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The Ledge Sep 22, 1921

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 L^orineui Li
a     >                                   '
,�� -          j."      i
- **-
> <
Vol..   XXVIII:
No. 11
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
^mmmmmmmmmmmtwmmmmmmmmm mmfcg
Large Assortment of
Christie's Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
-   Arriving Fresh Every  Thursday
Order Your Preserving Peaches and Plums Now
All Steps Lead To:
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
V        New Shipment
X   Leckie Shoes
25 per cent, off
Winnipeg Prices on Wall Papers
Good until September 30th, 1921
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
Automobile -'
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches  For Sale
-Call And See
.-   -       -    ���- -  y -   - -��� -v.r-'-.j.*-*.    i>-..��� ,���
���*                 -"
We are clearing out our stock of
; Children's Shoes
At Cost
Come in and inspect our stock   _
Spectacles of All Kinds
'   For Sale and Repaired
t  wXltham watches.
Ask !m--Price:rsMd-,Coinpare~wtth Mail
Order House   ,
McELMON; Greenwood
Independent Meat
We carry only the best stock' procurable
The. WINDSOR  HOTEI/ is  heated with   steam
and electricity.-   Fine sample rooms.     A comiort-
\   able home for tourists and travellers.     Touch the   -
0     wire  if you  wane  rooms reserved.     The buffet is.
replete .with  cigars, -cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk And ice-cream.
Purity -f- Excellence = Shamrock  ��
"The Empire's Standard" l
|[ - Wholesale Distributing Branch, East Kootenay District, KELSON, B.C.
Jfl Packing Plants at
Ji   Calgary       Edmonton      Regina       Prince Albert       Vancouver
Yoa can facilitate your own long distance^ telephone service if, when
place a call,, you mention to t the operator the time yon will be in your
office. Wfien the time ia specified, the operator can get yoa-on the dot,
and, besides, it obviates any inconvenience to the party called.
Fresh Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc.
A Trial v ill Convince You
John Meyer
Greenwood Theatre
Gray &\CIerf, Props.
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
"Even as Eve"
A Six Reel Drama of Feminine Wiles
Froin Robert   \V.   Chambers' story
"The Shining Band".
Grace Darling
Also a Two Reel Christie Special
"He Married His Wife"
ADULTS SOC-     -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
Wood For Sale
Sawmill slabs in 2-cord loads, $5.50 a cord
Apply to J. W. Clark, Pacific Hotel
For Sale
Good Fall  Wheat 2ic.
Walter Clark,' Mid way.
per lb.
Probationer   At . Grand   Forks
Hospital.    Apply to Matron.
Dr. O.  M. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry, Oct. 1st to Oct. 10th,
prepared to do all kinds of work.
Make dates early.   I make good in
���' all my tfork.
Around Home
Frank Bucbless left for Nelson
pa Wednesday afternoon.
Joseph Richter, q.f Midway, is
attending- the Nelson Fair.
Mrs. Herbert Hartley is visiting friends in Grand Forks.
Service in St Jude's church on
Sunday Sept. 25 at 7.30 p.m.
Remember the Rock Creek Fall
Fair on Friday, October 7th.
J. S. Birnie, of Vancouver, is
renewing acquaintances in town.
F. F. Ketchum,"of Beaverdell,
is on a business trip to the coast.
Wm. Jenks left-on Tuesday's
train to - attend the Fair in
George Hambly n&turned to
town on Saturday from a trip to
the Yukon,
- House For Sale or Rent.
Apply to Mrs; Robert Wood,
Eddie Morrison left on Saturday
.morning to attend the University
of B.C. at Vancouver.
��� Place your orders.now for Fall
Wheat and Fall Rye for seed at
R. A. Brown's, Midway.
Born���In Greenwood on Sept.
14.to Mr. and Mrs. Arch. P.
Smith, of Midway, a son.
Miss L. Deane left on Monday
to visit her sister in ' Trail after
visiting with friends in town.
Mrs. R. Folvik, of the No. 7
Road, was the guest of Mrs. A.
Sater, on Tuesday and Wednesday.
" Miss Mary Mcintosh left on
Saturday for -Vancouver where
she will  enter the  University   of
B.C. a ~  .
Miss Dot Fraser who was the
guest of Miss Cassie MacDonald
last week returned to Vancouver
D. C. McKee of the staff of the
the Bank of Commerce at Revel-
stoke is spending his holidays
with his.parents here.
The Rock Creek Baseball Club
will hold a dance in the Riverside
Hall, on Friday evening Sept. 23.
Bush's orchestra will be in attendance.
Hunting season opened on Saturday and several good bags of
grouse are reported. A number
of people were fortunate in getting some venison.-    _-	
The Pythian Sisters will hold
a Card Party in the Masonic Hall
on Friday evening, 30th Sept.
There will be a short programme
and refreshments served. Admission SOc.
The waste baskets in a, newspaper office of any town do more
to keep its citizens in good repute than any other agency, except the fear of the law and the
If you can think of anything
to beautify or build up our town,
go do it. Keep your capital-at
home: patronize home industries;
help your merchants so they can
sell cheaper; always ��et your
work done in your own town if
possible. If you follow these
suggestions and your town does
not improve and build up it will
not be your fault.   Try it.
Never find fault because a news-
spaper fails to give every scrap,
of news so long as you take no
pains to-give the editor" information. The ayerage editor isn't a
medium or nr!ud reader, but -he
gets his news the same way as a
milkman gets his milk���by pumping. This is true especially of
that class of items known as
personals. Rightly they are not
"puffery," but simply personal
mention for the information of
local readers* and those having
friends visiting them should always let the local editor know it,
and he will be glad to give it proper notice. So if you have a bit
of news worth' printing- put it iu
, the way of our pencil pusher.
The Late-W. A. McKay
William Alexander McKay an
old-timer of Rock Creek died in
the Grand Foris Hospital on Monday night, after 'an illness of two
months, from blood poisoning.
The deceased ie very well known
and a -number of years ago was a
road foreman in tho district. He
18 survived by his wife, who has
the deepest sympathy of all in_her
great loss.
The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon, service beiirg
held in Riverside Hall, Rev. Hillis
Wright officiating. A very large
crowd attended which showed the
high esteem "in which the' deceased
was held, Interment took place
in Rock Creek cemetery.
insurance  of Parcel Post
After 1st of October
Increased Letter Postage
Postmasters are informed that
from the 1st of October, 1921, the
rate postage on letters from Canada
to other places in the Empire has
been fixed at 3 cents an ounce or
fraction thereof. -    .
As an example of the above, it is
pointed out to postmasters that 38
the prepayment required on letters
]308ted for delivery within the Empire now includes the war tax of
one cent, letters weighing one ounce
or less, to places outside of Canada
but within-the Empire, should be
prepaid four cents. Letters weighing more than an ounce should be
prepaid four, cents for the first
ounce and 3 cents for each subsequent ounce or fraction of an ounce.
Postage on. letters to foreign
countries "except United States and!
Mexico 16 10c an ounce and 5c for
each subsequent ounce.
Lost His Tag
A professor was travelling in
Devonshire, and when the train
stopped at a place where tickets
are inspected, ��� he 'searched his
pockets in,vain.
"It does not matter in the least,"
said the railway official,
"It matters a great deal," waB
the others reply, ,'for how can I
tell where I am going to if I
not find my ti_cket?_"	
In order, to relieve congestion in
the registration system and to, facilitate the handling of registered
letter mail, the registration of parcel post will be discontinued on the
1st of October, 1921, and an insurance of parcel post will be introduced, whereby parcels posted
in Canada, which conform to parcel post regulations, may be accepted for insurance up to 8100,
against loss, rifling or damage
while in the custody of the Canadian Postal Service.
The scale of insurance fees will
be as foHows: Three cents for insurance not exceeding. $5.00;
6* cents exceeding $5.00 and not
exceeding 625.00; 12 cents exceeding $25 and not exceeding $50;
30 cents exceeding $50.and not exceeding $100. ^?be insurance fee
is to be paid by meanB of postage
stamps affixed to the parcel.
Parcels for insurance must be
handed in at a post office or to a
rural mail carrier. A receipt will
be given the sender, which must
be produced" in case of a claim
being made.
Claims must be made by the
sender to the postmaster at   the
office of mailing within six months
of the date of posting of /the insured l parcel. Sworn statements
will be obtained from the persons
concerned, and investigations into
all claims will be paid as promptly
as possible.
Indemnity will not be given .ffof
damage to a parcel containing eggs,
fish^meat, fruit,"vegetables, glass,
crockery, greases, semi-liquids,
liquids, or any articles of an exceptionally fragile nature.   .      "* *
Indemnity will not be gi-aenfor
loss of coin or bank notes.
Indemnity for damage to articles
bfa fragile nature will be given
only in those case in which the
paroel is conspicuous marked with
the     words     "FRAGILE���with
Mining News
Enquiries have been made by
holders of free milling properties
*s to when the Carmi mill will be
in operation. Mr. Sawyer who is
itf charge of construction, states
that the mill will be completed by
next spring. He was delayed during the war by the high cost of
labor and -the difficulty in getting
Breakfast Dances
Chamber's Story Screened
Robert W. Chambers' famous
story, "The Shining Band"- has
now been screened under the title
of "Even as Eve." Grace Darling,
the well-known picture star is
featured in this play. It will be
seen at the Greenwood Theatre on
Saturday, Sept. 24. The many
lovers of Chambers' fiction will be
interested in this excellent picture.
The" price of silver was 65f��
on Wednesday.
��� R. Lee and L. Bryant attended
the funeral of W." M. McKay in
Rock Creek on Wednesday.
, Dressmaking and needlework
by the day or at home. Telephone or write Miss Hookham,
Joseph Carori brought in a load
of wheat from his ranch to Lee
& Bryan's store on Wednesday.
Mr. Caron has added a tractor
to his farm machinery.
Every man engaged in business
or in any way interested in the
material prosperity of his town
and vicinity; or ia the educational affairs of his. community, or in
the moral purity of society in his
neighborhood, is under great obligations to his local paper, and
should give it liberal support, not
as a charity, bat as duty to himself, to his family and neighbors,
and as a wise investment of his
"The golden rule of life is to
dance, to dance again,_and fehen.to
go on dancing," said Sir James
Cantile, the well-known physician,
recently. Like Tennyson's eternal brook, .dancing goes on for
The latest developments is the
"dance breakfast." An enterprising manager of a London hotel
thought that if diners could dance
between soup and fieh, breakfasters
could dance between porridge and
bacon. So he has started dance
breakfasts, to the joy of those who
love new sensations. We may
now spring straight from a fried
egg into a fox-trot.
Reversing the usual order, dancing has worked backwards by the
clock. Evening dancing has
spread to afternoon dancing, and
afternoon dancing to morning
dancing. So we may be tripping
it with the first cockcrow.
At a meeting of the largest ore
shippers of the Slocan district with
the officials   of   the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Co.,  held in
Nelson last week the main question
discussed was whether shippers desired "spot" settlement for ores or
-preferred 90 day settlements.   The
practically unanimous opinion was
.in favor of the. "spot" method and
Mr-   Warren   then   advised    the
meeting that if   present- arrangements were perfected the smelter
would make settlement on day of
sampling by issuing 90-day accepted drafts.    This would entail borrowing of funds by shippers at the
banks of   the district and consequent loss of interest charges,  but
no difficulty would be encountered
in   negotiating    the   acceptances.
Settlement for lead would be for
90%, based upon the London price,
at leaBt until domestic consumption
became equal to production,  when
Montreal prices    would   be  substitutes for those of London.  Lead
ores containing zinc would not be
subject to the heavy penalties of
the present schedule in case where
zinc content did  not exceed 10%."
Silver settlements would be made
upon "foreign" priceB, the smelter
paying 95 per cent of the contents
of the ore.    Mr.  Warren also intimated that,the base  treatment
rates might be decreased, although
some figuring upon the result of
operations   during  the  past    six.
months would_be necessary before
any    definite   promise   could be
made.    A flat cut of 10 cut of 10
'cents a unit on zinc consents above
10% under schedule was also ten-,
tatively promised.
Little Jaekey-���Look, Mother!
that bull dog iooks4uBt like Aunt
Mother���Hush, child! don't say
such things. ~
Little Jackey���Well, mamma,
the dog can't hear it.
G Whiz'
���'What comes after
the teacher. "Whiz,"
street-wise pupil.
G?" asked
replied ihe
- Meeting of Taxpayers.
- On-Friday-night keen-interest-
in the affairs of the municipality
were shown by a Targe number of
taxpayers when they gathered in
the Board of Trade rooms to discuss bond matters! E. B. McDiarmid, solicitor for the Union
of B, C. Municipalities was present and gave a very lucid explanation as to the financial affairs
of Greenwood. Several questions
were asked the learned gentleman which were all answered
satisfactorily. The ratepayers
then passed an unanimous resolution endorsing the action of the
Council in having a private bill
put through at the next session
of the Legislature for the bonefit
of Greenwood.
A Dry Reply
An Irishman was called as a
witness in a case concerning a
will. "Was the deceased," asked
the lawyer^ "in the habit of talking
to himself when alone?".-. "I don't
know," the witness \ Vreplied.
"Come, come; yon don't know,
and yet yoa pretend that you were
intimately acquainted with him?"
s'Well5 sir," said the Irishman,
dryly, "I never happened to be
with him when he was alone."
A ^Victoria    report   says   that
grading will start immediately on
the Kettle Valley extention into
,i Oliver from Penticton. '--*���-%""
LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.     B.     0.
er Prosi
Leading To Crash
Financial     Expert     Says     Germany
Headed for Business Troubles.
Germany, s     paper     prosperity    is
leading- to a crash," ������������ys John Moody,! p.osct!
who lias just  returned  from  Europe. '
"But France is follow-illy tlie path oil n1' :\
safety in all her govt-nuiifiral fin-' ' '
anccs, and lias turned lu-r f.���.���,���<.- d��� "u- ��� ' ''
itely away from the inllat'-^"  " ������������:-"1     -^
John Moody, president 01 \i���"<]���/'���.
Investors Service of .W-\v York, ha-.
just returned from an intensive tour
of Europe, where he made an exhaustive .. investigation of economic
,and financial conditions. lie visited
all of the Europea capitals and thc
important industrial sections, interviewing more than a hundred leading
bakers, financiers, public men and
economic experts.
"Thc most intcrsting thing in aO
Europe today," says Mr. Moody, "is
the remarkable situation in Germany. The Germans arc at work
from one end of thc country to the
other. They arc producing goods in
enormous quantities at extremely
low costs as measured in dollars.
Thcir crops, arc good this year, and
the whole population appears to bc
fully employed, vast numbers of
men in the industrial districts working twelve or fourteen hours a day.
But this German prosperity is unreal;
which is leading her   lo   a   financial
crash later on."
Surrounded- by thc adverse exchange wall, Germany is forced to
develop intensive trading activity
among her own people. Only in the
east can she trade with other countries on anything like an equal basis.
The mark has fallen so low, the
printing presses arc revolving so fast
as to make, the'mark still less valu-
Telephone Line
Construction Work Cannot Be Started
For a Year.
"That   there   would   bc  nothing  in
the way of construction on  the pro-
transcon linen tal       telephone
���i  l.-:st a year, is  ihe statc-
��� =��� i j j i  i-���  l.owry, comniissioii-
\l-.:i:   ha go\ i-nnneiil  tclc-
a    survi y'   of
which  thc line
uot bc ready for
possibly  a  year,
probably not be
'ir.iugll |
lis will
i"."iiiiltec will
the terri i.s-y
V.'l'        .    :-d
:ii' i.tlis and
t'1.1...   -clion   will
>rw (1 for some lime
��� in'' convcrsa-!
i ���������'-
.   : ough Can-1 .',
possibility, for'
after that, so that ;, p
tion from coast to c
ada will uot become a
two years at least.
Certain territory will afford little
or no concern iu thc way of building
such as the prairies and the eastern
provinces, but thc real work Will be
iu connection with work in northern
Ontario and through thc mountains.
With regard to existing lines, all that
will need to bc done is thc installation of added equipment, he said,-
Two Spots On
Surface Of Sun
[ Are   20,000   Miles   in   Diameter   and
Caused  By  Internal   Explosions^
Two huge spots, about 20,000 miles
in. diameter, arc now visible on thc
sun's surface close . together and
nearly centrally located. There still
exists a great deal of uncertainty as
I to thc cause of these spots; innumerable suggestions have been made as
to tlicir cause, but an. entirely satisfactory explanation has not yet appeared to have been advanced. It
seems probable that a number of circumstances bring them about rather
than one single one. Bodies falling
into the sun; internal explosion's;
convcclivc currents disrupted by tidal action of thc planets; all these
very likely jilay somc part in thc
phenomena, but there arc circumstances that these,alone will not explain. Sometimes a great disturbance docs not project very .much material upward and again sometimes a
ouiiiparaiivciy small spot lias becn
sera to send up a great spurt of
jCanada's Oil Fields|Focti Warns
Against Germany
om  ihe sun's    surface    to
height equal lo thc distance
'.noon from the earth.
i'hc mass of lhc giant planet lupi-
:��� is more than twice as great as all
The Instalment System
Great" was the rejoicing in thc
suburban street when the Joneses
were at length compelled to move,
for it  had  been  a grievance  against
Circle of Those Concerned Is Con"
stantly Broadening.
Dr. T. O. Bosworth, who located
the claim on which thc oilstrike was
made, last year below Fort Norman,
lias arrived in' New- York from England. Hc^states that hc is representing several British coaT men who are
branching out into oil, and'is planning an extensive trip through Western Canada. The circle of those
who are concerning-themselves with
our oil possibilities is constantly
broadening. At the end of a meeting
of thc Hudson's Bay Company, the
..chairman, stated that provisional ar-.
rangements havc been made with thc
Imperial Oil Company to exploit certain of the company's lands, and that
the agreement had recently been renewed for a 'furthc.i; three months.
Negotiations, hc added, havc been
entered into "with a firm of worldwide reputation in the oil industry
for thcir co-operation with your company in�� thc exploration opsonic of
our lauds for oil."���Edmonton Journal.
Took Swim in Mid-Ocean
Germany is carrying on a pro-j tncm tjult tilcy tried to keep up ap
nc of inflation and  speculation J pcaranccs    above    tlicir station, ant
do   with'
would have little lo
Whilst thc furniture wa-s being
brought out, some difficulty was experienced in removing a piano from
an upper room, and someone proposed getting it through a large
window and sliding it down.
Then came thc suggestion from the
Jones' next door neighbor,  who had
long fostered  the deepest enmity to-
able, that the one thought   of   every| wards thcnl) though until now she had
German    is    to   get more and more | attempted to conceal it.
marks for his goods or labor and
then exchange his marks for real
property with lightning speed."
"The successful man in. Germany is
thc one who converts his. money into
prbperty  with  the  greatest" rapidity.
This  situation is forcing . the   'inflation of prices and wages with great
rapidity. :    Thus,    the    present   advantage "which'   Germany   enjoys -Qf
being able "to flood .the  world "with
cheap goods, is already beginning, to
bc curtailed. -   Prices and wages, as
measured   in. mark's, - are certain "tp
.soar higher and higher and the.time
��� is. not far distant when "Germany-will
no longer be able to undersell other
countries in thc way she-is now; doling.     Then ."will-come, thc .complete,
collapse of her inflation bubble,-and
a general house-cleaning of her firi-
' 'aces.".        -       ' ,   ' '��� - """.
"The French  situation is also ex-
- trcmcly interesting.'- Much loose-talk
. is. ; indulged    in   -in this country regarding France's-ability to surmount
her financial difficulties.     But Iconic
'back -.with the firm conviction that
the, future, of France""'-is absolutely
secure"; that her credit is- sound ,and
is- 'ste.idi!y;-improving;- that,-great as
-are her financial, problems,.-she is
strong . enough,' -to   "solve them;all.
- France;  unlike, Germany, has, turned
'her back on inflation", she- is "already
. making progress/iri' retiring "her "re-
7 dundant ��� currency and .this/progress
.'" will. continue.;     French'. bankers-.and-
financiers' appear to have"-;*.a ���clearer
"idea of .what' thcy.: are doing," aiid-how
to do-it, thati thc: financiers -of- any
"'other Eur.o'pean' country"-that/1.*'-visit--
,-cd.'-'  The French arc- continuing"  to
justify their long-honored- reputation
of"-being "the ."best- bankers in the-
" world." ,-.   I.'----. ;'������ V ���'���   -. L--   7
"No," shc said acidly, all her pent-
up bitterness at last showing itself in.
���her tone: "Let it come out as it went
in���on thc installment system."
//'The patfiotic.mah.is loyal to" his
, country  ;and.   to'"," thc. c"oms;-iunity."in
-" which" he: Iiv,es.'V If;, he is .consistent
7 he will'give.first.preference" to C-ana;
dian ' niacin goods when . making, pur.-.
" chases.      He" will' also  stand .loyally
'���   by his local'dealer. ''������' -./;-.-."' / ��� "-���/��� ;'
^ofichl^Hiifi/ga s77tp7.pvexccmi^'-;^^cli^:
'"   Many a man's best .days -.'arc' spent
in".bed'because lie work; at.nigh.t.
The Advance of Science
'.ie other planets in thc solar sys-
! .icr.i put together,-so that this gravi-
1 taiivc effect on the sun would be cx-
pcclcd  lo  be greater  than  the oilier
planets aiid as bjs period around the
sun is about thc same as thc period
of fluctuation of sun spots somc havc j
seen Vv    connection    this,
distance    from    thc sun is, however,
about the same anywhere in his orbit
so  that  ay  influence  he might exert
on thc sun should be constant and not
fluctuating as the sun-spot period is.-
Every    time    these    spots   appear,
however,   the   magnetic   instruments
are   affected,   but   it   is only exceptionally  that  the weather conditions
are affected directly in any onr place.
As the earth is an electrically charged   body    its   .magnetic condition if
disturbed is-'indicated    anywhere    at
once and the connection is easi'y established, but weather conditions   arc
often suddenly changed in one locality   and   not   disturbed   a   hundred
miles  away,  so one  can  see
volvcd the problem really is.
Crew of Neith Took Dip Thousand
Miles From Land.
Thc little Neith, the cutter officially rated at 21.7 tons, in which Sydney Houghton, assisted by an amateur crew of three friends, Messrs.
Bell, dc Wolfe and Willard, sailed
from Halifax, Nova Scotia, lay at
Jupiter's j her berth at��Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, with no scars to show for her
bulTcling_by Atlantic rollers.
"The most remarkable incident of
thc trip," Mr. de Wolfe said to a
London Daily Mail ��� reporter, "was
probably our dip. On the fifth day
ou�� from Newfoundland thc Neith
was hove to and w?c all had a swim
in mid-Atlantic, a thousand "-miles-,
from land.
"It .was then, looking down on her
from the crest of a 20-foot wave,
lhat I realized for the first timc what
a tiny craft she is.
we   ran   into a 50-milcs-an-
Tells Veterans France Cannot Yet
Sleep Soundly.
Marshal Foch in a recent.speech
to the Veterans at Mc.rlaux, said:
"Always beside us arc the vanquished who art not yet dead. I
ask you not to let them out of your
sight. Be assured that they arc always alive and'have not'abandoned
their idea of revenge.
"Thcy will only respect us as long
as we arc strong. I ask you to absorb the idea that France is unable to
steep soundly without risking a terrible awakening."
Children Cry for FSetcher?s
x .-
\ {
i &
how in-
May Move Livestock
To North Alberta
Transmission of Electrical Power By
t    XX Wireless"'Next Advance.
Few there . arc who have not-at
some*' time wondered what the next
quarter century would bring forth"'in
the way o'f scientific wonders. -The
birth of the automobile is ������' fresh in
our.mcmory-and it seems, only a few
years ago���as it is���since wc were"
asking whether-we--..would evcr.be
able, to ..fly, .{n-the stentorian ���terms
of a. college song if in "no other or
more-serious ".way."" Now comes, a
-younger.-Maxim; grandson of the
machine' gun iiivcnlor, who "asserts
that the next great-advance will bc
thc. transmission of electrical p.owcr
by-wireless. It is :fascinating", to
think of what this-will mean, should
it co-iiic to pass. -At present, expensive; and \ cumbersome transmission
apparatus is required for. the purpose
of-distributing clcctncar.ciicrgyfrom"
its place" of .manufacture ;to its place
of-use. 'If the Maxim forecast-should
come-;true, all th'atVvill be necessary.
wilf.be' for, the" manufacturer" to* order
his -- power,' and it -'will, be shipped to
-hinuin. ail invisible quantity'over- an
invisible.route. . The problem.of fuel
haulage -will be. disposed of" for, all
time"! and" every." electrical power pos-
sib'ility_on- the continent will be con;,
verted-into,, a "centre for sending out
energy for.:Ul.the.purposes to .which
it is. at present/applied-. ���-."..".'  ,:,r ..,",-;;
Plans    Have    Been    Placed
Banking Institutions.
Plans for transferring somc of the
surplus livestock of thc southern part
of the province to districts - in thc
north where a large quantity of feed
is available, havc, been placed before
4hc heads of somc of the banking
institutions, in Alberta by Hon.
George Hoadley, minister of agriculture.      .   '   -    "   .._'.- '   '
Mr. Hoadley proposed . that - the
banking institutions " through, "their
various "branches arrange ' to extend
credit lo farmers -in the north desiring to. purchase more cattle where
tlie . stock can be obtained .in the
south preferably .from farmers in'-the
dry districts who have obtained loans!
from .the- banks during the last "few
years. .-.'-'������   -     --.-.-    - ''   -
.'The bank managers havc approved
of the scheme of transferring credits
in this matter, -but it is", understood,
wanted the-- Department of.. Agriculture to take'-thc"initiative in--launching the policy. However, 'this,.was'
impossible, Mr. Hoadley pointed-out,
-since the question was. primarily, one"
between-the banks-and' the fanners,
-having obtainedfadvanecs in thc pafet.
He thinks the, matter, could bc admirably "haridlcd through" tlie"brandies of
the. banks iri.thc- north and south.
"���- In many places in the" south,' farmers have7.sufficient' feed. for".a,limited
number", of,'-cattle,-- but-in: order to
carry ��� oyer..'the stock ���' on hand -will
inevitably- have'- ^to' ..obtain loans -to
'purchase'.' feed. By-enabling -northern
farmers-with .-"a ���"surplus".of feed .to
practically take;.-��� over.\thc" loans'; of
some of-the southern "'Tanners, .together. 'vY.itii. excellent "stack- that.could
.lie.' profitably "���carried . through, .-on
-che-fp -..(odder;.:- otic' -'phase- of -the
'drought 'problem 'would be-solved... '
hour gale, but the Neith, made noth--
ing of riding through that. That
night, when the seas w-ere pounding
on thc-forcdeck, I'went" forward to
see what sort "of weather Sambo (the
negro cook) was making.
"I found <Jiim on his knees, with
everything loose in his.gallery racketing around him and towels tied
round his cars to drown the noise.
'Lawd,' he prayed, 'if Yob's a'gwinc
to take me,..take mc quick.'"
Will Help Farmers
To Market Potatoes
Tank Is "British .Invention
Was One of Most Important in
History of War.
Thc lank is s British invention.
"In the Allied'armies," says the Daily
Mail (London Year Hook for 1919),
"thc British, invention of the tank has
been recognized in 1916 as one of thc
most important of 'the whole history
of war, and tanks of various patterns
wcrc built and adopted by the French
and American armies, as well as by
the British. A special Tank Corps
for lhc use of tanks was formed in the
British army, and a system of tactics
worked out. The forms of tanks
wcrc uscd���a large, heavy type, and a
much smaller and lighter pattern
which could move faster and outrun
any infantry and, indeed, most cavalry where the conditions were reasonably favorable. The tank of the
large class was similar to the. battleship in naval war;,the tank of the
smaller class resembled."the destroyer. With these valuable machines a
great economy of infantry could bc
effected, and thousands of .valuable
lives saved." Lieut.-.Col. J. E. C.
Fuller, who was Chief;General Staff
Officer of thc British Tank Corps
from 1916 to August, 1918", and' is the
greatest authority on tanks, has published a work on "Tanks in the Great j
War". (1920).
Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for Infants and Children.
Foods are specially ^prepared for babies.   A baby|s medicine-
is oyen more essential for Baby. Remedies primarily prepared
|     for ��� grown-ups are not interchangeable.    It was the need of
v    a remedy for the common ailments of Infants and Children
!_- that brought Castoria before the public after years of research^
and no claim has been made for it that its use for-oyer 30
, years has not proven."'.���; 'V V1 --''-.' V-V  ~. X.-i
What is
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Cador Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It, is pleasant. Jt contains
neither Opium, Morphine ..nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For mors than Mhkiy years! it hss
��� been in constant use for the rclfei-c-i Constipation, F)��te!ett.cyt
Wind Colic and ��iarrfeoea; allaying Fevsrishncss arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation-of Food; giving healthy and natural'sleep.
The Children's Comfort���Xhs Mother's-Friend.
��� '   y t
Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
. -An Ambiguous Answer:..;-.-. ;
.. "Do;you. realiy;.think"-that the-tone
.of -tlie .parish lias -altered, since J -entered upon.'--jny :" work ���- here,; Mr.
Giles" " asked." * the--," earnest ".-young
vicar.-    .-'���':.'-. '���  --������  :-���'"" -v"V "!
-"Indeed, I do, sir," replied; lhc, old
farmer."-'-���.���   " '.   -". ���. ' ���.-."-'���      "~ -."���/,     ��� ;'
The Seven Seas
Separate  Continent- Surrounds ^Each
According;to Hindu Mythology!'"'
.The    "Seven:   Seas"-exist' in Hindu
mythology;Yaceonliiifj' to  : ���the*  .-'"jur-
an'.ts'.th'i: .earth 'is- circular and. flat j' like
"I:anr truly delighted "to lcarn'th'atj .the; flower of.-a" water' lily,',  Tts".'c.ir;
my. ministrations have'been.crowricd
with , success", "returned "the .vicar,
.with a' gratificd'-sinilc.  .
/.'Success . ain't '".the , word
vikkcr," exclaimed; the'simple- rustic.
"Oiitil yew- coo'm into the parish wc
never knowed-wot sin was!"  -   "���
cunifercnr<i'is;-4. bil!ib'if mile's.--" In the
centre is Mount Soomero'o."7. On-this
-,, i.nioiin'taiii.Var.c three- peak's; .'formed "of
for.   it;
Co-operation  Sought  By  Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture.
The cc-operatior; of "thc Provincial
Depaitinetit o.-" Agriculture^in mar." {via, Polaic;
kcting: potatoe. is being suggested by
the ^market, -branch' oi .that department, which, proposes, that farmers in
Saskatchewan' who have a carload or
more of potatoes foi sale' should
'notify the ^markets cominissioner." -,
The potato crop'.proved a; failure
over a wide area of Eastern Canada
this season and with the object of developing the'eastern-market fpr: Saskatchewan potatoes thc . markets
branch , is getting in touch with the
larger produce dealers, in" Eastern
Canada. ���  ,
- When'writing to the markets commissioners, farmers ar. asked ;to give
information- concerning' the-\-ariety
and color of. potatoes' thcy .have for
sale, whether from .pure or certified
seed,- graded - or-field- run,--sacked. or
loose,, and, if sacked," what- weight
and quantify. 115  for sale.- -
Prospective  ship"pers,'arc  asked  to
note that graded potatoes "command a
-premium" bn' the market    If a grader
is'not available,   all ""small -potatoes
shoujd'bc-' removed "by hand picking.
All potatoes jjhould be in'clean'" sacks
liolding: 90 lbs.       "- - '-   ..    ���
"; . The department will not buj-'or sell
potatoes nor accept'any responsibility
for. .failure- of-- biiycr.or shipper" to
-measure tip to the requirements of"an
^agrceinciit," but' by ascertainin'g .who.
have potatoes for s'alcand where .tiicy.
may bre"sold, valuable service;can,be
rendered ;by tlie department in getting
-tlic-'-mtc'rcsted..parties, together."-"".  ..,
Hapsburg Estates
G0T0U. "S. Syndicate
Estimates Place Value at Two Hun
dred Million Dollars..
Negotiations    were-  'Completed    in j
Paris whereby il.e   vast    estates   of!
Archduke  Freclcck  of Austria and
his son, Archduke Albrecht���rcstimat-
cd tb.be worth more1 than $200,000,000 j
���were taken over by a .United'States
syndicate which includes "Charles H.
Sabine, J. Leonard   Rcplpgle,   Frank
A.    Munscy,   ^Thomas J. Fe'der and
-other .prominent United  State's  bnsi-
ness men.
The. transaction concerns the vast
land and industrial holdings of the
Hapsburgs, distributed throughout
Austria, ��� Czccho-Slb'vakia, Jugo-Sla-
Roumania .-ind Italy.
Thcy include the great cleel works
and mines in Czecho-Siovakia and
Poland, The estate comprises numerous other . industries and abfeut
J ,000,000 acre's, of agricultural and
forest-- land:)* scattered over several
"countries;-   -.",.. ;  . '. ���-
A Witty Chauffeur.
The- chauffeur never spoke except
when.-address-id,   but his'few utter-;
ances,-given-iii a broad brogue, were]
full..of .wit.' '      , . -  '---. . i
.One of thc  men' iri  thc party re-|
marked: "You're a bright sort of a
fellow, and it's easy to see. that your
people came, from Ireland." ���
."No, sor; "ye are very badly mistaken," replied Pat. .       ".'"'""
-~"What!"���said -th"e'~man."" i'Didh't
they'come from Ireland?"
"No,, sor," "replied "Pat,   "they're
therc,~yet."       -'     ..       '-
��� It pays to patronize home'industry.
Buy from thcr merchants-in "your own
town.    "���,-."���'''-.."
Canada Offered Free
��� Transport of Exhibit
France Extends Same Privilege Given
Them By Dominion.
Free ^transportation of Canadian
sample goods across ihe ocean, free
warehousing in French dock's, gratuitous use of thc French railways and
other equipment icquircd for a complete exhibition, train to tour France
Tiext year arc offered Canada by the
French Government. . The proposed
train would exhibit thc inanlifacturcs
of Canada, similarly to. the French
train which is now showing the
wares of the lepublic. in Canada.
In addition, the .French Government
offers .the use of the best theatres iu
every city visited, with, the net proceeds of the- entrance receipts,��as
well as thc free use lor a period of j
six months of ihe most suitable!
building in Paris, presumably La!
Petit Parais iu Les Champs Elysees.j
These     privileges      extendedN    by,1
France ai'e an exact replica of those ���
which    Canada    has granted to tlie |
French exhibition train, but thc Dorj
minion -will   havc thc advantage of!
advertising its resources to a market
of 38,000,000, while   France's   appeal)
is to a market of only some 9,000,000 j
people.     Canada's   exhibit   in   Paris
would Jje -viewed   not   only by thc
2,f<50,000    population    of the capital,
but by thc travelling public, tourists
and   buyers,   which congregate there
from, all oyer thc world.
In sponsoring this proposedtour of
a Canadian exposition train' through
France the department, of trade and
commerce asks. the "interest and co-!
operation   o'f   the ��� Canadian   public, j
suggests the formation of a respo.n-j
sible committee to carry out thc project-and offers to dp the initial work
in- connection with a .permanent br.=-
ganizatiotr to   be   formed, at a later
date and is open to   receive   suggestions and opinions from those interested.-        .'    .. ""' .
; A |Dark Voyage, .
Salesman-.���Nice weather for traveling. ;     '     -,' -       , '        ;
Station Agent.���Yes, but I'm afraid
to travel any more: I became 'engaged once while going .through a tunnel.
Fame Came Unsought
The family, of Tickler had fame
thrust upon it during the great war.
Some of thc men who were but in
:Francc in 1914-15 will recall the great
shortage of hand grenades, which led
to Tickler's jam ^ tins, when ..empty,
being converted into improvised
bombs by.filling them with-an explosive and nails, screws, nuts and any
scrap metals. Hence the men iising
these jam-pot bombs were known as
���an,d called themselves "Tickler's"'Artillery."' , "���������.-
A British Heligoland.
The Heligolairders, it is   said,  ..arc
agitating for self-determination,  and
wish,   once   again, to become British
subjects.   Why should thcy, not? Thc
island was.never of use to Germany
except as a naval station; and Germany now has uo navy.   . 4s for the'
islanders,    few    of them -asp of Gcr- '
man race; and thcy ""recollect    that
under, thc British- administration, life
war. easy, taxes .wore' low and a single policeman sufficed- to-keep.-order
among   them:���London   Sunday  Pic-,
Among    the'   coins of India is one
which is square in shape. ���
ASPJRrN .- ���';.
"Bayer" only is Genuine
Warning! Take no chances with
substitutes for genuine "Bayer Tablets ol^Aspirin. Unless, you see tho
name "Bayer" on package or on tab-
kts-you-are-notgetting-Aspirin -at ail."
In every Bayer package arc directions
for Colds, Headache, Neuralgia. Rheumatism,' Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for Pain. . Handy tin boxes
of twelve tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell larger packages.
Made in Canada. Aspirin is the
trade mark (registered in Canada), of
Bayer Manufacture, of Monoacetio7
acidester of Salicylicacid..
Prophecy That Carrie True.
When Sir Edward Elgar, the famous composer first went to . school-
he was asked by the. headmaster for
hi.   name.
"Edward Eigar," "he replied.
"Add the word, sir?"' said.; the
master sharply.- Thc .. reply came
meekly. . "Sir Edward" -Elgar." And
the.unconscious prophecy c'ame.tryc!
38,400 Automobiles in Manitoba." .
'/J'hirtyrcight thousand, four' !nin-
dr'cd "'automobile ��� licenses'-liavc "been
issucd-by. thc; Manitoba -.Government
this year. Revenue from -this source
already exceeds $500,000,'and there-; is
stillmuch to.be" collected.' - The-fees
charged .arc: $12, for cars'. tip /to ; 20
gold,    pearls   .and. precious-stones,,,-, .-.   .  cn   ���    .       1 -���.-���  ���-i
"i i.   -It   --,.-.. '���'"- -i"        a-   ���*;  'i       I horse, power and 50;.cents additional
where the dciticg reside: -.-At its base' *
are" three mountains, on-each of which
grows"-a' tree 8,800 .nrileshigh.; The
country . furthermost .from these
'mountains is bounded.by: the.-salt-sea:
-Beyond this sea there--arc .-six others-!
���of sugar cane juice, of spiri-t'ous! ''ought
liquors, of clarified butter; or curds;
of milk and nectar. Each sea is surrounded by a.separate,continent-.
for each horsepower', or fraction ad
W,   N.7 Ui ;;-1386.
i|77|lr^h^^,t^oVi!??trc^.fes-.;in 7.1suma'ii;iiair'
In England, to secure greater safe-.
ty on the highways, patrols arc- stationed' at dangerous crossings to
warn ..motorists, and at bad. stretches
of road.,-. -. . ' ���,'..,.
Real Value For Money.
George . Howlcttc, : of���=.-London,
suit.,of clpthcs. when hc'iyas
nia.rrie,d; - Nothing . .unusual about
that except that he is still wearing it
���and he's 88. years, old .and has'been
married 65 years.   ,-7
. South Sea Islanders Like Golf- .
Some South ..Sea Islanders oh thek
first trip to' the U^S. saw a few games
of ��� golf, Aid now several outfits of
golf paraphernalia are.-on. their."^vay
;.t_o'-thc-7Sout!r'Seas/"7/ - -" 7-7 '.. "���.-; XXX. *]���
7 RECW��ESD���D��^SOlD IW. DPtfeGBTS f^OPTlOfijQ
'^XXiu% W<$XX^VTaTV^i^/wlii^
^r^irBffi^tew^MSnjhl ip- ^s'many y
THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,"    B.     G.
Hew Regulations  -
Which Will Govern
Admission To Canada
Ottawa. ��� Regulations governing
���the admission to Canada of immigrants, and published'in the. Canada
Gazette for week of Sept. 12th, prb-f
vides -that each immigrant over 19
years of age, must havc at least $250
in his possession in addition to a sum
sufficient to cover land transportation charges.- In, the case of immi-
. grants under. 18 years the sum of
$125 is required, while parents must
possess $50 for each child under the
^gc of five:
-Tjicsc regulations . are waived in
favor of farm laborers and domestic
servants, and in "favor of persons
travelling to join their'families.,
" ��� The entry,into Canada is prohibited
of persons not in possessiori of a
valid passport issued by thc governments of tlicir respective countries.
These passports ' must be presented
within one year of their issue, and
if not . British-passports, must be
vised by a- British: diplomatic or
consular officer.. This'regulation is
not intended to apply to British- subjects coming to Canada cither directly or indirectly from the United Kingdom, the United States .or any of the
self-governing dominions^or to a citizen of -the United. States'or*: to persons who have "resided in the United
States for at'least one year.
Ottawa.���"This country will be
nude great by; making agriculture
great. Give agriculture a chance.
Take thc burden off its back and Canada will become the""' country wc
dreamed of in the wildest flights bf
our imagination."
These were but a few of the cryptic statements in an address.'delivered
by Hon. Duncan Marshall, former
minister of agriculture for Alberta,
^t the luncheon tendered by the Cerv-"
tral Canada Exhibition ^directors to
the livestock exhibitors and breeders
here.   :  .. y '
���:;" Mr. Marshall warned that to increase, the prices of farm produce
within. the next few years was not
within -the range of possibility. Thc
solution of:agricultural.problems with
respect: to prices demanded.'the reduction of the cost . of; ...production.
More efficiency in agriculture and effi"
ciency derived through, education and
training," was needed in Canada.
Cattle Should Go
To British Market
-. ���    *.
New Westminster, B.C.���"We
must build-up trade within the
Empire," declared Hon. ^S. F.
Tolmie, Minister of Agriculture,
at a recent gathering o�� farmers
from the Frajer Valley. "There
are 63,000-cattle ready today," he
continued, "according to reports
of our department, and every
.head should go to the British
market." It was proposed to give
more support to Experimental
Farms and agricultural education
generally, he said.
Grain Exchange
.. Appoints New Head
Retiring   President   S<ys   Producers
Should    Understand    Marketing
-��        Methods.
"Winnipeg.���C. H. Leamau was formally dected  president of  the Winnipeg   Grain/ Exchange,   succeeding
_Norman L. Leach, retired, at the annual meeting. J. B. Craig and Dr.
Robert Magill, ���- vice-president and
secretary-treasurer, respectively,, who
were elected by .acclamation along
with Mr. Leaman at the nomination
-meeting were also installed in office;-
A resume of thc past-year's work
in the ^ grain trade, with suggestions
for the general improvement of thc
trade was thc feature of the retiring
president's- address, which stated:
"There is today a.wider and/ keener
interest in grain marketing methods
and systems; there arc many criticisms of these methods. -They should
-.'be more clearly understood / by the
producer,, tli'c business and general
community at large, and I submit to
you the suggestion of co-operation
with and education, of your trade,
your customers" and the general pub-
" He toward that end." �����
Serious Fire In Refining Shop
Terrific �� Explosion-' Drenched   Men
' With.'.Flaming-Oil.
Philadelphia.���Ten,'men were killed
and'more than a score injured, several of whom are expected lo die, in
lhc second serious lire to visit thc big
Point Breeze plant of the Atlantic
Refining Company in a month. Three
.more men are reported missing and
may/have been���burned to death beneath flaming tanks of petroleum.
The fire was preceded by a terrific |
explosion" which drenched ���workmen
with flaming oil before thcy could
leap to ��� safety, killing several in-
stantty." Others employed further
back "frbni the tank were sprayed
witluthc scaring petroleum and painfully injured. Prompt action by th'e
company's organized rescue squads
saved the. death list from mounting
higher, witnesses declared.
Trial Shipment Proves Failure
Alberta Government Lost On Shipment of Beef Cattle. '
Edmonton, Alta.���The trial shipment of fat beef cattle lhat was sent
to--Scotland in June by the provincial
department .of agriculture, resulted in
a net loss to the government. Thcy
show an average cost per head* of
$303, with an average Vreturn-^W
$188.88. There were tjiirty-six licad
of export steers in the shipment. Thc
animals wcrc shippe'd to Glasgow and
were there sold at the .public market
for immediate slaughter.
When the steers left Edmonton
thcy stood-at a cost to the government of $168.17 per animal, and the
-transportation charges, Edmonton to
"Glasgow,- were $100.12 per animal.
Added to this cost were thc expenses of.the attendant, bank charges
and other overhead expenses, bringing the total cost per head to $302.07.
Records kept en route show that.there
was practically no shrinkage injuiy
oi-the animals. The x sales ' in thc
Glasgow markets showed that' the
smaller' handyweight steers of good
type and breeding, ranging from 1,200
to 1,350 l pounds, were most in demand, the heavier fat steers not
mv.ting with ready sale for; thc 's'uhv-
mer trade.
Asks Help For Russians
London.���Dr. Nansen has issued an appeal in behalf of stricken Russia, addressed to the peo/
pie of the Imperial British Commonwealth "to subscribe generously to the national fun'' organ"
ized by the -British famine relief
committee." Dr.. Nansen declares that if the financial .prob-
lem be adequately and promptly
solved, "the bulk of the stricken
people may.yet.be saved."
R.  J.   Smith,' Publisher, of   the Advance, Chinook, Alta.
Cattle Starve'In
Lower California
Armenians Held
At Ellis Island
-    . *
Alleged Flaw  In  Immigration Law
'Prevents Entry Into U.S.
New York.���Three hundred ��� Armenians, mostly women and children,
who came to the United States to escape from the Turks, arc held at Ellis
-Island' for-deportafioir back~to~Tur
key because of anl-.allcgcd technical
flaw in the immigration law or in its
interpretation, that prevents Armenia* immigration altogether.
George H. Topakyan, general secretary of the Armenian Immigrant
Welfare Society, said four Armenian
women had drowned themselves at
Ellis Island during the last year when
denied admittance and predicted "that
.many of tlie300,Tiow held would kill
���hcmselvcs rather than return to,
Turkey, '
Suggest Fund For
Providing Work
Conference   Urges   Government  Cooperation On Unemployment
Winnipeg.���Institution of a fund by
the Dominion, Provincial and,Municipal Governments for launching an
undertaking to provide employment
this winter was suggested at the provincial / employment conference at
A report submitted by thc subcommittee which has been investigating the unemployment situation
for thc past six weeks, recommended
renovating government buildings,
construction of a national highway,
transportation of firewood and rock
-to- the- city-for-sale,-clcaring~up��� arrearage of clerical work in Municipal, -Provincial and Federal Government 'departments, construction of
sewers and opening new streets "to
provide  employment  this  winter.
Rainfall Light For Three Years and
Pasture Scarce.
Mexico Cit3.���The economic situation in'the southern' districts bf Lower California is described-as intoler-
hblc by travelers recently returning
from that region.' Rainfall has been
exceedingly light in that region for
the past three years and the scarcity
of pasture has caused thc death of
thousands of heads of livestock," the
main industry.     " --
The__inhabitants are said to bc in
destitute circumstances which have
been aggravated by a recent federal
order prohibiting foreign vessels
from transporting merchandise between Mexican , ports. This order
which was aimed to protect "the national merchant marine has virtually
isolated the region as only two Mexican vessels arc engaged in coastwise
trade there and their visits are at
many weeks' intervals. '
\, Protests to President Obrcgon by
the inhabitants of the district arc
expected to relieve thc situation.
May Replace ZR-2
, -" "���   ���    /'
U.S.  Government  Wants  to   Obtain
Former German Zeppelin. '
LoHdon.���Reports that the United
States-and British Governments may
arrange for the transfer of one of
Great Britain's remaining airships to
United,States owcrship to replace the
wrecked ZR-2, have received some
credence in United States official circles here where it is stated the United
State's Government, some timc prior
to contracting... for. the'ZR-2 considered the desirability of obtaining one
of the' former; German Zeppelins for
..experimental and" instructional purposes.
When these German ,air fighters
.were.turned over to the allies,,Italy,
France a*d''���Britain received one
each and America none. Great Bri-
tui's Zeppelin,'the ;L-71 is the largest
rigid airship in .existence now -that
the ZR-2 i=- gone. Her cubic capacity, is 2,420,000 fcct or 380,000 fce.t
ic-*s than the ZR-2. The length of
the T.vl.is 743 feet as against 695 feet
lor the ZR-2.
Five Irish Delegates
Appointed To Conference
.Dublin.���The Dail Eireann approved its "cabinet's" reply, to Mr. Lloyd
George's latest, proposals and ratified
the appointment of five delegates to
a "possible" conference" with representatives  of Great Britain.
Thc -appointments of plenipotentiaries approved were those' of the
following: Arthur Griffith, founder of
the Sinn Fein and "foreign minister,"
chairman; Michael Collins, "finance
minister"; Robcrt'C. Barton, who has
been one of the leading figures in
the preliminary negotiations; Eamonn
J. Duggan, Sinn Fein member of
parliament- and a leading figure in
the arragement of the Irish truce;
George Gavan Duffy, who has acted
as "representative, of the Sinn Fein
Nothing has , leaked out as to
whether the reply is acceptance or
non-acceptance of the invitation to a
conference, but the fact that five
Irish plenipotentiaries have been appointed is taken as indicatig confidence in continuace of the negotiations; Mr. Lloyd George is expected
to remain in Scotland at least another three weeks.
Chinese Canadian
Trade Increases
Net Increase of 840 Per Cent, in Five
* Years.
Hamilton, Ont.���China and Canada
have much in common, and thcir trade
relationship'is growing substantially
every year, declared W.Y. Kwan,
���.chairman' of the Chinese Railway
Commission to members of the Kinsmen's" Club. He emphasized that in
1918, the last" year in which statistics
were available, China' had imported
and exported goods from a^id to Canada valued, at more than $17,000,000,
which wljcn . compared with 1913
figures showed a net increase of 840
per cent. ^
Alberta Government
Anxious To Develop
More Coal Markets
U..S. Boats Cannot  _
Unload Without Permit
Railways Will Control Movement of
American! Grain.
Montreal, Que.���In -order to prevent thc harbor of Montreal becoming choked with American grain, to
the detriment of Canadian shippers,
both thc Canadian Pacific aiid Grand
Trunk Railways havc decided to conn-]
trol jthc movement by applying the
permit system to American grain
coming to Georgian Bay ports-for
transport to Montreal. ' In future, jio
boat can, come from American lake
ports to Port McNicol or Tiffin, Ont.,
without a permit to unload.
American grain has constituted
about 40 per cent, of thc total shipments from the port of Montreal this
season of navigation. At the .beginning of thc season it was all Canadian, and at the present time is about
60 per cent. American aiid 40 per
cent. Canadian. The proportion of
Canadian grain, however,/ will bc
larger with the arrival of the new-
Rebel Activity Increasing In India.
London���Thc India Office has issued
a statement dealing with thc situation
)n India which" says that thc military
*s experiencing increased difficulties in
dealing with thc rebels iu the Malabar district, who arc in five separate
bands, aggregating 3,000 men.
���_ 'i'hc communication adds th'at owing ���to transport, communication^ and
intelligence difficulties since September 12, the rebel activity is increasing.
-   Canada Britisher Is New Ship.
- Montreal.���It is announced by the
Canadian Government Merchant Marine, that the second vessel to - bc
launched from " the Prince Rupert
shipyards will be called thc Canadian
Britisher, instead ; of the Canadian
English, the name selected at first.
Thc word.Britisher, it was stated, is
deemed preferable to English peopla
by reason of its broader implication.
(War Veteran Sells
Medals For Food
Trying to Get to 'His Home in
Winnipeg.   -.,
Toronto. ��� Unless some pliilan-
thropic organization'comes-' to the
rcscuc-Of���John_ErancisTMartcn, _vet--
cran of the Great War and of a number df other British campaigns, who
has reached Toronto from Montreal,
travelling afoot, hc will havc to walk
to his home in Winnipeg. Hc has
already been compelled to sell his five
war medals for $5 in order lo eat. He
is at present staying at the Salvation"
Army hostel.
Marten was taken from a -London
lodging house - by a policeman and
placed aboard -the steamer Bclling-
brokc, which landed at Montreal recently. s _
Will Recatalogue
All In France
Police   Chief  Orders  Every  Thumb
Print Registered.
Paris.���The .entire French nation,
as well as all foreigners residing in
France, will be recatalogued and
compelled to register their thumb
prints, according to the latest regula-
-tionof-Police-eiiicf Leuillicr.- ~~
Idcntification of crime "suspects
and the detection of criminals is expected to. be made easier under the
new 'system.
U. S. Ships Grain
From Montreal
Get Cheaper Freight Rates -and Premium On Money.
Ottawa.���During the past two
months large quantities of American
grain have been shipped via Montreal,
says a report issued by the transportation branch of the Dominion Bureau
of Statistics. This grain is shipped
via"*Gcdrgian Bay ports and by railto-'
���Montreal'and1 also' by the .water route
'through 'the Welland Canal.
Thc premium on American money
and thc elevator charges at New-
York make the all-water - Canadian
route from Chicago, Duluth and Milwaukee about 2 3-4 cents per bushel
less than via Buffalo and New York.
Both the lake and rail and ��� all-rail
rate from Port Arthur and Fort
William to Montreal is over 5 cents a
bushel less than to New York. The
payment in Canadian currency reduces this still further and more than
off-sets the heavier-insurance rates
from Montreal. -        "
Toronto.���The Canadian Steamships Company, it is stated, has laid
up six boatsT" equal to 1,250,000 "ton;
nage, because of congestion at eastern lake ports.
Italy Has Good Harvest
Crop Expected to Reach Pre-War
..   ..        Productiveness.
Rome.���Italy's harvest this year
will reach its pre-war productiveness,
according to . the government crop
forecasts. The total harvest anticipated will reach 51,200,000 quintals
(of about 220 pounds each) comprising all kinds of grain.
The average pre-war crop was
calculated at 48,000,000 quintals. During the war, production decreased to
38,000,000 quintals.
The present year's crop is also distinguished by the fact that if lacks
but 6,000,000 in equalling the record
grain crop of Italy, which was iu 1913,
when it reached 'nearly 58,000,000
���quintals.     <
Edmonton.���Representing the mineral industry" in the entire western
provinces, 75 delegates were in attendance when the opening of the
third annual western convention of
the Canadian Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy - was called lo order by
the chairman, O. E. S. Whiteside, of
Coleman._ Mayor G. M. Duggan
briefly addressed the visiting delegates, welcoming them to Edmonton
on behalf of the"city.
The Provincial Government, was
represented by Premier Greenfield,
who spoke on the research work- of
the government in the matter of the
mineral industry.
"The-government is endcavorig to
develop more markets for Alberta
coal," declared Premier Grccficld,
"but wc have mc't with one difficulty
and that is the grading of coal.''
Thc Premier deplored the lack of
uniformity in the grading of coal, and
statcdHhat it had proved a hindrance
in: thc marketing of_ the product.
"We arc advertising, making demonstrations and continuing the reseac'h
work," he said, "and I would like to
suggest co-operation with the. government as well as advise you that
the uniform system of grading coal is
a necessity."
Premier Greenfield gave an account
bf his trip into the north country,,arid
sajcW he was deeply impressed.and
encouraged by his observations, of
conditions. The government test
hole in the-McMurray townsite where
the mining of salt is being investigated by thc research branch, was''
alsd mentioned by the premier. "The
���government' is thoroughly aware of
the importance of the mineral industries in lhc province," he said.
The approach of the winter season
'and its effect o'n_tlie, unemployment
situation in the province was. touched "upon uy Mr. Greenfield. "I am
opposed to soup .kitchens, and that
form of relief," he said, "and would
like to ask you to employ during the
winter months, if possible, as much
extra help as you can." ' .
Heavy Grain Shipment From West.
Winnipeg.���Approximately ��� 16,O0O,r
000 bushels of grain havefbeen billed
over thc Canadian National Railway
from western points to Sept. 14.' This
is more grain than was loaded up to
October 4, last year, it is stated.
Trail Smelter Snippers.
.Nelson,,B.C.-���Forty-two mines are
now on the list of 1921 shippers to
the Trail smelter; apart from thc
properties of thc Consolidated Mining and 'Smelting Company of "Canada. * Their aggregate shipments to
date arc 5,550. tons,-.hut their-iiuinber
of tonnage is constantly growing.
League of Nations
-.."Geneva.���The membership - of-'-the
-Xcaguc^of Nations will -be increased
W   50,   if   the assembly adopts the
-r��on*mc>datioa���.qf-.thc^politkal com.
nuttcc; which:'dccidcd'io' approve1 the
admission of Lel.via and/'Estlioriiai'
r.bc " applications'.- of-Liuiuania.' and
Hungary were put..over, the'commit
tec deciding'to await M. Hymans'"re-
-f>ort on the efforts to settle tne'Viba
dispute  before -acting-on  Liihuania.-
Hungar'y!s. application will not come
up .again-.until: later. ' '
The.political committee also decided , to . recommend . to the Supreme
Council:the;inclusion in: the eventual
Rc'aceV treaties with . Turkey, of : a
clause safeguarding the interests of
Armenia."   '/ -.������.-���.;������"'���
The.preponderance of the British
and French on the. secretariat, and
the labor bureau is being severely
criticized by the representatives of
thc smaller states. -��� "'" ���    ���
Bubonic Plague In Australia.
London. ��� Reuter's correspondent
at Brisbane, Australia, says it has
transpired that an employee of a
chain of produce stores, who died on
August 23, was a Victim* of bubonic
plague. Another ease of plague is
reported in South Brisbane, where
also six infected rats were discovered.
Pusseyfoot In Australia,
London.���A -Rcutcr cable from
Adelaide, South .Australia, announces
the arrival there of Pusseyfoot Johnson. Johnson says thc United States
willrcmain dry and that England will
be dry by 1930.
Spend your money aphonic, thereby helping your own town and local
merchants.     . j
Turks Must Surrender Plotters.
Constantinople.���Allied authorities
here havc invited "the Turkish Government to surrender the men ��� involved in the revolutionary plot, discovery of which was announced re-
cetly. These persons must be turned over to the allies within a week,
or the government will be held responsible. The conspirators will be
tried by an allied court martial.	
Grain Rates Reduced
Difference of Seven Cents Per Hundred From Fort William.
Montreal.*��� Announcement was
made by the Railway Association of a
further reduction in thc rates on grain
and grain products from Fort William
for export via Atlantic ports. Thc
reduction amounts to 7 cents a hundred, and is in addition to the 3 cents
per 100 pounds given 'earlier in .the
year and the'5 per. cent, reduction in
January. (
A reduction of Az/2 per cent, per 100
pounds on grain and grain products
for domestic consumption that is
moving between Fort William and*
Eastern Canada points is also being
put into effect.
. -     Disagree Over Wages,
St. Catherine's, Ont.���After ten
hours' conference thc contractors and
union men engaged ort thc Welland
Ship Canal have agreed to disagree
on the question of wages and other] breakwater,
Work For Unemployed-
In Fort William
Foundry   Company   Is   To   Receive
Order For Repairing.
Fort William, Ont.���The Fort William _Car_and_Foimdry Company_ss-to
receive an order for repairing 1,500
government cars, according to a telegram received here from Dr. R. J.
Manion, M.P. , _
An additional 1,000 feet of, breakwater is to bc added to the Mission
work    to start immedi-
August Showed
Decline In Trade'
Exports of Agricultural Products De-r
crease Ten Million Dollars.
Ottawa.���A sharp decline in Canadian trade for the month of August,
1921, as compared with August, 1920.
was recorded in .the summary of Canadian trade issued by the department
of customs. - Total Canadian trade
for August, 1921, amounted to $1-27,-
510,299, as compared with $238,085,409,
for August, 1920. For thc five
months of thc fiscal year closing with
���the end of August, total trade was:
1921, $602,315,038; 1920, $1,G6?,3:3.I70I
a reduction of $461,038,132.
During August, 1921, imports "'entered for home consumption had a
total value of $65,147,301, as compared with $124,318,014, a reduction
of $59,170,713. 'For the five months
ending August 31,. thc total merchandise entered for \ consumption wat
valued at $319,009,763, as compared
with $597,890,603 in 1920. . In August,
1920, domestic merchandise export
had a total value of $112,278,064, as
compared with $61,485,993 for Ati-
points at issue and it is now up to the
government to decide. ���
Visit Canada In 1924-
London.���The visit of thc British
Association for .the Advancement of
Science to Canada is likely to bc in
1924, as ��� preliminary arrangements
haye' been made for this. Next year's
meeting will take place iu Hull and
the'next in Liverpool. -  -
atcly. This means that the unemployment here will bc greatly alleviated.
Cholera Spreads Fast.
Paris.���Choloia is fast spreading in
the countries bordering Russia,
daily average deaths iu Tiflis
is between 30 and 40.'
Accept Further Decrease
Municipal ^Employees   of   Johannesburg Agree to Third Reduction.
London.���A Rcutcr despatch from
Johannesburg, South 'Africa, reports
that at a conference of the municipal
employees all'grades of thc service
decided...;to. accept a reduction of five
per cent, iu wages. This is the third
reduction of five per cent, which has
aionc- j)Crn voluntarily accepted by the civic
employees. The' present reduction
means a saving to the council c-f ��20,-
000 for each quarter of a year.
Approve Relief Measures
U.S. M���u* Leave For Spain.
New Orleans.���To thc -tunc of
"Hail, Hail,1 the Gang's All Here;"
blended with a curious babble of national airs, 2SS youths, including many
former service men, who havc volunteered for service in thc Spanish foreign legion against thc Moors, sailed
down thc.harbor aboard thc-S.S. Cadir
for Barcelona. -
"Leading thc contingent was Scrgt.
W. J. Ball, of Detroit, who served
during the war with the Canadian
forces, and wears four decorations.
. List Suggested Topics.
- Washington.���The United States
Government has sent to thc governments ol all the powers invited in thc
conference on thc limitation of anna'-
mets and Far Eastern questions a list
of the topics suggested for discussion.
Patronize your local merchant and
thereby help to build up your ho^ie
tov.n and community
Vincent  Will   Help  Poor
Lost Crops in Flood.
St. Vincent, Windward Islands.���i
Expenditures for the relief- of the
poor who lost food crops and houses
in thc great storm which swept over
St. Vincent havc been* approved by
thc legislature. ��� The storm damage
on the neighboring island of Grenada
is placed at a moderate estimate at
$500,000. Kutmeg^ind cocoa plantations which were ruined will require
at least seven years for rc-cs!al)lish-
Canadian Importer Reaches Victoria
Victoria, B.C.������Emerging like a
specter from thc fog-bound Pacific
after having been virtually given up
for lost the derelict Canadian Government steamship Canadian Importer, with a six degree list, .groggy
but .still walerbornc, cheated the
ocean.of its expected prey and defiantly limped into port with her crew
of undaunted Briti_h seamen still at
their p��sls o^-duty. '
Chicago Builders Return to Work.
Chicago.���Facing_thc possibility of
an open-shop in the Chicago building
industry, and spurred io action by,
refusal t of Judge Landis. arbiter, to
grant a wage decision rehearinp: until
they arc at work, union men in the
building industry here- were coming
back to work in large numbers.
, Fire Destroys Lumber.
Stewiackc, X.S.���One million- feet
of lumber were destroyed here by a
fire which, broke out in one of eight
lumber piles. The lumber was piled
near the railway tracks and all Canadian Pacific telegrapli poles in t&a
vicinitj- were burned and the wire*
put out of commission.
W.   N.- U.   1386 lasa
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance or $$
when not paid for three months ot more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
The Home Circle
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices      7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
.Cards of Thanfis    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where] more than oue claim appears it> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cent3 a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, noupariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals i2/'/_c. a liue each in-
������ ��� ��� ��� ���
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tUat the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
On,    frivolity,    thy    uame   is
Gihls no longer love to iance.
They dance to love.
Late in bed, early to rise, makeB
dark rims beneath the eyes.
If at first some men do-n't succeed they fail, and fail again.
You can  string beans and kid
gloves, but you can't bull frogs.
Yep may have more brains than
a dog, but the dog is the happiest.
A skinuy girl in  evenrng  dress
Bhcnvs more back-bone than a man.
Many a girl looks sweet on the
outside, but so does a sugar-coated
The old fashioned girl used to
Btay home when she had nothing
to wear.  .      	
Don't swell up when somebody
7takeB"you for a ride. You might
-������be used ��b a ballast. "'-'
Is the object of the world's pursuit. Men if every, walk
of life are striving for gain. It is a legitimate object.
It gives bread, clothing, homes and comfort, and the
world judges wisely when it makes the position . a man
occupies hinge comparatively more or less on his ability
to earn money, and somewhat on the amount of his possessions.* If he is poor it argues either some defect in his
expenditure or a" lack of practical education to cope with
men for the battle for gold,
When a boy leaves home it is generally to enter upon
some business, the end of which is to acquire property
and hc will succeed just in proportion as he. has trained
for work. Every community is filled with young "and
middle aged men who are failures because they know
nothing of business���their training having been theoretical, not practical aud useful. Many are tied to pursuits
they heartily dislike, and which are much below their
capacity and ability, and would change their course of
life and better their condition but for the fact that relatives and friends generally oppose rather than encourage
Teach a child to mind as you teach him his letters.
You don't expect him to learn, them all in a, minute, but
one at a time. "    .
To make  a home out  of a household, ""nice  things may
help, but nothing does so much as kindness.
Walking through the village
street one day, the widowed Lady
Bountiful met old Farmer Btubbs
on his way to market. Her greetings went unnoticed.
'.'Stubbs!" said she, indignantly,
"You might at least raise your
hat to me!"
"I beg your pardon, ra'lady."
was the reply, "but my wife ain't
dead mor'n. two weeks, and I ain't
started, looking at the wimmen
yet!".." '      >,'���--,."
First we abolish what we consider an evil, . and . afterwards
Secretly embrace it. .      " .    ."
. The feminine half. of the world
may not know how the masculine
half lives, but it never tires of trying to find out.
The old fashioned  woman7, who
use to   take her troubles to the
Lord,, has a. daughter who   now
.takes them to^a lawyer.
. A fat man has another advant;
age .over his ,thin brethern���he
knows exactly where his cigar,
ashes are going to land. -.
Mary had a pretty limb, 7 "XX':
She realized the fact���. 7.'    7
That's, why she wore her dresses"
--:..-.   short���'���'��� -  '''���.:-������'������ '  ,V'-.--7"": V
She showed a lot-of tact.  7
Is it you I love dear?, ��� ���-��� V ���;'   "-"'"'
.1 can scarcely tell,';-     ;-.._������." .; ..-.'.
Whenyou smile, your eyes, dear,.:
. TBIake ia.^hinlc of NelLV V
When you are sad, your mouth dear
,   -Makes me think, of-Sue,
But/dearest, when.I kiBS. ypu
VI am surely sure it's yoa.
V v^: Love's Rosary
.-" I;ast .night as I'saidmy Itosary,   ���'
��� -Alone, withiii myrboin","-'. \
"An inspiration came to trie,
. 5 . There in the gath'ring glboin,   , ',
'-. It'seenied as thoughT saw a light
,;;Descending from above.  V
/Then..!  'wrote  in-"the. stillness   of the
���",7      night,    -.'"'"'
-:'"���.' A.Rosary of Xove. "'
���'  Chorus:'     _'"  .
Pirst she's a babe in a cradle, .
Then a child at her dear mother's knee,
"And. her pearls .are the tears she may
shed thro'the years,
��� Of the coming years'to bef    "'  VV-
As she grows older she's counting life's
beads, ,.       > .._/- _���-���' .
And learning her destiny,       ��� ;-"."
7:And...later  in life, she's a true;.loving
xXxX-y**fe'""- -.'���-..��� -'-'-.V. ,\. .
Andrn'other," That's Love's Rosary; > ���:
���I always,say'my;Rosary;V-7-;-7'" :., ." VVV���;
.��� ,Wben7t-!nlightjshadows.faH, *.';  7 ;7  ���.-'���
��� ?or-.recollect3ons'come;t6-me,.-V' -.XX "- 7
���'.���7',Sweet''ia.em'ries.Lfeca'U,,.7.,,;'''7-,- y, .-' ;.v
It seeissl anva child once more'- ���-������ r.-.l' ..-,
..  At my dear mother's knee, V V""'- XX -.'-.
And just asin' the'.days of yore,'" l'~V'--'..' I
-' i<earniijg ^ve'sRc^ryV-77-^ ���-.'���".-"7;-V:-
that an application will lie made to the Tjeirisla-
tiii'(i of the Province of 1'iitif'h Cqlninbia at its
next siui-iirs for an Act in relief'of the City of
Greenwood, by providing:    -     '    -. "    *" .
1. That the ilebeu lures to the amount of
$15,000 issued i-tirsnant to an ajjrreement dated
2+tli Maicli," 1V09, made between the said City
aiid t'ne Greenwood Phoenix Tramway Company Limited, be declared- null and void and
cancelled for want.of consideration:
2. That tlie operation of the jwlfrcmeti't!-
bearing- date "the 7lh day of September, 1921, in
favor of the -Maiiufacturvi-s Life lnsiirance
Company and the Sun Life Assurance Company'of Canada.- respectively, for Uie sum of
f 19.522.29 and :$11.262.68. respectively, ;be bus:
pended, and the said--judgement creditors shall
take no" further actioii'tlicri-iiiuler:. "
.3.'' That all.the otttstandinjjr deheittures of
tlie'Cityof Greenwood be' 1-roup-lil into holch
pot and lliat the sinking funds ou hand n'owbe
distributed in reduction of thc liability under
the said outstanding debentures: '.",
' 4. That cue person-be appointed by ihe
Lieutcuatu Governor iii Council on the nomination of the holders of "a majority, iu value of the
said debentures'm act as Trustee, for-the said
holders: .- ,   .     ..-;'-.-
'5. 'That tlir'said Trustee for the bondholders be (riven veto powers coveriujr thc expenditures of the Municipality, the rate'of taxation
and all other-matters necessary looking to the
repayment of. the said outsiahditif. debentures
in instalments as'speedily a-;,mru- be: ���-,
-'-'-(if' Thatihc real property, held "by the City
and all arrears of taxes be constituted trust
assets to apply,on .the" redemption; of the said
debentures:   ;    '7' ;   - ���-."���'"���    ."-.'���":,-'
-7. '    .That the annual tax sale may be held
only  when required by   the Trustee*  for  the
debenture holders:  .,-  *��� , .      ; , "���   '.--;'',-���
. -8. -. That-tlie' interest- rate, payable, on outstanding debentures be six-per cent.;.     .'.'.      .-
-9." .That tlie assessment .roll- for. the.year
1921 shall be taken for the. next five ve'ars'as
the'assessment roll for the-, Citv..aud ."that.tlie
maximum rale of taxation, sliall". not'exceed six
and oue-lialf per cent, of the assessed value of
the'land and o.ne-tli.irddtthi' assessed value of
the improvements: . .'������'-.���,  ���""-"   .'.--     "-'-.      ;
-  107   Such' furtlier.and other-relief as.to tlie
Legislature 'may. scei-i-meet: ."---.   ��� ,----���.���   ',':-.
~   ' DATED-.it Vanc'oiiver. 'li.C:,  this 19i'li da v.
of September,.l?21.: '.        :.  .-���.'' ";'.        ": ������'.'
..McDiarmid,' Sho'ebotiiam' it".McDjARMi��".'
���'., ,,' 1 Solicitors for the Corporation"of the
"���_���;       .- '-   City of Gieenwood, applicants.
In future the Greenwood
Garasre will be run under the
management of C. Elliott and
W. C. "Wilson.
Mr Elliott has had a wide
experience in the repair of automobiles. Any work entrusted
to them will receive prompt and
careful attention. A special
plant is being installed to handle
storage batteries in the most
efficient manner.
Order your winter-'supply now
JOHN WYDER,    Box 615,"   Greenwood
Send Your
BOOTS  and  SHOES -"
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and--material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Fire .Insurance
and _
Real Estate
Royal Bank Bldg., Grand Forks
Physician and Surgeon
Hospital Phonef 90.   Residence Phone 69
Ageut for   Chevrolet,   Studebaker,   and
Overlaud cars.   Garage in connection.
d. Mcpherson
clothes cleaned
pressed andj��epaired:
Certificate of Improvements.
"WATERLOO No. 3" Mineral Claim, situate
iu the Greeuwood Mining- Division of Yale
Where located: In Lightning- Peak Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, Solicitor, as Agent for Charles Morgan King-ston,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 29153C, and Francis
Edward Rendell, Free Miner's Certificate No..
332S5C, intend, sixty (lays from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpobe of
obtaining a Crown Grant'of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, tinder
Section 85, must be commenced, before the
issue of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this ��>ud day of July, A. D. 1921.
Dealer iu Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,    Have a buyer for good ranch
Synapsis of       ^.
land Act /"mentmenis
E".-W.- WIDDOWS01N, Assayer and
Chemist, Box biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper'or Lead
.1.20 -each. .Gold-Silver J1.75. Gold-
Silver-with Copper or Lead fo 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. - Silvei-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for-other metals, etc., on application.. : " :���
"Notice of Intention to Aptfy to Purchase Land
In Fairview Land District, Recording District of Slmilkameen and situate atout 7
miles West of Mid way, B.C., and one mile
north of Meyers Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that Frank Roberts, of
Kettle Valley, B.C., occupation farmer intends
to apply for permission to purchase tlie follow-
iny described lands: Conimencing at a post
planted at tlie SoiitluEast corner post of Lot
SOls, thence West 70 "cliains, thence South:40
chains, thence East 70 chains, thence North 40
chains" to point of commencement and contain-
iii}-; 240 acres more or less,
~ Dated July 26th, 1921.   _ ��� ���'
In Siinilkameen Land District, Recordine Dls
trict "of Fairview, and situate atout Four
Miles North-East from Westbrldge on Kettle
River. ��� ���
, TAKE NOTICE that Asa Carl Mesker,
of Midway, B.C'occitpation Railway Conductor, intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following- described lands:
Commencing- at a post planted at the
South-West corner of Lot 890s-thence East'
about 35 chain".; llieuce South 20 cliains; thence
West 20 chains: tlience North following- the
meandering-.-; of Kettle River to point of commencement, and containing eig-hty acres more
or less.
.      A. C. MESKER,
Dated 19tli August, 1021.
Send a Float to your friends^at
once. You can get them at
The Ledge office
I 7A ��tQV Stage twice daily  to  Midway  meeting Spokane, Grand
:"----y-- Forks and Nelson train; leaving Green wood at 8'a.in.   -" ""
For Qroville,_.Wenafcchee and Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fart* SI. 50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage. Free.    Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayin_\        - Auto's for hire Day or Night
V ���,. '..;We carry_j&��^0ijfc^^
: Off ice Phone 13;.\. V -;: |||J|i|7g|7^g7|t^Re5i
. ��� ��� Sealed tenders will he Received by tlie Dis-
trict'Forestcr; Jv'elsou, not later than'noon on
30tli day.-of September, 1B21-. for the pnrchas'e.ol
Licence X3-487.. near Rock Cr"cch:,"tb cut 50,000
board feet of San-logs 3,000 "Jcu-n Ties. - ���' -.'���
-" Tliree jreni-s w;IH-Jje 'allowed for removal
of timber."" . ; .'
Further particular's of the District Forester.
Nelson.- -   .    .--
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brickbuildingand finelyfuruishedrooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -   Proprietor
Nicely furnished rooms, by tlie'
--.   day, week, or month
F. MfsOfl
���:':: V-DKNTIST7 7" ;7;v;-;'���
7' Corner. Abbottr&'.Has^ngs StreeLs'."7V
Green- F6re^^a^^8i^^.g|^ci^^
.:       returns. xxx:xx xWSMxxxy :9Mx&:
'. citizen; iW^^M^S^��W^^^
dividends-- ^x^^^^/S^^^ff^^&
.    who J^i^^fei^^^luSjgS^^^^^^^g
;'Each,tree ^^^^^^^0^^^^^^^
-: - "'ployfflenftblpmlo^.isOone'r^f^
No timber substitute,xM$:
provides ���5utetftri^f6f^W-aft|^-i
The Lumber traBi$7;talled:> mi^^^W^i^:
Colmnbiaa prosper!tir. -P'xxx
Keep the.inafkjK;^
^ :������������"''��� spelislpslf
Minlmum-^prio* of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-cl&M to
$2.60 an acre.       ,.
��� Pre-emption now confined to njr-
veyed lands only..
Records will be -granted covering only
���> land suitable for agricultural purposes
Mid which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange   for   adjacent"   pre-emptions
��� with joint, residence, but-each making?
nacessary Improvements on- respective
claims. ��� -
��� Pr��-emptor�� muiv occupy claims for
nye years and mak�� Improvements to
jralu* of $10 per acre. Including- clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acras,
oe|ore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 8_ years, and has made proportionate-Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or otner cause, be
granted Intermediate oertlflcate of improvement and transfer his claim.
��� Reoords without permanent reel-
denpe_may be Issued, provided appll-
��� 2ftl* mak-ss improvements to extent of
$100 per annum and reoords same eaoh
- year.   Failure to make improvements
.M\recordmsame will operate as forfeiture.    Title cannot be obtained in
*!$?*���$&$ B ****** ,ln<�� improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 5' acres
oleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least t years are required. ,
^Pre-emptor .holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
IWlf ^i--1.0?1 ��ctual occupation, pro-
���.!!.* ���t5tutorJ- Improvements made
'-Md- residence..maintained on Crown
granted land. A  '
JCrnsurveyed areas, not" exceeding io
fSu^�� k.^kJ^ liMJ? :wf homesftes;
yH.*** b�� obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For graslng and Industrial purcosea
*"" ���weellng 1-10 acres SS? '&
leased by one person or company.
timber land! not  exceeding   ��  acraa
Sf5L5!*'>Ji^,^M,dj oondltrons InoluJJ ,
payment of stumpage.     i. ������ :
Dy J.?;stm.* r<*a��s may be purchased
condltlonaTupon construction of a road :
iS*J,em- '.-R'wt* of-ona-hiuf of costof
road, not exoeedlng half of purchase
price, ls made.-      : /Xy   X^^^
v .-������-. ACT.    ;:
The scope of this Aot is enlarged to
Ing with
tlpe wlthinTvbl��h- the helrs'of "devli
r��*r after the conclusion of the present
5��cti?��u7prl^*# ta ������*>. ^^-
No feag relating to pre-emstioni ar��
due or ^ayablfbjr soWiers "�� d��!
emptlons-TtoMaiti&fSU ��. ft?8
T*?M-.*r- 'S^ItteTfor five yeirs.   "'
Provision for return of moneysT ac-
*T&J** ?��-??_!__����� P��--��mptions.
#?m? -Sias^ ���*-��&��"-
Allied Fc
dlreot ,
���id_hy piembers of
from en-
���U��.pVROHAJJg^|rTROWN  f
'Provision made7 for t__V_a_.e_ ���t
Crown ��*nts to siA-p����5S{5SJJ 25
Crown Untt, acqulrtnirSShUfroS
burchase, lnTW*-*"-* *������-���-������-   --*^"-i'
fillmeat it ooni
terefjf and 1
it.--i*W.'~ for -'.;'B7it��-Mt_o -:
 ollfvejfock Ihdtwtarww-
vldes for graan�� districts and! rwge>
administration^ under Commissioner";
Annual-ffraslng permits Issued based1
pn^numbers ranged: nrlorltyfcr ��stab-
���Ufh��->;_ owners.���-.;k{ock.9mien'���.- m_��-
form Asgoolatlons, for range mansie^
m*nt^ee, of partially free,    ^--
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining- Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,'Copper "and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper? Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and 2iac
x;*** m******** t**-*.*******-!'*
Cbc Bumc Botcl
nelson, B.C.
The only upyto/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class   ��f
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.     "", \
First Class Cafe and Barbershop
Steam Heatedj Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all trains and Boats.
I For Good I
Job Printing
^development 0
��� for wttl����. campers
to tea.hMii
���*:':��� t����-
g ���Economy and Satisfaction 3
% combined with Promptness 1|
p are the features which go to |��
% make up the Service we give |J
B our customers.     Are  you 3
| one of them?                         |
Bxxxxxxy Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
^777.;^;;77:7VV7VVV(R.uledor Plain);:; *    '   '     3
gPSSfeEnvi^iiw^BHlK^^,-- 3-
S7?:V;V^:-V^V^-77^V(A^:Sizesy7V ^yXXxX y.XXX:i:-      ���      "'     -   3
. 7--r :TjB^7|^ia^.I^sVpt|^
"���E^|>ir&77:V7-V7V':J:V;^ '' 'y~X^iy^yXx:'^XX^X0^XX^r^
.- ;y. X^^te&&&^ ������ ���'' V7: ':��� "


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