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The Ledge Oct 2, 1924

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Array ���f\
������_?....'������'���   v
Provincial Library
Vol.   XXXI
No. 10
Now is the time  to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
/ Every Thursday
4 lbs   Tins   @   80c.
Crosse &  Blackwell's Vinegar
White or Brown "per gallon $1.20
New Patent   QUEEN   FRUIT JAR . Now In
For Quality and Value Order From '   Phone 46
All Accounts Must Be Paid
By October 10th
Mazda and Carbon Lamps
'���''-���'- . ,V-7'_.In_AH Sizeay}"}-'}"-lxz[X-[};-)[ y-
yy-'r.   f :^>7;7";-:i25^ybLTs:;';..' xxy-' y/y
~FHONE~.1T-ry-.-;7y- ---,-���-.���y- -,--:-.���
���-J ^ -FHONE-ZiTyyyyzzyy yy-yy-y yy   xy   GREENWOOD X^
! ��S��K��ES��S��E*��
...    We carry only the best sjpck procurable in ;'   ' '.-������
Beef, Ve��d,fPork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
'-[-���  A trial.wiH convince you...f   WV.f .   r
Auction!    Auction!     Auction!
Why not realize on your ���
Surplus Stock?
.Cash-in hand, is .better ��than a 6
mouth's Bill for Winter-Feed.
Terms Reasonable
Ladies and Childrens
Woolen Gloves
Fancy   Handkerchiefs
Call and inspect our goods
Greenwood Theatre
Commencing at 8.15  p.m.-.
When Millions Don't Count
JESSE"X.-.LASKY Presents'���'
Jack Holt
- .-.- / :,.       -.111
.The story""of-'-a rich uian rwho al^
ways got what, he wanted���-till he fell
'm.love.   And-how he ha'cV.t'o.-lose '
everything else, to win the girl.  -Big,'
virile drania bristling .with.dramatic -
.-punches.- .Eva Novak.is"the girl,- ..
- Peter'B. Kyne wrote'the...Story".
-':.������       6���Reels--6
-.- Also one reel comedy   ��� '..'.-
;    -���>'.'"Alice-at" Seaw
The Consolidateil iiiin| 1 vSmeltiii^ Co.
���   of Canada, limited. x:x:X]yX'''xx--
Office,-Smelting and Refining Department 7.   .. -  l.
���;;...-���:.        -. '      ;7'' .TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead aiid Zinc Ores
'Producers  of   .Gold.    Silver,   Copper, f Pig  Lead   and Zinc      V
7VV ."--'"- .-������TADANAC" BRAND
' M
.Three".year, old cross-bred Holsieiu.'
Large animal;' .Will, sell reasonably for
quiet purchase, ' "' ' -     -..."".
-"   X .���"���.; SAMUEL F.RETZ;   X
-- Greenwood near Eholt.
X Five Roomed House, good condition^
water and light,"in Anaconda."Apply
THe Ledge, Greenwood, B.C.   -
Minister in charge
'.'' Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A V.V
"----f;.-.."-: Green wood
.Sunday, Oct. StlJ.
Service 11 a.m.
Greenwood 7.30 D.tn.
Card of Thanks
Mr..and Mrs. E. V. de Lautour
wish through the medium of The
Ledge to thank all those who
rendered such "Vid. and were so
helpful and generous ia so tiiaay
ways in their recent sad bereavement. The flowers ..were-very
much appreciated.   .'������"-  .;-v'V7:
Midway Warbles
7 Do.you" know that next Sunday, is Rally. Day at the Presby-.
terian . Church! Last , Suud&y
evening, the Greenwood Church
was crowded. Will vMtdway do
less? Noi Let us do. better:
Let us have an overflow meeting.
II. aim. then is the hour and see
that you get there. It seems very
difficult to ge.t tip for church on
Sunday mornings doesn't it?
Well let us stay at ..home this
Saturday evening and be fresh
for Sunday morning.
Beginning next Sunday let us
get the good old church going
habit once more. It will do us
all good. What.-about leading
the .way you, members, of the
Farmers Association?. - -��� 7-Vf...   ���
John Wyder has bought a
Chevrolet car.
Mrs. Thos. Moore was a visitor
to Grand Forks on Saturday
Mrs, P. E. Crane is spending
the week" at the Bell mine,
J. W. Williams, of Spokane,
has rented Mrs. Mace's bouse on
Gold street-
-���' Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Garris and
two children left' on Sunday
for Spokane.
James Fisher, of Hall Siding
near Nelson, was renewing acquaintances in town on   Monday.
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
Store, Midway.
Dr. G. H. Acres and H. A;
Sheads, of Grand Forks, were
visitors in town on Thursday
Mrs. Lulu Varney arrived from
Vancouver on Saturday for a six
weeks visit with her sister, Mrs.
Lester McKenzie.
John Campolieto left Sunday
for Nelson where he will reside
with his uncle, Chas. Maglio,
and attendschool.
Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Johnston
have arrived from Rossland and
have rented the McCrimmon
house on Silver St.
An effort will be made to. revive the Boy Scout movement in
Greenwood. Notice of a meeting
will be given next week.
Tho& Scott,"sales manager-and
B. Hodge, salesman,""of the Columbia Paper Co., -Vancouver,
were in town on Thursday  last.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sutherland
have moved into ��� the Caulfield
house on Kimberley avenue,
jwhich   they -recently  purchased.
\ Fa if "Wheat', and' Fall Rye'at
Brown's Store, Midway.
P. H. McCurrach has resumed
his duties at the local government office after being in charge
of the government office in Grand
Forks for over two weeks.
A, H. Miller, of the Dominion
Observatory, is spending a week
in Phoenix. Mr, ; Miller has
erected an aerial and observing
station in the Granby "machine
shbp.': '     -WW" ������ '"'-"- 7 X-'' -
j���The; King's ��� proclamation':-declaring ��� Monday, X Nov. 10th"
(Armistice -Day)" .'"as".-'af "day -'of
.general. Jthanksgiyirig'.^; through^
out Canada, .was. published in
last week's CanadaGazette;
..Dr.; A. Francis -has. been- delayed at Armstrong owing" to the
indisposition of his partner! He
expects fto. be. in Greenwood in
about - ten days. ? The Doctor
contemplates, buying. thef equip-,
ment;for his operating room .before' returning,
_ The.Rally Day programme -of
the Sunday School was, very sue-;
cessful. The-boys andi'the girls,
as usual recited -well" arid - the
whole programme was enjoyable.
The attendance:mightf have been
greater but, doubtless some were
holding7 back for the evening
Service.  '-���,.."���-.""./   f
Mrs. Benson,: mother of John
B. Benson left on Tuesday ior
her 'home ih Sweden, going by
way of Montreal and New York
and sailing from, that port bn the
Drottnrnghblm onf Oct. 11th for
Gothenburg.. Mrs. Benson was.
accompanied by her three grandchildren. '" -"'.-'
Deadwood Camp Active..
J. D. Graham, of Deadwood,
has made arrangements with James
Skelton, of Spokane, whereby Mr.
Skelton agrees to perform a large
amount of work on Mr. Graham's
claims in Deadwood camp near
Greenwood, in return for an interest therein. The claims consist
of the D. A., Prospector, J. A. C.,
and several ungranted .claims.
A 3-drill compressor and equipment have been ordered from the
Canadian Ingersoll-Rand company
through S. A. Williams, agent, at
Nelsou. For the present a gasoline
engine will drive the compressor.
Mr. Graham is now busy preparing a site for the compressor
and putting up the necessary
building such as a power house,
bank house, etc.
A long tunnel will be driven tb
cross-cut certain leads and surface
pita and cuts will be made to determine the trend of the veins. The
ores in this section are very similar to those found in the Providence mine.
The starting of work in the
above camp was welcome news to
the citizens of Greenwood and
everyone hopes for the success of
this new venture.
^ Mining Notes
The Providence mine will ship
40 tons of high grade ore in a few
days. ��� .-
C. R. Garris is in Spokane making arrangements for the driving
of a tunnel at a lower elevation to
tap the ore exposed in the upper
tunnel of the Combination mine.
H. Wilsoif, a practical miner,
arrived-from Spokane this week to
work at the Spotted Horse the
property of tbe company he is interested in. Mr. Wilson was recently employed' at the Hewer
mine in Idaho and reports that
Harry Hewer, formerly of thia
district, who, is in oharge, is mak-.
iiig good in this enterprise.
Joseph A. Frank, of Bridesville,
was. in town Thursday morning.
He and three men are busily engaged performing several .assessments on the Altoona mineral
claim in'Camp McKinney, for its
owner Thoa. H. Greevey, a prominent lawyer, "of Altoona, Pen.
The claim is. to be surveyed as
quickly as .possible and a crown
grant applied forf f.   ,.-_'���������'<������ yx
'''.'-'; ���-r-������.   _.,-.-    ���
7 J. --W. Williams,1 of Spokane,
president of the Jubilee Mountain-
Mining company is speriding.a few
A*y& _��L.flown, ���__'in ..theinterefctV ot
his:- company avhich is . operating
the Spotted Horse mineral claim at
Greenwood and is well pleased
with the progress of development.
At present work is being carried on
in "the tunnel on the south side
and the 'pre . showing looks very
.promising; :;.In a few days the,
crew will be shifted^ to vthe dast
tunnel which will be extended 300
feet: Tliere is over. SQtonB.of pre
butf but., a shipment- will hotfbe
made* for. a few, weeks. 7-��� f .
: The company is planning on installing a compressor and. during
Mr. Williams stay he has examined
a ��� number 'in the district.-, Mr,
Williams stated that he is looking
into the advisability of., erecting, a
concentrator but this will hot take
place until spring. In the event .of
a mil! being constructed it will be
built in units and will handle the
ore from the Spotted Horse7 and
also treat, custom ore. ;-��� This will
be a great boon to the district and
will,be,an inducement to the own-;
ere of many, promising claim to
operate their properties.
New Kyne Story Screened
V Marking the third of his . widely
read novels and stories that have
been adapted to the, screen, Peter,
B. Kyne's "HnmaDizing' , Mr,
Winsby,", has been produced.by-
Paramount under . the title of
"Making a Mah,'^ with Jteck
Holt as the star.. The story is that
of a tyrannical, snobbish young
man who goes to New York and
through a chain of circamstances
loses his money, and everything
that would identify him. He undergoes all the experiences of a
down - and - outer. The picture
comes to the Greenwood Theatre
next. Saturday, Oct. 4th afe 8.15
p.m. 7
A .one-reel    coniedy     entitled
/'Alice a6 Sea,Wwill also be shown.
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. W. B. Fleming returned to
Greenwood on Sunday.
Major R. Gray has returned
from a visit to the coast.
Pete Rock is out of the Trail
Hospital and at work again.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 'Roberts left
last week on a motor trip to Salmon
Mrs. E. W. Thorburn has had a
radio installed and is getting very
good results.
On Thursday, Oct.   9bh" will  be
held the Sale of Work, Etc., under
the auspices of the Womens Aux- B
iliary.    Work, Produce and Candy
Stalls,   Bran  Pie,   and a Shooting
Gallery to amuse the men.    In the
evening the Banff  Orchestra   are >���>
supplying the music for a Dance at .
9 p.m.    Admission 81.
A Public Meeting was held in
the Co-Op Hall, Rock Creek, on
Tuesday evening, Sept. 23rd at 8
o'clock, to meet John McKie the
member elect for the. district.
Major F. E. GloSgop was chairman
of the meeting and in opening it he
explained that Mr. McKie was
present to be enlightened on any
local subject any of the electors
might wish to bring forward before
he leaves for the Session at
Reference    was \ made 'to   the
rumors    going   around   that   the -"
bridge at Rock Creek and  also the
one at Kettle Valley were going to
be superseded by one somewhere in
the neighborhood of Mr.   Harker's
house.    James Kerr told the meet-'.
ing, when asked about this rumor, -
that he had certainly heard  it and
concluded   it   was   a   matter   of
economy on the part of the  Bridge
Engineers and it was then  pointed
out to him  that it would be in-f;
flicting a hardship on  those who   -
were already  established adjacent
to the present bridges.
Mr, Hulme brought up the subject of of the appropriation for the
gopher bounty which he considered
inadequate. Mr. Jackson pointed
out that there were .only three.:
gopher infested ridings |n the province and the apathy of the Coast
representatives, to this subject,
made it very hard to get the Government to set aside any money for
this pest. :
-= Mr.  McKie   in a Bhort  speech
emphasized. the fact that he was
there to meet any of the electors
and to know their, wishes respecting "this   part of the riding and
assured, them   that   anything   he
could do at Victoria, to help them   .
he would be most pleased-to do, to
the best,of his ability."'.
7 Tt, was felt by those present that
the action of Mr. McKie in coming
in this'manner to hear .first hand,
an^wishesr the-electors-had-in���-;
view,  might well; be. followed by   '���.
bther"-M.P.P's.'   . W' V-' > '7
Two Men Shot atf Curlew
\. Ari American.dry squad officer
was .shot, through-the- flesh in
front, of the stomach, andaf'-liquor ,
runner was shot in the ��� shoulder
and-back on .Wednesday   night
near Curlew, Wash.:.
- It appears; that  at ,12,30.a.m.
Wednesday f two   American   dry
squad   officers,'.' Messrs.' .Murray,
and Saddler,- were, .watching the
road near Curlew., f On seeing a:;
car, suspecting it to'- be,a liquorf
runner, coming from the direction '
of Danville,. Saddler., went to the "
side of road .while Murray moved
a few, paces, ahead  and  flagged
the car, whieluslowed dowa-as if
to stop.    Murray  stepped : to-th'e
side of the car  and immediately -
one of the men in the car7 drew a ;
gun. and   fired  two   shots,   one 7
of which went through. ..the flesh
in  front   of   Murray's; stomach.
He fell and the car moved rapidly
ahead swinging  of in ;the direction   of Tbrpda,'-and-in passing,
Saddler opened  fire .but .the car:
kept. on. 7 Saddler then - "conveyed.
his comrade .to Curlew1 where fit
was found:that the bullet had apt
injured the stomach and that he
had a good chance of recovery.
Before.the car was. pursued. Bill.
Gallop, who.owns a ranch near
Toroda,: arrived in  Curlew fwith
Toby Payne,  one. of -the liquor
runners, to receive medical a'tten-.
tion, Payne having been wounded'
when making a get-a-^ay.    He
was shot in the shoulder the .bullet passing through his neck and
lodged ih the jawbone" pa.the;
opposite side.     He also, had , a
wound   in   the back   the   bullet1
striking the spine and. he is not
expected   to    live.     The   other
liquor rtmser is still at large.
��= wsflto^au.i&.-.-.rf^w.iB. f
the ledge, ;a^IN1porSSli,
I ill?
tions   hero
rills !
Sensitive Mechanical
those   of   thirty-eight   years   u-go,   ih.u| ...  .   y.x   ...
Hulk-tin  says that   Uie capital invest- | Wonderful   Swedish   Invention   Opens
ed in Uie electric light and power Jn-       and Shuts Regulating Valves With/
Superhuman Accuracy
A mechanical device so sensiiivi
dustry in America has grown from
aboul sr.O.OOO.OO'.i io more ihan $tf,-
Self-Operating   Railway
that   ilu.'. breath  of  u  child
into ' a    funnel can release
power    to    lifi mauy ions "of
ind  so sensitive to" tempera-
Progress Of
In j lure that ilie heat coining i'rom rt
mail's hand helu near..a..metal, strip
will effect lhe same re-still, has been
perfected in Sweden after three years
of experimental ion and through tests in
Ingenious   Electrical   Devices  Used
Operating Line At Wembley
A  '-never slop'   automatically  operated railway is In..opera!ion at We.m-
ibley.     Tliere. are one and a half miles
| of single iracl; and ihi-ee-ijuariers of a'actual use
j niih-of double truk. The speed var- ��� This remarkable multiplicationo!
io throe miU's an hour j power is, however, only an incidental
s,  lo  twenty-four  miles   feature of lhe apparatus, ,which lakes
.      ���-���  ,'an hour in the open.      It i.s an t-ntire-   ihe place of a man in iiu iiiiiiisirial es-
Bulletin  Reviews  Development During . ,  . '-,,.,-
ly auiomaiic system, without  drivers. ��� lablislimeiit. opening and fcliuii ng all
Last Forty-Seven Ytars , .' .       , . -,.    , .in v _ .��
 "' '""-'   -������'"���'''  i.v..i,,._.       l-.aeh ; sons of regulating val^-'s automatical-
Electricity XXXXX,
Electric   ligln   lor   ni;
Coney   Island   was   first
lit   bathing
used  In   1ST
mid the .war bHorc JSoston put in its !
first sirei-i eiec-nic lighting system.     '
This  statement,   wiih  cithers  show-'
ing  lhe  development   of the industry.;
was made in  Ihe. Jinllcain of thc-Na- I
tional   Kleeiric   Light  Association   for
.September,  in  a review  covering  ihe
last fori.v-.seven years.
In iis review the bulletin says Unit
in 1ST!), Herr Fiewith described a
method of giving i lectric shock io bees
in hiving swarm, removing danger, of
being stung, for ilie bees are unconscious from ten minutes to eight hours, |
the lime varying wiih lhe-strength of I
the shock.   ...Other interesting deve
conductors, signals or brakes.
car is tilted beneath"-with rollers en- i ly ;liul with an accuracy ihai no hu-
gaging a coniinu-us spiral below ihe J man being could ever achieve. . -
u-ack. The spiral propels lhe car in! The. new nppai;,ius can,-for example,
the same lnanner in which an ordin-. keep lhe {ei.iponiiiiro of a room willi-
ary nut travels along a screw. The i lug a quart er of a degree of the value
space between the loops of ibis spiral desired, and can keep steam prssure
'.is decreased   for a short  distance on ! froni changing .more than two ounces
the StointaGh
'- ,' '      ���' ���"  ."-I���: >
Britain's  Changing SHpres    ���";
England's   Average   Yearly    Loss  .By
Coast  Erosion   Is-One SquareV"
.     .Mile ''Vi xx   I
While I'Jngland is lof-lng more laud
by coast, erosion than she is gaining
through   ihe  receding   of   the   ocean)
French Ij&ve Scheme
To Detect Criminals
.Dust    On-j-Clpthing-5 Of; ^Suspects/ Is
:W' CarefilllyxExamined   '--"
aud dust upon the clothing of suspects
is a new scheur. of the- French police
Td^ffl.clf Ertfflinaisr"���z'" - :��� - - -.
" Af (er"   cross-examination^ -'ttiV^sus-
peets-.jare,Sstrippedv,of ..their .clothing.
w'??..?.!LsiL,?.^JffiSfial H^"8.!: ^ nrst exainitied under a strong microscope. ~ A
vacuum cleVnner.isaiextapplied .to draw,
out other dirt into a panf  "   '"" "
in some instances .sviiiore I borough
process, in ;Wliich;rlieatingViigui'Q.s,",is
Scotland isadding to her territory'in
ihe. process, according to an official'of | Uscd  t0 separate all particles or I'oi-
ihe Uritish Geological Survey.       ���.,','    7 eiS�� mailer.     From t.ie,di_y hus^C;
cured the deiocilvea deter in iiie'wlicth-
or Hie suspect has .been telling ' Uie
Oue murderer/iri'efd to. prove?.an/alibi
by saying that'he'hsid slept in'au open
Held .(hc.ni^hj.. of the. crime. Microscopic ' Vxtfriiiiirtiib'u' of his  clothing
The largest, belt of coast erosion in
England stretches from Whitby, Viirkv
shire,"to Lyme it^gis, Dorset, and.;1 he
worst localities are around Cromer
and ihe North and South Fore] a nils. 7
Erosion   has    also   taken place-on
both sides of a station.     As a result,! per square inch*    "It   can   also.regu-
: the-cars slow down and close up steud-
jily when approaching a station, creep
; through in eonta.d, and, leaving, open
i out again and a-celc-rat.u with equal
I smoothness. At a staiion passengers
'merely walk in or out, i.he cars being
open on (he p!;itConn side and provided with posts and grip handles io as-
late electric, current, speed, dampness
or dryness, density of liquids, vicosity
aiul vacuum.
'i'ilis new ri.'giila lor.: which- was invented hy a Swfdisli engineer. Jtag-
nar Carlsl.edt. is based on one of the
simplest of all nieealinicai' iirinciples,
namely  tiie   harnessinij   ol"..it   flowing
accord'ug    to i.he  Uulleiin,
In 1S79, a London engineer invent ed
a system of Hashing names of stations.
Jn railway cars to do away with "Indistinct calling of porters."
In JSSO, iho port of Havre was illuminated with electric light; Montreal harbor made its installation permanent: the British army i xperiindited with an electrical range finder;
'gypsies in Belgium used electric
lights io ai tract, crowds at fairs. H.
(>. Spalding went to HolyokeVMa'ss.,
to experiment '.villi a new idea of
lighting a city with seven towers 75
feet in height, carrying arc lights of
MOO.OOO candle power, the light to be
projected into the sky.. _-- .... -'���-: ,":_'
Sir-'Ceorge'.'.KllIoi'f in JSS'I. rspok'c of
iho probable exhaustion"_o'f the- coal
supply .-an .1 - predicted > ��� t-lectricity . as
the niotiye foi-e'e ot7the' future,, - in
ISS2, sixieeir'niilt-s'o'f railway'in S'wit.?.
��� norland.', from St .'--Julien, in. Savoy,"" to
, -Fernayf auU'/G'eneva,-. vere" {-leetrifled ;
���' thirty .electric ��� eon)panics'; iu ��� Kiiglatid
'. had  af "capitaliviViVibiif-fof '' $2S,OOO;0O"(5;
. .while - iii. America fimird l.lian $-18,000.-
-; O00,-was;.-iii"vesied in" the industry;' ihe
first central-;-iliHlon was put'in opera-
,��� ,iion'iu N'e.w yp'i'lc City.      -7      " -    '
.Jn    this, "coimeciioii The New Tork-:
" 'rimes of Sept. 5.' !S82."'is. ((iioledf. "The
iirst,, experiment- of"..lighting ".sections
of tlie.u-ity.Sviih .Edison's.incandescent
. lamps:" was '���.made* "successfully'-   lsi'si.
, evening.,. Xlr.;;Kdis0.n' "-has laid-- :1S
miles "of- wire'fi; in:;pipe.i and has plac-
- ed- L(>,000;;!ahips "in stores'ahd 'oltlces.'
The. ivbrk-hns.be;n'c<}mphHed-in: a.b'oui
. athir.d of the seViioir,-. and 5,000 lamps |
along Kix.niilc-.s of wire,were burning
- InsP nigiift.'.""-.- Lights-half'1 a mile'-from
" "the. supply- .station., burned .as briglitly
"as those in ihe-station "_". x\��y
. sisi in mourning and dismounting. The   eiirrent of water.      In other'.words, if
���whole of the railway'ls conirolled from   it. js desired to open or shut..the valve
a    central    station    by au .auiomaiic j of a .steam"  radiator  iu .a' room,' this
This comprises ingen-: work
is  done   bv.-turning on- .wafer
some parts of the west coast, for alon'i
tlie north shore of the Bristol 'dhan-4slvow-^'-tll-'U)i:Uiti^^leptjii,a <[iuuTy:.
no!  i here used   to  be a  great  forest; -Wn-m'su^nefl,^^
which is now under the sea..    At Ten-.?��*��! with a murder by    means    of
by parts of the tfee-TJttimpsfcaiiVtllf7-.?��X^C:-frojuul.;o^/^lp^
which the victim" had 'torn froni his assailant, and "\vjifcli'twas ;l'OU!ub_at ihe-
fscene of die crime.������._ .-���*.:-
;���' The.chief value of the ii|.\vj'tilan,.hras
'.Been in breaking down the bravado or
Criminals, ^'ijh^y "frecniently;.eonfe.ds-
'.wlion shown that Their "first' 'stories
���were lies. ���-.-j'VW.. .-���.���.���.     '������--,
be seen at low tide.
Jn ihe flJUi ceniury, hisjo.ry,, relates'
Iliai there, wiisa great Hood in Wales;
and land which is' how it7 the. b'ot'i'oni"
���of ilie soii in Cardigan'Hay' iva's"l'bgl'-::it
tliat lime. 7^; ���;���.;-..-��� !..���:. ���;^/!. ' j ;:
- Of l-eceut-years- Scotland -has been-,
sleadily .gaining. ..laiul in, Uie.,Solw'a>7
Firth, arid' Gretna is built on land do-;--'
livered iip: by/the.:"sea-; in-ftlio. course;or,
years. 'Xy.
"Tfie; process  of Nature  cannot';bef'
ions electrical devices operated by (.lift i nresutire from one of (he wi'ler nines *      "       V ���_ '"    ' '_   \ ", X"    '���"      '   >'���>''
���    i.�� �����-"'<- in"-' <->"<- i"  iy. "-...lei   ijimcs��| snipped, bin only held up .in..one place
pressing of buttons.
Boots For Vegetarians
! of tin; house,  inroad _b!" turning, ft he
valve by hand.
Have Conscientious Objections
Against Leather On Humanitarian
Boots for vegetarians'      Thai's the
latest    problem    confronting    English
shopkeepers who find themselves pesiV
ered by women���and some men���who, |
objecting to leather because it conies
from  animals,  demand-   shoes    made
from subslitnles.
. During- the   war -l-l ��� different   sub- j
stitiiies "for "leather "were evolved, but.; ,y..ubt.li;iWi however.' foi- bnlv (he iVafj.
only, two, If is" und..rglood...l.avo. sur- \ ,.uU ^orilcll ],eaVri.as any;commercial
value.- and "io i.rnnsporl. fhe -wh'ole.log
j.would'make even I ha f not' worth-the
cost :'bf removal.- '.���'"'.' :... ."   ���'-,
Making Use Of Ants 7-
Burmese Sandal Wood Merchants Find
���   Insects Aimostflnvaluablef
���   Most  people regard- anis' asia rniiis-
an'C'e -in a garden  or al fit'iiicniC-biit
llie natives of t'lirnia haveTouhda-iTse
for them. ,   .       ������;���..        ;-,.-��� ........ . Vf
^Tliis coiui't-y,grows,and imports;sandal wood, one. of "ihe must valuable
ami   beautiful   i.luibers   in. ihe -world.
a I  the expense of another." a geolqg-'-
isl   said.      "ff-'in : one parlicular spo
EnterpriseV.OJ5Bfoy Scout-X;
Sold Old Bottlesi"to'cRai:5e7.;Money-jto-
:; - Attend Empire.Jamboree__,.. >
"} A Boy scoutSfcfopt^tl "a:,".s"li;ange\l!-1-
:vic-Nc" to collect siifhricnl rash to gci
ihc progreftj-.is.barred ..by breakw-aters' Lpveiv i, toi the Enipne jamboiee lie
ihe sea'will eat tip- ilie-amount' it: lias'-ihad beeu lmesung and^ tiading loi
been thwarted; of. at( Uieriioarest. cqhrVmoinh^ 111 old ho 1 le Vand new spapei s
he   neces^aij
Vim oidrl "IoMjuiI"1
list: as -deadly I capital      CoW ie<iiilrciV- loi   tlie (up
venieni-spot.-'..-.iy .......
-Tlii' atmosphere: iis
a "tbe for soil cliffs as is \viVieV:''"''7ji.v:j-1.iiiv'sho^s a it "il^pirit ol enloipiise
looking-a.tacliftfs ahgl��:-to the. sea! !it;7aiid 1 11 ninipluoJ pluck _._om 1 what
is' possible[itX see    wlietlVer    air   .joi';j umsi  h.uebeen    a    natuial    .ipatlv
"Say  - Bayer Aspirin''
INSIST! -Unless'5' you see'the
"Bayer Cross" on tablets you
���-are -:not"7' getting fthe   genuine
Bayer Aspirin proved safe b^
f milljonsand prescribed by phy-j
sicians for 24 years. . -i
fi   ^^ Accept only a
*^ , vBayer package
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
"-Also-bottles of-24-and"100-^Bniggista
���A��plrln_..lB . thcC,lr*d<i..,rfl��rk ...(registered ���)n
Canada) or Bayer Manufacture "of' "Morio-
���celluifldestcr ol Sallcyllcacld    ���
Krtn ftouili Ah nan lad should leant
something iiom (his brne example
and ic.ili/e ihat nothing is impossible
The bo\ 111 (inQsuott kne^v ihat he had
"boots for vegeiarians". are now be-in
inade. and placed on the market.'..   ..; --
"T]iey'costb_e;.woeii live and sixdoi-
lars a pair,, and,' despite" tlieishoe-.-
makers'V familiar- ���,iti'sislahce_--'-;tb��� -.ilie.
contrary;: are declared to-be iis" good
as'' !i?ather. "though:���'-'iheir"-soles.-.are.
soniewhat:-stiffei: with..soinewhai.--le'ssj
"give."; -.   ''   ,.��� _   '"'"._���    -   f   ._-   ,";,-' , 'i.
"���There is ho -nhtrket'.f.or iheii),"except: among.those, who have' conscientious ".-objections 'against leather .on
humanitarian grounds. ��� But._lji.ii marf
ker. .is 110 .iiicoiisiderablef one,, according" to af-.siiopkeeper -who-ia.s'.hegun'.'i0
cateiYio'it.- "- - - '-'���'���'    --���".,    '" --.7 .'. "
water is Uie worst enemy. ,    7' -z
Should ;t.he cliff lean batiloyarcls' frpiit
1 li0" seaf tlie 11 1 lie~a'(mbsphore1 is ca'(.-'
ing  it awajv <iiiicker..ihaiv the vafer.
he greater, pari, of every tree felled   On Hie" oili'er'baiid.Vhouk! it overlijiiij? ��� to get  COO  _ lie =tiuggltcKind '-tioie
Uie sea, wafer. .is doing  Uie  work>')>?.] for months, but was far ol�� his goal,
desu-uclioti. ..    " jj f-j Yet, when the public learned thc his-
-7-Thef reason Uie east - coast",. suffeHfi f.ory of his big light ^feai'nshfodds,: with,
.most' is; :-that if, "consists^ la'rgely; bf-j all iis picturesque Ueiails,"Ii30lne'"'pel,,���'
chalk-' :md; clay .'���oil, while the west!
coast ,is iiiaiuly'-hard rock.. .. , ": j
��� England's average yeariy . loss of
area is '.given -by one authotily as a
square' mile.-   ' -       '"" ,.
' So ihe. tr.ees, after being stripped--off
iheir    branches.:-" are.-   a 1 loved-10 .lit:.
where, ihey   hav.\>   fallen". -   .The. soli,"
sappy wood.' which is. useless-in-com--
hierce,   ultra el's- ihe. "billions", of ,-afiiis
���who'infest'ihe' forest, and.to "whom it
j'L��7-a ,!ii.:bii.^   . ;   .';���:      .-"   .   ".-   y
' fn helping"-!hemsel'ves Use ant's help
the sandal   w'ood.-merchant".-  for   the.v.
leave" llie'-hartl-heart "ot:"-  liie' "irimlt-
j stripped ot', all its"   \vorihiess" ,-.iiit,egu-
InVe'ni. .aiid   -ijiiis. . "do f(>r hoi lung "ihe
-worlt of many li.iniah laborers.'"-   -"���'."
A: Paper  Age.
In.-- ]SS_.  HKH-.1 _ihai'i- 40 .
lilnite'tl.-."States; Consumes . Twice
. ""'���     Mu.ch-As Great,.Britairi-.  ...
yA few-figure's show tlr.-.i. iri the. Unil-
ed 'Stales, at,least we are now iu -what
More  Short  Words  Used
may ;be .1 nily. called a -paper age.'- .. On
English Tongue puns tp.Those'of-One;
V "���-._.;   - OrTwo Syllables, -..';���_-.'-
' 'J'here fare - long" -"words, and' short
words",  .more' of, the .short than the
loiigy ,and fjt._is. to'i.he- use., bi."-short
ihe-3920   basis,  ihe   per   capita, con
-.-words, thai "the,-English tongue :seems
lifted. wiuWlectricity:- Oif-orge "sumption of ;p.iper. in Russia-   was    (,-
Gordon-".Bennett' .save- a big-masquer-,
"ade ball'at his Newport Villa in /honor
pounds  and -in  .T'apuu  12' pounds;.jh
Scandinavia, a";region of general' edit-.
sons, (unknown), saw; to 11 thai, the
gallant light of (he scout should not
go .unrewarded. It would be dillicuU
lo visualize a belter, example of the
value of delermi.Kition.���Johannesburg
Times.  -        - - -       ',-....
j f       THIS WEEK   -      *
O T-'-V-."������.������-���r- ������r ~-~-0
Casiing all- youi-'came" uponfllim: ^ for
' - ., f-l'Ie caret h for you.--.'. Petfc-r .v. V.
electric : catioii. if was-33 pounds-and- iu Ger-
Anlnir,.   and
profuselyVdistributed"--'nV"��>'.  tlie   most' thoroughly 'schooled
'nation in the-world, it was 45 pounds,'-
of'- President--
lamps    "were.
Ilirouglioui- the house and.grounds.'
��� In.-lSsV" af social' notice -in:'a London! b.ut -'t}��Js was-by no means  lhe "limit
- newspaper- rea'dV^'Knndolph Cliurchll'l'l M ili? san!0 (iiu'- lhf' .per capita.coti,-
..i.s-. a" perfectftype of'perfect gentleman: {-sumption of paper in Great Britain was.
"ills "house is'-appoin'tedcomnie il l'aul J"76 pounds,, whilein she United Stales
with electric-lights- tiiWery rogiii-:"- ��� -j if .was:.lof! "pounds or"."-in'.-"other_ words,.
������-V.'.-'--.��� ���. "-���[���'-" --���'���"-' ������ -���- --"^? j more than,, three 'limes the consiimp-
��� j tion in Germany and practically,'l-wlee
' j ihat-in -Great,Ilritain., , This is con-
-j-vincing-'-evidence of tiie >yide-diversity
of;tlie. lise of "paper hi this",counlry~
Xews Print Service'-Bureau. -  :: . .    ; ,
NeiVes Gave Uttle Rest
Relieved  by Lydia E, Pinkham's ��� Vegetable Compound
Temperature oi Earth's Centre :
Dr.-"Adams.--Reckons .it  To -Be-- 2,900
.;...'. ..Degrees Fahrenheit      V���  ���
I>r-.n: I;.'Adams oi'tlie Carnegie ln:
siiUiiion,'   hasv Ju'st /Obtained-.a.good
medicine before my baby .was born and-; the. "lower  regions. ��� .-; it   is-.f-omewhat
Fi!IEiISIIUi!lil!!ll \lt wi*&-a--gre"ait",help|m6re" than. :_-,96of'degrees rFalireiiiieii,"
'   "  \0 take it. I just felt H" decluetions-.iu.e made'by .working
as though I'was tired j out artificially-, in fliis .lab"ora't.oivi;hea't'
out all-the time and conditions as--ihev.-:��xisi"itt tli'e''bowers
would take weak,)   ,. ,,   -��� .,,. _ Tt.   ,-,.    /-   -.,
fainting spells." ~My'j��- !he ��al'th-   His-indicators have rec-
nerves"would bother7orded. 2;900 degrees.':   Such, extreme
inje until I could" get/heat-cannot' be. controlled, except under; exceptionally, high /pressure. ' For
that -purpose; rj)r. .yiams'/has ,:devised
a bomb capable fof-'./,-wltlislaJidihg';"yX
preisEiire  pi'   1,000,000 -.pounds../to' (he;
square inch.   ' The: bomb, of course,
to rtin.7""rNo! "lo'ng'lago1'- a-���""gro'ifij "";bf
scholars chose what To tlu-iii wi-re the
big words' in.-common: life, and- lliey-
were ail.short words.- -
Take tfhat.otu'side of us. .the. mystery
of the world,, how it .all'falls-info (lie
open span of short-words.:"'Sky", siar,
sun, earth, air, raih.-snow, iree", grass,
wat.er, "grow.; -'-."���<- y ������-.,'.. ;
; .Arid ihe things more. near, to-.us -In"
the way.'of;-life���.that wor'd'--;Jlfe" .Itself:���man, woman/child, food/drink,
fire, home,-lovej wbrk.-play.'     '"'-.."   7'"-
-. The things', of X. he - spirit."a 11 sa>l ��� in
short words:- Faith,' hope,-, fen 1/'grace;
strong,-weak.-.wohder., '.'-,-7 '/" ."'-
. And then .those' two'- ��� iu finitely; decisive' vo.rdsv-Yes. No..' ��� '��� *__ ,..;.���
.-. -"Most, of tliein'.words of one syllable;
too., .Bveuf :':syl)abie!" mighi f haye
-been- written..'.'part."--D.earborii Independent.---;   ��� 7.--..V'���..'        _-.-_.' ���'���: : '   '
V Clever Sheep  Dogs
Remarkable   Performance ' Was - Given
"   ln;.Competiiion  In .Wales .--
At'Uie Vale of- Llaugollen- sheep dog
triais there: wer.e -remarkable pei'form-
sui'ces.by'competing dogs from-all'over-;
the- Kingdom"; and .llvei'aiert. afnimals,
ihey-; were,-'-with./rather" wh.vl'ui little
faeesi '. ' .."'."' .-��� .""'-.".;'-    .-;���'      f-  y
One- oiv.'tlie 'most, wonderful  .(rials;
was when two d >gs wei-'o used fey oiie
shepherd" to guide slie/epVloiig the de-
viousairVst of a.-hill,that -was- known'
only- (0 tlie sheiiiirrds.' ..Ea'cli.dog had
lo recognize.and act upon the \yhisile
nioant--by the shepherd for.liSnvalone.  , ���-,-.- ���,. ,,- ,,, , .   .
^     ���_, .       -.-   - . ���    -.  ,,  ,   -   .   -     ,,    ,)an;.i:nai-l-:-oidttty. no-msj.i!r;iig
-Qne.dog. was sent, up .on.Uie. right side.;. : ������ .���'v;i' : ���..--.
of'iheliill and "the-oilier on the, left, j-   :-x r" ~'XX~-
���-���--���      , -      .-. .. '-���- .-    -wc-.are. then
The dogs..wei-e instructed solely, by. tlie-;- -.  ., .,-   x      '
^yyy*>e����yyi>yyyiysito:::Wi i4_���-_��u-,
little  rest,' day  or.
night-1 was told by a
friend to take. Lydia
E. 'Pinliham's Vege-
table"Cojnponn<3? and I only look a few
bottles and It helped me wonderfully.  I
would recomrftend. ifc to any woman.   I ... ,
ani doing .what I can to publish this? may explode at any time under such
���-.,.-rV[icro:Analysis.:-offFeed Stuffs
At" the-; Oltawa '...Laboratory fof tlio
,I),ohiinion Seed liranclT"there is'aV-ell-
equipped' section" for'/'mitfro^uialysis.
Activities inf-(his section' lia,ye- .been
dir'epte.d-mainly to'.the *1x'ain'inalipn"qff
ground feeding siuffs'-saniples. that'-are
submitted by.. inspectors/ 'I'he .-suspicion of adnlteration of any feeding
stuff may- be corifirnied by ihjs new
analytical' .service, -and with most
samples "it-is pos&Jble.tq Jiiake-a'/iiuaiiV
titatire (leterminaUon/thai.Vs^reiisou':
a.b.l.vfaccuraie iii point :of'percenta'g��-.--
iv varying keys.
' Jock, at ihe
would '..work"
aiid :
to the right,'and go straight.ahead".
. "",    ."-������" .-',   7- fit" you- fear... ���'"--.-
Cast. all. your care on God;   that an-
.'��� 7_chor holds;���Alfred 'I'tunysoh.-���'
And .so" wheii .we are .lost 5a' the gi-eat
maze, of life, and v.,imder-i.bro'Kgli_ilio"
streets of.-T._iis world . feei-jis'-f.h'r.t. the
'familiar path is./rone, ,v/hoti v/ef.-.'ie" g-j
11 Till   ...
xii'd" irn"f7w Tizi irxiFm
it oarirusl in-God-'Joe-r
earn' ies=��)us "%.*_ "ahouM
... i
i.direction or "nuinliily; we learn ;o,-"vJst
Mrs.    George.    Lefebvre. .St. Zeubn,
Que., .writes: "f do not" think there is
any   other - medicine   to equal Baby's
Own TabletsJ'or .little ones.      1. have
used them for my baby'and would use
nothing else."      What Mrs,  Lefebvre.
says thousands -of other mothers say.
'They have found by trial    thai; ' the
Tablets always do just what is claimed for them., - The Tablets are a mild"
I   but thorough laxative which regulate-
i i the bowels and r.weeten the stomach
ami ilms banish Indigestion, constipa- ���
lion, colds, colic, etc'.   ; They are soh!-'
by medicine dealers or-by mail at 25
cents a  box  lrom  The Dr.-Williams'-
Medicine Co'. Brockville,.Ont.
'.Made the Hotel Business .
���O-ie, of.tlie leading hotel men of:fbe:
united-". States . at-'clares , thai  prohibit
lion, instead of killing the hotel- bissi-
I ness",'has-actually made tt-.-'-Tle-snys
: tlx'.i- more nioiieV    was,   invested -.hi;
j h_;>iols_in^.tio_GnU��tl__3tafes_in_lhe,.p:isr._
four,    years-   ihan    la-the  preceding'
'Cwei-it'y-'seren.-f-O'.lawa Journal. "   '  ' .
Jock,at the sound.ofa certain'note...,-   ,  --  .    ���   ...    ���   ..      .   ,      -
- -   - -     --    -     - - ���-, ..��� ��� I our cava, on ilim ',v*ho tares fer us;  tve
In-   a little;   two. sharp I-. ���    -.y _     ~ - ��� -,.���.-_���-; ." "    -'.-_ .   ,-"���--
.   ,.     --,'.;���       ,,'"'���   ,      -,    -|iejarn. tobe. grateial ;or,evHi-y kia-jr.'j.'is
whistles and Lad would cease bearing  ,,,���-: -,,',:.   -, ,.:   .   .,"     "'.-7--- ���'   ,
thar. others can,00 .���,__;; and to r."sp::i.t.
good medicine^   I lend that little book
you sentmeta any one I can help. You
��;anwith the greatest of fpleasure use
my name in regard to the Vegetable
Compoundif it will serve to heljrothers.".'
��� MRS; Harvky Milligan.R. R.No.2,
Harrowsmith/OiitarioV - .     .7,     ���   ".      ^,     , , ,--���_,_..        , -
��� .-/'.'-,   *,"=*'  --;-   - shackleton s,boat,. 22-ieet.   long, -in
���In a recent canvass of'purchasers of  whi*hV-.Vm__._W__.>
--��t_  -a   D_-_t_-&.~���'__. ir^^+^ui* r>__~. i ���_?".lcl1 -Pe. maue .uie
terrific pressure, so Dr.' Adartis and his
assistants work behind a wall of steel
plate. ,which, fs reinforced . by-.., -two
thicknesses.fof hi-avy oak.boards.f   '.- -
W World's, Largest -Paper 'Mil!
- It is "reported, that tlie. world's laf'g-
est paper mill ls planned ,ror..Northern
Ontario. - It is to liaveVoOO. tons capacity, and Will utilize Smoky Falls-, on
the Mattaganii River...capable.of making 200,000- h.p., and. the largest and
best power site-In. Ontario, north oi
the St.; Lawrencef  :.-:T-o-.l'ee'd. such a
Lydia E.  Pinkham's Vegetable Qom-. \
;... .fampus-,.,-voyage I gigantic.1 mill- there remain-"tintotjcb-
_asd 58 cat of every 100 said, they bad
been helped by its use.;. This medicine
Is far safe by aU drnggistsWVW^jg..,;
W.   H-   V-< 15.14-'.-'
Georgia Island -in "qtiestf, of afiil ."for
h5s'.exyedH��on,'-has;-"been presented to
(he/fiplofei's'/oiJ-..-school, .-/Dulwich
-  CoHeg��"-.
ed some of "the best; pulp-Huii-s iii- the
north:';/. W>-W ff/7f"f7.:'-' 7f"7f-
circtilar 'movement or."the.shepherd's
arms.and Jock'skulked,arouiid to the
back of.the sheep, while.-i.nd/ ;ii -the
sound of-_is(ace?lo-n6ie.fro"ze in hta-
-tra.cks.' -'"" ;. '. -"���-' ' /.- .-' ' ',,.'.- f -'
.- Lad' never acted on whistl.es meant
for Jock,, iibr Joek on tlioto 'intended
for his partner.' The, dogs ^yould fiy
iike arrows after- tlie'iVantlc sheep, or
at ihe sound _oi-n,flow, cpo-ee whistle
would sneak -"cautiously; behind -them.
,atf a riaii'spa'ce. ���. , _" '   '_,-.���
...When 'the dogs were n'otfat work,
tliey-were full or'play," bu.t ��� on 'one
whistle, from the shepherd all antics
ceased, and;tliey Svere-"as heWous";aiid
in lent as; the, gho'pherd hiinsclf.     /
all forms "of- life, .and cull n-.j/man.
raou.���James Fr"eeniaii7C!at-Ue.
"" f Opportunities In .thiS-.West.'' ">
-" ''-'If tlie scions of' rapidly /decaying
families ��� "off" England of" liigh .social-
position and general education wourtt
i but' come to ihe Canadian'west io'set-f
lie, it. would do. an immense, amount
of good, bosh'to" themselves-and to this'
country," ,said .the -" itt. Hon;, Lord
BledisloV Chairman of. the Roliiani-
st'ead .Kxperimenta!' Sfaiion at i'far-
peiida'le, Kngland-.while-"oh a'.toiir of
Western Canada,     - ."_������_.        .    '--'f X
.Trade-With Jamaica -
iii: the slump;.whicli ilie fruit trade
-o I Ja m ai ca". i s, exi>'e r i e n c 5 n g,- a direct
'fruit'-trade with Canada, is being advocated as a.remedy;for .the*country's
economic illsVCanada being /regarded
as.tlie'iiiost proiniciing of possible new
markets':    ''���"- '
.'' .>;-_ew Wheat/Grading HiQh
' New. -"wheai- '.is ; now "poiirihg- into-
WiDijipcg.: pai'ticularty-'.from Manitoba-
poinfs. - '~\w- sliiiiniehts already re-.
oeived indicate a high grade this "sea-.
son.." Vo.ats.and barley "are also grading-liigh'. :"-':ThG new.' wheat.-is. qfex--
colhiiit-iuijllng cjiiality..    -.'..-
Eacli of'/l'h'ef seven, woiiieh- members-
of parliament In .flolland belong. Co -.i
different political party.'   - ���"-"   ','���.-. .-
-.A'-.species of acacia found in the
Sudan is konwn locally as. the-whistling tree. The extiemely Jioliow-
shool-shealhs produce a sound as.loud
as is .obtainable from a very.-sw;;e'et-
��� toned fiiite.--'."'"" .    -���.     ."..--���'     ���-  . 7
���. The' King' aiu". Queen.'of.'i<_ngland
luive. presented the -TJritish '. Museuni
"wiili-a pair of ivory leopards./   '". 7':.
< Deranged Kidneys
-���' may in. time lead
"to" serious: illness, f
. If you / detect an y;
symptom:take Gin.;
l3ills.     They '.will '.
If the.Wprld:Stopped Whirlffig
Rotation-" of the  Earth  On  Its Axis  Is
')....      Gradually Slowing Down  )X
.'Heading a paper before the Uritish.
Astroiiomiciil   'Societv    Dr. A." Q'.j 1).
Crommelin  said  tliat  the rotaiioiifof
tlie '���earth''"on  its axis  was gradually .
slowing down. * '    ��� \%,\',
_if'5'No>;one need; beebnie alarinedViyer
the situation," Dr. Crommelih said to���'.'���
'aii������? 'iiitorviijwerff "The slowing'-up
-process; lias.beeiii gqing on for..ceji{ur-
iesf ami nofliing.sensational litist'conie
oui oL il Jl it did stop things might
become 1111 coniloitable 'llie * sun
would "ynue on one'" .side onl%, _\\ Inlc
lhe oiliu side would be mapped in
110/en daiUness and the^moon" might
v ini^h li ihe caiths motion slowed
lo one Vof.ition a \ear,""he added
each dm would be one jcai long as
the\ aie lhouelu to be on lhe planet
Moicun - It will take a lew handled
million vi.u^ bofoie the rai Hi's motion, at its pie^ciU late, is letaided lo
a point wher" it c-KaiN actual discom-
fori       - *
Bricks, f were-, in u?e,:conslderably
; 1 more, tbah afilioisjancij years sgb. ���_
(AtseiN Packages ISfaEO:
59 li
.���*.    /l,aClV- J. yJ\X>
j    JL   J-.
dammm .it-m<my��mmfp^^ y
i ,      " '       "       -' r-���    s *���-"        -���-.'-   ^��- -s.   -X.  .5 _</���'_. \.j. ,- ��� ,_!���_. ..__/ \^    J g    ^4 _A V_.'_; L'.V ,_. .i, ^ ."
\:i >..'i.ufi
: Ol ] inya.-���It. .is a nnotinced ... by /the
Prime Minister that tlie negotiations'
villi^A tis'fralia'���'-.wliiclH haVe:bTJeii"car;"
ried on-forsever'a'-. months -by- .Hon..
James -A.-j Ro,bl;��� Acting .Minister of
Finance^ aiid'Hd/u Thos.-A: Lo'wv-Min-
ister of Trade:-and: Commerce, have
rV.suited, in tlie conclusion of a trade
agreement between tiie Iw'o doiiiiiiiohs.
fhe agreement.is-of a, reciprocal na-.-
turevgranting tlio Dominion of Canada preference'" Jn many lines of export, in return ' for which Cariada
agrees to extend . equally, favorable
treatment to. various-Australian products.  ;,
No .details' of-1he fagreementswhieTi
lias beeii conelu'di d' were madfe-public
here and no indication was given of
the products wliich woidd be granted
preference by'Australia" or'those which
Avould receive "uuorable tic-atm'ent in
Canada. ��� _.     j
"It 'is anticipated that the agreement will do much to encourage trade
ii?ong reciprocal lines and' to cement
further the cordial relations existing
between these two parts of the, empire," Mates the oflicial announcement.
Hard Problem For Turkey
Country Has No; Funds-to Indemnify
Turks   Returning   From   Greece   ���
Constantinople.���Turkey, has'a hard
problem on its hands in the 350,000
'Turks.sent back to Turkey from Grecian 'territory, in exchange for the
2,500,000 Greek subjects ejectc<j lrom
Asia Minor. , 1 "      ;
There is a laok of funds to indemnify- the 'Turks who came back homo
fend no' money to erect* houses and
put'lliem back on the land in Anatolia.
/ /'Turkey for the Turks,^. stilPcon-
tinues to be the slogan of Nationalist
politicians.-' Anatolia has (been torn
by war for so many" years that .it
offers poor returns to /Turks who had
been .more fortunately located In
Macedonia' and other parts'of Greece.
Prince In iavor Uf
| S Second Season At Wembley
. ;?: London..���Great interest, is  ex-
j/pressed by the English   press   at"
; jilic announcement that "ll.ll.l-I. tlie
:fPrincc of ..Wales, when staying at
��� ;Qttawa, will act in his capacity���as
/President  of  tlie  British'*Empire
��� -JSxhibition/in trying.to induce tiie
j_C;uiadian Govcrnmenl. to favor and
l:Siipport a second season at Worn-   ,
.: 'nicy.
It   is    recalled ./that   the-
VPrince, by- hi.;    interviews'"with'   ]'c'
Vltight    Hon.'   W.. S. Fielding'iiivd"   Z
jl'TIoii. Ernest Lapointe, df/the;Caut   .
'/iidian Government, liad much to do
I /with   securing   Canada's '���"���original'1-' ;
./participation   in    the  'exhibition....;
I/The London Star designates  the
VPrince "our uncommercial travel-
' f'ler." V.
ingements.wiih  the transportation
.���J..'r.v.i:j_-:i;>-'���7'',":'i   '-'���'-:     V. s-:-i    j
lpanies. --":     "'"   -1
Will Brist Case
��"*F "'
Endowment Fund For
Washington's Home
Campaign Undertaken In U.S. Toward
Maintaining Sulgrave Manor
London.���-The Sulgrave Institution
which administers Sulgrave Manor,
the ancestiai home of George Washington, has been informed of .the successful mil come of a campaign undertaken ln the L'niUd Slates by Urn Society of Colonial Dames to raise an
������ndowment fund of ?i00,000, the income from which will be expended toward the maintenance of the ancient
manor as a shrine of United Sftites'
patriotism. No formal riunouncemeut-
of the gift has been made public here.'
- Planning Trans-Pacific Flight
1 Project Bejng_ Discussed- By_ Pan-
Pacific Union, Honolulu
Honolulu.���Plans ior a trans-Pacific
flight by airplane from San Francisco
to the Philippines and Australia, with
several Pacific counliies and, the army
and navy co-operating, were announced here by the Pun-Pacific Union. A
visit might also be made lo New Zealand. " The purpose of the flight will
bete study the possible establishment
of five or more permanent air lines
linking counliies bordering on the
Pacific Ocean.
Shareholders,.of;. Home   Bank   Claim
X     Grain Growers' Holding Not    ���
'"}     .     ,;Wn   ValitL-]   ?5��
.Toronto.���Arguments^ against the
payment "by sliarifholders -lilWhe defunct Home Bank of double liability
for lhe lailure ol the baiilc's. assets will
be heard hero on November 17* next.'-''
��;Ono of the transactions which will
be aired at the hearing will be the acquisition of the assets of the Bannue
Internationale which will be"declared
by counsel for the appeal lo have been
null and void. An expenditure of
afbout ?300,000 is involved,
'jit is also allegcd-"'tiia"t ^a'l.jp'ei^nsf
who hold shares 'sold 'by'tfie"Grain*
Growers' Grain Company, Limited,
and the United Grain Growers are
not shareholders in the Homo Bank,
because such shaies were not validly
" Tlu_'coiiti4biitors"al?o!lini?ge-Tli'al'''tTfi��'
Home-Bank' enteve(]7into\'_ an iY;illegal,
improvidenl, pernicious, improper,
highly speculative,. .\icioii��)cJra_uduleiit
an d' ii 1 trar vi res cont rac C 'or,1 it greeni en t-
with thc Ilomo'Saviiigs'finlit'.yoanlCojn^
pahy." '-"It- is''declared-thS*b.this��was-
not 'a banl^al\a]i1Van'a.:t'iiatbj;lictl^!'tt
million"doUarsipaidii'or. its assets^ean->
noi* tie1 chaVged again"si' tiie'lioine BaiWc"
shareholders.',-j :j.!i.n i.^,; i>r,-rivj,:i ir-.t-,
' A." \V. .^alIan lync'.-'KC^; yflip-"^'^
pearing for the liquidators, oT^tiie
Home'Bank/ sLaffed-'that" a! test"case
wouldibe ma4<3,. and upon this the lia-'
bility-of the otlieis would hinge. The
cost of-the^test' case-would-be-paid- out
of the bank's'estate. Messrs. Bain
and O'Oonohue wiil be counsel foi the
shareholders. ,���    .   -
Western Horses
*������* *\. 4> f%. f;-^ ��*       .-�����
ProfitabIe Trads^Assiired*'lf'��� Fii?anciMQ
Can Be Arranged
ian Government will"' bdy' l?0'b0;,i liorle's'-
in Alberta and Saskatchewan this fall
depends -on  two  ractors, namely.-.'its-
ability to satisfy  the Dcminion :'4ov%
| ernment. that it can guarantee the fin-
! ancing, and, second, its ability to make
| arrangements ..with
has rautliori/.ed. Barney.,. Hep.burn;>ro��:
Monireal, lo make, tiie,purchases, but
iii liiis"''offered^only ��35-;a = lieadvl^r
:transporta{ion-iroin|.tlie-pointjo.l' piir,-,
chase to Odessa, whereas it has been
found the transportation,'''which includes ihe care and feeding of the
horses enroute, will cost ?(i5 a ltead.
TliereMs ii gic<it thoitage ot hoiscs
not onl>,In the Uki.iine but throughout
Rurtti'e'on a'c'couiit'^l tfie ia\ages ol
ihe,rwair.intl-If isfstatctf tliat only the
necessaiilv high costs of tiansporta-
tio'ii,'sand difliculliesj m ananging-the
Snanciixg, pi.eveiijfji- piofit.ibel trade
w'ith Weslei n Canada.
To Leave Berlin
���Biitibh "Ambashadoi lo Geiuiatn, who,
it is understood, will lesign a& soon
asMhe p&ct'oT London ia m smooth
working orden
ii       thirteenScholarships
iiVrur   ?���: XXko   y-X-i dcrun-!  yii/
V jyftaw^WThb.cenirairbiiiird1 of1^'
i-i the Victorian "'Ordei'^bt;."'���Nurses--f6'f'':-''
^Canatia/;ai{n-o'.fiic6si '-'ni;eI-H\yard'iol7t'i'
igtliii;teefi_ scliola'rsiiipsyo^
Vto;^yeil-qualift^d;;mirscsf'gra^ e'
goty*''sl^iidar(l;'Vi(jspitat-'';i Wiiining-^
j? schfodlsf wliich wllV eii'iib'i e'tli eriiHo:-i'
jliiUie/ihejiniyei-sityeoui^es in piib-';"'
j|iic.lfekltii at tkevSevei-aifCifnauiitrr1^.
ijunivorsitlils offering sucliVc.c'diir.le. U:
| The "awards' tor .th'e'iiiii \-er|li y "year vt
| i?'24-25'iiiclu(I^'Mi^ lifaki-l iVi-uiV^1'
Ji jcerljKdmontoi:,' Alfajfo 'the. Unl.-""'','5
rfyevsily of'Sritiiii Coiuniii'faV".01^ "
+! i ��"'   ���"'���'��� ������'   '���'.'������''-.:   "j.ji-.ui \. :���:������_lo ;u .-
5 :���_!' *v~ i.  . ��>���_ ,7 -7  ^   y  ry
,vBj>rlin ���Tliev German 'Qpvuiinient: is
drawing up a nemoranduiii setting
iorth thO-.conditionSiiiidcr which Gei-
many-will 'applj^ Id'r'" iiiembeislup in
the League ot Nilions The nienioi-
Uiuluui \\ill,.be ftpnt tp,;Ul ot the goy-
pr, r__ifi___vfAr^iii -     .    *������*�� ^___t >-_;,.kV .��_  - ><.* _i
��rnnit>fltfr_.^*lli��lL_.'i_:'_P^��einbeis% ,oJ__|he.
p-'iaSuaAoJiUcIl.^rnfl.^i;!!! TqtTorUjLihe,
Crernian desiiQS tnd conditions
i ~r,_> t,v _,    ..-rt        - '
I The memorandum, lUis understood,
! ask^ doiini^Lo enlightenment as to
whetliei Geimany jg_ill be ofleied pei-
manont   seats, m   the,council of the
league and it wil  expiessly dcclaie
that Geimany'stejiiiT'iilto the league
iwotilcTinno ti'stf iHiplj^realliini.ilioiiiii
Border Smugglers Fined
Also   Pay
Avalanche Sweeps
Swiss Village
Twelve Houses Crashed and Number
Of Inhabitants Killed
Herno. Switzerland.���A landslide
obliterated a largo part of the mountain Ullage of Scnieo, Jn Ihe Tepsin
Canton, crushing twelve houses into
min nnd partially burying tlieni. The
destruction was increased by a wild
mountain stream which overflowed
because of the landslide and inundated
part-of the village. A number of inhabitants were killed or swept away.
Always Pleased To
Visit Western Canada
Looked Forward to -Rest on Ranch
.Says Prince
Winnipeg.���On his way to Iiis ranch
iu Alberia, the Prince of Wales stopped off in Winnipeg for three liours.
His programme was quite informal
and bereft of all ceremony. At the
Canadian jNTationul'statioirlie was met
by Mayor Farmer, who expressed his
pleasure and the gratification of the
citizens-in general at the visit of His
Royal Highness.- -The'-Piince said "he
was always pleased to visit Western
Canada, and he was loolting forward
to the rest and recreation to be obtained on his ranch. A representative of
Toe IL also was on. the platforo to
greet the Prince, and tliere were present members of Uie railway staff and ��
few citizens.        -   - ,    ~"
It, is   also
tics;- f j>"r   -
undei stood ,tliaf    the
memorandum will request infoimajUon
a$Vo..the���obligAUons Geimany would
undertake   tlnoigh   membei ship,   e&,-
�����!.-.        ..,l.i .J ll   r *1 I    |  '
pepiall} jegaulinjr the tianspoit oi
iorpigu ti oops ��i hi ough Geimany foi
the aiW-tanec o! a neigliboiing state
which might be attacked bj a thud
On.this point the German Govein-
ment contends that such tianspoit
would imoire a bioach ol neuti,ihf>,
especially towaidr Ru&ii.t, and that jr
miglit.lead to hostilities
The memoiau'lum, which piobabb
will be submitted to the Governments
concerned at an early date, will Inst
be examined by the cabinet and b\ the
Government of the iedeial slates
Greece Preparing To Pay Debts
New York.���Greece is preparing to
dispatch a special mission to the United States for the purpose of funding
and concluding arrangements for the.
gradual repayment and extinction of
lier war debt to the United Stales. It
is to start immediately alter tlie parliamentary elections next month, and
will be headed, according to present
arrangements, by Georges Roussos,
the present Minister of Foreign
Fire Prevention Week
Ottawa.���Fire prevention week was'
proclaimed Sept. 24.     It begins Sunday, Octobt)   5, aud  ends  Saturday,
OetolTer 11.
Minard's Timbers 'up stiff joints
and tore muscles. Splendid
for rhepinatisni and bacKache.
Want Western Director
Saskatoon.���One of tlie two vacancies on the ..Canadian National Railway.* Board of Directors should be filled by a Saskatchewan man, a Saskatoon Hoard "of Trade delegation will
teIl..Preniier King'when he visits this
city early in _October. A large proportion of tho C.N.R. lines lie in Saskatchewan and Alberta, but" these provinces have no direct representation
among the directois.
New York Bankers
Looking For Business
Interested   In   Prospective   Boirowing
    By Canadian  Provinces
New York���Tne Tiibitne says that
the bond market is much mteicsled in
projected Canadian financing. Quite
an amount of relinding and new boi-
rowing by the Canadian piorinces and
municipalities is in sight and New
York bankers are hoping to get a huge
share of the totfil. The paper says
that pieliminaiy enqunies weie le-
ported in connection with a Manitoba
refunding lo<in of $17,000,000 and the
City of Toronto asked lor bids on a
$1)500,000 loan
Thiee U.S. Citizens Must
Double Duty
Moose .Taw���Customs ennuis me
taking stepo to check smuggling,
wlych has been c_uned on on a l.uire
scale in Southwestern Saskatchewan
AsJlKyesult oljhe acuutj of Ihe
Fedei_\KIniniigra|ipn and Customs Ol-
ficeis, NorvallShuitlowoitli, ot Uiebolt,
ND, and Feidinand Scliiiiniiiei and
Funk Bloomquist, al'o Anieiican citizens, weie fined loi tailing to legistei
then entiy Iiom the Stales 'ITiff
fhiee men wen^aTscT^frtilSl'^iTldei^nie
Schi iinmer, .who/oiferated gllieif/smuggling on a partnership bims. weie each
fined  ?50 and oideied  io  p ij   double
clu<JV - > j*. L__t\6^<. 'yi^iXj. s-a^-a1-'
! ^hullJcwoLUL-was^fouiid^to,. liave
been . smuggling ^adio ^sgtSj.mip^Can-
ad.i. lie wa.o. lepnuianded and iTuiig-
ea double duly fl^Hg^. oA1 .,^.
| C.^Liv^ngsl.on^ PI ^^1.1^.^1??
near the bolder, was lound guilt) of
(winging [\ nunibp^/^uto^iobij^^ito
Canada and he, was,,chaiged  double
i      ,   ^. * 7'1 t  .   ^j.i*>��� jo  i--i yy
dutv   ,���   _������ .   ,    ..,,,     , ,���.P
11 Philippines Not�� Exempt
S)X'X.      yXsryyXyv.X.yty   r:y
U.S. 'State'fbepaVtme<nt<'RuVes: Volstead
r\: x'X Act Miist Be^Obsei-ved0 >ia}:i{
ft Wrasiiti'igtc/ii'.':,%���''''Tlie' eighleoiifli'
aniendment to the Lilted Shites con-
sililii'lioii'h^s s'trhtoheiLout us loi bidding luii'ds^to lluVpiii'ippiiie lbland^
Undei ( a" legal decision holding shipment io Uie Isl.t'idb of llquoi'loi ber-
erageT puipo<-es fo be coiitiary to1 the
amendment', the State Depirtnieni has
In-l'taicted alt United States consular
^Hicois to de^efme (o clearS essels^iih
siuli destin.ilion" ."iid.Crirgo'" I"""
t   Dmclosxne ih_i:.lsucii oidets had been
issued last   fiine v .fs h'.ide h\ the ��le-
_j     �� �� i    i
pailmpnt   on ( uceipt   of   disptucfn s
fiom Manila indu\Uing <irbehet on the
,liniL cutlovpinoi, flenfial Wood, UiaV
ilu,  Philippines   veie  e.xeinptQd^fioiii
the,Volstead Act, wluVh^a Depaitniert
- i xj -��� . . , i      t
of. luslice dcrimon has held,to be not
<   ; \.        ��-�� - v1   _   ->       r
tlievca?>��? >(   the  uispalches  n poi fed,
Uiat OeiiQial Wood-had lecpjosled 'thai
ihe Urn ted Slates    consul    at f IJo'ng
-Kong, China, be   jiisiuicied  "to,Vs��ue'
bills ot. health lo \,essels,sailing fiom.
Ihai,   ]ioit   ior  'i'ie Pliilippnies -"with
llnuoi. caigoes niucaiing, lie belip^e'd,"
the consul was refusing rltaiancc.'"be-
cause  ot   a  misiindeisianding/of Uie
law ^    -
io c
) I
Settlers Leaving Drought ArSa
Edmonton.���About 100 settleis' lam-
ilies have ahead> moved out irom
drought-stiicken areas in Southeastern
Alberta to new locations in \anous
parts of the province, and inquiries
and applications aio still coming in
daily. The movement, it is thought
Is now well under way and is likely
lo assume somewhat laige proportions,
though still falling slioit of an\ thing
like a stampede.
Would Continue Act
Toronto���The piiucipals of Tonmfo
public schools have gone on recoid as
favoring a continuance ot the Ontario
Temperance Act. Fr_-u that easier
access to intoxicants would increase
the traflic fatalities ainong school children is gnen a piomineni place in the
{preamble to the lesolution.
Manitoba Crops
Winnipeg.'���There is decidedly more
agricultural optimism in Manitoba
than is usual at this time of the year,
it js disclosed in a siatement Issued by
the Provincial Department of Agriculture. A small percentage of grain
remains to be cut,-and in Southern
Manitoba about "0 per cent of the crop
is threshed.
No Women.Justices
Melbourne.���The Legislative Council of the State or Victoria, by a vote
of JS to S, rejected the Government's
bill providing for the ajpointmont ot
wom^n r.s justices.
British Navy Not
At League's Disposal
Home   Secretary  Make-s Clear  Statement To  Dispel  Misgivings
O-entia���The    cleai    and    precise
slatement of Ai'inir .Henderson. Unt-
,������ t
ish Home SecreLuy, on the attUudo ol
Uie Uritish delegation on the question
of the use of the liiilish Ihet in enforcing sanctions) against ,t.i __ggn-s>-
sne nation, it is believed, will dispel
any niisgniugs wliich may Ime been
entoitained in connection vith lhe
niattei in tlie eai her'stages ol the discussion bj tlie commitlee ot ui&aiiiia-
ni ent
Mi Heudei.s'oit declaied lhe Jlntish
Govemment had no ideaof phi chip
British tioops or ships at the disposal
of the Council ol the League of Na-
Jions to use as'it thought, (if, nor e\ei
had such an idea, and tneie -\\as no in
tention whatever on the pa if ol the
Government ol conveiling ihe league
into a vai council and imposing on it
the but den of conducting nuhiaij
campaigns or ni\_-_l opeiations
ff..''Ottawa.���"Vour    Children    will live
"to strcr^aucouver-tlieTgreatest-city-on--:-.-
the Pacific coast,;; declared. Jltoger W.
I'iabsoii, hea'd^o'i"'ilie Babs'onStatisiical
.pi'giinizaUou, New'Ydrli.- in' addressing XX.
tlie '.Ottawa. 13oard of Trode.;    ;-    ;������. : , ���
;.,"lviirqpe    has    shot lier boll.;...-The..,..,���
.greaL ^rade is now with    llie    Orient.
ThV-  great iria'rkt-i  of  the 'world  will
bi-i otV'flio Pacilic'radieriliiin on"!ilio    ' -
AUantic." lie-added- In e.vplainiiig liis; ZZ;
jjirjipliosy.:    -Canada,'.'   lie added, '���.'is     ;
destined to be a j-real. exporting counr.
Iry.._Vj?Ji!l_..C.ounlry has  the greatest
-Wifaliiiof raw niiiteriiUs'Jii the world.""
yflii'- thing lor Cai,ada-io do isao'idei.
t(inline to control ihe \u��ild inaikii-,
bj] selling ihette luiid.uiieiital n.iiuial-
m houices  _ 1 bil��i\_ I will live to sto
the dav when lli<>  United States will_
not export one bushel ot i\ h* ai. Can-
tlda'v.ill-eontiol 1 lie whe.it maiki-i    I
b^heie the Dawes icpatatioii plan will
help_ Westein C,i- dda ''
'"J'lie jjiospeutVol Canada doT^Tiot
di'pend uluniatelj on ,tlie banks and
_.iailwa\s, bul on llie thauict'-r and
_tlu\ bas.ic leligion ol rs men, -women
and cluldien Men ol Canada, I think
j Oil will ���_(-! the bjialung of Un dav n
in 19M^.~-   ��   ^. .=.        .   ^
|Sm\e\ing , Hi a. ^^usiness,   tnaiuial
X-  =.
and ��'oonomic-"��tthifion both in
ada and ihe Cnited Mali s, Mr.
sou" allirm'.d  lhat  Canada' was head
rr,    '
nig lor
limbs >-    'i'he irudju&L-
uu-'nt lnow going   on  -wa-j-liniu   (i\o-
c-iiiih^ (omplt'ted, he
[birds to
J.,-   . -
��� i The* facts  on  -w hichl he  based- his1
New Discovery On
X-Ray Treatment
Secondary Radiations Chief Curative
Agents Says Philadelphia
Wilkes Dane. Pa.���Discu\eij that
the. secondaiy tadiaiions fiom the
Roentgen tube, and not the piimaiy
X-rays weic the effecthe ones iu the
ueatmenl of malignant diseases may
open the way ' fer mom sucreasful
ueatiuent of cancel, Dr. Donald BtitK
ot Philadelphia, told the lloineo-
pa'tluc Medical Soeiety of Penns\ Iv.iui.i
in annual contention lieie. Di. Hutt^
aaid lie had found that tlie Beta rathei
ihan the Gamma __t>s. of ladluisi accomplished the seduction of cdnceious
and othei diseased ti-tue-, and the application of the ne^ principle \i_i^
'constiuctiiG and uot t&uMic oi destructive "ns is often ihe case in indium tieatinents ot canc��T at present"
iusseidon, he s.ud, im-io That
lie-fs Unltiies" loi Uie in si
lnojfilii-o! "1921 showed a 23 per cent
decline''-"(.oinparcd- 'With tlie Vones-'
po).Wigci^iioitLor 19"2TJ, lailuies, with
-l^abililiF^riiad dsn^s'spd 10 per cent ;
p\i.oif<_' lidd'incieased JO pei ct-nt-;
and Impoit* d^tirased a like pei<ent-
"ageV wag.-" indcj, was do\\.n li"P per
cent Vand b'liluing and commodin
liiieps~^ere down Iiom 6-- to   '.'0   per
H   ( W__   __T^   j w l   ^ L
3ceiif.      ,    , ,
j - r-     d     -   -     -    . "> r
PostaLStrike Was Expensive
r.'i<      rt    .;  .,
Postrnasfftr-Gisnerai  Says   Stuke  Cost
Canada $399,000
Toioiito ���Canada's loss bv tlie pot
til^Sinko ot last summei   was fjfit',-
000, snjb J Ion   Chalks Mnrplij, Po����i-
niastei-CrPne.al, _n Kplj  to the Canadian Fedciaiion ot Postal TjiiiplojeP",
tn    inteiMi w    held m (he
( Quebec���The long discuasedvaiu^s-"
tion as lo TNliLilioi ihe Dominion o,
Canada >\itl ohm benefit malenall)
lioni the niineir-1 iiches ol the noi-
tliem islands iu the \iciniiv oi the
Aieiie Cncle, many ol -v\hich ha\e
been citiHiied lor Canada in icccm
vraio bj CJajiidiii J S. Homier, noted
ad\entuiei and Aictic explorer, woird j following
appeal lo be moie defmitel> sel lied j oflice oMhe minister on Sfptemb<-i 1 J,
with the .uiivciJ ol the steamei Aichcj'when lhf\ uigid leinstalemeni of 2!>
at this poit _ '    iikii who had bet n Jet tut      in addi-
That tlicie is awry n,bon to be er- tion. Mi Muipby -a^s tlitic was lur-
thusni'tic o'ei the almost limitless jtliei ioss oca^ioi'id to mm iduai titi-
possibihties in icgaid to the miuru:  ^ffts and to th--- jiublir becau-e or tiie
develop^i^nl ot the noiib couudv, vas
the kejnote of slatenn nts made bj
membeis of the 11_peduirii to uie Canadian Pies,s, the inclination being given oui llut, prilup.s, m a short pcuod
of tune, agents ot tho Federal Go".-in
ment %vil! i.tke steps io open up and
th'velop wli.U aie coi.sidereu lo be
huge (r^aMiic, in miueial'Oie
F l> Henderson, ot the Xoithwe^t
Tci atones and \ukon bianch ol the
Dep.iitnient ol the intenoi slued m
an mleiview, that although il would
be a liule premafiie to speak with
exactitude as lo Uio-vmIUi ot the noi-
theiu islaii Is. h�� and .ill concerned
weie slrongb o! the opinion Hint the
lefcourees tbeie might pio\e k> be ot
<-uch"a -vast and wealthy natiiie as to
astonish the civilized world The
Aictic    wont    as    fai  noith as Kane
diOop.dum oi   the senice
Will Remain Neiitral
Ba-~in, on the noiiheastein
coa-.t   of
Losses By Cattle Disease
BiusspIs.���Ths foot ( nd nioiitii disease tvhich is lading among the taiile
of Belgium his ilms far e.tusrd loa-es
estimated at 50 000,000 irancs In
August, the total number of cat tie afflicted ^as 143,392 A laigi- imnib'li
of hogs alto wert itilcken
To Make Speed Test
Washington���The na^y*^ huge diii-
gibie,   the    Slienanuo-ii.   vMl   leavt-
Lakehurst, NX, ��nlxtobei  3, for a
"speed test"Across the countrj, carry-
Study Canadian Methods
Canadian Fur Farming Methods Being
Studied By American Officials
Washington ��� \ .special study ot*
Canadian method* ol im t.uniing is
being made bv ihe dep.iument of lur
icsoince-> of ihe I'nned States Biological Sui\e>. The altitude ol the
Canadian Gov eminent toward the in-
du&trj is afso lining studied.
Fiank G- Aslibiowk. chi**f ol the do-
paitment, ha^ hi en in Ottawa Quebec and Montreal and also on Pi ince
IMivaid Inland, ���ucentK, to <-tu<lj im
farming methods eniplojid in tlifte
piicc Officials hcie sav that the
inteicn taken in fin f.-nniing^Jiy the
Canadian f,o\ernment is jnoilurmp;
ciibstant&.U ii Milt^, I.f>sons learned
in Canada will be apjilieu to lur fa "an
ing in the United ^taie-% ii<dudina
Poners    Announce     They    Are    Not
Interfering I" Warfare In China ���
Peking���The foieign legations naio -
scat a meinoiiindum to the Chinese
Foieign Oihce and to Genci.tl Chang
T_io-I in i\ai loid of M.iuchaiia, disclaiming .ui; intuition ot mln leiing
m the ptPstiu hostilities between
Clung and the Peking fto\eitini��-nt
'llie niemoiaiiduni, howevei, stated
thai ��houid loioign lni& be lost and
Ifioiieilv destiojcd, the Chinese authorities ii-poii-iolc would be held t-i
More Harvesters< Needed
AVinnipeg ���'I hi se is a known
shoitage ol maie than 2,000 harvest
^oikers in Saskaichcwati, accoiding
to II \V. Brewis, of Il(sgiua, lepu-soni-
mg the Saskatchewan Ihancli ol the
Laboi KiiipJoviijcni Senice nf Canada,
and In five da^ heie Mr ]?ie"is has
b��>eii able io iceruit only 100 men in
his effoits to reileie tbe shoitage
Commercial Negotiations Not Broken
Merlin���The Gcim.in Foreign 0(!li.f>
issued a statement "vplaimng that the
Anglo-Girnnn eoinmeici.il it^goiiK-
tions had not broken down, as r< poi t
ed, but had otiiv been postponed "i he\
will be ipsuined =hoitI\. the ^tatmiiiit
add", wiih oer\ pioi-pec* ot a *.tu--
factoij conclusion
Meted Out Swift Justice
Montieal���Switt jus'ice was meted
out  to Aimand Paul   alias Ti��'inblaj.j
h\    Chief   Justice   Decaue in the ai ',
laignment <ouit      lie ^as airested ai j
3.30 in the morning charged -with btcal- ]
Prompt���Permanent- Relief
rarely faii   Purely j&h
vegetable ��� act sptBHir*^���__,
���ureljr hut gently oa the liver.
27,000 cigarettes  pleaded gnilt\ pi !
am   and at 11 o'clock was on hisj
Relieve after
dinner distress -~ r��-
Beire indige*-
ing hpr for tbe first tiiue io the Paci-J-wnr to St   \incent a�� Paul prniitn-j  %��*; improve tiie cosEpkacJon���isrightes
fie   coast,   the navj  detriment rtn-(tiarj lo^hicl'tlir Ju*�� h.id wnrt-nt,.!}   taJ^DBil.   ^j,-^
iy-*- mwjfn ^.������-*l'n/v, .jQwii
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
An Enjoyable Service
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices .$25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than oue claim appears In notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
"'        ���    * - ���"
All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, uonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch'each insertion.
Business locals I2}��c. a line each Insertion.
. ������    . ��� ' -   ���       "  --
The blue sross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Fire Prevention
By Royal Proclamation, HiB
Excellency, fehe Governor -General
of Canada has designated October
5feh feo llfeh as Fire Protection
"Week. During that week, lessons
on fire protection will be given in
many schools, public meeting will
be held in cities, towns and villages, and the owners and occupanj^
of property everywhere throughout
Canada will be counselled to give
special attention to the removal of
fire hazards from their premises.
Fire waBte is one of- the most
serious economic . problems con-.
fronting Canada at the present
-time. The public.in general is
vitally affected by ..the tremendous
losses annually .incurred by .fire
and '":the -, enormous expenditure
rendered necessary, to. adequately
/protect.life and  property  froauits
. ravages.. ."Seventy-five per: cent of
all firesare caused ..by -carlessness
���', and   can' therefore be'}prevented.:
; The ffire"-waste in.Canada in 1923
amounted to the. enormous total of
"V?100>794>'354V.;i6 is hopetl thatfal!
���'-..'citizens will co-operate during .Fire
; fPrevention'. Week; and help bring
: before the people the seriousness
of the fire menace.   Let 7everyone
help to;reduce the ..fire, waste from
-now.on.. ���" -        .7
The church going  habit  ia one
which   most   people   in   W^sjern
Canada seem to have lost.    Had   a
stranger    wandered   into   Greenwood lasfe Sunday eveniug he would
have concluded that our  town was
an exception to the rule.   All roads
led to the Presbyterian Church aud
those who could not join  thb congregation were sorry indeed to miss
such  a privilege.    It   was   Rally
Day   and the young people   had
charge   of   the   evening   hour   of
worship.    Everyone was delighted
with the sweet voices of the members of the Junior  Choir  who led
the Praise.    The new  ushers too
did their work as "to tlie  manner
born."     The great event of   the
evening however, was the addresses
by three of our young ladies.    The
subject   waB   "How    can   Young
People bring about  Racial   Good
Will."      1st.      In   our   country.
2nd.    In  the Nation, and  lastly,
In the World.    The speakers were
Miss    Ruth    Axam,    Miss   "Vera
Kempston,  and Miss Isabel Keir.
Each in turn brought out well the
fact that unless we are willing and
speedily put into practice the Ideal
of    Christian      Fellowship    and
Brotherhood    this   old    world   is
heading   straight  for   ruin.     The
white race and chiefly the Anglo
Saxons, who boast of their superiority and  civilization,   must lead
the way.    Instead of criticism  we
must be ever ready to hold out the
helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves.     The  young
speakers proved that the policy of
kindliness and good will is ever the
most satisfactory even from a mer-
cinary point of view.    Those who
attended came away, all of them,
with the feeling that they had been
in  touch with   "Divine   Things"
and that all would be better citizens
for the experience.
One lady exclaimed "what a
shame that so few gather for the
regular weekly services and euch a
splendid congregation to night."
it is a shame. Let us get "rid of
the stigma then and .resolve that
henceforth .we shall give one hour
a week to christian, worships and
fellowship, 7 The .Presbyterian
Church is open for Service every
Sunday . evening at..7.30 o'clock.
How many; will be' there next Sunday: evening, f Let's keep, -up.=the
good habit and pur; town may yet
be known as a: Church going Corar
munity. .
A guarantee of
BquMary Falls School;
Report for September
Teacher,; Ruth Axam.
:--���  '14
��� "80. on,register).   -'   -~z.
Total actual attendance
;A,yerage: actual attendance
" Proficiency List:
.   /Grade I:.   Grace Casselmah. V -
Grade III: '���; Verdun Casselman,
Edna Swanlund, Verona Klinosky,
Louise Swanlund. ���}���}. ';[y}���' Xz]}
7 Grade IV:  .Helen Casselman.   .
7  Grade ��� V:V Zophia 7 Klinosky,
'Alice   Casselman,   Daniel    Boltz,
Andrew Swanlund.   f - ""���   7... :
Grade .VILf, TLawrence -Folvik.
,. Grade; VIII: f; Annie- Swanlund,
Annie Casselman, Caroline.Casselman (not present for examination)..
;;;'- Regular ity and Punctuality: ,;,,
��������� V Daniel Boltz,f 4_Jice Caisselman,
Grace Caseefcnan, Helen Casselnaan,
Verdun Casselman, Zophia; ��� Klin-
aaky,.... Verona Klinoskyf Edna
Swanlund,,Louise Swanlnnd.   :
in;case of your death f
ere an
More than one hundred -aiid-fifty7
traders from, the Far-North: arrived'.
in.Edmonton, Alta>, recently bringing with themfiur sales to. the vajue
of approximately $590,��a6V
-7 Tarzan Second, the largest wooden scow in the world, was launched
recently at the Wallace shipyards,
Vancouver,. B.C. She is 1,000 tons
burden and,has 800,000 feet of British Columbia, lumber ia her aaalca-
up. the scow-f is '.to.; .be used as a
carrie? for '&' great.-pilfi-drijrer, tot
, Sydney B.. Junkins -. Coiiapany;./.""'���
Two; dinosaurs have been. located']
"��� in the* Red Deer Valley, Alta.i'near
;, the Canadian Pacific Bailwayf-flifne
this .summer, .by., the'University of:
, Toronto expedition,.; composed. of
four scientists who;, prospected .for '-
.; several-weeksfiii the gorge'and aro*;
- packing " up. f the prehistoric. ..monsters for shipment to the; Eoyal .On-
��� tari�� Maseum.'- ""Another f skeleton
has been locatedfby. tfcef .Geological
..- Survey, .of J0a��syjU,V VW V [Xx [y
if you die by accidental means
income if  you "are totally--, and
permanently disabled, and ���
: -OFTHE-.'".-.'   ���
'��������� x ���_... Association - v.
-���- ;',-������-- For full, particulura write to
.  ..General.Agent,. .:.-.
���    Princeton   '���'- ���..-B.C..7
Please send-me; without obligation on
my -.part;-- particulars . ot your . Double
Protection-Policies.   -. ���-���>_,
.Vn me
- Address
Lower Might Rates
for Long-Distance
[VIEW night rates for long-distance service have
' ^ been instituted for long-distance calls between
the hours of 8.30 p.m. and 7 a.m., on the basis of
approximately twice, and in some cases three times,
the day period, at two-thirds the day rate. For
55c for 2 min.
To NELSON    -    -
35c for 4 min.
80c for 2 min.
55c for 4 min.
To TRAIL  -    -    -
35c for 2 min.
25c for 4 min.
To KASLO     -    -
70c for 2 min.
50c for 4 min.
Send Your
: To
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
AU work and material  guaranteed.    We
pay postage one way.    Terms Cash.
Office above Chas. King's office.
Open. 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
_�� .
Rates to other points are proportionate  and will be
furnished by the rate clerk on request. .
"Try This Service Tonight"
Here and There
Moose hunting opened in the Prov
ince of Quebec on September 10th
Indications are that an unusuall;
large number, of. hunters will in
vade.the woods this fall and tht
rush" for licenses.is..well under way
;: Edward'.A.-. Patterson, mining-eri-'
gineer of London, England,. visiting
Nova Scotia, states that the minera
resources of, th at. province are prac-.'
;. tically.-lying: dormant aridfthat.fwitl;
. proper-development, along scientific
lines, mining could be advanced ftc
.'first place -in, the province's industries.- -   :���    '--' -.'.
Physician and Surgeon
Call or Phone Pacifc Hotel
,'��� Calgary, Alta., is,planning an-artificial ice" rink, .because, of .the prevalence; of chinooics in the winter'
but the projectf will not be carried
out in time for,the.coming season.
. Calgary hadf to. abandon its scheme
.for-an annual winter-carnival, be'-
; cause it could not count on weather
that was cold enough or bri snow.'.
I ,-\ One ��� of.--. the. most remarkable
achievements in.-. art printing yet
produced in Canada and one which
finally disposes of the idea that
Buchf.work cannot be satisfactorily
handled by Canadian firms ia found
in the new, booklet issued by the
Canadian, Pacific.. Railway, dealing '
' with; the forthcoming 1925  Round
. the W.orld cruise of the company's
steamship   "Empress   of   Prance."
'.The-booklet contains. 40  pages -of
text and. color,illustrations,-the.lat-���
ter    exquisitely    combining ' many
'. brilliant hues in a. number f*f highly, imaginative, designs.'���
- The members'of the band of the
famous. Princess   Patricia's < Cnna-.f
iian Light Infantry, wei-e among the .
-passengers''--sailing"-for    England,
aboard! :the Canadian; Pacific liiier
"Empress-of-Erarice".on .September.
. lOifch.. Under, the direction-of Lieut."
,T.'W. James, they arl to play at tht-
British Empire Exhibition at Wem- ���'
bley. V " .-' '-.-.   7 7    ���   .-.- V   '[���')���''
.The Duke -de  Alba,' 17th  of .that
, name' and 10th Duke of- Berwick in
the ' British; nobility,  together" .with;
the. Duchess  of   Alba   and   several
: other' distinguished '..Spaniards,, is
touring Canada-over Canadian Pacific lines:   Their itinerary: includes
"Niagara'....Falls,' . Toronto, - Banff,
: Lake  Louise; Vancouver  and _Vic-
-toria.-- - '-'' V  . - :
��*��t��*t��a ��*�����������#��*���>
Certificate of Imcrovements.
^VCf'V'^Vr'��� ��� NpTicEV''j ;7 xx'.yx
VBlack:Pstie.Frac'tidhal" Mineral Clai_a,'sitUate
��� in thepreeawood-.IMiiiing Division of..Yale:
y- District..--',:.-���',': ,-\. .'... ,yX, VVV.'���--j--.'
"���'-- Wbsire located':   Oa Wallace Mountain.'"-.
".TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac Hoyf Hallett"
Free,Miner's Certificate No. 55053C, for mysell
and as Ajrent for DaTid^R. McElmoa, Free
Miner'sCertificate No. 62.184C, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof; to apply: to the Mining
Recorder for.'a Certificate of Improvements,
for- the purpose of obtaining.a Cro-prf Grant of
the above claim. -'- ���>: ':-- '���'.'���_' " -Vv ���''"���',:'���
-' -"' And farther take notice that"action,' under
Section 37,',ma3t be- commenced _-before' tilt
i*sae of snch Certificate of Improvements.- -'-' :;
-. - Bated thislSth day.of*Jnly-A.D. 1924. 7' - X
yyXXX;yxXX'X'- X-yX-'^ Hf ha^mtt
' - .Transformation 7"for"  -the7'"better'
.wrought, among "the Eskimos ih'the
last 25 years is almost unbelievable,
;so  Bishop.'1.70.  Stringer,-..'.of'.the
-Anglican:��� diocese-of the .Yukon, re-
; ported on -a' recent"- visit to. Edmonton, -Alta.f The  Bishop, "attributes,
this .improvement  to  the -influence
of. .theimissionaries. and the. Royal
:.Canadiari Mounted Police. ��� '7
." Canadian- Pacific gross earnings
for   July .totalled.7$U,883,��777-"as".
against; $15,677,835  for- Tthe  same
month!.' last   yefar,   ���   decrease   of
$794,159. . But  in  order  to  meet
this  reduction, operating  expenses.
wctc  reduced by  $1,933,686, those
for the month being $12,544,115, as
compared with $13,607,802 for July,
:I923;; -Thus the- net- earnings.:forf
thef month showed an  increase; of
$269,527   over  those ..of .the  same
month a year ago..-Per the 7 months
of the year to July .30 gross earnings showed an.increase of $3,017,
265; operating expenses an. increase
of $1,924,013 \and net earnings an
fincrease of $1.093,251,;.V "��� .~-Xz-
��� ���. AJjli PERSONS having- claims ag-aiiist the
estate of William Tippie, late of Midway in the
District of Yale, who died at Myncaster, in said
District, on the 2nd day of August, 1924, arc required to send the same, duly verified, to the
undersigned, the Executor under the will of
said Deceased, on or before the 11th day of
October,' 1924, after -which date the said estate
will be distributed among those entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of which I
shall then have had notice; and I shall not be
liable for the said assets or any pan thereof to
any person of whose claim I shall not then have
received notice..    >'     "       ..   ..
- Dated at Bridesville, B.C., September. 2nd,
1924.    -'.-..--- .    - .
7   '-'-   -" ARVII, TIPPIE,
'V-f- .-���-..    -'"���_���- ��� :   Executor
-.'.       '���,"-    (Diversion" andjUse.)  '    :  .
.'.TAKE NOTICE-that Melen.T Harrison,
whose address'is Kaleden, B.C., will apply for
a licence to take and use 200 ac. ft. of water out
bf Beaver Creek which flows; South Westerly
and drains into West Fork Kcttle.Ri ver about
Beaverdell.. 7     - ";      ���-}    --'-'-
, Tlie water will foe diverted from'the stream
at a point about S. P...Cor. 'Iy. 3130' and" will be
"used- for. irrigation- purposes- upon- the laud
described as V3130, I<.-3129,'l<. SG5S, R. M. S.   ;.
This ' notice -was. posted on the ground on
the ISth dajr of July,-1924."' .- ','-.-' -: - "-
- "A copy of this notice and an application pur^
suant thereto aud to the "Water" Act, 1914" will'
be'filed In" the office of the-Water Recordei'.'at
Grand Forks, B.-C. \WV"
Objection to the-application _;tnay be filed
with-the..said' Water..Recorder, or with'the
Comptroller - of -Water - Rights, Parliament
Buildings,-Victoria, B; C.,"..wlthiu thirty- days"
after theffirst- appearance of ���thia notice ln -a-.
local newspaper.'-
. The date of the first publicatlou of this notice
Is September'4th; I924i- ��� -���-- --    ,-.-...:..���_-
- ,f-    " ���   MEI,feNA'.HARRISON,;'
��� ���      Applicant.
-_--������'       . ,     '-'..' A(jeiit;
Ledge ads bring results.
7 Notice'--.-
-. ' -^ ��� -��� ��� ���'���   .-'.-   ���    ' "���     ��� -'
; Ii is recommended tHat for the
present water for drinking, purposes be boiled before using.
Vacant, unreserved, Biirve-yed
Crown lands may bo pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for agricultural
Full Information concerning regulations, regarding pre-emptions, ls
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can bo obtained free of charg9
by addressing the Department of
Landsr Victoria* B.C., or to anyi Government Agent. V
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable* ,for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range ���
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions ara
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner ofthe Land Recording 1)1- 1
vision, In which the land applied for '
Is Bituated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the xLand Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must'be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to - value of ,?10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
acres, before a Crown Grant can bo
For moro detailed information see
the Bulletin- "How 'to Pre-empt
Land." - -
-   Applications are received for pur-   -
chase    of    vacant,   and    unreserved
Crown lands,- not  being  tirnberland.
for agricultural  purposes;   in_nhriu_<B��*
price of first-class (arable) land la $5
per acre, and second-class  (grazing)
land  $2.60 per acre.    Further Information regarding purchase" or  lease'
of. Crown lands is.given ln Bulletin
.-No.. 107Land Series,  "Purchase and'
Lease- of Crown Lands."
". Mill, factory,' or industrial sites on
- timber, land, not exceeding 40 acres,
-may;be'purchased or leased, the con-.-
-dltions    ' Including    . payment   .   of - ;
'-.atumpage.-.,-. - ',;      7      ��� -
yy'-'    7HOMESITE   LEASES    7       l
,f.   Unsurveyed areas, not exoeedlng 20--
acres,-. may  be  leased as  homesltes,-.
'���= conditional' upon : a   dwelling ..being   -
,: erected. In." the first "year, title -being "."���:
. obtainable   after  residence, and   im-'-'
fprovement   conditions  "are : fulfilled "f
and '.land has been surveyed.-' .''-."
x )���}: v' 7 -. ' '..LEASES ;���. X'. '.[' Z X-
7--/For grazing, and .;.industrial.'..pur-��� -.
, poses. areas ^-not exceeding- 640 ���' acrea '
may b��: leased ' by 0119 ��� person,'.-or:, a .
' company,' ���'.'.. .;- ������ -" _��� ,-.   -.   ��� -��� " -f ���.,'"
';;��� "_     y.   :f,"-GRAziNQ '' "���'"',
-"' - Under' ttie- Grazing. Act. the Prov- '
ihca is divided Into grazing ��� districts  ;
and .the".range administered under- a-.
Grazing-.".''Commissioner.' -Annual '���
���^grazing-permits-are"--i3sued- based-on-:
:iiiimb'ers ranged, priority.being' given'.
' to'.established owners. 'Stock-owners. '���
".may -form' associations ��� for: rang'a -
'.-tnanagenient.- Free,-'or partially-free,
. permits . aro available   for."   settlers, ,
campers   and. travellers. - up   tc.  ten,-,
.-head.-- ".   -.     :''.- -'""-��� :
; Have you .paid your  subscription to The .Ledge? 7:'}
.The "Calgary, process," the' new-f
est method of-, oil refining, was examined . with interest by,'the nienW
hers of thefBritish Association for.
the Advancement of Science during
their recent visit to Calgary, Aita
This   process   has   become   world-.
famous ever, since the experiments
conducted at the.local Imperial oil;
refinery proved so successful.
Thousands of Belgians. are waiting to crosJi the Atlantic to Canada
' as soon, as, the. Dominion can fassim-.
}}'i!ate;theni, it-is reportedfby,author-.
-4ties; in^ touchwithf the-situation,, Bel-
gium'sfinterest in Canada is further
f evidenced fby . the,. visit, to the Do-
. minion.;. of. Louis:, Strauss,  veteran
. member-of. the diplomatic corps and.
.^member of.thefBelgianrParliainent
.for Aihtwerp.Tss'hoifas.guest,of B. fW-s
f Beatty, Chairman and ^President of
the f Canadian: Pacific Railway, fis.
tburing.:the country .studying econ-.
-. omicconditiona with.a-vievr;ti,st^-7
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
TO mt> OF DECEMBER, 1^23
-.}[ .Has7 producedf.Minerals as.  follows:   Placer". .Gold,7 076,Q62,2O3;   Lode'
Gold, $11.8,352,655; Silver, $63,532,655; Lead 858,132,661; Copper, $179,046,5()8; ['["'
Zihc,^ 827,904,756; MiscellaiieoQs, Minerals^ $1,408,257; Coal and Coke,"$250,-    f-
968,113; Bnildlng Stone, .Brick, Cemenljfetc., $39,415,234,f making Ifea Mineral
Prod notion to lhe end of 1923 show fan ~ ff yz''X V- -'7;-.   '.-. X: Xy y,X
���'" y' 7 Aggregate;Valor ot $810,722;7S2 --Vff
fertile Year Ending Dec^bera923, $41,304^^0
The .Mining   Laws oi this Province ,are more liberal, and the fees lower,     ,
f Shati; those of any other Province in the. Dominion, or any. Colony in the British.''
-.-EmpireW 77;VV-;: xX}y;X.. zy,\ X... -, . '.-������' ���     ��� .
'���'  Mineral locations arefgrantedtodiscoyerers for nominal fees./.'X-xXX. "'"'X:XX' x[,Xx,Xr}
y. -   Abeolnte' Titles are f obtained - by 'developing fsuchf properties, the security -   7;. V
oi which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. WW -X :X[ }yy)X"XX ��� . ff-
Full information, together with Mining JEteports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing���- x'X    .';/.,.;   ���--'- V- ---:������-._..- . ' ^  '7
f;];-;-7vW77V;;;V^^ minister of" mines
'yy y MxxMxyy^ Columbia.  "��� -


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