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The Ledge Aug 28, 1919

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 --* V^    -*j       ** >   ���
yj,/ -*'
->  <
<���  - /  *-i*/i
' XfiXxyyXXS$��
'   '      >^"^ *??_��__
Vol.   XXVI.
J   y - .5 ,����
-. v.     --      .':    0*, -   .- -   -
-^^Come In And See Our
h'--' ' K-C. """" '?X l
Large And Well Assorted Stock Of
Carpets,   Furniture,   Pictures,
Crockery,   Etc.   Etc.
Many   kinds of Oil,  Tinware
and  Hardware
PHONE 28        X       GREENWOOD, B. C.
Before buying see ine about
Motor tractors and complete line
of Farm implements
MIDWAY      -      -     B.C.
No/ 7 V
F      x^
I Around Home
I   ; Stock Reducing Sale of Teas     1
& Dessia Golden Tips 80c. Uptons Choice Ceylon 80c ||
g Deki Julia 65c        ~ H
^ EMPRESS.   MALKIN'S   BEST,   NABOB  70c or 2lbs tfOf $1.35 ~��
2, r BRAIDS BEST at 65c       '   -" N 3
We Are Now Showing
Mens Fine Shoes
Mens Work Boots
Mens Tennis Shoes
Boys Serviceable School
Mens Fine Hats and Caps
W. Elson 0 Co
| Phone 46,     LEE & BRYAN      1
���fr .   Canada Food Board License No. 8-6251 ~3
Lacp Tungsten Lamps
.iST't�� .60...Watt L^^SOic each,       *   ^\
lOOTWatt Umps-SLiS e^:
r    ^1 ��L    1*6,- ,
60 Watts   -   ���   m   $125 each
100    ��     ,   .   .   2.00 ��
200   �����     / '*   *    3.50 ��
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
' Fool "Rbom^and 'PiWeitss^
t% y Barber Slioir^ - ",;
Ci>ars. Tobaccos, Soft Drinks.
Ice-Cream Parlor in Connection
Come in Often
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
- and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Autos sold and repaired.    Agent for
Chevrolet, Dodge and Studebaker cars;
also Republic and National trucks.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.   Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.-  Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool ball in connection.
W. D. RUSK, Proprietor.
TMTAKE your banker your financial
iya adviser. Let him help you to
shape your affairs so that he will be
warranted hi $ving you ample credit
to operate your farm evidently. Our
sim Is to assist you in every way
Greenwood Branch     L E. Brawders, Manager
Sprinkling of gardens - and
lawns is strictly forbidden; the
water supply of any person found
breaking this regulation will be
immediately cut off.
August 12th, 1919.
Clever Ruse
He had been married aboat a
year and had taken to spending bis
evenings down-town with the boys.
One night his conscience worried
him and he thought he would
phone his wife and get her to come
down and meet him and have dinner with him.   So he called her up.
���'Hello, kid," he began. "Say,
slip on some old clothes and run
down and meet me on the quiet.
We'll have a good dinner and then
we will get a machine and go out
and smear a little red paint around.
How about it?"
"I'll be delighted to join you,
Jack," was the reply. "But why
not come up feo the house and get
me?   There's nobody home!"
As the young husband's name is
Tom, he spends hia evenings at
home now.
And  hia  wife  wears a  queer
smile when he isn't looking at her.
j��� Cincinnati Inquirer.
Mrs. Summers has gone to reside in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. James Drum
spent Sunday iu the city.
At McElmou's. Waltham
Watches.    Boys Watches.
Bobby Morris returned from
overseas a few weeks ago.
A young team for sale. Apply
Hugh McKee, Greenwood."
Miss Cecilia Mclutosh has gone
to Victoria to attend school.
Oscar Lachmund was in town
last week upon important business.
A. M. Johnson, D, A. G. of
Victoria, spent a day in town last
Five families have recently
moved from Pboenix to Greenwood.
Not a single jay walker has
been hurt in Greenwood this
Beefsteak is 10 cents a pound,
and liver less than five cents in
Mrs. George Ingalls and
daughter Irene are ^siting in
C. T. Fenner has moved his
barber shop from Phoenix to
The schools will re-open next
Tuesday, much to the delight of
the children.
Apricots and peaches for preserving; Place your orders with
G. A. JRendell.
H. L. Steenberg of, Spokane is
visiting A. Sater and other
friends in town.
A modern line of cigars, cigarettes* pipes, etc., at the Windsor
Hotel Cigar Stand.
Charles H. Summers and Miss
Helen Waste, were married'in
Seattle this month.
m Sergt. S. R. Smith has arrived
in Canada, and will reach Grand
Forks in (a few days,
Ernie Miller and Al Traun-
weiser. caught two bass at Christina lake last Sunday.
Dancing every Wednesday evening at Christina I<afce Pavilion.
Refreshments served.        "
Several tourists from Spokane,
Oroville and Chicago, took a look
at our smelter last week.
J.- A. Nesbitt has shipped two
cars of furniture from- Phoenix,
to his store in Penticton.
-. A carload of female Douks
went west last week to pick
apples in the Okanagan.
S. P. Dixon is spending a few
weeks in Carmi bricking in a
boilerJor the Carmi mine.
Fresh killed beef and veal for
sale every Saturday, 20c upwards.
J. Meyer, Government street.
White canvas ladies oxfords,
white canvas girls slippers and
boys running shoes at Rendell's.
This month the- Proyidence
shipped 35~tons to Trail, making
a total of ] 97 tons since January.
Billy McMillan is always smiling and polite, eyen if he never
finds anything under the plates
Full, line of box and bulk chocolates. Absorb early while they
are fresh; Goodeve's Drug S tore.
. There is no danger whatever
of any riots in Greenwood, between the whites and the blacks.
Full line of school books,
scribblers, slates, pencils and
other school supplies at Goodeye's
Drug Store,
Two carloads of cast-iron junk,
is being shipped from the Boundary Falls smelter to the Nelson
Iron Works.
Mrs. Keady and daughter have
returned to Greenwood, from an
enjoyable visit to Salmo and
other towns.
It is reported that the illegal
sale of booze ss making' it lively
in Cranbrook, and rye is easy to
get for 50 cents a shot.
Mr. Smith is visiting !__,. Terhune. For 21 years he has been
conductor on a train between
Winnipeg and Brandon.
Frank Green of Kamloops,
roadmaster, was killed near
Ashcroft last week when a locomotive hit his power speeder.
When the occasion arises, The
Ledge is not averse to accepting
an order for job printing from
any point of the compass, except
At Nelson last Fridav, Dr.
VigneuK saved a child" from
drowning, but lost his life In doing so, owing to his inability to
C. H. Niles. manager of the
Bank of Commerce at Grand
Forks caught 44 bass ia nine
fishing trips to Christina lake.
Two of the fish weighed four
pounds each.
Joe Duhamel ran into a big
bear on Saturday a mile from
.town. The bear escaped. Just
now bears can only be shot in
Wm. Walker of Nelson, district
manager for P. Burns & Co., was
in town last week in reference to
leasing their shop in Greenwood
to J. P. Flood.
E. Weddell, police magistrate
of Kelowna was in town for five
minutes last week. The Ledge
fines him the drinks tor nol calling at its office.
Hugh McKee Jr., and his sister
Josephine, have gone to Victoria
j;��    complete    their    education.
Mrs. McKee will, keep house for
them in that city.
Boy-like, Horace Duhamel got
his right thumb badly smashed,
by permitting it to rest between
the cogs of a moving machine,
one day last week.
Greenwood went 'dry in an
aquatic sense for one day last
week. Somebody poured'"' a barrel of water into the reservoir
and again joy is unconfined in
the coming red metal metropolis.
Hank Leonard came back from
overseas on Sunday. He states
that he would not "trade Greenwood for all of England. Hank
blew back on the same ship that
returned General Currie to God's
We have just received another
carload of flour and feed from
the Oglivie Flour Mills Company,
Now on hand a full stock of
Royal Household Flour, wheat,
shorts,. Chick Food, etc. G, A.
Rendell.    ^
The old women in Spokane
have started a crusade .against
low-necked dresses, and short
bathing suits for females,
Women should rope themselves
to a tree and go in swimming
full dressed.
�� At the Forks "the Mounted
Police have 35 head of horses.
There does not seem to be much
work for a squad of. mounted
police in the Boundary, except to
vary the scenery with the color
of their uniforms.
The Vancouver Exhibition is
open, September 8 to 13. The
C. P. R. sells round trip tickets
from;Greenwood, Phoenix and
Grand'Forks for $21.55. ��� Tickets
oa sale Sept. .4 to 12 with a return limit to Sept.. 17. '
Harrison Keate, agent for
Elmer's Jazz Band, will be here
in a few days to arrange if possible for a band concert in Greenwood. The company usually
play under the auspices of fraternal and other societies.
* Sidney Clark died in Calgary
on August 18 from peritonitis,
aged 19 vears. Up to six weeks
ago he had been working with
his brother Harry on the ranch
near Midway. He had also
worked for W. Powers at the
Somebody could make a fortune
bottling the climate at Greenwood, an_d_ shipping it to_!ess-fav=
ored "localities. The climate in
Greenwood is the finest in the
world. It is almost impossible
to die here except from over-eating or ennui.
Murdoch McLeod lias been surveying on the pole line this summer and still speaks with a
Scotch accent. For the first time
iu 13 years he was in Greenwood
last week and hardly knew the
city. Although not running for
the legislature his right hand
was sore when he went back to
Rock Creek with Sam Mc Larsen,
A correspondent suggests that
the city fathers arrange for a
picnic upon Labor Day, at which
Peace and Thanksgiving conld
be celebrated, and an opportunity afforded the public to express
their gratitude to the men from
these parts, who upheld the flag
across the sea. The idea is a
good one. Push it along without
IWestern Float!   ,-Min^^
V M Tt in   ��l,nnl. i! ILL       .
Blasted the Bear
Bears at Five Mile camp on the
Salmon River road were frequent
visitors until last Monday. After
fishing the creek they would scavenge their dessert at the camp
garbage can. A half dozen paid
daily visits to the camp aud the
smaller fellows aie from the hands
of the cook. A 500-pound red
bear arrived a few days ago and
proceeded to take possession of the
camp. He reared and snapped as
he went about with a side of bacon
in one hand and a* freah loaf of
bread in the other, and refused to
vacate the trail. Kine sticks of 60
per cent, in the garbage can, -frith
a battery connec&on, caused Ms
demise on Monday.���Portland
Canal STews.
.The  Prince  of  Wales  smokes
Farmers should swat the tent
The Ledge needs more ads and
job printing.
Kamloops has 782 telephones,
and Neison 793.
Oiling the streets in Kamloops
has proved a success.
Buy your wood and coal before
*ue snow goes over the top.
Once more it is against the law
to run a jitney in Vancouver.
.9^ man at Li��ooet has a field
of 800 acres planted in potatoes.
'a^u "NJ^Peg druggists Bell
Scotch whiskey for $2.50 a quart.
The pulp and paper plant at
Ucean Falls cost over 512,000,000.
There are five telephones at
Qualicum, and 31,617 in Vancouver.
m Halibut fishing in Hecate Strait
is better than it has been for five
C. J. Bunbury has been chief of
police at Cumberland since laBt
Bread must be 12 honas old before it can be sold in North Van-
In tbe Okanagan the canneries
pay from $16 to $20 an acre for
The P. G. E. will likely build a
line from Clinton to Ashcroft, a
distance of 35 miles.
Nearly all the Nova Scotians in
B. C. have qnit using red ban-
dana handkerchiefs.
Jack Johnson former heavyweight pugilistic champion, will be
deported from Mexico.
The, Fernie Ledger is being
moved to Calgary. It will miss
the B. C. tax sale ads.
There are 15 varieties of mosquitoes in the Fraser valley. All
of them can sing and bite.
After being four years in France,
Captain James McKinnon is again
mining recorder at Dawson.
Nelson is said to be very fiealthy,
although-the, doctors   are   busy
writing.prescriptions for booze! "-'  j
. Of the first two million drafted'
men in the American army, 200,-
000 could not read their orders.
This summer a hen in Wisconsin
laid nine eggs in 45 minutes, and
the next day seven in half an hour.
In tne United States there is one
auto to every 18 people. Half of
them cannot afford to have a car.
Pitt Meadows has a heavy crop
of wild hay. Some of it has been
sold as high as $30 a ton in the
In Victoria a woman phoned for
a policeman, to arrest a swarm of
wasps, because they stung her
In Vancouver you can spill the
restaurant sonp_ _oa  your���"shirt
bosom, and  it  will   not leave a
grease spot.
Who is that young man in Nelson, who bought a two-seated baby
carriage, just four weeks after he
was married?
Ife is no longer necessary to
sleep in a potato patch at Ashcroft.
The Ashcroft Hotel has built on
15 more rooms.
In Dallas, Texas, every man
who fought in France can have
one drunk, without being fined in
the police court.
In Japan many shipyards have
closed owing to the decrease in
prices for new tonnage. At Osaka
30 yards have closed.
At Golden, Jung Look has
oonght the Surprise restaurant
from Chin Sun You. Neither of
them were born In Ireland.
There are 300,000 tons of figh
waeted in Canada every year.
Worked Into oi! and other products it would produce $10,000.-
000. ^ '
Boo English has sold his farm
between Ashcroft and Spence's
Bridge to Marston Bros, for $20,-
000. It will be used for stock
It is reported that tbe C.P.E.
will build a new hotel and depot at
Bevelstoke. The more and better
hotels that the big road builds in
B. C. the greater will become the
Mrs. Ellen Sumption died at
Centralia, "Wash, this month teed
85 years. For 25 years she was
the champion woman swimmer of
England, and taught many members of the Boyal family how to
E. Hearle, government mosquito inspector recently UBed an
aeroplane feo locate She haunts of
mosqniks at Somas lake.   He was
Ife is about time that claim hogs^
were smoked oufe. ���   " T
Several claims at Alice Arm are ���
shipping high grade Bilver ore.
Some platinum has been found.
at Poplar Creek and Gold Hill.  > '
���  f
About 150 men are working at
Copper Mountain for the three C's.
Silver King Mike of Nelson has'
made a strike on the Echo, in the
W. H. Aldridge recently bonded
the Wolsley claims, 20 miles east
of Revelstoke.
The Slocan mines that are selling
stock receive fehe most publicity in
Spokane papers.
In the Car(iboo this summer
many claims were staked on the
upper reaches of fehe Horsefly.
Peafe fael is more bulky than
coal. It has a low ash content,
and produces no soot or clinkers.
J. A. Kennedy has struck some
rich placer above the falls on the
Similkameen river near Oroville.
. Lasfe year fehe mine at Coalmont
produced 5,744 tons of coal. At
Princeton 38,673 tons of coal were
At the Spokane* group, in the
Bayonne district an arrastra is being built to concentrate the ore.
Ife will be run by water power.
In 1918 B. C* produced 61,483,-
754 pounds of copper. . This is 55-
per cent. vof  the  entire metallic'
output for that year in this  province.
-   "'75%
,  r��,H
: v '-# j^
- ~X/&
��� -\V.\
t   -      jj
Y ;
-.   ����� ���
** ��� <-<$
��� \ iXi
-Vi - ���
"      x
,��� i- Y
- fr\v
���.    iriV_
X   ���     ?s
���   -i^'X-.
* ���  , �����
-   xy^i
- X .��� :^X\
-    Xx'X'i-'^
i-'.^x^' -'
,   At present the Surf Inlet is the
largest producers of gold iu B. C. ���
At depth the gold value iB being*'
maintained,  and the copper con-
tent'is increasing.
A Dancan company is working "
the manganese mine naar Cowichan <
Lake.    The ' compariy   8&pa* tcT^^^ff
Tacoma, but has also"had enquirtes
from Trail and Welland.
There is a very small supply of
high-grade ore in Canada, and 96
per cenfe. of. the iron smelted in
the Dominion is imported, from
Newfoundland  and  other places.
. Some mining men are reported
to say, every now and again, that
Poplar Creek will yet become a
great camp. Talking never makes'
ore walk. It takes material force
intelligently administered.
On the Esctall river there is a
mountain of ore that is being prospected by fehe Granby.    Ife shows
40_netcent.^ sulphur,-42- per cent.-
iron, and has enough of copper to '
pajLall'the expenses of mining. '
A recent shipment to Trail from '
the Molly Hughes at New Denver ���
gave returns of $21 in gold and
280 ounces in silver to the ton.
This is probably the richest gold
ore ever shipped out of the Slocan.
It is a rare thing feo hear of gold in
the Slocan.
The Lenora on Mount Sicker
was recently bonded to G. B. D.
Turner, who is sinking a shaft on
the property. The Lenora belongs
to the estate of the late Henry
Croft. The Tyee and Lenora combined have already producen $3,-
500,000 in gold and copper. So
far the Mount Sicker mines are the
only mefeal mines that bave been a
success on Vancouver Island.
There are extensive deposits of
mercury awaiting development in
��� ?" -JhB PriaciPaJ deposits are
in the Kamloops district, although
it has been found near Hope,
Field, and Barclay Sound. California produces 70 per cent, of the
production in the United States.
The Almaden mines in Spain are
thelargesS mercury mines in the""
world. From a Cinribar ore
averaging 11 per cenfe. they produce mercury at a cost of $16 a
flask. Canada uses 200,000 pounds
of mercury a year.
Y --'x^'Ml
��� / xyjM
1   rf��
xx m
��� ���"���!
��� X; j"
��� I* 'fl
i v-1
^ 1II. rt. ^ I
X >",-*l
'  *:k\
1     ' V.
^ ir"1-
Many years ago during the boom
at Fairview the Sfremwinder put in
a70-stamp mill at great expense.
Ihis mill only ran a short time
when for some reason, She bloom
Mi of the boom, and Fairview
became a ghost city of the wen.
For 20 yeare the machinery in thi*
mill rested in silenca This month
it was scrapped into 500 foas of
junk and sold for $19 a fem to a
dealer in  Spokane.
\^^r��top*ivpwi��rjtoftorti.jor aitJSTZ'SS *^$mzsm&
THE     LEDGE.     GBEENWOOI).     B.     C.
There is more energy
in a. pound of good
bread ma.dc ia the
home with Royal Yeast
Cakes than in a. pound
of meat. Bread making
is a. simple operation
and requires no previous experience. Full
instructions in Royal
Yeast Bake Book,
mailed free on request.
J the purl of all to assure to tlie boys
ai"id     girls   of   Canada���the     hope   of j
I Canada���tlu: best  possible    education!
regardless  of their  present  condition!
and  place in   life.    The  governments'
of our three   prairie   provinces aie all  Through    the  New Blood Dr.    Wil-
,.. .���  ;      . ,,       ,      i     i    r     i.  ' hams'  Pink Pills  Actually
striving io raise the standard ot cdu- ,,_. _
i i ��� ��� ,    n-       ' Make
cation, and are maknm special eftoris:       .                                        , ���,.���.,-
��vo   mother   should   allow nervous
(weakness     to get  the  upper hand of
icr.    If shc does, worry will mar her
are making special efforts
lehalf of tlie children of our non-
English speaking settlers.    But  while
1. The    institution    of   the    Lord*3
Supper  (Matt. 26:26;  1  Cor. 11: 23).
1. Time: It was on the night of the
men     everywhere     throughout
broad    land should lend    their
, would  benefit  her jaded  system,  and   ul��'es  made ready  thc  Passover, and
lls'i-cst  might  improve  her blood  so as   while  thcy    were eating, Jesus    took
feel   that  thcy  are     members  of thc
great Canadian family
Peace Day In Canada
the  vine.
11. The   significance  of   the  Lord's
Supper (Malt. 26: 26-28; I. Co. 11:24-
dav  of
Concluding an  address before     the
Canadian Club at Vancouver at a luncheon    given in    his honor,     Lt.-Col. j j,.|S  been
Turney,    Dominion  President    of thc j ;i,u[ ;ts :l\y.,.
Hi cal  War Veteians of Canada, said: j C":iii:icli-in
"Che-seas     weu.ed  frequently    t�� J with the Urra
heai   llui  song  'Thcic's  a long,  long I (i;iv j��� t|u.;
trail   awinding   into   the   land   of   niy
dreams.'    The' G.W.V.A. are
incd that ihis Dominion of ours shall
be.  the  laud  of  our dreams,   the  land
we  havc  hoped  for,  the  land  wc
prepared  to  live and strive  for.
i,   increased energy,   ncw ainbi
| lion  and     steady  nerve.     There is a
aud that, while  lesson for other women in the case of
thev havc rights and privileges to cn-,-Mrs-  Harry  P.  Snider,  Wilton,  Ont.,
,jov and which will bc respected, they'.*1!? s:l-vs:  7'vc  -vca,,s. a����  l"*  Uv'"
', ,       ,    . - , babies wcic horn, and 1 was lett very
have also duties to pcrlorm  and  res- J we:lk amj vcly mis<.,-abU\-hardly fit to
possibilities     to discharge     to     thcir j do    anything.    The doctor    gave me
adopted country and fellow citizen.      J medicine,  but   it  did   not     help     me.
v- i.,���      i'i.,     ,o   i,   .     i.���   .  ,..,  Then 1  ti icd another doctor, but with   .   t    . , . . .       ,
Situid.iy.    July    19, has    !'��'" ^  no b(lll.r rcsnus.      One day I    u.clU j "ito brain and brawn, becoming an in
1. home to my mother, telling her howjtcgral part of our body, so by
general   empire   rejoicing   for j miserable I fell, and lhat thc doctor's
thc victorious peace which under God j medicine ''��<l not done mc any good.
.    .,  i.���..i-   i     .      ,i        ...  :.J Mother asked   mc   why   1   did  not  trvi
\oiHlisalcd     to  the  empire  ^       -��� -
Agricultural Schools
In  Alberta
Provincial Government to Keep
Abreast of Requirements
The "erection of three new agricultural schools in Alberta is to begin
at once. The new schools are all located at points in the southern part
of the province. One will be at Raymond, southwest of Lethbridge, another at Gleichen,-about 60 miles east
of Calgary, on the C.P.R. line, and
another at Youngstown, on the C.N.
R. line east of Calgary. Tenders have
been awarded for this work, and.it is
hoped to have the schools ready for
opening  this  fall.
When these three schools are completed, Alberta will have six up-to-
date aud practical agricultural schools.
At these schools a practical course is
given to fanners' sons and daughters
in the work necessary to the farm,
field husbandry, animal husbandry,
b'lacksmithing, care   and operation of
I apart by  Ili.s  Majesty  the   King as
> �� i in. ii no    i mu  l un, .iiui .is i w.is
���s in the gieat war. J-very R|.ld  l0  ,,.y nnyl|,jn!,  t]lal nij,.|u ]lc|p
citizen  should join   heartily j me,   I   got   throe  boxes  when   I   went
i l)i. Williams' Pink Pifls.'an'd'as T was !of "���" aiuJ wc :irc ��"  '��"'���    II is bolh
x memorial and a prophecy.
1. A   memorial  of thc  Lord   (Luke
:19).    When hc went away  hc left
mc,  and   1  gol    three  more  r!ic LlI'c;ul :iml lho C��P for the disciples
But   I did not need them all,' by   which   to  remember liim.    Those
time  the fifth    box .\\;as J w|10 ]ovc him'will desire lo
~"X I gasolene engines, home nursing, cook-
Jesus  took natural  and  literal  cle-> ctc>> bcjnff amonff    the subjects,
meius and made them to bc symbols u is the intcnlion of the government
of his own body and blood. Just as. l0 erect more of these schools
our bread  and  drink  arc  assimilated, throughout the province   as soon   as
the necessities of any district warrant
means | tllcnK
of  these symbols   thc     communicant!
partakes of Christ. He becomes a part
1  War Veterans on that I back home.      By the time these wcrc; ot.
....     ,  .        ���      ���      .   'used   there   was  no  doubt   they   were I
i patriotic determination to  ,   <   ��� J
, .    helpin
.make.     Canada     the     land     ol     their; boxes,
detenu-, dreams, and should consecrate thcm-'for    by the
'   "   selves  to  the  task    unmindful  of thc! UhcJ.  I  wa> entirely cured, and uevei   crec,  ,his ,1K.,ll0I.;al
'������/���,���,  i ,,     i      i ��� i ��� i 'fell  betier in   mv  life.    Now   when   It
i sacrifices and llic liard service    which  , ..   -.
keep sa-
We  .,
may be involved.    Peace Day in Can-
... ,-ida should be a day not alone, of re-!
realize that it is no casv road wc have i .,,.....,,.,,���,���   ,   , ...     . . '
to travel that will bring lis to our
goal. Through iron sacrifice of body,
will and soul alone can wc reach it���
there is bul one road."
These noble and inspiring words
arc just what was lo be expected from
thc leader of that brave aud gallant
body of men who fought for and saved Canada when everything that our
people hold dear was threatened and
in danger of being lost to us. Thousands of their comrades gave their
lives for thc great dream of a finer,
better Canada in the future; other
thousands will go through life maimed
and carrying wounds; aud all made
sacrifices and suffered to a degree
that no one except those who went
through thc awful inferno of thc war
can understand. These men are determined lhal their losses, sufferings
and sacrifices shall not havc been
made in vain.
Canada's returned soldiers arc the
nation's greatest asset, and for inany
ycars lo come their influence will bc
one of the determining sactors in
shaping national policy and establishing our national ideals, lt is well that
those ideals should be high and altogether   worthy.
But what of tlio^c other thousands
of Canadians who did not experience
the comradeship of the trenches, nor
place their bodies in the path ot a
ruthless and arrogant foe? They,
too, must bc animated by the same
grim determination to make Canada
thc land of their brightest, fondest
dreams���a    land of hope    and glory.
construction, but of
How You Can Tell
icar people talk about feeling weak or'    '-��� To    show the Lord's    sacrificial
miserable    I  always    recommend Dr. \ death (I. Cor. 11:26).    He did not die
I Williams'   Pink     Pills, and  tell  what_as.., ilcr0 or as ;m ex;i,nple Gf unsel-
, lliey did for mc, and. iu similar cases  f ,   dcvoli       b     ;(S ., slll,stilulionarv
1 shall continue lo recommend thcm.   , ,
Ai  lhe  first  sign   that  lhe  blood  is   random.    On ihe cross hc made expi-
out of oriler, lake Dr.  Williams'  Pink  ation for our sins.
ftpniiino   A��nirin I ^Wi"  :nitl  ,loU'   ll,c  Mu,��{l-V  improve-j    j.  jt js a guaranty that our sins arc
genuine  AS>pinnlmcnl     Uiov   make     m   the     appetite,', ��� ,   *       . ,-.      ....        ,.     .
i health ami"spirit..  Vou can get these  '��'����"��" <��*<��"��� ^o).    When the be-
pills through any medicine dealer, or  lu'ver partakes of; these elements his
ibv mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes   faith is
| for $2.50  from    The     Dr.    Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Only Tablets   Marked' With   "Bayer
Cross" Are Aspirin
Crossing Alarms Needed
Winnipeg.���Finding that Rose Ke-
roach.and Lorenzo Greco came to
their death owing lo the automobile
in whicli they were travelling coming
in contact with the Canadian Pacific railway train No. 114 from Winnipeg Beach, on the night of July 4,
'the jury brought in a recommendation that the railway company be requested to put into effect immediately a bell signal system lhat will ring
at each intersection two or V three
minutes- before the approach of a
train, or, as an alternative, automatic gate  arms that will shut off  the
! street during  the passage of trains.
If You Don't See the "Bayer Cross"
on the Tablets, Refuse Them���
Thcy Are Not Aspirin
Buried Hatchet
confiimcd.    "It is a signet of! '������
;lhe  Son  of God attached  to  redemp-'  ��� ll *s a��1""l hard for a genius to keep
I lion." jhis name on thc pay roll.
|     4. Through   thcm  the  believer     rc-1       .	
!cei\ed    Christ  (I.  Coi.   10:16).      Hei    Asthma Is Torture
At English Camp' ll",,'l*,.,-v Participates in  lhc b
  .        [blood of Christ, becoming a member
'Wedding"  of the Stars  and  Stripes 'of llis 1,ocl-v-    Cllrist Iiv(;Ul '�� llic be"
        No one who
odv and''Iasllt BasPC(l f��r breath iu thc power
J  '      j of asthma knows what such suffering
'"""' '""  ' Thousands do     know,  however,
experience  how  immeasurable
lievcr  (Gal.   ::26).     The  Holy  Spirit.|s the relief provided by lhat marvel-
;���   cominunicate.s the life of Christ to be-'1?11.8: Preparation, Dr. J. D. Kcllogg's
and the Union Jack
Hellingham,     Wash.-Wrapped     ... -������������ - ���-1 Asthma "Remedy.     FoV vears"Vt"hks
llritisli   and   American   colors,  a   hat-  levers, making ihem one body, joined   bci.n  rdicvins aiul  curing thc     most
chel was buried uilh ceremony by 400  together  (Eph. 4:16).    This  union  is'severe cases.    If you are a sufferer do
Masons   from   Victoria,   B.C.,   h'iidav  illustrated by thc figure of the human !��ol delay a day in securing this remedy from your druggist.
There    is onlv    one Aspirin,    that
yI^CMit^Ul^^BayC^^,'0���f'^all^-^arbor.  and   Hellingham,   at   English  organism  (I. Cor. 12:12-27);  the vine
other tablets arc only acid imitations. i i      i   ,i r  and branches  Holm 15-1-8V th..  In,s
Look for the "Bavcr Cross"!   Then . C;imP. *>*" J"����   is,:uul- lhc sccnc of .      ]..  V,        c    -   V
il  is  real Aspirin,-for  which  there is ' complications which  threatened     war  hand and wile (hph. 5:2.\ 26); wc arc
'     ' 'between Great Britain and the United  ����e '""ead and one body  ([.  Cor.  10-
Statcs in  1859.    As the hatchet     was   I7)-
placed  in  the ground a  staff bearing      $��� A   forward  look  to  a  completed
on   its   apex  a   white  dove,   typifying   redemption   (I.  Cor.   10-26).      "When
no substitute.
Aspirin is not German, but is uiadc
in Canada by Canadians, and is owned by a Canadian  Company.
Genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
have been proved safe by millions for
Pain, Headache, Neuralgia, 'Colds,
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis.
I Tandy tin boxes of 12 tablets���also
larger "Bayer" packages���can bc had
at auy drug store.
Aspirin is the trade mark, registered in Canada, of Bajer Manufacture
of M'onoacelicacideste! of Salicylic-
peace, was raised over it.
faith  is  exercised in^Chrisl,  redemp-
��� Some   poets   are  always   a-
Must Pay Taxes
Ex-Kaiser Forced to Pay Tax on His
Income  in  Holland
Amcrongen.���The   former   German
where all men arc free and equal and j emperor for tlic lirst  time in  his life
A feature  of the  program  was  thclio"   begins,  and   its   completion   will
"wedding"  of  the   Stars  and   Stripes' ukc    Phl�� at the   -coming "- or leans !
i   .i      i-  ���        ii .i      n     ,.   n-   Christ  ([   "I'liess  4-16   17>    The hrr-ir!   "l,l not necessarily funuv.
and  the   Lnion  Jack  on   the   llagstatl   *-""=>�� \l-   im-w. t.tu, i/;.    tue oitnct,
of the old F.nglisir blockhouse to thc [ and   thc  cup  ronStilutc  the   keepsake]
accompaniment     of     "America,"   "0,iof thc  Lorcl ""l'l Iu' returns.    Thfsc
Canada," the "Star Spangled Banner,"*, elements possess an immense psycho-
and "The Maple Leaf For Kvcr," by a  logical value both as a memorial and
band and the assemblage.
a prospect.
HI. Qualifications for Participation
in  thc Lord's  Supper  (1.  Cor.   11:27-
Western Canada's
Crop Area For 191��
The Dominion Bureau of Statistics
issued    on June  16th    a  preliminary
estimate  of  the  area- sown  to   grain
and hay crops in Canada this spring.
According to this estimate the area
sown   to  wheat  in   the-three  prairie
provinces  totals  15,450,700 acres,    as
compared with 16,125,451    acres    last
ycar; to oats, 9,614,000 acres, as compared "with 9,354,941 acres;  to barley,
2,162,000   acres,   as    compared    with
12,272,334 acres,    and to rye,    436,000
[acres, against 411,846 acres. By provinces,    the'areas    are: Wheat���Manitoba  2,913,100-acres;     Saskatchewan,
8,879,000    acres;    'Alberta,- - 3,658,0001
acres.    Oals ��� Manitoba,    1,715,000
acres; Saskatchewan, 5,088,000 acres;
Alberta,   2,811,000   acres. .   Barley ���
Manitoba, 1,082,000 acres;  Saskatchewan, 643,000 acres;    Alberta, 437,000
acres.     Rye-���Manitoba, 249,000 acres;
Ihey    say a soie    corn interfered   Saskatchewan, 137,000 acres; Alberta,
wiin   Ins  speed.     Always  apply   Put- j ;fl ftrtn 	
We wonder if   lhc   Loid   loves   aj
i cheerful giver as  much as the cheer-:
ful giver loves himself.
Patience is the right bower for tuc-
Woo&'a Fhosptoiint.
Th* Qrcat Engltth Remedy.
Tones and'inrigoratei tba whom
nervous system, vailctn new Blood
in - old Vein��, CV.vs JVirn'ow*
Debility. Menial and'Brain Wwy, JUesnon.
dency. Lost of Kaerov, Palpitation of th*
Heart, failing Memory. Prica SI per box, six
forfS. One will ple��ac, six will cure. -Sold by all
drugginta or malted in plain plcg. on recript of
Rrice. J\,'nppampMetniailtd free. THE WOOD
IEDICINECO.,T0a0NT0.0HT. (FuwiHHnitofJ
A proper    apprehension
.nam's Corn Lxtractor. For fitly years
, it  has been  curing  corns  and  warts.
"Putnam's"     never    fails.       Use     no
I other, 25c  at   all  dcaleis.
Thc moralist no more thinks of put
ting all his ideas    into    practice than   ���")���
thc shoemaker docs of wearing all the!     L
shocs he makes. u       _ '"caning (v. 27).   Hating and drinking   May Enlarge Force
ot     Us
where  peace  and  prosperity  reign.
has paid    taxes,  the  municipality    of;
How can  Canada    bc elevated    to j Amcrongen having    levied thc ordin-i
such    a  proud   and  happy    position?
Only by the loyal service and palrio
tic self-sacrifice of thc Canadian peo
| 'unworthily" docs not refer to the de
A   wise man never wastes  his  lime   merit of the communicant, but to thc!
-be  wastes thc other fellow's. ' failure of thc communicant  lo  grasp
Of Mounted Police
ary taxation     after     examining     and
estimating   his   fortune.
For the iirst three,  mouths of this
pie.    Nature has endowed our Doin-jycar the sum levied amounts lo 12 000
inion  with   riches almost  beyond  the! guilder.       (A  guilder     normally am-
This sum,
for local   ta\-a-
dreams of avarice. Few countries in | omits to about 40 cents.)
the world have, been so richly bless- j however was increl
ed, and it only remains for the Canadian people to wisely administer and
develop the wonderful resources r.��-
ture has provided to make this Do-
minioii-a -peer among the nations. -
To make our dreams come true
there must bc, first of all, a greater
ttnity in thought and purpose among
thc people of Canada than has heretofore existed. There must bc less of
race discord and religious bigotry.
We mu��t learn and .appreciate the
fact that all men are brothers, and
that whatever may have been our antecedents, our mother tongue or fatherland, here in  Canada  we arc Cana-
 j 'ts meaning- and importance.    There-
Light is a symbol of truth, unless it _ fore,  lo  thoughtlessly engage in  this
in a-'womait.s eves.
tion   a�� ;<���.��mn ���..     -n i   i   ��� 11 Hun Call Treaty
tion.    An   income   tax   will   be   levied I
separately by rhe. government. | *'Scrap Of Paper"
Thc  former emperor was     relieved1 	
service is to do il "unworthily." Only
| a regenerated person can discern thc
"Black Watch"���The Best Black - Lord\. bo,iy (v. *,, cf. 2:-14). Faith
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market'. iu thc integrity of Christ's person and
" '" work is essential.    Anyone v. ho doc-s
nol  believe  in   the  absolute   deity  of
Bringing Him to the Point
Mary: George: T  have heard    you
spoken  of frequently as a successful
business man.
Ge-rge: I am that. Why?
M��v/: Well, considering the' fact
that you have been visiting- me for
three years, 1 think you should maintain your reputation, and talk business.
Christ and'his vicarious atonement is
an unworthy communicant.
Extensive   Barrack   Buildings   Being
Erected at Headquarters at
Hegina, Sask.���Extensive new buildings are .to be erected on Hie" R.X.W.
M.P. square at headquarters of the famous    force    here.      \\'h>lo Commis-,
sioner Perrv announced thai 'he buil-i''
dings uoulU go up in the near fuli.rc!R:uitz:lu ,ooks. sort of ��rcel1  afou"d
and would entail a largc expenditure.!
"The German delegates are now digesting the peace treaty," says a dis-
No wonder Von Brockdorff-
looks sort of green z
the gills.���Washington Herald.
tb* fact* abont SHORTHORN CATTLE T
Tha breed for tha Zara��r��rranchar Wriia the Secretary to-dar (er FttEE PUBLICATIONS, and ����<���
your tiaau on oar tiet mailing lUt.
W.A.Drydaa.Prei. G.E.Day.Sae.     .
Brooklin, Ont. Giuljb, Ont
Spanking doesn 't cure bed-wetting
���the trouble is due to weakness
, of the internal organs. My successful home treatment will be found
helpful.' Send no money, but
write me today.. My treatment
is equally successful for adults,
troubled with urinary difficulties.
MRS. M. SUMMERS, in 42  Vintor.QiL
It' ia always safe to send a Dominion Ex-
preiij Money Order. Five dollars costi thre*
froiii payment for the first period of. Extortionate Pressure Renders Signa-'    2. Church  membership  (I.  Cor.  11:
his "sojourn, "a"s "tha"t���fc!Pwithin_ the !
previous   year.     All   foreigner-,     who
remain   three   months  in   the  country
arc  liable  for   the  payment  of  taxes,
thc same as natives of Holland.   '
Bolshevism Has Failed
ture "Worthless, "Says~the
dians, subjects of the world's greatest j
empire, joint heirs to one of natuie'sl
of    happiness j
May     Yet    Be    Great
The s-iicinc oi Bolsln.\ism does not
work. < The  nationalization  of all  in
dustries is a fiasco     The Communist
ideal lei'ds���as il led in ihc stale fac-
grcatest    storehouses
and wcakh. "        , [ to.nc''    of    r��olmi��mary    Trance���to
ti .   ���   i      i .* i     i ��� misery aud ruin.    At  hist  even  those:
i here   mu��t  bc  less ui  looking as- ��� .. lm."  uiosc
v             .   .��� n            ���.            ,               ,    'who lead realiyc their coiinlr\'s tin'-'
kance at lcllow    citizens because bv'   '""���, ft "r-L-
��� 'cm  peril.     Ihc  led���the  workers    on
whom_ experiments have been tried  '
I have  now   for  long- been   v.e.in,   of  itj
all.      Now tin.   appeal    eoes out  for
capital to  return  to  Russia    ;,���,[ t|!(.
thc acc.'dent of'birth they first saw
the lit_;h_ in some far-off portion of the
world, or because by that same acci
dent they wcrc bronchi up to worship
God through different forms. -There
must bc less of suspicion and more (><
sympathy; less of antagonism and'
more of co-operation. -   ,  '
In the second place, there must hi
The L-.ord'ff bo"dy"is""the cliurcir
which     is  composed -  of .regenerated
Berlin.���Thc Berlin Vorwaerts, ma-,1UC11    a,u'    women,   united    lo   Jesus
jority Socialist  organ,    described  thc   Christ as  head and  to each  other as
peace treaty as "a scrap of paper."      j members of lhal  body by the     Holy
"Extortionate pressure renders Spirit,
signature of the peace treaty worth-' 3. Ordeily walk. Thc disorderly
'less," said the Vorwaerts. "Wc must should lie debarred from the Lord's
''never forget il is only a scrap of pa-: ta'Jlc- examples of which are thc fol-
per. Treaties based on violence run lowing: (1) Immoral conduct (!. Cor.
keep their validity only so'long as ���",;l-'3). It is peiilous to the individual
fonr exists Ho nol lose hope. The who is guilty of immoraliiv to ap-
rcsiirreciion day comes." ' proach the Lord's table (v.-30).    Sielc-
The I'nissian Krcnz Z(ium>;, in ucss and death are oftentimes \isited
an editorial headed "l-'inis. (u-rnuuiia,". upon such. This explains why sonic
declared t.hat "il is our duu not to :,rc "'J steriously taken away in death,
prima the Prussian spirit lo be cru<>li-, (-' Heres\ (Tilu.s 3:10; John 4:2, 3).
cd.'' j <^> Schismatics (Rom. 16:17).    '| |lflS0
hc stated that he was not ;n a position      ti i i    ��� i    . .
... the same old sins and sinners oc-
io_ givc-inanv  details.-���     --���I -��� -t,-   ���. =--f-,.r���. ;   =-=���
t^ :   .,,. , ., , ,' tupy thc stage of life, but they fur-
I lie new Inukhngs, he said,  would'   ��� , . ,.,.,    ,       ,        . .      ,
,       ,        - .'..,.,    , nish a multitude of variety shows.
be placed  on  the  south  s-..e  ol     the ���	
square.     OHicers'   quarters  and   large,
barracks  will bc  erected.      Thi.-  will
entail tearing down or removi'l of the
last    of    the    old    wooden buildings,
including the    historic    guard    room
1 fell from a building and received
what   the  doctor  called  a  very  bad
where Louis  Kiel expiated hia crimes | s��ainef. a"k1?; ?nd  'old me  �� R1USTt
.. .       ,,    .������,       ���., ,|not walk on it for three weeks.      I
on ;\ovember 16, ISS.i. J hc gnaidjgot MINARD'S LINIMENT,,and in
room w-sis thc lirst frame building'six days I was out to work again. I
creeled  on   the ground.-     The other; think it thebestLiniment made
Western Gills' Honors
'who    are  causing    division-
! church should be debarred.
The Bottom Of The Sea
toreigncr to come in and s.ive Kussia.'
It   may  not  be  too   late���so  long  as1
, Bolshevism ami  the ci.uy    creed arc
I overturned in time      Russia
' (Saskatchewan),
jlut,   D.Sr.    (AP ���
special     open
$500 according i
Riilh     Carr.     P.. A.
'   Miss'Uixic  [VI-
'���rc    awarded
' -     \ allied  at
may  yet
ithc  Society of 'I orunto   University.
Woitiis  in  children, if  they  be  not
attended  to,  cause convulsions,     and
; often death.    Mother Graves'    Worm
i Exterminator will protect liie children ���
iioiinccinc-nt of|fro���,   t])c-
dctcrmination and a united effort on
I be   great  and   prosperous.     But     the'
; clock has been put b;.ck and blood has.
flowed    like  water in learning    whatj
saner    people know    w cl! enough.  j
London Daily Express. j
In  nailing a lie it is a good plan  lo
clinch the liar.
A  silver lining  may
^e a  copper
sc   distressing  afflictions.
Stoves and Ranges
"ROYAL"        %*?)**��?***&��,'
Oae or aaoiisr of these models t��tD suit yoar
Countless    have    been    tbe    cures!"
j worked by Holloway's Com Cure.   It!
j has a power of its own not found in
i other preparations.
Sulphur-Laden Rain in Yukon
A sulphur-laden shower of rain, a
rare  phenomenon,   fell   over   Dawsoi'
��City, Yukon, and vicinity a few days
(ago.    A  thirty-minute downpour left
���pools ar.d sidewalks streaked  with a
J yellow substance, which chemists de-
I clare h sulphur, and which they think
eaSe aad fit roar jmrss   Cookine trmibks arc  ��� was carried  in  the up��:r atmosphere
Write us for fitatiaXsrs and van* o! start     fcu��rent=   ;rom   some  distant volcanic
ir^aarUc^iitj-ahaeaiUpUjKajU^tK.     -emption.    A similar precipitation   has
Til TSK. DaVidS�� Mff. CO. U^ted | been    reported at Eagle,    a iiundred
M��*f��l VnXKtPSG XssntajS i njilcs   north   of   Dav. ^on, and   also   b
Galiipoli Farewell Song
Spcukinjv    at     Newport,     Isle     of
Wight.'llriii.-ticn.  H. S.'Da\cy,  who
was in the l;ist ship lo leave Galiipoli
'at thc e\arualiou, said as soon as thc
j order to be silent  ceased thc  British
! , ���,.      , , ,  . T   bov s rcplv.
.troops' sang.    Good-bye.    Johnny,  I,     -   .,       :     .        ..
I must leave \ou, though it breaks mv - .       	
' ;, " -    " ' have in \\voniing.'
licart to go.
original buildings were made '�� Quebec in 1882, sent here in sections and
then put together by men of the
force al the rate of one each day.
While no official information could
be secured, il has been Mated lhal thc
force   will  !><���  inertusoii     to 3,000  alb}   ,
ranks. Commissioner Perry slated,' The bottom of the Pacific ocean���
lint new recruits were arriving rap-, approximately six miles below the
idly from many points,' ami total' surface���is an exceedingly wet spot,
strength   now   is   in   the   vicinity   of J but   the  "wettest  place  upon   earth,"
[in accordance with the usual meaning
 i Q{ jj^ icrni) ;s Cherra Punji, in As-
. Minard's Liniment   Cures   Garget in  sam, India.      Here the rainfall aver-
Cows-  ages 458 inches, a-deluge of 300 inches
���,        , , , i falling    during the summer    months.
1  understand    \o\\ come    from  ��'���,,.? ,   ,
X  -.,      ���,   ���     ,   ,   i J his is a summer average of three in-
great  game   country.-'     said   the  ladv    t A       L JJ.       .,��� .    ,
Would Purchase
-*--*- -British Dirigible
United   States Seeks Model   Airship
for Practice and General
- Training
. Uew York.���Purchase by the United. States of the R-34, the big British
trans-Atlamic dirigible, or its sister
ship, the R-33 as a working model for
dirigible *btiilding here was urged by
Henry Woodhouse, ��� chairman of the
dirigible balloon committee of the
Aero Club of America in a statement
issued here. Mr. Woodhouse added
the army and naval aeronautical ex-'
pcrts favored the plan.
' The 31-34 and R-33, he said, could
be used as a pattern in building larger
airships in the United States, and a*
a practice ship for training of person*
nel for rigid airship service.
ou lhe committee to welcome the
griz/ly warriors of the western plains.
"Indeed,  yes,  ma'am,"  was  thc  cow-
ches a day, but more than 30 inches
a day have been-recorded on fiv�� successive   days, approximately   150 in-
! ches falling in 120 hours.
game  you
"This was supposed to have been
a beaten army!" hc said. "Vou may
kill the British "soldier, but you can
never beat him. He has a spirit which
is indomitable."
Big Profits on War Insurance
"Poker, ma'am."
Wise the girl who can tell whether
a young man is in love or !s merely
breaking in a new pair-of shoes.
A superstitious man Is the one who
T - , imagines  lhat others  think as  much
London-Replying to a question in; 0f hJm ��� he doel hiIISSelf.
the commons. Sir -Auckland  Geddes,
minister of national service and reconstruction, staled that the government had made a profit of approximately ��16,000,000 from pre^
iniums on shipping war risk Insurance.
Mlnsrd's Liniment Cures Distemper,
Whlsiey is one of the rules that
declines to work-both ways. It provides headaches, but headaches won't j-
Strike Statistics for Canada
Ottawa.���According to th* Lsbor
Gazette, the official organ of the Department oi Labor at Ottawa, at tht
beginning of May th* pereettUg* of
unemployed among member! of t��*4��
unions was 4.38, as compared -with
5.62 at the beginning ef April,
��� That -2.75 per cent, be*r U Hi& %9
lack self-determtnatien.���W*l! Street
Hst cakes and saterpiliars make 3&e
Says Prof. Schuecking of the peace
treaty; "The document is simply awful." Th* professor is awful simple
if he expected any other sort of document..���Washington Herald.
A man is advertising for a situation admits that work it not so much,
an object at good -wages. What he
evidently wants ia a political job.
Love may be able to see something
laughabl* In th* locksmiths, bnt it is
blind to the interest of the gas company.
Th* ojaa who comej oat best in a
P��r��ee*l SBCOttJltftr, "with a "eyclon<
nevar agala speak* of "trifles light ai
Q�� aet  ifitfrt
-,dM.    Ho
Sim ��per-
*S  maired.
* ms: ait
graattueceM, cutis cHKONiOW*��i��i(K����.tosrvtooa
FILM.   XIl'Hmt H��. DKUOOIST* *C HAIL ll. POST 4 CT��
rouasitAco.M. acKKUAi<Br.MKWvoxKsri.vMAHaKo*
rKYXtWDXA(>tt(TA��TSt.ltf)roilMOr'.XASY TO TAM
���ur. aovr.trAMr>rn��D to au ocmuine rACasra ic*u<??8ssf��
V '������"
TVP     T.vnrsv    "r^-^T^-ry^-wv^
To Be Rewarded
U.S. Marshall
Makes Big Seizure
Britain Has Rivals
Amongsl Colonies
Paiis.���Picmicr Clemenceau appeared before thc committee of thc
Chamber of Deputies which is considering thc peace- treaty, and reviewed thc circumstances under which the
treaty was framed, lie said that thc
difficulties the allies encountered during thc war confronted them in a
changed aspect when th'cy came lo
make peace.
Thc dominating idea of the tieaty.
Premier Clemenceau said_, was thc
necessity of. maintaining the peace of
thc world by thc union of thc 'four
great allied and associated powers.
Tlic premier iaid thai France, ha.l
reason to congratulate herself on liic
treaties guaranteeing he.- apainsl aggression by Germany. Referring to
the League of Nations, he said thc
French government liuisl endeavor,
within the league organisation, lo secure thc adoption of lhc a-scndmjiit
proposed by Leon Bourgcoise, es'ab-
lishing a military aad naval staff 'in
thc league.
The premier said, regarding' the
responsibility for riic war, It was a
satisfaction to morality -hal life responsible persons woiild be iricd, and
added that the entente would main-
lain its position on that point.
Wants Government
To Bear Cost
Winnipeg Says She' Has-Fought For
'  " All Canada in Defeating'
Winnipeg.���Claiming lharin defeating thc primary % objects of-the" Winnipeg general Sympathetic strike,
which authorities havc asserted was
an attempt to foment widcspicad revolution, thc city of Winnipeg fought
the battle of'all Canada, the Dominion govjernmentimay bc^requested to
bear the whole, or at'ltasra major
portion, of the cost of establishing
thc special returned soldier-con stable
force during lhc industrial - disturbances;    -
Aid. J. K. Sparling, chairman of thc
police commission, announced that
the conimissionfin-scssion, is formulating a recommendation to thc city
council that such an 'appeal be sent
to thc'federal authorities.' Thc cost
of maintaining thc force was between
,$200,000<and $215,000," it-was stated.
To LimirTroop Trains
Winnipeg.���Winnipeg is to be
madc the military dispersal area
for thc entire West, and no
more troop trains will run further lhan this city aftcr those
carrying soldiers from the 01-
-ympic go westward on Saturday, it is scmi-officially announced. Thc reason given is
the comparatively small number
of troops that will have to bc
handled from now on. This will
bc so small that il is considered
the dispersal work could quite
well bc done here and that there
is no longer any necessity for
keeping open thc .dispersal offices that have been established
ivcst of here. Among thc dispersal area headquarters that
���x^ 111 bc closed under the ncw
regime will bc those of Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Medicine
Ilat, Edmonton, Revelstoke,
Victoria and Vancouver. The
Brandon, Man., office also will
bc closed up.
When troops havc been discharged at Winnipeg they will
travel to thcir destinations on
jrdinary passenger trains.
Labor Unrest In Italy
: Recommendations for Awards  Must Marten   and   Beaver   Must   Not   BeV *   -        ,��r- ,.���      u    ^     ���     ^ ,
Be Sent to Ottawa By End j        Trapped Before 1921 to Pre- jPrefcrence Wlthin th* EmPJre Only
of August - j vent Depletion Against Foreigners
Ottawa.���Officers    and soldiers    of1    Dawson, Y.T.���Seven hundred   and'    London.���-In the house of commons
(tiie   Canadian    Expeditionary    Force [fourteen  marten  skins  valued at ap-'R- **��� Houston, member for the West
who displaced gallantry while escap-' proximately    $25,000 were    seized atl'10*01'1   <livisio��   of  Liverpool,   asked
j ing or attempting to escape from the ( Eagle, Alaska, by John  Powers, de-'wl,y   lhc SolUil African   government
: enemy,  or  who rendered  exceptional' puty  U.S.  marshal,'acting under  in-ihad   r��cntly   placed in    the   United
I services whilst prisoners of war    or, structions from the justice and post IStatcs orders for 44,000 tons of rails,
.interned, are eligible for a reward.      | office department.   Ten days ago 690 i'1,000 cars and 250 trucks, and in the
An order of thc Militia Department j beaver    skins    valued    at   $7,000   to  U-S- an<1 Ca,iada ordcis for 70 large
$10,000    were    seized    at    Tolovana.'!��co"lotivcs 5nstea<l of in Great Brit-!
Alaska prohibits the trapping of mar-'3'"' in vicw of ll,e necessity of employment of thc people here and of
maintaining Britain's  export trade
_  . ,    Ho. L. C.  S. Amcry,    under-secre
.least two witnesses who have first-1 The marten skins were shipped by
hand knowledge of thc- case, and the mail from Tolovana, addressed to
should reach militia headquarters be-'a Tacoma company, some being en-
Is Nearing End
just issued statcs that
tions for such reward
may  now  bc
Thc facts supporting each ten and beaver before 1921 owimr to
recommendation must be substantial- the threatened depletion of these "ani-
cd by statements of evidence from at  nials.
fore August 31.
tary for 'the colonics, said some of
these orders had been placed before
,' the armistice had been sig-ned, when
it   was  impossible  for  Great   Britain
Officcis and soldiers  closed in bear skins and other low , . .        ., .    . ,       ,-,���,- i
. ... .        ,     ,,      ,    '.��� |     .     ,>. ���,. '   .     .       it     to supply railway material.      British
who arc still    serving should submit  priced furs.   They wcrc seized on the.   ��� ,.       .        . ,  ,  .      ,
,,   .      , . , ,   " .     _ . . i   , ai    i i t- ��� . i offers respecting the puce and date of
their claims through thc usual official  steamer Alaska and arc being return-   , .. f ,.        ~n , ..        , ��� .
, ,        n,,       ?. , ,. .    !    . .    ,. . .     .     . . .delivery of the    70 locomotives had
channels.      T.hc claims of those who  cd to fcairbanks to await selection of
have been demobilized should be pre-  a grand jury.
scnted through thc officer command-1 t A penalty of $200 and confiscation
:��� .i._ ....-I!. .������:������������ .....       ....        .s j)rovj(|cj for tlic illegal possession
of each skin.
Fall Harvesting
Starts In Ontario
British ArmyWon The War
Emphatic Statement By Sir Douglas
Haig on British Army
delivery of' the
been so unfavorable that South Africa I
had been obliged to go further afield.
He. was'glad to say 40 of them had
been ordered in Canada.
Mr.. Amery continued that in  view
of:   Mr.   Houston's    question, ; which
seemed doubtless.: to   unintentionally
imply  that it Was  undesirable     that
thc South African government should
purchase material from Canada rather
_, ..     .... ,     .      Tr       _ "al-" x ' i than Great Britain, hc recalled that a
Crops on thc Whole Are Very Poor Achievements .. . . , ._    .
,,,,.    v^ -It      , ,,. ,,   ,,     ,   ,   -,r ��� i policy on which    the government of
This Year London.���l-icld  Marshal  Haig,  rc-' . . , .,   .     ,
~ .       ., ,, , ,. . .      ..     f      . ... ',     ,    | the empire were agreed was  that of
loronto.���Fall     wheat    harvesting coving thc freedom of Newcastle, de-        , ���   '      X    .      , <
.        ,      . ,    . , 4 j Ji -�����     i ���'���   ���      .    'Preference   in contracts    for_produce
has alrcadv    commenced    in    a* few prccatcd tlie trnfienrv-tn mmin...... *h-
Dutch Resent Note
Paris.���The council of five received a reply from Holland fn
answer to the council's note regarding the reported escape
from the Island of Weirengen
of the former German crown
prince. The Dutch note, in
what were said to be rather curt
terms, pointed out that the rumor of the escape was unfounded and expressed surprise at the
warning given by the council.
The Dutch government, the
reply added, is conscious of its
international obligations and
must be left to exercise its sovereignty as it sees fit.
counties,    according    to the' Ontario  British army's
crop report, issued by thc department war.
of agriculture. j    "It is right
achievements in    thc
and manufactures of the empire, and
Kaiser May Not Have
Trial In England
Press Strongly Opposed to Bringing
of Ex-Empercu". of Germany
to .London
-   London.���Predictions  that, the. project to"bring-thc fo'rmcr German, emperor    to. trial in  England    will
Rome.���Tomasso Tittoni, minister
of foreign affairs, was loudly applauded when hc announced to the Chamber of Deputies that it was his belief
that negotiations going on in Paris
would lead lo a settlement in the
course of next week. Hc hoped at
that time, he said, to tell the country
everything. A
The question of Asia Minor, said
Minister Tittoni, had to be reserved,
until President Wilson consulted
the United States' people.A But the
Adriatic, colonial and economic questions would be settled. Thcy had
arrived at a point, he said, where a
decision r was absolutely necessary,
and cvery delay was dangerous.
Thc foreign minister, in conclusion, urged thc council and country to
remain calm pending settlement, of
the negotiations, and extorted them
to give the Italian delegation their
unanimous support,'making, the peace
signed a  truly Italian  peace.
Grampian Strikes Iceberg
Two of Crew Were Killed and Two
St. John's,  N'fld���Two     men
Repression of Disorders By Military grslln was "Pining too fast,   but the  ing in   the last two
; yield will bc higher
not merely of the United Kingdom
Great Britain could not expect pre- {abandoned are    growing,-in view of
lo speak ot our allies,   I f , ., . '
u  ,  ..     Terence  from     other empire govern-
.    i mcnls,     except     as    against  foreign
,..,,,. .,     , ,   ,     r  ,  " I countries.   Mr. Amcry said hc undcr-
that am that bore thc brunt of the fight-1
Owing to the length of straw, sonic, he declared, "but it    was the Briiish
of thc grain has been knocked down.'army that won the war; it was
In  some sections,  fears     were
Crops on thc whole arc very poor.
Some sections report practically a
failure. Thc fields are uneven, and
on account of thc dry weather, grain,
is heading out at a foot and less in
Chinese Protest Peace Terms
Patriots    Attempt ^Suicide . Because
of Terms  -   _   " \ '
San ; Francisco.���Chinese    patriots,
according to a message received from
Pckin by H. C. King, president of the
Chinese National Welfare society, endeavored   lo  commit  suicide   Sunday
in thc presence of Hsu Hsih Chong,
President of China, in protest against
thc  transfer  of control  of  Shantung
province to'Japan by thc peace treaty.
JThrce delegates succeeded in wounding themselves   severely before   palace guards could stop them.
President Hsu told thc delegation
that "thc treaty which "gives Japan
control of Shantung must bc signed,
thc message stated.
Methods'Resented By Labor
Rome���Thc chamber of labor has
proclaimed a general strike as from
midnight Tuesday as a sign of protest against thc police-and military
measures adoplcd by thc government
lo prevent further disorders. Thc
chamber of labor maintains that these
mcastircs wcrc adopted to prevent thc
lowering of thc price of necessaries,
as demanded by the people.
Thc strike was nol    quite general,,Charles Hannan Asscrts He Got No
because    only  thc Popolo     Romano '      Rcward for Devising the Smoke
published thc decision of thc chamber I Box Screcn Dc��ence
of labor to call a strike. |    London.���Charles Hannan,   thc au-
Thc-food shops wcrc crammed with'thor-  has  ,ssllcd  thc  text  of curious
people buying provisions in fear of be-'corrcspondencc bct*cc"   himself  and
years.      I  hope
j stood the South African government
everyone    will  realize    thc fact and afUlaI1y    ,lad donc ils    very best to
Winter rye is ready for the binder.' stick by thc fellows who foujrht and  placc.ordcrs ln Grc��t Britain and had
I     ������ An n      ��..      11 11 ��- *3 *ln*v*Ata*i4-_->_.-l__.i1 it ���* ^
suffered and their dependents."
' turcrs.
at length with    manufac-
Many Jews Killed
Failed To Get Knighthood
Ukrainian Anti-Bolshevist Comman-.
der Shows Cruelty
London. ��� Many Jews have lost)
their lives in the course of thc op-j
crations between thc Russian soviet!
forces and those of G ' r"-_   "
Reds Prepare To
Evacuate Pctrograd j
Allied    Powers    Will    See   Kolchak |
Movement Carried Through
.    ''killed and two injuied when the Allan
be .. .
"liner  Grampian,  Montreal  for Li\ei-
mg caught with scanty supplies.
London May Be Dark
the government regarding his claim
to bc an inventor of smoke boxes against submarine attack.
Mr.  Hannan     claims--his  invention ' stro,,gl-v
the house of commons
a question.
the almost unanimous opposition of
the press. Virtually all the leading
papers, with thc exception of the
Northcliffc prc-s, are denouncing the
The Northcliffe papcis have taken
no stand in thc matter, but print
many letters from prominent pei sons
opposing thc trial. The influential
weekly reviews all oppose or deride
tlie project of bringing thc former
emperor from Holland
Walter Runciman, former member
of thc cabinet, writes:
"Feeling in this country is justifiably bitter against thc kaiser. Indeed, it is so bitter thai thc public
might take thc law into thcir own
hands aiid lynch him."
League Has Limitations
was adopted, but his stipulation   that
Electrical Workers Call a Strike irJthc  reward should bc a "good
Order to Stop Peace Day
London.���Thc elaborate plans for
thc illumination" of London on peace
night, July 19, may have to be abandoned. The electrical trades' union,
owing to thc employers' -refusal to
giant an increase of wages, have
ordered a cessation of .work on the
projected illuminations. This'dccision
came after a long-standing dispute between thc electrical workers and their
was  not-found  possible, to
cff fnmm��� , ,,. "icral GrcRon-; Washington���Definite ...formation
Bolshvl, , *r ot *����������� ���* ,** the Bolshevik authorities are
BokhcMs   .army,    winch    has    been �� pfenning    to evacuate    Pctrograd has
fecretarv for t If8���,'<!rlh- ""f^" | Decision to quit the capital was said
secretary  for foreign affairs, said  in j to have    been violently    opposed bv
in replying to | some elements of llic government:      i 	
������,     c General Gregoneff,    the,    Paris.���Approval    of a plan    for a' Premier of New Zealand Says Nations
,undcr-secretarysaid, was stated to be! concerted  attack "upon   Pctrograd   by
Finnish forces and lhc troops of thc
Kolchak government at Omsk, was
given by lhc council of five.
A joint note has been sent lhe military attaches of Great Britain, France,)..���,, ���;.      .    ���    , , ~-    i
'ai1" ��ot  rely  solely upon  lhc league
This was thc opinion
anti-Jewish in  his    sympa-
W."*T Alberta Ranchers Hurt by Reports
pension;    Calgary._While there will bc dire
pool, collided with an iceberg off
Cape Race Thursday night. Thc
steamer, with 750 passengers and a
crew of 350, arrived here for rcpaiis.
��� Thc killed and injured were ''members of the crew, who were asleep in
thc bow of the .steamer when shc
struck. Virtually all the passengers
were awake; but although there were
moie than 500 women and children
aboard, thcic was little excitement
and no panic.
That thc Grampian did not suffer
thc fate of the Titanic, with considerable loss of life, is believed to
havc been due to the decision of the
captain to stiikc the iceberg bow on
instead of taking a glancing blow on
the sidc. Thc berg, which was very
large, was encountered 45 miles ofif
Cape Race in the early evening.
When it was sighted through thc fog
it was too late to clear it, although
thc ship was procccdi
fashioned   'knighthood    and
equivalent," was ignored.
In   February he .was  informed  "il',""d f��r ;������diatc action on the part  United  States and Iudv at  Hclsimr-' t'"
elude'0   tllc fcdcral a��d provinciarauthor-1 fore   ;���[(���^,:������ .t  .".  . .       ' .-.    lfor Protection.
rs, instructing them to support the j
your name ,'n.thc present honors list.ffKS. .W1*h reSard to the shortage of  Finnish government   if it decided toicxpresscd b>- Premier W. F. Masscy,
but whe the next one is prepared   you;fecd m Alberta and Saskatchewan, the [accede to thc request of Admiral Kol  !��f    New   7-caland'    when    J'is    train
shall again receive consideration." rc.^rt  from    Winnipeg that    half a ' chak to assist him in thc campaign     \ &.toppccl at Winnipeg for a short pc-
However  nn lmi<rii*im'n,i ,...,,- c ii.    million    head of cattle w^r��>    tr,^..r.    vtm..  .  ���   K        iiiod.      The  T faimc    nf   v^��;,-,���i.   -,i
However, no knighthood was forth
coming,    and Mr. Hannan    now pre
thc concspondence to the pub
Urge Peace Quickly
,      t     *      44i x   - v-���  "   ,���������.-������;.���",.""- campaign.    jliod-      The  League    of  Nations, al
head of cattle wcrc    facing    ^lhere is no indication that the a-  .,,������,   ,������������ ,,,,,.    ,,     ���       ���     j-
���,���.. ���.���      ���        .-   i ,  ,.   ,       , , i though supported Bv thc premier lum-
slarvation is entirely erroneous    and .lied and associated powers pioposc to
mislcadingi     Ever'
Rome.���Premier Nitti, in
before    parliament,    urged    that thc
peace negotiations bc concluded, and
that friendly relations with the all
especially France, bc maintained
Anarchist Plot Exposed
Rome.���An anarchist plot to attack
! the central  part of Rome by mcans
. .       ��� "-"-.self, is, in his opinion, unable to keep
y stockman  in  the  go further at thc timc in helping ko1-;lhc world out 'of war> bnl is lllost cf_
country realizes thc seriousness of thc j chak's olan, but their action  m  <up-; foclivc -m  ti]C prcscrvmg ol  thc bal-
situation,  but  reports   such  as  these .porting    the Finns    is    regarded J as .l11cc 0r n)C iriij0,j5
they feci will do immeasurable harm. | equivalent    to assurances    lhat thev!    ���.-.. . .
speech ! of ha"d Serenades and other explosives
see the Kolchak movement ear
ned through.
Discuss Formation
uHr armeiis farty
Premier Masscy expressed himself as
T   . ,   , 'being content with the effect that tl.e
l\ is repoitcd that all.   - , ...   ,
, signing of    peace  will   have
ions and con-'
Veterans Will Take Action
Winnipeg.���Drastic -proposals    for ���     ,. ., ,M ..   , ,,
. ..^.^nv-o        ,- n r     i "    ���,   '��� .      -      , , .signing oi    peace  will   have    on the
, , ' ���   .makmg profiteers refund excess pro-, foreign embassies, legations and con-1 , . .   ..   .    .   ,    ^ . ,,.
has been exposed bv the arrest of"16',-, ,, .      ,  . _��� . ���    �����-. , ,      ��� , icountucs  and   then   industries.     His
',   , 7    ��     ,       . .   ,      i "ts to thc  national treasury,  for re-isulatcs in Pctrograd havc been occu- ,  ,        .    ���       _ .���
of the conspirators four hours before   j    ���       .,      , ���  , f  ,t . . i   .   , ,     n  , ,     ., . f ~, ,   i one  great fear is that  Germany  will
r v,...:, "<-"">��� 'ducnig   the   Inch   cct   of  living  and pied by Bolshcviki forces.   Thc arch-1        . ,    , .   ,
,       ��� ,, ,   , !.        , . ....        ., ,   receive raw-products now lhal
keeping    the cost    of thc    necessary, ivcs havc been seized, it is said, and;.       , .       ,
... r ... ,.'1 ,      - .       . , , ' 'has heen signed,
commodities  of  life at  a   reasonableithose   in   charge   havc  been   arrested'
ensuring for labor a and handed .over to an extraordinary
the capital    actually! committee dealing witli charges of caused, arcto bc madc at the Dominion ' pionagc    against the
convention    of thc Army    and Navy.mc.it
the time  fixed for carrying out
Abont thc same timc 30 anarchists
motored to Fort Pratalata, four miles
from  Rome, and tried to induce the'
��� I
garrison to join  in an attack in thc '
Rome   market  place.       Thc  soldiers
mg slowly.
qi���,.,i.j c*-ii *     ��� I    Thc  caPta5n   said   he   realized
Should Still Keep Armies la glancing    blow, which would
and Navies 'through  the ship's side, would
Winnipeg.���Despite    the   founalion jhcr-     The course   was changed
of thc League of Nations, the nations |tllc     Grampian     struck     the
should^ keep their armies  and navies \ squarely   head   on.    Thc   entire
part of thc ship \vas smashed in above
thc water line, the stem being driven
back nearly 40 feet. Thc vessel was
undamaged below thc water line, however, as the portion of the berg which
she struck'proved to be an overhanging shelf.
It was found that 1hc liner was
taking no water and she was headed
here, steaming through thc night
against a heavy gale, which caused
anxiety among those aboard. When
thc Grampian arrived, mariners said,
she was thc most "berg beaten" tliat
had ever come to this port. Repairs
will take several weeks, and it is expected that the passengers will be
transhipped   to   another  ship.
figure, and for
fair    return on
soviet govcrn-
Winnipcg.���Future political action
was discussed al a session of thc
Canadian Council of Agriculture. It
was ultimately decided that thc question of making the political action
that has been taken already in the
various constituencies in Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Ontario fcdcral in
scope bc left to the provinces, to decide when farmers' political conventions arc held. Hitherto only district
conventions havc been held iii lhe
various constituencies. Thc United
Farmer"; of Alberta havc selected July
26 as thc date for their provincial convention.
Co-operative action by thc Dominion aud provincial governments to
meet thc feed slioitage in Alberta
was suggested. In a message scut to
Ottawa thc council strongly urged the
Dominion government to investigate
the matter and take immediate action.
Reports from the different provinces with regard to political action
were received, and considerable time
was devoted to discussion arising
from them. No definite steps on thc
question of political action was taken
at this session, however. ,
In his report J. B. Mussclman, secretary of thc Saskatchewan Grain
Growers' association, suggested that
the timc was opportune for calling a
convention in which the different
provinces which have taken independent political action would be represented. Hc said that steps should bc
taken toward consolidating the movement, which heretofore has been confined to thc provinces, into a federal
An invitation to attend the Liberal
convention at Ottawa in August has
been reached by thc council and was
jpven consideration. Xo decision was
given as to whether or not the invitation would be accepted.
May Take Military Measures
Against The Hungarians
fired on  the anarchists    and    seized,' JT^'i   ^d^��\   �� Montreal,
several "of thcTuVThc-othefs flc'd.Thc \Jnly'^'~ by  l"1e"^ """PC^clcgatcs;
city  remains   tranquil.
j according to a lengthy resolution handed out to the press.
Marshal Foch Wanted to Know What!Pontages will offer
Assistance Will Be Given
Pari.*.���Marshal Foch
tatives of  the  Czccho-
jugo-Slavia were before
Council of the peace co
discussion  of thc  movem
parti/an?   of   Bela   Kun,   Hungarian
romuiuni<U foreign    minister, against
Czecho-Slovakia and Austria, and thc
advisability of combined military action against them.
Thc different representatives were
asked to confer with lhcir governments to find out. lo what extent thcy
were ready to participate in military
operations against Bela Kim's force.
No decision will be reached until
their reports arc received.
Vaudeville, thc Ever Popular       j Dutch Keeping in Dark
That visitors to the Saskatoon and!    The    Hague. Thc Dutch
Regina fairs will havc an opportunity, mcnt  flatl
to witness    a performance    of    the'
Pantagcs  unequalled
be welcome news to manv
y refuses to issue a  statement on its position in the event thc
vaudeville will  Allies demand extradition of   thc for-
fair-gocrs. ��� mer kaiser.   The press and public do
in the above cities' not  believe such  a demand
Has No Plans for His Future
. Toronto.���Sir Thomas While, who
is at his home in Toronto for a fev
"Thcir factories are intact and
thcy are prepared to icsumc work immediately," hc declared. "If wc arc
not careful, a number of our industries will be taken away from us."
Germans Seek Outlet
Buenos Aires, Argentina. ��� La
Epocha, thc organ of the government,
announces lhal thc steamer Gelrij. is
bringing a Gcuu��m _conimjssion, _to-lr
study thc possibility of accommodat-
It sometimes comes lo pass that a ing 5,000,000 German immigrants. Th
newly married man is almost as fond j Gelna
r a lew  0f ],;s ^;fc as ]lc ;s 0f himself.
days, stated that reports which    havc
appeared    and arc appearing    in thc
press, to the effect that he had been
'offered and accepted an executive po-'
sition with  =omc railwav   corporation
I or   bank, or lifc insurance   company,
I wcic entirely without foundation   and
is  due   to  arrive   in   thc
Wilson Addresses
The U. S. Senate
peace  treaty!he could
Many Labor Candidates
Labor Party In Winnipeg Will Try
for Victory at the Polls
Austria to Get in Big League
Paris.���Austria will bc admitted
membership in the League of Nations
I     Minimum Wage for Office Help
frequently  that  it   vv ill act according1     ....     . ,r, ,      ...     ...
Ito 1-iw -md treats j     XN ,,,M|PpB-���1,1C vork of lhc Mam-, to thc country for his part in
;       '     ' ".'  Jtoba  minimum   wage  board  is  being;sotiatioiis at Vcrsaillc
is,  .���~,    ��    ,.��      ...    mi.     n m    . 'brought to a close so far as thc fixing
io 'Black   Watch ��� The   Best Blacki   ���    . . *
Washington. ��� The     n.i��  ircaiy, lie  could not conMruc- details  of the
with its League of Nations covenant,;treaty in  a short address.     *He  did
J was laid before the senate by Presi- Jnot directly mention the Monroe doc-
,dent Wilson in an address accounting1 trine,   Shantung,
thc nc-  assumed    under
(league   covenant,
as soon as thc allied and associated 1
powers consider that she possesses a
responsible government with boih thc
will and power to fulfill its international obligations. The Austrian peace
delegation has been so informed in a
reply from the supreme council to an
Austrian pica for immediate admission to thc league. '
I      "  ~
-I    The league, declared the president,'to the proposal to wrile rcs*r\a!s
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Marketi��f,n'ninlum ��aKesis concerned, with:,^ born  of the  convictio��� o{ prac-|into   the   ratification.
' thc announcement of a proposed miu-'-���    ��
or   the obligations
article    10    of    the
nor  did   hc   allude
Hc  asscried
. ���         jiicu  statesmen   that an  international' also that hc would be given opportun-
Some Sidelights on Bolshevism       ������"�� wage of $12.50 per week to ivo-jcollc<.n)  had bcc0mc a -,vorid ncccs- iiv    to discuss    details later,    cither
New  York.���Thc arrest    of  Prcsi-i���rn '" offices, and $12 to female help'  ;{y l0 cnd the old order and guar- with thc whole senate ot the
dent Wilson and J. D. Rockefeller, ti,e;"��_thcatrcs. jantee civilization.   He asserted    that relations
in such a concern the world looked f    "My services
confidently to the United States for J tion I
opening of all jails and the formation
of soviet organizations throughout
thc coutry to take over thc government were advocated in the anarchistic bulletin, according to Archibald
Stevenson, vvho produced a copy of
the bulletin at thc hearing of thc Lus!
investigating commission.
Troops Overseas Wow Total 32,000
London.���With    the sailing   of the
. Carmania  Tuly    5, with 2,954 troops,
and thc sailing of thc Tunisian on thej       Hun Mob ReIc��es Prisoners
Winnipeg.���At a largely    attended .same day with 26S troops, 255,413 Can-/    Berlin.���A-mob attacked the castle
meeting   of thc   Labor   pafty,   over'adians have been repatriated since the]and tbc detcntion prison at Hanovcr
S. J. Farmer presided, it was   ' '
It has covered approximately 6,000)
women in industry in Winnipeg, and
has affected about forty industries. Dr.
W. J. McMillan, chairman, sent in his
resignation to thc government, and it
! has been accepted.
decided to nominate candidates for
evcry seat in Winnipeg- and the territory immediately surrounding the city
for the Dominion parliament and the
provincial legislature, also to nominate candidates for the mayoralty and
every seat oa the city council and on
the public school board.
A convention is being arranged for
Artemus   Simms   says   the   w^st
date of the armistice
The number of Canadians overseas,
both in the British Isles and France,
is now approximately 32,000. This,
of course, includes hospital staffs.
and released al! the prisoners in the
buildings. The guards, it is said, surrendered their anna without resistance. Some fighting occurred between the crowds and government
Bolsheviks is Austria
Basel.���Detachments ef Hungarian
Bolshevik arc penetrating lower��
Austria, according to dispatches from
Vienna. Nearly five thossand Bolshevik are concentrated m the region of
Altenbtirg and Keustadt, supposedly
thmg-about being a fool U lhat otheVs'with the intention of movinr against
find it out before yon do.     - (Vienna and Neustadt.
Victory Day Declared Holiday
Ottawa.���Saturday,   July   19,   has
| been officially fixed as a public holiday for the celebration of peace.   The
date    coincides    with     peace     day
throughout the empire.
Mark Drops Again
Bcrnc. ��� Thc    German    exchange
here, which in a few days aftcr the
signing of the peace treaty rose from
35 francs for 100 marks to 51 frau
has lost  most of  the gain,  and
and all the   informs-
leadership, and added that while tht
possess," said Mr. Wilson, "will
,.     ,        . ., r . e  be at ��� your disposal and  at the  dis-
reaty might  no    be  exactly as  ,he  pOSal of your committee    on foreign
United Statcs delegation  would have��relations at any timc, either inform-
written it, no vital principle had
been sacrificed hy thc necessary compromises. The senate, already divided in a bitter jfight over tbis league
proposal, received the President with
cheers and listened to his words
ally or in session, as >ou prefer, and
I hope that you will not hesitate to
make use of them."
United Statcs isolation,   the   P.rsi-
dcnt asserted, was ended-20 vears ago
*-*--*..-.��<��o..d����|2 sr::\7x?~xts: ,hc nm^"- b�� ��*���� -
j, �� ��m�� irom    -fi i ��Bice, where hc  talked tor an hour
francs for 100 crowns to 17 francs.
No Peace Yet
Ottawa.���Ratification of the peace
terms by Germany does not bave the
effect of freeing paroled aliens in Canada. The acting minister of justice
said that there will be no change before the peace treaty is ratified by
Crcat Britain. Afterwards the question will be considered.
with senators who wished to a*k
about specific features of the treaty
or of the negotiations.
In these conferences the President
discussed freely such subjects as thej
disposition of Shan'ung, thc German,
indemnities and  Irish  ftcedom
ci exploited them, he continued; wc have
been their friends and have sought to
serve them. There can bc no question of oar ceasing to bc a world
power. The only question is whether
we shall accept or reject the confidence of the world. The stage is set,
the destiny disclosed.
t It  has  come
j about by no plan of onr conceiving,
,.       ,, In ! but *>>' the hand of God, who ha* led
his address, how��er, there was nojns into this way. Wc cannot turn
direct reierct.ee to many of thc qt-.rs- J back. We can only go forward with
tions around winch senate <kbat* ��� lifted eyes and freshened spirit to foi-
has centered, tie Pr^sid'n? dcclanrsjiow the vision.
H&SjgsywifeSSsii "V
P' <
RV.XJ-,   distinction   in   a   summer
frock is a bit more difficult of
achievement    than    tlie    same
thins in a dress'for more com-
.  Portable    weather;    and . that    for    a
variety -r reasons.   ]n the ilrsl place,
the idea or simplicity is in danger of
beins carried to SLiipidity, and on the
other  hand,   a   too-evident   smartness
is   likely   to   lack   the.   true, summery
.note. '���       -   . "
Rut depend upon an artistic'combination of materials,- and a .distinguishing accessTJTy to make a simple sum-
nu-i- costume .or- "really memorable
smartness. .Such are the ones pictured
and of the sort 'of simplicity 'that can
eome out of the "hands of the home
dressmal'ter   successfully..
-*'* * *
There is a happy iittlo polka-dot in
the family, maybe-a leftover from a -
whole dress of the stuff, but not <mitu
enough lor another whole . dress.
���Somehow or other you cmildn.'t quite
"see" it in a-blouse, and so'you put
it away with some more of- such
problematic remnants. Well.' now take :
yourself to the ���remnant box and see
lf you can't find as much of "some-'
tiling else, preferably'"a plain stuff.
Xow carry your, eye to "the last lady
of tliis stunnlns- kroup, aful look upon
the modishness that those two'stuffs ���
���are capable of. -' Come back to ' the
mam'selle    heading ' the    list,   and " bev
"hold lhe~stunhr_ij;\blf"of a  cape" that
you can add to. the-costume. ,".-
Choose a chemise- -pattern - for the
making of this, "or if'-not.the strictly
chemise, at least a-"simple blouse and"
straight skirt with not. too decided, a
waist' line. Let the'plain stuff occur
on the-lower part of the 'skirt and"
with tabs to' complement .tine, suspender trend of the bodice." That suspender business-is." the. mere but'very .
effective   matter   of ������ running   rather
.  wide  strips  across, the  shoulder,.-aiid-
alipping-   them'   thi-iV horizontal   slits.
in  th'e bodice-proper. ' Can- you\f:iiiey."
a  navy   blue   ehamliray   here   In   com-':
binatlon    with   "a    navy    and    white,
polka-dot voile? "Build the cape on a.
conventional      shoulder-cape \ ' pattern,
alteiing   it    to    its."present- chic   by
giving    it   an-iii-e^iilar    hem    iin*.  -a
<-u'ff.   and   slitting  It   part   way   dowti \
the  front   to "get " I ii 11>' 11:"
��f',<i><i>.p-. ������'���' XX -yX,
It seems that there i.ieVCI- were more
charming- uses invented for mnghams
than the uses that the dre��.s Inventors are putting them to this season.
And when gingham is aitistleally
combined with something else for
contrast the result can't lielp being- a costume of notably good looks
Picture a blue and white gingham
in combination with an ojater-white
linen "and bolh distributed after tho
manner- of lhat fetching thing with
the semi-surplice suggestion. Which
suggestion looks as it it might be
rather _a dlltieuit line, wheieas it it
but a. simulation effected by the collar. .-.���"'
'It is for the most part the simplest
of turn-overs, this collar, and the
shawl idea on the right hide you
"might cut on "a true shawl pattern.
After ��� tliat, there is little else about
the frock that ypu can't see for yourself. The cape you will fashion of
the plain stuff and build on the usual
shoulder-cape plan, e\-tenthng it just
a bit on the length maybe, and in-
, eluding wee .mitred apron additions
front and' back."
<I* <�� .J�� ��|*
'When a dress adopts a side closing-,
usually- it   turns   out   to   be   smarter
than it".might be othei wise.   When it
' adopts a side closing such as titis one
.with   the-striking   buid   and   butlon
business,     it " becames     increasingly
:isi".?l.ri-""- QX Just .such. li_tt!e _tliings  ii_
the   dress   really, chic   evolved.    This
Would   be   a-strikingly   smart   model
-developed" in  jade  green cotton voile
.aiid   a   slightly--duiker   green   sports
. silk crepe.   .Have  the vestee and  tha
frilly business of the voile, too.   Then
let the supplementary capo be ot the
crepe.   -For-the  making   of  this   one,
try a kimono blouse pattern with rath-
-er  a. flaring  sleeve,   and   simply  leave
the -wide .seams   of   the   bodice   piojier
open.   I.--'   ' : .
���"",   ' '-_." '   -    * --"" 'i>"'b ���!' <P
. The ��� half-and-liajf   idea   I.s   partlru-'
larly effective  when  it  happens to a
. vveji'  costume.    Tor   one   thlni;-.,thero
are   "such     vivid     eolois     Solng.   Into
modish . costumes    for    the    joungMt
sot/and this lialf-aud-hdlf plan lends
itself   so   well   to   striking   contrast
.both  of .color and  or  fabric.   Ri< lure
-that little.sashed  model,  will you,  in
:.brlsht .rod  lliicn  ami   a yellow  voile,
-. lb.- 'linen .'making   tho   skirt   nti.]   the
..voile.-plus   touches  of  rod  and  bUcfe
To Vary the Costume Try This Detachable Cape Idea
fashioning the blouse"' lt will reiiulie
byt slight alteration to transform tho
stiaight-from - the - shoulder pattern
into  this present  state  of smartness.
There ib a quaint suggestion of the
jacket to the final bit of a hair-ana-
half Which suggestion further.suggests   an" itlea "for   its   development.
Whal do you say fo putting white
dotted Swiss and blue chambray together here? The Swiss will of course
go   Into   the   malting  of  all   but   the
Jacket 'simulation and the fetching
hem treatment. Keep "to" the sleeve-^
less jacket note, too, by making the
tiny sleeves of thc while stuff.
Finally, use a matching' blue gros--
grain ribbon or a piece of the chambray itself for a laeer.
'TH said.that art consists in kiibwing "what to eliminate." Which
includes the art of designing clothes. Certainly It takes an artist to deliberately leave .trimming off a Frock, to ignore contrast of any sort and
after all that to produce1 an .'immediate, dress success.; And just think,
you are to have a wholepage of such successes, aU makeable too, right
here next Sunday.. - ;'     '',,.'-' '"       '' ' X
Contrasting Stuffs Make a Hat
Twice Smart
THERE is simply no ' disputing
the pre-eminence of the fabric
hat this season. It is the boast
of the ultia-smart woman that
she hasn't a straw lo her head this
summer. Judging from the attiactive -
way that she is doing- without .straw,
the stuff will have to do something-
more than ordinarily startling to-'wln
her favor again.
All of which Is rather nice for the
home milliner. ,There are so many
more possibilities to a bil of silk than
there is to a piece of straw - braid.
There i.s altogether delightful possibility pictured. It is one of those nico
crushable, floppy things that can do
garden party duty as well as shop-
. ping_dnty, for-Instance,-Much,- tho,���
will depend upon the stuff that you
make it of.
For thc very convenient all-round
wear, try a navy taffeta and purple
organdie. Trovlde *yotnself witli a
buckram brim of becoming dimensions,
then bend it to the floppiness that is
most flattering to your type. Cover it
taut with the taffeta, face with the
organdie erqss-tucked, and iinally bow
with  the same thing.
Chiffon and felt" make a combination that Is just bound to give chic
results, particularly a jade ielt and a
l>each-colored chiffon. And quite the
nicest thing about this plan is the -
minimum of labor that it requires.
Surely you won't have difficulty finding the felt shape, ana arter that it
is a very easy matter io subtract
the crown, fill in the void with the
chiffon,- and have the lacing and the
bow of  the same.
What Is New in Dress
and Accessories
Will You Have It of Taffeta and Organdie or Chiffon and Felt?
Fancy, will you, going to a bip,
perfectly formal dinner tn a
blouse: However, it makes just nil the
difference in the world when it's a
metai cloth blouse and gorgeously
beaded in jet. Also one mu.n consider
that these dinner blouses go atop of-
georselte or chiffon or pntln skirts,
and even if they aro real blouses, they
don't give that impression one bit. As
a matter of fact, the two-piece idea
for dinner time is the most stunning
thing that e\er came to the table
aftcr C.
The   particular   blouse   that   1   saw
used most  of its jet rrmgewise.   Two
rows of quite deep fringe bordered the-
bottom  line of it,-' Speaking of fi inge.
I just must tell you that somebody on
tho other hide is wealing a whole dross
of the stuff.
I bad Intended, tho, when I was
talking about sweaters, to continue in
a logical way with some news about
sweater stuffs In general. As you prob- _
"ably know'lhese weaves' of silk and
wool that formerly were limited to
sweaters are making pretty nearly -
everything that we wear now but onr
nighties; and, indeed, they tell me that
some outdoor sloopeis wear a garment
perilously near the ankle-length sweater.
To gat back, tho, these lieltciously
soft brushed wools and heavy woolly
Jerseys are fashioning the most astound ingly pretty cape-conts ever. They
stop at the three-quarter boundary lima
mostly and for trimming adopt bold
wool traceries in a contrasting color
that  work  well  up  t<>  the  waist line.
?..*,aw a.��os<! moael treatea t0 gieat
tufty motifs In Kniy. ]t was collared
with gray angora, jind lined -with a
matching   gray   crepe   do   chine.
lou want to know moro about llioso
crownless hats, tho, don't you? Well,
it's really only another phnso of tho
mallnc vogue. Yoir see Uio smart little tui bans built of the cloudy nullities
are absolutely crownless except for tho
merest veiling. Ana let mo tell you
that It's quite tho most enchanting
thing tbat ever ocomrcd to a femtiiSna
By tlic way. Iheiv ,-uc stunning evidences here and these in the smart
comers of liie otcident that paisley
hasn't gone for good. A whole costume of tho stuff Is reported fron> tha
racen-,' leported to have made quite a
success, too. Certainly I'.don't - Picture anything more colorfully successful than one of the chic shawl-
Attos of paisley with a vivid suede belt
Now X can't stay very much longer,
friend o' mine, but I am going to seo
Jf I can't squeeze-f.i homo undio gossip before I havo taken" my leave.
Dolly Varden printed chiffons atop of .
solid colors make exquisite negligees.
And they are putting pockets in tha
envelope chemise. Aud they are making some little envelopes in tho humblest of pink and white, and blua and
white checked ginghams-. But rn tell
you mora next week. Au revoir, then,
chorie.    Your ownest,
ew   Canadian   Pacific   Director   i    A Wo^erM Woman
Spenty Thirty-Five Years in Prisons
or in Exile
Catherine Brcslikovsky, who spoke
in Toi onto    recently, is. ?n    amazing
woman, 01 .she would not be alive after the torments slie lias endured since
early    womanhood,    when    shc    left
home, wealth and kin at the behest of
hci  ovci whelming passion against the
tj ninny of tlic old regime    Disguised
as a peasant, she roamed the vast and
drc.uy steppes, sliaung the hardships
of the most downlioddcn classes    in
Eiuope,    Using    lo    kindle    in their
hcails thc fires whicli binned in her
own.    Hunted trom -ullage 'to Milage
by the agents of the govci iniicnl, she
was many times incaiceialcd, and in
all spent 35 jcais���nearly half her life
���in prisons oi in exile among the Siberian  snows.    Her biogiaphy,  written   by  an  Ameiieaii  confident,  is  a
story  that   would bc   inciedible  if  it
Plan To Settle
Labor Disputes
Sir Thomas Tait Suggests Form of i
Legislation With a View to Preventing Industrial Strife
Montreal,  Que���Sn   Thomas  Tait,
Journalism As
A  Profession
The   Secret   of  the   Success   of   the
Local Newspaper
"Journalism is one of thc most interesting and most invigorating professions that young men and young
. women can engage in, for it not only
of Montreal, has communicated to the affords a dunce tc* do something new
RoyaL_Conimissioii on Industrial Re- all the time, but it gives an oppoilun-
lations a proposed plan for settling ity to perforin some rcal, tangible
disputes between emplojer and em-lSeivice foi thc co.i'numity, that, after
plov ees, and avoiding both stiikes and'all, is the final judge of a persons
lockouts '
Rumania Would
Like To Copy
"lhc law of all civilised countries,"
savs Sn Thomas, "prohibits lecourse
to might or stiength oi physical
foicc in thc case of disputes between
individuals, and they must resoit to
thc com Is foi the settlement of their
diffciences Why should not the same
principle bc applied to disputes between cniplo>cr:> and employees'"
That legislation along   the   follow in
edilor   of
bad  not happened  to  a  Russian     in i lines siTouid be enacted!' will,"7view
The   title   of   "The   Littl
Captain the Hon. W. J. Shaughnessy
(On left) taking tlie bad air Irom his dug-out witb a captmed machino
made Car the purpose. i
At a meeting of the boaul of di-
rectois of thc Canadian Pacific Railway, held on June 16th, Captain the
Hon. \\ illiam J. Shaughnessy was
elected, a -directoi ..of- the company to
fill a vacancy caused by the icsigna-
lion of Lhc Hon. James Duqsmuii, of
Victoua, B.C
leaving Canada as captain and adjutant of the 19qth Irish Rangers, recruited in Montreal, and was in
charge of thc auangements for thc
battalion's notable tout of Ii eland.
On thc    breaking up    of thc Irish
Russia _
Grandmother of-the Revolution" is no
empty one No living soul w.is moic
active in sowing the seeds of rc\olt
against thc Romanoff despotism.
When the dvn.islv was overthrown
the thoughts of hci counti v men instinctively turned to hci She was
serving her second or third Siberian
sentence at thc moment Ilei jonincy
to Moscow and Pctiogiad was a tii-
umphant piocession       AI  Pctiogiad
to the pic\cnlion of induslnal strife
in Canada in the fuluie, is the recommendation of Sir Thomas
"1. Incorporation of all Labor
unions and the submission of their
constitution and bylaw s and of minutes of theii meetings to a government authority, and of their accounts
monthly-for examination and audit by
the gov ei nine nt Prohibition of the
investment oi  deposit ol  tlicir funds
, , -o ��� .outside  of Canada,    and of biimrinn-
she was met and en.biaccd by Ke.cn-  into  Canada ol funds  and of contu��
sky, and tlic whole population tinned billions fiom a
_.r   -.,,    ~.       .    , .Rangers,  he  was  sent   to   Fiance  as
CapUin.bhaughncssy is the son of \aide-de-camp     to     Brigadier-General
the Right Hon. Lord Shaughnessy,
who was fot nineteen ycars the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway and is now thc chaiiman of thc
boaid. Educated at Laval Univcisity,
Monti cal, and Cambridge, England,
Capt.    Shaughnessy   is a   prominent
Simms,'the Canadian lcpicscntative
at Biitish general hcadquartcis
After seiving with considerable distinction in this capacity foi some
time, Captain ^Shaughnessy was Irans-
fcircd to thc headquartels of the
Canadian    Corps, acting    as aide-dc-
Montreal lawyer. 'During thc war he J camp  to  LiciUcnant-Gcncial  Sir Ar
ovciseas,  linn Currie, the corps commander.
saw    thicc years'    service
out in hci honoi, sli ewing flowcis on
the streets tlnough which shc passed
from thc lailwav station to the palace, -where she was lodged as the
guest of thc nation
Madame Biesl.o\sky had served the
cause of liberty too long to tolci-
atc Bolshevism, which lcplaced one
tyianny by anolhci She was diivcn
oi escaped from Soviet-ruled Russia,
and is now livuig for the d.iv, which
she hopes will soon dawn, when Russia will throw off the ncw  leiror
llns wondeiful woman is picpai-
nig for the rcgcncialion of her country by enlisting thc woild's sympathy
and suppoit for lhe millions of destitute children and wai oiphans in
my souicc foi inciting,
piomoling oi canymg on a stukc In
case ot a stukc oi any suspicion of a
strike, the contiol by thc government
of their funds and thc nghl to examine then cor.cspondence and recoids
"2 In thc case of a lockout or the
suspicion ot a lockout, the contiol by
the government of the funds of thc
cmployci Thc right at anv time foi
thc government to examine and audit
cn.ploycis' accounts and lo examine
then minute .ind othci books, and
then coirespondencc and iccords.
L'lolubition of thc bunging into Canada ot funds and of contiibutfons
fiom any souicc foi ctn.wng ou a
lockout (ll would not be nccessaiy,
iccoichng to Si
Airmen To Gather
In Amsterdam
I'irst' International  Exposition   Will
Be, Held in August '
��Tcw. York,- N.Y.���The"first  International Aeronautical    Exposition is
to-be held in Amsterdam, Holland, in
August,' under  the auspices, of     the
Chanibcis  of   Commeice  of Amsterdam   and-Rotterdam,., the  secretaries
of .the interior, war, agriculture; commerce, and  waterways, thc governor
of Not th Holland, and the chairman
of the  Royal  Dutch Association for
Aircrafl, according.to information received "by the Merchants' Association.
America  has been invited to join in
this  event,  and a large  English  and
French participation is expected; Germany, however, is excluded.
���   The Mercliants'.Association,   which
has received details of thc exposition
from D. J. Slcyn Parve, acting consul-
general  of  Thc  Netherlands   in  this
city, announces that special attention
will bc devoted to exhibits of means
English World-Language
Entire World May Rest Assured That
the English Language Is
Worth While '
The latest editions of dictionaries oi
thc English language published in the
United Stales contain moic woids
than are found in French, German,
Italian and Spaish combined, A great
increase has come with applied science. Take, for example, the subject
of electricity, or, in a lesser degree,
aviation. It would bc wastage to havc
in every language a separate lexicon
for ncw terms rendered necessary by
thc development going forward along
new lies. These changes are rapid
and it would bc foolish to cultivate a
confusion of tongues in dealing wilh
them. The commerce of the woild, it
is clear, will bc preponderantly earned on by the nations that speak
English. In international financial affairs thc English speaking races will
be distinctly in the lead.    English is
i Thomas, to piolnbit
i woik lo which shc will dc-j "vestments of cmployci s outside    of
vote thc lcmaindci  of a life filled to j Canada foi  the reason thai
oveiflowing with    service for othcis
In   the   tamei   woild   which  is  b
ushcicd in it is inconceivable that her
carcci of adventuic, suffering, exile
and i enunciation can ever again bc
duplicated.���Toi onto Globe.-
Farming^ A Skilled Trade
made by the British government lea-
Stacking   Wheat   Is   a' High-Grade
��� Performance
There is resentment "in-certain  cycles over, the assumption, conveyed in
lhc "appeal of the-''merchants;'clerks
and professional  men" of
Kansas    to forego their
tions and devote thc time so saved t" ' dicaiion
a town  in
usual vaca-
in cveiy
case cmployci s have tangible assets in
Canada ) f
"3 Lockouts and stakes to bc p.o-
hibitcd and dcclaicd illegal. All disputes between cmployci s and employees to.be referred lo arbitration
for determination, binding on all parlies concerned.
"4. One or more permanent tri-
bunals to be appointed in icspect of
every important group of industries
or trades, to investigate and adjudicate' in the case of any dispute between employer and employee when
such dispute cannot"bc otherwise sct-
j tied; sufficient of such tribunals lo be
set up to obvialc delay in dealing
with any question'referred'for adju-
Each such tribunal to con
e   final  judge  of a
said Benjamin    S   Herbert,
the   Ravenswood     Citizen,
Chicago, in a lecture before the students in journalism at the University.
Mt    Ilcibert  is  noted  for his  success in running a small local paper in
a huge metropolitan city, and of his
woik m this line he said. "In a countiy tawn where the interests arc usually ecu lied in one place, it is com-
paialivcly easy to run a paper, for one
can tell just what all the people want
and expeel, but in a la.ge city, where
the interests arc divided, it is nccessaiy to deal with a ceitain small restricted class of people, such as    the
VXl.CA,    social    workers,    welfare
boaids,  thc chinch,  impiovcmciit associations and the like. Under no circumstances    should the    local cditoi
even dream of a huge, inclusive circulation     ll is  nol  to bc expected,"
added' Mr. Herbeit
"Al ill times," continued iti Hci-
bcrt, "the local edilor should be acquainted with public lmpiovcmcnts,
in fact, with all things that arc for
lhc benefit of thc community at largc,
and in addition to an increased circulation, thc cditoi will gel a great
deal of satisfaction out of doing
things really woith while, more satisfaction than money can possibly
buy. But besides an inci cased circulation and personal satisfaction, the
people will have a gicatci icspect and
belief in the papci, and thc returns
fiom advertising will materially inci ease," emphasized Mi   Hcibcit.'
"lhe largci metropolitan dailies aic
so taxed fo. space that thej can only
print thc urtuuuil oi big things that
'break' and in that fact lies the secict
of the success of the local newspaper,
for the local can publish thc 'local
stuff' the things that make a di.cct
appeal lo thc people, and the news
that always gets 'across,'" said Mi
He. bcit m conclusion. ��� Cha
Daily New s
Looks to Dominion for Guidance in
Piesent Juncture
What is, in a few woids, the economic  strength  of  Rumania,   the  gallant    little kingdom Avhich    was our
staunch   ally   :n    the    war,   and    to
which Canada has vnow granted a credit of $25,000,000''      Rumania before
the    war    contained   600,000    square
miles, with a total population practically equal to that of Canada.    With
the additions    made    by    the    peace
treaty, Rumania   will probably   have
from fifteen to eighteen million people.   Mineral resources   aie    important, though only paitly worked.   The
principal are  rock" salt,  lignite     and
copper.    The Rumanian oil fields    in
1910 gave 1,344,000 tons of exude. The
private  capital  invested in -home industries was about $100,000,000.  Official  statistics   cover  52  principal industries.
Farm produce is an important pait
of the nation's wealth. In 1912 the
acreage for the main cereals was:
Wheat, 5,100,000, barley, 1,230,000;
maue, 5,130,000, oats, 943,000. There
weic 183,000 acres undci cultivation as
vineyards,'-.with a production of 37,-
700,000 gallons of wine. Tlie forests
include loughly 7,000,000 acres of
pine, oak, larch, maple, birch, elm,
willow and walnut trees
Live stock consisted of horses,
824,000, cattle, 2,660,000; sheep, 5,-
260,000, hogs, 1,000,000, besides goats,
mules and asses Ihere is valuable
fishing in the Danube and the Black
Sea A gieat part of the fisheries is
owned by the States. Theie are 2,167
miles of railways.
Rumanian commerce from 1896 to
1906 showed an increase of 50 per
cent., and in 1911 with a total of
$250,000,000 it was more than doubh
the aveiage for the ycars '1896-1900
The last   icturns   of
>: rible Suffering Of
Labrador Esquimaux:
Missionaries   Send' Reports   of   tha
���   Misery Caused By Influenza
Epidemic '
St. John's, Nfld ��� Details of the in*
roads made by influenza among inhabitants of Esquimaux settlements in
Labiador last winter, and the difficulty of disposing of the dead, are furnished in reports from nortnern missionaries received by the colonial secretary. They tell a story of-depopu-
lation referred to as "another step
nearei the end of Labrador Esquimaux," and of terrible conditions in thc
wake of the plague.
Bishop Martin, of the Moravian
missions, writing from Heb'eron, said
that all of the 100 Esquimaux m that
settlement became ill, and in a week
86 died, leaving only eight children,
five women and one man. ~>
"In thc mission house," he continued, "we all havc been sick, too, but
not so severely as the Esquimaux. At
the beginning of the epidemic, the
bodies were put in to our small dead
bouse, but that was soon filled up,
and as thcic was nobody strong enough to remove thc dead from the ��
bouses, most of thc Esquimaux hutf
were filled with bodies. The fourtce*
survivors found refuge together in out
"For five or six weeks we were
unable to do anything in regard to
the bodies, we were so few, and too
weak to do any hard work. Our situation was awful Some men who
survived came from Saeglek to help
unclean the houses and the station.
* "Aftcr all-the inhabitants of some
huts died, fcogs broke into the huts
and ate some of the bodies. When
they^had done so, they got very vicious arid dangerous We killed the
dogs at the station (about one hundred), but could not destroy them all.
Therefore, the dogs and thc graves
had to be watched day and night.
_  more prominent than any other Ian
for facilitating transportation by    air'.guagc at  thc A'crsailles  peace  table
It is the tongue of two of what
for Qomnicicial purposes.    Planes for
*  tiie usc of post offices, police patrol
planes, observation    planes  for geographical,    surveys,     and     excursion
planes will bc shovvn^but exhibits of
aircraft designed    primarily for military use aic excluded. The motor in-
__ dustry_wiH_be _weILrcprescnted ^and
will include- both ordinary and special
automobiles designed for usc in connection wilh air transportation. Various kinds of wo'od, metals, paint, canvas, and machinery    used in airplane
manufacture also will bc shown.
. Apparatus such as instruments   for
trip rccoidcrs, air speed meters, ways
and means of lighting aeroplanes and
landing fields, tanks, propellers, carburetors,    magnetos, flying suits, apparatus for aerial photography, etc.,
will be included in the exhibit.    Lectures   will  bc   given  on   the   building
of aeroplanes, regular air service.to
foreign  countries, aerodynamics, and
kindred      subjects.        Demonstration
flights als.6 will be-made.
called thc Big Four in the weighty
negotiations. In its dreams of world
domination the German government
required English to be taught universally in ils public schools. An educated German*'is rare who lacks a working-knowledge "of "English.
Thc entire world may rest assured
that the English language is worth
while. It is itself a composite, but
with a virile, admirable formation of
its own. Within it circulates the
lifcblood of the best to bc found in
past history. Great men by hundreds
havc spoken English. Thc greatest
inventors talked and worked in English. Tl.e greatest poet wrote in
English, and hc has been fitly called
the greatest exprcssor that ever lived.
In   ihc   evolution      of   the   nations
i.more, than. . .100,000,000... Americans
speak this richly creative hngiiagc,
and have worthily added to it.���From
the St. Louis Globc-Dcuiociat.
work in the* harvest fields, that the! sist of Uvo '"embers appointed by the
citv man needs merclv to lay down his | employers, two appointed by the em-
pen and lake up thc pitchfork to be- i vloyccs, and a fifth appointed by the
come a skilled farmer. There's ciaft | government. It would probably bc
p.ide among the farmers of Kansas.
They think 'their trade calls-' for as
much special skill as some othc.
trades that thcy might mention. A
weekly published in TopCka says that
"a town man on the farm is merely in
thi? way."
Even    thc    opciation    of shocking}
Germany To Reduce
Her Food Prices
Government Declared  Its  Readiness
-   to Supply Food at Lower
i Copenhagen. ��� Bcilin , messages
i state that at a conference with the
' raihvayinen's representatives the German government declared its readiness to supply food at considerably
lower prices for the whole population
in the course ..of... !he next three
months, and also agreed to continue
workmen's. councils in the railway
service for thc present. The strikers
thereupon agreed to resume work and
thc   majority  of  ancstcd  stikc  lead-
After much deliberation, we decid-
exports   bcfoie,cd to bury the bodies in the sea. ,By
the war showed a value of $26,000,-1 sledge we earned the bodies on  the
The following figures show   the; ice to very deep water, made a hole
in the ice and buried them there."
Reporting that 70 of the 320 inhabitants of thc district of Sandwich
Bay were victims of the plague, Rev.
Henry Gordon gave a similar account
of sufferings. fle said thc orphans
had been distributed among thc different settlements.
piopoition of trade done by vaiious
European countries with Rumania
in 1911. Belgium, 23 12 per cent, Germany, 17.19 pei cent, Austria, 15 85
per cent., United Kingdom, 1182 per
cent, France, 668 per cent ; Holland,
6 48 pei cent , Turkej, 6 80 pcr cent ;
other countiics, 12.06 pcr cent.  >>
Rumanian exports Went chiefly to
the following countries: Belgium, 38
pcr cent.; Holland, 11.12 per cent.;
Austria, 9 per cent.; United Kingdom,
8.1 per cent.; Italy, 7.16 per cent.;
France, .1 per cent.
iVThc Canadian
necessary to have one or more simi- crs were released.    At
lar tribunals to deal with the disputes Gochhlz
in miscellaneous industiics or trades.!
"5. In the    event of a lockout  .by
I tire
au employer or ol a strike of, employees, and thus a violation of lhc
law% lhe employer or the union, as thc
case may  be, to  be heavily  fined  in
wheat, wc are reminded, an operation , Pr��l>ortion lo his or its assels, and in
that  "requires perhaps  as little S]c,j] i addition the employer and  the mem-
and knowledge    as any farm    opera
tion," calls for some experience.   Tl
a meeting at
lowcvcr, a strike on the en-
owcr     Silcsian   railway    system
was unanimously decided upon. .   -
llie Weslfaclische Zcitung learns
irom Frankfurt that a Dutch banking
system    had
Trade Commission
has on file other interesting data, the
most recent compiled, of Rumanian
trade." All thc information received
from thc best"sources in London and
Paris indicates that Rumania is likely
to be one of the-most stable and prosperous of the countries of the Near
The thrifty, industrious nature of
the people, thcir love of home, and
their intense patriotism are assets
which cannot be- estimated, but which
arc qualities which will be appreciated
above all countries in Canada. Mr.
Lloyd Harris, head of the Canadian
Mission in London, slates lhat the
way' in which Rumania parliculaily
looks to Canada for guidance in the
The Soldier Farmer
advanced    Germany ajP-^se'1* juncture  is  thc most flattcr-
Germany "professes" "no repentance.
Father of  the  Typewriter
.      J"s' W years ago .Christopher I a-
Shc says the peace is one of violence,-}ll,anj Sholcs, the "father of the Ivpe-
thus declaring thai lack* of physical 'writer," vvas born in Pennsylvania'
power, not hci* will, prevents Iter re-!WIliIc serving   as collector   of cusl
_ ..c
sheaves must bc shocked in such a
way that thc heads will bc protected
from the rain and_the_shp_cks_ tlicm-
sclvcs vvill offer a minimum resistance
lo the wind. Stacking wheat is a high-
grade performance. Some of the
tasks, such as pitching from the
ground to thc wagon, have been done
away with out in tlic country where
thc "combines" flourish, but .it is still
necessary on small farms. A man at
least needs thc knack of saving himself in the operation. And handling a
binder oi header not only involves
ability to handle from three to six
horses, but* also requires considerable
knowledge of machinery.���The Ore-
ibcis of his staff, o. the officers of the
union, or the leaders of thc employees, who may be found to havc been
personally responsible for the law being violated, to bc^ fined personally.
Any employe* who goes on strike to
credit  of 80,000,000 marks  for  delivery of foodstuffs
A Long Trip
Mounted Police to Journey North in
New Motor Launch	
A Parly of R.N.Vv.M.P." will make
be also fined, say, $60, to be deducted ;a lnp to lllc far noi'th tbis ycar in a
Young Royalties
Are Quite Jolly
netting-it.    May thc next ���generation
hot reproach ' thc present one.    Mav
oms, hc became interested wilh    two
other inventors  in  the  problem     of
determinations harden. Germany may | I,,aki,1& a machine that would wr:to
not bc Wed until there is a change |Icltcrs and words.    A letter written
on one of the early machines attracted thc attention of a capitalist, who
provided funds, and, thc other inventors having dropped out, Mr, Slides
continued improving thc model until
at last thc first practical typew riter
was put on the maikct. *
more fundamental than-yet manifest.
Germany must bc kept-unarmed 'and
frontiers strong until the danger
passes. Here arc our bulwarks of
peace. Thcic are none other as long
as Germany is as shc is.-r-Fr<-��m ��'
New York Tribune.
���rom thc
Thc Shortage of Violins
--For every jcar of thc war the world
was deprived of 1,000,000 violins. For
!nore than four years not one violin
was exported from Europe. Before
thc war 500,000 violins per annum
-wcrc exported from Markncukirchen,
Germany, and the same number from
Mirccourl, France, this being the centre lo which all the vioKn makers in
dozens of thc surrounding villages
brought the best work of thcir lives..
A Splendid Opportunity
Production is not only thc national
need���it is thc need of those engaged
in industry, first and^iorcniost. To
restrict it deliberately now would be
suicidal. Thc time for a new order
has arrived, and the opportunity. Thc
public will expect it to bc seized, and
will not forgive failure on cither side.
���London Times.
can ftuy ten  cents'  worth of
akatm anything now for thirty cents.
If a man lets the beard grow peo-
! pie say he is too stingy to patronize
' a barber, and it he shaves daiiy they
say it's because he is getting gray.
Twelve Thousand Girls Wait to Make
Their Bow to the  King
and Queen '    ,
Chief among the giris. in England
who are,to begin the gaieties thc war
has denied "them is Princess Mary.
There have been no official "comings
out" in thc past four ycars while royally did war reliefs work -and great
houses became hospitals.     .  '.��  '
Now it is said, that twelve thousand girls wait to make their bow to
the King and Queen. The'courts at
which such presentations aie made
are not to bc resumed this 3*car, their
plac^ to be taken by gat den parties
at  Buckingham Palace.
Princcfrs Mary,_with the Prince of
Wales and Prince Albert, have been
going of late to certain small dances,
dinners and theatre parties for young
people, and have shown that thcy are
not nearly so reserved and shy as
j thcy have been thought. These brothers are credited with, disapproving
of the way in which their sister, is
gowned and, hatted. They want to
sec her more "chic."
. ������_ ,   -       ,      motor boat,    A new motor boat has
at the  rate ol !>3 pcr month on  thc  , ,        ,    . . ���., ���������,,
��� . .     ��� been purchased at  a cost of $10,000,
pav roll of any emplovcr in  Canada       ,  ..      ...  , , .,     TJr   ,
'   -    , , , ,     and  it will  bc used  on  the Hudson
for whom the employee may bc work-   ���      . .    .     ., ,      . ,, ,T,..,, n
.,   ,     ,.      .        ., Bay trip bv the party of R.N.W .M.P.,
ing until thc fine is paid. , - ,   , f.   T�� ��� , ,i     ,      .-        ,
��,   ������ . ... , which left Prince Albert a lew davs
6.  I he various tribunals    to keep
continuallv- in touch with  thc condi-;    nM,    ���    .       ������ ��� . .-     c .
.        ,   .   , , I     lhc  party  consists     ot     Sergeant
tions  of each  industry or  trade and  T,    ���,���     f.    ...    ,,r     rl   ,-
. lhompson, Captain \\. P. I-reeman
lo have power at any tunc lo mvcsti- and Co'nstablcs Evic an<i UnwU and
gate conditions and examine records lhcy cxpecl to bc aWc tQ make ft ^
and accounts. All thc tribunals lo CQrd Jiip lQ Fort C|uirclliu and bacfc
meet together say, twice a year, so ukh Ulc usc of ���ic jR.w lrumdj>
lhat their members may have the ben- Fivc wtl0cs ^hh ,��� Jmlians wi|,
cfit of the information and experience take U)c parly up t,]c SpJit Lakc and
of all covering every trade and m- (lown ���lc Kd>on RJvcr Al Yorfe
dustry. Such general meetings to re- facU>ry lrpa,v moncy ^m b(. i(, t,)c
port to the government on such mat- Indians TI;c ,.,������-,, Js reportcd t0
tcrs as housing insurance^ cost of Tiavv arrivctl al Porl Nelson, aud from
living unemployment, technical cdu- lhcrc t0 Forl CIuirchiI1 tilc trip ^���
cation, and other questions affecting bc iua(,c by mQ[or ]aimf]i An cffort
thc health, comfort, happiness, and} will bc made to pu.h on to Fulierton
weltare generally    of    the    working, 'j-b
ing compliment to Canada's record
among the nations in the last twenty-
five years. "You havc built up," they
say in effect,^ "a vast country from
virgin soil. Wc also havc similar conditions, and we would lik
Canada as our model.'
^e to take
e party expect lo be back in civi_r
izataon again by thc end of August.
A woman always has thc last word
���and incidentally about 90 per cent,
of thc preceding conversation.
:,,, Queen Very Domestic
Quc*cn Mary has been much occupied al Windsor recently superintending the replacing of the treasures
which were stored away during the
war. Xo other Queen has taken this
domestic interest in Windsor or ins
known much about its contents, but
Queen Mary frequently motors down
from Buckingham Palace to sec .mo
alteration, and is said by the Windsor
staff to know more about thc *rcas-j
ures there than any of the officials
in charge.
Some time ago Her Majesty examined and re-classified all the china in
thc castle, and arranged for its belter
keeping. It was found that some of
the rarest pieces were lying away in
cellars, where thcy had been luicarcd
for and neglected  for years.
Memorial To Laurier
May Be Part of Statue to Be Erected I Part th�� &Uicd P��^crs have taken 'i
on Parliament w;n I tbe defence of minorities   hue -,co,��w
France Asks For
Equality For Jews
Endeavored    to    Secure    Thorough
Consideration for Jewish
Paris.���M. Pichon, the French foreign minister, replying lo a communication from thc chamber of deputies asking information as to the attitude of France in thc peace conference will) regard to thc Jews of Poland,   Rumania and   other   countries,
declared that from  the  beginning of
the conference    the French    government endeavored to secure thorough
consideration for the Jewish question
and had a-��kcd that conditions of absolute   equality  be   granted Jews   in
ncw or enlarged statcs.
These efforts, hc said, resulted in
thc treaty already signed by Poland,
guaranteeing complete liberty and
equality to Jews in political and religious matters. M. Pichon's communication,   in   closing,   eulogizes      the
Organization Schemes for the Placing
of Demobilized Soldiers on
the Land    "���
It is done today through land'settlement bills.    In Roman "days, your
Caesars or your Pompeys, and other-
triumphant leaders of the legions1 of
Rome turned their soldiers into farmers by the simple process of awarding ~,
them Latin lands or the    newly ac-"
quired territories   of   the   conquered.
But thc habit has remained of turning the fighter into a farmer and his
sword    metaphorically    into a plowshare.   There is probably not a community among    the English-speaking
allies which  has  not made extensive
progress    with    thc organization    of
schemes for the placing of demobil.
ized soldiers on the land.      In Grea/
Britain itself, 15,000   acres   have   zh
ready  been   acquired   by   the  county
councils,'  while another   83,000 acres
are "under consideration."    Then the -
board of agriculture has acquired 12,-
267 acres, and negotiations are in progress with regard to a number of other large   properties.    It is  intended
that-thc-cstates-which "thVb"oaTd_Iias" ~"
secured shall be developed on co-op-
jerative lines, cither as small-holdings,'
' colonics, or as large farms on a profit-
sharing basts.    So does thc modern
Lucius Quinctius Cincinnati   "retire
to his farm."
The wisdom of one generation will
bc folly in the next.
on Parliament Hill
Oltawa.���Liberals in caucus Considered the question of the erection of a
monument in  honor of the  memory
of thc late Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
Thc proposed memorial will be
apart from the statue to bc erected
on Parliament Hill, and for which
ere was a vote of $25,000 iu thc
estimates this session The money
will bc raised by special subscription.
Speeches in favor of th
monties, but asserts
that no country was ahead of France
in such defence.
The Paths Ahead
One of the advantages���and there
arc*"many���of tlic present world upheaval is the inrush of ncw political
and social ideas whose torrents almost obliterate'all thc landmarks of
thc age that closed with thc outbreak
The Queen Goes  Slumming
Her Sudden Unheralded Descent
Upon Bethnal Green
A whisper began to go around.
"The Queen 1" It vvas Queen Mary
visiting. London's poor at Bethnal
Green. Thc visit had been kept a
secret from all but thc mayor. Thc
people saw a quietly dressed lady,
in black, alight from a closed car,
theu the whisper began. Her Majesty had asked questions about . the
district where each acre Jiouses 417
people, or over seven times thc
health standard number. Thc result
was her sudden unheralded descent
upon the district. Cottages vvcrc
visited, and the Queen was very
quick to observe the extreme small-
ness of tlie rooms, the poor lighting-
and ventilation, and the frequent
dampness, For hours after the visit
Bethnal Green was happily excited.
lhe simplicity of the event won tiie
hearts of thc people. "What I did
like," declared a buxom mother,
"was the way she spoke to the children.    Shc called mine 'Duckie!'"
j    u    tt 1S Course wcrC ot war.    It will be vears before th_.
made by- Hon. Sydney Fisher, minis-! great masses "
*".?. aS"cuhurc under the late
of men finally get into
-ivir -j       t ^ ---    Sir J step on the road alonsr which civili^a
Wilfrid, and Senator Bcique, of Mon-! f      '
Chivalrous Private
The wife of a wounded soldier" was
given a permit to France to sec him
before he died, says thc London, England, Morning Post      The funeral
trcal, who have interested thems
in the matter, as well a      _   .
other ex-ministers and members
a- pvas on a wet, cold day. At the grave
��i>sidc the chaplain     whispered to ths
by several!Pe,mined the simi^'u h"^ Thi.^1���--?^1 ^ ^ *�� ��^ U*
���Ives <
-��� -non-is gomg-to press towards the ���=,l    -j    iti     "^',vr'    " '^ *" Ulc S^e-
,!of its desire.    Ldav. i   ;"   i,gr    S,dC th�� c?*^     ^bpewd to tb.
e may he
at length to the
prayer."   "Then I must kneel," sh��
A stitch  in time may
mouths of gossip.
close    the;
Occasionally    the    wires
j crossed and a   minister answer's
j call of somebody to preach.
uankind has come    Hi lenmn tr�� ��i,.*',~.-j     ��>r - '
k     .      j farther side of some unci Jt d   or   ,��� Clt - f' *?" "%* ^^ **
become|Thc plains lie in full view but a do 'X whispered agauL~    B�� a
N.       U.
-Xatal Advertiser. t comforted.
tmsMtMiMMMy' ;1&_WI*
THE     LEDGE.     Ci REEXWOOD.     B.     C.
Piraply Face?
Drive 'Em Away
This Very Night
Simple  and   Inexpensive  Way  to
Clear tip Sallow Complexion
An easy way to freshen up the
dullest, sallowcst skin is to purify
the blood, clear it of all humors, and
enrich it by tltc regular use of Dr.
Hamilton's Pills.
Not only will Dr. Hamilton's Pills
put roses in your cheeks and brightness in your eyes, they will do wonders for your general health, and
quickly make you feel and look like a
new person.
impossible to havc headache, indigestion, or bilious fits if you tone thc
system with Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Neither will you have torpid liver,
constipation or bad breath. Your
whole body will be cleansed, purified,
To  get back  lost looks and  to  rc-
the company, and hc felt that he had
a certain claim to advancement, not
only on account of his own faithfulness and devotion, but because of his
father's efforts in its behalf. As a
matter of fact, Rugglcs, senior's, inventions had been of far greater commercial profit to the company than
even thc inventor had ever dreamed.
A man of any business sense would
have resigned his salaried position
and found some-means of producing
his machines for the benefit of his
own interests, requiring either the
Walkeasy. or some-other shoe manufacturers to pay well for thc products
of his brain. Had hc done so he
might have.got very rich and Rugglcs, junior, might have been touring
Europe in a high-powered car with no
other aim or ambition than to have a
thoroughly good timc. Which proves
that liis situation ivas better for his
parent's lack of initiative in a commercial sense.
The   morning   following   Ruggles's
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BY  ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement .with Thos. Allen,
It had never occurred lo him that
there might bc a double reason for
this, one being thc wholesomencss of
his open, boyish face, and thc other
thc fact that thcy regarded him and
his shoehorn in precisely thc same
impersonal light. No doubt thcy also
felt instinctively that lie would bc
every bit as nice if, after taking down
a dozen boxes from the shelves and
' having made several pilgrimages to
thc reserve stock in the cellar, they
might come to decide that their needs
could not bc satisfactorily supplied.
So far as his immediate forbears
were concerned, Rugglcs had really
no legitimate quarrel with his place
in the world. His father had made
shoes, or parts of shoes, all his life,
for many ycars as an operative in a
manufacturing concern from vvhich
thc Walkeasy had partially sprung. It
was there that hc met Ruggles's mother, a prttty Irish girl and also one
of the factory force. Ruggles, senior,
had been with thc Walkeasy Company
as foreman ever since its incorporation, and being of an inventive mind,
hc had evolved some highly valuable
machines for stretching and stitching
calfskin. Any one of thc elder Ruggles's inventions, if properly handled,
might havc brought him a small fortune. As it was, thcy had bc_cn appropriated by thc company, whicli in
compensation had slightly increased
his salary, but had paid him no royal-
tics. Unfortunately, Rugglcs, while
a clever inventor, had been a poor
business man, and when he had died
suddenly of pneumonia, it had been
found that his savings were all invested in worthless paper. Rugglcs, junior's, mother had died when he was
1 w elvc years old.
So Ruggles, junior, had been left
penniless on finishing school, and, following hereditary instinct, had 'gone
first into the factory and afterwards
store failing health no betier medicine
for man or woman than Dr. Hamil- j adventure on the Marne passed in its
ton's Pills could bc recommended. I usual well-ordered manner, and, thc
For forty years the Catarrhozone Co. | ���oon ll0l���. arriving, Monsieur Durand,
nave sold them under guarantee in 2oc   ., . .      , .     ,
],oxc<. I the    manager,  went    out  for his dc-
  ijcuncr.      In  thc absence    of Durand,
| Ruggles, as senior salesman, was no-
' initially in charge of the. shop.   There
were others  who had been longer in
the Paris store than he, but hc ranked
all but Durand in seniority of service
j wilh the company.     In a general way
; lhc    organization    of   the    Walkeasy
1 Shoe    Company was    based on    thc
i principles of a military service, which,
however, did not prevent a more effi-
jeient employee from being promoted
| over thc heads of his less capable se-
��� niors ��� which same may be said to
j hold  true of any  service,  whether it
j be    military,    commercial, or   of any
other sort, and nobody can deny   thc
justice thereof.
It was thc slack hour, and Ruggles
vvas looking out upon thc traffic flowing up and down the boulevard when
a big, heavy limousine of American
make drew silently up to thc curb,
and from it there descended a handsome,young giant with a fresh skin
and the hall-mark of his nationality
stamped most legibly upon him. Rugglcs had a good look at him as he
stepped down from the car, and his
vigorous young heart went oft wilh a
whirr of a motor when thc clutch is
suddenly released with llie gas turned
on full. Hc recognized that strong,
good-humored face with its heavy
forehead, high-bridged nose, masterful
jaw, and dark, decp-set eyes. .At a
single glance, it proclaimed thc young
man as Richard P. Downing, Jr., the
illustrious son of an illustrious father,
vvhich latter vvas none other than thc
president and principal stockholder of
the Walkeasy Shoe Company of
Rugglcs had no need to look again
at that strong, rugged young-old face.
In his honest heart, Ruggles was a
good deal of a hcro-worshippcr, and
the Downings, father and son, were
his most favored idols. He had followed with the keenest interest thc
career'of Dick Downing at Yale, rejoicing at his numerous successes ���
which it must bc admitted had been
rather athletic and social than intellectual���and condoning his few failures as due to a lack of proper support
on the part of those whom hc had
striven so hard to lead to victory.
Dick had captained thc football team,
stroked the crew, and won other athletic victories as opportunity offered,
for his had been thc good old days
when trainers' jealousies had not been
allowed to interfere with thc athletic
glory of Yale.
This brilliant epoch at an end, Dick
had buckled down to work like a
sturdy colt which, aftci having kicked
thc door, an even greater shock was
in store for Rugglcs. Dick, having descended, turned and held out his hand
to assist a lady to alight, and as Rugglcs stared, fascinated, hc saw that
this transcendent vision of loveliness
was the pulsating original of the portraits tacked about the walls of his
little Passy abode. It was actually
Ruth Downing, the only daughter of
Richard P. Downing and thc sister of
Dick. Ruggles had a sensation as of
a great many small white mice scrambling up his spine.
But in spite of this Olympian invasion, hc did not lose his head. Everything was in order for the visitation
of the heaven-born, anel Ruggles vvas
conscious of a soul-searching exultation that thc honors of the reception
were to devolve upon him and not
upon .Durand. The much bebuttoncd
boy whose duty it was to tend the
door had scampered off to lunch, so
Ruggles-opened the doors and waited.
The two Olympians diel not immediately enter. They paused to examine thc display of samples ih the window, and,.-so far as Ruggles could ascertain, seemed pleased with the exposition.
"Very latest models," hc heard Dick-
say, as he bent his Jovian brows on
the display. "Good a show as I've
seen in any of our shops, al home or
over here."
Then tlicy came in, those shining
ones, and it seemed to Rugglcs that
thcy shed a glow. Perhaps thcy did,
for it would havc been hard to find
their like in a search through many
cities; the young man strong, dominant, and kindly, with the features and
body of a youthful Vulcan; the girl
sweet and thoughtful of face, with
very dark, examining blue eyes, a
Grecian nose, the classic purity of
which was madc seductive by the suggestion of an upward tilt, a full-lipped,
mirthful mouth, set not precisely in
the horizontal line, and a chin like her
brother's, though without thc cleft���
or, at least, with no more than a suspicion of it.
;   (To Be Continued.)
Heart Palpitated
Could Count Every Beat
When the heart begins to palpitate
it will beat fast for several seconds,
then slow, then suit lo flutter, and a pears, with thc interest and co-opeia-
feeling of utter depression will comc j lion -in avi;ltion; which Prevailedvdur-
Over Sea And
Back In A Day
Speedy   Air Voyages Forecasted   By
Lieut.-Commander Read
New     York.���That    within     three
over your  whole system,  accompanied by weak, fainting and dizzy spells.
When thc heart gets into this condition, you become weak, worn and
miserable, and arc unable to attend
to either social, business or household
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills
will give prompt and permanent relief
to all sufferers from any heart weakness  or nerve  derangements.
Mrs. Walter Greivcs, Apsley, Ont.,
writes: "I had been run down, and
doctors told me I was anaemic, but
did not help mc with their medicines.
I could not sleep nights, my heart
palpitated so, and I could count every
I used to have such dizzy spells I
would have to go to bed. I was not
able to do auy work for eight months.
A cousin of mine had taken Milburn's!
Heart and Nerve Pills and told mc
vyhat they had done for her. I took
eight boxes of thcm, and now I am
able to help every day with the work.
I am so thankfui to 'tell others what
thcy have done for nic, so that thcy
may try this great and wonderful
remedy. 1 hope this may prove good
to someone who is suffering thc way
I did."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills arc
SOc a box at all dealers, or mailed direct on receipt of price bv Thc T.
Milburu Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Believe Ex-Kaiser
Will Kill Himself
ing the war, it will have become ihc
custom to travel to Europe by airship j
and not at all uncommon, to go over
in the morning and return in the afternoon, vvas foiecasted by Lieut.-
Commander Albert C. Read, of; the
NC-4, at a dinner given in honor of
him, Commander John T. Towers of
the NC-3, Lieutenant-Commander N.
L. Bellinger . of thc NC-1.V and their
crews, by the_Amcrican Flying Club
at the Hotel Commodore.
Commander -Read told of the enthusiasm for flying which he found
in England and France, and expressed
his astonishment to find such a lack
of general feeling toward aviation on
his return to thc'United Statcs.
Krupps Appeal To Workers
Heroism A Handicap
Lieut.-Col. Takes Old Job as Police
Attention has just been directed to
the hard case of'men of this class by
two dramatic incidents. One is the
public- statement by Sir Douglas Haig
that a demobilized officer Who Won
the V.C., D.S.O. and M.C., is at present trudging the streets of London in
search of work. The other is the" announcement that Mr. Arthur Richings
has rejoined thc Cardiff police force
as an ordinary constable notwithstanding thc fact that he has just relinquished the army rank of lieutenant-colonel.
Thc hitter's record is an astounding
one. Hc was promoted second lieutenant on the field, and his subsequent
Premier Eulogizes
Dominions' Envoys
Should Not Forget Burden Borne By
Hon. H. H. Asquith
London.���Premier.- Lloyd George
during thc course of his speech in
thc Commons rendered a tribute to
the assistance of the representatives
of-thc Dominions in connection with
the peace treaty deliberations. Hc
mentioned thc name of General Botha
(cheers), who participated in some of
the most difficult commissions, notably territorial commissions for adjusting the extraordinary delicate
complex, ethical, economical and
strategic questions vvhich had arisen.
"We owed a great deal to the ability and judgment with vvhich they
helped on the innumerable commissions, and their work has been the
admiration of foreign delegations,"
said Premier Lloyd George.
Sir Edward Carson expressed
gratitude to the Premier for the
greatest achievement in history. Hc
had done so'.much that the nation vvas
unable to realize all they owed him
in patriotism, courage and genius in
carrying on the war. That Was the
greatest contribution any man had
given. Hc believed history would
say, as regards the organization at
home, -which meant so much for the
success in the"" fTeia~tluTt The nation
owed the Prime Minister a debt of
gratitude.    Hc had  done more-than
By Strikes Important Orders Have
Been Lost
Kssen, Germany.���Krupp's works
j l.av^; had issued a statement lo lhcir
workers, drawing attention to the fact
that hy their strikes and the consequent unrest in Germany important
orders have been lost. A case has
been cited of a contract with a great
Dutch concern, which was lost and
went to England,- despite the muci
lower price quoted by Germany, because the Dutch mistrusted thc ability
of Krupp's lo carry out lhc contract.
Similarly, steel deliveries for the Norwegian state railway were given to an
American firm, this also at a fai
higher price.
. , any man. to preserve  thc liberties of
promotions   were astonishingly rapid, i..     v.ori,i
Mentioned m dispatches three times.j    M\hc ^ Unlc t,)Cv shoukl nQt
hc wears six wound stripes, the -Monsjf Ulc bimkn bonl<; b    Ho���. H.
Star,    the    Croix    dc    Guerre  (wUh|H> Asquith oady in thc wan . He had
"Black   Watch'"���The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market
Drastic Decree In Sonora
U-Boat   Commanders   "Wanted"   By
Entente Said to Be In "Pact
of Death"
Up and down the Rhine-
land goes thc word that William Ho-
,' lienzollern, formei emperor of Germany, never will be brought to trial
as provided in the terms of the peace
treaty whicli the conquered nation,
through its Weimar assembly, has
now voted to sign.
Friends of the former kaiser' "are
not saying that he will commit suicide rather lhan face thc judgment,
but one reads in their .declarations,
pompous and verbose, that their ideas
of the maintenance of William's Jion-
or hinges on that eventuality. Whether or not the man whose honor was
such that he ran a way rather than
face his nation's crisis is such as to
give him thc nerve to solve-the nasty
problem by* removing himself 'does
not appear to enter into thcir.specu-
Iations. Thcy are simply sure-the
former kaiser will never , comc. to
Ih connection with thc Rhineland
expectation that the kaiser .will rather
commit suicide than face trial, there
is another interesting story going the
rounds of the Rhincland's beer gardens, Where chagrined Germans are
rejoicing over the burning of the
French flags in Berlin,"and planning
again for "Der Tag," when thej' vvill
clean up France. This story is to'thc
effect that those submarine commanders, on England's blacklist : for
crimes against humanity committed
in the von Tirpitz "spurlos versenkt"
sea warfare, and whom-thc allies purpose to try, have formed ��� a suicide
club. It is said that the club has held
several meetings. The main idea is
lhat its members will defeat justice
by killing themselves, if justice gets
loo close on their trail.
into  llic retail    service  of  thc com
pany. He liked the business and was j up its heels in the pasture for a term,
at this timc fuil of ambitious dream*, j is not too proud to throw ils neck into
for it had been hinted to him that if I the collar.__IJe._l.aeLstarted in-to find
out how shoes wcrc made, and had
helped to make thcm, working shoulder to shoulder with the operatives in
thc factory and swamping prejudice
with the overflow of his big, kindly
nature until hc had undergone a sort
of apotheosis and become the factory
deity. This vvas nol thc result of handicraft alone. 11 c had interested himself in the conditions of the employees
his success in selling shoes were to
continue on the same high plane he
might before long be promoted to the
managership of a ncw retail shop
which there was some talk of opening
in Vienna.
Ruggles, it must bc understood, vvas
really and sincerely proud of thc
��reat industrial machine of which hc
was    so small    a working^part.      It
palms), thc Military Cross, and is also
a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.
Perhaps one may bc pardoned for
questioning whether there is not
something wrong with an army administration which allows a man with
an active service record like that to
disappear into tlic decent obscurity of
a police constable's tunic.
faced an uiiprcparcel country, anel
had great difficulties in bringing it
to a realization of its responsibilities
iu thc war.
Sir Edward made an eloquent plea
for thc league of nations. Hc declared that if it did nothing else, it
would make peace more fashionable
than war.
Persons   In   Any   Way   Dealing   In
Liquor Shall Be Executed
Washington, District of Columbia.
���Gov. Plutarcho Ellia Callcs, of Sonora, Mexico, vvho has just been appointed Minister of Industry, Commerce anel Labor in the Carranza
Cabinet, has solved the difficulties of
enforcing prohibition laws. Governor Galles recently returned to Sonora to turn over the government of
thc slate to Adolfo De La Huerta, his
successor. Mr. Callcs had previously
decreed prohibition ...for Sonora, but
on his return found that moonshiners
and smugglers wcrc evading the law.
So, following Carranza's system, of
legislating by decree, which was first
used in Mexico in thc prcconstilution-
:tl days and has-been "continued by
Carranza since that time, Callcs -issued another decree, addressed lo the
political heads of lhc various city and
town officials, which  reads:
"The executive has seen fit lo decree, so that you may bring it to the
notice of your municipality, in order
that there may bc no excuse of ignorance of the law, that hereafter all
those persons in any way dealing in
liquor shall bc executed."
Poland's "Wants"
seemed to him a magnificent achieve-' and bettered those conditions wilh
nirnt for an American concern to en-! never <,0 nn.ch as thc faintest hint of
trr into successful competition' with' patronage. Instead of devoting his
the trade of Europe and beat it on'its, attention to thc perfection of labor-
own ground. The splendidly cquipp-j saving devices he had devised means
id retail shops in Paris and London i for thc saving of labor as represented
and other cities suggested, in a way,iin his toiling fellow men and women,
thc powerful outposts of an invading'and thc result had proved more pro-
army, carrying as thcy did the Aiu'eri-j fitablc than the invention of soulless
i        Back to the Land in Belgium
; Thc armistice had hardly been sign-
Her Leading Men Planning Practical cd before a Belgian farmer had re-
Details for the Future ! turned to his former farm on the bat-
One of the most promising signs; tlcficld near Pockappelle, within a
for thc future of Poland is thc innnc-jfew m-les of Ypres. He has already
diatc and definite way in which her, cleared, levelled, dug and planted with
leading men arcplanning practical,; wheat several acres_of Jus .holding. _ A
details. Poland, for example, has com-j German "pill-box" of thick concrete
piled exact estimates of the quantity i forms a home for his family. It is
of agricultural tools and machinery | ibis class of farmer that the Agricul-
uceded to restore her agricultural life, I Uiral Rc,icf of Allies Committee is
a list ranging from 1,500 tractors to j bclping to get back to thc land by
1,200 dozen files and 150 largc chains !R'fts of suitable English livestock,
with spikes and hooks. Of thc smaller j Many hundred head of cattle, pigs and
tools of the farm Poland has decided I Poultry havc already been distributed
that shc will need 300,000 hoes, 150,- j amoiiQ. thc small holders in Belgium.
[000   picks   300,000   shovels,    150,000 	
jax.es, 300,000 spades, 50,000 mattocks,
'300,000   sevthes 450.000   sickles, and, . . ,
300,000 whetstones    to keep thc tools' ^tomobilc to every eighteen persons;
sharp.    It is in  line with this practi- i J"  C:u,ad'1  t,,crc ,s  0nC t0 cver-v 2o;
Not Nice
William Iluggins was angry, and he
certainly appeared to have some justification for wrath. *
"Liza," hc expostulated, "don't 1 always tell you 1 won't 'avc the kids
bringin" in the coals from thc shed in
my best 'at.    lt ain't nice, Liza."
"Just listen to reason, if you please,
Bill," said his wife, coldly. "Yon have
spoilt the shape of that hat with your
funny head, and, as you're working
coal all (lay at the wharf, what can a
little cxtra-eoa!-dust"uryour"liat matter?"
"You don't sec thc point, Liza,"
said William, with dignity. "1 only
j wear that, 'at in the hevenin's, an' if
while I'm bout I takes it l.orf my head
it leaves a black band round my forehead, Wot's the consequence? Why,
I gets accused o' washin' my face with
my "at on.   And it ain't nice, Liza."
Five Hundred Years Ago
New Europe  Strangely Like a Very
Old Europe
What is happening now with regard
lo the parcelling out, of tl.e countries
in Europe into new racial divisions is
very much like what it was 500 ycars
ago. According to Sir Sidney Low,
ncw Europe was strangely like a very
old Europe. Five centuries ago;-there'
was then a united and - independent
Poland, including West Prussia and
reaching as far as thc Baltic. There
was a kingdom of Bohemia embracing
the Czccho-SIovak countries, a kingdom of Hungary, a Ukrainia," or Ru-
thenia divided off from Muscovite
Russia, a separate Courland and Esthonia, a greater Serbia or Jugoslavia, a Greek kingdom - occupying
thc rest of lhc Balkan lands, except
thc Dalmatian coasts and islands,
which wcrc under an Italian republic.
Then timc worked its slow,but drastic changes. Most of these minor
stales were stvallovvcd up in the four
great imperial aggregates, Austria,
Russia, .Turkey and Prussian Germany. The war leaves thc empires
broken so that the map oi the 20th
century will show the medieval kingdoms and republics revived, and will
strikingly resemble one vvhich might
havc been drawn in the fifteenth.
Use Cuticura to Keep
Your Hair From FaOmg
How many times have barbers given
tbis advice to men who are losing
their hair because of "dandruff and
scalp irritation.-'At night rubCutl-
cora Ointment into the scalp. - Nest
morning shampoo with Cuticura Soap
and hot water, - A clean, healthy
scalp means good hair.) -.-_      yw��
"-Cuticura Soap 2Sci., Oznbneat 25 aad 60c.,
Talcum 25c plus Canadian duttea. Sold
everywhere. For sample each free aiMieat:
"Cutknra. Dept. N. Bootea. V. 3. A/T
Part ot the .irta cotrne auy bt'witwd by
Mining. Chanted, Civil,
Maehanionl and BUotrlcal
mum scmml    iMMumoi ttnm
J��ly aad August. December toAprit
C8 CEO. Y. CHOWN, Rsf Istnur.
Huge Vote For
Building Ships
Thousands,  of   Dollars   Voted    for
Public  Works All Over
the Dominion
Ottawa.���In the House of Commons, the Minister of Finance, Sir
Thomas White, tabled supplementary
estimates totalling $36,723,120, -which
will be voted by Parliament before
prorogation. The chief item is one of
$10,000,000 for the construction of
vessels in accordance with thc government's shipping program. Many
thousands of dollars arc voted for'
public works all over thc Dominion,
and also for harbor and river improvements, including $500,000 for-a
new dry dock at Esquimalt, British,
Columbia, and harbor improvements
at Port Arthur'and Fort'William, On-
tario, as well as at Toronto," Quebec,
and St. John, New Brunswick.- ��� Of
the amount to bc voted $23,494,256 is
chargeable to current revenues, and
the remainder to capital account.
the United  Stales  there  is one
cal    consideration    of the immediate!
iu  Australia, one for cvery 100;    in
��� 7 .    "",i   ."r> V " i          ."i ~ r    . "f'.Y"   England, one for everv 268; iu France
. future that Poland was thc first ot thc,         .     '    ,   .     ,      * .    , ���_,
j        ,            ,   .                  .        . i i- i      lone in    402; in  Italy,    one in  1,002;
newlv created nations to establish a'         .               .    , ���    '        ,    .    X'.
I         "      . ,    ,               -      .,       -,- .    ,; Mexico, one in 2.38>:   and   in China,
; commercial    bureau    m    the    united! .	
Awkward For Hubby
o.ui ensign far and wide and compelling admiration  for American   cntcr-
machines could possibl}* have been. It
must bc admitted, however, that  the
/one  in  267,207.
prize and commercial daring. Ruggles' profits had not accrued solely to thc
had lofty visions of thc day to come'company. - Several thousands of hu-
wlicn, these outposts pushing farther j man beings who worked for the com-
and    farther into the    ifast, thc sun j pany had been  likewise benefited.
would  never set  on   the  /lag of
Walkrasy Shoe  Company;  when,
But    Ruggles's   adoration    of   this
demigod was not based solely on such
matter  what the hour, in  some part j impersonal tenets as these. While cni-
of the world thc doors of the company would bc open to customers,
whether in New York, Paris, Budapest, Bombay, Hong Kong, Sydney,
Honolulu, San Francisco. And hc,
Rugglcs, might be commandant of
one of these depots, jealously guarding the interests of the great organization and defying thc attacks of foreign trade rivals. It vvas an inspiring
Oi course he was" still young for
such a position, but hc knew the-business thoroughly and stood well with
ployed-in one of thc New Vork retail
store-;,-he had one tlay comc into personal relations with Dick Downing,
who had dropped in to buy a pair of
shocs. .Rugglcs. who. had waited on
him; had been shocked to observe that
he was shod in footwear of an alien
brand. Worse than that, they were
thc shocs of a sharp business rival.
Hc alone of all the people in tbe shop
had penetrated Dick Downing's incognito. Discovered thus in sin by tTie
ingenuous Ruggles, Dick had laughed. '
"The proof of thc pudding's in the
; eating, old chap," he had said to Rug-
*%fAmvisa tirSBllIateJi EyeiidS, jgks.   "Don't give me away.   I wanted
M OOa   ��ye* ilSaJa��J>7Xffl?i't0 satisfy myself how thcy compared
mb.  v ��������� ��aret��S����8ta��faiidWI___#'   .,      y     %.    , f,     ...
E .'_..*�� ffiucklfKliCTedbyirariie:with ours* They re punk!' And he
*%f ^^^^WHij. NoSniartjsg,!liad.paid his bill, shaken Ruggles
*�� jnjt Eye Conrfert.    At!firmly   by thc hand, and "departed.
yc��t Dre��wtt or hy m��i ��te p�� Bottle. wilh nobodv ;��� ,hc p1aCf, xhli wi,,r
--�� iaftft ���* t&e Eye free write *��������    _     -       -      .      ,
j     Confectionery in Ancient Egypt
i    Thc invention of confectionery, an
'English    writer    guesses,   is due    toj
I Noah, who "first hit on  the idea of.
[boiling down thc starch, of thc wheat!
and thc juice of the grape.    Thc rc-
i suit was a paste, said to bc thc orig-!
J inal of our present-day "Turkish delight."   Among thc ancient Egyptians
whole    fruits,    particularly figs    and
dates, were used    for flavoring pur-j
poses, tlic latter especially for    preserves and cakes.    In old tombs dale
sweetmeats- havc been, found, also records of honey jellies.    The making
of confectionery, in  fact, goes back
3,400 years, proof of which is to be
found    on the    walls. "of    Egyptian
Silence niii> be golden, but !? never
j sounds in borrowing a dollar.
Hurrah!   How's This
Cincinnati authority ��ay* corns
dry up snd lift cut
1 with finfleri.
Liquor Policy to Be Revised "
Toronto.���In view of the Senate's
action in refusing to pass the prohibition bill for the Dominion of Canada, the Ontario government will find
it necessary to reconsider its whole
policy of selling liquor. On this account it is probable that no more sales
ag<*nts will bc appointed elsewhere
th?n where shops arc already in oper-
Bui now, as he stood  <p n
Hospital records show that evcry
time you cut a corn you invite lockjaw or blood poison, which is needless, says a Cincinnati authority, who
tells you that a quarter ounce of a
drug called freezone can bc obtained
at little cost from the drug store, but
is sufficient to rid one's feet of every
hard or soft corn or callus.
You simply apply a few drops of
freezone on a tender, aching corn and
soreess is instantly relieved. Shortly the entire corn can be lifted out,
root and all, without pain.
This drag is sticky, but dries at
once and is claimed to Just shrivel up
any corn without infiaming or even
irritating the surrounding tissue or
If your -wife wears high heels she
will be glad to know of this.
American CfBcers Decorated
London, England.���Sir Douglas
Haig decorated 16 American officers
on thc Horse Guards Parade, before
Major-General Biddle and thc British
and American staffs, surrounded by
thousands of spectators. Sir Douglas
said he hoped they would regard the
decorations not only as a recognition
from Great Britain of great services
rendered, but also as reminders of the
feeling of close comradeship existing
between thc armies in thc field, as
well as the admiration, esteem and
rcal affection with which thc Briiish
forces everywhere regarded thcir
comrades in the American army.
Big Increase in Fish Catch
Ottawa.���An increase of over $800,-
00 in'thc total value of sea fish taken
during thc month of May this ycar,
as compared with the same month a
year ago, is shown by the monthly
statement on sea fishing results issued" from the Nava! Department.
Thc total value of sea fish at the
point of landing on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts during May
this year was $3,085,050, while in
Uzy, 1919, it was $2,229,877.
Mme. Melba Tells an Amusing Story
Concerning a Young Married
Mine. Melba, who sang at thc
gala performance at Covcnt Garden
during May, told an-amusing story at
a. Red-Cross-cntcrtainmcnt-rccently.-
It concerned ' a young married
couple and a rich- aunt from whom
thcy hatl expectations, and who incidentally was fond of music.
Aunty came on a visit to the nevv-
ly-wcddcd couple (said Mme. Melba)
and.witcy told her lhat hubby had
just -recently made a record of* her
favorite violin solo on thcir gramophone.
The old lady was quile pleased,
and naturally wauled to hear it.
"Well," said thc young wife, "as a
matter of fact, wc haven't tried it
ourselves yet. but I'll put it on."
Shc accordingly did so, and the record proved a great success, but unfortunately just aftcr thc solo was
finished, with fatal clearness from
thc instrument came thc following:
"Phew! If that isn't good ior an
extra few hundreds in thc old girl's
will, I'm a Dutchman!"
The great curse, of this country now
is the fact that there are so many
public officials whose business it is
to attend to other people's business.���
Florida Times-Union.
N.       U.
A man always doea himself a good
turn when he tern* tip an ally to
<_o<Jgc a saloon.
Bolshevik in Bad Shape
Paris.���Reports from Omsk received here indicate an" improvement in
the situation of thc army of Admiral
Kolchak, head of thc all-Russian government, while thc Bolshevik arc
showing fatigue and have been weakened by thc transfer of troops to
other fronts.
Admiral Kolchak is receiving reinforcements, while the new recruits
mobilized during the spring are rapidly getting into condition for service.
Parents Smash School
Cutting   Hair   of   Pupils   Leads   to ���
Trouble in Scotland
Aberdeen, Scotland.���Thc parents
o.f children' attending an elementary
school here havc shown thcir resentment against thc action of the'auth-"
oritics in cutting off thc hair of g*ii!
pupils by an attack on the school.
Armed with missiles, a large crowi -
of men, women and children gathered -
near the school, it being understood
that the doctor was about to apply
the scissors    to    other    pupils' hair.
However,  it was impossible to  convince the crowd that the doctor had
left earlier in tbe ,day, whereupon thc
school windows were    wrecked    and
damagc-amounting-to over-$l,000 was^.
Forty policemen wcrc required to
keep order in the crowd, which was
estimated at 15,000.    '
Self-made women outnumber self-
made men a dozen to one ��� as any
dealer in cosmetics will tel! you.
Thc girl dressed in the crash suit
isn't necessarily loud.
Germans Will Ratify
Basel, Switzerland. ��� ~A dispatch
from Weimar, just received, says that
a bill has been introduced in the national assembly, providing for ratification of the peace treaty.' The German
national assembly, the dispatch says,
will ratify the treaty.
Probably no man ever wanted the
earth more than the one who is roak-
jing his first trip across the pond.
May be Overcome by Lyctta
��. Pinkham's Vegetable
Letter Proves It
TVest Philadelphia, P��.���" DnrijiR tbf
thirty yew* I have been married, I nave
been fn bad health
and had several attack* of.&erycti*
prostration nntil ii
seemed as if th*
organs in my whqfc
body were wot&
cat. I wm finally
persuaded to fry
Vegetable Compound and it made
a well woman of
me, X can now do.
t all my housework
and-advise all ailing- women io try
Lydia E. Pinkham'sTe����t&bi�� CK&
poend sad I wii] soaraateo tb*^ wit}
deriT* great WneSi from St-'-yMA
Fsaks TiT��Osiuy��. 25 N. 4ls��8trt*i
West Philadelphia, Ft
There are tfccntaa&of woa��B Vj<m*
where Is Mrs. Fitsgerald's condftKHB,
���-offering from nervoosness, backache,
headaches, and other symptoms of
functional derangement It w*i
grateful spirit for health restored wot
fed her to write this letter so that eth
women may benefit from her experience
and find health ac she has den*.
For suggestions in regard ioymx too*
dStion write Lrdia & Pinkfeam Medldn*
Co-, Lynn, Mass. The m&lt ��f tfcd*
iQ years experkee* a at Jeer aerrie*
a^isi_s��&*fei ?J.r -y.<
r~,- -y^-.
*-*.      C
'You will find the majority of people wearing - clean,   well-kept
ii  used  by  those  who  demand
a good, economical shine.
A Staon shine stays on  longer
than most shines���and  its easy
lo put on in the fust place.
Ask jour dealer for Staou.
[French Favored
i Cause Of Jews
Asked That Conditions of Absolute
Equality Be Granted Jews In
New or Enlarged States
Paris.���Af. Pichon, foreign minister,
replying to a communication from
membeis of thc chamber of deputies
asking information as lo the attitude
of France in the peace conference
with regard to the Jews of Poland,
Rumania and other countries, declares
that, from the.beginning of the conference, thc French government endeavored to secure consideration of
thc Jewish question and had asked
that conditions of absolute equality be
granted Jews in, new or enlarged
states. These efforts, M. Pichon says,
resulted in the treaty already signed
by Poland guaranteeing complete liberty and equality to Jews in political
and religious mattcis
THE     LEDG-E      ftREF.NWorvn      Ti      a
Deadlock at Kingston.
Kingston, Ont.���Negotiations between the metal trades council, representing the Canadian Locomotive Co.,
havc reached a deadlock, and the president has made a final offer of a 45-
hour week,'54-hour pay, and thc men
have rejected thc offer, insisting on a
44-hour week.
.Germans Extend Franchise
Weimar.���Thc German national as
sembly is still debating the ncw constitution and has cndoiscd thc article
qualifying any male citizen, native or
naturalized, who has reached the age
of 35, for'the office of president. The
natutalization provision was included
owing to the realignment, of the Gcr-
.man fionticrs depriving many former
German subjects of thcir nationality.
Thc constitution provides that thc
president shall It chosen by popular
vote. -"-.,���
If you would ciiticizc your boss, get
fully a mile away from everybody,
then whisper to yourself.
AS long as your butter is in
i. your pobsessiou, you can
contiol Its (Urroundings, But after
It ts slapped it is liej-oud your control. It may meet with all korts of
contamination oa the road.
afford positive Insurance for your
butter -wnllc It is in transit. They
are lmperrtous to taints and odors.
The hard bated, glazed surf ate is an
effective protection. They are light,
and do not ijcrea��eshipping:charges,
wiiile they are so durable that they
can be used over and over again.
An Eddy Tub will keep your butter
out of bad company, and luiff
rave its coat many timet over.
The E. B. EDDY CO. Limited
HULL. Canada
All* makers of the Fumous Fddr Mutcliee
-I < m ��� p���.���,������   -
Anarchist Plot In Rome
Central Part of Ancient Capital Was
to Be Attacked By Bombs
Rome.���An anarchist plot to attack
the central part of Rome by means of
hand grenades and other explosives
has been exposed by the arrest of sixteen of the conspirators four hours
before the timc fixed for carrying out
their plans.
About the same time thiity anarchists motored to Fort Partalata, four
miles from Rome, and tried to induce
the garrison to join in an attack in
the Rome market place. Thc soldiers
fired on the anarchists and seized several of them/ The otheis fled The
city remains tranquil.
Will Not Control
This Year's Wheat
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Use Airplanes In Pulp Survey
Ncw York���An airplane expedition
to asceitain the value of wood pulp
resouices of Labrador sailed from
Ncw York for Nova Scotia. This
party of foity is headed by Captain
Daniel Owens, who served two years
with thc British air foicc. It is planned to take several photos of all the
large forests and from these calculate
thc value of thc wood pulp.
Four airplanes arc to be used in thc
"Black   Watch"���The   Best   Black
Plug Chewing Tobacco on the Market
The King And The Sailor
Jean Bart Was as Ready to Defy Etiquette as to Brave the
Atlantic Gales
It vvas in the Palace of Versailles
that Jean Ban, the noted privateer
captain, was presented to thc French
King whom hc had seivcd so valiantly. Hc was the roughest of sea-dogs
and as ready to defy citquette as to
brave the Atlantic gales. Jean got
tired of waiting for the King, and, to
the horror of the courtiers, pulled out
his pipe and lighted up. Then the
King came in, and, not knowing what
else, to do, told the gallant skipper
that he might go on smoking.   Then:
"Jean Bart," said His Majesty, "I
havc just promoted you to thc rank
of Commodore."
"Sire," replied Jean Bart^'you havc
done the proper thing."
To Suppress Sinn Fein
All   Sinn   Fein   Organizations   Proclaimed at Dublin Castle as
Dublin.���A proclamation has been
issued from Dublin Castle dcclaiing
all Sinn Fein oigani/ations and Irish
vohintccis in the county of Tippciary
unlawful associations.
This announcement is made in a
memorandum by the chief secretary
for Ireland, enumerating a scries of
crimes and offences in the past year
and stating that as thc measures already taken have failed to check the
Sinn Fein's criminal activities "thc
government is compelled to suppress
the organizations."
Wouldn't Stay Down
A British steamer, thc Ravcnstone,
arrived in Boston harboi with a record of having been torpedoed and
sunk three times. Shc was attacked
28 times and sank three submarines.
Taking the example supplied by this
ship and applying the slogan of the
Salvation Army, "A man may bc
down, but he's never out," one can
form quite a decent model upon
which to build his life,
"If you must kiss a baby,*' says a
medical writer, "the back of the neck
is thc safest place." Wc always
thought that was what you lifted
them up by.���London Opinion.
The War Idea
v        Farmer Smith was painting his barn
battleship grey", and eveiy so far he
would marie off a fake window* and
���mear black stripes down  it.
\      "Arc    3"ou cfayy,   'Jim?"    asked a
.   neighbor,_"what you doing that fer?"
"Cammyflagc," was thc prompt'an-
"swer,    "at a distance    of'fifty foot,
tramps will think it's th' county jail.
Believe, me, I'm larnin' something new
from ih' war every day." ��� Hoard's
'    Daiivmau.
Want President at Home
Washington.���Thc President of-the
United Statcs would not bc permitted
during his term of office to leave thc
country or to perform thc duties of his
office except at Washington, under a
xbill introduced by. Representative
Campbell, of Kansas, chairman of the
house rules committee.
A true philosopher never - argues.
He mentally concludes his opponent
is a fool and lets it go at that.
Gladness is   appreciated    only   by
those who know what sadness is.
A little widow"
dangerous thing.
with    dimples is a
Royal Message By Dirigible
First British Airship to Cross Atlantic
Brought Greetings to -
' Olta'wa.-r-Thc first British airship
to cross the Atlantic brought a message of good wishes" from thc T-Cing
to the people of Canada. The message was addressed to His Excellency
thc Governor-General, and reads as
follows:    _ (
"Buckingham  Palace,
"June 28th, 1919.
"To His Excellency,
"The Duke of Devonshire, ICC,
"G.C.V., Governor-General and
"Commander-in-Chief- of Canada/
"I lake this opportunity of sending
by the first  Britisii airship, R-34, to
cross the Atlantic a message of good
wishes to the people of Canada from
thc old country.
(Signed) "GEORGE, R.I."
An Open Verdict
*������  �� ^��w�����.��**tm^m <m^   ���  i  '���     ii    i   iim
Proof   That   Police Fired Fatal
Shot in Winnipeg
Winnipeg.���That Mike Sokolowski
came to__hi$_ death durtng_a-riot-on
Saturday, June 21, as thc result of receiving a  bullet  wound   through   thc
heart, fired by some person unknown,
was thc verdict of the coroner's jury
sitting on thc case.   The verdict added  that  the  evidence showed that a
number of shots wcrc fired by rioters
and there was nothing to indicate that
.the shot   which killed Sokolowski was
fired by the police.
Juljr���thc month of oppicssivc heat;
red hot days and svvelteiing nights, is
extremely hard on little ones. Diarrhoea, dysentry, colic and cholera infantum carry off thousands of precious little lives evcry summer. The
mothci must be constantly on her
guard to prevent-these troubles, or if
they come on suddenly to fight them.
No other medicine is of such aid to
mothers during the hot summer as is
Baby's Own Tablets. They regulate
the bowels and stomach, and an occasional dose given to the well child
will prevent summer complaint, or if
the trouble docs come suddenly will
banish it. The Tablets arc sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25 cts.
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Out."    ���
Fires Caused By Lightning
Warning . of    Approaching    Electric
Storms By High Wires
How' to prevent loss from forest
fires started from lightning is thc problem being worked out by the Forest Service of Oregon, U.S.A. In the
last twelve years, there has ,becn a
loss, of $5,000,000 in Oregon and
Washington from forest fires, of
which 45 per cent, were of lightning
origin. Sixty- pcr cent, ol" lhc loss
was caused by lightning fires. In
New Mexico 65 per cent, of the fires
are of lighting origin, while 35 per
cent, of tn��s trees are killed by direct
hits before they reach maturity. One
of the methods proposed is to secure
warning of approaching electric
storms by high wires and other apparatus. On the first warning, patrol
men can be got lcady lo fight the
expected fires.
It is usually safe to say that when
a child is pale, sickly, peevish and
restless, thc cause is worms. These
parasites range thc stomach and intestines, causing serious disorders of
thc digestion and preventing the infant from deriving sustenance from
food. Miller's Worm Powders, by
destroying the worms, corrects these
faults, of the digestion and serves to
lestorc tlie oigans lo healthy action.
Austria Stands Alone
Paris.���The Austrian government
has given up, at least for the time being, the idea of a union with Germany, Dr. Otto Bauei, thc secretary
for foreign affairs, declared in a
speech delivered last week at the
congress held by thc council of workers, according to the Vienna concs-
pondent of the Temps.
Government Will Merely Restrict
Speculation on Wheat Mart
Ottawa.���Hon: A, K. Maclean, acting minister of trade and commerce,
being asked in the House if the Grain
Exchange vvould bc permitted shortly
to engage in wheat transaction, said:
"At present it was not the intention of the government to prohibit or
contiol trading in wheat in the cereal
year 1919-20 on thc grain exchanges
in Canada. If the grain exchanges
deal in wheat, it is to be expected,
owing to the fact that this grain is
not traded in upon the leading grain
exchanges of thc world, that regulations will bc madc ^operative so as to
restrict purely speculative transactions."
Mr. Maclean   being   further   asked
as to thc probable disposition of this
year's    wheat crop, stated    that  tIt-
question was much complicated hy ilie
delay in  thc  United  Kingdom     :i��.d
allied European connU ics    iu    determining   whether thty arc   to   permit
open     markets -for  the    futi.ie,    or
whether contiol would bc further continued.   Thc exchange conditions, thc
American fixed price for wheat, shipping thc probable exportable surplus
of wheat-producing countries, and the
general and world-wide financial and
economic conditions are all very im-
poitant and uncertain factors complicating the1 situation, and it  was  too
early ycl to determine with exactness
their inlluence in  estimating markets
and prices for Canadian wheat of the
coming  crop     This   uncertainly was
applicable    to    all    wheat-producing
countries.    Thc  government  realized
the    importance    to Canada of    the
question of markets, 'particularly for
Canadian surplus wheat, and was doing everything    possible to ensure a
fair shaie of the world's markets.
"Conceivably," he said, "the future
might develop conditions in Canada
necessitating diiect and positive action, but in thc meanwhile il is the
view of'the government that the open
market should prevail."
Yoii surely must tf you dop't save when you are
toung. MExcelsior^adowmentlsthebeatway.
Write for paraplet te-day
WINKIP8Q    iAMtATOOtf    fcDkO&TOtf    VAtfCODVBS
Real Seville
AU Orange anj Sugar������
No camouflage. J
' Bolted with care In SiherPant?
*>K youm anocER roit it.
Britain's Peace Day
London.���The government is making elaborate arrangements for national rejoicing on Saturday, July
19. The chief feature will bc a march
through London of over 18,000 men
and women, representing all the British forces, the mercantile marine,
and the' forces of India, the United
Statcs, Japan, Belgium, China, Siav
and other friendly powers have been
invited to send rcpicscnt.uivc detachments.
Fight Pictures
Unfit For Public
How to Make a Creamy Beauty Lotion for a Few Cents
Saskatchewan contributed $21,336.
or a little more than one-half of the
whole amount subscribed in Canada,
on account of thc agricultural "relief.
of the allies fund, according to figures
received from the deputy minister of
agriculture at Ottawa.
When yoii hear a girl speak of a
young man as a bear���well, you can
draw -your own conclusions.
A Ready Weapon Against Pain. ���
There is nothing equal to Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil when well rubbed in.
It penetrates tKo .tissues and pain disappears before it. There is no known
preparation that will reach the spot
quicker than this magic Oil. In consequence it ranks- first among liniments now offered to the public, and
is accorded first place among all its
Germany Does Not
Want Ex-Kaiser
Mueller Declared Former Ruler Was
Dangerous to Country
Berlin.���Former    Emperor William
The juice of two fresh lemons
strained into a bottle containing three
ounces of orchard white makes a
whole quarter pint of the most remarkable lemon skin beautifier at
about the cost one must pay for a
small jar of thc ordinary cold creams.
Caie should be taken to strain the
lemon juice through a fine cloth so no
lemon pulp gets in, then this lotion
will keep fresh for months. Every
woman knows that lemon juice is
used to bleach and remove such blemishes as freckles, sallowness and tan
and is thc ideal skin softcnci. whit-
ener ancl beautifier.   ,    &
Just try it! Get three- ounces of
orchard white at any drug store and*
two lemons from thc grocer and make
Columbus, O.���The Willard-Dcmp-
scy fight pictures may never bc seen
in public. In Ohio at least, thcy will
not bc placed on exhibition. The
Ohio censor board officially rejected
the pictuics as being unfit to bc exhibited in public. The probability of
the pictures being shown in other
stales is believed to depend on what
construction is to be placed upon the
Rodenbcig Act, which prohibits prize
fight pictures being handled in interstate commerce.
He Caught 'Em AU Right
He had experienced bad luck fishing. On his way home he called at
the fish store and said to the pro-
"Just stand over there and thiow
me five of the biggest of those trout!"
"Throw 'cm? What for'" asked the
man in amazement.
"So I can tell the family I caught
'cm. I may be a poor fisherman, but
I'm no liar."
Thiilccn may bc an unlucky number, but one sewing machine and
twelve phonographs will do thc woik
of one .woman.
belongs in the pathologic! ward and ^^01/10^    ^    ���efl'
President Wilson
Favors  Trial
The New Way -
A  little  four-year-old  of Plainficld,
who is most emphatically opposed to
having her face washed, said to her
grandmother the other day:
"I  am not going to wash  my face
any more."
When asked for an explanation, shc
said,    "I've decided    to havc    it dry
,-State -of- Ohio,--City���oi -Toledo,- "Lucas
.Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm of Y. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in tiie Citv of Toledo
County   and   State   aforesaid    and   that   said
fel, J"i ��|Ja3r the sum of OKE HUNDRED
DOI,LARb for anv ca<=e of Catarrli that
cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S
sworn to bcfoic me and Mibscribed ia
my presence, this. 6th day of December,
A.D.   1386.
tSeal) A. W. Glea��on, Noiarv Public.
intern*)!}- and acts through the Blood on the
-Mucous Surfaces ot thc Sjstem.
Druggists 75c.    Testimonials  free.
.   1". J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Labor Will Try the Polls
Winnipeg.���Leaders in thc recent
strike havc not by any mean's given
up thc idea of aiming to secure lhc
establishing of a six-hour' day, according to J. L. McBride, business
agent of thc electricians' union and a
member of thc strike committee.
When asked how he    would bring
this about, he replied: "At the polls
in   a  constitu-
ncxt  November and
tional way.    When you start out
beat thc law, v*ou simply can't do it,
and some of us alwavs knew il."
King Ludwig of Bavaria, who complains that he has no place to lay
his head, evidently hasn't thought of
resting it on the old Kaiser's bosom.
���Detroit Journal.
The-mere fact that a man doesn't
call yon a liar is no reason that he
doesn't think you are one.
'   A smile is appropriate for both summer and winter wear.
Drastic Action To
Stop Profiteering
Italian Profiteers Will in Future Be
Fined 10,000 Lire
London.���Kin;; Victor liumianucl
of Italy has issued a decree that pro-
fiteeers will in future be fined 10,000
lire, or sentenced to Fiom tiirce
months to three ycars in prison, and
will, in addition, suffer confiscation of
thc goods, according to a Rome dispatch lo thc Exchange Telegraph Co.
Unauthorized middlemen dealing in
food will suffer similar punishment, it
is said.
. Thc dispatches state that a general
strike was declared in Naples. Aftcr
looting outlying stores in that city,
a crowd attempted to reach the centre of the place, but was prevented
by thc police, who were occupying
thc principal thoroughfares. At Palermo the police arrested 400 former
convicts, who are alleged to be responsible for many of the disorders
Stated That He Agrees With Decision
to Try Ex-Kaiser in London
Paris.���The question of thc trial of
former Emperor William vvas ou the
program for discussion by thc Council of Three for several days while
President Wilson was still in Paris,
Renter's Paris bureau declares, in an
article regarding recent statements by
the members of the United "States
peace mission that Premier Lloyd
George's statement on the subject in
the House of Commons had comc as
a"surprise~to~tiicin. 7"      '
Router's, which says its information
comes from authoritative conference
sources, adds, however, that because
of..morc urgent business coming up,
thc discussion of thc question by the
council was postponed. Nevertheless,
the agency declares, it is known that
Presidcnl Wilson had expressed himself strongly as to thc place for thc
holding of the trial, and it asserts that
there is every reason to believe he
was fully cognizant of thc decisions
to  try thc ex-cnipcror in  London.
An Acute Observer
"Vou say the   Blanks   arc going 1(��
"I  think    so;  they have    begun  to
scratch matches on the walls."
is nol wanted in Germany, declared
Herman Mueller, majority socialist
leader and whip in the national assembly, in a speech delivered before
the majority socialist convention.
Herr Mueller, who is one' of thc
most conservative of the Socialists,
referring to the rumor that an attempt was to be made to bring about
thc return of the former emperor,
warned the Prussians said to_.be interested in such a move, that a majority of the German .people would
not permit his return. . The speaker
declared the former ruler was dangerous-lo the country and blamed his
verbosity for   Germany's misfortunes.
Herr Mueller's speech was received  with  cheers.
Tlic conference voted unanimously
in favor of a united German republic.
Other action taken by the conference
It voted down thc government project to create a fund of 1,000,000,000
marks to be obtained by adding an
extra hour to the working day, thc
pay for which will go to thc government.
It condemned thc recent execution
by the Bavarian government of Le-
vine Nisscn, Communist leader.
��� It-voted- iir favor of "tlic-witlfdfaw:
al of the German tioops from Esthonia  and  Lithuania.
It passed a resolution demanding
the abolition of thc death penalty.
daily into
the face.
and massage it
neclc, arms and
A Sure Corrective of Flatulency.	
When the undigested food lies in the
stomach it throws off gases, causing
pains and oppression iu thc stomachic.
region.   The belching or eructation of | "��ier that .peace  delegates  from
Waited Forty-Nine lears
To Be Freed From Mailed Fist of
Germans p
Paris.���"We have waited 49 years
for this moment," exclaimed Premier
Clemenceau as he opened the fateful
dispatch' announcing that Germany
would sign the treaty."-
"For forty-nine years," he continued, "the mailed fist of the Reitrc
(German trooper), who has governed Germany, has menaced the world.-
Whelhcr the man's name was Bismarck or William IT. it was still thc
same Reitrc of the middle ages, surrounded by soldiery and drunk with
"Be careful; keep your powder dry.
Be careful. Remind the world that it
is living on a barrel of that powder.
"This Rcitre's dogma was that
might is right, that a state's only obligation is its own interest, that treaties do not exist when they clash with
the interest of a state, and get rich
by any means. We know from witnesses who'werc at thc side of Wii-
liam II. that when he learncd_of_ the
Sarajevo tragedy hc, who posed as a
keeper of the peace, cried:
" 'The hour has struck. Now we
shall sec what au army is.'"
It is impossible to buy a friend lhat
is worth thc price.
these gases is offensive, adn the only
way to prevent them is to restore the
stomach to proper action. Parmelce's
Vegetable Pills will do this. Simple
directions go with each packet, and
a course of thcm taken svstcmaticallv
is certain  to effect a cure.
Consider Bulgar Peace
London.���General' , Crcticn.     com
niander of the  allied forces  in  Bul
garia, has informed the Bulgarian pre
Cleaning Up
country would bc called to Paris soon,
and that the Bulgarian government is
invited to nominate a delegation, according to a Sofia dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph.    '
*1|]1!(J   SU[   III   3;>Ul!Jptlll[
k pui! jpujsijo ui: ujj.wpq oatiaj^ip
aip i{<-mifuiisip oj j��]isui[ v. sjjjiij ^
Clogged Nostrils Open
Breathing Made Easy,
Caianh Cured!
New Method Very Successful
It is a  ncw  method  of  treatment.f .
that of medicated air, and cannot fail i
to bc beneficial. It goes wherever air ��� co"- Bossignol Wood, for example,
can go, thus reaching all thc affected; yielded several box-car loads of ma-
parts. H purifies as by fire, simply [ dljnc guns. ailinrrv wa, left b ,; d
burning up the disease germs.
Catarrhozone is   a    non-poisonous
Rockefeller Begins to Live at 80
Tarrytown,  N.V.���John  D.   Rockefeller, who was 80 years old on  Inly
8, celebrated  his birthday at his   Po-
cantico   Hills  estate.
Replying to the felicitations of his
More Material Left Behind by Teuton
Than at First Imagined j
As thc cloaning-tip process goes on I
over   the   Argomu-Mcu>,c   battlefield, ] Kuests'on'.his long ^fcrMr.'Yockc"
it appears that a great deal more ma-j feller said:
tcrial was left behind by thc depart-J "I hope you will all live to not otilv
ing leuton than was at first imagined.! he 80 ycars old, but 90 or 100, for I
lhc area     covers some 480    square have just begun to live."
miles, and .since the armistice a Unit-	
cd Statcs   force  oi  about  7,500  men  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
has  been  sleadilv   at  work  restoring
thc countryside as far as possible to
normal conditions.       From one-third
of the battlefield it is estimated that
It is easier to see through some fat
people than through some thin ones,
Hindy Makes Appeal
Copenhagen.���Field Marsha! Von
Hindenburg, former chief of the Gar-
man staff, has written' Marshal Foch
appealing for-his support of efforts to
prevent the extradition of tbe former
German emperor. Voa Hindenburg
offered also to place his person "fatly
and absolutely' at the disposal of tH��
{allied powers."     .-_���-_,
and healing agent; it therefore acts
upon the mucous tissues of the throat,
nasal passages, and bronchial tubes,
destroying all microbe life, and at thc , ���:����� ���r ,u��� * nnn/mn j , - ,
same time heals up all the inPamed a pi!e,��f about 90?'000 stands as h-*h
Ae a cure for Catarrh, Bronchitis,
Asthma, La Grippe; as a strengtbener
for the throat, Catarrhozone cannot
be equalled.
It is a guaranteed cure, and is highly endorsed by prominent physicians
who use Catarrhozone in their practice.
Sufficient C*2arrhojfOni for two
months' ust, price $1.00; smaller siz*
wc. &t all dealer*,      .    __
Liquor Policy to Be Revised
Toronto.���In view of the  Senate's
action in refusing to pass the prohi-
morc  lhaii S5.000.000 worth  of aban-j bition bill for the Dominion of Can-
'oncd war material has been recover- ada, the Ontario government will find
it necessary to reconsider its whole
policy,of selling liquor. On this account it is probable that no more sale?
agents -will be appointed elsewnere
than where shops are already in operation.
in places where it remained unnoticed until the cleaning up of thc battle
area reached them. Brass shell cases
have been picked up until in one town
as a three-storey house, and to walk
round it is like walking round a city
block. The Germans were undesirable tenants, but what they left behind goes a little way toward paying
the rent.
Says a rural editor: "A smart man
is nerer a success as a fisherman. We
tried it ourselves."
When a gallant man is asked to
guess a woman's age, he first makes
a silent guess and then knocks off
one-third.-   -   -
Kloseman: Let me give you
of advice.
��� Knox: Whafs the matter with it?-
Boston Transcript.
W.      N.
WHAT is your doctor's firsl
question ? Why does he suspect constipation?
Because 90 fo of his patients are
suffering from ailments caused directly or indirectly by the action of
poisons formed in a sluggish intestinal tract.
These body poisons are absorbed by
the blood and carried all oyer the
body until the weakest organ,vunabie_
to withstand the poisonous contact,
becomes infected and refuses to act
properly. Unfortunately it is usually
not until then that the��doctor i��5 consulted arid asked to treat the diseased
The surest way of punfyine the
blood and preventing the foimation
of these destructive body poisons is
to prevent stagnation of food wasto
in the intestinal tract���to prevent
Constipation is not a matter to be
taken lightly or neglected. Nor is
it either sufficient or safe to taks
castor oil, pills, salts, mineral waters,
etc., in order to "force" bowel
action. Such action does not cure
constipation, it makes constipation
a habit.
Nujol it nitirely different from drug* ai
it does not fore* or irritate the borrel*.
Nujol prevents stagnation h> softening
the food Haste aud encouraging the intestinal muscles to Het naturally, thus removing tlic cause of constipation and self-
jjolsoring It is absolutely iurmlen aad
pleasan   to take.
Nujcl helps Nature establish casv, thorough bowel evacuation at regular interval*
���the healthiest habit in the world. Get
a bottle from your druggist today.
Warning: J*"*?1��*old-Jtt '^f*
e�� hottlrs bearing- th��
Nujol Trade Mark. All druggists. Ia-
list on Nujol. You maj suffer irom
����. u*. pact. orr.
For Constipation
"Rqptlxr. t
f ��WXiV��& <
i - y.
y     1^%?
y j.y y��z*f~r\
,   i. ���'- ^tf^.l
?    *
i- "��� -i. '���
" ���*
-  51
*h F
�� ^ ''I
> f
s -2^3r:
���**���.' S-. ���
rsssfs y
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices  7.00
Estray Notices __ .3.00
Cards of Thanks ;    i.oo
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears m notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
The hog prefers a pail of
to a necklace of diamonds.
"Why should actors go on strike?
They don't work.    They play.
The closer you get the easier it
iB to see the paint on your sweetheart's face.
No, Mose, we have never seen
the Prince take a drink, although
in our day we have seen many a
king full.
"When you feel like taking a
drink of booze forget it. It is a
well-known fact that nothing hurts
you if you forget it.
The divine right of kings does
not assay very high, when the
smooth guy across> the deep green
cloth shows down four aces.
Men can reduce the cost of
clothing by refusing to wear vests.
They are not much good anyway
except to hold cigars, * matches and
Even now, amid all the boiled
morality of the present age, -we
sometimes sigh for the touch of a
pat hand, and the sound of a
gurgle that is still.
In the recent turbulent conditions in' France many an English
and French soldier got a cross,
while \pvery Canadian soldier in
the scrap got across before he fired
a shot.
TfiE lady who remarked "Isn't
it decollete" the first time she saw
Boundary Creek at Greenwood is
matched by the tourist {who said of
Niagara Falls, "Gosh, that's
neat!" But the Scotchman beats
them all for comments. As Sandy
Campbell gazed at the stupehdus
piles of rock which are called
Pyramids in Egypt he said, "Ah,
mon, what a lot 0', maBon work
not to be bringing in:^ny rent!"
The high cost of living is caused
by the greed of profiteers, farmers
and wage earners. No use of seiz-
ing hoarded food and jailing profiteers, unless the strike bug is
"" In Chicago the police" answered
a riot alarm from tbe black belt.
"It* ain't Btarted yet, officer,"
announced a fat colored woman,
"But it will if my ole man don't
quit chasing those yellow chickens
across the street."
Christina Lake
Wm. Beach is suggesting by
posters that the people enjoy themselves at Christina Lake upon
Labor Day. There are 100 acres
of free pic-nic grounds, upon which
to open yonr baskets, and eat your
lunch on nature's green table
while overhead the clouds of silver
dance a cotillion in the blue. A
fault finding knocker by the name
of Jainus complains that Beach
invitee the public in order to get
their money without providing a
greasy pole, or some other kind of
prize inducement. In the past
different Lodges enjoying an outing have had a program of sports
at the Lake, but Beach is not a
Lodge, Society or Corporation of
any kind. He is just a business
man who keeps a store principally
for the convenience of tourists, and
campers. He has boats and bathing suits for rent, and a dancing
pavilion for those devoted to the
poetry of motion.. He does not
sell booze, shoot craps nor run a
wheel. Mr. Beach also expended
$700 in order to provide visitors
at Christina lake with a telephone
service. In consequence of all these
admirable features it is little
wonder that Christina Lake is a
Mecca for all who love healthful
and innocent sport and recreation,
amid harmonious and beautiful
Consolidated Scholarships
Applications for the Consolidated
Scholarship for the course in
Science should be made immediately as the Scholarship will have to
be awarded before the end of the
The terms of the Scholarship
were that the company would give
8500.00 per year for the Applied
Science course, the course to be
taken at the British Columbia
University. The Scholarship will
be awarded to the son of any
employee of the Company who has
made the best standing in the 1919
Matriculation examination for entrance into Applied Science. The
offer is one that is open to sonB of
working men of the Company
working for day wages whether
living at Trail, Eo3sland, Ainsworth, Eholt, Kimberley, Moyie
or elsewhere.
Application must be accompanied
with statement of marks obtained,
his father's'name and position in
the Company held by his father.
In 1901" Andrew, Carnegie eold
his entire holdings of steel stock to
J. P. Morgan for 8300,000,000.
After the big deal was closed
Morgan and Carnegie travelled on
the same liner to Europe. - It was
on this trip that Carnegie had the
most bitter experience of his life.
At Break faBfe one morning he said
to Morgan. "I should bave asked
you another hundred million for
thoBe Carnegie properties." ' Mor
gan answered, "If. you had., I
should have paid it."
It is compulsory that all ad
dresses that are. to be read to the
Prince of Wales in Canada must
first be sent to Ottawa. At first
sight this looks like a dash of
autocracy in a democratic country,
but it is not. It is good business.
The government reads all the
addresses, and then writes all the
replies that the Prince will make
in return. His Boyal,Highness is
not familiar with. local conditions
all over Canada, and if he were,
he has not the time to write suitable addresses for each locality.
Hence the bright lights of Ottawa
are making it more pleasant for
tha Prince by relieving him of a
difficult burden.
Contains no alum ������
leaves no bitter taste.
Alum in food has been
condemned by many medical authorities���England
and France forbid it.
Dr. Price's Baking Powder
is made from cream of tartar,
derived from grapes.
The label shows what's in your
baking powder.    Read it.
FRONT ST..     NELSON.     BOX 865
Fok Sai,e.���A Perfection A,
wire-stitchmg machine. Apply
to The Ledge.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos for Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and heavy Draying
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
Subscribers are reminded thai
The I��edge is $2 a year when
paid in advance. When not so
paid it is $2.50 a year.
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are all gone.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer aud
Chemist*, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $ 1.50. Silver-Lead
$2.00 Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc., on application.
Returned Soldiers.
DR. WOOD, of Greenwood, B.C/
haB been appointed by the Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment as Medical Representative
whose duties are to attend to all
returned men who may be taken
ill any time within one year of die-
charge,; whether thejjausebe from
war service br'not, and to men who
are sufferings a recurrence of disability caused by War service; at
any time.
Leading Tailor of the Kootenays.
The Ledge has
for one more ad.
always  room
Look It Up
"Divers weights and divers measures both of them are alike abom-"
ination to the   Lord."���Proverbs,
20; 10.
Thinking men and women will
do well to consider the striking
arguments brought oufe by. the
World Trade Club of San Francisco in their campaign for adoption
of the units of the metric system of
weights and measures'.
They show a striking anomaly;
That the metric system was inven-
by a Briton, Jfttnes Watt, in 1783,
and yet all civilized nations have
adopted it exclusively} excepting
the United States and Britannia,
including Canada.
That the BO-called "British system" of weights and measures ia of
German oiigiri���a relic of the old
German Hanseatic trade league���
and yet Germany scrapt it in 1871
and adopted the metric system invented by a Briton.
People of Britannia and America
may well ask themselves whether,
they are not carrying conservatism
too far.
The Metric System is no untried
It3 principle���the principle of
decimal compunction-has been used
in the monetary system of the United States since 1786. If the United States had heeded Thomas
Jefferson, they should also have
adopted this system of weights and
measures based on decimals���so
simple a system that a child can
learn its main features in ten minutes. The Dominion of Canada
now uses decimal coinage. We
know how well the decimal system
works with money. It will
work equally well with weights and
I measures.   . 1
Autos of all  kinds  repaired.   Tire  vulcanizing, a_specialty.
Shock absorbers, oils, and all kinds of auto supplies for sale.
Carelessness Wields the-Axe
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for wharf
at Naramata, B.C.," will be received at this
office until 12 o'clock noon, Monday. September
22. 1919, for the construction of a wharf at
Naramata, District of Vale, BritlBh Columbia.
Plans aud forms of contract can be seen aud
specification and forms of tender obtained at
tbis Department, at the offices of the District Engineer at Chase, B. C, and at tbe Post
Offices, Vancouver, B.C., and Naramata, B.C.
Tenders will not be considered unless made
on printed forms supplied by the Department
and in accordance with.conditions contained
Each tender must be accompanied by an
accepted check on a chartered bank, payable to
the order of the Minister of Public Works,
equal to 10 p.c. of the amount of tlie tender.
War Loan Bonds of the Dominion will also be
accepted as security, or WarBoudsand cheques
if required to make up an odd amount.
NOTE.���Blue prints can be obtained at this
Department by depositing an accepted bank
cheque for the sum of $10, payable to the
order of the Minster of Public Works, which
will be returned if the Intending bidder submit
a regular bid.
By order
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, August 18, 1919.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Post
master General, will be received at Ottawa
until noon, on Friday, the 26th September, 1919,
for the conveyance of His Majesty's Malls, on
a proposed Contract for four years four times
per week on the route Greenwood & Phoenix
from the Postmaster General's pleasure.
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed Contract mas-
he seen and blank forns of Tender may be obtained at the Post Offices of Phoenix and
Greenwood and at the office of the Post Office
Post Office Inspector's Office, 15th August,
Post Office Inspector.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District or Fairview; and situate North of
and adjoining Lot 2502s.
TAKE NOTICE that Cyril Radan of
Boundary Falls in said District, occupation
Rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following'described landa:
Lot 2317s, containing 80 acres more or less,
Dated August 25th, 1919, at Boundary Falls,
Synopsis of      e
land Act Amendments
Minimum price of v first-class land
reduced to |l> an acre; second-class to
12.50 an acre,
'Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
I��2d 8vU,,<i?I?le for agricultural purposes
��nd which Is non-timber land.
k.<��     n.e.rshl? Pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
SJJ��S;n5?i-��*or ,.?<1Jac*nt Pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ' f
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
5o��.2^5.r��,nnd make Improvements to
1-SISJa 91P. Pef:a��re. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
__������ *'?" ��re-em��tor In occupation not
ISSmSX?.8. years' and has made Proportionate Improvements, he may. be-
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
/i��?6C0rds w*U}out permanent resi-
��n?emmiay ?8 ,S8Ued' Provided appli-
iMn JEiHi68 'mprovements to extent of
ii���� pe��,aKnum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate u���
Le��Uth�����TK'tle Cannot,be obtained in
of tiom? �����.years' a.nd. 'mprovementa
Sf���*10^0- p.,er acre' including 5 acres
#����������,5??, cultivated, and resIdencL
~ '~^y ��&Si-2-years S��*e required." "
Pre-emptor holding " Crown erant
may record another pre-emption, if he
fa?mr w. h^'? o^-nction wkh hil
S '^i"jout a��tual occupation, pro-
��nfled���!i5tutory improvements made
l?ad���tred8,ldaende  maInta,ned  �����  Crown
wSSfSS^h-"?aB' 50t*'��ceediI?S. 20
SS.   _f  Paay   be  leased  as  homesftcs-
dentil a8���Wed after ""K    ���
kwT an.di improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial numoses
areas   exceeding   640   acres  S   bl
leM?,d b7 ��.ne person or company.y    -
M-!11, factory or industrial sites-on
timber land   not  exceeding   40  acres
?aavy���S,P��rcVaaed: conditions include
payment of stumpage.
y ^.f?st,n.s roads may be nurchasad
conditional upon construction of arold
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of
i��^3__?co,?9 ot thls Act is enlarged to
ncludo-all persons joining and s��rv.
ing with His Majesty's Forces The
time within which the heirs or divisfew
?��A.d.6Cease*d Pre-emptor may apnfy
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the S ���7��
EE? JM?i " f�������*   untfl^oni
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-pw?has��r2 ��*
Crown lAnds, acquiring: ri2rhtS%_j��
purchasers who failed""to comnteS
purchaao. involving forfeiture, on ful!
fillramot of conditions of purchase interest aad texea. Whera sub-purShM"
��rs do not clAlm viiol* of original otx-
i2��4TbTi.Jlart,m" ���tl1
GRAZING. .'���
erasing Act m9. for syatmia.Ua
development o?l!v��kck IndlStxTTro-
vidaa for grasln* districts andrsSae
admlntatratlon under Com^stoSfr
Annual graaJn�� permits WSd bS
on numbers ranged: priority t��� ����fg:
Order Now
Your Cutting Machinery  -   Binders
and Rakes
We hand's the McCormick and Deering   Line
and will be pleased to order repairs -     '  X-
for all makes of Machines
Get our prices on Barb Wire and   Nails. ���, We-^aiT.
save you money on large or small lots.     " X"'""-
Ship us your hides.   We pay cashfand'remit promptly., '
Midway, B. C.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department '  '
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   BluesLone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
There was a picture in the papers recently of Enid Bennett,
movie star, using the telephone.- Miss Bennett is'afine actress,
andshe surely knows how to use a telephone, but in "this illustration she had her face turned away from the transmitter.
Perhaps she was posing, but it might have'suggested to some
that her method was the proper one when telephoning.
��� When you telephone, talk directly into the instrument,
with your lips an inch or more from the transmitter.ClTheu
you will have to talk in an ordinary tone and the person at
the other end will be able to hear, you distinctly.
* 4* 4* ���&>&'g< *��"&>���$"$"&'4"$�� ^. 4* 4.4* 4.4.4 4.4.4*^. 4.4>
Cbe fiume
fteteon, B*��*
The only up<-to/date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,   .
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
���  , ' Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and ��p; European Plan.'
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.   .      '
y/r/. FC0D BOARD LICENSE hO. 113
Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish'-
and Poultry.     Shops in nearly all the'
towns of the Boundary and Kootenay.
Culamecn fiotel
One of the largest hotels in-
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Round  Trip  Fares
Vancouver Exhibition
Sept.   8 to   13
Rossland ,
Phoenix  f2i.5S
Sandon    &23.60
GREENWOOD   $21.55
 ~ 121.70
Trail .*.....  $21.70
Creston ....../ $24.10
Silverton ���,.  $22.95
Grand Forks  $21.55
Tickets on sale Sept. 4 to 12 inclusive
Return: Limit Sept 17
Corresponding Rates from ail Kcotenay Stations.    Tickets fromr
Agents or Parsers
Should be made at once through Loral Agent or write
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
-���rr ��� ���


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