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The Ledge Mar 2, 1922

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' VV
K      I        (VV-
/   /
Vol.   XXVIII.
, No. 34
V i \
11    (
!  /
_, 1   :
I) >'
I :
We carry a large line of
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere
^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiwm rott
On and after March  1st we will give a
For Cash and prompt payment of accounts.
This is a . genuine proposition and is an
earnest endeavor to aid our customers until
better times.
I   LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
ymmmm mimmmmmi\mim\mmmm
Wall Papers
1922 Samples Just In
You Want To See Them
The WINDSOR  HOTEL   la  heated  with   steam
. and electricity..   Fine sample rooms.     A comfortable home for tourists and travellers.     Touch the
.wire  If you  wane  rooms reserved.  . The buffet is
replete  with  cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
-','"-' buttermilk and ice-cream.    ...
... -       -"-   - - ^    \        - - -
V Commencing; with Feb* 1st we are offering an     ,
__: ..._:inducement tel.the public for7:cash sales-and   v-
prompt payment of accounts with our
Special  Premium  System
We are certain this system will prove a boon  .
tothetlj*riftypublidv V
Mackinaw Pants and
Shirts        -a;"
Suitable for the lumber and
tie business
-* also-
Lighter weight Tweed
W. Elson 6 Co
Ladies Braclet Watches
���   A fine line of
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold Filled and Nickel cases
$15.00 up
DR. McELMON, Greenwood
. VPoqd. For. Sale' ,   .' ._.,_.._
Second Hand Pipe,.Rails, Mining Cars
and other Mining Equipment
Reasonable. Prices
"apply to J. W- Clark. Pacific Hotel
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
You'll see the most beautiful figure
on earth ,
In her'.Mile-aMinute Comedy Drama
'What Women Loye'
������. We-'cairry, only .;the-best stock procurable in  7
Beef, 7 Veal, Pork;   H&m, Bacon, Lard, Etc,        X.
���-':���' ;--': .7  A trial will convince you    7
The tale of the hilarious   courtship o.
Athletic 7 Annabel   affectionate but   un
tamed, and' Sweet William, a mother's
darling who acquires muscle.       "*
THRIIXS  on. Land, Under Sea and in
.     the High Heavens
.  . ;       6   Reels- 6\    -
Also a Two Reel Toonerville Comedy
"Toonerville Tangle"
ADULTS 50c     -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
M--X.' ���..-���������-
Proprietor [M
ttar-iiTi*���fl ���**>*>���i^ -y-
V/' VNotice vcv>..>-;
Dr. 0. M. Graves,. Dentist, will
be in Ferry, Feb. 28th until March
iOfcb,; 1922,. prepared7 to do every
thing in the derital.Hne arid make
good... . '_.,...--:'Xx 7-,= .V.-7V
Solutions of telephone problems are yearly always made in advance of
necessity. Improvements are experimented **iith: constantly; so that the
standard of service may be at all times the very best It is not that a standard may be maintained, but that the standard may continue to be as close to
perfection as it is humanly possible to have it Problems of speed, accuracy
and transmission are always before telephone engineers, and the great and
precise, mechanisms through which the volwnc and complexity of telephone
traffic Is handled are mechanically perfect in the light of' present invention.
. Sealed tenders will be received by the Mia.
ister of Lands... at .Victoria,.not:later than
'uaon-on the 22n'd day bf March, 1922, for the
pnrchase of 'licence X3462, to cat 10,000 Ties,
on aa area sitaaied - near Westbrldg*, ��� Siailka-
laeeu-District.    ���    .
/Two (Z\ years will be allowed for. removal
FurtEier partscnlars of tlie Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C.,or District Forester, Nelson
Send Your
To .   .    '
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All workand material gnaraateed.   We
-'   pay postage one way.   Term* Cash. ��� *.
I AroundvHome
R. Lee returned on Sunday
afternoon from Vancouver.
Born:���-To Mr7 and Mrs. A. J.
Morrison, a daughter on Feb. 25.
St. Jude's church, Sunday,
March Sth, Matins and Holy
Communion at 11 a.m.
A hockey match will take
place at the local rink on Friday
night, when Midway will oppose
Greenwood.   Game called at 8.15.
Lost���Last Fall at the G. W.
V. A. masquerade dance part of
a gold bracelet. .Finder will be
rewarded by returning to The
E. J. Chambers, of Penticton,
a'ud.S. T. Larsen, of Rock Creek,
were in town last Wednesday in
connection- with , the court of
Mr. and Mrs. James Muir. and
daughter, arrived :from Portland,
Ore., on .Monday evening. Mr.
Muir is the new manager of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Mrs. L. E:* Brawders and two
sons, Jack and >Donald,' left on
Tuesday morning jfor Vancouver,
where they -will visit with rela-'
tiyes before going to reside in
Salmon Arm.
Hon. A. -M. Manson, Attorney-
General, who succeeds former
Attorney-General -, J. W. deB
Farris'ji "has been returned by
acclamation in the Omineca riding.
Miss Elizabeth McDonald,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
McDonald, No. 7 road has been
successful in being, awarded her
diploma for- stenography and
bookkeeping. She is expected
home this week.
' Revelstoke riding ' returned
Hon. W. H.7 Sutherland, -newly
appointed minister of public
works in the Oliver government,
on Monday, by a vote of more
than three to one over A. R. Mc-
Intyre, his Conservative opponent.
The Banff Orchestra needs no
boosting. They play to evening
dress affairs in the large centres
and in the smaller centres where
the crowd may not be so pretentious, their music is equally as
good. They, are liberal with
their encores.
Before W. R. Dewdney on 28 th
of Februarv, Chas. Moray; of
Bridesville, was fined $50 or .30
days in jail for having 4. cases.of
P_e_w_ars_Extra Special_in_his-pos-.
session at Midway without the
Government seal. He was arrested by Chief Constable Fraser
at.Midway, The liquor, was; confiscated to the crown.
Frederic Keffer, M.. R., underwent an operation for stomach
trouble at the Deaconess hospital, ''-Spokane-- about ten days
ago and is improving very nicely,
but.it will take.hitn sometime to
regain his strength. He will be
unable.to visit the Riverside mine
until about, the middle of March.
Last night the citizens of
Greenwood made a presentation
and a. complimentary: smoker, to
L./E.: Brawders. Over fifty were
present at the smoker .and a real
good old time was had with song,
speech and story. Mr. Brawders
wasthe recipient of; many; com-,
plimentary remarks and ail expressed their, sorrow in.- losing
such a good citizen. The Ledge
hopes to give a. more detailed report next week.
Mrs. M. Beattie was a hostess
on Thursday at. a delightful
social afternoon tea in her cosy
heme in Anaconda, The rooms
were bright with carnations,
daffadils and ferns making every
one feel happy at the suggestion
of spring in the near future.
Her daughters, the Misses Ethel
and Ada Beattie served dainty
refreshments. Miss Ada gave a
couple of selections (Italian) on
the piano, 7 Among those present
were Mrs.; Cnise, of Boundary
Falls and Mrs. A. A.McPhail,, of
. Winnipeg.; V     '-.X'^XX i-.y.'-'X C
City CouTicil
The Council had a lively meeting on Feb. 27th. Present
Mayor Gulley, Aids. Mowat,
Taylor, Docksteader, Kerr and
Aid. Kerr presented a very able
and detailed report of his
negotiations and interviews with
the Bank of Montreal representative regarding settlements of
rents' due the city. After considerable discussion the first part
of Aid. Kerr's report received
unanimous confirmation. Tbe
second part recommending that
the matter of the two months
rent in dispute be left in abeyance
for the time being was not adopt-
ed, the majority (Of the Council
favoring the settlement put forward by the Trustee and the
Canadian Mortgage Co's lawyers
that each party take one month's
rent. The Councillors were in
complete accord on the opinion
that the City was entitled to the
whole amount but decided that
the amount sacrificed did not
warrant a court action.
The two miles of street from
the'north to south boundary of
the city has been classified by the
provincial engineers as a primary
highway and costs of work done
on that section will be settled by
the City and Province on a 25-75
per cent basis.
Estimates By-Law No. 1 received a first, second and third
The Water committee and City
Clerk reported continued trouble
by frozen mains and explained
the ^difficulties to be
with owing to the prolonged
severe weather is adding to the
difficulties by reducing the flow
in the reservoirs.
The auditors report for 1921
was examined and adopted unanimously, the Council expressing
their gratification at the manner
in which the various changes
occasioned by the Private Bill
had been dealt with.
Next meeting of the Council
will be held on Monday, March
13th.   ���'
Midway News
At the Old School House on
Feb. 20th, a very enjoyable time
was spent when the gentlemen
members of the Whist club entertained the ladies. Thirteen
tables for progressive whist were
provided. The lady's prize was
made and donated by Richard
Hielscher and was won by Miss
Nora Jackson. The gents prize
donated by T. Clark was won by
the donor. After cards an excellent supper was served, which
was provided entirely by the
gentlemen. H. Borders took up
a collection from the ladies, in a
frying pan much to the amusement of all. Dancing occupied
the rest of the evening. The
gentlemen left nothing to be desired in giving the fair sex a
good time.
Jot Landers severely lanced his
foot with an axe while working
in the woods near Midway.
The local hockey team will
play in Greenwood on Friday
J.   R. Jackson   has  returned
from the coast.
Rock Creek Women's
The February meeting of the
Book Creek Women's Institute
was held Saturday afternoon at
2.30 p.m.. Feb. 25th. The meeting
was well attended, much interest
was taken in the subject of organizing a Boy Scout corps in this
vicinity. Major Glossap read yery
interesting paper* en the subject.
Major 05*J,i_Mr.������^k__j��nd..Mr.
contended | Mor��h ipok*.of the benefit to khe
boys and the country, aa to making
better dtisens. It was decided to
hold ��� meeting of parents, boys
and others interested, at Riverside
Hall on March 11th at 2.30 p. m.
A vote of thanks was tendered
to the gentlemen for their interest
and kind promises of support in
the movement. The meeting then
proceeded on minor subjects and
adjourned by singing God Save the
King. Tea was then served by
Mrs. E. Madge and Mrs. W.
Boy Scouts
In place of the nsnal weekly
meeting last week a social evening
was given to both Scouts and Cabs
by a number of ladies who are
interested in the troop, at the
residence of Mr. ..and Mrs. James
Kerr. As ia natural on such
occasion there were no absentees,
and the appearance and behavior
of the .troop was at its best. Ail
kinds of games were indulged in
and. the boys were ably handled by
the young ladies in charge of them.
A rather unique competition, then
followed. Each Scout and .Cab
was given paper and pencil and
told to make a drawing of anyone
in the room. Some drawings were
very 7 good, others fair and some
gave the idea that they would become cartoon artiste. Prizes; were
given for this and were judged as
1st, Scout Jesse Puddy.
1st, Cab;���Sixer Lloyd Enatia.
Most comical drawing Cub Dick
A giorlons supper was set before
the boys and-fall justice wm done
to the good things prepared for
In conclusion the tbesi thanks
are dne to the ladies who took
time and trouble in this connection
Mr. and Mrs. Kerr for the use of
their home, and to _ W. Walmsley
for kindly donating the pri^e. 7;
Annette Kellerman
A150 foot dive from the mast of
a pitching schooner. 7
A thrilling ��� battle between a
young society girl and a gorilla-like
man twenty feet below the surface
of'the sea.' 7."
An uneven battle between a
young society man and a mutinous
crew on a tramp schooner..
These are just a few of the tense
moments in "What Women Love,"
Anette Kelierman's modern comedy drama which comes to the
Greenwood Theatre on Saturday
as Sol Leaser's $500,000 production
with the diving Venus-in the
starring role.7.     VV XX X'
Anaconda Shavings
(By Spoke-Shave)
A very pretty wedding took
place at the Greenwood Catholic
Church on Tuesday, Feb. 21et,
when Joe Ricci, of Vanconver, an
old timer in this locality was united
in marriage to Miss Marie Fiorito,
of Anaconda. Rev. Fr. Cocola, of
Grand Forks, tied the nnptial
knot. Frank Malatta was best
man, with Mary Campoletto aa
bridesmaid. In the evening the
happy conple gave a dance some 50
goesta being present, all of whom
thoroughly enjoyed themselves. At
mid-night the Bupper was served
by Mrs. Malletta and Mrs. Bombini. The bride, according to custom, cutting the wedding cake.
Dancing continued until 2.30 a.m.
Previous to dispersal E: F. Keir
on behalf of all present wished
them the best of prosperity and
happiness. Mr. and Mrs, Ricci
will leave for Vancouver in a few
days where they intend taking np
their future residence. Both were
the recipients of many presents.
The Social Club dance of Friday
last was another snecess, a good
attendance of members being recorded. Lively business discussion took place a thing that terminated disastrously for the bachelors members, who were called upon
by an unanimous majority io provide the supper for the next dance
to be held Friday, March 10th.
Ladies are requested to bring axtra
dishes- for this unique event.
Bachelor members of the club
please take note���a meeting re pre-
p*ratf<5ns for tli8"supper"will "take.
place at the fiance rb^i^aTS^pinfF
on March 3rd. when Geo. Bryan
will preside. -Kindly make it a
point to be-present.
Will the august individual, of
inoomprehensive meanness, undoubtedly inherited. from some
Billy Syke's specie, kindly return
the rubbers it borrowed without
consulting the owners at the Hard
Times dance. - * ~ "
Mrs. R. Folvik was the guest of
Mrs.. Roylance, of Boundary Creek -
for a few days last week..
Kettle Valley Notes
Captain Davies. left on Monday
morning's train for Vancouver.
Two carloads.of wheat are being shipped from Rock Creek
this week.' 7 . X '-
Major; F. E.; Glossop went to
Grand Forks on.Tuesday's train.
Card of Thanks
. Through the: medium"' o'f. The
Ledge Idesire' to extend to all,
tny appreciation for kindness and
sympathy shown during the hour
of my sad trial. ...
7 .7.7   .7 Dr. J. M. Burnett. .
the Auapices of G. W, V. A.
March 16th, 1922
Admi����on:   Gents $1.00, Ladies SOc^; Supper 735c.
^T-S^ THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,'   B.     0.
Tim I the book of Jonah is historical we believe for the following reasons: .First, its record and use iu
the Scriptures. That the writers of
the Bible intended the impression of
j its historicity is without tlie shadow*
'of a doubt.      The sug**es-l.ion ihat it
, era
j is a parable is absolutely gratuitous.
' Second, the unbroken testimony of
j tradition among the .lews is that if is
! historic. Third, the testimony of
i Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:39-11). The
i words of Jesus Christ are final.
i 1.    Jonah's    Second   Commission   (vv.
1. 2).
Public Opinion And Tlie Law
1 ii uio.-'i ciiiphat ie iiwniii-.r. as recorded by posh ivel". o\ t-nvlii'liniiiL- majorities ai the poll:-, tlio people of the 'hive 1'rairio l'lMvinre.-: declared ili.'tl thcy
noi only desired the pr'dnbilion of the sale of till intoxicating liquors for!
bi'\ eragc purpose,; but thai they wanted a stop put to all importation of such ���
liquors intu then." I'm- incs. In a. word, the mass of the people expressed i
themselves as decidedly in favor n! coiuplcie .j-roliibition as applied to the!
liquor business in all its for ins. !
Aclin.!.- upon the declared will of the people, Ihe Legislatures of .Muni- ;
toba, Sa.skHtfliewaii and Alberta passed prohibitory laws to (he full extent of";
Ihe powers enjoyed by them, and the Dominion Parliament supplemented!
such legislation by ;m Act under which tlie importation of liquor into those ���
Provinces'Was nitidc illegal. j
It should naturally follow in a presumably law-abiding Uritish country j
that the traflic in intoxicants for beverage purposes would cease, and thai i
the number of violators of the law would be few and confined' to that crim- \
inal class to be found everywhere who set. all law at defiance. It was to be '
presumed also thai, taken as a -whole, the citizens of these Provinces w
he alert, and united in seeing thai, the law they had themselves invoiced was
observed, and that those few who deliberately violald it were sought out
and punished.
If a man sees another setting fire to bis neighbor's house, or discovers
B.C.- Lumber Shipments
When called the lirst time to go to i
Nineveh, he found  Hie task too great
for him.      For his  unfaithfulness,  lie |
was chastised,    lie repented aud Clod |
restored     his  commission.    The Lord
said    to    hitn.   "Preach the preaching
that  I  bid  thee"  (v. 2).      lied knows
how he wants His work done.    Happy
is.   the    missionary, minister,. Sunday
school  teacher, who    preaclie;:    (tod's i
Word  just  ;is  lie gave  it. ���
II. Jonah's  Preaching (v.*. 71, i). !
I. Ills field (v. ;���!). "Nineveh was !
an exceeding great .city." Not only j
was the city large, but its inhabitant!-!
Lord Lister's discovery of antiseptic surgery has saved the
world a lot of lives, but it has
been left to Zam-Buk to bring
into millions of homes the full
benefits of antiseptic healing.
Zam-Buk is the greatest antiseptic
healer the ��� world has ever known.
.Being of a natural vegetable origin
Zam-Buk has distinct and positivc.idvan-
tages over old-stylo mineral ointments.
Zam-liuk is a compact and highV*-
refjtied herbal balm with an antiseptic
power maiiy tir.iej greater than that
of any ordinary salve or ointment.
Zam-Il:!l; kiU.i. and excludes disease
germr., and instantly allays pain and
irritation. It first cleanses a sore place
and then grows over it new healthy skin.
As a first-aid dressing for injuries, and
for rooting-otU such troubles as eczema,
ulcers, ringworm, abscesses, poisoned
wojind-'and piles, /"ani-Bnk u used thc
��� World over. It has thc high endorsement of Dr. Andrew "Wilson and other
\ve!l-!;nowti doctor"., siirgconnnnd nurses.
50c. bo-.. STor SI.'J,*), all dealer*.
y ;i ba ..
Huge Exports of Lumber Made to
Plants All Over the.World
Offshore shipments, of lumber during tlie year lltlil from the mainland
of Uritish Columbia unuiunted lo Hil,-
Ooo.uOO feet.' Shipments' !���:> China ^
and^apan accounted for !''J.wm,<n'H! j v'"f>l',> >101^' >'01' ������l-eil" cruelty,
feef; Australia, and Xew Zealand 27,-! -'. Mis message (v. -I). "Vet forty
OOO.'.lOO: United Stales j:!.;"Ou,OUU; j days and Nineveh shall bo over-
l.'niled Kingdom 11.000,000; other [ thrown." This means that, forty
phi cos 2l..-J0;i,O00. In addition TOO.-! days were given by Cod for repent-
Otio bundles ot shingles were shipped ' Mice ere thc judgment, would fail,
to l.'niied States Atlantic port!"., while I Cod is long-sulTering, not willing that
-1.000 tons of box shooUs wen to
Australia  and  Singapore'.
New Title
"Are  you a floorwalker?"      "They
used > to   call us that, madam.     I'm a
director   of   aisfe traffic."���Louisville
Suffering Gone
She is Enthusiastic
j Jf you are bothered with pimples,
j rashes and ugly blotches on your face,
! if your complexion' is sallow, it's an
! evidence lhat you require Dr. ilamil-'
hint in the act of burglary, lie does not remain silent and inactive, but im-1 ton's Pills to tone up the. blood. One
mediately notifies the police and s'ives all the assistance it is in his power> of these splendid regulating pills'
to -rive to have the criminal apprehended and convicted. But if this same ! "'tikes a complexion like peach '-loom j
citizen witnesses an open violation of the prohibitory lienor laws he will, in j ~g^ VT'astlhflmjk [hf pi cut, re !';
nine cases out of ten, yes. in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, not only:0r health, loot: and- feel well hecattsi:' '
anv should perish, -but that till should '
repent (II.  Pet. S:9).     Though He is |
merciful,  yet: tliere is a  limitation  lo
il.      He .says. "Vet  forty days."
ill.'The  Ii'cpentance  of  Nineveh   (vv.l
���"-.10). / j #  ^
}'. They believed God   (v. 5).    They j ?or   six   Years   She   Was   Troubled
believed    that   God    vt*as speaking lo j     With   Pains and  Aches  But  Found
I hem through the prophet about their
i'ins.tind impending judgment!
;Dame Edmond Roy Singing the
Praises of Dodd's Kidney
2. They proclaimed a fast (vv. 5-S).
he khi.'r and people joined.sincerely
in this movement'.     The call was for
remain silent and inactive, ���but will actually enjoy a hearty laugh over the
spectacle of the law's violation. And if by any chance he is summoned to
give evidence in the. matter his ignorance of the whole proceeding proves to
be simply colossal.
Yet these self same citi/.ens are denouncing the Governments for fail tiro
to enforce prohibition, are critical of the moneys being expended in the
effort lo enforce the law, and are found expressing tlie opinion that prohibition is a failure. If prohibition is a failure, as these people sa.y, and if the
law otlicei*j* are not wholly successful in enforcing the law. who is responsible? Does the blame rest on the Legislatures which passed the laws at the
behest of the voters, or on the Governments, law officers and police who
are endeavoring to the best of their ability to have the laws observed? No,
the blame rests with the people themselves who, while having respect for
other laws, seem to regard prohibition laws as a huge joke. ���   a
-.. ;..,lt7:bootleggi.ng',is .-rarnpant;,;,iL'.. all -.manner: ofjvile concoctions-���7arev.being;-.
.--.soUI.Viric't ?7o7oi^
' I'.i'gj'-lji.Viu^^^
������ 7.woy'!y7.B'&Vi.'1i^
7777" '-'No-ieg2si at;f<;Pl;[ho.'.:;. ���aitivriiipw-.good; if:7maJ7.b|77npr7'lto.yj' w-ie'il-- AM ii.ed7;ftor:
'7'ib.\v;\e[K'g;i'^ 'caii7i>fr.::6ff.6evi��^
Vs^iii'paiT'y;;.<���.[ .i,an.'".o:v?i-'w'iielV:ins7jnibjia' pidpidtv.'arid,Tt'liK; su';ppqi-tVol7tile7yri7'
ydyi^iX^XX^^XXXXXXXyyiiiXXXXXxXX.. ������XXxXyxXx- y^ Xi'XX:X:X':yXXX'
.'���pid.7vibiat.e<��7:ralf '.:1;i7sv7'W;' %p^ke}ip'd7-"aiicl7 '&:: Jtremiuriif :pla'^
: .7in'g.',ati:;.t-h'6;;"t.6i*peS7-ibt^^^
. otvsl.y VaM7tlr e'V70r i7 appa^
7' in"-;f'trdr ���!pi!��� ;^i"Qliilrttioii,. ririciK^lrat /i.p;7tiioV%O^Ctont:7^V7afi��� asftiirJ^sU^m ittett ;^<i)7:v
X: ���'77Undi3i*vtfte'H.e7'.ci.rcu^
: 7citiK0nsj:aMnd��n7fiieir. prese^
��� ioty tite'^l.iqtVo'r:7iaWs;'V7 'it7i^?4��fli^^^^
7.btipl(lp& iwVb.e7few, ;iin'd
you use ih\ Hamilton's Pills -of Man
drake and Butternut, 2fie at all
ers or The Catarrhozoiie. Co.,
Ship Fish via Panama Canal
Fish    Packers    Are    Developing
Trade Wi;h New York
Vancouver fish packers are convinc-j *
ed that a profitable market" can    Ije j
developed in New'Vork and other Af-i
Ian fie ports for their products, ufiliR-j
ing the. Panajna  Canal route, and to
this. end.:a .trial.sl.1ip3ne.31t pf two .hun,-.
lhis7-pbft7fQi:7N^ VprlK V:7IfVthft::cpji-.
'signm4nt'.;ai,t:|.vMan7g0od; 7o.i;.det7, t.hpre7
-\vitl:v'ni*pba'bly7.tie!7��i;" T^rs"." cpn'siiie7i;:ii>ie:i
'.fiiiifiit U;.v t:l-enj7,ifi7fd.ttfrei;7: X:i. XXyX-
! them \o turn away from their siJis.
i Their penitence Avas genuine, for they
j not. merely put on sackcloths the vis-
i ible sign pi' mourning, but Ihey cried
i lo   God   (v   S).
I 3. They reasoned thai. Gotl would
1 repent  (v. II).
For    in
ths " Relief    She    Looked
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Pctits Mechins, Matane Co., Que.���
(Special).���Rejoicing that she is
again in good health after six years
of .suffering, Dan-.e Edmond Roy of
this place is singing the praises'of
Dodd's Kidney Pillsv
"You..can tell everyone," says Dame
Roy, "that the pain in my-'side has
disappeared atid that my strength,
has come back."
"I suffered for six years," she continues,    "I    was    also troubled with
Though they had no ! fl-eumatisoi, cramps in   the.   muscles,
,   . r,   ,        ,,, 1 backache and headache.     I took only
assurance that God would have inerc.v,iejght. boxes of Dodd.s Kidney Pills."
thcy reasoned that tho sending of|
How To Make
Qmck Bread
An;  Acknowledged    Bxpei��t    in
All   Matters   Pertaining- to
Household Management.
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:.:: yy~::.:-':~:y..:;:.-. y:-:-^-^ fe-;-;* ���i/:iy-y :-T-|.;i\^i;j;cultut;e;;^Saska.toon';--^��l-a.t.esvtha.fc-a-
prophet and the giving of 11 " time-
before the fall of doom implied that
God would be merciful if they .repented They were wise in so doing. We
today know that God will have'mercy
yi7;->vey~irej>fen;t"--"<i^Qts -.tit
7p|7t;he7:a'ssui;afice: -tli/it-. 0odV-Ayill vjudger
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The reason that Dame Roy got such
prompt help from Dodd's Kidney'
Pills is that every one.of her troubles
is a symptom of Kidney trouble.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are purely and
simply; a .kidney remedy. They
strengthen the .kidneys to do their full
work '.of���.������:,straining.. the.-'i3npuritiesuput'
o.f;:llfg';;biooc|: iff-X-:.:X--.'i;Xi.- yX'- ' 7V;7
% A sic*" 'yotiv.; Vjf eighbqrs 7abou^-Dodd's'
Kidriey.;Pilis:-.-7:.;'7-7'.yx-,XXy::X .;��� v--'
'iji.ilesV-.;"v^.flo7';-.:bVSw:e'eu :7the'7fi3ctreme'
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ilie..''i-ab^;7.:'--;;0e7::i3 .;nipi*e 7 or7lPss7'yjon7
lfc-is'7sc) .often7stormy-rthnt tiie-inQther^
doesfwo^get'Miinv. miiti ;iriiil\e 7j'reslj7'fiir7
as;7:;of teiiVas vg fi^sliQit W7;7VHe7ciVtcites''
.   ..   .���.his7s��oi'na;civ7an'ct7b'o.wels'get"
���H'l>vfu;sj�� ^
/��� Even the woman who prides' herself
upon being an efficient household
manager occasionally finds herself
short of yeast bread. And while a
diet of quick bread is not to be recommended as a three-times-a-day. fodti
every woman should know how to
make up a quick bread to help in an
Tea biscuit or baking powder biscuit takes but twelve to fifteen minutes to bake, while an ogg muffin or a
plain mtilliu takes over twenty min-
ules. It is well to commit to memory the standard proportions for these
two quick breads.
Two mca.suring ctipfuls or one pint
of Hour, four level teaspoon Tills of
good baking powder, one-half teaspoonful of salt���these are tho dry ingredient;; that should be mixed and
sifted two or three times.
H' you wish to make biscuit, with
the tines of a silver fork run in one
level tablespoonrul of butter -or butler substitute until the mixture looks
like meal. Cut-in enough sweet milk
with a- knife until the mixture is just'
stiff enough to be handled on a floured board. Gently pat the mixture'
into a rectangle one-half inch in
thickness. Flour a biscuit cutter each
time before cutting biscuits on a
well-greased baking pan. - Brush
over the-top with milk and bake-in a
quick' oven twelve to fifteen minutes.
Tor emergency biscuit enough mill-
may be added so that the mixture will
just about drop from a spoon. The
biscuits should be dropped by the
spoonful upon a greased plate'at least
two inches apart. Depending upon
the size, these biscuits will bake in as
short a time as ten minutes. The
emergency biscuit eliminates the
trouble of cutting, and thus saves
titne. \ .      -'       ���
Tlie same proportions or dry ingredients may be use. for the "muffin mixture. Enough milk to make a; drop'
batter is then beaten in and one or
two tablespoon fills of melted butter
or butter substitute is beaten in at
the end. If it is desired' to enrich
this mixture by the addition of an egg
tlie beaten egg is added to about a
half cupful of milk and then enough
more milk is used to produce a. batter
���that.will drop easily but not-run from
tlie.;spopn.;..; / 7       -   ��� -
V.;Part.- graham Tlouivor "part rye '.flour
������.pr7;part':.bran> may be, used instead of
"���1II7:7vh'e'at7,'flour'7 ; One.':ley'ol'.-.'tabl'JT
7sp6ohi'u'rb.f"suga'r'rnay;be Half'
a ;Ciip; of :'cieaiie:(l,::boiied: currants -.rri87y
.���;.be7-fil|ed7.:a'j):6ut: half /fui'i.''an d7o recourse'
7t}iey'imust'^navc been7^veliVgreased7
.Trust;-b.efore ^removing. tfte'Tmuffib&Tfrpm:
���brown; appetiziii^7crusi7.'77'V77V777-7 X
Doggish Liver
Don't take chances. Get Curter'a
Little Liver Pills right now. .They
. never fail to make the
liver do its duty. They^,
relieve constipa
tion,  banish indigestion,   ���'
drive out bili- ^
ousness, stop?]-"
clear the com-	
plexion, put a healthy glow on the
cheek and sparkle in the eye. Be, sure
���nd get the genuine.
Gaial! Pill���Small ��ose-Sma!* Fries
Possible Ancestor of Man
American Scientists Are Interested in
A New Discovery
The skull of an animal which, as
shown by the teeth, unquestionably
belongs lo tho great raco which includes ourselves and monkeys, and
which may therefore be that of an
ancestor of man, has been dug up by
the Smithson Institute in Central
Montana. But the institute believes
the animal was not a ���monkey. So far
as 'is known there never were tiny
monkeys living in what is now tho
United Slates.
"Whether the corn be of old or new
growth, it"must yield to HoIIoway'a
Corn Remover.
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bVKb*''tJVsc;is.t.7;U!f'iiVt&s.,;sea7;(vii7l7 so
. vv a ,A' sis r a ti iVliy- 7j>e i'itjjV dis' p.e i;s;e;tl :'ahip tig7
,by;��;Ta.tii.;er7 e^tig^aij^-ipi'eservefl :;'d7tii"7 7
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it'st-aclas i'i3p;t;;.ib��j.n'��-''jass'i^
;i 'itilioViSy''iuti::bei^g?k;o.pt7.7fo^
7p p'htf hV t^l^li! v''fl^
:feh:77 is v ,r:eJt.oiH;d:'7:i7 ��7-1 ij'e-v^U'd- ;:ac tipiv
OM7n7r.Tabi e tsi ;iri7: tire." house;': -y Theiy
cetifs^cV tjp?c;'; from; ;Tlie7 -Dr^\yUJ.i*i''&ii?'!
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:?j.-.\- ,   ���       .-j,,. . ......    -.   .... .,...   j,.   :, '��� &m('Kii   (j:f
v;.'wul'tvr. ��� ��� -The .m-minwttH is -I.".JB,i-...tvei >
���yy;...  "���..'���.,.--, ���. '  ' : avw'Mi;* of U& egg* UmHiRh..the vOur
.;-aboyei Sea lo-vel..: -     ��� =  . ,-     ... c   . ��� .-^  ���.   ������ . "   -. -.. *
ct'Sti yfvai- hatt,.'-a'
Agrictyttire^ prothiced ;a;it
t'Fii? iiti'J. Si7t'ea. .S;p-ruc.c^TS^^-iF'bfvifahdiEd
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^���i^iixi i tt7: ^-ft ^KsiV 7; Vl7l i^i 7)^V >; ���^���f:-^ ^r^ ^'
.Unlit to' tiver-Hast7'^iv*'
:'T4i(:? -vei'njetrii-,;i;eii.dPfett7::f7-tJi;pu7i:ftrd I
yfftpm Brittsri Gptarw'hKt
j 7 Aboit-t, ; ':S,0i>'O''.pouH.fi?.. of tree- &e��:(!.!'
I selected by the.   Dpi-idiiton,.: F-uri>s-Try.
f JiP-Wifelt; . ..���la;i.vf.:7'.. beeii ������'shfpped   -io
tht?.7fiiri;.'s;i:);y .i^oinifiissioft"-of Gt'ekl-.l^rh
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!���-. 7F1 ie: 'Iteat   iSj.i��������� ��� frroj) estimate Of
fManltobii, whielvfes-jhai IJeCiv issued
by-titer Wfiiuiiiioti'ilui'c'i'i'ii ol BtatiirjiTes,
Kiy:es;.'tb<?vi'iej.d ofVtvhetrt .os-vPiftS'S-jOSd'
-WiiVriipeg TSchopl ;Childre)VSave-Mpriey.
7 7^^nnlp'e&, schpplchildreii.^^
^aiiy^grad.ei' ���'..;hay.e,7a. -.eredifc/baian.ce'pf
;$ 1S2 A15 7;in:VCe7%lipohsaving^77crppar 17
.d.iah .���.BanIv.'''of.'Conim
ureS "repre^eHt'.aii.; jincreasP '-.af^ip3Q,QJ)t!
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.pqsi(6rs,7:77'7:7';.7 7 vV 77777^77: ^V7?7::i7.;7:
���Blectri c'- :.Pp wer 7f ^r.VMan'itpHa; 7- Farms.
7 7Erp7po'siil";js' ;itni^7TOnside'iati'pii;;'fpr'
; tlve'.. extension-01 .������."ili6VMan itp'M 'TPovfer,
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.avail'tbieito^ a^ell;- .^etfcl ed.7l^rni 7.cotS7
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Manitoba Fish for Chicago
A newspaper report from Chicago
states that fish caught in the Canadian Northwest, transported long distances by dog sledge and horse-drawn
sleighs, and then shipped more than
a thousand miles by rail, are being
sold on the^ Cnicago markets. Two
carloads of fish from Lakes Winnipeg, Winnipegosis and Manitoba,
were recently disposed "of at Chicago.
~ ��������� ���������;-J- '
What Men Admire Most in
Women is Perfect Health
'���the Sign of Strength
Earrie, Out.���"I
was suffering
from a rundown
system some time
ago, was-unfit to
perform my daily-
���duties,' and ^was
advised to try Dr.
Pierce'3 Favorito .
Prescription. I
tried it, took two
bottles, and was
restored to my
natural strength.7; I cannot-praise Dr: '
Pierce's medicine too highly and
will be willing to write to any one
sending^.a stamped envelope."���Mrs.
A.. II, Bishop, R. R. No. 1;    V
Mothers^ Advice for
���7��onabiV:.Oht���"I. wish I::could"telf7'
all the.7wpmenin:the wof-id whp.sii��77
Jeri'Hvith'.^.woman's ��� trouble7'^'hat'-'a--'
:��� v'prlte Prescription1^is.'" ���' My7-earlisst.7
7experienpe,: Avith -;'it:-;was7dui'ing7;iny7v
firs.t:;;expectancy.''.;7T. became'.-'tlropsical''--.:
a'nU7'ij.i[y.:-'peo^le':-w;er'e 'ciiiitev'-alarmecl.^;''
^inedicirie'; did ^not7seeiii7 to; reach':: m'j7"'
^mcr'to"try'I)r'.^Pierce's'Pavor'it^ TPrerV
'sc'viptipn,,7and./to,;:please!7hini.-7i 7.<iid'"- 7
7Be^6re'i.I;:lia'd:.finish���d: tho secona'-.-bot.-; 7
tie "the "distress; 'iajid'-'dropsy;Tef i7 me .;���-,
it ���.haaVrio^furthei* ���tfpuble7fr'om:i7thgt; i
,timp'.6n',7 ���I,a^te.rwards7:tp'okvFaypri'te'-''.
7Pre^ription?.whe'n:eyer7'in.a:.nervoiis :;
7 ruhdown -.' ���conditipii:-' aiid ���; it r^aiwayTs..:;
::strengthehe'a:'and. built; meaip'."^-M'rs;,'-;
7Lily;.Stodd.art> H3'87.0ntari6,:Str.- '���' XX' -'X
.���rDr:'.--Pie.rceys'vL''ah.6ratorj:i'.-';ih' Bridge-' ���
Ti.iirg,:;.On.fe>. for7trial;pkgVitablets7 X.
"^l^7-^'"'-t-7"7-;^e^t��>?:^-t; Qit'est ? pn^'f^^r/r-V.v
j-iclips7;is=;#Qt;;-ii'av;ing7any,;iV Xyyi: Xx
7l3ti":;"and7lVcVtnd;;atx7 ixUfa. U've'7'iiiBU^
���^''is^n'''' ;im;>vv.
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.;.ffe-.-';Sl.:i-fit*h. ;.rti' -Rifesitiii- to;
"Wiyll^cid; Ga7rift!\T:on.fV'a.g&
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r-;3*p*j'r 7baclc7a!i.(J . gveiy:;*nssclts y
Voltes;-T^iSn: fatigue*,,/, ��� ....y'XiX
77 r^pg!y;SlQaii\'s :Mm'nien&fi'ePly,ttr^:-.7
~C.ttt':'tiibMng,. xific!.:enioj*. jtpeReirsci.yi;;^
Xi$$&:oi'warmth arifl/cojiifoir't. X-rXXX. X
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A'tiatitie," .'The 'jii-inci'iiri; i-n&reases7 in.
iPnna^e^'-'Wiet-e^^'I^.rey'': 7,722:;;Voat;.s.j
iii'AZfc xrtXXXiMA:.,ypX^XX��0uX
Iron .:&iT!J'^tee{?j>Ql,0V7i7;v77,-7-7.; ,���7..VV7f
.'lihl-'.y.-on 4i*ie'e'" it-
isite.a;sl.:'ei'ipH:ger;y. .������:."'���."XX. '.-���:''��� 77'
*&iyK t*gtiy '.^'BiiiH.fr, .ire Vtfi'ti'Wsd.
'Td��--.7h:i'i��-^bu.i;:j^ got
7 list7of'":afkjj'hiuse?7*7777:. X...,X, 7 7 ��� V.'������ '���'
y���'���':. ���'-77.- ' ? 'W$*'''-y^%mk
.    ; ;^a"^sii7��^^^ais��;a	
XWrU^J^eiim^xvho finally ti-fei^i D7D.7
.-'-"��� ;-'The disease had eaten her.eyebrows7aWay.
.llernoae and lips had become diofigurei.vSib'ea,
': the use of D. D. D. her eycbrowi are srowins:..-
7 Her nose and face Slave assumed their natural-,
;'7eipres��ion^ ���-. 7* ;���.'; Xyiy i 7 :;7 '-'7 7 -���'-;��� '��� :X >y.
X' Cases: can: be/teiifc'-jrbti :;ffom..y6ur7!own7jvi-':
cinity;' .Write  for testimbnals, 'or'.fiec'ure a
..bottle ofD. D.D. today. Why suffef-.itcKino":
.tornient another:momentt If.you don't cefc,.
���.' relief on the rtrst bottle we'Will refiidd without 7
w hesitation.."tiM abottle. TfyO.D. D. Soap; t'ao. -
^V7-.US7.G.>:'?7i:t;y:i|l :Ave';i '.TotrotitdS and-: tlieci
... pamauiviny-
fevhaclv'thatl'-PbuW !' ^, ' 7,7:.:>, .���, '.:-,-
nfit-'do;-my-wd��fc i.t "T?Ji'e..."'".^m;!ly, Physiclan.���Tbe good
���hadteiPd^dthermed-^**^1:01"' JS-atWJiyS wpl-tiv Wh fee, ��� ��� tiuli
Mmiy'Mt nohe .did: �� is-ftpt-'-^A-.'O'a-po^iMc.-t-o gel if doe-}
jn'e-. the good that I. IPrjnst. when ..you want liijn. ..iii-stiieii I-
lyoiir^cgetaWcOom--' cases?:,- coiamofi-7sens^siigj-fe:ji:a th^useH
TiPunaaK. MoSvI am 'of-reliable ho'tne -rfcinedtes.,\:s-iciir- &&\
7��fiJ2 to. do s'li my! Drv -TlioniaTj' ������E'elecMjC-Gil..''Avhi��li. .ig|
:"ftor!-:aio7fe'Wh'iip,M- j ���'vpn^t^rfull^el&eti^e
.fpiref-hacirafdaugh^J nta't.ory.j>ains..7an4.'7tn-';'hea:lins':'7'Ct*ts.-{
VV:'V!Td7^^lM^ijP7^^ "'���
7 ^iijjr^^t^tj^<di^
��� kitqfcen7;ute^^
. ^-iil-'atot; :ai^prK7dirt;w-:gnt!ase: rfe-scfap'ih^-scpuriri^dr^
7Sdapj wa'j[.c;r:'aS;S:'#'8fe^v'ip.'>vct
7-7;WahtVH6iS��gtsaK; ^oi7r:��W'b^^    ..      .���.    .   .     -	
���Xltimiz-Xihi} ������r^oiutio*j|7ti^;i^v;|nVrm'i^tft:eVpK^ *t hmeiio.cri.%- Uipp"!��eratcliesy?;brui:scs7a)iid''7spraiiis:
:spraiiis.;ana ^'^is achc^andjpa^ns.^^ooflTo^th^
7-^tip>: gore mu-^-cs.'stiff jtW'^d-^^
���thea/ter tlMts-Df weather ��a^stm:i7 7;,7^&7
V ^ffeypar^^eneii^*^'
&.�� e^xXx. ^xsxxmMmmmmxmmxmxmmm'mm ;
niaiTidnd Ware is���''.'4...'i!t.r:ccrCMtie3VcS3itoel^'-:''
.'Bteeij'sky', bruefaisd'^
wliite7JiriiiJg.    I'eairi Ware m. enainelcd steel
with; 4wo cpjitS'; 'o��.'.'p'ca^i7gr���y-:^ath'el,7��QsMd.'
7;aha dut;777V-:X : 77'       ;'> ���'.'.'" XyXiXX-iXyXXX...
;Md*j--R e a' Lftf dftoNT:o>
:,��� 77.77 :.7 Vr7iiV��-'7j-'^"^VnV7',p-'V;;;:StoBtitiii777
iiiX tV 7" 5-i0!*^. :V'V* V 7ViV;feftVfe^s|mrg^jq^l^H^^7   "
:^0SSyX6$XMi naFd^jtV 7-7 iini C>isr!^.,f��:i77^Ughf ;j^irii
:$*�� X
THE    LEDGKE,    GREENWOOD,    B.    ��,
no -wonder so many people
praise Tanlac to the skies���it is different from any other medicine f have
ever taken as it does even more' than
is claimed for- it," -said Mrs. C. A.
Ardiel, 147 Dome St., "(Yest, Vancouver, B.C.
-" "Three years of suffering from
stomach trouble have ended with me
iii the last few weeks and all on ac-
count of the wonderful benefit I have! for inc."
received from Tanlac.   When I began j    Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
taking it -nothing agreed with me and
I dreaded for mealtime to :.come
round as the sight of food nauseated
me. 'My sleep was broken, my nerves
were on edge and I felt as miserable
as a human being could feel.   '.-.. -
"All this-was quickly changed by
Tanlac and I am like a different'person now. I never dreamed a niedi-,
cine could do what"Tanlac has done
Alberta's Seed Fair
A London cable says  the  Russian
courts  are imprisoning  persons
"borrow books and-do not return them.'
For the first time a commercial airplane  has llown    across    the    Atlas
j Oats and Wheat Almost^ Perfect, Says
! Judge F. S. Grisdale
���    Never has there been such an ox-
j hibit of grain in Alberta,  both as to
J quality, and .quantity, as is shown at
who j the
More Light on Power Alcohol
British   Are   Continuing' investigation
Of Important Problem
The    possibilities'-'  of  securing  an
abundant source of alcohol for power
purposes    affords    a  question" *yhich
deeply concerns many regions of the
world.      The  British  Department  of
Scientific and Industrial Research is
continuing  investigations  of this im-
1 portant  problem.      A  special  officer
was appointed to collect    data    front
different parts of the world as to the
possibility    of    producing alcohol in
bulk   from   local  vegetable materials.
The actual building   up   of   alcohol
from    . various      substances      such
as calcium carbide has also been carefully studied.     Af present tlie results
attained   are   not   altogether   prom is-j
ing;   and the British authorities  coi): ���
sider ,lhat  the   best  prospect  lies  in |
evolving a process, either mechanical
or bacteriological,  of producing alcohol commercially from- tropical vegetation or waste vegetable materials.
provincial seed fair held in; Ed-
piiioiifon. stated F. S. Grisdale, follow-
: ing lhc completion of his work as
I judge at Unit fair. In some of-tlie
Mountains in Morocco, according to it ! oal classes the first four prize win-
message received at the London air'
station.    .
The amusement. lax, which is devoted to the poor of <> Paris," litis -produced a record total for .1921, 2.7,000,-
000 francs having been collected,
compared with "22*t)00,000,6>G in 1920.
A   world ��� prohibition congress
tiers were so close that the decisions
niighl have been reversed without
.much criticism. Thcy were almost
perfect, ho staled.
This was true of both oats aitd
wheal, and compared most favorably
with the first prize winners at world
competitions.   There was a splendid
tended by delegates from practically j^"11^ oC a"alf!l'   seed'   some   0,!   i,:
every nation, probably will be held in
Toronto late in June, say officials of
the national headquarters^f the anti-
saloon, league at Westervillel Ohio.
Germany's railways have been restored almost to a normal pre-war
basis, according to advices received
by the department of 'commerce,
.Washington. Conditions are steadily improving.
The London Times'says that ii;-understands that in the interest of-economy the*"board of admiralty purposes
to reduce the active "list, of flag officers at the-beginning of August from
82 to 77.
"though not all from the irrigated
districts. One sample that came into
the _, prize -money was grown Ayay
north of Vermilion, ambit was suggested by Mr. Grisdale that if such
good   seed    can be grown in clovers
'���and alfalfa, it should, be put. on a com-
i niereiai scale.
Worms, by the irritation
.    ��� that they,   ���.
cause in the-stomach'and intestines I pale
deprive   infants      " "
it Tell You That Your Blood is
Thin and Watery "-
When a growing, girl becomes pale,
complains of exhaustion, dizzy spells,
headache and stomach trouble, she
should know that these things are evidences of anremia or bloodlessness. A
glance in tho mirror will tell the
story. Tliere is immediate need for a
tonic, a system builder that will completely restore, the missing qualities
to the blood that every part of the
body will shore in the benefit.
A good example of "lhe result of
wise treatment in cases of this kind
is given by Mrs. George R. Smith, of
Quonsporl, N.S.. who says: "I cannot praise Dr. Williams' Pink Pills too
highly for what they have done for
my three daughters. My eldest daughter, Edna, at the age .of 14, became
run down, and I got her three boxes
of tho pills, and by the time she had
taken them she was in good health,
and is now.a healthy married woman:
My second .daughter, Martha, at the
age of. ](>, was-awfully run down and
In fact she had always been a
ig tho natural dftsiro of every wpnum,
usid i3 obtainable) by tlio use of Dr.
Chaso'ii Ointment. Pimples, bliiclrfieacls,
rouglinuss   and   redness   of   tho   st-in
a"i $��..?..?? lef- ?.0-ft. smooth and velvet}*.
"   " '      "  Co.,
I mi?-tS* 0r E<3tuiinsoii, Dates ,"
Cream Lace Lighten;
Black Satin Frock
er's Worm  Powders  destroy  worms;
and correct the morbid conditions in
the stomach and bowels that'are favorable     to -worms','   so ��� that-the full
���        �� . j nutriment ofthe. child is assured and
Louis P. Loucheur, former minister | development in"every way .encouraged.
of liberated regions, declared    in.   a!" ,      ��� .������������' ��� -.-.	
speech;at Paris it was Ills belief that! 7      Ontario 'Lossln Oat Crop
France would never..be able to pay!      "        --    ���
uepnve infants of the nourishment-; delicate child, but gradually became
that they should'derive from food. ��� worse. At last; she could not go up-
and.malnutrition is the result. Mil-; stairs without having to sit down and
ier's Worm  Priw-rWc   /locM-m.  -"���-- ��� ��� i-����+   ���"���������        '-'
debt "to    the7 Umited
a sou of her
, States.
A   telegram   received ��� here   from
Breslati reported  that a German police sergeant; was shot by a French
soldier at Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia, during  the  course of an encounle.r between  three  French   soldiers   and  a
number of civilians.
The Government Merchant "Marine
. suffered a loss of approximately $9,-
000,000 for the-calendar year, according to information available.     There
was an  operating loss  of $1,700,000,
the balance of tho deficit, being made,
up by fixed charges and depreciation, j
Fifty-four    men/ and women wore
prevented from committing suicide in
the last six months  through  the efforts  ot the  Anti-Suicide League af
Zurich, according to a report just issued.     Some or the 51'had also planned  to take other lives before  their
own. /���
Reuter's Johannesburg,.S.A., correspondent cables that, despite^ police escort, a crowd of strikers in the lion-
oni district poured peiroleum upon
and set lire to a trolley load of furniture belonging lo a miner who htul
returned to work. Two detectives
were seriously injured in the head
while arresting the ringleaders. .   .
William /Russell, "niesseagcr "bf the
than tho
Cost Farmers More to Rai
Selling Pride
- That the oat crop raised in Ontario
last year actually.cost the farmers of.
the. province more.to raise than they
obtained from its sale is-indicated iu
striking manner by the results of thc
acre-profit competition. Young farmers from eight counties competed
and only one, Cecil Luther, of Lennox
and Addington, was credited with a
profit, and then only $1.43.
The results -with polatoes showed
better profits, running from $57.10 to
$536.S0 on the test acre.
after .taking eight boxes of the pills
she is now a big, healthy girl. I
feek that after what. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have done in my home
there caiv,be. no doubt.of their'value,
and I hope someone else will benefit
The Cause of aH the Trouble
Low Price of Farm Products Affecting
The   field   crops   of Canada had in
1921    an    aggregate    value of $985,-
949,000, according to the preliminary
estimate of the Dominion Bureau of
Statistics.     The value placed on the
crops of Quebec was $192,773,000, but
revised    figures    have   'raised    the
amount to .��219,154,000,- a substantial
betterment   of   526,381,000.   Whether
; final figures will increase in-estimate
i for other provinces is uncertain, but
j what is sure is lhat the   income    of
the   farmers   of Canada has suffered
a serious dimimiation in the last two j
! years.     In-1919, field   crops   had   aj
I value of $1,537,170,000, so that it may
be   assumed   the   harvest   of   1921
represented   a   loss   of not less than
half a  billion   dollars,    or    approximately one-third in gross value.   The
loss in net return should not be so
great, since the price of   farm   labor
was   less   than   in 1919, and the cost
of commodities purchased by farmers
had   also   been   somewhat   reduced.
Tho    fact    remains,    however,    that
$500,000,000 taken out of the revenue
of    farmers    from    field crops must
adversely affect the general trade of
Canada,   and   necessitate   the carrying  over  of  loans   to   farmers   until
another crop has been gathered under j
more  favorable  economic  conditions. |
���Montreal Gazette. -"
Cry for FSetcher's
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-ups are not interchangeable. It was the need of
^ a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Children
that brought Castoria before the.public after years of research,
��ind no claim-has been made for it that its use for over 30
years has not proven.'
at is CASTO
Castoria is, a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Parego^vs,
v    Drops and Soothing Syrups.    It is pleasant.    It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance.   Its
age is its guarantee.^    For more than thirty years it has
.'   been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
,    Wind   Colic   and Diarrhoea j  allaying Feverishncss  arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
Wheat Shipments Via Vancouver
Calgary grain men estimate that,
the total bookings ot wheat via Vancouver, this season, will amount to
approximately seven million bushels.
Several Calgary,' Winnipeg, Chicago
and New York grain men have recently been .in Vancouver investigating
the new. .channel.. of, shipment to ..the.
United Kingdom, and it is tlio general
opinion that the ne\r route will bc permanent.
rest, and, could not even, do-any kind
of light  work ..without  being greatly
fatigued.     Finally I gave her Dr. Wil-
liamv';Pink/Pills, "and   after" taking
them we-found they did her more good
than nil the other medicine sjie had
takeu7and she is now in good health. _    ���    .    . ,.
Then,   my   younger daughter, :3reta, By Mane Belmont
now 715, becariie so 'ran'/down that site- ,^xjlack sAUn ls lhc fabrJc Ior spj.ing
had   to    stop going to school.     But    ���,,.,.     ,      ,       ,     ...    .,���
>..>. .  - ���        - -     - and when  it  is  developed  with the
new skirt of circular movement the
effect is charming indeed.-
The frock above of soft black satin
finds  individuality  in its.   insets 7 of
cream Colored radiuni lace and .its-.attractive, metal: girdle:.-' 'The'.; circular
skir'L'is ������reapp'oaring'. "'and..." -/promises
.wide'.'pbpularity.N'^7A> compromise .of
this "mode- is- sometimes 'seen...in. 'cir'cu-7
lar .'insets: at- either-Tsid'-^'. 77~^~^ '���������
���'.- Veritably, ���'."dresses'.-��� niay.' be.'built
around' ,Iancy'Vgirdles;Vtliis 7-spring.'.
;Th'e^gi'rdie:7here ;4s/;;pf7:Vwb7;;f-lehder 1
red 'stone
Work of Land Speculators
Edge Has Not Yet Been Taken Off
Western Progress ���*'
"The Premier of Manitoba is sharpening the axe for land speculators,"
says the Toronto Globe, which adds:
"But not before land speculation has
taken tlie edge off Western progress."
The Globe is mistaken. The edge
has not been*taken off Western progress, except as Western progress has
been affected by the same world conditions that affect the progress of Toronto. And it will be Western progress principally that will later send
Toronto's unemployed back from the
streets to the factories.���The .Calgary
Bears the Signature of
h Use For Over 30 Years;
from our experience
_    tbe.
dealer  in  niudyjin
You can get these pills through an>
���paid at 50 cents- .a", box.-or- six
e  or  by mail  post
a box or six boxes'
for ?2.5Q  from    The    Dr.    Williams'
Medicine Co.. 13rockville, Ont.
��� ��� >Greenwi'ch-Bank, New-York, was robbed of?'22,000 in currency by three
- - automobile.-tiandits who boarded the
truck, iri  which "lie  was   transporting
,  ; the money to", a "downtown bank.   The"
'.-'holdup was witnessed by a wbninfi
who later'said "she'believed .she. was
-.. "witnessing "the-taking ol" a motion
, picture.'" ',-'.     .      "
When a man gets religion ho  lias
to    go   to   work and build up a new! Premises,
reputation.      '��� .. '
First Stamp Dealer Dies
Had     Been     Conducting   s Prominent
-Trade in'-London Since 1860
Loudon's first, stamp dealer, William Simpson Lincoln, lias died af the
age oC 7S.
When at school in IS5-1, Mr. Lincoln bt-gan collecting, and became
tho possesor of-aboul 210 varieties,
which hc kopt in a small book.
Two years later he began exchanging with a fellow collector, aud
this was- soon followed 'by ventures
in dealing. From 1S60 onwards hei
took a prominent part in the trade,
conducting his business from a small
shop in High Hoiborn. Over twenty
years ago he  moved -to  hi
Many mothers have reason to bless
Motlier Graves' Worm Exterminator,
because it has relieved the little ones
of suffering and made them healthy.
Hens Pay the Rent
Industry Has Been Thoroughly Organized in Orkney Islands
Agricultural   co-operation   is booming in remarkable fashion in the far
north of Scotland.     It is scarcely an
i exaggeration" to say that  the poultry
industry    has    been more thoroughly
organized in the Orkney Islands than
in any other pai'f ol  Britain.      Eggs
to  tbe.estimated   value- of_ -��350,000
aro exported every year.     One of the
district co-operative societies has aiii
Wireless Development
Looks for Linking Up Canada. With
London and Melbourne
Addressing the Canadian Club at
Toronto, A. H, Morse, general manager of the Marconi. Company, said he
would be greatly disappointed if,
within two years, there was not direct
wireless services   between   Montreal
Feeding trie Colt
Hay and Roughage Should be Suppls.
merited With Grain
Tliere are "not many farmers but
what will agree, that if you stunt the
colt, you stunt the horse; and that il
you have a stunted yearling you seldom obtain a good mature horse. On
-.   j the  other hand,  a growthy yearling
and London and between' Vancouver  does not need the feed nor care after-
--1    '��� wards that the ut* 'i^ed one demands.
and Melbourne, Australia.
Mr. Morse said a wireless or electro-magnetic wave passed around the
earth in a little less than one-seventh'
of a second. Tliere was* no' need, he
said, for any point:on the earth to be
out of immediate telegraphic to.uch
with any other point. Transmission
of power by wireless, though, was not
yet a commercial success.
Your Home Medicine Chest.������
Among the standard household remedies that should always be on hand
in yonr home medicine chest, none is
more important than Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil. Its manifold usefulness in relieving pain and healing
sickness is known by many thousand"
throughout    the
In order to get titer, it is necesaso""liat the colt bo
fed ' sdme grain in connection With
hay and roughage. If timothy or
prairie hay are fed as roughage, the
grain must be of nitrogenous character, as oats and bran. If good^alfaifa
or clover hay is accessible for the
colt, these feeds with oats will make
a very desirable ration. Young colts
make larger growth than older ho.rses
in proportion to the feed consumed,
and hence It is a paying proposition
to put grain into the young stock.
_     mi , land.     Always use
-nial turnover of ��10,000 for poul-l ��1h=lifSnSJf "^
-.-���'��� CJs'i.farrh.-ls'a.'-lbcn
dnc;o3-.-.,7li.v:--7co'..iiiiii-tVf.tk>i?a'I- .cbiicntipius.
.: present-
 IS.- .- -it
ro'- -'.remii res -.7 cQiistitutiohn IK ��� ti-p-i't-'-
t.s---t.:Vl'eiv'iriteri:iaU.v'���.���i.i,Kl'''U;fs. throiiglr-th'iy
JTilbdiJ." iipbn''-'tlVe,'jVriig&iiS'.^Surrsi(;'es'.-'b'(-'';th5:!.
r'' '-'���' iu 7;7HALJ7S.'7.;eATAKKI-t'-..ME'31r7
��� Ki.\-:GS.';:t.l"i'e. ;p��t,-iciTt:-Bti,en{flh-;.b5--:-..i.iiir"
pi'-o\-i n jf.:;,:: th oV: jjciriorii 1.7v,-.iiicii.lph-.ai.vd
.'.'-.���:cA.'ll:'yji,llEf(jlSt's.:T .';..eirWuUti'-s.7fi-ec:7
:".F,;-i!.7 .Gfi'enpy.'ife- &&;.'���'Tot'etio'; -'Obi
Does Noi Want a Title
. i.
. ..Spend..yqur-inqnoy--at-home, -there--
by" helping your own town and .local
merchants.'    .." -.       -- .  -  ���    -'.
"The' 'largest"" candy' shop'.,in the
world was-recently dnencd.-'in" Nf>\v
"Vork. "-;  - \7 7'-" 7- '..X-   7   '     ���.
-.. .A.'-lit.Uo- - child '.. ciiu' discover 'mere
stray sunbeams .thdn.Ui grown .person
lit 'Italy- ;iii7'the: middle agas' a'great
artist- >yas- generally/Commissioned to"
decorate the .".chests' in. which tlie
bride's' house.'linen and" persona I be--,
longings wore to bo. stored,- and sonic
of -these - beautiful .works .'oi' art survive..'io, J this day in the old Italian,
"palaces'" lo which, they 'were .brought
by ancestors of the present owners. ���
Balfour  Refuses  Any   Honor foi
Services '
All tlie.oilers of special 'honors iliat
have., been; tendered- lb -him" for -his1
try and eggs���or    more ��� thau    four
times thc rental of the district "embraced by the society.     Last year one
of thirteen co-operative .societies collected and sold 79,SC2 dozens of eggs
at the average price of 2s. 2d. per dozen, approximately  ��8,600.     And the
co-operative     societies'     collections,
large though thcy are.    are    only   a
fraction of the eggs produced in the
Lislands...... Certainly the reproach..that
it "'dies,an undischarged bankrupt"
cannot bo levelled against the Orkney
hen. On tlie contrary, it is winning
honor as the hen that pays tiie rent.
treating sore throats and
coughs, burns, scalds, cuts,
and sprains.
AsMma   Brings   Misery,   but  Dr.  J
n. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy will replace Ihe misery with welcome relief
Inhaled as; smoke'or vapor it reaches'
of a7iria*igle7:'7V77V7:V77V XXXyXxX X
/nrtHERE isn't- anything'bctler7fpr.-breakfast"or"
X-JL. lunch thaiia.dfsiiof Grape-Nuts, with7crcam ���
'of'mui:. anil" stewed prunes or peaches.
.   This ddicious.coinbinatibn.gives/ybu the ele- '
ments of-a v/ell-balanced food.-... For it contains .
not only tlle "material needed to build tissue and'
furnish 'energy, but ;it- also supplies fruit acids,
that help keep the system in good order.
Go to year grocer today and ordier. a package .*��#.. v .4^^.-.,- ,v>-.-^-|.. ^
of delicious Grape-Nuts.   'You will find that it        >r?��v''2^��^*^S
will digest more readily than mo3t ottrer cereals,    f$-ftMM"^^:    *'  '"   -
and it wiil '"stay by" you longer���because it's so   '"'    jf^&gjf*''"
richly, nourishing^   ,   ���.--_. -   . ���       .......
;-woi;k^.as'.7head7 ijiv7i;^'/fe0/h5h.7del^aK
^aVpe crSgeT^iitvii XX &! .1 fl cdV-t'h^7hd3ipI*;'
* eiC ftsedj fc^fli|^Sjs;^gr|S ng;;ai?ci7^e-r7
^y^jXXXXXxxx xyxyyy yy-yy;
station ^passes-,au^
;i?etu,ni'si 7 :Jli7^Pu7k46"*"7'-as'7^el|7-:Ii6w:
nran*77:gratR&t7\ii?ers,7 :;th1ere\'A\'c\u^d';;bs.'.
ka7^acj��^^u;:'yaui* -lipme; t&hignliV^i'y;
'-Thanks ..to premier King,
The Policy of Delay
Germany    Hoping    to    Get    Out
Reparations Payment
The prolonged shuffling and repeated delays of the German Government
in the mailer of reparations have all
the marks of a policy deliberately
calculated. To gain time, to tire out
the allies, - to hope that something
lucky may turn up in the chapter of
accidents���those have been the 'obvious motives, We are now more
than.two years from the signing of
,the treaty of peace, ln that period
Germany, with- a .population of G0,-
00fl;00.0rhn.-5 "paid dul"y7abotit""half"the
sum -which;'.France, -Williy population
not. much more" than half hers, paid-
ta7Germany.' iu:. the; two years -"follow-'
"ISTb.AxewVYork' Tinies.7.
The safe way to send money by mail
Dominion Express Money  Orcler.-
is by
\T OU'" cah'-niakb '.-n-i6i''iey:'in''.liav!iig- that;
���VV TO^A^.PATENTK'B;-'-'- -l.We'-.-wi!!.. nlace :
ARNPRiOR Patent Solicitors    ONTARIO'
;���';? 'TAivicrica' s :���.'������'.
. v-'-'r-'Plwi'ee'c'-'..::-.'.
nooK ox'y^'X
and How to .Ketid"
Mailed-sTPree 77t67'.arijTV
.-'.=.:':"- 7' -/7^u''thor-77 ?.y:
yyy i.e<>t-mci: ������ yx.
���3m:. xw%syiyc)um
7*fS��re'e'��fr7Ne��':-a*&rk;. 7
'���"������"""   msyxxi-y y
Tvirijr, ;aiid -lion. ..Tames Murdock, .minister of-hibor,-will, receive the -pfiicinl
'I hanks   of.7tl.ie  -"G.A.UA"
7-Criiiei'S:^;Mu6i'cal7 Mpuritafii;
Inupinle^thCTe'i^aj 7niMii(;ain. tiajmjid
.;;iii:i;S;iif'^i~'i".'.--^ii!'l^-''-'i:.y.'.v-%'.-.-'.'-' ::;';... ��� .:-������/
golden eagle:   Tliis .last bird was taken   accidentally, 'in.   _a-.share set for
other game.,.'..Toe-in ay now.'-'clpim-'ib ,
be the.,"cl:ainpioii golden;e;!-*le' .Inippcr!
His fourth Gqldc'n Eagle".--
DerSeymour,,a .Lnke'.'of the"' AVoo(i's.!-<1"is.lf,es*3 7a'--i01}S returned7'soldi.ers" dur
ahi'.has".recently cauglit his fourth { ���% }h'e-~ P',esen't  period-- of uriemploj*-
i^pSJiQ^Tirih^ .
7*.Ji!Ia^^4^fe^Mt7in7Si'gri!hage to UteS
!77f .6;d t J^pps7 tha^iVi'Slv'?pi'QuJii-3 in .to a.sstire;
\77r^olui7tp^7it^^iM^ : ��iai*a*n-I*;V..6|
^������aS7;7:p|i|seiiV;a;t77U^ X .-'���, XXXXX
���:.,i;: ���::���::::���.: :^-.:-:..:v ������---��� ������-������������ ������������������-"���-��� -------- 7*7''i\l.pA'C./pepp!ei .'llVd.^in; tli0- :-:��t!tL^:t)f-
'Kiev- Ydi^if ;tha-ft>jn,onl��:��aiiad'uS77V7VV
}ui?|^r^is7'7liwugfr^ '������'"';
iXX~i:X^}t^i:Sta0i^Jsiirf^Ae. ���   .'
.,������...-.-������:K.y--,-';,.. ..-������; 7swt7!i4ft^
^���iTl&t^^ tlierix .api*finx7-ijKg-yyi|M|
'' vfipSesTariy7iifi^p7V^ liglii;'::ItaSii;iacycaMps:.;and;
^eHtpniJ'itJa'iMfe ifhi#%:iaSiy|:-k^��|'. ������-^7'7SJ^^V%
tihie is'pi; Vrcat'vahftj t<y Ifig. farnipK-f^^J^^V'^^- "
ancl^i-finchsyrs  jit; 'iftjM-'ieim};}^^^
-7#7:"V7JV��!lVi**W-3-i;��^?K^^^^ and. .ctetrents,. 'Whifehv' s;s: tlie.jv
|(feri-'abput7'break. til��, iigiit- o"�� ":,=tii"��."
I'ft < stairHi.-with' the result' 'tii.it-..t'lifey? -Jojalf'
rOiJtajlp"' forthe'yearTV'^S is-. csflsiaC-] its tf they thehrseives We'fe tsvinklrng',-:
1 ed'/ai fiver tAveiilv jjitlHoTi��� doilarsj; .7.A [ : ���'���'��� ��� "7 ' :~y~y-~.;^������^
' renia?ka'bM-"e:si��i:i7isiiMv7i-i:i7 tlie:i Vgo-ld I'.- 7tVttot't��itpt:_7baby.7Wil'l-", Its. .ifiothef'
���|-ftji'ttingi��^p^n7jt1i3v'^ <"���" ���';'"
���not. actually-movei
"due   to   any   fault
Tho- apparent 'mot-he    preserioo^ in
of    crowds  of air
". Tv.'enty .Mifrio.H- boilar's 'in  Gold.
The   sold'  pri."duci."i6h76t"   Xorfln-i
r.eely with Babyjs Own Soap -
ferial" Stereotype
efiaf Monotype
^!^tf^fej^;^^tifl^tni eifebeipfJlipy-j
a little
,-,       ,-,...,-- .. o, then"shori-
Asthma' -,-and'Visimiiar:V.dis.-:''^ '' *i'��?.".jU.V tt- .rj5!^' oC .^ith - fingers.
-It'-Is ���an-.Kncrn.v;7to;,'Gern>s/i'--.5-      :" '   '   "''"''    ���'���"'"'"' ���''"''
Thousands-or.bottles.beii^:u""scd^ a.-.tiny.bottle of
*'"y.'.-; -';. Fpr'r.saleVby all"dru<rpl=t3 aad - ���??$*??$* ��� ?9C a *.ew-cents,;.sufiieient.
" "'    -'"���'��� ������������ UM:,|.ro.,remove.-.ever3':hard'corn; soft com,!
ci or .cojn-between .the toes; and the.cal-
"From^fho very start "Imperial"-
Typo metals' found favor -witii tlis
leading sewspapera of Abut. time.
That was because we recognized: the
peculiar^ quality of nietal 'necessary,
end experimented' until our. -results-
satisfied us. That.lt satisfied others'
���Is satisfying ��tliers-~is eloquc-htlj* -
proven, by. the fact tiiat- 90 pi-r cen't..
pf the Prinilng-Establishroents jn-Can- -
ada are conisist��nt and regal'.;�� users..'
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, 01
$2.50 when not paid for three months 01
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Eatray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears Ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
Hue first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals \2}ic. a line each insertion. _,
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to hove more'nioney.
The Magic Pills
The following clever verse was written
by   Ernest   Harker,   specially   for   the
Musical Revue  Play give  in Rock Creek
on Friday last:
It's a fine old crowd that's gathered here
To take their Magic Pills.
They are guaranteed to cure cold feet,
And all your minor ills.
They'll drive the corns right off your feet
They really are worth buying.
They'll change your sorrow into smiles,
And stop the baby crying.
Times may be bad, they could be worse,
We've all enough to eat,
So cheer up boys and don't begrudge,
The dollar for your seat.
The sawmills' tried to kill this town
They nearly did you bet-
They ran away with most our logs,
And they have-i/" laid up yet.
But tlii ngs are jff. ci lix, up I see,
1? Why Ames is back, lo' lummy,
He's looking line and fit you know,
God bless nis little tummy.
Billy Johnson's coming to live in town,
At least that's ottr belief.
He's made his pile at ranching.
By selling five cent beaf.
He's going in for gardening,
Wheu he gets his ground laid out.
Let's hope he doesn't flood the market,
With spuds and sour-krbut. ,   .
"Arthur Ruscli is ready to-fix your.car,
- . -If your spark- doesii't getatiy better,
' He'll make her go, you. can rest, assured,
' Aud .adjust your carburetter.
He's courting a nice' little "girl just now,
Its catching like the flu. '
-- Let's hope.lie.will win her heart some day,
'   To help him struggle through.:
Then jimmy Pittendrigh is seeking a girl,
Since'he lost.the little teacher,   "
- He's not so tall as lie' used to be, ';
; Through stooping dowii to reach, her.
Then there's Harker" and Pawsey,; in a
nice little home,"
It really seems absurd,   "
Buta fact is a fact whatever you say, ,
'. It's a cage without a bird.
.Let's hope the miners in the creek,
Will find the precious metals,
Sam Johnson's built his villa.'there,-  -
"- And must.intend to-settle. -���
Then, there's a'poultry business started,
Just down sit Kettle .Valley,  .7   .. '.,;
So if your fond of chickens, "        '���'-���
X VThatis fheplace to rally. '.   '   ,-"7. --.'-"
7 Major GrajTsurrounded'with ;h"ens",r   7"""
- ���. 'He!s-gathering eggs all day:,. 7.   - ..'��� .
"He'll.stick'.to his task"as a potiltrymau,-. ���'.
Till he.'ui'ikes the roosters lay. ;   ;
The ranchers occasionally .come to town,
- With hay seeds-stuck in their gills, ,/
But-this is the night they all turned'out,
-   The night o'f the Magic Pills.
Well   .1   hope.' you've   enjoyed    these
.'  7;'-Magic"PiUs,; '*- ,
;-'' t' trust thcy will wprk alright; ���" ~
. -They are meaiit.tq act quite-gently,
"  -AncLiibt'kee-- you up.all night,;
[The Ledge invites correspondence of a
public nature but does not necessarily
hold itself respousible for the opinions
Rock Creek Women's Institute
Editor Tiik Lkdgi*,
In reference to a communication
appearing in your issue of Feb.  23rd, the
members of thc Rock Creek Women's
Institute   wish  to state   that   Mrs.   McLennan  was correct in  stating that the
resolution  referred  to by   her,  was  not
passed at the annual meeting, but it was
passed at the first regular monthly meeting held on January 2SU1 at which she
was not present.    The misunderstanding
probably  grew or t  of the  fact  that the
account of the two meetings   occurred
under one heading.
~      Mks. R. E. Norris,  President,
Mrs. W. Cuark, Vicc-Pres.,
Mrs, F, E. Gi.ossoi\  Director,
Mrs.  D. Hamilton Director
Mrs. J. Lindsay, Secretary.
Rock Creek W. I.
Rock Greek^Musical Revue
Hu��e SuGGess. Greatly Appreciated
Audience Calls for the Author.  Presentations Made
Providence Mine
Editor Tub Ledok,
0     Sir:
Referring to an item by President of Board of Trade iu last week's
issue, stating it is contended that Providence bulkhead or dam is of no use to
Providence mine, and a menace to au
adjoining property. This not contended
by mining authorities, some who came
here as requested at uo small expense to
the public it is stated; and the bulkhead
was built to prevent Providence Creek
from running into the mine, which purpose it serves.
Characters circulating similar rumors
have played an important part in handicapping this town by depriving it of a
payroll this winter, causing several
families to suffer.
W. Madden.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Mortgage  Sale
UNDER aud by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, which will be produced at the time
of sale, tliere will be offered for sale by
Public Auction
 In Front of the	
Court House in the City of
Saturday   the   25th   day of
March,  1922
At the hour of ii o'clock in the fore-noon,
the following property, namely:���
LOT 2083, in group 1, in the
Similkameen Division of the District   of   Yale,   and   containing
320 acres more or less.
On   the   property,' are   a farm
house, barn, sheds, outbuildings,
orchard and cultivated fields.
For terms and conditions of sale, apply to
'l" Solicitor for Mortgagees,
7-. " .Greenwood,- B.C.
Daled.February.gth, 1922". ��� .'   ""
.  Physician and Surgeon
'���".'   Residence' Phone 69 '     :,
7 . greewWood. b.c.
' Ageut for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
.'..arid Overland'car's.. Garage in connection.;
D. McPHERSOH -        Proprietor
���* ���-
' ��� ���-..���  - X,
VV '���'-������(.f��tf^M'M) ..: .,
���   '"-       .7Tlie Go-voni we'llt Of ..
Tlie I'rovinoc Of British Columbia
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
The attention of
Timfcer Licence holders who are
.taking ^advantage; of the provisions
of. the 1921 Amendment to ��� the
;r-0REST.ACT. vyherby arrears of
licence fees ,accrued7 prior, to 31st
Decemljer, 1920 have ' teen7funded
and made payable in annual^.Instalments; is specially .directed to; the
fact that .any renewal, fee whi.cfr became due in 19.21: is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and ail subsequent renewal
fees must be paid within one year
after the date of expiry ofthe licence
in order to maintain the right ofthe
holder to obtain a renewal of the
F. Mlson
Proprietor. Licence.
Tbe.Consolidated Mining &, Smelting Co.-
of Canada, Limited
'.-.-. 7- ���'--Offices, Smelting and RefiningDepartment- 7   -'-- 7--      .77;
' ���,..  .'      ���'' -V'- 7'' ���' ,7TRAIL,"BRITISH COLUMBIA .V;-.'yii /';V ; (yX
v;'; SMELTERS'"AN&'^INERS^S^'xy'xC
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and L^d Orc��7
Producers    ol . Gold,    Silver,   Copper, ���Biu��toae,7.i?!gi.I.ead .a^Zinc.,
The eagerly anticipated play
"The Magic Pills" took place at
the Co Operative Hall at Rock
Creek on the evening of the 246 ult.
produced by the Rock Creek Dramatic Society under the auspices of
the "Women's Branch of the United
Farmers of British Columbia. It
is no exaggeration to say that there
has never been such a dramatic
success in the neighborhood before,
which was a great encouragement
to those responsible for itso production for future eSortB.
The story of the play, .like mo8t
modern revues, is of a simple nature and is used as a foundation
for songs, dances and other dramatic effects. It can be told very
A silk merchant in New York
being harrassed by his wife's extravagances, makes the acquaintance of a quack doctor, who prescribes certain magic pills, which,
when taken, will remove him from
his present worries and transplant
him to other lands which in this
case were Japan, Egypt and Spain,
in each of which he still has a wife
who unfortunately for him seems
no better than his first one.
It would take too long to describe
his various adventures in the different climes, and readers ausious
to know will probably have an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity
at a future date.
As a general criticism it can be
said that the Bcenery, "make up"
and dresses could hardly have been
improved on. The compauy showed
they had profttted by careful rehearsing and spoke their lines well
and audibly and the whole affair
went with a swing which is sometimes lacking in amateur preform-
Where so many performers take
part, it is impossible to mention
everyone, but it can be said that
all have every reason to be satisfied
with themselves.
The first act, an office scene in
New York, was remarkable for its
accuracy of detail. Eileen and
Teddy Pittendrigh , acted to the
manner born and Messrs. Bock and
March elicited much merriment
from the audience. . ,.:
" The second act, "Japan,"was particularly noticeable,for . the pretti-
nesB of the scenery and the dainty
dancing and singing pf thetfapan-
ese Geisha girls.' .Thesong ''Three
Little Maids" scoring a well merited
encore and made onlookers long to
visit the land;pf, the 7 ChrysantheV
mums.7 A special, feature .was.;*
song by Miss King which.was ren-'
dered iu a highly artistic manner.
The humorous of which there
was plenty was ably provided by
Messrs Paley Wilson and H. Mar-
.*!�����. 7.    :'--������.
The third act, Egypt, if less
dainty.land pretty struck a. sterner
note, with s vmore. sustained Btory.';
Paley Wilson scored [ay well deserved success with his "Cobbler
Song," as did Mrs. Rock and Mr.
Hatton in their rendering of. (*Cig'
aretteV' 8teve Pittendrigh was
remarkably good for a first effort.
Commander Lewis and his band of
robbers amply justified their own
words by. their appearance and
actions, viztbat they were."offenders and assassins" and we should
certainly prefer to meet them in a
well lighted ball than in a lonely
spot On a dark night. 77 77; X--, '���
L May .and Jessie Caldwell iri their
Symbal Dance scored., a. great and
well deserved enccesa.7;'When7.it
comes to describe Miss Hobkhanj'B
Eastern, dance, the.pen faltera and
wbrdai'-Vbecoaie> mere ,7tblngs, 7"--16
was a revelation^ of ���'ravishing en--
chantment and the writer has the
sworn statement of the manager of
the Co-Operative that several
young gentlemen, at the termination of the aforesaid dance, asked
him if he had any pills that would
take them to Egypt. We fancy
they could have not been in stock
as they are still at large in Rock
Creek (that is the young gentlemen, not the pills.)
The Fourth and last act, Spain,
was very nobicable for its scenic
effects, specially painted by MesBrs.
Bodman aud Gane, with a most
sticking and artistic effect.
Mr. Hatton established himself
as a favorite from the start with
his excellent humorous songs and
acting. Capt. Atkinson as a
Spanish Toreador, looked and
acted the part, but wo must regretfully confess that we did not approve of the colors of his tie, oh
shades of the Morning PoBfe. Mrs.
Atkinson and Mrs. Gane in their
Spanish dance successfully made the
young gentlemens' thoughts waver
between Japan, Egypt and Spain
by their grace and agility. Mr.
Smith sang the "Bandillero" with
efifect and Mr. Bodman aB the English guide plainly Bhowed that he
was an old hand at the game of
Thus terminated the play for the
first time leaving the proper wife
in the proper husband's arms.
Oh the fall of the curtain, a tableau of all the performers was
staged and oa the cry of author
from the audience a presentation
from the company , waa made to
Mrs. Fonwick Wilson. Some
beautiful carnations which were to
have been presented to her and
Miss Hook ham by admiring friends
unfortunately did not arrive in
time and were presented next day.
This description would not be
complete without mentioning Mrs.
Gray and Mrs. Hamilton who so
ably accompanied the performers,
and also Messrs. Bodman and Gane
who under great difficulties "made
up'' the company in a manner that
could not have been beaten, by a
Finaliy Mrs. .Fenwick Wilson,
author, and producer,,bu8inesB man-,
ager, etagemanagerand ballet mistress, it", would be agreed by all,.
that; only by her' efforts could the
play have taken place.' ; Only by"
oneV endowed" with the courage,
tact, resourcefulness and energy
could it have been made the7 undoubted success it was. -
Tl-e play, was followed by supper
served by Mrs. McLennan and Mrs.
Martin and sustained the high
'reputation of the.Farm.Women for
their culinary efforts. And the
dancing, people never seemed to
require a rest, but that is hot Bar-
prising with the floor . improving
every moment arid she music, Weill
we need only mention that among
0 there we saw Mrs, Kennedy,.;Vic-
toria Shillcock and Mrs. dark at
tbe piano, Messrs., Crawford and
Whiting with their violins and Mr.
Snell with the drams.
Alas, all good things come to an
fend and at about 5 a.m. the mundane things of this earth began to
obtrude themselves, from a vision
of petite Japanese Geishas lovely
languorous Eastern beauties, passionate ..Spanish Sigrioras, ~we
awoke to the fact that sleep is a
physical necessity, that;cows mast
be milked, that chickens' must be
fed and ;ad.happily77but;.tired and
rather. 7cpld7 we wended'. bur way.
bomf,7bpoyed up by the hop�� that
the:- event} was. jbnt. the '/first ,0! a
seriesV- -.-'������..-. """??���'V-'.V: X XX ���'������.���' 7VV" -..-'
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  i��^ reasonable
Wants all your MUSKRAT and MINK-QUICK���
and will pay you these extremely high prices.
Ik. 1 Extra Largij
Eilralo Aiefiie
M*. 1 iMtt
No. 1 Un
libit. Attn*
5.50 to 4.5013.75 to 2.75 2.40 to 2.001.S0 to 1.301.50 to .80
4.00 to 3.00T2.50 to 1.851.50 to 1.201.00 to .65
EitntoAmm    b to Sa�� ai Oalft
1.00 to .50
Fine, Dark
U.ual ColoJ 15.00 to 127(
Coart 10.00 to  8.1
25.00 to 20.00118.00 to 15.00114.00 to 12.00| 10.00 to 8.00)10.08 to 5.00
111.00 to 8.001 7.00 to 5.501 5.00 to 4.001 5.00 to 2.50
7.00 to 5.50 5.00 to 4.(K 3.75 to 3.0013.75 to 1.75
The above prices are based on the well-known "SHUBERT"
liberal grading and are quoted for immediate shipment. No. 3,
No. 4, kitts, and otherwise inferior skins at highest market
value. We alsd want all your other furs and will pay the
BIG PRICES quoted in "OHi* ��h��b*rt ^imter" to get them.
Don't wait���SHIP TODAY.
A shipment to " SHUBE R�� " will
result: in "more money'^'quicker"
The Largest Hous�� in the World. Dealing Exclusively in
Vancouver   ���       Ovpt.^gSSM. British Columbia
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at S a.m.
For Oroville, Wenateheeand Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried;
Express and Heavy Drayin*. Auto's for hire Day^or Nlgbt
We carry Tires. Oils* Greases. Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
Very Old Highland
Supplied to the P. & O. Steamship
Line for over twenty years;  to His >
Majesty's Ships; to many exclusive
Clubs and Officers' Messes all over
the world.   ASK FOR CATTO'S.
For Sale ��t
E. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
iJi.aS each. Gold-Silver $1-75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Iread $3,00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-L��ad-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on ap>
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price bf first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which ia non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, b��
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be- issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per an n um and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate aa forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleat:
ed and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption,, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ���   '      '
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling resident--
ial and improvement conditions.        '7,
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company. ���'������*'
Mill, factory or. industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them/ Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all,persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may^apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, aa
formerly, until one year after the con*
elusion of the present war. This .privilege is made retroactive. 77 i~
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.   ������-'���. -"
Provisions for return of moneys ac��
crued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from -
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and _taxes. _ JWhere_sub-purchasera_ do
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.
Gracing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued baaed
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, permits for
settlers, campers or traveilera'up to ten
The Mineral^Province of Western Canada
7HaB:prdjdaced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer, Qold,7 875,944,203; Lode
Gold, $102,763,823; Silver, $53,668,284; Leacl $46,6S7,221j Copper, $161,513,864; 7
Zine, 819,896,466; Coal and Coke, $212,678,492* Building Stone;^ Brick. Cement, 7.
etc., 832,168,217; Miscellaneous Minerals, eic.,7ii;037,408; making its Mineral V
Production to the end of 1929 show an       ""'-- 7'"'" "���'V'/V' .
;      Aggregate Value of $706,192,078
Production for Tear Ending Decemper, 1920, $35,543,084
The Miritog, Laws of this Province are more liberal and the feeslo^er
than thoae oi any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
'""".   Mineral locations are granted to diflcoverers Ipr nominal fees.
iLbsolate Titles are obtained by developing , snch properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Grown Grants. -
Full information, together with mining Eegorte and Maps, may be obtained
gratia by addressing���  "7v ""-...;        ' -' -
.. ;    ViCTOMA. British Columbia. ��� ���


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