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The Ledge May 18, 1922

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Vol.   XXVIII.
We. carry a large line ot
Hardware,' House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock
O'Cedar Oils and Mops, Liquid
and   Powder   Ammonia,   Soap
Powders   and   Washing * Soda,
Brooms &c.
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
Around Home
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
j Just Arrived
"   ^ ~
Fire,    Sickness,    Accident,   Life,
* Auto, in fact any insurance,-with
the best Companies in the World.
Houses, for���Sale or Rent
Auctioneer and Valuer
Call at my Office Copter Street
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. ProDS.
The WINDSOR  HOTEL   is  heated   with   steam        . ^    .
and electricity.     Pine sample-rooms.     A comfortable home for tourists  and travellers.     Touch the
wire  if you  wane  rooms reserved.-- The buffet is
< replete  with  cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages,
' buttermilk and ice-cream.
�� 6
Commencing at 8.IS p.m.
"     in
"The Accidental
Elaine Hammerstein
Not a sob story; no   war  stuff,  but  <=
Chas.   John so a    has   gone   to
Grand Forks]
V. S. Newton was in Rossland
for the week-end.
R. A. Brotyn, of Grand Forks,
was in town pn Monday.
Nights are;-shorter'everywhere,
and so is summer underwear.   *
'P. H, McCurrach motored to
Grand Forks on Wednesday night.
F. M. Lewis, of Vancouver,
was in town for a couple of days
last week.    }.
Murdock,McLeod is employed
by the S. K. P. & L. Co. in "the
Okanogan.    '��� *
Mrs. S. J. Roylance, of Boundary Creek, was a visitor in .town
on Wednesday.
The next tiling is1 to get your
razor sharpened, in readiness to
shave the lawn!
Mrs. J. A. .McCallum and Miss
Pincott, of Grand Forks, were in
town on Monday.
Art Murray left on Monday for
Beaverdell where he has secured
a'lucrative position,
Midway and Greenwood will
occupy the diamond at Ingram
Bridge on May 24th.
After giving us a little bit of
everything, May is now giving
us something really good.
Misi��',W. Highman; of Grand-
Forks, was the guest of Mrs. C.
Nichols, during the" week end.
Harry Anderson, of the Premier
mine near Stewart, is visiting
his mother, Mrs. J. P. Anderson.
Community Spirit Needed
The town of Greenwood, in common with other towns of its size
and importance in the province,
would be a far better "place for
everybody if it were inoculated
with tho spirit of the community
interest.    Jfc would be a painless
Christian Valley
D.   N.   Morrison   of   Langley
l Fort,, brother-��f the late Norman
Morrison, is ;;i guest at the Pacific
operation just by extending the influence of the Boosters Club of
Vancouver or the ������Smile" Club of
Winnipeg. . What would be the
result if the spirit that prevails'in
these clubs were adopted , by the
town generally? It would seethe
with local patriotism and very,
soon everybody would be .boosting
for tbe town and prejudice against
the town would disappear. Let us
co-operate heartily to get a going
concern here. We ought ^o use
our utmost endeavor to get a mill
and some of the mines going.
Today outside products to the
amount of many hundreds of dollars are coming into this town and
displacing that much home product, just because the people lack
the spirit to declare that they will
buy nothing but home made goods,
in so far as they are able. In the
one item of bread a family could be
supported here for this article of
food alone, and that family would
become a home builder and taxpayer. Instead of that oar'staff
of life is imported and takes away
large amounts of money needed in
the very worst way for the support
of our townspeople. It is snrely
time that people wakened to the
fact that it is to tbeir own best
| interests to give local patriotism a
During   the   past   fiscal
comedy loVe drama, a tingling, rollicking   $90,000   was   collected
joy picture, Sparkling and bubbling over
with romance
  OUR  SPRING _______
Prints, Cottons and Flannels
Have Arrived^
These goods, all at reduced prices, are wroth
-looking over
Also a Christie Comedy in Two Reels
"Wild and Western"
We carry only the best stock procurable in_
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
For Sale
Windows, Doors and Store
Fronts. Lumber from $10
to $20 per thousand. Also
some Brick at 1c a piece and
other articles.
-   ���  For further particulars apply to
Greenwood, B.C.
at post
Baled Hay For Sale
Ilave for sale about 50 tons of
baled hay, mixed, good feed for
horses and cattle.    Ton or car lot.
F. Hattssbnee,
Box 364. Greenwood, B.C.
Young Pigs For Sale
' Good young pigs for sale, will
be ready. 0 weeks old 30th May.
$7 each.   S. Frets, near Eholt.
Statistics recently compiled show that British Columbia has more telephones to population than any other province of Canada, It is to maintain
this enviable record that extensions of outside plant and central office
equipment are constantly being made and this year large expenditures are
planned. Facilities for adequate telephoning are always kept up to top
notch, with tbe result that our whole system is in excellent condition, and
we are in a position at all times to supply service when the request is made.
Registered Percheron Stallion
Black Tartar
Will stand for Service
In Anaconda
For the Season  1922
Commencing May 22nd
(Monday's only)
Terms:   $5.00 deposit, Balance
$10 when mare proves in Foal
offices on   letters with
Mrs. A. Whiting and Mr. and
Mrs. H. Snell motored over from
Kettle Valley and Rock Creek on
Owing to Wednesday being a
holiday the K. of P's will meet
on Tuesday 23rd. inst. Initiation
and supper.
Navigation in the Yukon ��� will
open about the first week in June,
when the parcel post service will
be resumed.
~ li. Bryant was elected School
Trustee by acclamation to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation
of P. H. McCurrach.
There will be.no service in St.
Jude's church on Sunday next,
but on Sunday, May 28th service
will be held at 7.30 p. m.
Lee & Bryan are having the
front of their store painted adding greatly to the appearance of
this up-to-date establishment.
Fourteen cars were parked
along Main St on Saturday night
with several other cars, up the
street as well as some cars on the
side streets, The light in front
of the theatre is a great improvement.
The nice warm weather of the
past week- has brought out the
growth. Pasture is much benefited. The trees are patting on
their foliage and are beginning
to make things" beautiful.
- At this festive season * when
hubby grabs the spading fork
and makes a break for ,the
garden," friend wife never knows
whether he intends -to fix ~up a
place for her flowers or prospect,
for a can of angleworms.
John Baker appeared before P.
H. McCurrach, S. M., on a vagrancy charge, last Friday. He
pleaded guilty and was sentenced
to pay a fine of $10 or 2 months
with hard labor in Nelson jail.
He was taken to Nelson by Constable Stewart.
A. R. Thomas, of Vancouver,
secretary of a company which
has been organized to develope
some claims around Greenwood,
is in town looking over some properties, near the Bay mine on the
Phoenix road, with a view to developing and -irking them.
Outlook in This Section
Is Good
The prospect for,a bumper crop
throughout this section of B. 0
appears to be exceptionally good at
the present  time.     Reports   re-
ceived from .districts surrounding
Greenwood are very favorable indeed.   The wheat  came through
the winter exceptionally well.   In
some sections, however, it is slightly    browned,   due   to   the  cold
weather of a week ago, bat tbis
should regain its color and with a
good shower of rain it - will come
again and-be a first ciaB8~crop7"-In
low wet sections it is not in good
condition but  generally speaking
the wheat crop promises to be one
of the best in a good many years.
The first seeding of clover and
grass  is   also  in fine   condition.
Spring seeding will ba pretty well
completed by the end of the present week.   The ground is in excellent condition   for   cultivating
and a good seed bed is easily prepared.   The   warm   weather   will
now greatly improve conditions.
' The meadows are looking green
now and the gardens have begun
to grow.
Frank Peterson and son, Sten,
came up from the tie camp on
Saturday. "
Can any anyone tell us  what' is
the  size  of. the   largest    grizzly
caught in this district?   What is i
the largest black bear?
Mr. de Lautour, who has taken
up land in the Valley came up
with his farm, implements on Friday. He intends to bring his wife
and four little girls on Monday.
A. R. Lord, inspector of schools,
and H. Snell, of Biverside, were
up a few.days ago. Mr. Lord was
well pleased with Mr. Wilkinson's
work in the school, Three pupils
will try the entrance examinations
in Jane.
Mr. Wilkinson and Frank Christian shot a grizzly bear a few days
ago. It got away with three head
of Mr. Christian's cattle last fall.
It left part of,the last one to finish
in the spring so they waited for
him to come around and managed
to get him. He measured 9 ft 6 in
but they saw he looked twice that
as he stood on his hind legs blowing blood and foam up a tree after
being shot. The dog saw him
first and "began to worry him and
they were able to get two shots in
his neck before he saw the hunters.
As it was getting dark they decided to go down early next morning to skin him. They did bo but
Werenot soon enoughs Another
bear had been ahead of them and
eaten a hole in hia side. They
hope to get him later.   As one of
Kettle Valley Notes
- There is talk of fixing up some
tennis grounds.
Mr. Creese, of Penticton was: in
the Valley on business.
Major K. R. Davies returned
from Vancouver for a week or iwo.
With the advance of Spring the
farmers are becoming more and
Since the nice weather has set
in things are picking up in great
shape, as everybody is getting a
hustle on.
The residence of Mr. and Mrs.
A. E. Bonnett, Nicholson Creek,
was burned to the ground last Saturday-morning.
The Womens Institute are giving a Dance at Biverside Hall on
the 24th. . Proceeds to go to an invalid.    Good music is guaranteed.
The Eock Creek and Kettle Valley Sunday Schools are holding
their annual picnic on" Saturday
20th inst. Motor cars are taking
the parents and children, to Myers
Creek for the day. The grounds"
have been kindly" lent by J.
Jacques, Esq.
On the 24th there will be a grand
Hockey match between Myers
Creek and Rock Creek versos Kettle Valley and Ingram Mountain,
which promises to be a very exciting game, at.2.30 p.m. There is
also an open picnic on the Hockey
grounds, eo briDg' your lunch baskets, and have,a good day's outing.
Osoyoos Notes
the hunters remarked: , -No more
going to see the animals in Stanley
Park after that.
Jimmie Henderson's house at
Deadwood was burned to the
ground about nine o'clock on
Sunday morning. The fire is
thought to have started' from a
spark from the chimney. Very
little furniture was saved for the
fire was so fierce and' rapid that
the family hardly had time to
save their wearing apparel, in
fact most of it had been burned.
The loss is serious and there
is no insurance.
It is dangerous to stand too
close to the creek banks when the
water is. so high. * Herb Cox had
a narrow escape from drowning
this week. "He was standing near
the creek on his ranch when the
bank caved in. He had big rubber boots on and the water was
so swift that he could not gain
the bank. However, he was
finally swept against a tree that
had fallen - across the creek and
with great difficulty he managed
to climb up ou the tree and thus
make for high and dry land.
Boundary Falls School
Report for April
A. G. McLaren, Teacher
Days school in session       - - .     14
Total attendance        - 174
Average attendance    - 12.42
Perfect -Attendance: Daniel
Boltz,__ Andrew - Swanlund,--Annie
Swanlund, Louise Swanlund.
Proficiency list:, Senior 3rd,
Annie Swanlund, Joseph Krouten;
Junior 3rd, Caroline Casselman,
Annie Casselman; Senior 2nd,
Alice Casselman, Jovie Klenosky,
Annie Klenosky; Junior 2nd,
Daniel Boltz, Andrew Swanlund;
1st Reader, "Helen Casselman; 1st
Primer, Frank Krouten, Louise
Swanlund, Verona Klenosky.
Midway News
A baseball match will be played
between Greenwood and Midway
on the 24th of May at Ingram
Bridge, Also grass hockey by
two local teams.
Don't forget the "Big Hop",
solo and whist drive at the old
Lancashire Hotel,- Midway, on
Friday, May 19th. A good time
assured,-for the benefit of the
Midway-Baseball team. '"Let's
Torodo at Midway will play
baseball on Sunday 21st. inst.
In loving memory of Robert
Thornton Lowery; fonnder of
The I<edge, and last of the
pioneer editors ofthe Kootenay,
who passed away at Grand
Forks, on May soth, 192L
-Fishing is now good- in the lake,
trout bass and carp being numerous.
Two crews are working on the
Osoyoos hill. This highway will
soon be in splendid condition.
A survey party arrived on
Thursday to do some work in connection with the Government
Irrigation project..
The mosquitos have not yet arrived. An old resident remarked:
"There is not a single mosquito in
Osoyoos. They are all married
and have large families.
Settlers are crossing the line
daily on- their" way "to" Northern,
B.C. >Many different conveyances
being used, autos, trucks, prairie
schooners, buggies, saddle horses,
On Tuesday last a truck passed
through on its way from Oroville
to Oliver with sixty one thousand
(61200) eggs. Next week two
similar loads will pass through.
The hens had to work overtime to
complete tbis shipment.
D, Patterson motored to Vernon
last week. En route he met W.
Dewdney, P. - Pentecost and B.
Spencer. At Vernon he attended
the assizes. One prisoner received
a' sentence of 16 years and 20-
lashes for inhuman treatment of
hie wife.
P. A. Tavener and party_ of the
Dominion Museum at Ottawa have
located their camp on the lake a
short distance from here. Their
object is to study the bird life of
the Southern Okanagan. At present they are gathering all informal
tion possible regarding a flock of
20 Swans which are nesting in the
vicinity. The local wild geese,
known as the Hutchins variety,
are also under their observation on. -
account of the fact they^have their
nests in trees. There baa been
considerable discussion as to how
they get their young ones down.
IS is generally believed they carry
them in their bills. A bill is a
1 very useful article.
���C$ w
Freight Rates And Business
A special coniniitt.ee of tlie Mouse of Commons has been appointed to
study the whole question ot freight rules with ;i view to bringing about a reduction in the existing high schedule, which, it is generally agreed, is having
.ii detrimental affect on business, is operating to prevent a revival in industrial activity, and is particularly paralyzing to Western agriculture.
The problem of reducing rates in die face of an annual deficit of many
millions of dollars in the operation of'the National Railways is admittedly a
difficult one. The National Railways badly need every dollar of revenue they
can gat. and a substantial reduction in freight charges may prove a very serious matter for them. Yet anything'less than a substantial cut. will be quite
ineffective in providing a much needed stimulus to business and an appreciable aid to the farmers of Ihe country.
There is.  however,  much  force in the argument   that a  lowering in the
carrying charges of the railways will not necessarily mean a reduction in net
revenue earned.      On lite contrary, it is well within the realms of probability
that the result would be an increase in revenue.    Present rates are perilously
close to the line where they amount to actual prohibition of trallic. and if a
reduction of rates hats tlie effect, of stimulating business anil thereby increas-     .
 ,.    ,, . .... ., .. ,   . ,. ���   I lion is better, sleeplessness no longer
ing irathc the earnings ol  the railways may  easily record  increases i-atlier h.roublea    lhc    nerve-shattered vlolim,
than the much learod decreases. j iUUl inc generally takes on a cheerful
Support for this view is found in a comparative study of the figures of inspect.      The value of these pills in
revenue and expenditure of Canadian railways for the years 1320 and J92I. j eases, of this kind is shown by tlie ex-
Kreight rales were increased in September, 1 It20, and partly reduced in TJanu- j
Overcrowded Britain
An eminent statesman reminded me
the other day that in spile of lhe war
the population of Britain has increased by 2,000,000 during the last decade.
He asked me -whether I thought the
country could support them all, and 1
replied in the negative, suggesting
that emigration is the only remedy.
The trouble is that our surplus is
among townspeople and not the rural
workers needed by new countries.���
London Sunday Pictorial.
Shoe Polishes
Canadian   National   Excursions
Plan    Your    Summer    Trip
National Route
The 'Canadian   National
announce    their    summer
Via    the
When the  Blood is Out of Order the
Nerves Are Starved |
The nerve system is the governing j
system of the whole body, controlling
the heart, lungs, digestion and brain; !
n'Ln'h 'n n��i *ur*n'isi"s "ia> ncrv��us ! rates to the Pacific Coast and to East-
disturbances cause acute distress. Ihe;
first stages ol" nervous debility are ( erl1 (-""ada. lhe Pacific Coast trip
noted by irritability and restlessness, j through tlie Canadian Rockies, in-
in which the victims seem to be op- eludes choice of route on hind and
pressed by their nerves. The mailer sen going) or returning. A magnifi-
requires     immediate    attention,     tori       ,  ���_..     ., ,   ,
nothing but suitable    treatment    will | cent  'o0 lmle voya*e between Prince
prevent   a   breakdown.      The   victim, I Rupert,     Vancouver,     Victoria     antl j
however,  need  not  despair,  for even ��� Seattle may be taken.      The trip to
severe   nervous  disorders may be  re-   Eastern Canada includes all rail and
lievod  bv improving the condition of', , ,      ...      .,,     , <���.      >.   .
the blood.     It is   because   Dr.- Wil- j Iake and nul' Wlth choicc * r0iucs"
' See    Toronto,    Quaint    Quebec,    the
Farmer Premiers
Five of the Provincial Premiers Are
��� Farmers by Occupation
When ther! Premier of Manitoba
makes the point that he is a farmer
he calls attention to the fact that
farmer premiers are quite common
in Canada. Leaders of the/Ontario
and Alberta Governments are farmers both politically and bjr occupation. The Premiers of Manitoba "and
British - Columbia are Liberals in
politics and_ farmers by occupation.
The Premier of Saskatchewan is a
farmer in politics and is down in the
Parliamentary Guide as a farmer by
occupation. 'This accounts for five of
the nine provincial premiers. Three
of the others are lawyer's, and the
fourth a merchant.���Vancouver Province.
War Base at Suez
Has Been Dismantled
Hams' Pink Pills enrich the blood that
this medicine has proved beneficial in
nervous disorders. The nerves thrive
on the better blood made by these
pills:   the appetite improves, indiges-
porience of Mrs. John W. Macdonald,
i Cardigan,  P.E.I.,  who  savs:-���"1  havo
iiry. ID21, and in December, .1921.      If the��� arguments of those opposed lo rale ; mucn C;mse j0 be grateful lo Dr   Wil
liams'  Pink Pills.      I    was    sufferinj!
>cen greater in 1921 than in 1920.     Yet. the reverse was the case.     The de- j I'rom nervous breakdown, and my con- j S])(1C(7 has a  tillncing    I)a.-_|jon   Vnu- j C1
icit on tlie old Canadian Northern system was nearly $10,000,000 less in 1921 i l*ili|on &"'<���. ���*���-���"-��� '?. bol1h "���>' Mends j *   '   '     ',    '     wonderful -vLew 'or'all i h<
��� ' ��� ;uu[  niysell.      [  suilered almost   con-   (-omm.uuib-.a   -Aonuei nu, \ |��\v   oi   hii
ban in the previous year;  the tleficit on what are known as the Canadian I Unously fl.onl nervous headaches, my! the prominent mountain  peaks.      On]1'
reductions is good, then tlie deficits in operation of the railways should have '
Government Railways, chiefly tlie Intercolonial, was almost cut iu two, being ,' appetite  was  poor,  I   hardly
reduced by So.000,000; the Grand Trunk Pacific, which showed a loss of $10,- I sleep,
000,000 in 1920, dropped to just under $-1,000,000 for 1921.
Those three roads between them showed a deficit in operation for 192L
or something over ?l(j,00,000 where in 1920. the lotal was over $'37,000,000.
The operating profit of the old Grand Trunk was increased and so, too, was
that of the Canadian Pacific.
Of course, there may have been, and undoubtedly were, oilier factors contributing to the betterments shown. Nevertheless, the figures would seem
to point to the conclusion that rate reductions.were not in themselves disastrous, but that, on the contrary, they proved beneficial and were contributing
factors in bringing about, a marked improvement, in railway finances.
Admitting, however, for Ihe sake of argument that substantial rate reductions will result in an increase in  the operating deficit of 1 lie Canadian
Thousand Islands, and the magnificent Niagara Falls. Sail down thc
St. Lawrence.
The Canadian National trains cross
the Rockies at the lowest altitude, the
easiest gradients, and in view of Canada's highest peaks. Break your
journey and slay at Jasper Park j
Lodge, Lac Bcauvert, Jasper, Alta.
The lodge is open trom June 15lh to
Corns Between the Toes*-
Painlessly Removed
A j.eal, sure, dependable remedy
that lias been'lifting out corns for the
past fifty years will surely lift yours
put. Putnam's Corn Extractor is the
old reliable corn remedy���it stands
tlie test of time and never fails, 25c
Honoring the Flag
Sept. lath.     IL is modern in every re-
trip to the East, have your
travel plans include a few days at
"Minalci Inn," 115 .miles east of Win-
got .any j your
md in every way I was badly
rundown.    A friend advised me to try
Dr. Williams'  Pink  Pills, and after I
had taken them tor a while there was j nipeg. Decide now to take a holida>\
a noticeable improvement in my con-j You owe it to yourself and family,
dition.      I continued using   the    pills j G(?L suggesllons nntl   .ul_ information
I as  to  fares,  reservations,  train serv-
until I had taken twelve boxes, when
every symptom of Ihe    trouble    was
I gone,   and    I have since enjoyed the
best, of health."
. Vou    can    get    Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or. by mail at 50 cents a box or six-
boxes ,for $2.50  from'   The    17>r. ' Wil-!
Hams'  Medicine  Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.
Alberta Agricultural  Production
The estimated value of agricultural
National Railways, tlie question arises.whether it would not. be belter to face
that possibility and meet, the loss out of general taxation for a year or two if,
through such reduction in rales, there was marked encouragement given to ! and livestock products produced in Al-
agriculture, manufacturing and business generally throughout the Dominion, j berta in 1921 was $137,155,706. Of
with a consequent lessening in unemployment and increased buying power this sum grains, fodders and vege-
by the people and some return of prosperity. j tables accounted  for $S2,795,290;  ani-
The present deficit on the'. Canadian National Railways is a heavy one. j ma Is slaughtered and    sold    $17,290,-
Not   Enough   Importance   is   Attached
to Flag Flying in Canada
Most   people   will endorse the Minister of Finance, Hon. Mr, Fielding, in
his defense of the expenditure   of   a
i few thousand dollars a year���present
estimates provide $5,000���for flags
for public buildings, against the criticism of Mr.  Dull,    Lunenburg,    who
! holds il a waste of money to fly flags
om the  buildings' every day of the
year.     Tl|e increased brightness that
is given to the atmosphere in which
wc  live by  wind-tossed  flags is well
worth the cost.     It is worth far more
than tlie  cost.      The trouble is that
we  haven't enough flags.   As a  peo
pie    we
our    wor.
best.   Some people seem to look upon
ii.  as a sign  of moral  perversity,  at
least of weakness, to'have our goings
coming,  our  labor  and  our
lions  attended  by  cheerfulness
jand gaiety.     They can associate only
  j dull    care   and    dark-solemnity with
To those on the verge of a nervous J serious purpose.   -Not. enough import-
breakdown   the   following   symptoms Vtnce is attached^to the   amenities   of
Was One of Greatest Centres During
-    "-'      World War
What was once considered the
greatest military dump in the world,
El Kantara, the British army base on
the east side of the Suez Canal, has
now almost entirely reverted to .the
wilderness of sand and silence whence
it rose.
Its passing marks the demise of one
of the most important "war baby"
soldier cities.
In 1914, El Kantara was merely the
.name of a "place" on the Suez Canal,
15 minutes by train from Port Sa,id.
With the beginning of the Palestine
campaign, the transformation began.
Pioneers, engineers and army service
corps detachment mapped out a
There were erected enclosures for
cattle, horses, mules, donkeys,'fodder.
Tor great guns-and small limber carts.
Later there appeared enclosures for
prisoners and the miscellany of canteens, contractors' huts, officers' quarters and barracks that made up. a
great war centre.
When the armistice was signed, El
Kautara's stores included quantities
of every appurtenance of war. Its
dismantling began in 1920. .' Contractors- rushed in and secured great bargains. Gradually the vast accumulation dwindled, until recently the Disposals-Board finished its work'and
the site was handed over to the Egyptian Labo"i\ Corps���a delapidated,
empty hulk.
ice, etc., from any Canadian National
Agent. Ask "for free tourist booklets.
Dye Skirt, Dress
Or Faded Draperies
In Diamond Dyes
���' Each pack.ifre of "Diamond Dyds" contains directions so simple that any woman can dye or tint faded, shabby skirts,
drosses, waists, coats, sweaters, stocking.., hangings, draperies, everything like
new. Buy "Diamond Dyes"���no other
kind���then  perfect homc dyeing is Hilar-
r-iivirli.in�� mnii'iva in nvil-n  anteed, even.if you have never dyed bo-
Uiuduns conln\e(lo make fol.c-      Tell  yo>UI. (Jrureis,   whether  tho
Cdav     life  prettv  sombre  at  material you wish, to dye is wool or silk.
Nervous Breakdown l���,L��S
present themselves; nervous head,
aches, a feeling of depression, fitful,
disturbed, restless and unrcfreshing
sleep, often troubled with frightful
dreams, avoidance of crowded places,
md  constitutes a very real  burden  for  Canadian  taxpayers.      It is almost i 41fi;  dairy products, $25,500,000; wool 7^'^^ 0|'being "lone, horror of society,
500,000; j
$300,000;   game  furs,  etc.,  $
poultry and poultry  products, $S/170
000; and horticultural
.garden stuff, $1,600,000
mere than they can bear, because, through lack of employment and general
business depression, they have not the money. No matter how light taxes
may be people cannot pay them without money and in thc absence of means
of earning money. - ���Buf with a return of business activity and more employment the people would be able to more easily pay even somewhat, heavier
taxes, if necessary, to meet a. slightly larger railway,deficit. '
The. railways'arc-one of-the .chief agencies in. the upbuiidyig of trade and
commerce,- and if.:iheir rates-are maintained at a level so high as lo restrict
frafiic, .they are not "benefiting either
they were, created to serve, but are, as a msit.te'r of fact;-killing Ihe goose that
lays the golden-eggs.- '    '      "': '     -   ���        : -  .  '      .    '.    ..,'
The experiment of enforcing a substantial reduction in' freight' rates as. a .    .
means of reviving business throughout.' Canada,' and.giving some'much needed���! [���V&i\ b"*llVl.   health-giving   medicine
��� - " most beneficial to the. young constilu-
When the nerves become affected in
: this way the heart generally becomes
,���...,������:,   ������,'i   affected too, and on the first signs of
products   and wealcness of the heart or nerves,
life. When we grow older as a nation we will have more appreciation
for them.���The Ottawa Journal.
or whether it is linen, cotton, or mixed
Roods. Diamond Dyes never streak,
spot,  fade, or run.
A Vegetable Octopus
- Worms- are  encouraged  by. morbid
conditions, of the stomach and bowels;
flagging energy or physical breakdown
do not wait until your case becomes
hopeless, but get a remedy that will
at once quieten the nerves, strengthen
themselves or the .people and" country j ^ ^^Sely and will sweep'hc
worms  away. -    No  destructive  parasite can live in-contact, with' this niedi-
,.cineVwliich is" not only a-worm cle's-
and so.subsist. .  Miller's. Worn; -Pow-j tlie, heart and build un thc entire sys-
these  "conditions    al- -tem-
Japan Buying Lumber
Japanese --Government   Bans   Production of Lumber from Native
According to Mr. j. Sitto, of Kc-be,
who arrived in Victoria 'with a party
of  Japanese'lumber,   and   'pulpwood
encouragement-lo agricultural production, may well be tried at.this time.
New. Postage Stamp Issm
Wire Made by Ancients
���: \
Shreds    Discovered
���-/.Back to  1700  B.C.-  -.
"manufacture' . of inelallic fila-
oi\- "shreds,- known "as" "wire,
Make Number" of Changes in
Canadian Stamp'Colors
A number of changes in the color
of" Canadian postage stamps are being
made to conform.with the new inter-
national regulations, - A. straw colqi-J ^s, bade,, loathe :?���}* aSes ol *?*"���
ed.-orie-cent stamp'ls being .issued to j According to excellent authority, evi-
replace the old green: one-cent stamp j dences of it can: be traced to early
which has been 'in use many .years; j,EgyP'., Gold wire is .'mentioned, in
and    as    the " various post offices ex-;!
- Cherries Lead.in Bacteria
' A. scientist .has- succeeded    in ' .c'al-
.dilating   the   number' 'of bacteria in
Dating ; -cei.taitl n.llils.     -.'io foumi 1,000,000 in
-This you will find in   ���  '    - "
Mrs..' M. ��� Damgaiul,  Young's  Cove
buyers,, said  to represent -?3f��,000,000
Japan-.'is   to  make  an .unprecedented j dog  were  blistered  and  bloodstained
American   Plant  Crushes
From Human Beings
A plant found in South America���a
kind of vegetable octopus���has been
known to kill human" beings. ' One
specimen was- found by a naturalist
near Lake Tilocaca. This man, attracted by the agonized howling of his
dog, found the animal "enveloped in a
perfect network of fine, rope-like tissues and fibers,���' and it was only with
greatest difficulty that he cut them
away. .
Whilst-freeing the dog he felt "the
fibers curl like sinuous living fingers
about his hands," and it required' all
his strength to free himself from the
grip of flip plant.  '   Both - man    and
hausl their-supply of-green -stamps,
they will be-replaced'-with the new
issue. . -._"���������"'��� ' .; .'..'- .''
The red ' two-cent.:. stamp is "being
replaced rwith���a-'greeiv -. stamp', -' and
���should a six-cent, .slainp' ever, be-,issued it will,take the red color'hi.therr
to -distinguishing.the two-cent stamp.
The' five-cent stamp"is . of .-a \vioiet
shade,. -' while.": the -1.0;cen'f stamp ��� is'-
blife.-"'-'  -' -  . -.'.:.- "   7 ' ��� ���-���--,--." :'V
Recalls Days of Nelson
Mary   Ann ;Carr, "Born", on.   Nelson's
Ship',"7is  Dead' at Age of 85!.'...-
X-JMa.iy" Ann  Carr,  witp, was born"in"
the. cockpit of Nelson's' ship,' Victory;-
.near ;>.lie"..spot where, 'the;, famous
Jiri3i*iil7re.ll..'.lia's .just- 'died ��� ai;- Portsmouth,'af'-.t he age of S5: -        ...    .".'\"
Her - nicniory'   of '"-th"'. early-days
aboard ' the  ship  was   - iVe's.ii.; . uj> ���' to
.within a few-days of, lier.death;. She.
once saw sr sailor Hogged.-".. The. pic-
lure- bf the' man..suffering.remained
vivid in her'mind through iter long
life.'.' Only once did-she .see "such a-
siclit7[or on' oilier occasions she was
connection "with . the-decorations .of
the Sacerdotal robes, of-Aaron", while
metallic shreds have been discovered that- dale back to about 17.00"B.C.
Homer and Pliny-in their early writings "made "rel'erence:s-'"tb<siniilar. pro-
'ducts:' Molar: heads,.-' having.-��imila-
iiotr hair made of-wire,'we're-recover-,
ed from.the ruins-of-Hercutaneuin.'' -.
e:._Fi;om -the;. remote" times -up -to
'"fourteenth- century,, wire was.'made
by hammering.put'strip's, of metal, in
a'sinuch.   as
half ii-'pound of- gooseberries, 8,000,000
in a' half a" pound' of grapes, and" 12,-
0.00.000 in- halI'- a'pound of "cherries".���
Cleveland.Plain Dealer.    ....      .."���"'
l-IALI/S CATA-nail-ME'DIC'lNfi .will do
what \vu claim-for if-���rid .voujmsystem of
Gaiarrli ��� or..Deafness rau'.sc'l by -catarrh.
Wc tlo not recommend it for any oilier
disease. .
liquid, taken internally, ami acts UiVou-vli
the biootl upon the "mucous surfaces' of
thc system, thus reducing the Itillmiini:x-
tion   .and    assisting Nature, in. restoring
normal-conditions.-  - - ���';  -.--'-;----
, "All DriiBjrists. ���' (7'i renin rs- free. ' ��� . '���
���  i... J. Uhoiicy'���& Co.;-Toledo..Ohio.'"*-��� ���
Road, N.B., wiites:���"I was- bothered
very much with my heart.and nerves;
'had nervous' headaches "and dizziness,
could not-sleep, at nights, and my appetite, was all gone. I was on.a" nervous breakdowp'-when a neighbor told
me to try, Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills.- This I. did., and before I had
the'second box used'.! was better aiid
would advise -anyone who has- nerve
trouble to take them.-"
"Price, 50c a box-at. all  dealers; or
mailed  direct "on receipt of price "by. j to fit her.
The T. Milburu-Co., Limited, Toronto,"'
Ont. -'���.-'...
demand for "Vancouver Island-lumber
this-year.'- The principal'reason for
this' heavy-'foreign buying is that Japan has banned the. production of lumber from .native forests. inquiries
for alihost'every type of .lumber have
for .some .time'been pouring into the
Vancouver Island market. -���-,'���
Low " Price
Tlial land
a.wu, ��,._,,��,.���_ ..,�����,, i"*-j-bejh��� deveioi,ed at "the ������ Forest *
the. - modern" process of J duc|g _ i_.lboArtorV kt . M-iilfoon. ���'���
^rawing had-not; then .been in vented., PfelImlll-{I.y .'manhf^tiiring^a.id '
The.,; first^advance^ in; the process, of/ ���- ^ iwiic:^- Ul0 .suci;CHS 6
-.Xy - Sawdust as,Cattle Food "���
-A-chemical  process, lor converting
sawdust7of,the-soft "woods -info aL'"cat--
bdh yd rate -' food for., d a i ry ca tile -is. n"b w
process.. '--7'1'his "would -ni'eun :'turning
i much of this wiisle. liroiiiicl. into profit.:
j"~-Fr6'iii.-the'- .Tune' Popular Mechanics
'"Magazine. "' 7- '- ��� 'X'- ' '   ,','���'
wire manu.ljieiure was.made. when.Ihe
"die", .was "introduced..    This, consisl-
jed-ofa' flat, block'.'of metal, having a
i hole, slightly, tapered, bored'through it7
- j.The. die was .securely "fastened" to one'-j
*V-J end of'ii. table, (or .''bphehV-as .ib.was '
later.'caircd)' in such" a > position that!
ihe hole-was in ii .horizontal-position
and .-iongiiudinal" 16 the -bench"; .Hie.
sin'alli-r ��� end- of ��� the   i;tpc-red-"-liole  to
wards fhe^far . end-of .(he tabl.e." . A ; wonderful uBi-iculUiral, richness thai is
round :'"rod' ��� slightly; larger than the ' atfraclinf,' ��lio attention of'many Unit-
smaller endvof. ihe'-ilic li'oie" was pre- k*d Slates farmer!...     Minfral.--, water
Proposed. Expcrirn.e.ntal Farm for B.C;,
'���"., It*.'Is reported Hint the-'next "experi-"
meiial -iVirni to-be eslahlished in Can-..
adawlllbe in-Northern Uritish'Cohiin-
".- L'biii';' an  immense tract-of.country'.of
_'"ReqUisite;"ori "the. Farm.���Every, far-
���ber.and stock-raiser should keep a. sup-
-ply of.'"piv"-.Thomas'"Eclectric Oil on
-hand/, not only as- a ready" remedy-for
ills -in the'.-family,.:but'because.it,.is a
horse and cattle medicine of. great
potency. ;' As
'oQ'-tor horses
colii'. -it   far-.:/surpasses  any tiling.that
can", be.-'administered.   ���,-.'    ,  -   ���   ''.*;���,.
Passed His Exam '.-'
. The.shoe dealer Avas,hiring a clerk.
"Suppose,"' he said,; "a" lady, customer
were to remark while you were'trying
Don't you think one of
iny feet " is bigger than thc other?'
what would you say?" -    .'.,' ,
."I. should .say':   'On   the   contrary,
madani,.   one.   is"   smaller ; than    the
other,'." : . '.'    ..    '     ',-     ���"'-'.,..-
"The.job is yours." '.-���'���    ���   /  '-
;��� 'Worms/cause, fretfulness' and -rob
er. ' Mother Graves' -Worm Exterminator will clear the -stomach'- and intes:"
tinei- and restore heal th fulness.'
vioiibly  iiiiniriiei'rtl  out,  from  a. sniall ���-rower.
casting while hot.      It  was sufficient- 'anion,"
scnt-:uslipre to be spared    the    spec-; ,y _ (aI>(M.cll .,t one  oml  K0 Ul,u wheil |     ;  ' \
fish, -fur and
its assets.
fores'Is are also.-.
of Manitoba- Farm -Land
in Manitoba is cquitl to
that- of 7 soils ��� in -.Illinois, and Iowa,-
wliere'the land is sold.at-SibOan acre',
is ' one of 'outstanding statements of.
Prof. Bracken, of .the "Agricultural College, in- hi8-'i,epi>rl."lab!ed"in-7theLegis--
laturc. '.t in; the survey "covering-the
bominio'n' the. average.-- price of Manitoba farm lands .was- returned'at $35.'.
-,, Grazing Leases Altered
;' Information' has been" received in.
reference to amendments to the grazing leases, from the. Timber jand'.Grazing Lands Branch at Otiawa, .. in respect    to    an-Order-in-Councir dated
to" Manitoba," Saskatchewan,;Alberta and;thc
Peace River tract... According to. the
document,' "Provision-is made i'or the
renewal of grazing ��� leases now in existence, haying less than five years'to
Method ��� Adopted-b'y" Farmed to Protect run, lor the payment, ofrental at the
;.-'"' '.v'..His Fruit .Crop 7 '.'���'-- =��� . 1'ate of two cents per acre per annum.
..'���A-.phonograph that.'acts-.'is "a police- j-Tlns.' is .compensation--for." iinprove-
nVan"' has.;been. ringed"'iti")7by.-a"' fruit! menls.-leff by-'a; lessee on .his lease-"
Yarinerin tlie United States'-in"his..or- ]<Pldr' ."The.four .years canceliationvis
chard,   V - ������-"':     . ,j el.imihatc'u."; -. 7   -,'-..'������'���"-. "X   ':������"���   "-./-'
This is the way he worked it.     lie.1 t r������.-.'-���:.     '- -
rigged   up  an  old   phonograph  inside       House  Flies Are  Fast, Travellers-'
an unused beehive and had a-record-;  .House   flies   have   a   considerable.
a substitute -for sweet  Aprii 121I1 arid applicable
and-callle affected  by"
THe: Mysterious Dogs
by-the attack of this "land octopus."
The "cannibal tree" of Australia,
which resembles an enormous pineapple���some. liine ��� or ten feet ��� high,
with a fringe of huge, strong leaves
at'the top���has the reputation of being able to'crush the life out of a human' being^-the. leaves closing on him
like a trap and mangling his body.
. The "telegraph plant"���-a" native of
India���lias,'. tremendous electrical
powers. .Each leaf is composed of
three-leaflets, the largest of. -which
stretches, out' to' the "sun during" the
day.but hangs down at night; while
.the two smaller ones' mov.e in.circles,
round and round, by means of "jerking
mgtforis.    ''-..'���
'Severe- shocks, have been experienced by-"'unsuspecting . people,, who
have investigated too closely the
"perpetual motion'' of" the leaflets;
and it-is conceivable that���to -anyone
with, a "weak heart���such shocks
'might prove fatal.  ��� ;; ''.'���'.-'.
Keep Minard's "Liniment in-the'house'
inserted in the .die. a few inches protruded Horn the opposite side. When
this 101! became    eniirely    cold,    the
tapered end .was inserted in Hie die.; lias cjome to -the ��onelusion (hat many
The prolnid'ing end gripped in a [forms of insanity 51 re caused by the
clamp    .securly     fastened to . a  chain ! action of microbes.
was  pulled   from   the  far end  of the | ��������� ;��������������������� ������-
table. The rod was drawn through ���
Hie die and by this si'mpte process!
became wire j
Smaller sizes were obtained by re-'
tailoring the end of the wire, insert-(
.ing it through a smaller die and |
again diawing it. ^ The. reduction in]
diameter elongated the wire.- Ths j
length ol wire obtained- in this'man-j
.nor was limited to the length of-the'
-'table. , This, difficulty.was later over- J-
come-by. coiling.the-wire around 7a 1
power-driven' - driim. instead, of" pull- j
jng-'it-.- Hie length .pf the bench. This J
permitted tlie use,- of .longer,, rods.;
therefore;' -giving" a. 'greater/ length j
of wire.-. The.in'trotlucUoh" of the roll-!
ing milK faking the.place of:the iabor-'J
ious, hand hammering of rod.-*; was a!
bo6n*;.td the wire'-: industry.' 7.'.    "Wi
  rnade*'of ,the   fieyee' barJ*ih"g- of dogs:, range   of   flight.     Some   lhat   Were
"Insanity Laid to' Microbes **Then"lic connected the machine'by an ; dusted with finely powdered red. chalk
After more than twenty years' work-, electric 'wire -.with- Iiis    house,    which j and "afterwards . released  were.-taken
a riiong lunatics an   I'Miubtirgh   docfor.^'as    within,  sight of the road.     As j within less .than twenty-four hours .in
; soon as he sees an automobile s'top.| flytraps . six miles away. ObserVar
1 in the road, he turns' on the switch j tions at Rebecca Shoa! off the coast of
j and the raiders are" frightened by the': Florida seem/to show that flies came
..barking of dogs, though they cannot, down the" wind .from Cuba, ninety-five.
I see-the.animals.   ���
,     However, the  motor thieves  never
i "wait- to find out. where the barking is
coming from..
Prophesies Radio Talks With Mars
Will Come Within ^Next ��� Decade. Says
' Marconi. Expert''
; "If there be intelligent life on Mars,
Venus or'any- other of the planets,-1
believe." communication. >vill be established between the earth and' the pep.-.
pie "of these outer worlds through the
medium.of wireless-,telephony within
the next decade," was the prediction
made by a Marconi expert.,'. ."'
.""Don't think-I am drawing the long,
bow. in making this prophecy, as I
feel.. firmly convinced that, provided
there' are .people in. the .tenements of
the'sky .with a civilization approaching ours, -radio wireless will span' the
void that stretches'between the-earth
and the planets-and carry a ; spoken
��� message to those'with-ears to hear." *
-.."The uninitiated may smile at this
prediction, .but-an announcement that,
the feat- hasjb.een accomplished; would
not surprise m'e" in".tlie le'as.t;"   'V   ���,"
rarely fail.   Purely
vegetable ��� act
surely but. gently on tha liver. V
Reh'eve after ^t
dinner  dis-   i
tress ~'rt-; *��
lieve indiges- ������;
tion; improve tha compleidon���brighten
tlieeyes.: - - - ������- '���;
SieaS Pm~SEsaIl Dose���SaaU Fric��
Jiist as tliere is" a potential" statue
in every block'of marble,-so is there
an ideal self in every man. Se, then,
the sculptor of your own character.
..' Whistling  Ha"i*�� . Discovered
Among   ihe    natural history curios
discovered by the Mount Everest expedition was a whistling hare/
Japan .' has .; built, a great arch, GO
1 feet, high," overlooking Tokio, to com:
memorate those who'dieti during
war, in-'the,service of. the empire.
Ask ..for/Minard's.and,take ho. ��tfeer
iiiiles away.
The. Suez Canal was opened in 1S69.
Mrs, Edmonds
Makes Gain Of
Fifteen Pounds
"I Honestly Believe Tanlac
Sdved Her Life," Declares
Husband In Remarkable
Statement Praising Master Medicine.
'��� "The way Tanjac has restored,, my
wife's health and built her up makes
me one of the happiest men in Canada,' said Wm. A. Edmonds, 398 King
Edward St., Winnipeg.     _
"Two years ago her health began
failing and she suffered terribly from;
indigestion, gas on the stomach and
heart " palpitation. Her head and
back pained her continually and she
had nervous spells when she would
shake like a leaf. Finally her
strength left her entirely and she was
confined to her bed'for one solid'year.
"Everything possible was done for
her and almost as a last resort, I had
her try Tanlac. After taking it ,
awhile' she began to Improve, and today her health is fully restored. She
is not only in splendid health, but she
has gained fifteen "pounds in weight.
I honestly believe Tanlac saved her
life, and I am more than grateful."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Save the'Surface
America Spends Almost as. Much on
Cosmetics"as on Education
The American people spend annually ?750,000,000 for face powder, cosmetics and'perfumeries and $1,000,-
000,00n tor education. It is interesting to note/that the amount'America
spends annually ji'or face powder and
its accompaniments is almost as much
as she spends for her entire educational system. Looks as if America
thought about as much of the outside.
of her head as of the inside. And as
a matter-of astonishing . fact, . the
amount actually spent by America for
face paint annually exceeds all she
pays for the salaries of the teachers'
in all ihe high schools who are trying
to get something into*the heads of
pupils in betweenstimes while they,
are applying the paint on the.surface.
,���The Christian Herald.      7
'- \
��� ���
Praise's this Asthma . Remedy. A
grateful user of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy finds it the only rem-'
edy that will give, relief, though for
thirteen years he had sought other
help. Years of- needless suffering
may be prevented by using this wonderful remedy at-tho first warning of-
trbub^e. Its use is simple, its cost is
slight, and it can-be purchased almost anywhere.
Where Britain Leads
Hearst     Paper-Speaks     Kindly    of -
It   is   not -q_ften .that   one of the
Heart    papers    speaks kindly of Bri-',,
tain or. British statesmen. ' * All the .
more   unusual, is the opinion of the .
New York American that Arthur Balfour's-is "a rich, full-life" if one was  '
ever lived; author, statesman, jlhilos-;,'
opher, sportsman;  a personality that, .-.
charms young and-old."- The .American frankly'-.admits that "what keeps
the British Empire in the forefront of, .^
the nations is her transceiidant leadership." .' "We  shall'come into our'"---'
own," it says, "when    our ' Balfours  .
feel the call- of public service more   -'
strongly than thc lure of private gain.
Tha_t_wiU ..be_when ,'_a_s Jn.. Britain, _ our
people give -to public service its-rightful appreciation as.the greatest of,all 7,
forms .of    achievement."���Braritfor*. ��� "���
Expositor. - -.'
"Lift O.ff with Fingers
":-   -   '���/ '���"-������:
v  Growth of-Canadian, Industry-'
Illustrating, the growth-of-the manufacturing, industry in. Canada," J.- S7
McKinn'on, -president of the' Canadian
Manufacturers"     Association,     slated
Unit Canada's exports of manufactured .goods represented in value S47 per 1
head of population, whilst the export!
of United States manufactured, goods
represented ?50 per head of population. . /
Doesn't hurt a. bit! :    Drop,a littie
["Freezone" on an.aching torn, instant-
j.Ij* that corn -stops hurting, then shortly; you lift' it- right off   with   fingers:..
.'Truly!   .- "V""
Your druggist" sells a "liny, bottle of
1'Freezone"Tor a.few.cents, sufficient",
to remove every hard corn, soft corn,
or corn-between the: toes and the calluses,' without soreness or. irritation.
France Has. Largest Sailing Ship
Tlie largest sailing "ship afloat is a
French five mastel-. La France, a
steel bark of 5,633 tons burden, which
carries.30 sails and a crew of,51. Iler
best rair-weather run is 322 knots, ia
a 24-liour day, though she has Jogged
as much as 421 knots in a hurrlcane.
Kot many steam freighters. could bet-
'.Citinsse Guarded Silk Secret -
For centuries after its fitst discovery. China carefully .preserved the secret of silk culture, and amassed great
wealth' by exporting it to India, Persia and Arabia.
Nigfv- end Horsing*
Have Citan, Healthy
Eyes. U they T1re,It<��,  j
'fon G&iSE&.jy"-- Smarter" Bam, if Sore.
^�� 1.aTi^/rC Irritated. Inflamed or :
TOUR fc.1 WGrattuIated,BseMurae
often, iosihes, Refrubss. Ssle for Infant
or Adult At ail Xiruggfstsaad Qptjcians.
r^E^yrr"???' -yy
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD.    B.    C-
. Recurring headaches usually
come , from an exhaustion of the
nervous system, and they do not
disappear' until the vigor of the
nerve, cells is restored by suchjip-
building treatment, as Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.
Temporary relief by use of
powders ~is often obtained at an"
enormous expense to tlie nervous
system and the general healths
Get the nerves right and the
headaches will hot return.
Mrs. W. J. Pearse,' Nunn St.,
Cobourg, Ont., writes:
"My system became run-down and I
suffered greatly with pain in my head.
This was so-severe lhat I would have to
bind a cloth tightly about my head 'so*
that I could get my work done. A friend
advised the use of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, and xaf ter^laking the. first box I
found.quite an improvement in my.con'
dition... I continued using them until I
had taken about seven boxes j and they
strengthened and, built up my. system
splendidly,- completely relieving the pain,
in my head.-' :--v.'.,'���.-
Dr. Chase's'Nerve Food, 50c
a box", all 7 dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates & Co., Limited, Tbronto.
v:   f
Goods in kind to the value of 80,-
000,00/ygoId marks.were' delivered to
the: allies 'by Germany~"during the first
three months- of the present year.
Winter wheat production -in the
United States this year was forecast"
at 58-1,793,000 bushels by lhc Department of Agriculture, which announced the condition of the crop on
May 1 as S3.5 per cent, of normal.   ���
James R. Davis, Federal Prohibition
Director for Michigan, ' has asked
headquarters at Washington for three
motor boats of high speed to aid in
curtailing liquor traffic on the Detroit
. The University^o'f Saskatchewan is
experimenting. with a scheme i'or
domesticating the buffalo. Buffaloes
in the Canadian parks vare increasing
so .rapidly that they will soon be on
the market for food.
The United States Government in
its negotiations with.Mexico over the
question of United States "recognition
has asked guarantees of religious
freedom in that' country, .it' is stated
on high authority.        '
Over 50,000 Government employees
in France ai\3 being dismissed for reasons of economy. The wholesale dismissals will mean a savings of 300,-
00(.,000 francs. Mos-l of those dismissed were taken on as auxiliary
servants in the war period. \
'Something of a sensation has been
caused by the announcement of Rev.
G. Quinlan Warner, of Cronyn Memorial Church   (Anglican), that he is
7calling a meeting soon for the discussion of the  possibilities  of a  fai^l^
"healing "cult".
'W-izo, approximately 200 years old,
known as'lhe Queen of the Stony Reserve Indians, died "..near McLeod
Lake, 12 miles north of Whitecourt,
according to" word reaching Edmonton. Her husband, who died three
years ago, was' believed to bc 101
"years old at the lime of his death.
Health it tie Most Valuable  Asset
You Have.   You cannot, Afford to
Neglect It '   *
Crofton, B. C���*T was .troubled for
years with inflammatory rheumatism
and rheumatic
fever. 1 tried several cures for
rheumatism, but
did not receive
any benefit from
any of them. 1
had heen in the
hospital for
months, being un-
\"    Y'//_ '/�� ablC   t0   Wal*i-     A
I P��/ / friend advised me
I j I ' X to try Dr.'PIorce's
Anuric Tablets.
After taking the first bottle I began"
to Improve, and . after taking , six
bottles I had no more rheumatism.
I think Dr. Pierce's Anuric. is the
most wonderful medicine that anyone can take for rheumatism. I
have recommended these tablets to
several of my friend? and -they, too.
havo all been benefited by then*.."���
Melville Coliinson.   .'"
People are realizing that the kidneys, Just as do the bowels, need to
be flushed occasionally. The kidneys are an eliniinative organ and
are constantly working, separating
th�� poisons from the blood. Uric
acid backs up into the system, causing rheumatism, neuralgia, dropsy
aud many other serious .disturbances.
This can be avoided by stimulating
the kidneys to increased action, and
because of its .tonic effect on these
organs any one would do well to get
Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets which are
to he had nowadays :at almost any
drug store or send 10c to Dr. Pierce's
Laboratory in Bridgeburg, Ont., for
trial package and write for free, con-
Identia? -radical advice.
^About a hundred years_elapsed between the reformation under Heze-
kiah and that oKTosiah. -'Some'time
during this time the book of-God's
law had ; been lost. Two wicked
kings had reigned in this intervaL
The Lord had given Hezekiah much
wealth. His son Manasseh, coming
into possession of his father's property, and being ungodly, would naturally neglect the Bible, if not purpose-
���ly try to put it from sight. Those
who do-not obey the law of God'are
usually interested in putting it out of
sight.   - "'    ^       '    .   '
I. The "Book of the Law Found   (vv.
14-17).7.y ������������"    "'   ''
1. The "Occasion (v. 14). Jt was
while -repairing:.-.'the temple ' during
Josiah's reformation that the law was
���"discovered. *    .- .
2. The Book Delivered /'to the King
(vv. 15-17.). .Upon making a report to
the king -of work done, the king was
told of the finding of the book of the
law by Hilkiah, and the,book delivered to him. ,        V
H. The Effect of the Reading   of   the
Law (vv. 1S-2S).'
Shaphan   the   Scribe read the law
before the king. "
1. The King Rent His Clothes (v.
19). As the law was read- before hiin
lie was led to realize more seriously
the awful extent ol" the nation's departure from God. lie knew that-sin
merited punishment. The function of
the law is to reveal sin. The. man
who will honestly hear the demands
of God's law will fall upon his knees
and cry i'or mercy. The'rending of
the royal robes indicated that the
king was penitently sorrowful./    V
2. The King Sent ^Deputation to_
Make Inquiry of the Lord (vv.;20, ,21).
The king included diimselfin The guilt
before God. "Go inquire for me agd
for them that are left, for great is the
wrath of the Lord, that is poured out
upon us." His sense of. sin was so
keen that he sent them to'inquire as
to whether there was any -..leans of
averting the judgments of the' Lord.
Instinctively the human heart turns
I'rom God's .threatening judgments to
a means of escape. The , soul that
sorrows for sin inquires for a��way-'of
escape. The law prepares for the
gospel. The law is' our schoolmaster
lo bring us to Christ. The soul under
condemnation inquires, "What must I
do" to be saved T'
3. The Message of Iluldah, the
Prophetess (vv. 22-2S). (1) Confirmation of what the law said .(vv. 22-25).
She said that all~the curses written
iu the law must fall, lor thc sins had
becn so ilagrant that God's wrath
could not be restrained. Destruction
was hanging over Jerusalem and it
was too late to avert it.. It was-not
too late to repent lo obtain mercy
from God, but the outward ��� consequence, of sin must be realized. This
finds fulfillment on every hand today.
The murderer must hang. His soul
may go directly lo heaven, provided
he has- accepted Jesus-Christ (2)
Acceptance of Josiah's repentance
(vv. 26-28). Because of his tenderness of heart and deep penitence, the
Lord said he should.be gathered to his
grave in peace and should not see all
the evil to be brought on Jerusalem
and its people. - What Iluldah said
was true even though. Josiah died7in
battle (3��: 23-25). . When God a<v
cepts a man and forgives him, his
'death is a-peaceful-one even though
it   may   be on the battlefield.     God's
presence is with him and he thus will
_ _   ^. -	
go-straight ioihe heavenly home.
III. The Law Obeyed (vv._29-33).
, 1. The King Read the Law (vv. 29,
30). . He gathered together the inhabitants of Jerusalem, including the
priests, Levites and elders, and read,
unto them the law.
2. The King Made a Covenant Be-
fore the Lord to Keep Ills Commandment's and Testimonies (vv. 31, 32).
This was .done sincerely���with all his
heart and soul. He caused-all that
were present to stand to it.-
3. The king took away all tlie
abominations out of all the countries
that pertained to Israel (v. 33). All
the days of the king they departed
not from following after the "Lord.
A Combination Of Straw And Featkers
A crown of straw, a brim of feathers; in loosely drawn strands, make.up
this (charming little hat,'which is sure to enhance the charms of the most
beautiful face. - It is a decidedly stunning model and one that will find favor
in the eyes of most women. The .disk of straw which adorns the peak makes
it distinctly.Russian in mode. "'.'��� . ���.''������?
A OouMf Escape
Another Toronto home provides-evid-
ence of'how a simple cut, scratch or
bruise, may pave .the way lo deadly
blood-poison. Doesn't it show'there's
a vital need for keeping a reliable antiseptic like zam-btik, always handy ?
.When called upon at" 3, Dustiness
Avenue, ;Mrs. J. H. Zealley, daughter of
the late Dr. Bevan, of St. David's, S.
Wales, said :���" My boy Alfred scatched
his leg with tlfe brass tag of a shoe lace.
A nasty poisoned sore developed and it
defied all the usual oinlments. Hearing splendid reports about zam-buk I
decided to give it a trial. To my great
relief, tlie balm soon caused healing to
set in. All inflammation and poisonous
matter was quickly removed bvzam-buk.
It hervied the sore without'leaving ascar.
"Again when 1 fell over a steel fender
and injured my knee badly, -am-buk
alone saved me. My daughter, a nurse,
was of the opinion that only an operation
could remove the mass of inflammation
.and pus. But I again pinned my faitli to
zam-buk, and it cleansed and healed the
wound in a few days." Equally valuable
for eczema, pimples, cuts, burns, etc.
Canadian Authors' Association
��� -.'-'       - The Chief Danger ^
"Are you going any further West?"
_ "I planned to do so," said the ^foreign visitor. / ""Is there any- danger
from Indians?" ..;.;<.
��� "Not if you keep out p( the way*ot
their motor cars."���Birmingham Age-
Herald.    V  .  V 7
Through ignorance, many have suffered aches and pains long thought
incurable. But doubt quickly turns
to-'belief when sciatica, lumbago and
neuralgia are healed with Nerviline.
It's soothing healing powers are really wonderful. ��� Nerviline sinks in
quickly, it penetrates into the sore
muscles and brings grateful relief.
The hundred *and one minor ills lhat
come to every family yie.ld quickly to
Nerviline.   Try it.     35e at all dealers.
������'������ ;    Ways of Measuring
How Lloyd ''Gi'orjjs' Got .Even With the
��� ���'" ��� 'Chairman .
A correspondent sends us the  following    little    anecdote    illustrating
Lloyd George's ready wit..    On one
Montreal Eranch Now Numbers 129
The annual meeting of the Montreal
branch of the Canadian Authors' Association indicates progression in both
membership and influence. Among
those entertained by. the branch dur-,
ing the past year .were Mr. Bliss Carman. Mrs. Nellie McClung and H. Mr
Meredith, son of the famous novelist,
of the publishing house of Archibald
Constable, London, Eng. Miss J. E.
Sime, whose recent novel, "Our Little
Life" has heen so favorably reviewed,
was elected chairman for the present
year. The branch, which now, numbers .129 members, will lipid monthly
informal meetings during the coining
German Money Makers
Presses and Engravers; Inadequate to
Meet'Demand    ' -*���
A terrible tragedy-has transpired, in
the German Government's bureau of
engraving and printing. Plates cannot be engraved fast enough arid
presses run fast enough to turn out
thousand mark paper notes". Germany's paper note printing presses
have reached their physical limit and
the demand for paper money still
greatly exceeds the supply.
Solving the dilemma, the German
Government for the first time in the
history of the mark has decided to
print and issue 5,000-mark notes,
which are much easier manufactured
than the impressive 1,000-mark bills.
The new 5,000-mark notes will appear
on the market in the course of. the
summer. Germany's largest- monetary unit, the one thousand mark
note, is worth at today's rate of exchange $3.50, and the smallest paper
note, that of 1 mark, is worth 3:/_;
,No surgical operation is necessary
in removing corns it' Holloway's Corn
Remover be used.
Alberta as a Seed Producer
occasion when he was to' address a
meeting in South ".Vales, the chairman, thinking to. be funny at the
speaker's expense, said in introducing him,7'T heard so much about Mr.
Lloyd George that I naturally expect*"
ed to meet a big man' in every sense, i
but, as you can see, he is very small
in stature."
.���Lloyd George arose.      "I am grieved to find," hc said, "that your chair-
This is an apt- description of Constipation. It's an unnatural condition to begin with���but it's dangerous
because it leads to' indigestion, fills
the system with poisons, brings on
antenna^ You don't need a purgative, .you,don't want to weaken the"
system by'a harsh gripping medicine
���what you need is mild natural slim-
Would Remove .Embargo
New Trans-Atlantic Cable
Said to Represent Greatest Progress
- ' in Cable Construction
Plans for laying a new cable across
the Atlantic lo Northern Europe have
been completed, Ncwcomb Carlton,
president of (he Western Union Telegraph and Cable Company announced
.The cable, according to Carlton, will,
represent-'theVg're'atest.^prbgress -in
cable construction in-history.'
; .it is the invention of engineers connected with the Western Klectrie 'and.
American'Telephone Engineers.
/Whereas,, the."old cables" under, the
Atlantic are-capable' of handling 5,-
000,000 "words' a year, the new* line.
Carlton' said, will cam* '-10.000,000. U
will be laid .from New York to t he
Azores and from there io a German
��� Carlton" , has . just returned lo the
U.S. from -England- and Germany. He
secured a contract with a new German company to cooperate in.the
new cable management.
.-.'.The cable-will be laid by the summer of 1S2?>. Carlton said.   .
Former. British   Agriculture   Minister
Desires to   Lift  Stigma  from
' Canadian Cattle
Lord Ernie, former" minster of agriculture, writing to the London Times
with regard to what passed at the Imperial -conference of 3917 concerning
the Canadian cattle embargo, says hc
tlTen-accepted tho conference'resolution that store cattle from Canada
should be admitted as soon as .possible after the war, but staled at the
time that the representatives present
could speak only for Great Britain
and before reaching a final conclusion
would have to consult their Irish col-
leagues. - - ���
"A definite pledge, therefore lies,"
if anywhere, in the resolution of the
Imperial conference," Lord Ernie
Continuing Lord Ernie says he believed that a change of "policy would
be forced upon them by the activities
of the German submarines. The
.necessity of supplying " the country
entirely from the home sources was
contemplated at that lime, and. while
the country could have held out for
two\vears7"the~c"altIe"'suppiy of"" tiie
United Kingdom would have been
cut to the bon*. Of two alternatives
in that case, in the rebuilding process,
Lord'Ernie said the admission of Canadian cattle would have been chosen
but immediate action was required
and Canada.would have been unable
lo supply the United Kingdom with
anything lilic the number required
under two years. However, Ihe danger gradually 'receded and the country
emerged with its cattle supply intact.
Lord Ernie says while the admission of Canadian cattle lo.that country is not required by -conditions of
the cattle breeding industry there, lie
is prepared to favor the removal of
the unfair stigma'of Canadian cattle being infected by'disease by admitting for a definite period of years
a limited number of store c-til.te.
Shackleton Buried March 5.
Captain L. Ilussey, of the British
Antarctic expedition ship .Quest returned to Montevideo lrom Georgia
Island, the gateway to the Antarctic,
where he buried the body of Sir Ernest Shackleton.; lie reports that-the
burial took - place . at ' Qiytvicke:*,
March, Ji,-in-the. graveyard .of the little-- English- Church, without" ceremonies.'
man is disappointed in mv size, but IS" 1��,, tnh1iflb?w?Ia- TT Y��.)\ "sfl ^f
, .   .- * v what you need in Dr. Hamilton s Pills
this is the way you have here ot mea-J w_._ch tones up the liver, restore the
suring a man. In North Wales we j bowels to perfect action and positive-
measure a man from his chin up, but .'V end constipation.      You'll feel tip
you evidently measurB him Trom his r i��p ilrter.11/eg^l��^.i"S >'���r sJs(.em witI'
i Dr. Hamilton s Pills.     Good lor young
| and old���a real family medicine.     25c
all dealers or The'Catarrhozone Co.,
chin down.
that  thc  chairman  made no
moro,personal remarks.
Prince Sends More Stock
Horse Valued at $55,000 Sent to Royal
No   other   medicine gij'cs the same Ranch in Alberta
satisfaction to mothers as to Baby's.   Four pure-bred race horse stallions
?^nJ^br!!^X ?lel are TaUy g-��Cl' "n*3 fi*-e ' "ares have recently been
lor the newborn babe or the growing    , .       , ,     ,,     ��� . ��� .���   , *   ���
child and are absolutely guaranteed! --'"DPed by the Prince of Wales from
to be I'reeJrom opiates or other harm- i England to his ranch at Beddefield,
l'ul drugs. They are a mild but thor-1 Alta., which ho bought when he visit-
ough laxative and cannot possibly do ; cd Canada In the summer of 1919.
harm���they always   do   good.     Con-' ���, .. , ���. -' ,
earning them Mrs. Jos. Ache, Coteau Ono 0l lIlese sta!1*ons ���s purchased
Road, N.B., writes:���"I .think that in England'recently for 55,000. Since
Baby's Own Tablets are a marvellous* His Royal Highness has had his Al-
niedieine for little "ones. I gave bena rancu ho has made several ship-
tliem to my little girl with such good  aients  Q[ pure.bred  stocrf  ^  the
Where Oats and Other Cereals^Reach
State of Perfection
Alberta, it is officially staled, has
supplied the rest,, of Canada with a
half million bushels of seed oats this
spring. It is equally significant that
orders came from every other province* Mn . the Dominion. As a seed-
producer this province is only getting
started, but it is getting started right,
and is already securing results. ��� Alberta oats stand in a class by themselves; .no other part of the continent
can produce either- the quality or the
quantity per acre. "What is true of
oats is true of other grains, and of
grasses and vegetables. We may not
grow here as wide a variety of crops
as is possible in more southerly latitudes and lower altitudes, but what
can be grown is grown to perfection.
More and more the older'provinces
and the states will recognize .that they
must come to Alberta for hardy and
.virile seed. Much credit for what
has been attained, and for the greater
achievement in prospect, is clue to the
persistent and successful efforts
which have been made by the faculty
of agriculture at the University to interest Alberta farmers in seed-grow-"
ing and to direct their operations in a
way to build up a high reputation for
their product. And the showing
made last year and the year before,
when Alberta exhibits carried away
a good many of the coveted awards
at the international hay and gra'in
show at Chicago, has not been barren
of practical results. It pays to pro
duce'the best; and then to let" the
world know that we have it.���Edmonton Bulletin.
results that I now strongly recommend them to all mothers." The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
of* by mail at 25 cts. a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Onty
Wishes  Lloyd  George Success
Failure  Means War for  Europa  Says
Gen; Smuts
Old Country. The last consignment
of horses iyas sent over in charge of
a special staff from one of his English
farms. _. y ���
An Oil that is Famous.���Though
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, At is the home
of that famous compound. Prom here
its good name was spread to Central
i and South America, the West Indies,
Lieut.-Gen. Jan C. Smuts, Premier. Australia and New Zealand. ThaUs
of the .Union .of South-Africa,-in a--far afield- enough-torattesr'ils exceF
statement to the Cape Times on the
subject of the Genoa conference said
he prayed for victory Tor Lloyd
George, for if all that resulted from
the conference was the Itussb-German
lence, for in all these countries it is
on sale and in demand.
In England, there are, according to
the latest statistics, among others, 312
Are Britons Decadent     ,
j women physicians, 380 women jour-
treaty and tne division of Europe into jj'^ts. 219 women pallbearers. 622
two armed camps, Europe would irre-fenwIe cab dl.ivei.B> ��� womcn chim.
vocably spill, and Genoa would bo- sweeps> 43S fema,e 8mUh- 493
come a new and fatal milestone In fema]e <!(.ummej,s and'3.669 profes-
European policy. - ' . | sionnl painters.
.   General Smuts said that if the failh'j	
of France and Russia in militarism
prevails.against the desire of Britain,
former neutrals and many late enemies for disarmament, /then the policy"
for disarmament, which Britain is
adopting on land and sea, would yet
prove a fatal blunder and it were far
better for Britain to face realities at
once and arm in her turn.
Unless Lloyd George could succeed
in modifying th'e ^militarist policy of
Poincare "and - Chilcharin, disarm*.-j
ment must disappear throughout Europe. Armaggcdon would become the,
only goal of western civilization.
- Nine-tenths of the tea imported to
the United Kingdom -comes from In-"
ilia 'and Ceylon.
U.   1-120
.Camels Live a Centug*'-. -
Camels sometimes live, to ttie:a'ge_of
a hundred years.'-, ' -/���.'���
iVSiriard's Liniment used by Physicians
' -He -.who regards his citizenship as
a. sacred trust must inform himself
about-public questions, the .principles-^
and policies of parties and the qualifications of candidates. He must vote,
according to conscience in every election.- He will obe3*; the law, even
when not in sympathy with all its provision's. He will respect the rights
of others to hold convictions differing
from his own.���Detroit News.
Yoa sra net
!����� cxperiEient-
tlng Winn
you use Vt.
C"bs��e"s OIntr
iacnt for Eczema and skin . Irritations. It relievrs at once and grad**-
aiif bcals thft skin. Sample fcoi Dr.
Caase's iHiiUJient free It yea mention .this
paper and send Cc. stamp for postage. ��Oe-&
box: e\i dealers or Ecirazaxoo. Bates & Co.,
Xiaiiteu, Toronto. ���.- .-.  ���. ���
Woives. Infest Eastern Europe
Packs, increased During ths,;War and
Now" Become ;a:Menace ,". -
= The growing danger.from' wolves-'in
Europe, is:one .of ;,th"e:--?strange -results
of"-������ the , war.-' .;''AV61v.es have always
been more or" less trouble in Eastern
Europe,-but tliep'eopie -have-managed
to keep (he packs reduced. However,
during the war.- when men we.ro fighting each other instead of wolves, the
animals began to increase.
Now reports tell' of the "boldness
of the wolves and the .large packs
they are travelling iu. y- They have attacked many villages, in numbers' as
large as 50. In one place In Jugoslavia ihey even, .attacked a train.
Sea Invadis British Coast
In the past forty'years   more ..than
3,000 acrt's p'f-the..English coast have
slipped into the seaX: "X ',,..   .- " ��� ���'7
' ' Elephant.Matures ai 40  - ���  ~-
'   The  elephant does-'not-reach  full
maturity until it.is forty years old.
Lydia   E.   Pinkham's   Vegetable Compound Helped
Both Mother and
7"   ^.Daughter 'vVv
L.urns.den, ' Saskatchewan:������"My
mother. had- taken Lydia E. Pinkham's. Vegetable Compound :and when
I nee'Sed something for .my -periods I
j 'topic it and got good results.- -I recommend it to women with any female
troubles and I know . other- "svomeh
who have been helped by-it and; do
the same."���ilns. Max Ketzeb; Lums-
den, /Saskatchewan.
i\Iaii3* cases like this come -to our
notice. Lydia E. Pinkham's- Vegetable Compound is often recommended
by the mother and the grandmother
too, for hear In mind, it has been
helping women for nearly fi'fty years.
Women Tell Each Other
1 In- your, own neighborhood aro
women who know the value of this
wonderful medicine and they talk to
one another about it. So.if you are
troubled .with pains and irregularities, a tired, feeling; nervous., and
sleepless' spells, or hare- other annoying symptoms, caused by some-female
trouble, you have only to ask spins
���neighbor what she thinks ot your |
taking Lydia S.PLald2.an*'_* Vegetable [
CompoiaasL ',...���... -   I
Idea Dispelled by Statistics of University Boat Crew
In the annual university boat race
between Oxford ani^CsLinbridge which
came off a month or so ago, the eight
oarsmen in the Cambridge boat averaged six feet one and three-quarter
inches in height and one hundred and
seventy-eight and a half pounds
in weight -as they stepped into the
shell���which, out of training and in
street attire, would mean an average
of clo/e on 200 pounds, says the Ottawa Journal. Only one. man in the
crew was under six feet; two of them
were respectively six feet five and six
i'eet~lour"and~"a'h"aIf iii" height" The
Oxford-eight averaged six feel half an
inch in height and 172 pounds rowing
weight. The gigantic Cambridge
crew were as good in the boat as they
were big; they won in very fast time
���almost the fastest of the records of
the university boat race, which, go
back now nearly a hundred years.
It was the fashion before the war
to talk of the physical decadence of
Englishmen,, the text being afforded
by the underfed and undersized inhabitants oE the slums of the great
industrial centres." But the war. saw
six millions^of vigorous men in the
British army and navy, and several
millions of effective men in tlie coal
mines, engineering works, shipyards
and other home work in the British
Isles) and the idea that, any large proportion of the adult male population
of Britain was effete was dispelled.
And judging by the statistics of thc
latest university boat race, showing
two exceptionally powerful crews physically, one of them probably the finest which ever competed, the .well-to-
do 'class in England are s.till at the
height of stamina. ,     ' -
Cynosure -Means Tail, of a Dog.
' We'are accustomed 7td,hear.a conspicuous" object or, inrnvidnal referred
to., as the "cynosure" of ;alI eyes, without' perhaps realizing that' ihe word
is' derived; from a Greek' expression
niean'ihg,- "The tail of a dog." The
constellation .now familiar, as TJrsa
Minor was called "Cynosure" by the
Greeks to whom the shape-.'suggested.
a dbg with the pole-star as its tail.
Milton, in the lines in,1'AllegfV which
run "Where perhaps some beauty lies
The cynosure of neighboring eyes,"
has given the word its modern significance.
i ^New Egyptian -Flag
It is announced that the new Egyptian flag will be green, with three
white stars aud a white crescent. The
royal. flag will have in addition a
crown. -
j Stpps Bronchitis QuickC
Helps Irritable Throaty -
Ends Sneezing, CougMng
\.    . .-���,.,-
Relief comes at once when you
breathe .in' the spothing-vvapor of Ca-
tarrhozohe. Once ��� its /'healing*, piney
essences strike the." bronchial tubes,
you realize that a powerful treatment
is at work. Irritation . can't live'in
the throat of a "person inhaling Catarr-
hozon. It is so soothing, so warming, so full.of,- concentrated healing
power that you get results at once.
Catarrhozone strengthens the weak
throat, stops the cough, removes that,
hacking irritating necessity to' clear
the throat, makes even the chronic
sufferer realize that at last he has discovered a real friend. ����� For coughs,
colds, catarrh and winter ills- nothing
in the family could be better than the
complete ..dollar outfit. Small size
50c, trial size 25c, all dealers or the
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal. %
Unbreakable Glass'
Minard's"    kinlmetft
Bohemian Inventor has Apparently
Met With Success
According to recent reports a Bohemian inventor, after 13 years of research, lias succeeded in producing
unbreakable glass. ' At a recent demonstration, it is said, plates and vessels of the material remained whole
when thrown to the ground from a
height of 12 ft. Meat was roasted
on a thin glass plate over an open fire
at a temperature of 750 deg. F. Tin
was melted in a glass pot, andr-iiis
were driven in a piece of hardwood,
using a piece of glass for a hammer.���
From the June Popular "Mechanics
Magazine. ......
There are seven joints in a giraffe's
neck, the same number as in the neck
iof a man.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of.
Send  a   Dominion   Express  Money   Order.
They .are payable everywhere. '
.<��Burns. Sores. Cu(s.Elc.
Get Free Sample from Your Druggist
s���"""V  t
BOOK ON           1
/     4fete       ���
f dwfffm   1
and  How  to  Feed   1
1 au^LaF.-^
Mailed   Free   to any
Address by tho
9 thHL J
CO..  INC.,
159      West      Fourth
Street, New York,
Dog HemedfcJ
No need to lose chicles.
Raise erery "one into
a strong profitable?
bird. Successful poultry m e ii everywhere
bank on   '
Pratts Buttermilk
Baby Chick Food
Sold everywhere oa.oui money back guarantee. "ADVICE
FREE. Tell us your trouble.
Imperial Mica Axle Grease
keeps axles cool, reduces
friction, lessens wear. Tha
ground xntca forms a hard,
smooth surface base whilo
the grease forma a frictiop-
less coating on all wearing
parts* Requires only half
as much as ordinary grease
and lasts twice as long.
Sold everywhere in sizes'
from 1-Ib. tins to barrels..
Imperial Eureka Harness -
Oil does more than simply
coat the surface of - the
harness. It penetrates to
every fibre of the leather,
making it soft, strong and
pliable. Imperial Eureka
Harness Oil doubles the life
of harness���makes it water-.
proof ��� prevents cracking
and breaking of stitches;
On sale everywhere./
Canadian Coropwy     ' Canaafi&n Capital
C��MttB��i�� Workmen
V lata
Is $2.00 a year strictly In advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.56, always in advance.
Baseball Teams Practices
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     l-oo
Bstray Notices 3-����
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Businass locals \12yic a-line each insertion.
'The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
thatthe editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Yes, we suppose that it might be
correct to call a maker of suspenders a hold-up man.
Perhaps one reason a man has
more pockets than a woman is because his collar ia too tight to permit him to throw things down his
More cheering news for the
young men who are "contemplating." Illinois Retail Jewellers
association predicts a rise in
diamond prices.
The Midway and Greenwood
baseball teams are practising bard
for the match to be played at
Ingram Bridge on May 24th. A
large number of players for each of
the teams turn out and their respective managers are well pleased.
The Midway boys are shaping up
well and Manager Borders is
counting on a team that will go
through aud bring home a championship,
The Greenwood boys are uuder
the watchful eye of Manager Geo.
Gray. He has a good bunch of
boys fighting for a position on the
team and it is going to keep him
moving to pick tbe right man for
the right place. Bro38er, who
pitched for Grand Forks last year
will twirl the ball tbis year for
Midway while Lockhart will help
a lot in the twirling end of the
game for Greenwood.        x
There is every reason to suppose
that there will be Borne,good base
ball played in the Boundary this
season. Any sport that is played
fair and clean has the support of
the people and the baseball teams
will get this support.
Newspaper editors have to contend with two classeB���those who
want to know why it was published and those who want to know
why it wasn't.
Nottiing is wholly bad. There
is something good even in bootleg
whiskey. The chap who drinks it
is usually dead before he gets tp
the.quarrelsome stage      ...
A species of frog capable of
rendering seventeen musical notes,
has been found in Louisaha.
Chance for leaders of: jazz orchestras to spring, something new.
--.An expert declares a man can
imarry on $100. a month'if he gets
/ the right kind of a wife'.   But by
the time he's found out that..he
hasn't the right kind.it's usually a
. bit late to change. :���-"���'���'".
No, Mabel, names don't always
fit..  For 'instance Blanche . Love,
of Akron, is suing' for a divorce,'
and.Geo,../Honey wants a divorce
��� from.;hisV. wife,   Ivah   BVHoney.
/Thougb/parfc of Ivah's name7 Beems
��� ip'.-fit. - Evidently George   thinks
hie was stung. V- .     '       . ...   - 7
Two women were seated in a
tram car discussing their favorite
operas, and as the conductor advanced to take their fares, one of
them, handing him her fare, remarked, "I simply adore Carmen!"
Blushing to the roots of his hair,
the embarrassed conductor replied:
'���Try the driver, miss; he's a single
Your Town
"/Health 7 expert says onioha will
cure :and: prevent ...toothache, and.
neuralgia.. You'll never be troubled
withfehem, he &ays; if you .eat an
roniori/every day. And there are
other -things/ you . will 'uot be
���troubled'] with, -.--������Other /people's
society for-one.     V 7: . ...:. V.
If you want to have  the kind of home
Like the kind of a town you like
You needn't slip your clothes in a grip
And start on a long, long hike;
��� You'll only find what voir left behind
For' there's   nothing, that's   really,
new; , ���'   ..  ���   '..-,-���'.  .        .''..
It's a knock at yourself when yoti knock
your town',
-    It isn't your town���it's you. "
You wouldn't expect if you mined 'j-our
." ... soil, ."  -.        ...       ;...-,-
- Bumper crops thai you use to get;-
..Nor aught but runts from' feeding- that
stunts; . _\ ��� ' '    '.-,.���        ' -
Nor payment without a debt   .'*
One gets returns fronrwhat- lie earns
-'. Something must first be due,
If your town-.doesn't pay,, look-at it this
,"   ' - 'way:'-   --._."-
It isn't the .town���it's you. \-     "-, -
Real towns" are not made "by men afraid
;.'���'��� -That others'will,get ahead, /
:'When-'everyone   works   aiid   nobody
':. -.   shirks -,'���-'
: 1, You pan raise a town from tbe dead"
, And if. while you make your personal
7   / ' stake,   -' :-~  / '���        ���'.
,'; _--You.rneigb.bors can make"one too,' -
Your town" will be what yoii want it to be
' Itisn't the town���it's you.,/
X"'--~-"-':- "; -''-yy'X 'anon.ymc>us.~V
.BLeprinted'from 'JThe Farrow.'-'. V-   7.
+'ir. -* *.**��� 4'��M-+4�� * ir ���*���'
The "Accidental Honeymoon
Robert ..Warwick,, tlie brilliant
young. star who interrupted hiB
career to serve IJncle Sam on the
fighting front in France, will be
the screen personality which will
prove a box-office ..factor at the
Greenwood /Theatre on Saturday,
May 20, when ^'The ;Accidental
Honeymoon," the last7/'picture:in.
which he appeared, before leaving
for France, will be bugwn'.7'���.''.. jV"���-..
Robert "Warwick has 7 long been
regarded as one of the big stars of
the picture world. Hia. talent and
acting versatility; have won; hipa a
rema&able^.Bci-eeri: following,';, and
now", his patriotism is .giving /his
admirers still further" reasons/for
/.worshipping at his shrine, Xxy-XX
7; The Ledge has always /room
'.or one more ad.: ���.-/���-   V ...;.--, ;V>;
������������������ ':'-'V*:
:-">-'������ x-:'y-x;y^.
7--W '- .;"-..������-: ������-, ���.>��� .X-fr
.-.C.LOAT js not a.periodio- ~.y
*;"- al.- It/is a;. 'book',con-' T
taming .8.6 illustrations -.all" j'
told, aind .is,, filled- with T
sketches -.-.-and / stories, qf
western.life/    It. tells .how
a . gambler cashed in . after
the ""flush ��� "days of Sandoii;
how. it rained ..in New Denver' long after ...Noah 7 was
dead; how a parson/took a
drink- at Bear :Lake in
early; days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the salooii man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically.de
Surveys and Reports
Land, Timber and Mineral Claims
Will fee in Greenwood District
in June and July
Room  6, 525 Pender Street, West
picts the ��� - roomings.. ;of =. a\i'fy
./western/editor, among the'--y
<-f�� J tender-fe/et in the", cent be!t.   jf
It contains the early history ���
of Nelson and   a romance *fe
of,; the Silver King mine. ���*�����
In. it. are   printed    three ,^_
jfe western poems, and dozens j,
.   pf.; articles   too   numerons T
?���. to mention."    Send for one j
^'/before/it is too late... 7Tbe *r
.^-V-price.V is--.7'5,0;., cents,..- post- �������
������� paid .toil any part of ^"tbe ^>
NOTICE; is liereliy given that I shall hold a
Court of Revision oil Monday, the 19th day of
June, 1922, at the Court House, Greenwood. B.C..
at IU o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of
revising the Voter's List of tho Greenwood
Electoral District, and of hearing- and determining any and all objections to tlie retention
of any name or names on the register of Voters
for the said Electoral District..
Dated at Greenwood, 1S.C., this 10th dny of
May, 1923.
Registrar of Voters for the
Greenwood Electoral District
The attention of
Timber Licence holders who. are
taking advantage of the provisions
of the 1921 Amendment to the
FOREST ACT, wherby arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have fceen funded
and made payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee which became due in 1921 is not included in
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and all subseauent renewal
fees must be paid within one year
after the date of expiry of the licence
inorderto maintain the right of the
holder to obtain a renewal ofthe
Licence. ���  '������    .
-   NELSON. B.C.
. Nicely Inrnished rooms, by tlie
day, week or mouth   -
F. Nilson
E. W, WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, . B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 .each. Gold-Silver $1.75, Gold-
Silyer-with Copper or Iveed.ftj-.oo. Sil-
ver-te'ad $2.00. SilverrLead-Ziuc (3.00.
Charges .for other" metals, etc., on application,.
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th7Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaj:auteed.   We
"��� - pay' postage one way.   Terms Cash;
-.:"������ ."BY ; DAY' or. CONTRACT V . "
'. Xy   XX .'   .Wood. For^Saiej", :.-'���.;
Second- Hand.Pipe,.. Rails, 'Miiiing/'Cars
-.7 7 and, other 'Mining-Equipment      '":
-: - ;"���.-'-  . Reasonable Prices.       .-" ''���'-
Apply- to J. W. Clark.; Pacific Hotel
X- ������. XX DENTIST;/
-/;;-7:;;Lod; building;/ -xx:-
'.- .Corner, Abbott &! Hastings Streets.:
VANCOUVER;7- ���>" - b:c;
achinery  Prices  Have
Ploughs,   Harrows,    Mowers,   Rakes
and   Binders    *
McCormick,    Deering,    John   Deere,
Champion   or  Oliver   Lines   on
BROWNS, Midway, BC.
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A fine range pf samples to select
.from.-. (Just arrived.) .
Now", on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited
-:  ��� OfBces, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
���Producers   of   Gold,   Silver,  Copper.".Blaestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
.  "TADANAC" BRAND'  .      \-V.---;
'-.. physician and-Suffeoh X
Residence Phone 69
-/"'������'���''   GRAND FORKS. B.C.
Agent" for JJcxlge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
ahdOyerlandcars. Garage in'connection.
D. MCPHERSON        -       Proprietor
' /Send a Float to your frieods at
ouce.V -7You can7 get them^ at
T.he Ledge officer. ; r'.y:    '"}���'
jl .: world.:.
. .---Vfcers to/
���-Address"'7*11-. let.-:
^V^GSEENWOQD,-B.;/C/���;--��� 4,
4 ''X'-y y-Xyx Xy ^-'^y-y x<:-:'^
$*_ ib-i* ^-���f*.*f*.*f*.*f*.*le.4',f*r*f'4-
���    PACIFIC
Summer Excursion Fares
to Eastern Points
/St.vPaul, ..Minneapolis^orvPulu't-h'"
:;ChicagpV;-f,.;;'- ..."Vv":v'v'���"'". "XX""��� ���>
���Detroit;-'' X.'/y. X'.-'XV'-' , -' '.
.Toronto ...    : " .
Ottawa '   '       ��� - .
Montreal . .       "    .
Quebec V
.Sti- John " -'     "". ��� ��� '" ,'��� "-"���   y-
[ Halifax V .   L    ';.-.���
New York   -"���' ', . .        ."
$ 72.00
M .Sale, May 25 to 31 August. Return Limit. 31 Oct.
7 Many optional routes, via Great Lakes or through
Califp'rnia.at slightly higher fares. /Stopover"en route
/;/; Rates/to. .many other.-/ points,.-Details/ from any
/agent or write' XX-y-'X:    XXX - -;���""' X[-X' ���'-.' VV.V-' \yX~-' ��� \ V
District J��a^enger Agent,y):\Ayx -v- Nelson, B.C.
Auto 8tage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
.7 - Forks and-Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatohee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare 81.50 Each Way. * Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried,
Exoress and Heavy Drayine.       ���        Auto's for hire Day or Night
We carry Tires. Oils, Greases. Hay aad Grain
Office Phone 13. . Residence Pnone 3 L
When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
.'*'��������� -   """- .��� V
' The charge  is reasonable
Synopsis of      ..-.
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price   of first-class -land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2,50' an acre.
-Pre-emption now
veyed lands only.
Records   will  be
only land suitable
confined   to sur-
granted  covering
for   agricultural-
purposes . and    which   is  non-timber
land. :-
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more than four may-
arrange' IforXadjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claim*
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,-
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, .,.before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may be- *
cause of ill-health, or other cause, bt
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records withoufpermahent residence
may be issued, provided' applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure, to make improvements
or record same will operate - as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S-years, and improvements pf
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleaned and cultivated, and residence of at y
least 2 years are"required.
-Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant
may, record an other pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory s improvements m ade
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. __ ' -
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, maybe leased as homesites; title
to be obtained.after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes '
areas exceeding 640 "acres may be
leased by one person or company. ��� , "c
Mill,.factory or'���_industrial sites on
timber land, not-exceeding.'40 acres
may be-purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.   ���
Natural hay meadows  inaccessible '
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them.   Rebate of one-half of cost of -
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made".
" The scope'of this "Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. ���'The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may" apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death-of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive.   -
No fees relating to-pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded  after  June  26,    I918r~
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to ' purchase
town or city lots held "by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made ^or insurance of
Crown Grants to. sub-purchasers of
Crown Ltauds, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do
"not plaimwhole "of "original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made by
May 1,1920... *-  -.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of. livestock industry provides-for grazing districts and range
administration under. Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on.numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock owners may form
Associations for range management.
Free, orlpartially. free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
head. .      .
'���   .
It f
��� \\
Xrx}    Jhe Mineral Province af Western Canada -
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $76,177,403; Lode
Gold, 1105,557,977; Silver,, $66j,269,486; Lead $48,330,575; Copper, $1(56,393,488;
v Zinc, $21,884,531; Coal and Coke, $325,409,505; Boilding Stpne, Brick,.Cement, :
$34,072,016;     Miscelianeons    Minerals,    $1,210,639;     making'   its -.Mineral ^\
Production to the end of 1921 aliosir ~: /     !  >     7 .:.'.-".-_���
An Aggregfate Value M $734,259*6/19
Production for the Year Ending December, 1921, $"2��;066.641
The "Mining Laws of thiB Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
than thoBe of any other Province in the Dominion'.r��r any Colony in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
.  ;���'      Absolute  Titles are obtained   by developing aach properties, the security
7 of which is gasranteed by Crown Qrante.
;    Fall information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
...gratia by addressing���   -.';.': .V- -'���'
."'������., *:' VICTORIA, British Columbia. _


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