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The Ledge May 13, 1920

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 IE   l^
t 'i     /
3,  ,   MAY 17 ��^   *   j*
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 44
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by fillin* it witb some
of our cbolce and eleeant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
*      and dinins rooms :
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
. We carry a large line of
-.: __ ..   : ���    AND ���
j; G. McMynn,  Midway
I .'.1 -. I
���   g Order Your Garden |
i*\W       ���� QnaHe    lM/VlAr ^
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Around Home
Sam Crowell is on a visit to
W. Y. Williams paid a visit to
Phoenix last week,     v
E. Bailey will shortly leave
Eholt for. the coast.
F. M. Kerby is doing some surveying near Rock Greek.
Public School Inspector Miller-
was in town last Saturday.
D. R. McElmon, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.   C.
Pishing- starts Is*, of May.
Full line of.tackle  at^Goodeve's.
Captain King has bought Tom
Hanson's store building at  Rock
A Social Evening
At the Fire Hall
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
aud Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street.
Stocks, Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
men   desire board
Replies  to Box
,is   making
ranch,  near
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts   -   '   '   $1.25 each
100    "      * '.-���    -   2,00 ��������.
200   "     '   ' -.'    3.50 ��\
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co,
. *
In Great Variety
Approbation parcels of any line bf my
goods sent upon request -   ���
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
aud-efficient manner.
Two young
by the month
No. 580.
Hugh  McGillvray
ties on the McMynn
Matthews Bros, of Grand Forks
have sold a Chevrolet car to
Charles King.
The Greenwood-Grand Forks
roadis in good condition for all
kinds of traffic.
T. Meakes of'Wilkie, Sask.,
has been appointed city electrican
of Grand Forks.
A cougar is reported to be getting very friendly with the ranchers near Anaconda.
The Presbyterians have bought
^the Baptist church building iu
"Grand Forks for $2100.
When not performing tonsorial
duties, C. T. Fenner keeps  busy
making buckskin gloves.    .
' Mrs.   S.   T.   Larsen of   Rock
Creek, has  been in  Spokane forthe benefit of her health.
F. C. Buckless came in on Sunday from Allenby, and will make
a trip up the.Kettle river.
Mr. and Mrs. J: R.  Brown and
daughter of Fairviewf were visit
ing iri Grahd Forks last week.
at the Providence mine.""^Archie
Following the custom of pre-war
days the Greenwood- Fire Department held an "annual" in the
Fire Hall on Monday night and for
the firsfe time in the history of the
department ladies were invited.
Over 60 responded to the call of
the firemen and enjoyed' the hospitality of the fire fighters. Progressive whist was played after
which a dainty supper of sandwiches, cake and coffee.was served.
Exhibitions of punching the bag,
horizontal bar and trapeze stunts
and heavy weight lifting were
given and so interesting did this
prove thafe the ladies could not refrain from trying their prowess,
mnch to the amusement of all.
After dancing for awhile all left for
their home3 feeling fehat" fehe firemen were ideal hosts and expressed
the wish that thiB would be an
annual event.
Will Leave for the Orient
a very
MEAGHER & to, 511 Baker Sfc
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and .Millinery-
We 'Always  Show  The  Newest  First
Kodaks^ lult !_ine_ of Films
and Supplies at      ;
Goodeve Drug Store
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served ot^ny time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Fool Kail in connection. ��� ���. -
r Regular savifig will soon sliow a liaticfc
some balance-in the depositor's account.
It may be; difficult for you to come to -this
bank always when you want, tp\ deposit.
Send in deposits by iaail���tbey will be as
carefully bandied as tbougb yoix banded
tbein over the counter. . v?a
FESERVE f^ND,.;.,;; X?x; y-rry. v.?$15.000,p00; -yy
GREENWOOD BRANCHES.'.''iL ��rawdexs, jtfjmager^-i;
Farmers    want    toi    1����P;
track " ot .price*. of , produce ���-
and   livestock- In   thi.':cnm
markets   ot   the    cwttta��fat.;
Businessmen  ���want -to  k��*w .
what tho stock marfcet*",$w
dolus I    bow. the   exchange
irate stands, and they vwint
these  r��ports\hot  from  the .
...vrixtm'.y :-���" ^        '���_���-''  -
' The Dally' New�� publieliaa -
""*".,complete leased.wire .mar-
. kat report service in addition
to local and-fil��trlot report*
Ita *��e4ers. get them ��w*jr.
* day, a few hoara aitwr. B��te- .
lloatlon. . -" i.
Your    8ub��criptIon . Today.
fay   Matl/. a   month,   ��8oj
a Y-tar I5J0O.,
The Miy News
ffSLSOW, e.e.
GREENWOOD can make excellent profits this year by investing a few dollars of
their earnings through the columns of
the Texas. Pacific \, Oil News. .-.Many
tho'tsands. of^people /are:making1 small
and large" fortunes by in-vesting : their
earnings:-with. HONEST .COMPANIES
operating; in .'the greatest ;,oil boom .the
world' "has -ever -known".- which"��� is; -,at
"prcsent-.'.taking :place'"in.' the., state-of
Texas;' ':Write -. tov,.'Messrs .-YOK.K::&
WEBSTER, 4��9 Winch" > "Baildihg Van-
cbaver,,B.C.�� for copy-pf tle;.Texa3.Paci-
fic'Oil,New3.'''.-:.r-. ���-/-""-���.-'_-'. .���"'" .'-'-' .-.'' '".��� ;:",;
Will be 9i' yeafs-y:oung"i.n"Janev---
'' The Central Hotel building at
Midway is being torn down,v and
the lumber;shipped to Penticton.
After May 1st permits are nee-1
essary in order to start fires in;
the: open outside towns and cities
Bob Halcrow has gone to
Carmi, to assist in the construction of the mill at the Carmi
mine.  . '      ;
. Greenwood, - Midway, Rock
Creek, or some other town around,
these,parts, should have a celebration on May 24.
See the.samples of the latest in
wall papers before you: renovate
vour house this spring. Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
While up Nicholson creek this
week,J3ric Berg saw. three bear.
Eric was unable to "bag any . of
them; as they made for. cover in
quick time.
Dr. Ritchie of Princeton: is
spending two months in the east
doing post-graduate work. '.-'Dr.
Lee Smith has charge .of his
practice during his absence.
C.i M- Shaw has accepted au
appointment'from the minister of
lands and .works to '- survey^Vall
unsurveyed lands fitr for settle1
ment in the lower SimilkameenV
Mr. Shaw .and his: party, will
commence.this work in May.   ;yy.
j...-A.; Brown has bought the.
Crowell Hotel and. contents- in
Midway.. He will move the fur-,
ditureetc.: to Osoyoos" where he:
will open an hotel, r The Crowell
building will.be torn.down and
the lumber sh i pped.tb Pen ticton:
Dick McCarreu.i.s. living in Los
Angeles, according, to a letter
frcm --.:him_"'���-'.;to; Scott McRae.
Dick's, friends in the Boundary
have been, under the impression
for 14.year's that he passed put in
the big 'Frisco ;. earthquake,- of
1906."-,������ '   . ',   "������ '." "v   /
; ��� Last Friday, Dr. .J. E; .Mor-"
rison, dentist, of Nelson was sev-
erely injured when his;carwent.
oyer.an embankment near; Balfour. He was taking.Mrs";. Geo.
B. Garrett of Grand Forks to the
Sanitarium for an X Ray examination for dental purposes, Mrs.
Garrett escaped with several severe bruises. Dr. Morrison died
Saturday.   .,
We are, closing out our busi-
aess at; the end of May and to
effect a quick sale we are making
sqnie .very attractive prices especially, on Vour -stock of. ,mens fur-
nishiiags, prints, cottons, . flan4.
nellettes, runnersv. tea cldths, etc.
We have a; good stock of grpcer-
ieSi flour,and feed at prices; that
iwill-'heip to bring downVthe high,
cost ;of/ living.; .; G.;- A.: Rendell,
Greenwood;'Xx.';:XiXi < XXyryiiy
"Oscar   Lachmund," consulting
engineer, has returned  to' Spokane
after an'absence of four months in
New York and New  Mexico.s^��
will leave Vancouver,  B.C., June
3. for the Orient, where he expects
to spend a greater parfe of a year.
His family will remain in Spokane,
althongh they may visit him towards the close of his. stay abroad.
.   Mr. Lachmund was general manager of the Canada Copper corporation  for six-;- years.   .: Under his
property,  near Princeton,   B.- C,
was opened on a large scale and
much of the work of constructing a
2,000-ton    mill   performed.     He
operated the . Greenwood  smelter
for the same company."���Skokes-
Giants and Dwarfs
The most microscopic edition bf
the.Lord's prayer was carved on a
cherry stone.
. Oxford university, London, owns
the largest. Bible. It is 62 inches
high, and 94 inches1 across, when
opened.��� - -- ; -rXr.i-.,.-.-.���-_���.._'.-_ .
A. Swiss worker has. made a
watch that is no bigger, than a pea.
Jt is'encased in a pearl. ;
, Paris has the most ^extensive lib-:
rary, the National, which contains
3,000,000.~:XZXi-'; X y^X 'xZZyy ���
'���' The largest college is. in Cairo,
Egypb.; Every year 10,000 ��� students are enrolled.',     .--.;'"���":
At:Anaconda,' '. Mont, is the
giantamong 'chimneys. It ^measures 588 feet in height "with an in-
side.diameter"of 76.feet at-the base
and 60,at the top. ,.        .";;.'.   ,-��� .
'���' Canada has the d waif among rail-
roadSjfor it is only.a quarter \of..a
mile Jong.'.'    ���'"'���,'/.���-....>���. ZXX
Kept the; Flowers Alive
During, the Lancashire holiday
weeks a' party of young: girls and
men  went for   a jaunt into,  the
country.   They; camib back laden
with wild flowers.    Every girl had
her hat trimmed with them, and
every boy had a bunch in his cap.
. As they neared home one woman
remarked that "all the flowers were
dead, except the bunch pn the cap
of one youth, who was a bit too
conceited to be popular.
, ..-"Of-.^course, i. mine are. alive,"
said. this .vyoang;, man.'      "Look
���whose hea^^.tfiey. are.on!" ;::    x. X/x
x ilt0h,.iy_P'= retorted the;woman,
/'a.allus.thowfc'tha'd 'watterion t'
.brain VXXxXXiX 'Xi- y';y Xi X. y: x.;
Western Float
Sugar may soon be 30 cents a
pound.   "
The Chinese have built a Masonic
Hall in Trail.
Pool rooms in Penticton have to
close at 11 p.m.
It is almo3t impossible to rent a
house in Vancouver.       ^
E. E. McKay will open a barber
shop in Port Alberni.
For 50 cents spirits can be seen
in the Crow's Nest Pass.
The Cariboo road  is in
bad condition this spring.
James Veasey has opened a soft
drink parlor in Kamloops.
Gflfe busy and keep the local
paper full of ads and news.
Many sheep have been taken to
the Hope summit for pasturage.
W. P., Wetherell is managing
the Empress Theatre in Vernon.
The prospects "for a, big fruit
crop around Keremeos are favorable.
It ib 250 yeavs this week since
the Hudson ' Bay Co. went into
A dally train will soon be running between Port Alberni and
The craze for" more money has
put a crimp in the building boom
at Spokane.
Grasshopper Jimmy, formerly
of New Denver, spent the winter
in San Diego.
Whiskey is worth $250 a case in
Spokane. It can be bought in
B.C. for about $25.
Some timbers 92 feet long and
two feet Bquare are being used to
build ships in Victoria.
Clem Stelly of Princeton died in
Vancouver last month, following
an operation for cancer.
When Canada, acquires the
Grand Trunk the Dominion will
own 20,000 miles of railway.
This winter 7000 cattle died in
Alberta/for lack of feed. Much
M'y/'wafi'implJttedfrom^the*' States.
Charles Menier died from pneumonia last month at Clinton, He
was proprietor of the Clinton hotel.
E. i>. Boeing of Hedley died in
Essondale lasfe month. He was in
business with J. D. BraBS for many
years. *
The courfehouee at Nicola has
been sold feo Major Goldman, who
will turn ife into a fine rural residence.   ;
It is reported that the Marquis
of. Bute haB boughfe the Hastings
ranch of 40,000 acres afe Aspen
LArge quantities of onions, celery and potatoes have been shipped
from the Okanagan to Sfe. Paul and
It is. 27 years ago today since
the Kaslo Claim was first pub-
lished-in _ Easlo._ The.last -copies
sold as high as $25 each.
Around Penticton there promises to be a heavy crop of plums,
peaches and cherries. The indications are fehat apples and apricots
will be lighfe.
When nofe being prepared for
rise potatoes should be kept in thes
safe." About four years ago spuds
were 89 a ton in Grand Forks.
Blessed past!
On.the Fraser the fishermen get
15 cents a pound for salmon.
These fish are rushed easfe in refrigerator cars and sold for 80
cents a pound.
The tourist attractions of B. C.
.should be extensively advertised in
FloVida, Cuba and California. At-
present the C. .P. R. is advertising
Banff in some" of the California
,;-After June only householders
will be able to bay flavoring extracts, and then nofe more than
fonr ounces at. a time. Too manj'
fiends have been drinking extracts
,feo get the booze effect.
; The Ledge refuses to publish ads
from.pastern mail-order houses, but
local merchants, in the district do
not do any more advertising- on
that account. In fact sume of
fehem do not advertise at all.
Princeton.���A.'E. Irwin and W.
C. McDougall are reported to have
purchased the Olalla townsite from
fehe provincial government,     The
property which is about six' miles
from Keremeos on - the Penticton
road, comprises some bottom land
and a good deal of range.    There
are a score of houses and shacks on
the townsite,  which ,was at   one
time.-: the scene of a considerable
mining boom.   Mr. McDougall was
one time manager of the company
operating there." There are   several .old timers who  have stayed
with Olalla ever   since the place
was born.    Mesera. Irwin and McDougall are reported  to have paid
$10,000 for the townsite.
Mining News
Free Miners' Licences
the 31sfe of May.
expire on
The Grauite-Poorman at Nelson
will be operated this summer.
The   government
drilling some  claims
Last year the United States produced 162,000 tons of crude magnesite.
An English syndicate is figuring
upon the Cork-Province, near
It costs the Granby 16h cents a
pound to produce copper at its
smelter at Anyox.
On the North Fork of the Kettle
river a tunnel is being driven on
the Bertha-Pathfinder property.
Ed Maloney will do some work
oh the Highland  Chief at Beaverdell.    This is the oldest location��
in that camp.    It was first  Btaked
in 1891. 	
E. W. McQuade, late of the
Yankee Girl Ymir, has been appointed superintendent of the Silver Crest afc Stewart.
Oscar , Lachmund, the well-
known mining engineer of Spokane
will soon make a trip to the Orient
upon professional business.
F. Sampson and Ernest Eransen
of Oroville were in Greenwood
this week, and inspected, the Bonnie Bell in Deadwood camp.
The richness of the ore now being shipped from the Providence at
Greenwood is attracting much attention in Portland and other
western cities.
,   The Providence   afe ..Greenwood,
shipped 50 tons to Trail lasfe Saturday,  and will ship 150 tons this
saonkb.j., Sore^e.pf^tbisjate jis^ worth i
812,000 a carload.      ,*-"''
Last year the Sullivan in -East .
Kootenay, produced 16,711 tons of
lead ore, and  119,825  tons of zinc
ore. " It is said  to be the greatest
silver-lead-zinc mine in the world.
The Silversmith mine afe Sandon
has resumed operations after being
closed for several days owing to fehe,
strike. The men returned to work
after a compromise on the basis of
an increase of 50 cents a day and .
Many old timers will remember
that twenty years or more ago the
mineral claim which Robfe. Wood
and Clement Vacber were developing on the lake shore at Penticton
was regarded as one of the mosfe
promising mining ventures iu the
province. Lack of capital and-inadequate- feransporfcafcion" facilities"
caused the original promoters to
suspend operations, but a new
company has been formed to open
up tho property and an advertisement in this issue announcees thafe
A. S. Dodd has been appointed the
local agent.���Vernon News.
Considering the map as a whole,
ife appears reasonable to conclude
Chat the area- of  mineralization  in
East Kootenay is bufe an extenfeion
of that of Shoshone,  Boone   and
Boundary counties in  Idaho,   extended on up into  British  Columbia.    It appears feo fhow up strongly in its northward course at Moyie
lake, which ife crosses, then passing
northerly  through  the Kimberley
region, and St. Mary's valley,   following the eastern side of the Purcell divide  up to  and losing itself
in  an  extraordinary   rugged   aud
often   inaccessible region    beyond
Toby  creek,   in the   Windermere
mining division.'     Mineral   locations thronghoufe this wide belfe are
fr?quent and  copper and gold indications are strong as well as silver, lead and zinc.    Wifeh  the exception  of the  main   line   of the
Crow's'Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific railway, and a  branch
running from Cranbrook  to  Kimberley, and a water grade connection by rail via the G.P.E.'s Kootenay  Central   line   from  Elko to
Golden,   the district  has.no   rail
transportation.     Ife   does   not appear likely that auy further extension of rail service will take place.
Powerful motors and  good wagon
roads must prove the eventful solution of, fehe transportation problems
of outlying sections.
In tbe Windermere mining division, Paradise, owned by R. H.
Bruce, has latterly been the scene
of a resumption of activity. Silver
Belfe, Lead Queen, Tattler gro^p,-
Hofe Punch, Trojan group, Sitting
Bull, Blaelc Prince and Bnrinan
groups are mentioned as elnpp��rs,
but in a comparatively small -way.
���o I
TilJ��     Ltiijixti,     ii'WMVNWOO'i).     B.x   C.
Royal Yeast
has   been,  the
standard   yeast
ii\ Canada   for
over 50 years, and it
is a well known fact
iha.t     bread     ma.de
with   Royal   Yea.st
possesses a. greater
amount of nourish*
ment than  that
made with any
I extremely heavy premiums for fire
insurance, thus those innocent people
who lake all possible precautions arc
made lo suffer loss because of the
carelessness of others.
Addressing a recent meeting of thc
���Canadian National Safety League, onc
speaker declared that experience has
shown that cleanliness about any institution would do more to prevent
tires lhan any other onc thing. Thc
'"'rubbish habit," he declared, was a
source of constant danger.
Safety Firsl; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; it is
belter  to  be sure   Lhan  sorry���all  of
For Sale by all Dealers
Douglas & Company,  Napunec.  On;.
. C.
Sheep'Ranchers For 1
The owners  ot   au   area
160,000 acres in  the Cotsa
and  Stuart  Lakes  districts  in  B.   C, |
havc sold out to a party of 12 prairie '
, , ,     , . , farmers who will run sheep there."   A j
these old adages and scores of others U,    ���.  ��� ,       ,        ,        . .    ., OAn i
, ...    . . . .        ,' Manitoba rancher  lias    bought   3,200 j
Clean Up!
Around about this lime of the year
it is customary for the housewife to
indulge in her annual spring house-
cleaning. It has become the usual
procedure, too, for the provincial and
municipal fire prevention and health
authorities to declare "Clean-up" days
.or weeks. Thc object is, of course,
to focus public attention upon the importance of organized community as
well as individual effort being devoted to the task of collecting and destroying the r(efuse and rubbish which
always accumulates around the house
and other buildings during the severe
winter months.
It is important that this work bc
attended to for many reason. First,
there is the question of health to be
considered. The accumulation of
dirt, filth and waste material of various kinds develop from such accumulations, but flies, the greatest of all
carriers of disease, find their chief
breeding places in filth and rubbish.
A general spring clean-up is one of
the best health measures that can be
taken  in any home or community.
The removal of the dust and dirt
resulting from the sealing up of houses and offices during- the cold winter
months is also a protective measure
from moths, and insects whose destructive activities arc too well known
to even require mention.
A general spring clean-up is important also from the standpoint of fire
protection.    Many people who .exercise care in regard to the .accumulation of filth and rubbish which'might
.   have, an, adverse; effect on health,-and
-   as-the breeding places of germs" and
' insects .of many kinds, neglect to collect and remove other kinds of rubbish which; while not dangerous from
��� these  standpoints, - arc  the cause  ' of
. fires which, all  too frequently, result
-' in- serious' conflagrations with  consc-
"."" qucnt.  loss- of  valuable property and
even more valuable lives." -.-    .
���'  -' "Clean-up" days- or ��� weeks: have -bc-
-" come  established   institutions  in  the
cities and larger towns, aiid the municipal' authorities co-operate with the
individual' citizen . in   "city-wide .'.and,
��� town-wide, house-cleaning."- .The pub'--
lie "health is' thereby "promoted," a lar-
..ger measure,of. security from-fire is
provided,  and- tlie 'whole: community
'-. . made much neater", and more, attractive, leading inevitably to'greater civic,
pride and to.the carrying out of other
improvements,' such as'painting, lay.-
-���;- ing; out lawns and. gardens, and, gch-
.;;._'_':era! homer;;nd 'civic'-,betterment'.;--!?-,.--' -
..;   '. Although  such .organized- co-opera-
"'' live, effort "is; not; possible in the-rural
..... portions, of "tlie.West,,it."is none tlie:
."-._ less   important..that'.-t-lic ��� same - wjork
:.    'should be;carried: put on-every,farm-'
- stead,   and- the .united ;cfiort.s,", of ,;all
;;:' members of- tlic .-family .'and' the ."hired.
;- help directed to -a general"-farm clean-.
,'  -up,.licit .-only..around" the .lioi'ii.c but all
-'   the"lout-building.;- .The? removal.,of .ac--
.-"'''';.cumulated: rubbish.",v..ill not 'only*' inv-
':��� ' .������pro.yc.-the .appca'nuK.e of ihe place,-but
-, .'it-may. easily-be  thi:' direct  cause, .of
'���'   preventing; sickness- aird' loss hy tire.
I6.s.s annually is. simp-
of like import, apply to the question of
a general spring clean-up and the removal of rubbish and waste of every
description. Better still, of course, is
never to allow it to accumulate, but
under certain conditions this is not
wholly possible during the winter.
There should, however, in their own
individual and even selfish interests
!be a general response by all people
to the proclamations issued by thc
provincial governments of lhc West
for "Clean-up" week. It i.s not necessary lo wait until that date, but
individual and community houscclcan-
ing should not be deferred beyond it.
I acres near Stuart Lake and taken au
option on 5,000 additional acres, while
a Victoria resident recently bought
2,0'I0 acres on the Necosle river in the
same section. Au influx of Swiss far-
I users is expected into the province,
,with a view to settlement, bcing graduates of thc agricultural college at:
Zurich. Thcy arc mainly interest.d iu
thc dairv business.
Forest Products of B.C.
HEART   80
Had an Increase of $16,000,000 Over
Preceding Ycar
It has been stated officially that the.
agricultural products of British Columbia last year had a value of almost
25 percent over thc value of the products of the prcceeding year. The '
forest products of the year had an increase of $16,000,000 over those of the
preceding year, due, in large part,
however, to the higher price of lumber and timber. In fact, the cut of
logs last year was a little smaller than
that of the preceding year.
The total log scale for thc year was
1,758,329,995 feet, as against 1,761,184-
406 feet the previous year. The slight
decrease was partially due to labor
difficulties in the woods and partly to
the fact that thc output of aeroplane
spruce swelled the total in 1918.      ���
Miss Eva P. Yalcnian, ��� Krugers-
dorf, Ont., writes: ��� "1 feel that T
must write and tell you of the benefit I have received from Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills.
About four years ago I was
taken terribly. bad with .my
heart, nerves and fainting, spells, and
was down in bed for about six
months. I doctored with two different doctors and seemed- to cet better,
although thc fainting spe>ls would
not leave mc. I would take such terrible falls, wherever 1 was, that it
was not safe to leave me at home at
any time. At last I decided to resort to proprietary medicines and
took several different kinds, but-
seemed   to   receive   but   little  benefit
In (jur last lessor* we saw Israel's
overwhelming defeat and thc capture
of thc ark by the Phillistincs. While
they triumphed over Israel,, they did
not triumph over. Israel's God.
Through the presence of thc ark God
was working among the Ph.illisli.ncs.
1. The ark at Ashdod (5:1-6). It
was placed in the heathen temple
alongside of Dagon, with the expectation that thc ark would be destroyed
showing, that Dagoli was mightier
than God, but Dagon was humiliated
and broken. Besides this the' people
wcrc afflicted with cmerods, or hemorrhoids, showing the hand of lire living God upon thcm in judgment.
2. Tlic ark at Galli (5: 7-9-. Hero
immediately the same dreadful disease broke out that had afilictcd thc
Ashdodilcs, -accompanied with great
mortality. They then carried the ark
to F.kron.
3. The ark at. Ekron. (5: 10-12-.' At
Ekron thc destruction was still more
awful. Many were slain and thc rest
were, smitten with cmerods so that
their cry went up to .-heaven. Thc
contest was decisively in favor of God
Upon the advice of the lords of thc
Phillistincs thc ark was returned to
This Is Just the senson
grinding pain and stiffening of joints gets hold or
you.   FigUt it with
Templeton's Rheumatic
Capsules bring cer tain
relief, and permanont results. They are recommended by doctors, and
sold by reliable druggists
everywhere for 01.04 a oox,
or write to Templetons,
142 King St. W., Toronto:
Mailed anyyhere on receipt ol price.
Templeton's RAZ-.MAH Capsules aro Guaranteed to relieve
AST H MA. Pon't suffer another day.
Write Templotonn, 142 King St.'
W., Toronto, Ior freesamplo.
Roliablo druggists sell them at
(1.04 a bos.
Maintain Soil Productivity
A Moral Duty to Perform   As.   Regards Our Farms
Maintaining thc    soil's,   productive
power is nol only a duty that wc owe
to ourselves, but a duty to posterity.
This was done in such a way'We have no right to take from pos-
Grasshopper Control
Circular Gives Full Information Re-
garding.-.Prcparation and     /
Application of Poison
"Locust control in the prairie provinces," by Norman Criddlc, is the
title of a publication just issued by
the entomological branch of the department of agriculture ��� at Ottawa.
This is a timely circular^ in view of
the possibility of a recurrence of the
grasshopper invasion -of last ycar in
this province.
The circular gives full information
regarding preparation and application
of poison bails, and thc method which
is stated td be the best in handling,
the eradication of the hopper. It further slates that thc locusts which last
year did considerable damage are the
native kinds known as pellucid locusts. It can bc secured, free upon
application to the publications branch
of the department of agriculture, Ot-
<A. New Motor Lifeboat
as to show conclusively that the hand
of God was upon thcm in judgment.
I. Samuel Calls Israel to Repentance
Some twenty years have now elapsed since Israel was humiliated by the
Phillistincs, during which timc thc
Israelites "lamented after thc Lord."
Wc know not why Samuel has not
been heard from during all thesc-years
Doubtless he continued to exercise
the prophetic office "(luring this lime.
from  them.       Onc  day noticing  thcii)Ut now jle js appointed to the o<Hce
advertisement    of    Milburn's    Heart
Settlers in B. C.
Hundreds of settlers are expected
to enter the Nechacko Valley in the
spring, and it is reported that many
concerns controlling thousands of
acres in the section have pooled their
interests'. They expect to have many
acres under/crop next season.
and Nerve Pills I decided to try
them, and before I had taken more
than two boxes I could sec thcy were
helping mc.' I have taken about ten
boxes, an3 am almost cured of thosc
terrible spells. I sincerely feel that
your medicine has proved a blessing
to mc, and I advise any onc troubled
wiSi their heart to try them, as I am
confident they will find relief."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
are 50c a box at all dealers or mailed
djrcct.on receipt of price by -The T.
Hilburn Co.,  Limited,'Toronto. Ont.
Grain Stocks in Elevators
Western Country Elevators Show A
-, -. Decrease in All Grains
. According to returns received -at
the Dominion' Bureau of. Statistics.
J for "the week' ended; April '23/1920.
wheal  and   oats   in
Baby's-Own Tablets are-a regular
jov giver  to  the littic  ones  ���.thcy, .....
never fail   to'  make   the   cross, baby slore ^ tllc different public elevators
, | the   quantity .of
happy.' When baby is cross and fret
ful the -mother nyxy be. sure something is the matter for it .is not baby's
nature to be cross unless he is. ailing, j
throughout Canada, is less thaii last
week by . 760,988 bushels, for -wheat,
and 737,085- bushels' for bats.   Barley
Mothers, if your baby is"cross; if he ! shows a small increase;of some"3,665
cries, a   great " deal   and "needs   your | bushels.
constant attention day-and night,' give '.follows:
Briefly the. situation ���' is 'as
him a- dose of'. Baby's ��� Own - Tablets
They are. a mild-but" thorough laxative,-which  will  quickly  regulate the.
- Western  country elevators, show- a
decrease  in--all' "grains. ��� of .2,503,535
bowels and stomach aiid thus" relieve i bushels, 'wheat  and  oats   making "up
constipation    and    indigestion,   .colds J the   largest - part,   namely - 2,425,117
and simple, fevers    and    make    baby j btishels        '
happy V--  there, surely  is  a. smile-in
every, dose' of "the- Tablets. Baby's.
Own " Tablets arc sold-' by medicine
dealers or .by* mail a't'25 cents.a-box
from .The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, ,Ont;  ; .-."  ".-"--:.-  .:'.,      ' y
Care of Your Gar
"In the public .terminal" elevators' ah"
increase is'shown of 1,666,280 bushels,"
wheat and oats, "snake up .the largest
part, namely', 1,534,145 bushels. ;';"\ _.
An. increase .is. shown in wheat of
some. .113,857; bushels in the; private
terminal elevators,'.; Fort. /William and
Port Arthur;'...thc same,.may- be said-
of" the- -interior--.terminal .-elevators,
-which .show %ivincrease:, in wheat, of
i_25;l_83- bushels-,-while' 1 irL9Q.i bushels,
less oats .arc-'.in ��� store". ',',,' - .-.��� ���'--.'.
". In the pu1)ljc elevators^ in llie-'East;.
not take-hold evcnlv. '.? decrease'"isuiioled, caused-by- heavy
turn "shipments.; froin flic, seaboards-ports,
Some -Dont's That-Help" You-to -Eco'ii-
'. omiae: on the Automobile,- -.",
, -D.on't -' apply���the' -brakes - -/suddenly
"when /driving' ,.oij-������;��"_ wet ..pavement;
.This" will;-start'.-a ; skid, -espc^aHy.' if
the "brakes- do
If "you fecl/.the car start, lo. skid, .
the" steering -wheel,in -ihc.'dircc.tipri "of, while- the;..lake, port .elevators1.
j.th'e'.; arrival '..'of-'.-ships.' from ���' FortvWilr
cpnirol: will -re-P'3"1' and i-Port-'Arthur;- ��hc decrease
applied "gradu-^���?"".^' *-"��� '"^'heat,'- 44-l,3ip- .bushels'-;
/'    X ' /''-"   ./" .  oats," 3.6,075;  bushels ;��� ."barieyi '" 41,034
bushels.- ,   --���'.'__, '-   -.'���---".-.'' -    -'"''.- --
.-'���The-- -United   Stui'ev ' Alluhac'; sore-
board- ports clc"va'tors'.at".Po.rilaiid- "and
the;skid. -At.-thp':samc'instanl,' release
the"' brakes.   ' Better
suit, if/the brakes arc
ally pn\"and--'off.'", ./, / '...���'.:'   = "."-'���
- Don't permit the..driving- -wheels 'to
slide 'in either/starting''   or   'stopping.
Gradual clutch .and'b.rake-;cnga'gcnient ,
will avoid this,". Proper adiu'stmmil of "Baltimore, 'show" a-.decrease of 23.
each   and' 'good' judgment   in   uriv-ing
will .amply repay you.
Storage for Coal
'bushels of. wheat; while oats, .barky
and "fla-x remain  unchanged.
An increase .in the 'number nf t,-ais
of  wheat,- oats  and  baric?'.inspected
.    'Gana'da.'s ,ii
iy. stupendous;  it .is  lhc  highest-per
- capita  of ..any ��� country . iii 'the worjd, i
;: "'."It'' amounts, on -an.' average,   to -over. |" ...Sheds "-Vvitli   a   storage :r.apacit\    (.f.;-for   '.!lc 'Week   ended  April  Jl.st,
./���$25;O0,0OO; a   year,'.or.'at 'tlic .rale .'of'jlOftOO tons,-lo'he YxU'ridal to handle-!.01'1'1011 la 1UI>   vhik
- .'S68,000'" a!''da;,;..  .'According;- k>   stalls'-!20,000. toiis.'havc- becii secured in \Yinr screenings  iiidicate -a
. tics.'co'mt-jikil.-by the. National Board '.nipeg   lb   store.   cb;il   shipped'   from
:of-'Fire,:'"Uti(leT\viiti:rs,. 6J--p.crcent'.'o;. f Jruriihcller,  Alta.-   This  is  .the   iir.^t
all- fires.slart from.preventable cajis.es,!lihie coal, from'the iJruuihelkr.'inino
.'   while-"fircs'of unknown
. .is'believed.-also' largely f"r.oni..pr'e.Veii
rigiu are, ii .has heen sio'rcd'.in' lhal city:
e cause.:.
.Tl1i5.hea.vy  fire  loss j    In English law. t'rfftc is- no definition
forces; insurance- companies to charge; of nu accident.
of judge, also. Hc asked the people
to turn to thc Lord with all their
hearts, thc proof of which would be:
1.' To pitt away thcir idolatrous
worship. This was really gross licentiousness under the guise of religion.
2. To direct thcir heaVts unto the
the Lord and serve him only. He
assures'them that deliverance would
come as soon assthis -was sincerely
complied with.
II.  Israel Assembled al Mizpeh  (vv.
5, 6).
This was for. the purpose, of confessing their sins.
-. 1. They poured water beforc the
Lord.. This symbolized thcir . need
of' cleansing and-pouring out of their
hearts in penitence beforc the Lord.
2.   They-fasted   and'-publi*];'   confessed their-' sins. - .    - ���    .
III'.-The  rhillisliues   Attack    Israel.
���' -    (y;7)".   ' "''������.��� f
'��� -������' The- assembly of Israel at Mizpeh.
alarmed/the Phillistincs. Thcy .interpreted -the gathering as a preparation'
to ^attack them; so they thought to
frustrate Israel's attack'upon them by
attacking"them first; "or. perhaps they
recognized that thcrcturn of. the" people to the Lord -meant1 a. return to'
power,, and decided to attack'them
while unprepared.   -        .      "
IV. The Intercession.of Samuel", (vv.
-;8,9).-.    "; ' ;������. y;;,; --
The Israelites urged Samuel to pray
to God for them... .Instead of -trusting
lb the ark 'fo'r-Tdelivcrancc - thcy now
looked to .'-God. Samuel accompanied
his intercession with a burnt offering,,
showing that lie looked for acceptance
in tlie sacrifice of another, even Christ-
th'rqiigh; wbosc offering; a .way 'of "'ac-
cess; '}yas--opcncd.."unfo,-,God.'J-'-" ._..,'.-_....
V. The "Victory Over'the'.Phillistincs.
���;;:" .(w:---ro, if).-:_'.-.'; XX- ��� ���/ -;-.; Xxi-'i
.-Tliis'.was. the"'result. oi-Gbd'sin'lcr-
position! ""The- Lord -thundered"witli
a' great thunder'oiv.thal'day and'tlis-
co'nifortcd.-thcni.'' ;.Thc men.of Israel
followed ."up--this advantage-id such
complete victory'.that .thc/Phillistit.ics
-did" riot ciime back- lo' power during'
tlic days of..Sanniel;.'. The I./brd-will
light- our' bal'tics/ii we piil;"-oiir '/trnsi.
iii Him-;. <uu eneniy .can; stand "-'before.,
the Aliiiighly. '���' .'.""'-'/ 'V- -' '-
Saiv.uei-'sc't up a'stoiui between -Miz-'
\'f. "A  ilcnmrjal -oi\ Deli v.r ran c>   (vy-.
12-14)...   . ��� '",/. yy";". -. ��� - -:
peh and Shr.n and hilled; it Kben'ezer,-
whieh means "Hitherlo-Jiaih' "tl:e. Lord
iiax,    rye    a!i'd--he!pcd.us."   Siuc't:'..G.Qd -has-in'tei pusi-d,
decrease  cf 34 i in our-btflialf and wrought. del.ivvi;iucc
tcrity the means of subsistence.
Thc farmer of today who doc's his
duty by his farm must pass it to his
successor in a more fertile condition
than that in whicli he received it. Thc
man who docs not do this robs posterity,"'and it is just as much a crime
to rob future generations as it is to
rob those,who arc living on the earth
Therefore in agriculture wc have a
moral duty to perform which wc must
not forget; and that is the duly which
we owe to those who arc to coine after us.
Let us then, as farmers, sec to it
that the fields, which we till shall bc,
when4hcy pass from our hands, bct-
.tcr producers than when wc received
them.���Farrfier and  Breeder.
Girls!.. Have a mass of long,
thick, gleamy hair
Self-righting Type Driven at Speed of
About Eight'Knots
Thc -work of thc National Lifeboat
Institution of Great Britain^ was held
up to a great extent during thc war,
-but an extensive programme of boatbuilding  has.since been started.    It
'includes a number of motor-propelled
lifeboats, this type having proved its
superiority. On one occasion a motor lifeboat travelled M4 miles in a
terrible stortp and rescued 50 people
from a vessel which four other life-
b'oats of thc old -type had tried in
vain to reach. One of thc latest motor nlifcboals to be put in commission
has many interesting features. It'is
of tlic self-righting type and is driven by a 45 horse power petrol engine
jat a speed of about eight knots. 'When
a lifeboat "capsize^--it is neces;sary to
stop the engine, as otherwise the boat-
will steam off and leave its crew in
the water. This condition is met by
means- of two contacts in an ebonite
box with mercury, so arranged that
when thc boat is sailing normally the
contacts are immersed in the mercury.
When the boat capsizes thc mercury-
is emptied out. into a littic. reservoir
and breaks contact, stopping the engine. Elaborate "jacketing" is resorted io in order to prevent water from
gettiiUg into thc engine. Both magneto and accumulator ignition arc installed, and a hand pump is available
as well as thc force feed system of
lubrication. These and other precautions' are. adopted lo prevent breakdown. ^
��� Let "Danderine" sav.c- your hair and
double, its. beauty. You can have -lots
of .'long, thick, strong,'lustrous-hair.
Don't let it-stay lifeless, thiii, scraggly
oi- fading. Bring back-its color, vigor
and vitality. V     ,"'.     '���   . y
' Get. a-'35-ccnt bottle of delightful
���'Danderine" at any - drug."dr. toilet
counter to freshen-your scalp; check
dandruff.and falling hair. Your.hair
'needs this -"stimulating, tonic, then its
life, color, brightness and abundance
will return���Hurry!'
Binding Power of
The British Throne
It is Because of the Republic Spirit
That British Monarchy
Stands Firmly
Western Australia Mail.���The British Empire, or, as it is of late more
correctly being styled, the British
Commonwealth of Nations, could not
well exist without the nexus of a.com-.,
mou throne. This crowned republic,
if it is to continue as'a political entity
cannot conceivably scrap the iilstitu-,:
tion of-,, the monarchy, which is thc
axis round which all our/governmental machinery so smoothly revolves;
Thc sovereign people ;aTc not more
sovereign- anywhere than in .Britain
and in the self-governing. Dominions
The American president may, and
does on occasions, exercise an autocratic power which no occupant of the
Britisii throne could or would attempt
and it is because of the republic spir;
it.whicli pervades British political institutions that thc British, monarchy
stands so firmly as it does. A paradox
this no doubt, but a paradox whicli
exactly expresses lhe truth.
Minard's   Liniment,   Lumberman's
Friend. .
Irrigation at Medicine Hat
The Medicine Hat Board of aradc .
has been actively engaged in the for-.
nialioii of two ncw irrigation district.-;
the lands affected lying to thc south
and  cast  of  the  town  and  comprising some 15,0.00 acres of irrigable land. .
Surveys have been carried out, plans .
have been prepared and. the piSJflccts.,
placed beforc the provincial govern- ���*"
ment..       - '
A bluff is all right as..long as you
can fool people with it.
Luxembourg is the wealthiest country, in the world, the pcr capita wealth
being. 12.000 francs.
France expects to. produce 200,000
automobiles tliis "year, .compared with
30,000 in 19R ���   * ���.      '.'-    ' ;  ���
Keep Your
Like New
Body Top Dressing
Gives your automobile a lasting, and brilliant polish that
does not catch dust. Removes
all dirt and grease.- Easily applied. .   Preserves   thc finish.
Auto Top Dressing
Made especially for leather!
panlasote,, mohair and rubber
tops. Preserves thc top and
makes it-waterproof. Leaves a
rich, lasting enamel finish. Will
not peel or craiSk.
���   Canadian Polishes, Limited,
Hamilton     -  , ~   * Ont.
Ask.for Minard's and take no other.
cars. , 64' percent of y,hca-{ graded"XV.. > for .us, il i.s,pn?per that a'liienioria! be
3  Xorihe'ni  and  be tier.
"Egg, laying Con test
-.< t up which  will, f.ominciiK.'.ralc if
, Fine "Airplane--Setord-,   .
Squads .of the'Haiidle.y.-l'agc niach
iries carried out ��� over   300
A Giant Battle Cruiser
Hood Represents Latest Advances!iri
��� ���' -, ,Man-��'-war.Construction'  ���-���'
-. The- British .battle-cruiser-Hood,- begun' in.. September, -1916,, launched"'iii
'August, -1918,'��� aml'recenlly coinpleU.d,
V c pr c s c n t s' in a h'y" o f ill? ' la t c s f a'd-va 11 -
c.cs in mau-o'-wai-'" design   r.tul  'construction.;' A prominent fealureris.,thc
"bulge" or '-'blister',' .which suriiduiids
tlic; .main' hull. pf. the. .ship, below- waller
ahd protects it' against torpedo .attack'.
Thc'llood 'carries cighi -1,5-i.rich-gv.us,
.'all ,011 ���the-.;middle- line of".thi.-' yersel,
'-ami. there are; twelve.'5.5 ..iu'clr. g'n\s,
] iour..4-inch -antiTaircrafl" p.iu'is. aiy.1 ..six
1 torpedo' tube's.   The propelling, liiach-,
'I incry; concVtV-of../t>ur iliflinct sets of
y. uivbiur's.. each tiriyin;; ;": separate 'shaft
;; ti:rough.'i;eariuiv.   Together they ���dev-7
i clop,;the  hiigC; U)tal-��f. l+i',0'10 '.horse'-
ness a:
Imperial Eureka     :
Harness Oil
remains, in -the leather .(unlike-
vegetable oila) and prevents
cracking or breaking' of atitches.
. Keeps straps and tugs pliable and
strong ��� preserves the IiarncsB
against the action of sweat, moisture and dust���warda off insccte..
Imparts a, rich, black lasting-
------ -4        --
��� Imperial Mica
Axle Grease
smooths the surface of axle and
hub with a filling of ."fine mica v
���relieves the cause of friction
���coata   and   cushions with a,-
layer of high-grade lubricating .
grease. ��� Lessens the strain  on
harness and horses.   Cuts dowii
repair bills.   Sold in sizes from
a lib; tia to a barrel.
:   Known Everywhere
' If j'ou do not use Imperial Mica
Axle Cir.ease._and' Imperial Eureka
Harness Oil .'ask your neighbour
abput_thfini,_:- They.arc.thc highest.
.Quality made./ You cannot get better at-aiiy price.. Used by farmers
and teamsters in every community.
'%; ''���'?Xx:X*X^0*yX, .. xyyy^yx.yx
���..'... 'P<tCiist.f.$.ij^..*-u&)iv.--tiiihht.ui.i\i.)>K.--
���- x '~-y'~Xy^iyy?yiteXi<\yi!3}yL^yy
Pen of Winnipeg/Birds"-is. Mpw iri the
���Willi liioafanitoba egg koinir'coi^lf^1111"1" br defects In the iicroplaut.. it
power. -I'V-r, various,   auxiliary:-   pur-
bon,bh,t;'.po.ies  there  arc. 360 electric  motors,
raiiU during the war-without ;a single J'and   s0nic  of  tjlc 1)U)lipS  arc-01- thc.
machine being  lost, due    to     engine f submersible electric tvpc"which',oper-
For your -breakfast
A ready-to:eat1food that costs
But little arid is full of tiie ) :'yi
Tiourishment of whea."t
!ia  also   a  matter  of  military   record
, that manv of the macliinvs  on  these
tann half, over, a pen -of single comb^,^^;      'rri;ds wou1d u ,,ilIdlc(] with j
(test    at'   thc    P>randon    c-xporiincHlP.l
Anconas, owned by. \V, II. Howe of ��� shrax.nel'. and with the  fabric  on   the
Winnipeg,  has jumped  into  the lead  wings flapping in the wind, would be:
ales   under  water.     Nearly -3,000- in-
!candescent tleclric lamps are used on
f^0 j board,-in.addition to electric"fires'and
i cooking apparatus.   Oh the trial trips
with a lotiU of ?'H2 cc^js  for Un- pui-  z\,\c
lets in  26 weeks: ^ - their
Tiie .two pens of white. Wyandottes
whicli, hold .the lend through thc-win-
ler jnoiitiss at'e. in second and third fCrrcd to;
place: G,',F.- Thompson, pf- Minnedo-
sa, is owner of those in second- place/
while"T." Lund, ;of St'oiicwall, has1 thc
third place sp-far with .'his pVtl.���-���;".:-:'���;-'
'r^The record, for--a'-single, bird .is ;lield
by:'a;v;-.hite.. Wyandotte, owned by-MrV
Thoi-TiiVs.Qn."' "".This'.hen;.lias;'.laid .120.
eggs'- since r tht'-contest- ��� began, -.while
lo   rclti'fn   to   lhcir
crc\\s   and   land   sa
.ith 1
the turbines developed   157,000    shaft
j.horscpov.'er, and p'ropellrd the -v.esscl
al n speed of 32 knots.
bf course,' was made, pt^ibie bv
great'stability  of "design ���'.���.-Ire:Xr_.
''ft-1 I
The Horse Doctor
;".':Littlj?.'Irene';rnarchcd.into. thc loom
brcathlefsj.:;.--.';;!'"" < ' -.-;' '...���'; ' '.;'. .    . ','
.';."Q'. mother;'.'., she said,'1 '"dOn't' scold
.trie .for; being, late-for'supper, I'vejiad
suclr-iv disappbiiitrrient... Ay horje "fell
. Progressive Town , ���,
{ Xri-b^i," remarked a guUkman as
he paid a. smallncwsboy for his paper,
"lhat you arc putting up a good niany
new buildings iir your-town.". .
..'"That is'the only "kind wc ;ptit up
here, -. sir,-' ��� replied - the--"little fellow,
with as touch, of .civic, pride.-;���JudgcL'
w*-r���c: u^iU..i��i; u��*..,._������!. ri(&.��m ^d.tlicvshidthey^-ere;&oin'g
t^e brsf^CKkly.rcrort.;ior:a,^ir ^l^'.^d^or^aors^dbctO^o 1-^s.ltr
f :**P?Y^ ?-^^?.n'5;:?W ;ed<and.'wsited;-:'And:;what-^o'':vou
X'.lfijycu:w'Ould be.'paid"-3ccording;'.to"
yoiir.'-qWin'.idea-'of; ">vpf th." ;niakc. yovir-
seli.:nete.ssary;-':' XyXiyX^ XZ-.Z X -;""
think?.'. "-It..;.vasn'i.,'a...horse." doctor, at
alt'"llt'f.wks":just;a man
- ""���������"'���.': ": A^Pelicat^'MaUer-^''-!- ���"-
ry-' about-"that: sligh't-.deafncss,'asit-':is
mHrelyV an-...indic"atibn;'';;6f;;-advancing
years; XX., ZyZX'Z;'XX-iXf':::XX[ XyiX
.,iXi%^T.i'iM^f<.~rZEr'.-rr'^wpuid you'-.rnind
telling/tier ''-yourscifj doctor?"^ "yXXy
^Delights the ^ricie
THE Siiveiplate of William. Rogers
and his Son is popular for its enduring beauty ar.d tne underlying character of its quality.
Wise purchasers-will insist oh comparing
it with other tableware when making
"-"\ '..HlieS'ilifeq'lale ofy Xx i- ���
and lus
.\X   ;(;:'.: ���^Mi^��^G*uw!Wwalsyy������;���,y,'���^���_."���":?
'ii���'.���       -.-.;'��� Nisgaa'FaSi.Oif���'-';";.-..-- "',,.
'.-. i :
i '
���  ., 1'HE    LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.    B.     C.
Zam-Buk, because they have proved
;that It does what ls claimed for it.
Miss E. L. Doxey, graduate nurse,
ol   3220   Michigan  Ave.,   Chicago,
aays:  "I have a patient who sul-
. fercd terribly with piles.   Zam-Buk
���: Is the only remedy that gave her
'; relief.
'.'I have used  Zam-Buk myself
- for tlie same ailment, also for sores
- and burns, and hare the greatest
-' confluence in it."
Use Rammed Earth
In Buildings
'get it sort of framed up before I start.
First off, 1 guess I'd better tell you
something about myself. Then you'll
understand better what comes afterwards."
Mr. Downing nodded.    "That's  al;
ways a good plan," he said.    - s
So, with no preamble of any sort,
Rugglcs proceeded   to    describe    the
services rendered to the company in j'"zed as a building material m house
the past by his father and himself."He
told of his ambition and his hopes of
New Kind of Building Material That
Is Cheap And Durable
Compressed earth is now bcing uti-
Getting the Young"
Farmer interested
Maintaining the Interest of Boys and
Girls in Farm "Work
Dr. J. H. Grisdale, deputy minisler
of   Agriculture    for    thc   .Dominion,
Britain's Assets
And Liabilities
Our Natural Resources
being made the mapagcr of thc Vien
na branch,  his  disappointment,-    and
what it had led to.    Hq spared neith-j ., .   ., , ,   . ,.
er himself nor  others.    Hc  narrated !that of a similar structure of brick.
construction   in   Great   Britain,  a   rc-  speaking at thc Edmonton. Livestock
cent  report says.       The  cost ,or an.show recently, said:
ciitire house is, roughly, one-tenth of
"Another feature of your show well
y of remark, is  thc
feeding competition,
Their Protection and Conservation A
Debt we Owe to Future
The country which would guard its
future must exercise the greatest care
in the utilization of natural resources
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� B\  ���
Copyrighted. Printed by tpecial
arrangement with  Thos. Alien,
^ *
Would not any girl so taken havc
acted as'Ruth had done? sWould not
any girl "have assented to whatever
he might have said and passively en-
���diired his  caresses?    Would not any
thc facts precisely as thcy had occur-      Blocks  of suitable earth,    rammed   ., , ,    . . ���, .    ��� T tl . .      ���     ,, .      ...      conn
,.���,! f j j ,,,,.,-      i the  young  farmer,   whether male  or;cd by, I think, something like  ��200,
��� .       .    .'        .. '-and compressed, supply splendid mat- \c       .     .  ,        .   : .    ..     ,.      t    . ���   ,'nm���m  i      .i     t> ��   i   *.    ,.
Once or  twice during this part pf; erU1 for-Xthe bilildixis of'houses in rut-lfr1"^' UllerCStfcd "l ����e livestock or  000,000  by  the Boer war- what  as
!the farm goes far toward making for | sets, have you to show for this gigan
thc talc Mr. Downing    was    on    the, . .
point of interrupting, but he held his|al     districts,  leaving  thc  bricks  and  1qvc  of  aj^cultm.c  rrd  ro
peace.    His cigar'went out. j mortar for use in towns where, other ',     ,     ,
������      %       ,        ��� ... ...... ��� , ....   encv on the land
Rugglcs then passed lo his service! building materials cannot bc obtained. >
in  the. Balkans with  the  Red  Cross I    Th    estimate for. thc exterior walls
He   described ..briefly  his   defence   of    r       . , , . , . .   ,
------    - ol a six-roomed bungalow which has
Thc Britisii Empire Is An Inalienable
(From a  Speech by Mr. Asquilh  in
the British Housc-of Commons)
"I. remember  that nearly  IS years iprodigality has  too  often  been  mis-
ago,  when'I  was   Chancellor  of the"takcn foi. development.   The fact lhal
Exchequer, I was asked in regard to (capital comes to a country for profit-
worthy of remark, is  thc Boys'  and j what wc call our dead-weight Nation- jable    investment   is   not an unmixed
Girls' feeding competition.      Getting ;al debt, which had then been increas- 'benefit, and may mean that    greedy
eyes arc seeking ncw fields to conquer after home industry has been
developed to a standstill.    The sup-
Hamid Pasha, laying no stress upon
his valor, but as from the start, con- heen  erected,  if built  of  brick,  was
fining himself briefly to the facts and $1,000.      Thcir cost in  earth worked
pcrman-|tic and almost-intolerable burden  of
In th.e last six- or  debt?"   Thc only-answer which, after
eight years; probably no single fcal-!the best investigations and considcr-
urc in connection with agriculture in'ations  I  could give, was  lhat,  apart
both   Canada  and  the  United  Stales  from  what we  had  accumulated  for
leaving the details to the imagination
Mr. Downing was not lacking in imagination. Every promoter of every
big successful enterprise is endowed
with this quality in its soundest senso.
Ruggles told of his convalescence and
ithc last days of Hamid Pasha, when
out at less than $100 and the work
was completed in less thau a month
by  two lijcn. .
The. walls are eighteen inches thick
and seem to bc hardening to the con-
has done more to, popularize farming]defensive and destructive purposes,
than thc largc number of animals thai our only available tangible assets were
havc been owned and fed and cxhib-  the Suez Canal Shares and the Brit-
ply of some resources cannot, of
course, bc maintained for ever, as in
the case of coal, the formation of
which -is beyond human power.- But
our forest resources, our fisheries and
thc fertility of our agricultural areas
must be preserved. That such has
not been done in the past is indicated
iled by our boys and girls at the fall  ish  Empire.    (Laughter and cheers.)  by the fact that the older wheat-grow-
and  spring shows.    This,  I  am sure Are
'of effort I am confident    will    have
satisfactory effects in the way of kecp-
li.i:     nisi    u�� > O    KJl    llllUUU    XliaiKl,     ^llUll        ���    . f fl i    . . ... .
'they sat upon thelerracc of the pal- sistency of a soft.sandslonc. Although
ace reading Swinburne and discussing'thcy  have been  built  for little  more
life immortal       Mr. Downing raised | lhan-six weeks, thcy seem already dry  ���      at least a fair prol,orlion 0f our
,1ns bushy eyebrows   and  the, glances enough-for the house lo be habitable. ifarmc���.  _-__  ._,,   dnuehlcrs  on  our
which he threw at Ruggles were no      ,���. ,- - .... laimcrs   sons  ana  a.iugiucrs  on  om
lrtti ornr    ��-ii rvvotir    /��n rlr\n c T1��n 4     mn mi #i_ X lit.     \\ <ll
I you   will  agree  with   mc,  is  a  most  position today?    Mind you, the Brit-
l desirable state of affairs, and this, line
wc not in very much  thc same i���g districts of thc West must now be
longer merely curious.    Tliat magne
tism which  was the boy's birthright
falls  arc  formed  of ordinary
farms.    Let mc urge upon your asso-
ish  Empire is not a liquid asset.    It
is an inalienable asset (cheers.)
"When I' gave that answer our debt
was something like one-tenrh of what
it is today. What assets havc we
now?   We havc one, I agree, invalu-
loam, tightly rammed between boards.-;.,:_���  .1.    ...-ii  ���rp t,    rvn->n��inn of    i i . .    u    .       -t   j ��� i    r.
,'.,.,(,.. iciatio.i  tne sua greater expansion or  able, not to be described in words. By
and had its  source  in  absolute lion- ; which arc bolted 18 inches apart, until    our cfforts ;��� this direction and let  '      '
esty of thought and  word and de"d,|lh    earth wan is sufficiently hard to '    C'*"
making it  impossible  for him  to be!
aught than purely natural, found its
full effect upon a man who owed thc
whole of his success to a keen and
correct estimate of men and motives.
Rugglcs was quite unconscious of this
divine gift. Had he been conscious of
it he would not havc possessed it long.
But others were conscious of it.   Cu
s of that indebtedness  wc have
.      ,   ,   .   ��� enuy nara to mc congratulale you upon what you Eaved  lhe Iortunc= and liberties    of
permit ot  their    removal.      Another. iiavP -llrcidv done   nnd  thp nrnirrcci-  i / .        \
.     , i.i       ,'ll;uc ancuij   aonc, ana  tne piogics- humanity (cheers)���a vast moral as-
coursc is then erected-on top, and so,s;vc  spjrit displayed by your adding
sheep and swine  to thc  classes  this
on until the wall has reached thc full
height desired. A thin exterior layer
of cement improves the outside appearance, although this is not essential.
girl  have welcomed   in her dread of I joiners had felt it; Pembroke had feit|    Wooden blocks reinserted in the
solution, the grasp ot- it;  Mr.  Falconer had  telt it;  Hamid       ,,        .       ..  -   .
approaching, diss
strong arms and the comforting, assurance that shc was not to slip alone
into thc chill depths below?
: Ruggles grew bot with shame at the
recollection of his wild words and actions. It seemed to him that hc had
played the iWt of a coward rather lhan a hero, and that to attempt
to profit by it now would be the performance of a cad. No, it could not
be done. His emotions of the liigJw
before had been the result "of shook
tind fatigue and the reaction from.past
danger. If ever hc were to have Ruth
be must win her. fairly byfaithfulrtcss
nnd industry, aird not through a scries
pi blind accidents. Evenjiow it was
possible that shc might remember
enough' of what had occurred to be
dreading thc .fulfilment of her faltered pledge.
"Shc needn't worry," muttered Rug
She Thought Dress
used for mixed farming, some of our
fisheries have declined greatly in value
and good lumber has increased enormously in pricc.
The protection of these resources
assumes a consideration of the future,
too distant to permit of the problem
bcing handled in thc ordinary political field. Thc connection between ordinary government departments and
the demands of the public is too close
to allow them lo handle the problem.
It is for this reason that conservation can bc best carried on by a body
such as thc Commission of Conserv-
The Beauty
of The Lily-
can be yours. Its
wonderfully pure,
soft, pearly white appearance, free from all
blemishes, will be com*'
parable to the perfect
beauty of your skin and.
complexion if you will use(;
Gou raud's
Pasha had frit it; Miss Elliot'had felt walls> where'it will be necessary to,
it; and now Mr. Downing was feeling fix window frames and floors. Interior J
it.   Of all thc people of whom he had walls, dividing, the rooms, arc made;But "Diamond   Dyes"   Turned   Her
from^two-inch breeze slabs, composed Faded, Old Shabby Apparel
of a mixture of ashes    aud    cement,
which' gives strength    and   lightness.
come in intimate contact the two who
had felt it least were Darthca and
Miss Challand; Darthca, because she
was herself too self-centred, and Miss
Challand, bccalisc she was hidc-boun'd
with insular prejudice.
Ruggles then told of the fortune
left him by Hamid Pasha and its entailed responsibilities.' Mr. Downing
relighted his cigar and then let it go
out again. Ruggles _ described how,
after certain difficulties, he had managed to fulfill his sacred obligation,
and get the girls safely betrothed to
estimable husbands-elect. Mr. Downing wondered if he were living ih the
twentieth century. All of this narration was marvelousiy condensed, yet
lacking in  no important detail.    The
set indeed, a splendid tradition and
memory and example' for ourselves
and our posterity. Never let us forget, when   we   arc   considering   not
merely   this   problem   of   the   rise   inlation   in   Canada,   which   was   cstab
prices,  but our future  economic and lished   for  the  purpose.���Thc.  Monc
.'Woilld Look Dyed,financial policy,  that we havc raised tary Times
by ten limes the pecuniary obligations-
that we. have undertaken���it is true
in a righteous cause and for an adequate reason and wilh the highest
possible   motives  ���"without,  at' the
"���   ' Into New
Don't worry about perfect results,
-,    , .      ,        ,    .      ,       ,       i   V.sc "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to;same timc, having anything more to
The bungalow has plenty of cupboard  g.ve a new  rich, fadeless color to any j rcf than wc havc a, . had
fabric, whether it be wool, silk, linen, .       , ,, .,,,
cotton or mixed goods���dresses, blou- ���namely,  the  taxable wealth  of the
,..,,, . ., ...    scs, stockings, skirts, children's coats, great  masses   of   thc  people   of  '.his
struction the bungalow, together with  feathers. draperies, covcrings-cvcry- countrv:
space and a bathroom
Owing to  thc cheapness
of    con-
gles to himself.      "Unless  she gives  story 0f Genesis in Holy Writ might
ine somc reason I'll never remind her
pf it."
Hc made his toilet, drinking his coffee as hc dressed; then went "on deck.
His resolution had rought back dignity   and   self-possession.���'   Scarcely
have been Ruggle's model for comprehensive concentration. It was at this
point that hc gave pause.
"Now the thing that's been sort of
bothering me, Mr. Downing " said he,
"is what I'm" going to do with myself
glancing for an instant at the. others  aftcrwards.    Thesc  ���iris  wn, rU  RCt
of the crrouo. he walked  straight  to  .,��� :���,i ����� ,i,.v r���u  ,7���.t n.��� :���t,��.
six outbuildings and four and one-half
acres of land, can be let at a rental
of $2.50 per week.
Germany Unrepentant*
of the group, he walked straight to
Ruth, whose facc at his approach
glowed with a sudden rosy light.' _ -
'. "Good-morning, Miss Downing,"
said he quietly. "I hope you arc .feeling-all right again;" \
"R.iitb's eyesi which had brightened
at the sight of him, wcrc filled with
a swift .questioning; and then, as they
met .Rugglc's steady gaze, thc light
seemed to fade" from thcm. *She
thanked'him in a low voice and introduced him to her father, who took
miarried off this fall, and then my job's
over, so far as they're concerned.
Now I. don't care anything about this
sort of a life. Believe me, sir, some
men arc. madc to work and some to
play, ' and- I guess I'm onc of thc
working .kind. I liked to work for
the company "until it did me dirt, and
I lost my head and madc a fool of
myscK. Bill, you see, I'd sort of.outgrown that job. ��� I knew that I was
fit for something better. But' let hie
tell you, sir, I've b,ccn -homesick for
Rugglc's hand in his strong grip'and, the company ever since. I left it.   And
in a few simple words, free-from sen
timcnlality, he. thanked him.for the
service; 'tliai he had rendered to his
daughter; then he made way for his
son.- The Downing's had run ..over .to
Boulogne in "their car .immediately on
receiving- MonsHir Pelleu's telephone
message the night, before. ��� Biit. on
going aboard the yacht and. learning
that the two castaways-were asleep,
they had returned to the pavilion hotel. ' . .".-���_
As it was nearly time for-the arrival of- thc Folkestone boat; on which
the-Pelleus expected their guests, the
. party made their- adieus with many
expressions of. thanks and were set
ashore at the quay, where the two
cars were awaiting them.' 'On 'th��
way ashore, Mr. Downing told Ruggles that be had been greatly interested in"his"singular" fortunes"'"and"his
guardianship of the Misses Ben Aii
Hamid, .and "even: chaffed him mildly
on thc sudden elopement, of Roxani.
which incident-had, of., course,, found
its way into .the press. ; Ruggles tiirn-
. cd.rather cold and^wondcrcd what Mr.
Downing .would .say if hc should ever
learn  of the-terrible facts  connected
. with the affair, and the. narrow escape
of his beloved daughter from mutilation and death. -_ - ' -' ', .. .
To change the subject .he began to
-talk about the company.'- Rugglc's-had
'also' a deeper motive in this, topic,-' and
-decided  to   take ..this   opportunity  of
.;making-a' proposition- which "he hail
been   seriously  considering-for some
time."'" With   this :obje'et  in . view, ��� hc
>aid to Mr. .Downing,- as tlicy stepped
; put.'on-the quay:.,-..'     '- . ��� -_���
, "I wonderif A-oii-d mind'riding":back
' ���"with" me .in"'my"car,- sir? . "I'm a sfock-
.��� bolder in the company now; and there
" arc.'some  things   I'd; like .to .talk'-to
you about." ���    ���.--"'""'  .   '���    "...,;   'y
Mr. Downing looked rather surpris-
���icd, but rcadilyas'si'iitcd,,  Xvhereupon
.Ruggles  asked  Dick .Downirfg-'if-he
would-kindly take Miss Challand back
'.with hini.'  The niaUcr being thus ar^
.; ranged,.the party was'divided, and before-getting into lhe limousine, after
Mr. "Downing, Rugglcs .said "to.. his
chauffer: ������-;   -''---��� ---,;,-'��� *r
I've got somc big ideas foril���" And
Ruggles proceeded to ' elaborate,
though in scant" words, his imperial
policy for the company���the.sun never ,to set on the-walkeasy shoe.. Downing listened and'his eyes gleamed. He
.was himself a builder. .',_���'-
"The way I'm fixed now" said Rugglcs, "the company don't need'to run
any risk in giving me'what T want.
I won't-ask any salary until I've"-made
good. I li old a,big block of .our stock'
���-tlic "our" slipped out unconsciously
and Mr. Downing;'iioled it and .smiled
on-cither ' side of his dead ".cigar���
"and if need.be I've got "a couple of
million dollars to back, my theories.
Why, Mr. "Downing, if this thing is
handled right,, with the. right" men in
thc right place, wc".could shoe, the
whole world." _ - , _ ..;_-'" ....:.
"":Mr~"p"6wnirig;; relighted his cigar
for. thc third or. fofirth timc.
"I suppose," ..said he,; "your first
step would be to fire the maswigers of
the Paris and Vienna shops."
.""Why?" Rugglcs demanded. --."I
don't sec any good in that. .'Durand
has made.good:in Paris, and thcy'tell
'me- that Lorenz is-beginning, to make
good in Vienna. He's getting ..all the
high-class, retail trade'.' -: I. went - to
work tdMm.d but, and I understand he
is doing first-rate." ���  "   ; ���-.-'.-  ...', ....- ���'.-
"But .thcy handed -you-, the,; double"
cross," said Mr.-Downing,, to ;tlic ragged end .of his-cigar'."' -v '.'-; X . .,'.;-'"
"What earthly ".difference-, doc's that'
rrftke?-""Rugglcs"'demanded - hcatcdiy.
"Sor-long iis thcy can'sell the goods;-
"lhcy'.rc;-thciiien.for.the jobs".'.-'   .    - ' ,.:
"How aboul-lhe 'Eurocpan general
manager?" asked 'Mr.-vD,owu"ing. ���:
- ."Why, he's' all right,:T."guess."-Rugglcs .answered. -".Where I made iny.
mistake was. iii ."hot-going to' sec. him
myself, like "Uo.reii'z'. did....'!." took too'
much for.granted.;'"J was mad clean
through' affile time .but;I .saw.it differently "-' afterwards. '���'-._ He, only., did
what" he 'thought was for' the -best- interest .of the company;"."'. '"������ ���.'���'':
;-'-���'���     -.J. (-To be".continued) ?.- .   ���,. -
Bishop Cannon, After-Visit, Says Thc
Peace TreatyJJhould b e
t , Enforced
Ih a long letter to the London
Times, Bishop James Cannon, junior,
���states that during the last month hc
has. visited Germany and other continental countries, and has arrived at
the following conclusions:
- First, Germany has sinned. Second
the world suffers. Germany's sin has
brought, great .'suffering. Third, Germany is unrepentant.. .. Fourth, Germany .-must"; pay.' Fifth, the peace
treaty should be rigidly enforced. '-A
repentant Germany is greatly to be
desired, but if not a repentant Ger-r
many a submissive, obedient, dc-
Prussianized- Germany . is""ncccssary
for the peace of;the world,   . ' ���-.'
The Direction Book with each package tells how to diamond dye over
any color.
To match any materia], have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye'.' Color Card.
Wonders of Wireless
Much New Building-
That Alberta will invest $15,000,000
in buildings in the course of thc next
nine months is the estimate of A. R.
Whittmore, of Winnipeg, ��� whose especial business it is to keep track of
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs,���Your MINARD'S LINIMENT is our remedy for sore throat
colds and all ordinary ailments.
It never fails to relieve promptly.
Port Mulgravc.
Canada: Pulp Supplies
Kingston,  ���   Ont.
Part of the Arts course
may be covered by
Mining, Chemical, Civil,
Mechanical   and   Electrical
July aud August       December to April
ALICE KING; Acting Reulatrar
Tiie Soul of a. Piano is
the Action     Insist upon
Dead Reckoning
lift off Corns!
Doesn't hurt a bit and Freezpna.
costs only a.few cents.
But Mars Declines to Talk to This
Thc message from. Mars, for which
Dr. Frederick Ii. Millencr, notctbsci-
entist in wireless, searched inter-stellar space from his giant receiving
plant near Omaha, Nebraska, did not
materialize. If there. were such a
message ''passing through the ether
for the-fifty millions, of miles, which
separates, the. earth.and-.Mars.it. did
not come sufficiently" close. to the
earth to be picked up bv the great receiving, station which Dr. Millener has
cstablishcd'.on-the.banks of the Platte
River.   ,,   -        ...      - ;    -
For nine hours DiYiliHencr and his
assistant, L, -H." .Gainor, searched
space, for the signals which Mars is
thought to be sending "earthward.
The first.-half df the night thc wircr
actual building and building prospects British Interests Securine Pulp Wo0d
in Western Canada day by day. He
predicts that the new building for all
Canada will run close to $300,000,000
or 63 percent more than 1919. Two
hundred houses will bc moved from
the remote areas, of Calgary to thc inside section. Permits to move the
first ten have been issued to Charles
Best Medicine He
Has Ever Taken
He   Recommends   Everybody   Who
'   Has Shaking, or Pain in the: Heart
To.Use .Dodd's Dyspepsia Tablets
and Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Birmingham,   Sask.,'   May   10th. .'���
-With'vour fingers!'. You can-lift-off       .   , . . .
any "hard corn; soft corn, or .corn be- a.U ".sounds h.ad.ceased.,  lie .^vasitV the.
tween - lhe'"tocs;- aiid .' the' hard.skin'-.infinite.    Back and  forth -h.*s.'apjj;.f;
calluses tVoiii bottom of feet.;" ''-.,- ^'"'.auis flashed, -Ins "range length receiver!
��� A  tmy'bottle  of-'.Frcezone .costs i " -      '
little at any drug store; apply a "few"
drops" .upon . the "���' corn, o r - .callus... In-,
stahtly -it" stops-hurting,. then ��� shortly
you - lift that-'".bothersome"'.corn- or.
callus-rjght'.off,'root and'all,' without
one bit-of pain "or soreness." Truly!
No hunibugl.- ���,"',.'   , ������';.; .-'
less instruments were badly interfered '^SP,e?,ial>-^"DcHU!'s K!d��e>" Pills and.
-.,,   ,.      L ..   -   ,;,, ,   ;,    ... ,.       -'.DaddV. Dyspepsia   laolcts   are-the
with by .static., Ihrough.the delicate. bcst metucinCs'- my son has cver tak.
receiving, instruments came-thc crack11 en." ��� ~
ing.of lightning and other, electric
.sounds-'to such an extent-that no'sig-
nals anywhere' could be' received.-
The receiver was.gradually tuned"to
its full length .of wave'. , Starting -at
a short wave, its -capacity was gradually'increased.' .'As its radius'- was.extended the "world's wireless ' business
was -picked up. .
' ~First""a school station iii "Kansas was
talking. Next Hawaii was picked up,
sending to San Francisco; - Then .Berlin was.heard callmg thc city- of Mcx-j-
ico.. Agam. a:s"ta'tion--oii the. coast of
Venezuela sent a.mcssage to" Madrid,-
then Vjalpraiso talked witlu'London.',-','
"Through'"aiid past, all' these'.zones,
Dr; - Millencr tuned his rcccjver. until
\Fuei for Prairies
-arc- in l
Evolve Sioneless Prune
-���   ���������-    .. -,' y .
"Drive, slowly,  Hen ri..
.no-hurry."-      y    . '    I 	
���.He was.ratlier silent as-the big cart
glided through the city and started, to J New. Prun�� is. Remarkable
.climb .the long .liilh . Mr. .Do^yning.
leaned ba,ck,in his scat,'lighted a cig-
-,ar, and waited- for Ruggles io begin.
���But-it Avas" riot until they wcrc'on the
open road that Ruggles crime out of
his .apparent abstraction';'   He looked j .      ,  .     ,
at. his companion- and smiled.   - .    --  Ks*,nG. to-note u.c advoit ��i a pr.i
"' "I've  got ..such  a   lot  i6  say.*-'  hciticularly  lu5ciou=  species   rc
Briquettes to b? Maile.'From.'Saskat-
"." "Z -.��� ��� '������'''chewan.'Lignite"; ��� ���" - ���.V'...
/-.The 'contract foiVMhe'.buildings: of.
the'lignite utilization'-board at llieii-
fait,-Sask., lias bccii let to Smith Brothers and''Wilson; Regina. at .$200,000.-
Work will.begin at^oiice.'   This ^jant
ruhhing the'ghiuut-from. 16,000 to 300,^.
000, and'm'orc:'.- But. not .a .;sonnd came
ovci' .the .waves..after'the" earth', .zone
\yaspasl... "' --'.,"'       ' ���--..'."-���'."_-��� ���
The Scientists, kept-Ihis" up until
daylight.'. \ Then ".Dr. .Mii.lcncr. ;is.sucd
the follov/ing bulletin:' '.-.-.-iy _"���.'���-.
... "The. early' part'- of.' the,"cvching: wv
were troubled with".heavy, static,1-so.
tliat" it-: was '"iinpossililc to liear anything except station-,in..South'America; Europe-". and ' the United-- States.
During-the latter hours of the ilight,
This' is the-.statement of Mr. Jot
hannes Reinson, a well-known resident here." "Whcii -he started.-to" take
them," Air. Reinson/continues, "there,
was not. much .hope of hini, "Soon
after starting to take thc Do.dd's Medicines he began "to improve in health
and-now he is well." -', ' . ' ,-;
" lie advises, ."everybody who has
shaking'"or'pain' in ���the'-'heaft- to use
Dodd's Kidney'Pills and-D'odd's .Dyspepsia Tablets.'-'." ----- -.' - -':--- ---; -
:'fhe Dodd's .Medicines act on : the
two, essentials-to good."health.-; The
Tablets,.help .to digest, the food and
produce ^good .blood.> The -Pills..?.ct
on the kidneys",- healing.aiid'streugth-
ening them, thus,-ensuring that."the.
blood is .kept .free.;from impurities.
For "the. work of healthy J.kidnej's is
to' - strain all- impurities out - of- -the
blo.od.''.     ���'.,-".'.'���"''���-."./   ".',-��� ..' -���   ���"!���
"Ask your- neighbors'if DddcFs Kid-,
ncy. Pills-elo uo.t heal-and strengthen
'the-kidneys.,-v  !:-..'X.    '-'���-'.   --'-
Limits Here
G. R. Hall Caine, son of Hall Caine
thc novelist, was recently in Ottawa.
In thc course of an interview Mr.
Caine said that he was negotiating
for the purchase of .pulp wood limits
and pulp, thc -company he represents
bcing prepared to spend $40,000,000
in thc enterprise. Mr. Caine, who is
.himself a director of several English
paper mill companies, and a pulp'and
power company, in. Canada, is..representing seven of the largest ^newspaper
publishers in England whose object
in securing pulp wood limits is to insure for tlicir paper a continuous- supply .of "newsprint; - Negotiations" arc
under way for .the purchase, of 1,000
square .miles,��� of limits.' Incidentally
JNIiV Caine expressed-the opinion; that
there would be-a great influx of English capital to" Canada in-the next few
years; The eyes-of English-.business
men were turning toward Canada at
the present moment as never before.'
Is'An   Abreviation    of   the   Words
"Deduced Latitude"
What is the origin of the nautical
term "dead reckoning." Perhaps the
general impression is that the prefix^
"dead" "is so common in technical
terms related to the ship and its rigging that it is merely the mariner's
way of expressing himself. Therc are
"de'ad-cyes," -"dead- lights," "dead-
wood," "dead-door," "dead-flat," and
a,-host of others, and all savor more
of the ozone than of termological necessity. But there is a peculiar interest in thc origin of "dead reckoning" which has always been regarded
as onc of the most puzzling terms to
trace. The old-fashioned mcthod^of
keeping the ship's log, before the admiralty- supplied specially printed*
books, was tb use. small, .loose sheets
bf paper, ruled into, several columns.
Thc latitude column being too narrow, to admit the words "deduced l?.t-
itudc" in full at the head, the words
were abbreviated to "Ded. Lai."
"Ded." easily became corrupted into
"dead," and hence the singular phrase
for.describing thc mariner's "deduced"
position on the high'seas.���Christian
Science Monitor.   '
-Cactus  is sccii  in perfection
when supplied with water.
-'.. . Mb"dei> Town Planning ".""' '.-'.
",'A ."mo.dci tci.wr. "planning"byl��\v':'suit-'
able fb'r--tlie-use of'cities is being'p're-
parcd- in- eo:iformiiy .with, the'prbyis-/
ions of the. towii -planning for- distri-.
bution to: the-/cities..' of-...Saskatchewan
Model bylaws of a similar native "suit-,
able for use in .the towns and ..villages,
.wijl-.alsoi>e prepared and distributed
later;-- 'Thcac.t calls-'.for.'cither] the. adoption, of a towi.i;plaiiiiing schchic^or
bylaw by June 30. of 'tins'. year,-by :V.H
municipalities .in'/ Saskatchewan,  .the.
.    ' , -Talking to Mars
' A -new phase" of the problem ' of
communicating with Mars=is suggest--
ed by a French scientist, who says:-
- "Human" folly is so vast, so formidable, so universal, that it seems difficult-to admit "that the Martians are
not mprc advanced thaif W^cspccially
if, as.- is probable. Mars is older b}'
i several million of years than is the
earth. "  ���-���;.   ���-     -".   '-.- '.'. ,- ��� :
"For my part,'it seems-.to" me that
if the citizens of Mar.s wanted to send-
sigrials tIo.us, -thcy tried it*-long- ago,
perhaps ri" hundred thousand years or
more .ago,. and .that \ they\ may..very-
well '.have.given it up on becoming
convinced -that . they, were -wasting
.their lime- and -that wc were"incapable
of. responding."-   -.,,   .-.    .-'": "_���>     '-'.'. '
when   ihc. 'wireless .wits* stretched': tQ j object being" to'give-the councils, con-
Ut.ter Lack of A Stone
Since, thc Ostensibly    despised   .hut
privately     relished  prune has gained i
llie dignity of high pricc, it h inter
is for-the,pu'rpos.e.oi -producing a
For -its ''li!cttc' from-lo\v- grade lignite,, which
its. fullest, extent .to hear 'intcr-pl'anc-
lary.jco:ii:'iiu:iica'tu>!'��� we..heard- no tilling that could be construed :as sr pjes-
���Isaqc.-from Mars."/"     ,     --_,--��� ,  .-
lrpl- of all fiifuvc development's
tiicir'auf-'a.^.  ' '"���.      '-''. .
���in'China" it is t.he.custoni for'vessels to be launched sideways,, also for
horses. to.be mounted1 from ,the Offside..' - :v-'-_  ...-;.      :.    ""- ... ��� ;, -,.'. -.";
.. Blessings o'f pbvc.rty.-niay. look .good
to the. millionaire..  '  ."' ,'." &".
Miss Flora Boyko
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Her Pimples
"ky face Was very Itchy at first,
and after that it was covered with
pimples th*t"-diangured_ it
badly. . The pimplea were
hard and 'red and they were
email, and they were scat*.
tered all over my fece and
, JC were8oitchy*thadtoscratch
"���* end I could not sleep.
."These bothered ine nearly a year
before I used Cuticura Soap andOint-
mentand when I.had used five cakes
of Cuticura Soap and five boxes of
Cuticura Ointment I was healed."
(Signed) . Miss" Flora M. Boyko,
Gardenton, Man., Dec. 25,191S.   .
Having obtained a clear healthy
akin by the use of Cuticura, keep it
dear by using the Soap for all toilet
purpose3, assisted. by touches-of
Ointment as seeded. Donotfcdltu
Include tbe exquisitely scented Cuti-
cuia Talcum in your toilet preparations. . Splendid after bathing.
- For free munot* neb ef Cotlcers $t*<3, Obit.
mrat usd Taloan addn�� no>t-����Rt: "Cminro.
Sett, A, ����t��a, V. ���. A."  Sold mtrvbm, ���
- I-
thc board has already-announced.-will
iciual Feuusylvania aiithracile in heating properties, and can be placed on
-Preserve Farm .Property   -
.... No" matter how substantial a building is, She elements .will, damage il ii
.    -      . say,-
explained naively, "that I'm trying to
aarkabh' \
f k iivsoeiism i,urc %.
A Dyspepsia Cure |
D. adviieas **Per��en�� who %
��     ��� -    | M.
gv sufifei1 firaia severe insiigeetioa ^g
���) and coattipttion can e��r�� them. ^
S; selvee.; by.taking-. f if teea to .{��
*  thirty 3rbps of Extract of Root*
rits utter "lack-of-a "stone. In place, i AusU-a!ia ji��Sy Hkve to Import Wheat I tiali'y collapse,- silos decay, p^ns :iu
bf the usual adamantine. core, ii a
tender,- unprotected seed, ��� with the'
look and flavor of an almond kernel,
making the whole fruit deliriously edible, according to a story appearing
in. Popular Mechanics Magazine for
Ma>v-:. The development, of. this^ curious and valuable food product' by'"a
noted horticulturist :..ha's- .naturally".c.x^-
lh.c .market ai a lov.cr price, tiian thc-&iv<-''*' ���' chance". Unless the sun'So'i \\ I
^domestic coals of Alberta-. Thc plant jpfoiccied by .-.< surface coating", waar j
|i-  t-i }:r- iiL.o'p'frAtion. this" fall., jand the rlcmoisU.will "v.-otk ii\yay at it,
{constantly. ."Jjafus   weaken   and   p:.r-j
High Price For Farm Land
One hundred dollars per acre was
paid for 640 acres, of land w.cst bf-No-
blcford, Alb��rta, in a high state of
ciiitivaticin but not otherwise .improved. "This- is. one of thc highest prices
paid for a block of noii-irrii-sMf..'! land
iii this tfvCioi'. " *
*?  thirty drops ot extract or Koot* (Cy. ..-.   ,= ,-:���"���--; ���',:   -r, ;---������ i."  t
��)  ". ���-.-. ���-:.-���   ���-.'.-,   y.- -,:.-���    ,,'S'* ���'tendcu-. ovtr a-.considerable ncnod- ot
f*  after each mead and at aedtiEie. -<g  .'  ' ' -."���'. ���'-'���
������*.".''iT.:--__^j-.s��fc^.-����.i.''M��fW -���'";!r'(';lr-?=- . .��������� y.��� -"���:.,""./'-���������/"-"���.     :y ���
The��� 2\orih,-'S.ca- taktv'.'.ihe.drainage
to ���;- Tfeia remedy ��Itnown as Melher. ��)'
���!    C.ln.Vr rVtMcKT-i. (mill ?ri"tUm, ��?lntff - C*
*' trade.'
" <*"
. Get Use genome.   SOc,
iXi'i>4$ijOOBoltie*.XX ,y:XX'Xy,,tgX
i'-'Xx-. ������ :-��� "-'���'���"'-!- ^'^'"';;"C^:lbcsidc^'that" of-half  bi. thc>-Biiiish
?.%-��������?����'S^&?��?a��A4vss��v.jJT^: -���-. ..-���:--'��� v-Ti��������� X-X;���;-:���'-������-;-���'���������;-."?-.; xy
Ov.ing to the bad season, there is'coops-go  to  pieces and" arc split  u;
ffear that Australia may have to im-!for firewood --all of which happen
port, wheat in 1921, says a despatch'.to j-IonS 1)eiorc, the- buiwing'sUime.-
tlic London Times from Sydney, N.S.
W..    The wheat board, recently asked
Great. Britain  io .forego  tlic balance
owing, her, but 'she
of 1,500,000., ton
refused.' .' --.- yXXX ZZiZX . ; -,'."'.'" ZX-".
'���Jt-^is- still |hc>pcd.-.says ihe''despatch,
tliat;;'G-reaX-.Britain���;will.-deffer' requiring -'the- Shipment'of- this" wheat- "until-
the-^visible1 -eiipp.iy. in;-Atis'traJja'"!? &X-.
surcd.-   -. v-r--,������"-���:��� ' '-���.������. yZ-'' '.'"������.'���-'"���,'���: =
There arc millions invested in farm
buildings;in. ib.is-country. :.There, arc
also-"inany ni ill idi��s' of dollars v.-c-th
of farm /machinery." y Both, property
i -   I.iariy Ncw Companies
I I >il:-::','i'thc r.idutii of March, V9 ncw
coiupanits were incorporated in .-B.C
Four were nshcry companies; 7 agri-
cuHurai; 9 mining and 22- lumbering.
The .remainder were composed of oil
exploration,- brokers, importers ahd
retail'.business "estnbllshihcnt?.
and ���';;imi>lcmcnt?-..c'ah...bc TndefinJtcJj
tl}"c'"lcss'-\whicli.',oth.'cri!vjse'- occur;
Not Aspirin at AH without the ^Bayef, Cross**,
onserycd.;by- paint.'and' vaTnish at-aT;
ost anioun-ting" .to'-; only,, a.'frgctidn -"pf 1 -
b.evondi 40,"-.
rr Congq?.f,q;r,c.gi.o iii.es
:th'.Ais", bcisig' ""the- age 'Xi.i
vvhich,Mils .felJoy.--inen..'d'r��,c.tiy;;cr.
d:r'ectly'..'causc,-.hj,?';:d���ath,--'_;' y_x.; -
Resls. &>fr��sfc��5, Setika,
fStilir��� Keep your Eyes
Strong and Healthy. Ii
:they Tire/ Smart, Itch, or
Bum," if Sore. Irritated,
- ��� - - ~. - ���. -. Inflaaied or Granulated, i;
useMurine ofteru Safe for Infant or Adult j
At all Druggifcti in Canada. Write for Free J
Etc Book, SarftseC*��?��y. CiJ��5fl.��. S. fc
.V. .The .;name '/���'Bayer''' fidentlSe* tha
':bnly";-"geiniine- Aspirin���the'  Aspirin
prescribes by phyBiciasBS for overnine-
- teen year3 aiid now made In Canada.
-.' Always buy- an uatroken. package
; 'pt -"Bayer, Tablets of Aspirin* VHcii
contains proper drrectlats; for ColSiy
Headache. TootHaehe, Earache, Neuralgia, Liirabaipk Rfeeumatism, Kenri-
tb, Joint.Pains, and Pain geisersEy.
Tin boxes of 12 tablet* cost' Ira*
a few cental larger ""Bayer^jpackagea.
-,-,. ��� ������'thxs'o U ouJy oiao Aspixla���"Bsye^���To*fflmst *��y fl��*y��x���,,
... Aspirin I�� tha trids mark f ��jr!a**red In Caaad*) ot Bayer Haaaf��etwe.��f M*o��- ,
jiceUeieldMter ot SaHc3rIlcecld.-Tfh.U9 it Is -wsll kao*na th��t Axpiiia mttxt* Bs.y*.'   ���
ra.��.ouftctore. to ae^sl'tha pob'Jc ogalsit fjnSt��tlon��, th-t Tablets of B*y* G9XS*VKg '
Is ��2.50 a year strictly in advance,  or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have -passed.   To Great Britain aud the
United States fa., always in advance.
Editor and Financier-!
Comments on B. C.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal ancl Oil Notices     7 00
."jjj.tray Notices 3.00
y.vds of Thanks     1.00
;;urtificale of Improvement  12.50
v,Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal "advirttsing,. i2.cents a
o   line first insertion, aud 8 cents a Hue for
each   subsequent   insertion,    nonpariel
Eusiness locals i2;<c.  a line each insertion.
The blue cross' means that
your subscription is due, and
t'-.atthe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Spirit Land Music
No serious-minded person ever
investigated the possibility of communicating with those who we call
"dead" and remained skeptical.
The keenest intellects of the world
������scientists, sages, literary geniuses
������have investigated the question
and become convinced. It is no
ionger a theory, but an established
I have had wonderful experiences. My mother, who is on the
other side, has communicated with
me many times in my home, and
I have heard beautiful music and
singing. I have not only had
these experiences, but the proof
has been so overwhelming and emphatic that it is impossible to
If the world could eliminate
church inanity and accept and
practice true Christianity, what a
beautiful material  life we would
-have upon this plane, of existence.'
The many churches, with their
conflicting beliefs, confuse the
average mind, and few ever, get far.
spiritually, because .religion . ie
made   more   material   instead, of
Many .orthodox people ridicule
spiritualism,-but accept..-the work
of- ancient 'spiritualists.'-: Jesus and
the disciples all preached ; it, and
the . disciples were .."converted
through the '"phenomena-.,of, ..the"
::.j8diumship- of>.Jesus.:;_.-,-Th'e laws
of nature have not changed in two
.thousand years,  yet many  accept
"the spiritual- phenomena of . two
thousand years.'agq, and; condemn
.the phenomena of today.- .   , -    . ..
;';.(!We: .know" that. . so-called
'/{death" is a rebirth fromr low.!-t.o
: higher form of existence. We also
kDow: that mind controls, matter
and that tbe 'body of man  is.not
.. thiB real life, but > an instrument
through, which. the spirit or soiil
/manifests^".-. We .also know- that
earth life.jhas.much to do.in de.vel
oping our spirit body for low or
high- state' of. future existence.
Then why should man dispute and
condemn the highest development
of. spirituality?^���Dr; Minnie K.
.Smith. '       .
Knew His Place
���' '   : Sister'Brown was called,upon for
.'.testimony in   a   revival  meeting.
'   She   humbly    declined    in   these
"." . words:
"I have been a transgressor and
a black sheep for a  good many
years and  I   have  only recently
seen the light. I believe my place is
in a dark corner behind the door."
'Brother Jones  was   next called
upon.    Following Sister  Brown's
meek example, he said: ���    ;.....'
"I, too, have been a -sinnerXfpr.
'X    more than forty, years,.and T do
���-".''..'��� not think I ought to' stand,,before
-.'-;' ,yoa as a model.;: I.think my;place
XX  isjbehind the-door,; in a dark: cor-
.V,.n,er,'.witli Sister;Brown."'^-'^XyX-x
'. -yXy After 'oth era, had failed .the: pjq-
^:.hibitioniste invented;!it^-theonon-,
X. -x refiliable bt^^yyViXxXZ^'XyZx
Indicative of the impression
croated in various parts of the
country in respect of the manner
in which the public accounts of
this province for the last fiscal
year were presented to the Legislature by the Minister of Finance,
the following excerpts from editorial comment will be read by
British Columbians with particular
The Edmonton Journal: "The
example given by British Columbia
should have a beneficial effect elsewhere."
Canadiano Municipal Journal:
"As a model in efficiency and compilation the report is worth following, not only by other Provinces,
but by the Municipalities."
The Toronto Globe: The Government of British Columbia has
set a good example to other Governments by the full, clear, and
complete manner in which it has
published its public accounts for
the last fiscal year."
The Monetary Times: "The accounts for the year have been prepared so that the cost of each unit
of gervice may be known and compared from year to year. The cost
of each department, and of each
sub-division of the Depbrtment is
shown, including, salaries, maintenance of buildings, and all miscellaneous expenses."
The Financial Post: "The first
annual statement of public accounts
of any Canadian Government���
Federal or Provincial���to be issued
with revenue and expenditures of
each Department of the Government segregated under one heading, and with corresponding tables
showing actual and estimated
revenue and'expenditures in each
item side by side was tabled in the
British Columbia Legislature last
week. This business-like form of
presenting the Public Accounts is
the culmination of a . series of important improvements in Government, auditing.that have characterized,the accounts and estiraates.of
the coast Province during the past
two or three years."/
It is reported that the price of
furs.has declined from 20 to 25 per
cent, below .-the price of a few
months, ago. ' This makes it. hard
on the trappers in the north who
still: have to pay- high prices for
supplies..' ���"Xy ��� -XiXZ ""' ';.'���   X i.Xi'    '
'. W.. E. Stanaway, Prop '.:
Day and Night Phone No/22:
Your Daily News
|�� The Nelson Daily News
desires to be YOUR
Daily Papear.
(fl It is published in your
district of Kootenay-
$[ Its full leased wire
service of ' up-to-the-
minute foreign and
Canadian news is the
News you want, and
want while it is fresh.
$([ Its Kootenay-Boundary
department contains the
worthwhile news of
your own home town.
News of what you and
your neighbors are doing, your needs, your
aspirations, your successes.
tj[ You'll find it worth
while to read it.
By    mail   6O0   a    month;
95.00 a year
4* 4* ���fc *fr 4�� ���$��� ���$��� ���$��� ���$* ���$��� ���$��� ��� ��5��
The  Ledge has  always  room
for one more ad.
Sealed tenders will be received by the Minister of Lands not later than noon on the 20th
day of May, 1920 for the purchase of License
X1451, to cut 720,000 feet of Fir and Tamarac
and 26,000 Tamarac Ties on an area situated
near Myers Creek, Similkameen District.
Three (3) year will be allowed ior removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that Samuel Fretz, whose
address is Eholt, B. C, will apply for a licence
to take and use 1000 gallons of water out oi
Eholt creek, which Hows westerly and drains
into Boundary Creek about two1'miles east of
The water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 700 feet East of the South-West
corner of said Lot 1052 aud will be used for
domestic purpose upon the farm described as
Lot 1052.
This notice was posted on the ground on
the 4th day of May, 1020.,
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed in the oflice of the Water Recorder at
Nelson, B.C". '     - -' ' ���      -
Objections to, the application may be filed
with the said' Water Recorder "or with ihe
Comptroller-of Water . Rights, "Parliament
Buildings,- Victoria, B. C, within flftv days
after the first .appearance" of this notice iu a
local newspaper. . -    .
The dale of the first publication of this notice
is May 6,1920. '       '
. -Applicant.
la the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview: and .situate East ot
and adjoining Lot 1028;
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
intend to aoply for permission to purchase the
folio wing-described laud:-
Commeucing- at  a post  planted  at  the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 40
"chains; thence East.40 chains; thence South 20
chains; Ikeiice West 20 chains; tlience South
20' chains;  thence West- 20 chains to the point
of commencement,-.and. containing 120   acres,
more or less.... . .   . t- -
Dated at Mid way ;.B.C��� April 24th,' 1920.
-.'���. :" CHARLES GRASER.
-���Economy and Satisfaction
combing with Promptness
are the features which go to
make tip the Service we give
our customers. Are yoii
one of theiri?
Letterheads, Noteheads,       H
.  . (Ruled or Plain)     .'"���...' ^3
Envelopes, Billheads, ��1
.   -    ' (All Sizes), .,; .     ..    rs
Statements, Business Cards, 3
Posters, Dodgers,! Etc4 Etc. g
��2 ix .GREENWOOD, xx x ^Job^nptiiirD^rttnent l;|2
jh C LOAT is not a periodic-
r   "al.    It is a book con
* R. T. Lowery t
������     GREENWOOD, B. O.     ����.
4�� .   ���    ���     +
*f ���$ >$��� ���$"$������$��� *$"8�� ���$*���$�� 4"$* 4
taining 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically de
picts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 50 cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
Culatneen Botel
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms aud (asty meals.
Nicely iu'rnished rooms, by thej
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
616 Vernon St.. Nelson .
Brick building aud finely furnished rooms
JOHN' BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
y Physician and Surgeon     .
-;..   ;- ���  - Announces
- That he-has located at Greenwood
/ Office . .-   Guess Block.
. Residence   -   Dr. MacLean'sHouse
Oflice Phone 90.-   ' Residence Phone 69
"'dentist,'. ,
AH Work* Guaranteed
P;0. BOX 148, TELEPHONE 92
Morrisori'Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C;
(Expert Optician)
K. Wi C Block ."���-''��� - '    -    ; Nelson
Agents .for..Chevrolet,. Dodge, Hudson;
Chalmers, Cadillac cars; "and . Republic
truck motors'. .   -.'' Garage iri connection..
." - 'jyF^Tisnrx-i;Xiixi.
All ' the . latest   methods. in   high-class
Dentistry--     ''-     ".;.. v
LOO BUILDING ���'     ;'
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER. V   -   -   B.C.
Dealer in. Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, ..Farin and
Fruit Lands For Sale^ List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer In
0rdef3 Proinjptly Filled
FROHrSTi^ -iiELSbN^>>6x::865
Synopsis o?.
Land Ael Amendments
Mlnlmum*prlC8 of flrat-olaes land
reduced to ?5 an acre; second-class to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records wiU be granted covertaff only
land suitable for agricultural purposes ���
*nd which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ; p
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than S years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record, same will operate as for-
Jelture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least S years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. A
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding io
J��res, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resl-
d��ntlal and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by ��?.lstIn8' r��ads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. ,-' ,     ���
> ACT.
�����3hS ""W^ of th,�� f 91 '��� enlarged to
lnolude all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirB or devisees
Sr \ ��oea��ed pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive.
. No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable T>y soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
ii. I-1*: on ����ooant of payments, feel
or taxes pn soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
V^VS My lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
director indlreot, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920. ^
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purohasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and tuei. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original par-
S��l. purdiM} price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, J.M9.
Graxlng Aot. 1919, for systematic
. development of livestock Industry provides for graslng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management " Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, Up
to ten head. .. ���  .
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper," Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
0 "I
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
      ' ���   '. '.'����� '
Make Your Telephone Service More Effective
Anyone will acknowledge that promptness in answering the
telephone is a courtesy shown the caller, promptness can be made
more effective when you announce whois speaking, with perhaps
the name of the firm. Not: only is4t. courtesy to the caller, but it
helps your own business-:il shows y<bu are responsive, appreciative.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts jn the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace^; livery  AM; "Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
'���'; E.' W.: WIDDOWSON, AssayeiSand
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, :"B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each.; Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
f 7.00. ...Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
forother metals; etc.,.on application.
Shamrock Brands _;..,.
* HAM,   BACON and "LARD
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
* P, Burns & Co,   Ltd.,   Nelson, B, C
i ��� - /--������- ������-*���-"���' .-
��K<4>4><^��'g*^4<*^^>4��4*4t4* i��4'4"l"4"i*4,4"l*4,++X
Cbe Bttme Botel
ReI$ont BX.
The only up^o^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone In
'i-i_yy_._X_Xy^.:.x _; eachVooin./    __; ,.;_.;.'._.",���:....
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop     :
X  .-' ..' Steam Heated; Electric Lighted..--.-
RATES S1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
-,    Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.        -.
���^���fr ^K.��f�� ^f����f*��f�� ��ff ���^���fr'*ff:��f��5*f�� ffr,*f��.,f,'.--��f����f**f* ���/���fr �������� ?f*,f����f,x
The Mineral
of Western
X'Xi'iiX XX       Z... -Tp-:END^OFv0EeEMBER/.1917 .; i'i
; ; Has prodneed Minisralai valued as ;folipvrs:   Placer Gold, .$75,116,103; Lode.
Gold,:5Q017,974;SJrver, 843,G23,761; L^^
Ofcher  Metals (Zinc,   Iron,  etc.); '810,933,466;  Coal and "Coke, Vsi74,3i3,658;.  ;  ,��� :.
Building Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,  $27,902,381; making ita Mineral Prodns- ';
tion to the end of 1917 show: an, -    . ; - X ZXy
Aggregate VaM of $595,571,107
for Year Ending December, 1917* $37;01O��392
The Mining Laws of this .Province are more liberal, and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers, for nominal fees.
_ Absolut��  Titles are'obtained   by developing snch properties, the security ..   ..;,
of which iegnaranteed by. Crown Grants..' ":" ��� .'.-���._.-,  -,y:XXx-"yy,yyXXZy Xyy X;-y.XfXXX'XZ
JFali information, together with, mining .Bepo.r���s^and:Maps,, may be.6btain���^;i; ,i::',   :
^ratis^byJaddressihgT-^;'"iy'\.y'XX ',:-XyX'XXxZ 'XXyX-X XXX '-'":-'";? X.yX'<'.iXyXx'X'Z Xi''<��� vy i


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