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The Ledge Apr 7, 1921

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//Provincia.i" "ii
vol. xxviLv
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
No. 39
Also a full line of
I   LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Of Interest To Men
Hats  For Spring
See our north  window
IW. Elson 8 Co
A   Greenwood, B. C.   O
Grand Popularity Contest
.        . AT
Goodeve's Drug Store
Prizes given to the three most popular ladies in .the
Greenwood Riding
First Prize, $25.00 Kodak, Post Card Size.
Second Prize, $12.00 Ivory Mirror.
Third Prize, $5.00 Box Camera.
A. Compute Assortment
Wagstaff's Jams and
��� -.   Try Our.
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup. _���
J. C. McMynn,  Midway
Before you send that spring order look over
our stock of
Prints, Flannelettes, Boys and
Ladies Hose, Etc.
They will please you in every respect
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches  For Sale
Call And See
I- '��������� -������-" GRfiENft'OGD; -m cri:'-"
��      ���      '     ' - '        : ^i
Frank Buckless spent the week
end in Greenwood.
S. P. Dixon left on Wednesday
morning for Merritt.
J. Thornton, of Ferry, Wash.,
was in town on Thursday.
The Fire Department will meet
iu the Fire Hall on Friday night
at 7.30, V    '
..J. H. Goodeve wps on a business trip to Grand Forks on
Mike Plecash of Copper Mountain, spent a few days iu town
this week.
Mrs. Win. Johns' and family
are the guests of Harry Brown
on the Bridesville road,-
Dont forget to attend the athletic meeting in the Fire Hall on
Friday night at/3 o'clock.
Mrs. Jack Holmes returned 'to.
Trail on Saturday after visiting
in this city for a .few days.
There is an-agitation on foot
to re-organization the Farmer's
Institute in the n^ar future.
Mr. and Mrs. J H. Ryley, of
Grand Forks, visited tbeir sbn-at
Riverside over the week end.
Get your wall paper at manufacturers' prices.' See the 1921
samples at Goodeve's Drug Store.
Miss M. McArthur. returned to
Trailon Saturday after spending
a few days the guest of Mrs. T.
Pythian Sisters Social
Mrs. Harris left on Sunday
morning for Pentjcton and other
points before going j:o Calgary to
'��� D.-'CavayeVof iitfinburgh, Scotland, has joined, the staff of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce in
The card party and social given
by the Pythian Sisters last Friday
night   was p.   huge   success   from
every point of view.    It being the
1st of April many surprising  incidents were sprung.    The refresh-1
ment   table   was   fairly  groaning
with    the   good    things   to    eat,
among   them   being some   dainty
looking caudy but on partaking of
same it was found that the candy
was filled with bran,  peas,  beans,
etc.    Many were fooled with this
good joke   The price of admission
wae rpgulated by  measuring;  the
fat had to pay fat prices and the
lean go off with a smaller fee, according to their meaturement.
Besides cards there were many
amusing and novel games all of
which went to make the evening
one of great merriment. The prize
winners are as follows: Smallest
lady, Mrs. H. R. Bidder; largest
gent, G. B. Taylor. Cards, first
prize, ladies, Mrs. A. Legault;
booby'prize, Mrs. T. Jenkin; first
prize, gents, Harold Mellrud;
booby prize, W. C. Wilson.
Clothes-pin contest, first prize,
Mrs. John Docksteader; consolation prize, Mrs. L. Bryant. Egg
and spoon race, Mrs. W. Lakeland.
Pinning the donkey's tail, Ladies
prize, Mrs. John Docksteader;
gents prize, W. Lakeland: Gents
guessing contest, Harry Bryan.
City Council
Mining News
A Startling Banner
^GREENWOOD, BVC.     ..,;;,
The WINDSOR HOTEL; -is heated with steam
and electricity.-- Fine sample -rooms.. "A comfort-,
able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the.
wire if you wane rooms reserved. . The buffet is
. replete with cigars, .'cigarettes, cooling beverage's,
' buttermilk and ice-cream. ' -���-'
V.:;;'' 'V.^;WHI.E.CAitNAT.ON"SHORTENiNC^"v;':'F:V-, .'^';
;.-.;. .'.-/.-. "VV : For Cakes or Pastry  '
.. Wholesale Distributing  Branch���West  Kootesiay. District,, NELSON
'..'.   ,. Packing- Plants at'"",    '_""'-.     !__
Calgary V   Edmonton      Resrlna       Prince Albert :     Vancouver
In Slielf or Nickel Frames
Put up in a neat Spring Covered Case
V    $1.00 PER PAIR
vV-v McELMON .  V
Watrtimaker . - Jeweler' .   Optician
As he was leaving home, for the
*} office the morning before Christmas
liis "wife said ..she" wished" him to
bring back a banner for her San-
day school class, but as she did not
yet know the wording for it and
The party which was to be held J size needed,  she would send him
The regalar Council meeting
was held on March 30. , Those
present were, Mayor Gulley, Aldermen King, Kerr, . Jenkin and
Taylor. -'������   ,
Correspondence from the Hon.
J. D. MacLean re government
grant for the schools was read and
a vote of thanks moved to the
Hon. member for the interest
.shown by him in this matter.
An application from W. H.
-Docksteader to construct a crossing on the north side of bis livery
barn at his own expense was
Ola Lofstad was granted the
privilege of erecting a fence on the
lots south of his property.
The City Clerk waB instructed
to observe the By-law covering the
payment of dog taxes which are
now due.
Accounts as presented by Finance Committee were ordered paid.
Council adjourned until next
meeting which will be held on
April 11.
Surf Inlet and Rossland are the
only active gold mines at the
present time in  British  Columbia.
Oscar Lacbmuud, M. E., of
Spokane, was looking over some'
mining property ^at Republic,
Wash., last week.
The Princeton Mining & Development Co., will commence development work in a short time at
their copper.mine five miles east of
Paddy Welsh, formerly of Phoenix, is doing some development
work on his claim at Tulameen.
He is in 50 feet and has struck
some very fine ore.
During the week ending March
31st, the Consolidated Mining &i
Smelting Co., of Trail, received
|-10,999 tons of ore. The shippers
were: Bluebell, Riondel, '784,
Company mines 10.215.
Watchmaker and -Jeweler -  -..",'
.     . - , -'     GRAND FORKS   .
Mail your', watch. for  Repair and I'will
mail it back.    Charges'"are moderate.
Horses Harness  & Wagons
For Sale���Cheap      ���
First Come.   V V       Fir&t Served
-���-' -.������", Allen by. B.C/.--
^OES each cow in your herd earn
her keep?
Tae Milk Record Book which will be
giyea to you by any of our br_wcl_e_
will help you to keep track of the milk
I^uctioffbfyoura-uiaals. ���
paid-up capital
. .reserve; fund:.- v
.'.,; V GREENWOOD' IJRANCH.' ly.'ErBraw_ers, ��� JIanageiV :'A
���y 'Notice of Sitting ;V
The Board of Railway' Commissioners for Canada will. :hold ..sittings in the following . places:'
Court House, Vancouver, commencing on Thursday, April" 7,''at
11 a.m;;. City! Hal., Victoria,, on
Monday. April _ 11,/at ioV.m., to
hear the application, of the British
Columbia.Telephone Company^ for
ah order granting increase in . exchange rentals and charges for
service.'     '
on Saturday April 9th on the
Roylauce and Biggen Ranch has
been postponed' until further
notice.      '--.'',
L. E. Brawders,.. manager of
the Bank of Commerce is. on a.
three weeks holiday in. Vancou-
cer. , R. ,0. Fisher "is ' in charge
of,the bank during Mr. Brawders
absence. - ,' VV
The Independent Meat Market
is. now open all, the time-- We
carry only the best stock procurable in fresh meats, 'hams^and
bacon, "lard, sausages, head
ch_ese,..etc,-V;  _; ;'..-"'���'
these two itemsi Consequently
before going home he went to the
nearby telegraph office and found
great excitement there over the
message; which had juBt been received.. . It read: ?'TJnto us a
child is born. Three feet wide and
six feet long." . .
A..  Rencleli- has  returned
a ;fiying - business .trip  to
D." D.   MacLarea   spent  a. few
days in GrandForks this week.
A card party was given in
honor of Mrs. Harris. Refreshments were served a_out 11 o'clock
aftet-lwhiich .a".���).)i'ttie ...dance .was
honie with the:.first" ladies ..prize
and..VM.;-; Auder?onVge!nts. :booby
pr i/.e:'" - -A""very (en j'oyable- evening
!,was spentV; -VV-V;.:;V-"'vV -VvV
Rossland. ,.; .VMr.. .Rendell: states
that eleven' feet ���. of snow . fell
there' this winter and sleighing
-is'still good. ; ."_-',-��� '.--:.'
, The Greenwood Dairy will be
delivering by car this. week,'vaud
expect prohiptness on the .."part of
the customers- in returning ..all
bottles. Only by your . promptness and'r'ejgularity cau'we be.so.'
VJ. Graham has returned "from
his trap, line west of,.the Murray,
ranch and wasesceedinglv fortunate in bringing with him a large
cbuger.skia, measuring about 9
feet,-, also. ;mar'tin,-'..several lynx
a_.d._weasel skins. The catch .is.,
a valuable "one.    V
The marriage ..took place .'at
Nelson on Wednesday,:. March
3.0, of Miss Josephine McBride,
of that city, and formerly of
Greenwood and Rossland, to
Etniel Leduci of Rossland. The
newlymarried couple will make,
their home in Rossland.
The Moving Picture show/will
start;in the Greenwood Theatre
on- Saturday April 9thv with' the
newest, up-to-date pictures. Geo.
Gray and Geo. Clerf are the new
managers of. the theatre,, who are
doing everything in, their power
to giy.e ..the public, good\ whole-;
some .pictures. V Drama,   comic
I and instructive ./pictures will-, be
shb.wii:eyefy;;'Wednesday and .,Saj
iurday eyeningsfand���". it' is ,hoped
j everyone will.patronize the shows.
The vaudeville show at the
Greenwood Treatre on Saturday
night, was well received. Sandy
McNab; the violinist ..and comedian was particularly pleasing.
The artists are all returned men
and intend.returning with a bigger troupe in about two months.
A good show "is assured for
Saturday night when six reels of
the best pictures will be shown.
"The Sign Invisible" a draima: of
great force; ''Almost Divorced"
a comedy; ,','Cameraring Through
Africa" and "Virtues;WiVes"_ are
among the pictures to be showoT
; Major Angus VW. rDavis, who
has the.contract for the construction.; of the six; miles of the
Trans-Provincial. Highway out
of; Rossland, and who is well-r
known in' Greenwood,- was marr
"Vied to Mrs.' Margaret. McHugh.
-Brqwti, of, Vancouver, in tl_e
coast city, on March 28.   X .
���Unless the Post Office/.bepart-
nient is willing to pay a. reasonable price to! meet the morning'
train the service: will be (discontinued at the end of the month.
The Board of Trade and City
Council should ,takei the matter
up with the Department and
insist upon having this mail service continued-, uninterruptedly
before it is too late.
A surprise party was held at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Bbltz on Saturday, last. About
50 or 60 people were present, and
a, most.-. .enjoyatfle!; evening was
spent,by iallV���_.'_Volunteer;" music
:wasVsupplied!; on- !the. accord.ioiv
seyeralyiblms,..mouth!! orgaa!a_d
phbhographV .Supper Vas,served
about.midnight-and dancing was
again continued for, several hours."
A quiet wedding was soleminzed
on Thursday, March 31, at 7 p.m.,
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. J.
Robertson, Nelson, - when their
only daughter, Bernice Margaret,
became the wife of T. P. Oxley.
Rev. J. E. Tyner performed the
ceremony. Dainty refreshments"
were served, after which Mr. and
Mrs. Oxley left on tbe Kettle Valley train for their home in  Eholt.
While the closing of Anaconda,
Utah Copper, Chino, Nevada and
other big producers of copper comes
somewhat as a shock, it was by no
means unexpected by those who
have studied actual conditions.
says the Mining Truth, Spokane.
As a matter of fact, it was the only
sane course that. could be pursued
to meet unprecedented conditions.
With a surplus of. approximately
1.000,000,000 pounds above ground
constantly being added to,^thepro-
blem of financing further accumulations has become too serious even
for the largest concerns in the
world. One'thing is certain���we
know not the worst. -Henceforth
any news that comes from ; the industry mast- be of a reassuring
nature; as completion' of general
readjustment permits- resumption
of activities. Meanwhile, for. many
months, we. look for particular
paralysis . of the. copper market.
There .was no escape V from^he
present denouement and it is only
surprising that it has been staved
off so long..  \ - "
The Hidden Creek mine at
Anyox, operated by the Granby
company and the only copper producing plant operating at the present time, is recording an output of
over 2,000,000 pounds per_ month.
A survey issued by the Mineral
Resources Committee of the British Imperial Institute'estimates
that the British Empire possesses
about 23 per cent of the total coal
resources of .the world: These
total resources are placed at 7,397,-
553 tons (metric) of which 1,729,-
105 tons-aro credited to the''BritishV
Empire. -.,..'.
V   Pppulapity% Contest-
��� Considerable interest is
taken in the. Popularity Contest at
Goodeve's Drag Store. There is a
large hnniber of entries and friends
o! the contestants are working.hard
for their favorite, candidate. The
votes are counted on "Wednesday's
and Saturday's, The following is.
the resalt. of the count on Wednesday, April 6th at 4 p.m. Mrs.
Geo. Walters 770, Miss Eva
Murray 960, Miss Cassie McDonald
380, Mrs, H. Snell, Rock Creek,
Miss Georgina Lee;, 790/: Mrs. C.
T^ F^eri5l?0^:;.Mis8' ^ Victoria
Shijicock.^^^ Kettle.yalley;V450.  .VV
"'Good news for British Columbia operators���and they most
assuredly need it���is contained in
the recent.announcement that mining companies are to secure the
long sought concession in.the matter of depletion. of. ore-bodies for
taxation purposes. The exact details are to be announced at an
early date. Once more. ��ar.north-.-
era neighbors shows its sanity and .
fairness."���Spokane Mining Truth.
Hedley.--T.      Griffin's,   strike
here has been looked oyer by^Mr.
Elgie.of. Seattle.    Mr.   Elgie is a.
practical mining man of extensive  ,
experience in the south and aleo in   ..
Alaska;    He was actively, interested in   the   development of Camp
Mayo,.Alaska.    While in  Hedley
he expressed the opinion  that Mr.
Griffin had. made a valuable  find
and it is understood he will return  ���
here.as soon. as<a little more devel-!
opment has been done, probably in
a coiiple !of weeks. V
V Estimates recently broaght.down !
by the.Hon. John  Hart,  Minister
of Finance of this province, include
the surn.of 810,000, to be expebdesl
by, Hon, William  Sloan,  Minister
of Mines, to assist bona fide pros-,
pectors. ...with .. explosives.      The
estimates ..also include 840,300 for
mine inspection .and  $14,645   for
mine, rescue aiid training stations, v
Oil inye8tigation is provided for in-V
the sum of $60,000,; to.be expended/,
under, direction   of. Hob. , T., D. -
Pattullo, Minister of Lands.    Lasfc .':"���
year but $25/000 w&3 provided for  ;
that purpose.-   !" : . ,V::
/.Ledge ads bring results.
A Good Turn
.. A boy scout was asked: "Have
you done a kind deed every dayT
soiaething V to make someone
happy.'''" ':"'- .
X"Well,-'he confessed, "I went;
to see my aunt yesterday and���and
-^well, I guesa she w^ happy
when I went home!" .; fm.   T/rcnoE.    istj-r-rhwoot).   R    0.
��� JET..  ���
Printed   _y    Special   Arrange
mento  with Thos. Alien,
Toronto, Ont.
"Docs my brother who speaks  to
thc wild things, and they follow, sor~
You'll be pleasantly surprised at the
quick action Catarrhozone has upon
Catarrhal conditions in thc nose or
throat. It is so soothing, so healing,
so agreeable to use, so safe and reliable that thousands praise il and use
Jt everyday. No nasty medicine to
take���you just breathe in the balsamic
���vapor of the healing essences of Catarrhozone and feel better at once.
Catarrhozone is breathed through the
inhaler into every air cell in the lungs.
World's Greatest Secret
Lord Headley Tells Of Latent Power
Not Yet Discovered.
The hidden power of "electronic
energy���the world's greatest and
most terrible secret"���as he described it, was dealt with by Lord Head-
ley, in his presidential address to the
Society of Engineers at Burlington
House, Piccadilly.
This power, he said, had been described as so great and terrible that it
had been seriously put forward thatj
scientific    research    in  this direction
should  be stopped  until  it was  felt
row, because the leaders" oi lhe wolf-1 and nostrils
pack have gone down?"
Dorkin turned .quickly, his face
"Sagawa!" he exclaimed, and held
out his hand.
The Algonquin took it, held it, as
his dark eyes probed thc woodsman's
soul. An answering smile heightened the beauty of his features, as hc
said:���       _      _
"Two night ago, the white wolf
spoke to Sagawa of his brother's
danger, and lie is iicrc. Hc would
havc_ been here sooner, but Gitche
Manitou willed otherwise. Now
Sagawa's heart is at rest. Hc has
not had to slay the man whose track
hc followed on the red trail. Manitou, thc great and good, saved him
J hat. But Sagawa was with White
Hawk, the slayer of his aged brother,
Farncy, before his spirit sought its
Jong trail, and listened to that which
"White Hawk wished to tell him."
"White Hawk!" cried Dorkin.
"Then it was hc who killed Daddy
"It was White Hawk," said the Indian. "H.e wished to secure the box
containing thc shiny baubles of gold,
which thc aged trapper had taken
:from him eighteen summers ago.
"White Hawk stole thc box, which two
Bights ago hc gave into Sagawa's
hands, with a message. Look, the
_>ox as here."
From his bosom the Algonquin
'took a small tin box and handed it to
Thc woodsman took it wondcringly,
and turned it over in his hands. Yes,
assuredly, it was the same box which
Daddy Farncy had told him contained
something relating to   Willow.
"Sagawa," he asked, "where did
this box come from? How did your
aged white brother, Farney, come to
get  possession  of it?"
"1 belonged to the man and woman who we're drowned in Hell's
."Rapids, near the Basin of White
Water, many summers ago," answered the Indian. "White Hawk and
his brother, Darbo, were in the canoe
with them when it capsized. The
man and woman died of exposure, but
the baby was saved."
"The baby?"
Thc Indian smiled. "Little Willow, the Wisp," hc said softly; "why,
surely,-my aged brother, the trapper,
told you?"
Dorkin did not answer. Hc stood,
turning the box over and .over, in his j
hands. - He remembered, what the
dying trapper had tried td tell him.
He remembered what Dayton had told
iiim concerning this man and woman
.who had lost, their lives in the river
.near the Basiri' of White/Water. But
Dayton had said nothing to.him of a
baby being left -behind.. Could he
havc-knowri? hc wondered,'
"Sagawa," he. said slowly, ''Daddy
Farncy wanted to tell me���but" he died
before he 'could -say. what 3 would
jiqw" hear.from your lips.".
The Indian  folded, his arms.    '--'_
-"On the night-Sagawa went to. tlie
rescue  .of    the    white '. people    and
brought them to the   village   of   his
tribe, a boy baby was. born in Parsley's cabin.   Darwana, White Hawk's"
mother, was there at the time.    -But
Manitou. seeing the trail ahead rough
and-unevcii took thc little spirit back
to the placcof sky-spaces and Himself.- - Darwana, who had a mother's
:heart,,remcmbcrcd thc little one which
had been saved from the waters. She
took the dead baby away, and:left -the
Other in its-place."   '.-""..
- "And; Darwana?     'Js. she, still, living, Sagawa?"--.- '......'-. '-'���.���
"'" "She-is very old, but-she still remembers,, as does Sagawa and others
of'his people," answered the Algon-
.<_uml: ._. ._._���.._"���-."-..- .-.-.-_ _'.:_:-.---'_.
Dorkin held put his hand....  -_
"Sagawa has always provcrt'himself
a man," hesaid. ."Hc-ar.d the brother,
'whom he. has befrrnded, will -keep
what they know." Hc-w,il! say nothing until his." brother, speaks.'-, '3s it
not so?" ' ���"-.���-. ��� ...     .'.  - . \
';  "It is .so,""replied the. Indian.-' V
:He looked down" _it the dead man
on the moss. '..-.' - ''���'' -'
into every air passage in the throat j that the human race was sufficiently
and nostrils. No matter where the cicvatcd t0 be entrusted with the keys
cold or catarrh _s, Catarrhozone will     . ,     , .        , ,
reach it. You can keep free from | of such fearsome store-houses oi
coughs, colds, bronchitis and the likcipowcr. Lord Headley declared that
by using Catarrhozone. Two months') it might well bc argued that in thc
treatment One Dollar, small size, 50c.   fuUirc whfin the dogs of in thc
Dealers everywhere, or the Catarrho-;
zone Co., Montreal.
Your liver���healthy or clogged, active
or sluggish���makes all the difference
between a vigorous
cheerful life and low
spirits, and failure. To subdue
a stubborn
liver, overcome consti-"
pation, dizziness, bilious-	
ness, indigestion, headache and the
blues there is nothing on earth so good
asC_ter-Littlt_.verP.lIg, Purely vegetable.
Small PUB���Small'Oosc���Small Price
do nothing. Darbo entered the for-
est. His rifle spoke. Then hc crept j
back again to thc other. Sagawa
heard him laugh and say to his trail-
mate, 'The debt you owed Savage for
what hc did to your friend, is paid.'
That is Savage, outlaw from thc Hudson Bay district," pointing to thc dead
"Then," said Dorkin slowly, gladly,
"my men have spilled no blood. Oh,
1 am glad!"
"And Sagawa is glad with his
brother," said thc Algonquin. "Hereafter hc will stay close beside him,
and forget the read trail."
"Ah, Sagawa, that is good news,"
smiled Dorkin. "And Darbo?" hc
asked quickly.
"Hc has gone." Thc Indian pointed away. "Gone far oil to other
fields. Sagawa heard him say that,
now ,'he must go far away to the forest of Quebec, for his life here is
worth  nothing."
"And thc other man, the one who
was with him, Sagawa?"
"He disappeared into the forest."
"Come," said Dorkin, "let us go up
to the cabin."
Dorkin skirted his own cabin and
led Sagawa to that of his helper. "My
brother must eat and rest," lie said;
and the Indian answered, "It is well."
Hc left Sagawa partaking of the
food which the smiling. French woman placed before him, and telling
him that he would speak with him
again, went out.
Hc still carried the little box, and
his heart grew heavy as he realized
what effect that which he must say
might have on two lives, at least.
In the edge of .the butternut grove
he found the prisoners, still bound,
being guarded by his allies from the
He came up and spoke to them.
"You men havc been guilty of a
grave offence," he said sternly. ' "I
could punish you if I so desired. But,"
his eyes sweeping the shamed faces
of the prisoners, "I happen to know
that, in coming here on the errand
which has failed, you havc been largely..' the dupes of another. Consequently, I am inclined to show you
leniency.".   '.-...
He looked them .over again, gravely.
Some of'.the-faces were sullen, but
the majority, of lhe culprits were, hc
knew, willing to accept liberty on his
terms. - \. ' '_ -
""-You have- your choice," lie told
'tlicm, '.'of.being sent to.jail or of leaving this district forever. ". .Which do
| you- cho.osc?"
- "We'll leave," they answered with
one accord.       '  .-   ���   .       V~-    .  . -
"Very wcl1| then. - It must be immediately; remember, and"���he paused, and-his voice took.on a new timbre��� "you: will be .careful not to return, at-any-time." >    '-   . '.
- He motioned to/Washburn.and La-
Pccr to untie'them and" passed on; up
to his cabin. '. Hc.kncw.that, he -liad;
nothing " to fear from the men-to
whom hc was giving, liberty. '.Their
leader was dead; they'feared thc law,
and they feared him.'' If only he-did
not.have this other task to.perform���
he would-be happy.-   "-- ,
Mr. Dayton met him 'at; the door.
The .old banker's; eyes; were, red and
his face was still white.--But there,
was a new light .in His ...eyes, .as-hc
grasped Dorkin's hand and whispered:��� .. /���-"-' - "������������ -..-'.���';���������-..���������
. -"Lhavcj.o.d'them.everything. They
���have forgiven���I���": "He ' dropped
Dorkin's hand and; groped; his yrny
outside/' ���;--.'..-.""."��� .'������'���'/���-' . . ���':���' ;.
' Dorkin. went .to"' the room'in .which
Timberley lay. -Seated-beside'the
.bed he. ".--found .another man,; a ;.tall,
-sallow-faced, individual ..".whose.-'.eyes
.were .full of. wonder as, they 'met-,his
���own. y''���-.-:. ���''���,���',: '���'"���/���'- .'-. . ���.".. .
���'-He'stood iip, .'gazing at Dorkin ,in
."Frank,".  . he .   . said
shape of harnessed electrons, were let
loose, not a single human being would
survive on the battlefield. A general
officer sitting at his comfortable desk
in thc war office might touch a button
and release destructive agencies capable of sweeping hundreds of square
miles, and depriving of existence
every living creature thereon.
It was said Sir Oliver Lodge and
Lord -Headley had calculated that
there was enough energy in every
ounce of. electron to lift the whole
British fleet-from thc surface of the
sea to the top of Mount Everest,
enough latent force in one's little
finger to run all thc trains in thc
United Kingdom for several minutes,
and sufficient "'atomic energy in an
ounce of matter, if properly controlled
to keep the largest liner in the world
going at full .speed for a week.
Japan Will Agree
To Naval Holiday
Defence of Farmers
Charge of Profiteering Attributed to
Ignorance of Facts.
"With unprecedented food prices
and little public knowledge of farm
finance, it is not surprising that the
defenceless .farmer should be classed
as a profiteer," said Prof. Barton, of
MacDonald Agricultural College, addressing thc St. James Literary Society in Montreal.
"The city man, by his ignorance,
talks glibly of farm wealth manifestations and hurls indictments at this
narrow, selfish and ignorant, greedy
monster who robs the poor man's
child of its milk that he may drive an'
Prof. Barton said the automobile
was common on the farm because it
had come to be necessary to thc business and was only incidentally used
for pleasure; and- the automobiles
vcy generally .were possessed with a-
mortgage attached.   ���
Guarantee. Irrigation. Bonds
Legislation Will Make Possible Construction Work on 100,000   " .'-
.   -" Acre System.  ��� -    ���
.Irrigation development in Southern" Albcrtais expected to make good
progress' as .a' result of -the announcement that the Provincial government
has- approved of ;a full and complete
guarantee being -given "oh the bonds
of organized irrigation -districts- and
the matter-is. to be brought before the
legislature during-the present session.
The'passing pf this legislation' will
make possible the construction work
on- the , 100,000 acre, system .of. the
Lethbridge - Northern Irrigation. District, and will "facilitate thc -organisation, of. other irrigation districts,, involving ".the irrigation of a half-million acrcVof-scttlrd/land in Southern
Alberta:   ."'.-'-   ."'  ���/'   ' '.���".   ���   '-
Says   Present   Programme   Is
Not Irreducible.
Assertions that the Japanese naval
programme is being followed for the
purpose of competing with thc United
States navy were denounced as "preposterous and absurd," by Vice-Admiral Tomosaburo Kato, Japanese
minister of marine, in an interview
with the .Associated Press. He declared Japan was not trying to compete with the Unijed States navy, and
that the Japanese naval programme
had been formulated so that the island empire could be defended against
any emergencies arising in thc Far
East alone.
During the course of the interview!
thc minister emphasized the fact that
Japan's project to have a fleet of
eight battleships and eight battle
cruisers, not over eight years old,
was not necessarily irreducible. He
indicated that if all the naval powers
would agree to a "naval holiday," he
would be willing to enter into such
an agreement, and would not insist
upon the completion of the naval
programme projected by the government.
Sunflowers Increase
Profits of Dairies
Smut Treatment for Oats
Method  Devised  for  Treating  Oats
Without Necessity of Drying
'A method for treating oats for
smut without entailing the necessity
of drying them has been devised. In
using this method one part of formaldehyde is added to ten parts of
water and applied to the oats by
means of a common quart sprayer.
Spread the grain out on a clean floor,
canvas or wagon box. As the grain is
shovelled from one-pile to another,
each shovelful is sprayed with thc
sprayer held close .to the grain. -Use
the solution in;thepro'portion of one
quart of'the solution, to five bushels
of grain. "Coyer thc grain with sacks
or canvas which-have been sprayed
thoroughly, and leave covered for
four hours. By using this ' small
amount of the solution the seed is. not
wet, docs not swell, and may be"treated any. time beforc.planting. ��� This
method is recommended by the authorities.in.Idaho. " ' - .-
' A similar method has" been, used
with success; by the Central Experimental' Farm, which.. recommends it
for oats, .barley and wheat. . The
Idaho authorities, - however, do .not
recommend it for anygraih- but oats,
Reports Tend to Indicate that New
Fodder Destined to Become a
Standard Crop.
Now that winter feeding of stock
is almost finished, reports on the results of sunflower feed are coming in
from many sources, and all tend to
indicate that this new fodder is destined- to become a. standard crop in
the western provinces. It seems that
practically everybody who has experimented with a few acres of sunflowers
is going to at least double the acreage this year and silos will be springing up in every district throughout
the west. ..
A typical example of what this silage means to .the dairy farmer is given by. Bert Tiffin, of Lethbridge, Alberta. For the purpose of comparison it may be mentioned that in December,. January and February, 1919,
his cows produced milk to the value
of $1,128.93. v
Last year Mr. Tiffin planted five
acres to sunflowers and from thc
same number of cows he got milk
that brought him $1,648.04, an increase
of $519.11. His silo cost less than
$500. Previously hc needed all his'j
quarter section to supply feed to his
herd but'his sunflower yield was so
large that he has been able to spare
fifty tons of alfalfa, worth about $700,
for the market, so that even with the
expenses of his silo lie will havc a
net cash surplus of more than $700.
Adding in the value of his silo he has
found that the sunflower fodder has
meant more than $1,200 increased revenue to him. '���.
W. P. Huff, a sunflower enthusiast
who is in the dairy business fairly
extensively near Edmonton, recently
had an opportunity of testing the
feeding value of sunflower ensilage
over green feed and hay for dairy cattle. Last fall he put up spmewhat
over two hundred tons of sunflowers,
but this was all fed up before the first
of the year. Some of the ensilage
round the walls of the-silo froze, and
as -it was more or lc'ss difficult to get
ft out it was left until the weather
would be warmer.
Lat<y thc weather became mild and
caused the ensilage that was frozen to
the walls to thaw out and fall to the
floor of the silo. There was enough
ensilage to feed the herd of "over seventy head of cows for a week. Dur-
i ing that period the milk flow was noticed to increase per cow per day from
two to two and a half pounds, which
for the seventy cows'amounted to a
considerable gain.
Platinum Deposits
Eletciter's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and C_t__d_e_u
Foods are specially prepared for babies. A baby's medicine,,
is even more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
for grown-tips are not interchangeable. v It was the need of
a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Childrem
that brought Castoria before the public after years of research.,
and no claim has been made for it that Its use for ove_"3��
years has not proven.'        ���_*������..
What is CASTOR
Casto.ia is a harmless substitute for.Castor Oil. Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. -It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation. Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natcraJ sleep.
The Children's Comfort���The Mother's Friend.
genuine CASTORIA Always
In Use For Over 30 Years
Alberta Cattle for. Emgiai-d
Being Shipped  With the Object of
Experimenting for Establishment
of a Regular Market.
A number of live cattle, grain fed
over thc winter months, are being
shipped to England by Alberta stockmen with the object of experimenting
conditions for thc establishment of a
regular market. It is stated that
Scotch and English beeves are selling
at a large increase over the price paid
in Canadian and United States markets, whilst the fact that the purchase
price would be paid in English currency gives an added advantage .owing to its discount in Canada.
The Simplon Tunnel
Why -There.".Is Crime
"  "Sagawa's brother, need' noLgricvc.!. amazement;" ..."Frank,".  . hc
"thus,-, for his hands arc-not. rod' with .'huskily, "don't you'r^membcr-l'me.?"-".   i-records/show" that in"-Canada
thc'.bloqd of the wolf.:who-lies- before'
him," he said,-noting the pain..in the
other's', eyes.: ��� -"It was Darbo who
killed him."- V- ���-..'.-": '' -'��� .- - VV-
. "Darbo!"-echoed. DorkihV; .."���"..',.'-.
- "Darbo: V'Sagawa saw.it, and Sa-'l
. gawa' also saw,': him kill the-.leader of
: "Jimmy."-', 'cried ���. Doiic'n',- wringing
thc hand-.held "out to."him~-"Jimmy
Haight!. ��� Who would, expect' ever, to
sec you .here?"' '.��� ���'... - ""; ���'."   '.'������
��� "Jimmy,"-', like, -myself, has'grown
considerably since he .came'- up ,;into
this-  "world"   of yours, Dorkin," said
Records Show That in Canada Crime
... -..    . '   -Is ^Increasing.;;
-Judigc Kelly, in opening the -spring
assize's--at    Woodstock,'.'Ont-., mad.c.
some remarks;.on .crime:an'd  c'rimin-
!��� als. that arc-worthy of attention.'.The
tlie "pack,. Dalton'. -Sagawa's' canoc-j'Timbcrlcy.
was close behind.Darbo's.:.There was I Dorkin bent over arid, lifted-Tim-
anbthcr witfi-hi'm.r -Darb'o'.liad sworn-1,bcrjey's.hand.'.,-_ '.'I want to'-.thank you
to kill .Dalton. " "Hc-=firc<l,. and thcir-Vfor ...the" letter of' warn in p.,".he-said���
canoe'.'sought" .the Shadows'.above tlic; "and I-want to':say that' it "was brave
lake, and landed lower down along.the- of'you "to-stick up licre-.so that .you:
sliorc.' ".-'���:'-""' . ���''. '...' " , :- ��� V" '' 'high t. help-, me at. the .last." -.
"Sagawa followed!   ' The" man with-     Timberley..smilrdV.'L .owe- you
Second Tunnel Under Alps-Will. Be
Completed by End of July.
:The second Simplon .tunnel. under
the. Alps ..between..-Switzerland and
Italy will be completed by the end of
July,"- engineers say.". Railroad traffic will be diverted through _5t immed
Production o�� Platinum to  Develop
Into an Important Industry in
British Columbia.
' The production - of platinum is to
develop into an important industry in
British Columbia, investigations con-,,
ducted over a number of years hav-'.
ing disclosed that the Fraser River
and adjacent-territory .constitute one
of the principal, platinum deposits of
the world. A plant is. being-erected
and it is expected reduction .work will
commence in the spring. It is be-'
licved -that for 250 miles' along the ���
Fraser and 150 miles on .tributary
streams 75 per cent..of the-blade sand
deposits can be .dredged and concentrates to-the extent of from 8 to 40
pounds per cubic yard, of dirt.' obtained.
When a girl invites a young man to
her home for dinner and he is told
that shc did the cooking, it's time for
him to sit up and take notice, or beat
a hasty retreat.
Shanghai Wireless Station
China to Have the Largest Wireless
�� Station in the World.
Work on a wireless station at
Shanghai to be thc largest . in tlie
world, will begin shortly under an
agreement between the Chinese Government and- the Federal Telephone
Ccjmpany, a United Slates concern,
it-is announced. It will be able to
communicate across the'Pacific without relay.
' False Pretence.
Public school children and teachers'
in Chicago have becn authorized to
say, "It's me," instead of "It is I."
This is a mere sop. ��� What they want
is permission to do what they have
always done and say "Smcc."���Toronto Mail and Empire.
Eternity has no gray hairs.
Just Imagine ���     ������=���: .
The <l��Iicious preserves you -would woke if you could ivnlk oui into an ord'aft! ol
One Thousand Acres ol ripe, luscious Jmit,, in-the pink of condition, picking only
the choicest, using nothing -with it but pure cane sugar, nod if, in addition, yott
had the most scientific machinery to turn il cut���Don't you think your Jam would
be just about perfect?,..This is just" how -
.'    ED. SMITH\& SONS, Limited -
���'   They  were  tie  first to  make  Pure  jams  in  Canada,  and  arc  still  leading
in popularity.     Try  �� tin ol their new  season* atrawberry.     It is  delicious.
Ask your grocer tor IL  3D.  Smith's Jam* -with Die Mfpk Leaf label.
I.E. D. .Smith & Sons, Limited
Western - Distributors
Scgina end Saskntoi   .
algnry and Edinonioxi, Aha.
3?mit- Greweiu and Preservers,
Wntson ���'& Tiaesdale, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon. Sasfc.'
.   -    Ca'
Donald H. Bain Co.;
Western Canada Wool Crop.
. During the year .1920 the Co-operative- VVool Growers, Limited, "whic_
handic a great-part of Canada's wool'
crop, sold 5,146,437 pounds for the
producers. - Alberta, led the provinces
with .2,157,733. pounds of wool and
pelts; Saskatchewan was second with
ateJy and repairs': made "in -the first! 865,175 pounds; and-Manitoba fourth
is" increasing, :,thc    graver .'-kinds'   as
well as the .lesser..';-There has been
much meaningless .comment-, on ..'the'
situation,."' society, ��� the.foreigner, tlie
warj - and-, other' real ���. or; - imaginary
coiiditions,being blamed, Judge.Kelly
says lhe extra amount of crimc.'.is be.-
ing- committed;:' not?-by    foreigners j-were killed
'.'bit t- by'' men of'our own ."extraction,"
b.orn.'and. brought', up. in,-this, .country.-
lie sccmo'd- to think, parents-'were" in
.part ..Vespohsibl.c  :for,tlie un'satisfac-
tunncl. .. Both willbc used sometime
iii 1922.. ."'.,'.  V-V:- ���  ''.;_  "-       -"'   -
' The. first tunnel, 12 1-4 miles.long,
cost-.'��2,940,00b.", The-' new bore will!
cost-, only -about' -.oiie-tliird,/ that'
amount. Construction was-begun before the '.war'"-but workVwas. abari-
dpiie'd because the'.'workmen '; were
nearly ��� .a] -.mobilized.- Half-way
.thr.6ii_h,..subtcrrancan boiling springs
v/cre ,-uncovercd and many, workmen
with 370,872 pounds.
��� The," most - powerful artificial light
in the world is .that of thc lighthouse
'on-Heligoland, which is of 40,000,000
candje-powcr. ''-;-'���-���;���.'���.���-".   '" .'
Darbo" was not. to blame..'.���_,'He could \ sotnctlung, .-Dorkin',"' he .said. " Every-["tqry. state, 'of affairs, .home   authority
llffi P.
OnBodyand Face, Red and Itchy.
Cried For Hours. Lasted a Year,
?. "A s-asH started _11 ever say little
girl's body; and she had.some on ber
face. -' It started in "a pimple
that was full-of water, and
ft got red and itchy. She
cried for h ours. This troubl*
lasted a y-��r.
':c, "Then X ��te��rt'edwhh a free
sample - of ��� Cctioira Soap
and Ointment. /' I bought more, and
2 ssed four cake* bf soap, .and three I
boxes of Ointaasit which healed htr,.1*,!
'{Signed)  Mi-s.   Cora. fc*ngly,/;l332.l
Gtstrode St., Vts&rxr,, One.;.;'August
21,1918, ' :-������'--���'���-.���.-"���:-
Ti���� Ctttkar*. Toilet Trip; .
. Come.stlng of Soap,' Ointment &__
Talcum is an; isdiepenssble sdju_ct
of. the daily toilet in'maintaining
efe_o ptJt.ty and skin, health;'
Saep 25e�� CK-haesit 25 ae_ S&t-^ScM
fhrc^gbctittbcDomJnicn. C-sa-iinPepot:
tyre^ss, __*_����., St. P��_ St-,' SfaebWL
"jjtiew- Scats *&*T**
thing: pays, sometime, you" know
;- ''"Whiclr'reminds.'m'c-that I've.got .a
few -thousand'-dollars., belonging to
-you," Haight informed Dork;n.. -"Our
deceased aunt left U--b.cttS._d. It'was
rightfully yours," but���well, ...I i?ot' it,
and ..I'm anxious to- turn it over to
ypu,"' ,He-.blinkcd u'p.a't Dork'.n and
took a generous chew of-fine-cut. -
.   (To b.e continued'. ���-.     ."
being allovycd-to fall.into disregard.
The state's" duty-is _lh'usV.made:-liardr'
cr, bit Lit" is duty. ..The' .proper." and
quick' punishment :-of crime will help
> :' ;:: Alfalfa vs. Corn Silage.
' One'.'lori'; of.' alfalfa .hay contains
about-, 1,800 -lbsVdry--iT_attcr:"or'. 1,000
lbs." (iigestable.nutricnts.. ...Eight tons
of well matured, corn silage .contain
about 4,200 lbs. dry-matter .or-.2,800
lbs. digestible nutrients. . 'Therefore
the same space will store nearly three
The . great ;.domc of St. Paul's
Cathedral,-,'London, is /.supported on
eight" underground piers..-" ......-. VW
Sunil for Recipe Book, TREEt
Qold in sanitary, air-tight
Otiris, the maker's package
���that guarantees purity. .
Packed at the factory, the
:  contents keep indefinitely. Economical.
The ideal sweetener for table use, and cooking
Crown Brand Syr u
V   D��e Great Sweetener"
to", -bring.- .a better order.���M.ontreal |.tiriies.-as much digestible.nutrients in
Fish Catch Smaller
February Figures Show Decrease But
Valne is Higher.
The total catch of sea fish on both
cpasts .of the Dominion for the
month of February, was 166,751. cwts.,
with a value in first hands of $691,030,
as compared with 278,398 cwts., valued at $652,970 for the same month
last year. ��� .-.The greater value of... the
V.Dags Of.Damascus.
.. There .arc anywhere, from 15,000 to.
30,000 dogs in , Damascus, and they
arc all. pariahs, writes a correspondent.' Each, has his or her Own particular corner on a certain sheet, and
homatier how hungry they may be,
they seldom stray- from it except
Swhen in bands of ten or twenty they
take a walk. Always hungry they
answer the call "Stik, suk, suk," in
legions, for they know that this;token
of. Eastern speech. mean's��� that'\, *hcy
arc to'bc.fcd. <'-:'y:i: \ ���:-:': ���'��� x: ���''���'��� V; V
theform of corn; silage, as in the form
of alfalfa.
A-., woman's.vanity .begins with:her
hat and ends with hcr.sho.es.-'"'
smaller' catchf this"..year,'-according;-to
th c-;nion thly'stat cmen t' b f -1 lie - fisheries
branch,-  is.-.duc .tO'.inci.^ascd.catches'.    During.. the'jJast' year' Ssm' J,;.Bar-
of halibut and.' sni'clts_':y/hi'ch;'arc-fr.irr , 'nctt;".._'Justice .,o'f.:.thc._.peacC' of.-D'al-.'
-ly.-expensive-fi'sti,[whilcuthc.'c^ .o.-his 5ncome
| herring, ;:'aV-.'ch:eap;>ilsh, A-K-as.-r"'-'^1 "iiby marrying 851. .couples'.
; sma3lcr.VV.'V.-VV-V"\;_.. ;Vv_V.VVV-' V
It''is'rough on a-man .when" lov'c^or
ica-;lcsVatta'cks; hsni .late, in life. V '"-' ������' ir
- ��^
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,    B.     0.
" Finding the Equilibrium
Tim slow and difficult process-of getting the business and productive
activities of the country back to a normal level, to which reference was
made in t_his- column' last week, can, let it be repeated with emphasis, bc
only successfully accomplished through co-pperation on the part of all concerned, and that means everybody. , It cannot bc accomplished by any one
group in the.State standing out and insisting on thc acceptance of thcir-
own demands irrespective of the effect on others. There must be compromises, resulting in readjustments.        "
' For one thing, it becomes increasingly evident that thc Federal Government must revise their present systems and methods of levying taxation
on business and-productive enterprise, whether such-business bc agricultural production, industrial manufacturing, or commerce in its wholesale
and retail departments. Present systems and methods are confusing, complicated and generally unsettling, and constitute a discouragement to enterprise, initiative and increased production. What is now required is something simple, inexpensive in operation", yet withal capable of producing a
large .revenue to meet the pressing needs of the nation. Such a system is
to be found, wc believe, in thc removal .of the present taxation levies on
business profits, and the introduction of a general and uniform tax on all
business turnovers���that is, a small tax on-gross sales in all lines of busi-'
ness activity.
If thc Federal Government will take this step, then all business will
know exactly where it stands and can proceed to work out permanent policies with a vicw^o expansion and'increased production, thus reducing and
gradually eliminating unemployment, increasing thc purchasing power of the
country to absorb the larger volume of commodities produced, and at the
same time bringing about a reduction in prices which will place such commodities within reach of a much larger number of people.
It should bc clear to all people, and especially to Governments, that the
secret of national prosperity is to bc found in well balanced industry. That
is, that thc production of every branch of industry in. which people arc en
It takes a joint of beef to
make a Bottle of Bovril
Has Not Changed
. Since 1914..
.Same Price.   Same Quality.
Same Quantity.
i our  I eeth
By   Rea   Proctor   McGee,   M.D.,
D.D'.S., Editor of Oral Hygiene,
Copyright,  1921, by  Rca Proctor
An inlay is a filling that is made
outside of thc mouth and when finished is fastened in the tooth cavity with
gaged shall be in proportion to the wants and buying power of thc people a dental cement. Thc making of into all their other occupations. In other words, a national balance between lays is a very ancient process that.was
occupations in which people arc engaged must bc found and maintained. | a lost art for many centuries'. Thc
An expert on economics in the United States sets forth thc situation Aztecs of old Mexico used a green
<juite clearly when he says that thc number of people that can bc employed  stone inlay in their teeth.     The green
stone was not used to stop cavities
as wc use inlays, but was purely decorative,      Thc Aztec    nobility    had
in any industry depends upon the amount of the products that .can be sold,
and that depends upon thc price which the consumers havc to pay for them.
���For any commodity there is at any given time a certain price which will
secure a larger net result to thc producers, than any other price. That} fanciful designs cut in their front
5s to say, if the price be lowered thc additional distribution will not com-;-tccth Probably tribal marks on thc
pensatc for the sacrifice, and. on the other hand, if the price bc raised the! order of our coat-of-arms, then thc
loss of distribution will exceed thc gain in price.     For example, .there is a  green stone was cleverly cut to fit the
' point where railway freight rates will produce a maximum of revenue, butj cavity and cemented with a very dur-
jnereased beyond  that  figure  the rates charged operate   to'decrease   thc j ublc transparent cement.     Thc dur-
volume of freight carried so that the higher charges actually mean less|ability oS these^ prehistoric inlays is
���revenue.     '
It must bc borne in mind that everything that- is offered for sate,
whether it be an article of goods or the services of an individual or corporation is in competition, not only with like goods or service, but with all
the multitude of attractions that arc'appealing to every consumer. Under
these conditions it is folly on the part of an individual or group of individ-
���  tials to think that lie or they have it in their power to arbitrarily fix wages
and prices for themselves.     They may havc thc power to fix, and even
.   maintain, wages, rates and prices, but they cannot escape tile effect it will
proved by. the (fact that there are in
existence a number of Aztec skulls
with green stones still firmly in place.
Inlays of porcelain were '"the. first
to be made in modern times. Porcelain was used because it can be made
to closely approximate the color and
characteristics of the natural teeth.
The process of making a porcelain in-
Thc teachings of this lesson have
j an important bearing upon physical
j'.health, but thc primary reference is
i moral. The sin with which Paul was
! dealing was fornication, not matters
] of hygiene. That physical health
I may bc included wp do not question,
I buu$ad and serious will bc thc blunder if that only is taught.
' f.���Glorifying God.in Your Body (I.
j        Cor. 6:19, 20).
It should be noted that the last
j clause of verse 20 is omitted in the
I Revised Version and thc best manu-
! scripts. Thc conclusion of Paul's ar-
! gument is, "therefore glorify God' in
j your body."  i '
1. Thc Christian's body is the temple of thc lioly Ghost (v. 19). God's
dwelling place on earth is now thc redeemed human body instead of thc
temple at Jerusalem. If the sinless
Spirit is to dwell- in the body it must
bc kept clean To defile or abuse thc
body in any way is to insult the Spirit
and commit the most awlul sacrilege.
This truth apprehended solves forever
the.-problem of licentiousness, gluttony, use of tobacco, the abuse or
neglect of the body in any way whatsoever.
2. The Christian's body is God's
property (v. 19). Being God's temple, the proprietary right is in God
and not man. Being thc property of
the Lord, .the Christian's motto is;
"Whcthcrc therefore yc cat or drink,
or whatsoever ye do, do all to the
glory of God (I: Cor. 10:31). "Holiness unto thc Lord" ought to bc written over our bodies.
3. The Christian's body has becn
bought (v. 20). The price paid"to redeem thc body was the precious blood
of Christ (I. Peter:. 1:18, 29). Wc estimate things by what they cost.
When wc estimate our bodies in that
light we will bc very jealous of their
purity.      Guarding our health is part
have upon employment or upon sales.
A striking example of tlie truth of this statement was shown in New
York City last fall. Thc printers there wanted more wages and a board
of arbitration awarded it to them, without, apparently, taking into consideration the state of the printing business and its relation to thc general business situation. The result was that thc wage increase, by increasing thc
cost of printing at a time when the public had less money to spend lor printing, aggravated the situation, resulted in such a substantial decrease in work
that hundreds of men were laid off, and the actual amount paid in wages
was smaller andnot larger than before thc increase was made.
That illustrates the whole situation.
lay is very difficult, but  thc result is ' of our religion.
so satisfactory that many arc liiadc
for fillings where gold would be objectionable. ��   -
Thc gold inlay is now very widely
used. There a'i'C many ways to make
them but. the object is the same, that
is, to perfectly fill the cavity, to restore the original con lour,'and to bc
Honestly now I Could you get for 60c.
any other prescription which would give
the same all-round service and satisfaction that a box of Zam-Buk does?
��� Zam-Buk is a combination of powerful,
healing, herbal extracts, so refined and
compounded that wherever there is any
kind of soreness of the flesh, or diseased
tissue or abnormal condition (such as inflammation, festering or blood-poisoning)
it almost immediately soothes and heals.
It stops bleeding." It is highly aniiseptic
���kills disease germs. It is suitable alike
for the hardened skin of the worker or
the tender sensitive skin of a child.
Zam-Buk is 100% pure herbal medi~
oitie. It contains no animal fat nor
mineral impurity.   It cannot go rancid.
"For seven years we have used
Zam-Buk in our homo" writes H. B.
Andresen, of 1107, E. 22nd. St.,
Minneapolis. "We simply could not get
along without it. Whenever any of the
children, my wife or I, happen an
accident, we promptly apply Zam-Buk.
It saves many a doctor', bill."
Fear Grasshopper Hague
Saskatchewan is Ready to Cope With
Trouble When It Comes.
An extensive outbreak of thc grasshopper plague is feared by Saskatchewan agricultural authorities''' this
spring. But thc- province will not
be caught napping. Already 70 tons
of arsenic is now on thc way from the
east for thc provincial department of
agriculture, which is making preparations for the anti-grasshopper campaign.
The department plans to concentrate, in Regina, sufficient material
to supply the whole province with
poisoned bait. Practtcally the same
form of organization for combating
thc insects as used last year will
again be in vogue.
Autos Hard on Roads
Suction of Rubber Tires Said to be
Old Roman roads which had stood
up under the ,wheel traffic of 2,000
years were domolished in ten years
by the destructive suction of rubber
tires. The road from Durham to
London,, more ��� than two hundred
miles long, was known as Watling
street, ran to thc Roman wall along
the Cheviot Hills which kept out the
invading Picts and Scots. Having
a perfect foundation, the road was
easily surfaced and maintained
through all those centuries, But the
motor-car made necessary its complete re-construction. It was the
same with the more famous Appain.
Way out of'Rome.
Many a man who thinks his persuasive powers arc sufficient to control
the affairs of a nation wouldn't even
make a good book* agent.
The Druggists All Agree
That "Putnam's" Is Best
The oldest corn remover on the
market is Putnam's Corn Extractor,
and it is the best. Your corns will
all drop out after a few treatments
with this painless remedy. Failure
impossible. Refuse a substitute for
"Putnam's," 25c everywhere.
B.C. Lumber Goes to Egypt.
One of the largest orders, for manufactured lumber ever secured in British Columbia was closed recently
when the Canadian Overseas Trading
Co. signed up to supply an Alexandria
firm which represents thc government of Egypt with twenty-four million feet of railway ties. The first
eight million feet, comprising two
shiploads, will leave Vancouver an
April, aboard
TFoiu can Just tell by its healthy,;
stimulating  odor, that  it is
going to do you good
F I only had some Sloan's Lini-
",   How often you've said
thatl   And then when the rheu
matic twinge subsided���after hours ol
.suffering���you forgot iti
Don't do it:again���get a bottle today and keep it handy for possible use
tonight! A sudden attack may come!
on���sciatica, lumbago, sore muscles,
backache, stiff joints, neuralgia, the
pains and aches'resulting from expos->
ure. You'll soon find warmth and ,re-^
lief in Sloan's, the liniment that penetrates ���without rubbing. Clean, econom*
ical. Three sizes���35c, 70c, $1.40'
(Made in   Canada)
Grain Growers To"
Conduict Drive
Canadian government
All of these things a gold
It is shortsighLed to bc alwavs! il,,lay. docs>. Thc mixture /f?^
thinking that wages arc fixed by simply an agreement between employer! *hal 1S required to make a gold inlay
and employee, and' tha*.  the employer can'cither pay.it out of his  own1 iS an art of modcrn Umcs-
pocket,or pas's it on to the consumer. If the consumer cannot pay, thc
employer will not long bc able to do so, and unemployment is thc inevitable result. There is a relationship between industry and all thc other industries which must be taken into account and maintained.
There is also an equilibrium, a natural balance, which must be maintained between thc occupations in which people are engaged. That balance
must bc sustained in order that- thc products or services,,��, each group may
be absorbed by-all the other groups, When the balance is lost, unemployment results and continues until a redistribution is worked out, so that again
everybody is at work, and all the-products-are absorbed, either at home or
abroad, a state'whdich wc call prosperity.
The co-operative efforts of all organizations and individuals must'' bc
directed towards finding" that equilibrium in occupations, in wages, in production, in order.that prosperity may be established. It can only be accomplished by.concession and compromise on the.part of both Capital and
Labor, employer and employee.
Gold inlays are' made \yith remarkable accuracy, and as they arc made outside of
thc-mouth, they arc-much less painful than gold fillings that must be mal-
| ktcd into thc tooth; Whether a
j good gold inlay is better for thc tooth
than a gold filling that is also good is
not yet decided,' I would say that
cither one is.all right..    .
Poisoning 'Grasshoppers'
New Circular Published, by Manitoba
Department of Agriculture.
.'--'Will   Western . Canada havc more
grasshoppers  in  1921'.'than" in-1920?
:"]Ndb;o"dy"rcan~ answer_tliat"-question-
with. any .degree of certainty; but it
might occur.     .        ' ...
-.-. As a..precautionary'stcp, the Manitoba Department of .Agriculture has
published a new circular, "Poisoning
Grasshoppers."   ��� This is written  by
��� Mr.. A. V. ,Mitchcncr, " of Manitoba
Agricultural College, who directed
the fight in the field last summer.
.Tlie circular illustrates and describes the mixing machines which had
to be invented and built last year in
order to handle ..the carloads of .materials used in- making poison'bait.-
Also the various-formulas .arc given;
and the'method .of'-scattering on the
land is described and illustrated..
Copies of this circular may be had
on    applicationV .to the -Publications
. Branch, Department-of' Agriculture,
Winnipeg.-,' "-..'. .';-"".���'.
Stealing" British Crown
Irish Soldier Made Attempt In. JReign
of Charles II.
It is only,"sincc thc accession of Edward VII. to the British throne, that
__l_c_ _CX9wn _jewe!s_ of Great .Britain
have.been "adequately guarded.     And
Stop the Cough.���Coughing is caused by irritation in ��� the respiratory
passages and is lhe effort to dislodge
obstructions that come, from inflammation of the mucous membrane.
Treatment with Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil will allay.the inflammation
and An - consequence thc cough will
cease. " Try it and'you will bc satis-.
lied. "'"--- ;
A Product'Small; Biit-Costly-
Manufactnring  Plant Works  Whole
.   Year to Produce Small Amount
of Radium.
_. J__.hcn_.thc_ total, product- of ^manufacturing  plant, for
a whole year
yet, barring a'few petty depredations,! weighs only "eighteen grams, its out-
only, once in about -1.000 years'was :.put cannot bc described as'large, but
the-'. Royal-i neither,'when.the eighteen grams sell
during   thc \ for $2,160,000, can it.be called exactly j enemy,
there.a serious theft   of
gems.     This   happened
II,���Keeping thc Boy Under Cbntrol
I, Cor 9:2.-27).
The ...Christian's   life is'more than
mere existence, there is something to
do���to bc accomplished.
1. It is a race (vv. 24, 25). In order
to win a prize there must bc self-denial and definite exertion. The Chris-
tion obtains life by contact with Jesus
Christ through faith (John 3:16; 3:36;
5:24).     Tki.
can .begin thc/racc, While hc gets
salvation (life) at the beginning, God
places before him definite rewards as
incentives to-exertion. The Christian believes to get life, but works, for
rewards. In the. Olympian games
only one could hope to get the prize,
but in the Christian race there is a
reward waiting fo*' every.one who disciplines himself and runs; -As the
racer in these games mastered his' desires and abstained from everything
which might hinder him to win. the.
prize, so the Christian will make any
sacrifice-to. "win. Thc-prize in'thc
Grecian .-games' was corruptible, but
the"prize of-tlie Christian is incorruptible. If thc heathen would practice'
siicli- self-denial regardless .of its pain
for a garland-of pine leaves, shall not
thc Christian turn-from bodily" indulgences of every kind so as to obtain
thc crown of righteousness which
fadeth-not away?-' ." ������
. i. It is a fight- (vv. 26,."'27)..' The
Christians efforts arc not'mere .bcat-
ings'of'tlie"air."""l-lciias a;re;a.l antagonist. -.His fight..is not a sham conflict. -He ,should exert himself with
all his. energy, and  strike .to hit his
To Take the K'nk Out of Yarn.
There are times when one wishes
to ravel some knitted garment to use
thc yarn again. It is hard to knit
such yarn with xhc kink still in it.
Tie the yarn well in skeins and dip
for a moment in boiling hot water,
place on a cloth or hang up to dry.
The yarn will be    as    straight    and
Follows a Breakdown of the Nervous
'   System.
Misery-day and night is the lot of
hosts of men and women who arc today    the   victims    of    weak   nerves.
Thin, pale   drawn faces and dejected' {.^.'"^ fluffy "as new.
attitude   tell    a sad tale, for.nervous '
weakness means being    tortured    by . ���
morbid thoughts and unaccountable The Last Asthma Attack .may real-,
fits of depression. These sufferers _y be thc last one if prompt measure's
arc painfully sensitive and easily ;l.-e not taken. Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
agitated by .son'ie chance remark, i Asthma Remedy will safeguard you.
Sleeplessness robs them of energy] It will penetrate to the smallest bron-
and strength; their eyes arc sunken i chial passage and bring about, a
and  their  limbs   tremble;- appetite  is 'healthy condition.     Why not get this
poor and memory often fails.     This'
hc possesses before hc   nervous  exhaustion  is    one    of    the
most.serious evils affecting men and
women of to-day. The only way to
bring back sound, vigorous health is
to feed thc starved nerves, which arc
clamoring for ������better - blood. ��� This
new blood can be_ had through the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, which
have a direct action on the blood, and
through the blood on the nervous system, That a fair use of this medicine will bring satisfactory results is
shown ' by the experience of- Mrs.
Marsh, Bass River, N.S., who says:
"Following' a run down condition, I
became practically a nervous wreck.
The doctor who.wascalled in said the
trouble was. inflammation of the
nerves. It grew so-bad that-practically I-had no control of-my lower
.limbs,' and had to go about.with
crutches. ' Quite ;aside from-my suffering I had n small family nnd-a baby
in arms to care, for arid I .became-
much discouraged, as I d'd.not app"ar
to be growing better. One evening
my" husband met an aged doctor on
the street and .told"him of my condition. ' He asked my husband"' who
was ". attending iric, ' and when told
said:--'I don'! want- to interfere, but
"why.not try Dr. Williams" Pink Pill's.'
My husband got me a supply of these
pills'and after taking a few b'oxcsl
"was abIctb~go "about~with"ihc" use~of
one" crutch. ' Continuing thc use -of
the' pills. I was able to discard, the
other crutch as well, and was as ac-
ive as ever I had b^en. "--There" arc
remedy to-day and commence its use?
Inhaled as smoke or vapor it is equal
ly effective.
Campaign  for Membership Will Be
Carried Out By Saskatchewan
Grain Growers.
A vigorous  campaign will be carried out by the Saskatchewan Grain
Growers this summer   for   member-1'
ship.     The "drive" will bc under the
direction oi J. B. Musselman, managing director.   Thc membership of thc
association in 1920 dropped from 31,-
000 to about 27,000 and thc purpose
of ' the    campaign" is to restore'thc
membership to its former size and increase it if possible.
For Stiff Neck       .   !
And Sore Throat
Immediate relief comes from rubbing Nerviline over the chest and.
lower part of thc neck. Rub in deeply���lots of rubbing helps, Nerviline
reaches the congested parts at once,
relieves tightness, takes out the soreness A bottle of Nerviline in- thc
home relieves a hundred ills, internal
and external. "Used-for nearly half
a century, as a general household remedy.     Large bottle 35c-.at all dealers.
reign-of Charles II., popularly known j small. - -This'is the;., record- for . 1920' uody '���s\- be kept under,  ... In this
.of'the. Standard'Chemical Company   cas0 the' antagonist |s the body.-     It
In order to win success the J many in this neighborhood who know
Tobacco is the most important article of export from Turkey : to"-tlie
United States. '   .-:'..-.. "-X\ V"V V
as'the "merry-'monarch." , .Colonel.
Blood, an Irish soldier of fortune,
gaining the confidence of the then
venerable kcepcr.of the jewels, contrived to enter the chamber with'confederates, knocked the old custodian oh
the head wi.li a wooden mallet, battered the king's, crown .so that it would
qf Pittsburgh, all thc, energies-of j
which arc devoted to the "extracting
of.radium froni;the carhotitc ore of
Colorado./' ���' ���_".;"."'-' ���-""���- ���'���-������-
Thc demand for radium it seems, is
what the' market.' "reporters' '.."call
''steady.'-''    Most''of the precious stuff
go/under his cloak; filed, the sceptre in'' is-used-in'medicine; but a. little goes
two'and made .off with" them;'.   Tlie   to the giving of luminosity:." to ' thc
robbers-sliot:a sentry :-'at the . last
drawbridge,' but " were "'. presently
caught. Charles II. just roared with
laughter when he heard of Blood's
coup,; and iny tcad of' beheading him
gave him a position .worth-$12,000 a
year. -'.':.. VV"- V -' V'.-A/" .-���        -'
.hands . of ..watches and" clocks; '���-. ��� For
the lattcrptirpose'tlie pioccssof con*-'
cent ration is not'.carried, anything
like,as, far as_.it must be for. the-doctors, and thc'cost is/much-less.-,',
.   As a" ciirativc: agent,.. especially   iiv
-should be so dealt with as to bring it
under subjection'.. - All the evil -pro-'
pensitics    of. ���his . nature"should^bc '
brought, 'iir-def',,control.   ... ..-'..".
III.���Reaping"What  You Sow.(Gal.
���-���'��� 6:7,.8)./.    '->;. ,\- V -.-> ;.' V._������ .
"God - has"'-established a '.law in. tho;
wdrld.'that .whatsoever a- man sows
that shall -lie -also reap;". .To' go on
sowing..wjth the-expectation of not
reaping is-to'mock-.God. .'The world
is full of .examples of those .who thus,
mocked Hint. '���"-This .text lias primary
reference to giving'to the support of.
what my condition was when 1 began
the use of Dr." Williams Pink Pills
arid who know what/this medicine did
for me, find I'hope my experience may
help some .other- sti-Ter~r." -  ' . "'
- -"DnWillianis'-Pink Pills arc' sold
by. a'.i dealers' in medicine, or -may be
had by "mail" at' 50 cents a box or'six
boxes- for $2.50. from" The. Dr. Williams' -Medicine Co.,' Brockville, Ont;
Protection tor Birds."
Our Wild Life, Once Destroyed Can-
noibc. Replaced
"No natural, resource needs the-.application of greater, foresight" for its
'..conservation'"^^!! "our wild  life.   -. It
" . The ; royal  library' at-The. -Hague:-
has more than..500,000 volumes.;.
_ ministers of the gospel pts rcal.bcar-i canlV0.:l_c;rcphic.a once it is destroy-
canccroys .conditions, radium- has, not jing is upon Unbeliever for,!, is sting.; j ^ .^j ;.s <testnic{io;r can "only 'be
yetiustified all of the hopes it at "first, ncss' rather .thr.h" upon the .sinner fcr-^^idc-r by''w.se provision' '.-I.otHe
excited,-but-its efheacy. is slowly .jn-^his.\iiica��rtess:;.but.it. has-a.bcaring on   p;,st-'il..1a_;b.:cn .i51 -ahuosY invariable
hat s^ur Experience
. -a delicious meal-time dririk. wKofe-:;
some and satis^n^.biitajntaining
���-.;��� nothing, that mil fistiiib.your rest,-.;
Sc^iiomieal ^ Better for lou
^x\ycIhjefe^y at "j&sasduu-\ ��x
creasing..- with' added:, knowledge, and ail-that wc do;
experience; It is by far the most expensive ,of, all the known clcnicnts���
to.'employ a word .now, viewed a
bit "askance""iii1 scientific-circles���arid
none, other-' is anything like as intcr-
csting.4-Thc/'Ncw; York Times..
.Used Silver-Cooking .Utensils. V
rule, to wait until -serious depletion of
wild' life has taken -place before con-
,.    ,  , .- ,      ���,-,-.    - ��� -. -. . sidering its protection..     The-Migra-
... ='In. the days" when tnc Roman.Em, j iQyy ,"Uird-,;Tfca{y., thc'' jjOTthw'cst
pire  - -'���'���    '"'-''   ----   '"     ...
How Americans
Trust Each" Other
The    Universal   Feeling    That    the
Other Fellow is Putting Something Over. ���'
How Vvc Americans do love each
other, says thc Kansas City Star. You
get into an . ordinary, conversation.
All..of us are convinced we arc being
robbed by' somebody else. Our next
door neighbor is a good fellow personally. But as a business :man wc
knpvv he is a pirate." - The' sanaried
man is suspicious of- his employer.
He knows his grocer is a conspirator.
And as for the store downtown where
his wife trades, hc calls it thc daylight,
robbery. So. tooi the "dealer in ."notions looks darkly at thc clothier.
Both thc."clothier and' the notion man"
blame, the jobber and .the farmer. The
fanner is convinced hc is the victim
of ~thc:" hoards"."'of-tradc. -.-'--The- -Wall
Street -broker- is certain the-country
is being'held up in the price-of eggs,
and meat. With, all' this"-brotherly
love-so-widespread, isn't it "a good
deal of a miracle.that the country.is
ab.e to rock along and not - fiy to
pieces? .   --.',..   ..-;., -'.-,-..'...   ..
. . A safe and sure-medicine fora child
troubled.'..with -worms." is" "Mother
Graves!. Worm Exterminator;   "   -" "
Propose Daring Experiment
Discover New Comet.
Discovery of a new comet by the
observatory at Cape Town, South
Africa, was announced in a cablegram
received at thc Harvard observatory,
The. comet is visible only ��� through a
telescope and for only a portion of
thc day, rising over thc horizon two'
hours before sunrise. It is in' the
constellation  of Capricorhus,
1-ltart Disease Relieved lis 3') Wuiutt..
Dr. Agnew's Remedy ior the Jlmirl _.if-e-">
perfect reliel in all cases of Orsramc or
Sympathetic ..carcTJiiease.).. .0 roir.ijtfti. r.nil..
speedily effects a cure. It <_ ;i u'eericss
remedy for Palpitation, SlioHncua o> \Urr.-ith,
Sniotlierijij. Spells, Pain in T.eft Side, and ali
symptoms of a diseased lleart. {Joe dose
Large Concern Incorporated.
The Prairie Cold Storage Company,-
recently incorporated in Western
Canada at. $2,000,000, plans m outlay
of ,$1,0001000 in .'���_ construction of six
buildings. Th<. central'plant will be
located at Winjt.'.^cg, Manitoba, at a
cost of $400,000 and other plants will
be located at Portage la Prairie, Bran-
.don,-Virdcn,' Dauphin and at.a point
north of Winnipeg to take care.of thc
fish,catch from Lake Winnipeg.
, '������' The Winner.
"We had a contest to decide thc
prettiest girl .in our graduating class
of .400." ; .       ...*.'.'
"How did it turn- out?"
.;"One-girl got' two   votes."���Louia-
���ville. -Courier-Journal.---. :	
Minard's" Liniment For Barns, Etc,
���'.Wise"is thc man who, knows what
not to.say and remembers not" to say
it.   ...'."-'"" '
.-A-taste for-minding.one's ..own businesses often hard to.acquire.
.Aviators.'Willing,to Make-War Tests
,V-'"-, " The!Real Thing.
United -States army aviators have
bocomc. so enthusiastic over the.pro--
posed experiment of bombing-naval
vessels under approximately war-time
conditions that; scores of. them have
-suggested'that the-fleet-be "allowed to,
fire, back-at the' planes with -anti-aircraft guns.-'; "'"--"" ,\
While,, admirals .and-generals have
been.- advancing and.'disputing claims
that the airplane is far superior to.the
j battleship." as ,-a   war  Weapon, .army
���'���";'. When New. York Cost $24. . -
" The Tslan.dof. Manhattan,, the site
of .New York, was bought from -the |-,very
Indians, on May. 6,, 1.626, for $24 by
Peter Minuit. Today :thc assessed
valuation of real and personal estate
of N.w -Yorkis more than $9,000,000,-
.000, the .bulk of which.is.in Maiihat'-
tan." --'-Thc:Tsland--of - ".Manhattan, "is;
of -various- descriptions  richly 'inlaid
"with arabesques in Silver,'and\shovcls
handsomely,   and;   intricately'
apprecia tion.of the value'of "wild life
arc evidences, of. a more .sympathetic
13.4'j-rniles long. and', has an average
breadth of one, and three-fifth "miles.'
In this small-portion 61 the earth.live
-2,234,103.-people.;.VV"'.; -V.:- J 'X:w: .���-'-''.
A Bit Shy.     .
; "Your hair," .said :th"c:"aggravating
.barber,;"is',conVihg..out~_on top." '. '.-'V'.-'
V "Good!", cried. the'"scnsi'tiveJ"victim/
"I kncw.it '(was in me.. Now, for good-
ada's  valuable  and-
"natural resources.
most  interesting-.
��� ���- -V ��� ��� .' :Too..Late.
."I. :don'.t"'Iikc:' these - photos.'.at -all "
he .said,.."I-look like an-'a'pe;" ' "���'-.':
The photographer favored him with.
: .'"A,-"recent-invention..is clay phonof
graph ".'.needles, ,V made =-from a dark
red..or chocolate-colored'shale/-: -'..:c.
VW. ,N:.-.U.' 1362
ness sake don't talk to it, or.it'll.crawl .....glance of lofty disdain
back, again.
;'".. -'".' -.7".'. ."': Like a Man. ,"'"..>:;��� ;V V '���-''.';
���V"I .��� hope-' Mir." ���;jH'ar_upp...took;-his:
bankruptcy "like a-^man?" . ',������.._-V-���.���.".���-
"-".'���Exactly,'l!.k'c.la""mail'-'-V'Hc: "blamed
the1 "extravagance of. his wife."
don -.Tit-Bits, y V'VV :'~-" '   V"-
-'"You '"-should-"have ihoiight" of; that
before- you- had'.them, taken," was his
"C.plyVas>hb.turned"back"to vork.~
Ame'rjcan. News-Trade Journal,    VV
���'Ireland-; .spends-'less per head, in
drink" than'':_ny "other
Unit?- Kingdom...-....
part,   of
Huge Cotton Area in the South. - -
"fhose-ih.tcrcstc__.iri cotton cultivation say that there is -.potential cotton .'-' belt . in .Northern Argentina,
Southern Paraguay and. Bolivia as
large as the" cotton bcifof the United
States. ..Cotton,, growing in South
America is still in "its infancy.
- -The'.gallery of a theatre is called
the "gods" because the, ceiling of old
Drury Lane theatre,in London used
to be painted to represent a ileecy
blue' sky with' flying Cupids; ;"--" And
this -.picture :of the gods extended
right over the gallery.
Minard's Liniment For Bar.<!ruff
'.Over..fifty, years ago a young
physician practiced 'widely in
Permsylvania, and feecame famous
ior-his.uniform success in tho
curing of disease. This was Dr.
R. V. Pierce, who afterwards established himself in Buffalo, N. Y., and
placed. one ; of his - prescriptions,
which he. called "Golden Medical
-Discovery," in the drug,stores in.
the United States and Canada, so-
that the.public could easily obtain
this remarkable tonic, corrective,
and blood-maker.'-.,."-" Dr. .Pierce
manufactured this ^"Discovery"
from. roots tuid barks, without
alcohol���^v corrective remedy, the
ingredients of which; nature had
put in Ti__e fields - and. forests/ for
keeping us. healthy."" .'= Introduce
pure red blood into the system,
and health is assured. When you
feel run-down, out of Borfe, bluo
and despondent try the.encfgia-
tng.influence bf this reliable tonic..
You -can obtain Golden Medical
Discovery in. tablet or liquid form
at all drag stores, or send 10c for.
a trial package, to Dr. Keree's
Laborat��ry ia SisSaUvU. ��,
*f\ ���/:'���
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
���Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices v.     7.00
Estray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    libo
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
.each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
'.measurement. '  ���'
Trauscient display advertising so'cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i_)_c. a line each insertion.  .
The Home Circle
' The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
fl'.atthe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
If anyone has a good recipe for
egg nog, please don't lose it.
Ix taking physical exercise, it
isn't the start but the upkeep. that
bothers one.
This isn't the season of the year
when one misses a joy ride in an
auto very much.
. They used to call them arctics
but-the girls found that, harder to
spell than galoshes.
I'r'wbrksjn a circle.. Fat makes
you lazy and laziness keeps you
from getti_g rid of the fat.
Wanted, to trade���Book of
cocktail recipes and a snow shovel
for a new seed catalogue, or what
have you..            _
Pullman rates are high but if
the uppers were higher there
wouldn't be so many bumped
heads iu the lowers.
'" "The International..; 'Council of
Women recommends.a,return to a
simpler mode of life.      "There's
'nothing like example, ���
The evening is the hour when crafty Satan preaches
most eloquently. It is also the hour when he can gather
the largest and most attentive audience. In our great
cities Satan's churches are crowded every evening. But,
fortunately, the evening hour is also the hour in which
the good angel can gather the largest audience and he
who would baffle Satan's influence must preach in the
evening. The evening is" the hour when the . protesting
power of home is greatest; it is the hour when its protection is -most needed.
If men would remember that women can't always be
smiling, who have to cook the dinner, answer the bell
half a dozen times, get rid of a neighbor who has dropped
in, tend to a sick baby, tie up a cut finger of a two-year-
old, gather up the playthings of a four-year-old, tie up
the head of a six-year-old on skates, and get an eig'ht-
year-okl ready for school, to say nothing of sweeping,
cleaning, etc.. A woman with all these to contend with
may claim it a privilege to look and feel a little tired
sometimes, and a word of sympathy would not be too much
to expect from the man, who, during the honeymoon,
wouldn't let her carry as much as a sunshade.
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
Culameen Betel
One of the largest- hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
tiue rooms and tasty meals.
In the Sirailkameeii Land District, Recording'
Office of Fairview. and situate adjoiniug
Lot 1453s.
TAKE NOTICE that Paul DuMout, of
Bridesville, iu said district, Randier, intends
to applv for permission-to purchase the fnltow-
described lands containing- 40 acres, more, or
less: Commencing'at a post planted on the
West boundary of Said Lot 1453s and about 11
chains North "from lhe South-West corner of
said Lot; thence Easterly about 10.5 chains;
thence Northerly about 20 chains; thence
North-Westerly about 20chains; thence North
about-chains; thence -West about 1.5 chains:
thence South to place of commencement 28
cbaius more or less; and also a small portion
of. land commencing- at the Soulli-Wesc corner
of said Lot 1453s, thence Sonth-Kasterly about-
1.1 chains; thence West about .5 chain; thence
North 1 chain more or less to point of commencement.  .
Dated at Bridesville, B.C., March 17th. 1921,
The Consolidated Mining ��& Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver.' Copper and Lead Ore*
Producers    of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestohe,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
There is as much truth and poetry in the lines:
"Laugh and the world laughs with you;
Weep,.and!you weep atone.?',; ������:'
And perhaps it is well. There is inevitable sadness
enough in each lot without adopting that of others.
Sympathy for real troubles should always be- given, along
with what help is possible. But there are many persons
who, especially in their own families, talk too much of
their own ills and troubles, although they are always smiling and genial among strangers, and ever ready with a
pleasant "thank you," for every service- rendered. If
they, can rise above their despondencies in the presence of
strangers, with a persistent effort they can stay above
them at home.till they may in the end forget a part of
them, at least in finding how much better they are liked
by those around them. If you would pass/, successfully
through life, wear a bright face and a pleasing manner
even though they may sometimes mask a heavy heart.
- When somebody is. able to explain what all. the railways adjust-
".'menfe means'"'then "shippers."may
begin to. find but where theyare at.
It is .announced ."that two-thirds
of all the motor cars sold in the
TJ., S; in 1920 were bought by
farmers;    Back to the land...  ...
NOTICE is- hereby given 'that the
undersigned is, from this dale,"the sole
proprietor-of the above. Hotel, and. will
only be responsible for' debts contracted
by .me. ".       ��� -     -- .    '    , - '.'.'���
. All'  outstanding'   accounts   due ' Carl
Bjorkman are.to be paid to me.
"Rock-Creek, B.C., March7.19U1, 1921V
"     '     -.  ALICE MAY-BJORKMAN.'
: These are the days when legislators the country :over. rare' being
urged to act as watch, dogs'of the
treasury; bat only. the confirmed
optimists dare to ..look'-'for'a reduc-
' tion in tax rates;     ������'' y :. -       . '��� ���
While We" Have Them
' There's no one like a mother, lad, ��� '. -   '.
���   To comfort all our,pain;
-. There's, rio one like "a father, lad,' -.
/ -T.01nake.one smile again;,,,-;
.' So. while we have our mother, boy,-'    ���' -
Let's driveaway her fear;.,'
And while, we -haw our father, boy,    -
'" Let's SI) Sis heart witli'.cheer...
!-.;There's" no,pne.;like a mother, lad; .
���-"To keep.us'pure within;'. /.
There's no one'like.a'father, lad,-
'.'   To .warn away from sin: '   '- ���
So while 'we have pur mother, boy,
Oh, let us not rebel; . . ' "..
.-And while.we have our father," boy,
-Let's heed hiswarhings well.
���The time is'surely, .comingi lad,
'', Wheii mother will be gone;
The time"is surely corning,' lad;   .
V'Of father's passing'on";   .    .
So while we haye:our mother; boy,.
". Let's make her spirit blest;
-And while we have our father, boy,
Let'sbe-our^ery best'.
���Amos R. Wells
The Ledge has  always   room
or one more. ad. . ...
We   carry the -larges.  and  most
complete stock, in .B.C.   Cash discounts   on all'  Incubators. - AVire,
Fencingand Netting.for poultry,
'farm  and berries.-
" Writ, for" Catalogue.
' 844 Gamble St.   ". Vancouver, B.C,
}g    Auto Stage.twice .daily to-Midway  meeting SpokanP) Grand
*..:. _."'. Forks and Nelson,train,Vleaying Greenwood at 8 a.m.'-.   -
p    For. Oroville, Webatchee and. Princeton leaves Greenwood; 3 p.m. -
jjf-. Fare Si: 50 Each Way.    Hand3aggage;Free.    Tranks Carried.
p   Express and Heavy Drayine.:     :;��� -   ;    Auto's for litre Day or NteM.,
&X       -���'"".'-:. We. carry Tires, Oils, Greases. Hay and. Grain ;_.   "....' '������
l;Voffice;Phpne-l'3.'.'', :;V=;'v_""V:_;.Residence.Pho.ie.3L.
Should Bring Results
"Forfiale," read the advertisement in the local paper, "a cow
..that gives ten quarts of milk a,day
besides, two grindstones, a. lot of
fafrnto6l8..and a set of harne'sF." ;
The%ick Mkny
���". To jadge.-froin ; the amoiirit;' c.i
whiskey;,: released"-.for >_;(medicipai
purposes'.' Uncle Sam, is. the' jk fc
man V��� of,,'��� the - wdrldl���-Financial
America,;, V :'���.:'���. ';��� "-.;'..'������' V-- ..,'  -' \X
The.distance-may be only, a few" niiles.pt it -maybe hundreds,' -"
. but'it isas.next door if you" use your/long distance, telephone. .
. The province of,the whole coast, for that matter, is j'piir neighborhood, it's people your neighbors.'-_. Your telephone,!.nks to'thetii.
Special rates betweeii 7.p.;nti and 8 a. m.- '.L -"   :-
50 to $5,000
' *-
+ ���
��� *���""
��� ���  - ���1^0 better life investment available
..���No better security obtainable
...' /��� ���Cannot be seized or levied upon for any cause
- <���V/ill be replaced if-lost, stolen or destroyed    ���.
���'  aXX rr-r-Not affected by trade depression .
-- ."���;.���""���; .,-;������Free from Dominion Income Tas.';.-. -'.V-VU ;;.'���'���-=,:-; ''
-.";; i '.-,.'-".; ~-No medical examination required.: -.' ������..'.'.'"'; ��� / ". \-.' ��� '������..���'-
::.-'-Anyone over the age..of;5;years.r��ideat or domicikdin <&u___a V:
"-may, purchase. "-V;. ���' -',.'-.���'.'������''. '"-!���.....'- ���'.'- '-���'-. -...';.. .'^. -,-'.";-'��� ���'-'������..":-'���'..
. :''Any--tW6'p>erson3-'may purchase' jointly.'.."';, -', -'V"';- ,:V. -:'.':��� -.���'."-.
..Employers may purchase for their etn^byeea���^oolfaj^^ for '.-'���'
t,_:- *_-���t_���l congregations fair,their, ministers.;.'.'"."-"'::i.'-: 'X>~ '���'-   " '~?
' their. teachers-
-���    Apply to your postmaster: or .write, po��t��ee free,.to S.'T.' Butcdo," S��o��jr-:
,:; mtendent bf Annuities, Ottawa^for new booklet ��ad othsr tnformatjoa desired.'. '-
...;State sex .and aee isstbirthday. -.;'-"..-:'_'.-'/"��� o:; i. ,'���'./ r..-���'���-"- -���   ;. ; .   ���"-.-.-'
Nicely furnished rooms, by the]
day, week or month
F. Nilson   ;'���-.���     - Proprietor
. 616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BL0MBERG    -   -  Proprietor
All   the    latest   method's   in   high-class
'���'        Dentistry.
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
-   -"��� B.C.
S. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold', Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead fo.oo. Silver-Lead $2.00., Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers. Cadillac cars, Garage iu
FRONT ST..      NELSON.     BOX 865
C LOA.T is not a periodic-
, al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations allj
told, and is. filled with
sketches and stories of
western life.'- It tells how
a gambler cashed in -after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long* after VNoah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink, at Bear. Lake in-
early .days;" -how --justice
was dealt in Kaslo in .'93.
how. 'the.saloon-/man"- out-,
.prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the...roamings of. a;
western- editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt..
;It contains the early history
' of. Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it .are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of: articles too numerous
to;mention.-..-- Send for one
- before: it is too late.���'.=VThe.
price   is- '50.   cents,". post-
4*V ���".'"--" X'.yyr^'-'-^
4��;    GREENWOOD, B. O.".', ��|>
���'*���'' "."-;.'-V;V": '--;- ::^-4��
to :any part, of
world. -.=���; Address .all.
ters to.  ���'.      .' '"...'-;- '- -!
'V"V V Tf* *J*
Dealer in .Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, aod,Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For'Sale.' List your lands
with me,   Have.a buyer for. good"finch
Syncpsis of
CD'. "
land fctlmanilmenis
Mtnlmuni'prlee of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now. confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd wftlch Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not mors than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. . e
Pre-emptore rausl occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least E acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than S years, and has made pro-
portlonate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records' without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
MOO per annum and records same each
year. Failure to .make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be-obtained in
(ess than 6 years, and impioyements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained' on Crown
granted land. ��
Unsurveyec. areas, not exceeding 2o
acres, may be leased as liomesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by *x,Iatin_r roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. " f" >
^ -    ACT.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty'* Forces. The
time within whloh the heira or devisees
?f *i,?,eC6aB_1 P��"��-��mptor-n_ay apply
tor title under this Act la extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
rear **��_*th* conclusion of the present
, war. .This privilege is ,also made retroactive,
No fees relating to we-emptlons are
due or payable V soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 191s
Taxes are remitted for five years
Provision for return of moneys ac-
?ru.6^*. u* *nd baen Pald since. August
��, 1814, on account of payments, fee.
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
t_>,^n.��-E, *& loU held ky members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indireot, remitted from enlistment to March II, 1820. A
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete l
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not oialm whole of original parcel, Purchase price due and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately   over
ORAZ.NQ.    a '
Qmilng Aot. 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for graslng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
- Annual-grazing permits issued "based"
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
tor settlers, campers or travellers. ����'
to tea head. _ _ *
' +
nelson, BX/ +
The only up/to/date/Hotel in the-interior,
in every respect, -
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each! room.
Ffrst Class Cafe and Barber Shop   .
Rteam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day a.nd up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
^mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma
���~** _____        __ ^3
1 For Good 1
IamK*... I
B 3
����-. ��� ���   ����<���>
H ���Economy and Satisfaction |j
H combined with Promptness 3
B are the features which go to H
H make up the Service we give ||
B our customers.     Are  you |��
i~ one of them?.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       - '   -     Nelson
B Letterheads, Noteheads,       %
���� (Ruled or Plain)       "                                  _.                        31
B - Envelopes, Billheads, -._ is
ST (All Sizes)                                         _                           ZZ
B Statements, Business Cards, %
B Posters,' Dodgers, Etc., Etc. %
1 The Ledge       PHONE 29      %
B GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   ��i
���- '
Dealer in Second-hand Farniture
;...'and Clothes,' M.tals. Sacks,:-
:���:. yV :-Horses,"' Cattle, Etc..'.'?/"'"' -
y. Send a" Float to your friends at
ones. V You ; can .get- them at
Tti.evL.cdge' office -V VV V:V    -
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as^follows: Placer Gold, $75,722,603; Lode
Gold," 8100,272,431; Silveri8B0,432,304; Lead 843,821,106; Copper, 8153,680,965;
Other Metals.(Zinc, Iron, etc.), $16,818,4S7; Coal and Coke, $199,123,323;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, etc., S29,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals/etc,
$785,918; making its Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show aa
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894
Production for Year Ending December, 1919, $33,296,313
The Mining Laws ol this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
- '   Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. .
'       Absolute  Titles are   obtained   by developing such properties, the security
��� X   " pi which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
;   t -      Full information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
.-  gratis by addressing��� " '    -
VICTORIA, British Columbia.


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