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The Ledge Aug 3, 1922

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(:���      -:\   *
y .
'���    '" All I.,   h
1 |\U.\M   i
1!m Vi     t)*~
".;7s,_   -'ul 4.-'..I-^ '���yX.-si^^
Vol.. XXIX.,
We carry a large Hue,61
Hardware, House Furnishings,_Etc.
Inspect our stock
^mmmfimmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmfimi mm
We can supply your requirements'for Preserving
Choice Apricots and Peaches
Now Arriving,"
Perfect Seal and Economy Jars; Also Rubber
Rings, .Schram and Economy  Jar" Caps _
Phone 46
X Underwear
\  ���
Shirts, Drawers and
Be comfortable while it is warm
These prices are right
W. Elson 3 Co
Watchmaker," Jeweler and Optician
,   Summer Specialties
Disappearing   Creams, Cold  Creams,   Hand and
Face Lotions, Colognes, Toilet Waters,  Etc.,
Big Assortment
Kodaks, -     Films       arid    - Supplies
,    ~  GREENWOOD, B. C.
-    The WINDSOR  HOTEL .is-.heated .with   steam
and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A comiort-
able home for tourists  and travellers,     Touch the ���
wire  if you  watu rooms reserved.    ,The buffet is _-
w_   replete  with  cigars,  cigarettes, cooling beverages,
* .buttermilk and ice-cream.
_ ' A Car of
Cereals, Flour and Feed'
Their Quality is Pre-eminent
 _ - :���'. 7���      ",
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,  Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc..       j*-
A trial will convince you
.JOHN MEYER     ,      -    ".'V   ; :  .    " 7 .-'.Proprietor I
.      The; Next issue of -the.-./VJ*-;*.'/'
;       Closes September 1st, 1922
If.you ere contemplating taking new service, or making any changes
ia or additions to your present service, you should " sead notification, ia
writing, not later than, theabpve date, in'order that you may. take advantage of the new directory listings. .'.��� .' .V. ' ���'-..���
The Telephone Directory offers, an attractiTe and effective mediunifor
advertising purposes." Advertisers -should bear the above 'date, in mind so .
. that insertion may be sure in thedirectory."-   - . _-_��� ���__--.',. -'/..-.
FIRE!      FIRE!     FIRE!
. "The Province sits on a Powder
.- .Barrel"     '"   - .
District Forester,  Major L.'R.
Adams makes this statement   .
Are you fully insured in this
critical situation
Most of you are not, call and see
Greenwood, B.C.
Tlie, best Companies in the World
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in -connection.
D., McPHERSON       -      .Proprietor
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69        : *
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at .8.15 p.m.
LOUIS B. MAYER    ������  -
presents his.big super special
"The Woman in
His House''
A triumph of mother love.   The screen's
outstanding masterpiece
See this great-play,-interpreted by Ramsay Wallace, Thomas Holding, Mildred
Harris, Gareth Hughes, and little Dick
Heudrick, the screen's wonderchild
7 reels 7
Also a Two Reel Christie Comedy
"A Barnyard Cavalier"
Presbyterian Church
Greenwood, Midway, Etc
Minister in charge      ���
Rev. W. R, Walkinshaw, B. A.
_ Services on Sunday
Midway 11 a.m.       Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
A cordial invitation to all
Sunday   School   for   the   children   and
young men and women
Midway 10 a.m. Greenwood 10.30 a.m.
..GbnssiS"~.Ch. 46 V, 16
In the. biography of. Prof. George
Wilson of. Edinburgh we read that it was
his mother's custom to pay each night a
visit to the little cot of her two boys and
repeat over thetn Jacob's blessing, ''The
God who fed me all iny life long unto
this day, the Angel that redeemed mc
from all evil, bless the lads!" So fascinating was this to George that in mature
year.*) he told a friend how he used to lie
awake watching for it pretending to be
asleep that he might enjoy it to the full.
In the family, this blessing seemed, in
consequence, set apart, as it were, to the
two, . and. inseparably associated with
them. ���   ������*��� ,.' '"' ->" " ���'"       -.'
For Sale"
Around Home
Conserve the water.
Mrs."I. Thompson, of Trail, is
the guest of Mrs. G. Clerf.
August weather makes the icebox require frequent filling.
Rev.  W'.   R.   Walkinshaw  has
purchase.! at) Overland Four.
"Sprinkling hours from 6   to   7
and must be strictly observed,
Miss Daisy Axam has returned
from a visit with friends in Trail,
A. R. Royce;.o'f'"Trail, Spent a
week's vacation at his home here.
Mrs. and Mrs. ��� Ro.br. Lee and
Georgina are on an auto trip to
W. Mclntyre, of Nelson, C. P.R.
plumber is doing some work at
the depot.
Envoy Jas. Brown, .of the Salvation Army, Vancouver, was in
town last week.
'��� Mt?s. Peone. of Grand Forks,
was the guest of Mrs; H. Murray
during the week.'
Dr. Burnett returned last week
from a motor trip to Kamloops
and Armstrong.
D. Cavaye, formerly of Greenwood has" been transferred from
Cranbrook to Trail.
Mrs- G. W. "A. Smith has returned from a visit to her mother,
���Mrs. J. Holmes, in Trail.
Thos. 'Jenkin has been called
to Chewelah on > account of the
serious illness-of his father.
- Mrs. McKinnon and two
daughters, of Castlegar," are the
guests of Mrs. Wm. Walmsley,"
Mrs.   J.   Walters,   teacher   at
Blind Harbprv Jind .two children, j
are visiting Mrs. 'Wm. -Walters.
" John FtsherJ Registrar of Vernon, is relieving -at the. Court
House during Mr. McCurrach's
vacation.      *"" -       ,
_ Mrs. T. Jenkin and two "children have returned from a holiday
spent with Mrs. VE. Lund on
Kerr Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. McCurrach
and family are spending their
vacation at Vancouver going
there by car.
-Jas. Muir, manager of the
Bank of Commerce has purchased
a Chevrolet car from McPherson's
garage, Grand Forks.
Pythian Sisters-will please remember the initiation on Friday,
Aug. 4. It is hoped* that all
members will be present.'
Mr. and r Mrs. G. S. Walters
returned last "Thursday from a
very pleasant vacation spent at
Victoria, Vancouver and other
H. McCutcheon has returned
from a trip to the 70 Mile House
Cariboo district where he sold
some horses that had been seized
by the Customs.
Lost���A green and ' black
mackinaw coat near Fretz' ranch
on the Eholt road. Finder will
be rewarded by leaving same at
The Ledge office.
Miss Phoemie..-McMillan came
over from Trail to attend the
farewell dance on Wednesday
evening, and while here was the
guest of Miss Daisy Axam..
. The .-'��� list 6f7 subscribers con-;
tributing toward the ..cost of unwatering . and sampling Jhe
Barbara mine and Republic group
will :beVpublished in, the .next
issue of.The Ledge.
Those who dance, should learn
graceful movements are much
more .gratifying.;-to ..the 7 dancer
than awk/wardne'ss, jind give the
onlooker much, more pleasure.
A general meeting of the Con
7 Good family cow, third- calf,. will
freshen iri. two weeks.   Apply,    ."���
Mbs, Hvxc&k McIktosh.
convention at Vancouver. 7 J.. A.
MacKelvie, ;M,
[the meetiagv
Parents and Sunday School
scholars please note .that the
Presbyterian Sunday School will
be in session at the usual hour
next .Sunday 6th, August, but
this will be the. last meeting until -September. The Sunday
School scholars  are  requested to
attend the cburch'-services at 7.30 distribution   throughout   the city,
tri. when they will receive their   North end  of town  is now served
The Water Supply
Excellent' work has been accomplished in repairing Twin Creek
reservoir and intake, and Alderman Kerr as chairman of the
water committee is to be congratulated on the new method of water
Sunday School papers.
Last night about 9 o'clock a
fire broke nut iu a shed at the
rearof McEhrion's jewellry store.
The fire alarm was sent in and
the department made a quick run
the hose being laid' before the
alarm had ceased sounding. The
fire was put out with buckets of
water.. People ��� should 'be very
careful with their matches and
cigarette ends as everything is
so dry.
On   Sunday    the
lassitude was low over the whole
have been effected in the mains
which are. of wooden construction
in that; district and it is .now hoped
to provide a steady.pressure.
The  expenses  incurred  will  be
entirely justified if a  water shortage can be avoided this abnormally
midsummer I dry year aiid to accomplish this all
consumers 6hould   use the water
community,     and    the    fishing supply io a jadicioaB  manner  as
grounds beckoned, and the placid  wastage now  will be apt to''cause
waters of many lakes and creeks
said come. The luxury of a'swim
appealed to many, and self-denial
for the sake of the church service
required a good deal of grace and
decision of character. Christians
need a whole catalogue of virtues to keep them safe in the
Boundary.       v
- The Dance given by the Celebration Committee at Midway
last Friday was not very well
patronized, owing no doubt, to
all the farmers being exceptionally Busy at this time ofthe year.
Those who did attend, however,
had a real good time and Bush's
three piece orchestra was- as
usual up to the mark introducing
many new selections. .About 30
from Greenwood were present and
dancing was .kept up till 1
o'clock. -.....-.-.
- Complaint has been made by
the Fire Department of interference - with fire alarm boxes by
by some children unknown. Parents will be well advised to warn
the young members of the family
to refrain from even touching the
boxes as a -wrong accusation may
be forthcoming. The alarm system is again in perfect order
after the recent repairs necessitated b"y above mentioned, interference and it is for the welfare of
all concerned that it should remain so.
The men w.ho have to do with
finance in a large way are predicting failure and ruin in the
trail-of the auto~and~good roads
madness. But these same financiers said in 1914 ihat the finances
of the world could not stand a 12
months strain of war. But the
war lasted for four years and the
world stood up under it although
badly shaken. It will be the
same with the auto and the good
roads. This province will stand.
It is the debt that does the
The Farewell Dance given in
the Masonic Hall last night by
thc Pythian Sisters to Miss Eva
Murray and Miss Priscilla Kerr
was most delightful, Everybody
seemed to be in high spirits and
the dance went with a swing
from start to finish. Many coming from Beaverdell, Midway and
Grand Forks. The splendid four
piece Greenwood orchestra bad
much ��� to do with making the
dance so enjoyable for their
music was all that could be desired and; they: were very- liberal
with .their encores, .'the dancers
seemingly not getting enough of
their splendid music.' TheVflbor
jsas. in excellent .condition, and
everything was done to inake the
dance-., a  success.     The ' supper
to!; dance- -gracefully,   .because |served ^y ^  Pjt}?.anr Sisters
was delicious and speaks - loudly
responsible for the.supper.   TMiss
Murray and,.Miss   Kenv two.of
- our.most estimable young.ladies,-
servative party will  beVh'eld at are leaving oa  the 13th  of this Jr_. >.-*��.-��� *.*���.._ ����_<.��... 1U,
Rock CreekVon Friday, 7Aiig.74ih month, to take a course in nursing- Kentucky.    Mrs. M. Maloney ac ,
at'3 p.m.,. Purpose of meeting to at the Vancouver' General^Hospi- companied her as-far as Spokane j
I success, in their new venture.
by Providence creek, centre of
town Twin creek and south end of
town and Anaconda by Lind
creek.    The residents in the south
inconvenience and suffering later
on iu the summer. It is understood that the City_ Council will
take prompt and severe measures
against anyone wilfully wasting
water and for the present, the
sprinkling hour from 6 p.m. to 7
p.m. will not be extended.
Mining News'
Jerome McDonell shipped one
ton of ore from the Dynamo mine
last week to the Trail smelter.
H. McGillvray is' working a
claim for H. M.' Stramberg on
Douglas Creek near Christensen's
Returns from ore samples from
the Republic have been received
and goes higher than any yet sent
in by the district engineer.
-~Geo. "Boa'g;- Jim 'Graham aud
Colin McLaren retnrned on San-
day from Lightning Peak where
they were developing some mining
property. '    - -
Mr. Vasaeur" and A. Bravard
are working a claim at Boundary
Fails which promises well. It is
quite possible that Mr. Vassenr
will put in a small concentrator
there if, the lead tarns out good.
Some returns are "in from the
mining properties recently examined and P. B. Freeland, govern-
ment mining engineer, will be" in
town in a few days to give a detailed report.
Entrance Results
Entrance examinations results
announced in Victoria last week
are as follows:
Greenwood���Gordon W. Jenks
355, Robert A. Mow'at 339, Mildred
I. McLaren <?00.
Anaconda���Johnston H. Beattie
Christian Valley���Frank L
Christian 308,
Midway ��� Winnifred G. McMynn 34-i, James D. McMynn 324,
Carl L. Thomet 310.
Rock Cieek���Margaret E. Clark
High ��qhoql Pass List
The Greenwood High School
examination results are as follows:
Junior matriculation, .Maximum
marks"; 1000���'Harold E. -, Mellrud
577, Ruth Axam - 525. Granted
supplementary .y examination . 1,
Robert Jenfes.  ���     .. :7.
for the culinery abilities,of those. ^^^^^ ^ hasband ' aod -   !>-*<**��.     The
responsible^ the,uPFe, -��� 7Miss W^tM^S^ ^m,; of this photoplay deals with
missed    by  7 theirV innumerable [the journey alon^77word ,,as re
P.,  will addressIfriends..everybody. :-wishes them ceived;.on Monday that she had|&cmse.V   ThseSoryis an original
arrived safely
No.  2
Kettle Valley Notes
Miss Gladys Bell left on Thursday for Penticton and thence to
Mrs. Howie, ofr Summerland,
has been the guest of Mies P.
Geo. Lee has left for Kelowna
where he has a contract for a 1000
ricks of wood.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Allen and fam-
ward and Anaconda suffered  from
a shortage of  water  for  the first ��y motored  over-from  Trail  and
week after the change, but  repairs are staying with Mrs. Johns, sister
of Mrs. Allen.
Miss Silvia Price returned to her
home in Greenwood after being the    *
guest of   Mies Winnifred Whiting
for over a week.
Miss Winnifred Whiting gave a
swimming party to over 14 of her
friends. A most enjoyable time
was spent by all.
A Raspberry Social was given at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
Norris-on Tuesday," Aug. 1st at
6,30, by the members of the Junior.
W. A., which proved to be a'great
Mr.( Swanell, manager of the Cooperative store at Rock Creek, took
a prospector up to Fish lake last
weekend had the misfortune to-
get stranded with his car. They *
had to walk six miles -before they
could get assistance.
A surprise party was given for
Miss Gladys Bell on Wednesday
evening last, when a large number
of friends were present. Dancing
was kept up , till the early hours,
when the happy throng dispersed,
everyone wishing kiss Bell success; "
A general meeting of fehe^Conservative Party will be held at
Rock Creek at 3 p.m. on .Friday,
Aug. 4th. The .purpose,-of the .
meeting will be to elect delegates
to attend a joint .convention in
Vancouver. J, A. MacKelvie,
M.P. will address the gathering.
The School Board held a meeting
on Tuesday, Aug. 1st. J. o. '
Thompson's contract waa accepted
for enlarging the school3_work to
be finished-by Sept. 1st. A Dance
is to be given in Riverside Hall,
Rock-Creek,- on-FridayV Septern^ _"
ber 22nd. Everybody * welcome.
The proceeds will help to pay for
enlarging school.
The most popular resort these
hot days is the Bathing Beach here
where every Sunday there are
large picnic parties. Last Sunday
people from quite a distance were
noticed, among others were, Capt.
and Mrs. Atkinson, Rock Creek
Mountain: Mrs. aud Miss "Wel-
stead. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bonnett
and family, of Nicholson Creek;
Mr. andjlrs. J. Riebter and fam-'
i!y; J. Jacques aud J. Pattinson,
of Myncaster; A. Roberts and
family of Midway; over 40 picmc-
ing at this ideal spot.
"The Woman in hls/Ht)use,
Mildred Harris, dainty, and
charming, plays She role of a
neglected wife in "The Woman in
His Honse" which will be shown
At the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, Aug. 5tb. Opposite her ie
Ramsey Wallace, who has the pari
ofthe too busy and materialistic
a triumph 0! mother love, and little
.Mary Rambo, a child :of only Richard Hendnck has the part of
ten years old, left last  week  for *Ka .,uha    u    h       '   . ���
.  .*.-���*    ���: }?* ���e ch��a -^ho figures in the case.
*The picture ia said to rnakeastrik-
ing cbmparisonbetween a, wife and-*-
jast *-a woman iu her hasbandTs
one, the work of Irene Reeig, r
THE     LEDGE.     a"R,EE"N"WOOD.     B.     C.
Opportunities In The
Veterinary Profession -
If you desire to enter a profession you should consider what tho new Hold ot
Veterinary Science has to ofCer. ..Graduates have splendid opportunities for a
successful career.      You should' inquire. 	
Write for Bulletin and Calendar to C. D. McGilvray, M.D.V.. Principal
Affiliated with
University  of Toronto
Under   tho   Ontario
Dept. of Agriculture
Protect Our Forests
A recent newspaper report stated that before midsummer had been reached, forest fires in Canada had already this year destroyed more timber than
would be required to construct one hundred thousand new homes, or, in other
words, make provision for housing half a million people.
Yet in practically every city and town in this Dominion there is an acute
shortage of houses, with the result that rentals have climbed to unreasonable
heights. Thousands of people are ready and anxfrms to build homes of their
own, but are deterred from doing so because of the high cost of building.
This high cost is made up of three main items���price of lumber, freight
charges on lumber and other materials, wages of labor.
Jlecause of these high costs only a fraction of the work of construction
ls under way that would be tho case if costs were even slightly reduced. Because building operations are not more active, thousands of men aro being
kept out of employment, yet they are called upon to pay the high rentals occasioned by lack of houses.
While the high prices of lumber constitutes one of thc chief deterrent
factors in building operations, forest fires in Canada consume more than sufficient to erect 100,000 homes! Nor is the loss of this timber itself the only
loss: Those fires mean loss in lumbering operations, consequently further
unemployment and loss in time and money to both workers and lumber manufacturers, loss to railways in freight, and loss all along the line of business
because of decreased production. Nor can the destroyed timber be replaced
by new growth within the lifetime of a generation. ,
A great deal is, heard those days of reforestation, but not a word too
much as it is necessary that the Importance of that work should be fully appreciated by both Governments and people. By reforestation is meant, in
the popularly accepted meaning of the term, the (replanting of forest areas
which have been cut over by the lumbermen; that as the larger trees are cut
down I'or commercial use, smaller trees or tree seed should be planted and
thus provide for new growth for future generations. Let it be repeated, that
it is most important lhat such a policy be strictly enforced.
But how much more important it is that greatly advanced steps be taken
to prevent forest fires and protect the trees already grown and ready for tho
use of this and future generations! In no one year does Canada erect
100,000 new homes, and our people therefore do not make inroads into the
available amount of standing timber that fires have consumed in a few short
months. The need for the creation of a much more extensive and efficient
forest protection service in Canada has been clearly demonstrated in recent
years. Tlie people of the Prairie Provinces are vitally interested in this
matter as thcy must depend upon those Provinces having large Umber areas
for the lumber wherewith to build their homes. Under even tho most favorable conditions, the cost of lumber, due to long railway hauls and consequent
heavy freight rates, is a severe handicap on building operations in the "West,
and if through carelessness and lack of an eflicient protective service, count-
'less millions of feet of timber are annually destroyed by fire, the handicap
is thereby enormously increased.
There are broad national aspects of this question lhat call for consideration. Canada needs immigrants, tens of thousands of them. Each now'
lamily settled on our vacant lands requires lumber wherewith to erect houses,
barns and other necessary farm buildings. The present cost of providing
such needed buildings is one o'f. the obstacles to be overcome in order to induce new settlers to come to this country and enable them to succeed. So
long as millions of dollars worth of timber are burned up annually it is useless to expect any substantial reduction in lumber prices.
Nevertheless, until such reduction does take place, there is no likelihood
of that revival in building construction which is now a crying need throughout Canada. Tho erection of more houses would provide much needed employment for all our artiazn classes; more houses would result in a decline in
rents, and such a decline would enable workers to accept a somewhat lower
wage, and thereby remove another of the present handicaps on building operations, namely, high labor costs. Increased freight traffic for our financially |
embarrassed National Railways would follow. Last of all, a further inducement to immigrants would be provided.
It is furthermore generally recognized that the presence of forests have
a determining effect on such vitally important matters as climate and rainfall,
while a recent poster of the Fisheries Department of Canada urges protection
of forests with the slogan: "No forests, no fish."
Every Government, every corporation operating in timbered areas, every
hunter, trapper, camper���in a word, every individual Canadian citizen���should
exercise every care and put forth every reasonable effort to prevent fires and
protect Canada's forest wealth, which, to an extent as yet not fully-realized,
- is one 'of the basic national resources.
Egypt Had Large Theatres
Excavators Find Remains of One
Which Seated 8,000 People
The .unwearying work of the excavators in Egypt enables us, year by year,
to know more about the way the people of that country lived five thousand
years ago.
Professor Flinders Petrie has come
back*once more with news of valuable
finds, chiefly at Abydos, where the
early- kings of Egypt had their palaces, and where their tombs are now
being unearthed.
With them their chief courtiers and
servants were buried, in order to provide-them with company, so Uie official explanation went, but really to
leave their successors free from the
advice and interference of those who
were accustomed to influence royalty.
Small figures in ivory of lions and
hares were used evidently for some
game, perhaps a kind of fox and
geese. Ivory boards for playing the
game on have alscbeen found, and
balls flattened on one "side.
Remains of a theatre, larger than
any known to us today, show that
S,000 people could watch spectacles
on a stage '100 feet wide and 200 feet
In depth, the seats being 'arranged
on a slope so that all got a good
view. That is more than can be said
for some modern theatres.
Moth Collection For
Saskatchewan Museum
Australia Has Big
Settlement Scheme
Proposes to Clear Land for Ten Thousand  Farmers
Sir James Mitchell,- Premier of
West Australia, wlio had .iust returned
from England announces the details
of the biggest settlement scheme
undertaken in Australia during recent
It is proposed to bring 75,000 men,
women and children, largely in families, and sufficient land will be
cleared for them, which, when planted, will double West Australia's
wheat production. Funds will also
be provided for fencing, enabling the
addition of a million sheep lo the
ranges of the state. Resources of
��5,000,000 will be lent to individuals,
a million sterling will be spent in
reproductive public works, one ' hundred thousand acres will be planted
to vines and similarly large tracts
will be put in apples and other fruit.
The scheme provides for the settlement of at least 10,000 farmers.
Russia's Finances
G.  McBean  Offers Wonderful Assortment  From. Many  Countries
A collection of butterflies and
moths, gathered ' from all the countries of the world, will be presented
shortly to the Saskatchewan Natural
History Museum. It has been announced by officials of the Provincial
Department of Agriculture.
The collection will be presented by
George McBean, of Assiniboia, Sask.,
an expert in this division of natural
history, and it will make the provincial museum one of the best equipped
in the country so far as that department is concerned.
"Mr. McBean for many years has
been a collector,'" Fred Bradshaw,
chief game guardian, said, "and he
has built up a wonderful connection
with others in his work in all countries of the world. lie has collected
for leading museums in tlie United
States and has done work.of this kind
for the Smithsonian Institute.
"He has offered lo donate groups of-
specimens of all types of butterflies
and moths that have passed through-
his hands, aiid lhe Government lias
taken him up. Tho conditions are
that the Government will supply the
show cases for the collodion.
"Mr. McBean is very enthusiastic
as to the future of the.Saskatchewan
Museum, and he believes hc can make
it one of the leading ones on the continent from the standpoint of those
interested in butterfly and moth- specimens."
Mr. Bradshaw stated that the Assiniboia collector has already given
the museum several gorgeous specimens of butterflies from tropical
countries. At thc present time, the
museum is hampered for room, and
it is not expected that the whole new
collection will be shown in the premises now occupied in" the Normal
School, Regina. . There will not be
sufficient space for that, but when the
new memorial building is. erected
and-t-he museum takes its place in
that structure, officials hope to establish a special butterfly and moth
room, the most complete in Canada.
Many of the specimens that Mr.
McBean will donate come from tropical zones. They are very beautiful
and the butterfly room will bo perhaps the most atniclive in the Saskatchewan institution.
. When Baby Complains. ���
THEEE 'ARE MANY WAYS a baby has of expressing any pain of irregularity
or digression from its normal coition of health and happiness. A short
sharp cry, a prolonged irritated dry. Eestlossness, a constant turning of the head
or of the whole body, fretful. In these and other ways a baby tells you there, is
something wrong. Most mothers know that a disordered stomach, or bowels that
do not act naturally are.the cause of most of baby's sufferings, A call for the doctor
is the first thought, but in the event of any delay there should/be ready at hand
a safe remedy such as Fletcher's Castoria. ~       -'(
Castoria has been used, for baby's ailments for over 30 years and has merited the good will of the family physician in a measure not equaled by any other,
baby's medicine because of its harmlessness and the good results achieved.
And remember this: Castoria is essentially a baby's remedy and not a cure-
all for every member ofthe family. What might help you is too often dangerous
when given to a babe. >. . , V.       A
Children Cry For
Britain's Air Mail Service
Making Egypt Centre of Imperial Air
The inauguration of an "Air Mail
Service" between Cairo and Bagdad
and between the latter city and Karachi, giving a through India-Egypt" service, is making Egypt the/centre of
England's- imperial" "air "communica7
tions just as the Suez Canal has been
in' the past the centre of Britain's sea
ways.     --','-
It Is understood that the next step,
England to Egypt, soon willl be taken.
This will give' through jiir service
from England to India.
There-is also a rumor that owing to
the widespread dissatisfaction prevailing in both England and Egypt with
regard lo the inferior facilities.now
offered by the post office, a service of
flying boats between Alexandria and
Brindisi will be inaugurated,,the mails
being by. rail between Brindisi and
again by. air between Paris" and London. ���' : - ..
Women Ornamented by1 Scars
In New Holland the women cut
themselves with "shells, and, keeping
the wounds open a long time, form
sears in the flesh, which - they' deem
highly ornamental.
Becoming a Great Force
School Teachers Are a Great Factor
In Unity of the Empire
Eulogistic reference to the potentialities of teachers in preserving and
consolidating J:he empire were made
at a reception to teachers visiting
Great Britain from the Dominions.
- President- Cove, ~of" the~National
Union of Teachers, predicted that
with the spirit of common Broth er-
hood, they had become a greater
force than statesmen, in fact, the
greatest force in . the world for
maintaining peace. ~
.> Right Hon. L. C. Amery, secretary lo the Board o�� Admiralty, gave
the guests a warm welcome because,
he said, the .Government"-realized the
importance of what the teachers were
doing. "If we could make the position and, care of teachers empire-
wide," he, said, "-we could do much for
the-preservation of thc enipire than
any law or act of parliament could
do." "     .    ' '
Only Experts in Higher Arithmetic
Can Understand Figures
Russian financial statements presented at The Hague are without
meaning to men ol" ordinary mathematical training. Only astronomers
and other -..experts , in higher arithmetic have experience in numbers
running into hundreds of thousands of
billions. When we say that Soviet
Russia has outstanding national currency amount to 270,000,000,000,000
roubles, we sneak a**_*ni,-:nown tongue,
it might help a. Utile to divide it up
and say that there is a note issue of
?2,000,000 for every man, woman and
child in the Soviet republic.
Last month Russia added 50 per
cent to  the    currency    by    printing
B.C. Salmon Popular in U.S.
Spring salmon caught in British
Columbia waters is now being served
as filling for "fish hot dogs,," sold'lo
the industrial workers in thc larger
.cities of the Eastern United States,
notably New York, Chicago aud Philadelphia. \
As a result of thc popularity of
the new delicacy, the British Columbia mild cure pack this year will
double the J921 output.
Serma   -B_
H  aiidFcveristocsSwa
I      losso^StE^V-
Let's Think It Over.
There is such a thing as:saying too much on any subject, and(1
the "grand-stand" talker sooner or later becomes a bore.   The-truth
is always welcomed, and the truth reiterated and confirmed-is more
than7welcome���it reaches your innermost soul.
Fletcher's Castoria is all its advertising has claimed for i���x
Scrutinized by the microscope of public opinion and used for oyer thirty;
years it stands,without a peer in th* hearts of thoughtful, cautious,
discerning Mothers. ^And once used, mother love���there is no substitute
for mother love���will scorn to try a "substitute" or a, "just-as-good* V
Masquerading ^nder many names drugs that are injurious to the
tender babe have found their way into some households, but the light of
experience soon casts them out.  Are they cast out before it is too late?
i   _-���
Bearslihe Signature
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
- No season of the year is so dangerous to the life of little ones as is Ihe
summer. The excessive heat throws
the little - stomach out of order so
quickly that unless prompt aid is at
hand' the baby may be beyond all human help before the mother realizes
he is ill. Summer is the season
when diarrhoea, cholera infantum,
dyscniry and colic are most prevalent,
notes    of    the    face value of 85,000 I Any one ot these troubles'may prove
billions of roubles. It-may make This
statement easier to understand if we
say that every three days Russia
issued roubles to tho nominal amount
of the present British national debt.���
From thc Vancouver Province.    -
is an acute attark-of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject !o frequent "colds 'in tha
head" will find that the use of HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the
System and render them less liable to -colds.
.Repeated attacks of Acute, Catarrh - may lead
to  Chronic  Catarrh.
en internally, and acts through the Blood on
the Mucous iurfaces of the System, thus reducing the inflammation and assisting Nature
in teitormi; normal conditions.
All  Druggists.       Circulars  free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
The ThriH of Flying by Night
Guided by Strong Lights, Aircraft
Keep to the True Course
Flying in the dark, guided by the
lights which- have been set up at'a
number of points in'Francc and England, aeroplanes are now plying night-
A pleasant medicine for children is
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,  '?; between London-and Paris.,
and it is excellent for drivings-worms
from the system; '   -
is the natural desire ot every woman,
and is obtainable by tbe usa of Dr.
ehase'sOJutment. Pimples, blackheads,
re ugliness and redness >o�� the skin,
irritation and eczema disappear, arsd
the ��S-'n is left soft, smooth and velvety.
AH dealers, or Edinanson, Bates <S Co.,
Lliaited,'Toronto. Sample free if you
mention this paper.
An-Accomplished Girl
"This is a nice . canoe, - isn't it,
Maud 1" said the tall, dark young maii-
"Very nice indeed, Charlie," replied
the pretty* girl sitting in the stern.
- "There's just one objection   to   it,"
said the young man.
"Indeed! And what is that?" asked the girl. ���
"Oh, well, you see, if you try' to
kiss a^ girl in-this canoe there's great
danger of upsetting it, and then both
the fellow and the girl would be
thrown into the river."
"Oh, Indeed," said the girl reflectively. , And she sat silent for a while.
At   length   she   remarked   softly:
"Charlie, I can swim."
Before the.' .machines from .Paris
cross-the French coast-line the' light
at Lympne, near Folkestone, can be
seen. While; they are. over Tonbridge
the* pilots recognize the ��� air-station
lights in London, 29 miles away.   -
When ^the" machine^, arc ready lo
land strong searchlights beneath''the
hulls are switched on."- These" illuminate the ground so clearly that the
pilot can pick out his..landing place
deadly if not promptly treated. Dur
ing the summer the mothers best
friend is Baby's Own Tablets. They
regulate the bowels, sweeten the
stomach and keep baby healthy. The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Japanese Railway  Guides -
Are Very Courteous ' arid- Give
Travellers All Information
��� . .' Needed
Japan has now had fifty years of
railways, lor il was in the^summer of
1S72, the first line was opened, between Tokyo and Yokohama, eighteen
miles in length. Today the whole
country* is covered with a network of
railways, with a total length of 8,000
miles. There is one feature which
the Japanese have introduced on their
railways which might well _be'introduced here���a system of railway
guides.     It is almost impossible for a
Japan Will Have Aircraft Boom
British Expert Says Aviation  Will be
Real Factor in its Commercial
"Aviation is at present non-existent
in Japan," said Major G. De Wool-
ridge, who arrived at Vancouver on
the Canadian Pacific liner Empress of
Russia, after spending three years in
the- Orient doing advisory work i'or
civilian aviation firms. "But the
time is not far distant when it will
become a real factor in the commercial life of the nation, and it is important that British firms should be
prepared for that development if we
are to maintain our supremacy in the
air. The army and navy of Japan
have been taking up the flying game
progressively and, splendid, results
have been achieved. ^Colonel Semp-
hill's mission, consisting of about
thirty airmen lrom Britain, flying all
types of machines, has accomplished
a great deal in training army and
pilots but they have very' few poor
pilots.���They are-ail-a very high-class
"The Japanese 4iave been impressed with the propaganda wliich has,
reached them from time to time," ihe
Major proceeded, "and they are beginning to believe in the value of aircraft for forestry, customs and other
departmental work."
Britain's Debt to U.S.A.
visitor ,who is touring the count rj* to  any
go wrong, as the   .guides    take    ���������-
and judge how.far he is:from it.
The" sensation "of picking up the
lights, as seamen call it, is wonderfully  attractive.      There  are  always
two if be kept-in line in sight, and j ed to be ready by January,
they are perfect guides.    ��� . j
greatest care to give travellers all-the
information they need, and are unfailing in their courtesy.-       '   ' -
V/as Entirely Trustworthy
The' tramp    knocked at the  farm
house door-and asked" for the farmer.
To that worthy he presently  recited
a  tale of woe  and asked  for a job.
"Yes, you enn have a job,"- said the
farmer.     "You may gather eggs \or
me if you are certain you won't steal
The tramp choked with gra'.i-
he j tude  and  emotion.   , "Sir,"  he  said,
May Float Loan fop the Purpose of
Wiping Out Debt ~"
"A loan floated in Great Britain for
the purpose of liquidating that country's indebtedness to the United
States would be an immediate success.
Up to the present it has not been considered politic to adopt this course
with the adverse rate of exchange
against . the pound sterling, but the
time is approaching, with the righting
of the exchange situation, when this
plan will bo pursued.. Great Britain
is not in the habit of owing moneys to
other countries. On the contrary, in
tlie past she has been the great
creditor nation and she is still so in
the case of most countries, with the
exception of her relations with The
United States, and much of the money
which she owes America was borrowed for the purpose 'oi providing war
funds for France when the United
States refused to give a direct loan to
that country.
Britain"-_is��� owe'd" far" riiore~mdney
than she'owes,and there is no reason
for any qualms regarding the financial
situation within the Empire. Perhaps few things would contribute so
much to economic re-assurance as the
wiping out of the debt that js owed to
the United States. The money can
be secured in Britain, and when/the
pound sterling regains, or practically
recovers, ils eqriJ'brium in .the Ameri-
can market, the tinie will be opportune for transferring tho British Government's debt to America to one to
the- British .people themselves.---Victoria Colonist.
A Cruise on the Great Lakes
Enjoy to the Fullest Extent the Trip
The trip to Eastern Canada or the
United States can be made doubly en-'
joyable by including the delightful
cruise--on"-the Great Lakes'from Fort
William and Port Arthur to Port Mc-
Nicoll or Owen Sound on the Palatial
Canadian Pacific Steamers "Ke'e-
���watin," "Assiniboia," and "Manitoba."
Three sailings a week from Fort
William and Port Arthur every Wednesday and Saturday to Port Mc-
Nicoll, where direct, connection*- is -
made with special train for Toronto,
and'every Thursday for Owen Sound.
The Great Lakes trip is a delightful
diversion - to the East���Restful, cool
and refreshing.
The Ticket Agent of the Canadian
Pacific will be pleased to give full information as to rates, sailings, etc.,\
and arrange every- detail for aa, enjoyable trip.
Minard's   Liniment
for ' sale    every-
Plan -Another Flight
The Portuguese aviators. Captains.
Sacadura and Coulinha, who recently
completed a-trans-Atlantic flight from
Lisbon to Brazil, are proposing to repeat this feat, and have ordered a
triple motor Savoie seaplane capable
of flying 3,000 miles without landing,
says a despatch to the London Times
from Rome.     The machine is expeci-
with eyes brimful of unshed tears,
"you could trust me with any mortal
thing on earth. For .twenty years I
was manager of a bathhouse and I
never took a single bath."    , -
That's Wh��re They Are     - .
Conan lioyle says there are horses
in heaven.   We wondered   what ' had
become   of   them.���Atlanta Constitution. ' ���     "
Hunting for Oil in Australia
UkelefiTInventor Dead
Manuel Nunes, inventor of the
ukelele, the. musical instrifment of
Hawaii, died recently of heart disease
after a long illness. His death
brought to light that contrary to general belief the ukelele was knoiyn to
the Hawaiians only after tlie advent
of the white man. Nunes was bora
in Funchal, Madeira, in 1843, and
came to the islands in 1878.
Lydia  E.   Pinkham's  Vegetable Compound is Helping
Sick Women to Health
Will Explore Land 250 Miles
From Civilization
- A remarkable expedition is about to
set out from Sydney, to search for oil
in Central West Australia. ThevAus-
tralian Commonwealth Government
has .offered a reward of ��50,000 for
-the discovery^of oil in^_ commercial
quantities.. -; '.
.The expedition, ���which will be away
several months, is being led by L. T.j
Jones, and he is- taking Vith him a; From    prJnce . Edward's    Is-
Feeding Sheep on Grain Screenings
R. C. Harvey, who successfully carried, on the novel venture of feeding
sheep on grain' screenings at Fort
.William last year. Is now making
preparations for continuing this project on a larger scale this winter, and
will la- all probability bring 50.000
sheep from his Alberta ranches to the
Fort William elevators.
Locating Canada
"Where is Canada? Is. it near,
Montreal?" Rev. W. Bowman Tucker,
of the Montreal city mission, says
that he was asked this question in-
Liverpool during his present visit to
Great Britain to raise funds for his
mission.-. This almost eclipses the experience of Miss Cora Hind; the western journalist and authority on agricultural subjects, who "was compelled
to register as an alien In an English
provincial hote\ although she explain-
. ed that she was a Canadian.
New Use for Old Tires
A Hutchinson motor tire dealer has
half-soled his shoes with strips trom
a highly guaranteed tire in which he
deals, figuring that if the tires are
guaranteed good for 8,000 miles under
a car weighing a ton the milage tinder his own^l-10 pounds ought to be
practically unlimited.���Kansas City
, Miller's Worm Powders seldom'fail.
They immediately attack the worms
and expel them from ��� the -system.
They are'complete in themselves, npt
only as a worm destroyer, but as a
highly beneficial medicine for children," correcting weak indigestion and
restoring the debilitated system to
healthfulness, . without which the
growth' of the child will be retarded
and-Its constitution weakened.-",
The two letters "wbidi follow
clearly show the'broad field covered
by this well-known medicine. Women
from every section���you know soma
in your own neighborhood���praise
Lydia. E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound as- a wonderful medicine fo*;
troubles women often- have.
Helpful Hints    <
Jones.���I    ^vant    to do something
big and clean before I die.
Bone3.���Wash an elephant.-
It Is reported that a Vienna doctor
has succeeded In transplanting eyes
from one animal to another.
_ For Fascinating Eyes
make the use of Murine a
daily habit, Thia refreshing'
eye lotion joon maie�� eve. clt��.
radiant, beautiful! HannleM.
EoJor��fcle. Sold br iii dragglatt.
team of camels, a*wireless apparatus
and probably an aeroplane.
This stran'ge company will set out
to explore a land 250 miles from the
farthest borders of civilization,"and,
while they may not reap the reward
of a big oil discovery and1 the prize it
would mean to them, a careful geological survey wili at any rate be
made of a hitherto unexplored part of
the Australian ^continent.-' 7    .'
s -:      '������'-���"���
It Is asserted that there are - In
Constantinople representatives of
every cation and every-tribe-upon
the earth, and that every language is
spoken. , -
The potato is-a native of Chile and
Peru. '"���
KlRard's Liniment for Dandruff
> Miscouche, P. S. I���"I liad female
troubles for two years.   I always had
a headache -and a pain in my side
and sometimV ; 1 ,felt so weak that*
I could not Aw my work.    A friend
advised mo to take Lydia E. Pinkham's   Vegetable   Compound  and   I -
have- taken six bottles of It.   It has ,
don�� m a lot of good and I am still
taking it.   I will tell my friends of
your medicine and  nope  they  will
try1 it."���Mbs.- Ca-jitlle Des Rocks, ,
Miscouche, P. 53. I.
From    Saskatchewan���West
Waaena, SacfcatchewanV-"A friend
in Rose Valley recommended Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
to me and it has been, a great, help
to me.' I recommend it and you
caa use this letter as a- testimonial
If yeu wIsb.**~MBS. Ptmes Koboi:*:,
"Wadena, Sastoatcliewan. '- - .
W.   K.   U.   MU 4 -
Circle Tours Through the
Canadian Pacific Rockies
Delightful Trip Afforded for Tourists
Over C.P.R. "r        Most important of all is proper at-
By the'most-magnificent mountain   Mention to the   bowels.     Avoid   con-
and   inland   water   trip in the world,   stipation-its  the health-killer of to-
���-���   .... ��� ���������! X    X-r , v.   �����  ,v      -day.     Harsh    griping
passing through beautiful Banff, love-   ruji.-*-���   *---
ly   Lake   Louise,   TField and Glacier
thence-r   to     Arrowhead��� steamer
through   the   Arrow,  and   Kootenay
Lakes, winding in and out past majes-
tic mountain peaks���touching at West
Robson and TNelson enroute.   .
This delightful trip can be made in
the opposite direction if desired and
at remarkably low cost.     ���        ""T*
Any Canadian Pacific ticket agent
will gladly give full information" and
���arrange details., ���'
��� o-.^^a medicine is
ruinous���beware of it. Best results,
follow a remedy like Dr., Hamilton's
Pills     which     >��n��"-      costiveness
which     relieve
After becoming settled in the towns
surrounding    Jerusalem   the    people I
conSSio^^Xes6 "SI ZT T* Cfed ^^ ��* ** Purpose
Past. no disS'o^tacXneneelf re-eStablishi**S V**e worship "of*jhe
attends, the use   of ... Dr.   CS! ILord G9��*     The leaders in thfs move-
< The Vancouver Harbor Commission
has been authorized to strengthen the
Ballantyne Pier sheds to carry grain
conveyors. .- -���
The   Department   of   Finance.  Ottawa, acknowledges receipt    of    $75
conscience money/contained in an en-
\ velope postmarked, "Vancouver, July
- 21, 1922." ,   ���/'
The ��� Goi/ernment    has endorsed a
grant of $ C6.D65 tolhe. province of "Alberta "for tfie purpose of aiding and
advancing the farming industry by instruction in agriculture."
An international silk testing house
has been established, at Shanghai,
China, to receive and issue certificates for a limited amount of raw
The1 Government lias curtailed the
weekly close salmon fishing at Rivers,
Inlet, B.C., from midnight on Friday
to 6 p.m: Sunday for the balance of
the 1922 fisting season.
On the Marriage Day    V
���./ .     ��� ��� ��� ��� ���  ���
Romance usually, ceases, and history begins���and sore corns begin to
go when "Putnam's" is applied, vlt
takes out corns, roots, branches,
stems���no trace of a single earn left
after Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor has do^e its work, 25c at all deal-
��� ers.     Refuse a substitute.
War Taught( British to Chew
Before   the , war chewing gun was
practically unknown in England. Now
the   sales   amount   to over
dollars a year.
of re-establishing the worship'bf-the
���.vv.^uo ___<_ use   or   nr    Wom,u    ,    Lord Go-1      -*-���..,.-.,       ���     - j ���
ness and -efllciencv.      ffnr >,��o,i������u. rz^rnhw
ere   Joshua   the
. efficiency.     For, headS! FZerul-babel the e��vernor-
biliousness, indigestion and liver
      ^.wucauu. maintain.
their health by regulating frequently
with Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25call dealers  nr The Catarrhozone  Co.,  Mont-
ers  or
.a million
Quite Correct
Mrs. Scroggihs.���She told
when   'er   dorter   got_
bridegroom gave 'er a
��� - Mrs.   Jorkins.���Yes,
clothes 'orse and a mouse trap.
Relieves Asthma at .Once.     .... ..^^
could read the thousands of unsolicited    letters    received
from  fvotoi'.vr
by the makers
grateful'1-users, you, too, would
realize the remarkable powers of Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. All
cases, incipient and chronic, are benefited - by this great" family remedy.
Why suffer or experiment v*ith worthless preparations when the genuine
Kellogg's. can' be*1"* purchased
where.    ...
priest   and
In view of
. 0������^v,n emu nver com-  the fact that the clearing away ofthe
plaint, Dr. Hamilton's Pills -y-e just  debris of the old city and temple and
what you need.     Thousands maintain. the erection 0, the new temple would
take a long time, an altar was erected
[-where sacrifice might be   offered   at*
once unto God. .     '
I. The'Foundation of the Temple Laid
This was an auspicious occasion and
,        was celebrated with most impressive
and    a . ��� .
/ ceremonies.   It marked an  epoch in
I l-no ���-��� *lie n'st01*y of the nation. It brought
most vividly to them their .bitter experiences in the dark past, and yet
pointed them forward to the time of
blessing when God's favor would
upon them again.
1. The priests in their apparel (v.
10). In Exodus 39 the priestly garments are described. These garments
symbolized their consecration to the
Lord's service.
2. The priests -with���trumpets (v.
10). These trumpets were of silver
and were uscd in calling the people
Strenuous    Conditions    of
To-day Responsible
.   Mothers, who remark that girls in-
" ^'tSgOsT6 Cr0nC-t0' '^^-ia than
uie giils ot a generation-n^ ei���>,i...
look    back
generation- ago, should
at   the  surroundings  in
which they- and their companions lived.; They,,would easily see the reason
in life's altered, circumstances to-day.
Now the school girl's .life .is more
strenuous;   her more
Because of the groat loss of life and
property by fire during the past decade, all citizens have been asked .to
observe October,^) as Fire Prevention
Day.  .
The General Hospital, at Vancouver, benefitted to the extent of 39-16.15,
when the Women's Auxiliary took up
a collection from visitors to the new
trans-Pacific liner Empress of Aus-
: tralia.    -
Forty-two ships have been chartered to transport .British, coal to the
U.S. to relieve the emergency by <thc
combined coal miners and: railroad
shopmen's'ntrike, it was announced by
the United States Shipping .Board.
Djemal Pasha, former - Minister-ot
' Marine in^the Turkish" Unionist "Government, chief of staff of tlie Arghan
army, has been assassinated. Two
Armenians are charged with the
Roman Relics Found in Paris
Road at Gentilly Diverted,to Preserve
Concrete Conduit
-In    two -parts of Paris interesting
archaeological finds have been made
during the last few days. '  '
At Qentilly, where1 a new road
was being made, a. Roman conduit,
perfectly preserved, and solidly
built of concrete, was found. It had
been used to carry water to a Roman
thermal palace in "the grounds of
Cluny-Abbey and its strength- is so
great that7it has been decided that fit.
would be costly to destroy it.. Hence
the new road is to be diverted alongside it.
The second discovery is a Merovingian (Frankish, 500-752 A.D.)
tomb, intact/ which was laid hare
by road menders oil the site of the
ancient Abbey of St. Marcel. The
tomb .'contained .a" perfectly preserved
skeleton. .'   '    ������
_. numerous studies are a'severe tax upon the strength.
Also,, girls enter business soon after
leaving school���at an age when-', they
most need rest and outdoor life. Their
womanly development is hampered by
the stress of working hours, hurried
and often' scanty meals."
more  liable  to
3. The Levites with cymbals (v. 10).
These were to furnish the instrumen-
talmusic of the sanctuary. Tliis was
according lo the arrangement made
by David (I. Chron. .15:16-21).
i. They sang. together by course
| (v. 11). * This means that they san
Tho reputation of' the .province of
' Quebec is not to be hurt by the re-
��� cent declinations to the effect that
imported cheese of inferior 'and dangerous quality had been sold on the
British markets, states Hon. J. - A.
Caron, Minister of Agriculture.
The" late' Sir John 'Eaton's palatial,
private car, "Eatonian" has been sold
in Montreal lo the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company. -The car was
furnished throughout with the most
modern and luxurious manner and
originally cost over $100,000.   .
���~ New railroad unions being organised by the carriers will be recognized
by   the   U.S.   Railroad Labor-Board
whenever they come before that body
with a dispute, providing   they'   can
prove to-the board that their member-
'ship contains a majority of the men
���then-at work-on-theroads_affectedr~
Because "of   the political and religious unrest in Ireland,    which    has
brought practically the whole flax industry   there   to    a standstill, three
manufacturers of Armagh,  Ireland���
Joseph   Marshall   David   McClelland
and R. R. Louden���have come over to
Canada with a view to an investigation that may duplicate Ireland's flax
Industry in the Dominion. '
��� " Wonderful "_*   .
The British premier "is likely to bc
embarrassed    by    some    of the nice
things that are'being said about liim
"in the Hearst publications-since   the
famous luncheon party. For instance,
in the current issue of Heart's Magazine we are informed that "next to
Lenine, the most notable statesm
who survived the issues of the war,
David' Lloyd George."-
^       .      \ _____ .
_Fresh Supplies in'Demand.���Where-
ever Dr. Thomas' Eclectric. Oil has
been introduced, increased supplies
have been ordered, showing that
wherever it goes this excellent Oil impresses its power on the people."' No
matter in what latitude it may be
found i.ts._ potency isxnever impaired.
It is-put up in most'portable shape in
bottles and can be carried without
fear of breakage. -    -    .   '
__ bloodlessness to-day,
but there is this consolation that this
condition is now more easly remedied
than in the years past. Such medicine as Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have,
helped thousands 'of weak, anaemic
girls and women, simply beeause they
contain the elements necessary to
enrich the blood which me^ans good
health and vitality,
This is proved by the statement of
Miss Eldora. Acker,    Lake    Pleasant,
N.S., who says:���"I shalTbe glad if
some other ailing'girl will   profit   by
."my   experience    with jDiv Williams'
Pink'Pills."   I was   very.-  much   run
down;    my   face   was pale and there
was dark circles around my eyes.   My
appetite was bad, and I had no ambition,, to do anything or go about.      I
had ohce before been helped; by Dr.
.Williams' Pink Pills and   decided   to
try them again. . It proved a wise decision,  for in less than two - months
time I felt in every way better;  had
a splendid appetite,  the tired  feeling
disappeared, and I can work-with en;
-joymeni..     NaluYaly.-I think tliere is
no  better medicine for    young    girls
than-Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."   .    '-
���You "can procure' Dr: Williams' Pink
Pills through any. dealerrin medicine
or'they7will be sent to" yoii.'by;mail at
50-cents a. box or six' boxes, for.?2.50
by writing direct to The*Dr. Williams
Medicine- Co., Brockville, Ont.
 v....^    v..til.    LUC.V    ��rlll_.  [
*ie'to one--another responsively. The
one company csang, . "The Lord ��� is
Good"; the other responded, "For His
"Mercy Endureth Forever."
5.    Mingled   weeping and shouting
(vv. 12-13).   ^Soine of the older men
who had .seen the ".magnificent   and
glorious temple of Solomon; which had
been destroyed, wept much-when-they
saw how far short the present foundation   came   of - the -former   temple.
Others were glad of the favor of God
which had brought   them   back   and
that a beginning had been made in the
new house, 6l/\vorship.
II. The Building of the Temple. Hindered (Ch. 4).     """
"The three perils which put back the
building of "the temple for some fourteen years, reveal the persistent methods which the enemy ..uses-to-hinder
the constructive .'building programmes
of pod's people in every age.
.1.    ..An     unintelligent *  pessimism
(3:12). ���  It,"\va's-no credit to "priests,
���Levites7 and  chief of the fathers" to
Interesting House in London
��� Nothing can compete with the gingham frock for morning wear and : in
the country. They are so cool and
becoming" to the majority that they
are still very popular, although they
have held, their place of high esteem
for Quite some time. This one is of
lavender and white check.
Building  Only Three  Feet Wide Has
Two Rooms
. How would you like to live in a little dream house only 3 feet wide, once
occupied by a picturesque dwarf with
wrinkled face and a long white beard?
You would never guess where it is.
It is not tucked awayana corner of tlie
Welsh mountains, nor does it nestle
near the parish of1* a remote country
It is. in London-^-and that is probably, why very lew Londoners know
of it.       ' '
No. 10, Hyde Park Place, Bayswater
Road���it sounds' like a magnificent
West End mansion, but it is just a
dollVhouse. '
No one semes to know when it was
built, or why. One gets the impression lhat once upon a time its neighbors on either side enjoyed the proud
distinction of being semi-detached,
and that little No. 10 came and wedged itself in between them and closed
up the 3 ft. 7 in. passage with its
sturdy front door.
But No. 10 seems older than its
neighbors, so perhaps that explanation is wrong.
This house of the dwarf has two
long narrow rooms, one on the
ground floor and one above.. The
front i]oor has neither bell nor
knocker, but there is a letter-box
through which.no letters, ever go,
for the dwarf's house, is unoccupied
and has had no tenant for years.
It is said to be unsuitable for human occupation. ' It has no water
and no gas, but people did live in it
in the long ago.
Even now it is well cared for.   The
window over the front door is nicely
curtained,   and   there   is, a   box   of
tulips on the sill.     The window com-
a magnificent  view pf Hyde
,   The List of the Missing
Search for Missing Veterans, During
Peacetime- ,7i
There-is no stronger proof of; the
effects of the Great War upon those
who were active- participants than the
never-ending' list of ex-service men
recorded : as missing' \'in peace time.
The most: general cases are "those of
'men whose minds become blank���temporarily in- most instances. Others
become touched with' wanderlust,
while some of the missing were undoubtedly victims of foul attacks.
The information department of the
Dominion Command, G.W.V.A., has.no
Turks Strangle Criminals'
���In Turkey-strangling-ana:sewing"a
criminal up in. a"...bag   and ��� throwing
him into the sea are common modes
of punishment; ... -'"..__
There-is no such thing as a thunder-'
bolt, but the name is frequently given
to a meteorite, or more..often'a particularly dangeroiis. form oi' lightning.
'Most Enviable People
The most enviable people tan earth
are  those   who   know   that  there  is
more awaiting aiid affecting than they
9an see, and who can draw wisdom
and strength out of the Invisible.     It
is they that are the hope of the world,
and the number of them seems to b��
increasing.     Moreover,' they all seem
nowadays lo get very much the same
message, that comes by various channels to people in all - parts   of   the
world, to, the learned and the unlearned, the sophiscated and the humble~-a
message of- encouragement   and    of
stimulation, and-assurance that thpre
Is a way out of the present difficulties
of earth, and that men can find it.���
Harper's-Ma-ga:2lheT:     7'    ~
��� more difficult problem to handle than
mar this glorious.occasion with weep- t,.;it of U(e missing_ ��� TheVrcsu!ts are
ing. Under the circumstances tills sm!1 compared with other-"branches
was a glorious .beginning and gave 0j. ^ assoclation.a workf but tho sum
promise of groat things for the future. tota, of re.unlons ensuing from those
God's promises looked to the future cffoi.ts# reconciliations effected and
when even greater glories should be inrormatlon gIeaned t6t reiatives can
to the chosen people than' ever had|best,be meh^ared in lerms or hHman
been enjoyed in the days of Solomon.' ���
Although it is so narrow that a
fat man would have to get in sideways, many people, both fat and
thiti, have endeavored to persuade
the owner to let them live in it.
But they have all been unsuccess-
The liltlehouse will never be.a
home again. .';��� It is destined, to remain
tenantless���peopled only by the shad-,
ows of departed days. I
And the dwarf? Those who know,
say the dwarf story is a myth���
that there;never was a dwarf.
But it does no harm to think there
was;' and it makes0"the'- smallest
house in London much more interesting.
The ." Home  Comfort"   RANGE
is   now   sold   to   tho   user   direct   from   our
Thousands  of  those Ranges  in use  over  20
rears  and still good Banges.
Repairs for every Homo Comfort Eingo made
slnco  1864 quickly supplied.
The Wrought Iron Range Co of Canada,
149 King St. W.
Buy your out of town supplies with Dominion Express Money Orders. Pive dollars costs three cents.
New and used Belting of every description shipped subject lo approval. Gin. i)-
ply new Rubber Bolting-,, high grade
quality, at 40c per ft. All others at lowest prices in Canada.���York Beltln��f Co.,
115 York St., Toronto, Opt.
Julius. Caesar-was tlie first ruler to
style himself au emperor.'. -"���'
Profit from, t.he Pen   '
- Offley:    "That   fellow   over .there
makes a nice income from his pen."
"Jubb:    '-'Why, , he - doesn't impress
me as it literary man."
"He's   no.'"literary- man; .he-
breeder of pig
is a
7; Walruses
attacked.   .
-Lo,ndon, Answers."-',
.gentle  except-Sv'hen
Many people can't j
drink tea of. coffee
\vithout punishment
IR you are nervous arid irritable���if you lie awake.
at night���if you. are troubled with indigestion���try.
Instant Postum for ten days Ind note.the ;improve-:
ment in your health.    X .7 7
j You have nothing to loseiand: everything to .gain. .
The full,;rich flavor 'of Instant Postum makes it a
most,delightful,^satisfying:leverage,'..and the results 7
of its use,-instead of harmful table beverages, are a
clearer head, sotinder, more refreshing-sleep, and a"
fuller, healthier enjoyment of life.    7  V X'-'- [ ���:'��� : ������.
-.   This happy, wholesome beverage gives you ''aft the ;-
pleasure and satisfaction of your usual steaming cup
of flavory delight, but exacts none of the penalties
which follow the use of harmful table! beverages.   -.
At your grocer's in: sealed; air-tight tzna
Many today, because things are.not
qijite what they should be, do not go
forward with a ' constructive programme, and, even hinder those who
have the hopeful outlook. ������
2. Worldly . compromise (-lsS, 3).
"Let us build. with you," for -v�� seek
your Gpd."_ This is Satan's mq,st
common-and effective method today.
May tlyj courageous Zerubbabels declare anew, "i'ehave nothing to do
with us to build an house unto our;
God."  '-:"'-     ''.V        - ���      .--..."
3. Open opposition by the world (-It.
74:2i)..���When^-ref used-"a- part _in���the
work, open and violent opposition was
resorted to. Intimidation and political scheming - were used to defeat
the building plan'of,God's people.
III. The Temple-'.Flnished  (5:1-G:15).
. TW-ough'-the .-ministry of.the  prophets, Haggaiand Zezchariah, the people-,-were. encouraged' to resume  the
.work-of'building the temple. They
wrought-with energy, and enthusiasm.
How necessary are .God's prophets lo
encourage��� a.i*d_urge on- the workers iii-
the Lord's, vineyard.' . .     '-'
IV. The,Temple Dedicated" (6:16:22)'.7
' The people- were ,unifed���in -this
building and came-together,upon its
completion- and solemnly dedicated it
to-God. It was a joyous occasion and
thcy united'in the observance of.the
passover. with,' gratitude .to God thai
Vie had  strengthened their, hands in
| their-work.7
Thc general method of "procedure is
first to circularize all commands and
branches of the G.W.V.A.; notification
of other agencies with whom the individual might come in contact; pub;
licatioti of particulars in "The Veter-'1
an," the official organ of the association;   next,"veteran  organisations  in
other countries are notified, including
The American Legion in the United
States; the G.W.V.A.   in   Newfoundland;    The   British   Legion.in Great
Britain   (as well as the, branches of
and Soldiers' Imperial-League of Australia;'Associations in New.Zealand,
South Africa, India and other British
dependencies; France,   Belgium   and
Italy.     The extent of the search depends   upon    the .circumstances surrounding the veteran who has disap.
p'eared.-  '   - '��� " ~ ' '*
��� Changeable weather causes congestion and sore throat. The blood
must /be drawn from the inflamed
part, and thls'is speedily done by applying Nerviline. The beauty of Nerviline is,that it penetrates quickb*. It
is not oily and every drop sinks right
in. It draws put the inflammation,
eases the pain, makes the chest and
throat well quickly. For relieving
coughs, colds, hoarseness, Nerviline is
the proper remedy. Thousands say
so. Large 35c bottles sold everywhere.   '
Pioneer        ,
Dog Remedlea
dog Diseases
x?'V? Z1^  t0 Feed
Mailed   Free   to any
'    Address by the
,M    CO., INC..
129   West   24th   St,
New  York,   U.S.A.
Another Belief Attacked
Of the Making of Books -,'
- One is staggered to- learn that Japan leads all nations in the production of books,, with Germany second;
and that Germany's production is four
times as great as that of the United
States. 7 Something should be done
about it.���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Corns cause much suffering, cut
Holloway's Corn Kemover offers a
speedy, sure, and satisfactory relief.
The Price of Liberty
The- Friend of All Sufferers,���Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil is a valuable
remedy to all thos(J who suffer pain.
It-holds out hope to everyone and real-1
izes it Ay stilling suffering everywhere. It Is a liniment that has the
blessing of half a continent. It is on
sale everywhere and can be found
wherever enquired for/
Says White Bread Harms
Teeth More Than Sweets
Another of the beliefs generally
known as "popular 'fallacies" has been
attacked by a member of the Federated Confectioners' Association, who
has declared that the eating cf sweets *"s
Is not bad for children's teeth. He
called to witness the children of the
sugar plantation, ' who, ^osstantly
chewing sugar cane, have the finest
teeth In the world.
The point was submitted to a well-
known London dentist bj*^ the London
Sunday Pictorial.    ���
He said: "Of course, sweets do not
Injure the teeth of the children any.
more than other foods containing
yit is a simple fact that soft whits
'bread has an infinitely more deleterious effect upon the teeth than
"The action involved -in teeth decay is chemico-parasitic. The chemical action is due to carbo-hydrates.
_^The__mpral.indicated- is-a simple	
one. By all means let the children
eat pure sweets, but see to it tliat the
use of the toothbrush is not neglect-
Loss From Forest Fires
Lilt  Jl^OSl
'There's a Reason"
Canadian Postum Cereal Co.. Ltd., Wihdsor. Ontario.
','��� 'Not'a Profiteer- 7
:; It happened on-Broad Street.."  An
old man was soiling pencils. YA"'young
man approached-arid,. .choosing:, one.
from " the ;stock on hand, asked the"
price.   .; When -t.old.it'was;three-cents
the   purchaser,'. - wishing to be good/
I hearted, -g"ave six. cents.".. Imagine his
I astonishment when, the old .man.said:
I - "Young'.man, you -wiil'- lie.: selling
pencils:' when   you'-.reach my." age if
you-squander your,money- ih;that-way.'
When"! .was" your age-I-was-.the same
way.     r could not-hold on,to-money,
hence, my present' position.   .I.'now
only .ask a- living,
inv time.'
! Necessity of Maintaining the Entente
"., Cordiale for. World P-eaos ��� ,X
Liberty, like every other;.precious
gift, can be obtained only at the price
of eternal vigilance/- That is'why. iu
season and' out of season %ve have
fought for a- complete understanding
and'alliance, with France. AVe believe that Great Britain and France
are the'guardians and sentinels of "tbe
freedom of Europe, and.-that,-despite
thepassing differences and difficulties
of everyday politics, the two countries
which . have maintained for.-so many
centuries the" bright traditions7of in-
.lelieclual.- freedom "and - which only!
yesterday joined, hands - in. fighting
against ' the greatest menace .which
eyerVthreatened them, are peculiarly
fitted- to -keep watch and wardI'togeth-.
er in:the'dark daysAvhich"a.rc.stiirto
c'oine.���London Morning .Post:
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
A  Motor  Racing   Record
All records were broken on a
Florida racecourse recently, when a
racing motor car reached the amazing
speed of over ISO miles an hour.
The car was driven by a 250-horse-
power aluminum hydroplane motor,
and its body was stream-lined. The
most wonderful thing about the car
was that the body was only 20 inches
.wide, giving just enough room for tlie
The U.S. navy   now   lias    in
service 2,600 homing pigeons.
.Canada Third,.
Canada-Is-third, in' the.'actual nuni-
Heed my warning! D.er of automobiles owned in the-co.un-
Wall.Street-Journal.   -     \!V��.'*-   '7United.States being "nrst.'with
 ^_���-__ /'���/'""- ���   ! the-amazing totaf of .10,595,660, and
Briglit stars/when low" down-near!9reat 3^ritain SCCOnd ��� Witlr   i��7M-2'
Timber Destroyed Tin's Year Could
' Have. Provided 100,000 Homes
- As a national .disaster the loss of
the Parliament :Buildings by fire was
trilling compared with the season's
devastation, of Canadian forests, Rob-
son- Black, manager of the Canadian
Forestry. Association, stated.
"Oa 7 a conservative estimate," he
added/, "the Dominion's forest fire
losses this year so far have robbed
the- .people , of. more timber than
would bo/sufficient to build 100,000
comfortable homes." ���   *
"Mr. Black declared.that the lumber
bill- of. every Canadian was .'being
steadily' raised by forest fires. The
annual plague, of burning forests constitutes the; heaviest.-income tax that
the ordinary citizen has to face.     It
cannot be-too   often- stressed   that?    Hot weather is a dangerous time for
every forest1 fire.must   be   paid   forJ the babies^when cutting their teeth,
To Teething Babies
the':frozen hori2Qn, sometimes .'puazle
even the most experienced. sailors as
to .whether- or not.they are-ship's
lights. Reference to this, fact has
occasionally been made in connection
with collisions, between vessels in" the
open- ocean.
X .The keeping of pigeons in; England. was; introduced Tfcj* tha Komans,
���who used them for carrying, as we*{
as for the table.
Canada's./-.total-. - is, 463,443. ' -Other
countries come nowhere/. The".-next
order are France,'''73,900; Italy,
y India,. 45,933; New Zealand,"
37,500; Russia,.35,000; Union of South
Africa, .26,468; Newfoundland," 60di-~
Exchange. ���    -,.
The people of Canada "own eighty-five
per cent..5of.tbe forest lands in the
-Dominion and for every dollar that a
private, owner loses through fire, .the
worlmsan,.'and4ni. merchant and government 7 treasury sacrifices at least
:four, he stated.'-'-'    ���'���"
The ordinary varieties pi. ferns are
in great use in China and Japan as.}
/':   For .Western Harvest
, It is expected that the demand of
the harvest, fields- la Western Canada
will exceed that ot, the past few
years. Last yea?, the number of men
from ;the,east was"30,6op. This year
it is, predicted by railway officials
that probably ar*and 50,000 extra men
will be required to harvest the big
?rbp3,- for - which there is every
promise.  "������.������_���-'.������--���'
articles of. food.
Msnard's Liniment fer Sams, efcx
���No; 10 Downing Street has beta the
J home/of the prime /ministers of Eng-
jiaad for almost :twro feuadred 'jeara.
and all mothers   should   watch   very*
closely for any sign of diarrhoea, dys-
entry, cholera infantum or any other
'bowel trouble.
There is no remedy so safe and effectual for diarrhoea as Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry, and all
mothers who have used it speak of it
with the greatest of confidence.
Mrs. James E. Green, Vermilion,
Alta., writes under date of Aug.'18th.
-1921, as follows:���"A -week ago my
baby boy, just one year and four
months old, started cutting: two stomach teeth, and was so sick he couldn't-
eat or sleep,' and had the diarrhoea
most terribly J?ad; his rectum was
raw and bleeding, but after givi*.*.
Mm Dr. l Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry regularly for three days
he was -.s well as any boy.could be.
I wouldn't be without your grand remedy for untold gold."
"Dr. Fowler's" is for sale **t all dealers; price, SOc a bottle; put up by
The T. Milbura Co., Limited, Toronto,
W.   K.   F-   MSl
'-Is.$3.06 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Sstray Notices 7 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advirtising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
en inch each insertion.
Business locals i2^c. a line each insertion.
The greatest known test of a
good disposition of motorists is
when that good disposition is inside
the driver of an automobile and the
car is out on the country road at
night, meetiDg scores of machines
whose drivers do not have the
courtesy to dim their lights.
���There iB no discomfort in driving
greater than being constantly
blinded by the glare of powerful
lightd of a car approaching from
the opposite direction. In all
> vralks of life there are the considerate ..and inconsiderate. But the
latter are more conspicuous when
they drive automobiles at night.
They consider it too much trouble
to. be,, constantly dimming their
lights when the machines they
meet are numerous. Consequently
they get out of the habit altogether,
even when they -meet cars on the
road occasionally. "What these
(irivers overlook is the jeopardy in
which they put their own lives, for
.( driver who is approaching a car
with the lights blinding him so
that he cannot tell' where he ie going, may unwittingly run into the
ear he is approaching and cause
damage and injury when this
could be avoided if the courtesy
rule of the road is observed.
The wolf doesn't waste much
time around the house of a man
who is away from home holding
down a job.
A women to make a hit on the
stage has got to wear the clothes of
a princess���or - none, at all worth
A man knows just about what to
expect of his boys by reminiscing
on his own deviltry when a kid.
bad as they   are
Are.girls as   ._
painted? "asks" a ~ magazine."    ..
who are painted probably are. v
Let the other fellow do all the
talking and you will know- all you
know and all he knows too.   -
Famous words by followers of
ponies: "If, would, could, should,
but did not. -    *
Better be a. wide-a-wake ugly
than a sleeping beauty.
Tib better far to be nit old fool
than a hypocrite.
' .Cut the lawns and   keep ' the
streoiB tidy.,
Christian Valley
Harry and Ralph Lockhart are
up fishing..-    ��� ���
E, V.   de Lab tour  brought up
, more lumber for his house.
' ^ Joe Caron his son  Harold and
- p'-rt-y were up to Copper Lake fish-
>r,g. y
There are many   fishing parties
- * p the river   from   Penticton and
;he U.S.A. -'
Mr. and Mrs. Steeves and daughter, Edith, were visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Christian .last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller and
children and Mrs. - Miller's niece
. Mibs Bush are camping -in the valley.
There will be over one hundred
tons of hay on the Christian ranch
this year. August Lnndgren also
has a good crop.
Frank Clesaenfe came along the
river to fish. Frank knows all the
good fishing places but he is not
telling anyone. He can- catch
more big fellows than any one
man on the river.
Sherman Haynes and "Spud"
White, brother and son of Mrs.
Dr. White, of Penticton, and Mr.
Madden, one'time of the Pacific
Hotel, Greenwood, were visitors at
Christian ranch last week.
(From another correspondent.)"
Joe Christian and family were
business visitors to Westbridge last
Fishing is the order of the day
for the boys are getting some good
Recent visitors to Greenwood
were Chas. Noren and F. O. Peterson who both brought homo some
new farm machinery for haying.
Trapper Jack Cochrane had his
first visitors this season for tho
fishing. A party of four motored
up and enjoyed good sport at Copper Lake.
Copies of "The Ledge" are in
great .demand by the youngsters
who wont from here to write the
"Eutrance Exams" all anxious to
know if they  had been  successful.
Guner Lindgren who has been
down the river helping Alex Wad-
dell and Sten Peterson who assisted
Jack Rusk through haying have
returned home this week to help
on the home farm. ,
Harry Lockhart, R. Lockhart
and J. Walsh, of Rock Creek were
Valley visitors tbis week. Mr. H.
Lockhart is on of the pioneerB on
the land here but has been a Rock
Creek resident the last few year?,
The road to Christian Valley can
show some fine crops on the adjacent farms. The fine meadows of
Buckless and Rusk first attract the
eye, then the well farmed fields of
Alex Waddell draw particular attention'to say nothing of the .well
filled barns on the Steeves property.
You would think we were back
in the 98's as "trail cutting" seems
to be the order of tho day. The
latest being a severely blazed trail
from Deer Creek and supposed to
end at Beaverdell according to the
sign written upon a tree on the
road which reads; ��� "Trail to
Mogue and Canyon Creek Lakes
and Beaverdell." Nobody,can miss
this trail "as some of the blazes are
two feet long.
The bright meteor observed at
11.55 on July Sth came to its end
within view of those going home
after the school meeting that night
and washeard-by thosewho were
not out. Many in bpd were suddenly* awakened by what - they
thought was a heavy blast of dynamite. Tbis"was the explosion of
the metear before- ifc dropped from
it course. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson
who hada full view of this eay it
was a wonderful sight. *
- If the people in C4rand Forks
who were admiring and photogra*-
pbing the- banks of smoke from
burning forests on the North
Kettle had been here the day
the cedar belt burnt they could
have gotten some real pictures.
From about 3 miles North of this
settlement the whole East- Fork
has been a'mass of flames .since
early in June. ��� All the cedar,
white pine and Hemlock'and other
timber between here and Lightning
"Peak has been wiped out.
The Home Circle
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A fine range  of samples to select
from.     {Just arrived.)
Now on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
.Wood For, Sale    -
Second Hand Pipe, Rails,  Minicg Cars
aad other Mining Equipment
Reasonable Prices
Awciy to J. W- Clark, Pacific Bote!
It can beat any alarm clock ever invented waking a family tip in the morning-, ��� ��� -
Give it a fair show aud it can smash more dishes than
the most industrious servant girl in the country.
It can fall down oftener and with less provocation than
the most excellent tumbler in the circus ring,
It can make more genuine fuss over a simple brass pin
than the mother would over a broken back.
It can choke itself black in the face with greater ease
than the most accomplished wretch that~ever was executed.
It can keep a family in a" constant turmoil from morn till
night and from night till morning, without once varying
its tune".
It can be relied upon to sleep peacefully all day when
its fat her is down town and cry persistently" at night
when he is particularly sleepy.
It may be the naughtiest dirtiest, ugliest, most, fretful
baby in all the world, but you can never, make its mother
believe it, and you had better not try it.
It can be a charming and a model infant when no one is
around, but when visitors are present it can exhibit more
bad temper than both of its parents together.
It can brighten up a house better,than all the furniture
ever made; make sweeter music than the finest ^orchestra
organized;-fill a larger place in its parents' breast than
they knew they had, and when it goes away it can cause a
greater vacancy and leave a greater blank than all the
rest.of the world put together.
Be Consolidated Mining & Smelting Go.
of Canada, Limited
.Office, Smelting and Refilling Department -
trail,British Columbia .���  ^   V 7
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   oi    Gold, .Silver,...Copper,    Pig   Lead   and Zinc; .
'"'   _'  ' "TADANAC'-BRAND V -   .:   7
We can fill your orders now
irown's, Midway
_-_-_-_-_E__��3_-___& C
5 Sa��i*^^_*aS^&&i
Auto Stage twice daily  to  Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
Forksaud Nelson train,  leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.'
For Oroville, Wenatehee and Princeton leaveB Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Far.e SI. 50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayinsr.        ��� Auto's for bite Day or Nlglit
We carry Tires, Oils, Greases. Hay and Grain   -
Office Phone 13. -'��� Residence Ptfqne 3L
few -�� _,0t
or Good 1
1 Job Printing 1
B~' combined with Promptness 3
B are the features which go to |��
H make up the Service we give ||
B our customers.     Are  you _��
H one of them? H
(Ruled or Plain)
Envelopes, Billheads,
-(���All Sizes) ���   '
Statements, Business
__ Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. Jf
I The Ledge       PHONE 29      |
B     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department 1��
^uiuauuuutuuuuiuui iiiuuiuuiiUiuiMiuay uuimiiiii? j
Summer Excursion Fares
To Eastern Points
St. Paul, Minneapolis or Duluth
$ 72 00
Chicago      '      ...
Detroit         :     .            .            .
Toronto            ,.
Ottawa  "         7.  ���        .        ���'.'������       .
Montreal          "~rr~ ....         ,. . .
Quebec             -;        7..        ."-.
St. John        .-.._     ���     .    ���    :
-Halifax              .            .
New York      7-.         .,
-      147f40
When you have something
to sell, put a
_ For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
.    ���T
The charge  is reasonable
On Sale, May 25 to 31 August. Return Limit 31 Oct.
Many optional routes, via Great Lakes or through
California at slightly higher fares. - Stopover en route "
Rates to  many other   points.    Details  from  any
agent or write
_     J. S. CARTER,
District Passenger Agent,
Nelson, B.C.
' - ^ " - .... -IT,.        -
The woods are yours
to enjoy, but only if
yon keep them green
E. W. WIDDOWSOJN, Assayer-and
Chemist, Bos biioS, Nelson, B. ��� C.
Charges:���Gold.Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead &3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00." Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc.. oti application.
,"^   .     Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
pay postage, one way.' Terms Cash. '
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to 55 an acre; second-class to
$2.-50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined- to surveyed lands only.
7 TRecords will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes ��� and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not1 more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with'joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five^-years and must make improvements to value of $10-per'acre,
including clearing aud cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not   ...
less than 3 years,  and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of  ill-health, or" other cause, be  '
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to,extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record -same will operate as for- . 7
feiture. Title cannotVbe obtained in
less than 5 years, and ijiiprovements.of"
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleai-
ed and cultivated, and-residence^ of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant -
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory" improvements made
and residence maintained .on Crown
granted land.-      "" "
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
-acres, may be leased as homesites; title   -
to be obtained after fulfilling resident-  '
ial and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas .exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by. pne person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding- 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing. roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase ���_
price, is made.       - _ -
"" The scope of this Act is enlarged to "
include all persons joining and serving
wittrHis Majesty's Forces. ** The time"
in which the heirs or devisees of a de-   -
ceased  pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the con-'
elusion -ot the present war.   This privilege is made retroactive. 7.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26,' 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
"* Provisions for rettirn of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired   -
direct or-indirect,, remitted from enlistment to March 3ist, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants'to sub-purchasers of '
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who "failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture," on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest
and" taxes.���-Where- sub-purchasers do.~~
not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area. Applications must be made by
May 1, 1920. ' -  *        ,     ---
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic de-
velopment-of livestock industry - provides ' for grazing districts and range
administration \_ under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for establish^ owners. Stock ownerH may form
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially - free, permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, 076,177,403; Lode
-     ���       Gold, 8105,557,977; Silver, $55,259,485; Lead $48,330,575; Copper, ��1G6,393,488;
Zinc, $21,884,531; Coal and Coke, $225,409,505; Building Stone, BrickVCemenfe,
834,072,016;     Miscellaneous     Minerals,    $1,210,639;     making    its    Mineral
Production to th'e end of 1921 show        ^
An Aggregate Value of $734,259,619  -
Production for the Year Ending December, 1921, $28,066,641
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British
Empire. - *  . -    . - - ''""..".
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
.Absolute  TitiesarG  obtained   by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. ; ' *
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���
\. VICTORIA, British Coloffibia.


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