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The Ledge Dec 9, 1920

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 (Provincial Library
' X& '        v>��    ���>-   -
/A 1   X-
Voiv.   XXVII.
No. 22
We have just received a nice assortment of
Xmas Goods
We would appreciate a look over before
purchasing elsewhere
No trouble to show whether you buy or not
9*~ ****a
Our quick turnoverJgives our patrons the benefit of the
downward trend of to-days markets.
"Currants,   Raisins,   Peels.   Nuts, Spices,
Cho-long and  Chrystalized   Ginger, Etc.
Do your Xmas Shopping At
LEE & BRYAN'S     Phone 46
" Do you know that every telephone is a long distance'telephone?
That you can talk to any point in the Kootenay or Boundary as easy
as'you can to your neighbor?
There is no need to write on a matter ot business, let alone
travel.   In the time you are writing a letter you can telephone, get
the party you want and know the answer. ��
The longdistance telephone greatly facilitates the transaction
-of business.   Special rates in evening.
We are expecting our Christmas Stock
,   any
certain   they
please you
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
Shamrock Brands
X-   Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
P, Burns & Co,,   Ltd.,   Nelson,-R-G
The banking requirements of
merchants will receive full consideration by the officers of this
Bank. "Arrange to open a current
account and every banking facility
is assured.
PAID-UP CAPITAL '    - .    -       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND ..        -       $15,000,000
GREENWOOD BRANCH* I* E. Brawders, Manager.
. Full line of
Kozy-Koat Mackinaws
Large Assortment ot
Mens   Gloves,   Shirts.  Socks,
Underwear. Mackinaw Pants, &c
J. G. McMynn, Midway
Dealer iu Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with-ine," Have a buyer for~good ranch
Watchmaker aud Jeweler
Mail your watch for Repair, and I will
mail it back.   Charges are moderate.
On December ist, I920, the Corporation of the City of Greenwood take charge
of the power aud lighting system of the
Greenwood City Waterworks Company
in Greenwood and Anaconda. All accounts due from the above date must be
paid to the undersigned at the City Hall.
City Clerk.
For Sale.
_~OveflanlT Car," Model"80,~ "(Big
Four) in good running order. Self
starter, electric lights. Six tires���
five in very good condition. For
quick sale apply
Greenwood, P.O.
or Cox's Ranch, Boundary Cr.
To the Electors of Greenwood Riding.
I deaire to convey my heartfelt
thanks to my committees and also
to every elector who honored me
with their support on Dec. 1st, and
although indications are that we
have been unsuccessful iu carrying
thin riding in the interest of sane
and efficient government yet I am
sure that those of our party, who
were elected wiil carry on in such
a way as wiil convince you that
your confidence would not have
been misplaced had I secured the
Again thanking you one and all
I remain.
Sincerely yours,
, J. S. Jackson.'
Hugh Nelson, formerly of the
Greenwood Hockey team, is being
tried out in Vancouver by special
invitation of Frank Patrick, mgr.
of the Vancouver hockey club.
A Basket Social and Dauce
under the auspices of the Greenwood Hockey Club, will be held
in the Masonic' Hall on Friday,
Dec. 10, Ladies"" will provide
baskets which will be auctioned
off, the proceeds to-go toward
getting - new uniforms for -the
boys. Werner's 4 piece orchestra
in attendance. Admission: Gents
SI. Ladies without baskets SOc.
Ladies with baskets free."
1 Around' Home 1
Central School Report
November 1920.
Chas. Gauvreau has returned
to Tacoma.
Thos. Jenkiu is ou a business
trip to Spokane.
G. A. Smith, of Grand Forks,
is visiting in the city.
The Presbyterian church: choir
is being re-organized	
Mrs. W. B. Fleming visited
Mrs. G. Pond at Trail this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson
and family havereturned to town.
Eric Jackson, of Beaverdell,
spent a few days* in town last
Spectacles repaired or your
eyes fitted with .new ones at McElmon's.
School Inspector Miller"paid a
visit to the local public school
this week. * -,
Mrs. Joe Caron, of Midway, is
on a six weeks visit to her sister
in Tacoma.'
C. M. Haitch who is in the
Grand Forks hospital is progressing favorably,
E. Skelton, rancher of Foremost, Alta., is visiting his
brother, I. Skelton.
J. A. Brown lias disposed of his
business at Osoyoos to Daye
Reardon, of Penticton.
Select your Christmas presents
now while the assortment is large.
Goodeve's Drug Store.
A speech should be pattereued
after a ladies dress. Just long
enough to cover the subject.
If things go wrong, quit growling about it, close the door on
yesterday and look��� to  tomorrows
Thank goodness, the election
is over and we wont have to
listen to verbal detours for some
time. -
Splendid assortment of Neil-
son's chocolates, both in .bulk and
box; just in at Goodeve's Drug
Mr. Williamson, of Penticton,
inspector of weights and measures
was in town on Tuesday in his
official capacity.
The Basket Social and Dance
in the Masonic Hall on Friday
evening promises to be the best
eyent of the season.
J. G. Burnews and son Edward,
of Portland, Ore,, are stopping at
the Pacific Hotel. Mr, Burnews,
is a cousin to Alex Greig.
Joe Caron is logging for the
Douglas Creek Lumber Co.,. near
Boundary Falls. He expects to
to get out 1,000,000 feet of logs.
For the first time in 24 years
Phoenix was entirely deserted on
Tuesday. Not'a soul was there
all the four inhabitants visiting
Greenwood that day,
Joe,Richter, of Midway, was in
town on Tuesday. He is feeding
over 100 bead of cattle aud the
mild open winter^meansa saving
of about $40 a day in feed.
The new school house on Norwegian Creek, near Boundary
Falls, has recently been completed. A grand opening will be
held on Saturday evening Dec.
11. Dancing and refreshments.
Everybody welcome.
The Douglas Creek Lumber Co.
of Boundary Falls, have installed
a new boiler at their sawmill.'
Operations will commence in a
few days when about 10,000 feet
a day will be cut.
Rev. W. H. Redman, of Vancouver, arrived in town on Friday, and held service in the Pres��
byterian Church on Sunday evening. Mr. Redman will ��� remain
here for some time and "will' have
charge of the Midway and Greenwood Presbyterian churches.
Service will be held each Sunday
morning ia Midway, with even-,
ing service in Greenwood at 7.30,
o'clock,,. aud Sunday School at
2.30. A cordial invitation is extended to all. .
City Council
- 38
V. E. Tripp, Principal
No. enrolled" - -
Highest actual attendance
No. in perfect attendance
t Perfect attendance:
Mabel Axam, Samuel
Ethel Fraser, Harold
An und Anderson, John
Silvia Price, Gertrude
Ethel Benson, Eraine DuHamel,
Horace DuHamel, Allan .Eraser,
Mary KHnosky, Cicilia Hallstrom,
Maria Williamson, Edna Williamson, Lilly Intilla.
Senior IV (Entrance): Edna
Williamson, Maria Williamson,
Estella Storer, Mabel Axani,_Ethel
Fraser, Johneon Beattie, Harold
Folvik, Gordon Jenks, Emmet
Anderson, Joe Klinosky, Russell
Eustis, Jack Anderson, Agda
Carlson, Dolly: Granberg, Lilly
Junior Reader IV: Mildred
McLaren, Margaret Eddie, Anund
Anderson, Gertrude Dixon, Samuel Eusti8,: John Kerr, George
Morrison, Silvia Price, Mary Kerr.
Senior Reader III: Ruby Goodeve, Joe Putzel, Mary Klinosky,
Annie Thorslund, Cicilia Hallstrom, William McLeod, Allan
Fraser, Eraine Dohamel, Ethel
Benson, John McDonell, Horace
Duhamel, Joe Krouten. X Not pres-
for majority of tests, John Wyder,
Ernest Wyder. ��� >
77_;, jmm6N,nr..'X.iy Xy. Z.
C. Mcintosh, Teacher. :
Number jn attendance       ���        17
Perfect attendance:
Bessie Bidder,, George Bryan,
Myrtle Dixon, Doris Dixon, Lloyd
Eustis, Percy Eraser, Harry Hallstrom, Irene Inglis, Clarence Johnson, Doris Kinsman, Kathleen McLeod, Edward Wilson, Frank
Proficiency List.
Junior III Reader: Bessie Bidder,
Doris Kinsman, Edward Wilson,
Myrtle Dixon, Frank Campolieto,
Kathleen . McLeod, Tillie McDonell. .. '      "   '
Senior II Reader: Lawrence Duhamel, Doris Dixon, Clarence
Johnson (equal). Lloyd Eustis.. =
Junior II Reader: John Putzel,
George Bryan, Irene Inglis, Percy
Fraser, Harry Hallstrom, Helen
Kerr.   7
DIVISION ..III X  ���;.;-' '    "
J. McKee, Teacher. ,";.
Number enrollfid 7 ���   , :,-.   :      , 29
Perfect attendance'        -  77       16
No. in in actual attendance ���''"--": 29
Perfect attendances-
Eileen Bryan, Violet. Benson,
Arthur,, Cox,-Merideth : Fenner,
Lawrence; Folvik,': Daniel. Kerr,
Lewis Mitchell, Robert Mitchell,
Malcolm : McLeod, Bertram Price,
Margaret Royce, Yvonne Swayne,
Irene Watson, Daisy Watson,
Dick Morrison, Allan . MeCarrach;.
Proficiency. Lis6.     ;'
'First Reader: Lawrence. Folvik,
Lewis Mitchell, Robert Mitchell,
Edward Parry, Margaret,Royce..
Second Primer: Merideth Fenner, Malcolm McLeod, , Eileen
Bryan, Mary Skelton, Daniel Kerr,
Dick Morrison, Bertram Price,
Marguerite Ritchie, Helen , I|akke,
" .First'���"������: Primer: ^Arthur Cox,
Daisy Watson, ��� Yvonne Swayne,
Allan McCurrach^,Irene Wateotsj
Roy Bakke,.Robert Carlson.. .
IJeceiyinjg;^Class: Laura- Mills,
Mary Putzel, Alice Ritchie, Lewis
Clerf/ ; iZRoji'i Hallelroaj, - Violet
Benson, Charles .Royce.
The City Council met in regular
session, on Monday night, Mayor
Gulley and Aldermen Morrison,
Kerr and Kingbeing present.
Two buildiDgs on Silver St.,
were condemned as being dangerous to public safety. An offer for
these buildings from S. Fretz, of
Eholt was accepted, purchaser also
agreeing to clean up the lots.
Insurance policies on City Hall
were renewed.
The Assessment Roll' for 1921
was laid before the Council and
same accepted. The action of
committee appointed- to make
arrangements for the use of skating
rink during the winter was approved.;. The necessary repairs to roof
of rink are now being done.
Clerk was instructed to insert
due notice in the Ledge of the coming election in January.
Next meeting of Council willbe
held on Dec. 20th.
Mining1 News
Tarn O'Shanter to Operate
Morrison & McGillis are making
preparations to open the Tam
O'Shanter in Deadwood camp, four
miles from town. The road is being cut out so that machinery and
supplies can be taken into the
mine. This property carries values in gold silver and copper.
Highest Price in the Store
A rich American woman-visited
a Japanese art store in Paris. It
happened to.be a dull, dark after-
noonr She looked ot the bronzes,
jewels, drawings ahd other things,
and finally, pointing toward a
dusky corner, she said to the polite
yonng salesman: "How much is
that Japanese idol over there
"About five hundred thousand
francs. '; madam.      It   is the
According to a' report from
Ottawa, the Canada Copper Corporation Limited has been granted
a Dominion charter. The head
office of the company will be at
Toronto and the capitalization is
810,000.000. AmoDg other things
the company is authorixed to take
over the Canada Copper Corporation Limited, carrying on business
in British Columbia. 1
While mining in the Siocan district is extremely-quiet at present,
there is optimism aB to the spring
activities," said Arthur Lakes,
mining engineer, to the Spokesman Review, Spokane, on his return from" a professional trip to
Nelson. "The O. B. U has been
broken completely, largely due to
the competition of an excess of
labor. There are three-men for
every job jnst now. The fact that
the strike which has held, the district in idleness most of the summer and fall is over makes for a
much better feeling and hope for
the spring."
Copper   at   13��   cents a pound
represents  the lowest price since
1915, when it sold down to 13.64c.
The 13J cent price is about 2 cents
above the  normal selling price of
the metal before the European war
and 4f cents above the lowest price -
reached  Bince  1860,   which-' waB 9
cents a pound -in 1893.    However,
in those days the industry was not
confronted    with   abnormal   costs
and taxes nor a big depreciation in
the   buying   power   of the dollar
Everything    considered,   the   red
metal is really selling at the lowest-
price in its history,   says the Wall
Street Journal.    The highest price
reached during  the civil  war was
55c a -pound.    The highest price'
reached during the'European war
was 31,89c a pound,
To the Electors of Greenwood Riding..
Hon. J. D. MacLean wishes to
take this opportunity of thanking
all Ms friends and supporters who
so loyally voted for him on Dec. 1.',
and thus enible him to work in the
interest of the riding and for the
Province aa a whole.
Xmas Presents
Get in early and make you
For the Grown Ups
French Ivory, most complete assortment ever
in the City and at right prices.     Help Her.
fill out her set,
Also Party Cases, Hand Bags, Music Portfolios,
Strap Purses, Work Boxes, Manicure Sets,
Travelling Sets for either Lady or Gentleman,
Gillettes Razors, Ingersoll Watches, Compasses,
Cigar Lighters, Etc.
See our Xmas Stationery.
It Is Beautiful Stuff
Now for the Little Ones
We have~a large variety of Dolls, Toy Books,
All kinds of Games, Mechanical and Structural
Toys, Blocks, Sewing and Baking Sets, Horns,
Drums, Rattles, in fact something to suit all agejs
KODAKS at all prices
One of the best presents you can give
Neilsons Chocolates
Both in Bulk and Boxes.   See the special Xmas boxes
Christmas Seals, Candles, Ribbonzene & Tree Ornaments
Everything at prices that can't be beaten anywhere
The, Druggist and  Stationer
Phone No. S. ��� Greenwood, B.C
���,.   ^ j.-" Bjg,^S���jar^ TBK    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,    B.     0.
The Wisp
������ BY ���
Printed   by   Special   Arrangements  with  Thos.  Allen,
... Toronto, Ont. ...
%  _ #
"I think the sooner we act, thc better," answered the onc addressed. "I
said I would pay a thousand dollars
for helping me wreck thc Preserve
and get possession of the animals in
thc enclosure. Well, I'll raise that
to fifteen hundred."
Thc eyes of Dalton and his henchmen sparkled, and their spirits rose
with the thoughts of money easily
"We'll do itl" thcy cried together.
"Don't you want us to get the girl,
too, Mr. Timberley?" asked Dalton)
reaching for his rifle.
"What girl?"
Dalton looked his surprise. "You
don't mean to say you didn't know
that Dorkin had Old Man Farncy's
littic Willow thc Wisp, up there in thc
Retreat, do you? Well, then, he has,
and I reckon for looks and ginger
you'll havc to walk some distance before you find her equal; ch, boys?"
"You're right thar, Cap," agreed
his followers.
"She's living with Frcnchy LaPeer
and his wife, in the small cabin 'long-
side of Dorkin's," informed Dalton.
"Just say thc word, and we'll get her,
"Lor," grinned- onc of thc younger
men, "I'd rather try to cage Dorkin's
old lynx, any time, than try to take
The Wisp. I said somethin' to her
onc day when I met her in the woods,
an'  she  pointed her  rifle at me an'
j aware that she was no longer a little The Control   Of
V\| '     And this morning she was so beau
tiful, so exquisitely warm arid alive;
so alluring, and still so elusive, that
his pulses beat quickly as he watched
her, brown arms twined about ��� the
dog's neck, strong, brown throat
gleaming beneath the low-cut doeskin
blouse, her whole attitude bespeaking
a poise which was thc heritage of her
"Willow-, thc Wisp," hc said softly,
unconsciously speaking aloud.
She lifted her head quickly and gazed up at him; but he did not meet her
"I'm going on to the house, Willow," he said abruptly. "You needn't
come until you're ready."
He turned away and strode up the
trail. Half-way to the Cabin he met
Danny Farney who had just returned from Lookup with thc mail.
Dorkin took the letters and papers
from the boy, answering thc question
in his eyes with: "Willow is down
yonder by the new beaver dam,
Danny, planning how she's going to
keep thc otters from coming in and
making a clean-up of thc baby beavers."
Danny turned away; then paused.
^There's somc folks up at the cabin,
Natural Refsources
Premier   Stewart   of   Alberta   Says J
Each  Western  Province -Should   .
Present Own Case.
"Onc final appeal to Ottawa should
be made by the prairie provinces for
thc transfer of natural resources. If
this fails let us seek justice elsewhere," declared Premier Charles
Stewart, of Alberta, in discussing at
Winnipeg thc forthcoming re-opening
of negotiations for the transfer of natural resources from Federal to Provincial control.
Premier Stewart thinks each province should present its own case individually at Ottawa. Owing to the
varied character of thc settlements
which would have to bc made in respect of subsidy, he thought, separate action would bc best.
Thc premier admitted that in view
of thc greater length of time under
which Manitoba had suffered injustice
as compared with Saskatchewan and
Are Your Bowels
Stagnant?   Have
You Indigestion ?
When a Quarter Will Buy You
A   Guaranteed   Remedy,
Why Not Use it Today?
The Modern Woman
��� Dorkin," he said���"two people fromj Alberta! this province had perhaps thc
1 thc city, and Pa Washburn '
"Ah, is that so? Who arc they?
Did you get their names, Danny?"
"Yes, the girl's namc is Edna
Marsh, and thc man's is Dayton. He's
her uncle. Thc girl's got damn fine
eyes." They're blue, cDorkin, with a
sort of a pale green behind thc blue,
(like thc tint on a wild duck's egg."
He proceeded down thc trail. Dorkin stood thinking, a deep furrow-
growing up between his eyes and his
hands tightly clenching the letters
which thc bit of intelligence, imparted by Danny, had driven from his
So she had comc and found him
too. First Timborly, to breathe unrest into his world, and now thc girl
who was indirectly responsible for all
he had suffered at Timberley's hands.
And what could he do?     He was
strongest claim of all.
About Fox Raising
Many a  person   carries  around  in
their system a cesspool composed of
half-digested,   putrid,   decaying food (
that thc overloaded stomach can't get''
rid of because of constipation.      No <
wonder that^anaemia,   blood   rashes,
headaches    arid    rheumatism are  so
common.      No better cure is known
Taken    at"   night,    you're well ncxtj
morning.      They flush  out  the  system, sweeten and tone thc stomach,
improve   digestion,   filter and purify
the   blood,   restore  lost   complexion,
give .vim, buoyancy and robust good
health to young and old.     To look,
feel and always bc at vour best, use
DR. HAMILTON'S PILLS regularly, 25c per box.
Large Salt Deposits
cussed me like a sinner. Said if I. helpless to save himself thc torturing
valued my miserable carcass, I'd best | memories they brought of failure, dis-
get a movin', quick.     An' I took her   grace, and all the emptiness of that
advice, too."
"Wai," said Gregg, "I guess maybe
Wilier, thc Wisp 'ud makc good any-
thin' she promised. I, fer onc,
wouldn't bank on her bcin' afraid, to
pay an insult out, an' I know7 her; an'
I know that hell-fiery brother of hern,
too. I expect we'll have somc trouble
with that youngster."
The man who was to pay fifteen
hundred dollars for the fulfilment of
his desire stood up.
"You men go after Dorkin's animals, and wreck his Preserve," he
said. "That's our work. And you're
to Wve the girl alone, understand?
Now, once more," he asked, "can we
do it?"
"We can and wi'.l," Dalton assured
him, as he turned to depart. "And,"
he added, "we'll do it soon."
Not until thcy had gone and the
sound of thcir voices had died did
Darbo rise painfully from thc comer
into which he had been so ignomin-
iously cast, and creep to the window.
The dogs dropped down .to the floor
and sank into quick, twitching slumber. . The smudge died "to a blurring
' red eye; thc candle -spluttered '���' and
went out;7and still thc man stood beside tlu: window gazing across .the
silent forest. ' "Sacrc" Mojie!" he sobbed, "some tarn, I keel . you, Abe
Dalton. But firs' I go ���warn White
.Hawk." -'   -������-'��� "-   - .
- CHAPTER -XIII, "' _"
Dorkin was examining the engineering work of a young beaver- colony,
down near the.southern boundary of
his Preserve. The exhilaration of a
success, due in a great measure to his
own ingenuity in .diverting..a stream
so as to partialV flood .the'four acres
of tableland, thus-giving the clever,
webfooted builders a perfect :.colony-
site, tingled his .veins and" gave the
golden summer's" morning an ;added
zest. " " -'. .   ���-";���'-.'
On a mossy, knoll,, a-little way
apart, sat Willow Farney. ,' Beside
her sprawled Larry, the setter, his
heavy muzzle in.the girl's, lap,"; his
brown eyes looking up inlo her face-
As she smoothed'his long hair, ithe
world hc had placed���as he thought������
far behind him.
What right had thcy to come and
disturb, to menace, his happiness? It
was not as though they could understand his shagland sanctuary as a
broken body and spirit, which the
sweeping solitude had reshaped and
rebuilt, understood it. Why were
thcy here?' That world behind���the
onc in which he had failed and gone
under���was thcir world. It had given to the one success and the plaudits of men; to thc other, wealth and
ease. And beforc both lay life which
promised worth-while things. Why,
then, were they here?
Slowly, with bent head, Dorkin
walked up the trail, pondering this
question. Coming to a sloping
glade, spreading a carpet of moss
green beneath thc darker foliage of
the trees, he paused and glanced
about him. He knew that into his
heart was creeping a fateful and
dreaded, unsurcness of himself, that
bitterness which a criminal, who has
paid,'.and who, having sought a new
world in which to live stra'ght, feels,
when" he "learns that the minion of the
law lias tracked- him, down and waits
for him .to.err:again.      ���
���That- world behind him never forgot nor forgave���because it- did not
understand. This, his world, which
raised ii' stronger, nobler, tree where
the wind-weakened one had gone
down, and lifted'flowers from. the.
sward seared and blackened-by fires,-
-was ail-Foreriveness and. Understand-,
ing.- God knows hc had learned this
much. /And he knew that all the sublime harmony" of his' world hung on
this Great Understanding. ' Why-
then should-the.-past be .brought to
hini, here? ; - . - .-   -
���;- .He. sank down/on-a knoll and-let
Interesting    Facts    Regarding    the
Rearing of Animals in Captivity.
Some interesting facts regarding
fox farming are forthcoming from the
Veterinary Director General, Dr, Torrance. In an article in Thc Agricultural Gazette of Canada for November, hc tells us that thc main difficulty
connected with the'raising of foxes in
captvity is the protecting of them
from disease. It is noticeable that
the female instead of giving birth to
a litter of four or five at a time, as
she does when free, rarely produces
morc than two, thc average for the
farms in Prince Edward Island bcing
at thc -rate of one and a half. Individual fox ranchers,, however, by
care and improved methods, do succeed in securing an increase of three
or even four per pair. With a view
to making this success more general,
under the direction of Dr. Torrance, i
research work has been undertaken.
Land and equipment have been acquired, two scientific experts from the
Health of Animals Branch employed,
six pairs of foxes from the Island
ranches furnished, and a small laboratory fitted up for the studying of the
diseases and parasites that affect the
Value of the School Teacher
Says Every Teacher. Produces $20,000
; But Gets Less.   "-
- Hon.' P.''P. Caxton, commissioner
"of education for the United States,, in
addressing-' the Toronto.' Board of
Education publicity, campaign on the
value of education, emphasized- thc
importance of- thc school teacher in
the world's progress. - \ :������
.'"Every school -teacher produces
.$20,000 of wealth' aniiually," he said,
and he added: "Their remuneration is
something.less than'-that."  .   "       '���"-, ��� '
��� 7,000 Turks F eeze to. Death.
The    Armenians . have  recaptured
Kars ;.after ".'defeating -'the -.' Kemal
Think Mineral Fields Exist in Fort
McMurray District.
Drillers operating under thc direction of thc Alberta Government havc
definitely established the existence of
an extensive field of high grade salt at
Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta.
At a depth of* six hundred and fifty j
feet the well has been sunk through
thirty feet of pure salt.
Exploration work was begun at
Fort McMurray about twelve months
ago by thc Provincial Government,
the well being drilled in the township
itself. Thc results bear out the opinion of geologists that an immense
field of salt exists in this region. In
its drilling operation the government
has been unlucky in meeting with
mechanical difficulties and at,thc present time with the drill*in thc salt to
a depth or morc than thirty feet work
has again been held up with equipment trouble. It is believed that it
will be necessary to sink another well
to get the fuH advantage of discovery,
but that the strike will justify measures toward development of the salt
Frenchman  Gives  His  View  of  the
Present-Day Feminist Movement
and Activities.
Announcement of his engagement
to bc married, following hard upon
the report of his serious illness, has
once more drawn attention to M.
Anatole France. It is interesting,
therefore, to consider what is his view
of modern woman and her feminist
ambitions and activities. This is
how he gave it hi reply to one of them
who broached the subject: \f I were
you," he wrote, "I should lmtc these
emancipators who wish to make you
the equals of men. Thcy are degrading you. A fine avocation for you to
hc the equal of a lawyer or chemist!
Take heed; already thcy have deprived you of some of your mystery
and 3'our'charm. But all is not yet
lost; men still fight for you, commit
suicide for you, ruin . themselves for
you, although they havc ceased to
give up thcir seats in the omnibuses"
to you." Thc recipient of the communication did not know whether shc
ought to bc pleased or not.���Westminister Gazette.
Mennonites May Leave
Delegation Has Gone to Mexico to
n    Secure Lands and Educational
The Mennonites of thc Old Colony,
near Swift Current, are again on the.
hunt for a ncw home where they will
not be hampered with any law compelling them to send thcir children to
school. Delegations of tliis-people
havc in thc past visited several of thc
countries of thc world, but havc so
far found n�� place' where thcy could
.escape education ��� for thcir children.
.Now Ihey arc to try Mexico, and. a
delegation.is alrcady-ori the'way'to'
that country on'a hunt for land'and
.educational privileges.   .,
It-is understood on good authority
that the Mcnnoniics,have given another option on their land' to a Regina. firm, and . think that this 'time
thcy will get away, as-thcy are of the
opinion that anything will go in
Mexico.. ���"-'   ... .   '_
Priceless Beecher Relics Lost.
Priceless manuscripts and relics,
written and collected by Henry' Ward
Bcechcr, including many sermons in
his own handwriting, were consumed
by a fire that destroyed the Sunday
school building adjoining thc historic
Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, where
thc famous pulpit orator was pastor
for many years. The old church edifice itself, erected in 1849, narrowly
escaped destruction. In their efforts
to save the main edifice, the firemen
had to break ten memorial stained
glass windows.
How'Calgary Got Its Name.
A controversy has arisen as to how
Calgary obtained its name-. For
years it has been accepted that Col.
MacXcod, commanding the R.N.W.-
M.P. detachment at this place, named
it so in 1876, aftcr his old home on
thc Isle"''of Mull, Scotland. Now,
however, comes a claim from Scots-
calder, Thurso, lhat a family Of Sin-
clairs emigrated to Canada and eventually came to what is now Alberta,
naming thcir farm, Calgary, after thc
place they left in Scotland.
Death oi Saskatoon Professor;
Thomas N. Willing, professor of na-
rest against the. rough bark J fo accordin     to . the -American
of. a   tree.     .Par.   down,    across   -a .���,     ." ,-"'"-
sparsely wooded valley,, bev^nd -' a! newspapers. , fhc. latter lost severe-
jagged liiic. of coniferous foVest, he h' owing - to .lack bf transport and , lural history.in the University of Sas-
saw tW'pe^ks of Old Creation Hills the wintry weather. Onc paper, says/katchewan" -since its '..establishment,
sleeping beneath a low' sky of s'wini-< tjiat'   7,000,, Turks" were    frozen- toj;dicd  recently at his. home.-in.'Saska-
ming blue; and between him and the'
hills-white,-tinylakes cradled in green
death.    .The'   new . armistice    uiHler"'toon of septic pneumonia,-at the age
?LrLy-^.hJid. J?��x$!!: .ii*}!?}���---'. twistingT'JdVsappcaring"' -Tn . " frtFwsy
valfeys.   ���"'. Between" "the ���;: Takes'"'"lie i"more. favorable conditions;'was signed
glimpsed; white'"ribbons   of- streams,
up and caught her gaze fastened .upon
_ him, and he laughed happilv as a bov.
"Isn't   it "wonderful,   Willow?" "he
called. .   "Look at that.; darn,-"straight
and   true  as  a-mason-.'could   lay  it;
I've   always. felt,   .that  .the   beaver's
.should find* a -home  'iri "'��� Hardwoods
Preserve,    and-  now,"'sure .."enough,
"they've found it."- "'-.-."-
"And, like-a's-riot,' the ducks .'11-find,
it  too, and jest:,naturally drift', over.
here    for- a    feed,.once in a;while,"
laughed the girl."-.;; ".They're, -restless
things, ducks,,particularly thc^tcal."-.   -
"Yes, but. when they."find .that.thwre
isn't a grain of wheat-- or-.c'orh to'; be
found  for  their  trouble,   they'll "drift
back.to Duck Lake; again, Willow."
-   "But  thc otters', '11. come, Dorkin."
she- warned. \' "They'allcrs'find  the
.beavers."      One .old -otter,-' slid'n-'  in
her some dark-night,    wi-l- kill. -ten.
'times    his    weight    in baby beavers.
How arc you; goiri' to keep, theni kill-
���  ers out?"       '".','-      ���������-.';-- "- ;.":-."
"Why,  I  guess'7_we'll'-have- to^wait
until they come'and then figure-out a
copse, of fir, "reappearine orilv- to-be
lostv-agaih-between -wooded"banks.---
-. -Beyond ; him/' from . the'breeding-
grounds, c'anie the"y.'oiccs-of ;,his-wild
things. -; .The-low cluck/ of-:. nesting
grouse; th.e:not unmusical voice of the
on. November .18.
of 62. ! Prof.' Willing had an unrival-
hd.knowledge of,thc fauriaand flora
pf the northwest, and had . made - a
-most..valuable.; collection _of. linsects
for the unvcrsity. He is survived by
his wife arid two sons, one of whom,
Victor, resides.in Vancouver. - -
.::-.-RerOpenIng of U.S:-Industries:^
��� Advice.-from'-.various  parts- of  the
United States, widely, scattered, of :thc
re-openihgbf"'.factories closed:.during7
mother coon-scolding'.her.babies^the:' thd--recent;; industrial -   readjustment,' ,.TTfi _. ������    ���,..,   _   -
shrill bark of fun-loving" fbx.the sniff-''are. taken, in ;Ncw' York 'business cir- !--T�� Secu,re U.S.Peace With Germany,
ing "whimper, of. .newly  weaned.'bear I cles as'indications'of the'beginning"-^ "-"���'���Peace, with ' Germany by congrcs-
.cubs,. and,,, above^thenv .the-.voice.: of.-gadl; .;mpr0Vemeiit> in, . bVsihess - Serial resolution' should   be  ..accom-"
Pete, singing, as he-made his-round-of, f ...'. ..     ...    ���.        --. .���������.������- -     ...
the kennels::���.���- ��� ��� ���:    ���_���'..'/ '.. / "'; '-������"
The Luxury Tax.
It is not thought likely that there
wilLbe any important changes made
in the Luxury Tax regulations, although there may bc some minor alterations. Lately lhc regulations
havc been., receiving close stitdy on
the part of departmental experts and
the system of collection adopted, it is
felt, is justified by thc results obtained.' The luxury iaxis now yielding
roughly $.750,000 a month.      ;     -\     -
''California Syrup of, Figs'*
-   Child's Best Laxative
Wiil Examine State   v
Bank of N. Dakota
Investigation    By    Newly    Elected
Officials Is Urged.
' Bismarck, N.D;���Thc state board of
auditors late today decided to make
an examination of the'state bank of
North Dakota early next mouth. The
board has authority to make such an
examination umlcr an^ initiated law,
adopted at the November election and
which became effective Dec. 2.
Vessels to be Scrapped.
Two submarines, purchased in the
���United Statcs at-thc outbreak-of war
and used for a time on the Pacific
Coast and the former Canadian cruiser, Niobc, were recently sold by tender at Ottawa. Thcy were purchased by New Brunswick Rolling Mills
and will be scrapped. Thc Niobe, in
all probability, officials of the rolling
mills have announced, .will be left at
Halifax until* the spring. The submarines were towed around from Esquimau by way of the Panama Canal,
following the conclusion of hostilities.
The Medicine Pipe.
Perhaps thc most valued of all
possessions of the Blood Indians of
Alberta, is .the "Medicine Pipe," the
making of which is now a lost art.
Recently Scout Joe Healy parted with
his pipe to Chief Body, who purchased it oh exchange, giving for it ten
horses, two democrats, t,wo mowing
machines and sulky plow. The pipes
now in evidence date back to over a
century and there arc only, six of
yrs. ago
an English chem>
ist began to manufacture BEECHAM'S PILLS.
Today they iiave the largest
sale of any medicine in *?_rrT
the world!      -    �� .uafR ���5ft
Why? H*��#fl ��*
SoM troi/witf a tn Ztntiu
Bigger Than 1915 Crop;
Alberta's wheat crop in 1915 was
60,000,000. bushels valued af $50,000,-
000. In 1919, the yield was valued at
$63,349,000, being 34,575,000 bushels.
Thc largest fcdcral official estimate of
this year's crop is 82,972,000 bushels,
which, taken at $2.00 a bushel will
bring Alberta's farmers thc sum or
$165,944,000.. This means fhat the
bumper yield of 1915 will be increased
nearly threefold ' in monetary value,
assuming that approximately the
present pricc of wheat holds.
Herrings by the Billion.
The herring, forms the chief fisheries of the Briiish Isles, and it is estimated, that 2,200,000,000 herrings are
landed in  Britain  during ono season.
VVfc�������� Granulated Eyelids,
W llllr Eye* inflamed by expo-
m  w *^      aire to Sn. Datt and Will
Wilson Will Act As Mrdiator.
President Wilson has accepted the
invitation of the League of Nations
to act as mediator in thc Armenian
question. Thc President's acceptance is conditioned upon the use or
moral influence. He explains that
he is without authority to employ,
force without the consent of Congress.
"They Work while you Sleep"
uickly relieved by MirtM
jrclaMdy. No Smarting
juit Eye Comfort.    At
Yoar Drugtbtt er by mail <0c per Bottle. ���
Foi Btek n Ihe tye free write fc-a
MiurlM'Cy* BwMdy Co., Cbicaa*.
I. ������f
Girls!  Have a mass of long,,
thick, gleamy hair
Do you feci all tangled tip���bilious, constipated, headachy, nervous,
full of cold? Take Cascarets tonight
for your liver and bowels to straighten'you out by morning. W;kc up
wilh head clear, stomach right, breath
sweet and feeling fine. No griping,
no inconvenience. Children lovc
Cascarets too. ,   10, 25, 50 cents.
Let "Danderine" save your hair and
double its beauty. You can have lots
of. long.,thick, strong," lustrous hair.
Don't let it stay lifeless, thin.scraggly
or fading. Bring back its color, vigor
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Get a35-cent bottle of delightful
"Danderine" at any drug or toilet
counter to freshen your scalp; "check
dandruff and falling hair. Your bair
needs this stimulating tonic, then its
life, color, brightness and abundance
will .n-t'i'Ti���TTiTrt-v'
"I iak.-dat'boy wli'at.'play de fiddle,-;"
An' siiig somefing! to inc.'--���-'."'      -��� -'-
,Her yer'.good boy. and sail de.vcssel
He' nam'- La ^ Belle -Marie.".'       v" ."';' ���';
I. promise hcem we will' get "marry,\-
Bcforc.the snow shc:_fiy ;-���
Bon soir, old Sea, wc live oiv>cabin,
.Where dcrjiountain scrape dc sky."
7 Dorkin smiled, as'tlic notes, of"the
song died away."?-. What a graiid.thinff
-it. was ;t0-know- that; there* was, [such
-loyaltv.''as-.Pctc!s.   '..Truly  the   little
uiiiii  iiitv   V.UUJU .mu  men   nuui '--uui a    *?   '    A "     i      it '������'    e   ��'i    i '
way.     No use borrowing trouble, eh; |&C, ^ CCn'2 >VOn-^rful hc'p
Wiiiow lifted the dog's l^ad;agaihst!v" -'"'   '   <To bc continued) '���'- \ X'X
her facc and became,silent, 7,Dorkin.
coming -softly. up. behind  her, :stood
looking down. at7the.picture the two
made.     There-was in'..his! heart   a
is..'"- . In most instances thej plish.cd'-as -soon jis possible, .-Senator,
of ^plants ;.is.7 attended^- with'' ^ox, Pennsylvania; states. XUc- an-,
' conditions
ahnouncement'.of' lower wage-schedules, or curtailed working time."   7,
iMore Sheep-In ..Saskatchewan.
..The .sheep, population of Saskatche-
strange yearning to gather the girl un' Wan is slowly but steadily increasing,
and  crush  her  to  him, 7to.feci   the .dccor(li-n    t6 the .annual report of the
warm caress of her check, as Larry   _..,_... ������
was feeling it,-but-.the yearning-was  Livestock-Commissioner.  ��� There .s,
To Confer With President-Hanna. .
^.Representatives . of -tii'c7;-yaribus-
branches" pf. the.-;.'employees of thc-
.Canadian ...National' ���-Railways, who
have been discussing; the question of
fighting against.'-thc ;ordcr-"issued- a
short- time ago -by'President !D:'-':B..
Hanna,- prohibiting "an -employee\bf
the. C.N.R;':;to.'run for any:political:
office, decided to''..ask" Mr.. HannaCfor
a conference before . taking.-;.definite
action. ���-'---' ' . ,-     .   "      .-   .
hbunccd- his- ��� intention - of . inVro-
dffcing-his peace resolution .'as soon as
congress ' convenes," but whether-; he
will- press." .action, during 7-the .- short
session dtpciids on the'views of .the
majority;-of his Republican colleagues
and .Presidentelect Harding. -
Accept "Califoinia'.'. Syrup -.of. Figs
j only���look for the name California on
tho pa'ckagCj then'you arc sure your
child ��� is: having -the '-,, best and' - most
''harmless."-physic for the little stomach,'liver, and bovvels.' Children love
"Its fruity' taste.'...Ful!'"directions- on
each bottle.- ;; ;You nuis't.7 say. , "California."    '7.     -���.-"',-"-.:'.       '."���'���.''-'     '���'--��"'."
Not Aspirin at All.without the "Bayer Cross"
.The name "Bayer" identifies the
only, genuine Aspirin,���the.- Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for over nineteen ycars and now made in Canada.
;' Always "buy an unbroken" package
������of "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" which
contains proper directions for Colds,
Headache, Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Neuritis, Joint Pains, and Pain generally.
' Tin boxes of 12 tablets cost but
a few cents.   Larger "Bayer" packages.
There, is only oae Aspirin���"Bayer"--,Sroi�� mnst aay "Bayer"
Aspirin !* tho trade ltiark(resl*tcrcil !n Canartn) of Bayer Manufacture of Mpno-
ncetlcacldester of Sali6yllcac!(l. Whllo lt la'veil known tliat Aspirin means Waycr-
manufacturc, to assist tha public asoinst Imitations, th�� Tablets of Bayer Company
wTll bo stamped witb their general trado mark, thu "Bayer Cross."
' ,.��� Germans Deliver Coal. '���"-'.'.
The reparations commission an
nounccs- that   the  German  deliveries
as   quickly  suppressed.      Why. .she, however,, a vast  field  for increasing J of coaI during October amounted to.
... .,..     ..  ,,:    _r - ' the numbcT of sheep .raised in  this-!-2,186,968 tbiis. Of this amount7France
province where natural conditions ofjrcceived. 1,520,334; Italy, 272,8.64; Bel-
climate, water and feed are suited to'giunlj 265,770;'Luxembourg, 128,000.
was nothing more than a ��� slip, of a
girl, a little, %vild;. romping girl^-or
was-   she?   . He    became    suddenly
;     Greece. Offers Asyiusri.     ..
.   The 'Greek!- Government .has-agrecd
to receive and.care for;.30,000. Crimean
refugees, according-to;an Ath'cns.dcs-
.patch to" thic'Greek legation here". .';,���
���   Charhpion  prize 'fighters  arc.;stun
ning men. . '���..-,-���   y--. ''X    -'.."-
the, production  of good mutton  arid j
wool."     "Saskatchewan has less than:' '      "  D'aenosed
150,000 head of sheep, while the small |    H\_jhcrc is an awi'u] Tilmivins fr
province of. Nova Scotia has 261,000;. my stomach_iike a'cart going over a
Ileasl- cobblestone street.
'������ . ;~"������ ;��� -She.���It's- probab'y that truck, yoa
Gentian-Made Goods. ate for. dinner.���Lehigh .Burr.
���7. Germany ..is , sending cheap enam- .
eled ware to Canada, via Britain. How <
many of-us .during .the war," resolved.
���not''to-buy G^rinan.-goods.hen'ce'fortlir jT.ompeiJ
.^TOronto-'Mail- and-Empirc: ' -\: Z-
WHEN j-ou Tran't quick comforting-relief from any
'external" pain, use Sloan'*
Uniment. Itdoesthejobwith-
<Mit stainin?, rabbins, bandag-
ing. Use/re*4/for rheumatism,
neuralgia, aches and pains,
sprains rr.d etzain& backache,
Made in i
-Locks and keys of brass and iron
have 'been    found - iri .the ruins  of
:H .t:"*���; **! i,n��i"f: ' it *<
-  I 1.
��� ! '
THE,    LEDGE,     GliEEiSTWOOU     B. '   (J.
American Plan, $4.00'and up; with bath, $4.50,-: European Plan; $2.00
'      and up.
Oue of the largest and-most comfortable Hotels in the Dominion, strictly first-
class. The Queen's is well-known. 400 rooms, 120 en suite,with bath; long distance telephone in every room; elegantly furnished throughout; cuisine and service ol
the highest order of excellence. Is within easy reach of railway station, theatre and
shoppinc districts.      Hotel coaches meet all trains.
North Dakota
Banks Close Down
Parliament   and   Legislature
, Fifteen    Banks    Have    Now    Shut
I Down   Due   to   Depleted
I Resources.
I Bisniarck, N.D.���Three more North
i Dakota banks closed thcir doors late
today, due to depleted resources,
bringing the total of such closures reported here for the past 14 days to 15.
y Those shutting down today were thc
State Bank of Adrian, the State Bank
of Donhybrook, and the State Bank
of Glenburn, all in Renville ocunty.
Earlier in the day it was announced that thc State Bank o.f Mohall did
not open for Business today. It was
the tenth bank closed.
The State Bank examiner, C. E.
Loftus, announced that no receivers
arc bcing named for the closed banks,
The task of framing a constitution"for the Dominion of Canada'was undertaken just at thc time when the United States was engaged in a life and
death struggle between thc Statcs of thc North and the Southern Confederacy. The war of secession arose out of thc issue of Slates' rights, individual Statcs claiming and asserting their right to thc exercise of certain autonomous rights and powers and charging interference and usurpation of those
rights and powers by the Federal ^authority at Washington.
With the grim results of such a dispute ovcr Stales! rights beforc them,
the fathers of thc Canadian Confederation deliberately framed a constitution - but an officer of each bank has been
witli-the underlying idea of creating a strong and powerful Federal author-1 named a special deputy examiner to
ity, rather than thc development of strong Provinces. Consequently, the' have charge of the-vinstitution. Loftus
constitution of Canada is based on thc rcverse'principle to that which was said he expected many of the banks
recognized in framing thc constitution of the United Statcs.
By the constitution of the big American republic, all powers not expressly reserved to the Federal Government belong to and arc exercised by
the respective States; in Canada, on the other hand, all powers not expressly conferred upon the Provinces are reserved to the Federal Government. This marked difference in thc underlying principle of the,constitutions of the two countries frequently leads tb misunderstanding of thc powers and functions of Provincial Governments on the part of ncw settlers in
this country from across the border. As a result, requests and demands arc
made, upon Provincial Governments which it is not within their powers
and jurisdiction to grant.
It is manifestly impossible in a brief article to attempt even a bare
enumeration of thc exclusive powers conferred by the British North
America upon the Dominion Parliament, on -the one hand, and Provincial
Legislatures on the "other hand. Suffice it .is to say that matters of a
national character, and those having to do with other countries, as well as ~ '    77
those, which   are   of an interprovincial nature, are^eserved exclusively to, Q?���}  ^   g[2itorMJ^
Parliament. ' These include trade and commerce, navigation and shipping,   C"cptable to children, and it. does its
both sea coast and inland fisheries, postal services, military, liaval -and all .work surely and promptly,
matters   connected   with   national   defence, the criminal law, weights Mid
measures, banks, banking, currency and coinage, etc., etc.     Thc Dominion
Parliament has-pbwer to' raise its revenues in practically any and cvery .way
it chooses, and to levy taxation on all the people, both direct and indirect.
Provincial Legislatures, on the other hand, arc restricted to the.raising
of money by direct taxation within the Province; the imposition of license
fees, by borrowing on the sole credit of the Province,.and through the management of such natural resources or local works' and undertakings which
Message from King George
Is Read at Service in New York in
Memory of Landing of Pilgrims.
A message of greeting from King
George, and an address by General
Robert George Nivcllc, French war
hero, featured commemorative services held in Carnegie Hall by thc American Mayflower Council to mark thc
Pilgrim tercentenary. The King's
message, which was read by Sir Auckland Geddes, British ambassador,
said:'"I join you gladly in honoring I
thc men of the Mayflower, whose
memory is. onc of the abiding glories
of America.-"
would ^reopen    when    the'financial
stringency was past.
Officials of the Bank of North Dakota arranged today to meet with a
committee of nine bankers, appointed at a conference yesterday of bankers and county officials held in Man-.,
dan. Bankers expect to give the
Bank of North Dakota assurance
that county officials will not make
heavy demands on the State bank
for funds wheii thc law permitting
the withdrawal of public funds from
the bank becomes effective on December 21.
Must Use Western Coal
they may possess.   '   In legislation,  the  Provinces have jurisdiction over
Mining   Engineer   Says   Dependence
- On U.S. Would Be Dangerous.
"The- utilization of western coal in
Ontario" was thc subject of a timely
address delivered by James McEvoy,
a- ' well-known mining engineer and
geologist, before the Mining "and
Metallurgical Club of the University
of Toronto".
. Mr.    McEvoy    began by declaring
Easily Maintained Through the Use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
There is not a nook or corner in
Canada, in the cities, thc towns, the
villages, on thc farm and in the
mines and lumber camps, where Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills have not been
used, and from onc end of thc country lo the other thcy havc brought
back to bread-winners, their wives
and families the splendid treasure of
ncw health and strength.
You have only to ask your neighbors, and thcy can tell you of somc
rheumatic or ncrve-shattcrcd man,
some suffering woman, ailingjyouth
or anaemic girl who owes present
health and strength to Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. For morc than a quarter
of -a century these pills havc been
known not only in Canada, but
throughout all tlic world, as a-reliablc
tonic,  blood-making  medicine.
The wonderful success of Dr. Williams'   Pink   Pills   is due to the fact
1. The Parable of the Hid Treasure
(v. 44).
The common interpretation of this
parable that Christ is the hid treasure
for which thc sinner must give up
everything in order to buy salvation
is false, for lhc following reasons:
1. Christ is not hidden in a field,
but has been lifted up and madc a
spectacle of the world.
2. Nobody has ever been obliged to
buy thc world in order to get Christ.
3. Salvation cannot      be    purchased,
for it is God's free and gracious gift.
4. No warrant is ever held out to a
man to "Conceal his religion after he
has obtained it.
Jn order to find ground that is safe
and that wc may appreciate its beauty
and symmetry let us break up thc parable into its component parts:
1. The' field. This is' tlie world (v.
2. The treasure. In Psalm 135:4 we
arc told that Israel, the chosen people, is His treasure. The same truth
is sot forth in different places and
ways (Dcut. 7:6-8; 14:2; 26:18; 32:8,
9). The kingdom of heaven as to its
true relation and bearing is now hidden. Christ, was primarily sent to
the Jews; it was for their sake, the
hid treasure, that He bought thc field.
3. Thc purchased���thc Son of God
(John 3:16).
4. Thc purchasing pricc. This was
| the  precious  blood  of  Jesus   Christ,
���=��� t
To Obtain Full Food Value
KEEN'S D. S. F. MUSTARD  give* your food a delidoua
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Hone it always on your table.
MAGOR, SON & CO., Limited
Canadian Aicnii. Montreal     Toronto 7
that they go right to the root of the, , . ��� , ��� ,   ��� .  ���
disease in the blood, and by making Gods beloved-Son, which is worth m-
the vital fluid'rich and red strengthen finitely more than silver and gold and
every organ and every nerve, thus the treasures of earth (I. Pet. 1:13,
driving out disease    and    pain,    and
that in the   event   of   serious   labor
trouble   in   the   American coal fields, i casions, I take Ihem regularly
. .        I  ,i��    :_    i    ��� ���t  r..
or of strained international relations
ably  suffer from  an  inadequate sup-'
municipal institutions, incorporation of companies with Provincial objects,
property and civil rights, the administration  of justice, and generally all
matters of a merely local or private nalurcin the Province.
In regard to education, thc Provinces have control, subject, however,
to certain restrictions, ahd in the event of a Province not having respect for
these limitations on its authority, the Dominion Parliament has thc right
to interfere and pass remedial legislation correcting an established grievance.     This limitation, however, has only to do with the matter of.separate
schools and the rights and privileges which-by law are'enjoyed by Roman
Catholic or Protestant minorities respectively.     This restriction upon the
powers of Provinces in thc matter of education, and the dual.-control'pro-! p'y of coal unless somc provision for
vided for in certain contingencies,'has been the cause of. more, bitterness, .such an emergency   were   made   by
friction and. strife in Canada, and has been -responsible, for retarding.-its'dc-j governmental     authorities.      Should
velopmctit and prosperity lo a greater extent,-than any one other thing.4 suc}1 an emergency occur at the.pres-
-  Nevertheless," it must bc remembered  that unless the compromise, "which ��� cut time, the effects in Ontario, from
this fcaturc-of our Constitution cqnlalns, had been arrived at,, it would, not   an industrial standpoint, would be ap-
havc been possible lo achieve Confederation in. 1867. and probably,not at| palling, he said. -���*'
any subsequent p'criod, .    '. _������'''���        . ��� ;?"-'      '���; '
,- The Dominion Parliament and the Provincial Legislatures both'possess
power to pass laws in relation to agriculture and immigration, but no Act
��� of.a Province may over-ride or be in conflict with a Dominion Act.   .
.Another matter ovcr which legislative-and legal differences of opinion
havc arisen between the Dominion and the Provinces -is as to-^pwn'ership
and control of. natural resources, within a. Province.     A brief history of this
question wiil constitute thc basis of our next article.
making weak, despondent people
bright, active and strong. Mr. W. T.
Johnson, onc of thc best known and
most highly esteemed men in Lunch-
burg "county, N.S., says:���"I am a
Provincial Land Surveyor, and am ex-
���posed for the greater part of thc year
to very hard, work travelling through
the forests by day and camping out
by night, and I find thc only . thing
that will keep me up to thc mark is
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.. When I
leave home for a trip in the woods 1
am as interested in having my supply
of pills as provisions, and on such oc-
'      ./     " "     .       Thc
result   is   I   am always fit.     I never
,   , .1     tt ���,   i  o. x t r.      i takc cold, and can digest all kinds of
between the.United. Statcs and Can-1 food such as we havc t0 put a]) wUh
ada, Canadian industry would inevit- j hastily cooked in thc woods. Having
A Gr^at Pigeon Farm
100,000 Birds in Los Angeles Nearly
All Snow White.
What is claimed to be thc. largest
pigeon .fa'rni in the world is located
at Los Angeles, California. By actual "count there arc cotes for more
than  100,000 of -the birds, and" every
Fewer Electrical Accidents
5,000 Out of Work
Not men, but corns that were put
out of business last week by Putnam's
Corn Extractor. No" corn can live if
treated by Putnam's. .It is safe, painless and sure. Use only Putnam's,
25c at all dealers.   ���    .
Safety and Simplicity Have Been
.^Developed to a High State. -
Oncof thc most remarkable industrial effects of the war, so far as
Great Britain is concerned, was the
doubling of the output-of the public
electric.; generating   stations. * Over
Big Increase In Trade.
An increase of ,?31,917,125 is shown
in the.figures for the-grand, total of
Canadian-trade for October?' 1920, as
compared with the same1 month "in
1919.- The'. increase -for the "seven
months of thc fiscal year ending-Oc-
ncst is occupied, with numbers of thc | ninety-five per cent. of. the munition
birds-roosting pn outbuildings and. in.
.temporary nesting places! This
gives the unique .farm a-population of
-cojisiderably-more^than the qiic.hun-
drcd thousand feathered inhabitants
claimed for it.
The. birds cat -two tons of wheat
each day, with . large, quantities of
green stuff and other.foods, of which
a regular, account is-not kept, as itis
obtained from, surrounding farms in
exchange for the fertilizer from.the
.pigeon ranch..- When    the   pigeons
.are disturbed at their 'eating thcy
rise from the ground in huge, white
clouds spotted here and there : with,
patches of blue. .. For a number of
years,    however, ; thc. colored   birds
'.have been gradually- weeded out7uhtil
nearly all arc show white.
The product''of the farm, squabs,
young birds and adults, goes entirely
. to the large hotels of Lbs Angeles
-and thc surrounding- resorts. -.-
factories were "eon verted" from,
mechanical "to electrical working. In
spite of this enormous increase .in the
usejjf ^electricity,; the ��� latest report of^
thc.Electric."Inspector of Britisii fac-.
tories shows that thcre\ycre actually
fewer accidents during the year following-the war .-than .there-were in
1913. This, is a notable tribute to
the high standard of quality of modern British electrical'machinery and
to the skill and care with.which at.is
installed. The report also- notes an
increase in  the number of. boys  en-'
proved the value of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, as a tonic and health builder, I am never without thcm, and I
lose no opportunity in recommending
"thcm to weak people whom 1 meet."
. Dr. _ Williams' Pink. Pills should bc
kept in cvwy home, and their occasional use will keep the blood pure
and ward off illness. You can get
thesc pills through any medicine dealer, or by mail at SO cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockviile, Ont.
19; Isa. 53).
II. Tho Parable of the Merchantman
-'" />Sccking Pearls (vv. 45, 46).
The view that this merchantman
represents the sinner seeking salvation is contrary to the whole teaching of Scripture. This would make
the sinner to be .seeking'for Christ,
while Christ is as indifferent as a lifeless pearl. The' whole" burden of
revelation is that man, since thc fall
of Adam in thc garden of Eden, has
becn'hid away from God, and that the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all
activicly engaged in seeking for lost
1. The merchantman. Hc is without
question Chrisl. Hc is actively engaged in the search for pearls. In
this search hc discovers onc pearl of
great pricc. ""'
2. The purchasing pricc. Thc merchantman sold o all���impoverished
himself in order to buy thc pearl.
Christ impoverished .Himself (Phil.
2:6-8) to purchase thc one pearl of
gr,eat pricc by His own precious blood
\\. Pet. 1:18,'19; Eph. 5:25). Salvation is without money and without
3.'- The pear] of great price. This
is the church. ��� Christ; the merchantman, will find other pearls of great
. value, but the peerless gem set above
States and Canada consume 2,150.000] a|i-"0tliers will bc the church which,
-tons of newsprint" annually. Stated"; He, has pUrchascd with ' His . own
in this way it probably conveys littic .'i,j0od.-     This   truth   is   in   harmony-
The Slump in Trade
President of British Board of Trade
Says Prices Must Drop But
Trade Will Pick Up.
Sir Robert Horn*, president of the
British Board of Trade, speaking at
Manchester, said that he did not believe that thc present slump in trade
would be of long duration, but prices
must come down. Thc proportion of
goods which the dominions received
from Great Britain, said Sir Robert,
was less now than beforc thc war.
The United Statcs had got into thc
colonial markets. Great Britain, thc
Minister maintained, should do
everything to recover the fullest
measure of its trade wilh thc great
dominions. It was also no longer any
good to say that: "Wc won't
trade with Russia because of the character of her government. Great
Britain must trade therc sootier or
later, and it was no .good wailing,"
claimed Sir Robert.
Soldiers As Farmers.
According lo  official records 4,885
acres of new land have been brought
under  cultivation  by soldier  settlers
in Briiish Columbia.
Minard's Liniment For Colds. Etc.
Pretty Girls in Ads
Washing Machine Are Always Run
By Pretty Girls in Fetching
' Attire.'
Many women are wondering why
advertisers stick so closely to thc idea
of using pretty girls in advertising
copy. Do they-go ori thc theory that
a pretty girl would immediately attract the attention of the housewife.
If so, they are making -a bad guess,
for'it is invariably thc rule that where
thc figure of a girl or a pretty face
is used,, it is hooked up with a.product having no connection with the
jjicture. If wc arc to believe some
of the advertising we 'read, washing
machines are always run by pretty
girls in fetching attire; that patent
garbage cans arc always hustled by
slim waistcd girls; lhat the cooking
and the dish-washing is'always'done
by a girl with fluffy ruffles. - Isn't it
time that a new angle was attached
to- advertising carrying pictures?���
The   peanut   politician   should   not
complain if he gets-roasted.   -
' ,. - - . ���_       ' - n
1,000 Miles of Forest Per Annum.
The    newspapers    of    the   United
Nothing looks so unhappy as a man
waiting for his change in a dry goods
Expedition to Herschel Island.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arc preparing to send an expedition overland for about a year" to
Herschel Island, thc Arctic whaling
and" exploration base. Several policemen will make the trip from Dawson
with dbg-tcams, the party taking mail
arriving from ��� the 'coast and other
points. ...-.:
information', to."you- respecting the -effect upon ..our forests. You will better appreciate the situation when .1
say that it represents the d; mutation
tobcr 31st, 1920,'as compared-with t.6f thc malurc_trccs on an arca of li00o
the same period last year is.$252,147,-j squa,-c-miles.' of -forest land each and
150.... In the' first seven months of j every. ycar. '. This will .give you an
this fiscal ycar the total valun 0f the !.;dca- -. of   thc cnorm0lls inroads that
Canadian " trde is $1,511,795,539 as
a'gairist" 1,359,648,374 for the first seven months.in 1919.
newsprint manufacturing is making
upon tl.e forests of NoVth'America.������'
James White in .addess to the Vancouver Rotary Club.   "v
gaged in connection .- with   -"electrical,
T?;j��   At.��� f\.,n~  Tf.ch-
- -.��� -   . ^��iUG-<.vrwn.i-A^.-&u�� ^" ���
i   A jury before Supreme Court Jus-.
lice.Aspinall; in Long   Island "City,
N.Y., has decided' that girls who- accept  rides in automobiles of Strang-'
ers do so-at   their own  risk.      Miss
Annie Campbell,-20, who,'got a "lift"
, from   Isaac   Barrows,..,'-a .-. "well-to-do i resident' of the'.Grande. Prairie coun-
I business man," sued the, latter for $10.-! try and be/elates that-on .the train.he
000 damages, after-sustaining-a badly   had-to .pay,the-value ;of;two- bushels
bruised  face- in  a collision, with'-aii-
.  Potatoes Versu   Oats. '-������.
- One- of the directors of the.United
Farmers'of. Alberta is just now  trying    to    figure    out the'comparative,
value c-f potatoes and oats.  7 He is a
plant and." apparatus.' - Safety arid
simplicity have been developed to
such a pitch that unskilled hands can
control  ' clf'ctrical    machinery ' with
i other; car.
'perfect security.
Minard's Liniment For Diphtheria.
:.    Indians. Are Gamblers, ""-���  -J
Saskatchewan   Provincial  Police in
Jthe Far North, complain of-difficulty
iri preventing gambl.hg. among'   .the
Indians   on-the   reserves, y, Nightly,"
bodies of soldiers of, the. wiTldAVar'.V*? aVcport:froni the Lacla'Ronge
detachment, white men are . bring
found on" thc reserves galubling with
the Indians. . -       '     -.-""".."���������
of. oats'for one potato., ��� Oats, hc
with- the general  teaching "of  Scripture, .which   sets 'forth- the  different
bodies of the redeemed.    "
HI. The Parable of .-the "Dragnet (vv."
"'"' '47:50).       -���_'
. This parable gives us a picture '.of
the consummation of the kingdom.
; Note the parts of the parable: "-_
- 1'. The s-a. - This'word when used
in a figurative, sense denotes peoples
or multitudes (Dan.'7:3; Rev. 17:15).;
Th.s l.'m.casi_s.':.thcii._ that out of this
world shalj'bc gathered'a multitude of
people, goodand bad. -     :.   -���:-_    " .
2; The dragnet.7'The word "net" is
properly. translated dragnet. -The
dragnet cast into thc .sea; then,-means,
the. preaching ot the Gospel iiv this
age. '- ���'_"..    " ,;���.-;'   . ;.    -,
. 3.-Thc dragnet drawn-to-the shore
when full..;. This-means that 'when
God's purpose is made full regarding
He will afcate
TC[0 matter what kind of a
���*���' razor a man; uses now, he
will welcome and enjoy the
clean shaves' he will get from
his AutoStrop Razor.
Pie will like the self-stropping
device that gives him a-fresh
new shaving edge each day;
he'll be glad of the simplicity
"that enables him to clean' his
AutoStrop Razor without tak
ing it apart; above all, he will
be apt to boast of .'the way in
which the AutoStrop blade re'- .
moves his tough, Tbarbed-wire
-beard (and he's secretly proud
of that, ybu know) without the
slightest pull or irritation.
Every day of his life he will
have reason to be grateful for
his AutoStrop Razor ��� sf gracious and ""continual"" reminder-
of: your thoughtfulness. -"    .    .
states. '��� are J'scU'ng in  his. district" for "' the" "preaching of  the'-Gosjpcl in   thi
.12 l-2c- a.bushel.
Bodies of Buried Soldiers Uncovered.
, As a result of quick.burial under a
. thin, covering/of -'"earth,-hundreds .of,-'
today are found lying out in the. open
oh.battlefields of,Europe.  _.-' ./
;.Wheri a married; woman wishes she
were a man her husband is. apt- to
echo the*.wish.   ,'���_.
- ' A .poor man is one who 7 gets the
.-:',money by earning it.  . '-:
Minard's' Liniment Co., Limited...
" ..Gentlem' n_.���Las't winter 1 received!
gr at'bencfit from .the use of.. MIN-
ARD'S; LINIMENT, in a ;severe/attack of LaGrippc,- and: I - havr';'frequently-. provc(Uit .to.'bc very, effective
"in cases of-.Inflammation.-' ���;',"���,:-"���
----- '"' - ; Y'ot'irs, ������ "���- ..'���" --.'-"-:'"
', ���'-.-. . '. W. A.HUTCHINSON..'- ������",
v':.'-,. .-Beaver,Farm in'Alberta..;
-Two beaver farrps.-arc operated in
: Albert a. ���'. F._F;, Parkinson, of Edg'cr-
toii..,lias'onc--,aiHl- F,; \V.. Paisley, 'of
Lacombe,'-. has' the'other.- " -Edgerton
has-100,animals bnMiis-land.
U S. War Casua'ties,
Railway To Timber Limits..
';'.'.The- Mann "^Corporation of Chicago,
"-III.,, a- subsidiary, of the Dcering" Plow
Company^., has' awarded contracts  to
: Cheapest of ?11 0:ls.���Consulcring
the (]tialiti"S of- Dr-Thomas' Eclc'ctric
Oil it ..'is the chrapest of "all prepara-.
tioiis offered'.to'th 7. public, ;.!.! -is .to
.be'found in every, drug-store'" in. Canada-from coast. to!-coas't arid all cotm-7
-try'.merchants keep it'for-sale..     So,
age, account will be taken of the;, rc-
-sults.    : .-';- '.-':-.���.- /-������""".   '-���-���'.'���   "..-.--.
'4. AssortniciitMua.de by.-thc angels!
liV.lhc'day.of.'this-'accounting-the an-,
gels   will!.- be-   the agents which.shall
-;separate the."saved from' the" unsaved,
. ;'5.- The-.desliiiy.'.of th'c'bad..fish.,The
angels which are'.s-iit'-forth- shall sever the' wicked froiii- anioiig. thc:" just,
7jau(l-?h'al)-ca'st.:theiji' into-.tlic, furnace7
-of lir.e,. .where -there; shall,.be" wailiag
and gnashing bf teeth.-.   ;.   X XX-.XX-
sharpens itself
Ori sale at.nll'tliufr, jewelry arid hardware stores, the'AutoStroP
"  Safety -Razor is priced at $5 arid up. for razor, strop' and X3
-'  blade's.   Sold always and everywhere with ft money-liack guarantee.
On Ttazcrs, Streps. Blades, etc., licretfier manufactured hy tuve'sAall apply the trail mari
"'Valet" ia addition'1.*! the tradem,-.rk."AutoStn>p" as art additional indication that they.ere the'
genuine products of tlu AutoStrop. Safety Razor Co., Umited,' Toronto, Canada.
Value Of Canad an Grain;"""���.. -_'���.
The value'of the.five principal field
I grains  in .1920  grown." in   Canada ' is
.Final'figures. on'Uni'ted'States army -thc  Western' Construction ^Cdnipany
casualties in the war are contained in
the1 annual report of SurgeonTGeneral
Ireland,.snowing 34,249.-. killed arid
224,089* wounded.:' .. /     '    - .
,bf Vancouver, for the building . oi
eight miles- of- logging railway' in-the"'
-Lillooet River district. - .-When, the!
railway ..is completed .it is estimated
that ,900.000,000.feet X of commercial
timber- will be made -accessible/ -
being rasiljT procurable'and extreme-:.- g- ^     d    ��� ^       t]ian:��900,000,000:
ly mocicrate in. price, no. one should '     ��� . v    >    .�� .
be. without a bottle'o.f it.;
"When yon eat let it be the Best
Celebrated Bramble iBHy
-���; finger Marmalade->;;
'���Are.4<Sbeat- '���: Appetizers
Would Ban Hearst Papers.
Pledging themselves to refrain
froni purchasing any of the Hearst
publications from now on, the members of the executive of the Local
Council- of AVonien, of Calgary,;have
gone..on ^record, as strongly ;protcst-
:'t'ing"^ recent malicious attack on Can-,
ada aridvthe '-Motherland��� vvhich ;.ai>-
^pearedcin-. tfce\Nc\v;.'.York-Journal^' ."'
;   |"; :7Eycn. a.weaK'Wonian'can.7put up,.a
yl'siTong'fy'afiyyy.X'yxX-yy'.y'.Xy";yy; -���'
Arctic Circle" Farming. '
-Large farming operations under the
Arctic Circle in Alaska arc.planned by |
: the .department .of, agriculture which
has five stations there and has dcvel-
' oped new "varieties of grains', berries,
and fruit suitable to the short season..
The enterprise should be a boon' to
the home market with freight charges
what they now are.���Springfield Republican.  ~
Plan Phone Tests/.
Wireless    telephone,   experimental j
stations.willbecstablishcd.at C'alga'ry.
i.and Edmonton within the next.year.-
. It lias been cstiiriatcd- that -steamers
"are 20 per cent.-safer .than sailing
vessels.   '   ��� ���-----..*
-.W;V n:!.;'U.-.1343'.
Wilson.To Devote Tirae .To. Writing.
:;;AIthough it has been'^gcaera.lly understood- ;'that.'..|PrjJsia<;ns,.:-. WoodjrO'.v
".Wilson, -after ;. he!" leaves-\thc:;:--Wbite
Hbtise.^on. '-March ..4,"'.wili' .devote, his
"time: to'-v/rsting; this -fact,:has now. be-
caTrie-khown-.with -a drgr^e'-bf. .finality.'
son'.will make/his home; in -Washington. ;.'��� ������ . ;;,".':-  -���". ��� ". ..y ..'���----," :���-- . '_.; - . V-;'- :.
"ProTide'the-only muss by: -which"yon,cu ketp an abiotote sccerats chick OB yonf
tale*'."   -The'new luxury ta* and salefttx maitsit necessary to kt��p msch a tecord. .
We reakc sal�� books-suitable for'tsy line ai fcuwseM,���-with eitlwr.duplies** �� tn-
plicate, copie*.- -,.- ..''--"���'"'-'
-;-V-TRIPLICATE^ BOOKS ,���<...'���.'-.:
:        Tliere ��*���-��' heary demand just now for triplicat* boofca.      Tfa arit* * ����**
T��iieiy,o�� triplicate books, both is itpajate eiibcn leal and.fe&rt kadi ttyla.
. .Write-us.for sample ixd price* bt'fort'��ta'cJEg year,oekt ��$��, 9f ��* MT #��
���ar-aueistt to'g>T* .'yoti'thi*.-wfeimaties. '        '
Vegetable Parckmeot Butter Wrapper* ^ ..,;
Wa are ia iit best,position of any Sna is Canid* t�� ill your er&rproi&ftly
fof- parchment -butter wrapptra, either printed or plaJB. "- We v* large importers ��J-
thU.braed of paper, aad hare, tpecial.'.iaciHtiei-far priiii'isjj! -jrrappew. fat *i��fe�� �������.
��r two" colari.cf ink' 7 _.. '"
'-'.- W"��'*Iso ciJusifartw* 8. complete !iM af waxed bread w* swat, -wrapper*,. plaia
��r ."printed, vtaxti paper rolls fot tome vie, acd VaMd papers teT-aB-psrpoteo-
-   d-a e<v3tprr'en{ iatSie men mt>&<xn atd complete t�� be.lc-oad ia Cazuda-    Ow
gooii are &r'�� clan aod our i��r��ice" U'prompt.'-   -Let si-.pro-re thia ,t�� >o�� ea y��ui-
'nil order for Counter Check Bo��k��, Parchicest Paye*. re Wax** Paper.   '_-_'.
sowticsj apply.to psblijJiar.af this pipe*1.
Appi.efbrd Gaunter Check Book Go* Ld.
X HAMILTON ONT.���BXAKCH OFyiCES AT ";   - .-''.-..     .
feft"^ THE LEDGE
A:*. 50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
..���;n not paid for three months or more
e passed.   To Great Britain and the
��� ted States $3., always in advance.
iuquent Co-Owner Notices....... $25.00
���    J and Oil Notices    7.00
?.ray Notices 3.00
ards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertlsing, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2j^c. a line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to bave more money.
Hockey Club Re-Organized.
A large aad enthusiastic crowd
of hockey supporters met in the
Fire Hall last Friday night to
discuss hockey and rink matters
for this season and from the keen
interest   shown   Canada's   great
Herbison conducted the service?.
The casket was covered with
beautiful floral tributes. About
24 cars followed the cortege to tbe
Princeton cemetery where the
body was laid at rest. The pallbearers were R. Marston, L. Mars-
ton, Fred Haddon, Francis Glover.
Jas.Gellatly and E. E. Gibson.
Trail Ore Receipts
During fehe last nine days of Nov.
1920,   fehe   Consolidated    Mining
ing and Smelting company received
12,561 feons  of  ore afe its smelter
in Trail.    The receipts are as follows: ���
Bnnyan, Lake Windermere 35
Canada Copper, Allenby       - 362
Galena Farm, Silverton        - 17
Horn Silver, Similkameen 54
Josie, Rossland            - 531
Knob Hill, Republic         - 55
North Star, Kimberley      - 250
Paradise, Lake Windermere 26
Providence, Greenwood       ��� 42
Silver Standard, N. Hazelton 39
Was Not Dangerous.
Company Mines
"Foreign silver has been erratic,
with a general downward tendency.
Ife is said  that importations  from
National sport has started well Mexico,  which  have been   heavy
Ethel was late for school and
when cbided for ifc to tbe teacher
that she could not help it because
her mother was sick. The schoolma'am eaid to her:
"Go straight-home: your mother
mighfe have some contagious disease
and I mighb catch it from you,"
and Ethel did. Next morning she
came to school in au auto and told
the teacher:
"Mother says if you'll   be good
you wont catch her   'disease,'   for)
she only   has a  baby   boy���that's
what's the matter with ber."
Physician and Surgeon
That he has located, at Greenwood
Office    -   Guess Block.
Residence   -   Dr. MacLean's House
Oflice Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
�� T.    THOMAS
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Culameeri Rote!
One of the largest hotels In
the city.    Beautiful location,
Sue rooms and tasty meals.
A. 0, JOHNSON     -     -    Proprietor
in Greenwood.   Al. Morrison and
G. S. Walters were   present   re- sfericted for the balance of the year,
presenting the City Council who
offered the rink and water free of
charge the.only expence being the
insurance. It was decided to
accept the City's offer. R. C.
Taylor and Allan Morrison will
managed the rink, It was decided
to hold a basket social and dance
on Friday Dec. 10th, the proceeds
to go towards buying new uniforms for the boys. Greenwood
-will have a good team this winter
with lots of material to choose
Trom and the boys are confident
��� 'retaining the cup. At any rate
Xy ckey fans may be sure of wit-
7:rasing good.games  this winter.
"ie following officers were:elec-
.!;-~President, E. V. Tripp;
. ice-President, . A. . N.   Mowat;
:c.-Treas. Wm. Fry.
Greenwood Riding
The following is a summary of
the election result in ihis riding
last Wednesday.
' MacLean. Jackson   Pitman
Greenwood        129 ;.
82, -
Eholt                  13
7 B'd'y Falls     v 30
Midway          ��� .',26 x.
63 ';'i
Biverside    ;       42 7-
Bock Creek      V'8
7 20
-.:    Bridesville ~       25
:yv- .  Sidley,/v:";--..-8. '
1:12 I
'."������������:'-���."'��� :���'������''
;77.;. !- Denoro- '        ;: '4- -
\! 2.
X -.      Christian Valley  3; -
\X'rX-'Cexw\'Xi-X.xy 13 -y
X'x      Beaverdell! ���'���""--   22
��������� Xy
-Westbridge    ''���'-."���.Z'X.
:  8  ������
.Totft}!!71^326  .;255     105 ,
MacLean's majority   ���  " -.71
Fatal Accident;
Win, Robertson, formerly time-
: keeper for the W.K.R & L. Co. a4
Bock    Creek,    aiid   well   known
throughout the Boundary met with
a fatal accident at the Canada Cop-
!, per Co.'s mill at Allenby on Nov.
25th, by falling into one of the big
scoops  and was  literally  cut to
.pieces.    Mr.  Robertson leases a
wife and small  family  to whoai
much sympathy is felt.
The inquest was conducted by
Prbv. Coroner t>r. McCaffrey, and
evidence was given  to  the effect
. that the deceased came to bis death
! l)y accidentally falling into the conveyor  whilst;.; creasing instead !of
���- alking around ifc To hay�� walked
���-.-. ound he would have had'to> tra-.
yrse an additional five feet. ; No,
ime was attached . to! .the:. com-,
iiy since a! *'daager", sigii was
'\'ited'ar!thegpofc'    A! X verdict;; of
ccidentel disath" waa returned.;
The funerol was.'hield on :^ov.
, and was lately attended." Bev.
until recently, are likely  to be re-
owing to the fact; that the Mexican
government is coining large quantities.
Ife is estimated fehat world production for 1920 will, fall short of
the pre-war rate by at least 29,000-
000 ounces, the figures being 223,-
900,000 ounces for 1913 and 195,-
000,000 ounces for 1920. According to the statistician who prepared
these estimates, Mexico came alone
of the world's silver producing
countries equalled in 1919 the prewar rate of output. He attributes
the fall in output to uncertainty
regarding continuation of purchases
under the Pittman Act by the United States; falling, off in China's de-r
mand; progressive exhaustion of
fehe Cobalt fields and. heavy unrefined surplus at TLB. copper mines,
from which large quantities of silver are derived as by-product.
y7orld's future demand he deems
problematical because Germany
has demonetized silver, and many
other- countries are - substituting
paper or nickel, or capronickle, for
silver money. ...Prospective demand
for coinage purposes . outside; of
Asia is! 7 not... considered , great."
���Mining Truth, Spokane;
Agents for Chevrolet,  Dodge,  Hudson,
~" --..-- Garage   in
Chalmers   Cadillac cars,
*t�� 4"fc & "4".4r ^ ^ & ��& & ��� ���
The Ledge has  always, room
for one more- adr~ ~. 7 - * 7    ,  -
j^ C LOAT is not a periodie-
*^ ^    al.    It is a book con-
����, feaining 86 illustrations  ail
���^ fcold,  and  is   filled    with
T sketches   aad    stories    of
�� western life.    It tells how
���F a gambler cashed, in after
��5�� the flush days of Sandon ;
���ji how it rained in New Den- t
^ ver  long after  Noah  was *��*
. dead; how a parson took a ������
*�� drink   at  Bear    Lake, in ��{,
*3* early   days;-, how "justice �����,
��3�� was.dealt.in Kaslo in  93; jf
��5�� how  the saloon  man oufe-'-***
ju prayed the women in Kala-, ����*
. mazoo, and grapliically de- ����
^ picts fehe   roamings. of   a a
T* western editor among. the ^
<$�� tender-feet in the. cent belfe, *��
<^��" Ife contains the early history. *T
A of Nelson and   a romance .^
^ of the Silver King mine. ��{���
."V-Tn   ife are   printed l three ^��
A western poems, and dozens ^
�� of articles   too   numerous ^
*** to menfcibn..   Send for. one "��.
T* before it' is too lafee, ' The *8*
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
. Nilson     -        - Proprietor
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnishedjrodms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -   -  Proprietor
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Cheuiisf, Box B1108, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or: Lead
$125 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead J3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application,
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,  .
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
��3�� price   is   50   cents,.' poisfe-
��!�� paid to  any part of;  fehe
& world.     Address, all   let-
y feers to'; ''.-���
^Thex Ledge
4��     GREENWOOD. B.. C.
���^Zy-x'xyyXyXX   XX _;-.;
.*. .*::*.  *t   ft/'A"^^ * - *,   >k   *   *   *-.
, - '    (Diversion'and Use.)
'..TAKE NOTiOii that Herbert Holmes-whose
address is Beaverdell, B. C, will applj-, for a
licence (0 take and use 500 gallons per day of
water out ol Heaver creek, which flows sotuh-
wesi'ci'ly anti drains into West Pork .of the
Kettle river about J^ mile west bf Beaverdell,
The walcr will be'diverted from the stream
al a point about.550 feet in "a northerly direction from'the Norlh-Ksist corner.of Lot B509
(Partof Lot .1545) and will be used for irrigation purposes upon the land described as B509
(Part of Lot 1545) Beaverdell. B.C.   -
Tliis notice was posted oii~-the ground 011
the 2St!iday of November, 1!)20. .
- A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed In the office of llie Water Recorder at
.Grand Forks, B. C. '."���"'
. Objections, to .the' application may. be. filed
with 'the said Water Recorder, or with the
Comptroller- of ' Water iffhtsi Parliament
Buildings, Victoria,'B. C,'within thirty days
after the first appearance of tbis notice in a
local news'oaper!'.      .
The (lute of the first publication of this notice
is'Noyember25th, 1920.'-   "- .'.".'-
;������      -       .    .7       -���"-"- '   Applicant.
Mlntmum^prlOB of flrst-class Und
reduced to $6 an acre; aecond-claaa to
$2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to Bor-y
veyed lands only.
-Records win be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
' arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but eaoh making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. '. *��� ''
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and mak* Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,'
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of lm-.
provement and transfer hia claim.
Records without permanent resi-.
denoe may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure- to make' improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess than 6 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre. Including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 8 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may reoord another pre-emption, tf he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual ocoupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. %
Unstirveyed areas, not exceeding 20
. acres,  may be  leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resi-,.
dentlal and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
teased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exoeedlng 40 acres
may be purchased; oondltlons include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exoeedlng half of purchase
prioe, is made. y"y
> ACT.
The scope of this Xot la enlarged to
lnolude aflpersona Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within whioh the heirs or devisees
of a deoeased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act la extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
fear after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege ls also made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes ar* remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid sine* August
1814, oh fcoQount of payments, feel
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited ~
Offices, Smelting and "Refining Department
Purchaser* of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
 been pal
  -_ fcooount of u^ouu,
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions,
���Ui-FUROH^ER^ OF ��ROWN  <
Crown aranta to aub-purohMera of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers wJuv fail*d "to compl*u
Purchase. Involving forf*itur*. on fulfillment of oondltlons o? purof��aa* Interest and tax*.  Wb*r* ���Sb-pSSha2l
tin. '
' QRAZINO.   4 <
erasing Act. ����, for systematic
development 0/ lfvesiock ihdusWOTO-
vldes for graaing distrlota and ranire
administration under OommSsIfflSr
Annual grazing permitalssueJl Used
?.\n!5mber8 ran����<l! priority for *stabw
lished owners. &tock-own*ra nu��
form Associations for rang* manure,
ment Free, or partially free, purnflts
for settlers, campers or trar*U*nTu
to ten head. * *
CbeBurne Botel
nelson, ���B.��.
The only up/to'date Hotel in the interior.
...-���'��� -:  in every respect,
ifi   ' ������
Hot and ColdlWater; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe arid Barber1 Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day aud up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats. ^
X��|*��|**l**f*4**1*4**fv4**9"f'*f*4*4"f* 4���4**l���*^"^���'^���4���*l,*4���''
Ultra, up
; ,; /MONUMENTS '."���'. ;
Another Price: Suggestion
is nothing more;\vliple-7
some and delightful than,
-doughnuts or crullers.-rightly made. Their rich; golden J
color and -appetizing arorna
will create an appetite
quicker than anything else
in the world.
Here are the famous Dr;
7Price doughnut and.cruller
recipes:. '
3 tablespoons shortening
% cup sugar
% cup milk
1 teaspoon nutmeg
.1 teaspoon salt
3 cups-flour
4 teaepoona-I>r. Price's
.... Baking Powder
Cream shortening; add sugar
and well-beaten egg; stir in
milk; add nutmeg, salt, fiour
and    baking, powder   which
have been sifted together and
, enough   additional _ flour ���. to
. make. dough, stiff enough to
roll. -; Roll out on floured board
'to;about>J4  inch!.thick;"cut
.'oiitl   -Fry- - in. ..deep'.;: fat "hot;
enough "to br'pwri:a\piece of.
. bread 7 in-;?, 60"!- seconds;'-'. Drain
on tinglazed ;pa'pe'r'7and .sprin-,
kle..with"powdered-sugar.; ���.";������;";
Made from Creaia of Tartar,
dtrkied from srape*.
, Afternoon Tea Doughnuts
��� "2ogKS   ;   -   .';���    "'..'.'   7     -������'��� . i.'
. .0 tablespoons sugar..'-    '   -  ������ ���' . >���
^'teaspoon salt.-.. .  -:- .
14" teaspoon grated witmeg -.
2 tablespoons shortening -
��� 6.tablespoons milk        .-    "      -
/2 cups Hour . ,    '-".     ".-- '."'  , ���
- S.-tt-usjiopns Dr. Price's 7
��� Baking Powder  ',,.      ���:'���''   'y
Beat -eggs untilV.very'.light;,'
add .sugar, salt, nutmeg-and.'
.'melted: shortening; add milk,
and, flour and .baking powder,
which have^-been'" sifted/.to-.'
gethcr; -mix,'-well.'1 Drop. by.
teaspoons into deep hot fat-,
and' fry Until, brown.1 Drain -
^v.ell on unglazed. paper, and.
sprinkle lightly' withr pow-'
dered sugar.   "   ���   ..    , .   '. ; ,'"���'-
Crullers   .     .""'!'-
. .4 tablespoons shortening:"    ''
, 1 cup sugar "... -
2 eggs .
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
.% teaspoon salt
3 teaspoons Dr. Price's
Baking Powder   '
% cup milk
Cream shortening; add sugar
gradually  and   beaten   eggs;
sift together flour, cinnamon,
salt and baking powder;'add
one-half and riiix well;  add
milk  and  remainder  of" dry
ingredients   -to    make    soft
dough...Roll  out  on  floured
board to, about J^; inch'thick
and :.cutVintp - strips' -about'. 4 .
inches Jong-and y2.inch wide;
roll':'in hand's' .and twist- each .-
strip and bring ends together..
Fry in: deep hot; fat' Drain ���
and."roll.in powdered;sugar.,;-
(Expert Optician)
K-W. C Block       -      -     Nelson
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
DaiSy to Meet Spokane and
,,. _ Oroville Trains
are the features which go to H
make up the Service we give 3
our customers. Are you-3
one of them? 3
Autos For Hire.   The finest
Turnouts in the Boundary
Light and Heavy' Draying
Letterheads, f Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or Plain) 3
Envelopes. Billheads, 3
- (AU Sizes)"
g Statements, Business Cards, 1
I Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. |
| The Ledge      PHONE 29
H     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    ||
the Mineral PrdviBce of Western Calip
. ;���.'".��� :''-/T6:END,d^D^EMBER^i919\:^'-'-" XiXMrgiXXxx
- Has prodoced Minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $76,722,603; Lode
Goldj 810p;272,43i; Silver, 150,432,804; Lead 843,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
Other Metals (Zinc, Iron, etc.),J|16,818,487; Coal and Coke,. $199,123,323;
Building Stone, Brick. Cement, etc.,/ $29,991,757; Miscellanebas Minerals, efec,,
$785,918; making iia Mineral Production to the end of 1919 show an,
Agnate Value of $670,649,894
MingDecember, 1919, $33,296,3
The Mining LawB of this Provinos are more liberal and the fees Iowa-
than: those of any other Prpvinos in the Dosasnion, or any colony, in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees, ,
Absolute  Titles are  obtained ^y; (developing such properties, the security
:pf which isgiaaranteed by CJrownjQrante. .
Fall information, together with miaieg Beports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by tt<l'1,,00',;""':   ,.....'
||||||gf||llN!STER; OF ��� MINES
a       \


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