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The Ledge May 10, 1923

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07iaci" librae J
Vol. ..iSXIX.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc
Inspect our stock
^mmmmmm mmfflmmmmmfwmmy???mnm?nmmfes
For Spring Cleaning you will need
O'Cedar   Mops,   O'Cedar Oil,   Liquid  Veneer,
Brooms,   Scrubbing    Brushes,   Stove   Brushes,
Sink Brushes, Mop Sticks, Self Wringing Mops,
Liquid and Dry Ammonia, &c. &c.
For the best go to   -. .
Ij LEE & BRYAN Phone 46
Around Home
^uiiUiuaiauii auuaaaamuaaiuuuuuuiiiuiiuiuuuu^
Real Estate   (Licensed)
Insurance, Fire, Life, Accident.
*-~X     Sickness. &c.
Stoves   and   heated   pipes   cause
mauy fires
A-small premium will protect your
house and furniture
Call at iny Office Copper Street
MAY 1st.
Fishing Has Started in  Well
You are almost assured of success if you buy your
. --- from
Splendid Assortment to  Choose From
The WINDSOR HOTIJlV is heated with steatii
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers." Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The"buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
'    7 buttermilk and ice-cream.
r> ..  ��� -.'    -    - ' -' i
You are cordially invited to inspect
our Spring Millinery, which includes the newest ideas in ladies'
Hats, Novelties, etc.    .
Mrs. Ellen Trounson
Next door to Elson's Store   "
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw, B. A.
.   Greenwood
Special Order of Service
Midway. 11 a.m.
The Sunday School will be combined
with the Usual Service and the Sunday
School will have charge of the Service.
Fathers and Mothers and all Adults are
asked to: make a special effort to be
Greenwood. 7.30 p.m.
The Sunday School will have charge
ofthe Service and we are looking for a
real Community Rally on this occasion.
Parents and friends make .special note of
this and do uot fail the children.' .   "V -
Ladies and ChildrensvHoseV
Prints, Cottons, Flannels, Flannelette Blankets,
Sheeting, Towels; Toweling, Etc.
Overalls, Mens Shirts, Work Socks, Etc.
Just in and of Fine Quality
Greenwood Theatre
X:iy XX J/WeV.^r^^ ; V XXXyXXX
A trial will convince you
'���- -..The- drama' of a -spirited-.-Amazon,
forced to don man's garb'and live on her
own resources. in the wilderness. .:
��� Enacted -by VTeddie. Gerard and a
capable cast, iu the midwinter-beauties of
Yosemite Valley."' .- .  7 7 -    ;   : ""
,;   .' .7       """"    "5. reels 5 - ,"---.  '"".'-
-Collie., pups,   3    months
males $10.00, item ales $5.00..
V -';.'., .7' >A Apply- to yX.).. W -7 .
-.-. Jerome" ,-MgJ)o:ne��,i,.7'
Commercial Travellers Will Find Long
Distance Telephone Service A Time
And (Expense Saver
Travelling'ttten can.saveTtherrsselves and. their fimis endless, time and
travelling expense by, regular use of our Long Distance-Tacilities.
Within a; few minutes, direct personal conversation can be had with any
desired number of-easterners or patrons :who- could not ordinarly be
"cbvereiK*.and "spoken to" withont the loss of many davs' ti.iiie and the
many discomforts, inconveniences and delays J.incidental tp country
In addition to these factors it will be -found cheaper to telephone than
7yW "'���yX.'LoStyx'Xy' V'W
'X-A; Waltham watch, on Government street at north-end.bf town.
Finder-:will be. rewarded be- re-
turnin^sameto The Ledge Office.
Near spring, on- Midway road a
lady's blue satin hat. Owner can
have same by applying at The
Ledge office.
Found near the" Post Office a
eoiblem of the order of Moose.
Owner'-can have same at The
Ledge Office,
Dr. O. Mi Graves, Dentist, will
b. in Ferry, Wash-, the firs* 8
<lays of every month..
Archie McDonald is visiting
relatives in Oregon.
John and Anton Portmann, of
Nicholson creek, spent the week
end in town,
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw is attending a meeting of the Presbytery in Nelson.
Frank Peterson returned from
Carmi last week and will spend
the summer in town.
M. D. Schenck and Maurice
Peterson drove in from Christian
Valley and spent the week end in
R. Lee .returned on Tuesday
from Kamloops 7 having taken
James Shanks to the Provincial
Tom Walsh has got a lease on
the old Providence Mining dump
aud is now picking out good ore
for shipping.     ,  !)
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
F. F. Ketchum, the lord mayor
of Beaverdell, honored this fair
city with-his smiling countenance
the first of the week.
The Sunflower Minstrels will
hold a rehearsal in the Greenwood
theatre on Friday night at 8 p.m.
All members please be on time.
Mrs. M. Axain left Tuesday,
May.8th, for-Nelson, as the representative of the Pythian Sisters
to the Grand Lodge convention.
A telephone has been installed
in the poundkeepers house. If
you notice any stray cattle phone
5L and the nuisance will receive
Miss Edith Sinclair, of Nelson.
arrived in town on Wednesday
morning and is spending *a few
days the guest 'of Mrs. j; Docksteader.
The Matthews Sawmill at Car-
I mi is cutting 18000 feet of lumber
daily.   -This will be increased to
25000 in the course of.a few days.
About 17 men are employed..'
C. A. S. Attwood, one of the
owners of the Riverside Nnrseries
at Grand Forks, passed-through
town oh Monday with a team of
horses, he purchased at Capt.
Atkinson's auction sale. .
; The members of the Sunday
School .are reminded of the practice in the Presbyterian . Church
at 4 o'clock -on Friday. "Let
every, member be present. . A
practice"' will/also .be., held ���':on
Sunday afternoon .at7 3-o-dock..
Keep this in:mind also, V.
Mr,; and Mrs. iVictor,Biner and
Miss .Mary Biner,'; of .Lbs TAhgelos
formerly of Phoenix, -arrived: in
Grand Forks Tas.iV'week. They
own the pavilion.and grounds at
Christina lake and will/probably
lease or run it ...themselves , this
season. .'-V" ')-���- -���') :'>.y''
What-a lot of people there are
who. haye V ahVabnormal, gift, of
gab that they want, to.' relieve
themselves by pouring out .long
speeches whenever they can get
an-audience, " People", who have
never V- accomplished . anything
with hand. 6r7 brain want to tell
other'people how to! do things. 7.
7 There iis - a 'widespread desire
among educated people that the
Bible, should v be read in.?bur.
schools 7 because... of: its moral
effect, and because.-the authorized
English Bible is the most beautiful .translation. of the Scriptures
that exists in any language,; and
because it containssomepaseages
of literature that are,.unequalled
for; beauty in the .whole range cdf
literature throughout all ages..
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of April, 1923
-M. A.  McLoughry,   Principal
No. in Class     V     .            - 19
Average Attendance       - 15.34
Percentage of Attendance 95.89
Proficiency List
Entrance: George Morrison,
Bessie Bidder, Allan Fraser, John
Wyder, Silvia Price, Ernest
Wyder, Mary Kerr, Cicilia Hallstrom, John Kerr, Jesse Puddy,
Ruby Goodeve, Doris Kinsman,
Bennie Hurst, Mary Klinosky.
First Year High School: Juan
Paddy, Mildred McLaren, Robert
Second Year High School: Ethel
Fraser, Mabel Axam.
Regularity and Punctuality:
Bessie    Bidder,   Allan    FraBer,
Ruby   Goodeve,    Bennie     Hurst,
John   Kerr,   Silvia   Price,    Jesse
Puddy,- Cicilia  Hallstrom,
Axam,     John     Wyder,
division ii
E. A. Olson, Teacher
No. on Roll       -       -   ������ -
Average Attendance
Percentage of Attendance
Proficiency List
First Year Senior Grade:
McDonell,   Edward Johnson, Vera
Walmsley, Eraine DuHamel, Tillie
McDonell. '
Second Year Intermediate:
George Bryan, George Hurst, Irene
Inglis, Leo Madden, Percy Fraser,
William Walmsley, Helen Kerr,
John Putzel, Lawrence DuHamel.
First Year Intermediate: Harry
Hallstrom, Allan McCurrach,
Edward Parry, Eileen Bryan,
Robert" Mitchell, ��� Marguerite
Ritchie, Lewis Mitchell, Margaret
Royee, . Arthur Cox, Bertram
Price, Daniel Kerr, Meredith
Fenner, Thomas Walmsley, Allan
Re gsulaiuty an d Punctuality :
Eileen Bryan, George Bryan,
Arthur Oox, Percy Fraser,-George
Hurst, Allan 7 McCarrach . Lewis
Mitchell,' Robert Mitchell, Thomas
Walmsley, - William _- Walmsley,
Edward Johnson, Vera Walmsley!,
'-���.'"''*-'    ��� 7" division-ui  -"'--"''   "V'-'
7   E..B. McKinneii, Teacher.v   V
No. on Roil VW7 , -V .;   -30
I Average.'Attendance   '.,-���    .26.53
Percentage of Attendance       88.43.
Proficiency List' ]. ''���'��� ' '."-���������'���'. -
.Beginner's .Reader:" John Me-.
Currach, June Toney, James Forshaw, . David NicholB, -Stanley;
Kinsman,. Mark . Madden,- Victor.
Ritchie, Leonard Sortome, 'Kath>-
le'en Forshaw'.'-'V '. -.'
���; "Book"II A. VRuth" Cox, Beatrice
McLaren,  Jack    Morrison.   John
McGillvray,   Alice  Ritchie, Viola
Benson.-.7'' :    -��� 7''.:-'' "-"-.;'���' .7.-,.- ���-."'
:   Book 'III B.: ;:.Roberfe Fbrshaw,
Helen Bakke, Roy. Bakke, Francis
Jenkin,  VBr.uce 7-Terhune, ,. Cleo
Toney,     Robert.: -Carlson,;-.-Lewis
Cierf,' Roy   Hallstrom,   Gee..Mon
Yen, .Charles. Royce......   "V
.-' Book III. A..: .,;.Eugene7Mc-
.Gi.Uvraiyj,..Helen- Hurst, ..Mary.
PutzelV-"- --X y x "X..- '"���      .".-
Hon.   Dr. J.  D.   MacLean
Gives  Interview
Hon. Dr. MacLean arrived in
town on Friday on one of hie
periodical visits. He has had a
busy time since his arrival meeting
old friends and visiting different
par- 8 of the riding.
Monday night he met the City
Council and discussed informally,
questions of mutual interest relating to the Province and to municipalities.
Speaking of general conditions
throughout the Province, he was
very optimistic. Lumbering is
more active than at any time ���ince
the war. The same is true he said
of the mining industry.
Agriculture has given only a fair
return in the last two years as
prices of farm produce have been
low and an inadequate marketing
policy of fruit products have given
the producers a poor net return on
their operations. The recent cooperative marketing scheme adopt*
ed by the fruit growers, however,
should stabalize this industry
Capital is again beginning to flow
towards this province.
In 1918. the wages paid in the
Province were $50,000,000; in 1921
$80,000,000, while the number of
industrial concerns conducting
business increased in these three
years from 1786 to 2275.
In reply to question as to the
Provincial Party, he predicted that
its life would be short. It is, he
said, impossible for a party composed of many diverse elements to
survive. Its leaders are real estate
magnates, corporation lawyers and
others of that type. It has some
supporters in the rnral districts
but, these are chiefly among men,
who live on, but do not make a
living off their land. Before the
next election, they will have, to a
great extent, disappeared, and be
again supporting their natural
leader, W. J. Bowser.
Asked as to the date of the next
election Dr. MacLean remarked
that the life of the present Legislature will not expire until January
of 1926, and with the improved
financial and industrial conditions,
it would be unwise to interfere
with., the- growing stability and
prosperity within, the.Province.
What about provincial redistribution? he was asked..
.; This 7 will; undoubtedly receive
consideration at the next session of
the Legislature, he replied. .
-, The ,' present.: redistribution. is
very, unfair. Somer rural districts
\yith;5000 or 6000-voters 7 have hat
one member^ while-5 , or 6 other
ridings with less than 1000 voters
each.areValsb represented by one
member.; . After taking . into account sparse settlement; large extent and. distance from the lirger
cehtres,. it is .evident that there,
must be a: readjustment. of the
boundaries of electoral districts to
conform to a greater degree to the
Principal of Representation according to population. W    7"'   V  ,.
Dr. MacLean left for Vancouver
on Wednesday morning to attend
the Convocation of the;University
Kettle Valley Notes
. Ed.  Richter and R. Bruce, returned Sunday from Kamloops.
Service .will be held in the
Anglican Church on Sunday,
May 13th at 7.30 p.m.
Major and Mrs. Gray were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bonnett
at Runnymead Farm on Sunday.
Mr. Brown, of the Soldiers
Settlement Board, Penticton, was
in the Valley on Wednesday on
Major W. H. Roberts and R.
Roberts left on Monday for Penticton. They have been the
guests of their brothers, Arthur
and Frank Roberts.
A Cricket match, Kettle Valley
v Grand Forks, will take place at
Grand Forks on Saturday, May
19th at 12 noon. For further
particulars apply to Major R.
Gray, Kettle Valley."
The annual Rock Creek Sunday School Picnic will be held on
Saturday, May 19th on the
grounds kindly lent by Major and
Mrs. K. R. Davies, for the
occasion at . Nicholson creek.
Picnic lunch at 12 noon.
Don't forget the Sunflower
Minstrels (Greenwood) at Riverside Hall on May 24th. They
are kindly giving their entertain-'
ment for the Women's Institute
to raise funds for the annual Fall
Fair. This is a splendid show.
Don't miss it.
Grass Hockey will he at 2.30
on the Hockey Grounds next Sunday, May 13th. It will also be.
decided whether there will be a
hockey match for the 24th. All <
players should make a special
effort to turn out, as everyone
will be pleased to see the annual
match for the 24th.
Midway News
Miss Emma Thomet left for
Penticton last week, where she is
visiting friends.
Sunday, May 13th is being kept
as Mother's Day. All are invited
to attend Sunday School and
Church at 11 aim.     .
Local ��aneh Sold
A deal of local interest took
place this week when Wm. Jenks
sold his 68 acre; ranch one mile
from town on the iPhoenix road.
Robt. Forshaw, of Greenwood,
purchased the ranch. The deal
does not include the stock and
only some of the farm implements
Mr. Jenks left on Wednesday for
he coasit to spy oat the land and
as soou as he secures a suitable
place will move his family.       -
;. Roy Bakke,,Lewis Clerf, Kathleen Forshaw, ���-. James Forshaw,
Robert Forshaw, Roy Hallstrom,
Francis Jenkin, Albert Kinsman,
Gee Moa Yen.
Captain Atkinson's Auction
The Auction Sale held at Capt.
G. L. Atkinson's ranch on the
Bridesville road, attracted a large
crowd of people, the biddiDg being
brisk and lively. Charles King,
the Auctioneer, commenced at 1
o'clock and had sold everytbinig by
6.45 p.m. Machinery and implements ' brought fair prices. Registered stock brought: .Cows
S131.00 to 5145.00. heifers &J5.0Q
arid calves S15. Over $2000,00
was realized,
6f,B. p., at which he is one of the
speakers."'.' 7- ,'_.'""     .���'-.-",.'
,.'- From .Vancouver he goes up the
**���;Q> E. on .the inaugural :trip7bf
the new sleeping car service oh.the
Provincial Railway. ..From Quesnel
the .present/terminus, of the railway, he will travel north along the
surveyed route of the.P.;! G. E.to
Fort George. ;: He will : be accompanied by the/general mana^er.and.
engineer, of the railway." . .7 ,7
V The - bail game on Sunday between Midway and 7 Cnrlew was
very well attended.; A good clean
game-was played,; the score being
3-5 in favor of Curlew.
Howard Pannell is moving again,
this time it is a building, purchased
by_Cbas.  Snider. V Tt will bere�����'-'���
membered that--; this . f 'movie star''-
removed the Rock Creek church to
Kettle Valley,  two summers ago.
''..- On Tftfay  4th . a. very enjoyable
evening was spent at. the homoof 7
Harry. Borders,   when /over 75 of
his   friends, paid himVa  surprise;
visit..  Cards and dahcingV.were indulged in and at midnight a samp-
tops supperwas served.   The party
arrangements were carried outV.by
the Maple Leaf Club,  Anaconda,   ".
as a- mark of, appreciation to Mr.-
Borders,    for  his   kindness  last
winter in playing at. their inumer-
ons   dances.    Mrs." C,  J.-LundyV
kindly assisted the.club in -extend-.
ing invitations to the local friends.;.
W  Boy Scouts V
Troop >meets- on .Friday 7 at
7:30 p.m.. in the Fire Hall.7 .
".',-7-7  ' - V..7.; cubs ���--; V".    V-V-
The Cubs will, meet on. Saturday at 2,30.;p, - m. - in - - the ''Fire
Hail. ��� .���'���"-'-���-  ���-...-.'��������� :.-,-���-���
... ..'efr;.
-. ".:-'"���"   (Of GreeawoaS)    .V      ;';-," ''V:y.-.������':''���'
Will give ah Entertaimrientanderthe Auspices of the Womb's lutein-
5day, May 24th, 1523, it 8 ^ m.
New Songs"."'.-        New Jokes     \;
Coscgrt Will Ei rollowe^By A^ Sauce And Se&Ber-
Oae Bfs Nigat Of Eatertalcaieat Ami Fbq
AdaissiOB: Seats $1.00, LaSies JScyCitMrtn 25c��� Sasjper lEtifi4��4 -  T1IK
GREENWOOD.      B.     C.
I Pyou
roll your
ask fir
No Reason For Discouragement
Grenfell of  Labrador j
American   Paper  Pays  Fitting  Tribute :
to a Reirarkable  Man j
Dr.  Wilfred   Cre 11 it'll  is  one  of  the!
l'u'Hijile wlio needs no introduction any- j
where and who long ago been me i';iin- !
oils as a practical pacilisi���Lhat is, as
a  messenger of goodwill and helpful- :
ness  io human  beings  wliose  lot  lias;
not been cast in pleasant places.     As
everybody  Iniows,  he   has  practically'
dedicated himself to making life bet-;
ter worth living in regions where na-j
lure .I'or the greater part of the year:
i.s in her sternest and most forbidding!
mood.     A mere summary of -what he;
lias  accomplished  in    Labrador    and j
Newfoundland  constitutes one of  the;
noblest  epics of human  self-sacrifice!
and human achievement.     It is a per- j
sonal privilege and inspiration to meet, j
a man of such ��� lave    anil   wonderful;
character as this, a man who has de-;
liberately  nicked  out for.himself one;
of Ihe most   dillicitlt   and    strenuous
tasks of helpfulness lo he found anywhere, and who has stuck fo if with
unfailing cheerfulness "and courage for
three decades, with no motive but that
of   sheer   pity   and   lo\-e..--l'.altimore
There has been a lot of imv.-iM. and quite uncalled for "blue ruin" talk indulged iu by some "Western Members of Parliament and other Western men
during the past few months. Such talk, instead of nelng constructive and
helpful in bringing about reform and improvement, is almost wholly destructive and  hurtful, and makes betterment the more difficult of attainment.
Western Canada ha:- suffered from a number of hard years a nil" adverse
conditions. llut this i.s true of the whole world. Furthermore, it. was inevitable following the gigantic orgy ot destruction in which all civilized nations engaged during l.'il. ���!-]!).! S, and the inflation which took place during
those fateful war years. Anybody who anticipated anything else was a.fool
wiio gave no heed to all the lemons of history.
'I'iiis Western country, ami other' countries the world over, have liad
series of bad year'; i'rom lime immemorial, and such periods are always more
severly fell in a new and only partly developed country than in those where
conditions are more settled aiul therefore more, stable. l.ut this is no cause
foi  pes. imisin and downright discouragement.
There is a good doai lo be said for fhe theory or Kiuile Cone. It is no
now theory; in fact it is as old as the world. Lot one man begin to talk
pessimism to his neighbor, and let his neighbor repeat it to a third, and the
third to a fourth, and so on, and il: will not bc long before by their of faith
and confidence they produce flic very conditions which before only existed
in their imagination. Lacking confidence themselves, they inoculate others,
and with lack of confidence Ihey ;,(-|0|>| methods which soon operate to clog
thc wheels of industry and  pros..ess.
Reversely, let men adopt the view, and act.��upon il, lhat "day by day in
every yy thing.; are getting belter nnd better" aud they will get better.
After all, what: has the West to be blue about?      Saskatchewan is the
chief grain  producing  section  ol' Canada.      It. produces one-half of all the
wheal   grown  in   Canada,  and  last  season  Saskatchewan raised  the  second
largest wheal  i rop in its history, as well as an enormous <_u;uitity of other
grains. .. -."Accoriiing to ;u can.ful and- conservatiyc<esfiniai.e by- an official of.
iho .Saskatchewan' Covet lituent'.who is'jn ilie.-lvexi. possible- position .to .judge,
.the. proceeds' of jt he/sale. oj,.Llie'-.;i;.aiculmil"al: crops "of Saskatchewan-' last/ year
nei.i.'d-u .profit'to the farmers of one" hundred millions 'of- dollars-.:  '-"       " "'.  ���- ���':
,V" . G'rahj.eu .'that -the position uf \Vi-..fern-far.niers-is hot all'lhat.it should.be.
"and UVa.t' people Would .like -if to be/ lho fact Tenia in..';- nevertheless, Hint'their
..-position  is -a.-.whole  lot- be.tlcr lodaV Ilian'a yc.tr ago.������    Saskatchewan's one"
;h; i ml red', millions .over- tiie.'ios! ��� of- agricultural -.production- has. go lie: in- the
.lin1:irlai.iiui.(H'..(iebts-iuci.ii:i7cd7ii/i.'fpt"ipp.ing'-th'e farms-of'theV-itrovince and'over--
coming, a  ... .v/ieah'- years..' i-'Tha't liio ney -is not .going to-lie idle; if will' find
ii.- way" back- for ftu-.ther-product i\ e. enterprise;-'-' IL-will-all, gel" i ii i.o circulation."
"-'.-��� Millions' of'dollars- have been paid" id nuimcipn.lif.ie.s in "pay me.nl of arrears'
- of taxes : with..the:resu'lt."- thai": W'e-.le.rn-.municipal organizations"'-are now"-,-iii' :~i.
���pm'.itif'i i.o.fuiii.-tjun'-j.s .1,1.77Ayriv' noi able id' do,in several preceding years..
,'i'hese .millions :of'"\h>Uars- were paid" by, the people.."a"7s individuals .to. Ihe.m-.'
selves" as" a- .corporate body."'   They "Will themselves reap "the-'beni.fit., .   .The-
'���'price" of 'I'tir'ni.'MuipIcnienl.s  has -come-  down., farm  labor'- is -not-.so.- expensive
.and-with a~ return, to more act iye immigration-further reduction's." liiay.be' cx.V
: iiewed.'-  ".".'f'he-'railways: are. again "beconiing' active   with; "more .-'extensive
; i.ratieh  line ' const ruction; iirograrifiiics -thair for .many  years,. pasfV'.iind, .born
/'of the experiences of the pas'.'.i'ew -years,, really-coiVsi'.ruciive -and .earnest "of;
-forts arc'bc.i.t.g put Tori,! i- t.cjr overcome I lie~.il iflk-ul lies aiul'solve lhe,. problems"
-'which adver'sel'v al'feOr.'\\'r.si.ern agricullure',:.  " -   -��� -     ,  .-    .'���'���-���      /"   . .   .7
'.  "   -Why--he downhearted.' discouraged, blue'?',  t.'onl rust, the. position ..of" the
.resid<\ni (HWe.-lern Caiitida. with life and. propeHv-secure, aiul -enjoying The
widest' po.-sible'measure of iftdi'/hhtal: liberty, .witli-.the V'peop.ie of most .coun.7-
-i lies in   Ktirppe-tiiday:   " /faxes. iVayyTV     Yes;'hilt hoi  as -heavy as in" otlier-
Ja'nds.      I.'essiini'stic talk iii A\YVUTn.'.(";iii;i(l:i when its-most populous-province
boas's. of inov-e. rural ".tjie.ihmi'eV-j.ier lvead.of_j..opii!ajio_ii tliauAaiiy.Vother-ic.oini:
- try-in^ flu. world,; wh��:r.; cd'itcaj'ion is i'i-ee aiui- availabfe to all, whe.re.'thestan-
: d'ar.l of'-h>-.!ilih'.an<l .IK'jiii:- is'.-;hig!';,.. where,'ti!ien![)loyme'n(. is- "decreasing iiior'e-
V.-ipiiily -liiaii/'nj ���'m'osi/cormjries.Vaiid- .where ���op.iortiiniry knocks .at ViheV door!-
Siic'j t;iIk-' \>- ,l>oih \vicke<l ."anii- nb.m _dr--wii;l_ed.because 'dishonest;.- absurd" be-;
���c.atise it, liifsTiio. foVu_(!ii"i;i��iii ii]>oH,..v.,hi<d..,To7rc'si 7;   -.'-."    .V.   ���'-..���-  ''  -"'-.""."    "-"
More Settlers Coming
13,000 Settlers Coming to Canada
From  Britain
Arrangements have been made in
accordance with the Empire Settlement Act. to bring 12,000 men, women
and children from T.riiain to Canada,
W. J. Deputy TUinisler of Immigration,
stated in Ottawa on his return'from
England. Ths :3,000 consist of 5,000
children, -1,000 domestics and 4,000
others to come under the "Nominated
Passage" scheme, it is intended that
practically all will go on the land.
Under the terms of the act, Canada
and Great Britain each contribute
Success       Of -    Cantassium
A well-known London surgeon and
recognized authority on Cancer has
created world-wide interest in the discovery that Cancer is due to a deficiency of potassium "salts" in the
body, which causes the cells to break
dov. n ami become malignant.
ln  order   lhat  everyone  may  learn
a  remarkable book has been specially written.
This book will be sent free ' to
patients or anyone who is interested
in the most successful method of
Ths following is a list or the chapters:���
1. The Limitations of Surgery. 2.
Some Doctors Oppose Operation. 3.
What Cancer fs. -I. Why the P.OIDY-
CELLS lU.h'AK DOWN'. fi. Injurious
Cooking Methods, ti. Common Errors
in Diet.' . 7. Vital Elements of Food.
S. .Medical Endorsement of Our
Claims. !). The Chief Minerals or the
llody. 10. The Thymus Gland. 11.
Age When Lime liegins to Accumulate. 12. Potassium Causes lame Excretion. 1:1. Great Value of Potassium, if. Parts of llody Diablo to
Cancer. la. Parts Which Are Seldom Affected. ' 16. I'Cow A Doctor Can
Help. 17. liow to Avoid Cancer. IS.
Doath-llafe From Cancer, in. Arterial
Sclerosis and Old Age. 20. l.heuma-
tism,  Gout  and   Kindred  Complaints.
With this hook tire a number of interesting case-reports proving the
great value of "Canlassium Treatment" in various cases. The treatment is simple and inexpensive and
can be easily taken in one's own home.
Apply for free book to Charles Walter.
5L Iirunswick Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.-
��� I
A Good Type of Settlers
Farmers from Iowa and Nebraska
Have Eyes on Western Canada
(By Or. C. Porter of Winnipeg)
Des Moines, Iowa.���AVhile I believe
the great Southwestern States will
send the larger number of farmers to
Canaua this year, Iowa and Nebraska
will contribute the best type. Those
going north from these two - States
have more money, better equipment
and are superior farmers; Agriculturally, Iowa and Nebraska are very
similar to Alberta, Saskatchewan and
Manitoba. Those now treldng to the
prairie provinces are the sons and
grandsons of former Canadians, Scan-
i ciinavians, and a considerable sprinkling of Europeans.      The pioneer in-
istinct. and love of.the soil are stronger in them than in the socalled Amer-
j ictin type  from  the great Southwest.
j-Tn one respect they are similar���the
j resolution..! o make a home on the soil
j in the Canadian Northwest. ���
I     T. V.  Bennett is  in charge  of.the
I Nebraska territory for the Dominion
Government, and A.. E. Pilkie in Iowa.
[ was in Omaha with Bennett and in
Des Moines witli Pilkie. Each is
most optimistic with their mail bulging with inquiries and their ofiices
crowded with men and women who
are planning to go north this spring.
The day r arrived in Des Moiues, Pilkie was sending to the prairies six
cars of settlers effects and was busy
making out certificates for owners of
the stock and farm equipment.   Each
\ car carried an automobile and a sniall
particular people*
Has a sparkling clearness and
a smooth richness, for 'all the
chaff and dust is removed by
our special process.
A Preventive of Death
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Remove Constipation
Overcome Biliousness
These  Mild Vegetable  Pills Are Easy
to   Take,   and    Do   Not |
Sicken *i
Instead of irritating aiul weakening, as i
miuiy harsh pills <lo,  Dr. Hamilton's Tills
prove, n. mild, yet certain corrective fo ;ui
overburdened system: - i
Taken at1 nit.lit,   they  worlc  whilo  yon
stoop,   anil  you   fool   lino   next  moroiniv. |
troailache is gone, system is cleansed ami j
toned,-yon fool like a new person.
After   cle:insinjr   and    rewtilatini,'   yonr;
sy.siom  with   Oi-.  llamilloii's   I'ilis.  you'll '
feel like new al! over.     Gol tlieni lo-ilay,
^."c al all dealers.
Ship  Eggs  to 7 England 7-
Nine" Carloads <6f ��� Saskatchewan. Eggs
. Quickly  Sold   on- London. Market
���  .Nine carloads oi' eggs'recently ship--
ped to England, by Saskatchewan- exporters, vrere-'Quickly- sold-on fhe London   markets,.;, aiul buyers .expressed,
themselves;'as -veil "'saiisfied .���with' the.
j.duality and 'appcariurw.o!"-.th_e;coiisigri-;
[���ment:"".. It isvthe inteiition-of'the Sas-
j katchewan-   shippers]. to-deyelbp'.lhi's
..'market and  establish   -a    permanent.,
i traiVe-" with -England for "Sasl.aichewan
, *"7Ali-s.- fl.eori.es;.-J.p.l'e.bvre; St. Xenon,.
Qiie.;-.writes: "I-do-not think 'th>re is
any .other-"rivedicine to- equal "Baby's
Own Tablets l'orlitlle-ones: . I::Ji.ive'-
useil them'for my'baby "and would use-'
:noUiinK else.*'..; "What'/Mrs. 'Lefebvre
says., thousands of .other mothers say'.
They-have found by. trial thai. Vhe Tablets, always dp just,-- what is  claimed
for then..- The .Tablets _nre_.:-a_;iniUl
but! thoroiiKli laxative-which regulate
the-.bowels and sweeten the-stomach
��� and thus -banish.iiulii.estion, constipa.
tion,'colds.-colic, etc. Tliey-are sold
by", medicine .dealers-.or. by. mail, at -23
ctsVa;-bo_i7 from -The v"])iv. _ Williams'
Medicine-Co., .lirodcville, Out.   ���    -     -,.
Adrenalin Acts Instantly As a Powerful Stimulant
References in news columns of
papers have been made recently to
something called Adrenalin; it was
reported that people had been
"brought bach- from the dead." That,
of course was impossible and untrue, yet. adrenalin is in reality a
preventive, of death., A newly disclosed medical discovery, adrenalin, a
fluid .extracted from glands controlling
Tear, slops death- in "shock" cases.
According to medical scientists, adrenalin has been brought, to Rs present,
state of "perfection" by very extensive
experiments by two brothers, Dr. G.
W. Crile, Cleveland, and Br. Dennis
W. Crile, Chicago. Here is what the
public and medical scheme may, expect from it:
Adrenalin is a preventive of death,
where the thing Unit would cause
death is removed within six to eight
minutes after the heart slops beating.
Although in I his interval, a patient
may be pronounced deatl, the brain
an'd'otlierVcells are not dead', and the
state.-.of- death is not complete'..- ���-��� ' ���
If; injected .-'into the heart ��� or the
veins as the heart is about to stoii'or
Jias-ceased-beating: less'tlia'n. 1he._1 ime.
required for. brain and ;other cells- to
ilie,-it'aet.s"iiisj;intly.. as; "a - powerful
stimulant. .and-coniraclioTi.- -- In .so-
-calle.d-"shook" cases. the-hearl7s,lar"ts
beating, again-aiid" the- ���patient.' resumes'living, providing conditions'arc
'lii'giW . ]���[.. ;X- _.. ;, .   '.:r'_:'y'\,������'.-_.-
. After'the'-hearf'has. ceased'to beat
for six"br eight- nmuite'sV-the "brain and
other cells-7d.ie,' -and though ailrenalin
may "cause"-, he .heart, to ~be"at:: again
briefly, I he. "patient, cannot live because
death ^exists. ''��� ���    .-. '.   :   ���'    -'��� '     ������,.-..
- V-Vdrenalin is not exactly a-new drug.
It-was used iii-.'war .iiospitals, .and in
.stages of its; -development,V has "been
used ih'.h'ospifals for some time:   '7 ���-
tractor, and the agent told me his
prospects were much in excess of last
year, probably twentv per cent.
Bennett was equally busy aniFsaid
more of his prospects wer�� taking
money to buy l';irms than in other
/<fays��� though the man with three or
four thousand dollars and equipment
was in the majority. They will rent
ac first or homestead, explained Bennett to me, and later buy land. They
are better types, P.ennett explained,
than in other years, good settlers all.
While the majority of these
Nebraska and Iowa people are seelsing
prairie farm lands, both Tilkie and
Bennett said they were having.more
than the' usual ��� number of inquiries
about British' Columbia ranching proposition and fruit farms. . The Prince
j George district and the Okanagan
Valley is the objective point of many
of these prospects, these agents explained.
These two slates have enjoyed too
fine crops in succession and the renters have money 310w to get a start in
Canada. This lias proven a big lac-
tor in the movement, and also this
condition has given .many farmers
t whose hind down here is mortgaged, a
chance to sell out. his-equity and go
lo VLhe Canadian prairies with ten' to
twenty;' thousand, dollars. 7 - It is-;the
experience701' the. Dominion��� agents
.down liere- thay-thc'-movement n'orth--'
w;u;d"-is'.i. stiaijy most'- active in ;tl.o"se
district's that have liar.vested big'crops
the.previpus ye;'ir7 ������ .   .,. :   ..,'���
By    Rea    Proctor     McGee.     AI.D..
D.D.S..  rittsburrrh.  Pa.
-Miller's ; AVonr. 'Powders ' doV not"
j .need-the. afte'r:_i_ip ol" castor "-oil-or any-
purgative to complete their-th'orough-
ness, because they are thorough;- in
themselves.. 'One Vlose of Ihcm," and
they.. wlll-Vbe -lound palatable .by "all
'children, -will end the. worm trouble-by
-making the-, stomach and'-.bowels .'uh-.
tenable to.tlie parasites.'., - And hot
only this,.but.the powders~wiil be cer-f
lain to exert most beneficial influences
in the-digestive organs.        -;   ���-���".' -,
Time lies in wait for every man and
will get him sooner or later it something else doesn't. When time begins
to get a mint the question is, liow well
is he prepared to resist the downward
drag of years? VVe know this drag
is sure, but we all hope to make it
slow. It must be terribly disconcerting for a-man to suddenly have the
skids knocked out I'rom under him and
to miss the pleasure of the long, quiet
twilight bf lire.
Not that any of us are yearning for
that "quiet twilight" business, but it
is the best Ave will have when it
comes, so let's make the most of it.
It is a fact that men and women
past fifty years of age, who have perfect teeth, are remarkably free from
chronic disease. _. Very few people
who are past fifty years and who show
advanced pyorrhea and decay of the
teeth have anything like normal
There are people seventy to ninety
.who have nearly perfect teeth and
their splendid health leads us to believe that there-is a definite connection, in old age, between good teeth
and good health.
Many old people are vigorous .who
have well-fitted artificial teeth, much
healthier in fact than people of the
same age who have advanced pyorrhea, or a number of abscessed roots,
or both, in their mouths.
Good artificial teeth are Tar preferable to diseased natural teetli.
.. Artificial teeth are made from
porcelain. A great deal of careful
study has been put upon the shapes,
colors, types and contours of porcelain teeth.
The "making and-fitting of plates to
the niouth, and the arrangement, of the
teeth, both'from the artistic and from
the  mechanical' aspect,-  litis  been  ro-
duced.7 almost ; to.an exact science'in
America. ... ...  ...   .���  -'.'.-   .,-   ,"  .
. .-If we- keep oii'r macliihery- in good
repair, as we go,', we'will have 110 regrets .when lhe"titne"c"6mesto -reduce
speed- and-jo'g along "quietly to-the end
of -the' road. -        ' -.    -��� :-:-   -"���-���'���'���-'
-School Lands  Sold
Revenue    Amounting    to    $12,254,854.
-Derived From Sales
A total of S.S2-1 quarter sections o^
school  lands   within    the     Dominion
lands pre-emption area were sold to
December 3.1,  1922, according to information given to the House of Commons by   the  lion.  Charles  Stewart.
Revenue amounting to $12,25-1,85.4 waa
derived from these sales and" at the
end of last year the balance remaining
unpaid was ?15,CS7,0.1S.     The number
of quarter, sections purchased and afterwards surrendered to the Government, wtis 1.204.
Corns ��� cripple   -tiie - feet arid' make;
walking'a torture, yet sure relief in
"the' shape of If olio way's -Conrllembv-
er is-within reach.of all:.'-.   ��� -  -   .'-'-"-'
Warning  To  Speeders V '���   ; Arabian ..Nights'.  Story 7;Realized; Y/edding .Anniversaries
"Death    Shaft"-.; to ���.Be    Built.'; Before-';.
"DetroitVCity   Hall."   "7 ;.-'-..; ,-
���' " "A "deal h   sh:i ft'".; i o - be' e'rWi t>d - inV
, front   of.   licfro.j.t'C-ily .Hal..-.Ms--being.
'planned -for- S;ilWy '.Wci-k, ��� .It will "be'.';
\\ liiio.".taperin.T up fj-oji.i, :i-'s<jii;.n: bass,
���a.id on each of its lour.^-sides-will" bo.1'
i.i'ir. nair.K-s  oi'  men, wimm"') 7and-.' i-hll-,
. drcn ;-wUri.hsi.e b.-.-n Mlb-il' . oir.'.'t hi> .
.-triM-ts/'nC r>cin>ii during the,",'y>';;ir'. V
l-lt'J".. -'-..'- At-- n<"ioh   i --. i ��� ��� 11 -ih-iy  dnvini' -J he ..'���
7vei;k;  there   Vvi'll   b��-  a   nr'-i-iiin;   ih.-n:.:'
'Tlie -souiidLii^-'Oi" vr:'ji.--" and   :li>'  prc's-''
i'Im-i' of.rcla't ii'i-s ii1.' 11 aljii- \ irlini- will .
I���-ti11 ���" h -*=_i��i��-t"irn   i!..--jiei'i   nj   ih^   t.iiher-
-.iiig7-."\\'hi<'lY: ii Vi^'M'.'i'-^u.ni'-i!   inn .liave-.
.iM.it.hingVbui'..:i''s-trilcii)g h'i'-Vi ti;!��)jv ihe'-
' jm.bli'.j.:       ��� .     '        -
. . i'JIow -is it -thtil- ivhr-n a 'ni;i:i i.-els iin>'
n'o'.d" of- economy In- Miink.- ii ouuhr 1a
lx'gin wifh.liis wij"��?
Wonders   Accomplished 7 by:: Gasoline;
-.. Likened'. Unto Fairy, Tale. '7"
.'The. . Arabian Xights,,.a-.-;b"ooit of a"
thousand and one-units '"of1 a- vivid
im'a'giiiai ion.-..includes . a ���- story ,,of,;a'
magic; carpiH;"-on Vwliicli 'its', owner
ci/tlid' sh-,';ini| v.-isli-.h.iii.iseiraii'y.jiiace
where.']>is J'aiicy inighi-.dii-PcJ;."y.\nd -he.
Was' fori It with 7 .transported ...tii ;.ilia"t
iila.c.c, - '!".iLile,diil the 'author of-'that,
stoi-y jdri-ai'ti" that il."-would- bci-YJnic, si>
ii'-ji'r- -ii' reali.ly- as, ;'e'vists in ��� modern
itnif's', \Oic'm.n Jf-oiorloKs-liquid <;aii'".be
jibiciMJ'-iij' th'i- tank. - of a- tna<:hin<y
w c.i^hinCr' one or: niore-. -l<��'n.sV..V which
will c.-uisf! ih*-, mai-iriiie-:,'.ind- itM'-'oc'cit-.
pa-ins to ttai el,, faster tliaij li'he, birds
ran fly... This wondeiiur."liquid is
gasoline:  ', 7 ... .'
AVheiif losses froin'1-u.-.J "a.r.c Steadily
ilci-r.'a.-ing.       '���"���'' ' '��� '-'-X ;i 7-7-V.
'TablerShowing-Wheri."and .How; Events
���  -     7.   >,     Are Celebrated... ' , "-
'���'!. .Tlie-Vwediling- anniversaries; usually
.celebrated, are as follows :;At- the- end
'of. the. iir'si Vycaf, the..cotton,- wedviitig;
, of the ' secoitd-Vyear. 7_he" papor - wed.?
: <iiiig:7  of.  tiie.V'liii'd year; th"eJoa*tI.er-
... wedding:., of.the .filth yea i\. llie wood-.
j en "wedding: .of :the .seventh .year, life
i.wo'oleh .wedding:   of-'tlVe' tenUi -year,,
���'tlii- tiii ^wedding:- of ilio'.fw'cfi'lh,.yenr,
..rhe. silk.tind fine liii*;n:.weddin"g; of the:
i jifteentli- year. - the .'crysial.'weiUli.iig: :
of "ihe jwcnfi<'t,lil-.-y.fitr, thf> chiiprwed.-
i!ing'Vol':;thc '_'T'! it -V-fiVi-, lhe .silver wi'd.:-
- (Jiug; pf ;ili" :!,'���) h -yi.:ir, 'ihivpear! \vcd-
>iiiiig;  of The MOth'y<>_i.r. tiie ruby;, of
Vf.h'e iioih yciiiVrhe gohjeii;" and of"ihe
'..Tijilryeaivthe.rtianjo.id wedding: "''  , .,'
.'- '-,_ ,' Britain's.VeaV'qf Thrift V- -
" ii"i "pay ing^iiearly .$3f0,000i"<)(X6="'on"''tlie~
publicuebtViin.' a year the. British Government and. Its subjects performed-'a
feat .of thrift, that cliallenges' attention
in-'a..world gone somewhat flabby-of
late with ���unbalanced, budgets: Jf .we
more .numerous'Americans, witli.rnorc
nattiVal- .resources .in our grasp, .were
to . be , taxed ... as thoroughly find as
economically. gov'erne(i;"'.70ur national deb! -coiild' be'-'.cieared ..away in a
;sii��gle.; gt.ne'r:tlibn.^-New York-'Herald.
;,- - .-������ Mutual-Rejoicings. . -'7
'-.���A;, young", lady, ;at, a.- crd\vded; sea-
iside resort;, was-expisiining to.-a. cir-
.clii-of "admirer.s: Wes,-' it ��� -was .dear
iiiumina's /'birthiiay -yesterday. -.' .1
gave .her' 'it' ciimsorv -piirasol'.'- .with,
.-broad -':. white-; slt;ip'es. 'She - is. ,'sd
ipb'iiscdV'' .\nd,so ..���im'l. Mammais
pleased (6 'have,a new piirasol, and';!
am'ph-as^d bci-aiise now!i-oan see her
coining- a-' long  wav off."        '"'.���'���'.-..,'   "'
Fortunes Made From Fears
makes a crowning sauce.',
for Blaiic^Mange ;aivd.7.
Bakeci App 1 e,s ancl.,
Puddings. v W-v   - xx 'x---;'.,
It is "a.-pure and",
.wholesome sweet -.
.��� whether, used;-,
for t ab 1 e'.-s y r'ii p ,7;
7 sauce;'o r,. candy- y.
���'���Tnakiho.-';-'-..-.���;."���-. .'���������
-.-���'- 5<ie that you get "'Croiyn'BrcinJyX)yx
������-THE   (VS'AD.V'STARCH   CoV.. Li *f IT T.6'X 'Xy
Fixed F.or'-Lifb . . i
f A wise ;man was siiying ...good';
��� words, about co-education; iind- sug-:,
i'f,'��':-;ted that a Voting couple might;
ViisV'well ��� become engaged during col-;
:| irgi'i.days,-. .When asked why, he re--.
���'. {ili^ilr.'.'.V.Tli.cnV/ror'inHliinr-e, jf i lie girl.1
' .*pf-Y-i;iily.*-.<'.;0.n. ,niatl.H*m:itics. l-he boy
; ran t;ik>" <-iipki.ti.^.::tc.t.s<i:t7''r-;I.f)uis-.
ville roi:!--iT-.lo��Pti:ii,;.!----'?.. ���;'.'_XXiX^y  '~-
. -.-'- -.--', ''. To "Protect Forests   ... -
���'���   In" order 'to.'.protect   forests,;every,,
jiersph,.entering.. Xew. Krnriswick  forr !
ests 'jiiilstv.register7,\vifh,'the pi;ovih;.|
I'cial -autlKyitivs; ^-.Tln.-i; action 7is"<ie-'
tjVifed by .th^X'Ov.ernmeni to prevent'"a
j repetition of the.immense^.i'Qrest fire,
ilamage.' suffered.-last", yea i;,. vje-sul ting
from7carelessness -of .;iho^e'.. entering
the fove-'htsX ������'-"'������ - y.'X'-y-y "-'j-"'''. -,;.--. -'-���.���'*���-���-
- Minard's.Liniment for.7 Distemper .'X'-
'-. X- 7v';'%iv-2iV"U;-a-iTl'-,.,7"-'V^'
Head CovereB With''Efup-'
Jions. flair'All Fell Out,
, Got Little Sleep.
"���When baby was a wesk.old.a
.fine'' rash broke out.on.his forehead.
and scalpj'wrijch; later-jormed."sniail
blisters;;.:.The. blisters' soon spread
arid'when he was :three'months old
his head was.covered with sore-eruptions.- He cried and rubbed his bead
and his hair ail fell out.   Hc got but
7 very little sleep. ;,    '��� 7
;' "A'-friend recommended. Cuticura
Soap;and Ointment.- After, using
he got relief and iri two months,he
���'.was healed/' (Signed) Mrs. Allan R.
-Caldwell,'-R.-F, D. 2,'"Auburn, Mc.,'
;jan.;.12t-1922VV7';-v-77 xx .xyxyy.
;���' Daily: wse of Cuticura Soap, Oint-.
"��ieht-,and '^Talcum-helps., to' prevent
sHn troubles.'--.'''-_;'.','.'"'. "���-..'.'y,.,   -.'-
���Ss,mj!jS:��SiFM��SyJlt��5i -\WrnKai.iaaxt.Uaf.
���iu*, nt ���b-ruast..yr:.i(MtrMi." iMcm.-
."yrliT*.  S^/APiT^-,-Ojntnttfnt 'ja��B��Jall-.Talcuai liitf.-
' _ksK^ -.'Cuticurai _jo��p sIikvc�� w-ithcrat nittr.
Some Interesting- Facts..: Regarding
������_ Great .English. Insurance  Brokers-:
Lloyd's, - the ��� great -English association tf-.shipowners _and.marine-ih'siir-.'
"thirty-Ave "years old, says-a London
paper. It-;h'a's outlived'fifty government's. - It-.has bought ."risks for ten
generations, aiid lias-ne'v.er onco de-
faulted'in the .payment of a lossV -The
doors "of its.ofllces-are never closed.,-V
Lloyd's has "a reserve fund.ot;,?25,-
OOOiOOO/and.ita yearly income is about
?10p,0O6',OOO7 all of "which is." made by
taking risks." 'Lloyd's make millions
of dollars every year out of.the, fears
of business men.-" ���'' ;'[-'y."- -   .'-.
; .No"' matter',-yhat a .business.man
fears,,if he goes'to ^Lloyd's1 they- will
bet -hlmV'lt "SviH npt.iiafipen, "and.it, is
a.hundred chalices'"to, one .it will not
happen..'.,.' ..-",-/.   '.'."'- .'".  -,
The" merchants who 'flrst-iuet together in the- seventeenth; century -in: tiie
"coffee-house' of ���'VlOdward - Llpyd, froni
, which' the-name.o.f IVloyd'sis 'derived*
recognised, the" fact-that out" of every
hundred' fears ,tliere .is usually, only"
"one,real -'danger: - ��� -V- 7 ��� - --���'- ';. --'''- ' -'.
' -Tlie ���.knowledge'- of- this fact of human nature an'd.ils "jiractical applica?
tion;7-h"a"s" made 'huge", Tortiines.'fqr
Lloyd's.       - 7- >".. ' -',. "    '.-    7 -'   ������-���'
--.    -'Extension bf French Studies . ;.
As a; result of. a: meeting;of-the
Committee-on; the Extension'of.French
Studies,;the Board; of-'.Governors- of
McGill University will- be urged "t'o*establish' a" 'aiiiisqn.'irrancaise.'in '.iloni"
treal as headquarters of a school, of
French.-. ...It is- said the . committeo
y.-ould like "to.obtain a building capable
of'housing .sixty students or an even
larger number." .    ' ' 7    "'.-'- '"    , '
Westem'Grain Elevators
Hecent oilicial records show that tha
three thousand seven hundred licensed
grain elevators in the provinces of
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
have a total storage capacity of over
1.00,000,000 bushels. Work has been
commenced on the ne-\v elevator at
the Ballantyne Pier, Vancouver, which
-will cost approximately $2,000,000 to
complete. The new elevator will
have a storage capacity of 1,500,000
Do not auffat
another day vita
Itoliine, Bleeding, or Protrufl-
IS       B ������H^__F, sureleal oper.
a ti on required.
Dr. Chasa'8 Ointment wilt relievo you at ono*
ami afford lasting benefit. 60c. a box; all
dealers, or Kdiiianfcoii, Bates * Co.,'Limited,
Xoronto. Sample l'.ox free it you mention tUU
paper and enclose 2c. stamp to pay postage.-
liny your out of town supplies with Dominion Express Money Orders. l-'ire dollars costs three cents. \
In  Every  Community
sell    our    Tailored-lb-measure
Sten's All-wool Suits'.
Good Commission.
Samples ami Slyle-ljook on Iteriucst
Kxperienrn I Tmiuecssn ry.
Honley Mills Tailoring Company,
366  Bay St. - - Toronto.
-The Cutter Laboratory;.
liThl J.ai,r.t*ry ihat Kn.vsi lf.%u"
Berkeley .      (U..S. License) -   -���   California
Uses "Cutter V
Serums ��nd Viccine. he!��
doina his best to conserve youf
interests. 23/e>rt
concentration oa
one \hc count fuf
saznc-Lhiii,, .
After Every Meal
���-'    ��� Shipping Sodium.Sufphate-7-
It lis  announced  by  T.  _\f. ..Molloy,
Commissioner of Labor    and    Indus-
].tries, that sodium sulphate plants in
Saskatchewan which  were completed
3n71!)22,, sUipped.'.oujV564 tons,' valued
!��� at;$8,460."/-���' TJtese'.plants have a-com-'
.-IVbined capacity ot 100 tons a day, and
-.i; expect Vto operate to capacity during
'.1923.   "���'   '
.-Too Particular.      -.     -
..-Mrs. Backpay.���''Good .morning, sir,
will you-iake a-chair?" -7V. :���������_.���-
������"Installment Collector.���"No, thank
you, ma'am.. VVril.takeithe piano In-.
>tead.:.'--7v-.'.: Xx-Xx"XX^ -���'���    V'-"'--'
.,.- 30,0.00 Russians' In Lo"ndor.7..V
'.In all- London, tliere are .less than
30,000; Russians'-.at the-present-time,
and-they .Torm",the--largest-alien colony
in the. city. '; .This" is an "increase of
nearly: ,5,000 .oyer the iigures for-lBlL"
London'cbuntsVtod'ay ,27,000 Poles.-IT,-
000'Frenchmen and- 5,750 Germans.
Th'e.:American;COlony is under 1,000.'.V
- If- you .are 'amused by "tongue-
twister's," .try- this,...Tecbmiiiended, by
the. Chicago /Tribune: "See. shy slow
Sue show, sly Sioux -snowsh'oes."   '���-���,.
In -ivor-k or
play, it gives
tlie poise and
steadiness that
mean success..
It belps digestion,
allays thirst, keeping the mouth cool
and moist, the throat,
masc 1 e_s _.r_e taxed
and pliant.and. the
nerves at ease.
.UNLESS..ydu see the name.'fBayer';. oh .'tablets,;' yoxi
X'X.x:Xy 7;v.:are riot getting- Aspirin at all  . ���" " - ' :       .
V 7- ' '.V'V- V '���!.r,'Aflreemerit"---.'-V-,^,V--';],'':.';.i--
.-"SheV^-So , your--" story---.was.- returned
It' 5s/too .ba'dI ���' .��� \,[ "X��'������'��� 7 ; V-.'',; ,':"''
:"' Tleljrry'es, iy��� that's"   what. the. editor
said- about it���Boston Transcrin'.'';-:-."-
ftccept. only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets-of
ftspirin,"- which contains directions and dose worked out by
;|jiiysicians.during 22 years and proved safe by millions'for
Colds 7 v
.Earache, V-
v Lumbago
.7 Pain, Pain ��� v
VJHandr-'^Baver*;.'boxes'''of "12 tablets���Also bottles of 2-4 and' 100���DniggiilsV
#1 LEDGE;     GREENWOOD.     B.     C.
rlouse libit! Hints
Valuable'.'Recifies;   For    tlio    Busy
Liberty Raisin  Bread
1 cup buttermilk-or sour milk, 1 egg.
1 cut) wholewheat flour, 1 cup corn
1 louspoon salt, Vi cup sugar.    ���
\i> teaspoon baking powder.
1    cup    Sim-Maid  seedless"' raisins
TMix and;.sift dry ingredients. Add
well-beaten egg, buttermilk, and shortening. VBlend .well. Add raisins.
Ileal vigorously. Hake in a shallow
pan I'or UO- ininiil.es.
To JHIelp, Friiit Growers
Modern  Packing  Plant to be Located
In the Okanagan
I    Cold  storage,   canning,  as  well  as
' _      modern packing plants i'or fresh fruits,
Reed Declares Gases Were So Bad HeW111 do much lo further fruit growing
,���,,,___. in the Okanagan, according to leaders
Nearly Choked At Times '
Bran Muffins
1 cti|> flour, 1 tablespoon sliortenhig
1 teaspoon salt.
.1 teaspoon soda, Vs to 2 cups sour
milk. -      ���
"Tho best I can say is not half good
enough I'or Tanlac," states Frederick
K Heed, 2S(i Koxborough Ave., Hamilton, Ont., -well known business man.
"Last   ���winter  grippe, and   tonsilitis
confined  me  to  my home  for -weeks
land left me so thin nnd frail it looked
! like I could never get back lo my busi-
! ness againy-"i would choke up -with
! gas until I had lo fight I'or breath, was
so nauseated I could scarcely retain a
tiling, and pains in my stomach and
sides would double me up.      I  could
1 scarcely sleep a wink, and my hands
j were so trembly  t  couldn't  even ar-
I range my lie. N
i     '"However,    the    Tanlac    t rea I ment
��� suited  my case  so  well ii ended my
j in the fruit industry .there who have
got together and formed a $1,000,000
company to start such operations. Incorporation was granted to the company recently under the temporary
name.,of Co-operative Growers' Packing Houses,.Ltd., with headquarters at
Vernon, it is understood Unit all the
slock is to be held by the growers
themselves on a cooperative basis.
2 cups clean bran. "���.; cup Sun-Maid
seeded raisins and chopped nuts.
V�� to \!j. cup sweetening.
Silt together the flour, salt and soda
and niLx wiih this the bran. Add together the sweetening, melted' shortening and part of fjie mill;; then mix
with the dry material. .Add the raisins and nuts dusted with flour, and j
enough milk lo form a batter of such j
consistency that il will drop but not
pour from a spoon. Hake in greased
mullin pans liboul one-half hour.
i troubles,   increased   my   weight,   and
fixed nie up to where I fell, us fine as
1 ever did. 1 IVel right all the time
now, and haven't missed a day lrom
my business since 1 finished the treatment.      Tanlac has no equal."
Tanlac is for sale by all good druggists���lake no .substitute. Over 37-
millicn bottles sold.
Canada's National Parks
Cat this book! Yon cannot nfford to
Im -without it. It costs you nothing! If
you own Lowes, it can shyo you iuudredi
of dollars.
. Tb\lx>ol: ��� "A treatise on tho horso"���li
yours for the asking, a t your druggist's.
U'he horse and all about hiin���his disease!
���how to rftuoKiiise them���what to do about
them���with chapters on breeding,���ilioei
and ehoeiiiff, fiwdlug���and many tried *nd
jiroren horsemen's remedlei,
, Ant your druggist for a copy of "a Trtatli*
cu tho Iiorae" or ���write us diroct���        12
Eno.burg Falls, Vt. U.S.A.
The Latest Tank
Nerve   Trouble   Due   to   a   Watery
Condition  of. the  Blood
.Fierce  darting  pains.      Pains  like
red hot needles being driven.tlvroiign
tlie Hesh���in the thigh, p.erhapr. down
the  leg to  the  ankle���that's sciatica,
japan lias proposed partial renewal   NpUe  buL  ,lle vict.jm  Ciln realize the
of relations with Russia.' - torture of. this trouble.     But the sut'-
About R300.000 is to be .pent on SSS ^ 1^^^ 11
the construction ol' roads and bridges nerves are being starved ���by poor/!
in British Columbia this year. watery blood, and when the blood is
Prince Bamurkoff of ilussia, relative   enriched the pains of sciatica-wiil dls-
'������-,. ,., ...   ,     ...     appear.      As a blood   emieher   and
of the lormer Czar, committed* suicide   pni.lflDr no 0|.her medicine, can equal
in a Munich hotel. - Dr. Williams' Pink'Pills.' Vi'liey bring
Sir   Matthew   Nathan, Governor of   lo "��>e Wood Just the elements'neces-
"       .      .     ,    . ,     ',,���"���- i     sary.to restore it to normal richness
Queensland, in. a speech al Ipswich, ilU(l, ret]ness., That is why so many-
referred lo the need of white iinmi- sufferers from sciatica, and othet
gration, as there was real danger of forms of nerve trouble, have found re-
the Japanese iuhiping into 'Australia:' Uef-through taking these pills.:    Mr.
���IX M. Anderson, Beachburg, Ont.. tells
Five staff oilicers of the lied Army   what -Dr.  Williams' Pink  Pills  have
were-executed recently tor spying in   done    for'   him   as    follows:���"Some
'behalf of a foreign power, according   yours ago I was badly afflicted'Avith
to a despatch from'Helsingrorsfiuot-   fallen..-     I (could hardly, walk  and
** . ���   ��� ���    ��� . - ��� . sultered-great pain when I did so.     I
ing Petrograd^adrices,     ��� went to a doctor, but his medicine did
GeneralMaxinie YVevgand, assistant   not seem to do me any good.     A man
'to General Foch, and former mciubcrN1" Wi�� working with me told me he
,,.   , I had once been like that and that Dr.
of the mter-allied siuwme;war.coun-jAvau.ulls,  pinfc J)jnf. lmd niBdchim
cil, has been appointed- Fre-nch High j -.u right. I began to take them, con-
Commissioner in Syria in tlie place of; tinning to work, and the trouble dis-
7Genend''H. J..-E. Gouraud, resigned. ! appeared, and L did not lose u day nl-
=.;���.-... ";��� ^ ,.-..       -   i though-sometimes t suffered terribly.
-'   i'he lluhr  mine  owners,  iu  agree-j Later I had another attack, and again
ment wiih the workmen, havc-decided i lho Pills came t'p.'my relief.   " Now 1
I lake three boxes of Dr. Williams Pmk
Pills every spring and fall, and I have
had no'attack of the.trouble since that
British Government! Has Given Orders
For Twenty Tanks of Recent
"        . Design
Most of iis will remember the tremendous sensation. thatcwas caused
when the . deadly military engine,
known as the "tank," was first introduced under service conditions. As
is natural with a novel appliance, of
this kind,-the first produtcions "were
rather crude; but their success was
so manifest that expert attention has
| been constantly devoted" to their improvement. So much success has
attended this effort that the British
Government has given an order for
twenty tanks of the latest type. The
new-machines will attain a speed of
twenty-five miles per hour Avithout
overstrain, as.against eight miles per
hour with the old tanks; and whereas
the first tanks were* done after about
150 miles the new ones will have an
endurance of about 1,000 miles. Each
tank-has a length of 35 feet and is
provided with 'an ��� armored turret.
Special attention lias been given to
the design in order lo enable the lank
to be tised not only in the regular way
for attack, but as a tractor for hauling
heavy guns into position.
io close all coke ovens except those
delivering their .products direct- to
German commerce.     This will reduce
. the. coke jn'oduclion-to less than one-.
. fifth normal.;.   *���'-���'     ...,���.'���'[ -'������
',' The'." French. ' Government, did 'not'
'charge -rent, for- trenches in -.France
7. uscd by British troops :in the wai% so
..Walter ,K. Guinness,- War Ollice :Un-.
licr-Secre.lary, st.ated..in-the House of
. .Commons..in'answer lo a question on
.the'mailer.-        ,��� './ .    . '-,'
. V. Seven.. - secret". -wireless code'-books
-lia'.v.e mysteriously -disappeared'"from-
- the .'British- War'- Oliice..-- Vv flying
squadron - of 'secret- .service men .have
been sen I.into tlie --foreign districts "in'
..an effort- lo ���apprehend'"the -thieves.
."Meantime, .'in entirely new ofliciul'codc
. .is.b.eing drawn,upv .."   ...     .    V   .-'"
time." - - '
Ton.can get these pills through any
medicine dealer or by mail, at 50 cents
n-box-from The. Dr. Williams''IMedi-
cine. Co./Brockville, OntV. '���'-
Golf. Clubs  In v Canada
".".'.'[".. ii."".'"--Karakul" Sheep V 77 V-
.-The' Karakul sheep'riinch a I. Ddlla.rd.'-
Sask., repo/ts thai both llie .Sure-bred
���Karakuls;and gardes'- -have", -wintered
exceptionally"";well and -have "proved
hardier than the-range, sheep. -None
.of the.-black sheep died, while three
of the-range'sheep, receiving'the same
feed and- shelter died last winter. - - -7
Wonderful; Vogue   of. This -Game ;in
""';   .   _../. '7-Re'cent'Years..-  "���;..;
'rfiere.are .'now -in Canada "02 7gplf
clubs, "made- up: as - follows  by ��� prov'-'
i nces: - Alberta,. f>:>; ""British Columbia,'
25"; "Manitoba,- 26..-Kew'7Brunswick, S;.
I iNoviV'Scotia, ll;" Ontario, .101; Prince
['Kdward island;'!;; Quebec, "37; 'Saskatchewan',. SO; "'��� -This-total ]compares
with '2.1 S-in 1922,-.or an.increase o[ 7,-i
clubs'-, since .last year. 7 In.lDlG only
76'cliibs.Ayere.recor'dedj so-the; wonderful -vogue^of Vthe--game1 "qf-recent
years, can-be..readily recognized.     In
1 fliis,. total -of 202. '.there .are -SI. 71.8-hole
courses,. 2.1.1 "9-.hole courses.   ." A:few
years ago;-there-were not-a score of
IS-holc courses in the whole';>_"' Can-
adaV  ,  lT-Avill-. be -noticed liiat;Ontario |
still  retains its-golfing pre-eminence
with' oyer, one -h'undre.d. clubs . to:' the
credit of; the province; -' .       'V'-'7
Attracted to   Dominion About Twenty
Million Dollars in Tourist
Canada's nalional parks may constitute tlie-Dominion's gel-rich-quick
scheme if properly appreciated and
maintained, according lo ,T. B.-liarkin,
Dominion Parks Commissioner. During 71022/ lhe nalional parks attracted
lo the Dominion, about twenty million
dollars in tourist traflie, etc., aud as!
the Dominion only spent about one
million dollars in maintaining the
parks it represented a return at the
rate of aboul 2,000 per cent, on the
English  Amusement  Hard  Hit
For Aches, Pains
The Safe Home Remedy
AVhen sudden sickness comes, when the
kiddies .coino in with colds, Uielr little
chests and throats so 10 from coughing,
quick * results .-ilwuys follow a, vigorous
rubbing with good old 'Nerviline. if it's
Crumps'. Coiic, Diarrhoea, Nervilino is u
wonderful friend; it. brings ease and comfort so quickly. For young and old, to
overcome the minor ills that constantly
arise ih tho honie, nothing- compares with
".Nervilirie."���35 cents at all dealers.
Beautify Grounds With
Shrubs From France
Irrigation  Farming
May'Hold Winter Course in' Irrigation
Farming at Lethbridge
Plans are under consideration for
the holding of a winter course in irrigation farming at the Dominion Experimental Farm at Lethbridge, under.'tlie joint, auspices of the.Provincial .and Federal Governments. 7 This
work has been."carried on.by the Provincial .Agricultural. Schools^.���during
.the pasi couple -of -years, "but in" view
of the .fact that" some."of- the agricultural schools -will be .clostd-this com-
irig.win ter and. the need of 'instruction
in irrigation farming, the-hew course
is being planned. -.... ��� '' .'--
Plants and Trees Imported for Saskatchewan Government Buildings1
A shipment of approximately' 9,000
shrubs and nursery stock has been
received front) France by George
"Watt, Provincial Landscape Gardener,
for beautifying the grounds, surrounding the Parliament Buildings,
Regina, and other * public buildings
throughout the province.
7. Evergreens, tamaracs, Scotch pines,
alders, birch, buslfhoneysucklc, buckthorns, ltussian olives, several varieties of spiroeas and lilac, high bush
cranberries, dogwood shrubs and
Japanese roses, are included in the
All the. plants .received "will ' be
planted in the provincial nursery behind the Parliament Buildings where
.ihey; will remain - for a couple of
years before : being-sent out to/the
various government biiildings-in the
province'., -   .. .;    y "'-., V -' ������
Priests-In Jail   .
. .From a.'reliable Soviet source; it is,
reported-thaUlhe Soviet prisons . in
Russia-contain more than.2,000 orthodox pi'iests: -and' :bishops, as 'well "as
3;000 priests, of"oilier- confessions and
.laymen in'prison;for religious reasons.1
- -Tliere.-are. more-than- 6<>;000- lighthouses erected- on. the most danger-
ous'poinis'on the world's coast.
Birds  have  a   body  i'enipefaflire of:
Ins, while Hial'of-a liuni'an" is-.ohly its;
.-��� ..'��������� . Postman's Record .""���".
': George AVithers,"- Postman at-Farii-
hairi',- .Eng.,= has" bceii. on; the "job .daily
since 1877 and'lias iiever b.ee'n" late for
duty;-..11 is.estimated he has.wallce'd
'210,000 iniles. " - -\   . -' V- . - - .;' .".-
Co-operative Egg Marketing
*���      - -      - ���   '
Saskatchewan   Ntbw   Exporting. Large
.'���    7 VQuantities of Eggs ';������;:-
"   The. first .scheme '-for ��� the i:o-opera- V
five marketing of eggs't.i'-.-b'e put-into '
effect .in" this!, province;'has "beeir got J
"uii'der. -way,'liy the Saskatchewan (,'o~!
.operative.   "Creanieries,    Liiiiiled.'   ���A";
few. years, ago Vi his .pr'o'v'inee- .wi.-s  ���;)
'.heavy . iinporlei-. (if  eggs., lo * ineof .its j
! d("nhf-sU"��r- -rerniireiiienls.. -."J'.oday;; ."its .
.' lhe' iosiilt  of' "aclive '.(���.���iii'iiiiilsns'-'aiii-.
.1.ducted '��� by. the. -.Provincial .ami' Federal .
-; Governments, Saskaichewah-Js- one uP
: 1 lie,leading egg'expor!ing;provinces.of"'
i.the Dominion'.-and iiiarkel-s have .beeii!
j established.in Eastern Canada "and-ihc-j
,'1'nitcd Stales:    -. ��� - . -i
- Ih7lh<�� United States about 7,560,000
acres are burned o'verveachyear-by
forest'lires:"���' X-  '   -.--  "! 7'-"'-'-'7.~
. Demosthenes, -the- foremost orator
of liis.l()'ry,-. was born in Athens aboul
July in  the"--year7!S"..B.G. -.    -V
Prefer    Moving    Pictures
Waxwork Show
One of the amusements in England
which has been hardest hit by the conquering "movie" Is tlie waxwork show.
Only a couple of weeks ago the second
1 largest waxwork exhibition in tho
country, Reynold's in Liverpool���
which was second only to ,the famous
Madame Tassaud's in London���was
sold by auction, a Her having filled
for 80 years a place among the entertainments of that city,7 and the films
were blamed for the condition that
brought this about. Reynolds' was
sold lock, slock and barrel, even the
.Chamber of Horrors being knocked
down under the hammer to the highest bidder.
The wax figures in Reynolds' were
aftnost given away at the sale, so
little demand was there for them.
The efiigy of the ex-Kaiser, in' uniform, went for ��2, wliich probably
was a high enough price, considering
the present status of the once Imperial Caesar and the small interest
taken in wax figures of any sort.
The characters in the Chamber of
Horrors went for a song. There was
little hope of active bidding.on the
stiff, immobile murderers when sixpence would procure admission to a
show any evening that features live
assassins doing their slaughtering
with startling reality on the screen.
AnOil.that Is Prized Everywhere.���
Dr.--.Thomas'' Eclectric.'Oil::was put
npoti the market' without, any "-flourish
over fifty .years ago!" It "was "put up
to meet, the -wants-of a small'section,
but as soon as its merits became known
it had" a whole continent- for a. field,'
A Real Asthma Relief. Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has never
been advertised by extravagant statements. Its claims are conservative
indeed, when judged by the benefits
which it performs. Expect real relief
and permanent benefits when you buy
this remedy and you will not have
cause for disappointment.. It gives
permanent relief in niany cases where
other so called remedies have utterly
Coal In Belgian Congo       .
Estimated Deposits Contain Over One
Billion Tons .-
A"valuable find for the future of the
Belgian Congo is. the discovery "of
large deposits of. coal, one on Lake
Tanganyika, and the other on- the
Luena: The Tanganyika'deposit- contains, five veins, varying -from two
feet six Inches' to five feet ."six inches
in-thickness,'.with an aggregate thickness -of iC;feef; ' Tt;3s..estimated that
these deposits contain over one billion tons'!-."of..coal.-"-:. The.-Lueha deposit .has a jlotal thickness o��- about
and-, it- is   now   known-  and   prized |-2!'feet, covers 500 acres,-and -includes
throughout-this continent.     There'is ' '
nothing equal-to-it. .-
-WbrldU deepest  WeU ')":
Germany Holds Record With One .7,350
,...-.''.-."-' Feet. Below Surface .' ���;_'-"
'/The-deepest' well/in .the %yorId is in
Upper" Silesia,' iU;l1.h!ei.Gerinan7Empii!e,
according,.,to..a":-London. Daily - Mail
statement.". "it-Js a diamond-drill hole
in a coalfield, and is 7,350 feet deep. -
' A well iri-the.'tTnited States ���which
may ;'go- deeper,"" according-to -, the
United ,��� Geological.".purvey,Vis", four
miles,-northwest -of -'McDonald, .Pa.,
and -about fifteen,'miles west "of
Pittsburgh.' -;This,well, whiclv.is being sunk "to ��� the Medina, sandstone���
a 'bed --that ...elsewhere1.' contains'oil
and gas���is."now-7,174-feet deep. !
Soiuo'-gas "and"oil were struck inVh'e
upper part of'theVvelL .' Between the.
depths' of 6.S30 .and 7 7,100 -feet
rocks bearing rocK salt and salt
water' were encountered." . These are
regarded as" of Salina .'ige,"t.lie same
as those" carry ing, rock'.. Mrilt in.W'sst-
���p'ra'Xett""Vork.. ,. " ''--'.-":-��� - :
'..The lempe.raiure. in -thisV'well "at the
about. 16,000,000 tons! of; coal..
Minard's " . Liniment,
:--    ..;Frfe.id7-' '
V    Increase In Immigration
Boats Coming to .Dominion.;From. Old
WV Country. Loaded'tojCapacity..-..-... .
���' Statistics received", by the Depart-
tiient'-of immigration and Colonization
show that there, was .'an increase of'51
per cent, in immigration to "Canada in
the. month of,.February, as compared
with- February a year ago.'.. , ;Marcli
showed air increase.-of'22-per cent',
arid it Is believed that.April-will, also
show a large increase. ..'Boats from
Great-Britain.for. Canada sailing dur-
Irig-ithe next few weeks will be loaded
to. their capacity with new'settlers .for
the -Dominion." '..There-Is also a-"considerable .increase in the' immigration
from the United States.     --    - . V 7.
Air Strengths
Alleged  Inferiority of Great Britain's
Air Strength Compared to Other
What was the situation? The
strength in the air of Great Britain
and France had been said by the
Secretary of State for Air to be as
follows: Great Britain had 371 service
machines, France 1,260. In 1925 if
the present programmes were maintained, the figures would be : Great
Britain 575, France 2,180. The number'of squadrons was: Great Britain
34, France about S4. Taking the disposition of forces, there were for home
defence in Great Britain five squadrons, of which four were bombing
squadrons and only one was a fighting squadron, in France there were
available for home defence 61 squadrons, of which 32 were fighting and
32 bombing squadrons. Distributed
elsewhere we had 29 squadrons and
France about 20. Our 29 squadrons
were distributed as follows: Fgypt
and the Near Fast, IS; India, 0; allocated to the Navy, 4; allocated to
the Army, G. We built in this country in J 920, 200 airplanes for civil and
military purposes. France built
3,300���3,000 for military and 300 for
civil purposes. That was a most
alarming state of affairs. It had never occurred to him that a nation which
owed us immense sums of money
would find it possible to construct
these enormous armaments at a moment Avhen there was not the slightest encouragement to suppose that one
penny of this money could be paid
over at present, or in the near future,
or would be paid.
Just as in the past they could not
claim security for the people of this
country unless our fleet was adequate, so ' today they would be entirely lacking in their duty to the
country unless they were able to-afford Ihera the guarantee of a sufficient Air Force to defend them from
attack. There was no case here for
offence on the part of any other
power. It had been said that there
were great German air preparations
going on at this moment. He was
informed by oilicers who had recently
had an intimate knowledge of Germany that these statements we're
most grossly exaggerated, and that
there was no German ���air- menace
during the next two years at any rate,
nor could 'there be any air menace
from Germany combined with Russia.
If that was true, tlie situation became
even more alarming. He did 'not
suggest that any change could be
made this year, but that the Government ought to do something considerably more than they wero doing "at
present he was quite satisfied. This
country could no more be content during the next three, four or five years
wiih a position of inferiority in the
air than it would have been content
with naval inferiority prior to 1914.
Nothing less than n one-power standard was safe, and It was in terms of
safety alone that Governments and
Empires ^existed. Oa what possible
basis could it bo said lhat we should
be content with less than a one-power
standard In the air? While he would
make any sacrifice to maintain
French friendship, which was necessary- to ' the civilization of Europe
and tho reconstruction' of the world,
lie did not believe that it would be
found possible for any Government
in. this country to accept any standard
In the air lower than one which was at
least equal to tliat of any foreign power.-���The Earl" of Birkenhead in the
House of Lords.
Travelling In the Arctic
Under Good Conditions 45 Miles Daily
Is Not Unusual
A well-known Japanese explorer,
trader and prospector, J. Wada, of
New York and^Edmonton, was in Ottawa recently. He has- spent the
last 22 years in Alaska, Yukon and
the Northwest Territories.
Mr. Wada stated that conditions
of travel in the Arctic were such lhat
some days it was possible to cover
only one mile, but under ideal circumstances it was not unusual to travel
45 miles. He gave an outline of conditions in the north. In his opinion
the oil fields have untold possibilities
and as soon as further development is
carried on he predicts a stampede.
Fur is still the leading industry and
when this, great activity is supplemented by mining, the territories will
assume even greater importance than
they now command. Mr. Wada anticipates returning to the Arctic in a
short lime. ' .
Surprised How Quickly
He Got Relief
First Collectoiv-Say, this' "pile" of
bills Is short.tcn.ilol.ars.Vaml you-and
i are the only ones 'who. have been
noar.il. !
. Second     Collector.���Let's' both  pul
;:doi.l-h of ,T.7;3'fMl. as;i-evwitlydeter: ji,,1, five-dollars and sayjipihing more
Ontario   man   who   Suffered   for   Six
Years found  Relief   and   gives   tho
Credit to Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Dean   Lake,    Ont.���(Special).���Mr.
Frank Ploude, a well-known resident
here, Is always'ready, to recommend
Dodd's Kidney Pills to all who suffer
from kidney, trouble.
"I have . suffered with my Kidneys
for the last six years," Mi-. Ploud*
states. "The pains at times were so
intense, I was unable to work. I saw
your advertisement in the newspaper
a year ago, and decided to give your
medicine a trial. All my pains have
now gone and backaches are a thing
of the past. If any poor sufferers are
troubled with kidney disease I would
implore them to take Dodd's Kidney
Pills. They would be surprised .how
quickly they would get relief."
Dodd's Kidney Pills have become a
family remedy all over the Province
of Ontario, because people have tried
them and found them good.
They are. purely and simply a kidney remedy. They help Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Diabetes, Lame Back, Heart
Disease and Urinary Troubles, because all of these are either Kidney
Diseases, or are caused by the Kidneys failing to do their work.
��� t;   HOW'S THIS?
what, we claim for it���lid your system ot
Oatarrh or Deatness caused by "catarrh.
,\V.e Uo not lecommend-it for any other
liquid,- taken internally, and acts through
the blood upon the mucous surfaces of
-the.system, thus reducing the inflammation' and assisting Natuie m reatorinc
normal condition*.
'- AH DrnfjEists. Circulars free.
' V,. 3. Cheney & Co.. Toledo,,Ohio.
Like other trees, there is usually
something shady about the family
���--Satan may build a hedge about us,
and': fence us in, and hinder our move-
-m'c'nts, but he cannot roof us in, and
prevent our looking up.
Minard's    Liniment
..VV '������ Pains
for    Aches    and
Girl Guide Movement
���-yy.-.���-������y���r~x-     Xyy~   'j'.iiind. wit lt~g real, accuracy; is .1 _ii.S.,de_-
TelisWomenHowShe Was Restored V^es V>:iiiivn]u\ii.;:    7 V .77
Do. You Need.Help?   Tliis Advice
is'-Well Worth.flea'diiuT
.- Kir-liton. Ont.���-I have found Doctor
Pierce's Anuric Tablets to be an excellent
lucdicinr. I have been troubled with
iiifUiiuiiialiori iu the iieck of my bladder
for about eight years. I doctored but
failed to get cured, so I decided to try
Doctor Pierce's Anuric ( a'nti-uric-acid".
Tablets and they have relieved me greatly.
<!I also can recommend Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, for expectant
mothers. I have a fine, big baby boy.
-My nurse HsKed me what"! ate to tu'ake
him so strong-. He looted like a child
Tour ot .five months old when only three.
I certainly would sul'vfce; every prospective mother to us
Fine Scotch.Settlers 1
Three ��� hundred"' Scotch'.set liars' from '
South -L'istand ltarra, -in thc Outeri
Hebrides, arrived at: St. John, >T.T>7;
recently. .They, went-to settle in tlir. j"
Red.- IH'e.r district, Alberia, some to!
take up land for" themselves, others 101
work on farms.--' The iiarty.was made"
up of crofters with their- famDie.'-1.:
Thirty of ihe men saw service in th
to Perfect Health by Lydia E.
���7 Pinkham's,Vegetable Compound 7
...Winnipeg, Man.'���" I cannot��� speak
too highly, of what Lydia E. -Pinkham's
Vegetable-Compound has done-.for
me. ,1 was.a nervous
wreck.and. I just had
to-fpree.myself to do
my -work. Even tho
eoundpf my own children playing made
me feel.as if .1 must
scream if they, did
VA Sermon. R'ere-
about- it, - ���Mii/liigan- (J'argoy.e.
(Members   Enrolled    Last    Year    4,807
0        "Swiss Farm Help
Will Place Swiss immigrants With
Canadian Farmers
The Swiss Association for Colonization, through its delegate Fritz Beck,
announces at Montreal that it has entered into a close working understanding with the Canadian,_sTational Railways for the placing of Swiss immigrants with Canadian farmers, thla
being done under joint supervision of
the Dominion Government and the association.' Canadian farmers desirous of receiving Swiss farm help under the auspices of the association
are. being requested by Mr. Beck tor
file their, applications for such help
with the nearest Canadian National
~age"nt.~"     ~        ~ ~
Cattle For Britain
It is estimated at Montreal that
there will be no less than forty freight
boats available'for the big rush of
Canadian cattle moving to the British
Isles. A conservative estimate place*
the number of Canadian cattle available for overseas at 100,000 head, several of the steamship companies ar��
converting their freighters into cattl*
carrying boats, in order to cope \rttV
this trade, -   .   -
"Have  you  ever seen  the' Catskill
Mountains. Johnny?"
No: But I've seen cats kill mice!"   .
: "'Mothers-can-enslly. know ,\vnen their.;
I ehjid'ren are troubled with'worms, and
I  :V'*,��*^^%i3
1 i II' nm
��� .Guides and  1,315  Brownies
...,-.-.-        .,.   .   .       , . -. ,At the annual meeting or the (,'an.i-
by. n^Publlc-lfcr^ ot the c.rl Uu.de.; Asso-
elation held in Toronto, the Sectetary
 =-!���'-.������ .    ,       j reported there had been an approxi-
Beeonstructibn '.In   Belgium -mate  enrollment of 4,SOT- guides  and
Reconstruction In war-torn Belgium-' ^S15- brownies this .ear.     Life caving
! .   It.-was alun
I ou 5th -Avenue.     Two elegantly dress-,i. j-lxteririlnator
ed    young    women,.. with-   pendants
riihd burce'le'i. of diamonds, were moving along with the throng..- -Said"one:.
.'-l.il'e is simply getting '."unutterably i is proceeding apace, Vp to the end
.' boring," And the other agreed heart- [of-'1922. 30.31.3 homes were rebuilt, or
j lly. Turning down the. south side "of { restored _ 3.730 houses in Yyrcs were
; the library i saw an.aged and crippled j destroyed, and now-nearly-3;000 have
woman feeding the;pigeons and birds !.been
Ile.r,; again
not get- away front j w-iih crumbs from, aj paper sack.
me.-1 could not even ". f_.ce was aglow with happiness.
ES&d^Se^"" -~W^e Some  place,
��� said he could do nothing for me. Mylius--: *"��rk Correspondent,
i band's, mother advised me to take"tha
awarded were presented to the following, glVls:
.Margaret   Ulaind,    guide of Belleville, Ont.,  Tor re.-cuiug a child  from
rendered    fit    for  occupation 'ln front of a train,
and-   about-   4,000 of the 7.000"j     Nellie    IVeveau,    guide   of   Biidge-
N-P-,    lor    Saving a jounger
Garage Definitions
Mechanic.���A  fellow who can tak��
an automobile apart.    ",
���   Wizard.���One   who   can  put  It. together again.���Life.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
homes wldch were ruined In Itoulers j water
-Xew j are inhabited once more.
Great VV:ar. and sr>r_.e of. them hare aj Vegetable Compound and I started itat ���
remarkable record of service to their; once.   I was able to ..do my work once ���
' credit.     They arc the advanc-i guard i IPore a^d Jt- **" Pi?"?1*, n?fc a.b���"
Millions For Roads
��� of a large movement froni7Scot!:ind" to
| Canada this year.        _      .   V
j' "He
Dr.''Pier��VPavor]iV.' 'bath in the liOu.se:
Send '10 cents to Dr. Pierce's T.abora-
'"7 lory in - Erid^ebtirgr. Out....for .trial pkg.-
��� \��f any of .Doctor I'ierce-'s remedies and
-Vrite   Doctor pierce, President Invalids
Hotel, r.ii tibia. _\\ Y-, for free, eonfidea-
ti&l medical ad. ice.
On the execution of the road.pro--j
den.   Now I have a"fine bouncing baby i gramme, the'province of Quebec Is to
and am able to nurse her and enjov do- !���.-.,,���, ���,._. -��r nnnnnn n.s��, ,.��.,,. X-i   *
ing my work.   I cannot help recent-.! ��*P��<l.?\.?r ?6,000,000 tins year, lhat
1 mending such a medicine, and any one ��� has been, agreed .upon, notwithstand-
A����I to think thWyoii-lun-eno^^^ ) ing. the .facVthat federal-grants' will
-    -      , me now, can see what it does lor me. I J not be. available, and .that much of the
repairs and
Prescription.;-���5rre.joiihSiiup?on:R.'R.i., -{:. .she.���Well,'."  you    see,':our circum-;.testimonial,' ���Mrs. Emily Davis, 721
.... _   _ t - -nisi,   uc   ��.> miamo   ouu ^iinil
! am only too pleased for you to use mv -\       y   '.:< x yX, - , -.-
! testimonial.''���Mrs. Kmti.v Davis. 79.1 '- w03'k wl11 be confined to
stances  permit-' us 7 io
1 niontiis'7at  the -seaside -.every'.year,
j Buffalo J-_spre.��s. X.X-XX X[ [[yi-X~
*V.   .N".    U. f 1471
Minard's.'Liniment for'Falh'ng Out: of
-Hair'-''   '. " .'-     ''X..X '-:' '--X-XX,
spend .-three 1 McGee Street, Winnipeg, Man." ���'>j maintenance-;., ���-���.--- ..  ���.- .- ..-7 ._.-'
!   -LydiaVE..:Pir.1cliam's Private" TexfcV7.V7WW.-W_ _7���___",'-7""'""~
Book, 'upon'���'"Ailments:   Peculiar rto' ,,"A-woman-savs thai'Solomon's wis
j women ./.will be sent vou free upon ���',  ~   ���' *- y ��� .'7':,.- .  ..-  . x   t   .
I request. Write to theLVdia'E.Pinkham Xiomy^. .due to the.faet tnat he.had
i Medicine Co., Cobonrg,"Ont>- This book   '��.<��   '."K-Jves,.. whom    '''  --��-* ���
' contains valuable information.- C ,'ali occasions,X'X.   :
. he' consulted on'
. 'With cuts and wounds. Prevent poison hy applying: Minard's.     It cleanses, heals.
girl from drowning.
!     Annie     Wiseman,    Mount    Dennis,
7 Ont.-, for saiing ;t man irom diown-
. .ntv   .
1 illo��
>.    Ethel    Twigg,    Kingston, Ont., for
��� rescuing a child from drowning.
Provincial   representatives   for the
'west - elected    were:     Mrs.    AV. ��� C.
Xichol,  Victoria,  B.C.;   Mrs.  Bur ford
Hooke,    Regina,    Sask,.     and    Lady
Aikens, ^'innipeg.
.7       7,000-Mile Flight
A swallow to whose leg a ring ws3
attached in Carmarthenshire, England,
has been found at Johannesburg, S.A.
Tbe bird flew almost 7,01)0 miles, '&.
Is $2.oe a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States ��2.50, always in advance,
Lessee '
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7,00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears Id notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
-���"���     ���   ��� '���   ' �� ��� ���' ��� �����������    ���    ' ���
All other legal 'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each Insertion.
Business locals I2j4c. a Hue each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Being good takes lots of practice.
Naming  radio parts is ruining
onr alphabet.
Midway Wants a Hospital
A meeting-of the Midway Local
of the U. P. Women of B. C. was
held at the heme of Mrs. C. Moll
on Saturday last. A resolution
was passed to start a' Hospital in
Midway. All present agreed
that this was a long-felt want,
and it was proposed to try and
purchase the Dr. Jakes house for
this purpose. It was decided to
hold a joint meeting of the Midway and Rock Creek Locals to
discuss the matter further.
After the meeting a delightful
tea was served by Mrs. E. P.
Keir and Mrs. Bender, of which
the gentlemen were eager participants.
The next meeting will be held
at the home of W. Tippie ou
June 2nd.
Midway U. F. B. C.
You can't be a howling success
by simply howling.
Oor favorite toast daring  these
dry days is buttered.
If you think clothea don't count
try going without any.
Europe seems   to   think  peace
will take French leave.
The   man   of the hour seldom
lasts longer than that.
People who worry about everything usually worry aboufc nothing.
Sometimes-when a' fellow expects
to make a lot. of money in  a deal
The finds it a miedeal.7 '-"
: It beats all how such, good looking complexions can come out of
such sloppy, vanity cases.
The man . who tells7 a "girl he
would die for herVwcmldn't be so
rash if he had ever tried it. ���;'���
7 Never,'"judg_e: a man's religion,
rby what he says when ..-his. safety,
razor nearly cuts his nose off;
7- Nevsr cuss a. wife .for pie that
isn't like mother used to make
unless you make money like father
��� used: to make. ......
Preserve the Forests
-,yictpriay;;May .9.��� Supporting
his plea for unrelenting Activity on
the part of every citizen of British
Columbia in: preventing andec*^
trolling.forest fireB, -Hon. T; I).
Pattullo, Minister, of Lands, states
that last year forest 'fires" cost the
province $23,00.0,000 in timber de-,
stroyed.. Of.the.tofealof 2,000,000-
000 feet of timber cut,; one. third,.,
or approximately;700,000,000' feet
were destroyed ���. by fire. VThe '- cost
of fighting fires.for. the;; year.was
t750.000.- X']X'VX-':'VxxV):'-y
The minister contends- that 95
percent of last year's- fires .were
caused through carelessness. Only
5 percent of the fires were due' to
��� lightning. - Logging camps were
responsible ..for 12 per cent, and
campers about 33 per cant. -���=. Hon.
Mr.7 Pattullo remarked that these
���figures should bring home to the
people of the province a fuller realization of the greater need for the
care and 'the tremendous financial
��� lose entailed through forest fires.
The provincial forest branch reports that the revenue from the
the sale of timber, timber licences,
timber leases and scale arid royalty
for April amounted to $225,778 as
against $145,0CK) for tbe same
month last year year. Hon, T. D.
Pattullo reports ihe timber business
in a flourishing condition aad. predicts ft banner year in .1923.
City Council
The City Council met on Monday evening. Mayor Gulley presiding aud the Aldermen pre3ent
were W. H. Docksteader, A. N.
Mowat, C. King aud  James Kerr.
Considerable correspondence from
tho City Trustee was dealt with.
The most important matters, concerned wero the public utilities of
light and water and the Council
received explicit instructions to discontinue service of these utilities
to consumers who were not regular
in their payments for Bame.
The chairman of the Streets committee reported on the very satisfactory state of the streets and
alleys resulting from the clean-up
days last week and further recommended certain improvements to
be done on part of the sidewalks
on  Copper St. and Greenwood St.
The water system was under discussion and the Clerk was instructed to obtain data of cost for repairing the cement- reservoirs.
Better observance of the pound
law was rpported and for additional help to the poundkeeper and at
the request of several householders
it was decided to have a party telephone installed in the house of the
poundkeeper."- .     W
-7\After the 7routine business had
'been''disposed pf,7the Hon. :Dr.
MacLean,=.who had been in. attendance during the ; meeting;., gave the
Council -a resume of conditions
throughout the-'Province' and.then;
fully explained, the. disposition .of
the .various grants 'made to! municipalities, from the Provincial
Government. He also : spoke oh
educational matters with particular
reference as to hovv various clauses;
in the act affected schools in Greenwood. , The Hon.. member for this
riding "was cordially thanked for
his interest.shown in the municipal
affairs of this town and of \which
he wasiihe head -during, the years
1912 and 19178. 7      V"  V     -,.-.-'
When Pa Is Sick
.When. Pa is sick,' he's scared to death,
An'Ma.'an'.u's just hold our breath- .','.;
He crawls in bed; an' puff's and grunts, -,.
Au, does all kiads-of crazy stunts.-      .-'
He gasps an' groans,- an' sortVo' sighs,
He talk's sb'queer, ad' rolls his eyes."
Ma jumps, an''runs, an', all of. us; - 7
An' all the house is- in a fuss, -7    ;-,    -  .
An' peacean' joy is.mighty skeerce. 7'_-[.;
When Pa is sick, it's something fierce..,-'
xXy ���--- When Ma Is Sick
When Ma is sick-she pegs away;,     .'--.
She's .quiet, though, not much t'.say, :. ',
Shc goes right on a-doin' things, .
An.' sometimes" laughs," or'even sings.,: ���
She says she don't feel extra-well,-'.;.
But.then it's'just a kind o' spell., '���  7
She'll be'all right" tomorrow, sure;-' - - 7
A" good old sleep -will betbe cure.'-    ... '-'
An' Pa he sniffs ah' makes no kick,'; -.
For- wbnieii folkis always sick,- ,' .,
An' Ma, she smiles, lets on she's glad. -.;
When Mais sick itiiin't so bad. -   7  7-
.'"��� ,7 '-' ��� -'      "'-';"-.��� V'~R��tary.
of the highways of British Columbia
having '-'An. mind .particularly the
planningof $200,000 worth of sett.-.
iers roads. The minister favors
the plan of encouraging settlement
through the provision of adequate
transportation facilities and many
short roads to serve the newer districts will be constructed.
Hon. W. H. Sutherland, minis
ter of public works, will leave Tie-"
toria in two .weeks for as Inspection
Hon.'E. D. Barrow, minister of
agriculture, reports that the total
number of cattle in British Columbia at December 31 last waa 105,-
070/, but there wore not sufficient
cows to _PupplyVall the milk consumed iri. the province. 7 Every ea��
couragement.is. being given .the ia-.
dusky by the minister and his officials and. a marked increase In the
number of cattle is. looked! .for this
year.' '���-���' "7 ";"-'"WW 7WW--.,- -'
The monthly meeting of the
United Farmers was held at W.
Tipple's house on Saturday, May
5th. The attendance was good
and would have been much better
except for the sale near Rock Creek
same day. The minutes having
been read aud adopted, a committee was appointed to meet tbe
Rock Creek and Bridesville dele-,
gates on May 25th, 2 p.m. at Rock
Creek, to make arrangements for
Picnic at Ingram Bridge ou July 2.
The question of building a Community  Hall   at Midway was dis-
' cussed  and   postponed   until  next
, meeting.      The    secretary   meau-
| while to get  estimates   on the approximate cost of- a building about
60 by SO feet.
It was decided to haud over to
the committee attending District
Association on May 25th, the matter oT starting Hospital at Midway
as it is for the benefit- of all the
district aud uot Midway alone.
Tbe members elected to take
part in the debate at Rock Creek
ou June 9th at 8 p.m. aro Messrs.
Tippie, R. Kerr, and Lauder, with
E. F. Keir as an alternate. Subject of debate "Prohibition."
Midway taking the side of Prohibition.
The president would like to have
all members and other farmers in
the Midway' district attend the
meeting of June 2, to fully discusp
the question of dance hall and hospital. Every farmer of the district
ought to take au interest iu the
community he lives in and forget
his own business for half a day in
the month and help make life a
little better for others and com?
and be helped.
A vote of thanks was passed to
Mr. and Mrs. Clark for the loan of
the Lancashire House where the
TJ. F. held their dance and debate.
The meeting then adjourned.
At the Hockey grounds, Ingram
Bridge, the Kettle Valley Club
held their usual practice game the
first of the week, Though the at:
tendance was small tho players had
a .most -enjoyableVgame. They
seem to have a likely.- lot of young
enthusiasts.' who. pjay. exceed ing!y
.well,' especially'.the goal keepers,-
and. .'the'." guardians 7.of 'theV sticks
will,-'-'if. .they; "practices,. mako"first
class players-as.they'get.older..
"The Cavev Girl"
.    Feminine charms can ���-.be-appealed  even.in  buckskins .as Teddie
Gerard,: featured player of Inspiration Pictures, Iuc";, -latest release,;
VTh.eVGaye...'.GirlJ?';. ably7 demonstrates.-." The picture/will be shown
at the.Greenvypud Theatre- on Saturday, 'May; 12.' 7 ���'-������'; "   7 ���' "V V -
-.7 Miss '��� Gerard -has ,the\role"- of'a.
primitive,-girl who has ensconced
herself   :in   the secureness  ofV the^
wilderness.'-'-'Unfortunately. f6r her
.ideate,..a party of..'New York "social
highbrows bent. - upon  bridge Vand
match making  invade her retreat;
When  their cabin .burns   up. they
come to her for  refuge and in the
cultured company  of   society,the
cave girl emulates.her ancestors in
fighting; for the man she loves..-
Old ; newspapers " for--saleV'at
The Ledge [office; 7.-.Get some,before they are.all gone.'. .X- ,- ;.';���=. V.
Canada Copper Troperty
Sold By Auction
Vancouver.���The entire asseis
of the Canada Copper Corporation, Lid., of Princeton, werr-
sjld for 32,000,000 on Monrlav
morninsr to T. H Marshall of
New York, who represents a
large number of bondholders.
The sale was made pursuant tc
an order of Mr. Justice W. A,
Macdonald by the registrar of the
supivnie court,
It is understoed that Mr. Marshall represents the firm of
Payfleu and Stoue, who are the
principal bondholders and that
they have'an agreement with thc
Granby company whereby the
latter will purchase and operate
it. The.money already invested
iu it is estimated at 86,000,000
aud the plant a . it is uow will
employ between f>00 and 700 men.
At present it is shut down.
Mr. Marshall was the only
bidder at the sale and his successful bid of S2 000,000 was the reserve price which was set by the
judge. A certified cheque of
510,000 was deposited.
Postal Co-Operation
BesuretoliHve your u.ail addressed properly before .you post it.
Do you know that every year our
post offices get over sixteen million
incorrectly or insufficiently addressed pitces of mail matter to
handle? Here are some points to
remember when preparing your
letters and parcels for mailing,
which will heip to give you thc
best possible service; -
Address clearly and fully, including street aud number, or box number.
Use ink.
Dont forget to give the province,
otherwise difficulty may arise,���for
instance, mail intended for Woodstock, Ontario, may go to Woodstock, New Brunswick.
Place your address in the upper
left hand corner, in case for some
reason it is necessary to return the
letter or parcel to you.
If it is a parcel you.are mailing
put your name and address on the
inside as well as on' the outside
wrapper, for "the paper may become
torn.'' ".-_������ -"-77. x-y 'X ���-������. .
7 Bo sure to. keep your own address distinct from the address pro
per/-'-- W'- . W- " ''-' "x' ��� ": -���'"'���'----:
- NOTICK is li'eroby.given that Ijshall'liold
a Court.of Revision" at llie Court House, Greenwood. 15".C, oil-'Moiiday, -llie 18th' (1.13' of June.
1923, at 1,0 o'c'.ock"-~iu the ~forcnooii,.for.the purpose of revising, the Voter's T/wt ot the Grceu-
n-qod Electoral- I)i&lrict,_.aiid of heariii(/r and
dete'riuiuinjf any and all objections'to tlie.re-,
teiitiou of aiiv-i.ame or naiiies on .the re'ijistcr'
of Voters for "tho "said Electoral District.   '.   ������"
-Dated at'GrcenwoO',1, -Ii. C.,' this'Sth day- of
Mav. l'J23.     .     '.-������'.--,.���     -.'-.- - :
-7     ,. -. P. H;'McCURKACn,-.
- :;       Registrar of Voters for, the
.,    "     ~ Greenwood Electoral District
7GRAND FORKS. B.C. 7 77.
Ageut for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
aud Overland cars." Garage iii connection.
D. McPHERSON   .    - .     Proprietor
.  Send Your."'.-"-'
'.'.:", "-;-���-"..:. "���" -to " .;��� ..- '���'"'���
GECh ARMSON, Grand Forks,
the 20thGentury Shoe Repairer
AU,Work'and material guaranteed. 'We
;-pay postage" one way. - Terras Cash,   -
alace Livery  Stable
'_���; :,vExi5fess-iand; Heavy" Dray Ing;-'.7     ��� W.v-
"'������    :" '" ':',-���.��� ".'.       V".'..'We.-carry',.... Vw-'W'"-/ 7'v 7-7. 7
;:-7, v'  Tires, Oils,.Greases. Hay and -Qraihw
iOffice Phone 13.,  , 7 Residence Phone 3L
Be Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
. Office, Smelting, and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold. Silver. Coppier, lead and Zinc Ores
Producers  of.   Gold,    Silver, .'Copper,-;' ;PJg. Lead  and Zinc
"-'-''       "!""-X ;   ��� ��� ���'tADANAC"'BRAND V7 '    '���'"''
Reports On
At frequent intervals throughout
the season the Bank of Montreal
issues reports on the progress of
the crops in Canada. These reports, telegraphed to headquarters
from the Managers of the Bank's
600 Branches, cover every Province and form a reliable index of
crop conditions.
The reports are furnished free.
Upon request at any Branch of the
Bank your name will he placed on
our mailing list.
Total Assets in Excess of #600,000,000.00
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Spring and Summer
Splendid Assortment of New
Samples Jusf Arrived    -
CalJ and see them
JTailor and Cleaner
7   Greenwood
Summer Excursion Fares
To Eastern Destinations
On Sale Daily May 15th to Sept. 15
Return Limit Oct. 31
Niagara Falls  	
Hamilton ;
.;... .$160.36
St. John  ���	
Halifax- ,.-:w.....
St. Paul....	
Chicago ..X...	
. Minneapolis	
���"���-. $72-00
New York	
\ Duluth    .-.;���;..
Many AdditionalDestinations
Ask for Rates from and toany Point    :
V    .Route5 via" Port Arthur   or   via Soo Line,   through
'.Winnipeg' or Portal, thence via Chicago or-Sault Ste. Marie'
via,Great takes; or via California at additional fare; or good
to go via one of the above routes, return another.
}yf):y)L:-S'^ XVxV)
Nelson, B.C. ' w;i
���:-.E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer.and
Chemist, Box B1108, Nelson,- B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
Jr.25 each. 7 Gold-Silver: $1.75; , Gold-
Silver with.Cppper- or Lead $3.00.. Silver-Lead $2.00.; ;Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00,
Charges for. otlieV metals, etc., on ��p.
plication.-7-���      ' ''-. '���''        ---"'-
- The, :Ledge can supply your
every, need, in the printihgline
and   at   prices ��� 'consistent Vwith
|i"rst;cSass'7work. ��� '"
[������ X''X      LAND ACT "W.7-7
In Slmllkameea Division of Yale Land District.
Recording District of Penticton; B.C., and
.situate Bear Spencer, B.C., situated west of
.    and adjolnlne Lot.17 3 7 S. D. Y. D:
TAKE. NOTICE that60days after date
I, Abel Trombiey, of Eholt; B.C., .'occupation
rancher, intend to-apply. for permission to purchase the following-described lands: ���.""'" -,. . .
. ���- Commencing at a post planted 20 chains
South of the North-V/est'-Coruer of Lot 1737,'
thence South 20 chains;'thence West 20chaii_s:-
thence North 20 chains; tbence'VEast 20-chains
aud coutalniti(f 40acres more or less, for grazing purposes."    ���''''-���   ... .     ���
7      -ABEt. TROMBLEY,..
,-;.-.."'->��� Applicant.
Dated 3rd April, .1923..
Synopsis of "
Land Act Amendments
Miiihaum price ~of first-class   land��
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to/v
$2.50 anacre. ���   -^ \
Preemption now confined ^to sV si
veyed lands only. .
Records will. be granted coveriy
only land suitable .for agricult'Jjr
purposes   and    which   is-non-th/^8   ,./'
land.- 'Prf'"'-
Parti^erbhip pre-emptions abolft^ ,.
butVparlies of not more than -four'-jay-,
arrange" for adjacent pre-emptions
'with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ,.'.-'
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for--five years and' must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made pro-
pprtionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transferhis claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of-$300
per annum and records, same- each
year. Failure to make improvements.-,,
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than S years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including S acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at .
least"iyears are.required.
Pre-emptors holding' Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with, his
farm, without actual occupation,-- provided statutory improvements made-,
and residence maintained on Crown '
granted land.
Unsuryeyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 -acres may be
leased by one person or company...
Mill, factory.) or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include,
payment of stum page. -,   ���
Natural hay meadows inaccessible."
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to tliem V Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of." purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to--"
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this-act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive..
No fees relating.to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emp-.
tions recorded  after June '26,.   1918.
-Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes oh soldiers' pre-emptioi'is.
Interest on. agreements to purchase
town or city lots' held by members, of
Allied Forces,.or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from  enlistment to March 31st, 1920. .
-  Provision   made .- for  insurance 7 of -
Crown   Grants' to  sub-purchasers  of   ���
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete pur-
chase,:involving forfeiture,  on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest X
and "taxes." ;Where sub-purchasers "do ���
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes-may be distributed  proportionately '���'������ over ��� whole
area. ��� Applications must be- made by ���
May 1,1920.-'' ~    :.;-    .' -.. '���.:*   -='..'  -
--7 ,.' GRAZING      V        ���'.":���:���
Grazing Act, 1919,"for. systematic development of. livestock   industry- pro-   .
yides for grazing districts and range-
-'administration.-  underV-Commissioner.- ;-
Ajjnual grazing, permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners." Stock owners may form
Associations for ."-range, raabagement."-
Free,   or partially  free, .permits  for,
settlers, campers or travellers up to teai ���
head.--?".'."     7'     ':.-���.: ��� --V.-.-   -';.   ���"
Ttte Mineral Province^ of Western ;       :
xxx'������������;  yV;vio'enbv;6f/bKEJHiSra;.i*2^/;
Has produced Minerals valaed as follows:   Placer Gold, $70,542,203; Lode
Gold, 8109,647,661; Silver, ?59,8M,266;7Lead $51,810,891; Copper, $170,723,242;   7
Zinc,! 824,626,853;V Miscellaneous Minerftls, $1,358,839. (Doal and Coke,,823S,-'.'-.'..,   -
289,565; Building .Stoxie, Bribk, Cement, etc., $36,605j942,; making iti. Mineral
Production to the end of 1922 show 7 ���     -   W-
y:X 7An 7Ajggregate ValB& ojf $769,418^*52   Xx
The  Mining   Lawa of this Province are more liberal, and the fees, lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dosaiaion, or any Colony in the British
Empire. .-..,...
Minerallocations are granted to discoverers for^^nominal fees. V   ', *
AbBolnte  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, the security
of^ which is guaranteed bf Crdwn Gnfthte.
;    Fall information, together with Mining Eeporta and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
VICT0MA, British Columfeia.


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