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The Ledge Aug 4, 1921

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��� i r Jit. -
m & *ffl
Vol.   XXVIII.
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Kitchen Utensils, Etc.
. Large Assortment of ZS
Christie's Biscuits
Salmon and Halibut
Arriving Fresh Every  Thursday
Order Your Preserving Strawberries  Now       |3
\ -
AH Steps Lead To:.
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46
GREENWOOD, ~B. ������., THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1921.
Fishing Season Is Now On
��� V ���.������.    ���   "��� "'��� :���'���.'���' '  .�����
Everything in Fishing Tackle
-      "Vz.
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire, Health, Accident
' Automobile
Best Companies in   the  World
Enquire as to Rates
-,   Ranches For Sale
���-CamAnd See
Around Home
Mr.    McKiunon,    formerly   of
Phoenix, is visiting ia town.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Longr, of Calgary, were in town last week.
E. F. Keit was on a business
trip to Grand Forks this week.
Church of England service,
Sunday, August 7, at 7,30 p.m.
Miss Ruby Smith, of Grand
Forks; spent the week-end in this
city. _
-Miss Josephine McKee returned
on .Friday last from a visit to
Just seven years ago today the
armies of the ex-kaiser started
the world war.
Tourists - parties . from the
States are passing through
Greenwood by the score.
- Mrs. L. C. Terhune left on
Tuesday for Tranquille where
she has secured a'position.
Robert and Gordon Jeaks returned on Saturday morning from
a ten day holiday in Nelson.
Midway News
- The Curlew ball team defeated
the local team here on July Slat,
by a score of 10 9."
The B. C. Telephone Co. recently installed a telephone pay station
in the Midway Hotel.
John Zurflnh, manager of the
Midway Hotel, made a busines trip
to Greenwood on Tuesday.
Mr. Wilson1 a government bridge
inspector is here on business in
connection with the erection of tbe
new bridge.. -
McDougall and McCharles tbe
contractors for the bridge over the
Kettle river at this point, have a
crew of men busy on the work.
It will take over two months to
complete the bridge.
Re Customs Office
Spectacles of All Kinds
For Sale and Repaired
Asli for Prices and 'Compare with Mail
Order House
Archie Johnson, of the Liquor
Control Board, was a passenger
on Sunday's eastbound train.
J.N. O'Neill, of-Strome, Alta.,
has been appointed principal of
the Greenwood Public School.
R, Blois, Mr..and Mrs. Noble
Binns and Miss Binns, of Trail,
were visitors in town on Sunday.
Good catches of trout are reported daily- being brought in
from Boundary and Eholt creeks.
Victor J. Newton, of Rossland,
is relieving at the Bank of Montreal during the ajbsence of J. V.'
Mills;   '      - * '     "
Nd more clamps and turning of jar upside down
���        .Hrhen you use oury-
MeELMON, Greenwood
Independent Meat
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet-is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
We cany only the best stock procurable
Fresh Meats,   Ham, Bacon,
Lard, Etc.
A Trial will Convince You
John Meyer"
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props,
Hot Weather Specials! ��
Burns' Luncheon Meat      Burns' Jellied Ox Tongue Burns' Veal Loaf      m
Burns'- Alberta Ham Burns'Jellied! Pigs' Feet Burns' Meat Loaf     ^
Bums' Minced Ham Burns' Compressed Ham Burns' Cheese Loaf
Ask your marchaut for
Burns' Shamrock Food Products
Packing- Flants at
Cateary       Edmonton      Regina       Priace Albert      Vancouver  ���
Would yon call oa a bnsy man at his office, send in your card, and then,
1 whealie had indicated that he could see you, keep him trailing while you
���   finished reading a magazine in his outer oflke.
It is jast as important when you telephone that yoa be - ready to talk
when yonr party answers. It shows consideration of the other person's time.
Commencing at 8:15 p.m.
Mary Pickford
In her aud picture from her own Studio,
the successor'to "Daddy Long Legs" '
"The Hoodlum"
The romance of a spoiled heiress who
dropped through a coal chute to
real life and adventure ,
6 Reels 6
Also a Two Reel Christie Comedy
"Some. Romeo"
Adults 50c.
Children 25c.
Capable man, part or whole - time, to
sell our sickness and accident policies.
Benefit paid for all accidents, and every
known disease. Many new and liberal
features. Good commission and every
assistance given. .Write Merchants Casualty Company, 30S Rogers Building,
Vancouver, B. C.   -
Send Your
GEO- ARMSGN, Gr&ad Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material guaranteed.   We
.pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
The best crop since-1915 is the
cheering- word from all the farmers. That ought to set things
Dr. and Mrs. L. F. Tepoorten
have returned to Grand Forks
from a months visit to Vancouver.
Mr, and Mrs. W. R. Dewdney
and family spent Sunday at the
home of the latter's parents in
, A dance will be held in the
Masonic Hall under the auspices
of the G. W. V. A. on Friday,
August 12.
Mr', and Mrs. George Hough-
_ton, of Toronto, were-in town oa
"Monday, leaving the following
day for Vancouver.
The Greenwood, Dairy has increased its herd of milk cows,
and in future will be able to supply its customers with cream.
Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues have arrived and now the
ladies will not feel the lack of a
library for the next two months.
Pythian Sisters are urgently
requested to attend their lodge
meeting on Friday evening. Important business to be transacted.
Ice cream' sundaes, ice cream
sodas, all kinds of soft drinks,
orange crush, lemon crush, lime
crush, cocoa cola at the Windsor
J. V. Mills, manager of the
Bank of Montreal, Mrs. Mills and
daughters, Laura and Louise,
left for Winnipeg on Saturday,
on a month's holiday.
Mrs. Jno. Walters and two
children," who have been visiting
Mrs. Wm, Walters during the
past two weeks returned to" Van-
couyer-ori Tuesday morning.
Chief Fraser, Mrs. "Fraser and
family left oa Monday morning
by auto for Vernon where they
will take in the Stampede. They
expect to return on Saturday.
Presbyterian Services, on Sunday, August 7th, being the first
Sunday of the-month, will be
in Greenwood in the morning at
11 o,clock, and ia Midway in the
evening at 7.30. Sunday School
[at Boundary Falls at 3 p; m.
Jessie Barbara Kollmar, 14-
year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Kollmar, of Trail, was
drowned at Ferndale Park near
Nelson on Friday last. The
deceased was born in Greenwood.
One way to keep cool is to eat
moderately and sanely. Intemperate indulgence in various cooling concoctions defeats its own
end. People cannot hope to
escape in hot weather, the results
which ensue, even in"winter, if
they clog the digestive machinery
with mixtures which were never
intended for consumption in large
Miss Evelyn Tye who has been
attending school in New Westminster for the past two years
had the honor of heading the list
of successful Entrance pupils of
the city "schools obtaining 821
marks. She was sent up to write
for the Governor General's medal,
missing it by 2 marks, the successful candidate obtaining 823
marks. %.Miss Evelyn's record*in
the 'Greenwood school was a
brilliant one. She will attend
High School in New Westminster
next year.
Last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs.
D. McPherson left for Grand
Forks where they will in, future
reside. Mr. McPherson purchased the Matthews Garage at
that place and will devote his
entire time to that business. Mr.
and Mrs. McPherson will be
greatly missed .in this community
as they were active in all things,
socially and otherwise. Mrs.
McPherson was a keen - worker
along the musical line, while
Mr. McPherson took an active
interest in-athletics and the wel-
fare~of"the cotnmunity7
A very pleasant eyent, mingled
with regret,  took   place at the
residence    of    Mr.     and    Mrs.
P.   H.    McCurrach    on    Tuesday night when the members of
the   Presbyterian   Church   choir
and friends presented Mrs.  S. P.
Dixon, with a beautiful set of
silver forks as a slight token of
her faithful services as organist
and as a remembrance of the days
spent in   Greenwood.     H.   McCutcheon made the presentation
address and was replied  to very
suitably by Mrs.  Dixon.     Mrs.
Dixon leaves shortly for Merritt
and what will be Merritt's gain
will be  Greenwood's  loss.   Refreshments were  served   during
the evening.
The School -Trustees held a
meeting in the office of H. McCutcheon on Monday morning,
the principle business being the
selection of a new principal to fill
the yacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Tripp. Some 30
applications were received and
after careful consideration of
each aud every applicant,, the
Board finally choose one which
in their opinion /would be the
most suitable. Certain repairs
to the school was ordered to be
made before the school opens on
September 6th. The Board expressed regret at- the poor showing of the pupils at the last examinations but felt that it was
not the fault of the teachers.
Send a Float to your friends at
once.     Yon   c&aget   them  at
I The Ledge office.'
The following letter was sent by
G. S. Walters, Secretary of the
Board of Trade and ia self explanatory:
J. A. McKelvie, Esq., M. P.,
Vernon, B.C.
Dear Sir:
On Friday evening last a well
attended and representative meeting of Greenwood Board of Trade,
took up the question of the probability  of  the   Customs  Office  at
Greenwood being closed.   A long
discussion took place and the views
of most of the prominent citizens
were expounded, and without exception there was unanimous opinion that such a course as proposed
by the Minister bf Customs would
be very unjust and inflict undue
hardships on Greenwood and the
immediate District.
I was instructed to forward you a
short resume of conditions in the
past, and as they are at present.
Some three years ago there were
seven out-ports under Greenwood,
and this was sufficient to keep the
two officials here more than bnsy.
Within 24 hours on September 30,
1919, four of these out-ports were
instructed to : close business with
Greenwood, and report to Penticton.   This meant that two-thirds
of the Greenwood office business
was taken away, and no better service to the public was given.    Previous to this, in order to Berve the
District and to better deal with the
volume of business passing through
Greenwood   office  the  Dominion
authorities decided to obtain and
equip suitable quarters in a Dominion public building at Greenwood,
which eame  building  can better
take care of records, etc., than any
other building in the District, and
at the same time is run without
any expense to the Customs Department in physical upkeep.- -
Greenwood at the present time,
along with other mining towns in
the Dominion is suffering a trade
depression owing to the low metal
market, and although the smelter
is now closed there is considerable
development being done on various
properties, some of which will be
on a shipping basis whenever the
prices of metals warrant operations,
and with the prospect of considerable machinery being bronght into
the place it would greatly prejudice
investors to know that so much inconvenience would be caused by
entries having  to be  cleared  at
places other than Greenwood.
Since tbe amalgamation of Cus
tome  and _tbe   Inland_Revenne,
which took place on April 1, 1921,
the collections at the port of Greenwood have greatly improved. Much
of the arrears of the Excise Tax
have been collected which otherwise
could not have been done successfully from an outside office, and
which eame future collections will
undoubtedly be loBt io tbe Department If the Greenwood  office is
non-existent.   We would ask you
to request tbe Customs Department
to furnish you  with the past records of the Greenwood office as relating to the volume of business
transacted there, and we respectfully urge that you insist on the
Department bearing in ��� mind that
the present state of affairs is only
temporary, and the improvement'
already shown   will   undoubtedly
continue.    Tbe citizens feel that
the Minister has not duly considered the status of the place,  and is
casually taking the recommendation of an Inspector who is relying
solely on present day figures for
his adverse reports.   There is absolutely no doubt that the closing
of the Customs Office here will be
made a public question,  and the
Department will find that the press,
both locally and provinci&ily will
make capital of the matter.  It is a
general opinion of the citizens that
the Minister of Customs has sot
full knowledge of the conditions
here and is allowing lesser officials
to take too much for granted, and
it is for this reason that we again
urge  that  the   matter  be more
thoroughly investigated.
Also c-ne official ��*tbis office is
being retired oa the 31st of August
which will lessen Ihe expense at,
' No.'4;
City Council
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held on August 1st.
Mayor Gulley was in the chair and
all Aldermen were present.
Owing to the straitened finances
of the City it was decided not to
send any delegates to the Annual
Convention of the Um'on of B. C.
Municipalities    to    be  held   this
month at Port A lberhi.   The clerk
was instructed to supply . information closely affecting certain municipal problems to the convention
and which same will be presented
to tbe Legislature at the autumn
The Water committee reported
that more work waB necessary at
the Providence creek  reservoir in
order to keep up a normal water
supply.     After   considerable discussion the Water committee was
authorized to have the work done
and to helplbo meet this cost, the
Clerk was    instructed   to   notify
those- consumers   who   have  not.
paid the sprinkling rate to do so at
once or have their supply reduced
and for any illegaL use- of the water
after that the service to be discontinued entirely.
The Lighting committee received
sanction from tbe Council to instal
lights at the Auto park and this
will be done immediately.
The Stn efts committee reported,
satisfactory progress being made oa
sidewalk repairs and recommended
further purchase of several thousand feet of lumber which can be
obtained from a local taxpayer oh
very reasonable terms. - -
The work of dismantling doors
and windows at the old hospital	
haB been allowed to proceed on the
assurance that current taxes and
arrears - will be paid . before tbe
windows and doors  are shipped.
A committee was appointed to ~
meet District-  Engineer   E.   W.
Gwyer and discuss the question of-
the classification'of Greenwood 8t
as a secondary highway.
Meeting then adjourned.
Greenwood Mining Notes
The Providence mine is shipping
40 tons of high grade ore.
Ola Lofstad has a small force
steadily employed on development
work on the Helen.
H. Monro, of Grand Forks, has"
take a lease on the "The Great
Hesper" south-west of town.
Messrs. Kelson, Jackson and
Lofstad are getting things in shape
to develop the Biverside mine near
Rock Creek.- Tools and supplies
have been taken out to the property and work will commence right;
?'The Hoodlum"
The Hoodlum" declared bv
critics to be the greatest character
success in Mary Pickford's screen
history will be seen at the Greenwood Theatre, on Saturday, August 6th. This picture is the second
production from Miss Pickford's
own studio of which her mother is
the business manager. Her role
takes her from the luxurv of a
mansion to tbe squalor of a tenement street.
this office by his salary per annum,
although it is realized that eventually the business will warrant
additional help as In the paBt.
Imagine yourself &�� owner of a
mining property here, and being
desirous of obtaining additional
machinery (95 p.c. of the mining
machinery in this District has bee?
supplied from England and the
United States,) being compelled 60
leave your business several times
per month in order to run either to
Grand Forks or Midway for the
purpose of getting your stuff cleared.
This very fact alone justifies the
retention of this Customs service
At the present time the Providence mine is working, the Jewel
mine is about to commence operations, and two other properties are
continuing development work in
view of-future operations. The
lumber industry is already on the
upward grade, and this will also
mean additional revenue to the
We feel that the very fad of
your taking Kp this matter for us
wife the Minister of Customs will
lead to the results so much desired
,7itve^dt!zen ��ad trainees mm.
in the District.
if THE     LEDP.E.     GREENWOOD.     B.     C.
Send ma, free, ell particulars about
HECLA (Plpo or Plpcioss)   Furnace.
Kama ���...;. Address.
Trie Menace of Bolshevism
Pnrisig- recent months, reference in the press of Canada to the activities
of the radical socialistic Bolshevik and Communist movements have not
been as frequent as was the case a year or so ago, but this docs not mean
that the menace to our free British institutions has passed. Notwithstanding the anxieties and arduous duties at present imposed on the statesmen of
Great Britain because of the troubles in Ireland,'the complex problem of
world disarmament, and the gigantic financial difficulties to bc overcome
following thc war, leaders in government in thc Old Country arc not overlooking thc danger that still threatens from thc Bolshcvik'propaganda.
A committee of the House of Lords, under the. chairmanship of the
Duke of Northumberland, spent several months of investigation and research into the activities of these revolutionary organizations and iu a
report recently issued it is stated that there is overwhelming evidence that
an International conspiracy exists which* aims at thc destruction of all existing institutions of government and society, of all religion, of all moral'laws,
and all properly rights, throughout Great Britain, Canada and other Overseas Dominions. V
This report sets forth that the main points in the Revolutionary programme nrc:-��-
(1) The national power of Great Britain and other Allied States is to
be broken down by the fomenting of internal revolutions, through appeals to
class hatred, and by efforts to obtain greater freedom and privileges for one
class of people. Governments which arc strong arc to be weakened by the
introduction of Socialism, which will pave thc way lo anarchy.
(2) Internationalism is to be taught.
(3) In every possible way influence is to bc secured over public officials.
(4) As religion is the oral mainstay of all government, it is to be
(5) Properly owning is to bc rendered impossible���by means of a thousand laws, restrictions and taxes, thus bringing about some form of State
Socialism, or Communism, or Anarchy.:'
Thc Communist Party, directed and subsidized from Moscow, exerts its
power through magazines and printed matter, inoculating ideas of Red
Revolution into the'minds of thc people, and by a process known as "boring
from within." Communist. schools have been established for pcrvcrliijg
thc young by thc teaching of Communism and Atheism. In this connection it is important to note that there arc over twenty weekly newspapers
in- Canada teaching and preaching Socialism and Communism, many of
them of the most radical kind  ,
Despite all his many other duties and responsibilities,- David Lloyd
George, who is a radical of thc sane and progressive type, felt impelled
recently to sound a word of warning as to the danger lhat confronts British
institutions from this subtle enemy, Thc British Prime Minister is reported as saying: - �� .''-..������
"Thc military danger.is over, but there arc greater, more insidious,
more permanent dangers still remaining���the dangers that have arisen
from thc new conditions "in- this and every land,, the new ideas that have
arisen, thc new organizations that -have suddenly risen into .great powers.
What is the peril? / It-is the phenomenal rise-to power pf a new party, with
new purposes of the" most'subversive character. - It. calls itself/Labor, but
it is really Socialist.. . ���"." ' '    . '    '-
"Jf anyone doubts the reality of" the.danger, I ,woukl ask him to read
the Socialist and Labor papers, -Wc rarely sec them, and-wc do not quite
sec what they arc after, but what they write, in'these papers is.repeated on
hundreds andlhousands. of platforms, to hundreds and thousands and millions of .people. ��� And they are beginning to'belicvc it. '. Socialism is lighting, and you will find it in these papers���to destroy everything lhat great
prophets aud leaders labored- for"-generations'-.lo buildup. -Private enterprise, individual effort',, the stimulus of reasonable gain,".the'present organization of commerce, of industry, of credits���-all that goes'.if'this new system
'which .is being preached, succeeds. - Even the-political liberty whicn "thcy
���build up is being threatened.". ��� .'-'"       "",.���  '.���      -       :.-  "���
The old 'and'tried Labor'organizations of Canada and the United States
are aware of the danger, which' threatens aiid arc'out combatting "it. The
business 'communities' are becoming more' and more aware -of it.' It is
time the average man who loves flic little-home, he lias'built" up by-patient
effort and self-denial, ,thc=nian with his quarter, or. half-section'of land, the
men and women who "know .that in the public school and the church, arc to
bc found the real .safeguards'aiid guarantees, of personal liberty, and-.rcal
political; freedom, "should bestir '".themselves
enemy to all that, is dearest and-best in-life. -'
Knew His Name
The Poet Whittier's Dog Was An Intelligent Animal.
During one of the last birthday celebrations of the poet Whittier, he was
visited by a celebrated oratorio singer. Thc lady was asked to sing,'and,
seating herself; at thc piano, she began the beautiful ballad, "Robin
Adair." She had hardly begun when
Mr Whittier's pet dog came into the
room and, seating himself by her side,
watched her as if fascinated, and listened with a delight unusual for an
animal. When she finished he came
and put his-paw very gravely into her
hand and licked her cheek. "Robin
takes that as a tribute to himself,"
said Mr. Whittier. "He also is a
'Robin Adair.'" The dog, hearing
his' own name, evidently considered
that hc was the hero of the song.
From that moment," during the lady's
visit, hc was her devoted attendant.
Hc kept by her side when shc was
indoors, and accompanied her when
shc went lo walk. When shc went
away, hc carried her satchel in his
mouth to the gate, and watched her
dparlure with every evidence of distress.���St. Nicholas.
and' vigorously' oppose   this
Clergyman's'".'   [X] '.'���_' .
-        t       Peculiar Request
Left Directions !in - Will' For," Vault of
,--   V Polished Stone/''"  V'7-
���    Peculiar   -direction's- -:fo'r    tliCvCOri-
smi'ctidnj'pf li.is .grave...were", giveli .in
"thc will o'f. the Rev. Francis;'Minnitt,
of. Torrington -Square','-who-left- prop-
v The King and Rotary
Cleveland, Man Thinks- His-Majesty
;,' "v.Could Join.-V ;.- --
. The." reputation which'Americans
have of "-.blunt; speaking;, "-even"' in the
face.of .royalty, is likely to-.bc-enhanced by- a.-remark that-passed between"
King- George and. -Mr. Kiutrip,-of
Cleveland,"- O., on the- occasion'of "-the
c'rty wortlr"��14,.074.V.Hc wrote-: "It j-Rolarians'.-rcccjttioiv .at   Buckingham
is  my  wish-'toVbe  buried'-in  a" vault !;J-a|a_cP" tli'c- other day./ -
".\viih'-rcciiient,'anO said"'To  'Air.
-or-in .stone';., fofwhieh" more, than, the "LKlump,-; that    hc.'.tdo,.' would, like - to
usual'.'gijpun-d--must'4>c' taken,', so'.rhat 'becoipc^a-RotariaiiV _,""'" - .  "".W -
the. dimensions.of the,interior ni'ay be;    ""J "don't see what, is .to "stop ybii,
ample.  V'This'vault should be cellar-' *a<d -Hr. .Khunp.' ��� ' \'��� . -'
e(l,.and,'"if pos.sible',"'-drarni.d,', the cellar,,'. ' ���-   =���'��� ~'. ""'���   ���
being -floored' with" slate pojish'od "'or. ���' "   - .-,-   Peril in.War Relic. ������'."���: 7.'.'���_'���'
.-both" side's/or 'stone'flags, so-polished.'    .-.A If red. As prey, 16,' of, London'; "Engl,
-.Any sii.eivcs sh'ould':i!?o be of'like iiia-.j had as. a. war relic .a-pencil, holder-fas
. terial,- -Sml'""permanently 'fixed -iii, the..' hib'ned frpm'an old- rifle /cartridge",
Air. Fred Ftmstoti, Craik, Sask.,
writes:���"A year ago last harvest I
was taken with a sudden attack of
diarrhoea which completely laid me
out, and in a few hours I had to quit
work. Thc cramps in my stomach
were dreadful, the beads of perspiration would stand out on my face at
times I was in such great distress. At
last I got a chance to send to town
for a couple of bottles of Dr. Fowler's Extract of-Wild Strawberry. I
used it according to the way I felt
and soon obtained a great change for
the better, for which I was very
thankful. I don't know what thc
cause of my sickness was except the
extremely'hot weather and the active
work of stooking the wheat.
Several of my neighbors wcrc taken the same as myself and had the
doctor attend them, but they didn't
get any great relief until I advised
them to use "Dr. Fowler's," when
thcy soon experienced a great change.
Dr. Fowler's Extract oi. Wild
Strawberry has been on the market
for the past 76-ycars and many cheap
imitations are being offered to the
Bc sure and get thc genunc put up
only by The T. Milburn Co., Limited,
Toronto, Ont.     Price, 50c a bottle.
Mental Weakness
Common in France
Over 100,000 People in Paris Suffering
Frcm Derangements, Says,
Physicians.   - '--
: . More- than  100,000 "rattle-brained"
Parisians'.arc,  walking  the  streets, in
the French., capital.   -.'''���
" That's what-Dr. Toulouse, foremost
French   physician,   stated-    in     Paris
when giving'the number, of" "Follets"
���thc   semi-scientific- name -given "by
lricnt'al doctors for the species���in lhc
city.' .   -" '" ".        .     .-.
That means that among, a population of- 2,000,000 one has a 'fair
chance of meeting a "follct"'in every
street. - Thcy were, most of. them",
born"' with ��� thcir brains'rattling, but
became more so .in the war-and since,
according, to doctors. .    .
But no,w that-thcy arc "follets," the
-question is what lo do with "them.
.The nervous slaic which-has caused
a slight mental derangement-may "be
only temporary."- , Iii most cascsit is
so.'-; .But-while it-lasts" il:-lcads to'
suicide,' to "violence of. all kinds, to
crime, of, the' petty, theft variety; to
indulgence; and.:so. what'was a temporary-and: curable ^trouble, may -become chronic, and- even worse,- may
even'be'epnic perpetuate.''"   ;...:)..-   .���
How Xo Cook
An   Acknowledged   Expert   in
-    AH Matters Pertaining to
Household Management.
Once even a man lucky enough to
catch fish in* waters where fish are
scarce confessed to mo that he did
not really know how to clean, prepare
and cook the fish he was lucky enough
to catch.
If the fish Is to be broiled, it may be
split. If it is a small fish, or is to be
baked, it may be cleaned, without splitting.     Make a small incision with a
This marks the beginning of foreign
missions as the deliberately planned
enterprise of the church.
I. Tho Gifts of the Church at Antioch
(v. 1).
Young as Antiocli.-tb.e new religious
centre, was, she had prophets " and
teachers. Such are essential to church
life. Indeed, they are never absent
from the true church;. In Ephesians
4:8-12 Paul says that when Christ ascended He gave gifts unto men for the
purpose of perfecting the saints unto
the work of the ministry.
���II. Barnabas and Saul Sent Forth (vv.
2,3). ���..      -
While the five ministers were pray-
askatchewan Grain
"I was doubtful about Tanlac un-tir
I tried it myself and now I know it
docs everything that. is claimed for:
it," said Jacob Popp,'well-known and
prosperous grain grower oPMcNutt,
i Sask. '',...' -
"I had a' bad form of stomach
trouble for sixteen, years, which was
steadily'.growing worse as time passed. I^did not dare eat heavy food or
pastry and at times I couldn't retain
a thing on my stomachy not even a
glass of���'water. I would bloat up
with gas until my heart would beat
turn so as to broil tho skin side.
The fish should he rubbed with oil or
i        Cyprus (w. 4, 5).
!    We are not told as to why they first
I went to Cyprus, but we infer that it
melted butter and lightly salted before; was because it was the llome of Bar.
it is broiled.    To broil by gas, put fish, nabas     It is most natural that th0SQ
skin sick up, on a well-greased roasting [ who have heard good news g^uia g0
with   it   first   to ' their kindred and
friends.    As   they   went   forth   they
pan. Broil ten or fifteen minutes, according to the thickness, without turning.
Broiled fish  should be served, with
melted butter and slices of lemon. It
preached the Word of God; not civic
righteousness, current history, philosophy, etc. The great need today is
may be garnished with parsley 'or, spirit-called and- Spirit-filled "men
watercress. j preaching God's Word.
Panned   fish   is popular, especially  iv. Withstood by Elymas the Sorcerer
among campers who must make th.9
most of the frying   pan   or   spider.
(vv. 6-12).
When Barnabas and: Saul by invita-
Small fish, such as perch, are suitable  tIon were telling. Sergius Paulus of the
for panning whole. Clean the fish as
previously directed and rub a little
salt .over it. Then, pat intoxit 'as a
much flour...as. it will take.
Set it aside for a few moments 'and
then pat in some more flour. Try
out some -salt -pork. Remove bits
and when the fat is smoking hot, turn
the fish into it. Turn it carefully with
a pancake turner.
Live crabs should be plunged into
rapidly boiling salted wateri ' They
should be boiled until a dee_p red. Before serving, large claws should bc-
cracked to facilitate eating. The
spongy undesirable portion should be
Soft shell crabs may either be.broil-
ed like fish, or, they may be rolled into
Hour, then into beaten egg to which a
tablespoon of milk.ha's been added, and
lastly into fine, sifted bread crumbs.
They" should be carefully lowered'into
Word 'of God, Elymas maliciously
sought to turn his mind from the.faith.
This is the first obstacle they encountered. This opposer is the same one
who came to Adam in Eden and to
Jesus in the wilderness. He Is the
enemy of God and man. He now seeks
to bar the gospel as it enters, upon its
career of the conversion of the heathen. Saul denounced him in the
most scathing terms, calling him the
child of the devil, full of guile,and villainy, and pronounced him the enemy
of all righteousness, accusing him of
perverting the right ways of the Lord.
Happily, the deputy heeded Saul's
teaching and believed the gospel. It
was in this connection that Saul's
name was changed to Paul.
V.' In the Synagogue at Antioch in
Pisidia (vv. 15, 16).
From   Paphos,, Paul and Barnabas
went   northward    to . Perga.     From
awful pains in my chest as well as in
the pit'of my stomach. My liver was
all out of order and I was bothered a
,   .,        ,, ,-.-,,��. ��� ' lnS and fasting, the Spirit of God corn-
sharp knife on the under-side betn een       ���,,',, +,,���,��� f���    ��� ���. ,   .. .���       ,
,��� '7  ...     ,. ���     i ��� manded them to send forth Barnabas
the glls.     Put the finger in, loosen .
, ��� and Saul.     The work of evangelizing
and remove the entrails. tbe world wm ^ go ^
Wash the fish inside and out with a these men- t]ia(. they refraJned tTom^kc a trip-hammer and I used to have
cloth wrung out of salt water. Soak-, eating Jn opdor tQ geek tfte wm Qf th&
ing injures the flavor of fish and some, Lor(1 in praver> This is thQ kind of
of the food value 3r nutriment is lost fasting ,hat mccts God,s approvaL
in the water in which tho fish soaks. From the fact that they were directed
Therefore, wipe the fish out, or rjuso j to send forth those whom the gplrlt
it quickly under running water. I called> we Iearn that the real call to
Lacking in connective tissue, fish is. chrisfS service comes from tho Spirit,
easily broken. It must, therefore, be The Spirlt calls} and tho church sec.
handled much more carefully than j onds the motion b sending those who
meat. If the fish is to.be broiled over are caned_ They &eat thQ very besfr
the coals, grease the wire broiler thor- men from the church at Antioch.
oughly with a bit of salt pork. Broiljm Preaching the Word of God in
cut side for a few minutes and then)
- _ - -V
good deal with headaches^ Ijwas in
snrh a ^^^^..MMai|Blj^'i7:'r''<'1v*"cl'*g'f*
fact, I spent two weeks in the. hospital and thought an operation was
going to be necessary. LuckilyV the
operation was -deferred and- as soon-
as I left thc hospital I began taking
.'������ "I can hardlyTealize that so little
medicine could do as much good as
Tanlac has for mc. Although I took
only three "bottles, I gained twenty-
eight pounds in weight and- am eat-"
ing, sleeping and working better than.
I have in many years. , Tanlac .is
truly a rcirtarkable medicine."
Tanlac is sold/by leading druggists
The Keeping Of Poultry
deep fat hot enough to brown a cube of j perga they went into"   Antioch in" Pf-
hread in forty seconds
Who Won the War?;,.-
Field Marshal" Who Rose From Ranks
- Supplies Answer.
Erected on the.historic KewGreen,
which-adjoins the 'RoyaK.; Botanical
Gardens, "a 'memorial cross was unveiled" the other .afternoon by Field
Marshal, Sir William Robertson in
memory of lhc 96 men .of-the parish
who  fell, in' the  war.    .Referring to. forth the' missionary message "for
Kcw's rccord,.Sir- William .pointed 6ut|.tllj,os and lands
sl'dia, where they-entered the synagogue on the Sabbath day.. Though
he.was sent to thc Gentiles he does
not depart from' the order - of -beginning, with the Jews. After the usual
reading-of the' Scriptures,' upon-.the
invitation of the-rulers, Paul.delivered
the discourse recorded in verses 717-4L"
This . sermon" is' worthy - of ���; careful
study. . It consists of four parts: (1)
Historical, (vv. 17-23); apologetical
(vv. 24-37); (3) doctrinal "(vv. 3^ 39);
(4)  practical  (vv. 40,' .41)-.      It   sets
Its. essence should
No" season-Of tlie year is so,dangerous to the- life' of' little"oit'cs as is .the
sumiiK r.--- ���,:i;hc--7excc7s:s'iyc'" "Ilea t'lli rows
t.hc-7liltlc..stomach ���. out 7 of order so"
quickly, that 'unless prompt- aid is: at
haudtjic- baby'may b_c .beyond.all", hu'-.
man -help" before' the mother".realizes
he isill.-    Summer-is lhc-:scason.wh(.ti"i
that- there were 61 members. in the j'ever be the same.. In this sermon" he
toolball club when the war broke out, jpresented the glorified and risen Christ
and, at. the "end of the year; 1914,. 5? as the Savior from sin( .bashlg Us
wei-c; in;_thc:a.;my, a_?id lhc; remaining 'proof-upon the testimony of-livingwit-
.two. had been declared medically unfit. , .He- thought that was a rycord
than,, which there ; was - no better
.'throughput' - tlie-! country.".'. It - was
.sometimes- stilted; ;Sir- William went
on,', that. the", war" had- been won by
some.particular commandeivagcneral,
a.political leader; or, it'might bc,7thc
. tanks.: ' ...Tlia't was not the truth.. The
: war,  hc= declared, -.\vas ,'woii  - by ���. - the
of the nation,-.-gallant "-"nun, fighting
as of ol.d,-.''shoulder to shoulder, and
.-blade,by blade" .. Sir. ^William' insisted fliat.thc suggestion', that- "fin gland
diarrhoea, ," cholera "infantum; ,dysen- !'-.)v:is.-.slipping back:'' 'should.;. bc( re';
Icry^md colic ---are most .' prevalent, jeetctj, and',, in " thc"'nanic .'.of;, 'those'
Any bn'e-.of-;"lh'e"se troubles may prove who-'iud .fallen in'-all'tlio 'theatres of
deadly if not pVopVrly treated.,. P".r- ^var/J.c' urgedahfit avc should carrv
ing  the summer'-the-.mothers     best  -��� -. .--,--   -;"      -        ��� ���.--     , ���   ,-"
,;-fi-icnd;.is Baby's Own,Tablets."   -;Thcy'; ��!'"ln"'.1I.,c -sn,1,c X:iy'- ns-.",lliose"- who
As i r.eguiate '  the- bowels, "swe'etrn    th'c-';<l'��1-. th.at^we-' might, live, would  have
nesses'and the inspired, word. r
VI. The, Effect,of the Sej-mon (vv.
, 52-52).' - ���' " .-",' . " , '. -"'. -
.'Many of-the. Jews and" proselytes re;
quested- them- to "speak to'sthem
again. - Almost the whole city came
lo hear the. Word of God the next
Sabbath. _ This great crowd incited
the jealousy of the Jews. This jealousy could'not-long'bc restrained; it
broke, out .iii open opposition. " This
opposition- was in, turn answered .by
Paul's rejection of them .-and turning
to the.'Gcntiles."- -���'���   ��� 7  . ' -"      ..
Pamphlet Tells How Poultry. Can Be
Made to Pay.
If resident in cither |fown or_coun-
try and you wish to know how best to
keep poultry and secure tlie most satisfactory, results, consult, a pamphlet
treating of the subject prepared by
the Dominion Poultry Husbandman,
F. C. Elford, and recently issued by
the Department of Agriculture at Ottawa. The pamphlet can bc had free
on applications to _the Publications
Branch. It tells of how poultry can
bc made to pay, how the birds should
be housed and fed,-how they should
bc treated in winter and summer, how
to commence.keeping in a small way,
the equipment that is desirable, how
to choose a breed, how to hatch and
rear, and how to gather, keep, or market the eggs. In short all thc essentials to success in poultry keeping for
homc consumption or selling -. arc
clearly and explicity explained. In
thc term poultry are included turkeys,
geese, ducks, guinea fowls and
pigeons, the raising and care of which
are fully discussed. Numerous illustrations of types of birds, and of
methods of housing and feeding contribute to -make the pamphle't an invaluable compendium. on poultry-
keeping and marketing.
UnfftTo Live���Must Die
_ This verdict is rendered a thousand
times every week���no corn can live,
it must pass out, drop off, if Putnam's
Extractor is applied to corns and
warts. Use the old reliable "Putnam's" it-never fails, 25c at all dealers.
Relief For Stockmen
Says Freight Drop Will Help Farmers
Selling Livestock.
Hon. Manning Dohcrty, minister of
agriculture for Ontario, believes that
the proposed 25 per cent, freight rate
reduction in livestock will constitute
considerable^ relief from conditions
which wcrc rapidly kiUing the livestock industry.
Despite thc fact- lhat livestock
prices have- gone down more quickly
and farther than almost jmy other
commodity, stated the minister, the
reduction was not secured without
very considerable effort. -In his
opinion the ' prevailing livestock
prices represent scarcely more than
50 per cent, in any case, and not
more than 25 per cent, in somc cases,
of the peak prices in different lines.
He is hopeful that this measure of
relief will prove a steadying influence
on thc industry, and that further .reductions will follow.
Still Walking
\ ��� ��� .      	
Edward Payson Weston,Once Walk-
V ed 500 Miles In Six Days.
Edward Payscn Weston, the pedestrian who was famous a generation
ago. for his wonderful walking feats,
is still hale and hearty at. the age
of eighty-two years, so .a newspaper
paragraph states. Even now he walks
'three miles daily (for his mail an I
several times a week takes a twelve-
mile wa-lk in the neighborhood of his
homc, Plutarch^ Ulster county, N.Cvv
York, just to keep himself in condition. Weston once walked 500 miles
in six days, and 5,000 miles in 100
His Constitutional Rights.
' A    salcsmanlike    looking inspector
stopped over night at a small  town
Kansas hotel and   was   surprised   to
find a dirty roller towel in the washroom.     Indignantly he said   to  .the"
landlord, "Don't you   know"  that   it'
has.   becn   against the law for years
to put up a roller towel in this State "
"Sure I know it," replied the proprietor, "but no ex post facto   law   goes
in Kansas, and that there towel was
put up before the law was passed."���
Topeka-Capital. - ^
is an tfcute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject 'to frequent "colds in the
head" will find that -thc use of HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will build up the
System and render them less liable to- colds.
Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may lead
to  Chronic  Catarrh. ���
HALL'S   CATARRH  MEDICINE  is  taken internally and acts through the Blood on
the Mucous surfaces  of the System, thus re-,
during? the inflammation and assisting Naturs.
iu restoring normal conditions.
All  Druggists.    "Circulars  free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Japan and Newfoundland arc the
only countries that have put flowers
upon their postage stamps. ' Japan
uses the chryr-��"vthcmuro in-the centre of all their-^mps and Newfound-'
land introduces a bouquet of thistle
blossoms. '
Minard's Liniment for Dandruff
Minard's Liniment for Burns, etc.
Structure,' access   to, the-.-.vault, .biihg   lie. was -writing' tli.e.xartxidgc"cxp3od'cd-|-"sr6inac!i-and" keep baby 'healthy. '.-Thc^don'c.'-    Dedicatory-"prayers were "said
:r:iW?ts :ari? sold Jjy mexlicinc Scalers;, ^the7 ^clidc-aWi-of Makl^oncVthe
provided eilher'frdm a ccritral-passagC; and blew-'.off  three.-fingers".
or from..the'- front "or ."side, provision"   -.
being", niadc-ifor. ^drainage in every-
case-as- I.'do not7approvc of- thc -iron
girder.s'uscd to separate,coffins.. -
���'.". Fireworks, in -the inodern..sense of
the word,;can be traced feck to ' the-
close of the thirteenth centurv.
hoW- many pf your neighbors
hayre changed from tea or
"coffee" to
' The smooth, rich flavor of
: this cereal beverage appeals
to the} taste,"'; and it is free-
from any element of harm.
.Better nights and- brighter
mornings usually result V
from Fos&im in^ place of;;���
-tea or cofl��eei..V --������V":V}v-s-;-;V-V
*5strr?a�� Ore*! Comyvif- j
";or  by  mail" at  25  cents', a "box  from ���'
- Monuments To "Bobby."., Burns.
,''-Robert Burns has, had 'more, statues
erected , to. his memory than almost
any. other person outside, "of royalty.
Ih.th.C'L'nite'd- States there arc. nicni-
orials.,_io - the poet in - New York", San
Francisco, "Chicago,-.'Hoston; Atlanta,
The  .DrV-.W.iJliams'.
Brockyi.lic," Ont.-.���
'-Medicine ;��� Co:,
Rcy;:j; B.' Macmillan; V. Sir ���Wiliiani'|:^nv5:^.'^M1^llli,-^-j^11  ,R^er;'   Al-
Kobertson, , it-'"may-bc; rcca'lled.'has
liada.most7,romantic career. 7'He rose
fr"ont;the ranks.-   ���".-  '..���"-  "V" "'   .:.' --.'���
���'������ ��� V~ Drink-Water When Tired.,; , .
������.Dr." Eliza-.E Moshcr.urged lately'thc
members'pf..thc;. Women's. -Medical);- A- Foe .to:Astntna; "' GivcJ Asthma:
"bocicty of New York, .to drink a glass! half a, chance, and' -it gains -'groun'a
.of "water at 10-a.m." aiid' others.at 3,! rapidly, , But give it' repcat'cd-.'.tr'ea.t-
4 and -S p.m. This./slic told them,! ments of Dr. ���]. D. l<cllogg-"s Asthma
wpuld dilute, the products -6.iVfatigucjScmcd>' ^d.it^vill fall back: There
which ..were-entering- the- blood  and
causing" thc tired, feeling.
The Chinese arc ahead of the world
in the preparation of roast pbrk for
the table. After if has'come but of
the oven, it is hung in the smoke of
various .aromatic- herbs, which, gives
it a delicious flavor and robs it of the
porky taste which is offensive to
some palates. '���-.". '"
is no half way measure about this
remedy. It goes right to. work and-
gives prompt relief."- It reaches thc.
inmost breathing passaged and leaves
no place for the trouble to lurk. Have
it by you for ready use..
bany -and   Barre, .Vt....-Other inohti
'ments,-..:arc   in- Edinburgh, Glasgow,
Dumfries, '.London, Belfast; Toronto;
.Melbourne,   -Adelaide,.. Sydney.'-,'arid
Fredericton,', N.'B.-'- _'.    7       ���-"���.- ' '
.To guide- pilots- flying, oh ..the London .to.Faris' route, tjie- French Government.-is placing .captive balloons
in certain positions, at a "height ��� ��� 7of
about amiic    -      ..."   -   '"-:
Thc "highbrow" girl was talking
"Think of it," shc said. .  "Imagine
those   Spanish    pirates   going   3,000
miles  on a galleon?"   ���
"Yes, dear," said thc-profitecrs \\\ier
"but you can't believe all you hear
about those foreign cars!"���London
Tit-Bits.      -      - .    , -
Clever Men. Have Small Brain. '
The size of thc brain is no index
to its mental capacity. .The heaviest brains on record-havc been those
of-pcrsonj of low intelligence, while
many of thc world's cleverest men
havc had brains well below thc average in weight.
A Successful Family
Hc was a young artist, and although
a very gifted man, thc world had not
yet recognized what a man thcy had
amongst them.
Still, success was coming his way
little by little, and he was proudly
telling his life story to a patron.
"A few years ago," he asserted, "I
was quite unknown, but now my work
is hung on the line!"    >
Then 'a. bitter thought _fl_ittcred
through his brain, and he added:.
"So ��� is^. my wife's."���London
F .ffkj.   \
/  jQ^^fiX     1
and  How to  Feed
i jKffijghSfiJ^A
Mailed    Free    to    any
Address  by  the  ���
ir.   CLAY   GT.OVTElf
CO.,   INC.,   '
America's Pioneer
118    West    31st-street,
Dog Remedies
New  York.   U.S.A.
Cook's C@ftoa Root Com$om&
>f?__t -A*a/e, reliable repulatinff
"medicine.   Sold in tliroa its*
For Burns and Scalds���Dr. Thomas'
Eclcctric. Oil will take thc fire out of
a burn" or scald. It should be at
hand in every kitchen so that it may
1��e "available at any time. There is
no preparation required. Just apply
the oil to the .burn'or scald! and thc
pain will abate, and in a short_ tinie
cease altogether.
Lapis lazuli was thc only stone of
any' intrinsic value known to the
Egyptians under the Pharoahs
A . London ��� policeman  is  not  permitted " to   .marry.-, without..the-ap-
_   .,   - ���.  -_ A   ��� ,     ��,-,,---.    ���- -    proval.of his superior.'...'---..��� ,;-^""-.-'-
Exchange Rate Helps,Gold Miners. ���-..�����. .   . -
Thepresent rate'of "14"per,cent:. c:x-   ./-Through the senscof smell'deer can
change;as between Canada and Unit.ed /jcteit^the;present of ;,:inaW-:-or wblf
,5*at<U, Jcur^ncyVis VswellingVthe 7iiet.;;frc;ni;a ^istancctof/two^niiles.^ X~'\
-profits' of"the-'gbld-min'es/of '.Xortheira'!-. ���---��� .~'X ���'���?���-:������-: -.'- '��� -".-'.��� ��� - '- "*������:A ��� X ���--'' X- ���:- ,' :'
Ontario^tb.the-extent of,approximate-1.'. a withou't.btui-
ly.$195,000".monthly, or' at'.'the.:rate"|.ness.:/v;'B>'.h;ciping/ybnr'Ioc'aV-dealer
ot :$2,349^K��..aXyzarXiX.-.'-';;"X ' V;i "J-you..assist,;the "comraunity.- V''" yXX
���Tinfoil weighing seventy-four" tons,
and'collected during a-period of-nine
years, has enabled a fraternal organ-   cd and those now drawing salary will
Wants Only Single Lady Teacher*.
Married    women  - teachers on the
staff of thc Edmonton School Bjaard
will be held provisionally till thc end
of the year.     No more will be cngag-
Eraea of atrcngth���No. 1,31:
No."2, $3; No. 3. S3 per box.
Sold bv all drtlfRuts.
I>rep*id on  receipt  of
or ��enft
prepaid on  reefcipt  of  pi	
free    pamphlet,.      Addresi i
ICESMT9, oar. (runirl; W!afar.)
The sale way to send money by mail t> by
Dominion Express Money Order.
"Bayer" is only Genuine
ization to endow nine beds
don hospitals:,,.
Cottages, in whicV. the actors in
Shakespeare's ovyri 'company-lived,
still;.,ta��st in; Squthwark, England. ..
.   It .is supposed, to.bring bad luck to
paint a ship.at sea, according to an
old,'sailor superstition.  '-'-',   .'.    :-.'--
.."..'Those who study these.-mattcrs^ say
that the average human jaw..ean exert a force. oHS3i. poncds., ;V- :"",
have to make way fob single women
if the latter are available.
- Screening- the plants Irom .certain
effects.of sunlight, an English botanist has produced purple nasturtiums,
a color-hertofore unknown.
-Salmon- skin is -about" thc best
waterproof material that can be worn.
The.Eskimos use it for.both shoes
and shirtsV, '.��� ' ,>-'...
Minard's Liniment Relieves Nearalgia
,Warning 1 It's criminal to take a
chance on any substitute for genuiaa.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," prescribed by physicians for twenty-one years
and proved safe by millions." Unless
you see the name "Bayer" on package or on tablets you are -not getting
Aspirin at all. In every Bayer package are directions for Colds, Headache , Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Earache, Toothache, Lumbago and for
Pain. Handy tin boxes of twelvr��
tablets "cost few cents. Druggists
also sell larger packages. Made in
Canada. Aspirin is the trade, mark
(registered in Canada), of Bayer
Ifanufacture of MonoaceticsciJestef
of Saticylicacid. - -
. \V.   N.   U. ~T379     " ---'>^vfl
THE    LEDGE,     GREEKWOOD,    B.     C.
Wheat Sixty-Six
, Pounds to the Bushel
World Happenings
Briefly Told
Exhibitors-at Edmonton. Fair 'Had
Some Good Grain
Among thc exhibitors of grain at
thc Edmonton fair, was Mr." Price
Shcppard^ whose entry of wheat
weighed 66 pounds to the bushel. J.
Strassburgcr, of Stony Plain, was also
a prominent exhibitor in grains and
vegetables. Of special interest was
the exhibit of Alta Swedish red clover
above which was an inscription stating . that this clover which was first
sown in 1915 had stood thc test of
six years without a .single failure.
This information should be of great
value to the farmers as it is generally
believed that red clover will not winter in Alberta, consequently, farmers
do not "sow this clover which is valuable not only for feed-and seed, but
as fertilizer. Wm.* Chalmers, of Edmonton south, was thc exhibitor, and
he is enthusiastic in his praise of its
qualities, and adaptability to thc country.
Karl Trimborn, the German Centrist leader, died at Bonn recently. -
Quebec province will have a' surplus oi over $1,200,000 for' the fiscal
year ending July 30 last.
The Helen mine in the Michipicolcn"
district has been wiped out by forest
fires raging in that section,
s. v Thc Japanese cabinet has decided to
accept participation in the proposed
conference on Far Eastern problems,
thc Associated  Press-is   informed.
The- Saskatchewan Department of
Agriculture has purchased a number
of cattle from Ontario, through A. J.
Clarke, "purchaser for thc livestock
Power- of the Dominion Government to enforce conscription without
first consulting the people, was objected to by the Hull Trades and
Labor Council ~
Damage estimated as from $35,000
to $40,000 resulted from a' fire which
broke out on the premises of the
Union Clothing and "Shoe Company,
Main Street, Winnipeg.
Two animals of thc renowned
Avondale herd of Holstcin Frcisians,
owned- by, A. C. Hardy, Brockville,
havc been purchased by the Japanese
Government for its experimental farm
The first meeting since the war between Japanese and German .scientists
took place in Berlin when six eminent
Japanese physicians attended a 'session of thc Berlin Academy" of Medicine.
The report that the Turks havc approached the Allies with thc purpose
of obtaining a^ccssation of the'hostilities between" them and thc Greeks
is unfounded, according to information received in London official circles.
From Halifax to Vancouver in a
ISfoot boat isN the objective of Capt.
J. T. Day, Harry Inglis and H. J.
Morrison, who have left on the long
trip. Theywill follow thc coast line
and go through the Panama Canal,
thcir only motive power a small -sail,
jib and oars.
Thc French National Union of
Combatants has approved a proposal
providing for cards for veterans of the
Allied nations entitling the former
soldiers lo all the advantages in an
Allied country that thcy enjoy in their
- -own,���The-organization-has-a membership of 800,000.
Germany lost 1,792,368 men killed
and 4,246,874 wounded from 1914 to
1938, according to a revised compilation of thc German casualties during
the war. In addition, 200,000 men
arc still " reported missing. The
josses in the navy, which arc included iu thc casualties given above, were
34,257 men killed and 31,085 wounded.
Is Your Stomach Sour?
Do You Belch Gas?
If you have sour risings from the
stomach, feel bloated and uncomfortable, just try twenty drops of Nerviline in swSctcncd water. Relief will
come quick. Nerviline dispels the
gas, sweetens thc stomach, makes you
fit and fine in a few minutes. As' a
general household remedy for many
of the ills that constantly turn up,
nothing is more useful in every homc
than a 35 cent bottle of good old
Your Summer Vacation
Cuticura Soap Shampoos
Best For Children
BF you, wish them .to have thick,
healthy hair through life shampoo
regularly -with Cuticura Soap and
hot water. Before shampooing
touch spots of dandruff and itching,
if any, with Cuticura Ointment. A
clean, healthy scalp usually means��
good hair._
So��p2Sc Oiatmeat25iudS0e. Talcum25c. Sold
ihroughouttheDominion. CanadianDepot:
:Tm��"��. United, 344 St. Pad ��.; W.. H.ntrtal.
'.iOSF-Cuticuro Soas stwrt-B-without mug.
A Big Butter Order
Butter from the Edmonton district
is in demand, and one of thc largest
orders ever recorded there was placed recently when Paul de Wolff -of
Sardis, B.C., asked Edmonton dealers
to supply him with  1,000,000 pounds
destined for the N$w York market. Aj than has yet been    obtained of
million pounds' order is a big one to I daily  life of  the  river
fill, but agents at half a dozen or more'
other central Alberta points are also
being   asked   to   assist   in   filling  thc
Special Summer Tourist Fare^ To
The Pacific Coast."
Special Summer Tourist tickets to
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and other
Pacific Coasi points arc now on sale
daily by thc Canadian Pacific Railway
These tickets wild bear a final return
limit until^ October 31st, and permit
stopovers cn^route, which gives travellers an opportunity of visiting some
of the beautiful resorts iu thc Rockies,
such as Banff, .Lake Louise, and Glacier, where the Company maintain
splendid resort hotels. These tickets
arc optional .via thc main line or Arrow Lakes route in one or both directions-without extra charge. No expensive side trips necessary.
-In addition to thc "Trans-Canada
Limited" exclusive sleeping car train,
a choice of two'othe'r daily trains is
o.ffcrcd, and as all are equipped with
open-top, observation cars through
the mountains an excellent view of
thc magnificent scenery may be had.
Any Agent of thc Canadian Pacific
will bc'pleascd to give further particulars and make the necessary arrangements for the trip.
Women Athletes
Ended by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. Remarkable Recovery of
Mrs. Church.
Smiths Fam% Ont.���"I suffered with
falling of my organs, pains around my
heart and in bowels and down my legs,
neuralgia in my face and head, and that
terrible sinking feeling. I felt that I
could not live and would fix my house in
order every night so there would be n6
trouble if I .dropped off in the night.
My husband went to the druggist to get
the best remedy he had and he gave
him Lydia E. Piincham's Vegetable Com-
nound.- I took six bottles and felt a lot
better. I will always.recommend the
Vegetable Compound," and you can use
these facts as a testimonial."���Mrs.
J. O. Chukch, Box 845, Smiths Falls,
The success of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbs,- is unparalleled. Ifc may be
used with perfect confidence by women
who suffer from nervous prostration,
displacement inflammation, ulceration, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, bearing-down feeling, flatulency,
ineHgestson and dizziness.- Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is tha
standard remedy for female ills.
If there are any complications about
which you need advice write in confidence to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass,
Moderate. Exercise   Tends   Towards
Happiness of the Race.
The examples given us in legend,
and in fiction, supply us with snlcn-
did ideals " of womanhood as she
used to bc. It is necessary in these,
matter of fact day's to get down to
thc realities,, and when we do, we
discover that the woman who lives
for sport is " scarcely an attractive
figure. There are too / many examples of thc sportswoman in European
countries, and* the consequent' hero
worship among the rising generation
who view such prowess with something akin to awe. Games are excellent in -their own way, if carried
_o_ut in.moderatioi^-and it -is- a���fine
sign of the times'that thc modern
girls' schools anxt colleges do not
encourage extravagant - devotion to
sports. On the contrary, there exists
a very sincere endeavor to promote
a sound, general development of mind
and body. And iu the piain these
wholesome principles arc * supported
by homc and social opinions. There
seems little- fear .for thc corruption
of Canadian womanhood by athleticism. Excessive specialization will no
doubt bc found in exceptional .cases;
but the abuse of a good thing is not
an argument against its use and it is
quite clear that quiet, moderate exercise on the playing fields tends to the
happiness and good of the race. Woman athletes on a grandiose scale arc
undesirable.���Thc  Montreal   Gazette.
Most troubles Afflicting Women Are
Due to Poor Blood.
To every woman belongs the right
to enjoy a healthy, active life; yet
nine out of ten suffer from some form
of bloodlessncssX That is why one
sees on every side pale, thin cheeks,
dull "eyes and drooping figures���sure
signs of headaches, weak backs, aching limbs and uncertain health. .All
weak women should win the right to
be well by refreshing thcir weary bodies with the new, rich, red blood that
promptly transforms them into
healthy attractive women. This new,
red blood is suppied by Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, which reaches every organ
and every nerve in. thc body. Through
thc use of these pills thousands of
women have found benefit when suffering from anaemia, indigestion,
general weakness and those
ailments from which , women alone
suffer. Among the many women who
tell of thc good Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills havc~donc them is Mrs. L.-Hicks,
Round Hill, N.S., who says: "I became very much run down in health;
my blood seemed weak and watery,
my strength failed, and I was so easily tired that my work was a burden.
I had often read about Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and decided to~try them,
and I can truly say that after using
three boxes I found myself gaining,
and under a further use of the pills
all my old-time energy, and vitality
was .restored. Out of my own experience I can strongly recommend
this medicine."
You can get Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills through any dealer in medicine
or by mail at 50 cents a- box or six
boxes for $2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Protessor Finds Many
Egyptian Treasures
Work Among Nile Tombs Has
Yielded Valuable Collection.
The perfectly preserved body of a
girl 8,000 years old, along with other
interesting relics of the ancient civilization of Egypt, has arrived in London.
These treasures of a past age have
been discovered by Professor Flinders Petrie, of the British School of
Archaelogy, who has been working
in the desert south of Califo among
thc Nile tombs. His researches have
yielded a valuable collection -which is
now being unpacked for exhibition
at University College, London.
The work is necessarily a slow process. Sets of painted wooden figures
separated for purposes of transport
havc to bc Tc-assembled, shattered
pottery has to bc pieced together, and
prehistoric bodies, liablc--to crumble
to dust, havc to be extracted n with
meticulous care from their wrapipngs.
All this requires the judgment and the
deft touch of the expert.
In addition to the body of .the girl,
the latest finds' include rare vases and
bowls of alabaster and copper, a
stone cup carved to the fragility of a
lotus flower, scarubs older than any
yet discovered, pottery and beads.
The collection is rich in human interest,  and  gives a    clearer    picture
dweller thousands of years before the birth of
Christ.     /
One group of figures, carved and
painted with great vigor, shows a
granary filled with busy workers, a
kitchen where a cook turns on a
spit a trussed goose, while" another
servant���his wig removed for thc
sake of coolness���fans the flames.
A third set depicts a, sacrificial
ceremony; a fourth thc method of
setting a table; and a fifth a carrying chair borne by porters, with high
prowed boats in the background
spreading sails of brown linen and
manned by crews of black-haired
sailors. Yet another sculpture shows
thc boats destined for thc use of
souls in thc ^pirifworld.
The exhibition was open from July
4 to 30, after which thc relics were
distributed among various British and
foreign museums.
Cretonne Trims
Muslin Apron
Banks In Russia Again.
Private banks again will be allowed to operate in Soviet Russia, according to thc Krasnaia Gazeta, Bolshevist organ. The Red Government
also will allow private citizens to hold
mor\gy and bonds. Funds seized by
the Government will bc restored.
_-Wonderful' powers of memorizing
facts are possessed by a Yorkshire
laborer, who has mentally stored
away 31,000 items of general information      -    -
Our slogan for thc coming year
should be, "Buy"at Home." Add to
your own and your neighbor's prosperity by keeping the money circulating in our own district.
. Experienced Help.
The Managing "Editor.���You say
you've never worked on a newspaper?
What do you think you can do for us?
Miss Xipsticker.���Whyl I heard you
needed someone to take' -charge of
the makeup.
A man's idea of a good-memory is
one thatenables him.to forget every-
Millionaire Was
Practically Unknown
Led Simple Life But Left ^Estate of
The simple life story of a rich man
whose whole life was guided .by the
motto that "when there are so many
poor people in the world no man has
a right-" to" "waste~"mo~ncy~'' became
known as the result of the filing v\ith
the^ surrogate in Brooklyn of a formal petition regarding his estate.
' Thcman slipped out of life as quietly as he had lived and although hc
left "an estate of $12,000,000 nobody
except his relatives, his closest business acquaintances and the persons
benefitted by his philan'hropy knew
hc was dead. The dead man was C.
Amory Stevens, 76 yca^s oH, a son of
Calvin Stevens, of Hoboken, whose
activities were widely known.
News of his death became known
���when thc widow, Mrs. Jessie Stevens,
was granted $10,000 a year .from flic
ctalc for-use in completing the education of her daughter Katie, IS years
old, a student of an exclusive school
in a "Philadelphia suburb.
Naturalist Imports
Live Tropical Fish
Collection Includes Smallest Pike and
Smallest Salmon in World.
One of the strangest collections of
live tropical acquarium fish imported
into thc country has just arrived in
The con sign men t, which has been
purchased by B. T., Child, thc well-
known naturalist, comprises over
1,000 fish, of 29 species, collected from
all quarters of the globe. Several of
thc species have never before been
seen in England alive.
Amongst the latter species arc
black handed sunfish, from America,
golden .pike from Japan; a new 1-ind
of Paradise fish from the rice swamps
of Japan; and a rare little haplochilus
from Cape Lopez, as red as a boiled
lobster, with green eyes. -
Anglers would be particularly interested in two of the species for
oiic, known as belonc'sox -bclisanos,
which came from Singapore, is the
smallest pike in thc world, measuring,
when fully grov\n, scarecly two
The cither, despite its name���tet-
ragonopterus rubroptica���is thc smallest salmon in existence. _ The adult
measures 'barely an inch and, as it
would take probably 20 of these tiny
fish to equal a sovereign in weight,
and^ thcy are priced at 10s. a paid, thc
fish may bc said to bc worth five times
its weight in gold. j
A half-moon'fish, from 2,000 miles
up thc Amazon, has already been purchased for ��20. By'gaslight it casts
av phosphorescent glow resembling
Mouthbrccdcrs, from Africa, w<*rc
also included in the collection, the
female of which carries her newly-
hatched 'young in her mouth, only
permitting them to leave their stiange
nursery at night to'scarch for infuior-
ian food.
By Marie Belmont.
The apron of unbleached muslin ls
admirable for summer wear. Many of
these creations are designed so that
they take the place of the house dress.
The model illustrated is fashioned with
short'sleeves and the upper part is cut
long enough to blouse over the sash
of cretonne. It is really a slip-over
affair as the back Is closed except for
a small opening at the top which allows an easy exit from its enveloping
folds. A band of cretonne outlines
the square cut neck as well as the
sleeves and pocket. A cretonne flower
decorates the front.  vV
-> .	
With so thorough a preparation at
hand as Miller's Worm Powders the
mother who allows her children to
suffer from thc ravages of worms is
unwise and culpably careless. A child
subjectd to, thc attacks of worms is always unhealthy, and will be stunted in
its growth. It is a merciful act to
rid it of these destructive parasites,
especially when it can be done'without difficulty.
Improved Air Navigation
Automatic .Means of Control For
Commercial Airplanes.
Apparently thc day is at hand when
thc navigation of an airplane will require no more skill and "self-reliance
than does the driving of an automobile. A flight has recently been made
from London to Paris and' back, during which, for two consecutive hours,
the pilot ��� was 'enabled to depend entirely upon an automatic mechanical
control for everything but the actual
direction by means of the steering
wheel, says the August Popular Mechanics Magazine in an illustrated article.
More recently, a French inventor
has produced a mechanical pilot by
means of which all control except the
actual steering is done either automatically or by readily made adjustments. The device has attracted a
great deal of attention in England,
where elaborate tests are being made
at both government and private aerodromes. This machine is so arranged that the pilot can retain personal
control of the ailerons and elevator,
as well as of thc engine plant and
rudder, as long as he likes, and also
has the means, whenever he desires
to turn over to thc automatic system
the control of thc ailerons and elevator simultaneously, or of the ailerons
alone���buf. not the .elevator alone���
and in addition hc can cut out both
automatic controls, and use indicators
that are installed on the dashboard
of thc airplane cockpit as an index as
regards horizontality. It is more
than ia means of .relieving the pilot
from fatigue, for, when flying through
clouds or fog he need no longer fear
that he is "banking" unintentionally,
while for landing, the control can be
set so that the machine will descend
at a predetermined angle, thus removing one of thc dangers of night flying.
Minard's    Liniment
. where.
for sale every-
How Science Advances
Explorers Will Fare Well
Have Food Capable ofRestoration to
Original Taste.
If MacMiilan and his six venture"*
somc companions succeed in reaching Baffin Land in the frozen north,
they probably will celebrate with a
banquet on shipboard in which such
delicacies*,- as "fresh" raspberries,
spinach and green corn will figure
It was learned that thcsMacMiillan
party had taken along a quantity of
perishable foodstuffs prepared by a
new process-of dessication, which its
sponsors claim, leaves thc dried products capable of restoration to their
original bulk, color and taste by
soaking in water.
In addition to fruits and vegetables,
the MacMiilan party's dessicatcd- food
supply included roast beef hash, re
duced to withered bits, unrecognizable,fish, also capable of being made
"fresh"'again, and a few bales of
grass for the parly's dogs and catnip
for (lie ship's cat.
Wise mothers who know thc virtues
of Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator always have it at hand, because h
proves  its value.
Nothing to Fear.
Bcnhaw.���I am afraid of a blood
clot  on  the brain.
Mrs. Bcnhaw.-^Checr up, it can't bc
a' big clot. - ���   -
. More than 200 restaurants in Greater New York arc' owned and run by
Chinese. ~   -
Painters arc now putting on their
spring overcoats, r
Those Having Sick Animals
Good for all throat and chest diseases. Distemper, -Garget, Sprains, Bruises, Colic,
Mange, Spavins, Hunnimr Sores, etc, etc
Should    always    be   in   the   stable.���SOLD
Hides Do Not Figure , '
_A provincial manufacturer assures
us that the price of hides is not a factor in thc cost of shoes. A prominent Tabor man declares that thc labor
cost in a pair of,shoes represents only
about a' dollar. One must conclude
that thc price'of an expensive pair of
shoes must be caused by something
like spontaneous generation.���Hamilton Herald.
In ^lawaii it has been found that
weeds can be kept down in sugar
plantations "by covering the fields
with paper,' which is easily penetrated
by thc sharp sugar cane shoots.
Radioscopic Examination of Mind As
Well As Body.
Its name, "phrenoscope," exactly
describes a new French X-ray instrument to those who have a knowledge
of the dead languages, for the term is
composed of two Greek words meaning a view or survey of the mind or
-diaphragm, and this is precisely thc
purpose of the instrument, says the
August Popular Mechanics Magazine
in an illustrated article. It makes
possible a radioscopic view of any
opaque object, and in the case of the
human body, enables one to see distinctly thc diaphragm���thc ' membrane that separates the. chest from
the abdomen, dividing thus thc body
into two compartments. This mem-
.brane, although very slender, is muscular, and it vibrates constantly under the action of respiration. It is
claimed that these movements of the
diaphragm act in unison with the
mind, or brain, and thcieforc a. study
of thc diaphragm in this manner
makes possible an analysis that is
mental as well as physical. Indeed,
the French originator of thc instrument asserts that he can read the
character of any human being, when
placed behind the screen of his instrument so that the diaphragm is
fully exposed to view. That there is
some basis for this assertion has been
denitely proved by a number of actual tests that wcrc very successful.
- When-Holloway's Corn~Rcmover is
applied- to a corn it kills the roots
and the callosity comes out without
injury to the flesh.
Is Your Riddle Here?
When is a postage stamp like a
clock?     When it is sticking (ticking)
Why is a music master the fastest
man in the world? Because he beats
Which is the' wannest day in winter? '   Sunday (Sun-day).
Spcil water in three letters. I-c-e.
��� What is book-keeping? Not returning books you havc borrowed.
What two buildings docs-evcry"person" possess?     Two temples.
What kind of a plant is it that never learns from experience? Thc ever
Why is a pretended illness like
wine? Because it is sham pain
(champagne). ;
What has tcctlf, but never bites; it
is found in every home; everybody
uses it? Don't you' know? Why,
it's a comb.
How do you make chickens- good
fighters?     Feed them on scraps.
Where did Noah strike the first
nail in the Ark?     On the head.
Oft" thc northwest coast of Australia
_th_ere uscd_to_be_a _beautiful_island_13
miles long. Bute it gradually sank
until it-disappeared entirely, and at
the latest reports of sounding, it was
found to bc 50 feet below thc surface
of thc water.
The popular notion of thc Chinese
with regard to an eclipse is that some
monster is attacking, and unless pre
vented, will devour the sun or moon
as the case mav bc.
A  Rational
AN unstropped bladf gets
- duller every shave. The
best edge-will break down with"
use. A dull blade'is simply an
unstropped blade. Therefore,
to attain shaving happine^, you
must have a blade which 'can be
stropped quickly, easily, andy
without being taken out of the^t
The Valet AutoStrop Razor is
the only safety razor which
meets all these conditions. Let
your dealer demonstrate it to
you and you will be"'convinced.
500 perfect shaves are guaranteed with every dollar package
of blades.
Razor, strop and 12 blades in assort,
ment of cases, 55.00 the set. Fancy
sets up  to $16.50.
AutorStrop Razoi?
" ^sharpens itselfc
Auto Strop Safety Razor Co.,
Written  Sixty Years  Ago
Time Was Not Ripe for End of the
I should have felt more nervous
about the late comet if I had thought
the world was ripe. But it is very
green yet, if I am not mistaken; and
besides there is a great deal of coal
to use up, which I cannot bring myself to think was made for nothing.
If certain things, which seem to me
essential to a millennium, had come
to pass I should havc been frightened; but I wasn't.
For Frost Bites and Chilblains.���
Chilblains come from' undue "exposure
to slush and cold and frost-bite from
the icy winds of winter. In the
treatment bf cither .an excellent preparation is Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric Oil,
as it counteracts the inflammation and
relieves the pain. The action of the
oil is prompt and its application is extremely simple*
Great Britain's Chief Creditor.
. A return by the treasury shows that
the external debt of Great Britain on
March 31 last was ��1,161,563,000/
compared with a total of ��1,278,714,-
000 on March 31, 1920, and ��1,364,-
850,000 on March 31, 1919. The
total net decrease in the two years
amounts to ��203,287,000. Britain's
chief creditor is the United States,
with ��972,704,000, and Canada is next
with  ��53,339,000.
Work Doesn't Kill.
How much trustworthy evidence is
there to show that the hurry and'the
overcrowding of modern civilization
push men into premature graves?
London, New York and Chicago have
each a death rate very near the lowest ever, known; octogenarians are
more and more common, and active
business -men_at~sixty-nvc~ aTc" so"riu-~
mcrous that thcy attract no attention.���Youth's Companion.-
-Icebergs Carry Strange Freight.
Icebergs sometimes carry strange
freight. One of thc flat-topped variety, 100 feet high was seen in mid-
Atlantic bearing three vessels on its
icy summit. Another, near the Banks
of Newfoundland, had several Polar
bears walking about on it.
, In some of the out-of-the-way rural
districts in-England, thc people have a
superstitious belief that ''ointment
should never be applied with the first
finger, as that finger is venomous.
Costrof Solomon's Temple.
According to .the Right Rev. T. E.
Bird, who; lectured at Cambridge
University, Solomon's temple, in
terms of modern values,, cost $4,000,-
000,000 to build;    ,
- The Great - Pyramid, named after
an Egyptian "king, Cheops, is estimated to contain about 2,300,000 blocks
Do9Or Die.
Brown.���Walters is crazy about etiquette. He read in a book that in
the best society the wife -ladles out
the soup and he has given up soup. r ~
Brown.���Because hc has no wife.
I The Endurance of Your      |
| Automobile, Truck, or Tractor        J
=��� Depends not only upon thc time of Lubrication, M
s but the kind of Lubrication. si
~" Adds 50Q# to Gear Life.   Thousand* of test*   jf
have been conducted by I*ubric��tfcasj experts   s,
to demonstrate  the relariv*  efficfescy of   aS
various lubricants.    Tha results of these
tests conducted over years, has feted ths
choice of sixteen leading  tnannfactarag.
These maauiaeturers include! ^
I s
There is a French railway which
prevents kissing upon its premises,
and a similar rule exists upon thc
state railwav of Bavaria.
Jellyfish float about in the water,
but cannot .direct thcir course. Thus
thcy   are _ at the mercy of whatever
current takes them.
A" natural curiosity, of Japan is the
"insect bell" It is a black beetle
which emits harmonious sounds like
those of a little silver bell.
The largest builder of fine cars Laths world;
Ths largest builder of trucks in tht irotHj
The largest builder of axles in tlus worH}
The largest builder of worm gears In the
-  world.
Many lubricants contain add.   They not
only  fail   to   counteract   friction, ��� bat are
themselves harmful and corrosive to gnat
"and bearing- surface?.    ��� -
Whitmore's Auto Gear Compositions
_ Contain N�� Adds
s They are proof against heat and cannot break dowts or squeeze oat.
E In the Panama Canal Emergency Dams, six million pounds res* art
5 an unbroken film of WHITMORE'S.".       .   . -   -
���5 After an exhaustive test the U.S. Army contracted for its exdtastve
= pse.     Manufactured by The Whit more Manufacturing Co., Lubrieai-
S ing  Engineers, Cleveland, Ohio.
1 Caaadiaa Automotive Sales Company
= Canadian Selling Ageats
1     Toronto      Winnipeg      Begins
SI Wisnipeg Aijdrm��� -     -
S    17$  UeBtrawt A**.  Kzst.
S TtJepfcssc tfSJM.
1*14 8c*r?h St. R*r��.
T*3*9*C3* 3M7.
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid.for three months or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States %3., always in advance.
The Home Circle
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
v Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of improvement 77. 12.50
(Where] more than oue claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim,)
All other legal 'advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents'a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals \11yie. a Hue each insertion.
Home should be truly home that the weary, tempted
heart could turn to it anywhere on the dusty highway of
life and receive light and strength. What a blessing it is
when weary with care and burdened with care and sorrow,
to have a home to which we can go, and there in the
midst of friends we love, forget our troubles and dwell in
peace and quiteness. Home is the chief school of human
virtue. Its responsibilities, joys, sorrows, smiles, tears,
hopes and solicitudes form the chief interest in human life.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
t hat the editor would be pi eased
to have more money.
Otm idea of clean sport is Bwiiu-
Back to work  is the first step
back to normalcy.
Old people can always remember
when it was hotter.
Home is the greatest school of life. Pew can receive
the honors of a college education, but all are graduates of
home. The learning of the university may fade, its
knowledge, may moulder in the halls of memory, but the
simple lessons of home impressed upon the hearts of childhood, defy the rust of years and outline the vivid picture
of life. Mid pleasures and palaces we may roam. Bc it
ever so humble, there's no place like home. "
The road hog is the man who
leaves you both sides.
Some of the June brides are still
blushing, but it is over a hot stove.
While all other cropB are down
the wild oat crop is just as expensive aB ever.
Scme folks are so easy they will
buy hair restorer from a bald-
headed peddler.
If you wish your children to be respectful' to you, then
you should be respectful to them. The boys and girls
who are spoken to in a harsh, rough tone of voice naturally fall into the habit of responding in the same way.
A great helper to gladness is a happy home. Many of
ns would never'be able, da}7 after day to face life with its
struggles, its duties, its antagonisms, were it not for the
renewal of strength, which we get in our home.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
- -      Offices, Smelting and Refining Department    -
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,/ Copper and Lead; Ores
Producers    of''Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone, .Pig. Lead   and Zinc
U4c4c4 fr********??*************
j Cbc fiumc fiotel
nelson, B.C.
MORAL���Be Careful with Fire
A true home is a little fragment of heaven  let down  to
earth to inspire us with patience and strength for the way.
We have just been trying to
figure out if all fishermen are liars
or if all liars are fish.
Women's clothes of today are a
little too far from the ground and
not quite near enough to heaven.
7 Keep hollering about your merchandise, a lot of sales come from
those that didn't get yon-the. first
time. V. ~
Lots of fellows who stand at the
street corners, sizing-up the lady
passers-by, never pay the amusement tax.
It is unfair to presume that just
because a girl doesn't wear .her.
skirts up to her knees that she is
Ideas are like pins; they , should
be picked up   whenever., seen and
.pat tp some practical use if there is
any point to them. V ...V -
We used tp- say that ;a woman
between.two men, was a.;rose between two thorns... VNow,,we.cail it
a tongue sandwich. ���: : yi X.[.
Big Catch-
"L. E. Phillips, J. E. Perry,
Beverley Powell and Morris Wal-
mer left here last Saturday afternoon on a fishing trip to Kettle
Biver, across the liDe in British
Columbia and some fifty miles
north of Eock Oree, returning Sunday afternoon'. They caught 120
trout, some of them large size.
They report many fishing parties
in the Kettle river valley" from all
parts of the coast. A good story
is told on Jim Perry. .7 He was
fishing at the month of a small
canyon and while stooping over
baiting his hook he heard a noise
near at hand and looking, up saw a
deer almost upon him. He let out
a yell that, could have been heard
forty, miles away. It was a question which was. the most surprised,
the deer or Perry. The animal is
said to have jumped at least.fifteen
feet, up in the air and Mr. Perry
made about the same, record at the
high jump."���Oroville Gazette.
- Wtien a girl looks as though Bhe
had fallen" face down, in a flour
barrel/, it is not safe to : conclude
that'she had ���'. been ..helping her
mother .with the baking.
. .-. .Short-skirts are said to have.
X: lessened the 'number of accidents
. . to women. But no decrease is re-
." - ported iu .the number of backward-
��� looking men who;liave/been'bump-.
, ed by automobiles.  _;
For Sale By Tender
\V"Tenders for.the saleTof a." "
Studebaker: Seven Passen-
'V..-7 7.?'gervCar;^v-;' .,-
will be received by.the undersigned
up to and including the 10th day
ol August,; 1921." All tenders will
be subinitted.to the Department of
QustpmY.arid Excise,. Ottawa, before acceptance. X "'';-:-.
7. The car. can 7be seen at the
Greenwood .Garage, Greenwood,
B.GXi   _-.'���' ... -  -_y"xX-X-yX
'<."     -     H. ���'lifyCUTcnEOX,:'.    .'.
". Collector of Customs
VV'.:;    and Excise
New Schedule of Prices
rj - - ��� ��� ���
Victoria, August 4.���"This is
once where the big cities will have
to suffer for the sake of tbe smaller
communities," was the statement
of one of the commissioners of the
Liquor Control Board, in. discussing the re-adjustment of beer
prices throughout the province.
The new schedule of prices which
went into effect on August 1, shows
nq decrease in the price of beer to
people in the larger centres, but
there is a material reduction to
consumers in the outlying district?.
Owing to the distance; from the
nearest brewery, Prince ��� George]
pays the highest price for beer,
$23.50 >per barrel, or .62.35 per
dozen pint bottles. In all cities
where, a brewery is located the
price will be $20 per barrel and $2
per dozen pint bottles. A lower
price might be quoted iu the larger
centres, but the price named will
be retained in order, that the price
in the smaller centres may be kept
as low as possible.
i Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
�� Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatcheeand Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1.50 Each Way.   Hand Baggage Free.   Trunks Carried.
Express and Heavy Drayingr. - - Auto's for hire Day or Night
We carry Tires. Oils. Greases. Hay and Grain
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
Synopsis of
Land Act 'mancments
-    Under Liquid Fire
. Veteran���What part  did . year
dad take in the Great War, sonny?
Sonny���-I am  not certain,, but,
the other, day dad said thafc.be. use
to be a bootlegger along the line. -
An Interestmg; Decision;
- One of the most interesting decisions handed down by theVbench
in British Columbia with respect to
-   the Liquor Act was that given by
Magistrate Jay last week in  Victoria,, when; be ruled ..that a man
who has legally purchased liquor
, has .aright to decani some of his
supply and. carry it on  hie hip.
He should not be expected to carry
a demijohn around with; him if he
purchased the strong stuff, in  snch
a receptacle, ;,said the magistrate.
Officials . of the Vliq qpr board; "say.
'. that this is in "keeping wifchVtheir
aim, to.allowv the fullest privileges
of the ..Jaw; so-long ss the strict
provisions of the act are lived ap I
to,  '     .-'' '"������'"' ���XX;iiX:-:'-'X- |
Xi'XW?tebina'ker'and Jeweler
' :���   X .^ GRAND7K>RKS7 ���''���'-'"--. -.'7.    .
Mail .your- watch Tor, Repair aud J Will
.mail.it back. : Charges ave.moderate.
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties.
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your lands
with me,   Have'a buyer for good ranch
Notice of Intention to A��!y to Purchase Land
In Fairview. Land District, ftecordlce District of Slmiikatneen and situate about 7
\ ' miles West of Midway; B.C.. sod one mile
���   North of Meyers Creek.
-���'.TAKE-, XOTICE  tlia't'Frank  Roberts, of
Kettle Valley, B.C.. occupation farmer-intends
toapply for permission to purchase-the'follow-'I *���������._  r--  ���-{.-      ,      . ��� -.--;. 7"
iW described' lan.lr,: .Commencing  at a oo<=t       g ���-- r  CheV��>let,- Dodge,   Hudson.
-���--���-���������������-      -    ��� . ] f��t,aJ��.,o,���    p���j:ii..   ���_" . ._ ��� ���;��� '
Minimun * price of flrst-class land
reduced to $5 an acre, secorid-claas to
J2.60 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to aur-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
*nd which la non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ��
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
-five years and make improvement* to
value of $10 per acre, including: clearing- and cultivation of at leaat 6 acres,
before receiving- Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he- may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Im.
provement and transfer his claim.
' Records without permanent residence may bo issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$t00 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to makejmprovemeists-
or-record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, If he
.requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without.actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. 0
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
tiUe to be obtained after fulfilling real*
dentlal and improvement conditions.
For gracing and industrial purpose*
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land . not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may ba purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, ls made. f^y
* ACT.
-   Physician and Sunreon
Hospital Phone 90.   Residence Pbone 69
B. W. WIDDOWSOM, Assayer and
Chemist, Box BI108, Nelson,' B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
|i.25 each. Gold-Silver pr.75. . Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.06. Silver-Lead f2.oo. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
All   the   latest  methods  in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   B.C.
' (Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block       -     -     Nelson
Dealer in Second-hand Furfittttre
' and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses. Cattle,  Etc.
The only up/to/date Hotel in the interior,   First-class
in every respect,    ���.
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated; Electric Lighted.
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
B ~~
I For
Job Printing
���Economy and Satisfaction |��
combined with Promptness ��
are the features which go to |f
make up the Service we give ||
our customers. Are you ~��
one of them? - 3
Letterheads, Noteheads.       1
(Ruled or Plain) - ~J
When you puy of your home
merchants you are helping the
town and thereby sharing is the
profits of your^own purchaser
(All Sizes) ;���
Statements, Business Cards, |
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. i
I The Ledge      PHONE 29     i
&     GREENWOOD        Job Printiog^epartment   3
planted atthe .South' East corner, post of "tot | Chalmers. Cadillac cars, - -,  Garage
801s.  thence "Uvt��,^t 70 ch.iiitc.  i"\,t.*��� *2n..,u An 1.- --���
SOIp. theiice 'V\>,��i 70 chaiitv thence So.ath 40
chains, thence East TO 'chains.-, thence Xorth AC
chains tp'pointof commencement aiiil. con'tain-
iiiff 240acre~ more orle��s.-7.        "'" '     . 7   '
Dat��i Juii-Km. 1921, "\ ,-,;';.' '���- X -   .
-"-:.,. V   I'RAifk'-ROBERTS.'
IN THE MATTER of tlie Estate of
Deceased V
All persons havjnp any claim* or demands
against Robert Thornton Lowery.-JateOf Green-
ivooii- B.C.. Publisher, who died on the.20th dai-
oi May. 1921. are required to send by post prepaid, or deliver to Walter Robert Dewdnej.
Greenwood. B.C., the Executor .of tfie last ;WiH
and,- Testament or ".said X Robert-'" .Thornton
lA;iverj-.- pece-tsed; "fol_l.," jKirticnlar= 7'of7 their
cl.airas. and the.natafe-^f. the p��;oritie;s ;if any7
held bvthem.-.. And notjce'ii' hereby elver, that
aftcr7theSth-,day of. KepteniN-r. 1">21.. the said
Execntor nTil-pr<x:e<"d to-distrilmte the assets of
the saiditVcea^ed-asion^.the' persons, entitled
thereto.'.haVinsrWesrard .only..to thii.'clairo-?pf
ffhich h* shall b.-vse.bWn ii.vcri notice.: ' - ;;
.: - Dated at Greenwood," B.C.."this 2ith day of
;7V'-V-"v-'r;-H.7HALLETT. -y '
'" 7;' :;X'" ���-"_������'_.  SolicitoT.fO'f the Ex^cator.
Nicely fiirtiished rooms, by the
day, week or snohth
P. Niisor.
..; ���; 616.- yerapn ��� St.",' Nelsba -' \
Srick bmlding and finely faraished;iooms
J0HB BLOHBERG Vr       I��roDrfetor
time within which the heirs or d��vlM*i
of & deceased pre-emptor mcy apply
for title under this.Act is ��steiide4
from for one year from the death of
BUCh person, as formerly, until one
rear after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege la tlao made retroactive.
No f*e�� relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June St. int.
Taxea are. remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys ae-
, srued, due and been paid since August
4, 1914, on account of payments, feea
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreement* to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied forces, or dependents, acquired
direct-or indirect, remitted troa *u-
lKtm��nt to IS&Tch tl, int. g
ProTtelon made for Jssaane* ��f
Crown (rants to cub-puroh&sera of
Crown Lands, acaulrlngr rifhts froia
burchaser* ^ho failed to oomptetc
burchase, tnvolvin�� forteltuMt oa ?��1-
Ellraent of oondltiona of yuroiae*. te-
terest and taxes.   T?here irab-jinr.
c*l. Pweha���� prto�� due and SjjSi iuw
*" QRAZJNCt   t> *
OsMtngr Act-  J919,  for    ��7����tsiaUa
dejelopment c7livestock taltSSy^!
Annual gnzisg permlta ta^ed ^
fflhS"1^��� ran��6<1i, Parity for eitftbl
Ushed    owners.      etock-owffi��r��   SS
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued as follows:   Placer Gold, $75,944,203; Lode      _
Gold, $102,763,823; Silver, 053,668,284; Lead 146,637,221; Copper, 8161,513,864;
Zinc, $19,896,466; Coal and Coke, 1212,573,492; Bnildiag Stone, Brick. Cement,
etc., 832,168,217; Miscellaneous Minerals, etc., $1,037,408; making its Mineral
Production to the end of 1929 show an . ' -
Aggregate Value of $706,192,978
Production for Year Ending December, 1920, $35,543,084
- The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any colony in the British
Mineral locations are" granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained  by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants.
Fell information, together with mining Beports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing��� /
VICTORIA, British Coismfcia.


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