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The Ledge Mar 11, 1920

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r \i   iT ti   f Ji
".   j 1920
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 35
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
.   and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
We carry a large line of
J. G., McMynn, Midway
Around' Home I
|    Lead and Zinc Market
^mmmmmmmm?wmmmmm?wrommmmmm wm
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
all   kinds   of   Nuts
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Independent Meat  Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Laco Tungsten, Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$L25 each,
60 Watts   -   *   -   $1,25 each
100    �����      /   -    -    2.00 ������-
*���   /   ��*
3,50 ������
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER&  Co^ 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wea^s and Millinery
We  Always'Show  The   Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms."   Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
. A�� st 30tb November, 1919
Paid-up Capital
Reserve Fund
Loans       -.   -
Deposits   -
Total Assets   -
PAID-UP CAPITAL M'{X.X��Xy$15,000,000
RESERVE FUND - Wy ���-'"t-.-.';XZ&5.000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH^li E. Brawders. Manager.
P. O. Box'll02
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle,  Etc.
.    421 Baker ,Street
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
The Ledge has always  room
for one more ad.
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at
Goodeve Drug Store
Speak Gently
Speak gently; it is better far
To rule by love than fear;
Speak gently; let no harsh word mar
The good we may do here.
Speak gently to the little child;
Its love is sure to gain;
Teach it in accents soft and mild;
It may not long remain.
Speak gently to the young, for they
Will have enough to bear;
Pass through this life as best they may,
'Tis full of anxiouf care,
Speak gently to the aged one,    ;
-Grieve not the careworn heart,
Whose sands of life are"nearly run: ������..;
-Let such in peace .depart.".
Speak gently tb the erring; know"-;
. They mnst have toiled in vain; ���
Perchince nnkindhess made, tbera so;
Oh, win them back again!   .,,   -,,..,..   ..
Speak gently;Jtis aiittle thing :! ;."' '��� ..;
,   Dropped in the heart's deep well;: -'..
The good, the joy; that it may bring, = .,
Eternity shall tell..,.    v.; ;
'X-XXyy Xy 'XX y.i y- 'X-David Bates.
Send a Float to your, friends at
once.-/.. You . can get ;,them "at
The Ledge ofiKsXyZXXX- \ XyX
John McArthur weat to Trail
this week.
Fresh Cream Cheese at Rendell's Store.
W: Francis left for Trail on
Friday last.
Mrs. J. H. Goodeve has. "re
turned from Baker, Oregon.
D. R.< McElmon, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B.   C.
Mrs. Walter Murray returned
to her home in Trail  this  week.
Hugh McGillvray of Beaverdell, spent the week-end in the
W. Elson returned on Saturday from a business trip to Vancouver.
Geo. Boug and Chas. Hatnar-
stadt left on Monday for Lightning Peak.
Recently two Cascade motorists
drove to the head of Christina
lake oh the ice.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Maloney haye
home from visiting in Spokane
for several months.
Mrs. E. F. Smith and daughter
have gone to Trail, where they
will reside in future.
Miss Ruby Smith, of Grand
Forks, .was visiting in the city
during the week-end.
After spending the winter in
Tacoma, Chas. Gauvreau returned to town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Crane and
son, of Beaverdell, were in town
on Saturday and Sunday.
, A post office will be opened at
Christina.Lake oa April 1st. G.
C...Brown wiil Jje'.in charge.
Albert Kier is [employed on a
steamer plying between Tacoma,
Seattle and other Pacific ports.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swanson,
of Copper Mountain, are visiting friends iu Greenwood this
W. H. Bryan has recovered
from his recent operation, and is
once more at work iu Lee &
Bryan store.
The skating season is over.
All persons having skates at the
rink should remove them before
Saturday evening.
See the samples of the latest in
wall papers before you renovate
your house this spring. Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug_Stp_r_e._ _
Dr. J. M. Burnett, of Vancouver, was in town for a few days
making arrangements to open an
office here. He will return in
about ten days.
Fresh vegetables are very
scarce and dear, but you can get
the best of canned tomatoes, corn,
peas ^and beans at reasonable
prices at Rendell's store.
H. R. Bidder is recovering from
a severe attack of rheumatism,
which necessitated him giving
up a position in the Tacoma
smelter and returning home.
We are unloading today another
car of Royal. Household flour,
wheat, shorts, oats, cracked corn
and chick food.   G. A. Rendell.
Geo, Swayne, caretaker of the
local Federal building, had a
paralytic stroke on Monday
night, the right side being affected. Up to the time of going to
press, Mr. Swayne's condition
has not changed.
The people living on the North
Fork of theKettle river are. protesting against the application
of tiie: Kettle; Valley ! rail way to
the _ Dominion parliament for a
further extention. of . time . in
which to build its branch to
Franklin camp.,
John Mowat of Victoria is a
visitor in Greenwood the -guest
of his brother;. A. ,N. Mowat.
Mr. Mowat-li'as mining ^interests
on Vancouver .Island .and has
been much impressed with the
possibilities~.of mining .in- and
around Greenwood*, r.       :."..*
Stating .that there is undoubtedly a market for zinc and lead in
the United Kingdom." and tbat
Great Britain imported last year
lead alone valued afe 835,000,000.
J. Henry, secretary of the Canadian mission in London, has written
to the Canadian Trade commission
at Ottawa, in farther answer to
the representations made on the
subject of imperial preference on
Canadian metals, by fehe Associated
Boards of Trade of Eastern British
Columbia, says the  Nelson News.
Secretary Henry's letter, which
has been forwarded to F. A.
Starkey of the Associated Boards,
is as follows:
"There is undoubtedly a market
for zinc and lead in the unifeed
kingdom, and 217,610 tons of lead
of a^tot'al value of over ^7,000,000
sterling were imported during fehe
year ending December 31, 1918.
The zinc imports are nofe so large,
yefe they amounted during fehe
same period to 94,226 tons of a
total of over ,��4,000,000 sterling.
���'The only question is whether it
is possible for British Columbie to
send lead and zinc to this market
and European markets afe competitive prices.
"In this connection I may explain that Mr. Warren of the Consolidated Mining & Smelting company of Canada, visited this
country last autumn, with a view
to seeing whether the .products in
question are- salable here. Mr.
Warren returned to Canada some
months ago, and we have not yet
I Western Float I
been favored with his "view "on'the
subject. I would suggest that ife
would be cf advantage to' get into
communication with him, as he
devoted a great deal of time and
care looking into the situation.
"I should perhaps'add that in
fehe case of zinc the British government has entered an agreement
with the Australian government by
which the available surplus of zinc
in Australia for the next 10 years
has to be placed at the disposal of
fehis country. I pointed out the
fact to Mr. Warren, and he was
endeavoring to find out how far
this would affect the supply of zinc
from ofehar parts of the empire.	
"I am endeavoring feo get some
information as to the demand for
lead and zinc in other European
markets. You sre, of coarse,
aware thafe in the past Germany
has been a considerable producer
of zinc."
The Creston Eeview was recently
destroyed by fire.
Penfeicton received a carload of
fln exterminator lasfe week.
Quesnel may be a landing place
for U. 8. airplanes en route to
According to fehe weather man,
IaBfc month was the driest February
Victoria has had in 45 years.
It is the boast of th9 dairymen
in Holland that in their country
there is a cow to every inhabitant.
A passenger airplane service will
be established between Calgary and
fehe Peace River district; this summer.
The Kettle Valley railway may
build a line between Penticton and
the ��� soldier settlement area at
Afe a fur sale in New York lasfe
week, the be3fc lynk brought $60,
while $5101; was paid for the best
The Royal Canadian Mounted
Police Recured sixteen convictions
for illicit stills during five weeks
at Lethbridge.
A~ large number of weekly newspapers in B. C. have increased
their subscription rates. Others
willjfollow in line.
Aboufe seven million feet of logs
have jbeen cut on fehe main and
north fork of Kettle river for the
saw mill afe Billings.  "
Grant Chase and George Wilson
have returned to Christina from
their trap line with four marten
and a blue^lyux of unusual beauty.""
The new Canadian one-cent coin,
which is to" be issued "shortly, will
be smaller than the one now in
nse, and aboufe fehe size of the
American cent. -
Mining News
The Sally, Beaverdell," recently'
shipped 33 tons of ore to' the
smelter at Trail.
- X\
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting company received 6004
tons of ore in the last eight days of
The Trail smelter received 19
tons of ore from the Republic afe
Slocan City, during the latter part
of February.
The Keystone drill is now operating on the old Ward lease, prospecting some of the ground mined
by former operators on fehe lease.���
Quesnel Observer.
��� i**
* >A
A carload of ore was shipped
from the Providence mine, Greenwood, on Wednesday to the Trail
Rmelter. Thi3 mine has been shipping on an average two carloads a'
month, and this output is likely to
be increased. ��� '"' ' *
Size Counts
Brown or creamy eggs command the higheBt price in gome
cities. In some other cities pure
white eggs are in greatest demand.
Those who prefer eggs with
creamy shells often say such eggs
look richer. Those who prefer the
white say -the whiteness^ indicate
freehnees and purity.
Thafe, of course, is not true.
The flavor of an egg is influenced
by what the hen is fed and, sometimes by fehe breed. Bat fehe
quality of an egg is not reflected in
the hue of the shell...
Grocers tell the story of a canny
housekeeper who bought eg;gs more
intelligently. . She insisted on
picking out her own dozen eggs.
She said she wished only tho eggs
of black hens. -X.
"How can you tell the color of
the ben by the appearance of the
egg? she was asked. %/.'It's-.easy,"
she said. "Black hensy lay the
largest eggBl'V- -V y ' X'X.[;"'/,'./"' -
Ledge ads briag resnlts.;-
The La Rose, one of the finest.
showings in the Alice Arm Bection,
was recently bonded to Vancouver
and San Francisco associates. A
shipment of ore from the La Rose .
to the Trail smelter gave a return
of 283 oz. silver per ton for 23 tons.
The   Silver   Mountain    Mining   '
company   operating    on   the   old
Daisy   mine,   five   miles   east   of
Daisy, Wash., is having machinery
hauled to fehe property to put in a
concentrator with a capacity of 50
tons daily.      Several good   leads
have been  uncovered recently in*_L
the Daisy mine and  the property  [
is,now looking, fine.     About 25
years ago   considerable   ore' -wast. :\
shipped from it. ���
chase of one of fehe C. P. R. boats
plying on Okanagan lake, for service on Shuswap lake. The boafe
is presumably the York.
The British Columbia government is asking the Dominion to
return feo the province the lands
within the Railway Balfe along fehe
C. P. R. and Peace River block.
A craving for fehe revelations of
the ouija board, which prompted
them to neglect food and sleep was
the cause of three women and a
girl in a California cifey to be sent
to the asylum by the courfe.
J. A. Nesbifefc. of Penticton, is
planning to visit his old home in
Quebec city, aiming' to arrive~on
May 5, which will be exactly 50
years to a day from the time he
left to seek his fortunes in the
Seventy thousand' acres of land
in British Columbia has been
opened for veterans, and a much
greater area has been cruised.
Aboufe 375 vefeerans are employed
in clearing operations on these
Eli Provost, better known as
Frank Provost, died in the Silver-
ton hospital on March 4. Frank
was an old-timer in tbe Slocan and
made Slocan City his headquarters
for many years. He was 80 years
of age.
Major Jas. Fitzherrigan. superintendent of fehe R. C. M. P., Vancouver, died at 'Honlnlu, on 4th of
March. He suffered a breakdown
in Vancouver a few months ago
and went south in search of health
bnt did not improve. He spent 13
years in the Yukon in the hectic
days of the mining boom..
Though the Canadian census
will not be taken until Jane, 1921,
preparations will soon begin, as it
is ���; a huge, ?ipw. task to. organize
and appoint commissioners and
enumerators, in every senatorial
district. In 1911 there were 9703
enumeraters. The appointment
this time will be made by the civil
service commission and the patronage bf She members of parliament
will b@ eliminated.
ready taken oufe a carload.    The
Ro8ebery-Snrprise    Mining    company,  owners  of the Bosun,  are
actively operating the deeper work-'
ings of this  well-known property.
The Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. has broken ground
for a large concentrating mill at
Trail and has considered the installation of another at Kimberley.
The Trail mill will dress the Rossland ores, which it is rumored will
be delivered through a tunnel five
miles long to be_ driven _into_fehe_.
Rossland properties from a point
convenient to Trail. The cost of
these improvements will run into
several million dollars by estimate.
An international mining convention is feo be held in' Nelson
during the week of June 7 to 12.
It starts of with the full endorsement of the raining men who attended the recent convention in'
Spokane. A suggestion was made
thafe the convention ehould rotate
between Spokane, Seattle and Vancouver, bufe this was met.by fehe
retort tbat the mining men would
support those who supported them,
and as Vancouver had sent only
one delegate to Spokane and Nelson and the Kootenays had mustered 50, the convention should go
to Nelson. The convention will
sit for three days and a trip will be
made through the Slocan district,
starting in at Slocan and coming
ont afe Kaslo.'
Natural Deductions
"Can any of yon tell me whafe
the ruler of Russia was called?"
asked the teacher.  =
'?The czar, "roared theI'class.-*
';.  "And what was the'czar's wife
known as?   Only, two voices answered this time:. . .-
"The czarina." '..'-._���
"Ah said the teacher . eying his
flock fondly. .J.'Tbafe is very good.
"Now,-who will 'tell me what,the
czar's children.were galled?" ,
"Qsardines!" yelled one little
boy.��� Ladies Home Journal.
According to word from the.;
Slocah, Bruce'Part, who "recently :
secured a lease ona portion.of the.,.;
upper workings of the Bosun mine
close to Now Denver, has found a ���:
A deal is under way for the pur- body of shipping ore,  and  has al-
^ .-S-4
"- '>*r
Xi^'ivjg&F ?yy?y?yrQ
TJbLLi     UhDGtl      (ilLklhlNWCiCWL     A.     <��~>
up m$
on w
e resis
he attacks
Foothills Stock
* Wintering- Well
Never Wintered  Better Than They
Havc This Year
Horses  in   the  foothills   southwest
^JyU/.U;*.} f*wtr pr��v��J t. I,  10 le  20  timis  Ji�� jMnunf tjktu.
The Business of Farming
The approach of spring, wilh thc
renewal of Nature's activities after thc
long rest of winter, inevitably leads
also to a renewal of man's activities,
especially in the lines of productive
effort. In some countries climatic
conditions permit of year-round agricultural work with a rotation of crops,
and such climates also make possible
the carrying o;i of out-of-door work
Of all kinds. This, however, is not
true of Western, Cauada, where thc
major activities of both Nature and
man arc sharply divided by tlie seasons���a long period of rest and recuperation during thc winter, and a
time of activity during thc late spring,
summer and early fall months far
(surpassing that known in more south-  his  1920 operations  with a
Alberta Secures A
High Class Horse
Magnificent    Clydesdale   Now Being
Imported From Scotland
The completion of the purchase of
of Calgary, Alberta, have never win-Jan   outstanding   Clydesdale    stallion,
tered better than they have this year,
and are in excellent condition, says a
prominent rancher in this district.
Cattle are also in fair condition, but
feed is scarce, ar.d an early spring-
would   bc   welcomed.    Thc   snow   is j
known as Craigie Masterpiece, by the
Alberta government has just been announced.
This horse, which has been selected
by Mr. N. A. Weir, of Chaton? Alberta,    a    member    of    the    Alberta
deep in
the'Clydesdale  Committee, is a  magnifi
cent  specimen  of  the breed.    He  is i
thc   type   that  the'"~minister  of  agri- j
culture had been desirous   ���( securing. I
He weighs upwards of 2,100 pounds,!
ness man, thc average farmer does not about fourteen    inches
keep   books.       He  cannot  tell  from , foothills,    but  farther    back    in   thc
what phase of his farm operations in 'mountains there is considerably morc,
past years he made money, or where jand it is believed that there will be
he lost money.   There arc leaks in his  enough moisture to provide the-floods
business, just as there are in every j that were lacking last ycar. There is !'s rising seven ycars old, and has been j
business, but thc city merchant has aimorc moisture in the ground in the!one ot the real good breeding horses
means of finding them out and stop-j foothills than there has been in thelm Scotland. He has not been exhib-
ping Ihem, while the average farmer | iast tv>.0 yCarSi as ihc intermittent ;ite(l veT often, but was first as a
is provided himself with no means  spells  of warm weather have driven l^03' at t'10 Elgin and Keith show, and
Would you bo rid of that
sickening pain���that snarD
knif e-lllce thrust along tho
sciatic nerve-courso Rt
every movement? Thousands have found lasting:
relief In
_ Rheumatic
Man? doctors prescribe
. them.
Write Templetons, 142
King St. W., Toronto, lor
free sample.
Sold by reliable druggists
everywhere for 31.04.
it deep into the soil.
of locating them.
About  to  start  ou  a  ncw  year  of | 	
activity, the farmer of Western Can- I ~ n ,..     ��   , . .
ada   should   realize   that   thc   day   ofjMOpS  IfrOnChltlS  QUlCKiy
guesswork iu carrying pn farm opcr- ���
ations is ovcr, just as truly as it passed long ago in connection with other
businesses. The farmer must know
what it costs to raise a crop, and hc
must make his buying and selling a
business proposition.   He should start
clear dc-
Without Any Medicine
This Problem Solved When Catarrh-
ozone Was Discovered
erly climes.
A.nd what i.-. true on the farm is
true in the cities and towns of the
West. Iu other provinces and countries industrial activity is maintained
throughout the winter in factories and
shops, but in lhe less industrially organized West hundreds of workmen
who are busily engaged in the summer are largely idle throughout thc
winter. Thc carrying on of building
operations,' road and railway construction, and oui-of-door work of all
kinds is largely at a standstill for five
months  of  the  year.
These arc fixed conditions well
known to everybody, but people arc
frequently inclined lo overlook their
significance in the organization of
thcir business activities, and in dealing with economic-problems confronting them. These conditions havc a
direct bearing on bolh farm and city
labor, ou wage demands by the workers, on ihe purchase and transportation of all kinds of material. If thc
hired farm worker is engaged for only
six or seven months of the year hc:
must, of necessity, earn .'.ufiicicnl to
carry him through his winter months
of idleness, or find other employment
at a time when work is difficult to
secure. The city worker engaged iu
the building trades must earn and lay
,by during the months of building activity-a reserve fund lo support himself and family 'during, th.e- winter
when'he cannot secure-work, or can
only do".so by i'noyiiiy-elsewhere at
err cat  expense ' and   inconvenience   to
.'himself and'family. .
- . So, too, in llie accumulation of supplies of materials of air kinds." These
thing's, so essential to the-doing of-a
.maximum amount of work.during the
(seasonable months,'T can'-only be"as-
ncmblecl during-the winter at-a heavy
cost ,of interest -'-on money - thus - invested, insurance,- storage, and trans-
' portaliou charges-, paid..-out". The "net
result is, of course; that there is frequently "a shortage..of supplies, iu the
months."when tiiey--arc-wanted, ancl an
inevitable increase' in the cost of work
done owing lo delays- in securing requirement?,, and in the expense of
handling rush, orders.-
These.-.are. annually..recurrhig diffi-'
culties against'which tlic people of.the
West .have-- t.o "contend. --.Thcy prpb-
.p.bly affect thc-.cily employer'andemployee mbre'direetly"..lhan thcy'do ".the.,
-fanner; -but thcy'-react upon him- and
.   serve, tb intensify his'problem-of how
',. to.'-in'c"re_isc production:of; foodstuffs,���-
.\for -which, the'whole world is' crying,���-
and yet .-.do. so  at- a: "cost-which, will-
���'-' yield hinv a -fair .margin pt'_-profit:'ou
" his labor and; outlay,- ahd, not result in.
���, .'actual loss;     .-'-   "Vv'.".'-'""'"  .-;''.--""'"'-'.
'���;;���-., .Western ���.. Canada'"farmers  v'are' al-
;'.'ready "preparing,'for.,active .farm.op-
'V -crations'.' " A- demand for farm-help "is
-..reported- by the -Governrn'ent employ-'
-".;-.m'cnt'.'i offices    throughout   'tlic A\""csl..
-Most' farmers-' are. anxious.",,f0 crop
."' every "possible/acre   bf -land." -'J.'hcy
,;. "want-to.-incrca.sc-". "������production..'. '.But
---'iriany of" thcm: are in a quandary, Thcy
; . are fearftil'whether tlic costs of labor,
j..-machineryI  farm "iiec:essarie_s1 .of.   '-all;
:'"- kinds,; will-iKH.Jmore "than cat-up. any",
..profits tha't_may.accruc to thcm from
-'enlarged, operations .in- the   work  of
"food production.  "��� "'"-,".
���'A dilucully.-with. which' nioJ-l jar'm-'
V er3' find -.themselves, confronted  is  a
.' lack of data upon, which' to arrive at"
- an}" conclusion.   Unlike thc city busi-
Thousands Have Been Cured
termination to find out exactly where'    You arc nothing but a plain, simple
his  business  stands,  if  for  no  other !')0ob }? .*na*r, a  day  longer     from
4,       .i.i        -ii ,t      i     ,        i Bronchitis.    Its real easy to cure ���
reason than t!_at_ hc will thereby Iiavcjthis ,ias bccn provcd lim\ and .lRain.
something to guide him a ycar hence. I     Relief comes   at   once   when    you
Wise legislation may assist prosper- : breathe in thc soothing vapor of Ca-
itv, but it is not possible lo legislate | tarrhozone.    Once its healing,    piney
prosperity, and the farmer should, so  essences   strike   the   bronchial   tubes.
���   , , ...       .       , .       you  realize that a    powerful    treat-
tar as is humanly possible, place linu- , meilt js al worlc.
self in a position to know and size up | Irritation can't live in thc throat of
his market, just as the merchant :a person inhaling Catarrhozone. It is
knows what his goods cost him and  so  soothing   so  warming,  so  full  of
ti.���  ~.-:,.    ,(      t- i   i <v     1  .    : concentrated healing   power that you
the  price at  which hc  can  afiord  to  ���,.* re<.,,it
in 1918 was reserved for thc $500 pre
mium in the Glasgow Stallion show,
which places him well at the top. He
has also held the following premiums: Dundee and Carsc of Gowrie,
1917; North Ayrshire, 1918, Durham,
Thc sum paid for the animal is
��2,500, which at the present rate of
exchange is equal to about $9,825.
Arrangements are .being made for
transporting thc horse to Alberta immediately.
Templeton's RAZ-MAH Capsules are guaranteed to relieve
ASTHMA. Don't suffer another day.
Write Templetons. 142 King St.
W., Toronto, for free sample.
Be!table druggists sell them at
$1.04 a bos.
Buy at Home
Productive   Energy of  an Increased
Population Will Soon Regulate Exchange Situation
Winnipeg has started on a "Buy at
Home" campaign in earnest, and its
example should bc generally followed
Western Canada Is
Expecting New Settlers
Large Exodus ts Coming From the
Other Side of The
��� An unprecetidented number of farmers from the United States are intending to settle in Western Canada during the present year. One of the
chief factors that is responsible for
the large exodus from the other side'
of thc line is the present exchange
rate. It may not be generally known
that," American farmers, by availing
themselves of the present rate of ex-
change, can save at least the first
twelve months' expenses on their land.
This has been the primary factor in
inducing many of these settlers to
make up their minds right away,
hence thc prospective record business.
One man in Montana a short time
ago,, in order to be sure of reaping
thc benefit of thc exchange rate, forwarded $6,000 to a friend here for investment in Canadian bonds.
.get r<
at once.
sell   thcm.    If   the.  farmers  of  Wcs-!    Catarrliozone strengthens the vrcak
tern Canada could produce facts and-throat, stops llie cough, removes that
figures of their business, as Eastern
manufacturers and other business men
can, hc would bc in a position to' influence thc enactment of much of thc
media! legislation lie now demands,
but which al present he can only support  by vcry general  statements.    "
Comforting     relief     from     pain
makes     Sloan's     the
World's Liniment
This famous reliever of rheumatic
aches, soreness, stiffness, painful
sprains, neuralgic pains, and most
other external twinges that humanity
suffers from, enjoys its great sales because il practically never fails" . to
bring speedy, comforting relief.
- "Always ready for use, it takes little
to penetrate without rubbing.and produce" rcstihs. Clean, "refreshing. - -At
all.drug stores, ,35c,70c,"$3.40. Made
in "Canada. ������.'-.-
xh ..'I^iitimcttt- ���::.-���
Keep ii handy  "*.
Briquette Plant
Being Installed
Haig Addresses Veterans
Lord   Haig,   presiding   at   a   grand | throughout thecntirc-country
council meeting of  Comrades  of  the  on'v wav
Great War, said, that when men came
home they were divided into various
organizations     because     they     were
bribed away by certain promises from
this  and  that    political  party.      He
therefore said to them to have nothing   to  do   w.ith   any  political   party.
(Loud cheers.)    Hc also said: "If wc
| put our case, rightly, wc shall have all
the right-thinking people of the empire behind us."
To Have Good Color and Health the
Blood Must Be Kept Red
And Pure
Many women who had good color
and bright eyes in tlicir girlhood grow
pale and colorless and lose much of
Thej thcir charm when they beco.-vic wives
to    beat    the adverse ex-land mothers.    Why is it?  -When the
change is to act on thc principles en-|fadin* col-or, ��' ^V1*"*? ��"? }fs'is
... . .        '        ..    accompanied by a  loss.or  brightness
undated by    the    organizers of thiS|;n  the eyes an(l an incrcasi���? heavi-
movement, buying   of   Canadian   and-ness  in  the  step  and" a  tendency  to
British goods, greater thrift and pro- j tire easily, thc cause is to be sought
ductiori at home. Hamilton should foi-I'".V10 statc of the b,00.d-.,   t    ,    ���.
.    .        , . , .   .        Many causes may contribute to the
low.  suit   in   taking  up   the  patriotic  coll(iition of the blood known as anae-
hacking irritating    necessity to clear
the throat, makes  even  the    chronic
sufferer   realize   that   at  last   he   has
discovered a rcal cure.    For coughs,
colds,  catarrh, and winter  ills, noth-      ���** ....
ing in the family could be better than      ^�� W01""" cver ,dohze5 a mal1 un'
the   complete   dollar   outfit.        Small  'ess   shc  is   self-deceived   mto  think-
size   50s;^ trial   size   25c.   all   dealers,; ing him a much better man than hc
or Thc   Catarrhozone   Co.,   Kingston, i rcpllv is
Ont, *  '
Canadian Fish Catch
Herring Landed in B.C. Show a Big
Due mainly ;.-> i!;c yreally increased catch of lulling in British Columbia during January, the total value of
sea fish at -the point of landing shows
a great advance ovcr the month of
January, 1919.- Figures issued bj* the
department of naval service show
that the total value of sea fish landed
in Canada during-J'anuary of the pres-
nct  ycar .was  $962,840
She Feels She Owes
Her Life to Them
slogan. "Productive energy of an
increased population will soon regulate our exchange situation," says E.
P. Winslow, superintendent of the
Bank of Montreal. "There is work
in Canada for the well-to-do, as well
as those who must work for a living." It is thc duty of all to cease
purchasing    goods of United    Stales
mia. Care of the home, overwork,
lack of outdoor exercise, insufficient
rest and sleep, improper diet; arc a
few of them. Thc important thing is
to restore the blood, to build it up so
that thc color will return to the cheeks
and lips, brightness to the eyes, and
lightness to thc step. To do this,
nothing can equal Dr. Williams Pink
Pills. They begin at once to increase
the  red  corpusles  in  thc blood,  ancl
origin,    especially . luxuries.     As for j this  new  blood  carries  strength  and
necessaries,  preference  should  in  a!l I health to .every part of the body.   The
'appetite improves, digestion becomes
perfect, and energy'.and ambition return. ^Proof is given in the statement
cases bc given to articles of domes
tic, or at any rate empire, produc
tion.    "Cut out    thc    luxuries    from'of Mrs.'Alex.
Archambo,    Cornwall,
Ormsby lady who suffered from Diabetes for five years tells of the
benefit she received from Dcdd's
Kidney Pills.
. Ormsby, Ont., March 8.���(Special.1)
~-"I feel 1 owe my life to Dodd's
Kidney Pills." This strong statement
comes from the tips-of Miss Gertrude
In January, | Eagle, a wcllTknown;and highly res-
1919 it was. $608,256. Fishing opera- 'pected.-resident of.'tK-is place.' >And.
tions on the Atlantic coast were great- \ Miss, .Eagle, gives her reasons ' for
'���    ".  ,     .tii I,   ���     ii       | i speaking out tn  terms that none can
ly interrupted by.unusually -cold and _ fai, tQ ubndcrsland.
stormy-weather during; January, and.- ��i have been suffering from Dia-
ccrtain catches.'were not'as good-as betes for five years," she statcs. "I
during, the same"month a year ago. -lried' thc^ doctors, but they could do
There was a falling off iu the catches n<?.^ JJ1 "��J��r, s"e.-.,    "'   ���f -n   'tv V i
. ,    ,.    .    ,   .          ,         ,,-���  .       -; .A  friend told'mc-of Dodd s  Kid-
of haddock, hake" and     pollock,  and ney Trills and of their great value.   .I
also of scallops.  -. ;                      -     . tried onc boxand they helped.inc.    I
the United Statcs," savs George Mun- i Pnt,-\ who says:���"Two years ago my
. .  , "  i    .       c     .,    i health began to fail.    I was suffering
ro,  western  superintendent     of    thc , from hca&cheSf paills in the back an��
Merchants Bank; "work a little hard-i sides, and a constant tired out feeler and save a little more." Sir John ing. I had used a lot of medicine,
Willisoir declares that Canada's fu-!bllt instead of it helping me I seemed
l���� prosperity    depends on ''mutual  J^Jj ^^^^iJ^
Pills, ancl while I- felt disheartened
at iny experience with other medicines, I decided to do so. "-To my great
joy I soon, found the pills were helping me, and their continued use for
a ' time fully restored, my health. I
feel that I would be ungrateful, if
I did not. give.-my experience with Dr.
good will and greater production.'
Giving Up Valued Post
Thc London Daily Telegraph, in an
editorial about Sir Auckland Gcddes'
appointment to Washington, pays Iri-
l<miMMxMoim% xx
l"'or Sale by all-Dealers 7
Douglas & Company, Napanee. On;
bute.-to  the distinction  of  his  public \*?.\\l. ����V give niy experience wun^r
.      . ,   , .        ,.      . ,   ! Williams Pink Pills, m thc hope that
service  and  refers  to  his  relinquish-; ;t   may  point   thc  way  to  health  to
Herring were'in-great abundance in
the Nanaimo; Alberni. and Clayoquot
districts of British Columbia', and.the
total calch limounled-to 360,600 cwts.
Fresh ��� Step' in  the ' Development.' of >B���st 75,200.'cwts..'for January, 1919,
'    "   About  llic, same'quantity-of  halibut
Lignite. Fields,in. Saskatchewan
. Considerable progress is now being
made with the.instalment of the plant,
for the: making "of briquettes at Bienfait, near Estevau. Tenders are now
bcing called by the -Dominion government for^ the erection of the; ncw
buildings'at- Hudson* Bay Mine.    *
: The'erect ion. of the', plant .will be
proceeded, with as ..early as possible
in ."the "spring; for-the lignile"utilizalion
board.': It', is the. intention:". of.. the
board, to have, lignite .briquettes' .on
the', market-by August' ;The" plant' will
c'ostiir the. neighborhood of- $400,01)0:
. The construction', oj' the. plant at
Hudson .Bay.'-Mine .is the. first' step
in the development ..of the; - lignite
fields of "Saskatchewan, -which, "it"is
stated.,. will' ��� give"; win ter c'niployjmcnt
to hundreds-of people in the" province;'.
Smelting Company ..Plans
.-The-, "Consolidated .'' Mining" ." ,'and-
Stnelfing, company- is nnikihg .rapid
strides toward hew-construction'..and
improvements,'"(vhich: will .not only mr
crease, .the.' capacity of-thc  big plant
at Trn
. British . Columbia," in.',.many
ways",  but  will  add another industry
to   tllc   list.   yPrcscnt" plans   call-for
was landed as during January, 1919.
havenow taken three boxes and. thcy
havc done mc so much good I fcel'-X
owe-m'y'life to them." '��� ;
��� Diabetes, is onc of" thc "most advanced and dangerous" forms."of Kidney trouble." -A remedy that'wiH relieve Diabetes will act much more
quickly on ..minor kidney ills.' Ask
your neighbor if. Dodd's Kidney Pills
arc not the-sovereign remedy "for-all
forms of kidney trouble.-   "
..Let ."Danderine" check nasty
'X"X;,".scurf and stop hair"   " >
..""���.."-   tailing,out'.'./
British Sewing Machines and Type-
-    -    , writers ; ';
-One of the ."British" manufacturing
developments delayed by the war was
the production of a hew type of sewing machine. Already,, however, large
ninnhcrs oflhese .Ilritisir-cresigiiccr.anci
British-built.machines arc on the market. A still more 'notable-development
lathe mass production .of typewriting
machines by more' than, one Bntish
firm."-It is expected thal.thc appearance of tliis supply' will-have a~ very
���markcd: effect on' markets -for" thesc-
machincs in' all part's, of the. world.
mcnt  bf thc  principalship  of-McGill
University as giving up", a post y/liich"
is one. of "the  greatest prizes in  thc [
academic  world,   which   his  personal
preference inclined him to make-thej
crown of his career
Marched in Chains Through Streets
Usurers, blackmailers and profiteers
are.being placarded- and marched in
some  other poor sufferer."
'Dr. Williams Pink Pills can be obtained through any medicine dealer,
or may be had by mail, post paid, at
50 cents a box or six boxes for S2.SQ
from-The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockviile, Ont.
British Columbia's
Talc Deposits
Fairly   Extensive   Deposits   of   Talc
Occur on Vancouver
A number of fairly extensive deposits of talc occur on Vancouver Island,-
and on the British Columbia mainland
along the line of' thc Pacific Great
Eastern Railway. Though so far as
can be judged none of these deposits
contain as fine a variety of talc as is
found in thc French and Italian deposits, most of it will serve for many
of the several purposes for which the
mineral is used. ~
In 1918 Canada produced over 18,-
000 tons of talc, the crude product
selling at $3.50 to $5.00 per ton and
the ground product at an average
price of $14 per ton. The crude talc .
was shipped to the United States,
while the ground product was sold
principally in Canada, a small amount
going to Cuba. Practically the whole
output comc from mines and quarries"
in the. vicinity of Madoc, Hastings
County, Ontario, which is the centre
"of the  Canadian talc industry.
Talc is employed extensively as a
filler in the manufacture of paper, and
with the growing wood-pulp industry
in this province there should bc a
growing demand for talc. A largc
quantity of thc luincral is used in the
rubber industry, and the fine-grained
mineral when absolutely free from .
grit is used for face-powder, cosmetics, -and in the malting of certain
soaps. Talc is employed in dressing
skins and leather, for foundry facings,
for sizing and.bleaching cotton cloth,
in the manufacture of paints and wallpapers, for insulating electric. v;ire^
as a base for-the absorption of nitroglycerine in making dynamite, as a
body for medicines . used in tablet
form, as a preventative against chafing of pneumatic tubes in automobile
tires, and for many other purposes.
In fact, it is doubtful whether any
other mineral finds so many applications in.thc arts and industries.
When occurring in ma'ssivc form, talc
is sawn into slabs and is used for sanitary and electric appliances, and for
sinks ancl for the linings of fireplaces .
ahd stoves. The high-grade foreign -y
varieties are used by tailors foi- marking cloth. : .       .
Thc talc production of the world is
placed at about 300,000".tons, most,of
which is poorgradc. Chlorite, quartz, -
dolomite, pyrite, magetite, and^ such
impurities reduce thc value bf the
mineral, quartz bcing particularly un- -
desirable. Forty-seven tons of high-
grade French talc that was imported
into the United Statcs last - year
brought S86 pcr, ton.
The, Largest Spring
.What is  thc largest  spring in the
world?- Florida has. one which must
"Cold in the Head"
is   atl. ocute  attack  of   Nasal   Catarrh.     1'cr-
.,,.,,. ���,. .     sons  who  arc  subject  to  frequent  "colds  in
chains, through the streets and market | "C  near  the head, ot. the   list.     1 his  tlie head" ���will find that the use of HALL'S
i       . -    c   t��   1 ' :" ��� ���.��� - V"     'ie.   r.-tllnri   Wot^nl!-.   c;^r.:��rr ��� TV   lc   (tnn! CATARRH   MEDICINE   will   build   up   the
places, of Bulgarian-cities, according jii  called. V\ akulla bpring.    It. is 4UU | Systecl> cieanse the nlood and.render them
to   advices   received   in   Switzerland, j feet acoss, is 80 feet deep and flows  less^ liable  to  cold*.    Eepeatcd  attack* of
This is-said-to be producing, good.rc-. at. the rate of 120,000 gallons of water
'. To' stop Tallin a hair- ri I once.an'd-" rid.
,-..-:-,.- -   ���-    -'-',-       -   tue scalp of-:cverv-paruclc:oi .daudrutl
improvements  in the copper refinery i-.Ua .sma|i;i,b:ific of '���Danderine'?"'a^
plant cstinjatcd.at ?23p,00P;-.the--;crcc-|;iny"-drug or "toilet counter for a "feu
any drug
tion. of,a rod ,'inill .at -an expenditure.' cents, ..pour
of. $200,000 and ;ihc  erection .of and
cquipni'chl of a. large addition., to-, thc
machine shop",     "'-.".' -,".;"
e SatisfyiM Sweetness
of tke wheat  aiid Barley food
is a matter of economy as
well as delist; these days*
Grape-Nuts pleases without
1^ ^(0hlpnxpt; sugar, as is \
notyihez case^ with most cereals, r
little '.in- your -liaiid" and
riil) it'into the. scalp'..-' Aflcr- several
applications- the-. hair usually"--., stops
coining, out- And. you; can't find any
dandruff. Soon-'every "hair oil -your
scalp shows, new- life,' vigor, bright?
ness, thjekness" aiid niorc color. -'   '.  '\
"X'X- Servants Taxed in;Paris;   _-/:.
-_A.tax'oh servants .and- pianos, has
beeh"determined- upon- to. help- Paris
budget.-: Thus., a-'Household-.employing
oiic-'.doinpstic' will., liave" to. "pay i0
francs-a 'year,".the tax to b.c.'-pr.ogrc's'^
sivcly heavy .-.wher.f. there ,i��-;:i ��� l,'-.rc,e
nunib'crVof ;.sj,!-vant^.' '   .,;-     .; :."--
���'.-The'cost   of; U=a yell ing   i:i-'-!-;r;:nco
will. also..l;c fn civ a <���:.;'.--under, t'.ie iicw iL,;,:rc
law -50 ' pt-r  cr v'i. .-'-The ��� tr:;t:sp'j'rl.-'_ "
goods'will be .increased 85 percent.;
New Dress for Old
With Diamond Dyes
Women Can Put Bright,.Rich Color
'- in Shabby,.Faded Gar-,
Don't: "worry,about perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes;" guaranteed   to
give anew; rich,- fadeless coiorto any
fabric, whether il-be" wool, silk, linen,
cotton   or- .mixed   goods, ���-'dresses,
blouses," .stockings, skirts, '.childrenfs
coats, feathers, draperies, coverings���
evcrything.;""   ";,;"���. " '"
-vTh.e Direction-Book with'.each package, tells how'.- to-diamond'dye "over
any-color. -'"' --���"'--'. .---.,   .'
,   To match ..any inatcrial,; have .dealer
"show- you, ''Diamond Dye" CoioY Card.
cvery minute. "It gives rise to- a river
250 wide at its source- This mammoth springis'situated about 15 miles
from Tallahassee.-       "  -
want   to   sec
some   inii-
Salesman: "Hand mirrors, madam?"
~ "Lady:r"0!i,""h6~'sqmc""y"0" can sec
your face in." ���"
Acute Catarrh may  lead to  Chronic  Catarrh.
internally, and acts through the Blood on
the   Mucous   Surfaces  of  the   System.
All  Druggiats 75c    Testimonials free.
$100.00 for ��� any case of catarrh
cure.     - ���   ���   .. " - ' .-
F.  J.   Cheney  &  Co.,  Toledo,   Ohio.
Beware of Pets
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Attack Female Attire
The"cle"rgy havc started a'campaign
throughout .Brazil.against thc prevailing modes in-feminine attire. The Vicar-general declares there is "an evident excess of nudity in present-day
feminine.garments profoundly dangerous .to  morals." _'"'
.Canada's'"��� Future Discussed
A scries, of experiments has convinced- one of thc^professors-df-Up---
sala University that the danger to the
community-through, the dissemination
of disease germs'by-animal "pets is
serious. -In onc case a whole family
was afilicted with tuberculosis through
a. pet cat. A Professor Petit in France
voices the danger by appealing to
owners of pets -to -take special- precautions with animals whose health,
is not good.' Diphtheria is more cas��
ily circulated by the feline" tribe-than,
any other disease.
For Western Livestock
'Ma'yme.-r>l" have.-. i-c>  "iii::��:y  "<-:,:le:-.s-
pestering'thc life, out of m'c--I, hardly
know-what to'clo-.v/ith themall.   ;-.
-.Graycc.���Why, how Ic'ng have y.ou.
been*a   tvlcphc'uc  operator?"  ���,."���   ". ���'
Canadian Pacific "Will Double Stdckr
Yards at Calgary
.   The     Canadian     Pacific���'_ .Railway,,
which     owns    most . of the." Alberta;
stockyards at Calgary, is planning to.
-very greatly increase thc facilities foi;
handling,"by practically doubling the;;
capacity of the yards, and making of
thcm the most up-to-date stockyards
in Canada^    This, seems to have bcT{
come-absolutely necessary,- for there'
has been a great shortage of facilities
for handling tlie stock.which lias" been
.shipped into' Calgary in ;thc- past year.
. England was divided, into counties
by King Alfred-, but-some of tlic.'coun-
lies bore their jire'rcnt. names a.-cc:!-
.tnrv.carlicr. .  ' -���--"--.'
.   The- Prii'ssiaii'-'go'vcrnmcnt -
bore--in.'searrh-of- -Coal' ::car
Ibursr: to1
?. cepthvoi
leas: "--tye-
are ^surc
toes" or va..:
to turn 'lift.'
-Very Optimistic; as 'to., the,-Future' of.!
.."         , "'the' Dominion.-  -���-"���������;.'��� --;--
His .I''.xi;elieucy the-Dtike of pevohj-
(ioyj'rno"7Gi.:icr.al'��������� of. Canada,-
was.-. present' at thp.-li.tiiciuet', tendered
to "the National'Counci! cif.F.ducation;
i rr.bcdy -ar.'r.in;;."qut ,<>f the-" uit-eiirig- of
j tii-j. Xyinr.ipeg National Conference on
Character. Education,. held' in' Winnipeg last autitnin. The; Duke /said ;he
v. as -.very" optimistic as-to "the future
of- the" Dominion. '.Canada-had '.two.
characteristics - which . had .impressed
him, - One .was" the great;number of
govern merits-.it had," .and the-"other
was -it's, extensive "-'and,"'Voluminous,
press.-' paying-ii com'plirncnt-'to-those
v>-ho !:ad founded ��� th'r. education system of the cWniry.-wmch he'remarked had takt-n 'a" good'deal'of-pluck
'arid cov :���:���.���-���:
Largest Airplane Motors
-. Italian automobile, engineers- have
| built thcworld's'largest airplane motor, a. twelve-cylinder    affair ��� of. 720
horse-power.1.,     ":.\-'-'\ --','-   ",.:-'
"I know a man who always gets
more game- than he" wants .when he
goes  hunting." -'--,-.
"How is that?''. ' ; y - ;,.. '"'
_., "He is generally hunting'.'trouble'."''
Not Aspirin at Alt without the "Bayer Cross"
;::i'.l'that while, "recent.-.
in. iN��r.i'!' Bay. "ivi Ontario, he.had
visited no ie'Vvcr than six schools. The
work of the National Council of Education was: a-'good foundation for tlie
future and every, encouragement
should be given, to' it in -its efforts to
build, up 'true, citizenship.    .-     ,.,'..-"--V.
'-_Yc5r/d'ear;.',a" busybody is ;a.person
who,wastes "'-ylot-,pf,.valuable'., time
pointing put the-diiiiesyof oxher-?..:.
.' .Rhenjnatiair,;-Luiubsgo,' S��iatica, 1
ritis, take;. A��plria marked with
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
W.     N.
"., For CoIm- Pisin, IlaadaeiV; JS'eriral-
{fia,   Tpothnehe,   Larncli��, - and   for
with thfe
' namc -."Bayer" or yon" are not taking;
Aspirin, st all. . '-*'-"" ���'   ���;
���y Accept   only-  "Bayer;   Tablet'*.' of]lets cost but a lew cents.
Aspirin*'., in   'an. uabrdkeit   ''Bayer":/alao sell larger 'Bayerr
- . There is only est AspiHa���"Bayer?*���ftou aroat ��sy "Bsyer"
-   - .Ajprrin !��� tfc�� tra<!# t=ark. CrtK!��t��i��fl !n Cssafls) <it.Bayer^Iin"a?a=tnro of Moab-
actHca^Sfft����r c-f'^altcrncacM:' VrhKs i: !��'wcir Vio-Km SCtt A*?ir!a'��?��!= Baywr
��iii!i3fac.tara. tcs a*��lrt ths pabiJc arslnr* lir.niri.lnr.*. tha T3.��?��ts cf E��y*r C��ctp��KE
���wiil tn ��t*sa;*a wsti ilJ��lr 5��s*ril trta�� aaart, vi* "iayw On***" '"
paek&��* ���whidi contains complet* directions. " Then you are getting real'"
Aspirin���the ' genuine   Aspirin    pre-.
serilwd-by "physicians for over Eine-r ..
teen yearn.    Ivow made  in-Canada.-:
Handy tin. boxes contaiaing; 12 lafa-
Vl ^^&^i^&&!
��'?^j^/Sa ���
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD.'    B,    0,
If After Eating
You Have Pain
Stomach Needs Aid
Specialists who have devoted their
lives to the treatment of stomach ailments now tell us that 'many people
who complain about 'their' stomachs
have no stomach ailment at all.
You may suffer from bloating gas,
sourness and other unpleasant symptoms. If so your best course is to
tone up the bowels with a reliable
vegetable remedy like Dr. Hamilton's
Pills., This old-time family medjeine
is a wonderful corrective of all digestive and stomach disorders.
There is no mystery about the quick
effect you get from Dr. Hamilton's
Pills. Thej' simply supply the additional aid required' by the system to
enable' it to do its work correctly. '
You'll enjoy your meals, "digest
everything you eat, look betier; feel
better, be free from headaches, constipation and indigestion, all these
benefits" come to all that usc Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. Every--man or woman with a stomach ill is advised to
spend 25c on a box of thi: wonderful
vegetable remedy.
Filling His
Own Shoes
broke   leaned   forward,   gripping   thc
arms  of his chair, and the veins on
, his   temple   darkened.    "Some   other
��� Johnny trying to cut me out?"
j    Ruggles shook his head.    "No," he
answered heavily, "it ain't that, cither.
"Then what the devil is it? What
are you looking so glum about? Mind
you, though,' I'm not precisely asking
your permission, my dear fellow. I'd
marry her anyhow, and let the dot
Ruggles leaned back in his chair
and looked "thoughtfully at Pembroke's hot face.
"Say, Lord Pembroke," said re, "did
you ever have any pig-keepers in your
Pembroke's strong jaw fell.
"Why���upon my soul���arc you mad,
Ruggles " '
"No ���and you needn't get mad
either. There's no harm meant. I'm
just asking for information."
"Pig-keepers,��� what the deuce do
you mean?    Swineherds?"
"Yes. Swineherds. "You haven't,
havc -you?"
"Look here, Ruggles,"���Pembroke's
jaw hardened and his eyes began to
gleam ominously,���"I don't mind a
little chaff now and again, but if you
think that just because you've come
into a pile of money���"
"Hold on a minute." Rugglcs raised his hand.- "Just try to keep youi'
temper and you'll see in a minute
what I'm trying to get at. There's
another question I want lo ask you.
Now  I've  heard  you  speak  of  your
Use Baby's Own
Soap. It's "Best
for Baby��� Best
for you".
Albert 3oap3 LlmlttJ, Ka . ilootrss!. ��0
Sunflowers and
-   Milk Production
Step in the Direction of Producing
Milk at a Cheaper Cost
Sunflowers all over Alberta, big
golden sunflowers nodding and swaying in"the summer breezes, acres and
acres of sunflowers dotted over, the
province;^ patches of sunflowers on
every farm from the southern boundary to the north through thc so-called
dry belt, in the irrigated areas, where-
evcr oats and peas do not grow in
great abundance, there will the sunflower flourish. * "'-.'
The mission of the sunflower, will
be to make a dozen dairy cattle grow
where only one was found before;
It will enlarge the dairy herds of Alberta, it will transform its golden
lustre into fragrant butter and rich,
creamy milk.
Such was the message broucht to
the dairymen of Alberta, at Edmon-
this  week.     Not  only   will   the
��� B* ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Tho't. Allen,
Toronto. .
' (Continued.)
Pembroke met him upon his arrival
and took him to his quarters, where
they had a long talk, Ruggles describing how he had established his wards
and thc social attentions that thcy
were already receiving. Hc spoke
"also of the' early suitors and of the
manner in which he had disposed of
thcir demands.
. "I wrote to this Conte del Castel-
franco," he concluded, "and told him
atraight that therc was no use in his
asking for Rosa unless he could furnish proof, that he had a million
francs to his own credit. He hadn't
answered the letter when I left."
Pembroke smiled. "Humberto
hasn't a sou, poor little devil,"' said hc.
"I know them slightly, and I've heard
they live on a small allowance that
the old girl las from bet brother-in-
law, who manufactures Roman silks,
or something of the sort." ;
"Those high-soundin* titles just-
hypnotized Miss Elliot," Rugghs remarked, "and Livingstone got m his
fine work by turning oh the hot air.
Hc sure had plenty of it."
Pembroke frowned. "I'm afraid
thatx Livingstone was'my fault," said
lie. "I'd known him a long time and
always-found him a good enough sort,
so I took him over with me-for tea
one day. Jf I'd ever .thought hc was
going to have a try, I should never
have  done so."
Pembroke sat for a moment puffing
at his pipe, then looked at Ruggles
with a swarthy flush under his fresh
but  wjcathcr-bcalcn  skin.
"I suppose Miss Elliot told you that
I want to marry Rox;ana,'i-he said, a
little  stiffly.
"Yes," Rugglcs' answered, "she told
me about that."
"Hope you've no objections to offer," said Pembroke. "I can manage
the million francs," hc gave 'a short
Rugglcs did not immediately answer. Pembroke glanced at him and
his lids narrowed." The color deepened in his clean-cut face.
""Pon my word you don't look any
too pleased about it,^ old chap, I must
say!" He took his pipe from his
mojith and stared at Ruggles curiously.' Then, noting thc gathering flush
on Rugglcs lean cheeks, his handsome
facc clouded. "Good Lord, you haven't; gone and fallen in love with her
-yourselfr have-you?''��� -
"What, mc? No, of course not. I
ain't in love with her.'
"Then  has  anybody  else?"    Pem-
you think I'm going to sjc you throw
... your lifc away after all that?   Not by
mother, and I know you think a heap  a damned  sight!.     I'd  give you th--
of  her.    How would   you like  it  if "        -    -   --
people were"to point at her and say:
'See that woman?    Well, her father
tended hogs out in thc beech woods,
and so did her brothers ind sisters.
jShc might have been doin< that now,
[herself, but shc was migntv good-
i looking,  and her folks  though*  thcy
might get more out of her sonic other
way, so they sold her���'"
Hc got no further.    Pembroke had
bounded from his chair, his face crimson,  and  his  powerful  gnu     fell  on
Ruggle's     throat.      But even  ns  his
grasp tightened, hc began vaguely to
understand.   The tense fm<jer< relaxed
He thrust Ruggles from him and sank
back into his scat.    The color faded
from his cheeks.
"You damned littic cad!" he growled.    "You-little.shoe-snop    bounder
that I  picked out of thc putter!"
"That's   right,"   Rugclis   answered
with a littic choke.      "That's what I
was.    And you're    Lord    Pembroke.
And if yoii do what you say vou wi'iit
to do anil marry Roxana, then people
can say about your children's mother
what  you  were   ready   to   choke  mc
with you    and madc    a man  of me.
When I was shot to pieces you stuck [ton,
by me day and  night���and" stave nic 1 sunflower cause Alberta milk to flow
your own  clean    water when   I   was:more abunrlantly but it wi��� a
tlnrstv, and risked    cholera drinking; ......
out  of a  stinking ditch.     \nd  ni,er. .step in the direction of producing milk
wards���Oh, say, what's the usc?    Do  at a cheaper cost, declared G. H. Tut-
ton, animal  industry  for   the  C.P.R.,
and president of the Western Canada
whole bunch first I I���" Livestock Association.      Mr. "Hutton
His   voice   broke.     He   burst   into .reviewed in  graphic style the experi-
tears, turned in his chair, folded his jments-carried on at the C.P.R. dem-
arms against its back, and buried his
face'in thcm.    Sobs shook his body
as though to rack it apart.
Then   a  stroner,   comforting     band
dropped    upon his heaving   shoulder
With all     of thc  old gentleness and:
magnetic    touch.      A    low.    -.ibiantj  .        ,. ��� n ......
voice, tremulous itself, said soothing-  show that sunilowcrs W1" >'leU1 sonic
"There���there���my boy ���
there!   I'm sorry."
(To Bc Continued.)
Edison Works
Rumania In A
' Dejplorable State
Bucharest Is the Capital ot Pleasure,
While Nation Totters to
Aftcr tlie cold and gloom of  Belgrade, the gay and amusing Bucharest   appears. to   the   traveller   as   thc
promised land.   The hotels are open
and all kinds of commodities are obtainable.      However, American trav-
12,000 pounds per acre, as compared  ellcrs  can  live here cheaper than  at
with  between   five a"nd.-six  thousand'home, for the dollar, which before thc
pounds of corn or oats and^peas per j war was worth 5 lcis, now is exchang-
acre.    Sunflower silage has proven tojed for 50 lcis.
j be equal pound for pound to thc sil-!    Conditions arc  found  to  be  much
age from oats and peas or corn, and'worse   than   in   Siberia.     The   crops
Night and Day'on<"-^acre   0I   sunflowers   will   winter iatc deficient, as the farmers are still
onstration farm at Strathmore, in
growing-sunflowers for silage, and in
the results already obtained in feeding them to dairy cattle.
Summarized.     these      experiments
The. pore cleansing, purifying and
sterilizing properti s of this wo d -r-
ful skin soap, using plenty of hot
water and soap, ^est applied. wit?
the han-'s, will prove hjpful to thos*
who use it for the first time. Touch
eruptions, roughness or Irritation,
if any, with Cuticura Ointment tj-
fore bathing. Dry: and dust lightly
with Cuticura Talcum, a fascinating
fragrance for powdering and' per*
fuming the skin. Nothing bettor
than these ideal skin purifiers and
their cost is but little.
Cuticura Soap 25c., Ointment 23 and SOc.
Talcum 23c. plus Canadian'duties.
    For sample t   .	
dress: "Cuticnra.DepL N. Boston.U 3.K."
b free ad-
To Open Land
Settlement Areas in B.C.
feed .five or six dairy cattle as com-
mobilized against a potential but im-
Celebrated 73.rd Birthday Working at!parefJ with thc y'"'ld of two or three'probable    Bolshevist   attack.       The
Bolsheviki, who have occupied Odes-
His  Office
According to custom, -Thomas A.
Edison celebrated his 73rd birthday
working at his office, but he took an
hour off at noon to attend a luncheon
for just sort of asking how you'd feel [in his honor at the Edison works by
thc Edison Pioneers, an organization
if they was to say it about yours
Sec? Only in the case of your children it would be true. The grandfather
of the next Lord Pembroke would be
a dirty swineherd somewhere over
there across the Black Sea." And he
jerked- his head, toward the cast.
Pembroke's face was. set and rigid,
composed of his associates at Menio
Park and in New York prior to 1885.
Work and active industry is thc
breath of lifc lo Mr. Edison.
"I'm glad that thc'eight-hour day
He swallowed once or twice, but did!had ,10t  been  invented when  I  was
not try to speak.    Ruggles went on ' a young man," Mr. Edison said;
as quietly, as though he had not just     "This country would tiol amount to
n"S;,yLoSrrPplor��,ngyoug:i;now �� ���* a? " <">" * the young men
just as well as I do, that people "as jof fifty v.ears ago had been .afraid
high up in society as you arc can't that thcy might earn more than they
always do what thcy like. It would j wcrc paid. There were some shirkers
not be a square deal-not only to: ��� -th days." 'to be sure, but thcy
those of their family that are living,   ,. / ' ���       .'. y
but to those that might comc after jaidnt ��>��ast o* *��� Ihc shirker tried
them. I. never, looked at it that..way ito conceal_ or .excuse his .shiftlessuess
until I met you and Mr. Fa'coner and "and. lack of".ambition. It makes me
Hamid Pasha and somc others tbatsacj<t0
were thc rcal thing.    But there's no
acres  in   hay  or   light  oats   to   keep
one cow in food for one winter.  -
Growing Flower Seeds
On Vancouver Island
Orders Received From Seed Houses
In England and Ireland
Croslaiui     Brothers,    growers    of
sa, show no inclination to extend
their operations further. The Bolshevist propaganda has not taken root
in Rumania, where 80 per cent, of
the people arc land-owning farmers,
who desire no social change.
The main difficulty   in   Rumania i.s
the deplorable state of the finances.
On account of the lack of income and
sweet pea seeds for half a dozen of |want of gold reserves, and the grcat-
thc leading seed'houses of England
and Ireland, have their ground at
Duncan, Biitish Columbia, in shape
for sowing which will begin at once.
Contracts have been    received, ��� and
ly inflated paper currency, the country is on the verge of bankruptcy.
Thc efforts of the government to get
a loan in England or France met with
a stubborn refusal on the part of the
Happy Boys
and Girls
IS your child healthy? Is
* he or she up to standard weight, pf good color,
with plenty of rich, red
blood to nourish the grow-,
ing tissues?
For. children who are thin,
pale, anaemic, under weight,
nervous, restless; sleepless. Dr.
Chases' Nerve Food is of the
greatest benefit imaginable.
Being mild and gentle in action, and yet wonderfully patent as a restorative, it, soon
makes the blood rich and builds
up the feeble nerves.
SO csnta k toi. 8 for $2.T5, all deaJ*rg, or
ESwanion, Bates & Co��� Ltd., Toronto.
Xyiyxy yxy^yyiyix^yy^.
getting around it, I guess.' And then
there's another thing���this girl Rox-
ana's only about half-civilized. I've
watched her and I know. For all of
her wonderful looks, she's regular
shc-devil inside,, and it only needs a
jolt to bring it out. " What sort of
a wife wrould she Jic for you? Believe me, I'd rather marry a lioness
and live in the cage with her. There's
something in her eyes that scares me,
sometimes��� and you know yourself
that I don't scare so awful casy."^
Pembroke, who had "been watching
him fixedly, leaned forward and buried- bis face in his hands.
"God!" he muttered. "You've
struck it, Ruggles. It's just lhat has
driven mc nearly mad. She's a great,
splendid, tawny lioness���but damn it,
man, she's more than that! She's
got mind. She's got a soul. I know
her better than you think. I've talked to her. I've studied her. There's
a lot of the savage underneath, I'll
admit, but who wants    one of these
puling  'born-irHcaptiyity!  women? I
can tame her.    I'm none so civilized
myself, and I've always told myself
that if ever I came to mate it would
be with some such woman as that."
He   drew  out  his   handkerchief   and
wiped his glistening forehead. "There j the    night    before.      Besides    this,
have been no end" of sultans whose | when he comes down in the morning
sec young Americans shackle
their.abilities by blindly conforming
to rules, which force thc industrious
man to keep in step with the shirker.
If these rules are carried to their logical conclusion, it would seem ihrt
they are likely to establish a rigid
system of-vocational classes which
will make it difficult for the working
man to improve .his condition and
station in life-by his own efforts."
Mr. Edison is as energetic as ever,
according to William H. Meadow-
croft, associate and biographer of
the inventor.
"Hc conies down to his laboratory
every morning and plunges right into thc activities of the day with his
accustomed vim.
"While he docs not work as regularly as he used to, he works cvery
night until eleven  or twelve o'clock
at home    and comes down _ to _thc
laboratory primed for the day's work,
frequently bringing a lot of memoranda he has written to numerous
officials and    heads    of departments
seed for giowing have been sent out��bankers,    who asked    that the  loan
should be guaranteed by the income
bf thc state railways, a�� well as the
by the British firms of the vcry newest and  most  rare  varieties.     'The
Twenty Thousand New Settlers Are
Expected During Present
��� "   X y'i'X 'YearZ-Xyi'   iXyy...
\V; Hin ton, Vice-President and
general manager of the Grand Trunk
Pacific, interviewed in Montreal, has
stated that the. government of British
Columbia is now about to throw open
five hew land settlement areas adjacent to the G.T.P.
Each of these areas will be approximately of 50,000 acres and are situated in the Nechako and Bulkley valleys. It is estimated that these..new.
districts will receive 20,000 new sellers during the present year, the bulk
from the United States, with a proportion from southern Alberta.
The British Columbia Government
is also belling on easy terms some
3,800 head of cattle to new settlers
along the Grand Trunk Pacific this
General business conditions in
western, Canada are excellent, Mr.
Hinton said. Therc is every indication of a good crop in view of the
heavy blanket of snow covering the
land, hc concluded.
���-���#"�����<������<���. >���.*������>��������<
It's Mercury!   Quicksilver!  Shocks the
< *����w#..��..#..������.����..t��*����.��'��������������"������"i..��.����.<0..��,.#���#,^..#., .
You're bilious, but take "Cascarets"!
Yoii have a throbbing sensation in
your head, a bad taste in your mouth,
your eyes burn, your skin is yellow,
with dark rings under your eyes; your
lips are parched, your bowels are constipated. No wonder you feel foggy,
mean and ill-tempered. You need
Cascarets tonight. Don't continue being" a bilious nuisance to yourself and
those who love you, and don't resort
to harsh physics that irritate and injure. Remember that most disorders
of the stomach, liver and bowels are
ended by morning with gentle, harmless Cascarets���they work while you
sleep, never gripe, shock, sicken or inconvenience you.   They're grand!,
"Have Done My Best"
A Story of the Royal Northwest
Mounted Police
On the Fort Resolution and Dawson patrol in 1911 Inspector Fitzgerald and three companions lost
thcir lives. Fitzgerald failing to arrive    at    his    destination,    Corporal
Zam-Buk, because they have proved
that It does what is claimed for it,
Miss E. L. Doxey, graduate nursa,
of 3220 Michigan Ave., Chicago,
���ays: "I hare avpatient who Buffered terribly with piles. Zam-Buk
is the only remedy that gave her
' relief. ' """": yyyyy.
"I iaTS used Zam-Buk myself
for the same ailment, also for sores
and burns, and have tbe greatest
confluence In it." -
- ���1|
China's Campaign
Against Opium
Orders Given by the Civil Governor
To  Stop the Traffic In
This  Drug
The International Anti-Opium Association, Peking, has received a copy
of.a list presented to Mr. Chu, Civil
Governor of Tsinanfu, showing thc
number of dealers in morphia in that
city. The list, which is practically,
seven feet long, contains the names
and addresses of 39 Chinese dealers,
52 Japanese, and five Russians. Orders have been given by the Civil Governor to stop the traffic in this drug,
but, of course, these apply only to
thc Chinese dealers. Many Chinese
shops have been raided and closed,
but no response has yet been received
as to what action will be taken against the Japanese and Russians by
lhcir respective authorities.
The Tsinan branch of the International Anti-Opium Association
made representations to the Japanese
consul, who expressed his appreciation of the work done by thc association and promised his- sympathetic
support, but he remarked that China
was responsible for thc stopping of
the drug. He was of the opinion that
while it was easy to deal with the
common^people, it was not so-easy
to deal with the upper classes and the
officials, who were considerable users.
As long as they were not dealt with
there would be a considerable traffic.
Crosland's will put in six acres of this I vast forests and oil fields.  This has so iDempster^was^  ordered to find Fitz
seed and have sublet Contracts to sev- ^ar been refused.   Thc government is
en  or eight local growers, who  will i looking anxiously for American- capv
put-in about-four acres- more." The
quality of the Vancouver Island seed
is so good that an unlimited number
of contracts could be received by responsible growers.
mothers were taken from the same
class," he growled. "Hamid Pasha
himself was very probably the son of
a slave. AH Turks take their wives in
that way."
"Yes," answered Ruggles quietly,
"and look at thcm now."
Pembroke's jaw set stubbornly, and
when he spoke, there was something y
in his voice that struck a chill through
Rugglcs. '     _
"Oii, well," said he harshly. "No
doubt'you're right. I'll chuck my
title, change my name, marry the girl,
and clear out for America or Africa
or somc other place. 'Nuff said.- I've
got lo havc her, and that's jolly "well
all Ihcrc isabout it." .
Nobody, to hear and sec the man,
could haye doubled lhc finality of this
decision. Ruggles's facc turned pale,
and his expression was for thc moment almost fierce.
"You'd really do that?" hc asked.
"Right." said Pembroke, almost indifferently. "Morc than lhat. I'm going to do it. I tell you, Ruggles, I've
got to havc her, and that's all there
is about it."
Ruggles leaned forward quickly in
his rhair.
"Then take her," said he. "Youcasi
have her. I'll give her to you. There's
nothing to hinder. Take her and do
anything you like with her���only, for
the love of God, don't marry her!"
Pembroke started forward, staring
at Rugglcs in amazement and disbelief.
- "What?" be cried. "Are you mud?
When Hamid Pasha���*'
"Don't you, talk Hanvd Pasha to
me!" cried Ruggles roughlv. "'Didn't
I save bis life and get all shot up doing it?' 'Wilt I ever be a-sound man
hc is fully posted-on thc "important
news of thc world and the state of
the markets."
Overtures of Soviets
S.   Commerce   and   Industry
Needed >in Russia
A wireless dispatch from Moscow,
says that when thc Soviet commissary
of foreign affairs dispaSchcd notes recently to the United States, Japan and
Rumania, offering thcm peace -with
Soviet Russia, thc note to thc U"it��l
Stales pointed out lhat American
commerce and industry would greatly
help in the- reconstruction of Russia
and thus an agreement between the
two countries would be mutually
The note lo Japan, according to the
dispatch, proposed a renewal of earlier
negotiations, based on. the special economic and commercial interests of
Japan, and expressed thc hope of an
early withdrawal' of the Japanese
forces from Siberia. ���.
' Thc proposal to
Gen. Currie as a Soldier
Pen Sketch of Canadian Chief in War
Correspondent's Book
. Phillip Gibbs, the noted war correspondent, in a book entitled "Realities
of the War," just published, describes
General Currie, officer commanding
the Canadian army in Flanders during thc great war, as follows:
"Hc cut clean to the heart of
things ruthlessly, like a surgeon, and,
as I watched that man, immense in
bulk, with heavy, thoughtful facc,
slern eyes that softened a little when
he smiled, I thought of him as Oliver
Cromwell. This real estate agent, as
he was before he took to soldiering,
is undoubtedly a man_of strong"abil-
ity, free from those trammels of red
tape and tradition which swathed
around so many of our own leaders."
Sending Cotton Back Home
Every Man for -Himself Means
Trouble for Everybody
A Britisii firm has returned to the
United States 3,000 bales of cotton to
avoid the loss-which would bc sustained when it changed its British for
American paper to make thc payment.
Nothing' more ironical has happened
in our economic history, says thc Ncw
York Globe, which adds: "The rules
of the game havc begun to play Iiavqc
with our social arrangements." Evcry
man for himself means trouble for
everybody. Are the exporter, in
America and thc importer in England
to light a silent duel to decide who
must move first and lake the loss on
exchange? If so, wc have a last convincing proof that whatever altruism
there was in pur part in thc war has
been forgotten, and lhat wc are out
to squeeze Europe dry while the continent is helpless."
tal, preferring to get it-from a-source
free from politics: Only a little American capital has been invested in
Though bankruptcy is imminent,
thc people here worry little about
the future. Officers in glittering uniforms and women dressed in gowns
costing thousands of francs attend
dances in the afternoon and "evening.
A carnival is in full swing. The ballrooms are crowded until late in the
morning, and money, though it is only
paper, is spent recklessly on wines
and unnecessary luxuries.   Meanwhile
gerald with instructions, "Bear in
mind, nothing is to stand in your way
until you get in touch with, this
party." -   " "'
Dempster started into thc wilds of
the terrible arctic winter, and, hundreds of miles from the post of civilization, found Fitzgerald's companions lying together, with hands crossed and faces covered. Fitzgerald
had cared for his comrades until they
died, and even after death. Then hc
pushed on, but was found with diary
and mail bag under^ his body, protecting it to the last. In his pocket
was found his will, written with a
charcoal stick, leaving everything to
Alberta Bred Calf Wins Prize
A heifer calf owned by Chas. G.
Bceching, of De Win ton", Alberta, has
won fourth prize in a class of seventy
at a show in Chicago, according to
[word received from that city. The
calf was bred in Alberta, and is said
to be one of the finest of its class.
In this competition it stood higher
thau the calf that won the first prize
at the- International Livestock Show
last December. Thc animal was afterwards sold for $2,000.
the government docs not know where iIlis mother,   and   concluding:   "God
to get funds wilh which lo pay next
month's salaries of its army of officials and clerks.
New Telephone Building for Calgary
The Alberta government has closed a contract for the erection at Calgary of.a reinforced concrete warehouse and-officc-building-for-lhe.telephone department. The cost will bc
$67,000. Thc building will have two
storeys and basement, and is being
built strong enough to carry a third
"Some things ��� go without saying,
but a woman's tongue isn't in that
bless  you all,  F. J.  Fitzgerald, R.N
Struggling through the arctic wilds
a lone policeman has brought a maniac strapped on a dog sleigh to civilization. Alone with a madman, facing
the most terrible storms he has .won
But aU_do_not win. thr��ugh,-as ts
shown on this last message found on
one of the force caught in a terrible
blizzard:."Lost, horse dead; am trying
lo push ahead. -Have done my best."
' There never was a more deserved
motto for any force than the last
words of this dying member of the
Scarlet and Gold: "Have done mv
Canada's Place in the Empire
. Canada is the foremost of thc family of the British Empire, and, being
nearest, the great responsibility rests
upon her, not alone to aid and succor
in battle, but to lead the van in all
forms of industrial life; to seize every
opportunity to forward the grandeur
and stability of both herself and thc
Empire.���Agricultural Gazette.
Name New Ship After Buffalo Bill
A big freighter now being built for
the United States shipping board will
be named thc William F. Cody, in
honor of "Buffalo Bill," thc last of
the great scouts and plainsmen in thc
United States.
No Consideration
���Firii-Enginccrr "Well'-Baii;-wc "de--
cided at the meeting last night to go
out on strike. Why wasn't you therc?"
Second Engineer: "I couldn't get
there on account of the trolley strike.
Them trolley men ain't got no consideration for the public."
A  lion  in  a  jungle  will  jump  25
or 30 feet from a standing start.
Proof that Some Women
do Avoid Operations
B. C. Berry Growers Expect Big Y^ar
Britisii Cojitmbia berry growers arc
anticipating a good season during 1','20
Rumania  express-j both   i-i  pioduclion  and financial  rc-
again?" Did I promise anything about
these girls? I guess the score's about
\ square between Hamid Pasha and
1 Richard Ruggles."- He leaned farther
forward, and deep lines drew themselves obliquely across either cheek,
"Bui thc score ain't settled between
you and inc. Lord Pembroke What
you said was irue. You picked"ine o^t
of the guxtcr sr.d brought mc out here
cd lhe hope oi a pcacablc adjustment ! luru=
of :tl! con ten tions, including territorial   Head
rclat:on=.  tis
tch  say-;
An enterprising laundry" man in
Paris uses a cap,tiyc_ balloon to lift
the clothing which hc^ washes high
into, the air to dry and bleach; un-
contarninsted by the city's dust.
W.     N.     U.     1305.
Vamm <Sraad!ateil Eyelids,
m   lllir&c* inflamed by expo-
B.  WMX   reretoSra.OMJandftlsl
y^trf"* quJcSdyrslievedbyHtaias
#52* EjreEsssfy NoSrcvtisg,
v^Jtsst Eye Comfort-    Al
j Year PregKMM w bf nssil 68e ger Bottle,
Fot 8wfc ��i fee Ef* ��"** *frite ***
. Thr growers- cf tlie Gordon
.district rue reported to have j
made- contracts to dvlivci to thc ja-u j
factories 250 tons of strawberries at
20 cents a" pound. Buyers liavc been
going through' thc lower Mairl-.nd and
Vancouver Island surveying the situation and making offers to the various
large producers.for the contemplated
Out of'Season   -���,
-Waiter: What was your order.. ?;r?
I'm <orry to say !_._!���?vc forgotten-It.
Diner: I &aye it-so"long sgo I do^'t
remember, but    I'll change !;;   for- it
would be out of season r.cw, -iny^iy.
���Boston Tra-.scni.'.
Mrs. Etta DoHob, ef Ogdensfeurg, Wis,, says:
" I suffered from female troubles which caused trferelng pains
like a knife through iny back and side. I finally lost all my
atrengih po I had to go to bed. The doctor advised an operation
but I wonld not listen to it. I thought of what I had read about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and tried it. The first
bottle brought great relief and six bottles have entirely cured me.
All women who have female trouble of any Mad should try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
How Mrs. Boyd Avoided am Operation*
Cautoni Ohio.���"I suffered from a female trouble wbteh
caused me much suffering, atid two doctors decided that
I-would bare to go .through aa operation before I��ould
gat well.
" Jiy mother, who bad been helped by Lydia E.Pia*
ham's Vegetable Compound, advised me to try it be-
fore submitting to aa operation. It relieved mo from
my troubles so'I can do my house work ���without aaj/ s.-
diillculty. ladTise'anywomanwhoissSHctedwiih/   \k
female troubles? to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- /      *
table' Compound a trial and it will do as much / yp TV7
for them."--2Irs. ILuos Bow, li2l Cth SW
__��. E-, CaatoQ, Ohio.
Every Sick Woman SItdiS
B@fot*a Submitting To An Operationl
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices. $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal-ad\irtising, 12'Cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
sach subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
Pruues arc a health food. Auy
physician will t��ll you so. And.
comparatively they are cheap.
Time was when a quarter would
purchase more of them than an
ordinary-family would use in a
week or so. Not so now, as any
housewife knows. But all thing9
considered they are as economical
fruit food as can be bought.
A few prunes a  day, and keep
fche doctor away, is good medicine
They are fresh now, and  each one
is loaded with health tonic.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
t'-.atthe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Boom Days on the Wane
"Unless all signs fail, the high
cost of living is on the wane, the
seemiDgly impossible being brought
about by the closing of the European markets to Canadian and
American goods. The: exchange
situation is, of course, the prime
factor in these pending readjustments. From all points where
produce and other North American products accumulate for export, come stories of warehouses
being blocked with goods for which
there is no export' demand. It is
well-known that packing houses
are filled from cellar to roof, with
products bought at high prices,
and which cannot be sold in
Earope in the present state of the
money market.
If the foreign situation holds,
and there is no apparent reason to
believe that the finances of the
various European nations are on
the up-grade, or are likely to be
for a long period to come, restricted sales of our products abroad
will continue. " Such being the
case, we will, to all intents and
purposes, be called upon to consume the products of our own industry. In this event, it will not
be long before there is a large surplus, and this situation will, in
the natural course of events, bring
down prices. - v
Once tbe high cost of living,problem is surmounted, other changes
will come in due course. Firsfe of
all, there will not be a legitimate
demand for higher wages. Of
. course, these demands will still be
?.iade, but their legitimacy, once
questioned by the "barometer of
falling prices, such demands must
cease, . ,     -
-   These changes cannot, of course,
come   about    without- a   slowing
down of industry.    When packing
plants cannot no longer ship freely
their, products to Europe as they
Have ,been;. doing "ih- huge dimenr
siohs for some years, now,   there
. will benot only a. curtail ment. in
buying their; raw; material   from
the" stock raiser and the .farmer,
but also in employment of their
: plants:- .;- Manufacturing  concerns
;. that - haye: also   .been.,  busy . on
: .''European orders will,  under pres-
:; enfe monetary ^conditions, .. find   a
.large percentage of their markets
. ..cut out.from under them, and will
,naturally., seek the bome. trade at
perhaps    materially   low   prices.
..This, agaib,: will have a tendency
; to slow down industry.    In other
..words, there is every reason to believe that bur "boom" days are oh
the wane, and that sooner or later
J we .will   get  back to earth, and
; something; approximating our prewar   record. "-���Toronto; .^Saturday
iftgb't. '"y'yyy''- 'yXyxj Z/i-
x-: The Faithful Prune] ;;^
Synopsis of
land Act Amendments
"My Darlings Blind
A lady entered a car on the Oak
wood road one day the past week,
leading a little girl perhaps four
years old. The mother sat down
and lifted fche little one to the seat
beside her. The child was nibbling
afc a bit of cake or sugar, now ancl
then turning her face, full of childish love, up to her mother, and
murmuring some almost unintelligible words of affection.
Opposite to mother and child sat
another young lady, who often
smelled a rose which she held. Tbe
innocent little one before her attracted her attention, and the
natural kindliness of the symathetic
woman heart prompted her feo at
once offer the fragrant flower to
the little budding lily opposite. So
she leaned a little bit forward and
spoke: J
"Baby wants the posey?"
But the child seemed not to hear.
Perhaps ife was the noise of the
moving car that prevented. Then
she spoke a little louder, and held
the flower a litfcle nearer temptingly:
"Baby may have the posey."
The mother heard, for she looked
towards the other lady and smiled
���and oh I such a look of heartfelt
gratitude, of motherly love, yet
heavily saddened with such an expressive tinge of sorrow as is
seldom seen, and still the lady of
the rose pressed upon the little one
acceptance of the flower.
"Baby, take the rose,"   holding
it   almost   to   the   child's hands.
A.nd now ib seems  she  was heard,
for her blue eyes turned full   upon
her would-be-patron, and  then, in
a moment she strangely drew back
and  turned  her  eyes  appealingly
towards her mother's   face.    The
lady with the flower showed her
bewilderment in her look,   while a
pained expression flitted across the
face of the mother, who leaned forward and  whispered jusfe a   word:
"My darling is blind!".
Then ' fehe whole  sunless, darkened life of the fair - little  being-
fair as the flower  which  had been
offered to her��� came up before the
mind.    All  beauty  shut -from her
forever!  For her no foliage-strewn,
flower-studded scene to follow the
bleakness of  winter.    No  looking
with    awe   into,   the    mysterious
depths of the night - sky,   sparkling
with  glittering,    twinkling    star-
gems, for over those, blue eyes the
Creator, in the mystery of His designs, had hung the impenetrable
veil.    _No expectant -gaze  toward
the mother's facefor the  gentlest
smile,fehat ever soothes a childish
trouble; only the. blind  passage of
the little hand oyer and .over these,
featares,. for one", moment's fight of
which that little one will often and
often willing, offer .years  of existence, . For her the.bii'ds  will sing,
but; the   loveliness, of   form   and
feather are hofei  ... For her, .while,
the babbling streams may. make
mysterious    music,.-   its   dimpled'
waves, and   witidiug   reaches and
verdant banks do riot exist.
How vividly bitfeerali this as the
lady opered the little band and
shut within it the thordless stem
of the rose, now bearing a tear ori
its petals. And there were other
swimming eyes in the. car.���TJfcica,
N". Y., Tribune,
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $6 an acre; second-class to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering: only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making '"
necessary, improvements on 'respective
claims. . ' $
Pre-emptors num. occupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of ?10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided, applicant makes Improvements to extent of
?300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as for-
teiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, wlthd'ut actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased '
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
> ACT.
The scope of this Aet is enlarged to
Include all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive. , .
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on account of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions,
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or oity lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to Maroh 81. 1920.
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights fiom
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1920.
Graxing Act, 1919, for sysUmatio
development of livestock Industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits Issued baaed
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten head.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors, Garage in connection.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON.     BOX 865
Culameett fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
(Expert Optician)
Nicely, iurnished rooms, by the
<>   day, week or month
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices; Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
;.   Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslo&e,   pjg   Lead -and Zinc
Nilson & Nilson
K. W. C Block
All Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148. * ��      TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains-
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building andjinely furnished rooms
Get your job-printing at lhe
Ledge, before the paper is all
gone. '
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
The WINDSOR HOTEL- is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The. buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
X buttermilk and ice-cream.
t, C LOAT is not a periodic-  J,
fr  "   al.    It is a book con- T
Autos For hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE tliat I, Charles Graser,
of Boimdarv Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply, for permission to
purchase the following- described lands:
Commeucing' at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence/West 20 chains, aud containing- 40 acres more or less, the same to bj
utilized for grazing- purposes.
Dated at  Boundary Falls,   B.C.,  November
Palace   Livery  AQt  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER,. Ppop.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts,  Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale:   List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for  good ranch
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN,-"Assayer and
Chemist,", Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
JSr.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
���The. naiion: depends largely Von
California for/oar prunes.';'^. The
new; crop is in. And,;down at the
grocery store, we find Ihem bine:
black, fa! and sassy, loaded with
-tmshlhe Sranefonaed into sngar.
"���".' - nelson;-b. c;       .���:���-."
. ;.'-���--.; ���. mining;'-
..-���''��� :.;;broker; ;.\    ".',-''
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
tainin'g 86 illustrations all
told,  and is ""filled    with
sketches   and    stories   of
western life.   It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink   at  Bear    Lake    in
early   dayB;   how   justice
was dealt in Kaslo in  93;
how the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the   roamings    of a
western editor among  the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a   romance
of the Silver King mine.
In   it are   printed    three
western poems, and dozens
of articles   too   numerous
to mention.     Send for one
before it is too late.    The
price   is   50   cents,  postpaid to  any part of   the
world.     Address   all   letters to
'.When you say'"Hello?" when you answer the: telephone,   ;
do you realize you are impeding your telephone service?   The
���   person calling invariably asks who is. speaking,  and;.yoiv give ,,
llie information you might have given in the first place.   When
i you answer the telephone why not give your name^or thename
..   of your firm and department' in the first7 instance? ^Then you
���would be getting service and giving service.    ���
'���'''���.'��� '������.'���'- v., ���-������������������'. ��� ���������;     ���   .., ;
x4��4��^4><&&'&','$**$'*i'4'4'  i��4,4*4,4��^'.4��4,'4��^,fr4,*S
* R. T. Lowery fr
fr     GREENWOOD, B. C.     fr
fr fr
iti..��. .jflL -��- JL\ n^L ���!* JL JL tli JL* rimi 4___Ec
W^W VVW *^^ ��W v^P*w ^^y   ^^^ ^^1        ���     ^^1     ^W^     ut    ^^T
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
1 Home of Shamrock, Bacon,   Hain and Lard
$ -  '   '
, OBggs,   Cheese   and   Fish   of   all .Varieties
Cbe Bismc fiotel
Relson, B*g*
The only. up40'date Hotel in the interior.   First-class   fr
in every respect, fr
������ '*'
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric" Lighted.
RATES 51.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets.all Trains and Boats.
ytfrfrfyfrfrfrfrfr^frfrfrfrfrfrfr  frfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfr%
1 For Good *    I
Estate bf Thomas Brown, deceased
"'"=-' XOT.ICE.IS' HEREBY; GIVEN that all
!person.vhasriilfr claims a'painst the.late.Thomas-
Brovra who died on the 23 day of- J til v, '1919v at
Vancouver in the Pro-ritice of British���CoJam-
bia'are repaired .to.'deliver ^to Jhe undersigned
fall paxtiealars in-wrUJou of- their claims aad,
state��ient��of-acconnls.'a'nd the natnreiherepi
and tbe secarities if.aav- held- by'.them diily'-
verified by Statutory Declaration.:.. :.":.������'��� ;.-._' .
."-". ASD:TAKE NOTICE that' after fourteen
days f roai-'the date "of pablicatiori of this notice
the executors" will proceed .to' distribute-.the"
assets of the deceased'.amomrr the persons entitled thereto, havinjj"regard only to the claims;
ot which, the said executors phsll then have had
notice- - .'.-: :".-'.. - -T-,-"*-" ' ���..'.- -'. ; -"-'.. ~- ---/
���-.-: DATED this 1st day of March -A. p., 1920;,..
���'yX'\...^ ^\'v'.-geo.'aC-grast,X XX. "i
':. -,.v -'  '������ -;, v- V'Solicitor'for.tb'e said Exceptors."
1118 Stasiard Biak Baildin?.'' ���' . '".'..'���''���':' X ,';
Vancouver, B.C. '     ���'��� '   - >. v
The Mineral Province of Western
���    TO END OF DECEMBER, 1917.. ;._,���
:;_&a_l(rodn(^'^iiieral8^ X'iy
Gold, '593,:717,974; Silver^, 843,623,761; Lead $39,366,144; Copper*. .8130,597,620; X'"-
Other-Metals .(Zinc,- Iron,XetcO, S10>933,466;  Coal ?n6^ Gc��k^   S174,313,658;  .-,;;'
Boildirig.Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,  127,902,381; making ita Miner^Produc^^-:;;
tion to the end of 1917 show an ;��� "r.;_ .;';_;... '���-:.".-; ,   -.-   ='_���;;���;-_ ;V
'Aggrepte Value of :$$?5;571,1{)7
Production for Year Ending Deceiver, 1917, $37.0i0,3p v
The  Miring;���" Laws of this Province sire more liberal and; the fees lower    .
than'those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British
..   / . ... ... Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
^.Absolate  Titles,are   obtained   by developing such properties, the security
'?��� .-'iX'Xoi which is~gnarsntee<j byrCrpwn Grafts.:,.,; y :\. ���,--:.:.-_;.":;;, ,.'-. - ;:;_*��� ���-;- '"'; S
XX vFall infermatipnv 'together witk paining. Eeports. and Maps/; may^bft obtained:;. '\ .-X
���Vv^-^.'-.'eratia'bv'addresaing^^;���"���-,-',^:"V---:'-.^.;   :X-';'-   y;X Xy- 'XX.-: ���"'-���;'."������" r- ���-.".' v;,;
t Job Printing
H ---Economy arid Satisfaction
If combined with Promptness
Hy-iix-xx are the features which go to
%xr.yx make up the Service we>'giye.
��h our customers.     Are  3^ou
Letterheads, Npteheads,
���'(Ruled or. Plain) ',      ���..'  >; "-���������    ."   -���'-.
(All Sizes)
��= Statements,
H Posters, Doi
y>-        - .
| The Ledge
��jj     GREENWOOD ; v.JobPrinting Depirttent   If
Cards, g
igers, Etc., Etc, I
29       1


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