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The Ledge Mar 5, 1925

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The Oldest Mining Camp Newspaper In British Columbia
Vol.:  XXXI
No. 32
Just arrived
McClary's Grariiteware
Double Boilers, Stew Pots, Pots, Roasters, &c.       ''
An assortment pf Bonnie Blue Ware
-     Galvanized Tubs, Boilers and Pails
Copper Boilers and Copper Bottom Boilers .
. ������      -     i   ��� ...   ���>���
Great West Saddlery Co.'s trunks, valises and hand bags
For The   LENTEN   Season-
* -
Canned .Salmon, Pilchards, Lobster, Sardines,
Clams and Oysters
Smoked Sable Fish, Finnan Haddie,
Cod Fish, Salt Herring
Fresh Salmon and Halibut
- i.
Every Thursday .
For Quality and Value Order From'
Phone 46.
For Anything in the
Drug  or  Stationery   Line
Call pr mail your orders to
Kodaks,   Films,   Albums.    Victrolas,   Records,   Etc.
Winter time is most
Dangerous for Fires,
\ small premium,,will ejve you
Protection, on your House
and Furniture
Charles king
..-.������    ' .   XX:	
Real Estate and Insurance
���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������
��� -
��� Fresh Salmon and Halibut
��� Every Thursday Afternoon
: ' _ ���. __   ,
��� -
Smoked Fish o! all kinds in stock
Fresh Pork Sausage Every Tuesday Morning
^ ' Phan��17'__ _"	
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������������������� ������������������������������������
The Home of the
Semi-Ready Tailoring Co
- and
Berger's Popular Line^
Of Toronto
New Spring Millinery
will be on .<*
,. Saturday, March 7th
,  - . and following days
Latest Styles and Colors
...    Call and inspect our goods
Slore hours
.   'io to 12 a.m., 2 to 5 p.m.
Mrs. Ellen Trounson, Prop.
Two 4. sectional book cases, complete with tops and bottoms. Crated
ready for shipment.   Apply at
T. M. Gui/CSY-S Store.
.   I Hugro carpet sweeper, and i folding cot, apply at The Lbbgb Office.
io ricks 16 in. wood, cut from celled
ties.   Apply Ths Ledgb Office.
24 H.P. on Belt. Engine in perfect
order. ,Differential requires only minor
repairs. A perfect stationary . engine tor
#300.00 _cash,_-Box _ 135, _Gs.and_ Forks,
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. ti. A."
Sunday, March 31h. .
Midway Ham,
Greenwood 7.30 p.m.
City Council
We carry oujy the best stock procurable in.
_ ' ^
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
A trial will convince you
P'1  ��
,. /
Tlie Consolidated Mining & Smelting CD.
.    of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
Producers   ot    Gold.   Silver,   Copper,    Pig  Lead   and Zinc
The regular meeting of the
Cxty Council was held ia tbe City
Office on Monday "evening with
Mayor Gulley presiding and
present Aid. Peterson,. Kerr,
Mowat and King. Aid-elect King
took* the oath of office at the
opening of the session.
Correspondence from the Liquor
Control. Board,, and the City
Trustee was dealt with and the
City Clerk instructed accordingly.
The report of the finance com*
mittee was approved and correspondence in connection" therewith
endorsed. ��
Following recommendations by
the City Trustee the Clerk was
ordered to issue . ultimatums in
connection with certain outstanding-accounts and proceed with
the necessary .actions if payment
wasmot forthcoming.
Estimates for 1925 were discussed and some adjustment .will
no doubt be made at'the next
meeting as the members of the
Council are giving close attention
to "all. details submitted. Preliminary readings were -gives to
the estimates and rates by-law.
. The Pound committee was
authorized to appoint a pound-
keeper and received definite instructions concerning enforcement of this by-law.
The Buildings committee reported enquiries being made regarding sale price of several
buildings owned bj the City and
aegotiatioaa concerning same.
D. McPherson, of Grand Forks,
was a visitor in town' on Monday
and Tuesday.
Dr. C; M. Kingston, of Grand
Forks, was in Greenwood on
Tuesday of this .week.
;Mrs. "A. Legault returned on
Saturday evening from a visit to
her sister in Seattle, Wash.
���'-. Nurse Stella Donnan, of Grand
Forks, is assisting in the Greenwood and District Hospital.
v Mrs. Cross returned to Trail
on Thursday afternoon last after
being -the. guest of her sister,
Miss A. Bryan, for a few days.
VFngineer A. Belleck who lost
his life'in the. Cherry Creek wreck
en the .C. P. R. main line last
week was well' known in the
Boundary havingyworked in tins
section a number of years ago.
TThe Rock Creek-Kettle Valley
Football Club will hold a Dance
in the Co-Operative Hall, Rock
Creek, on Tuesday, March 17th.
Bush four-piece orchestra will
supply the;music.     "   x
The Liberal Ladies Club are
holding a social in the Greenwood Theatre on Friday, March
13th at 8 o'clock. Music and
cards.-*-. Refreshments.served, ice
.cream, etc.    Everybody welcome.
W. A. Ritchie arrived home
on Friday morning last. Mr.
Ritchie had his left hip' injured
while at work at Bonnington
and is making^ good progress
towards recovery^ under the care
of Dr. Francis.'      ^
The many friends of Mrs. A. J.
Morrison are . pleased to know
that she is progressing as well as
can be expected after the* very
serious operation at the Greenwood and District Hospital on
Tuesday morning.
The Womens 7 Auxiliary of
Greenwood are _ verykjgrateful to
their Hon.-Pres., '^rs. "J. D.
MacLean, for her generous donation to their funds. A hearty
vpte of thanks was accorded her
at their last meeting.
E. H. T.v (Doc.) Hyde who
worked for Dr. S. S. Oppenheimer
in GreenwooS some years ago,
died at Anyox on Feb. 10. Chas.
McLichlan, of Anyox, is anxious
to get in'touch with relatives of
the*deceased so that he can settle
the estate.
- While pulling down an old
barn near his residence on Wednesday morning, H. McKee met
with" "a~se"rio5s""and "painful" "accident when the structure fell on
him. He sustained a .-.fractured
leg, near -the thigh and other
bruises around the shoulders", and
body. HeJ was taken to the
Greenwood'"and District Hospital.
' If we have any confidence in
the - wisdom of " the past- ages
March will go out like a lion for
it came in like a lamb. March
1st was counted one of great
potent; by our ancestors. Were
it'foul, Jthen spring was surely
here, were-it fair, there would be
much bad weather to come.
Our ancestors weather lore was
founded upon centuries of experience, but we imagine it was.
not so much the actual day, as
the period of the year to which
they looked for instruction, and
experience taught them that a
March which opened, up stormy
was apt to lead to an early'spriag.
The ice carnival on Monday
night was a far greater success
than was expected even-by tho
most sanguine.-: The weather had
been very mild during tho past
week and many thought there
would be no carnival consequently
there were not many in costume-
However the ice was in fine condition and those who were in costume
were very good and spectators and.
skaters enjoyed the, evening. The
judges, Mrs. A. Sater, Mrs. G. W.
A. Smith and Wm. Walmsley
awarded prizes to:���
Best dressed lady, Miss Geqrgina
Lee, Roumanian Peasant, pair of
ladies stockings donated by Taylor
&Son. - ?������''���-
Best dressed gent, Francis
Jenkin, hockey player, neck tie,
donated by W. Elson & Co.
Best dressed girl, Renie Skilton,
shepherdess,. pair of gloves, donated by Mrs. E. ��Trounson.
V Bests dressed boy, Ernest Johnson, pierrot, pocket knife, donated by T. M. Gulley & Co.
'Best comio (lady), Ruby
Goodeve, clown, box chocolates
donated by Greenwood Grocery.
Best comic (gent), George
Bryan, jr.^ah^ old womanj "writing
paper, donated by Jx. H. Goodeve.
Wm.' Walmsley^ presented the
prizes after which a programme of
races was carried out, P. H. McCurrach being the announcer and
starter. The racers and.. winners
were;��� ..
Boys 6 to 8: 1st, Hugh McCurrach; 2nd, Ralph Spence.
Boys 8 to 10: 1st, Roy Hallstrom; 2nd, Francis Jenkin.
Girls 10 and under: 1st, Comma
MacKenzie; 2ad, Cleo Toney.
Boye 10 to 14:    1st Harry Hall
strom; 2nd,
All&n McCurrach
Girls 10 feo>14:   1st,    Dorothy
MacKenzie; 2nd, Helen Bakke.
Boys   14   and over:  1st,   Jesse
Puddy; 2nd, Harry-Hillstrom.
Girls 14 and   over:    Ib*, Silvia
Price; 2nd,-eic��lm*;Hall3trom.":'y- =
' Coat race: 1st, Jesse Puddy ^nd
Vera Walmsley; 2ad",. Edward
Johnson atod Silvia Price.        ,
.Potatoe race: 1st," Jesse Paddy;
2nd, Tom Walmsley.
Backward race: 1st, Boy Hallstrom; 2nd, John McGiUivray.
The rink management is to be
congratulated on ��� the successful
winding up of the season, the rink
proving a profitable undertaking.in
spite of many drawbacks at ��� the
beginning of the season.
Midway News"
Members of the Greenwood and
District Rod ' and Gun Club are
reminded that the annual meeting will be   held on  a date in
AprUjret to be named.    While it
has been impossible to hold meetings during the winter owing to
transportation difficulties, it will
be of interest to, all concerned to
know that the energetic Secretary-
Major Rupert- Gray,   of Kettle
Valley, ' has   done  considerable
work on behtlf of the association
and wiil have many recommenda��
tions  up    for    approval.      The
scheme promulgated by the local
club last fall for a central  board
to be formed of interior  associations has met with general approval   and   already   has   taken"
form in  what will be known as
aa  "Allied Board."     Details of
the duties of this board will be
one of the most interesting topics
for    discussion    at  the, annual
The first buttercups were gathered on Sunday last.
Ace Mesker ia up' from Spokane
and is visiting his friends around
town. v
Times are looking more prosperous. Charlie Snyder is excavating
a' cellar 25 x 25 %o hold next
winters supplies.
R. D. Kerr has been appointed
a commissioner for the Kootenaj^
Presbytery  to attend  the General
Assembly    of"   the    Presbyterian
Church, in Toronto, in June.
Mrs.* Kerr, Mrs. Romstead and
Miss W.- MoMynii returned from
Grand Forks last Saturday. They
had been attending the missionary
convention held there.
* Next Saturday, March 7fcb, is So
be a red letter d*ay with the United
Farmers Local. A big crowd is
looked for, as there is some special
business. The Farm Women will
be handing out' the good eats for
which they charge the nominal
sum of* 10 cents.- Come on^ you
farmers and friends and boost your
home town!
Mining News
��������� v
Following its recent announcement of a revision of its schedule
of rates for the treatment of custom
zinc ore, with a benefit of about $4
a feon,to shippers- of zinc ore, the
Consolidated Mining' & Smelting
Company of Canada has issued a
new lead ore schedule.
"On the ordinary lead concentrate
going to the Trail smelter the'new
schedule will work out at a difference of about $1.25 per ton in favor
of the shipper, over tbe one which
it   will   replace.    Ife   will   benefit
many shippers   in   the Boundary
and Kootenay.     The revised list ���_...
became effective on March 1st.
.   Ih its circular letter feo fehe shippers accompaning the new schedule, .,
T. W- Bingay, qomptroller for the
company, says:
"Inclosed herewith is schedule
���G', lead ore rates, which you will
note reduces the rate on lead ores
coming to this plant.
"This redaction is being made'-'
for Bimilar reasons to those given
for fehe redaction on zinc ores, that
is to say, that we are giving ship-,
pers the benefit of reduced, costs
occasioned by improvements in
operating conditions.   .
"When   the   increases   in   our
plant are available for; operation
some time this summer, we hope
to be able to  make further revia- v
ions in favorfr of the shippers."  ~"
J. W. Williams, of 8pokane,
president of the' Jubilee Mountain-
Mining company, was in town for
a few days during the week and'1
expressed hia satisfaction of the
amount of work that has been done
afe the Spotted Horse. The compressor is doing good work and
and a 8-ffe*-hole can ��� be drilled in
fehe rock in 30 minutes. Tbe tunnel is being driven 200 feet following the lead and good ore is being
taken out every day, A shipment
of high-grade' ore, which is being
sacked, will be made very shortly
and also a trial shipment of half
a car of low grade which is already.
It is.wonderfol the amount of work
that has been done7at this mine in
so short a time and which promises
big things. The buildings erected
are of a substantial nature, a shoot
for carrying the ore to theijfn, and
steps up the mountain side. There
are 300 shareholders in Spokane
many of whom will visit the
Spotted Horse during the summer.
R_ L. Clothier and associates, of
Victoria, have obtained control of
the Revenge Mine, Beaverdell, and
immediate mining operations wffi
be undertaken, according to an
announcement by Mr. Clothier,
who was a&sociated-for���years -with-,
operations in fehe Portland Canal.
district. The Revenge adjoins the
Bell and Sally mines, which have
been steady producerr for a number
of years.- -Work already done on
the Revenge consists ef a tunnel
210 feet long to a full face of ore
and a motor road runs right to the
mouth of the-tunnel. A blacksmith shop, ore bins and sorting
shed were constructed under fehe
ownership of George Barrett who
is the vendor. Three men have
been sent to the property to get it
in readiness for operation.
A 3i foot lead was encountered
in thelong eross-cufe tunnel on the
D. A. group last week. The lead
is highly mineralized, showing
native silver. This lead will not -
be followed at present, as ib is the
intention of Messrs. * Skilton and
Graham, the operator?, to finish
the tunnel before any leads are
It is expected that drilling will
commence at the Prince Henry
mine daring the week-end. , k.%
present the water is pumped oat
below tbe second level, leaving
only a few feet of the shaft to be
unwatered. The compressor is
ready to .operate the drills.
^^y Friday.-April 3rd open [was brought to
j for ,the Womens Auxiliary play. [ Save The Kisg.
Mr. and Mrs. H, Pannell entertained the Midway Wolf Cubs and
Cubmaster R, D. Kerr on Saturday last the occasion being Cub
Philip Pannell's birthday. Howard
Pannell, who is a pretty "good
scout" himself amused the boys
with boxing, gymnastic?, etc. He
aleo erected merry-go-round?-,
swing?, etc , for tbe occasion. At
five o'clock tbe lads partook of a
hearly Innch, which they did
justice to. Sinking and music was
then indulged in, tbe Cabs rendering "It aint sgoin to r&m ao
more." At 7 o'clock the party
a close with God
E. A. Wanke is down from the
Reno mine at Hartford Jet. He
states that he is'working oa "a 2^ .
foot ledge 12 inches of which ia
mineralized containing grey copper.
Mr. Wanke. is very optimistic as
to the future of tbis mine.   -
Kettle Valley Notes
There will be no Service m the
Anglican Church on ' SandaT,
March Sth.
The Banff orchestra will- beat
Riverside   Hall    on    Thursday,
j April 23rd for their last visit this
I season. rms T^nnK  g^etcxttood,  b. o.
Order from your grocer his best tea and
he'll usually send "Red Rose."
'TEAvis good tea
The same good tea for 30 years.  Try it!
Beggars In Leipsic
Make Good
Encourage the New Settlers
Tlie. immigration season ol' ]D2!> ia about to o]>en. Already the vanguard
oT what in expected,ro be the largest influx of new KcUlert* since 1913 is preparing Lo leave Hie British Isles, and I'rom then onward for some months every
Irntis-Atlantic steanier will bring its Quota. Canada will -welcome, these
new .settlers provided ihey tire of the right type and come witli a full determination to work for themselves ami'their adopted country and not to lean on
others and look to the Government to pamper and .support them.
'    Ciii.tda will welcome them' because it is now Kent*rally recognized that
this Dominion needs population and needs it badly. No. other country in
the world with anything like the same population is attempting to carry the
samo burdens and provide." thc extensive national services for its people ihat
Canada is. Nor is there any other country of small population whore ihe
extcut of the national territory is so vast, and, as a result, settlement so
cparse nud scattered.
During the last half century this Dominion has poured out money like
wafer in order to build railways, improve waterways and harbors, erect public
buildings, provide public services of all kinds, open up the. country for settlement, and develop its natural resources. Without most of these services the
land would not be available for settlement, bur, unless .that settlement follows, the financial burden to bc borne by the people who are now here, und
who with courage and foresight provided these services, -will crush them,
especially as on top of the debt created for these national undertakings there
'���'hiin been piled the still greater burden of a huge war debt.
Tho future of the Dominion is inextricably bound up with l.he securing ot
a larger population, and a population composed ot! men and women and
youths who, instead of being afraid of hard work, "will welcome it, and *who
are. prepared for some years lo forego the luxuries and pleasures and Some
.Astounding Figures Are Unearthed By
Municipal Wei fare Office ���_-_
It seemingly jays to .beg in Leipsic.
The municipal welfare oliice -of" that
city has unearthed facts as to tiie profits of tho begging profession..that
would seem fanciful were they not
borne oui hy first-hand testimony.
One blind woman, for instance,
manages io scrape together 1,000
marks, about ?2i>0 a week. Daily
earnings of $15 or ?2"> a day are not
at all unusual with men and women
beggars of experience., Two brothers
\jrlu> were offered jobs energetically
declined them, saying tliey *w;ero making much more money with'their eon-
certs. These concerts consisted iu
singing before the houses of the middle class and following the performance ���with a sad story ending in a plea
for alms. One of the brothers, it developed, spent his Sundays driving a
motor cycle with his Jiancee.
Investigation, further developed that
one of the most lucrative forms of begging was that of exhibiting children
by way of winning public sympathy.
It was discovered that there exists a
school in Leipsic at which children
are taught by experienced beggars
what to say and what sort of dole face
to put up. Children thus trained are
then hired out. to professional beggars,
who in return hand over a share of
the proceeds to the director- of the
school. _.
Will Cross Atlantic In Small Yacht i
of the conveniences, of life in order to firmly establish themselves, and pro-
Vide "a" solid  foundation  for  future prosperity and  a   competence  for their
Under existing regulations, which must be adhered to and enforced, tliere
Is little dagncr of Canada becoming a dumping ground for the halt, maimed,
blind, disease afflicted, mentally unsound and moral degenerates of other
lauds. Ouly the physically lit and morally ancl mentally sound should be ad
hiitted. Others than these would not he an asset but a continuing liability 16"
the Dominion. -   s
More important, however,-than tlu; coming of .substantial numbers of lhe.
right type .of immigrants.is the providing of some reasonable, assurance that
vvhen Ihey come, t.hey.come.' to stay.-...It is permanence in,settlement.Canada
needs;'not drifters using Canada'merely as a juiiiping-off place or-half-way
lion.se to some, other'.pe'rmaiie'nt location.'*    There has been too much of this*
iu the-past', Canada, hearing, th." costs 'bCfsuch iinniigration. wit.houtrea]iing
any permanent benefits from' it.V*.    ",-f* ���   *..'- ..- ....  -'.[ - *.   ���    ' '"_   ...    "' 7..7 ..
.It js.the, business .and duty, th ere f fire, .not of the-Federal Government
nlone.-but of each "Provincial- Government and each "and every local cbmniun-
: ity,'and all national, and.community organization,-*, to do their utmost to en:
��� courage and assist the newcomers to iriake a success of their-venturo into ihis
new land'. '^-Thfirie-:newcomei's7inus{,.-as  already-stated,, depend* .largely on
'''their .own-initiative" and  efforts, "and unless., they. Vl6"lhcy' cannot- succeed,
.either- iu Canada or elsewhere", no. niaiteK what/may 'be'doueffor-.tticmf',  Hut,.
. those other things which ihe individual cannot do. or provide, but which" are-
' ���absolutely  essential-, to success and  ]>ei*niaueiicy Jn-settlement,-.nuisf be at-'
tended to by. the. community andVho,.slate.-,   - .-,-. - *   -     V   . V
'���  ���������  If a "settler is hot-contented-wiih his lot, lie-.-will not. slay.'.f. If .year a'flor
-year passes without any visible progress being. nVade.hefnaf.urally" becomes dis-'
couraged, and-the next:-step js to puli flip, stakes.  TNorls it flic, "big lacks"..
X Which ,kiie most disheartening; .rather it is a combination of litlle.'-thkigs-which,:
by> community -".thought and-enterprise, can be overcome.".-_ "f ' W  'V     --",-"-'.*'
* -7" .'-For' example, -even'* if- n man is making /progress in a. ma terial. sense',, is.
.,'ho and hia'family going.to "stitk" if,hi times al sickness oi*.accident*lho fam--
ily. cannot get proper "attention because of their isolation aiid:.la'ck of -medical
., and,nursing-facilities?;.-" is lie-going to be content'if-liis children are growing
. -up lacking "church .services,-'or education,-because, tho nearest ischool is'too
far-away? - .Bachelors.and.fpeople without children must realize "that it.is to
.Vtlie!i:_.ii��!.eiesi; .to ..pro'vide. these Jlrffigs;- and..t<i.x-themselves-to do so, hi" order.
: that-those who^vn'ustfhavc l.lvKm.do not lack.   '."Only,so .can peraianentVctlliV
ment'bo t-ffected, and by-providing, for-permanent' selilempiit evoryfaib will
-'boneiit."- - -   "-     WW'-.       "' "/���'��� -'    .'. ,'-'  '.   XX   V-.'-W   X.
Mothers are quick to praise any1
thing which brings health and comfort to their little ones���any..'medicine
that will make'the baby well and keep
him well will always receive hearty
recommendation' from the mother.
That is why Baby's-Own Tablets are
so popular. Thousands of mothers
throughout; tho Country not. ."only"'uso
fJthem for their own little, ones, but are
always delighted to ho able to recommend them fo other mothers. Thousands of mothers have, proved- Baby's
Own Tablets to be without an equal
in relieving their little ones of any ot
lho many minor ailments .which arise
out of a derangement of the stomach
and bowels.. Uaby'ss Own Tablets are
tho ideal'laxative���easy io take but
thorough" in. action. They" banish
constipation aad indigestion; break up
colds and simple fevers; expel worms
and make the' teething period easy:
The Tablets arc sold by'medlcine. dealers or-by mail at; 25 cents a box froni
-Tlie Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., I'-ryck-
viile, bnt.. - V ".    f -_-- -. V---''   --���..���'
Medical     Missionary    to     Sai
*_-. Mission Boat to Labrador
.Air.adventurous .voyage acrot.s the
Atlanilc in a 90-foot steel yacht is to
be made by Dr. AV. T. Grenfell, C.M.G.,
well-known Labrador medical missionary. The boat, which replaces the
vessel lost in the'ice off the Labrador
coast, will miCko this 2,500-mile journey under her own power, replenishing her coal bunkers at the Azores enroute.
The Slralhcona IE. will he used to
visit all the stations " the doctor has
set up, carrying necessities to the people and conveying to the hospitals he
has established those who. are ill or
injured. There is no sea-transport
for Labrador, and at present au old
Canadian drifter is trjing to do the
duty which the Strallicona will perforin when she reaches this remote
country, where Dr. Grenfell is working a.s far north as the Arctic, Circle
and Kskimj country..
Law  Against Rebellion
Public   Safely  Act   Becomes   Law
Kevin O'Higgins, vice-president of
the Irish Dail Eireann, moved iho second reading of the treasonable aud
seditious offefhees bill, which was introduced : hy. the government, aad
whicli makes permanent the law
against rebellion in Ireland and replaces tho Public Safely Act and other
emergency measures, which havc expired.
The bill is uot retrospective. It
provides merely- for possible trouble
in the future. -Mr. O'Higgins &aid
that such laws.as are provided for in
tlie bill existed in all countries, which
punished offenders by death for war
on the state. The government, lie
added, could not tolerate any usurpation of* the functions of the government and therefore'-.desired to penalize
the assumption'of the title of president and of other oilicers iu rivalry to
the state.
mwyw <?r>Y/rjZitwfa<TA YrX wriWK^/pwKm.
The Airtight Tins insure BIG BEN
being in the same perfect cor.dilipn,
whet-, you buy it, as when the tobacco
left the factory.
You always hare a nice fre��ti plus
on hand���and the empty tin> ere
uteful, foogj^
B\xy it by tKc tijv
.' - A\\\\\W:
Fewer Recruits For Army
British   Enlistments   Fall   Off  Due to
Emigration to Dominions
The annual report-' of the British
arm j', for tho year ending September
30 lasVglves the total enlistments and
re-enlistments during tho year as 30,-
000, the annual intake being S7S less
than the figures for the previous year.
Northern Ireland continues to be a
fruitful recruiting field, arid the report
points   out   that   tho   unemployment
Swiss Alpinists Were
-Fed From Airplanes
Fliers Unable to i.and Flung Food to
- Marooned Men
Food from the skies in the s'hape of
corned beef and hard tack, 'dropped
from airplanes iu daily flights over JLh��
Alps, saved tho lives of three Swiss
Alpinists, .who wero marooned for
eight days by terrific storms In a hut
on top of the Tiarnia Mountains. Tho
fliers,' unable  io  land  owing  to-the
-.-��� ��� Primitive Land and People* -.
-   -Within'. twelve.'miles'.of .the" North
-Pohvis' North .Greenland, described as
a .land  without Jaws.- '-. All" that"-.the
���nien possess are .their hunting knlve.i,
'while., the 'women , have ,' only-" their
- .household utensils;' while as for prop-'
- forty  rights.1��� there ' aren't  any".    ..The.
,7 stone'houses in which the natives live
-belong-to isoboiiy.in particular,    Jf an
.Kskinio faii.ily ftmi-an empty-one', they.
....dimply move:i._to7lt and .-it. becomes
"...tltelrs unill-tliey vacate'it,'    -   *'
Brideg'room' XNearly-.Seven- F.eet.'Tall
.-��� Jonkhead A
is' attached'to the -Netherlands I.c-'ga
lion in-Paris aud.i's-fifi. fHh. In height
was ; married   at
Strand, Knglahd, to.Miss Vera Crav-vu.
of"*' Kaslhoiirhe. '- -The' bridegroom's"
father is a lord-in-waiting to the'
Queen of.the Netherlands. -Standing
aft. the chancel.: steps, the bridegroom
wiis; as tiill as the bay.liW's'.Avith
which the chapel .was decorated,:' Iiis
bndeJsof medium" height.' , . -- .
V     Fruit Sales Agency
Associated-1 Growers   of ..B.C".  :Ha.ndte
���-..-'* Their-Own Crop:-"-"'-*' . -.;--'
- The" launching 'of a-sales' agency by:
ilie Associated; Gwwer* of 1'ri'lish- Columbia, ���; .which*- will handle all their
crops .'of. friiUs and. vegetables, was
the ��� most. ; import ant. "aiinouncei'nent
inside at' tho recent-nieeting -of the
directors;oi' tiie KeiqwnafGrowers' Exchange. . Tlie Associated Growers-will-
sell-, their own -product by* iheir owii
men to the wholesalers; b'ran'ches to
be* established at -Vancouver. Kdinou-
lon,"7C|ilgary^Saskatoon.- Hegiiuc and
AVinnipeg. ���*.. : .:'.;--..." ' - -:
Russia Buying War Aeroplanes
Built In Holland But Engmec Supplied
By Britain
iiuylhg war .aerophines extensively,
Knssia has placed targe orders in Hol-
hind; France and Britain, the biggest
iiidividual-'ooiitracf being placed with
Fokker, the famous Dutch aeroplane
designer, for over a hundred of the
latest Napier-Fokker fighting aeroplanes.--' .Ic is significant of Britain's
lead in'* aero engine ^design and construction thai, tlio stipulation was
made" that although ..the machines pro
to bt? 'designed, and built iu Holland, a
450 horsepower Napier't-ngino is to be
fitted to "each air- fighter.
benefits "nave tended lo counteract tho j deep snow, flung the food to the Alpin-
economic incentive to enlistment in lists as they swooped down over tlfo
tho regular army, to which tho civil | hut.      They did thio daily until tho
population,   especially   in   industrial
centres, appear to be-apathotle.  -
immigration to the dominions is said
to have proved a serious counter-attraction to army life, and many re-
cruirsjiavc been lost us a result. The
total strength of the regular army of
all ranks is ghen at 215,343, whilo tho!
territorial vescrve forces total ���M.SQO.
abated    and    the men .were
Says She Suffered
for Seven Years
Then   Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   Re-      i
_.    lieved Her of Her Troubles
Continued Demand For Copper
Manager of B.C. Mine Sees Prosperity
For industry
Copper, bash; metal uyon which tho
prosperitv of tlio mining industry in' nt different times and must say that
tivilish Colnmbii *o a itreat extent de-ithoy are tho best for those  who bUf*
iUilisti ixnuniDia -o ,t ticat txtcni nt   ( ^ itQm kldn<?y tvoubllJi     T ll:id a ]ot
ponds, has every prospect of remaining j of u.0Ublirfor 7, years and I was in
Mrs. Nellie Bagan_ found no relief in
her Hospital treatment, but Dodd's
Kidney Pills brought epeedy relief.
Gilbert   Plains,   Man.���(Special).���
"I have been using Dodd's Kidney fills
.'* A Prime'Dressing for Wounds.���lit
some --.factories and workshops carbolic acid id-kept.for use in cauterizing wounds and cuts sustained by 1he
workmen. '..Far better to keep on hand
a bottle of:Dr.. Thomas' ^electric. Oil.
It is just as quick in action and does
not scat*.the skin or-burn the flesh.
in good demand tor an indefinitely
long period, said C. P. Browning, manager ol tcte" Britannia Mine, Jiritish
Columbia, speaking at the convention
of the. Brifisli-Coluibbi i division, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metal-
urgy, .Vancouver.
Discovery of now uses for coppei
iu the advancement of electricity is
causing a demand for lho melal which
copper mining companies of tho world
will be taxed to fill, Mr. Browning said.
. Dread* of Asthma lnukes';. countless
thousands' -miserable.. .. Might -after
night the "attacks:   return ; and'   oven
J. A.-van Panhuys,- who   .'h (!*7b*iet' respite-is'given the mind
is-still .ui-.torment from continual; anticipation." Div J. 1), Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy-.".changes _ fall, this. ' llelief
the Chapel' lloyal,-. conies-,' an'd'at once/while' future* at-,
tacks are warded off;- leaving : the ��� afflicted one in.a st.ate.of peace and imp-'
piness.ite once.believed-he coulil ricy-
ei:. elijoy.- "" Inexpensive" and '"..s'ol'd' "al-;
most everywhere.." *.. ;  -
���'".Taber Irrigation District '' '
-  Tlie umiii'ii report of i.he. Taber irri-
' ga!ton'ilistricj: .shows, a surplus of,$2(>,-
000 'for tin- -year'.-? operation*.""_. ..The
previous yi'fli- the. surplus- available
permitted* ihe.rat".s- to be  cut .'from
��� J2.0.0. lp'$l-.50.';-"7 ;'. - :��� ". yiX.yX.y. [.-
:May Admit Continental Settlers
-It"is'-rumored in"'iinmIgra'Uon circle!*
that the. Canadian Government,'ia.llie
lieai' ruluri>,-will "let down Use bars on
continental, iiewcoiners - and. "-1,000
wotihi be'; aUoweil to enter-*beginning
some* time in. March. ."'"" -
Castoria ia' a pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil,
Paregoric, - Teething-    Drops
and ."Soothing  Syrups,  espe-f
.this, and Children all ages..
eially prepared for. Infants -in;
���To avo.M imitation", alWays look ior. the signature ot C^XL^^7&&JuJU
Frovgn djjrectiJiiVrr? *A<r"n package.   I'bjssciaas cvcrywhcrc'recommeod it.
Scattering Fogs and Making- Rain
Chemist, - Will   -Find   . Way .    Saye
���;    Professor of Cornell'-      . .'
"After-considering'ihe auia'/.ihK:'u<T'-
���vaiice ot, th.e'xvirelvss and .'radio in- the.
past."few. years;- i.do-ini!. think, you
need "worry, about'the ability ,of the
chemist eventually to. find n .method
of tlissipaiing.. toss,-.while .'tiie " future
of makitiK. clouds disKorKe 'llLeJ'r rain
should bo assured," saiilfDi*. AV.ildei: Uf.
liancroft,'" professor- of-:.<;hemisti*y- at
Cornellr rniyersity, -:Ithaca;-- N.Y..' ��� nd~
di;ef*slnK '[' the.  local  'Rotary Club on
"Chemistry arid Service.",*
C.N.R. Net Earnings
Surplus'-of'. Over   Seventeen   Million
Shown For 1924^
, The,.net earnings' of the Canadian
National--Ilt'silways .'after paying of
operating, expenses, amounted to Sl?,-
24-1,251 in .1..12.1.7 'The final figures gtv-
ine the operating results of the system
during the year/were announced by
Sir Henry.- Thornton, chairman and
president. - These ..figures show that,
whilo prevailing, business conditions
and a smaller'.crop, reduced the. gross
receipts of, tlie .company by ?17,547,-
.305 ' as'��� coniparetl with tho preceding
year,, economies in operating expenses
were .���made .to - the. extent of $14,360,'-
U07VvAs a" re.suli .of these economies,
net."earnings, amounting lo $l7,2-l-l,2f-l
wfrtrproduced.   -
Will Be". Promoted Spq�� '/'���" ";"- -.
In' :the' orclinarj" -course~ of-'��*vc-hts
Prince George, who. will b<;;.leaving
,for~China'.shortly, as his- -ship' is to
bc'-statioried'witii'the Kastwn Squadron., would remain* there- for; a bout-two
years, but.'he is- due for promotion before that.-and ihis will, probably entail
an earlier return, so thai lie may be
back in a little, over a year.
The Sunshine Trail
"The Surishine"Ti*aiI."~promier-aiuo
highway "from Butte, Montana, to Alberia, is being extended to'Edmonton,
which will, in future, be the northern
terminus of the well-known road.
hospital'for quite a while, but It did
uot do me much good. - I feel quite
different now since I have been taking Dodd's Kidney Pills. I would ad- *
vise every man and woman who has a
trouble from head to* knee to try
them." This s.tatemonfe-.come.-' from
Mrs. N. Bagan, a well known resident""
here. v <'
Dodd's Kidney Pills as a tonic ana
family- medicine are without an equal.
When you feel tired and run down the
chances arc ten to one that your- kidneys are at fault.    -
When the kidneys become cloggeu
or out of order, thp circulation becomes sluggish, the impurities aie not
strained out_of _<fj_io_blood_ anil _the r_e-_
suit -is weariness arid lack" of energy '"
all ovpr the body. Give Dodd's Kidney Pills a trial and see for yourrfolf.
You" may acquire a contomporarj
reputation as a sure-thing prophet
by arranging -.to" have your predictions come out 100 years hence.
Oh, All Right "
"I is���" began Ton ny.
-"I amrnot I is," corrected tho Teacher, promptly.
"I urn the ninth letter of the alpha-
be I," Tommy -svent on.
.A Tax On Bobbed Hair
- .'A.lax on btfbbe<l heads to assist the
municipality, of Ualh in balancing its
budget; .is'..* proposed by city couneil-
iiian, ."S7.K.-Lewlri. Quite an income-
was derived.by a. tax on the powder-
ed.".hair of* the ladies of the seven-
te.ent.li tenlury; he points out. The
money' derived from the bobbing- tax,
hu suggests, niigiil be considered a
kiud'-pt�� *:fycir:tax.;--:
Mink" Farming
Mink have been added to the lisuof
animals whicli.are being raised in captivity- for. their, fjir: P. K. Cameron
recently- imported, six Quebec mink
aiul;". i'sf. frahching them at Eagle
Heights,.D.C., where lie also has, a pair
or Alaskan silver foxes.
��� Penmanship's Decline
..If the Uiitt of typewriters spr��>a'd at
iU> present rate, says a statistician,
the art of penmanship will.disappear,
within 50 years. And time, -patience
and eyesight wiil be saved���which are
all worth considerably more*than ihe
art of penmarishiur���Cleveland .Plain
Dealer.; '"    "'  "-
Several million workers in. Gr��-at
Britain are p^id on a sliding scale,
their wages going up and down a?
an. index of retail prices rises and
������falls.       .
For Sore Feet���MinardVLinirrieni"
IV.   K.:   U.   155S
Dirigible To Make Trip
The   Unltejl:   States na-val dirigible
will undertake a round trip cruise .to
England this summer, tarrying mail.
according to navy department officlai?.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Headache     Colds
Pain    . -
Neuritis   ���
Accept  only  "Bayar"  package
which contains proven directions.
Handy  "Bayt-r*-' h*xea  of  12  tanlets.
Also bottles oi 24 and 100���Druggists.
* Minard's Liniment for Colds
Jkxr&rta Ss ihc Sr*i> jaarl <��e?___:L_.nsl in Osaitis) ��f Baj-er Masrafartar.- pf Me-.osef-it��.
iKl&ster cf SiUcrUwcid tXtxtyt PsJlsyUa AcW, "A. S. A."i, Wh(!���� it h well fc��wa
flt��t A��plrtn ___e��____t B��r?T aisanfifiere. lo twljit tht pobl<e a^ahut iialtetl"!_>% the T*Wet��
���C Sajrer dtxinzy vV3. i�� _ru��f��& *lft tisds fiseett.1 tn��* cuxk, t*i "_3��r�� Ocosfc" ���THE   J EDGE.   GBEESTVOOp.. B'.-O.
'Claims World's Record
' For Political Service
The Home CJ&rn
.-,..       ��� FLAKE LYE is the
flnt-tid to home ���nnUation. No-
.   thin* equals it for cleaning oat
jinks and drains, cleaning creasy
'cooking ntensili, keeping floor*
clean, etc.  Get ��� caa from yonr
Kroctr. .It trill care yeu much
'hard labor.
Ex-Premier  of   Italy   Has   Had   Fifty
"���      Year's Of.lt
The    octogenarian ' ex-preniier    of
lialy,   Giovanni  Oiolitti,   has   entered
the field as a claimant, of the world's
record for length of active participa-
ition in political life, at present gener-
J silly credited to Clemoaceau.*.   Sign or
Giolitti has liad fifty years of it.      It
became known that although" S3 years
I old,  he is, still planning. his life  far
ahead, as recently he signed, aftwerity-
flve year lease pn the apartment ho oc-
i cuples in Ito'hio. ..  Oiolitti, being one
���of the chief leaders of the opposition
1 agalnst-jSIuss'olini, and    perhaps    tlie
, man who will step into his shoes when
i eventually he falls, the "news has caus-
|0d much sagacious cbmmen't.     Signot
Giolitti first entered parliament forty-
three years-ago and has been a dominant'ilguri* in Italian politics since lie
first became minister of tho treasury
in-the Crispi cabinet thirty-six"years
ago.      BorifTu Droneroh In 1S-12, fie
has been piemier five times. "  "
<   s,
Success With Corn
���Mrs. C. Martin, R.R. No. 2 Orillia,
.A drop of ten francs a ton in coal of out., writes:���*'I have been troubled
nil  quantities; is  reported  from "the with my heart for a long time and very
Ceutral Belgian coal .fields. oftph had bad spells with it.     I would
. Germany-has signed the drug con- take fainting spells, and my husband
vention,. with the reservations there {had to, have somebody to stay witli
will be uo recognition unless she is i me all the time.   _ lie got me every-
elected a member .of the central board
of control.'
Thc Turkish Government, il is announced, has decided to accept the invitation of the League 'of Nations to
participate In ihe .proposed Geneva
conference -for limitation .of armaments.
A Uiirly-five thousand ton Canadian
National Railway order for rails, and
an Immediate extension of operations
at tho British-Empire Steel Corporations steel plant at Sydney, N.S., have
been announced.
-January productions of automobiles
Iu 'Canada and the United States
amounted to-.212,908 passenger cars,
and 28,004 liucks. Tlie'Canadlan proportion of. the" total was 8,301 passenger machines "and 1,5-10 trucks.
If they are "to obtain an estate valued at $25,000, the three children ol
Myer Zameres, Zionist, of Los-Angeles,
must make individual ��� pilgrimages to
Pales)Inc before'they are 30, according
to-tho terms nf Zameres' will.
Helnmih Neumann, director of the
Woellersdorfjaetory, Austria's principal munitions making plant during the
��� war, was arrested on charges involving wastage*.of;material alleged to
amount to 400',obb,000 crowns.
* *
Claims for rebate under sales tax
legislation, passed last year, total ?S,-
310,982,"according .to a return tabled
Jn the House of Commons. The total
number of.claims is 4,488, tho number checked aud paid, 1,907, and the
tota| amount disbursed in paying them,
$3,99j\l5��>. ���' r
thing he could think of to see if they
would do me-any good, hut nothing
seemed to help me. One day a friend-
was in to see me and advised me to
MILBURN'S      "
^. '
My husband went and got me two
boxes,, and after the first one was"
finished I lelt like a different woman.
I cannot recommend them enough to
all those who suffer with anything
wrong with their heart or nerves."
Milburn's,II. & N. Pills havo been
on the market for the past 30 years-
and are put up only by The T. Miiburn
Co., Limited, Toronto, Out.
"All druggists handle them."
Fortunate Delusions
The public last month bought $-150,-.
, Criticises Conduct of France
Contrary to British Idea of Honor Says
London Paper
France is tho richest nation on the
continent; she has been, and in, passing through a period of prodigious industrial and commercial prosperity;
and" while she has shirked ptfying a
penny of "debt to Great Britain, she has
been" pouring out money on inflated
armaments, ''including submarine.1*,
aeroplanes and aerodromes, of which
Great Britain is the -most obvious, if
not the oniy, target, lly no possibility-can her conduct be'squared with
the honorable standards which the
English-speaking world upholds, ana a
common friendly effort should be mauo
lo induce her to rectify it.���London
Daily .Chronicle. .
Need  Unity and Co-operation
��� *> 7  , ���-   ; '--_ - . .���,.
Ties That  Bind  Sister. Dominions  6f
British Empire Should be Made
\        / Stronger
That tlie mental picture the .sister
dominions had of each other was often
perverted and did not make for that
sentiment which formed the strongest
lie binding the different parts of the
empire. together, was (lie declaralion-
of Hon. Dr. Earle rage, treasurer
of the Commonwealth of Australia, in
an address before the Women's Canadian Club at Montreal.- It would be a
world disaster,-he declared, if the mutual knowledge acquired 'during tho
war were to be dissipated.       "   '   -
"We want unity and- co-operation
between the different parts of tho
empire in the diattle of peace as wo
hjdf them in the battles ofwar, and
thus wo will help to keep the empire invulnerable for centuries to
come," added Dr. Page.*
, Golden Text: He that spared not his
own Son, but delivered him up for us
all, how shall .he not' also wjth him
freely give us all thing's? Romans
8.32. '..-���-.    .,' ... -.y- ,:,,.,.
-JCiOss.on: Luke 23.33vl6. '
' Devotional Reading: Psalm 22.____J.-lih
Anti-Narcotic Convention
Control the Export of Opium
Through Law ~~
The anti-narcotic and opium convention was adopted in iis final reading by the international opium conference withouL including in The convention any mention of tho principle
that the production of opium should
be limited to medical- and_. scientific
needs. The French amendment, how-
..ever, was adopted declaring that the
contracting parties undertake to enact laws to insure an effective control
,of (he production, distribution and editor t oJ' ra\y opium.
The Text Explained and Illumined
The Crucifixion, verses 33, 34. Vln
our Old Testament studies ��� we have
seen how Assyrian kings boasted of
impaling men on stakes and of 'skinning them-alive; It is believed that
the Assyrians were responsible foy the
introduction of crucifixion into the
Mediterranean world. �� The Romans
did not adopt it until after the time ot
Julius Caesar, and then in Italy only
as punishment , for crimes _, against
the State or in the case of slaves,
but they did not .hesitate to use It ln
the case of the despised Jews.
"There was a sentence In tho law
which" invoked a special and irrevocable curso of God upon him who
'hung upon a tree.' -- If Jesus should
be crucified, ho will come under tho
curse, and "then, said the cunning
Pharisees, we shall se what will become of his Messianic Sonshlp. At
the door of hell, said tho Jewish teacher, sits Abraham to see that no son of
his shall pass within. But there is no
forgiveness in the hereafter, as there
ls no mercy here, for him who has
come under tlio curse of the la'w. He
must go to his place, and, Abraham
will not know him as he enters there,
for the curso of the law is upon him."
Cold on the Chest
Best Treated This Way
By   Jas.   D.   .McGregor,   Glencarnock
Stock  Farm6,  Brandon,  Manitoba
(Part -1)
Moro value can be received from the-
corn crop when putjnto the silo than
In-any other,way. The silo need not
necessarily be an expensive one. Wo
find that the trench and pit silos pro:
du'e'e as good, or better, silage than the'
more expensive', upright silos. ' Tho
pit silo, costs but very little and there
is no dtuiger- of it blowing. ��� down or
freezing. The trench silo costs
nothing but the labor involved in digging the trench.. More of these
trench silos are being built every year
and .from" all reports are a great success. /    _
in filling our silos wo aim to cut the
corn in short lengths, inch or less, and
are careful to "see that the light and
heavy portions of the corn aro well
distributed and packed. It is false
economy to try to save on thc labor
when it comes -to tramping the silage.
Especial caro-should be taken to keep-
the outer edges well tramped.* . This
excludes the air and thus prevents
mould .and -also makes it possible to
get more i*n a silo.    If the silo is filled
in a short time it will always settle
considerably and it will pay to refill
it in order to take advantage of the
full'capacity of the silo. v
When   tho   tilage   stands for any
length of time before it is fed, some
of the com on the top will spoil if allowed to come iu contact with the air.
This  waste may be eliminated  to a
certain extant if care is given in finishing off the top. 4   The top surface
should be levelled off, tramped well
and then covered with a load of cut
straw and chaff.     This should be well
welled down and tramped.     If oats
are planted on top of this.it will hehj
stilf more to exclude tlie air and save
the silage.    A few loads of sunflowers
blown on tlio top of the silage, make
an  excellent  covering,  because  they
aro heavier and pack better than the
IL' you have never grown corn, plan
to grow some this season.   * You will
find that the most entliUai.ustlc "corn
grower Is the ono who has been af ii
the longest. He knows thai corn
land will yield as good or bofcor than
summenullow aud has found out lhat
it does not pay~lo liavi black summer-1 Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Let tho nib-
fallow producing nothing, when corn 1 ��,lnB ���>*-' 1,l'isk a'"1 continue, until ease
can bc grown on this same land at a
.. Children's delicate digestions are easily
disturbed by too much "dosing." Still,
the little ones' cold troubles cannot be
At "thc. very first sign of croup, sore
throat, or any other cold trouble, apply
Vicks VapoRub over the throat and -
chest. There is nothing to swallow���you
just rub it on. Colds go over night, croup
is usually relieved in 15 minutes.
AVhen  tho  throat  is  pore, and
Disapprove Of Plan
Proposal to Make Drinking Bars More
0 Attractive is Frowned On
Proposals' to make London's drinking bars more attractive by decora-
lion and improved lighting effects have
met with protests from many people,
among them Lady" Lawson, who contends that brighter "pubs" would tend
to increase drunkenness, especially
among the women.
The United Kingdom Alliance" condemns the brighter bars .movement
as "designed ;o catch the young people."
Muscular   Rheumatism. Subdued.���-
When one is a sufferer lrom musculai
rheumatism he cannot do better than
lo havo the region rubbed   with    Di.
AU Allies Eligible
To  Design Memorial
Competition For War Monument
Carries Prize of $3,000 N
Under the conditions of competition
for a national commemorative war
monument, which the Federal Government proposes to erect on Connaught
Square, Ottawa, at a cost not exceeding $200,000, architects, artists and
sculptors resident in the British Empire, who are British subjecls,.aud also
those who are citizens or subjects of
countries which were allies of the
British Empire during the war, are
eligible to ^compete.
The successful competitor, or joint
'competitors, will be awarded fhe sum
of ?3,000.    .
Protect the child from the ravages
of worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard remedy, and years of use have enhanced its reputation.
One of tlie most effective vermifuges 011 the market is Miller's Worm
Powders. They will not only clear
the stomach and bowels of worms, but
���OOO-wortir-inore'of prdvihehU saving j will-prove avery-serviceable medicine
for children in regulating the infantile
system and maintaining it in a healthy
condition, There is nothing in their
composition that, will injure the most
delicate stomach when directions are
followed, and they can be given to
children In thc full assurance that the)'
will utterly destroy all worms.
certificate's fthan they cashed in. The
notion lhat nobody is making any
money in Alberta these days is a de;
lusion. So is the notion that nobody
is saving any.���Edmonton Bulletin.   .
An ingenious machine for pitching
baseball, which will throw any.of
the curves a Jinan can throw, is operated by .compressed air.
Mrs. Annie Buesnel
*�����  __S..w5 - .*;,_-_��
������Wolfe's Photo Studio
Chatham, Ont.���"Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription Js the best tonic
and nervine that I' have ever taken.
Several months ago when in a run-
, down, debilitated state of health, it
was Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription that restored mc to good health,
and to it I owe my splendid- health
nf Jodaj'."���Mrs. Annie Uucsnel, 41
Edgar St. _ -
Iioilih. is of -vital importance to
���very woman:. Do not neglect thc
aiost valuable asset you have. Get
Ihis Prescription from your neighbor-
Jiood dimjieist. in tablets or liquid, or
swid 10c for trial pkg. to Dr. Pierce's
I*iw*ator3r ja Bridg-eburg, Ont.
���llf)!    Corn, alfalfa nnd sweet clover mean
something strong enough lo peneirnte;lllore alul *M   livestock   and MxU
through the.  tissues must   be.appHe..   ����^��3 that yojir operations will bo on
quickly.     To get the quickest result?, ;a much more profiubl'j and permanent
apply good old Nerviline.-- Hub il la  {jasjs
deeply; it won-f. burn or blister, but it
will bring the blood to the suWace. wiil
draw out the inflammation and subdu'j
your   cold-   and, make you well_in a
short  time.       i\*o   other  liniment   so
potefit, so strong, so quick   to   brlnj*.
soothing, arid    relief   as reliable old
"Nerviline."     Nearly   fifty   years   11.
use,   and    sold   in   most    count rien
throughout    the   world    in targe 25e
Super-System Of Radio
Elevator Construction
x Industries Being Standardized   .
Effort Made In GermanyBut Progress
' is Slow
.Germany Is struggling to establish a
general standardization in-'industrlos,
and the progress which lias been made
was reported upon rpceptly alTa meeting of industrialists.
* Dr. P. Neuliaus, director-general
of the Borsift Works, Berlin, who ls
chairman of thc standardization committee, gave a survey of last year's
efforts. Tools havo been standardized to a considerable extent. One
great forward step lias been tho standardization of threads on pipes. _
Industrialists in England, Holland,
Australia and Switzerland are interested in extending the idea of standardization all ovrr Europe, in the hope
of reducing production costs.
���   A Shovel Wedding
Shovels replaced swords ja a wedding march at London recently.
Friends of a dock laborer and- Iiis
bride held lip ribbon-bedecked shovels
for the bridal-party as they left ilie
church.   ,
. Latest Radio Craze
Listening to the radio in the dark
lias become such a craze in Lewishara,
England, and its vnvirons, the gas and
electric companies aver, that there
have been a very noticeable falling off
in lighting bills.
The 'average temperature of Great
Britain has risen nearly iii degrees
during the past half-century. January is now nearly three degrees
warmer ihan it was.
Estimates  Provide  For  Elevators  At
W Halifax and at Prince Rupert
Provision, for elevator construction
at-Halifax-and-Princc Rupert is mace
in tl*e"niaic estimates tabled by Hon.
James A. Robb, acting minister of finance. Fo'.-'tho former the sunt of
1575,000 is asked and for tlie latter
ihe sum of $500,000. The estimates
also contain the sum of $270,000 for
the construction of a bridge over the
Second -Narrows - of Uurrard Inlet,
B.C., of this amount $100,000 is a re-
vote."  ' . ,    -
May Se Able To Talk To . Some
12,500,000 Listeners ;
Au eventual' linking inio a permanent hook-up by means of telephone
wires of stations in .eighreen ciiies lor
simultaneous broadcasting of programmes furnished by station VTEAF.
New York, i.s contained in a plan for
i.s secured    There is more virtue in a
bottle of it than can be fully estimated.
Conducting An Experiment
German Professor Will Try to Develop
Soul and  Intellect in an Ape
Iii   the   home   of Prof. Pfungst, ofl
Frankfurt,    Germany,    a young audi
hairy ape. broad of chest and bow-
legged,>-*��ach night is given a bottle,;
rocked on his nurse's knee, and then
tucked warmly between the silk quilts
of a dainty crib.
' Pfungst Is conducting an experiment
in 'raising the ape, a Malayan specimen, which acls-mentally like a human being. Berlin scientists have
been told by Pfungst, that iho jungle
Islands Formed By Landslide
A tremendous landslide occurred oa
tho Black Sea coat near Sebastopol,
about 130,000 tons of earth slipping
into tho sea. A peninsula 150 metres
long and several islands were formeU
by tho slide.
Want Famous Plane
Japan wants to keep the Argentine,
round-the-world airplane which roach*
nd that country in iis attempted globa
encircling flight. It would be placed
on exhibition In au airdrome at Toyko.
Best/��'30 Years
Influenza, Laryngitis,'
Catarrhal Fever. Epizootic/
a super-system of radio broadcasting j j,,faiU $6 far has manifested an incl'ln-
aiinounced by tho American Telephone
.and Telegraph Company.    -
" The, new project pnnjdes Jjiat _t_hf'
connection  be -available  every, night
fi;om 8 to IL o'clock.
It was  estimated that a  speaker's
voice, carried over tho broadcast system, would become audible to'12,500,-
i 000 people.        '
��� If one l*. troubled with corns, he
will fli:d in HollowayVs Corn Komov-
er an application that will entirely relievo suffering.
Succeeds In Difficult Feat
��� 'Tho Hon. Imogen Grenfell, ihe 30-
year-old daughter of Lord and Lady
Desborough, has covered herself with
glory" at* St. Muritz by success.ully
negotiating the Cresta Hun. Jt is an
exploit seldom attempted , by one of
her se*t.
Baby Monoplanes
Price Will Soon Be Within-the Reach
Of All
Baby monoplanes measuring 12 to
36 feet along tlio wing surface, ana
ranging in'cost from ?i00 to. $2,000,
soon will be manufactured by the Anderson Aero Corporation of America;
according to an announcement made
by tho firm.-       " ' ' ' -       '
.The planes will*carry imported 40
horsepower motors and will bo constructed of diiralnmlnutn, it is'chmned,
and will haVe ;i speed of 7f�� miles an
hour. .
W.   N.   U.   15SS
Minard's Liniment Fine for the Half
Cuticura Heals Pimples
On rising and retiring gently smea;
ihe pimplia with CuUcur* Ointment
on end of the finger, Wasti off the
Oiniawnt in Sve minutes with Cuticura Soap and hot water. Continue
bathing for some rainxtits, using;
the Soap freely.
<Mcgi�� Sftti m iy XmS. AHHnum ������**����-
Ddpet: *C*g*srt. T. O. few MS*. XaMOtti.'
PricSotpSe. Q>ztretn��3 sad He TcjosraSe.
Try *"*��� new Sharine Stick.
Advertise  Tar  Sands
Ash Irnys and paper weights wlir.be
used to advertise llie "enormous possibilities of lhe tar'sands in ihe north,
three specimens of this kind being received by It. C. \V. Lett, general agent
of the colonization and development
departihenl oT lhe C.X.K. Railways,
"lrom S.fC. KHit*. of the mines branch,
Ottawa. Ash trays and paper weights
are made from-the tar sand, the former appearing quite novel and handy
while' the latter r��pre's-en*s_ the etude
product.���Edmonton Bulletin.
ation. to do'as the Romans and has
started sucking his thumb.
~l- hope,-with-lime,--T'fungst-said,
"to' develop in him a-soul and intellect."
Good Prices For Wheat
Prediction That Prices For 1925 Wiil
7 ' Be Satisfactory
Members -of the short course economics classes, held at the University of
Saskatchewan, assembled at a dinner
���to signalize the conclusion of. what
various speakers characterized .as tlie
most valuable contribution the university had yet mado to the agricultural
life of the west.
Dr. W. W. Swanson, head of- the
economics department at the university, iu a survey of the world situation
in broad grains, advanced' the opinion
that while prices for the 1925 crop In
Western Crnada would probably . be
some A* hat lowerthan last year's, tho
geneva! level of prices should be well
above tho 1323 figuro.
Mules & Dogs,
Spohn MedicalCo.
Scml a'Dominion Express Money Order.
They mo payable everywhere.-/."-'
A Sweet Breath
# -/���*
at all times
���   Alter  c&tinft ar stsokiai
'Wrigiey?* freshens th*;imoiitB.i:
and sweetens the bufathVV
"Nervw aie soothed. thnwtS.is.--
TWfrcs&ed and difiestlow iid��i
So easy to carry the liitie packet!
Mining Alberta Coat Is Problem
At' the Ontario land surveyors' annual-dinner in Toronto, \V". J. Blair,
formerly Conservative leader in Alberta, referred io the fuel possibilities
of his province, and declared that the
whole .trouble of placing it on the market was not transportation. There
was tho problem of mining as well,
but lie trusted tliat the time would
come wJit-n-Ontario would use Alberta
Electric Shock Exposes'Fake
Sticking pins into IX L. Donahue, of
Minneapolis, did not disturb him, but
when a doctor gave him a severe electric shock he was obliged to quit faking the symptoms of paralysis. He
had sued a local railroad, claiming he
had been paralysed by a fall from a
box car. lie admitted the paralysis
was fak*-d. Before, he had fooled several physicians.
AH men are liberal when it conies
to spending other people's money.
Teacher.���"In fact, children, it is
quite posblblo that there are men
in the moon." Little Joe.���"But,
please teacher, what becomes of them
when there isn't anj moonT"
jj- after es^etymeal/mjfx
���    FOR THE  . V
An j body can swindle his friends, a
financial wizard is one who can
swindle str.tngers.
Coming events that are calculated
io separate, people from their coin are
always iierahled by an advance agent.
For Sore Throat Use Minard's Liniment:
Deranged Kidneys
may in time, lead
tQ serious -illness.'
I�� you detect any
symptom take Gin
Pills.- They yvill
relieve you. ._.
lis. 1 Jar B8a4<tar CsWirrh.. Kc.2 foj-Slcoa; * /
SklaDisaM��-i,. Sa.Sr��rChren!cWiaVfi4(Wet,"
\��?:.P " - ���."= *r:��-" cr'e-i;-'rT<r��!c^-.'��'Ess'Cis��'_3_t;'--:
��� XSS.t-BCT ����rC Me3.0 fl��er��ti__ R&XW.S.��<*<Se#'/
���r. [a:; ��1. t O !aj3�� 'n, rxosi SrV-E-T��i��sifc��_iiit-
������, a��M��4H st* 111. ^-_rw::V��^-'s:���C���Ir^.!���. - THE LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 1925-
Is $2.00 a year strictly in ^advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
""     .   Lessee
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25,00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Estray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears lu notice, $5.00 for each ad-
ditional claim.)
-��� . *       ^*-
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2#c. a line each in-
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of February, 1925
365 5
IS 27
96 16%
The blue cross meansthat
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Midway Warbles
(By the Warbler)
Mrs. Roy Connor of Wenatchee,
Wash., was the guest of Mrs. W.
B. Stewart during the week.
At a meeting of the School
Board held in the School House
last week, Eric Jackson was
elected a member.
' Ed Carr brought home a hand
some looking,
having made
"Lizzie" this week,
the purchase  from
Garage,       Grand
A successful Whist Drive was
held in the Old School House last
Friday evening. Eight tables
were in xiperatiou. The winners
were Mrs. Romstead; Mrs. Evans,"
Emery DeLisle and John L. Bush.
The white fish season is on,
and some good catches have been
made during the week. Ed Hood
is reckoned to be the champion
white fish angler. Some says
Ed talks to the fish in some
foreign language.   *
D. McPherson, of Grand Forks,
the Liberal candidate in the coming by-election was in town the
first of the week on business.
Mac no doubt was taking a peep
through his smoke glasses at the
political situation locally..   W
Boundary Falls School
Report tor February
..;,-. V Teacher, .Rrith Axam 7    .7;
:"No. oh register/    f     V'-V -        16
Total actual attendance" X -.*';,.302'������
Average actual attendance ".. . 15.10
Proficiency tiist: ;   ������ XXy!
WlGradef'.I. (b).: THmldah*AnderBon}
Svea Johnson. 7> W     W
Grade II*.(b): Grace Crisselman.-
Grade II (a)   Leila Collision.
Grade    HI:  VEdna Swanlnnd^
Yerdun Casselman,' Verona Klihr
oaky, Louise Swanlnnd. .   "."".".<". -'
:. Grade IV: '.Helen Caseelman. .
. Grade  V:     Zophia    Klinosky,
Daniel   Boltz,, Andrew Swanlnnd,
Alice .Casselman  (not present for
. all examinations.)  7 V
;   Grade VII: . Laurence Folvik;
Grade VIII:   Annie Swanlund,
-Annie Casselman (not present for
all examinations.)
V Regularity:   ��� .'-..-*. 7.
' Daniel Boltz, Grace Casselman,
Helen. Casselman,:. Verdnn Caeael-
jinari, Lawrence Folvik^ Andrew
Swanlund, Annie Swanland, Edna
Swanlnnd,: Louise Swanland^
Hulda Anderaon| Svea Johnson/
List of Hospital Subscribers
. The Board of. Managers very
'��� thankfully acknowledge, receipt
of" the following subscriptions;
Anyone wishing to subscribe,
kindly.call a't-the office,' or ..mail,
bf-ChaSi King, Sec-Treas. ,:when
receipts : /yjiil. be * given and
amounts acknowledged in the
current issue of. The LedgeW
Previously acknowledged.:..-....   ��917.30
Mrs; G7B. Taylor!  .      5.00.
R. Folvik........... ;...,... '.    5.00
Mrs. j. Christian ,.X...........        3 00
���v-Total       $93�� 30
: Boeafibes to Hosoital f*r Fefcraary
-. Mrs.- h'ticcnii, -chicken; Mrs. Blundell,
oranges: Mrs. Q. S. Walters, fruit and
pickles; Mrs. Granberg, hot water bottle
covers; Indies Aid, fraitj  Mrs. Francis,
' fiowera; Mrs.. S..Lund, frniti Anonymous,
food grinder; Messrs. E. F, iSeir&Co,
milk; Mrs. Wilson, dresser covers; Mix
. Goodeve, cake aad bread; Mrs. Bryant,
bass; "Mss: Fleinisg,   hot  water bbtlle
f'coTWS and iEAgazines. ��� -
fST. E. Morrison
Total actual attendance
No. on roll
A.verage daily attendance
Percentage of attendance
Proficiency List
GradeX:    Mildred McLaren.
Grade IX: Robert Mowat, Rul-y
Goodeve, George Morrieon, Cicilia
HallBtrom. ^  ���
Grade VIII: Mary Kerr, JesBe
Paddy, Edward Johnson, (John
McDonell, Vera "Walmsley tied),
Renie Skilton, Irene Inglis, Leo
Madden, Silvia Price, Georgo
Bryan, Dorothy MacKenzie, Helen
Kerr, William Walmeley. Andresv
Anderson, absent during examinations. ��� ' <* .
Regularity and Punctuality:
George Bryan, Irene Inglis,
Edward Jobnaon, Dorothy MacKenzie, Cicilia Hallstrom, George
division 11
T. Crowley
Total actual atteadance    -    7G2 5
No. on roll - - 41
Average daily attendance 3S 12
Percentage of attendance 92 97%
Proficiency List:
Grade VII: RoBie Bombiui,
John Campolieto.
Grade VI: Margaret Royce,
Alice Hingley, Edward Parry,
Walton Crane, Allan McCurrach,
Robert Mitchell, Harry Hallstrom,
Lewis - Mitchell, Nora Christian,
Bertram Price, Allan Morrison
and Marguerite Ritchie tie, Eileen
Bryan, Comma MacKenzie and
Lawrence DuHamel tie, Meredith
Fenner, Daniel Kerr, Arthur Cox,
Morris Peterson.
Grade V: Robert Forshaw,
Francis Jenkin, Eugene McGillivary, Jack Morrison, Cleo Toney,
Thomas Walmsley, DoroBhy
Wilson, Helen Bakke,,Lewis Clerf,
Roy Bakke, Leonard Lucente.
Frances Lucente absent.
: Grade .IV: Eugene Spence^
Arnold Bombini, Roy Hallstrom,
Beatrice McLaren, Rosa Lucente,
Charles Royce, Rath Cox, Munroe
Spence;   ' .;
Regularity and Punctuality:
"Eileen Bryan, Lewis Clerf, John
Campolieto, Walton Crane, Lawrence DuHamel, Robert Forshaw,
Harry Hallstrom, Alice Hingley,
Francis Jenkin, _ Daniel Kerr,
Comma MacKenzie, Allan -��� McCurrach, Lewis Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, Edward Parry, f Morris
Peterson, Margaret Royce, Eugene
Spencp, -Cleo Toney; ..Thomas
Walmsley,1 Eugene '��� McGillivary,
Helen Bakke; Roy Bakke,* Dorothy
Wilson.   .   -*. V   ..._!_ V: '"'_'.-.
��� " division-fin' - ���    .7. ' V
. "Vera A. Kempston. . ...
TTotal actual attendance. - G60.5
No.;.on roil.;. - :-:.;/ -7/36
Average daily attendance : .33 03
Percentage of attendance 7-:9436%
Proficiency List:    ���_-.*  '.'.'.-    .'_.'-.
Grade IV: .7 John .McGiUivray,
Hugh: McCarracby - Jane -; Toney,
Alice Ritchie;   ;.      7 -XX   '
Grade III:. ' .Celfa Kluiosky,
���James .Forehaw, . Mark Madden,
Leonard Sortome. .(tie). . David
Nichols,, Ralph Spence, Laurence
Gulley, TRalph Case.      V
Grade. II a: .Elbert Granberg,
George. Hingley,. Victor Ritchie,
Ernest Johnspb, Elmer. Granberg^
Dorothy Boag:;.
Grade II b: Ernest Coz, Melyyri
Fenner. .. '   '''.;.;'..,
Grade I a: '._ Walter Nichols,
Walter Jenkin. Clarence Sortome,
Harold .Ritchie, W Glenn .Toney,
Gordon Sortome, Edward Lucente,
Louis Lucente.
Grade ;I b (Receiving Glass):
Eric Cox, :Bartori' McGiiliyray,:
Gordon McGilliyray;'.(tie) Virginia
Boag, ; Margaret McCurrach (tie)
Cecil Maletta. -  '
7 Ralph , Case, Eric Cox, Ernest
Cox, -VJamesf Forshaw, Walter
Jenkin, TErnest ;f Johnson, George
Hingley, Celia Klinosky, Hugh
McCarrach,. Mark'. Madden, ; Alice
Ritchie, Clarence Sortome, Leonard
Sortome, Gordon.Sortome, Ralph
Spftnce, Jnnek. Toney, f; John. McGiUivray, .".Gordon McGiUivray,
Burton McGiUivray.7, Margaret
McCarrach, Cecil Maletta.; V
Proposed Farmers' Hall
7vW7v'v7f;Mi^a^'-7/V V7y
A Fancy Dress and Masquerade
Dance (music supplied by Bush's
new four piece orchestra) will be
held at Rock Creek Co-Operative
Hair on Easter Monday, April
13tb, 1925, commencing at 8 30
p.m., for the/benefit of the New
Farmers' Hall, .Midway, f Pdzes-
vnll be awarded for ladies and
gentleman's comic. Tickets including supper^ adults $1 and
children SOc. ly. All. welcome - to
comeiothecatch of thc saason.
New Working Unit
For Sally Group
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Wallace Mountain
Mine?, Ltd., which owns and
operates the "Sally Group" of
mineral claim0, located on Wallace
Mountain, afe Beaverdell, was held
in PenMcton on Tuesday afternoon.
The financial report showed that
the company had made very substantial gain9 during 1924, ancl is
now iu a thoroughly sound position.
Ore shipments to Trail smelter
brought returns amounting to
about 8165,000, which enabled the
directors, after making provision
for a reasonable reserve, to distribute very satisfactory dividends
to the shareholders.
Mr. Edward Nordman, the mine
superintendent, presented a report-,
showing the progress made iu the
development work, and improvements in buildings and equipment.
While advancing the actual mining
of the property, the company has
endeavored to make the living conditions as comfortable and attractive as possible for its employees.
During the past year the boarding
house was completely remodelled
and refurnished, electric light installed, and telephone connection
established between the mine and
Beaverdell. A first-class radio set
contributes to the entertainmeut of
the camp. Although the company
feels that it can well be proud of
their wmp, as there is probably
nothing better in the interior of
Mr. Nordman also outlined some
plans for extension work, to be
undertaken in the near future.
These include the establishment of
a new working unit, which is expected to cost about 825,000. This
will enable the company to dpen
up several newv veins occurring on
portions of the property not at
present developed. s
The ore shipped carries high
silver content, a couple of. cars
sent out during the year yielding
nearly 500 ounces to the ton, and
the average of all shipnfents being
362 ounces of silver with- slightly
more than 10 per cent of lead.
About twenty-five men are employed throughout the year.-
The head office of the company
is in Penticton. Mr. H. B. Morley,
being managing director' and secretary. The other directors are
Messrs. J. L. JohiiBton, president;
Edward Nordman, m'uio superintendent; M^W. White atid D. J.
Morgan.���Penticton Herald.    -
ere an
"Here and Hereafter"
.."When Dr. Guthrie:was in.his
last . illness,, the "question...was
raised by some friends''- in conversation with him whether believers will recognise their friends
in heaven; and his .answer was:
.'-'Th'a've great sympathy;with the
old 7.woman", 'who,,-'��� when some
doubted - the likelihood of, her
recognizing ;her departed husband in. the better.world,.exclaim-
ed, 'Do.youreally ^think. we will
be greater..foblsinflheiaveh than
we are .here'." 7 We ;r.haye our
Lo.rd!s. weird for it, , that those
whg loved us here and have gone
home before.us,, are thinking, of
us there-and waiting for us, and
will bid us-joyful welcome, when
we pass the goldeia gate; fpr.did
He hot once counsel us so to.em-;
ploy our opportunities: here as tp
win the.love of othersthat, when
we pass hence,: they may receive
us into the eternal tabernacles?"
-(bXf. St- Lukel7-v.,9 R..V0; .
Here Scripture leaves the question ; aud meanwhile we must be,
content -with this blessed * and:
surely sufficient assurance, that
our dead are safe in God's good
keeping,. and .by the. Saviour's
grace we shall, id due season meet:
them in glad reunion."���David
Smith, in the British Weekly.
77VDENTIST���������/���'���; y')
Of^e:7McCutcheoi Residence
' -" x:X, Greenwood   ���
Prince Beery Minister Company. Limited
(Won-Persoaal Liability)
- ' NOTICE-is'.hereby- given that an extraordinary ffeiieral .mcetingr* of the atrove-named
Company .will 1>e heist at th��. office'of I; H.
Hallett, Solicitor,. sCd*pper. Street',. Greenwood,
B.C.; 011 Satii'niaj- thel/?th'a___.y of: March,-1025.
^t the hqnr 6110.30 o'clock fin the. foreii<)o7i,*for
the-purposes foll-)wihjr,;'namely:���To lake"steps
to have the Compans' restored "to thc Register-of
Companies, and to elect directors arid other
officers iu the place of those elected at tlie'
Annual _Y.eeti:nr_of the Company held on the
28th day of November, 1917, and to* transact
other ordinary business ofthe Com pany: and at
such meeting- a resolution -wall be., proposed
authorizing the Directors to execute an option:
for the sale of the "Prince Henry" Mineral
Claim, being- Lot 2336, in the Similkameen
Division of Yale District, to Gfeor^e S.'Walters,
for 510,000.00 on terms to. be agreed-upon at such
meeting:; and to execute a transfer of. such
Claim to be placed in escrow-.*' . -V ' -
Dated at Greenwood, B.C.-,- February, 2f_tla,
1-/2S.   :-:    .."'.--'-       ��� ���
'���.' './'   .':" JOHN' Mc'SELI, AR,   .
' -._' ~ ��� ���"    Vice-Prestdeot of ths Company.
An unusual consignment passed
through Montreal recently in the
care of the Dominion Express Company when six Rocky Mountain sheep
���were shipped to Austria to form part
of a zoological exhibit there. The
animals, which are valued .at $600,
came from vthe National .Park at.'
Banff, Alberta,.
.Alberta farmers have recently
been shipping, a new commodity" to
the market. During the past fe*w
years there has been a considerable
increase in the number of bee-keepers and last year 160 keepers had a
total production of nearly 60,000
pounds of honey, valued at approximately $15,000. The exact numbei
of bees is not known.
"The" Practical Tailor
For your "SPRUNG SUIT" try
A. Biggin,   Midway, BX.  v
Ladies and Gents High Class Tailor v
A smart suit from Best English Cloth from $30.00 up
- We also sell Tailors threads, linings, canvas and cloth
Contract for aeroplane spruce has
been made between Vickers Limited,
manufacturers of aeroplanes,, and
Frank L. Buckley, of Vancouver, B.C
The spruce will be logged on the
Queen Charlotte Islands and milled
at the Buckley Mill at Port Clement,
on Graham Island and at Burrard
mill, in Vancouver. The contract
calls'for the delivery of two million
feet during 1925.~~
Canada leads the world in automobile exports in proportion to' produc*
tion, domestic sales or ownership oi
motor vehicles or to population. Not
relatively-but-absolutely the automobile exports of the Dominion are .only
exceeded by those of the United
States. Since 1920 the mdtor vehicle
exports of Canada have nearly
doubled, the increase being from 9.8
per cent, to 17 per cent, of the autoi
mobile export trade of the world.
A special train of forty-two cart^
containing nearly 900 head of stocli
for export to Giwat Britain, arrived
at the Canadian Pacific Railway's
East End stock yards,' Montreal, re/
cently. These, added to shipments
from Packingham, Ont., Toronto and
other points ijj Ontario and Quebec,
made up what' cattlemen claimed to
be the greatest concentration of.
Canadian cattle for export in the history of the trade. From the yards
the cattle were ' shipped by special
train to the ship's side at St. John,
Grand Forks - Greenwood
Electoral District
on Monday, the Otli day of. April, 1925, ju-lhe
hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court-
House, Greenwood, hold a Special Sitting' ot
the Court of Revision for the purpose of revising' the List of Voters for the said Electoral
District, and of hearing and determining- any
and all objections to-the retention of any
name on the said List, or to the registration
as a voter of any applicant for registration;
and for the other purposes set forth in the
"Provincial Elections Act." X
Dated at Greenwood, B; C, this 23rd-day of
February, 1925,
-.        P. H. MCCURRACH,
Registrar of Voters for tlie
Grand Forks-Greenwood
Electoral District.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa
until noon, on Friday, the 27th March, 1925, for
the conveyance of His Majjsty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for four years, twelve (12)
times per \Veek each -way, between G reenwood
aud Railway Station (C.P.) from the 1st July
Printed notices containing #ffrtlier information as to conditions of proposed Contract may
be seen and blank forms of Tender niay be
obtained at the Post Office of Greenwood, B.C,,
and at the office of the District Superintendent,
of Postal Service. . ,'    -
"District Superintendent's Office, Vancouver,
B. C, 13th February, 1925.
*'.-������     J. F. MURRAY,
District Superintendent.
Greenwood Laundry
Now Open For Business
All whlte7lIelD
Give us a trial
Swayne House, Silver St.
Physician and Surgeon
Residence Phone 69
Greenwood .-'.
In the matter of the "Trustee Act"; and in the
matter of the Estate of David Addason
Terhune, Deceased.
NOTICE, is. hereby given that Probate of
the Will'of David Addason Terhune,- late of
Westbribge in the District of Yale, Farmer,
who died on the 20th day of November, 1924, has
becn'iss.ued to Samuel T. Larsen, the Executor.
All persons having claims ajrainst the estate
are requested to send full particulars thereof,
duly verified, to sdid Samuel T. I<arscn, Peu-
ttcton, B.C., on or before the 21st day of March,
1925, after which date the Executor will proceed
to distribute the assets of said Estate, among
the persons entitled thereto, having regard only
to claims of whicli he' shall then hate had
Dated at Grfcetiwood, B.C., February 19th,
1925.  - -
-    *    . - I. H. HAIAETT,
'    - '     Solicitor for the Executor.
Candidly, Wouldn't
You Rather Talk
Probably: you are like taost people;
you prefer a personal conversation
to letter*writing*. That. is why we
suggest: VOnce in awhile between
friends���Long Distance."/ Special
low rates,aftef 8.30 p.m.
'U ;. '
'? :
Vacant, unreserved, survoyod "-
. Crown' landa may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 1.8 years,of ago,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional, upon residence, occupation,
i.nd improvement for agricultural
purposes. ���. yy
; Full information concerning regu- ~"
ations regarding pre-emptions, la.
given ln Bulletin No, 1^ Land Series, -
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies'* el
ivhlch can be obtained free of charg9
by addressing the. Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C, or to any Government Agent. ...'..'-....'.
Records   will   be  granted  covering -
only land  suitable   for   'agricultural;
'purposes,  and which is  riot timber- '
land,  i.e.,  carrying  over  6,000  board *'
feet per acre weat of the Coast Range
and  8,000  feet per acre  east  of  thai
Applications for pre-emptions aro
.o be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording -Division, ln which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can -be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied foi
flv�� years and improvements made
to value of $10 par acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least Ave -
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
��� For more detailed information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timberland,
tor^agricuitural purposes; minimum
price of first-class (ai^.bl'e)'land U )5
per aore, and second-claaa (grazing)
land $2.50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given ln Bulletin
No, 10, Land Series, "Purohas* and
Lease qf Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, .or industrial sites on
timber land, not exoaedlng"40 aorea,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment " of
Uneurveyed areas, not exoeedlng 20
acrea, may be leased as homesltes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected in the first year, title being .
abtainabln after residence and Improvement dtmdittons are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
LEA8E8 .
For grazing and - Industrial    purposes areaa not exceeding 640 acrea
- may be -leased by-on* -person- or-*"���
, company,  -
Under the Ctautag Act the Province is divided into grading districts
and the range administered under n
Gracing CqmmlBsloner. Annual
grazing permits are issued based on
' numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form   associations    for    range
-management   Free, or partially free, /
permits  are  available   for    settlers,
��� campem and traveller*, up to - tea
'y. -;T|ievMiJte of AVestern Canada   z
7.   Has   proflaoed'Minerals - as   followa:   Placer   Gold,    $76,962,203;   Lode
'..   .Gold, $113,352,655; Silver, 863,532,655; Lead $58,132,661; Copper, 8179,046,508;
..      7 Zinc,  $27,904,7-^;vkb(wllanwa87^neiralfl, $1,408,257; Coal and Coke, $250,-
:       :   .968,113; Boilding Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., 839,415,234, making  Ifea Mineral
', Prod action to fehe end of. 1923 show, an .    '���
W7-;-:-A^r^tefVali^vxiif $810,722,782      -
f^roductioiiforllse MTrEhdirif DecemSjer, 1923, $41,304,320
V V.7       The   Mining   Lawat -of this Province . are more liberal, and fehe fees lower,
���'��� Shan those,of.any fother Proving in7the7Dominion, or any Colony in the   British
���7 .  '���'      Empire,   ....... \. t,.   '_ .y<..y....... ...,'; ���yX-XXzx    ' , V- -
���WW-:)"���W Mineral locafcionsfare granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, the eeenrity
oi vhich is gnaranteed by Crown Grants: \
Fall information, together with Mining Eeports and Maps, may be obtained
grata  by addressing-��� ���    -   ��� v
- VICTORIA, BritisiJ.Colamfelaf
 -v   *


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