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The Ledge Sep 10, 1925

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Array *r��rii
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXII
> o aflatriFiriimiw taaariwrarara mfromwttap
New Kitchenware ^
...-:. ,<0   *'..    *'.'.. ,-7., 'X-y���      ',,-"--7       7V .- .7
McClai^'s   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by the set or by the piece
Also a large assortment of ,  '        .
McClary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
Make your selections while the,stock is complete
No. 7
|��    Canned Chicken, Lunch Tongue, Devilled and
}?) Potted Meats,, Salmon, Sardines, Etc
Ladies and Girls
Tine English Hose
Fine Silk Hose
Latest Colors    ^
Our New Fall Millinery
will be on Display
Saturday, Sept. 12th
j Federal Election Oct. 29th
^  v
Queen Perfect Seal, Economy, Mason Jars,
X   Rubber Rings, Jar Caps and Bands, Etc
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
ICE Delivered  Promptly
For Quality and Value Order From .'
Phone 46 ����
For Anything in the   ' .7-  ������
Drug  or   Stationery   Line
Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.    Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident & Sickness, Life,
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses fpr Rent or Sale
- Call at the Office of
3f ^���������������^���^���������������*������*��������������������� ����������� ���������*��������������������� ���������������������*
*-X.::yyXy..yyXyZZi"..",...*   7    '7-7   ���yXXXX   XXx-yy. .������;'  y'4,.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
The one and only favorite
William Desmond
in a kurricane picture of fast
action,   lightning   romance.
aud strong suspense
Mrs. R. W. Taylor is on a few
days visit to Spokane..
Herbert Hartley is attending"
the New Westminster Fair.   ,     "
The Greenwood Central School
opened    oa    Tuesday   morning-.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Walsh
have moved from town to Anaconda. '
Mayor T. M. Gulley aad Geo.
S. Walters are in Victoria on
business.        -  "'
Mrs. A. R. Boyce returned on
Wednesday morning from a few
days visit, in Nelson.
Robt. Jenks left on Saturday
for Camp. Listen after a few days
visit'with friendsin town.
Mrs, M. Axam returned on
Tuesday morning- from a few days
visit to ber daughter, Daisy, in
C. D. Collen has bought the
business formerly conducted by
the. late F. F. Ketchum at
Ab McQueen was renewing acquaintances -in town this week,
coming in from Beaverdell with
Art Murray.
Thos. Williamson left on
Thursday last for Crescent Valley where he is in charge of tbe
public school.
Miss D. C. Ca'dwell bas returned to Kelo vna after a few
weeks visit with -her sister, Mrs.
Gr B. Taylor.
In a keynote speech,   at  Richmond Hill, Oat.,  which heralded
a short  but  lively campaign on
the issues of" transportation,   immigration,   tariff and  senate  reform, Rt. Hon. ,W. L.. Mackenzie
King, prime minister of Canada,
on Saturyay officially announced
the dissolution, by the Governor-
General, Lord Bing, of the, fourteenth    parliament   of   Canada,
with nominations'in the majority
of constituencies throughout the
Dominion    on    Oct.    22nd   and
general elections, on October 29th.
The House of Commons,   the
elected  house  of  government of
Canada,   which   has just passed,
was   returned    Dec.    6tb,    1921.
Returns  from   the   balloting   of
tliat date  showed   117  Liberals
elected; 50 Conservatives, 64 Pro-,
gressives, and four Labo.rites and
Independents.   The Liberals having    the   biggest    group,   were
called to power under' the leadership of MacKenzie King.
Under, the constitution, Mr.
King might have held power for
another session before appealing
to the country. In his speech
S_aturday, he said that the problems of the country demanded
attention from a House of Commons "fresh from the people and
with a mandate to carry out their
This riding (Yale), is represented by Mr. Grote Stirling,
Conservative, of Kelowna.
Kettle Valley Notes
There will b^ no service in the
Anglican Church oh Sunday, Sept.
Mrs. J. Haynes aud daughter,
Isabel, are visiting friends at
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Martin are
spending a holiday with Mrs.
Shillcock. ,;'
Frank Richter returned to Columbia College, New Westminster
on Wednesday morning.
F. Landers is now working at
Allenby and Mrs. Lander is spedcl-
ing a holiday ab Westbridge.
The Golf Committee will have
plenty of work for any volunteers
on ^he morning of-the"~13bh inst.
Mra. A. Tanner and Mrs. Madge
left on Sunday to visit Mr. and
Mrs. R. A. Roylance at Vancouver.
W. Berg,- who has been spending a few days at his home on
Nicholson Creek, returned to
Beaverdell on Wednesday morning.
lire. Gray and sou, Bruce, left
for the coast on Friday morning
and Teddy Gray returned to Brentwood college on Tuesday morning.
Midway News
������ .'������'.'
. ���..
'.,���* ���
Place Orders For
Peaches  and  Pears
Peaches are Scarce
Phone 17
"The Meddler"
Laughs and thrills following each other
on  the gallop.    Backed by the famous
RANCH RIDERS and a great supporting cast of screen players.i
Dolores Ronsay, Jack Daugherty, Claire
Anderson, Kate Lester, Albert J. Smith
and others
A Blue Streak Western
 ��� , �����___, .TTT  ��^*^^
���������>������������������������.<><��*��� ������������������������������������������������ ���������������������* ���������������ww$
We carry only  the best stock  procurable in
ff' Beef,  Veal, Pork,   Ham,  Bacon, Lara, Etc.
A trial will convince you
t   JOHN MEYER -    ~ Proprietor f
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
���   Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper; Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   of    Gold.    Silver.   Copper.    Pig   Lead   and Zinc     '
Watch and Optical
Waltham Watches
For Sale
R. J. Muir, of' Penticton, is its
town today.. Bobby is uow a
travelling salesman for the Wat-
Mrs. Geo. IagTis aad daughter',
Irene, returned on Saturday from
a few weeks holiday at Naram atta
and Beaverdell.
'" R. C. Taylor shot a coyote on
Wednesday morning that has
beeu visiting the chicken houses
on Kimberley Avenue.
Clean rags will be 'greatly received at the Greenwood and
District Hospital, as this institution is need of them.,
Mrs. Joe Christian, of Christian
Valley, and daughter, Evelyn,
of Belliugham, Wash., were visitors in town ou Tuesday.
Miss Josephine McKee left on
Friday morning last for Quali-
cum Beach, after spending the
holidays with her mother, Mrs.
H.-McKee.     ~ ;
Good Line of Spectacles
-   Order Your .
Widening The Field
Doubtless at the present time you
use the telephone for the purpose' of
having social conversations with friends
in your community. With the same ease
you caa add to.yotir telephone calling
list those friends who reside many miles
away, for the long-distance telephone is
well suited to friendly talk-trips.
McMynn's Store
Midway, B.C.
The United Church of Canada
Mi sister in charge   ' -    .
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday. SeDtem&er 13tls. 7
Myncaster 3 o. m.    ������
Greenwood 7.3(1 d.hl
Ford Roadster For Sale
Good 'shape, uewTires. Will
take $200.00 cash if sold immediately. Apply to P. O. Bos. 481,
Greenwood, B.C.
For Sale or Rent
Christeneen Kancb, Lot; 20S3,
Group 1, Similkameen Division,
near Boundary Falle, containing
320 acres. Apply X,. Portmann,
Greenwood, or Fortmana Bros.,
Kettle Vallev.       -
Miss Georgina Lee has resumed
her .duties in Goodeve's Drug
Store, after "a 4wo weeks holiday
in Nelson, being the guest of
Miss Mona George.
Born���At the Bonners Ferry
Hospital, on Thursday,- Aug. 27,
to Mr. and'Mrs. Leuore^Fisher
(nee Miss Ruby Smith), of Port
Hill, Idaho, a daughter. _
Miss Vera Kempston has taken
Gulley's house in front of the
Fire Hall and has her brother
Pat, and the two Cudworth ctiil-
dren, of Bridesville, staying with
Parents and others are reminded
that Sunday School has now resumed for the season at both
Greenwood and Midway. Greenwood meets at 10:30 a.m.; Midway
at 10 a.m.
Mr, and Mrs. R. B. Stickney
and daughter, Margaret, and W.
Farier returned to Spokane on
Wednesday after a few days visit
in town the guests of Mr." and
Mrs." Jas. Skilton.
Mrs. Poulton, Grand Forks, is
having a Fall Millinery Opening,
on Tuesday, Sept. 15th, in the
Gaw Block, (opposite Gazette
office) and cordially invites the
ladies of Greenwood and-district
to call and see'the newest in hats.
Moderate prices.
Leland Chase and family have
taken up thcir residence in Carmi.
Ed Hood Mb by anto last; week
to feako in the Round-Up afe Pendleton, Oregon.
Miss Nellie Keir, of Greenwood,
is teacher of the junior grades in
the public school.
Miss Weir arrived in town laBt
week-end and baa taken a position
afe the Spokana Hotel.--- -
George Hood and wife have
moved from town to fehe Hood
raiuch on the West Fork.
Parents are reminded that Sunday School has now resumed for
fehe season  at Midway afe 10 a.m.
Ab McQueen, an old-timer, of
Phoenix, was a visitor to town
during fehe week. Ab does not
appear to grow any older.
Emil Lund and family, have
moved into town from ' fehe Kerr
ranch and-have taken up residence
in the McKerragher building.
Frank Bubar and daughter/
Marjorip, left for Vancouver on
Sunday. Frank is taking a shorfc
holiday and Miss Marjorie- is going
to attend High School there.
A Medal Competition, IS holes,
was held ,on the Golf Course on
Labor Day, Sepfe." 7th. The result
was as follows:
Dr. A. Francis.., 49
Dr. A. J, Dorman 48
E Richter.......:. 5S
Mr. Gilpin 63
H. D. Hamilton 53
Major R. Gray .. 52
Chas King ........ 57
R- E.J. Gray ...63
J. Richter .";. 65
G, 13. M, Gane... 6_j
A.'Lauder.:..."..., 67
R. Norris 65
Bound   Round
5S  ���
Handicap Xct
14 Si
to 87
24 SS
20   - 92
10 93
24 103
24     114
24     xi6
��� Sportsmen -throughout;-the'district feel keenly disappointed on
learning of fehe Game Regulations
for fehia district concerning the open
season on birds.
R. A; Brown and Jimmie Moran
paid a visit feo Beaverdell last' week.
Bob looking over fehe business
situation in feown and Jimmie hunting for "gold bricks"
During Lew Salter's absence
from town last week Shorfey Green
undertook to paint Lew's garage a
funeral black. Shorty hasn't been
seen in the neighborhood since.
A big crowd was' in attendance
at the dance in the Farmers Hall
on Monday night. A large number came, from across the line.
Bush's orchestra was ia attendance.
Charlie Snyder arrived home last
week from the fire fighting grounds-
on the Wesfc Fork. Gharlie ie now
taking up the time ,and attention
"of the natives telling them "bear
stones."    ���    "   _
Gilbert Prideaux, general agent
for the Confederation Life Assurance Co., -was in town during the
week. - accompanied by Howard1
Farrant, district manager of fehe
company. ,   .
Beaverdell Briefs
Mrs, W. B. Fleming, of Greenwood/ spent Friday and Saturday
visiting friends in town.    .
Chas. JSTordmau and W. Young-
ston left on Saturday, by motor,
for n week's tour of fehe coast cities.
A small fire occurred in the
house occupied by Mrs. h.
Sortome on Kimberley avenue on
Sunday evening. Mrs. Sortome
was awakened by the sneezing of
a dog in the kitchen and on opening the door found the room full
of smoke. Neighbors responded
to the call and the fire was put
out. Very little damage was
Miss McDonald arrived in town
on Monday afternoon from jSew
-Westminster to take charge of the
[public Fchool. Miss.. McDonald
comes highly recommended and
secured the appointment oufe of
abont 150 applicants.
W. A. Webb, of Vancouver,
and IL A. McMillan of Nanaimo.
motored from the coast via Oroville aad spent a few days in
town inspecting some mining
property and visiting James McCreath. They left for Vancouver ca Wednesday goiag by way
of Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Bubar left on
Sunday by motor for Revelstoke
and ��*olden and expect to be gone
about ten days.
MnWGeorge Inglis and daughter
Irene, returned to Greenwood on
Saturday, after spending the past
three, weeks in town with Mr.
Inglis. -
Walter Shaw, of Sock Creek,
visited his" brother, Lornf, for a
few hours on Sunday, and remarked that Beaverdell was the liveliest
camp he had been in for some time.
Mra. Crowe and son, Martin,
lefis for their home in" Silverton on
Saturday after spending the summer camping here. They were
accompanied as far as Nelson by
Tommy Crowe. ���
F. Cousin?, L. -Shaw, Mr. and
Mrs. T. W. Clarke, ��� D. Cousin*,
Miss McLean, and E, Cousins,
motored to Midway on Labor
Day , to attend tho big dance and *
reporfe it as being one of the beat of
the season. "  ,   '
, On    Tuesday   evening    last,   3
banquet aud ^dance was given E.
Nordman and family by th��  Sally
crew.    The parly part- of the evening  was spent- in   playing  whist/
when* the prize winners were: Miss
Sammies-?. ladiea tirst; C. Nordman,
gents    first:   Mm.    C!egg,   ladies '
booby;   F.    Evans   gent-i   booby.
D.-vucing started at eleven and waa,
kept-   up   until, shrep."  when  the
merry   party  broko up.    Air.   and
Mrs    Nordmaii   and   f<��miiy- have
been very  popular jn  tbe district
-tnd will be greatly  missed  by all.
While going up the steep grade
���jear his residence on Monday
a'fternoott, C. T. Fenner's car
stalled and in tryirg to start" it
the car moved backwards, turning over destroying the top and
breaking the windshield. - Mr.
Fenner, who was in the car at
time, came out of the crash very
luckily, receiving only a~ shaking
isgood coffee
Xhe Cow Behind Tne  Vv agon
Doleful tilings are said aud vriiteu these days about Lhe present generation or youths and maidens, and sharp contrasts to their-disadvantage are
drawn with tlicir parents and grandparents. "We hear nnd read much to the
effect ihat the young men and women of this ago aro going to the dogs; that
tliey lack lho morals, the stamina, the strength of character of previous generations. Much the same kind of thing was said of .mankind in general prior
to the (.real War���thai tlie race had lost its virility, its pow.ir of endurance,
its courage anil ���willingness to sacrifice aud suffer. But the war demonstrated tho falsity of such statements.
None the less ii is true that, we havo lost some of the things that made
our fathers and mothers the salt of the earth. In recent years we havo
heard a good deal about hard times, hut contrasted with what thc early
���pioneers of this country liad Lo endure, these years were tiroes of plenty and
The world progresses and it is only right and what should tie that succeeding generations should not be called upon to undergo the trials and
fi niggles ot bygone days. But our modern civilization, with all its manifold
comforts and conveniences, has caused the young men aud women ot today
to expect, too much for wliac they are willing to give; to assume the attitude
tliat the world owes them a living and that they are going Lo collect it in the
easiest and quickest possible way.
Our attention was recently directed to a little local item appearing in a
United States paper about a couple thai was taking a deferred honeymoon, a
honeymoon that took place twenty-five years after marriage. In that item it
was stated thai ihis couple, which has achieved a substantial success in. the
quarter century since marriage, had taken the original wedding trip in a lumber wagon .willi a cow behind (he wagon, a gift of tlie bride's parents to the
happy and hopeful couple.
This little reminder of a quarter century ago struck a popular chord in
many memories, for within ten days after the article appeared not less than
ten people dropped in at the newspaper oflice to tell the editor that they, too,
had led a cow home behind the wagon after the.wedding ceremony, and that
their only wedding journey -was from the home of the bride to the new home
���where the couple was to start housekeeping. Mosl of those who came in
���were people to whom the years have given good things, many of them being
able to buy cows today by the herd, if they wanted the critters. All of them
gave credit for their success to their willingness to start, with, little and worlc
hard for advancement.
Thc cow behind tho wagon, says this newspaper, is symbolic of a generation 6r real workers, men and women who faced tlie world with little bnt with
���earnest ambition, willing lo give for what they wanted. Armed wiih youth,
���determination,, health and strength, the.world ...was.-theirs for the taking.
The pioneers' of flfiy, even twenty-five:years ago. first required a homo.
But tlie ambiilou of si-,largo percentage, of young people today- is to own an
automobile, whether they;,have a home" or not.-,.Tliey will mortgage Lhe. future
for;present gratification.. Forgetful, or perhaps ignorant, that "it is not the
original cost but the- upkeep," they -blithely-sign A bunch of promises to "nay,
fill .tip the tank, with gas and nre-off..'    Off t.o where?, ' ''..-' ',..    ...'-'"-.
. pespito allMlv.! talk of hard, .limes, there aro-more 'advantages-t'orthe ordinary man."anil_.woman today than th'TO have ever been before, but the men
and. women wiio .w;ish'to attain success,' must,- be. "propsired to'pay the same
price as our fn'lhers and mother's "amii "those" before them-paui-_-they must give
. before theygoL. - ';, -"-' --W"-: -.-' -' ���: '���'_"'-���*-���.��� Wy;-. :.���[}:
���" Word.'hani- work, awl-lots' o_l_-it;is one ".'of. .the fine tilings life" has .to offeiv
' There is' nothing'quite.so Satisfying, as. to-;hegin"ai ��� the: bottom, and- c.lmb^'.to ������'
start -with _liU.le;an'u-accumulate for':yourself.-' The boy or"girl who does not.]
have, to'strive for themselves^ .hut-who have, everything-" fount! -for. .them -by I
Rapid Fire Gun Disappears
Failed to Arrive at French Station and
Cannot Be Found
Mystery surrounds tho disappearance of a newly invented rapid fire
gun built on lines of the Lewis gun,
from which great things had been hoped for., Tlie .weapon disappeared from
the railroad depot at Brive la Gailarde,
Prance, while in transit.
The gun, which Is the invention of
the workmen of a Tulle arms factory,
was being shipped to a proving ground
for trial before a parliamentary commission prior to iis adoption .by the
army. It failed to arrive and an inquiry was started. It was traced to
Drive la Gailarde, where the box in
which it had been packed was found
to have beeu opened. Parts of the
gun were scattered about the depot.
It is not known whether the parts were
abstracted fo be copied in the interest
of some foreign power or whether the
breaking open of the box was due to
carelessness by railway employees.
Home Not Complete
Without Nerviline
When your stomach is badly upset,
when you are belching gas aiid suffering from nausea, the. quickest relief
will come from 20 drops of Nerviline.
Take it In sweetened water and you
get an immediate result. Nerviline
lias becn used for nearly half a century and Is considered a necessity in
most houses, becauso of its usefulness
in preventing many small ills that con-
stMitly arise. Sold everywhere in 35
cent bottles.
Trying New Experiment
Boys In London Orphanage Educated.
As Individuals
In this day of specialization it is interesting to read of a novel experiment
in education wliich is being tried, so
far witli- signal success, by one of the
orphanages of Loudon. Each boy is
treated as an individual, and a separ-
aate timetable is drawn up lor his
benefit. Class work is in this way
abolished altogether. A boy is encouraged to specialize in the particular branch for which he is fitted, and
the contldenL hope is'expressed that in
this way those whom the institution
sends .out into the world will be found
specially equipped- for the vocation in
life they ara-to follow.
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
For Colds    Headache
Neuralgia     Rheumatism
Lumbago     Pain
O  -fps** Accept only -
%^&J*^     Bayer package
which con tains proven directions
Ilaiulv "Haver" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles'of 24 and 100���Druggists
Aspirin ls tho trade mark (res'latcrcd In
CitniKlit) of Bayer Mmiiifuotun. o�� Mono*
aeetkaeldesler of Salicyllcaeld.
Twins  Thinks  In  Unison
Brothers in Warsaw Are An Enigma to
A pair of twins, about 50 years of
age, aro an enigma to physicians and
scientists. The twins appear to
think and act in unison. An unexpressed thought harbored by one of
the twin brothers appears to spring
into the mind of the other almost'simultaneously. What one desires the
other also wants and each and every
suggestion by one is accepted at onco
by the other. Said -to' have been at
one time wealthy, the twin brothers
have for some time been in poverty in
and around their home near Warsaw.
Pride apparently prevented them asking for aid and they are said to have
entered a suicide pact. Wrapping
heavy fur collared coats about themselves, tho twins lay down in a chicken coop to die. ��� After being in the
coop for several days they'were found
half starved. '
Golden Text: Prove all things; hold
fast that which is^good. I. Tliessal-
onians 5.21.       .'7 W'.
Lesson: Acts 17.1-12. },���,.:,
���Devotional Reading:!. I.   Thessalon-
lans 5.21. - "Z
The   "fcxi   Explained   and   Illumined
..Paul preaches ln Thessalonica,
verses/1-3.���From Phillppl Paul and
his companions went by way of the
cities of Amphipolis and Apollonia to
Thessalonica. Here at Thessalonica
they remained several months, as wo
know from Paul's letters to the Thes-
salonians'. but Luke speaks only of his
preaching in tho-synagogue for three
successive Sabbaths. Luke says ho
"reasoned with them"; he cited Scrip-,
ture passages, which were prophetic of
the Christ: iie then showed that Jesus
fulfilled these prophecies, and thus
reasoned, or argued, that Jesus ls the
Christ. Arnot explains Paul's reasoning . by this figure: "The Jews
were like little children who had-a
tree in their garden, their father's
legacy. - The children had gathered
the nuts as they grew, and laid them
up with reverence in a store house;
but they knew not how to break open
the shell and'so get the meat out of the
nuts. Paul broke the shell, opened
out the kernel, and presented it as
food to the hungry."
- A Power of its Own.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil has a subtle power of its
own. All who have used It,know this
and keep it by- them as tho most valuable liniment available. Its uses are
innumerable and for many many years
it has been prized as the leading liniment for man and beast.
Nights of Agony come in the train
of asthma. The victim cannot lie
down, and sleep is driven from his
brain. Wlvil grateful relief is ihe immediate effect of Dr. J. I). Kellogg's
Asthma 'H-miody. It banishes the
frightful conditions, clears the passages, and enables tlie afflicted one to
again sleep as soundly 'and reslfully
as a child. -Insist on the genuine al
your nearby druggist.
Strange  Marine  Creatures
Angler Reports That Weird Reptiles
The"Surest:W^y to Relieve Stonv '��� 7SoJou��� '" Okanagan-Lake . .
Wach Trouble is.Thrbugh'Dr.  7'1   .^^-ne^l,   rough   skinned crea-
i lures who. wandleci across tlio surface
���jof Uie earth long before moil, monkeys
,���:..-.   Williams' Pink-Pills ...7-
When -thi'.stomach "is   feeble ' and .   - ,  .. ,
���     ... .    , .food JieY in'ii..uhdisesleil, th�� ^^
sometimes led -1o.j.oug ;gaSes.,jjstond the". .walls .. of . the ! ins. in the.depths of Okanagan Lake, in
.'their, parents,'.are hot.vhe-.reaHy- fortunate -ones, nswe-as-.
'"believe   ". The-young cbuph;-starling otWin life, where tln-ir parents-left .off ist.omTic'h and.caiiso... serious anteri'er- j the. southern interior of British Colum
miss thVjoy of. achievement which; their fathers'aiul mothers experienced*, arid j ence ivith-the other -organs, especial-j^ ""i|7-\vas reported to John 'V. Hah
'_,���'-' ,' ',��        . .. . - ������   -   ��� ��       j ��� "    ' V       *   �� '- * �����.   i     " ��� " �� ���       -'i   1   ii'      ti* i i li      tliu.^Mnfi-Tkii      /itT'il_j_n'li__-__r_-i��*      ��>_j1   I *_ ���*��� - ^_
they,never know-that, close and .sympathetic-comradeship1, which is .realized ��� >>
.by'those-.who plan and "work together-shoiiKler-to shoulder.-,- ' ���   -���   7      - - |
After -Manv,"Years'
.French and Belgian Troops Turn 'Ruhr
-   ���'_���'   Ovei- to'-Germans
The French" and Ilolgian-troops lia've'
turned over.the Ruhr, to'the'Germans
-after- four yea inoccupation',---iinderlak-
. en fo "compel. Germany to pay-repa rations.-', -Tliere; were, no disturbances,,
no. demonstrations,, "no, public ex'pres-
,sion  of "ellher-,  regret-'" or.   pleasure.]
.There were,- however, ninny" emotion-
������ "_1 partings, between' young French .sol-1
-"<!iers and their .German sweethearts.. -
X_.   Waiting impatiently outside the 'city,
i.500 security police jvere.:-assembled
. Io- take over the, general' policing.    '-.
The'allied .army "ma'iclHHl  qhrwiih"
bands playing.W   .     -       '���  "���'' ."��� ��� -*,-,*'
Danger From Yellow Races
Economic    Rather-  Than;
.'���'���..   "Says Dean.Inge
with  t.he-ncfion  of: the heart anil        .   ..,     -, ..--,. x. ,
Ituigs..���' -Th.*se- poisonous gases .lu.W[coelc.. d'^"1*' commissioner,.o| fisher-
J other ill effecls.";-    Tliey are absorbed :l��s, by an angler of this district.  ,.'
' .i'by.J-he. blood .-..nil so' weaken .and cor-7 ' He is preparing ;to "go forth aud. do"
*_ j niuCii- as to camw-aphes-in remote I bilttl;y wUh Ul- jnoiLstorH %vf10 ]Jve mi-
; parts ol. the body-and ..the   tormalioii
:"bf unhealthy tissue, everywhere.    _K'x
���Military-f.peripiico -shows ��� that.; these;
) vanish just as soon as the stomacti""is.: the creatures
-Dean'Inge, whorecentlrvisited Ca'n^-ma^;>?r,?"�� enough to digest, the !,
���-;,'-_ --��� -���/'������'jX '���'-:,-. -stood. In other words, it-needs a tonic -
ada. thinks- Lho.'.danger to .tne' white.; u^t^-m o^bie it.to "do.the-.work'..ot ����9n' Rm\ .noi:
known'-ih  the .lake...hottorn,. " Armed
troubles' witli -a rifle.Mie. plans' to shool7onev of
ii nil" talie it ashore.;.'
Babe">ok's.,theory :that big slur-
serpents,. are_ causing
yellow and the brown-the Japanese, fWm,i.Kr��u with the most delicate, storn-
.,   ��� ,,, . ���    .:    T-   ���       -    T-r   .-���    ,ach and. this is exactly; what Dr.. AMI-
the.Chinese, and.tho Indians.-,   lie be -        - -
. Mrs.-Durnb (who luta just received
her. C.p. D_. package, from the butcher
6liop)>".=-'"IIf'r{.,' 'take ��� these.Xcodfish-
right' baclt.     . I- 'ordered herring.'!'-;. .'
���' "Sometimes 'people don't mlisd their,
own business because they haven"t :iny
'.���mind;     -" .-."'"' '���'.'"   -'������"".'..-;.'.
races:'wi!l-'come,-not-front-.the -black-: changing"l>-vfood7-into"-' noiirislinieut.-i-i^P.-dise'us3ion-'.rn'i-/U��e,- Qkanagan.-dU.r-
\or froni 'Ilia "red '���. ra.ee s;' but" fiom-'Che! The tonic' usedWught to> .-be. one' that | trict'/iire treated witli' silent contempt
by the men who-claim Lb have."seen lhe
.    .   . ...... . iiamaV Pihk PUIrt do. -   "-    "���      W- .j %%i ^visitors..7';!   W   ";        ,.'- y
iieves that for a long time :to. come the;    Here .is'a  bit  of-'convincing  proof -----       "���-'-" -: ~- ' ':..'.--.-
danger will not'be-of a .miiitary but' givPii .by- Mrs." Glias). Lailner,'' Kllers-1 '-���'. " British'_Coal Exports; I ncrease-"
of aii economic character..-: The quu.s7 j-1'-'. P-Etv who says :--"For some years" --'A-statement ot, tho'eoal division of
tiou w-ishow the high-standard F_uru~: \?'^A sufferer., fram sloinach trouble.   Ulb- department' of Commerce .on'thc
iiou iu* uo,\ uie njfcii huiiui.Mu.j_iuo   . KvL-ryi-hing. I. ate caused distress, sour i ���    ... ,. ' ������ -���;-    ,.- __   "���'    -     \- ----- ,.
poan'.and American-was to cope with ratoriiach-and belching.'    I-co'uUTnot' *,irillsl1 ' cotl'   si?-"a��on, sent .by radio
rhe'-clieap labor, poriiitps directed., by j eat meatoi- potatoes', an'd.T.grow weak | from .London.; points- out. that,' wiiile
wlijte eapit-U- of the AsiiUic'racon    "' 1an(l    vwy. ;K'ervrnis.   "-"No -.m^dicine'.i.-BritishrCoa! experts fell' off jn tlioflrsf
��������� ������-���-'.   -; ' :   '" ���-'"--."���-.  ---.''-   ���������-������ . :���aP(!mpillp^^.3lnIr.ptmm^I.���J^^^s���I^eV��ua(l-��� sln.eu months.of tlie year,' the,'export-
-    .   ... .cd-to take-Dr.-. Williams.'.Pink.-Pills, --    ���- -      - -
and thesesiniply worked, wonders. .'-' I
"took thepljls faithfully-for a couple, of
The  End   Of - Material  Things
Says Earth May Not Last More Than
;���     Hundred Million Years
The earth may not last more than
another hundred million "years, but
man will live forever, declared Sir
Oliver Lodge in an address in England.
The spirit of man is the only lasting
thing in a universe or change, according to the eminent scientist, wlio said
that nothing goes out of existence ex-
cepL material things.
"Mighty, forces, of whicli wo have
no conception, are going on in space.
A constant energizing tiling.exists'in
the universe which will outlitst the
earth. When this earth Is disintegrated into its" component, parts that
force will bo at'work still, creating
universes of a magnitude, incomprehensible to the finite mind of man."
Canada  Sells  Gold Notes
Redeemable "at'Option of Government
On March 1, 1926
. - The Canadian Govornmenfhas sold
to thc Chase Securities. Corporation,
and Blair and Company, Inc., New
-York,-?70.0Q0,0G0 of one-year four per
cent: treasury gold notes due September, 1()2G, the proceeds, of:.which, are
to be 'used' in connection with the
retirement of, one-year .notes amounting, tci' f90,000,000.maturing September
15,-.'1025'.";V. 77--' V'-"- '""- 'W* '-'-.
- .The balance ;of;?20,o6o,000', it Is announced,- will.be paid out-of; cash .on
hand; .- 'W -.[.. ..- - -������ .''���'. - -
- "rhe; notes are, redeemable at -the
option .of.the government on March-1,
i92G,.aml thereafter at;par and accrued; interest, .on 30 days'public notice..'"'
Now your grocer has
the cheese you like
so well in this handy
Flying Into Matrimony
Swedish Couple Had.Ceremony. Performed 0*i Board Aeroplane
A young Swedish couple were recently married while flying, through
the air on board an aeroplane. When
tho machine, carrying a full complement of passengers; had risen to a
height of "1,500 ft., an altar was erected In the caDin, before which a Swedish clergyman performed the marriage
ceremony, with a lawyer and his wife
as witnesses. A wedding break'fast
was then served, and the health of the
couple drunk in champagne by all the
passengers. The clergyman and the
lawyer left the machine at Hamburg,
but the couple continued their honeymoon trip to Amsterdam.
The needle #of a Chinese compass
points to the south. ~
/���'  '?��'NI -'
Shoe Polish
������'-. V'-'-Fura Bring-Good Prices  ;'���
Weasel and-lynx brought good price!
ai the. recedt. fur auctions lit Wihni-'_ months;"' by which" time .every,sympr
"peg. and .the demand for Vox"'has'-'hot ����������� -��'r- tllc  trouble': haiK disappeared,
  ' mil . there -has  -iioi.'Sincc been thi>
been very keen.     Tlio offerhig of MI-. ^^h'tesfay.-riptom' of-Vfemacli 'trouble.- 'nri��''
vor fox was -said .not. to- be of the best. X(j wonder I praise" Dr. -Wllliauts'. Pink
of 31.0,000-tons."to Canada .in the; seven-month period" represented ,a. big in-"
:crease. ., The Uritish".coal iii(|ustry"is
said to-be',slowly resmming;ope'raUoiis
the'.labor crisis.
quality, .Better grades,-.of- skins- were
iii fair demand. ..-'About.?') buyers, a.
number front. fhe^Fnited States,-were
present.   *,' -.".'-' '.   7       ,':���'*':.'���'
J - Why suffer-from corns, when they
any'��� can ..hepalniessly. rooted out. by, using
-. 'You can' set' thews. Pills -from:
���: medicine' dn ler', or'���;.!")>'  "mail.. at'-CSOl'IIolloway's CornKeiuover.
. ifeiilS : a., box -.from The-'Ur. A\rl.lliitmsr"'
; Medicine Co'.y Jlrockvilit', Onl". ���
'-..-"; Entitled .to First. Prize. . -
. Six hundred.'.and.Tvventytwo pounds,
of proud ��� womanhood ' won '��� the "..first
pri��'" in. tho "annual fitt wotacn's. cori-
.test at Coney-Island, New- York, cap-
^turiiiK'thc-libnors.from 187 other,contestants. ... Possessor of" the' winning
poundage is Miss l>oiiie!.Marie Jemsen,
22. year's old of Jersey City,; Enroute
to'the" contest- slie. broke the springs
of two^taxloaos���and became so thoroughly .lodged in the. door .oC-another
that 20,)ninutes were" required to extrl-:
cute' her...     , ,   ' '_'..      ���'.' " -
. Proven best
Since 1857
Write to The Borden Co.
Limited,  Montreal,   for
' two Baby Welfare Books.
... Distinguishing Marks Necessary
..There..aro. so many_<pi>o_ple iiatnetl
Smith in".England, . tftat.. a,,/symbol,
known as. the, monomark,, has been
patented to distinguish thein..' .TThere.
i are.'a" total of 'SSp.OOO-Smltiis In' torisi-
���'��� --    Peanuts and Alm'onids   ,
Mr.: .Jack- Prout,. an "enterprising
young farmer��� near" Portage1 la: Prairie,
has-made a vpnture-this; year by at-
:tempting to grow-   peanuts- and" "al-i ���   ��� .  _,   . .
mi." So L-'he has succeeded; and!?����-.:'  ��f *W���m ^ J. Smith.
"     " i 41,000"
i��spects .to.hare a; sUUsfactory crop:|
Although   hit powed; Iiis-'initial   crop
last-, year.-.with good result's.-���<he. .jem-
barked ,6h si larger .scale tliis'-soasoa,
j-and !hbpe.!?"it Iroay-.provw.S reiuu'nVra-.-
"'Jive inyasffnent.'-.." . . ~  -
Jolia   Smith,   8d;*bOO.John"W.
Smith. and. 5,000. John William Smith.
. Marriage-is  the end of ali'inan's
troubled���one end-or .the .other .-
MOTHER:- Fletcher's
'.Cajtofia is - a pleasant, harmless. Substitute for Castor Oi!,'
Paregoric,-.. Teething Drops
and Soothing-. Syrups, espe-
ciali}"." prfe'nared'. i'or .Infants in ".arras and: .Childrea all age?.
To avokl i'miiaiions, aiwiys icdk for ths signature-cf  C^a^y^f7i&&deAi
JProvea Afcrclirw on ckh: pacfeagg. . I'hyikjaus everywhere recontineEd it,
.-   . ��� .-^ .. __ ������ _;-...  _
Invents New Method of Weaving ���
,    Cutting ol. cotton imports intoTrer-
."'many by hilf may result from'a ii<ivi[
-1;i method" ul weaving clyth'with' hemp,
-iirivenicd  by, the  German   textile .ex-,
-! pert, Dr. Gmifldf.r..     The Iit-mp,- it is:
: expected, will replace in part the- cot-
I ton formerly used :in. the cloth/ There
are ahout..5,000,000 acres of moorland
i in Germany adapted to the -raising of j
f   ��� There are now twenty women hold
ting seats in the national "parliament of
! Finland..
i Ask' for S/iir.ard's and t��ka no ettor..
���7Miller's Worm Powders prove their
valun. They do apt cause any violent
tli.sturbauc.eH in the .stomach, "any. pain
or griping; hut do'.Uielr wprk quietly
aiid.painioH'jly, so that tliy'destructlvm
"of-tho worms is imperceptible. ,;-Yot
tliey arc. thorough, and froin Ihe first
dose ihiuV-iiS" Improvement in the "condition-of the sufferer-and .a cessation
of manifestations.of internal, trouble.
Nrew Liquid Motor Fuel
��� A new'liquid'motor, fuel"called-ear-
bonan; invented by Maklianln, a Russian, isXsaid to have given ten ;to fifteen per cent.' higher efficiency than
benzine wheii tested by  the French
Buerijs Ai��;_ss Wakes Up-''..'-" ,"._-
The crossword- puKzIjj craze,-,"un-
knovi'n to.the general"' public~ a^.fevv
weeks ago, has- struck' "Buenos Aire3
and is spreading rapidly into . 'the. Interior. ' ��� ' ���"   *   " '.'
Perfbrming-.GoId. Fish'.
Two "gold- fish are the stars oC. a
show ia Birmingham, England. Iri a
large bowl they perform all fcihds of
tricks. Their -stuata havo bec-n a
succc-sii at 150 performa'aces..
Keep Minard's Liniment In the hoys*
For Quick
Hot Water
; Fill an SM P Enameled Tea
. Kettle,   Set it on the stove.
7' No Kettle will boil water .
<\qoick:er.   That means.eon-
"'��� vcittencc, time saved, too.
-    AH SMP Enameled utensils,
are very fast coming to the
. .". boi�� and in their job of cooking.   Not only-quicker to
cook with, bat easier, more -'>
, quickly cleaned after.   The
.   best anyway you look at it.
Thiak this over.
Save Fuel
���- vn
W-'-'N.   U."--1698--
i mil.il
���tn r xz-
;������; 2HE   LED���IE,   G^EWVVPOD,   B. U
I   l
7'W.7^:Wp6R'^.; ��� 7.-. W ?
!:     CORSTliPATION, ;
w INDiqESflONf   7
7< 7KIP��lEYS,LIVERi   '
^���'���yytiotiitisx.'  ":i
.ineering Feat
Sennar Dam, Near Cairo, Egypt, Has
Been Completed
Oneof the. most remarkable engineering enterprises that - lias been
brought to a successful conclusion iu
recent years "Is the Sennar Dam, the
gigantic wall of masonary that holds
back the flood waters of lhe fllue Nile,
some 2,000 miles south of Cairo, in
Egypt. *
Two miles long and ninety leet
thick at its broadest base, it has just
been completed, several months ahead
of contract, alter years of dogged efr
fort in the lace of many and strange
diflicullies. ' '
Writing of the country Ihereaabouts
sonic twenty-five' years ago, U. W.
Stevens, war correspondent, declared:
"Northward of Khartum ihe Sudan is
a wildernesa; boulhward it is devastation." Right in the midst of this devastation today, is' a modern city of
some 25,000 persons.
WJiero, little more than two years
ago, crocodiles nosed their' way in
and out of the swamps and rivers,
baboons chattered iu the trees and
herds of elephants roamed through the
underbush, thero is today a well laid-
,out- town. It has electric light, an ex-*
cellent water supply and an ice plant;
.and if, occasionally, a llou, greatly
curious, wanders down Main Street,
it is.no move than a reminder to the
inhabitants of the hole of the pit
whence they were digged.
As tlie dam stands completed today,
with its sixty miles of canal and
branches down which the water Is to
flow to the cotton Holds, the total sum
advanced by the British treasury 13
lound to-be more than $'60,000,000.
That in spit3 of this high initial cost,
liJvr-work will prove enormously profitable cannot be doubted. More than
800,000 acres of wilderness will be un-
d^r rota five cultivation next year, and
already new irrigation schemes are
being discussed to Jake in another
3,000,000 acres.
Character Cannot Be
-Judged From Face
Recent :Tp'Bt Shows Appearance Does.
-Not  Indicate   Intelligence
"That, the ^intelligence of a person
:can be judged by his appearance, the
shape of.his head or' the features of
his face-has been disproved'by experiments conducted- bj' Professors
Donald A..-Laird and, Herman Rem-
mers, of Colgate University, Glen U.
Cleeton, of the Carnegie Institute. of
Technology, and F. B. Knight of the
University of Iowa," says Dr. A., J.
Snow; professor of'psychology, Northwestern University, Chicago, in a
special article. ��     .. ..'
"In one test, pictures were submitted to 370 persons and their estimates
of tlie intelligence and abilities of the
ten subjects were compiled. . There-
suits showed that in attempting to arrange the pictures according to relative intelligence they- could have done
as well with iheir eyes closed.
"In another experiment, two groups
of sorority girts, ten in 'each group,
aud one group of ten fraternity boys
were selected as subjects. Friends
of ilie-thirty then gave* their opinions
as to the intelligence, frankness, will
power, ability to make friends, leadership, originality and impulsiveness ol
the subjects under observation. These
opinions were found to agree- very
closely except in the cases of frankness" and ability to mako^friends.
"Next a large number of, business
men/ school teachers, employment
managers and others used to meeting
strangers and judging them from their
appearance were given a look at the
thirty, oue at a time, and their impressions compare,d. Their opinions*
agreed very well with each other, but
did not agree with the estimates of the
friends who really knew the subjects.
"Thc only possible conclusion is that
a peculiarly shaped head, an odd car,
close-set eyes, a hooked nose, wide
mouth, receding chin, or any other unusual feature about your head has
nothing to do with whether you arcin-
tolligent or dumb, honest or criminal,
or whether you would be a success in
one line of work but not in another."���
Popular Mechanics.
First Photograph At 116
Joseph McSwenuey, of Donegal, Ireland, who claims to have seen 116
birthdays anil to be "the oldest Jiving
Irishman," hur. been photographed tor
the first time. 'He was "taken" beside his wife, SO years old. McSwen-
ney, who sa/s he was born in 18*)U.
slill appears.to be vigorous and-is keen
of wit.
Platinum wire has been drawn s.o
���fine that a mile of it would not weigh
more    than   a    grain,    while   seven
^ounces of. it-would -extend- from Mew
York to IiOndou*.
Father: "Is there anything worse
than to be old and bent?" His Son:
"Yes; to bo young and broke."
. If antfel.1 fear to tread where fools
rush ln, thev might use their wings.
BgLins   and   Headaches   Re<
lieved by Taking Lydia ��,
Pinkham's Vegetable .
. Compound
Tragedy On Donegal Coast
Farmlands   ,and     Dwellings
Gradually Buried Sy Sand
Quite unknown to the outside world,
says a writer in    the   Wide    World
Magazine,  a  grim 'tragedy   is  taking j made of this wood
Tokio Children Feel       7
Effect of Earthquake
Large  Number in Slums Suffer From
Lackof Food '
The effects of the great earthquake,
and Are-of 1923 are still being felt by
the children of Tokio. Investigators
of the ' child welfare-section of tife
Tokio municipality report that more
than 60 per cent, of the children under seven years of .-age in the slum
quarters have been found to be unhealthy either because of under nourishment or diseases of various kinds.
There is every indication, says the report, that the situation will- become
worse unless immediate steps are taken to care for tho.tp housed in the temporary structures in the poorer 'sec-
tions of the city. ''...'���      "   .
���"The jmosi immediate cause of the
'unhealthy condition of. the children,"
said Eimatsu Okazaki, head of the
child welfare section, "is the fact
that they have not been fed so well
as tliey 'wire following the groat
earthquake. This was especially the
case during ihc period when the city
mo beginning to bc rebuilt. Just before that, the children in the slum districts had been lairly-well fed with
supplies sent to them by relief organizations all over the world.
"Later, however, many poor families were thrown on their own resources. - In addition/the present unemployment situation, whicli has led
to an almost, total lack of work for
wives of laborers, has still further
depleted the incomes ot tlie poorer
"Another cause for the poor health
of the children? is that they have
been forced to play in the ruins of
Honjo and ��� Fukagawa, and much ol'
what seems sand aud solid ground is
in reality nothing'but the ashes of the
buildings inthose suburbs. All green
growing things in these districts had
been destroyed by fire and the wind
raises the dust for the children to
brcatlie." ' ���
Mexico   Has   Valuable   Bridge
Is 150  Feet Long and   Built of Solid
Ah almost everyone knows, mahogany is among the most costly woods in
existence.     This tropical material is
seldom used in the    cons-fraction   of
buildings of any kind.      Its principal
use is for high-grade furniture* There
is, however, one bridge, in ilie world
The structure is
Cuticura Batlis
The absolute purity and delicate
medication of Cuticura Soap
make it ideal for baby's tender
skin. Used daily,with touches of
Ointment to little skin troubles,
it keeps the skin smooth, clear
and healthy, Cuticura Talcum
is soothing and cooling, ideal
for baby after a bath7
Umflt Euta Tn. br 1UU. Address Cwtadiu
Depot: "aUBbonut Ltd. __toatre*L* rric*. Socp
28c Ointment IS ud Wc Talcum 25c
Cuticura Sh��Tin_r Stick 25c
Comet Had Several Tails
Six Diverged From Head of One
Discovered in 1743
It* is reported irom Germany that
photographs taken of the comet Orkisz
show that it has now developed a second tail. This tail cannot be seen
with a telescope. . The primary tail
also is, to all intents and purposes,
merely a photographic object, only
the vaguest, indications of- it being
perceptible In a telescope. A duplicity, or even a multiplicity, o'f tails is
by no means an uncommon occurrence,
although it is not often seen in objects
so faint as the present comet. The
great comet of -1743, discovered by
Klinkonberg, had six tails diverging
like the ribs of a fan from its head. In
some comets the tails are curved, in
others tl.ey are straight, while often
curved and straight tails exist together.
A Canadian Explorer
Major Burwash Starts On7a Long
Patrol of Northern Points in
When Amundsen made his spectacular flight io the North Pole--br to
some point in its vicinity���the whole
world wasjnterested. When the McMillan expedition, thoroughly outfitted
and equipped in. every Way for its
work of Arctic exploration set out,
every item of news about the trip ,1s
featured in the.press of the world.
: Less is heard about the trip a Canadian is making into the far north.
Tho magazine published by the interior department at Oltawa gives
some particulars about tlie little advertised adventure on which Major L.
T. Burwash, of the government service, has embarked. Major Burwash
has started on a long patrol from tho
mouth of the Mackenzie Kiver to Hud-
sou's Bay. lie goes alone on his two
legs, expects to be two years on' the
journey, and to live with thc Eskimos
he encounters on the way. lie will
study the counlry, estimate the population, make astronomical aud meteorological observations, and take, notes
ou bird, animal and floral life. He
expects at the end of two years to
come .out cither at Repulse Bay or
Chesterfield Inlet, as convenience at
the end of the trip may determine.
Tliere is no great publicity about
such an adventure as that of Major
Burwash. Nor is it unusual for men
in the Canadian service to make these
long and arduous northern journeys.
Men of the department of tho interior
are forever doing it, as are men of the
Mounted Police. There is scarcely
an annual report of tho Mounted
Police issued that does not contain a
brief but graphic report of u trip covering long months and thousands of
miles on foot, by canoe, dog-sled and
snowshoes. Theso trips aro often
mado by men of action, not writers,
or sonm wonderful books 01 . travel
would appear.���Regina Leader.
London Zoo Loses Old Exhibit
Bear   Has   Been   Entertaining
Feature For 22 Years
Sam, the  great  white  bear  wliich
has been one of the most entertaining
features  of the  London  zoo   for  22
place on the coast of Donegal. Ireki'nri.
Driven by lhc fierce Atlantic gales,
the seashore sands are sweeping inexorably inland, overwhelming fertile
farmlands, beautiful wiwds, ancestral
mansions and humble cabins,"" and
leaving in their places a vant desert.
The author describes how the sands
buried a fine old mansion, formerly
belonging fo Lord Boyne.
Ever creeping onwards," the shining
located iu th-.-- department of Palengue,
stale of Chiapas, Mexico, a district in
thc extreme southern part of the country near the boundary of Guatemala.
It is constructed entirely of mahogany
except for, a few ir6n supports, braces
ancl nails that are necessary. The
bridge spaas the Bio Michol and its
total length, inciudiug the ;\pproaches,
exceeds 150 feet. tt Is fifteen feet
wide.      None of the timbers "In the
Every mother knows how fatal the
hot summer months are ro small'
I children. Cholera infantum, diarrhoea, j
j dysentery, colic ami stomaeii troubles | years, was recently sentenced lo die a
jare rife at this time and often a pre- military death and was formally shot.'
; clous little life is lost after only a few      For six months lie steadfastly re-
'ffi^uferr^^:���?��**> * ^ ^^.��*�� -
safe.     The occasloiial..usc of the Tab-'hls Pnmo, scrupulous attention io his
lets    prevent    stomach    and    bowel I appearance was one    of    his    many
(troubles, or If trouble comes suddenly j pleasing characteristics.
j���as II genially does���the Tablets will,    ,,,,    r���.lS01 lor Sam- " i033 of ln,w._-
bring the baby safely through.     They I    ilK' 1(MS01 ,01 &am* J^3 or lut��
are sold  by all  druggists  or will he X''1 hl ,ifc 1S <Joul(ist!c-     For l9 of l��s
mailed  on  receipt of price,  2o  cents i2i years ho was tho henpecked bus-
jper box,-by The Dr. Williams' Modi- j band of a wife even more famous than
cine    Co.,   Brockville,    Ont.   A little ljlin]i.pjr      qh��� ..*���., .,.., .>ffnrt�� __> fhul
1 booklet, "Care of thc Baby in Health  mmseil-     fejle <'ic>tl ��'ld ��ffortfc 1�� a����
; and Sickness," will be scut free to any
; mother on request.
��� ^EVERY
Ifefe   MEAL:
benefit as well
as pleasure.
Healthful exercise for the teeth
and a spur to digestion.   A Ifong-
lasting  refreshment,   soothing   to
nerves and stomach.
The World Famo.us
Sweetmeat, untouched-
by   hands, full of
English  Oaks Becoming Rare
Not Good For Use Until Tree Is 400
Years Old
England's famed oaks are disappearing." Many oaks were cut down
during the war, as the wood was urgently needed. Said a botanist, "The
wood'ol an oak is not really any good
until the tree is 400 years old, and
people today cannoi afford to grow*
Oaks for posterity. Originally large
parts of England were covered with
oaks. -The tree is almost a rarity
now in some places. It Is said that
an oak takes 100 years to grow 10 full
size, is mature for another -100 years,
and takes 400 years more to decay.
In some cases 1 should say this is
Take a bottle of Minard's to 0
/ the woods with you.     Splen-
��� did for sprains, cuts, bruises.
banks   of   sand   commenced to rear j bridge are  sawed, for  tliere are  no
the timbers tire hewn and split.
Nearly all children are subject .to
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare them suffering hy using.Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator, an excellent remedy
The residents, alarmed, began to build
walls tiud dig trenches���but all in
vain. Silently, Inexorably, constantly
whipped forward by tho gales. 1he
sands rose higher and higher until,
same fifty ya.ira after tho .menace was
first, understood. jthe_ old_mansion__was
doomed. First the beautiful gardens,
avenues and terraces vanished; then
the hedges, the statues., and tlio park
walls" were buried in'the ever-deepening drifts. Finally, the house itselt
was - invaded, and the owner, Lord
Boyne, was reluctantly compelled to
abandon It.
For a tlnif? it was tiossibio I'or curious sightseers to walk from the sand
on to the roof, and even descend into
the- rooms which had not been completely filled, but at length oven the J eight, sir."
highest points were engulfed and'an! "Good." said the man, smiimg, as
unbroken htrc.teh of shining sand, j he walked away. "I thought f guoss-
mih-s in length, completely covered the ed right."���Los Angeles Times.
house and its wide demesne.
Not All  Friendliness
Sam a new wife failed.
.   Lizzie, lhree_years old and decided"
ly flapper in her ways, was introduced,
but Sam resisted all her charms, Ireat-
^         l ing j^j. wjt)l riKjc ct)0jness llulii oue
Famous,Author's Concern  For Young j (j.iy  Li2zje  angered   him   beyond  en-
Beginner Included Himself ! durance and ho ducked her in thc pool
A famous author and an-ambitious jan,i   sai   oa   her head.     That ended
Lizzie's ���carocr    as    Sam's wife, and
nearly ended Lizzie's .life.
_ Guessed Right
"A crowd of small boys was gathered about the entrance to a circus tent.
A man standing near watched them lor
a few minuses. Then he walked up
to the ticket collector and said with an
air of authority.
"Let all thesiB hoys in and count
them as thoy pass."
TheJickft collector did as re��uest-
oded, aud when ihe last one liad passed in he turned and   said:   "Twenty-
 Respect For_Law	
Chicago   has   thirteen times, as
beginner arrived  together at a small
hotel.      On the second day of their
stay-the author took the landlady
I aside, and said: "I want to'talk to you
j about this young-fricnd-of-mitie.���-lib
jis new to the writing game,-and makes
I very little money. I wish you'd make
j his bill as 3inall as possible."     The
landlady, gratified at the great man's
friendly attitude, proiniM'd to do as r;>-
Otj^slocl, until the author added: "By
i tli^J^'f don't lot my bill be any blg-
! gor than his.     It would humiliate him.;     , _ _ ".    '
Boys like that are extremely touchy." j Minard's Lf.iiment used by physicians
many murders, as all Canada she cannot plead the "new counlry" excuse.
The fact is '.hat'English law and the
(spirit of Kngiish Iaw-abhlh.pness work
I wonderful!}   in  the newest  countries;
ion earth.���Brooklyn -Eagle/
The Height Of Candor
Mrs. A.���"I make it a rule never to
ask another to do what I would not do
myself." _
Mrs. B.���"But, my dear, surely you
don't go to the door yoursyir and tell
your caller you are not al home."
t-Mfft -TOR  fMl   EVS CAK.S  IkOQK   MUMMt CO. SttlCAfXUUJI
Grange Pj.rU. �� tenronea
C'A-REID R-C-A-Principal
Session 1925-28 Opens October Slh
l'orrProspe:',i3i .//pp'j.'  To "Registrar
; all right to meet trouble half
but don't go'any further.
1   Dublin, Ontario.���"I was weak an'!
...rregular, with yaina and  headaches,
and could not sleep nights.   I learned
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound by reading the letters in the
newspapers  and   tried  it   because  1
wanted to get better. ��� I have got good[ it la a ��tro-ig'little animal..    Of ex-
yesults from it as I feel a lot strongs* | ceptional strength ami hardihood, fond
*i*__4    ��_*r_ - Mrtt-   +r_-wi_-i__4_i   -oirit-n   n__/��l_     r_s__i
Of work, and cheap to feed, it is no
wonder that Bhelties are stjl! wanted
Shetland Ponies Still Valued
For   soni'i    years. Shetland ponies
have been bred very successfully in j    Infant mortaliity is less among J��w-
Ketil, England, and al'oiw of Ihe lead- j ish babies than any other race.'
ing shows, recently held, one of them
standing only 32 inches at,the withers,   was   led   in   ihc parade hy the
mayor.     Ita lack of inches forms a!-v
most a record, but, like all of its ra��e.
Internally and Externally it is Good.*      Fine Record of Imperial Airways
���The    eroivjihig    property -of    Dr. i    Britain's nlr.tninsportation company,
Thomas' Eclectric Oil is that it can beJT!je Ism;.n-ia[ Airwavs,    which    came
j thro*, croup, whooping cough, pains, completed 1.000.000 miles of. living,
j in -tho cht*st, colic and many kindrjinl j During the past I'l months aeroplanes
; aliments It has qualities lhat are un- j i-.aiTVi..g |l.i,i)00,000 worth of bullion,
jsuamssed A bottle of it costs >"����*! 15.060 passengers and 1,000 tons of
'and there is no loss in always having' W. . . .
'it at hand. ' I freight have flown ncrobs the channel
 :      .  .     _     I at loo miles an hour.
Largo Range of
List on Request
Niagara Fails, Ont.
On LE GLERG S uvcl��k?dnev��
1TE*K Kf D^Kri_^ SI. tDEIKX, <;�� tvrt, lucxac IIP, Aft
��� \ri_ a��.b _n>UAa__!_ sruR LAUir* .._t.m��_��
0ft. LE GLERG S aperient puis.
Scl-l br tituiliu Chen_l��. Price��� iu F.eigl__n_l 3*
Da. LkClkkC HiICo. 1 <trend** K.I. X,\V.$ Londo*
w Hall SI. tOfro-H /I. FaohTHr.K.,T��so_��ra.Oa*
*���. ��ss_-tt6H 8ins��r. ��*�� VeK-S Cirif.
Cure For Social Cancers
��nd am - not troubled with such bad
liead^ches as I used to be and am more
regular, I am gaining in weight all
the time and I fell my friends what
Scind of medicine I am taking. You may
use my letter aa a help to others."���
_fe!rs. James Racho, Box 12, Dublin,
Halifax Nurse Recommends
Halifax, N. S. ��� "I am a maternitj;
murse and have recommended Lydia E,
iPinkham's Vegetable Compound - tr
snany women who were childless, alsc
to women who need a good tonic. I am
English and my husband is American,
and" he told m<? of Lydia E. Pinkham
while in England. I would appreciate
-as copy or two of your little books on
women's ailments. I have one which 1
keep to lead. I will willingly answer
letters from any woman asking about
the Vegetable O)inpo��3id:"--Mi's. S. M.
Coleman, 24 Uniacke Street, Halifax.
Jfova. Scotia.
W,   N.   If. -25S3
outside their native isles.
svmm cm?imn
Nothing Doing
A tew days after a farmer had put
his   two  children   to   school   a   bookj
agent called on-him and said:. ��� j
'   "Now    that    your    children' go to;
school, you ought to'buy them an encyclopedia.*''
"Buy Vm an encyclopedia ? Hanged If 1 do!" wa? his re tort i. "Let "em
walk like I did."
Rat poisons and traps cause an expenditure of two million dollars annually in the United States
Mftidle sr,? is when a man lu-gins to
look at the limi* instead of going it   '
Better   Discipline  and   Higher   Ideate-
For the Youth of the Land     " 7
We are convinced titat (he best cure |
of most of our social troubles is to bo j
applied in the childhood of the nation,!
in the formation of self-discipline, self- [ |_
respeel and right doing ami in the at- '.
quiring of ideals and standards of con-1-
duct.     In the Boy Scouts under' good i
masters   Js   one   of the best counterlr
agents to evil influences.     The wider,
Americans  spread  the  foundation  of
sound  childhood,  healthily  exercised,;
self-disciplined   and   convinced    that;
the right thins is ihe strong thing, not'_
the weak, the more we shall be {?'���?-!
- ting rid of our social cancers!���Chi-,
caso Tribune. .  . I
A CAPO POLISH For Every Purpose
FOR STOVES���St^pn Polish, .
FOR STOVE PIPES���Odorless Jet Enamel.
FOR SHOES���Gold Leal? Dressing or British Military Polish.
Gives Instantaneous ReSIs!
Jt has been a Ihoraeliold remedy for
over SO years. Yon caa always rely-
on it in time-of need.
Man-afaetuxctl only by The t.
MilbasE Co.; Limited Torost a, Ont.
A   little  jdrl,   on  aniiing .Jain   at,
school for the third iitnc,.was scolded
by her teacher and  told  to writ'* a j
composition on "Punctuality," j
After a strenuous cpjarter of an hour'
\ sht> jircduce the following: |
!    "Punctuality   is knowing   -where   lo!
i i
make slops."
I Minard's Liniment far Distemper
��� ii   a ���
COMMERCIAL-KNITTING bySuperlor-Hand-Power-Machlnes
wltb a world-wide-enviable-reputation backed fcv over Si years
valoable-experience in producing machines of high-grade, simplicity, speed, durability and practicability for monev-making
or by the THOUSAND through live-wire-agents. Our unsolicited-testimonials ara worth-reading.
S-r4 ��U1i,.?3Sr��.5*S5S*i awthtK-licd-atlTersUcd-afie-ist CATALOCl'E A.\D
1 AR N-SAM PLES -i REli..
Sept. 1157, GEORGETOWN, OlSiT., CANADA - 1923 ���-!
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Rock Creek Items
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices ���_     7.00
Estray Notices -.3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement.  12,50
(Where more than oue claim appears 1e> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Trauscient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Warning to Auto Drivers
It is stated by the Police thai
a considerable number of auto
drivers in the district are failing
to comply with the Regulations
as prescribed under the Motor
Vehicle Act, in regard to headlights, tail-lights, spot-lights,
number-plates and drivers licences. No further warning will be
given and drivers found neglecting to comply with the regulations will be prosecuted.
Mining Notes
John Paulson, of Minneapolis, {
and Johnson brothers, of North-
port, Wash,, were iu town this
week aud inspected a number cf
mining properties, accompanied
by Ola Lofstad.   ���
Considerable improvements have.
been made at the Riverside mine,
near Rock" Creek. -'Ay building'
20x30' has; been" erected'-which,
will be'used as.a office, dining,
room, and kitchen.. - - A'- crew; of.
men are drivitig-a .cross-cut. arid
doing other development work. 7
Green.wood and       7      ,
'���-��� y-XxXx  DistricfrHospital
7 7:.   Donations for August '
'-.-. Rev; W: R. Walkir.shaw-,- flowers; Mrs/
; F;. C. 'Buckless, r oranges;. Mrs.- -K. _M_.
Spence,- flowers; Miss -Thoinel,'' i box
���' apples Wd jam;'Mrs.'I. V_7ShiIicpck, jam
' iiiid .eggs'; 'George .Lord,' box of apples;
Mrs.-A.'J. Dornian,. jaiii; R.- Forshaw,
... box"--"of apples;" "Mrs."' M."''VA'xa'm','flower?';
..Capt. W.7I/. C Gordon; eggs, oranges
-and pears. ".,*;-''.  :...-, [- Xy-,-���    ''.���������"'
7 Christian Valley Notes
7 Morris .Peterson, of- Qrdfeiiwood.
spirit a few.daysin the Valley .with
"friends.- .7 "  . ...
.. ..... y-
. C.; Abel .aiul Frank Christian
have gone to.work.iii the mines at
Beaverdell.   .      W
.-���"Wta.x-B.   Able and
were in   Westbridge
Dayo Ropo
and   Rock
Creek on business lasfe:w.eek,..7   .
Considerable-rain' has .fallen herr-
���; lately arid those'who hail-their fall
. wheat.seeded are lucky,as ifc is up
and looking Arte. }
��� }; W.-K/Gwyer and' family.-'have'
returned-to their houae.:in Petitifr
tori afier a_month's camping on tht',
Ghristianraneh.     '-���;���     W       -7
._-', Miss Hester' Jj./. Richards ha?-
'._ arrived from/Victoria-and resumetT
-. her duties as teacher X, in." charge of
.the Valley school.'. 7 Her many;
.-friends were glad to see. her retun \
and wished her mrich success daring the coming year. '
V.VV7 K. Gwyer, ."the government
'���' engineer,   has set', the/stakes for a
.new bridge pn   the7 Main-Kettle
. River near the East Fork.'.lit if
hoped  that   this    bridge   wiUW.)!
constructed.in the near future:foi.
it is very ranch needed as there ii-
abput three  months  in  the year
that the -settlers osi  the north sid.<
cannot get  across.     Daring   that
'time they are unable to ship -then
Apples For Sale
(Picked) 50c,, falls 25e. in your
own boses_
T, A,
Gerry Harpur Avas a visitor to
town on Sunday.
Miss Dollie Pittendrigh left for
Rhone on Monday.
James Lindsay was a visitor to
Riverside on Friday.
Mr. Blaine, ���of Myncaster, is
assisting 0. Wheeler in tbeRjck
Creek Trading Co.'s store.
Miss Flo.rrie Jupp returned to
Vancouver on Monday, where she
is attending St. Anthony's college.
Miss Robinson, of Nelson, is
teaching tbis year at tho Ingram
Mountain school. She is the guest
of Mrs. Joe Richter.
Miss Barker, of Nelson, has
arrived to take charge of Myncaster
school and will make her homo
with Mrs. Smyrl on Rock- Mountain.
(ieorge Cawston, an old-timer of
Keremeos, was in town on Friday,
looking around to see if there were
any beef cattle for sale. George ip
well known in Rock Creek and
' Tho Rock Creek United Farm
Women will hold their next meeting on Saturday. Sept. 12th. The
general roll call will be a donation
of a cup and saucer. All members
are asked to be present.
Mr. Marriage, of Vancouver, is
the new school teacher for Rock
Creek. He arrived last week and
rented S. Waruock's housp, which
was formerly occupied by G
Arthur Rusch's new Garage
Hospital is all completed. It certainly is a substantia], up-to-date
building and it will be opened to
receive as many crippled cars as
possible in a few days. Arthur is
a pplen'did doctor, bis specialty is
in tire blow out?, new inner tubes,
new inside parti--, electric batteries,
lubricating oils, and different other
car sicknessess to numerous to mention. His charges are moderate
and good, quick work is his motto*.
Tho local people sprung'a surprise
oarty on Aithnr last Thursday and
held a dance in tho new garage.
They had a good time and wished
him the best of good luck.
New Type of Bandit
The curious anomaly of an
amateur' .outwitting professional
cattle-rustlers is one of the unique
occurrences" ;which."; mnkes. the
William.'; Desmond :.laiesfc Blue
Streak Western, 7 "The Meddler,',
one replete with thrills' and humor.'
The ;picture ��� will'be shown at the
.Gre'etnvood Theatre on Saturday,'
Sept.' 12'h-.'. 7"'','-W'- xyx .- y 7
.'Piqued, because his>fiance turned
him.' dpwn'and' .refused-" to ': marry,
-him. because he-was only a million-.
aire.-maiu1fanturer.7in a-large city,1
Richard;Gilmore, played'by .Pei---
rn'onf),'; .detertninPS. .to.-. regain his
lady 'sJove>nd. promptly leaves for.
the West to,search" adventure.'
-He- turns ...biiiidit, 'holding rip
stages, automobile p-irties and raids
ranches greatly to the annoyance
of-'the; cpuntryside/.- .He. is', nick.-
nairied"��� Tfche" "Mcdd!ei-]} because" he
never takes anything of value. ,: '-.'-
-Dolores77R6wsay. is the- winning
ArthurRosson directed.
- The Ready Answer')/';
A.city-. busiaass. man -was "very-
keen on' having proficient'; clerks in
his employ. . "Before:��� a -clerkico'iild
enter his.office'fie! was r.rqbired to
pass a-written--examination, on his
knowledge'of .business.'- '- ��� x.-z z.
.7At one .examination'..oiie of. the
question s was: " Who. formed the
fir'nkcompahy?" " '��� ".-. -.
. A .certain bright youth was. a
little puzzled at this,/but.was riot
fco'-be floored. He .wrote:
:" "Npah;. "encce?s��tUIy floated7.a
company, while the; rest of 7 the
world, war-in liquidation.": X\
....--He passed. ���London .Answers. :
. -In writing to'-renew his subscript ion1: t p. Th'e:L'edgc, Geo.-. -W.
'Rogers,'7-of the ...Sally /mine,
.Beaverdell,-. says: ~ "I. just' -got
back -from tn>*'annual .vacation,
haying - a, .-good, trip" taking1' io
Vaacouv.er,,-Victoria, Se lttle ;:an"d
.Ta-cqma-;; .'.While -in.^Vancouver I
met .a brother I bad not, seen for
24 .years.., V We"'., then. -went, to
Tacoma and met",.another brother
we-had not seep,for 26 years;.;so
we had quiet a,' reunion. While
it the' coast Thought a hotne ia
North;Wy-ancouver-'- which; 'my
now occupy.'' As you "are aware
there has beeii quite a change oa
Wallace Mountain. Everyone
was very sorry to lose ,the Kord-
mans They are fine people and
Mr. Nordman was a good man to
work for, The Sally employees
g'ame them a chicken supper at
the Hotel dowa town, and a card
party and. dance afterwards in
the Ketchum' Hall. Everybody
certainly had a good time,";
Bringing' the
the East
tr n *       I      e^f^
^     S\��  ^* ^ j    -   v   $ri^y\���-*>>��������
?4X  ly   -?/   ' -^M*M &} ^
v    _*     W^^^%^
1���Empress Hotel, Victoria, with dome of Houses of Parliament ou right: 2���Airplane view oi Lake Louise and Chateau;
��� S���Crossing tlie Wolverine Pass In thc Rockies; 4���Trail Riders In the Yoho Valley.
Not the smallest part of the education of a Canadian Teacher
should be a knowledge of the Dominion, derived from personal contact
with its vast areas. When in addition
the West is brought home to the East
by a tour covering most of the
former's points of interest, commercial, agricultural and scenic, then a
very valuable addition to one's
knowledge of one's own country litis
been consummated.
This is the object of the 21-day
tour of Canada which is now being
arranged by the Canadian Teacher's
Federation in repetition of their very
successful similar trip last summer.
Th'e party will leave Toronto westbound July 20 and wilL be back in
that city August 10.- It will be under
.the personal  direction  of Professor
Sinclair Laird,  Dean of the School
_ for Teachers, MacDonald College,
Quebec. The journey out and return
will be over Canadian Pacific Railway
lines, motors and boats and stop-overs
will be arranged at points of interest.
Starting from Toronto in the afternoon, the train passes through a land
of beautiful lakes, the Muskoka
region^ reaching Sudbury and continuing through the big game district
of Northern .Ontario and skirting thc
shores of Lake Superior for many
miles before arriving at Port Arthur
and Fort William,the twin cities where
most of the western grain is stored.-
A day is spent in Winnipeg, the
centre of the greatest grain marketing
avid inspection point in the Empire.
Half a day is spent in Hegina and
Moose Jaw is reached the same day.
Then on to Calgary where the last of
the prairie country is coyered and
the foot hills of the Rockies commence.
Passing next day through the Gap,
the gateway - bf the Rockies, where,
the roadway is hewn through the
solid rock, Banff is reached on the
first Saturday of tho trip.
At this point the traveller enters
fairyland. Banff is the headquarters
of the Rocky Mountains Park, a
region of 2,751 square miles, covering
rivers, lakes and mountain scenery
of unsurpassed grandeur. _ The weekend is spent in this district. Drives
and automobile trips "here make
a pleasant contrast with. the train
journey and the wonderful sights
will live long in memory_ There is
Lake Louise, an exquisitely colored
limpid mirror of - glaciers and snow-
crowned peaks and the brilliant blue
of the sky with its argosies of.fleecy
clouds. Mounts Stephen, Chancellor
and Sir Donald rise into view as the
Great Divide" is crossed and the
marvelous Yoho Park is traversed.
Canyons, caves, valleys, depp gorges,
passes twinkle past the train in its
journey which is sometimes slowed up
to admit of a more lasting impression.
The scenery is so perfect that to avoid
missing any the train does not travel
at night and continues its journey at
dawn. For 250 miles it passes through
the Great Canyons of the Thompson
and Fraser Rivers and the long,day of
fifteen hours is one unbroken pasture of delight. Vancouver is at last
reached and '-a short but interesting
boat trip is made across the straits of
Georgia to Victoria with a panoramic
view of beautiful islands, bays and
rpeky headlands ancl the snowcapped mountains of the Coast range:-
and the Olympics as a background.
The return journey takes v.?
through the Cascade Mount.ui.s and
the Kelowna Valley to Nelson, commercial centre of the Kootenay
district;1 An overnight journey ends
at Lake Windermere where after s
trip to the Camp there is a motor run
of, 104. miles over the newly com
pleted Banft'-Windermero Kip-hv/ay
through awe-inspiring scenery. Saturday; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday-
four full days���are taken up witi.
the above. Then commences the tvi;:
across the prairies to the head of thc-
lakes which is reached via -Edrnpntcf
aticl Saskatoon to Lake of the WboJt
district. A full 24 ' hours is'.apeni
among the sights of this wendc-riu'
Lake district and then the trip ^oof
on to Fort William. From thio yoiii i,
the journey is continued by boat
through Lakes Superio^and Huron to
Port McNicoll whence Toronto is
reached four hours later, and the trip
. It is difficult to conceive of a more
healthy or a more diversified holiday
than the one outlined  above,     fi:
addition it brings home to the participant the glory cf Canada in a v,\tj
that is unequalled in so short a time.
No one can take such a tiip r-nd'-no*
return from it bigger,  wiser,   r.y-
conscious  of  Canadian  nation";-.;>.,���..
And   such   an ""experience   i-v. .v   *'
necessity   be  invaluable   far   V-j-
whose profession it is  lo tcao*-    "���
next generation of Cano**'���-
Here arid There
. According to the report of the Def.
partmcrit  of Agriculture, . livestock-
.marketings   hi   Canada  during..the'-_
past year were the best ..experienced'
for-'many years. 'There were .975,-'
020 ."cattle, 355,179. calves, -3,094,291,
.hogs.and 485,606 sheep marketed in.
1924, 7as /compared; with "-'.882,921,.:
7315,522; ,2,363,402 '.and-, 512,390; re-;
.spectively." in the previous'year.  -.
According to J.'M. Gibbon, secretary of the Trail :Riders"of'the Can'a-
-dian; Rockies;: .who're'eently -lef t-Morit'--
" real for the West, the' annual cross-;
country ride  ancl   pow-wow . under-'
-taken by that organization,.is..becoming-' so' popular that lovers of the
���'.outdoors.' from England." arid Australia are attending this yea.r,.in ad-
.dition. to the;- members" :from the
United States-.and Canada;'
.;\&'.'..!-.xs_>. "SEM^S;-'^**��������� ���______���___ **���
Summer Excursion Fares
- -ThiB "Beatty. Boys,"- four.-British
youngsters, brought out here by E.
Wi- Beatty,: K.C.,' President >��� 0f7. the "
Canadian Pacific Railway, tb study
- Canadian farm.methods, arrived in.
Canada;, on ".the '""Montcalm" .this'-
month.., They..are   expert   farmers,
selected, by the Minister of Agricul-.
;.ture from .the members of the. Young
.Farmers' Club of Great Britain and.
will   remain   in. Canada . for   Wo
months as the guests., of Mr, Beatty.
That elk,, in the. Panther   Hiver
.country, not .fair  from. Banff,   are
rapidly increasing  in   number   antl
. may "possibly., become a. menace,. is
the opinion . of . Belmore. Brown, an
artist of New, York who recently returned, from a painting tour, through
the-. Rocky - -Mountains. - Mr'.}. Brown.
ia ;rcgarde<i_as an authority.-.on wild.
animals 'and states that there will
be, ten years from now, 10,000 elk-
-in'the.district; unless steps are taken
.to decrease their numbers.
French-Canadian agricultural ���. sx-
"perts, theologians, students "and oth-.
vera, -touring the ^country.: under - the.
' auspices of the University' of Montreal express unanimous amazement
at the agricultural development of
British Columbia, the scenery of Alberta, the prairies of Manitoba, the
beauties of  Northern  Ontario  and
the. -a-astness of the country in general. -A similar excursion left Toronto recently under ilae auspices ef
the Teachers" Federation of ���s_w��4%.
also over Canadian Pacific Base, ani
wUJ eeism tfee 3����kil9 93?.
........ 113-75
Fort William .
Niagara Falls
Montreal ,
Moncton .,.;,,,
.Chicago ........
'..$ 86.30
,. 120.G2
.. 127.95
������ 132.75
.;��� 147-90'
;. -153.4S
... .86.00'.
������ 153-50.;;
".' .: Route'via Port Arthiirorvia' Soo-I/ine,,through'-.Winnipeg or Portal to
"7St. Paul, thence yia Chicago'.or Sault Ste..Marie, via Great Lakes; or via"
-.'California- at additional fare;: or .good to go via' one of the above routes,
"'.return'another.'���   .'"'-    .'';.' ';"   ;��� '.--,-   ; ���_'-.';""-"    -.   ; . ���-,   .    -���'*.,- ,..--
j; ^CARTER, District Passenger Agent; Nelson7
, See Local Agent or Write for Details ;/        ..
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
McCutcheon Residence
BOOTS  and  ��HOES
GEO. ARMSON,  Grand Forks,
The 2 Oth Century Shoe Reoairer
All work and material  guaranteed.    We
������   pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Vacant, unrcscrvod, surveyed '
Crown lands may bo pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age.,
and by ulicns on declaring intention
to become British, subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement . for agricultural
Full information concerning*, regit-..
lations regarding pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1,'Land-Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can bo obtained free of charge
by addressing tho Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent. ."������
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural'
purposes, and which is not timber-
land,-i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range-
and 5,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions aro
to be addressed-to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in~\vhich tho land applied for
-Is situated, and are mado-on printed -
forms, copies of which can be .ob-.
tained. from-tho-Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must bo occupied for
five years arid improvements mado
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing''and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can- be "-
received. ���    "     .   --*i
Foir moro-detailed information see
the Bulletin' "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for'purchase of" vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arable) land is
$5 per acre, and seoond-claas (grazing) land $2.50 per acre. -Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10;" Land Series,' "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial Bites, on .
timber land, not exceeding 40 acrea,'
may ba purchased or -leased, the conditions      including.      payment      of
Unsurvoyed areas, not exceeding 20;
acrss, may bo leased as homesltea,''
conditional upon a dwelling being!
erected in tho first year, title being*
obtainable after >, residenoe and im-'
provement' conditions are' fulfilled
and la.nd has been surveyed, :
'"    LEASES    ' .' I
���-For- grazing -and--industrial "pus1-,-
��� poses areas not exceeding 849 acrea
-may be leased by one person or.a.
. company., '  ;
- -GRAZING 7 !
V. Under the Grazing*Act the Prov-,-
. ince Ib-divided .into grazing districts'
.and the-'range administered - under a-
Grazing '���-   .-Commissioner.     - Annual
��� "grazing permits are Issued based oar
numbera ranged, priority being givem'
:to established owners. ��� Stock-owners
may:   form- associations   for -range!,
management. - Free,: or  partly, free,
'.permits "are , available ' for   settlers*!'
campers. and travellers,  up . to    tea'
head, -'. ��� 7-  -   ."     -  .   '     _���_   "
.................... 7-l3i.........
;-.;:v.;-^ The Mineral Province of Western Canada ;
"yJ-y-y-X TO; ^D"0F:;MCEI��BER,;1924'r x^'yyyif^y
-Has produced-Minerals as. follows: 7 Placer GoIds $77,382,953;. Lode Gold,
.:-.- -:   X   ��118,473,190; Silver,7S68,824;579;Laad, $70,548,578; Copper, Sl^7,4S9,37S; Zitic,.    ��� *
:..-, ".    7832,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals, v81,431,849;Co3l arid Coke,. $200,880,048; .
Bnildisig Stone, Brick, Cement, e6c;} $42,225,814: making its Mineral Production.
.7 ...to the end bf 1924, show an-   :7      "������''���   ..   "   "' 7- 'W
Production for the Year Endingmcepber, 1924^ ^4SX7U1604-X
The Mining Laws of this  Proyinceare more liberal, and., the feea lower, fehan. febose of.any. other- :
.- 7     Province in the.Porainidri^br.any colony in/fihe British Empire;-- 7V'.:.-  --.;-.-W--'W-    :- x)''
'��� Mineral locations "are granted to discoverers.for'nominal'fees. 7,--7;    ...--;    7 '���;���:'.'���'
"Absolute-Titles are obtained  by-developing soch -properties, fehe secanty of which, is gaaranlieed    -
..r.'V ".;   "by Crown'Grants..-.;.:    7  7.        \ ''W -.-���'.- 7- .''':" -7-'-  . '���       ���-"".' ���'7 '���"���, ���[, ','��� - ....
Full information; together with Mining Reports and^Maps, may, be .obtained.gratis by addressing��� .-,.
Xy^; ;;'���; /'   - '   YICTORIa; British Columbia. - -.-V.
$T.B_    Practically all British Colombia; Mineral Properilea upon which developmenfe work haai been   .
done are described iri some one of the; Afinnal Reports of.the MniBfeer. of. Mines.   Those
considering mining invesfementa shonid refer to sach reports.    They are available7 without "'-���
charge on application bo the Department oE.Mines, Yictoriftj B.C. . Reports of the" Geological
;.   Sarvey oi Canada, Pacific Bniiding^ Yanconver, are recommended as valaabia ap'arces oi
. information. '       -.


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