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The Ledge Apr 10, 1924

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APH 14 1924
Vol.   XXX.
greenwood; b. c; Thursday, aprii, io, 1924.-
Now is the time to Brighten up  your Home
- We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
'"   XX, - . *7     ".
For Garden and Field
Order Today
and be ready to SOW
For Quality and Value Order From Phone 46
Headquarters (or Everything in   v
Drugs and Stationery
Mail orders promptly  attended to
....   -...>,    -...yyzrrzxx
& -   - '���������v- ��
$     Our Stock of *$
tf Ladies Silk, Lisle and Cashmerette
Hose Has arrived   ;     v
: Prints and Ginghams at; 28c. a yard    \
SW    '   XX- .'     "���-      '-X:-X     ���  '-.<"..-.,    --������_      -   '       y    -     .       -      ���:,���    ���,-.
Ik" ;' -.. ^Ve carry only the, best stock procurable in .
Beef, Veal,f Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.; ---'-_'59
7.7-. -'." 7   A trial will convince you
Do you get tlie fullest use out of your telephone? Of course, ��� ypu'use; if
to call up a friend, or place au order with a tradesman, .but do you .always
think of it: when youneed.to do something personally?. How inariy times
would.the telephone save you time? If.a.business man, how much .money-
would the-telephonifcsave you?. . Many trips could.be saved, if the telephone
were used instead." -'-" ,-. ��� '.: ."-"       . - " "   "'-'. ��� '���:''-; ',-7 . " 7   .".'"'- .'":
.The telephone gives direct and prompt communication .with that tier-.
sdual touch which brings both parties to a conversation close together.' That:
is why it has become, one of the greatest factors of business and social life;,
Fit^ Reform
Made to your, measure
* Order yours now   ']i
'���'       ' ''���''.
-   '.    '   Xy  .-   ...      , ,   V ~ -U
W. Elson & Go J
'   Real Estate.
Fire,  Life-insurance
���   . ... .
Licensed byB. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance!
Auction off your surplus Stock   i
Call at my Office and 'see rue in
reference to any of above_
New Spring Hats "and
Now open for your inspection
Store Hours
8.30 to 10.30-a. 111.;   2.30 to S p. in.
._.,. Chiropractor
*"'        GREENWOOD
Office: Bank of Montreal Residence
near Post Office
. Office  Hours:
Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs.
loa.'ui. to 12, 2 p.m/t.0-5 p.m;7to'Sf:
.'   Friday; 9 a.".ni..to 1 p.m." ; .
Public Auction
Boundary Falls, 1B.G., :-
has ��� given' - instructions to. sell by Public
-, ,��� - ���; Auction; at his-Ranch, on-"   "'     .;
Saturday, April 12th,   1924,
.= }][-��� -at' 2 p.m.. ';
77AU hi? valuable-selected.herd of
Milking: Stock, Sows .and Pigs,
;. -7';���'-   togetherwith 7 :W-W;
Power Farm Machinery,
7 Incubators, &c.   .
Fbrfull particularsand terms.see Bills
������"',;. CHARLES 'KING-':-.";-"
Auctioneer  ...       Greenwood, B.C.
GreeiiwooH Theatre
Commencing at 8; 15.p.m..;.-
- XOTICE is litfreby jriTCit that tbestalem��nt3
'made by Mr. James Kerr that he has' pa'rchascJ
ihe '���Providettce""Miner3l CSatm are not correct
and if Mr. James Kerr or aisyene representing-
iiim is found on the "Pro-vidence" Mineral
Claim. Irfit 618, ff the Greentvood Mining
Division tlsej- will fee prosecuted for trespass.
. IJATED at GreecWood, B.C., this 3rd day of
April, 1924.    ���  -
. .  - ISJgced) WIHIAM MADDEN,
;._������; NOTICE^ __
TofVVTioialt may concern:--."- ."'���""-;���'. ,X' ���
'":���'��� Oa March 8_th, 1924, at a Public Auction sale
at Grand Forks, I was the highest bidder for
"the Providence" Mineral Claim, __��ot 618i In the
Greenwood Mining Division, and am claiming
delivery of title thereto. '..'������' .'  -
I am not, and wilt not be' resiXHisible for
any-work demeoa such Claim, or any .material
delivered for use. thereon, or for any improvements after this date.
Greenwood, B.C.,1 March: 27th", 1924,. ���... -   .
1 .77-'- ���  -x-X.y "'"""        7"'JAMES KERR."'.
The womlerf.log of ''The Silent '.Call"" in
^rawiiif'the Norths
"".���A. Laurence -'Trimble-Jane "Mu'rfin ;-.
-";,..   '���;'. " Production      ;.'..  '    X-���-
Stron'gHeart', the.dog that created a furore
in, VThe Silent Call,"" springing through
drama-and"' thrill", a play of the fainihe
lands.- You've'never seen.one.i.ike'.it.'-
Irene Rich and Lee Shumwaj--head-great
cast of players;'-t-A. ^scpref off wolves, in
pack fighting and pillageV:. .The'biggest
picture that ever came but of the north.
-8���reels���8 '     '-,..
ADULTS SOc-: / -  7 CHILORfiN 2SC.
H. S. Awrey, City Trustee,
is Promoted
Succeeded byD. D.Munro
Mr_iHardy S. Awrey, the Man.
ager of the Loan Department of
the Sun Life Assurance Company,
in British Columbia, and the
Trustee for the Debenture Holders
of this City,'has just returned
to Vancouver from Toronto, to
which City he had been called by
his Company. '
He has been appointed Manager
of the loans made and to be made
in Ontario by the Sun Life
Assurance Company, and will
very shortly leave Vancouver to
assume his new duties.
The officials and" citizens of
Greenwood regret \ Mr. Awrey's
severance from his Trusteeship,
but are greatly pleased at his
advancement to a much higher
and more responsible position
with his Company, with increased
Mr. D. D. Munro will succeed
to Mr. Awrey's present position
with the Sun Life, and to the
office of Trustee for the City's
Debenture Holders; and we have
uo doubt but that he will carry
out the policy inaugerated by
Mr. Awrey.
From his name we should
assume Mr. Munro to be, like
Alderman Kerr, a 'product of
Scotland'. His father came from
Edinboro Town, but the son was
born in Glengarry, believed to be
a County in Ontario.
Whilst Mr. Awrey is leaving
this Province, he assures us that
he will ever retain the kindliest
remembrance and friendly interest in Greenwood; whose people
wish him ever success in his new
office in his native Province, he
having been born in the shadow
of The Mountain,   at HaMlton.
N City Council
The Council met on Monday
evening in the City Office with
Mayor Gulley presiding.
- Correspondence from various
municipalities and from Premier
Oliver was read regarding the
'���Town Planning Bill" presented
to the Legislature at fthe last
session7-but as the Greenwood
Council had expressed their views
last year it was decided not to
take any further participation in
the matter. 7 ;       .-''"''���
.: Approval was given'to the representations' made by the water
committee to the Water :Rtghts
Branch of the. Department of
Lands, in connection .'with thij
rights on Providence creek,' ;.
Costs for renewal of thelfi^e
alarm circuit were submitted and
the Clerk -was instructed.' to make
thef"necessary arrangements for
installation and the .overhauling
pi the generator and batteries. :
7. The./ buildings 7committee . reported the. progress being7niade
on wrecking dilapidated buildings and were given instructions.
to7 proceed ..with the removal of
other buildings as named by Mr..
Avvrey on' his last visit. .
;��� Clean-upf day was fixed .for
Wednesday, April 2$rd,7 and it
was noted that with the except
tion of a few indifferent tenants
there has been a,decided'������ effort by
most of, the citizens to keep.their
premises clear of rubbish all the
yearrpund.    7 ���
7 'Complaints were made of animals straying on theschool play?
ground ,7 and vicinity and. the.
gound committee was Tasked . to
give special.'instructions tp the
pound keeper to visit that neighborhood more frequently, ������>.-.
.Several, requests^ having /been
made to the\ Coyricil by citizens
arid . travellers, ...to take up , the
question.of telephone facilities.at
the C P.R. station,. for the purpose of ascertaining .'.the- time of
arrival 7;of, . the early 7 morning
passenger train,-,:in order to avoid
the long waits experienced during
the -last, .winter.... .The;- Council;
decided to approach. Supt. W. O.
Miller on thematter.
The estimates and rates bylaws
were discussed and given preliminary readings.
Midway Whispers
Mrs. Powers is staying at the
Spokane hotel until her cottage is
reafly for occupation.
Mrs. G. W. A. Smith and son,
Donald, of Greenwood, are visiting
at the Jackson ranch.
The town is the proud possessor
of several hot air factories. A
steam laundry would be a welcome
C. F. R. Pincott, barrister of
Grand Porks wag in town on Friday last. N. L. Mclnnes, of the
Grand Forks Garage, drove him
There has bften#a considerable
increase in the number of autos
(including Fords) on the roads
since the 1st of April.
Bush's 4-piece melody orchestra
always draws a crowd and many
from here will be present at the
Greenwood dance on Friday, May
A large party went to Curlew,
Wn., on Saturday evening to take
in the dance there given by the
baseball club of that "town. Bush's
orchestra supplied the music.
The "Noxious Weed" Beason
opened on April the 1st. .Ranchers
with a atock of those undesirables
on their land, would do well to
have them burned up before the
law compels them.
Say Boys! don't forget the Whist
Drive in the Old School House on
the 15th inst., a 8 p.m. Bring
your lady friend along. This may
be the last Whist Drive . this
Mike Caron received a naBty
fall from his horse last night. The
horse stepped in a hole.. Rider
and horse fell to the ground^ -Mike
being knocked unconscious for five
Albert Maslonka, the town shoemaker, has a contract cutting wood
on the Biggin rancbNnear town.
He eays there is more money in
cutting wood than -repairing shoes,
if you know how.  f
Trout fishing opened in tbis district on April 1st. Anglers are
limited to 25 trouta day. Anyone
found with trout in their possession
under 8 inches will be prosecuted.
The law is to be strictly enforced.
A fine new piece of machinery
arrived ih town last week. It
looks like a road grader, but some
of the natives claim that, it can be
used- .either for . grading roads or
rooting up noxious weeds on some
of the ranches that are overstocked
with.those hard a'nwials.   ;
No. 37W
7, It -'.is7, being ; whispered around
that^ Wing Lee, Mayor of, China-,
tpwn'i. gave a.'ISam Suey and
Starched Shirt Party'? a few evenings ago. ..It is ..also whispered
around .that \a well 7 known
"pioneer" of Rock Creek occupied
the chair,"(until'he fell out of it)..
Several of the natives attended the
festival.  \ " "7 ' ).- 7
The natives are going the rounds,
these days with.a.prosperous looking amile^on their "dials. So well
they may. . Midway must ba going
to boom this Biimmer, a gent from
'Poppy-land',' drove into town the
other day-in a "butter-fly catcher"
(Ford),.7surveyed the . old burg
carefully and departed toward the
mining metrppollis. It ..is. being
whispered around that he was looking for a suitable site for a steam
laundry. -.'      -.:-[.
Qa Friday, April 4th at 2 p.m.,
Wing Lee.appeared in police court
charged with keeping liquor for
sale. He was defended by C."F. R.
Pincott, barrister of Grand Forks.
The prosecution, was conducted by
Chief Fraser' of the .Provincial
Police.7 Counsel for the defence
objected to certain evidence being
pet forward.. by . the" prosecution.-
The court took it for granted that
counsel's objection was right and
refused f to, allow the evidence.
The prosecution refused to proceed
further with the case under such
anfadvet.se ruling, and the court
dismissed the case.
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. W. Berg, who has been
visiting at Greenwood, returned
to Kettle Valley on Monday.
Miss Caldwell returned from
Armstrong"on Tuesday, where
she has been staying with Mrs.
B. P. Hardcastle, who has been
wintering in the suburbs of Myncaster, returned to Nicholson
Creek this week.
Matins will be held in the
Anglican Church on Sunday,
April 13th at 11 o'clock. Sunday
School at 10 a-m.
The Banff orchestra will be at
the Riverside Hall on Tuesday,
April 22nd. This is their last
dance for this season.
Miss May Caldwell and Miss
Doreen Hamilton, who are in the
Grand Forks Hospital, are rapidly getting well after their, recent
A meeting of the Womens Institute was held at Mrs. Wel-
stead's on'April 2nd, 14 members
being present. The next meeting will be at Mrs; Norris' on
Wednesday, April 16th.
Ed. Hatton, who has been up
in the Arrow Lakes district with
some horses, returned home on
Tuesday. Will Hatton has rented his farm and he and Mrs.
Hatton are going to take a well
earned rest at Riverside.
W. K. Gwycr; government road
engineer, spent a few days in
town during the week-end, on
business is - connection with,.his
department.. :.��� ~ XX '���
Its a long time since there has
been ^dance in Greenwood, but
the one to be given in the Masonic
Hall on Friday, May 2nd, at
which Bush's 4-piece melody
orchestra will preside, promises
to be a humdinger, with all the
latest music. Don't fail to take
this in.' -X[[.'X '"<���' -x.
Westbridge Wanderings
E. Alexandre visited in Carmi,
Baird Bubar was the first over
the road from  Carmi this spring,
Mr, Beamish, tie contractor near
Rhone, made a business trip-here
recently. '        *
fN7 L. Mclnnes, motor dealer
from Grand Forks, was in Rock
Creek, Sunday..
Mayor Gulley, of Greenwood,
visited Howard Smith and, his
mother on Sunday.      "
Jack' Forbes and Neai O'Doniiell
"forded" down from Beaverdell to
Rock Creek on Sunday.
Norman Rob and Jack Patterson
of Beaverdell, will soon be burning up the highways with new cars;
J. R. Jackson, of Midway, made
a trip up the Main River on .Sun-,
day in his son's speedy little, bug.
Geo. Lord and  Calvin  Hopper,
of Rock Creek, moved up the Main.
River to wrestle with ties for Art.
Mellor, -[���"��� x;XXX-X. X.'     77.
-^ TEdr-.tHaich,JrMr.r-Wisted-,-7Mrs. -
Hastingsand daughter, Madeline,
of .Rock Creek,  visited with ..the
Q'Hara family last Friday evening.
George Earrett, pfColville, Wii.,
drove to Beaverdell,on Monday.-to
inspect his mine; the ''Revenge."
He is sporting a.nifty new bus this
spring.V    /W.v  ....
Everyman and his car ;7 was out
on Sunday enjoying.;the,.summer
weather.. The roads are good but
could" stand a:.little first-aid froin
the.road gang,- -W   ���   X:[y
. Alph; Michaud, Ford7ealesinftn .
of Penticton, was. trying to. per-7
suade some'of the; residents" of this7.
district to trade". their cold cash.for7
"Michigan Puddle Jumpers.."   ;7;
Mr. Sharp, Durant. dealer from
Penticton; .;paid   af visit to these
parts recently.    The f snappy- little -
new model Star which  he was dis-."
playing looked like a. good seller.
The residents atMallor's Camp
op the Main7 River witnessed-an
exciting'--.7half-mile _ race Sunday
evening, between a, Ford and three .
dter.-. The. deer won by a close
margin due feo! their ability to clear ,
a six fopt fence. ..      ���'������'.' .-.-,
Mr. arid Mrs.;. John O'Hara and>
family   were 7 deeply   grieved   to
learn   of- the   d^ath , of  John A..
Dalarider, a very intimate friend of
theirs for over-14: years.     They'7
attended. his funeral at f-Bridesyille.
on Saturday.
It was with deep regret fehatt his .���
many Westbridge friendB .learned
of the death of fjohn A... ..Dalander.
Many were grieved at the fact that
the news was received too late for.
them to attend khe funeral. .He,
was a manhighly respected by all'
who   knew   him.     On 7 Saturday,
April 5tfy  he was laid to rest, at.
Bridesville whiere he has resided
for 30 years, "     -       7 THE   LEDGE, - GITETCWOOD,   B. C.
Students to Become Farmers
and extra good is the T's
New Records In Destr
.'l-.'ie.sls against prevailing rat..-;; ol' i:i.\.uion are univci'Mil in all countries
loni-y, ,iiid, wheiva.; in former times public |.ivs.-.!iie was brought u�� bear on
i!:r,i niincius to embark on hu^t- e_\[..'ndit.ures lor tliis and thai undertaking,
in i!u\s'' laiHT days ib'putuiioiis arc wailing on Covernments urging 'he
sirii-li-.si economy in expenditure and demanding ilia! steps be ia);eti to reduce taxation.
lint while urging Governments, as re[>n senium ..��� of till Hie people, i.o
tal; ::t"p.s Lo reduce taxation, citizens In tlicir individual cnpnoilv continue
"o Healed, tin; taking of steps which would haw a very prom.tinci d el't'eel. in
reducing  the indirect loud  ol'  la.xaiion  inipo.sed  upon  llieiu.
Consider jn:-,;. tho one Item ol' fire insurance. . The rates ccli.,.rged tho
pul.ilc i'or lire insurance dciiend, in lhe long'rim. on the lire loss. If people
arc careless, it* proper precautions against tire my not. taken, and the. lire
loss throughout the country is heavy, tlio inevitable result, is, nut only tlio
losses"sustained which are. jioi covered by insurance, but tin advaiu e in rales
by i.he insurance companies.
According to the financial Tost, fire insurance companies as a whole,
upi'i-iii.lny in Canada, made no nto^ey last year. In slmrl. the amount, col-
lee.cil in premiums was not sulUeieul i.o moor, the losses sustained aud provide costs of eHioient. administration. So far litis year the ratio has been
���even higher, and the first quarter of the year promises to show a considerable
Tlio president of the Western Canada Mutual Fire Association submitted
figures to the recent mooting in 'Winnipeg showing thai average fire losses
paid by the fanners' mutual (ire insurance companies of Western Camilla havo
ipi.-itlruple.d during Uie last, tour years. I'rior toHlie war the average, losses
amounted to about. ��..00.000, djut in U)__:: losses totalled ?l.'tOO.OOO. although the
amount of insurance carried liad declined by ton million dollars. While
ilie Asoscintiou had been able io meet all losses, thoy hail not been able to
���add anything fo their reserve fund during the past three years, and to meet
the situation created by these heavy losses tiie assessments were raised.
Thus at a time when the demand is for reduced expend.ittiros and taxation, our farmers and people- generally tire being taxed more for prelection
against lire losses. The companies cannot be blamed for increasing rates
because they must take, care of tire losses.' People'' can only honestly place,
flic blame in one place, and that is upon their own carelessness and failure
to observe absolutely essential precautions against (ire.
,.-    Figures just, published of fire losses in I.he  I'tiited -States show that in
1921!  a- new  high   record  of  destruction  was  established.
The  :!!)__ 2  figure
reached I he enormous lotal ot $">(__., :Vl 1,000. us compared  with $__06. ISS.'K'O in
i!)'!'__. a -more--! ha n 100-peiycenj; increase iu "l.e'ii 'years.   ,;' \  :''"X.'x'"-Xy ���7-"'.'"
7 American; citi/.t-ns coin'p"iaii!  of--.their, personal' iiicpniiV-'iiix."" yet, "their ���} ire-
Tosses .iti l-..___.',\ven'. ."mill ions''of" .dollars 'greater'.ha n ! he,.:joia|-,:of ''personal iii-
; ypynoy taxes:-'   T'le- t'liiied Slates tireless- was: only-'sligli't'ly. less .hanMlie-ftoiai
��� e.v,..>i_diiiii;e-<>r'"lhat eou'iury-onfall-forms id'-national defence...   .. -'-,'-;."""' '-7 ;'-"
���-'���" XX<]f-1 hi;-'known -.original ing. causes which .���"combined' i.orfesi.i'fblish'ihis'new"'
"Tiri.; record, .liiliy" four-fifths .were, tirevch!ible: .._'..'li<- careless use ot" .matches
. iiiid: smoUin'g^ was ".re.-ponH'ibhy-. for The' Targes'..-' loss ';i!.lri_Hif".fbl"c. tp- nify: one
.cart.-;'e; while de'lective. chimneys, and.flues cnine.second,"'si'ovos.'T'urnaces. ���etc.'.-
I hird,. spontaneous, combustion" I'our.vh, aiid. electricity1 (misused);'- fifth,"'
. ..   ,  Fire.losses as. nil ed from the ii'isuranee's.tandf."oiiil cohsiil"ufi\..liowe've'rf but.
ii i'raeiitm pf the actual., loss" sustained;,by the countvy .;ts.a7wlio|e7    THere-is
"i,ir- loss-'of'empJoyme���u"''resi_)tHig- lYonVj lie destruction of "facie rios and places'
.���of business';  there, is the-kiss-tiM lie" hi'ctory. .owner" or. employei; fbecause-his-
���7��i>erath)iis_hn,;bi'OURh_i'"lo7ii-'-Hliin(lsrill";" " there.; isf floss : to    llie  Jiuiiiicipaiity.-
-liirougli- t.ha ('Vesli-uciii'ii of property once taxable;-, tliere is" the loss'occasioned 'by "the'upkeep .of fire'-figh't iii'g unit s,-'lo,-( iff set  people's; carelessness:  there
"is.-'flieTn-.eparab.le.Toss'of iii'e',' c>i..-,wli;'tt.is'hn'rrily less-regivrrai.lo.. the. pcrt.ian;
."cully mutilated."-   _'"-.; .-''"��� ��� '    .''.-'-.    "-���..    ������ _--",-'   -" ���'" ���-.'" '. ��� ".'       .."���,   '-;���-���
. -",.    And (N.it-elessne:-.s'.avi(I,.igiiora!i(M>-ari.vresppiisiblc'1'oi-.. I'liefs; rent .-bulk of-al.i
'- \hi> lessfiand-suffering.:   f"     ' '- -'_>-; * -.. --���-'_.-      '���'.'���   -'��� 7
A. W. Neill, Independent, Comox-
Alberni, proposes to move in the
house, that reform is needed in the
regulations for obtaining passports.
All the timepieces in France were
College Boys in Great Britain Will
Emigrate to Canada
Professor William Lochead, of MacDonald Agricultural College, McGill
University. Montreal, who has been
canvassing public schools in tlie Unit-1,
ed Kingdom with :t view to encouraging students to take an agricultural
course   in   Canada,   reports That   his     , ���,...,.
��� , , _���,,.��� . -n��� _. advanced one hour at 11 o'clock
mission  has  met  with   lavor.      .Boys, ,.���.,,  _
,  ...       T, ,,    , ,.    ���..._,,,  March 29, officially opening-daylight
at Eton, Harrow,   ltugby   and   other j       .       . a      j   a
Uritish colleges have- shown keen in-] simnS linie>
teresi in the matter. Professor Loc-1 Wor(1 iias 1>r'011 received at Riga
head stivs, and he expects that a con- from Russian Soviet postal authori-
siderabl'e number of them will emi- '�����<?* that all mail matter intended for
raie lo the Dominion next year. Petrograd after May  1 must  be  ad
dressed to I.enigrad, or it will be i'e-
fused didivery.
llriflsh    Columbia's    shipment     of
water-borne lumber to overseas mar-
kefs totalled 521,707,IS2 board feet last
year anginst. 273,M(i,S00 in 1922, an increase of 9.1. per cent.,  according to
the Minister of Lands.
'I'lte  Lelilglt  Railway Ciyupany has
When sudden sickness conies, when   granted members of the Order of Rail-
tlie kiddies come in with colds, their LVilv  Conductors  and  Brotherhood   of
little chests and    throats    sore    from   ���������,   Tl.,linmon   a  flVG  pcr-  ceiU.
coughing, quick results always follow , y. ���  T
a vigorous rubbing with good old Ner- J W��R��..increase, according to AV. 0. Lee,
viline.     If it's Cramps,    Colic,    Diar-; president of rhe trainmen.
For Aches, Pains
The Safe Home Remedy
rhoeu, Nerviline is a wonderful friend:
il. brings ease and comfort so quickly.
For young and old, to overcome the
minor ills that constantly arise in Tlie.! Francisco.
home, nothing compares with "Nervi-'
line."���ofi cents at till dealers.
To  Fight 'Bush Fires
C.N.R.    Offer,   to    Co-operate     With
Forest Protective Bodies in
Good Work
Co-operation  of its slatf-,    its    fire-
fight ing equipment, and its radio and
telegraphic facilities and also by the
appointment of a committee to meefi.
'('he old lamplighter may soon bo
another memory of the past in San
City ollicials are yielding
to tlie importunings of the ultra-
ntodernisfs and gas lamps are being
removed to mako way for electricity.
Not    Use    Harsh    Purgatives���A
Tonic t's All You Need
Not sick���butcnot feeling quite well
with them  tor the purpose of finding! rhtl1- is  Hie way most people feci in
,    . , ,, 7 the   spring.     Easily   tired,   appetite
solutions to such problems as i����y. llcltle> .S01netlmes headaches and a
arise, was offered by lhe Canadian | feeling of depression. Pimples or
National  Railways  to all  forest pro-1 eruptions may appear on the skin, or
ilways Jfi
Oodati &Mupoot.
tective bodies of Caiuubt at a meeting in Montreal between reproseut.a-
iives of such bodies and the National
there may be twinges of rheumatism
or neuralgia. Any of these indicate
that tlie blood is out of order���that
the indoor life of winter has left its
mark upon you   and   may   easily   de-
Ellwood   Wilson,   chief   forester   ofjvelop into more serious trouble,
the Lauremide Pulp and  Paper Com-   t. Do ���t doso. yourself with   purga-
1 I tives, as many people do, in the hope
pany.   stated  that  he  considered   thejlh;U    you   cau    pUt your blood right
calling-ot .fhe. meeting by.the Came.1 Purgatives gallop through lite system
dia'n"-National Railwavs as'ilie-Kreal"-1 "��d weaken instead of gising strength.
est   forward step in-:forest protection ! A"W9<\!.f -wi" u'n  >'0�� that this is
-.-   ---      "���       .--'- . -     ���       .i-triiK   ������What.you need in the spring is
thai" had l>een nutsie; tir ywirs. . .lie ,:-t��� f.uiiiu .that will enrich the" blood and
suggested ���-that.'fthef meierologiea!' de-.J build' up the nerves."' . Dr. .Williams'
plirtment. itf Otiawa .should be asked j Pink Pill's do ".this speedily, .safely and-
Weo^operuWbV the forecast' of .dam-i |,-��V,,,>V "7 Every dose or this;medicino
.���; ���' -.-������; .---.;' -., ������ - .- =-- .. -- - ." .| helps io enrich tho blood, winch clears
gerous.conditions--. :^y',X _;... y-.yi | the'skin. strengthens the appelito'iiml
X   .. .-.������y-y-r���ry-yrry..;- '".'"XX '���'. I, makes t ired,-depressed, "men, . women.
.The.worms iliat infesl'children. front'
.ihuir   birth"- are;-of7two- kitnls.f those
that   find   Iddgemeiii 'm-tlie  stoinach..
and those, that, ti re Iquhd in .(lief intestines;-'- Tin* hitler are, ilie. most/Me's.-"-.
1 rue I ive, ��� a"s I hey, el ing to- I lie; wa lis', of
the   intestines   aiid" if- not -interfered
and ciiildmi.-bright.-active and strong.-
Mr. Henry., R., Robinson,. Cru.ickshank,
S;isk..;-say_i:"-7-"M}-. blood .'was fout 'of
order fund. I- was' nervous" and. "rundown, ,*-1.got.it supply of \)r. Williams'f
��� Pi.iikf Pills and al'ter taking-theiir for
a -whihi they, fiilly-restored m'y-health..
wit hf^ ".work-. havoc- .lliere."'; :Millei''s '.'I .am- now feeling -fine- .and havebno hes-
Woi'i'ii \ Powders dislodge botli "kinds i tat ion in' recommending these .pills, to
ahd-f wiiile'exjielliug. lii.ein'- from.."the.! ail who are--fueling unwell.". 7- .- "~ ���'"'
-sysii-in;servy 'to .repair'--.the. ."damage i Vou" can get these "pills through.ariy-
Tl'ie'y ha.ve;-cause'd. >' '-.-.-,     X'X'   ���,'     ] dealer in medicine,-or by niail, at..:50
-". '.'   .:.,������.... :.-:.���y ���.-.;'-'      7 7.! cents  a box  froin ���-The- Dr.' Williams'
": I Aledicine. Co.;:lirockviUe,-Onl.   -  '-
Alberta Cattle  For. Japan
.-'.     '"How Banana's Grcw;. ,- j
- X\   bahnria- nhuil, .produci.s.-but;-one |
Imnch-.bf iliej'riiif. ,- .-As na'ui're's ;coi.u-.|
Winners Iri Dr.
, Chase Diary Contest
Every Province In Canada Represented In This Popular Competition
Among the winners this year there
appears the names o�� several new contestants," although' some of. the old
experienced diarists show their ability
to stand up against the strongest competition. ���   !.:���'
There is a copy.-, of- Dr. Chase's Almanac printed for every home in Canada (1,550,000) if you have not received a copy it will be sent, postpaid, on
receipt of your address, Edmanson,
Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto.
Tlie winners for 1923 are as follows:���
'1st   Prize���?5"0.00-~Russell   Ellerby,
Bur ford," Ont?
?50:00���Mrs.  K.  White,   D-10  Colborne
St.,- Brantford; Ont. ���    ".'-
. 2nd Pri?e-^?��7.50���Mrs. Walter Ed-
12th Prize���Receipt Book, $6.75���
Mrs. Wm. Hiriehey, Bradford/ Ont.
13th Prize���Receipt . Book,   $6f75���     '
James Arthuis North Rustico, P.E.I.
14th Prize���Receipt Boole, ?5.9.0���
Miss PoriSiSandford, 1194 St. Mary's
Road, St. Vital7 Winnipeg. Man.
15th Prize���Receipt Book, $5.00���
Mrs. John Ayers, 716-10th Ave. Eaisl,
Vancouver, B.C.   ���       7
16th ��� Prize���Receipt Book, ?5.90���
Mrs. F. W. Wolfe (Lightkeeper), West
Ironbound Island, N.S.
17th Prize���Receipt Book, ?5.90���
Rev. Ernest. S. Weeks, Baylic-ld, N.B.
IStli    Prize���^Receipt    Book, i?5.90���
Mrs. F. J. Campbell,��� 210 Humberside :-
Ave., Toronto, Ont. "    0
19tli   Prize���Receipt   'Book,-'$5.90��� .
Henry E. Negus. Kinley, i3r.sk.'.
20tli    Prize���Receipt-   Rook, .$5.90��� ���
Miss Harriet I   S. Turner, Albert, N.I!.
How Would Ycu Like to
Grow Hair in a Month?
��� Clotting iijild, liali- falling .'out 1'tHlinr.V If
you want to i?ro\v new. lit-aliliy hair riglil
away  I wiil  send you absolutely   l-'reu,
wards," "Glenwood  .Farm," R. No. 4,   sinnplo of the famous .Uex.-unio.- ciiituda-.
nonlrcbli-c   One ' .Iialr.      No cost,  no obligation,  jusl  suini
V����-lXXI', --', T W   "t."-  X '��� rt"_,,.,!���,', "���    name (o A^KXAKDKil J,A'l!OKA'l'01llK.S.
$3i.50���Ivor.   C.    Bice,    Claudeboye,   031 jjohnn Hldg..-Toronto, Camnla.     ���
V/hat Science . Has In Store
fOntariq Timber.Output"
It' is-estimated -that "408-,000',00o" feet
;. Tr.ial   Sb'iptrient.'.May   Be -Sent .in   tho 'Itnportant Discoveries in.'.-1924-May. be
,'._'���--.      Near  Future , ..      -.!/";     .'',-     ""' '"��� Looked For   ".       7   ���_ _'"
���Kxperitiienls f iti    -shipping   Alberta!"   What U-iiu, we "reasiiiuibly espiicu of
fthtili'' .to, .Tiipith .I'orfshtughi'eriiig' jiii!--.-"scte'nc(7(iiirIng 1.924? ��� 7 "..  .    -'   y:-X-
', 'Professor A. ~!iii I,fi\v, "oue ,"of llie'
.most, brilliant' wbrkiii-s iutli.e /i.eld of
.applied science., was. asked, fo state
his view ;oi' lhe .probabilities..-' -These
itre Professor. Low's conclusions":'-. ..-���'.
po:.cs iuay be, t.'ried in. tlu. fn-'Jir-,l"uiin-��'-
.tiu'iiis- itre worth a. l.riiil,'.- Kdg;rr'.K.
Nobles'', .of JOdmoiitoir. ,.wht.. is riowf-in..
' Jifpaiv -,\u\H' secured-' '-"i.-hri'i- .""t.iiii.iiiliw--
ordersf.ol'-.i.lii.rl.jU'iii'tli'Vach-J.'i-tuirh'ir,:^-. J-; .-..The most iinporl'ani,. discoveries of
and. influential. .T...p;uiiV<.' - firiits.-' but the yqaum.iy be-locdied-for as tlie re'-'
.first ij -].-_��� _'in'C<!'ss'arv;,thai 'if trial .ship;, suit.'of 'the e'x'pfo'rjiliou of some of the
;ment.;bc' made to ..asc-t.ri'aiii ho'v,-' tho7liti.Io-kno\vn -iiortionsffil'thi.' spectrum,
���aiilinais'-willfstarid; tlu-.t'Hp aeWiss-.tlie-.-.ot light-in <';_ohj"utif;tion" with- i.he...study
of.the'oscilliuioii'of jitoiiis.'- -��� 'J'liis will
metui better ..and., cheaper" 'artificial
light.- Al. .present'- oven, tiie most. jil\
Ticient. ."eicclrir-'-liahi... waa-fes. 95;. per
"cent:..'of./MiVreiu.;, -" -' ."- -:��� 7 ���..���.��� ".'..--
������- 'MitiiiiLiire' .wireless ; r<'CC:iving_s6ts
pensalion pruvision has- been'made for'
���permuting -tW piiinis-tc) gr6w7closiW)|- -limbeiv3,-176.000 railwaj-'ties and
to one iinotlitr-r.Siiys-KiiiiVre ���Magazin.!. j �� '3,700 cords- ol'-ptilpv.-ooil-will-be the
Tlu>M)ana mi Sloes no7^gnw in{'; 1 l.^'oiitput. ;of the- i.resent- lumbering -sea-
drooping'fnositibir.'of  She "riiarki't "dh
[day'  .-Thi.-lips point" tijiward,
i-son on.Crown: L.uuls in 'the.-province
bi' Ontario "alone.,,.. Tliere are.-approxir
employed in. bush operations alone in
Ontario,. ,   -    \-.    7 -   ���-'.-.-
Lift Dff-Nof Pain!
7 3rd Prize���$25.00���Mrs. A. -IT. Car-
diner, 11324-92ml St., Edmonton, Alia.
" ?25.000���Miss - Adelaide Aitridge,
Highgate.'Ont: .- ..."-: . - ���-'���- y . ��� .,
f. 41.11 Prize���?25.00���Miss.Sarah Law1
re'nee;, 295- \yharucliff'c..-Rd."" N.;. London, Ont. " " - ���."-' "[.'-��� '"-.' "-
-. 5th-Pnze-^-r?15.oa���Thos:- ITumphries.
c|o -��� Ayre    &" - S.ons, Ltd.," St. .Johns;
N"flii.-'--7 xx -. -.   - -. - ;���"   " -  .7.-
'".6th ".' rr.i7.e7-.?lO.dO-^-Mrs. "Wallace
Burwell,' R'.R/No." 7, Thamesville,- Ont
.. 7th Prize���Receipt Book,- $6.75���
Miss" -M. Gertrude - Savage, Gllroy,
Sask.. .. .-    ���-.   :     ��� ."   -���;...   , ���,   X.
7Sth Prlze-^-Receipi Book,' $6:75��� J.
-\V. Davidson, South Durham, Que.   ;
r"9t.h Prizes-Receipt Book-, ?6.75���Mrs.-
-J. Smith, 2309r6th Ave. N.W.; Calgary.
Alta.-'---' .���-.;- -'.'Xyy '���_ : 7
' . 10th- Prize-iReceipt. -Book,".- $6.75 ���
Clifford ,W.oodruw..-Coldwutetv Ont. '.
'. llth-Prize���Receipt: Book," S6.75���
,Mrs. W. R.-AVpodland",- Box- 7i;;Besuus-
villerOnt>L-": :~. y;:   X :";"":7> X'X
Wolf hunting in Rassla" before the-
.warwas often done with wolves which
were  held :in- captivity and released
for the chasef
Makes Breathing  Easy.. -'- The con1
striclipn of the .air .'passages' aiid the
struggle, for' breath, too: fain i liar evidence of asthmatic   trouble,   cannot .
daunt'..Dr.    J."   D. Kellogg's Asthma. ���,.
Remedy. - ;This is the famous remedy,
which' is" known far and-wide for its -
complete , effectiveness '. even   under"
very .severe-conditions".'  -."It is no untried; experimental ..preparation, . lint'V
one with many years'of strong service -',
beliind.it.  ""Buy-it from yourf nearest.
dealer.- ���.-- .-.; ,'.,.. ",;',7. .'"-'. --.'";        ��� ���[
Hair' dressed with, a  luminous' io^..
UohVwlilcli-causes it to glow In iisub-   .
dued  light,  is. a  fashion '.novelty" r_6:..
: cently.- seenfih_L6ndon._f ..XXz Xy. XX
i;wilhout- aiiy. sort- .61" aerial -may hX ex-
1 jt.ecte'd  largely .wi: replace .(he present.
7 Mother. Tells How. Her7.I)anghtei:'|^s:in'-Mi2!/"' ���";'''-'.
-: Suffered and. Was>Made TO-by X-^x^^^^^[ *\.��^
'   ' r ���  v ���-t��' n- it      >   it      1 Li - ���    , will- be.'.-linked   up   by wire   with  all
���77 ^d?a..E.hnkham^Vegetable-.'.yj...r^."oi;.:i3;,7i!uerio:.y 7 within ti,e
'7" 7,"     "     ��� 7*'9n?P'?MQ? 7""7|. year "".t(depli6iie,,fVu)nunithi(':aii(>!i'-. iii;-
. _r"' .,-.---; ;*-.'���    y."X". ,: .- c.     ..   ,1 twoen  the   l-higlisliv Midhiiul
Vancouver. B.C.���-My. daughter is a.'���      ���
". young-girl Svho has been having.seyer.e
and  the
interior, of -.the
Moccasin" Print On ��� Rock". = ���.
._-W.huI  is beiiev'ed  to be -a 'moccasin
print'.on rock I.as .been -found iirVir-
���ginia o'ii-Iioleciinip Creek:-' -The. rock'
is; ilat.atui levei, approximately eight
or- ten .feet irt'dimvnsion.   'i'ire .track
is.Nabput six- or. .seven  shoe  size  find
represents _ the : right foot.    .A.rim:
'about-the.edges of.   tlie .rock
indicate, pressure .of..ihc' foot "before
tUe-hiirdenhig-had' taken  place.   .;���-
Especially Prepared for. fc
.   Wilson Remembered  By Republic
" The  p'-ople of iCzeeho-Slovaklk  re-.
garding ihy hit.e7]>resideni" Wilson as
the,".i'ouiidt--r:fcf ^"'licir republic, have
nanied '/vnriou.'.--.1 pti.rks, ��� streets '��� tind
buildings Vifi��-r  liim:   . -The'latest  is
the "hew . Uriison7Sl;i.ion"' ill Prague
which- is _tInt**i��f\otiug poiiu of a.ll rail-J
... '/Doesn't hurt oiie bit:   . -Drop a-ilttlo-'' roads leading'oui of ihe.capitiil io Po-:
Mother!.���'��� Fletcher's. Castoria; has.
been in ��se foi-.over 30 years as a
pleasant, harmless'' substitute, r for
Castor Oil.. Paregoric, Teething Drops
,.-r,_...i_ and Soothing'Syrups. - Contains, no
narcotics.- Proven direction's aro ..on
eacli    package.     . Physicians    every
where, recorpmend It. .   The kind yoa
have always.,bought.bears-signaturp'ol..
pains and weak and .dizzy "feelings.for 1 Will.-'.in.-.iH' probability,-fliiive  become'; stantly  ilia.'- corn stopH"hurling
���'"���-' ��� ..". Lliind, Germany ;md .oilier countries. >
cr.-.-tTten., ".-.���-;'.���-..-.--.'    -..-   '-'������     -.-.-_������.'"'-'
Why Busy Wbnien; Want
to do and we haye itold a number of
friends about it.   lam never without
a bottle of-it in the house, for I myself   .       . ,.,        _,,.,.,,.,,,,,;.'. ,..-,
take it :for = that weak, tired, worn-out; m���� ��r" the. ,ight poiojiUne.   ei
may be anticipated.
The yesir-192-1 sliould see the open-!
the end of'..the year the" light aero,''
plane fitted with an engine of "-fun
3 to 6 l'J.p. will probably have becoriur
very popular among young mon;of
sporting and- athletic ta'ste.?.���'The
Jiaily News,"London.".-.... .   -.,.-", .' -,
���feelirig which sonsetimescomes to us all.
I find it is building me. up and I strongly
recommend it to women who are suffer-
in?' as I and mv'daughter have."���Mrs.
J. McD6NALDl.;2917..26&7:Av;e.."-;East,
Vancouver, B..C.  ""'-.-    777""7'.7;-r���-
From the age of twelve a girl needs all,
the care a-thoughtfui mother, can.give.
Many a woman has suffered years^pf.       . .    ............       .
pain arid misery���the "victim of thought- j -__,. Has .Never Used "Phone..- -.-'.. 'X'-z
fessnesa or ignorance of-tKe mother who }";'-.; A" man who""never fiiaV Used -fa- "tele-
' ^^^SS^hShSS:! ^one.:}l.ts7b,e^dIscoveredfin:i^.
In thf back and lower limbs, orif'yoU.j Hg.;is Airrc^.yall^, editof _qf-. the
noticed slowness of ..thought, nervou3- j.;irercure dp France;:'-.'Ife.transacts, all
ness or irritability on the part of your ; '^issiess: by-.'maii;''"f'"ire7.��avs 'he' &d-
Mapfe Treers Secret -fj'"'a-Household  Medicine.���They, that
""' Uefo're. thr/fim white settlers came'' are acquainted fwith fhe" sterling-prop.-"'
to thef new world the. Indians' had dis"7 pVtlels of JDiy Tliomas' Kclectrie OiLin
,',-���; ..   ,.   , " the treatment.of many ailments would
corered the s.-.eret ol-tli- maple tree. ^-^ withoiit it jn the house.. -It-is.
says Na'iure Magazine. Crudely -and j. truly a household medicine and as It
wastefulh- thev were turning Uie sap is effective in dealing with" many ord-
into svrup and-sugar. W-; 7��� Xr-.,, , inary complaints it-iS( an inexpensive
' ���    -        ....-- -���       piedicine.;-  So, keep it. at hand, as the
call "-.for.'i*7ni;iyC com? ���"lost, unoxpect^
: About.������.6i..;'opei;atIbiiii"".--'are,.reqiJlred j.edly."
in the making"'of a modern-shoe:
Busy women want SMP Enameled Ware
because it will bring food to the boil almost
twice as fast.as all-metal utensils, and completes the cooking sooner. A woman can
wash SMP Enameled Ware utensils faster
than utensils; that have to be; scrubbed
-;'and,-:scoured.."7':;*  \xx   )���-,  ���f~'*xyxy:.-y.y:\
VThree finishes: Pearl Ware, two coats pf
pearly-grey enamel inside and put. Diamond;
Ware, three coats, light blue and white outside, white! liriing.7 'Crystal Ware, three
coats, pure white inside and out, with Eojral
"iftue^edging.Wj/" x xxx_      xyy. ''yxx)
Xx)[^eSheet-Metal Productsc6bpm"��*'x
ISEmrt&rtsvZgaQhle Com--; mires tl^telephorie-.but^uld ^not
mnd is-.espccialiy adapted for mdh ; have.one..7^. yxyXXyXXyX ':-,
mdjtkg5.;.-..-:'. *   zXx.- , __y QyxX -X---X ^W^W.':^'- -:. .
_--.   ."-...' -��i.>--.-'. %;- -.-i-.y. 1 r. i��..." -"' ;"���.'-- '-'������'���.- Minard's' Li-iimeht _for-Corn*;' -. \ ������'.':}
- pound_
--*];���; j; Mjngrci's'-;Linimerit .-.for Corn��.y7 -,.7
..- In". f.ro.oe<\- more. mayri'ageS    take
-1 pla.cr�� in October, tiian "in   any : other
1'mont-li-'y'7''.'7".'"ff-'.-:."���. 7 'yX'-y-.,-:'--. ;-;���'  ..
7,The 7 large'-t.''.eleciricf light" globe
! made generates'a heat,of about 3,500
degrees centigrade. - ..." '-'
;Minard's Liniment,for Headache
 -.__1 TBDE .'jfcEDGE,   GBfflWpOl),   B. 0.
Heart of Voltaire
Buys   Thousand-Dollar  Cow
Japan Is Taking No Chances With
Scrub Cattle A'-f
A Woodstock; cow, Colantha Mer-
cena OrniSby, the three-year-old Holstein which lopped her class in the
305-day division'of the-R.O.P. tests,
lms been sold,to the Japanese Government, for. $1,0667". It's just as easy to
raise ?:t,00'J"cowsas It is to rais'e $150
ones. Tlie Japs, who by going into
the dairy business, intend to replace
the rice and fish diet of their people,
with ono more like that which has
made the white races what they are,
lake no chances with -buying scrub
cattle. 'Neither, should, our farmers.
It they caifsell cows for $1,600 apiece,
they should raise that kind.���Border
Cities Star.
Been   Found   In   Paris  Where
Was  Hidden  Sixty Years
���   '   Ago
Tlie. heart oI  Voltaire., the famous 'X
French satirist whicli was lost all er j f
being locked7 in a  silver casket and u
solemnly    deposited'   iu ' the., Nalional X
Library in Paris about sixty years ago, '.\
lias been, found hidden, under a layer ]<;
of dust-in a corner of a disused room.
', M.    Martel,   the*- newly, appointed
head of the library, made ihe discovery.     -While  exploring the  promises
he  entered  au abandoned  room,  and
saw tlio caskel~in front ol' ihc pedestal of Houdon's original statue of Vol-:
taire. The statue and the c&kelf were!
coyered -with .two. inches of dust. The
'casket;'-', which   was locked, bore the
inscription,. "Voltaire's heart.;"
As soon as fa key can. befmade it
will be. opened by the minister of -edit-;
c.atiou and transferred (ofthe Pantheon, to rest beside the fashes of
Prance's-illustrious sons.'-
To have "children sound and healthy,
is tho first care of a mother. They
cannot be healthy it" troubled witli
worms. Fse Mother Graves' 'Worm
It may be only
slight cold now ���
.just a tickling in the
throat-.   v
ISttl    little    colds
soon grow large and
dangerous.        Often
they become chronic,
develop catarrh and
end in consumption.
Catarrhozone      is
the.      remedy."     It
draws   inflanimation
and soreness out of
the throat-.    -Relieves.' the cough, cuts
out... the phlegm, makes breathing easy,
kills any germs lodged in the mucous
lining ol" the throat or lungs.
By using CATARRHOZONE INHALER now and again you keep the
���passages' free :from germs,, and thereby prevent coughs .and colds. Get
the Dollar outfit.,.it lasts two months;
small size. 50c; sold by druggists: Refuse a substitute for Catarrhozone.
By'mail from The Gatarrhozorie Co.,
Are your horses
coi'grhinir or . running
at the nose? If so,
give them "Spohn's." A valuable
remedy for Coughs. Colds, Distemper, Influenza, Pink -Bye and
Worms atnont; horses and mules.
An occasional dose "tones" thoni������
up.      Sold at.all drup stores.
May Abolish Passport;
A Daring- Stunt
H.M.S. LionWFate
B.C. Lumber Goes to U.S..
American orders for lumber produced by the interior mountain mills, ol
British Columbia and West era Alberta, are the source of a. very satisfactory volume of business this spring.
A biplane recently .���eached'Tffie as
tonishing speed of 2-18 miles an hour.
Constipation and
Sluggish Liver
Don't take chances. Get Carter's
Little, Liver Pills, right now. They
never* fail to make the
liver do its duty,
relieve constipation, banish indigestion,
drive out biliousness, stop
clear the com-	
plexion, put a healthy glow on
cheek and sparkle in the eye. - Be sure
tad get the genuine.
Imall PUI���Saudi Itose-Staiali Fric*
Must Beatty's Famous Flagship
Become Only ''Scrap Iron?"
The Admiralty announcement that,
owing to the terms of tlie Washington
agreement, it is not possible to avoid
scrappiug the famous battle cruiser
Lion, has caused regret in naval circles, where il. was hoped tliat the llie
.of Beatty's flagship might be prolong--
ed for a few moro years.
It lias been urged in many quarters
that the vessel should be preserved as
a national war relic.
The A-essel has beetf sold to a iirm
of shipbreakers for ��77.000, and it is
yet uncertain where she will be broken up. ��
The Lion, which mounted eight 13,5-
yiiicli guns aud liad engines ot 70,000
horsepower, look a conspicuous part
in the battle of Dogger Bank���fhe first
encounter between super-Dreadnoughts���and   in -.the  .TuUuiid   battle.
Bobby Leach Would Go Over Niagara
Falls.In a Rubber Ball
.Bobby Leach,- who went over the
Horse Shoe Falls in a steel barrel on
July 25, 1011, .has announced that he
is.negotiating with a rubber company
for' the manufacture of a rubber ball
in which he plans to mako a trip over
the falls early, next June. Prior to
the fall trip,.Leach says lie.will make
three parachute leaps from the upper
steel'arch bridge on successive Sundays.      ' ��� -
The bull will bo of the thickness of
an ordinary largo automobile tire and
will have a hammock inside .in which
lie will.recline, Leach said. He plans
to have the ball, with himself as-passenger in the water a few hundred
feet above the falls on the Canadian
side. He believes that' the ball'will
.clear, the great plunge of water and
will land sufejy in the river below.
Leach has attracted attention by-
daring, feat's about "the falls foi\ several years. ''In. addition to going over
the falls in a. barrel, he made a parachute''leap from the upper bridge on
April 21, :1921, and went through the
lower rapids and whirlpool in a barrel
on June 28. :1911. ������   f 7 f
Continuance    of    British'    Formality
Against Canadians Considered
X" Unfair 4    ���
Strong represeiitaitons are being
made to the foreign office against the
system -which makes it necessary for
Canadians at present to obtain passports before entering Great Britain.
Passports are unnecessary for British
people entering Canada'and continuance of the British formality against
Canadians is considered unfair. The
recent increase iu the price for passports, from two to flvo dollars each,
adds force to the movement and it is
expected that the present regulation
will be rescinded immediately.
Women Can Dye Any
Garment, Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded
New for 15 Cents
Kamond Dju
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, because perfect
home dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if you have.never
dyed before. Druggists have aU colors.
Directions, in each package.
Had A Weak Heart,
Was Very Nervous
For Three Years '
Coldeu Text.���:'No
tw_o   .masters'.    .- .
riid vou know in* �����-      . to tneau,,
-       Because ��tnal��s {ood9. ^
nourishment to i      w-       MS '
Machine, Tests Brains
Delicate Apparatus Diagnosis Morals
of Human Beings
Dr. Z. Bissky, of Kieff, has invented
a most delicate apparatus which he
calls the radio diagnoscope. It is an
electrical apparatus the size of a hand
camera, and its inventor, states that
by its aid an accurate diagnosis can
be made of any human being from tlie
medical, moral and intellectual points
of view. Dr. Bissky. informed the
writer that he has examined.with his
invention hundreds of. criminals in
Kieff and Warsaw prisons. Although
the doctor had never seen his subjects
before, he could state, after a few seconds of examination, that: "No. 1 is a
murderer; No. 2 is wrongly accused
of murder; No. 3 is a hardened thief;
No. 5''is a violent political agitator;
No:' 5 is innocent," and so on. The
Russian police informed Dr. Bissky
that his diagnosis in. each case was
New Mounted  Police Posts
man   can   serve
Ye,,   cannotl,
serve  God  and   mammon.      Matthew
6.2-1':- ���
Lesson.���I.    Kings    10.29- to 19.2.1;
Chapter 21; 2 Kings V.I to*2.12.
Devotional Reading.���Psalm 15.
The Text Illumined and Explained
��� I. .True-llearled, Whole-1 leaked,
verses 20 and 21. Ahab did. Elijah's j
bidding, and assembled the people
and lhe prophets of Baal on Mount
Carmel: see ^The Historical Background:- "How long go ye limping between the two sides?' sternly I-.lijah
Miss Jessie _, Peterson,' -Zealandla,
Sask.. writes:���"I wish to let you
know .liow much good Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills have done for mc.        j asked  (lie  people.      The idea  in ihe
For nearlv  throe voars r was verv i original CI reek w,ord translated limp-
badly run down, had   ii   weak   Heart. !"!"B ^-f ��� *![xl l��oi>l>lnu backward and
 .  - I forward,  like, a  bird  lrom  branch  to
branch       The  people    were   serving
now Clod and now Baal.     "If Jehovah
Manslaughter In 2nd Degree
Using a razor���bad stuff���but many
people do it for their corns. "The
only remedy that is painl.ess and sure
is Putnam's Corn Extractor, which
does remove warts and corns,
cleans them right off. Refuse a substitute for '���Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
New Detachments Will
Established In Far North
Three new. detachments of the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police will
be established this coming summer at
Port Rae, on the northwest arm of the
Great Slave Lake and at Fort Providence, and Fort Good Hope on the
Mackenzie River. With the increased number of trappers going into the
Northwest Territories, and the Arctic,
it has" been found' necessary ,,to increase lhe number of thc men who
patrol the north, while additional
work for the Mounted Police looms
ahead in the shape of putting into
force the recent regulations concerning hunting and trapping preserves
for the Indians and Eskimos.���Edmonton Bulletin.
Holloway's Corn Remover takes the
corn out by the roots. Try it and
prove it.
and, was so-nervous that sometimes I
would almost lain! away.
I heard of many people who had recommended your Heart and Serve
Pills, so I decided lo give them a trial.
After I had used two boxes I. found
they had done me good, and after having taken five hexes I was completely
I cannot rcdn.niend jour Pilis
enough, and I would advise anyone
having a weak heart or troubled with
nervousness to use them."
Corruption Is Rare
Ambassador Says Things Not So Bad
In  U.S. As  British Think
Frank B. Kellogg, the United Stales
ambassador,  told  British  newspapermen at the London Press Club, lhat
b* God, follow him; bul if Baal, I hen-things    in    the    United  Slates were
follow   him,"    continued the prophet, | SOn_ewh_ii different  I'rom    what    the
usl mutitulde ilim tilled   n'i,isu readlnS Public were led lo b��-
vantage, and  rose on ; Here.
ihe hill  like a li.-ing :     "From,
sign.      Probably  Ihey !
convicled by the chal-
worrt. "Tlio v
every coign ol
the sides ol
���wall, gave no
wore    deeply
Milburu's If.  & N., Pills are  50c a
! box iit all dealers, or limited direct on
during which 99 odicers and men were   r���cejI)t  of-price by  The  T.   Milburn
reading   the   English -press
t comment  Uie last  two months,    one
lenge. profoundly conscious    II.hI   itr"*1'1 conclude that the public in the
was, well deserved.      Vet now many   United    States    is generally  corrupt
I amongst  us  today  are acting  in the   and  permeated with graft," lie said,
"but such is not_ihe case.     The public
service   in   the  United  Slates,  as  In
In tlie latter fight the vessel was
on Are, but Major Ilarvtjy. who had
both legs shot/off, saved ilie ship by
ordering tho magazines to bo flooded
���gallantry which was rewarded alter
his death bylho-V.C.
"Standby" Cakes
Proven best
Since 1857
time tested
V/ritc. to The Borden Co.
Umitcti, Montreal, Ior
two Sabr Welfare Books.
After Every Meal
It's the longest-lasting
confection yon can feay
-and It's a help to digestion and a cleanser
Ior the month
ancl teeth.
WrigJey's means
benefit as well as
same manner, hailing between the service ol Christ and obedience in self-
inlei-"sr.      They itre for a time d"ep-
Co., Limited. Toronto, Ont.
Marketing Timothy Seed
The success thai has beer, iti rained in the production of timothy sei'd
in Pincher Creek district of Alberia
has led lo the formation of it co-operative association lor the sale of .the
output. " High honors wore ivoti hi
seed growers of this locality at Winnipeg recently as well "a.-; three" out ot
four prizes at lhe provincial seed lair.
Arrangements are being made for cx-
i ly moved by a religious appeal, but a
j few we��vl.s pass, and they are on an-
l oilier quest, ~ halters between two
| cults: (P\ V.. Meyer).
-To Be-Served-At-Tea Or-At-Luncheon
Or With  Other Desserts
For use with this and other desserts j
and to serve witli tea or at luncheon j hibit�� ol timothy seed from Pinchei
one may bake these attractive "stand-1 Creek io be lorwardedMor the British
by" cakes instead of tho usual cook-1 Kmpire  Inhibition at     London    this'
England, generally, is of a high order
of ability, patriotism and molality,
corruption is the rare exception and
it is, as it should.be, ruthlessly exposed and prosecuted.
"Ono might' also think from reading the newspapers that the entiro
United States is wot, and that more
  j liquor now is" consumed than before
The Spring'!.* a lime of anxiely fo ' prohibition,"   he   .continued.    "Before
moi hers who havo Iitrlo_ones_in tlu- !'In-olubition- tlie press, very naturally.
did not publish the conditions brought
home.     Conditions make .it. necessary
to keep the baby indoors. > He is. olten .
confined to overheated,   tfadly   veniil-'about b>' thc saloon, ,while since pro-
aled   rooms   and   catches colds which j hibition every ' violation   of   the   law
rack Ids   whole  system.    , To' guard ] through" rum   mining; makes   sonsa-
Many Tourists Visit Canada
It is estimated by the Dominion
Parks Branch of the Department cf
Interior, that tourist traflic last year
was worth 5136,000,000 to Canada, and
it is expected that this figure will bo
exceeded during the present year.
Among iho provinces British Columbia leads ^In the tourist "industry"
with earnings $36,000,000. Over nine-
tenths of last year's tourist traflic
was irom the United States.
Do not sane*
another day wua
Itch ini', Slued-
SiiS, or rrotrud-
lng IMles. N<��
surgical opcr.
ation requited.
Dr. Chaso'* Ointment wilt relievo you,at onco
and. nffonl lasting l>ene_lt. COe. a Vox: s.11
dealers, or Kdmanson, Bates & Co., Limited,
Toronto, .sample Koxfrceit you mention tliU
pancr and enclose 2c. stamp to pay postage.
Hemic l>y X>omii!ion Uxw ess Money
O.-dcr. If lost or stolen you get jour
money back.
Cigarette Papers
mble Book _����[|
i/es ^|*|
>u Can Buy/  ^w
SHIP TO'   ' '
415 "Mclntyre "Blk.,"    "       Winnipeg
ies. These get their nam��* because
they are the housewife's "standby"���
they can be kept on hand always and.
instead of getting stale, tliey improve
with age.
.Cream three-quarters of a cup of
butter and then gradually add a cupful of brown sugar. Heat two eggs
-well and stir them up. - Sift together
a cup and a half of flour, a' teaspoon
of cinnamon, a quarter- teaspoon of
cloves and half a teaspoon of nutmeg
(this last may be omitted if desired),
end add these lo the other ingredients.
Then'stir in a cup of seedless raisins
and half a cup of chopped nutr..
Place the batier by spoonfuls on
shallow greased enameled ware bilking pans and bake'until, bdfwn.
summer. Tlie association now has
over"200 members and controls 75 per
cent, of the tonnnge produced in that
Kngineer.-. are ,[;rep;ning plans l'ot
a control." Iowt used iis a wireless
station will be 1.200 f<>ei high.
agahift this ;i box of Baby's Own Tablets should he kept in the house and
an occasional dose "given1 the baby to
kc'P.his stomach suid bowels working
regularly. This will prevent, colds,
constipation or colic and keep baby
well.    The Tablets are sold by modi
tional news.'
���    ,       Child Labor In U.S.
, In extreme depression or iu extreme
prosperity    children   tend' to .leave
cine fif.alevs or by mail at 25 Vents a j school and go to work/   In one case
box lrom Tlie Dr. Williams Medicine
Co.. Brockville, Ont.
Toreatq Woman Advises
Young Mothers!   .
Looking For Circus Jobs
Sixty Thousand Applied For Positions
In German Show
Sixty thousand, people of both sexes
and all ages and classes applied for
jobs in the well-known German Sar-'
rasani   circus,   which   recently   left j
Dresden for a South American tour, j
Emigration with passage paid war, the
Inducement.'    - ~
Members ot thc aristocracy and ex-
oflicers who held high positions in tho   I do" not"hesitate to recommend it to
,, ,.      . | ether women who need  strength and
war were among the apphcants.      .  \ g&uring.expectancy. 'Favorite Pro-
A former cavalry general asked if, pcrtption* relieved me of all nausea*
he could be taken as a Eroora  while a   or slck-stomacb. and kept me well and
ue couiu oe iaKtn as a feroom, warn, .i. ptn>        j- tQok this &p]endid tome ancl
distinguished        military        engineer. nervine during each of my four espect-
had   Qualifications for a    ant periods and I feci quite s^ctlyitmy
babies were just as greatly benentea as
I myself, for they were plump and
exceedingly healthy from the first
moment"��� Mrs. Rose Peters, jSo. 2r?
Sackville Street.
Health is most important to every
woman.   You cannot afford to negiect
Capacity. Audiences Expected
"Lightnin"'     Wiil     Attract     Many
Visitors to Winnipeg Next
A  deluge of mail oiders from surrounding towns and'a steady demand
at thc box oflice from eity dwellers
forecast n series of capacity,audiences
for "Lightnin';' at lhe Walker Tliea-
iiv _next   week, .beginning   Monday
night, April I i.     Because of its long
poverty is the cause, in the other a
chance to earn high wages. The
Supreme Court has held that under
our constitution Congress has no power to regulate the labor of children.
Tlie matter rests with the states, hot
half o'f wliich have adequate laws ou
ihe 'subject. Recent statistics show
that during the past yoar child labor
has been increasing.���Youth's Companion. "
Externa lly or Internally, It Is Good.
���-When  applied  externally bv  brisk
rubbing, Dr. Thomas*   Eclectric   Oil
. ....  -.,   v _.., ���$-,-���!, .... t fi,i     ..���; opens the pores and penetrates the tls-
runs  nt-Aew \wk and  Chicago the; ^ t0UchIng the R^t of the (roub!o
i and immediately affording relief. Administered internally, it will still the
irritation in the throat which induces
play has been anxiously awaited and
It is a matter of genuine satisfaction
that John Golden is sending, for-an
introductory tour of Northwest Canada, the same cast that will go to
Loudon next summer. ft is headed
by Thoiuas Jefferson, son of the late
Joseph .Jefferson, as Bill Jones, and
Bessie Bacon, daughter of the late
Frank- Bacon, as the vamping vaiulp-
coughlng and will relieve affections of
the bronchial tubes and respiratory
organs.     Try it and be convinced.
thought   he-
stage hand.
Toronto. Ont.���" During all ray years
of wifehood and motherhood I hav$ had
'*iicli  creat comfort from the  use ol .,      ,
pr Pierce's Favorito Prescription that j '"'^s   the   famous   courtroom   scene.
 J "" *���    "Miss Dacon appeared with her father
Average Farm Wages
The average wages of farm help in
Canada shows a slight increase for 1923
a.T compared with 1922, according to
vtife actress whose divorce suit en-J compilations of the Dominion Bureau
fn England many people have
bought submarine chasers and converted them into house boats. Stripped of -their large, high-speed engines, they make cozy homes.
during   " Lightnin's "   historic
years' run on Broadway.
For   the    Winnipeg engagement a
matinee is announced ior Good Friday   same as in 1922.
in addition to the regular Wednesday and Saturday afternoon performances.
The "Lightnin" company will also
play engagements in Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, Medicine Hat, Loth-
of statistics. The average wages per
month of farm helpers, durlDg tho
summer -easoa of 1923, including
board, were for men, $61. as against
?59 in" 1922, and for women, ��39. the
Bj- the year the
average value of males, including
board, was $611 for 1923, as compar
ed with $ US in 3922.
Minsrd's Liniment for Sprains
Under a new law In China the consent o? s father and mother has to
obtained before a divorce can be
J  is mado" in Dr.'Pifree^ Laboratory in                              ^neaepaiPnUi In Seattle IeTnnle<L            " .
j  Bridgeburs?, Ont.- Spnd to ctnts there jiae *����?*�� 'w engagement* ia s>eauie ____���___ __.,
if yoa wisU * tria! package, '       ? and Portiaad. x    .        ' Minard's Liniment Relieves Coida
I Bad Breath : f
f Overcome I
j�� "Bad breath is a sign oi decayed &
7 teeth, foui stomach or unclean X
|j bowels." If your teeth are good, {)
^ look to your digestive organs al ^
? once. Get Scigei's Curative Syrup Jf
U at druggists. 15 to 30 drops after (j
j�� meals, clean up your food passage X
S and stop the bad breath odor. S
A Donol "K
1) buy substitutes. Get the genuine.  U
6  X
Cook's Regulating Compound
A safe, Reliable, rtjcuUtlne
r&edicl'nfr J��r w��m*n   ,So\& m
���So J. S3: No. 1. $V   'SoW by *fl
��� *-f prk��-    Fire p-irriphta.. ��> *_' ���
.   Toronto (.Ivrmtfh *Mwr'
Th: I-*jtrip'iriasv$rai -F'j^m q*,t,.\._.r Aft"'
���o. 1 for Bladder Catarrh.   Ho. 2 for Blood ft -
���iinDiMssM. No. Sfor Chronic Weaknesses
ftOl.&t_YLK_.I..__GCH__WIST'-.THICK.** F'-CI AMU 3s.
��*.l.I_Cl.��i_cued_Co.Ha��r_.t<!ekR<!.N W S.Loo^ob.
o* Mail SI fkow 71. ? r,j__t Sr. east. Tokov o.
on  M    ii- Pai.!.   SiR.fc-r wttT.   MusrKLAU
Is '$2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance,
Re Gopher Extermination
Midway School
Report for March
Attention is called to the fact
that a small appropriation lias
again been made available by the
Department of Agriculture for
assisting in the extermination of
gophers and ground squirrels during the coming season.
It is urged that in those interior
districts where both the Brown
Pocket Gopher and Columbian
Ground Squirrel are proving such
pests and involving considerable
loss to the orchards and mixed
farming industries, strong effort be
made to supplement individual
action along the lines of trapping,
poisoning, shooting &c, by interesting the school children and
young people of the district'in
entering gopher killing competitions, .which should be organized
as soon as possible.
In the year 1922, the Department of Agriculture granted assistance along the line of the payment
of bounties for tails sent in and
certified to by local organizations
&c. This year, however, the Department will help local bodies
holding competitions to kill gophers
by means of grants of dollar for
dollar, not to exceed a maximum
of ��20.00 for any one Institute or
Farmer's Organizations. Local
Institutes or Farmer's Organizations should therefore arrange for
such competitions where considered advisable, making proper provision for the prize money.
The results of the competition
are to be set forth in detail, signed
by President and Secretary, and
forwarded, with an application for
the proper grant,' to the Department later in the season.
Any local Institutes or. Farmer's
Organizations taking. thiB. scheme
up should communicate with' the
Department,[ of;-Agriculture, Vic-
X toria, at once."     7 ; W W   ..'.'-' 7'
i"'-'   Further information, if desired;
.-''- can-be obtained from ; the.Govenn-
7 .ment Agent,- Greenwood..
/Provincial Party Meeting
At -Grand Forks.     7
On * Saturday,   April  5th- . dele-
. gates of the different Locals of. the
Grand    Forks Greenwood/ Biding
/met in   Grand Fork's : to form   a
'--. District Association. . The follow-
r ing elections were' made: President,
. Major "R.   Gray; ...Vicer.Presidehts,
. .Messrs. . E.   F.  Keir, Cooper, .W.
. Tippie,     Saunders/.    McLaughlin,
7 Page, .Tedesco, ATL./Gharlton and
:.  Mrs.7A. D.' McLennan;  Secretary -
7 Treasurer, T- N. Walker. 7      -..>���'
;   :7 After  the   adjournment. of the
WD'istrict Association a  Convention
7 was held to consider the choice of
' ��� a ',. candidate^. ;it f was   considered.
:-..7advisable. 7owing;  to f -the . recent
formation   of. the f friew.: riding to
;:'-���; postpone tha. nomination till April
'26th.    The following , names, were
proposed   as'", possible   candidates,
C." A.. S. ��� At wood;  Major Gray, E.
���7,F. Keir and C.f Saunders. .7. .- ���'-.')���
.. During the meeting a. very in-;
'"'���   tefesting.address' was given.by��� A".
.    M.   Whiteside,��� of  Vancouver, an
7 old ..resident of. Greenwood.   . He
 made special reference to the Royal
7 .Commission 'which "he said . had
7-' more than; justified itself in.;spite
77 of the fact that some of.the moBt
f important -accusations had ��� been
7 cut out. 7 He stated, that the public
.was very anxious to know:
"'* .'. '-. (1.)   When Mr. Bowser is going
,    to bring his much talked of libel
..'action?';  ���/,.- ''.yy.. X .'./'"���_''} -' -y'
f . (27;,   In reference to the",P. G.E.
..why so many of the /Northern Con.
-;-8truction Co., and. the Murdock.&
,?Co_, books were lost'or destroyed?
Why ..some .of. the   Government
^Engineers records were either burnt
7'" orloat?. "'"-.--���   ��� -7- -..'""'[ ", -7; '
7-   (3:.);7-Why   57 years   after,   fehe
work started  the go ver n ment de
cided. to audit the 7 book b if - the
. Northern ConstructionlCd.? ,.
(4.):- .Why. the. following   was
cut but of the Royal Commission?:
:, "Ts> secure the good  wilt, of the
''x representatives of the Conservative
: palrfey' and of the Liberal  party in
in the-Legislature, thoee interested
in the P^.GfE.; Railway Co. made
. gifts bf money to representative* of
. both the Conservative. and Literal;
.  parties."     -      . -. ;������; X'yX'XxX)
��� 7 The. Illustrated - Lecture. 'entitled "Middle'Europe and the
Balkans" was enjoyed  by large
. audiences both at Midway and
Greenwood1 last '-.,week.     Dr.   J,
'' Knox Wright, agent for the Can-
' adian   Bible   Society,   was   the _ . ���
lecturer acd he was well -pleased muchmo .climate and ..weathercan.
with the reception he had7in our-Sbeat. that irot ;-'emVputy" :he '.de-
"' ndshbot^^yXXyXyy���y.yV.Myf^^'ViXXXyy ~XyV; }yzXy))
A. M. Whiteside, of Vancouver
was in town ou Saturday.
Service in St. Jude's Church on
Sunday, April 13th  at 7.30 p. m.
I. H. Hallett returned on Sun-.
day from a professional trip to
the coast.
Daniel McKee, of Salmon Arm,
is visiting bis parents Mr. and
Mrs. H. McKee.
��� J. M. Abel, of Penticton, has
joined the local staff of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Some good buys iu used Fords
and Chevrolets. McPhersou's
Garage, Grand Forks, B.C.
D. McPherson" was in town on
Wednesday and sold a Chevrolet
to B. W.  Harding, Chiropractor.
At a recent meeting of the
Grand Forks Liberal Association
D. McPherson was elected president.
The Douks, of Grand Forks,
have imported a carload of hardwood for the manufacture of
Trout fishing is reported good.
A local follower of Isaac Walton
caught an IS inch trout in the
Kettle River the. first of the week.
The sidewalks are for pedestrians and the Chief of Police is
attending to complaints being
made of cyclists monopolizing
It is reported that T. R.
Hanson caused the cold wave in
Midway a few days ago, when he
started a field of ice-bergs down
the Kettle river, before leaving
for Penticton.
. It is rumored that the Douks
who left Grand Forks and Brilliant for Oregon, to grow all kinds
of edible nuts for the community,
are being returned home by the
authorities at Washington.
Mrs; Lyons has.been appointed
relief operator at the -local office
of.the B,.C,_ Telephone/in .place
of Miss Mabel Axam, who leaves
at the end of the month to go to
Vernonasa nurse in training. ,.-',.-
:At the Court of Revision: held
in the local Court,House on.-Monday,.!^ names .were added;and
75 were removed. The combined
list df7 Grand Forks and \ Greenr
wood will77have approximately
1960 names. , ' ...  W   7 i "������
Strongheart, the-wonder dog. of
���'The Silent. Call,."...has ."finished
his second 7 production "for; First
National, -"Brawn of the.'North,"
which . ..will be ..shown _at; the
Greenwood Theatre "on Saturday,
April 12tb.v....7;77'     ,."  77; 7
. John A. Dalahder; an old-timer
of Bridesville, died on April :4tb,
aged 7b years.- Deceased was a
native of Sweden arid had been a
resident of/the province, for over
3Q, yejys*.. ...BuriaL.topk _p_lace'; at
Bridesvilie otrSaturday.7
. The Mayor and'Aldermen have
fixed.Wednesda'y, April 23rd, the
Annual Cieah-Up Day. In the
past .the citiznes. have responded
loyally and the.Council has every
confidence that the citizens will,
again make* every effort to clean
up their premises;    /7WJ/
; f At a.well attended meeting of
the Liberal-Conservative association of Greenwood Riding in the
Co-6p Hall;/ Rock Creek, last
night the following officers were
elected:��� Hon.7 President;' Hon.
Arthur.. Meighen ;VHon7; Vice-President; Hon; W. J.: Bowser; President, Major,F.;7E--Glossop; .fist
Vice-President, .WV B. Fleming;
2nd f Vice-President, H. Pitted
drigh; 3rd Vice President\. Frank
Roberts; Seci'Treas, T7'Jenkih;
..'. What - migUt ���.have .proved- ai
serious: accident occurred pa Satr
urday. evening, ...when .Sam -���'Lee
and7 bis. sob Gee,..'Were going
nor th on Silver St. in their recently, acquired Ford.' .- After making
the turn below the Imperial Hotel
the; car got put of control, mount-
ted the sidewalk and turned over.
Gee/was pinned under the car
.arid"shortly!.after being .removed
he regained consciousness.; Sam
was badly shaken up. The-, car
was damaged considerably.
"When It comes to real weather
conditions and climate, Rossland
hasf.;.-em:;,all. .backed ...off,, the
boards,";-fremarked:7a7 Rossland
oldtimerf'tofThe Miner^last-week:;
���-'Why,"'7said;ythe--/oldtimer; -/a-
neighbor .'of mine 7 was making
garden in.the morning, drove his
auto aad had, a rouad: of golf in
the afternoon -and tdok ;a turn : at:
carling in. the 'evening/ 'If any7
of. the otherfplaces  claiming, so
M. I. Keir, Teacher
No. enrolled       '.       .       .        30
Proficiency List
Eutrance:    Nellie Brown, Annie
Alice   McMynn,
Leslie   Salmon,
Grade    VII:
Pearl    Johnson,
Joy Sharp.
Grade VI: Roy Sharp, Kathleen
Salmon, Rosalie Brown and Clive
Nicholas (pqual.)
Grade IV: Jolrnny McMynn,
May Sharp and Kenneth Stewart
(equal), Mayneen Bush; Verna
Grade III: Gladwin Sharp,
Olwen Mair, Jimmy Brown.
Grade II: Bernadine Brown,
Alice Mair, Gladys Mitchell,
Gordon Roberts.
Grade I: Charles Nicholas,
Marion Mair, Edythe Griffin, Jack
Brown, Lucile Evans, Mae
Perfect attendance:
Bernadine Brown, Jimmy Brown,
Jack Brown, Nellie Brown, Rosalie
Brown, Verna Evaus, Lucile
Evans, Edythe Griffin, Johnny
McMynn, Gladys Mitchell, Mae
Mitchell, Alice Mair, Marion Mair,
Olwen Mair, Gordon Roberts,
Leslie Salmon, Gladwin Sharp,
Joy Sharp, May Sharp, Rov Sharp,
Annie Thomet, Pearl Johnson,
Charles Nicholas, Clive Nicholas,
Ray Nicholas.
"Brawn of the North"
R, W. Taylor's Auction
The Public Auction aJ_R. W.
Taylor's ranch, Rock Mountain,
Bridesville, was w^l attended,
between two and three hundred
being present.. The roads were
not in the best of condition, several people having difficulty with
their cars owing to the mud.
Prices for cattle were good,
varying from $100.00 for cows to
$26.00 for-heifers. Hay and grain
brought poor prices, owing to
expense of transportation. Implements and machinery brought
fair prices, while household
effects fair to middling.
Strongheart, the dog star, is called upon to do some strenuous fighting with timber wolves in "Brawn
of the North," his newest picture.
Naturally he is successful on the
screen; but this also applies to the
outcome of many bouts while the
company was on location. Of the
score or more of wolves -Laurence
Trimble was using, there was not
onn that Stronghrart could not
beat.      ../,-
��� "Brawn of the- North" will be
shown at the Greenwood Theatre
oh Saturday, April 12th.
7 Mose Burns the hard rock miner,
arrived inftbwn a .few ,days7ago'
from the west and is employed at
the Providence mine. -.;
[-���"_'. Send Your : ;
. .".' 7'  - x  X    ToX.)   ' ' ���'���,: )'���"
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forts,
The 20th. Century Shoe Repairer
Ml work and. material, guaranteed.    We
/V pay .postage" .one-way.   Terms Cash. ._.
FOR. BOYS attendiug_;High' and. Public
Schools. Fees ��30.00 month.-. Particulars
apply'.to. the Revereiid,' the,. Principal,
1 tS6"Nicola St, Vancouver, B.C..     '    :
-7'FOR 'SALE"'.'-7" /.';
-A -.{rip of j'puug Turkey's,'- a; year old,
|ro.'oo, (Shoemakers stock.)   x  X
-i,B.R.-&i Sussex "cockerel, ��2 50 .each,
also' pen of Light.Sussex; 1 male, 5
females, ,$[q.oo:'7'   "      '     ."���'.'.,
' 1 pair:leather chaps, $r<;.oo, f"-"'.
.   r-rifle. 30.-30 Winchester, j515-.00._-   .^ _
.  ....'.'  ..'.-' ."'_-. . .Apply,' Mrs..: Royce., ..
t7'77Cust6m hatching ,7  ������������'���-.
'7 Send your eggs "to" II. II. Pannku;,
Midway,sfor incubation. ��� .Three" dollars
per hundred, two .dollars for fifty."
Comfortable room.and board; fclose.to
7" MRS.:R..BLUNDiaL,
the mine.
Certificate of imcrovetnents.   ,
��� ���:]:')'���[ XX.,:noticeW , '".x:'y
.'.'nANANZA). Miiseral Claim,:''LKitn3.te-iii .the!
;��� "Greenwood Mining .DiviRibu of Yale- Dis-
,  ' ".tritt:  ���' -! :    ���:".. '- -.'_'.:   "   -.'���',   ���
,- Where located:'.- Iti.Fisb Lake Camp. ,
' :���.��� TAKE -NOTICE -tbat-1, tfiaacIL- Hallett,
Solicitor,- as Agent for Tintotliv Sullivatt,- Free
Miner's Certificate No. 57321, iate.-jd, sixty clays
from the date, hereof," to "apply to tbe -Mining
RecorSer. .for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of.'obtaitiiiig- a. Crown Grant of
tlie above Maim.''. .   - .'.���
And further' take notice that action^ aniler
Sectioc 37, must be .-cbmmeiiced before;the
issue' of sacli Certificate of Improvements/
Dated this 27tU day of March, A.__t.'192-��.
X. ."4 I.'H. HALX.ETT.
[y]XI?[lJAr^-r^X^(QW'.,KAiR[ X )
Oriental 7Hair7R6ot /Hair Grower
World's Greatest;.Hair .Grower.. Grows
hair on" bald heads, "��� It must not'; be- put
���where hair is Hot wanted; .Cures dandruff
and all scalp troubles; .'""Si.7sper; jar',...._/".'.
���X  '---[ "-..-���'���'f7Agents^Waatea,:.'-.:_:f' ���.'--��� . ;.*'
77pR0FHin;^^ CROSSE,^
448 f toiraa .���AveyWlssiQez, Iteii. .
Grand Forks
Mrs.   Poulton
has a good selection of
Spring Hats
at  her Millinery Store adjoining
City Grocery.   Moderate prices.
Open until April 30th only
Meyers Creek News
The sawdust will soon be flying at McArthur's mill.
��� Word was received from Grand
Forks that Ted McArthur is improving. x
Thompson Bros; are adding a
cattorpillar tractor to their logging-equipment.
Harold Moll and Ab Fee are
the crack sawyers at McArthur's
now, having cut 90 logs in one
E. B. DeVoe, of Bert.R. West
Lumber Co., left McArthur's
mill last Wednesday, after shipping five cars of shop.   -
Tailored Clothes
Special Display of
New  Patterns
The Seasons Latest
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B. C.
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday, April *3th.
Midway 11 a.m.
Greenwood 7.30p.m..
Ledge ads bring results.
Has opened au office above  Chas.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Alt appetizer
A food
A pure beverage
A satisfying drink
'Beer withoutaPter
The   better
beer��� sold   at   all
. Liquor Stores
This advertisement is not published or.displayed by the Liquor;
Control Board or by the, Governiaent ot British Columbia. ��� :
The Consolidated Mining & Sineltiii| Co,
W.W'7:-... 7 ~y' X, Wof Xanada;. LimitedX: yXx x,: y���:;
'X-     .. _   X.   '     OflBce, Smelting- and.Refining Department. '    X'-~''
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
-.    . . Producers  oi   Gold,.  Silver^   Copper,. .Pig   Lead   and Zinc >   .'
-'-���.; ������'-'-'-      ."TADANAC" BRAND     .7        7    ~:      ',:    7"7
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural ,
purposes.    , ���
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions . ls
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-emp't Land," copies of
which can be obtained "free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any .Government Agent. .
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Goast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that.
Range. '\   '    '     ��� -
-Applications for pre-emptions ara
to.be addressed to the Land Coin-
Vnissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are-made on, printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be, occupied for
five years and improvements made _
- lo value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least live
acres, before a Crown Grant can bo
For more detailed information see
Uie Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
. ��� _���
Applications are received for purchase of vacant, . and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timbcrlanrl,
for .agricultural purposes; minimum
price of"frrst-olasa (arable) landis $6
, per. acre, and second-class (grazing)
iand .$2.50-per acre.. Further infor- -
mation rogarding . purchase or lease
of Crown; lands is :given ln"Bulletin'
No; 10, Liand Series, "Purchase and
.Lease of Crown -Lands.".
Mill,.'factory, or industrial sites on
timber, land, 'not exceeding 40-a.cresr
. may be purchased or leased, the conditions       including '."���  payment       of
stumpa'ge." .-"-..--..,.
. ' TJnsurveyed'areas, not exceeding 20 '_
acres, - may be leased as homesites,
conditional--upon a dwelling being
erected in the-first, year,-, title being
obtainable. after residence and im--
provement conditions fare-..fulfilled'
and land h^s'b'een surveyed.'". .-    X
7-77 .)' --LEASES- ;W    '7"  '" y-
poses,areas not exceeding 640 acres"
may."be-, leased fby one .person  or  a
company.. .."'-7    ������    y' '���'-  -    "   .
.-;.-���       7.7 V'GRAZING/    r _yy  X)
Under the'Grazing. Act the .Prov-"
ince is" divided into grazing .districts
-and the-range administered under a
Grazing.-': ' Commissioner."" /Annual"
grazing- permits are' issued based on
. numbers ranged, priority being given
: to ."established, "owners.' Stock-owner.1),
niay form-  associations., forf range
.management." - Free,- or. partially free;
permits   are "availabla -ior    settlers,,
campers   and 'travellers/ up-to" ten,
head.",  "" " - 7 "  ".
-TheJVUtieral Province of Western
Has produced Miner��l8>al3ld as follows: :.Placer Gold, 876,542,203; Lode
Gold,7��1Q9,647,661; Silve^^^ 8170,723,242;.
Zinc,  $24,625,853; Miscellaneous TMinerals,
.289,565; Building Sione, Brick, .CemeatV.fetc.
Production to felief end of 1922 show
81.358,'839; Goal and. Coke, 8238,r.
, 830,605,942, making  ita Mineral:
aggregate .Value faf $769,418,462
Production for the, Year Ending Deeemteit 1922; $3
v-The   Mining1 Laws of this Proyince  are more libera.!, iand the feeslower,;   "
shari thoBe of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the  British
7 Empire. :'.
Mineral, locations are granted to diBcoverers for nominal f6e8.
Absolnfe  Titles are   obtained   by developing sach properties, the aeenfity
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.      .
7;   Fall information, together with Mining Reports and Maps,, may be obtained
gratis,by^addressing���..,/..   y.y-Xy.  -
Vx;X;:Vxy}"Vx::y Xx:VVx:'VyyV, .^'VICTORIA, British .Columbia,


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