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The Ledge Jun 2, 1921

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Array gi'jusjMg-j-jiji "i" >i^~>��~��t
I fe
Vol.   XXYIL
No. 47
ii V
House Furnishings,  Hardware/
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
gBTOmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmig
We can fill your wants for-���
Also a full line of
Phone 46
Fishing Season Is Now  On
Everything in Fishing Tackle
This week we are celebrating our first
.   anniversary of   business in   Greenwood.  -
We wish to thank the people of this city
and district for their patronage in the past,
and solicit the same for the future.
Made to Measure Suit
Quite a  substantial  reduction in prices
Your measure   taken   by   one
who learned the business
W. Elson 8 Co
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches For Sale
.   Call And See     ~
In Shell or Nickel Frames
Put up in a neat Sprinsr Covered Case
$1.00 PER PAIR      .   ...
Watchmaker      Jeweler      Optician
Watchmaker and Jeweler
-     GRAND FORKS���
Mail  your watch for Repair and I wi.ll
mail-it back.   Charges are moderate.
The WINDSOR HOTEL, is heated with steam
aud electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
_ replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Wholesale Distributing Branch, for West Kootenay District, NELSON. B.C.    K
Packing Plants at ' $
Calgary       Edmonton      Rectos       Prince Albert       Vancouver   ai
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lauds For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle,  Etc.
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Ready To Help A Man With
, t
With trade reviving, everr reliance may be placed oa the telephone, vrltich is sach
a principal factor in industrial development. British Columbia is particularly fortunate in that telephone lines radiate from ihe principal cities to all ooints, so that
instant means of communication are always available.
The duplicate snbmarine between Point Grer and Naoalmo was laid this month,
doubling- fae facilities for telephoning between the mainland and Vancouver Island.
New loajr distance lines have been built en Vancouver Island and Uironghont the lower
Fraser valley, both north and south of the river. Very few applications are unfilled
because oi lack of facilities, so that the telephone always taken for granted, will not
fail yon. -.....'. -
Anita Stewart
'   ,      In a Drama of.Mother Love
"Human Desire" .
The- adorable" romance .of a., motherless
waif's persuit of happiness
Six Reels
Also a Two Reel Comedy
"Toonerville   Trolley   Meets
AH Trains"
Baled Hay For Sale
'- Baled hay forjsale. Extra'g'ood
quality,   mixed    .timothy      arid
aisyke. - - -   .      \,    ���   .,   .' V
'-'' ~y     Fritz Hatjsseneb
Box 364 -   Greenwood, B.C.
Barry Youill arrived in town
this week.
Archie Aberdeen is spending a
few days in town.
Lum Clark has purchased a
Ford touring car.
J. V. .Mills has sold his Over-
laud car to C. Mauahati.
E. N. Grubb, of Oroville,- has
bought the Peuticton Hotel, Pen-
Service will be held in St.
Jude's Church Sunday evening at
7.30 o'clock.
Harry Borders left Midway on
Tuesday for Vancouver, in his
Chevrolet car.
The Hon. J. D. MacLean left
on Wednesday for Kamloops en
route to Victoria.
J. W. Clark, who has been visiting at the coast for ten days,
has returned to town.
Mrs." E. Thompson, of Trail,
was the guest of Missv Marie
Anderson, on Sunday.
Mrs.'R. A. Roylance, and two
sons, of - Saskatchewan, have
rented A. Sater's ranch.
Summer is here. The boys
are swimming in the pond and
they say the water is fine.
E. J. Cochrane, Inspector of
the Bank of Montreal, inspected
the local branch ou Tuesday.
, GeTyour wall paper at manufacturers prices. See the 1921
samples at Gobdeve's Drug Store.
R. A. Wood returned on Monday after spending a pleasant
two weeks vacation at Penticton.
Mrs.L.E" Brawlers aud children who have been visiting in
Vancouver returned to town last
Mrs. Arthur Claughton aud
son, Roy, of High River, Alta.;
are the guests of Mrs. C. T.
Geo..Hallett returned on Sunday to Mission City, after spending two weeks vacation with his
Ola Lofstad reports that he encountered the lead in the Helen.
This property is situated south
of* town.
F. F. Ketchuin, the genial merchant and-postmaster, of Beaver-
dell, spent a few days in town
lasfweek"." ~
Stan. Lockwood, of New Jersey, formerly of the Mother Lode
mine spent a few days in town
during the week.
Geo. H. Stevenson and N.
Saudberg, of Seattle, are doing
some development work on the
"Roderick Dim" aud "Electric"
in Long Lake camp.        -1    .   .
Paul Nelson, who recently purchased a studebaker car, motored
on Wednesday to Spokane accompanied by Stonewall Jackson on
business trip.
Miss Marie Anderson who has
been visiting he mother herei left
this-morning for Spokane. She
was' accompanied by her sister,
Miss Ruth Anderson.
The Independent Meat Market
is now open all the. time. We
carry only the best stock procurable in fresh meats, hams and
bacon, - lard, sausages, , head,
cheese., "etc   " *
The Presbyterian service" on
Sunday, June 5th,' will bev held
in Greenwood church at 11 a.m.,
instead of 7.30. Service will be
held in Midway: at 7.30 p. m.
Services for the other Sundays in
June will be held m Greenwood
in the evenings and Midway in
the'mormngs. . Oa Sunday, June
19th, Rev. VHillis ' Wright,' of:
Grand Forks, will conduct Communion Services in Midway in
the morning ,and inj Greenwood
in the evening. JMr. Wright will
conduct a baptismal /service dur-
his visit.   '        '"��� - '������ V V '
Junior Red Cross
. The peace-time program of the
Red Cross League of Nations, to
which the Canadian Red Cross is
signatory, embraces and embodies
the very important platform of
Red Cross instruction to the children. This branch is known as the
Junior Red Cross, and in Canada
this is the medium through which
the Canadian Red Cross is endeavoring to -induce among the
children and young people Red
Cross instructions and activities of
an educational and social value.
In this situation, the Red Cross
aims to. enlist the services of the
children and young people on be>
half of suffering childhood to minister to the needs of thoBe children
leas fortunately situated than
themselves, and more especialty,
until the post-war work of the
Society is completed, to the children of soldiers or-those suffering
directly as the result of the. Great
War. In this respect it will furnish, to children and young people
a successful and healthy outlet for
their energies and present to them
a definite purpose for which their
talents may be employed.
J. H. Dawson, of Silyerton,
was the. guest of Mr. and Mrs.
G. B. Taylor this week. While
here Mr. Dawson inspected some
mining property in the Long
Lake camp.
Don't forget the School Bazaar
on June 3rd. The boys and girls
will be looking for you at their
Sale of Work and Concert in the
evening. Bush's orchestra will
play for the Dance following,
Keep this date-open!
Sunday evening in the Presbyterian church, it being the last
Sunday in the month, a special
musical service was held. It is
the intention of the church to
hold a similar service on the last
Sunday of each month.    -      '     ���
Dominion Day, fJuly 1st will be
celebrated at Ingram Bridge
under the auspices of the~United
Farmers of Greenwood riding., A
good ��� programme of Baseball,
Trap-shooting.-' Horse . racing,
Ladies -race, Potatpe Speering
race; "Boys, race, Victoria Cross
race, Stake race, Bucking contest
etc.. etc. will be held for which
liberal prizes- will.be awarded. A
bigV dance. Jn. _ the..Co-operative.
Hall in the evening.
f Don't forget the Tea to be held
in Kennedy's store on. June 3rd
by the school pupils. This promises, to be one ot the most interesting teasiof the season. - Fortunes will be told, iced drinks and
ice cream will be served as a com?
plimentary seryice to. the Sale of
Work going on at the same time.
The boys and "girls have expended considerable trouble and time
in preparing this, event for ..you.
Your patronage . will be "greatly
appreciated.";";-; VV     ; ' ���' -"���
:. On Thursday, May 26, E.'E.
Tucker and Harry Nugent; were
arrested in, town, for ..not reporting -when.eutering Canada.V The
following.day.they., appeared before, Stipendiary Magistrate, W.
R. Dewdney. Tucker was-fined
$100 or ;in default 3/moriths imprisonment on. the above charge.
Nugent is put on a .$50. bail, to
appear oh June 6, as he stated, he
could prove ;that he had-reported,
The truck, these .men had was
seized by Customs Officer, R. D.
Kerr, of-Mid way! The liquor it
contained . is .being held for- a
claimant, by" the provincial
Columbia and Western
Lands to be Opened
The Hon. Dr. MacLean arrived
in Greeawood Friday afternoon on
a short visit to his constituents.
He is enjoying the best of health
in spite of his strenuous part taken
iu the late session but is quite glad
of the rest this trip is affording
On being asked by a Ledge representative as to the Moderation
Act the minister replied:
"The probability is, that the
Moderation Act will be brought
into effect by Order in Council
about the middle of this month.
Stores will be opened in the larger
centres first and a little later in
the smaller places. It is most
likely that Greenwood will have a
store and in this case a representative of the Commission will visit
the town in order to select a staff
and a suitable building." ��� ������ _ y ' '
In the interview the Doctor mentioned that the opening of the
Columbia & Western Lands, some
of which is situated north of Greenwood, will take place on July 12,
1921. All applications will require
to be in the hands of the Government Agent at Fairview on that day
in order to insnre consideration if
there should be more than one
application for any particular
piece of land. All applications received before the closing of the
office that day will be considered
as having been in at the same
time, and in all probability where
more than one application is received the particular piece of land
will be put np for tender and the
highest bidder will be given the
preference. Unsurveyed lands,
either for purchase or lease, will
have to be staked and advertised
and in this case priority pf staking
will'govern.   -
Continuing the Doctor said, that
it is the intention of the Government to give what information
was..ayaHable to the Government
Agents at Greenwood and Grand
Forks, with instructions to the
agent at each, place to. do everything in their power to assist applicants, and forward any applications they may receive to the
Government-Agent -at- Fairview.
It was also decided that the Government cannnot take notice oi
any applications for land received
heretofore and intending applicants- , should,. therefore,. govern
themselves accordingly and see
that a new application is iu. at
Fairview 7 before the 12 day of
July.. "���     .-..-���--- .. ���-.- .������<_. "-V  V.
Mining News
G. P. Jones has returned to
Hedley after spendiug the winter
in Victoria and other places, on
business connected with the Hedley
Gold Mining Co., and has announced that development operations will be started right away in
the mine. The flume is being repaired and some slight damage
done by a washout recently is be-
rectified. There is a much more
optimistic tone among the Hedley
business men and residents generally than has been the case for
some time past.
The Waverly Tangier Silver-
Lead mines, situated at the head-
waters of Downie creek, near
Revelstoke, have been purchased
by the Walters Investment company of Spokane. The company
is spending $10,000 for development work, which includes the
construction of a wagon road from
Albert Canyon, to the mines.
"Bosem" W. J. Richards and
two others have commenced development work-on the Silver Reef
group on- Anderson creek says the
Nelson News. The property is a
gronp of three claims staked and
worked by Pat Perkins and associates of Kaslo, and has a good
showing of silver-lead. It is the
intentiou of Mr. Richards to push
development work all Bummer.
Greenwood School Concert
Evening Programme
r. O Canada Chorus
2.*Orchestra Selection     '    Greenwood
3- Tom Sawyer (Sketch) Public SchoU*-
4- Vocal Duet "Let the Rest of the
World Go By," Mr. Cavaye and Mr.
Hibbard.   .v.
Recitation Cecilia Hallstrom
The Unwilling Patient, Senior Pupils
Recitation Edward Johnson
Orchestra Selection   ,      Greenwood
9. Recitation 7      ; . Miss C. Mcintosh
.10. Comic Song . -Mr. Hibbard.
ii. "No News, or why the Dog Died,"
H. S. Pupils
1.2. Song V   Mr. Cavaye
i3. "Fudge and the Burglar,"
. H. S. Pupils
14. "The Maple Leal For Ever,"  Chorus
.God Save The King..
The Census
For Sale
V,- Team of ..horses,. 28$6 lbs. < Set
of .-harness . goes' .with'" team.
Heavy wagon"4>i in tires, "used
only a few months. Light.Democrat .wagod;Vlarge- heavy: sleigh
and a light . sleigh. -���'. Chains - arid
cant-hooks for logging.; Apply to
;'.""" -.'"_���. f X'\ '��� XfX ;7.LVPutzs��V7 v'.'
'.--��� X-X'-X " -���-       ..V.iGreeriwood.
Human Desire 'v
In "Human Desire" .in which
Anita Stewart will be seen at the
Greenwood Theatre, 'on Satnrday
evening, June 4, has the part of an
Italian girl who is intensely fond
of babies, and who'for.'-this reason
makes a splendid Madonna for an
American artist who finds her
friendless on the steps oi an old
stately home in Washington Square
North, New York., The love affair
between.the artist and the: girl is
developed as the picture proceeds.
;, Both; in' Doubt-;.;-'
. At a dinner on one occasion a
prbfeeaorVthough he:,wonld ask a
colored cloak-room attendant a
few questions about his memory.
. As the attendant handed him his
hat he said: "How do you know
Ihsa one is mine?''       .
tlI don't know that,  sub,"   was
the answer.-- ������-.,/
"Then why,do yon give it 60
me?" queried Sh* professor.
,;.. '"Cause yon gave it to me, eub/'
The sixth Census of Canada is
now being taken, J. C. Knght,
of. Vernon, .commissioner for the
Yale federal riding, has appointed the following enumerators for
the Greenwood Riding: Mr.
Williamson will be enumerator,
for Beaverdell, Carnii and Main
Kettle River; Rbb't. Johnson" will
have charge of Bridesville and
Sidley: W. B. Fleming will look
after Kettle Valley and Rock
Creek; Eric Jackson will do Midway arid Boundary Falls; John.
Docksteader,will have .charge of
Greenwood and Eholt.
A Correction
; We, the Midway Baseball Club,
wish to inform our Rock Creek
friends fehatife was ourselves (Mid-
way), not Toroda Creek, who had
lhe pleasure of playing that little
22-8 (riot 9) .game on the 24th.
V. Midway Baseball Club,
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to th* Postmaster General, ���will be received at   Ottawa ���
until aoon, on FridaT, the 24th -Jnne, 1921, for
tbe conveyance ofTEls..-Majesty's Mails, On a
proposed Contract for four, years, i times per -
week t��a the route  between  Greenwood  and.-
Railway Statitn ',C.K.) from  tbe Postmaster -
General's - pleasure.
Printed.notices containing: further Information as to conditions of proposed- Contract raay
t�� seen and blank forms of Tender may -be .
obtained at the. Post Office of Greeawood and  '
at the oSca pf toe Post.OfEce.Iasjsector.
Post OSce Inspector's Office, 13th Mar, 19217
VancosTer.-B. C. ���-���
��� ir.r. MURRAY-.'.V
Po��t OSce Inspector
.1:    .
>'  'I
f {
��� 1  .
���K�� I
'�� M
Tin I
ii I
4 LEDGE,     eEEEFWOOD,    B,    a
hep: Does Bronchial Trouble
Begin To Gel Serious?
First it was a lit tic throat tickle,
Ihcn a cough which grows severe.
'.riiis neglected cough travels down
the Iu>.gi. and it's mighty hard to
treat. To treat throat trouble right,
use Catarrhozone. ��� Ii heals the sore,
spots, allays irritation, eases lhc
rough, makes breathing regular, clears
out the phlegm and frees the nostrils
from crusts ami accumulation?. Yon
can prevent colds, and keep free front
Catarrh and bronchial trouble by fre-
tpienlly using Catarrhozone���thousands prove this every day. Sold
everywhere, two months treatment
$1.00. n'.edinrn~=izc 50c; small size,
25c. "
Enter   Mother-
By Ella   Randall  P
The  letter   was
>\rvf-< i
Franklin Kirby and its contents enjoined secrecy. "[ want to surprise
Franklin,1' wrote that young man's
"And you've surprised Franklin's
���wife, too,*' This thought was slightly tinged whh bitterness, for Vera
had her pre-coneeived notions of
mothcrs-iu-Jaw, and her first feeling-
was resentment that her happy Httlc
home was so soon to be invaded by
lhc arcli-eneiny., of domestic tran-
. fiuility.
"Franklin's mother���of course, I expected to meet her some day. And
of course, I'll do my best to get on
���with her. But now���" Vera bent
above thc written page again.
"I'm coming for a visit, but if it
suits mc I may stay."- Vera gave a
gasp as she read. "The idea! Cool,
1 call that. Coming for a visit���and
may slay.     Docs that mean forever?
' Oh, well I'll have to hang out the
welcome banners, for Franklin's sake.
Vera kept her secret during the
.next few days; but it rankled within
her heart. You couldn't tell iter any-
Ihing. about mothers-in-law! She
knew what they were like, even thc
best oi ihem.
Thcy never thought a woman quite
good enough for their precious son���
and Franklin was an only child! And
they never quite approved thc wife's
housekeeping methods, especially her
cooking. And, thcy always considered the other woman a' little extravagant,   to    say lite least; and a little
��� careless 7. of '. Hubby's 'com ioiH>::'and:..7iV
��� little too'-fond. of-''worldJy--.ple'a^ire.S7"V
.-:.-���' ���'.-';'V'Q.)v.-l'iii"surc''.l.6'. cbmc-'iii''7for7ieruV
��� ���-���'. cism-.'  aii(l".:advice,%.7.:r.c3c'c:tedW Ve7rtv.'
������ ������ ������'-."A.n.d-7;l.r'frtr-iic-liiV-7.t:Jii-tik's^jrie vqiritc 'satis-.
��� ���_.".factory;'as\I' a.ni.7' 7;>lt)Av7he--s-.:gbii)g^7to7
.^^JiavcMny^fauitsV^^'^VQ^V V;:Jjbw
^V^i."sr��j*&Vo' ).ear.tj7tli;;i:;t-the AVpirnaihhe.'
7V:;7ixi^rried isn--;i:7;md-.-hV;vc.r ^
'.'.y/s'7 as gopd.\as^th'C;7motlUy"7he7faKsoa!cV''V'
': 7 7 7'    VeraVwCn.t 7abputVlverVl^iy-;;7tasfer
'y.: conjuring'. np7 diSturbm^';7:;V!sio}i;s:/7e?i:
y . wliai.7 tke^dyeitt'Vfti lilic Veldcr vv;M-f5:.-.
;Kirby.7miglii,4iVc.aiS j7f:Slrc7liiK^kiirJ\Vti7
77- Franklin'VbutCsl^
��� ���wer'e.Tmar-riedV^ud^
i---.y; single';'Jnte'inb^rvjo^^
: 7;3hcrc.'''h'ad..^
VV'V:tlic-way ;of; dtMttc-.st -!'b-.irtsi;a7n.<L.scie#cies;
��� -7'VV'.An<LneiwJ^
/������:: 7; ��� as; -site ��� weft irab.oiit ;t]iC7taskV?f 7��&'t.t(jV_. i
y ;-;Vthe.;giiestrjSbjh iir:or(tcK;;-/?I.t7irtas7alsb:
yX: 3iave 7 tp; -giveHip -'.-h' g'r -ftcedlgv^oi^fbr;
77;������:���'���'��� i V'Vy>iU.7:af...;;i'_^
f^Hfii ft Vso mc%;mi��5:Rb:rt^
:''V 77^:hit i7 :F'dbn^t.7da
'y> ji.^nipressiojis^
W Vi j? e;;. sc c #���&'������. i��^
���" VV' ;��� ;V$fr4V'i:kchV:i^
y y 'iip'ofj-iAi$ :7.tive;7^s tSin'ger^tf c sit iiwhi rl ed;
_��� -.---'.iri't 9^ Vhc^JCilr-hj^.'s.-:-.! i)v;f .i^'rp^ft^-^:. V4-^.?P.ES:
X'X':y. SpX$^Uy$��iRffi$& JfMfc X&>?X
- y.>$oiii'r-V-he;adj7aii<ijshouj.^V^U^fSnfcr^;
��� -..-'"' ^-/.ran.&.j.T^
���..;.;_Vy.TOS$^ Toygr ���
7;~; 7 yil ?y o|b f ?>ii gji't.-Sv yj H ��-. :hv?:n^fj^f/.S '��������� &>r?- Typ \ 1;'.
XXy^yf'^^X:^X': -'Xv'\ y^ ' ;��� VV--���:������ ";-"- ;
'.V-'r^-Wdy^^ 7 '-��� 7:7 v.:
': ������'��� VVVV^I^f&iifl:^
:V'-^-':'-V''I'^C^^ ;t 'Iftplf''
V^^::l^:pA1?:7"b,\v'_.:i6/ er j?jyaQ3k?-aM;:fiQrner?'VJ..'
��� -7' jifiX X iS'icVsUpp'Cd|7a;;li ah"d';Vc7�� j 1 iii i shl y\ '-xixSO:
'..y \ ��7 p\c^X:X;'^qxi^6; ':sp.;:^BX'-'4o^-e0&exiii::
kept a cheerful home, and that's something, I made Franklin's father
happy. And I made Frank happy
as long as hc -was with me. And
now you're making >iim happy. I
know, by his le-tters:"
She looked long and lovingly at
Vera, and tenderly patted the hand
shc held. Isn't Franklin wonderful!" shc said with enthusiasm. ���'Isn't
he worth doing tilings for?"
They stepped into tlse tiny blue and
white kitchen.-     Oh, just like a toy
j house,'' exclaimed Franklin's mother,
j "I believe I could work here and en-
' joy it.     But I never did care for kitchens, and cooking seems a.mysterious art.     I always had someone else
do thc cooking, and I gave my'attention to the service end.     I. can pour
tea to perfection."
Vera watched Iter in bewilderment
as site went from room to room, talking entertainingly of many tthings.
Shc was an exquisite figure, slender
and light-footed, with silver blond
h:ur fashionably arranged, bright blue
eyes and a fresh pink and white complexion. Her small nose uplifted a
trifle' and there was ;t dimple in her
check. She had an air of permanent
youth. '1 he sort of person who never
grow-- up, thought Vera. Yet there
was. wisdom am! shrewdness, to<\ in
her bright eyes; and an undercurrent
in her silvery tones that twanged at
one's heart strings now and then.
"Such a dear sweet homc. ..I'm going to be happy here while I stay.
And I'm going to do all T can to make
my visit a happy memory for you,
you two dear children."
Children! Vera already felt old
and sober beside this light-voiced,
light-footed stranger. The elder
Mrs. Kirby tilted her head charmingly, with a sparkle of mischief in her
"Did my letter worry your 1 always announce my visit in that way,
that if I am suited I shall stay. But
I never stay." Her dimple came into
play. "I am a wanderer. When
Franklin's father was living,- we
traveled together and so I got into
gypsy ways. I have friends-' everywhere. So 1 come and visit, but T
never stay."
Vera watched her vivacious guest
as she arranged the roses shc had
brought in a cut-glass vase, A sudden tenderness crept into her heart.
A. thrilling longing, almost maternal
in its nature, to draw that gay, roving, childish spirit within thc sweet,
protective circles of home life.
���She went swiftly to the other woman's side and laid a caressing hand
on her shoulder.
"I want you to remember, Mother
Iii-rl)y,".,-.��h e,;-. said; ..:jity. l/diieri -.y oicsr; epiiv-.'
��� c'fctj.';..\vitlt7,i)e\vly..7
;An'd;7 always;-w.c7'shaU Vw'anV ;7xbu V fe:
;c o;n 1177 af 1 dX(t ay'.'. a.s7l on g" 'a s; y q u V.wi'l )'.>' V" 7
(Growth Of Education
In Saskatchewan
Has Kept Pace With the Increase in
Despite the rapid growth of settlement in the prairie provinces, the education of tlic younger generation has
kept pace, with the increase in population. Faeh province has its Department of lulucation whose energies
havc been devoted to establishing
schools in every settlement, so that
every child throughout Western Canada might havc the advantages of a
public school. Just how far this
idea! has been accomplished may be
judged from the following statistics
vcliiiin; \<> the province of Saskatchewan :
On September 1st, !��i)5, when the
province was formed, there were $94
school districts, of which 10-were Separate schools. Since then tlie organization of M-'noo! districts lias been
so rapid that at one time a new school
was erected for every day in the
year, including Sundays and holidays,
aud at present there are- more thaw
4,300 school districts. ..if which JO are
separate schools. In 1905 there were
no secondary or high schools, though
:l few of the elementary schools were
doing high school work, but now
ligh schools and a university,
school :���.
o that it is possible for a
o receive a public, a high
ul a university education
.having     to     leave   his   own
Also Itchy Scalp, Hair Fell
Out, Face Disfigured.
"My head began to itch and there
were scales on my scalp. My hair
came out badly when combed and it
became very dry end thin. I also
had pimples and blackheads all ever
my face. The pimples were hard,
large, and red, and caused mc to
scratch and irritate them, and my
face was disfigured.    -
"This trouble lasted about two
rnonths and I began using Cuticura
Scap and  Ointment.   After I had
Iustd two cakes of So3p and two
boxes of Ointment I was completely healed." (Signed) Miss Zona
Jackson, R. 3, Goldendslc, Wash,
Improve your skin by daily use
of Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum.   They are ideal.
i Seep?.5c. OtsSmtnllJSistlSOc. Tt!cu��S5c. Sold
throughoutth��J)ominiois. CiinailianDcpot:
Lym��m. Unfiled, W St. Tai-I St., W., HonSicol.
sSjUSP-Cuticur.-i Soup shavee v/ithouS inu?.
n.���Mil w.i��� ������.!��� .1) 1 wi .w���ni..i. H.nnmin.'iim Iwm
Sooth Ai'ricjt Behind
In Caring- For Veterans
Wild-Life In Dominion Parks
A Sportsman's Paradise
Saskatchewan One of Best Big Game
Countries  on  Continent.
Thc value of Saskatchewan's game
resources is no: generally known despite the fact that this province is one
of the best big game countries on tlie
continent. ,,   .
Last season alone a total of ��170
big game animals were secured by
licensed hunters. This-bag includes
80 caribou, S/0 deer and 1,200 moose.
Were the 1,200 head of moose secured
placed on The market, their meat alone
would fetch a very considerable sum.
These animals would each dress on
an average about 400 pounds, which
at thc low rate of fifty cents a pound
would amount to $240,000.
North of Prince. Albert is the caribou country, and while moose have
been secured all across the province
from Onion Lake eastwards, they are
especially plentiful >: from Crooked
River east to the.. Manitoba boundary,
within easy reach of thc railwaj'. In
this, d.ist ric.t...asin.aiiy.-as-..sixteen..!-, ioo.se
liavt{i)ft&iV;killC(l'j;(7oiid t.ownshit)7fv;7
Csns.di.in Delegates Kcuirn From
ConfercnccWith Marshal Haig.
Marshal Haig has returned to England from South Africa, whither lie
had gone to preside at the empire conference of Great War Veterans. lie
said said the British Empire Services
League for cs-servicc men throughout
the empire gave him a hearty welcome.
The two Canadian delegates to thc
Cape Town conference, K. 13. ��� Maxwell, of Winnipeg, Dominion president of the Great War -Veterans' Association, and J. Mo-'gan, of Toronto,
representing the Army and Navy Veterans' Association, travelled back to
England with E;;Vi Haig.
Increase in Game and Birds Proves
Value of Sanctuary Protection.
In his annual report for 1920, Mr.
J. B. Harkin, Commissioner o'f Dominion Parks, reporting on 'lhe value
of wihj life protection, says: "The.
continued increase in wild life in practically all of thc parks is most gratifying and affords lhc best evidence of
the value of sanctuary protection.
Reports from the various superintendents show that in thc three parks on
the eastern slope of the Rockies both
big game and game birds are coming
back in large numbers. Thc superintendent of Jasper Park reports that
this year .the bighorn, which a fc^v
years ago in that park had been re-'
chtced to .very small numbers, now
total 5,000. In the Southcsk River
hunting country contiguous to Jasper
Park last season there were reported
to be 2,000 bighorn, evidently an overflow from Jasper Park. Similar reports of better hunting conic from
practically all districts outside park-
boundaries indicating 'that the protection afforded by thc parks is not
only increasing the wild life within
their boundaries, but it is resulting,
as predicted, in a natural overflow of
game which is restocking the hunting areas,"
Nations Must
Avoid Another War
I our   1 eeth
By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,
.    D.D.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene.
Copyright,   1921,   by   Rea   Proctor
Mr.    Maxweli
:lared that South
Africa was much behind:(. the other
dominions in caring for ex-service
X���tlfeif c; ��� .i sVn .07 tItc=sV:V3ib^V^i-_O7=6;OOO^0.O9'
iiVyeStcd^i-!fi;.-Hye^'fo:.clv7Jp; :tl< Vs7ee>ihi t tyj:
tiqtijtrj'v- :;&V; ;1Sj :7#7-TolmjeV;;^d.er| j;
J\ttnis t c7r7:.7-pf ;::;;:7 A'gfi^
; lv-| iy aryi 37CJ ul.i%a|iQit-i^^
7To;lnjie^ ul six-.*?��pr esSe^:' thS; ��� jVQ^ aIkiV
���i.liir- [711 S^s-'tji gSj��m s '������ oxT; thevkonf m i k srou;
ft S^siiiiing ^ji;';Gre^
:sul I7 iff 7'the; 7'erw bargo ?;aigM���i.-s-tv^a;rfiadii.i^
Miller's Worm fowdcrs U'ill eradicate the worm evil that bears so heavily on children and is believed yto
cause, many fatalities. They are''an
acceptable medicine to children and
can bc fully relied upon to clear the | watchfulness.
Sir Auckland Geddes "��� Reiterates
President's. Message to U.S.
Sir Auckland Geddes, British ambassador, speaking-at the Empire Day
dinner of the British Schools and
University Club of New York, reiterated President Harding's recent utterances against war.
.."Wc must not: forget the evils of
war," he said. "Let us resolve, as
the President said, that it must not
be again! Another''war-cannot bc
waged without horrors indescribable.
New weapons havc been devised
among them bacteria, to spread disease too horrible to contemplate. It
must not be.
"Do not let us forget the awful cost
of war, or'its horrors, also that the
price   of-  eternal   freedom is eternal
Let   us  not  decrease
Time lies' in wait for every mail
and will get. him sooner or later if
something else doesn't; When time
begins to get a man the-qttestion_is,
how well is lie prepared to resist the
downward drag of years? Wc know
this drag is sure, but wc all hope" to
>makc it slow. It must be terribly
disconcerting for a man to suddenly
havc the skids knocked out from under him aud to miss the pleasure of
the long, quiet twilight of life.
Not that any of us arc yearning for
that ''quiet twilight" business, hut it
is the best we will have when it
comes, so let's make the most of it.
It is a .fact that men and women
past fifty years of age, who havc perfect \ceth, arc remarkably free from
chronic disease. Very few people
who    are    past    fifty years and who
Tells  Remarkable Story of
Sickness and Recovery.
Toronto,. Ont. ���:��� 'I .suffered greatly
fronrweakness, seemed to be tired all.
the time, arid had sio'
ambition to do any-'
thing or go any place.
My nerves were in
bad shape, I could
not sleep at night,
and then came a
breakdown. I read
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound in the
newspapers and several of ray friends
"advised me to use it,
and it surely put new life into mo. Now
I am quite able to do all my own work,
and I would strongly advise every suffering woman to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. " ���
Mrs. Cfiakles WAKELIN, 272 Christie
St., Toronto, Ont.|
The makers of Lydia E. Pinkham's
,       ���   . ,.        . , .  , . 1 Vegetable CompoundI have thousands of .
show advanced pyorrhea and decay of, sn& letters as that abovc-they tell the
the teeth havc anything like normal | truth, else they could not have been ob-
hcaltlt. i tained for love or money.* This medicine .
���ri.��,.��� .,..   .-.--.. 1 .    ,      ���    .   i is no stranger���it has stood thc test for
llicic arc people seventy to ninety . move than forty years. N
who have nearly perfect    teeth    and I    If there are any complications you do   .
then- splendid healthy leads, us lo bc-; not.understand write to Lydia E. Pink-
licve that there is a definite cotinec-1 h��m Medicine Co. (confidential), Lynn,
tion, m old age, hetw'een  good teeth j ���.'   .    	
"and good health.   ... ' ' ~~
Many old people, tire vigorous who
have well-fitted artificial teeth, much
healthier in fact than people of the
same age who have advanced pyorrhea, or a number of abscessed roots,!
or both, in their ���'mouths.'
The Thrift of the French
food  channels  thoroughly    of    these. our  watchfulness.      It  is  drowsiness
destructive parasites and restore', the I in -,',,<, vvatch iou-c.  ,vi,;ci, ;s r
inflamed and painful
health fulness. . They-a
remedy for these evils.
surfaces    to
an excellent
M<ore Gypsum *iu Canada
%;-;Bji|t'e��7. vj:Sk fp&i! i6tj^ip(^\^i^��^ii^
flilsqoti^Tc Vi-I'lie -;'dijc pe^g?rii-:^riee:77li-as;
^ieed;7S,pi)0JJ!|Si; ^c&��fisCS)f vcfijaSisry
&.t*r;, ��� :irt&��iXii&��'. :o.0Q0^0Q' ;pf7ftWxis:
Wi=e: ���exportJc:d';fe:;-New7;7^es1^ iJJcte-.;
:fii:a-'rlv iiHl-iffoikiid;. ������ ��� .Mj^^Cfiistjii-- has"!
'&ji4i).g%$T6t f.kc7'isi&c4l!22J090 fjooi^7
Jets ���dealing' vfyitV-3j.i^
fhe-.p^dbct'ioii :,d|;jtic.-be-st7fifetftijAV.; ���
'"��� :"Good' '^rit���\.^p0^66p-tiii^'X.-y-
^Saxtthcfiv-' -Mibfif iy$ti&;pyJneukj4?;
��� kit. fM i%' %flpi7-'(?1ipS ��� V^i<?7t^ta-I^fe:
'herfri'  -:Wool::: .|>r70^erS'77^sgQ;c;i^
7ai^gdp;tefl7;7tO;7;-^6^��4-ii \ ,~$'o~im0^Xi &jL
Tjtet'-wSS:-ol?ti.iji:edV '''ilifs-:ts;' -cotts.tde7r-
jfe(l7%i7;vcry '-f^v^Sble-^Iigure; 7m7 ^iiiw-- ISf;
;^trff'-��t>tc 6j7.h^^0oXina1rke't7V:-VV" V.-:
XX'X^- tirely' .pri,; Coal'-- Th eTreV ^ 7-' 7�� 7: ���;; ���
jK).saI:Ug;--.'o5Ctip-^.t'lic-7-vRirh'S Kdisli-Ki;;
;-iirst;'i3.Pl'M!'! Q u't!- oihex 1 y Vw i^7:tIi��f;:ocEu7;'
^pa;t igft- oMhe" Kit!i 'tiity dtfliJ7;i!iea.i;7;':>l3'ei
'.forei'tKc :Va:Vlh;i;-au i^^6Si^y\^\y.Xiiic
��� fi^ri-.'^b taiii'ed vi.n^i^atVg-^
yi\ Z-i} ic ��%-<\r.ldv7; r- :It '��� M&S7/ i !Aisi .'.hfetfel V
.���pA?cr :>oi.V>rVji. ijw*5^ tSXt: ^il:Uoii'r-fit"cSQ-_?W-;:..-/ - j-t-
7 corfi_ti;iis^}<y7ery'7- (���& alHy77.fef77i VoVi;? ;jf!4r:
; W-h67hi70:f Vh^Ce;;;.!*
;pfbiititt:iau77Vi:V^- i|f ��� -^Vi^uftV TV aiiiisyH
7]oa<jed ;-|fve^vyv- W$X M !StiXW!$XZiX> hlih?:
iR^lp^V.--^V\y i!V-7tS?^
JV^antecl X9'�� Qvi&P&!;SM '��esc 70iar>ty
7 >.T.h<J -tff!;il7St;!i^;iV3ft':'diV^
Me:4 h &. x BRgecsVq f 0x11 it a&i ehitfVj'Sil U ���
JcmSy,:' vl uiy Uy(X2��Xtiv��flXfc&3��
Large Reserve Available If. Market
V'7'VVX'-' Can Be:;'Found. .-77-7-V'.v '.:-
f: Tii;idrilling-' tp-.;U:st?"7thc 7cpm'mcrcui.l
possibilities oi' lit'e'Salt beds in-;'the;
:Fprt7^feMurr.ayycJistrict,;of Jlie-Athat
;balc:i7l\ ivicr ���7c;^?n'rys:.7.ree>u t ly,7 i t;.7\yas
ivityd'iH<?7:-R;n.tl --UX's\��n-f,. .6f -coihliiercial;
oiitta^ifyr^'a; t77ile:p:pi s'Sftngin^ :-f-r-dm '-SOQiiv
'600-feet,;;7hd-7rVVfmirJke;tican: be-'fpu'titl
ipi-/it-'.;/there '-\:
bf; ���fVe'.i-mii7vri;;a7; :ii'otei!jcWllic77min;erf;
ais;:'J0:? 7 C.ti tyvil ay ..:i& V. i s 77f q uiid';iif'several;
.O'fr^rl'-i e7;P r o'vtiVit'es''- '51 u 7 was -n 0 i 7 kn 6 vv ii'
ty.;?C.k>-?V "ivt VIV 7 XX- nb rt hV".. ������7sl"lie7'.tp^ith'
; pro'eMc i .io'?'17 Xiyy. i ni iic iitH'n:;Ca' iiad il' iti
yiiia :ivVi jjfe Ave-prfsifs 7'6'J. Vt: li c-;;o:re.;; mii st
^l.:ii7g;e ;ir;e'scrv^:-.avail-
'Xi''i)Xy. 'GyjVst.iii;';.is';.-.qii'.e':
ior war.
Prior to the dinner, Sir Auckland-
unveiled a bronze -tablet containing
the names of. members of the club
and sons of thc members who served
in"*Jie- war. The first name on-the list
is'.-'tiiai of ���flic Prince of Wales.
X-.Drop .Floral- Bombs: 7V.V
7.7;7'7;., ;l7pr>.Spidiers;ahd;;SaiIors7;7-7;7V^^
��� I'psti :7-;.Tuijid' ;at'- ��� MohTtrcal.rwhich.
People    Have   Worked   and   Saved
Money Since the Armistice.
7France was dreadfully tern by thc
war,    terribly   depleted financially bv
Good artificial teeth, arc far prefer-' its expense.      But what   do   we   see
able to diseased natural teeth. '   jnow?     Two'years and a half after
Artificial teeth arc jnadc from por-   lhc-armistice her people are. able'to
cciaiu.     A great deal of careful study   invest 10,000,000,000 francs a year in
has been put upon the shapes, colors,
types and contours of porcelain teeth.
Tho making and fitting of plates lo^
thc mouth, and the. arrangement of
the _teeth,' both from thc artistic and
from the.mechanical aspect, has been
reduced almost to an exact science in
If wc keep our machinery iu good
repair as wc go, wc will have no regrets when thc time comes to reduce
speed and jog along quietly to the
cud'of the 'road.
Prince   Has Small Income
��� sii.d[.\y'cj^
hit|\-'i:eii..jihc7:'���'.���-.'FriiiehJ-''���������itVi<1V. -lihgliisli
7iinH.7ai-y-. s'ery-io.cs'-.<v>'!h';ci\-'.-.;ihc. :pr.c.siVl'ctU:
":p t'-thc-.-fitiid.f I^r, :7\\(77-.r7L;A t Ifc'ribi?-,-. aty--
7. c.ha rge /o i.-; th C/-La s t: - Pps:t --obsCr v ari) ce s-.
.....   .. ,...-,. , ������iia��^1's'eivf;-.a-'\vychtli-'to'the7cc'!ebMnbni
,la:7d ��� fail'df/ his. :iti'iirio'rta.f7c.Omi:ades;7;-77"
;aiidV<iroi>^c',d-;'^c;.\yerS\as''-:: a'7 .nfemeivt.o
^���O'.fj.i-ljij'J-JiiVttljp Jhfa-r^ -'.-. -Stib-
���wr'ca:tlfe.;in 7Ui?;iSt7i;-;Lawi-ciic^
���aTi i il ;7rff ar i i tc.s .'as ;txv e 1F as777sp! iti ex s7. w Ii 6'
'ifgjflTi^j'si;i.c'tiih��7;of'���) <!iievn^' subniaruics.
7had77:?i; ftu7g^;yjoffijJr;'>jSw^v-^
y?V77:r.7VAmericatV jtarmeryy. XX-X ^
-rfpurtc^^b^SSftftcJary;; o.f7Agricw!turc'
^;*51.^i^ir:efiTliSiifg^; 3O * C/LitIIgG7;!t 1 foV7fcicl-*..
J<i.:j3"> j &��� 7>ti& S'fi iXy :'y eit f '7h^ivc:c;;-'y 7^i:e;,
pf/itiartfr gf ;7t lje^iin
���aSirHW(ni^htf^ st^geiv
Sf^'n:;edVa^aiy;d)y7u li' eV prts;..ure7^7pf7fsuhV.
y igJ^S!:*^ v^y^^u'j; ji iii- c ii f ly ^^J ��& r^ia%.<V 7 i ri;;
4 iSVS1 ^ yti v)MX^Xi^X&fXiXS^^^^.
Because  King Will. Not  Have Taxpayers Burdened.
The Prince of Wales .is not setting
up a racing stable' for the��� goodi'veasoii
.that-he-cannot'afford one���r.i- disability by the way, I hat would not.-have
hindered .some.of -'his 'predecessors.' Iii
spite... .of-;- the-new7wealth which, has"
'come-,f 17.0111 j-.thc.better . nianagctiicnt
o'f;'v;tli.e;:.:-Pucliy-.: .of; Cornwall, the
i Prin e e's\ in'co'iue "i's: ;vc ry - much s ma 1 ler
than/.t.liayt'usital forthcllcir Apparent
pvving.7fp"'iii's'.-.co't'isent- -to. tlie..'King's
:.7<;l<; tc ni i in it j i pitV ,t tni t,: tlf c ��� y 0 ung'c 1; inciii-:
jbe.rjf-'of'-.t'h'.e'. Rrtyal^fanuly^s.hall/ript be
Weekly;VP6stV.V i ���%X^XX^^y -7
bonds! There's ,a" lesson in thrift, in
saving, in resources, for" thc whoh
world! ft wc had anything to coin-
pave with it iu America ottr prosperity would be the marvel of all ages,
our money power almost beyond com-'
ptttation. But France has not been
spending billions for luxury since
peace came to her. She's been saving her sous white \yc have.enjoyed
scattering our. dollars. And thcy
work in France.���Chicago Journal 0!
Allenby Galls For
Order In Egypt
���Asks People to Follow Path of Peace
.': *���'.'. V"-; .,an^ Order1.
��� Field. Marshal V Viscount' Allenby,
British High Commissioner iu Egypf.
issued a statement ..referring to the re-
'ccn'C disorders m'which'he is loath to
.intervene in party, politics, but as a
last resort the responsibility for law
and order, devolves upon him. Great
Britain, he observes, has held out to
-.Egypt "the. hand , of conciliation' and
friendship,-','7 an.d is ��� now awaiting
/Egypt's'reply;/:Ha.cxhorls the F.gyp-
-tians'; in.;their :'.dealings with each
other toifbHo.w the paili of peace and
;coiieilia.tion'.:'-���>:'."������X-'- ~-��� ;��� >''���'.
';'/.;';Fruit ?Pnlp'yNc\v:^Shipment'.V. -7.
���������";:Frui.'.';pu.Ip7;vfr6ni'7;7British ^fJoh'n'ibia;
���td'-tlie\Mivitc.(i;-.Kiig.d'oin-'"is;^ .fca-:
ttirc-viti shipincuts outbound; froni:this
;p'07rt'7.cp?V .life; ���S/S::;'i''Mberjk,,'-7wlHc!i
-left. \";mc.67uyc'r;::rccciilly;"'���.tJi.er'cV.ycir'c
7tvtfo^'"'tqtvs: 7pL7friiil7 piilp^hs^a^saiiiple
7shipmeviyy'yyyc v ,;...���<���. -<yy^ - v ���
> ;Sir Edwa^d'; Carson,' -who for many
;ycars.-.Jia''sVbcen.' leader'of the Ulster
���f6.rcc'S'..���;���^iV.���VParHam.c!it,���'��� has becn ap-
pQiiitcd;:Lord pf Appeal in Ordinary in
iucccssipti;. tp;"J3ar6n..7-;Moi5ltoii1 who
dicd7iir\March;V'7'-:77v- -.'
XXy.Talkst;Nlaii: pjcslV'^.V.   :-;[:X
.ta7ile��.t-'.7iifa"iv-.7.in.''-ii}:c!;wpr.ld;-7"is;:..'d*iad; tit
:liis'7; hrjji'i'c-vncar'-:: SiouxvCi.ty.-7;177vCpyire7
'potvrid^7'-7/'H'e;-; wdre-��� size. ;24^sboies_ yy\
'F;ocE''AeCepts/--N'e'vv^ ���.'"
���-.. :Jiarshai ':^dj;/tlje;;gc;nc^liss.ii��
the.' AilHi 'arrfiies-'idurijig "!tifc .grieat
.wste. li:as jas't^aeec^ted-.the' ..'.title', i>f
Jion-orary-' co'lonei. o'�� ihe' 32rid' Ftcgi-
inent afc-the Quebec: ^ifjtdeL:- iiisap-
pointnicnt' was sancfion&d-- Vby ' Jlis
-Majesty-.'King- ���G^o'tqc arid;- 9p7p.rp.ved
o.y;t:JRj priti-fh Cb��Crnn:teh:t7��s7fellas-
t> y7. C~iy ri. nil a i 3S70 .Jnilitary :;a;^|iprliicf���V 7.7
4;; V^Sen i^t^^IstNe^'-E^'plpii^V-:'1/";;
V'^SQui! V ATrjci^is: :tiio\^:-mantif^iiitiit^j
;;a;-7;ney' 'Vmat cm al.i;. ;:t a- 7 taKc7ithe:^i|ice^
; p fcn i't r<^gf^c er iij&-.eS^
Hj.eett 'i'es;t7 e7d7 -in. ���j'jiiHc*'.,toid7:''''i^''TegSifrf��
���fi.il', a��; :b6t?t^>'��r6rijj,ajici.,'��Mf'e,'.'. . T-tV.is;.
v<^lKd;'i5C��J.i:t%f: tfic .first .;Sjfjlapte. 'Seeing    derived-   from tlie initial' ���foHttifs.
017 the! ^vofds;,- "<.)��bs-t?tivte���
^V'ChirJie'se ah.S-7^'crmans--.8t.iR��1a<:iiJ��
;7;A7.state7pt^e&S,'peiwccn-China and
G^raian yv-ha's ��� bc.e'ti..felared; zLtcgMia'g.
:t07 advices-;' heard; sir :,BarisV; 7;: tx^sm t'S-
an^.<n;djtp tJ^'SfjS^qfTj^j^^d^
V-V' 7;77; .'-vyhsrcvFarming^aiy^XXyX::
���'���.'^.���'S'&iini^lpjli1 ;;tP���>v7p:rk^f4riM^i.U��i-ia"
yife-^rpftviu; vwSsVSt>>-ti!; ;^sV-thei7 Jjrjos?
-5cSti^ -2-3.' :yeXrsi^byX^^s0Xfm^-^he:
;aiid ^^ut:.^0iOQO,'^u^rts-7:p^
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7for^brt��!ri'. cx\:iept.;Ss7^;mcm^.ipy^
^.."'.N.':' -5PV:-J0��yy'X..X'��3i ^MJX^M^^^^jM^XX0^^S0l;^��l^l)iMs*l|lf^|^
. -Sella Bonds: Tat tjOod' TM'cifX;. ���. I:
-. Thr���e--��iSIroii..^'oIIarsvWQ'fi^ .PtTfi'vc;
'���O'r. :s'ix :p&�� cent, hoiids; 'Svcfc .diippscd'
.oL;tp.7ti>e'ijtitIsh; Apierocari Bbn'd.'&or-
pqf atipiij;. VJefpria, - &Q^air.. teiiafottf
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|ct^^sw|jcfc^jl7.yc; 'ifij��^'$ltY0_y%-iot
j;7f*TK|iii)^gJanpi.irC��tt;i cuo^iib iflylias
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:po riiiviViKurt.; i u Vtlp ter iii i iii ii g;Vtl ti;;inpt:
'iihcii'tlfjc-iy iQit7:<yf7^
)v;ery 7.cTiif. C7T11 li&p;^iii!.ii:vfii.ri^r^.pro.lu't^s"
ii ljiivy--' *��-t!!- tli ei; th h.V^>77t 1 fe^r.jifjiai v^vbrkcr
���.yivr.fe V|^
7pP'r7lv7j'77-7) >c.pp 011ui* a 1V 7p W^d uTCl roii V 7b f
���park'' d^ pVn'ds^hi: i:gct^]iipp'p ^ilfv* :7e'psi
7pf;;;tced.s.:7i;?^i';!iis7 in& V7bft ;iii:vt^7rialljft-ri:r7
;!;agf|-? 'c ro'i0i:\ g .Sc 6"i tj :unifipii:7^.ithVthfe
^^���iiira'^s A f i 'sfJt'c-t p.ry/7)c.Qh;<liHpnVvyitii7;:|V;
7yi|fcy^ftial! 7an7toturt'J^
;.fib^-tpu:_he.p5^ V .ii
3;��� diajt;-y-<?rfr;'wlte.ri.:;f]!y[;n- ;L!p;yd^.Qp'orgfc
Saa" tii''-i*j. ris, Xf'iut^'7SaTa-ir7iR:c:rnliArdjt!
'jiald-'.3ijhi-'--a vj's'tr. and.- ���su.bsci'it'icrtfliyi
site -cante. tb-'luri.c-iiepii7 w'i-tli. hiinir :bfe^;i
ing. hQrri'67iip tothir dmingy''rotfitrjiv;
5-s'tffitcjrc'ir 4ha'ir.   "7 H-
o T^i'ciir; "7CPnyeJsalipB';;/ vVits... niiiiniy^
7ifjrS#iI:K:;Ei^d7^p^ ������
..^JfsVlkfj vK^?^7Sara1i?J.pe:!T:sdif
|^hes ln^rKie^fededAiius'i ^XXXyX
: l|mfi|iic cnija ic3t: XX X^X^XXSfyXMX.
sjis]!7;i(rfeef ^l^liM^^iJanjd, ii tJH^ii'Jr (^.inr
tii^-ipeist^jiV;:; 7 v.7 v ��� vv xixxyyy.'
'." !V:-V'7..;i -.7 V.-'eelebr'at'ei
rOU7';caK.-7atways'7tclt.7tiie,7e^am on
V>Ti^EV^n.;^cas<i;7oi;V^mer^^ by
;7_^Honpaiiie^':'};H^:\^pp^&^eedrAy<^:\tire.-��cpist^i/HeVlaiows ibat
���ii06M!N10N--matcri^ up in
:- :^^^^/7DQJ^NI01^ tKR matter
.7^^i^iiS&e;^7i"^)|<tJi^ Cdrds" and
..���.������Fr^7co��f''<��\:c��iiM;(,^ Ctoiado
'XiXyXihmi?^ .   '
0XX0^BWy^'^&^XSX^itX: i^l^t^nMi^^tl^^dfcrl^j 43^^ * sSSSM
*-��' �� "
THE    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
v   " Sit -'
TTfce cotnfwtiation of pirnt^-
�� quality and economy <��
lias tnaae Magic BaM*ig>
u. Powttet the standard��
jbaktftjl powder of Canada.
Positoely contains no,'
alum ot other tnjtmcms
Its use 4nst*i*es perfect
"Costs no more tta�� the
Madame Curie's Position In Scientific
World Is Without Parallel In
- History.
Mine. Mane Cniic, discoverer ot
laditim, is in Xcv\ York to receive the
gift of one gram of this very valuable
clement from American women- The
rise or this woman to the position
of a leading scientist of the world is
without paiallcl in history. The
daughter of a pooi but distinguished
Polish scientist, she worked hei way
up in the field of her choice uiilil today shc bcais the tynquc distinction
of having, together with her husband,
received thc Nobel Prire avvaul, being
the first and only woman piofc-Mii af
the Soibomic in Paris, pf havinc ie-
fuscd tin ribbon of the Legion of
Tlonoi because, as she put it, "1 don't
like decoiations," of rf coving lhe
Knirli,h Albeit Medal from thc Kiijal
Society of Arts, the icrond to bc
Thc announcement 'ha-, been made in thc Manitoba Legislating that gianted to .1 woman,- Quen. Vicloiia
Premier T. C. Norris will call a conferrnce of the praiiic province PremictsJ having icceived the first. There wot-
to consider what kind of unifoim legislation is neccssaiy to deal with the, many   moie   honois   end   deeo.ations
Made iri Catta-da.
��Vt>,MPro       TORONTO,CAN.       KOK-mlAI.
iA/estern Premiers Conference To Discuss
Unoccupied Land ProDJem
Discoverer of Radium
Ts Remarkable Woman
WLy Not Use
Dried Fruit?
An  Acknowledged  Expert   ..  All
Mattci s Pertaining to Household Management.
Germany Lost
Her Opportunity
Refused Chance to Make Voluntary
Offer to Allies.
The lliiii-.li picniiei Kt> - open the
veiy coie of the piobhm iihin he
iiotes the change of attitude in Gei-
mau\'s spoke,man ,ince the fust
days o'f thin  tenor whin  thej  tame
ee ie
'. *"
dons dried fiuils plentiful and cheap
it.u i   oi   tnc
uiough   to   delight   thc   h
tiio'^t .ccouoinic.il
All diied funis .ii wi-11 as all Oriental inn's like figs dali , and the like,
bien-piouounced hopde-s hut Tanlac ha, eomplctily oveicoiiie my
stomach double and 1 cat mint, \egc-
l'��s  suppliant,  to   hocli  on  November,     "|   ],,ui  ]_vct[   on   ,,   ]K1���;(i   diet
Some folks have the idea that in or- j 11, 1918    Tod.>y Berlin is making ex- j lUlCl   V(lU,  aml  my  CJ5C  had   twice j ,u ivocm's,
dci to bc ellectne, fruit must be both   cus'S    not    mciely foi  delay, but  foi    '-    ���   ���        ' ���--���   ""-     '
juicy and acid.      Thry pass bv   deli-1 a\ oidancc of hei ihbt-       "She is be-
giuumg to challenge In i re-poiiii-
bihlv," he sav,, and uhm hei upic-
seni.r.iM, "icfiise to f.iie iheii obligations tiny ,.re iheeied. ami ciuomag-
cd and suppoi trd "
,ue    honifyiiu.    dim.        Undci     the \     Gfiuit'ny    had   .m    oppoi'.unity    10
inicio=copc this dm n hmhl>  vImoU   , make   a   solum.',}   otic,  but   ,hcjc-j0t  the  (In ihiee jr.u.  ago  and   fiom I pound, m weight and look, *o every-
iinul to  take advantage oi the ol'Ur ' tjMl   ,;,���,   U])   luu.i   \   (00|v   T,u,ilK-   ]    |ndy    Idl,    mi      lhc veiy pictuie of
Wh.n l'oic<d to t.,k- anion, the pio-Vtcidil\     ivmt    down1    hiil.      l-n     ..   health       I  fu 1 twenty years younger
"Jhdifoie,  fined  funis niii't b
Olighly   i le,.ncd   \.uh   a   tiujll
b iu ill
ITt ud. but thc 10-poiw in almost all
instances, w.is j-innlar to the one given
to   th<
I Ioil.il
��ugg( si ion   of
the   Legion   of
unoccupied land pioblcm in Wcstcin Canada. It is also proposed that the
cpnfcrcncc consider the position of scltlers now on the land with .i view of
finding ways and means to increase llicir productivity to the country.
It nccd not bc argued that thc callinir of a conference for such a purpose is timely and in the national interest, for il has becn we'd said that the
economic future of the West and of Canada as a v\hoU\ depend'; upon the
proper settlement of thc unoccupied lands along existing nil way lines and,
upon thc improvement of conditions affecting the production of ba��ir farm   '  ,���
products. J,     |��-    alvvaj,    interccrliiicr and icvc.ds
The foitlicoming confcicnce is the outcome of variou* meetings held j tin f,u t that the blood is usually ihin
between the Western Provincial Cabinet Ministers" and thc officials of the j and lacking in ihe strengthening piop-
cnies ot voting folks blood.      If you
Western Canada Colonization Association.
waul to fill your blood with theUire of
InMhc mcmoiial leccntly presented to the Western Governments by l,lc. youth, build" up jour slrc.igth, restore
Managing Director of tlie Colonization Association, the vh w was clearly
and sliongly cxpicssed that unifoim legislation, calling for the listing oMm-
occupicd lauds at firm prices and for a reasonable period, was the keystone
Jo thc success of any: genuine colonization movement.
It is idle to advance thc theoiy that voluntary listing of unoccupied
hmds will suffice, for those who aie in a position to judge as to the possible
success of any voluntaiy movement arc seriously impressed with the ,tatc-
ment ol General McRac that the proposed legislation is both reasonable
and necessarv, if lhc money subscribed to lhc Western Canada Colonization
Association is to be expended in the national intnesr. Thc listing of unoccupied lands with the piovincial governments, will enable their Land
Boauls to issue maps and piicc lists similar lo those now issued by the
railway companies. Such maps and piicc lists will be generally distributed
and will not only .civc the purppsc of thc Western Canada Colonisation
Association, but as well all the land agencies ihioiighoul the piovinces. In
addition thc neccssaiy infoimation will bc provided to enable the Dominion
Government to direct immigrants to thc vacant lands near existing ia;h\ay
lines wheic homesteads arc no longer available,    i '   ~
Thc unqualified endorsation given thioughout the country to the proposal for provincial legislation is evidence that thc people of the West are
seriously anxious to effectively deal with, and find a solution lor; the unoccupied land pioblcm in the prairie provinces. " '      '
Thc proposed "intcr-piovincial Premiers'.conference'' will probably be
held al an caily date, the outcome of which will doubtless affect cvciy community interest in thc West. In thc meantime every -Board of Trade,
Municipal Council, Fanners',Organization, and all inteieited public bodies
and citizens, should give serious consideration to this impoilaui subject and
make icpicsentations in regaid thereto lo their respective Government-;.
Some lcgisIation*-undoubied!y U nccssaiy to deal with the serious unoccupied land problem. Needless to .say, evciy urban resident is affected by
lhc Micccsi or failuie of thc fanner on thc land and should therefore be
vitally interested in thc forthcoming Premiers' conference vJuu agricultural conditions will bc fully reviewed and an l)one,l attempt made to find
a remedy for existing ills
11 iii
Keeps the      A
your n<-.vis, just tr��r Dr. Hamilton's
PilK." This wondeiful medicine is
grand system i egulator.
bowels in good condition, keeps the
body fiee of v, a,to aud impurities
Kor joimv. and old thc use of Dr
Hamilton's Pills is recommended. 25c
at all di .ilcr, or The Catari ho/one
Cii    Montreal.
.aid w,nm u..to,        1 find .1 in n tooih-
biusli (lc-iiable
Then pu' the I. as, to -ctk m i It.iu
cold watir in a e,,\l.ird vc-k 1 'ih<
fruit in..y t><: .stiv.id m ihii ���-.inu'
waler when plump ,:'d much ui tile
ninu ial mallei th.il soaks out .nto tin
ua!< i m..y tin', b< con'-cived. Fig1-
and dates, as \v< 11 ���s ,,ii^iiis, <-hould bc
scalded sc\i,ial linn i with boiling
water an<' then spicad out on ,i pl.itiei
-to diy.
hi cocking un> of the "d'ied and
soaked" fruits arrange to cook ilov.-
ly. This wi'l ai>l m <\\eloping the
n.ituial fku.or and sweetmss If you
must add extra su-,,11, ^dd it tow aid
the end of the euokhig Less sugar
,s needed to gi\ < thc doiio/l s\\,_e!-
ncis if added at rht   md i.f 'he cook-
posiK she niadi  \\<ic iu ihe wo.di of; ���i���,|,   Jt,,r i  v ,l;, s0 w(mI. j  t0uidII-l
pi IK, hcrd.iche, and awful attacks of
My   skin   got   yellow
.md 1  It 11 of"l imtil I was hardly more
than .1 walking skeleton
"This was the fix. 1 was in when .i
t iljje, and (veiything else I w.ml j fu'end i .died and pel m.iCed mc to give
now,"' -aid Joseph S Kaisei, a boiler- T.i il.iv a tiia1. Hc was certainly a
maker, who live, at 3.51 Bevulev St , , liienil in ne.d ] impiovcd right fiom
\\ innijieg. ' the fii,i do,e-      1 am  a, sound  as a
"Mv   iioubh (dues b.n,k to  .,  ,pi II > doll.��r  .todav,    have    put    on  tvvclvc
fln ihiee vr.ii s ago
that   tim*   up   uiiii'   I   took   Tanlac   1    Indy    Id
itcidilj     unit     down'    hiil.       V )i     .>   health
tlu    Ji.il:,li    piiuucr    i \a-peiaimg.. 'pi,.   ,,n
'1 od.iv   -he   i-   f.,cid   with  .in   ult.ni.i-   M hih   i
tuin  h.ukid  hy   the   lilh-   ol   Miiiain | ,��� , ;,,
and    the    b.iv one'-. of I'r.mi e       11 the
fooi out of the house and
,pitit Iiiiinlied, of doll.iii ii\-
it on usj   feet, nothing helped
leims  an    h.us'i   Giim.iuy   l.ai   only
ie Monti��.il ^tar.
Iiei��<'lf to hi. me.���'I
t I a"', li.
noun Ml
: s| ,ui tnl
.md the t h.mgi in me is ,c) great that
,u\ friinds who know what a dcspei-
.>te condition L w.is m -ei me now
.in1   s'.n.pl}   r>m,u(_d.      J   h.i\e   neve.
I just moped .uouud , l n<ii\ u ;inji''ing in
riM'Idn t   c \ i u ' i qua!   il "'
1 wa, ,ii,'Tei- I      J .ml.
Armaments and Peace
w i ak   1
of eo.'i
. ciy     day
m\   whole  life  in
i, ,o!rl hs   le.ulm.; duiggi'-ts
M3 wheii
Tuesday Is Calamity Day.
.M.uisties show that calamities are
far more common ou Tuesday than
on .my oilur day of the week. Kail-
ioad    disasten', tires, sticet aciidcnts
���lhc     record  in
hi 'd l,i> Tursdav.
cell   case  i=  easily
Science Explained
Rain of Blood
Wcic   Saturated   With
Sand From Desert.
'Rain of Blopd," a curious
phenomenon of Southern I*ranee and
Italy, occurred recently at Monte
Cailo and Men tone. After the downpour ceased thc roof,, joads, gaulcns
and shrubs of thc Rivcia wcrc cpv-
ered with sticky crimson. The superstitious inhabitants of the gambling
mctiopolis were much tcirided. Theic
is, however, a scientific explanation
���which is perfectly satisfactory, says
thc "Scientific American.*' It is said
"that the rain"clouds had "been satur--
ated with red s.md fiom the Sahaia
Farms In New'York City.
There arc in thc limits of the
city of New York 800 farms, valued
at more than $33,000,000. Five .tic
in Manhattan, 55 in thc Bronx, 54
in Brooklyn, 5<55 in Queen's and 121
in thc Borough of "Richmond, The
average value of a farm in thc nation's greatest city varies according
to location, and thcV-ivcragc acreage
value runs all ihe way from $558
in thc r.ronx to nearly $.',000 in
Jitrooklv.il���New York Tim< ��.    '
liog raising in Wcttein Canada is
still a paying proposition despite thc
slump in prices of all fai in product*.
John Hamilton, of Co.ddalc, Albeit.i,
recently delivered a load <<i hogs to a
Lcthbiidge butcher, averaging -'70
pounds each. Thcy vverc nin<- months
old and scaled this .weight after'' a
journey of eighteen miles.
Britain "the Balance Wheel
C. (.ml) is, a loi.'I tp-iv-e ^rc.itly n fii'imed
bv      lonstitutionil     lOPi'ilious. If.M.l.'S
rATAHRlI MUDIGINP. is .-. To��iw iu..l
Ttlooil l'uiilicr. JJy ��� Ic. nsmc; Ik Tiloud .iiwl
ImiM-iiff up thc Sy,te.u, HAM.'.S CATARI*II
MI-llJlTNT. rcsloics ror-u.il conditions .-.in)
��i!o��s Njtuie to ilo us v.orlc.
All   Drti1.t'i,ti.       Cirinl.i'.s iice *
1c. J.  Cheney  S- Co , Tolci'o, Up.o
Telephone Subscribers Increase.
The new issue of ihe Manitoba
Covcrnmcnt telephone dii eetory for
Winnipeg chows an increase of 600
-uhscnbirs, there being -10,000 names
in the latest, while in the January issue    ihcc    weic 39,400 listed.
New York Minister Urges  Crushing
of Anti-Biitish Sentiment. Qiu-t    ���l    nioihcr   ha, used Baby's
The ministers of the United Stale, !(>vn   'l"^lp''"  for ^' '-'He ones-she
weic uiged to do all in  their powet   '^}'  fX'\ nfnh]s .,1>>-     \Ur UX oi
, ' them leads her to ueheve there is no
to eutsh/any and cvciy sentiment j n.ilr_ medicine to ��� <ti'.il them for any
thj.t wc hear against Kngl.md, in an i oi ihe many minor .liinicnt, of cliild-
addrcss by the Rev. Clunks S. .Mac-! hom'-      Conceining   them   Mi-    Ku-
Failand, of New York, general secie -^X B-m "/' ^ ^'^h'' ��"."
r ' ^ Iwiites:    Jvly Daisy w.is icriibH consti-
laiy oi the I cdeial Council of Umich   pated, but after the use of Baby's Own
Tablets he is crtiic'y well Pg.im I
.11,1 .,o well .satisfied with t'.ie T.ib'ets
that I 3o,e no opportunit.y m re com
of Christ in Auiciic.i, before the Con-
gicss on icduciion of anu.iment,
"Jtiveiywheic abroad," Mi. M tc-
1-ailaud said, "one finds unrest��� dan-
geious uiiii'si. Fngland. conservative to the supcihilive degree, is tho
gicfit "bala"iTc"e "vvlieclV The-"great
mending them to otliei moihcis'' Thc
Tablets are sold by lmdicinc dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from Th
Or.   William,*
.Medicine  Co,   Brock-
Make Armistice Day Fixed Holida)''.
Thc conclusion of the war is to bc
���vlibratcd by a public holiday obsciv- Over
ed under the name ot Aimistice Dny.
A bill to this effect pa-s^od its final
stage in thc House of Common a and
no doubt is felt thai it wi'l receive
.Senate approval. The holiday wiil
bc the Monday in the week in which
November 11 (tlie day-on which hostilities terminated) occur, and Thanksgiving will he celebrated the ��..u_.e
Allies Will Care
For German Graves
Use Lizard Skins For Shoes,
bkin^of many uncommon animals,
including apes, li/ards, walruses, pythons and numerous, kinds of-.litigators and crocodiles, are now being
iisid for snaking women's footwear.
Beauty is onlv   skin deep, and lot5
of wisdom is in the sam,  ela^s.
Wlr 1
Mere is a. table drinlc
* made as Quickly as you can
pour Jiot water into tlie cup
delights the taste, and
causes none of tlie harm
\ that often comes from
tea and coffee.
There's a Reason
: A    a azvrejtsi    > a
400.000   Estimated   to   be   on
French Soil.
coiiffieuC''   will   shortly   be   h< Id
the  lip*est i.'.itivi,    ot    the
I'.ii'ish Fiene'i :"v) ��� Holrian *\\ v
^���ravc, Commissio'is and <j"< im. n n ji-
icsontativcs with ieg��>rd to flic* tica*-
nu'iil of Geiinan gi.,vcs in AT'ud
coitn'.ric, .'i.d of All.i d graves m (,,-i-
niat.y. ft i, esn,nat(.<l that thiio ,>n
wc'.l over '1(jU,0t}i) <if. ,ii,u g;..v-e, on
French soi', and under .30,000 Fi<u,h
g-:ive, in Cc r,tt. ny.      It is hops.il that
a   satisfactoiy  ,ohri'in  <-if
1cm may rie nache.! at ;he .
���; pioii-
fcn I l l
Never Rcfurcs Rc.-;itest For Help.
"Vvhy,"' ..,k�� <l Ck.v (Loid <!:>>->,
���jt < "t'cit Rhode,, <,ne d.ij, "do >ou always give away ihequcs oi ��2i\ ��30.
��50, or more, td ev :i ;ic'er-do vveli
vvlio vv'liiucs to ypu for help'''
"W<11," said Rhodes, ",i mrn ou��_e
came to mc in Cape Town, and said
he was on his b(aili-end=, could 1
lend him som< thing " 1 didn't Id*''
the fel!ovv\ {jrr, and rtf I'-rd, ^nd
that ,anie I'iglit iie eo-.ur.iirti <1 -m.-ide
That was a lesson to mt, and since
then I havc ncvci das id to unisc
nioncj ;o folks who are hard up"
-coi ibutmion of piune, stiv.fd
with iai.-in, and a veiy little lemon
is a pleasing ch.'.ng;. A delicious
company dc-seit may be made of
panics lOinbincd with lemon gelat nc.
A pint of lemon gelaiiiic is piepaicd
and allowed to coo), bin not necessarily ha:den. It is then whipped to a
,pongy consistency with a douv egg
beatei ami a/cupful of stewed, stoned
and mashed prunes i, folded m, as v.'11
is half a cup of c.eatii whipped unt.l
A doyen nur m> .'���.���- ,Jnipp< d may bc
added. The m'xtcie i, set'aside to
thoioughly chill, oi it may first be
packed into mold- It is seivcd with
additional    whipped    cream This
makes tvve've serving1-.
A novel fioren desert is made by
adding a cupful of apricot pulp, obtained by forcing stewed apriiots
thiough a sti.'ine', and a cupful of
banana pulp to a quart of veiy s\,\(,ct
lemonade, and tL< n freezing Thc
lemonade must bc ov��:i-,weel, a> the
tongue, doc, not ieeocriii^e the sweetness of UO.'.on dis-hes so icjdily as
There aie for ,ah some stoned
chenies flavc   you    sci.    llum?
Ten , cents' woilh of these, i leaned
and ,-o.tkcd and slew"'! and s\vee(c-i-
cd, and their juice thickened with ever
so liitle eomstaieb, will make iho filling of a pic Mteii as the cueicr sells
io   one ilo'.lai.      Try It
The s-tiiug figs ai( chrapei than
the oik s in pr��tty boxe-. First,
sci ub ilu se and then put them tp
,oak. Stew slowlj-, adding a little
!'nun skin if liked. Taste.
<-v,cii Miougl', add a lit 11.
'I hi se arc est 111 cut
coil,; .it bn .ikfas
p!e de,s- r; inpned
c. i r i i
Old Standards of Sea Power May No
Longei Hold. 'Accumulated  Fortune   of   $15,000   In
JJotb  tin   United  Stales and Japan' Twenty-Five Years.
aie building waiships lapidly, and if | A i,inner H.in.ardo boy, a faun laD-
the old standaids of sea powtr aicjorn at Bow.uauv ille. Ontaiio, w.t,
still to bc taken as valid, thu l-'mpiie I Killed recently in an accident while
mu,. be recoiniled to the los- of any! woikmg in a bam. lie came to i ,m
claim lo lmchallinge'' ,-apuioi',ry in | ad.i twrntv-iiv.' v ears ago (ram 1 ng-
the chief of tin" ocean- But i' may > land a, a bov rind up to the time ot
bc thai thc old M.ndpi.l* ,.{_(.,. power j hi, deati; worked as a farm labom
hold no longer \lu-t important are j "Li hit an c^ta'c of $1*5.0110 ; Si,000 lie
the fuoniHy lelation, in which the I beiti.< .aln d to a lJovvmanv die ho,[>it-
Statis ol ihe Hmpiic stand both with Iii
thc United State, and with lui,-,n Asi Pin-
fi)r Amciica, the natuie of this conn -- ,?
try and of the Dommmiis would have
to stitfer an ahuo,t dcmmiiai ,h.ingCs
hi foie the thought of w.u at -ea be-
fvvefii tlie navi s oi the I'u .lith-
speak'ng peoples could ,nieigi fiom
the region of fant ,.,tic uicinlihdiiv ���
London   Tiiiic j
Pace Does Noi Count
BarKiado Boy's Success^    Conserving Labor
In Handling Grain
| Grain-Car    Dumping   Machines    R��-
1 place Labor of 16 Men.    ���
lhc Pennsylvania i.uhoad has ie-
ii inly ip,udled :it lialti'nOie four
i-i ,iu car dumping u'.uhiue^ "Tho
���i, i"i "ar i, inn on to the machine,
M>il ,md ,i Ie i'ip_son-_ aie automati-
i illy pi.iced, lhe immovable grain door
i ���> pus'ird in, and the car i.  then  tiu-
*fi 000 to the Hru-aido  Homes iu ' !J<1'.   rust   sid-w.s   ?0  d'grccfr.   llien
ml, .in'l the balance lo a broth, i , ei'dwisi   to  an  angle  of   |s  dcgiees;
m\  Fnghnid _     He came    to    Canada   i,lc endwise Upp'ug. is then lcversed,
oenuilc,s, and wa, foity-four \eai, of j-'->  'l'��u   lhc gia.'n   i, < ompletcly ��� dis-
ag<  .,t the time of hi, death. I tha'g<d fiom ihe car.      The time oc-
.   ..   -    .   .  [eup'iil iu ciptjii'.; ilie i.n, including
a r\-i     \x;-^i- *,      ,     i       t- ' phi III.;   .III'i   icpiovillg,   is   tcven   miti-
An   Oil   Without    Alcohol.���.Some.    , ,   ,     ,           ,          :    , _
oils a-id many medicines have alcohol   l'u"- J'"' '' ,0:"!,:'" "P1  -'-s lhc labor
as .>  proiuin. til  ingredient       A  judi-   ��l  '<> '"icn. and will moie i|iiickly re-
cious  tiiiiigliiiL- of .-iv    essential    oils' base 'hi;"-,-us fm   sciviee.
cbuijiOse   Hi    Thomas'   Kclectric  Oi!,' .   . 	
and there is no alcohol in it, so ihat \
it, f.iict an   la,tmg.                                   ]SJ0 War    fl^   pr(>m   J|aig
British  May Move Slowly But  They j BolsIieVISiS Abandon
Always Atiivc.
The svstcui ot constitution ,1 lov-
eniuient devisi d by tho Bnlis'i House
of Common, has stood the test of
time and held the in Id agains. ;ill ,|..
als as thc best ,}_tcm of government jet established, Kig,ht Hon 1
W l.owthcr, former ,pc.ik< l iu tlu
Uuiish House, stated in hi., addics
before the Canadian Club of <V.t
Food Control
Camc   Too \Late
i nine s ahandoiuiK n .
To   Kc'icvc
'Hi 111
n,i iM   iijnliol hi   fiiodstults  cam"  t jo
.iti- io iiiicve tin: sn,, tion |U Bol-.'i ���
j visi   Kttssi;.. _ii gliding  to   Utter,   ie-
u.imi1 in llcilu; fi >'.n a lamily vluch
av.i | j-t, ]\\i',\ Ul 1'i.tiogiad tli'iu^lioul ,he
Tie icfcned  to  the  many   vv ho would! K,..
dc<ire    to    make    changes and  ��u<l
"Let  us be  roiiiiil  how   we  lay
Field    Marshal    Not    Tempted
"Extiavagant Offeis."
���    I'lel."  TVlaishal   I'.ni  Tfaig does not
i-itMid io wine a hook on thc war.
l'c an interviewer jitst before his
depaitiiie from Capetown for homc
he indiciti d iii.it he liad decided not
io wii'i sin Ii <i book, ''in spite of th''
cMravaoatu offeis vvhii.ii had been
ii.ido to !n n "
we   lajr  our
hands upon  the ark.-'
"Vou may thmk that we m ike old
conn I iy are slow movers," Mr. Low-
tliei pioccided. "It may be th it we
ihe pai e at
but the point
iii ii ui'/  which
siiev isl rsgimc. |
The condition4- aie wo,.-' io." u-'
th.lit they weic when tood w.u- i^.'led .'
oe rail's," ,.nC Icitir stated "We are i
'odd now that wc may buy fjod and'
tin   pea,mis are  told   thcy   may sell I
go slow, but it is not
winch vou aie going
for which vou an'
counts "
The Meaning of Calgary
Name of Alberta City Signifies "Clear
Running Water."'
Tlu  iiuestioii  of the  oiimn  of the
Tradition In The Navy
Decorations on Sailors' Unifoim All
Have a Meaning,
ri.idiiion:- plays an inipoit.tn: pa a
in the navy. For instance the wide
collar on in.- simian'.! shirt luuaiis,
though the gi< aso-slushed queue has
long bei ti foi gotten. Kim the US
niau-o'-wai's u'.'n wc.'iis ,�� bl.tik liand-
Ki ichief bee.in,i the ltriti'h sailor put
it on a, i badge of mouriuiig for .Lord
Ne!,ou, the three white biaid., on his
ci^ihii arc tans iO h,.vo been simih.ily
adopt id in  ti'k'ii.ot meiiio.y  ot  Xel-
If not
I lie     fust
or as a  s'.m-
witii    wli'ppcd i u,tllu    "Cilg.iij" ���V.nur   im   for   some
d'sct s,ion a lev, months, ago      Sonic
p.ipei-. eMuitcd from trif m chives ot
the depaitmenl  of justice  at   Ottawa
alii!  presented   to   the   major  of   the
sontl ern city on Fudaj' h.st have ���~ct-
j ti. d   the   matter        Tiny   shovv_ thai
w'un  the mouutcd police post on the
Row  Rivei   was cst.'blisJieil foi ty-'ive
yi.it-    ago    the    inspector  stationed
there, Briscdos, cndcavoied lo have it
iiAiiu d after himscll.      Tie wa, ovi,.--
Hiled, however, bj Assi,tant Comnus-
sijmr  liviue,   who   approved   of   ihe
suggestion made by  Colonel McLeod
that     Calgaiv,    mean mil;   "clear  rtin-
uii.i,  watir,"   should     be     adopted.���
Fiom  lhe  Ldmonton   fourna!
food    without    violatniL,  uoi eutmi nl
rc^nl tiions        Hut thetc a>-c no  food I
shops And     the    peasants    abou   ]
I'lMOjiiiid    have     little,  food   to   s,>il ,
Tin v  don't want paper uibli - " j
sop's  vic'Oiiis  ,.t    Copenhagen.
H tth  ul tlie Xdi, a;>.d Tiaf-iiuir.
Intelligence  of  Animals.
' sopic    animals,'    wrote  the
bo.   m hi, u/'ii'iiMpi'ii on t'n<,
sp.'iji't t,    '.o<    iiioie     iiiKlhgent
,.t   th
Earth Grows 15i.u*s>:er
so   l.H
[ once i^iv a talking Inis-
ci.ius, ,.n<l fa;hi . ��ii- '' ��� .c
pi Uiiig * bci s.' when    he    was
The o-ily i)Cf, 1 have met
iii. the siiugui'^ kind."
How Are You.   ,
������A New \ork m.tn declares that
the ordinary reply tP the qncttion.
"How r.re ion:"' is 'Jthcr trrc, un-
grammati��:al or mendacious. Frequently, too, it is elaborate and tiresome. - It would bc better, would It
people   regarded   thc
The Deadly Fly.
'1 1 e    sl-i.t_,'!i    of a hon", i
most a-  ���!> <n'lv   .., h.s    bite,
never mm- his ; ai!s> and 1
car-.ics uri or t,
is    rank \\;;!i d
the .s,i.,ie thiu^
.iiid don't torg'I that th<y i��m
their feet���Mivneal  ITir.iM.
ivv  is
'm r.iitlm: inci". that
���!1> germs l-li(_- do
-in a    sin.,11�� r    scali ;
lnc.rtise.s   Half   An   Inch   Evciy, 1S5
Million Ycai s. ��
j      \iio-ibii.  'o i .I'c.ii.itions  in ,[<   1>\
' ; >(  i \p< ��� is, no ii wer than   loO uiilhon-
I itii.ioi,   diop  iijioii   the   i .ii-;!i   inn !
tdn."    Mo,-L j !-,ii>h" vv il' coiicli'di1 that'
' ,dl  t'lis  so'ui   niatte.   m.i-t   idd  to  tin
| bulk  ol   th(   i ..ilh.       \nd  so u  ('oi-,
j but it   '.ikc%  ,i  -Hi jn impuIv   Ion;   iiaie
1 to i i. ke .ii v     .ippreci.ibli-    <lill> n.nc��   '
\o    Ir-,    ,i    p  nod   :h..a   l.��5  uullioti i
v'ars i, lrjpured for this rain of dus;, i
lock ai.d  metal  to   in.-rca,c  ilu   sit_,
oi ihe earth bs li-iif an imli
Canadians   Celebrated   Kmpue   Day.'
Catiadi iu= in  N'cvv   Voik celebrated
Empire  Dav\      The  flag  ol   the  Do- '
minion  was in  rvidence at the  head
cpiailcrs of vaiious Canadian organi-
.ca'tons and a  sciics    t-f    social    and.
patriotic fi.slines matked the daj.
The "Duuibelis,' 'the Canadian ,ol-'
dici eutertoiiici s, who were appeal-;
ing at a local theatre, cHcbiatcd lhe
day !>>' giving a ,pe, ial perfoiniauce j
at the Fo\ Hi'ls Hospital, Staten 1,-1
land,   fot   ihc  benefit   of   the   schliei,
theic '���
A Saving Idea,
'lhc    idea    <^t    lhe "living vvagi' as
somclhing   to   bc  adjudged  and   piO-
tccied by Ihr whole vvcitilit of opinion
doe, stem al last to have  got thoi
oughlv  into tha mind, of '.lie in i�� oi"
people. and this, in  spite of om   i>ie-
i ni l.oiibhs, J count lo t>(  oiu  of tlu
glial   gain,  of  our  tin tiim   '   -\\"i ,"
niinstci   G i/eite.
Thc Men Who Went Fiist.
1 ;pp, mi lit, of the mil Hi., an  pi r-i,1
hi:   in   lii.iiiilliiiiiig   that   the   monev
sp. i.t    i!   the .iinu.il  ii,lining  oi   nii.il
bilii'"!,,,    j-    l.Mgilv     wasted        Yi '
Ciiiid.',  iiiuoii,  lii-i  cottl'iiiicit   w i-
n..nh   up  i.rL'tl)   oi  un ii  w\\o hid  u
ci iv i I   jn,'   ,tich   iinniii^���llimiltoii
A Keen Edge
For Every
Y OU   ncvti   need ihave with  ��n  un-
strojipeil b'ade if you u��t th"
Vslcl   Auto   Strop   Rr ,.
Siroppinfc ie; gns the cttne oi C-'C
blade anj fciivs you 2 1-eer, edge fnr
c%cry   shave
}( you want  peifeit��on  rvcry mornmg,
vou      must     use     the     self-stropping
Vjlct   Auto   Suop   Razor.
it strop, its own Mad��s iutomatic^liy
��nd perfestly. It favc; a ckait, comfortable ,'ia\e. It i, rinsed snd wiped dry u ithou* j. .single pirt htin^ removed.
Ha?or,  strop  dnd   12  blade
merit of cases.  S5 00  the
sets  up  io  $16.50
in  assort-
Aixtty&trop Razor
" sharpens itself
Auto Sirop/Safety Razor Co.,
The  Day of Reckoning.
.  Wht n     tin   "British   mini,--  lin.illv ,
que  m. a,;   m< v   mu-',  and   laid   that [
when ihev   vv.int  to qo b.n'U  to work'
_    _ n will >ake v.( *"Ks ,-iiul iiiajb,-, niOi.tli, '
j to pump out the mines ,,j thai  work
London's Missing. ( WJ��� bp ,>0w^i,1Cf ���1C ,tAV 0. ,t-c^0lll.lt.
llvirv   vear  no   fewer  tluiu  30/100 j ���, in come for thc lin-eaui, who I'd
person, are reported missing in Lon- ( tlum into th.e   m.- .and    in hi
���Ion alone,     Some of them are never; t[��� re���Rochester Democrat
;coi nor hi an! of again; others after
ivck, or months oi absence,  mum
) and   lake   t,p   thc    threads of tlnlr
former life as if thev had never left it.
r. the .matter, which
not,   :i   morc
rhjmcd   . ruh*
Don'' 'ell \our frirnjs ?ho��f your in
v arc you:
greeting, not a
���Bc;tOii TranrcripL
Dies From Injuries.
.Montreal.���Following-  injiuic,   suffered when fhe jumped from a tram
car after it had been jtruck'ln Hght-
r.inp, ?4r>=   Ferric- I .tbcllc. 68 years
I old, died from a fracture of th? ,lasU,
Liniment used by Physicians
N.   U.   137Q
Wheels turn easier and axles wear longer when they arc properly
lubricated with. Imperial Mica Axle Grease. Its powdered mica
flakes form a glassy surface for grease to work over. Thus friction
is reduced and wear retarded. It costs less than any other grease
because It lasts twice as long.
Imperial Eureka Harness Oil keeps your harness pliable,
strong and new-looking. It gives leather a rich, blacfcr
lasting finish, prefects it from moisture, and adds, years
to its life. It is easily applied and is a big money-saver
on repair bills. ->
Imperial Mica Axle Gnsse ami Zm-
AaaaouMwfMtfhii . THE LEDGE
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Betray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
' Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where] more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2j^c. a line each insertion.
The Home Circle
A child should be made to feel that his home is indeed
a home, the happiest place in the world, not merely an
outward shelter and a resting place, but a centre of enjoyment, sanctified and purified by love, the thought and
remembrance of which should be the safeguard of his life
as he goes forth to the world, giving strength and proportion to his character.
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phoue 90.   Residence Phone 69
The blue cross meaus that
your subscription is due, and
t l.at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.    ���
Duty is the thing everybody else
ought to do.
Knocking as a profession is badly overcrowded.
Don't be a knocker for what is
this world to a man when his wife
is a widow.
���. A friend is a person who knows
all about you and likes you all the
That which helps the district
helps you. The growth of a district depends on the co-operative
effort of its citizenship.
Boost the work of the Board of
Trade by becoming a member and
backing its activities on behalf of
the district by yoar active interest.
A good citizen's relation to his
business, profession or calling carries with it the perception of an
object to be sought beyond profits.
A good citizen is hie who lives up
to his opportunities for public service in the community in which he
lives.      ���
The Board [ of Trade offers to
every citizen, who has red blood
above his ears and.below .his boot
tops, 7 the organization and the
opportunity to become acquainted
with local conditions and problems
"and/views, in a word   to. make a
. portion of the contribution it is the
duty of every citizen, to   make on
. behalf of the : present and future
'"civic and community intererests.:
. 'The larger the number ���who".pull
-together and take -an active interest in its advancement, the greater,
steadier and more permanent will
. be.tbat progress. 7-V 7 '   ������""'.-
While We Have Them) :
While it is comparatively easy to be polite towards
strangers, or toward people of distinction, whom we meet
in society or on public occasions, still it should be remembered that it is at home, in the family that an everyday
politeness is really most "prized, coming as it should from
the kindly feeling of the heart.
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, As'sayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $300. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
In the Siniilkameen I<and District, Recording
Office of Fairview; and situate adjoining
Lot 1453s.
TA.KE NOTICE that Paul DuMont, of
Bridesville,. in said district, Rancher, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the follow-
described lands containing 40 acres, more or
less: Commencing at a post planted on the
West boundary of said Lot 1453s and about 11
chains North 'from the South-West corner of
said Lot; thence Easterlv about IO.5 chains;
thence Northerly about 20 chains; thence
North-Westerly about 20 chains; thence North
about 5 chains; thence West about 1.5 chains;
thence South to place of commencement 28
chains mora or less; and also a small portion
of land commencing- at the South-West corner
of said Lot 1453s, thence Sonth-Easterly about
1.1 chains; thence West about .5 chaiu; thenoe
North 1 chain more or less to point of commencement. ��� ' ������ ��� . ���-���
Dated at Bridesville, B.C., March 17th, 1921.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver/ Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    ot    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
All   the    latest   methods   in   high-class
0 Dentistry.
Comer Ahbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
Of all places on earth, home is the mast' delicate and
serisative. It chords move with a breath; its fires are
kindled with a spark; its flowers are bruised with the
least rudeness. Here our hearts wear no covering1, no
armor. Every arrow strikes them, every old wave blows
full upon them. If we would have a true home, we must
guare well our thoughts and actions.
The best way to extend charity to persons who are in
need is to give them work. Don't give any able bodied
man a penny or a mouthful unless he works for it. By
this the man retains his self respect, and the profession of
the tramp is not encouraged. If a man needs help and is
able to work and you are tempted to give him something, don't you do it. But instead give him work. Odd
jobs can always be found, and set him at these. We do
not advise refusing to relieve hunger, but we do advise
that it be done in a manner that��\vill not breed dependence
iu men. If everyone would do this all over the land, this
country would soon cease to be the  paradise  for  tramps.
+ * +���fr****** *��� + ���&���
NELSON, B.C.  ;_...
Nicely tarnished rooms, by IheJ
day, week or month
F. Nilson
There's no one like a mother/ lad, 7   V
To,comfort.all our pain; .7    "-; -V
. There's no'one like a father, lad,   .
To make one sinile again; ., 77 .   ...  '���
So while'we have our mother,-boy,
I^et's drive away her fear; ���
And.while we.have our father, boy,
.''. ' - Let'sjfiil his heart with cheer.
.There's noohe like a.iuoUier, lad;     .
.   ,7;.Tokeep.us pure within;..
; ThereVWbiielike a father, lad, -7
V   To warn away Irom sin:.    ���
��� So'whUe* we'have.otiT. mother, boy,
Oh, lei us not.rebel;
���   And while we have our father,, boy j...
Let's heed his.warningsiwell;
The time is surely coming, lad,    :      ";',
When mother will be gone;
.The time is surely.coming, lad, 7
Of father's passing on; V.    '   ~
So while we have our mother, boy,
. -.7.Let'smake^herspiritblest; '
And while we have our-father, boy,
-,-'Let's be our very best.
���;-���.' "���Asnos R. Wells.
A Touching Poem
V The following wishful poem by
Dr. Hawes,' will appeal to many,
who In the wet past carried a bottle
of liquid bait when they;went fishing:    ..._-   , x^yX'XXX'x'yT'y
It's nice to sit and think and fish;    7
And fish, and sit and think,, .'��� '������'.-/ VV
And think and.fish and sit and wish 77
That yon could get a drink-   -. ..""./;"
v:        616 Vernos St., Melspa
. Brick bmlding and finely furnished nsonis
JOHK BLOSBERG   ' -   '-   PrQpttetOt
NOTICE is hereby (riven that 011 Monday.
iiic20iii.day of June, 1921, at 10 o'clock-in the
forenoon at ilio Conn House, in ("iieenwood.
B.C., a siliiiii.'of.llie CoiA'i of Revision will he
held .for tlie purpose of revisiiifr tlie list of
voters for tlie above-named Electoral District:
pursuant to tlie provision of tin: "Provincial-
Kleciions Aci."   ."   .
And notice is further jriven ilial-any.person
claimiiitr to be entitled. to be registered as a
voter in Llie above-named Electoral District may
apply in person to have his name entered on the
list of voters for the said Electoral District at
the said sitliitfr of thc Court of Revision, ��ot-
witlistandinjr the fact that his' name has been
omitted from the list of applicants for registration or that he has omitted .10 apply for registration at'.the time or in' tlie manner."otherwise
provided by the '-Provincial Elections Act.''
.The list of .applicants fur'registration is
now posted aiid may be inspected at the office of
the undersigned Rejrisirar of Voter*;   '
- Dated-April 19tli. l'J2l..-  ..
.;'���'���        ���'.'.;   W..R. DEWDXEV,
."Registrar of Votors for the ('.reemvood
���Electoral. District.
The  Ledge has. always���. room
or one more ad.. V
FRONT ST..      NELSON,     BOX 865
t���  p LOA.T is uot a periodic- j,
^  V   al.   'It is a  book con- T
���V taining 86 illustrations all j*
t^  told,   and  is    filled    with T
T  sketches   and    stories    of ��f��
***  western life. ' It tells how <s>
���j*  a gambler cashed in after ���*,
���j��  the flush days of Sandon;,^
Jfr  how it rained in New Den- j��
^  ver long after Noah  was *T
T  dead; how a parson took a �����}��
T drink   at  Bear    Lake    in ��{��
4*  early   dayB;   how    justice ^
���$��   was dealt in Kaslo in '93; ��
�����*   how  the saloon   man out- J^
jL prayed the=worn en in Kala- V
T   mazoo, and graphically de- ���$��
���^  picts the   roamings    of   a ��{���
4*  western editor among  the j_
���$�� tender-feet in the cent belt. ._
e|��  It contains the early history *��
^  of Nelson and   a romance V
T  of the-Silver King mine. �����
"**  In   it are   printed,   three if��
ju  western poems, aDd dozens ^
T of articles   too   numerous ^
* to mention.     Send for one. ~
���*i* before it is too late.    The
jp>  price   is   50   cents,   post
��l_.  paid to  any part  of
j^  world.     Address   all
.   tors to
*   The Ledge
4, .   GREENWOOD, B. C.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, Garage in
$.$. 4.<%. $. j^. jg. 4. ��$. 4* 4* ���!��� 4s
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting'Spokane, Grand
v Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at S a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatchee and Princeton.leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1 5Q Each Way:.  Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy DrayineV - - ;. Auto's for hire Day or Nisrht
*'. V-   We carry Tires; Oils, Greases.  Kay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
v Join the
;in-:. -..-V:.
C The Coming Week bf June, 6 to .11 will
see...the' greatest Red;Cross. Membership
Enrollment, Drive that;. Canada has ever
known. British Columbia, must, and.7will,
top: ihe, list,;' else-it will .defeat ,.its_ own
traditions, -so splendidly upheld!   -..
C. The/Red Gross is today .a. living thing,
-..pulsating, with energy." A child of-war,'it
will not be .denied its right to. manhood in-
time of peace.-. Vast as was. its', work in
/'���battle, vaster still are the labors which how'
7 confront'it���labors which it is pledged to
(C Join the.Red Cross in.British.Columbia,
and by your example and effort help it .to
achieve its work in the relief of sickness
vand distress. Help; it to inculcate its-
principles and practice amongst the rising
generation,:-��� the mothers and fathers of
^tomcrro\y.7;' ���y~',.;-'X\'-".-;'.'   '���..'   ���    y
<G .join the Red Cross in. British Columbia:,
.you rnen and-women of diir Province, and
help. it. in its greatest, endeavor for the
improvement of health and the prevention
of disease. .7 ���V"-'"--V. "   XyX- V '"''������' V;
';. C Join the Junior-Red Cross in British
Columbia, you boys and, girls. You will
.be-proud >to".wearjts emblem���you will be
V glad to serve under its banner. Many are
the ..children less fortunate thari you whom
yoacan help and cheer.
Senior Earoilfiteii Fee $t.6(
junior EsrrollHiefii Fee $0.2!
:Mail your EnrolSment Fee to your Local Branch or the, ,=
.626 Pender Street West -VV' ' Vancouver, B. C.;
Synopsis of   '
land lef / mentmenfs
Mlnlmun.'pilc*   of   Srat-claus   land
reduced to $6'an acre; second-claas to.
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to ��ur-
veyed lands only. -
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land..
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but eaoh making,
necessary Improvements on-respective
claims. ^
Pre-emptore must occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of |10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be'
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
f 100 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
less than 6 years, and Improvements
of f 10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least I years are required.       -
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, If he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ���
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding io
jures.   may  be  leased  as  homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling rest- .
dentlal and Improvement conditions.
For graslng and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing.roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate bf one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding Malf of purchase
price, ls made. <'"'. ��
X*** fr**^******************
* ��� - =
4��  The only i��p4o/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
Cbc Bumc Rote!
nelson, B*��<
> >..   ACT.
The scope of tbte Aot U enlarged to
nolude all persona Joining and serving with HU Majesty's Toroes.   *Se
time within which the heirs or devlaWs
?t a deceased pre-emptor'may apply
or title under this Jtot Intended
from for one year from the death- of
such person, as formerly, until one
fear after the oonolusion of the present
war, This privilege ls also made retroactive.   .
No fees relattn* to pre-emptions are
due or pajra&s^y sbldlers on pre-
���mptlons rooorded after Juno ]��, ftig.
Twtes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys ac-
wrued, due and boon paid since August
4, W14, on account of payments, feel
ot taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions,
Interest on agreements to purchase
t!K^a.��L ���Jty l��ta held by members of
de -
in every ^respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES 51.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.      "
^**w**v"*T* *v* w* *v* *** *^r *���* *v* w* m* *w**��* ***   *v* *T* *v* *T* *T* *T* *v* *v* *T***
Job Printing
Allied Forces, or dependenU. acquired
���"root or Indlro-* *"-���* ~
itment to Mar
direct or lndlrooL remitted from on
llstment to March 11. lit*.
Provision made for - Uauance of
Crown frants to .sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands. aMulrtn* rlghU from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. Where.sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original par-
gel. PurobaM prise duo and taxes ^
bo   dlstrlbuial   proporttonatolr   .
ORAZINQ. ' *  \ *
Graslng Act. 1110, for systematlo
development of livestock Industry provides for graslng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
.Annual erasing permits issued ~ based
on .numbers rangsd: priority for established ..owners. Stock-ownsrs may
form Associations for range management.   TFree, or partially freo�� penniu
. Annual -graslng permiu issued based
on .numbers rangsd: priority for established ..owners. Stock-ownsrs may
form Associations for range management. TFree, or partially free, permit*
[or settlors, campers ec tramllanL ua
to ten haad. ^ ??.
..(Expert Optician)
IC -W.'C Block      *''.���'���    Nelson
B ���Economy and Satisfaction ^
B combined with Promptness g
B are the features which go to 3
g make up the Service we give ^
S our customers.     Are  you 3
| one of them?                         %
Letterheads, Noteheads^
(Ruled or Plain)
Envelopes, Billheads,
(All Sizes) - 3
% Statements, Business Cards, %
H Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. |j
1 The Ledge       PHONE 29      ��
&     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    ��3
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has prodaced Minerals valued as followfl:   Placer Gold, $75,722,603; Lode
��� Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver, 150,432,304; Lead $43,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
: 7 Ofcher MetalB (Zinc,  Iron',  eta), $16,818,487; Coal and Coke,   $199,123,323;.-
Building Stone,  Brick. Cement, etc,  $29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, e6e.,
V : f , $785,918; making ifes Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an   -
X0XXX^rtgatt Yalne of $670,649,894
|^i^<tnii|r7Y(w''Essliif December, 1919, $33,296,313
.Tbe Mining VLaws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
. than those of any other ProFinc�� in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
���7Empire....-���>���������;.. ]'-.'y\.', . - '   ~ ,
XX'-- ;':-.;VMineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees,
Absolute Titles are obtained  by developing snch properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
���      ���. gratia by addressing���
;^'^:r'::"^.v.^^.-..- *HH n��N. TBE MINISTER OF MIKES
>"'   ; VICTORIA, British CoiumMa,


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