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The Ledge Feb 8, 1923

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 r   ; ' ���
jProyIncIal7Libr.ary    i
Vol.   XXIX.
7  'No. 29
We carry a large line oi'.
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
In Bulk
25c/ per lb.
Phone 46
iuaiiaiuaau iuiuuiaiaiiiiiuaiauiiuiiaiaaaiuuiauirc
No More
Chapped Hands or Rough Skin
This can be accomplished by using the right kind of Soap
Vinola Round Bath and Vinola Winsome
are the two most suitable for the hard waters of this district *
Try Them
The  WINDSOR   HOTEI,    is   heated   with   steatn
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A comfortable home for tourists   and  travellers.     Touch the '
wire   if you   wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is -.-
replete   with   cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Apricot, Cherry, Peach, Raspberry,
Strawberry Jams, Etc.
From 35c and Up
They are all of finest stock procurable
��        ' ........... .��
We carry only the best stock'procurable in J*
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc. |
A trial >vill convince you
I   JOHN MEYER - Proprietor |
The NexMssue of the
' Cioses.on March 1st, 1923
If your are contemplating taking new service, or making any change
in or additions to your present service, you should send notification in
writing, not later than the above dale, in order that you may take advantage
of the new director}- listings.
��=��.       ;, ...
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
Real Estate . (Licensed)
Insurance, Fire, Life, Accident.
Sickness. &c.
.Stoves   and   heated . pipes   cause
many  fires.
A small premium will protect your
house and furniture
Call at jny Office Copper Street
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3 00. Silver-Lead J2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., f.n application.
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.  ' Terms Cash.
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
- Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
R. A. Walsh
presents ' ���-
"Serenade"    '���
Miriam Cooper .and Geo. Walsh
A romance of old Spain      ?
__-Its  dark-eyecLSenoritasV,
. Its bold Cavaliers
Where love is life   .
Where hate is death
For revenge is swift
7 reels 7
.One.reel Chester Outing
"Polygamys and Palonites"
Also one reel Christie Cottfedy
""All Mixed Up"
ADULTS 50c      -     CHILDREN 25c.
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Services, Sunday, Feb 11th
Midway, 2.30 cm.   ..
- Greenwood, 7.30 p.m..
The Services at. Midway and Greenwood will be addressed by Miss Mitchell,
Field Secretary of the Woman's Missionary Society S
For Sale or Rent
Ranch on any reasonable terms,
with or without slock and implements.    Apply
Wji. Jenks,
65.OG Reward for information
leading to tbe recovery of one
blacksmith blower, the property of
the Atlas Steel Products Co., an-
lawfully removed from the Greenwood smelter'premises.
G. S. Waltsbs.
Around Home
7 Miss M. McMynn, of Midway,
is the guest of Mrs. W. H.
vD. McLaren attended the funeral of his"brother, John, in Vancouver on Saturday.
Miss Daisy Axa.m returned on
Tuesday from a few days visit
witE friends in Trail.
Mrs. T. Hartland returned on
Saturday morning' from a few
days visit iu Grand ITorks.
Watch for the Pythian Sister
Card Party and Dance on* March
loth.    Werner's orchestra.
Cash paid tor hides at Brown's
There are about 40 men working in Phoenix.X They are dismantling the old brewery, tearing down, the school house and
several other buildings. Sixteen
of the 40 men are Doukhobors
and 10 more are expected this
week. ~     7
Rev. M. D. McKee, of S*.
Aldan's Presbyterian Church,
Gordon Head, and late of Salmon
Arm, has so far recovered from a
recent illness as to be able to return to his home after nine weeks
spent in the Jubilee Hospital,
Kindness to children makes a
father popular to children in this
town, and in every town throughout Canada. There is much
street talk just now about a number of parents who think enough
of their children tp romp with
them and make much of them
everywhere. People thinlTenougb.
of their lads to rsmack them
smartly when they -take a wrong
turning?. Parents' who bring up
a family in this way do much for
society, and make a success of
life whether they achieve great
prosperity in business or simply
manage to live honestly.
The death occurred Thursday,
Feb. 1, iu Vancouver, of/John
McLaren, aged 75, at the residence of his son. The deceased
was born in Grey* county. .Ont.;
Jan. 15, 1848. He was a member
of Sir Garnett Wolsely's forces in
the.first Eiel Rebellion of 1872,
coming west iu the early eighties.
He assisted in the construction of
the C. P. R. and went east in
Nov. 1885, on the first through
train. Returning west he assisted on the construction of the
Shuawap and Okanagan R. R ,
also tbe Vancouver-Island roads.
He is survived by two sons Henry
of Ladysmith and John of Van-
cpuver and three daughters, Mrs,
McNichol aud Mrs. Carlton, of
Vancouver, Elsie of Bellingham;
also four brothers, Duncan of
New Westminster,. James of
Westlock, Alta.. David of Vancouver and Donald of Greenwood.
The funeral took place in Vancouver on Saturday.
Nightmares bring uncomfortable experiences. - A heavy load
of covering while in bed will in��
duce them. - Interference with
the digestive processes will encourage them, physical weakness
is favorable to them, in short a
multitude, of oppressive things
which are. incident to life'suggests them to ti% subconscious
mind. Jim Murlee -was a sturdy
Scot who used his woman folk
tyfanically. One night he dreamed he was a woman .kicking his
skirts before him on a sandy
road. His groans and stutterings
waked the'&fcousehold and His
woman folk came and waked him
up. The next morning he took
a pail and weat out to learn to
milk and persevered in his efforts
until he became expert. After
that his woman folk did no milking at all. The men of his
neighborhood followed his example and soon the farmers wives
were releived of this arduous
task. - This is one solitary blessing which society has ever received from a nightmare.
City Council.
Council meeting was held on
Monday Feb. 5th with Mayor Galley presiding and present Aldermen Docksteader, Mowat, King
and Taylor. Business for the previous year was completed and the
Mayor, in expressing his thanks to
the Aldermen for their help and
co-operation duriDg the past year,
was. in a most optimistic mood regarding the future of the city,
Appreciation of the work of the
officials was conveyed on behalf of
the Council in a neat speech by
Alderman Taylor and on motion
of Alderman King a vote of thanks
was passed to Trustee Awrey for
his careful consideration of matters
connected with the city.
The members for 1923 were then
sworn in to office as wore also the
School Trustees and Commissioners.
Aid. Mowat presented a report
for the school trustees, covering
matters connected with the school
financing and same was approved
by the Council.
A lengthy discussion took place
regarding the wastage of water
and the Water Committee and City
Clerk receive destructions dealing
with the situation.
Council then adjourned.
Greenwood  Public  School
Report for Month of January, 1923
D. Alex. MacDonald Dead
Donald Alexander MacDonald,
a well known old timer of Greenwood, died at the Vancouver General Hospital last week. ' Mr. MacDonald, up to the time of his
death, "was in charge of the Powell
street government liquor store, and
was one of.the old. timers of the
province. Born in Nova Scotia 53
years ago, he came to British Columbia in 1S97 and took up his residence in New-Westminster. Later
he removed -to-Greenwood, where
he lived for 20 years. He was prominently associated with the Liberal party, and in 1912 was Liberal
candidate for tbe Greenwood rid;
ing in the provincial elections. In
1917_he returned to Vancouver,
and resided there ever since. He
leaves two brothers and a sister all
living in Nova Scotia, 7 '--
The funeral-took place on Tuesday at 1 30 p.m. to the Ocean View
Stock Breeders Association
-There will be a meeting of the
Greenwood Riding Stock Breeders
Association .at 1 o'clock on- Saturday, Feb. 17, at VRock Creek.
Anyone owning five or more head
of cattle can become a member and
should either try to be present or
send'a representative, especially if
he is using any crown range. . For
those coming from a distance and
bringing aJ lunch, coffee is provided
at noon.   -      ��� ^
(Signed)      H. L. T. Martin
Broom-Ball & Hockey
Greenwood Rink, Feb. 9th
Hockey at 8 o'clock
Broom-Ball &t 8,45
Admission: Adults 25c. CnilSrea ISc,
J. N. O'Neill, Principal
No. on Roll - - 17
Average Daily Attendance     10.03
Percentage of Attendance      59.
Perfect Attendance:
Bessie Bidder, Allan Fraser,
Mary Kerr, Silvia Price.
E. A. Olson, Teacher'
No. on Roll       -       -       '-        30
Average Daily Attendance     27.30
Percentage of Attendance       91.99
proficiency List:
Senior Grade 1st Year: Edward
Johnson, John McDonell. Vera
Walmsley, Eraine DuHamel, Tillie
Intermediate Grade 2nd Year:
George Hurst, George Bryan, Irene
Inglis, Helen Kerr,. Leo Madden,
Percy Fraser, William Walmsley,
John Putzel; Lawrence DuHamel.
Intermediate Grade 1st Year:
Allan McCurrach, Margaret Royce,
Walton Crane, Harry Hallstrom,
Marguerite Ritchie, Robert Mitchell, Lewis Mitchell, Edward
Parry, Eileen Bryan, Meredith
Fenner, Bertram Price, Daniel
Kerr, Thomas Walmsley, Arthur
Cox, Allan Morrison.
Perfect Attendance:
Eileen Bryan, George Bryan,
Arthur Cox, Lawrence DuHamel,
George Hurst, Lewis Mitchell,
Robert Mitchell, Margaret Royce,
Edward Johnson, William Walmsley, Thomas Walmsley, Vera
Walmsley, Eraine DuHamel.
,E. B. McKinnell, Teacher.
No. on Roll 33
Average Daily Attendance     28.73
Percentage of Attendance       87.06
Pkoficiency List:
Receiving Class: June Toney,
Stanley Kinsman, John McCurrach, James Forshaw, Leonard
Sortome, Victor Ritchie, David
Nichols, Mark Madden, v Alfred
Bauers, Ellen McCray, Alice
Second Primer:' Francis Jenkin,
John McGillvray, Beatrice McLaren, Ruth Cox, Albert Kinsman,
Jack Morrison.'
First Reader: Robert Carlson,
Lewis Clerf, Robert Forshaw,
Charles Royce, Viola Benson,
Gee Mon Yen, Cleo Toney,' Roy
Hallstrom, Alice Ritchie.
Second" Reader: Helen HurBt,
Maty Putzel, Eugene McGillvray,
Helen Bakke, Bruce Terhune', Roy
Perfect Attendance:
.Helen. Bakke, Alfred Bauers,
Viola Benson, Robert Carlson,
Lewis . Clerf, Ruth Cox,. James
Forshaw, Robert Forshaw, Albert
Kinsman, Eugene McGillvray,
John McGillvray, David Nichols,
Charles Royce, Leonard Sortome,
Cleo Toney, June'Tonev, Gee Mon
New Bank Manager
Mr.'J. McD. Reid, who has been
appointed Manager of the Bank'of
Montreal at ��� Greenwood, ' B; C,
comes from the Bank's Branch at
Langley Prairie, B.C., of which he
had. been .Manager for- the- past
three years.' Mr. Reid took an
active part In the .life of the community at Langley, Prairie. He
was Secretary of the Board of
Trade, Secretary-Treasurer of the
Musical and" Dramatic Society, and
a msmber of the Amateur Athletic
Association. Prior . io going to
Langley Prairie he was for a
period the Manager at Hedley,
B. C. Altogether he has been
serving ^.i.h various Blanches of
the Bank of Montreal in British
Columbia for the past thirteen
yeare. Prior to coming to Canada,
Mr. Reid was for several years
with the North of Scotland Town
and Coaafey Bask.
Pay yoar sofescrialien to Tbe Lefae
Kettle Valley Notes
E. P. Rock left last Sunday for
Chute lake.
Comdr. N. Lewis returned ��� from
Vancouver last Sunday.
._, Mrs. Beavan Gane and family
are the guests of Mrs. M. E. Gane
for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Clarke, of
Carmi, were down for the dance
last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bodman, of
Bridesville. were the guests of Mrs.
E. P. Rock last Friday.
A number of Greenwoodites attended the Banff orchestra dance
in Riverside Hall laBt Friday.
Mrs. John Madge returned  last
Sunday from  Grand Forks, where
she has been  staying   for  a  few_
There will be a Card Party and
Dance in the "Co-Operative Hall,
Rock Creek on Friday, Feb. 9th,
at 8 p.m..
Major and Mrs. R. Gray returned to the Valley on Saturday after
spending a very pleasant v'isiu with
friends in Grand Forks.
Captain and Miss K. Welstead
have returned from Vancouver
Island*' laRt Saturday where they
have been visiting friends.
On Saturday, Feb. 17 there will
be a Card Party and Dance in the
Kettle Valley School. Admission
50c, everybody welcome, Supper
included. Cards to start at 8 p.m.
W. M. S.
These  mystical   letters   stand   .-
for Woman's Missionary Society
of  the "Presbyterian   Church   in
Canada.    Miss  Evelyn   Mitchell
who is one of the Field Secretaries of the above society will" address a meeting in the-Church at  -
Midway on Sunday the  11th inst "'
at   2.30 o'clock.    Miss   Mitchell
will, also give  the address at the
usual  service  in   Greenwood   at
7.30 p.m.
^In these days when Immigration is such a live questionin
Canada and iu all the Dominions
of the Empire, the work of the
-W.M.S. should make a very large
appeal- to all true patriots.
While it is the desire of most
people that^ the immigrants
should be English, speaking-
everyone knows from past experience that a goodly number of
them will come from. the distressed lands- of Europe. It is
jusr.hereThat"such_an organization as the W. M. S. proves in-,
valuable to the Nation. ' A great
part of tbe work of the Society'
lies among the new Canadians.
Schools1 and school homes have (
been opened at many points in
Western Canada, The children
are gathered in-and besides au
ordinary education are taught
Canadian ways and Christian "
ideals. Hospitals too, are maintained at various points. Trained
nurses and doctors are in attead-
anceVfree advice is provided for
the newcomers and everything is
done to make them at home in '
the new land.
It' is impossible however in a
short paragraph to give more
than a glimpse of the work of the
W. M. S. Come out,to the meetings on' Sunday and hear Miss
Mitchell.- -      '   ; "     -
-Midway, 2.30; Greenwood, 7.30.
Sleighing-is not as. popular as
it was in the days before the
automobile.. The need for snow,
roads is not so pressing as it was.
Yet sleighing is good especially
whenMife is young. The merry-
bells chime in harmony with the
gay spirits of youth, and makes
the miles speed joyously;- Yet
the snow gets colder as the years
pass and gradually the merriment
slips away from the jingle.of the
bells. Then the" scow with its
glistening diamonds" is very cold,"'
But .we have sleighing"- now,
which is very-convenient "for the
hauling of lumber aad heavy /
farm produce, and gives joy to
youth. ' _ . - N
THE     LEDUa     GREENWOOD.     B.     0.
particular people*
All the qualities of superfine
coffee���roasted to a turn, crushed
to small, clean grains���every can
perfect coffee. 20
Rare Owl In London Zoo
Snowy  Bird Was Caught by Vessel  in
M iti-Ocean
A snowy owl captured on board a
vessel :;00 miles out. of Ni'w York li-.is
reached tlie London zoo.
Chen, was once in I lie gardens it
specimen of this large and fierce
species taken 700 miles from shore.
One cannot mistake the newcomer,
for its leathers are immaculately clean
compared with those of the older resident, in i lie next cage, which havc become dimmed by the smoke and i'o;_s
of London.
What is more interesting to note,
however, i.s Unit, save for his face, tlie
plumac;.. of the latest lodger in the
owls' aviary is richly adorned with
wavy black markings, v. hile that of its
neighbor is almost pure white. The
former is the livery of the immature
bin!, and the latter that of the adult.
The home of tho snowy owl is the
treeless wastes of the Arctic. The
bird is a regular visitor to Great Britain, but it is extremely scarce.
lhe Need ror Immigration
The drop in immigration during 1 *���___:, when only T.'.OOO people entered
Canada, as compared with MM:: when io;;,i.oo entered, meant loss during the
year in the form of increase in thc homo market, equal to over 2o per cent,
in the value of Canada's export trade ia IH--, which was approximately
This may bo a new way ol measuring the vi'lue of immigration but it is
probably the most accurate that could be devised. Without being iu the least
desirous of minimizing the importance of the export trade, it must, however,
be admitted ihat it is secondary to that of the internal trade of the country.
If Canadian mercantile interests last year had had but $1)00,000,000 worth of
business to handle, they would have experienced one of the slackest years on
record. Any increase iu business contributed to the improvement in conditions, hut increase iu the volume of internal business most of all.
A moment's reflection is sullicient to demonstrate the-obviousness of this
iUatoiuenl. Going back (o pre-war days if will bc agreed that from 71903 to
3!U- were years of genuine prosperity. Dominion revenues were abounding,
surpluses having gone as high as .:.7,000,000 a year. Uut during this period
the 'Mai exports wove never higher than ??��07,7fjl,15.l wliich they reached in
Business was brisk, and prosperity marked because, during those years,
Canada received 2,000,000 immigrants. ln none of these, years did she receive less than .121,000. and in I!U2. the number was :>5-l.2:!7. It was lhe
outfitting of0these people, thc greater percentage of whom- went on the land,
unci thus needed large quantities of goods of every kind, that made business
boom. Here were as many as 'J50,000 new customers being brought to our
merchants every year, and all not only eager, but compelled lo buy. It cost
very little to get this new business; in reality it was ihe cheapest business
that our merchants ever got. In the train of this great stream of immigration followed building and general construction activities on a huge scale from
which everybody benefitted.
It: may be asked, how are these conclusions as to the value, of immigration to the country arrived at? No absolutely accurate figures as to the value
of the internal trade for a given year are available, but an estimate made by
the Dominion Statistician and Quoted in the House of Commons during 3922,
placed the value of Canada's production in 1921 at ?5,2li,SG(_,900, and it was
expressly added that this figure did not include several very large items. It
lias accordingly been generally assumed that the value of the country's production runs about $6,000,000,000 a year.
,As the.-supply of goods approximates- jo Lhe. dema7ul,;any:surphis.of goods-
during a given year-may. be disregarded, and-it niay 'be. takeii. for granted tliat
��� the.total production -plus the 'imports, 'and., minus li'he 'exporij. represents'tlie
value of the internal .trade qT the Dominion, .'during a vf.ar.7 .''Canada" is a heavy
���jmp'orterVheV imports'in' 11)21 having btfen_ _?S00,000,0pO.     "As a,deduction must'
' Ve. made for "-oxporls,: -which-/in/i hat. yei'm .were'' ?S16,000,000,- the 'imports .aiul
..':e:\",}or'j.s.'priicticaliy-c;i]i(:elle'd-.o.ne another, so it,_ii:.y;b'c assumed tliat the" in-"
'terhal-tVadoVof.the Dominion in 1.921. was. $6,0001000,000; oi- approximately'$6G6'
. p'er'ca'piia.." If may rilso''be:as3umecl-,'that'Jn2I-'is'"]iow*,{m average yeaiVV   '
-���' V  Assuming that'the per eapiia l.'tiirhiis.ed .are,"?660/a year-, fh'en^vl.eiv.-.OO,-
(>0!u immigrants entered Canada 7 with in' a .twelve 'montli,Va.sV.hey.did in .391:.,
.she' new business they brought^ as'-.worth' ?2G-l,OOO.O0.O-ji''ye.__j-iq. the .country.,
'The 75j(i00" who'-entered-in' 1022 thus brought' .orily'-;,?50,p00i00p:of iie'w.'business..
-Taking il. -for'granted.that,|he-set',tierbuys-no-mtfre. than die average'person',
--���which,'of course, is a-V.very liberal' concession,'ilio. .difference.'" bet ween ihe "two
��� foregoing Totals," or. -ov.er.?20tf;0P0,00,0 represenisuhe yearly-VlVss.to.-Cahadia.'i'
'business through-" the" decline in ihiniigratibmfi-om'it.s ."high point -in .1913.7' "-'- :
";'-"."It-anything, iiiisis a. considerable, .understatement'.o.f the "loss,-'.those, who
7K'?(l.le! on: land,"which ���the_ greater- number of immigrants-'would .'do; being by
far the heaviest":"purcha"se.rs ot. general "goods. "   If the average 'settlerVlocating
, on-the-prairies-is.'worth oyer. $700 a year, to ilia-i'ailwayrf^as-is claimed/then"
.-ho .surely xmist" be w'orlh= double, t.ha.l to all'the business-iii"ter'ersts''bi7th:_-:coun-'
'try. - That.'.the estimate pT'loss, is undcrT.ie mark is. fiirllior. evident 1'roin/fhc
fact. .l.haV the average loan do 'settlersVundev-.-Uie" SoldierSe'tller 'scheme."is
"7 .,{',000; and certain "classes;-may 'borr'ow-'up't6'$7,500.. ."-'V        --     ""���'    '    7.7
'- ���-'.'Much Is" naturally made of--.lie. fact,that Canada.,';as"a result of.last year's
-. crop, has-300,000,000 bushels ofw.lieat for.-cxpo.'t, .which- should bring-in ap-
' proximately' $300,000,0.00, :but' this amount,.large as "it is, is", not much' larger
'than-what the business interests of- the country are-losing. tluring:tbe_course
-'"pi7a:";yeIi'r-lhrough .fluv 'decline iii'iniiiiigratiorifrbni-lhe high' point of a decade,
ago..   -Canadian- busiiiess.'men". wereViV-busiy "as bees when:-'tlie""comitry oniy
'-esparto.!" ?250 Vp.00.000- of .'products. aVyear, tlieV-erison being that they then-got,
-.' through jnynrj.riition.'.cn-er-fiveHime'S-aV much ;nc\y -business, at "home within a
"twelve month, as. .they how get..:--."'.  '-,.'-" ,".-'-' 7-''".,. \   .-...���'��� '-7-'������'',     -. ��� .:'-.'
Liniments Won't Relieve
Pain Between the Eyes
That pain is not rheumatism or neuralgia. Many folks think so���it is
due to Catarrh, plain ordinary Catarrh
aud needs attention right now. Ca-
iarrhozone is the name of a wonderful invention that is daily fixing up
chronic cases of weak throat, bronchitis and catarrh. Every breath
through the Inhaler is laden with
soothing, healing substances that destroy all diseased conditions in the
breathing organs. It can't fail to
help, because it goes where the trouble
really exists���and doesn't attempt lo
relieve an illness iu the head or throat
by means of medicine taken into the
stomach. There is no sufferer from
a grippy cold or any winter ill that
won't ilnd benefit in Catarrhozone,
which is employed by Physicians,rmin-
isters, lawyers and public men
throughout many foreign lands. Largo
size lasts two mouths, and costs $1.00.
Small size 50c, sample size 25c, all
storekeepers or the Catarrhozone Co.,
Children Delight In
Cuticura Soap Baths
Because they are soothing and refreshing for tender skins, especially
if assisted by Cuticura Ointment on
first signs of redness or roughness.
The Cuticura Talcum also, delicately
medicated and exquisitely perfumed,
is excellent for little ones.
Snap25c. Ointment 25 aad 50c. Talcum 25c. Sold
throughout lhe Dominion. CanadianDepot:
Lysuas. Limited. 344 St. Pul St.. W., Montml.
'Cuticura Soap ���have! without mu_,
Christianity in Corea
In Corea's population of 10,0-18,000
oue out of every fifty-six is a Christian, according to .an    estimate    by
church leaders.
--_-..   Aerial. Ambulances .7
An Angry Bull
Been  "Built-.Foc    British i
V .7 ' 7  Royal Air- Force.. ^ 7""7'V j
"-A..fleet.. pt-;aerial-.f\mb.u]anees; each j
of wliich has accommodation i'or four!
"       "   "    -J
V/ayihg^g -Red" Rag-Said to "be No More
'" -Dangerous-than Waving a. - "'
W"V. W; 'VWfiite;brie    ."V ���''."'W.v
,-,,-- -.... ,     ���   .,-    ���    .-��� i,V it-Vis -generally supposedVtiiat the
stretcher cases, wuh-two attendants,^- .   .-"���    -    -.-.--. -   .: =     . ..----. v   ���'
' jiiul/.if .necessary. a7.docloi:"7has'Wn-|.:;i-!l1.:()i;;i'?d }'���}G& a'-.bull-au'd" the
built,for ;the';'u'sc'.ot'- th.eV Ttoys.il ������ -Air j'l'hrase- '.'-like. a. red' .rag to'.a-bull;"-.has
Force. Craft' ol'-a-larger size ai-e n('n^:"!V.c^n'e;-,riidyei;blaI.. ^"Recent, experj.
being constructe'd. ['} The' anibulah'ces ��� ^lOnl'sv however, are' said "to govtp shovy
: are intended'far use in countries lilce,, '!��:��� 17^"li<-n..;a-, red', va.g, is 'wared; it Is
"Mesopotamia, ���\vherc.lari.e.-' traci.s7.'oTV: 'wt-lhe coloi- yhich" makes .him.mgr'yV
'.land, are patrolled hy jJi-itislV ifirnicii.J.V'-l'he real, causes i!.'is said.are the Kciir
Widely Scattered Vocation
Lumber is Manufactured from One
End of the Dominion to the
The manufacture, sale and distribution of lumber products is a -widely
scattered vocation in Canada. There
are approximately o. 3,500 sawmills,
portable and stationary, in the Dominion, and the annual cut is between
four and live billion feet board measure. British Columbia is the leading
producer with about one-quarter of the
total output, while Ontario comes second, with Quebec in closo pursuit.
New Brunswick stands fourth and
Nova Scotia fifth in thc line of production. The greatest output of sawn
lumber is spruce, which constitutes
practically one-third of the aggregate
annual cut. Douglas fir comes next,
white pine third and hemlock fourth,
after which follow balsam, cedar, red
pine, jack pine, lamarac, etc. The
total capital invested in the sawmills
of the Dominion is about $250,000,000.
Co-operative Marketing Plan
Claim iViade that Farmers Can Save
Money by Marketing Cattle on
Scientific Basis
"Producers of livestock in Western
Canada can save hundreds of thous-
ands of dollars annually by. marketing
their cattle on a more scientific basis,"
the Saskatchewan drain Growers' convention was told by C. Rice-Jones,
General Manager of tlie United Grain
Growers. "The producer," ho says,
'���through a co-operative scheme has
to keep control of his product to a
point closer lo the consumer." Mr.
Rice-Jones explained to the delegates
the plan of co-operative cattle marketing which his company shortly is
to pul. into operation. To got best
results, he said, at least 05 per cent,
of the livestock should be marketed
through the farmers' own organization. The United Grain Growers were
looking into the possibility of cooperative shipping of horses to Western Canada when thc market seemed
to be looking up. The convention endorsed unanimously the principle of
the plan by resolution.
What They  Need  to   Restore   Health
and Vitality
The woman who feels tired out, who
aches all over when she rises in the
morning, who feels depressed most of
her time, needs just the help that Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills   can   give   her���
new rich blood and stronger .nerves, '
"-":��� The number..bf disorders..caused.7.by
.thin-blood is amazing,'.indVuiost iwo-
tiien. arc ."careless .about .tlie- condition
of   their.- blood'._: Their ;nerves   are
quickly affected,' and.;they' become irritable;' they, worry, oyer grilles," and "do
not   obtain   refreshing sleep.- ".There
may be .stomach'troubles and headaches.-7   This-is the    condition . that
.calls for Dr. Williams' Pink Tills, the,
blood-making-.   and -    .icrverrestoring
tonic.  '"The value of this medicine is
proved by'tlie statement of Mrs. John
Cpriroy/.Fall.'River, Oiit., who "says:���:
.Two,years ago,'after the birth" of one
of-my children,'-! became so .run-down-
tliat I'-had to.weau the baby.and-could
not do. i"ny, housework'-.- -' T lost "appetite, look ho. interest in anything," and
'was iii "a pitiable .condition."-.- . I tried,
.differeni-.docfors; but-they did.not help
mo very, much. ', I, was -in thiscondi-
'lion'all slimmer; until a ".neighbor ,ad-
Vlscd " me "-...to ir.y Dr. Williams*; Pink
Pills.'     After;fitkingVlWo" boxes.I felt-
Jspmewhat"" better  and":got'"-a'- further'
supply.;   T'l'ound.'iny appetite impro"vr
ing; I .could-do my housework, and li'v-'
ing.again -seemed "worth while.   I cbri-
.tinued7.1aki.i1g   the.-. pfclV foi-   sonic
'���mdri'tlijti  and ��� was -'then.- enjoying the
best, of-health..    I cannot "too" strong.-.
]y'recominend-i)i-. Williams' Pink Pills
to" anyone -niii.do.wn and in heed of a-
-.tonic-as -Uicy.bnilt���1110���-���up.-"-$u.d--tliere
is no signs of anaemia about me. to-"'
'day.'*-:'-..-.������'���-'������- '.',���-��� -iyXxX' ���  . :���-"'-,
"  -You can get" Dr. Willlanis'Pink Pills,
froin;-any'dealer'in -medicine/   or.  bj\
niail'at-50'cents a bdx'.or si.xVbo'xes for
52.50 from" The.-.Dr." .Williams', Medi:
cine Co.,-Br'oekviileVOrit77' ".- 7 '���      .-,'-
Many Entries For Homesteads
Over One Million Acres Filed on in
Western Canada Last Year
A total of 7,3'19 homestead entries
were made in the last fiscal year- in
Western Canada in comparison with
5,389 in the previous year, the years's
filings accounting for the settlement
of 1,175,2-10 acres by this system alone.
Of the year's filings 1,-1SS were in
Manitoba, 2,733 in Saskatchewan,
2,928 in Alberta and 200 in British
Columbia:.- .- Settlers trom forty-countries'made applications in which those
from. Canada-led, ;. followed-by tho
-Uhit'edVStates.'and British Isles.    '-. -'
- J  -   ���; ���-��� Habit. -,.-;.- 7.7; .7 ,
- "So-the 'plumber" eloped^ witli your
daughter. -,,Did.you'-catch them?",;7 7
.;.'"-Ves, they, crime .hack.-    He.'forgot
her suitcase. 7- .-":"_:���'-'    7-'   .���'���   V'V
H; is ,'hop'ed. soon'-to .design 'an'd'-cwn-
-struct'7n iljlins operating" .theatre:
- History.-, reeqr.rl.s'" that 'Sir, Waller '
-Raleigh once.paid bun "pounds sterling |
era I. ��� strangeness.-' of-., the "o.bjecl, its'
.-bi-iglftncMs.aml -ii>-.moveiiienir.'.Wliiie
vyould draw lhe'.;.animal'sX, attention
n.ioro" ftiijily than-red Vpr.-green,"but a
sudden flutter of any cblor.wguUI hiive
-Dye Skirt, Coat;;        W
7   7   DraperiesTV/itli
;-.",' 7V;       V 7  Diamond Dyes
y'XEach package of''Diamond Dyes"
containsVili'revtibns so simple that any
woman can dye or tint failed, shabby
skirts,-dresses, waisls. coats, sweaters,
stockings., hangings, draperies, everything like new. Buy "Diamond Dyes",
���no other kind���-then perfect;'lioine
dyeing is guaranteed, even ii'.yoti have
np-vcr dyed before.- . Tell." your druggist whether the material yiiu wishVo
Lift ;Off; with Fingers
Mr. F. 'M. Blaqulere, Morinville,"
Alta., writes:���"After three years
service overseas I returned to Canada almost a complete wreck. I had
been gassed, and was suffering from
shell shock and rheumatism, and was
so nervous I could not sleep at nignt.
I tried many medicines and doctors,
but none of them did me any good for
any length of time. I got so bad, in
the Fall of 19.19, my hands were so
shaky I could scarcely hold anything,
and it seemed as if I had a steel band
pressing on my head. The least excitement would almost drive mo into
fits, and my wholo system seemed to
be in disorder. I had cramps in my
legs nearly every night, and hot and
cold chills running up and down my
back nearly all the time. One day I
decided tc try Milburn's Heart and
Nerve. Pills, and after I had taken six
boxes I began to feel better. I kept
on using them"and after a whilo I was
completely relieved."
Price 50c a box at all dealers or
mailed direct on receipt of price by
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
If some/people have common sense
they evidently think it is too common
lo use.
Help for Asthma. Neglect gives
asthma a great advantage. The
.trouble, once,it has secured a foothold,
fastens its grip on the broncltfal passages tenaciously. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy is daily benefiting
cases of asthma of long standing.
Years of suffering, however, might
have been prevented had the remedy
been'used when'the.'trouble was in its
first stages. ��� Do not neglect asthma,
but use th'ls:prepafallon."at once.; ��� i-
V-Doesn't, hurt .'a.-bit! 7.' Drop a "little
"Freezone" on. an'aching corn," instantly- that, corn'stops hurting; then shortly ��� you lift it' right off with lingers.
Truly!.-V-. .. ;.":. - '7,"������".' X '��� -
;.. Your-druggist sells: ii tiny bottle of
"Freezone" 1'orj-a. few .'cents, .'sufficient.
.to remove "every hiird-corn,-soft, corn,'
or corn, between the toes, and the'cal-
'luses,' withojit soreness or irritation. .
.for a pair:,of. shoe,.-, tin- eriunalVnUof ;a. sfai'lhng .effect, upon 'hint according   dye-is wool. ,oi7 silk, or whether, it i.s
about $��,000'today.
to-this theor-v.
~~   99 x-'���"-'
.    Mrs..1. Whiting, 202 King St. West, BrpckviHej.Ont.,
7writes>���W-'..'"'W" -'-'   '-'-   ���-     ���-������" WW- X-HyXXX  ;
"I took very: sick'^wiib. my;ncryes^ a'nH' seemed to
bc all run down. ^ At'times 7my.;heart would '"flutter and palpitate
.linen, cotton, oi'.inixe'd goods. Dia-
,inond Dyes never streak, spot, fade, or"
and    I     would    take    suchV
we^kV;'spells.' in' .the    pit ; pf_
',���-."; my   stomach "that" I. some-
ti'rne's'    thought X-1 .Vyould
never,.. get ""better.,'" I. l��ad
almost" given up hope when
'a.fri^ndV advised  the" use77';
' of.- Dr;-V Chase's' Nerve. Food. 7
yly did;hot -stop;until 17had,;-'..
,��� taken;twenty-five7boxes/ It ..,=
has k.done' woriderj". for;, me'-. 7
* arid;.1.7want -to-^rcc.pmtnend,-..
':it to'cyeiyone.'WVW-'W?:-7 -
"�����       Novy Mine Layers
\"   Fourteen of' the tVS. 1,101-ton type
[.destroyers  have  been  converted  intj
J high speed niine layers, which can f;i>
to sea anil lay mine liclds directly in.
Uie p'aUi of an enemy.
May Rid London of Fog
Mine Expert Claims New ..Fuel' Will
. Also ..Stop''-Waste!.:'-
London ' will. .he. rid of., her famous
fog if a hew sort of. fu.el-discpveredrby
.John lloberts',. mining instructor^ does
all that' is--cl'iiiiiied for.it.; V; 7 .' V:
. .The fogs'."-are- produced-.from the
smoke, of thousands,-of - London, fac-
t ory - and grate . fire? -and -, for. - .this,
reasoii.' Robertso.has- brought forllr- a
new bright hard coke." lie.says-it is
������asily ignited.-- prt^JRces a little dust
and burns wiih it cheerful'glow.-
The. fuel is made by carbonization
o'f powdered "coking and non-coking:
coal at a itrnipcralure o'f between COO
and 700 degrees centigrade: He
maintains, ihat ii will stop much o'f the
great fuel waste that now exists and
v'ill result in cheaper mij��_g of coal.
7 Moral View of, British-Debt
Country Does.Not Really. Owe United
States a Dollar
The war-was. fought for a common
cause, -the-meii of many nations .'fighting, dying, and-financing each .other to
save :all from ah unwelcome- fate.' At
heart.the American'people, are .generous���and-: they.' understand the^situa-.
tion just well' enough to,"feel."a sense
of embarrassment, as their-commission
imposes " terms, qh' a-.country - that ,.is
playing tho game' and striving to sifve"
her-'credit.' '.""Morally the British:do
not - owe'V.t.he United - States a: dollar.
When all is said and.done there must
be addedNto-.lho credit.side of thaJus-"
tice and Fair Play account Britain's
outpouiiing-of gold in-helping-.save ilia
Allied -cause ..from. August,. 1914,. to
VApriI.19i?".-~0ttawa, Journal.-���       ,;
Chest colds-broken/
Inflamed membranes, congestion,
oppressive pain. Apply Sloans to chest
and throat. It scatters congestion
-your cold is gone! <
Sloan's Liniment
skills pain!
Hade in Canada
By    Rea --Proctor    McGee,    M.D.,
D.D.S., Pittsburgh. Pa.
Many Railway Accidents
Railway-Commission Furnishes. Information on this Subject
Railway accidents in Canada during December last, as reported by the
Kailway Commission, accounted for 18
deaths and injuries to 337 persons.
Two passengers were killed and 58 injured; 10 railroad employees ' killed
and 243 injured; and six persons other
than passengers or.employees wero
killed and 36 injured.
Accidents at railway crossings caused two deaths during December and
injuries to 24 people. Out of 19
crossing accidents automobiles were
involved in 13, resulting in the two
deaths and 17 injuries.
An inlay is a filling that is made
outside of the mouth and when finished is fastened in the tooth cavity with
a dental; cement. The making of inlays is a very ancient process that
was a lost art for many centuries. The
Aztecs of old Mexico used green stone
inlays in their teeth. The green
stone was not used to stop cavities as
we use inlays but was purely decora-
live. The Aztec nobility would have
fanciful designs cut in their front
teeth, probably tribal marks on the
order of our coat-of-arms, then the
green stone was cleverly, cut to fit (lie
cavity and cemented with a very durable transparent cement. Tho durability of these prehistoric inlays is
proved by the fact that there are in
existence a number of Aztec skulls
with the green stone still firmly in
Inlays of porcelain were the first to
be made in modern times. Porcelain
was used because it can be made to
approximate closely the color and
characteristics of the natural teeth.
The process of making a porcelain inlay is very difficult but the result is
so satisfactory that many are made
for fillings where gold would be objectionable.
The gold inlay is now very widely
used. There are many ways to make'
them, but the object is the same: that
is to fill the cavity perfectly, to~ restore thc original contour, and to be
durable. All of these things a gold
inlay does. Tlio miniature casting
that is required to malco a gold inlay
is an art of modern limes. Gold inlays/are mado with remarkable accuracy and, as they are made (mtside of
the mouth, they are much less painful  tftan  gold  fillings  that  must  bo
malleted into the tooth.     Whether a  ,10un, you can see' for vourself ,I0W
good gold inlay, is better for the tooth j thoroughly it  works  all  tho souring
"California Fig Syrup"  is
Child's Best Laxative
Even if cross, feverish, bilious, constipated or full of cold, children love
the "fruity" taste of "California Fig
Syrup." A teaspoonful never fails-to
clean the liver and bowels.     In-a few
than a gold filling that.is also good
Is not yet decided.' I would say either
one is all right. .
'.-.-.7"Queen.Mary Curbs Waste ���
" "Queen"Mary will-noi.-tolerate -waste"
dr extravagance in any form, and in
her capacity for making the most of
her housekeeping allowance slices declared to be the5 equal of her humblest
subjects. - Periodically, slie has- household balance sheets, prepared, so that
any "oindue expenditure may',be. checked, and .guarded against.- ���     .'-".. 7. ���
.food and nasty bile out of the stomach
and bowels, and you have a well, playful child again.       "
Millions of mothers keep "California-Fig Syrup" handy.     They^know a
tomorrow,    . Ask  your   druggist   for
teaspoonful today saves a sick "child
tomorrow...;" Ask   your   druggist .for'
genuine. "California Fig Syrup" which
has directions for babies'and children
of all ages printed on bottle.. Mother! :
���You-must say. "California" or yduiuay-'
get an imitation..fig: syrup..,."
"-���-.,'    7 To Freshen-Lemons .   '
If-lemons, become hard - and .-drynlo
not. throw them away; but place them
Ih a pan of water.and boil them for'
at icast.ten.minute's.: - They will become "as "soft rind juicy as .whenj first
bought.7-'v XX  '   X X X: ',7':" ,.: -V ���',
; Britain's Heavy. Taxation 7
Britain,. Chancellor. -Baldwin
minded Americans the other- day,
taxing her people;at, lhe.rate, of $100
per head.-'-. To grasp, what" that'in_>ans
It is but;necessary-to -note, that' Jn
Canada the rate is but ?15 per head.���
From the Ottawa Journal.
��� '-Over Did.Jt' _'.' ,
7.Customer.'���^"That 'Mir: restorer, of
yours���.'.-has.y|madev'my. hair. come""out'���
worse than ever." .. '-, V ' -. ', "V
��� .Barber.���"You must have" ''put , too
re. much'on, sir: ��� ^Madc' the hair come
��� {3 right out,instead" of only-halfway "
,-  -The. Motor Aristocracy----    -���"'-
"You have'no"'Iower classes -in"-this
country?" X -'     , - ;     7,    - ,   -  -.,-,-
.���_���'"C.er.tainlyV.we. hcLvci."----- " ',;���,������'    V
���"Anil what do you-cali, them?"-; .-..'-���
''Pedestrians." ~ liinningham. Age-,
Herald.'   "���:':   V"77'" 7.V-   -  "'���"'���'���'-���-.
Before engaging-in'an argument bc.
sure of your ability, to put your 'oi>-
ponent to sleep.
" .Thrift is the '"art'-. ol' d_enyihg your-"'
self'things you:desire while young, in '
order, tliat you. may buy things, that-
ypu .don't .want when you -get. old.    .
w     ���   ran-
wm?i Don run trz cam toon HvnlNa ;j. ;iucam.OU
.Remit l>y Doimiiioc Express;- Money .Order.'
If'lost oi' stolen", yon.get your money, bisk.
���'can  earn- Fifteen..to. Fifty Dollars
."'-Weekly ��� writing 'showcards; at- home.' -
' No" canvassing..;' -Pleasant,   prbflt-
��ablo     profession,'    easily;    quickly-
;learne;d' by our-.slmf 16 graphic block
system.     Artistic   ability   unneces��
sary.     We instruct ypu.and supply
you work.      Wilson Methods, Ltd.,
Dept., 95/Toronto,. Canada.
~f. for Constipation ^
I j" $10,000;000:.-aclll!iB'-j.uaranfocd tollot
-V . articles, si>iees, extracts, proprietary'-
���- ineiUcincH,-. auto supiiilrs direct to
consumer, over ".10 years,. offers exceptional opportunity ..to-earnest .'Intc'ligont
mon: oxporience iinin'cbpsary; suroty re-
qiilivd. -AVrltc today," The J.lt.": Wutklns-
Coutp-'iny, Dept. It.-IVfnnlpe^-M'an."
����� C��a��* * bo*. aU deaiera.or EUmMuoiyBatcs & p'o-i.I^a, Toronto
A Stickler For Form
.Holdup Man!���Hand'over "the-cash.'
35ank Teller. -���When you are. properly identified.-r^Xcw.York.Sun."" ������'
postmen ���
.'. Native .postmen, in. sotncpail^. oi
Biiiish.'"\Vesi, Africa-, have ;.jo -travel
-as'.nuch-'as-,three, weeks through'-..!he
-jiingle,;lo 'doliver-a-.single mail."'.'.'-'
':,..'-Suspicion-: ...soniet.imes'' .'^ii'iakes.7::.a
square.7-meal..oh: jealoiisyV-'anUVfinds!
.there,is.--'nbtliing=left^for deser.U'r.-''"'" V:
Minard's;,Liniment,for Distemper77.-:
XXX ~'ir-XX^Xxx^X^X5^xxxxxXx'.
. In all infantile complaints- that are
ihe .-results' of-'-the depredations Oi
worms in'.the stomach, and; intestines
Miller's Worm Powders will be found
an- effective " remedy. They attack
(he cause of. these,troubles, and by
expelling the worms trom the organs-
insurean orderly working o'f the sys-
tem,-~v.;iihout avhich the' child, cannot
maintain its strength or. thrive! These
powders mean ./.health.; and improvement! ���  ���'���"-:.' : "X.yyX, ; ""���   . ,' ;-, -'-."-;   .;'..
- I;brcc, pf: Habit - proved s t roiiger .than
fearrwhen a .liinaway. horse at 'AtIan-,
tic City-stopped :wh'eQ:a traffic policeman; threw 'the-signal'to "Stop,"-.rais-.
e'dVhis -;.rigbt!-:Iia'nd; and;--!:b!ewt~ hi*
-Whistle. '.-'���*,;.'".'"',;  'XiXXX r: ���' -XX-..X - , -'��� .'���
for those'Smokers
who like their.tobacco
Cut Fine or who
rot! their own
-' Canada's Best Buy ��
the ECONOMY Miaou*'.
(Aiso P&tmfum&m Packages 154& 25f)
'S I
-. x^-
GREENWOOD,    B.   'C.
Noted Blinded Woman
Famouu Polish Physician Studied
A. Medicine After Losing Sight v
Dr. Melanie Lipinska, who is visiting
the UnHed Slates to investigate methods used in the schools for the blind
!s a famous Polish woman physician
���Who has herself been blind for the
past teu years. She was not threatened with blindness till she was nine'
teen years old; but she did not then
let the possibility affect her intention
to study medicine. Since her own at-
flection developed her interest has
been largely in thc re-education of
tlie blind���a field ln wliich she lias
done notable work in France, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Knglaud.
Dr. Lipinska, who comes to the United States as an official delegate representing the Oculist Society of Warsaw,
will in addition lo examining conditions in the schools for the sightless,
lecture on her methods of re-educating
the scholars.     ;'
Has Independent Income
Prince_of Wales Receives^ Revenue
From Duchy, of Cornwall   \,
The Prince of Wales is the only one
of the King's sons who does not get
an allowance of ��10.00ojfroin the civil
list.' . He receives the revenues of
thelJuchy of Cornwall, which amounted to ��S7,OO0in 1910. But now, owing to the slump in land, values, the.
Prince's income is much less.
AVhen he, marries, his wife will
receive ��10,000 a year, and will have
it increased to ��25,000 if she survives him. ���
This Lady Gives
the Reason
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 3d Years
Always bears
Signature of
HouseLold Hints
Valuable   Recipes   For   tlio   Busy
I. Men Ought Always to Pray (v. 1).
Prayer is absolutely necessary to
the spiritual life. It is to the spiritual life what breathing is to the physical life. Men ought to pray under
every .^variety of circumstances���in
times    of    sorrow   and burdens for
 ��� I strength to endure; in times of joy
She Recommends Dodd/s Kidney Pills and   success   for   grace   to   behave
for Kidney Ills
aright.     Prayer ought to be persisted
in even when the answer is not im-
God does hear and
Miss   C.   M.. Cridland   Suffered   from.      -..-_,
Kidney Trouble and got no Relief i mediately seen
Till She took Dodd's Kidney Pills.' answer prayer even" when we do not
Langton,  Ont.���(Special).���Miss  C.. undrstand the mysteries of delay.
M.   Cridland,   a well known resident
Winter is a dangerous season for
the little ones. The days are so
changeable���one bright, the next cold
and stormy, that the mother is afraid
to take tlie children out for the fresh
air and exercise they need so much.
|n consequence they are often cooped
up in overheated, badly ventilated
rooms and are soon seized with colds
or grippe. What is needed to keep
lhe little ones well is Baby's Own Tablets. They will regulate the stomach
and, bowels and drive out colds, and
by their use the baby will he able to
get over the winter season in perfect
safety. The Tablets aro sold by medicine dealers or by mail-at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville/Ont. 7 '���
liere, states,'"! have been troubled'
with my kidneys for some. time. Your
Dodd's Kidney Pills did me more good
than any other medicine I have ever
taken. 1 think thcy are a wonderful
Dodd's Kidney ��� Pills are purely a
kidney remedy. They tone up and
strengthen weak kidneys and put them
in condition to do their full work of
straining the impurities out of the
blood. Strong healthy kidneys are
absolutely necessary if the blood is to
be pure and the body healthy.
Pure blood coursing through the
body carries to the different or%ans,
the nourishment they need, keeps them
sound and enables them lo throw off
disease of different kinds.
Prayer' of a Widow
B.C. Lumber Industry
Outlook for the Present Year is
Decidedly Encouraging
Approximately 330,000,000 feet of
lumber were produced on Vancouver
Island during the past year, according
to preliminary estimates, an-increase
over the previous _:ear of about 50,-
000,000 'feet. The outlook for thc
present year is decidedly encouraging.
Australia has placed some large orders
in the British Columbia market lately, and indications are that the export
business will be much improved all
round, with better prices ruling."
Queen Iri'Her Own Right
' Queen Wilhelmlna of the Netherlands, who' will celebrate her jubilee on the throne- next August, is the
only women in the world who is a
reigning sovereign in her-own right,
a position she has held since 1S9S,
when she reached her majority and
-was formally crowned.
' Tlie first house in the world to be
lighted with gas in 1792' was_ recently burned at Redruth in Cornwall, 'England. -    . "���.,.'    '.-..'
> If V you . think all't'hings:~conic tp
. Iiini' wlio.waits just sit-down"and waif
.arid see how hungry .you get.
As soon as you eat'a tablet.or two
bf "Pape's Diapepsin" your indigestion
is gone.'. Heavy pain, heartburn,
flatulence, gases, palpitation, or' any
misery1 "froni; -a "sour, acid stomach
ends. - Correct" your stomach and
digestion for a few cents. Each.pack-
. age.guaranteed, by druggist,-    ' .. --;
Complete", in. itself,. Mother Graves'-
"���Worm Exterminator does not require
lhe assistance, of "any other medicine
'io make.it effective.".' itVdocs not"fail
.to.do its"work.   '���-"..-.   '   V   ."-.-'���"*
A man-isn'tnecessarily.brilliant because he sits" down and-"reflects occasionally;   ���- - -7"--'V:    -. ' , . "  '-'"���'". '-���'
iThe naturalfobdj
for babies when
mother's milk
���fails is W
The Cause ofww f
Heart Trouble |
:FauU'y"dige��tioh causes.-the" O-
X  gen'eration-'of -gases in the  $
. X .- stomach which inflaleVand press ' 6
v  "on.the heart "and interfere  O
j^.'.with its",regular."action, causing '���$
a -fainlness7-and pain." 115 to 30. o
.9. drops of Mother Seigei's Curative  5
' J -Syrup.after meals set's"digestion':2'
a, right, which allows-.the heart to" :o
2 beat full and 'regular. "'50c. and" 9
j . $1.00 bottle at druggjsta.   V      9' X.
#0<KWXK>^-6pO<><Q-OG<K>0 CKXX>0
Instantly!    End. Indigestion
or Stomach Misery with
"Pape's Diapepsin"
Farmers Raisin Bread
A cups cornmeai, 2 Cups rye flour.
1 teaspoon soda, 1 cup molasses.
1 tablespoon salt, 1 cup water.
2 teaspoons baking powder.
2 cups sour milk or buttermilk.
2 tablespoons mel'ted shortening.
1 cup seeded Sun-Maid raisins.
.Mix and sift all the dry ingredients
together; stir in the raisins and the
rest of the ingredients in order given.
Mix thoroughly and pour into two well
greased loaf pans. Bake about forty-
five minutes in an oven heated to 400
degrees Fahrenheit.
Seeing By Wireless v
System So Perfected .that' Tele-Vision -
' Will Become Practicable _ -
Kdouard Beli.ii. the inventor, of -tele?
'.photography:and;' the .transmission of
handwriting" by wireless, believcstliat
before long it will be possible to transmit direct.'.vision by wireless���-that is;
to .enable..people- toVgaze. on a7 scene
many .miles".;away withbut-iho scene
being first photographed.'.-;.." .'
": For-.tele-vision, lie, siiys. that it. Is
not only, necessary Hhat the whole of
tlie object-o.f. the scene .should be .visible, at = one time.-but-that; the image"
shouId:7be .-transmitted at,-, the 'highest
possible, speed."       ,-'   -'""-."��� -, ���  V  -  '���'
���' He thinks .he 'can.achieve his object
byVtlie aid.of photo ...electric bulbs,
which are sp. sensitive that they react'even" to so faint-a. light as that bf
a'distant'star.."' ' ' -;...', ''��� -'.'-'
--The systems of-.wireless .'reception
have-:be.cn so'perfected.'that' ho ..be-,
lie'yes. the employment, of these "bulbs
(o record , impressions picked lip at'
great distances ""will - make television
practicable. ""   V   "        ".'      ."   -';
This method", hojxever, would not b.e
sufficiently perfect lo transmit moving
'pictures, as it is. not expected to attain"'a "'higher speed in transmission
,iban oiie second. -'-      ���    r
ExporjL Butter Froin Prairies
The   Urgent
(vv. 2-S).
The picture here is of a helpless
widow who was being cheated out of
her .property rights, coming to a godless judge for redress. Her only
means of getting help was to prove
the justice of her claim by her persistence. Even this did not gain access to his heart, for he feared not
God nor regarded men. He complied
with helv request in order to get rid of
The point here is not that^Godcis
like this unjust judge and can be teased into compliance, but rather that If
such action can be secured on the part
ofra godless judge by persistence, how
much surer will be the. help of God to
those who cry unto Him day and
The helpless widow pictures the
church in "this age suffering the deprivation' of her-rights. It is not the
church praying for vengeance upon
her enemies, but suing for the possession of her rights by virtue of her covenant relation in Christ. The inheritance of the church will bo actualized
at the comin�� of Christ. This is why
the truth concerning the coming of
Christ is so vital to Christianity, and
why such disastrous consequences
follow the loss of.the Blessed Hope.
Thc apparent delay in. the vindication of the church may dishearten
some and cause others to mock (II.
Peter 3:4). Jesus' question should
be a solemn warning against allowing
the apparent delay of,, the coming of
the Lord to crowd out our praying.
Though many may give up we sho'uld
be assured that genuine faith will
abide, and that the divine promise
concerning the coming of Chris"t shall
be fulfilled. -We cau be sure of God.
III. The Prayer of the Proud Pharisee
(vv.9-12).,        _^
71. He Took a Slriking Attitude (v.
11). The Jewish -custom was tc
stand wjsilo. praying, but the - word
Vslood" implies the assumption of an
ostenialious position. He was self-
righteous and trusted in himself.
2. He Prayed With Himself- (vv, 11,
12). lie, used the name of God, but
it- was really a soliloquy. He pre-,
tended to.be thanking God when really hc was rehearsing "his own goodness���complimenting himself. His
-whole thought centred in hithself. Ho
congratulated himself for (1) his morality (vv.,.ll). .-- -He thanked God that
lie "was not'as oilier men are, such.as
extortioners, unjust; adulterers, or
even as the publican -who was standing afar- off; ! (2). His Religious Merits
(vi 12).- lie fasted twice a week'and
gavc-titlies bf-all-he":--possessed..7'lie"
thus informed'God that 'he did more
than was requirc'd.-'im'plying tliat God
was under;obligation "to him. V ; "" .
IV.". Tlie .PraS-cr of the Humble Pubii-
X can' (v. 13).; ,V. . W V.V - V-
i In striking- contrast with this sup.
posed saint stood the publican whose
shame, kept.-liim'.froin even .looking
up to HeViven, beating upon his breast
as "a" sign, of. anguish of sou!,--crying
out to God to bemerciful   to   liihi,   a
���-���. - ,'.'���-        ���    �� ��� -
sinner.-lie took his place as a sinner-
and,called tipon God for mercy;"'-.
-V.'Christ's Testimony; (v. 14):":.'yi ��� X.
He declared that the; publican went
away justified rathcrVthanVthe Pharisee.- The one great" and urgent need
on.the part of men is a confession of
"sin and a.wilSingness to cry unto God
Tor mercy;. . ���' '
Greek Peppers
6 large red peppers, 1 egg yolk.
a,i cup bread crumbs,'.1,:! cup stock
1 small grated onion.
1 salt'spdon mixed spices, salt.
1 tablespoon minced pepper.
1 tablespoon soft butter.
Vi cup chopped Sun-Maid raisins.
Parmesan cheese.
Skin and halve the peppers, butter
them inside and out and fit into a
buttered pie plate. Mix together the
grated onion, bread crumbs, raisins,
pepper, salt, butter, spices and minced
pepper. Mix well, then add the egg
yolk beaten into the stock. Fill the
peppers and bake. While hot froin
the oven dust with grated Parmesan
Juveniles From British Isles
The kiddies, will get their feet wot,
catch cold, get croup and ��� give their ,   ���.     .
mothers lots of trouble.      With the \at"ai1 mnns.
first cough or sneeze; rub the little! en from among many who are ready
one's chest with Nerviline, rub it on j to leave school.     Many of them are
Salvation Army Plan to Bring Selected
Youths to Canada
One of the most important results
of the recent visit to Canada of Commissioner-David C. Lamb, head of the
emigration work of the Salvation
Arjny, and his conferences with the
Minister of Immigration and Colonization in Ottawa, is that official en-
dorsation was given to the proposal of
the Salvation Army to bring a number
of selected juveniles from the British
Isles to settle in the Dominion.
Part of the plan is to place.a number of these boys, ranging in age from
II to IS years, as apprentices on Can-
The boys will be chos-
plentifully, it can't harm. Then mako
a gargle with Nerviline and-water, and
have the child gargle for, five minutes.
Just at bed time, give the child ten
drops of Nerviline in diot sweetened
water. Tlie result is fine, and next
morning child is better. Nerviline
is a great protection in the home.
Large 35c��bottles at all dealers.
��� ���-'  Putting It Over the Duck
Fond Mother.���-This is the swimmer
of the family.     She swims like a little duck.
Charlotte.���Better!     I can swim on
my bac�����Life.
Ur"0��d.:tiiat-' y/estem ���* Butter-Exports
- c, ,B'e" Properly. Designated .'-,'- '���'-'.
, Butter- produccrs:.'Qi',_Vlberta, Saskat-
cheka.n and ������Manitoba- should.";-lake
steps .to protect- .themselves against
unjust discrimination iii -tlie' British _
market if they are fo succeed, Hon: J
Duncan. 'Marshall,- Dominion Coni'n.i
is".in a'ciitc attack-of Nasal Catarrh.- ,'- "��� ,-"
. Those subject -.lo-frequent- "cttlds ' in the
lie.iilV-wilffind'that- the use ,'of HALL'S
CATARRH ��� MED.ICINE- vill build- up .tha
System "and fei:iier them le-3 liable to colds.
Jti-pi'.-itiil- attacks .of.. Acute-.Catarrh .may. lead
to  Chronic -Catarrh, X      -���
11 ��'l-j *n-internally, and acta through'-the Blood oa
iniis-I t':e Mucous-surfaces'of the'-System, thu�� r��:
- *   f ductile' 1'ic iuflammatidn'and assisting: Nature
sioner   Of  Agriculture, ' told   delegates Jin Vcstorinc normal conditions/
'     .,                   ,    "     "...          ,-.  ,,       .,1     AU Urusrcists.'      Circulars fiee.
to  the annual, convention oi  the Al-i      -
borfa T.Va'iryman's Association at-Cal-4'
"Cascarets" 10c
For' Sluggish  Liver     j
or Constipated ;      i
! " Bowels |
��*����MMIUHM��l1Tttri1l"1f--M1M-*tMH Ittt-^-^-M
Clean your bowels J ���    Feel fine!  '..
When you feel sick, dizzy, upset,
when your head is dull, or aching, or
your stomach is sour or gassy," just
take one or two Cascarets-^to relieve
constipation. - No griping--nice"st
laxative-cathartic on earth for grownups and children. < ilOc a box. ���" Taste
like candy.
Less Hail Losses   .
Saskatchewan Hai! - Insurance Statistics Are More Satisfactory
A. E. Fisher, Superintendent of Insurance' tar Saskatchewan, lias issued
a statement showing the1 'premiums
received - by . the' hail, .insurance, companies during the'underwriting; season
of, 1D22, together wiih.the losses'paid.
;.:jrhis'.- statement, is based'--on .figures-
supplied by the general'manager,'and
as far as the companies, themselves
are concerned, is-subject to. revision
when the insurance "treaties of the
head. offices arc -taken, into' consideration. " ' V;.'_-,'. .',.. V' ��� X' ' ���"."��� -"
'. -'.'It.is certainly gratifying," said. Mr.
-Fisher, "to-noto' that the. hail losses-
during 1922 were lower than In any'of
the past" five ycars.'-and.that the loss
ration was only.3r.79 of the premiums
received. ' The .experience of 71922. was
a .-great deal more, favorable.-than that
of ip2i7 -'���   ���.. - -'X-yX x\   .-
"-'���"As far as tiie premiums . paid for
hall .Insurance."sre- concerned . "there
was a decided falling!off iri the amount
paid in '1022,"-the ��� figure' for that year
being"S3,"157>2-17i'45, as compared Villi
5i,5.SS,?25.02 in. 1921." On''the.other
-hand'ihc-'lbss'cs for, 1922:wcre ?lr09S,-
991.7.1,' as- compared' Vwith-...?t,62S,-
1-37-CO."    ' : 7-   '- '- '-'-."-. X'y  ''"'"   '-������
the children of parents who are unable to afford to continue their education or bear the expense that is incidental to a long apprenticeship to a
skilled trade. It is here where the
Salvation Army will co-operate. With
the joint approval of the boy and his
parents, arrangements will be made
for the boy to come" to Canada, where
he will be placed as a farm apprentice
under 11-contract for one year. Every
possible precaution will be taken to
see that the boys.chosen are of excellent character.
Already Adjutant Wm. Dray,- of the
Salvation Army, Winnipeg, has received several requests from farmers in
Manitoba, who are willing to lake one
of these boys.
It lias been arranged that the first
parly of boys arrive in Canada sometime in March, and a quota will be
placed on farms'in Manitoba.
. In the past forty years about 76,000
juveniles have come to Canada from
the Mother Country under the auspices of such agencies as tlie Salvation
Army and it is significant that none
have become a charge on the Canadian public, many, indeed, -have become prominent citizens, a number being conspicuous in the public life of
the Dominion. During the war over
10,000 of these boys enlisted with the
Canadian Expeditionary Force. T
Mothers " Value this Oil.���Mothers
who know how "suddenly croup may
seize their children and how necessary
prompt action is in applying relief, always keep at hand _v, supply of. Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, because experl-
e'nceUias .taught, them that .this.Js an
excellent"- preparation -for the treat-
mentoLthis",ailment.-' And they-'are
wise,'for;,its-various uses render it a
valuable'"medicine. .1..-:_.,.'X-.y..:...Xx ..-. .
Arctic Ocean Becoming Warm V
Explorers-and fishermen report-that;
the Arctic Oceania becoming so. warm
tliat icebergs arid seals are disappear-,
ing and' herrings and smelts are talcing the place, of seals; .which find the
present, temperature too ; high .'for
them.-"-'."   7-' - .---"-   ���   '" . '
An elevator and 7,000 bushels of
wheat were destroyed at Leslie, Sask.,
when a lantern dropped in a bin.
Announcement is made that King
George and Queen Mary are contemplating a visit to Italy in the spring.
Another U.S. navy is to be added
to the Pacific Coast. It will be officially known as the "United States
Pacific dry navy."
Hon. J. A. Maharg was elected President of the Saskatchewan Grain
Growers' Association for thc thirteenth yeaiv
There are 3,000 less unemployed in
Alberta at the present time than at
this time last year, according to the
report of the provincial labor bureau.
Lord Armstrong has decided to close
his famous mansion, one of the glories of the Northumbrian border, and
reside in the house formerly occupied
by his estate ageht.' High taxation
is believed responsible for this step.
Gordon -Murray Beatty, of Montreal,
brother of E. W. Beatty, K.C., Canadian Pacific Railway head,-died at Ottawa, Jan. 30. He was the youngest
son of the late -Henry Ueatty, of
Toronto.    ' . ��� .
- -Hounds of the same breed as" the'
Egyptian Pharaohs kept as p.ets were
exhibited recehtly'Va't ���_ a\London dog
show, -r  '7 ;.-.-���; 7"..'    '.''.-:;':���'-'-.
!���'. J. Cheney'& Co.; Toledo. Obio.
S.sid i'or Hat of intention* vsnteit by Msmiifr.c-
(uferc; iWtune* h��nr�� br. nrrnade from elraple
Jde*��.. "Potent yrottcslon" booklet oa fequcat.
PATENT ATTORNEYS    ottawa. canada
! gary. , -
1 ��� Mr. Marshaft said "thai 'Canadian
hii Iter generally is not wanted- in
Great lirilain when Australian- or
New -Ze'ah.nd;but'ter"fai_ be obtained,
but that butter from the three pr-.iii'ic
provinces is nrpi-e favorably, received.
He advised them to lake stei>s toward establishing a1 mai keiing system j
whereby buttw from the three prairie"}
provinces is designated as such.
Otirer speakers henrd included Dean
E. A. Howes, ot the I'diversity Of Alberta; P. TI lleed, Dairy Commissioner for Saskatchewan;'and Henry.'Kive.
Dairy ���;.Commissionerf.' for- -.'llritisii
Columbia.;-   -  y. X-X'--��� X-'X '���'���'X':
���--- Sure Death
-. Mr: Smith.���"What can you tell me
about prussic acid?"
'Student,���"It is a very deadly poison. . One' drop of It placed on a dog's
tongut! will kill a man."
The'first ilight  of a power-driven
aeroplane was made 19 years ago.
detting Ahead of Surgeon
Will Campbell of Cotter performed
I wo quick .surgical operation.? on himself.'recently when' in .stepping froni
iiis house he slippedand fell. ' -Aa he~
was falling-lie twisted his body, throwing one shoulder out of joint. When
lie hit the ground the 'dislocated
shoulder flopped back into place. - He
did not know what, had happened until lie consulted a physician.���Arkansas Gazette. -
..Take a more opHjuIslicview.^of-life.
Forget-tlie Jiole and .admire' the^doughnut. ..::. -.--'-.",'V;V '" -rV'; ~\-V7'-:, ���'--_
- ��� XriUiro'p-. " Warnlrtf.. "Sicnal..
IiL-at and! inhale Minard's Wnl-
iisunt at-once. "'-.It relieve.* coM
. !n the heacl'tind ftri-e-it9..the du--
.v<-Jor>fnenl,'.. of"7 luoro.- " stnoua^
..t:ou!)lc.';'V''- '   '���''.'.>.; ���-,-���.-'-'-'"".   ������..:���. ���-������'
yyyXy ^Blinard's 'XX'0}X
yy'y Liniment Xx) x-x
--. The' Famify'Medicine1 Chest- ���
Manitoba Whitefish Are Popular
Shipping of -fish caught in Lakes
Winnipeg and Wimiipegosis has commenced to Boston and New- York markets. - Manitoba .whitefish is becoming Increasingly popular' iri ihe east)
and, aUhGUglrshipffients"' have 'been
made in previous .rears, it is stated}
that., the 'present
largest.'.;   < ,-V.:..-..:.
-."'      . "���',''' mXX V
one; is by'far- tho
The famous., clock ' of 7 Beauvais
Cathedral.:7|3 ...said -to .be'V-cohiposed'of
52,000.se'parj.te"p'iecesV.7'V X-X[ ������   ': x)
���Every'.'dollar ' Fpent."ia":yo��_'iioEi.e
town.;l3'.a:-;l.oosV.,f9r- the community. V
Minard's     . Liniment   .' Lumberman's
;''      'Friend' " xXX,: ���:.-... Xxyy". -
Minard's Liriiraent for FaflingOut #f
-'>-'.-i'-Hair."'       'X-.y'x( .-X.  '   %-.-.-
Al! Men and Womeh
Wheb. in;NeeiJ  of a .Tonic   ShouM
Start on tho Road . to .WellTilIeV
'���-.'-."������'-by,.Following This "Adyic*
"-' Petcrboro, Ont.���"I can speak in
Iho hlgliest praise of. Dr. Pierce's
medicines. I suf
fere'd .for "alon."
time with feminini *"
weakness, tbrdug'
swhich--1 "be.c'am-.
all" run do wn
weak and nervous. I also had
severe backaches,
pain's i,i my -side
and bearing pains.
I learned of Dr.
-Pierce's medicine^ and began at,-once to take
them. I took two.bottles each of
the 'Favorite Prescription" and the
'Golden-Medical Discovery' and they
completely cured me'of all tnj- weakness and restored me to good health.
' "At one time my husband, became
afflicted with a chronic cough which.
caused him- to become. all rundown.
He got so ��� thia hs wa3 almost a
skeleton. He tried many medicines,
but did.not get any better until he
took Dr. Pierre's Golden Medical
Discovery. By taking this medicine
ho was completely restored to good
health.'-. 1 shall always- speak a.good
word for Dr. Pierce's medicines. "���
��� Mrac Martha S&oler.' 373,Bet'hune St.'
If fan seed, a buiidlag-np tonic for
stomach and blood obtaln.Dr. Pierce'*.
Golden Medical Discovery, from your'
nearest druggtet.br 'send-. 10c'to Dr..
Pierce's Laboratory In Brldgeburg,
Ont; for trial pfcjr- tablets aad write
' tor ������ eoaaSsEtia! sasfiicai a4ricft.
$100.00 in Prizes
For Best Letters
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co.
Offer Twenty-eight Prizes in
a Letter Writing
���^ Competition
Some years ago the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., of Brockville, Ont., offered a series of prizes to residents ot
the Western provinces for the best
letter describing benefits obtained
through the use of Dr. Williams Pink
Pills for Pale People. Hundreds, of
letters were submitted in this competition, and yet there must have been
thousands of other users of the pills
who ��did not avail themselves of the
opportunity to win a prize. To all
these another letter-writing competition is offered. Thousands have benefited through ihe use of Dr. Williams
Pink Pills -��� whose cases have never
been reported. These will furnish
the material for U19. letters to be written in this contest. There is no "demand upon the imagination; every
letter must deal with facts and facts
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., of
Brockville, Oat., will award a prize
of $25.00 for the best letter received
on or before the 1st day or March,
1923, from the residents of these provinces on the subject: "Why I Recommend Dr. Williams Pink Pills." A
prize of ?15.00 will be awarded for
rhe second best letter received; a
prize of $10.00 for the third best letter, and twenty-five prizes of $2.00
eijch for the next best twenty-five let-
The benefit derived from the use ot
Dr. Williams, Pink Pills described in
the letter may be in the writers' own
case," or that of some one in the
writer's'home. .   ,
More than one case may-be described' in the letter, but every statement
must be literally and absolutely true.
Every letter must be signed by the
full name and correct address of the
person sending it. If it describes the
case of some person other than tho
writer-of the letter, it must also be
signed by the person 'whose case is
described, as a guarantee of the truth
of tfie statements made.
. Tlie writer of-each letter, must-give
the -name and date of the paper in
which he or she. saw."this, .'announce;"
hient. .'.-' '    .'--���'    ���'"���-'  .'.'���--:-.;  ."-".-
'Fine -writing will not win tlie-prize
unless- ypu .have..0,,.good..:case;to-describe.".-" The ' '.strength., of the recommendation, and' hot the! style Vpf." -the
letter .will.be-the basis of-the-award."
. .The= -Dr.".-Williams -Medicine ; Co.'-
shall have the-right" to; publish 7any
letter entered in this-contest,- if they
desire', to.-do" so, whether-.it -wins, a,
prize or not. - ���,���,-'.' -V
., The contest-will, close on March 1st,
1923, and-the prizes will' be_artyarde'd���
as-soon as- possible' thereafter'.. .Do
not delay.'. -. if you know- of a good
case, .write, yb.ur"letter-NOW/ "..Ob-
servo -the-' above .conditions carefully
or'your letter may; be thrown out,' -. -
-.Address all-letters as follows:-���".
The-Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. ., 7' .'
"..""-"     /'Letter'Contest1 Department.
Has Gained 15 Pounds Since Tanlao
Ended Long Standing Rheumatism
and Stomaod Trouble, Says
Edmonton Citizen
"it has been over two years now
since Tanlac set me right, but I havo
enjoyed splendid health to this good
day," declared Elmer E. Campbell,
highly esteemed resident of 9638 107th
Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, recently.
"I had suffered from rheumatism
and stomach trouble for more than a
year. What I would eat always disagreed with me. In fact, food, seemed to do me harm instead of good. I
was always constipated and felt tired
out all the time and lost weight continually.
'"The rheumatism got all through
my legs and knees, especially, and
were so painful it bothered me to
walk. At times every step I took
was in agony. In a few weeks after
I started on Tanlac my stomach was
in fine condition and every ache and
pain was gone and I had gained fifteen
I pounds. I have never felt better in
my life than I do now and I will,
recommend Tanlac any time or anywhere."
Tanlac is for sale by all good druggists.     Over 35-million bottles sold.
,' After, \
Every Meal
Tha Great Canadian Sweetmeat
provides pleasant action
lor yonr teeth, also
penetrating the crevices
and cleansing them.
Then,   too,   It   aids
digestion. "   ,7
Use   WRIGLEY'S   after
every   meal ���See   how
much better
you   will
The Liquor; Referendum ,,
Issue Must Be Clear'-and Voice
People Accurately Registered
. There are those, not all on one side
of the fence by any means, who see
tactical, advantage. iiK confusing -'. the.
minds'- of -the. people on - fiils'.issue;
-The -question ".is .loo important" to.'al;
16w:any'sucli considerations to." weigh
in .the slightest- degree.." Whether thc'-
Vvote 'of the people is for :prohibi��>jri
or against it; the issue -must be. clear
and. the voice, of the people accurately registered." Prohibition is-too 'vital
���a Question, too close to the daily'life
of the people".to permit any;'jockeying or trickery io be practiced-in.'con-'
necti'on with the referendum.- The last
thing to be desired is .1 continuation
of.the present agitation. Xo ground
should therefore be given for repeated demands for a referendum. Let
us"have a straight, issue; a conclusive
vote, and then settle down to loyal
concurrence in the people's verdict.���
The Winnipeg "Tribune.
Developing White Coal
Electrical Energy From Canada's
Waterfalls Now Amounts to
Three Million Horsepower
Three million horsepower of electrical energy was developed from Canada's waterfalls during 1922, of which
1,330,000, was in Ontario, 1,100,000 in
Quebec, 310,000 in British Columbia,
and the remainder distributed between
Manitoba, Albe��ta, Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
It is. estimated by the Federal Water
Powers ^Branch that the".-horsepower
development per 1,000 of Canada's
population, is 337, the total capital invested in' the deveJapment.?G20,65S,731,
and > the .estimated revenue is-
581,600,000. : ,'    .."';"
." ft'Testifles for' Itset.,���Dr.- Thomas'"
Eclectric OSI needs no testimonial ot
its power other .than itself... Whoever-
tries it for coughs' or. colds, for .cuts or;
contusions, ifor^spains,- 6r-burits,- -for;
pains' in the limbs or body, well-know
that; the "medicine- proves'itself and
needs "no guarantee.' ��� This shows wh_r
this Oil is in general use..-      ... -"���-'.,-~".
"'���.'��� Relativity .'.--,  ,-,.-
"Waiter," .'saidVthe customer, af-'
ter waiting fifteen niinutes-. for 7 hia
soup,." "have " you   'eyer. been to the'=
zoo ."..    . '  V   ;-."";���  7 ���' '���" ;. ���".:   V
;   ''No, sir."   ,r _   ''-'["       "'--,.   '['' '~
."Well,-you bughbio go.^You'd en-,
joy'seeing, the -turtles'-whiz past ypu."
���The Juggler. '      V   "   " " ..'���_';.
Faring a-corn -is: both.rlsky'and Ineffective; -."'. It is' niuch' better to .use-
llo'lloway's Corn Remover--and eradi--
cale-! hem "entirely,   .,        -���'-"-   .""."���
-In   "1.919 'Canada-'-, was only .thirteenth    "among"   maritime,   nations.-,.
Since   then   she   lias risen to eighth",
place, with nearly 9,000 vessels. '        "
Yoa -are: bos-.
VInb ;wh en ..
-. you. me  Dr,-. -
��� i!h.w's Oint-   .
rnrnt" for'Kc7pma >:i\l :skln- Irrlta-.'.
tioiss."-It relitfv.-*'at tfnco.and gradu-  -
ally heals tha skin.    .Sample box'J)r..--
. CIi:isc'3-'ointment free.if-you mention thi*,-
paper anil send. 2c. stamp'for postag<\' CCc. s��
-bos; all dealers' or^Ecimaason. Bates .St-Co., ���
Wttiiteil, Toronto.1 ���' ���; 7 "      ;'    ���.-,.  . ' -'���'"
-.Manufacturer's  always.consider good   !n-'-
'-'vehtions..     Fortunes, are made from New -.
���Idea's to'suit  modern  times.,'    Send"-for.
Free List of Ideas and. circulars.   '.
���Patent. Attorneys '���
273 BANK'STREST    -��� OTTAWA, ONT;,:
Will Build Powerful Wireless Stations
- Announcement Is mads that tiie
Marconi Company tvlli erect a wireless
station at -Vancouver at an estimated
cost of fi'O.OOO.OOd. and so.that direct
communication may 'be established
with Europe and Oriental j*_int$.; An-'
other station will al3& be eifect'eil at
Montreal to link up Canada witli the
United Kingdom and continent.
.- AmerlcA's1
��� Dor Remedies-
'     ISOOIC ox .
arifl  How" to-Fc*d'
:SIa.i!ed 'Free-, to ar.y,
Addcess by-tho :
-. -       Author   '  '   ���
.n. clat-. or/)VEn
"       CO.;  I.VC.
12J   -'West   Ulh   St.
Is'ew Tork,:.-U.S.A."
] Minard's" Liniment
for'.  Aches   and
5&&*s ���&ttm Iteof Goi&f&ssS.
jS *Hfe. relfal^tra^aHsg
"tutdiaxf.- Bold la ti_ts�� d��- '
*����* el nttmorth���Ko. I.'^lt .
K��- S: ��3: K?.'&OFtt bo*. ."
Bote hy alt drufgiii*. or text
frtpald en. r��t��i?t ��f. jvrfe*. '-
H*    jMtapWjt, ���    AddfMst ���
, rm c����k mtsmnt cop
���jtmt9,nt. #������. ��fc___s_��
;.W.- '���}$. -.\J.-_ im taamtm
ts $2.00 & year strictly in advance, ar
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
si ore have pasted. To Great Britain and
the United States (2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and OU Notices    7.00
Ivstray Notices 3^oo
Cards of Thanks     I.00
Certificate of Improvement  "-5��
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
��� ���" _i  ���   1   ��� i.i , ,     ���
AU other legal advirtlslng, 1 a cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents r4ine for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 30 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2#c. a line each insertion.
The bine cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Be  aggressive
but   with it   be
Many a clean heart beata under
a dirty shirt.
Some people are always in doubt
and never get out.
It is better to be small and shine
than great and cast a shadow. .
It takes nearly 350 marks to
carry a  letter from  Germany  to
Therb is something poignantly
touching about a fat man's condemnation of dancing.
Ik preparing for a heaven hereafter, don't overlook paying your
V subscription for this, paper. 7     V '-'.
���'���;��� ]';Amiser'grows rich- by. seeming
���-' poor '.and7-an''extravagantV-;aiap
. .grows poor.by,seeming rich. .
There is no danger of stock piling u p on the shelves" and gather-
ing dust if it",is. well advertised. V -
V. V No' wonder a hen gets broody
and. down hearted, .She. can.never
find things where-she lay 8 them. .���;'���
V The ;firefc; -thing    people7 want
.���when/they  get a little money is a
caV; then the. first thing they. want
V when- they   get a car is a little
.VmoDey;-       X-X    "-    ."'
'���'A. newspaper   states xth*ti   porridge   is. disappearing   from   the
.Scotchman's breakfast^table. : Yss,."
, .at the rate of about fourteen table-
spoons a minute.V    -[    V    7. ( .
.Wives are more' powerful than
7 husbands/, A wife can; make her
. busbarid^were rubbers.in.winter-
V weather, but a husband cant make
��� his wife cover her throat;..and
'; .'chest. V V. ;.;...���'.'.;��� y_y-./"'..��� V Xx V
;7 Therb. is this difference between
happiness and;1 wisdom;, he   that
7 thinkB himself - the: happiest  man
really., is so,  but he that; thinks
7 himself the wisest is generally the
7 greatest1 fool.W ;'���"''X[������������.''" -':���'���''-"'
Construction of University
To Commence by Feb. 15
Victoria, Feb. 7.���Complete arrangements have now been made
by the government for tbe construction of the new university
building at Point Grey. The
science building, which was commenced in 1912 but abandoned
when partially finished, will be the
first unit of the university to be
completed. Iu order to hasten
construction and assist tbe unemployment situation as much as
possible, arrangements have been
made for the commencement of
construction by February 15, without the delay necessary in calling
for tenders.
Messrs. Sharp and Thompson,
architects, of Vancouver, who won
the prizes oflered by the board of
governors of the university for the
best plans in 1910, have been retained by the government to supervise construction. The E. J. Ryan
Contracting Company will supply
equipment and complete the science
building. All material will be
purchased by the government purchasing agent? In this way many
thousands of dollars will be saved
The new building will be ready for
occupancy when the next university term opens.
After many delays, owing to
lack of money, the government has
decided to complete the paving of
:he Pacific Highway to the International Boundary. Some nine
miles of concrete pavement will be
put down and the work will be
finisifed by-late' summer. As a result, there will be an unbroken
stretch of hard-surfaced highway
from Vancouver to Seattle.
While New Westminster and
Vancouver may profit more directly by the completion of thc highway than other sections, still automobile clubs and officials all over
the province have urged Hon. Dr.
Sutherland to finish the job without delay. Greatly increased tourist travel from the United States
will be. the direct result of this
.Hon. J. -D.'.MacLean; new mip-
isterV'ofVrailwaySjV'bas '.made, his
first ofliciaLVinsp.ectionV. trip .'.over
the P. Gy'E. Railway. '������ He reports
the government line" roadbed, in
good condition and is .planning for"
thelpreparation qf.a complete survey 'of Vthe .resources' along the
line.- ;Jt is expected - that a colon-
izafcion.plan will be worked out and
every.,'"effort" made this year to
place the line.on-a'paying-'basis.   .
���-. -������"'���-WSerenade'l-  -
Norwegian Creek School
Report for January
Ada M. Burnstill, Teacher.
Total attendance     -       -        354
Average attendance       -      20 82
Perfect Attendance:
Andrew Caron, Jules Caron,
Louts Caron, May Clark, Lawrence Folvik, Alexiua Gidon,
Madeleine Gidon, Mary Gidon,
Charlie Riley, Jimtnie Riley,
Virginia Riley, Alice Watson,
Daiky Watson, Jimmy Watson,
Yves Bohemier, Gisele Bohemier,
Mai Bohemier, Angemarie Bohemier, Marc Bohemier, Bertille
Rank of Pupils
Receiving Class: Angemarie
Bohemier, Mary Gidon, Bertille
First   Reader:    Charlie  Riley,
May Clark, Jimmy Riley, Jimtnie
Watson, Virginia Riley.
r   Second Reader: Alexina Gidon,
Mai Bohemier.
Third Reader: Alice Watson,
Louis Caron, Irene Watsba, Marc
Bohemier, Gisele Bohemier.
Fourth Reader: Yves Bohemier, Lawrence Folvik, Daisy
Watson, Jules Caron, Madeleine
Fifth   Reader, Andreau Caron.
London, England ������ Shareholders
oi thc Ganiuhnn Pacific Railway
here have beun oiTieia'ly informed
that a measure of relief is lo be
granted Uiem from the British income tax for the fiscal years 19 Li)
and 1020 in respect of the company
payment of the Canadian income
tax. This is the first official word
on the subject of Canadian Pacific
snares. By the Finance Act of
15J20, however, all British subjects
resident in overseas Dominions were
granted for 1020, in some cases for
lUlfl, and in the future, the right of
reclaiming- the British income tax
as though actually resident in Brit-
am. This affected Canadians deriving income from which the British
income tax had been deducted. It
is estimated that the amount saved
by Canadians so situated, if thev
did not neglect t'o file their claim'
under +he Act, would be over 51,000,-
Golden,    B.C.���Tliat   the   provincial government will commence work
on the Golden-Leanchoil road early
in the spring, is announced by J. A.
Buckham.'M.L.A.    A survey wilLbe
made   as  soon  as  possible'and  the
work will be done by contract.    The
cost is estimated at $234,000.    That
portion of the road to be constructed
by the Parks branch of the Dominion- Government -will   also   be   got
under- way' this year, it is stated.
".'���.���.-The...completion of'-:this:-road'will
- create ' a . large --��� amount - of   tourist
.traffic.'.'through   Golden;;-.and   will
-also' afford   a   loop Vwliercby.   local
--car's :;may- travel .t'o; .-'Calgary..-.and
-points  in  A Iberia, .and return" over
/th.e'Vnewly completed- Banff-Winder-
.rncre' i'.oad��� to. Golden. passing- some-'
-'iif-' the'. most" magnificent- mountain",
���.scenery-..on the continent." ' - -'
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Fall  and  Winter Suits and Overcoats samples (Just arrived.)
Now on view at
Tailor, and Cleaner
HERE'S the grand champion Shropshire ram bought for $500 by
Ihe Prince of Wales at the recent In-
iernational Live Stock Exposition,' Chicago, for the "E. P. Ranch," covering about 3,000 acres in Alberta, Canada, 60 miles south of Calgary, owned
by the Prince of Wales, and which will
be the future home of the great Shropshire sire.    The  Prince signs himself
"E. P.", meaning "Edward Prince,"
and when hc bought the ranch during
his tour of Canada he rode the range
of his prairie "dominion beyond the
seas," with tlie Alberta cowboys, and
decided thai its proper moniker was
"E. P. Ranch." Since th.cn the Prince
has sent a large flock of Shropshire
sheep, Dartmoor ponies, thoroughbred
fillies descended from Ormonde, St.
Simon and Bend Or and shorthorn bulls
and cows from his Cornwall, England,
stock farm to thc Alberta ranch. The
purchase of the Shropshire grand champion was made by the Prince's representative, Prof. W. L. Carlyle, of
Calgary, who attended the Chicago Exposition in quest of thc best Shropshire ram exhibited. This ram, which
weighs 250 pounds, was exhibited by J."
C. Andrews. West Point. Ind.i;,a director of the International.
To Subdivide Forty Acres
Forty acres a the souchweBt corner of North and Harvey avenues,
in Oak Park, have been sold by
Mark F. Madden, trustee, to Frank
P. Ross for $200,000, subject to
8150,000. The property has a
frontage of 1,800 feet on North
avenue. Joseph Wassell &r'Co.
will subdivide it next spring for
high clasB residences and will do
some building themselves. Dwight
P. Green of McCormick, Kirkland,
Patterson & Fleming was attorney
for the buyer. - Chicago Sunday
Tribune, Jan. 7th, 1923.
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage.in connection.
p./MCPHERSON        *   7  Proprietor
: The Ledge can supply-,your
every need in. the. .printing line
and at. prices, consistent: with
first-class work.  ;���-
Palaoe Livery  Stable
Express and Heavy Draying
Auto's and Truck For Hire, Day or Night
yVe cany
Tires, Oils, Greases, Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3 L
1 For Good 1
Card of Thanks
Mr��. Geo. A. Hird and family,
also Mr.A. E. Hawthorn, (late of
Rock Creek, B.C.), desire to express their heart-felt thanks, to all
those 'who,; ap kindly, gave their
assistance and-sympathy, ; in onr
recent sad bereavement, in the loss
of a dear husband and father and
brother-in-law. ."''".'.-������.���" "W,..V-.'"���
Inseeted BY THS ?iittLT.
Hard Times Dance 77
The Maple Leaf Social Clab will
hold a Hard Time Dance, in the
Anaconda School on Friday,; Feb.
16th at 8 p.m. Admission": Genta,
���)Ot members of club, 50c.; gent
n. embers 25c; ladfiea free. Ladles
:���.; provide refreshments. TLadiea
; rife bringing refreshments will be
charged 25c. for sapper. Proceeds
io renamerate musician* tot their
cervices. Ooiaa and hav�� ft
lime. .���   ��� ..-"'���--:���
-. '.'Serenade'' -willV be shown at-the.
(3-reenwood Theatre Von  Saturday,
FebViOfeh. 7 'Xy,  -.) )' X-' ))-''
It is- a   Spanish .drama,  .filled
with exciting episodes 'and.:tender
love scenes,1 and  waa  produced.for;
Associated .First National -Pictures,'
Inc.,    by ��� that /sterling "directorj
'RaourAVWalsh^' W !"V""f '"���'.
.- Miriam Cooper,". who'. achieved
fame in !'The Birthof. aNation'V
and' ''Intolerance;'.'.: and, George
Walsh- play"' the. leads;-assisted.- .by.,'
a strong  cast,,  including  Bertram;
Grassby,. Josef    Swickard,;   John
Ebe'its, ��� 7 Tom '";- Kennedy., ��� - .Noble:
Johnson'and Ad.elberfc--Kno.ttV;;''-. .7
. -The action -is laid'.Iri -_ihe;fcown,6f:
'Magdalena4 .a,'. Spanish'-, possession,;���
and depicts, in an; interesting man-/
ner the  loye Vaffairs, of Maria del
Carmen;..prettiest;.girl"  for 7-milea
around,Vaud  Pancho,' -the son  of
the govenor.   -      .-���'. .7; .,   -
���The;arrival in townof7ramon;re-:
.solts.*in complications, .duels Tand:
misunderstandingsi'which threatens
the peace of the town, and ^the love
of Panchofor .Maria, but'��� the. affairs are untangled in..a ..novel
manner..'.' - '"-'"'-.". '/" >/
"Nash Leads VThie World In Motor
V V7 -V77;Mriy&i&x;;xx
We have a special offer to the first buyer of a New
7V: Nash in .Greenwood.^- Lets hear from you!.,Vv V
V   All Prices F. O. B. Greenwood
) '   .......   x        .. -. ���,  .
LiTergooL ��� Wm. John Sefgerit,'
��� the STiperictendent engineer of/'tH'e""
Canadian  Pacific .Steamships,  Ltd;-,
recently retired  from, that position
.after a sea-going career of 54 years,
;the major.part of. which:,was passed
X,with-Liverpool ;cbmpanies..=.' With-the '
.^object.of--'showing', there's tee'm ;and. re'-;-:
;7Bpect'iii' which'he-is-held by all those
who,have" been associated;with'iiihi.
for so ��� many" years,   -a. ���' very-happy
'-. gathering  took  place on. the. C.;P. V
liner Montcalm, at Liverpool, when-
Mr.  Sergent ,\\-as   ihe   recipient   of.
some very handsome present?.:They -
. consisted   of  a  combined   solid   nia-'.
' hogany bureau and bookcase, and-a
specially fitted-up gentleman's, dou-'.
' ble' wardrobe,'- '���while   Mrs.; Serpent.
��� was  presented ."'vith ' a "choice.' gold..
. bar brooch set v,-i_h, diamonds. These."
' are . the - gifts Vof the sea-groin.; 'and'-'
'.shore .staffs "-'of-.'the. :.C.-'. P'.'7.S7;S."--.Co.;7
��� and the-- C; P.- R.'������Co:,',sand; -We're' pre- ;���
seated through the. mcliun. cf :CapT.V
.tain 'J.' V:- Forster, -LiMrnroi' "man-
"'��� ager o j'tbe^C;-:P.-.'-S."S.'.-Ltd.[' jr.'"the.'
" presence--of,."all.:.'the . chief ..officials������'
- persorial.friend^v bu3ir;e's3 colleagues.
-.officials-of.-'.the Board-of -Trade,-and
' "4 the shipping, resistratibn'socicties
���,'Nasli'-Six-5..-Passenger Xour-ing';
..Nash Six! Roadster 7    7 7'-- '������ ]'.X-
, J?ash;'Six .7.. Passenger. Touring;
NashyS.ix 4. Passenger Sport,-"-;
:- 2875/v
NasK'Fpur -5 Passenger Touring;;   -.������-.���"��� V7 ":,, 1635.-
���;Nash-7Fbur.VRWdster.i;;:'vv"'-'_.^^ ���;;'_'.'-.'-   V  -'/'. ;V .1600.
Nasti:F6tir7 47Passeng^SportV77 ---;     V""   -    ,2050.'.
The new Sport Models are very attractive v
AH  Models Equipped  with Front  Bumper.- -   Disc
wheels��� $25,00.. extra,for a set of five wheels.    Get
.in.'D'ii the "first carload ;whieh will; be in next month..
For further particulars write7 .-"-'.���*.-."'.
'.".":  v -��� ^/^/vTrailJ.B^Gi-"=��� ���;,;���'"
':���-'.- '.DEALER FOR;;.   7V.
Greenwooii, Midway,- .Graiii.  Forks, Rosslaiid. and Trail Districts
The tonsolidated Mifiii ������'& Smelting Co:
of Canada, Limited
...V "7 '7;'Office, Smelting and Refining.Depaittaea '������:
xX.Xy. V   7' '-X XX   : TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA.       ... V
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper,, Lead aM line Ores
WW;pn>duceis':oi ,. Gold,    SilTfcr,  Copper,  .Pig XLM�� .and Zinc
V. ' ',;' '   X'XX,:XX - ��� ���'TADANACV BSLAND>;r7 XXX ������ '''��� xiX'X'Xx-
1 Job Printing |
^ -.-Economy and Satisfaction 3
�� ^ combined with Promptness J
&"���' are tKe features which go to 3
g make up the Service we give ,2
^ our customers;     Are; you ^
H"..-/'; 7 '���- one -bf-them?; V, Vx :xk
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
- V ...; (Ruled-or Plain)' 7     . 7' ' ��� 7 -       "'. .' '3
Envelopes^ Billheads, ^ ^
' - (All'Sizes)'.-. x.yX'Xy ' yy'. ' > .-.'"V ���-.."���'".."-'-'--"3
Statements/ Business Cards,; %
Posters, Dodgers,; Etc. j Etc. 3
Ledge      PHONE 20      1
&     GREENWOOD       -Job Printing Departing
'��� -.'     Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class -laud
reduced to ��5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
land. '���-
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation - not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as..forfeiture. Title cahnot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
510.00 per acre, including S acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years'are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his '
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
aiid residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres "may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industriar'site's on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may.be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be"purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of.
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is'made;
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The' time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor. may apply for title
under this act. is extended from one '
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the"conclusion of the present war. This privilege is madeVetroactive.-   7
No fees relating to' pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded .after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
. Provisions for return of moneys ac-
crued;due and been paid since August
4,1914, onaccount of payments,-fees br -
taxes on "soldiers' pre-emptions.
. Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or-indirect, remitted "from enlistment-to March 31st, 1920. .
- Provision" - made -- for   insurance -.of -
Crown "Grants- to. sub-purchasers;. of,
Crown  Lands;' acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed.to complete purchase,- involving forfeiture,  on fulfill-
_meiitVof conditiqns'pf purchase, interest.,
and taxes.: Where siib-purchasers .do
not claim whoie of original parcel,-purchase price due.and taxes' may  be dis- -
tributed "proportionately    over ' whole
area.   Applications, must'.be niade by
May 1,1920'..-:.      ���-":; .":"-���--     7  ':
-    '-'.-'.CRAZING'-;,,   .���,',;      "':- " .*'
- Grazing Act, 1919," for systematic development of livestock   industry   pro-'
-vid.es  for'grazing districts and range.-
radministration   -under   Commissioner.
Annual.grazing-permits issued .based',
on. uuriibers" ranged; :pribrity for established owners. Stock' dwiien* may form
Associations .for. "range   management.
Free', . or.partially   free,, .permits, for
settlers,-campers or7travellers up to ten
head." '"     -.-' 7   "' ..."  --���- ��� ���-*��� ���':-      -
w : The Mineral - Proyince trf Western Canada
:  Has produced.Minerals valued as follows:. "".Placed Gold, 876,177,403; Lode
(Jold, 8105,557,977;.Silver, $55,259,485; Lead $48,330,575; Copper, 8166,393,488;
Zinc,^.921,884,581; Coal and. Coke,. a225(409;605; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,,
834j072,016;     Miscellaneoua   - Minerals,;. V$l,210,639; '"." making -. ite .. Mineral
Production to the end of 1921 show  .   ���'..:'
;. M legateJ^loept$73^259,61^-7
iction fpfllie;*^
...The Miriing; LawB of thie Province are more.liberal^ and Tthe fees lower,
than those of any other Prbvince in the Dominion, or any Colony In the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees!
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing.' each properties, the Becarifey .
of which is guaranteed, by Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratie by addressing��� /"'���'.. .X-X V .
VVVVVyxyX ''-���V.v:-.v^ ��� '"


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