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The Ledge May 28, 1925

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ary  '
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.   XXXI
No. 44
\ New Kitchenware
McClary's   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.   Buy it by the set or by the piece
' Also a large assortment of
McClary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
Make your selections while the stock is complete
Van Gamps'
Pork and Beans
Small size Tins -     2 for 25c
Medium size Tins     -     3 for 50c
Large size Tins. _ . ��� -1     each 30c
Sto .For Quality andlValue Order From
Phone 46
For Anything' in the
Drug  or   Stationery   Line
.   Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums/   Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
Just Arrived
A large assortment of
" Ladies    !
Fine Silk Hose
In all the latest colors
Miss Madeline Hastings, of Rock
Creek, being tlie prize winner
Mrs.   Ellen   Trounson
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident,& Sickness, Life.
Automobile, Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale  -
Call at the Office of
Greenwood, B.C.
Greenwood Meat
Mear. Post Office
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������ ���������#��������������� >���������������������
Fresh Salmon' and Halibut
Every Thursday Afternoon
Smoked Fish of all kinds in stock
���'��� ���
��� -������ ���
��� -
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��� ���
��� - ���
��� '.-.- ������-���-.������-.-      w
������������*������������������������-��������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������������������������.
Fresh Pork Sausage Every Tuesday Morning
-'���" ; ..- -��� Phone 17w_ ', .-.;'-''""-..;'-\
��� ���..'. 'The^Hbrne'pf^the.' *; 'y. y --y)xXx}
-   Semi-Reatix Tailoring Coi-
'"���'.'For "style that's sure,"'. ��.'.  "'_.'-. "-"-;- "' /'With stitches strong.    , V ���
: And.wear.that's steady, .' And lots.of style,--' ",f.V
-The clothes'to wear /'-;.." .   Wear Semi-ready ,
Are Semi-ready. "-'-WW 7   -���    ; ���; ..'[ . -All-the. while." V -.V
The above neat.iittle couplet comes fibia a booster of Semi-ready clothes...
#2*!��<eii&&��&&&��^^ &&fff#S��4S��i&W
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ii- ; v
i ���' y
7" We carry- only, the best stock_ procurable in ���  ._   ���
Beef,; Veal, Porkj' Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will, convince-you
Tlie Consolidated Mining:& Smellini
".. :   :   --'���- ���.'.".   X  " "   I y '���������::������    .    ��� .      " -   k
v      6f, Canada, Limited
Office,1 SmeHing and RefiHsng^Department
Parehasersof Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead aiid Zinc Ores
Producers  of' Gold.    Silver,   Copper,    Fig   Lead, and  Zinc
Fresh meat at all times
Hours:   Daily, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Saturday. Sam. to.8 p.m.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15 'p.m. ~
Watclt: and Optical
Waltham Watches
For Sale
Good Line of Spectacles
The Providence
Joseph P. Kelly and three
friends passed tbrbugh Greenwood tisis. morning on their way
to Beaverdell to inspect the
Alaska aad Buster mineral claims
da Wallace Mountain adjoining
a group of claims it is understood
that the Federal Mining Co. is
acquiring.   ; V:>- -WVW
We now/ publish some
good and reliable news relative to this Claim.
We are able to state
that J.. W. Williams, of
Spokane, and associates, hold
what is generally .called a
"Lease and Bond" on the
property. .
The best news is that
Al. Morrison has been appointed Manager; and, his
appointment, provided he be
given a free hand with right
to "hire and- fire", and
moneys to purchase necessary machinery, and' pay
wages, is an assurance that
this will again be a payable
.The Lessees are lucky
in getting Morrison, who
with Dan McGillis, held a
Lease on the Claim from
1916 until the Fall of 1919,.
and they made the Mine pay.
On the expiry of this Lease
they offered to take another
Lease, paying; 15 per cent,
royalty, and this was refused, and since then the
property has not paid the
The Mine is in. a very
bad condition with .practice
ally no ore in sight, and it
will be up to Morrison to
find ore and develop the
property;, but there is not a
mining man here who doubts
his success, if given a free
hand, .and loyal backing of
the Lessees.  -
EJfficient- management is
generally more necessary
than a rich mining.property.
"   ���" the ' t0wit -bets' its
money, on Morrison.
Riverside Mine
X. On Saturday Frederic Keffer, M.
E., consulting engineer of the Jack
PanlMining Company, visited this
mine accompanied by John Bulmer,
Vice President of the Company/
Dr. Geo. T. Penn, Harvey Sinnett
and David E. Sinnett, all. of Spokane. A very7 pleasant, day 7was
spent examining: fehe workings on
the property, and all 7 expressed a
good opinion of the property. .7-
Active work is. expected to be
started very:soon.W""W7"W    V ���
Beaverdell w
Thereis some talk _pf fhayiriga
school established liere.      -.; [''���[.'[������-,
Jack-Patterson has a contract
hauling ties for Ferrous. =':
The. hammerVand saw is busy
in this fast growing camp.
Xy Ed. Lautard is acting postmaster
at- Carm i - at fpresen t, but tbe appointment has not: yet been sanctioned.. V'7..-  '.- [���".���". '���' X-. ���'>��� .7
:It 'is rumored tbe "Wellington"
has. lately.. beeii bonded. We" are
unable to give, further/particulars
until next week.,
7 Two. new stores are being erected here. . Also, a barber shop has
opened up.and doing a good buss-,
nesp, Mr. Keid, of West Summer-
land, having started last week.
Jas. Dale is busy on road work.
When he is through., he intends to
do some prospecting s.hd assessment
work 011 his' claims hear Carmi.
Jim certainly isa great .hustler.
.T. W. Clarke's, new store and
residence ia almost completed and
he expects to be ready for. business
this week with a new. stock. The
new store is. a; .neat looking
structure and the residence is
finished vrith hardwood; Mr. and
Mrs. Clarke will be welcomed here
and the Btbra is an asset to the
The annual' Beaverdell picnic
was held this year at Cranberry
Creek; Many from the mines
were present and a real enjoyable
day was spent. - Ir the evening a
camp fire was made and songs and
stories made all feel happy. It
was a day well spent and will go
down in history in fehe memory of
niacy. . W.-'-  .-.     -       ��� .. yy
Memorial Ceremony
-At i- o'clock on Empire Day a,
good crowd assembled at the District War Memorial to pay their
respects to the departed soldiers.
Rev. E. A. St. G. Smyth opened
the ceremony with prayer after
which P. H. McCurrach delivered
the following address:-���
"Once more we aro privileged feo
gather round our War Memorial to
do honour to Our Noble Dead.
It seems >to me that the annual
recurrence of an event of. tbis
nature should be ia reminder to
each and every one of us that time
is hastening on, and that ife will
not be long before our children will
be taking our places in such gatherings and for this reason ife is our
bouhden duty to try to instil into
fehe minds of our young people a
proper respect .and regard for the
memory of the men whose fna'mes
appear on this Memorial. I cannot
help recalling the words that were
spoken ai the unveiling of this
Memorial, when the speaker referred to the occasion as being another "milestone" in the pathway,
of our history.
Iu looking back over the years
that have gone, ifc is scarcely possible to realize thafc nearly eleven
years have passed away since the
Powers that were in control ofthe
German people at that-time, laid
down the gauntlet and called their
people to armp, resulting in a war
that has left this world in 'such a
state of chaos that; even the minds
of our greatest statesmen today are
taxed to the utmost to find a
remedy for. But for every such
situation, there if, there must be a
remedy, aud we can only look forward to the future, supremely confident that there will arise men and-
women who will lead the world's
footsteps back again into the
proper paths from which, at the
present time, they seemed to have
strayed. Now, I know, at this
time you are not looking for any
long oration, and I believe that
most of the phases of the situation
have been very completely covered
-by those ,who have spoken around
this monument on previous occasions. Permit me just in word to
say that I feel sure that a gathering such as we have here today,
must have an uplifting influence
on all.who are. privileged to be
present, teaching us. to remember,
what I amafraid, we are too prone
to forget, rthe :.sacrifices' made by
those men who at their country's
call rallied, to. the.flag, held back
the foe,, and saved 'for., us. that
liberty - of action which. we, -; as
British people, claim as our, rights.
IfcJ.is.only natural that "we -,'ehould
think most about the": part,iplayed
in the _w a r _ by_ onto wn co un try m en',-
and I. think" we "may'-. be: pardoned'
if. we feel inclined to display a
somewhat, inordinate .pride in the
achievements .of- our lads, in holdr
ing thef. fort and keeping our grand,
old flag a flying four-.square.7to' the
winds oi heaven, f
; Let us. remember in our recollections down to ^posterity; riot to
forget those gallant gentlemen who,
when their ,King arid country
palled them, responded without a
murmur, and shoulder to. shoulder,
went. down, the lane into eternal
glory." .    .     )'-;)'-   .      '���
Kev. 7 Smyth pronounced . the
blessing affeer.fv.-bich, wreaths. were
placed; around'the. iridnument. A.;
Lander acted. as ..chairman;. Owing
to other arrarigemeiits Rev. W. 7R7
Walkinehaw was unable.to be present. ' .'��� v.'."-:'       ���"-. X-X XxX--y.   ��� -.'������'.
Midway News
%,D. Kerrjias leffe, for. f tprorito
to attend, the General 7Assembly' of
tlie Presbyterian Church.. ,.    )''"'���:
The regular -meeting, of the
Midway Local: of the .'United
Farmers will-be held ,on. Saturday^.
May 30feh at 2 p.m., instead,of
Saturday, Jrine ,6tb. AH gophers
tails to be in by-that date..
The opening dance in the new
Farmers Hall ou Monday night.
was a great .success. Wish fine
music an and excellent floor everjr.
one was in the best of. spirits and
kept the dance lively until 3 a.m.
when the orchestra played Home
Sweet Home. Great credit is due
the farmers for their steady and
untiring work in putting the floor
in such good shape and which was
done by volunteer work. The new
cloak room was .also a great-
Empire Day at
Ingram -Bridge
Empire Day was, as usual, fittingly celebrated at Ingram
Bridge on Monday last when
games and'races of all kinds were
held. The celebration was held
under the auspices of the Women's
Institute and a good crowd was
present? The day was an ideal
one���not too hot and just enough
sun to be welcome. A football
match was played between Rock
Creek and Kettle Valley, the 7
"former team winning by 2 goals.
Four innings of baseball were
played between teams from/Midway and Greenwood. This game
created considerable excitement
and amusement. Greenwood won
by a score of 8 to 7.   V
R. A. Brown, of Midway, had
a refreshment stand and did a
land office business.
Altogether the day was an enjoyable one, especially for the
children.and the Women's Institute is to be congratulated on
holding such an appropriate celebration.
List of prize winners foliow:
Boys under 5���Six ran. Won
by a girl. ��� Each received a prize.  _
Boys and girls, 7���1st,  Bobbie f
Roberts:    2nd,    Ethel    Bender;
3rd, Elise Gane.    v
.Boys under 12���1st, Cecil Ham-  *'
iltbn;   2nd,  Frank    Kayes;   3rd,
Billy Roberts.
Girls under 10���1st, Phyllis
Evans; 2nd, Ethel Bender. "
Boys under 15���1st, Billy Jupp;
2nd, Cecil Hamilton; 3rd, Leonard
Moll.   .
Girls 14 and under���1st, Rosie
Brown; 2nd, Ida Walker; -3rd,
Alice McMynn.
Boys 16 and under���1st, Cecil
Hamilton; 2nd, Billy Jupp; 3rd,
Lester Salmon.
Girls 15 and tinder���1st, Kathleen Salmon; 2nd,  Rosie Brown;"
3rd, May Sharp.
Open 100 yds.���-1st, Thos.
Walker; 2nd, Edgar Walker; 3rd,
Doug. McMynn,
Girls open���1st, Kathleen
Salmon; 2nd, Rosie Brown; 3rd.
Ethel Thompson.      '
3-legged race, boys���1st, Billy
Jupp's team; 2nd, Johnny Mc-
Mynn's team.
5-legged race, men���Ist, David
Caldwell's team; 2nd,' Ed. Walker's team.
. Boot race���-1st, Biliy Roberts;
2nd, George Pitman; 3rd, Warrington. .
Wheelbarrow race���1st, Eric
Whiting and T. Walker;- 2nd, D.
Caldwell and T. Pittendrigh; 3rd':
J. McMynn and B. Kayes; 4th,
Billy Roberts and Cecil Hamilton.
_������ The following is the football ./
^inetip.-���-���- W" "77 "V-V 77~V ~X~". Wf
Kettle Valley f . Rock Creek'. -X;
F. Bubar 7- V
R.. Norris. V -.'
E.. Richter-". >
L. Brew ;f.    f
B. Gane
Ji Harpur'
D. Caldwell. ....
A. Es Bonnett
H. XD... Hamilton
T. Walker   V
E. Walker   -
7   Waltham
V - WVHattott
.J; Warrington
T.;Hemmings :
.: J. Carey '������
-T. Pittendrigh.-
.0. Wheeler:
~R;. Ganstinf
" - A.. Oisoa:
-: v^H. Arthurs.
f. Major.F..E.:G3dssqp.gaye entire-
satisfaction to both ��� teams as re-;
feree V " '-'   ���     '���������'-    .--;;.'-:. 7
The.baseball -game  was. handled by- R.   A. -Browh' arid the'
teams were as follows: X'.-'x- ���
Greenwood- ���
Dr. A. J. Dormaa
G. Clerf
R. Taylor
T. Crowley
J. Stilwell':"
N.-E.' Mo'rrison- ".
Jl Kerr.   W;...;-. ������,
G. Morrison    [yX-
G. Murray V
M id way :'y
p   E. Del isle
,R. Jacksou.
'-7 bilker-':
. .7   C. Bubar
R. Brtice
7   W7 Bruce:
;  - p Eveleth :
Kettle Valley Notes
..Mr. and Mrs. W.fBerg returned
to Nicholson Creek ori Wednesday.
Mrs F; TC.  Buckless, of .West-1;'
bridge, is spending   a few. days
with her sister, Mrs. Shillcock..;
Mrs.    Shillcock   Jthotpred 7"to
Trail-with Mr.   and Mrs.  Swan-
nell-t'o -see her daughter Mrs." H.
Martin, leaving.here on Saturday;
and returning on Tuesday. '.      "f
Hoia. T,'D. Pattullo, imiaister
bt lands, and D. McPhersoa,. local
member, were in Greenwood, for af
short time this afternoon. /
People who use "Red Rose"  are usually
those who like tea of extra good quality
IS g��0<
The ORANGE PEKOE is extra good.   Try it!
Where Co-operation Is Needed
Tlie opinion is frequently expressed that Canada suffers from too much
-Government, and legislation, and with a Federal Parliament ancl nine Provincial Legislatures for something less than nine million peoplo, there is probably some reason for such an opinion being more or less prevalent, and to
support the suggestions periodically advanced in favor of the union of the
three Maritime Provinces, into one, ancl tho merging of the Prairie Provinces,
thus reducing-the number of Legislatures to, five. But whether such amalgamations aro now feasible is another question, aud,"in view of the fact that
ultimately Canada will have a population of many times nine millions, it is
���open to argument whether such combinations would be wise in the long run.
Hut that there is room for a much larger measure of cordial co-operation
in matters of legislation between the Federal Parliament on the one hauo
and the various Provincial Legislatures on the other hand, ancl between the
Legislatures of adjoining Provinces, and, in fact, between all Provinces, is
���fhardiy open to serious discussion. The framers of the Act of Confederation
did their work exceedingly well, but the B.N.A. Act should not be regarded
as the laws of the Modes and Persians, unalterable. Constitutional enactments, however wise in J8I57, are not necessarily suitable a century or even
��� hair a century later.
It is proposed to call a conference of Provincial representatives to give
������consideration to suggested-amendments to the B.N.A. Act designed to curb
the- arbitrary veto power of the Senate over legislation which meets the approval of the elected representatives of the people in fhe House of Commons
along lines somewhat similar to .hose which finally had lo come in Great. Britain in order to .restrict the power of tho House of Lords. There are, how-
-ever, other subjects of equal or even greater importance which might well rc-
���ceive attention at such a conference.
For example,'not only should the powers of the. Senate come under review,
:buf the constitution of Ihai. body if il is lo be continued as au integral part of
our legislative machinery. If stands t.o reason that the four rapidly growing
Western" Provinces will not be content for all limp, to have their representation in the Senate limited to that of the three small Maritime Provinces,
namely, twenty-four Senators for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Aiberta and British Columbia, and a like number' for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince
Kdward Island. Certainly if such a" basis of Senate representation is to be
maintained much longer, then the nowers of the Senate must bo greatly
..restricted. "
Again, while the- 13.N.A. Act. clearly defines the respective spheres of the
Dominion Parliament -and .the .Provincial Legislatures in regard to many, subjects, if conl'c-r.yon-hoth-Federal and Provincial liodie'.i legislative.and administrative authority .in. regard,, to; certain other, matters,".wiUV-.l.ho result that
���there is rohsftantf c(��nfiiet;and. eomiit'ual .appeals to the .Imperial Privy. Council,
���aiul-hardly- a-year passes': that, .decision's. are.'nbVrendevod- declaring laws pass-.!
���ed .ar-Ohawa.or infthe. Provinces ultra. yires,."lhat_is-,beyond_ theffpowcir.of the
enacting body ,W pass..; -It-is l.i"me"the,se-'cla'uses-pi"l:he,B.NfA..Act were clari-
7fied.7;V7W."' -,- --X'X VV-; [.'"'., V .'.'...-'' VWW V'V'- - .. ���:-_'.
W 'lfhe;brii\gihg.-aboiit-iotVucliVbanges:"talt"es,tinio.-because' both Federal and'
- Provincial authorities are"--notoriously-'lp'lh' to ^abandon. ;ar.y slightest right,
,; power-brVrivnc-ge which'" they- now enjoy, and-fVirthermoie .any change lit tlie'
.':" I3..\7A.'.Ac_ -involves-uot-.-onlyaclioirirr. Canada; init also by tlie British Pa'rlja-
...nieut,-.because; like Australia,. Canada does ^not possess thu-power fo amend.
...'its o'wn;constitution.,.  ,.In -Lhe.meantime,- Uie re-should, be ^greater -disposition
. .'on'-tiio'. pan of the Dominion  Parliament".to'co-operate!^wil.li. aud assist'.Uie
Provinces to 'realize 'their.', wishes in; regard to. matters of fpr'ini.e- importance-
..-to them' but; oyer ���which, thc.'P.ornnuoii. also-Exercises ..certain powers.     :-'' - .-,
.'.- -'���;   Some of ��� ilt'e\'I,'roviiices-jvissed laws 'to.protect ���their citizen "from being
Yylciiinizwl  by.  gllb-tongued ���-.Salesmen- of, "stock, -"in- "worthless  companies; such.
..as the lloarsr Slusic: Company; wiidcatfnm.ing and-'oil. companies," etc./f .These
���laws have been declared invalid insofar, as they apply to companies having
Dominion charters', so_.\v-hen'any one of"-these companies, out to fleece "the-pub-:
-lie arc; denied XProvineiar'cha'rter'.'or.the.right tinder'such fa charter- to, sell
stock.-they Himpiy talte''out a Dominion charter and defy/the Provincial' au-
!.-.thnritles.'  - -    ff      ;     ' '.��� "   -'.""'V-    -���'' -    ..'-  . .     /..}':":���-   '--' ',   [y '-}������;���
��� y '-.--Apart- from 'the fact- that the Federal authorities, should, be just as ari-
������   xious as any-"of the Provincial authorities to. protect "the. people, of, Canada from
..-.th.ese.;U!i3crii!KiIous.;p.eddj.er�� bi ---worthless sto.clc, they- should bclmorc ��� thniv
_��� willing to. eq-bp'era.te ,wi tli" .'the;'. Prfoy.iiicos. in-.upholding., the-: law- and", maintaiii-
���-- Ing proper respect and dignity for the law.      Unfortunately/ Ottawa -is not
- thus -co-operating with itlie" Provinces; "aiul numerous instances, are-- arising
.where.Provinces have' turned down company promotion schemes for good and
siibstan'lial. reasons/only to have Ottawa- promptly ���.grant," a'Dominion charter.-
- "   'The Dominion 'Government-, should not. only, -protect the -Provinces,' irom
���this open contempt; of. their hiivs,"-.but,Otltiwa- should enact-legislation safe-
���,g(iarsling.--thp "public froin .being .victimized ,by companies" operating under Do-
��� lulnlau cliarcers-in the sanie-nirinner that the- Western Provinces'have ih re*
f . gard to Provincial'charters.--V . V     V' -��� '-'    '      -        '       ' -"'"-���   -
Baron Byng Going North
To Visit Outposts of Dominion During
This Summer
Baron Byng of Vimy. governor-general of Canada, will visit the outposts
of the Dominion during tho summer
months. He will leavo about tho
middle of June for the Mackenzie River district,, travelling from Ottawa
through Western Canada. On July
13th he will leavo Edmonton, Alberta,
for a trip down the Mackenzie Jliver
for Aklavik in the Arctic. It is-expected that Hon. Herbert Greenfield,
premier of Alberta, will accompany
His Excellency from Edmonton to the
north. Since Baron Byng assumed
tho oflice of governor-general of Canada in 1921 he has sedulously applied
himself to know Canada and tho people of the country at first haud. A
few months in each year since 1921
he ahd Lady B.viig have travelled in
different parts of the Dominion, not
hurriedly, but leisurely, going often
away from fhe beaten highways in
order to get in intimate touch with
the people.
Beaut iful home
dyeing and tinting is
guaranteed with Diamond Dyes. Just
dip in cold water, to
tint soft, delicate
shades, or 'boil' to
dye rich, permanent
colors. Each 15-
cent package contains directions so
simple any woman
can dye or tint lingerie, silks, ribbons, "Skirts, waists, dresses, coats,
stockings, sweaters, draperies, coverings, hangings, everything-new.
Buy "Diamond Dyes"���no other kind
���and tell your druggist whether the
material you wish to color is wool or
silk, or whether it is linen, cotton, or
mixed goods.
Manitoba   Butter. Shipments
���Three Times the Quantity Shipped For
' First Three. Months Over Same...
'���-,'7 .-.--77 -; Period  Last Year "'
-Nearly :?500,000 worth' of-" Manitoba
butter has been" shipped;from iWinni-
peg'since January ly 1!)2">, to the mkl-
dle'of April.-. .Tlie shipments totalled
(iO cargoes, averaging"400 boxes.1.6 the
car bf 5G;POimds.to the box. '- According _��� t'o;.the". provincial dairy, 'commissioner, this" is-" over'three limes'the
-.Quantify-shipped'iu the corresponding
period"'.of 7T92-1.. '��� ��� Shipments- Vve-re
hii.de to. theBriiish- Isles,- Toronto,
Moiiireal,. Halifax, .Calgary',. New .York,
���Chicago.and Detroit:..;     7  '-��� _���'y'
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer
Cross" on tablets you are not
getting thc genuine Bayer product proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians for 25
years. ��
Accept only a
Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Hand v "Barer" boxes of 22 tablets
Also bottles'of 2-tand 100���Druggists
Aspirin ls tho trada marlc (registered In
Canada) otf Bayer Manufacture o�� Mono-
aceUcaddcstcr of SallcyHcacld.
Exhausting B.C's. Game
A Good Asset fbrHhe Province and
-- ~" Should be Preserved
The game and game- fish of British
Columbia constitute one of, the' province's great/ asseis, aii asset which
pays dividends every-year in money,
in pleasure, in good health and In good
advertising. It ia an asset which is
well worth protecting, but unfortunately, it.is diminishing. We are living
on our game-.capiial, and that is poor
economy. Our furs yield us about
?3,000,000 annually. About ?2,000.-
000 worth of game meat- is consumed annually. And tourists and
residents spend from ?'1,000,'000 to ?6,-
000,000 yearly for hunting and fisfiing
equipment and incidentals. But unless we take some action, these-sums
will gro\v smaller year by year.���Vancouver Province.
Development Of Radio
Send a 100 Word3 a Minute "Across
Radio messages may soon flash
across the.ocean at the rate of 1,000
words a minute from a single transmitting station, is the prediction of
trans-Atlantic radio officials in 'New
At present a radio message can be
clicked off at, the rate of 100 words a
minute, or slightly more.. - The development of a machine to speed up the
ocean messages, and thus help reduce
rates, Is now in progress.
From 20 to 30 per cent, of the messages sent to and from Europe nowadays flow through radio channels,
the rest taking the course of the 17
cables on the bed of the Atlantic.
Spanish Duke Is Democratic
r *______-____���
Has Divided Two of His Estates
Among Tenants;
The Duke of Alba has ordered two
of his estates cut up and the.land apv
portioned among the tenants on .a'deferred payment plan. The duke is
said to have been inspired by tha principles of democracy and hopes his example will be followed by other members of the landed gentry.
The Duke of Alba comes from one
of the oldest and proudest families
of Spanish nobility, and he" represents, he has said, the fifteenth generation of the descendants" of. Christopher Columbus,0 and now is the
only living descendant of the discoverer of America.
Defends the Senate
Senator . Ross "Believes. Second
Chamber to be Necessary
Senator "VV. B. Ross, in speaking on
the proposed resolution dealing with
"constitutional changes, said it was for
the provinces to say if there should be
any change in the Treaty of Confcd-:
Willi no Senate and no veto, Canada
would have only a body of men who
would do just as they pleased with
the country. Two hundred men would
be- no less'a tyrant than one man unchecked.
"..." ,. Increase Irii Population- 7
V'Accorcling" to.'an- estimate".made; by
the"provincial government, the-popu-;
laLlbn'pf -Alberta" at- the. end "of 1924;
was.C'}0;000,'an increase.of 52,ff00"-ov'er
the census '.of- 192U It' is also-est!-,
mated, that 60 per "cent. bl'.Uio.pqpula;-
tion-of the piwince is of British origin.
Fox Farms In France
'rite" world's l>p_��t IisiJx tlnt.-
'WHI restov* gray h:\lr to its"
'ri.tturnl  onlor <>i '���' S "'minutes,'''
.'   Small    Siza  $3.30' by  ma'it""-
Doubie. Sire $3.50   by 'tnall   '
Tlie W, T. Pember Stores Limited
"fflioncM. _��27'i-.V\- t2��"'Vbnse'Sf.
Canadian'���   Pure-bred'  -.-.Foxes     Nov/
..-Domiciled,on Slopes of the'Alps.
' Inspired by Canadian, successes, the
French people have laid,the fourula'-
tion's'of a silver fox industry- "bf.their
own.in the Dauphine.unilin Savoy,.'on
the. .-slopes   of/the. 'Alps.     Sevf.rai
j farmsare already, in' operation; stock-'
I ed.-with-':Canadian.; pure-bred,, foxes
-which' - have  been'"Specially -imported
for.the purpose.-. :'-    ...   7V_W"WV
..." Coyotes Kill Sheep-:_.- '
Siie,eP;inen of.the British Columbia-
interior..report s'ev'ere losses"this year
as a result' of- tlie depredations of
coyotes", and trappers are' being encouraged to make a -.niore" -intensive
"drive on the prowlers.-   ," --    '-- f  ". '���-
Now Known That This Trouble
.��� Must Be Treated Through
the Blood.
���The most a rheumatic sufferer can
hope for in rubbing something on the
tender, aching joint is a little relief.
No lotion or liniment ever did or ever
can do more than this.     Tho rheuma-
Jic poison is rootod in fhe blood. - To
get-rid of it you must IreaL it through
the blood. .   Any doctor will'. tell   you
that this.is true.. . "if .you want some-,
thing that, will, go right to the root of!
the trouble in-thp���'blood, take/Dr. \Vil-
���liams' Pink Pills.     The whole mission
of this-medicine is to purify -and enrich' the blood, and when they do U.is
all  blood troubles,-including .rheumatism,' -disappear. .; Among  those -who'
have proved the Value bf Dr. Williams'
rinkPills'is Mrs. Annie.-Wright, AVpoIr"
:Chester, Alta.; who says:, "I was a suf-'-
���ferefrTrom frhcumatlsm .for six years,
.and'.during most of thiit (line ��� my, life
was.'one- of .misery.     I, tried" several
doctors,".and- many" remedies.. recommended, but never, gotmbre'thah fem-
j/drary relief..' - The trbtiblef seemedto"
affect-my whole system;"and'��� I 'was'
badly . rundown.- and   'suffered'- -from
'headaches: as-, well."- ��� Finaliyl was a'd-
yised.to try Dr.. Williams'TPinkPiUs^
"aricr'througlr tiriise' I 'found "complete relief and to-day.-I Jeel liko a new per--
son.- ��� "I-'can. 1h ere fore i.lrongly.recom-
mend Dr. ���Williams' Pink Pills to'any?
.0110.  suffering ' as ' I-did .from   this
trouble.".      ;-.. V'V;:,W'V.V --   ���    ������ ���
"Yoti can  get'these pills  from any
medicine dealer; or by mail at 50"cents'
a--box: from. The "Dr. Williams' -Medi:"
cine Co.,.Brockville,.Ont;. ..     . "  .
..X X y-yX "VLikeiy.' - -"; }���
. VThe OptimistWJ-flveh you. lhust'ad-
mit.that;all men arc not failures; , ,
. The Pessimist.���"Perhaps not,"- but
I elaim.they-would be if.they, had hall
a chance."   V   _'-       '. . ' ��� ���-.' ��� \.-
Wirtniptg .Nurses" Receive ; Diplomas
.    Klnetyfivefstudent .nurses,  what' is.|
claiaied to "have beeii" the largest grad-
.uatlng class.-in "-the history of' any
.nursing school In'   C'anacla.   received
��� - Miller's.'- ;\ybrm Powders hot-only '
make th'e'..lnfatUile-: systeni; un'tftiiabl.e ;
for worms, but by their action, on thef
stoma'cli'Vliyer and- bowels', they cor--!
reel siichtrbublesaa lack of appetite,'
biliousness and -otHef. Internal <Iisofd-!
ersihat the worms creates- Children!
tlirlye-'uponthem and no matter what"
j condition���' their  womi-lnff.-sted   stom-
1 their   diplomas   at   3.8th - commence-j ac]JS may be-.in,-they 7wlll show Im-'
. ment exercises  of the  General .Hos-j.provement as-spon.as thc-.treatirient
iduil.-school for. nurses at Winnipeg.    |be.glns. -   '     ... ;,.     ,.
h�� dealer who fecomme nds
:f;Ni j Shoe BalisK'-'
Isiasldrrfj onypvtfJ
Good Price. For Wool
Southern Alberta's wool growers-re-
;"coived,.an average o�� 34 cents'.a pqund
.for", thef. wpolv'iuarkstcd',through f the;
['Association during tho.'past Vt-ason,
j according: - to 'an announcement _made
by the" Lethbridge  representative   of
the pool. ....-;-'; ".���' .'���'-'"    -   ���" - ���  ''"��� ;���
Just as'soon-,as a man'acquire l��js
ideal he-begins-to .look .around for-a
superior. one'V -'.:_'...���;,'. f'ff. -'-'-.. .::''���
?^rnard's  .Liniment':\forX.Ccjrti'y- and
-.���,'.'-' Bunions ,;;-.::'-" iyXy, ' J-fV---'>���.-" -.yi
Here is, great yalue ia
Dairy Pails. We know
there exists a. big1 demand for a wdlfinislted,
, good-wearing sanitary
dairy pail selling at &
popular price, y Here it
isytheSMP Dairy Pai!,
hew style.\. See them sn the
stores.- Take a look at the
big ear, note theabsenec of
all cracks and crevices-^:
and.mark the low priceV
, only.; one dollar. :: Equip :
vyour dairy throaghout wiih
Manitoba Dairy Products Show
To - Be Held In Connection With
Provincial Exhibition at Brandon
Preliminary arrangements are now
being made for the holding of the annual dairy products show in connection-with the provincial exhibition of
Manitoba, to bo held at Brandon,
June 2D to' July 3. Liberal cash
prizes, as .well as'ihe usual silver cups
and""medals and diplomas, have been
provided for the different classes, and
judging from'-��� tlio/ interest already
shown in .this fair, tlie entry list is expected .to ;bo the".largest ever received.
Quickly soothes
clears away -
Eozema, eta
50c all Dealers.
A Titled Rancher
Baron Joseph Csavossj* who with
his brother, Andre, recently.purchased
the Bow Elver Ranch, is returning to
Hungary this month and expects to return next-fall with".several" families,
whom he intends to settle on the farm.
Mrs. G. Martin, R.R. 'No. 2 Orillia,
Ont., writes:��� "I have been troubled-
with my heart for a long time and very
often had bad spells with it. . I would
take fainting spells, and my husband
had to have somebody to stay with
me all the time. He got "me everything he could think of to see if they
would do'me. any good, but nothing
seeined to help me." One day a friend
was in to see mc and advised me to
try ',- "v . - ^.i X -
My husband went and got mo two.
boxes,, and   after   the   first   one.. was
finished 1 felt like a different woman.'-
r. cannot recommend them enough to
all those who   suffer   with   anything,
wrong with their heart or nerves."
Milburn's II. & N. Pills have been
on the market for the past SO years
and are put. up only by The T. MilburB
Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
"All druggists handle them."
During the last fifty years deaths
in New York' City from tuberculosis
have .decreased 44. per cent., while
those from heart disease have increas'
ed 42 per cent/ . '
Mrs. Blackstone.���"Is your husband
saving, anything for a rainy day, my.
dear? "���''...
Mrs.    Webster.���"Only . his    usual
grouch!" ,  .
How He Discovered   .:
Best Constipation Relief
&T'.::.'::::..".. :-v.\ .������T-'....'y!V'*'.?'.v?.'l.'-..JvvV.-:^!vlv!!^^n.''""^.rff.**yy^
���Simple a>id,Sure.���Dr. -Thomas' Eclcctric... Oil. .is so "simple in application
that ii chlici can .'understand tlio instructions. ��� .Used..as a liniment thQ
only direction is to rub," and when used
as'a dressing tp.apply.-, Tho directions
arc so-plain .and-unmistakable, that
they are .readily understood by young
or old. ��� ���"���.:_     " '. - ���''"' '-,, ' ���"   . - - '--   "'
Prairie Fisheries1
-Could., Hardly    Live   for   Asthma,
writes one-man who aftcr.yea'ri.of suffering' -has - .found .'complete relief
through 'Dr. ��� "Jf D. Kellogg's -Asthma
j jic-inedy-. - "Now" Iie-.lthbws' hciw\rieed-
less/lias ..been-his suffering.' -This
matchless remedy gives' sure help" to
"all afflicted, \vith asthma. .��� Inhaled as
snioke or ya'ppr "it b'rir.gs'.tl.e' help'" so
long needed. ' Evory'dbaler lias'it or
can get it for yoti from Iiis wholesaler.
7   Oldest ChoraT Society   .
""-.That fthe oldest musical society: in
the "world, flourishes today in the pity'
bf-Loridon vrasa' fact surpri.sSi.g to the-
majbrity ,of tlie; readers off.this paper"
lhe other "day.": 'The'Madrigal Society,:
which meets at 0;irpenterJ3' ������ Hall for
the eiilflyatlon'"bf. old English music, jyiedaythnef
i has ah'unbrbken.rc.cpril of 184 years of | rrr^
{sociable-slnging.-rLo'ndpii- Dally Mail
Catch .Had   a   Marketable-Value. Of
;-W    -7$2,0S4,162 Last"y��ar f ; )"-.
The product, of ihe cpmmercial fish-
e.ries'of' the' three, prairie provinces in'
1924 -had 'a. total market" value'of %1,-,
05-i,-162, .-.-"apportioned' .'as-, .follows:'"
Manitoba^ >i,232,5G3.;f.. Saskatchewan;
.?4S2,492; and Alberta, ?339,i07.. Compared with the previous, year the value
of' Mitcitoba's, fisheries fproduct in-,
creased by $211,9GS;- or -21 per -cent.;
Saskatchewan's by $195.849,: or- 68 per
cent;; -while Alberta's-. decreased by.
?99,S30,'br723-per ceut7"-7     -7 -
What a-lot,of wise mien tliere'w'ould
be" in the world if every'inan kncvV
half .as" much .'as-he tries to-"make
olhcrsthlrik he knows!-   ""   "���" ,-' -'.  V
Cheapest of a,\I . OUa.^^-Considering
the-qualities of Dr.;Thomas' Eclectric
Oil it is. tho. cheapest bf all preparations. offered to the public...' fit is. to
be..found iiuevery "drug store.in Canada'from coast to coast and.all'coun.-
try merchants-keep it. for s.alef. So,
being."easily, procurable and extremely
moderate [In priced no one should b<f
without a. bottlo'of it. y.-,.
7 Mr.. JosepK F. JGlw_j)f_Brppk!yD,.
" N. Y., writes "In the past 20 years.
I.have been constantly-troubled-with ,
constipation.   "Every   remedy-I' tried
i would  work O.K." for  a  while���but.
;soon failed.  .The only remedy I have;
. been able: to use. steadily ��� with good
' results have been Carter's Little Liver"
I'ilis.   Ldon't guess when I take them
���I -.know-. I'm going to feei relieved."
���-'Cis at aii druggists.."'.'. :- -  -.;, '.  - ;'..
.    INC. ��� .
tOS 3rd Ava., S.
' Snakatohewan
-In addition to -their^ eyelids,' owls
have a screen that thcy draw-sideways
across-their eyes while-tlipy'sleep.-.in
!". No matter-how deep-rooted the corn.'
\ may be,';lt must yield to Hollo way's
��� Corn Remover if'tised as directed.
[Grain Inspections' In Western Canada"
Grain inspections In Western Can-,
ada during thc eight, months' ending;
. .\farch, 1S25. were 3S"i79S cars. Only j
; four- times' has this number been ex-'
Iceeded during'the last 2-1 years.- Of!
[these 105,555 cars Vere on Canadian!
I Pacific Railway line^ and 81.243 7on '
1 lines of oth-^r roads..' ,.'"���"'
! Keep.Minari's Liniment in the House.
MINARD'S Relieved )y
His Rheumatism
Here is one bf many letters tes.-
Ufying to, the relief; "Minard's
givea in cases ot. rh'eumatlsni;
"I have been relieved of rheuma-'
tlsta hy your liniment. J thought
I would, never be free from this
malady and I. tried many remed-
. ies. but Minard's was the only
one which gave me relief."
, St. Samuel, P.-.Q.  ....
Mtna^s  ia   als'd "iplendtd   for
stlffn-iss off the joints, sprains,
��� ���'
Kidney disease is dan-.'
gcrbus unless checked..
Gin Pills will remedy.
all kidney troubles.
Get a box to-day befoiro
it is too late,. .V
Ha. 1 for. Bla-fSdar C*Uirfh.   So, 2 tor Bleed A
fficia Disease*. Ho-StorGhsfocii. W��_t__ms����e��,
K��!.t> Br t.KU>JSaCHKK:ET5.I'l'tCKr"l ESGT.tSBj!"*
DjXHC;.;rX MeJ. t_o.iJ��Ter��oc_s3!<_.��f.,iva.,i;.��r<1c��
or Mai! S. -1 Ofcoia a. F��ost ST. E..To>w io. 0����
. er 69, bcseiuk Sri:��ET. tizw ?o_-> CitT. ��
��-^eH^ssart*PSM THE   LEDdE.   GREENWOOD,   B. C
Cleans Like China
. When you use SMP Enameled Ware
Utensils, you never need to .scrape, scour
and scrub the way some wares demand.
Hot-water, so*ap, a cloth -��� that's all you
need to clean them. It washes like
china, has the cleanliness and surface of china, but wears like steel.T
Don't be the slave of your cooking
ware; equip with clean, pure sani;
tary, lasting
Qfef M$cftfa&��y
We will gladly make you
a definite, reasonable allowance for your old machine-
any make or style. Make the
exchange now, ��� your most
profitable milking season is just
coming���now is the time to
stop loss and waste. Your old
machine will apply as part pay-��
ment on a Melotte. Ask us to
make-you an offer, NOV/!
will bo in charge of provincial committees tlie chairman of.which are as
follows: British Columbia, Professor
P. E. Buck, Vancduyer; Alberta, Professor George Harcourt, Edmonton;
Saskatchewan, Dr. C. F. Patterson,
Saskatoon; Manitoba,..Professor P. W.-
Brodericlc, Winnipeg; Ontario, George
Simpson, Ottawa; '; Quebec, ,X It.
Lavolc, Quebec; Now Brunswick, Af--G.
Turney, Fredericton;"-' Nova.? Scotia,
Professor W. 7S. Blair, Kentville;
Prince Edward Island,- J. A. Clark,
Charlottetown. ���'.- .
Enter your school in this Dominion-
wide competition. . You may win a
prize but if you do not you will have
Hie satisfaction of having done something to benefit tho neighborhood and
to make the Utile country school attractive to thb children and a place
to be pleasantly remembered by them
in the years to come.'
Riders of the Plains
Commissioner     Starnes    Tells
��� .v Yorkers.That Movie Version
All Rubbish
Commissioner Cortlandt Starnes,
Beautification Of
School Grounds
i Valuable Cups  and  Prises  For Com-
1 petition By Rural Schools
(By Geo. Simpson)-
1   '"Seniiment has enshrined "the little
. old red school house in the affections
j of country-bred men and women and
���.the mists of time have rounded off its
austerities of outline and enshrouded It in an atmosphere of romantic
interest aud beaut}'.     But the dream   take care of themselves especially dur
cherished in llie memories of alter
life. Theiv are notable exceptions;
many rural school grounds have beeu
beautified by progressive school
boards, community organizations, such
as horticultural societies and women's
institutes and, not infrequently, by
icachcrs who see educational opportunities in the planting and care of
tho school grounds.
Hardy shrub;;, frees, woody climbers
and the more robust perennials are
favored as planting materials because-,
once established they can pretty well
the -Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
who attended the: international police
conference at New York, has ruthlessly squelched the popular United States
conception of Canada's "Riders of the
Plains," as such is presented by Hollywood.
The slick young giants with the
glossy black~mop of hair, liberally
plastered and neatly parted, simply do
Well Known Woman Inventor
Has-Organized Company to Manufacture Labor-Saving Devices,
Women as inventors have applied
for more patents in England during
the last few months than at any other
period in history. Most of these devices are labor-saving machines for
Use in the ordinary household where
there are no servants. -Among them
is an electrical dish washing machine
which will clean the dishes of a family
of _i2,wilhin a few minutes at the cost
of one-twelfth of an English penny.
j One of the best known British
woman inventors is Mrs. E. M. Bolton
member of a family of inventors, and
who recently organized a company
which will manufacture labor-saving
devices. She is a grand niece of Sir
Humphrey .Davy, who concei/ed tlie
miner's safaly lamp. One of her inventions is a complete laundry whicli
Another Old  Custom Passes
not exist in tho R.C.M.P., nor do they  ma>' be operated by a housewife who
give voice' incessantly to- the slogan
about "getting thcir man." ���
Commissioner Starnes declared the
Canadian Mountles get their man if I
they can, and they can't   be   expected j
to   do   moT,     The movie version of
the Mouuties- is a lot of rubbish, said
"The sole basis of the moving picture conception is that tlie-"" men are
usually courageous and resourceful.
They often work miles from civilization, and develop unusual qualities of
independence," he said."
has no maid, without getting so much
as even a drop of water on her fair
Iodine Is Rarest
Of Human Elements
and the reality are not quite the same.
In place of the vine-draped school-
house ifnd playground framed in foliage and flower the traveller too often
sees a plain unadorned, unpainted
building standing solitary In its enclosed acre or two,- destitute ot" Ire?,
shrub or flower,.a-place altogether unlovely, uninviting and unwort.iy._fo be
Weak, Lost In Weight
ing the summer vacation when teacher
and pupils are not there to look after
ih em. * N
To encourage the beautification of
school grounds the "Canadian horticultural council has instituted a Dominion-wide competition ami is offering
several valuable silver cups aa prize's
to those \vho_dq_the jnost.meritorious,
work during the season. Each province will, have iis own competition and
provincial committees have been named to conduct the contests and award
the prizes.      A cup&_will become the   Increases Amount of Sugar
Contains      But ~ One
Thousandth Of An Ounce
There is only a teulh -of an ounce
of iron in the human body, yvet that
small quantity is essential to life. But
compared with iodine, iron is an abundant human element, writes Dr. Milo
Hastings, of New Vork. The amount
of iodine in a healthy human is about
one five-thousandth of an ounce.
Counting ten million people in*New
York and'' vicinity this would give, us
about a hundred pounds of iodine for
tlie community. One man could carry
the iodine for the whole ten million
of us���but if we let him do so, tho
other 9,999,99!J of us would promptly
This sound like a lot of fool theory
���but it is a
known to thc, science of life and
health. Tills minute quantity of
iodine ls" contained in our thyroid
gland, and because of it that gland
pcrfoinis its function of controlling
the__grow th_ and���normal- development
of body and mind.
Making Bank Of England Notes
By the
Whip-VVomsn   Of  London   Leave
Covsnt Garden
The whip-women of Covent Garden
are going to abandon the precincts of
"this .famous. produce market for the
same reason tliat the" viliage black-,
smith is becoming an automobile salesman. 'The whip-women are among
the picturesque denizens that go along
with- this most picturesque' market
square, and for the last 300 years an
unhfrokeh line of members of their
'families have checked tho whips of
the produce growers who. frequent this
This concession of" whip checking,
which has supported many families
for so long a time, was granted io six
ancestors of the present-day whip-women in the sixteenth century when
Covent Garden was really a convent
garden of the Monks of Westminster
outside # which the farmers. brought
their garden truck to sell.
In that century, half a dozen whip-
women took charge of tho whips of
the farmers to keep them from tlie
hands -of thieves, ; and" collected a
penny from the owner at the end of
the day. The number, of whip-women has grown to 12 because some
women left their share of the concessions to two daughters, but even
though i he-price of checking whips is
now threepence, the whip-women of
today cannot make a living, they say.
Pain In The Muscles,
Stiffness In Joints,
Quickly Subdued By Nerviline
Those who have tested out numerous liniments will-agree that where
something is needed to dislodge a
depp-scuted, more or less chronic condition there is nothing to compare with
f Nerviline. It's because Nerviline
penetrates so deeply, because if  has
Don't think of Mustard
merely as a spicy relish
. to enjoy with cold meat.
'Mustard is.a seasoning
to be used as widely as
you use salt and pepper.
Mustard brings out the
natural hidden flavours
of cooked dishes and,
adding its own flavour,
gives them a new zest
-and relish.
Fish For Prairie Lakes
Whole Process Is Surrounded
-   " Greatest Privacy
'The manufacture of the paper from
which Hank of England notes are made I about" "live UmesThc' strength of-Tho
is surrounded by the greatest privacy, j ordinary oily preparation, it has come
This paper has been made in the same | io bfl known as  King  over all  Pain.
For Khoiiniaticv conditions, muscular
and joint stiffness, Nerviline works
factory, at Laverstoke, Hampshire, for,
over two Jm nd red'years..    It is pre-j
pared entirely by hand from specially j
selected rags, and is washed and Ve-
washed in spring water used for no
other purpose.      The formula of (he
ink used in printing ihe notes is known
to    only   half-a-dozen    people.     Tbe
chief ingredient is charcoal  obtained
by smoke-drying the wood of Rhenish '
vines.      Each note costs    the    bank 1
roughly a penny-to produce, and the-.
average  period  of circulation  i.s   two j
and a half months.    -About  60,000 of j
the. notes; are    printed daily, while
every year nearly 20,000,000 old notes
are collected ancl destroyed.
A trial proves this.     Get a
35 cent buttle from your dealer to-day.
Depositing  Fish   Fry  in the  Lakes of
Prairie Provinces
Almost thirteen million whitefish
and herring fry are being deposited in
thc lakes of the prairie provinces, according fo advice received by officials
of the Canadian National Kailways._
Into Jackfish Lake,, near North Battleford, 2,800,000 whitefish and 200,000
Cisco (herrings) are being lodged; in
Li[tle Quill Lake and tributaries near .
Wadena, Sask., l,S00,OOO Cisco are being deposited, and in the Qu'Appelle
lakes���Katepwa, Mission, :geho ^ anu
Sioux��� 0,000,000 whitefiMi and \2i'000,-
000 cisco are being cast.
The Pioper Time
Grandma,���"I'm afiaid you'll be late
at the parly."
Little Girl.���"Oh,-you dear grandma: Don't ,-ou know that in our stA,
nobody evcT goes to a party until
everybody gets there?"   "���
Many Homesteads- Taken Up
She Was Obliged
To Take To Her Bed
Then Mrs. J. Derocher Used Dodd's
Kidney Pills
100,000 Acres Homesteaded During' Q"ehec 'Lady Suffered From. Kidney
First Three Months of This Year I 7ro-ub,.e..an4 Found Complete Relict
Approximately   100,000" acres   were
When the baby Is 111; when he cries
a great deal and no amount of attention or petting makes him happy,
Baby's Own Tablets' should bo given
him without delay. The Tablets are
a mild but thorough laxative which
regulate lhe bowels and. sweeten the
stomach and thus drive out constipation and indigestion; break up colds
and simple fevers and make" teething
] easy. They are 'absolutely guaranteed to be free from opiates and narcotics and can ba-given to even the
���new-born babe with perfect safety
and always with beneficial results.
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
irom The Br. Williams' Medicine Co^
Brockville, Ont. *_
In Dodd's Kidney Pills.
,    South    Stukely,    Que.���(Special).���
homesteaded in thc four western prov- j That relief can be-obtained trom all
inces during lhe first three months of, Iiinda   of   kidney   disorders by using
well'proved aS any fact, this year, with 620 persons filing. Sas-! Pod<!'3 Fidl?��i' pi!,s ls aS��in evidenced
katchewan got the latest proportion ft^T^S^^S
of these settlers, while Alberta was j respecied resident of this place. She
second with-227, Manitoba third with 1 writes: ' '  ���
Alberta Oats For New Zealand
Nearly a quarter of a million bushels
I of oats grown in Alberta, were shipped to -New Zealand last, winter for
seed purposes, according to a bulletin
issued. by the provincial department
of agriculture.
Effects Of Bad Temper
���Levy's S'tudio
Windsor,'   Ont.���"For    over    six
tnonths I was in ill health���was not
able to .dp a day's work.   J got very
. weak and lost in weight, could not j
cat.  suficred  from poor  circulation, I
chilly alh thc timc 'and had a slight i
cough.     I   doctored   but   still   kept !
going  down  and  everyone thought I
-1 was going- into a decline.   I finally.!
began   taking   Dr.   Pierce's   Golden !
Medical Discovery and thru the use ''
of* this medicine   1  was completely
i cstorcd to good health.   I gained m
weight, my circulation improved and
I could eat." Then I went back to
my work arid never felt better. I have
F>een a strong and healthy .man ever
since, which  I  owe to Dr, Pierce's
Golden   Medical   Discovery."'���William E. Brush, 450 Dougall Ave.
Ail .iruggists. Liquid or tablets.
Write Doctor Pierce's Invalids' Hold, Buffalo, N:Y_. for Tree medical
advice, or send 10c for trial pkg. oi
tablets to Dr. Pierce's Laboratory in
Bridgehurg, Ont.
property of the school winning it three
times not necessarily in succession and
with each cup the council will present
an award of merit to be framed and
kept  by tho school  as a permanent
record.   * There is no entry fee ancl
no obligation.is implied by application
to enter the competition.    "Applications will be received by Mr. L. F. Burrows', secre'ary-treasurer of'the Canadian horticultural   council,   Ottawa.
These    mint    be   accomapnied by a
photograph   or   snapshot���any  size���
showing tho condition of the school
grounds at the time of entry.   "At a
date' to bc set in tho fall, the schools
taking part'in the competition will be
asked to send to the chairman of the
provincial committee a'further photograph or snapshot of the grounds at
that time, together with an essay describing the plan and methods adopted
to produce  the  result, shown in   thej
picture.     These   essays   and   photo-j
graphs   will   be   used as a basis for)
judging, but it may" be necessary forf
the  provincial  commit tee   to' visit   ai
few schools  before making  the final I
award. - - '   j
Arrangements will be made," follow-j
ing thcr award, for th^ presentation of ���
the cup and certificate to the winning
school. An.address on a horticultur- |
al subject will, be given hy th�� person'!
'making the presentation and-the pupils j
1 will be asked to write an essay on the j
{ matter'dealt with by this speaker. For 1
n   Blood
and Causes Muscular Intoxication
Bad temper, an eminent pathologist.
SO, and British Columbia last with 21.
"1 was attacked with a malady that
nm-inv the. first ninnn,- r,f ihu ^n..,.! flt flrst r <Ud 310t think, was, serious
Dining the flist quaiici o�� the' _>.���r.;.nntll_about-the -beginning "of"tast-
J00 soidiei-granrs also were taken up,  March, when it became   evident   that
representing 7,000 acres.
Fox Farming In B.C.
Industry   -Is     Developing    Fast
-   Vancouver Island
The rapid development of fox farm
has discovered, has-the strange effect'ing on Vaueouver Island has decided
of increasing the amount of sugar in
the blood by 10 per cent, to 30 per cent.-
in thy course of & few minutes. That
is why an augry man wants to fight
the object "of his rage. He becomes
hot-blooded because the accession or
carbonacacous material intoxicates his
muscular system. The strange thing
is that this rapid change is due to a
tiuy gland-about the sizo of a pin.
When it functions normally a person"
remains calrii and even-tempered. If
the. essence exudes too "lavishly,
hatred, passion and quarrels ensure.
W-   N.    U.   1S7S
i the best essay from the school as de-
I termined  hy   fhe  school   teacher  the
I council will give a prize of %'i.     Eacli
jpiovincial prize essay will be allowed 1
I to compute with the piize essays from ,
j the oiher provinces and for the best of 1
j ihes_e .a farther prize of ?10 will be,'
awarded. .'
j - The competitions in  the  provinces .
On Forehead, Ckeks arid
Chin. Cuticura Heals.
My face began breaking out
with pimples, ftrst my forehead
then cheeks and chin, and it was
an awful looking sight. The pimples were hard and red and after a
time cams to'tt head and scaled
over. They were very painful at
times and the trouble lasted aboai
three months.
" I tried different remedies without tuzy benefit. I begaa using Cu-
Ucnra Soap and Ointment and I.
was completely healed after using
three cakes of Cutfcnra Soap aad
one box of Cuticura Ointmersfc."
(Signed) Mrs. Algat .Usndgren,
McCord, Wis., Aug. 12, 1S24.
Vtt Cbtfctsra for all toilet pta-poses.
Dsjwfc; "8lRlmnl__.l__gir.il- Frier, 8o*e
StOiaJa��__�� _3 ami 19s. TWetrai JSc
CeSwMr* Siwviaft Slick 25ev.
the Prince Edward Island fox farmers
to open a depot in Victoria, which thoy
will keep Well stocked with foxes shipped from that territory. Eightecu
months ago there were not half a dozen farms on the island of Vancouver,
while today there are between 30 and
-10 fanners handling foxes.
I couhh do nothing. 1 consulted a"
doctor aud he told me I was suffering
i'rom kidney trouble.
'I was obliged to take to my'bed. I
had a Dodd's .Almanac in the house
and read a few of the testimonials,
then bought S boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills and a box of Diamond- Dinner
"���t can assure you that they have-
made me wpll, and the pain in my back
between the shoulders is gone. T
anrcompletely relieved of my trouble."
-As a vermicide an excellent preparation- is Mother Graves" YVormT-Exier-"
minator.     It has saved the lives of
countless children.
All things come wlth.thu waiter who
serves an order of hash.
For   Aches   and. Pains   Use   Minard's
Mineral Deposits In Antarctic
But No Vegetation That Wilt Maintain
Animal Life
Rich mineral deposits exist in the
Autarllc, according io a New Zealaiul-
Socialism and Capitalism
Tb�� Dreamers Who Would Upset the
Present* Social Order
If there.Wfc-rtj no need.of betterment
tliorf would be no need of politics.
Hut it is a long lenp from the proposition that capitalism has not produced
an earthly paradise to the proposition
that'll must therefore be replaced by
a totally different system founded on
a theory of which nothing is known
or who accompanied tho Norwegian i but that its champions disagree among
whaling Beet-which recciStly returned Uhemselvcs as to what it means, and
from the Ross 3ea. lie reported that j that the attempt to put one version
although coal and other minerals were! of It'lnto practice has resulted in a
found in the Ross Dependency, there;frightful national catastrophe.���Lon-
was no prospect of establishing any . don Daily-Telegraph-
industry there.     There Is no vegeta
tion to maintain animal life.
That's Why
"Row did you like your new rooms?".
Human'Values "A11    rignt,    except    that  the roan
N'orali Holland died in Toronto th<*'acros3 tIle ll:llJ ,s learning_to play the
j othf r day;, and the announcement was I flute."
compressed,   in    a   jvtraRraph.      Yet!
Xorali Holland' was one of the finest
and best beloved of Canadian poets,
a .sweet  singer whose .songs gushed
from her heart, and whoso work made
life better'and   richer.     We   sometimes get strangely mixed In human
valuta.���OUawa Journal.
"You ought to get a saxophone." .
"I did; that's why he got the flute."
Fraser Canyon Road
The Fraser canyon road, %v?iich will
Complete   the   trans-provincial   highway, linking with the western prairies,
will be completed soon.
j Proverb Amended
|    Mrs. A.���You can't judge people by
j their clothes, you know.
}    Mrs, B.���At any rate, not until you
1 see their family wash out on the 3ine.
RJTATED  BY 9E��Kj. ��
Mirf.rd'a Liniment for Backache
>n��T* ����* rfca* _t�� _<i_a sock mduvsc^ ��_��_��_____*
Dogs May Bathe
Thero is now no excuse for Miniich
dogs going about dirty.    A public bath
for dogs has been established ancl i.s
open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Relieved by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Mitchell, Ontario.'���"I have taken
your medicine for a number of years.
I do not take it steady all the time, but
I am never without it. I always keep
it in the house. I took it first for pains
in the abdomen and bearing-down pains,
headaches and pains across the back, f-
have my home to look after and many
a day I could not get up at all. -' I saw
the advertisement in the paper about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and-Mrs. John Miller told me
about it, too. Every time J take it, it
makes me feci better and I always recommend it to my friends. I am willing
to answer letters from women asking
about this medicine and vou may use
thisletter as a testimonial.? '���Mrs. F. J.
Wasshann, Mitchell, Ontario.
The merit.of Lydia' E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound is told by women
to each other. Many women know by
experience what this medicine will <io
and they are anxious for others to know.
Sach testimony should canse any
woman suffering from the troubles so
common to her sex, to give this well-
known medicine a fair trial.
Do you know that in aTecent canvass
among women users of the Vegetable
Compound over 233,000 replies were received. To the question, "Have you received benefit by ta_rm�� this medicine?''
98 per cent, replied "Yes."
This means, thai ft? oal of every 100
women are in better health because
they have given this mediciee a fair
Is $12.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid ior three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always In' advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices....... $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices i.3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears lr> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transctent display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals _2_^c. a line each insertion.
Railway Deal
Not Contemplated
(Penticton Herald)
For several weeks.past wild and
weird stories have been circulating
in .Penticton relative to the supposedly imminent purchase by the
C.P.R. of the Grand Forks-Princeton line of the Great Northern Ky.
These stories were magnified to
the extent that "plans" of the
railway, following the purchase,
to move the headquarters and shops
of the Kettle Valley Railway from
Penticton were freely circulated
and given some credence, as rumors
always are. -> -
In order to clarify the situation,
The Herald wired the president of
the Kettle Valley Railway and has
received the following telegram in
reply from 0. E. S.ockdill, assistant to President Coleman;
"Penticton Herald.
���    "Penticton, B.C.
"Your message yesterday to Mr.
Coleman, whois absent on account
of illness. There is no foundation
to the report that we have purchased-or contemplate purchasing the
Great. Northern:. Grand -Forks-
Princeton line. W   ,.   .;        -     ,
..'. "07 B. STOCKDILL,'.'
The telegram .is, se!f:explanatory
and will .set at..rest . the Tumors
which are. .believed7to have had
their' source in Grand 'Forks,; where
-the wish, yviaiy. .without -doubt,
father.to.the,thought... ' -..VV 7
Rock Creek Items
.7- '/   -.      '..    (By. G. Willis).-   " ',     7   '
V.7..W7 Hattqn.has recovered -.froin
his recent ilirie^sV    - 7
.0.   Saunier^.  of   Rhone,, was a
��� ��� visitor here'on Monday'; ""���;- ..V    7
_���' Gerry -Harpur    payed- a   short'
.- visit.'to town on Saturday._--x''"-"..
7 . TMiss Cti.meroa,  of. Rboiie,~7was
in Rock Creek on Monday Wf      7
- Mr.; and  ..Mrs. .George   Lord
7 motored to Grand. Forks on Mon-
"������; day.. ���-"���"-  ��� V '���._������ yX- 7 ...7 y.
,��  'There was B's degrees of frost
registered'atRock Creek on Sunday
- -night.'       ' -7 ������- ''   W-   .77''." 7 yy
,['__    George Johnson is back-again at
,   his    old"   job���working.. ~on.   . the.
" section.'. -��� .
7   Mre. /Bodman'and: her brother
.passed through   Rock.  Creek, oil
,   G.  Pitman has been -"'iit at his
... home; having had fthe  misfortune
to.get blood.poison in his foot.
- Mr.- and Mrs. /W"/ Hatton afcfcend-
- ed the. big sports at Ingram.Bridge
���:   on Monday.       V        . V.,7.
. Mill I)rra��or was the-temporary
manager of the. Co-Operative sto^e
during the absence.of G. Swacne]!..
Mr. and Mra.. DuMqat motored
.   through  Rock  Creek :on;.Sand��y.
.afternoon,  on. their7,way home, to
.  their farm near Brideaville.
:. Mrs. E.. Hatton" motored down
��� . to the sports at Ingram Bridge bn
7���:Monday?     AH   her .;friends f were
pleased to. see her looking .feo'"well.
There is a whisper going ronnd.
.   that Roy Worthington.ia going to
get  a car, - and.: it  will be a. bran
"new one iob.7 \ 7./  ....
Mr. and Mrs. 'WChaa..-:, Bubar
motored from B.eai'erdeir'oa/Monday and took in the sports at
Ingram Bridge and the daneeat
Midway. '���'���
"What a delightful shower of
rain we had on Thtirtday?'! . The
farmers are certainly smiling. It
poured down for a time, well, afe
Riverside it caine down ia torrents.
A football game between  KePia
Valley and Rock Creek took plaeej
Monday, -Sock   Creek, b'eicg  ther
���winner 2 to.fO/. ..Threef cheers, fori
Bock Creek.   WfV'V'VWVW ���y,\
L.. Sortome left on Sunday
to seek employment at Hedley.
Mrs. Dan O'Ray, of Grand
Forks, is the -guest of Mrs. C. T.
The semi-monthly pay day will
be hereafter observed at the
St. Jude's Church, Matins and
Holy Communion at 11 o'clock on
Sunday, May 31st.
Staff Sargeant J. A. Fraser
and Mrs. Fraser and ' family, of
Penticton, spent the week end in
Miss Alice. Smith, R.N. of
Kamloops, has been engaged to
nurse in the Greenwood and District Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Fenner and
two sons and Mrs. Dan O'Ray
returned on Tuesday evening
from a motor trip to Summerland.
McElmon, the watchmaker, has
returned"to Greenwood and opened
a place of business opposite the
Bank of Commerce and is ready
to do watch and optical repairing.
Mrs. J. Cross and Mrs. C. L..
Fletcher and two daughters,
Evelyn and Marjorie, of Trail,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.
A. G. Barnes big circus passed
-through   Greenwood  about   5:30
this morning.    The train was in
two   sections   and    it   took   six
engines to haul the long train.
Jas. Copland,, of Bridesville,
was a visitor to town on Wednesday. His friends throughout the
district are pleased to know he
has recovered from his injuries
to his eyes.
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw left
on Wednesday afternoon to* attend the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church at Toronto.
Dunn <y Mr. Walkitishaw's absence
the church will be closed until
June 2Sth.-       ���    "   7.
"'-���'.''John T. Bel!, one ofthe former
owners of the Bell mine, is" now
located : on7 .Wallace ' Mountain,
and is. .'working - on-the Beaver
claim, in'which beholds ah interest.; "f Mrs/Bell has" moved from
Duncan and is with him,.' "-.'.  7, ���'"'
S'tuart and.RpssTerhune-vstay-
ed .-'off , at- Green wood" for. a'- few
day's last week] to visit friends; on
tfaeir way -from -Vancouver,'"-""tb
their .'home;- in- Rossland, ..Stuart
having'finished his secondvearof
the five year course atthe University.. -Ross-was at ,the:coast "visit-;
ing- his brother and-.felatiy.es.   ���_--,
Great interest and .a "goodly
number of players.;were at an
American.tournament at: the.local
tennis, courts' on Saturd-ay after-'
noon..-, MrsV'A. JV Dorman -and.
Nf E. .Morrison'won out on" 'a .tie
with- MissTR.VAxam. and ;G."' H--
Stiliwell; -.The .presiden t presen'-;
ted the winners with'.a box. pf
.chocolates.   .V" W- .    ���-. .. -'
-.Mr. and-..Mrs. P: McLaughlin
left on Sunday for Hedley where
they will reside. Mr.:. McLaughlin is a member of the/ Red.Chief
Syndicate . that, -is working the
Mammoth -group 4- miles from
Hedley. A 300 ft. drift and 150 ft.
cross cut. "wiU- be made on. .'this
group.-A'gasoline engine will-
drive the compressor.. The 01 e
carries gold and silver arid -good
assays have been received.    -
, Harold Folvik was arrested last
Saturday by Provincial Constable
Stewart- charged with theft on
three counts. He appeared before
P.-H. McCurrach, S.M., at 10 a.m.
on Wednesday. The accused consented to be tried by the presiding
magistrate and pleaded guilty to
all-.charges. He.was fined $100
and costs or. six months in. jailf,
The fine was paid, and at. the
saaie.timefhe,was..bound over to
iteep//thev peace for six. months..
The" stolen; property,7consisting
of an.auto radiator, tire,fnjat and
tools, .has.-been ^returned to the
owners.. ���'' i-.X   -yXy-y '    .-.-.''
Hjs Hqiior - J. R. Brown held
County Court ia the. Court House
on _ Tuesday, May' 26.th; There,
was only one-case on-'the docket-
Harry. . G. Wilson sued J. W,
.Williams and.the Jubilee Mining
Co;, claiming a,lienron-.the Spo'������-.
ted "Horse.- Mineral .Claim, f or'nondelivery of Stock amounting to
S2 SO, a day for }he length of time
he was. working. ;.C'. F. R. Psri-
fcbtt appeared for the plaintiff
aad F.'.B. Hetheririgton for both
defendents./ f- M. any witnesses
were called and. the. case lasted
all day. . Judge -Brown reserved
his decision,., 7 ',;: V;"-.. ���.  7
"7 All,.F.reeVM-net's-":Certificates
expire ori lhe 31st of May."'.-.;. XX7,
Zane Grey and Paramount
Headed by Bebe Daniels, Ernest
Torretice, Noah Beery and Lloyd
Hughes, the cast of Zane Grey's
"The Heritage of the Desert,"
^rhich will be shown afe the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, May 30
is particularly strong and well
suited for this type of picture.
Bebe Daniels plays the role of a
western girl, part Indian and part
Spanish. Ernest Torrence, whose
characterization of an old^lains-
man won him world wide .recognition, is cast as a God-fearing pioneer, typifying American patriotism.
Noah Beery as a bad mau of the
desert and Lloyd Hughes as ,nr tenderfoot, complete fehe featured
playera. Others in the cast are
JameB Mason, Richard R. Neill
and Leonard Clapham.
List of Hospital Subscribers
Here and 1 h
Ac-ording- to the Alberta Provin-
clal Department of Agriculture nearly a quarter of a million bushels of
:als were shipped from that province
to New Zealand for seed purposes
last winter.
The Quebec Provincial Automobile
Bureau.estimates that well over 100,-
000 automobiles will be registered in
that Province during the year. This
will mean an increase over the 1924
ros-stration of about 15,000 cars.
The 1924 exports of��live cattle to
Great Britain exceed the 1923 figures
by over twenty-two thousand heads,
according to the; official Canadian
returns. Exports to the United
States also showed a slight increase.
Four sniall wooden vessels to act
as tugs and feeders from Coronation Gulf to Herschel Islands, in the
Arctic, are being built at Vancouver,
B.C., to the order of the Hudsons Bay
Company. They will be well powered and sheathed in iron bark.
There is now only one mine in the
Crop's Nest -Pass district idle.. Between eight, and nine thousand tons
of coaL.arc being mined there daily
and the mines at Coleman, Blairmore.
and Belief ue" . afe'.-rapidls'-' striking
their stride; their, output" being about
��� six thousand, tons.':-W
-Although "the,.chief beneficiaries
under - the   new," British   preference
���proposals.- will   be . Canafdian sugar,.,
tobacco and automobiles,-it'is stated
that' Canadian ��� -wines and^silk'. goods"
' wiir'also- benefit, to" a!"' certain- extent.,
In- the; sugar preference-an "increase
of about 25%, and in tobacco of from
a fourth ..-to", sixth has been made. '"���
--   By a recent. Order-in-Council...of
the' Lieutenant-Governor,-, premiums
' for' clearing '..land,, which', had   p"rc-f
viously, been,set-at.$8 an ac"r6, were
-increased to"$8." The Order, also, provides that the gremiiim will be paid
for.- a maximum of' twenty7 acres of;
land and,"as,a result of it, a settler'
may obtain a grant of ?160 from the
Government.. as-a  reward  for- his-
work'.5  -    ���' - ���'; -.���"".-'. ' '-��� -.7
The annual invasion of Canada
by- anglers from"" the United 'States'
'has.-commenced. '��., N.f.Eeet, secretary of .the "Izaak Walton' League of
Chicago, with other members" of. the
League is'.catchihg .salmon at^Cains"
Riverj N.B.,.while.a. party of promi-
- nent Newspapermen from Ne^v-York
' is. at' Lake . Archambault, in" the"
-Laurentians, in-quest of.the elusive;
.'trout. Mr." Peet .holds 'the- world
championship for casting a fly.-
; .Waller Lindley-Jones,, editor  and
: founder''of .the.'Mercantile Guardian^
of'Loridoii,Eng., and  an";authority
upon  commercial .matters  in  general, recently passed through. Canada
' on the last, lap of a, journey "around
; the ' world,   by   Canadian   Pacific
steamships and trains.   Mr. Lindley-
." Jones states that a terrific boom .is
due in China as .soon-as hostilities
cease there and that Great Britain
and Canada 'will fee the; chief bene-
'ficiaries.-..-   '.;" '.: ;..."'��� .     -VW
sA nian,. reached the,, station platform just as the 5.15 was pullingoiit.
A little burst of speed netted him
"fifty,feet;in overcoming the train's.
handicap, but the best he could-do
thereafter was tofitin a losing.race..
He quit at the end of the.long platform and returned; "Miss your train,
sir?" enquired the porter cheerfully.
��� "Wo,, my, friendf^7he\; replied,;' ffO\
���;iiprIfwaBr-just'chasing;it'out:-of tho'
yard. "Ycu oughtn't to allow it
around here. Don't you see the tracks
it has lettV'-^Frm^RzM, Uf?? by
[Alfred Fncflj       --*V_ ������'
the Ledge for Job i?rintiDg
The Board of Managers very
thankfully acknowledge receipt
of the following subscriptions.
Anyone wishing to subscribe,
kindly call at the office, or mail,
to Chas. King, Sec -Treas., when
receipts will be given and
amounts acknowledged in the
current.issue of The Ledge.
Previously acknowledged  $1525 05
Mrs. j. Hallstrom, monthly jub 50
M.   Bubdr   77... 5.00
Total       $1530-55
Hack, Wagon, Rake, Disc Cultivator.
B. Gane,
Kettle Valley.
Gray Dort Special Touring Car in good
condition. Will take piano as part payment. Mrs. Ew.en Trounson.
Mail Boxes on Trains
A train mailing'syatein between
Midway and yancouver wa9 inau-
gerated oh the Kettle Valley Eail-
way; yesterday.
This will be quite a convenience
to many citizens enabling them to
mail their letters at the train several hours later than they are at pre-
ent accepting at the poBtoifiee.���
Penticton Herald.
Greenwood Garage
When in Nelson visit
Wright's Cigar Store
You can'fgo  Wrong
if you visit,.(W) Right
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
. Greenwood ^
Kinney Bldg., Main St.
Experienced Mechanic
employed to attend to all car troubles
One hotel range, good .baker.
Small cook stove.   -
Mrs. Er.r,E;N Trounson
One good Barber Chair, large Mirror.
Settee and Chairs, good condition.
Mrs. fe_.r._jN Trounson.
A watch on the road between Greenwood and Midway. Owner can have
same b}' paying for this ad., and apply to
Box 543, Greenwood, B.C.
Job Printing at The Ledge
Gas, Oil, Cup Crease, Floor Dressjng,
Harness Oil, Candles
Agent for Imperial Oil Company.
Cars for-Hire.
McCutcheon Residence
, Greenwood
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
No Service until 28th of June owing
to the absence ofthe Minister, who
is attending: General   Assembly   at
.   Toronto
/ Instead of
Writing Letters
The quicker, easier, and more personal    meth.o.1   of    communication    is .
that    of    long-distance     telephoning.
Consult  the directory  for examples of
our newjaight rates.
Summer Excursion Fares
'..   ..-���", ,
'-Oct.'." 2
Winnipeg ...W.���......-.\f. 72 oa.'         " Fort Willianr..,.;...".C."l:.'���
Toronto _'...,..._....���..'..".._;,Vii3.75 . .'          Niagara Falls .,;..,;..'-:���.,.
'Hamilton-....-.......������,.-...-..-.��� 113.75 ,-.'- ,-' Ottawa ....."...,......	
.London....;......;.,-....'.;..;.- 113.75''"���- '"'   .'Montreal .:..*...;���.	
, I32.75
Quebec....;..... ...: 141.80           :   Moncton	
St.Joins   ....r.':.-. .147.90  5.. '    Halifax- -.; ."..,,:..'..
:i 5345
'���;St. Paul- -......���..."....'...;  -72:00 '���           "Chicago ..V........_.,"...;.,..
-  86.00
- Minneapolis'.'. ���    72.60   >-   ...'' New-York" _...:. ....'..,..-...."
Duluth-. ; ���...,...'.:;.-....., ; 72.00'. ��� -'j...Boston-....'......'.'���'...."._......
. -, Route via Port Arthur or via Soo-Line, -through' Winnipeg or Portal to"
f St. Paul;_thence_via''Chicag6--or Sault Ste. Marie, "via Great-' takes; or .via-.
California- at additional  fare; orf good, -to go-via oiie-of the. above.routes,-
return another..-.   "'"'.'."."      ���."..';'.'" ',.-;...���
J. S. CARTER, District Passenger Agetit, Nelson  .
See.Local Agent or Write for.DetaUsf
yaoant, unresei'ved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
ancl W aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,;
and improvement for agricultural >
Full information concerning regulations    regarding    pre-emptions    is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land, Series,   .
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
; which can be obtained free of charge -
by   addressing   the   Department   of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent. '        -;   N
.   - Records  will  be  granted  covering
only   land   suitable   for   agricultural,
purposes,' and  which is vnot timber-
land, i.e.,  carrying over, 8,000  board
: feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and' 5,000' feet per acre east of that
Range.    ���                       '       ^ .        -.   / "X
Applications for pre-emptions are.'
to bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Landjiecording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and arc made on'printed .
forms, copies of which can be" obtained from the Land Commissioner.
. Pre-emptions must bc occupied for
five years ��� and improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and-cultivating at.least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "Plow to Pre-empt
.    Applications aro received for purchase    of    vacant    and    unreserved
.. Crown  lands,  not-being timberland,
for agricultural  purposes;  'minimum
price i'or first-class  (arable) land is
$5 per acre, and second-class (grazing) land $2.50 per acre.   Further information regarding purchase or lease-,
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series,  "Purchase and .
Lease of Crown-Lands."
-" Mill, factory, or .industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding' '40 acres,
may be "purchased or leased, the conditions'-     including       payment       of
stumpagc. 77 7 -x     _ ' '  ���
;    V HOMESITE LEASES   .7-7   ,
N . "Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
'acres,  may  be  leased' as "homesites, ...
conditional ��� upon 'a   dwelling   being .
. erected in the.first year, .title being
obtainable after residence and improvement f conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
-��� [Xy'XX ' 7WEASES ���'. y)[ {-'}}' "-���
-^ Lir6r_.gra__ing_-.and 7industrial"_ purr___
-poses-'areas not" exceeding 040 acres .
may-be leased,, by one. person  or _ a .
"company.'        ��� =    -    ���    '������' :   - ' 7
7 GRAZING.     7
Under' the Grazing Act "the Prov-7
ince' is divided into grazing districts .'
" and the range administered under a '-
"���Grazing .'   Commissioner.   "; A.nnual
grazing' permits are issued, based on" '
/numbers ranged, priority, being given \
"to established owners.    Stock-owners ..
-��� may.   form . associations-  for   range
.management.   Free,   oVpartly ,free, -
'- permits   aro "available   for.. settlers,.
campers" and: travellers,   up  to"    ten
��� head.- ��� ' ���������-." -' ' "..���' '''' ' ,;       V   _
��� Vf- ... ' -.-..-.    ���.".-.'    ^ .;.  ..
The Mineral Province of Western, Canada
..' L.T0.'JENp:..QF>pECEMB��R;' 19 24ww'���-='���": ��� iJ.--.
.Has prodaced  Minerals as follows:     Placer Gold, $77,382,953; .3_.bde7G.6ld,;"7       7; >
��118,473,190; Silyer, S.68,824,579} .Load, 870,548,5785 Copper, $187,489,378; Zinc, .. "'���    f    ��� '
832,171,497; Misoellaneoas: 'Minerals,  $1,431,349; Coal, and-Ook'e,' $260,880,048;      7
���Buildiug S6pne, ^Briefc, Cement, e*c., $*2,225,814: niakingMts"Miaer.il.Prodnc.ioa
tpitfib.erid of 1924, show an    W   ... *'.'"?���'",���-*-.���'-."'.'-. 7 7/7 - f    --X-y-'
fortheVesLr Ending^ecfember, 1924,7$48j704.^604 ,
,  The; Mining/.Laws of tbis Province are more liberal, and .feba  fees lower,     V
than those of any ofeber Province in  the.Dominion, or any colony in the British   ....   -.-,;.-,.-
Empire..-  }..y-   .���.'-,>..���-,':'-'.- v. 'XxyXy, ,-y'''^V.^V'.^^Wv W   '.-������'  7   ":"-' ""'-���"������'": ��� '��� ,[��� /'-'��� '"'-���'
V 7f,'Mineral-IocationS are grantedfto dxeco'verere for nominal feee.
Absolute Titles are obtained  by developing each  properties, tbe security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fall information together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by. addressing���    :.      ,   ; f
7 VICTORIA, British Columbia. -


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