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The Ledge May 3, 1923

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Array W3!iggpsj||?l
Ci*l Lib
xxy xyyx
,.,.. x^x,.
����� *\
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Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
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Presbyterian Church
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- Services Sunday,! May 6th
Bridesville. 11a. m.
Greenwood, 7.30 p.m.
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
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In addition-to these factors it will be found cheaper to telephoue than
travel. '
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
Louis B. Mayer presents
The J. M. Stahl Production
"The Song of Life"
A Drama of Dishes and Discontent���and
of things that women' understand
A picture for wives, mothers and every
mother's son of us
Little Richard Headrick, Gaston Glass,
Grace Darmoud'and Georgia Woodthorpe
 -__ are in the.big cast "	
7 reels 7
'    One reel Chester Outing
"Mr. Outing Gets a   -
Pipe Dream"
Also one reel Christie Comedy
"Salvation Sue"
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Dr. O. M, Graves, DentiBfc, will
be in Ferry, Wash., _ the first 8
days of every month. *���   -
. The Maple Leaf Social Club held
tbeir last meeting of the season on
Friday evening, April 27.' After
business was over cards were th�� during the past
order of the evening and a pleasant
evening was spent. Mrs. J. P.
Anderson won the lady's first prize.
0.  Lofstad the gent's first; Mra.
Around Home
Chas. Martin, of Oliver, was in
town on Monday.       c
Wm..Thompson, of Beaverdell,
is visiting friends at the coast.
Jim Grahamhas returned from
Idaho where he spent the winter.
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
The Provincial Voters' List
closes May Sth. Be sure your
name is-on the list.
John R. Jackson, of Midway,
is attending: tiie Bull Sale in
Kamloops this week.
Dr. G. H. Acres, the district
commissioner of the Boy Scouts,
was in town oh Tuesday.       \
Keep in mind the auction sale
at Capt. Atkinson ranch at Rock
Creek on Saturday, May 5th.
Mrs.'PatMcPermody, formerly
of Green wood Tdied last month at
her home in F^mberton Meadows.
Mrs. L. Portmau returned on
Wednesday -afternoon from a
few weeks visit to Grand Forks.
��� Miss Louise. McDonald Vis
spending the week the guest of
Mrs. H. Snell* atwthe Riverside
Hotel. * -
. D. McPherson, of Grand Forks,
was in town' for a few days this
week demonstrating a new Superior Chevrolet car.
Chas. Bubar, of Beaverdell,
was in town ' on Wednesday.
Chas. has taken an agency for
the new "Star" automobile.
Mrs. E.'S. Lockwood who has
been visiting her mother, Mrs. J.
P. Anderson for some weeks is
now in Victoria for a few weeks
prior to returning to her home in
Jersey City.   r
^M. F, Madden, -who has Be.en
the guest of his nephew, " -Wra.
Madden, for the past ten days,'
left this morning for Vancouver,
from where he will go to Portland, Ore., and later to Wyoming.
M. W. Ludlow, of Coltern, was
in town this morning en route by
motor to Ester, in the Cariboo,
where he has an interest in an
hotel. It is Mr. Ludlow's fifth
trip in and he expects to reach
his destination by Sunday.
J. D.. Galloway, government
mining engineer for the Hazel-
ton district, was renewing acquaintances in town for a few
days this week, Mr. Galloway
is_a__former_ residents of. Greenwood having lived here in the
early days.
The man who has courage of
self-denial when the winds are
fair will not have much, inconvenience, when the storms come
on. It is the thoughtless spending of money and the reckless
undertaking of obligations when
times are good that make the
burden heavy when the change
The Women's - Missionary
Society met at Mrs. G. Inglis on
Tuesday evening the 1st inst.
Plans were made for active work
of the Society. A, chapter of
"Mary Slessor" was read and enjoyed. The Society intend studying the book recommended for
the Women's Missionary Society.
viz., "Building the Nation."
This should prove of much interest aud value to the members
as Canadian citizens and Christians. -It deals with the problems
of the new Canadian.
After residing in the district
for over, a quarter of a century
D.;R. McElmon left last Friday
for Blaine, Wash.,.to recuperate
his health which has been failing
for some months. For 23 years
lie was postmaster at Eholt and
few years con-
dacted a watch repairing and
jewelery store in Greenwood. It
is hoped, that he will soon regain
his health and returned.to Greenwood where he is Tso well and
favorably known.    His son Roy,
Death of Mrs. Putzel    (Crop Growing Competition
' Mrs. Johana Putzel, wife of L.
G. Putzel, died suddenly at her
home in Greenwood on Friday,
April 27th, at the age of 36 years.
She was married over 20 years ago
and has been a resident of Greenwood for over 15 years. Besides a
sorrowing husband she leaves 3
sons and 3 daughters. One son
Joseph is in Richmond, Cal. She
also leaves a sister and brother in
Colorado. . W , ���
The funeral was held on Monday
morniDg and^was largely attended.
The services were held in the
Roman Catholic Church by the
Rev. Father Cocqla. Many sympathizing friends S3nt floral tributes. Interment took place in the
Roman Catholic cemetery. The
pall bearers were: Dan McGillis,
R. D. McKenzie, R. Lee, Chas.
Gauvreau, Jack Keadj and H.
Rock Creek District
Mellrud the lady's booby and  R.
Roylance'the gent's  booby.   All  rj,
members are looking forward to who has'been in town for a few minting operaaoos aUer
the tune when the Club re-opexw weeks, accompanied his father to transfer of title to the property
in October. Blaine, Ji�� r-rtmnif��*swi.._Pri��*��et,n.�� cj��_,r    .
After all these years according
to a cable announcement from
London, England, Queen .Mary
has consented to have a "V"
opening in front of her dress,
and the cable goes on to say that
there' is much rejoicing among
the'court ladies and th��, ladies of
the old familiss throughout the
Empire. It seems to be a small
matter, But is it? We thought
so at. ....first, and determined to
consult some men of light and
leadingon the subject. All with
one accord answered in substance',
"Queen Mary is a sensible
woman! The men like low necks
all right for the women look nice
and cool in them in summer, and
so brave in them in winter.
���Joe Christian, of Christian
Valley, has just received news
o'f the death of his mother at St.
Anicet, Quebec. Her husband
died a little over a year ago.
Many Greenwood people will remember Mr. and Mrs. Francis
Chretien coming to visit their
sons, Joe and John Christian
about eight years ago. ._They
stayed about a year before returning home. Mrs. Christian
contracted the grippe which was
the cause of her death. Nine
children 'survive her, John and
Joe of Christian Valley, Mrs.
Alcide Bornais of Kelowna, Sister
Fabiola of Winnipeg, Frank,
Tom and Mrs. Robitailleof Glengarry County, Ont., Hector and
George of St.,Anicet.
The veal calf has come to the
market, and from now on he will
furnish modest tables with, de-
-lieious-foodr���There-will be veal
chops, veal steaks, veal loaf.
These are the aristocratic servings of veal, but none of them is
quite so good as plain old stewed
veal with pot pie made by a
woman whom nature and grace
has fitted for her job. There is
nothing with this dish except its
temptation to eat too much, To
guard against this it is well for
a man to see to it that when he
sits down he is not more than sis
inches away from the table,' and
when he touches quit. It takes a
strong resolution to enforce this
rule, but if-a man would practice
it all summer, he would have a
University Education in self
James S. Birnie arrived in
Princeton Tuesday, purchased a
supply of provisions and then
proceeded out to Mr, Kennedy's
ranch"-where he will spend the
nest few weeks. After that he
expects to'. have a position at
Allenby with the Granby Company, with whom he has spent
several .years. For many years
Mr. Birnie was an-employee in
the Government Office,at Greenwood. -Prior to that he spent 3
years with -the mounted" police
and back in the nineties was engaged iu. southern Manitoba, on
survey work under Mr. C. M.
Shaw, now a resident of the
lower Valley. Mr. Birnie's arrival in'our district, with a promise
of a job from the Granby, is an
indication that the company do
not intend to waste any time in
operations    after
Below are the aules and plans
for the Crop Growers Competition
in the Rock Creek District. Besides
the prizes Mr. McLennan is supplying the seed and the students
compefciting are taking quite an
1. Students who have written
the IT. B. C. Short Course examinations are eligible  for  the competition.
2. Apart from preparation of
land, such as plowing, discing and
harrowing, all work shall be done
by the competitors.
3. Crops shall be . planted according to the outlined plan.
4. Three crops shall be grown,
corn, roots, and potatoes.
5. The same Jrind of seed for
all experiments will be bought at
the Co-Operative Store, Rock
6. A certain portion of the crop
shall be prepared and exhibited at
the Fall Fair. 'Quan tities to be
shown are:
6 ears of corn.
12 potatoes.       ���������' 7
6 roots.
7. Each exhibit is to be marked
by a number, not by name of
8. An explicit report shall accompany each exhibit. This report shay deal with:
1.    Type  of soil  (surface, sub-
**7   *
Kettle Valley Notes
has purchased    a
Manure and fertilizers.
Preparation of land.
Date and method of seeding.
Cultivation and care.
Date and method of harvest-
. 4.
7.    Approximate weights on plot
and yield per acre.. - ~ :      - - - -    -
PLAN "^      N
Entire Plot 27 ft. wide by 21 ft. long.
Crops        - Hills or Plants Distances
3 ft. x 3 ft.
3 ft. x iS in.
3 ft. x S in,
Seed available Seed needed Seed per hill
25 tubers
' 2 oz.
21 (split)
1 oz.
r set
Four-Year-Old Boy Gains
Fame on the Screen
Richard Headrick, who has
gained fame on ' the screen for his
acting, plays- a prominent part in
the_Joh_n_ _M, _ Stahl-prodaction,-
"Tfae-Song of Life," to be presented through Associated First
National Pictures, Inc.', at the
Greenwood -Theatre on Saturday,
May 5th.
Richard will.be remembered for
his exceptional- work inV "The
Woman in His House" and "The
Child Thou Gavest Me," both of
which productions were directed
by Mr. Stahl. He is an extremely
clevor actor, as well as an appealing little fignre.
S. T. Larsen is in from Penticton.
F.  Welstead
new car.
Miss Welstead was a visitor to
Grand Forks last Monday.
J. S. Warrington was in Green-'
wood during the week-end.
A. E. Bonnett has bought an
Overland car from C. Bubar.
'f Mr.  and  Mrs.   T.  Clarke were
down from Carmi on Tuesday.
Capt. and Mrs. 8. Brew and
family have arrived from Grand
Mr. and Mrs. H. Martin entertained a large number of friends on
TheW.'A. held their meeting
this week at the home of 'Mrs. F.
Comdr.   N.   Lewis  returned on
Saturday    from    a    trip   in   the ���
Mrs. W. H. N. Glossop entertained a large number of friends
last Sunday.
Ed. Richter and R. Bruce left on
Tuesday's train for Kamloops to
attend the Bull Sale.
There will be service in the
Anglican Church on Sunday, May
6th at 7 p.m., instead of in the
A large number from Greenwood
turned out to enjoy the Banff
Orchestra Dance in Riverside Hall
on Tuesday evening. '  7./
T, R. Hanson is busy spring
cleaning and will soon have the
Rock Creek Hotel in fine shape.
He already has made his name for
putting up splendid meals.
..     Midway News. .
Bobx���To Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Johnson, a daughter, on April 27,
- News was received in town of
the .arrival of a eon to Mr. aud
Mrs. C. K. McArthur, Butte,
Mont. Mrs. McArthur was formerly Miss Edna Kerr.
April 27th marked the opening
of the baseball season here. Cur- ,
lew and Midway played a fine
game which was chiefly for practice, the score being 4-3 in favor of
On April 29th Midway played
Republic at baseball, the score be��
ing 7-2 in favor of Midway. The
prize, a bat, was awarded to the
"winners"." There wiU_be~ft game ]
between Curlew aud Midway next
Sunday afternoon, May 6th, at
Midway diamond.
Card of Thanks
We desire to exprtss oar sincere
thanks to the people of Greenwood
and district for their sympathy and
kindness shown us in our bereavement, and for the floral tributes
received.        ' '   '  -
L. G. Pctzel and Family.
J is completed.���Princeton Star.
Captain G, L. Atkinson, Rock Creek, B. C, has given
instructions to sell by Public Auction, at his
Ranch About   4   Miles   West
>., B.C.
SATURDAY, MAY 5th, 1923
At 1 p.m. Sharp
All His Splendid Stock of
together  with  valuable
Machinery and Implements, Horses and Harness,
Waggons and Sleighs
For full particulars see Bills of Auction.
Charles King THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.
injr ihrougii tubs Nos. i nnd 2 use aJryiK      ]lfrfe��r��nw Primp I     Census Bulletin On Religions
loosely  woven  sack holding about a   AllC  lUU&tUW   <UHiUCj .	
pock.     The s(.'Oi.l .should be spread oui.' ' .   .    ���.,���.,.-  .,       _.   . ..        , ��� ,���, .,
, Pniit;rai Riiinri^.- i���cniiv��i hu n Urtrrri   Only 1/3,1^.5 No .<��� Christ tans Listed In
and thoroughly dried :md not allowed rollt,cal Blur>ae'  inspiti-d by a H��ticd.       >
(o freeze. If there is lime a %cv-
uiinialion lesi is advisable.
"The ionnalin treatment, the
merit genially
controls covered hid ills of wheal, oats
of  Christianity
The   liussian   (loverninent   has  car-
treai.-' ried out the death sentence on Vicar-
praeliced in the west, | (!enci':l1     ISutchkavitch,     the    lloman
Catholic    prelate    convicted  of trea-
Testing Seed Grain
For Control of Smut
New   Process   By   Means   of   Copper
Carbonate  is   Being  Tested
and barley and ioo.se .smut of oafs, an
aids iu the control of llax will. For-!
inalin is a -iO per cent, solution of formaldehyde. One pound of formalin
is used Willi forty gallons of water.
Ucl'oro lhe grain is treated, unbroken
smut balls should bo got rid of by the
fanning mill or by lloating off. Most
farmers now have machines for passing the grain through aud most of
those do the worlc very satisfactorily.
The object, of course, is to moisten
the surface of every kernel. Afterwards the grain should be spread out
It i.s estimated ihai over forty mil- j to dry and seeded as quickly as pos-
!ion bushels of wheal, will be sown in jsibie after that. The longer ihe
the three prairie provinces ibis sea- i grain stands without being seeded af-
non, Saskatchewan in lhe lead with'ter treatment ihe more danger there
25,000,000 bushels. Albi-rla o.sccoml j is of ihe vitality being damaged. if
with 10,000,000, and Manitoba third j the grain is sprinkled, about a gallon
with 0,000,000 bushels. 1'nlc.ss ihi.; -ol the solution should be used for each
seed grain is treated sn as to control j bushel. After sprinkling, the piles
mini, the yield would (.<��� reduced )>.. 'the piles should be covered with bags
many millions oi bushels and the qual- j or burlap and left for about; three
lly of tlio crop suffer seriously, so thai. ��� hours so that the gas may permeate
ihe proper treatment of seed grain is : the whole pile. Then spread out the
of the highest Importance to western i piles and dry. Sprinkling should nl-
faiiiiers. i ways be used for llax.     A mist spray
A new process of treating seed ; is ihe best. The llax should be rak-
graln for com rolling s .mi. by means ed over as it is drying to prevent cak-
of copper carbonate in dust form, is ��� ing. Treated seed should nor bo al-
bei'iif.   tried out  in Saskatchewan this i ]n\yed to freeze.
year, it is announced by M. 1'. Tullis, j "Blueslone treatment is not as sat-
Field Crops Commissioner. ��� This . isfactory as formalin, .since its appli-
rneihod is being used in Montana, j cation very often seriously affects the
Washington.   Oregon  and  some  parts | vitality of the seed especially in the
case of oats and barley. It is also
only of real value jn the control of
covered or slinking smut for wheat."
conspiracy.      Tho   Conunun
Canadians to the extent of 97.(1 per
cent, belong to.some Christian denomination, according to a census bulletin
on religions issued by the Dominion
r.urcau of Statistics.      In other words,
ists of Moscow are in the line of I of a tolar population of. K,7SS,-1S3. there
succession to the Communists ot Wc S,f.72,516 classified as Christians.
Paris who, in the lied Week in May, j Xon-Christians number only 373,1-13,
1S71. massacred the Archbishop oi'jov '���'' un- cent., including' 125,190
Paris and the Dominion monks at j Jew's. -10,727 Orientals and 7,226
Arcueil. They were and are inspired j Pagans. This leaves less than one-
by the hatred of Christianity and the! ball oi one per cent, otherwise re-
resolve  to suppress any religious or- . ported.
ganizalion which holds lhat there is a! Roman Catholics in Canada num-
realm of conscience, which the secular I ber 3.383,6(53 or 3S.50 per cent., as
authority -cannot, invade. The Uol--| ag-ain-sl. 39.31. per cent, ten years
shevisis have not yet come to the ex; j earlier.
treine of forbidding Christian w'or- Presbyterians are given as 1,-lOS,-
ship, but they have turned ihe State I S.12, or 16.03 per cent. In 191.1, tho
into an engine of atheistic propaganda, j percentage was 15.4S.
Drought  In  West  Indies
of Australia in place of forni-jtlin and
while the cost is considerably higher
than formalin there i.s no danger of
affecting the vitality ol: the seed or of
the grain being damaged by frost
while wet, and seed grain may be treated a month before seeding without
losing its effectiveness or injuring the
"Another advantage, claimed for this
new treatment-is that it is very easily
applied and does not have the disagreeable features w'hen working with
it. as the formalin treatment," states
Mr. Tullis, "although a cheap dust
mask should be placed over the.nose
and mouth lo avoid inhaling the poison dust. The present, "cost of the
copper carbonate dust treatment: is |
about four cents a bushel as two
ounces is required to treat a bushel of
grain, but should the treatment be
finally found to give better results
than the formalin treatment, manufacturers would probably be able lo sufficiently increase the supply and lower
The cost, so'that the expense of treaty
��� lug by ���eopper7ca'rbonat
V much' liiglier'ithani*'th^
7>.V. y 'TLb 6 s.c.7.. mii 6;i$lVb^rleg;^:dreediii]h^;
' -. ;fh i rl y. ~i c phyh bii.VVl: i. V sqitie^-dj stifle IsV^p K
X '��� sun un g^7 .ii ii ji ���'������'��� evg n^. lough 7th fVl W*��. <N'��.
p|)fcii;eiii7menr iis^cfjstl^tf^sboffldjbfca;^
x[h pur f Vi n fwajtei^ a X. �� B^i'Ppn .. ��| em:pei. 7
V ]QX) VVP|4 G^'V7f\y67:7gll.^it'iii��p fliVi aitis': tubs \-
VV-RuK) fX$ X^iiXXXx), ��:a;ter;7oiy^7J<erblen:e
77V^iV^V;>y^eafi^aiV;iu; .Aub7^oW;oriiV
.'���; 7rftiiiute-7>ih5:;:in'5tui?N6Vr2;'ten
V7K0I Xx& rfdVfrjjfe^^^ f
Xi0tifid X b[Xih^^h��Xy^dXxXiXXU^0XiiAS
X:[fh Vemp et��tiirti. Sjbliyfl^i'jTiiiij-iAM^-'ti.?!
and are using even the schools to root
from the minds of the children the
idea of God and immortality, or any
spiritual conception whatsoever.
There is nothing surprising in tho
judicial murder ot a priest by the
tyrants at Moscow except the political
folly of it. The Vicar-General was a
Pole; the majority of the Poles are
Catholics, and Poland is Russia's most
formidable neighbor. The incident
makes a peaceful understanding between the two nations impossible. It
has so outraged public sentiment in
Great Britain and France as to delay
the recognition which Moscow has
been seeking from London to Paris.
Merely on the ground of policy the
deed is a frightful blunder; but who
j looks for political wisdom from despotism, whether Czarist or Commun-'
ist?���From the Toronto Globe.
Suffering and  Loss Caused  By Three
Years' Aridity
One of the severest droughts within
memory has struck the West Indies,
causing untold loss and much personal suffering. In all"the islands the
story is ihe same.
Porto Rico alone shows little effect
I'rom it, though the south side'el" the
island is, burned and devastated. Elsewhere on ihe island the green valleys
and mountains afford a striking contrast with its neighbors.
In Jamaica, the drought is in its
third year. Cattle are dying off.
Children are sufferingOl'rom lack of
water and niilk. Pastures are parched. Fruit and vegetable crops have
been destroyed or damaged where ir-
i rigation is not practiced. There is
MiifSjvimfrVtheV^ai 1 eVs^andVplaihs-rc-:
;cei XXi 1 i tt! e ���: .b e n eft _���71 r c>m V it... "V Wi e^o <X
:.eSsipn.a:17slraweis7are;Vcpi. finedV tpVtiie7
\ii i J Jk, ,-7; <3p^; ti iTe V7IpTiv:eVr;;;sl d 1. es^-peo jrv) *i7iri re
% esMiJaie WV������' WW W^ WV WvVvV
Methodists throughout Canada number 1,15S,7-M, or 13.1S per cent, of
population against 1-J.9S per cent, in
Anglicans are shown as numbering
3,407,959, or 3 6.02 per cent, compared
with 14.-17 per cent, in 1933.
"Baptists number 421,730, or 4.S0 per
cent, compared with 5.31 per cent, iu
On the date thc census was taken,
June .1, 3923, there were in Canada
39,656 Mormons, 3 2.65S Doukhobors,
1G9,S22 adherents of the Greek
Church, 11.2SS Buddhists, 27,319 Confucians and 47S Mohammedans.
Sinks and Hindus arc given as S49,
and Shintos 427. Atheists are shown
ns numbering 3,041, agnostics 594,
and free thinkers 1,12(5.
U.S. Abandoned Great Plan
Originated League of Nations and Will
..Not Support It
Lord Robert Cecil has drawn thc
attention 0/ the people of the United
States (0 the fact that soon their
country may be the only one not in
the League of Nations.
England, lie said, will support Germany's application for membership,
and Turkey already lias made advances to join, and this would leave
the United States alone on the outside.
This situation, if it conies about,
would be all the more extraordinary
when the fact is recalled that it was
the United States which originated
the proposal that there should be such
a league ln the interests of peace and
for the benefit of humanity. " "
As long as the   project   was    only
an-.yidea.l��� _.to   .talk-abputfr-s.pnie.thing'
1 h eV Un i fed7&fates, oe^
Pf ;7tli q7 StiigeV 74 n. ;ItsX a d y pea c^VVAsVisppn
:ti KV �� 1) k> j e c tV top 1 Vprn 6 i i c a IJ������ J'br ni^lije''
XXIif7t;ite-:;iia tiO.tik��� oo:fr--Ch'e7Vwpi;iil77failSipV
Scientists'  New  Theory
Land Submersion Takes Place  Every
25,000,000 Years
Oceans will rise up, continents will
drown, and England will become a
seapool. This is the latest accepted
theory of the scientists of the end of
all things���25,000,000 years hence.
The scientific prophecy of a new
earth to be���based on carefully calculated data���was made by Sir Edward John Russell, the eminent scientist, who is director of the Rotham-
sted Experimental Station I7or Agricultural Research, at Harpenden, The
theory of the land submersion- was
first mentioned by Sir Edward Russell in a public lecture at Shrewsbury.
"The speculations of what will.occur are not mine," said Sir Echvard.
"They are those of Professor John
Joly,- the geologist of Trinity College, Dublin. .-���+'[
"Continents   are    now regarded as
������being -.great-.rafts-. of-, laud -floating -in
; basal W77vrhef7'PPoanS7",are;Vsaiicers^
Jfloa'Ung-fbi&'ihe^^ -X.
V7"The'VsiiiV7pf:fVin9lt^h, basal��;'isrjiot-:
du&r&nteed fo be fhe purest*
snd best bdk'ing powder possible .
toproduce.^Bec&ase of the.parity
d.Dd.bi^b Qa&lHy ofthe ingredients
of Pfi^ic linking .cPowder ifo.
leavening Qualities &re perfect."
e^nd it ie> therefore economiceKl-''
Trees7a  Thousand  Years  Old"
A Woman Pirate
Giant Yew Trees of England Survive
From  Remote Ages
How many people realize the great
age of the sombre yew trees scattered
Up and down the land in the British
Isles? asks Bassett Digbjv F.R.G.S.
���' Many a shady British' yew now
standing gave shelter from sun or rain
to Anglo-Saxon wayfarers before the
Norman Conquest, he continues. There
is ample reason for its having been
planted so extensively in churchyards.|
as symbols of immortality.
The, giant yew at Aldsworth, in
Berkshire, is over 1,000 years old, and
still flourishing. No cne knows how
many centuries have elapsed since it
considered that it had grown enough.
Twenty-seven feet round today, it
measured just the same in 1760, when
a, note of its girth was made in Move's^
"Berkshire Queries." The Btickel-
btu'y yew, also in Berkshire, by 'an
odd coincidence, is ot just the same
size. ���
The leaning yew at Iflley, near Oxford���unless it has been cut down
since'l saw it last���-is accounted to be
the oldest tree in England.
.^ It is interesting to realize, when you
look at an old yew,- that your forefathers must haye cut brandies from
it with which lo make their bows.
There is a gap of centuries between
the birth of Britain's oldest yews and
the birth of Britain's oldest oaks and
elms. Not an oak in Great Britain
has been found, when cut down and
the annual growth rings counted, to
be 500 years old; and elms live a century less. . "   ���
Commands Score of Chinese Brigands
Who Obey Her Implicity
There recently appeared on the.river at Hong Kong, much to the alarm
of shipowners' and their crews, a woman pirate, who has already taken a
heavy'toll bf loot from vessels. Nothing is known of her, except the fact
that she speaks English, wears a
serge costume and Wellington boots,
and carries a wicked-looking revolver,
with which she compels her victims j
to surrender. Under her are a score
or more Chinese brigands, who, although they are cut-throats and robbers, obey her implicity.
,F.   M.   Blaquiere, ��� Morinville,
���yriles:���"After    three    years
Took Prisoner Over
Eight Hundred.. Miles
service overseas'! returned to Canada almost a complete wreck, I had
been gassed, and was suffering from
shell shock and rheumatism, and was
so nervous I could not,sleep at night.
I tried many .medicines and, doctors,
but none oLthem did mo any good for
any length of time. .1 got so bad, in
the Fall of 1919,0my hands were so
shaky I could scarcely hold anything,'] .uaniiyVfor...whatever
:WitKl7Jj6r7:7milje ^7VVS.f��|iyVjft-VsiWMK
Vgi^iV -Tsiirhdi^��apt'- VAmjSrlpSiiXe n'giiieeS;
; Vai-eVjyei'i 1 g77wsii��dSViW&t*^
ft ertri !y.-vbeggi.ig7;i' Pf'::witte.V XXX'XXXX
similar? V-biidliiofr' ,K<rfna iipnaiVig^ VM'^a^^^V^m^tsgand^^ theVyiiol
���"'-'"" ''���:"""i' """      """ *^ini*:Ji:^;isVV^
Cause  Of  Tonsil  Trouble
Quaint. Charities
7{Vtli ^IVgOnUiien ts V;?iae7^ISaiik7':VTlien'|,;
::;tdV^iiipit;;^^aVr7.i S^bfect^JinTiiiederii;
.^'a.p,-,:5-M e nV^VWh oiXM arry
7ljpHeyi7V: 7B11 fc^rh.ii ii^ i!sVtjj e7fte pti ptv: sV
^&;;:Ptjtaln t.i ciiairitiei. XXXin Vt}feV-.vtijSjte
'\ h a iyiiiXi yid esr;pijiz; fe -i W J!;fig7i]i;en7Kh:fi
peatecl:, ' Thore;isanother subsidence
aVnd'.anol her' emcrgenceV : There "have
been at least-two such subsidences iii
this: country,, and' I here wiil probably,
be another.-''   . ...",. '���'-.'   '���'���_.
Gentle Art: of 7DuelIing
Practice Was Rife in" England-a Little
Over7a "Hundred Years Ago.:'7 .,"'"
duels . in seventy.-fotir'years
beeu': jilted- at _���- least ' twice. 7 .' .The j.'w.fis .fche.VecPrd ;pf Paur.DeVillicrsVa
awardsV arc made: every- yearV '7'i'lic j Parisian pliysicia'n.-- He always inain-
ugliesl. -woman ��� gel s a��� dowry of ' $90;-1 ji(\n6(f ,tha"l.7 d.ucjlirig,-' was. safer   than
yigfipp eX&iiviXyi ^X^s[^X:^W^^iXs^Vio$
Entirely Remedied by Lydia
E. Pinkham's /Vegetable
Compound .
7[:Mi|tlif,; ShppV fe|t|^k^i^7VSn��;gf^:^^
���J7y^!|ks: V;in&y l [^xi^-X^^^x^X^i^Rix:
inpr^tj^ n^ustmi|j-^gy
'ivas-viff fe; ii nVisSglarid; VVTfc
Thrift  Has : Mora! Value '���'"���-'
s Cha'racter:Td"nic:for Both' Individual
:-���-_��� _:.������������     ��� and Nation" '     ���.''    ":.'-���.''
������.������XX���y' '- -:���.���-'���". ���. ���"      .'-WK" Addiction .io-'c.xt-ravagarjccVsa'pV.tli'1
Production ; Despite ^^M^bsj^^^i'ons-iprj.KOCdVciiuenship".. V i-Y.r
-- "Ebert3,0nt.7-���".Is'tart'cd-with.cramp3
''and bearing-down pains' at-the,age of ; ''���"'���"
- eleven-years, arid Iwpuld get so nervous";l'--
1 could-hardly .stay'in bed,.-and T had''"
buch pains that-i would scream; and iny
. rnotherwould call the doctor to give fne
something to-take'. ."At eighteen I-mar-^
ried," andi'have four healthy children/;
-:but X still ��� have"pains- in my.fight" side". ."���
"'l!am a farmer's wife with'-inb'rc %yorlc7
���tliari-j am,able to do. I have taken three-
��� bottles of. Lydia E. Pinfchanrs Vege-'
- talilQ.Gonipound and I feei that, it is ;
'' helping me every day. My sister-in-law, j
7,--vi-h.o has-:beeh taking your medicine for !
|ffiKes iVliitin g-7jhi# V y^tep;%fiS'77epaV
^1 i:.tha f;;7tf y. Jt|)j_V. sitf;e&qd3 n|j:7-\^_a7c:::
by; :3^$l:S;;::tpKjV: ;^i)i^''.X,h:^u)l'&&-ir^-^i
S.vC. 5=S,-7 fi 'Xiyft S 7 r��jH7fi;Sferit JngV^lMVptaV
Ptiiput'. of aril 7 sra'<JeS/pf' P^aT "i$XiiXr,
^nrisXlsy^^iyi}^^^^ Same ~.;-%$(S:
^in^VwgrgVvSn'V^iil^ *Ivxj ,
ilve-Blac*; fojiaiiAiML'V XXX-XXXXXXXsiXX
'���7. -Car' 7Fo'r E7y'ery, Two W-smiite'S':. ,,.:.
FigU:res.7i.ubl.ishpif, liy tJie Kia-eau &
some time aiid uses your Sanative Wash,
told*me about it and I recommend it ! I'nblte Jioads in Washington show
��� now, .as I have received great relief ; that. 12,23S.3/'5 motor cars were re~i��-
- from iC'^Mrs. Nelsox.Yott. K,-R. 1,    ..,.,.,, ,..,.,  ,..��� --���-������,,     ....   ,
'Eb'erts  Ont". _i-n([ "'���'  >'-'ai-in tlie Lnitnl Siates.
'.   Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Gom:: TllIs nj','ans- offirtal_s Say, that one of
. 'pound is a medicine for ailments com- ��� evi'r.V two American famines owns a
mon to women.    It has been used for J car..   Last vear I.TTa.OiVi wore ''dded
euch. troubles fornearly fiftyyeafs, and', 0  ^ .ljsf ot- 0,vneT?;':  '. The  bureau
thousands o.f JR'omen have found relief :.,.-. -   .7 .   .,   -     - . ��� -. '   -      -
-as did Mrs. Yott, by taking this splendid : &ell^��-'s.thai the number of cars'wlil.
medicine.       -. :        '   ���' _, reach- l'j.OOft.OOO in "two. years".-''
If you are suffering from irregularity, i     ".-!���.'.  -   7'1 ���Xy.���: 'X.-y-.x   ;V
painful  times," nervousness,'headache, ["   Qn "',.], e ave-rafr^evc-rv man   woman
backache or melancholia, vou should at      - ,y, .,... . ,. "��� - - -X .." ; ���.-   ' -V ^"',u,
-once begin to'Uke Lydia E. Pinkham's j ,md <;lnU}-^ Greal.-Bntain pays'a-iiU
Vegetable Compound. It is excellent to ; -tle.-inore .t.nan. ?100 a-year ^jn XiLvatjoii.J.Kurope... -'
strengthen th.e system and heln to per- ;        '���'..''> .'"���'. - .--:��� ���- .'  "'"   Xx"-X' ������'""'
&>rrn its functions Wth eage/and. regu- r ��� -Jn" ^X United; SratesVover �����, .00:000
jcxity* ij
prf cQbfiyM i 17 i i: t;VV^J i iii i p U TP^Vilab ixvj^t-j ic7': 'S fe ti:cVi;" 1
tlijpVSyi. f I7^ri\i;-TJr^Vyi ri cft^i Wf ilJ i'^?^ 1: ^^^y.fi ::_:_��.
giiiGil 7:;i) jVitli % iftii cytigno ��'. a^fitfHeJVesli*;
hiai4[ kftiiy:.jiip;i;pWhsufc^'t!iaf7^ejfsj?
SiJM d:in|j7 X&iix Xmp g:;: .-.> Th;ril jV -has -7;fV;
llipraV'VntV-^ei/tV'^s:- a -jiiiStiejifQV.-' ^niifc
aliifefprJpie "Jnilitfffuh;lan'(ii.r'fer file iw;--
(J'O'tii .-. iit jS a7cfi;ametcrJpn|cV(pr;fip^ri
JSVs^tf^^tp(fhivi| jia t^|rut:ifi|S71i?fu*
ifv Vwet SI-e Vf0 -;; cta'p p"V' sue ee^jt f \i\iyy ��� avj f:l-j-
the many'knd eQjfVfpleXTxrobl'ems pi'e-
senled By tte-Vdays- in wiiicli 'w-g iye
HylngV-SfPM.i'ei. I- ���.�� JfPiH'nal-. of. ,i���om-.
iiiereeT.'.���'���'.'': '���'-.'' -:��� 'X-yx- 7 .-;'..���;��� ���-.   ���.
began about the'time 'pf ; James I.-,
ViV(?llingtpn.-.ilip"Diike .'of. Vorlc,-.:Pilt,-
I-'os'."all--rquj.liVdueIs.".Vlii.Js6s an oflV
cer \v;is'hanged- for lulling' an't6jipbn-
Vtil-,'- bift.'iherc."5v;iH>a suspicion of ���foul'
play'.:'-,; In'.1Si:',.;iill the.participants Jh
-iiV falal".diiel;'second's7and   'witnesses,
Wei'ie'scnVpnr'eti.'to'death and only par-'
doneii b'y-'royjil clemency, lt'-was fin-
>lly "abblislied.'llii'ougli the ini'luence of
V.ici'oriit rind Albert and ;a,.si)ccial"ar.li"-.
cj,<?.��i'f-wiir>'ililcd-iri. 1S-13- which "ended
.1 iluellitig in '-viie'.'J.'.r-iiish army..-   ',-''
Eskimo .Murderer Now Awaiting- 1 rial
"-'������'; ;.' At Herschel island - ..- ,
From the Fitzgerald detachment of
the RiC.MiP. word has reached Majov
6." L. Jennings;--at--Edmontons-regarding'Uie7 talcing toVAklavilc for trial'of
the/Eskimo murderer^."of; '.Constable
Doalc of .'the force,'anil.P. Binder, post
manager for -the-.Hudson's..'Bay. Company. _-.'On'the trip tp'wiierc.the prisoner was ;luinded7'oyer' to- await 'trial
seven"liuiidrcd-'-miles Vol. '"��� tiie V Arctic
coast line. was. covered by dog .team
and .a. further H2-;Tn.i_es by -schooner.
"According to'..the .belated, reports,
now'- to hand,' ' .Constable Stevenson
of. the "frontier .forcer-left" Three'Riv-,
ojrs detachment <on-Coronation-Gulf)
:with a native sled and. six. dogs7 en
route i'or llerscbel-, island': wiih -the
prisoner, -one <Alaco6mi"ack."V The- po'-.
lice, ojllcer.was also accompanied by
Peter". Norberg-o.I the. 1-I.B.C. who-was
"then on his way to the "outside".from
Iiis post on Kent Peninsula.-'-.'-. 7
'Two or three .feet of crusted snow'j
covered-"'the trail in, places and'di.lli-
culfc travelling was met at times,- and
!oh one occasion it took, the-"party ten
-'H hours" .to coyer, eiglit-miie portage..'
��� "Once arrived "at. the Mackenzie
delta the. party' were forced to camp
for a month until thc-icp \vcnl<bu'l-arid
'lliey.were able to proceed-up river-by-
sclidoner. - "The accused'will-come ui>
i'or trial at Herschel;lsland during'.tlie
.coming summer.   ,:-''' 7  '"-������'    '"-
and it seemed as if I had a, steel band
pressing.on my head... The least excitement would almost drive me into
fits, and my whole system schemed to
be in. disorder, I had cramps in my
legs nearly every night,' and hot and
cold chills running up aud- down my
back nearly, all Ihe time.. One day I
decided tc try Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills, anil-after I had taken-six
boxes I began to feel better.' -I kept
on-using'them and after a-while I was
completely relieved." '-���--.'. .. '
���Price 50e a box at' all dealers or
mailed direct on .receipt of price by
..Tlie T.:MiIbuni Co., Limited, Toronto,
'Out:-"-:    -'--..'    ."    -"   -    -,.-'..-���
."..Western'Horses  Shipped'to   East
A revival.of.the horse business with
Eastern. Canada is'reporied-froni sev-"
cralV soiivces."- . New. Ontario ' lias
bought-horses fram.-Nortlieni-Alberta.
'.Calgary,reports a shipment to. Prince
Edward Island,':aud.'".Manitpba has sold
two "car.ioads recently ib'Nova'Scolia.
l.t.'is;said" tliat "Newfoundland.- i's:loblc>
ing .tothc. west to'"meet-its;.iieedsi"ai
Eastern -Canada lias stopped growing
horse's i]i'cxce,ss~'of:i,U;.^yn requirements.. '���:.      -' 7-    "..      "".' '"     ;���".-'    '- '    ' - '"' "
������''.. ," y������ - Soft Answer ,- .- '-
:--'-A- .witty as:W;cll iis-a soft answer will"
sometimes turn away wrath.' -A can-,
didat'e-in.'tlie niidst-or a stirring.-address was.struols full'in the face witli
a,'rotten.egg;';'- Pausing to wipe"away'
the7eontents:of the.missile, he. cilmly7
.continued; "Thaye always contended
that my hon'orable opponent's ��� arguments -were extremely uiisotindV"-
New   Microscope   Perfected
Will   Dissect  Matter that  is  Invisible
to the Naked Eye
A micro-vivisection apparatus, governed by finely adjusted screws, whose
work is so delicate" and minutely exact
as to enable it to dissect living human
cells which are actually invisible to
lhe naked eye,,has been perfected by
Prof. C. E.Tharaldsen, of the Department of Zoology, of Northwest University, according v to an announcement made at the university.     ^
"For j years 'scientists have been
making repeated attempts ��� to break
through the barriers surrounding the
invisible protoplasms wliich make up
the human -body, on.the theory that
once-the'complete basis cell is perfectly understood, the control of the
greater machine will be vastly expedited," says the announcement, which
adds: "The- hew. invention accomplishes thisW X
The little device can be held in the
palm of one hand. It is of brass,
with various' screws manipulating the '
arms, which in. turn govern glass
needles and pipettes tliat literally cut
the.living' cells which arc suspended
in a hanging drop- of nutrient fluid
under the le'nse of. a microscope.
A year ago Professor Tharaldsen
invented a'paraffin oven whicli greatly simplified,the worlVof research in
laboratories. None of his inventions,
he says, will be sold for his personal
profit.'but will-be turned over to hu-
ood, use they
will serve.
Salt  Production  In  Canada
Immense Deposits of Glauber Salts in
.    . Saskatchewan
_ In 71922 Canada produced 2,4'JS (0113
of salt, cake, valued at $54,804, and
3,329 tons of glauber salts, valued-at-
$-12,719 according to, government figures. ' There are a number of. immense deposits-of glauber salt in Saskatchewan which'at the present time,
are only in tlie initial stages of de..
vclopmenf,'but it is anticipated that,
the next few years will see a consid-.
erable increase in production. ".
'.Grain   Handled, at Vancouver.
'- "A total of 13.09S.CGQ-bushels o�� grain.-
were-handled-at thc terminal elevator,
at'..VanctfuverVlurlng. 1922, according '
to -a;statement made by Hon. ,T. A..
Itobb;"Minister, of'-Trade  and   Coin-'-
merce.    ��� Of   this -amount" 32,D0S,0SS
bushels .were-wheat.     Total receipts/
at the' cleyatoi' 'were $17.1,-273, and-.to-,
tal "expenditures'?73,S6S. .' ..     '.
iWithout"" the    love'  of books-tlie
."ichost..man''_is__. poor;___but. -cndo_w_ed.
with.-tliis.treasure, of-  treasures", . the.
poorest-   man ~-.is    rich.--J. A. Lang--
ford.   V '" -; "'   ."-" / .'  -,' -; ._"--   '-'-'..'
'.Motor tr'aflic is sphcaVyin London
that roadways.are now built u'p .'on
concrete .foundations 12 inches thick,
instead of 6.inches as;a few years,ago.-
- TheAlaska Agricultural College-ami
S'cl'iool. 7"of ".Mines at -Fail-bailies.' "lho
most" northerly institution of its- kind;
now.-is., engaged in its" first yoar pf
worlcV   ������-"-' ;."""" -,- L-:.V"    ':' , '  .;."-. .-.-
7- Coal taken; from submcrgcci vessels
iii salt-water "is found IP be much:im.:-
proyed-.as.ji -fuel,-leaving, but .Jittlo
ashes"when"burned.   '-'_'���      '���,,'-'--"_".-���-
struRienf ��� like a ���Sisa.r4iO'-7Vhyppd'erii>i7s
si;'i%ie *7*seiiieii^nt.o71ii:��_Vdeact7bodi.:
iiiw:- is
coiled  arid   the  chase  begins
Tbe l-.r.rpopn is .shot from al
' Claims Greatest Business Woman
Japan  claims   the worlds  greatest
business ...wpmaii   in   Mrs. Yoae Su-;
7.uki. a widow said to be wortli S150,-!
000^000; ������;,She owns  fleets of .steam-!
ships,   -factories   "all    oyer;.the    Far
East, and.has offices in America ..Great
Britain'.;.and-"'.on ....the  'continent, -.'.of
[.gioveife, ���
Iiandiing    a subject-wjfh'ou'.
ihe    wise orator proceeds to
wash his hands of the whole affair.
W     Reading  For  Speed        ;.
Twenty-Thousand Words'An  Hour Is
-''-.- the Average;Speed'
-" Host.-., persons; in- reading" printed
niii'tler; glance,oiily at tiie. top jiaif oj'
!. the letters'before them on the page.
The-truth-of-this statement is easily-
proved by- covering ��� first .the "bottom'
.and then the. top Iialf.ofa.Iine. of.letters." V7 When" tlie. bottom., lialf. is 'covered Mlie^average reader has little'difficulty 'in following'the .sense.'.'.-' When
"thc-.tqp is concealed,':howev6ivh.e find's
himfe'eir'inimedjatcly at a loss. . .The'
speed at which a person can read and
fake in the. sense, pi what be-Vis. reading Vyarios'-'cnprmously. Tiiv individuals:.
The Ordinary' reader-caii ��et" through
about 20,000 words in an-hour. Fast
readers can easily double lliis "spc'.d.
A unique case was lhat of a faniou:-.
Sman ol" .earnhif. who could road'ami j
remember more than fifty words--a second. He is said lb have road six-
novels a day.
.������-UNLESS-you see the .name.-'.'Bayer'' ori tablets,.you
WV'Vw'-W-   vare.not,getting Aspirin.aiall.{-.���'���-'    -7     ���-,.
Tiy ..means of airships, Bombay, India, could be brought within three an!
a.half days' journey of London:'
. i acres    of   iand lie-'abandoned on ac-
j count of we*>d gi o wi 11'.-���'-'���'.>!;;...'-'". ���' {yX
.-, In" Paraguay ihey, have "a very, small j
ca!7;th'roe pounds;in !wel|ihi'
ily," wliich -never eaterwauis.
J     4.-K1TX FCR tr.rz c._ CA^E AOCK   V.VKltilGG.CKlZMajliX
��� They All Struggle
- Reporter,���''I called mada.ni, to loam
something of thc early  struggles- of
! vour distinguished son."."   ;, -.
Old Lady.���"lie had  -no'   struggles
j: that. I can ro.colle.ct. except   .that    he
nVnde a good deal.,oi-fuss aboui'-hav;
j.ing his fade washed." .'    V. - - . :-���' - ,-���7"
Every;-".'dollar ."-.spent'-' In"'your home
| town is a boost for the community; ..-
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," wliich contains directions and ;dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe ��� b.y millions -for
Colds V".  Headache Rheumatism
Toothache-      Neuralgia Neuritis
. ;. ...Earache..  ,'"-'_' Lumbago . -        Pain, Pain
Eandy. "Bayer" boxes of 12 tibkts���Also bbttlsa of Hi and 100���timg��isiz.
Aspirin Is the trade mark' <r>g;is*'--rF-jl in Canada) <jf Bay-cr,Maa��factur(. of Mono-
aceticacldtster ol SaHeyUcaeid.    "While ft .Is.-a-elJ kno-wn that Aspirin means Bar*'
jnanufactur*. to ajwlst the public aealhat iroltatjor-i., the Tabic-tj. of Bayer Cosipaaj
. Trill fc<s stamped -srlth Uitlr several trade mark. tb�� "Barer Cros*."
X,t^ THE'   -LED'aE.     HREEN-WOOP.     TV     C
Defeat In
Alberta Liquor Vote Nov. 5
Wi!iii!'peg,.7'';~'>e .Wheat Board Rill
introduced in lhe Legislature by Premier John- Bracken, providing for
Manitoba's participation in* the establishment or a western compulsory
wheat; board, was defeated in lhe
Lej.islal.ure when the. measure was up
tor second reading. Tho vole was 21
to 21..      7
Defeat of the bill does not involve
resignation of the Government. Premier ijracken having announced recently, thai this would not be regarded in the light of a vote of want or
confidence, and having given members
.of his. party entire freedom to vole as
l.!l<y> saw lit.
Hon. Neil Cameron, ��� Hon. F. M.
Rlaek. and lion. Vv". It. Craig, were
the three ministers who supported 'lie
Opposition in killing the bill, as well
as I. II. Griffiths, YV. .1. Short I. and AV.
C. McKmnell, all members of the Far-,
niers'  party.      .eighteen   members  of
the Government party, including Premier Bracken and Hon. D. L. McLeod,
Opposing  Forces Are Preparing for a
Long  Fight
j.:Edmon((in:���Alberta    electors    will
j decide on".Monday, November 5, what
j form of liquor legislation shall be enacted  in   the .province   I'or  the   three
years following.
-Premier. Greenfield and his colleagues, in'the Government decided
on "the above date.as most advisable
Provincial Secretary, cast; their votes   for the holding    of   the   referendum
in favor of the. bill, as did two Labor
members, C. A. Tanner and \V. 13.
J'iflyley,""iind one Independent,-Joseph
which  was authorized   by   the  Legislature last. week.
Although    il,    wa's-at first thought
fhimelin, who. supported ut. the behest   expedient   io   have   the  vote in  July,
of his   constituents,- being  personally   Cabinet opinions changed during the
against Ihe principle of llie bill, as lie   lust two.or three days, and it was ap-]
announced. ��� j parehily felt judicious to hold oil' the |
Calgary.���".Manitoba' ha.s   deserted,! balloting    until    after    harvest,    and!
and we will have to'get. along without j threshing in the province. I
lieu." said II. YV. Wood, President of j. It. is understood that, both ilie pro-j
tiie 'United Farmers of Alberta,-'when Libit ion and moderation forces were!
told that (he Bracken Wheal, Board
Bill  had  been, defeated   in-the Mani-
i Capture U.S. Fishing Vessel,1
/Canadian    Boat    Fires    on    American!
Schooner When Order to Stop
Is Ignored
Ottawa.���Details  of  the   capture  of
the    United    States  fishing  schooner;
Siloam, of Seattle, were made public
by /the   -Marine   Department.      'The
statement says flu. fishery protection
steamer    Malaspina    (Captain    New-
combe),  sighted   the   Siloam   engaged
rilliant Scenes At
Royal Wedding In
London.���The   Duke   of   Vork   and : ing figure in hfs. bide uin'oim oj   the
Lady   Klizabeth   I_owes:Lyon   joined j Royal Air Force, with the blue riband
in fishing within one mile of Solander ! ilanjs  aiui   hearts  before  the  golden : of the Garter auoss his shouldei  and
favorable, to a  ..prolonged-   campaign, j
rather   -than    a . short and .strenuous I A.   S.   McDowell,   Proprietor   of   Thc
one, 7 as. would   have   been   inevitable;
hud the vote been taken in July, only!	
t'obti   Legislature.
"The whole matter i.s in  the hands
of I lie governments of the provinces j a    short    time   after farmers usually;
concerned, and they imisi decide/what j finish with their seeding. ,f
action will be Uijcen," Mr. Wood said.
Island, about a mile off the west coast
of Vancouver Island, near Cape Cook.
When no attention was paid to the
M'alaspina's three* whistles, the usual
signal to stop, the Malaspina fired
iliree blanks across the bow of the
schooner. The latter continuing, two
solid shots were fired, but still no at-
altar in Westminster Abbey wliile all
Britain poured out its blessings.
The great edifice in Parliament
Square, which enshrines within its
hallowed walls lhe mortal remains of
kings,   queens,  martyrs,     saints    and
a golden sword at his side. The .six
bridesmaids, two ol whom are soon to
become brides themselves, stood behind the couple.
As  the Duke and hi.  biide joined
hands, the sun, which had not levealcd
heroes, has been the scene of a tlious-j itself for several duvs   --uddenly cm-
;md national ceremonies of transcend-   erged   from  behind  the mist, and  us
tention was paid.     'J'he captain of ihe  jnf, j���ierest, but it. has witnessed tow i light, coming through the high valuted
ihat surpassed the beauty and solemn- ' windows of the Abbey, cast, an el'ful-
Star, Lemberg, Sask.
"I presume thsif_Aiberl!i'.'.;ind Saskatchewan^ will go ahead with, the
wheat, board witlioui. Manitoba."
H. B. Road Affain .
Prospective Loan For Persia!
Government Favors Thorough Investigation  fnto Feasibility of Route
Ottawa.���The   western  demand   for
Syndicate     May,    HelpAngora j completion  of the  Hudson   ISay'Kail-
j Government, Says Report | way was the principal theme beiore a
|     London.���The  ic.an  whicli a  United I recent caucus ol the Liberal membeis,
' States syndicate is reported to be con-   and fhe G <>- era m en Us police iowards,
sidering  lot   the  Pers,:in  Go. r.nmenl | the enterprise vvill likely be deie.nun-! bl'0Uu;,H   ,,,e  ���inil<il1  ma"  ��"   ��0ill(1
Malaspina than hailed the captain of
the schooner, requesting him to stop,
bui. he declined. Two ' solid shots
were  then fired,    but ���'missed,'".after
J which the-Malaspina ranged.alongside
and demanded that the schooner stop,
j warning the captain that if these in-
jstructions were not obeyed, the ves-
i sel would be sunk,
sisted on paying no'attention to this
warning, consequently no alternative
was left to the captain of the Malaspina but to fire a rifle volley at the
pilot house, resulting in one of the
crew being hit in the shoulder.     The
ily this romantic event. ���   ; gence upon the gallant Duke,and his
All the members of the Royal fain- j lovely bride and brought  into bold re-
ily and a brilliant    array    of   foreign I lief the touches of gold, crimson and
princes, nobles, ambassadors and m in- | silver in Uie costumes of tho brilliant'
isters, with their ladies, were there,     i assemblage of spectators.
The   eulire  service   was   conducted j     Thc Dulfe stood fully a head taller
with the traditional precision of Drif- j than Lady Elizabeth, Iiis   erect    mus-
i'he schooner in-i is|, ,.0J.a| eVenls. Only when the i cular frame and the ruddy glow of
bride was calico .upon by tlie Arch- ! his countenance contrasting'strongly
bishop   of   Canterbury   io   repeat   tlie J with I he delicate figure of   his   bride,
solemn'initial, beginning: "I lake thee
to be my wedded husband.-'; did her
manner betoken an. sign ol nervousness. Ilei \oice was scaicel. autl-
cliooner then stopped, and the ciw  jl)U. U) ,,,,, vaM ,.(.���,,,.<..;.,.i0n.
would, il made, take the place oi  that fed by ihe counsel given.     The gist of
[contemplated by Grem Britain under
I the Anglo-Persian agreement whicli
Persia lailed to laiily t\.o years ago,
according to the diplomatic correspondent; ol the,Dail. Tclrgj.ipli. The
writer, who recently pioles.sed to ha\e
learned ot  thc piospc-ciive loan, sug-
Ottawa.���A bill to aiiK'nd and con-| Hon S. F. Tolmio moved an aiiiend-
solidate acts icspecimg livestock was! mem which, he said, was de.-.igned io
considered in' the House. Ainong I appear as a clause at Uie end of the
other things, the bill. pro. ides that :i i bill, and piovided "thai id over, case
commission man 'selling 'livestock- < where, in. thc opinion of a -veterinary
must depos.il any monies received -loi inspector, duly appointed in accord-i ges-Ms thai knowledge ,ol ihe.se npgo-
tlie same to a separate- account and, mice with .tlie provisions of the Ani- j tuitions may lia\e pivmpled the Tiuk-
not disburse the money. e\cept in ac- > mals Contagious Diseases Act, a eon- ish Xatiomflisf Government to an hn-
cordunee with regulations made by iho I lagious disease ol animals exists, or ! mediale" subst:.nihil advance horn the
exchange and.approved by tlie jiiin- j i.s e.\pec(ed io exist, the Annual Con-1 Chester syndicate. This request.Mlie
isler. _ tagious  Diseases Act ih-\]\ pievail asj correspondeni adds, possibh  accounts
Robert Forl.e Iliciin.'!l these regula- .against this act or all or any .other i lor leporfed ilift'erenees biiween
lions vcrv necessary. Recently, hejacl.s lehiling lo li'\estock or Ir c.sloek [ members ol the s\ ndicate. Thewiil-
said,    a    Winnipeg    linn, "which   had j > aids." ( cr assorts , that  Ihe.    Angora,   Govern -
been  regarded as v-diablp,  bad   lailed
Agiiculture.  said  he would   leave  ilie|
it lavors a thorough investigation into
the Icasibilitv  of the ionic.
the Malaspina. Thc schooner's boat
��� then headed lor the shore. The
! Malaspina lowered a boat at once and
The proposed inquiry  ma.   be made   " line w:ls I)U,.on bos,r(l U,e **������r-
when il was discovered that the crev^
had scuttled her before leaving.
and a number ol    l..i meis
lho purchase price
1 of slock
had    lost
I Ton. \\". It. Motherwell, Minister ol   mem is in a bad linancial position
or some carloads i bill   in   commit tec   and   consider   the'
! amend.neni.      Progress was reported.1
Discounts Gloom Stories
diticns In Saskatchewan
j iarmei   give   up   his   automobile,   but
I the incieased cost of living was a I'ac-
 * ~      - j lor Hint   could  noi   be  ignored.      lie
Hon.   C.   M.   Hamilton   Tells  of  Con-��� ,>niP,0ll   0lII   ���m,   on   in~ny   ,.������,���  in .
-1 Saskatchewan   there- were   no   cow;, I
I ,
ussia's Girl Judge .
?     xr        '   _   _>        Istrated. while il is be
Is keeping Busy;���, 0ltMoR hlmnt.]y
under the direction ol Sii lleniy
'fhornlon. tliis being the piobable
course. It would embrace the'cost
ol complet'ing the i ail way, the question whether the. contiguous lcrrilor.
would bo productive, Ihe cost ol terminals at Poit Nelson, opcialing
conditions of navigation in Ihe
straits, and also'ihe question whether
or not high maiine insurance Kites
would ollsel tlie advaniajres ol a lowered cost of rail transom I lesulting
from ihe shoiter lmul.      Theie is no
question that Parliamentary sentiment   ln. lhe lurmei.s ���, .Miinil0,):l ;mI s.,b.
from   lhe  eas,   is  adverse  lo  fomple-   lt.llcliewant e!U.��� ,)1(M ���1CP h,r,illg J|0u()
unfilled apiilications, while Alberia is
Shortage Of Farm Labor
Many  Workers  Required   by   Farmers
In Western  Provinces
Winnipeg.���With   lew   men   lea\ ing
Uritish Columbia for larm woik ibis
ispiing, a  widespiead shoitage in ihe
supply ol larm labor is reported lrom
the three prairie pro\inces.
Two thousand workers are required
The biideginom gave the impi't'ssioii
of a man at happy ease The \ener-
able Dowager Queen Alexandra gave
lhe regai ceremony a human touch by
moving out ol her place and bestowing kisses upon the members ot the.
party~as ihc\ came within Die chancel.
Next to the bride arid groom, Princess M,u\ and tlie Prince ol Wales
were  tTie  objects  ol   the  most   a it en-
whose robe of unrelieved white seemed to accentuate the-paleness of her
leal ui'es
After the Atehbi.-hop ol Cinteibuiv
had i ceiled the usual Jiiu.il, Uie Duke
placed ihp ling on ilie'luuilh linger
ol his bride's lelt hand ami in :t resolute voice said :
"Willi this ring I ilice wed, with my
body I i hee worship, and with all my
woihlly goods 1  thee endow."
The Archbisliop ihen .ilfered prajcr.
pjonounced the couple man and wile
and proclaimed lo the \ast congregation:   "Those  whom  God  hath  joined
Has   Imposed   Death   Penalty   On   25 i
Persons Since February ',
tion oi the line, ;u least until its feasibility, in all respects, is Hilly demon-
'strated. while il is belie,, ed that wesl-
.suppoiting   the
road will welcome an investigation.
01 lawn.���Hon      C      M;     i liimilion, | swine or poulliy.     Tie did -not believe j > <"'u'-i
Moscow. ��� Anna      Gui,:mann.
old.  'jircsiding   judge   ol
Must Make Offer to.Paris
also   asking  lor    outside    assistance
The Keqina, Moose Jaw   and    Saska- |
toon  districts can  place ."00 at  once,!
according  to G.  1��.  Tomsen,   Saskai-j
chewan    Suiicrii'tendcnt    ol   the Mm
(ion. \Vales appeai'ed to bc the (.llm- J toireiner let no man put asunder." He
est man in the Abbey, and he to\ ed J added his blessing, and tlie newly
with the jilunie ol his three-coi ncred ! ni.u ried pair advanced inside Uie
min'lar\ hat dining ihe entiie cei e-| sanctuary and knelt al lhc altar v hilo
niony. At one piunt Ale.xandia lean- t he choir sang Wesley's chant,
ed tov.aid him and w hispered in his The Archbishop of Vork delheicd
ear what some in the audience deebu- | a briel address to the Duke and bus
cd must have been good advice to aibiide, in which he said: "The waim
bachelor. . i generous   heart   ol   this   people   takes
The bride, in tlie .simplest and j you today to itsell: won't you. in
j daintiest gown probably e\ei made i espouse, lake that heart, with all its
I lor a roMil mairiage, iuovmI slowly to! joys and sorrows, into jour own''"
jthe-steps ol the all.n on the aim ol The service was concluded with n
her lather, the Karl ol Strathmoie. j short prayer and benediction, and the
j She eai ried no bndal bouquet, h.ivina: (ongregation knelt in silent devo-
i deposited  it on the  tomb ol   the  IV n- ; tion.     Tlie royal couple- I hen repaired
the i
Minister of Agriculture in Uie Sa.skat- J die larmcrs should be spending money
chewan Goveininonl, Urn principal j i,-,r meal, butter and milk, as all these
Witness beloiv Ihe. special committee things should he j reduced tin the self-
on ns.riculiiue. discounted the; si on  ol
1 Moscow district coun, who. a lew; days | Francc   W'H   Deal   With   Any   Offered
Settlement In  Ruhr
out any ical diseomloit.
Wash ingt on ���Now    rej.. csen i a I ions
on ihe subject oi rum smuggling have j
been made by lhe United Stales state | Odessa I'ni' erf-itY.
depai i*iicni lo the Drilis'i Guveinmenf I        " 	
/ '
isi mcomc Naturalized
pessimism and gloom whi'-h a sei i "-s
ol  wiinesse.s, supported  by
ol    members,    havc     been    actively
preaching this session
Mr.   Hamilton  pointed out   thai   his
own    province    had    already    loaned
eight    million    dollar-; on i,-.rm mortgage1!. aiulA.id been able lo Moat farm
loan   debeiiluivs   beari"g  inteiesi   at
five*per cent   pei annum.
He    lold    the committee there had
been a great improvement jn agt ieul- j "bich  is requchied in'li iendlj   terms
��� tural    conditions    >n    Saakaichewan.! lo co-oiieraie in pruieniing vessels f!y-
'I'he    Soldier    SctUemcnt   I'.oanl   had | illfir ,l!<i Lriii^h flag lrom engaging in
leporfed  lhat Si'    per    cent,    ol     the.
veterans in South Saskatchewan were
making payments and some ol   ihcm
accumulating a r<\sci vo.     The amount
of   unpaid   taxes   had de< sensed, and
mordiiilis lrom    mutiicipahties 'riipou
the banks had been cut in 'wo.     The
principle  trouble  today  was  that   the
purchasing power of (he I armor's dollar had diminished.     The Juriii'xr li.nl
to pay too much  for  trcTghl   and   toi
nearly everything he pmehased,     Tho
reduction  in rail ial<-s bv   Pariiammt
-had-been ^ei\  bcneiicialT bin t!ie"g;>in
had been largely ahsoibed in, increased    rales   on    the   Great   Lakes and
ocean      Mr. Hamilton was inclined lo
think  ihat   many   lartner.  had   handicapped  themselves by buying kind al
v.ar    pi ices    ^ lie    also thought   thai
fhe  higher standard  ol   living among
the larmers made It more ditlicuil  l<v
the  farmer to s.ci  a'long.      ile dwell
upon   the   (iO.ol!^   automobiles   in   the
province of Saskatchewan,   many    ot
Ihcm  Used   mainly,  or altogether,   lor
Chairman McM.isler sn^e.sied  ,iiat
the people ndijig iu automobiles were
not  spendsng-monev  on the movies or
in the poolroom, and    wore   juobably
greaily benefiticd by the outdoor e.ver-
cise.    The ]U'ovineial minister protcsf-
0(1  that   he did  not   want   to s
o, sent
London.���The  piospecl  ol  Germany
making   a   definite   lepaiations   ol'er.
es,.eci.Ulv   with rclcrence to a settle-|lhe  Wi;lI  t,.||lv b0���us 1)ojng  i;i,ult(;(,
nee  February, and  had  not   ment ol  the Ruhr situation, is widelv
lost a momeni'> siccii oi been uoubled! di.-uis-.ed in the ]jiess.
jiloymenl Service of Canada, who discussed the situation here with the
Dominion Western -Supeiintendenl,
-Major L. F. Howard. The pay offered ,:���'
iji. lhe applications lrom Regina,
Moose Jaw and Saskatoon districis
lange irom J-10 to ?55 per month, with
known Soldier.
She  was joined soon aireiwajds by
the bridegroom, who presented a sinlc-
lo tiie chapel of Kdv.aid the Confessor,
where thcy signed lhe maniage
even men to ineir ueaih loi t
robbery,    inlormed     Uie     \s.sociaied
K.ntained    farm       I'roduclion    couhi I'^'ss correspondent thai she had im-
not be greatly increased, bui the iani>-!i),J'''d !ll�� ('e:!t!l  l��'nali.\   on about   i'j
j pei son? since  February, ami  had  not' ment ol  the Ruhr situation, is widelv ! (hl,.In��,   ilitn-est.     _,Tr    Tomseli    said
' ;d,Mm,ed in thc piess.      The view is ' u))ev    Sns>,.a,c���Ptt.an    districts    want
by  her consci'Mice because ol them,     'generally  taken t hat recent uite. .ince-.' [tvm  ,lp]|)ers .n   W.,K08  v.nV)Zini.  ,l0m
An Excellent Fuel      ; Sealing Vessels Are
Fighting Ice Barrier
Says   Ontario   People   Fully   Satisfied i
With Alberta Coal - ' 	
Ot lav. a.���According   to   Geoige    R ' Newfoundland    Authorities    Endeavor
im    j> t. Ti        Q '��� I    ''"�� mnv !'^!ilc in Communist acliv-   of Gerniaii  statesmen and  comments
"0 i l*6V��ill lUIlll jITIUggiing ^ iUes is a  native ot   Kishinev, Dessai-j by  German   newspapers  point   to   the'
Pratt. Fuel Kngineer lor Aibetla, wjio
���>!0 to ?I5 per   month   unnl    hanestlis here supervising demonstrayons oil
io Send Relief to Npe'dy
, People
time, when (he bonus will !.<��� paid
sibia, of,Jew ish pareniage.      She hud j likelihood    that    an    iinporlant    pro-j 	
to tuiit   school and go  to v.oik when j nouneement  on   Ibis   subject   will   bp   �� ,    ,      ���      .     j-
13 years o*d, but  later studied law  ..t , l.oi thcoming Irom  Derlin  in  the near \ D!*U&iH   06flOS   L&l'g6St
i Alberia coal, the jieojde of Ontaiio 'uei     Si. .lolm, Nfld.���Setilmg vessels ic-
i lullv s-itisfied that Alberta coal is an | turning Horn the annual hunt, are bo-
i '
t excellent luel and would meet the ie- 'ing used io try to force fhe jce barrier
j inline. Oi>iniop.s diil'er as fo wlieihei
| such a pioiiouncemcnt would coniain
Ian outright olL'ei m figures. It has
, been Inn led here ihat Lord Curzon has
suggested to Germany a sum which
liquor   traiiic   between   United   States.   u-s-  R��dio  Company  Issue? Order to   would be acceptable io the Allies, but I
cjuiremenis  hitherto  filled   by  Ameii- f on  the  south  coasi   ol  Newloundland
Nf'HInPT   Of   EnFPYSntS'c:u1 iin'bracitp.     He declares individ-   and  carry   food to-staiving xicoplc of
"* mils testing the coal had i.eporied verv ' the shore settlements.
lavorably The dilliculrj at the pies- i'or mouths thc icebound coast
eni lime was Ihe dcla\ ol railway ��� lias buried erforts ol the Newfound-
companies in reaching u decision a.s uiilnnd authorities  lo '���end relief to the
3,570   Came   to   Canada   From   United
Kingdom in  March
Ottawa.���Immigration   increased   23
Canadian ETmployees
, the 'times proteoses    the    ability    to i pe.r com. during March  as compared
Among   Ihe  .subject.-,  taken  up was1     New   York ��� SKI \-m.\- employees ol   deny    this    report.      The    newspaper   wiih Mai eh ol Uie previous year.     01 j
the question ol  cancelling the  ilrili's-li   the -Radio  Cr,j point jo**- ol      \mciica, j "'so givc< uli crane p-= ol Allied stales- ! (1,7 IS immigrants last month 3,570 are
regis! ry of rum    vessels    which   are ' most of them Canadians bv birth, will'men showing ihat any  oli'er ol settle-   P.iitish and   l.fiGI    from    the    United [
lound to be    actually   controlled" by j lose  iheir  positions,  unless  Uiey  be-   ment  in   the, Ruhr    must    be    made   States.     In. Mai ch ot lasi  year imini
treighi rates. Sj.ecdy action was re-j needy fjshei folk. Conditions have
quiied, he '-aid. if arrangements' v. ere \ been giowing steadily worse anc7 in
lo be made lor shipment--: ol coal dm-J some settlements tood   .sur>plies   have
ing the .summer months.
United States jnleresis.-  - The Uritish ' come   citizens  ol   (lie   United   Stales,   dii ectly io Parisynd nor lo Loudon or
ambassador also wa . asked to use his! J. G. llarbord. President ol  the com- ' elsewhere
cood otlicos io obiain an agreement oe-| pany, issued un older    lequhing    all
I ween the  United Slates' and Canada I alien  employees to lake out nalural-
by   which  the    Dominion    authorities j izaiion  paper''.      II   Ihej   do  not.   he
v.ould %top issuing dearances lo .'es-   said. "Ihey afe al  iiberlv   to leave."
Executions In  Ireland
I'rallee.     County      Kerry-
grants   lotulled
were Rritis
ed States. ���
l-'or    the
r>,."��!S   of  illicit   1.501
and 2.G70 iiom Uie Unit
been completely exhausted. Vessels
.senl out irom this pint loaded wi*h
needed j)rovisions have been caught
and held in the ice.
Japa Take Over Missionary Work
Tokio.���The   comerence  ol   Knglish ;
i and American   episropal   bishops   in
months     ending' .session   here  announced   it   had   been , Prepare   For   Opening   of   Navigation
Fort   William.���The first grain boal
fo navigate the Kitm river    was    Uie
sols wiih liquor cargoes designated
the United Slates:   -' _
Richard ] Mai ch,   total   immigration   was   72.8K7 , decided to hand ov.i   to the .Iap_.nt.-se \
j iralhw.iy. James 'McKnry    and    John [���a decrease_ of 19  per cent, in  com- | eIuire control ol the ecclesiastical al"
jv-.v.......    ..^...   ,.....;_.,��   ..j.^   ,..1_,i,1   l-���_-.'. ::\.     '-.  ��� ---"Ti.-.. _1"'tail's ol mi.ssion.ny work in fisj.j.a and , Micliael Gallagher,-which was_moverr
ns"ttie "Anrericiin "Marconi   "i.'("niipany7' 1'iee    State    aullioriiies.      ifathwaj.   months pievious ��� -   i Tokio
Til Radio Corporation was oigani/d ] Gieaney   weie   (-\ecuted   heic  byihe   p.irison   with   the- coriespondyig _V.
ifathwaj. ' months pievious
;>    .British '  ' '���
'with    most    of
ils oflicers Uritish oi j who was a deseitcr
Asks   Extension   Tor   Highway   Grsnt   Canadian, since  being iak'-n  over by J regiment, was capiuicd in Uie recent , H�� RpnHll0  Msflp
Ottawa.���Hon.  C.   P.  Gi'aham,  Aei-!1^-  t'nI>ita.l. naiiiiali/.uiiop  has'been : sieire o( a  cave  in  which  a bund oil       *       l        o
ing  Minister  ol   Railw.ijs," has  given ! vigoioiisly uiged.                                        irreeulars   were   holding   out   on   the I                  .   j\f}S6&rch   Pr0l6SS0"*"' wIlom  ,,lc   U'ansier ol   the  woi'k   li.i- ' eil   in   prepaiation   lor resumption  ot
jiotice  of a  niou'on  in  tlio  House  io I  :  .Kerry clifis.   , j   , bc made. i tun igation.
This fontiol has been held | lrom the Grain Giov.ers' to Patter-
by the foreign missionary bishops loi i son's elevator by the tug Sfrathmore
the past ijo years. The c"nierence , She i.s taking on a wheat cargo. In
ippoinled  two Japanese    bishops,    to ' Port'APiliui  the Pollock i.s being load-
e.\tend   lor   a   futther   two   years   the
louse   10 j  :  |^eu.    .-ui.:-.    ,
Clcthing  Workers Open  Ba'ik -���	
time within   which   Uie  various urn.   '     New   York.���Tim    first   bank to be   May Abolish Conferring Titles In S.A.
inces may earn and be pcid tlie sums : operated in this state by if anion Jaboi j     Cape.   Town.   South   A idea���In   Uie'
allotted to them    under   the   Fc.iei a! j oijgar.iza'ian. Urn  Amalgamated  Rank ]1 louse of   Assembly,    Labor    Leader""
Highways Act. .      : lounded bv  the   .malgaiivited Clothing ' Cies-swcll   indicated -hfs   intention   to|
  'Workers ol Amciiwi, ha': ju��t  oper.nd | uiovp lor an address jnayin;; lho King1
Citizens Will Be Armed
London.���A Dublin despaich to.lhe
Times sttvs the Free State Government has decided to issue revolvers
and ammunition to well disposed citi-
j'.ons lor the protection of their lives
and propeity in view ol the piev'alence
Of jobbery which in many instances
the'ha., been accompanied by violence.'
its doors.     The- organization lecrnlly
opened a bank jn Chicago.
in    re-Dam    horn lonfeiring titles on ���
residents of fhe I mon of South Africa,
Toronto   University    Receives   $10,000!	
Annually For Treating Diabetes,       [
Toronto.���_>r. F. G   Ranting, discov-j
eier of insulin   is  to  be  made a  ro-j
search  prolcssor al   Toronto   Univer- !
[siiy   under   ,i    bill introduced in the!
e Country
Toionto ���Wnhtn -i bonis alter the   Got Pi mucin   lacking a  majority
decision   of   the   Oniatin   Liberals 70 { 'bo elect ion,  to  call  a coiiierrnce oi
lhe   elected    nienibPi".   fh-    defeated
have no tnick 01 irmle with the Farmers' Go eminent. Prcmiei Timrj. ai
htadquarlers of ihe United Farmer..*
oi Ontario, agieed 10 the dtmands laid
down on April It by the runners'
Sun, and smoked 'lie pipe 01 peace
wiih Secretary J. .!. .MonNori and
iiieinbej.s 01 the l" F.O  executive.
If Uie 11 uce\ lasts long enough, the
lariiieri- will t'o lo ihe counriv as a
solid group. Rut ihere must be no
"broadeni'\" out" eiilier beiore "or after Uie election, without Uie consent
of the "iganization.
According to an nfliei.il statement
banded out from the .I'.F.o, offices
after the conference, the Premie^ has
pledged  himself, in the  event of ihe
eiecteu membei';. it>
candfdate.s, and the ���o\ecuii\p 01 the
United F-nmeis and allili.ned oicni-
/ations and be miided by 'he decision
Tw'o weeks ago, in a speecl) at
.Milton, the Premier took up the
challenge oi" the Fanner.:.' Sun and
1 rinsed to promise that-he would not
accept the support of either of the
other parties, "believing in our lerord"
alter the election as a means of con-
liauing the I'.F.O- Government in
power. What he pi.ictically resumed
to do two weeks ago ihe Premier lias-
done new.
Hon. Manning HokTty was
mediator between the Pr*>mi*-r
the "organizations.
I.egishuuie      The act is lo bo known I
, ' 1
ins the Ranting and  llcsi  Medical Re-I
1 1
,se;iich 'ViCt and (alls lor ihe annual!
1 pav'iii"iH ol Slu.fiOO to Mm governoi.si
1 01 the Univcisity ol Toronlo, who aie!
lo set it aside ,'is the Ranting and Rest ,
; fund lor ihe amelioration ol ihe- ion-!
1 diiion ot peisonf siifj'djj.^ Isom di.i-���
1 bci"s.
Says Oriental Problem
In Canada Calls For
Rigid Immigration Laws
Ottawa���The   jrieaiesl   ally   ol
ihe I -  Releiiinc 10 a bill wlm ii is schcduT-
Oiienta"! in'ei'iiciimr Canada has, been j ��' '�� ^omo before the Coiiimon.s at any
lime   now.   Dr.   'Jolnne  ,s-iid   that   "it
Earthquake  Reported
\ it lori.i.��� \n e.uihiiuake of moder
au nitensiiv wiih vv ell-detmed rccoid
on   all   inMiiniieiiis j-, icpoited fiom
(Jon/tales    oh-ei vaiory.      The    record,'
continue.1 lot anjiour      Tlie distance
is  estimated  at  about   one   thousand
mihs iiom \ icioiia,,       .  .
j Home Woik Abolished
i     Yv'ii'-l-o:       Ont ��� Abolition     01     the
home woik s��-!"iii in Windsor imblic
'schools  v.a- ouli'ied  by   11�������  Ro'an"
|KduiMiio:i  unci   i'l-usiee C    II,  Smjili
lal'aiked    ih--    s\si(oi    .is ��� < 1 ne! arid
the apathy ol the eastemei, who ]>er-���
sisteiuly   has retrained from caseiully
���studying  the  si illation,  and" who  has 1
I always  looked on  the appeals 01   ihe1
jRiitisli Columbian as being i(  a jiob-i
licai nature and not  taken tins whole
matter  very  -enough,   'according    to,
Hon.  Dr. S   F  Toluiie.    membei     lor 1
Yictoiia in the Federal House, and a
uienibei   o.   ibe-.\Ieii.hen  Goveinnient
Dr.7l'olmie. in an    inteiview    v,nh,
1 the  Canadian. Pipss.  went   on   io j-.iv
juoposes 10 leave wide open the entry
ot  nieichants info Canada.''
"Aliione." he said, "1;,miliar with
ilu- sjiuaijiH. on ihe const miin know
'h:ii \vp have too in my Chinese
merchants in Uiis country now, ;��iul
iheir coinjtetitiou is veiy keeniy lelf
by ibosp 01 oui own i���n> in the
trtJiio line ui business,"
Tlse claiisp cox ei ing inci chains,
be said. al��o wi!)    lead    10    a    gieat
, .       .,,-.,,.  1      >      1 dcif <M   mi-rfpipscnlation.      ''Fxperi-
1h.11 ui spite ot Hiiijsii Columbia leeis- , ' *"
,  , ,     ,    , .    .,     ,     ...     ���.     ��� ence 0! iiiiini!.! ation nuents in ihe nasi
laiion. hae ked 10 the iinnl by ousines.-,, ��� l
clcarlv  shows Unit no loopiiolpc siioulil
.   0|i:,ini/,iti(in.- and various assc-ei-nion-. !
"i be lei t " '
lue people ol   tin   coasi  pioviiii'c ha.c,
, , ���      ,     ' 1     .. .       , ' Tllei e  i
brci met in ihe eat-i by    p. ocia-nnat
I  0||s|)|t   |<>.
The?.-1 four Fiurdy Frgiish hc\z aie srrhing in Catiatla on the Montcalm
fo study western farming methods'. In five Daily '.Matt competition conducted
anions all the Young Fanners' Club' of the ihiti^i i'les they were adjudged
ihe j'lizevinnri*. Mr. E. V.'. Iltattj, President of the Canadian Pacific Kail-
vav, hrs pi\e>i ihcm U.p npvortuniiy ot vj-iiing Canada and .studying Cana-
lll<? 'dian acricuiture.     Thf> "vviii lpcni! the summer at the As-ncuifural College at
Olds. Alberia, ape i-piuir to the'r hr-mes in the I'pIL     Reading from u'schr to,
1T1;J   lett the lucky   jouth- ..ic-  Rcor,uu Grimmer, Clifford White, Gordon Salror ,
and Jo&e_'_i Mniraj. ��� .
mu jio'i'itians. who have tailed 10 s;ive
  71s    legislation    lhat    would    piopeih
Rescued From Aig)~z^s 1 meet th^'-iiiuiiion  and no sinsle p,u _
Sini'.i.���Molly RUis, the ]".-> eai-oid j,5, ,),mp ��o-blame than ill- o-her in
ciil. who was leccnilv lescucd from ti jillis I'-U'��"���iar i^ven.' The icsult
band ol Atsiuin tribesmen. iia= roach- ('-ati T,,lpn 'ilat ,lK'> ],ai1 ?^"'n ""boithe
fesi^Iaiion.   half-way  measures,   jel'y
irthwpsi ; li'-Iung for (ear of huiting ihe f^plings j  .'   [
lot the Orientals,   uniil   the    Chinese',   " ���
I otiPstion. once
onl>   one kind of Jaw   n��
! il.s--, aji'i tliat  is a  law  which  means
toial    PNfh'sion,    wr.h ihe  e:.ception
o,     pcriiiuiing    Hade   undei     proper
11 ecuu'ion-," he" dechued.
]     Ht.     Toiniie     lPiferated    Ural    the
}Asiatic  iV  not     a     desirable,   .settler.
j thar   Iip    will    noi    assimilaie. s.n�� i*
'Canadians are   l*>  toiiij'Pie   v.ilh  liim
musr    en'in-U    chance    iheir
If   urg'-s   that
ed   Peshawar   with   Sir John Maifey
Cluei Commissioner 01 11m Xor
Fromiei pio\inc��"e
. T        T7   , ! .      1       , 7 X-'      !        i  'Canada piofit by   the   cxperiesice   o.
Im mm rants From Holland 'no*  df veloped into an Oriental prob-, .    ' * '
',,.,-.,.. , _   ., -��� ��.    , , t'ne I nited Siritp=,    whore,    be    said.
Amsterdam.���Ihe    Dutch    .'icniin   l��n that is vciv milioiih  to meet.
sir.ti-^ the <;o\Pinm*,nt is considering!    "I want 10 ��ay Uir-tf this countr> and
. .   ; standard   ol   living,
v ��r\   simple one.  i*< I
Uip mattei of enn'ci.uion, of _un<sm 1 n> n pre.spniafives _nuct wake up if
ployed peoi'le in Holland 10 Cin;t<I,! jv.e are to _.ip=_r\e, Canada a.- a wnitp
One bundled men will leave  ilolland [man's count ly to be pnjoyrd by  future
shonlv i(ir Uie IViniiPiop.
' penc-i.'i
much inoie severe iimiiigr.itson Saws
were i>ss=ed after many sliou-anJs of
imniigivsnts of a low type b.'ri, ^aipeil
aews to that ro��*ntn\
W.    N7   U.    H7S
-    . I
r^��j!X. V-��
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $1.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Batray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
��� ~     '    ���  ' "��-  ' ��� '   ���     ���
All other legal advsrtising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcieut display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2/'4c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
and still true, Europe is the
world's metal market, to which
practically all metals find their
way. As Europe is the consumer,
the industrial conditions of Europe
regulate the consumption of, and
demand for, the metals."
That Europe is still in a decidedly unsettled condition cannot be
questioned, but despite this, the
consumption of the metals seems
to have increased aud the greatly
overstocked metal market on this
continent, which accounted for the
tremendous drop in prices in 1921,
has been somewhat relieved, with
the result that metal prices in 1922
have been materially higher than
in 1921.	
Talk of an impending general
election in British Columbia is
characterised as "poppycock" by
Hon, J. D. MacLean, provincial
secretary and minister of education,
as well as other ministers of the
cabinet. Enemies of the government are the only persons demanding an election, and their predictions are based upon false hopes, is
the minister's statement.
Think and dream on the large
Laugh wherever you go; it is
It is a fact that if we had less
laws there would be less lawlessness.
Never use the words "settle
down" until you are at least eighty
years of age. To settle down is to
The women of the' United States
are said to use ten thousand tons
of face powder a year. How much
do you use.
Wagoxs are guided by tongues
in the front. . An auto is different
it is usually guided by tongues in
the back seat.
Another  way   to  be   satisfied
.. with your lot in life is. to keepV the
back part of it cleared of rubbish���-
" particularly after yesterday /which
: was "Clean-up Day^'   V
7 .: .'No' girl, ever .lost! her herb because BhewaBU?tan adept-at using
: all the latest' and   most   popular
.slang of the day. ; There is nothing
in slang for a young man. .to admire and much, less a "young lady..
'-��� If the young lady, wishes the company, of a worth .while fellow Vshe"
���will avoid ueing.slangas she would
poison..; .She.will shun . the girl or
young.!-inan.. who ��� .uses, slang   of
.'.today.--;,'"   V-W"'.' 7.. ���;"-..'-- "������  .    .-
Mineral Production Shows
W v 25 per ceihtvincrease
���   Victoria, .-May   2V���^British.7 Co-
; lamina mining production for the
past, year,   with   a   total,.,output
valued at.. $3.5,158,843, .shows an
"increase of. 25 per cent,   over the
previous Vyear,  according   to'., the
V annual report   of. Hon. 7William
Sloan,, minister; of   mines. 7   The
actual increase for 1922 over .1921
was. $7,092,202.7., If- "tie. rate of
;: production which was; reached last.j
-year,  continues,   1923  wiil set a
.new high[ record.:   At the rate of
acceleration, mining ia now making
- the;total.will run over $40,000,000
J aiid perhapBneai" up; the. 850,000,-
;--'000 -mark, it is estimated. V .. : y .
;,   .THoB.Mr; Sloan states1 that mining conditions are such, now thait.a
fair margin:of.profit is7 being made
by the miner. ��� HeaddsV ,,-���
"It is extremely gratifying to
note that ths output for tbe year
has only been exceeded, three times
in the history of .mining, in the.
province. In .1916, - when produc-
, tion reached over, 842,000,000; in
19.18, when the figure was nearly
as great, and in 1920. when the
7 value  was 835,500,000,
Iri the first two years the pro-
dnetion was tbe result of wartime
. stimnlaa. and  wartime prices   for
the metals,      .
**In the fscfis.of the explanation
of the canee of these higher years,
the output of 1922 is very creditable and indicates thai normal con-.
ditionsare returning and inay be
expected to remain/' stales.tbe
t��Aa noted ioiasfe year's report,!}
Anaconda School
Report for April
Miss H. E." Hopps, Teacher.
No. on roll - - 13
Average daily attendance       12.5
Percentage of attendance     .96.
Total actual attendance ,    -     200
Proficiency list.
Entrance:    Lilly Intilla.
Intermediate Grade 2nd Year:
Andrew Anderson.
Intermediate Grade 1st Year:
John Campolieto, Euginia Cam-
^polieto, Rosie Bombini.
Junior Grade 3rd Reader: Alice
Junior Grade 2nd Reader:
Arnold Bombini, Cynthia Docksteader.    _   !'
Beginner's Reader: George Hingley, Dorothy Boag, Elbert Granberg, Peter Maletta, Elnier Granberg.
���Perfect attendance:7.
Andrew Anderson, Arnold Bombini, Rossie Bombini, Euginia
Campolieto, John7V7 Campolieto,
Alice. Hingley, George Hingley,
Lilly Intilla.  .-.-''-._��� V., "VV, - '-....
Norwegian Creek School
Report for April
Ada M. Burnstill, Teacher.
Number of pupils       -       -       21
Total attendance       - 335.5
Average attendance       - 20.96
Percentage of attendance 99.S
Perfect Attendance:
Andrea Caron, Louis Caron,
Jules Caron, May Clark, Lawrence Folvik, Alexina Gidoa,
Madeleine Gidon, Charles Riley,
James Riley, Virginia Riley,
Alice Watson, Daisy Watson,
James Watson, Irene Watson,
Yves Bohemier, Gisele Bohemier,
Mai Bohemier, Marc Bohemier,
Auge-Marie Bohemier, Bertille
Proficiency List
Jr. 5th Reader:   Andrea Caron.
Fourth Reader:    Yves Bohemier, Lawrence Folvik, Madeleine
Gidou,    Daisy    Watson,     Jules
Third Reader: Altce 'W.alson,
Louis Caron, Irene Watson,
Gisele Bohemier, Marc Bohemier.
Second Reader; Mai Bohemier,
Alexina Gidon.
First Reader: Charles Riley,
An ge"-Marie      Bohemier,      May
Clark,      James     Riley,    James
Watson, Virginia Riley.
Receiving Class:    Mary Gidou,
Bertille Bohemier".
Rock Creek Notes
Midway School    -
{77       : Report for April
-7..O..M. Macklin, .Teacher, ���[.)
No; of. pupils enrolled 7 7 - " - 37-
���No. attending'.during1 month ���'���'��� .28
Average daily attendance���-' - : 21.56
Percentage of attendance. .. 77.-"'������
Proficiency list:   V    .,.:- _- ;  .7.   V
. Senior Fifth .Reader:W Annie
Thomet, .Nellie Brown,. .7 7
..." Junior Fifth Reader: Jpy.Sharp,
Pearlr. Johnson, .Alice McMynn,
Ruth .Carr, Leslie Salmon, -Wilfred Carter.' 7 . , -.-.--    W.':7. V "V.-
VFourth Eeader: Roy Sharp,
Rosalie . Brown, r Leonard Moll,
Kathleen Salmon. ..7 '-"- v- "-'*-'..
Majneen '.Bush', Johnny McMynn,
Verna Evans, Lloyd Chase, Kenneth Stewart.        .'.
Second .Reader (Junior)-;    Gladwin Sharp, Jimmy; Brown, Dorothy
-Birring    Xy'_X " ). '.- : '  ���'- .   : ly V
.; Senior   First   Reader: ;  Olwen
Mair, Bern.adineTBrown. V. V. 7-7.
V  Junior   First  Reader.:... Gordon
Roberts,     Alice;   Mair, ..Luceal
Evans, Marion Mair, Billy Moll.   :
7 Punctuality.and Attendance:.^
-. Joy   Sharp,  .Roy   .Sharp, /May
Sharp,.    Gladwin   Sharp,    Annie
Thomet, James Brown, Bernadine"
Brown, Pearl Johnson,.. John  McMynn, :-.���'������ Verna "... Evans,    Luceal
���Evans'. .-  -..'   - ;VV-.: .-    ���"��� -   ���"-���' -
Greenwood Riding Stock
W Breeders Association
JSTo bulls of any description are
allowed at large within the' Greenwood Riding Bull District between
March 1st and. July 1st. Under
the Animal's Act "The ?6wner of
any such animal permitting the
same to run at large within the
prohibited time and place aforesaid
shall, for every such offence, be
liable on summary conviction to a,
penalty of not more than fifty
The association stands behind all
its members to help in fehe enforcing of the law.
(Signed-)    H. L. T.-.Maetin,
; Have you, paid  your -subscription to The Ledge?7,7
A special donation of 815 was
received by the President of tbe
Farm Women from His Honor the
Lieutenant Governor to be uBed as
prizes for the Girls Sewing" Club
under the convenership of tbe
Farm Women.
On May 2S, 29, 30, 31 a cheese
course will be given at Rock Creek
by Mr. Kelly of the the Dairying
Dept. of the University of British
Columbia. The course will be entirely practical and will consist of
four days of four hours actual instruction each day. During what
time of the day the four hourB of
instruction are taken was left in
the hands of the convener to suit
the greatest number and after consultation with the members from
1.30 p.m. to 5 30 pm. was decided.
The Farm Women of Rock Creek
are to be congratulated as this
course will be the second one of
this nature in the province.
Boundary Falls "Sehool
Report for April
Nellie Axam, Teacher
No. on Roll ���������������-���-'     - 19
Average attendance        - ".    16 2S
Perfect Attendance:
Daniel Boltz, Alice Casselman,
Caroline Casselman, Helen Casselman, Verdun Casselman, Beatrice
Casselman, Gladys Mitchell, Andrew Swanlund, Annie Swanlund,
Edna Swanlund, Louise Swanlund.
Proficiency list.
Fifth Reader, Senior: ' Annie
Swanlund, Joseph Krouten.
Fifth Reader,' Intermediate;
Beatrice Casselman, Caroline
Casselman7.. 7- ��� ';.W
Third Reader: Jovie Klinosky,
Daniel Boltz, Alice Casselman,
Andrew Swanlund, .Annie Klinosky. X-x . - ..       -.���" v      ...
. Second Reader: Helen Casselman,. Frauk. Krouten. 7 ." '.'
7.First Reader: .. Edna.Swanlund,
Verona Klinosky, VerduriVCassel-
man,7- Louise. 'Swanlund, Gladys
.MitchelhW     -��� 7V.VV     V - W-VV
. Receivers": ' Alfred Boners,; Mae
Mitchell AliceTBouere equal;.. V
Oliver's Challenge Accepted
7; "A.short time ago. Premier Oliver
iuWspeech at Salmon Arm challenged .General McRae to a debate
on:'any 'misdemeanor, that the
Government is accused of. General
McRae,immediately. accepted;the
challenge, the d ebate: to-take ���; place
any time after.theVm iddle of June
at Salmon-Arm where the challenge
was made the subjects of debate'to
be :��� Xy V". -���'.'' .- "7;'-W
(1) 7 The.Liberal- settlement .of
the P.G.E. question.. "V
:" (2) . The.dealings ,of Ministers
with their, own firms..
.Old -newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office.;/ ;. Get iome before, they, are all gone. V . ' V;
Kettle Valley,'.B.C.,
May 1, 1923
Editor The Ledge:���
Dear Sir,���
I was much interested
in a letter which appeared in The
Ledge about 2 weeks ago from
"Sportsman." It may interest the
writer and others of your readers
to know what the Provincial Party
intends to do with regards Game
Conservation when they aro ter
turned to power, as enunciated by
General McRae in a speech at
Victoria some time ago. The- proposals are too long to go into detail,
in this letter, but the/principle is
that Game Conservation should be
put in the bands of the sportsmen
'A Game Conservation Board
could be formed, comprising a representative selected by the, active
game association in each game
district. The appointment of a
Chief- Game Warden and assistants
would be under the direct control
of this Board. The revenue from
the gun licenses would be expended
as required under the guidance of
the Conservation Board in the
development of our game an fieh.
Should "Sportsman" wish to see
the proposal scheme in. detail, 1
should be glad to furnish him with
a copy; .-7.-   /  .7 .,';���   - -.
���"'-". .7Yours truly,
'. .-..V' "*'.'���     W.   .    N. .Lewis.
Boy Scouts
7 Troop '[- meets - on   Friday-   at
7:30'p.m. .'in .the Fire.Hall'.-. "     :,''
���-���'  "'   "-.".     ' 7 -CUBS"   '.'- 7. Xy X' _'���;'-
. ;The Gtibs will meet on. Satur-
dav- at 2 30  p.   m. iu  .the7.Fire
Hall." 7..WvWV 7.';';.  .'- .V7
Agent for DcKlge,--Gbey"roletriStudebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage,in connection.
p. McPHERSON        -7    Proprietor
7 Send Your ������'':.-
V   BOOTS  atnd 5HOES
- [yX-X-, '������X To.-'.',,' V W; '. "7.
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work aad material - guaranteed.'  -We
pay.postage one way.: Terms Caab.'
" 7.7; >iyyixxxxmx*yiyxxxgxxxsi
m��#mm$tim v xxmmmm
the ��mMM Mining & 7 Sieltj# M
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department . .
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
. Producers, of-   Gold,    Silver.   Copper, ' Pig  Lead   and Zinc
W7V:'v'P/Voi f i*:;
ummer Excursion Fares
To Eastern Destinations
On SalelDally May 15th to Sept. 15 .
Return Limit Oct. 31
Tailored Clothes
Winnipeg .........X $72.00
Toiooto .....$113.75
Hamilton SH3.75
Loudon....; $113-75
Quebec $141.80
St. Jobu  :'. $160.30
St. Paul ,��.....$72.00
Minneapolis $72.00
Duluth    ,..$72.00
Fort William ..$72.00
Niagara Falls  ..$120.62
Ottawa $127.95
Montreal $i32-75
Moncton .; ...:....$160.30.
Halifax-,... $166.95
Chicago $86,00
New York '.,...$147.40
Boston  $153 50
Many Additional?DestinatiQns
Ask for Rates from and to any Point    /
Route via Port'Arthur or via jSoo Line, through
Winnipeg or Portal, thence via" Chicago^or Sault Ste.' Marie
via^Great Lakes;"or via California at.additionalfifare; or good
to go via one of the above routes, return another. V
J.S. CARTER, Dist. Pass.'Agt.,
Nelson, B.C.
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Spring and Summer
Splendid Assojcjgent of New
Samples Just Arrived
Call and see them
V* ���������-   _ at, 1 _. .
x Tailor and Cleaner
For G
��� lilt
���Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
our customers. Are you
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads,       2
.(Ruled or Plain) - '"2
Envelopes, Billheads, "3
-. (All Sizes)      7 ..  *       -"   -3.
Statements, Business Cards, |
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 1
ar���a ���)-�� in -��i 11 �����, a
I The Ledge
p    GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    g
^uiiUiiUUiiAiiiUiiiiiUiii iUUiUUtiUUiUiaiiUiiiiiiiaaiiiii^
���yEX Wr WIDDOWSOM, Assayer .and
Cheinist/ Box BI108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:~Gold, Silver,-; C��)pper or Lead
fli.25 .each. Gold-Silver ,fi.7S. Gold-
Silver, with Copper, .or Lead fe.oo. Sil-
ve.rrLead |2.oo.. Sjlver-LeadTZinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals,'etc., r,n application..   7   "-, ���-';���';
The Ledge can supply your
every need in tHe 'printing line
and at prices . consistent^witb
first-class work'.'-   V Xy
V-  ]x"X) L^D.ACT   -.���'���"''
._,.._, .__ .--PURCHASE-LAND T" ----- .���
In Slmllksmeco Division of Yale Land District,
-V Recording District of Penticton, B:c.~, and
situate near Spencer, B.C.. situated west of
^ snd adjoining Lotl737 S. D. Y. D: ...���-���-.
-':- TAKE NOTICE.tli'at 60 days afterdate
I, Abel;-Trombley, of- Ehoit, B.C.,'occupation
rancher, intend to apply for permission' to.pur-
cliase the following1 described lands; '- ^. ,;
Commencing-at a post planted 20 chains'
South of'tbe North-West'.Corner-of Lot'1737,
Uience South 20 chains; thence West 20chain'.s:
tlience North 20 chains;. r.beiice-East 20 chains
and con tain in jf 40 acres more or less, for-ffraz-
ing purposes. -        "   -
"    '    ABEL.''TROMBI7E V, v
��� ;        .-���'"���'    ,        --."", . Applicant.
."-_  Dated 3rd April, W23."---  -���,
Synopsis of        w
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to 55 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre. ���       <
Pre-emption now   confined   tosur-��� ^
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
land. - ���     ������ ���
��� Partnership pre-emptions abolished ���
but parlies of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims.   "   ���
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for" five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing ^.ud cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.  7J
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate 'of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence .,
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same eash
year; Failure to make improvements
or'record same will-operate as forfeiture. 7 Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre; including 5 acres cleai-
ed.and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years'are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with hi��..
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory 7 improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding: 20
acres, maybe leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and.improvement conditions.   "
For-grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acrea may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage. '
Natural- hay. meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
-The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or-devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, aa
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This'privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emp-   -
tions. recorded  after  June  26, -   1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisionsfor return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
tastes" on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted, from enlistment to March 31st, 1920. - '
Provision   made   for- insurance   of
Crown   Grants   to  sub-purchasers  of ���
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who "failed to complete pur-   ;
chase, involving forfeiture,  on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and, taxes. ^..VWhcre.. sub-purchasers,do --.-
uot claim whole of original parcel, pur-  .
chase price due and taxes may be dis-   ,.'
tributed  proportionately ' over   whole  7
area.- Applications must be. made by V
Maiy'l, 1920.   .-��� -'...���-������
".' Grazing Act, 1919, for. systematicde-'.
velopm'ent.of livestock   industry  pro?,
vides-. for grazing districts and range ".-
adthini'stration-   under / Commissioner.
Annual  grazing .permits issued basedV'
"oh numbers ranged;" priority for established owners.- Stock owners may .form
-'Associations for- ."range-management; ���'
Free,   or partially' free, "permits 7for ' .
settler's, campers or travellers up'to ten -'
head.   - '-' --,- -.--���'.'.''.     -.''-.'-'-.-
The Mineral Proyihce of ^Western; Canada
-WW 7  TO END OF DEGEMBER, 192^     7
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: , Placer Gold, 876,542,203: Lode -"
: Gold, $i;09,647,G61} Silver, $59,814,206; Lead $51,810,891; Copper, $170,723,242; ."'.
.'   Zinc, .$24^625,853; 'MiscellaiQepas Minerals, $l;3f58,839; Coal and Coke,.$238,-      X ���"-"'
.. \ 28,9,565; VBciMing Stone, Brick, Ceinenfe, etc.,. 836,605,942,' making litis. Mineral 7  "'   v.;
7y Producti.OE^fib.the end.of 1922 ahdw.V/.   .'V
er, 1?22, $35458,843
-The  Mifiimg. ;LawB of febisProvince are more liberal, .aiid .the- fees lower,    ; .
than thpss of *ny other Province.in the Dominion, or any. Colony In fehe Brifeish; :
Empire.;   V        ,'7-V. '-'���':   .������'.'���"     :'    -''���--.. VvV- -'-".   ~y. .'<-'. ')X-..'-y'-' '  '-",    '"-���'['''
Mineral locations are granSed to dlscpyerers for. nominal fees.
-     Absolute Tia����4re  obtained hy developing, snch ^rppertiea,-fehe seenrity
of which UgnnT&aleed by Oo?5rn Grants. - '   ;.
Failfnformatlon, together7with Mining Reports and Maps, may be oSfeained
gratis.byaddresBiag-^- V >"-"���
;���"' .' VICTORiA; British Columbia''",


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