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The Ledge Jul 1, 1920

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Array I
y .
-���   jXA
f   ^
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive ty. filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables arriving daily.   Our Price���the lowest.
We carr}' a large line of
v. - ��� '
AND ' ���- ���
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
No. '51
Around Home I
k '" ������ 'M
Agent for Five Roses Flour
I Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
P.O. Box 1102      -      Nelsou, B.C
Root.   Wood  is  in  town from
Beaverdell      5v
Sandford Pond is spending tbe
holidays in Trail.
Full   lite  of fishing tackle at
Goodeve's Drug-Store.
June Promotions. Division!, II and III
i ��m>o<>o<><x><>oooo��<>o<><>o<>o<><��<><><>o��^
1 .��� '��� ��� ..    . .'-'"'
Independent Meat  Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
.    ���'��� *   ���"������:   , \   ���-;.    '-'"... ���: .':���.������     --y..x      ��������� '"-..   ���      ��� 'y   <
> 0000000000000000000<><>OCKOOO<X>0<>0<>0<>000000000<><><><>0<> c
Cecil Floyd is on a visit to his
old home in New Brunswick.
D. R. McElmon, watchmaker
I and Jeweller, Greenwood,   B.   C.
Miss Gladys McCreath of Vancouver, is visiting- relatives in
the city.
Mrs. T. Jenkin;and two children returned last week from a trip
to England. ;
A. L. White is ill at his home,
in Princeton, will a mild attack
of smallpox.
Miss Ruth Swanson has joined
the staff of the Bank of Montreal
in Princeton.
An Auction" Sale of Cattle will be held in
Greenwood,   B.C.,  at the latter end of
July, look for Bills for particulars.
Any  person having cattle for sale call
aud enter thern before July loth, with
Auctioneer;' / Greenwood, B.C
Laco Tungsten Lamps
25 to 50 Watt Lamps���50c each.   "
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each.
60 Watts
100    �����
200   ��
$1,25 each
2.00 ��
3,50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Kodaks, full line, of Films
arid Supplies at
Goodeye Drug Store
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
___ For_ High _C!as*>_Dry -Goods,-aisd Ladies Ready to ���
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest' First
$50.00 REWARD
For information leading to the
conviction of the parfey that atole
the rails,-care, sfceoland blacksmith
outfit of fche Riverside mine 4 miles
above Rock Creek.
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail  your watch  for Repair and I will
'mail it baclo_ Charges,are moderate^
Annual Meeting"
The Annual General Meeting of the
Greenwood City Waterworks Co., will be
held at the Company's office at Greenwood on Wednesday, the 28th day of
July, J920, at ro:oo o'clock iu the morning, for the.. transaction of the general
business of the company and the election
of a! Board -of Directors. '   /
���'���; -. -\- ���' ���' iiugii'mccutcheon! ���
. ; Secretary.
The WINDSOR   HOTEL . is   heated   with   steam   ,
. ond electricity.'.  Fine sample rooms. .   A comfort-,
able home for tourists  and travellers.     Touch the '
wire  If you  wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is    ...    -
replete  with  cigars,   cigarettes, cooling.beverages,   ;;._..,���
���  -- ' buttermilk and ice-cream," '. ,'- '_-'��� '..
5... :-'.'���'.'��� xX:':-'''XyxXXx\-\x:-X''i-XiX'X':xx%
It is always well to have a Sayings
Account uppn whicli interest is. fegidarly
paid an^ from which yoii are free to drk^
atany time: should yoii have a good opportunity to buy stock or feed. , A Savings
_ Account is Ready Money, : ���      ���   ' 7SA
*>AID-UP CAPITAL -v. v..XXX.   -$15,000,000
RESERVE FUND y'x   .yy-x-yy���������$15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, I^.E. Brawders, Manager:.
'  The. Auction;;SalG L held  at-: A.
fiorovattn's ranch  last Saturday
proved   a,.great   success,v: cattle
fetched good  prices/. The  Auction was well..attended- by buyers
frrm  near  aiid  far.    The ranch
was bot sold at the Auction,  but
a sale is pending.���-_-'���-"������'���; X.'    X-Xi
-.The'funeral'of the, late. Chris-,
topher Ferustron, the 13 year old
son-of A.  Fernstroui   of, Nicholson1 creek,; was held on. Frida.y
afi.ernoon    last,,. services   being"
conducted by. R,   B.   Masterton,
.interment" taking-, place", in   tbesj
:J Greenwood; cemetery.    The. pallbearers wetje:.   Thomas Williamson, RobertJTenks, Gordon Jenks,
Emmet .Anderson, .Jack. Anderson and. Gar lint ill a.
Coi; -J.".W... Warden; D.S.O..
M.C., commander of ;.the 102nd.
Batt. called on an A.. N. Mo-5?at
last week. , The Colonel has just
returned from Russia, Mesopota?
mi a, Egypt and India. He is
writing a-book and ..called on Mr.
Mowat to obtain information regarding ysom?; incidents; with
which, he \?as personally interested/in. The colonel has asked
Mr.'.: MowatX to' ,write \ about certain experiences for the book.
^.George Boug and Charles.Ham-
/fiarstadt came in from Lightning
Peak last week.
Harry Bryan,- Miss Bryan and
Miss G. Lee havereturned from a
motor trip to Trail.
Fire destroyed a building in
Anaconda~on Monday, formerly
occupied, as a Chinese lauudry.
Mrs. W. R. Dewdnev and family have returned to town from
spending two weeks  in   Midway.
Miss Thompson, of the high
school staff, Grand Forks, was
visiting friends. iu town this
Mr. Rogers ��� of Victoria, has
taken the McGorman ranch' at
Eholt, and intends going into the
cattle business.
Bokn���On Jnne 16 to Mr. faud
Mrs. W. J. McCelvey, of Carmi,
a daughter, at Dr. Wood's Private
Hospital, Penticton.
H. McCutcheon returned to
town this week from Rossland,
where he has been relieving tbe
collector ot custom's at , that
Dr. L. F. Tepoorten of Grand
Forks, who was practicing dentistry in Greenwood last week,
expects to make another visit in
R. B. Masterton has resigned
as principal of the Greenwood
public school. During the coming term Mr. Masterton will have
charge of-the Hedleyschool.  ~  "
A prominent mining engineer
who visited the. Providence mine,
recently, stated that the silver
ore which, is being taken out of
this property is the finest he has
seen west of Cobalt.
Mrs.   Snyder,    of-   Winnipeg,
Man.,'- and  her - daughter.   Mrs.
Martin   and.   .two    childien/ of
Weyburn,,. Sask.v. are the guests
of Mr.  and-.Mrs.'; J. ' V.;- ;MillsV
Mrs.',, Snyder  "is. ���������- Mrs. '������'Mill's
mother.".-.-       -::.;/'T   -':'        '������"' ..'.' ���
; Miss ��� M. .; McArthur . left ;��� for
Kamloops on. Friday, where; she
will.visit with friends during the
holidays.., Miss .McArthur; h*s
resigned from the teaching staff
of the local public school and has
accepted a .similar ; position   in
trail.-.-   ���;'���;���'���..'. ."-'-':'.' ���.--���'���;���.;.:;
. We have opened  for  business
in .the Rendell  Block store, .and
have a   complete   line, bf   fresh
groceries and will also carry fresh
fruit iii season';.-''.'Soliciting your]
patronage which will he appreciated.   Taylor & Jenkin,  Greenwood, B., C.
The stirring Operetta entitled
"Snow-White" held in the Greenwood Theatre on Friday last,
under the*auspices of Knox. Presbyterian Church choirs of Grand
|*Forks was exceptionally, good,
and those who attended were
well,.:pleased ..with the evenings
entertainment.:���: -/.Seldont does'A'a
plaf cpme.tp tpwa-that^.takes so
weliwiththeaudiehce and.those
takinjg part-..are;^to. be ^congratulated on . the';way. in which they
performed. V
Junior Reader IV to Senior
Reader IV (Entrance): Ethel
Fraser, Agda Carlson, Harold
Folvik, Gabrielle Legault, Stella
Storer, Harry Desjardine. Jack
Anderson (on trial), Lilly Intilla
Honour Rolls: Selma Benson
(Punctuality and Regularity),
Gordon Jenks (Deportment), Ethel
Fra3er (Proficiency).
Senior Reader III to Junior
Reader IV: Mildred McLaren,
Gertrude Dixon (on trial), Mary
Kerr (on trial), John Kerr (on
Junior   Reader   III   to   Senior
Reader III:   Allan  Fraser, Mary
Klioofiky,    Ethel    Benson,   Ruby
Good?ve, John  McDonell," Cecilia
Hallstrom, Horace DaHamel, Annie Tborslund,   Eraine DuHamel.
Senior    Reader    II   to   Junior!
Raader III:   Bessie Bidder, Teddy
Wilson,  Edward Johnson, Myrtle
Dixon (on trial), Tillie  McDonell
on trial), Lawrence DaHamel (on
trial),   Kathleen    MacLeod    (on
trial(, Lucy Desjardine (on trial).
Honour   Rolls:     Bessie Bidder
(Punctuality,    and    Regularity),
Allan FraBer,   (Proficiency), "Mildred McLaren (Deportment).
Junior Reader II to Senior
Reader II: Clarence Johnson,
Lloyd Enstia.
First Reader to Junior Reader
II: George Bryan, John Putzel,
Percy Fraser, Irene Inglis, Helen
Kerr, Harry Haletrom.
Second Primer to l^irst Reader:
Lawrence Folvik, Richard Desjardine, Edward Perry, Lewis
Mitchell, Eugene McGillvray.
Filst Primer to Second Primer:
Meredith Fenner, Malcolm McLeod, Marguerite Ritchie, Eileen
Bryan, Daniel Kerr, Dickie Morrison. '    ,
.Receiving class to Firsfe Primer:
Allan McCurrach, Arthur Cox. Andrew Swanlund, Yvonne Swayne.
Daisy Watson, Bobbie Carlson,
Irene Watson.
Honour Rolls: George Bryan
(Proficiency),_EiIeen .Bryan, (Deportment), Clarence Johnson
(Punctuality and Regularity).
I Western Floatf
��� There are over 25,000 motor cars
in British Columbia.
A Women's Institute was formed
in Cawston last month.
Lumber is being shipped  from
Merritt to Great Britain.
A   new   brick   school    will
erected in Penticton this year.
The population of the United
States is estimated at 105,000,000.
Daylight saving bas been a failure in most B. C. cities  this year.
The B.C. M. P. are guarding the
east and wests exists of the Grand
Forks valley.
Lt.-Col. R. L. Doidge has received the appointment of chief of
police of Penticton.
.The Occidental Fruit Co.' of
Kelowna, may not buy fruit in the
Grand Forks valley this year.
William Fenny, an old timer of
Salmo, died lasfe month in Rossland. He was aboufe 80 years of
Bass    fishing
Christina Lake
Mining- News
The third International Mining
Convention will be held in Nelson
July 20-24.
The Suuuyside mine at Rook
Creek was a recent Bhipper to the
Trail smelter.
A Japanese company will operate the Ikoda. copper mine, on
Moresby Taland.
Work haB resumed at the
coin mine in the ^Slocan.
Thompson i8 in charge.
Prospectors and miners are {looking to various areas of the Paa
mineral belt in Manitoba.
At the end of 1919 northern
Ontario gold and silver mines had
paid $96,000,000 in dividends.
commenced    at
last month,   and
many  good    catches   have   been
Daring tbe firsfe 27 days since
the luxury tax came into force,
one quarter million has been collected in Manitoba.
Bobbie Anderson, fehe 9-year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Anderson,
of Lebabdor, was drowned in tbe
Slocan river, last Wednesday.
Three farm properties were sold
in the vicinity of Abbotsford recently for an aggregate of $16,000.
The farms comprise about 85 acres
and have houses and small fruit
Ife is reported thafe tbe well-
known Leighton ranch at Savona
has been sold for $110,000. Mr.
Wilaon, managing director of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., and
son, is mentioned aB fehe buyers.
A representative of an American firm in Kansas, was in Edmonton last month buying all the
old spnds he could assemble at
$120 a ton. He employed 15 men
rnbbing of the sprouts and shipping
the cleaned spa da feo Kansas in
iced cars. -
It is reported that a rich strike
of silver was made at the Old
Dominion mine at Colyille, WaBh.,
last week. Officials are reticent
about discussing the discovery.
The Rosebery-Surprise Mining
Co. will move feheir office from
Sandon to, New Denver. Soon as
alterations are made the new
office will be opened in the Clever
The Whifeewafeer mine at Retallack made a shipment of 37 tons to
the Trail smelter last week, it being the first consignment fehis year.
This property is being worked by
five different sets of leasers.
Satisfactory results are attending
the operation of the Mother Lode
mill of the Nugget Gold mines,
Sheep Creek, says a Nelson, report.
It is ab>e to dress more ore than ia
being supplied from the mine, al��-
fehough five machine drills "are~8Bop-
I ing on each of fewo shifts.
' The Silversmith mine near Sandon has shipped seven carloads of
ore since its concentrator resnmed
in May. Besides this amount four
car loads are ready for shipment.
Returns have been received for the
first two cars which were of 30 tons
each and bad a net value of $4,500
A Miraculous Escape
What might have'proved a serious accident occurred at "Boundary  Falls, on Saturday- morning.
At this point the Lono Star tram is
being dismantled. .. The cable is
drawn- in by a capstan  worked by
two 0 team1:, of    horses.-.. On   thiB
occasion a second cable was tied
to the main one which;is aboufe 5i
miles long, it being too much of a
strain   the capstan collapsed7 and
was thrown about 40 feet from  its
foundation,;.  The Jteam belonging
to.W. H, Docksteader was hurled
aboufe the same distance,  crippling
one the of horses. It was a miracle
that Otto Hanson. the driver was
not killed;; He received: injuries
to. his back and head.when he was
thrown along with the capstan and
horses.     In   the   impact    Lonis
Pntzel's team were knocked over
and their harness pulled off them.
Otto was brought to the Windsor hotel and after, being examined
no bones were found broken.   He
was badly bruised on the back and
right.shoulder.and a stitch or two.
had to be put in a cut on his head.
He is able.to sit rip in bed but it
willbe some days before he will be
around, again.���'������XXXX .-.-- ���-��� - ' X
Frank Valle, of El Centio, Cal.,
60 years old, a native of Mexico,
became a father for the 35th time
last week, when "his second wife,
whom he married in 1900, gave
birth W her 17feh child, an 1Mb
boy. Sixteen of Valle's children
are living,
Every male and female British
subleet 21 years of age or over is
entitled to register on the new
voters' lisk.>The.old .iirt-W-been
cancelled. Those who do not
register before July 15 will not be
voters for any election or referendum that may be held in British
this year." ;���      V-; *-:: V ���:-,-..    '"-;..' ���-
Dr. E. T. Hodge of Vanconver,
has    bonded    tho    Emancipation
group of eight claims and eeveral
fractiona,  near Ja38ica,   15 miles
from Hope.    Michael Merrick and
William Thompson are the owners
and the consideration-is-said~to~be~
over $100,000.    Development work
will commence immediately.   Some
very   rich   shipments   have   been
made from  this property.    Three
tons sent out to Tacoma in 1916
netted $1542.   In  the next year
C. H. Lighthall bonded the property, and during the time that he
had ife,  received 815,295 from 53
feons.    After Mr.   Lighthall fchrew
up his bond, Mr.   Merrick worked
fche group,  and  iu  the same year
shipped    1G.040    pounds,    which
netted him $2822.95.
^Notice is, here% given that in accordance with the provision of the
"Highway Act" the Rule bf the road is as follows:-
la Traffic District No/-l,    KEEP
Traffic District No....:2.   KEEP
Ledge ads bring resaltsl
: on arid after July 15th, 1920,
U; Jhe Midtraffic districts are more particularly described in section 3
2 V "?2 ^        Am^daae^ A* 1920," and shown on Rale of
the Road Maps posted in public boildings
Dejartmect of Pdblic Works
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. '.'���'
Jnne iota, igao. :,.      .";���."���
By Order,
J- H. KHi&3
Minister of Public Worka.
* {
-'-V.' "s&&'~ _~~---" -^-^^_ _" -^- ^^^^"���:-*?^j"-^-r"-^:~- *^""^^i,^*-:J*3r-iif ^il^^iSt1^^ "?-* ^^���^ "c~ ^r"^^ZZ=^\^'"~'^^^~^-^V:^- "^^ -^^r5^ -^^-^ J-^ "^-"^^ -<?���^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^',r=^ �������� i ""'
TJiE     LEDPrE    . ��"RRlGNWOn-n      ��      n
I threw array my crutches in
seven chiys, in two months, I was a
well man���and I have never had a
twinge from rheumatism since. This
ia what the remedy, which. I obtained
from my uncle in Greece, did for me.
I went honia to Greece crippled,
broken in spirit���sick. I returned to
this country in two months, absolutely free of every trace of rheumatssm.
The whole story of my life- in
America���how I became crippled
wilh rheumatism and how 1 found
the treatment which uprooted the
disease and drove it out of my body
���I will gladly tell you FREE.
It makes no difference how swollen or distorted your joints may be;
how severe the pain; or howdtscoui-
aped you are; I feel sure that 1 have
the means of helping- you "to find
reli'.-f in a few days and it Jailing
cure in just a few wt-ebs.
Send no mora
ally.   Say:���"Tt
rheunwtlsm, and how I ir.sy cure mine.
Address your letter or cost cud tu Pet?r
SavalaSOSt. Peter St. D. 1-jg Montreal. Que.
.��� Easily  and Quickly  Cured with
treated as legitimate current costs   ot".
doing business, reserve funds created)
i for purposes to whicli they will never i
[lie put.    Working men advance high!
I costs of living for wage demands out
of all reason, tlie increased living expenses often Ucing^tllC result'of waste j UougU3 VcL^'wr^'1 ^Napance. Ont.
and extravagance in living'.    I'urnicrs I
demand     the  application     of certain    . ��� ,     __. ���      -j
principles in the marketing of wheat. | Alberta S  MmeS Could
but when, as a result of a temporary j Easily Double  Output
change   i"   conditions,  they  stand  to
British Columbia's
i Great Mineral Wealth
.-?.   Ju��t trrila tr.e (wremv
"Tetl me how you aired yotir
The  Mineral  Resources  Which  Lie
Practically Untouched in British
Mr. Charles R. Hosmer, a director
of the Canadian Pacific Railway and
Natural Resources
And National Health
Health Society of Denmark Has Made
Country    One    of   the    Most
Prosperous  in  Europe
Denmark affords an interesting ex-
lose, thcy denounce the vcry system
they advocated and charge that il was
adopted to advance, other interests!
than their own. Advertising is often
nothing more nor less than camouflage, and this is particularly true in
connection .with advance notices of
\ theatrical productions, the flotation of
mining and other'companies, and similar propositions.
Yet in  the long run  none of tli;.s :
deceptions   pay.     Sporting-
During the progress of the Great
War a ncw word became incorporated
into thc vocabularies of the English-
speaking people���thc word "camouflage." It is a word denoting deception, the making of tilings to appear
what they arc not, the art of disguise.
So we had ships with dummy funnels
and masts and painted iu the most
start'ing fashion so that it was difficult to tell wether there was one ship
or two, and whether it was moving
east or west. Roads were treated so
that it was difficult to >ay from thc.
air whether they existed 01 not. Guns
and airdromes and buildings wore so
marked lhat at a di.-iam-e iL was impossible to separate ihem from the
surrounding l.uidsc.'ipe. So, iu war.
camouflage was devilnpcd alines J to
an art and attained a high degree of
ingenuity,    cleverness    and in  many
^sulfations may defy their own agrccinenis
and keep bidding against each other j
until alt arc ruined and a limit reached; Uie pulpit which indulges iu camouflage loses its power and influence
for good; tlie jiolitician  is ultimately
found out nnd cast aside bv a public  " .       ,    . ,
,. ,      "...      i 1 he  strike  during   the
has   lost  all   commence   in   nun
Equipment   Sufficient   to   Turn   Out
Ten Million Tons -of Coal
The equipment aud labor now available in the coal mines of Alberta is
sufficient to turn out ten million tons
of coal annually".' During. December
nearly 800,000 tons of coal was mined
in lhc province. This quantity could
easily be produced every month with
the present available equipment, so
that in twelve months there would be
no difficulty in reaching an output of
ten million tons if this quantity could
j be disposed  of.
he   total  output  of  con
the Bank of Montreal, said in an in- ample of the connection between thc
terview with the Victoria Colonist: promotion of health and thc promo-
"Canada faces thc future with con- tion of material prosperity. Accord-
fidence. Its banking position, whicli i ing to a special correspondent of the
is the 'backbone' of the country, never London  Times,  who  recently visited
was in a more satisfactory condition.
This is also true of ils leading indus-
Dcnmark, a great deal of its prosperity in later ycais has been due to the
trial companies."They have been able'operations of thc Danish Ilca'.th So-
during thc last  few ycars   to  fortify,cicty.
themselves against any setback that is I    Twenty-five    ycars  ago    Denmark
likely to occur. Iwas lnccd with despair, and today she
"Wc   hear   much   of   Canada's   tin-1 is one of thc most prosperous coun-
dcvclopcd  resources, of ils pulp and'tries In  Europe.    Thc Times corrcs-
papcr, of its wonderful walcr powers Ipondcnt ascribes this largely to the | and 'executive functions maintain
which make these resources available! work of Licut.-Col. Henrico Mylius j close collaboration and unite thcir
and profilab'c, also of thc steel, iron Dalgas, who founded thc Health So-1 efforts toward safeguarding the rights
and shipbuilding industries on the At- cicty of Denmark. It is so custom-jand interests of thc state. I hope it
lantic coast,  and of its great norlh- ary to associate a health society with  will   be  possible  by   divine  grace   to
Turkey Talks of
Peace With Dignity
Sultan   Declares   Reverses   of   War
Cannot Injure Nation's
Turkey's right to political existence
is upheld in an address issued to the
people _ by the" Sultan. Hope is expressed that .lhe peace to be concluded wilh thc entente powers will be
one of dignity and wi'l result in thc
retirement of alliid forces, who are
at present holding portions of the empire.
"Right dominates everything and
nothing can destroy it," thc address
declares. "The reverses of war cannot injure a nation's right to political
existence as   long as    its    legislative
west prairie  laijds, where an  enormously   increased   production   of   hard
is both refreshing and
Heady in a minute���the minute
you want it.
'flat: 10c, 25c, f 1.15, J2.25.
Tobacco Grown ?n
Southern Alberta
was  five   million   tons, or just  n.ljov^t��^vil0Ivt Js possible "and which is in dc- U��e principal activities of thc Danish
million  tons less than  that of 1918.. ..^^ ^ wotU OYCr; ,)Ut Q)1C |,carSi Health Society has been thc rcclama-
summer   ^s j VQry i|l{ic of w|int sc'tMUS   l0   ,nc   t0 | tion of barren heaths and moors and
responsible for the reduced output m  o(fcr {hc greatest possibilities  of all.'ll,c irrigation of dry  waste lands  in
medical  propaganda  that it  is sonic-1 secure a peace safeguarding thc unity
what astonishing lo find lhat onc of | of our  empire as  well  as  thc  honor
and   dignity   of   the   nation,   and   assuring thc deliverance of our invaded
1919 as compared
previous year.
with   that   of   the
that has lost all commence in
fake advertising aud unscrupulous
business methods may Slonvisli for a
season, bul it is th.e business resting
on a firm foundation ol honesty and
public service whicli achieves t'r.e most
marked successes.
Camouflage served its purpose, in
tlie war, but the longer that terrible
struggle lasted the less effective was
camouflage  and   the   more  difficult  it
became to keep it up, as each dcvel-
. ,,     n.     , , nam
opment was quickly oflset,oytinoJ.or:i    A   liulc>   np,)lied   u,Itll0Ut   nibbing.. _ ,      ...... , .     (rp
So it is in everyday life.    HyPocl'ls.v 1wi!|. penetrate immediately   and    rest, Columbia, there is, pcrlv ps, ninety per
and deceit may serve for a season, but'|aud soothe the nerves. .cent, of the developed mineral wealth
tbat is all.    Truth alone survives and'    Sloan's Liniment is very effective in ! 0f the United'Stalcs, while in Alasln
-tying external pains,, strains, brnis-.. ti,ci.e rirc also very larg- and  profit-
"I appeal  to parliament to support
and that   i.s    the    mineral    resources Jutland.    The Society has a member-1 the government so that measures in-
which   lie 'practicallv   untouched    in  b'UD ��f 9,416, and obtains a contribu-1 Lended   to   repair  the   effects   of  war
British Colli'-bia t-'on towards ils work from thc stale. | may be cariicd out, that all branches
"The geological map, I believe, iu-jT�� <l��otc: | of  administration   may  bX reformed,
i dicatcs that there exists a 'argcr mm-
ATTACKS  NERVES  itt��   ilrea   in   Brilish Columbia   than
  i there is in either of the great mining
, .   . , ��� . ,i      centres in  tlie United Statcs   to ' thc
Liniment    scatters    the . tI     r
south or m Alaska to Hi ��� north.   In
these territories to thc south,   which
are practically birdeiing   on   British
congestion and relieves
continues  tnumpnant.
The need of lhe world today U a
return lo thc old principles iT.d traditions of tlie  pasl:  a  renaissance  of
es, acnes,
Keep a
and    that
ways was successful iu thc ;
pHshmcnt of the purposes for
it was designed. It vas. hov;c
a part of war slratcgj.
Unfortunately,  there  is  too
practice of camouflage in  the
old- time sterling honesty and adl
j encc to truth and piinciple no matter!
j what tho outcome may be. IVopL1'
, are bccoiimi'r impatient of tiiekeiy]
land deceit. The}- arc demanding an |
uncovering of stark, naked facts gov-]
erning  all   conditions   of  life.       The'
process   lakes!
���., for l'amiiv use.
7(!c, 'Si.'IO.-
slil'f join Is,    sore    muscles.     , , .  .
nemilis,  sciatica,  rheumatic   ablc    ml���K    opeiations;
P.ntish Columbia has not procured its
big  bottle always  on   hand   relative share, 1 am sure, is due largc-
In   I860  there existed in  Jutland  and lhat the guarantees of the rights
2,244  square  miles  of heather,  3')C> of minorities may bc respected."
square    miles  of  marsh,    and  220      The need of most rigid economy is
square miles of uncultivated downs. > emphasised by  the  Sultan.
Now this area of unproductive land, 	
is reduced by more than onc half,; AM EYfElIENT ME��y""lftI"
nor will'the Health Society relax1."" EAUiLLLllJ. l?IEil/��� iVih
its labors until not onc ounce of I
soil remains that does not con Iri-1
butc its share to the national econ-|
Baby's Own Tablets are an cvrcll-
nt  medicine for little  ones.      T'-cv
Druggists everywhere.   !v t0 tlic frict tlia, we liavc \^]r0(\ tl-c
��� Made in Canaua
whicli s���'lc>"
all   conditions
the   ttneoverim
of treating the ores of British Colum
bia have been in successful operalion,
omy. ;
The woik of thc society, like  lhat'   -      _    ���-1,1   ,   .    ., 1     1      *���
.   ,     _ .   .        r r. ���      ���    arc   a   mll(I   "l,t   thorough   laxativ
ot the Commission of Conservation i��'wliicli sweeten  the stomach and r"sr-
Canada, is educative and advisory.   It u'.ate the bowels, thus bringing relief
tcaclus scientific method aud wise co- ��"  case.-,  of  constipation.  indigcsMon,
colic, colds  and  simple fevers     Con
them    Mrs.    L.  J
��� "I  have
lliods mcnl ��f woods, forests and lands lhal  found  Baby's Own  Tablets excellent
wcrc  formerly  waste.    For example, for   my  young  babv  in   thc   case  of
there are in, Jutland over 2,220 plan- constipation and colic and it gives m
1 .o..-i..i   nil       1 f..��� 1 .  ,-,,^   operation to the farmers, aud bv per
1 capital   that  has been  so  free y  sup-    ' ' '
plied lo our neighbors.
"Within the last vear new
ji_.iijn.il   incn.  iLiri  ui-i.il  au   nu- j   3U|.i-    . - ccrning   them    Mrs.    L.  J    CHnsson,
ststcnt advocacy ensuns the develop- p:iql1ctvillc.  N.B.. writes: ��� "I  hav
!\\ill b
in  all  its
.> for all.
fullness  the betlei
i Miotics in Farm Homes
tations, and the number is constantly
great pleasure to recommend- them *o
which   promise   in   a   short   time to .L"l,u,,i,>. ",,u "'" """.'""," vu",'"'lai';:y other mothers."   The Tablets pre sold
makc this province one of the leading �����as.nB.   ���c society s membrsh.p bv medicine dealers or bv m-il at 25
... ,    . . ( is  continuaby  expanding. ���   1 nomas cents  a  box  from   The Dr.   Willums
zinc and lead producing rountriM of Ad Medicine  Co.,   Brockviile. On*.
the world.  Similar methods are b' ing 1
M��nard'a  Liniment Cur's Colds.
; Alberta's  Rural Telephone System Is  similarly applied to the g Id mines ii
kt-c.; Bcing Extended. , tho    Rossla: d    district,     which    will
dav business of life.    It pctmeatcs ev-| . !    According to" the  Deputy  -MinisterI largely decrease  the cost  of  produc-
crything, ancl men, and  women, too,: l1<4��tvt*a! ligg-jLaymg LoniCSt j of  Railways and Telephones   of   the   tion and  will increase  the output of
who would not for 'one moment stoop*   ! Provincial     government,     there     arc   the precious metal, which is so much prp-r  in   the   Ma-i'i-ne   Province   in
to the teriiiK of a lie   or lhc perpc- |Sarl:atoon Man Wins Fiist Round in(11000 pi,0!!cs  j���   f;,rin  homes  iu Al-id'-sircd  from an   all-world   point   of wri'insr to us states:
.          ,                   ,   ' ,- 1          .           i                       Poullrv Event                       'i     .                                                                   view" I       1   vvoi-'d  sav  thai   1  do not  bmv
tration   of  an   openly   dishonest   act.;                 .    uu.l)                                 i: herta.                                                             view. of a tnc'innp ih�� '-�� ��mnfl n-o i^t
wink at and acquiesce in a species of i     1 nzewninors   tor     the     lirst     am.,'     [t ;R the aim of thc governmenl lo   of timc Hke MINARIV^ LI>MMF.NT.
Success  This  Year at Experimental
Farm Near Lethbridge.
Cigars made from tobacco'grown in
Southern Alberta were recently dis-
tiibutcd at Xa dinner of the 'Rotary",
Club at Lethbridge. The tobacco was
grown on thc Dominion Experimental
b'arm near Lethbridge, last summer.
Seed of a cigar variety was obtained
fiom Ottawa, and planted last spring
under glass. Between fifty and sixty
plants wcrc afterwards, transplanted
in a sheltered spot in the open. They
grew a prolific foliage, which was
gathered early, and cured, and a very
good cigar leaf obtained.
Mr. W. H. Fairfield, the farm superintendent, is not at present making
any predictions on thc commercial
possibilities of- tobacco growing in
Southern Alberta, but intends to carry
the .experiments further during thc
coming season.
Thc word which is variously spelled
as "catsup," "catchup" and "ketchup"
is a corruption of the Chinese word
"kitjap," the namc given to an inferior kind of soy in China.
A company is known-by the man
who dominates it.
I  I  I I  I ��
camouflage with thc intention of de-i^"^   four-uec.kly   periods   in    the;Jjlac
cctving and promoting something c��-|Sa��k:itcli?v.-an f��l"al ^-laving con-
v.inner for ;he first four week'?, hav-j]1CAV exjgt
scnlially dishonest. .
In the realm'erf spoit it is more of
less frankly'indulged in. For example,
in connection with professional baseball there is an understanding in the
Western League thai a certain salary
limit shall not he exceeded by any one-
team, yet it is exceeded, lhe team
management camouflaging ' excess
payments to players by numerous devices. Hockey is supposed lo bc an
amateur sport in the West, but it is
an open secret lhat rival clubs havc
been outbidding'each other in-order,
lo secure exceptionally good players.
In law, witnesses are-sworn to tell
the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but thc truth, yet questions arc put to
witnesses skillfully designed to suppress the whole truth, and often to
convey an intentionally wrong meaning.
Thc church is declared lo bc founded on truth itself, yet conditions of
life arc so camouflaged from many a
_pu!pit_ lhat _peoj)I_e_arc_ deceived r.nd a
whollv erroneous impression conveyed.
- Much oi our accepted form of political tactics is nothing more nor less
than camouflage. ' Men aie found denouncing the party form of government while engaged in thc attempt to J
form another parly in which thcy and
le^t, "starting     0:1   November   1   last,
have been announced.
W. \Y. Ashley, Saskatoon, v.as the
ulomalic phone in the home
juf every subscriber.   Thc government
lias adopted the  policy of extending
. the system -as   soon   as   possible 'to
j districts  where,  tlic service  docs  not
Over Thousand Alien
JS> emies Deported
both   the  lien  laying-the  largest}    h. pursucincc ,01 thi? policy
\n am-
number  of  eggs   and  the  pen laying {bilious plan of development   fot   the
the largest number of eggs, aud W'X
McCheane,   Borden,   Sask., was
winner in both cias��c'.;
four-week period.
There arc nineteen
Saskatchewan  section
foi  lhe .-.ccoiid
entries in  llic
this year,  and
coming year has   been   outlined,    ft
{"c > will include many-miles of construc
tion and iu preparation for this the
government has ordered 250,000 telephone polc-5, one and a half mi'Hon
pounds   of   copper   wire,   and   about
Canada Has Bien Quickly Deporting
Undesirables During Past
Licut.-Col. W.  E. Date, commandant of the camp for alien enemies at
Kapuskasing,  statcs   that  while     thej 	
U.S. newspapers had made much ado' Bank   Clearings   Show   Greater   Per-
It has be<Mi an unf'ti'i'ig remedy in
our household ever <-inc T can remember, and has outlived doyens of
wou'd-be competitors and imitators."
Prince Albert'^ Progress
Livestock Industry
Business at Union Stock Yards in
Winnipeg a Good Index "
Further evidence of thc growth of
the livestock industry in Western
Canada is- the business done at tlie
Union Stackyards at Winnipeg,.Manitoba, during 199. "Official figures arc
not yet available, but it is known that
the total number of cattle handled
last ycar will exceed the previous record by 50,000. This would bring the
numbei  in  the neighborhood of "370,- r]
Let folks step on your f��pt Ive.
'.'tfr;'\vear shoes a,size smaller"'f v>u
like, for corns will never ar��-"-i c'ul
'dectric sparks of pain 111 rough vou
according to this Cincinnati authority. - ���      "
He savs that a few drnrs of -i drug
call'il frcezone, applied dirertlv uno��i
n lender, aching corn, ine'-'-Mv Thieves  soreness, and   soon   the  entire
000. while the total receipts will pro-j com, root  and all, lifts ritht out.
bably   be   near   thc $35,000,000   mark!    ThU    drug is   a stirkv ethr-rronv '
for the veir I pound, but  d<-ies at  oner and ��rnr>iy
- 'shrivels 11 p  the corn   without  lYflini-
iiou long distance calls were
bv thc system.
No young man is ciuitc as good as
ills best girls thinks his picture lo- ks.
the  biids  are  housed  at  the  experi-1 folu. million pound? of iron; wire,
mental  farm," Indian   11 fad,   where aj    During the past year over two mil-
strict record is "kept    of    each    hen   j;0., ioi,j, distance calls were handled
individually, as well as each pen.
Nearly all the birds which aic uot
laying well are immature puliets
hatched' late last spimg, and persons
proposing to make entries for next
year's contest, starting November 1,
should bc careful not to enter an
birds not hatched ,cai ly enough to al
low of full development.
Entries for "the contest should    be
made to !���'. C. F.lford, of ihe Dominion
poultry   husbandry" 'department,   Ol-!
about shipment of several hund'ed
"reds" to Europe, thc Canadian government had beeu carrying on this
work quietly but effectively for over
a  ycar  past
centage of Increase Than A-ny
Other Western Canadian
The    steady and    pronounced ad-,j,UT or rvcn  irritating the
! vancement   of   the  livestock  industry iin^ tissue.
'during  the  last  few  ycars  only  em-,    T<  is cV.^rd that a  n"i--t- ��-,{ �������
,   ,     . ,, , ,���      I ounce    of fre"7one    obtained nt anv
. | Phasizes     tlie popular misconception  ^ ^^  w,n cos,  vcri    . ,f���   hftf
. The progress 01 I'nncc Albert. Sas-   that production on lhc great plains is;p sufficient to remove every hard or
Dm ing  the  past  year > |s;,tc]lcWan, whicli week by  week and  measured in lei ms of wheat and grain ' ��oft  corn  or callus  from   ������'s   feet
Cut this out. esneciallv  if you are a
\voni?n reader who wears hi"1! '""fl..
y|Faint and Dizzy Spells.
Weakness and
Shortness of Breath.
Prize Winning* Wheat
Vou- can -gencially" -tell -when���the
heart is affected by 'lie faint and diz-
yy spells.',the shortness of breath palpitation, throbbing, irregular bcaHng,
smothering sensations, weak, sinl.ing.
well   oyer a. thousand  alien   jncmirs m0|1(|l by lm.lUh hah w��� rcrordod in   yiclds_
had been  shipped  from   Canada and the  bank   c,paiiims   ,hllinit   tho   past .
morc were yet lo go.   They included yCar> was a ccmsislc,nt> slPadv Krowth. Mmard's Liniment Cures Distemper
Austrians and Germans chiefly, and a and  was maIntaipcd  froni  t;., b-^in-,	
certain  number  of   Russians.    These ^.^ {Q {h(. 0|ld of t,,c vea(.   Thp ppr.
panics were    sent    under    guard to cpnta^ of llicrc!lsc ovcr the previous
Rotterdam or other ports, from which
Record War Crimes
... . . year was greater than any other city will Try Kaiser, Present or Absent,
easy access cou d be secured to ecu- ���     .,,, ��������� r-,..��.u , i.    ,,.    ,.   rr
X T.. P .,        ���  . j1" Wts,crn Canada. 1 So Woild Will Know.
r.i     ���   lopcin pom s. |     Dnrii.g 39!o tilc T>t-ince Albert bank 1    The Manchester Guardian hints that $200,000.   Work is  lo begin as  soon
About one hundicd of the Winni-i
peg "reds" had been deported, who;
had   been     gathcied  111   during     the
clearings totalled $21,574,166,   an   in- a sohUion 0f the difficulty with regard  a5 nossible.
cieasc    of-   $7,42-1,446   over   1918,    - '
the   foi mcr  German
,, ���,. , , thirtv-fivc per cent.   The  only other (.mneror wii' b" found
troubles al.Winnip g last June by tlic'   ���.    ���    ., - - unperoi wji. u. louna.
 ������        -       -   - ���    77 -   ciiy 111 die
Royal  Northwest     Mounted     Police,
and sent on in batches lo Kapuskas-
or to thc trial of
nperor will b;
''The "ex"-kaiscr~\vlll bc"suminon"cd"to
ing, whence .they were shipped across
ilie Atlantic.
Plans arc now being prepared for
the erection of an 'up-to-date modern
fireproof departmental store, four
stories high, with basement, at Regina. Thc store wjll bc built on the
old post office site and will cost about
He Ought-to Know
A~solclicr""f roifi "tlie" fforrpap"plic"d~tor
cuy in, tue-west sliowing-an-mcrease
ovcr   20   per   cent,    was   Edmonton,. trial beforc au a,Ued conin,issi0n, and  the hold for a job as cool:,
which  recorded 27 per cent.    Saska- ;f hc do,,s ���ot n���swt.r_it ;s possible
toon's increase    was    13 8   pcr cent., ,lc ���,aY nol_llc w;n hc tlied in  ilis
. all-gone  tecling,   choking, sensation,         .    .,-,,.,        ., ,,                        kegma 10, and Moose Jaw 9 per cent. awncp��  t ue  newsnaner   s-ivi "Bv
1,,f���                             .-            .                      I     Lieut.-Col. Dale said there were at      ���..     ,,.         . , ���    .                    . ausence,     ine  newspapei    s.i>s. ��j>
etc.                      ,                                        ,                                                                     1     j ilc financial 1 ost, commenting on ,i.;a rn,,r.r. i.:��� r,,n ,,,,;ii ��-"i!i tw ���nrlf>
only-about  a  hundred  alien' ,                .   ,,      ,                t ,.     ',. uns. course lus tull guilt vill oc mate
wonK'tt    hecome   present
Champion  Wheat  Growers .Compete (    Maiiy,   jncn   and
at Saskatoon Seed Fair. ��� rundown  and  worn  out   when  other- j enemies left at Kapuskasing together
.Some remarkably good exhibits are wise thcy could be strong and heal'hv I v ;t[1 Cl fcw jU!ndrcd in camps in other
[being  shown  at  the  Provincial, Seed 'f ^v would only pay some atte���.ion I i'       ()(  .^  cm vUlo  wouid  be
The kliGolinq: Habit
,.   .      . ... r    , ... rnrmf   ulinvi   -t   thr-   P>-ovineial   Seed  if thev would only pay some attention ; . r   .,      ^_������,_���
their views will find morc coidial ac-jucin'>  Ssll��^'1  "l  'i-<-   Louniut-saa ^ ^ ^^^ ^. ^ ^. ^(,nr{ u.raj-l1Pc-      ' l-art.-.  ot   ihe  country
ceptance lhan was accorded them by I17*'"" al Saskatoon, Sask.  Wheat, oats, l' ^^   ,.ClXr^ \^\   d'0   so* 'ni'-iu.|i'"tn ' "cut home at the earliest opportunity
existing'pai'ticf.    Panics aud itidiuvl-1 bzrUy, llax. potatoes, alfalfa and other |',n;d,t .-the  heart ��� regain  -Jtrchgth  and
uals   in. opposition  denounce' patron-; seed   are  among- the  exhibits,   which xigor.   regulalc   it.-,  beat   and   restore
1     - ���  . ' .���      ���       1        pvrerd  in  unmlief  tlmse  of  Tire\inii< it to a liealt'iv and normal condiMon 1
age, and proceed to-practice u when , <��Y.etU  in  m.jnbLt   t.iosc ot  preupus        Mi,b m>   ,-,carI .,,���, Ncrvi._Hi���s  -
thcy'succeed  to   office.    The     most  5'��rs,    I wo ��� f me. sample-;    ol   corn      Mf^   c   A   ^   ])n\rc,   pnris   Ont.,'
outspoken democrat is frcc.ucntly lhe t'lQwn  in   thc   proviricr  are ,al.-.o. in-.Wriics:���"I havcused on ,towards tin
!eluded in the exhibit^.,'  " 'second   box  of .Milburn's   Heart  ar.d.
That the "grow inp of psizc'-viiir.iii'g'~^i-,,"''i'  f'il's and find they have done'
���,   ,���,r.. ��� 1  <-  .... ^. �� .... "ie good.    I had liifi.se fainting, diyr.y
uot  conl ueu lo onc or two        ,y . ... .    , -   - ���...
.   -    .               , , suells. once 111 a vJule, and also weak-
it the province .is proved" by J1(,.,s ;t.,d  ^ovUl.c^   0;   breath.   ,and
the remarkable showing of Canadian
cities,  ])oinls  out  that  while  the _iu-
jnanifcsl  to   lhc world  by  the  testimony   of   witnesses,   including   Gcr
most eager seeker after titles and po
5-itions of honor. Scores and hundreds j
of men today openly advocate prohi-1 wheat  1
bttiqn, but secretly vote against it, or|*armcr.-
duc    to    the    decreased    purchasing
1 power of the dol'ar, ycl  the ,si.:c of
j lhc   increase   indicates definite  commercial and industrial expansion. The.
         . I totals of the Dominion are four limes
U.S. Statistics of Homcide Continue: '��� greater than  twelve years ago, three
to  Lead the  World j times greater lhan ten ycais ago, and
P< ople  of     Kngland     and  double Ihe tola) eight v^ars ago.   so
id'the uctpon habit and the   that  the advance is definitely  placed
uu material progress and prosperity.
connive al  its violation  when "air attempt is made to enforce it.
Throughout   'the whole    sphere of
business tht art of camouflage is prac-
Ihe suce>-.- - ,(
Avoniea, in c:
ship trophy.
llie previous v.inn
\.   K.   Cantpbe'd,"  of v.ould become so clicked up'at lime;
ii,r: off th.e ch:t:-:r>ii?Ji-   1   could   hardly  sleep   without-silling
'up  in "bed.     Wnrii   walking  too  fast
rs ol till':
ould have to : top
br^t!:.     1  feci'a
ind try to catch
lot  better since
. -li   thc
France '
kiring^tli'iuglit ?s generally as the
people of-;he 1'niiid State,, tin ii police v/ouid probably be armed with revolvers the same as ours aie, instead
of  slaving stick-, only.    We prohahk
inherit   ll'i>-   condition   fr
creased   figures   are   to_so.no   client mans> his correspondence and   other
document^;. Scnlcncc will bc pro-
novneed, and if it cannot be executed,
it will, at any rate, be on record. One
possibility is that on evidence available from Germany and Holland, the
cx-kaisei will be proved a criminal
Tommy's Burden
Statistic0,     once   ' were     published
showing lhat not one. day of the 36.S
It is a much lesser crime in China
j lo steal a neighbor's ox than to steal
I his dog.    The former is simply per-
.'sonal property, while thc latter takes
the place of a man���a watchman.
'   "What can you  cook?" asked  the
"Anything, sir," was the reply.
"Well, how do you make hash?"
"You don't make it, sir,"-said the
soldier.   "It just accumulates."
A little more than a century ago,
in 1800, laws wcrc passed by the Uritish parliament   which    imposed very
heavy penalties on any"who conspir-;
ed to raise.wages.
It is easier for a woman lo love a
man than it is for her to agree with
another woman.
Mulches have not yet displaced the
tinder-box in -certain rural sections
of Italy and Spain.
A 'Health-Building
Settlers Expected
:��� \  <Z.lZk   fj
'���^ ,"-p5��~
(-ji *-^- <~. t^ ^
^ZZIT'"^* *���'^'
A .j : ,-, r.
oreaiiv plea sins
to taste. Tull 01
rich, nourishment
and ready to eat
without cooking.
Needs no Sugar
Big  Influx  la Looked For -In
[-        ���   ."'        During 1920.
An urusual influx of farm setllers
jcration or two longer, our statistic, ^ ^a Br-Ui=,h Empire human lives are
of homicide will continue lo lead tlic 1 sacrificed every day and seldom is
world.���St. Louis Globe Dcmociat.      | there a Kipling to sing lhc praises of
  those who lrear lhc brunt of lhc stiug-
Why Germany Weeps        _   jv,v._xcv, York Sun.
. Germany ir.  weeping again.       Sue
has wept inany times since the aim-
Austrian Vessels Dtmaged.
The towing vcss-tls sent lo Caltaro
lu bring l.r.tk'the wai ships given up
Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"*
Pl^asin^ alike to young and old
j a Reason"'
cxpertcd in ihc western pro\mccs  istice.   She"will weep still more in thc
1020.    Ov-c-r  50  pcr  cent,   of   the  future,    For, by her leais she hopes
��������� severs v.ho.cninc to Canada i.i i to' dissolve   the   close  association   of  ^   ^.^ h_c fouml th^   -m  bad
[o v 0:.- ;rcn- the LmLed Statcs ana. ;\mcr:ca r;nd the allies.   It thc scpai-j^.^.^^ lhc warihips ilicludc t-hrcc|
1 cruisers,  four  destroyers  and  twelve
'torpedo boats.   They arc reported to
Americans will'form a large .percuif-i ation comes, Germany's future course
age in 1920, One reason is the un-jof action will "be clear. Preparation
precedented lisc in the value of fatm for revenge can bc safely begun. All
kind in the middle western states. Tltc 1 of Germany's  plans  for revenge  de-
average increase in the price of farm pend on' America's future attitude lo-
lands iii Iowa in the last year has' ward'the war-proven democracies of
b-'-n $tQfl an acre and the total increase  i'i   farm  valuations  is  over  a
! miiiou  CJnars.
Europe,���Minneapolis News.
have been damaged, and it will bc al
iMOSt impossible lo put Ihem bc.ck into service.
To Fortify the System Against Grip
Torlois-,- jikc and r*rp havc been' Tablets which destroj * germs, act as a
v.'-'wr. to live J50 year>, but tliey arc   Tonic and" Laxative,  arad thn3 prevent
There aic limes when a charitable
heart can do morc good than a charitable hand.
rt "lived  in   comparison  v.ith   the   Cclds,Grip smdInfluenza.   Tbereisonly
!e, vJiich is believed to lire from   one "BROMO QUD-HNE." E. W. GROVES .-
to 40l> years. -        1 signature on the box. " }
Waiting works  wonderj
keep busy while waiting.
it vou
Tlie mree "Bayer" identifies the
only genuine Aspirin,���tho Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for ovcr nineteen ycars sind now made in Canada.
Always buy an unbroken package
of "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" wHcu
W.     N.     U.     1300.
t-ontains proper directions for^Colds,
Headache, Toothache, Earache," Neuralgia, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Npu'i*
tis. Joint Pains, and Pain generally.
Tin boxes of 12 tablets cost bu6
a few cents.   Larger ,-Bayer" packages.
Th��re is oaly one A8piria-."Bayer"�����Y��m xauet say "Bayc*"
Aspirin u tha trade mark (rcgiatcrefl Jo Canada) of Eayor Mannfactare o' vr-jio-
acctlcaciaeBtcr ol Sallcyilcacld. "While tt la well known that Aspirin tr jsiw nayor
niarti-facture, to as Jist the public agalr.Bt ImltatlocE, the Tablets of Bayer Compaay
will bc staisped with tleir sencrsl irai!e suirk, iht '1i*3*t Crow." ���iir
��� >������/. j
r-   > ,       >    *   y*< --y ~,X ' '-,"��" ��� '
TILE     LEDGE.    GREENWOOD.    B.     C.
liaicm'ik and the giils and J.liss  Elliot and their plan5;  for   thi   future, i
while Ruth, hei  eyes scaicelv ���saving'
his facc,   followed   his   vvouh "in   a
silence as  fascinated ns tli?t of Des-1
demona    listening    to    the    "stiange
lales" of Othello the  Moor    She did
not interuipt -until Rugbies  lold   hei
  th?t  he  was  going  to  see   ATi    Fal-
t-. -.iii   ���i��� ,1   conei'to ask for the aul   md advice
Every woman with pale cheeks and  of that fe. dl        d worMVw;se   ol(1
poor   complexion   need1?   medicine ���igcnt'eman      " "
'needs a potent tonic to regulate her
w SaBow Skin
Can Be Changed
To Rosy Complexion
i _
It Works Wonders
On Catanha! Colds
Simple   rs   A.   K,   C   to   l)ir, c
Away    Colds    With
-   ''Catarrhozone'1
Farmers Neglect
Profit in Sheep
I When youi thi oat i attic1;, your
"The veiy peTson!" Ruth exclaim- bu-gs and chest aic sore, yout th'roat
cd, and was about to s.iv moic when,151 ^iifTcd with cold���don't feai con-
Ihere came a discreet ia*p. (sumption���usc Catarrhozone and get
-    " "                It cleat s the throat, cures hack-
I well.
To tone up thc stomach���to insure
good digestion���to give new life and.
vitality to  the whole^.system-wherc      Ruth sprang, up to .open  the door rc); . ,      . -    . soreness
-    ���    -     ���     -      ���  'and there stood Mustapha, who saint-. "'*>��� ruicvcsugiu uicsi, ami soicness
cd in the Turkish fashion, an inclina   J" |hc ��>��nchial tubes., ro clear away
tion with the hand carried to the fore- j Catarrh of thc nose nothing could bc
head, thc Hps, and thc chest. jbcltci.    Catai iliozonc is natuics own
�����.,.,   . .   ... ,r    .    ,   ���,     ,    . -,-,        remedy���it hca's anu soothes-���cures
What is it, Mustapha?   askeu Rug- everv rm,��� nf ,|nn,,t   Iflno ���,1fi i,rnn   .
gles  who was sitting with his facc to | ^7 Sle/    ^escfe Ty  mTny'"1 ������� *CCOrdin? * *e 'Mt ������
the door. ,.   specialists and used bv thousands cv-1 fisurcs, there were 2,174,300.    This is
A note fiom Mr. Falconer, cftendi
just brought by his scivrnt and ask-
_ is there a remedy like Dr. Hamilton's
Dr. Hamilton's Pills enable vou to
eat what you like���thev correct con*
stipation ��� make nourishing bloody ���
instil force and vim into' a run-down
system. ��� ���
If nervous 'and can't s1eep your
remedy is Dr. Hamilton's Pills ��� they
search out the cause of vour condi-
* tion-and you lisc in the morning refreshed, strong, vigorous, ready for
the dav's work.
Dr. Hamilton asks everv weak and
debilitated1 person <-o use his mandrake
and Butternut Pills Thev make old
folks feel vouncr, and weak folks feel
Strong. Thcir effects upon insomnia
and langour,is marvellous. Hundreds
declare they soothe and quiet the
nerves so that a good night's rest
always follows their use.
To look well, to fpe1 well, to keep
well, use Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Thcy
arc mild, cleansing, strengthening ���
good for the young or old. Sold by al!
dealers in 25c boxes.
Feed Kow  Wasted May Be Turned
Into Mutton and Wool���Small
Flocks Are Paying
Side Line
Sheep  should  form a part of    the
livestock cairicd on the aveiagc
just as well as cattle, horses or swine.
Enough unused pasture and roughage
go  to  waste and  weeds  go  to seed
every ycar in Canada to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth
of mutton and  wool.    In  1871   there
wcie 3,155,509 sheep in  Canada, and
Montana Farmers for
Central Saskatchewan
8,500 Acres of Land Has Been Pur-
chased in the Beatty District.
A   colony   of  thii ty  fariiilics   from
Montana is to be located near Beatty,
Saskatchewan, this spring.  This is the
- """ i advance party of a large number   of
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BV ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos.^-Allcn,
ing for a icply."
Excusing himself to Ruth, Ruggles
opened the note, glancing through it,
then laughed.
"That's funny," said hc; "just as wc
happened to be speaking about him.
Hc wauls to know if I can go to luncheon at his apaitment tomorrow and
cry day.   Get the dollar outfit; it lasts'an enormous decline in the industry.
two months and is guaiantced    Small
size, 50c; ttial size, 25c; at all dealers.
when it is realized that the lesser
number in Canada in 1911 were scattered over a much larger area, due
to the opening up of thc West.
i. - -. "js��
! ��V.' i
'!&*,  '
-f "*^-
Increased Lumber
Production in Alberla
Greater This Winter and Spring Than'
In Any Former Season
Lumber production in the forests of i
Alberta will be greater this winter and j
spring than in any former season, according to the opinion of lumbermen.
Thc   present   demand   is   extremely
farmers  who are jmpiessed with the
agricultural prospect of North-central heavy, but the mild weather and lack
to tall: business with his children fas
what man does not when  these children arc actively and intelligently in-jb    th(J Livestock Branch, Ontario Dc-'
tcrcstcd in  his aflairs),  had gone on1
An  experiment  conducted  rccen
Saskatchewan and who are going to
try their luck in this pari of the province.
It is said lhat a group of Montana
bankers has ai ranged to finance thc
scheme and that thcy aie supplying
three tractors lo break up thc land.
In all probability the scttleis will all
be on the land by thc end of this year.
Having had several crop failures from
drought in Montana, thesc farmers
are hoping that thcir efforts will bring
For this
,   I better fruit in Saskatchewan.  Fo
-v  "  scheme 8 500 acres of land has
to s\v tint the mmmiiv i>ioi7osed to i Pertinent of Agriculture, demonstrat , 	
be says: "I am asking Miss Challand, ?pc��ya lg�� S^l XcVlW aid   cd that it is profitable to keep sheep m tkc B���^ dlstr,ct' whlch is so��'h
���...i   i ���  i   ..i.���  Ar:-,���,.  r\^...._ I .i _.   >r     VV .     ���  ��_ i .. ....
and her nece and the Misses Down-, that Mr. Hastings had lccommcnded |on  thc average farm and under ord
ing, aunt and niece,    thc    latter    otjas manage!  of   this   cstab'ishnient   a'
whom havc piomtsed lo honor inc\"    young man named Rugglcs who had
Kulh laughed.    "I   wai  ;ust  going  been  fot   somc ycais  with  thc com
(purchased by the Montana syndicate
.cast of Piince Albert,
to tell you that we were lunching with I pany and whoso"fathci  Mr. Downing
Mi.  Falconet   lonioiiov.-,"    said    she. | lcm'cinbercd as  one  o
"Well,"   said Ruggles, -"Pcmbiokc
managed to pull thc colonel through
You can go, can't you?"
"Yes,"  Rugglcs    answered    slow I v.
"I'd liked lortiavc called on Miss dial-
land fust, though, just lo show   that
there is no hard lceling."
"Miss Challand?" asked Ruth quc->-
"Yes, don't you lcmcmbcr?"
"Oh, of course!" said  Ruth.    "She
and hci niece are those catty Englishwomen who tried to snub you when
thcy found out that you unc a eleik
in the store.    What fun I"
I    "I never saw wheie thc  fun  came
in","   said  Rugglc'-.  "but  I   s'posl      I
I might as well go."
!    "There's a desk in the corner," said
'Ruth.    "Di-j? a line to Mr. Falconer
'to say tha'. you']! go."
,    Rugglc;.  obediently  complied     and
gave llic note to Mustapha, who saluted and withdrew.    Ruth closed lhc
door and. looked    at    Rugglcs    with
spaikling eyes j   ���
"It's 'ike a play," said shc. "Aren't
you awfully excited at tlic thought of
f their factory
|employees who had invented some
vcry excellent machines for shaping J
and stitching shocs. Ruth, on receiving this in foi mation, bad told her
family about Ruggles, and Mr. Downing had "readily psomiscd that he
should have thc position. As thcy
wcrc leaving Paiis thc following day,
Ruth had gone to the store to tell
Rugglcs of what he might expect ���
and anived in time to sec him whisked avay by Pcmbiokc
Rugglcs, knowing nothing of all
Ihis, icccived her in foi mation with a
ccrt.un  amount of skepticism
t   (To bc continued )
Isomc tea, Ruggles  Effendi?"
i ^-     ��� ifi    Ruggles looked al her and lati'ilicd.
tl     Bulgar- i1* was X.c,y n'?c t0 1)c lcasC(l b>' RtU}l
TuiLish coffee,
hc said he'd rather die in his own
house. He'd got it into his Irtrad that I
if it hadn't been for me, hc might |
havc been butchered by
ians; so nothing would do but he;
mtisl take nic with hini. Hc was onc |
of the iichc.st men in Turkey, and ,
lived in what had once been onc   of'
the loyal palaces on the Asiatic side j ^ . pwipcrl .herc?��,
of the Bosphorus. Wc were there ..ilustalpha . c��n�� sald Rupffics
about three months, and then Hainid ���IIc>s *a wLo, mUfit .uu, 1)lak
Pasha died I was all broken up, bc-,jt f {jie ��� d about this t|m
cause bed been just like a father   lo g,    -    j  , , d ,       ffi
me.     Thc teais came   lq_  Rugglcs s
eyes. "And wdiat do you suppose he'd
sgonc and done?   He'd made mc onc
in  this bantering way.
"I'm morc used to
said he.
"Oh, I adore-Turkish coffee!" ciicd
Ruth.    "Dof you suppose    thcy    can
and tell 'em jto^end him, up?"
Ruth struck her little paints togeth-
"Just the thing," said she.    "But
of his heirs and left me the palace
and everything in it and half a ml'liou
pounds in money and securities."
Ruth sprang forward in her chair,
her face aglow\
"Half a million pounds!" shc ciied.
"Why, that's ��� that's about two and
a half million dollars!"
Ruggles nodded. "Yes," said he.
"It's an awful lot of moncy_ for an
ordinary chap like me, ain't it?"
Ruth clasped hci hands and stared ��� al at ur -obf doi, t,,e bcgt
at bun for an instant with her chin _yoll ca��� t0 ]carn thp business and to
resting on Iicr knuckles.  'fl( yourscl)- for th{. llt.Kt RradCi llntiI
The King''and
Genera! Kooth
The King Knows a Great Deal About
People and the Woik They
Are Doing
Thc other day the King received
General Booth, head of the Salvation
Ainiy, at Buckingham Palace. Dc-
sciibing his MSit aftcrwaids, thc Gencial said;
"'Llic Lviug was most kind. We had
a good time. I think 1 inci eased lus
intcicsl in thc work of thc Salvation
Army, as he ceiU'inly increased mine
in thc woik ami responsibility of the
Tin one. lie knows a great deal about
our people and the woik thcy arc doing in vaiious parts of the woild. I
inary conditions. Nine small flocks
of from 10 lo 12 ewes per flock were
stationed in different parts of the province, and for two years an accurate
account was kept of feed and other
expenses, allowance being made for
intcicst on capital invested. Each
flock showed a profit each ycar, averaging about $38 pcr flock, or an average profit of between $3 and $4 pcr
It would! .ocm that, if increased production of wool-and mutton is to be
brought about, it can best bc done by
thc keeping of more small flocks on
thc average-sized farms of Canada.
Thcic are a number of important
points in favor of keeping sheep that
will bear emphasising.
First: Sheep destioy weeds and
consume food that would otherwise
i bc wasted. They cat most of the common weeds and, in eating them, giind
thc seeds so thoioughly that thcy will
not grow.
Second: Economy of housing and
management. Cheap buildings are
satisfactory as shelters.   Sheep lequi e
Look at tongue!  Remove poisons from little stomach,
liver and bowels
Accept   "Califjinia   Sy-up  of   Pies
on'y���look for the name Cah'omia on
of snow are retarding thc output.
Favorable weather will set the bush-
men busy and the mills humming.
Practically all of the lumber companies arc expanding facilities to meet
the heavy demand. The most notab'e
expansion is being madc by the Alc-
Laren Lumber Company, of Blairmore, in southern Alberta.- This firm
is preparing to increase its daily capacity from 80,000 to 300,000 feet.
The Phoenix Lumber Company is
increasing its capacity by erecting a
new mill on thc Canadian National
Railway and Saskatchewan River nea-
Harburg. This company is engaged
in filling an order for 500,000 railway
ties placed by thc Canadian National
Railways, and the order is to be filled
beforc thc close of spring. Several
hundred buslnncn arc engaged on thi>
company's berths.
Thc Eau Claire Lumbci Company,
of Calgai^, is making plans to. heavy
cutting. Thc total output planned ts
for morc than 7,000,000 feet, of which
4,000,000 feet is to bc produced on the
Spray River, near Banff, and 3,000,0J0
on the Ghost River, northwest of
Morlcy, Alberta. Other companies
are also preparing lo meet thc heavy
demand for lumber by increasing the
quantity of limbci cut and thc capacity of their mills.
Thc Crown timber inspector says
that thc cutting of limber would be
thc largest for many ycars, if not thc
heaviest in thc province's history. The
crews on all bciths aie larger than in
previous years. .
Orders and pi ices arc higher than
at any timc previously. Lumber companies aic being offered from $36 to
At night smear redness and roughness
with Cuticura Ointment. Wash off in five
minutes with Cuticura Soap and hot water
and continue bathing a few moments.
Treatment for dandruff and irritation:
On retiring rub Cuticura Ointment into
partings all over scalp. The next morning
shampoo with Cuticura S^ap and hot
water.  Repeat in two weeks if needed.
Cattcora So��p 25c.. Ointment 25 and We.. Ts]-
cnm25c. pluiCanadian duties. Sold everywhere.
Forumplo aacb I ma aadreu: "OaUcor��,D��pt.
H, Boston, U.S. A" <-,
. tJ.r<5
J- -J
Wheat in Western Provinces
Saskatchewan Credited With Producing Over Half of Wheat
Grown in Canada
In point of both yield and value of
wheat, Saskatchewan leads among the
provinces. Of the total product last
season, it is credited with 97,933,000
bushels, or slightly ovcr 50 per cent.
This should bc worth about $200,000.-
030, or at least'one-half of the cntir��
value of thc wheat crop of the who'e
Manitoba comes second with 43,-
206.000 bushels, all of this with the
exception of 93,000 bushels being
spring wheat. The value is approximately "$90,000,0(10. The acreage was
2,880,331, or about 100,000 less than
in 1918. The aveiagc yield vvas 15
bushels pcr acre.
Alberta's vkld was 26131,000 bushels, of  which all but 680,000 bushels
���7-   "��"7
--Or,-   i
1.7 -."o-i
<$ ���
- ;''*p -���;
t.' ���;������.����� i
was spring wheat.   The value   stands
$40 per thousand feet, while t.ages for at about $53,000,000.    The area sown
was impressed by his Majesty's int<
mate acquaintance with many of thc IV ,   ,   ,    ,     ,.  ,        . .
...���'..       .. ... .  show animsl, bul should be of good
no protection except from snow, rain harmless  b\-ative   or  phvsie   fo
aiid wind.    In Canada, lliey are sub- little stomach livr :md '^ow^'s. Ch''''-
jeet to few diseases and require bit r��� love ��*���* flrlieims frritv tn����e. F"1l
littic attention except at lan.bing time, {'7,f,0,^.for.,d,,Vf^   ��]<"<���   ��"   ���cl
,. ,        ,       ,    , , ,,       ...    bottle.    Give it  without   fear.
whicli makes the labor problem m this.    Mother! Yon must siiv "Ca'ifornin."
enterprise a minor consideration. ��
Third: A small investment -only is  fen-m That "S TOO
necessary to get a start in the sheep . .
business.    Good vigorous grade ewes1 VJUIWDIG TO iveep
should  bc  obtained and a  pure-bred
ram used.'   The  ram  need  not  be a
the package, then   you  are  sure your j buslnncn  have increased  fiom  $35 a  was  400,000 acres  in. excess  of  that
child   is   having   the   b��st   and   most j month and board jn pic.war ycars to',of  191bi  And   thc  avcrage   yicld   6.25
'     V
tell me fnsl, arc you very excited at
the thought of seeing Daithca?"
''No,"    RugglcS   answered. . ""Why
should I be?"   -
"Well,.you vvcrc pictty sore;, when
she turned jou down, weren't you?-
And now that you've madc good ���".
"Look here, Miss Downing" Ruggles interrupted, "I don't consider for
a second lhat I've made good.    Mak
ing good, as I sec it, comes of plug
"Oh ��� I'm so glad ��� so glad!;'
said -she. "I congratulate you with
all my heart!"
She gave him hci hand. Rugglc ���;
clasped it in his firm Rrip,_ and lhe>
sat for a moment looking into each
other's eyes.   Then  Ruth,    her    face
you get lo thc top. That was my idea
���when 3 was with the company. I
incaiil to get to the top, some day,
even if  I had io  jump a  few steps.
most difficult problems of the day, and
his evident appicciatiou of those matters which aie of the highest consequence. Hc spoke of the importance
to thc Empne and to civilization of
Christian faith, and of the value of
self-control and discipline in our social life." Hc gives mc thc impression
of a man deeply in earnest and resolved to do all hc can for lhc welfare
of the people."
size, strong and vigorous.���V. C. Nun-
Number Forty
More Opportunity to Turn Capital to
Account in Canada Th'n in the
Older Settled Districts
to the South.
$85 a month and boaid.
Farmers' Account Book
bushe's per acre.
British  Columbia's crop was
000 bushels.
Commission of Conservation Prepare
A Valuable Book For Use of
Canadian Farmers
Farming is a business, and if it docs
not pay, the farmer wants to know thej
reason.   Some record of receipts and
expenses, together with an inventory,
must'be kept if hc is to know how his
business is prospering.   An inventory
Get rid of every bit of that
ugly dandruff and stop
falling hair
j should be taken at the beginning and
has   been  en(j of lhe farmer��s yeai% t^is ]}st to-j
An Illinois farmer   who
looking oyer land  in  Alberta du-mg,.;^; "jive stockp  fecd>  in!plemerits
Plays  an   Important   Part   in 'Fact
and   Fiction.
Bombarding the Earth
and if I hadn't made a fool of myself
I'd have done it, too.   Then, when I'd
,        . ,      ,      , ,     got to lhc top I  colikl ha\c looked
very   pale,   released her hand gently  back aml said. Tnc maclc      od��.   But
and settled herself back m her chair.    ' mcn that make a lot   of   money   in
Thank you,  Miss  Downing,    said  somc sort-0f a gamble ��� tike stocks  tlnough our atmosphere, and arc vis-
Ruggles    1 tuougl.t you ct be glad.        or Mlilving oil 0I RoId> 01 a luclcy :.a,, n , us , s0.rrd!c<1 ��fc!l00t.
"It's the most   wonderful   stoiy   I  of any ���olt _. can��t say tliat thev've '
tver    heard!"    said    Ruth    a    little madc. g0od. They've just been foitun-
Monster Meteorites That Have Been
Known to 'Fall From the
Meteorites, frequently called by the
masses fireballs or balls of fire, arc
usually    consumed    in  their, passage
breathlessly, for    lhat   warm    handclasp had stirred   within    her    some
new and very po\yciful emotion thai
startled and lather   bcwiidcicd    her. ]<tiih asked
No doubt the simple,  modest naira-j ^"Not^-Qt," Ruggles answered
;Ue, that's all."
"Then, you really don't  think. that
you dewrve youi own good foilune?"
ing slais "
Occasionally, however, one of thesc
visitors from outer space is sufficiently
laige to stinne thc tenific heat
evolved by its frielion with ^he upper
:md icache's us iti' th" form of a
tivc preceding it had had a good deal | stHl go't lo make good just as much  ru,r' :mcl lcaclK"3 l,s ">'Ul" f01'ni ot .a
f to jl_o^yith_this.  boi Rutiijiad a vivid |_as_cvier,- Fvc got to_carry out Jiainid  mass of incandescent metal.    Of this
f       imagination, and as Rugglcs had talk-1 Pasha's ideas about 111052" girls; and kind, appamitly, was the cue which
"       cd, she had been  supplying    in    her, if I manage to do lhat, I've still got', fell in Lake Michigan   1  few weeks
mind  thc color that was lacking   in   to do something else lo cam the right 1   i- 1 4  . j
thc tale as he told it.    That   subtle j to enjoy what I've got.  Just 'because ,^��. shaking several tow^ and cans
wireless  which   exists   between    two j you happen to colnc out on top in a  llf�� a narc    that was    SCC11  for flf,v
people who    arc    in   sympathy    had J fight doesn't mean anything.   I guess  miles.      This     paiticu'ar     meteorite
been highly active, and it is probable 11 came out on top in that fight in the  must   have  been   a  monster  indeed,
S^n?���^���!0?^?���" ��f tllC inVtorc-rbu| "obody,was going to leatfe'only sl1rpasscd by thc one that fell in
cident was not far wrong. mc a fortune for it.    And    not   long   .' - , ,     ,        ,    ...
"You haven't heard the most won- afterwards I managed to pull through Au��0n* scvcial yeais back and which
dcrful part of st yet," said Ruggles, a fight on the Tscliataldsrha lines and l^t a "ciater" -\aieic it entered the
with a faint smile. "I guess thc best [inherit two and a half million dollais earth that racism cd ovcr half a mile
way for you lo undci stand that is to for it Where; docs lhe making good ;n diameter and .which continued smo-
read the letter thai Hamid Pasha left  comc 111, Id like to know? , ���       , , , ,     ..���-
Rulh appealed to pondei this p:ob- kl"B f��f ?cvoral wecks' In 1896'
tern foi'a moment, then said'��� aRai��>    an immense    meteorite burst
"I suppose lhal when jou learned high in Lhe ait* over Madtid, thc con-
ihat Lorenz had ��o�� the place that cussion causing serious damage, while
you were counting on, it neve, occm- ncar Disc in Greenland, 'is onc
red to you that pei haps tlle company t     ... ,.,.,.
had something bettci for you than wcirIiiujj twenty tons, wnicl. fcil at
the inanagcibhiii ^of the Vienna j 5>omc unknown puiod. Small mete-
slore?" '   ( lorites frcqucntlv fal' in Gieat Biil.'.in,
"No,;' said Rugglcs; ",of couise it|.,mI n,anv hav b,eil Ittllc%cJ and
hadn't. 1 ," . ,    ,       .
"ll had, lhough,"'Rulh retorted "I Presn v'cJ m ml"c��m :nuI ''^w'""^.
happen lo know lhal Lorciu got lhe but the biggest of them ^o 1. : .ccov-
positiou because there was a lot of.cicd does not gie.iliy cveeed an
doubt about our goods being able to | an,jC in'point ol s'r.e.
compete with, thc "in(idc-iii-Geiiiiaiiy'
stuff, aud il was thought better to
havc a local man in chaige. It may
comfort yon to know that up to this
thc last few days expressed the opm-'c1c_    Those  who   kccp   nQ   account,
ion that his owmiarm.uh.cn has been ihavc>   at   best>   on,y  an   estimate   of
(in the possession  of his   family    forlthdr    busini.ss>f.and cannot consider
Thc number forty holds a promin-!over a hundred years, is too valuable.^ one phage of thc fann operatlons
cut place in the lore of al" peoples,10 kl>t>P- "Fecdmjc cattle on land dioinctly enough to know whether it
and ages, both in fact and fiction.      ,valucd at $400 an acre>" hc sa>'s-   " s pavs or not.
After the 40 days and 40 nights"of !athcr a b,B Proposition. And so he An account book consisting of 28
the Deluge, Noah waited 40 davs be- ,s looking over Alberta where cqua'lv lan;e rulcd pa?PS has bcon prcparcd
fote hc opened the door of the Ark suitnb!e. ��f not bc"cr 'and. can be bv U]e Commission of Conservation,
and sent forth thc dove. The Child.cn ��bta'��ed at less than one-tenth of the
of  Isiacl  weie in the wilderness 40 ^b��ve figure.
ycais.   Moses was  on  thc  Mount of      ^ ht��  fa<V''at  this  farmer    has   a   	
the Law 40 days.   Eli was judge of fam,ly of nlnc' fivc   boys   Slld ' fcn,rj efficient form of farm accounting, and
Isrecffor 40 years, while Goliath de- B'rls. is no doubt having some in flu
ficd the  army  of  Israel  for 40 days
and will be supplied free to bona fide
farmers on request. It is published in
the hope of inti educing a simp'c and
> ; - y
.; x,y
X x��''
* -.yxy
- xm
He dicw from his pocket a long
wallet of morocco leather and, Inking
thetcfrom thc letter of his benefactor,
handed it to the giil. Ruth opened it
and a cad, while Ruggles leaned back
in his chair and watched with tender
amusement and _ admiration the
changing shades of color and completion in her lovclv face. Ruth's
eyes opened widn and wider as shc
continued her perusal, and when she
had finished, she let the 'etlcr fall
upon her knee ami for ful! ten seconds
��� which is a long lime under certain
circumstances ��� stared at Rugglcs,
dumb and anwed. The look in her
facc suggested that of a little girl of
ten astonished by the sudden presentation of sonu phenomenon ;tiite
beyond lhc limits of her childish
imagination, and her vrords, when she
spoke, were precisely such as the
samc little girl micht have ���tcred.
"Richard Ruggles!" she gasped
then. "Well, did I ever hear thc
"You can imagine how it jolled
me,"    said 'Rugglcs,     .smiling.      "It. , .
brought back my fe\er and I went to|of the new"big stoic in Rome,
bed foi anothci'two weeks and i^kf-djwas almost sure  to  p.o��<
to havc cashed in, thev tc1l mc.
Why the Chasm Yawned
Thc club bore wa.i telling one of hi:>
time the store has been losing nioii'.y  adventures  in  mountain  climbing,
right along." 1    "Below us," he said in av. e-iVpinm/
'Well, I'ni sony to hear that," said   u "vawtied   the   chasm-"
Ruggles,   but   his   txpiesbion   -''�������' '
gave the lie to his uoid��.. "Who 10M1
jou so?" ' j
"Mr. -Has-tings.   I bin Km h Lon- j
don.  He knew all aboul jeu nnJ >our;
record witli lhe company, ,r.d \r<\', mc
that iie intended to  gue- 1   u
"   * - "��� -    -���     ���      ,jU
.1  t
"Paidon my intainptipg," broke :
i-�� c'ub rMiic, "but wcm   \cn l.t'kin
beforc David killed him. Solomon
reigned for 40 ycars, and Elijah fl^d
40 days from Mt. Caraicl lo Alt. Ho-
icb. Jonah gave the city of Nineveh
40 days' warning of its impending destruction. Jesus fasted 40 days, and
appeared to His Disciplis at interva's
for 40 days after his resuirection.   St.
Paul five tinics__rccciycd 40 _strpkes_
(save one) wilh thc scourges.
Thc samc number plays an important part in Mohammedan ritual. Tt
comes up in lhc legend of Aladdin,
according lo which thc Sultan gave
Aladdin 40 days in which to find the
lost palace. In the Thousand and On ���
Nights' Entertainment, tlic Third Calendar had a prosperous voyage for 40
days, and was entertained by 40 damsels, who absented themselves for 40
days. And then there is AU Baba and
the Forty Thieves and thc stoiy of
Xasir who spent 40 days in prayer.
of encourpging farmers to adopt a
encc on his decision to "seek pastures 'piacticaI s>stcm of bookkeeping. Iu
new." In the older states to the south, addition lo the ledger leaves, the book
thc providing of land   for    a    family  contains  some Valu?blc    information
like  this is not an easy, matter even and |linls for agriculturalists, togctli-  ....   ......     ���
for thc most wealthy.   There is cci-  cr with a taic���dar of 1919. 1920 and scraggly or fading.
tainly far morc opportunity for a man   1921.    The book  is  printed  in  both'    A*tcr a  *ew applfcations  of "Dan-
A little "Danderine" cools, cleanses
and makes the feverish, itchy scalp
soft and pliable; theu this stimulating
tonic pencttates 10,-fhe famished hair
roots, revitalizing and invigorating
cvery hair in the head, thus stopping
the   hair   falling   out,- getting   thin.
"*$. Cl
. **�����. ''
^ -1
with a largc family to turn his capital
,,       ,        1 t-    i- 1         . ���    r           j derine" you seldom find a fallen hair
nnd ih. ���,m nf  ht���. ir   ,   i    15  l     ��"   ' '       EnB,I!,h' ���d ln forw'ird- or a particle of dandruff, besides cvery
and the energy of   himself    and    his^g  requcsls  for a  copy> should   the ilair'shows ln01c  !ifCi  viROr>  bligh��
lanuly lo account  u^a country   like  applicant prefci the text in the French ness, color and thickness.
Canada at thc present ts.ue, than there language this should be stated. As the A few cen's buys a Lottie   of   de��
'-is-in the-o'der settled districts urthffrVup'ply of thoTc"acFotrnrbooS"is"ne- 1ig-htful J,Dandcrii.e"-at any drug-or.	
!y     limited,     farmers     should
' cessarii
toilet counter.
This  farmer is much pl-ascd with ' j0RC  no time 'in sending in  their rc-
what hc has seen   in    the    Canadian  qUCsts, addressing the Commission of
West.   Hc found the big husky cattle, Conservation, Ottawa, Ont.
free from tuberculosis, and also found t 	
Immigration From the U.S.   encc to her dominion-, when sh,'
there was money in buying the feedcis
there at 15c, and feeding for four
months Hc knows tlds business, for
he has been feeding about 1,000 csttle
each ycar, and turning them off to
thc beef market, lie also bclnvcs
that therc should be a good future ->r
thc cattle business in  Canada,
A Modern Robinson Cruso
Warship New Zealand Rescued Three
Men Marooned on Christmas
The warship Ncw Zealand recently
Large Piers for Vancouver
Capable of Accommodating Largest
Occan-Going Vessel*.
Members of thc Vancouver Haibor
Commission, who havc returned
recently from Ottawa, announce lhal
work will be started caily this yea;
on thc harbor development work, indorsed by the federal authorities. The
rescued     three men     who  had been
!"cc'i marooned on Christmas Island. They  first portion  to bc done is the  con
Many   Americans   Are    Looking   to!
North Alberta for Future
How Do You Walk?
Accoiding to ihe testimony of boot
While the number of farmers from'salesmen, the tendency of the average
the western Stales to enter this dis- individual is to wear out cue or other
Irict during 1P19 was l?rgc, writes a of hih boolb more quickly than thc
correspondent    from    Edmonton, AI- other.    "Therc arc al! sorts of rcis
as he states, it only stands to rc.son ] wuc kft 0��� lhe isSalld by lhe Iesscc>  struction of a big double-decker pi-r,
that England is going to show prefer-  i.-atiiei  ROUgioi, in ihc middlj of 1918 capable of accommodating the largest
''""    "1""" ''" with a scanty stock of provisions, and'ocean-going \csscls.   There will also
were promised that a relic\ing ship | be piovision made for a car ferry,
would arrive within 40 days. These)service landing stage and a cai ferry
three incn, Mr. English, thc manager'sen ice will connect   thc   north   and
'onto the market to buv her bi rt,
of Rougier'.s station, a French youth
and a Tahitiait, were the only inhabitants, and were almost despciatc when
the K<-w  Zealand appeared. i
The irony of the marooned    men's, other purposes,
south shores of the harbor.  This will
mran thc utilisation of large tracts of
available   water   frontage    in   North
1 Vancouver   for   industrial   sites   and
Work is also   to  be
bcita, it is predicted the number will  ons for this," srid lhc manager of a  siluatl0il was  that thcy wcrc  -m the  started  soon on thc construction  of
i.   "J1     '.
iii .dw.
be considerably o\crtakcn during the, well-known London shop.   '"Corns on
coming spring and "mirier.      ~ 'the right foot, for instance, mean lhat
Al no previous time has the immi-'thc left boot is  going  to bc    more
gration     possibilities   been   so   great  hcaiily  worn.    I   have  known  cases
from the western Statcs as at picscnt,  where one boot will bc worn out two
1 ".nd Ihrt ii en be expected that many'months beforc the other <-hows   any
|f..rii'<.rs from thes-e lenilorics acios^ signs of stress."   Another season sug-
' t;>e border will
]>JC, ��� nd \>c 'ihl
possession of three automobiles. Thc I a third pier for the Canadian Pacific
unfosUuiates thus had the mcans of {Railway. This is made necessary by
travelling in luxury, yet were withoutI the growth of thc tians-Pacific sc;-
c'.othcs, food, or comfort. Rats i vice,
swarmed   everj where   and devoured
r..icu.oas anu   irui.   ,,nrih  of
���.��. t ii i-
pillows and blankets while  the  men
slept.     Mr.   English   said   he   wonld
land daring gested was tl,e wci!-ki:own theory of^,^. ,iavc    cxchangcd lhc ailtomo-
iTi ,���>.-.
Albcita, di-,-,a  tiiiieren
hi i' i     "v-
But j if piopcrly handled. ^ o'
to   give   >ou    -i
1,  i.
s chair,
���id so?"
V5     - -
after I'd talked to  M-ss  Elliot ���"    (Want   to   give   >ou   -i   <ViX
"Who is "Miss  Elliot?"    Ru*h    de-j seemed foredoomed f fn'MT*:,
manded.   "Tell me ail ai>oul il.   Tell |    Rugglcs sat up straight u  1 '<
me everything." '"Then why couldn't h" h.v.- s-
So Ruggles, in his brief vet com-!be demanded,
prehensive wa}-, which included all 1 Ruth shrugged her pretty shiuldcrs.
important details while obliteratnV'1 tl0"'* know," she answered. "May-
\>i himself, described his visit   to   thel"0 3ic wanted to test your loyalty to
the company,"
This    Information   o'
the main.   Afte;
T\'t.,\   was
eeinr" Rug-
SasSs.Rsireshes.SsilbM, t'uc��   ,    ,   , -,
Heals���Keep your Eyes ��ltS�� ^^ had qyosli-'urd h-r fcthcr,
Strong and Healthy Ii ^Jlo bad told tier lb. ih~ i-r, ncdiate
ihey Tire, Smart, Itch, or success of a \ ienna branch ".ss very
Sttrn, if Sore, Irritated, vnccrt.vn, Li.it that Mr Hastings had
Inflamed or Granulated, fi-\xd on a man in th * employ
r;d to lie the pcr-
AtaaDruggiatain_Canada. Write for Free son best <jardi4icd to iiiake it <;o, were*
Mr. Downing, who i>kcdJ
use Munne often. Safe for Infant or Adult company v.iio
EyeEookrMarlaeGoEjscy.Cfeicavjo.D.S./s. ihis pn-si!-!.'.
ie i
in  icigth   bciwccn     ^'^ibile
light n:iu loft hg.   The hr.hit of ^tcn-'
pi.'g ort n.ovmg trams and 'rr--
���'-it bcr-s iiardii ov '\
for a clean shiit.
means of shaving,
r.   English kept  a
tramcars^-   -.j
root. during thc whole time on the island
trousers,    and
faithful  dairy
Three things arc needed u- dtvckr,!This  COS!ta5lls  S0��1C c,"-rics ?3lhct!c
Ithc  Dominion  livestock  industry  on!">�� their hopelessness.   Day by day the
"Politeness costs nothing" remarked
lhc old-fashioned person. i  ���--  - " -     "������'   ~"j���.-n -,Prf, i,irit-incr ->nfi Tinx-ii-rr for a
"Possihlv"  coinmcn��d  Miss   Cav   permanent lines: first, impiovcd qual-,",1��� 'VCrC .!ooK"!? "nd I'ra>.11 f ,*" a
Possibly, _coinmui��tt  Miss  Cay-;.^  .^  ^   ^^  n���;mai..  e��.m.f    J ship to arrive.   Distress ano TJ-heal
cune,    that   is   tne   reason   so  many
people   nowadays   seem   to   havc   so
littic respect for it."
Chamois leather is not tbe hide of
lhe chamois, but the flesh sidc of
| main v.ith us until the end.   The last
movement s uralc attempts is a kick.
ity in ou.   meat  animals;  second,  aP"'1' tu rt"'vt-   *"�������� *"u ...-health
marked increase in breeding animals; ��f���m ��l>��s����� and the wrctcnedness
and third, a steady supply for the ab-iof  tllclr   , ^od  n��S     d?VC  th��ali
batoirs, vc?r in, vear ou*. \mz?' and ,he>' wouId ,iot havc bccui
Play Safe
The money value of a man includes
the cost of his upkeep and education
from his birth till he becomes self-
supporting. Hc then becomes an asset
instead of a liability.
* This demonstrates the economic
loss to the community when through
an accident hc is incapacitated and
unable to carry on lus work, All the
cost of bringing liim to the earning
stage is wasted and he again becomes
a burden on society.
Man is tltc only ammal whose nos-f
trils  open  downward.     Evin  in   tli
highest apes the nostrils opm to l!i
front. S
able to exist many more weeks  had)
not the Xcw Zealand rescued thcm.
j    Men havc failh in what thcy believe
only when tbty want to believe it,
\V.     N.     U.     1303.
A nan is never sun. hc knows until hc makes tood.
Do not nffer
another day wili
Itching, B3eat>
log. orProtrod-
ing SMI**. Nc
a n r��l cal oper.
, _ stlca swraiiwi.
; Dr. Cba��e"* OSBtjaenf ���wH^ ftsUstts yoa ��S wsei
snd as certniniy cure Ton. SOe. ft sxtxi all
deelcr*, or Edsiaaton, Sate* St On, Umlioi,
, ToToat*. Sample be% trse if yea Rsgalsse t&ir
��� -**��� +% *-,. ,.f�� **
-���^���r*- .
���-���~*>MSs^ tLa*��*j>B.-waj
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance,  or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed.   To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Editor and Financier.]
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement   12.50
(Where more thau -one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal "advertising, U'cents a
line first insertion, aud 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insartion, nonpariel
Business locals I2^c. a line each in-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t' .,11 the editor vvould be pleased
lo have more money.
He Did
A car collided with a milk
wagon and sent can after can of
milk Bplasbing into the street.
Soon a large crowd gathered. A
very short man coming up had to
stand on tiptoe to see past a stout
woman in front oi him.
"Goodness!" he exclaimed.
���'What an awful wastel"
The stout woman turned around
and glared at the little man and
said sternly:'
"Mind   your    owfi-   buf-inesBl"
-Boston Post.
Practical and Proper
"What is your favorite flower?"
"Not using any.    I'm for corn-
The  Ledge has  always   room
for one more ad.
The Odor Was Too Much
Kettle Valley News
(Too Late for Last Week.)
Richard Norris will build a residence on his newly acquired land
in the valley.
Chas. McArthur of  Greenwood,
erecting    a    sawmill    on   the
Roberta Bros.
ranch   [on   Myers
The master of tne household had
ordered that the maid should clean
a coat of his with gasoline. The
order was not carried out, so he
asked his wife:
"Why won't this girl of ours
clean my coat with gasoline?1'     /
"Oh," said the wife, "ever since
that chauffer jilted her she hasn't
been able to stand tne odor  of it."
Carpenters Wanted
Carpenters Wanted at Allenby
and Copper Mountain. Rate
$5.75, S hours, 6 days per week.
Write or wire Employment Department, Canada Copper Cor-
boration Ltd., wire Princeton,
mail Allenby, B.C.
F. Benson and W. C.
Wilson have purchased
the Greenwood Garage
from W.   E.   Stanaway.
Mr. Benson has had
twelve years experience
in the automobile repair
business. ^ Any work entrusted them will receive
prompt and careful attention.
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
The person who likes piomplncss iu telephone seivice will
appreciate your effort if when you answer the telephone you
give the name of the firm. If you are answering in a department, give the name of the department. The petson will not
have to ask who is speaking, if that is done, llesidcs facilitating
service, it is a courtesy that is at once appreciated.
Capt. King and wife, accompanied by Miss King intend making an auto  trip to VancDuver via
Recently the residents near fche
bridge were entertained by the
appearance of four deer wandering
aimlessly among the apple trees on
the Davidson estate.
In   order  to vote on the forthcoming Prohibition Plebiscite and in Provincial
or Dominion General Elections
The many friends of MisB Dorothy Debney will be pleased to
hear Bhe has been engaged as
teacher for Kettle Valley school
for the ensuing term.
It has been reported that Chas
Johnson has disposed of his preemption on Nicholson creek to
parties intending to erect a sawmill on the premises.
Capt. DaviB and wife are on a
short trip to Vernon. Mr. Davie
has arranged for a new residence
to be built this summer on Mb
ranch overlooking the valley.
You Must Register
previous lists of Voters have been cancelled.   The fact that your name
was on the list last year does not count.    Neither can you
vote as a property owner without registering
Make Your Declaration Now
Before a Registrar or an Election Commissioner,  Postmaster, Justice of the
Peace, Magistrate, Constable or before Officials at any Government Office
Registration Closes on July Fifteenth Next
Physician and Surgeon
That he  has  located at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
Land hockey, which has been
reigning supreme among the Eporfcp
of the valley for a few months, hae
been called off for a time on account of the hot weather. However, a game will Hlcely be played
on~July 1st," between Kettle "Valley and Ingram Bridge teams,
which will decide the closely contested honors for the championship
of the district.
Ail Work'Guaranteed
P. 0, BOX 148. TELEPHONE 92
Morrison'Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
Several transfers of real estate
have been made recently. Capt.
H. King has disposed of hia handsome residence to Capt. Gray.
Capt, Gray and family are so well
pleased with the prospects of fruit
farming in this section, they have
decided to make their home here
for a time. Capt. King has arranged for the purchase of a portion of the McMynn estate witb
the intention of building an np-to-
date residence thereon.
,(Expert Optician)
K.W-C. Block Nelson
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in coiineqferoii.
Market Reports
Farmars want to lM)��p
track ol prlcM of product
and v livestock In tba onisf
markets of tbe continent.
Businessmen want to know
what the stock markets Are
doing 1 how the exohaiffte
rpte stands, and they want
these reports hot from the
The Daily News publishes
a complete leased wire market report service In addition
to local and district reports.
Its readers t*i them erverjr
day, a ttv hours after publication.
Mali Y��tr_   8ybsoriplion __Today.
Rates   by   Mjkll,   ���   month*   ��Q����
a year ISjOO.    .
The Daily News
Local interest has lately been
centered on the new irrigation
plant, installed this spring on the
alfalfa farm of H. D. Hamilton of
Kettle Valley. For a long time
Mr, Hamilton has -realized the
value of alfalfa hay for dairying
and general farm fodder, has decided to grow this class of feed on
a mach greater acreage than heretofore. With the assistance of H.
H. Pannell, local contractor of
Midway, he has installed a very
up-to-date pnmping system, which
has recently been pat to �� vetj
satisfactory test. It is now possible to cover all of Mr. Hamilton's
land with sufficient moisture to insure aa abundance of this highly
Botritioos feed.
All   the   latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   BX.
4* <M* * * *���&+* * * 4* *
^ C LOAT is not a periodic--   .
��� " al. It is a book con- Jjf
taining 80 illustrations all *��
told, and is filled with ��S*
sketches and stories of ��{��
western life. It tells how ����,
a gambler cashed in after ^
the flush days of Sandon ; v
how ife rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
ho_w the saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western editor among the
tender-feet in the cent'belt.
Mnlmum*prlee of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-olass to
J2.60 an acre. ���
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
tnd which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may-
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but eaoh making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ��� ���   ^
���Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records' without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
1800 per annum and records same eaoh
year. Failure to make improvements
or record Barae will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, lnoludlng 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least i years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Grown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding iO
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For gracing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 940 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial- sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 aoree
may be purohased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.   \
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made. ,'' ,
The scone of this Act is enlarged to
inolude all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one yea* from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conoiuslon of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on   preemptions recorded after June 26, IMS.
. Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on aooount of payments, fees
or taxes An soldiers' pre-emptlona.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Foroes. or dependents, acquired
dtreot or indirect, remitted from enlistment to Marofe 11, 1910. Q
f +
li       '
m Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
f . - 1    '
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Provision   made   for   issuance
Crown grants to styb-purohasers
ands, aoqulrlng rights from
purchasers who failed^ to   oomplete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of oondltlons of purchase. Interest and tase* Where sub-purchasers do not olalm whole of original par-"
.eel, purohase ptioe due and taxM mu
be   distributed   pn
.    _     proportionately   ��v��r
������&, ifWT" murt *
ORAZINO.   * ,���
Orasing Act.  1119. for   systematic
development of livestock Industry pro- '
vides for graslng districts and range
administration   under  Commissioner.
Purchaser* of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,-Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
Annual grating permits issued based
on numbers ranged]-priority for established    owners.     Stock-owners '.may ��
form Associations for range manage* ">
ment.   Free, or partially free, permits
Cor settlers, campers sr traveller* u
to'ten head.
!<g��Ngf��i��*��      I
Shamrock Brands
lies* up
NSLSON,   B.O.      ~
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Frail Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have a buyer for good ranch
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
When someone stops advertising,
Someone stops buying.
When someone stops buying,
Someone stops selling.
When someone stops selling,
Someone stops making,
When someone stops making,
Someone stops earning.
Everybody stops buying.
Keep going.
<$�� It contains the early history
A of Nelsou and a   romance
PHONE   13
HAM,  BACpN   and  LAFD
Carnation Compound Butter vand Cheese
P, Burns & Co/,   UA**   Nelson, B, C*
Auto    and   Horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle, Etc.
of the Silver King mine.
In   it are   printed    three
A western poems, and dozens - ,>,
ju  of articles   too   numerous T
"** to mention.     Send for one "**
"<* before it is too lata   The *r
4�� price   is   50   cents,   post* ��j*
��g�� paid to any part of   the ^��
ju world.     A-ddreas   all   let- jl
T ters to ��
��� R. T. Lowery j
4>      GREENWOOD, B. C.     4.
���f ���*��� ��f>f*>f ���� ������� ���!�� ��$�����!��� *����� 4* 4
Autos for Hire.   The finest
Turnouts ih the Boundary]
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
914. *4<4<4"t-4"i<4"l"ft*4>+X
I Cbe fiume Botel J
Relson, B.C.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B, Q.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
$?.oo Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application r
The only uff>to<<date Hotel in the interior.
in every respectt
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
    airh i*nnm   ,
  . viivu^ivvut.- z���
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated? Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Ittt Meets all Trains and Boats.
X*.**^*.****.****'***'* **********
Culameett fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
,  - fine rooto,s and tasty meals.
Old   newspapers   for   sale   at'
HAKUSEMTC! The I'ed&e office-      Get some ^'
ffiimumfcw 1 * fore they are all g{me<
KOOTEKAY GRANITE AND Sead 3 Float to yottr friends at
MOHUftERTAL CO., LT&. j once.      X"oa   can  get   thesn   31
FRORT ST..     SEI-SOR.    BOX 86S ' The hedge, office.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson     -   -   -    '   Prosrletor
616 Vernon St.. Kelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN blomberg   -   - -Proprietor
Get jour job printing at lhe
before tlie paper  is all
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued aa follows: Placer Gold, $75,116,103; Lode
Gold, ^93,717,974; BiWer, 143,623,761} JUaad $39,366,144; Copper, $130,597,620;
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, etc), ��10,93S,466; Coal and Coke, $174,313,658;
Boilding Stone, Briok, Gemenly etc.,. $27,903,381; making ito MineralProdnc-
feion to the end of 1917 show- an-
Aggregate Value of $595,571,107
Production for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010,392x
The  Mining  Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province io 4he Dominion, or any colony in the British
*   Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to disooyerera for nominal fees.
��� Absolute Titles are obtained  by developing auoh properties, the security
of which ia guaranteed hy Crown Gra&ts.
Foil information, together with mining Beporte and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing--
Y!���T0fHA, British Columbia.


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