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The Ledge Jun 4, 1925

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 The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.' _X-��X!
No. 45
New Kitchenware
'../'������ McClary's.  Bonnie   Blue
*^.    _ ��� .*���'���'
For the Housewife who delights in beautiful kitchenware
15 pieces.    Buy it by the set or by the piece
Also a large assortment of "
McClary's Enamel, Galvanized and Tinware
i0*4        - '   X.
Make your selections while the stock is complete
Van Camps'
Pork and Beans
Small size Tins - 2 for 25c
Medium size Tins     - 3 for 50c
V    -    Large size Tins - each 30c
For Quality andlValue Order FrotnV
Phone 46
For Anything in the
Drug  or  Stationery   Line
Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums."   Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
��������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������ ��������������������������� ������������������������
��� -
Fresh Salmon ahd Halibut
Every Thursday Afternoon
Smoked Fish of all kinds in stock
^e^h Pork Sausage %ery
yXXXx X. X x' yyX:yXy;y)y;yyyXXy^
y..yy:::'.:y-.X~:.:. ��_.?,-��� w--^?--'-^" tvV--.-- ���:xxy,--r.-,y'fy'r,.*-y. .v. v.^ _;������-.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������ ������������������������ ������������������������������������
���').': v. the Home of the";'-���-.
Semi-Ready Taiiloring Gp
;'_7��p0r style.that's sure, ; -~;   ..  ''���. _
. Xy    Aud wear tkat!s-steady,V '-.'  y
���_ The clothes to wear '.-.--.;
-; 'Are Semi-ready." -' "- .7  ]
The abcwefneat little couplet comes from a booster of Semi-ready clothes.
"With stitches strong
.       And lots of style,
Wear Sen. i-ready :
���-. ;A11.the while."' 7   .
.  .,._���:-   f We^carry > only the best stock/procurable in -7
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Hamr Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trialfwill convince you    V
���:n���; -T-zzzry-- ��� ry.. : ... try-.,-,- .:���.-- -;.-,,..;.- - ..... ���-.���^.���.���.���������rrrprrT-rr^rrTr-i.m".'--r'-L��. x / .'-r-T^~~r^~r-
fFtie CoBsolidated/lplng ^/Snieltig Co.
"���   x of Canada,-Limited-\WW;/vv -'-""
-   - V*:  ' ..     - .'^ . ''   -
7-  *- --     . . _-.-'��� ��� '        -.      .
Office,"Smelting and Refining Department
. ;: TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA V '     .       . '   .
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Prodncers  oi   .Gold.   Silver,   Copper,    Pig  Lead   and'Zinc.   -
Real Estate and Insurance
Fire. Accident'& Sickness; Lift//
Automobile. Bonds, Burglary, &c
' Auctioneer './'
Houses for Rent or Sale    V
.        Call at the Office of J
������'  x ������     .-������:��� ���- ���:���
Greenwood, B.C.
Greenwood Meat
Near Post Office
Fresh meat at all times
Hours:   Daily.8 a.m.to 2 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a m. to 8 p.m.
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
���y ,-0f
P Jl, O |j- u  cf I  O.N-
���Tr^BSENTKa B"t ������   .y
.adolpj: zyKca,--
-   -trj[;sssJ_L,-Sh.Y  ' .
AS5;5TCD  _Y   RCY reA___R<_IV
_ Fishing is  good  in the Kettle
A look out station is being
refected.at Phoenix.
Joe Price returned on Saturday
from a visit to Trail.
[ Geo. Elson, of Sagiuaw, Mich.,
is spending a tew  days in town.
H. H. Pannell, of Midway,
spent a few h.urs in  town today.
R.r A. Morley, of Penticton,
was in' town   on   busiriess  this
,      ���..   .. ^._' ,
C. P. Fletcher, of Trail, is
spending a few days in Greenwood.      V
C. Saunier and E. Saunier, of
Rhone, were visitors iu town
Saturday .was celebrated as
Declaration Day in the-" United
Chas.' Nichols returned home
this morning afier several weeks
spent in Tijail. 7
Mr..and Mrs. Harry G. Wilson
and daughter Dorothy, are on a
visit^to Spokane. v
W.H. Rambo is spending a
few./days in Greenwood on his
���way home   lo   Beaverdell.
Miss Nellie Keir returned home
on Monday from attending
Normal School .in Victoria.
- Considerable rain has fallen in
the district during the past Week
-putting the crops  in  fine condition. ��
Thomas Williamson has arrived home from Victoria; where
he was a student at the Normal
School. ,:
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. McLennan
of Rock Creek, were the guests
of Mr, and Mrs. E F. Keir on
% Mr. Nasmyth, au insurance
adjuster, was in.Jown Tuesday
adjusting the various claims for
fires at Rock Creek and Greenwood.
Mr. and Mrs, Paul Harris, Mrs.
Harry Hewer, son and daughter,
of Spokane, were.: the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Skilton during
the week-end.
': McElmon,' the watchmaker, has
returned to Greenwood and opened
a-place of business opposite the
Bank of Commerce and is ready
kto do watch and/optical repairing.
Leon Startnouth, editor of the
-Mining" Truth;. "accb"mpaniell7fby
J...P;-Kelly, Af L.. Hooper and
W. J.7Kerby, were. iii. tpw��\ on
Friday, night last,on., their way.
home to-Spokane; from, a visit to
Wallace- Mountain; Beaverdell. V
V.;C..;R- -Garris, C. VEV Mar;tin;:
H. Teichmaq, T. LaPause and
son, .of Spokane, . were.in towii
during' the ..weekend - and inspected the Combination mine.
Mr.- .Garris says ...that, this mine
wiU be in bpieration in a short
time.   -.'/-"":  '���'���-7/'" ���'-"' ""}��� ')"���'������ "';.)���
-J.'"- C. Jadikula," of.": Odessa,
Wash., / C ; R. ;��� Mc.Clintock, --"' of
Spokane, and D. Saimquist, of
St. Joe,. Idaho,: were in town last.
Saturday, and were looking over
the D. A'-iaTwhich they, are interested. : They are well./-pleased;
with' the showing on this property
the tunnel now being" in 400 feet.
Watch: and Optical
Repairing   ���".
Waltfiam Watches
For Sale
Good Line of Spectacles
The Ledge for Job Printing
Normal Results
.-".' -  -. - -; - \ ."���
Two fhuhdred, and fifty-two
students attended the Provincial
-STormal School at fVictoria daring
fehe.session of 1924:25. -Of .that
number 179 obtained' full pass
standing, three failed, two rer
moved,to".Vancouver and nine left
during the session.- .Those ' who
obtainedf interim standing at the
formal School and have.the neceE;-
,8ary academic qualifications, will be
entitled to receive teachers' certificates for two years only. Iii-
fcerm certificates are made permanent, as sobh as the holders receive
two consecutive satisfactory reports.
from their inspectors and are re.
commended by.tho latter for permanent standing. . Miss Nellie
Keir-j of Greernwood, who received
a fall pass waa among the honored
students. Jfhomas WilMajcasop.",lof
this place, received an ioterm certificate.
Fire at the Providence
About 5.30 p.m. last Thursday
lightning struck the compressor
building at The Providence mine
and immediately the building was"
a mass of flames. Besides the
building, the blacksmith shop,
compressor, motors .and part of
the gallows frame were completely destroyed. The heavy rain
aud no wind kept the fire from
spreading. "Men were soon on the
scene and did great work in preventing the fire from doing further damage. On Tuesday the
insurance adjuster visited the
���ruins. An electric pump is keeping the mine free of water.
-Wellington Bonded
A. J. Morrison aud John Hallstrom, of Greenwood have taken
a lease, and bond on the Wellington on Wallace Mountain from
the^ owners Jas. Paton, Thos.
Hemmerle, Mrs. McNeiLand Mrs.,
The Wellington joins the Sally
aud considerable work has been
done on-thisproperty in the past.
Mr. Morrison returned to town
on Wednesday bringing with.him
some very- nice samples of ore.
Wallace Mountain Mines
Paid Big Dividends
Dividends declared   by; mining
compani^sin British  Columbia in
the year 1^24, compared with 1923,
according to the B. C. Department
of Minep, are a3 follows:
Name of Company       1923 1924
Premier Gold Mining Co., Limited $1,738,000 $1,715,000
Consolidated JMT. &
S Co. of Canada      632,622      641,043
Howe Sound Copper Co.*        198.415      I98-4I5
Silversmith   Mines
Limitgd       150,000      175,000
Wallace Mountain
Mines Limited.., 5,400        59,4oo
I.XL. (Trail Creek
Mitiing Division)        22,958        56,000
Bell     (Greenwood
Mining Division)                48,000
Ajjex (Slocan Min- -
ing Division ......     . 1,834
Mountain Chief
Mines. (Slocan
Mining Division)        ���    ,     r,48a
Belmont-Surf Inlet
Mines          62,300       	
Fire at Rock Creek
Total for year..-. .$2,809,295 $2,896,174
The amount of $2,896,174 shown,
above distributed in 1924 by no
means represents the total of net
profit earned during that year. In
nearly all cases substantial same
are set aside from profits to the
credit of surplus and reserve. accounts. Profits 'accruing through,
private "companies and individual
mining enterprises asf a- rule are
not.-given publicity :as dividends,
as is. the ease/with the-larger companies', so "that no .record of. these
profits which in . the aggregate are
considerable^ is'available." Xx,})'
*The Howe Sound Copper Company is the holding, company, for
the - Britannia'. mi.nef. -inV British
Columbia, and the ElPotosi mine
in .Mexico. Dividends .paid- by
this company are therefore derived
froni the profits-on operation, of
both, micef, fso-that pnly/part.bf
the.dividends paid,. as shown, can
be credited to the Britannia mine.
;7=^Midway7News. xX'-[
Mrs. H. H. .Pannell. who . is a
patient: in the- .Greenwood, and
.District Hospital, is doing; very
nicely./. _../������ ;W ��� 7 '. -
- Mrs. Iv. Stapletoa,ffof Spokane
spent.the week-end at" .the hook
ofher parents, Mr'.f and7 Mrs- J.
;H. Bush.:
A baseball game will-be played
on"  the   Midway^ diamond/, next
Sunday; afternobn   between fthe
local boys of Midway -and. Green
wood.-     ������'.=���  f. ;"V-'V   ''.; ,'] y '
-A'great-gam.e of'- baseball was
played.at Malo, WashM last Sun.
day .when Midway .defeated Malo
by a. score of"' 11 ..to 9.. Thomet
made a.spectacular, play, wheii he
.threw, the 'ball' from./- outfield to
ihe home plate.
A card party.will/be ircld iu'tb.e
new-Farmers Hallb.u Friday June
12th:. Dancing 7will follow cafrd
plajing. The proceeds will go
towards the purchase of a piano
Admission, adults 50c; children
25cts. Farm Women are revues-
ted to bring cake.
' Thie Farmers annual celebra'
tion will be held at Stklway on
Dominiou Day. A feature this
year will be a. track meet between
all schools in. the Greenwood dis
trict, " Teachers in the schools
are asked to encourage the pupils
in. this athletic meet. -It is expected that silver cups and medals
will ba awarded.
Rock Greek  was  visited  by  a
big conflagration early  Saturday
morning, May 30th, when the Co-
Operative store, Rusch's  garage,
barn and a house wrere destroyed.
The fite started in the  store, the
building owned by Captain King
and the store owned by  a  syndicate of local farmers.   The building including the dance  hall and
the stock in the store were covered by insurance, but a $600 piano
owned by the Farm Women  had
no   insurance.      The   barn   and���/
garage "building  were owned by.
J. Luce  with no   insurance.    A.
Rusch'-s loss"of tools and machinery is partly covered by insurance.
S. Dahl's house had tobe dynamited to keep the fire from spreading.    For a time it appeared that
the whole block.of buildings was
doomed, but a gallant fire'brigada
was  formed,   who   succeeded   in
saving the rest of��� the  buildings.
The fire was spectacular," flames
rising  high  and soon  attracted
quite a large crowd, who arrived
in motor cars aud on-foot. Heroic
efforts  only., on  the  part "of the
fire-fighters prevented the spread
'ofthe  fire  to Mr.   Luce's house,
and the Rock Creek Hotel.    W.
Moll had the misfortune to have .
his car destroyed in the fire; also
one   of   Arthur  .Rusch's.      The
origin of the-fire is a mystery.
Rock Creek Items
(By G. Willis)
Mr. and Mrs. Waddell were visitors to town last Tuesday, from'
their ranch on the Main Eiver.
The Woman's Institute held
their monthly meeting on Saturday v
at Riverside Hall. There was a
good attendance, _ and a most enjoyable tea was served by Mrs. J.
0. Madge and her sister Mrs. Ed.
Last Saturday, Rock Creek
basket ball school team, won a
brilliant victory over Myncaster
school team, by a score of 12-1.
Next Saturday,.'June 6tli*there will'
be a game.between Greenwood and
Rock Creek, to be played at the
School grounds at Rock Creek.
The Rock Ceeek Fall  Fair is set
for Friday, Oct.  2nd.    Prize lists "
will be ready in a few days.
"Peter Pan" on the Screen-
The secret of the origin of fairies
is but. !'Peter Pan" gives ife away,
at .last in Herbert Breaon's production of j. M. Barrie's famous
fantasy for Paramount, to be shown
at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, June 6th.
V''When~fcHe~~firstf baby laughed
for the first time, its laugh broke
into a thousand pieces and they all
went skipping about. . That was
the beginning of fairiep," says
Peter Pan.
.. Children who believe in fairies
are the ones who keep them alive,
according to Peter,  - .   ,   .
��� - "Every time a cKild says 'I
don't believe in fairies,' one of
them suddenly dies. Fairies are
nearly all dead now because bo
many children refuse to believe in
them any more,"       \ "    .   ,
The   adventures   of   the   three
Darling children,    Wendy,   John
and   Michael   with   Peter  in the
Never Never Laud form tho theme-
of Barrio's wonderful fantasy.
For more than twenty' years,
"Peter PanV has beeu" a favorite'
with millions - of tfaeaferc-goera.
For thelirst time this wonderful
story bas been -brought to the/
Betty Broneoi), chosen by Barrie,
plays the title role, Ernest Tor-
rence, Cyril- Chadwick, -Virginia
Brown Faire and Anna Wong are
featured in the picture.
May Build Sanitarium
Plans for a sanitarium to' be
erected just north of the bounaary
at. a ,co��t of $1,000,000 are being
made by E. A. Sherwood of tha
Epso Products Company, One
half million dollars would beused-
sn addition = for. advertising. Los
Angeles and San Francisco- capital
is-being interested in the.project.
An (ft'orfc is being made "as the
present time to obtain a concession
from the provincial goyernmenfe to
operate abar and arrangements are
being made to purchase land on
both siSes of the-boundary. ��"
The medicated water of Bitter
lake west of town would _ be
piped to' the sanitarian..���Oroville
���-> Til 10   LTynfiK   GREENWOOD,   B.  O.
"Dont's ' and "Do s
With the coming of tin. summer vacation period, tlio opening of summer
cottages, lho flocking of peojilo lo rcsoris. and tho inauguration of automobile
touring parlies, ihe time has also come when all those who enjoy the advantage-, of these.iiloat.ilre.; and health-giving pursuits should giw hood to the
U.klng of those little pn-cautloiis wliich require attention if real beneflf and not
h.trin is to ves'.ilt lrom a holiday. %
t'eople" lirkif. In cities and towns with all modern conveniences at hand
are sometimes a pi lo take unnecessary chances, and to neglect matters which
are so e-.f-e::!l;il to tiie maintenance! of good health and the obtaining of full
enjoyment a:ir.l hrneCn, from the relaxation which .summer vacations afford.
Because o. the.? JJttle oversights it has beeu demonstrated on more than one
occasion .lint epidemics of sickness have had their origin in summer camps
and vacation resorts.
Quite a f.:\v "don'l.s" are urged upon the attention of summer campers
nnd vacaiioniiU, but all too froc]iienl.ly the things which ought to be done are
overlooked. For example, people are urged not to leave a camp fire until
they are assured that ihe last spark has been extinguished. They are warned
not to unnecessarily cut down or mutilate trees and shrubs. Touring motorists are even asiced not to" pluck wayside wild flowers only lo have them
wither and die in a few hours, but to leave them blooming in their natural
slate, thus adding to the beauty of the highways and adding to the pleasure
of all.
s But there are "do's" which are equally, possibly more, important. The
city cannier, uki.i1 to turning a tap in order to obtain pure water, should pay
close attention lo the source and quality of the water ho uses for drinking
and cooking purposes. Disposal of camp refuse and garbage demands careful
attention, lu towns and cities where there is ihethodic.it collection aiid destruction or such waste matter by the municipal health authorities, people are
apt to forget, tliat at camp and in summer resorts that duty involves upon
themselves and that, their own health, as well as of others, and the maintenance of enjoyable surroundings, depends upon how efficiently this is attended
to. The proper thing Is to bury all such mat ter. and bury it, deep. Too
much emphasis canuot be laid upon the importance of proper sanitary arrangements in camps, no matter how small, and at all summer resorts.
ln every summer cottage, and Included iu the equipment, of all touring
parties, there should.be a sniall First .Aid kit containing those few simple but
���essential things required in case bt minor accidents, poisoning, severe sunburn, etc.     3'icmembering tliat a doctor or.nurse may bc many miles distant
such  simple, remedies, and   the easily understood directions which go with
���such a kit, may result not only in relieving pain and-discomfort, but actually
���preventing serious illness.
A little consideration given to these matters a I. ilie opening of fhe camping
season may mean aU'the.difference bef.ween 'a summer .vacation, proving.both
��� enjoyable and beneficial and justV.ie.reyerse. _��� "���'.f V " "-".-' '.    ���/' "1-~       ' ��� -
A Noii-siop Motor TripW-
Tw'o U.S: Men Atternpling Drive From.
- '.' - _...-.. ."  Coast .to'. Coast":;' --  -
��� . Prom coasC.o.coast'jwiihdut permit-"
-; ting" i he" wlieciVoiV moior of".fthoir'-au-
..���tomobile.  to.'stop ^ is" the .largo' under-
f taking fo be'atltmpled' by Lieutenant'
.'-Leigh Wade, .one .of .-fthe. United. .States
. Worlddl_��;r__yfind [.inforrWell.va writ-'
���er; Thc.~..two men.-have been in New
-Vork completing plans for the .trip.-
Never before has a non-stop drive
-from'coast  to  coast .been'. attempted.
\yade'and"\VelIs are optimistic arid.ex-
��� peet .io .'complete-' llie-trip successfully,
...arriving at Los .'Angeles, or San'Frah-
���"ciscoin seven-days.. -"',-.     ��� ��� f .'.'���..-���..-
An; Underground Garage
Italy   Will   Pay   Says   Premier
War Debt to United States Amounts
~    To $2,138,543,852
Italy's sacrifices in the world war
and her Lick of riches entitle her to
be placed in the category of privileged nations in regard to her war debts
to Great Britain and the United States,
in the opinion of Premier Mussolini,
who spoke before the senate on the
foreign affairs budget.
Italy's win- debt, said the premier,
amounted to 100,000,000,000 lire, half
of wliich was to the United States.
(Italy's war debt to the United
States amounts to $2,13S,0'13,852.)
"The Italian Government recognizes its debts and has declared that,
compatible with its present and future
economic and financial situation, il
will face its debts," tho premier said.
Joint Stiffness Goes,
Swellings Disapper,
Pain !s Subdued
Liniment   Gives   Such
Satisfaction As
.,. yEpifiXXxy
^'������V'JEJ$N^xy.X x
Jealousy   At   Empire   Show
Some Overseas  Workers Think They
Should      Receive      Official "
Whim the British Empire Exhibition
at Wembley closed last year there was
keen disappointment among the persons who had actively participated in
the big show because no titles or other
honors were bestowed upou them In
recognition of their services.
Some of the dominions, not including Canada, felt hurVthat, while tho
Knglish chairman of the exhibition
standing committee, Sir-James Stevenson, was elevated "to the peerage as
Baron Stevenson, and the two" luminaries of fhe" exhibition next to hlni
were the recipients of minor titles, no
such recognition was accorded overseas workers.
Truth says very few officials of the
It is the gieat penetrating power of
Nerviline that makes it so eflicient in
overcoming swelling, stiffness and inflammation. It rubs into the very
core of the pain, penetrates quickly j British Empire Exhibition last year de-
through the tissues, and . brings a j serml anv recognition whatever, sou-
warm, comforting relief at once No;. t [{ , al)SUrdly overpaid
liniment  compares   m   pain   relieving!    h                ���
power>;with Nerviline. \ For tho minor
pains and ills that arise in every family, Nerviline should always bo kept
handy on the shelf. Use it for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia and
Colds.     35 cents at all dealers.
To  Produce More Butter
Prairie   Farmers  Are   Setting g
Record For This. Year
The Canadian prairie farmers have
set 25,000,000 .pounds of butter as their
objective for _!)2u.
Last year tlie farmers and dairies
combined' produced 22,000,000 pounds
of butter, but as "the report market has
made rapid strides for Western Canadian butter';, the 'dairies have induced
the farmers to produce more cream.
Parking.   Space ' ,-Bo-neath ' ..Leicester'
Square,-London;-Would  Relievo".'
������'       W ... '.    .Trafficf W V ���' -V7 '-"
"   An'underground    parking'place Is
London. .- ........ .���.p���-"."f���"--.- '"-7-Piii3 a trial."   Thus writes Mrs. Louie
cars and niptorcycles-.Bhall..enter711HI;_Mit.��l��ol 1,  Oak.~i.biut; .Man.;'wlio  fur-
j leave on the hear side of-the"-roa'd,.-and j thar. says:--"About a. year-.'ago I ;was
' ""      "  '       '''      " "   """       "' a. weak- .woman, "suffering Jrom" a run
down system."and impoverished -blood
From a Lady. Made Well By Dr
7 , Williams'. Pink .Pills
,  "1 -wish; from my heart I'could per
beneath 'Leicester   'Sqiihre. | sua'de -every person who is run. dowlf
-The /model, provides:'Uu_t.['ln "hoa!-t!l" to ���d���'���- Williams' Pink'
Peevish,. pale, rpst.less; and sickly
��� "dilldrori 6w:e"' tlieir-condUion to worms.
1 Mother Graves'-. Worm- Exterminator
"wiltrelieve-them and restore health.',7
thus {ivbid'.erossing other lines of traffic. . Two 'entrances.arid exits "Svill be,
necessary in case of-breakdowns; ac-.
cideiits and repairs, but thecntrances
and exits .would be easily.-coiitrolle'd.
AU tli.e. parking" space would be'avail-,
.able, without,"-'crossings,' us'- the traflic
would circulate - In., one".direction - only.
Stairway,,..'accommodation X would,. - be
provided- ''-between''tlio ���'.underground
garage'."andMho', street, level. 7' .-'
I violently. *
.    Miller's   Worm" Powders, are'- the.
medicine for. children-who,.are found
sufferingffrorir the -ravages', of .worms,"
They "Innrie'-liately- alter tho -stomachic
'���Large  Number Have Arrived, to Take"; conditions under which the worms.sub-
Alberta Secures New Settlers;
-"";���.-'' Up Land This Spring ..',- -'���'������.
".'Consid'Oruble immigration' has  tak-
���_en place into Alberta, within "the-past
. mouth,,, large .-numbers' of settlers .ar-
'.riving-'chiefly from Britain' and- 'iSu'r'o-
"-"{"���ea'n countries.   " iMany'inyiiirios-from
-.'prospective-settlers .are.being reeeiv-f
���ed at the ofhces-of-the provincial'pub-.
lirlty. commissioner and by"fhe federal
".' ofllCL's." ��� During.-- one-, -week ��� recently
sist and drive them" from "the .system,
arid, at the "same time, they aro ton!-,
cal in their effect upon tho digestive
organs, restoring' them' - to. healthful
operation' and ensuring Immunity froin j
further disorders from.such a.cause..'
Any; ..littlo'"' exertion.would cause my
I legs to tremble and'niy. heart to'throb.
1-fco'uid. not, sweep af room
walle.fifty-feet-without being .exhausted... Then-I began taking;.Dr.'
Williams'- Pink Pills - and after- taking;
only-six boxes Tam as well and strong
as. ever. I-.'can'Sy'a'lfc ahd run without
stopping eyei y - few_ - seconds" gasping
for breath, as previously.: -Dr. "Williams'--Pink, Pills,: will fbe my "stand-by
in the future if ��� ever my" bloott'-.needs
building up again,'and I shall always
"Arid pleasure .in-''recommending-'them
'There :aro .niany.." troubles.~-due-'to
weak,' watery: bloodVvhich. can.-'easily,
be. overcome by a'fair use of Dr. Williams.'. Pink" Pills.'". ,:The sole mission.
and received extravagant entertainment allowances. One of the nils-
takes .which caused last year's losses,
Truth says, was the conflict between
the military and civilian administration of the exhibition, and the bickering of last year Is being continued this
year.      '"""-
Cuts and Bruises Disappear.���When
suffering from cuts, scratches, bruises,
sprains, sore throat or chest and any
similar ailment, use Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Its healing power is well-
kuown in every section of the community. A bottle'of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil should be in every medicine chest ready for the emergencies
that may always be anticiapted.
The Typical Englishman   .
Portraits Drawn of Him Are Not True
To Life      .
- Foreigners, particularly in those moments when ill-will guides their satirical pencils, have a clear view both of
his outward appearance and of its implied nature. They see him as a thin,
fanged, hollow-cheeked giant, sharp
with tho angles of arrogance and.heavy
with the boots of stupidity ahd didacticism. That portrait of him wc
know to bo unjust; we are prepared
to swear, at any rate, that, contrary
to-tho opinion of European carlcatur.
Isis, a typical Englishman seldom
wears a kilt, and that tho thickness
of his boots is duo rather to. tho cliin-
ato ln which ho is accustomed to live
than to any brutal desire in him to
tread upon tho corns rof sensitive
strangers. The portrait that -they
draw of him when they are annoyed
is indeed inaccurate, but is it tiny more
inaccurate . than his own traditional
representation of ..himself as- John
ljull?���London Times. ��
No Asthma Remedy Like It. Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma -Remedy is distinctly different, from other so-called
remedies. Were this not so it would
not have continued its great work of
relief until known from ocean to ocean
for its ..-wonderful value. Kellogg's,
the foremost and best-of all asthma
remedies, stands-upon a reputation
founded in the hearts of thousands
who havc known Its benefit:
"��� Factory Made 2,960,000 Rifles '��� V.j
At a -luncheon, .to f-Austfiiiian' school,'
.boys.who  visited  Birmingham  Small"
���      .i  ��� .--.-.     ������.-���-       .i
:Arms Factory, P."Ha"iin'on,_.M,P.,".sa!d-i
of this ineuicin'e.is-to enrich aud'purify
the blciodand -when -. that Is. done all'
the- varied' symptoms; of' anaemia - dis-'
appear, and.good-health returns;"'..You
can get these, pills -tjirough-aiiy.dealer
in. medicine, or by mail at. 50 cents a
box-' "by writing.' The Dr. 'Williams'
Medicine Co.," Brockville, ,'Ont.-   '".'
First Typist Passes
mori! .than   twenty  homeste.idri   werej that-tlie, factory's' output .of rifles
filed on at th.e^Edinonton land .office.
Tuhufar Camera. Invented .
.tubular' camera, ��� to ' be rammed-
ing,the war was 2,96G,0Q0.7
f    B.C.' Whaling Operations f; -
".Whalers.'' "operating . out. of\I.ri_is.i j Saunders-, .who was"-the
,luV"J The First" Woman..t6. Operate a Type-
".    '..--"'writer For a. Salary  ,    :"7
. There .has just passed away, in New
Jersey  at the. ago" of.75,- Mrs".-. Mary
first - woman
���down'throats for'the-purpose'of photo-" j Columbia'ports tlii.;'season.are.expect--! to.'work a typewriter for .a_salary;and
graphing the interior'.'of stomachs'! was j'ing' -a  good catch.      The "stations at!'a3  a" recognized , occupation.' .'When
���exhibited   at   the.   convention "of thoi Rose Hurboi'i and'-Naden Ilarbprvill: Mrs. Saunders'-iirst became a.typist
-.'American Pr'onchos'coplc'.Society.
J both be "operated.
;. 7 i slie used, af machine.'- thai, nowadays
ases. 'would seem, only an Interesting relic
���f.iof a primitive past. It was'.ridiculous,
| ly-slow,"but. before'she. retired Mrs:
.Saund,ers.'was tyjiing 100 words aiiiin-
iito on 'belter, machines."'- So. sniciotti--
jiy ami imperceptibly lias -the typewrit-
i ing "machine elicited its wa'yin'to favor
: and -.power that people "are-apt to for'
j gift liow. much, they owe tp it, rind that,
���there; was-.a'day,- -noi so-, long.fgo'ne.
when all such devices..were regarded
as'nothing more-than, ingenious aiid
j impracticable -toys".���^\'ancouvfi- Province.-- '-���'"-'   '���'���,   "."-""-..' 7 ��� ������. -   '" '
Two Valuable Recipes
-77'     ,- "7 One Egg Cake   .  . '      '
'Vi cupful Borden's St. Charles Milk,
diluted with 3,:.   cupful cold water.
-.xA cupful vegetable cooking oil, scant
2-'3 cupful sugar.   '
Jl egg.,-7
.- \<i teaspoonful salt.... -      .    X ..
"���l^.teaspoonsfuls baking powder. -.
. y'l^is cupfuls" sifted flour.. ��� . .,
''".W teaspoonful v'aiiilla.-' '    ���"..- .":-���.-
-.Vi teaspoonful lemon extract.- -��� 7
".���Beat/th.e egg light ami cream"it with
���the'-sugar, salt .antl. _l.iVor.ing.   .  Combine''the'milk, diluted, with-the-cooking  oil;,-", SirtVtogether.'.the  dry. ingredient's andaddthemalternately to
tlie-first -mixture with" the "milk.- ...Beat
thoroughly, turn into a lined, .mediiim-
size'd' pan " and - .-sprinkle nut meats,
chopped raisins giv .cocoanut' over, the
top.' '���   Bake in a moderate oven "for
thirty; minutes. ".'.-"...-:���   V .     '    '
',-'���'. 7 Strawberry Short,Cake    .���' - ��� .
.2 cupfuls flour'.-.. ���"..." .'���-   - .    -���'. :.-_.
V2'Vtea^pbonfuls baking-powderf-
1 teaspoonful salt.-...  .    ..:""' :~ V '���
, 2 rounding tablespoonfuls buttor." -
'; 2 rounding .tablespoonfuls' granulated sugar. ..';- f "���"'  '   -'    . "=���- '. ;-. '-:-.'.'. f.
���  l.c\ipful:Borde"n's-.St.7Charles Milk,
undiluted.-   _������.-   . V-" '.""-   .-.��� X-y
," Sift all the dry Ingredients, together,
work' in butter, as =y'ou ">vould for. pio
crust; add the ihilk,.; beat -with, spoon
.(it will be very stiff)."and bake��� 20.min-.;
utes in;aii,ob!ong pari.- '-Split the cake
with a .hot "knifel";butter-, tiie "two sides,
"and put thein'together with two quarts
of strawberries' which- have been cut
into sniall pieces;"' sweetened and allowed, to stand.before placing on eaku;
" "Birmingham,,- Eng., .' produces vthe
'largest-variety of manufactured goods
ot any'city, infthe,world.' f.
_    Builds Safer Monoplane
Invention of Famous Dutch Aviator
Will Lessen Danger
Herr Fokker, the famous Dutch aviator, has built a new monoplane" that
is very much safer than any other machine now in usd: By a re-arrangc-
nient of balance and perhaps by other
expedients of construction that he lias
not explained he has produced a plane
that has very slight tendency;to dive
nose foremost when the power Is suddenly shut off, accidently or otherwise.
The other day at Croydon, England, he
showed how he could stall his engine
a thousand feet in the air, and then
with arms^ lolded descend, his mono-1
plane on almost an even keel, to" a]
point where^a safe landing could be
made. A new British aeroplane has
been" designed to accomplish, the same
result by means of slotted wings that
divert the air currents when-- the
plane ceases to move forward, so that
it remains virtually on an even keel.���
Youth's .Coinijauion. _,
"after every meal''
^Parents- encvanzge the
itifiUdren to care for their tentftf
Give them Wrigley'sJ
It removes food particles
from the teeth. Strengthens
the guins. Combats acid
Refreshing, and beneficial^
Old  Ship  Renovated
Tho Discovery, the old ship in whicli
Capt.,Scott mado his memorable voyage to the Antarctic in 1901--I, has be?n
partly rebuilt arid refurnished at.Portsmouth, and is now ready for another
long voyago.     She is a small, stoutly-,
built vessel, of about 750 tons.
Relieved Of Rheumatism
and Lumbago
Now   Quebec   Man   Recommends
Dodd's Kidney PUls,
v        REQUIRE A
After middle age little sicknesses and
ailments seem harder to shake off than
formerly a., thc heart action becomes
i weak- aud uncertain and the nerves
are not-as steady-as they were in the
younger days. 7"" "'. -/: W ���
.������ Now;ls,lhe "time.-when all aged'people who'wish "to maintain their-health
and vigor .and retain their energy -unimpaired should use
WV   MILBURN'S    ���v.;
. "* Mr3. "M,- O'Ccmrior; Whltestone', Ont,
writes:���"I have been troubled,'most
of-~my life, with shortness-of breathf-
palpitatlon- of the heart,- and fainting
spe].Is.Wl:_wa__.advised', by_a-frieiid.fto
try Milburn's. IT.-& rN.'Pills,.;which-1
did, and at.once .found relief, .and ,I
have never had a. :re'ally bad ' spell
since. ��� I a.ii' SO," years. of" ago. and I
always .keep them in. the;house, and
feel that-.with-..their, help. I", will..see
many years yet_";.I.alway,s recommend
them to. anyone/who is suffering from
heart trouble." ���''"- X-��� . "" -.*->..
. E'or sale at all druggLsts atid. dealers.
Mr. George Tremblay Was Unable To
Work.But7ls Now In Good Health
St. Marie, Que.-���(Special).���"Your
Dodd's Kidney Pills have done, me a
lot of good," slates, Mr. G.:Tremblay,
who is well known aud highly, respected here. (, -
"When'I sent for them I w:as unable ���
to work/,   I took ten boxes and to-day
I can do my work and am without pain.
X\l recommend theih to all who suffer
,.'1 with backache, "rheumatism and pains'
in the kidnc-ys."
Dodd's-Kidney Pills are not put for- ���
ward as a cure-all, but for the-specific
maladies for which tliey   are   recovn-
niended, namely,   rheumatism,   back- ���
aches, diabetes, dropsy, lumbago, urln-
arv troubles and heart disease.   .
Dodd's Kidney Pills act directly am  .
promptly at the seat,of fhe trouble.
They do not cause any derange'menta
in  the natural  functions  of any organ; '.
Dodd's    Kidney   Pills relieve afxei
every other means have failed. ...
Modern Methuselah
. The world's oldest man is believed
to hc a Kurd, named Noro.'born in
1775. says the newspaper, La Bulgaria.
A son of this 160-year-old man aud
his-only descendant, died last year "at
the. age of 97. . In Jugo-Slavia is a
man said to be 115 years old.
Castoria.'.is -especially;fpre?
pared to relieveXInfants.ih-'rV"'.
amis and Children all^ag-es'-pfV
Constipation*' ��� Flatulency,   Wind 7.
Colic   and   Diarrhea;   aHaying
. Foverishhess arising ���therefrom, and, by- regulating the Stomach
and Bowels, aids the assimilation ol Food; giving natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, af-ways look, for ike signature of (&d^l?7<gj!cJ&Ai
jfthsGlatcly Harmless ^ No Opiates.    Pirysiciani ����rywhere recommend: j|_   -
WoiTian" IViotor Driver    ���_"--.
JMiss Marjorie Batten,.a^London.woman -who'" served ���!^in'7���;,tlieV^^Vom^n"s���
] Legion',- ^f'takes 'herf -'place; .'.daily ' ar ���
B.o.urh'erhouih as owner-drive*- o.f a 14- \
sea tor. motor coach. She-is believed
to he the only woman motor coach
driver in England. -
- Scots.Desert Porridge ... --'
Ham and; eggs have replaced porridge, as'the pqpijlar breakfast dish'in:
Scotland. " The- decline of the' U3e of
porridge. It -was; brought out' recently
at a board 'of -agriculture .-inquiry, Is
attributed to' a change in the national
diet and began 10.or 32.years.ago.
. Alberta's Foreign Population
fAlberta's   total -.foreign, population,"
according to" a recent bulletin issued"
by the, bureau of "statisfi.es, is-in excess
of 1S0,000 with approximately--100,000'
Americans   included' hi"  this    total.'-
About;5,000 Amoricans aro resident in
Calgary..      '���"- '"     -"
; Ozark is a corruption .of the French,
word aux arcs,"and means "with bows,"
a terni';descriptive of tlie Indians who
formeriy, inhabited."tho. country. "-
.. A billion dollars'.'w.orth, of- A'nverfc.'
can Liberty bonds have been converted into worthless securities. . . W - -
~- ��������� ���V���-rr���[ "���WV'W.
v Cortis disappear, when treated, with
Holloway's Corn .Remover, without
leaving a scar. . V "'���_-,.
... Monkeys of Borneo are so trouble-;
some to ' rubber growers that - the j
plants  while young are gtiardedf-
Keep Minard's Liniment in the Hause
W.   N..  U.   1579
Children Quickly Learo
To Rely On
To soothe aad heal .the .rasfaea
and skin irritations of childhood.
Dally use of Cutiaira-Soap,.assisted by Cm_eara Ointment, vsill "Steep
the skin and scalp clean and healthy
and phrveht siinpls irritatiosa froia
biscomirtg serious.
St=j__.E__d> Fr* Sy K.3.. hSSnta Cxca/Cxtt
D_p��t.-, 'Stediews, tli; KswtnuL" Pre*,So_=!ii
Zx. Oiattn��irt.2_ aaJS_e. Tuloaa 2Se.
CmS-CTT* Shxriag Stick 25c'
Facts About Infant Mortality
interesting      Discoveries      By.     U.S.
��� Department of Labor . .
.More.babies born during June die
during their first year than those who
faro borii In��any other month. Those
borti diiring. August "stand the best
chance. : Twenty-five per. cent, more
boy'' babies .die during" the ��� first; year
thati girl babies.. First'yearmortality.
rates among babies varies inversely,
with the earning, capacities, of- their
fathers. ' These. were' some : of ��� the
facts- discovered ', by fthe children's
;bureau of the U.S. department of labor
'recently In a study.' of' the;'lirst year
of 23,000 babies born in eight select*
ed "citie3.- - '.-   -        ��� 'X������_���'
Keeps EYES
Clear, Bright and Beautiful
Minard's Liniment for Backache
V"rit__ to Tbe Borden Co.".
Limited,  Mcntreal,   _or '
- two Baby Wcllarc Socks,
A man may sluii-hls eye's vi-a-'paia- J"
ful truth,'but he seldom.shuts, his ears I
if the afore-said" truth happens, to be :
about his nrfghhbr. j
Minard's , LiritirHent.
For   Corns   and '<
evsse halp.a cawtuav RzPVTArmn'
Dll. LE GLcliG S ��..VER_mSNEY8
:w__iC_-is>S-:f_ftsi.A��T.E��:;C'����vFi,i$*t ��*'('f.Ao.'
0��� f C=f*! CSP'e * ���-WeOETABl_E-   :
f.. Lfc UL��fiU O ftPER!E��TP.LLS.
Sd4 fer (8��.Itoi Ch*__-*t-. Trtf-t i__ ��k_;j_isvS 3*_"
fi i��. t,S Ct_n: C M��-i.C3. K i rtnwn!t R _. X.W_S. I-isji**
_r*faB��..tefc"T>3i-F��osi SJ-K..Tt>xosno.Ca6
m W. 8.s**.iij___ SySiiST. Utw ���������_ C.3*. ��� TBE   lOnPGE.   GREENWOOD,   B.. a
Note the flattened top
of this fine kettle. No
waste space above the
water level. A very
fast boiler, decidedly
neat in appearance."
Hinged lid at side
of kettle for .speedy
filling under tap or
by. dipper; being
hinged it cannot fall
off or get lost.
Hafld.le, extra large
rigid, shaped to fit the
hand and always cool;
being rigid you have perfect control at all times.
Well made,
generous stzed-
properly curved spout. Tip
of spout well
above water
line to prevent
overboiling or
This kettle is
made in SMP
Pearl and SMP
���Diamond Enamelled Ware, also
in nickel plated
copper ware. The
name Savoy and>
r?ur trade mark
on each genuine
kettle. \   .
m v^6DTEA
Ho^r To Produce
A Better Race
Laying the Foundations of Health For
_   Future Generations
Can we producevin Canada a better,
more efficient ancl a happier race?
This is tho question that the recently
formed division of education of the
Canadian social hygiene council under
Professor Peter Saudiford and A. D.
Hardie, M.A., have sot out to answer.
For months those experts in conjunction with an advisory committee
composed of biologists, hygienlsts,
psychologists, educationalists and not-
ed figures in the church and women's
advanced knowledge of a protective
character imparled not later than the
age of ten to. both boys and girls.
Tho paramount importance of training children from babyhood in right
habits, and proper attitudes of mind
will be emphasized, while the dangers
ofialoofness or silence about vital subjects on the part of parents will be
pointed out along with the need of
establishing confidential contacts with
their children, and of implanting in
them gradually ah ineradicable respect for themselvos, the family ancl
the race. " -   "
Throughout the recommendations of
this report will run the conviction that
proper education of the young will depend  first  on  instructed  parenthood,
school, church and medical fraternity
iu ensuring a logical continuation ol
lho work of building up a generation
ol instructed youth, and thirdly on the
imperative necessity at all times of
keepiug away from, an over emphasis
011 sex, while offering instruction to
allay all natural curiosities and recreation or other wholesome activities to
provide for both'physical fitness and
-healthy minds in ��� the young of the
organizations havo been searching for'secondly on the active co-operation of
an answer which is not merely theoretically    acceptable,    but is definitely
practical throughout the Dominion/
Findings aro to bo later embodied-in
oflicial publications of the division of
education of tho social-hygiene council, but a forecast of them is-' now
available fr..m recent pronouncements
made by the director., of this department. ""-
The answtsr to all throe questions is
yes, bul the end in view of attaining
better health, greater happiness and
Useful ness, as well as a prolongation ol
human life, In this country is dependent, here as elsewhere, on the somewhat slow pvocoss of education of lho
whole pooph* in what life is and how
it should bo lived.
Starting with tlie Ihoslsi that if one
enfIre* generation can ba fully educated in all tho scientific standards of
personal and social hygiene \nay mean
to themselves tind children, it. is postulated that lho succeeding generation
will be an improved race. i
--In file opinion of these experts and
Water Changes Color
In Norway Fjord
Scientists Arc Trying lo Account For
Strange f?hcno:nenon
Leaning More Than Ever.
Celebrated To-wer of Pisa  Now  Fourteen ,Feet Out of Plumb
The. celebrated Leaning Tower'Df
Pisa is leaning more than ever. In.a
hundred years- it has added more than
a foot to its inclination and now- is a
trifle more than fourteen feet out of
How much further the campanile
can lean and still be considered safe
Italy's engineers and architects are
not prepared fo say. 7 They are sufficiently roused, however, to cause the
government to appoint a commission
to take measures to insure that the six-
.century-old wonder sliall stand for
age., to come.
It will be n feat- of engineering to
jack up this .monument and replace
the ancient foundations... s       .
Visitors to Pisa taken to the tower
by their guides after they climb the.
winding stairs tb the belfry, aro. led
-around to the lower tshle and invited
to look down. Many after one look
draw back in fright.
.. From the top the effect of the list I.,
so striking as to give one the impression at first that the tower is actually
fulling, and some sensitive travellers,
it is related, have had io be restrained from attempting to jump, the effect
of falling i.s so real.
There, are two other leaning cam,-
paniles in Pisa, and this fact has been
an added argument for those -who assert that the engineers .vof Pisa built
their towers that way because they
wanted to. However, it is hardly
possibly that Donnano and William of
Innsbruck anticipated that their tower
would lean beyond the marks they had
set, even if the specifications had called for a list to the south."
Prince Conducted . Orchestra
Assumed New Role During Dance at
King Williamstown
The Prince of Wales personally conducted tlie orchestra during one of tho
numbers of a dance given in his honor
at King Williamstown, S.A. Without
any arrangement he strolled over to
tho orchestra which was playing Second to Nonr"1, took fhe baton and conducted the- piece to its end.
Thousand of kafllrs garbed in fantastic combinations of native costume
SMOKERS always prefer their tobacco in perfect
condition; this is assured, when they demand it
packed in the famous Vacuum (air-tight) tins.
The following well known brand* are now packed in the
famous Vacuum (air-tight) tins,
OLD CKUM Virginia Flake CUT SMOKING Tobacco
REPEATER FINE CUT (Pipe or Cigarette Tobacco)
REX Smoking MIXTURE (for Pipe or Cigarette)
ODGEN'S CUT PLUG Smoking Tobacco
OGDEN'S FSNE CUT (Pipe or Cigarette Tobacco)
Always ask for the Famous Vacuum (Air-Tight) Tin
and improvised European dross, gath-
Sognefjord,    thc   longest and most|crod {rom aU   surrounding   countries
famous of the Norwegian fjords, is ex-jniul iiaiiCd thc Prince.     Ono Zulu in
perienclng   u    strange    phenomenon. J fun fighting trim and with a war shield
The water, usually   clear   and   dark lasliecl to his back, smashed through
their notable advisory committee. tlu_'
Question will be shown to resolve-.itself, in its, final analysis into the prob
leiri of educating parents, because parents are fho teachers in it bo pi'V-school
years, a period of life now being: recog- ]
niBud as the most important for not
only laying lho foundations of health,
but of morals nnd character as veil.
The report will emphasize tlie point
that when parents are taught lo realize that a child is made or marred
physically, mentally nnd morally before lie- ever sets foot in a schaoi.
there will be * much greater'readiness
-on���their- pat'i-to-know-and_to~ reach"
tlio science of life.
1 A fundamental recommendation In
the renor
with the darkness, of its immense
depth suddenly hast become opaque
and milky. All the fisii have disappeared.    " 7        ,
Helland and Hanson, %tho oceano-
grapher, is proceeding to tho fjord
to make scientific investigations.
Samples of the water will be sent
to Oslo (Christiania) for an examination by experts. Sognefjord is a long,
deep nnd narrow inlet of Norway, run-
nins-east from Iho sea. * Jn places "it
is 4.000 fcoc deep, with mountains be
side it rising to 5,000 f0i.1V
Pearls Found In Cocoanuts
Formed   By  Samo   Process  As  Other
Pearls Says Dutch Botanist -
- -A- Dutch bulaniyt unnounces~ihat. he
has discovered pearls   in   cocoanuts.
Thc gums aro round, perfect in form,
the    iridescent
be given in suitable form'for their limited .understanding but with neither
evasions or sentiment, through such
' sciences as botany, zoology, physiology and household science, with more
will bo that-instruction ot, milk-ivliite. hue lack
children  fro'ft yery early years shall  slie,jn of tlle oyster pearl.     They are
_ery rare and diflicult to secure, for
the natives of tropical island** prize
them as talismans and aro reluctant to
pari with them. Thcyvare formed
by a process similar to that which
produces shell-fl__.li pearls. - Certain
cocoanuts are "blind"; that is, thoy do
not have the three "eyes" at fho end,
to one off which the embryo of the
seed Is normally attached. Caged inside the nut and unable to develop nor-
maliyythe embryo becomes" impregnated .and covered with lime salt.* from
the' milk' of the cocoanut. .-
Sick a Year. Got Great Benefit from Lydia1 E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
- Bloomington. N. S.���"I took Lydia
E. Pinkham's .Vee;eU_b_G Compound for
pains and backache, also for nervousness, tuck headaches and sleeplessness.'
I waa troubled in this way for over a
year, and a friend told me about the
Vegetable Compound and induced me to
take it. i must say I have received
,great benefit from it and am able to do
my housework now.   I recommend the
the st roots on a motorcycle to reach
the "Brince's levee.
A kafflr paraded fhe ground near the
Prince's headquarters attited in navy
blue trousers, a" black, dinner suit
waistcoat-and a rough imitation of a
tail coat made from wildcat skins.
There were largo numbers of kafllr
women with faces painted red, some
were clad in long skirts, some wore
short-sleeved and low-necked blouses,
but for the most part both men" aud
women were equipped only ���with their
usual reddish brown blankets and bead
The crowd, 'estimated to number
more than 10,000, cheered tremendously as the Prince arrived.
,. The ouly white persons permitted at
(lie "gathering- were "the*. Prince of
Wales, members of his staff, and a few
local' officials and newspapermen.
Barges, To Transport Buffalo
Would Enjoy Moose Hunt
Prince bf Wales Replies to ��� Letter
Nipigon Man
Neil McDougall, who Jive j ears ago
showed the Prince of Wales ho v." to
hook specled trout along the' banks
of the Nipigon Kivcr, told the Toronto
Women's Press Club of a letter -written by His Royal Highness's {.coretary
shortly before tho departure for South
Africa. Replying to Mr. McDougall's
renewed invitation for a moose hunt,
the secretary expressed the' Prince's
delight at the proposal, aud suited lhat
ho would certainly make arrangements
to stop off at Nipigon on his next visit
Can Control Electric
Trains  By  Radio
Conductor and Engineer Could be
Eliminated Says New York Expert
According 10 Mr. G. Y. Allen, radio
expert, of _\.ew York, through ihe use
of modern developments in radio, it if
entirely possible to operate electric
trains from a central control oflice.
Mr. Allen does not advocate ilie elimination of fhe engineer._the conductor and train crew, although lie says
It now is entirely feasible, through
the combination of automatic control
and radio supervisory control, to start
a train without a crew, run it at full
speed over c-.iear tracks, slow it down
or stop if, In Accordance with ihe signals of. an automatic block signalling
system, start it tip again when the signals clear, stop it at its' next station
stop and open its doors.    ,
"The supervisor at the central oflice
would receive complete information
by radio at aU times as to tlie position
and operation Df tlie train," Mr. Allen
explained. "He could fake personal
charge of-its -operation at any-Time;
aud he could talk direcTly to the pas--
sengers to "give them any desired
With   the   .building   of two barges  j0 th�� EP- Ranch, which, lie hoped,
at Waterways, first steps'in the ship-!wouW bu Rt'xt f��U���"lhat is. providing
you don' try to marry him i.ff," the
letter concluded, naively.
ment of approximately ' 2,000 Wainwright buffalo to, northern reserves'
will be under way.
Each bargo will have a capacity for
four cars, built to hold about 200 animals.     Under tho plans already made
the buffalo are to ha taken to between .
30 and 40 miles south of Fort Flu-  exPortfn�� Provinces
! gerald, whero they will be turned loose
- Vegetable Comfxrand myself and am ��� to roam on nn extensive reserve with
Bloomington, Annapwlis County, N. S. J "       ~
Do you know that in a recent canvass ���   <
among women users of the Vegetable 1    one
Compound over 220,000 replies were re-i   ._,.., ,_   ,   .      ,.       ,
cdved.   To the question; "Have you ;word puzz3e*5 caI!e*' ll,u olhrr (lttJ' lor
received l��enefifc by taking this medi-   a wm'd "m thV-p�� lwer_s meaning where
A Crossword, Puxzle
of our grc-ai educational oross-
B.C.'s Export of Power  .
In   connection   with   the' export.of
power, it Is interesting to note ihat
British  Columbia is-third among'the
Ontario is  first
and Quebec second.      In the last fiscal year, the Western Power Company
of Canada exported trt,5?,1.531 kilowatt
hours, the B.C. Electric 7o4,55!?' kilo-
j watt  hours,  and  the West  Kootenay
I Power and *__ight Company 545,600. -
New Zealand Tourist
Makes Unusual Request
Wanted to Make His Own Bed in
���   Hotel -   .
Jlale nnd" healthy at 91. John C.
Kelley, well-to-do farmer of New Zealand, stepped briskly Tip to tho desk
in one of San Francisco's most exclusive' hotels and addressed the clerk,
who smilingly held out a pern to the
prospective guest.
"Not'so-fast, young man,".ho cautioned. "I've got one request to
make before 1 write my name in ihat
book. If I s'.��p at this hotel I want
it understood that I'm to be permitted
to ntnke my own-bed. I've beeu doing it for SO years now and, well���it's
(jot fo bo kind' of a habit, you might
Kelley said he was on his way to
Ireland, where a sitster died recently,
leaving him ��20M0.    -
Water Clocks Used
By Ancient Greeks
Hours of Day in Summer Longer Than
Hours of Night
By the ancient Egyptians Iho day
was divided into __���_ hours of equal
length. The Greeks adopted a different system, dividing-the day, that
is, the period between sunrise and
sunset, into 12 hours, and also the"
night. Whence it followed that, ic
was only at two periods of (he >ear
that the length of the hours during tiie
day and night were uniform. In consequence, those who adopted the
Greek sy��te.��'u wore obliged to furnish
their water clocks with a compensating device so that the equal hours
measured by those clocks -should bc
rendered unequal according to tljo
exigencies of the season. In summer, when the period of daylight is
longer than the period of darkness,
the hours of the day were longer'ihan
f tlio hours .of night, b^caus-e day and
, night,    whether * long or short, were
i each divided into 12- hours.
-���This--water-clock��� of the~ancieat
Greeks, also used'by the Romans, was
called clepsydra, from, two Greek
words, meaning to steal water.
It "Will Relieve a Cold.���Colds are
the commonest ailments of mankind
and if neglectfd may lead .to serious
conditions.1 Dr. Thomas' Rcleclric Oil
will relieve ihe bronchia! passages of
inflammation speedily and thoroughly
and will strengthen them against subsequent attack. And as it eases the
inflammation it will usually s_top the
cough beeaise it allays the Irritation
in the throat.     Try it and provu it.
- Meant It Kindiy'
An Isle; of "Wight clergyman, returning "to his parish after a prolonged absence, astonished a "meeting of
the Guild of Dear Old Souls by ev-
chiiming cheerfully, "I am delightr-d
to sposo nuny old Cowvs faces around
me!"-   '
Palestine To Have Its Own Coinage
Over Thousand Years Since Last
Last Coins Were Issued By Jews
Palestine, by a recent decision 01 the
British Government, is to have ils own
coinage, tlie names of the units���
shekels, dianars and pruijfhs���being
those used in an ancient monetary
system closely connected with Jewish
tt    was    about    one thousand eight
hundred yotrs ago lhat the lust coins
{issued  by  a Jewish nation  were  pur.
Into circulation.
cine?" 93 per cent replied "Yes."
jou sit on Sunday, and the neighbor
* Tbis means lhat 98"oat of every lo-J   wolaen oi ������, oWer ������ think lt-s a
women are m better health because ' 1 ���     \ ....        .,,,
they havc given thKrmedicine a fair   pcW- w,lIk" those ot lh" middle-aged
and younger sets ft-<4 sure it must bc
*  Mrs. Morse is simply another case of   car.���Columbus*, Ohio, State Journai.
a woman receiving "'great benefit.." '
Women safFerfng from the troubles so i
common ia their sex shonid listen to '
what other women say who Lave expe-
_ hs Surest Way
A correspondent  vondtTs which is
rienced the same sufferings and found fthe bast wiy tu maky sure of admis
relief. Give_tbis dependable medicine a \^on ,0 a c���3rt during the hearing or
chance���and at once,
drag stores.
It is sold at aLS
W.   H.   V. "i57&
murder trial. We do not recqanaeiid
'if. biif br far the surest method -i? to
1 commit the murder.
Death Oa Warts
Apply Mi"and's daily.       Warts
dry up and disappear.     Also ro-
"   lieves -bunions.
Ti Buifd More Elevators
- Tendeis ,for the- constriction of SO
vlevators for the Saskatchewan Wheat
Pool, Elevators, Limited, - have .been
������ailed. Tho first batch of .new grain
elevators will be cinstructed At roint.1
where neither the Saskatchewan- Cooperative Elevator Company nor the
United Graiu Grower,;, Limited, have
elevators at present.  ,
Canadians Great Butter E-nters
With 3,6p0,900 milch cows, 300,000
dairy farmers, 2.5f��i) creanieri___ and
many thousands of cheese factories,
Canadians, are the greatest butter eaters in thc .world, according to D'Arcy
Scott, secretary of* the national dairy
council of Canada. . Their per capita
consumption in 3923 was 27.43 pounds.
To install Radio F_og Stations
Radio fog stations, which will send
out continuous signals;, enabling fogbound &hips to detormiuctheir positions, are to be installed at seven
points on the duted States' shores of
the Great Lakes.
A simple and safe remedy for the
common ills of childhood should be
kept iu eve.'y home where there is a
baby or young child. Often it is
necessary to give the lillie one something to break up a-cold, allay fever,
correct sour stomach and banish the
irritability that accompanies "the cut-
fing of teeth. Experienced mothers
keep_l.aby"s Ovvn_Tablet.s_oii_hand lor
s-u"eh puipos*s,aud young mothers can
feel sate with a box of fhe 'Tablets
ready for emergencies. The Tablets
are a mild but thorough laxative that
act without griping and thoy are guaranteed to be absolutely frow -from
opiates or other harmful drugs. They
are sold by all druggists or by mail at.
pt-cents a box from The Dr. Williams*
Tviedicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Believes Canada Wil! Be Leader' ���
Hon'. Wm. Morrow, L.M.C, membei
of the legislative council of the Upper
House of South Australia, who' arrived Li Toronto recently, predicts that
within a few years, Canada, and On-
lario particularly, will be among the
leading countries of, the world.
One minute "after garlic is eaten hy
the cow tho flavor is present iu tha
milk. <��� .
"What word in four letters beginning" with 'li" means everything?"
asked the crossword puzzler. And
then he did not-appear satisfied when
someone <aid '"hash."
Fresh and carefully packed in pure
olive oil. Keep* a stoclc in the pantry
for easily prepared, enjoyable meals.
For  Aches  an<j   J��air.s   Use   Minard's
, Linifr.en��
_    G. YV. A. SMITH
''������ Lessee
.Is $2,00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passedi To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All-other legal advartising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpar-el
-   Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
Where does the money, come
from that buys the food and clothing, pleasures and amusements,
and everything else that a community like this requires? The farmerB
get their living off the farm?, but
there are hundreds of men who are
not farmers. These live and clothe
themselves nicely, eat early vegetables and fruits from the south,
and buy autos and maintain them.
The farmers sell fat cattle, hogs,
sheep etc. Eggp, butter, cream,
poultry, fruitp, grain and all other
farm products would bring the
amount up to $100,000 sold in thiB
district. -Then we have our lumbering and tie'making interests
wliich will add another $100,000
There is also the great basic indue'
try of mining which would bring
this amount up in .the ^millions.
The tourist traffic and trapping
privileges bring in large amounts
also... Indeed the income from this
'district will amount to millions
annually. "With this amount ,we
; can buy lots of autos and eat lots
*6f Southern strawberries.
Egg Preservatives
(Experimental Farm Note)
-   -CHEAP-EGGS II.   WINTER       ���
Many-families, even of farmers
and other poultry keeper?, have
very few Pggs to use from .October
to February,- when the 'prices are
high, -It- would be- easy for them
" to preserve and store as many as
required, if they would but take
the trouble to do so. ,    _
In order * to secure information
regarding tbe best methods of preserving eggp, an experiment was
started- in 1916 at the Cap
Rouge Experimental 8tation. Eight
methods were tested:, - 1. Wrapping in paper and leaving undisturbed; 2., Wrapping in paper and
turning daily; 3. Packing in oat&;
-1. Packing in sawdust; 5. Compose
Gaulin'; li. Armstrong paste; 7.
Lime water; "8. Waterglaea.
.    -       -RESULTS  < _  .
��� It waa soon found that the two
beet method", by, far, fwere the
lima water and; the waterglass.
These have been continued to date
and very little difference has been
found, though different lots of eggs
are tested,each year by the Doth in-
ion Chemist and , the/ Dominion
^ Poultry-Hhsbandrhan, at Ottawa,
7 and by the Superintendent of fehe
Gap Eouge Experimental;. Station.
})  Use-one pound of good,  freshly
. burnt quicklime to five gallons of
7 water/. Slake ..the  lime; with   a
amanquantity of water, just about
enough to cover ���&,[ and then efcir
the   milk   thus  formed wntq the
: water-    Keep well stirred forf a few
hourp,"aliow to settle,' and pour, the
.. saturated   water  over   tbe "'eggs.
With waterglaep,  use about   four
pounds in ten gallons bf water.
-,       -.GEZE&At Advice .
All fggs used, should be perfectly
fresh aud> if possib.pj from flocks
having 00  male birds.    The eggs
should   be   completely  immersed
daring the whole period of preservation, and the veeael should be
fcepS f covered.    The -best * temper
atare, though not absolutely neees
sary, ia frosa 40* to io? F. yy X-V
Mr. and Mrs. J. Drum motored
to Greenwood on Sunday.
P. H. McCHrrach, of Greenwood
was a visitor to our thriving burg
last week.      '
Ed. Nordman returned on Wednesday from a business trip to
Roy Clothier, manager of the
Beaver mine, paid Greenwood a
business visit during the week.
Owing to an increase in freight
and express coming' to Beaverdell
an agitation in under way to have
a station agent h^re.
A rich strike was made at the
Beaver,last week. The lead is
over three feet wide aud is very
rich in high grade ore.
There were several mining aud
newspaper men in' town during
the week, among them being the
editor of the fining Truth.
Geo. Inglis is in Greenwood
recuperating from the effects of
poison ivy. We will be glad
when George is able to be with
us'once more.
Mr. and Mrs. Crane and son,
Walton, returned last week from
Snohomish, Wash., where they
attended the funeral of Mrs.
Crane's father, Mr. Walton.
T. W. Clarke will open his
new store on Saturday. In--the
evening a house warming will be
held in Mr. and Mrs. Clarke's
new residence. As Mr. and Mrs.
Clarke are popular and ideal entertainers a big crowd and good
time may be expected.
Greenwood Superior School'
Report for Month of May. 1925 "
Greenwood and
District Hospital
.The Board of Directors of the
Hospital wish to thank Dr. "and
Mrs Francis as also Mr. "and Mrs.
L. 'Bryant for their great consideration in allowing their houses for
the accommodation of the nurses of
the Hospital-duriug the month of
May, when the Hospital was" overcrowded with patients.
Donations to Hospital for May
Bt. Smith, flower?, rhubarb; iish
and eggf;- Rock Creek' Farm
WomeD, magazines; "Mrs/ Axam,
pickles and flannel; Mrs.- G. 8.
Walter?, serviettes;" Mrs. Lund]
fruit aud flowere; W. B. Fleming,
magazine; J. H. Goodevo, ice
cream; Mrs. Morrison' cake buns
and flowerf; Jack Roylance, meat;
Mrs. _ Francie,' baby shirt; Mrs.
Jenkin," tray cloth aud7ragH;VMrs.
Sortome, * milk , and ragt-; Mrs. J.
H. Goodeve,, -bread; T. - Crowley,
capeoliu; Mrs. Lf Portmann, fruit;
���Rev. W. R. WalkinBhaw, flowers;
Mre. McGiUivray, door stops; Mrs.
Sater, orangee; Mrs. Kingsley,
tomatoes and fruit; Mrs. Johnson,
Rock Creek, rhubarb; Mrs. E.
Mellrud, tray clothe; Mrs. Skilton,
doughnuts; Mrs, Hallstrom, milk;
Mrs. Bellgrove, bread; Mre. Pannell, chicken;-Mr. and Mrs. Chap,
Graser, rhqbarb.
Approximately, five millions dollars will be spent in maintaining and
constructing new highways within
the Province of Quebec during the
present year. - At present there are
2,58C miles of- highway in the province .-. stretching into alC- parts, of
Quebec- and ...linking, up. with main
roads f iri. the. - U.S. ��� and . the sister
provinces to the East ;and .West.".
According .to a. report prepared.
hy the. Merchants: Exchange of ..Van- -
fcouvej, forty-two. regular, steamship,
lines are now operating out of that,
harbor, the gross tonnage for. last
year being 14,473,618 which ia over
�� million'tons in,excess ofthe.1923
figure?. . Thd7Canadian Pacific Railway is now.erecting a, new.pier tliere
which will be. one of the.finest and
largest on the continent.
VThe .Campbell,Jliyeiv Company fof'
White Rock, has purchased thef en~f
tire holdings of the James Logging
Company of Vancouver which  include 35,000 acres of timber lands,
containing over two biliios feet of
logs, a .saw mil. with a capacity ot
more than    EO,0GO feet of lumber'
a day, three large tugs and a com-
plete logging outfit: A-sum of. mora
than five  mlllioEs  dollars  is  said,
to. fee involved. '
Here and There
Bakke, - Francis   Lucente,
division 1
N. E. "Morrison
Proficiency List
Grade IX: Robert Mowat,
Cicilia Hallstrom, Georgo Morrison,
Ruby Goodeve.
Grade VIII: Mary Kerr, John
McDonell, George Bryan, Renie
Skilton, Jesse Puddy, Edwurd
Johnson, Silvia.Price, Leo Madden,
Helen Kerr, Irene Inglis, Vera
Walmsley, Dorothy MacKerizip,
William Walmsley.
Regular-TV and Punctuality:
George Bryan, Irene Inglis,
Helen Kerr, Edward Johnson,
John McDonell, Mary Kerr,'
Dorothy MacKenzie, Leo Madden,
Jesse Puddy, Vera Walmsley,
William Walmsley, Renie Skilton,
Ruby Goodeve,, Cicilia Hallstrom,
George Morrison, Robert Mowat.
division ii
T. Crowley
No. on roll       . - - 39
Average daily attendance 35 97
Total actual atteadanee - 719 5
Percentage of attendance 92.23%
Proficiency List:
Grade VII: John Campolieto,
Rosie Bombini.
Grade VI: Margaret Royce,
Alice Hingley, Edward Parry,
Allan McCurrach, Robert Mitchell,
Harry Hallstrom, Lewis Mitchell,
Marguerite Ritchie, Eileen Bryan,
Lawrence DuHamel, Allan Morrison, Comma MacKenzie, Bertram
Price, Meredith Fenner, Daniel
Kerr,. Arthur- Cox, Morris Peterson.
Grade V: Robert Forshaw,
Eugene McGillivary, Jack Morrison, Francis Jenkin, Lewis Clerf,
Cleo . Toney,." Dorothy Wilson,
Thomas Walmsley,. Roy Bakke,
Leonard Lucente.
Grade IV: Eugene Spence,
Arnold.) Bombini, Beatrice . McLaren, Rosa Lucente, 7 Roy Ha'lj-
strom,' Charlesf Royce,7 Rath -Cox,
Munroe Spence.  ���-''���-_ W"
Regularity and Pdnctuality:; 7
John Campolieto,; Robert For-
shawy "Harry-""-.Hallstrom,--['��� R.y
Hallstrom, Francis Jenkin:, Comma
MacKeiJzie, . Allanv f-McCurracb,
Robert Mitchell, Allan Morrison,
Jack :. Morrison, Edward ' Parry,
Bertram . Trice,; .Cleo ; Tooey,
Thomas Walmsley. ���'._ 7
��� ���. y, division..111 V 77V.V7
Vera A. Kempston 7 . ..
No. on roil V, - X) - .-'-*��� V ,38
Average .daily attendance" 7 35'7-7-
Total actuaj.attendance ,-,. -715 5
Percentage of attendance .9.4.i.3-%
Proficiency . List: '���".;���' V W.
Grade IV-.b: John McGillivray,
June Toney, Alice Ritchie, Hugh
McCurrach."   7
Grade III: Celia Klinosky;
Mark Madden^ :May Clark, Dikvid
Nichols, Ralph Spence, Leonard
Sortome, "Ralph .Case, James
Forehaw, Laurence Gulley,
Grade II a: Victor Ritchie,
George .Hingley, .Elbert Granberg,
Dorothy -Boag, Ernest, Johnsoi?,
Elmer Granberg..   ... .7
Grade II. b: Ernest Cox, Walter
Jenkin, Walter Nichols, -Mel vyn
Fenner, , Peter Maletta, 7 Edward,
Lucente. V -'
Grade I. a:.. Clarence Sortome,
Harold Ritchie, Lpuia .Lucente,
Jack Clark, Glenn Toney,; Gordon;
Sortome. ' 7-'..[���. ') V- -xyy-'-..: -
.7 GradeVI b (Receiving; Class):
Gordon McGnilvray, ISiirton McGiUivray,. . Margaret McCurrach-,
Eric Coxj" Kathleen Madden,f(.?ie)
Virginia Boag, Cecil Maletta. <   ���:"���*���"
Regularity and Ponctuality:.;
Ralph Case, Eric. Cox, Ernest
Cox;7 Ernest Johnson,. Kathleen
Madden,7 Hugh McCurrach, Peter
Maletta, - - Cecil ", Maletta, : Walter
Nichols, Alice .Ritchie; Harold
RitchiP, Victor, Ritchie,'. Clarence
Sortome, Leonard Sortome, Ralph
Spence, Glenn Toney, June'Toney,
John; McGillivray. Mark Madden,
David Nichols.
S. Frank Mussard of the South
African Irrigation Association, Johannesburg, who has just completed
an. independent investigation of the
agricultural conditions^ throughout
Canada has stated that he is "perfectly satisfied with the possibilities Canada has to offer the right
type of settler,"
--, Top Bpggy, fWade'-.GMoJine".Saw..aEi3
otfaer'articles^ -
"Apply B.,C.- McKee,
. . -   ' Greenwood.
W7'-7W   FOR S&Li;WV$W:    ;
��� Hscfc-_.&teg��<ii;, 'ftafeerfDitefeultivatdirv
-y������XXix.yy y.&:;:&*&%���. yxiyi.
[XXXM V V. WK: Wf fettle ,��^l|ey, X
ijeraey Covy, just in, fresb,Xiy�� yeais
.���;''-��� --.       f. Apply J, Kxinoskv,
. ���*.".. *���'������..-"'������ V"���.-'Greenwocid,
"-Mountie" the lead dog of the
famous Chateau Frontenac husky
team realized $1,200 during the
.Humane Society ,tag-day at Toronto
recently. He collected on behalf of
this organization throughout the
city and the tag that was sold was,
decorated with his portait.
Broadcasting of copyright songs
in the United States is declared sub-
ject to copyright' fees or royalties
just as much as publication by other
methods of performance. This decision, which has considerable bearing on the Canadian Copyright Bill
now under discussion in Ottawa was
reached as a result of a recent test
case in the United States.
McCutcheon Residence
Greenwood Garage
f RANK L. /PETERSON, prop.
Kinney Bldg., Main St.
Experienced Mechanic
employed to attend to all car troubles
Gas, Oil, Cup Grease, Floor bressing,
harness Oil, Candles
Agent for Imperial Oil Company.
Draying. Cars for Hire.
Job Printing at The Ledge
Not Just^For
While    long-distance   telephoning
serves admirably in cases of emergency,,
the same service is also used for  everyday busines and socialpurposes in place
.of the writing of letters.
Summer Excursion Faires
W....:g SSf3o7;'
 '.;.  120.62    ".
.._.._"..... 127,95 '
,...;:;,.. 147.90'.-
 -._.'���._ .86.00-'
............ 153-50 iff.
.". - Route fvia Port Arthur or via Soo Line",- through - -Winnipeg-.or. Portal-to -
St. Paul,, thence via Chicago orSault Ste.- Marie, .via'Gre'at Lakes;' cr "via'-''
California at additional, fare; .or good .to go via one'ofthe above: routes,'
return another.... ���' '- Z . . yX    . ������-..���
J, S, CARTER, District Passenger Agent, Nelson ;
See Local-Agent or Write for Details       "
���     Fort William
��� 'Niagara Falls
Quebec .-	
......;.. 141.80 '���'
St. Paul'....;....".,-:..,
.. Chicago ...;...
r"X New York Z;";.;
Duluth    "....;;.'..
When'In Nelson-visit
Wright's Cigar Store
You can't go  Wrong
if you visit, (W) Right
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Pfione 69
X;       Greenwood-
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may he pre-erfii-ted by
Britisli subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to. become British subjects, -conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement - for, agricultural
Full information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the ^Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
"" Kecords will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 8,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 5,000 feet .per acre east~of that
Range. '��� 0
Applications for pre-emptions are-
to bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in .which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can. be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and improvements mado
to value of 510 per acre, 'including
clearing and, cultivating at least fivo
acres, Befo^a .Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information seo
the -Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Land."     ' '
Applications are received foi- purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timbcrland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price for first-class (arablo)-land is
So per acre, and second-class (grazing) land 52.50 per.acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown iands is given in Bulletin
No.- 10, Land .Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands." .   -
31111,. factory,. or.Jndustrial sites on ���
timber land, not exceeding 40 acrege
may be purchased or leased, the con-',
di tions ���    including'.     payment    ., pt _
stumpage.. ...      - ' ���
-iUnsurvej'ed areas,.not exceeding 20..
acres,  may', be ..leased  as homesites, '
conditional- .up6ft   a   dwelling   being ���
-erected in .'the, first .year;, title being ;
obtainable : after-' residence' and   im-'
jjrove'ment -..conditions,   "are   .fulfilled
and-land has been surveyed. . ..""= " '   ;
X.' ���'}' '"��� .-.:"'-��� leases .:;... -~ x"-x ������
������ '--"For-" grazing- and--industrial- pur--
���poses areas not "exceeding "840 acres;,
may bb leased .by' one person- or a"
.company.- "''     ,���   ''    '   . ' -. '   -'-.''.   ..'
'..--.GRAZING-  ,7 V--..;.
"Under "the - Grazing A'ctfthe f Prov-
ince is divided into-grazing-districts
And 'tho- rangef.administered- under.'a
.Grazing-.   ' Commissioner.     .-Annual-.
-grazing permits are issued-based oh
numbers; ranged, priority being-given',
to established owners^ " StqckrO.wners _
may -form '- associations' 'for .range;
managements Treo.^or" partly- frso,'
pcWhits are available. ,for settlers,-
cymjiers. and 'travellers, .up. to.   ten'.
vhead.-; ,.'    7'.   -; -������-/.. '    X   ,-':-'...-      [���_
mi am o&^m
7 v     The^M Western Canada ���-.;";yy-x
TO END OF DECEMBER1924 ;;���'���;
XXx.-:    -VHasprbddced Miaerals as follows: -   Placer Gold,, 077,382.953; Lotle QoU),'-'----���    .7
;.; ,-    ��� .. .S118,473,190;-8ilyer, 868,824,579;^^ Lead, 870,548,578rCoppsr, Sl87,-iSa,37Sj 7Au' J.
'7 832,171,497; MiseeHaneoits  MinaraJs,   $1���431,349; Goal and Coke,'.S260JS80,048; X.
xx i;.-.-?,-.'Baildiug 86oae,fBriofc, CemenS, etc.,'$42,225,814: making ifeg aj;ineiMl Producbioa ..
.V -y.t '. to the.end qf 1924, show atr; 7-7 ��� ���-.; -.  -:-.," f 7; ��� -';.-���;'
X      'XX ] 7 "Agsregfate f Yalue7;of '[0^:,^:^UXXXxyX'y
f roduetioii ftrtlie Yeifc Ending December; 19^, $4&,704,604
The Miniog Laws of- febls.Pfovince. are more liber*!, and  the" fees lower, than those of any other'
Provincefin7tfae DoinihioD, or.auy colony in the Britiah Empire.7 XX,
TM-ineral locations are granted to discoverers for notaioal fee?/ -   . 7 .      7 ��� ���
Abspldte Titles are obtained, by devisibpinig.each  properties, fehe Becarlty of which is guaranteed
by Crown7Graiit8.V'7.7V .-X\y X ~' "' :'
FaH:infor_nktio*n together with-Mining Reports and Maps,; may be obtained gratis by addressing���-
yiGTORIA/Britisli Colusifeia.
TNT.B.. Practically all Bntish Colombia Rlineral Properties upon, wbich development work has been
' done are described in some one of tbe Arinaal Beports of the Minister of Mines. Those
.     cossideririg mining investments should refer to sach reports.   They are  available withbut
/ charge on. application to the Department.of Msneg, Victoria, B.O.  TReports of ihe Geological
' Survey of Canada, Pacific Baildibg, yancouver, arefrecocsmended as valsable . aoarces ot
Xz .::������--.    ioforjEatic-ifi.   7 7  .-: - .'},���:���.'  y' 7    .   ..>. -    .....'  - ....      '  '-���'���.


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