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The Ledge Aug 11, 1921

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Vol.   XXVIII.
House Furnishings. Hardware.
Kitchen Utensils. Etc.
^mmmmmy>????mmmmt??mmf?t?i?mmmmmmmmy^ �� y/t ��|s6n g q0
���>*- "*   arm.
Large Assortment of
Christie's Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
Arriving Fresh Every  Thursday
Order Your Preserving Peaches and Plums Now
__   AH Steps Lead To:        ���     '       -
1  LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46   |
Buy a
Made to Measure Suit
Quite a  substantial. reduction in prices
Your measure  taken   b}'   one
who learned the business
"^No Guessing
I Around Home I
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in  'the World
Enquire as to. Rates
Ranches For Sale
Call And See
Fishing Season Is Now On
Everything in Fishing Tackle
t....MM..... ....,��� ......^.J
-*"-*��������- .-��--*--^.m-.s��� *. ^      ,_ ;���
Mr. and Mrs. E. Bailey motored
over from Eholt-on  Wednesday.
Miss Mcintosh will leave on
Friday ior a holiday in Nelson.
E. L, Steyes of Westbridge, is
on a business trip to Revelstoke.
Geo. Murray returned to town
on Wednesday last from Princeton.
Dr. W. Traux, of Grand Forks,
was a visitor in town on Tuesday.
R. Cuthbertson, of Copper
Mountain, is visiting friends in
this city.
Born���At Trail to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Twells, a daughter,
on Aug.' 4.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Garrett, of
Grand Forks, are holidaying at
the coast.
J. B. Desrosier, of Osoyoos, is'
spending  a   few   days   in town
this week.
Greenwood Mining Notes
There is work going on
mines near this town.
in 12
George Boag is at Lightning
Peak where he is looking after his
mining interests.
George Swanlnnd is doing some
development work on the Texas
adjoining the Providence mine.
_ ���
The Kokomo mine, of Beaver-
dell, made an eight ton shipment
to the Trail smelter last week.
We have placed standing orders with Okanagan
packing houses for
Preserving  Fruits
To be shipped on receipt of our wire
Spectacles of AH Kinds
For Sale and Repaired
Ask for Prices and Compare with Mall
' , Order House
McELMON, Greenwood
To get the freshest and best order from
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfort- ���
able.home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane "rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
'    ' v buttermilk and ice-cream.   -
ft Burns' Shamrock Bacon
�� "The Empire's Standard"
$ It-Cheers and Satisfies
Wholesale Distributing Branch, West. Kootenay District, NELSON. B.C.   1
'   _" Packing Plants at K
Canary       Edmonton      Regina       Prlace Alfcert       Vancouver %
Independent Meat
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc.
, Ed; McGrade, formerly of this
place, is yisiting 'his sister Mrs.
W. Madden.
Miss Evelyn Christian, ot
Christian Valley, is visiting in
Grand Forks.
Born���To Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Moore, of Ferry, Wash,, on Aug.
1^ a daughter. "
��� Mr. and Mrs.-Albert Hopkins
spent the week-end with relatives
at Grand Forks.
-Labor Day, September 5th the
Pythian Sisters will give a dance.
Keep this date open.
Mrs. Alex. Greig left on Monday morning for a three weeks
holiday at Halcyon.
J. C. Cruse is relieving C.P.R.
agent Nichols at Midway during
the latter's holiday.
Mrs. G. A. Smith .and Miss
Hilda Smith, of Grand Forks,
are visiting in this city.
Mrs. S. P. Dixon and five children left on Sunday morning for
their new home in Merritt. -
John McKellar is doing some
work on "the Highland Lass adjoining the Bell mine near Beaver-
dell.  ^
A. N. H��bb and A. J. Sandquist
of Vancouver, have re-staked some
claims in Kimberley camp about
three miles from the end of the
road up Boundary creek, and they
have taken out supplies and toolB
to commence development work.
T. B. Tonge, of Vernon, who
is relieving Customs Officer and
Postmaster Porter at Myncaster,
paid Greenwood a yisit last Friday.
Ice cream sundaes, ice cream
sodas, all kinds of soft drinks,
orange crush, lemon crush, lime
-crush, cocoa cola at the Windsor
A Trial will Convince You
John Meyer
- Proprietor
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf, Props.
Would yon call on & bnsy man at his office, send in your card, and then,
when he had indicated that he could see you, keep him" waiting while-you
finished reading a magazine in his outer office.
It is just as important when yon telephone that yon be ready to talk
when your party answers. It shows consideration of the other person's time.
Commencing at 8:15.p.m.
Katherine McDonald
The American Beauty in
The Turning Point
The most beautiful film of the year
Robert W.  Chambers' story of woman's
6 Reels'6
Also a Two Reel Christie Comedy
"Dangerous Nan McGrew"
Adults 50c.
Children 25c.
- Capable man, part or whole time, to
sell our sickness and accident policies.
Benefit paid for all accidents and every
known disease. Many new and liberal
features. Good commission and even'
assistance given. . Write Merchants Casualty Company, 308- Rogers Building,
Vancouver, B. C.
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
AH work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Mrs. H. R. Bidder left on Tuesday afternoon for Cranbrook
where she will visit relatiyes.
Geo. Swayne not being able to
resume his duties as caretaker of
post office has resigned the position.
Miss Mae Keady, who has
been trainingm -theSistersHos-
pital at Rossland, has returned to
town. . ^
Mrs/M. Mattson and child arrived in.town on Thursday morning from a years's sojourn to
Miss M. McMynn, VEwert and
Gordon McMynn, of Midway,
were visitors in town on Friday
R,~B. Masterton, formerly of
Greenwood and Hedley will teach
mathematics in ' the Kamloops
High School.
Presbyterian Services will be
held on Sunday^ August 14th, in
Midway at 11 a. -m���, and in
Greenwood at 7.30 p. m.
The Misses Mary and Irene
Mcintosh returned ou Thursday
morning from a visit with Mrs.
h. L. Boomer in Trail.
When, you buy of your home
merchants you are helping the
town and thereby sharing in the
profits of your own purchase.
Rolland Mattson had his right
thigh fractured on Thursday
morning last. He is progressing
favorably under the care of Dr.
The federal government will
again raise the postage rate on
daily, semi-weekly, weekly and
monthly publications on the first
ot the year.
Archer Davis,of Grand Forks,
is the champion swimmer of
Christina lake,' having covered a
distance of ll/i miles' on the
morning of August 7.
A large crowd is expected at
the G. W. V. A. Dance on Friday
night. The boys have everything ready and a good time is
assured.   Don't tnisss it.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Buckless,
of the Main!,Kettle river, the
Misses Edna and Maria Williamson, of Kettle Valley,-were visitors in town on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Walmsley
and three children, of Caslegar,
arrived in town last week, Mr.
Walmsley having succeeded Mr.
McPherson as C, P. R. agent.
Mrs. A. Pontesso and three
children, who have been the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. Sater,
left on Saturday morning for
their home in Eastport, Idaho.
Miss Alice Marshall, Mr. and
Mrs. George Ellis and . son
Ernest, of Calgary, are visiting
Mayor and Mrs. Gulley. Miss
Marshall and Mrs, Ellis are
nieces of Mr. Gulley,
_Miss_01Connell, .of Kentucky,
is visiting her sister Mrs. Matt
Maloney. On her journey here
Miss ,0'Conneli visited San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver and
says the climate here is the best
yet. People" in Oakland, Cal.,
are wearing fur coats. She says
she nearly froze while there.
Parents should teach their
children not to play on the streets
in town and by doing so accidents
can be prevented. Too many
children have the habit of running across the road in front of
an auto, thinking that they can
tell the distance and how fast the
car is travelling. Children should
be taught that there is danger iu
an auto, no matter how, careful
the driver is.
A most enjoyable birthday
party was held at the residence
of Mr. > and Mrs. W. H. Docksteader last Friday evening in
honor of their son. Norwood,
who has attained his 20th birthday. About 30. of the young
people gathered to congratulate
him and all report having spent
a h|ppy time. - Dancing was indulged in to their hearts content
and refreshments served of a
dainty nature that left nothing
to be desired. AH wished Norwood a long, prosperous life and
many happy returns.
Mine Owners Get Busy
A   rare  opportunity   has   been
offered Greenwood by responsible
financiers to establish  a  concen-
trator and mill in this vicinity provided they can get the assurance
from mine owners of sufficient ore
to warrant them putting a concentrator here.   These financiers are
seeking the following information:
"What tonnage per day can you
guarantee a 100-ton  concentrator
if  same waB installed in Greenwood or immediate vicinity.    Give
name of property   together   with
assays or analysis of the ore.
Do yon know of any property or
properties of free milling gold ore
that could supply 50- tons per day
to a mill, if same was installed in
Greenwood or immediate vicinity.
Give name of property together
with any assays or analyses of the
ore. Your names and all data
supplied will be treated strictly
confidential. Box 301, Greenwood,
Pott Office."
This seems to be an exceptional
good opportunity. The cards are
laid face up on the table and it is
up to mine owners and citizens
generally to play the trump card
or forever after hold their peace.
No guarantee is asked, Bimply an
assurance that there is sufficient
ore in the vicinity to keep a concentrator busy. If the proposition
is bluff call the bluff. If genuine
go after it.
No. 5
Mining News
George Long and partners are do*
ing development work on the Lilly
B. mine near Slocan City.
' The Whitewater mine in the
Slocan shipped to Trail" last month.
Previous shipments have been
made to the Bunker Hill smelter.
0. C. Thompson, of the North
Star mine Kimberley, has taken a
five year lease on the Utica mine
and is to spend $2,000 a month on
development work, says the Kaslo
Kootenaian. .   .
An Ainsworth report says: "The
leasers of the Kraas mine shipped
two carloads of ore last month.
The Skyline snipped one car last
week and the -No. 1 mine are busy
loading a car."
Keceipts at the Trail smelter for
the last ten days of July amounted
to 12,761 tons of ore, of which
12,196 tons was from properties of
the Consolidated Mining & Smelting company of Canada, 231 was
from the Surprise mine of the Republic camp, and 34 was from the
Sally mine at Beaverdell.
Piano Tuning
Prof. F. Werner, of Grand Forks, will
be in Greenwood on Monday, Angrast i5,
for the purpose of tuning pianos. Parties
wanting their pianos traned kindly leave
word at The L,edge cfike. All work
Late Mrs. Mercy Bennett
Mrs. Mercy Bennett,, a resident
of Nelson for 20 years, and a sister
of Mrs. T. Moore, of Greenwood,
died in Kootenay Lake General
Hospital of cerebral hemmorrhage
on Thursday morning last. Mrs.
Bennett was first taken ill on Tuesday. -She was taken to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and in
the evening lapsed into unconsciousness from which she never
Mrs. Bennett was before her
marriage a Miss Mallory, and lived
her early life in Mallorytown, Ont.,
being the descendant of the family
who were the original descendants
of that district.
After her marriage Mrs. Bennett
lived for "some-years in - Toronto,
where her two children were born,
and came to Nelson with her family in the spring of 1901. She took
an active"part in the life of the
community, being identified with
the -orgaaized activities of St.
Saviour's church and with the
Women's Hospital Aid society of
which she was formerly president.
Besides her husband, Thomas
Bennett, she leaves two children,
Harry Crawford Bennett, connected with the Dominion ExpresB Co.,
for many years, and Mrs. Lolita
Beatrice Clarke; the wife of Robt.
M. Clarke, of the Bank of Italy,
Los Angeles, Cal. Both Mr. and
Mrs. Clarke were before their marriage members of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, in Nelson.
She is  also  survived  by three
sisters, Mrs. T. Moore, of Greenwood, Mrs. A, M. Wright, of Toronto, Ont., Mrs. Wm. Knowles, of
Lanark, Ont.
Deceased was 64 years of age.
Funeral was held on Saturday at
2 o'clock from St. Saviours Church
Nelson,   Rev.   Fred  H.  Graham
officiating.  It was largely attended
and the casket was covered with
flowers testify tbe high esteem in
which the deceased lady was held.
Burial took place in the Church
of England plot.
"The new concentrator of the
Le ReriTo. 2, "JoBie" mine," which
has  been under construction-for
some time, or since the arrival a
few  months ago of Mr.  Douglas
Lay, now in charge of the property,
was started up for the first time on
Friday.   As soon as things get in
perfect running order it is the intention of Manager, Lay 4o ,'fwork
up" all' the7 "o^'ori: toevluni^s,-
which amounts to considerable,  as
well as to put all other ore through
the mill in a general cleaning up
process in contemplation of the reopening of the Le Roi No. 2 just as
soon as conditions will permit.   It
is    anticipated   that  considerable
values will be realized from the introduction  of  the   mill  and the
working up of what would otherwise be  a  "dead   waste" to the
company.���Rossland Miner.
"The Turning Point"
" A~girrs""selif-TaM;ifice to"restore
matrimonial harmony iBthe underlying thought of "The Turning
Point," Katherine MacDonald's
lafcett production which will be
shown at. the Greenwood Theatre,
on Saturday, August 13th. Aa
Diana Tennant, Miss MacDonald
is afforded the chance of her career
for portraying the emotions of a
New York society girl burdened
with the shadow of a past and endeavoring to maintain the honor of
her family name.
Highly Confidential
Mrs. L. Bryant is the guest of
her daughter, Mrs. H. Twells in
''Once a charming young woman
presented a small cheque at my
window,"- said the speaker at a recent bankers' convention. "She
was transparently honest, but had
no acquaintance in the bank nor
any letters or other papers with
her. I asked her if she had a
handkerchief or some other article
of jewelry marked with her name
or initials. After a moment's
deep thought her face brightened
and she asked: Would an initialed
garter buckle do?"
���'Did she get the money?',' asked
a voice in a tone of detached
scientific inquiry from the back of
the room/
"I must remind yoa said the
speaker, judicially, "thai a bank's
relations with its clients often are
highly confidential,"
y-?y THE     LEDGE,     GBEENWOOD,     B.     Q,
Tanlac Does
People Say
Just What
It Will Do,
"1 will never miss a chance to say
a good word tor Tanlac, especially to
my own comrades, many of whom I
know are in the same condition I was
in after I came out of the trenches,"
said A. Rcff, 1507 Eleventh Street,
West, Calgary, Alberta, agent for the
Prudential Life Insurance Co., who
served in France with the l"wenty-
Eighth Battalion of Regina.
"I came homc from France suffering from stomach trouble,' shattered
nerves and with my blood in such
bad shape my face was covered with
pimples. I didn't havc any appetite
to speak of and 1 lost weight until I
was almost as thin as a rail.     What
little I did cat would form gas that
bloated me up till I suffered hours of
"I was under treatment and constantly took medicine, but nothing
reached my case except Tanlac. I
am in tip-top condition to-day, with a
big appetite, perfect digestion and
nerves that are steady as steel. My
blood has cleared up, too, and I am
just brimful of life and energy. I
feel fine. I am not surprised that
people talk about Tanlac so much,
for it docs just what they say it will
Tanlac is.sold by leading druggists
Importation Of German Goods
Tlie agitation of importers of German goods against thc provision proposed in his budget speech by Sir Henry Drayton, Minister of Finance, that
Canadian Customs shall disregard any depreciation in foreign currency
greater than 30 per cent., was commented on in a recent interview with the
Senior British Trade Commissioner, Capt. E. J. Edwards, of Montreal, with
the remark that the prevention of imports of German goods at ruination
prices appeared to be just thc aim in putting forward this provision. Thc
German goods being brought in are, moreover, largely goods "which are also
manufactured i:i Canada, such as drygoods, felts, silks, etc., not to mention
other things, such as cutlery, manufactured in the United Kingdom.    ,.
"In allied aud neutral countries thc belief is general that German banks
and other financial interests arc artificially depressing thcir rate of cx-
cliangc," said Capt. Edwards, "with the object of preventing imports into
their country, and assisting them to build up their export, trade again at
the expense of the allies."
"It is contended by these importers-that prevention of German imports
will increase the depreciation of the Canadian dollar, by forcing more purchases from the States. Fifteen months ago German imports only totalled
$2,502, but a year later, in February last, the figure-jumped to $522,757, For
the 11 months ending February, 1920, German imports (from Canadian
Government figures totalled ��29,64S, but for thc 11 months ending last
February they had made another enormous jump, to $1,395,380. Despite
thc jump, these-figures are still1 insignificant against Canadian trade with the
Mother Country or thc States, and I cannot see how Canadian currency
will lose in value because German goods are prevented from being dumped
at artificially low prices. Such goods as Canada must import can be obtained within the Empire to Canada's better financial advantage than from
the States. ' �����
"It seems to me it is a question of the Canadian public supporting their
ovy,n and British manufacturers against German ones," said Capt. Edwards,
"and I have no doubt as to their preference. Sir Henry Drayton
declared that to prevent financial ruin Canada must purchase more of
her own and British manufactures, a statement I thoroughly endorse, and I
am sure he did not think it any wiser to import German dumped.goods than
those of the United States. When Germany realizes thc impossibility of
exporting goods at sacrifice prices I believe shc will quickly straighten out
her financial methods, until her currency becomes normal and Canada, in
common with other countries, can trade with her on a fair basis."
The Spirit of Adventure
Mysteries of the Unexplored Places
Ever Beckon the Adventurers.
The bare catalogue of the hopes of
the Shackleton expedition may well.
tempt high-spirited boys intoTunning
away to sea, and may turn old men
into wistful youths. For what are
scholarship examinations, or. the
counting-house, or even the comfortable armchair that they should not
bc as dust and ashes compared with
the quest for petrified forests, lost
islands and submerged continents?
Are not whales and fur seals, unknown birds, thc mystery of the Antarctic ice," "and lone rocks to serve
as wireless relays, better than the
dull duties of home? But Sir Ernest
has no vacancies; his old and tried
companion have hurried to his call.
There is nothing for us but to wish
hiin good luck and to look forward
to thc joy of reading his stories.���
London Times.
If you arc bothered with pimples,
rashes and ugly blotches on your
face, if your complexion is sallow, it's
ah evidence that you require Dr.
Hamilton's Pills to tone up the blood.
One of these splendid regulating pills
makes a complexion like peach bloom
���cheeks soon become rosy, eyes
brighten, you again look thc picture
of health, look and feel well because
you use Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and Butternut, 25c at all dealers
or The Catarrhozone Co., Mentrcal.
An Acknowledged Expert in All
Matters Pertaining to Household Management.
To Protect Livestock Trade
���������No.':AnimaiVMay.7Be. Shipped: outVof.
r.partnient';b��. A^
���s.to'ckVha,y,c 7-b'e'en ^
': it is jrs~s.&Ke.d'#v76ffi'cfalV
..���:!��ent7..- -'Nb :anni'v'al,:,a'livd.:br:"dead, and;
7. n,o7iproily<yi.' ina:d:e7f i'dirt;7the7 carcass'; of
7.-a'rv 7a riiiijal/. m ay-;jj ^
���.'.H c alt h-:p i-.; An Hriaji:(B rarieli -qS '��� tlie tDc-
7pa;fimc ni'hi 7A jpicyltii rtiX ������ J lies e:" c er.--
���:jtlfic7a!tes;.7 .lia'yF'^b :ij~eVsJio5vn^an'd\-'A--er|r;;
7'a-rriv:al7'7VV;-777V V   'i X XXXXxyXX
Where Percherons
Came From
War To End Officially
Setting of Date-Will Mean Much to
The date for thc official termination |
of the war, except as regards Turkey,
will bc September 1.
Under the "termination of the present Avar act" the war could not be-de-
clarcd officially ended for Great Britain until all thc peace -treaties had
been ratified, but it has been decided
that the treaty with Turkey might be
ignored. The last of tho other
treaties, that,with Hungary, was ratified in Paris recently.
The setting of thc date for the official end of the war will pave the
way for the settlement of financial
transactions outstanding between
thc Bank of England and the stock
exchange and will mean much to
certain lines of business.
xx ^^^^^4}^^^^v^M
X-XXX-'" vasesVtln-dtrVjts XCAt&X XXXXX
,;;.b t;' Tyrh ie te 5j.3|4 V. are JihVCa.rf ada; ��� -276^1 ri
;: i^'S t atc:s77;7:7^^:;^c^
?;sbld icrs^onVtli i S;7(c^
,��� Western, Wool-Grades-" Well.; ��� "V
'" Alberta/' range ,.wools,- arc' grading
out with .exceptionally-'; good ".handling
" and. spinning ��� qiiulkies - and :arc -at-'
tradingVfavorabJc." attention by many
Canadian  mills..7   Sheep, shearing", in
; Southern Alberta is completed.- ,7, -
X''���]_' Pie .'Weighs 158. Pounds.' "'���' -
The largest  raisin  pie' ori "."recoil
was.   served'; recently, "to patrons, of
the . automobile-., show   atV Tiirlock;
Calif:- ;;:Thc immense;.pic weighed 158
..pounds . .and ..-75   ..pounds  of- raisins
were" used'in" its. composition.
District of La. Perche in Normandy
���Noted for Famous Plorses.
. The - Pcrchcron' breed of draft
horses"" orignatcd in La Perche,
France. This.'-is a district in Normandy noted for its famous pastures
and its famous horses.- While'Oriental stallions wcre'uscd to some extent,
it is known ;that the Percheron.breed
developed as a result of mating the
original Flemish slock"with-the.entire
horses, brought in by the Crusaders.
The popular type-, of Pcrcherori is
either .'gray,-'black or? brown',' or,'in
fact, can represent any. combination
of these colors." ' It is believed'that
���the iron gray is the" most popular, and-
perhaps the-predominating color. The
Frenchmen arc wonderful caretakers,
and- yery-=successful. feeders of horses,
and by-taking advantgc ofjhe pasture
conditions.that prevail .in'France thcy.
aire able, to' develop youngsters' to ari'
exceptional; weiglU at.a ;rcniarkab.Ie
early 'age.-,'' .Co"mmun"ityv.bre.eding.in-
'this country is extensively patronized..
..The Frenchman ;pays a.'great deal-of
attention, to'the selection of breeding
>i.res; in fact, -it" has -been' observed that'
they-depend aImost,;cnt,ireiy upon"the
-Perchcrorr"sires" for- perpetuating thje.
desirable :.qualities .in this-" breed -- of
'horses/' .     -': - '-'-     -   " "      '-
-Eagles "haye-.bccii kti'own . to-fly 'to
a; height of 6,000. feet: -V-A lark will
Vise. to";.the .same.'.height, aiid so "will
crows."���; A"s;a rule, however, it.is said,
bird's dc no: fly-at a -greater "height
-than. 1,000 -feet'."    V       '       -     ":
Thc ���-most active volcano in-the
world, is -'Mount -Sangay,': situated - 611
the eastern, slope .of the - Andes.., :It
has been in constant   eruption'  since
*       -. ��� .-    .
the year 1728;     - '..-..-.-    -
Hiccup Epidemic Prevalent
Don't gel thc habit of hiccups���stop
the'slightest attack at the; beginning.
Nothing brings such magical relief as
slowly sipping a few drops of Nerviline in_ sweetened water. For stomach pains, bloating, cramps, diarrhoea,
nothing will-prove more "Useful in
cveo* .home than a 35.cent bottle of
good old NeYviliiic."    -  .
Farthest North Police Post
R.C.M.P: Post Is Now" Established In
Extreme North of .Baffin's Land. -
A.new .farthest north R.C.M.P; post
has been established at-Pond's Inlet in
the extreme north of  ^Baffin's   Land.
This is now the'most northerly post
held by the" force of scarlet riders, the
.-"nearest to it'.being-those at Chesterfield Inlet  and -Cape-.Bunvelf at  the
entrance of Hudson's Straits.     A sole
staff se'rge'ant-wiU'b'e full police authority at-Pond's" Inlet and will have full
.charge, of .customs 'and-' judicial -control., of 'Baffin's Land, arid .the territory
about it:     Onlv- a few Eskimos are
-,������������ . *   -   ���   - -    ?   . ���
to be. lound there and-it-is the occasional port of ���'call-'for'traders:' . .--".   7
Why not look over your entire kitchen equipment with "a view to eliminating useless articles?
One woman told me that after an.
inspection such as I suggest .ibovc,
she found that she "was giving storage
to seventeen disgracefully inadequate
utensils���and, that in a kitchenette.
Once you have decided en the discards, you will find ainong the news-,
paper advertisements many high-ciass
shops announcing business-stimulating sales for the warm days.
Every housewife has ���itleniptcd to
bake a layer cake only to find thc pan
just sufficiently large to prevent another pan being placed in thc oven
at the same time. This necessitates
baking one layer at a time���-not onlyi
a waste of time, but of high-costing
Since you cannot take your oven
to thc shop with you, the next best
thing to do is to take a paper pattern of thc floor of your oven with
3'ou. Thc merchant can readily fit
the..combination  to  it.
How* about some of the new combination aluminum utensils. For
instance, the-kettle you buy' for boiling water may be quickly converted
into a double boiler. Thei\,there are
triple saucepans. Thcy fit in combination over thc one gas. burner. By
'their aid one may cook potatoes and
two other vegetables for thc meal
with the minimum expenditure of fuel.
Many shops are showing combination sets of knives fo�� thc homc kitchen. Some sets include a small but
effective cleaver for thc bones that
ruin thc edge of thc unfortunate knife.
The spatula or palette knife, a limber knife so useful in removing thc
last -of tMc batter from bowls or for
flipping cakes, is a most useful knife
about the kitchen. More than, one
vegetable paring knife is needed in
even' a small kitchen.
There ��� arc somc excellent knifc-
sharpcning~"niachincs. And they soon
pay for themselves in sharpener's
bills saved and in the joy derived
from the use of a really sharp knife.
Ask the clerk in your favorite shop to
tell you the advantages of each
Of thc materials for cook pots,
agate, cnamelware of the first quality,
and aluminum arc still amongst the
best.liked. Buy only a.few at,first
during rcplacehicnt but buy the best.
A well-equipped kitchen with useable utensils of just the right sort
undoubtedly lightens the labor of getting thc usual three squares a day. -
Another Great
Medical Discovery
Eye Specialist Has Developed Serum
For Cases of Blindness.
What eye specialists agree may
prove to be one of the greatest medical discoveries in history soon will be
placed before the Acaderny of Medicine and the American Medical Association. A serum to restore the sight
in cases of blindness caused by atrophy 'of the optic nerve, heretofore regarded as an incurable condition, lias
been developed by Dr. Erasmus Arlington Pond, of 1093 Dean Street,
Brooklyn, an eye specialist of unquestioned standing in his profession.
There are said to be just two
limitations upon the effectiveness of
the serum. In the first place, it will
not change a condition of total blindness. Just so long as the patient is
able to discern, no matter how, dimly,
thc passing of a hand a few inches
before1 his, face,' even though it appears to him little more than a
shadow, there is time for the injection
of the serum. When total darkness
has closed down, thc scrum has no effect.
The second limitation is that thc
scrum cannot bc used in cases of
blindness caused by accident, in
which hemorrhage has resulted.- It
is said to havc worked successfully
only in cases caused by atrophy,
which is thc cause of practically all
blindness not due to accident. Nine
cases of this kind have been successfully treated by Dr. Pond, it was said.
Asthma's Victims . Relieved. ��� To
overcome a severe case of asthma, try-
Dr.'J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy.
Its splendid record is its , highest
recommendation. By relieving- the air
pa.ss.ages and'restoring natural breathing h effectively'aids Nature in combating this distressing and. dangerous
ailment.'' To- many thousands, of
Asthma's apparently -confirmed victims", the' healing -funics'of Dr.'Kcl-
loggrsVAsthma Remedy, have brought
relief,       '   ' '���        '"   -'
Atlaswede Clover
��� The G'crrrians prepare an -"excellent,
substitute -for   Jca frorri. the cornmon
1.strawberry plant.".
/Uaximum nourishment
* "with no burden to the digestion is secured from that
famous food ��� Grape*Nuts.
7 Thevnutriment of wheat
and malted,7 barley, from,
which ,Grape?Nuts is made,
builds strength.and vigor---
and delights the taste. V
New".Plant--Is-'.-;.- .' y\
Sweeter Than Sugar
;Disco'vered. Years Ago in Paraguay by
-  '--   -."V '.Italian-Botanist.;; v ... ���  V
In- a greenhouse at .Kc\v: Gardens
there arc growing at'.the present rro-
-ment.-' three ...new.plains ^vhic'i-may
.possibly prove-, of-considerable cc'on-
7'oni.i'c, v-a'liie" in the- "n ear fii(tire. "V -Thcy^
belong to'a-.species-nowVsty!ed Stevia
rebaudiaua, .which . was> iliscoyered
.about "twenty- years'ago by an Italian
botanist, Dr.-Bertbni, in' .-Paraguay,
-where the' leaves are us*d by Indians
to sweeten .tea, 'coffee and o.ther beverages.77 Tlie leaves, are -remarkable
.-for -their ".extraordinary' sAcctriess--
.said'' to -be. about 200 times'.-greater'
-than.sugar!���and they arc-easily���? t-"
pared.. If,all the talcs-are-true, a doz:
en. full-grown plants should furnish a
household, with 'sufficient,'.sugar-for.a
twelve month:'- .But-thcy. will 7 riot
grow everywhere:     ,   '   ��� .-'.
Czecho-Slbvaks. Settlers^ .-
Many " Czccho-Slovaks are settling
in all parts .of'Canada, according to
the department- of Dominion lands,
while Britons and Scandinavians are
also, listed in thc homestead .entries
led for July. There were 103 entries
listed for civilians and IS soWier
grari.ts. ��� It is" also -sta'ted that Germans and Austrians are filtering
across from the United States and
filing land, entries under Russian
Sciatica, .say the medical scientists,
may,be.caused by the habit of sitting
perched ipn-the edge.pf.a cnair.' -    - -,
; ..Because" a girl' refuses, a young rnan
ypu-.. needn't suppose .it's aVstgn.'. that
..she .'isn't'.going'..to'.ina'ryy'. him.'- .7;-7"
Minard's Liniment for Burns,vetc.. VV:
New Variety of Red Clover Qriginat
7 ed at.Edmonton: -
Ayieldof 10.6 tons per acre of"At-
laswede, red.clover has been-harvested
on tlie; University Farm, Edmonton,
breaking'all-previous records.for clover yields in Alberta : -Atlaswede. red
clover is a. new""variety originated at
Edirioritori, ' arid judging, from the
yields obtained this year,- is very- successful". '��� ;At the'rate of 10.6 tpnsper
acre 'which .was- the ;. green weight,
there"..'will be at" least four- tons per
acre', -dry.' weight'. - _��� -TJie "clover-, stood
from thirty ;io. thirty-six inches high
and" has 'a 7 very - fi n'c ��� s tenr and; makes
.excellent, fodder';    .,'.;.      ..   .'-������'   ���-
HungarySigns PeaceTreaty
Paper Containing Text Was; Printed
X ;;���>-      With Biack'Borders ..-;"'- ":
The " Trianon -Treaty, -by which
peace between Hungary-''anch.-thc-Al-.
lied, "nations' was ."established, became'
law in" .Hungary,' by the publication .of
the .text'.of the "convention;. - The
treaty was-printed :n a special edition'
of. '.the', official; gaczttc, which, bore
black, borders; ^arid was accbrhpanicd
by -a- riiap. showing ithe present.- boundaries of. Hungary as compared -with
those of-before" the war."
Many Agricultural! Publications.
During 1920 the publications branch
of the Department bf'-Agriculture circulated 2,262,850 publications... This
total was made up,of 15,719. reports,
243,314'bulletin's,; 712,911. .seasonable
hints, 117,692 pamphlets, 168,155 circulars, 27,058 leaflets,; 922,316 announce^
ments.and 64,745 agricultural-gazettes,
in addition to posters- and mailing
lists. .    -���
Canada's Wonderful
Half Century
Nation  Has  Shown Great  Progress
Since Confederation .
As the age of nations is reckoned,
Canada is a mere infant compared
to the antiquity of thc war-born
states of Europe, for shc was only
fifty-four on July 1, but, say Canadian journals, Canada is "a prcco-:.
cious child of sturdy proportions
and husky growth, with all the promise of a splendid, vigorous manhood awaiting it." When a confed-
eratcd'Canada was formed into a Dominion in 1867, wc read in Agricultural and Industrial Progress in
Canada'(Montreal), it had a population of a-little more than 3,000,000;
while more than 9,000,000 inhabitants
arc expected 'to be listed in the census
of the present year. It is also remarked that, as is.true of all new
countries, immigration has been the
most potent factor in Canada's
growth. The rate of incomers, per
year in 1867 was" not 15,000, while
in 1920 it was nearly 150,000, and
1921 promises to show an . increase
above this number, even though the
Dominion-is applying the" sieve ' to
immigrants.- Tlie tide of the-land-
hungry from thc "old country, which
are ovcrp'opu!atcd,'-'grows stronger, according to this informant, <ind yet.-is
kept . at- "a gratifying standard."-���
From- Thc Literary Digest. ��� '
French-Canadian Settlers
French Farmers From New. England
States to-Farm in the West.
Forty French-Canadian settlers,
with their families, ��� arrived in Winnipeg recently en route to farms in the
Saskatoon and Edmonton districts.
Thcy came from the industrial centres
of New England Statesfto which they
had migrated from Eastern Canada
before the war. Most of thefn were
farmers at one time,,and they are repatriating to resume their former occupations.
At the first sign of illness during
the hot weather give the little ones
Baby's Own Tablets or in :a few
hours he may be beyond aid. These
Tablets will prevent summer complaints if given occasionally to the
well child and will promptly; relieve'
these troubles if they come on suddenly. Baby's Own Tablets should
always beJcept in every home where
there are growing children. There is
no other medicine as good and the
mother has the guarantee of a government analyst that they arc absolutely safe. "The Tablets are sold by
medicine dealers or by mail at 25
cents a box from The-Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Manitoba Beekeepers
Are Prosperous
Return of $1,500 In One Season From
Thirty-three Hives. -,
The beekeeping industry is making
rapid headway in .Manitoba and the
putlook for a'large honey crop for
this year is very bright. Beekeeping
demonstrations are being held at different places in the provinces. In
the Swan River Valley in Northern
Manitoba, J. C. Dodge reports a return of $1,500 in honey in one season
from thirty-three hives. A settler at
Dominion City reports that from a
stray swarm that came to his farm
six years ago he now has seventy-six
colonies and last year sold over two
tons of honey at 35^cents a pound.
School For Journalists
Rapidity of Growth
Fall ,Rye in Red Deer. District Makes
Rerriarkable Showing.
- An. instance.- of - the' rapidity ' of
growth and'fertility of soil in "Alberta
is afforded by. a sample of fall rye taken in the neighborhood of. Red Deer
in the southern part of the-province.
Theseedwas sowri on July 20th, last
year, but.' did not germinate until late
in September when; it was pastured
b,'y- cattle,, hogs and sheep, so much so
that there was not a Vestige, of vegetation left.'
" "This spfing'it.carrie'alorig'strong as
soon -as .the frost was.outof the
ground and was pastured until; June
,10th. '"The sample referred to, which
was.quite six. feet in height, was cut
on .'July 18.. 'Tlie'most remarkable
feature is that all this growth was ob-
-taincd, during, the -driest' period - ever,
known in vthe..Red- Deer'district.' 7
��� -Amber From^Manitoba Sands. -'-.
For tire purpose of recovering "am-
;bcr" deposits from- the sands on the
west shore of. Lake."Cedar, Manitoba,
j... Dix Rogers,;.of-',Toronto; .has; been
granted a^l-y'car. lease ,'of 'about-235
acres.7,,7-Tlic"lease.is renewable for-a"
���further, 2.1 years, and-.the Icssee^pays
SI.an acre per arinuhr an.d,.5-pcr "cent,
royalty .on the value" of^amb'cr recovered. .: ThrV .lease also- provides that
$5,000" must.be".expended on. operations
during, the, twelve'months.  --."   .'-.
'; .Few- Unemployed ;In 'France.
-' In all of France there arc" less .than
50,000��� unemployed.- France 'may-be
finding, it difficult tb;bal,incc 1ier;.bud-
j~-gct, ,but her - state of industry" compares favorably with'that of.any'other
country., in Britain thc"uhemployed
have been" a. million,; in -the. -.United
States'-three million. " The "country
that. works until it hurts will recover- quickest from .-th"c.;u'ph'cavel' of the
war. Lookout for Germany!���From
thc Mail:and Empire.
Verbal Barrage.
"Shall I go over the top?" asked
thc talkative barber, poising hi3
shears.    .    ���     .       ,
"Yes, as soon, as your gas attack
is over," answered the weary customer.���The Legion Weekly. .   ':.,.,
7";' ^Canada's ^Indian PbpaiatiooV-.   .
7 Canada's Indian population is now
106,498,' according-.-- to; estimates." given
in 7 the .annual 7 report o�� the .Depart?
 ,"_7t ^c'tIj'.I. 'a ��-?_ 7, .���-"-. ���--'. 77'.;_ ; ' '.*".-.-
V V-."'':."
m.ent.7'of-"Jndian' Affairs.;,
Minard's. Liniment Relieves.Kesiralgiia
Journalism Course Will Be Held At
- . University bf Toronto. .7
- A special course, in journalism will
bc given at the University of lJoronto"!
from September 12 to 17 and it .is expected that 100 publishers o"f weekly
papers in Canada .will attend. The
course-was arranged at. the request
of the Canadiari Weekly Newspaper
Association. P. Whitewell - Wilson,
dean of "the school of journalism at
Columbia University,,will have charge
of the course .and the chief aim will
be,- to encourage editorial .writing in
the/smaller publications.7 J    ,-
Vancouver's Population.
. According, to a directory census re
ccntly compiled the population., of
Greater Vancouver is-estimated at
222,618, cxclusivcof Orientals who are
said to number at least" 15,000."7~The
estimated increase during . the ' year
past is '.slightly.oyer-;20,00Q.. This
ranks-the Pacific city as the fourth of
the Dominion. ���'
Rubber Heel Output.
- - American - factories last. ��� year produced over '115,000,000 pairs bf rub
ber heels���sufficient ;to supply every
man,,woman arid child in:the United
States, and the population of Greece
besides.. '���'- '. V    '���" .''��� .;' -  ���     "    -
"7 v;.-. -��� ��� --'"-' ��� ^" - - ;,.-    7' -,.
In-  the .fjords . indenting .the. Nor
wegiaru coast.". ar�� more than 150,000
.islandsV-V.V~.-7,-. _-:' - -   .;'.-- .
Call Of the Unknown
Shackleton Says Mainspring of Life is
��� X desire for<KnowledgeV 7 7 '
Sir, Ernest Shackleton, speaking' at
\, *"��<% p^r'y ^ven by Mr. and
Mrs b. E- Becker at Sutton Hall,
Hcston  said lt would havc been:8eca
from the T,mes that he was about to
lead another Polar expedition, which
had been rendered possible by the
generosity of two men. The first'
encouragement he received for the
expedition was from the host of that
afternoon, and_;he venture would go
forward largely as the rei'ult of Mf>
Becker's confidence in him. To a
great many -the. Polar / expedition
might seem futile,-but explorers-did
not go out primarily for economic
reasons. The total cost of Polar exploration in the last 10 years had
been ��2,000,000; the total economic
result had beeri ��25,000,000 by the
discovery of harbors\and whale oil,
and by magnetic and scientific re
suits. On the'human side it was a
desire to go into the unknown', to
see things .that no man had ever seen,.
and to go on.tintil all was known;
that had been the mainspring of life.
He hoped that whatever they brought
back from the coming expedition'
would be for the good of their Empire and for ��� the betterment of the,
world.���London Times. ���.
Millers   Worm   Powders   destroy -
worms without any inconvenience to
the child, and so effectually that they-/
pass from the bo'dy unperceived. They7
thoroughly cleanse flic stomach and
bowels and leave them in a condition
not favorable to worms, and there will""
be-no revival of the pests.
Fruit Growing on Prairies
Claim That All Fruits Can Be Successfully Qrown in West.
Claim is made by vNorman Ross, superintendent of the Dominion Forestry-Farm at Indian Head, that all
fruits can be successfully grown in '
the province of Saskatchewan. Mr.
Ross has grown on the experimental
farm apples; plums an(j hybrid cherries,- to say nothing of strawberries,
raspberries, currants, gooseberries and
other bush fruit. During the present
season 3,000,000 or more trees have
been distributed to farmers from Indian Head.
Photo Play at Lake of the Woods.
E. Hardcastle, 0f the Associated
Producers, Limited, announces that
the company has secured a studio site
on an island in the Lake of the Woods
district and will commence on tjic production of Canadian photoplays. It
is suggested, that this may become the
permanent base for the productions
of the company.
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled ^Yith^vorms 13 Mother
Graves  Worm Exterminator.
.     The Error of Hi3 Ways>. V
It was. visiting-day at*thc jail and
the uphfters were on deck.
-"My  good, man/'. said. one , kindly
.lady, -."I   hope   that since you have
come:here yourhayer had'"tirnVfor"
meditation and have decided to correct, your faults."   '  -
."I ' have', that,-, mum/'.replied the
pnsoner in heartfelt tones. "Believe
me, the next job, I pull, this baby/
wears gloves."-~The American Legion
Weekly. _-._'.
A.chicken's'heart, removed before
Tthe; bird was hatched-out    and-   cn.^-
closed in a special glass incubator in
New York, has been beating for eight
years;. ���-���-'-���-.
Brazil is as large, as the whole of. .
Europe.. -..";- -.">..-
Boiled I!
Gulls Are Good Weather Prophets;
Those who live by the coast do not
want a better weather sign than the
gulls, which in the various winds
that -will bring the rain, collect, in big
flocks and gather,mVthe fields or circle high over-the land,, ^heeling arid
���jcreairilng::tirieasily. -7 They;-will .not
corri.e in .on;a. false alarm, and none
heed fearj they ^will.make ;a mistake/;.
V';Lioness,', steak, >camel .chops" and
fillet*, ��� of... lophlnV have_>: recently" figured in the,nienu of a.; Persian re3'
t��ursaW'7~.VX?���-���'XXX:i-' yX'X'1''' -, ���
For Tire4 Hi>uscwiVes
-rNo potatoes to peel-rno vegetables to prepare���no *.
long cooking over a hot stove���simply heat and servo
a complete arid delidous dish well cooked and weU
.   "eeasoned in the great "Clark Kitchens��� Liko all      "
"CLARK GOOD, THINGS"; the;cost io modest.. '
, 7 - Goodat any ,tirhe���essential.for the unexpected guest,
X' 'i Keep sua assortment of "Clark^Good Things" oa hand.
.;-.;���; -; Made from Canadian FannProduco
- and sold everywhere ia Canada.
m <
THE    LEDGE,     (HIEEKWOOD,    B.     (X
RICH IN      ..,
MAOEl IM CANADA      >2i^J
The importance of
Vitamines in food" is
being recognized at
the, present time to a
���greater extent than-ever
before.   It has been conclusively demonstrated
that yeast is rich in this
all important element.
Many people have /received great   benefit
| physically simply by taking one, two or three
Royal Yeast Cakes a day.
Send name and address
for free copy "Roya.1 Yeast
Cakes for Better HeedUK/'
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Bear    trapping    is now prohibited
sin British Columbia, aud   only   three
bears may be shot in one season.
A new telephone transmitter, held
to the throat instead of the mouth,
eliminates outside noises.
There arc now 599 newspapers and
periodicals published- in thc province
of Ontario, as against 745 before thc
Machine betting at Brighouse Park,
Vancouver, this year will bc supervised by the. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
-Nelson, B.C., city courfcil havc established a municipal motor'camp,
equipped,with shade, electric light
and^cooking facilities.
( Canada has the largest forest in
the world. It is in the Labrador and
Hudson Bay district, and is-, roughly,
1,000 by 1,700 miles.      _
Resumption of diplomatic relations
between France and the Vatican have
becn formally effected after a break
that has existed since 1904.
A bumper apple' crop will bc gathered  in   British   Columbia  this  year,
, according lo present indications. This
year's opening prices arc fifty cents a
box under those of last year.
Ralph M. Haynes, an aviator,"was
fined $50 at Chelsea, Mass., for flying
his airplane so as 'to endanger thc
lives of persons beneath him. The
case i^. thought to be the first,attempt
to regulate aviation in"this vicinity.
��� Thc London headquarters' of thc
American - Relief administration announced receipt of .information that
all United States prisoners in Russia
have becn released and arc now leaving that country.
Thc 1*9,-300 tori *lincr, Tirpitz, built
in Germany during thc war and completed shortly after; has been purchas-
cd-otUright by-lhe-Canadian-Pacific
Railway and will be added to its Pacific ocean fictt. Shc will be renamed
.the Empress of China.
The Prince of Wales may bc in
Canada again ijn April or May of next
year. Thc Daily Mail states that His
Royal Highness' tour of India will
conclude at Karachi on March 17,
1922, whence the Prince arid his party
will return home via Japan and probably by Canada.
Shows Remarkable Restorative Power of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
iimein^icuiture     charming Frock Of I SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON
Chesley, Oat��� * 'Before using Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I was
a total wreck. I.had terrible pains in
my sides and waa not regular. Finally
I got so weak I could not go up stairs
without stopping to rest half way up
the steps. I tried two doctors but they
did me no good. I saw your,medicine
advertised -in the newspapers and
��� thought I-would give it a trial." I took
four bottles of thc Vegetable Compound
and was restored to health. I am married, am the mother pf two children,
and do all my housework, milk eight
cows, and do a hired man's work and
enjoy the best of health. I also found
Vegetable Compound a great help for
tny weak back before my babies were
born. I recommend it lo all my friends
who are in need of medicine, and you
.May print this letter if you wish."���
Mrs. Hejtry Janke, R. R. No. 4, Chesley, Ontario,   .      ,"      ' - V'
It'hardly seems possible that there is
'&���woman in this country who will con-
, tinue to suffer without giving Lydia E.
-Pinkhatm's Vegetable Comoound a trial
after all the evidence that is continually
being published, pre* i.ig beyond contra"-
diction that this grand old medicine has
relieved more suffering among women
than any other medicine in the world.
Use and Misuse of Lime and Results
From Detailed Experiments.
The use of lime in proper quantity, in proper-quality, and the proper^
-time will, prove beneficial to most
soils. Used otherwise, its effects are-
the reverse. .That there may be no
lack of knowledge on the subject/
there has been issued by the Department of Agriculture at Ottawa, a revised edition of a bulletin, entitled
"Lime in Agriculture," in which the
Dominion Chemist, Dr. F. T." Shutt,
has dealt comprehensively with the
subject. From this bulletin it is
learned that there are several classes
of lime, such as quick lime, - burnt
lime, caustic lime, stone lime, etc.,
also that limestone of excellent quality is to be found in many parts of
Canada, especially in the east and at
some points in British Columbia.
Some exists in Manitoba in the vicinity of Lakes Winnipeg and Winni-
pegosis. Otherwise there is none
available on the prairies. What is
known as lime kiln refuse,, is sometimes sold;as "Agricultural Lime," but
the advice is tendered that.purchases
should be. made only on analysis as
to the percentages of quick liinc, car-
bonite of lime, etc., present. Thc
chief objects of .the application of
lime, or carbonate of lime, are the
neutralization of sourness and the improvement of the mechanical condition of soils. The characteristic of
the soils that should, be "treated are
pointed out and the influence of lime
explained. The comparative values
of the different kinds are set forth
as well as thc methods of application.
Attention is given to thc use and misuse of lime and results from detailed
experiments. A table shows the
composition' of limestone found in
fourteen places in New Brunswick,
nine in Queb.ec, six in British Coluin-
bia, nine in Nova Scotia and ten in
Ontario. Prince Edward Island is
also shown to have deposits:
A Sure Sign That- The Blood Is
--Watery and Impure.
People with thin blood arc much
more subject to headaches than full-
blooded persons, arid the, form of
anaemia that afflicts growing girls is
almost always accompanied by headaches, together with disturbance of
the digestive organs.
Whenever you have constant or recurring headaches and pallor of the
face, they show that the'blood is'thin.
and your efforts should be directed
toward building "up your, blood. A
fair treatment with_ Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills will do ���this effectively, and
the rich, red blood made by these
pills will remove the headache.
More disturbances to the health are
caused by their blood than most people have any idea of. .' When your
blood is impoverished, the nerves suffer from lack of nourishment, and you
may be troubled with insomnia, neuritis, neuralgia or sciatica. Muscles
subject to strain are under-nourished
and j'oii may have muscular rheumatism or lumbago. If your blood is
thin and you begin to show symptoms
of any of these disorders, try building
up the blood with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and as the blood is restored to
its,normal condition every symptom
of the trouble_will disappear. There
are more people who owe their present state of good health to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills than to any oilier
medicine, and most of them do not
hesitate to say. so.
Yo"u can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or by mail at SO cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Mcdicin��j��.Co., Brockville, Ont.
Colony For Ex-Soldiers
Swiss and Organdie
By Marie Belmont.
Among the .sheer Jabrics that are
greatly liked for the dainty summer
dress arc organdie and dotted Swiss.
When they are combined most charming creations are achieved. The
model illustrated is fashioned from
white organdie and Swiss that shows
pink, yellow and blue dots on a background of palest blue. ' The lattei
material is chosen for the deep yoke,
which is bound with pipings of white
organdie. Thc lower part of thc
waist is of organdie. The belt has
an inset of the Swiss,, while the lower
part of the tunic is fashioned from thc
dotted material. ~
Fur Seals Increase
j -     	
Estimated That There Are 600,000 of
, These Animals Between Washington and Alaska.
After having been reduced in numbers from 2,500,000 to less than 125,-
000 through unrestricted slaughter,
the great seal herd of the Northern
Pacific has, under adequate protection,
again increased until today it is estimated there, are at least 600,000 qi
the valuable mamals between the
-coast of Washington and thc icy
^shores of Alaska. This year Indians
expect to capture 2,000 seals. The
money value of the skins taken since
1917 is about $500,000.  '
How-to Fight Wheat Sawfly.
Advising, thc best methods to be followed in. combatting the wheat stem
sawfly which has made considerable
inroads in the crops in some districts
this year, a bulletin has been published by thc ficfd crops branch of thc
Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture. ' Stubble burning or deep fall
plowing arc recommended to prevent
infestation in subsequent crops.
May. Form-Colony of-Britishers in-the
Lilloet District. . .
A report has reached Montreal of a
mceting-sjield in London, England, to
discuss the possibility of forming a
colony for cx-officcrs, men and their
families in the Lilloet distort of British- Columbia. It is estimated that
30,000 acres would be taken up by thc
colonists..and developed under the aus-
picccs of a company, half the capital
stock of which would be subscribed
for on a regular investment basis by-js.
shareholders, while the greater part of
thc remaining half would bc issued to
intending British settlers.
Scotland's Census. -
Thc census gives Scotland a population of 5,882,157, being an increase
of only 120,000 over tjfe record of
1911.- The war was hard on Scotland's population, the number of men
taken, and not coming back, having
been large. Emigration also kept'
down the numbers. Some of thc
counties lost to swell -the population
of Glasgow and its neighbor cities, a
condition that is duplicated in other
countries, where the city draws from
thc country and the factory from thc
farm. It %yill be'well for the race
when the process ends.���The' Montreal Gazette. 7
The publisher of the best Farmers'
paper in the Maritime1 Provinces, in
writing to us, states:
"I would say that I do uot know of
a medicine that has stood the tcst-of
"limc'like" MINARD'S" LINIMENT."
It has been an unfailing remedy in
our household .ever since I can remember, and has outlived dozens of
would-be competitors and imitators."
Praise For Lord Byng
American Coal For Russia.
American-coal is being .shipped in
moderate quantities to Russia, for delivery in Petfograd.. The freight rate
New York-Petrograd is" 3&out $7.50
per tori, and contracts have been made
for slightly lower rates.
Will Build More Grain Elevators.j .-
It Is announced that Alberta-Pacific
Grain Company will build a number
of. new-grain elevators in the Peace
River district.
Our- slogan for the coming year
should be, "Buy" at Home." Add to
your-own and your" neighbor's prosperity J>y keeping the money circulate
London Daily Telegraph Prints Laudatory Article on New Governor-   ���
In a laudatory article on Lord
Byng of Vimy, Canada's new Governor-General, the London Daily Telegraph remarks that whatever differences there may bc between him artd
his immediate predecessor, both he
and'thc Duke of Devonshire " might
well bc chosen as typical English
gentlemen. ���
"Thc Dominions inheriting all that
is good in our traditions," says the
article, "without the material .disadvantages of thc old world, have
perhaps an easier task than we, but
within 'the Empire we are,all one
people, and no Canadian will watch
with more pride the prosperity and
happiness of Canada under -Lord
Byng's governship than the -citizens of the Old Country."       ....
LYSTRA. /.'"_..
I. Paul  and Barnabas Preaching at
.   Iconium (vv.71-7).;
As To their work In Iconium observer ''"'������ -V ... ���
1. Their manner of preaching. This
is suggested by the little word "so" in
verse^l. ' They "so" spake that a
great-multitude believed. They were
true preachers. '; Only that which
brings conviction of sin and induces
decision for Christ can be truly said
to be.preaching in:the biblical sense.
The same is true of the Sunday school
teacher. Let; every Sunday school
teacher at all~times have; as his supreme aim to bear the gospel olf
Christ'so as to induce decision for
Christ. . j,  ���   ���
2. Their attitude toward opposition.
This is suggested by the word "therefore" in yerse.3.,'\"Long time therefore they tarried."' The opposition
did not prevent their preaching, but
incited them to continue preaching.
Christian workers should learn not to
give up work because of opposition. .
3. The Lord accompanied thcir
preaching with miracles (v. 3). Since
the -Opposition was so fierce, special
help of the Lord was needed.
4. The ^effect of their preaching (v.
4). The multitude of the city was
divided. Where men faithfully
preach thc gospel there will be division. '" ,
II. Attempt    to  Worship Paul and
Barnabas as" Gods (vv. 8-18).
1. . The occasion (vv. 8-10)���the
healing of thc lame man. God's
gracious power exhibited in healing
thc lame man-occasioned a new difficulty. That which ought to have
been a help'was turned into a hind-
rance.v The man was a confirmed
cripple. He had- never walked. He
heard Paul's preaching, which caused
faitli to bc born in his heart (Rom.
10:17). When Paul perceived that
he trusted Christ, he called with a
loud voice that all could hear for the
man to-stand upright. The cure was
instant, for he leaped up and walked
(v. 10).. There was no magnetic
touch, no treatment only the command, and the naturally impossible
became the possible and the real.
2. The'method (vv. 11-13). they
called Barnabas Jupiter and Paul Mercury, because he" was the chief speaker. The priest of Jupiter brought
oxen and garlands ready to offer sacrifices unto_those men (v 11). If
they had only -known, in thc person
of Jesus Christ God had actually appeared to men (John 1:14; Phil. 2:7,
3. Their efforts" frustrated (vv. 14-
18).' This foolish'act was happily
averted by the tact of the apostles, as
exhibited in the address of the occasion. (1) They deny that thcy are
divine things with like passion to
themselves is criminal. (2) They
direct them to turn away from these
vain things unto the living God who
made heaven and earth and has ever
left witness of Himself in that Hc has
always done good, giving rain and
fruitful seasons, filling their hearts
with gladness.
III. The Stoning of Paul (vv. 19-22).
Wicked   Jews   from   Antioch and
Iconium pursued Paul with relentless
hate to this place, where they stirred
up the' very people who were willing
to worship" them a little while ago.
This shows that satanic worship can
..soon be turned into satanic hate.
This hatred took form in stoning Paul
and dragging him out__of_the city_fo_r
dead. God raised him up, and with
undaunted courage he pressed on with
his duties as a missionary bearing the
good tidings to the lost.'
Soon after this Paul turned back
and revisited the places where he had
preached, telling them thatVhrough
great tribulation thcy must enter into
thc kingdom of God. "       .   V
IV. The Organization of Churches in
thc Field (vv. 23-28).     ^    -     '
Evangelization with Paul* did not
mean a hasty "and superficial preaching of the gospel but the establishment-of a permanent-work. Elders
were appointed, to every church.' .The
.work'- of the .missionary's not ��� done
until there, are established ori the field
'self-governing . arid-' sclf-propagatirig
churches.;'"'; ���.'"'   ���' ".���"���.'������''".'
Face Was Badly Disfigured,
Cuticura Soap and
Ointment Healed.
"Small red pimples and blackheads began on my face and my
face was badly disfigured.
Some of the pimples festered while others scaled
over and there were places
where the pimples were
In blotches. They used
to itch and burn terribly.
"I saw an advertisement for Cuticura and I tried them.
They stopped the Itching and burning and I used four cakes of Soap
and three boxes of Ointment which
healed me." (Signed) Miss V. A.
Hayne, Stormont, N. S., Dec. 26, '18.
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and SOc  Sold
throughout theDominion. CanadianDepot:
Lyman*, Limited, St. Paul St., Montreal.
���"CuUcura Soap ahavca without mug.
Pens in History
Those Used For Signing Important
Papers Preserved As Relics.
Pens occupy thcir place as historic
relics and there arc collectors of such
things as there are collectors of old
chairs, old books, old canes and postage stamps. A quill pen said lo have
been used by Dickens was sold several
years ago in London for $17. The
pen with which the treaty of Paris
Vas signed was one of thc relics left
by the late Empress Eugene. Wash-
ingtonians know of thc demand made
on the president for the pens with
which he signs important bills, and
they havc also read that a president
has sometimes used three or four pens
in writing his signature, writing his
first nam'e with one pen, dotting an
'i" with another, and so "on. It is'
also said that when a state paper
which is believed will be historic is to
bc signed by thc president there is
rivalry among, pen manufacturers to
havc a specimen of their produce used.
�� '
is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject to frequent "colds in the
head" will find that the use of HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the
System and render them less liable to colds.
Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may lead
to   Chronic   Catarrh.
en internally and acts through the Blood on
the Mucous surfaces of the System, thus reducing: the inflammation and assisting Nature
in restoring normal conditions.
All Druggists.      Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
An Artist's Luck
Swede Banished For Disloyalty/ :
_ An'Indian, named Chatlo Padyaya,
has becn refused permission to.reenter Sweden after a visit to Berlin.
The Prime Minister stated that: the
object of Padyaya's ��tay , in'VSweden
was-to carry oh propaganda for the
separation of India from- the British
-'Seaweeds do not obtain nourishment from the soil at the bottom of
the sea, but from the matter contained in sea waterV 4   -
' .A woman always considers herself
charitable ^when- she' lets her.husband have his own way. ' -,    "..";"V  .
Liniment  for^ sale   evesy-
Against Too Much Production.
Declaring that the present period of
depression ..is :.duc to the fact that
workmen - have'., produced . tod. .much,
and that for. this reason employers
are "requiring-their' workmen to "take
a rest," Alexander; Kowat,,.Prcsident
of the Kansas Miners'Union .advised
the laborer hot to "produce too'much
or you" may produce -yourself, out of
a job", in a speech at Kansts City re:
ccntly before an audience or laborer's.'
Japan is Good Market
Is Chief Buyer In East Of Canadian
Canada's chief market in the Far
East is Japan, according to statistics
published in the weekly bulletin of
the department of trade and commerce.
The principal commodities exported
to Japan last year included a million
dollars worth of unbleached sulphite
wood pulp, and threcquarters.of a million dollars of bleached; over half a
million dollars in fine nickel and zinc
spelter, and 7,549 tons of iron and
steel bars and rods. Douglas fir
square timber, dry salted herring, asbestos, ammonium sulphite, rails,
lead in pigs and wrapping paper are
thc other principal items.
Time Has Tested It.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil has been on the market
upwards of fifty years arid in that
time it has proved a blessing to thousands^ It is in highfavor throughout Canada and its excellence has carried its fame beyond -the seas.- If it
were double the price it would be a
cheap liniment.
Australia Gets Busy.
Australia announces a new colonization plan which has for its campaign slogan "a million farmers and
a million farms for Australia." Canada has thc ,TOom and needs the
population on its untouched acres. Is
the Antipodean Commonwealth to get
the cream of British- peoples?���-Victoria Times.        < .
. - Nearly - one,... thousand schools in
Great 'Britain.- have" been - provided
with war".shrines in memory-of old
scholars. "-'   --_.��� V ' -,"'' .���..-'     -.
7    ,/-      EVERY SUMMER:
Gold Strike In .the = North;
"'When;.: the7 baby" starts to:cut its
teethV'Vthcn .is 'the time the -poor
mother is.under the stress, -of great
anxiety. "The-, child's bowels' become
loose, arid diarrhoea, dysentery, colic,
cramps .and.-many other bowcl'.com
-Telegraphic advices from the north | fIa5nts manifest tliemselv-es; the gums
������...-    ,    -     , -    .,    'become swollen, -cankers form m the
country announce that a.heavy strike, mouth;-and in many case's..the,child
of gold has been made on. Cariboo Is-, wastes to a shadow, -and;:very often
land, on the north shore of the Great
Slave, by the Aurous Gold Mining
Company. Milling .machinery Is now
on the way. that;everything will be'in
expected -that everything will be in
readiness to blegiri operations upon a
very extensive scale next spring;
V; V-" V New. B.C. Industry. - V
. The., National .Industries Corporation is about-to commence construction of a large manufacturing plant on
ladustfial. Islaad, B.C.," where rivet-
less sickle blades will be made. Knives
will be manufactured for all standard
grain snd hay. cufctiogf machlaev   *.
the termination-it fatal.
"  Qn;th'c"firs.t"indicatipn"of- any looseness , of the bowels, give a few doses
and .-thus,-perhaps, savey-our baby's
life., '���'.   '.;   X'-'X-'X   '' ���-':���-������  ' -;' .
For-the past 76. years\"Dr. .Fowler's" has been used by mothers for
teething babies.so you do not experiment with, a new. and untried remedy
which might be dangerous to your
darling's health.
price, SOc a bottle; put up by The.
T. Milbara. Co.,.   Limited,   Toronto,
Qsfc y..-..   ...
Won Valuable Prize When 111 and
Without Funds.
Frank Schwartz, twenty years old,
trying to make his living as-f-san
artist was notified by his landlord that
he must Pleave his -stuffy room in a
tenement over a saloon in the East
Side, New York,1 unless he paid his
rent, $10 a month. On his way out
he met the postman with a.letter informing him that he had won-the
Prix de Rome, offered by the American Academy in the Eternal City.
The prize gives him free transportation to Rome, free tuition in. art,:and
an allowance of $1,000 a yeatr' for
three years. i (
The vicissitudes of an artist's,\ life
could scarcely be better illustrated.
His mother died in Chicago when
he was'twelve years old, and j his
father, who was a hotel waiter In
that city, left the boy to shift for
himself because he insisted upon
studying at tho Chicago Art Institute instead of going into business
where he could make money. It is
not known how he managed to struggle along in the interval, but letters
Jound in the boy's apartment showed
he was desperate for lack of money.
After leaving thc army, with which
he served in France as a member of
the Camouflage Section, he was
stricken with pneumonia. He was
unable to work. Doctors advised him
to leave the city. He could not do
so; he had no funds. Then came
the notice, sent by the agent for the
tenements. And then the prize.���
Toronto Globe.
For Catarrh.���It is one of the chief
recommendations of Dr. Thomas'
Eclcctric Oil that it can be used internally with as much' success as it
can outwardly. Sufferers from catarrh will find that the Oil when used
according to directions will give
prompt relief. Many sufferers^ from
this, ailment have found relief in the
Oil and have sent testimonials.
To Slaughter Buffalo
Said That One Thousand Animals at
Wainwright Will be Disposed of
by Government.
Owing to the increase in the buffalo herd at Wainwright, one thousand of these animals are to be slaughtered. ' A special building is being
erected for the purpose. The buffalo
meat will be sent to all points over
thc country for sale. A strict account is being kept of all heads and
skins, which will probably be disposed
of by thc Dominion Government. The
Wainwright reservation contains the
last large herd of buffalo in the world,
with about 3,000 animals.
Thinks Swearing All Right
Yes,,, providing the -provocation
equals' the offence of Jones stepping
on Smith's sore corn. Far better to
use "Putnam's" Painless Corn Extractor, it does lift out corns in a hurry.
No corn can last if "Putnam's" is applied. ' Refuse a substitute, 25c everywhere.
Advantages of Irrigation
Taber System Will Be Paid For In
One   YeslT   By   Increased
Paying* for an irrigation system in
one year is the unique experience of
the Taber project comprising 17,000
acres, just east of the' irrigated area
operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway. It cost 'sixteen dollars an acre
to build the ditch and laterals and
conservative estimates of_the average
yield on the 13,000 acres under crop'
are twenty bushels to the acre as
against eight bushels on the dry land
This is the first year that the Taber
project has been in operation and farmers are naturally enthusiastic over its
success. c The many fields with thirty-
five and forty" bushel crops are, however, the most satisfactory evidence.
;  -  Patronizing Local Industry,
A profitable market for thcir pro-,
duct of sodium chloride is being developed by the Scnlac Salt Company,
.which is engaged in. developing the
salt, deposits at Scnlac,-'Saskatchewan.
A Calgary soap factory-is utilizing-the
product- extensively in its manufacture,'instead of importing from-Wisconsin "as "preyiously, and it is' probable the wants of thcir Winnipeg
branch will be supplied from thc same
source.     ���':-.":' ""-.���-     '
V Alberta Coal Production. -".
., Production of all classes of coal in
Alberta during 1920 amounted, to 7,-
010,845 tons, valued at $33,919,240,. the
highest in. the coal-mining-history of
Alberta/. Of the total production 130,-
SW'.'toris were ^rithracitc, .;.3,419,021
bituminous, 3,359,308-,donicstic7 ceal
and:'101,?22'" briquettes'.V
'   .    . B.C. Lumber For Chili.      X'
... The first consignment of .lumber to-
Chili for many years. ��� left Vancouver,
recently; being shipped by T.. S. Mc-
Clay,-Harbor Commissioner for Vancouver.
Think these Points
Over with Care
They may apply
to you. Beecham's
Pills nave been, for seventy years," used by thousands of people and are today considered very useful
in safeguarding health.
> Beecham's Pills help to
overcome disorders of the
stomach, liver and bowels,
prevent biliousness, constipation, indigestion, sick;
headache.. ' '   ;
They.keep clear the com-
��� plexion arid help to purify -j
the blood:  Consider well
and take
Sold eyerjrwlier*
���    ia Cauda.
In box** 25c, 50c
_ Largest Sale of any
Medicine in the World
Pouce Coupe Oil
Imperial Oil Company Struck a Flow
of Oil at a Depth of One Hundred
~- and Eighty Feet.
Authentic news is received that the
Imperial Oil Company has struck a
flow of gas and oil at a depth of one
hundred and eighty feet at Rollo, on
the Pouce Coupe River, in the Peace
River country. ��� On. a visit to the
well, oil was being forced into the well
by gas and the bubbling could be
heard at some distance away. Experts state that the body from which
the oil is being forced will be reached
in less than sixty days, probably at a
depth of seven' hundred feet. Samples of the oil indicate it to bc of a
very high grade.
A Twelve Ton Cheese
Being. Made For Exhibition at New
York State Fair.
The largest single cheese ever
manufactured it is ~ claimed, will be
made at Lowville for exhibition at the
New York State Fair, Sept. 12-17, at"
Syracuse.^ - The cheese will weigh
twelve tons and will require 150,000
pounds of milk, the milk from 7,500
cows for one,day, for its manufacture.
Four barrels of salt are required for
this cheese, and the cheese 'bandage
alone will.cost $100. The cheese has
to be turned, to be properly v cured,
every three days. For this purpose
a heavy framework has been erected
in a special building in which the
cheese is being made, and a wi'idlass
arrangement is provided to accomplish this.
Imagination .
"Imagination causes more anxiety
than reality does."
"Undoubtedly," replied Mr. Dustin
Stax. "I know several chaps on the
board of trade who got into all kinds
of trouble with imaginary wheat."���
Washington Star.
Many people are almost crippled
with corns. But it is needless suffering which can be speedily ended.
with Holloway's Corn Remover.
Prize Sheep From Royal J?anch.
���The- Prince of���Wales is exhibiting-
his Shropshire sheep from his ranch
at High River at the Western Canadian   fairs   this   summer.     Already
they have won many Alberta ribbons.
' Send  ft  Dominion  Express   Money   Order.
They  are  payable  everywhere.
. War's Official End,
The date for the official termination
of the war except as regards Turkey,,
will be.-Sept 1, the prime minister announced in the British House of Commons recently.'
It pays to patronise home industry.
Buy from the merchants in.your own
Minard's Liniskat for Dasdruff
Cook's Cotton Roof Compel
A ta/e, rtliabU reqvlatinff
mtdudtu. Bold in tKr���� d����
eraei ot ��treugOi���No. 1. $1$
No. 2, *3; No. 3, So par box.
~ Sold by all drnEliaU, or lent
prepaid oa receipt til pries.'
Free     ptmplilet.      Address;
-TfilOXTQ, CRT. (ftrmeitj Wlifar.)
Aatrici'i Pioneer
Doe Kemedien
' and How to Feed -
Mailed    Free    io    asy
Ad<lrei��  by  Ih*
CO.,   INC,
U8    Wett   Mst-atrect,
N'tw York. TJ.S.A.
Only "Bayer^ is Genuine
. Warning 1 Unless.'you see the nam* .
"Bayer" on package or on tablets yott
are not. getting Aspirin ^it alL Tak*
Aspirin only as.told' ..in" the" Bayer '
package for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia,. Rheumatism, Earache, ��� Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain. Thea
you will be following-the directions
and^ dosage worked out by physicians
during twenty-one years and proved
safe by millions. . Handy tin boxes
of twelve Bayer Tablets of Aspirin
cost few cents. Druggists also uell
larger. packages. - Made in Canada,
Aspirin is the trade, mark (registered
in Canada), of Bayer Manufacture eJ
MGEoacetJcaridester ef Sslicylicaeiii,
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
The Trip Was Off
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.5��
(Where] more than one claim appears In notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals !i2^c.  a line each insertion.
w      "   , '" 	
Johnny had been disobedient and
his father, on returning home, had
been appraised of the fact, "Come,
my son," he said quietly as he
started for the woodshed, "we will
take a little trip."
"If it's a whaling trip, pa, I'd
rather be excused," said the young
delinquent and his ready wit saved
him a painful experience���Boston
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that tbe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Tite poultry industry is an important factor today, and will bear
much study, whether conducted as
a side line or as an exclusive
A spirit of exceptional optimism
seems to have seized upon this
town. Improvement is everywhere noticeable. Progress is the
. watchword. Enterprize and activity go hand in hand and are apparent on all sides.
When a man in search of a
Lome or business location goes to
a town and finds everybody full of
hope and enthusiasm over the prospects of the.place, he, too, soon becomes imbued with the same spirit,
drives down his stakes and goes to
work with equal interest.
What are you doing for your
town? If you have no confidence
in tho growth and improvement of
the town and country in which
you live how on earth do you expect other people to move among
you and cause the country to develop and grow for your benefit. ���
Ix any city where the majority
. of its citizens are home owners,
one will find pretty homes and
happy satisfied people. They are
always on the alert for the best interest of the town and its moral
welfare. Where this is no so Buch
an interest is not' displayed.
VkIt��wouifJV hot fly ^uules^-: it7had!7iaj
-siring :tyibgit;d^
7dn.viife.V7The man;;whpJs;|leddowh:
;7;iitiife;:by,^;;Kalf! 'asdokeiiV remote!?;
;Btr6pgetV flight Vthan;; aVhacbeldr^
VtheX; wSWd I Xtt e Vy ojirsei fVtofftpme^
Both Eat Meat
A Negro employed at one of the
movie studios in Los Angeles was
drafted by a director to do a novel
comedy scene with a lion.
"You got into this bed," ordered the director, "and we'll bring
in the lion and put him in bed
with you.   It will be a scream.
"Put a lion in bed with me!"
yelled the Negro. "Nojsah! Not
a a-tal! I quit right here and
"But," protested the director,
this lion wont hurt you. This
Hon was brought up on milk."
"So was I brung up on milk,"
wailed the Negro, but I eats meat
now."���Saturday Evening Post.
Send a Float to your friends at
once. You can get them at
The Ledge office
Notice of Intention to Aptly to Purchase Land
In Fairview Land District, Recording District of Similkameen and situate about 7
miles West of Midway, B.C., and one mile
North of Meyers Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Roberts, of
Kettle Valley, B.C., occupation farmer intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the South East corner post of Lot
801s, thence West 70 chains, thence South 40
chains, thence East 70 .chains, thence North 40
chains to point pf commencement and containing- 240 acres more or less.
Bated July 26th, 1921.
An American tourist says:
"The British Columbia roads are
beautiful" and the people are hospitable. They have a way of
their own in making' Americans
feel at home."
IN  THE  MATTER of the  Estate of
All person1, liav'msr any claims or demands
ajraiitsi Robert Thornton Lowery. lateof Greenwood. B.C.. Publisher, u ho died on the 20th clay
of May. 1921. are required to send by post pie-
paid, or delher to Waller Kobeit JJowdiiey,
Urceiurood. B.C.. the Executor of tho last Will,
and Testament or said Robert Thornton
Irtwery. Deceased, full particulars of their
claims, and the nature of the securities [if any)
held by then;. And notice is hereby pi veil that
after the Stli day of September, 1921, the said
Executor will proceed to distribute the assets of
the said Deceased among; the persons entitled
thereto, having repaid only to the claims of
which he shall have been piven notice.
Dated at Greenwood, B.C.. this 26th dav of
July. 1921.
'    I. II. HALLETT\
Solicitor for the Executor.
Synopsis of
laid Ac} Cmsni'mant*
M!nimuni��pric�� of first -class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
J2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering: only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which la non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each-- making
necessary Improvements on respective
claims. 0
Pre-emptore must occupy claims for
Ave years and moke Improvements to
value of. $10 per *ore. including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvement*, he may, bo-
cauae of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$100 per annum and records same eaoh
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
'���s�� than S years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least t years are required.
Pre-emptor holding drown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. m
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding if)
acres, may b�� leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling real-
a��Jtlal and improvement conditions.
For graiing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or oompany.
Mill, factory or industrial sites or>
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purohased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
. Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing, roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, noUexceeding half of purchase
price. Is mad*. ^,
*       ��� ��� ACT.
i ^h5 B00S* of thu f ��t li enlarged to
include all persona joining and serv-
��n* with H& Majesty', /orces. The
time within whloh the heirs or devices
r �� deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
such perron, as formerly, until one
year after the oonolusion of the present
war. This privilege la also made retroactive, ���-
No feel relating to pre
due or payable by ���oldlers'on
emptlons recorded after June 26. 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
emptlons are
Provlsion for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1814, on account of payments, feet
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions
Interest on agreements to purchase
t10,^n,����-0lt5r loU held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
dlreot or lndiraot, remitted from enlistment to Maroh II, 1829.
��� UB-PURCHA^ER^or ��ROWN  f
Provision made for- Issuance of
Crown frants to aub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who-f��Ued to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase interest and tuft. Where ���ub-purcViaa-
ers do not claim whole of original parcel, PUMMM price due and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately   over
��*&'��&, vW*t,0M wu,t *
VV;    QRAZINQ.    * ���
Oraxing 7Act.   1019,  for    systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for:graslng districts and range'
administration   under   Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued  based
on numbers ranged; priority for estab-
lished    owners.      Stock-owners   may
forni Associations for, range manage-'
a\ent.   Free, or partially free, permits-
(or settlers, campers or tr*r*iiera, us
to ten head. ^
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assay er and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead P3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Dealer iu Second-hand  Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cuttle,   Etc.
Corner Ahbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -_:-   -   B.C.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $75,944,203; Lode
Gold, 8102,753,823; Silver, $53,668,284; Lead $46,637,221; Copper, $161,513^864;
Zinc, $19,896,466; Coal and Coke, $212,573,492; Building Stone, Brick,- Cement,
etc., $32,168,217; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making its Mineral
Production to the end of 1929 show an
Aggregate Value of $706,192,978 ��� .
Production for Year Ending December, 1920, $35,543,084
The  Mining   Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees-lower "
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British
Empire..        "
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.   "
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by. developing such properties, the security  "   s
of .which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.   - '   -
Full information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained      "
gratis by addressing���
VICTORIA? British Columbia.
FRONT ST..      NELSON.     BOX 865
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenafechee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayingr.    -   - Auto's for hire Day or Nhjht
We carry Tires, Oils, Greases.  Hay and Grain '���'
Office Phone 13.- _ '.���:���-.. Residence: Phone 3L
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your watch for Repair and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
Dealerjn Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For" Sale. List your lands
with mej_ Have a buyer for good ranch
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers." Cadillac cars, Garage in
Nicely iurnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. NilSOn
616 Vernon St.. Nelson '
Brick building and finely furnishedjrooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
(Expert Optician)
K- W. C Block
VV Vjaejeceutai^
XXX femplp|iden^|1ri}v-t
fe ��$er��^he4;V
XVvi)omini<>iiVwiij:'Tvbe/ -:faced; -wltfrtbe'
XX ^-pf o^Mp^ o'f^pmyidi tig ���' /employ menf
XXX^^^^^^^otX3&i} 000- ,pers.Qn&
[ltiuiliM Smelting Co.
' Offices^.Smelting.andoR^finiiig Department;
VV ��� 7.'^r1i��1!:BrMs^
yr ad anac? 7br:atkd:7
'7V;^jfewv:efcapgeis7bav0- :been roade;'
"iwv-fcfae:'ga6iBa^regulations,.*. Iiiaoow5
7;'de|r|or3crj!*:7 itiodse* "'��� VV XXX: V -: -fr'
; Whi|e^il0;;4^
tlmfcer; substitute ft^is;"vfc^^cfpijiiifi^ fc^ ^Irpibef
Kiep tfie iiiart set high; iSestrjicttofi ofvftie; Forest


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