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The Ledge Feb 5, 1920

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Array I\��
-   it ,sffjf
Voi,.   XXVI.
No. 30
Cosy Homes
Make your bome cosy and attractive by filling it witb some
bf our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
1 and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
We carry a large' line of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Around Home 1
Whirlwind Hockev
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
���   all   kinds   of  Nuts
Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
��� 00000000000<>0<>00000<>OOOC<>OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC<>0<>000<H><
LOAN      .
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson.^B.C
returned to town
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1,25 each.
60 Watts
100   '������
200   ��
<>   *   $1,25 each
-    -   2.00 ��
3,50 ��
��*   /   #*
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
MEAGHER &_Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The   Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served al any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigarB and cigarettes.  5
Pool hall in connection.
%      W. D. BUSK - - - PROPRIETOR
Ti/TAKS your banker your financial
X1JL adviser* Let him help yoa to
shape your affairs so that he will be
warranted in giving you ample credit
to operate your farm efficiently, Our
aim is to assist you ia every way
���  possible. <*   66a
PAID-UP CAPITAL      :       I       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND -        -   .   $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH, U g. Brawders, Manager.
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept iri stock and made to
order from selected'skins
Customer's furs made up. ���" Remodeled
, and repaired ,.
Skins dressed aud mounted at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson/: B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses, Cattle, Etc.
,421 Baker Street
NELSON.   B. C.   >.,
Stocks, Bonds, Notes and Debentures.
,' In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods sent upon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
aud efficient manner.
For Sale ���"Willys-Kmght
Four 1916 Touring Car, also
Overland 1914 model, Enquire
Dan Bluer, Phoenix, B.C.
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
10 for $1.50 postpaid
Largest   line  sheet   music  in   interior
of B. C.
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P- O. Box 152
Made to Measure
Mrs. Newrieh���Don't yoa think,
William, now that we are getting
into society, that we should have a
Newrieh���Certainly, my dear.
I'll see my tailor about ife tomorrow.���Boston Transcript.
We Should Worry
The great wall of China is said
to contain 5,609,619 Bfeones.
The Hindua figure the world has
426,980 more years to exist,   ~
J.  P.   Flood
last week.
Jap Oranges 75 'cents a box at
Rendell's store.
J. C. Cruse is ill at his home
in Boundary Falls. ���
Arthur Walters, of Anyox, is
visiting in Phoenix.
H.J. Lutley has left Graud
Forks for Ladysmith.
- D.  R.   McElmou, watchmaker
and Jeweller,  Greenwood,   B,   C.
Murray Janes has 'gone to
work with the Granby at Anyox.
I. Crawford returned to Carmi
on Friday, after a holiday in the
A. S. McKim,'of Grand Forks,
will locate in the Salmon Arm
district.   _.
Finnan Haddie, Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at Rendell's store, Greenwood.
Mrs. Catherine McKinnon died
in Grand Forks last week, at the
age of 76 years.
New stock of Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes, etc.    G. A.Rendell.
Mrs. John Mulligan, of Phoenix, was the guest of Mrs. F. M.
Kerby in Grand Forks, last week.
A full supply of Royal Household flour, wheat, shorts, bran,
oats, etc., on hand. G. A. Rendell.
Car.veth Wells, the noted jungle
explorer, was well received at
the Greenwood Theatre last
Thursday eveuing.���
For that nasty cough get
bottle of RexaTl's Sympof White
Pine aud Tar at Goodeve's Drug
Smashing their way through the
opposing defense and scattering the
visitors in all directions in their
great offensive, the Greenwood
piickchasers defeatad Grand Forks
in one of those wildly exciting ice
contests^ which was replete with
lively interest, on Friday evening
lasfe. It was a whirlwind game
and one of the hardest fought
matches ever played on local ice, a
game in which heavy checking, was indulged in from start to
finish fand in which the players
mixed freely.
Miss Florence Bryan, was in
town last week from Penticton,
for the funeral of. her grandmother, Mrs. Ann Bryan.
- Stanley Davis, Chas. Pearson,
Victor Reid, and other Forks
people, attended the hockey
match on Monday night.
Mr. Morrison of the Utilities
Commission was in- Greenwood
the first of the we"ek, looking into the sawmill proposition.
J. H. Bryan and Mrs. James
Cross, of Trail, attended the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Ann
Bryan, _in__Greenwood -last week.
Miss Louise Deane, who has
been agent for the B. C, Telephone Co. m Phoenix, has left
for Vancouver, where she has
accepted a position with the
same company.
A most enjoyable evening was
spent by all those who attended
the Dance in the- L O. O. F.
Hall in Phoenix on Friday last,
ia honor of Miss Mary Biner,
who is leaving shortly to reside
in California. Excellent .music
was supplied by Mrs. Terhune
and Victor Biner. Refreshments
were served'by the ladies at midnight, in which all did justice to
the good things to eat.
' Friday night, Feb. 6th will be
a gala night at the Greenwood
rink. On that evening a Masquerade Carnival will be held.
Prizes will be given for: Best
dressed lady, best dressed gent,
best dressed girl, best dressed
boy, best comic. Skating races
wiil also be on the program.
Admission for skaters: Adults
SOc., children 25c, spectators 25c,
Commencing at 8 o'clock.
At the bonspiel of the Britisii
Columbia Curling Association
which was held in Nelson last
week, a "booby" prize was put
up. For each game lest ia the
preliminary rounds seven points
were allotted and for each game
lost in the" second round five
points, in the semi-finals three
points. The rink skipped by P.
George, formerly of Greenwood,
carried of the prize with a total
of 60 points.
Greenwood had the edge of the
play all/fche time. Grand ForkB
played afe the top of form, but
Greenwood gave tbem a stiff1 battle
all the way. their close checking
being particularly effective. That
the better team won must be admitted. Grand Folks attempts to
break through Greenwood's defense were without result and goalkeeper Taylor who has been playing a star game, all winter had a
comparatively easy time of it,
while the visitors goal was bombarded-time'after time. The locals
defence was impregnable, Murray
afe point played sure and steady
game, while Carlson at cover had
the fans on their toes with his spectacular end to end rushes. Stanaway was a thorn in the side of
the visitors. His work was exceptionally good and he invaded the
visitors territory on more than one
occasion to their discomfort. Alm-
strom'-at centre was -iri good form
and his shots worried his opponents. Clerf onx right wing did
splendid work and made some sensational body checking. Hallett
on left, a coming player, was a little )ight;for the heavy defence of
Grand Forks, but he nevertheless
caused them no end of worry, while
Art Murray who relieved proved to
be a/"stick handler of no mean
Friday night's game brought the
schedule feo a close with Greenwood and Grand Forks tied. Ib
was agreed to play home and home
games; the teamT getting~the~ mosf
goals to become the proud possessors of the Boundary Cup. The
first game of this series was played
on local ice before a large crowd of
enthusiastic spectators -and again
Grand Forks went down to defeat,
the score being 3 to 1. Again
Greenwood proved to be superior
players, but ife was only through
hard work and determination for
they had to fight their way to victory every moment of the game.
Tho game was clean and fast
throughout and the fans were kept
in a constant thrill of excitement.
Referee Morrison had his eagle
eye on puck and players' all the
time and his decisions were fair to
both sides.
The  first goal   was   scored for
Greenwood    by    Stanaway,   who
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I Western Float
Naramata's new wharf will   be
completed by April 16.
Vancouver   may have  daylight
saving again this year.
Cranbrook    people   claim   they
have a population of 4000.
The C. P.   R.   will  improve its
service on Okanagan lake.
There are 15,102  mules in Canada.    They all have a kick.
The Seed Fair in Kamloops* last
week was a great success.
Bliss Carman, the noted  Canad-
Excitement ran high at all time-:.- jan P��et, is seriously ill at Saranac
Once   the   score was  tied though
Miles Maclnnes and James
Leslie, of < Vancouver, formerly
with the Granby Store in. Phoenix, were in the Boundary last
week. '
The funeral of Mrs. Ann
Bryan, widow of the Late James
Bryan, took place on Thursday,
January 29, services being conducted by Rev. Hillis Wright, in
the Presbyterian church. It was
largely attended. The pall-bearers were: A. Sater, J. R. Jackson, L. Bryant, H. McKee, Wm.
Jenks and F. Peterson.' Interment took place in the local cemetery.
The recent snow fall has helped
the logging operations in the
Three new lumber mills will be
built between Duncan aud Cowichan Lake.
David McNair, a prominent B.
C. lumberman, died recently in
Los Angeles.
The Summerland Review and
Princeton Star are installing linotype machines.
Every nighfe that the band plays
in the Bkating rink at Rossland,
the place is crowded. ���
A Canadian postage stamp of
1855 brought ,��130 at an auction
sale in London, recently.
Tbe lid will be put on tight in
Cranbrookr This will need to be
conducted in an able manner.
A public hall may be built in
Clinton as a war memorial. The
estimated cost would be $5,000.
Rev. J. Richmond Craig, leaves
Vanconver this week for Scotland
to speak>gain8t the liquor evil.
F. K. McMann has again gone
into business in" Merritt." He will
handle groceries, confectonery, etc.
Work harder and produce more
is Sir George Foster's solution for
the problem of unrest and high
cost of living.
The Elder-Dempster Co. is arranging for the establishment of a
direct trade-route between Canada
and West Africa.
Charles Hamilton died in Nelson
last week. For over 10 years he
had been foreman of a C. P. R.
bridge-building crew.
The'population of Saskatchewan
is now 833,267, according to an
announcement made in tbe Provin-
cial Legislature by Premier Martin.
Otter lake, Tulameen, ice crop
is mostly 'shipped to Wenatehee
and Yakima, Wash., to be used
next summer in  refrigerator cars.
F. E. Simpson, one of the best
known newspapermen in B.C.,
has retired from the position as
editor and manager of The Kamloops Standard-Sentinel.
The Penticton Herald has raised
its subscription price 50 cents a
year. Other papers will have to
do tbe same on account of the high
cost of material, etc., in these d��ys.
An exchange says that "Next in
order is a union of husbands with
demands for hot biscuits daily,
and time and a, half for walking
the floor wifeh baby at nights, 50
cents increase in spending money,
two pair of decent socks per week
and the freedom of the fleas.
Greenwood Wins
Boundary Cup
The final hockey game in Grand
Forks,^ Wednesday evening, decided the Boundary Championship,
giving Greenwood a lead of one
goal in the home and homo games.
The score .'was 2-1 in favor of
Grand Forks, but this was not
sufficient to overcome the two goal
lead Greenwood had-by Monday's
Mining News
To date the Pas mines of Manitoba has produced ��3,000,000 in
gold, copper and silver.
The Fahey Bros, shipped six
cars of ore last year from the
Whitewater in the Slocan.
It is reported that the Granby
will take over Extall mine on the
Skeena river, which it has under
development for some years,
The Gasse claims at Herb lake
in the Pas district, Manitoba, has
been sold to Winnipeg men for
6200,000. There are seven claims
in the group.
The Indian, one of the firsfe mining locations on Salmon river in
fehe North, will shortly be operated
by the owners of the property, the
Indian Mines -Ltd.
Another body cf high-grade ore
has been encountered in the lower
levels of the Copper King mine at
Whitehorse, Yukon. The ore'
from this mine is treated at the
Tacoma smelter.
The Archilles Mines company
which recently acquired some mining property near Marysville from
the Evans Bros., expects by next
fall to be shipping a carload of"
concentrates a day to the Trail
The couple of trappers who recently made 0500 in three weeks,
in East Kootenay, have had their
record eclipsed by a Swede named
Oscar Erickson, who realized
$1,900 a few days ago for 36 prime
marten skins, which ,he trapped
on Findlay Creek, a tributary of
the Kootenay river.
The Cranbrook Courier prints
the following boost to the population of thafe town: "Tom Malone is
the father of a ten-pound boy. The
little fellow arrived in Cranbrook
Wednesday, January 14, 1920, at
the St. Eugene- hospital. Mr.
Malone is receiving the hearty congratulations of his many friends.
This is Mr. Malone's fifteenth child
and he is the father of the largest
family iu Cranbrook. Mrs. Malone
and child are doing well*"
Tbe^lease on fehe .Utica mine, in
thVSlocan, held by Al. J.- Poyntz,.
will expire in a couple of months.
The phenomenal ore struck some
time ago will ife is stated clean up
8100,000 for the lessee before the
ftime expires.
Owing to the shortage of water
fche production of gold in the Fairbanks district, Alaska, lasfe year
fell short of the estimate but nevertheless more than one and one-half
million dollars resulted from the
season's output.
It is reported from Sandon that
the Queen Bess mine, the star performer, as to high grade ore, of fehe
Clarence Cunningham group of
-properties afe-Three - Forks,���is- the -
scene of a new strike. ' It is said
thafe three feet of high grade ore
has been exposed between fche
seventh and eight levels. The ore
from this mine is generally shipped
direct to the smelter, rather than
Oxidized ore in a body more
than 12 feet wide has been struck
at a depth of more than 1000 feet
in the Nugget mine at Sheep
Creek, according to a Nelson, report. Three feet of the body contains S33 iu gold to the ton and
the entire body Sll to the ton, according to assaj s. The body was
reached by a cross-cut of 1165 feet,
whieh will be continued to the
Calhoun, a parallel vein 100 feet
ahead. The property is equipped
with a mill of large capacity, credited withjj!au"ability to extract 95
per cent of thr values.
According to word brought in
from Edgewood,' the Waterloo
mine has just ^completed a ship-
mentjof 361 sacks of high grade
silver-lead ore, to fehe Trail smelter
says the Nelson News. The last
previous shipment, which was in
the nature of a trial shipment,
was made last summer, and con- '
sisted of ten tons of high grade ore.
Active operations in the mine are
still proceeding, under the management of G. A. Rendell. The
Lightning Peak property, owned
and operated]by3JW. J. Anting, is
packing oat a shipment of six ton3
of high grade ore. to the wharf afe
Edgewood, for shipment to Trail.
Owing to the poor condition of the
Trail, packing is reported to be
very difficult. thk    iji'imrc    o^^enwooti * Tt    n
On Face and Hands. Itched and
Burned, Cuticura Heals.
"My baby was only a month old
when her face and hands started to
get red and scaly.    Tho
y^^\ eczerfia started in the form
'      of water blisters and itched
% v ^iy and burned.   She was so
^ cross and fretful she could
?    "C_j? not sleep.
��**&**    "This lasted   nine
months when I tried Cuticura Soap
and Ointment, and I used three cakes
of Soap with two boxes of Ointment
when she was   healed."    (Signed)'
Mrs.   Oscar   Pillon, Amherstburg,
Ontario, May 7,1918.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum are all you need for all toilet
uses. Bathe with Soap, Boothe with
Ointment, dust with Talcum.
For fre�� snmplo each of Caticura Soap, Ointment and T&lcum adiireatt pant-curd: "Cctictar*,
Pept. A, Boston. V. B. A,"   Sold everywhere.
e Misunderstands
however, aware of that fact. In thej
public mind of llic old world, President Wilson was credited with powers
he did not possess, and liis attitude
at Paris did nothing lo remove the
false impression.
Not only the Allies, but Germany,
too, vvas deceived, or al least misunderstood thc position. Germany relied implicitly on Wilson's famous
"fourteen points," believing lhat
should the very worst happen and
thcy ultimately suffered ignominious
defeat, as thcy did, thcy could fall
back on tlic Wilson program as the
basis of peace, and that the "fourteen
points" covered the maximum of the
demands that would*bc made and imposed by thc Allies.
The inevitable result is, of course,
lhat Europe and America still fail to
understand onc another. Thc outcome has. left a bad impression, and
the masses of the people who do not
understand the American constitution
fee! that the United Stales has broken faith with them; that they accepted the League of Nations proposed
by President Wilson when it is generally admitted a satisfactory and
workable peace treaty could have been
achieved in a relatively short timc
without thc inclusion of lhe League
covenant; and lhat now thc United
Statcs haggles over and will possibly
reject the policy for which President
Wilson was  thc sponsor.
If, instead of going to Kuropc himself, President Wilson had sent envoys to negotiate thc Peace Treaty,
Europe would have better understood
the situation, because President Wilson was only a negotiator himself and
possessed no greater power���although
wielding a greater influence.���than any
other United Stales delegate. His
vcry presence at thc Peace Conference, and, lo put it mildly, his failure lo enlighten Europe as to his actual powers and standing, is today the
cause of much misunderstanding and
sonic Bitterness which might, and
ought, to havc been avoided.
Easily  and  Quickly  Cured  with
For Sale by All Dealers
Douglas &  Co.,  Prop'rj. Napanee, Out
A Crime Almanack
Expert Steadily Collecting Statistics
Nearly All His Life
The "Almanack of Crime" is the
result of many ycars research by a
well-known continental crime expert,
who has been steadily collecting statistics for it nearly all his lifc.    Tlic
British Slang
Good Password
The following amusing episode was
related by Sir William Sutherland at
the dinner of the London Gaelic Society:
In Paris he met an Englishman who
had just come from Budapest, which
was then in the possession of Bela
Kun aud the Bolsheviki.
The Britisher was anxious to quit
Budapest, but was unable to obtain a
passport, so hc went to thc station,
sat in a train, and trusted to luck.
The Bolsheviki came along and questioned him, but lie made signs that
hc could not  understand.  Thereupon
origin of this unique almanack is very
simple.   Like a good many other pco- somc higher officials took up  the in-
plc he thought not only that crime
was more common during certain
months of the year, but that certain
crimes occurred morc frequently in
onc mouth than in another. The compiler found that most cases of in in
terrogation. What was his name, business, etc.
"Oh, buzz off, buzz off," exclaimed
thc Britisher, heatedly. The officials
seemed greatly impressed, and presently a notice was pasted on thc win-
If you hava Asthma, don't
imagine thatyou must always suffer untold misery.
Relief quick, sure and sal*
is guaranteed in even tha
worst casesUy using
We are so certain ot results we will send you a
frpe sample of these cap-
sulos, confldent that you
will find them all we have
claimed. Write to Tem-
pletons, 142 King St. W.,
Sold by reliable druggists
every whore for 81.04 a box.
Community Breeding-
Of Farm Stock
Oil Adds to Canada's Wealth
Thc wealth of Cauada will be added     to     cnorniouslv  if     the already
Among the more astute and well
informed diplomatists, statesmen and
publicists of Great Britain and
Franco, and to an increasing extent
in ihc United Slates and certain European countries, the impression is
growing that thc glorious opportunity presented by the Peace Conference for the clearing up of international misunderstandings was noi taken full advantage of, and that to a
great extent that opportunity was
wasted, with the result that many old
misunderstandings remain and comparatively trifling difficulties arc still
exaggerated and rankle.
The underlaying cause of failure to
grasp the full opportunity presented
is set down to a .misunderstanding on
the part of European statesmen and
people of the constitutional powers of
the President of the United Stales,
and iir. Wilson is blameworthy in
that hc apparently madc littic or no
attempt to -acquaint his confreres in
the Peace Conference with thc limitations of his office. Acquainted as
European peoples arc with prevailing
systems of government in Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium and other
countries where it is necessary that
thc Government of thc day command
thc support of a majority of the elected representatives of the people, they
arc. puzzled by the American system
where the Executive may continue lo
administer the affairs of government
despite.lhc fact that it may have lost
thc support' oi Congress. .       ���   -     .
During the wav, the people of-Europe w.erc. amazed and .puzzled at', the
evidence of ah almost autocratic :po\v- . '.Constipation���that disordered stale
--.' ,'. i i "n'.���-- i���.,i u-ii^,,'.'., ot the uigestivo tract which is-nearly
cr pressed-by l.rCMdcut WiUoi, " ,:,Uva vs c;aiscd'bv illlpr0I]cr fcediug-
powy ..apparentiy- lav greater than (.;in :bc readily regulated by the use
that enjoyed by any' .British, French of Baby's Own Tablets,"- These Tab-,
or Italian -Premier. '-Now that thc. lets arc a mild but thorough laxative,
war. is over Europe U' even' more in-1'.1'1"* :f"'c easy, to-.take ami-are abso-
'  -    - - .     , ,-���.    -,  lutcly-free from injurious drugs. .Con-
tensely puzzled over the spectacle of CCrning. thcin .Mrs. Joseph'Dion', Stc.
the impotence'; of,-the President in sc- Perpctuc, Que.,'writes: ".[ have nolh-
curiiig American ratification o'E-'.llic ing but praise for Baby's- Own Tab-
Peace-Treaty and its covenant-'-of llrel!-015-. , ' ^i\ic,n ni-v" ^V- " was -three
,   ���       ' '.-���:.   - i- i- ��� -," I mouths old.he wasterrthlv conslipat--
Lcaguc or .Nations, which is regard-    ^ huiyhc Tabicls soon"-set him right
cd as essentially an American concc"p-!;uid now at-the -age" of fifteen' months,
tioii.   ��� -    ' -     :.-.'-'  "   ;-���.-���'.,\ he is a'big healthy boy, and this good
When. President   Wilson "went. "  to''^al.th.I attribute entirely tolh'e use
,->   .    , ;    ,'f."       ��� "     ���"     ' of  the   ,1 ablets.       Ihey  arc  sold" bv
Pans he was. looked-upop as coming.. liicdic;!rc . tlc:ilcrSi   or-ft.   Inall. at  L/5
clothed .with all the power lo commit-. cciits a box from The Dr.   Williams
the  United!. Stales -.Id  any- policy   lo'; Medicine Co., .Brockviile,..Ont.
which he gave hi�� support, and parlic-
dev  occurred     in  January,  June  and j dow   of   thc   compartment,   the  door
August, and fewest in November, Dc-j locked, and the train moved oil. The
comber  and  February.    The  favorite | notice  read:   "This   compartment   rc-
month-with poisoners is Ma)-, while  served for Count Buzoff."
the month thcy liked least was Scp-
lembcr.     September,   in  fact,   is   one
of  the  least  "crimy"   months  in  tho.
whole calendar.      Just as murderers
dislike   November  and   December,   it
was just these months  that burglars
and thieves generally got busy.   For-
g=is',"'as   one  might     have  expected,  Lord Kilmarnock Leaves London   to
chose round about quarter days more
frequently  lhan  any other  limes    in
thc-vear to show their skill.
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Garget  in
Relations With
Germany Resumed
You don't have to rub it in
get quick, comforting
Once you've |riccl it-on that stiff
joint, sore.muscle, sciatic pain, rheumatic twinge, lame back, you'll find
a warm, soothing reiicf you never
thought a liniment could produce.
Won't stain the skin, leaves no
muss, wastes no time in applying,
sure  to  give  quick   results.    A  large
kiiQ.wn oilfields of thc West prove ly. bottle means economy.   Your own or
bc as productive as expected,  and if:a">' olher druggist has it.   .Get it to-
r���..*i ���     v~ ������.������,.,,��� 1        t> ���    dav.   35c, 70c, $1.40.   Madc in Cauada.
liuthcr   discoveries   arc   made.     Pet-      - '       '
roletim has become an essential of industrial activity; great quantities arc
consumed, of which pari is produced
in Canada,, but much is brought in,
especially from the United Statcs. If
home production can be largely increased, the result will, be more employment of labor in the country and
less money sent out of it. "Enlarged
oilfields will put another stone in thc
foundation of development and prosperity. " , '
Peru's Offer to Immigrants
Assume Diplomatic Duties.
Lord Kilmarnock has left London
for Berlin to assume his duties . of
British diplomatic representative at
the German capital.r
His departure marks an important
step-in the rc-cslablishmcnt of diplomatic relations between Great Britain and Germany which will be effected almost immediately.
Consuls and consuls-general will be
appointed shortly by the t.vo governments. Germany will be first represented in London by a charge d'affaires, but it is believed the rank will
soon be raised to. that of minister instead of ambassador as formerly;.
For   fifteen   years   the   standard
specific for
Rheumatism, Neuritis, Gout
Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia
Many doctors prescribe them.
Writs to TemplrtonvMS Klue St. W.. Toronto, for
fmo ��mi>le. Sold Iir rtli��ble drujsUW evtiynlicro for
(1.04 par *��. 09
Mont Blanc Tunnel Project
French aud Italian engineers have
arrived to make studies ou the ground
for a tunnel under Mont Blanc, directly joining'France and Italy. This
project, which has been under consid-
cvation for many years, now appears
near attainment, as both , governments have voted preliminary credits
ito commence work. , France has appropriated 45,000,000 fraijcs, and Italy
Many Arc Operating Under the Com-
-   panics  Act  or as Partnership
������'"' Concerns
Thai thc development of co-opeia-
livc activity among Saskatchewan
fanners should bc community breeding of faim animals, is the opinion of
W. Thomson, director of the co-operative organization branch of thc provincial department of agriculture.
"Co-operative breeding of farm
animals is a- very important dcvclop-
I menl iu the improvement of livestock
iu recent ycars. Invariably good results havc been obtained in the three
registered co-operative community
breeding associations iu the province.
Besides many are operating under thc
.Companies Act or as partnership concerns which have the same aim.
"Co-operation in livestock breeding
should bc of thc \ery greatest value!
to Saskatchewan at this stage, when
such a good beginning has been made
in establishing good herds of purebred slock. The spirit of co-operation is also greatly helped by a movement where thc prospeiity of one
breeder iu a locality assists in promoting the welfare of all his neighbor*."
Shipment of Elk for the Banff Park
The fitst shipment of elk from Yellowstone Park to a point outside the
United States has-just been received
at Rocky Mountain. Park, Banff, Alberta, from Gardiner, Montana. Two
hundred -one and two-year-old elk
were sent. Howard Sicbald, chief
game warden" for Canadian parks, accompanied the shipment. Park qfli^
cials at Banff arc to reciprocate    by
���<����������..*.,#,. I.............. ......
X .
With the Fingers!
Says Corns Lift Out !
Without Any Pain j
Irrigation Development
In Southern Alberta
Minard's  Liniment Cures Distemper.
Heavy Stock Movement
Willing to Help Desirables; Anxious sending -mountain   goats   from   Banff j [he Ii
to Discourage Shiftless lo   Yellowstone   if Jhc  park   officials ^fi,
Peru desires immigrants and is evidently as willing lo help desirables as
shc is anxious- to discourage the shiftless and'mischief-making. Thc government is still working at thc details
of a statute for the promotion of-immigration, but the regulations -issued
by-the President and. temporarily in
force probably give a good-general
idea of what"thc law.will'bc like. ' The
desirable immigrant is just now. encouraged by the thought" that- for six
days after coming.ashore thc Peruvian
nation will pay his living and' lodging
expenses, and those of his' family, and
will provide transportation
selected -place of residence- Furniture
desire theui.
Have Earned a Place
-In Canadian Homes
Is Once More Shown in the Case of
Mrs.- Robert Bell, Who Says She
Can  Never-Thank  Dodd's  Kidney
'   Pills .Enough... '
Golden    Valley, Out., /Feb."2nd.���
(Special.)���"1 had kidney trouble. My
dso to ihe':ncrvcs v"cre -lj:u'-    * *e5i l"'C" a" l'ic
time.1. I was all  riin down.-
"My troubles, are all gone since lis-
nlarly.so lo such-proposals as .he .advanced himself.' .When.Premier Lloyd
George or-Premier-Clemenceau .gave
their- assent- to any- "policy -before tlic
Peaces Conference, the nations .of 'the
\v5rid Vucv,\"llTaT.it~w^
by theii" respective countries-, or ��� tlicir'
govcritnicnts would' forthwith" resign.
The general'impression w.as" that--the
same- was 'true,���possibly" to :-'an seven'
greater extent,.- of the United .'States.;
Aiid -President Wilson, did not-dissipate-that, erroneous.'impression.'-
"..' What. Europe did iki't-.iindcstand'.is
that while it: is possible,-in. .theory,, at
Ica��f, .for \Gre.at. Jjritairi. and.. France
to-c!i)'..r:iiridv-tr.cati.es. jvi'thbut (lie ratification, of .parJiatiii'nt'.T-^a!though iir
botls countries.'parliamei.it hiiisl: vote
the necessary 'nibucy.-io ' make -such
treaties.,  effective���-in-  .the
Why Work At All
and articles.of personal use,"tools' audi;���g Dodd's. Kidney Pills'.    My'uppc-
agricultiiral implements   -may    conic1 titc is good  and I  am  increasing in
in with-ihc familv.-free of dutv."   But j wcJKht."     ".'''.'      -'.    ���  \    .     "���   '
,   ��� ,- - .    ,, ,,    -    r ���'        ,       .! hese-arc-  the statcn'icnts of Mrs.
m order to comc at all the immigrantj���  ,
niu'st b'c identified as .the real owner
Germany   Reported, to   Be'Working
Froin Ten to Fourteen Hours   .
-------   ---: --'--'- a -Day.--.- -~-'-' :-' -"-' --
-'-"A.":mau" owns 'what -he .has
he:has" uotbecn unfair, to others. No-,
body has.,a right'to .take'..it'away from
liim.-with.6ul giving an'.cquivalcnt.' As
l.ohg.as ivc-'vespccl the" rights'and pro-'
perty b'f ':others there-:\vill J>e ��� littic
trouble,'. Whv' discuss-, so " much "what
of his, offered "passport, his. good, behavior in-the past'mus't bc certified,-a's
well as liis intention of residing- within. Peruvian territory- and of exercising
some, useful. tvadct industry, art. .or
craft; Also he-.must .explain why he
and- 'his family came,;-' and'leave -his
irncd,- iil.fingcr-prin'ls . with liie : authorities.
For .desirable Immigrants -Peru, also
undertakes lb pay .third-class'fare for
llic traveler, and.'his family, 'provided
>crt Bell," a well-known audhighly
,-cspcclcd resident of this place. Thcy
must be of interest to .thousands'" of
tired,- suffering- women in Canada.
Thousands of other Canadian women
who have used Dodd's Kidney Fills'
know thcm tb be true. .        .- ,
For Dodd's-Kidney. Pills-arc no experiment. Thcy arc a household rein-
c(]y Jn ..thousands, of. Canadian^ hom_es._
Thcy have earned their-place by the
pains ��� thcy have " relieved and ��� the
hcJillh thcy.have brought." Ask'yoitr
neighbors about J hen i., .You can. hardly . fail   to   find. women   who   exclaim
Sore corns, hard corns,'-'soft corns
bi-. any kind of a com can shortly be
lifted right out with- thc'^fingcrs if
you will apply directly upon the corn
a few drops of frcezone, says a Cincinnati authority. i
.. It is claimed that at .small.cost one
can gel a quarter of an ounce bf freezone at any drug store, which issuffi-
cient to rid one's feet of evcry .corn
or callus without pain or soreness or
the danger of infection."
This-new drug is an elhci compound, and while sticky, dries the
moment it is applied and docs not inflame or even irritate the surrounding tissue..   ;>.���
: This    announcement    will- interest
many women here,-for it is said that
the present high-heel footwear is put-
corns on prtclically    every  woman's feet.
Large Shipments of Cattle Made from
Southern Alberta.
During 130 working days from
August 1 lo December 31, 5,200 carloads containing 133,000 head of livestock wcrc moved by the Canadian
Pacific Railway in Southern Alberta,
Over 1,100 head per day were handled
or al the rate of forty cars, or onc
trainload a day. During much of the
timc, the movement was much
heavier, reaching an average of one
hundred cats daily for days at a
Of the 133,000 head moved, most of
which were cattle, it is estimated lhat
half went to Chicago. Probably
twenty-live per cent, went to llic Cal-
gaiy, Winnipeg or other \nuls. Thc
remaining twenty-five per cent, were
shipments from onc point to another
for feeding purposes. Approxiniafcly
100,000 head passed out of lhe hands
of Southern Alberta farmers altogether, finding their way to the block
iii thc majority of oases.
';-.- The heavy stock movement to the
market during the fall accounts in a
measure for the prospctity which is
evident at the present time. Thc
100,000 head of cattle sold outright
realized -Y50 per- head. This means
$5,000,000 new money brought into
the district, all of   which   found
Government to Make a Survey of tho
Lethbridge Northern Project
Far greater sums than wcrc expected at first will bc involved in thc
irrigation schemes which the Alberta
legislature will be asked to approve
shortly. George Anderson, the California irrigation expert, who was
commissioned by thc provincial government to make a survey of thc
Lethbridge northern project, has completed his report, and it is in the
hands of the cabinet ministers.^
Thc report shows that while thc
Lethbridge northern scheme will
mean an expenditure of about $5,000,-
000, there is an available water supply
sufficient to involve ultimately an out-'
lay of $20,000,000 on irrigation in Southern Alberta. It is the conviction ol-
thc government that thc work will
not bc finished, but only begin, when
the original Lethbridge scheme is
Thc Government --. intends to base
upon the engineer's report a recommendation to the legislature, and the
whole matter will then bc discussed
fn detail.
Dairying in Manitoba
Total Value of Dairy Products for the
Year Amounted to $16,789,892.51.
'Manitoba has forty-four creameries,
.witli,22,000 milk and cream shippers,
nd present indications for- increased! senling_   some    21,500^ itead,    mostly
One Great Essential
To a Woman s Health
Is Her Nerves.
Nature intended women lo be
strong, healthy aud happy as the day
is -long, instead of being sick and
-wretched. But how can any "Woman
be healthy and happy when thc wholj'
nervous system is unstrung. The
trouble is they pay more attention to
their social and household duties than
they do lo thcir health: Is it any
wonder, then, that, they become irrit-
its able  and  nervous,  have  hot  flushes,
way into the regular channels of.cir-| faint and dizzy spells, smothering and
culalion. ��
Cardstou ua.-. the heawc.jL shipping
point iu Southern Alberta during the
five months, with 849 carloads, rcprc
.,.,.,.- ,-     ....        .-. i  ,i  -      wilh   JM'rs.   Bell,--, "f ..can- never-.thank
tl,al,h.s laimly docs nol. exceed three ,Dod<rs  Kidhcv.- 1 'ills .enough."
members,-aud-that his desirability is
well proved before lie starts;
ought"- to., be. done when  "everybody   -'. ":- - ; '-:'   ..
knows that-'"the. thing"; to. do is'td'go ! - Piles Cured.in 6 to 14 Days ,
to' yyoyk- and increase; piOfliif'tjon:- Druggists refund money "if PAZO OINT-
Gcrh'iauy_;is 'doing-some.talking; buLi* -MENT fails" to cure Itching, Blind, Bleed-
reported, to ' bc working^ fi-'oin -ten' to | iii^ or. Protruding Pilcs_ Stops Irritation;
fourteen' hours 'y.r "day.-"" W.e-. arc .re'r [iSipothe's"and Heals/ -You can'Uct restful
Versing that'order.'.bf'.'ihings. ��� Among-'sleep, after the first application?- Price
Liiil'c'ii i-Otiicr" 'thii.ig?' w.c ���ar'c:fooJisIil>r'talkiiig-i'G0c.' ,V'-,-..   -'yi' yy   -" -   ..-"���''���/   -    '.
Stales-life, .treaty making: power rest's !i:i,~,.��"~i- .'^.liK-   nvq. nn"d--six-;lio.iir,day: i . .��� '���-'-'..."   --^^������������-'-.---;    .    ...
v.ith '.tlic:'.Se'iialo.  '- All' 'ihc^'Pr^idcni'L}v.|.\.v ^.ork.^i-alK-^liidiaha'pfilis'Xcw"s':-j Mechanical Devices'-"--'':'"'!?'.-'-
or.'executive..c;'ui-do-is .to", negotiate ; '*.--,'.. .   - ^yX-X-yrry..". -" -��� --.  .-.--
a trtatyVjjutil-rciuaiiij'i.w-ith'fhc'Sen-] ''.   . V What'-. Wives .Think".'   .-*.
Pre-. ���'��� 'M ���"saw_ your; lir.s",l>'aiid' way -oiil ,6'n'
the ��ui skirt?' of"; the .city, ,tlii>";-afuY-,
l.OOll."'   .-';';���.���. ' .' ;-       ',    \.r'i-   ,.-"'--,.':-"������
'.'O.h, very .likely:.lie's al.wayV sY>inc-
Big Price For;A
Manitoba Farm
ate^. to accept," alter or 'reject it;
r-ident  \\ ilspn; .therefore;.' occupied ah".
..entirely- different'* status  at  Paris < ��� to
Lloyd '-George. .Cleiiicnccau.'. Orlando,-.;
Shows' the'  Trend'' Towards "Higher
Prices of Land in "Western   -
..-' ...   ,   ;.':Canada.-   '���   -'-.--'
.'A .hew record lias,.been ��� established
i iu' the.  price'.'"of ;;Manitoba'f:irni' land.
-; iu 'ihc.^ale.of llii;-Gcor'n*f-Stacy, fanh.
1 ju:-j .wcM of lWlagc. l;i'I'r.'iiric.Mi'i the
-     ���    -. --      .; ������  .   j Doininioir���i;u\irniiii',n,l."    There    have
Introduced/111 Last; i,-^ y^XXhi-y'w -u here 'Uc" i.ur-
_  *"���~~..'-.:   ''��� ���-���'",    ;  "-' roha^e price' vvas $100' per acre, bul thi*
production of dairy products in the
province arccxccedingly. encouraging.
"During, the year 1919 a number of
new, silos -were erected iu different
parts of the province, /l'liese have
been filled with corn, green oats and
peas,-'whicli makes .a good, succulent,
cheap feed for milch cows. Tlic total
value of dairy products for tlie year
amounied. to ?16,/89,S92.51..- 'The.' increased production, combined with
the increased price, amounted to $5,-
001,719.25. The incrcascin dairying is
more noticeable in the southern part
of.the province, whcrc:'grain growing
has bceii carried .on "Tor .twenty-five
or thirty years. There appears to be
a marked'change towards more mixed
farming in this, l'jirl of Manitoba. _
._-:Thc_follpwing..taljlc;_gi.v.c.s_llic .quantities,'.average".prices and values, of
milk :iii'd milk products produced during the ycar 1919:
Product Founds
butter     8,25(),71l
lice   Total Value
K-15SA-M0 1
cattle. This meant practically a million dollar turnover. The fact tliat it
was even drier in the foothills of
.southwest Alberta last summer than
in the prairie districts was one cause
of thc heavy movement from Cardstou, which is also a gathering point
for a largc foothill area. I'incher
Creek was the next largest shippcr
with 357. I.umlbrcck shipped 259 cars,
Clarcsliohu 332, MacLeod 215, Nafi-
lon 143, Okotoks 104, Coiuts 108,"
Raymond 101, Magrath 118, and Etzi-
kom 155. Lethbridge yards shipped
196 cars. All other points shipped less
lhan 100 cars, lirtdl there wcrc sixty-
two points making shipment1--, and
one-third of the cars handling '.lock
-were box cars.
^hiking spells, become weak-and nervous, and everything in lifc becomes
datk and-gloomy.
Milburn's Hcail and Nerve Pills are
the very remedy that nervous, lircd-
out, weary women need to restore
them lo the blessings of good health.
Mrs. P. H. Kyan, Sand Point, N.S.,
writes: "I havc, been a' great sufferer
from nerve troubles. I was so weak
and nervous I could not sleep at night
and -my appetite was vcry poor._��� I-'
could not walk across the floov without trembling. I had hot flushes and
fainting spells." 'When' I was on my
second box of Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills I began to feel belter and
kept on until I had used six boxes,
when I felt like a different person. I
am never without thcm in the house,
and recommend them to all who suC-"
fcr with their nerves."
Price 50c a box at all dealers, o.r
mailed direct on receipt ofpriee by
The T. Milbum Co., Limited, Toronto, Out.
-" butter
Cheese .
26 4 c
Big Stock Firm Branching Out
A   transaction   of  considerable   importance and  local  intcicst  has  just
been   completed  hy  thc  putchase  of
lhc extensive interests of A. K. Ifowsc
and   thc  A.   F.   IIowsc  Company  at
Merritt, British Columbia," by the Ni-
4 753 85lU)M i co'a Slock Farms, Limited, of which
179,481.72 i
T.  Goldiuan. M.P.,  is  thc
-   Total"   19,740,791
Milk ..  150,625,021
3.9c-   5,87-1,375.81
Sweet Cream
in-lbs. bul-
.;  ter fat ' 2.457.342
62c      1,523,552.01
j     Owing  u> thv  v��ai, lhc "dairy herd-
['.nl  Kiiropf have been greatly d; plcli-d.
Lectures. Arousing'Thirst .Tor. Western ;'.i:itt-.si> "sale, carries-with   it- a' price' oX_ \ uf-frCttiug t
and! oilier. 'European".ministers,"1  The rwiier'c'where there arc'-sk"Jr!s.'''r--Fl6r'-
pcople'-.qi" Europe.generally w-crc nbi.-.i.ida'Tii'iHs-L'nion.-      , - '...''   ,-'--.���'"'    . ;";
For your table drink
.ilr\4 safest, satisfying' beverage is
^/hen tea or coffee disagrees-
"wiien fussed-up nerves tell you
that either,is harmful r-
;order a-tin of this rich, whole-
^some^atisfying dririk.
You'll find it Both ecgnornical
and pleasing..;^xyx^'^^i; :x
TTieres a
':'.,��� > Mechanical Knowledge.'.,  ;"""
"- Mechanical, invention*, -of :,\vcsifrn
civilization-arc being''ejepouiuk'd- in
China," European Russia and Siberia,
"accordiiig' (o-i Prof..C. -TL'-Roixrisen,
of New York, -who. has returned '.froin
a- 20,000:iuile--lecture-'-lour'-in tlu:. far
East under.the auspices, of-fhc-' Y..M.
.C'.'A. ' Dcmonsiratious-'of ��� llic- gyros--
coi'e.aud wireless ic'lcgraphy arc. he-'
ing-giveil,'.and . flic Icctii'rcs'arc correcting false iniprei-siQn's "of these do- paid $35 fief, acre
vicc=. "and��� arojtUsing a liiirst for- wes.-
I'cni ni.cchanjcal knowlirdge.-
- ' .With, an'Interest in tl'.esc iii vi-n tions
; 'I'hi.-fact. c��iuliin;'il wilh tli<- di'iiciill\
'. ot'-getting ft��jir cut ratcit fteds   ior   the
$'130:pcr aOiv;\-iij"d'h-.'slio\Vs" ihc/UTiHl'jV.j'i^h   ,-OWP.    has    pruduad   :iti\:il��-
.tow.ards'-Jirgh"cr/-.pric(-,s.'-<n-    land "In  mu;:���;,i ,^,'oit demand for dairy j'.io-
\\.c'slcrn-Canada, j;'. '������"-     .-,--.. ,-lnrts    Jn  all probability   tins  export
- Thc farm Will".be added.to.-tlic land
of-the Indian sclipol,"v.;hich is situated
across "ihc. :r6ad from this Vfonncr.
property. Thc-sclip'ol has b'cciroranip-
cd._fo/-'r"ooni and" this addition ^, .will
grcall}-*increase tlie output."���' - ',,'".
-:'-^Ir.- -Stacy    purchased,   the' ifarni-
demand -aith high prices for :d! dairy
products, will continue for at least another three ycais, so that the Manitoba ,.farmer has an excellent opportunity to show what hc enn produce.
During 1919 a few creanicsy butter-
niakcrt; of llic province exhibited bui-
Major C
��� Thc deal includes thc company's
store, townsite and building';, certain
lands leased to the Kettle Valley
Railway, a power site on Nicola river,
320 acres of land near Nicola river,
320 acres of land near Xicola, and the
splendid IFowsc residence, the vendor
retaining only six sections of timber
land on Mill creek.
! Automobiles in Japan
i     In a report on the types of automo-
! biles tliat are most likclv to find pur-
i -_       _  _     ���_.	
| chasers in Japan, an American consul
I'tluows an interesting light oh certain
, aspects of Japanese motor traffic. Mc-
diunt-sjzed or small automobiles arc
preferred, hc says, because large cars
are at great disadvantage in'the narrow, crowded streets; and closed automobiles arc preferred because there
is so much dust in thc streets and because in--opcn cars carefully arranged coiffures of Japanese women, who
wear no hats, arc blown into disorder. Moreover, il is possible to crowd
an cxtiaordinary number of passcn-
gcf3" into a closed automobile without
attracting undesirable attention.
When   lovers   form  a  combination
an engagement ring is thc result.
seventeen-years;ago, and;at thai, timc- 'u:j. .^ Edmonton. Canary; Winnipeg)
Not Aspirin at "All without the -'Bayer Cross
large - group.s  become     amenable  to
.other western idea.-, lie says, and, Chinese leaders    arc     starting    schools.
under western supervision.    Through
an-understanding    of    these    devices
superstition   is  being:,, overcome  to  a
considerable extent-. The- lectures arc
aibo -.brhi.L'ing .about   changes   in   the'
laminae^,  for lliey  rare,,  introducing
���i poly <y llabjc,; i.ianje?4.of-..in vicn tion ����� in to
I'tY-.c -i;>'o!i''r?\yt'_bjc'Chi��cjc-'iongiK:   -
lor it..
'-'���'Can you fell me what. Mrs... Grow-
���IcV "and Mr, fjreen liave-'in'c.-iiiiiuoh'
that, "should 'make thcut /so- fond of
each other?"  ' X     ���  ;       .;
".Why sure.    She is a grass .widow
and "he has thc hav -fever.'-'  -
'The brave conductor .deserves' the
fare.  . -
nncitVil- triii = 'bocotr;:.' wV.s;'Sn-
Do not stiffei
another day vvilb
Itching. Bleed-
Sn?, ot Prormd-
ing Piles. Kc
. surgrJcal -op��ri;
ation  required, j
and  P.r.'uulon. and ihiy were success-)
ful' in  winning  lifty-one, prizes,  made J
up-of throe i lianipi'n'siiiji*,  , onr   re-!
serve chauii ioi!<-hip.   nine   l"ir^t"=.- five;
second-, ciglit tl.iix^. nine fourths, five
fifths, five si"ths, three sevenths and
three eights.   In competition with lhc
whole of Canada thcy have won the
Championship   Cup  at   Toronto   two
year's   in^'succcssion   for   the   highest
scoring butter.   Thcy also" v.on   third
at the Nations.IL'Dairy Show, Chicago,
last-October, in competition"-with the
.whole of thi.-United State.-..-
'Tlic'.' e-U rnal   'misfit:
ess .oi   tisinc
'-i;V-ly."Ii'o��i!.r'-of .t!!e'"drRgr>ri'.---bi<jCid.trrc. \ yy,^ aa ^
iTonmto...Sample"foosfrseMyon meaUonthie
"''; Uut "Si:i.Oatr.iv;i:jdi'S.C'i:tIr-A-iii'Ti<-a n.-.w
V' jfwr.H-IKthi' .-vnrM'- 'S-:pf>'l
"s Ointnieat vrn'! rvllere yoa at once   wouUi often be more, appropriate- -..,
criainly cure son.' ��J0c a t>ox: a!i i   ��� 5     .'- " "���' "���"--'���'   ;-���"'                ���   ,- -     .- ;������_;
t Bininws; Bat*�� & Co., Limited. I.__;    ..-^..j: ]y:.:rr^ , !T~rr
{Trr. Guase"
-: dealers, o
jTonmto.:  , .
\ \/zQ*r a��d ��2��!cse2c stamp to par postage
Aspirin.���tlie   A=r;rin   preacri^'d   by j raigij, Lumbago. Hiieiimatism. Keuri-
jihysic'ans for over nineteen year? an4: tis, Joir.t Pains, and Pjin generally.
noiv made in Canada.     __ ���     Tin loses of   \Z tahlet5��eo?t but
Always buy jii unurukcB pa^kjgc a few cents.   Larger "Uayer"" packages.
There is only one Aipiria���'-Bayftr"���Ten arasi say ������'Bayeir*'
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��rctlra": I'sr;.-r ��.f ��a'icrlicj<.5<".    Wnil" 1�� ia well kr.oTrji t��ial  Aip'tin   means Bayof.
r.a-*ur2<-tJr*-, lo asr'.'t tl'p pab'ic a2t!n��i; Imitat'oa;. th<- T*l'5��:s of Ba/��r Coicpftag
vriil Vi stamreU v. lli. lucir ccctral trade mark, t��e "Etyer Creoa,"
.3  i>
m ^fifftega
THE    LEDGE.    GREENWOOD,.'   B.    C.
Bad Blood Fata!
To Good Looks
Easy Enough to Restore Both By
a    Simple    Home    Remedy
That Costs But a
Quarter ,"
11 assure yon. I was deeply grieved ler, who suffered cuicifi^ion that his
to hear of the death of my esteemed | example might benefit the world,
friend, Colonel Hamid Pasha. I knew j Whoso tries earnestly to follow his
him intimately some ycais ago^when .precepts, whether he bc of high or low-
he .was"'in the diplomatic service of'degree, rich or poor, is a true aristo-
his country." jcrat.   Thcic is thc aristocracy of biilh,
Rugg'cs smiled and nodded. "The (the au'stociacy of wealth., the anstoc-
day before his death," said hc, "I was iracy of health, but. th'cSe. are'-nothing
reading to him from the copy of ;as compared to the aristocracy of
Swinburne which you gave hini. He j soul;���-,. You, I am convinced, possess
often spoke, of you and of how much 'this  aristocracy,    so do not    permit
Bad looks and bad health go together,,. To look'young, to be happy,
to enjoy life,; and be always at your
best you must keep your blood pure,
your liver active, your bowels vvcli
regulated. These are thc prime essentials to a happy, healthy old age.
If you want a positive guarantee of
good health, you can easily find it in
the regular use of 'Dr." Hamilton's
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keeping thousands" of people in the
pink of condition. It's no experiment
to usc Dr..Hamilton's Pills as a regular round of lifc. They are composed
of ce'rtain extracts and herbs that
search out disease, that regulate, tone
and strengthen thc system. ".
If in need of better health, if lacking in strength, if subject to head-
.aches, blood disorders, constipation,
lack of appetite, and indigestion, 'tis
safe to say you will be cured quickest
by using Dr. Hamilton's Pills, sold
everywhere in 25c boxes.
Filling His
Own Shoes
a     __ BY _
Copyrighted. Printed by special
trrangement with Thos. Allen,
pleasure he had got from.your pres
Mr. Falconer seemed much affected.
"Dear mc���is that really so? But'do
tell me your story. Pembroke's letter  left me  quite bewildered."
They settled' themselves comfortably, and Ruggles proceeded with his
naralive, describing his experiences
and presenting mind pictures) with an
yourself to be dismayed in the face
of others whose claims to this caste
are material. Go on as you have gone;
hold your head high and keep your
heart humble." He spread .his finely
shaped hands and smiled. "As to the
questions we have been considering,
if you care to have me do so, I shall
take pleasure in explaining our needs"
���again   that   comforting  plural   pos-
unconscious  ability.    The  texture  of Jsessivc���"to Miss Challand and try to
(Continued.) ���
"Well, it strikes mc that's a poor
sort of way to lest a man," said hc.
"Any fellow that would keep on plugging away at his job after a jolt like
that might as well make up his mind
to stick to thc same job for thc rest
of his lifc. He wouldn't deserve lo
get on."'
Ruth    nodded.      "I'm    inclined lo
agree  with  you,"   said   shc.    "When
you found that thc company had gone
back on you, I suppose you lost your i profess Christianity?  H'm���that point
faith   in  the   whole  business  ���   the | may be considered later.    From what
Ruggles's discourse contained , no
holes; no dropped stitches whereof
the warp or the woof required to be
followed back,' unravelled and knotted, here were no questions" to bc
asked; merely one or two which need-
to .be answered. The essential one
Ruggles emphasized according to its
proper value; namely, that-of social
"Believe mc, Mr. Falconer," said he,
earnestly, "these girls arc all right.
They're, just-as'nice as thcy can be.
The only thing is, will people believe
it ..when thcy know that thcy have
grown up in a Turkish -harem? Thc
sound of that sort of puts ybu off.
Folks don't understand that a harem
can bc just as nice as any Christian
home, if it's managed-like it ought to
be. Hamid Pasha.was a man a good
deal like you; kind and gentle and religious. Say," Mr. Falconer, what difference docs it make when a man' is
a good man whether he speaks of God
as 'Allah' or 'Buddha,' or any other
w.ord which means the same thing in
his language?"
"As I grow older," answered Mr.
Falconer, "the distinction - becomes
less and less. The Osmanli Turks arc
perhaps thc most religious people in
the world, for thc simple reason that
thcy respect the religion of-others. I
have visited Constantinople, and I
was profoundly impressed at-seeing,
how in thc mosque at Eyub Sultan the
mosaics depicting thc life of Christ
had been not only preserved but carefully protected. I can think of no
other creed which would havc been
so liberal to the pictorial commemoration of an alien faith. As for our
late cslemed,friend, Hamid Pasha, he
was simply a devout man unshackled
by the tenets of any orthodox religion. -H'm���h'm���so two of these
ladies  arc  Mohammedans  and     two
enlist her services. And'as to your
location, I think that I can be of some
assistance there. I'know of a very
nice property in Ncuilly which has
recently been offered to be 'ct or sold.
It belongs to a friend of mine, thc
Ccmtc'.dc- Nitry.
and look at it.    I am free this aftcr
noon, and if you like  I  can  tell my
servant to telephone to say, that we
arc coming1."
Ruggles cxpicsscd his appreciation
of this '.kindness in a'manner which'
bordered on the emotional.
Ruth and her aunt, Miss Downing,
arrived at Mr. Falconer's handsome
apartment in advance of Miss Challand and her niece. Ruth had no intention of missing the beginning of
the second act of the most interesting drama that had ever fallen Avithin
her youthful experience, and one in
whicli, it must bc admitted, her heart
shared equally with her head. Shc
wanted to see the meeting between
Ruggles and the girl who had treated
him so���-in Ruth's opinion��� snobbishly and ungratefully.
(To Bc Continued.)
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years of age is
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Baby Airplanes
Latest Invention
Downing family and all
"No," said- Ruggles slowly. . "I
never for a moment fell any different
about you and your father and Dick.
If Dick had been here", I would have
gone to him and asked for a* square
deal. But I didn't want to bather
your father, and I certainly wasn't
going to cry-baby to you, especially
when you'd been so good to mc and
given nic'your picture."
"What's become of the picture?"
Ruth asked, looking at him through
narrowed lashes.
Ruggles smiled, "Did >you notice
just now when you opened thc door
how Mustapha looked away the second he saw your facc?" he asked.
"Yes.   Why did he do that?"
"Because he recognized you from
the picture. I'll bet you that when
I send for Jiim to make our coffee
he'll never once look your way. He
thinks that you're like my patron
saint, and���well"���the color poured
into 'Ruggles's facc���"I guess maybe
he's about right. He'd think it 'was
sort of sacrilegious to look at you.
I've felt that way. sometimes about
the picture. One night in the-emergency hospital, when I was saying
my prayers before I turned in, a Turkish orderly came to give me a message from Pembroke. -He didn't disturb mc, bccausc-lhe Turks hatfe got
a lot of respect for anybody's religion, even if it ain't their own, bul
lie went back and lo'd Pembroke that
he'd gel mc a few minutes later when
I'd finished praying lo thc beautiful
Ruth laised her hand io her bosom.
Young as she was, a good many men
had tried to make love to her, but to
undergo an apotheosis was a distinctly new experience.
"Do you still- say your, prayers before going to bed?" shc aslccd.
-__i'Most always," Rugglcs answered.
"My mother and father were both
pretty religious, and thcy got mc into
the habit. That picture of yours has
heiped-mc < a lot,-Miss Downing,"
Rugglcs went on. "It's sort of given
mc something lo live up to and try
to be worthy of. When I was laid
up in Hamid Pasha's house I kept it
in the drawer of the table at the' head
of my bed, and when I was feeling
pretty bad I used to lake it out and
look al il, and it used to brace me up
and keep mc from losing my nerve
���especially after Pembroke had got
through dressing my ankle. I used
to think (hat I'd rather cU* and have
it over with than ha\c any more bone
gouged out���"
"Oh���don't!" cried Ruth, looking nt
liim with brimming eyes. She wondered if Ruggles had any realization
that he was telling her pf such a
love as no other man had ever f- nd
words to express to her.
"I beg your pardon," baid, Rugglcs.
"I didn't mean lo upset you���but I
just wanted you to know ^\hat you
and yuiir picture had done for inc.
I'll call up the'office now and tell
thcm tu send Mustapha."
In his cordial note of invitation lo
luncheon, Mr. Falconer had suggested
-lhat Rugglcs conic to his apartment
an hour early, in order that they
might havc an opportunity to talk
before thc arrival of the other guests.
Rugglcs was glad to comply with this
suggestion, and was warmly greeted
by thc kindly old gentleman.
"My dear young friend,'* said he,
-beaming at Ruggles over thc tops of
his shcll-rimmcd 3>incc-nez, "I'm delighted "to sec you. Pembroke gave
mc the most of your news, but I am
mosl anxious to hear the laic from
your own' lip?. Do sit down. You
arc still lame, I sec."
"Oh, I guess I'll limp for the rest
of my life," Ruggles answered.
"Thank you ever so much for your
kindness, Mr, Falconer."
"Xol a bit of it.   A great pleasure,
A WiaJejsse, Cleicsfcj,
Reircs&I&f and Healing
l��Hsn���Marina for Red-
ness. Soreness, Granula-
^f #5 <���� tioiUtchingand Burning
*^J J3nsp*'~ /ifttr iis Movie*. Metering or Goli
Will wis yoar confidence. Auk Your Crussiit
for Karise w**a yrar Era-Need Csre. M-a
BCturta? Sy�� r<����edar Co., Sblee��s
3-011 tell mc, I am sure that Hamid
Pasha would havc placed no restrictions on lhcir religious freedom of
thought. But as you point out, lhcir
temporal ^development depends at this
moment 'principally upon the social
lines along which it may be directed."
. Ruggles wondered if there had ever
been so wise a man as Mr. Falconer,
and he blessed the fate which had
brought thcm together.
"That's the way it strikes mc," he
answered. "Just as Pembroke says,
they've got lo meet the right sort of
people. Why shouldn't they, ��� ' anyhow? They're Hamid Pasha's adopted daughters and hc was a man lhal
stood mighty high. We've "arranged
that they're going to take his full
name���Ben Aii Hamid."
.  "Quite so," said Mr. Falconer.
"Thc trouble is," said Rugglcs, "to
get them started right.".
"I do not think there should bc
much difficulty in lhat respect," Mr.
Falconer replied. "With such credentials as you have at your disposal,
it should bc an easy matter to see
the young ladies properly introduced.
Of course, my dear- fellow, you may
count entirely upon iny own poor efforts���" He raised liis hand. "Don't
thank mc. It is an insignificant service which I'ani only too happy to
render to *the niJniory of a friend
whom I greatly esteemed. What I
was about-to say is that our difficulties"���Ruggles noted the plural pos-
sesive and his heart went out to Mr.
Falconer ��� "are morc apt to lie in
limiting thc circle than in-enlarging
it. With such uncommon beauty as
you describe and a dot of a million
francs apiece, they are apt to be a
lure for all sorts of fortune hunters."
"I guess that Miss Elliot and I can
manage to head off that crowd," said i
Rugglcs cheerfully. "Besides, they've
got���to- gci-my consent-to-n��arfy~if
they want to gel their dots."
__Nfr. Falconer nodded, "Quite so,"
said he. "Now, in regard lo" this
question of a chaperon. Have you
had anybody iu mind?"
Ruggles flushed. "1 thought of Miss
Challand, sir," he answered, "if you
think she'd care to do it."
Mr. Falconer struck his hands together. "Thc very person!" said he.
"But, then, how about her niece?" And
he looked at Rugglcs so keenly that
the.boy flushed, for lie read the double question:
���'Oh, that needn't interfere,1' said
Ruggles, with a faint flush. "Miss
Wcstbrookc could live with us, too.
It would bc a good thing for tlie girls
lo have Mich a nice companion. You
sec, Miss Elliot is a lady and all that,
but, aftcr all, she's a paid governess."
"I'm afraid, though," said Mr. Falconer, "that Miss Wcstbrookc might
object to becoming your constant
guest���especially aftcr lhc rathet
shabby way iu which shc treated you.
Shc has since told mc that shc regretted her behavior in that respect."
Ruggles's face brightened. "I'm
mighty glad to hear lhat," said hc.
"After all, it was my own fault. I
ought to have -told Iicr just what my
job was. Believe nic, Mr. Falconer,"
���hc leaned forward and looked earnestly into the kindly, paternal face;���
"I've learned a lot about people and
things in the last twelve months.
When I was selling shocs for a living
I thought that I -was just as good as
anybody, but I've learned different
since. I know that I'm nowhere near
iti the same class with vou and Lord
Pembroke and Mhs Challand and
Darthca and���and the Dov.nings and
that my having a lot of money and a
palace and a Turkish dccoiatiou dmi't
make the least bit of difference. T'.lood
is blood, I guess, in people just as
much as in dogs and horses and cattle, or anything else."
"My dear young friend," said Mr.
Falconer, "wc are all equal in God's
sight, and if some of us havc enjoyed
advantages of birth and education and
thc association with distinguished
people, then so much greater become
our responsibilities toward others less
blessed in similar advantages. But the
thinking person of any clas? or caste
whatever learns more and more that'
true aristocracy lie*? not in culture or
croons or coronets, or the amount to
Lilliputian   Crafts   Are   Being  Tried
Out All Over Britain
Just as the year of adult automo-
Wc might go out \ biles was followed by thc creation of
baby motor cars so now in the aerial
world we are having an influx of baby
airplanes fresh from the hands of the
inventive genius. ,Ih the park, in the
fields and in various other open spaces
miniature air'crafts arc having tryouts
all over England.
One of these midgets called;, thc
"Britisii crow," weighs 220 pounds
and flics with almost the speed of a
full-grown airplane. Another baby
called, "tlic pocket airplane," is so
small that a man 'can span ils wings.
It is 16 feet Jong, and thc inventor,
Austin Whippet, says it will achieve
a speed of 96 miles ah-hour. A feature of this baby is that it can be
folded for transport and carried inside a' trunk.
Thc French arc also dabbling in
Lilliputian aircraft. . Passepartout
claims to have built the smallest airplane in the world. It is guaranteed
to carry a single passenger anywhere
and bring him back. Still another infant monoplane is onc turned out by a
French firm at Garsay with a span
of a trifle more lhan thirlccn,rfcct,
thus being two feet smaller lhan thc
"British Crow.''
Fitted with a ten horse-power A.
B. C. engine thc Garsay baby has
a speed of sixty-two- miles an hour,
aiid can land at the low speed of
twenty miles an hour. The average retail price of these littic brothers of the Capronis, Handlcy-Pagcs
and.Vimys is from $1,000 to .$1,200.
Valuable  Deposit Is   Discovered
Southern Part of Sas-
1 katchewan
A valuable deposit of white-fire
brick clay has been located in thc
southern part of Saskatchewan between the Dirt Hills and thc boundary line. Tests which have been
made by Andrew and Cruikshank,
analytical chemists, of Regina, dem-
-uoo B sq h;a\ puy oip }i>i[i ojcnsuo
sidcrablc asset lo-lhc wealth of thc
The clay, it is stated, it almost free
from iron, and could bc readily manufactured into fire brick, hollow tile,
white glazed tile, and even somc
grades of porcelain. The locators,
whoso hames arc at present withheld
from publication, are making the necessary arrangements to develop .the
property.   -".,-.
This is another illustration of lhc
accuracy of thc prognostication made
by thc Hon.- -Chas, Dunning in-the
"Saskatchewan, assembly, when he expressed the belief that in the clays of
thc province would be found somc of
the most valuable of the natural resources. He expressed, the opinion
that thc lime was coming when brick
and hollow liie manufactured from
Saskatchewan clay would largely replace thc use of lumber in the construction of dwelling houses, as well
as other classes of building, thus giving thcm a permanency which thc
lumber residence docs not possess,
and a big reduction in fire risk.
Natives   of" Virgin   Islands
Just why a negro Cha-Cha Indian
should wear an overcoat when the
thermometer stands 100 in the shade
is a mystery to the traveller, writes a
U.S. soldier correspondent stationed
in thc Virgin Islands. For somc
strange reason the native believes in
wearing every article of clothing he
can lay hands on. All holidays arc
celebrated by the natives parading
about thc streets, some of thcm \vear:
ing "overcoats, capes, "two oY more
pairs of trousers and a red bandana
handkerchief about the neck. Also
thcy frequently adorn themselves with
thc horns of cows or oxen attached
to the head just iu front of the cars.
Women Wonder "at
Her Many Clothes
"Diamond Dyes" Make Faded, Old,
Shabby Garments New
Don't worry about perfect results.
Usc "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to
give a ncw, rich, fadeless color to
any fabric, whether it be wool, silk,
linen, cotton or mixed goods,���
dresses, blouses, stockings, skirts,
children's. coals, feathers, draperies,
Thc Direction Book wilh each
package tells how to diamond dye
over any color. '
To match any material, have dealer
show you "Diamond Dye" Color Card.
In order to grasp the significance of
this lesson, we should recall, the condition which prevailed in the church
as suggested in verse 31. Three characteristics are outstanding:
1. Freedom From Persecution.
.Saul,1 the ringleader of the persecuting forces, had just recently been
converted, thereby disorganizing their
forces, allowing the church to enjoy a
breathing spell. - This period of rest
did'not result in its growing lazy, indifferent, worldly, and forgetful ot
God, but in growth in grace and in
the .knowledge of the Lord Jesus.
2. Spiritual Growth and Development.
Thc real meaning of the word "edified" is "buildcd up." This docs not
mean merely that the members were
being instructed and comforted, but
that strenuous efforts on the part of
the individual members, as -well as
the body as a whole, wcrc being madc
for the advancement of the divine
life. The word, "edify" contains the
metaphor of somc grand building or
structure. As suggested by another,
this metaphor involves (1) a foundation. This is Jesus Christ���ho other
dare be laid (I. Cor. 3:12-16). (2) A
continuous progress. This means that
a Christian's activities are purposeful
and that thc work hc undertakes
moves forward with the proper progress. (3) Persistent effort. This
means that the present 'day's7:, work
begins the foundation upon which tomorrow's work must bc built. Thus
day by day his life is being raised
higher and higher, as each separate
round of material: is being laid by
strenuous efforts. (4) A completion.
Finally the -work is done, the building is', completed, the top, stone is
brought forth and placed.
3. Outward Growth.
Building up within the church
causes the whole work to be admired
and respected by those without, inducing them to conic and. identify
themselves with the cause. There can
be no forward movement without unless there bc a corresponding movement within.
Our lesson today is the record ot
two stupendous miracles. Thcy arc
the greatest signs wrought since the
day of Christ. Thc dreadful malady
of palsy is vanquished, and 'a corpse
is" re-chanle_d by the departed soul.
The occurrence here of this miracle
Irrigation Feasible
Over Large Area
California Expert Presents Favorable
Report to Alberta Legislature.
George G. Anderson, of Los Angeles, California, the irrigation expert
commissioned by the government of
the province of Alberta to investigate
the possibility of the large irrigation
scheme in Southern Alberta, known'
as the Lethbridge .''.Northern project,
is about to prepare an official report
of his investigations for submission to
the Alberta legislature.
Mr.-Anderson considers thc proposed irrigation scheme in the northern
Lethbridge district entirely feasible.
Mr. Anderson states that he is satisfied that adequate water . supply is
available. The survey work already
done,'by the Dominion .government
has been carried out with great carefulness- and accuracy, but the estimate
of-costs that had been currently accepted, largely ou local and unofficial
authority, he believes to bc considerably under the amount that would
actually be required.- A matter of
$4,000,000 is probably involved in the
scheme, according to the Hon. A. J.
McLean, minister of public works.
The irrigation work in the nprthern
Lethbridge district is thc first, of
several irrigation schemes on foot. It
is not lhc largest, however, and it is
expected that it will be followed by
the southern Lethbridge ' scheme,
which will involve a larger acreage
and a correspondingly larger outlay.
Medals for Naval Service
Lead to Consumption
Unless a complete cure is effected
the inflammation passes readily to. the
throat bronchial tubes, and then to
lhc lungs.
, You can't make hew lungs any more
than you can make new fingers or a
new nose���hence consumption is
practically incurable.
But Catarrh can bc cured, except
in ils final ancl always fatal stage.
Guaranteed to Cure
The purest balsams and the greatest antiseptics are sent to every spot
where catarrhal trouble exists ���
germs arc killed, foul secretions are
destroyed, nature is given ti chance
and- cure comes quickly.
Colds and throat troubles can't last
if the pure healing vapor of-Catarrhozone is breathed���sneezing and
coughing cease at once, because irri
tation is removed
.   .    .      . . , Use Catarrhozone to prevent ��� use
is in keeping with the movements of'it to cure your winter ills���it's plcas-
the church at this timc.    The" Lord, ant,   safe,  and  guaranteed   in   evcry
In Like Condition
Conductor.���-This car goes tlnough
without change..
Passenger.���That's why I boatded
it. I'm in the same predicament myself.
Need Help to Pass the Crisis Safely���Proof that Lydia E. Pink-
Lam's Vegetable Compound
Can be Relied Upon.
which he 1.133- oe able to iii! Jus check'.
The Grc.it Aristocrat was Jcfin�� of
Nazareth, son of Joseph the carpen-
Urbana, 111.���"During Change of Life,
sn addition to its annoying symptoms, I
had an attack of
grippe which lasted
���4\ all winter and left
me in a weakened
condition. I felt at
times that I would
List   of   Men   Eligible   Now .Being
The department of naval service
announces that, subject to certain
restrictions, two medals will bc
awarded to men who served in the
navy during the war. -The first is
called Uie 'Victory Medal and the
second thc British War medal ' for
naval- service. Provided tlicir claims
arc approved by the admiialty, thc
first medal will be issued lo officers
"and men vvho vvcrc mobilized_juid
Tendered "approved service either at
sea piior lo thc signing, of ihc armistice or on lhc establishment of a unit
within a theatre of military operations.
The other medal, which is issued
to rccoid the bringing of the war to
a successful conclusion, will bc silver.
Provided thcir claims aic approved Initio admiralty, this medal will bc issued to officers aud men of thc Canadian naval seivicc who performed 2S
days' mobilized service, or lost their
lives in active operations before completing that period.   Desertion or dis
missal  with disgrace  forfeits  the dc-jput litem all forth
her soul came back to live in her bodv
had promised these signs as thcy went
forth with thc gospel message. Thcy
wcrc given as encouragements to the
disciples, to convince them that the
gospel did not lose any of its power
by being spread, but rather that its
power increased. As the church goes
everywhere preaching thc YVcrd therc
will bc a corresponding manifestation'
of power.
I. The Healing of Eneas (vv. 32-35).
This man's needy condition appealed to Peter, just as men today should
appeal to us in thcir semi-dead stale.
Like his Master, Fclcr could not refuse thc needed help. In this he did
not direct attention to himself, bul
confidently appealed to the power in
thc namc of Christ: "Jesus Christ
hcalcth llicc." Thc man who had kept
his bed for eight long ycars immediately arose and made his bed. When
thc Lord heals it is done instantly.
Peter wisely kepi this miracle from
being the end by making it the means
to thc end. That cud was the preaching of the gospel. This brought most
gratifying_resulls, forJ'all-that-dwelt
in Lydda and Sharon saw him and
turned to the Lord."
IT. Thc Raising of Dorcas (\v. 36-
This woman was full of good works
and alms-deeds which shc did, not
talked of doing. She was a practical
Christian woman ^of the kind that gets
down to the practical way of showing
her love by doing deeds of helpfulness. Her death was a real loss, as
was evidenced by thc mourning of
those who had been helped. When
j this good woman fell sick and died
the disciples sent for Peter. Peter
At his command
case, t
Two months' treatment, large size,
guaranteed to cure, price $1; small
sue, 50c; sample size, 25c; sold
"What are tfcey? A mild form oi
frost-bite���a chilling of the part to
��Uflh a degree that inflammation la
���et up, causing a tingling s'aln, excessive Irritation and of tea awell-
leg. Zam-Buk eures chilblains by
drawing out tic Inflammation, thu��
ending the pain and irritation and
reducing the swelling.
Miss Annie Lepard of BeaverdnJt,'
Ont, says: "I suffered agonies from
chilblains and used many remedies
but nothing gave me any ease until
S used Zam-Buk, which, after *
little perseverance, completely ri^
ine of this painful ailment"
Regular applications of Zam-Bufc
���will praTent a recurrence of the
trouble   Keep it Standy.   60c. box,
Alberta Cattle .
Bring High Price
Sale Indicates High Quality of Cattlo
Southern Alberta Farmers
Are Breeding
Fourteen thousand dollars cash for
ten head of pure bred Shorthorn cows
and heifers was the amount received
this week by A. M. Steed, of Stirling.
The purchaser was George Isaac, of
Markhain, Ontario, who bought the
stock for shipment to his farm there
as a foundation herd. The sale constitutes a record for this part of the
province, and indicates the high quality of catllc Southern Alberta farmers
arc breeding.
Air. Steed has been busy for the
past four or five ycars building up
his herd on his irrigated farm near
Stirling, Alberta, and that lie. has attained a large measure of success is
shown by thc fact that farmers of tlie
older province come'-to him to buy
foundation herds.
Women Workers in Finland
Use of Airplanes
In the Far North
coration, Thc d^paunicnls requests
that no applications hc made al present for the medals, as a list of those
eligible for thcm is hcing piepaicd.
This again caused thcm to believe
the Lord.
A Lost People
Most  Interesting Remains  Are
work of Canals
By far ihe most interesting remains
of the lost people of Arizona arc thcir
network    of    canal*,    which    prevail
through llu- vallevs.    The longest  is
the one tupping  tlu
which   -upplied  with  water  llic anci
���1 cut  fity.  no v-  iiKiiket
590 a Week From 220 Hens
A flock oi 220 jouny pullets, all of
asl jeai's breeding, arc laying'eggs
Nct-|:it tl,c r,ltc ot' fourteen dozen a day,
or a bundled dozen weekly at thc Dominion   Experimental  Faun at Lethbridge, Alberta.   This satisfactory result has been obtained by the selection  of hatching egg-  from birds of
Gila river.    amljP10vctl   !a.vi:'Fr   strains.     The"   feeding
water  the anci- I:u,ci 'hoiking arrangements arc    vcry
To  bc  Tried for Fire Ranging  and
Commercial Transportation in
Major Arthur Lincoln, representative of thc Dominion Air Board, has
visited Saskatchewan and conferred
with various bodies respecting thc
I possibilities of lhc development of
j the usc of aircraft in this province for
commercial and departmental purposes. As a result of his visit, he is
recommending to the Dominion Air
Board thc establishment of air service stations in North Saskatchewan;
the establishment of an air service
training school in Regina; the establishment of air patrols io cover the
forest areas of_thc_norllieni_part_pf_
ihc province; thc encouraging of the
usc of aircraft for commercial purposes in bringing from the far north
small but valuable shipments of furs;
making airplanes available for police
services in the north countiy as well
as on lhc International Boundary line
between Saskatchewan and thc United States. He also recommends that
aircraft be used for photographing
the tmsurveyed areas of the" north
country to assist in locating land
suitable for ranching and mixed farming, and the usc of airplanes on certain mail routes in districts where thc
present service is poor owing to lack
of adequate railway facilities.
ifajor Lincoln discussed , the proposed air service with Inspector Tait,
of the provincial police, who arc considering thc usc of hydro-airplanes for
the far north patrols. The plane desired is one which will alight on water or snow aud which is capable of
flying in weather 40 below zero.
1  with   the  0:10 J ���<-��1,PIc and -within leach ot* the means
never bc well again.
>T��'iT I'hikhani's V e jrc
-1 'Jj^&S^i l a b 1 ���*   Compound
A g^T ������> i%i\y#il'J women  p a �� s 1 :i g
landing   huildu'i-     'thi.,  is  the  Casa ' ��'  :U1>   '>''""!<-T-
I of Lvdia E- iGii'iul'1,  ,i!>oii'     which so miirli     ha?
-boil' Vi ritti u .m��i which lias ischcd ^"^
im.ch  uiii 1 0-1     .iiu<"i;.' arch:.< olotri'-t-
' in   tlu.   List   ti -1   \i\.i-    ,Tlk   vohiint-M
'of vaiei l.'Ktn ont )>\ thi-, canal must.
t - T
ivc bi-Cii iiniiHiijo, lor ii Mipporlrd
Occasion.iHy thc short club knocks
the- pci's-niinion's before the lo-ig pole
(.in ccct \\i;bin reach.
Man Power Was Greatly Depleted By
War "
Ilelsingfors, Finland, as a stranger
in Ihat.tovyn reports his impressions,
is a city of women doing the work
that used to bc done by men. Hc is
astonished by the number of women
in practically every kind of occupation. On the trains tlie porters in the
sleeping cars are women; in thc fields
and factories -women are busy* at
heavy manual labor; in thc banks
there are apparently about ten times
as many women employed as men,
and in one of lhe biggest financial institutions in the city positions of great
responsibility are held by women.
Compared with other countries, where
the spectacle of women in what formerly were exclusively 'masculine employments became common during
the war, Finland in general and Hcl-
singfors in particular, carry the proportion of -women much further, for
the man-power of Finland was so
greatly depleted lhat a large proportion of thc remaining male population
is now needed for militaiy service. In
the Finnish Foreign Office, for example, women wcrc holding positions
which, says thc correspondent, "would
be entirely beyond the aspirations ot
their sisters in thc Stale Department
at Washington or lhc Britisii "Foreign
Office." No other country, it seems
safe lo'saj-, shows so wide and general an adaptation of women to the
carrying on of every kind of work*
and "although "the"change is~ said td~
have come about rapidly, thc women
seem remarkably at ease in their new
lie.���But I asked yon, dcaicst, to
keep our engagement a ?ccicl for the
She.���1 cbuldiut help it. That hateful Miss Oldim said thc reason-1 was
not married was because no fool had
proposed to mc, =r> I up and toid her
you had'
I Wonder
Would It
Help Me?
Jj of Life, so I told my
doctor I would try
it.   I soon began to
gain in strength
and the annoying
symptoms disappeared and your-Vegetable Compound
has made me a well, strong woman so
I do all my own housework. I cannot
recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound too highly to women
passing through the Change of Life." ! years ago. For
���Jirs.FRANK llENSON, 131C y. Orchade i ouiid moi;nd<  U
St, Urbana,JUL ,.l��tiovcd  b-  ihe  rava��*     of  time.
Women who suffer from nervousness, ! ,���       . *.   .,   -     ,        .   "-ll"tv-
"heat Sashes," backache, headache? , 1 "oclll,c *as "Ul!t <��� t��c nuns of this
nnd "the blues" should try thi? famous ��� ancient, cit>. and there relic* fre-
root and herb remedy. Lydia IL Iln':- J r,���rn.jv --^ foli:ui oi thU ancient civ-
hair. s Vegetable Cwnp^una. '-,-
millions of acres. In most places the
canal has been filled with drifting
sand, but its course is easily traced.
Engineers who located th.e Maricopa
canal made usc of thc old Aztec ditch
and today water run!; over its pebbly
bottom ju*t as it did 2,000 or 3.000
For miles and miles aril the tale of houses
Kidney troubles are frequently
caused by jbadly digeited food
-which overtakes these orgasa to
eliminate ihc irritant acids
formed. Help your atetacch to
properly digest She food by
taking 15; to 30 drops of Extract
of Root*, acid ss .^o&tr Seigd's
CnraSve Sjrap, and yoar kidney-
disorder will promptly di*.
appear.   Get the genuine.       j
j Perversity
J     Youui:   man ���l'lcasf   conic   out
)t!ie ganhn with me.
I    Fair Co-ed.���Oh, n<>.    I  unisn't
tout without a chaperone.
j    Young Man. ���  Put wc don't need
Fair Co-cd.���Then'1  ur.n't \,.-,nt to
\\ I.v   can't    a    babv     =hcd  eiiniiy>h
tear- to drown its noise?
j     AA hen .1 man begin* to blou  in
j money a lot of people get wind 0.
ni* !
VV.      N.
*T*HIS question has beesS
answered by many tlioua^
ands of women who have
found health and happiness In
the use of Dr. Chase's Nerva
' Sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness, gloomy forebodings ol th��
future, depression and discouraga*
ment���-these aro some of the symp*
terns which tell of exhausted nerves.
In order to avoid nervous prontrsw
tion or some form of paralysis it Is
well to get the building up proceed
estabHshttl sit onco hy us�� of Dr.1
Chass'a Xerrs J*oocS. ,   }
:-fl crr.f? a Tioi. fl for JZ'.TS, ftH ileMcrs, Of
trotcanv.-a, Cfttes & Co., LiJ.? loronis.
>. "0-
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.    If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always ��2.50 a year to  the  United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     7.00
Hstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, i2'Cenls a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
" Business locals  12^0.  a line each insertion.
The blue cross! means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor vvould be pleased
to have more money.
We don't seem to be able to control the price of sugar in America.
But out in Australia they do.
The price of sugar in Australia
has never altered throughout the
whole course of the war, and it 13
being f-old today at the same price
it was in July, 1914.
This is nofe due to any benevolence on the part of the sugar trust
in Australia, nor on the part of thp
retail merchants.
The federal government in Australia is controlled by the labor
party. So is the Queensland state
government. By an agreement between these two labor governments
the sugar supply was effectively
controlled, and the price fixed at
7 cents per pound, at which it has
remained during the whole course
of the war and up to date.
Bockerfeller gave away $100, ���
000,000 and the world never blinked.; But if he had given away a
'million bushel? of potatoes people
would have sat up all night' with
excitement about it.   -.
Jack Dempsey is willing to fight
in France for a quarter of a million. Thousands of Canadians
fought there for SI. 10. a day and
rations.'''-.---    ������-,'.-���
.-". Though the-.country'--is dry. we
. are not yet compelled  to-live on
'. dried fruits.    Fresh  fruit, is   uri;
prohibited. ,    ."
team took the offensive and started
a terrific bombardment on the visitors goal. Murra;; u a har raising rushed^ slapped the puck
through making the score Greenwood 3 Grand Forks 0. Tbe game
continued with unabated fury until half a minute before time the
visitors scored their only tally.
Space will not permit a detailed
account of the game bufe by actual
count Greenwood had eighteen
shots ou the visitors goal while
Grand Forks only had five opportunities of scoring.
Greenwood played like demonB,
while Grand Forks brought a carload of horseshoes with them to
put around their net guardiai;.
Chefcr-up! There is generally
something in the cellar.
Carlson certainly had a bag of
tricks with him. With his dashes
aud shot3 Carl found many admirers among the fair sex.
Taylor iu the net has aud eagle
eye. He plays cricket, tennis,
soccer and many other games with
the rubber disc, but he cannot be
bribed or bullied to let anything
slip by.
Grand Forks, although heavier,
could not rough house it for every-
time they did start ife, it was "look
out below."
Our centre Almstrom, has in his
possession one of the sharpest shots
around here.
While tho visitors went home
losers they took with them a few
souvenirs of oar fair city. Among
fehem is a general respect for
Greenwood's hockey players.
G. Clerf sure has some speed
when he gets going.
���Hallett stood the pacawell and at
times skated rings around the visitors.
The solo dashes of Carlson ancl
Murray were sensational.
'Greenwood showed that- fehey
can deliver , the goods. They
mushed up ai lot of visitors rushes
with timely poke checks.
Faus. have no. kick coming on
fehat game. They sure got an eye-.
ful'of all varieties of hockey."
Great praise is due to the ladies
who furnished hot coffee, and cake
between the periods. .
Score at end of game was 2-1 in
favor of Greenwood.
'Referee A. J. Morrison  had ^the
players well in hand  all  the  time
and gave entire satisfaction.   .
g      Synopsis of       m
Land fid Amendments
. One commentor says Canadians
musb be-mad to eat so much sugar.
No, sir; -we're mad because we can
get .so.litfcle.sugar tb.eat.^... ,,.._ .';. -:
One"does'fc hear,so much "about
yellow, journalism, now,that:;they
have . discovered .someVhing far
worse in Bed journalism.  -.-';.".
Minimum   price   of   first-class  land^
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an .acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind vvhich is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ; Q
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
Ave years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant. ���
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extern of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
less than 5 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 ycars are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land In conjunction with his .
farm, without actuul occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and resldonce maintained on Crown
granted land. a
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 2o
acres, may be leasod as homesltes;
tltlo to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
Tor grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by ono person or companv.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may bo purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
ft ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include all persons Joining and serving with Hfs Majesty's Forces. The
time wlthjn which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act is extended
from for one year from the death of
suchc person, as formerly, until one
tet year after tha conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for Ave years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on account of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
VlT?"..^ olty lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 81.. 1920.
'' LANDS. *
Provision made for issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest ahd taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over ���
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1920.
9 GRAZING.., ���>
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides ior grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing p.ermlta issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, camper* or traveller*, up
- to t��n h.ad."_".,.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors. Garage in connection.
Culameen Bote!
One of the largest hotels In
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       -      -     Nelson
Nicely iurnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
The Consolidated MiDing & Smelttfg Co.
of Canada, Limited    i
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Blueslone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
Nilson & Nilson
AlKlWork Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148. TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block, GRAND FORKS, B.C.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   horse
Leave    Greenwood
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -   Proprietor
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before the paper is all
���'.The duchess says .she doesn't
know ^rrnebi Z about America."
"That's natural. She, was born
and raised iu New York." ������_ ,
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts  in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
GREENWOOOD. B.C     ... .
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fiue sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk aud ice-cream.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; anti situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
���"' ' TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Grascr,
oi Boundary Falls iii said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aopty for permission to
purchase the following described lands: <
Commencing- at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1023; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; thence South 30
chains; and thence West 20 chains, and containing- 40 acres more - or less, "the same to be
utilized for grazing- purposes.
Dated at Boundary Falls,   B.C.,  November
17th,.l919. ;��� -   : ��� ���
....  CHARLES GRASER.    ���
��� It's all riglit, girlie, to powder
yonr hose, biit why- try to make it
look like a marshmallbw?.
Inquisitive old. lady (to stalled
motorist, a Joriner soldier-team.:-
ster--."I<5'��� that Frenchxiyou. are
speaking,- .young,-.-;man?''��� ."No,
ma'am; mule;'',:��� :   . .    '' f.
Tub only, thing- that has gone
down in price lately is castor oil.
Even that.go.es down;el6wly.::
. ,;��� The game test-applies 7 to, wood
.alcohol as to  toadstools. =;If you
live, it isn't;'if you die,-.it is, '-X   .
y. \& Red might, not. be so bad if he
-were better read; .,.
Whirlwind Hockey
iX   Continued from-p'age'1    ���
. made a pretty end to end rush and
���..'. slapped the disc into the oppon-
"ents net. End of first period 1-0
in favor of .Greenwood. In the
second Carlson who had made several grand rashes passing all players, bat had hard lack in. shooting,
���finally od a pass Stanaway 'shot.:one
that beat the goalkeeper. - En^d of
.second period. 2-6/ in, favor .of
Greenwood. ^^-/.Vy.'^ ;
In the third period Grand ForkB
started into redeem themselves but
the Greenwood defense was too
many for them and soon the home
-.." 'Re-Lot 5. Block 27, Map 34, City of;. -���
;~ , ' :.'/.. ���'���-.'-_. Greenwood"   ���/.- ---.-,' ���' -    -
.NOTICE  is  hereby.pi v��n':tliat I sliaU'al
the expiration of one-month from  the date.of
the  first   publication    hereof, issue', a CerttG-
cate of Indefeasible Title to'the above mentioned latiUsin the iiani'eof  llcrtha Estclla Dock-
jtieader unless! in the .meantime  valid  objection is made to rac,-in.wrlt'infr."  /;
-.   Theholiier of the foUo.wiaK.-clocuiiieBtrelating- to thes3id.laiicls.-namely: '-���
'. .Deed, dated 25tlt'July,  1901, Columbia and
���.Western'   Railway ..Company to Frederick
-C. Anderson;   ' -    '��� '"���._";.,.
is required to deliver same-tome forthwith"."'
.   "DATED at Kariiloopj,  B. C.the 14th day,
of'January, 1920.' -��� y- -       ���     - .
-    ;���  -.    3i: V.CRAIG, -/..-:
.,.    , ...'   -    ./...'.   -' District 'Registrar.
**��� ,
The Kettle Valley Railn-ay .Company -will
apply to the Parliamentof Canada- "at its next
Session for.an Act authorizing it" to construct
.the following lines of railjvay:
(a)   From a.point at or near Coalmont on
the Joint Section - operated by the Applicant
Company and tlie,Vancouver, Victoria and
.Eastern Railway and Navigation Company,
thence in a g-eneral southerly direction; a dis
tance of abont 12 miles to the so-called Granite Creek coal areas, ia the Province of British Columbia.
And   further extending   the   time   within
whibh it may commence the constrncsio'n of tlie
following lines of railway which it has heretofore been duly authorized to constrnct:
(bi   From a point at ornear Grand Forks-
*  tb a point 50 miles  np the North Fork ol the
��� Kettle River, i'nthe said Province.   ���
:,..���-.   (c)-From a'point at or near - Otter Snra-
- "rait by. the-'most feasible route .to the Aspen
-;  Grove ininerardiitrict. in the. said Province,
- * a distauce'of about 30 ciilev"-    " ': . -'' -.. '
And- forilier -authorizing- it -io' increase; its'
bond ing "powers in respect or the,said lines of.
"railway^to ��70,0C9 per mile.' and for 'other,:pnr-
poses.'.'  '-' ���*..,;    ; ���  .. '-..'���   f��� .'..''.'-..'.,   ... ' ~{y.
-. DATED aj. Montreal 'tljis-ljth dav ;of ian-
aarr-1920.' ; ,.   ". -; -. ���-, - ��� -.. .>". ���-.--' .���������-';'   -    '���"- ��� -f
���X '-y .-':.-."'=. _Vh.-c^oswald,-'-,,-'.'-v,-. y-
���_[ Secretary,_'Eeule.V alley;'Railway ^Company.
Pringle,'Thompson,' EarjjesSifc Cot*" -������     .'���-,''.--
';   .������-,: .Ottawa Agents..) ,, \.   ���' ,:"V ',-���'�����'  .;'.'...
E. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist,. . Box. Biio.8, _ Nelson, B. C_.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper,
$1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
$?.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc J3.00; Charges
forother metals, etc., on application.
.C--1/.  MEGGITT
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with ine,   Have a buyer for. good ranch
All. the    latent   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.     .
VANCOUVER,   -   -   "���   BX.
^j, C LOAT is not a periodic-
~ * al. It is a book con-
��J* taining 86 illustrations all
ju told, and is filled with
jf sketches and stories of
y  western life.    It tells how
fr a gambler cashed in after J,
fr the flush days of Sandon; jf
���$�� how it rained in New Den- fr
j, ver long after Noah  was fr
]T dead; how a parson took a 4s
fr- drink  at. Bear   Lake   in ��{.
fr early   days;   how   justice ,>,
fr was dealt in Easlo in  93; T
����>  how the saloon  man ont- fr
j,  prayed the women in Kala- fr
T mazop, and graphically de- fr
fr picts the   roamihgs    of a ^
fr western editor among the �����,
fr tender-feet in the cent belt. T
<$> It contains the early history fr
A of Nelson and a   romance fr
T of the Silver King mine, fr
fr In   it are, printed    three ��{���
ju western poems, ahd dozens ,>,
T of articles   too   numerous T
fr to mention..   Send.for. one fr
fr before it is top late.    The fr
fr price . is. 60  cents,  post- fr
����i paid to any part of: the ��g��
j, world.     Address   all   let- ju
T ters to..    . j,
fr R.T.Lowery fr
��$��":.'greenwood, b. c.   4.
fr     -iy-'-x- ���'-.    fr
No one wants to be uhuecessarily brusque in. manner, yet
the use of^'Hello" in answering the telephone gives that im-1.
��� pressioii. The better way is to tell the caller who is talking..
When you announce your name or the name of your firm or de ���
partment you eliminate the necessity'of additional enquiry.- It
facilitates your telephone service and creates a favorable impression right from the start.
554*4*4"frfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfr  frfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrm
'���'���-;-- nelson,B.C.. :--..-.:.'.
-V :-���-;-' !."MINING\-- ���'���..'.'-". ���"
yX;y--'i XX'X -BROKER., -. .
Home of  Shamrock Bacon,   Ham -and Lard,
'"'". Eggs,   Cheese:- and   Fish ;of   all. Varieties.
The fflineral Proyince of Western
-:y-.';iyy :TO*ENp:iOF^DECEMBEI^^r917^
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer <3old, 8.75,116,103;  Lode;
.Gold, $93,717,974; Silver, 843,623,761 ;Lead 839,366,144^Copper, 8130,597,620;
Other, Metals: (Zincf Iron,  etc.),.810,933,466;  Coal; and Coke,   8174,313,658;,'
Bnilding Stone,;Brick.;Cement,^ etc.,  027,902,381; making its Mineral Production to the.end of 1917 show an: xx-yyyyiX. '".'Xy.'-'i    .-..:-
:/. ^re|ate-'Value;;-^fl$595,5^
Prodnction ler Year Ending December, t917> $37,010*
The Mining Laws of this Province, are more liberal and the fees.lpwer
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire.   '��� ���-..-.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees. "��� ��� ,
Absolnte  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, the security
-':. .  of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
x.Xi.   ;;   Full information, together with mining Reportsand Maips, may. be obtained , -X.-^-.. ~;
yyy-isr*tis.ty?"addressing^��� x^:..y;yxXi'x-X:     ���;"-.;��� -!-  - iy:xrirXy.x'X-xr��� ; -...-.   .-_.y -*\-   ".;���-;r
Cbe Rumc Rotcl
nelson, B�����.
The only up/to/date Hotel in the ihtefior.   First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted."
RATES 81.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
S��,f"f*��f"f4'^'f*4>**f^*'l*,f*  frfr frfrfrfr frfrfrXX
���Economy and Satisfaction H
combined with Promptness H
are the features which go to =��
make up the Service we give 3
bur customers. Are ybu 2
one of them? 3
Letterheads, Noteheads,
(Ruled or Plata)    .. .   ."  .     -.'���',     """'���."'
(All Sizes)
Statements, Business
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc; 3
����.    GREENWOOD Xy: Job Printing Department    g
^iuuaiuuiiuiuiuuiuiii iiiuiuuuuuuiuiu iiiiuiuiuiuiii^


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