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The Ledge Dec 16, 1920

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��7incial library
*&y. k'-'I'JF  l r ,    'v '      -   -*jr4
I V    DEC 2 0 WO
Vol.   XXVII.
No. 22
Ef -
We have, just received a nice-assortment of
Xmas Goods
We would appreciate a look over before
purchasing elsewhere
No trouble to show.whether you buy or not
���~l Our quick turnover gives our patrons the benefit of the   ;
^ downward trend of to-days markets. * :
Xmas Goods  Just Arrived
Toys,  Dolls. Teddy Bears.
Erectors. Etc.
Fancy Xmas Handkerchiefs
Mens Neckwear
Christinas Cards and Books
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Currants;   Raisins,   Peels.   Nuts, Spices, \
Cho-long and  Chrystalized   Ginger, Etc.
Do your Xmas Shopping At
J:LEE & BRYANTS     Phone 46
Around Home
You use the. telephone for social calls? It is the handiest thing
in the world for this purpose. But, because your friend happens to
live in another town is no reason why she should not hear your
voice, - That is the time when you should make a point of telephoning her. Nothing is more pleasant than to hear the voice of a
friend. -
,    If you use the telephone in the evening, you get special rales-
three times the day period for the same charge.
We are expecting our Christmas Stock'
any "day and we are certain they
will , please you in price   and   quality
Just Received Some Handsome
."The World's Best Watches"
Full Line Of     -
Shell Framed Spectacles
��� Guaranteed To Fit You_
Watchmaker & Jeweler
Greenwood, B.C.
JL X $
Only nine days till Xmas.
John R. Jackson went to Rossland on busines last/Thursday.
The schools'will close on .Friday for the Christmas holidays.
Mrs. McMynn and Gordon McMynn were in town on Tu isday.
Robt. Forshaw atid two sons
visited drand Forks last Fridav.
- Dr. W. H. Wood, of Penticton,
is spending a few days in town.
Boost and the world boosts
with you. Knock aud you knock
Wm. Walters has purchased
the Bert -Hopkins, house on
Church St.
Dr. J. M. Burnett returned on
Thursday from a short visit to
the coast,
G. A. Rendell returned last
Friday from a business trip to
A. Christie, of the Sally mine
at Beayerdellr is spending a .few
days in town.
Jack Ryan and wife, of Grand
Forks, paid Greenwood a visit
last Thursday.
You can knock down the nigh
cost of living by visiting Taylor
& Jenkin's store.
Greenwood and Midway
; Presbyterian Church
S. S. 10 a.m. Service 11 a.m.
S. S. 2.30- Service 7.30 tm
Subject For Dec. I9th:
"An Old Well"
W-  H.   REDMAN, Pastor
,   !>
!      ?
The WINDS.OR HOTEI, is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooins. A comfortable home for tourists-and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with- cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
6 '    ** ' "2
t '
Shamrock Brands
- - HAM,  BACON  and  LARD
Carnation Compound "       Butter and Cheese
P, Burns & Co*,   Ltd, _Nelson, B, C
Regular saving will soon show a handsome balance in the depositor's account.
It may be difficult for you to come to the
bank always when you want to deposit
Send in deposits by mail���they will be as
carefully handled as though you haaded
them over the counter. * ***
Dea_ler in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,���Have a buyer for good ranch
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Mail your watch for Repair and I will
mail it back.    Charges are moderate.
PAID-UP CAPITAL      I       -I       $15,000,000
RESERVE .FUND     ���    -        -        $15,000,000.
GREENWOOD BRANCH, I�� E. Brawders, Manager.
Owing to high operating costs
and the condition of tha metal
markets, the Le Roi No. 2 "Joflie"
mine at Rossland closed down last
week. The "Josfe" is owDed by
an English syndicate wilh offices
in London, has been operating continuously for some years, and it Is
thought the cessation of work may
only be for a few months.
S. R. Smith, who has been
with Shaw's survey party in the
Similkameen during -the past
season was renewing acquaintances in town on Saturday and Sunday.
The more a gown costs the less
ia covers. What you pay and
what you pay for is tbe revelation, apparently.
Th6 manager of the Anyox
mine addressed a meeting of mine
workers last week and stated that
owing to the low price of ore he
would be compelled to close unless
the men were willing to accept
7Sc. a day less. A vote, will be
taken this week to decide whether
to work for less pay or go idle.
The Ledge has always room
for one more ad.
Get your job printing at 1 he
I<edge, before the paper is all
Mrs. Wm. Swayne, of Butte,
Mont-., is visiting her mother-in-
law, Mrs. G. Swayne.
The boys are working hard
making ice and the rink is expected to be. opened by Xmas.
Dick Pasco, Geo. Bryan and-C.
A. Carlson attended the Oddfellows meeting in Gracg ^Forks on
D. McPherson, accompanied by
Duncan and Robert Murray,
motored to Grand Porks and re*
turn on Sunday,
The fool shoeth his neighbors
bens from his backyard, but the
wise man fixeth up a snug place
for them to lay in.  .
Sam Matthew of Grand Forks,
was in town Friday evening, hav��
ing motored the musician over
for the hockey dance,
Ab. McQueen, of Allen by, arrived in town last week and after
spending a few days here left for
Vancouver on Tuesday. _  -
. The absentee votes will be
counted-nest -Tuesday. -=���There
are still about 100 votes to be
counted in this riding.
Noel Kelsey, former merchant
of Rock Creek, is considering the
advisability of starting up business in Grand Forks in January,
A Christmas Concert will be
held in the Eholt Hall, (tonight)
Thursday, at 8 p. m. Dance
afterwards,   Every body .welcome.
All kinds of cigars in boxes of
10, 25 and SO for Xmas trade.
Cigarettes, pipes and smokers
sundries at, the Windsor Cigar
The Free Masons lodges of
Greenwood and Grand Forks will
hold a joint installation of officers
at the Grand Forks temple bn
Dec. 27. .    -
J. W. Fry, of the Bank of Montreal staff left on Tuesday for
Chilliwack where he has been
transferred. A. R., Spencer of
Trail, is his successor.
The person who goes round
with the idea that everything in
the world is wrong is likely.to be
particularly correct as regards
his own mental make up.
Robert Muir, of Allenby, formerly of Greenwood had a narrow
escape while, driyiag a Ford car
on the grade near Allenby last
week. It appears that the car
plunged backwards over a 75 feet
decline, the car turning completely oyer three times before coming
to a stop a tbe bottom. Mr. and
Mrs. Sinclair were in the car but
ao one, received injuries other
than a few scratches.
Hockey Dance.
The   Greenwood   Hockey   Clnb
Basket Social   and   Dance which
took place in the Masonic Hall on
Friday"* proved   a    great   success
socially and financially. ' Werner's
orchestra   assisted   by Geo.  Clerf
and J. Finley provided most excellent   music.     Trophies   won   by
Greenwood last year and previous
years were exhibited on the platform and were   decorated  by the
now green and white colors of the
club.    The competition which took
place at the auction sale of baskets
was most amusing,   at   the same
time beiDg a saccess from a financial   point,    realising   $97   which
goes towards buying new uniforms
for the club.
The boys are to be congratulated
on their efforts in.starting the hockey season with a clean, refining
dance which helped all to forget
their worries and perplexities and
cheered all on their way.'
Canada Copper Closed.
The Canada Copper Corporation
closed their mine at Copper Mountain on Thursday, December 9, and
the mill at Allenby will close down
Saturday or as. soon as the work of
cleaning up can be properly carried
out, according to the Princeton
Star. Already nearly all the men
have left the mine and those who
remain are engaged in the work of
putting it into shape that everything will bejn proper, condition
���when the time comes for operations
to be lesumed.
->; The-official announcement .regarding the cause of the shut-down
"Owing to the low price' of copper, which has been gradually dropping for the past few weeks until it
has reached an alarmingly low figure, it has become necessary to
close down the mine and plant at
Copper Mountain and Allenby.
"The Canada Copper Corporation is in a position to operate at as
low copper price as any other com-
pany and if the price tends upwards
to such a figure as will, concordant
with the present cost of supplies
and scale of wages allow the company to make a fair profit, operations will be resumed."
Whilst the official statement does
not set any dgfinite Jength of time
for the shut down, it will probably
last until spring.
The latest reports from the copper market in New York quotes
the price of this-metal at 14 cents
f.o.b. refinery, which is the lowest
price since 1915, when ife touched
12.80. The'officials of the com-
pany making this sale .state that
Shey are willing to sell copper delivered into January at 14 cents
and a quarter of a cent higher for
later deliveries.
Other companies quote at 14.75
for this year's delivery and 15 cents
for the first threejmonths of 1921.
MoBt of the single men employed
at the mine have already gone
away, but the married men appear feo be undecided yet as to what
they will do. There will only be
a watchman kept on afe the mine
and. also afe the mill. The offices
of the company will remain' open
for a short time.
The business men of Allenby
for fehe most part, have decided feo
remain there for a few months a
leasfe. " ,
Mr. H. R. Van Wagenen, general manager, in.the course of an
interview today, expressed deepest
regret that ife had been necessary
feo cease operations afe Copper
Mountain and Allenby afe this time,
and said thafe he had nothing bufe
the greasfc admiration for the manner in which fehe employees met
the situation."
Lieut. Governor Dead.
v The Lieutenant Governor of
British Columbia, Edward Gwaler
Prior, died at Victoria on Monday
night as the result of a major operation. Had he lived until Saturday
he would have completed one
year's term of office.
E. G. Prior was born May 1,
1853, at Dallowgill, Yorkshire,
England, and was educated at
Leeds Grammar school and at
Wakefield, in mining engineering.
He was first elected to the provincial legislature in 1886 and continued to sit for Victoria until 1888.
He was returned by acclamation in
tha bye-election of January 237 In
1895 he entered the cabinet of Sir
Mackenzie Bowell as comptroller
of inland-revenue, and continued
in the cabinet when it was reconstructed by Sir Charles Tupper.
A.t fehe general elections of 1896
and 1903 he was minister of mines
in the Dunsmuir government, and
premier of the province from Nov.
21, 1902, to May 31, 1903. He
commanded to Canadian Bisley
team in 1890.
The Providence Mine
The Providence mine, Green-,
wood, has purchased an Ingersoll
compressor at Nelson. . As" soon as
silver goes up to 65 cents the mine
will,resume operations. . The compressor will be installed near the
mine and it will nofe take ,very
long to get thing in running order.,
In the meantime the mine is being
kept pumped out.
Farewell to Mrs. Fleming.
New Tax Sale Ruling
Several new railings of importance were sent out recently from
Ottawa by the inland revenue tax
department regarding sales tax.
They were:
1. Sales tax shall be computed
on the total value of any sales.
2. Fractions shall be disregarded where under half a cenfe,
and where over half a cenfe, shall
k��. touted jas a whole cent.   '",.
3. Where the amount of "the
sales tax on any sale is less than
half a cent no tax shall be collectable. These regulations are to go
into effect from December 1st, so
that they are already effective.
On-Friday affceruo<>n, the 10th
inst., Mrs. H. Thomas-gave a farewell party at her residence in
honor of Mrs. W. B. Fleming who
is shortly leaving to reside in High
River, Alta. The early part of the
afternoon ^ was enjoyably spent
playing ''500." The first prize
was awarded to Mrs. J. Docksteader, the 2nd going to Mrs. G.
Clerf and the "booby" was won-
by Mrs A. Sater. On the arrival
later of other guests a dainty tea
was served afe which Mrs. J. Fraser
and Mrs. Geo. Walters presided afe-
the tea table, whilst under the
supervision of Mrs. kr. Rendell, *
the Misses C. Mcintosh and G.
Lee served numerous delicious and -
unusual cakes, etc. The rooms
were tastefully decorated with
pink carnations" and maiden hair
The guesfes departed for their
various homes after wishing Mrs.
Fleming happiness in her new
home and voting Mrs. Thomas a
charming hostess.
The Submarine mine near"Gro-
vill, will shortly ship two carloads
of ore to the smelter.
- Thirty>One Crrain Ships ^
Thirty-one grain-carrying' ships
were in the harbors .at fehe head of
the Great Lakes, last week, wait-
their turn to load grain before fehe
close of navigation. Ife is seldom
thafe the Fort William-and Port
Arthur harbors have been so congested wifeh vessels as at thafe
Xmas Presents
Gettin early and make your;
For the Grown Ups
French Ivory, most complete assortment ever
in the City and at right prices. Help Her
fill out her set.
Also Party Cases, Hand Bags, Music Portfolios,
Strap Purses, Y0fk Boxes, Manicure Sets,
Travelling Sets for either Lady or Gentleman,
Gillettes Razors, Ingersoll Watches, Compasses,
Cigar Lighters, Etc,
See our Xmas Stationery.
It Is Beautiful Stuff
Now for the Little Ones
We havena large variety of Dolls, Toy Books,
All kinBs of Games, Mechanical and Structural
Toys, Blocks, Sewing and Baking Sets, Horns,
Drums, Rattles, in fact something to .suit all ages
KODAKS at all prices
One of the best presents you can give
Both in Bulk and Boxes. See the special Xmas boxes
Christmas Seals, Candles, Ribbonzene L Tree Ornaments
Everything at prices that can't be beaten anywhere
The Druggist and  Stationer
Phone No. 6. /_- Greenwood, B.C rn
IJ'-i>!!K.     <";<���'i'1 "v worm,     r
��� BV ���
Piinted    by    Special   Arrange
nicnls   with   Thos.  Allen,
Toronto, Ont.
lie turned his head, as llic bushes
on hi- left parted, and with a laugh
of welcome held out his arms. Out
from the shadows bounded the big i
lynx, Lulu, to throw herself at his feet
and twist ovcr on her back, all four
paws in air,
Dorkin drew onc of the paws to
hiin, and examined its long, knife-like
rlaws, and his face grew serious.
"I don't know as it's wise to let you
roam at lar^e this way, old cat," hc
told her, letting ro thc paw and stroking her yellow nose.
She purred hoarsely, and lay, mouth
half open, Razing up at hiin from amber slits of cyc��. Then, as though
.she iliscirncd that something was
troubling ihis one being in thc world
which her wild heart had learned to
tniM, ��.!ic sat up and licked thc hands
locked about his knees.
"Where did you leave your kittens,
l.ulu?" he asked.
She    rcaied    up,    her paws on his
knees, and shoved her moist nose in,
liis ear.     lie put his arm around her I
And patted her sidc.
"1'lease don't evade thc question,
Queen Lulu," he insisted: "where are
your kittens?"
Hut thc big cat, in answer, simply
closed her sharp teeth on his felt hat
and bounding down, lay, twitching
her short tail, and daring him to chase
JiM here, from a copse on the left,
came a-faint sound of distress, or
loneliness, and, dropping the hat,
Lulu, bounded into the thicket. A
few minutes later, Dorkin saw her
loading her four kittens across a little!
glade, a hundred yards distant.
Again his gaze wandered to the far
picture of the hills, valleys and forest,
far beneath him. Perhaps, after all,
he was laying claim to too much, hc
thought, bitterly. What right had hc
to resent thc coining of others, even
although thcy did bring him unhappy
memories of a world in which hope,
for him, had been slain? Timberley,
he felt, would harm him further if hc
could. Had lie not admittced as
much? Well, he could light a man,
but how about this girl, this Edna
0Hc wondered what s.he would say
when she learned tbat the man shc
had seen go down, a'social and moral
wreck, and Dork.'n, the woodsman,
were one���what would she say?
The perspiration sprang out on his'
brow.      Well, what could    she    say?
Shc   would,   of   course,   think  him   a.
coward.     Any man is a coward who I
runs away from a fight.      Shc would!
want lo know why hc had not stayed'
and vindicated himself, if hc were innocent���he laughed shortly, and  the
blood   leaped   to   his   bronzed   click.
Of course she believed hini a quitter.
But wby was she here?
Me recalled his  fust meeting with
Edna   Marsh.      It   was  at   a   Rugby'
game on the campus.     lie had g!im-i
psed  her   animated   facc   among   thc i
cheering    spectators    aftcr    hc    had j
struggled with thc ball    to    victory. I
Later, at a party given in  honor of
liis  college  team, he had been form-'
ally   introduced    to    her.      lie    had
thought  her vcry  beautiful.      Afterwards thcy had met many limes.    Shc
had seemed to prejfer his company, to
that of Timberley.     Boylikc, this had'
pleased him.     Then had comc a day I
when, during the intermission of thc
final game of thc championship series,
Timberley had so far forgotten him-,
self as to sriecr an insult to Dorkin.'
mentioning her namc.      Dorkin  had
promptly   knocked   him   down,   not
once, but several times, and had had
the satisfaction of seeing him carried
from thc field. I
It was during thc latter half bf that1
decisive game which had given to his
college the trophy so greatly desired,
that he had received the injury to his
shoulder, and had been given  niorp-i
_hinc_to_d_eadcn the.pain.    .From"that
moment ho had possessed an appetite
for the drug,      Bul the craving, was
not so strong as   his   will,   and   hc I
would have fought it and beaten it, heI
knew, had fate not stacked the cards
against him.
Then had come the theft of the ex-1
animation papers, his disgrace ancl
expulsion frpm college. He had
stood alone���outside. Not onc
friend, not one hope. And like a
wounded thing, he had crept away.
Hidden in an.isolated part of the city,
hc had given himself tip to thc drug
completely. Then, just beforc thc
end, something had called him, and hc
-   had  conic  here. .       ,
Dorkin looked about him. His
eyes were humid, his hands when hc
unclasped them from about his knees,
trembled." A deadly longing for the
false solace which had dragged hiin
down in that other world, grew up in
his sick heart. Then he shook himself, squared his shoulders, and drew
himself away from memories which
pulled him back and down.
Hc would meet Edna Marsh as he,
had met Timberlc}'. Let her, think
what she might. "
Slowly hc made his way across the
glade, through thc hickory grovf- to
the cabin. Passing around the cabin,
he came upon her.- ,   *
.She was seated, in a low,'rustic
chair, looking down thc path to the
lake, on which the coot and teal were
weaving brown and bhtc-grcy patterns, as tfcpv fed.
So engrossed was she in thc view,
that shc did not hear his step. Hc
stood, gravely surveying her, admiring the dull gold of her hair, the exquisite coloring of her cheek. She
was vcrv beautiful, hc told himself.
"Miss Mav-h?" he said.
At the sound of his voice, shc leaped to her feet.
"I'm Dorkin," hc explained, as her
wide eyes opened wider, and gazed up
into his face.
Her own face had gone pale. She
held out a slim gloved hand, and hc
held it in his a moment while he
"Welcome to Hardwoods Preserve!
You must bc tired after thc long
tramp across the Portage. If you'll
excuse nic, I'll step inside and have
Mrs. LaPecr prepare somc refreshments. By thc way," as he* turned
towards the door, '"Danny spoke of
Mr. Washburn and your uncle being
here. I presume thcy arc down with
LaPecr, looking over the grounds?"
"Yes, they���" Shc hesitated,
looking up at his face again.
He smiled, then immediate^- his
facc grew grave as hc noted her lip
"Of course you have recognized
me,"' he said. "Yes, I'm Stanley."
Hc could not help thc cynicism creeping into his voice. "But." he added
quickly, "up here, 1 am Dorkin. It
was my mother's name, you know. I
didn't care to take anything from that
past, back yonder."
"Xo," shc whispeied, "no, of course
not. Would you mind if I sat down
again, Mr. Dorkin? The walk has
tired  me  morc  than  I   thought."
"Wait." lie stepped inlo thc cabin
and returned with a big rough oaken
chair, thc back and scat of which were
composed of tanned bearskin. "You
���will find this more comfortable," hc
told her.      "Please'4ry it."
The girl sank down into his comfortable depths, with a sigh. "Oh,
it's rest itself!" she exclaimed.
lie stood looking down at her. Silence fell between them. Her cyce
were once more turned to the lake.
At last hc spoke. "Doubtless, vou
arc surprised to find me here, Miss
She did not answer him at once.
Then her eyes once more appraised
his big, athletic figure, resting finally
ou thc boyish facc. "I suppose wc
a'.l find thc place to which wc belong
���somc day," shc said as though to
herself. "I did not know that in thc
man who .had been-reclaimed by this
wonderful forest, I would find���you,"
shc said wonderingly, "but I am glad
it is you���I am glad."
"Arc you?" hc asked eagerly. "Then
tell mc, why arc you glad?"
"Why because"���shc hesitated, her
cheeks flaming scarlet��� "because it
proves you to bc just as strong, just
as g" 11 tie, just as big as God had intended you should be."
Hc sank down on the block opposite her. "It's splendid of you to
think that," he replied. "But"I don't
deserve it. ' I am neither strong���as
you mean strong���nor gentle. And
of all His creatures which God has
placed in this solitude which lias remade trie, 1 am perhaps the smallest.
"Listen," as she shook her head in
protest, "I am still something of an
alien here, you sec. I came up to
this place a physical wreck. I wanted to be alone at thc end, I was
practically done. Well, as I say, I
strayed up here, or rather we'll say I
was drawn up here. I like to think
of it that way," hc smiled���"drawn up
here. And this forest he'ned me to
fight back to���manhood. It gave me
an antidote for hopelessness, for sad
memories, for hellish craving. It
whispered hope. It took me in its
arms and -cradled mc back lo ,sanc
and safcatndcrstandiug. It said to
mc, 'You arc a littic stray-away. You
arc. tired, cross, discouraged. Let
'mc point out thc way "to you."
Thc girl was leaning forward, lins
parted, eyes shining. "And you sa:d?"
- "I said, 'Why do 3-011 do this for
something which has had its chance
and failed?' Yoti sec, this was before I had learned not to question my
great Mother. , But she was tolerant
and she answered, 'Some day you will
Hc paused, the old pensiveness she
had g'impseci at tlWr meeting creeping back into his facc.
"It is not necessary to tel! you how
low 1 had fallen," he said with an effort. "You already know." I was a
failure���a weakling, a mrfal and phy-
socal wreck, air'"���he added huski'v
���"I had lost all'faith in humanity,
even-in-God Himself!'-'    	
There was' pain in his deep ey^s
turned upon her sympathetic ones,
pain and distress and shame.
"Sometimes, I wonder why there
are not morc wrecks than thcic are���
in that world where I went down," he
said. "There are so many���so very
many sailing aimless'.)', without a
"You mean -without faith?" she
He smiled brightly. "Up here, you
see, it is all so different. -You can
no more help believing in God than
you can help breathing His- air or
wondering'at His work's. You lovc
Him because .He :s thc lif^ you lov;,
full and satisfying; you follow Him
because His trai's lead to happiness
.and contentment. And do you kno.v
why His kind-cd fo'low Him, bclicv
Him,    lovc    Him?     Look,    this, is
lwhy--"        .-'.'.
I He placed his hand in a pocket and
j lookout a few kernels of corn, at thc
| same timc giving a low, wlrstling call,
, and to thc girl's surprise, from a lit���
J tic patch of wild-rose Ires, almost at
I her feet, therc darted a small partridge hen' Straight across to thc
. keeper shc sped, chicking and dra?--
i ging her wings, quickly to swallow
j" tlic sweet grains lie he'd out to her. -
' He turned to thc girl. "There is
the answer," he said. '"Tb-t littic
\ bird has learned to trust rnc because
shc knows I simply her with foot.
Perhaps, too, shc.possesses sufficient
reasoning powers to realize that I
protect- her. , Well, that is exactly
my attitude towards the' Creator"of
this world which has rebuilt mc. Not
much of a religion, perhaps. ;>s thos"
-Christian people of that world behind
mc would'think it���but quite sufficient
for mc." '  _  r
"I think it a wonderful religion,"
said the girl���"big, gripping is its
(To  bc  continued)
Decrease in Acreage
In Saskatchewan
Hon. C. A. Dunning Gives Survey of
Province's    Agricultural
In  tho provincial  legislature, Hon.
C. A. Dunning gave a detailed survey
Worn out, tired in the morning,"you
lack the energy and ambition to work
as of old.      This means nerve decay
���nerves that arc starved for thc want! of agricultural  conditions in Saskat
of good, rich b'ood.
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like, new  iu a short time.
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Dr. Hamilton's Pills warm the
blood and fill it with nutriment
that's bound lo build you up, that's
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Good Health.
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Gra.n in Storage
Statistics Show Increase of 3,524,851
According to returns received at
thc Dominion bureau of statistics for
the week ending Nov. 26, 1920, the
quantity of grain in store at thc different public elvatois throughout
Canada has increased by 3,524,851
bushels in all grains as compared
with the previous week. Wheat
shows au increase of413,311 bushels;
oats, 2,536,099 bushels T barley, 330,812
bushels; flax, 206,450 bushels; and
rye, 38,179 bushels.
Thc total of stocks in store at all
elevators, given in bushels, is as follows: Wheat, 49.9S8.635; oats, 15,-
709,63-1; barley, 3,576,681; flax, 2,-
$27,747.; rye, 477,943.
In thc. western country elevators an
increase is shown of 4,127,751 bushels
iu all grains. Increases are shown
in wheat of 1,898,355 bushels; oats,
1,546,274 bushels; barley, 491,848; and
flax, 191,274 bushels.      ���
Channel Service in Air is Success.
Thc air service between London
and Paris shows al the end of the
first year that 2,101 trips wcrc madc,
that 4,339, passengers wcrc carried
and that' thc freight tonnage totaled
eighty tons. Only one fatal accident was experienced." It was due
to a poor landing.
Profit in Beef Cattle
chewan. Onc of the most startling
facts he had to record was. that since
1919 thc province had lost over one
million acres of land under cultivation.
Thc total acreage under cultivation in 1919 was 23,585,000 acres and
in 1920 it was 22,549,000. Mr. Dunning would not venture to value this
year's crop, as much of the grain was
not marketed. He showed that thc
wheat acreage in 1920 showed a decrease of 520,000 acres from that of
1919. Thc final yield j>cr acre estimated for this year was 11.2 bushels
as against 8.5 in 1919. Thc aggregate yield amounted to 113,135,000
with 89,993,000
in 1919.
Tlicrc was an increase in oat acreage of 269,000 acres, as conjparcd
with 1919. The yield last ycar was
23.5 bushels, and this year was 27.7
bushels. Thc aggregate production
of oats this ycar was 141,549,000 bushels, as compared with 112.156,000 in
Barley showed an in crease of 27,-
000 acres, and au increase in yield
pcr acre from 18.2 bushels in 1919
lo 20.2 bushels in 1920. The aggregate production was S,970,000 bushels
in 1919 to 10,501,000 in  1920."
Flax showed an increase of 210,000
acres. The yield per acre was lhc
samc this year as last, but the aggregate production was 5,479,000
bushels, as compared with '1,489,000
bushels in 1919.
There was a falling off of 1S,000
acres sown to rye this ycar as compared with last year, but thc yield
pcr acre went up from 10.5 bushels
in 1919 to 13.8 bushels in 1920.
Referring to thc growth of dairying products hc showed that their
total value in 1919 was $16,769,000,
and in 1920, $20,043,000.
Livestock in 'the province shows a
decline ovcr last year, cattle and
horses dropping off nearly 200,000,
while swine dropped 200,000.
The Dress Retains
Its Popularity
Scout's Bravery at Sea     : msmaansmtsmmmimmim
Jumps From  Minnedosa's Deck and j
Rescues Little Girl.
A special despatch  to the  Toronto j
Star from Quebec says: I
"When the liner Minucdosa \\a> ini
mid-Atlantic between Liverpool and
Quebec, a nine-ycar-ofd girl--who, with
other children, was climbing on thc
railing on ihc port side, fell overboard.
"A youth named Ronald Webb,
formerly of Castleton Jioad, Walt-
hamstow, " England, immediately
jumped, fully clothed, from the deck
inlo the cold and rough water between 40 and 50 feet below. Hc
swain for ��� thc drowning child, and
held her up until, as they were almost
sinking, they were rescued by onc of
the ship's boats.
"Thcy were brought aboard tcrribly
cxhatistcd, but both recovered from
the effects of lhc immersion, and the
following day Webb was presented
by the captain, on behalf of the passengers, with $100.
"Webb was patrol leader of thc Sth
Walthamstow Scouts, and a second
lieutenant in the 7th Battalion County
of London Cadets. lie recently won
the cadet officers' open boxing competition at lhc National Sporting
Club, London."
Market Requirements Much Higher
Than in Former Years.
Thc feeeding of beef cattle for the
market .has become a special line of
work, which requires a high grade of
skill and thorough understanding of
the feeding values of different materials used in the production of beef,
as well as an appreciation of the requirements of animal nutrition and
shrewd business ability.'- Without
thesc pre-requisites the feeder is
doomed to receive vcry small returns
for his labor. The market requirements, for becf-^it present are much
higher than in former ycars. It is
necessary, therefore, in order to obtain prices which will pay the feeder
for his timc and outlay, to produce a
herd of cattle as nearly uniform as
possible' in appearance and quality,
with a high market finish and symmetrical development, particularly in i last   session
Saskatchewan Has Surplus
Amounts   to   $1,934,625,   Greatest   in
History of Province,
In presenting his.budget speech to
the provincial legislature, Hon. C. A.
Dunning, provincial treasurer, reported a surplus of $1,934,625, thc greatest in thc history of thc province.
"There is thc money, what arc wc
going to do with it?" asked Mr. Dunning, "J don't like a surplus, but it
is better than a deficit."
He said thc government thought it
time to look around and sec in what
way it might further assist the people of the province by grants and
by reduction of taxes. The government had determined to propose that
the supplementary revenue tax be
abolished. This tax was first imposed in 1907, and amounted to a> levy
of onc cent ah acre on all land in the
province outside of cities and towns.
-The proceeds have been devoted to
educational purposes.
After deducting $133,529 for value
of stocks on advances, there remained a net cash surplus of $1,801,095.
Mr. Dunning did not' believe it was
thc duty of a government to accumulate surpluses. In explaining thc^
surplus, he pointed out lhat at thc
thc    government   vol-
By Gertrude Bercsford. .
Simple frocks for the informal affairs of daytime, for shopping or for
the morning promenade are shown in
most fascinating styles. This model
is originated in orange silk garbar-
tlino. ��� A one-piece creation, il is rich-j
ly ornamented with"buttons covered1
with the fabric and edged with black
satin. The sleeves arc vcry short
and arc finished with monkey fur.
This i.s also used around the collar
and about thc hem. Thc bodice is
slightly Moused above the belt ov
orange cloth. In the back a little
fulness is shirred in at thc waistline.
The small soft hat is madc of thc
fabric and its trimming of monkey
fur carries out the treat men I used on
thc dress.
Boston Dog Wears Spectacles.   .
A  dog with  spectacles was shown
at the. annual fair of thc Animal Rescue League, floston, as an example of
humanitarian assistance, to our dumb
I friend?.      The   animal   was   Nemo,  a
i spaniel of high degree and companion
I to the fame of Mr. and Mrs.  XV. C.
Allqn,   of  Marlboro  Street.      Riding
oil gel
Y #
weight of
marked ,on
C    'i'i.'
,e roil
The tea is weighed
ori our costly automatic electric scales before it goes into the.
���In" the sealed package,
you get not only full
weight, but full ' flavor,
full strength and all thc
good qualities of.-Red"
Rose Tea protected
against thc air, odors' and
Red Rose Coffee is ss
generously good as
Red Rose Tea
an an open automobile on windy days
had weakened his eyes, it was explained, and goggles were prescribed
and fitted by an oculist.
those  parts  which  yield  high-priced | cd out of the consolidated fund $9,-
cuts- iii- whicli the profits-lie for the
butcher. j
An Ambitious Project
Suggest Plan to Run Pipe L'ne From
Mackcnz.e Oil Fields to Tide
Conveyance of the oil-products-of
the Mackenzie River basin to thc
Bchring Sea' to the pipe line from
whence it would bc carried by tankers
to- the markets of the "world, is an ^n^^a
ambitious project for which sanction
will bj sought by a bill to bc considered by Parliament" at the approaching session. 'The proposed p.pe line
would be laid; from the Mackenzie
River to thc Yukon River'.systems byway of Rat River and , Bell River,
thence by the Porcupine' and Yuicon
Rivers,to salt vvter/-
Dr. Alfred Thompson, member for
the Yukon, stares that ihe late V. il-
liam Mackenzie, at one ti 'c cor��:mis-
198,000 _for " "administration. : Tlie"
government spent only $8,225,913.
It still had on hand $972,000. On top
of this a greater amount of" revenue
had been received than the "estimates
had provided.
Value of Field Crops
Increase in Wheat Grown in Canada
Over 1-919 Crops Is $171,873,000.
A total value of $1,636,644,900 for
the field crops of Canada dftring 1920,
is estimated by the Dominion Bureau
of Statistics 11 a .statement recently issued. This compares favorably with
thc 1919 statistics, when the figure
was $1,452,437,500, ancl with 1918,
when the total estimated value was
$1,372,935,970. The bureau states
that thc final returns published in
January next, may show values less
than those now estimated.
���The total for 1920 is made upof
$d36,730,000   for   wheat, as compared
Bad Season For Trapping.
Tho fall fur hunt in the north has
been a, dismal failure. iMild weather
and the low prices contribute lo thc
lion-success of the hunt. Hundreds
of Indians turned to fishing instead
and-'rcporls from the fishing~grounds
say the catch outstrips thc past several ycars by a wide margin. White-
fish are principally caught and for
Uie first timc sturgeon fishing is being done on thc Churchill River at
Pucka tawagan.
Protect Birds of Flight
Prince Edward Island Supreme Court
Confirms Migratory Birds Act.
The 'supreme court of Prince Edward'Island has given judgment upholding the provisions of thc Canadian Migratory Birds Act based upon
a convention between Canada and the
United Statcs, framed for tlic purpose of protecting birds of flight. Thc
constitutionality of lhc act was chair
le.ngcd bul thc court found that the
Dominion Government lias thc power
to pass legislation giving effect to
treaty obligations.
H.C. of L. in Philippines.-
Onc of the explanations of the high
cost  of living iu  thc  Philippines  as
given by a complaining native is that' tlicr than a cow with two-.."���Yonfccr's
The High-Powered Car.
Redd.���When you come" to think of
it, an automobile is a powerful thing.
Greene.���What's    on    your    mjnd
uow?> -^ --'.-
* "Whyi    you    know an- automobile
wilh one horn can throw' a man far-
| the    tribesmen    who    were formerly
i content  to  appear in 'a brccch-clolh
arc now compelled to wear pants by
order.of Uncle Sam.
Mere  Motor  Driven Appliances.
Motor-driven appliances to the
number of 2,000,000, il is estimated,
will be produced   in    1920,    washing
wth $364,857,000 in    1919,   and $381,-   machines,    ironing    machines,    dish-
677,700   in   1918;   of $307,121,400 for . washers,    vacuum . cleaners,   sewing
oats, as compared with $317,097,000
and $331,357,400; of $60,408,600 for
barley, as against $77,462,700 and
$77,378,670; of $126,315,400 for other
grains, as against $128,490,000 and
and refrigerators 'being in-
Loncly Giants of the Forest.
Mahogany   trees   do   not -grow   in
clusters,    but    arc    found    scattered
throughout   forests   and    hidden   in
dense undergrowths.
More Coffee���Perhaps.
Abyssinia is the original home of
thc coffee tree, and in the highlands
of that country there arc immense
forests of it that ~ have never been
touched;��� ���   ���	
Injuries By Falls.
Thc greatest .number of deaths to
any onc accidental cause,- 11,114 or
148 pcr 10,000 is shown for-falls. The
rate, for this cause varies but slightly
from vear to year.
Clad Like Their Parents.
The children of Holland arc drcss_-_-
eyl in exactly thc. same, manner, as ,
thcir parents. In the.master of their
garb there is vcry little variety in
thai country and it is sometimes difficult to determine thc difference be-
tfeetr th<i children and adults.. '
Attaining a length of as much as
30 feet at times," the anaconda is a
native of Brazil and Guiana.
Was the longevity of the ancients
due to t hd scarcity of medical college graduates?     Cerlainly'not!
Colored Thread in the Rope.
All the rope for thc British -navy
has a strand of colored material
worked through it for the purpose of
-Y9U ar�� uotr
1 n g when
-you u��o -Dr.
Chase's Olnt--
nicnt for' Eoeema and- Skin Irritations. It relieves at once and. gradually heals the skin. Samplo fcox Dr. -
Chase's Ointment free U you mention.this
paper and send 20. stamp for postage. COc. a.
box; all dealers or Edmanson, Bate3 & Co.,
Limited, Toronto. ; -
It isn't, always the Jinan who talks
loudest that does the most good. The
copper cent makes morc noise on the
contribution plate than a dollar bill.
Shadows of the family tree account
for a go<yd many shady reputation'-.
Lethbridge   Northern  Irrigation.
, Tenders for the purchase- of the
bonds of thc Lethbridge "Northern
Irrigation District - wi'.l be opened
January 7th is thc latest news in the |
irrigation development of Southern
This district is thc first of
thc irrigation schemes -to' bc constructed and operated by the farmers
themselves, as- provided for by the
Alberta Irrigation/ District Act, and
its progress is being watched with
great interest.
Pot' and Kettle.
Just  when   wc   wcrc  beginning  to
enjoy cussing England for her.treatment   of   Ireland,   here   comes   thc
Haiti mess.���Albany Times-Union. --
Thc .wild cherry, with its beautiful
red-bronze .bark, is a miser.    It is so
i niggardly that it cannot bring itself
to   part   with'its own dead branches,
but retains them indefinitely. t -    |
Just Jmagine-==================-^ x   _
The delicious preserves you would make if you could walk out into an orchard oi
One Thousand Acres oi rip��, luscious fruit, in the pink oi condition, picking only
the choicest, using nothing- with it but pure cane sugar, and if, in addition, you
had the most scientific machinery to turn it out���Don't you think your. Jam would
be just about perfect?    Ihir  ia iust how -      ,
E.   D*  SMITH & SONS, Limited
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In popularity.    Try  a tin  oi their new  seasons  strawberry.     It is  delicious.
Ask  your grocer for  ��,   D.   Smith's Jam* t/ifii  the  Mppta Leaf label.
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Western  Distributors
Watson & Tni'sdile, Wirnipcg, Regina and Saskatoon, Sask.    Donald H. Pair  Co^,
Calgary and Edmonton, Alta.
A Silencer For Airplanes.
A contrivance to deaden thc noise
Could Hardly Walk
Without Resting.
~f *i,���:, ���,,������!.,',���   j.-,. 1   ���    ��� t���  ����� 1   examined  for any heart trouble onc
of theirjtcroplanes has been adopted   of theTlrst qucsl&ns hc asks is
by thc French army. Tlie device is
sioncr'of thc Yukon Territory, pre-, attached to thc exhaust pipe, and it
dieted a good many ycars ago that', not only muffles thc roar, but it also
this method of getting o.l   from   thc
When you go to a physician to be
Mackenzie River basis to the marke't
would some day be adopted.
Mr. Ogilvic's first mention of the
-matter was made in a report on McDougall Pass written in 1887.       "   '
Put To- Tha Proof.
Angelina.���I don't believe you were
&inccre when you said' you'd die for
mc.  s ���
Edwin.���Indeed I  was, dearest.
' Angelina.���Then why don't you let
me drive the car when you take me
out motoring?���Boston  Globe.
Westminster Abbey is rotting away
owing to London's impure atmosphere.     " ' .
you short of breath?"
Now, when  the heart becomes af-'
fectcd    there    ensues    a    feeling   of
.���a      .1      a 111 .    1   a choking  sensation, a shortness  of
stifles   the  flames  should  any  petrol   brcath>  paipilatioi!i   throbbing, irreg-
cxplodc   through   the p!pc becoming, uJa^  beating,  smothering   sensation,
overheated. . dizziness and    a    weak, sinking, all-
gone feeling of oppression and anxiety. '   ������-      .
On the first' sign of thc heart becoming weakened or thc nerves unstrung Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills are-just the "remedy you require.
Thcy regulate, and" stimulate thc
heart, and strengthen and, restore thc
whole nerve sj'stcm. .      i   -      I
Mr. Stephen Crousc, East Clifford,
N.S., writes:���"I suffered for five
years  with  heart  trouble.    I    could
nnn     .,       ,    .       ,.    ,������ hardly  walk  from  thc house  to  thc
000 miles  during his 30  ycars as  a   barn   without   rcst[ng   as ^   uscd   to
", London's First Coffee Hous��.
The first coffee house established in
London was 1652.- Coffee was heard
of in .France in 1658, and became
fashionable in Paris in 1669.   '.    '
Walks 211,000 Miles.
After walking, it is estimated, 211,-
postal carrier, Charles Denly, a Cob-
ham, Eng., postman, has retired.
A sounding by Perry five miles
from thc North Pole failed to reach
bottom - after th�� lead had been let
down 9,000 feet.
Somc of the finest pasturage in ther
world is found in Queensland,   '        I
VV.   N.   U.   1346
get so short of breath. Doctors
could 'not help rnc. My wife told mc.
to get a box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pil'ls and I felt better after
raking them; three boxes made me
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to work thc farm, and can truthfully _
say I feel like a different man." j
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Counter Check Books
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American Plan, $4.00 and up; with bath, $4.50; European Plan, $2.03"
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Onc.of tlic largest and most comfortable Hotels in'tlie. Dominion, strictly first-
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Ownership of Natural Resources
When the British Crown Colonies of Upper and Lower Canada (or On-
-' taiio and' Quebec as we know them today), and Nova Scotia and New
Brunswick united to form thfe Dominion of. Canada they were autonomous
units enjoyingj ownership of their public domain and control ovcr their
customs, postal and other services.-���When they decided lo enter the Canadian confederation they agreed to surrender to the Federal authority control and jurisdiction over thc Customs, Post Office and certain other public
'^services; but they insisted on retaining owncishjp and control of thc public
domain, Unit is, the hinds, forests and mines. '
Later, when the Crown Colony of Britisii Columbia decided to join thc
con federation it likewise relinquished certain of ils powers and services, to
the Federal body, but retained ownership and control of its public domain
anil natural resources.: . It also bargained that certain things should tic
done, as, for example, that a transcontinental railway should bc built.connecting British Columbia with the ES'stcrn Provinces.        ''""'
��� The construction of this railway across what is now Eastern Canada,
hut which was-th.cn thc property of the Hudson Bay Company, led to thc
purchase by Canada of the lands owned by that Company.-- In course of
lime and with increasing settlcinwit it was decided to create the Province
of -Manitoba out of a portion of this western territory. In entering the Dominion confederation as a Province, Manitoba came in as the creation of
lhc Dominion Parliament, not as a previously established Crown Colony
like the other Provinces.' It had no Customs or Postal services to "relinquish, nor did it enjoy, ownership of lands which it could decline to give up.
Consequently, in creating Manitoba a Piovincc the Dominion Parliament   wart cure is    Putnam's,'
did nol provide that it should bc given full ownership and'control of its
natural resources.     The Dominion kept what it had hitherto owned.     And
when Alberta and Saskatchewan were created Provinces in 1905, the same
policy was'followed.
Few people question-thc legal "right of thc Dominion Parliament to
retain ownciship of .these natural resources, but the,practically unanimous
opinion ofJ.hc West is that by so doing Parliament violated the spirit of
thc Confederation pact and ignored thc cardinal principle upon which Confederation rests.. The Canadian confederation is supposed to be a^union, | ^\lc habit of'the flv. Flics don't
oi: federation, of Provinces each enjoying equal rights, powers, responsible I travel nearly so far as onc is apt to
Newsprint Prices
Are Still Rising
An  Increase  of  over 243  Per  Cent.
Since 1916.
���Newsprint prices for the Winnipeg
papers  for  thc first six months
1 of 1921 lnyve been announced by thc
j paper   company   which supplies this
I market.
\     Thc    pricc    quoted -is    7  cents  a
pound, or $140.00 a ton.
This is an increase of $40.00 per
ton, or 40 pcr cent, over the price
paid for newsprint during thc ' last
six months of 1920.
It is an increase of 75 per cent, ovcr
the corresponding pricc for thc first
six months of,1920.
The increase ^of $40.00 a ton now
announced is alone greater than the
total price paid 'by thc Winnipeg
newspapers for newsprint as recently
as May, 1916.
, The price is f.o.b. the mill, and to
it the freight rate must be added.
Thc freight now paid by the Winnipeg newspapers from their souijce of
supply is $19.50, as against $10.00 a
ton paid four years ago. This will
make a-total cost laid down of
$159.50, as against $46.40 in 1916, an
increase of $113.10���or ovcr 243 pcr
Tried to trim a wart with a razor
and    severed    an artery.    - Thc only
which    rc-
' moves, warts, corns, callouses in onc
day.      Insist    on    getting    Putnam's
Corn and  Wart Extractor,
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it's    the
How Far Does a" Fly Fly?
Experiments'ma'de  by  the   British
Government, last ycar,    brought    to
(light  thc  following  facts, relating  to
It took
A little
tics and privileges; in a word, all arc supposed to bc on a basis of equality.
Jt is selfrevidcnl, however, that if some Provinces own and control lluir
natural resources and derive large revenues therefrom, while 'other Provinces are denied such ownership and control and thc revenues from the
natural rcso.urccs within'their bounds go-ihto thc Dominion treasury to be
shared equally by all Provinces, there is rank inequality. Provinces owning their resources not only- obtain all the resultant revenues, but thcy also
-gel fi. share from the resources of the other Provinces who 'do not enjoy
such ownership. _ ���
In justification'for the policy of Dominion retention of ownership and
control of thc. natural resources of the West it was urged that it was in thc
national interest"! lhat thesc lands should be disposcd'of as free homestcrds.
think. Of several hundred caught in
a Suffolk village, sprinkled'with while
powder and released^ the one lhat
travelled farthest was found two days
later less than a mile away. Thc
bodies of the majority wcrc found
within two hundred yards from thc
place of release. "In the open air
flics  rarely fly "more    than
I. Thc Birth of the Savior (vv. 1-7).
1. Thc time of (vv. 1, 2). lt was at
a time when tlic Jews were coming
under control of the Roman power.
In thc providence of God, the birth
of Christ occurred at a time when all
the systems of religion and morality
were tottering upon thcir foundations.
It was at a time, indeed,, when a,new
force was needed lo bc brought into
the world. Furthermore, it occurred
at a time which was the.most suitable
for the introduction of thc gospel.
���The whole world being under one rule
made it possible for ministers to
move from city to city and from
country to country without molesta-
2. Thc place of (vv. 3, 4).
place at Bethlehem as thc
had foretold some seven
years, beforc (Micah 5:2).
while previous to-this.il seemed very
unlikely that the ' words of Micah
would comc true. Mary, tllc mother
of Jesus, was in Galilee, miles away
from Jerusalem. God moved the emperor to "���cn force the decree of taxation just at the timc to cause Mary
to be at Bethlehem at'thc'proper lime.
Little did ihc: emperor realize1 tliat. hc
was an instrument in the hands of
God to carry tlrts out.
3. Thc circumstances of His birth
(v. 7). Thc surroundings were the
most humble sort. The Almighty
Creator condescended to take upon
Himself humanity���to be born in a
manger, becoming thc poorest of the
poor, that none might bc hindered
fiom coming to Him. L.
II. Thc Birth of lhc Savior Announced (vv. 8-14).
1. To whom (v. 8). His birih, v. as
announced to the shepherds who wcrc
keeping watch ovcr their flocks by
night. Thc glorious gospel message
was first sounded forth to them. This
shows -that poverty is no barrier to
the reception of the blessed gospel.
God docs not reveal Himself jnainly
Rumania Now
As Large as Italy
Area Is -105,000, Square Miles, Population 15,000,000.
Rumania emerges from thc war
enlarged in area and in population.
Bj- the award of Bessarabia, confirmed by the Allies in a treaty signed in
Paris on October 28, shc" gains territory' which makes her equal to Italy
in size, with a population ofxnorc
than 15,000,000.
��� No other active belligerent in thc
war against Germany has varied so
much in extent, says thc Ncw York]
Herald. Condemned by thc treaty
of Bucharest to lose half her territory, she has not only regained her
previous domain, but has seen it successively enlarged-by the addition of
Transylvania, Bkowina, part of the
banat of Temc-svar, and, now, Bessarabia.
This makes an aica ai eight times
as largc as Alsacc-Lorraincc, with a
population five limes that of the restored French provinces.-'. ��� Before thc
war Rumania's area was 53,000 square
mile, and her population 7,500,000.
Now her area is 105,000 square miles
and her population i.s more than
Bolshevists Have
Symbols   Used' Represent   Industry,
Intellect and (the  Peasantry.
The Bolshevists have adopted, a
coat of arms, the joint work, ii i^ said}
of Lenin and Trotsky. Il consists of
two sheaves of corn joined to form
a circle. Inside the circle'the sun is
shining on a field rcprcscnlinc; Uu-
manil3r. in ihc foreground arc a
hammer, a symbol of industry; a
quill, signifying intellect; and a
sickle, which stands for the peas-
an try.
Between the ends of the sheaves
is a ilask encircled by a paper band,
on vriych is printed a led lozenge.
On the flask, which to the Bolshevists is au emblem of silence, is inscribed thc legend: "If I am broken
niy contents will spread all over thc
woild." The higher point of thc loz*
cngc represents Idealism,'-.Intellectuality, Liberty and Lovc, and the
lower, Matter, Power of Lifc, Labor
and Reason. Around the circle formed by thc sheaves is scrolled: "Wc
work in. silence for the Liberation of
all Humanity;"
The"Only   Real   Nerve   Tonic   is
Good Supply of Rich, Red    _
ten v or I l0 t'lc Prmccs and great men of lhc
twelve feet above the ground. On
the top floors of a tall office building
they are hardly ever seen.     In many
and that  inasmuch as  thc/encouragement of immigration  was. a  Federal: U.S. skyscrappers flies are" absolutely
matter" it was essential lo the success of any immigration policy that con-1 unknown    above    thc   first   two    or
trol of the homestead lands should be vcstcd'in the same authority.     Il was , three stories,
argued thai if lhc Provinces owned lhe lands.thc>\would be compelled toj .  =	
administer thcm for revenue producing purposes rather than to encourage!
Provide Work for Soldiers
settlement. ' Z
,".    Furthermore, it was contended, the Dominion Parliament was spend;
- ing huge sums of money annually-for immigration purposes solely for the
purpose of settling thc vacant lands of th.e West, but that.no such service
was maintained to add popu'ation to thc East.       '
Wha.tevcr force there may have been in thesc arguments at the timc.'i
it has all been  dissipated now, and has been for some ycars past.      The.
- immigration   service of thc  Dominion   Government is  exerting itself just!mcnt Mluation amonS returned men,
as il is to bring settlers to" thc Western which do pot own thcir lands.   th,c ^oldlc.r bettlemcnt Board of Can"
���ada is taking-steps to see that its de-
Insist That Soldier Settlement Board
Give Preference to Returned
Id. yicw of-the present unemploy-
as it is to bring settlers    to thc Western .avhich do no own  thcir lands
Free homestead lands arc now practically a thing of thc past, and control!
of thc land�� remaining, 'the forest and thc mines, is not necessary to the success.of thc Federal immigration policy.
iFurthermore," thc Dominion today is administering the natural resources
of thc West for "revenue-producing purposes, and the Federal treasury is
bcing enriched nnnuaPy by a substantial surplus of revenue from cxpendi-
* lure froin the natural resources of the West.
,    ���   The net result is that there' is not equality in status among the Prov-'
''mccs Ea.st,and West, and as a-conscqucnce therc is a weakness in the bond I
""'of con ft deration.     The Western Provinces are rcstrictrd in their revenues,'
.  their development is retarded,.and an unnecessary, foolish and even dangor-
7 ous feeling of Resentment is aroused in.the West against thc East because
of-the injustice under which thc Wes't feels it labors.
Big* Drop in Meat Exports
Th$s Decrease "Represents a Value of
Over $48,000,000.
Exports of'-meat' from Canada for
~thc~~;yca"r"vctTdin g" OctoScr-show~a de~
crease compared-with last year of thc
large total of '12^829,500 lbs". The
decrease represents a value, of over
$48,000,000 on the "year's, trade. , Thc
export figures for two years, reported by thc Dominion Bureau of Statistics, are given as fo!l<jws: Bacon
and bain, '1919, 208,906,035 lbs., 1920,
148,674,000 lbs.; pork, 1919, 18 002.313
lbs., 1920, 4,851,200 lbs.; beef. 1919,
129,944,411 lbs., 1920, 85,916,000 lbs.:
canned meats, 1919; 11^98,393 lbs.,
1920,-980,458 lb"s>
There was an offset of rather less
than a million dollars,in thc increase
of "other meats" exported, a classi-
���fication. that includes " game and
Worth of Fish Hatcheries
Huge Quantity of Fry is Distributed
In Canadian Lakes.
Fish' hatcheries j>pcratcd_ by. Jhe
fisheries branch, Department of Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, have distributed in 1920 three-fourths of a
billion fry, in thc various provinces
throughout    thc    Dominion.        The
clarcd policy that only returned men
be employed at clerical and record
work, is can icd out.' All district offices have been instructed to furnish
a certificate to -the effect that no
female-staff is engaged in., classes of
work mentioned, except in cases
where individuals are employed or
kinship to deceased soldiers, by virtue of war service or where no returned soldiers are obtainable at the
salaries available for the positions.
,. Major Barnctt, chairman of thc
board, states that this procedure is
merely to check up on the various
offices to ascertain if previous instructions arc being carried out to
thc letter. ,
, Recognize Them?
There are people who fail because
thcy arc afraid to make a beginning.
Who arc too honest to steal/but
will borrow and never pay back.
Who go to b.d tired because thcy
largest distribution of any onc species! spend the day in looking for an easy
was the valuable whitefish, of which ! place. .     ,
more than 400,000,000 were released. J Who can play a tune orvonc string,
About half of these were distributed ��� but it never makes anybody want to
in  the Great Lakes anti  thc balance | dance. ���
in Mapitoba. Picken.1 came second
to whitefish. Of this species, 120,-
000,000 wcrc distributed in thc Great
Lakes and 25,000,000 in Manitoba.
.Sock-eye salmon, thc most valuable
of all thc Pacific species, came third,
with 9,000,000.
'The Cost of Publishing:.
Figures  of newspaper  suspensions
show,that there are now 25 per cent.
fewer    newspapers    in  Canada  than
there were in the year.191'4, the first
Thc most obstinate corns fail to resist - Holloway's Coin Remover.
Try it.
Who would like to reform thc
world, but havc a front gate , that
won't stay shut.
Who cannot tell what thcy think
about anything until thcy sec what
thc papers havc to say about it.
Minard's   Liniment   For   Garget   In
Silver in the Yukon,
With the discovery of la'gc s'lvcr j
areas in the vicinity of Keno Hi'.l, the
year of the war."  -According   to   the! Yuko�� is entering upon a new indus-
Montreal Slar, the cost of producing
that paper is now $1,500,000 per ycar
morc than it was before thc war.
What is true of thc Montreal Star is,
no doubt,-relatively true of other
papers.���Woodstock Sentinel-Review:
An Editor Sugg st'd It.
It is'worth whil; to record thc fact
that it-was J. B. Wi'.son,    the   news
-iually suggested a- ycar ago that the
trial era, is thc statement madc by
Dr. Thompson, M.P. for that district,
who has been on an extended three
months tour in that territory. Hc
says thatthe ncw silver find will take
the place of thc gold which first put
the Yukon on 'the map. N,
BiC. Prov'ncial Bank.
earth, but oftentimes these things are
concealed from such, aud disclose1, to
thc poor. "Hath not God chosen ,thc
poor bf this'world, rich in^ faith and
heirs of the kingdom, which hc hath
promised to them that love him?"
(James 2:5). Thcir bcing busy with
thc duties of this 'life did not prevent
thcm from being favored with this
glorious ^ilcssagc froiii God. Moses,
Gideon, Amos and Ehsha were called
by the Lord from thc busy activities
of lifc. Thc Lord never calls the
idle; hc has no use for thc lazy man.
2.~By whom (v. 9), The lirst gospel sermon was prea.chcd by the angel
of the Lord. This exalted being has
part in the announcement of thc plan
of salvation. No doubt angels earnestly sympathize with poor, fallen,
sin-cursed men.
3. The nature of the message (vv.
10-14). It was good tidings of great
joy. Surely this was a gladsome
message.' It was good tidings because the darkness of heathendom
which had for so long covered thc
earth was beginning to vanish. Thc
casting out of Satan, thc prince of thc
world, was about to take place. Liberty was now soon to be proclaimed
to those who were in bondage. The
way of salvation was now about to be
opened to all. No longer was thc
knowledge of God to bc confined to
the Jews, but offered to thc whole
world. So glorious was this glad
news that a multitude of the heavenly '
hosts appeared, joining in the song of
III. Thc Prompt^Investigation of the
Shepherds-(vv.  15,  16).
They didjiot stop to argue or question, though no doubt these things
seemed passing strange to ihcnl, but
thcy hastily went to Bethlehem where
they found everything just as represented. Thcy had the priviltgt of
first gazing upon the world's Savior,
the Lord of glory. ' Thcy returned |
with gratitude in thcir hearts, prais-!
ing God for all these wonderful things
which he had revealed to them.
IV. Thc   Shepherds   Witnessing   (vv.
Thcy could not remain silent. T'hey
were impclkd to tell the good news.
Al! who have truly   heard   the   good
Honor to a Great Officer.    - " j tid.ngs    of    salvation through Jesus
A   graceful   tribute  has  been   paid' Christ must tell it to others.   These
by thc Canadian Government to Lord i shepherds  went back  to  thcir work
Byng   in    h.s' appointment to bo an J Poising God
honorary general  in    thc    Canadian
' "If people .would only attend CO"
their blood, instead of worrying^
themselves ill," said an eminent'
nerve specialist, "wc doctors would
not sec pur consulting- rooms crowded with nervous wrecks. "More people- suffer from worry than anvthing
The sort of thing which thc specialist .spoke of is the nci vous rundown
toiulition caused7 by overwork and
the many anxieties of to-day. Suf-
feicri find themselves tired, low-
spirited and unable to keep their
minds on anything. Any sudden
noise hurts like a blow. Thcy are
full of groundless fears, and do not
sleep well at night.. Headaches and
other nerve pains arc part of the
misery, and it all comes from statved
Doctoiin�� thc ujrves with poisonous sedatives is a tcrtiblc mistake.
Thc only real ncivc tonic i.s a Rood
supply of rich, red blood. Therefore
to relieve nervousness and lun-down
health D'r. Williams' Pink fills
should bc taken. Thesc pills make
new, rich blood, which strengthens
the nerves, improves the appetite,
gives new1 strength and spirits, and
makes hitherto -despondent people
bright and cheerful. If you arc at
all "out of sorts" you should begin
taking Dr. Williams' Pink Piils.
You   can   get   these   pills   through IT""
Peanuts Rise to Fame.
The peanut, oin4&thc symbol of all
that was cheap, has risen in.the world
x'tnd is- now classed among the aristo-
crats in nuts. ll is the principal product of twelve of thc U.S. Slates, and
in 1918 thc peanut crop reached the
imposing proportions of 53,000,000
bushels and represented a v.ilue of
Absence of bonis ou Aberdeen-Angus and Galloway entile is due entirely to selective breeding.
Simple and Sure.���Dr. Thomas'
Eclcclric Oil is so simple in' application that a child can understand thc
instiuctions. Used as a liniment the
only direction is to rub, and when
used as a dressing to apply. Thc
directions are so plain and unmistakable that they arc readily understood
by young or old.        ���
Plenty of Moose
Moose   Are   the   Most   Plentiful
Canada's Big Game.
"The   moose    is    by far "thc most ,
plentiful of our big   game   animals,'''
writes the chief game warden-of Alberta  in  his  annual  r;eport,  and  this
despite the. fact that nimrods annually
account for scores and perhaps huti-',
dreds   of  big   fellows.      Throughout
the   Dominion,    it   is estimated that
from 1,000 ^o 1,500 moose are killed
annually, but thc    moose   is   by   no
means following the trail of the buffalo to extinction.      Several splendid _
specimens havc been shot in thc north
country already this season.       3
Minard's Liniment For. Distemper.
It's easy to plant a mortgage on-a"
fartn, but it isn't so easy to. raise it.
Excellence is Profitable
It  Pays the Farmer Every Time to
Improve the Quality of His
lias ii pstid the fanner to invest in
high-priced beef stock?     Undoubtedly,     lias i: paid him to invest iu^tlfe
best quality of land, seed and implements?      Beyond  flucstion.      Has  it
paid him to laisc thc best wool, make
the best butter, grow thc best fruit,
and do the best in fanning and dairy-
any dealer in'medicinc, or by mail at' in�� generally?      'Nobody   doubts'   it.
50 cents ajjox or six boxes for ��2.50 j Wc sec it in the improved quality of
from Thc Dr. Williams' Medieim Co..
Brpckville, Ont.
Paper Clothes From Germany.
The  first   cacgo  of  German   paper
suits "and    overcoats has arrived in
Chicago from Hamburg, and will bc
retailed at $2.50 each gaimcnt.
a -nu
Cloth From Pineapple.
A Frenchman has invented
chine for extracting fibres from thc
leaves of wild pineapple, the banana,
white nettle and numerous other
growth in tropical countries. A^pro-
ccss of brushing removes the last
vegetable fragments from thc fibres,
which are combed and bleached by
You will immensely
improve tlie tastinefl9
of disLes and add tremendously to tlteir
nourishing value
you use plenty of
horses, bred from high-priced stock;;!.
in superior wool,  the result of first- | ���
class rams; in the excellent quality of   i~
pork,  thc result  of  costly improved
breeds;  in the  introduction  of high-
priced fowls and high-priced seed of
every kind. With these high-pric
ed helps thc livestock wealth of the j!
country has become more than
double what it otherwise would havc
been. Since profit is sought in dairying, the butter-making farmers cannot afford to do without that breed
of -cows which j-iclds the most and
the best. They must have the���ccftv
thai costs the least to keep and returns the greatest percentage of butter profit.
Church Fairs
Is your Church holding a
Fair or Bazaar this winter?
We can give you some ncw
ideas in raising money. Let us
tell you about them.
T. P. TANSEY,   ,
Badges & Buttons,
329 Craig St. West.     Montreal.
Makers of everything a Society-
Another dangerous  combination i?
a fool and his typewriter.
Treaty to Protect Fisheries. '
Under a resolution ^introduced by
Scnator McNary, Republican, Ore-
gon,""Prcsident'Wilson ~w"ou!trb"c���as]c-
cd to' negotiate a treaty with Great
Britain providing for co-operation between Canada and the United Statcs j
for thc protection of salmon fisheries j
in Pacific waters. Wasteful methods
of taking fish, particularly iu,the territory of Alaska, make such a trcacy
ncccssary,  the. lcsoltttion said. j     , Decline of the Parlor.
One"   of    thc large manufacturing
Monsieur: companies of tlic United Slates is en
For 15 days u thc month of Janu- gaged in the construction of a groat
ary I was suffering with pain of rhcu-. number of houses for its employees,
matisn. in the foot. I tried all k.nds U(1 wh;,c tllLrc arc nwnv novcl fca.
of remedies but nothing did mc anyi .    ,, .       .".
good. One person told mc about! turf s in lhc wa>" or ""kints conveu-
MTNARD'S LINIMENT; as soon as' i'enecs. the most striking thing about
I tried it the Saturday night, the nc\t, thc homes is thc tola] absence of thc
Miller's Worm Powders were devised to promptly relieve children who
suffer_ froni-thc_ravagcs,of_worir.5.-It
is a simple preparation to ..destroy
stomachic worms' without shock or
injury to the most sensitive system.
The}' act thoroughly and painlessly,
and though in some cases thcy may
cause vomiting, that is an indication
of tlicir powerful action and not of
any nauseating property..   -
militia.      Lord Byng proved himself
to bc a great soldier when hc led thc
Dynamic Education,
makc    higher education more
Canadians   in   the   historic   drive at   vital, to makc colleges    and    nniver-
Vimy Ridge in April and May. 1917.    j pities and their graduates play an important part in thc world outside the
college yard and campus, is thc task
wheh    educators   have set for them-
Punishment For Profiteers.
Thc   anti-profiteering   campaign in
England has  resulted in  the  convic-i
To keep the money of thc people in t
tion   of   1,320 persons, with morc in
' prospect.     Many of these were hand-
selves, v '     From every conference of
j teachers   and  educational- authorities
morning I t\as failing vcry  good;  I i usu;il  parlor,
tell you this remedy is very good.      I
could give you a good certificates anj
time that you would like to havc ono.
If anj- timc I come to hi-ar_about any
pcrson   sick  of  rheumatism,   1   could
tell them about  this remeclj'.
Yours trulv,
216 Rue Ontario East, Montreal.
Feb. 14, 1908.
Thc space is thrown
inlo the other rooms. It looks as if
the parlor was out of fashion.
just like the famous T. &
A. Kay Red Hones, the
original and .only Kay
with a "K" as trade mark
on the striking band.
Thc supply is limited.
Write   for   quotations   at
The   Kingston   Smith
Arms Co., Ltd.
(Sole  Agents)
Winnipeg    -   -    Calgary
leVERYT tf I NG GOO bi*
In a certain district in Norway the
longest    day    lasts    from May 21  to /
July 22 without interruption.
Many - of the words and phrases
used in Ptoverbs are not found cisc-
wherc in  the old testament.
comes this ncw note.���Detroit Ncws.l "^zrrz.
editor of the Daily Express, who orig-j the SJrovince'anTto as^^^ te*rmS and $35'��G0 ��n fmcS
the   British    Columbia
Government j
body of an unknown soldier should' will establish a provincial bank,
be brought home from the'battle- cording to the" announcement made
fields of France and buried in West-1 by1 Hon. John Hart, Minister of Fin-
minster Abb-y as the representative ' ance. Another'fcaturc'of the policy
of our million dead. At the timc' is the proposal-to establish a capital
this proposal was- rejected, but its reserve fund, in which a'l mories de-
felicity is now universally recognized, j rived from the. sale'of n tural re
���London Sunday Express. | sources will be .placed.
Tricky, . .    '
"I simply can't understand thc combination of my wife's clothes."
"What puzzles you "
A White Blackbird.
A blackbird, with plumage which is
completely white except a jet black
head, makes its home in one of thc
London p.* ks,"saj-s. a London correspondent. It is invariably alone, as
if its color debarred it from mixing
*'Well," when she wants to hide any-; with hs feathered fellows
thing,   she   pokes   it down her neck.
This, capital' *>u* when shc wants to get it again,
I fund  would  never  be  impaired, but, "lt's always in her stocking."
The   movie   director    thought the j loaned out on interest for the devel-
hero's acting of the  deathbed scene
- was pooi.   ,
"Come    on!      Put    more lifc Jnto
geas dying',there!" he shouted.
opment of British Columbia.
The wood known ?s Circassian walnut is too heavy to float in winter.
Wild turkey flesh is much finer than
that of the domesticated bird which,
contrary to usual custom, has degraded with domestication.
Thc Chinese arc "trulj- devotees to
cleanliness. Public baths abound, and
thc poorest citizen bathes usually
twice a day.
Fireproof barrels, made from sugar
mill refuse, have been invented.
Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"-
For Colds. Pain, Hheumatism, Aching Joints, Lumbago, Sciatica, Nea-;
xitis, and for Headache. Neora!gia^
Toothache, Earache, take Aspirin
xnarked with1 the namc "Bayer" or
yon are sot taking Aspirin at alL -g
Accept only "Bayer Ifobkts of
Aspirin" . in   an  unbroken - **2ayer"
p&ckag# -which contains complete directions. Then yon are getting real
Aspirin���the genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for over is:ae-
teea years.    No-w made in Canada.
Handy tin boxes contafrriug 12 tab* -
lets cost bnt a. few eeats.   Bnssgists
also sell larger "Bayer" packages*
Thtrrt) is asly oae Aspirin���^Bayer"���'Yob m-aat nay "Bayer"
' Aspirin Is th�� trade mark (rexlrterefi in Caaadtt) nt Bayer Stasuf'leturs of M<mA~
���eettcscidetter oJ Ealicyllcaetd. TTbV.e. It la well kaown tb*t Agpims mrttxut S&yeP
KiMjafactore, to aaaist the public *��xtost ImUaUoBis, ��a�� T&btets ct Biyey 'QwngMiy
Hiii &a sUispe& wtti th��tr *SB*rai trsde mark, tlie "Eajer Cross." THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three months or u-.ore
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Lessee s
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $^S.oo
Coal and Oil Notices....     7.00
Estray Notices ..3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
{Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cent9 a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
en inch each insertion.
Ptisiness locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
Party Policy of
Manitoba Farmers
��� ^
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tV.ai the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Osoyoos to be
Renamed Oliver
A Victoria report Bays: "The
British Colnmbia government early
in the spring will put on the mar-
feet part of the calnable agricultural land in its 22,000 acre irrigated district at Osoyoos in ' the
Okanagan, Hon.' T. D. Pattnllo,
minister of lands announced Saturday. At the same time the
townsite of Osoyoos will be renamed Oliver, after the premier of
the province, and 1 part of it also
put on sale, Hon. Mr. Patulio said.
This townsite is 25 miles south of
Trail Ore Receipts
' During the first seven days of
Dec, tbe Consolidated Mining
ing and^Smelting company received
12,502 tons of ore at its smelter
in Trail. . The receipts are as follows: - .
Bluebell, Riondel
Canada Copper, Allenby
Horn Silver, Similkameen
Josie, Rossland
Knob Hill, Republic
North Star, Kimberley
Silver Cnp, Gerrard
Velvet, Velvet
Company Mines
-    80
Extraordinary Storms.
The following artiule clipped
from the Family Herald and
"Weekly Star will be of interest to
farmer-politicians and others of
this district as it gives a synopsis
of the platform of the Independent Farmers' Party iri the Provincial Legislature of Manitoba. The
article reads:
Pledging themselves to a provincial referendum on the liquor
question, to the abolition of direct
taxation, the abolition of boards
and commissions in tbe government, to the creation of a Labor
portfolio in the provincial cabinet,
and to a rigid policy of provincial
economy, the newly formed Independent Farmers' Party in the
Manitoba Provincial House, drew
up its platform containing twenty-
four planks, many'of them designed for [the expansion and protection of agriculture in the province.
In the preamble ifc is stated that
the party has iu view, the en.-
tire elimination of party patronage, party friend privileges,' and
party corporation privileges "which
have heretofore been the curse of
past governments."
The platform includes the following clauses: Establishment of pro-
vincially controlled abattoirs and
cold storage plants, increased taxation on non-productive lands, return the natural resources to the
province, completion of the Hudson's Bay Railway, a vigorous
Good Roads policy and a cabinet
portfolio for proper supervision, and
the application of automobile license
taxes toward road expenditure,
provision of" adequate educational
facilities to give every child
an elementary education and a
thorough knowledge of English,
promotion of status of the teachers,
a pension system for teachers and
the building afc a suitable time of
new university buildings, equality
of sexes in regard to pay, equality
in. divorce, civil status and dower
laws, appointment of a woman
crown prosecutor, amendment of
the jury act to permit women to
sit on juries, and the appointment
of woman magistrates and juvenile
officers and, finally, adherence to
the principles of direct legislation,
initiative,  referendum  and recall.
" Who sows no seed, no harvest reaps"       .
���An Independent Future
A small monthly payment, or a lump sum, paid in advance, will
assure to young and old a Canadian Government Annuity of from
$50 to $5,000
a year for life payable monthly or quarterly. ������ May be .purchased
on a single life, or on two lives jointly. Employers may purchase
for their employees.
Apply to your postmaster, or write, postage free, to S. T. Bastedo,
.Superintendent of���Annuities,,Ottawa, for new booklet ahd other
information required.    Mention age last birthday and sex.
.': y<y. . ... .������ . .  ���.. .1-
J��> *J��vVjj w*���� ..'p. v^ ��..��- Jfri
r��. ryt..r^.^^c^i0^^i^tC^.^ix)^o^\j^iJ^*c^t O^^ft^j^. J^n^y Jf
Spopsis of
Land H\ I menrfmenfs
? On December 1st, I920, the Corporation of the City of Greenwood take charge
of the power and lighting system of the
Greenwood City Waterworks Company
in Greenwood and Anaconda. All accounts due from the above date must be
paid to the undersigned at the3City Hall.
Citv Clerk.
Physician and Surgeon
That he  has located, at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.   ���
Residence   -  'Dr. MacLean's House
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, ��odge, Hudson,
Chalmers Cadillac cars, Garage in
connection.. '
Culameeti fiotel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beauti fullbcation,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
Mlnlmun W^rlce of first-class Und
reduced to ?6 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but eaoh making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. . f
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and mak* Improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least S acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than il years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
{SOO per annum and records same eaoh
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess than 5 years, aad improvements
of 110.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years af* required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsttrveyed areas, not exceeding to
acres, may be leased as homesltea;
title to be obtained aftcr fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exoeedlng 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage. '
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made. f ���,
The scops of tbis Act Is enlarged to
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   ot   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,  Pig   Lead   and Zinc
X*4>+ t^+4***-***** i*************
Two extraordinary stprois are
reported���oafi ocenring in Paris,
the other in London. The downpour in the Paris district was fehe
v/oxst that the French capital has
_yct experienced. At.Beauyais, lhe
bail stones were as large as hens
ppgs, persons were badly injured,
animals were killed, crops damaged
s.-d the railways cut in several.
Tne London deluge, was a myster-
;ons affair. The west of London
? ;.tl   greater   London   "had    tbe
One Potato Does Wonders
'L'.-t thunderstorm ever espen-
-   '> il," and yet people barely half
i:'ilfj. away could scarcely believe
:.' for the dust wanted laying!   A
-Juunderbolt was supposed to have
fallen in Chiswick, a hole in the
ground being made three feefe long,
2i. feefe  wide,   and 5   feet  deep!
These  instances   serve  to  recall
other storm stories on record, and
perhaps one bf the mosfe interesting
is that which a French newspaper,
told concerning "living pictures"
made on a human being by lightning during a violent thunderstorm,
Two laborers had soughfe shelter in
a cabin constructed of reeda, which
was built near eome trees.   Standing in  the doorway of the hut, a
sudden  flash of   lightning   threw
them to the. ground,   They wer^
taken to hospital,. where ife was
found that one was; badly burned,
but fehe/other waa suffering from
the effects of "electric flaid."  The
lightning had cafe open one of fete
man?s boots, ripped his trousers,
and what is more surprising,  had
tattooed on his body a, picture of a
pine tree, a poplar,, and the handle
ofhiB watchl -.- ' ������".',
Five years ago one rare potato
disappeared from an Iowa train
bearing exhibits of potatoes and
promotion experts to tell ho.w to
grow potatoes, under the auspices
of, the lowna State College Extension Department. The experts
searched diligently, bub found no
trace of the-potato.
This fall the. mystery cleared itself when a farmer admitted he
took it, and said thafe he had developed that potato; until this fall
he harvested forty acres,from it. '
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that Herbert Holmes whose
address Is Beaverdell, B, C, will apply for a
licence to take and use SOO gallons per day of
water out ol Beaver creek, which Ilpws southwesterly and drains into West Fork of the
Kettle river about % mile west of Beaverdell,
The water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 550 feet in a northerly direction from thp North-East corner of tot B509
(Part of Lot 1S45) and will be used for irrigation purposes upon the land described as B509
(Part of I(Ot 1545) Beaverdell, B.C.
This notice was posted 011 the ground on
the 25th day of November, 1920.
A copy of this notice and an application pur.
suant thereto aud lo the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed lu the oflice of the Water Recorder at
Grand Forks, B. C.   -
Objections to the application may be filed
with the said Water Recorder -or with thc
Comptroller of Water ights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within thirty days
after the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
The dale of the first publication of this notice
i��s November 25th, 1920.
Nicely iuruished rooms, by the
dar, week or inonth
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely fumished/ootns
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Include aflptraona Joining and~a��rr
 _-t-r  .. . B��,a jc
 ..motor may app:
for' tltla under thla Aot la extended
In* with Hia MW'
within whloh I ,	
debeaaad pre-emptor may apply
leatya Forcee.    The
the helra or.devL&es
from for one year from the death of
euch perioD, aa formerly, until one
. r*ar after the oonoluaion of the present
war./JThto privilege la aleo made retroactive.
N�� feea relating to prf-wnptlons are
r��l�� pr aoldte
. -.- or return or moneya
9rHe^.du* *nd been paid aEce August
4, MM, on fcooount of payments, feet
or tarea on ao^dlera' pre-emptlona.
Interest on Agreements to purchase
due pr payable py soldiers on
eruptions recorded after June 2S, 1918,
���* w"  "
on   pi
  88   ft
Taxee_are remitted for flviTyeare,
Provision tor return of moneya
All   the   latest  methods   in   high-class
Corner, Abbott & Hastings .Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
It Isn't Your Town; It's You
Not bv the Senses
An American was with gushiog
enthusiasm describing his new car
to an English visitors; "It runs
so smoothly," be eaid, "you can't
feel it.. Not a bit of "noise, you
can't hear it. .Perfect ignition,
you can't smell it. And speed,
why it simply vwhizzes you. can't
see it."      ".'".-
"My - wordl'. exclaimed the
astonished Britisher. "How do
yon know the. bally thing is
If you want to live in the kind of a town
Like the kiud of a town you like.
Vou needn't slip  your clothes in a grip
And start on & long, long hike,
You'll only find what you left behind,
For there's nothing that's realiy new;
It's a knock at yourself when you leave
- your town���
Ifisn't your town���it's you.
Real towns are not made by men" afraid
Lest someone get ahead;
When every one works and nobody shirks
Yon can raise a town from the dead.
And if when you make your personal
Your neighbor can make one, too,
Your town will be what you want to see���
It isn't your town���it's you.
���C. P. McQueen, Calgary
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Cheniis*-, Box biio8, Nelson," B. C.
Charges::���Gold,-Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. GoU-Silver ��� $1.75.. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3 00/ Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc.,~ on application.
���UB-F-imCH^JEM OF enow*"
Provision   made
purchasers who failed
Crown grant* to sub-	
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
for   Issuance
urchaae. Involving forfeiture, on'ful-
litlr ~ "
���  ��.   wuere suD-purol
era do not Oliim whole qjj original par-
Aliment of oondltlons oi puroiki
terest and tarea.  Where sub
Olalm   "
on ful-
��s��. in-
cel, purchase price due tad" faxes mu
be   distributed   proportionately   over
Orating Act. 1��1J, for systetnaUc
development of livestock industry wo-
vldea for graalng districts and range
administration under Comm&aloner
Annual grating permits Issued .based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range manage-
ment. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or tramllen. ud
to ten head. ^ .
Cbe Runic Rotel
nelson, BX.
The only up/todate Hotel in the interior,
in every^respect,
Hot and ColdlWater; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each; room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
Job Printing
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc/
#���� *1% ����% vl* t*\U ��1* f& ��& *2% *2* JL mim J*
jj, C LOAT is not a periodic- .j>
���  "    al.    Ife is a book con-  jf
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C- Block       -     -     Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Mor$e   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains -	
Autos for Hire.   The finest
Turnouts, in the Boundary
Light and Heavy Draying
���Economy and Satisfaction 3
combined with Promptness 3
are die features which go to 3
make up the Service we give ||
our customers. Are you|
one of them? 3
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plain) v
Envelopes, Billheads,
 (All Sizes)._
- ��l
Orchids and Mignonette
Prices Coming Down
.'-"Kiss Me Again for 49 cents,"
Music "advfe. in,'Pittsburg; paper.
And only a couple of months ago a
New York judge assessed the. value
oi a kiss at two dollars. Does look
sis if things were getting cheaper,
doesn't it?���Port Elgin;Times.'
A woman lived in a garden once,
On a quiet village street:
Where the grass,was  green   with  the
tender rains
And shaded by elms from the heat:-
Where primrose and daisy arid mignonette
.   Grew riotously at her feet..
But the woman who heard of the jangle
Where strange young orchids grow. ,
(Why women will So these foolish tilings.
Only.God in his wisdom can know.)
ut���she left her garden, and took the.
trail ..    ""' .'*' "��� :-       , .   ' . -
That leads, where the wise don't go..
Oh, yes, she found the. orchids,        1
ut women don't eyer.forget  - ..    ~
And shedrcams ifi the heat of thejungler
Of a garden with.clean rain wet,
And over the scentless orchids
Drifts the odor of mignonette!
���g* taining 86 illustrations all
j, told, and is filled with
jf sketches and stories of
"** western life. It tells how
VP a gambler cashed in after
��$�� the flush days~6f Sandon;
������� how it rained in New Ben-
,��, ver long after Noah was
T dead; how a parson took a .4*
*** drink at Bear Lake in ����.
4* -early days; how justice
�����* was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
����i how the saloon man out-
.jj prayed the women in Kala
mazoo, and graphically de>
jj�� picts. fehe roamings of a
4* western editor among the
4* tender-feet in the cent belt.
��gi It contains the early history
��&, of Nelson and. a romance
Palace . Livery  And ��� Stage
Statements, Business Cards, g
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. g
I The Ledge     'PHONE^
B    GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
:���. Send a,Float to your friends at
once.'���-. Yon can get tfaem .at
The Ledge office '   .
Old newspapers for sale at
The Ledge office. Get some before they are all gone.
t^ of the Silver King mine. ��|*
**^ In   it are  printed   three �������
A western poems, and dozens j,
j.   of articles  too  numerous ^
J* to mention.     Send for one j*
4* before it is too late.   The V
4* price   .is "50  cents, post- ��j*
J$p paid, to any part bf   the <g��
ters to
A-ddrees   all   let-
i.'-ixiiyiy- *
The Ledge f
���    -.:        yX-*xx-' 4*
. ' .-xyxi'X X-. *
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
- Has produced Minerals valued sa follows:   Placer Gold, 075,722,603; Lode
Gold, 8100,272,431; Silver, *50,432,304j Lead $43,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, eta), $16,818,487; Goal and Coke,   8199,123,323;   .
Building Stone,  Brick. Cement, ete., 129,991,757; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc., -
$785,918; making its Mineral Production to the @M of 1919 show an
Aggregate Value of $670,649,894 .
Production for Year EndiHg Decemtier, 1919, $33,296,313
The Miring Laws of Ihis Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province ia the Dominion, or anj colony in the British
Empire. ' ^
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. ^
Absolute Titles are obteisad by developing such properties, tke security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grante.
Full information, together with mining Beporte and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing-���,        ; ���       "*
VICTORIA, Britisii Columbia,
i \^
��� -i


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