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The Ledge Sep 15, 1921

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SP17 192]
Vol.   XXVIII.
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
New Shipment
Leckie Shoes
For Men and Boys
These are the best shoes
to wear you can buy for
your boy. Better have
a pair for him to start
school with
^mmmmmmmfmwmmmmmmmmwimfffm mmfe! $ W. Elson 8 Co
Large Assortment of
Christie's��� Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
Arriving Fresh Every  Thursday
Order Your Preserving Peaches and Plums Now-
All Steps Lead To:   - y   K      '
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as to Rates
^ I      Ranches For Sale
_   Call And See
25 per cent off
Winnipeg Prices on Wall Papers
Good until September 30th, 1921
Around Home
Dan MacKenzie has returned
to town from Cascade.
St. Jude's church service, Sunday Sept. 18 at 11 a.m.
P. B. Freeland of Grand Forks,
was id town on Wednesday.
Mrs. A. B. Sharp, of Nelson, is
the guest of Mrs. Wm. Jenks.
Mrs. C. T. Fenner motored to
Bridesville and' Molson last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs; D. McPerson, of
Grand Forks, spent Sunday in
Jim Graham and Chris Nelson
have returned from, Lightning
House For Sale or Kent.
Apply to Mrs. Robert Wood,
Messrs. Lentfried and Anton
Portmaun are on a business trip
to Spokane.
Old Timer Sells to
Saskatchewan Farmer
J. L. Dodd, who for the past 25
years has been a resident of Bridesville, sold his farm there last week
to James A.. McDonald, of Canorar
Mr. McDonald is an experienced
farmer and has made an extensive
tour of the province and will take
possession at once. Mr. Dodd was
in Greenwood last week end when
he renewed many of his old acquaintances.
The deal was made by Geo. C.
Egg;- real estate agent of Grand
Forks and put through by I. H.
Hallett, solicitor here.
Kettle Valley Notes
We are clearing* out our stock of
Children's Shoes
At Cost
Come in and inspect our stock
Spectacles of All Kinds
For Sale and Repaired
Ask for Erices and. Compare -with ,Mail
Order House
McELMON, Greenwood
Independent Meat
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the 2
wire If you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is 9
replete with cigars,, cigarettes, cooling beverages, p
buttermilk and ice-cream. X
o 5
We carry only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats/ Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc,
A Trial will Convince You
John Meyer
Si -Vl
Made With
Is one ol the recipes in
The Shamrock Cook Book
-. {Ask your merchant for your copy)
Wholesale Distributing Branch, Bast Kootenay District, NELSON. B.C.
.    Packing Plants at'
Calzary       Eamonton      Regina       Priece Alfcert       Vancouver
Greenwood Theatre
, Gray~& Clerf. Props.
You can facilitate your own long- distance telephone service if, when
place & call, you mention to the operator .the time you will be in yonr
office. When the time is specified, the operator can get.you on the dot,
and, besides, it obviates any inconvenience to,the party called.
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Special! Special!
The Curwood-Carver Co. preseuti
N^ell Shipman  _
The brilliant young swimming star in
"Back to God's
From the story "Wapi,  the Walrus" by
James Oliver Cunvood
Winter scenes and Wapi's great fight for
Dolores* life actually photographed-
away up in the Arctic Circle
16 varieties of wild animals. "
The greatest dog fight of the screen
6 Reels 6
��� Jimmie' Cairns returned to Kimberley last week, after a visit to
friends near Eholt.
Wm. Spooner --and sou and
Ralph Pond returned by motor to
Trail on Saturday.
Place your order'snow for-Fall
Wheat and Fall Rye .for seed at
R. A. Brown's, Midway.
Miss L. Deane and Miss Dot
Fraser, of Vancouver,- are the
guests of Miss C. McDonald.
,' Dressmaking and needlework
by the day or at home. Telephone of write Miss Hookham,
Kettle Valley.
C. Elliott, an experienced and
practical auto mechanic is now
employed in' the Greenwood Garage." See'advtT
Miss Knowlton, of Vancouver,
formerly matron of the Phoenix
hospital, is now in charge of the
Princton hospital.
Special this week. ' Whole
Roast. Coffee 3 lbs for $1.00 at
R. A. Brown's, Midway.
Giis. Tofelt, of Kimberley, has
bought the Cairns ranch at Eholt
and will take possession as soon
as the present lease expires.
Mrs. Silas Smith was the guest
of Mrs. E. Mellrud during the
week, returning to Copper Mountain this (Thursday) morning.""
: The Rock Creek Baseball Club
_wi)Lhold a dance-in the Riverside
Hall, on Friday evening Sept. 23.
Bush's orchestra will be in attendance.
Sunday School as usual will be
held in the Presbyterian Church
on Sunday at 11 a. m.
��� Mrs. Grace Herman, of North
Vancouver, Grand Chief of the
the Pythian Sisters of B.C., visited the local Pythian Sisters on
Saturday evening. While here
Mrs. Herman was the guest of
Mrs. A. J. Morrison.
On Sunday John Benson shot a
cougar ou-'the Sater ranch which
measures over 7 feet. There is a
bounty of about $40 for every
cougar killed as well as the fur
being of some yalue, so that
Johnnie made a good day's wages.
The Princeton K. of P's were
defeated by the Grand Forks K.
of P's. at Grand Forks on Monday
at baseball by a" score of 10-13.
Seven innings were played. The
senior team of Grand Forks also
defeated the Princeton K. of P's
by a score of 8-3.
Taxes is one thing that will
not drop with the fall in the selling-price of-eggs.', The makers"
of taxes do not take  the market
reports as their guide.   In Green _ w   ^  UOUUItxJ BUU   ���
wood the taxes for next year will fewenty.tw0| perflnaded the ra8tler
Mrs. C. Babar, Snr., was a visitor to the Valley on Saturday laBt.
Florence Jnpp leaves on Thursday mornings train for Vancouver,
where she will finish off her education.
Old Man Winter visited the
Valley this week. On Monday
morning six degrees of frost were
H. Whiting resumes doty as K.
V. agent at Bock Creek on Sept.
15th. Believing Agent Noble returning to the Coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Whiting returned
from the Coast on Friday last and
are now spending a few days with
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Lee.
Great curiosity has been caused
in the Valley over the Communication, and today's by word is "Who
is the anonymous writer?"   -
John Haynes haB just received a
bill of $210.00 from the Government, being expense incurred by
his bush fire on Nicholson Creek.
Things are booming in this burg,
three residences being under construction. F. -Welstead, Major
DavieB and Billy Jones are all
There will be a practice game of
Hockey on Sunday next. Both
old and new players are invited to
attend. Game to take place on
the old ground close to the Clark
Wm. Johns, who recently sold
his farm near Bridesville to Bod-
man and Clarke, has leased Mrs.
Laura Anderson's property at Kettle Valley and taken up his residence there."
Hunting season. is here���for
skunks. Two have been killed in
the neighborhood within the last
week. Mrs. Shillcock, Major and
Mrs; Davies held a caucus with
one in their hen house and, with
the aid of   pick  handles and   a
Also a Two Reel Toonerville Comedy
"The Skipper's Scheme"
ADULTS 50c     -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
Wood-For Sale        ' -
Sawmill slab3 in 2-cord loads, ��5.50 a cord
Asply to J. W- Ciarfe, Pacific Hotel
Good  Fall  Wheat 2��c.  per lb.
Walter Clark, Midway.
;        Wanted- .-  .
Probationer   at    Grand- Forks
Hospital.- Apply to Matron.
Harry Bryan, Wm. Bryant, H.
H. Bidder, C. T. Fenner and A.
Murray attended the D.O.K.K.'
celebration at Grand Forks on
Grouse hunting season opens
on Saturday, Sept. 17 and closes
oa Oct. 1st. Mule, deer, bucks
only can be shot from Sept. 17
until Dec. 15.
After being with the local
branch of the Bank of Montreal
for 22]/2 years, C. J.. Eales will
leave shortly for Nelson to which
place he has been transferred.
Miss Denise Helebeque, only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Heleque, of Nelson, formerly of
Anaconda, was married on Tuesday morning last to Stewart D.
Fletcher., -    *
H. H. Avery, JG. G. Lyal, W.
Almstrom, A. - Almstrom, W.
Hamilton, G. Farrar, F. Lowney,
F. McMation, J. McMahon and
W. Graham, all of Princeton
passed through. Greenwood on
Monday on their way to Grand
Forks to attend the meeting of
the D.O.K.K's.
Notice to Taxpayers
. The Council requests all taxpayers tojneet in the Board of Trade
rooms oa Friday 16th inat., at S
p.m.', to discuss important business
relative to bonds and taxes. '
Geo. S.-Walters, *
-'   , !  -    City Clerk.
probably be the   largest   in the
history of the city.
On Saturday morning about 9
o'clock flames were seen emitting
from the residence of Ola Lofstad and the fire alarm sent in.
The firemen made a quick run
and did good work but it was impossible to save the frame building as the flames had already got
too much of a start. The cause
of the fire is unknown. The
damage to the house and contents
is estimated at about $2,500 with
no insurance. . Mr. Lofstad in*
tendsto rebuild immediately.'
On Sunday there was a Fall
feeling" in the air. The wind
blew cold and the autumn leaves
gleaned yellow and red. The
birds sought their shelter from
the chill north wind, and were
silent and listless. Few autos
hurried along the roads, as there
was little pleasure in riding. The
feel of loneliness for a departing
summer was in the air, ' Ladies
tightened their wraps over their
summer dresses. The call to the
picnic ground was not heard, and
the wander lust hushed its luring
cry. The end must indeed come
surely to the. summer with its
birds and its flowers.
Every season of good times
raises the standard of living just
a little higher than it was before.
On Saturday night there must
haye been $40,000 worth of automobiles parked up and down}
Main street on both sides, and on
cross streets. Autos are quite
common just now. Before the
war they were luxuries which the
rich or the fortunate alone could
afford. In.the winter expensive
fur coats are a necessity for the
wives and daughters of the well-
to-do. Now that farm produce
is away down what will become
of the fur coat and auto of the
common people? - These things
are perhaps as necessary now as
tea and coffee, The world stuck
to tea and coffee through famine
and pestilence and revolution, aud
no doubt a way will be found for
the maintenance bf the auto
through the trying times which
are upoa us.
to "give np the ghost." , Skunk
number two, was run. over by a
car close to Mr. Little's residence
and if the above folks went up
against the same proposition as the
writer did, when passing the resting place of this little  "bird" his
heart -goes ont to them in sympathy, for, as Longfellow forgot to
The skunk a Blick one surely is,
From hen house to pagoda
He'll visit and he'll leave behind
A blamed peculiar odour.
"The marriage took place in
Knox Church, Calgary, on Sunday,
August 28, of Mr. George Diehl
and Miss Margaret Caldwell. - The
ceremony waa performed by Bev.
Prin. Miller, D.D. of Boherfeon
College, Edmonton, assisted by A.
W. Whiteman of Knox Church.
Both parties are well known in
Olds, Miss Caldwell has been a
teacher in the Olds High School for
some four years, and is one of the
best and most successful teachers
that Olds has had. She is a Ph.D.
of Chicago University and a very
accomplished instructor in Art.
During the flu epidemic a few
years ago Miss Caldwell was one
of tho volunteers from town who
did excellent work in rendering
assistance to sufferers from this
dread disease. 7 '
Mr. Diehl ia employed in Mc-
Kercher's .hardware store, has
farmed in the district, and has
made many friends instbis locality.
Th* Gazette extends its very best
wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Diehl."
���Olds, Gazette.
"Mrs. Diehl is a sister of Mrs. G.
B* Taylor of this city.
No. .10
Farewell to W. L. Clark
W.   L.   Clark,   who  has been
in charge - of ��� the   Midway and
Greenwood Presbyterian Churches
during    the     summer     month?,
left  on Wednesday afternoon for
his home in Saskatoon prior to resuming his studies at tho Presbyterian College. During Mr. Clark's
short Btay in the,Boundsry country
he has endeared himself to the entire community and to all parties
do matter to what creed they believed in,  and especially is be a
a great favor among the younger
members of the community for he
took a keen interest in their sports
as well as their   well-being.   On
Monday evening a large gathering
assembled    in    the   Presbyterian
Church to bid farewell and good
lnck to Mr.   Clark.    M.   Beattie
acted as chairman and called on
W. B. Dewdney to make a presentation addresB, and on behalf of
the Church, Mr. Dewdney feelingly
expressed keen appreciation.of the
members for Mr.  Clark and presented him with a purse containing
about $60.    Mr.  Clark .made  a
suitable reply,   giving his experiences on coming here and stated
that his first visit to Greenwood
was a happy one and that he bad
found harmony in all his church
work.   The choir rendered several
selections as well as solos by Miu
B. Axam, Mrs. Kinsman, etc.
The ladies provided dainty refreshments after which an hour
was passed., in pleasant repartee
when the singing of "Auld Lang
Syne" brought the evening to a
talose. -..    .,..;   i   ���
"Back to God's Country"
How a woman who understands
and loves animals can gentle the
most savage brute, that would kill
anyone else who touchod it, is
shown in the picture, "Bock to
God's Country," adapted from the
story of "Wapi, the Walrus," by
James Oliver Curwood.
Nell Shipman, the leading player, who is a great lover of pets,
does not hesitate to put her arms
around Wapi,y a savage brute,
when -the - dog���is - making every-
effort to tear tbe throats of two
traders who are lashing the dog.
The dog instantly calms from its
insenate fury and permits her to
The dog later breaks his chain
to follow the trail over the ice to
the girl, the only person who has
been kind to him.!
This picture will be shown at
the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday. Sept. 17th.
Dr. O. M. Graves, Dentist., will
be in Ferry, Oct. 1st to Oct. 10th,
prepared to do ail kinds of work.
Make dates early. I make good ia
all my work.
Charlton   Ranch  Changes
Chester Chariton, of Bridesville,
sold his farm and equipment this
week to Messrs. Barr and Beid, of
Victoria, B.C.
The deal was put through by
George C. Egg, real estate agent of
Grand Forks, the consideration
being in the neighborhood of 820,-
000 cash. Mr. Charlton ia well
known in the west as a breeder of
thoroughbred Herefords and has
some of the finest stock In tbe province. The new owners will not
take possession until March.
Bridesville Notes
Cecil S. Clarke, of Bridesville.
who occupies the old Wm, Johns
ranch, passed through Greenwood"
Thursday night on his way to
Grand Forks to meet hie parents
who have just arrived from
hand. .**��
THE     LEDGE.    'GREENWOOD.'    B.     C,
Ancient Algeria
Wonderful Scenes and Strange Cus"
toms in Eastern City.
Travellers who get bored with .the
charm of the South of France can
stop off at Marseilles and take the
steamer to Algiers which is well worth
doing, as one can get a glimpse of
thc Near East with comfortable surroundings in thc way of good hotels,
good roads and good cooking, writes
T. Walter Williams.
Seen from the sea, with its white,
flat-roofed houses and palm-clad hills,
Algiers has a most picturesque appearance.. The promenade along thc
sea-front is occupied chiefly with
cafes, where the Arab sheiks, in white
turbans and flowing *ed burnooscs
and sandaled feet, sit smoking their
long pipes, while the younger ones
puff cigarettes after the manner of
thcir French conquerors.
Near Sidi Okba travelers can see a
living saint, who has not moved, so
'tis said, for half a century. When
lie dies hc will bc buried on the spot
and a tomb with whitewashed walls
and dome erected over his body. This
will be a shrine for thc passers-by in
lhc caravans to linger at and utter a
The saint lives upon small copper
coins thrown to him by thc drivers
of thc caravans, and small offerings
of rice and kous-kous by the natives
from the village of Sidi Ogba. Caravans and experienced travelers always
pass to windward of living saints and
dead camels.
There is a  sort of  raised  earthern
platform   with   palm     leaf     malting,
where the traveler can sleep with his
oblanket  round him,  as   tlie night air
of thc desert is often very cool.
Thc matting is changed when it has
disappeared into the earth, which is
usually about every.twenty years, so
'that there is not much expense in
running a khan. Travelers take with
them a sack of dates which they
throw into a pool of water to swell
up before they arc eaten, and with
some of the Arab unleavened bread it
makes a fair meal. Those who make
trips only get indigestion once.
Thc sunset on thc desert, with the
long train of heavily laden camels on
thc horizon* is worth seeing to thore
who havc any imagination and had
read Burton's "Arabian Nights," and
there arc also thc wonderful mirages
to bc seen in the daytime.
This question can be answered both
ways. If thc deafness is due to Catarrh, success is general if the 'Sufferer persists in thc use of Catarrhozone,
and thereby drives Catarrh out of the
system. Penetrating through thc
passages of thc car, the soothing
vapor of Catarrhozone relieves thc
inflammation, dcstro3-s the Seeds of
Catarrh and thereby allows nature to
re-asscrt herself. For Catarrhal
Deafness, pain oyer the eyes, plugged
nostrils and other symptoms associated with Catarrh, use Catarrhozone.
You'll be more than pleased with thc
quiek improvement in your condition.
Two months' treatment, One Dollar,
sold everywhere or the Catarrhozone
Co., Montreal.
Farmer Displacing*
Want Prairie
Chickens Protected
The Duckbilled Dinosaur
Scientific Party Unearth Valuable
Specimens in Alberta.
With a carload of dinosaur parts,
stored in 2S large boxes, weighing altogether 16,000 pounds, recently loaded at Patricia, Alberta, thc Toronto
University party, which has been fossil hunting along the banks of thc
Red Deer River for thc last three and
a half .months, left tor Toronto recently.
The^ party, which is in charge of
Levi Sternberg, consisted of G. E.
Lindbald, W. K. Siclcy and A. Ireland,
Division  of  Large Estates  so  That
Agricultural Lands May Be Own'
ed By Farmers.
"In Great Britain two conditions
wcrc discovered as a result of war
difficulties which called for drastic
remedy," says  the Vancouver Sun.
"First, it was found that under thc
system of land-holding in existence
when war broke out, there was not
sufficient production- lo feed thc nation should importation of food from
overseas be cut off.
"Second, it was found that taxation
of non-producing estates was-not a
sufficiently remunerative method to
jifstify allowing large areas to remain
uncultivated; because the loss on production was many times more injurious to the financial condition of
the nation than any amount which
could possibly be realized from'taxation,
"Therefore, it has been
to  bring  about   lhe  division     of    all j brief  pcrioi
large slates so that agricultural "amisj cracking   al
may be owned by farmers.      By  this
policy  it  is  believed   that  production
will  be stimulated  to
that  the  nation  could
the  danger  of  famine  should  a   war
break  out;  and  also  that  in   time  of
Are Invaluable As Hopper Destroyers
And Other Insect Pests.
A campaign for a law to prohibit
-aH killing of prairie chickens in Saskatchewan for five years has been
launched by the farmers of the province. They declare the birds arc
worth their weight in gold as destroyers of grasshoppers and other insect pests.
The value of the chickens in this
respect was oddly demonstrated recently. A'fatmcr driving a horse and
buggy through the country ran over
and killed a chicken. This was an
extraordinary accident, and he got
out to investigate.
He found thc bird's crop full almost to bursting with grasshoppers.
It had eaten so many it could not
fly and could hardly walk. Its voracious appetite for hoppers was the indirect  cause of its death.
Thc    present    law    that    protects
j prairie chickens provides for an open
determined | season   of  two   weeks.      During  this
guns  of sportsmen  are
over   the   prairies   every
day and the. destruction is enormous.
In    pioneer    linns when thc Hud-
piiETOHER'S' 0AST0BIA is particularly a preparation for Infants and Children
made agreeable to the taste, acceptable to the stomach and pleasant.inlts action.
It has been in use for over thirty years and has always been one of the most highly esteemed of "all cathartic preparations.
It has one great advantage over other preparations of its kind in that while
it opens the organs readily and completely, it does not have"a tendency.'to produce
subsequent constipation so much to be dreaded. -        -
Fletcher's Castoria having been prepared solely for our little-ones, should
not be confused with ordinary cure-alls or preparations primarily compounded for
grown-ups. The child's organism, so delicate and tender, requires specially prepared medicines and foods, the one no less than the other, asmother-love well
knows, and mother-love can not be. deceived.'
ucli  an  f -stent I son's
be  freed  from ; t j-y,
Bay  Company ruled the coun-
ohickens   were   plentiful.       Sct-
has    had    a very successful season's   peace a landowning farmer will
Northern Indians
May Become Extinct
Danger o�� Them Being Wiped Out
By Disease.
.-  Thcre.is actualdanger, of. the ..In-
dians'ln the.ncar .libr.th-becoming ex-
-.-tmct.'-'unless ;-:7'me^^
7.'sme.guard:7;thchV agiifnst^their; hcre'di-
��������� Xt ar y. .cits & ses'f 7a cc prdirig';77fp. y 'report
^by:>Dr..7\\V-W;,Bp.Tiy -hcaltlV.iivspectdiY
;.'.B.ciHias,just returned;;^c^ih:'an;iij;specr-
:,. tidii. ��� trip':'tltt&iigif ;t lfe.;^abaska w 7dis f;.
\ 7 cpiidif ions 773 iri on g-^tnd ioni:_ :��������� r'aiVdi' 7-h a If
[;iib&cetsyy'.:Xy.XXX\XX:XX::'XX:y XX:
", t heV jridiari's..: iptlKpV-tp- 7 be:;':tu.b> crKular,
)i& r,'V .'Bell X ���_ --repp tted,' V7anpV-v:sppres.7_;pf7
;; ������them,;. _���;. ,'_%;���':. wasx-pTartfeulariy.^p;-^ ippk;
,"' iri 10 ;���"iii ;ei ���smallpox-' ? sit ua��tip'iVith7at77t.he
';trip;': was Junfte'ttaken j -.-an ij ���;��� a��J6't_ai'.?.-biE:.
��� ..4J52 "perspn^/'weVe.'^
X ng 'both; 7 whit eS^ndTfe dsiV XXX? XX'XX
. '-proy'idifi gVthat: .Oiily...0rip:-\fiffiiily;;sh alt;
:7jm61in.fc.d~'; Police .;b'c9i fatiphP^N^riJ^.tjig
:".; .;^hb;pgrant iiVgV6f V !7riiti fm^7^J; tcijj J7 Itrfie.
Vclze'tf^by ."ID rV
;::f any thin g!^e;_to~7;dicgTyyic^/ifli^u-Stfee^i
.^���ratio^iig.. h^ 'Tpr
VmakV7^;nap^ :'��� _'_ _.. ���'-. ��� "... XX
&-^��<'V'-V^ ';'������.;'
J%7Sterc;ith7sh_7 Q!^
XMX��MXXXyX'XXXy X'.- -:V-'"'-'>V X'
work, the more so in view pf thc fact
that these fossil beds havc been worked since 1913, and it is becoming very
hard to find indications of skeletons
as thc erosion of these bad lands are
very slow. (i ���
A remarkable find for the party was
that of two nearly complete skeletons
of thc duckbilled dinosaur (Prosau-
rolphus), found within two feet of
each other; a few bones of the larger
skeleton, which is about 32 feet long,
were exposed, and while at work, uncovering this, thc second, another
complete skeleton of another dinosaur
was found.
The complete tail of a third specimen of thc duckbill dinosaur has been
secured with the greater part of the
hind limbs; also "the tail club of a
large armored dinosaur. T
cc more  than a tenant-farmer, and 1 fur company, having  relinquished its
Big Potato Farm
yVTh&)-^vs��^^ rii'sy; Hh ("Ve7psi;7sp;f
���;h;isV plcasur 6'Mi eV7; they'd p ijl.br' '.lias. .-.sent.
.ini'hifchillVKx'vvyTiV-^ XX. X'::i:*y' v-
XX Vv^Viieii:'^;^ .[ig^mt-
Vtic$V��h^Kltc^��*eaph,��s-it's-'abput tim'p
Three   Hundred   Acres   Devoted
Tubers at Silver Heights.
What is claimed to bc thc largest
potato farm in the whole of Canada is
the Silver Heights farm, near Winnipeg, once, part of Lord Strathcona's
estate of lhat name, where three hundred acres arc devoted to potato cul-
'tUrC:   .... ... . ���'-.���'....'.'���' ..;���" ���;���...;;   ��� ���      ':
The crop, is' of- very {inequality and
early.potatoes .yielded^ from 215.'to;22.0
bushels ..pcr.7acr:'c'.7:;';.-7A. large .patch"-of
Jrish- ;Gp.bblei:.s7a.rc,'.ho.Vv.cyc.r>'}:'t^
iie'st";ibearers-: 7'with'--'-mpn:. .'than'three.
hu'ndrSd ;bji.shcis; f'p::7':theV:acrc,.-7:vT;iVe
great bulk;Pf7t!rc^:c.r6p'wa7s ;s_ce'di;'d-':by'
May ;718th ,7;..and77^
i.wl'ien.-' -the .firs;tl-7sh'i,gin''c;.ti't/fo.rV;ma'rkc'B
joads^lrc;^ JVp\y_ ::J'cayihg;- ;;dally_^''!;jspme'
g�� ih^-'tp^Ui'V-^
Kaiisas' ���' 0 t5*7..-aiicl; 31 inncapolisV6tlvcrs;
filling ..H'iicVd'criiands';4
prof [tab] e'_-eyen;W;hpn7; the ���dUtyiis;paid-7
bp7nsiyerabijv'XXXXX' iiXXy. XXX- V
smaliV;a'r.ea.four.'Or: fiy^^
;t opiv-are ���. -loaded^ with ��� 77ilu.sk;; ;'* j$-pn'ey'
i&W'ind;Waterm:BphVVV?V:;iV '���':: X~'i
Baseball in Japan
thereby will be brought about a sub
stantial increase of national wealth to
offset  the  war liability.
"The displacement of the landed
aristocracy is being speeded up by
the levy on capital known as ihe Sue"-'
cession Duties or Death Duties.
Business men acquire wealth as a result of their commercial ventures,
and whatever is taken by way of
Death Duties���while sorely missed by
thc heirs���is only a reduction of earnings. .
"But thc aristocracy, as a class, do
not make earnings; they inherit but
do not create wealth; so that every
death in such a family decreases the
inheritance by ihe amount of lhe.
Death Duties. Those Death Duties
being payable in cash throw a serious'
liability upon holdirur a large landed
estate. - It may bc difficult to raise
the cash when the Government has lo
be'settled with. So many large landowners arc selling their lands to turn
their patrimony into negotial.de securities and . farmers arc Imying the
lands outright.
"Illustrating the effect of this policy .is a public announcement made
by the IUn,slcr of Kinloss, son of the
Baroness Kinloss and eldest surviving
���gra.ridsoiv-'.pf-.-th'c'.hastVDukc.-of Buck-.
inghani,.'.;:in' connection with, liis an-
.p'roachiug.;marriagc"to'Miss' :Kathcrr
inc. Jack:viaii^.|i.Htghtcr:;.7ofV-a:^.bkt^k.-.
;Kinlp^:V ttS'tatC::- of"Slo-we^V. ..���TJ.'^'-'M-a's^:
'te.ivpf7:K.inlpssV'Saicl;7;7:;'.7V:7-.7 -vVV'-'VV
;.';.; 'V;T.it.c-"--...Oivl y7;.fVgret'~ T-. VI. i# �����'.��� -is:.���-���{hat.
_St'Q\v7e''. _��� rtsvU:l.iV!;w:lfpifi';'p1a':6'-7is^ :to;ibc;
Hiat 7 my yatVCe's tprS:.7;.;coil cVtfi<l7),during
'V''.SMP7r*icn'ie:n fi:ng7'.tlie;;gcn e'ral ^policy-
pf'brc'rkiifgHV'p rincnliivarTed'-arcas; a'tid.
Targe- 7 cstSl^s^;;thc~:| iaW' ���'V:i;e.iaiin-_^.;-.'."tp>
������iri:i-ii% ffirs^pf^itnil ;-Ull'SS.' fp5:hiiid^:'i7s7: b?^
lafiil' * a577-cfi.s.il y.:-_7 jtraji sfcrtililfc; as^.mciv-..
;ch a ntj i s c7; 7?ah d; 7? p^SsTlo 7 ��iii py c ";t.lips e;
7i.o7;7iiiak;C':>la:ird 7?ph^p.Ba>^7ut3^ft7.:.activc7:
��� fp;;;a-'.C:puiV tr^'pf^a^
Ciicq iii ii Xi h & -T^mi jab^i''w4i c^Viiu- v-I-QCll-l,;:
7pr &V56 fiti.itg;7th^ 7s&)b .ngjp |71 aVi;d7:'by, far*
: w p^i;l d7 ij^^spna 1 j y-'cu
fla\v.-: (ii ij(ji_';?tli e:^;y:ui:cts'V331X^(^XJX��rix^X.
m  the wake of thc
irans-contin.nia! railways, almost ex-
pro- 1 terminated  them.  Now when  thc old
sovereignly to Canada, is closing'out
ils lands in the prairie provinces to
fa rin settlers, lhc chickens have
come back in a limited way under
protective legislative. But every
year thcir numbers arc so decimated
during the open season that only a
small  breeding foundation is left.
Call Zeppelins Safe Airships
German   Builders   Declare   Disaster
Like'ZR-2 Impossible With Their
A disaster such as. destroyed thc
ZR-2 .would have been impossible if
thc airship had been a Zeppelin', 'according to.a telegram received from
lhc Zeppelin works at Friedrichshaf-
en. It is also declared in Berlin that
America was warned by Germany
lhat    thc British   airship was unsafe.
]t is said here that Germany was
willing lo construct a Zeppelin for
America at. half lhc cost of thc.ZR-2.
Thc telegram from the Zeppelin
Co. is as follows:
"It  is  too  early  lo    pass    a    final
opinion  on   the  cause  of  the airship
catastrophe, as reports to    date    arc
lop /vague- and it.is* Slso necessary-to
g.ct'-'-:.'thc . ���stories'-'-.of   the  survivors.-
���Th;e.; :: construction������'���;of' the .Zeppelins
and -especially of the; carburetor..and
of/Vhc7: ]\kiyba;ch7: nip tor;'-' i which ''-'--WyC:
rtiic \-7goudpla^7could777c'atchvfirc,/;iiie'i
.fire ''cd'ikl ���;hb.t.:-PPs'sibly;-;:^prciad'Vlp-'.
���thc-.ThulXXXIXrVthat. ;i-caspn7;:an%acci'7--;
:i lieVrCfar- XXi7;;lv'0PQ7;- vfii'gjitS~';Vcl.e'arly7i:
sli p W's7.;;; '.~E\..pit 7' i'ty.-' ca sitts './.'wli;c.h-'-' {Zep^
pc 1 in. ^7.:'v\7e r e7' 7-s ri;ii ��' k, :ih y V1 i gli t h i n g7 ���:. i ii
���Wa?;7!e7&Tsftui'tedc alphgV/iiciV^vEiigirsh.:
:)juesS ;?77^SS\ysptiper/R:rpp6ris:7slibw" that. ���
'the'; ���tVi'rshlj.S; ���;ha'd;.;;se'vej;a l/p'reyipiis^niis^
:h;vpscj7;vTho-;, acci3;cnt:7im
:fee;(-s'77p,i^;c'p;iTidtiicc.7rn;the reliability
���P0:?:cRpclni.sV-: which 77ha^7beeii7''Cs.tat^<
:!;ishcd..;;byO;e^pericncc7.7c'Qvcrihg; many;
;c a ivj biS iftev C'JJ'i cd7- if ���; a1IX. UlicV'.n a U�� "5'
'cooperate 7,7t'o;7':behcf^iF^;by:iimh*:alr.7cix-j
pc.ncnc.i*:^V7;V V--7-i XXXXXXXXX.- 'XX X
What is the Matter with Baby ?    '
It cries fretfuUy, is restless and does not sleep well, its bowels
do not move or it has diarrhoea, it does not eat or it has flatulence
and vomitseasUy. You know baby is sick. You want to help baby
get weU safely and quickly.
If you are wise you win use Fletcher's Castoxla, the wonderful
remedy for babies' iUs, that was discovered by ��. famUy doctor and
that has been used for over thirty yearsi X''
When you have learned the value of Fletcherte Castoria you wiU
never be without it, you will teU other mothers what a useful remedy
it is. You wiU be able to keep baby weU and happy, by using
it to keep its stomach sweet and its digestive organs acting naturaUy.
You will caU Fletcher's Castoria the Children's Comfort and the
Mother's Friend. -' .        .
Don't say tomorrow - try it today. And above all things don't
try to relieve baby with a remedy that you would use for yourself.
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
���Ha^Tafeeri;.; Hac^rdf���:.lr^atioiiiilS Glnie
./^crtfi.i nja tch7fl;betwejfeh^t^p'��I apaucscj
'ii&npn'Si:;sPb7r;t-.'i-tv-i.s^a^ ,^
^ii'^JflUiV'' :':lH!x::ireT.br_c';- ;'t;lic;;'- -iaoyv* iVvfts
yy*-ctl,;-7pVsvc7ia;:tii\jt77;t5ic ^^vJSiTl^ v^ij-jsucri
:ci"ab*fp;r7f:,jtndV;pjeSgn}int*7.7 "l.mji.7 ;;fi-:0f!p;
i��:lliirg ;eS;<;ei>:l ''-fp/iMKinii.jit'^'iio'f!' .Ifts^pMrn'
;'ekissOfpV'-ii.ciiial^G^ ��� :;./':-.7 V77
���r;:~ 'Jill iis/'-'i fiji.:-' ��� -w b7i:l#���;7bui:;:^o:;7suXciiss:j
ittptled :'../*tfe?^>je:;-/5y)��i:-l ?iV5=|kSS-51": j;".^'"'^i^F
?l"royi.j5&e%/'\ :-. -.'.*��� X.X-XXi yyyX:''^
;-.::i Z ap|;'-:tec7;ftP_7ii cM-a
wjiicl Vv-i :^i i ci p atc7d;;--^
;S.ffirfe.d VS X tiQX' ���'}��� '$.^Q&'!ffi}&XQiiiii$i
y$y a^tVa^zppib^iialVfib^lce^
,:..- ��� -������-,���: .,:,.,-.������������:������-���.. ;v��-av.-.--.-.--." ���--. ��� -c- -..-.-.^ ..:���-:. ^,.|-iuuive^ ���;; jli (5'v'S>7 ^gavc:*'--. tf~Tv*In t el hgence
falrul���,:������l.and~':wass������.vp.a:SS1:ng^.:lnte;;the���:Cc���ni^f^���>.; ^yf^-fry^&^&yjs^'^&itt^jsi-
v-;77v7'-,~_:':'77.rf;-'.-;:- yy:yy^:yx:i:ry::''---"''-umrk':-'-��4he:,iirccIvSs;anXl-;Ro:man5;7had;
Urol" of::.moii;ey^lentl:c'^'bv-~:fopeGl:OSU!-c- v.-.'--^--^- ��� ::-���: ?i.-i:--	
tl.ifl-iPxpfffSsipnal;. \\;res7i:iBr7si7h3V'i?!fpr'i3j'r
ed7'% .cla''s^-fe--,^thttji;&ej:ycs77'' ';;|Sp\sj'.70'te;.
=i0rga'iifzij.;^5id\Tffl;ftY^ we
i!iv.-4:!:!'ic.ric-a��� do^^^pifthW^pWpa'nwiiV
7Esfird77Retu^;d?i &6rma��$ife��s/i$ays:
: V ������"_ Sir/ Arthur;Cufri'��-.' ' ���'' ��� X-
'���' ���Th'e-C:KQ7S, Oniifipss.pf feit_i}n'',a.r5;
rTiviirg' front TETrverpoPf Avit)";- 79ffiS';pas:-.
"s'engers .iiad .aiiipng -.'th'em .������'Geiicral ;Sif;
:iVrtii7ur7 'Currie ahd; Jarrfity; ��� (sphr-^
.mefttiiig ���uppii;"conditions; in; JyirppCj;
Sir-::i5v:rtrttit' said tha't- in/ 7Efranc��;"ah{r
Belgium': cP'di:ti.P.n's. ��� were;- ii'iip'.rbving.
rapidly, but iri England, he- saidy'thc
taxes arc. siich ���i;'b'urdsn :o'rt7 thp' p.eo^-
pip tjiat tliej? rjaye retarded thp.resump-
tipft. 'pE .rndustrial- ac-t'iyity and the. f e-
tuxn'Joi' nOfetn:ai.:tinles.',.'.���:--X-'-   ���'.'.'.���������'- ".
/^Aii'.Tiinglisir shipbujldeVohed ;defiei
7Shei'M.i|c0pn7}'a/;FndayiJa^ the.
.i\X .-iSVcu^e.Blg7Sp^raets: "i.. XXX'-'-
".' ft 7is'7repoffedi. tljat 7the'.;.sh:ipvr-|p^i.r:
w7oifc;;b|;" ^a rrp\V/��imi~t%
^bi4\31ic7: s.!ippS'7of Sa:rii7'-Fr:anieifeC';p^:'rpi;;
file:&verhauf.-:of7'-fli!C: big taiij<fcr''-?:(Ia;d-'
do"- .aiid- the- ship-is- pii-.her; Avayy.now^
tO' -the- 'drydock at Esjjjiiri'ialt .ttjiis'
cpn'traC't:5s.'.gui'te a-''feather, in .-the1.
.ca7p'?'.' fpr .British CpuimBia '.industry' is.
the''"Caddp" fras-a- Satt r?r:'an-c'i.s'co;\ies'-'
sei and 'the''b.i.ggest- yards;, at. .that pdr'f
tendered'ipr--;fhe job.   ; yi     ������--���������' -j ���
.:Dnnhg.thunder, and lightriing  the
safest _)ia'C^7.ir(door^:7isV_the'TOid3ic^'o'��
a7rpbhiv^'''-V;i:-'^7 -WVt.'V"��� *���'���''���   '7'<;: ���.
-���Buyiiront:^he?nieriBhafits;:?m;7yPa:&own'':-v -��.-<>*.��� 4-������-...���.��.-���.���.,-, -.-.   ���   .
nstluii.tj,'  B;e|;t:_7;r.;);i;7|iVair/';MUfp^
jnotletrii fe-o"^i^-ivi^VC^rigiiiiMitv7't7li.c;:7c&l7^;
the������^'JftdieV^gR?;' V^Jpxi^P^V'h^^hc
:du^s;-"pj;;-a;:;si gVc���.tnSss^
r]n7cst-y.7b:v'7 ^theV-'Spanhvrd^
'K^ferissiflisUa _ti^.riSV!:;-V^V'VV;-VV^V'
;:, ��� >Np--Two JEars" Alike: V ;.
Few;.Persos Can Hear Equally Well
VV-V-- -With Either Ear., ''-.X X
7.-7;lfc\v7Pprsdiis-.ppsscss' a'.'.pair of ...ears
i'that":' are.-; exactly . -.-alike..-.- ���:���-.. In. A nearly
;cyery'7case;;piic'''ear Xs'rlargcV'than the
xa t h e i-;/; j sj^s ct ^further fbackAfrdiiv'the.
eye-. brVis-_;.hjg;her.' on'���jth'e��,lieadV--.'-, It is
���hfewisc7'7.tn.c Vth^/::'fe
h_ia'r-~.cqtially^_well ?with:>ither ear^'V;^
'_��� 7;^Dc''s7t:;;it;' forVyourjc'lf..'andvybu.:';prob--
;ably.'���wii.l./be'- surp'riscd.7at'7theVresult/
.Gips'p-.^nc;; ear ...and'��� thciV;'; t.hdV:'p.tlier;
"Wh.il'e.;-;fi'ding:'-m.-Ji/;-trainj-^ip.t.- oniy'-'will.
.the re -7;b e, iy'd i If e re it ce :*:i n '��� .t h e'^yplu'me
'dVspund';:'but.'-.ir._.i^ytP!ft/ ;cX,li.is7.;.clif-
ferenperis^morc; :nptic.cable;/Ssdiile::lis't-
piiin'g';;td:7.music' 77VTlvc7:yaHouS.;itptes
in;'pneVcar7:.than .in ���"Uie:-rp.tiie;r^-J-'.i--'''..;:'Vi-:
i.iiMqitX pepple,: V wh erf:.. 7strainih gi yip
ca tch-os7p^7'p7.s.Puiid; .-tjiat -is"/;:dimcii.jr;tp
lrc^.^lurji.7;phe';par;--i.n7.';. it7s'7 r'dirpctidn
.btcft.uspi .^.without" ;:kn'0.vvihg, ;i!: fi\ iii ey
naturally 'tehd^fp^hi'ake ^>.itse;7'_ of7:- -tlie;'
ihear'7ihic1/>vprds^ pf-a'^plaj:c:.*.r-'.'T.6'.\yhicjr
'spjl-^ahd. ypti;7wiji 'find7:thatvyaVnea;iiy
A Forlorn Hope
Germans 7 Think   Great' Britain  ahd
;���; "V France Will Fight.^ V
There are many in Germany who
t!iinlc.'.a,'"jrial "of..military strength", between:; Great .Britain and.'. France ;,is
no't-'far-distant, if they.should cease to
cb-opcrate,-.- it.-.'is dcclared.'byxjplin;.E'.
Bdbdin, professor;-.6_f /'.pliilb'sopliy...-at
lpng thy'77;-i'ritervie.w V'P.hblished .'.in .-'the
bc'en:'visiting^.Ge.rmaiiy>-.::v; XX"XXi:V
. .71 n hi.s .opiuiciri7tlic: ql^.spirit- of 7 G er>:!
.���Wan7/';'MItur' V; still '.������.:.iiyes'-.7ih''-.'the.-';.e.du-'
ca-t^d-;circhi'S;;;P:f-'7Gcn^ 7jlc;;��ts^-
a:/general.: 'lippc-; thatithere.;niay:7'_e7jn
.Britain"'and T.r^hcc:7^
jwpur. i:;slpgan;:..> rd.r.':7ljic;;cpmm#:jyear:
pc7rit^:77by.::kc Cpi lig^ihe :7nmney;7c"ii_pujat-:;
ihgi i;ni0'ui7.vPwii;f distri;dh��;i;7V7-:-#i";-Vns:7':
: VMhev g: ftat!^ m:^
7V:Experieuc^3';shpwsV;llia:t7:succ'css -is
��� dii.e7iesS:vtP;:auiH.ty;7than..td>
^imi^^i;Siie^wlifrVgiyiss:i ^Himself 7-:to
V!As;.:W/c:i;ajl -i krip wV adverUslng77is7-the
:ii pfsViidy -jrii s^f ��itv is; ntnn1>7.^Tj<irbcr:t
: nju.-i qV tcyjotlicr 'f icrpp ������lipjfe^pf^thfe^ire:^
;rp pfir -i-dii'f A hc'Sp ce;i ii-V st eamsh'ips_77 aiid
^giijil;;S^fecdily .irdstratcVwj|itc;7*i*��ii.V:
No British Oflfer      -
/.. JPor Kaiser's Boat
After Year in Dock Liner is Sold to
Oripnal Ownera. --V   ; ������ v
7-.For nearly a^year the-Cap.Polonio.
a German iiner'of 21,000 7 tons/   has
bccnlying in dock.atXivcr'p.opl waiting.'for a-buyer.   '..- V.-: V. - .VXX X-���'���'.
XIt:'..;���'was';-' one7.of7-thejGerman^.ships
surrendcredyat-' thcVcnd : bfVthe :war,7.
and; was; leascd.byvtwo 'BritishVlines,/
but. oiily^for: one ypyage: each; X.-yiX'.
. ..���The-,Uniori;.'Castlej;Line ;-liad- it,7:and;;
7'hen thejP.7and QVand;afterdiievpyV
age.:7,bo tir.-.cprnpanics '.���';liad.7.ha.d.- enough"
^df-.tfc^yessel./'ViV^ ~;7;/:7..:; ^VVV'V^
.:.������'���'British ../shipdw'iicrs
because^^it~7had'sP little:cargo jspaceVV
7 .ySh.fe7:\yas..;btiiit- as "W^ruising -boat: ;for'-
the ;;&^Kaiser; ;aii d7hc:\yas.\to:.h.aye;.had.
a^ ��� world-tpurV in7Vher--7.VHcr Vclming-
^salpdii 7 is'-' the:; Heigh t .-pfV two. :dcc:ks W-7i
;: 7;;Npw7; the ;.-ve'ssel.dias:'7^
-.hfer-;'_dr.iginal" .German*- -oS-r.ners..and _���;will -;
XyxXxX:' ��� ;V'Fish^DayyXyX ?" V7 V XX
7;.: Miss:ySuper,-^^haf;7V accepfc.;yyou:?7,
:THc7yiry3dea!.V7;YpU;.p'dpr ;fisii!V.V:i'7'
V:Mr; -7'Sappe;-^l77kinda;:thpugiit;youV
migti.t-;tc*day. V;V$b3ay's ���:Eriday,^Ncw^
yd.rk\Gldrje>i:.7:7, XyXX'iXXXi XkXXX-'V. V
,VWheri;--ii''i^ kijvd:
:pf y. gariie ,:heVsays.-^thgt;7;hP- ijs;--Put-7pf 7
:'VllJ-ybu;-'.wbtii.d ;-bc'c^
iet'-tHem impd&P 'onXypa^XyXXX-'-X- XXXX
st3:^;&^ipfei'gei,v.Cir,ai ly; :knpwSythaj7yU'.p7;
B r iii si r; ;.y ^i u^6b'ii.:; j-^
J��f ptir ist^ yi si^ j;c aclv ^
���^-'s^ccM^ac'/^fe. p
;Sutfior"2ed't|vc;tP,*7Pic7cbvi' XXXXyiXy
>  ::Tlip;vfPttli :7.SUhV^aS::';^
:|0|0j)0:' !t ick e^f wSc-priri i ed;- -ipfV whipli
;^.i'59-.. -vrerpV-te.'' "teV'lwfuh'kteyi"cinpsv
There; ;wErCi:^izcs7;rin'gihgj;frdni'7p^
���to- ';Sl6i0db,: im0'^:i��SflOQXX'��Sy^X, pf?
��1;qoo" <jdwnf'td::^Qo;o ^iX'��ti)y-y.
- -' The. -prfefts'^t'p^^jiete^^ rp;r'
the iirsi.-ticket.7:drawh7;7a'M ^itiuti: iJbr:
the last ticket drawh^' ampuntpd; to
C10.000.:. Fjir7t'lier;''therfe'-ltvas^'i'like:
suriit paying in xesppg_t of the: Pdrrcs*;
ponding '.tickets,*' rpia'k^ng;,. the. grahd-
tptaiX��206,0<)0 iri:.. prizes; <iii.:|wdr-
������thi.r^s'\'-b't-tE'fe:.:indney,''ia be. sftbscribcd.
^Twaii t| w|i;aV:_^sba rj.d IXXMVS? Xy'^XX
;.|;p'^cs;.7l|^tj_^i 7Sthe.|spr tl^fr^nsi;:
:ge*" y
.*-, ' \
THE     LEDGE.     GEEENWOOD,     B;.   0.
Ottawa.���William .7.Howard Tafty
chief justice "of the United States,
speaking before the Canadian Bar Association here paid tribute to British
. law and' to British lawyers, and declared that "the thought of the British bar was always sweet, as it must
be, to all those in the United States
��� who realize tlie debt the United States -
owed to British law." Mr. Ta'ft was
greeted with continued cheering- .at
the.conclusion, and.a resolution.con-!
gratulating him on his.appointment to
the chief justiceship of the United
States, proposed by Justice Riddcll,
Toronto, carried unanimously.
"1'fccl like saying: 'Here T am
again,' Mr. Taft commenced. "Thavc
thc home feeling hej-c. In Ottawa I
meet people and greet them with lhc
same feeling as I do people in New
Haven, New York and even Washington. I .have no fcelig of a boundary
line at all. I havc been in'politics and
abused on both sides of the line. I
have sat on the bench on both sides
and -have realized' in��� these���descents
the errors of men." It was-an honor
for the American bar to have their
representatives invited to attend the
Canadian Bar Association meeting. It
made for the firmer establishing of
t!:e friendship which did and must
exist between the two "countries.        .
Congratulating the' Canadian Bar
-Association, Mr. Taft said the American Bar Association regarded itself
as.the parent of thc Canadian Association inasmuch as the convention
of the America .Association in. Montreal in 1913 first brought the idea
to the profession in Canada.' >
In the United Stales they wcrc attempting to secure 18 additional district judges .to deal with thc cases
arising.out of the 18th amendment.
This. Remark brought another outburst of laughter, which was rene'wed
when Mr. Taft explained that these
judges would be used as judicial light
cavalry and would bc amassed where
the "rush of cases demanded.
Need Colonization Funds
Carlsbad, \ Czechoslovakia. ������
Dr. Arthur Rupin, head of the
Zionist colonization department,
told the world's Zionist congress
that half a million pounds yearly
for the next few years would be
required for Jewish colonization
in Palestine. Tins surri, if made
available would enable his departments settle 100,000 Jewish familiesin Palestine within' three
years, he added.
"Dr. Xhaim Weiztnann, head of
the world's Zionist-organization,
ridiculed the suggestion that
Great Britain desired Palestine
merely as a protectorate for the
Suez Canal. He declared Great
Britain's interest was encouragement to the Jews to establish
themselves, and upon their response, rested the future of Zion.
Sinn Fein Invited
To Conference
A'ancbuvcr.���Until the constitutionality of. the Oriental Ordcr-iii-Council
Validation Act is,passcd upon by the
Supreme Court of Canada, the Gov-
crnment'of British Columbia is restrained by injunction granted in Supreme CourJ,.by Mr. -Justice Murphy
from prohibiting the employment of
Japanese, aud Chinese.by the: holders
of limber licenses in this province. 7,
Attorney-General J. ,D. Deb. Farris
explained that a hearing of the case
will be sought in the Supicmc Court
of Canada, probably in October. The
'minister of justice, Right Hon. C. J.
Doherty,   ia   view of representations
from the Japanese consul-general,
seeking disallowance of the act, decided to refer the whole matter tp the
Supreme Court, and' the case" previously heard1 here by the Court of
Appeals and litigation concerning the
present act, will be heard at rthc same
���time- ''-' --1
Decision will turn on the constitutionality of the act and whether it is!
an infringement, of the Japanese!
treaty provisions and discriminates!
agaist Japanese residents of British'
Thc case ultimately will be carried
to thc judicial committee of thc Privy
Council, it is slated.
British, Cabinet Insists That Ireland
.   Must Remain Within Empire.
London.���The British Cabinet has
invited Mi-, de Valera to send delegates to a conference with tlie Cabinet
Ministers at Inverness on September
20, according to the Daily. Mail's Inverness  correspondent,  who adds:
"Only one condition is imposed
namely, on the understanding thai
Ireland must remain within the liiu-
pirc."   .. i
Thc communication to Mr. de
Valera, according lo tin's dispatch,
asksv for an early reply and points
out thc apparent usclessness of conducting negotiations by a further
exchange of notes. In order to allay
any fears regarding Ulster thc decision that���Northern Ireland must not
in any. circumstances bc'coerced was
reaffirmed by the ministers. '
Cattle Stealing
I Soviet Forbids Investigation
Moscow.���The Russian Soviet'
Government has declined to permit the International Russian Relief Commission, recently appointed by the allied supreme
council, to investigate cdnditions
in Russia preparatory to aiding in >-
famine relief. This decision was
made known through a note for-""
warded by M. Chitcherin, the Soviet foreign minister, to Great
Britain, Italy, France and Belgium. The note says the Soviet-
Government regards the appointment of Joseph i Noulens of
France as chairman as a "monstrous sneer at the fate of starving
Russia." ^
Labor Favors Disarmament
T. SG.   McKitlrick,   publisher   of
Courier, Crystal City, Man.
Expect Sinn Feinir        .
Will Meet Committee
Belief Universal That Republican
Leader Will Accept British Offer.
London.���Mr. Lloyd George's letter
to Eamonn dc Valera, the Irish republican leader, which was sent to
Dublin after the meeting of lhc Brit-
is!: cabinet a-t Inverness, seems at
leasi to insure that Sinn Fein plenipotentiaries will meet thc special committee of cabinet ministers at Inverness on Sept. 20 for the purpose of
clearing up  any  ambiguity' the  Sinn
British  Trades  Union   Claims  Right
To   Send   Representative   to
.   Washington.
Cardiff, Wales.���The   trades   union I pcin -cadcrs ma>' entertain about the
congress  adopted  a resolution w..!c.t! ���*'* coiuhl.ons the British Government
was  moved  bv J.   11.  Thomas,  head. sl,p",at<,d as reservations in granting
of thc National Union of Raihvaymen', j lre,a,,<1 :l dominion status.
approving  the calling of the  confer-;     T'ie Prime Minister's letter
Dissolution   Takes   Place   and; (--lcc-  on- limitation   of  armaments  at j --1S
Preparing For Elections
Writs Are Issued There Remains    j Washington,  but  declaring  lhc  con-
Only Routine Work. | fcrence- would   bc  unsatisfactory  un-
Otiawa.-The nec.essarv machine.v! lc's*1 ,abor was adequately represented
for carrying out thc coming goncra!! and claunrng the righL of,thc congress
election is all read v.     Once dissoiu- ��� l0    -M*Point    representatives.        The
tion takes place and the writs for -X ".solution.protested against the Brit- -����-t lo the negotiations,
general election arc issued, there only! isl' Bovcniir.cul's extensive arma- tends Co prove what has been main-
remains lhc need for expressing all: "-"its programme and asked for a j tained-' throughout by those close lo
.he  necessary  forms  and  documents! suspension of all war preparations al. -lic Premier, thai hc earncsliy desires
settlement.   '
Thc belief is almost universal  that
like all
communications since the Irish
negotiations began, is characterized
by punctilious consideration for the
Sinn Fein. While it s'uggests a date
for the proposed conference it is in no
sense an ultimatum aud sets no time
In fact, il
necessary  forms  and  documentsj
to  the returning officers in  the vari-*j jcast until lhc Washinglon. conference;
ous constituencies.     At the office ofi ls over.
the- chief electoral    ofli
ncer, prcpara-j Mr. Thoriias, in introducing thc re-j -Mr- de Valera will accept���that what
lions havc been made for despatching! solution said the league of nations! tne Premier offers is what Mr. dc
thc necessary forms immediately the i was useless unless it dealt with the J Valera desires, namely an untram-
writ   is   issued   and   election   officers! subjects     of    armament",   which,   heimcl,0l!   conference  with    the    single
throughout thc Dominion will at the. declared, wcrc the real cause for war.
condition that Ireland remains in the
Mr. Thomas said Great Britain | British Empire. The guarantees
had laid down four battleships thisjwllidl Ml\ dc Valera is supposed to
year costing between thirty and forty! liaYe '" nii,ul arc memberships in the
Executed By Bolsheviki
Sixty-One   Persons   Charged   With
Participation In Plot.     _,
Riga.���Sixty-one persons havc been
executed   by   thc   Bolsheviki,   being
�� charged with participating in, tho recent Pctrograd plot, according ty th--
offkial despatch piir.ted ir- the J'rav..'.a
of Pctroguv". Among those put *.o
death were sixteen women, most of
whom were accused of renting rooms
to or otherwise sheltering male participants in thc plot.
Others   executed   included   Prince
������ Constantino-I eumnno-'f. sgeJ ?f'_ .n-ci
Prince Sergijs O'.'Hno'r.sky, aged 35,
thc    latter    belritf   ?.. v'.dciy-knciw n J
sculptor.     Both �������� cie arr.s/.<-e.l -.f spy-j
��� ing or of sending ':t; forma ii,jr-. cut of1
Russia. Six on th-. list wcrc dc-j
scribed as "Amet'can spies or!
couriers." .'
appointed as required.
Western Newspaper
J Changes Ownership
Hungarians Capture      ;
Auslrifti. Sentries
Two Members'of Garrison Killed and!
Many Wounded."
Vienna���Sui-crior.'H-.ingarian .forces
captured AgT...v;if.>rf ?..-j. _r_ advancing;
on.Matter.sdorf,-thc-.te::i?i;rp.!-y seat-of!
��� the Burgcnland- Go\err.ru';nt which is
in flight.- . '���
Hungarian, troops, led by two parish priests- Stephen Va'iga, of Sagcrs-
Stock Has Been Returned to Can- bc uscd as lhc basis of
dian Owners by U.S. Sheriffs.
Lethbiidgc, Aha.���James R.. Leach,
a Montana rancher living along thc
border, and James Muir, one of thc
cowboys of his outfit, weic committed
for trial al Coults on a charge of
stealing cattle from thc Wallace, Ross
and Wtb'stcr outfits on thc Alberta
.side of the line. , Eight cattle involved in the alleged thefts havc becn
gathered up by Montana sheriffs aud
tinned over to their Canadian owners. Brand running was thc method
uscd in thc operations, according to
jthe evidence, aud Sheriff Morgan, of
Liberty County, Montana, testified
that when he ai tested I.each at
Chester he admitted his guilt.
same  lime  receive  full    printed
structions as lo thcir duties.
With   the   exception   of  Saskatchewan    and    Prince    Edward    Island,! "million    pounds.     Thc    treaty    \V.jj. j League of Nations and thc Imperial
there   already ��� exist   in   the   different; Japan, he said, was  more  than any-j cork-roucc, and these, it is bclicverd,
provinces, lists of voters which  will'thing else thc cause of friction, with! '-ie government would be willing to
ists    to   be, the United Stales, bill no sane man | ��fiUU-
picparcd    for    the    coming    general   could conceive o
election.     In each case thc lists'will
be brought up to   date   as   piovidcd
by thc Dominion   Elections Act, revising officers and    registrars    being
f circumstances war*!
ranting    a    rupture   between    Great' jt j        J   H/l
Britain and thc Unilcd States      Thc J UliempIOyed   MCA
only   way    Great Biitain could convince    the
Grain Shipments
Break All Records
Officials State Movement Well Ahead
of Other Years;
Wiiinipes-.���AH picvious records for
volume and early shipment of giain
ovci the Canadian Pacific Railways
western lines have been .haltered this
Wheat aud other grains shipped
ca-*f--up to (this time has passed the
eight million biiohe! mark and this
in a niea-mrc, il ib stated, accounts
for reported coi-p.cstiot; in Montreal.
..world   of its honesty, he
declared, was to inc.I in  the Wash-
Refuse Harvest Work
ington  conference  with  clean  hands,! Out   Of   16C   Registered   in   Victoria
Only.600 Would Go.
Ottawa.-���Oat of thc difficulties faced by  the Employment    .Service    of
Canada in dealing with unemployment
and   not    to    build more battleships, j
Hc   said   the   workers suffered most i
I in lhc war, and that lhe Washington j
I conference, to be  effective, must re
j present organized labor  of al!  coun
tries. "*
Lloyd George Optimistic
^Washington. ��� President Harding
announced the full United States delegation lo thc disarmament conference
A.o bc held here.     It consists of four
. Chailes Evans Hughes, secretary
of. state,'former chief justice of thc
Supreme Court, one timc candidate
for thc presidency and twice governor of New York, lawyer by profession.
Elihu Rool, once secretary of war,
later secretary of stale, former senator from New York, jurist and statesman of international reputation.
Henry Cabot Lodge, senator from
Massachussctls, Republican floor
leader, chairman o'f lhc foreign relations committee, long time student of international affairs and author of many works of an historical'
nature: ,
Oscar Underwood, democrat, senior
senator from Alabama, .leader .of his
party in the Senate as he was in
thc House.of Representatives, lawyer
by profession and in public and
political life since 1892.
The conference proper, or what
might be termed its "supreme body,"
will consist of tw.enly-members, it
was announced,- .each of -the five
major powers being represented by
a "big four," an understanding to
this effect having been reached willi
the. other powers, according to the
White House announcement. This,
���agreement, il was explained, was
definite, -although n,ot .formal.
Only the "big " four" delegations
from each of the five allied and associated powers will sit in the general conference on armament limitation. The delegation from China,
which was invited especially because
of Far-Eastern problems, will sit with
twenty delegates representing thc
principal pow~crs, it was said, . only
when Far Eastern problems arc under
discussion. Representatives of Belgium, Holland and other nations, it
was explained, will occupy a similar
stains and come into the powers' conference only when their Far Eastern-
interests are affected. Armament
questions, it was emphasized,  would
,     _      . .     . bc left solely to the disposition of the
conditions  tniouchout  ihe Dominion? , ,    ,      . . ���       ���
....... . i supreme body of twenty.
Of    wheat,    5,419    cars    have    been I
Capt. T. Barradell, who has taken
over the control .of the Milestone
Mail:    --''.""���.'" ' '        ���  . ��� '
Increase Lake Rates
For Grain Shipment
Will Cost the Farmer One and a Half
Cents a Bushel More.
Winnipeg.���Lake fi eights on grain
from Fort  William and  Port Aithui i "'   .
,    ,.         .      ���           .   ,    ,         .            ,  ! vest an
to Georgian Bay points h.v,e otcn ad-i       ,
vauccd \'/> cents a ni!��hei"'Miis i.cek !    ' ',"���
/-\ - ��� ��� 1      r   1 ��� J on   tiU
.   Uihcials of the vessel owiiint* com-. _.,_    ....
panics say tins is uue to i"i��� qemand. i       (;r...   , ���      .
front.Chicago for tonnage aiid Cr,na-|" ' '_'	
dian   shippers" must ,p">' -'a  premium'!.-    ,---''"
to induce boats to come to 'the lake!    ���,     Gf!lip-Men Elect Officers,
head-for. cargoes.   ' -
cigais from anonymous-United States;
,      ..   , ���      _ ,m,., ,     .   ,     tourists   as   he   signed     thc    receipt.'
liaimlci agveg.-tiiig- /,4CV1,.b4 busncls- ,.,���, .   .    .. .,      , ,,   T   .       ,
,  -����� _-��� .        , I his is thc pen with which I signed
and ~*>0 cais of eoaise    grams    have. ,. .  T , ,.      .
,... . ���   ���   i n --1, iv, -1     it     t-    1    1       'the peace treaty, ana I hope to sign
canicu   l.O^O.iOij bushel-,   Early  liar-   .,     1 . , . ,   ���.  ���
.. . . ,' the Irish agreement with it.
r-reshij'g;, ana tne course of.
-irmcis   ir.   pining
as sel forth in the unemployment report for the week ending August 20.   -
The   report    from the employment
service  at Victoria, B.C., stales that
duiing the week ending August 20 thc
Pen   Ready  For   Signing   Irish i ofncc ih-zrc Ilad had devoted practical-
Agreement, i ->" a-' ��-? -ts tnnc --0 registering '*1C1"
' for work iu harvest fields of the
praiiie provinces, and at the end' of
that week had somc 1,600 men registered for this particular work. When
the call came for men for harvest
woik, however, only about (500 of the
1,600 men registered expressed a desire to go, in the face of the fact
lhat there was scarcely any present
or piospe'ctive work for many weeks.
London.���Mr. Lloyd George, it was
learned told the messenger boy who
recently, delivered  to him    and    thc
i members of his cabinet    a    box    of
maikcl   without  riclaj   is  re-
for    the heavy movement
The.messenger brought back to thc
��� donors of the cigars a letter from Mr.
.Lloyd  George   addressed   . to:
-��� A-:-change���affecting;:'one""P?"the
brightest' .of   Saskatchewan's- weekly
newspapers, recently took place, when
the-ownership, of the. Milestone Mail;"
passed from the hands of'R.-G. Ash
. dorf, and.Karl S'.-.-m-kk, of Drassbuig, ,'.y>m to Capt. T. Barradell,' M.C.     Tliei
overpowered the. serine? of ihc-Aus-.i new. proprietor of thc 'Milestone Mail
"trian- garrison" at  Sagersoo-.f.     .Twoj'Cpmcs  from .Derby,   Eng,,- where  he.
members .of" the garrison were -killed : occupied the position of .works" man-j
- and many, wounded, whj'e:the. others-���"���get" i'"  one of-lhe  large" newspaper|
were 'blindfolded zr.d .tsk'cir away -in, offices, there:     Capt. Barradell served;
- motor (rucks. 1" "'���  ,";'.":"���' --I with"distinction throughout the Great-'.
' 'Reinforcements' -overtook the Hun-j-War. . .He Svas-'attachecl.to the-North p
7- garian.s" and_thc. A.ustriarss    were 7rc-'i Midland Field;" Ambulance, and Nort:;
���leased/ ;-The priests-were made r-ris- ;.l.tis*"il>i-i:<-'n' l-"ichl:.Anibu_Iaiic.e.; _   He sav'V
' oner and' taken to- Wciiic.; N'ciiSiMrit,"! '"-.ciivc-service -oil. ihc-'Sominc,   FiauV.;
Vwlicrc, thcy;- were- almostVlync.hcd.by-' tiers-"an"d Chainpagnc-fronts, Jahd look,
'an angry crowd.":'"-"'.-������.' ���'-.'���:-������    ,' 7 ~;    P>V;'*L ,'n   'he. last .two  German   often-;
sives..- ��� Capt/.Barradcil was decorated
with ihe M.C. for 'ga'ib.ntryVuid-dcvo--,
tion; to ' duty by- . remaining, behind;"
under' heavy, shell iiccancl clearing "all \
wounded-.--from, a' battery of Royal ���
i.IIci^e .'Artillery   during . the .German j
Uprising in Nicaragua,. Quelled.'
-..Managua,  Nicaragua.-���Prompt and
energetic-action-by -the-'-Nicaraguan
Government    in-- sending 3,000  well
equipped    troops'   to. the    Honduras
fronlicr   has ' coninletciy  . c;ue!Ied    h
revolutionary uprising ihcrc."-
. It is decla'reci that if- thc -revolution
! had   not."been   pronipriy 'Suppressed,
would. -:cvcnti',a"y   h.i.'.-e  involved
! anonyihous American    friends,*'    say-
j ing:."It'is genuinely helpful at a critic;-.! moment like -the present, to- receive   this  really, delightful  token  of
.. ip,���ji.   T.  Tl-.orda'rsoii,' n-an-J synipathy and goodwill from a group
agdr of thc Calgary .branch., oi the N,;'0; Amcricans.-and Itrust wc may suc-
Bawlf   Grain- Go;?.ipar:y,   was   elected'
Greeks Still Advance
Send .New Note
several.-Central 'Amcricrui rc-iublics..
.;.' '���.- .-Adopts Prohibidon.'��� ..
- Chrif.tiariia.-'.���The lower- house, of.
parliam. nl, adopted' the _ prohibition
bill which, forbids the importation, 6'f.
iiquors' -or wines 7 'Von lain ing ._" more
;;iiai'i .14 per. .prn't. ."of- alcohol. !.-Th��:'
lull goes to tlic'-'upp.ef house; where
il' is .c"\'pei:ir:tl' 'tp - he-a[).p'rove'd.-" : -
cccd tills year in finding lasting peace
'-! aiid harmony between the two grcaj.
"["races which both-havc contributed so'
ing held-in, the Grain Exchange."    '   j \ai-g(l\y to "the "life aiuf history of your'
.i~L O.: Hcimbeckcr, of Parris'i" and| gvc^t republic." ' --"
Ile.Jiiibcckcr,   Calgary,    was   - eicc.tcd'-| ��� ' ' _^ ____-^ '        -'���-
\-\cc-prcsidci-.t, . and    Dr .0. .McHugh 'j       - - '. " "..;'''-
was V-ic-ekxtcd ;  sccretvy-.treasprerjjjg^j,  jg^ V / ..
Annual    reports    wcrc   received ,,.and 1
approved:   "j,,. -     -   -'   -'7 ' ;   -   j\.   ��� ..���".'"
president of the Western Gram Deal-
ri-'s' Association.-at- tlie-aiuiual.-mect
Unable To Work
���' "'-.Find.Graphite Jn-Ej.C! "'-..=
Prince*Rupert, B.C-.---Dr. Stanwood,
of "Los Aiigcles; reports the, discovery '���
of.graphite-.ncar.Salvus, on ihe Skcena'-.
driver;; BX, .   -The ledge is
wide and six miles long.
'1..500 .feet
;- -;".\ e-i-y-.dblh-.'r
in.u-ti ,j.��--.( boo.-;
s'pent  sn.. your
for .'.he .cbminunitv:
THE calamity; HO'WLE'k
Makes   Position.  Oh" .i/.-ifidate-;
.���-'-"������     -"..   Clear "to ;AU)Cs-. ' -'��� .-���'-���V'.',
-.   Washington!'���Thc :p.b?l:;.-.-'i 7 of
. question- of lriandatcs has' .been
..-���forth .more  c'ojnp.lct'ely- thnii  hci-:I
.fore 'and .especially   in   refercr.c'?.''
'those ,of ;clas.s,es." "A", and ' "B," .iir
.hew  note; to -Great  Britain,  France,':".,-
dv-ancc.- " Alsb.,.for  three^days.anu-'
our - nigh tsV evacuating' won inlr-d'7'ain:;
.��� gbitirig   dressings ;.and- ��� supplies..^-r*';
.diffVcuit pc-sitipn's. '..'Prior.to
Italy- and Japan, and through'some of
". them, it. is understood,'.has been sub
-,mittc*d; to the', meeting of .the -assembly-, bf the-'League of. Nation"-, at Gen
cva for consideration.   ".     ,-     ������  7.
wc'- h" -served .w'ifh". 7 the. ..1st - Y.i.",,
Nor {'- ^Vfidlar.-.d" Brigade. Bearers.-Sher'-
ci I-'brcst."! s ..t'carer Company ami
|. T "
.the !st"i.!s,or.ih..Midkiiul; Field    Am
'rbiilaiicc.' . .'     X. ������"'
.Will Forcibly Feed Hunger Striker.
Lethb'ridgc.-^Capt. E.. L..Janhey,.on
��� Fire. Destroys-Mountain Viiliig��� ,-
Romc;-|-T.iie" 'mbunlain v-.!f.-.-g;. ni
M'oltcrnb- near T-rcht iu: the ititliari
Tyrol lias''--been destroyed bj- Tire.
Scve.u hundred "porsons    we're   .i.-ade
the. thirty-third-day :-of   his   .'hunger -hpmelc.ss..   . The flames-were carried
strike-'has  been  ordered", by the jail .-along by a cold ;wind which .added^ to
. physician to".-be removed to the Gait   the  .'discomfort    of the women ..Jnd
hospital  where  forcible .feeding will .children, who already    had    suffered}
be  undertaken  hi  an  effort  to  keep. much.   fr01"    exposure to  the  frigid
him alive. ' ~ ,j mountain air.
-���The beginning Of thc second.month! Tents arid'other ��� relief- materials
.of the? hunger' strike finds:. Janney's ,have been sen* to the .scene by. the
heart in a.,>vcakencd...-.condition,.<^and -SP.>"ern:P_c"*it. ���.. ���...'���.;;
. gfaverfcars";arc held.'out 'for- hisViife.-j.-,- V"    - ���  '��� '������. ,.7-";- - ..'*'���',������''-' .:-V'7  >'
ItVis\:udc-rsVo.od?.th^ ���Gcnrrany-'.ric-,vspa,p.crs:va;r^
"'"tario" have, reported  his ,ca'scVto���~ ti.e-'':111-3^'^.-' advertisements-X;<(X X?n*���-,
;MinisleV."bf,.JustjceV v.'V:. V.-7 V'V ..'.V'V.'-wa-hting .I^"lsba^.d=;,.;a"-snpr-���lV^',:o.f,-V(i'tV���
,. '������-"   '  "7.      '���".    -...'���_..-��� '���'��� '"'���'���!-'and-a flat "or.'rtp'aftnfrr'.ut -ofieii-'bting
'.offered.'-as;.aii ;additionalVihdueri^-ent.;-
'/A1    .
Turk Army Is Unable- to Resist .the
_.",   ; Greek Forces.
-Greek    General    Headquarters    in
Asia '- Minor:���Turkish'    Nationalist
forces   have   been   driven   from   u<^
-positions-''-occupied--on; ".September" I7
but-have - retired slowly,"defending
every inch of thc ground. - - On Tuesday- night,  the -Turks  launched "wild
-attacks and succeeded temporarily in
.re-occupying their lost posiliPn,1;, ,but.
later' were again ��� driven out...'
. Unofficial" estimates place ;the Turkish losses-at 12,000 killed and wounded.   - The Greek losses arc unknown,
Flooding "of,   Mines   During   Strike .-bin.,.arc said to be hcavj'V.'-       '
-_;"���- Worse Than Anticipated."   ���*'.  !   V '-".-.-  ' ������ :��� r*7---:..        .-������-'-
-I    "London.���Mine .flooding in E astern |. V; . Catclr Thieves In':Sewers.'.' ,"'*
,��� Vienna-.���-,Tn   a   raid   on", lhc  sewers
for thieve.-; who' "were - snspceie'd ��� of
:    -      ���  - - ~     -   .      -.'���.���     i
-i_.-ivail.ihj_   'llremselves"-' f"'  thoM.- '''short j
..cuts up-into houses tlicv" intended to'
': rob.-a niiinbei; of nn"ii have-'just been
j eap.tii'red.'.liy ft he'-" police  afler a  figh.t
i 'w iti)  rc.'vok er--.-. Women c!a_<l In"- Mark
;-~ii'..-lit-;' \>,ere-ani'-ing .lheiu.'   -���-.';.;"   ,"   .
After the announcement of thc four
United Stales delegates, .it was -said
that the next step .would be thc selection of advisory bodies. Tlicir personnel, at least so far as the United
Slates is concerned, probably will be
limited lo 12 or 15, including a staff
of army and navy experts. - Thc advisory personnel also will include one
or more women.
��� Thc United States advisors, it was
said, would include "representatives
of womanhood, labor and other interests," pccali:rly interested in armament prob' ins. The advisory
delegation, it was explained, would
not operate separately-as a group,
but as outstanding interests to bc
given a voice in thc proceedings.
A foreign government, may have
more or less numbers in the advisory
or supplementary bodies, no limit
having been placed., on their number.
. ..arvinff
WftM-J-.-�� III��j
Scotland during the .late-coal'strike is
.beci.r.'u.i'able lo resume ' work
how-'7 civ-
--W..vN:.VU.; 1385.
-liiri'-riiiii t-lii-
is'' steadily
ih.puVuiid - iii
now fo'i!nd.-to,-be."grc'ate'r, thar.' origin-
.! aU.y.-anticipated,, and two -tlioiifand of
"���-���  |-'lh"e "Middle-East".   Lolhain'    worker
honie ! ,,,;.
j- li.av
j the ' misics. ".  There  are'
thousand n\en idle-iii lrif-
posLiioiv. of. tliv.worker-.'
���growing";   worse-.   ".-  In
.tlicre, nbw "arc  iiineleoii'
the-van Us---o'f the "inieiniilo-ycd,-
is:an iui-.rcas.c'-of 1,000 oyer last, w
.T.hi. response.to' an app-L-al 1 <i.r; vohn
ta'ry relief fluids "in some prirti of the.
country  '-'.has-' -been .-'di.vap'p'pihtiiip-.
Doubtless;the reason ,for this is that
those who arc .usually generous, under
such /circumstances"" arc/proportion:
ately hard hit   'iii cm selves-.-, aithoiig-1'.
there is little" do.uh'l'.b.iit tliat.Comuiuii-
:ist activity .among tfuf-, industrial class!
has-alienated  ?j-inpat-!iy,-to ,:i  certain!
extent-.-:   ���-- -   ���     ;. ��� '���.-..
First - United    States    Relief
. Reaches Pctrograd.
- Riga.?���Thc United States steamer
Phoenix-has'taken-into Petrograd th^
first contingent of United States fool
for .the .starving children of Russia,
says a despatch- to the Letvin Telegraph Agency froin Moscow. The
vessel sailed from Hamburg.
. The "American " Relief Administration "on Monday sent .its first train
direct. 1-6 Samara from*-Moscow..
V- . Canadian Oil Production.
;���' Qlia-wa.���Tlfe oil production of Canada during-the fiscal _ year ending
March"-'31, 'was.- 1S7.016 barrels, or
��i,4.>l, -571. gallons. : Thcbounty totalled ?98,l(i.l "��� -     *       /    .-'
-.Unemployment Conference.
Ottawa.,���Iris doubtful whether any
steps, will .be taken toward calling a
conference of representatives "of, the
financial-interests to -meet with hicm--
-bers bf the employment service 'council at its meeting.     A final decision
of the matter, however, has not yc-.j spcctron through WesteniCariada. ac
been reached by Hon. G. D. Robtri-i'c0n,papic<i:,6y;*'the. directors   of   th.
. Fort William, ;0'iit.^-';.Gpvcr:nnerita1
ccoiiomy -<.tiil should be, a'watchword
an'd -the-��� monies; necessary for/the
uiaintcpa.uco," of - tlie" country'-; _ns"titu'-
tion?; and';'the. meeting of its, qbliga-:
.-lions "slipuld-be obtained by measures
which, wii! bear .-is lightly as possible
upon, the individual taxpayer,"--Kriil E.
W", Bcatty, K:C.X, president of the
C.P.Ri, in the course .of an intcrvi_ew
here.      He  is. making'atour  Pf7'in-
so#, minister of labor,-"ib whom, the
���resolution-"was(addressed. ���-..���.. -:        :'-7
,-.-Seattle lias a-r'."y.::6m.cii's7"liic:savi:ig.
-corps,"," .composed of, eighteen ha iky
mermaids' who, haye parsed al? the.'.official .tests necessary-to;.qualify-as life-
'.saycrsfat' thef.jbathing resorts.,   :������.. y--.
ctors   ot
:!_ifjc���and"'a-numb."cf.'oi prominent 'raii.-
'"w.-i}- -officials,- '--;:-'-.-,.-"-'/.-���   , .-'I-'"1,'���'-��� .,
"������.. Asked"'- -.what-, he.    thought" of '-the
out that during, the-period    of   strict
economy the purchases "of the' larger
systems    wcr.p.   very "greatly reduced -
and from the-siandppint of the  welfare'  of. the    countr}-' it was -highly
undesirable -i.uat_ their, finances .sliould
be'...'so-    contracted -that   fairly "��� free-
spending of .money,in Canada'should
bc;prevcn'tcd.-- "A 11 -rail way -companies
preferred  to'makc -""reasonable" earnings .through    thc free movement of
traffic at moderate, rale's,-.rather than
a restricted movement tinder- higher
fates, but regard'must be.-had, to the. s
earning power and" consequent" effect
on   the-   credit    o'f the companies if
freight:-..rate, .""-.situat-ifi:-../-Mr.. Beat ty j monies wc-e to be-, readily - obtained-
Started" that- undoubtedly decreases in j-to'.enable   flicm   td'mcct the natural "
rates would .be .necessary .just as soon; expansion of the"country, which was
a.s- the'.'.-fmar-c;.--!    coi;-jinbr.s rf the-   inevitable, and not. in his opinion, ia".
������.companies v.-afranted ir.    He pointed   the-distant future". -     .  - '     '" m
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.06
Betray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where] more thau one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'adv2rtising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2,!_c. a line each insertion.
Thc blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor woulel be pleased
to liRve more money.
What is home without a  cellar.
A shortened skirt maketh  many
a flirt.
If ignorance   is   bliss   why   be
All the  world   loves a   lover,
except hnbby.
The solid man has  no sediment
in his make-up.
Flattery is like cologne;  to be
smelled but not swallowed.
The Home Circle
There are men whose nightly return to their homes always means needless misery to their households.- They
find fault with their.dinners, with their household bills,
with the children, and with everything else. They make
sarcastic remarks that burn and scarify the sensitive souls
of their wives. They carry home the worries of business.
They "take it out" of their families for .everything that
has gone wrong in the day's work, and some are cowards
enough to revenge upon the innocent and helpless those
wrongs aud affronts which they have not had courage
enough to resist and resent upon the offender.
When you pull down the town in which is your home,
your are pulling down yourself, and when you build up
you are building up yourself and your neighbor. Try and
banish from your mind the mistaken idea that all good
things are away off in some other locality. Give your
town all the praise it can leg*kimately bear. It certainly
will do you no harm and will cost you nothing; and above
all patronize your home institution's���including the'printing office.
The progress of cities is measured by the public spirit
of their inhabitants. " Men whose-only .interest is in, the
success of their individual business may make""money" for
themselves, but they cannot build successful cities any
more than a pile of stones can furnish sustenance for
growing plants.
A baldheaded man likes to tell
about the hair-breadth escapes he's
A girl is getting old when she
begins to sigh over the pictures 'in
the album.
Living together when tied  with the man-on-the-street and those of
the bonds of matrimony is often a thelumbermen and logger meet on
knotty life.
It's the little things that worry other term for the livelihood of the
us.    "We can dodge an  elephant,
but not a flea. -   "..-'-
I*\ you interfere between   man
and wife, remember this, that they
will   be   friends. again   and . you
*   won't.
In the race "back ..to nature"
.. the bathing suit is a close second.
The evening .gown leading  by  a
- fracion bf an inch.'
When you're. down in
mouth,. remember: Jonah. .
came out all right.    .
If a body .find aVbottle comin'
V-.""thru therye,. ,.--,_.
Don't it make a; body sore to
to find the bottle dry? :.  ;;
.  V The cow stoodin the pasture ficl
Her joy was most complete ':'r
--. -For-with-"herwas a baby-calf;
.A-dining tete-a-tete; "-';
He sipped, 'the 'necfcor from her
,  VVlipsV ��� x-X'"y-X^x::X[
.;.'.'' As rieath ;the moon the'y sat; .
And wondered, if. another man
:���>: - Had .drank, a mug like that. 7
: Farmers' Institute Fall Fair
/:... Remember Oct;-7th -is 'the date
of the Farmers'. Institute Fair Fair
V at -Riverside   Hall,   Rock   Creek.
: You won't miss- that date will; yoa?
... .You'll be there with your family,
. -your, fruits,; your . vegetables, and
.   your farm, products. V And .your
...wives will.have their fancy-, work.;
- their jams ';aiid jellies,' butter and
baking.-   This'Fair is going  to be
the real old genuine, malleable iron,
7 double-back- acting - self-adjustable
7. corn cracker; warranted not to rip,
: tear,  ravel or run  down  at   the
heels,  all  wool  and  a yard wide;
. unsurpassed   by anything in   the
Fair line in the recorded history of
"Bock Creek .and marking a epoch
in the life of the community.    Are
you helping  to   make   this   Fair
���what is said that it is going to be
.."and more?   Yon are. "���-.
Philosopher and poet are alike iu the verdict that the
safety and perpetuity of any nation lives in the homes of
its people.
Public Welcomed to
Forestry Convention
Forestry conservation is a  subject where  where the interests of
common  ground.     The  forests of
British  Columbia are  merely an-
majority of the citizens of the province. Keeping this in view, the
programme of the Provincial, Forestry Convention-at; Vancouver on
September 19bh and 20th and at
Victoria the following day has included subjects of popular interest
as well as those appealing to the
lumber industries.
.. "Keeping British Columbia Free
from Fire" by.C. S. Cowan, Assistant Provincial Forester: will commence about 11 o'clock, on the
morning of the 19th,7 while "Forest. Work by Aeroplane" will be
heard about 3.30 the same after,
noon, Major MacLaurin and Captain, L. A.'���. Andrews _ being./ the
speakers. Business , men. will be
keenly interested in" "Industry
Organization" by "W. B. W; Armstrong,,the successful -manager of
the B. C. ..Loggers Association.
"Lumber Export ; in 'Relation ,-to
Forest Problems'r by VH; R. .MacMiilan, formerly^Chief .Forester of
B.C. will attract- much "notice as
the opening address on the after-,
nppa of the 20th. The.; programme
is.one of. the'finest that has been
assembled for.a convention in this
province and a large, number of
companies /have already assigned
representatives, to be present at all
sessions. The meetings are wide
open- to the. public to whom the
Canadian Forestry Association has
extended a hearty welcome.       .'������;"
X. 'V;;.;v-v;^Sure ShotV---7 )���_ 'iyx,'
Two. jags were 7 returning 7Jhorne
after,, av spree ^.lasting   nearly;-' all
. BJgflfc. ,-���_���,'-> ���:."���>..���.'���-* -'���.���.-������> ���'"-.'..  .-,: ',-.-  .-..^.',
X ^<I)on,t;yoa^;;wife:.m^ss: yoa . ori
Bhese'jbccasfo'neK'.'.ask-pd one.;Vv-���">'
:- ?'Xot. very Soften.";, replied /She
other. -: "She;: 7 throws,..,'.p,r."etiy-
Etrsdght.1.': X'Xy': yX Xi\--\XXX- XyXX
An enterprising clerk' was trying
to persuade a farmer to buy a
bicycle. The farmer was in town
for the day, and had determined to
see everything.
"I rather spend my money on a
cow," said he, proudly.
"But think," said the assistant,
"what a fool you'd look, riding
about on a cow."
"ETot half such a fool asJI'd look
trying, to milk a bicycle," answered the farmer.
In future the Greenwood
Garag-e will fee. run under the
management of C. Elliott and
W..C. Wilson.
Mr. Elliott has had a wide
experience in the repair of automobiles. Any work entrusted
to them will receive prompt and
careful attention. A special
plant is being installed to handle
storage batteries in the most
efficient manner-
Order -your..winter supply  now
JOHN WYDER,    Box 615,   Greenwood
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON,  Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work, aud material guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Phone 69
Agent for   Chevrolet,   Studebaker,   and
Overland cars.   Garage in connection.
Fire Insurance
Real Estate
Royal Bank Bklg., Grand Forks
Certificate of Improvements.
"WATERLOO No. 3" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Greenwood Mining Divisiou of Yale
Where-located: In Wgliliiing Peak Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, Solicitor, as Agent for Charles Morgan Kint'Stbu,
FreeMiner's Certificate No. 29153C, and Francis
Edward Rendell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
33285C, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
lo apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 85, must be commenced before the
issue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd dav of July, A. D. 1921.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties.
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Syncpsis of
land Act Amendments
-0-5"- ?{������ ^IDD��WSOM, ��� Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8. Nelson, B. C.
Charges:-GoH, Silver, Copper or Lead
|i.2S each.; Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper, or. Lead ��3.oo. Silver-Lead $2.00.- Silver-Lead-Zinc .3.00.
Charges for/other metals, 'etc*.."on application.  . .'���---
Notice of Intention to Apply to Purchase Land
In Fairview Land District, Recording District of .Simllkamecn and situate atout 7
miles West of Midway, B.C., and one mile
North of Meyers Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that Prank Roberts, of
Kettle Valley, B.C., occupation farmer intends
to apply for permission to purchase the follow-
iuy- described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the South East corner post of Lot
801s, thence- West 70 chains, thence South 40
chains, thence East 70 chains, thence North 40
chains to point of commencement and containing 240 acres more or less.-
Dated July 26th, 1921.
In Slmllkameeti Land District. Recording District of Fairview. and situate about Four
. Miles North-East from West&rldge on Kettle
TAKE NOTICE- that Asa Carl Mestar,
of; Midway, ' B.C., -occupation Railway Conductor, iiiiends to'apply for permission lo purchase the following described-lands:
Commencing .it a post planted at the
South-West corner of Lot 890s thence East
about 35 chains; thence South 20 chains; thence
West. 20 chains; thence North following ihe
meanderings of Kettle River lo point of commencement, and containing eighty acres more
or less.   -'-..���-'
- ' . ,        ~'_-        A. C.MESKER,
--' -.    ;-.'-- . . Applicant.
.-- Dated 19th Auffust, 1921. " .
���Send a Float to your friebds at
once. You can get, than at
The-Ledge office -.-
X V.;,,VVV\".H. "DOCKSTEADER.; PROP. y-.X   "  -������
Auto .Sfeage. twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
_-.j     Forksand ;Ne]soh":traipr/leaving.G7eenVood afc~8 a.m.V". 7"
For.prpville,.W^nateheeand PrincefconleavesGreenwood, 3p.m.
Fare Si. 50.Each-Way.;. -Hand Baggage. Free..   Trunks "Carried;
ixprewan$;HeayyDrayin^V   -/.. /Auto's for tiire Day or Night
"v".:Wft.Mrry.*f.res,_bliiBi Greases. Hay'and Grain ���
Office Phone 13.; 7./    -V;.. :;;   >V V:" 7 ;, Residence Phone 3 L
Minimum^prlc* of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; socond-claee to
��2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to eur-
veyed lands only.
Records -will be granted covering- only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
��nd which Is non-tiihber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished'
But parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with -joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. O
. PJ"��-emptora must, occupy cfaims for
nv�� yew-a and make Improvements to
value of |10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
owore receiving Oown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
L*���>*ithan 8.�����������"���� *nd has made proportionate improvements, he may. fee-
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent re��I-
dence may be Issued, provided appli-
SSR? makM improvements to.extent of
!i�����_p*La.nnUm.*n<1 ""���cords same each
year. Failure to make improvements
ii't*���00r(1n,S.am* wlu operate as for-
}���.��?��� TJU-* c��"~��*ot be obtained In
i/ ��i�� IK* B ye^rs, and improvements
cf 110.00 per acre, inoludlhg 6 acres
oleared and cultivated, and residence
or at least 1 years are required, o
���rre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
SSS^i-fe0*.ta 50tV>������"on with hii
5a?J ^ittout aotual occupation, pro-
Si - ���*5tutorT improvements - made
��� S2lL!LV1i,w5P��� a-*&tained on Crown
granted land, ���      ^
^Unsurveyed areaa. not exceeding io
8?f!V kJ^J"! 15as?d m homesitesj
iiJ.H^ ^!.ib.U,nea *fUr winning resl-
��entlal and Improvement conditions.
arias" ^ii!fI��,lild��i,S,lu8tr1*-1 P��rpo8M
tffHa ���XOM��n*  W0   acre*  may  be
n^��Si-feSionr ?' to0��strlfcr ait*, on
timber land  not  exceeding   .0  acraa
SSL5!-.1>5'^"*<,! -��n��ltroh8- include,
payment of etumpage.
-.N*iu!*-L h*y m��*dowa  lnaccessIWe
conditlonarupon con��truction of a road
to them. Relate of one-half of coet of
road,: not exoeedlng W of purohaie
price, le made. f~y    : ��'"rw^w,-��
y ���-��� -y> :act. ���;-,-
The scope of thU Aot ls enlarged to
in* with His Majesty** Foro���� Tha
��?*��� within wbioVth*Vel5 e? divl25S
v!T��l��-����Mtf Pr��-��mptw SaJ aSS
Jor title tinder til* Act li ��to_CS'
from for one year fromtne dlath of
J?" aft<�� the oonoluelon of th* present
S^hTHU prlvu��ge u also maaTit.
Tmm. are remitted for AveViSr" *���'
rProvUloa for return-*bf.m��ii5SW-:
,��V-oa *0-?_un* of payments, fees
* direot or Inaireot -
m Gonsolated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silveiy Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   oi   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
,        "TADANAC" BRAND V     ���''-"":
* rfc. 4���j,   j. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4, 4, 4, 4,     -|. 4* 4* 4��4< 4* 4, 4. 4. 4, 4. 4. 4.
Cbe Bume fiotel
nelson, B.C.
4��  The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
���_-��������� Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per.day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
1 For G
Pn-rlatoigi'..". made -;c"(w-.7teeuanoe;- -'' of "���'���
8KIS ;--RS8& XS '������ ��ik��w*&��� ��������� it x
-prown,,Land��. vacQuMns^rlshts-frem-*--
K1' SggSjrtsiML*n�� t��e.
���Economy and Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness |��
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give |f
our customers. Are you %
one of them? 3
���~-  .	
616 VernoB St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
J0HK BL0iSBERG   ; -   -   ProBrietor
-'-, .Nicelj-iurnished7rcwms,-bj-5the;
"XX'X 77.da7,--^eek..9rmonthV-7 XX
G^een Forests are an investment which^ gives big
returns/ \       - -v '.;;v..,-
The shareholders include, directly or ihdirectly, every;
y'x-   citizen in;the.ProvinceVy "'    vv;-:->���;���';.:.'
Dividends Jre shared directly by every individual
who resides in British Columbia;::  V7   y
Each tree is worthy of preservation, and -means em- \
ployment to someone, sooner or jaterv
No timber substitute has been found, but: timber
provides substitutes for many articles.
The Lumber trade is called the barometer of British
:    Columbian prosperity.
Keep4heinarkstt high-destruction of the Forest
yyx.: spellsloss^for'everybody,-77s"-v..      ���i'.yx'
QresC Eires
vruM due and taxes m��
r ORAZINO.   4 ���
Graslnr Aot, M��. tw ey����matlo
development o? Hve����ock InduYtirpro!
Tides Tor erasing dlstrtoU and ran���
fcdmlnUtratlon under Cowmle��ion?r
Annual gTB��ln* permit* taaued baaed
f.\nHmb*r* r*n��-s<'i Priority for eaUb-
fUhed own*r��. |tock-o��nera mar
form Awoclatlona for range managel
l*rt^�� eS3l c*mp*r- * t��wiSSei5
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or Flain) ^
Enveiopes, Biilheads,~ 3"
B Statements, Business Cards, 3
5��� "~3
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., EtQ. 3
1 The Ledge      PHONE 29     1
B     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
;:; ..7.733?67 'Micibg;; ;1^^:-^ :iM^
���Emplre^V7     '���'"'" 7" 'V-.1' ���V'^7{7.7--:;.7.7V%-;7;VVV-V^-y^v^vVVV
V;-^r^Qt���i;'-;^^-afe7-^bt^iffl^i:' %;--^feiQ|*ing:-Bncfc^i^
;-o.i;wW(^;S.^araniTi^';b^ ��������� 7,,:rS.-r^V-"--:r;?i.iV;Via7


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