daring the past
few years oneof fehe most profitable
mining ventures- in the Province,
the- company paying dividends in
the neighborhood of 500 per cent.
lasfe year. The Federal Mining
& Smelting Co. has been active on
Wallace Mountain for a very few
months aud has other claims under
option, Henry Lee, M. E., being
iu charge.
It is understood a concentrator
will be'" established at Beaverdell^
although there is no large quantity
o'f low grade ore on the hiil at
present, prodacing mines being
able to ship fehe whole of their ore
after sorting.
The new owners took over the
property on Tuesday.
When the Moon Was Dark
'Rastus was sporting a new shirt,
when a friend asked: "How
ma��3* yards does it take for a shirt
like that?"
Rastus" replied: "I got thr^e
shirts like dis out o' one yard las'
night." .     ���
Game Regulations, 1925
The following are extracts from
the new game - regulations issued
in Victoria last.mouth:
"Eastern District" shall mean
and include all that portion of the
Province situate and lying to tho
west of the summit of the Cascade
Mountains aud south of the Electoral District of Atlin.
Mouhtainrgoafe���Jn that portion
of the Eastern District situate and
lying to the south of the main line
of the Canadian Pacific Bailwa}-,
open season from Sept. 15tb, 1925,
to Dec. loth, 1925, both dates inclusive. Bag limit, (jwo Mountain-
Bear (except white or Kerraodei
Bear)���Throughout the Eastern
District, open season from Sept.
15tb, 1925, to June 30th, 1926,
both dates inclursive. No person
shall kill or take or have in their
possession during the open season"
more than three bears of any
species other thau Grizzly, aud
north of the-main line of the.Canadian National Railway, two
Grizzly Bear, and south of the said
railway-line one Grizzly Bear.
Deer .(Mule, - White-tail and
Coast)���bucks only, throughout
the Northern and Eastern Districts
(except White-tail Deer in that
portion ��� of fehe Eastern District
known as North and South Okanagan and Similkameen Electoral
Districts, and in tbe Grand Forks-
Greenwood Electoral District west
of the summit of the Midway
Mountains), open season from
Sept. loth, 1925, to_Dec. 15th,'
1925, both dates inclusive. Bag
limit two deer of the male eex.
Ducks (except Wood and- Eider
Ducks), Wilson Snipe, Coots,
Black-breasted and Golden Plover,
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.���
Northern and Eastern Districts,
open season from Sept. 15th, 1925,
to Dee. 31st, 1925, both dates inclusive.
Quail���In those portions thereof
known as the Similkameen and
South Okanagan Electoral Districts
open season from^Oct. iutb, 1925,
to Nov. 15th, 1925, both dates inclusive. Daily bag limit 10, total
bag limit 50. ..,.
Pheasants (except Golden and
Silver) ���(Cock birds only) in the
Electoral Districts of South Okanagan and a portion of the Similka-
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Harrison
and son, Billy, motored over from
Princeton and are spending the
week in town the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Keady.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Garris and
two children arrived from Spokane on Friday and have taken
up residence in Mrs, Moore'*
house on Loaglake streeL      v
S. A. Williams aad C. Hanna,
of Nelson, and Bruce Ritchie, of
Trail, were la town on Wednesday, returning to their respective
homes from, a visit to Beaverdell.
meen     Electoral    District,
season from Oct. loth, 1925, to
Nov, 15tb, 1925, both dates inclusive. Daily bag limit 3, total
bag limit 12.
Blue Grouse ouly, ia the Electoral District of Grand Forks - Greenwood and that portion of the Similkameen Electoral District situate
snd-lying to"Ehe"east"dfinm"eWinning due south from the Boundary
of the Yale,Electoral District to
fehe source of 20-Mile Creek���_. thence'
following said creek to its outlet
into the Similkameen Biver; thence
following' the said Similkameen
Biver iu a south-easterly direction ,
to the East Fork of che said river;
thence in a southerly direction
along the said East Fork to the
International Boundary-line, .open
season from" October 1st, 3925, feo
October 15tb, 1925, both dates inclusive.    v
Grouse (Blue aud Willow) and    -
Ptarmigan", in the remainder of the " -
Eastern District (except the Elec-  -
toral District of Soutb Okanogan),  ~
open season from Sept. 156b, 1925, . -
to Oct. 15feh, 1925,   both  dates inclusive.    Daily  bag-limit,   5 Blue"
and 5 Willow Grouse,   total  bag
limit, 50;
Combination Resumes
Work was commenced at the.
Combination mine two miles
north of Greenwood, this week.
The compressor house- is being-
repaired, as some months ago a
large cottonwood tree fell and
damaged the -building. C R.
Garris is in charge.
Elkhorn Fraction7 .
Several prominent mining men
have inspected the Elkhorn
Fraction, Greenwood, during the
past week and expressed' their
surprise at the nisgnificient showing of ore and coasplimented
Messrs. Hambly, McGillis and
Walters on the workmanlike
manner in which they are doing
their mining and development.
This property is looked upon as
the fore runner of farther successful high grade mie ing ia
Greenwood. T.m'C    T^DHK.'   nT?rRF>-TTOOD,    "R.  0.
Order from your grocer his best tea and
he'll usually send "Red Rose"
The same good tea for 30 years.   Try it!
JBeware   Of  Dust
Once upon a time, ��.���;.}_. tin- Literary Digest, thero was a small boy who
������vji.s uiad<> to beat the family carpets each sprint; al I.ho annual house-cleaning
upheaval. lu laler years, >.ro\vn io manhood, he marveled that he had us-
fii|)i'd death from inhaliti;,' cloud* of germ-laden dust. He thinks that the
lii'iii nl youthlul imliKiiat'on may ha\e piovod germicidal; and lis recalls lia-.-
Iuk vowed lhat tliere won id be no carpet.-, ln his home ol tho ful lire. Nor
��;.n lhe vow loitfolU'ii: Ihe home of J)r. Allen Ro;<eio, ot Pr.ttt Institute, Sa
rui-lh-tlwj*, and ihe _-.c-le!_ti:U himseit i.s able to note with ^interaction that to-
ila\ a carpeted hou-.e I- lhe rate exception. He adds, howovi-r. Lhat tho
rlianm- has come about "not because that 'boy disliked lo beat carpels, but
bee.iu.-.e people ha\e conic lo reali/.e iheir danger from a sanitary standpoint."
In an address delivered belore a conclave of technicians, under the auspices
of the Society of Chemical [ndiifli j. as reported in the-Weekly KoMcr and
Medical ]iis?ehf (Philadelphia), Dr. Nosers* elaborates tlu\ thesis that dust and
t.i rms go hand in hand. lie tells ol consumptive families, where the disease, supposedly "in tlw^blood" was in realit\ lurking in rag carpets aud
I>lu��h lurniture. And in pariicuiar he makes indictment of that modern
refuse ol the disease serin, lhe uphoisteied automobile cushion. He presents
tpeclmens secured with vacuum cleaner and with naphtha to prove tliat the
fabrics from closed ears rival and outiival the fabiics lrom furniture, drap-
tiibrios Irom closed ears as reposiioiies of dust.     Moreover���
'���Cultures ol tho dirl removed from automobile cushions, furniture, and
jugs give us posillve proof ihai the.i are not sterile, as colonies of active germs
develop while you wait. Germs are not particular about their lodging-place,
and you may re.si assured that all kinds have gathered here.
"Of what Interest i.-. ii to you and me to know that carpets, rugs, .furniture
and automobile cushiou.s are lull of du&i and germs? It is simply this! AVe
are living in a progressive and scientific age, ive aie solving problems of-
existence, and among the most impoitant is our war against germs. Those
ot you who are listening may enlist in ihis army by taking ovcrj opportunity
to kill the germ. The slogan 'Swot the fly' also applies to girms. If jou
have carpets in your house, clean with a vacuum 01 sweep wiih an antisepric
salt. Put your rugs pcciiMoually in the sun, and give them an''antiseptic
cleaning. Uo noi be satisfied with the vacuum or broom, but give them a
naphtha sponge bath. Vacuum clean your furniture aud rub over the fabric
���with naphtha or an antiseptic cleaner Spray yonr rooms now and then, and
in case of a contagious disease always lumigate.
"Cf your aulomobile happens to be upholstered in fabiic, give il a good
cleaning from lime 10 finie. Vacuum cleaning followed by a good sponging
���with naphtha will remove dust and kill germs, bul go a step further and apply
au antiseptic wash If your ear is upholstered in leather or leather substitute, a sort rag dampened with naphtha will remove ihe gt ?ase aud make it
look like new. - .-
"Help those who are fighting ihe great while plague by doing >our bit lo
kill disease germs, and do ihis bj eliminating duM receptacles. Or, it you
cannot eliminate them, see lhat they are not made mto incubators.''
Came Long Distance To Re-union
New   Zealander  82   Years   Old   Visits
Kitchener, Ont. s
Perhaps tho oldest man at the reunion iu Kitchener, Ont, and the one
who caine the longest distance to take
part in tho celebrations was .Matthew
Weber. Six months ago, while listening in on the radio, at Olaki, New
Zealand, where ho lives, Mr. Weber
heard the news of the Kitchener Old
Boys' Re-union broadcast. He made
up his mind that since lie had not
been In the city in 62 years lie would
take advantage of the re-union to go
back and meet his old friends. Mr.
Weber i.s S2 years old and Is in.excellent, health wiih the exception of deafness. Mr. "Weber was born at. Chico-
pee 82 years ago. He left C2 years
ago, finally settling in New Zealand.
XX xyy^Fi>nyxyxy}X
��:::'-<> H30WEL-S.:-7, xX
Indian Learned In Ancient Lore
Joint Stiffness Goes,
Swellings Disapper,
"Pain Is Subdued
No   Liniment   Gives   Such    Universal
Satisfaction  As
Man Brought to New Orleans From
Mexico Possesses Vast Knowledge
Transported from the Mexican wilderness, Lazaro, an Indian found Iu
tho region once peopled bj7 the ancient Maya tribes, has been presented,
to tlu> faculty of Tuhine University,
New Orleans, as perhaps the most in-
it'iesting ���exhibit" discovered by
Franz Worn, Tuliine archaeologist, In
lecent Mexican and Central American
Air. llloin, Who, with  Oliver Fargc,
his assistant, arrived on the steamer
Saramacc-ia  alter  completing    a    six
1 months'    expedition,    announced    the
1 finding of 21 ruined  ciiies previously
j imrccoided, 72 monuments believed to
been erected  by  the  Maya  Indians, and  numerous    specimens    of
! Maya inscriptions.
. i    Lazaro,. who ha* just seen his iirst
riilroad  train, and to whom  a  taxi-
Golden Text: I can do all things in
him that strength'eueth me. Philip-
pians 4.13.      "yy
Lesson: Philippian's 1 to 4.
Devotional Reading: Philippmns
The   Text
and   Illumined
Facts of which. Saul* of Tarsus was
proud, verses 5, 6.���There were seven"
points -which-made Saul of-Tarus feel
superior to most Jews. Flve'of them
were tliese: He had" been"circumcised the-eighth day, of the stock-of
Israel, of tin tribo of Benjamin, a
Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touchiiig
the lawfa Pharisee.
Dr. Ozora S. Bavls remarks that tho
items of which a man,today would be
proud are quite different aiul he translates Paul's into the corresponding
forms of our own thus: "I became a
member of a .Christian church at an
early age; my ancestors came to
America at the very beginning of the
settlemenl; they were descended from
the bluest blood of lOngland, ancl I have
belonged to a family that has given
ministers, teachers and professional
men to the service of the country
from the beginning, including ancestors in all the great wars that have
been fought for freedom in America."
.   , , Furthermore, Paul had been.zealous
It is the gie.il penetrating power of j''''n'e  been erected  by  the  -Maya  In-   ln   persecuting  tlie  church;   and  had
���Nerviline lhat makes if ?o eflicient in   di.ms, and  numerous    specimens    of'so scrupulously kept the law Ihai  lie
I overcoming swelling, stilfness and in-   Mavtl jUScriplion.s.' was blameless.     These were facts that
inanimation.      If   rubs  into   the  very.   - " .     ...    .... ... .    t  had given him great reputation among
1  p._r.��    r-k I     _li.i     Tvitn       r.__��__.__ i��_ . .___     __i_._-.l-l_' l.d/.tliO,   A\ (10    Ilclh   JU.-.L   SCOIl    111?)   111.-U     .   ,        ��� ... .,,,,, -x        ,,
, com.  ol  tne  p.un,  penetiates  quicMj *.,,-. , , .    his compatriots.     In his letter to the
.through  the  tissues,    and    biings    a, riilroad   train,  and  to  whom   a  taxi-   (;a]atjjUls j,0 -writes:  "Ye have heard
I warm, comforting relief nt once.     No j cab  was  a  marvel,  was  said  by  air.   of my mann-.r of life in time past in
liniment   compares  in   pain   relieving. ,���om t0 p0jsoss ;l va.st\nowledge ofj'the  Jews'  religion, how  that beyond
n"nor! Indian lore and is considered a lead-   measure   X   perseculed ihe church of
, . ,        ,,    . God, and ma.le havoc ol it; and I ad-
er among his people.     He is expect- j v.ln,.e(1  ,u lha Jcw_,  reHgioll  bl.yont,
ed   to   lurnioh   material   for study, of i many of mine own   age   among   my
counlrynien,   bein
power with Nerviline. For Ihc
pains and ills lhat arise in every family, Xervilinc should always be kept
handy on (lie shell". I'se il for Rheumatism. Lumbago. Neuralgia and
Colds.     33 cents at all'dealers.
Divers Find City Under Sea
i    Ruins of au ancient ciiy have been
j found by diver-, submerged "JO leet be-
j low the surface of the Mediterranean
Sea, off the coasi of Tunis, according
fo reports.      The divers report many
large  stone  building-;    were    visible.
Archaeologi.--th.are preparing lo make
jioni" of tho secrets of herb healing,
widely practiced in the Maya region.
more exceedingly
for the traditions ot my fathers.
B.C.  Paper Mills
Product Is Now Being Sold On An
Ever Widening Market
J5ritis.li Columbia paper is selling on
a widening market. Jt supplies "Wesi-
tM'ti Canada and a large part of tin-
Pacific coast states; 1,000 tons monthly goes to liuenos Aires: several ord-
eis were recently sent to Havre,
France,-whicli, it Is expecfed, will become a steady market. A market has
now been opened at -Antwerp. As a
result of (he. new Canada-Australia
.trade treaty, paper. nianufacUirers are
looking I'or n {>ig demand' from thai
market, which had hitherto been restricted durt to a high import duty demanded
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
While on the one hand we cannot,
especially in view of our enormous annual payments m \merics, do without
th" rcparaluius which Germany owes
Us-, we are lo a large extent paiing
them out .of our own pocket so long as
they arrive here in the form of good.*,
which deprive our own people of work.
London lleft.-tfc.
Will Reduce Building Expense
Platform To Do Away With Scaffolding Has Been Patented
In building op<>ration$>, a great deal
of time and' labor is expended in
building au.l moving scaffolds. As a
means of reducing this labor and expense, and to enable work to be dune
ai an inacessible eIt.va.iion without
the building of a scaffold, a vehicular
oxteii_.ion suppori has been patented
in America. It consists of a platform on wheels which may be easily
raised or lowered. ICven v.hen extended to-Its greatest,height," it may
be propelled by hand or electric powei
and steered to any posilion. Collapsible when no( in use, it occupies little
space.     "",    "        ----        - -
I They Need New, Rich Blood to j
i Restore Their Tone f
I , Men ami women wiih nerves oui of
J gear becom- irrilable aud fretful and ; Wld"d  -Tu���� so- 186,000,    equals    the
| are blamed ior Ill-temper, whereas the! lowe.it birth rate ever recorded'in any
of the jear except in
Try These Deserts
Orange Custard (serves 7)
cups Borden's, St; Charles Milk.
cup hot water.
tablespoons cornstarch.
teaspoon rait. -_������
cupful cold water:
cup ora-ige juice.
2 tablespoons lemon juice.
Oral ell rind of one orange.
1 cup sugar.
Mit   coriMtcireh,   sugar   and
dilute with cold water.   Add to fecald-
Secondied milk and  hot water, stirring con-
jslantly until mixture thickens, after-
'wards occasionally; cook liftoeu min-
.ugiand , ,ires_     M]{[ 0failgu j,Tlct, iUH] sijgiitjyj
md Wales in the-quarter ol the year  beaten eggs that have previously been!
Many infants are infested by worms
which cause great suffering, and if not
promptly de.'ll. with may eaiioo constitutional    weaknesses     ditlicull    to,
remedy.     Millet's Worm Powders will.'
clear   the   .-.-.omach    and   bowels   ol"!
worms aud will so act upon the sys-'
tern that Ih-re will be no recurrence!
of the trouble.     And not only this, bul |
tliey  will   repair  the  injuries   to  the j
organs that worms cause and restore
them to soundness.
Birth Rate On Decline
British   Birth   Rate   For
Quartsr Year
ie   number   of births in i
Heavy Tourist Traffic
Largest Influx of Tourists Ever Seen
In Canada
Never before in their history have
the National Parks of Canada in the
Rocky Mountains had such an influx of
tourists, both by rail and automobile,
as this present season, according to a
bulletin issued by the parks branch of
(lie department of the interior. Last
year th<f number of visitors was twice
that of 1923, and this year, from returns already available, it is certain
that tho 1924 figures will be greatly
exceeded. . -
Not-In Tennesee
Lady.���Why have they let "all Iho
monkeys out .of their cages? _   ,
Zoo Attendant.���Holiday, mum. This
is Darwin's birthdav.
Many Enjoy Trail 'Ride
More Hunt 100 persons joined rhe
ride ot the Trait Riders of tho Rockies
ou-their hor.-seback Journey lrom Dnnft
to Wapta Camp. Wa Marble Canyon
and Lake O'flani. The ride started
on August S,
Honor To Shoemaker
"WilU-.im Sturgeon, a shoemalci r lining In Kngland many year-* ago. gets
the credit for the present .siiccesstul
operation of dynamos, motor.-? and
transformers. Sturgeon invented rhe
electromagnet, whicli in some iorm or
other Is used in ihe manufacture ot
most present-day electrical power machines.
i fault is not '.heirs. Their poor health s.-ond quarter
; is fhe cans.'. The 11ml. over-busy
| wife or ni.'uhcr". whosf household
cares have .worn her out; the bread'
'winner who.-.c anxiety for his family
I lias worried him until he is (hin and
; ill. aiv the nerve sufferers who be-
j come run down. Their .nerves, like
jail bodily organs, need health> red
1 blood; worry lolls on their digestion
land their n'������ves are ill-fed. In such
'eases, a coucse of Dr. "'Williams' Pink
: Pills is nece-isary, foi these pills make
; new blood and tone "up tho nervous
| system. The patient becomes full oi
1 energy, and happiness for themselves
|and others rtfurns. airs. Wm. Hughes,
'ColdwaU-r. Onl , has proved (he value
,ol Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and does
| not'he.-iiato to say so. She says; ���
t"Two year, ago I suffered mil old
'agonies with my-nerves. The pjins
, in my head and the back of mv neck
i were   unbeirablc.       i   was   depressed
��� and cranky all the lime.- -AIRhe rest
I took and best of medical attention
did me no good. I was adiised to fry
Dr. Williann Pink Pills and alter taking iheni to ��� *?i time-fell much belter.
I continued ilit ir use with great benefit, and aire- my baby was born |iK-y
i were llie only tonie that helped me
nurse her.      I found them a splendid
��� blood enrich or. and cannot recommend
them too hi.jhiv."
Vou  can  get   liiese  Pills  Irom  ;in>
medicine dealt.r.-or b>     mail    at    ."����
' e.'iiti  a  box  fnvn .Th-  Dr.  Wi'lhms'
Medicine  Co.. Urockvi'le,- Ont.
IS 17 and if)tft. I
The tolul numbei- ol  deaths in the'
second quarter of this year was in,- ;
(i()'). a slight decrease compared with ;
the corresponding period  last  year,    j
The infant mortality in lho Quarter1
ended June .��>0 last was 6ti per 1,0001
births, which equals The, lowest rate!
yet recorded iu any second quarter i
of the year.    <���
mixed: mix thoroughly and lastly, add ]
the 'onion juice aud orange rind. Cool j
anil serve.- '      I
������     y _.    j
Choked for Air. , Some Jitlle Irritant becomes lodged in tlie bronchial
tubes, others gather, and the awful
choking of asthma results. Nothing
offers-Quife such" quick ancl positive
relief as Dr. .T. D. Kellogg's. Asthma
Remedy. The Healing, soothing smoke
or vapor penefrates, clears the pas-"
sagos and gives untold relief. It has
behind it years of success. It is the
sure remedy for every sufferer. '*
Caram'el Custard (serves 6)
L    tall can Borden's Si. Charles Milk!
with    enough    water   to make l-
.">    eggs. -
J_> teaspoon sair. ��
1    teaspoon vanilla.       i
\'.> cup sugar.
Vi teaspoon nutmeg. -   -
Oradiuilly sift sugar inlo a. hot skil-
ilet, shaking the skillet vigorously all
the  time  to   preveut  burning.      The
.sugar should melt about as fast as it
is si fled Into the pan.     When it turns
to tin timber color (a light resin color)
sel ou back of.stove and add milk, being careful ihat milk does not bubble
over, as is liable am account  ot"  the
high temperature of sugar.     As soon
Kinuoii, commissioner for. Ui.> North-, as the sugar is melted in the milk, add
oni-Manitoba "territory.      This is 10,- j mixture   gradually   to   eggs   slightly
000.000 -feet  more-than  the -iir_.vi.__i_: Jiealwi: 'Aod_the salt. and_flayoring
. Lumber Mills Busy
As a recall of the aciive demand for
lumber, ihe mills of Tlio Pas, Man., expect to cm 5i),0O0.QOi) feet ihis season,
aet'ording to tht.- report of 11, W. Mc-
- previous,
to egg and milk mixture.   \Ilake in
cuslaul cups in a moderate ot*eu.
May Succeed Lord Byng
Alberta Dairy Pool .
Oflicials of the new Alberta Provincial dairy pool state tha! sujliciem
contracts havo been signed up lo warrant the ofttublishmom of a permanent
Children Cry for
; Will Likely Skirt
.   Canadian Share Line
Fienoh  Airmen Plan  Routs For Non- j
Stop Flight
i     In    tiie    non-stop  aeroplane  fli'jhi
iiom-Patis to New Vork. which Lieu- ]
. tenants Francois Coll and Paul Tara-
scon plan io attempt, Use French air-;
; men will likely pass over lhe Atlantic'
'<'.0a.11   region  of Canada.      Tliey  will
lay   their  course northward, crossing-
Cornwall, Ihe southwest (.��tvemily of
, Ditglnnd,    and    fUence  ptoceod ~<>ve
; South Ireland and i
Slaughter Painless
,A   new w-apon  to-.-.laughlor  cattle,
painlessly h:i-been invented by MmeJ Name     of    Viscount    Allenby
Simons, of Paiis. founder of th'e Lea-j Associations For Canadians
guo for the Protection of Animals. A j ��� Kumor has it thai Viscount Allenby
dart from a guu U .shot into the brain , may succeed Lord Byng of Vimy in the
and death i= :>'iid to be insUititaiieourij post of governor-general of Canada,
and painless. - luis name has associations for Cana-
  * "V
Tr���������:       ~      ~rr-  . :. . __���_ .    .��� _ dians, for. after serving   under ^Lord
French with the Old Contempllbles, ho
was" placed in command of the Fifth
Uritish' Army Corps at the second
battle of  ypres, in whicli tho Cana-
! diaus figured so brilliantly. In the
summer oj 11)17 he was appointed to
{command ihe campaign in-Palestine,
She   Is   Willing    to ' Answer  and curiously enough iiis name appar-
parently fuMilled ait age-old prophecy
wliich says that Allah-Nebl, n prophet
of God. would free Palestine.' Another tradition was that "not until the
waters of the Nile flowed into Palestine would [be Turks leave* Jennalm."
Letters from Women Asking
About Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Halifax, Nova Scotia. ��� "I am a ma-j	
ternity nurse: and have recommended) ,    _.     _ _
,,ni|: . W   i Lydia E.   Pinkham's  Vegetable Com-j in lhe B^Sy V*y*
j_u.j{. .ii.ii.-..-. j p0Utl{j lo r.iany Women who were child-: Tliere wax-a time when it was pos-
lh�� Ailnnti'-' to Southern Newfound- hss.-also to women who need a good, bi{,i,3 to take a long drive without fill-
land. There the> will turn and akin; tonic. lam English miImy husband is ,, - iirajipine on spare
.he Canadian shore line southward to | ^^ZLVfrigLf. %ld i tire."    dimply �� p.ace   a   ba.sfco" of
i ippreciate a copy or two of your little i "grub"  under  the  seat  uf��� the   "rig"
I aooks on women's ailments.  I hai'e one
No Cause F;or Worry '
"Canada will soon bo known In "Australia and New Zealand as the Dominion without a Dominion flag."
says the Toronto Globe. Why
worry? ' "We still havc the Union
.Tacit; the"flag that "braved a thousand years the battle and tlie breeze."
With the
Cream left in?
Keep a supply
inyour pantry
Free Recipe Book-
write the Borden Co.
Limited,  Mont-treat.
UT. C. __���.��_.
Fixtures. Uoiug concern. Sacrifice ior immediate sale. . 2235
Eleventh, R.jgina.''"
New York.
Danzig  Boasts O'f Wealth
Danzig ciiy boasts of being
MOTHER:- Fletcher's
'Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in
arms and Children all ages
of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishnes? arising "therefrom, and, by regulating the Stomach' and Bowels, aids the
assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.   .
.--.-���-,, ,    ,     ,     T    ���!���     ��������    i   ' <iud tie a bucket of o.iU to the axle���
' which I keep to lend.    I will willingly   ....,,.
! answer letten from any woman asking ' x antmivvr Province.
oue m 1 about the Vegetable Compoand."���Mrs. i .     -
the wealthiest on' the con.infill. .   Its,S.  M, Coleman,  2-1  Uniacke Street, I"   Muscular   Rheumatism   Subdued.���
wealth  dot'-t not consist so much  in ! Halifax, Nova Scotia-     , j When one is a sufferer -from muscular
, . W,      " . ,- _-.,-���*��_-.���. -��_f. -i . .rheumatism he cannot do better than
. inone>   and goods as it doeh  )M real. Could Not Sleep Nights 11���  have  the  reKion rubbed with  Dr.
estat��.      Two-thirds    of   the    whole, j    Dublin, Ontario. ���"I was -weak and | Thomas' Eclectric Oil.     Let the rub-
I around upon which I tailzie; i.s, built is irregular, with pains and headaches, and | bing be brisk and continue until ease
j the property of the municipality. j ?>*\A not sleep nights.   I learned about j is pecured.    There is more vlrtua in a
, ' Lydia S.  Pinkham's Vegetable Com- j bottle ot it than can be fully estimated.
I pound by reading the   letters in thp I     -  l
What l". said to be the world's deep-
! from it and I feel a lot "stronger and ara I est &�� "*'e,i has ^U3t been completed
A hotel in Los Auselef:. Cal ifornia,'newspapers and tried it becausa I wanted
! washes all coins before thev are re-:> get better    I have got good results
,. _ . " i from it and I feel a lot stronger and am
i turned to tne guests in tne form of|not troabled with such bad headaches  ia Pennsylvania.     The engineers had
i change. "   aa I used to be and am more regular.! j0 go down 7.-J2S feet, and gas is flow-
S es e*te!;_���KtiJ__?_s SsaH i <�������������� �����.twi. mmu��. cue
Caron v
502 3rd Ave., S.'
Made Into yarn 33c it?., or Batts S5c ?b.
Writo  for circular quotliiK our prices
for    underwear,    sweaters.*   blankets,
macklnaw coats And pants,'etc.
} Surfbury, Ont,
To aTOid smitatioas, always look for the signature of
Absolutely. Harmtegs - No Oplatet.    Physicians ever3rwh��e rexosssxnd it.
Keep MinaH's Liniment in the hous��
W.   N--   U.   1552
I tel! my friends what kind of medkine [ .
taking.   You may ose my lettet i,eei a day-
as a help to others.   ���Mrg. ^AM^ f
I an�� taking. You may ose my lettet j
as a help to others. ���Mrg. .Iames I
Eacho^ Box 12, Dublin, Ostario.
i-Minard'c t.inimsnt used hy physielaw
����.! for BtecUUr 0��e*?rh. So. 3 for Blood 6
S&ia DiseajMi, S'ff. 3|sr Cter^Ble Wtakneuei.
w��-.n_irt.r*Di,��lc'5r��iSr'i.ri'ic��r"( rssuiVii-3��.
I51��_L__CUB��C ����4. C��.H��Tem*��*R-t._* WALandsa
*ff Mltll8i. JO*n>�� 1. 'BO*T Sr. E..TS��05_ :t3_0"��
�� S��. euecuMr atsBKf. K*w V����k Cfnr. - Si' '���'v
ii -
custom that makes.pcopte
���1' with I
take musu�� a y        --      .      fo assiim-
Sil aids digestion and^hclp^ ^ ^
late the ^tsw^y^ M,
.x ���        Mix. it trcsmy w����� _#" <���
acquire.   Mix ��.y       m BS 9
Millions For Radio
A Popular Innovation Throughout
Rural Districts of Canada
Public .interest in radio broadcasting,
and the consequent 'demand for apparatus, has created a new industry
iu Canada, for a report recently issued by the Dominion bureau of statistics shows, that $5,614,700 was spent
in Canada -during 1921 on radio sets
.and parts. Of this.amount $3,201,103
was expended on sets and parts produced iii the Dominion and'?2,413.687
for similar equipment imported from
the United Slates. Radio licenses
were issUed by the Canadian Government during,the 12 months ending
March 31, 1925, to 91.90S persons. Ontario leads all provinces with a total
of ll>8t7 and Quebec wasMiext with'
18,211. Registrations "in the, other
ureas were as follows: Saskatchewan,
9,303; Manitoba, G.553; British Columbia, 6,409; Alberta, 5,843; Nova
Scotia, 2,772; New Brunswick, 1,210;
Prince Edward Cpland, 163; Yukon, 12;
Northwest Territories, 5.-' Licensed
broadcasting stations in the' Dominiou
numbered 51 at the end of the year.
tu Canada J3 "plants, all located in
'Ontario and Quebec, reported a pro-
duclion of radio sots or parts. -The
radio is proving a tremendously popular innovation throughout the rural
districts of Canada. U> helping to
solve one of the chief problems linked
with Miecesslul colonization, lor -the
best music and oilier engaging fea-'
Hires of sound lile are by the mystic
bond of radio, convoyed from lhe largest fillies to the most remote settlements. - By radio, loo. _the'iarmer or
seV.'er. somewhat remrfte froin telegraph or/ (deplume communication,
can receive as often ^as transmitted
daily.-the lal.rat iiiarki-t'ciuolalions on
all kinds of'products and the latest,
news from all parts of lhe wbrld.
Radio has eliminated isolation And re-
tlueed-<lista,ice lo a' mere term of expression fn some respects at Iwi^r.
Real Force Emanates
From Human Eye
Experiment of British Scientist
��� Explains~Trainer's Power Over
_ Wild Animals
. -A .scientific explanation of the mysterious power .exerted by expert animal-trainers over .wild beasts has just
come from., the. Loud on laboratory of
Dr. Charles Russ, an .English physician, formerly connected with the elec-
ti'icity department-of.' the Male Lock
Hospital "iri London. 7'He claims to
have proved, according .to Popular
Science Monthly, thai the-gaze of the
human' eye contains energy of some
form���probably . electro-magnetic energy���powerful enough to swing a suspended wire coil through an angle of
(Jo degrees.
Most of us, al one time or another,
have experienced the sensation of being stared at, and have turned to discover- the identity of the. persistent
gazer. This common experience convinced Doctor Ituss thai there must
be a real force emanating froni the
human eye���a power sufficient to make
ferocious animals cringe . before - the
human- gaze. His belief was
-strengthened by the well known fact
that two persons cannot look into each
other's eyes for more than a tew minutes without mutual or acute discom-
Doctor ltuss made a wire coil and
suspended il by an unsputt silk thread
inside tt metal ca&e,
Success  Of  Hebrideans
North of Scotland Settlers Are Pleased
With Canada v  7
"We would not return 7 to Scotland
under any circumstances���except for a
visit," this is what John Morrison and
Alexander Campbell, Hebridean farmers of the Westlock district of Alberta, told , Colin : McDonald,7of 'the
Scottish department: of ^agriculture','
who islravelling through the west investigating the condition of the settlers from the Hebrides according to a
special'dispatch to the Calgary.. Al-
bertan. ���"..'���.
- "The two now Westlock farmers emphasized their satisfaction with what
has been done for them in Alberta by
adding a plea to Mr. McDonald to tell
our people at home how we are getting
on in the new land," continues the dispatch.   ' w      .-'.''���
"In the Westlock and Legal areas
the Scottish visitor saw wheat on the
islanders' farms which will run 35
bushels Ulo the acre. He characterized the crops as splendid tind was apparently impressed with the. aslonisli-
ing progress being made by the men
who formerly tilled the arid soil ofthe
northern islands.   _.   ���".���'���'....-.
In the districts south and west of
Edmonton the Scottish government
investigator saw the substantial cream
checks received by his compatriots.
He saw men' milking to seven and
eight cows, who a year ago had bul
one���and that purchased on time.
"He visitiKl the homes of the veteran islanders���the men who fought
through lhe years, of the great war in
the highland regiments. Of them he
stated he was amazed at their present
good circumstances aiid the general
appearance of the country.
- "He carries' a message back to Scotland which will prove that Canada has
more than kept her word with the people from the northern croftings."
[ Oldest /Printed Book  In Canada
I bread was 'fastened" to a cork at tho
iop, nnd  at  the  other cud  hung  lhe
Bible Owned Sy Toronto Doctor Is 408
Years Old
, Br. J. D. Tyrrell,  176  Dloor Street
East, Toronto, Ont., i.s  the owner of
probably the oldest printed book there
One end of tho- is h_ Can.uia.-    u is a BiblGi     0n Sts
With Pimples. Terribly
Itchy. Cuticura Healed.
"My troupe began with blaclc-
heads_and pimples on my . face.
The pimples were large, hard and
very red, and some of them festered.
They were terribly itchy causing
me-to scratch and the right aide
of my face waa disfigured. The irritation kept me awake, and my
face was a sight.
" I read an advertisement for Cu
ticura Soap 'and Ointment and sent
for a free sample. I purchased more
and before long I saw a wonderful
change. I continued the treatment
and now I am healed." (Signed)
Miss Louise MacDonald. Box 172,
Mary St., Newcastle, N. B.
"���"Use -Cuticura to clear your skin.
S*mpl�� Euh Free bj- Stall. Address Canadian
Depot: u8fa_i__oiu__. Ltd, BMrtMll' Price. Soap
25c. Ointment 25 and 50c. Talcum 26e.
BV* Cuticura Sharing Stick 25c.
Find Traces Of Dune Dwellers
back  is  the  title  "Biblis.  Nurinberp,
tho Nurinberg Bible which was print-
coil. Jum above the coil he fasten- od thor(? by Anton,Us> Coburger in 1177.
ed a. small magnet, which, taking a J T1)U *book> whkh u WK vpars oldi
north-soinh podirion, held the coll I bul ^.hidl loo]cs tresh enough lor .,
stead;. The coil itself to ��o adjust- j Christmas gift, is in its original biud-
ed thiW II  Wits in an  t<ast-wesl   Posi-,inK of ll!athcri hand-tooleil with club-
A small window in  the metal l
Make Butter From Fish
'The Indians of A las. lea and British
Columbia obtain  their butter  supply
froin a fat little flslt called the ooli-
chanf1     Millions ii re  cdught  in  nets,
put   in    tubs   ami covered with hot!
stones.     Oil fiom lhe fish rises to the|K��"1
. orate designs, whose imprints are
case allowed the Basse to be directed ;0verliiitl\vUH gold lear. Its pages of
a! the coil,'and made possible tho ob-,|!ineil pai,cr# ]Uade by ]umd> ave in \0
servation of any movement...      , |lI  inc]les. bearing two columns each
The magnet, already in its P''0P��'jof Latin wordss. The pag^s themselves
north-south position, would objec^'to are _n a r(jn,ftrUabiy well-preserved
being swunp out of it. If, when the j colldirloni aml ghmv not thtr slightest
experimenter'* Raze to directed on |sign o�� delerioration, being but slight-"
the coil, it moved against Ihis lore*. jy discolored-in places by moisture,
it would prove the electric jioiver of
Discovery    in    Interior    of : Mongolia
Disclosed by Explorer
Stone implements and weapons of.a
race of men who lived thousands ot
years ago among sand dunes on the
shores of a hike since swallowed up
by the Gobi Desert and who discovered tho eggs of the dinosaur countless
ages before these were introduced to
the civilized world by Chapman Andrews, two years ago, have been
found far in the interior of Mongolia
by the third Asiatic expedition or the
American Museum of Natural History,
Mr. Andrews, leader of tiie expedition,
disclosed at Pekin.
That these primitive men knew of
the eggs left by-^the dinosaur, the
giant'reptile that roamed the Asiatic
uplands sonic .ten million years ago,
is proved by fhe facl that they neatly bored the shells and made ornaments of theipr Mr. Andrews said
They used for the.same purpose the
shells oJ a gigantic ostrich, long since
ln this discovery, Mr. Andrews believes his expedition lias uncovered
traces of the earliest type of man yet
discovered. He has named 'them iiie
"���dune dwellers of Shabarack Ussu,"
using the name of the site of the find.
"lu these dune dwellers," lit* said,
'"we believe we have found the earJiefrt
tj pe of ina'i in his development front
the ane."
Art In  Government  Publications
"Camping In Canada" and "Canoeing
In Canada" Are Two' Most Attractive Booklets
, There has just been issued by the
Canadian Government two bf the mo3t
artistic booklets that haye ever come
to air- editor's desk. These are
"Camping jn Canada" and "Canoeing
in Canada," the product.of the natural resources intelligence service of
the department of the interior. 'Differing from the general conception
that a mass of colors is necessary to
attract attention, these booklets are
studies in bliick aiid while only, bur
..tlie quiet dignity and good taste displayed carry an irresistible appeal, and
are evidence of the ability of those
who conceived and executed' these attractive booklets. The booklets constitute.an invitation to see Canada, they
set forth in an impelling and rehdable
way the advantages whicli Canada enjoys and the .inducement's she has to
offer both her own people .'and.'visitors
from other lands in the way oi' camp
grounds and canoe routes. No one
can road litem without feeling the call
of the wild and the urge for the great
open spaces, where communion with
nature is undisturbed, -the sounds of
traflic arc unheard, peace and beauty
reign supreme, and the lire#f the wil;
derness pursues its unbroken -course
through the ages. The booklets are
illustrated wiih a series ofarlistic pen
and ink sketches by Mr. A. 13. ICIias,
while the text is .the work of Dr. Ernest Voorhis, both members of the staff
of Iho natural resources intelligence
service of the department of lhe interior Canadian-made paper was
Used exclusively and the-printing was
dojie in the Government, printing bureau. Mr. P. 0. C. Lynch, the director of iho service, is to be congratulated upon tin. excellence of the new
A Prime Dressing for Wounds.���In
some factories and workshops" carbolic acid is kept for use in cauterizing wounds and cuts sustained, by. the
workmen. Far better to keep on haud
a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric U.iL
It is just as quick in action and does
not ��ciir thu skin or burn tin- flesh.
in a Self respecting'
iZ^ou look your **>!
) Every Woman 1
j Needs A  Sink  \
Why get along withouta kitchen sink
any longer ? Here is a new SMP
Enameled Ware Sink, '.the very.
latest. Made of ruat-rejiating Armco
Iron, with three coats of purest white
enamel, name as on bath tubs. Size
20" x 30''x6"-deep, witli 12* back,
complete witli strainer, brackets, all
fittings and directions for setting up.
Price, complete, $13.00.
The SMP Enameled Drain
Board shown ubove it made to fit
the SMP Enameled Ware Sink, or
aU standard sinks. Sire 20" * 24".
Has the same material nnd enamel
ns SMP Sinks and is complete with
brackets and fittincs for setting up.
A great labor saver.
Price, complete, $6.50
For sale by plumbers an& hardware
stores throughout the country, or
"Sheet f^TAL Products co.*J.'
tile humati eye. -      .   -
Dr. Rusk  took   liirf  station a shor
I distance from the metal case and'be-
to   gaze   steadily-   through    the
*01t Lazy Man's Invention
'    Earned His Promotion
....      .,,, ,!,���*���-,���! window at the coil.      One second���no
it hanlons atiickly anil the taste j       _ ..,_.,.-       y    *
is almost identical with that oi' butler;
In tlie Long Ago
.   He.���-'��� What a Vclty f'111-'"
���She.���"Yes,  i-had -lt-Kivon
whon I iirst. came out."
He.���"Really:      It  has worn well."
lo   1110
The morn explaining a man has io
do the less,humanity Wlim-ps iu him.
T*\IRT and grime
-*"""^ cannot stay
where Salty Ann
works; polishes silverware, brass, copper, nickel; removes
all grease and spots
from cooking uten-
'.sils." "      x.   X
*��TO!_l   a.C����JESJ   !.(MITEO
w. js. v. m*
movement... 'iVo, throe, four seconds
���still no movement.     Five seconds���
the  coll   started   to  swing: Within
fr-n seconds it had turned several de-
Kreea JLoxard a_Jior(Iirsoufh-direction,
forcing the lillie magnet above il out
of its proper position.
Doctor Russ  looked  away ancl  the i who had to attend lo two station sij?-
coll    swung    back    to   its   east-west nnls some distance 'apart decided  to
save  himself  the  trouble of walking
Signalman     Found    Way    To    Avoid;
Walking Between Stations ,
" 'fhe old adage sayn, "Necessity is j
the mother ot invention." Sometimes. |
however, laziness may have something j
to do_with_it_as_wiiS-tha-ease-in one ;
of the mosl important inventions In
railway control. "In 1S46 a pointsman'
to-ajid fro,by fastening two levers together by a iong piece of "wire. The
wire ran Into his hut, and there he ��at
nightly, wording the two signals with-'
out setting foot outside. Found out
j at last by an inspector who saw the
Consider Building Glass Houses
Would Hardly Ever Need Repairs Say
American Experts
American glass, experts are consid- ,        lbnIdfi3 of his contrivance for illfl-
vrinu   Plans    for   building house., of j ^e.BlgnaUf lho ,       one *was u.pi.,_
opaauo gRSR which they claim can be j^^.,^^ liromotcd.        -
produced in great quantities at a rea-
com.     "The material for the!
- i
proposed glass house can be mado in
slabs one-eighth of   an    inch  -thick.
; Minard's liniment for Distemper .
thirty Inches wide, and nine feet long, j
Athabasca Tar Sands
j   .Samplcis of the Athabasca tar sands
���These slab's of opaque glas.-.  can  beiin" utc_  Fort  McMurray  district,  AI-
watlc in any shade or color the build- J bertn. were taken this summer by a
er wants."     The glass  houses must  federal" mining  engineer   for Vxperi-
Baby's Own Tablets Have Many-
Uses and Are Absolutely
To have in the house a simple harmless leiuedy for the minor ills of
babies and little children ii,' a great
boon to you ig mothers and this i.s exactly why Baby's Own Tablets have
been found in many households. They
reduce fevers, allay Iho irriiailon of
cutting tech and regulate the bowels,
yet they hare no drug iaste and children like them.
-���Mrs. Alary-fc.-Daniel; Central Falls,
11.1., says: "Baby's Own Tablets aro
just-what they are recommended- to
be. My little girl was badly troubled
witli pin wjrms, was feverish and
restless and would be awake all night.
1 got a box of Baby's Own Tablets and
they helped her lit once. She is not
nervous now and'sleeps well ai night.
1 have-nev^r used a better medicine
for this-trouble. 1 have also found
Baby's Own Tablets good at teething
lime and am glad to recommend them
to other mothers."
Baby's Own Tablets arv sold by ail
druggists or will be mailed ou receipt
ot price, 25 cents" per" box, by tits Dr.
.WiiliainH' Medicine Co., brockville.
Ont. A Utile booklet." "Care of the
Baby, iu Health and Sickness," will be
sent free to any nf oilier on request.'
An Interesting Discovery
-   ^
j South American Palm Seed  Is Found
! In Saskatchewan
j    An    object    regard.xl us1 an  oddly-
j shaped    stone    resembling    a    horse
I chestnut was found by Alfred Brosie,
1 farmer, of Court, Hask., in 19IS, while
! he was digging a well.
j    Through the agency of Miss Kaili-
ilec-u  riazoll,  teacher of a school near
I Court, Dean  \Y. J. Rutherford, of the
j College  of Agriculture, University of
Saskatchewan, has examined thc object and bas identified it as the Seed
of a palm tree found    growing   only
in Tropical climes.
Professor B. T. Dickson, professor
of biology  of    MacDougald    College,
| Quebec,    has    confirmed this  report,
1 identifying    the 'nut    as    iruit of a
j palm  actually   a    native    of    South
J America   and    known    commonly, as
I vegetable   ivory.     When   found,   the
| nut' was "covered with a thin shell or
[husk.     ThU alone.was petrified, giv-
fing tlJO_fmyredsloii_ that "The-  object
j was a stone.      Th.e'kernel of the nut
i was.in a good state of preservation.
As it was found 26   feet    below    the
surface,  the 'conjecture is a.-,  to, how
and wnpn it got. there.
be. constructed on a concrete foumia-
tion and a wood "framework. There
wiil be an air-pocket between the outside and the inside wails which wil!
keep out both heat and cold. It is
claimed that the,first "cost of the house
would also prove to be practicably the
hisl, as the need for repairs would be
utmost, )ion-esistent.
mental -purposes.
u Cholera
Infantum "'
-*No Premiums For Brains
S3ie was ��ne~of-the operators in a
local factor;..      The position of fore-
lady became vacant.      The boss seni '
for her and offered her tho promotion.
"What increase in  salary   am   I  to'
receive?"' she asked.
"No increase at present." the boss
answered. "We'll see about that
part of it later."
"We'll-settle that part ot it right
now," she declared, "otherwise I'll
not take "the job, for F ain't going
to put my brains to work for tlie sanie
nioney that. W hands will
Toronto T��d :-gram.
Hard  Work and Hard Thinking
I Must Concentrate Attention On Work-
i    ing Out Problems of the Country
|    If ever there was a.time when. Nova
J Scotians   shiuld" be   thinking in the
I terms of economic progress,this is the
1 time; thinking in the terms.of farm-
ling, fishing, fiuit raising, mining, lumbering, ' manufacturing. People should
be'subordinate, and auxiliaries���-nothing more���to minds that are concentrated on" working .out ,the economic
salvation of the province.
This quality of thinking���Intensive
concentration on the material elements
of national development and progress
���will be a powerful lever to lift us
out of rats, - And lifted out of ruts-,
instead of being satisfied -with what
the pa&t records. Nova Scotiaa.-: will be
resolved whew out new avenucjof.ac-
ilvity, making it their motto: "li can
be done."���Halifax Herald.
Turkish Women Have-Newspaper
-For the . ilrst time the women of
Turkey have a newspaper of their own,
".Lii Volx de la Femme." Its motto,
tmderatood if not put. into words, is
������Forward, but not too fust." -The
male Turk .as yet is so unused to
emancipated womenfolk that lie has
to be handled with caution. The first
number of the journal published at
Business Stability In Canada
Canadian Dollar Rises Above Par in
the United Stales
The Canadian dollar, in rising above
par in the I'niled States has, according to the .South Bend, ind., Tribune,
done something so notable that Canadians may well lake great prlde'in it.
"It irf not often," 'the Tiibune says.
'"ihsiL the money of any other country
goes abovu the American dollar." In
tlils case it evidences, says the Tribune, "lhe soundness of business conditions In* Canada and the increase of
export trade." ;
Apply Minard's to the aching" spot and get quick relief.
Germany's Grape Crop'Good
An excellent grape crop is expected throughout Germany this year, according .to the federal statistical bureau. Almost all the. wine producing
areas report that the vines are In
splendid, condition so that the hope
for a.duplication of the banner year of
1922 is justified.
Protect the child from the ravages
of. worms by using Mother Graves*
Worm Exterminator. It.is a standard
remedy, and years of use have .enhanced its reputation.
Mrs. Cohen: "This lifeguard saved
your life, Cohen. Shall I giff him a
dollar?"-' -    W
Mr. Cohen; "I vaa just half deadt
ven ho, pulled me out." -(.iff him fifty
It Is said that painting a room occupied by sufferers .from contagious
diseases causes iim. germs to disappear.
These great men who assert, that
they began life as school teachers must
must have been precarious'infanta
The  man who knows fhe, least  Is!
often ia tbe biggest hurry to tell It.    '
TM3 valuable pmpara.f-5c.ii ia5? Lien.
on the market for over SO years, aad
bas no equal for offset! ing' the vomiting, purging- and diarrfecea of eiders
Pat np oaly by Tie T. Milbtsra Co,
Lisaited. TervaUv Oat.
IF one be troubled with corns, lie will
find in Hoiloway's Cora .Remover an
application that will entire!:, relieve
The l:nlted States consumes  more
than 70 per cfnt.-
ber production.
of tbe world's rub-
JA*k for MfnarsTs aniit take no tHher
Proved safe by miilions and prescribed by physicians for
Headache    Neuralgia     Colds Lumbago
Pain Toothache    fSleuritis       Rheumatism
Accept  on!v.-"Barer"  package
I*   ������!���_������ II   ifc,*    > ���MnJtel J>M||.___..   ���   fc�� Vt A��H���������������������� tf��l��
vhicli contains proven directions.
Handy   ''Bayer"  botes  of  12   tablet*
Ateo bottles of 24 and 10O���Druggists.
A_��p3rln ��i fbe tra.fe Bust-!   ��Pfgiiit<.r^.l ta Cans-Ul  nf Bayer-Siairefapto!* of jrossotrtttf--
jk��t&nttt_ot StiKvlleitcId (Acs-tyl StStejIte A.-M, "A. S. A.">.    "While- it U wit - tno-wa
u*i<t ti* po_>l_c as��lsi*t ia__.___ti��ai. tbe TsMea
WaSr eejera! IrvJe sa&rl:. Dt "*B*yfr Ob**,"
tt*t ^_-wIrta si^sjia Bayer BiMraffrrtuw. to
if &��/& Cj_S34B/ SSI Bt stie&i-u-i *1-Ji ���/'.���'
Bride-elect Entertained
Is $2.oo a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices ���.     7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears lr> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advartlsing, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals
I2^c.   a  Hue each in-
Tbe blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Jack McKellar Dies
The funeral of Jack McKellar.
who died very; suddenly on Fri-.
day, Aug. 28th, was held on
Monday afternoon, service being"
conducted by Rev. W. R. Walk-
inshawin Gul-ley's Undertaking
Parlors. A very large gathering of old timers were present
and followed their late-7 friend to
his last resting place in tbe local
cemetery. The pallbearers were:
D. McGillis, G. Hambly, C: King,
A. Greig, I/. Bryant and R.
., The late Mr. McKellar was
very, well "known ' and highly
respected: - He was born in
Glencoe, Out., S.S years ago, coining, west to Manitoba'in 1898,--
and later to'Eholt 25 years ago",
where be . engaged in the livery
business for a. time -befdre'..he
became proprietor of .the��� Union-
Hotel. . After the C.'P..R; shops
. were removed to - Grand. Forks,"
Jack went miuing iti the Beaver--,
dell section." For"-the'-past" tWp
years he made:his home in Greenwood. " He'.wai'a :familiar .figure
in. the community .arid - will' be
greatly missed. W' -   /..-.-'���;'-'
The Lo,cal United Farm Women
of Midway, proved themselves
delightful hostesses, when they
entertained at a very pretty miscellaneous shower in honor of
Miss Nita Richter on Saturdav,
August 29th. The Farmers Hall-
made a-very appropriate place fof
the reception. The guests were
met by the hostesses, who
escorted them to the hall, which
was prettily decorated with quantities of lovely asters, and purple
lilac, the latter being most unusual for this time of the year,
filled the room with fragrance.
The bride-to-be was presented
with a large basket receptacle,
decorated with beautiful pink
bridal roses and foliage. It was
placed on a w.agon, tastefully
draped with white crepe, aud
drawn by two lovely little children, Catherine Stewart and
Evelyn Hawks, who were pretiily
dressed to represent a bride and
her maid of honour. They who
were very daintly dressed, did
their part splendidly. On coming in, the little bride tossed a
boquet;- composed of white asters
and ferns, to the bride-elect, who
caught it and "smilingly acknowledged the bofior bestowed upon
her. Mor'e than one hundred
were present from different parts
of the Valley.
After the presents were all unpacked, a delightful tea was
served, during which Mrs. E.
Lund sang very sweetly the appropriate song VJuanita", accompanied by Mrs. H. Pannell on the
, Great credit is due to Mrs.
Lundy, of Midway, for all the
work she must have had to teach
and dress the two little girls. .
Midway is very noted this year
for her many popular and lovely
An at home or reception, for
friends,,will-be held at the bride-
elect's home on Wednesday, Sept.
9th. Tbe wedding will take
place on Wednesday, Sept. 16'.h,
at 5 p.m., in the Anglicsn
Church, .Kettle Valley.   ;
Midway News
The Ladies Aid will meefe in the
Old School House on Saturday,
Sept. 12th.
Mrs. T. Hartland, of Grand
ForkB, ie the guest of her daughter,
Mra. !__. Lund.
Something coming! A big concert aud dance iu the Farmero
Hall.    All local talent.
Miss Gwendolyn Salmon, who
has been visiting her parents, left
for the coast thiB week. \
Mrs. Harold Erickson and children left last week for a visit with
her mother at Grand Forks.
The local ball team defeated the
Beaverdell nine on Sunday in a
very interesting game by a score of
9 bo 6.
Mr.  and  Mrs.   Jas.    Bush and
daughter,   Mayneen,   returnedt ou,
Sunday   from    a   very   enjoyable
motor trip to Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Pannell aud
children paid a viBit to Kettle
Valley on Monday last and were
the guests of Mrs. J". Thompson.
The Farmers have everything
ready for a big time on- Monday
night next 7th (Labor Day).
Bash's orchestra will Supply the
music for the dance.'
The' TJ. F. will meet oh Saturday, Sept. 56h. It being Hospital
Da,y every member is asked to
donate some farm product for the
benefit of the District Hospital.
'The Sea Hawk"
Sabatlui's brilliant novel, "The
Sea Hawk," one of the three best
Sellers of 1923 and regarded as a
most spirited narrative than even
'.^gepranionchc," will be the feature
at the Greenwood Theatre on
Friday and Saturday, Sept 4th and
5th. '  x   [���
In book form "The Sea Hawk"
has beeu regarded as a modern
gem and in relating the story pic-
torially Mr. Lloyd has enhanced
its value. To transfer the big
drama to the screen it has been
necessary to build an entire Algerian city.with its quaint slave market, winding street?, mysterious
courtp, four gigantic ships of the
Sixteenth Century design and to
use more than 1000 people actively
iu the several big sea'battles.
"The Sea Hawk" is the crowning achievement/of a season of
brilliant screen drama?, a play
that registers its magnitude in
every scene and with such forcf
that it is not likely that local
screeu followers will cease to talk
about ife yury soon. ~
The admission price is adults
75c, children 35c:
Watch and Optical
Waltham WatGhes
For Sale
Good Line of Spectacles
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
A. J. DORMAN   ~
McCutcheon Residence
Rock Creek W. A.
. 7... The Rock Creek ."Women's Aux-
= iliary Bargain Sale o'f Work held
:'at. the .home vof. -Mrs.77F.-r 32���
'���.Glossop   on:. > Wednesday,    26th.
_-'-August,..-'_'realisea _ all __ and ...more
than ..was   expected   of- it, as.a
financial. venture.r ' The weather,
.^uflfortunately'-frptn. the point  of
.. view", of. the-, number of-visitors
attending".'the sale,   .turned- wet
. that, morning- and; continued ;so
..throughout   the day.    However,
.friends from  Midway helped; to
.swell. the'   total   attendance   of
about.30 "adults, and ihe.-getierous
.support of all present (Augmented
���-,by contributions, from some., tin-"
able to.-attend).resulted in a sum
of. $99- -being  taken  which   will
..mean a balance/bet of about" $90
���for  the "W. =A.' contribution-'lo-
���:. wards   -the    Church ' Guarantee
. Fund.  vThe .'larger, "part."of this
-sum- wa3,' of' ."course*   obtained
. from the 'fcale. of  work, at .'.'cut
throat" ." prices,   ' but"  'various
smallersuras, were contributed by.
the.sale of candy by  members pi
the JutsiorWJ: A., ices. teas,', fortune-telling, -"&c.v and- the sale.of
a fine young turkey'presented, to
.'.'the cause.by R..E. "Norris;-7 .-;,.;-.
The president and  members of
. the Auxiliary, would ;_Hke. to ..take
-this opportunity, of. ihatiking .all
those who so  generously  helped
to make the afternoon a-financial
" 'success.'.-/.,.      ''���-'���.-���������':
Christian Valley, Notes
(Too late for-last issue)'-.-.''-. .
.Joe   Phillips  came   tip   feo   the
.Valley from Westbridge and spent
a .few days with his friends.
Oa Srinday, Aug. 23rd, snow
was seen on Boulder Greek mountain, two miles from the Valley.  ; =
Ife is hoped thafe the late ' rain?
"jf.have pat the forest fires, oat, as
Xi&ti  Thursday   burnt  grass  and
-Basal) pieces of charred  bark filled
lhe'"air in She "Valley when a heavy
south wi�� wind was blowing;.. .   '
Rock Creek . Items
Mrs. :Weed-._and family motored
to.Moison on Sunday. .    ....
.'; Roy Worthington- and family
motored fed Greenwood-on Saturday. WW- "'-,,, ;-.'-���;-   ~iXy.yyX.__
Miss. -Rpbe'rfep,. of .Vancouver,-is
the.gnest'ofT&lrs. Harpur.'.at Myhr
caster,'' ; Xy "7 v -;,    * .7   ' ;-y-y ;[ ���-,- :'
���MrvancVMra.-T; .W." Clarke "of.
ere an
More than 100 persons joined.the
ride, of the Trail Eiders of the
Rockies on their horseback journey
from Banff to Y/apta Camp-, via
Marble Canyon and Lake O'Hara.
The ride started on August 8.
Grain figures issued by the Har-
-bor' Commission of Montreal show
that on August 1st all grain, shipment records v/orc broken by one
day's delivery of 2,277,712 bushels
of grain to outgoing ships. Harbor
officials state that this is the firsJL.
. time' that -grain shipments in one
day - have topped the. two. million
bushel .mark. "... -
"mo.tored ;to.Midway-oh
Sun'day; ...
'-.Mr. and Mrs.-rA; .Waddell, of'the
Main '.Riyer, "��� .motored", to " Rock
.Creek on Friday.   X.   '}..].-.
.'. A number of7farmera froth different .parts "of'the district: visited
Rock .Creek on Friday.'..- ���._'���". ���"- :-   ���
. =Mr.. and ,Mrs..-7Ed. ��� Madge and
.family returned hpaia from, their
trip.toj'thq Okanagan 3a8t;week_',W
- . Mr.' and -.Mrs. '-."A: "D.7 McLennan
accompanied by..Mrs. -'W.. Clark',-
motored  to:Midway,-drr Saturday..^
' ��� Two..car loads' of cattle wereship-
ped. from- Rock; Creek, oh- Friday to
"the" Swift;. Canadian ..Company.7.at
Sew-:Westminster; .7   -    ""7��� ,->.   "'
��� Mrs.. ��Dr.) ' White, arid  bods,;"of
Penticfeon, motored" th rough'-town*
oh-Sniulay, enfonte_forBonnibgton
Fall* for a'short'vacation. ,
" '.Mr.-and'Mrs. W-B, .Stewartand
family; of Midway,. Returned home
on-- Wednesday.,-." after, spending.*
delightful-'/ holiday W Christian
Valley.,-"'- ;'   ":; .-      ���'- -7 .;��� . .   ;
. Mr. iaiid . Mrs.. I. Crawford,' of
CaHcodp,' who has been .visitingat
Beaverdell, ahd. who ten yeais ago
had }&. grocery - store here, paseed
t-hrongh "town" on  their  way back
lioirie.on Sunday.^y _X X "������'" xyy-- }'
Kinney Bidg., IVIaih St,
Experienced .Mechanic-7 W
employedto attend to ail/car_ tVoubies
Oil. Cup CredSe, floor Dressiitg,
j Harness Oil, Csnd.es        ::
Agent for Imperial Oi! Company.'
Gars7for Hire_
. Installation of machinery at the
new annex of the Dominion Textile
Mill at Montmorency Falls, Quebec,
will be started by January first next..
About'300 additional employees will
be rcquired't'b operate the plant;.: At
present .there"', are about. 1,800 .employed at the mills."' '[��� X      - -���   _-"...
. "A prophecy that the-Orient would'
become .'infthe very  near future, a;
really .large- importer-of  Canadian.
wheat was' made recently" by Hon..
Dr.; J. -H.- King,. .Minister of. Public ���.
-Works. ���[   In.  predicting   .increased
Orient;, trade-in- -grain,   Dr..-King.'
pointed: out that'^imports. of wheat
froin. Canada,for 1923-1924 increased
by'400 per. cent. 7     '   .-''   "'".-" - i
"   Over.fifteen thousand men left the.
east on the first.harvestefs excursion
".from the" east;to"the""wh"eat' fields" in'
-llie: middle of August -' ".Four other
excursions-are. to -foUo.-w from' Toronto later" ih. August, and September, when -if is ' expected  that -the
���majority of the "remainder of-the 50,-
OOO.meii required for the-harvest ���will'
-travel west.--;. "   --.- '---'
-British teachers ; touring-Canada
under the auspices of - the' Overseas"
- Educational - League are - now - enjoying all the .-various forms, of- entertainment. to be found'hi tho Carta--
dian   Pacific' Rockies.;.' They  haye
been  riding .trails, -hiking, fishing,
motoringf  bathing .-ihWhe  'sulphur',,
springs at the Banff Springs Hotel
arid were.the guests at.a dinner there'
given by J. M. Gibbon, secretary "of
the Trail Riders ; of  the   Canadian
Rockies.-. ���,   .--  ,.* :7* -.   -7. .-
Confidence" of United States capital in; tha .Dominion, optimistic preparations   for   the   new;.  Canadian
financing, prospects of a good.crop,
large' United - -States;\purchasing 'in'
Canada, and. heavy- expenditures."of
-American', tourists .in, the ..Dominion,.
were some of the reasons offered by
New York financial experts for. the
consistent 'above'par stand of-the-
Canadian dollar on'th'e.New York exchange.   The Canadian dollar is now
at a premium on-the; New .York ex-7
change^..1 -X'<"-X W:"':''������--���'-.���' [X'X[y, ���'-
Geeee and Brant���Northern and
Eastern District?, open season from
Sept. 15bh, 1925, toDec- 3l8f5 1925,
both dates inclusive. Daily bag
limit 10, total bag limit 50. .
That anew market has been found
for Canadian lobsters, fs shown by
the report that twenty-six hundred
cases of lobsters, valued at about
$78,000, were shipped to Sweden
from Halifax, N.S., during the first
week in July.        -   .   \ \
The United Church of Canada
Minister in charge ' ���'.'���'-
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
. Greenwood
Sunday, Seutember 6th.
Midway 11 a.m.
Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
The gold mines of Northern Ontario are' now realizing "aggregate
profits of a million" dollars a month,
according to estimates compiled at
Timmins, Ont." There was a gross
income of '$2,650,000 during the'
month of June.
GEO. ARMSON,  Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Reoairer
AH work_ aud material  guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way. ' Terms Cashi
Apples For Sale
(Picked) 50c.,.falls' 25c. in your
own boxes. T. A? Glabic,
For. Sale or Rent
��� \ChfJatensen Ranch, Lot". 20S3,
Group 3, Similka'aiwen Division,
near Boundary Falif, containing
320 acres. Apply L. Portmann,
Greenwood, or Portmaun Bros.,
Kettle-Valley. *     -.
Six hundred and twenty-four
families from Great Britain and other European countries settled in the
West on 187,000 acres of land, sold
in the fiscal year.ending May 31st^.
according to the records of the Can
ada Colonization Association.
Quebec is this year enjoying the
greatest influx of tourists it has
known for a considerable time. Hundreds of motorists, the majority from
the States, are camped in and around
the city, and the Chateau. Frontenac
reports capacity bookings.
During his tour of Western Canada Field Marsfial Earl Haig passed
.through the town bn the Canadian
Pacific Railway which was named
for him several years ago, for the
first 'time. The Field Marshal,, on
learning his . connection with the
town, looked as pleased as though
he had just won another famous
7 The total number of students in
Canadian universities and colleges
in. 1924 was 52,639, or nearly one in
eighteen of the totarpopulation, according to a bulletin issued by the
Dominion . "Bureau of Statistics,
Under the category of college's, the
tdtal7numbe_f in 1324 was 83. Of. thia
total six s>ra agricultural, two technical, two Law, one dental, one ioi
pharmacy, one feif veterinary science,
23 theological; 89 affiliated, ons
.. school for higher comniercisl stadies,
one college of gxt staid *as military
college,       -*"������ .'.'-.- ~ y*. -*-? *
Summer Excursion Fares
7li:..[...$ 86.30.
..;."....'.. -120.62.
.......... 127.95- _-
������' ���-132-75'.'
..;..--..".. 147-9��."
....'.:-."..,:.IS3.4S ,
���.,,.:._..._.- 86sPOy^
x.v.y. 147-40.7-
.V.....-.".,; 153-50   -���
"7 Route yia'.P6rt.Ar'thur.6r'"via Soo-tine, through  Winnipeg or. Portal-to'
"St. Paul, thence-via Chicago."or Sault Ste. .Marie, .via Great Lakes; .'or-via
; .California; at additional fare;'or., good to "go via .one  of the :above -.routes,',
'returii another.' ;'* ;_ .. .-'   '��� ;.--   . .'   .-. .  7 ���"' '���'.'-'. ' '���' . ������'��� ��� '���- ' -'. '-���'���'���'..������ "
J. S. CARTERrDistfki
See Local Aeent or Write for Details., -
Winnipeg ."...:..."_.���*
;....:..$ 72.00. -,-
._-��� "Fort William
Torontoj.... ���...,
....,-,:-.' 113.7S-.7
-:-"'. Niagara Falls
:.....���:. ,113.7s
.-," - Ottawa ...;...'.
........ 113.7s -
.,..."...- 141.80.
��� Moncton ......
St.-John". ....;";	
:'���'_ Halifax-,.	
St. Paul....'..,..'.'....
........   7a.OO.
T..T.V7.""; 75.00-."
""'    New York-	
Duluth' -..'.;/..;	
;.,���.-.... "72.00yy,
"Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be" pre-empted by
British subjects .over 18 years of age,
and by-aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional    upon "-residence,    occupation,
- and improvement for agricultural
purposes.'.. ' 7
Full information, -concerning regur
lations ���: regarding "pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can bc obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C.,'or to any Government Agent.
"" Recoi-ds will bo granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and .which is not- timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per'acre west qf tho Coast Range
and 5,000 feet per, acre east of that.
Applications for 'pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of tho Land Recording Division, in which tho land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can bc 6b-
. tained from the Land Commissioner. _
- Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements made
to value "of ,$10 per acre,, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a -.Crown Grant can bo ������
received'.        . ���'. " ' "." "���*���
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin. . "How to Pre-empt
���Applications aro received for .pur-   ���
chase '- of   vacant    and    unreserved
Crown  lands, not beiiig timberland,'
for agricultural purposes;  minimum
price for first-class  (arable) land Is .
$5 per acre, and second-class (graz-
Mng) land ?2.50'per aero. Further Information regarding purchase or. lease
of Crown lands Is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land' Series, ��� "Purchase and
. Lease of Crown, .Lands."
Mill, factory, "or Industrial site3 on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may.be purchased or leased, the conr
dittons including payment of
stumpage.        " ~ '   .   ,
' ITnsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may bs leaaed as homesiteo, .
conditional 'upon   a   dwelling   being
. erected in the first year, title being,
"obtainable after . residonco o,n<S ^improvement   conditions-  are   fulfilled
��� and land- has been surveyed. k
y...���     .. LEASES"' _.'" "   _J_"
';.For   grazing .and   Industrial   pur-.
poses-areas not ezceedingr 840 ��ora��'
may be leased -by one parson or ft
-company. - , -    '���
���'���' 'Under the Grazing Act the Prov-.
ince" is. divided into grazing ��� districts ;
and tho'range administered under a.
Grazing -   .Commissioner.       Annual
grazing permits are- issued based on1
-numbers ranged,priority being given:
. to established owners.   Stock-owners .
.may - form   associations   for .ranga
'. management.   Free,'. or  partly   free.'.
permits   orb   available" for. settlers,'
campers and travellers,  up  to    tea'
7 B Canada
7. Has.produced Minerals as. follower. Placer&o\d}_ 877,382,953; Lode Gold,
$118;473,19.Q; Silver, .$68,824,5795 Lead, 870:548,578; Copper, $187*439,37'8; Zinc,
. 832,171,497; Miscellaneous -Minerals,.' 81,431,349; Coal..'and Coke, 8260,880,048;
'/Bailditig Stone, Brick, Ceraenfe, etc., 842,225,814: making its Mineral Production
:.t>Q tbe end of.l924,.Bhqw..an ;}.      "W ...   ��� W.WW..'
:;;77iv7;Aggregiite:;Value>&f $850,427,.3S6U:>
i&riteYwEnding Oecemtsef, ^247|48(:
The Mining Laws of 6hia  Province aremors iiberal, and the fees lbwer, fchaii tbose of any other
;���_:; Province in the Dominion, or any colony iia theBrilish Empire.;   ���       7 i )��� ���
'Mineral locations-are granted Mo discoverers for. nonSinal feee. . "'���     7:   :  '...--.   - >'���;'-.-
Absolute Titles, are obtained  by developing snch  properties, ih�� seenrity of-"which:is gaaranfeeed
by Crowa.Grants; :. ."7. ������������   ;.V\- .- X- x *-}���-.������ ���'.'��� '"
Full information together with Mining Reports arid MapB, may be obtained gratis by. addressirigi-
VICTORIA, British ColumJbia, " -
xST.B. Practically all British Goltimbia Mineral Properties upon whicfrdevelopmenfe work haa.beeii
dona are described in some one of the Annnal Beports of the Minister of "MWs.   "Those
. . considering mining investments should refer to shch reports. They are available without
charge, on application 'to., the Department of Mine?, Victoria, B.O;   .Seports ofthe Geological
;_   . .  Buryey of Canada, PaciBc JBatlding, Yancoaver, are recomnjendad - as valaable sources of
.: informaSlon.   ,.���'.] W "���������'.-.
. c   (


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