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The Ledge Jan 8, 1925

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1,1 or ary
_ Hockey Match
Grand Forks vs Greenwood
Greenwood Rink
Friday, Jan. 9th, 8 p.m.
TlirOldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Championship Hockey
Grand Forks vs Greenwood
7  Friday, Jan. 9th, 8 pm.
First leaguei:ame of the season
Vol. -XXXI-
No. 24
Just 7 arrived
..*        McCla
Double Boilers, Stew Pbt��, Pots, Roaster*, &c.
An assortment of Bonnie Blue Ware     ��� '    ,
Galvanized Tubs, Boilers and Pails
o' ���"*������
Copper Boilers and Copper Bottom Boilers ~  "
Great West Saddlery Co.'s trunks, valises and hand bags
f. M. GULLEY & CO.
Salmon and Halibut
~       Every Thursday   V
Try Our
You Will Like Them
^   For Quality and Value Order From ������-������".    Phone 46
".   .:������   ..I. ' ,- '
c<      ^  ^    For Anything in the   .
Drug  or  Stationery   Line
Call or mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.    Victroias;  Records,   Etc.
���        '  Fresh Salmon and Halibut
X Every Thursday" Afternoon.
��� '  . __i	
��� *
Smoked Fish of all kinds in stock
Fresh Pork Sausage Every Tuesday Morning
Hhone 17
���������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������ ������������������++��+������+������*��*+
7    W   -The Lucky Thirteen        v
-. Writing-from Port Arthur, William J. Acton said:   *'I met oue man
. ..here :wh~6 had'on a Semi-ready suit, with, fao label, who saya he has
.    f'wohi.it for 13 summers, and at that we could not persuade him to buy
another just now, although he bought an. overcoat.   One' thing certain
"/** is that his next suit will be a Semi-ready, if he is where one can be
7 SemPready Clothes made to measure
-Cleaning    V   Pressing       -Repairing
Charles Thomas        -     ' -        Greenwood, B.C.
;|'||l^||ppT" MEAT MARKET
%XyXyyXXy*]^*?)?*# lbe ^st atock procurable In
llifS-^^S^SlSk��   Ham�� Bacon," -Lard, 'Etc.
WXXXyyXyxxxXXxX^y^^ will convince you
xXyy) VGreea wsM ���WW -
'DR. x^x FRANCIS _
"Physician aitS Stfrgeon
Residence. Phone 69
.   7Greeawo��a
Order Coal Now
Hugh McKee wHl _ receive a
shipment of Gait coal in a {tw
days, Any person wanting coal
should order at once as this will
be the last "car load this winter.
McMynn Vx3f ore
Midway, B.C.
General Merchandise
Winter; time is mostV
Dangerous for Fires
A small premium will give you
Protection; on your House
and Furniture "X
Real Estate and Insurance'��
>  Ladies and Childrens
'All Hats Selling at Cost
In first-class conditio.* with* steels
and case
Green wood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15   p.m.
WILLIAM FOX presents
Tom Mix
"Ladies to Board"
with -'"
'��� "TONY" the wonder horse
W. D. Pelley is responsible for the
story of Mix's newest starring vehicle
and, according^to pre-views it is one of
the most amusing and peppy pictures the
screen favorite has ever appeared in.
__'_You_]l laugh until your.sides hurt	
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
PUBLIC NOTICE U hereby givoa to the
electors of tlie Municipality of the City of
Greenwood, that I require the presence of the
said electors in the City Hali In the City of
Greenwood on tho 12th day of January, 1B23, at
12 o'clock noon, for tho purpose'of electinft
persons to represent them in tlio Municipal
Council aa Muyor aud Aldermen, and for the
purpose of electing- iwo persons as School Trustees and otic person ass Police Commissioner
for tlie Municipality of the Corporation of the
City of Greenwood. _     *
Tlso morie of nomination of candidates slmll
ho ns follow,-*: ,    .
Tho ciuuiiiliUos sli.all he nominiiteil in writing; the writing sliall he sul'.icribed by two
voters of the municipality an proposer (im!
seconder, and shall be ilelivtred to tho Returning Officer at stay timo between t ho date of thd
notice amis p.m. of tbe day of the nomination
and in the event of a poll lioing necesiary, suoh
poll wilt bo opened on the 15Ui day of J_i.iiaa.rj-,
A.O. 1925,between the hours of 8 a.m. nnd 8
p.m. ut the said City Office, of which everj person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly:
The persons qualified to' hc nominated for
and elected H9 Mayor of the City shall ba such
persons ��<_ are male BritKh subject.) of the full
age of twenty-one year?, and are not disqualified nnder any law, and have heen for the six
months next prcccdins the day of nomination
the roistered, owner, in the Land BcsKtry
Office, of real property in the city of the assessed value on the last municipal assessment
roll of One Thousand Dollars or more; over and
��bove any registered judgment or charge and
wlio are otherwise duly qualified su niunii'lpal !
voters. " *'
The persons qualified to he nominated for
and elected as Aldermen. School Trustees and
Police Commisslouersof said City,shall be such
persons as are British subjects of lhe fall
age of twenty one years, mid are not disqualified nnder any law. and have been for sis months
next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner, in th��> Land Registry Office, of
land br real property in the city of the assessed
value, on the iasit Slanicipril Assessment roll of
five hundred dollars or more over ��nd above
any registered judgement or charge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified ils municipal
Given under my hand at Greenwood this 31st
day of December, A.D. 1S24.
Beturnfawr Officer.
Service in St. Jude's Church on
Sunday, Jan.  11 tb at 7.30 p. m.
/Mr.-and Mrs. Robt. Lee return-
ed.frotn Trail last Saturday morn-
John Skilling, of Tunnel, spent
New .Year's with bis* famity at
Eholt. V . Wi
Frank Bubar, of Beaverdell,
spent a few hours in town on
' Walter Larson apd Cecil Arm-
son, of Grand Porks, spent Friday in town. , '-���.-''
The main road in this district
is being cleared of snow to enable
autos to travel.
Mrs. Frank Buckless is dping
nicely after her recent serious
operation at Vancouver. ' *..
The.-auto drivers license- have
not arrived at the Court House
but are expected very soon.    - V
Allan Morrison has returned to
Pullman, Wash., to resume his
studies for mining engineering..
,Calvin Hopper returned to Carmi last Friday after a week spent
with his parents at Grand Forks.
V'Capt. s/j. Mitchell, of Bor-
deriand, Sask.7 spent the week
with: Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Mowat.
The skating rink was open for
the.season last Saturday. Get
your season tickets or pay  at the
t- ,
The Womens Auxiliary of the
Hospital will rileet on Thursday,
Jan. 15th. Refreshments will be
Ernie Carlson and Arthur Nelson returned to Trail last week
after visiting friend3 in town for
a few days.
Miss Hilda Smith, of Grand
Forkslis spending a few days in
totf^^ guest of lilr. and -Mrs.
G. W. A;* Smith. .       -  ,
Mrs. Harry G. Wilson and
daughter, Dorothy, returned on
Friday last. vfrom a two "weeks
visit in Spokane.
Miss Josephine McKee returned
on Friday last to Qualicum Beach
after spending the holidays with
her parents here.
The Bell and Saliy men, who
have been spending a h.qlidaysiu
Greenwood, returned to Beaverdell on Friday morning.
- Miss Sarah McCallum of Grand
Forks, spent a couple of days in
town"last"weelTtlfe--gueit"df Mr."
and Mrs^-G. S. Walters.    ^
- Miss D. C. Caldwell returned
to Kelowna last Friday after, a
few days spent in town with her
sister, Mrs. G. B. Taylor.
J; D_ Graham, R.' Skilton,-K.
Skilton and James Hallett, returned on- Friday from a two
weeks holiday in Spokane.
. Miss E. A. Olson left on Saturday t# teach in Trail after spending the holidays in town tbe
guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Walters.
Mrs. Lester McKenzie and two
daughters returned on Saturday
after two weeks spent in Nelson
the guestof Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Thos. Williamson returned to
Normal school at Victoria after
spending the holidays with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Williamson. ._ .
Borx���At Portland, Ore., on
Jan. 4th' a daughter - to Mr. and
Mrs. C. W.* Berg. Mrs. ' Berg
was formerly Miss Ethel Pond "of
this place.
Miss Nellie Keir returned to
Victoria on Friday to resume'her
studies at .the Normal school,
after.spending* the holidays with
her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Clarke,-returned to their . home in Carmi
last Sunday after spending-the
week tbe guests of Mr. and Mrs.
G. S. Waiters,
The Banff orchestra dance at
Riverside Hall, Rock Creek tsfext
Tuesday, Jan. 13th uader the auspices of the Women's Auxiliary
has been cancelled owing to scarlet fever ia the Bridesville district. -
'-_ City .Council
The regular, meeting of the
City Council was held An the City
Office on Monday evening Mayor
Gulley presiding and the Aldermen present were Messrs. Taylor,
Mowat, King and Morrison. .
. There was considerable correspondence dealt with and the
matters in connectionwere considered to be- proceeding satisfactorily. This particularly applied to the negotiations regarding the electric, lighting system.
Requests for .the thawing apparatus"^ be put into operation J
were considered and it wa's decided to make the usual^. charges'
to those requiring* their service
pipes thawing. ��� Fortunately'np
mains nave as yet .been touched
with frost and only a few service"
pipes are frozen.
The deduction from the liquor
profits^ cheque received v,some
criticism but it ,was.conceded that
as part of a system it could not
be disputed. ...
A^request from;, -the Curling
Club to use City, water was regretfully turned down although
it is hoped to allow the use of
water from the mains for sprinkling the rinks when the ice is
completely made..
The City Clerk was ordered to
immediately have the service cut
off any consumer being;. found
running water through faucets to
avoid freezing.
Finance was fully discussed
and the year's 'working as preliminary figures showed was considered satisfactory.
The" Mayor in. a very able
speech expressed his appreciation
of the assistance and co-operation
of all the Aldermen during the
year, and specially pointed out
that with one unavoidable excep-,
tion no other Alderman had
missed more than one meeting
during the year, a fact in which
he took pride .and trusted that
the citizens would eventually
realize the time and trouble de-.
voted to their affairs by the members of the Council and" bftetrat
great inconvenience to themselves
and loss of remuneration in their
own particular business.
Mrs. L. Bryant arrived home
on Tuesday morning from Trail
where she had been spending a
few weeks with her daughter,
Mrs. H. Twells.
Harold Mellrud returned to
Davenport, Wash., on ,Saturda"y
morning after spending the festive season with his parents Mr,
and Mrs. E. Mellrud.
D. A. Cameron, assistant general "manager of "theVBank" of
Commerce died suddenly in Toronto on Jan. 2nd., Mr. Cameron
was .the first manager of the
bank in Greenwood."
The hockey boys have been
practising hard all week for the
first league match against"Grand
Forks ahd have whipped themselves into fairly good condition.
Tomorrow (EViday) nighty at the
local rick a hard game will be
played and the boys iu green and
white expect to win. '     ���   "
Miss V. A. Gustafson, formerly
of Greenwood, as "Princess Red-
lands," emerged the winner in the
Elks' contest iu Penticton last
month and was crowned "Queen
Chrer" at the Xmas Fiesta. Before declaring the Carnival open
Miss Gustafson was presented
with a handsome diamond ring,
the presentation beiug made ,bf
Exalted Ruler F. Lome Rowe. -
��� Duncan McGillis, a well known
and highly respected old-timer of
Rock Creek, died in Kamloops on
Dec. 31 at the age of 70 years. He
was a freighter in the boom days
of this section having' driven a
mule team. He owned a ranch
ou the east side of the Kettle
river above Rock Creek. The
funeral was held Ln .Kamloops on
Monday afternoon. Rev. Father
Madden officiating. ���
A prettyf wedding was solemnized at the home of Mr. "and Mrs.
J. Johnson, Kimberley Ave., .last
Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 31st
when Miss Nettie Hogberg. of
Greenwood, and-Linus Johnson,
of Beaverdell, were united in
marriage-by the Rev, W, R. Wel-
kinshaw. The groom was supported by John Hallstrom aud O.
Lofstad. The newly married
couple wiil make their home in
The Late J. C. Lundy
After a few weeks'illness Chris-*
topher Jason Lundy passed away
at the District Hospital on Jan,
3rd. The deceased gentleman
was apparently recovering when
he suffered a relapse to which he
Mr. Lundy was born in Denmark 73 years ago and came to
Iowa, U.S. when _a child, with ���
his parents. Tn 1874 he moved
to-Montana and was a contractor
on the Northern Pacific in the
early eighties.
Whenthe C.P.R. was under
construction he was a^ contractor
near Calgary un'til it was finished.
In Nov. 1888 he married. Mrs. J.
L. Grisgby at Helena, Mont. The
following Tjear. he bought the
firm of Kirkendal & Son and followed J;he GreatNorthern having
camps^at Lynch's Couley, iWenatchee and the summit of the
Cascade's. He settled |in Midway
30 years ago.     :-
_Of a very gentle and retiring
disposition he was respected by
all who knew him and his kindness to children was a special
trait in his character.
The funeral was held on Monday, Jan. Sth, interment taking
place in the Midwayf cemetery.
Although the roads were almost
impassible the church was packed
to overflowing attesting to the
esteem in which he" was held.
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw officiated.
He leaves to mourn him a sorrowing wife to whom7the whole
district extends its deepest sympathy.
/'He giveth His beloved sleep."
Midway News
E. Hawkes, who has been visiting bis family, expects to leave for
Tranquille on Friday's train.
- Members of tbe . Presbyterian
Church .are reminded, that the
Setvide'"next Sanday " will * be a
Communion Service.
Tbe United Farm Womens Local
will not meet in Febrnary, bnt will
hold tbeir annual meeting for election of officers on Saturday, March
7th, All members are asked to
attend and bring their friends."
Hockey Club Dance
The Hockey Club Dance on New
Year's evs was a bowling Bnccess
and went beyond the expectations
of even the most sanguine. . It was
nndoubtedly__the' most enjoyable _
dance held in Greenwood for many
a long day and as a result of tbe
boys efforts the club made a net -
profit of $87.50/ The hockey club
feels grateful to the seven musicians
who gave their services free and
rendered snch good muBic. Thanks
are also extended to Mrs. Boyce
and Mrs; Axam who looked after���
the supper tables and ' to all tbe
ladies who so cheerfully and willingly provided the eakeB. -
There were many novelty features ~wbich caused a great
deal of merriment, such as the
Balloon Dance, Serpentine Dance
and the Cinderalla Dance, besides
there were Leap Year Dances and
Old Time Dances. It was impossible to put on the Radio Dance as
the' music did not come over the
radio loud ��nongh. The boys were
also disappointed in not having fehe
Sword Dance and Highland Fling,
as the dancer was unwell. Apart
from the two minor details the
programme was carried out to perfection.
Donations to Hospital
The Board of Managers of the ,Green-
wood and District Hospital very thankfully acknowledge the following donations;
Mrs. Bryant, pickles and marmalade;
Mrs. Rlowat, cake; Mrs. Inglis, fruit; J.
A. McArthur, chicken and eggs; Miss
Bryan, butter plates; Mrs. Lund, six jars.
fruit; Mre. Greig, books; Mis, Francis,
fable cloth and celery; Mrs. Pope, fhnt
and - magazines; Mrs. Crane, frait and-
magazines; Mrs. CSerf, marmalade' aad
cookies; Mrs. Morrison, pillow: Sirs-
Anger, milk, Mrs. Bain, cream, bread,
two chickens, jelly and lettuce; J. C.
Boltz, ������ "potatoes; I). McDonald, beef;
Anonymous, Jap oranges; Mrs. Bella,
Sowers, fruit and pickles; J. H.- Goodeve,
chocolates; Dr. Francis, . grapejnice;
Messrs. Taylor & Son, oranges and
j cigarettes; Rev.W. R. Walkicsh��w, $2.00, LEDGE,""' GIJEI^WOOD,
7��, Speedy <
Skin Diseases & Injuries.
Those Slow
We Are  Hitting  Up An Awfully  Fast
Pace These  Days
it took the children of Israel forty
years to cross a liule '10-mile stretch
of wilderness. A man drove across
it lu four hours tlie other day. nnd you
hare oue guess as to Ihe kind ot
vehicle lu which he made the trip.
.That's correct.
Within the lifetime of many vet hale
and hearty it took weary months t.o j
travel from the Atlantic to iho Pacific.     Now the trip ls made between
daylight and dark.
A comparatively few years ago we
laughed at Jules Verne's story about
Phileas Fogg circling the globe iu
eighty days. It could bedone'in one-
fourth that time today. .- It has been
done ia less than half that time. And
the people who laughed at Phileas
Pogg also laughed at Verne's Captain
Nemo and his Nautilus.
New York is closer to San Francisco
today than it. was to Philadelphia a
hundred years ago. Grandfather
ihen had to wait a week or a month to
get his news from the seat of Government. His grandchildren get it the
minute it happens. Sometimes they
get it before.it happens.'
The facts of yesterday are the exploded theories of today, 'j'he lmpos-
sible'today will be the usual when tomorrow comes." Yesterday was awfully slow compared with today, and
today wiil soon be the laggard t;i tomorrow.
Wo are billing up .in awiully fa=i
pace theisi' nay's. Perhaps it would be
well worth -while to .-.low down long
t-nough io ask ourselves il it Is really
worth while.���Omaha lJt-c.
Prince Drove Chauffeur        1
     ...       i
Good Story of M.R.H. Told at Banquet j
In   London     * j
.Sir" John A.;hley Mullens lold a good
story of the Prince of "\Yal<"_ when presiding at Lhc llih annual le.--u.-al dinner of the London Orphan School, at
iho Hotel Victoiia."
The Prince, he _-.ti-l, arriv-d home
after a busy day in the early hours of
Church In England
Has Queer Clock j
Invisible Microbes
j An Unique
!       War Memorial
Says    Reported - Discovery    of
Microbe  is  Not  New
According^,o  Professor   Fitzgeral.\,, Ex.ssrvice Man Building Swiss Chalet
of the  Connaught Laboratories, Tor- j
onto, there is' nothing new in the "(lis- j
In  Hampshire Village .**
The little village of Hedge End, in
coven-" or an-invisible ultra microbe,, nami)Rllh.0 .wlll Portly own in "a corn-
reported    from    Minneapolis,    which,
Timepiece Without Face Or Hands
Strikes Hours On Bell
A clock which has neither face nor
hands occupies the belfry of Lulling-
ton Church. Hurton-on-'frent. It
strike's lhe hours on tho church bell,
aud has curried on in this maimer for
nearly four hundred years. It was]
made by the village blacksmith in the j
sixteenth century, and is of the'crudest type. It is woyjxd up daily by the
sexton,- the winding barrels being of
oak, like the beams in which, the iron
bearings work. A clockmakcr, who
has just put in new bearings aud striking pins, declares that there is no .reason why the clock, which keeps admirable lime, should not continue working for-centuries.    f ,
when made into a serum",.kills ordinary visible disease .germs.       ff
In an interview, Professor Fllzger-
ald said: .    .      f    W     '
"Tho work attributed to Dr. Hobcrt
S. Green, assistant professor of bacteriology at the Uni/ersity of Minnesota, is not novel or new ln any way.
jl.'Hcrlie, a .French-Canadian, working
at the Pasteur Institute at Paris in
1917, discovered this baeterio-pliage;
wliich is simply named "phage" In the
report oT the work of Dr. Green. Another research man, named Piyort, an
English  bacteriologist,  described  tho
pleted state one .of the: most, unique
war memorials In England. It is in
memory of the men of.the county, anfil
is being built in"? Swiss chalet style,
entirely by ah ex-service man. lie
has devoted thc^wholo of "his leisure
to the task for many months, and the
memorial contains many symbolic figures and inscriptions, as" "well "as
medallions 'containing the names or
war celebritcs. In it Is a model of
the Europa, and on the ..ceiling are
about eight hundred wooden diamonds
bearing regimental crests, colors, ribbons, buttons, divisional    and    corps
Would Pool War Debts
France Thinks In Strict Justice Something. Should Be Done , " ���
The French ��� Government, in taking
stock of its financial position, and
groaning under the appalling war indebtedness, j has issued a .statement
which says:   ���-.'.. . ���   . ��� }���'
Vlf. one leaves the judicial, ground
i to rise to higher views of co-operation
and .equity, strict justice would seem
to demand a'pooling of war'expenses'
and their distribution among Aie allied states proportionally to the riches
of each and without keeping account
of. thc particular engagements undci'r
taken because of momentary necessities. 7.      ���.  ' -'��������������� ���   ���"��� .     '
Another" argument lor a reduction
is ihat the Cnlted States, and Great
Britain collected taxes on business
done with  the .monejf loaiied Franco,
'���������' > f'VV.-T-FO.R-���'��� '.'���������-: ���-.'
-BOWELS.   ���
A Fortunate Sea Captain
Received $47,500 For Ambergris Found
Floating On Sea
. A sea captain was recently fortunate
enough to'pick up a.piece of ambergris, . which was floating on the sea.
Ho sold the lump in London for ?17.;
signs  -md the crest* of all lhe shins i""1, tlierofcTO> ,lmt amount should.atjooo, ns it wus ora iprc.goldea YM-lefy,.
same phenomenon in J9J5 "and   how,1 L" ,'X ��,.���;,,, nllvy ���     '    V    *  -������ �� jloast ba l,eilu��ted.     .The reduction of. the market price ofVhich averages at
���_W___7 j German reparations is also advanced 1$50.00 an ounce.     This valuable sub-
��� in support of bettei;. jermsfor Jnter-, J stance,  -Uie   basis-  of so many pei*-
when -added ^to   a
germs it kills ihem.'
culture of other
Portugal's New Stamp
Issued to Commemorate Anniversary
of Great Poet-Explorer
Portugal's new stamps depict scenes
of battle, shipwreck and a lonely
death-bed, and have been issued to
commemorate'the -lOOih anniversary
of the great pout-explorer,' Lius do
Camoens. On the "new stumps Cam-
oens is shown in battle against, the
Arabs; swimming for his life after a
shipwreck, holding the.manuscript of
his famous poem,"The Lusaid," above
his head to protect it from the waves;
as a warrior iu full armour; and in
his last moments, attended by a.negro
slave. other stamps show ihe title
pago of the lirst edition of "The l.u-
siad," the. gi'a\e of the putt, and a
monument lo Jus' mvinor;.
German'Steel Works        .    ��
In South Africa
��� '���-'���    <��� X
Government Planning For Establish-
ment On Large Scale
German steel works may be established in South Africa. The ^Government,'tire reported^ to bo negotiating
witli Gorman steel producers for-tlie
establisiuiient of steel-making works
ln South Africa ou a fairly large scale,.
The-principal difficulty in raising capital is "believed to be that the Germans
aro seeking to. obtain very liberal encouragement from the Government.
Britisli. s?teel makers have previously
explored 'the position and. decided* that
the time is not ripe, for the establishment of an industry on a selfesupport-
ing basis. - '    - 7 '
What Is Education?
Answering   the    CjueSti.qn ��� Is   Harder
Than It Looks ��� .-*.'-'.
Is ithe solvlngof crossword puzzles
valuable as an educational exercise?)
There, is. "one college In the United
States���a college of engineering in
Kentucky-���which evidently believes it
is, for It has added a 'course of crossword puzzles .tof its-.curriculum.'
The decision ls far .from, unanimous
however". Somebody can set. up the
'claim'-, that, anything which serves .io
develop the memory is educational,
and even this is disputed. '-;��� Before
the argument !s finally settled it will'
probably.be necesasrylo como to an
agreement as to what it meant by education." And ; that would probably
prove to be a harder task than at first
Allied debts,, but "France does not
mean;" the statement conclude^, "to
repudiate ' any contracts _she made,
and her signature will always be
sacred'to her." .-...'���   -.7'' ���.������.'.' '' f"
New World Getting Old
Dominions Not Yet
Invited to  Conference
. .   r
Britain Only Inquires If Protocol Meet
fs Practicable
- The fitili:.h Government has not actually invitid iho dominions to afcon-
feri.uce in London onj.hc question of
the peace and arbitration protocol arranged ar Geneva, according to the
Manchester Guardian, Liberal.
"As :i matter of fact.", the,Guardian
says-, "the Go.-01nnn.-nL has been niucii
George Eliot's Letters Burned -:
o .     . .   ���     ,
Would Have Contributed Greatly To
English. Literature
Letters which;.would- undoubtedly,
have, formed -tin important contribution 10 lOnglisli literature have just
bec-n- carefully and solemnly burnt.
They were written by George Eliot,
the famous novelist, and in them thc
writer of "Adam llede," "Tho Mill on
i ihe Floss,"- and other groat books,
wrote freely and frankly of her work,
the book:; she w^s engaged upon, her
domestic affairs and her travel,1*. They
were of particular interest tomtit Ihey
wero in the novelist's owflQAiidwrit-
ing and -ix-licctcd in an intimate way
the life 01 her time.
the morning, and told iiis ������haaffeur hei more   circumspect   in   iis procedure
would require his ear at 7 o'clock as
tie wanted to go hunting.      .   . -
Detecting a glum look on the chauffeur's face, the Prince inquirf-d the
reason ot it. 'J'he chauffeur lvplied
chat he would not linve tlnns lo clean
the car.
Thereupon th��- Prince replied, with
a smSle.jftYYlI, hringjhe car round at
7.30;  don't trouble to clean it.      I'll
/drive, and  jyu. c.ui  hop  inside  and
have a sleep.'.'
Religious" Books Sell
Racy topics do not always lurnish
the j ear's bes.1 seller.; in German liter-
atur��v Last yr.tr's selling record was
held by Bishop Kt-pph-r's rciigfcras
book, "Mehr Freudu" (Afore Joy),
wliich scored 17ri/i��)0 copies, on thc
first edition.
than to do so. ; What tlie Government
has done is to Inquire of the dominions
if sueh a conference is practicable." -
It   would
seem.���Stratford   TJeacon-
Made-Good On First Job
Chicago Finn's That Is Has Reached
fthe Age of 250 Years.. V''���'-"
���Preparing to celebrate Its birthday.
Chicago is rubbing-its eyes ih asion-.
ishmefnt over its newly discovered-.ripe
old. age. Our big neighbor confesses
to being'25ft years old, dating its origin
back to 1674 when Father Marquette
put up the first building.''7 j
Chi< __jo'*��  di-co\n>   ol   it^   iemote
and   ahno'.l   medie\al oiigin icnnnd*-
U'_ thai tlii* whole Xev^\oild is giadit ilh  filing old      We are now   the
leuling woihl powei, and it is Ome ioi
���v(.i\  pait ot thc <ountty to pioMde
jitbi li villi a icspectable aucestu   Thc
i eomp.u.illvelv modem Columbus Is no
1 longu  if glided ai  a ftiirg mailing
fumes, is"due primarily.to: the sperm
whale's fondness for cuttlonsh. "The
j whale devours .greedily these exceedingly      repulsiv.e-looking"--creatures.-
Tlieirf horiiy7beuks;- however,' are.f-in-  '
j capable of being digested, and set up ���
an irrllatl6n~w"rich .produces' the pre-.
clous . ambfrgris; much as a; "pearlfIs'
produced hy, aft  oyster under streissi.'f
of the irritation caused by a grain or
sand. X    f     _��.,-���-    ������ yi[' ' y;--X-'X.
Afrs. "Alfred  Trancheinontagne,   St."
Michel   des    Saintes.fQuo., writes--���-'"
'Baby's Own Tablets are an excellent
meduiue      The> saved nn babj's lite
and I can highly recommend them to
all inotheia'  Mn  Tianehenlontagnee-
r\p<iieii(0   is   that- of thousands of
otlni  mothTs   who ha\e  tested  the
wotth ot IL.b\'<_ Own Tablets      Th��
Tablets aie a fciiie and bale medicine
foi Iitth ones and nevei iall to regu
late the bowels and stomach, thus re-
! lining all the minoi ills iiom which
.chlldien suifei  "-  'Jhov .are sold  bv
New "York   Millionaire   Started*  His  VonW. foi Aracile.in lu^torv "*   AVe like J medicine dealeii dr by mail at 23 cts
V,    Career Licking Stamps j'o '>'R��i ""i histon  with Lnt Puck 11 bo\ from The Di W illiami' Aledicine
OUb'i-L Kahn, otfNcw Vork", finati-' "nn    ""'1   "   n'n,n -'���""'����������- Co ��� E���<r^ll-<-. Qnt-
��� z y
.son,   and  it   theio  ���\^e^e.an^   \\.a>   or
cier, art patron and all around public j'*ll( whins Lcii's pioblsmant il wan-
man, lvcently announced in a r-peech! derings as far as tho great lakes the
to members of.the Harvard Business ��� u"-800���1"?' W0.lI1(J bp w-Wc&rae.���Milwau-
School Club, that he started his career lrc,�� Sentinel. ,
by    becotn'ng    an   export in licking .      ~    -- '
sumps,    m iiis firs! job the firm em-        Batteries That -Will Last
ploying him sent out hundreds of oh-- ] ���������-
culars daily and at that time sp<��ngt-s{ Birmingham Scientist Claims Discov-
evil   oue   of
<���   Do You Know
Do >ou know lhat the. crocodile .under lair conditions, can live for !Jtj(.
years ?
~T)o "yoir know"thatVit t-tfraigirieiiefi
out, ail ounce of spider web would extend 350 miles'.'
-Uo you know that thu average thick-"
noss of one of the hairs oi the head is
about a hundredth part of an inch?
0o you know that to "haul over the
coals" means to punisii or _-cold a person? In oiden times peoplo used to
bc tried by being held over a lire; If
the fire burnt them, as in nine r-a^<-s
| out of Ten il did, they were supposed
to be guilty. ��� .
Reiievecl by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
Mitchell, Ontario. ��� " I have taken
your medicine for a number of years.
I do not take it steady all the time, but
I am never without it. I always keep
it in the house. I took it first for "pains
in the abdomen and bearing-down paina,
headaches and pains across the back.-1
have my home to look af n-r and many
& day I could not get up at'all. 3 saw
the advertisement in the paper about
Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and Mra. John Miller told me
- about it, too. Every time I take it; it
makes me feel better and I always recommend it to my friends. 1 am willing
to answer letters from women asking
about this ��� medicine and you may use
tbis letter as a testimonial. '--- Mrs. P.J.
Wasskann, Mitchell, Ontario.
The merit of Lydia E. Pinkham's
��� Veg*tal>le Compound Js told by women
* to each oth^r.' "Mfetiy' women know by
experience vrbat^this medicine will do
and they are anxious for others to know.
" Such* testimony should cause any
woman /suffering from the troubles so
comxaoa to her sex to give this well-
known medicine a fair trial.
Do you know that in a recent canvass
Among iPomen usera of the Vegetable
Compound over 220,000 replies were received. To tbe question, "Have you received benefit by taking this medicine?''
"9S asr cent, replied "Yes."
This means that 58 ��tit of every 100
W6ioeB~ are in better health" Mcatise
Belgian Hero Rewarded
The RelKiun .shiic.--keeper, Gee:-ai-,.n,
who opened the dike.in November.
ISM. Hooding the Yser battlefield and
stopping Un. Gernnm advance, w.'is
ghni (he Cross* of Knight of the Order oi Leopold on his Mck bed in the
Bruges Hospital when he s-.cemed nefti*
tlu- point of death. The war hero revived notably on the-bestowal ol the
Establishing Bank of England
Act Received Royal Assent On April
25, 1&S4
-The net of the Knglteh Parliament
nuihorizlpii the establishing of the
Bank, of Knglaml. received royal assent on April,25, 1G91, and the charter
was -granted on July 27, following.
Tho bank commenced operations on
January 1.1695, at Grocers' Hall, Poultry. The foundation of the present
banking house Iu Threadneedle Street,
London, was laid on August 1,1732, by
Sir Edward Bellamy,. Governor, and
th~c blink "removed" tlu^re" oh ~ July" f.,
17Si.. During the past few uionihts
the building has been added to by the
erection of two frtories.
Says Fear Curdles Blood
Dr. Ii. G. Barbour, of the University of Louisville, tells of experiments
(���bowing that fear- literally "curdles
lhe blood." A new method of measuring the* thickness -of blood samples,
he said, had shown that excitement
or fear might cause" thc blc��d to, become ten per cent, more concentrated
within ten minutes.
for welting stamps were an unknown
luxury. The process wf applying the
stamps TVas the natural one, ol .lickins,
and by dint of practice and devotion
to duly the future millionaire became
���>*o expert thai, he attracted the attention of hjs "boss," who promoted hiin
to a les-.-- arduous branch of 7>hysU".it
ncti -ity.
Dangerous Word When Motoring
Asking Driver to "Looi-" Mas Cau&ed
Many Accidents
The mo.sfc dangerous word in till of
j motoring is "look." "Oh, John, look
at those girls in bathing." or similar
demands on the diiver's eyesight have
sent many a car into the ditch and
many a motorist to the law courts or
wor.se. '_	
AVhen commanded by passengers to
"look quick," the person at the wheel
���should take two looks-,'ihe first one
ahead to see that the road i.** clear an."
that tliere are no crossroads to empty
other ears or children on bicycles into
.lanie;; iv
, 31.
 ___.._. 0
ery ofNew Source o'f Electricity     I N��j. speak no ill; a kindly word -
...     ,���     .    , -,..._,      _ Gun never leave u fiting behind;   ,
11 n jblruimgliam sm-nt.HU llicorh*'An,r oJ)|  lo lirea,hc oaph wU, V0.T,
become actual if ie.",  electric  batteries j heard, ,
that will hist thousands, of yours be-,    Is far beneath a noble mind.-
I'ore running down arc a possibility of \ ^'' "���* !t l'et'w' s<itd iK f-0^11    *
the no-n- future " I3y ,,,,00j5in�� lhlls a ,und��-,r l,km;
im nco luiiuc. ^ lp(Jl, .,. ,mt ]i!Ue g0()Ij we,v0 k���own>
Mr. J. B.  ivr.u.ier,- ot Ijlriuinghani, j    Lc('s sl)G!lk ot- aj] the-good we can
England, ck.inis fo havo discovered a
Verdun Pigeon Dead
The pigeon of Verdun is dead. The
bird, mentioned, in the French army
citations and decorated with a ring of
honor by General Petain, fic-w every
day through the-Ehtsll-filled air between Verdun and Xanx' fortress
whero a small band of men wr.re holding out desperately against the'Germans.
Was Guest of Honor
Alan Kirkpalrick, of Craigie Main?,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, " who i-e-
cently deliverfcd "Craigie Fyvie,"
Clydesdale colt, in Iteglna, was the
} guest of honor at u banquet given by
the Southern Saskatchewan branch of
the Canadian Society of Technical Agriculturists*, at the Kitchener Hotel
Liberalism In Britatr.
How to revive Liberalism in (.real
Britain is the subject of an almost
continuous sin-am of corresnondence
in the Liberal papers. A largo number of the lr-tu-r writers advocate that
thc Liberal party ehould plump for
prohibition. *
��� "-'.   - - * "-���������
the'-path. Then a rapid inspection of
tiie funny scarcecrow or wondrous
view may possibly bo permisf-ibb' lor
tufew seconds.-r-Coilier's.
How Bees Communicate
With Their Associates
A Compliment
something nice
ibout you
"I heard
' "Ves, U friend of ours said you resembled me."
Motor Across Sahara s
King Albert of Belgium is considering an automobile trip across the Sahara early in the new year, according
to unofficial reports.
=     - "������'������:-��� ���   - ^^br;
Eminent German Professor Says Tliey
* - Rely On Dancing'
An eminent German protestor who
has made a profound study of bee1*
states that bees do u sort of fox trot
and rely much on tlicir dancing as a
means of communicating ideas to their
associates. ' .In experiment:, the professor said he learned that bees scud
out scouts to search for "food. The
scouts, if successful, return to the
hives and then execute a dance, whicli
attracts their associates who smell the
perfume the scouts havo" collected and
then follow the scouts back to where
the food awaits them.
uow geiieialive source of electricity hy
which energy will be drawn in iinilt-
! less [intimities i'rom vast natural resources of radio-active substances and
iiarnessed fo the service of mankind.
Fuel and" chemicals are not needed.
' Therd are pome "kinds of minis on
the shores of India and elsewhere
which are radio-active, and upwards
of twenty different/minerals Jiavo similar properties. Most of these snb-
sUmces endure I'or ilumasnds of years,
and Uie eneigy would bo good ior lhe
whole uf llie-UiUu. *<-���-    --^	
Compulsory Test For
Printing Apprentices
Toronto    Typographical    Union    Will
-   Mentally-  Mfeasure* "-Future
Scicyalllic measurement o�� the flwess
of apprentices for the printing induv
try has been made a compulsory iost
for admission to ihe Toronto Typographical Union. Henceforth no
youth will be accepted for lnemfoer-
bhip in the union until he has passed u
sel psychiatric test, li is stated that
there is no other labor-union in the
vdi-ld thus mentally meusuring 'Its
future members.
Rt'iiiembi r that charity thinkcih no
evil, much less repeals it. There are
two good rules which ought to be written on o,v.:ry heart���never lieliev*i anything bad about -anybody imles.r you
positively know- it is mie; never tall
even that unless you feel that it is
absolutely necessary, nnd,tliat God is
Iistei*i*ig_whiio you toll it.
 Henry Van Dyke.
Many Bad  Eyes
TVbts of autoistfi" at  the Canadian
National Exposition in Toronto, showed thaVil"per (tenL~df the"dri.'ersTell
below   (standard.     One    driver    was
shown to have
normal %isim.
only 25  per cent,  of
Bifl Salary Of Little Avail
The Lord Mayor of London gets a
1 Eatery of $50,000 a year, but this is
tlbtg^ha^e^given thws medkice affair i largely swallowed np In the pagfeantryi
ot office.     The -festivities   on
Mayor's day slone cost f 2$,009.
Heal and inhale Minard's. Also
bathe the feet 1n MInard'ts and
hot water.
It wards off colds, grippe. JnHu-
enza.    An enemy to germs.
First Balloon Ascent In England
The first balioou ascent in England
was made on September- IS, 3784, by
Vinctnt Lunardl at Moorfields,-near
London. Oa January 7, 1785, Blan-
chard aad -Jeffries ascended at Dorer
aad ��� crossed the English Channel,
alighting at Calais, France, f The first
ascent jn Ireland took place on January IS, 1785, from Ranelagls GardensP
Although commonly regarded a.= .i
desert plant, the date palm must ham
its root constantly kept wet in (he
niar.-'hy soil'of an oasis.
PamiHarlty with several (anKuago.*
is required of nearly all teiris employed in i-hopn and offices in Swiizprland.
, IRussian" Peris Admit French
All Russian seaports are now open
to mercha-dt marine ships flying the
French flag, while similar treatment is
accorded Ktlssian tonnage in French
Giant Python Escapes
Took Four Men to Rescue Attendant
.Frow Coil*
Aroused by heat, a 21 foot pytfios,
reputed to be one of the largest specimens in Euiope, escapi-d froma sack
in the office of a Londoa zoo importer.
The first knowledge that anything was
amiss came when the snake, with a
hiss like escaping steam, lashed out
at an attendant, and quickly enveloped the unfortunate man In Its colls.
Four men battled'for an..hour against
the infuriated python1 before they suc-
��� ceedctl in, forcing It to uncoil and reenter Its 'sack. ���,   ,
Old Ladies Take Up Boxing
Miss Joe Davidson, 77, and Mrs. Ann
Peabody, SO, members of the Old
Ladies' Home at-Atlanta, N.Y., hare,
become so intf-ested ia boxing that
they'have ptarted sparring in. order to
"keep in good trim." They became
interested in thc, sport recently when
it was announced a boxing match soon
would be held for tho benefit of the
- Tho highest town in the world ia
Pasfi��, In Fera, atsndlnji 14,275 feet
shove ����* !cr��L
Fr*ach Judicial officials never ride
hi puillc vehicles r* a matter of pro-
fesslanai etiquet -���
Here Is Tiie Reason "Why ���
Canada Has So Maxt
Healthy Women!
_*������������"��� ��������������
Toronto, Ont,--*,Dr_ Pierce's Favorite
-Prescription can ba relied upon as ;'.���
woman's medicine.   I fonnd ft so \tfy
beneficial that 1 do hesitate to r��:rm!~
mend it to others who saflfir.   1 had
suffered with a severe nervous breakdown, caused thru say having loininino
weakness. *"! had no control whatever*
over "niy nenrw, .could nt.t- sleep and-1
suffered with bacitaches and paiiif* extending, down into iny limbs.   J also*
had severe bearing-down pains.   I was
a physical and dcpvous wreck when I
was advised to try Dr. Pierce's Fat'urito
5*5Pscript!pn.<jIi> pus me right ou my
feet, and removed all tbe trouble.   My
ncrres became strong and 3 Old not sutler any mora with any of the abovoi
���&Slment>*.''--Mre, Iiizzie Almas, No. 233
Ontario Street.
Aii druggists.   IiSoKid or taoleta.
W.irfS�� Doctor Pierces Invalids Hotel,"
Ba����U��* S.Y., for fjee tnailcal advice,,
or seed 20c f os trial pkfejpf tablets to Br.
yj��c*ve-S*ftWt��torjr SaSsl4��cbt*|f Oatk M1"
I   '
,     i
P.erlin.���The G<*nnan valedictoiios
io 1921 and the greetings to lho incoming year are hugely coloied by tiie ill-
feeling over tho pro<-*p��otivc failure of
the allies to evacuate the Cologne'area
on January li), as forecast from Paris.
AVhilc the retrospective -views expressed concede that the pest year has
been one of economic and social progress, tho new yoar prophets are none
' too sanguine over the immediate outlook for "tho continued improvement of
(ho'nation's int-Tiial affairs and its
foreign relations. -
Discussing tho subject of lhe evac-
-Uation_ of   lho   lthLneland,   President
Dbert __aid:
"Whatev.r  be iheir political faJili,
. Germaps everywhere" aro today one
In tlieii* feeling of bitter disappointment and their consciousness of a new
and painful injistico,
This condition, President Eburl oh
House Probe Into Needs
Of the United States Navy
Washington.���Investigation inter'
the needs of the United States
navy was decided upon by the
House Naval Committee 'at a
stormy s,e��sion. A motion was
adopted fo~call Secietary of the
Navy" AVilbur before the com mi t-
��*<>_.January S to make recommendations as- he might sop fit. �� The
inquiry-is expected to'bc a sweeping one and to reveal'fully the
strength or weakness of tlie navy.
League Will Succeed
Without United States
Attitude of America No"~*Great Draw
' back Says Viscount .Cecil
New Vork.���A'iscount Cecil, of Choi-
wood, amplified certain of his ���statements made at the AVOodrow AVilson
Foundation dinner, at which ho was
awarded the ?__5,000 peace prize.
Referring to the effect on the League of Nations, of the altitude toward
it by tho United States, A'iscount Cecil
���served, was ���all the more ..intolerable j asserts lhat no" one In Europe now
because Germany was the. only truly j doubts that the League will succeed,
disarmed nation in a Europe bristling <*t,v'en without irto adherence of the
wjih armamonts.
Germany's New "Tear's - wish, ho
added, was that si spirit of justice
aud desire for reconciliation among
(lie nations might prevail over the
ideas of .might and force, and that
the German citizens along the Jfthiii_g.
and in tho Ruhr would,be accorded
��� iheir rights and freedom.
Sends New Year's Message
Presbyterian , Moderator Says 1925
Beckons With  Expectant Hand
Toronto.���Hvv. Principal MaeUin-
. non, of Halifax Presbyterian College,
moderator of the General Assembly, in
n New Year's message addressed 'to
Presbyterians of the Dominion, points
out that "for" the Presbyterian, Methodist aud Congregational churches,
1925 beckons\witIi expectant hand.   -
"Confusion and controversy may, for
the mouioni," he says, "darken and
distress the spirit, but through the
parting clouds wc herald u new era,
where old animosities are "buried,,
where the footfall of controversy is'
bushed, and, where, with fresh vigor,
a United Church gooa forth on Jut
glorious-mission." _
Canada Receives Nine Million
'French    jind     Belgian     Governments
Liquidate Loan January 1
London.���New Year's^Day saw big
payments mad** lo Canada through the
High Commif.Bioner's oflico'her^.
The French Government paid off the
Canadian loan, amounting to ��5,000,-
Unite.! States.
"Tho- League will got on "without
America," lie said. "Not us well, of
course, but it will get on."-
"Onp_ indication that Europe's ro
gard for the League Is increasing,"
he pointed out, "is the fact jhat every
year'more-Ircporta'nt statesmen f-*it in
its deliberations. . This "year theie
were six premiers and eighteen foreign ministers." '
- Export Trade In Ice
Value'of This Commodity Shipped to
U.SvWas $88,839
Ottawa, Ont.���Canada is reaping a
bumper crop of ice this year. The
crop reports ^have indicated very favorable weather conditions, and lhe
surplus production is finding a market in the' United States. The latest
figures show that Canada shipped ice
to .the value of f SS.S39'to the^ United
States during tho first nine months of
1921. On the oilier hand, only $21,-
515 was* imported under, this heading.
Canada imported'$'l2,7Cl fossils during Ihe nine-month period.
Strong Hand In Egypt
Grain In Buffalo Harbor
38,000,000       Bushels       Valued   '   at
$40,000,000 In Vessels
Buffalo, - N.Y.���-The largest' grain
fleet-in Buffalo's history is now anchored Inside the harbor breakwater.
Tliere are 119 grain boats with win-
tor, cargoes in. Buffalo harbor. Their
grain treasure approximates 38,000,000
bushels, and Is valued at ?-t0,0(J0.0007
Whetft makes up 'the bulk of'ilu; car
goes, there being 26,0(i2,866 bushels'OT
this- staple. Most of the wheat is
United States grown. It will,be rc-
shipped from here in the. spring.
Favor Admittance Of
Germany to World Rotary
i .
Calgary.���Provided all - other
countries connected with Rotary
do not object to ihe admission of
Germany to the international Organization, the Calgary club approves of the idea, according to a
unanimous vote given at the regular weekly luncheon. In other
words,. tlie club approved of the
principle, and believes that international Rotary should work with
that end in*view. Tlie question
came up when J. AV. Davidson, tho
local club's representative ou tho
international committee, asked for
an expression .of opinion.
Restrict Child Labor
Conservation of Child Life to Receive
New York.���A suggestion that Canadian labor take steps toward rostilc-
tion of child labor was contained in<
the New Year's pronouncement of AA'il-
liam Green, now President of the
American Federation ot Labor. Mr.
Green .said:
"Although that portion of our movement which is in Canada i-* not directly contained iu this effort for n child
labor amendment, jot they-arc direcc-:
!y affpciwd by whatever .standards wo
may secure. U is now opportune for
Ihe workers in'Canada to weld anolhrv
Jink in the bond uniting our economic     -'
movement   by   uialdng the conserva- '
Ottawa.���In tlie forthcoming session
of Parliament consideration of thc
fundamentals" of a new and uniform
rate structure will -be one of the outstanding-subjects. The intention to'
lake'if. up is indicated in a message
which, the "minister of railways has
sent'to the Lrantford Hoard-of Trade.
That'body, originally "instrumental in
launching" tho case that ended in (he
railway commission's judgment, has
complained anew of (he .discriminations 'resulting from tho interpretation placed upon the agreement. Mr.
Graham, while conceding possible*
inconvenience from the suspension
of the commission's' order, hopes that
"a way will be found for a re-organization of the rale structure, applicable- and just to all parts of iho^coun-
lhe new Briii_.li minister plenipotentiary to Egypt, lie" was formerly
ehargo d'affaires at the embassy in.
Turkey and is an- authority upon
eastern problems. His appointment
was designed to strengthen the "hand
of Viscount Allenby. by giving the
high commissioner in Egypt an experienced, diplomatic advisor.
To Safeguard-the Public
Drastic    Motor   Laws   Are   Proposed
In Britain
London.���A bill that is coming Jj(>
Expedition* To Arctic
Scientists  and   Members  of   R.C.M.P.
"Will Accompany Party Next
Ottnwav-r-The Canadian Government
steamship Franklin will leave for the
north nexKJuly, probably under command of Captain Bernier, tho veteran
navigator     of     Northern     Canadian
. The Franklin, though smaller than
the-Arctic, is much faster and is built
for bucking heavy ice. Next summer's expedition will include the usual
number of scientists arid, probably,
members of the Royal Canadian
iloiiuted Police, who will relieve the
men already stationed at posts;in the
Baffin Bay area.. It is not yet known
who will lead the party, hut whoever
is'appointed will likely have to undertake, tho establishment of a uow post
London.���Proposals to establish a -
system of imperial purchase and supply of food and law- materials weie
submitted to the Royal Commls&ion on
Food Prices by Sir Leo Chiozza Honey,
the noted British financial expert, and
author of many books on economic
Sir Leo urged that production of
food in the United Kingduni should
be stimulated by organizing io .m.iko
the best use of British soil,,and buying tlie resulting produce in bulk,' by
which the maximum production would
be obtained in England. Tlie Imperial Parliament also.-should buy in bulk
tho export surpluses of tho dominions
and British possessions, Sir Loo declared.
This administrative scheme should
be,entrusted to a now state department, namely, a supply department.
Thc minister of supply, iu co-opera-
-tion wJth the overseas governments,
could arrange a suitable extension of
crop areas.__ He would also deal with
the supplies and prices of raw materials, as well as foo'd.
. Sir Leo declared that the days or
dirt cheap wheat, cotton ancl wool
had gone forever in view of tho worldwide industrial developments.   *
tion of child life tho paramount i-*sue
ior ihc coming year."
Choice Rests With Britain
European  Situation  Must  Be
ered Says Sir Esme Howard
Washington.���During tho twentieth.���'k!u* wou,d ncn ,)C
century Great Britain iini.st choose i)C-j1'iU'i'am(-',lt*
(ween an.associaiion of nations or tlie
Supreme Court- bas.Ju.st fixed
February    3    lor    argument on  tho
Crow's, Nest appeal.      Whatever tho
judgment, whether it upholds or <lis-
iillow!} tho finding ot'Jfho commissi,>n,
iho evident purpose here i.s to have
Parliament discuss the whole, matter
Consid- *n  **Ui lK1P,J &f laying a basis  for a
"uniform  structure.      Details  of rate
dealt   with   by
The Belgian Government liquidated  uotoriou
ifs   loan   from   Cunaf}.--, which totals!power
$2,300,000. wars, Sir K.-smo-Howard, British Am- j
The    Greek    Government, also on I h.issador, declared in an addrftss be-
- Year's Day, paid the interest on C.m-  fore  the ^American Political" Science
ous doctrine-of lhc  balance or | Jn^nSe  Cold  GnDS  CaUCBSUS
, with its spectre of inevitable - *
atla's   loan   to   Greece, the interest
amounting fo ?2 82,000.
one Evacuation
Allied Envoys Agree On Note Sent To
" Paris.���The Allied Council of Ani-
basHidors approved -tho text" of an
identical nolo to Germany regarding
tbe postponement or the Cologne
evacuation, wliich was to lucre taken
place January 30, under lho Treaty of
Versailles. It waft decided not lo
publish the text uf "tin* "novo until the
communication had boon delivered t��
lhe German Government.
The United States', ho said, on account _of-Ho' geographical- position,
jmighMiold aloof from European entanglements. At the present lime, lie
could see no one power threatening lo
dominate Europe. There is a, brcath-
bpacc in wliich to consider (he whole
situation, he assorted.   ,
No Gold For Circulation
Countries    Have    Sufficient
Re-intrpducc Gold Standard
Chicago.���"Almost all countries in
the world have sufficient gold Jn their
bank vaults to -enable them to re-introduce tho gold   standard,   provided
they do not restore;gold to circulation," according to Major J. R. Btiler-
by, of tho International Labor Offlccy
ftenovfe,     Major   Belleiby   addressed
tiie Joint meeting   of   the   American
-j-.eoiioinic Association and American
*4.30<datlon of Labor Exchange.
Used Millions of Electric Buibs-
Schenectady, * N.Y.���The United
States u.-!Cd -approximately 278,000,000
-electric light bulbs, exclusive of miniature bulbs for automobiles, flasli-
iishts and Christmas trees, during
1924, according to a slafenn'nL-issiied
here by tbe General Electric Company.
Received Honorary Degree
Griefswald, Germany. ~r.Margaret
D<*h.n,*'ti5-yoar-old member of the National Uclchsiug, and President of AVo-
men's IToriieworkcrs' Union, was
awarded lho honorary degree of a doctor of'xuodicine by Gricfi>\vald University In recognition of her services in
raiting tho legal, health and social status of women housework*.1!-*-..     '
Fire 'In Tokio Asylum ,
.. Toldo.-���Seventeen known dead :.n<l
19 missing Is tfc��. latest oilmuie of
lho casualties r<>��uUinj from h fire
which destroyed a- private institution
I'or tins jn_-an��Jiere.' Fifty robidencos
in the vicinity ���� the asylum were also
Report Is Denied  '    -
AA'iimipeg.���Emphatic contradiction
was made by Iter. Archbishop Sinnott,
of tho AVinnipeg diocese of the Roman.
-Catholic Church, to newspaper reports
lo the effect that tho Roman Catholic
Clrbrch was planning ."a huge' colonization scheme." "   -.
President of Brandon College Dead
Brandon, Man.~Br. FranJ-.Hu AY.
Sweet, President of Brandon College,.
who oame here from Cleveland, Ohio,
about two year* ago and is very" widely known, in Baptist circles in the
United Stated-and Canada, is dead.
Bitjer Weather Has Caused Considerable Loss of Life
Baiiu. Azerbaijan.���Heavy -snow-
htorms and-bltior cold prevail throughout the Caucasus, emailing consider;
"able Toss of iifo and causing much in-
coiiYenic-neo. " Baku,Is buried in --now
and ail work iu the-oil fields ha&
o��-3sed. Eight persons were found
frozen to death. Railroad communication with thc whole Trans-Caucasian region is seriously impeded.
Aloxandropol, where Americans are
caring for thousands of orphans, is
experiencing the coldest weather in its
lisrlorj-.' fiab's- are whipping _!_��*���
Black Kea, endangering shipping.
fore Parliament in February deallni
with motor jra_fi(f contains-se.voral interesting clauses, one of which has to
do .witli the safeguarding of the pub- somewhere in the Ba$B)i district
lie against drivers, possessed of grave
physical disabilities.
While a medical examination- of n
driver-is not proposed.in-the bill, it
is intended that each applicant for a
driver's license must make a statutory declaration that he or she is in
normal possession of all his or her
faculties. This' i.s ^designed to rule
out deaf persons or persons of defective sight, also limbless persons, or
people liable - to sudden seizures
which might incapacitate them for the
time being. _.���...
Leaves Nothing For Investors
Assets of Hearst Company'Completely
AJ^sorbed By Liabilities .,,
AA'in^uK.-���The Hear.-,c MuMc" Pub-
lishing: t^Hipany of Canada, the mil2-
Um\ dollar bubble which recently" exploded here with heavy loss to shareholders in Manitoba, transacted business to tiie amount of $142,000 during
its three years .r>L'(existence, according
fo an interim leport of the' Traders'
Trust Company, which, as custodian
of the estate,""issued thfa information
to the directors mid* shareholder.-;.
In reply'to queries from shareholders, lho trustors declared that, the
limited, assets of the company would
bc^completely absorbed to" meet existing liabilities, and'"that the shareholders could not hope to get anything out
of the debris.
Strange Malady Is
Raging In Persia
Doctors Ur/jble to Diagnose New and
Mysterious Disease -
London.���More Than 200 persona are
dead and many more, are dying of a
new and'mysterious disease whhsh lias
broken out on tho border between
Persia and Afghanistan-in the Karez
district, according to a Ontral News
despatch from Ailahbad.   '.
The population of tlie siiickon district id terror-stricken and locai doctors are unable lo diagnose iho malady. The victims bleed profusely
from the n6.��e, mouth and eyes, and
turn.yellow :i!kt a few hours.
Work Of Colonization
350 Families- Are Placed In One Year
By Association
AVinnipeg.���Land sales aggregating
?<.,000,000 and the placing ol more than
o50 "families on farms, were i lie'chief
works accomplished during 102-1 by
the Canada Colonization .Association,
it was ascertained from a reliable
source hero.
It was also learned that, it is unlikely    that    the    Canadian    Pacific" .
Railway   will    at   present -piake any
announcement    with    regard    to'ltv^'
plans for tarrying on the work ot" tho
association.     At present the work*oC'-
Uie organization U b-iing carried ob"
entirely by representatives of tho Canadian Pachlc Railway, and thp directorate is drawn.solely irom that f'otu-
Rockefeller Gives $1,000,000
New York.���John B, Rockefeller, Jr..] " Swallows Light Bulb
lias siven-Ktock oi the Standard Oil      Trenton,"N.J.���Speaking of a light
Company of California, valued at ap- diet, Herman Scheer, jr.. of Clarks
proximately $1,000,900, to-the Metro- jvIHe, sen. of.the hotel chef here, is
psiiiaa Musoam of Art. " f recovering from  swallowing a- light
tffb&lb from Ms' brother's toy""ele��tFlc
-- V/ant Liqnor Profits
Would Have Municipalities Share In
Revenue'From Sale of Liquor
Moos*.'1 Jaw, Satslc.���'The Cify Council, with only two dissenting votes.
pa-isod a resolution asking the logisla-
th'�� assembly fo include in the Liquor
Act, now before Legislature, a clause
which would give municipalities a substantial portion of" profits accruing
from tho _.&To of spirits on a p< r capita
bksis.       f ',
{Saskatoon is another urban municipality in f-'ahkatchewiui which has
drafted a memorial lo the Oovern-
mt'nt to the tame effect.
-Dairy Meeting In B.C. ~
Western Livestock and Dairy Men
Will  Meet In Vancouver
A'ancouver, R.C.���Three conventions
of livestock and dairymen of Western
Canada will be held in Vancouver during tho week commencing Feb., 9.
Tho annual gathering of the Uritish
Columbia'Stock Breeders' Association
i.s scheduled for Feb, 9. Commencing
ori Feb. 10 and continuing for 'three
days, the Western Canada Dairymen's
Association will bold its annual convention and, on Feb. 14, tlio British
Columbia Dahymon's Association wil!
Chicago���Tho United Starts no long-
Machine Guns Stolen
From French Railway
Case  For   Brazilian" Ministry  of  War
.Has Disappeared     _   .
Havre.���A cu?'* of machine guns ad-
diep.se'd  to  the Brazilian Mini*.uy "of
AV'ar    has    disappeared    uomo    piace
between  Paris   and  Havre,  and   th'.:.
shipping oflicials have    Jormaily    re-
.,   .    , . *��� (pleated the police to inveMixute. The
er eouns the role ntmelnj.g poL whic'.i i ���,,-���.,,��� ���   ,    , ���,��� , . .
^ ���* -co.m was one of 12J case,--*, eontyinlng
macliin'o guns and fittings destined for
tlio Ilrazilian Uovernnionl. Tho canes
wero sent from Pari.* in realed and
iiadlockt'd freight cars, and were load-
id on the sicanH.r which sailed December 'Id for 3lio Janeiro. The case
-v/as SJsfud -as-being-in-lh�� ^consign-
Canada*has assumed, bw Canada will;
melt only the raw niat.erj.;lj .she re i
tiuiros,   said   11. .11.   Coat.-.,   Dominion'
statistician, in an addiv.-.e befaro'ihe
American Satittical A��..oeJali.itl.
Canada^ encouruge.-i' ininiigraiion
and carries on active piopaganda to_
miaT_end?'���lio" Taidi "'Ms "iTnhT'TT
Slates doos not. A Canadian director of immigiation is maintained in
London, witli sumo 111 :st!b-olJi^'i*s
throughout tho J'rltisli lr*lc-fl, and
others' are elsewhere in'Europe, with
IS. agencies in ' the eastern, central
and western states. The&e oilicers go
after the eligible settlers by lectures,
motion plcluros, advertlsoinents, etc.,
and thoy alyo act a? guides to intending immigrants and' as a first
check on undesirables."-
ment. but was found io bo nii,s*?in_.'
Value of Kota Wheat
Evidence of Friendly Feelini
To Prolong Life
Chicago.---Sponsored' by 1'resident
Coolidge, "a nation-wide campaign for
the prolongation of human Iifo will be
launched by the Gorgas Memorial A_s-
.soclation, an.organisation dedicated to! be attached to regiments of the two
Japanese    and    U.S.    Armies' "to
change Language Officers
AA'ashingfou.���The     Japanoso     and
United Slates AVar Departments have
entered into an arrangotnent for the
exchange- of language trfllcers, who will
Shows  Better  Mlifing  Oualities  Than
Was At First Expected
���AA'innipeg.���"Kota wheat has shown
better milling cjuaJIl&a.than it wus at
first  expected   to,"  stated A. AA'. Al-
cock, cereal chemist for ihe AA'eslora
Canada Flour Mills, in the <,ourse of
an address to lhe Western Canada So-
ielety of Agronomy, in session here.
Mr. Alcock forecast a gradual diminution of lho spread in in ice between
Marquli. and Kota-, although he thought
the latter would never quite equal it.>
very successful predecessor.
Th'i dc-iogstcs were'the gueofs of
the Ueparlment of Agnculture at a.
liaiuiuet. ^      .    ,
preventative research. _ The organisation hopes by its instructive work
to achieve tlie i>rolongation of the
average ppan of life from OS to 65
and possibly 70 years.     -   " ,
Suspects Are Released
��� Cairo. Egypt���-.Ten more persons ar-
Oesire Home Rule    -��� rested in connection with the murder
Bombay.���Presiding at a mooting of [of ^ir Lee Stack, ihe Egyptian Sirdar,
the All-India, Moslem League, Sa>id
Raza, - a moniber of fhe Council'of
Sta,te, declared there was unanimity
among all parties in seeking attainment of Sw��raj Hiome rule), Uu_ desire .foi-,which ** as stronger than ever.
He urged the Imperial and Indian
Governments to "act courageously."
-IF-   N.   IT.   3S5S
I traia.
National Boys'. Parliament
Saskatoon. ��� Tbe Saskatchewan
Older Boys' Parliament, at its closing* session here, pasesd a resolution
strongly endorsing the idea of holding
a national boya* parliament at Ottawa.
They elected four outstanding Saskatchewan boys as representatives of
tbis province at ihe national gather-
were jfceralc-d. today. a Among" those
who were given their" freedom were
.Sheikh Ghayati, a deputy and prominent niembor of the Ward, and Hanson
Vassin, also a deputy and leader df the
so-caiied student army, whoso activities have been a conspicuous feature
of the Zaghloul movement."
Says France Must Pay
, Washington.���^A revival of the re-
ports.that French statesmen might be
verging toward a repudiation oflhat
country's war debt to the' United
States led to a Senate debate in which
Senator Hoed, KepuSlk&n, Pennsylvania; declared France fehouid thoroughly urnkreiand she would;' hare to
armies for a period of ulx months,
The arrangement jsf-as approved by
S**en*t.'iry of AVar AA'eeks, whoJ jroint-
ed out that it was the fl.vst of ils kind
over made with Japan and was "Indicative of thc frk-ndly feeling that exists between the isro war departments
and armies."
Gift for_Canadian Students in France
Paris.���The mini_-l��*r oi" public instruction has autlitfrizod the rector of
the,15rc*nch Academy to accept .a donation from Hon. J. Marcelin Wilson,
of Montreal, member of the Canadian
Senate, on behalf of, a group of .Canadian friends of France, amounting to
2,600.000 francs, to be devoted to the
foundation of a hotel for Canadian
student?) in France.
Sfaughter'of Game
Fredericton, X.D.���Fifteen hundred
moose and 3,200 d*=er wero killed by
hunters in New Brunswick duxing the
game season ihis y��*ar. according to a
comptla-tion completed by Chief Game
Cobb Denies Report
Says Rumor of His Demise is Entirely
NOW York.���-Irving' S. Cobb,. lifcf
Mark Twain, has had the pleasure of
denyirig a story of his death.
Mark said the story about his death
was greatly exaggerated. Tho lau*r
day humprist, in a telegram to th** New
York AA'orld from Padursih. Ivy., i_p.yx:
"1 hate to dif appoint any one, but *1k>
Chicago report that I am dead, i>, 5-0
far as I can learn, entiivly unfounii-
Soviet Orders Airplanes
Tendon.���^1'lie Russian Soviet Government, it is announced, has ord^rr-l
100 fighting airplanes from FokJroi-,
the Dutch airplane-bulkier. The machines are to oe built in Holland and
fitted with British tingines.
B.C. Halibut Va!u��   .
Prinee Itapert, fB.C.-���Halibut landed
at Princp Rupert daring the year to-
Warden L. A. Gagnon frorii rc-tarns soitailed 25,947,401 pounds and having-;
i"ar available.
f valuation of ?3,4e3,64��.
Is $2.00 a year 9trictly in adfanoe, or
$2.50 when not paid for three souths or
more, have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always In advance.
Boundary Coming Back
(H. W. C. Jackson in Mining Truth)
The Boundary country isBfeagiDg
a "comeback." Ib ia being brought
about almoBfc entirely with out the
aid or comfort of outside capital,
and, in fact, without the assistance
of any capital whatever. Most of
the operations now under way in
that section are being conducted
by local syndicates composed of as
few as two or three individuate,
some of whom work for wages
while the others prosecute'the development of their claims, the
Bleeping partners supplying the
workers with powder, tools and
rations, in much the Bame way ae
the famous Hercules mine in the
Coeur d'Alenes was successfully
opened up.
������ The generally favorable result.of
these locally financed operations
has begun to attract the attention
of outside engineers and operators
to the possibilities of the Boundary
country with the consequences that
assurances have been given from
several quarters that the diptrict
will be given another look over in
the spring. Inquiries from other
operators also Bhow much interest
in the progress of existing enter-
prizes, so that Boundary residents
are looking to the future of their
district with renewed confidence
that it will again become a Mecca
for investors reaching for legitimate
��� mining opportunities.
There is one aspect of this new
movement that is worthy of special
comment. It is being directed to
tbe exploitation of a class of
properties which obtained little
attention in the boom days. It
was the discovery and development
of large low grade bodies of copper
ore which proved to be practically
self fluxing that gave the country
its extraordinary and rapid growth
and prosperity. Aa a consequence
prospectors and operators both
^devoted their energies to a search
for similar iron-capped occurrences
aud the Bjmaller veins of rich ore,
which had first brought the district
, to the attention  of mining  men,
:   were ignored and neglected.   The
precipitate   abandonment  of both
local smelters at about the same
time, synchronizing with the slump
in the market for copper, left the
smaller low grade mines and pros-
. pecta without' anyf oqtlet,. so the
collapse of the mining industry in
that section tvas both sadden., and
. complete. ."-���  -"' ���,."-. ���';.������- ' '.: \.
, It was this unfortunate condition
f: which caused renewed attention to
.be directed to' the smaller high--
grade   veins   whose.fdevelopment
;7fhad become perfunctory and. generally^ attended by failure to prove
continuity .fof Vthe...ore bodies to
-.-greathf dspth,7dwihg-to-the com-T
;   plexity.of the fault system which
���..- -pervaded the whole district."'��� .Now
f that the faulting: system is begin-.
. 7 hing to be better understood thanks
7to thef efforts of .lessees, 7 and the
��� problem of picking up tbei" disconnected ore-bodies beyond the faults
'Vis   being   solved:  in "one property
f after"another, there Beema to. be no
*���   good reason why thedistrict should
,_.. not achieve a quick and sensational
"-; recovery and enter on a -pew and:
Wlasting era'of productive raining. 7
"Ladies to Board"
Midway Warbles
(By the AVarbler)
Harold Ferguson returned to the
coast last week. -
Bob Guise came in from Rosb-
land, last week, and is visitiug old
tillicums in town.
Bob Guise thinks he will be able
to make a "rummey" player out
of Lew Salter yet.     ,
. Mrs. John L. Bush aud sod,
Farmer, returned to Spokane on
the-G. N. Saturday morning.
Miss Emma Thomet 'underwent
an operation in the Grand FprkB
Hospital last week for appendicitis.
The Ice harvest is iu full swing
this week and the ice that is being
put up is the best lhat has been
had for several years.
Ed. Hood was out with the
Community enow plough last Saturday and did good work ploughing- out trails to the different residences in town.
The public school opened on
Monday. Most of the boys felt
grouchy, as also did the girls; but
like the women are more cunning
and kept their grouch concealed.
We have between 18 inches and
two feet of snow iu this neck of
the woods, and unless the roads are
opened up, auto's will be a thing
of the past for the next few months.
King Kennedy, the man with
the '-mysterious fingers'* gave his
Annual Show in the Old School
Home on Monday evening. Owing
to the deep snovrefche audience was
L. E. Salter is putting up about
50 tons of ice this year. Bill Akers
and George Hood are doing the
packing, and Lew is directing
operations, doing all the heavy
lifting, etc,
Coyotes are very numerous in
the district   this year.    . Douglas
McMynn killed two on the Midway
mountain one day last week. A.
great deal more of those undesirable animals would be killed at tbis
time of the year if the government
would raise the bounty. So far as
game conservation is concerned, it
would be money well spent.
Dr. A. Francis, of Greenwood,
medical health officer for the district and Provincial Constable W.
B. Stewart went ���to Bridesville ori
Monday night's train to investigate
the scarlet fever epidemic in that
Axel Axelson returned, from
Beaverdell last week and is visiting
with Jimmie Moran, and incidentally is helping Jimmie to solve the
mystery of the "stolen goose,"
which puts the "cross word"
puzzel in the shade.
Another old-timer has crossed
the "great divide" in the person
of C. J. TLundy, who died at the
District Hospital in Greenwooa" on
January 3rd. The late Mr. Lundy
came to Midway about 30 years
ago. He was in business in town
for a number of yearp, and of late
yearB was in the dairy business.
He was of a quiet disposition, well
liked and'respected in the community. He leaves to mourn his
loss, Jessie Louise Lundy, his,
wife, for whom much sympathy is
felt. The funeral was held-froni
the Presbyterian Cburch ou Monday afternoon to the Midway
cemetery. Funeral services were
conducted by the Rev. W. R."
Walkinshaw of Greenwood. The.
funeral was largely attended, several comiDg a long distance to pay
their last respects to a highly
esteemed citizen.
Mining Notes
Work was resumed on the D. A.
tunnel in Deadwood camp this
week. The tunnel is now in over
100 feet. ~ ' ������     -,���
Jim Cordy, and associates are
driving a tunnel on theVMeadow
Lark adjoining the'Skylafk." They
are taking out ore eyery day.
The Bell and Sally mines at
Beaverdell resumed operations on
Saturday morning after being
closed down during Christmas and
New Year's.
Card of Thanks
Mrs. C. J. Lundy takes this
opportunity of thanking all those
who kindly assisted* her in the
hour of her sad bereavement.
"Ladies to Board," V-Tom .Mix's
latent starring vehicle, will be
shown at the Greenwood Theatre
onSatarday,- ilan, lOSb. Thl�� is a.
comedy action pictnre /written.by
7W. D. TPelly and furnishes Mix
.with more humorous opportunities
than any picture he has appeared
in since "Soft'Boiled.".  .
Bargain Offer
celebrating: the occupation of its new
home, makes this bargain offer: _
By mail to any address in British Columbia
outside Greater Vancouver,    '.y-X
Siifc��critte Now
ton nix inimiis to spmt)
.- WiIli ain fox Production.
Of  'Ringing Off"
When a telephone conversation is ended,-the
:subscriber. is  requested to ��� h'arigflip the; receiver.
and give one quick ring af a signal to.the op
to. disconnect. ,f This  ring' is important - as. 'others.
inaj.be waitingf to speak to the. subscriber arid/ if
the 1 ine is not disconnected it. will be reported as
busy. 7      ���'"���''*'        ,.-"'  }))xirJX}-X      :    ' )������   ���".   .}":'���-)���
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday. January 11th.
Communion Service
Midway 11 a.m.
The' Consolidated Mining t Smelting Co;.
^ of Canada, Limited
W ���'    ���    . V      ���' ���       V- ' -f ������
Office, Smelting and Refining Department--
1 .. x-     '* .'���-.'���.-
Purchasefsof Gold,.Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   ol    Gold.    Silver.   Copper,    Pig   Lead   aud  Zinc"
Greenwood. 7.30"p.m.
Vacant, unreserved, __ury��_y��<_i
Crown lands may be prs-empted by
British subjects over It years ot age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subJaoU, conditional upon . residence, ' occupation,
and Improvement ��� tor afrleult-ura.1
purposes.   .        ., v
' Full information concerning regu-
atlons regarding "pre-emptions ls
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"Ho-w to Pre-empt Land,",, .copies ��1
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department \ of
Lands, Victoria, B.C.; or to any Gov-
yi-nment Agent f
. Records will be granted covering
only land suitable forr agricultural
purposes, and which-Is not tlnfljfer-
land, I.e., - carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of thai
Range. ...
Applications for pre-emptions aro
.0 bo addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, In which the land applied.for
is situated, and are made on printed
��orma, copies of' which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must.be occupied foi
five years ^and Improvements made
to .value of $10 per acre," including
clearing and cultivating*at least five
acres, before, a Crown Grant, can be
received... :f-:V **
Tor more detailed Information see.,
U10    Bulletin   f'How ft��    Pj*e'-emp��
I^and.'^f ;-  ���������   ...-������    .
Applications are.received for purchase , off vacant: and unreserved
Crown viands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of first-clSss (arable) land ls %t
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.60 per.acre. Further information regarding purchase, or lease
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
Nb. 10, Land Series, "Purohts*" and
Leiise of;,Crown Lands", yy-y.,,
'���'��� Mlllffactory, or industrial Vitas' on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
stumpage.    -
Unsurveyed areas, not exoeedlng 20-
acres, may be leased as homes! tes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in the Arm year, title being
^obtainable after residence and lt��-
provement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
    LEASES ���:���- -
For grazing and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may bs leased by on* person or a
Under the Gtauing Act the Prov-
.. Ince Is dlvldedinto graslng dis trie ta
and -the. range, administered under 1
. "Grassing. -' - Commissioner. ���. Annual
. grazing, permits are issued, based on-.
numbers ranged/priority'being_glvenf
- to' established - owners.. Stock-owners
- may form'" associations - for range
" .management. :Fre��, or partially ..free.
:, permits' are -available   for '_' settlers.'
campers "' and ��� travellers,   up   to - tec ���
- ���head.'.''1 -'-'    ""-.' .'-."--.-'.
Jack C&tiuck
people think, say and do ..���)-
Grand Subscription
Campaign   ?
Free to Subscribers
How many words in the English language can you make from the
words: ��� ' . \
"Jack Canuck, Toronto"
No proper~naines are to be used. Webster's English dictionary will decide.
Iu the event ofjies, prizes will be divided pro rata.
With your help we are going to make   Jack Caniick   the - greatest of all'
Canadian magazines, a magazine fearless in criticism, untrammelled by the
big interests, devoted to the comuiou people.
Cut out the form below, fill in your name and address, attach it to your list
of words, enclose the regular subscription price of $3r5o per annum and mail
it to Circulation Department, Jack Canuck Publishing Co. Limited^ 3'iiJ' Bay
Street, Toronto, and. your little investment may uiake'you a fortune.
Mark your envelope "Cash Prizes."
The amount of money tobe divided will he based on the'number of subscribers
received, in the proportion of 50 cents for each new subscription received.
Thus, if the objective of 100,000 new subscribers is reached ^the'ainouut will
be $5o,ooo.oo divided as follows:^
To tine first subscriber sending in the largest correct list  $20,000.00
10.000 00
'!<-     -3,O00'.Q0-
, ,   " 2,000.00
"     - "       300.00
 >......... " 8.000.00
"    third   x-
"  'fourth
"    fifth
"    sixth
"    seventh
"   elehth
"    ninth \     "
Eighty prizes of $100.00 each
Memters of the
Staff aof allowed
Mineral Province of Western
V: -v
Has  produced   Minerals as. followsj   Placer ;Gold,"   876,962,203���; Lode
Gold, $113,352,665; Silver, $63,532;655; Lead ^58,132^61; Copper, $.179,048,808;:.
Zinc,  $27,904,756;  Miseellasepns Minerals, $1,408,257; Coal'and.".Coke, 8250,-
968,113; Building Stone,- Brick, Oemeat, etc., $39,415,234, making ifes Mineral    -
Erodnctibn to the,end of 1923 show an,; '
The".. Mining   LswB.-6f.tbia Province(are7;.moreliberal,; and the.fees lower,
than those.ofany bfeher Province In the Dominion, or any Cbldriy inthe Brifcish .:
Empire.' -}- iy.y .'"������;. y   '*��� ���_ .   X'.- . -)-~'  '-,-"      '.,V-:ff _.���-   --7-W  .'-''-.*.;������ >:'   ''  X X ���'���
7>M!iniaral.ibcati6ttgare granted feo disebverera for. nominal fees. ^ V      "
7AbHolate^Titles are  obtained" by fdeyfeloping' snch properties, the eecdrity      X. ]
of, which l& gdar&nteed by Crown Grants.       ���   >
Full Jnforaiation, together withMining Eeports and Mapsj may be obtained
gratis by addreaainf-^ '!.-',. 7 " " ' y . X��� f ..        . ) [
M. xi
Total ....������ -^$50,000.00
Eighty-Nine Prizes - 89 -x,Eighty-Nine
Competition closes on the first day of March, 1925 at" 12 o'clock p.m.   S.ush
your entry and get a place ainong the big winners.
Circulation Department, Jack Canuck, 319 Bay Street, Toronto,.
. Date................-���.-..... ......,.i	
Name ��� ������������������	
Address.......f "	
- Number of words as ser attached list .'	


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