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The Ledge Jan 29, 1920

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X ' ?'
-Vv ���.
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,
��� all   kinds   of   Nuts
Raisins   and
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietor.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$125 each.
60 Watts
100    "
200   ������
$L25 each
2.00 �� .
3,50 ��
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER & j:_o., 51 IBaker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
-  Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
W. D. RUSK - -       ' - PROPRIETOR
o <
Regular saving will soon show a handsome balance in the depositor's account.
It may be difficult for you to come to the
bank always when you want to deposit.
Send in deposits by mail-���they will be as
carefully handled as- though you handed
them over the counter.
I tit
JL~��    V-i
PAID-UP CAPITAL      :       ;       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND ���        ��        $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, EL E. Brawders, Manager.
I''will"! BUY ANY   AMOUNT
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson.'B.C
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection, kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins dressed and mounted at
reasonable prices.
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer Jn Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle, Etc.
fl! "'
Around Home
H, R. Plommer of Allenby,   is
in the city.
_ Jap Oranges 75 cents a box at
Rendell's store.
"Suds" Smith , is now in ihe
employ of the smelter in Trail.
S. M; Johnson-has two or three
men working on the Bounty at
The Crescent fraction at Greenwood-is being worked by Thompson and Eustis.
A. N. Mowat, postmaster, returned on Tuesday, from a business trip to Vancouver.
Finnan Haddie,.- Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at Rendell's store, Greenwood.
A full supply of Royal Household flour, wheat, shorts, bran,
oats, etc., on hand. G. A. Rendell.
A carload of ore was shipped
this week to the Trail smelter,
from the Skylark mine, Greenwood.
Mrs. Ann Bryan, Dead
* "   ""���' 421'Baker Start "'��� Ht.The"latest "st?le
Stocks, Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
GRAND FORK:*, B.C.       ' '
Stock Ranches Wanted
x _l_haye enauirlesjfor Stock Ranches
from buyers in tiie East, call and List
your properties with me.
Real Estate & Insurance.
Greenwood. B.C-
C. J. and Ted" McArthur returned to town last week from
the Maple Leaf mine,. Franklin
camp. ,���
Keep Friday, Feb. 6th open.
There will be a Masquerade Carnival at the Greenwood rink on
that date.
For that nasty cough get a
bottle of Rexall's Syrup of White
Pine and Tar at Goodeve's Drug
Winter sports are still going
..strong in Phoenix. The skating
and curling rinks are both open
iii that city
is *of. Signet
^ings    in   solid   14k.  gold   for
[Misses, Ladies  or Gentlemen at
Chas. .Pearson, of the Gazette
staff, Grand Forks, was in Greenwood to attend the hockey match
last Friday evening.
Two ranchers from near Edmonton, by the name of Scott,
called on Chas. King on Saturday, seeking stock ranches.
New stock of Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes, etc.   G, A. Rendell.
T, Peck, C. P. R. conductor,
who was operated on, in the Rossland hospital, recently, for appendicitis, is reported to be doing
well; ~ "~
Hrp. Ann Bryan,   widow of the
Late James Bryan,  of Clonikilty,
County Cork, Ireland, passed away
at tbe home of her daughter,  Mrs.
ft. Lee, after a long illness.   Mrs.
Bryan came to Greenwood in 1906,
from Ireland, and was in her 86th
year at  fehe time of her demise.
Sbe   was of. a kindly   disposition
and Lightly thought of by all who
knew her.    The   deceased  leaves
three daughters, Mrs.  R. Lee and
Miss A. Bryan,  of this city, Mre.
James Cross of Trail, and one son,
John   Bryan   of   Trail, whochave
the sympathy of the entire community in their great loss.    The
funeral services will  be conducted
by Rev. Hills Wright, in the Presbyterian church,   Thursday,   Jan.
29, at 11 30 a.   m.    Interment to
take place in Greenwood cemetery.
Hockey at the Local Rink
| Western Float
Stewart in northern B. C. wants
a better mail service.
For Sale ��� Willys-Knight
Four 1916 Touring Car, also
Overland 19L4 model, Enquire
Dan Biner, Phoenix, B.C.
For - Sale. .��� Thoroughbred
white leghorn cockerels. $2.00
each. Apply .to Wm. Jeaks,
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest  line   sheet   music   in   interior
of B.C.
.     ,    -x   GRAND FORKS
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
Good Advice
I can't imagine what's the matter with me,"~ doctor, ���'���I'm continually thinking about myself."
"Tut, tat! Yoa mast stop
worrying over trifles."  ,
C. Fawcett has succeeded E.
Walker, as roadmaster on this
section of the C. V. R. Mr.
Walker has been transferred to
Walter Demuth, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Demuth, died in Calir
forma, recently, from pneumonia,
at the age of 29 years. Walter
was well known in the Boundary.
Conductor A. C. Mesker aud
wife, of Midway, are spending
the winter in the south, Billy
Jewell has taken Mr. Mesker's
position on tbe Boundary passenger.
D. E. Smith of Regina, was in
town last week. Mr. Smith was
a resident of Greenwood during
the early days, and during that
time built the Windsor hotel and
other buildings.
Inspector Munn, of New Westminster, and Inspector Kennedy,
of Ottawa, visited the local custom efface on Wednesday, and
left for Midway on the after-.
booh of the same day.
The C. P. R, will make extensive improvement at Grand
Forks. .The company will concentrate its passanger and
freight depot at Cuprum, a short
distance across the bridge from
the K. V. R. depot in  that city.
Rev. Hills Wright of Grand
Forks, and Rev. Mr. O'Donnell,
of Trail, will deliver addresses on
the Forward Movement, in the
Presbyterian   church  on Friday
(evening, Jan.,' 30,". at 8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
The fourth hockey game in the
Boundary League was played at
the local rink last Friday night,
when Grand Forks defeated the
Greenwood boys by a Hcore of 5-3.
This makSs the league standing a
tie, both teams having won two
games. The fifth game was to
have been played in Grand Forks
on Tuesday, but the Greenwood
team were stalled by a breakdown
of their motor near Eholt, making
it impossible for them to reach
the Forks. This match was postponed until Wednesday evening,
and up to the time of going to
press the result- of -the game-has
nob been received.
Friday's contest proved a real
thriller, both teams worked hard
from the face-off, and their was
not a dull moment during the
whole game. Greenwood had the
best of the play during the first
period, with Grand Forks having
the advantage in the other two.
The local tried hard to hold the
lead in the'second period, but the
visitors were able to overcome ife
with strong team play. In the
last period a few minutes before
time the home boys made a strong
effort bufe the Visitors were equal
to th6 play-and- fehe-ganie ended"
Grand Forks 5, Greenwood 3. The
lipe-ap follows:
Grand Forks:���Goal, Eric Atwood; point, V. Siddall; cover
point, Clinton Atwood; rover,
Ludy Frankovitch; centre, W. J.
Reynolds; right wing, "Cy" Pen-
nbyer - (capt.); ��� left wing, Ralph
Cook.    Spares, E.  Mcllwaine.
Greenwood.���Goal, Dick Taylor;
point. Bob Murray (capt.); cover,
Carl Carlson; rover, Jim Hallett;
centreuW. Almstrois; right wing,
George Clerf; left wing, Ross
Wood. Spares, Pete Docksteader
and Geo. Hallett.
The sixth game will be played
here Friday night, and will decide
the winning or tying for the cup.
Turn out and help the home team.
The G. W. V. A. Dance
The Dance held in the Masonic
Hall on Friday evening under
the auspices of the Boundary
G. W. V. A. was a grand success.
Dancers were attendance from
Grand Forks, Coltern, Eholt,
Midway, Phoenix and other
points, who made things merry
until after 3.30. Excellent music
was supplied by the orchestra,
composed of Mrs. Terhune, Geo.
Sutherland, Geo, Clerf. The
refreshment served ,in the banquet hall by the - ladies, were of
the best, and were enjoyed by all
who partook of the good eats.-
E.   J.   Chambers    is   the
Reeve-elect of Penticton.
There are 1004 students attending the University of Alberta.
Charged with selling liquor, a
doctor in Manitobia was fined
An outbreak of small-pox is reported among the Indians in the
Lethbridge, Alberta, civic employees have been granted a 14 per
cent increase in salaries.
Fifteen box cars were blown
from the tracks near Hillcrest,
Alberta, one night recently.
Sam Matthews will return to
Grand Forks ��� next month. He
recently visited his brother in
Phoenix, Arizona.
The Enterprise, Blairmore, Bays
thafe mush has jumped a nickel in
Lethbridge. This will not make
the Scotchman give up his breakfast.
Bill Beach is visiting his sister
in Los Angeles. He will go north
next month, and may again open a
resort-at Christina Lake, or near
Northport, Wash.
A trainload of twenty-two flat
cars passed through Kamloops en
route west, recently. On each car
were four Buick automobiles and
these were covered over with ordinary tarpaulin.
1 A. B.' Godfrey has been appointed superintendent of the Okanagan
Telephone Co. Mr. Godfrey has
had about 17 -years'~ experience
with fehe B. C. Telephone Co. in
Nelson and Vancouver.
Mining News
The first underground mining
mill in the world is being built in
The Kirby group on the lake
shore at Riondell is under active
The Waterloo at Edgewood recently shipped 14 tons of ore to
fche Trail smelter.
For the firsfe time in the recorded history in the Boundary and
Kootenay districts no mining fatal-
ties occurred in 19J 9.
W. R. Hall has commenced, the
publication of the Hyder Alaska
Miner at the town of Hyder on
Portland Canal. Mr. .Hull is a
pioneer of Republic, Wash., Grand
Forks and- other mining camps of
" .(
Three hours after the earth
tremor in Vancouver last Friday,
the weather became warmer and
snow began to fall, and by three
o'clock on Saturday morning the
city was covered with a mantle of
The penitentiary population of
Canada-is increasing.- -Two" years
ago it was 1400, aud is now over
1900, and still going up. The increase is charged to social unrest
prevailing as a result of after-war
Extensions and improvements to
fehe Canadian Pacific Railway system, involving an outlay of several millions and putting the company on a pre-war basis of construction, was aunonnced recently
by D. C. Coleman, western vice-
The Iron Mask afc  Kamloops is
maintaining a steady  output,   132v
tons of concentrates were shipped
daring the first two weeks, of January.
Jim Poggi has bought the Last
Chance, aboufe fewo miles from
Greenwood, and he intends to do
some development work on this
property in the near future.
R. Strachen has been appointed
inspector of mines for West Kootenay to succeed James McGregor
who was recently transferred to
the coast. Mr. Strachen was until
recently provincial _ inspector of
mines in the Fernie district. He
is one of the oldest inspectors of
mines in the- service in point of
view of service.
The Ladysmith Smelting Corporation recently acquired from fehe
Mount Sicker and B. C. Development Co.' fourteen copper claims
on Mount Sicker. These are fehe
Alliance, International, Belle,
Shakespeare, Dunsmuir, Seattle.
Chemainus, Little Nugget, Ivy,
Independence, Lynx, Defender,
Big Four, and Victoria claims.
The Prospectors' Protective Association will ask the government
to establish small testing plants in
east and west Kootenay, William
Tomlinson, metallerogisfe and mining man in New Denver says:'
"These institutions will be of untold benefit to the district and to
the province ae a whole and will
give the- prospectors and small
mine owners those facilities which
fehey need and to which they are
A Trail report says: "Among
the many recent improvements incorporated afe the smelter here is a
new automatic copper anode mould-
ing_ machine, _ and__purifying_ and
melting copper furnace, intended
when completed to not only greatly increase the production of tho
anodes or huge blister-copper
plates, from which the commercially pure copper is obtained elec-
trolytically, but by means of the
special design of the melting furnace will eliminate the greater parfe
of the slag, which hitherto has
been detrimental, through the excess of refuse required to be handled following the electrolytic treat-
meat of the metal."
Greenwood   Theatre
Carveth Wells
Real Jungle Pictures
Made? from bis own photos and in Natural Colors
Well-Raowa Lyceom and Chantaaaoa Entertainer
Now on his way back to the Tungle where he Jived for six years
Exploring for the British Government
Pirates, Peacocks, Hnge Snakes, Apes, Tigers* Crocodiles,
Jnngle Dwarfs, and Eiepfcant Catching
BRING YODR CHILDREN.     Front seats are specially Reserved for them
Admission:       Adult*, 55c, Children, 25c
Yob can goto tfee Movies any day���tbis is NOT A MOYIE.
It Is nsocfe better
i5?-;,^M_# KnvL ITU HzxUK.
Contains no alum
We unhesitatingly recommend Magic Baking
Powder as being the
best and purest baking
powder    possible    to
produce.     It possesses
elements  of  food that
have to do the building
- \ip of brairv and nerve
matter and is absolutely
free from alum or
other injurious
The Old Year and the New
When the great guns along the
western battle front in Europe were
silenced at the eleventh hour on the
eleventh day of thc eleventh month
in 191.8, by thc signing of thc armistice, most people throughout thc
world expected that before another
twelvemonth expired a Peace Treaty
would    be drafted    and ratified    ancl
brought into full force and effect. But j as  thcir national watchword in  1920.
many parts of thc West, industrial
unrest and trouble, political uncertainty, and the delay in peace ratification, resulting in commercial handicaps and losses, coupled with the
still mounting cost of living as a result of these and other untoward conditions, Canada has gone ahead and,
prospered. And if our people in the
new year now dawning continue to
bc inspired with the thought, and animated by a pressing desire to keep
faith with those who died that Canada might live and be free, then the
year upon which we arc entering will
prove glorious in the annals of this
But it is only iiv steadfastly keeping the faith lhat this young, vigorous
and promising nation can become the
mighty influence for good in the
world that its present position, so
dearly won for it by the soldiers of
Canada, entitles it to wield. And to
become truly great and a power for
good among thc nations, it is not sufficient that Canada should produce
great crops of wheat, develop great
herds of cattle and other livestock,
and enormously expand its export
trade throughout thc world. These
are important and necessary, but it
is even more important that' high
ideals should be cultivated, that education should bc general, that thc
moral lifc of our people be raised to
a higher plane, that.thc health and
physical standard of people bc improved, that unity in purpose and national ideals should prevail.
In a word, Canadians as a people
should adopt the word "co-operation"
Easily   and   Quickly  Cured  with
For Sale by All ilealera
Douglas &  Co.,  Prop'rs. Wapanee. Ont
Alberta's Boy
Sheep Breeders
Have Made Over $500 During the
Past Year
Two small Edmonton boys, 12 and
14 years old, havc madc over $500
during the past year in the sheep
business. Last winter thcy had fourteen ewes, four ewe lambs and one
ram. From thirteen of these ewes
thcy had seventeen lambs. Thcy sold
thc wool this summer for $100,- as
.veil as $405 worth of sheep, and havc
left fourteen ewes, nine ewe lambs
and one rain.
Thcy exhibited two lambs at thc
spring show, got first and second
prizes, and in addition to this caring
for a hundred or so chickens. They
passed thc entrance and arc now in
high school.
The names of these, two energetic
farmers arc Willis and Robert Car-
lyle, sons of the livestock commissioner of the province, who has a
farm about four miles out of Edmonton.
Germany Agrees to
Reimburse Belgium
Will Remit Bonds to Bear Interest
of Five per Cent.
Thanks to the "initiative of Mr.
Delacroix, Premier and Finance Minister of Belgium, Germany has agreed
definitely to reimburse thc sum of 5,-
500,000,000 francs in paper money issued during the German occupation
of Belgium. The reimbursement is to
begin on April 1, 1920, when Germany
will remit bonds, to be redeemed at
the'latest in 20 years and to bear'interest at the rate of 5 per cent. Thc
great difference existing between the
present and the normal rates of exchange accounts for the fact that thc
interest is to bc declared twice yearly.
Thus Belgium will bc repaid a part
of thc debt owing to her and will become a creditor to Germany for a
sum four limes greater in marks than
the original debt by reason of the rate
of exchange.
How to Cure
<0   Doctor* warn against remedies ��
2 containing powerful drugs and &
alcohol. "The Extract of Root*, jj
long known a�� Mother Stigel's {j*
Curative Syrup, bias no dope or
strong ingredients; it cures
indigestion, biliousness and
constipation. Can be had at any
drug store." Get the genuine.
SOc. and $1.00 Bottles.   . a
The Creamery Industry
Of Saskatchewan
more than a year has passed and, at
thc timc of writing, the nations of
the world are still technically at war,
although actual fighting ceased on
November 11, 1918.
Although peace has not yet com?
in its fullness, thc year now closing-
has been a memorable onc in thc
history of -the world. It has witnessed the drafling and acceptance
by most nations of a covenant of a
League of Nations for the preservation of peace once it is established;
it has seen incorporated in that covenant the ncw Magna Charta of
Labor. Thus has the foundation been
laid for better relationships, not only
between nations, but between two of
the outstanding classes to be found
in a nation, and which in the past-
have been suspicious of and antagonistic towards each other.
The year also witnessed the crowning infamy of thc German nation in
thc sinking of the surrendered German fleet at Scapa Flow. It has
been marked by widespread industrial
upheavals, throughout ��� the" work!,
froni which Canada did not.-escape,
although in" comparison "with" oilier
lauds wc got- oft' lightly. '.
The  principal  upheaval '.in   Canada
' has becn-in the political thought -of-
thc. people, a turning away from old
"organizations created for the purpose
-of giving.effect lo lhc political aspirations of the people, and an acceptance of. a. new- political, movement
which il is felt by .many offers greater'hope of an ��� early  realization     of
.needed    political    and ' economic reforms iu 'this' Dominion. '"-:"        .:
In.'this -column just one  year  ago
.the soul-stirring -words', of ���.the": poem
by the.late.Colonel- McCrea "In Flanders' .Fields'," was '. quoted, in "which
the people, of- Canada and-the world
-were urged to 'keep faith- witli those
who. lie sleeping where the'blood-red.
poppies grow. - In the, year thai has
siiice passed, we believe, "speaking
generally; "that thc peoplc-pf .Canada
have striken..lo-kccp;.faith. ��� Thc political  awakening aiupiig  lhc - people,
The principle of co-operation draws
thc whole community together. It
breaks down barriers. It unites thc
state. It gives hope lo the humblest
toiler. And it strengthens the great
moral ideal of duty, without which
no state can endure.
Belgium Expanding Industries
Further evidence of the Belgian industrial   expansion   is   shown   in   the
A Pill That Is Prized.���Therc have
been many pills put upon the market
formation   of  thc  Compagnie  Trans-: and pressed upon public attention, but
Telephones for Beyrout
Thc war  has brought many  innovations to tlie Near East, and lhe city
of   Beyrout   is   no   exception   to   the
The question of installing thc telephone has been under discussion by
thc citizens for some timc. This project now seems likely to be soon realized, judging from the number of
people who have made application to
the military governor for an installation.
Canadian Cattle for Hawaii
The first shipment of Canadian pure
bred cattle for thc Hawaiian Islands
went lo stockmen at Kahalui, Island
of Maui. There wcrc IS Holsteins
and two Jerseys in the herd. All thc
animals wcrc selected, and came from
various parts of thc B.C. coast and
atlautiquc   Beige,    official
announce-1none has endured so long or met with
mcnt  of which has just been  made.!?? mg?�� fav��r. ,as Parmelce's Vcgeta-
;ble   Pills.    Widespread  usc   of  them
Its capital is 25,000,000 francs.    With. {��,,     attestcd  their great value, and
a view  to  creating a  steamship  line they need no further    advertisement
to  South America,  thc  Lloyd  Royal'than  tliis.
Beige   has   ordered  its  first   steamer
of 12,000 Ions.
A woman seldom attempts to jolly
her son by telling him that he is the
very image of his father.
Nearly all children arc subject to
worms, and many are born with thein.
��� Spare.them suffering by using Mother:.''.Grave's' ���'.Wbrrir^Exterm i hat of,-\'the
best'- remedy :of the-.kind'-'that-can''' b'e
Of  the  twenty
which comprise Ir
jiahd,;, nearly-;.
. :6rie?-
;|:s'eveii.t! v .'are';'barreh,7'.;.!>'eihg- irioitntaifij
Uirfj- '.bog -by.rmvLtsi\i'XX 'XZ-XZixXxyX -y y
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.-
Tote Road Through Alberta
Possible to Carry in Freight for Far
North Through the Winter'.".
In order to-'facilitate, the moving
of-freight into the "nprlh country, a
tote road "of about ten miles islo be
cut through the bush' from Mile.-273
on the. Alberta &- Great Waterways"
Railway ',- to -the Clearwater River.
This will make if possible lo carry in.
freight" destined for the' far north
through the winter. It'will be stored
at Fori/. McMurray in , time-for . the
opci'iiiig 'of navigation- on- thc -Athabasca-in tlic spring of. 1920. Navigation   season   on   the  northern  water-
Having firmly established
themselves in public esteem, thej- now
rank without a peer in the list of standard vegetable preparations.
Big Shipment of Herefords
One    thousand head    of  Hereford
I was cured of terrible lumbago by
I was cured of a bad case of car-
I  was cured of sensitive  lungs by
Petrified Forest
Fallen   Tree   Monarchs,  Millions
of Years  Old,  Turned
To Rocks
Within thc stretch of Arizona's desert lies sixty square miles of petrified forest. There lie preserved for
all time petrified tree monarchs, millions of years old, turned to rocks.
Mammoth trunks, sometimes five feet |
in diameter and fifty feet in length,
or cracked smoothly into blocks, arc
,. ,    ,   .   .     ,,      _ , .[transformed  into,  everlasting     stone,
cattle,   selected   in   the   Calgary   and!,       ,.,.,. ,.. i       ,   '���   '
���.      ��� . .    ,        ,        , ,        ! beautiful in quality   and   coloring ���
Edmonton stockyards, have 'been
shipped to Edmund Thompson's
Kleskun; ranch at Grande Prairie.
This is the largest shipment to the
north country known, the cattle occupying two entire trains in transit.
Most ; of thc .shipment came from
Southern Alberta aud is described as
including sonic, of. the best, animals
which  havc left that region. -;. .
B.C. Shipbuilding
The "Canadian Importer," now under construction at False Crcckj.B.C,
.will, in addition .to the '.'Canadian Raider,". bc: put into thc Vancouver-Australia service under thc flag of - the
Canadian- .merchant marine. - Both \
vessels will be fitted out with refrigerating plants lo compete in the frozen-meat industry.   .. .     "
quartz, agate, chalcedony, jasper and
exquisite opal, infinite in,the variety
of delicate  tint and rich shading.
The method of petrification, by
which thc giant trees became rock,
was one of lhc strange alchemies of
nature: Probably the wash of water
from hot mineral springs rich" in silica was the cause. - The chemical, permeating the tissues of the plant, acted
as a-hardening-agent,- preserving thc
���original structure .and detail of" thc
tree with astonishing . perfection of
.detail.   . ���   ' '.
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Diptheria
The value of dairying throughout
Cheese Factories
Thc value of diarying throughout
Saskatchewan is rapidly becoming a
considerable factor in thc wealth of
thc province. Evcry ycar sees an increased ,number of creameries and
cheese factories and a corresponding
increase in the value of their products.. Production figures for 191S are
84.39 pcr cent, greater than in 1914.
And the increase is a striking evidence of what the Saskatchewan farmer .was doing to relieve thc shortage
in fat foods during thc period of the
war. That thc central part of thc
province is undergoing the greatest
development and demonstrating its
ability lo produce dairy products is
evidenced by thc fact that in four
ycars ils dairy industry has increased
more than 165 per cent. This has
been done in spite of the fact lhat
during the past few years the abnormally high prices which have prevailed for all classes of grain and
concentrate feeds, and the extreme
shortage of labor during lhc war havc
tended lo make dairy development
very  difficult.
Statistical returns for 1918 show
that while therc was an increase over
the previous year of 68,241 cattle of
all classes, within thc province therc
was a decrease of 1,414 in thc number
of milch cows. This decrease in the
number of cows milked is doubtless
due lo labor shortage, but when wc
view these figures in the light of the
i increased dairy "output, thcy constitute a striking assertion of what is
being done to improve the dairy cow
in Saskatchewan and by better feeding and care lo increase her average
output. Last year there were 38
creameries in operation in the province t situated in evcry part of Saskatchewan, representing an investment in buildings and equipment of
$897,000. These creameries manufactured more than 5,009,000 pounds f6f
better valued at over $2,221,000, while
lli'o wholesale value of milk, cream,
artK'other products was' au additional
A further evidence of thc imperial.co of the creamery industry in our
agricultural development is found in
thc fact lhat during 1918 there were
a total of 19,364 farmers in thc province enrolled as patrons of creameries
cither directly or through cream buying stations.
.���cfcreiicc-'-. has -bccni-iiiade, 1-ways.'is- short, and. more_or ..less.loss
was' incurred during the-past'.summer
and;fali. through delays in getting in
the. freight... The opening ;of the tote
road-will tb'-^ri great..extent' obviate
these, difficulties .by bridging thc.-.gap
in the route-'at the- end .of-thc. waterways steel. -'Considerable quantities
of [freight intended for .the far "north
trade are'already on thcir way. to-Edmonton," and. this .will be moved to'the
head of~ navigation.during the winter.
Fort -McMurray,-' it .is -expected,' will,
will --be'1 -filled.' up . .'with north-
war- obliga-l bound-' -merchandise; which " will
be stored, in warehouses for. the winter, "awaiting-the 'spring-" .breakup before being:'sUirtcd.on. the'-water route
fci-lhe.p.osts beyond.-"'-"     ;.:'-'���, ���';.'
" to -Wil'l
is the outcome', of. a desire -that Canada shall be inad'c a better' laiuL.Thc
- splendid cffo.ts put forth-by/all-people to assist;in lhc -work of; the're-
csfablishmcnt of ."returning - soldiers
in - civil ��� life, and', the care, which' has
been giv.cn,.t'o,' the .maimed  and-sick,
- and the dependents, of: the fallen, .is
' ait   Evidence:, of-a .sincere   desire', to
��� keep"'faith.' ;--���-' ."."-'��� X ' i-i ���
���-.The' 'truly'....wonderful ;.rcsp'6nse- to
/the last?Victory Loaii.'was.in order
.-that ."Canada as a .nation., might' keep
.-"faith"-arid '-'dean-'up" its
- tions. , Tlic, re-awakening of;the people .iiv-rcgrd .to.. matters   ol  cduca-
. : .tion','public health,��� community ' 'service^, and ..the "forward -movement" in
.,'��� the Jchurchcs, aiid. the..earnest, efforts j .     ; ���  - ' -_ j "-'   ' ��� -'.     .
. being -everted .in -many quarters. ���, to j_' So- long-as wc love, "wc-serve:, so
-bring', about a' better' understanding-! long as-'wc arc loved .by'others- we
.between- "employers    -and .employees,; are indispensable; no man is useless
Ranchers Purchase Breeding Stock
Ranchers in .the" interior have; purchased ai great deal of .new breeding
stock recently.-. One -of the- most
important importations was- the introduction into the"' Otter -Valley, by
a-syndicate, of. ranchers, of; a carload
of pure bred Polled Angus-cattle, .at
��400 per head:- -���-���;'' : ���".- ��� .  ----- ���^������������'-
i Would you" reach the city of Fortune?."' Catch-'thc" car" marked -Perseverance.  ;-     ..   :'���",.-  .'   '"    '-.--.��� '''  ���
Sheep and Goat Raising
Fact That Goats Are Considered, Im
mune froni Tuberculosis
- The" sheep ancl goat industry in
Canada'', continues.!'-tp .grew.-not only
on account of- lhc money thai is to
be made from mutton and wool, but
that the fact that goals-are considered
immune from tuberculosis ��� has. been
a great factor- in' thc encouragement
bf milch goat raising' in a number
of. the provinces of Canada.'    _
Goat herds arc-numerous in British
Columbia,- where the milch, goat industry is assuming fairly.largc .proportions. ���':. ;'-'���.- ;    , ��� .. "...
Words From the French
An Old Offender Caught
- For'years he has causcd'endless
trouble/but 'when!Putnam's Corn Extractor wasapplicd/he'camc out roots
and'.all." Any corn or wart cured iri
���twenty-four hours' by "Putnam's. Extractor,"^^, at~all dealers.'.; ,"'". \
Welcomes "New Poor"
arc" all. the. result of-aii honest' co,n-j-while>c:has"'a'''fricnd
vidtio'n-."-\tlia"t"-"t1ic  ./Canadian ' "people, Stevenson.	
must.- keep .faith"" .with-- 'tlicir���'glorious.i
���and heroic.dead'.���-,'
.' ���'- Despite adverse crop, conditions in
- A   train .of  thought .now .runs .regardless of" timetables.
If Tea or Coffee Disagrees
the quick and easy way to satisfaction arid, better health is to drink
Invited ��� 'to ".��� Canada '.-By.. Ontario's
"..'-.'.   - Agent-General' -_, ���'."'.   ."���."-
-'.Will Canada become .the-;'home' of
i-tlic sb-callc'd "new poor" of "England?-
There'arc'a.''great mahy-of these p'eo-.,
pic in "the British' isles now," and many
i-of thenVavc finding it ;a .real, problem.
lo.VnaUc .their'income n'icct the- rising
.costs' of "living. \ ''.   7 '���'_----. -    ������".''
''  The "new��� poor" is a tcrin,lliat" i
"comc "who
moderate income " from inherited-;
wealth. Todaytlieir-incoihes- are the
same;' as they were, in 1914; 1>uE ccout
omizc as they may. Ih'cy find'"it difficult to" live. T5i.ig.-'Gcn. It. Mahlcy
Sims; D.'S.O., Agent-General for--On-
,"'-���'���-". Gold.in B.C. '.-���
���An increase of $1,017.75-is shown
in the gold deposited-at the Dominion, Assay. Office, -Vancouver, for the
month . of- October in comparison
with the same month last. year. Thc
aggregate value of deposits for thc
month was .$804,231.70, most.-, of the
gold coming" from the Yukon -y_and
Kootenay" districts', s   ".,���-'.-/   .:.-'"���
One Great Essential ;;
Jo a Woman s Health;
Is Her NeryesJ
Long.List of Martial Terms Originated  With  French
The   war has  added  many  French
words lo current English and American use, and thc number of them continues  a  process   that   goes  back  to
the Norman French,   The word "w
itself,  wrote  Dr.  Henry   Bradley,  in
his "Maying of English." i>  of Nor
man-French  origin,  aua  so  also   did
a long list of marlial-terms- originate
with thc   French,    come    over    into
England    and    become    Anglicized,!
among     them     "battle,"  ��� "assault,"
"siege,"   "standard,"    "banner,-"    "armor," "lance,"' "fortress" and "tower."
From France came originally the ler-
minology that identifies the separate
parts  of  a  British  army,  the "company,"  "battalion,"  "regiment,"  "brigade," division" and "corps," as well
as   thc   officers,  "general,"  "colonel," j
"major,"    "captain" and "lieutenant."!
France ,developed thc art, or, as wc
might now'say, lhc machinery of war
earlier    than    the    English, but it is
rather surprising to realize how many
centuries thc terminology has been in
use.'   Thc" words    passed    naturally
enough into F.nglish, for during sonic
of those centuries, as Dr. Bradley also
Nature,   intended     women.- W/ In
suggests,thc relation between the two!        Warmi      hinisdf
C]OSC       :\:,j"g;^c '<Mark. 14:54).    {
nations was so
writers "felt themselves at liberty
A good way to review the lessons
of thc six months' course .of study
iri the lives of Peter and John will
be to arrange them, under three
heads, as follows: I., Their Call; IT.,
Their Training; III., Their Service.
The first half of the studies, the part
we have now completed, has had to
do with the calling and_ training of
Peter and John. The last half,-the
lessons for the first quarter of 1920
will have to do with their service.
I. Their Call.
1. To be disciples (Lesson 1), John
Before Christ trains for service he
calls to salvation.
2. To be fishers of men (Lesson 2),
Mark 1:14-20.
If would seem that after their conversion thc disciples had gone back
to lhcir trade of fishing. Those who
arc called by Christ unto salvation
should go back to thcir ordinary callings in li=fc, if thcy be honorable, until he definitely calls thcm info special  service.
II. Thcir Training.
1. Jesus in Peter's home (Lesson
3), Mark l:29-3!>.
Christ's entry into Peter's home
and the healing of his .wife's mother
showed to his disciples that he was ii
sympathizing  Savior.
2. A lesson in trust . (Lcson 4),
Alan. 14:22-33.
" The pressing and abiding need: of
the disciples in-thcir ministry was to
trust  the  Lord.
3. Peter's great confession (Lesson
6), Matt. 16:13-24.
Thc Lord had been revealing himself in various ways to thc disciples.
Hc now examined them to see what
they knew about himself. Peter, as
spokesman for the rest of the, disciples, confessed' both thc Messiah-
ship and. Deity of Christ.
4. "Witnesses of Christ's gloj-y
(Lesson 7), Luke 9:28-36.
The disciples were offended-at tho
revelation of the cross; tlicir hopes
wcrc shattered because "thcy could
not sec beyond thc cross. Thc transfiguration convinced them not only
of his essential glory,, but gave thcm
a for.eglcam of his triumph in the
coming kingdom ,(II.  Peter 1:16-18).
5. Jesus corrects John's narrowness (Lesson 8), Luke 9:46-56.
The disciples needed to know lhat
all who are really doing the Lord's
work casting out devils, and casting,
them out in Christ's name, should bc
received into fellowship , and bidden
Godspeed. Religious intolerance is
displeasing to Jesus.
6. Jesus leaches true greatness
(Lesson 9) John 13:1-16.
The truly great are thosc who take
the lowest place in service for others.
7r Peter and John asleep in Gcth-
scinanc (Lesson 10), Mark 14:32-42.
Though Christ was suffering the
awful agony in thc garden,^his disciples wcrc asleep. Because they did
not watch and pray, they failed in
thc hour of temptation.
8. At  the  trial  crucifixion  aud   resurrection of Jesus (Lesson 11), John
18:15-18;   19:25-27;   20:1-10;   21:15-19.
Peter's  presumptuous   self-confidence
kept    him    from heeding the Lord's
warning.    He played the coward and
even  indulged  in   oaths.     Note  lhe
steps  iu Peter's downfall;   (1)   Self-
confidence (Mark 14:29).    Jesus had
just told    them that    all    of    them
should_bc "offelided," but"  Pctcr"was"
determined to show thc Lord that hc
was mistaken in him.    (2)  Failure lo
watch  (Mark 14:37).    Self-confidence
is    always    followed by unwalchfulness.   One who thinks himself strong
will go lo sleep.    (3) Failure to pray
(Mark   14:38).    It   is   the   one   who
realizes   his      weakness   who   always
seeks    the    communion    of    God in
prayer.    (4)  Zeal without knowledge
(Mark 14:47).   Peter thought now to
make  up  for  his   lack  of watchfulness and    prayer by oulward    acts.
Many today arc equally foolish.    (5)
Following   afar   off    (Mark    14:54).
Christ's rebuke of Peter for his ignorant   2cal   cut   him   to   thc   quick.
Hc was  not   ready  to   forsake  him,
but followed afar off, no doubt \von-
dcring" what would bc  thc outcome,
at thc enemies'
(7)   Open   denial
Mrs. Lilian Taylor
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Her Baby
"Our baby waa two weeks old
when his. face became very red and
terribly itchy, and he
was fairly crazy rubbing and scratching
till the skin broke and
bled. He could- not
sleep, and did nothing
\ butcry. His face looked
as though he might be disfigured
for life,
"I thought I would give Cuticura
Soap and Ointment a trial.   I found
the free sample so good that I bought
more and two cakes of Cuticura Soap
and a fifty cent box of Cuticura Oint-
���iont healed him."  (Signed)'   Mrs.
Lilian M. Taylor, Box 99, Brace-
bridge, Muskoka, Ont., Dec. 30, *18>
Cuticura'Soap to cleanse and pur-
rify, Cuticura  Ointment to  soften
and soothe and Cuticura Talcum to
powder and perfume are ideal for
daily toilet purposes.
For. free Bimpla nth of CnMcor* So&p, Ointment and-Talcum addresa pott-card: "(mllcua,
Dtpt. A, Boitos, V. 8: A."   Sold everywhere.
Expenditure For
Saskatchewan Education
Progress of the Educational System
in the Rural Districts
Since the inception of the province
of Saskatchewan ;in 1905, no less than
-13,200,000 has been expended by the
provincial government for education,
according to astatcinent just made by
thc Hon. Charles Dunning, provincial
treasurer.    ..
During this period, Mr. Dunning
staled, public accounts~showed a total expenditure for education of $8,-
831,000. A further $4,369,000 represented thc proceeds of the supplementary
revenue tax used for thc advancement
of education.
The progress of thc educational
system in the rural districts in Western Canada is understood when it is
realized that the majority: of the monies raised through the various school
taxes and grants is expanded in the
establishment and maintenance ol
schools��� for,the education of.farmers'
Mrs. A. Bernard, La Presentation,
Que., writes: "I have used Baby's
Own Tablets for my baby, and am
well- satisfied with them. I have
recommended them to several- of my
friends, who have als.o used thcm
with beneficial results." The Tablets
arc a mild but thorough laxative
which regulate thc stomach and bowels and thus prove of benefit in cases
of indigestion, 'constipation, colic,
colds, etc. They are . sold by medicine dealers,' or by mail at 25 cents a
box from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
Tl's simply impossible for onc man
to love two women at the same time
���aftcr one of them finds it out.
Why suffer from corns when Ih'ey
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Corn Cure.
Air Mail Service in the U.S.
Air mail activities arc five times
as great today as they wcrc six
months ago, according to a report
issued by the Aerial Mail Service of
thc U.S. post office department. The
great gain is due to the extension
of thc_ service by the inauguration
of the ncw York-Chicago route, an
air line of 710 miles. Today the" air
mail.service is operating 85 planes.
Thc main improvements installed in
the last few months are use of fireproof "mail "compartments "carburctoi--
screens preventing backfire, and ^
compressed air fire extinguishers, operated automatically.
strong,-healthy .and happy as tlic day j introduce  a   French   word   whenever
is long,, instead   of   being    sick   and
'wretched: - Biit how can. any woman
ed to people-oh a fixed'in- be -health y and happy- whcnlhc whole
prior to thc/war livcd.ona nervous system' 'is; unstrung.';' :The
';   ;   -    .    ��� '    : ;..iV.i:t..i  trouble is thcy pay morc attention lo
Tliis pure cereal^^ bcrverag^
has not increased iri prte
Ibull be pleased withits
Uteres &
cy pay
their social and household .duties lhan
.thcy -do" to . their health.. - Is " it any
wonder.- then Hhat thcyVbccomc ^irritable aiid nervous, .have hot flushes,
faint and 'dizzy spells,..become -weak
and. nervous,
-becomes, da.rl
and 'everything .in- lifc
-dud gloomy/ .
thcy pleased."
(Mark, 14:66-72).
inviting ill ct if lo--cniigratc to
the Do
There is a certain
father whose nerves- sometimes give
.way under questions from his talkative .eight-year-old -son..
.."Dad," said the youngster just as
the; old man-, settled. do\yn.for''a'.pe.r-
i usal". of.. his. newspaper,, "Dad, - am .T
��� made of .dUst ?''->'.      :?  :'" "��� '<;.: :���;'-.��� .'-.������":���-.
";./-T.think not,"", responded t!:c.'i:nhap-:
f>y .parcntv,'''othcrv.-isc:',yotr::w-oiiid dry
icalth: . '.'-_���'���
j    Mrs: P. H.Ryan, Sand Point, .N.S.,
.��-     - (writes::���"I have-b.ecii a great sufferer
long-suffcnng]from ucrve troubles.-   I was so weak
;,* ;arid nervous I could not sleep at night
and my appetite was very pboiv T
could not walk across the floor without trembling. I liad hot flushes and
fainting .spells. :AVh'en I. was on my
second..box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills;.I began to feel better and
kept oh until I had used six- boxes
.when'-I felt..like a,vdifferent person.
Lain, never without ihe'm.in the house
and recommend them to.all who suf-
'fer-'with."their::nerves:"' '-:'"-.," Xy   "
_--yPri.ee ' SOc."a-.box at-,ali .dealers or
^Ij mailed, direct on; receipt of price by
|The'.T..'M.IhfurriiCo:" Limited, Toronto,
":jOn.t:.- xy~x yx- -: yyiyy- ���-������/ ���=
��� Growth of Elevator Company
The Saskatchewan Co-operative |
Elevator Company show a net profit
of $193,599.12 at thc end of the financial year. Within nine ycars thc
company lias expanded from 46 elevators with 2,580 shareholders to 316
elevators with 63,813 shareholders.
Thc volume of grain handled by the
fanners' company in the -last year
was 21,841,556 bushels the elevator
at Lstiin holding the record for thc
season with 238,750 bushels.
Goats Coming to the Front
Prospects are that the goat industry may assume some importance
in the course of the next few, years,
if the number of inquiries which have
recently been received by the department oi agriculture is any indication
Many    requests for
Answers of Pupils
> "Bigamy   is   when  a   man  tries
serve two masters."
"Thc  law   allowing  only  onc   wife
is called monotony,"
"Thc liver is au infernal organ
the body." '   -
, "Thc priest and Lcvile passed on
thc other side because the man had
been   robbed  already."
-"Soldiers live in a foit; where their,
wives Ih c is called a fortrc?;."'      ,      I
"A buttress is thc wife of a butler." j
"A   schoomastcr  is   caller   a' pedi
"Filigree means a list of your des
"The wife of a prime .minister i
called a primatc."-
"Are you surc^your voice will fill
this large hall?" asked the- friend.
"I   only   hope,"   sadly .replied   tht
information in'amateur singer, "that it won't empty
this ir.dustry have been received, and! it"���Jacksonville Times-Union
the department ��� is considering    the
Wise is the    orator who    knows
vhen to cut,a long- story short
advisability of appointing an  expert
on goat3 to the staff.
Pains About
the Heart
A NY derangement of the
heart's action is alarming.
Frequently" pains about the
heart are caused by the forma-
tion of gas arising from indi-
Relief,from this condition Is
obtained by the usc of Dr.
Ghase*s Kidney-Liver Pills.
Chronic indigestion results,
from, sluggish liver action* constipation of the boweli  and
inactive kidneys*'
Because Dr. Chase's Jtidasy-Livel
Pills arouse these organs to activity
they thoroughly cur�� indigestion And
overcom�� th�� many fcnnojinc ���ymp*
toms. l^^B^^^^BS^^B^B
THE     LEDfiE      aREKNWOOB       R.     CL
Makes    You.  Feel-  Lively
Young ��� Remove That
Tired Feeling
time, hc loses his job tonight."    ,
Leaning on his stick with _ a set
face he waited the approach of thc
other. As the man drCw, near Ruggles saw that he was'of large stature
with a rather flaccid face and regular
features and a complexion the color
That's aii there Regulations to Save
going to sec tlicm
His clear blue eyes looked straight!.  "    ..:'    Canadian Wild Game
into the angry gray ones of the girl,
and for a moment there was .a very
tense little tug-of-war between the
two wills; hers strong with hot vit-
At somc period in our lives there
is sure to comc a'" time when thc
stomach is "off"���not. working well
��� failing to enjoy and digest its
food. Main thing-then is to get the
right remedy. You realjy want a
soothing medicine, one quick to act,-
surc'on results, combining the virtues of a gentle laxative with a tonic
effect upon the stomach, liver and
. Certainly the world affords no better medicines, for thc stomach than
Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake
and Butternut. Their laxative effect is ideal,���can't bc beaten! But
in addition to their helpful action
upon the bowels, these pills contain
certain ingredients that strengthen
and invigorate thc muscles of the
stomach, thereby relieving all sorts
of stomach misery, indigestion, sourness, rising gas, headache and biliousness.
Just try- Dr. Hamilton's Pills ���
they'll make you full of energy_���
brimming over wilh snap; thcy bring
and maintain robust, sound, vigorous
health, and isn't that just what you've
looked for these many months? REFUSE A SUBSTITUTE FOR DR.
HAMILTON'S PILLS. 25c pcr box,
all dealers.
of cafe-au-lait. He was no longer ;ality and a natural'gift of authority;
young, and. his dark eyes as" they fell his quietly forceful with a natural
upon Ruggles were lighted by a .latent'strength which; had-been - for
gleam of recognition and respect, i many years "dormant, but'-'which was
Within a few paces hc paused, 'now awakened by the stress of recent
stooped until  the tips  of his  fingers  months of stirring events'and "roused
touched the ground, then rose, carry
ing them to the forehead, the mouth,
and the chest. It was the ,usual Turkish salutation, but carried out to a
degree, afforded only  to a high per-
to virile action by this newborn claim
upon its self-assertion.
As thc two were locked in this silent struggle for "moral ascendancy,
the jalousies   of  the  bungalow   were
sonagc.       This  performed, he  stood set to rustling, and there reached the
erect, apparently awaiting orders
"I've comc to call on the ladies."
Ruggles said. "Suppose you go and
find  out if  they can  see  inc."
cars of both a stifled giggle, followed by a smothered sh-h and that peculiar sound common  to all huinan-
���, .-   , .    ��� ity   which   comes   when   a   laugh   is
The man smiled apologetically and checked in its exit by thc mouth and
shook his head. It wasi evident that, struggles to escape through the nasal
he did not understand English. Rug-!passages. The color flamed into Miss
gles repeated his request in French,
and this timc with immediate result,
lie   eunuch  saluted  arid  hastened  to-
Elliot's -face
"Mr.   Rugglcs,"     said she,  "please
,   ,.     , t>       i ,      ,   go  back  to  the  house.    Don't     you
ward lhe house. Ruggles wondered |scc that y0-u are putting mc in a vcry
if he were dumb, which as a matter difficu't position? How am I to have
ot-fact was thc case.   A moment 1a-lany  discipline  if  you   interfere   with
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BY ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
ter Sarah emerged from ,a latticed
door and came to where Rugglcs
was waiting.
"Sarah," said he, "I thqught T'd
come down and get acquainted with
the young ladiGS, if they don't object."
Sarah smiled. The Greek woman
had_ seen something of the world,
having been of Hamid Pasha's Lon-
my authority? You shall meet thc
young ladies just as soon as we arc
ready to receive you. Really, Mr.
Rugglcs, you have been guilty of a
serious breach of etiquette in coming
here, all unannounced, and during
my absence. If you act like that you
will _ spoil everything and end by
making me quite ridiculous.    I -must
Left "alone, Ruggles summoned
Mustapha and asked for Miss Elliot.
She had gone to Stamboul, Mustapha
said, with thc dressmaker. Ruggles,
signifying to Mustapha that hc had
no' need of his services, took a stout
cane and went out to limp about the
terrace and breathe, the free air fanning down thc Straits from thc Black
Sea���that dread Euxinc of the ancients which has probably been thc
scene of morc marine disasters than
any body of water of its size in the
whole world.
It was quite a different Rugglcs
from thc one who had sat there some
weeks before beneath the polonia
tree reading the "Songs Before Sunrise" to the dying-Hamid Pasha. This
interview with the lawyer had given
him self-confidence, concrete proof as
it was that he ancl no other was master of the household. .
In the course of his painful promenade, -he passed the private garden,
but had no wish to enter there, as
thc spot was fraught with saddened
memories.. Skirting its edge, with no
particular objective, hc came presently to the head of thc linden-shaded
avenue that led to thc haremlik. Hc
paused and drew    his breath deeply.
"I wonder if anybody'd _ have the
nerve to try to stop me if I went
down here now," he said to himself.
The shaded bower tempted and
fascinated hiin. At the far end he
caught a glimpse of the latticed, rose-
covered kiosk, and as hc stood there
staring in its direction," there came
faintly to his cars, carried as thought
telephonically the length of the tun-'
ncled mossy corridor, a rippling,
gurgling laugh.
Ruggles's heart pounded at his ribs.
There, two hundred paces distant,
���were his youthful wards, happily amusing themselves in their pretty
bower. And here was he, their guardian and master, dreary and alone.
Why not make their acquaintance
now as well as later? Why moon
about the grounds, bored and solitary, when therc were four pretty
girls of whom he was the appointed
_pro_tectqr_dawn therei at the_ end_of
"the avenue? Certainly no form of
introduction was necessary to one in
his position.
He shook off the sudden shyness
which had seized him on .catching
"sight of thc kiosk. Rugglcs had. in
fact, lost much of his native diffidence within the last few months.Thc
parts which lie had(played, the sights
which hc had seen,' and the suffering
through which he had passed, had
hardened and matured hini. Was he,
a millionaire and stockholder in many
important companies, including _ the
great Walkeasy concern, to'bc frightened from visiting a portion of his
own inherited estate by a rippling
laugh from a girl of whose destiny
hc was thc chief arbiter? Who was
there to dictate to him? It was his
to act as best pleased him.
Still, hc hesitated/or an instant. Hc
glanced down at his costume, which
was of ��� snowy serge, delivered with
others only the day before by a tailor summoned from Peru. Perhaps he
ought to announce his visit. But
surely therc must be servants at thc
kiosk, and if the ladies were not ready
for his visit they could scamper to
their apartments and prepare themselves. At any rate, hc would walk
to thc end of the avenue and have a
look at thc place from a closer point
of view.
Supporting hitnscTr on his stick, he
turned down thc path. The sheltering trees were old aud gnarled and
moss-covered, their tops clipped
squarely just above the forking of thc
upper branches, and the sprouts so
heavv in foliage that not a ray of
sunlight was able to struggle through.
Almost at the end was an open space;
a diminutive but delicious garden filled with sunshine, and from which a
pergola led off to a sunken garden
of Italian design. As Ruggles drew
near, he saw. coming toward him from
this pergola the samc white-clad figure which had some weeks previous
barred his approach.
."Now we'll sec who's master here,*'
?aid Ruggles to" himself. "Tf tb**
fellow   tries   to   turn,   me   back   this j
don household during his diplomatic 'n^' "���' Tf y��^ Boing .back to
service there. During recent years Jf b��� ��t 3^^��
she had been  duenna of the harem-      r^,^ leau facc stiffcncd sHght.
ly,  but  the never failing smile was
"I'd hale like anything to interfere
with your end of the business," .said
he. "But now that I'm here it sort
of seems like I ought to see the thing
through. How would I look if I
was chased away like a cat that's
been caught snoopin' around the
bird-cage���what ?"
"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that
you'll havc lo wait," 'replied Miss
Elliot, with decision.   -
Ruggles shook his head slowly.
"No," said hc, "it's too bad, but I
guess -you'll have to make the, best
of it, Miss Elliot. I've been waiting
here for half an hour' already^ an,d
I'm getting sort of tired. Now, sup-'
pose you go in ancl see, if "Sarah has
got   things  straightened  out."
Miss Elliot's gray eyes turned almost black. "Then you persist in
coming in?"  shc  demanded.
"That's it," Rugglcs answered.
"Very well. Then tomorrow, Mr.
Ruggles, you can look around for another governess."
"Just as you like," Ruggles answered, with polite indifference.
(To Bc Continued.)
lik, accompanying the inmates on
their frequent excursions, for it must'
not bc supposed that even under the
old regime these ladies were in any
way prisoners, so far as thcir goings
ancl comings were concerned. - It
was required only (and that by the
Sultan himself) that thcy veil their
faces and cloak thcir form's on going
abroad and bc always under rigid
Sarah smiled, but her intelligent
facc showed nol lhe?slightcst hint of
surprise or disapproval. On the contrary,  she looked  rather pleased.
"Yes, sir, thank yo'u, sir," said she.
"The young ladies would bc vcry
happy. If you do not mind waiting
a few minutes, sir. The young ladies arc just trying on thcir ncw
French gowns. Will you not rest
for a moment there on the bench
under thc pergola?" Her facc, which
must have been strikingly handsome
in youth, became suddenly solicitous.
"You must not tire yourself, sir."
As she spoke, "Rugglcs, who was
facing thc charming bungalow, " observed an agitation of the jalousies,
and his ear caught such a medley of
stifled chirpings and twitterings as
might comc from a nest of baby
birds. Sarah heard it also, but affected not lo. She conducted Ruggles,
who was expressing his willingness
to wait until the young ladies were
prepared to receive him, to thc bench
iii the shade of lhe vine-covered pergola.
"Hassan shall bring you some
cushions," said she. "You see, sir,
wc arc very busy preparing thc young
ladies for Paris. Somc of' their
things were all wrong, and Miss Elliot has returned herself with the cutter to make sure they understand. In
a very few minutes,  sir."
Rugglcs thanked her and limped
over to the bench._ Hassan overtook
him on thc way, his arms filled with
cushions,, which hc arranged quickly,
then withdrew. Ruggles seated himself and waited. He suspected that
Sarah might wish to tidy thc place
before asking him into thc house.
Half an hour passed and Ruggles's
nervous expectancy began to give
place to impatience. Had hc guessed that thc diplomatic duenna was
trying to delay the presentation until
Miss Elliot's return he would have
been more impatient still,   Sarah had
An Indication of Prosperity
One Person in Every Twelve Owns
An Automobile  In
.- Saskatchewan
When a province with a population
Dogs Chasing Game May Be Shot at
-Sight By Park Officials
Regulations : giving protection to
game in Dominion parks, published in
this Ayeck's Canada'-;.-,.Gazette, ..forbid
hunting within the confines of a Dominion park, or the possession of any
game or trophies of the chase within
such confines. Nests of wild birds
must not be disturbed, and cats, except under exceptional circumstances,
are to be shot at sight by forest officers. Where the superintendent
deems necessary he may issue a licence for keeping a cat, and all dogs
must bc licensed. Dogs chasing or
molesting game may be shot at sight
by park officials.
Persons residing in, visiting, or
travelling through the Dominion
parks with firearms in thcir possession* must have 'those firearms sealed up on entry and the scal__must
nol be broken except by a duly authorized officer. . Rifles or guns may
be confiscated, if unsealed, and thc
person owning them be subject to
further penalties. Parties travelling
through Dominion parks must register their firearms, the route to be
travelled, etc., with' park officers and
stringent regulations arc also provided to prevent the setting out of
poison or gas for taking, injuring or
destroying game at any time of the
ycar. The maximum penalty set out
is $500 or six months' imprisonment.
Every Aiberta
Exhibit a First
Spectacular Success at International
Stock Show at Chicago
"Every exhibit from Alberta carried
off a first,"., remarked G. H. Hutton,
superintendent of animal husbandry
of tlie-.C.P.R. department of natural
resources, on his return from the International Stock Show at Chicago.
"In addition to the spectacular success of Hon. Duncan Marshall and
Mr. Becching, J. B. Lucas, of Cayley,
Alberta, obtained first in oats at the
grain show with a very fine sample.
"Thc general quality of the exhibits
was well above thc average, and there
was a remarkably largc number of
entries. In catllc in car lots alone,
there were 1,000 entries of extra fine
cattle. The competitions were strong
in all classes, and to win anything at
all was a great honor. Even thc horse
exhibits were strong this ycar."
At the International Hay and Grain
Show held iu conjunction wilh the
stock show, Saskatchewan made a
clean up in spring wheat, winning 14
out of 25 prizes, including thc first
six. Saskatchewan exhibitors were
almost equally successful in the oat
competitions, carrying away with
them six awards.
Crop and Trade Conditions
Throughout the Dominion
Complete Reports Submitted on Conditions in the Various Provinces
;    of the Dominion at Annual Meeting of the Bank of Montreal
Will Be of Special Interest to Mercantile ancl Farming Communities.
At the annual meeting of thc Bank of Monlical (.oi.ipleie jcpoits wcrr
submitted by the Superintendents of the Bank, dealing with trade and faiming
conditions in the various provinces of the Dominion. These reports cover
the particular operations carried out in thc various sections of the countrj',
and on this account become of vcry special interest to the mercantile and
farming communities desirous of keeping in touch with thc important developments that are occurring'throughout Canada. Wc quote from the different
reports as follows:���
The Democratic Prince
Hereafter His is a Name to Conjure
With in Canada
After his long visit comprising thc
epic distances of the Dominion from
ocean to ocean, and the short visit to
bur neighbors and cousins below "the
boundary, thc Prince has sailed away
from Halifax for England again. In
the fancy of his comrades-in-arms
and of his father's loyal Canadian
subjects, there is a halo of romance
in that sailing as truly as though hc
were a prince of the' olden timc making the voyage in a wooden ship driven by Atlantic winds. For the Prince
captured the hearts and imaginations
wherever he went, and hereafter his
is a name lo conjure with in Canada
which he has prettily mentioned and
practically settled to be his home also.
How was it that the Prince suited
the Canadian people and the American, who were as enthusiastic hosts
as ourselves? Every man and woman
who cheered him were his hosts.
For onc thing he has that good gift
of loveableness and that fine faculty
of about 750,000 has almost    59,000 _      	
automobiles iu use, or an average of'for saying thc right thing in the right
place on thc spur of the right mom
onc to every twelve persons, it "is
fairly "obvious, that that province ���is
enjoying a reasonable amount of prosperity. This, in a community where
the majority of its population is dependent on the products of- thc land,
means  agricultural  prosperity.
This year, to dale, 58,821 automobile
licenses have been taken out in the
province of Saskatchewan, or approximately 8,000 more than were issued
in 1918, according to figures compiled
by the motor license department of
the Saskatchewan government. These
figures may bc taken as representative
not  dared  to "presume  so  far  as   to  of thc whole ycar, as no further 1919
suggest that thc master of the
household postpone his visit, but she
knew lhat Miss Elliot would be sorely vexed to find that Rugglcs had
been to thc haremlik in her absence.
The ruse proved entirely successful for as Ruggles was beginning to
fume and fret at thc delay he saw
the white-clad figure of the governess coming down the linden avenue,
followed by a woman carrying an
enormous-cardboard- box.��� Miss���Elliot did nol see Ruggles until she had
approached to within a few steps,
when she stopped and regarded him
with an expression on her flushed
face in which intense surprise was
mingled with strong  disapproval.
"Mercy!" said she, in her crisp but
low-pitched voice, "what are you doing here, Mr. Ruggles?"���No salaams
from Agnes Elliot.'
"I'm waiting to call on the young
ladies," Ruggles answered, rather
shortly. Hc had' already become
sufficiently accustomed to deference
that the curt, challenging tone annoyed him. "Il seemed to me about
time that wc got acquainted."
"But you can't comc in now," said
Miss Elliot. "It's nol convenient."
' "Oh, 1 guess if it's convenient for
mc, it'll havc lo be convenient for
the rest of you'" Ruggles answered,
not disagreeably, but with a note of
finality. Miss Elliot was a vcry nice,
capable young woman, but, after all,
she was merely thc paid governess,
and Ruggles had no idea of having thc
reins of authority snatched from his
Miss Elliot's gray eyes flashed, and
she repressed a strong inclination to
stamp her foot. The combative expression of her face would have put
to flight the Rugglcs of Paris, but
that shy and retiring individual was
gone forever. -    -
"I'must say I don't think it's very
considerate of you to try to make
your first call in my absence,"' said
shc. ' '
���.(Why not?" Ruggles asked. "Did
Hamid Pasha use'lo ask \ou for permission to conic here?"
"Of course not.   R-.u t!
different.    Besides, wc. arv  bus.
ing" on clothes an,d" git lint; icruh .t"
go away," "and thc place is. ail liltcvd
up with , patterns and sewing machines and dressmakers and "things."
"See here,. Miss Elliot," said Ruggles pleasantly, "I've been up and
about for several days'now, and you
bpven't been near me nor said a word
about my meeting the ladies.      It's
license will bc issued after the middle
of ihis month.
According to Red Tape
In giving vent to his feelings on
his discharge, an old soldier wrote
to his late colonel: "Sir,���Aftcr what
I have suffered, you can tell the
army lo go to hell."
���In "due-course- hc_fcceive~d~tliefol-
lowing: "Sir,���Any suggestions or
inquiries as to movement of troops
must be entered on Army Form 123
XYZ, a copy_of which I enclose."
- It is estimated that the cost of the
ncw irrigation project north of the
town, known as the Lethbridge Irrigation District, will bc between three
and four million dollars. Thc scheme
embraces about 100,000 acres.
cift, gifts -of incomparable value lo
royalty.; For another'thing" he has
sHown conclusively how Royal Highness can bc demonstrated as democratic gentleman unaffected and modest, but eager to do the business of
A strenuous and exacting calling. Hc
madc himself one of us which in the
last analysis, Royalty must be; and
he performed the duties of Royalty
throughout his whole visit, royally in
thc sense of thc term.
Thc Prince has sailed away. . . .
May he come again soon, if not officially then as a rancher of the Western plains under thc shadow of the
Rockies yonder. Prince and rancher
ancl man, he has. thc deep-seated affection of the Canadian people���Manitoba Free Press.
Prairie Provinces
During part of the past season extensive areas in Saskatchewan and
Alberta experienced, in common with
the Northwestern States, severe
c'i-jtight and loss of crops, but owing
to good_ yields in others areas and to
high prices, the value of grains lais-
cd exceeded that of the year 1915,
when the largest croos in the history
of the West was produced.
Failure of pasture and hay in certain districts caused anxiety to
ranchers, and while autumn lains
brought relief, the scarcity aud high
British Columbia
In the opening months of the jcar
the lumber trade was dull, but in
thc spring a heavy demand arose in
thc United Statcs, and accumulated
slocks wcic disposed of at rising
prices. Great activity prevailed during the summer and autumn. The
demand for cedar shingles has been
good, and prices have reached unprecedented]}' high figures. The outlook
for the coming ycai is "exceptional^-
good, both in domestic and foreign
maikets. The pulp and papci mills
have been busy, ancl their product is
on the inci case. Shipments are
largely to the Orient and to the An-
Ninc hundred and ninety-seven culling tools alone arc required in manufacturing a modern rifle. Thc twist
drill is one of thc bnsicsl of these.
To supply 1,000,000 rifles. 04,000,000
holes must bc drilled.
Tilling Unfertile Land
Land Has Good-Value-When-It-Is
Properly Cultivated
Prices for land keep'up wonderfully
in thc districts which havc experienced, their third crop failure this season, is the statement of one of thc
government inspectors of leased , aud
grazing lands. In the southwest part
of Saskatchewan where thc settlers
are experiencing their third consecutive crop-failure, quotations for land
are at $30 and $40 an acre, and many
farms arc changing hands at this figure. Thc fact lhat a section of the
province has a record of being drjr
docs nol mean that it will remain dry
if proper methods of tillage are applied. There is no better wheat land
than along thc Soo line, yet when
that line was built it Avas regarded
as a waste of money, and the government board has fought shy of such
land for purposes of soldier settlement. Farmers coining in, however,
J wilh  capital and up-to-date ideas on
Pain  Over  Eyes  Is ..Gone'cultivation, who have plowed deep in
Headache Cured, Catarrh
Wireless Telephony
Can Now Be Practised from an Air-
.   ship up to a Distance of
165 Miles
Thc wonders of thc ncw wireless
telephony were demonstrated the
other day at thc houses of parliament
in London, when a number of people
wcrc able to converse with the observers of airplanes flying at a height
of several thousand feet and at distances of 10 to 20 miles. There was
also a conversation with a wireless
telephone station somc 20 miles away,
and gramophone tunes were transmitted ancl were vcry plainly audible.
Sometimes when the conditions
were particularly favorable the voice
reproduced at Westminster was ovcr-
powenngly loud. Onc of -the messages sent was an invitation to all
R.A.F. pilots within a radius of 20
miles to dine with General Seelcy,
and in thc pause that followed thc
two original recipients of the message could bc heard passing it on to
their fellow airmen. The invitation
was promptly accepted.
It was explained that wireless telephony can now bc practised from an
airship up to a distance of 165 miles
and from an airplane up to 100 miles.
Somc postal machines from England
to France arc now fitted with the
system, and it has proved of very
considerable advantage.
This demonstration was incidentally tlie occasion of a secret of the
war being disclosed. Wireless telephony was made possible early in 1915
and was experimented upon that year
by the Royal Flying Corps. By 1917
sufficient progress had been made for
���the system,-, to bc of practical usc. In
March, 1918, two squadrons on thc
western front wcrc fitted with wireless telephony, and thc fact became
known to the Germans. Thcy heard
English speech in thcir wireless receivers, ancl, not knowing lo what
uses thc new invention might be put,
from that time avoided our squadrons.
Unfortunately the retreat iu March,
1918, broke up thc organization, aud
by thc time of the armistice practically nothing more had been done.
But so far as is known nothing in
connection with wireless telephony
had' been developed by the Germans,
and-if is impossible to estimate the
advantage of our being so well ahead
of thc enemy.
In the course of the demonstration
il was shown how au airship or a big
airplane can determine ils position
from signals received from high-
power wireless stations up to 700
miles. A new telephone wi.s also exhibited, in which the transmitter,-instead of being hold to the mouth, is
pressed against thc neck of thc speaker and records the vibrations of thc
human tissues instead of those of the
The sequel to the abovc-nam*d invitations is interesting. Six officers
dined that night with the air minister,
General Seelcy, at the House of Commons. Il was explained that thc invitations were received and accepted
while the airplanes had been flying
round London within a radius of
about 30 mile-, at height-- up to 15,000
price of feed for winter usc foiccd
the sale of some unfinished cattle ! lipodes
at prices adversely attacked by -worse Mining development thioughout
conditions in tlic United Statcs. The the province has been retaided by
high value of wool has encouraged i unsettled labor conditions and the
sheep ranchers to pay prevailing'high cost of supplies, and the tola!
prices for winter feed and cany over! output for the year is not expected
flocks^ Heavy and profitable yields) Jo be as high as# that of 1918. Min-
from irrigated lands are giving a'ingis being carried on in a practical
new impetus to irrigation which al- 1 businesslike manner, and there is nc
ready stabilizes the livestock indus-j speculation in mining stocks,
try in Southern Alberta. I    Grain     crops     were    affected     by
Coal, a most important natural as- I drought and were below the average,
set of Alberta and Saskatchewan, I Fruit and vegetables have been good
especially of the former, has not been icrops .with prices ruling high. More
produced    in   quantity equal    to de- attention  is  being  given  to  agricul-
mand, strikes and labor shortage
having reduced the output.
Some progress has been madc in
carrying out an extensive plan lo
develop new power at the Winnipeg
River, Manitoba.
There are many evidences of increase in the population. Immigration desirable in character, although
not yet large, shows a substantial
increase over last year (1918), while
the figures arc small compared to
pre-war years.
Trade, wholesale and retail, has
been good. Manufacturers have operated their plants to capacity or
limit of labor, and have found a
ready market.
The past season witnessed fresh
activity in constructing branch railway lines, although all plans could
not be carried out owing to shortage
of labor.
The West on thc whole has had a
prosperous year, exceptions being thc
districts in which crops wcrc lost
through drought
The .two visits of H.R.H. the
Prince of Wales were the happiest
and most important events in many
stead of'merely scratching the soil,
havc made good. "The average homesteader has not been able to follow
such methods, but the mail with a bit
Tins is the Common Experience; of capital has found that water runs
ure, and  farmers  and growers  generally havc  had a  profitable  season.
Thc shipbuilding programme in
British Columbia is about finished,
and new contracts have not yet been
madc, although negotiations arc in
progress with that object in view.
The industry has been valuable to
the coasl cities in British Columbia
during the past three years. The'
Government is building a graving
dock at Esquimalt, and negotiations ,
are being conducted with the Government for construction of a dry-
dock at Vancouver, a necessity for
the   port.
Wholesale trade has been good
and retail trade active.
Municipal outlays havc been rc-
stricted to,_ ordinary expenditures.
The Dominion Government have in
contemplation a considerable expenditure for extension and improvements to Vancouver harbor.
The population has increased, and
further immigration is expected
during the coming'year.
Conditions throughout thc province on the whole are better than
they havc been for somc years, and
prospects appear good for continued
business  activity into  the  new  year.
Attractive Winter Tours
During the summer months it is
impossible for many Western Canadians to take a vacation. However,
with the advent of winter, and harvest over, many arc planning a trip
for a few ���weeks, or popsibly to
spend thc winter in a warmer clime.
Some will go East to visit the old
folks ancl spend Christmas at home,
others may desire to"visit the Pacific Coast, where outdoor sports can
bc enjoyed thc ycar round, amid low
lying hills, silver and blue sea, and
lofty snow crowned mountains,
where flowers and shrubs, rare clsc-
where in America, thrive. This trip
can easily bc extended to California,
and a choice of a sea voyage, or train
journey via the wondrous Shasta
Route, is offered. This,' combined
with the 500 miles of scenic beauty
through thc Canadian Rockies, is unequalled anywhere  in   the  world,
At San Francisco and Los Angeles
Canadian Pacific- Offices ar"<Tmain���
tamed where visitors will bc made
welcome, and given assistance in securing rooms, cottages or hotel accommodation.
The _ Canadian Pacific Railway
maiiitain an unequalled service to
Eastern and Pacific Coast points, operating two solid through trains each
way daily.
Florida also attracts a great many
Canadians each winter, with its hundreds of ideal winter resorts. The
abundant and delightful outdoor" life
of the Southern winter is the chief
charm, and no attractive feature has
been overlooked. Golf may be played upon dozens of the finest courses
in the country, riding, driving, yachting, boating and bathing arc some
sports  available almost  everywhere
Canning Business
In British Isles
British Army to
Call or write  today to  any Agent  ' Consist of 400,000 Mcii
of the Canadian  Pacific and hc will
bc pleased to give you full information, and plan your  trip.
of Those Who Breathe
the Vapor of
J been mighty tiresome and lonely for
��� ���- ���- jn;c,   hanging  around  here   with   no-
S��lf,Be!resies,SBeft!S.!body to talk to.   I eat all by mvself
Heals���Ksep your Eyes [and sit out on the terrace aU by roy-
Strong acd Healthy. If! self and limp around ail bv mvself,
��yT^SiaSitJfcc.or.and I've, got enough of it.    '""""    "
Burn, tl Soti, ImUted, tjie uSC  0f being     the  hrc
inflated orGra3uJated,:,...;���-,t,. ft���*fit ;f ivc    mi ��<~,
SSSff^r ^und^re 2nd Ulk^ mv,clf lik
At aD DnvgBtsin Canada. Wnte for Free ���,   !amc ,?    Ljst���n:   j"
ictnbor thi-. Catarrh can  nevvr
latv.i* vcry;^c cur(<{ or even,'relieved .by a routrl'
j^vriip.  a   ��pra\.  or   tablet   treatment,
iTrouble is these   remedies slip quick-
'l\ .over the sore irritated membrane.-:,
diop into   lhc stomach  and do" littic
else but harm digestion.     It's different with "Catarrhozone"���you inhale
it.    Every breath sends healing balsams to the inflamed tissues.1   Tightness- soreness  and  inflammation  arc
cured by healing pine essences.   The
cough dies away, throat is strengthened huskiness is cured.    Xothing is
so  simple, so convenient, so certain
to cure as Catarrhozone.    The dollar
outfit includes thc inhaler, costs $1.00,
Sinn Fein Munitions Found
During a search by thc Belfast police for some stolen property, between 30"and 40 sticks of gelignite
and CO pounds of service ammunition
| off the hardened prairie surface, but! were found under a bundle of rags,
'soaks into thc land oner the shell ^ I Thc house -i\ In. re this discover*- was
| broken and pulvrrircd. ,     .made  i?  only  a  short  distance  from
j   i tjlc lionet'  iii  Grattasi  street used as
('   -   Will Advertise Canadian Beef       in Sin:i Fein arsenal. ^hich was blown
Black Hector, nr.md champion beef up a  Feu    _monih>     ago, and where
-tocr of Canada, sold  lo If.  I!. Ken,-'ticaily  10i) bomb-  in  coarse of manned}'.  Ltd., at  piiii'i."   auction  i'i  Tivftif.ii-unv  ucrc  found
ronto   at   75c   pcr   pound,   h::<-   been
placed at thc disposal of  the  Canadian livestock commission    and Mr.
Kennedy's agent in London, England,
to advertise Canadian beef in Europe.
The'championjs thr're to be disposed
of io.the best advantage, and the proceeds  given   to whatever worthy iti-
;titution the London agent and    the
\\ hat s aru? js guaranteed to cure. Small size
id of thc j.-Or, trial size 25c. all dealers, or thc
>    hobb'cw'atarrhczor
>zone Co.. Kingston, Ont.
Eye Boor, Jf*rfw Cerapsay, Cfckap, D. S. L,, ^
jdown  here to see thc girls r.nd  IV
V     13.     1295
commission,mr.y decide on
"It H" healthier to bo cremated,"
says an English physician. Maybe
��:o.   but   for   our  part   w' know   wi1
Spoons of standard sizes, which
are s_o familiar to us, have-not been
long in-general usc. The. teaspoon,
for example, is of 'comparatively recent introduction, for tea itself seems
not to have been imported into Europe until" the .seventeenth t century.
Saltspoons and .-after-dinner coffee
spoons also are modern invention?.
JCotl'.ing  gives  a -woman's   religion
such   a jolt  a?" the   s:ic-ge?tion   th^t
��he <rot the
should never bc ih>" -.im-
.:n:. ��� uifnUey   or
heavrn -reallv
Airmen Hear Plainly
Gliding with engine switched off the
shout of a man can bc heard distinctly
at the height of 1,600 feet, the sharp
note of a mole cricket at 2,500 feet,
and tiie croakings of frogs in a morass at 3,000 feet. At 3,225 feet a man's
voice and thc rolling of a cart can
be distinguished; at 4.550 feet the roll
of a drum, and the music of an orchestra; at '5,000, the crowing of a cock,
thesound of a church bell and sometimes the shouting of men aud women; at nine hundred feet higher still,
the report of a musket and thc barking of a dog. Thc noise of a railway
train penetrates to a height of 8.200
feet, and the whistle of a locomotive
engine to nearly 10,000 fc^t.
Danish Union of Employers ~
Copenhagen has outstripped the
rest of Europe in forming a union
of employers to contend with strikes.
The transport workers who quit work
were' informed by the employers'
union  that if  thev     did not  return
within   a   stated   timc
v^o-ild bovcott them.
sll   employers j
SoTi'e nomen    arc unable to
on  an--  m=*rment   rvr<")t   the
c Liver, r
John Bull "Eats What He Can, and
Cans What He Can't"
Undoubtedly onc of the great results of thc World War has been the
conserving of food supplies. This is
especially so in Great Britain where
thc rations stipulated by the food controller were faithfully adhered to.
Even fruit is conserved by canning,
and no more will it be possible to
see barrels of fruil rotting in thc sun
at thc wayside stations on account o!
a too abundant supply. In fact, John
Bull, like the daughter of the California fruit grower, now "cats wliat'
hc can aud cans what hc can't.'' As
an indication of thc growth of the
canning business iu the British Isles -
one" comp"ahy7^vvhich- started in 190��
with an output of 500 cases, has now
reached 10,000 cases of fruit, cacK
case containing two dozen cans. Thc
great demand from the Far Eastern '
and South African markets is said to
bc due to the excellent quality of thc
fruit, to thc improved method of scaling the tins without soldering, and.
also to the fact that the interior is
protected with a hard lacquer which
resists corrosion by the acids and
thus preserves the original flavor.���
Christian Science Monitor.
Force. However, Will Bc Reduced
, at a Later Date
The Uritish army estimates, 1919*
1920, provide for thc ��� estimated expenditure of ��-505,000,000. These
figures-foreshadow an army strength
at the end of the fiscal ycar, March
31, 1920, of 300,000 British troops and
100,000 Indian troops.
These forces, however, will bc reduced  later.
When" estimate j wcrc made in
March, 1919, . an army of 2,600,000
men was provided for, of which
1,543,000 were in "process of demobilization, and since havc been released.
Mr. lJ.ii/���Yoa ought to brace up
and ,=how your wife who is running
things  .-it  your house.
Mr. Meek (sadly)��� It isn't necessary.    Shc knows.���Lifc.
A woman never reads thc preface
until iftcr she has read the siorr.
Do not snStet
toother CxryrUit
Itching. B!ee����
bnt. w Pnrtsfnd-
fttl-fflnal  cpe?.
��tion  tngrziiel,
Br, Cbaae's Olctfflint irffi reSe-nt ytra ��x one*
nod ��* omtaitilf cbi�� Tob.  flOc. a bos: a3
dealers, or E&raaDsos. Bates & Gcx, limited,
. Toronto. Swap's box free it mt rasatkm !J��fe
! p*por safe �������<**����� Ska, ata��ij>k>|ta j po*;*��9. m"':
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $~.5��
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Eatray Notices 3-00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
aertificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal-advertising, 12'Cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2^c. a line each in-
The tourists in Southern California are being skinned to a finish
this season, and thousands of them
will never return to tbe land of the
golden poppy. Rents have been
raised everywhere and even then
many find ife difficult to gefe a place
to sleep. The restaurants are
crowded with business and the
prices are very high. It is advisable for people to stay away from
California until fehe greedy Shy-
locke come to feheir senses.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Hoover is sure of being elected
if he will run in Belgium.
The Japp and Chinks  will  soon
own a large portion of B.C.
Let ua pray  thafe fehe hens lay
plenty of eggs in the spring.
Not Among Them
A farmer wrote as follows to a
distinguished scientific agriculturist, to whom he felt under obligations for introducing a variety of
swine: "Respected Sir: I went
yesterday to the cattle show. I
found several pigs of your species.
There was a great variety of hogs,
and I was astonished at nofe seeing
A Noted Jungle  Explorer
In San Francisco a bar thafe cost
$25,000 was recently sold for less
than 8200.
You can build a cifey with your
thoughts. Let us make Greenwood a second Butfce.
If you pack a flask of moonshine
in your pocket, you are liable to
be arrested for carry concealed
When Bill Beach gofe a glimpse
of the Pacific ocean he said:
"Gee, ifeB beautiful, bat I thought
it was bigger.".
It has often been said that, far
"��� away fields are green.;   Heaven is
here but most of people think ife is
over the world.
, Not long ago a hen in ..the States
died afe the age of 32"years. She
was almost as old as the- cold storage eggs in Vancouver.
The price of paper has again
raised fehe altitude.. Thie week-,
ly press in, this province will
soon have to raise prices or
look into the cruel eyes of fehe
."'.-. Many, prophets now figure that
the material world, will pass away
between 1920 and 1936, It would
Jbave disappeared before this, if the
Christian Science - church could
���jave overcome whafe is called evil.
Don't Stop
When iomeoue stops advertising,
Someone stops buying. , ,
When someone stops buying, "       '"���-,-'
Someone stops selling. -   ������
When someone stops selling,
Someone stops making, ���'---'
When someone stops, making,
Someone stops earning.    .'���..'"      ���"
Everybody stops buying.   ".- ' ;-_��� '-.
Keep going..-.'"       ,   ���
Ledge ads bring, results.
...;.The  Ledge has - always -room
for one more ad.   "Zy-yXy.- -".-;=���'
&      Synopsis Of       e
and $c! Amendments
Attention is called to the advertisement of the Jungle Pictures to
be shown in the Greenwood
Theatre on Thursday, Jan. 29, by
Carveth Wells, the well known
Chautauqua entertainer and Jungle
explorer. In Vernon, Kelowna,
Penticton and Salmon Arm, where
the explorer spoke both in churches
and schools, the entertainment
drew such large crowds that it had
to be repeated.
Greenwood is fortunate in securing this noted explorer, whose pictures, made from his own photos
in the jungle, have been shown in
over 300 Canadian towns with
Chautauqua during the last 12
Mrs. Carveth Wells, who for
over four years lived in the depths
of the jungle with her husband,
gracefully demonstrates the Malay
methods of < dressing, exhibiting
many gorgeous Oriental costumes.
Together they give a two hours
entertainment which in the words
of tbe Salmon. Arm Observer," was
"The most interesting and enter-
taing ever given in the city.'-'.
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering: only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with Joint residence, but each making
necess*ry improvements on respective
claims. ..' ��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extenc of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as for-
leiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 6 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsurveyed areas, not exceediiFe 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas   exceeding   640   acres   may   be.
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
t ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until" one
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on aocount of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements te purchase
town or oity lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920.
LAND3. *
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
bo distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1920.
9 GRAZING. ���
Grazing  Act,   1919,  for    systematic -
development of livestock industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established , owners. Stock-owners - may
- form Associations for range management. . Free, or partially free, permits
tor settlers,- campers or travellers, up
10 ten head.,- ....
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, - Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
FRONT ST..     ZNELSON,'    BOX 865
(Expert Optician)
tulameen Botel
One of the largest hotels in
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty mealc.
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson
IHIMIHfcTIIT F"""* ��"<���
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited ',,.
,  Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of/ Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
K  YV. C Block
AU Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148. TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
Get your job printing at lhe
Ledge, before the paper is all
fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H,   DOGB18TEA.DER, Ppop-.
When J.  B. \Corn  died in the     _ .....
"'���-���;-��� ,    : '> - Leprosy ib now  being cured at
States this month thousands :wepfe g-Q(:,j
at hiB grave, principally those who
were drunk;  or had; made money
put. of   the   old* red-nosed .home
-���wrecker; _������'.;.- xy..-\x-':.'; '-' !-; ,.-���'���"'.
~ M3SXIC0 needs more -spirituality
in order to. get .rid of the ��� . many
; troubles and disasters;.that beset it.
.It is one of bhe finest  undeveloped
..countries ,in-.the world,, and   has
every kind of a- climated   There
are .the'junglesof .the  tropics,, the
upland verdure of Canada, and the
mountain forests of the Rockies.
- ,.Tke moral cesspool of America
dislocated .at Tia Juaaa,  Mexico,
:14 miles from San Diego,. California.   -This month about $2,000,000
:  worth of booze were shipped into
"��� that town,  and is being, sold at
from.25 to 50 cents  a. shot.    The
. horse racea opein there this month
.and. every species of vice is ramp^
ant. -Every little while a tame ball
fight is  staged, ;. in..order  to get
tourists to pay   82 to see a: few
greasers worry and torinre a senile
bull, nntil one of the crae! bunch
makes a quick move and kills the
animal with a dagger.. The; nest
day ball meat appears in the reefer..
anraats hidden ia red peppers.  ; ;;
7;    ReLot 5; Block 27; Map 34. City of ;-. :
..-.;'���-.--';    [     ..Greenwood ; "; ���.-.,-���'
'" NOTICE is/ hereby.' Riven that I shall at
the expiration of one month from' the date of
lhe ' first - publication ��� hereof issue.-a Certificate of Indefeasible Title to the above mentioned lands in tlie .name of Bertha Estella. Docksteader unless in the'meantime valid objec-.
tion is made to me in -wrltinsr.  -      '   "��� ������
-".The holder "of the following docunieat.re-
latintr.-to the said'lan'ds. "namely:
-Deed.dated 23fh Juljv'1901, Columbia and
-   Western.  Railway-Company.-to Frederick
_���- C. Andersen,-"'  ...-���-���"   -.  .   . ;.  '" .,!",���'-:_
is reqnircd to deliver same to me forthwith."  "
,     DATED'at. Kamloops," B.C.. the 14th day,
of January, 1920..;  -.   ������',.-.-    --.-'"
"'���:':~-; ���    ." ;\      '"��� " :��� ?.r v- CRAIG,-.
'.;-������..'"���'���- ���     -.""'   'District Registrar.
..The Kettle;Valley Railway Company., will
apply to the Parliament of Canada at its next
Session for. sn Act authorizing it to construct
the following lines of railway:-
(a)   From a-point-ator near Coalmont on"
the Joint Section  operated by the Applicant
Coin pany dad the  Vancouver. Victoria and
Eastern Railway and Navigation Company,
thence in a general southerly directii>n;.'a_~di_S
' tar.ee of about 12 miles to the so-called Granite Creek coal areas, in the Province of British Columbia.
And   further  extending-   the   time'   within
which it may commence the construction of the
following1 lines of railway which it has heretofore been duly authorized to construct:
..   {b5   From a point at or near Grand Forks
'v to a point 50 miles   np the North Fork oi the
,-KstUeRiver;in tbe said ProyinceV'..;.' -'-;.-
.    -'.(c), From a"point'-at or near .Otter. Snic:
mitby. the most-feasible, route to .the Aspen
."��� Grove mineral district, in the- said- Province,
.;ra distance of about 30 miles; ��._���;.- ... ' v- \J..;' --'
.-.And, further authorizioz' it to" increase its
bonding powers in respect of the said  lines of
railway toi 170,000 per'.mileJ--and for other fmr-
pose*.   ,'���-.   -���--���-.:.;��� --"-' '        -': . I"s   v ' - ^. ���-. -  \ ��� .���-
y'- ������ DATED al Montreal'thi? UthdayofJan-'
aa.lv, 1920. ���.'.'. ���:: ""���'.'���:... .-.:���'..:������-'���     ���'<"-.  :r'."";
''-.:..-��� :..-. X,;x-sX C OSWALD. -." -   "-���"' -V '���
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
. and adjoining Lot 1028.
' TAKE'NOTICE that-I, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls" in said District, "occupation,
Rancher, intend .to abpb- for permission to
purchase the"following- described lands:
Commencing' at "a post-planted at the
South-East corner of Lot"1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 20
chains; and thence West-20 chains, arid con
taiulng' 40. acres more or less.' thc same 10 b.
utilized,for prrazlnp purposes. ;
Dated at Boundary Falls, B.C., November
17th, 1019.. '.      ..."--���        ��� "
-'    CHARLES GRASER.     .
E. W. WIDDOWSOK, Assayer and
ChemisV.-Bos... biio8,- Nelson,. - B. ^C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each. Gold-Silver $i.5o.:. Silver-Lead
fr.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00. Charges
for other metals, etc.', on. application.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad'Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands. For. Sale. List your lands
with ine,.' Have a buyer for" good ranch
- .."    NELSON, bVc.-   '      '"'���
'���XX' /MINING'-;-'.
-.;.. y; y ��� -BROKER.,   ���     X'-.X "'
All   the   latest- methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
C LOAT is not a periodic-
" al. It is a book containing 86 illustrations all
told, and is filled with
sketches and stories of
western life. It tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early vdays; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in 93;
how the saloon ��� man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts the roamings of a
western 'editor among the
tender-feet ih the cent belt.
It contains the early history
. of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
; western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is 50 centB, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wan; rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
How do you answer your telephone?   Do you say "Hello!"
,   or do you announce your name or the name of your firm?   If
you say "Hello,"   do you notice   how the  person calling will
then ask, "Is that Mr. Blank speaking?"
Why not extend the courtesy of announcing your name in
the first plice? It eliminates the necessity of additional enquiry and facilitates your telephone service. *'
Xfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfr^frfr  frfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfr%
I Cbe Burne fiotel f
fr R.T.Lowery fr
<j��     GREENWOOD, B. C.     ��g��
.*-'��� "���'���"/- *
fr frfr fr fr fr fr frfr fr fr fr fr
P. Burns & Co., Ltd*
;   Home of Shamrock Bacon,   Ham  and Lard
���.'���'   -Eggs, 'Cheese   and. Fish   of. all; Varieties   ; .
J�� -'-:':    '���"���"     -���.--���-"'."'.----'-;"       ;.-""-'-"""��� '.      ".'"":'"-'" ' .'ft
JSecretarjyKettle-Valley. Kafitraj Cotcpanj-.
rinjrlei' Tfcoiafwoii, .Harness & Cotei.'."J ;!.'.-.''-"."'"
'- vOlta-wa Agents.'���; ���--'':'������?..'<���-.. -:".������'_''';
"'-yXziyy. -'-V"J; ;_���;'��� ���V.;r'^ENp^OF".DECEivtBER,:.i9i7::  -V.'-;"'---^'-'
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,116,103;  Lode .;-:
. Gold, ^93,717,974; Silver, $43,623,761; Lead 039,366,144; Copper, 8130,597,620;   >
��� =    Other Metals  (Zinc,'..Iron,  etc.), 110,933,466;.; Coal and Coke,.,$174,313,658;    /
Building Stone/ Brick.  Cement, etc.,  $27,902,381; making, its Jlineral Produc-        ; .
tion to the end of 1917 show an , '"-'.-.'-'.""";���."'X-../'"'.:-..':. X.XyXyX:'y .
' -:-Aggregate;Hm^^i^^M^M'XxyiyXiX
Production for Year Ending December, 1917, $37,010^392 ^
The Alining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire. '....-..-.-    ������-;. r; xyixXy r'X'Z '���'.' -'i.
Mineral locations are granted to disco^erera for apminal.fe^. - ;. . - ^^ ,;^^^^;'." .
r; : iy. ...^bsoiate,Titles are obtained by^ developmg\ such properties, the security
-���-;-    v, of which is guaranteed by Crpwn.Granfcs. y XX'X'X-'XryXx . "-;'-"..'';  ";.-������_.'���.   '" /;
Fall informal! may be obtained       .,X
yiX-Xi.. gratis by aMresaiug-irXXyiyiyy. -XyXXZ'X yX.yyy:'y- iyr/.X-X-'- .XX..;--' ,y,--'xX'..^.yy \ XXyyy:
^^^x<^^&:%^.^ S^ VICTORIA, British Columbia.  ���/.
nelson, BX*
The only up^to^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
.--Economy and Satisfaction
combined with Promptness
are the features which go to
make up the Service we give
our customers. Are you
onfeof them?
: ��� ��� ~-:~^=     ...%'"' ^- -^*��
' J    ~ -       -��� '-"..'-      yy. -' ~ ~ -      ��� " X ' - ~   \ ���    .    '      ,���-"������^
Letterheads^ Noteheads,       ^
���'-  '  . (Ruled or Plain); "���'.���"-   ;'���      -- .'���;"-'-' '���'.."%
Envelopes, Billheads, ^
'���;. -���'   ;(A11' Sizes);   ->'"-"..-..-     --    ';,'. '.;������..���'.'-.': ".���''.. -. ;,- ~S~
Statements, Business Cards, 3
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. 3
tedSe       PHONE 29      1
E     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   3
^Ull!Ul_liliili!i_liUllUm UUiilUUllUlUUiiU liiillilillliiiiilK
'.!   .
��� t i_
=!.-���' ?���


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