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The Ledge Mar 31, 1921

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 Provincial Library |
/'/   Mi   &/
i        y
Voi/;'/; XXVII,"
No. 3S
HouseFurnishings,  Hardware,
KiicKen Utensils,, Etc.
We can fill yonr wants for-���
Also a full line of
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
SV   Of Interest To Men
X New
Q      Hats For Spring
See our north window
Greenwood, B. &
Grand Popularity Contest
Gopdeve's Drug Store       _
i Prizes given to the three most popular ladies  in the
'  Greenwood Riding
A Compltte Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and
Try Our      '
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup--
J. G. McMynn, Midway
First Prize, $25.00 Kodak, Post Card Size.
Second Prize, $12.00 Ivory Mirror.
Third  Prize, $5.00 Box-Camera.
Before you send that spring order look over
���     our,stock of
Prints, Flannelettes, Boys and
Ladies Hose, Etc.
They will please you in every respect
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms, A comfortable home for- tourists_ and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
��� buttermilk and ice-cream.
Shamrock Brands
HAM,   BACON   and  LARD
Carnation Compound;     V  Butter and Cheese
NELSON,; %C;V     .,
I Real Estate & Insurance
I Life, Fire, Health, Accident
1      '   '      Automobile
��    Best Companies-in   the World
|    Enquire  as  to Rates
I       Ranches  For Sale      1
Auctioneer i
Call, And See   '   ,. |
"   In Shell or Nickel Frames
Put u�� in a neat Spring Covered Case
$1.00 PER PAIR
Watchmaker      Jeweler      Optician
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail  your watch for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
Midway News
|i   .~��_.
11     -*���___!���-<
... ji   Sfc&v
tfi. l#.
 ��� -    ��� *     -    *-���*���_*
;    It Is always well to have a Savings
Account upon; wHich interest is regularly
/paid and from which you are free to draw
at any time should you have a good oppor-
V  tunity to buy stock or feed.    A Savings
Account is Ready Money. 7*A
^V ^
���  PAID-UP CAPWAL -'.V-9x':>-       $15,0oa000
..:..:, \ RESERVEFUND, i..X���.<*..y? .V-; $15,000,000   :
-;:;. .GREENWOOD BRANCH,!* 'E** Brayvders, Manager.
Miss Edna Kerr, - of Trail, is
visiiing her parents, Mr, and Mrs.
R. D. Kerr. ,    "
Miss  E.   Fergapon, of Enderby,
is spending, the   Easter   holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.  J.
E. Ferguson.
Mies M. MeArthur, of Trail, was
in town on Friday en route to
Meyers Creek, to spend Easter
with relatives.
-A very pleasant and profitable
time was Bpent in- the Old School
House'on Monday evening, it being
the occasion of a farewell address,
given by Rev. W. H. Redman,
who has held service in the Presbyterian church every Sunday morning for the past four months.
After the lecture the Ladies Aid
supplied refreshments and were
enjoyed by all present.
���Died.���On March 16th, at his
home near the Lone Star, Pete
Blakey, an old-timer, after a long
and lingering illness. Funeral
services were held at'his, home
and the deceased was laid to rest
in the Grand Forks cemetery.
I Around Home.
V. E.   Tripp  spent  Easter  at
Nelson. ,
Chas. Johnson has returned  to
town from Trail.
R. O. Fisher spent Easter with
friends at Nelson.
���   Mrs. H. Thomas is visiting her
sister at Vancouver.
E. G, Cummings returned to
Beaverdell on Friday.
Dolly Granberg is visiting her'
parents at Westbridge.
Victor Foot left on Friday on a
business trip to Borderland, Sask.
DaveOxley, of Eholt, has been
appointed a Justice of the Peace.
H. M. Stramberg visited coast
cities during the Eister holidays.
H. McKee and Miss Josephine
McKee are spending a few days
in Spokane,,
J. C. Jacques will arrive ~in
Midway in a few days from the
Old Country. '
Mrs. Jack Holmes of Trail, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. G.
W. A. Smith.
Mr; and Mrs. R. Lee' and
Eileen Bryan are spending a few
days at the coast.
Robt. Forshaw has set an
example _by having his house
beautifully painted.
Anton and John Portmaun, of
Nicholson creek, spent Easter
with Mr. and Mrs. L.  Portmaun.
Rock Creek Institute
Greenwood  Public  School
March 1921
V. Edward. Tripp,  Principal.
Get your wall .paper at manufacturers prices. See the L921
samples at Goodeve's Drug Store.
,,Mr, andJ^rs..'D^Buchanan left
Bradner, where they will reside.
- . v ^
The Independent Meat Market
is now open all the. time. We
carry only the best stock procurable in fresh meats, hams and
bacort, lard, sausages, head
cheese, etc,
Miss I. Keir, of Coltern, Is
spending a vacation with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs, E. F.
Keir.    '
Allan Eustis, of Nelson, spent
Easter in Greenwood* the guest
of his parents Mr, and Mrs. R.
Miss C. Mcintosh is spending
the holidajs in Victoria the
guest of Hon. and Mrs. J. U.
MacLean.         _______
The many friends of Chief
Fraser are pleased to see him
around again after his recent
serious illness.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hoy, who
have been spending the winter in
Greenwood, returned to their
ranch on Tuesday.
��� A meeting of the Fire Department will be held in the Fire.Hall
at 7.30 ou Friday night. A full
attendance is requested.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Wheeler
and family, of Rock Creek, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. James
Kerr, during thc week end.
- -Any person wanting to be
placed on the Proy. Voters List
con do so on making application
in the usual way on or before
Monday, April 4th.
Pythian Sisters Party in "the
Masonic Hall, Friday, April 1,
at 8 p.m. Games and cards. Refreshments served, A small
amount will be charged for
P. B. Freeland, district mining
engineer will give a lecture on
Ore "Deposits, in the Court
House, Greenwood, on Wednesday, April 6th, at 8 p.m. Admission free.   '
All interested in athletics for
the summers are requested to be
at the Fire Hall at 8 p.m. ou Friday. The matter of forming a
club will be discussed. If you
are interested in* baseball, football, grasshockcy or tennis come
and air your views.
No. in actual attendance
No. with perfect attendance
Percentage of Efficiency or
Punctuality Percentage
Average daily attendance   ���
Perfect attendance:
Emmet Anderson, Jack Anderson, Mabel Axam, Gertrude Dixon,
Russell EuBfciB, Gordon. Jenks,
Mary Kerr, George Morrison, Mildred McLaren.
Senior   IV: .Edna  Williamson
81.3, Maria Williamson 78.8,
Estella Storer 78.,4, Mabel Axam
76, Gordon Jenks 75.7, Ethel
Fraser 75.5, Russell Eustis 72.9,
Harold Folvik 69.2, Emmet; Anderson 69, Jack Anderson 68.1,
Agda Carlson 66.6. Johnson Beattie
65.9, Lilly Intilla 64.8.
Not present for all the tests:
Harold Folvik, Johnson Beattie.,
. Junior   IV:   Mildred   McLaren
82.1, Margaret Eddie 76.2, George
Morrison    74.5,   Samuel    EuBtis
74.4, Anund Anderson 74.1, Silvia
Price 71.1, John Kerr 70.6, Gertrude Dixon 68.7, Joseph Putzel
66.7, Mary Kerr 64.6, Dolly Granberg 62.9.
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
The regular monthly meetings
of the Rock Creek Women's Insti
tute were held on Feb. 26 and
March 26 at which their was a
good attendance of members at
both meetings. The principle
business discussed at these meetings was the purchase of a bookcase for library books. The
librarian is to"purchase 50 books.
. The secretary was authorised
to negotiate the sale of Institute
dishes, tables etc.
A donation of good books for
the library was receiyed and two
dollars donated to the Canadian
Navy League.
The meetings closed with the
partaking pf tea and cake and
siuging the National Anthem.
At the earnest solicitation of
many people of town and country
Dr, J. M. Burnett has filled a
long felt want by opening the
hospital next door to his residence
on Silver street.
J. H. G^odeye our enterprising
druggist has started a popularity
contest. Auv lady in the district
is' eligible to compete and
Mr. Goodeve has offered some
handsome prizes. A 25 cts
cash sale entitles the purchaser
to ten votes. Contest ends at 12
o'clock May 7th, when the winners will be announced. See his
ad in this issue and call at Drug
Store for fuller particulars.
The Moving Picture show will
start in the Greenwood Theatre
on Saturday April 9th, with the
newest, up-to-date pictures. Geo.
Gray and Geo.-Clerf are the new
j-managers of the theatre', ^shp are
doing: everything in-their power
to giye the public good ' wholesome' pictures. Drama, comic
and instructive pictures will be
shown eyery Wednesday and Saturday evenings and it is hoped
everyone will patronize the shows.
The Vendella mine, situated on
the hill above the slaughter
house on the Greenwood-Boundary Brails road is continuing to
take out valuable ore. Already
over $1000 has been spent on development work and on Friday of
last week over two tons of high
grade ore was taken out. Bom-
bini, Pasco & Co., are the owners
of this property who haye great
faith in the claim and have a
large quantity of ore ready for
Last Tuesday evening thieves
broke into the store of the Rock
Creek' Trading Co. and got away
with about $175 in cash and a
quantity of goods._ The cash
register was broken into and the
safe which was unlocked was
ransacked. There are few clues
leading to the' identity of the
burglars, the priucisle one being
an I. -X. L. clasp knife which
they left behind. The police
have their suspicions and arrested
two* Rock Creek men and two
meu from Fort Steel on suspect
but right after an examination
let them go for lack of sufficient
evidence. . Of late there has been
some petty larceny going- on in
that neighborhood and the police
are keeping a vigilant watch.
G. S. Walters bad an agreeable
surprise last Friday night when
the hockey club took possession
of his home and presented him
with a valuable pipe and cigarette
holder as a slight token of their
appreciation for services rendered
during the past winter. Though
taken very much by surprise Mr,
Walters made a feeling reply and
said he appreciated the spirit in
which it was given and would
cherish the momeato as long as
he lived, lhe balance of the Skelton, Daniel Kerr,
evening was spent iti repartee Second Primer: Allan MeCur-
aad songs. Mrs. Walters assisted
by Mrs. Thomas served the boy3
Number on roll
No. in perfect attendance
Average daily attendance
Efficiency percentage
Perfect attendance:
Bessie Bidder, George Bryan,
DoriB Dhcon, Lawrence DuHamel,
Percy Fraser, Irene Inglie, Clarence Johnson, Helen Kerr, Doris
Kinsman, Kathleen McLeod,
Edward Wilson, Ethel- Benson,
Eraine DnHamel, Horace Du-
Hamel, Allan Fraser, William-
McLeod, Annie Thorslund.
Sr. II Reader: George Bryan
86.65, Irene Inglis 77.77 Percy,
Fraser 77.50, Helen Kerr 72.79,
John Putzel 65.75, Harry Hall-
Strom 46.
, Jr. Ill Reader: Myrtle Dixon
70, Clarence Johnson 59.50, Kathleen McLeod 51.10, Frank Cain-
polieto 53.30, Lawrence DuHamel
46.10, Tillie McDonell 39.33. Doris
Dixon 35.70.
Int. Ill Reader: Beesie Bidder
91, Edward Wilson 77.29, Doris
Kinsman 71.85, Edward Johnson
66. ,
Senior III Reader: Allan Fraser
86.50, Ethel Benson 73.66, Rnby
Goodeve 73.15, Annie Thorslund
69,83, John McDonell 69 23, Mary
Klinosky 66, William McLeod
63, Cecilia Hallstrom 60.16, Eraiue
DuHamel 50.16, Horace DuHamel
J. M. McKee, Teacher,
No. in actual attendance
Perfect attendance
Average daily attendance
Punctuality Parcentage   ���
Perfect attendance:
Eileen Bryan, Helen Bakke,
Roy Bakke, Arthur Cox, Meri-
defeh Fenner, Daniel Kerr, Lewis
Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Malcolm
McLeod, Alice Ritchie, Marguerite
Ritchie, Mary Skelton, Robert
Forshaw, Albert Kinsman.
Proficiency List.
Senior First Reader:' Margaret
Royce, Lewis Mitchell, Lawrence
Folvik, Robert Mitchell, Edward
Junior First Reader: Malcolm
McLeod, Eileen Bryan, Meredith
Fenner, Bertram Price,, Marguerite
Ritchie,    Dick , Morrison,    Mary
their homes feeling  that an enjoyable evening had been spent.
Lecture and Farewell
"Will ye no come"back  again"
was  the prevailing   sentiment   at
the Farewell on Tuesday evening
in the Presbyterian church in honor
of Rev. W.   H. Redman   who has
been occupying   the' pulpit" during ���
the past four  months and  in that
short time has  endeared  himself
not only to his congregation but to
the  whole  community.'. Over 100
were present to say  "au  rev'oir"
but not good-bye for it is Hoped
that Mr. Redman  will.be' induced,
to come and make his homo hat��,
not only  because he is a loving
and thoughtful pastor but because,
too, he .is # man among men.        ��� ���
Jas  Kerr filled the chair in a
capable manner   and  the   "Farewell"  commenced  with  a  hymn,
after whioh  J. Finlay rendered in
a masterly   and  finished' style aV
cornet solo and so much  was this
enjoyed that he was later on- called
to give two more solos.
Rev.   W.   H.   Redman  gave an
interesting   and   most   instructive
lecture   on   "Jerusalem's   Future
Glory"   and   held   the   audience
spell bound during his  whole discourse.    The Rev. gentleman is a
fluent and able speaker and divided
his lecture into   three   parts viz: "
History meaning Adam,   Prophesy
���Abraham and  Religion���Christ.
Mrs. S. P. Dixon and P. H. McCurrach   were   the   accompanists/
Refreshments  were served and a ���
collection taken which was donated'
to Mr. Redman to heip defray"his -
travelling expenses.
Mr. Re'dfaableft on "Wednesday"7
for his home in Bradner amid the.
well wishes and regrets of the
whole community and it is hoped
that it will not be long ere arrangements can' be made to get him
back to stay permanently.
-     26
Wm. Johns Sells
Bridesville Ranch
William Johns who for many
years operated the Norden Hotel
at Greenwood together with Andy
Sater and who gave up public life
to go farming has just,sold out
-_ _Th___Pl__rchasers are__Cuthbert O-
Bodman and Cecil S. Clarke, both
of Dilke, Sask. They are now
very busy unloading a car of effects
at Bridesville, and Billy i8 hunting
for a new hotel.
The ranch' comprises 127 acres
and is one of the choicest small
farms in the district," located on
the Interprovincial highway between Rock Creek and Bridesville.
The purchase included a large
inventory of stock, machinery and
implements for a consideration of
Messrs Bodman and Clarke are
experienced ranchers and purpose
going into stock raising and dairying.    "
They are well pleased with the
Boundary country, the mild climate of the interior and the property they have acquired.
The sale was negotiated by
Geo; C Egg the enterprising and
well known land agent of Grand
Forks who was successful last
-season in putting through many"
farm property deals in this part of
the interior.
rach, Arthur Cox, Helen Bakke.
First Primer: Laura Mills, Mary
with cake and coffee after whicb Patzel, Lewis Clerf, Alice Ritchie,
all sang ;'For he's, a jolly good Roy Hallstrom, Violet Benson'
fellow," and   then, departed for Robert Carlson, Roy Bakke,
Receiving  Class:   Robert
shaw, Albert Kinsman.
Fall is, indeed, a charming
season���especially when it includes
A coffin was recently found
packed with bottles o? whiskey,
but no one claims i�� is the Srpt
coffin whiskey ha-, filed.���Philadelphia North American/"
>^fpisSk THE    LEDGE,    GBEENWOOD,    B.    0.
-vif'"' ���
V  i-
i   I'  .-;
'.. j .
���-X "
Printed   by    Special   Arrange-
mentfi  watl- Thos. Allen,
Toronto, Ont
| that shc would despise and hate me.
By lies, I induced her to break her en-
. gagement  with  him.      He  followed
1 us up here. I knew shc still believed
in hiin���1 saw a chance to make him
appear a villain in her eyes. Oh,
God!" he wailed.     "Whv, why did I
- do it?'/
In spite of the wrong he had done,
Dorkin felt sorry for the poor, miserable wretch, grovelling before him.
Savage    spoke.      "Oh,    he'll    pay.	
He's  payin'  now.      Every thin'  pays , ilton's Pills keeps  a man "feeling fit
sometime or other.     I'm payin*. This   and fine, keeps him always    at    his'
isn't the first crooked deal I've helped   best.      Headaches,  indigestion,  poor
him  out  m,'   he panted.   ���>��� "Ask him   color arc quickly remedied   by    Dr.
about a minin' deal I did    his    dirty   Hamilton's    Pills.      Dr.    Hamilton's
The Man Who Works Han
Should Follow This Advice
Perseverance    and    will power be
should    have, /but    whether he has
strength and vigor is another' qucs-
j tion     Hard working men often have
i headaches and suffer    from    bilious
fits.    Thc occasional use of Dr. Hani
strode from  the room.
TJorkin bent above thc unconscious
Timberley   and   sought for his hurt,
the skull, inflicting. a nasty scalp-
wound. It relieved him to find it
no worse. Hc washed and bandaged
the wound, then he poured a tea-
spoonful of brandy down thc man's
Slowly,    Timberley    came back to
Number oi Schools
Steadily Increasing
"Straight    on    to my room, Por
whispered Dorkin.     "Now," he said,I ;i"_m..i>rli��v       A   r^rwi mn-��   Tim.-./.- i n-n    -._     ��� j    i .r.i    o .     i
after IVfjiberley had been -placed on   ,      l^Ticy;   . A 8��od sP��'t'  1'���bcr.-! Pll]s, 25c all dealers or Thc Catarrho
?i._"i-_ i "<  ~ -u    i \ pi_r   , i     I Icv> D1S a"  clean���he was your friend,' zone    Co    Montreal
��e bed,  'you go on back to the lakc,| t      a���, had c        , J      r       ��� , zonL��  i<>-.  Montreal.
Pop   and help the boys bring in thc;this'  mornin'_wc   lcar��c<r that  fron{ '    -
prisoners       I vc  go    to   do  what  I   his Injun guide, Musko, but wc know-
%ln\��v>S W0UfdiCdt.!nan-���, ,   cd we co��!d b���t him hcre-an' did.
Hump!    snorted  the settler,  and   i could have shot hhn> as j was gct.
tin' away, but���why should I?��� He
was just comin' out of    the    woods
rt    r       1.1.,     ,",,     ,    , ',   when your men fired, an* hc got thc
5. f.?.U"d !th^..t.h? bullethad Brazed   bullet  intended  for   mc-      Well,   I
hope he hasn't had to pay���"
"No," said Dorkin, almost tenderly,
"he is about to be paid, in full, for
tlie part he has played, Savage."
The dying man sighed.     "Old Abe
Dalton got his,'' he chuckled; "I saw
1 i that.     Darbo, the half-breed, got him.
consciousness and opened    his.  eyes. | ] saw Dalton whip Darbo one night,
They, fell wonderingly on Dorkin, and
c, smile crossed his white lips.
"''" "���'"" ,   * ometimes,"  he
.'.���'��� his eyes again.
������  Dorkin  saw his
UverytJn'->j<   -
whispcrc(J, -'-Tiit
From the wi(
men 'o'lriiin^ with thc prisoners.
'itAt,rin;- icuvn u, so- that the wound-.
i'c. iru.r.' was ci.-mfoi': !..c, he went out
(o meet jhrm.
Timhrrh-v -ay ..;- still, and thc
white- .:.:.��� J.-.31':, '. i.. crept silently
into the room, thought him dead, and
fell on her knees beside him, with a
low  cry.
He turned his head slowly, and his
eyes opened wide with wonder.
"Edna," he whispered.
"Oh, Tom, Tom, my beloved," she
sobbed. "You're not dead? Oh
thank God!"
She lifted his nerveless hand and
crushed it to her lips. "Tom," shc
crii'd, "J love you in spite of all your
wickedness, and I can't live without
you." ���
"That's good news, Edna," he sighed���"wonderful news���perhaps I
have died or am dreaming���Edna," he
whispered, "if you are really there,
put your face down close against mine
���Ah, God, then you are real���real,
and I am not dreaming. And���and
you do love me?"
He was holding her head between
his shaking hands, following that long
kiss, and feasting his eyes on her glad
face and golden hair.
"In spite of everything, I love you,
Tom," she told him joyfully. Shc
bent lower and kissed him again, then
drew up as a step sounded outside the
Dorkin came hastily in, hesitating,
with a word of apology, as he .found
Edna' there.
There was a world of pity in his
eyes, turned upon her, and not the
slightest note of anger or resentment'
in his tones as he bent above thc
wounded man, and asked, "Better,
Timberley?"     .     . .-
��� "Thanks, yes,'I,���. can't begin,' to
tell you how\.inuch, beu'er,"-answered'
Timberley, his eyes glowing up at the
radiant face.of-the girl.
Dorkin turned abruptly away, "You
must" look "upon this place as "your
own.'until'you arc al! right again,"
he told/him. .".I'm glad,-" "he added,
was not serious."
Just    outside    the    cabin-he   met
when I was playin' thc part of Tim
bcrley, for the first time. Darbo
said he'd do. it. Dalton was bad
medicine���tried to double-cross me,
hc did���poisoned your silver grey fox,
just because he thought I was aftci
her���oh ,well���I wonder v/ho it was
got me?"
Dorkin knelt beside thc dying man
and asked, "Angthing I can do, Savage?"
The filming eyes opened, and a
faint smile came to the ashen lips.
"Yes," he said, with a supreme effort, "you can tell Timberley I'm
Remarkable  Growth  of  the   Educational System of Alberta.
One hundred and seven school districts, covering a total area of eighteen hundred square miles were formed in Alberta in 1920 These figures
indicate a continuance of the remarkable growth of thc educational system
of the province In 1906 there were
altogether six hundred and two school
districts in Alberta. By the end of
1920 there were 3,553, or nearly six
times as many a3 in 1906. During thc
last fifteen year's an average of two
hundred additional school districts
have been formed each year, and thc
number of children attending schools
has grown from 24,245 to 121,567. In
this period from 24,245 to 121,567. In
gaged increased from nine hundred
and twenty-four to four thousand nine
their    total
1906 to
hold of clothes like his���1 advertised- ���^.-^"-" "��� ""��� *��<= schools arc
him all through your Preserve���stole i assisted by liberal grants from the
his card-case when he was bathin'���I Dominion Government derived from
dropped card an' case where you j the sale of reserved lands throughout
could find 'cm���     Well, you can do,
I sure did put him in bad: hundred and two, while
with" you���an' the gal. who loved him. | salaries rose from $386,107 in
I'm just his size an' build, an' I got I <y q6031o ;., 1910 Th��� cri,,
.,,.1.1 ~f ���wi,n��� i;t,��� .,:__ .  o,i������,>:e��^ . ���7J''"">01-   -"  iyl^-       *ne sen*
that, you can just tell him I'm sorry
That's one thing��� Other is, you can
take my hand an' hold it fer a minute.
You're big, an' square���an' human.
Wished to Gawd���I had known it���
sooner.     That's all."
A quiver ran through the hand
which Dorkin held. He placed it
gently across thc other, on thc dead
man's breast, and stood up.
Dayton was standing, white-faced
and trembling, looking down on thc
victim of his sin. Dorkin touched
his arm.
"Mr. Dayton," he said, "I don't
envy you your feelings. You must
know the enormity of thc wrong you
have committed. What I wish to
tell you now is simply this
the province. Thc amount of these
grants in Alberta increased from
$170,315 in 1906 to $1,018,068 in 1920.
Work of Alberta
Department of Agriculture
Abundance of Feed in Alberta Saved
Trying Situation
In presenting thc fourteenth annual
report of thc department ol agriculture to the Alberta Legislature, thc
deputy minister, H A, Craig, spoke of
Insurance Expert
Gives Opinion
Says That Mortality Rate Is Lower
For Abstainers
G. D. Finlayson, superintendent of
insurance, in a recent statement referred to evidence given before the
pensions committee with respect to
the relative mortality of abstainers
and non-abstainers. "The statement
with reference to the relative mortality experienced by abstainers and non-
abstainers as insured lives," Mr. Finlayson said, "was made in connection
with a private bill promoted by a particular company which has a comparatively Small abstainers' section and
the question as to the experience of
this section having arisen, it was
stated, that at the present time thc
mortality in this section was higher
than in the general section. ,It
was, however, clearly pointed out that
owing to the small number of lives
involved, this fact had absolutely no
significance as indicating the relative
mortality of abstainers and non-abstainers generally.
"The experience of companies
operating abstainers' sections in a
large way, and also investigations
made from time to time, both in thc
United States and Great Britain
into thc mortality of thc two classes,
go to show that the abstainers' class
experiences a lower rate of mortality than thc general class.
The Trouble in Ireland
New York World Says Irish  Issue
Must Be Settled by Gentle
The present Irish, question must be
settled by debate, discussion and decisions in -which thc ordinary decencies, arc  observed,  or will  never be
"I Fee! as W (Gould M
Drag Thru the Day's Worf
is the complaint of many & woman
to the household, office or factory.
pain, feeling
nervous, dizzy,
weak and
by weaknesses
of her sex���
with eyes
sunken, black
circles, and
pale cheeks���
such a woman
is quickly re-
stored to
health by the
Favorite Pre��
scription of Dr. Pierce. Changed,
too, in looks, for after taking Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription the
skin becomes clear, tlie eyes
brighter, the cheeks plump. It ia
purely vegetable and contains no
Druggists sell it in tablets or
liquid, or send Doctor Pierce, at
Invalids' Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y.,
10 cents for trial package.
Bajrrie, Ontario.���" I was suffering
from a run-down system some timo
ngo, was unfit to perform my daily
duties, and was advised to try Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription.' I tried
it, took two bottles, and was restored
to my natural strength. I cannot
praieo Doctor Pierce's medicines too
highly, and will be willing to write to
anyone sending a stamped envelope."
���Mrs. A. H. BiBHor. R. E. No. 1.
Grain Growers
Vigorous Campaign Will Be Conducted to Enrol More Farmers in
A vigorous and comprehensive organization campaign will be carried
out by the central executive of the
Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Association this summer, under the direction of J. B. Musselman, central secretary and managing director. The
membership .of the association in 1920
dropped materially below that of 1919,
and the purpose of the projected campaign is to restore the membership to
its former size and, if possible, to increase it beyond any point it has yet
A special feature of the campaign
will bc thc holding of meetings in
thc v&rioup districts into which the
association is divided. An effort will
bc made to have every local reached
by a director or sub-organiaer, and
also to cover the unorganized districts. Considerable time will bc
given by Mr. Musselman personally
to field work during the drive and he
will, if possible, spend a few days
with the director of each district
attending and addressing meetings.
An effort is being made to have every
other member -of thc executive and
central board give some definite time
to thc same work.
For Infants and Child-en
Ira Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
N_ckel Coinage for Canada
Started With Small Capital
Starting With Only $i5 Capital B.C.
Man Has Now Prize Grade o��
Holstein Cattle.
Many records of remarkable success
ended, the New York World says in! of scttIcrs in thc   prairie,   provinces
an editorial dealing with recent lee-' havc becn ^uoted from timc to timCl
turcs on Ireland by Sir Philip Gibbs ��� Althol^�� more reticent ri-OuMheac-
and Father Duffy, an ardent Sinn Fein
sympathizer. These two men occupied different auditoriums at the same
time, and to large audiences this is
what they said regarding each other.
Sir Philip Gibbs: "Fathy Duffy is a
complishments  of her farmers, British Columbia is not backward in this
Provided for in Bill to be Presented
By Drayton.
Provision for nickel coinage in Canada is made in a proposed resolution
of which no.ice has been given by Sir
Henry Drayton, minister of finance.
The proposed amendment to .the
Currency'Act provides "that nickel
coins struck by the authority of the
crown, for circulation in Canada, of
5 cents denomination, of the standard weight of 70- grains, of the
standard fineness of pure nickel,
with proper remedy allowance, shall.
be equal to and pass current for the
j said sum in the currency of Canada."
Thc amendment also provides that
such coins shall be legal tender for
payment of an amount not exceeding $10.
Thc usual provisions arc made for
cutting or breaking, defaced coins of
this currency.
Influenza Baffles Search
respect and one story may bc quoted   'arSer  sum
as an example of many others.      ..     during    the
Some year;, ago, Alex. Davie started
fanning with a capital, of $1? and a
a    gentleman    and a i .
large   amount   of   determination   and
thc past year as being the most try-
No one, j ing from thc point of view of that dc-
except our two selves, knows that youi partment, that there has been. He
arc responsible for this terrible deeep-1 rcfcrred to thc ��teps that had bcen
tion.      I am willing to keep your sc-, ... .   ., , ,-
cret. But"-as the old man reached, taken t0 jneet these ��nusual condl"
out a trembling hand towards him���- tions. To meet the feed shortage
"you must go up to the cab-n and tell; last winter and spring 3���000 cars  of
gallant    man,    ..    Q   ��� ���,. ,
sportsman." j 1��<lllstry-      !n the testimony    of   the
Father Duffy: "Sir Philip Gibbs is' Mimstcr ol Agriculture himself, today
a friend of mine.    I admire him very
much for his personal qualities and
for his work."
Timberley and your niece that you are
responsible   for   their   first   estrangement.     Will you do it?"
"-"I wilh.olv'y.-s, I will."" ..��� '
The old man' turned eagerly 'away
and tottered,up. the trail. "-      '   -
Dorkin gazed after'him pityingly.
It was not an easy task; that which
the  old  man  had-   to    perform,    he
hay had been purchased and sold to
the farmers fit cost.
-Harvesting operations had been
carried on under favorable conditions,
also, thc threshing; and. the. quality
of- thc grain had "been, found to be
superior to most.previous-year's.     In
thought; and still,' for the confessor! the district north and west.of Edmon-
there .would bc something well worth J ton, .conditions "for harvesting and
the'winning, _ hope-.satisfaction- and j lbresi,ing^crc not.so'-favorablc, how-
peace, "of mind,.at least. .And .love,
such love as Edna and-Timberley had
been   given,, was ��� kind..    'He "sighed
Danny Farncy-..  '.The boy's" face was.l ns Tin.berley's words occurred'to him.
-d.rawiv.a'nd .troubled.     '"Dorkin,"  he ]���" Every thing.- pays, sometime."     Sure-
cried,    ".I've    just  found-a. wounded | ly tliat-'olcl man,' who, had sinn'ed.'ha'd
man in the ���woods."    It's Timberley."--paid atid'was paying. .. But this'world;
Dorkiti  grasped hini  by  tlie. wrist
"Timberley is in there,"Danny," he ex'
plain"ed,--nipiitining .towards'lhe, cairn.
'. .Danny ��� Jgazed,' '.spell-bound. ���_��� "He
is?" he gasped.'-  "We.!!,- wh6,';then, is
thc-ofhcy man, .Dorkin?."    ' ���'. ��� ' .,--
- "One...'of-   Dalton's .  trappers, Vno
doubt," ".answered "Dorkin.   -   "How
.was "he, dressed,-Danny-?"-' :   ���'���������': '
:.   "That'.s thc funny ipart of.it;*'<-f.owned, the' liid.     ,"Hc" was-dressed-like
Timberley    al1crs,;  dressed.'--   ��� Tweed
clothes . an'- wide.-felt :h:'it..''.-Maybe
you best come "down thar-an'-'sVe him
fer yourself: ��� .'���VHc.'s, jest-'bout gone'.''
Dorkin:'n odd cd.'and. folio wed .Danny,
down, the"-.trail. ���    In-, the; 'open -gjajle
��� of-the forcs.t, tiiey.c.'imetoMhc-wou'rid-
.-cd-man. -'.Dorkin st.pped forward .and
glanced down'at ilie greying face.."
ever, but the crop'was quite up-to' thc
average yield in that country.'���-
There' was an. abuivdancc'of feed in'
the'country .{his year, as'well as the
pauianci was paying. .. Kut this'woria. | larScsl ��� amount; of. grain ;by. several
his' world,' which uncovers-the soul' of   millions of-mishels, winch,  the; prov-r
the transgressor, bef.orc'.his eyes ..and   i'nee has yet-had for export,
"forces him 'to Took.upon it, was quick
to' pity'ah'd .strong." to  ciir'c , without
.leaving a scar.' \.  ���-,--, .-   '.
���,���:',':-.;:.'   . (To.be continued).
Prospectors/.Going- -; '.;''���'/>'_';""
/'"VV; v .'���'������;Td;;:Pouce;Co'up4
."Sayago!1'-   he: '<,muttcrcd.
turning to   the-boy,  li.c'sai'd
Irave inc.-alone.with'*
'n*e  lad;-" fr'a'd :t'o--.;:���?
'back   io;- 'l-if.., ,ti a-'i. .
The '���! vi-;  .'. ;jii,.:i - ���,:.������
!��r:- ->i..;i- .c
VVii'.i-"  ".'
i-:- *.'' \~
'   .-Then;
; ".Please
: way;: plunged
;.;."(1 his-eyes,..?
��� >rt<in- ���. 'sternly.,
.'���'-.this?      """
.���riled."    -.'
i'litlyV" "  '. " -
me  of God?"
Oil Interest, in'Western Fields Shows
'',-' .No Signs-.cf Abating.' ,. ' /"
'��� .;T.he: "stampede bf. prospective'oil
seekers towards, the new field-in:-the-
Ponce'Conpc."distrkt. iiv/No'rtlic'rn' Al:'
bcrta, appears, to be." daily1 gaining in
momentum. .'.'During/'jhc.past;-week-
r-iiorc' thr.n-"onc.hundred.men,,.together
with all t!ie/hec'c.ssar'y'.o-utfvts/a'.n.d'pack:-
l.or'se.s'm'ade .their.' ..way into.- the, district/-: ���, -v. -..'.' ���- ...-' . - V '/.. ~i ; '. "''
: The .rush.is-principally- in .a.sputhcr--
���W,hy.;,!y' direction ifrom, "the- original discbv--
The World continues: "By thus]
proving that an Englishman and an.
American of Irish, blood who favors
the Irish Republic can discuss thc
future of thc hapless island in a
kindly spirit, maintaining the courtesies of debate while sharply disagreeing as to policies, these eminent
debaters have rendered a service to
their countrymen and.blood brothers
in a troublesome-time;"   '
he possesses thc best grade of Hol-
steins of which there is record anywhere. Thc champion grade cow of
thc world is in thc herd, with a record of 22,514 pounds of milk and 1,-
Prairie Grain Elevators
132.06 pounds of butter in 365 days'.
But even more important than the
stock is what Mr. Davie has becn producing in the line of grain, etc. His
clover averages four tons per acre,
and in 1919 he took 79 bushels of
wheat to the acre. When it is realized that yields of ' thirty-five and
forty bushels are considered remarkably satisfactory, thc results of good
farming- .methods ��� combined with
W-cstcrn Canada's climate and soil,
arc made apparent. - ''    -
British Health Minister Says Cause is
Still Unsolved.
In tlie report issued by the British
Ministry of Health on the epidemic
of influenza of 1918-19, it is stated
that the cause of the disease is a problem "still unsolved," It is described
as the "first intensive study of the
great and devastating scourge that
swept Europe and Asia and, during
the space of a few months, claimed a
iber of victims than fell
whole of the European
war." It is stated that the immediate
outlook is not such as to inspire confidence. Other diseases ' have been
brought under control; influenza still
eludes tis, thc Health Minister admits.
-.Northern Grown Seed
i ~eries; arid. so "far 'approximately- 60.0,--
!/0OO.t-crcs hav
'���UcrKin ';.-���-. _.. -  -'
"Ask";-lmn:'> . -'
���.Helmid Iii::
c -was- s!iri!.:n.-f uicr a
��� iru! staring;
-.gasped Savag
.Mr. .Dayton
leaf, ���������lIis-<"-y-,s_ were dull
-/'That/man knows."
"He/paid me lo do it.'
;.   Dorkir. -'twisted,  about- -rin D."tvlr,n.'j
..''You-'hear/what .he said?" he cried irii "l0ntoji
��� amazement.      "Now,  what
.to/'say?"    .
��� ���_. 'The old'man trrmblcd and tried-to
"speak. .-���,- At/last he Snariag. d to airi'c.i-
/latc,' "Yes," he; speaks" the" tnu.h-.,     I
paid him -to. do iti"
���>Why?"/���������'-- ���".-.-
/"Because I -was afraid of Timbcr-
.Icy," shuddered thc miserable banker.
.''He  v/a's ;?. .Ir-wyef,  and   clever,   M-y
'been filed on.- -A large
niif.u)!';. -���()I o-l/'-M-i-kc-rs' heading " for
.Fort Norman arc said to have beeir
divi.r.ed to the 'newer fiVld owing to
I: its accessibility to-regular tr.msporla^
n'On   routes.      Two  drillin.'j  vies arc
akcady  yn-thc ground.
Ponce. Cotipi' is situated in lhe
P-caci. River countiy, r.i.rtli of Ed-
AlberU, and geologists ka-v-r
avc you pf<,vio,>u<;Iy coinniimtcd. on the- possibility of iIktc being oil there.
Anotln.r rush has also bei.n reported iii Northern 'Manitoba, caused by
a ..imposed ilow of wet gas in :':ie
foothills of the P.-isquai rr.ngc one
lumdrrd miles' wc.<t of Lc Pas A
doi:i-.n   small   syndicate's    have    been
Unmitigated.- Gall -of - the   Germans
..."   Sho.vn:Up.by the French..
"- .Germany"; is'/'wiJhng...to-/j)ay:" $7,500,-.
000,000 -damages' for.tiic'-f.c-ur years'-
raid-,'she-made "on civilization,- in,addition ��� to - certain' ������ reparations .she has
already  made. .'""'���-.' '   "'-" '-'"'-
,. This'. $7,500,000,000-' is.- to .be .'divided
'up,'-..among, -a- .considerable number
of'.other.'naiibns';'.'5"" ";���' ry ��� "'���"." ~" ���
; ��� What gal! the.Teutons- have! ���'"'.-.'   '���
Following, "the .short TYancorPrus-
siiih... war '6f". -1870-71,-when no injury
Wi'vs done-to the German" land,   when"-
.b'bih countries-were .far '. poorer',  than
"at '-'ihe   'outbreak   of. tlie. recent .war,
and; when money was -worth- a -great
deal  more, .Gcrniany, which l.adV'de-
'vasfhtwd   Fran re,. rompeUcd   pay'imjiit
:"of'p. jjipn^and ;iiil!ioTi,"<lrtl-la,"S'." ������-'-;.' '.
Also .iM-'ance- luui to si'.rret!.dt.r two
( richest   provinces,   Al.-:.v:e   a'nd   .Lor-
i rat'i.e," wliosc   coii!   ai.d- iron   hecamc
\;\ g.K.a; source of   Gc-iinany's   snbsc-
' <iue'it wealth,
I In the fat'c of the prrsciu German
��� offer, is it to be wondered -at that
i France is reaching for a g'.it.?���<-Ol-'
, Uv'A.t jonrn'al.
Upwards ��� of   HO.OOO'.OOQ   BiisheJs   oi
.   " Wheat.Can Be.Stored at One
- . - V Time. . -",.-
"The number of-grain elevators in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
.is.no less than 3,600, according to thc
Hon. George Lr.ngley,"/Minister of
Municipal' Affairs ..for- Saskatchewan.
.These' elevators  are -on   the  average
from -)0, to/60.fee'_/in'.height, and cap'--! ply-fof the North American continent,
able.of sforitig'from "20,000 to 30,0001 Even .English and French seed nicr-
biulie!s".apicc.cy --������ This, means, thai, up- '. chants,;as^ well as American, arc real-
wards pfT 10,000,000.'bushels of West- J izitig' th.c" value of- seed/'matured/in
em Canada's .wlica't.'crop can.be stbr- , northern -latitudes,--Cons'cquently arc
edat'one time. ,- 'The clevat&rs area!!.! turiiing'to Canada for. supplies.-Cana-
New Air Harbors.
Four new air harbovs will be established at St. Laurent, Quebec; Dcser-
onto, Ontario; Armour Heights, Ontario; and at Virden, Manitoba, according to the announcement contained in the current issue of the Canada
Gazette. Accommodations for flyers,
gasoline, etc., and facilities for repairs
will be-provided at each station.
Saskatchewan Leads Canada in Auto,
With seventy-five automobiles to
every one thousand of her population,
Saskatchewan in this respect leads all
Canada. Thc cars per thousand of
population1^ other provinces- :\,e: Alberta, 58; Manitoba, 55; Ontario, 40;
British Columbia, 27; New Brunswick, 22; Nova Scotia, 19; Quebec, 15;
and Prince Edward Island, 25.
Monte Carlo Has One.
Thc civil authorities of Victoria,
BC, have decided - to build.a large
Casino on thc grounds at the rear of
thc Empress Hotel, and arc formulating active plans to increase thc city's-
attractions as a tourist resort.
A woinan operating a chain of tearooms at several of thc fashionable"
resorts in Florida and along the New
England coast, is said to havc madd"
a profit of $30,000 during the- past
Even  people  who 'borrow   trouble
have it to  lend.
Merchants   Realizing   the   Value   of
Seed   Matured   in - Northern ���
i ' -      ; ,  -   Latitudes.
'-., Canada'is coming to the front'as a
source o'f "northern-grown" seed sup
licensed .by, and.arc/uhder'the..supervision  of,-/lie-Board of Grain-Com-
.n.issioncrs of Canada.-��� ,-../'-/ ''-;������'
. British, .��� Railroads.
The��� Smallest 'FubHc.-Railway-inVthc
-;���-���      --- W��rld--is.,ii. England.-"..'' V. .
. '��� '.Canadian.'yishoi:s"--.to England; on \ t-oif.
diau 'registered'seed-grain, in .particular/is. in demand in thc Uiiitcd. States
by virtue/of its gen'cr-'d.'superiority.-in
quality, and viability. Increased' yields
are- usually--the- "result,- where: it,- is
lisedin; inore/sou.therly latitudes. ���, '"" -
- At important-seed exhibitions,.Can-;
adiari'-'registcfe'dJ-scc'd- grain .lias' more
than held -its own.with world- conrpeti-.
For,.instance:. At the 'Chicago
landing; al_:London"..lor  Sout'hainptbjr, ������.-Iiucrnrftronal -' Show,,  .1920,"fi'fiy7fouf-
arc.'at bnr/e ' .struck-' with'.'the. sinall.sizc'j prize's -were awarded Canadian "regis-.
Miles Of Trees
All the national roads in France,, to
ihe extent of 24,000 miles, are lined
with trees planted a��d cared for by
the government. ��� Tlie minister of
public works has more than- 3,000,000
trees under its control   '."���-,
A Quick Relief
lor Headache
A W-C-ache is ffrequeni.y cauaed
by badly digested food; the gasett
and ftcid-reculting therefrom are
absorbed by the blood which to
turn irritates the nerves and
causes painful symptoms called
headache, neuralgia, ?heuzna-
ti��m, etc. IS to 30 drops of
Mother Seig��l _ Syrup will correct
ft-talty digestion and afford relief.
When ypu eat let it be the best
Pare Raspterj.'Jan
���. '       " ��� hSadoftrom" '
" Fruit airnl Gir<%nulate<- 'S��*g5-.r
Only -'  ' -
]Sfo Smoking
niece. loved' hi'ni.      I   had  .^perulatcd   fornicd and large blocks of land have
y/ith h'cr .money.     I was afraid,-if he
.married-Her, h'e would learn this, and
been  taken up.
tors are  excited
U.S. Determined on Making Country
A Jvi'ght Unto All Nations.
In    pursuit   of    the "beautiful and
true,"   our -.southern   neighbors   arc
thoroughly carm.si, in  th.:ir n_i.t..ods.
Returning prOFpcc- ' Fol'owing   on    the.heels   of the prr>-
over prospects and  hi-bijory   tobsceo .measures   adopted
of; "British/ loco'ii-Ot-iycs ,":as 'compared
with-, the .jiTijrhiy ' m<mster.s'-,i.i-. Canar-
diair railway-oprr-.-jtro.n.''/ . ... ���'."'
Their.;asto'iu.shir.ont, -- not. unmixed'
with 'amu_.cj.Kni,' is, ...however;' 'soon
suppimen'ted by adhiiVation /for, the,
exceiieji't rjiniiinp "n.iadc 'on-.thc English -main' lines, ViI i.f one's itinerary'
takes him into t-K. l.-,kel:Vnds anil" Istj^.h"-'
lands of Ciiiidx'i !;>.!!<!,' -says' Railway
arid Locomotu'c l.irgihocr-ing, hr v/il.1
tin re find "an h.dependent little Hue
which ifi said t-.-i he "v!i"(: snialli'st pulj-
"tered seed,.-in, addition.'..-to' securing
jspccial'-p'rcniiiujis .��� for' the 'best "wheat
and -iho best oat's,' at tlVc '.show/-'
"You' Couldn't -:,rcl!" jiim..:
-lie railw.iy in the
The'" Salesma'r/s   Idea-, of, Geogrcphy.
Andi How It Works Out. -
".Dr..   Crceiman/ ���a^rnt-feoneral-   for';
eOni.i-io, vi.ited Co\'��tlt Garden -.a -few
days r.yii, and
j tario"'. .-.{.pica..
iniurrcd for  some '..'n-'l
--��� "      "���-.-.���    i
. 1 !i"e  s.d<-.!>m;.u 'rfplHil-l.
This  lir.c  i?   known  as  the  Es'kdale
and h k-k rr -and onc-eiffhth j
niile-s jn  1\-t};_.*i -i.      'i'iic  rail
fine of f-ftci'li inrl.i ;��� only.   '.It is'le.-is-'"
id    to    a Londor. company���Narrow
Gauge Kaikv.i.ys, Limited..      ���   ...
Tire pa^enper v.D'kiiiK is" xnrri'cd
on by muijji't r.'.p\.':.. t.-rj..rii;i.'s, built "to.
a scale .of o'i'.r-fpiart'cr the ,,:ize Of ordinary Uri'.isri mainline locomotives,
but in other rc-p< cts exactly- the same
in construction rmd appearance;
that, he ���
ill: i
f.iii  n.O:i'C".       .-���><.<.I:i._;-. ,l.o:nt'  :.!.���-
<.,v(.d    wliicil hi:  th.out.'.l.t.-lii.
i-rccoyiized, l_>r. (.'r<-< lm;iii .-..������ k-.d vv-!i;-.t
K'S.'tgC 'S..'Kinc1 . itiey were. "T!:fy'r<; CaliToCU-
iaiis,"-c-aii'.e tlvc aubwer. "VV-ould you
let me- see .the- box they- came iii?''
the agent-general persisted: The- man"
showed the box-, ;.r..l- there printed oii
it was "-Coburg-, Onlniio-' The- doctor, recognized thc apples" as -Coburg
apples because that happens to be his
iia_vc burg
"Oh.  they  arc  Ontario  ;.pph>, af-
5 j Hi
. ana .-
iins ���-
iy.es-ivwdndeTfupy. frestilavdr'to every.-]_i._<i;-
���*-'qf cake,^pie/and -pudding^���the.last '.morso'L is!
asrnoist and digestible as tie fastv'Jt-i'-'oc-s
- lower, the. cost ofbaking.'./',.;,-;... - ���-'-..���/.-,-���/
.. By ��� far the"" nio'st ;pop.ulaf table syxup, for
cooking, baking and .candy-making./;./ '
''     'IHE C/.KADA STARCH'CO., UKnT.pi.MONlT.CAi  '"
Vfce Great Siwe&iener
claim that gas is escaping from crev-   -by Utah's senate, a ban to.be placed
ice, in.the groimd in nmi}croi;-s places, {'on all smoking on .U.S. property has ',
been voted, by "ser.ators in -Wnihiug-
iiigf-- a woman does
A' If.'.cfr.r at  K.'>rbbr'Springs ..took   ton./.-'Tlic..af!irinati6n of-.a   'Nevada
the Lit; in i:�� -tcctii,- so' to''Speak,-/ahd i member
..hap"./- the/'" chaufrcur j' make. ���:
'that ' such
a 'move -would-
of "dudes and
lines to-get under the ��� nincompoops"'must have'caused pair,-
' /--"'!--:.."'-cd   '
ran.;aw"ay/:T -P
p.c rmi.i't <; < 1 '^ ��� t.i i *;'
laiLlJight'.^-'Porituic '.Press. / ���,-;"/'.-;../'-cd "surprise..among" t'ho,s"c.-"of.';hii .col
eagucs-who arc .determined "oh,'inak-
/ jji:ri.c.'".r.y...-.:'".innc'r:nce?;"--.'_i:i/i/b"ue;-0'f;'ing., their country ajight,-uhto'/ all na-.
.currency ,'-���'.to. '/be'"; printed'.on lefltl.er.'[:tio:i.<!,' vheri by-thcy'might-.s./fc.ly.-steer
P;c.kin.;is- the ..'cliosen ..lriatcri.iJ.'jiwhicji | into-', jh.c /hayen'",Vof.'inor.^l-:reform-:"---
o I H afii.i.i t or. ���"- Spc c t a tor./'-' > ' ���'.,..,. '". -. '��� '���-...-'..' /
;.=;;.said;.- tp/^^'c'.-alriibst-' imp'os^ib'-;
x<j-?J>:er:cit;:;r'; /'^"-:rV -v //��� ://
. "A"i piric/'-.tr/c.-./n'/Nf.w:
c.htimated, by -scTcr.tjj 11 -':to-
r.'unn'rcd-.y.c^rs.'-'bl.'j,'���.'",,'.''���' , '
'.'A'-/..coror.er' -. .-iii/'onc ,.ofI':hc-;j.bri__n;
.'���^eair.'ld/i.i' Ijfo're'jigh.s/i.s's retlrcd/w'it/i '�����' re cord;, of.
be'thirteerf'1 "Ifsvinc- .���-nr.'Iuc.r.d^.2S.0QQ'inouests d_r-.
-... - /'-;-.-. ���.'.-" !:i"g .hi;V2o ';.'i.nr?,;.of,icT.Lcc-:/' -,-.;'r ..-'
M&it of  the th
because -5?l,e- has no reason for doing
them-turn .out better than the. things
a.   man   .docs because he has several
reasons for doing/them.
.   To-Europeans in India thc.wild bee
i_ 'lnorc/dangcrous/tlrsn the snake.
tcf ah,
hc "rcmi'.rked.
"I tell you' they are not,-' thc man
said.   . "Thry nrr; CaiiforiMa'n npples."
"Bui-look"Vf the boy/*    T)t   Creel-
mar, said. ,-      ,,
"It's no vsc your trying to teach
mc"' said thc sales'man; hisvtc_iiper
rising.'- "I have been/selling- apples
in this .market'for twenty-five years
and-1 know all about them/.- I don't
care, where these apples/grey/., but I
knovv where' ���vyc/gct..'t_e_n_from, that
is'".;- Cobur'g,- Oh tario,', Cal i J'orma./' /V/e'
'get quitc^a lot/from'.there/top; '//'-V; -.-
Vj-' ,,NQth;hg/that/E��r.>;Cre.drrianV.couM'
��� '.say ybuld-.persuade"fiipi tli&t'Gdbritg,
-.n��>co.cfc'<*iii>.tiifc,i: :������
as ���
ver Province.;;
Cle^r.-i Hbolthy.:^Ontario, .was not' -in Cali-forrjia^Van-
Co.tK<ri9.'JZJ^\-.:.- -:���,   ---.'
"Biiyer'' Only is".Genuine
Take i;_ clianccs with
substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin."' Unless, yon' sec the
name, "Bayer'-' en package or on tablet* you are not getting Aspirin at all.
In every Bayer package. ..re directions
for ��� Colds, Headache, - Neuralgia,
'lihfjmatism, Earache, '.Toothache,
. Lumbago r.f.d for Pain; " 'Handy tin
boxes.of. twelve. tablets co��t few cents.
Druggists .also./sell.'.larger.;'packages*
Made".'-'; ����..:'; Cnr/ada./.; .Ac'pjri-ri.'.'js -the
trade'/msrk/(registered/;in;- Canada;),
���acsdester -of-. SaiicylSc'aci8. '��� ' "V *''���' '-'
Dye' ;Qld' Skirts,'' Dresses;.'"'Waists,".
...Coats, Stockings,..Draperies,. \
Each packagef".of.'."Diamond Uyes".
cpnt,iiin3 easy directions, for Jveirig
any article.bf wool, silk, cotton, iineri,
or' iniscd goods... Bewarel" Poor
dye streaks, -spots, fades; and rums
material by giving it ar'"dycd-look."
Buy "Diamond Dyes" only. Druggist has Color Card.
Lift Bight Off
|   |; v. wlUiqut Pain
l^agi.c 1 .prop/a little' ���,Freezbne";
on an aching-corn,'instantly.-.that corn.
sfc^s hurting, then sbortiy!-you lift,,
-it "right.off -.v/jth.;.-fingers,./ -Dpesn-'t':
.hurt a"bit; -'!/V/"r/V:// ���-.':-/:'-?���'-Vv" ///
,.Your druggist.*"cI3a aiiny .bo^lc oi
"Ffcezor-e" for/a few; cents, suffiderit
toremove cyery/bard.c.orni.soft corn,
I'jp:    '-r*r./T,'"'i-,V1."""V'r'~/.;~^^^ cil-- :
-**;-.".������ V1;    ;*-'.^,,,   WQl' -. -���.   .".'--';,,-'i-I^rf-f/   ; /-'..',.'' '"'/v '._:-''"",' V "- ; ���-'"���'��� ''. ". ���.'' vV-->.
., . ��� K.    '
The Swing of tke Pendulum
The enormous demand for products and goods of all kinds during, thc
Airplanes Beginning
Nortnern Flights
war, and  the consequent rapid rise in prices not only.for such products j flights  Over  Great Areas  of Wild
and goods but for all materials and labor entering into their production for
use; created problems in finance and economics which taxed the best brains
in all countries. Phenomenal increases in prices of all commodities in-
evitat^ lorccd increased wages paid to workers in order that' they might
be able to maintain themselves and their families. And increased wages
could-have no other effect than to give still another boost to the costs of
product;.-:.-, and, as a natural result, another advance in prices. Another
call for an increase in wages followed," and so the world travelled in a circle.
With the conclusion of the war came a sudden cessation in demand
for, those articles which were required in enormous quantities during the
struggle. Coupled with this cessation in demand, was the return of millions of men from the armies back to civilian life and the necessity of ab-
eorbing them once again into the industrial and productive, work of the
country.      Under the conditions it  did not take long to make good the
Far From the
Taken By Men.
Two of the Imperial Oil Company's
all-metal planes arc ready in Peace
River, arid the district has. taken on
thc position as a hub of the flying activity of Northwestern Canada. The
pianes came from New York to Peace
J-tivcr in midwinter, under their, own
power, in a.flying time of twenty-nine
hours and thirty minutes. Number
one was piloted by Captain George
Gorman, and number' two by Captain
J.'uilerton.     Thc-   aviators   were offi-
shortagc of goods in practically all lines which had been created during the j cially   welcomed   to   the ��� town ���' by
war while the energies of all people were devoted to the making of war ma"
tcrials and equipment.
Mayor Grimshaw.
The Peace .kivcr Standard, in com:
Now the world of finance and business and labor faces the problems of  menting on the activities of. the com
decreased demand and falling prices. Difficult as were the problems
created by unprecedented, demand, shortage of materials and ��� labor, and
steadily, rising prices, they were simple compared to thc difficulties now confronting everybody because of decreased demand, and consequent' unemployment, resulting in a lessened buying power by thc public and an inevitable fall in prices of commodities. Yet this new and much more difficult
problem must bc faced and solved, and all classes must contribute their fair
share to thc solution. '
Thc chief present difficulty seems to lie in the fact that the working-
man remains insistent that the"high scale of wages reached during the war
period of inflation shall be maintained. Those high wages were thc outcome
of unusual conditions, and any intelligent and observant person must rcal-
pany's airplanes says: "It is the: intention of tlie navigators to make two
trips to'thc mouth of thc Hay River,
where the next base will be established, as soon as thc motors of thc ma-
cmiics have been thoroughly overturned. The two tnps to Hay River
will be for the purpose of tai-dng to
this base.a supply of gasoline. The
machines were Jilted with skis at Edmonton bciorc coming north, but
these were removed to make thc llight
'we- that with thc passing of those exceptional conditions, wages, like every-i to JrVace Kivcr, and the planes win be
tiling else, must return to a normal level.
Tn order to stimulate buying on the part of people generally, there must
be a decrease in prices: If there is not such a drop in prices, and, as a
consequence, increased buying, there must inevitably be a curtailment in
production. A dropping-off in industrial production means unemployment
for thc workers, not merely at prevailing high wages but at any wages at
all. Any increase in the number of the unemployed means a further lowering of thc buying power of thc people, and a still further increase in un-
'.���midoyrncnt.or a substantial reduction in thc hours of employment���factories running half-time instead .of full time. In other words, thc world is in
danger of again,travelling in-an. economic circ!e, even more vicious and
containing greater possibilities of disaster than thc one travelled during thc
war years.
The unfortunate fact is that, to an appalling extent, people today are I
being guided in their actions by untried theories instead of by thc actual
experience of thc past. Workers everywhere seem toibc. demand'ng the
settlement of present problms in conomics on a basis which totally disregards fundamental principles which underlie.all business and finance. During thc war tlie pendulum swung to thc extreme limit one way, and everybody had to swing with it; it must swing to thc other extreme before an
equilibrium is reached, and once again everybody is affected. Not by the
efforts on any one c!ass alone, but only through thc combined efforts and cooperation of all can a normal level bc successfully reached.
One of the fallacies, which, however, finds ready acceptance in some
quarters, is that any given "industry can fix its own prices, hours of labor,
scale of wages, etc., without having regard to other Hues of industry.      For
example,  that railway executives' and railway employees can get together
and decide upon hours of labor and scale of wages, and by setting these,
forth in an agreement.ratified and signed by both parties, settle the problem '
so far as they arc concerned.      But not so.     -If   as    the   result    of    thc:
��� schedules agreed upon an undue burden is placed on other lines of commcr-!
cial activity and thc public as a whole, then there will bc such a falling off
in business that thc railway companies will bc sufferers and thc necessity
be enforced upon them of laying, off countless numbers of their employees.,
It would-be merely a modern application of thc old fable of killing  the
goose that laid the golden egg.
And what would bc true in the case cited, would prove equally true it-
relation to any other industry. There, arc other aspects of-this very complex problem,"and it is important at this time'that people should not dwell
too much on theories, but face actualities, fundamental principles, and the
concrete facts of- thc situation.
related with skis to make the trip to
Hay Kivcr
"it is understood that in summer
time lhe mach.nes will be fitted 'with
pontoons thus turning them into
watcrpianes and enabliging them to
make their long northern flights along
the waterways rather than over the
great areas of wild lands far from thc
course taken' by men in their travels
to and from the north countrv."
Minard's Liniment For Burns, Etc.
He Vo.ccd Her Thought
The Episode of the Prince of Wales
And the "Charming Western
Now that thc Prince oi Wales has
rested somewhat from his American
tour and lias had time to.digest his
experience among a free-born people,
one can well credit some pf the good-
natured n.-mitusccnees'sand anecdotes
of his trip which, so London says,' the
Prince is relat.ng with gusto to his
One of the most recent of these
comments attributed to thc English
heir-apparent had to do with the frequency    with    which Americans ad-
Calgary Offered
Herd of Buffalo
Dominion  Park's   Department, May
Turn Over From Ten to Twenty
If the citizensof Calgary will promise to assume responsibility for aNherd
of buffalo to be placed on the Sarcee
Reserve for the benefit of the public and visitors generally, the Dominion Park's Department may turn over
from ten to twenty animals. But before anything is done by the department/the citizens must state the
amount of land they are prepared to
fence, the kind of fencing to be used,
thc grazing conditions on the reserve
and the water supply.
American Buys Farm.
Elmer Woodcock, of Joliette, Illinois, has purchased a fully improved section of farm land near Sperling,
'Manitoba. He paid $50,000 for this
section, which is the equivalent to
about $78 per acre, as ..section measures 640 acres.
The Canadian spring weather���one
day mild and bright; the next raw
and blustery is extremely hard on the
baby. Conditions "arc such that the
mother cannot take the little one out
for thc fresh air so much to. bc desired. He is confined to the house
which is so often over-heated and
badly ventilated. ,, He catches cold;
liis little stomach and bowels become
disordered and tlie mother soon has
a sick baby to look after. To prevent this an occasional dose of Baby's
Own Tablets should bc given. They
regulate the stomach and bowels, thus
preventing or banishing colds, simple
fevers, colic or any.other of thc many
minor ailments of childhood. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Broekville, Ont.
Canadian Structural
Materials in Demand
Youthful Prison Population
Working1 Together
Lloyd George Speaks of,the Necessity
. of Capital and Labor Getting   .
" Together.   "
Lloyd George.���''T 'iim confident
that" we shall pull through. I have
sect.'in the last few years'dark hours;
perhaps "darken   than you knew.'But   Canadian   boys/into   convicts , before
Something Lacking in.Social System
That Tends., to Pervert lYo.uths., - - -
���Society   cannot    afford - to. remain
indifferent to social    conditions    that! particularly
dressed him directly as "Prince," or
even,  "Say,  Prince."
"Tliey princed me so much," he is
quoted as .saying, "that after a little
while I- felt'.that instead of speaking
I should bark." "" ���  .      ,
And   of   all   the   remarks made to i spring,
him by Americans the most amusing   opening
German Cr/mcs in Belgium
Some 7,473 .Belgians Died as Result
of Occupation.
According to official figures just
made public* 7,<!73 Belgian civilians
died-as the result ot the German occupation of their country, Of these
'1,939 civilians were shot by German
troops or executed by order of thc
German military authorities, 1,3,11
died in prison, in which they were
confined by Germans, and 1,228 died
in tlie course of thc enforced deportations to Germany and thc French
to  hiin, hc is further quoted as say-
More Wheat In Manitoba.
An    increased    acreage    of 500,000
acres is expected t<_be sown in"wheat
'in  the  province    of    Manitoba    this
indications are for the early
��� of . agricultural, operations.
The season has been especially favorable,   and   farmers   are   getting   their
machinery" in order for operations.'.
Value  of This Production Increased
to a New Maximum.
During the war, building activity
was reduced��to a minimum, and thc
total value of "the production of cement, clay and quarry products which
had reached a maximum of $30,809,752
in 1913 and fallen to $17,467,186 in
1916, increasing to $27,421,510 in 1919.
In 1920 thc value of this production
had increased to a new maximum of
$38,184,848, While higher prices have
played an important part in this increase, of over 39 per cent, in value thc
actual quantities of cement, brick,
lime and stone produced has been
considerably increased in 1920- over
the  1919 production.
Getting Meals,
in Advance
An   Acknowledged   Expert   is
All Matters Pertaining  to
Household Management.
New' York City has more than
eleven thousand miles of paved streets
and  sidewalks.
If neglected, it will weaken the
throat and perhaps reach the lungs.
Nothing surer to help you quickly
than the healing soothing vapor of
Catarrhozone. Its action is magical,)
every congested spot is healed, irritation -is soothed away, phlegm and
.secretion arc cleaned out,' all symptom., of weak throat, Catarrh, Bronchitis disappears. Catarrhozone is a
genuine, scientific preparation. Sold
everywhere in three sizes, 2Sc, 50c and
one dollar for a complete two-months
treatment. Prepared - by the Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
ing, occurred in the course of a func
tion    given    in    bis honor during'hi:
brief; visit to our western'coast..    On-' -y~~ :	
that occasion  the. 1,'rince -told que of ���'_; , ... .. ���     "j-M T     i   r\i
the matrons1 direct.ng "tire affairs that; p/\| |N I IN "    I FlL     LU1
he. .would    be   delighted   to meet ai     ���.   ' . __ -   ���
attractive     young  lady; I
tend to turn an increasing, number of! wno for._somc time
his way from afar.
had .been  gazing
���Thc pretty giri
Driven��� put Quickly*
A Protest Long Delayed
Isn't it about, time that the stationers manage to lay in some lead pencils which are worth" buying? 'Ever
since thc war began we have, been
putting up.with substitutes for "burned, matches and .paying from five to
eight,cent's .each.for them, too. Now
our patience is-becoming exhausted,
and wc". are looking for.a pencil with
thick, soft-, lead and one which .'can
be sharpened without, thc lead "break-
There comes a time in the life of
every housewife when she must either
be absent from the family board or
when she returns home so late that
she must prepare most of thc meal
ahead. How much easier for every
one concerned if she has a few emergency menus on hand.
One of these consists of: Boiled
fish, green peas, baked macaroni
with cheese, cold slaw or cabbage
salad and apple sauce. -The macaroni may bc boiled the day before, rinsed with cold water and set
aside in the refrigerator. The apple
sauce may also bc prepared. The
cabbage may bc shredded and tied up
in a damp cloth. ^.
On the morning of thc day you expect to be "away, make up thc white
sauce and arrange it and the macaroni
in the greasgi baking dish. Sprinkle
the cheese over the top. And replace it in the ice box. Finish making the cabbage salad. Open the
peas, drain the water from them and
rinse under the running water. Allow them to air, spr.cad (jut upon a
shallow china plate as long as possible. Place them in a baking dish or
cook-pot and add a very little water
and a bit of butter and salt and pepper. Some add a teaspoonful of
sugar. \ Set aside.
Prepare the fish. Split it open
and place it skin-side down on a
greased plate. Pour oil over the'top
and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Replace in tlie ice chest close to the ice.
Cover with another plate*. Set your
table before leaving home and cover
it with some device ip prevent dust
getting upon it,
A steak or chops might be substituted for fish. Potatoes creamed and
baked with cheese might replace the
macaroni dish. Baked apples could
be used.
A one-piece, meal is sometim.es desirable. In a baking dish put a slice
of sugar-cured ham. Over this pour
sufficient milk to well cover. Then
put a layer of potatoes cut into one-
fourth  inch  slices.
Moisten the potatoes with miik and
spread a bit of fat trimmed from
some of the ham over it. Sprinkle
with paprika or white pepper. Cook
slowly in a moderate oven. When
the potatoes arc brown and tender,
turn out thc light. This may be reheated just before serving and with
canned fruit and bread and butter
makes a very delicious meal.
From little trips out of the home,
the housewife often returns with a
new "viewpoint 'and in general she
is-much happier for the. change, But
the, good of all this is-lost to a great
extent-if she has to rush frantically
about--wondering what to get ready
for the family in a 'hurry,'
The smoothed: looking sale is
rough and pitted under the
microscope. The powdered mica
in Imperial Mica Axle Grease
fills in this roughness and makes
every rubbing eurface emooth;
Grease can then lubricate properly and will last twice as long
ea it ordinarily would.
Imperial fc__ca.A_de Grease 3s
thc best and most economical
grease you can buy for your
wegono and trucks.
Leather is honeycombed with
pores���thousands of them to
every square
Inch. TojJre-
vent these
tiny openings from
dust, sweat
and moisture
use Imperial
Eureka Har-
m-sa Oil.
It C-O.xs ttp.th. porta of
leather and keeps it strong,
flexible ai>d new-looking.
It contains no adds and
it wil! 5-ot turn rfi-jckL
Farmer;;.. teflrr.-ster8 and
Kverymei- use and rstam-
mend H:,
So7d In
ccriven-enf elite
by dealers
E<m you a
canary? His
singing will
hrighkn tlie
Brock'e wfll ����>p yor^Jjlrd tn good voice
tiecause It ���will keep *Em In sood health.
Brock'a Book on Bird., 25c postage "paid.
FREE castpie of Brock's Bird Treat
cent ou request
, _ there are- dark.'moments- now.      Let
capital and labor stand together.-I_ct
- its build  together:.    Let us" unite-to-
.��� gcther,    capital   and    labor, until wc
'..get through, and-then-.wc can afford
to quarrel.     But Tdo not like .the-dc-
.   cision. of thc Builders' "Union -(cheers).
when they' rcfus... to "allow ex-service
men- who arc out of a job to"go and
help "with the J)ricks_and_the .mortar, to.
" build houses and-a shelter for  their
.fellow-worker's.    -."(. admit. I don't -like
it.     It is dog-in-the-manger.; it is not
tlu ir
was .brought 'lorw.
lO' royalty.
"I -confess1. M.ihj
. wertm
>.!  the;:',." ' -.It. is .no use
r-ayiifg'. ;-V'/:u'.''-wil! become ���-of
'   ..l.acii--trai'e '   .lor    itself,-   -and, ;'- the
- devil, take .the   hindmost.'- - 'That, is
i'luot.,lhe w.-.y..')."mcn on'the same land,
., 'men'. of- the.'S.-iric" race,   men   of-"'the
'- "sarn.eV . Oopic- .who   fought   together
.uioiigh'. .Im: Ureal   .conflict' for- the
g! t.ai ."eiMii'miiii -purpose���that., is  not
the-way ioV:.:l.t:iu to act; but.if Capi-
. .u-,. if-'T r-b.-.v,".i.-jnetrof.all"parties," if,
��� ; as ii nation,, we-work together," I- have
-   absolutely no-doubt that wc shall .win
'Vthrougli.'.and-that  this policy will be
, ;..strotiV:_r, nrghtier anditioie prorpcr-
thcy'havc reached tlie age of twenty..
General .W. S. Ifuglus, Dpm.nion
superintendent of penitcntaries", stat-"
edin-lhc Unitarian Forum in. Ottawa
recently' that the prison population
had greatly increased since ihe. war.
-But, contra: y .-lp'the' bcli.f of 'some
people, the-increase is not chic to returned' soldiers.' - Mr.ny.'of -'the,-youth,
ful.oilcnders were'too-young-to-eu!ist-
,during the war, General Hughes; stated;, and statistical records-would con- -
.firm-this statement.,'   .There" were 335 | Advocates /'Mental; Experts
convicts under the ageVof twentv," on
"'    "  ' "      Mrs.'
Blank,"'.the' Prince
said gallantly to the. young .l.lady."
"thfitT-have"-been watching y.ou with
interest all. evening."', ... -.',''.
Explosively,,'fcrven'ily, the  western'
girl made. r_c.ply. -.'-.'
���' "Prince"," she ��.aid, "when' it .conies
to. watching; you/s.urc go:_ notjuiig-.o.n.
me!"���-Saturday l.ve'tiing Post. V
ing.  ���   Wc'bought two pencils during"
Ihat    draggmg;.. wearying  sort, off .j",^ '4g .hour      ;   , paid".":i:x'.ccl. ts -
��i 1,1.1',.,,->e ...f   1   pa.n.makes liic a misery to many peo-| ,. , -    -     -     -     ' .
a.aim pi e........a-; ^      ._.=,, is paj^ is Juc tf) ,, p;^ivc h.. lor one andseven for the other, and ..
'. lku.imation  of  the   'adjacent  - tissue.' neither _ o'f, them- was' .worth   a  darn,1
LVcause every drop rubs in, because it! Wc" haven't had a good pencil ir. three
penetrai-S ��� fo deeply, N'ci'viline gives j'vear: York
a'wonderful, n-s'ult.'- ".Wore .powerful |,"   '"���'"-     ���    -'_
because   -live-"1  time's   stronger,-  more'-.-    !
_pr-iu.-trn.inig V   because.     it      "str.kes [ .Gcritiaiiy's
through soft  tissue,  more  healing" to
pain, JN'erviliue "Liniment,should beal-
w.'.iys'on hand. ; .Sold-everywhere" in
.'kirge 35  cent -boitlcs.   '   - . '    .-'
Pa., Gazette.
.ous than"ever;.' "(Cheers:).
- -By".virtuc:of the' hew -treaty, .between Turkey ..and- .Russia ; both'- par--
ties uruk'rtakc"''to recognize-no inter--.
.national; act, relating to."one parly
.which.is'-not recognized by'thc other..
Emily-\Murphy  Says. .Crime, is
��� ."Vliushicss; of Physician arid'.'.-'..
."--.���,;---       Economist-.       ," ,'.- "./ -
." Crime i;. nut so much a_bu_.ii_.css for"
live Jaw- to' deal wi.t'lr'as^ work for the"
"phyb.cian-and  i.cotio:i'n.st';'--i.s the Voii.-
..H,-l!-io.n 'SI'.J-I.r.s-. Pl-{]y' ^"n'h>;;;po!iecj illtai;^sWit'tind--d-lcr.ti
.March.31, 1920, 'in Doihiiiion-'penU'cn-
itaries. .'��� ;/ ���.'-!"- ;-��� -.-"" ,""" . ' -
��� ��� ./riiere-'is someihing.lacking' fundamentally in a social system" that-tends
j to. pervert spirit cd',youth.. in to'agents
of aii' increasing'"wave"'of' crime. .Tlie
tendency- is not pcpul.ar .to Canada.'
A British prison, juissipnafy .recently*"
said:' "Many'.of the. youths of today
were' the- juveniles of tlie ! war".day.:,
._..d._.th"cy; were; ea:"tiir.g;,,.vagc.s.,farViii'!' Kook/Sy'a\.-Calgary, .recently'.- ;.M.rV-.
exces-i-of what theyveanvnow.'. -/n'is'-^"'"!'1^ 'i:1 .this.,.c.uehiii.:vt:iih.c!d - th?;
.ins'-made' many of'.(.rein dissali'sjKcd'j J-'.nnipjis '*-"' ,^[''-' "Jus-ti.'ie 'Com.",-oit;-',
/with existing cdtulitfons.and Unwilling ! "f.N'.w V'Qi-hvin-hi.s renprt ou n'l'oViiii
��� . .-Instruction for
' Wives..    '
.. 'Five,huiidr'td^ ri\
,d sevent
of -i s-Canadian . .
.'hundred  bab.es": a
ncl .liitv
:i!r.eiij.: were -"b'rosig
!.t' t'oget
:ier -a
t  Ed-
Warl'ke" Ambitions
Asthma' Overcome. The triumph
over asthma--has assuredly come,-Dr.
]'. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy-has
proved a positive blessing to thc vic-
���linrof"asthmatic attacks. .Letters received from many who havc tried it
form .' a'_ testimonial which leaves noj
room for doubt that "here is "a" real,
remedy. Get , it"' to-day from your
dealer.    ~- ���'���'.-
Wireless for Northern Manitoba.
To put Northern Manitoba into
direct communication with civiliza-.
tion;-.Dr. E. C. Wallace, commissioner
for the north country, has recommended the immediate installation of
.tv/elevc wireless stations, costing $55,-
000, in the north; Dr. Wallace stated that there is "already buii: ..' tne
Pas one big stat." m, and he. ;:.���;.. mat
another be built.;.' Piqiiic'oni with ten
smaller ones. ere-, -.d at intermediate
points.        '���''.-���
Machine Gun Shooting 1^00 Bullets ^
.".Mii-iite Is Devised "By Them.' -
���. .Former .Minis'ter-,of   War' Lefev'rc,
speaking .in  the-French  Chamber^bf
'Deputies, said- that since..hc'.deciarcd.
i:. a" previous..debate in-' the 'chambcr-i
hat Germany--was making' a .new.'"ma; '.
<.{._the.;S!-.ilirr" .Secernent. Board VorV ]��lli'^ts'. V'Vniinii'UV i.ts . cxis.'cncc ;-had !
inslriici.i->ii-'-'-n-far":!i"^ and     hous'i ho.d.i hce:\_ proven
Ku.jjVe:?.. '", Arrangements' wereVn/.<l.t.'.".pund ������'_.iv
r_>r..V.:i.:ig'-.V.. :!.f -bubVy-uk-Lt V.;c !'al'.'iig'-'v.V_:
'-'Irrigation'in B,C.
�� .   .  ������   -
magistrate.' ''ol.- I.duiemiun,
drei.s.d- the;. Cn.fadiai
.Board'ibf -Trade at the
-wiio. ad-.-
-Chih au.d tile
k'.-fd.oi* -'I't-ade"
)_(..! iiiakiirg -i:'e\\
-t.iH-t'ed'- tl'.at'sb'efcre".'tlj.e--.rh'-.e . of','.
���wi'ii.ier 3;(!l,.!i v<"tiuii.n=-'\v;.!J. h.'ivc.Ht:i
ed thi;s"e ihurt" c-i.'i::*..-V,-arid.in'iirj." t!ia::.
-l,("HK)   s-imlicrs'   u :ve-V -'h,iV<- ''--.if-. :���_!�� i-ed'-'in -.foil.
The- gims ���" l.ad, -bee:.
.-;Kbi uigbburg, he declared,'
:'.'-. tu w-.-;ypi;-._.'-i slx-incli' win'.
."' tlie .Germans: -were
men t .to ve'phicc "that
[ - ,.-<i.(slroye.;
-s.lifl. th.'".-!'
:.;n r.civ.
bV tin.
:*-;r'ui_(iv.e' ela>��jn'..
to work fotv noiinal.'wagos' Others
.who cannot obtain, work .become des.
p'e.rate'and da wless."^���Ottawa,-Citiz.cn.
Mrs.   -jiui:
.should b
;e . '"rimm;;.'.counts.<���
iy V!u !d   .that' ; ch'er.'
11.��.yrtip:':if 1 ic.'-1_i;')'c'rts,  the 11-
tal.-' experts "in .-. comieeiiou ''-wftli .aU !
_. -- Iron,-'; u'ccordhig -Jo ;Ajistole,' was
once"'.' extensively ' eniploye'd' as .currency. .'-  '.'.'. . - ,'   ' '.-' " ���. '''-'���-''..   '"��� '.    :���
j- I'ciit-iiti'nl :ai>..*' otit/;r.. courts,1- the   work 1
:oi-[ tliesc -.e��'p.-r:!s '  beiiig.
c.ise.s. which" c-Hme !>cfo; e '
'.lie courts.J
" " " Uxj/triinciUs In-Kciting'.of I/ias.' .-'
I . Fxper-iuiei;!.. h; lti<; .c.tliitg. ���Vf-'-ti.ix.
;.i!i.'C.-��:.'-'id:t ..".'re pn-grV."-"ring-. . An- Cin-'
.1;:io grower saj.-siied hi::isi'-!f' :-h"a: t"...\'
p:;0,.iL'(>>'( r thi's !i::"-t-f':;!'. .c)f ..iiow/a'si.l
i-i Uinil. tl'.c f-priiig do-,-
bhac-h" t'.'ir.n. the- Irish-.1
.iiu'dil'r;.-allied.,'c.oii'.r'oI, '; 'He
.i;.'.:i-rial .had ,br��'*.i' ili.Seo.vi'r-
U".< o.I ili.e'^'p'.u'.'it.'iu' ar.syr.;:l
t.O make 6;0(.lp' fieiil el'.n?".
Mi:.;ud.'b ''������L.iiilthefn
., vilipfe .     :   ' ���
for .Sa.b.fcvcrv-.
/ ���
umber" Froin-Pcace-'River.; -;'
(t:;.'t itii.iiYi- .ire,, be'r.g.'.rua'dc:' to
5 T ,CA.>0. Pj. h'j-; . f <y_-1 ' of., timber 'from'
the amoiiiiG of %ouri_?hment:
jroull find in a sniall disli of
\yith cream 6x good milk added
Sweet with its own sugar,
developed from the grains in
.   the making, this sturay blend
V:/i,^��_x^eat;a^dm^ted.bariey:/ V
���y'-'.-- '������ ������ ccrnta^iii cpmi.act;_bnn^.and. V
yy;at low.cost,the i>utrititre aiid. ���/.
��� ;..���"������'.. .toiiieral;, elements: needed^to:;/
: ^/VbiMld-h^t^a^-stoeng^
Magistrates, 'she'.' c-Cclarc.I.-rh-.vi! no
right, to; decide !h.c -"nieutal- condi'.foti.
of    those    who.  come  before   them.
���Also in ./the'.ease of .'schools-
���lave special, rlas'acs for the "feebh -
minded,-;s!i'c, wanted -to know who in"
t.hcse cases was going to drcld,
arc thc feeble-minded. ���
to reni;
a" finer
'.. dew^retteel fi.'iv-,
��� ."-tret'igth- w.a." in
( l-..\pcriihcn:s by
division ii.Vvr
Large Area Is -Included, in Nevv Pro-.
- ' ject Near' Creston.
..An urea.of-;tWo'thousand three hun-
<lrcd and fifty, acres is included in a
���new irrigation-project .near Crest'on,
iBriti^-h .Columbia, according.-to.'a report",, .recently,made public.', ."The pro-,
ject-'.'c'an bc.nse.d -to. provide,- "water "for
���irrigation-' and- domestic- purp_os.es;. as
we'd-a"s~"for- .developing''two. '���li'tiri.dre.tl.
and forty -h.p. t'e operate ,i"!igh.t -and
power plan"! .for.'lhe to.wri of," Crest'on',-
.The, cost o.f .this- ;sche:n,c -cpnipictc.-!iS'
"1 -.. litiialed'- -i[ ;i.;.quarter ��� of.'a- ..inillion
el;.'!!;'.r.s)"'or, -i'l ucvch.pVd for. irrigation j
..>*uiy:, . tl'i!. "������cV?I --\;i.��u.id ' be- ��� about
���$.]7i>\WG.-<y; '��� -V';/V' ' : /���''."������/'':V
' "_ ('f.tile UM.i-'t::��.���':.-:".:"id iht,Ce."'-.u:.di"eil
,;:ii'.-.-!*:f:.y" ..-i;r"c.�� in ;!ie"ir'rig���'tio:i/a"rc.it
a.'.'-o: ,0!'~e *.l'")U!-:uid,arc ;iO'.v sc.t put'
to- (.>r"i:ar'l' aird -!>e'rri<s, -.;v.v>l.,"th"c-'re-,
if,.ai:'.d.er.is <v'.her-cleared ,l;"uid or,'-l.Kid
iu: .1 lugged .oil .".tale."awaiting Yieycl-
. . How He Knew. '���
George, three years, of. age, appeared on thc Easter program of his Sunday School in Greenwood, singing a
solo.' As hc .was leaving the church
with his'mother a friend said to'hirn.*
"George; you did fine." ""3 know it,"
he replied.. His mother, "reproving
h'im> said: '""Why, George,, you- should
.not have said that" to the'. lady."
Whereupon "George answered: "Well,
tiiothcr I' guess. 3 could-hear"-ny .own
voice.1' -.-'-'
Oil" On Queen Charlotte Islands.
- Increased activity is reported in the
matter, of oil lands in the Qucen'Char-
lottc -Islands, - and it ... understood
that air American concern" will'short.-
'ly,"commence .to "develop .deposits.'of'.:
6.1 s-'lialc -fotiud-on lhe- i,..a:.di.     -   "
'the ���Edmo:i-VJ'..ne:i:.,
c wi-icr'Avill-.be" obtained-
a-;i'd-.thar-the.' textile
no way." dimnustjed.
t:ie g'">v(.r:'i:t"ient T:a;c
'i.-'.-p-   however., hael
and  in  each   case" the   textile
i iia.s-.be.'-;. greatly -dinnr-ir-hed-
Professor-.hip of Darying.
An'innov.atipsi-at Alberta Uiiivcrfijy
is the creation o'f a professorship of 1'equipped by a local compr.ny. will be-
To Make Autos" In. Winnipeg.
Madc-in-Winnipeg automobilef will
be- ou the market during- thc coming
summer.        A  .factory    now    being
ton-. I)u.iv<V-.m-.--:-,d  Br::";_h Columbia
-.Kailway, .wuIq'u-" pern.;rates ..the Feacc
River    district, 7..to
���North W->:er;.'.   Lu
-I:d::'��o:.t:on.   .';;���
thc j'uills of-"thc
::-b'.,t ".'--C.oiu-p:lr.'v,
Elk For'London Zoo;-.
'iiirce t'!k were s..";j>;,.:d 'ttor,t Vr.n-
co,:ivcrs B.C.. recently.,-, consrigned- to
tlie     Zoological     Garden's,     I_a-.idon,
dairying, added to the faculty- of. agriculture, for education along this important line, A training school will bc
established for butter arid cheese makers,', and a school coarse in the', Fpring
will'is.inatc the.endeavor.- ..With the
remarkable progress in dairying; in: the'
gin manufacturing operations' iu April
and May. The output will reach at
least 1.000 cars this year , ������>       .
..: -;'.,"."        S'tiled Again.     ,    ;-
- ' Aurdra-l' Tirpits   declares.>that . the-
war was won bv. the- British-high'.stas-
prp>in;cc>Alberta".has. now. ac_cs-s;'to'';fi^cti> thu-.-?;d^^osipg;;;of'-iys, jriymd-
,tlie world's."bVs"f-��� Warkc.s' /andV can-i-.Scbci-r??}claim-,that; th^'ba/ttie V>f' Jut-'
coa'ipetc-w-ith "the. be>'*; Danish "'birtter
���in;tlie", inr-rkct" .'pf/thc. Bri'tj-.h.'.I- lis.' ���;'
���','. -jTf-.c '',5?<..a--of;..England'.;is not;'<_urte'
t'quil"tp,'th��t''Of.;ih'<;;,S*arie'.of 'Alabama:. _ay.cra��rc "w.".g.e;;Q�� *4-V -a- njij_i.t_v
land -w.a$ a
Ger..i.i'Y >:ictg,ry>���Ilamil-.
-Fafior'v'��� cirls;-. in/Japan'a.re.paid��� sa
from- the.,A;rro,vv-Cr.et kv " 'Survey...are
aluj- b*-irig ':-'.,,.de..-df-'prc'ii:cts" to'-pro-
viiit'water i'vf irrigatios'i in 'other districts .near CrVstou, namely, in; Canyon. City _!-.>!.\V-yndei districts. ��� The
l��i:er--i=- a fine air'awb'crry.-arc.a:.''- "::
Northern Inland ifTishtfjes.
-II;c NTor"the-rn'Inland. Fisheries have
-i..d a \c-:y ..ucces..ful season, .ri'nd tlie
Alberta Fish Company-", and '.the Mc-.
Inm.. Fi--h Company, together with
t':c .Saskatchewan iish . companies,
havc - shipped about ,twd million
pounds of.fish The greatest source
of production- was BufTalo .take. More
than $00,000 pounds of the catch was
marketed throughout" fhc ".vest, and a'
large-quantity snipped. tov'C!ue-7go for
distribution." ,-.���'-,-'-  ���'���:��� '.��� '"���"-.' .''-'��� -.-   ��� '"-'
-' Heart-piseaM-Relieved h- 50 Minutes. /
���"���" J)r. Aj;i>��w's .Rtnie_y for the Hem? givcfi
1><_fu-ct '/ relief in- all - 1.1. c_ of'Oirtaiiis. 0.
Sypi'pnthetic .f...rt Disease in 30 minutes, ,i:-.<l
sj-oeciily .'.vtlFccts'."-a cure.' "It _:.' a |>At1<>:-3
rsihK'iy -tor Palpitation, Shortness! of __:catli,
S.ii'iotljcrmff" .S('Clh, Pain' iii I^?ft Side, anil .Vl
JiyMiptonA ol a iliscasctl' Heart. Otic" dose-,
.'jC'UWn.ci'b.-',/ -'-���''
. "A; .favoiitc .dish-of-the 'Russians is
a-s.Qup into which sour cream, is .stirred just before it is served.  *
Ton  are r����r
;Cxporlnient- .
ing   when
jou  ��i-o Dr. -
. . . ' Clwsi.'ri Olnt- -
jr.eiit _or .Ecz<roa'and ' Kkin -Irrit.v
-tioiis. ���.-It'relieve-! at onto and gr.irlu-
-��!lylic-_!s Iho'skin., fciniplc tox Dr.
.Chase's -.(-Inupciit ftco it. vou meritlen U1I3.
papiii aiitl send 2c. otamp for pottage. 6Cc, a -
mix; ali'dcalers or Sduuuma, Batca &0x,
Ll-mteil.-Toroatc. -".',.
,"_Ji;y' your out ol town "supplies with - L>o-
minion Esprcss Money Orders. Tin <M:
lars  costs " three, cents.-.'���- -' - .��� -     -���
V, .Every' -^-orkiqaii ':-n";-Tapa'.v.;.v��-ears. on
his^e'r-p... ���af��;'Viriscn_)lionV""stati.n
biisincis' and 'h.is-cni'plpyer's, naine,.-.- v
._.. ;M'on"cy.- Is ���' -tjie.;,:-grease- paint ....Isai.!
p'iakes":pan'_y-;.r.''.bad, acip'r ��� look' gac4. -V1.
and Haw ��o' Feed   .
Hail-d -Kree    10.  any
Addie-.s  bi'thc   ,
.   Author . '���' '"'
H.   C7.AY  (.J.OVKR.
CO., '-INC,'-:'-.:    :
tl8   AVeit.   31st-.��tre��t.
New  York.U.S.A.
&cfc-g .Cottm R��Joi' GcmpimzQ'
medicine. Sold in .tree' <!@e
r��ea ot f>ixenstb��-Ko. J. Sit
��a. 2, $3:.No. 3. $5 per boaT
Sold by ell <_n_��t.st��. or ncni
prepsid or  jfecjpt'.of'-prica, '
jf>*0    pamphlet.      Addre_��|'
^W.   V.   IX
��� __f@;
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Kstray Notices;.:'. ; 3.00
Cards of Thanks.^    r.oo
Certificate of Improvement ;  12.50
:  (Where-more  than  oue claim ap-
j pears in notice,  $5.00 for.' each additional clairn.y-..
';      All other legaradvartising,   x2 cents a
���jltne first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
Ueach   subsequent . insertion, ..nonpariel
.  measurement.- ���     ���
:      Transcient display advertising so'cenls
'. an inch each insertion.
Business locals  I2j_c.  a line each insertion. .   '-'
The Home Circle
, Philosopher and poet are alike in the verdict that the
safety and perpetuity of any nation lies in the homes of
its people. *      .'������'���'���
Many women now-a-days want to turn the home into the
street, so to speak, and make "the world's work" every-
thing and the home life nothing. But a restful home,
once experienced, is a joy above tlie promises of progress
to. disturb; and a restful���and intelligent���woman alone
'can make it. ...
The blue cross means that
your' subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Mining News
.The tunhel on the Pathfinder
mine, North Fork, is'now iu over
400 feet. A. E. Savage, of Grand
Forks, is in charge of-the work.
��� Tlie v. Unipn  mine* iti ��� Frankliu
^.'������rt-p'.wili .retail, a power drill in a
Vtorj. time,, and a steami compressor
,y'i��nt>b&$ bfeen ���_ ordeiied  for   this
..rpose. ���'-.���''���'
Ore receipts in gross tons for the
-\veek from March 15th to March
21, inclusive, at thhe Consolidated
company's smelter in- Trail, were
as follows: Horn Silver, Similka
meet., _4S. tons; Company mioeB,
7698 tone.
A friend of ours lost a fineVTersey cow. the other day-
tied her too long. She got tangled ap in the' rope and
broke her neck���a case of too much rope. How many
instanees there are in life that are counterparts of the
above! The cherished of our hearts, oiir own ��� flesh and
blood, are often allowed to gradually slip away from us
and out from and under our control, all; because we love
them so much and hate to' restrict their   pleasures  or  say
' 'no*' to them.
The Rock Candy mill, North
Fork, closed down last week. The
mine will also close. This has
been, brought about largely by tlie
close-down of operations of the
steel works at Garry, Indiana, the
principal .market-for th.e..c6ncen-
1 .rates front this:boundary'property.
, _. The-following is a.'survey, of; the
copper market'by the- Spokane
Mining . Truth: . "With   sales   of
. electrolytic taking place iu small-
quantities at a, reported price of 12
cents, and the very general'belief
that actuals, transfers .are taking
. place fractionally below that figure,
the.copper., situation.is, certainly
not one ,. to. cause, any particular
hilarity. It is-qiiite. obvious; that
with prices back to. those prevailing at the time war-broke out in;
.1914 and a huge surplus,: approximately, one billion , pounds; on
hand, there is little; hope: for any
-improvement .in the. near future.
-If something of a reassuring nature
. does not'take place soon it. is-, certain that .moreV.wholesale shut-"
downs   will occur,   ond1 in   every
. direction. . -The /metal cannot .be
produced at anywhere near ."the.
present selling price and companies
. that continue production are Toeing
-. at least fiv.e cents a pound, and in
many; cases. much- more.     There
>. appears to be no way of financing
accumulations   and    cessation   of
.,,_ operation?   in   a  genf ral   way  is
' about .the only course that.will en-
srire return to former levels .60 far
...-.labor and. other costs are convened. The.whole situation must
.-.ive.cdnvinced the producer that
ylj this talk of ^isolation''   oh the
'.'.oart of the  United States is pure
. V'bunk."    Unless we can re-establish  trade relations   with   all    of
Europe, our surplus will  continue
to pile up and  the profit made on
paper during the recent  period  of
.high prices will be wiped  out and
serious losses   taken in  addition;
The law of averages is inexorable
and just now it is  working-over:.
time afier a period ,daring which.
Eome.ot; as  believed that, it;had
goneperinaneutly oat of." business.:,
''r,=:'An. old.offeriderVrec^
: that;.l_^_y'Thyroid'vGJand^V:^e4fe ���;
ment had'madehiinso ybdng.thai
he was never Vhappy ''.without-.;- hip.
bottle.VV: '.V 'y V.V';'VV-V1;.;'V/
The world need never shed a tear;for its sainted, dead-.
They are safe as the harvest is when the farpier has
bound if into'sheaves and stored-it away or-.as the roses,
are when the gardener has wrapped their roots in straw
and.housed them from the stbnii. -They :are safe as; the
���larks t'hat^fly'singingfrom the green earth ou.t. of ..react- of
the huntsman's, snare, and the airtf of "the cruel s'pprtsmanV
Tliey are' safe' as .warriors who march beneath worn
battle-flags no more* but sit drown Vwith, conquerors to
festivals of song and wine. They are safe as young lambs
���are when shepherds fold them from the blast and carry
them over rough, places iu tender 'arms. Weep for the
living- all you choose; let vour tears be unstayed above the
dying bed where your darlings he like wreaths of fading
snow beneath the gleam of death; but if you believe in
God, and hold any faith in heaven, shed not your tears
for the blessed and happy dead. Christianity, gives the
lie to its belief when it garbs itself in sables and mourns
without comfort for those who have-exchanged the inn
for the palace, the wilderness for the land of. peace and
plenty.. .       .. '. _..,"" ,        , _.,. . , ,i;. ;    .'..'.','������' .���-��� ���'-.'
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phoue go.   Residence Phone 69
r greenwood; b.c;
* T.    THOMAS
Culatneen Hotel
<3iie of tl.e:l.irgest holds in
.������������-.   the city.-   Beautiful location,   ���'
.   _     fine rooms and tasty, meals.
CHAS. WALMSLEY     -    Proprietor
In the Similkaraeen Land District, Recording
Office of Fairview; and situate adjoining
Lot 1453s.
TA.KE NOTICE that Paul DuMont, of
Bridesville, ia said district, Rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the follow-
described lands containing- 40 acres, more or
less: Commencing at a post planted ou the
West bouudarv of said Lot 1453s and about 11
chains North "from the South-West corner of
said Lot; thence-Easterly about IO.5 chains;
thence Northerly about iO chains;. thence
North-Westerly about 20chains; thence North
about 5 chains; thence West about 1.5 chains;
thence South to place of commencement 28
.chains more or less; and also a small portion
of land commencing at the South-West corner
of said Lot 1453s, thence South-Easterly about
1.1 chains; thence West about .5 chain; thence
North 1 chain more or less to point of commencement.
Dated at J-ridesville, B.C., March 17th, 1921,.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the".- :
day, week Or month
F. Nilson   . ���        ���"..'   Proprietor.
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely.furnished rooms
JOHN BLOAlBERG    -   -  Proprietor
���"'-���OKNTIST    ������'.-.'���:'
All   tli(-''latest   tueChdds'in   HighTclasG
'.'���'.' "'"'.'.   Dentistry.""       .'..-���
"���'..   LOO BUILDING    I
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   - .-������-   B.C.
NOTICE is hereby; given that the
undersigned is, ' from"this; date, the sole
proprietor of the above -Hotel," and \vill
only be responsible for debt;, contracted
by me.'  '.--,'
"All   outstanding  . accounts .due   Carl
Bjorkman'are-lobe'paid to me..: '-'���:
��� ��� 'Rock Creek,"B.C.; March  19th, 1921. ;
-",'.   "   -.  ALICE MAY BJORKMAN.
' The -Ledge has ��� _lways- room
or one more ad V.
We  carry the larges1.''hii<1 "most-
complete stock in li.C.."Cash discounts .011 all ' Incubators,." Wire,
Fencing and Netting, for poultry,
���"   ."- farm ' and berries. ���
���"-   -    Write for Catalogue.
A. 1.  JOHNSON  & CO:
S44 CambieSt.   .   Vancouver, B.C..
|; '.:-.Vv' ',">'""" -,,W.:.-V'DO^STEABER.PROP.>-;V--V.". :V;V'V.'V
|--:'Aiito-Stage/.twiqe; daily Vto- Midway /meeting ;Spbka.H\ Grand
I'V ���"-" .-'���-T��,^s a-fid. Nelson fcraiu,,. leaving. Greenwood at 8;a."i-_'.'���������    ..'V
J'; For:..Owv.i.le....Weuatchee.and'JPrincetonUeayes Greenwood| .3 p.m.::
I    Fare;.$i/50\Eacb''-Way.'-   Hand/ Baggage 'Free.'" Trunkis Carried.
j .Express and Heavy Dirayii-gr.. ��� ' ,;,    "- /Auto's for hire Day or NighV'
���"/.-_;.:���-;:We-.carry .Tires, Oils;. Greases; Hay and Grain    V   V '..
Office Phone 13;. :. ..VV' ; V.   .' -Residence Phone-3L
Tlie distance may be only a few miles or- it may be hundred':
but it is as nest door if you use your long distance telephone:
The province of the whole coast.Jor thaViiiattef, is your neighborhood, it's people your neighbors.   Your telephone links to theat.
Special -rates between 7 p. m. aiid.S a; 111.
S. W. \VIDDOWSO_N, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���^Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
fi.25' each:' Gold-Silver J1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc.. on application.
FRONT ST..      NELSON.     BOX 865
Agents for Chevrolet,' Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, Garage in
connection.- ....-.:���
The Consolidated Mining,���& Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    o... Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,. Pig   Lead   and Zinc
..'".'"'"' "TADANAC BRAND
Synopsis of
land M t. mendmenfs
Ar'rk * *l"l* A"$r +'���#��� 4"*' * 4��
��|�� . taining 86'' illustrations "all *��*
- told, and is.: filled with' ��{���
s . sketches. and    stories   of ��j��
^  western life.   -It.tells how *fc.
"%* a. gambler cashed -in'after  j
���J1  the flush days, of Sandon ;  J[
��S�� how it rained in New Den
._   -i ..     ' -��--   *
i  p LOAT is not a periodical. - It is a  book con-
��j��. ver. long; after  Noah. was 4��
,.  _ .      nft..1��     Ttr_ir.   ��� n    t_n_i/tAH    J-A/.L.   _-_
���^ .deadj-.how_a parson took a 4*
. drink = at Bear Lake : in .y.
y*Vearly days; . how justice �����__
.4*!-"was ...dealt.-in.Kaslo in '93; T
^b" how . the saloon man put-. ***
\ju prayed the women in Kala-. 4*
j^. mazpo; and graphically de���.."��$*
2' P.lcts -the roamings .of a JL
*& western editor among the -j^
r3�� tender:feet in the cent belt. T
^�� -: It contains the early history ..*
eSJ. of Nelson and- a romance'.4*
���^vo.f .the Silver King mine. t$��
; *^".Ih'-. it, are; .printed three. ^��
A western poems,, and dozens ^
^ .of articles .too, numerous jf
2 ..to mention, -i .Send for. one 'T
-**. before., it is too late. The *l*
��8�� price - is 50 cents, post-.. ��{��
<& paid to  any.part of-   tlie.rfj
__L - ______*_.
,:��� **
��� ������*���-���
!: *.-
;.:* J
H$50 to $5,000
>.Vv ���No better life investment available
���-. -���No better security obtainable
���V V' -: ���':  .~��^n��tbe fei^ed or levied upon for any am'-'
..;..   :;^WiIIbe replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed     ''���"���'���'
.���..--.���' -.".   ~Not affected by. trade depression -     -   -
V,..V~"Free from Dominion Income Tax'''.-."
""    a -:'- "'; .~~^�� I��edic^ examination required V V-.-     '-    '���: -'. "
^^ES^S^'^^'^^       ������
;-.-��� ��� Any'two persons may our chase 'jointly'-'':-      '"- ���''" W '  ; ;--;'. X- -"���_ .""
' ih^rftZy���^ Purc^a?e f����- their empSoyew-^hool boardi'forr';-
_,their-teacherS.-rrcongregaUons for ..their minbtefs':        ' .���**'T:*?r''.-
ters to
Address, all   let*
.0REE&WbOj>;,B. C.V
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and.Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale.. .List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good rihch
M.nlh_uii_*_.rlce   ot   first-class   land
. reduced to ?6 an aero; second-claiw to
82.60 an acre.      . .
Pre-emption now confined to ��ur-
veyed lands only.
. Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.   .
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence) but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. '.*
��� Pre-eraptors must occupy claims for'
Ave years and make Improvements to
'  value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at'least 5 acres.-
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not -
less than 8 years, and has made pro-,
portlonate improvements, he may, because of i Ill-health;. or ��� other: cause, be . ���
granted intermediate certificate of im-..
provement and transfer his claim.
Records   without   permanent   residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent-of ���
$100 per annum and records same each
year.   Failure to make improvements"
or record ��� same will operate _ as for--:
telture. -  Title' cannot be obtained in
(ess than 6 years, and Improvements '
of |10.00 per acre,  including 5 acres .-
' cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding : Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, -without actual occupation, provided ' statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. %
' Unsiirveyed areas, not exceeding 20 .
acres,  may  be  leased  as  homes!tea;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes  '
areas   exceeding   640   acres   may"* be
leased by one person or company,
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on -
timber land   not   exceeding. 40  acres
may be purchased; conditions Include   '
payment of stumpage.
Natural   hay  meadows  Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of
- road, 'not exceeding half of purchase
��� price, Is made. .       :.f't
The scope of this Xot U enlarge.! to
Include all persona. joining. and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time .within which the helm or devlstees
pf a deceased. pre-emptor, may .ppply '
for title under this Act'ie extended.,
from for one year from the death of
ouch person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege Is also made re-
. troactlve. '
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldier* on   pre-,
emptlone recorded after June 28, 1S18.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
" Provision for return of moneys ac-
oru.ed, due and been paid since "August  .
-, 191., on Account of payments, feei
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions. -
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or olty lota held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependent*, acquired-
dlreot or indirect, remitted from enlistment to Mm-oh II. 1��M.'^'   .
jff^^f}.'^'^*^"^*!**!*'}*')*^"" i*4>4*4*.f*��jh4v4*'4'fl''i*4*4��
Helson, Beg.
4��  The only up^ta'date Hotel io the inteHor.   First-class
in ivety respect,
(Centrally located
Hot^and Cold Water; Steam Heat,and Telephonein
''���*-*'��� '''������'i ���������"."".���������'���'������  eaclfrooiiu 'y^f'^'S
;       CUISINjE AND SE^
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
.-.���������: Steam Heated; Electric Lighted^
:.RATES.$1.00 per day and up; European.Plan.
*     Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
-.-     .   ��� . ��� .        ...  ���.-..   ; ,-'������.���-: ���   . .    ��� >     ~
**'e^''a*.*** *T*i'T"T^ *e* *fr 'm *e**���* *V *o*.*** "T*.. ^���*4*'v"e**e*.*e^ ^O**o ***"*
Provision made for Issuance or
Crown grants to iub-purehaaer* ot
Crown Lands, acquiring rfSS tnm
purchasers wko failed to com22u
PurchM*.#H��volvlng forfeiture, on fUN
it. 2* ^S5 T*s**  Ft#r�� ���ub-purchas-
ers do not cUlm whole of orlglntU"par-
be   dlatribuM   fcroportionaUly   hy��
ORAIINO.    i. f
Gnulng Act. 1918, for systematic
development of liyes.ock induStar'provides for grasing districta and^^ie
admin stration under Commliionw
Annual grazing permits is��ue<T baaed
on numbers ranged: orlorlty- for estsb--
Ushed ownere. Stock-owners ��_*��
form Associations for rang* management.   Free, or partially f"*e. p��rmIU
jort^s&c,u,lpe^,���������* ******** ��
..:.-(Expert Optician) -
���'VV- "������' - ' 'GRADUATE''''"-''' ���""���'?:���
K- W. C BlockV v: -     ���-     Nelison
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which goTto 3
make up the Service we give j��
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 3
r Letterheads, Noteheads,    v.-3
^      7"'. . (Ruled or Plain) . .-3
= Envelopes, Billheads. 3
=������-������"- --=���'-;- _-���-:������[{AllSheay----:���'l^ ��� ;'- -.��� --=���---- -----3"
| Statements, Business C ards, 3
| Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 3
I the Ledge      PHONE 29     f
By   GREENWOOD     "JobPrintingDepanment    3
-Apply to your pottm-ster. brWite' 6o__a_H..fme. *o<s t  rL^.y   _.   - -    ""'"i
���mteadent of.Ahiiu:ties.OtiaWa. for'jSr'toSlrt !%!%��- iJ^^��'f*^:  "    *
4^++&r1r^^*^4-*i~f^^ ������� ��4 ������ ����fr��frtt
Dealer, in Second-hand. Furniture .
-'-; and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
';V'V;.:.-Hprses_-^-.Cattle,' Etc.'.-V'  :���-���"'
^i^.d: a fPlba.rto ~;y'our f rieed^at
-��?55'-i"'>;-.Y.Qu Vcan.'.^tVthemV'aJ-
Tfac-.Ledge!'ofiice'''/.-.V. ^V} V:^V _._>'
Tlie Mineral ftoriK Canada
'--;!'./:--^.^ Xyry-:::-
Ha8 produced MineralB valaed as follows:   Placer Gold, 875J2_.,603;Vliode
Gold, $100,272,431; Silver, 850,432,304; Lesd $43,821,106; Copper, $ 153,680,965;��� ,.;
OtKer Mefeals. (Zinc,  Iron,  etc.),;S16;818,487;  C!oal and Coke,   $199,123,323;   ;
Building 8tone,;  Brick.  Cement, etc.,  $29,991,757; Miscellanequs Minerals, etc.;.
S785,918; making its Mineral Producfeipn to the_end of 1919 show an
A^fregate Valae: of $67$,6/i9,%94
Production for Year;-^Qidli^-beM^r,:l919.-.;$'33,296.3i3.': "���
The Mining * Laws of this Province are more liberal and, the fees lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire; .
Mmerallocations aire granted to discoverera for nominal fees,
V, Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing siich properties, the security
V    ..-_:_of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.   ,
f^yX'X -'-;- Fall information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may bo obtained;'.
^-V'V; '.-g^tja-by addressing���'-,.���- XX X' XyXx". y^X.^.~--:- -<-'\ ".���;���".:��� y- ''}>yX-'~''y.Xs y.yyXrSX
-: :��3.


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