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The Ledge Mar 27, 1924

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Vol.   XXX.
Now is  the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received^an assortment of
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
"and Varnishes
4PH0NE 28L.
Is the Popular  Food |&
For LENT '.J
Finnan Haddie, Kippers, Herring, Sable Fish Fillets,
Kippered Salmon, Salt Cod, Etc.
Every Thursday
For Quality and Value Order From % Phone 46
Headquarters for Everything in
Drugs and Stationery
Mail orders- promptly  attended to
>*J? v   Our Stock of; .   i-7 - 'V'~W.' *$
^Ladies Silk, Lisle and Cashmerette %
"* Ffi/.Ref6fm
K Made to your measure
Order yours now
4 W, Elson & Co, I
New Spring Hats and
Millinery      <\
Now open for your inspection
Store Hours
8.30 to 10.30 a. ui.;   2.30 to 5 p. m.
Meals at all Hours
Open Evenings
Dance  nights   will be open later
MRS. TROUNSON. Proprietress
Office: Baiikof.Montreal Residence
."" '..;_<���������---. near'.Post Office *  .'."..-
.-' ....  X- '��� Office .Hours: "
... 7Moii.,;fues.'; Wed., Thurs.   -.
ioa.m. to" I2.-2 piui. to '5,p.tu, 7 to8.-.
'.Friday, 9 a.-ni. to 1 p.m.*    "
Public Auction
Prints and Ginghams at 28c. a yard
'.---'        We.carry only tlie best stock procurable in". ...'  .;
"   Beef, Veal,  Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.
,A trial will .convince you
Mr.  R.  W. Taylor of Rock
Mountain, Bridesville, B.C.,;
is -vacating -his -Ranch,, and lias.,given
instructions lose!), by Public Auction on
Saturday, April 5th,. 1924
���y--yyyy--- '"aV17"3'6'p.*'m.7-
....   All his" val uabi'e . herd of '
Grade  Holstein   Milking Stock,
Horses, Pigs,. Farm Machinery,
Baled. Hay and Alfalfa, Grain,
Household  Furniture,  &c.:
For full particulars sec 7
';���-:'��� Bills of Auction 7 W:
Auctioneer. -,'.- "Greenwood, B.C.
���We just know you adore a ''bargain"; -'most everybody does, and even*
public utility compaaies offer them.!. - -7 . ;7 .. . _   .' ....,, .       '    .7 -   ..*
Hold your X. on g Distance social conversations be'tweei*' the * hours of.
7 p.m. and 8 a.m., when we-give you a. conversation lasting three times that
ot fee day period allowed at the regular day rate to * B. C. Telephone ;Com-���
���fpany.stations." --'Now: what could be niore- alluring?- ";. .y-yXiXX XZ;-::[- ,.7.7
��� .'     Call the; "Rate Clerk*! for charges .or other particulars;" ���"- 7 ���/ y'x ������",-. 'Xy
Public Auctioir
x 7-MR..7j^i��e;7CRUSE;'-:;.:-
9   Boundary; Falls, B.C.,;;
has given.* instruction's, to sell by.Public
Auction 'at his Ranch, on  ;      --,
Saturday, April 12th,   1924,
������-". ---7-77 ���[��� at 2 p.m.
All his valuable selected.herd of   .
Milking Stock, Sows., and 7 Pigs,
together witli 7..7*.7;W
Power Farm  Machinery,;.
Incubators, &c.
For full particulars and terms, see Bills
Auctioneer Greenwood; B.C.
Minister in charge; '-'7:   --.-.-.';'".'���'' ":-���'_. -XX."-.���
.7-*.Rev.-',-W. R7WalkinSftaw;fB.;A;.7^
'.---,-*--' 'Xy ��� ���'���'.y.y'.Z >*���-._,--'..'���*- "Greenwood
XX) '���} Sunday.. .ftSarcfi7:3Qil_.7 7' ;.;W"
XX). XX[XM\iwiv\U-��.m.).
.Greeniwooi 7730_pirn;-'-.
Around Home
H. Hartley returned this morning from a business trip to Grand
Anto Portmann, bf Nicholson
creek, spent a few days iqustown
this week.
Wm. Madden returned this
morning from a few days business
trip to Trail.
Chas. Pa��coe and E. A. Wanke
returned on Tuesday from a business trip to Grand Porks.
Chas. Pacoe of Boundary Falls,
has bought a new Ford touring
car from the Grand Forks Garage.
A slaughter house, owned by
P. Burns & Co., near Anaconda,
was destroyed by .fire early Saturday.morning.
R. Mitchell returned to Rossland the first ./of the week after
visiting his family at Deadwood
for a number of days.
Joe Price and Thos. Rowe will
leave on Sunday morning for
Smithers, where they will be
employed at the Duthie mine.
The Tennis club would appreciate being informed of the party
or parties who removed the visitors bench fr.om the tennis court.
J. W. Williams, C. E. Barthol-
om and Mr. Yuill, mining men,
returned to . Spokane on Monday
after   spending   a   few   days in
town.. .   .
Miss Helen McKay returned to
Vancouver on Friday morning
last after spending a holiday in
town, the guest- of -Mrs.  W. B..
Fleming. '-...;���. 7
Mark, M. Madden 7 is.on a
month's visit to Rawlins, Wyo.,
where he has 8000 acres of oil
lands. Mr.; Madden's property
adjoins the-f Tea-Pot Dome oil
land;-. -. --.  -' .������... W-. , -'' 7 W '-
7 Mr. Roschild and Mr. Levesdn,
representatives'; of- the .Sweet
Gra.se Oil Co., Ltd., Twere in the
city Tuesday; visiting Charles
King,;who is agent for the.above
company.: ': "*..  7' -.; ������- *;. - -7 ;.;/   -
Tlie annualf; meeting 'of ./the
Liberal-Conservative" Association
of the Greenwood Riding; will be
held in the Co-Operative Hall,
Rock.7-Creek, 7on. Wednesday,
;April:.9th at 8>/m"... /. '-., ,'-. ���-y
iX-Under theamendment/rto the
Constitution.: Act.passed ; at. the.
last _ session/ of _the7Legislature,,
Sidley Polling division; is how in
the/ Similkameen Electoral' district. .   *-;-"-. ���-   . -   . "   ."  .-���.    '��� _  -..
E. S". Eugene, president of the
Ehoit Mining Co.", and W. Bauer,
of Spokane, were . in town on
business during/the.weiek-endV returning.home by auto on Monday
accompanied by C. R, Garris.
f'John Thorn
was up before
under" ���; sec- 33
Liquor Act.
and was fined
iii jail, , He!p
as, of Toroda, Wn.,
P. H. McCurrach,
Monday     morning
being intoxicated
of .the Government
He. pleaded -guilty
$50 or  two months
aid the fine. -\
Midway News
Don't forget the Ladies Aid
Whist Drive in the Old School
House on April 1st.
R. A.Brown is enlarging his
residence, the work being in
charge of D. McNaughton.
-The Ladies Aid will hold their
next meeting at the home of Mr?.
McMynn on Wed., April 2nd.
Mrs. Davison accompanied by
Mrs. W. Smith of Grand Forks
and Miss J. Davison arrived here
from Enderby and are the guests
of Mrs. J. R. Ferguson.
News has been received of the
marriage of Miss Edith Summers,
formerly of Midway, to Mr. F.
Thompson of Lethbridge, Alta.
They are now residing in Detroit,
On Tuesday, March 25th,
friends numbering 14 made a
surprise visit on Mr. and Mrs.
R 0 m s t e a d at the Ferry
Custom House, when cards,
games and music were enjoyed.
At midnight~ a dainty supper was served after which vocal
and instrumental items were
rendered. After a real jolly
evening with the good-natured
custom officer and his charming
wife, each sought their homes in
the wee sma' hours.
(From another correspondent.)
Frank Buckless, of the Main
Kettle river, was in town this
week on business.
The Thompson brothers have
moved out to McArthur's mill
where they have taken a logging
contract, for the summer.
There are lots of white fish in
the Kettle river at Midway, but
one fisherman who did not have
much luck said they are as foxy
as the bootleggers.
Cheer up boys! Summer has
come. ���.' A/:.new ... Ford <was seen
rambling around the .flat the
"other 'day. The natives call it
the ;uBird of,Paradise," 7  ���������
' N. L. Mclnnes, of the'.Grand
Forks Garage, was/ in town this
week looking over the prospects
for the coming -' summer. - Some
of the natives Thave been considering purchasing, flivvers./        W '
-. A few Midway, residents took
in the concert and dance at: the
Co-Operative Hall, Rock - Creek,
on. Saturday night," The dancie
was of rather short .duration, as
the .law..doesf; not- :allow dancing
on. the Lord's .Dayv     Xy' X)
-/.Johh-Thomasr better/known as
the ' "wild /man . of the woods,!'
wasfup.in police court on Monday
charged with being drunk. It
being fins, second offence under
the Liquor Act, he was fined7$S0
arid costs, iand "given some sound
advice to stay away from" the
-.'glaring .lights.of. Midway.'-'
Mrs.  E. , Manchester Dies
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs. W. Berg is visiting friends
in Greenwood.
Mrs. Shillcock entertained a
large party of friends on Monday
There will be no Service in the
Anglican Church on Sunday,
March 30th.
The laBt appearance of fehe Banff
Orchestra this year will be at the
RiverBide Hall on Easter Monday,
April 2l8fe.
A dance was held at fehe home of
Mr. and Mrs. ' H. Whiting last
week, when a large number of
their friends thoroughly enjoyed
A meeting .of the W. A. was
held afe Mra. Gray's on March 19th,
ten members being present. The
nexfe meeting will be held afe Mrs.
F. Welstead's on April 2nd.
Miss May Caldwell is in the
Grand Forks Hospital very ill with
double pneumonia. All her frienda
will be glad to know the laBfe report is that her condition is slightly improved.
Harry Martin left on Tuesday
for the coast to attend a convention of fehe TJ. F. of B. C. as
a ^delegate from the Rock Creek
Local. He is also representing the
Greenwood District Rod and Gun
Club afe fehe meeting of the Game
Conservation Board, of ��� ���   .
The Mock Trial held at the
Co-Op Hall on Saturday" night
netted quite a nice little sum of
morifcy to the U. F. Women.
Dancing was enjoyed until about;
twelve o'clock when th�� party
broke up after an enjoyable evening. The following took parfe:
Prisoner, G. Pitman; Defending
Counsel, B. P. Hardcastle; Prosecuting Connsej, T. N. Walker-
Judge, H. Moll; Policeman, R,
Norris; Witnesses, Paley Wilson,
E. P. Rock, M. Jewell, G. B. M.
Gane; Jury, Major Davies and
7 An illustrated . lecture, /subject
Middle:Europe and the Balkans,
will b�� .given , on ,fThursday,
Apr ir 3rd atS*p.m. in the.Presbyterian Church. Rev-.Dr. J. Knox
Wright, .lecturer.; . A/collection
will ..betaken in. aid of the Bible
Society.    Everybody welcome.
f On M.Sndaymorning/March24,
P/H. ^McCurrach, S.M.; gave
John Champa, of Toroda, Wash,,
a severe lecture and . fined him
3100 or four months in jail. He
paid the.fine. Champa was arrested,.- charged f with". speeding
under-sec. 13/bf the-mbtor vehicle
act,./operating 7avmotor/ vehicle
on the highway aft such a rate/of
speed to endanger life and' limh.
This should be a.lessonf to . other
speed fiends. 7-
Commencing April Sth -the
Greenwood Theatre will be open
every , Saturday';, evening. 7 On
that, datef;an eight reel feature
will be shown, ���JackiefCoogan in
'.'Qliverf Twist'?.instead of Jackie
Coogan in ���"Trouble'.', as previously advertised,* owing-f to word
being:freceived./from-.' the .coast
that the" /last//mentioned.picture
was sentto.the prairie;. /There will
be/no.'fcomedy oe/. April Sth, .7? 7 77
': Mrs. Ellen Manchester, .58, of
Spokane, and an old time resident
of Greenwood, died last.Saturday
at. the' Sacred-"-:.He'a'rt.'.' Hospital
after being 'afflicted-three /years
with paralysis. ; She is survived
by two sons, Frederick Roberts,*
arid Omar /Roberts,: of ~ Spokane,
and two daughters, Mrs. George
Reid, of Spokane, and Mrs. A. E.
Thomas, of Ladysmith. Funeral
was held at Spokane last Monday;
.'The late Mrs. Manchester came
to Greenwood in;the spring of:.'99
andbuilt the.Queens ,:Hotel ruin.-,
nihg it for about 12 years, when
it. wais leased, to Sater '&' Johns;
She" afterv/airds leased/ the Clarendon Hotel and conducted,it for
two:years.: She. then, moved to
Spokane and purchased a chicken
ranch. Mr. Manchester died:during ;the flu epidemic.
V-It is reported:that''the Molson
State ;Bank is inthe hands/of the
Supervisor .of Banking.;/ xXX-:
To Wh&fflii: may coacern:���-;.. 7 -",."
" On March Sth, 1924,.at a Pabllc Auctio_i'7ale
al" Grand Forks,"' I was the . highest bidd'er for
the ProTicience Mineral Claim, I.nt (.IS, .in the"
Greenwood Mining Division, and amclajmiiij.'
deli-rery of title thereto. ,..-.-: ,- f.';... ..*.,--,''-
'-. -I..am not, and. will- not be" responsible .for
any work done'oa. such Claim; or any .material
delivered for use thereon, or'forany'improTe-
ments after this date,;--.-: ,_*���.-- *'- : ���' v -.'. ��� ������ ;.
'���.���;.:Greeajvwod, B.C., March 27th, 1924.;7.'"' 'y-
XX. --'��� XXX-XiX- ��� i ",77-JfA.MES;KERR.7'
What's What at Westbridge
Miss Edna Williamson  mado a
.visit to. Rock Creek recently. [���".
Mr.  Maida71eft   Sunday   on   a*
business trip to Grand Forks.      -
;   Jim Favrin, "of  Carmi, made a
'short stay here last week-end.*. ...
,; Mr.  Mnlligan,. boiler 7 inspector f
for the .K..V. Ry-,"spenfc ;a night
here last week."   ' )"x ./;""
,/Graner/ Lindgren___ma.de^a__quick.-_
ferip./to/Christian.Yalley on Mori-
day,.returning Tuesday.",,
. Stan.. Peterson 'and/Wmi.'-Midgetk*.
from.the coast Btppped here for a
few days before leaving  for /Ross;7
land;/"- *       ; ;*.-; ��� -'/  :..-, 7  v-"' /
have returned /to the Msiih Riyer
after visiting for a- few. days in '
RiOokCreek.     7    ���;/'-,-'   /'���' ._���--._-;; X- X
Ei V.  de Laufeor who. has been
working near Rock Creek made .a
trip   to   his    home   in    Christian .
Yalley, ��� this week. 7
Mrs.   Victor . Favrin 7 who   has .
been, confined7 to'- the   house   all
winter has now begun- to retiira
the calls of her many friends,    -
"vLouis Clery .has.-returned  froni
hisV visit    to" Abbotsford. ... His.
motherfMrs. C./Clery has recovered
from her .serious illness much to
the relief of her fmany friends here.
7 (Froni another correspondent) [i y- -
Ed 8auhiarf paid & visit, to, his
parents/here during' the;-week-end.'
. . A tew days ago Mrs. -Wi7'-J.*..-M"c-
Gelvey retu rned from Pen ticton
with a baby girl.. '.
A few days ago the Westbridge
people decided to erect a flag pole"
in fronfe of their school. It was a
good .move- as the flag had .been
hanging'on an old fir scrub for
three years. '    '  .'
Isaac Fillmore drove tenmilies
up the Main River a  few days ago
to fish for white  fish.    After fishing for some time he ran  oat of
bait and went into the woods to get
more, leaving. a nice catch of fish
in a box on  the river bank.    Qn7
Ms return.the/fish had disappeared-
A.fter^tracking/around for awhilef
Mr.-Fillmore eatisfied himself by
finding out'who bad taken thein,-
bat did noi recover his fish. THE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   B. 0.
Folks who want the  very best use
The   British   Navy
I he Time To Get Busy
Willi the .month of March drawing to a close Western Canada makes
rri.c.y I'or that annual renewal of activities characteristic of the country.
YVhil<* all Canada is, broadly speaking, a country of seasonal occupations, this
is especially true ot the Western prairie provinces. In the East manufacturing proceeds throughout the year, but. the greatest period of activity is in the
summer. The men who labor in the lumber mills, in tlie summer, disappear
in the woods during the winter felling the trees to make summer operations
in I He mills possible. But even in the East the coming of Spring means the
beginning of real activity.
Here in the West, with ihe exception of coal mining in Alberta, tlie coming of Spring is the signal not only for the commencement of farm operations,
but for renewed building operations, the carrying forward of municipal works
of all kinds, road building, railway construction���in a word, all those activities to which a stop is put during winter weather.
It means the opening of navigation on Canada's lakes and rivers, the
inauguration of the immigration rush, a veritable Kip Van Wiukle awakening
from the slumber of winter.        _ o ."
And with this great, awakening at hand it behooves the people of Canada
to resolve as individuals and as a nation to make the most of 1924. New
Year's Day may fall on January 1, but Canada's real New Year's comes with
the passing of winter.and its more or less enforced idleness, and the advent
of Spring with all its opportunities and possibilities*.
The year presents itself as'one full ot promise. Business conditions
throughout the Dominion havo been steadily improving. Betterments have
been recorded from month to month for some lime past in Canadian trade
returns, in Bank Clearings, in, railway earnings, in the declining number of
commercial failures, in all those things whereby we measure the material
progress and" welfare 'of ;;i'-.counli\v\"*-;.--And"'ili.d'business-ba'rpmpler-is raising;
.it indicates." fair-, .'weather.; aheatl." *,,. - '.'.'. v. "'���"* 7. -'." XX'y XX-',7 X -���.'.-��� "*,.���
-.. .Coujil.ed-" with", these'--favorabjo.'signs isf a.grim ^determination- in evidence
��� in-all -directions..-to. "go "ea'sy'-'f in the'-m utter bf.''im"miidiately- unnecessary.-ex-
- pe'iuliturt-7 artd tlie /ac'cti'mulatioii. of" debt: ;���/ The'.watchword iti Canada/ today-
-.is; "strict economy/' 'consistent', with .efficiency-.and service. Tlie- popular 'de-
"mand'is not. for" lurther -large, public expenditures, which .means more debt; .but.
'.retrenchment'and debt' reduction' leading to lessened; taxation*.    ,.*���-���   . 7.
7.. ., Tlii'se'are "all -favorable symptoms,"in .tlie body 'politic,- " Biit: something
'- more-is.required to provide'.-.that added impetus so essential, to a .real-revival
. .o.f productive activity tlirbiighouf ihef whole Dominion..' ��� Wit.h,"Ui"e' commence1-
,-hient of.tiiiiiding' operations, each year, there' crops.up'tlie. questioriof wage
- schedule,.hours-and .condition's, 'of "labor,." etc"., .etc".' . After a winter, "of idleness,
arfiza'ns and' laborers."under _t_ic direction of .their -fl'nlon lenders, 'make de-
.*-* mamls fi'or.the .iiVa ihfeimnce of. wages, at tlie ..old wtiivtinte" peak./. 7 The -'miners'
ask lor: it, so" do tlie';himlft/rme.ii.;'_iiid the-'trahsportation Ss'.oi"kers,* and/finally
;.. the.art'lzaii- arid laborer;',/ The net "result is"-.tl,vat-builcling cos is''are-so __i.gr.
that, construction works *bf all kinds "are discouraged'and- abandoned'because
'..it becomes; unprofitable' for "Uie Vnafn with money t'ci invest to proceed.*    77-'-���
-.-������ .' 'Instead ot". the, wheels, of. industry beginning to .revolve and gather ;mohien-
-'.tu'm 'as- they'.should; they are-clogged fit-"outset;/ jnstej'td of .eniplpyiiient :be-.
^coming-,-general,'!another, period-of almost", winterf "stagnation;, ensues. .-. Vaiu.-'
-anU:*-time'is-lost and a month or more ofoui; all too.short-buildingseasonis'
;,T gone! before- anything -worth. w-.hik_  can. bo-accomplished.- '    -    Z>X   "7-7   ���-,
.. / ' The workers are thus standing-in their own. light and sacrificing Iheir own
best interests.     Acceptance- of."a- somewhat lower and riibre reasonable wage
."in view- of. existing conditions/would'-'-s'oon -.develop a* situation-".where-.there"
.-would be steady-employment-.for' all; .work.would be available;earlier in-'the
- vi/ar .and/with- ihefV6hime-ot7work''starte"trwould".coritinue""la'ter""in"'th"e'"Fa,il,"
in the Icing run each inan.fwntild-'carh'3ii'c.i*e''"iii the season, throiigh the additional length of time employed,' Vhile 'the_.riu.nbor. to - be   employed   would   be
'. vastly increased.-..".;-*..; ���     ���'."_    .7'7f,'.-'���"--   " ���_���.-'"'"-.-'7���"*   :~y~��. * '���'.--   -'"f .    '.
;._   ,-;   As a re's'ult-or the. greater "activity, -larger-suiiis of nipney would-bephiced
. ��� in- active' pirculatio?!,7iH7b"usini;'ss.i,w6ii!d benefit, arid,' because' of .Jargertu.i*n:-
,overs by merchants/prices- of-'in'cesSiuos* .to,the 'consumer would be 'lowered,
.��� thereby giving ii--greater juirchasiug "power'.to '.the ":worker's";day's. pay and
-..iiibn'Y.i.i.i compensate; ifbr'.thi-.-laci that-such .pay was somewhat'smaller.thitn
:'lie. was inclined -tof demand.- -' - X'X'X. .-'���'-"*'  ....'",* '--XX'-'y -_.-/[-X '[���- "''-��� 7
. /The best'i'literesi.^ of;-o'tir..people,:.aml of.^Canadafas, a' country demands
;:-_tlnit;.-w*itli -the opening of our ..annual.seas'on .'of-'activity,, every person get.to
work, just .as;;q'iiicl_ly:"as possible'.'and work' with.diligence and .unremitting
/'vigor until :>vinter. again stepsin and' crys' a'/halW-f \Viiat Canadians should
aim.;at this year Is" not .a iniiniiiiiiii. of "working hours, but'.the full maximum
-of -Vhich/they-{U-*e" capabief- consiateht/wjih. j.rqper- protection. of-.hea'lUi and
7,.the.*.unim'paihnent.or'tlieir menla! faculties aiid- physical -Strength;' '"- -f 7
���"".".- .Sp'ring'ShowsandSales -'������ .
- /l'lie. annual-.-spring" livestock, show,
ami sale-sit -Calgary Is-scheduled- for"
March -26-;to- 2S;. KdiiVoiitou/"Marcli SI
aiid April 1, while'Hie annual bull;'sale',
at Lacombe'..will ftake/.'piace on 'June;
3 and -i.   "W-'--'  X   *"-  " .  .* ; -
Not Taking the Responsibility
Reducing Britain's Only
Nations are out of luck when iho
wilful ideas of men contradict, all that
men know of human motives and action. Hero in the United States wo
may blunder and blunder, through. Tho
bill (for national defence) is stiff, but
it can be paid: There are some blunders Great Britain cannot make and
survive. A dockers' strike can make
it hungry. A superior fleet could
starve it into subjection even if there
were not any army behind tho better
navy. Even .Mr. MacDonald, a disarmament man before ho headed the
government, will not lake that responsibility, and it is good for Kng-
land that he will not anil that, even if
he would, he cannot control a majority
to put such a programme over.���Chicago Tribune.        ���
By   Dr.
People Made Strong
Williams' Pink Pills
Williams' Pink Pills do one
thing, and do it welj. They build up
the blood, increasing the number of
red corpuscles. As this is done the
blood becomes a richer red aud i.s able
to carry more oxygen, fhe great supporter of human life. As lho blood
improves in duality the tissues of the
body are better nourished and the
functions of the body are belter performed. This is the reason Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have been so successful iu the treatment of diseases
duo to poor, thin blood, and it is also
the reason why they are so successful
in building, up strength alter fevers
and acute diseases. Among those
who have used Dr. Williams'Pink Pills
with great advantage is Mrs. Helena
B. Taylor, Hanover, Out., who says;
"Not long ago 1 was critically ill.
The trouble started with anaemia and
a run-down system,..and ended with
pleurisy. 1 was confined to my bed
for three months and three doctors
were in attendance at different time's.
My life was despaired of, and I was
practically living on doctors' medicine, because I could not eat. My
friends did not expect me to recover.
During. niy. girlhood - Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.'had brought me* through a
severe ;aUack, of" "anaemia,.' and my'
motherf-urged that I should try thenr
"agiiui. - 7 The. doctor .could" not, under-,
stand, -why" we': wanted to."try these,
pills,-biti. we'decided fo. do so. �� After
taking- six. boxes a .decided change .wns
iaking.place..'"y-Ywas actually getting
hungry."arid .anxious*'- to: live!' -.' After
using, twelve boxes. ,";i7 'miracle.- was-
wb'rked,-; 1/ could,''walk.and 'Tolt-niy:
strength .coming .back, land aieoplo'on
all sides were asking what-was.help-;
ing'me, and-we, wero "not. slow in fell;
ing theiii -'it was Dr: Williams''.Pink
Pills. - With' iny* health .fully restored
through, the",- use of these pills 1-am
a��� s'triidng.-example .of whaf- "this wonderful ./medicine- can ."do. and now I
never ;see a. -pale/or sickly-looking -girl
or woman, that-1- do not-feel -like.going
up to her and asking wliv she.does not
takc.Dr."-Williariis'. Pink ".Pills-."" -: .";
-���'��� You-can get these-pils- throiigh.anj/-
.dealer' iu.fmedicine, or- by -mail at 50
cents- .a' .box-' from The.'Dr. Williams'
Medicine-Co.,..Brockville';-.put.    .' 7 .'.
War   On   Drug   Evil J
Federal Dipnrtment Undertakes
Suppression of Drug Traffic
Since .funo. till!), when the Domin-
iou Government undertook tho suppression of the drug'traflic.on tin extensive scale, the scope of the work
has steadily increased, states P. W.
Cowan, chief of the narcotic division
of tlie department of heal ill. Until
the nations of the world undertook to
co-operaU: in tho stamping our. of the
illicit trading in drugs, no one was
fully aware of the extent to which the
traliie was being carried on. During
the past few years there litis been
more mutual understanding between
counlries in endeavoring to catch the
big dope dealors-Uian over before.
The result of this co-operation between Ihe governments and police of
nations has been that the actual arrests and convictions in Canada have
not increased materially. The federal department' by working witli the
Koyal Canadian Mounted Police has
directed its efforts chiefly to the
shadowing and arresting of the men
���'higher up" who in many cases are
not addicts themselves but merely
direct and carry on the business
negotiations of the illicit trading. The
actual shadowing aud,arresting of addicts and small pedlars has been left
for lhe most part to the various local
police forces. Only in such cases as
may lead fo the conviction of the men
who** are the centre of the big. rings
does the federal department, take au
active part.
In November of this year the opium
committee of the League of Natious
Council will meet to determine, if
possible, the actual quantity of opium
required for legitimate purposes in
the world. It is hoped that this will
lead eventually to restrictions upon
the commercial production. While
there are drastic regulations in some
countries regarding the sale and Importation of narcotics authorities are
often working in the dark because
drugs can be brought into a country
in 'bond under disguises of lawful
manufactured goods and then shipped
lo another country and accordingly it
is. almost impossible to maintain any
effective record of the. drugs-in circulation..;; Canada-is playing an ac-
'tive ;. part' in... the international fight
against.*.the.tvaiik', according . lo Mr.
"Cowan;',-an.l photographs' and finger
prints' 7of suspected dealers'1' a re con-
staatly exchanged. "- .*;.-���'���   --,.,���. ."'-.--
tke Vz lb
always fresh
Oaderfd $hwrpoot.
T7Rn.;se Scuttled Fleet
. .Dairying :In-Alberta
. Fort y-.oue,-creameries in' Alberta,-
ridrtlrof It;ed Deer".'in,-six-inpnllis,"last-
year' produced 9;S72,p0f) pounds/or but;
ter valued at* approximately /��3,000.000.
.Iii.-addition, during , the. same 'period,
.1 l7'cheese,:racf6rie.s-in . the same .district made-350,000 pcninttr^of cheese".'.-.
-'  Causebf Asthma.-.; -No one can."say.
with "certainty, exactly what- causes the
est.abljsiiing.-_of' asthmatic."' coiiditions,-
. Dust,"from  tiie,-afreet,, from; flowers,
,. from grain aud various- other 'Irritants
may set up' a-,trouble.' impossible  to
eradicate- except through a. sure'-'pro'-:
jparation/siich. as/Div; J. -D. .Kellogg's
-Astlima  Remedy, f   Uncertainty may
"exist as to causef.bu.t there can be no
.uncertainty, regarding a remedy..which
fhas  freed' a. generation of .asthmatic
vlc'tinis-from this scourge of the-brcm-.
chial lubes..'-'It-1.4 sold.everywhere.- ".'
Since She Used
".'/':���   'MtBURN'S>.;.;'.'./
Meant and Nerve ^ilis; >
-Miss7-Berlha ���;/'Cluu*reI.t_e, "; Regina,
Sask.,. writes .--.'I -have had-"a. lot--of
trouble.--lately. ..with-what I thought
was heart' trouble; -and*"after- any unusual'exertion! always felt sick; ���  ;���- -
-' My-doctor" advised a complete rest
and" change',.'.but this I. \vasr.unable to
take.-- 7 "   , '-��� ��� ' *.   .-    -,- .;'    /-"- .  . ,.
,-. I   became'/Interested.'In 'Milburn's
Heart "and. Nerve 'Piils.'so started taking them-.'-; I hiive -now* taken three
boxes and.am/so-'inuclr.inipro've'l I can
go ,aboui7my'daily, work withotit feeling- any after iii effects,; and .have -not
had,  any- ."weak   or;""-'dizzyi spells*, for
some" tinie;";'.^bur medicine liiisVioha"
.me "more good' iban anything I-.liave
fever. taken,.", and I will- glafdly ..recom/
��� nie'nd.'TMilbur.n's   Heart   and   -Nerve'
Pills to. any. woman who-is ,weak, and
run down." 7-       7   /  ";-.. -.'
Price 50c-per-box at-ail; dealers', or
mailed,, direct on ��� receipt' of- price .by
The fi., Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto,
0nt;7:^ '���' "yy. XX ������.-*'"-���' -.-.""'"''-. "   :.;-.
,/'���"'"     :"/''-Yes,*.lt Is Harder!. >. /  .''-._
,   "TTe went."through- a fortune, in" less
than- two years."   ,". --. ' ���", -"y"y-   x
7 ''Tliti.t .so"?- " He'll, findV'jt.difficult"to.
go through' iiis: poverty that fast."���='
Detroit Free Press.   .'  -��� '-."   '--,     * .,-.
German   Ships  at  Scapa Flow to
Broken Up When Raised
It is stated that the contract between the Admiralty and Messrs. Cox
and Danks, iron and steel merchants
and shopbreakers, of Queensborough,
Sheerness, for salvage vessels of the
German fiec-t sunk at" Scapa Flow, has
been completes. ~ The ships,''when
raised, will be broken up.
"It is probably the biggest "salvage"
feat ever attempted," said a salvage
authority. "There is no precedent
for operations ou such a scale.   ���
It.is understood that several salvage and shipbuilding companies���including an'American syndicate���competed" for. the, contract. ���. An. unsuccessful- Khglish firm is said to have
offered-��1,000. for 7.he right to.-.sell or
own all the'sunken German ships, and
to pay ".the Admiral ty?!, 500 a year
for the use "of their four lifting barges
and\"*-C3,500., for;the/ships. . 77. . -
./.-The"vessels -scuttled by the .Ge'i-r
mans - .at.' .Scapii Flow- in .June,". 191!),
w'er.e; 11- battleships,-.5 battle, cruisers,.
S flight.'.cruisers aiid 2S tlestrbyors..* "A
���battleship/3 l'ight/cruisers, and a des-.
���troy.er weie'- raised .'by - the Adniii-alty-
-in ,JuIy,"lD..U7*       --';       7 ''-. -    * '
���" Messrs: .Cox- and/ Donks . !will use
the' ex-German floating "dock for sub-;
marines, surrendered after: the armis-f
lice, -for- iise; as a floating .workshop
.iu*. the' salvr'ge-operations.  *'  .   ���
Britain's' War Debt to Canada
Adjustment   Has   Been   Reached   and
Payment Will  Be Made Soon
The Canadian Press learns that an
adjustment of accounts between Canada and Great Britain with regard.to
war liabilities has been made, and the
���amount that Canada is to receive has.
been settled. ';-   '
The Dominion will receive from
C&eat Britain certain Canadian bonds
and a sum in cash. The whole payment will amount to between $S,000,-
000 and ?10,000,000. The payment
will become operative on April 1.
Would End Leprosy
A campaign to raise funds for the
treatment of 300,000 lepers in the Brit-'
ish Empire has been launched iu L011-'
don.: - If sufficient funds can be raised it is hoped tliat Great Britain will
be" purged of .the disease within a
generation. -.       -    .
Pains In Back Subdued
Sore Chest Relieved
Alberta Creameries
Miller's Worm Powders 'act -so thoi"
oughly that stomachic and inicstinnl
.-.worms pass"from tin: child without be-
-ing noticed and without Inconvenience
���to the "sufferer. They are painless and
.perfect'in action, and. at all times will
be .found a healthy medicine, strengthening the' Infantile    stomach    and
maintaining it in vigorous operation,
so'    that,    besides'.beirig:an _t-iTective
vermifuge,    they'-.'are. 'touical   .and
health-giving in"theireff.gcts.--V.; - '-'.'
-She-���"I don't care -for/-'men Win
fact, I've said, 'No.';-..,to., severalf./fpff.
them."  . lie.���"What were,they'self
ing?"     .7- 7*7'   . -. rXy
Yeoman. Warders Threaten to Strike
.'." -Th��. "beefeater:." who ���' .guard-, the
Tower ..of London- have fhrfeatened .to
go.-fon'strike..unless Itis.llajesty.'s'.otfl-
;cials see fit to reduce their, ..hour."! "of
work..;. -.The "yeomen" warders," fa's
tiiey /are.' officially.; termed, a'p/d'yv/hb
urn iill old arniy-.sei-geants-wlth spot-,
less records, -cla.hi- they were prom.--
Iscd an additional' five'-members - to.
their corps; which would reduce tlie
individual working hours from ten to
eight daily. Thi�� five have hevc*r
been appointed:
Hard and soft 'corns both yiel.d to
Holloway's Corn Remover; which is
entirely safe to use, and certain and
satisfactory In Its action.
'/.. f'Sylf^ma'de -.men.fare .yet; In. an im-
"-1/perfect ;state;7..-They/haven't^elimin
ated the ��� iiol'sc77
Proauce'd- .17,750,000.""lbs.-, of";Butter
* :-.'f' ���"' ".7 .Last. Year Z" ' -"', ",���"-,
' "'Seventy-jivb- creameries -lis ..Alberia
last "year" f producedf 17,750,000' lbs. of
butter, as-compared ..witli io,117,070
lbs'., --representing', 'the,;, output -of: 51'
creameries-iiif 1922; according to the
provincial ���dairyfcomihissionorri' re-
.port. .. 'IiifadjUtiori;.the*.production of
cheese, lias* /shown, a: ..remarkable
growth. In.. 1925,- ,L"I factor!^- produced 93T,"&!)2 ibs,.-Wliile, -in 1923, 13
factories liad aii' output of' 1.850.00t>
lbs.,- sin increase of. "iilmost. 100 per
cent. .    "'   " -������
Repairs to H. B.. Road 7
Present   Roadbed   Will -be   Put  .Into
��� 7   Cotiditipn this "Season : 7
.; "ft will take-approximately "$.1-^250.-
odp-to' rebuild-tiie"' old-"f Hudson1- Bay-
.Railway   line   .of   332 iiiiles'bet'vcen-
The-Pas 'and Kettle-Rapids.' - 7 .
''.The preesnt .:-i*oadbcd will. command -our entire,attention,for "a year
and ':gangs,,, of -workmen will-be put
to-work as soon^as weather.conditions"
prove favorable."'- -.- ---,.'���' ""' .*
f This -.was the. message that A. 15."
Warreri, general'; manager of west:
ern line's, Canadian National "Rail-;
ways, - had :t'o give -in ; "an; intervie\y
"with a "Sasktitoon Daily Star staff re-:
porter, on his return from a tour of.in-
spectiou .of. the Hudson. Bay road. ;
...-V Work,"-said Miv" \Varren7"will be
especially ebnceiitratc<I * on the 1 IS
miles, between Iquitena'y Mile 124 .and-
tiie end ."oT the steel at Kettle Rapids,
it is ln'<thls section that the old Hud-"
son.Bay railway is In need.of re^bal-
lastlnij most. It is a-hard-season's
worlcibufaliirge- gang of/men will been the,, jobf as soon as the/-weather is
'favorable arWby'- "fa!l'the*332 miles
should, be in first class running order."
A_Nova-.Scotiah .Tells.How SKe.Over-
"'.-ca'mefHer-T roubles. With-   -     .'
,-"' "I consider 'Nerviline tiie- best. rcmV
edy. for'a-cold,. sore throat "or- tight-.,
-ness." a cross .the * chest," / wri tes*. -Miss
.Lucy' Moslier";. from Windsor, N.S.." For
years bin* home has-never been without Nerviline.     I had. a.' cold "on my,,
chest that 'fourteen remedies couldn!t
break'up; I rubbed'on Neryiliite three
times.a day, used N.ervi.iilie-as: a 'gar-*
gle '..aiid' '*- was coinpietelyr;r"es.torc(l.",.
lt/s because'Nerviline.is- so;powerful,
.sorponetrating," so-siire-Tto" "relieve'~c:on-"
gestlon,- that" it. is used-in most, homes',
.for'the prevention .and'relief'of ii hun-,
dre'd minor ;ilIs.-.  Get a 35c bottle. to:
day.'f'ff'..-   ���'.'-'"', ��� ; ,    "'" '   ;-."'
.-,'All.thft clocks on King George's.es-.
taie at Santlringliam are kept'-half-ttii
hour :ahead."of bnicial.'.time iof insure"
punctuality.;    "- ..-.-. 'X.z '-\
. Near Fresno, Calif., is a.fig orchaiu
of, 12,000- acres in -ext.ent, .the- largest
orchard of its kind in the world.  ,
,- Worms sap "iho strength and- undermine the vitality of children. Strengthen them by- using Mother Graves.'
Wonn.Kxterniica'ior .to drive out the
parasites;--,-;'.'..;.-'.--;;'-,-*-' "7. ,;.;-.-,    . , -..
Esj3ecially Prepared for,1 rifants/anlChiid^of^li;Ages'
.Mother!- FIetc&er> Castoria . Jsas
. been la '= Ui?e for over. 30 _ years - as a
pleasant"; **.- hannless' : substJtuto. [tor
Castor OH, Paregoric,. Teething Drpj>3
and. Soothing Synips. Contains, no
jjarcotlcaf- -Proven directions are:on;
esc& > -package. Xy p.hy&icl&hi.;. eTerx-;
where recomirieEd'.It.'.:-.'--Th'e:.;-ldha yon
have.' aS way af. bought* bears signature of
-.-'��� '-7'.. XXRecord;Bceakingf.Crbp'/.;,-.;. ���;���/-
���7A- iate. report .of. a.record.;breaking
cropXcomes fromv'the ������Maidstone; "dis-,
frlct, on" the .main' lin'a.of, the; Carradlan
National Railways, west 'of'North :Bat7.
tlefofd, Saskatchewan,, .where: Rowlin
Brothers-.sowed eight ,a,cres.,of. oats.; for
green/feed. ;.They threshed;ilie'crbp;
wliich yielded. 125/bushels. to. the :aefe
and weigfe^d'^O'pounds'.tb; thCvbusheL
-.j'.Mjinarti's,Vll'lnimstit for* Headachji
Toronto,.Ont.~"From tho time-of my
earliest girlhood "I had always heard my"
-mother sixuik ih highest praiso, of Dr.
Plerco's . Favorito Prescription for
.women's, ailments, so .-it ".is--not; at all
ffstrange:that .after. I married, and .had
-backaches',.nervous;spells and otherfdis-*
*:tresses'*-that-.".r- .should remember what
���my. mother.-.liad- always -said, of. '.this
Prescriptions..and L. found . it relieved
fine Of  my aches, pains  and nervous-1
ucss. ' It gave mo renewed health and.
strength and *sov greatly - benefited ma
that 1 haveno.hesitancy in saying that
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
absolutely/perfect.'-as .a tonic, and uerr-
' ine forfwomt-u v.ho are ailing or nervous, "���Mrs,. Eose Craig,-257 Sackville St.
Yon'il soon feel.better if yon obtain
this Prescription of Dr. tierce's at your
Heatvst"drng store, in tablets,or.liquid,
.or send 10c to. Dr. Pierce's.:Laboratory -circular "in form.
in.Bridgeburg..Oat., for trial packago
- tablets. Writsiw fresmedieal advice.;.
7 - -Should- Be . Encouraged ���
/Women's, attitude; towards' /tobacco
nowadays���so" far.as'concerns tlie.men
of her.household��� is one -of .encouragement 'rather tliarif opposition; because she-realizes that ..men are- better tempered when they .smoke.'' v   ,���'.
Irs Her fMbthftVs-Footsteps
A visitor said to a little, girl, "And
what will you do, ��� niy dear, 'wlies
you are as big as.your mother?.'-'/-"-���:.;
./.���'DIet,;7..replied.'the. modei-n .child.:r^
Tit-BitS;(London)'.XyXiyX'X 7* .f'f";
The record for-.tife greatest di:*tai'ico
ever';v;a!ked';.in ,one.;day-���127 miles,
1,219 yard's���-i-s/ held", by    Ilawes./ot
Kngiand. -X.'-'X [:.ZX.[!Z y-; ".y.;.. yy-X .
/..-The-"term jcycjbne'was.'first ^applied
to storms"about/the middle oi the iSth
centun-, ._i.fter''i.hey,.we_.*4/; found. to/-be
Minard?s. Liriimentlfor.-Com��'
Tells How Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Relieved Her of
Inflammatioa and Great Weakness
-   Wesfc/St.fJohn, N. B.--."I was. in a ,
general run-do*!! condition fpllowing
the birth bf my twin boys; I had a great
deal of inflammation, .with pains and;
weakness...Finally, my doctor recom-7
mended Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Comi>ound.;He.said that your medicine..
would be the.onl^ thing to build me up.
I am sure He is right,, for I am feeling^
much better and am gaining in weight,
having   gone -down   to   ninety-three
pounds. I waa in bed for oyer a month,
but am up again now. ��� I have recom-1
mended the .Vegetable Compound to my
friends and give you permission to use
my letter. "���Mrs. Elmer A. .Ritchie,
82 Rodney St./West St. John, N. B.
* f There are many women who find theif
household duties almost nnbearable owing to some weakness or derangement.
The trouble faay be slight, yet causa
such annoying symptoms as dragging
pains, weakness anda run-down feeling.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a splendid medicine for such
conditions.Ithas in many cases relieved .
those symptoms by removing the causa :
of-them.   Mrs, Ritchie's experience is .
butoneof m'any.-'f 77;..' -'���-,   "- --"
���''���'. Yoii might be interested in reading .
, Mrs. Pinkham's Private Test-Book upon .
the "Ailments, of Women."-1 You can "
���?et a copy free by writing tbe Lydia *
E. Pinkhaia. Medisiid9 Co*, Cobourg^
-Oatado."/;;/ X:X-y -.���;' XX..-. ��� .>;������ *..- o ' '/)k
nd Mules
can be kept on their feet and working if owners give "SPOHN'S" for
Coughs and Colds. Cheapest and
surest means of escaping these diseases. Occasional doses work wonders. Give "SPOHN'S'-' for Dog
Distemper. Used for thirty years.
Two size* at all drug (tore*.
To Entertain British Squadron  , Prairie Orchard Owner Honored
The Belgian coaPoutput'.for January
wag 2,000,000 tons, the greatest since
tho armistice.
The Ontario Legislature gave-third
reading to the bill enabling-the government to take a vole on the liquor
King George will not race his big
^aclit,. Britannia, this year, in consequence of lack of competitors in her
class.      .7 *���-.*
The   British   Government does not^
feel it can intervene officially, with the
Russian Soviet Government to obtain
release of Catholic ...Church dignitaries
imprisoned in Russia.
The first list of Japanese, army officers dismissed, as a part of the army
limitation policy��� adopted by the government in. 1922 has been published.
It includes _ 13 lieutenant-generals, 40
major-general's and ISO colonels.
The work of the Department of Soldiers' Re-establishment has materially diminished during, the calendar year
1923, according to the report of the
department tabled in the House by
Hon./H. . S.-.Beland.. ,
Xz Page boys in London hotels are
learning to speak French. The managers say it will be helpful both 'to
boys and guests when the crowds begin arriving in April for the great
British Empire Exhibition at Wembley. '"''}[������������      .'.;..- x.
. . The , ground  floor of a magnificent
:.wing of one.of the most imposing imperial palaces of Vienna soon is to be
; Vancouver'- Invites     Representatives ,'
From 1,400 Cities and Towns in
j "���     Prairie Provinces
At a meeting in Vancouver, presided over by Mayor Owen and at which
Victoria also was represented, reception committees arranged lo entertain
the British navy's special squadron
here next June, and decided to send'
invitations to 1,400 cities and towns
in the four western provinces, asking
them to have official representatives
here-to welcome the fleet.
It was reported that Victoria liad j
consented to Vancouver's request that
the visitors remain, in this port over
Dominion Day and July 4, with the result that a message has been dispatched to Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick
Field, asking his' confirmation of the
arrangement. x
The Vancouver and Victoria committees will send a joint request to
Ottawa for an oflicial representative
of the Dominion Governmenfto be on
hand. Financial assistance is also
to be asked, a grant -of $50,000 being
Work   of   Late   A.   P.   Stevenson  .of
Morden R-ecognized by Canadian __
Horticultural Council
The achievement of the late A. P.
Stevenson, of Morden, Man., in" establishing the first productive apple orchard of any' magnitude in'.the prairie
provinces, has been recognized by the
Canadian Horticultural Council, which
has awarded the Carter Medal to the
Stevenson family as a recognition of
his work to horticulture.
This medal is awarded each -year
to the person whose work has brought
about the greatest advance in horticulture during the year, y This is the
second, the first going to W. T. Ma-
cown, Dominion horticulturist.
Not only applesT cooking and dessert, but plums, currants, gooseberries, raspberries and straebwrries became an annual crop on Mr." Stevenson's farm.
��� Radio Market Service
Prices and Comments on Markets'Will
Be Broadcasted J~
Canadian farmers will watch the
market hereafter from their own fireside with tho inauguration by the Dominion Livestock* Branch of the Department of Agriculture of an official
radio market service, /it will be
broadcasted every Wednesday evening
at 7.30 through the Canadian National
Railway stations at Ottawa, Montreal
and Winnipeg.- Prices.and comments
on the livestock and egg markets at
Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg will
be brought 'up to date each Wednes"-.
day and sent out for the benefit of the
farmer and dealer.
Women Can Dye Any
Garment/ Drapery
Dye   or   Tint   Worn,   Faded   Things
New for 15 Cents
Baby's teething time is a time, of
worry and anxiety to most mothers.
The little ones become cross; peevish;
their Tit tie stomach becomes- deranged
and constipationaand colic set in. To
make the teething period easy on baby
the stomach and bowels mu'sl be kept
sweet, and regular.    This can be done
Don't wonder whether you can dye
or tint successfully, becauso perfect
home dyeing is guaranteed with "Diamond Dyes" even if -you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions in each package.
opened to the public as a fashionable. by the use of Baby's Own Tablets
restaurant, cake shop and wine room.
In the last named will  be. dispensed
tho choicest vintages of the former
imperial collars.
Growth of Grain Trade * .
Thp Canadian Pacific Railway,
which in 1S99 brought down to the
head ol* tlle lakes only 26,000,000 bushels of gmin, actually brought down
186,000,000 bushels last season. This
Is equal to the total volume of grain
moved by all the railways of the United Stall's combined during thc same
time to the terminals "at Minneapolis,
Chicago and Pulutli.
the ideal laxative for little ones. Tlio
Tablets are a sure relief for all the
minor ailments of childhood such as
constipation, colic, indigestion, eolds
and simple fevers. They always dc/
good���never harm. The Tablets are
sold by medicine dealers or by mail at
25 cents a bOA. from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co.. Brockville, Ont
Alberta Seed Oats For Finland
Tlie Alberta Government nas cabled j
the government of Finland in respect
of the latier's inquiry for 50,000 bushels of first grade oats. The Finnish
Government has expressed a preference i'or Canadian seed oats and Alberia is going after the order.
Mutton and Macaroni
Preparing ��An Appetizing Dish From
Cold Mutton Scraps
When the cold mutton has lasted
so long that the housewife dreads putting it again before her family, let
her.try it under this guise. Cut the
cold, meat-into cubes." To two cups
of meat have one cup of cooked macaroni, two cups of {omato sauce, one
cup of cracker crumbs, two table-
spoonsful of butter, salt and Vpepper.
In a veil buttered enameled ware
dish put ;i layer of macaroni, bread
crumbs and tomato sauce, then a layer of mutton with bits ot butter, pepper and stilt. Alternate untii the pan
is filled. . Sprinkle bread crumbs on
top with enough extr butler to brown
them. Servo in the dish'in which
if is cooked. This is one of the
many advantages of onamoled ware
bake dishes���they are always presentable at tuble as well as useful iu the
Schooner Taken. North On Sleigh
Fivs;Ton Vessel Arrives at Reindeer
Lake In Saskatchewan _
After, an overland haul on sleighs
ol over GS0 miici*. Ihc II.B.C. schooner, Lac du Urochot, arrived safely af
the southern end oi Reindeer Lalcq in
Northern Saskatchewan. This vessel was built hero by the Alberta
Motor Boai Company and wad shipped
from. Edmonton on December 1st to
Prince Albert. Here the-boaf���which
weighs, five tons���was loaded ou a
sleigh and with eight loams of horses
attached started on her long journey
north over the rough trails to the big
lake,.'Where .she arrived without a
scratch.���Edmonton Bulletin.
Dyspeptic, Bilious
Strong purgatives have killed many a good man. Cos-
tiveness is bad���violent cathartics, are worse. If bothered
with stomach trouble or biliousness, use Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
They are so mild you can
scarcely feel their action, yet so
effective that the entire system
is cleansed of wastes.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills
Dr. Hamilton's Pills ��� move the
bowels gently, they tone lthe kidneys,
assist digestion, clear-the skin. For
those subject to colds, biliousness,
languor, there is no better medicine.
Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c per box, 5
for $1.00, all dealers, or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Ireland As It Is
���    Discovered  By Doctor
Was  Pioneer in  Introducing  Tobacco
In Europe
..���' Every man who smokes owes a debt
of gratitude to Francisco Fernandas.
The commencement of the use of tobacco by civilized peopfe has been
traced back to its introduction in Europe by that celebrated physician.
Fernandes was sent by King Philip
Second of.Spain to investigate the
products of Mexico. As a result of
his .explorations Francisco Fernandes
took the tobacco, plant to Europe, in
155S, for the first time on record. The
use of tobacco in England dates from
15S6 and the name of Sir. Walter
Raleigh is associated with its introduction there.   ���������
At first the plant was supposed to
possess almost miraculous healing
powers, and fhe poet Spencer called it
"divine tobacco." Millions of people
since' those days have realized that
tobacco i.s "a sweetener" of their lot"
in life and a great ��� equalizer of the
temper. --
\    ��� :   ;-'.-_ '-'���    ;, :     ���
A Divorce Granted
^ After many years of valient suffering, you can be divorced from corns,
you can get. rid of-tho.ni completely
by applying Pul nam's Corn Extractor.
This wonderful old remedy, acts in 2-1
hours and never fails. . lief use-a substitute" and. remember "Putnam's" is
the only Painless remedy, ��� 25c,everywhere.   -?-      ' .- .-. .'. '   "
Improvement in General Tone of thfl
People Is Noted
No -picture of Irish life at the present time would be true were the improvement in the general tone of tlie
people not noted. ' There Is a. cheerfulness -which did not exist three
months ago. People have begun to
talk again about the ordinary affairs
of life. . The gloom has largely .gone.
Laughter ls more frequent. You can
see the change in the street, in the
theatre, in the home.
Another great Improvement is, that
even tho stanchest patriot Is now
not perfectly certain that the Irish
are tho greatest race in the world.
There are doubts even in the densest
minds as to whether liberty is all that
it was supposed to be. Wo even stop
sometimes to wonder what is liberty.
In other words, our political education has begun.���rVom the Round
A neglected cold
Is the open gateway
to Consumption.
To quickly stop a
.cold, the best way is
to clear the air passages of the hose
and throat; free
them of germs, and
let.the healing vapor
of CATARRHOZONE do the rest.
One breath of
brings instant relief. Your suffering stops. Hoarseness is relieved,
throat and nose are cleared, inflamed bronchial tubes are healed, all danger-of Catarrh is prevented.
Carry CATARRHOZONE Inhaler in
your purse, in your vest pocket, and
use it when the first shiver or sneeze
comes. Complete outfit,' One Dollar,
small size 50c. At all druggists. Refuse a substitute. By mail from The
Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
_The- sun's., face is 12,000 and its
volume 1,800,000.limes" .that' of the
earth. ��� The-'force of gravity at.. the
sun's .surface is 27 times greater than
that at-lho surface-of the* earth. ~[x
Peat Bogs In Canada
Th'e" peat bogs of Canada, as mapped by the mines department, have-a
total area of 22,000 acres, seven bogs
within shipping. distance of Toronto
being estimated to.contain 26,500,000
tons of peat.' The number of bogs
included in the- map is .16 in Ontario,
27- in Quebec, 7 in Manitoba, and 27
in (he Maritime" Provinces;-       -.
Eclipse of the Sun
About One Total Eclipse Occurs In
Every Two Years
About one total eclipse of the sun
occurs in every two years, but the
phase of totality is so short���usually
two or three minutes and never as
much as eight minutes���that the aggregate time it can be visible over tho
small sections of the earth shadowed
is only eight days in a century. The
beautiful'and significant phenomena
presented are studied at a greater
cost in effort and money than anything else so fleeting. Prof. S. A.
Mitchell mentions that he has traver-
led more than 40*000 miles to witness
four of these eclipses, and the total
time for scientific observations was
less than eleven minutes.
'.'Your husband is an inventor, I believe? "Oh, yes! Some of his excuses for stopping out late at night
are in use ail over the world."
It will Prevent Ulcerated Throat.���
At the first symptoms of sore throat,
which presages ulceration and inflammation, take a spoonful of Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil. Add a little sugar to
it to make if palatable. It will allay
the irritation and prevent the ulceration and swelling that are so painful.
Those who. were periodically subject
to quinsy have thus made themselves
immune, to attack. -
The - Duke .of . York, though loft-,
handed, is considered tho best billiard player in tho Royal family.
The average-sized.Canadian family's potato bill is
$25.00 a year. That .warrants the useof a special pot.
Here it is. The SMP" Potato Pot. The ideal thing.
Fill vrith water through the spout without removing
cover. Note how the handle Jocks the'coVer on. You
can drain off water leaving potatoes meaty and dry
without spilling potatoes or scalding hands! Selling
at iow prices in hardware and general stores. Note
.   the trade mark on the pot.   Be sure yoa get
Cleans Easier
SitP Enameled Wars
has a very hard.
smooth surface. like
your best china, aad ia
ascasyttfejean. Re-
<lt_-re__ no steel Wool
er.special cleanifers.
Ate-ays clean, sweet,
frt�� from iaist a_j<l
odor j. Theenszatled
th.tr de iaie.   ,
Three fi-r.Jsne*: Pesrl' W*r*, twi> costs of j��s_rfr"'
gny en'amtl {aside aad out.  Biaami! Ware. thre��
easto, Jijrht bice and -white outside, white Irainif.
Crystal Wire, three cost*, pur* -white ittaid* _n_4
oat, 'Wills EoysJ Bhw. edtfiisr. ���.--.-'
Rub -it in for Lame Back.���A brisk
rubbing with Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil will relieve lame back. The skin
���will immediately absorb (he oil and it
will -penetrate the tissues and bring
speedy relief. Try it and be convinced. As the liniment sinks in. the pain
conies out and there are auiplf
grounds for-saying that it is an excellent article..    '        - '   '     * *-, -
���-.��� Narrowly Escaped Death
^Vlieii--the ''closed.'-'aiitbntoblip. in
which ihey were riding was struck.'.by.
a.--train at. .tVsilkerville recently-, .Jf
Burke escaped through a hole torn in
the froof. ofthe car, while-the automobile was-b'elrig7dragged 7'5''feet, and,
Frank -" Q-'Iirieit "jumped -: to '���- safety
through.. tjieVdopf; of tin. ear,- "which
was"-.thrown ..open  by * the- crasli. ,-'
She Found Them A
What   Mrs.   Morrieau   Says   of
:iDod��Ts7Kidney Pills    V;
Quebec woman'-suffered from a- com"..
.plication   of ��� kidney   troubles   and
found relief ir^ Dodd's Kidney. Pills.
St.6. "Verpotue, P.Q.���(.Speciat)..-^rThe
value of .:Dodd's Kidney. Pills as fa
household .remedy'.is-'-.showir./by the
i'ol!owing-rs"tatoiiient:"of:-MfsVffB.* Mor-
neaii,' a. welkkhown'resident liere:-".. .*,
'"i have- suffered for. several months
"froin rheuriialism;-'backachi_; pains iu
thof head <and- cramps."'.' Mrs".. JMornpau
says. ��� . 'T.tpq.k-eight boxes".of- Dodd's
Kidney Pills .*nd"f they have greatly
beneiiitrid me., I -recommend-them, to
all'those" who"suffer from.kidney complaints,' for 1- have found . them marvellous. ���-- You can' tell others who suffer, froni bad' kidneys that'they are'
very good." ��� .*��� *        "'���;.- ""     ["
Dodd's Kidney Fills-havo'become-n"
family, remedy.'all over" the'world, because. .-edpTe "have.- tried, ,'theni _ and
found them-good. "* They .are purely
arid simply"a "kidnoy-Toriiedjv, -Thcy
help backache, rheumatism," 'Iumbagb,-
diaboii's, heart [ disease, .and, urinary
iroubles.    ".���*".-,      ���- -"-..-���   ' -.
To Make Delicious Sandwiches
-- A supply, of Clark's Potted .Meats
gives.- you..;delicious sandwiches at a
moment's, notice.... Suitable for luncheons; teas, late ��� suppers, - picnics.
Give..' them " to - .the -kiddies .between'
meals.-; .-'"--'-���"  -*'-*- -'-   *���--'    '"
"Let the Clark Kitchens; help you."
Iii, conjunction with. the.extension-
service, of", the; provincial. department
of agriculture,-.the' Canadian ** Pacific
Railway."will operate special cars over
iis Manitoba lino's to:demonstrate, field,
and fodder-crops. - �����[ carload of all
varieties'of seed*, will,be carried-for
distribution-Tat.- the-points :-visited.'
Forty districts will be- visited. ."."'
. MARCH- ,30.
Approximately - ':_;;_ 00,000", persons
die each year; in the.. "l'iilled>' Slates,
government statist icians-- figure. XX  y
���-'-"Entertain- honor; with humility, and
1'overfy- with- patience-.., ...-    -. -.'.��� yy
���Alt'aswede Clovsr;
It is expected that .about 3;000; lbs.
of-Altaswt'di.',clover: will :b<.' produced
in Alberta thls-scason.'��� -, This valuable
clover was introduced into the province a few year's ago by tlie University of Alberta. Only a very* small
quantity of seed was -at first available.
Hungarians For Alberta -
It is understood that four thousand
Hungarians and two thousand Czecho-
Slovians will in the near-future come
io Calgary,. from where ihey; will be
distributed throughout the west.'..;'"
"The .stars.are fixed in space, while
the planets, travel.: ���-"*; -.'..."..    7
���^Sheet MtrAL Pfca&C'crs c��."
*vufcouvw. cmflftwr
...In 3917. there were ' 44.503.5��  mites
of. electric lines in ".the-.United States.
;.Minard'�� Liniment Relieve* Celjf*;
Large and Red, Itched and
���-. Burned. Cuticura Heals.
*  "       -^��' ' -. :.
' ��� " My face" was "itchy and broke out.
with large, red pimples. Tbeywere
scattered aJi over n��y face and itched
and burned, so that I scratched whiclr
eaused them to'grow larger. I could
hardly sleep at night. They-were a
real torture and my face was a sight.
"The trouble lasted about three
months. I began*nsing Cuticura
Soap arid Ointment and. the first
treatment- stopped ths itching' and
after usisg two calces of Cuticura
Soap and one box of Cuticura Ointment I was iftaled." (Signed) Miss
Ora Goulette. R. F. D. 4, Box 86.
Ban*. Vfc, March 24,1922... .- Xx
X Us�� Cqticura Soap, Ointment and
TaJcura exclusively, for" every-day
toiktpurposes,  ���  ' -:'   .7.'..'.'.,-���''.-.-.'���'
����_��?_.'����!.?_��iyV��3. A-Wrws.-'tyiMJsi.Uai-
Sat, S*4 Bt tvl St., W^atwtBBf.-SiiMvTiSrT-'
Golden Text.-^-Jeliovah is liierciful
.7 and gracious, '"- : .- ' '���"; "
Slow' to anger/arid.abundant in'loving-'-
Jcindness.;    P-salnrlOS-S.   *.    '
.' Dovotiodal'Reading.���rPsalm 13S.
Topic' for. Young   People  and  Adults
-*-_ From "Abraham, to' Solomon
- ���' To - i.he .Jerusalem .News: In these
days.of unparalleled prosperity,;.when
the nations round about us.are amazed
-at-the height-to' wliich we'-as a nation
have risen, it is not well for us to stop
and., think; of; how God has led", us
hitherto".lest fwe forget our small..beginnings, and attribute to our; ovm efforts, our present glory? -.;' Therefore-1
hope.you will give space in your valued paper to. this brief summary of.our.
past History and God's hand therein. ....
The story, of. Hebrew ;life starts, as
everyone" knoivs7 witli."the -founding .of
a community.,by a great man'-whose
clan was the object.of"his love .and
enthusiasm:' - Abraham.- ' that great-
fsouled ancestor of ours, heardthe call
of God,to leave the home:and kindred
and people In.Haran and go to a land
that.God "would give "him for an.in-
- heritance". and Abraham''-'.went - forth'!
not, knowing whither, he went.'    He
.was led;to the"land of Canaan...as oiir.
country* .yds then called,- 'and tliere:
he built- altars and worshipped"the oiie
true God.u
. ���-. "We .Tews, have a .way. of getting on."
"AVe.:show.our skillf.not, only .in.'com-'.
nierclal' life,;- but-,'in-fthe' political, afr
fairs of - nations."'"*_ The;'first great
example of this was .fosephf .. Sold as
a sdavi' in the land of .Egypt, he rose
from that position until he stood at
Pharaoh's right "hand, and administered the affairs.of the. realm. And it
was not his brothers that sent htm
there, but God���as he himself testified.-. ;���.. '77,       -. -   -,
" ��� Under the "Pharaoh who" knew not
���'Josfeph,.; Abraham'? ' descendant,<��� in
.Egypt were "grievously oppressed. Had
it .not been for. this, they would have
remained, in "Egypt, and- then* there
[.would, have been no "crossing of the,
. Red-."Sea'..'and'-no.voice from SJna!.]
f PJiars.qfif iwras. ite^fagent;-- [., WhimiX PM
:Jo|7f^lnfpfShfe7:7tWferita4ft^ ft'^roiaisi&��|
���:- Robbed Of Sunshine
It has. just been discovered that 'a
sunshine recording.instrument installed at Margate, ISng., in 1S9.2 was defective, and-has failed by.an hour a
day to record the actual sunshine.
"-7&fter Gr! jp$��MV;
. ..-     "����� ������..-.. i -i . ���_,   __.   . ��_. ���      l j-L. ^.M.    ".**-'
; ey^t^^i^p*a^0��f%f?
reuc ru;
Lar^e Double Book
120 Leaveis -     ; ���",
Finest.You'.Can Buy/ -^
,-.- When-oi^lcrine.food's"fby' mail  send-a
Doininloii: Express Money Order.   ���_.   _���-'""
agents Wanted
,   .7    '    'SHIP-TO*.'/'.'-. --.���./'..
415 Mclntyre Blk., Winnipeg
��� fill, i . _M ���
How td Purify
the Blood
3 '
"Fifteen to thirty drops of Extract
of Root, commonly catlod Hethur   ��.
Siigd's, Curative Syrap, may be  |
taken in water with meals and at
bedtime, for indigestion, coristj-
palion and bad blood.    Persistence ih'. this.treatment will, give
��� permanent relief in nearly every
case*."- Get .the": genuine ,��t _
draggists, ;;
. Se. I for Bladder Catarrh.   No. �� far BIooc! ft
-' Skin Disease's.. So.SforChronfcWtsVnesjci.
,'**��Oi.I> BY I.K^nlshcHEVIST^.rrt^:.  IN' KNT.t.AS .-,3:1.
; or 5i��n St Fiioia Tl, FifsrSr. E��sr. Tokos :c
o�� ih. ai. Pi-,L_ sinter  wi.sr.  mo\-ti*<i.
��� ���iSiiwi^'ffclti'nltelsnt^fo'fc ���\>    ��l
Is '$2.oo a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
G. W. a. SMITH
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Kstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice,  $5.00 for  each additional claim.)
v  ..
" All other legal advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
au inch each insertion.
Business locals  I2^c.  a line each insertion.
.."     -'   ������!���  .. -..r -..-..- .���!-_, ^'t-.w   '���   .�����..'
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Service was held on Sunday last,
23rd inst.. at Beaverdell. In spite
of the deep snow on the mountain
there was a good attendance. The
choir is improving every day.
The next Service is arranged for
Easter Sunday, 20th April, when
special music will be rendered by
the choir and the Beaverdell
The Beaverdell quartette party
may go on tour this summer���ancl
favour Greenwood at a Sunday
Evening Service. Watch out for
the date, else you will miss a treat.
Among those missing from the
Service, on Sunday last, were Miss
Mclntyre who is presently residing
in "Vancouver and Mr. and Mrs.
Anderson now on their ranch at
Idaho. Mrs. Mattson was detained at home owing to illness Roland
is indisposed. It' is hoped when
the weather is warmer to have the
pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sutherland's presence.
Everybody will turn out on
Easter Sunday.
The Bell mine is no longer
isolated, the coming of radio has
made it possible for the residents
to be in touch with the outer
world even when the snow is four
feet deep. They have been listening in on Calgary and Portland
Greenwood District
War Memorial
"We occasionally encounter in
our rounds of Greenwood and the
neighboring community the type
of man who believes that a newspaper is eager to publish derogatory
things, or items about people that
are sure to embarasB or render
those same people unhappy. This
is a mistake and one we regret to
call attention to, because it is so
There isn't a newspaperman in
this country but who could spring
a sensation in his community if he
wanted to, at any time, by merely
printing the things he knows, but
does not print.
..Deciding  what  not  to .print*, is
:,the most troublesome part of edit-
-\-.i'ng a "'f-riewspaper.'-.;"���-;How.-""-inany
���"-'- news items 'are suppressed - forf in-
7,'nocenfe relatives and.ffpr the public
K" good "nobody - outside - of - a 7news-'
,��� paper/oflicei"has any", idea1 of; "In
- ;-some\.instances the"-man who.iflies'
��� into; a- passion .'because' a.-newspaper, prints fsbm'ethihg! about him
-which.he-considers uncomplimente
ary has every rea3onf tp feel-grate;.
ful to the editor for'* publishing'so
- little.of what he"knows about" the.
..   case aiid  the --circumstances" sur-
:: rounding it.    And .often times the
; loudest bluffer is the man who is
..more guilty  than  the .public generally credits him   with being.,   A
"-7 big noise "is often a device tocover
-)cowardice,,7    .--.-WW .7.;���'������' 7-' .
7"   fNewspapers put ;up. with more
7 bluffing; than   any.*-, other   agency.
: Not because they lack the courage
7. to7"call; the .bluff-,"  but   because
./their-editor's are unwilling to use
77 th'e..'power they have in hand to
send    sorrow'  into   the   innocent
��� -'  hearts of the relatives of the man
who/.is-doing  the -bluffing. -'--l$'o;
.   gentle reader,  an . editor, doesn't
hunt, troubled   On thef other hand
*;. he is.kept pretty busy  turning his
f' .back on .that; which he knows, can
. .; only stir* up.ftro.uble, and that .cannot do" anybody any good  or make
i. anybody happy:7:7 - -������;���'���  ',- W'./ '"
District Rod krid Gun Club
The annual general.meeting of,
.the Greenwood  District :Rod .and
Gun Club was'held at Rock7 Greek
��� 7on-"Friday,   March .217 Geo.. S.
.Walters,in the chair. .There wsis
.-������ a large arid enthusiastic attendance.
-���--".The following elections-were made
...fort-he ensuing year: 7 ,        .7
f;'President,7G; ,B.; Walters;. Hon.*
;-Pres..,  Majorf.F. E.,Glossop; Vice-
. PresideiitjG., McMynin-^Secretary-
.*   .Treasurer,. Major R. Griy.    Local
Committees: Greenwood-���J. Kerr,
: Q;-.King,"W. Walmsley; Midway'-f-
. J. . Zurfluhj   J;7 R/7 Jackson,   J.
Richter;     Rock     CfeekWE.     F.
.Wilson, E. Richter, G. P. Harpur.
H. Martin  was elected  as dele-:
gate for the Game  Conservation
Board  Convention  to  be held at
Vancouver on  March 28fch_     He
was instructed to bring before the
��� board    recommendations   on   the
77 f0! 1 ow i n g s v. bj ects:.
'X-x.': The length of the deer season and
the --bag: limits Restocking of*- tbe
local river a'odf-Ja.kee-^The..protec��
tion  of game and [fieh in general
and ths appointment of-7a game
warden,.' ���-.'-;-.   '-yXxXX:X- X
A meeting has been arranged at
the Old  School 7 House, 7 Mid way,
8 .p.m.,   Friday^  April 2otti,  in
order to here from the delegate this;
result.of these recommendations. 77
'Wlt.ia hoped that-fall"'who are.inV
terefcted.in jocal sport and. the.pro;;
Section. ,of game /-"will join  the Sod
and Gun Club, particulars of which
can be obtained;;1 on application7*0
��� fehe .secretary.-,, XX'yXrx: ''''''XXy .7
News From the Capital
Victoria, March 26.���Keen exception is being taken by Hon.
T. D. Pattullo, minister of lands,
to reports appearing in eastern
newspapers with regard to timber
exports in the raw from this
"A great deal bf talk was heard
during the last session of the
Legislature," said the minister
during an interview recently.
"But if people only realized the
situation they would not be misled '-.'���';by :..erroneous .-statements.'
which- are of ten made - by/ persons
with some ulterior motive.;"-.-
The. minister, points  out .that,
while 233,0d0,'06.d board -feet. of
logs were/.exported, from.British
Columbia -last.year,   100,000,000
feet.-went to .j.apin/the balance.
133,000,000'. feet, ������going - to. -the
United States...* Statements have
been made that, large ...industries
were" being built 'upi in.tiie United
States through - -the, importation
of -British  Columbia 'logs.' The
truth is that-' the "Ur_ited7'States
last -year' exported 100,000,000 feet
of.'logs to Japan;   so  that- there
w*as;6niy. a balance of. 33,000,000
feet of; British" Columbia timber
left to be handled ih mills.across
tne line���so small  a quantity as
to be. entirely negligible.     y[.   :
"The public should-not'take
.ther alarmists'   cries   seriously,"
remarked-- the   minister. *"-.   "The.
province, is - moving-, along: sane!
lines, of-conservation,-    Only .'.a
small percentage /off uhmanuf ac-.
tured timber is permitted, to ieave-
the.countryi and fas-the result of,
.present.methods the industry  is
-'in-splendid fconditi6r_.",*'-'7-���;/.V. .777
Arrangements are proceeding
apace for the finishing of the fence
around the monument. Tho work
is in the capable hands of Mr.
Harker and just as soon as certain
materials arrive, the work will be
rushed to completion.
The 2-lth of May is to bo celebrated at Ingram Bridge this year
and tbe Rock Creek Womens Institute will have charge of the day.
It is intended that the day shall be
a real "Childrens" Day and there
is likely to be a May Pole and
other attractions aud sports for tlie
children. There may also be
grass hockey, football and baseball
One hour will be set apart during
the day for tho holding of a Memorial Service at the monument.
This will likely be in the hour
following luncheon. All who wish
to bring flowers, to place on the
monument on that occasion are
kindly requested to do so. Ife is
proposed to make this service an
annual affair, a "Decoration Day."
Fuller particulars later. -
Rock Creek Hotel
The Rock Creek Hotel is preparing for a big tourist trade
this season. This ever popular
hotel is already the rendezvous
for commercial travellers and
this summer the famous Sunday
dinners will again be the talk of
the country.
Real Estate.
Fire.  Life Insurance   (i
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness Insurance
Auction ofl" your surplus Stock
Call  at my Office and see me iu
reference to any of above
TBE HONOURABLE ���':'���' .
VICTORIA; B.C.        "-7 XXX
/; It:is often said that.-Weste'r'ners
are such*optimists that they:often
stretch -the/truth.'. At the present-
time.the entire ..province has f entered .'fully' upon,--a/-hew���' era'- of
development' and prosperity: Not
since/the boom days of 71910 have
conditions/been so favorable; But
today there.is 'something, real behind . it all. ff There is; uo boom,
but 7. a steady growth,., which
augurs well,for .'.the;future, of the
youngest of provinces, 'Thahks
to reduced freight rates,, which
have not yet been cut to the
mark set by Premier Oliver,
grain is pouring westward at a
rapid rate.- This, perhaps, has
had more to do with, the revival
of interest and business in the
West than anything else.
_. I.tlic iiiuH,.r>*ijriiecl.Williniii Mrtclileit. nf-llie
City of (.~r<.(___\vc.<>d,-' in lli.o- Province- nf_1_rili_.il
Columbia, by;. occu imion a MitUMvaii-l Winy
Ilu-. luilili!!'. of. tin'.' Providence Mineral.-' Claim
-11 nil er ilie Mineral fA'ei, aiul wliicl- l'roviilf nee
Mineral Claim is.siukuc iiOai-'Cfeenw.ood, ll.C.
irivi'-tliiny days notice iifniy itileiitiinrlo apply
limier section __<if7110.'������Mineral Kijflil of Way.
-Ac"t"T)i.i.ijr Chapter 1<>2 of tlie' Revised Slaii.tuK
itf.lirilisli Columbia, fin-; aullii>?il,y..io construct'
a djicli across over.and tliroutrii' the fiillo\rinV
'mineral-claims, vi/..,��� ','r_;." - - ." : . ^
tlte Te'xas-'Miiii'ral Ci.ii'1.1. the.Oi'iiu'o-'ci Fi-'ac-
tion.Mineral C.laini. the -Sunset- Mineral Claim;
llie" "Weli<rate -fraction'-- or ' Otiawa -Fraction
Mineral Claim, and tlii��*S:{i<)l<a'iic Mineral .Clai.n":
for lhe .purpose: o'f.(livcriiii(f.-_��:ateV .from' aiid
out of the Providence Creek, whicli llotv's Westerly. an(lMlraiiis-.'i.n"lo- Boundary. Creek- ;ai)out
one mile, north, of-the City of GreeinvaoiVafore-
said.        ��� ".  ' ,-' -.",   ,'     " -,-    -" ,-        -    . .
" - It'.i>i, proposed uidivoit the'.water froni-ilie.
saidl'i-ovideiice Creeh ata'Tpoint about Iti feei-
froni tht: Greenwood City Keser.voir. .aiul R.-tst
of same; and'io carry s'licli water so diverted'
aloii(_f a di.tr.li across ilie'Texas Mineral .Claim;
the . biambiul .Fraction Mineral Claim, the
-Sunset-Mineral. Claim..the Delicate Fraction
or Ottawa l'*ractioii Mineral. Claim, -aiid' the
Spokane Mineral Claim to" Boundary Creeli: ciur-
iiifr lii(;li water,!, c. duriii*__--ihe��� months of. April
toAujrust inclusive. .-"���..''-..., ��� ,' . - "���
-.- l)ATED.ai-:.;recu\vood.-n.C_'_. 'this H.ilh.dav
of Mai-clviM-., ,    -. ���*.   '   ."-,;    - -' '       -.-   "
'���'.*' .7   ' -'"  *-- "���. -' ���������    J''-' '-; '"WMf MADDKN.   '
X - Pttrebred'fHereford'Bull.^-yeairs old,
price -reasonable.-; A ppl v: Pai.e\" WiirfSQX,
KeUle.yaney;f-B.G.'*;7/77; Z'yXy XX
fyy ^USTOMj; HATCH\jNG; )): i) i
.- .Send your eggs ...to -.H.;-H;"',- PasseiJi.;;
per,, iiaadred. .two ddllafs-'.fqr fifty. ��� -���-'-; ./.=
, .Co'mfdrtable" roqxa"and; board,'-; close'-" to
.the*'piine_.//'7:.: 7-f"77 7 '" -  >.���:.'.������- XyXX
'yX "}yz- -/f.} '������': .7:-,,,:;SIss."'jR.--BiitjirDgi,x..f
.Sealed lenders' will be received by'tUe -'Minister of Iiaiids7'at Victoria, 'not*, later" than
.'noon on the lOili .day of April, 1924,-fbr'the
purcliaseof Licence XS222,-to cut 5,100,0CO feet
of Tamarac. I'ir, Spruce ancl Yellow;-Piaci and"
%,000 Ties, onanarea'Sitiiated oh Cedar arid
Marsh-Creeks, .six miles : West of .'Midway,
-Simiilianicen I_.and District." -'��� . /'.-������;-..',- '.���
-' '-Three v) years will-bc-alloyred. lor removal
of.iin.tier..,-' .' - .- ' -'* >��� '".. '���--������. "���
���' further particulafs of theChief Forester,.
���Victoria, 11. C.; or -District" Forester, Nelson,*
b.c. ��� - ���   -.-.-.-,' ���*"..- - .;.;-   ���   '
- Scaled tenders will be reccivc'd-by'lue-Mlril
ster -of Lands at Victoria,-uot lat'efr .tlian nboii
on the lOtli day of April,' 1024",' for- tlie' purchase
of' Licence'X5184, lo cut ZV,0()O feetof Yellow
Pine, arid.8,000' l*ir,aud-Tamarac. TUs, on. an
area situated oirthe.East baill. of kettle-Ri\-eir:,-
30 miles north of Weslbiidfje, Similkaiueen
Land District. :* ".'-.*
-One (It year will be allowed, for l-eriioval
of timber".
Further particulars ofthe Chief Forester;
Victoria, B.C., or District Forester, Nelson,
'Provincial Elections Act"
4i   y   -.
-.;. '.NOTICE/IS HEREBY given that I s'hallj
.on""-.Monday,- the 7th day of April, W2+, at ihe
Tiout; of 10 o'clock in the forenoon,-at the Conrt-
.House,;-GV(_eaw-p6d; bold, a .Special sitting of
ilhe Court of-Revisipn' for the pnrposeof reris-
in,<7the.Iiist Of,V'oters'.'for, .the, said'..Electoral
District;'and of. hearing "ahddete'rmi-iirijf Jinj;.
s.nd, .all_. objections -toy lhe. retention, of ���" any'
name on the .said tistvor ti>- tlie;Reffi'5,Sat!^5.i-
as a Voter-.of- any-.applicant, for ,-rfeijistratiop.;,
ahd. fdr/tlie' othi.-r!.purpoi,es,si_t .'forth.-tit .the'
,-"Pro\!.nciall>Iection.V*.A"ct7f-.--.Vi - ' ���' -.'���'. "'-.
���''.'Dated at Greenwood,'E.C;i'-.t_iis.Wth day. of
"February; 192-1.:.'.;-. -....'-'f-.'--".::. "*' X: 'XyyX-y.
- XXrX[yX: .:���' P^Hf/SIcCURRACiC:.' ;X\ :\
-'" 7"'-; 7*:-, Registrar of-Voter.*. Grand Forks-'
,- - ���-'���**' -, 7. f '*'.-.- Z, - Grsenvrfood- Electoral*. District';.
Insist on
Tailored Clothes
The better beer���-
high in food
At all Gov't Liquor Stores
Special Display of
New  Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B.C.
Has opened an office above ���Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control
Board or by the Government of British Columbia.,
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and^Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
X'-yy. Producers   of-f Gold.    Silver,   Copper, : Pig   Lead   and.; Ziiic -.  *--
XX ���'" XX'Xy-y .7 "7  7<TADANAC" BRAND": 7 '    "  7-"-7"- X;X\_, .
FOR BOYSaUeiiding;-High and.Public
Schools.- Fees f30.bemonth*.."Particulars
apply.to the. Reverend; the -Principal,
iiS6"NicolafSt.,"Vancouver, B.C.".' '    -,
.Send. Your   W  .
7    BOOTS aiid  SHOES
���7 *'-.''-77',7    r7-fTo   'X-Xyy~'���'.������ :..''���'-  7* .
GEO. ARMSON^Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
AirWdrk.and.material  guaranteed.'   \\V
��� pay postage,one way.! - Terms Cashf
'���';     IE:I FAIL TO GROW -HAIR
Oriental Hair Root Hair Grower;
World's1'* Greatest .Hair Grower. ; Grows
hair on bald heads. '.It-must' not be put
where hair is not wanted. Cures dandruff
and all scalp troubles". . S1.7S per jar.',
,'.'-'..'   ���". .'Agents'.Wanted:'.'',���..[��� X.
448 Logan7Ave.. Winnipeff7Man.
v - Have -ybu7 paid: your ;sub��
scriptipuftq: The Ledge? ;
MissingHeirslare being sought-throughout the w6rld|"JMany7people .are'toclay'
living in' comparative poverty who are-
really rich,*, but - do. poi;- knew it ��� You
may be one of-them. - Send for Iu'dex-
Book,."Missiug Heir's and Next of Kin,"
containing,carefully .authenticated lists of
missing" heirs;" and. -unclaimed-estates'
which haye been advertised for j herejand -
abroad.-' The' Index of Missing Heirs we
offer for sale contains thousands of names
which have.appeared- hi'. _A.uierica.n,'"Cah-
adiaiii.' English, Scotch,:; ;Irisli",f Welsh,
.Gersnari7 French; Belgian." .- Swedish;'
Indian,-' Colonial,"and other, i.ewspapers,-
Inserted .by -lawyers,"/executors, -'a-lmin-
istrators. Also contains, list .offEuglish.
and Irish Courts, of'Chancery and un-
cUimed-divideuds.list.df Bank of -England;"" "Your name .'or youir -'ancestor's
mayf-be- in the ��� list:' -.Send $1.00 . (one
dollar)-atoucefor book." f f; - .
International Claim Agency
7 Pittsburgh, Pa;,U: iS:A;;7
f   ": ���'.: 7   Xx ���' x ��� y :-,:     ��� f--'7 -Adv.
Ledge ads briqg .f.esul ts.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
"British subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement for agricultural
purposes. '
Full information concerning regu-
ations regarding pre-emptions is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Scries,
"How to' Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge.-
by addressing the Department of
tjands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
mly land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions ara
.0 be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are mado on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
- Pre-emptions must .be occupied for
-five, .years  and  improvements  made
to   value   of*?L0.per  acre,   including
clearing and cultivating at least five
'acres,..before,a..Cro\v��;-Grant can  ba
received.     " '    .,' , . ' .������'.     '_���'. .  .,
.;  For .moro detailed informatiori.sea',
iho'   Bulletin     "How;   to  ..Pre-empt
Land."-   '.'-".- -.'-...��� -.-.- .:..'-
7 ,_���:.PURCHASE-   "   7'���',['
-.. ..--AppH'catlonsVarOv received for pur--,"
chase ...of . sj'a'cant^ nnd unreserved
Crown lands, not -being timberland, r.
for agricultural -purposes; ������ minimum
price, of first-class (arable)'land Is' $5 '
per acre, aiid second-class (grazing)"-
land: ��2.50 per acre.' Further Infordination* regarding-purchase. or:Ieaso j
of Cro'wn-.lands is 'given' in ".Bulletin-.
..No.- 10,-Land:-Series',  "Purchase .and'"
���Lease- of -1 Grown ��� Lands." ���:
-..'-���Mill, factory, or. industrial'sites-on
,timber, land, "'riot' excue'dliig 40' acr.es,'
m-ay. bb-purchased or leased, the conditions'^    including       payment - .. .of"
stiimpage.     ���_���} ���     '.-._���    '-     :.;...'
--. HOMESITE   LEASES-;.- ��� - ,7.
.   Unsuryeyed areas, not .exceeding 20 "
��� acres.may', be.'.leased-, as" homeBites,',
conditional' upqji   a.dwclling: being;
.erected in'tho first year,  title being
obtainable after" residence and -im-.
, provement 'conditions" are ^ fulfilled
.and land .has-been surveyed. - ..V, . ',-.
7 "-X '"f'LEASE&f; ."77 -f-   7  7
.For 'grazing afnd'. industrial..' pur-f
. poses areas not'exceeding 640."acres
r may" be" leased" by \oii��f' person"or  a"
company.   .    -.        ' .   -'   ..."-*'.''
-"'-���''     X ' GRAZING*.  7 7;    .
f Under the Grazing Act the Prov-
. inceis, divided into gra,zing'dlstri'cts
-and'the range administered "under a
'. Grazing *'   ^Commissioner.'     Annual -
- grazing-permits" are. issued based "oh
.'numbers ranged; priority., being-giW.V.-
- lo-.established owners.  Stock-owners
.- may",.form ��� associfitions    "for     range
management.    Free, or partially free, .
" i""uVmIts - ara  available -for    settlers,'
campers   and    travellers,"  up'   t'o ��� ten'
bead.'  "" ���;, :   "���    '" '      *',--���' ������_,     ;
7 the Minerp jProvinrt
Xl:  Haa.prodaced7MineralB valded;as follows:  ��� Placer.'Gold, .��76,542,203; Lode  ������    -'���"
GoldV;.$'l69,647,66i; Silver, $59,814,266;-LeadgSliflOiSGl; Coppery $170,723,242; }���    X-yV
7Anc,  824,625,858; Miscellaneous  Miner^lB'7-$1.358,.$39;, Coal ;and Coke, 8238j---'
289,665; ,Bnild��iigf Stone,7Briclc,Ceraentretc.,, '836,005,942,'���'''making ;Usr'Mineral'-.-'';���'   7 -      ..
Production to the end of 1922 show 7        7      .7. . ,��� 7        f.:
Aairegate Value >c��ff $769^13^462 -
The Milling Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower,
ihan those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the 'British
Empire. ,
Sfineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
.7   Absolute  Titles are   obtained   by developing such properties, the security
, 7of which Ib guaranteed by Crown Grants.   ,
7;7-. .7Full.information,together.^ifeh Mining7Reports and Maps,.may be'obtained-   ..7,
77gra^^y.8ddre8sing^7Wf777 -)X)x;xxXxyX:XXX^:-''':yyxx-X'iyXX-XX[x-xr[[XyyXyXx^


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