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The Ledge Apr 30, 1925

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Provincial Library
The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.    XXXI
No. 40
New Kitchenware
McClary's   Bonnie   Blue
For the housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by t^e set or. by the piece
Also a large assortment of
McClary's EJnamel, Galvanized and Tinware
Make your selections while the stock is complete
Van Camps'
Pork and Beans
Small size Tins -     2 for 25c
Medium size Tins     -     3 for 50c
Large size Tins -     each 30c
For Quality and Value Order From
Phone 46
For Anything in the ,
Drug  or  Stationery   Line
Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.    Victrolas,   Records," Etc.
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire, Accident & Sickness, Life>
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary, &c
Houses for Rent or Sale ".
Call at the Office of
Greenwood, B.C.
The Greatest Love   Story
Of Them All
���������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������ ���������������������������������������������������
��� ������.-'    - ��� x::- ���-.   - . '.-.���:  .���
��� -���
���f ���-.
���������- ���;
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
Every Thursday Afternoon
Smoked Fish of all kinds in stock
Fresh Pork Sausage. Every Tuesday Morning
^AYLOR A   SON xyy
Phone 17    W
������������������*������������������*������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������ ���������������������������*�����
yy TVw VW^ yxxX}
|  JOHN MiEYER     -WV- >/w"","
Proprietor I
To rny friends arid supporters:
[ X. ...Please accept my ^sincere thanks . for-your
���generous and loyal:support of my.candidature.in the
;recent cainpaigii:W. .--..- 7 ;-"���', 7v - ~". ^''7 ~ '-' '^-- -
'V We;' suffered the handicap that _��� follows an
Opposition candidate,in almost all byerelections; baying .to f ace'the- plausible 'though fallacious argument
-''Vote for 7the Government Candidate for what there
ism it.    .
In the face of all the influences brought to bear
by our opponents, our vote was one which does not
make us down hearted, one for. which we make no
apology. ��� X   [
Yours sincerely,   ,
; ;" ���   ' "'   C. M,.'"KIHGSTON,
P P. 6 b V C tl AM '
The Picture the whole country is "
talking aboijt - .  "\
A vast thrilling spectacle���and a"
-   -, heart appealing romance   .'
' :Ten Reels Loaded With-Thrills'.'.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing ait 8.-1.5.': jplm.
A<Jmiss6n::Adults 75c. Children 35c.
Saturday. Afternoon Matinee
7; Commencing at 2 O'Clock: .;.-.'
���"-;' Adults SOc-f Children :25c. ,:.
Just Arrived arid Bargains.
Men's   Heavy Work, Shoes
$3.50 and up
Men's Fine Dress Shoes
-in Black and Brown
}<'-y)-Atx$5J^}  zXy:    :
._"'-���    ��� " / alio    --       ~; -."",.   ...
Men's Oxfords at $5.75
It will pay you to come & look them over
Saspriic   Hall,'  Greenwood
."May 15th
assisted by the '   ''���'-"   -���':--"
Laffalot Girls Ciub
- Ye Olde Englyshe Maytyme Dances
During intermissions
Bush's  Full   New  Orchestra
Wiil supply the music
Tickets $2 a coupte, including Supper,
. W    CJiiSdren under 16, SOc. - .
Service ia St. Jude's Church on
Sunday, May 3rd at 11 a.m.
Mrs. Thos. Jenkin left on
Wednesday for a few days- visit
in Trail.
Wm. Lakeland,:of Oliver, spent
a few days in town during the
first of the week.
A. S. Black, of Princeton, was
renewing acquaintances in town
during the week-end.
Thos. Jenkin returned to Trail
on Sunday by motor after spending a couple of days in town.
Mrs. Chas. King returned on
Monday afternoon from an enjoyable holiday in Vancouver.
Don't forget the Matinee ("The
Covered Wagon") in the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, May
2nd at 2:15 p.m.
Born���At the Greenwood and
District Hospital to Mr. and Mrs,
Howard Smith, of Westbridge, a
son, on April 26th.
N. H. Floyd arrived recently
from Gaspereaux Station, N. B,,
and is the guest of his brothers,
Robt. and Cecil Floyd.
.. F. W. McLairie.is visiting the
city in the interests of the Globe
Indemnity Insurance Co. Charles
King is the local agent.
Miss E A. Olson was the guest
of her aunt, Mrs. M. Anderson,
during the week-end, returning
to Trail on Sunday by motor.
The Ladies Aid will sell ice
cream in the Auxiliary Hall after
the picture show on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and
J. B. DeLong, high .school inspector and P. H. Sheffield, public school inspector, were visitors
at the Greenwood Superior School,
this week.
The Greenwood school boys
will play a football match in
Grand Forks on Saturday after-
noqn,May 2nd, against the school
boys of that city.'   W -���-. -'��� -������-���*���������.
McElmon, the watchmaker, has
returned to Greenwood and opened
a place of business opposite the
Bank of Commerce and is ready
to do watch and optical repairing.
Matinee in, the Greenwood
Theatre.on Saturday:: afternoon,
May 2nd, commencing at 2:15
o'clock. '.'The Covered Wagon"
will be shown." - 'Admission _-50c
'and 25c. ..V -f   y ">��� .-������'x-
X .The'Ladies Aid- will'serve-' refreshments in .the Auxiliary. Hall
after the Picture.Show on Friday
May ,1st". - Refreshments '35cts
Ice" cream, and candy Will- alsp.be
���served.'""-" W ������-.".���-..VW-   "7 :"'."���. r
Hqnv Dr. J. D. .MacLean and
Hon. . Wm.:.- Sloan . returned to
.Victoria- early., this. week . after
spending a wejjk in the'^"district.
Both, gentlemen areV- delighted
with.the result of the bye- election
and expressed.great faith in the
future of.Green wood." ���    . ,f
; Old-timers will-'regret' to: learn,
of the death of Stephen S"...."Irwin
recently in Lanibeth, Ont.,, and
.was buried f in TRipley, .Ont,.,. He.
is survived by his wife and:child7
Tbe'late: "Mr... Ir.win 7 was. in the
employ of the' Telephone...Go.1'
during-the-eaTly.days. of Greenwood. -.--,   7" .7 7'
VThe-'��� Humbolt - Standard ef
Eureka, Cal., . says;, '^Doctors
Gordon . and . Cdlin McLaren;
brothers, arrived in -'.this..city on
April -.11, - to assist. Dr.. Percy
Abbott of this, place. The McLarens are graduates f from the
Palmer 7 School at.;Davenporfi
Iowa,, and will.make their borne
in this city ���!'-.,.,,.;. :-;"       V -
:7 Another well, known; old resident of Greenwood iiied at
Kamloops last Thursday; infthe
person of-Mrs. _C Jl Wilson?;aged.
56 years.-. She. -was .-the7. .-wife
of. Charles J._ Wilson, who , was
formerly manager .of P.'-. Burns
&:Co.,.ia.Greeiiw.pod;..Mrs. Wilson
is survived by her. husband, a.sou,.
Jack,.studying .law at Toronto
and: -a' daughter,,,Jeaij,.at home.,
; A football match wi?l.-.b|e: :play?
ed on-the 3rd of May at-the baseball grounds,. Greenwood, between teams representing Kettle
Valley and Greenwood.. The
kick-off is set for 1:30 and the
local boys have been busy during
the week getting the playing
pitch in condition and erecting
goal posts. They hope that there
will be a good turnout of spectators. - '���
Providence Mine
Changes Hands
A mining deal of considerable
importance to the whole district
was consummated this week when
J. W. Williams and associates of
Spokane took over the Providence
mine from the Mary Agnes Mining Company. C. F. R. Pincott,
barrister, of Grand. Forks represented the Mary Agnes Mining
Co., and F. B. Hetherington also
of Grand Forks' represented Mr.
Williams and his associates in
the negotiations which have been
pending for some time. The
papers have been signed by both
parties and were sent to Chicago
for execution by the Mary Agnes
Mining Co., and were returned to
Attorney Pincott on Tuesday.
Papers will be placed in escrow
with the Canadian Bank of Commerce as soon as a1 few minor details have been' arranged by the
attorneys. ���  ��
Mr. Williams took charge of
Providence yesterday and'a few
men put to work getting the
mine in shape for larger operations,
Mr. Van Dissel and Mr. ~ Bauer,
of Spokane, who are among the
associates have been in Greenwood with Mr. Williams since
Monday inspecting the Providence
and making all arrangements for
the resumption of operations. A
car of good ore will be taken out
and shipped as soon' as possible.
ChasV Case will have charge of
mine operations aud H. J, Bauer
will have charge of general operations. ��
.The Spotted Horse claim which
is now closed and'is in charge of
Mr. Williams and his associates
will not be put in operation for a
little time, but it is planned to
further prospect this property
later. Mr. Williams states that
with^he; usual co-operatioti of
ci tizens of Gr eenwdod "and - with
promised moral and financial support of his associates in Spokane
it is planned to develop this rich
ledge of high grade silver ore and
try to make.it7pay good,returns,
Mr. Williams believes that the
great wealth, locked-in God's
strong natural vaults should be
unlocked and the - great stored
wealth put in circulation for the
benefit of mankind. .-.  7
List of Hospital Subscribers
...-vThe Board -of-.Managers .very
thankfully: acknowledge   receipt
of._ th_e_.^following .^subscriptions.
"Anyone 7 wishing - ."to "subscribe,
-kindly cai"l>'t the office,-dr mail,
to Cha'si- Kirigy. S.e'cf-Treas,," when
receipts -; will." ."be '-given ..and
amounts    acknowledged -in   the
current issue of The Ledge."
Previously acknowledged.......f. '$ 1037.05
Edward Pope .;.X....X:.... ���.���   -s.oo
x.y;z. :...;".*..'.-.".'._..;.-.:..:.'.....;.'.���..';.���;-_'r.25.oo
J.-C. Madge..-.-.-....".';...."..;....���"'.......      .- 5 00
Hon.AV,' C7Nichol, Lieutenant "-  ���':
', Governor-of British'Columbia   f 200.00
Total. "���  $1272 05
Tennis Opening Day Set
The.Tennis Club has selected
Saturday, May. 2nd as. the official
opening date of the local court?
for -the'season,���'������_The Club extends
a hearty-invitation to all.interested in the game and expect, 'there
will be a. gratifying nuinbfef present at the courts on ...Saturday
afternoon.7 7 ;..
Big Social Gathering
Grand Success
About 500 people from all over
the district oame to the social
gathering in the Masonic Hall last
Monday night in honor of the election of Dougald McPherson. Ife
waB probably the largest crowd
ever assembled in the Masonic Hall
and ife was a real sociable crowd���
everybody laughing and shaking
bands with one another, forgetting .their political differences
and all united for fehe purpose of
having a good time. And while
fehe dancing was going on a smoker
ih the Liberal Committee rooms
was in progress and they were a
real jolly bunohof men (both sides)
joking with one another. It was a
most fitting way to close a hard
fought campaign and all are friends
once more. Hon. Wm/Sloan and
Dougald McPherson received a
ferememdous ovation when they
addressed the gathering for a few
MrB. JS. H. Pannell sang^by
reqqe8fe at the dance her parody
which is printed in another column
and which caused  much  laughter.
To the Ommanney four-piece
orchestra must be given great
praise for music, that compares
very favorably with large city
orchestras and is even better than
some that are heard over the radio.
They delighted even, the spectators
and they were very liberal and
pleasing with their encores. Jno.'
Shannon was the floor manager
and he certainly knows how to pnfe
pep in. a dance and keep things
Perhaps the greatest task of all
-was the catering to this unexpected
large crowd. The ladies had made
3000 sandwiches in the afternoon
yefe more had to be made hurriedly.
It is estimated that nearly 400
people were fed���a mosfe difficult
task, still it was done without any
undue trouble or fuss, as only
ladies can overcome these difficulties. After everybody was fed-
there \vere five cakes and three
loaves of bread left over.
The jolly crowd were loathe to
go home"ye�� all things must come
to an end and the orchestra played
the ((home" waltz afe 3 a.m, Three
cheers for McPherson and cheers
for the orchestra brought a very
jolly time to a close.
Bigger Than A Circus .
Bigger than the biggest circus/
Not even fehe extravagant press-
agentry of the greatest show on
earth could excell the trnth regarding tbe production of "The Covered
Wagon" for Paramount which
comes to . the Greenwood Theatre
on Friday and ^Saturday; May Isfc
and 2nd ;also matinee on Saturday
at- 2:15 -p.7m. - -Fifty-carloads���of-
material were shipped to the location, at Baker, Nevada.
In addition, one thousand
Indians, and more than two
thousand white persons are seen in
the picture. Also there are upward of 1000 horses, several
hundred mules and 500 covered
wagons. The center of activity
was at the Baker Ranch. Prior to
arriving there, director James
Cruze spent- several days afe Antelope Island in the Great Salt
Lake, making a buffalo hunt with
500 head of bison on that. Island.
J. Warren Kerrigan and ,Lois
Wilson head a'splendid caste. -   ^
Pythian.Sisters dance on May
15 promises to be one of the many
enjoyable affairs held in Greenwood. Nothing ia being spared
to make this a night of social fun
and good dancing. Proceeds to
be divided with. -the. Greenwood
asd District Hospital.
I     > v    Bye-Election Results
The following is the,correct" result of the various polls throughout, the Grand Forks.- .Greenwood riding." The present majority for
Dougald   McPhersoaV.Liberal   candidate, is   51.     There   are   32
absentee votes which will.be counted later according to law.
..:'���';   V '"'���  'P.'Mcpherson Dr. C. M. Kingston
Poll :     :---               ', .' Liberal-                    .Conservative Absentees
Beaverdell.-.\,..".";.........,..;   29                     ' .               7 '3
Bohn&ary Falls  ...........    23                                       10 '.3
Bridesville ...._.,  ���. 34 ,_���-                                    29 2
Browii.Creek .,.,..-._._..._��� .'V"..7v.-l6'"V                                 14 ��� 0
Cabin:.-:.'.:.:.};yj'..i:Jy VWf7 -9���                                       3 1
Casciide:.'.V.V-.-.;._.'.'.._;':'...  56 '                                   38 O
Christia'u Valley"-..'..'...',..     8                                        1 '6
Eholt.,........:,...,...     13-                                      6 0
Fife........ ,...-   30    '                                  16 O
Grand Forks  352                                    432 S
Greenwood .".' ;_...��  1S4   -'                                 S6 3
Midiva5v V..............  -43                                      61 1'
Paulsqjj :._.'.....'....��.'.   5   .                                    7 1
Riverside...:.......X........   '46            ���                           43 0
Rock Creek................    36                                      45 0
Westbridge..,:.,...-......-..    25                                      20 4
..Totals/             876..,...,,.                           SIS 32
.-.. Majority for McPherson 61, .��� THE   LEDGEV GREEWOOT),   B..O.
losing your Invention to anyone, send for Fret "RECORD OF
N.      New leaflet "PATENTS���A  Road to  Foi tune";  alao tre��
Before disci
"on request.      Prompt, personal service.
W. IRWIN  HA5KETT, Hope Bldg.,
16 Elgin St., Ottawa, Ont.
Write TODAY.
���'Next door to tha
Canadian Patent Office"
Opinion Of a
Saskatchewan  Teachers'  Alliance
Schoolmaster c��-��perati��" <*���****�����*
in  Wes-t  is
British   Boys  of the   Right Type  Will
Succeed In Canada
lu ;i ivcc-m interview with representatives ol' tho press in Win_iii.ii--.,', Mr.
John I.. I'aton, headmaster of Jlun-
(���hosier, Kngland. (irammar School I'or
IU years, is quoted as follow
"A British lad
hem, who wants lo gel ou in Iifo must,
generally speaking, look overseas for
his advancement, and iu Canada he
will tind an ideal country Lo settle in
and one lull of endless possibilities.-"
Mr. Paton is touring Canada under
the ausipees of the Canadian council
of education. He was the chief speaker at the annual convention of the.
Manitoba Educational Association,
held in Winnipeg recently.
Mr. Paton has been instrumental in
Bending many town-bred boys to Canada, who have done splendidly on the
land, and he is in favor of such boys,
after finishing their secondary school
course, being sent right out. to work
un a farm in Canada. "J I wil), of
course, be a help to thorn to know the
rudiments of fanning before ihey leave
the Old Country," lie said, "but if they
have agriculture in their bones, they
will soon pick, up farming out here, and
will be able to take a course at0 an
agricultural college after picking up
local conditions on a farm. If a young
fellow wishes to get on, he can do so
in this country. He-knows hc must
rely on himself and this will he ft great
incentive, to a lad of tho right type."
Mr. __, Piiiou referred to the largo
sums spent on education in Canada
and to the great possibilities of learning open practically to' all. "It is
wonderful," he said, "to thinkVhat $20
per head of population was spent last
year in Saskatchewan on education,
while ?7 only was similarly dealt with
in England.. Results have already
been greai, but as time, goes on, will
bo greater."
Proposals favoring the. closest possible co-operation between teachers'
organisations in Western Canada were
adopted at tho annual convention ot
the Saskatchewan 'lVaehers' Alliance
held in Regina.
A slatement presented to tho cott-
wiih an agricultural vomiun "nd endorsed outlined lho attitude of tho Saskatchewan organization to the Canadian Teachers' Federation. It expressed approval of-the
principle of a dominion organization,
but pointed out that the present cost
of conducting the federation was too
great in proportion to tlie services
rendered by that organization. It
was suggested that eastern and western sections might he formed" to meet,
annually, while the federation could
meet triennally.
A proposal to raise the stndard of
teachers engaged in Saskatchewan
by the discontinuance of the authorization of all teachers with less standing than a full second-class academic
education and a- full school year ol
normal school training   was   heartily
II was    urged    that  teachers  with I wafer and unwrapped turned out poor
Preservation Of Eggs
Water Glass or Lime Water Found to
Be the' Best Preservative
At the St. Anne do la Pocatiere, Dominion experimental stalion. Quebec
Province, an experiment has been tried
to ascertain thc best method of storing eggs for winter use. The experiment included eggs stored in one-dozen cartons, Avithout treatment; eggs
wrapped in tissue paper and stored in
one-dozen cartons; eggs dipped in
boliug water and wrapped in tissue
paper and stored in one-dozen cartons;
eggs placed on small ends in earthen
jars and covered with salt; eggs placed in earthen jars and covered with
water glass solution and eggs plaited
in earthen jars and covered with lime
water. .The- eggs stored were-new
laid, infertile, sound in shell and
clean and were stored from July 1G to
December 15, 192... They were placed in a cellar on a cement lloor, the
temperature varying from '10 to 50 degrees F. This first experiment -would
indicate that tbe use of commercial
water glass solution (obtainable at
most drug stores) and lime water,
which can be home made, are the two
best means of preserving eggs for a
fairly Jong period. The contents of
the- eggs in the lime water were just
as good as those in fhe wau'r glass
solution, there being some difference
in the appearance of tiie shells. .Sail
gave poorer results, but can bo used
advantageously for short periods. Eggs
wrapped in tissue paper followed in
results,  but   those   dipped   in   boiling
third-class certificates were deficient
in the principles of instruction ��� and
entered"into competition with and
displaced teachers wiih a full course
of education and lifewovk in the profession.
Claims Worlds Largest Book
Each   Leaf   of  Volume, in   Vienna   is
Four Feet High and Three
Wide   ���
Vienna claims  tlio bsgge.-i  book in
���he world,      It  is in  the 'Dominican
,cloisterVearcfuliy mounted in a  case
in one of"tlio corridors.     The book is
made1 up of parchment leaves mounted on_ thin wooden boi der...     On the
parchment j_> maintained a death list
ot the cloister.     The first entry was
made iu tilu. but evi-u this date is J84
years more recent than the date of the
cloister, for this home or' Dominican
monks was founded in 1226, under the
Uabcnbergers.     Each leaf of the book
is 4 feet high and V. fust wide.
Hebrideans For Alberta
One hundred families of Hebridean
settlers-ior the AV.-milion-district-of
the province of Alberia are expected
to arrive during ihe latter part ot May.
Jn tho past" three years hundreds of
Kettlers from tlie Hebrides Islands 'of
Scotland ,have come to Canada under
the auspices of the Scottish Immigrant Aid Society, most of whom have
heen successfully <\Hablished - in
Alberta. -* ���
The Origin Of "Sam Hill"
Collector Of Similes Says It Is
Corruption Of Samael
In a letter to tlie New York Times,
Frank ,T. Wilstach, who has been collecting American and other similes for
20 j ears or more for a dictionary of
similes, says it is not unlikely that tlie
usl.' oi the mystic name "Sam Hill"
stems from Puritan New England���
the Puritan having a stinging aversion to the use of the words hell and
devil- in their conversation. The
Puritanical unwillingness to _ say
"Fight like hell," "Swear like-ilu-
devil," causVl the euphonicic substitute, Ram Hill, Iq be hit upon���thus
avoiding ihe letter, but maintaining
the spirit of the thought.
'J'he name of the snake that tempted
Eve and brought on our various diili-
cullies .-mi Samael���a " particularly
vicious demon, whose language, we
may well imagine, when given iree
vent, and when in ihe particular
business of templing an unsuspecting
lady, in the guise of a snake, was
highly decorative. Il is noi, then,
beyond reason that the sayjng,-"Swear
Cor ever fighO lilt*.- Caiuael," was a
Gaul en of Eden proverb. ' In later
���time Samael was, of course, corrupted
I and became, iu the mouths of the un
biblical, Sam Hill, pays Mr. Wilstach.
er than any'.
Read Alberta Woman's Experience with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Provost, Alberta.���" Perhaps you will
remember sending me one of your books
a year ago, I was in a bad condition
and would suffer awful pains at times
and couid not do anything.. The doctor
'said I could not have children unless I
>went under an operation. 1 read testimonials of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound in thy papers and a friend
recommended me to take it. After taking three bottles I became much better
and now I have a bonny baby girl four
months old. I do my housework and
help a little with ths chores. I recommend the Vegetable Compound to my
friends and [am witling for you to use
this testimonial letter. "������ Mrs, A. A,
Adams, Box 54, Provost, Alberta.
Pains in Left Side
r Lachine, Quebec.-���" I took Lydia E-
, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound because I suffered with pains in- my left
side and back and with weakness7and
other troubles women so often have. '
I was this way about six months. 1 saw I
the Vegetable Compound advertised in
" Proving  Value  Of Suniight
Rays Contain Vitamins So Essential
To Health
"Vitamins," said Dr. 1 lector Xui.ro,
an -English specialist, "are nothing
more, nor less than stored sunlight.
"Sixty per cent, of breakdowns in
health are due to the retention in the
i-ystem of waste products. Light energy meets ihis condition hy ,��uibil-
ixiiu; iho blood.
"The rays of lighi which are most
valuable to health are- those io the
right of tlie spectrum, and ii has been
found that when those rays are excluded from an area in which a plant
has b'X'it placed, the plant dies.
"These rays aiv caught and held by
ih<�� frails of the _-urrh and are tho
vhamlns of .which so much has been
heard lately.
"Oranges nnd lemon.8, contain a
higher percentage of scored sunlight
than any other fruits jn the world."
Queen Invests In
Labor-Saving Devices
One  of  Latest is  New  Kind  of  Knife
Almost tin,- last journey away-��rom
Uuclrinsjhnm Palace made by Queen
Mary, known as England's most
"housewifely" Queen, before departing
with the King for iiis .Mediterranean
cruise, was a one-day visit to 'Windsor
Castle. There she inspected everything to see that tho spring cleaning
had been started in proper order, so
tliat everything would be spick and
span for her return toward the end of
Incidentally, ihe Queen brought witli
her to J ho castle, her summer home
and one of the world's most magnificent structures, a-number of labor-
saving devices which she bad bought
herself ihe day before at an ideal
home exhibit Jn London. One uf these
was a new kind of knife cleaner; lhe
Queen oj_��i"mining the apparatus and
making sevoral inquiries as to whether the' dealer was certain that the
polishing roller would not harm certain old-fashioned knives of very delicate make which were tised genera
duns"ago in the. kitchens of Windsor.
Sectional Prejudice
The Difficulties Attending the Cohesion
Of-Our Far-Flung Dominion
It i.-* ono of the difficulties of,our
situation in Canada tliat onr population is scattered over a %ery extensive
areaf As a consequence itJs-ciiilicuK
for our people to escape from sectionalism and ihe prejudices which are duo
to imperfect, knowledge. " Some Canadians are apt to lose sight of the fact
that tlie province of Quebec contains
a population practically equal to that
of the four western provinces, and
that in all Canada the total population
of British origin is not more than
double that of the French race. To
some English-speaking people in Eastern Canada, British Columbia and Alberta are little more than geographical
expressions; and to many in the west,
Quebec is simply a distant province
inhabited by people who speak a "foreign" language.���Vancouver Province.
Taking Real Vacation
Detroit Dentist With Fractured Spine
Is   E'ljoying-' His   Holiday*
A Detroit demist,  who  suffered  a
fractured spine in an accident, says
he is having his first real vacation in
2" > <?ar,~.    Ife declares that all of us
! ought to be sick for a certain J ime every
. Kar.  mj we could get a rest, do the
j things we want,  and  "get  a  proper
i focus on life."      He 5-ays he is the
l happiest man In T)t.troI'.-t;v*�� if be is
1 in a plaster cast.    ' II��* read's, listens
io ilnrr.idio, has time ;o talk.with his
French Want British
Troops On Rhine
Best Guarantee For Reparation Payments Says French Ntwspaper
If Britain,wishes prematurely to recall her troops from the banks of ihe
Rhine, in order to satisfy her military
scruples, let lier at least leave her flag
flying there with a couple of, hundred
tsoops or so,.and two or three vessels
to protect them. We will do the rest.
Everyone kaows that ten thousand
British troops on this sector count far
more towards the payment of reparations than double that number of
Frenchmen.���Le Fargo, Paris.
SMOKERS always prefer their tobacco in perfect
condition; this is assured, when they demand it
packed in the famous Vacuum (air-tight) tins.
The following well known brands are now packed in the
famous Vacuum (air-tight) tins.
OLD CHUM Virginia Flake CUT SMOKING Tobacco
REPEATER FINE CUT (Pipe or Cigarette Tobacco)
REX Smoking MIXTURE (for Pipe or Cigarette)
ODGEN'S CUT PLUG Smoking Tobacco
OGDEN'S FINE CUT (Pipe or Cigarette Tobacco)
Always ask for the Famous Vacuum (Air-Ti
The Political Wrecker
Men Who Put Their Own Fortunes
Before the Good of the Country
Kvery political - society is honeycombed with enemies���men of ill-will,
who put their own fortunes befowTthe
good of fhe country. But perhaps the
most deadly enemies of the state aro
fhe philosophers,, the idealists,, the
traffickers In Utopias, thc reformers in
a hurry. :" We congratulate ourselves
upon' being- :i' practical people,.but
even .in our own history some-of its
most sombre' pages- arc those which
arc consecrated to the" description of
the wreckage. Inflicted by men of good
intentions."-���London Moaning Posl,.   . . ,
��� .The Educational Need _'
Suiting forth art his view.on the.important quest ion o.f ""What Is. Alberta's
Foremost Educational Problem?" ilob:
rerren Baker, minister; of-.-education,
addressing._several .hundred'. Alberta
teachers, al the- fifteenth annual con.-,
vention declared 'that. in. his opinion
tho mostf pressing;'educational .-"need
today-was for a grade eight'education
as thc^mininiuni/objcctivcrfor_evor"y
boy and girl in the province.���-'. 7 .  ,
Old ."Styles; Create Amusement .7'
Men's" hats-, of f olden - days"; afforded
the Berlin public rinichVamusemeht
during the .recent cxbibit'of clothing,
held to contrast the styles, oi. the last
100 years with tlie" styles of today..' '..
��� Higli hats, much-taller than those
worn, today,- and- as 'shaggy.-as a New-'
fotindland, dog, -appeared in' the windows ,of. many haberdashers. Curious
straw hats lent by-museums also pro:
duced broad'smiles ariiong-tho' throngs.
Animal Showed Great Bravery
Mother Cat Rescued Three Kittens
From Blazing Building V
During the terrible Jersey City fire
an act' of bravery on the part of a
mother cat. brought forth the cheers
of tho crowd. " "As a powerful stream
of water foil upon the blazing wall of
one of the many'burning buildings, It
struck.the cat with .'such force-that it
lifted her across the street. A.s soon
as she recover, her breath she hurried
buck to the shelter where she had loft
her four new-born kittens, and emerged carrying one in her mouth, which
she laid carefully on tho opposite side
of the street. ' ���     " 7
-'The crowd'tried to-keep her. from'
again "entering ihe burning ^building,
but three times she made thc .trip;
each-time bringing out'one of lier wee"
babies... -The last' attempt was frustrated by a solid wall of. fire and slowly and sadly she-returned and .lay
down-by her little family; "It-was not
an agent of, the. Society for the Prevention .of Cruelty' to'Animals, oi" a
police- office?, or. even-an adult person
.who took ;the rescued family,'but a little Polish gh-l, herself made homeless
by-tiio" fire,: who placed .the'-mother
cSt^and "kittens carefully in her" skirt,"
and carried them io,7a "place, of --safety:
Alberta's Sunflower Crop
Development of Product Due
Increase In Dairy Industry
One of Alberta's newest crops, sunflowers for silage, amounted "to. ItiO,-
G50 tons last year, while fodder corn,
also comparatively new, amounted to
269,888 tons. The development" of
these field productsjs largely due to
the expansion of the dairy industry..
Alberta's dairy production last year
was valued at closo to $23,000,000, and
is rapidly increasing, Britain is providing an "attractive market for butter,
and cheese is finding an increasing demand.
How Robert M, Koenig
Found Remedy for
Jimmy, a five-year-old. came home
front school one day and announced-
that h<? was in love with a Jiltl* girl
named Hilda.'   -!
' In love?'' said bis mother, in great
do you  know
To Film Calgary Stampede
Universal   Film. Company, to ""Secure
��� .Pictures off Big Event'""'-,.
.-,Negotiations .fhave hecir' completed
whereby .H6ot''Glbsori""aivd:-thc:ubiver-
sal Film Company and Guy. AVe'adick
will come tci "Calgary this, summer to
photograph scenes- in- the, ".Calgary
sta nipede, io - be incorporated." in I he
liPXlJIout Gibson-picture release. This
will-.'mean .the bringing:'.of .a- large
company bore.and the expenditure of
approximately $100,000..''_ 'X.'. -'
Mothers   arc  quick  to  praise  any1"
thing which brings health and comfort to their Jhtle ones���any medicine
that will make the baby well and keep
him -well will always receive hearty re-
commendalion from the mother. That Ja
why Baby's Own Tablets arc so. popular^--Thousands-of-niothers,-through���-
out thc country,-not only use them for
their own li1tle ones,-but are-always
delighted" to  be able   to  recommend -
tlionV to other mothers.     Thousands
of: mothers; have .proved. Baby's Own
Tablets to'be'-.without- an equal in. relieving their little .ones of any. <��f. tho
many minor ailments' which arise out
of a-derangement of, the stomach and
bowels.-.   "Baby's Own Tablets are the .
ideal laxative���-easy to take but thorough in action.     They banish constipation and indigestion; break up colds,
and simple .fevers;  expel worms'and
: make-the-teething period easy. ;��� .The
Tablets.are sold'by medicine dealers',
or by mail at 25 cents-a" box from Tha
Drf Williams' MedicineCo., Brockville, .
Ont.77- '. ���"   ..".".'. -,-.     J     '""���"".''--
7 Planning Biggest Tunnel _
" 'The. greatest.-tunnel in the; world
soon, will- be .built .und��.r the Mersey
���River, in EnglandVio"connect the city
of Liverpool with. Birkenhead and adjacent ���.towns - on' the. south . bank bf
the - river, 'says Popular ...Science
Monthly .for' April:; Mt ,w,M'liaveVm
infernal diameter';-of.- 'ii feet,' greater
than, the- Hudson..- Ilivcrf- tunnel now
nearing .completion.-' - The tube will
contain two decks; one for automobile,
the'other for street cars.
yy Not His. Fault   7
A'tramp'had-been, admitted to thft.
casual ward .of an.English wnrfchottM)-
la"te:onn ��"?venlng�������� iuid ,.thi., following
morulng ;fduly'.' appeared before the.
master.    '  -"       ��� , ,._ ,_. --���".'.
'���"."Have you taken a bath. Ibis isom-.
ing?," was'the"first"ouostiibi. be was..,
asked. -;.7:'-:. ..-.7- -���'   \W'..-;    .   7  -
-   ."Ko, sir." .answered "the "man ���In astonishment, "is"there;on�� missing?""   '
-   ���      'Xy'fik- Determined-Man .
- ;"l" told-'nij:. wife that'll' slie .bobbed.,
hpr'-Iiair-"I would leaxe her.'-'7    -'
.'���But she bobbed it; and'yqu'r*;.still"
living witli her?" '-"'V .':' "���..'.
.   ".Vou bet I. am.   . I'll show.her she
can't bluff: moi"    W- W        '"'-     '   ." .
frb.-nd��, and cro.-sword puzrb-n.     IIpj s-nrpilse.      "Why,  how
tbe  'Sifontreal Standard,' and I have \ u.-fd urv.ant to do these thing3, on?, you are in love?"
__L___.  ��*��  ._*_���� *CAW t^     1*_a��- +-I.I*. I"*        _n_^        -V^ I ��WM  __-*       _M      ������_!__�� ___.___. I       �� "* ^ fc | ���V
he nvvf-r na.i time. j    -Because," ho answered, positively,
_ .^  ""when I have anything I don't want
taken four bottles of it I was a very
sick woman and I fed eo much better I
would not be without it, I also use
Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash. I
recommend the medicines to my friends
ind I am willing for yoa to use my letter as a testimonial."���Mrs.M. W.Rose,
580 Notre Dame St., Lachine, Quebec
;,  , Wik'ii a nwn is making a night of it j mys��li I give it to Hilda."
he usually discovers that Hie darkest
��� hour is just before tbe dawn.
W    N.   V.   1574
If a man once "use? porous plasters
he becomes' more attached to them.   -
Seventy out of every 10,000 married
persons are divorced every year now
in the United States, tbe census bureau reveals. -
For" years.- my skin would break ont
ev___ry once in a while���^arid ointments
did very little to hclj^ me.
I read a doctor's article stating tliiat
pimply skin usually- comes from, the
stomach���-and bowefe Dot getting ricj
of the possoiis. Q
I tried Carter's ttttk. Liver Pills for
a few days-^-and since ihat time my
skin -Ja,-smooth, and- clear. Now I tell
say friends ths right way of getting
arid of a broken cut skia-r-and abo ot
steering, clear of ops��t stomach -arid
rick headache. Carter's are all yon
claim for dies?. - -" .
���. Japan Building WarshipsX
The "Japanese-navy ilepartmen't-'has.'
announced plans.for."the construction"
of twenty-two warships,,,with a total
tonnage of 121,900, '."to "include "eight
first-class Cruisers, three, second-class
cruisers, ten destroyers, and au -a��?ro7'
plant! mothelr ship; "��� ���
. Honey Irt Manitoba'
The 1,800 -beekeepers In the -province
of Manitoba, with 22)1-13 colonies, produced 3r30S,00_0 -pounds of honey valued at- $155,000 in 3924, according to
official returns made by the provincial
apiarist', ,f
IT -HITS.' THE ..SPOT- 7 )
-��� -Don't'suffer froni iun^bag'o, neti-
-';   raigla;.or- other ,p'alns. -' ��� Apply.
- ��� Minard's to the-aching spot and
���'getfquick reKef. -", .   -''-.���'
. Always'k'c-e'p'it.in the house.-'
,-J!g^^^^^^^^^^|gSii^-R^^^^';;Ya A
..[��� ���- ;���-���-- ���,
' Winnipeg.���The Ottawa - correspondent of The Manitoba Free Press says:
"During the past-six weeks there has
been a remarkable change in the prospects for the completion of the railway to Hudson's Bay.
"Advocates of the railway in the
Progressive group, as well as western cabinet ministers, were optimistic early in the session of obtaining
un adequate vote for the completion
of the lino..
"Now, however, the situation appears to have "changed entirely. There
even is douht that the us'ual^vote of
$350,000 will be forthcoming for maintaining the present trackage, although
there has been no oflicial intimation
upon which to base these opinions.
Cabinet ministers are* not as favorable
as formerly.7 ...���--.
"In an interview, Andrew Knox,
M.P., one of the chief advocates of
the railway, declared that the prospects of-obtaining action at this session of parliament appeared very remote."
Canada's Merchant
Marine Loss
Future Peace Jn Europe
Should Be Based Oh Goodwill Thinks
Sir Esme Howard -
"��� Princeton, N.J.���Reasons for Great
Britain's -rejection of the Geneva protocol for .compulsory arbitration of'international disputes and hopes held
out for future peace in f Europe by
means of the security pacts proposed
by G'erm'anjv- were outlined by Sir
Esme Howard, British ambassador to
the United States, in an address before the English-Speaking Union.
"It Is impossible to say now," he asserted, "how the security pact discussions will end, but we can at least
all hope that Ihey may lead to a''settlement by agreement and to the establishment of a peace, not dependent
upon huge and ruinous armaments,
but based on goodwill and common
sense."    V    f
"If that comes, about," Sir Esine
continued, "the next disarmament
conference will not be long in coming. Of that we may be sure. If, on
the other hand, this hope also fades
away and dies, why, then, 1�� frankly
do not seo any other alternative than
the maintenance of- our national security; and-what irony to call it security by force of armsTand military alliances, which wiil make crushing taxation, financial ruin and. the inevitable
armageddon in the end."
Million   and   Half  for  1924  Without
-   '        Accrued Interest
Ottawa.���The Canadian Government
Merchant Marino had an operating
loss last year "of $1,440,880, which is
$432,413 less than tlie loss in 1923,
according to the annual report of Sir
Henry Thornton, tabled in the-house.
If to this operating loss is added interest accrued, amounting to $4,4(56,-
314^ and depreciation, amounting to
?2,!)29,584, the loss for the year comes
to ?8,836,609.
This total deficit of ?S,S3G,60!) is
?532,061 less .than in 1923.
The report, in reference to the total
loss for the year, adds this note:
,""In order to avoid any misunderstanding, it may bc well lo call attention lo the fact that this amount includes more than $4,000,000 for inter-,
est still charged against the company
on its books, in favor of the Dominic"
Government, and nearly $3,000,000 for
depreciation. Each of these items is
calculated on the original wartime cost
"of the vessols of the fleet."
Cape Breton Mine Strike
International Behind Miners In Fight
' To a Finish
Sydney, N.S.���"We have the full
support of the internationar union, and
are more determined than ever to
carry the struggle through to a successful conclusion," was tlie .statement made by President J. W."McLeod, of District 2G, United Mine
Workers of America, in an interview,
in which ho announced the receipt of
formal ' notice from *- International
President J. L. Lewis to the effect that
funds of the international organization had been placed io the credit of
the district foi* immediate use, and
that a full meeting of the district executive would bc held at Glace Bay to
decide on. ihe most efficient method
of distributing the strike among the
miners of the district.
Alberta Ranchers To
Engage In Dairying
Belleville,. 'Out.���HundredsVof
yearling Holstein heifers are being brought up in.Hastings County
for shipment to Alberta, where
ranchers are going into dairying
in earnest. One Albe-rta company,
it is said, has five hundred of
these yearlings on a Jarm near
Stirling, ready tor shipment, and...
it is staled that five hundred more 7
will be shipped out of the Madoc
section. Tlie buyers are in various parts of the counlry where
the black and white predominate. ���
They are going in for milk produc-
ing, according to a Belleville man
Interested in the beef and. dairy
business. Some bulls are also
being bought.
Condemns Dole System
Trying To Discontinue
"Picture Bride" System
""U.S. and Canadian Authorities Shutting, Down on Scheme
Washington.���United Slates "and
Canadian authorities, according to a
statement by Commissioner General
Husband, of the immigration service,
are trying to break up the "picture
bride" system of bringing Greek girls
into this counlry via Canada. It appears Greek girls are brought to Canada and married to a United States
citizen, and then brought to the United States. Both Canada , and the
immigration authorities here are shutting down on the scheme.
Research Post Given
To Vancouver Graduate
Hugh Keenleyside Named Secretary of
Worfd Peace Council
Hugh Keenleyside, a University of
Uritish Columbia graduate in arts, has
been appointed research secretary ot
the American National Council for the
Preservation of World Peace. Mr.
Keenleyside specialized at" ihe Vancouver university and then held fellowships in several other universities,
being professor, of modern history for
two years at the University of"Syra-
"" His dulielTwill Im^lTe~res"csirch into
subjects as to the origin of wars, the
development of international arbitration anij international law,' His head-
Quarters will he'in .Washington^'D.C.  -
Would Cancel Fire Insurance
Plan   Suggested   By   Fire   Preventive
Association to Punish-Negligence,.
Ottawa.���Cancellation of all fire insurance   benefits    to' persons   who,
through their own negligence, are. responsible for fires is to be urged upon
ail provincial governments by .representatives of the Dominion Fire Prevention Association.   ; It . was - also
urged that the federal, provincial and
municipal governments insial sprinkler system on all public buildings. '
.   That provincial governments make
it compulsory for   all   municipalities
to instat adequate, fire extinguishing
<<iuipment and that all isolated rural
farm   property-   be provided with' at
least one chemical    extinguisher   or
. portable hahd-pump of approved type
. for.f fire extinguishing  purposes, was
.also urged;' .' ���-/_--' r.,' '.."-      -
IX   V 7 ' '.'". .-   ���--���"' V
'--...'��� Pay Wembley Expenses
;. .Fredericton.���The New .Brunswick
Legislature-lias, passed an estimate, for
"-515,000 for the provincial - exhibits- at
Wembley Exhibition this year.
Request Action On
Peace Rail Outlet
Vancouver  Board of Trade Asks For
Immediate Report _.
Vancouver.���Insistence that the
Federal Government should obtain
from railway heads of Canada their
report and recommendations on suitable outlet for the Peace River country and that action to relieve the nor-
ihern agricultural belt from its isolation should be taken at the present
session of parliament, was contained
in a resolution passed by the Vancouver board of trade.
By ro-afiirming their stand in favor
of linking the Peace River .Valley with
the Pacific coast, the board of trade
unites with the associated boards of
trade of the Peace River in calling
upon the gpvernmayt forac.fion.	
Australian    High    Commissioner    in
London, who has made   a   sweeping
condemnation of the dole system obtaining in England.
Decrease In Export -
Of Canadian Wheat
Thirty Per Cent. Lower Than in
��� March;.19247 VV-
, Ottawa.���Canada's wheat exports in
March, 1925,^,were about-30. per cent,
of thp exports in-March;.;392-i. ���' Last
month _}lA22,51S. bushels - of wheal
went out'of"Canada. .'In.Ma"rcb,'l!)24,
13,-146,100 bushels we're'exported. V 7
���'.Exports of ilour were' only, slightly-
lower, or 1,307,S19.barrels,' compared
with 1, 383,240 barrels in March/3021.-
Kxports of'barley-werq..higher and of
oats and rye somewhat lower. In the
eight .months'ended--March'f 31 ;,lasl
wheat .exports., totalled 104,211,020
bushels 7 compared with'. 204,901,636
bushels . In lhe previous".. corresponding eight months. .  : ....
v Chemicar Warfare
Ottawa.���Differing saarply from
critics of tho budget, Herbert^ Marler,
Liberal, St. , Lawrence-St. George,
Montreal, held, In the house, that lite
financial statement presented by Hon,
J. A���Robb, acting minister- of finance,
was "dear to analyse and clear in its
effect." He did not agree that railway loans should be included in the
total of net consolidated debt". Operation of the National Railways had
been "an extremely expensive matter"
for the people of the Dominion, but,
while our railway debt was a "debt of
the Dominion, Mr. Marler thought it
was another" matter thai it should be
included iu the consolidated debt.
- For one reason, Mr. Marler argued,
the Question of public ownership was
on trial, amL,if, at any subsequent-
date, it was terminated, "it-would be
distinctly preferable to have as large
a part as possible of our railway debt
kept separate from our other financial
dealings." He submitted, however,
that the public should lie given each
year a statement of the combined debt,
showing in one part the consolidated
debt, with its increases or decreases,
and in another part any increase in
the railway indebtedness.
 Mr._,Marler_estimated  that in--the
last six years' thc Dominion had put
?5S5,8i8,!)74 of new money into railways. "Member who are" so much in
favor of public o^iership," he added,
*or who desire.extensions and costly,
improvements, will pause for ,a moment and. consider how long..we "can
"keep up. tiiis pace���or-how any of ihcm
can expect decrease -in.' our��� "taxation- if;
this, yearly expenditure is'continued"
The only .way to reduce taxation, was
to spend loss.. -.'���' "W
.. Would Harness, Tides'7 -
-   vFrederietpB.���The. "New. Brunswick
.legislature may be asked at.its pres-
Vent session to give approval to a plan
'. for the. harnessing, of the tidesVof [the
Bay. of Fandy, In Sassainaquoddy Bay.
��� W -Celebrate Ypres -
.-- Ottawa.���Suryiyors - of .th^ ''"First
JThlrty Thousand/'; the "Red Chevron
Association," celebrated the tenth anr
siversaiy " of-.the , second" .baft!e7of
Ypres at d-banquet here, ApriJ.22.".
W.-'N." U. 71574
Deny Doukhobors
Hurt By Police
Did Not Use Unnecessary Force Says
Nelson, B.C.���Informed, over the
long distance telephone that the
Doukhobors were demanding a commission of inquiry into the trouble at
Grand Porks and were alleging that
women "and children had been beaten
by government officials, Inspector TV.
R. Dunwoody, at Grand Forks, made
the following statement:
- "I was in personal charge of the
operation of seizure of all Doulcliobor
property," and at no lime was any
more force uscd than was necessary In
executing tlie distress warrants.
"At the mill a large number of women had gathered and endeavored to
block the way. Thirty "or forty of
these had to be lifted out of the way
lo permit entry. Men rushed,in and
Ivied to help ihe women block our get-
ling- in/'and thcy also had io be removed, and were put in behind -the
fence. We tried nor. to hurt anybody
and I can say that nobody was
Sapiro Files Suit
Against Henry Ford
Detroit.���Henry Ford aiid the .
Dearborn Pub. Co., of which he is-
owner, were named defendants iff*"
a $1,000;000 libel suit filed in tho
United States district court by
Aaron Sapiro, originator of a plan
of co-operating marketing for
farmers. Sapiro alleges that articles defamatory to his character
have appeared in tlio Dearborn
Independent. Tho articles, tho
declaration alleges, charge Sapiro
with being one of "a conspiracy of
Jewish bankers, who seek to control the food markets.. of the
Dates Arranged For
Alberta Coal Probe
Prince Enjoyed His
Visit To Nigeria
Pehetrat'ed    Far    Into    Interior   and
Received Native Chiefs
Lagos, Nigeria.���Concluding his
memorable visit to Nigeria, during
which he penetrated' far inlo the interior and rt-ceived the native chiefs,
the Prince of Wales left Lagos aboard
the battle cruiser Repulse in continuation of his southern voyage. ���
Jio was enthusiastically cheered by
a large crowd upon his departure. The
Prince found his J rip'through Nigeria
interesting and enjoyable, in s^iie of
ihc great heat encountered.
There was an impressive military
display, as he boarded tho Repulse.
investigation of Industry Will be Held
in May
EdniontOD.���After having secured a
great mass of documentary evidence
during the past few months, on the
condition of the coal industry in the
province, the Alberta coal commission, composed of H. Jl. K. Evans,
chairman, and Frank Wheatley, havc
definitely fixed dales for their sittings
in different parts of the province, during the mouth of May. The dates
which have been arranged are:
Edmonton, May 5 to S; Calgary,
May 11 to 13; Druniheller, May 14 lo
15; Lethbridge, May 18 to 20; Blair-
more, May 21 to 23.
It is possible that at a later dale
supplementary hearings also may take
place at the two larger cities and possibly at-other points.
London.���Britain is losing control of
tho sea, according, to the annual St.
George's Day, message of the Navy
The league warns Britain that wljilo
slio ls building only five cruisers the
United States and Japan each are
building, or havo projected, eight
cruisers. The focu.s of sea power,
the league continues, has shifted from
European waters to iho Pacific.
"Y\o wish to draw'attention to-one
pregnant fact," tho league declares.
"In the course of this year the Australian commonwealth and New Zealand for the second time in this century will welcome a fully, organized
American battle fleet. They never
havo set eyes on a British battle lleot.
They may well ask themselves to
whom should they look for their 'sure
shield' if iho day of trouble should
Many Applicants, For Job   '
' London.���More than ��� 300' applications, including those; from an army-
general ��� and a holder of tiie - Victoria
_Cros3,' ~ have been- received"-.for. tiie
position of-city marshal, -whose, chief
duty is to wear'a-gorgeous; uniform
and ride a gallant steed at.iho side of
llie-. .state coach" whenever the."lord
mayor'goes forth.' "Th'e salary "attached to the position is only ��300. - The
appointment will be made iiext month.
Belgrade.���The Jugo-Slav Government has issued a note vehemently
protecting' against reports 'regarding
Jugo-Slavia which it claims have been
disseminating from Bulgarian cenires.
The note says these reports are to
the effect that a terrorist campaign
is being carried on in Bulgaria with a
view to provoking disorders and civil
war, "so a.s io permit the army of our
western neighbor, that is to say, Jugo-
Slavia, to pa,js 1hc frontier and occupy
"The note affirms tliat Jugo-Slavia always has maintained the best relations with Bulgaria, "notwithstanding
raids of brigands from Bulgaria prepared for under the eyes of official
Bulgaiia."    '
Three Labor members of the British
Parliament who arrived from .Sofia,
Bulgaria, declared that thcy were
convinced several hundred' persons
were killed without trial, and on the
merest presumption, after the recent
bomb explosion - lu the cathedral- at
Sofia.    V
Those wlio" arrived were - ^.T. C.
-Wedgwood," ~Wx MacKinder ~and"~ P.'
D. Malone. They wore in Sofia at
the time of the bomb outr.-ige aiid during "subsequent-events. 7-,      "'        '-'���
"From .the Quantity' of information;'
we' gathered," they-, said, f'.V6; are'
convinced���'. that-"several, .hundred persons,, arrested;.- wero" killed without'
.trial,' and . on the merest presumption.
:. "WV employed 'fall the' influence', af
our disposal to induce the government
to.prevent-the militarists, from niass-
acreing men' and women- apprehended-
in the course of.the' recent" police operations.. ' .Thousands ot:"-persons "suspected bf Communist "tendencies or o:f
belonging' to"the!;Left Socialists wore,
held in-custody.  .  .;   7   '...""   -;'-'���
Egyptian Discloses Plot
Assassinators      of      General      Stack
Planned.Many Political Murders
Cairo, Egypt.���The judicial authorities have published a summary of tho
confessions of some of the men accused in connection ���with the assassination last November of the Sirdar of
Egypt. General Sir Le-j Stack.
Abdel Fat lain Anayat, ono of the accused, is quoted as declaring in the .
course of his statement that, following tlie failure of tho conversations .
between the Egyptian and British premiers in London on the Sudanese and
other - questions, he met with Dr.
Shafik Mnnsur'and Mahmud Ismail at
Dr. Shafik's house, when it was decided lo commit a series of political murders, with ihe Sirdar "as the first victim.
The declaration says the trio believed the independence or Egypt could
only be gained by the political murders. All the persons mentioned In
Abdel's confession have been arrested.
Mahmud Ismail was an oilicial of
the ministry of p.ious foundations.
King Boris a Prisoner
Reported That He Is Detained In the
Royal Palace
Rome.���A dispatch from Belgrade
to the Tribuna says ihat King Bori-i
of Bulgaria has been imprisoned in
the Hoyal Palace by the order of General J.azaretf, because the Nationalist
military clement objected -to the sovereign's request that Premier Tzan-
koff resign to permit the formation of
a coalition cabinet, including Opposition elements.
Another dispatch from Belgrade but
sent by way of Vienna, declares that
Jugo-Slavia,' offended by Minister of
tbe Interior llusseff's declarations before the Bulgarian National Assembly,
regarding the activities of the Jugoslav _legation. at_Sofia__ha,<!_dem��indeil_
an explanation and is threatening 10
break off diplomatic relations."'
Antarctic Again Calls Commandei Hortow
Deathless Wars Are ..Now Predicted
For the Future; 7
Omaha, _:Neb.--S6mething V approxir
mating "deathless wars".-a?e7soon to
be the order,'in, the.opinion of. Major?.
General- Amos .Fries,-.chief. of United
States army chemical warfare- service.
' Chemical warfare, the general said,
Is being, developed along the lines, of j
Incapacitating, great 'cities- and , .their.) The "wanderlust" has again Seised, upon Lleutenaat-Connnari'der'-W.'- A.
people/ rather than securing sucidon 'Horton, R.N.," P.R.G'.S:, who was, it will be remembered-;.a chie.lf-engineer with
loss of life.,. -"'��� .       {the last Scoit expedition, wheii in' 1913 tbe famous explorer .'perished, with his'
V,-'. "7       .���:-X~- ��� companions, in. tht; far .reaches of the Antarctic-continent.
, Manitoba Taking Nd Action.   x'X     Thisitime Commander Horton.will accompany the Discovery,, under Cap-
1 Winnipeg;���-No! action will be taken tain J.' R_ Stenhbuse, ;6n a journey lo the Shetland Islands, iri search of
by ihe.-Manitoba Government, in.1 con-.1 scientific data.-'   The vessel is now reiitting at 'Portsmouth and is expected
liection   witli";-the   fruit combine, re-'"to Jeavc there-early., this summer and te;cali at the Falkland Islands for stip-
cently investigated by tiie Dominion.! plies,; in October before the voyage into the frozen regions commence. . 'y
authorities,-, "acco'rding. tb a decision.! - Commander Horton. recently came to Canada on the Caaadiaa Pacific
reached at'a. cabinet meetin'gf -The j S.S. ''Empress^of Asia" from Shanghai, where lie was posted on a short naval
cabinet .decided it-was solely a Domln: .appointment; enroute for England and left'the Dominion 60 the" Canadian
ion Government affair, aimbsf of tie..Pacific'��_3.- ^larloch'''frftna.'St'joKn. He has taken part in several. otfi"er
evidence was heard, outside this prov- 'Polar explorations, notable among which are. the fatal Scott expedition' and
, iiice. jshackitetoa's Antarctic voyage in the "Quest
7 Installing Radio Compass
inaugurates New Eraf i". Navigation; of
'-"-' 7 Great" Lakes _     '.".'"_
-.Alpena,"-Mich.���Installation; at- the
lighthouse "tender, Amaranth, -here of
a radio compass marks'-what shipping
men generally regard.as the'inauguration "of a.'new;era.in'vessel navigation
of'.the Great Lakes. .Similar "radio
compass stations are to, be installed;
at tlie more-important lighthouses of
the. lakes. ..���, During times of poor visibility, each station wiil send out.'a
distinctive radio call for. the: guidance
of vessels.""' V .    ',���   ,   ���--.'--   ���'.-'���'
Will Build Pullman Airplanes
To. Be""'" Used \- For 'Trans-Continental
' - -".Commercial Flights . ' -  ���
'. Chicago���Plans- -for ."the   construction- by'the Pullman Company at.imll-
nian,"   Ills., "of   fleets of all-Pullman
airplanes for-.-service .-lit trans-cant in-"
ichtal commercial a'ir,flights, have been .
revealed by. the.-chief-engineer.,of;the.
coin pany V   H.  has been derided,', he.-;
-said, .to opera to.the planes along.-the
same, lines; as Pullman,' Kb'epVrs  are
used in railroad - traflic.;   ���'.Tlie.''':erafl.
would :;bt>". manned -_by -Pullman .employee's but.oi>��'rated bypiioLs of leasing' concern V    ���    V;-., 7;   .'...-"-.   W--
���"--'   Three Times-in;Three- Rivcrjr   -X
���7;Three.  Rivers,   Que.���Three   KiVc-rs
w'iil.f have'   three diffeiv-'ut hours ih'y
;"sumnn.r.   , ...'-'-'f   .. 7 ���,'}   :-.-.���'"
1 ��� Anionic:-tli? manufacturers,"daylight
j saving time will'be hi <'ffu;l froni May
; aft.eVSopiember.i27:.
i -.The city council has decided to hav"
hi"a.\'lighC saving time- from June,-15", Ut
i September 27.        .. '.}���' -V_,.-."
,    On  She o'thoi.   hand,  standard", time -
j wiU remain, in Catholic ��-hu"r,clK'V. and,-
in inbst reiigiouo-congregations.- 7
.   Another Restriction Removed
. Sioscowf���Tlie'   Soviet7 Government'
have made a further-concession'tb .the
jp'easantry. by agreeing to allow.-1 hem
-to.employ salaried" laborers, on "their
farms'. ��� -Heretofore, this was forbid-"
den, "as the present Soviet" law spfel-.
I fies ihat no one. shall possess hi ore
land than he Is able to.work,himself.
';, ";JaiI For Grain Bandit Chief ���.7." '-.
���Wtfmip'i'g.���John.. --Moranf", aiiegvo;
! "brains" #f.a- provin.oe-wid<-'jrrain ba.n--
J dit  ring. '.<aid  io ' i>"e'-^responsible, for
! Wheat   thefts   totalling  thousands.', of
[dollars, was s< nt to jail "for one jear;
j wli"it Ii.1 pleaded guihy to the charges
���against him in provincial court.    ' '" ���'"
Sheep From Royal Ranch
: North Portal.���Fire sheep valued st
jP50, froni the ranch of the. Prince of
I Wales, High River, Alberta,' V"or*v
j shipped through this-port- io L. W. Cut-
|teu. Lisle, Iti.. recently.
Leaving For the (J;S.
Glare  Bay,   N.sWMore- than  2^000
f Cape -Breton  people, have,, taken'. up:
j ilieir" residence In the United States
-;'since hist'June,-according to tbetTnlt-'-.
ed States consul, and are slill le&v*,
j-inlgatthc-rateof 25 a.dajv-     '   " THE IvEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH oC0I/UMBIA, THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1925
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
In the sweeping1 victory registered at the poll on Saturday
the riding of Grand Forks-Greenwood redeemed itself. The
electors were not led astray by
the spacious, but none the less
unconvincing, arguments of the
Opposition spell-binders. There
was but one issue���what is best
for Greenwood���for the eleqtors
of this district. It may seem
selfish for a section of a constituency to frankly put to themselves the query���what are your
own interests?
But as a matter of fact that
question is the prime problem.
There is an old-time saying "The
Lord helps those who helps themselves." That applies to modern
Greenwood has seen its days of
splendor. There is no reason
why it should not see them again.
The question is, under what conditions.
The Opposition speakers made
their appeal based upon the supposition that a Conservative win
would spell the Government's
defeat. That argument was
fallacious. It rested with the
electors of this riding to support
a tried, though at times, much
criticized administration or "fly
to the evils they know not of."
Saturday's decision, in our
opinion, was a wise one. Iu Mr.
Dougald MxPherson we have an
aggressive, albeit a common
sense, member who will see to it
that this riding of Grand Forks-
Greenwood in general, and
Greenwood in particular, will receive full consideration. There
is more evidence here today, than
a year ago, a spirit of co-operation which argues well for the
welfare of this section. Let-us
pull together and we are sure
only of the best .results will be
forthcoming.  -      --.--. -./'- '   ���--���'.-������
Greenwood,;it is up to you. ' ;"'
Kettle Valley Notes
Miss Bentbergs,. of "-Nelson; is
visiting friends in.the.district. 'V
B. P. Hardcastle spent the weekr
end in the valley; coming ;in. from
Kelowna. V' 7 }, ���������-. Xy',}yX��� ;���' ��� Xx
N. Haynes arrived  frdiriKolow"
na on Saturday,and is. spending  a
' holiday at-his home.., . ~V
Miss-Victoria Shillcock and Harold Martin were! married, at the
Anglican, churchon Sunday, evening at 7.30.and. left .by. motor- bn
Monday en route; for Trail, where
fehey   are   going   to   reside..-" -The
- bride.; was given away by Mrs.
Bhillcpck and Bryan Palmer ..was
best man.    The district extends to
. the liappy bride and groom-much
��� prosperity.. -���)'��� ������:. X-X} -'X -.     ,7.''7
-'. .-The - football, match married vsY
'single last yeek.reeulte.d-.in". a win-
fpr the married7 men by .6 to ,nil
and was thoroughly, en joyed by all.
the players, . 0; Wheeler scored 5
-goals and W. Hatton 1.;The-teame
��� were:""--   .-'!���        .-:���' : \ ��� . ���" ""-���   -���'
..'������:  -Married X
'.Whiting   :
E. Eichter     7,
F. Bubar    V
��� W," Warrington
Gane      .       7
'Harpur 7
Waltham 7   7.
' Norris:
Hatton .'. ; ; '..'
Wheeler -
Bruce. ."
_ ���"   Single
. Johnson
X .   H. Ma<Ige
,"' ������-'',.- Arthurs
j Warrington
J. Hemming
'  Brew
;���;   E.-fWalker
������ Caldwell
,   Marriott
��� ;,-(Too late for last issue),--
,    Miss A. Fernstrom is visiting her
.  father up Nicholson creek.::   ,
; H. Paley Wilson is.sailing da;23
April from the old country..
f Mrs. E. Richter and son Frank
���left  on   Sunday's   train   for   the
'-. .coast.;" ' .���','-'--'-','���':.' :xX ���
'. x)x The Late wTJEIson ,'v
-As ���-: reported in   our last "Issue
Wellington Elson died in Spokane
on Thursday morning Jast,   April
23rd at the age of 47 years.    Little
hopes wer6 entertained for his recovery but he went through .the
operation   in   marvellously - geod
shape, and showed no shock and no
,  hemorrhage. 'He livedfor 23 hours
.;after the operation and  bis eondi-
. tion was good until he took a con-
vuisidn and then died very suddenly.    The late Mr. Eison had  been
'���; in business continuously since 1899
corning- here from Moose Jaw, Bask.
He saceessfaily sustained  all the
ups and downs of Greenwood sad
through business ability and integrity, built np a sound tailoring and
. gents famishing establishment. He
was born in Colling wood, Ont.. He
leaves one sister living iu Ontario
Jaad a brother in Michigan.   He
was married in Greenwood and .he
and his wife had built a nice home
where they lived until she died
about three years ago. Mr. Elson
had been in failing health for some
time but everything possible that
kind friends and medical skill could
do was of no avail.
Mrs. Trounson was a loyal and
true friend antl did everything ia
her power feo make things pleasant
for him and she proved a real
friend in the hour of need.
The funeral service was held in
the Presbyterian church on Monday
at which there was a big crowd.
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw performed
the last sad rites. .The pall-beareiB
were;���Jas. Kerr, Jack Morrison,
Joe Caron, Victor Barrett, Lew
Bryant and R. Leo. Interment
took place in the Greenwood cemetery.
A Good Parody
Mrs. H. H. Pannel) composed
and sang the following verses at a
political meeting in Midway and
also at the big social gathering
in Greenwood on Monday night.
The song is sung to the air of
"The Wearing o'the Green."
Oh voters dear and did you bear the
the news that's going round
McPherson, he was sure to go, for lie's a
going hound.
He has not made any promises of things
so great and fine
For gilt edged talk and hot air yarns was
0     never in his line.
NowJ met with Doug McPherson and he
took me by the hand
And he said how's good old Greenwood
and how does she stand
She is true and she's righttninded clear
���  thinking is her boast
And at the polls decided to send you to
the coast
He will leave his Lizzies at the Forks
His bus and bugs and boats
For the people in this riding, they know
who "got their goats"
They know that they   have   got a man
who'll make the Douks not slack
In keeping all our laws also their shirts
upon their backs.
When laws that govern this fair land are
0   cast aside as naught
And when an exiled   alien   band whom
freedom we have taught
Will break our laws   and   run   our land
and slap us in the face
The time has come for all of us  to keep
. them in their place.
Now, supporters, dear, you' ve - heard uiv
". . song    -  .     ...- '      ������.'-."
Biit now elections over, why Mac will do
-��� - the rest -. ';      ;.-.������  .' ;'������.��� - '���'
,You'���ve made"your little cross, beside- the
- -  name of Doug McP ; . " ". . "���    ������'.'.��� .
Arid dont" forget 'you   ladies   all, he's
:-���_'".."handsome you'll agree .  ".     "���   ���,-.".-
Its the name that stands for honesty and
- truth aud law and fights
He's the man.who'll settle "all the dust in
- 7 this parliamentary fight'-;'".;
He-hasgot-the cure forthe lawless Douks
. 7.- and dope for every ill .. 7 ,   ;"
'As > we've xhosen him'for member-we
h"op'efhe.ll,'.!fi_l tlie. bill:';.'",.-.. .-  ;   . ���
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British iubjeotfl over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British mbjecta, condl- '
Lional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for. agricultural
Full Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions la .
given ln Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies 6'
which cam be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department ol
Lands, Vlotoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent
Racords will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and whicli Is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre- east of that
Applications for pre-emptions aro
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
ia situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of whloh can be obtained from tho Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied foi
five years and Improvements made
to value, of JIO per acra, including
clearing and cultivating at least-five
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information see
the Bulletin: "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being ttmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of flrst-olasa (arable) land ls $5
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land' $2.60 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease ���
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchaso and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites" on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
.acres, may be leased as homealtes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
ereoted ln the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and improvement conditions are fulfilled
and b-nd has been surveyed.
For grazing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding S40 acres
may bs leased _ by on* person or" ��
- Under the Onwlng Act the Prov-
Inos ts divided into grailng district*
and.the range administered under n
Grazing. ". Commissioner. Annual
grazing- permits are issued based' ot;
numbers ranged,,- priority being given
.to established owners.- Stock-owner': ;
may form associations for ranect
management. ' Free, or partially free
'ovmlts are available for settlers
.tampers .and travillsra.' up to ton.
-head."   .".'-...-"-.     ,     ' X ���"-.-.,-
The Ledge for Job Printing
Ladies and Gents High Class Tailor
A smart suit from Best English Cloth from $30.a0 up
We also sell tailors, threads, linings, canvas and cloth "-:    ;
SHALp WE MINE: ITw." ������ ���_ _.://
-: :'-,���,������/'        V     7 UNDERMINE INDUSTRY ,
7  National Interest and National Security demand the
-..'��� Treatment of our Forest Resources ara Crop
THE OBSTACLE to proper treatment is FIRE
'7    THE CAUSE of Are is CARELESSNESS       .-��� '-')x\
: WB MUST ALI;' TLAY,"OUR PART'". '        ���  -' ' ..'-;'. }yi,.').' V '
; BOM- CHARLES STEWART. Minister of the interior
IplolWappBing ��� l:%iWigl��7
'Vof Canada, Limited
, Office, Smelting and Refining Departtueh.t   .. -.
V V;77;" .-: TRAIL.;BRITISH COLUMBIA .   '... ���[...
VVWProdncera.r'fof 'P?}& -Silver,  Copper"," Pif;'....Lead'-&sd. Zinc  7,7.7.
-���^:'7"f;-7f:;7V.W V.f77'--'TADANAC'!::BRANI)V;:': V' W  . W7.V 7
Full payment at death or maturity.
Policy increased 100% if you die by accidental mea_;s.
Monthly Income and Waiver of Premiums during Total
Permanent Disability.
Guaranteed   Profits  if you lire and  in addition Extra
Profits if earned. c .
A Definite amount of Profits added for each year if you
die within selected period.
���A   ���"_    (���- '"%^
���' fe&sk
Howard Farrant,
District Manager,
Rogers Building,
Vancouver, B. C.
.    Interesting illustrated booklet sent on application.
Gilbert PHdeaUX,       Charles King,        Please send me booklet on the New Peerless Policy
General Agent,            Agent, ,
Princetou, B.C.     Greenwood, B.C.   Namc ; :��� -"
* Address	
Minister in charge .
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday, May 3rd.
>     Midway 11 a.m.
Myncaster 3 p. m.
Greenwood 7.30��p.m.
Office: McCutcheon Residence
Physician and Surgeon
V Residence Phone 69
���'" 291 acres of pasture land, some o
which is ver}' good early spring pasture.
About 40 acres tillable and also contains
a lot of good timber. ' It is situated 1%-
miles from - Kettle',. Valley station, $}{
niiles from Rock Creek;and corners on
.Great Northern Railroad at Bergen. Will
sell, very-cheap.-.' Small amount" down
and balance on terms ;to suit purchaser.
For-further particulars apply to      ;'<.;.
.  f'-AJMNA" Tanner. Kettle"Valley, B.C.
'Provincial Elections Act"
---;.- :NOXICE.IS HEREBY-GIVEN that.Ishall.
on .Monday, the 18th day of May,- 1925,' at the
hour, of 10 o'clock in tbe forenoon; at'the Conrt-
House, " Greeiiwood', '_ hold .a Sitti_.tr of
the Court of .Revision .for the purpose-of re-
visttifj- tHe List'ot Voters.for the said Electoral
District, and.of hearing- and-'determialnff any
and rail objections., to" the-;retentlori of. any
name 611 .the.said List, or-to.the reg-i^tratio'u
as-a ".voter of any applicant' for registration;
and ,for';"the other purposes .set forth .in the
"Provincial Elections Act." -  '
- .Dated-at Gre'eu'wood, B.'C; this- Oth, day of
April, 1925."    -        .. '���       <   " " "
-'-     "    P.. H. .McCURRACH,"   .,-
���   -'.   :. -   .Registrar of Voters forthe
'  Grand Forks-Greenwood'
Electoral District.. -
I Ought!
1���I OUGHT to belong to the Church because I ought to be better
than I am. Henry Wafd Beecher once said, "The Church is not a
gallery for the .exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for
the education of imperfect ones."
2���I OUGHT to belong- to the Church because of what I can give
to it and do throug-h it as well-as because of what I may get out of it.
The Church is not a dormitory for sleepers, it is an institution of
workers; it is not a rest camp, it is a front line trench.     '   y
3���I OUGHT to belong to the Church because every man ought to
pay his debts and do his share toward discharging the obligations of
society. The Church not only has been the bearer of good news of
personal salvation; it has been and it is the supreme uplifting and
conserving agency without which "civilization would lapse into
barbarism and press its way to perdition." W
4���I OUGHT to belong to the Church because of memories; memories of things I can never forget; memories of faces that will never
fade; memories of vows that are the glory bf youth.
5���I OUGHT to belong to the Church because of hope; hope that
lives when promises are dead; hope that paves the way for progress;
hope that visions peace and social,justice; hope for time.'and hope
for eternity���the great hope that casts its anchor behind Jesus
6���1 OUGHT to belong to the Church because of the strong men
in it who need reinforcing; the weak men in it who need encourag1-
ing; the rascals in it who need rebuking. If I say that I am not
good enough my humilitj1- recommends me. If I sit ih the seat of
the scornful my activity condemns me. "' ,
7���I OUGHT to .belong to the Church, but not until lam ready to
join a going concern; not until I am willing to become an active
partner with Jesus Christ.
See the  Minister at ouce and be ready to partake of your
-First Communion on the 17th, May. ���   .     . ,
.,;:.; 777   ,/;...'::-.' MIDWAY II a.m. - -xx
������'X.X'    GREENWOOD 7:30 p.m.'
-���Distance'-' Is
est At Night
"'.'I",17   New night rates are now in force 7
for longdistance conversations vbe=��
tween 8:30 p^m. ancl 7 a,m.    . "7v7
ThevMinefal Province of?WesterrCanada" ;^^^"
w x-'yx   ) ) )J$
.-,7 "-Has  produced ..Minerals, as   follows:. Placer   Gold,    876,962s2(%   Lode
W   Gold, $113,352,655; Silver, 863,532,655; Lead 858,132,661; Cbpper, $179,046,508;
WZ��ne>  827,004,756; Miscellaneous -Minerals, $1,'40S,257; 'Coal "and Coke^ 8250,-V, ,
,.. 968^113; Building Stone, Brick, Cement,;etc.V839>415^ -{
-������' Prodhctiori to 4he end of 1923 show ari ."y X
X[[ yy. "Aggregated Yaiueffof;' $i81p,722;782.;. "'7 fvf-_7 ^" 7 77
The. , Mining. -Laws:fof this Province  are more liberal,  and the fees lower,       ..     ...
7.7. .:   V .shan those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony .in the  British   /
--.-:��� 7-';"'-;'- Empire. -.   -     " '.'''��� "''""-''    "--.' . ��� " ;-""
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute   Titles are  obtained   by developing,' snch properties, the security.   ���'������������
>)i wMeh is guaranteed by Oown Grants. ,;
U'nli information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
"',7:7-������ gratis by addressing���- ��� "��� '/'
'���}'-)x'yx.yy).)x^yy\y^xy H0N> TgE MINISTER OF MINES
.     VICTORIA, British Columbia, ; "
'���'' I


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