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The Ledge Mar 10, 1921

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L^'-iV-*, <7
" ���
1+ v">:
*    -f B
B �����--,-���
"���v   <���
IR""T  ' *""
I*--" V
���,������ J���
DCial libr,
Vol.   -XXVII.
No. 35
House Furnishings,  Hardware,
Kitchen'Utensils, Etc.
Mmmmmtmmimimmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmg
We can fill your wants for:--
Also a full line of
Phone 46
W. Elson 8 Co
Greenwood, B. ���.
^uiauiiuaiiiii uuiauiUUiiiiiiiiiUiiiuaiiiiiUiiiiiuiiuaiu^
/   ',
Order Your Kodak Now
Full Range from $5 to $50
Everything in Films and Supplies always
on hand
A Complete Assortment
WagstafPs Jams and
Try Our___   .
Pride of Canada, Pure
Maple Syrup
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
Around Home |
Isaac Crawford, of Cartni, was
in town on Saturday.
Chas. Johnson, pf Trail, spent
a few days in town last week.
Keep the date open for the
Pythian Sisters Party oa April
Sam Mathews drove the orchestra over from Grand Forks last
Geo. Gray and Geo. Clerf are
making arrangements to run the
picture show.
Mrs. Jim Bush, of ,Midway,
was the guest oi Mrs. W. H.
Docksteader, on Monday
A. Christie left for Spokane on
Friday where he will enter a
technical training school.
The Independent Meat Market
is now open all the time with a
good stock of fresh killed meats,
hams, bacon, fresh fish,"'etc.
A number of cheques,from the
Chicago Machinery and Equipment Co. for work done last Fall
were distributed in town this
Goodeve's Drug & Stationery Store j
ll.'.i'fcrXtfu.^*-* . *^^
Just imported, a new line of
Bacon and  Ham at Greatly
^        Reduced Prices
t We guarantee satisfaction .to the conservative householder
, *,<��� ��ft<\
Real Estate & Insurance
Life, Fire,, Health, Accident
Best Companies in   the World
Enquire as  to Rates
Ranches  For Sale ���
Call And See
 QREENW.OOD,_ B. _G._ _
Toe  WINDSOR   HOTEL- is   heated   with   steam    _
v and electricity.     Fine sample rooms.     A  coinfort-
-     > able home for tourists  and ��� travellers.     Touch the
wire  if you   wane rooms reserved.     The buffet is
replete  with  cigars,   cigarettes, cooling beverages,,
buttermilk, and ice-cream.
Shamrock Brands f
HAM,  BACON land  LAFD '.- 1
'���-���-���'--       *- ��� ������-'.    g
Carnation Compound ;Buttef and Cheese |
P, Burns 8? Co.,   Ltd,,:;:'Netony:E C.
Presbyterian Church
S. 10 a.m. Service It a.m.
S. 2.30. Service 7.30 p.m-
Subject For March 13th:
"The Lost Son"
Rev. W. H.  REDMAN, Pastor
' Greenwood
In Shell or Nickel Frames
Put up in a neat Spring Covered Case
$1.00 PER PAIR
���.;-';. McELM0KV;:V;;-
Watchmaker      Jeweler   /Optician
For .Sale;
:; Nice dry potatoes, S2.S0. a
hundred. :. S. Borabini;- Greenwood, B. C. ��� ���    '   .     - :-
always well to nave ^Sayings
Account upon whichinterest is regularly
paid and from which you are free to draw -���
at any time should you have-a good opportunity to buy stock or feed, A Savings
Account is Ready Money. ,
^ M
GREENWOOD BRANCH, I*. E. Brawders, Manager.
For Sale
-.- Five cows,,will freshen in the
spriag';'2 .heifer's .2--years old,. 2
yearling.heifers. Team of small
mules. ^Apply to E-M;-'Sommers,
Westbridge/B.C.V. v.- ..-���
A company, known as .The Calcium Carbonate Company,., Ltd.,.
With a...xapital of'.$50,000 has
heen formed in Merritt. John
Siowat,"-a .well'.known Victoria
business mantis.in Merritt in the
interests of. the new company.. A-;
ten ton jriiill "is now; being., built
and-therc is plenty bf business in
Sight, ;    "-.".;' ������_.;-'  '  - : y-.\ ���.->';'.:������ -',-.'���'"
... t'hW'Ledge",--has always  room
for one more ad. ;.:-.\\-.;~-/'-";;.-;"':"'i
A telegram has been received
instructing postmaster"'Mowat to
exchange mails with the early
morning train starting immediately.
A. Crossley, of Nelson, partner
of the firm of Clark, Fox and
Crossley, is spending a few days
in town looking oyer some machinery.
Mrs. B. Lequime, of Midway,
and daughter, Mrs. J. Victor
Jaegar, of Spokane, were the
guests of Mrs. A. Legault lor a
few days.
"Patrick"Ee&rdou hf.a-'hi's  nose
i >
badly lacerated while at work at
Mellors logging camp near West-
bridge. Mr. Reardon was brought
to town and his injury attended
by Dr. Burnett.
Geo. Sutherland, left on Saturday for Vancouver, where" he
wiLl take a course in the automobile business. He expects to
be away a month and on his return will probably open a garage.
Messrs Fox & Crossley have
bought the converters at the
smelter from E. James, oi Vancouver. This will mean additional work for the crew they are
now employing. The sale was
mede'through G. S. Walters acting for both parties.
The Ice Carnival  at  the rink
last    Friday    night    was   well
patronized    especially    by     the
younger element  and  there  was
quite a ,number of  spectators  to
witness the gay scene of unique
and fancy costumes.    The prize
winners were:    Best dressed lady,
Mrs.   G.  W.   A. Smith as  Roumanian    peasant;    best    comic,
Mrs. G. S. Walters  as Jigs; best
dressed gent,   L. Keir as pierrot;
best dressed  girl,   Mildred  McLaren as Queen  of Hearts, best
dressed  boy,; Francis. Jenkin .as
pierrot..;. v .-���/      -'7",, "'':'���/.,.-.'--" "
.   Jenckes,.-Corills   double  drum
hoist:arid shafling at the Mother
Lode-'minev- weighing in  all .60
tons, was shipped  this  week  to
;Brule,-Alta y by  Clark,; Fox and
Crossley..; Tae . lhpving ; of ..such
heavy, equipment -was a  stupendous undertaking taking into, consideration the ..condition :of  the.
roads,, the steep -"-grade's,, and ...the
weight of  the machinery..   One
load   alone,   . .consisting.  of, the
drums, disc ind -shafting,   measure   72 x .30 ft "and weighed 25
tons.      This    was   brought   ori
one sleigh over rough and-danger-
bus.roads and required: a. 2>}i ton
Packard truck and thriee teams of
hors&s.     That  this was hauled
Kettle-Valley Notes
A butterfly was seen here last-
There is good feed for cattle on
the hills.
The birds are beginning to come
back to the Valley.
Many good catches of white fieh
are now being caught in the river.
Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Rupert
Gray have returned from. Spokane.
J. Ritcher accompanied by his
daughter, Jeau, has returned from
the coast.
Dr. Kingston, of Grand Forks,
paid the Valley a professional
visit on Saturday.
Alex. Johnson, who has been
logging for Geo. Guise, Midway,
during the winter has returned to
the Valley.
W; Nicholson, who has been the
guest of Paley Wilson" for the past
week has returned to his home on
Vancouver Island.
All are surely enjoying the
weather of several days past. Farmers are looking forward to an
early spring and it is to be hoped
their expectations will be fulfilled-.
The Basket Social held in the
co-operative hall, recently purchased by Capt. H. King, was a
great success, socially and otherwise. The auction sale of the
many beautiful and dainty baskets
was keen and lively and netted a
handsome figure. The highest
bid was 810.50. Bush's ever popular and excellent orchestra furnished the music which speaks for
itself.*" -^-        -    '   t   .      .    '     ���
The Late Thos. A. Garland
Rockey Dance
without mishap was due to the
skill and careful management of
those; employed namely ;L. Pjntzel,
as; skinner, G. .^BqugV J., ,D, .Morrison, H, R; -Bidder arid ..Dan Mc-
Lepd :all -former/; shift bosses; ;at
the Mother. Lode:^nd;smelter.;; H,
McKee..and;Robt. ^For.shaw were
���the teamsters.'yy: :y<:'y v'- K-y
BelieviDg that the hockey boys
were deserving of some kind^ of recognition for their splendid efforts
this winter the citizens decided to
give a dance in their honor in the
Masonic hall last Friday night.   It
was certainly one of the most enjoyable dances   held this season,
and that is saying something for
there have been many swell dances
this  winter.     Werner's orchestra
of  Grand   Forks,    furnished   the
music in their usual fine style and
the supper supplied by the Pythian
Sisters_and others was "par excellence."    A feature of the the evening was the calling of the hockey
team to the platform and speeches
made by several of the   members.
G. S. Walters on behalf of the club
in a few well chosen words thanked
the citizens for their generous support and he thought that the hockey team had done quite a lot towards putting Greenwood  on the
map.    He congratulated the team
in. winning the Boundary and Me-
Bride cups and if the same team
can hold together for another season
he was.sure they; would  win  the
Nelson   News  cup.,  'i.Geb,", Clerf,
captain, made   a.  few appropriate
remarks as well ."as'-Edi-.-- Blundell,
who stated that;ho had never played with.such a fine bunch of boys
nor played in a town where spch
support and keen interest was displayed.    He hoped to be. in Greenwood  next   winter   as   he would
rather.play here than" for any place
he knew.,  C.   Pearson,; of Grand
Forks, was called upon and he congratulated the team on the victory.
He thought the. teams were evenly
matched but that Greenwood appeared to have the backing of the
citizens: while the   Grand  Forks
J. Morrison also made a few : neat
and appropriate remarks,:' and preferred to the good behavior ot: the
boys.on all,ocea��ohs^. v.%. ���; ,v: ,.y/:
Thos. Alexander Garland an old
pioneer of the Boundary died at
his residence in Anaconda on
Tuesday, March 8th, at 11.20 a.m.,
aged 77 years, having been born in
Ottawa on Feb. 29th, 1844. The
deceased gentleman had been in
(ailing health for some time and all
that loving care and skill could do
was done, hiB cousin Mrs. Mary
Harris proving a faithfnl and efficient nurse, who, attended him
during his long illness.
The late Mr. Garland came to
the Boundary 21 years ago and
owned the property where the
Jewel mine is located. He bought
the Anaconda townsite and was
for many years engaged in the
mining and real estate business and
was always known for his straightforward dealings. Previous- to
coming to the Boundary he was a
merchant at Caledonia and Portage
la Prairie where hiB wife predeceased him about a year ago.
Besides his brother, Nicholas
Garland, of Toronto, he leaves
behind him seven daughters and
three sons viz: Mrs. D. B. Hanna,
Toronto, C. R. Garland, E. P.
Garland, Winnipeg, A. T. Garland,
Kaslo. Mrs. Ogletree, Portage la
Prairie, Mrs. Roxburgh, Mrs. F.
O. Sissons, Miss Garland, Medicine
Hat, Mrs. P. J. Harwood, Brandon and Mrs. J, B. Kenrick, Saskatoon.
He was a man of generous impulses and never forgot the hospitable ways of the pioneer. He
had borne adversity bravely and enjoyed prosperity quietly. He had
filled the various relations of life,
as son, husband, father, brother,
friend, and filled them well, Who
can do more?
Another name is stricken from
the ever lessening roll of our old
settlers. It must be so; these tender human ties cannot be severed
without a pang. Yet in such a
death there is really no cause for
grief. ^ His life work is done and
well done. He had passed the
three score years and ten and
wearied with life's duties and
cares, wearing of suffering and
waiting, he lay down to rest. How
much this community owes him
and such as he, it is impossible to
estimate. But it is not within the
scope of this brief article to do so;
suffice it to say he lived nobly and
died peacefully. A few of us will
live as long or as well, and fewer
yet will the Angel of Death greet
him with ouch a loving touch.
The funeral service will be beld_
from the Undertaking Parlors,
this afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev.
W. H. Redman, officiating, and
from there the remains will.be
taken via C. P..R. to Kaslo for
..���'.;Mrs. Harris and.his, son A. T.
Garland will accompany the body
to Kaslo.-..' '-;���
"fired! ah, yes! so tired dear,:
Greenwood  Public  School
February 1921
-     7
I.shall soondlysieep to.night
With never a dreamand never a fear.,
- ,-To wake in the inoraing- light.'',' ��� V
;; S.., J. Marsh,'pioneer prospector
and miner pf-Cariboo.country^ who
is on a business trip>. to Toronto,
tells   of    the   inauguration .near
Quesnel of the first plant, to be dith
established   in   British   Columbia
for. the extraction of platinum and
gold.from the river sands of the
upper Fraser;    Mr.   Marsh,   who
has been in Cariboo since -1S94,:
haB  been   working   platinum   for
several;years.; .The- new' plant is
designed, to handle 100 tons daily
snd is his own invention..
.The buttercups are out.
V. Edward. Tripp,  Principal.
No. in actual attendance
No. with perfect attendance
Percentage of Efficiency or
Punctuality Percentage
Days School in Session
Perfect attendance:
Mabel   Axam,    Russell
Samuel    Eustis,    Ethel
Lilly Intilla, Gordon Jenks, Silvia
Price. '
Senior IV (Entrance): Edna
Williamson 79.45, Maria Williamson 74.56, Ethel Fraser 74.3,
Estella Storer 72.6,   Mabel  Axam
72.3, Gordon Jenks 72.2, Emmet
Anderson 71.2, Russell Eustis 70.0,
Harold Folvik 67.6, Agda Carlson
67.1, Harry Desjardine 65, Johnson Beattie 63.2, Lilly Intilla 62.0,
Jack Anderson 58.2.
Not present for"all the tests:
Agda Carlson,   Maria  Willeam-
son,     Harry    Desjardine,    Edna
Junior IV: Mildred McLaren
77.5, George Morrison 71.5,
Anund Anderson 69.2, Silvia Price
67.28, Gertrude Dixon 64.1, Mary
Kerr 63.8, Samuel Eustis 62.83,
Dolly Granberg 58.3,  John   Kerr
57.4, Margaret Eddie, Joe  Putzel.
Not present for all tests:"
Margaret   Eddie,    Joe   Putzel,
Dolly Granberg,
Cecilia M. Mcintosh, Teacher
Number on roll -        -        28
No. in perfect attendance   -       16
Punctuality Percent       -       98.34
Perfect attendance:
.Bessie   Bidder,   George   Bryan,.
Lloyd Eustis, Irene Inglis,  Harry
Hallstrons) --Clarence.-    Johnson,.^"
Doris   Kinsman,    Ethel   Benson,
Eraine   DuHamel,    Horace    Du-
Hamel, Allan Fraser, Mary Klin-  u
osky, William McLeod.
Sr.   II  Reader:   George Bryan,
Irene Inglis, Percy   Fraser, Helen"
Kerr,   John  Putzel,   Harry  Hall-
Jr. Ill Reader: Myrtle Dixon,
Frank Campolieto, Kathleen McLeod, Lawrence DuHamel, Clarence Johnson, Doris Dixon, Tillie
McDonnell, Lloyd Eustis.
Int. Ill Reader: Bessie Bidder,
Edward Wilson, Edward Johnson,
Doris Kinsman.
~ SehibrTlI Reader: Allan Fraser'"
Ethel Benson, Eraine DuHamel
(equal), Ruby Goodeve, Mary
Klinosky (equal), Annie Thors-
lund, William McLeod, Cecilia
Hallstrom, John McDonell, Horace
J. M. McKee, Teacher.
No. in in actual attendance   -   26
Perfect attendance - 11
Punctuality Parcentage   -      95.86
Perfect attendance:
Eileen. . Bryan,. Helen   Bakke,
Merideth. Fehher, Robert. Mitchell,  .
Lewis'-'Mitchell;    Alice    Ritchie,
Marguerite Ri tchie, Ed ward Parry,
Mary Skeltbn, Allan. McCurrach,
Robert ForBhaw,
.: Proficiency .List... ���
Senior -First  Reader: ��� Margaret
Royce, Lawrence .Foiyik, Edward .
Parry,,; Robert  - Mitchell j;   Lewis
MitchelL.-,;.���'.  ���-!.:; ;.""\ ;-"-- .-, '-'.���"
/-.-Junior   First- Reader:     Eileen:
Bryan,   Malcolm,; MeLeodv Mere-
Fen ner, Mary Skelton,  Bertram   Price,'Daniel    Kerr.   Dick.
Morrison, Marguerite.Ritchie.
Second. Primer: Arthur .Cox,
Allan McCurrach, Helen Bakke.
';>First Primer:;Laura Mills, Mary
Putzel; Lewis. Clerf, .yEoy Hallstrom, - Violet Benson, 'Alice.
Ritchie, : Roy Bakke, Robert
Carlson... .' ;. ..
Receiving  Class:   Robert   For
shaw, Albert Kinsman,
csr.y.siw.vaan.-sg":.: -*.-K=r-:n
����wujquHgadis?��&a^;���' m-rrTji
b Your Nose Plugged?
Have Y<m Catarrh?
T T^-Tk.Tj^        ri^TrwxnymW)
lit  Subicct
to  Colds,   Here  Is
Good Advice.
Don't load your stomach with
cough syrups. Send healing meditation through the nostrils���send it
into the passages that are subject to
colds and Catarrh. Easy to do this
with Catarrhozone, which helps
a cold in ten minutes. Even to th<
lungs goes the healing vapor of Ca
tarrahctzone��� all through the bronchial tubes, nostrils and air passages���. ������
everywhere a trace of disease remains ��� out arte?
will Catarrhozone follow.     You'll not'
have colds, nor will you suffer from
sniffles, bronchitis, or throat trouble; says I kYn"
sf Catarrhozone is used.      Get it to-; to-morrow'
flay but beware of dangerous substitutes meant  to deceive you for gen-
Jiine Catarrhozone.     Large size, two
.���months  treatment, costs $1.00. small
���size 50c, sample size 25c, all dealers or
the Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
paper, and handed it to the boy.     On
it was printed:��� ' I
"Enemies will try to destroy your
Retreat to-morrow night.      Be warn-,
ed. A Weil-Wisher."    ,
Danny spelled out tlie words, nodded comprehendingly, and handed the
paper back to Dorkin. "Then that's
why 3'ou sent Pete down fer the trappers, across the divide?" he a^ked.
"Yes, but Pete doesn't know I
found this     '
Printed   by    Special!   Arrangements  with  Thos.
Toronto, Oni,
warning, Danny."
The boy sat huddled up in his chair,
Even to the i his nervous fingers caressing the lock
8W ** fo., 0f the rifle he still held on his knees.
"I wisht t' Gawd Sagawa was back,"
he burst out, at length.     "He's goue
is; out arter the man he thinks murcler-
)t! ed Dad, an 'I ain't carin' ter shoot the
n' man  3  think killed him, till  Sagawa
,���.   t 1.. -what a chanst 'I'd have
night, Dorkin," he said
wistfully, "an' I'm goin' ter miss it.
'Course," he added, "I kin shoot Dal-
ton, but I can't jest tell him it's on account of his mtirderin' Dad, not unless I know fer sure. Yep, I sure do
wish Sagawa was back."
Dorkin patted the boy's shoulder.
"Something tells me he will be back,"
he comforted, "and Danny, I do believe he alone knows who it was killed your daddy. Something tells me
he'll come, boy, because he once said
that when 'J needed him, he would be
here. And 3 need him nov/, Heaven
The   boy's     head     was
through    sheer    weariness.      Dorkin
bent and took the rifle from his hands.
"Come on to my room and lie down,
Danny," he suggested.
"No,"  said  Danny,  "I   goiter _ slip
to   H'aPeer's   cabin.      Wilier,
"able ter be lookin' 1cr me, an'
ds me gone, she'll be wor-
It takes a joint of beef to
make a Bottle of BovriJ
Has Not Changed
" Since 1914
Same Price.   Same Quality,
Same Quantity.
Hygiene " Lay
Education Series
Diseases of Childhood
j By Rea Proctor McGce, M.D., D.D.S.,
Editor Oral Hygiene.
The highest death-rate is between
the ages of two and six years.     At
j two years the eruption of the tempor-
; ary teeth is just being completed and
.'Hay Land Permits
Have Been Raised
, ���������
i Price For Leases of Public Hay Land
Show Increase.    ���
All permits for hay leases on Dominion   and   school lands have been
raised   according   to order-in-council
regulations and in a circular'just being issued by the Dominion lands office, the details are given as follows:
. Under   an   order-in-council,   dated
11th February, 1921, due3 on hay permits   of   either   Dominion or school
lands have been raised to 2.5c per ton
to actual settlers for their own.use
A Timely Rebuke
u (Continued)
"Gawd! yes," panted the lad. "Xi:
an von c hear hs, Dorkin?"
'No,  we're  alone.      Come insid
He placed his arm about the boy's
shoulders and drew him into the cab-
3n. "Why, you are all wet and torn
���and your face is cut I" he exclaimed.
���"Where have you been? And what is
wrong?     Tel! me quickly."
Dorkin smiled at the boy's thought-
fulness.      "I'll   see  Wi"
plain  things,'
he promised,
among them wolves, not ter her, will
A Lesson to Canadians Who Ignore
Their Own To.wn.
Chief Justice  Sir  William  Mulock
administered a timely rebuke to the
Crown  authorities in  Windsor when
he    declined    to accept reservations
that had been made for him in a De-
���     | troit  hotel   during  the   time  that  he
' would   be   in    Windsor hearing the
Spracklin   case.     In   declaring   that
while   administering   His    Majesty's!
laws he would not  take up  quarters
in the United States, he read a lesson
to     a class of Canadians who arc always too eager to ignore their own
town and their own country   and .to
turn  their eyes and their money towards the larger towns and the more
stricts   on    the
St, Thomas
tncJTZ th' "T'0.11 ��f lhe P��"jwhiIe to other thanactual'se ttlers for
mancnt teeth is just beginmng.    This   sale or other disposition to $1.00 per
^   penod, from two until six, is the time   ton. '
.j that the temporary teeth are in their}    Leas
If the twenty little teeth are
i years, may be obtained
yojLeatletit he the best
Pare Strawberry Jam
Pure Raspberry Jam
��� Made -Oonm
Fruit and Granulated Qugar
Boiled withcareinsHvcr pane
es   to   cut   hay on Dominion
free from decay and the child is" abk ; '"^ ^ ^ a PCri��d ��f five
chew its food so  that
bodv     ",7?    ^ tCxtrac,tcd' thc | Plies to school lands,
body will have strength to re
at a rental of
nourishment    will    he. ^ITJa'^I I ^ P<* ac?C Per y���ar-     This also ap-
little body w.u iuive scrcngtn to re-1     vt������^c        .u
The Country Boy's Creed
fections that may come to childhood.
The temporary teeth are of greater
importance to the child than arc the
permanent teeth to the adult, because a child must not only be nourished to keep" up the ordinary life
processes, but it must have nourishment for rapid growth in addition.
were 10c per ton, and to
other than settlers, for sale or other
disposition, 50c per ton, while the
rental for leasing of hay lands was at
the rate of 25c per acre.
This leasing privilege should not be
confused with the leasing of lands for
grazing purposes, which remain as
This change in thc regulations
The  temporary  teeth  decay much!
-ore   rapidly   than   the   permanentj affect all parties applying    for" hay
Permits during the'coming season.
"All right, much obliged," yawned | thickly populated distric
Danny, "anJ, # Dorkin, ye won't jest other side of thc border.���,
mention anythin' 'bout my.bein' down | f>���,������ t��� -j
"No Danny."
Dorkin    led    him to a roomy 'bedroom and pointed to a big. comfort-
xs ��   3   .    ,    " i ^o'e-'ooking bed.     "Now vou scrawl
He pushed the boy into a chair and' on that, and sleep as lon^asyou wan
sat down opposite.     "I've been dob'! to," he said. g     7     W2nt
a   little   scoutin','* Danny explained,
a"ld \ m nigh dead-beat, 2 am."
Dorkin got up and produced a
small flash from the cupboard.
"Here," he said, pouring a generous
portion of the liquor into a glass,
"drink that. It's brandy, and you
need it."
Danny quaffed the burning draught
without a tremor, and, slowly, a little
color came into his drawn face.
"Dorkin," he said, leaning forward
so that his voice might carry no farther than his listener's ears, "Dalton's
gang is goin' ter raid this Preserve,
���Jo-morrow night."
Dorkin gripped his arm. "How do
you know that, Danny?." he asked in
strained tones.
"I've bem lyin' outside half-breed
Darbo's cabin all night, listenin' to
their plans," the boy answered.
"Darbo ain't thar, but they meet at
this place jest the same."
"And you heard them plan to come
here to-morrow night?"
"Dorkin," -frowned the boy,  as he
unlaced his moccasins, "d' ye s'posc r
you could get hold of Willer's rifle,;
an' hide it up?" '
"Wall,  it's  like   this.      I'm  willin
ter do all the killin' that's
Every Smoker Read This
teeth because their structure is not
i so dense and in addition the pulp is
more quickly exposed because it is
larger in proportion to the size of the
tooth. Nearly all dentists are agreed
that the treatment of a temporary!
tooth with an exposed pulp is hopeless.- The best that can be done in
such a case is to give temporary relief. If thc temporary teeth are lost,
they cannot be satisfactorily replaced
Brutal Plea Made
by Hun Attorney
Tells Father Cost of Education Offsets Child's Funeral Expenses.
The   "Morgenpost"   prints thc following story: "In Dortmund a -child
necessary I
The permanent teeth lie in the baby   was ���}c* through. th�� overturning'of
jaw just beyond the'roots of the tern-  �� ���������Pal ����"?���     The father.held
��� ,���..    4������.t,   ,j 1 .-it     the city responsible   and   demanded
porary  teeth  and are  only  partially . J       %
Tobacco does not seem to affect all! *>nn��d even at the time of their erup- j ��*�� f^      This   was^retsed'
alike.     Many men enjoy their smoke, j tion.     If the baby teeth arc allowed j dl,]cl s, funcraI-     This   was   rcfl?sed'
live to a good old age, and apparently; to   abscess,    thc
suffer no  ill-effects from thp ii��"  ^   ���     ���
the weed.
There a
Precepts That Lead to Success and
Contentment. /
I believe that the country which
God made is more beautiful than rthe
city, which man made; that life out-
of-doors and in touch with the earth
is the natural life of man.
I believe that work with nature is
more inspiring than work with the
most intricate machinery,
I believe that the dignity of labor
depends not on what you do but on
how you do it; that opportunity
comes to a boy on the farm as often
as it docs to a boy in thc city; that
life is larger and freer and happier on
thc farm than in the town, that my
success depends not upon my location, but upon myself; not upon my
dreams, but tipon what I actually do;
not upon luck but upon pluck.
I believe in working when you work
and playing when you play, and in
giving and demanding a square deal
in every act of life.
To Seed EarLer This Year
There is every indication that farming operations will commence much
earlier in the Calgary district this'vear
.than usual, according to statements
made by prominent farmers. This is,
due to weather conditions and also to
the fact that "much fall work was completed last year, which will help matters considerably when spring opens
' vjermany   is   using
made of paper.'
_ .      -.--.-,-- j, w    ciuotuss,    xnc growing permanent
effects from the use of j tecth arc bathed in pus and will prob-
 re others though, on whose' ab^ Je sei/0"sly damaged or totally
fer the FarneylatuMy?"' WiikTshe' hear,t H nerv0US S-yStCm (tCC��i -n"4 Chlld.r,cn *re h'^3y suscept-
jest naturally hates anythin' or any! Produces the most serious results I iblc to pus. Abscesses of temporary
one that threatens you, Dorkin���an" . Jt causc? V^V^op, pain in thc | teeth produce general infections .that
she kin shoot like hell. You tell me hca.rt' ,?n* "regularity ��f J*s beat>' result in lowered vitality, rheumatism,
-..rt.i'ii  iiirl^  h,-r  r\fl,-   -,r,'    Til    cIam , makes the hands    tremble,   sets    the   .       l ,   . . , ,
Moov" nerves on edge, and causes shortness   llMrt inflammations, and many other
,,,,,,    . -l    x   -o ��  tv    , ���     of breath and loss of sleep. I diseases   that   arc ��� very   serious   and
111   do  my  best,  Danny,    Dorkin      To collnteract this demoralizing in-1
assured him, and passed out, drawing   flucncc on thc hcar, and nervcs there
the skin curiam across  the door be-ljg n0 rcmfdy    t0 , equal    Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
They make the h art beat strong
and steady, restore tone and vigor to
the nerves, and remove all thc evil re-
hind him,
"Yes, it's to..be late, nigh mornsn'
likely. There'll be. ten 'of 'em, all
told. I heerd 'em arrange everychin',
but I couldn't see any of 'em. I was
hidin' close "up in the rear" of the-cabin, an' they.had cotton tacked 'cross
the-winder."     - ������
Dorkin frowned.and paced to and
.Fro across '.the, room. '��� "And you
couldn't ��� say, positively, .who~arjy of
them were?" he asked,   ..     :'
"Wall,   I. recognized  Ab.c  Dalton's;
Tf-oice,"  answered   the boy.      "And  11
knovy Gregg  was thar,  too, 'cause  I
heered him tellih'-the others 'bout get-
tin'- a flesh wound from Willer's"'rifie,-
. the night him an' some one else "was
snoopin'-'round on this'Preserve.' He
said 'you'd  pay   fer-- that,   to-morrow
nigh.t, Dorkin.,'  Scyou watch ;'o'ut.""-.-
- "I'll watch-out, Danny..   -Did -you
���happen   to'overhear  anything  as -to
..what their object in coming here .was?
Is it .the animals they want, or me?" -
- - "It's, both," said ,the boy.,"' i"They
figure on gettin' hold of your animals,
an "the enclosure here, an' in wrecking
���lhe whole place. '  It-seems that Dal-
ton isn't the real leader .iii.'this-thmg,
although he's.mighty p'eased to "take.
- a-hand. ..The prime! mover'in iti
stranger ter me'; leastwise,.   I
At    the   first    streak of dawn lh,      , ed b    thcY0bac'co.'
trappers in thc big room were astir,      w     -p,    n.y���i>:i,..    /-    i
������,i ��������� i,^.._ 1.-.-.. .1     ��� ��    . .   -  - -
Mr. D. McKillop.'Coxheath, N.S.,
writes:���I v/as using too much tobacco, and got so I could not sleep at
night, my hands    used    to    tremble'
and an hour later they had breakfast
ed and were ready to take their orders from Dorkin, when he came in,
fresh and wide-awake, after his morning dip in the lake. -  , ���   ,    .
' "Boys,"- - he   greeted    them,. "you
haven't had much chance to" sleep, but
you'll -have   a   good   opportunity   to
rest up to-day. '  I'd like you, one and
-all, to go along with Fete, who will
"place you -at  different points  in   the
outer   Presenve.       Please   remember,,
though, that you are not to fire on
any", .person ���-you   -may. sec sneaking
through   the woods;- '  Keep well un- - ���    -
der cover,, keep a good lookout, and Exploration Foif
if-you see anything worth-while," yon -     - '   -'
Nerve Pills. I took two-boxes-'and
they-gave great-satisfaction." - *'���
Price -50c a box' at all dca1ers 'or
mailed, direct on receipt, of-price by
ihe i; Milburn - Co,, Limited, Toronto, Ont.-     ' ' .
and the father thereupon took thc"
matter to the courts. On signifying
his intention, he received from the
city solicitor, whose name is Pork,
and who bears the title of judicial
councillor, a letter confirming thc refusal to pay, in which Herr Pork argued:
"No loss has been suffered by the
plaintiffs. Against the funeral expenses, the nature and amount of
which arc not stated, are to be- set
the saving in the cost of education
and maintenance which will accrue
to thc father in consequence of an
accident which, as he would have
had to provide for the child for years
to come, would have cost much more
than the funeral."
The   "Morgenpost"    describes this'
piece of attorney's pleading- as an in
...    Lthat thc.j^taiicc   0f
notes'he presented had been cancelled '
sometimes fatal.'' Don't neglect your
children's temporary teeth. Both
the present and future welfare of
your child depends upon the health of
thc mouth.
Can Make Wool From Wood,
Efforts that have-heretofore proved unsatisfactory have been made to
produce wool from wood, but announcement is made now that the difficulties have been... overcome. The
early experiments produced a short
stapled material with less warmth retaining power than natural wool. Now
a synthetic wool has been produced
that has a long staple, greater heat retaining properties, and.much strength
and  durability.
~ Japan's, -"largest   lake 'is
miles long.
Farmer's Savings Worthless.
A    Bavarian    farmer  who always J
turned his savings into notes and kept
the bank
in .October, 191'9.
Promising New Fruits
s a
heered his voice before,, as I -kin r
member.      Seems  like he's; the-.dne
who<;3. ter ��� get" the . animals,; 'cause "I
'"i'5rrur m.nr- "5ay"" he" ha^: a' Piacc-al]
ready fer .'em.'-V.-'"      "'.--   r --  :V".   ������-
"And. their" plan,. Dariny?"" - .-.-__ '-;
.   "Why   they figg'er on-xomin' up-by'
term Duck.Lake.. They'll cross ans-
-��orne up,the pathvter. the grove."They
look fer -us to' .be-'asleep -an'-'unsus-
pectin .  -- They-.aim ter. set
-can-report this., evening to .me.'Pete's I
wife is preparing a lunch for 'each of, .	
you-and for certain reasons, which I'll- ���   .      ,    e -        ���    ,-
-explain later, I d-sire that you'"do no*   ^ng to Secure Hardy-Variety Suit-
come, in .until darkness ;has fallen."   ���*   -' ". able/for Western Prairies, ���'  -'
-He smiled, as he noticed with v/hat     ' -d   - ���       '���-, ? '
pride, each of  the trappers held his "'. FT.a:nic-so-l]s are remarkably prodtic-
newrifle, and raised a" finger in warn-!'tiv-e "���  rcSard to the stapic -crops"as
ing.,   - 'Remember, now,", he. caution-   *c officiaTrecords for.yields-of wheat
ao: footing, unless--!.pass .the.-and "bats testify...  One ~ great, lack,
however,   is   the   home   grown ' fruit,'
which'thc..settiers were accustomed to
match down along-the lake.
.-;��� The'men.flashed him a look of >rat- '
uo. snooting, unless-1 .pass the
3.   ;. fo-morrow, -if you. like, we'll
a regular old-fashionedsheoting-
:h dov/n alone th*> 1nt-�� �� ��� ��� ':���
"Mamma, what is thc use of.keeping the.strap for use on. me;behind
the motto, 'God bless our.home?'-"
"Can you suggest a better place?"
"Yes, mamma,.put it behind the motto, '1  need   thee  every'hour.'".   "
.' There is ho'poisonous ingredient in,
Holjoway's Corn Remover, and it |
can be used .without danger or injury.
Egypt .contains neither" woods "nor
forests. -      ;   ."���.--���������-.".���-��� ���
brutality    of feeling rare
even in these degenerate days.
in their eastern.homes.
.... - ---.. ���. Si���v.-, Apples and
e,-as they passed sileritlyout after '-'pears .have' bedn produced in only a
��� fece??urned1o to^��&p.^*\^f *? ^ '^ ^hs  ai��
;: Heresented, witharhisTaVur^���:^Jh^lUilt0~ "t}?e. wild species "found" in
part he was being -forced.:to~play:' re-' ?^el-ter?f r.avin<:s or woods.,'. As fre-
scnted haying, to ;put ."himself on'-'the -Quen^y Pointed-out iti "these" 'columns
Won^Vfv a8a^?t -*h.08��MawlessVtrap--there.' are .promising-- Native fruits'
pers-of the valW in nrrlitr tn nr^-'J*.- "I.- i "��� i- ���" - .--'���.������ -"' -lrulls
what was .���h&^God %�� P^"^^^;-*" ?be ^moved tbVthr garden:
what would-happen ..when 'they came1.'^" ''they' v,illj Pve.bcUe'r.'rcsulis;
stealing: up, under cover of darkness i1--3^. - year a .'systematic-search'for
lf^ntiUf ^ -eStr,0y3ng:'-a13-' ^"at which' - these .desirable.."fruits Wstarted-by
����t PreyL-theSlfe fiSf J^Jf..;Pe"^^J  ^ann.
Fresh ..'"Supplies. .. in!. : Demand���.    .    . -. ���   ,.. -    -
Wherever-Dr."Thomas'- EclectricOil! lnit?i;s-ln this province.
Hoc  1\   A..   :.^'*-��� .1.._ _ .1     *--      - . ' ._:!!;_..   ' .
has b- en introduced    increased
The Coai Industry
Question of Price Largely Controls
Market of Western Product.   .
Alberta, it is said," contains SO per
cent .of thc coal in the British Empire. ..There is' no room'jFor doubt
about the future of thc coal .mining
industry in this province. The question, is -how rapidry thc possibilities
will be-developed." .We have tlie fuel
and if we' can "produce and deliver it
at "the right price thc whole prairie
country will come.to depend upon the
Last year, 14
miliion   tons   were "taken out of the
ground-.in Alberta,'while 17 million
In doin&thjs, he:.was-.nqt,fighting for
Explorers;: have
him -back his,,strcrigth'
they've got-fer'give.",
-���.Dorkin -. paused ; in
     his pacing to'
emile comrhendihgly down-at.the.boy.
'   "Danny,"-''he..said, "you're -a- bricki
���   You're a 'wonder, Danny!"."-'��� -" ���-.-'���'.
" '".".Oh, hell!"' DanriyV face- grew- red.
Vahd.Iie squirmed .uneasily.   . :*
���'>'""Just���'��� one' more-.questioij, Danny.:
.''Have/fybu any idea who ihis man, this"
r leader,,' who is .to' get the animals���
..maybe-^is?'-'    .'.-.
.The.'boy'glanced up sioiviy searching Dorkm's face, with ' keen
.'-"Yes/I have,"-he said.
:-icy". .     :V-V:";
;y.- "I 'thought '"so."' "Dorkin's jav/'set.-
-''an'd his brows'came together. ;. He
.stood looking, down at-.the boy, con-
-"sidcring.   ���."'',.- :'; -.        '--���"���
. ('.'."Danny,"    he    said
- Itnew - they -intended-   coming
time    to-morrow  .night.      There    is
..'some person .'who is onto-their-plans,
���who  is. fc , friend  of mine.   ���   I- don't
-know who it is.     See, this is what I
found 'tacked   -to   a tree this after-
'. inoon."-
an'd his self-respect.'
'It's. Tim.ber-
. given
��� He rose, at length',: having ."scarcely
touched /his,'' food,' .and sought, the
scented out-.of-dbors. As he. passed
slowly up the path, Willow, cam^ from
LaPcc'rVcabin, -and stood waiting for-
him. _ . The .morning sunlight'bathed
her brown, waving hair, and g?ori-5cd
h"cr sweet  face-.      She smiled
plies have-been-ordered, showing that
wherever." it- gov s   this excellent  Oil ��� tons came into-Canada from the Unit-
,mprcsses,i.ts power on the people. No    d Stii     ' 'A'       d ��� f   hJ  -j-
matter in what, latitude/ it -. may . be.    ���       ,-,;-,'.
found its poteflcy is never impaired. |.P��rted coal found its way into stoves
It is. put up m most 'portable shape in
-bottles .-and/can be carried without
ufear .'of..breakage.-  ���-'������- '���-.--=���' -'-.- ��� --'
for many years been sent, frqm"Great
Britain 'an'd:,the - United ".States . in
search "of-.:new;plants- to" many parts
of the.world. 'Canada-is to foliow a
similar.,pl.an,-biit-will 'first explore the.\.}
.home-' *���5'-'-   -���'������-
Historic Gibraltaff
Few. Fortresses' Can Gorripare .With
,-;_'.." Gibraltar in Historic Interest..,- ".'.
��� The "Key",to the- Mediterranean,''
occupied''by. .the' .British" since .1713,
was"known to.- '.tlie;-ancients. .-' - The"
PhoeniciansVc'rected: ,.on cither'.'side o'.f-
the'.. narrow .strait, 'two -;silve
,       , . pillars
^ -t.erntory.in the expectation'of Mnscribcd with the "legend;- - that, .the
getting-plants that arc ;hardy. enough! Kfeat frowning rocks', were > the ''Pii-
for the "climate.    . Mr! W-J, Boughen^ !tar3 '���<>* Hercules," 'and- gayV the place
and furnaces in .the prairie country
'which would _haye been fed..with the.
Alberta.product,if it .could-hayc been
gotjaf lower cost. 'Cheaper means of
production and. delivery would' dp
more than any "amount of-argument
can do to" convert our.-alm'ost limitless
.coal'resources iiitqreal.andnot "merely" potential wealth: .The problem of
.the coal industry' is a'.question of
price.-^-Edmonton Bulletin,.-' -,.
; ,\'Eiig!and ':" has.: ..the most!
-collection of-public records
older nations" of- the ..world."
6i all "the
Mrs. Britten Tells How She Was Restored To Heal After
Suffering for More Than A Year.
Another Triumph for Ijdia ��. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoimdl
DiiBC��<Jtv3e, Mlek���"5 htti
InfluxonatkiD wid-a displace-
meet "and weakness, and it
had been n��elected so Ions'
that itcAueedgreat pain, ana
tbie affected my ~ mind and
nerves so that I was very
irritable. "1 had severe pains
every month, so that I was
often obliged Jo tie in bed fer
two days at a time. - I suffered, for more than a year
before my friends said, * whj
don't yon try Lydia E. Pink-
ham's vegetable Compound?'
So 1 purchased one bottle,
after another until  1  bad
takes ten bottles, then Lyd'a
��. Pinkham'e SanativeW&sb.
I received so much benefit
from this treatment that I
am now able to do my own
work."���Mrs. W.D.Bwttk*,,
R. No. 2, Dimorid&le, Mich.
Iflother Michigan Woman layss
, "1 was bothered for a lonjf .-
time with female troubles and
was so nervous I felt almost
afraid at times. I also had a
pain in my right side oud
*was certainly in a bad war.
Compound has relieved mo of these nervous feelings and pains and lammudit
better in every way. I don't know just how many bottles I bave taken, but
I took itfor nearly a year and it has done me a world of good, "-���Mrs, JSSSW
Granger, R, No. 8, Box 61, Kalamazoo, Michigan. -
Without it  "
ber family is..
Is it any wonder that these
nervous prostra��
* woxnett arise
_.rf  �� ���..��* uioao women were nervous and Irritable Aftersufferi
ing so long from such deranged conditions?   Such ailments
tlie nerves, and it has been said that a largo pc
on,nervous despondency, "the blues," and nerv<
���ora some derangement of the female organism
, If women who are in this condition would only profit fey tfc�� experience ol!
others and take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once, much suffering and unhappiness would be averted, a�� everyone knows a nervous, irritable, ailing mother makes the. home unhappy and her condition irritates
both husband and children.
im a
quick "Good-morning:/' and l.aid-.'her
brown hand on his arm, ^in the old-!'the
who travelled through th^prairiiTpro-'-
vinccs'last "summer", collected a great
deal of promising material, part of
which is .to be given further test at-
*r��rC r  if9�� ^rl *** **���* to y��n *"�� ���������� reaaest.   Writ*
%m book contslM tralaablo inffprja*t!oal     y$ ���~*ia"M^
.that name.
Thc.rock is 1,400 feet high, and nine
miles across the narrow/bay may-'be
.seen, the- coast of Africa^ * Th'c-rrdck
at  length,  "I
O'.is.-- \ ,f"en
>w iwho it is.
nd   tacked
m,"- . -,
.From.his pocket he drew a slip of
time caress.
;He had missed the tojieh of her fingers oh his arm, missed jhany-of thyso
old familiar intimacies- which lay .back-
���6f the valley, on  the  other side"-of
the brook dividing girlhood; and-worn--
I anhoo'd.'     Now,   her   touch brought
.home to him"a realization, of what he-
some j. had lost, and., what he" y/ou'ld know
again only at rare intervals,- as now.
'"V/illow, the Wisp," he half whis-i
,-pCi-ed, his heart surging to a note that:
thrilled above all others of his world;
then he checked himself and fought
back to thc present order of things.
"Willo-y, the Wisp," he repeated,
"you are growing away from. me. The
girl who Used to scold me, and caution
me,-and romp v/ith me, is-gone. I
miss my little pal, and I long for the
lixpcnmcniaj Tann at Mo.rdcn 'is. nearly three miles long and a half
Wo doubt many of our readers who I mile-broad. The place has."bccVbc"-
have noted -wild berries of more than|sieged and-unsuccessfully attacked 61-
avcraee quality growing in their dis-" ten.. The'.most no table'siege was" by
tnet will be able to givx suggestions'.'-the Spanish, during three years"from
to thc Dominion Horticulturist at Ot-
!ay/a.���Montreal Family Herald.
���1-779 "to 1783.
Few   fortresses
in - the .world  .can
fairyland into which she us^d to waft
me v/ith her violin ''
"Then she hasn't made vou quite
forgct-aJlthat, Dorkin?"'she asked
eagerly,-      .'.:'.'.--.-���'-    ������'.-��."-.-"���.,-
��� "She?"V"-": 7;���������'.-"; ' -'-':.- '"-'. '7 '
''the- girl "with -hair ':��s -yellow' as
adderrtongues-'an* eycs.'as -b'u"-'as
swamp-lmnefs ��� eggs~thc ..'beautiful
girl who -nas b��n>witti.;.you sb,much
Ialcjy,-..Dprltih?" .-. ���'.."-.--;... ���'. '' ������"- .-��� =.-;
^He:placed :.hi3; han.dsv'on.' her shoulders, .an.d'-��rr,!lcd:'.do;iTi'"int'o "" "
't.nm'cd face: ��� -������ ; - -'-. '- --' '-.'''.'-"
" i'"Yqu -je
with ' Gibraltar' in- historic
Worms feed upon thc vitality of' interest. It lias been in-possession
children and endanger th ir lives. A of nearly all peoples. The Ca'stilians
simple and effective remedy is Mother' had it in 1333, and-the Moors in 1462."
Graves'   Worm  Exterminator. -T    im-i *. -t ^ - ��i     c    -  -
In .1502 it was annexed, to thc Spanish Crown and in 1540 it was captured
by Sir George Rookc, an English, sol^
dicr fighting for Archduke Charles or
Austria, In 1713 it "passed to England by the Treaty of Utrecht at thc
conclusion of the,war of the Spanish
The Judge Was Stumped.
Police Judge Cohen, quizzing John
World, accused bf assault and battery,.
asked, '.'Why did you hit this man?"
. "Wha1 judge," the negro began,
"wrta' would you. all do. if someone
called ya' a 'kinky headed loafer?'"
"But I.haven't got kinky hair," said
the judge.
��� . "Well,", drawled World/.; ."what
would you all. done if he called ya da
kind of headed loafer, dat you is?"..
VGil -
Tragic Contrast.
It is. the grimmest piece of Irony
one knows.of that while British>x-
soldiers are walking the streets in. destitution and French civilians are Estill
living in.' holes, in the ground .'iii.7the
f, devas tat ed;. areas,;-.the', -ex-kaiser: is-��� a
--���1'-���'���"--        ry.-luxury'anil'
ri ;.unceai-j"
cady-in-cstK j
i-i rnates.^v from;'.two Veto: ��� four',:.. milHon i
." j jiua;3s.^Eondon;'Paiiy' 'NevtS, '���-. -'V )]���_
-.��� ��J
��� ���a THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     C.
Your grocer will tell you
franRly that he makes less
profit on Red Rose Tea than
on other teas. The only
object he has in recommends
ing it is to. see that you get
the best quality possible*      N
Alberta's Creameries
Northern Alberta Makes Big Bulk of
Products of Dairy.
Thirty-four million dollars worth of
dairy products-were manufactured in
Alberta last year, _ according to an
estimate from the dairy commissioner's office. Approximately seventy-
five per cent, of this was made in
Northern Alberta and fifty per cent,
in Edmonton city, and in the nature
of thc topography of   the
Farm Products
Show Marked Increase
Over Half Billion Dollars* Worth of
Agricultural Products Sert
Agricultural products take first'
place among Canada's exports for the
last twelve months, according to the'
trade statement from the Dominion
Bureau of Statistics for the' twelve
months' period ending .January, 1921.
province,; The total of agricultural products ex-
Northern Alberta is likely to remain ported was over $550,000,00,0. There
thc larger producing area so far as were'exported during the period end-
dairy products arc concerned. I ing January, 1921, 123,952,004. bushels
There are 53 creameries operating 0t wheat, with a value of $309,^64,123
and from these 12,150,000 pounds of against 73,167,980 bushels with a value
but ter1 were made at an average price ' of $168,682,768 the previous year,
per pound of 56 VsC. Thc cheese 1 The value of live animals exported
production was 456,534 pounds, made \ fell from $55,154;837 in 1920 to $27,-
by 7 factories and.valucd.at $128,839., 089,417 the next twelvemonths.
 '���  j.   The value of wheat   flour   exported
Heart Disease Relieved In 30 Minutis.      I dropped    from    $100,607,498    in    the
���   Dr.  Agncw's  Remedy   for .tlie  Heart  giTea .    , ,'.        T ..��,    ,      .������
perfect relief in all cases of Organic oi ��� period ending January, 1920, to $57,-
Sympathetk Heart Disease w 30 minutes, and , 961 076 in the next twelve months,
epeedily effects v a cure. _ It js n peerless
jemedy for Palpitation, Shortness o' Breath,
Slithering Spells,-Pain in t.eft Side', and all
iy.iiptoms of a diseased 'lean. One dose
Road Manners
Traffic    Can    Be    Regulated    Only
Through .Uniform   Appreciation
Por Rules of the Road.
Periodically it is borne in on the
prudent and peace-loving motorist
that much of the annoyance to which
he is so frequently subjected on the
highway ^crises from contact with.the
very ix. i-and-tumblc element that
his car ostensibly helps him to avoid.
He goes out into the country to get
away from the crowd. Consequently
to encounter there the crowd's worst
element shocks and amazes him.
Traffic can be regulated only through
uniform appreciation for the reason
that underlies the rules of'theVroad.
Astonishingly few drivers seem to'
knowor heed these rules as it is, and
these must learn to differentiate
themselves from those who arc wilfully negligent of the comfort of
.others.' It is largely a question of.
manners, and those who do not know
why manners arc a part of life's code
must be taught; those who will not
learn must be restrained, In "the
meantime, with thc roads" dotted with
cars and spotted with flivvers, the
menace of the i!l-mannered grows.���
"The Alberta Motorist."
Youthfulness of the World
Our Period Is That Of Childhood In
Many Vital Respects
The youthfulness of the modern
world as we accept it, is remarkable,"
according to Henry- Ford in an interview with the New York Tribune.
Thirty-five years ago there were but
three or four motor cars in the world,
.and only for fifteen years have we
had the wireless, airships and farm
Plainly, pur period is that of childhood in many vital respects. What
has happened through the development of the instruments named
above in less than half a century induces great optimism for the speedy
conquest of our present difficulties.���
Montreal Star.
���vWood unmanufactured increased
from $97,174,926 to $120,682,916 in the
period just  ended.
Total exports of Canadian produce
during the year ended January, 1921,
were $1,235,631,875 against $1,242,585,-
893 in the twelve months previous. -
Minard's Liniment For Burns, Etc.
Dairying in  Saskatchewan
Has Become a Permanent and Extensive-Industry. -
The   success   of the" butter-making
���of Saskatchewan-is a reminder of thc
gratifying fact- that-the -Canadian
west is ceasing to depend wholly, on
grain growing. "That may still be the
leading branch'"of industry, but it is
not the only one. Mixed farming is
coming in, and in mixed farming
dairying is coming to the' front.
"Dairying,"'says a government publication, "has been established as an
extensive and permanent industry, and
is proving one of the greatest boohs
to.the province," writing especially of
- Saskatchewan.
-- "Butter is. now being shipped from
.Saskatchewan to Vancouver, Toronto
and Montreal. Many private and cooperative creameries are to, be' found
throughout the province, - and - their
number-is continually being-added to."
In 1918 there were produced in Saskatchewan, 3;154,566 pound's of butter,
2,301,250  pounds   being   produced   in
-co-ope.rativc-creameries.- - Since- their
the "output-hXs"been considerably increased.
Every Woman in Poor Health
"Hassan awful struggle.- -Lots-to do;
all kinds of worry, poor appetite,
headaches, weakness. . Her. one desire
is for more strength and better, health,
What sickly worn out women need is
a cleansing, blood purifying remedy
like Dr. Hamilton's Pills. This wonderful medicine clears out the wastes
from the system, regulates the bowels,
helps the blood. To look your best,
to feel fit and fine all day, to be free
from lassitude and headache, use Dr.
Hamilton's Pills regularly. 25c at
all dealers or Thc Catarrhozone Co,,
A Geographical Puzzle
Group of Islands Completely Disappear Prom Southern _ Waters.
From out of the great southern
ocean, formerly the Antarctic, came
a story today of .the mysterious disap-
pcaranccvof a_grdup of islands which
have long been noted on government"
maps and charts as being situated -at
���a point just south of Australia.
What 'has- happened to these
islands, known as the Royal Company
Islands, is a matter with which scientists are now busy.
The Carnegie Institute power brig
Ault is now in San Francisco .direct
from a search for the islands.'-
- Some doubt exists,, it is stated,
whether the islands ever -existed, aa
they, were; discovered.some severity
years ago. by a British mariner, '.'We
sailed directly over the -waters where
these.islands are "chartered," declared
H. H. Crunnmann; of. Lincoln, Neb.,
one' of three observers on the Autt.
�� "This, sub-arctic region"is ' continu-
Corns, Warts, Bunions,
*  Painlessly Removed
Don't .limp any longer, don't suffer another hour from corns The
oldest remedy and the best, 'the one
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success, will lift out your corns in a
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Wart Extractor is the one remedy to
use. Refuse a.substitute,'25c everywhere, J
B��ean*s Liniment should fee kepff,
bandy fog aches and pains
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ache, a rheumatic twinge fol->
lowing exposure, a sore muscle,
sciatica, or lumbago to make you quit
work, when you should have Sloan's
Liniment handy to help curb it and
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Without riibiing, for it penetrates ���
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Notcthe gratifying, clean,prompt relief
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keep its many thousands of friends the
world over if it didn't make good.
That's worth remembering. AH druggists-��� three sices���the largest is the
most economical. 35c, 70c, #1.40.
(Made in Canada)
In the Diet
An Acknowledged Expert in Al!
.,  Matters Pertaining to House-,
hold Management.
Shorthorn breeders Prosper
"What is it makes a battleship so
strong?" The questioner, was a
specialist in nutrition and she was attempting to educate anaemic and urr*
dernourished children in what they
should cat. The children .decided
that battleships were strong because
they were made of iron. And every
little child decided he wanted to be
strong like a battleship. And the
very clever woman followed up by
telling a very attractive story.
"Yes," she began, "iron does come
out of the earth. Thc earth gives it
to us to make the battleships strong,
but   from   the   ground, too, Charlie
TfaecomUmtl<m of purity
quality and economy^
lias made Magic Rafflhw
Powder the standardO
batdtij powder of Canada*
Positively contains-no
alum or other itujutiotWo
substitute*.        -,-"J\
Its use insures perfect'
"Costs no more thantfte
ordinary kinds"
Made in Canada
Publicity lor West
"Canada West" is the title of a new
[rbooklct that has just been issued   by
the publicity branch of   the   department   of   immigration   and coloniza-
Carrot,  and  Billy Beet  and  Sammy, tion,  Ottawa.      It  contains accurate
With   a membership  of 4,286 andj
total assets amounting to $45,009, the |
Spinach  get thc iron  with which   to
make us strong."
She related how these little "Vege-
Dominion Shorthorn Breeders closed j Ublc B��ys" kncw iron w.hen thc* saw
one-of the best years in the history j1*;      Shc told hoJ< ** dld not rucc0^
of thc association.     Receipts amount-1 n'zc ���n "!. a, ^ovelful of earth,.but ,         _ ...    ...
ed to $58,970 for the past year, whilst! that thcse httlc V'-Setables dug down j Maps  and  illustrations   are  also  in-
i expenditures totalled $58>41. the cash \ and down a11 summcr to find this ir0n
and up-to-date information concerning the four western provinces with
a number of letters from settlers who
have lately made their homes there.
Opportunities for farmers are particularly   mentioned   in    this    book
Of  thc  4,286 j f,or
Petroleum and Natural Gas.
���Eighty-nine applications were received lin the Dominion Government
Lands Office at Calgary in January
���for-petroleum and natural-gas rights
in-thc-proyince of Alberta... The total
area:of.land blanketed by these rights
in January'is 14,240 acres.
balance being $229,
members, 2,357 reside in the province
of Ontario. The association made
grants to fairs and exhibitions last
year totalling $8,182.
The  publisher  ol  the best -Farmer's  paper,
in -the
Maritime 'Provinces  iu  writing  to  us'
1' would   say   that   1   do
us. And she ended by asking,
Now after all thc trouble Charlie
Carrot and Billy Beet and Sammy
Spinach go to to get us that iron to
make us strong, aren't we going to
eat them?"
It is found by child welfare students that undernourished children
frequently suffer because of lack of
vegetables in the diet. . In many instances,    children    have    not   "been
eluded in thc pamphlet which has
been prepared especially for circulation among people in the Old Country interested in  western  farming. ��
Minard's Liniment For Dandruff-
Telephone Popular.
Canada has approximately one telephone to every eleven persons ot
population.      A   computation   issued
by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics
; taught to like vegetables and-in other; shows- that at. the end of 1919-there
,. . .   ���  -   ��� not know oi a: cases the parents claim they    cannot
medicine-that has-stood the test of time-like      ~     ..     < ...        .      ,,���������.
MINAKD'S .LiNI&ENT.     It has been an .afford to buy high-priced fresh vege-
Investigate^.Canada's Fuel Supply."
Thq appointment of a special committee of thc House of Commons to
investigate lhe future fuel supply of
���Canada' and report thereon, Is"" to be
urged upon the house by.'Dr. Michael
Steele (South Perth). Dr. Steele
would have the committee given full
power to call for all persons, papers
and records, to examine witnesses under oath, and report from
time   to
Winter is- a -dangerous  season -for
the\rttle-ones.    The days are change-,
able���one bright, the next   one   cold J^rnped from 1,000 feet elevation and
unfailing, remedy in our household .~ev'��-"since   utfcs on the winter-time market.
1  can  remember,  and has  outlived.dozens civ ��
would-be competitors and imitators;"._ I      Yet,  in  most  every  market  arc   to
be found such staples as carrots and
beets. And in the cans on the grocer's shelf we find spinach and beets
too, as -well as a variety of other reasonably-priced vegetables.
But, suppose we buy raw carrots. It
is necessary to cook these just right
in order to retain thc valuable mineral
salts found in them.. Set a kettle of
water to boil. Wash, scrape and cut
the carrots into pieces. Place in a|
cookpot and cover with boiling water.
Boil gently until the vegetable is tender. One teaspoon of salt may be
added toward the end of the cooking
���that is, one level teaspoon of salt to
every quart of water used. But use
only enough water to keep the carrots
from burning.
When   thc   carrots  arc   tender   the
j-water in which they have been cooked.should-be drained off|and kept,    It
i maybe used in soup    for   the    next
were 778,758 telephones in thc Dominion with'an estimated population of
Explains the Whole Thing
Sir Frederick Stupart TSeJlsJUs What
Has Caused the Mild '������ Weather;
Canada's comparatively mild-climate this winter has been due to the
Kurisowo of Japan, a current -which
affects thc climate of the Dominion,
Sir Frederick Stupart, director of
meterological office and observatory,
Toronto, told an audience at Trinity
College, in an address on "Weather
and Weather Changes." Sir Frederick
said that when the current in question was warmer than usual it set up
disturbances' of the atmosphere in thc
north which changed the course of
the winds. Sir Frederick said rain
could not be produced by artificial
means. The idea that the moon influenced the weather was a fallacy, he
said, also the idea that birds or beasts
could tell by instinct the kind oi
weather that was coming.-. Sir Frederick said; he had little- confidence* in
the Indians: forecast of-the weather:
Great Parachute Thrills
Sylvia Boyden Lands at Sixty Miles j
An Hour.
"She landed with exactly the same
force as if she had hurled herself off
the, roof of an express train going at
full speed," said Major T. Orde Lees,
A.F.C., lecturing before the Aeronautical Society of Cambridge University.
His subject was parachute descents,
and he gave some thrilling accounts
of thc exploits of Miss Sylvia Boyden,
the famous girl' parachutist.
Recently she made a descent-, at
Copenhagen when,there was a ground
wand  of  sixty  miles an  hour.      Sho
A   singular  feature   to  be   seen  in
Japan on New Year's Day is a grass
i rope running from house    to   house,!
with  symbolical  decorations.      It  is
i believed to ward off evil spirits dur-j
ing- the-year.
FOR- SALE.���Six Choice. Airedale
Female- Pups, five months old.
Registered. Bred-from- b"St'-im-.
ported'blood lines.���F;-J7 Blake, Almonte, Ont.
Railway ties made of earthenware
are used on some of the railways of
HKK13S is a remedy lor thc rcliel ol Con.
stipation, Indigestion, Biliousness, Rheumatism, Kidney Troubles.- It is well-known,
having been extensively advertised, since it
wss first- manufactured in-1833, by distribution of large quantities of Almanacs, Cook
Books, Health Books, etc., which arc lurnish.
ed to agents free of charge. The remedies
are sold at a price that . allow* . agents -. to
double their money. Write 'Alonzo O. Blisa
Medical Co., 124 Sfc. Paul Street East, Mon-
real,- Canada.      Mention this paper.
^r^^s^ouTferth^h St^'^r'^ry \^\w���*��w':n;w*.
air'and exercise they need so much K- g-   " iy j*.1 bined with milk for a white sauce to
In consequence they are often   cooo-
letting go of the parachute when still' pour over the carrots,
ed'up in overheat.d, badly ventilat'ed' ai)0llt lS fcct fromtne ground..   "Ifj     Beets are delicious.    Break off the
she had not done    so,"    said    Major! stems not too close to the top of "the
Lees, "shc would have passed through; beet itself,   . No matter how you "expect  to. serve ' frects, they should be
ally storm covered. The clouds are
thick and thc days are dark,, and it is
possible that some of the high, "table
land ice was "mistaken, for islands." "-
arid A��M
r ������������;-A
. .���.���*jrv *w>-
,*T*HERE Js no time in ".worn.
..an's life .that; she, cannot
benefit by the 'use of. Dr.;
;Ch'ase's Nerve Food-in:;order
tb-lcecp up.the supply of pure,
rich = blood and to , ensure . a.
healthful condition of the
nervous.system. -.    . :�� ���
Headaches,', neuralgia, sleeplessness, nervous spells, irritability
tired, worn-out feelings, soon disappear when the Jrigror and energy ot
ihe nerves are restored by the use
:,of this great restorative.,. - .'���- ��� ������;,
.30 cents' a box, 8 for ^2,78, all dealers; of
' JSdman'Eont .Bates A. Co., "Ltd., Torvato
Foggy Weather Proves to be Bill of
Expense to City of London.
An idea of what a really foggy, day
means in.Old London..can be gatherr
ed from, a recent daily report.'
According to readings taken by Dr.
J. S. Owens, :honorary .secretary, to.
the advisory committee of the Meteorological Office on Atmospheric Pollution, the weight of the sooty par-
.ticlcs suspended above the . city at
noon was .100 tons, and every hour 7��-
000,000 Londoners between them ih-
halcd 25 pounds bf - them;.-' - - -
���; -The fog cost "more than forty "thou-,
sand dollars in extra, l.gh.ting. alone,
and altogether���taking, into- account
lost [traffic -receipts, lost time and
smaller items,^such as- fog ..signals���.
probably-cost the.city nearly $125,000,
or..$1,250 for every ton.of fog. ::",";
rooms and arc soon seized with colds
or grippe.      What is needed to keep
���the little ones well is    Baby's    Own
Tablets. .    They    will    regulate    the
stomach    and   bowels and drive", out
colds and by.their use the baby will
be. able to get over the winter season
m   perfect- safety,- - The TabLts are-- ,.       it        .       ..
sold "by medicine dealers or by mail "avera8c 'owcr than .those in any other'
at 25 cents a box frbsn'The Dr.-W.i-' str'tc
.the door .of a cottage and'landed at
sixty miles an-hour on'thc tea table,"
Street .railway, fares  in  Wisconsin
Hams' Medicine Goi, Brdckvillej Ont.
Admire Canadian Banks
Epidemic Prevalent
American. Writers. Sneak   In   High
Praise of the Canadian Banking,
' System.  - -      '
. The foreign reputation-of thc Canadian, banking system is well illus-
-tr?ted-i1.^tli?-flPo..l0gies_".. with.:.which
two-American writers in the current
J journal .pi', the Canadian-Bankers' Association open their articles.. George
W. ;Edwards,- of Columbia Univcr- i crnnicnt
sity, discussing' -.foreign acceptances, '
remarks, that to describe" this subject
in general "would .be tocarry coals.to
Newcastle, for bills .of'. exchange..'iri
general ar,e understood better north
than- south .of .the border.-*-Henry. A.
Stimson,- =New' York, writing'ori; the
education "work "of'the "National -City
Don't "get the habit. of hiccups���-
stop thc slightest attack at. the b ginning. '" "Nothing brings such magical
relief as slowly- sipping a few drops
of- Nc'-villi!e.-in sweetened watt-r. For
!��bbiled whole first. S��"riib them, but
avoid piercing them "either during'thc
preparation-or-during the cooking. If
bectsfdr any,reason "bleed" into-the
water, you may be" quite sure you arc
losing hot-only some of thc nourishment beets contain, but the valuable
mineral-saltsas well.-   ""-.,-
Depending upon -the "variety; J>cets-
take in thc.neighborhood of an hour
\ to. cook;   . But they arc-not too "ex-
j.pensive,  nevertheless, if you" plan   rb
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tive, and best-of all-��arly varieties--Fr��it��� bright crimson, tKiclt,-solid,'- heavy,
smooth, firm, medium sue, superior-quality, a liiavy.and contiswiotw-beireJ", best  ,
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Seed Merchant* sine* 1850
stomach     pains,     bloating,', -cramps,' co��)1 them, the day you must keep, up
diarrhoea,   nothing   will   prove   more   * &TC f��r other purposes or resort lb
To .Combat White Plague, '"-
���'..The first-'meeting- of thc-International: Union against- tuberculosis, Including ^representatives'".- of' "'nations,'
member's of-1 - League 'of Nations
and the'.United1 States; wiil.be held uV
Londoni'July 26 to 28. The meeting
���is.'expected^ to-result in-a. unified international, programme- to combat' the
-"white-plague:"'. .--'.,-
useful -in every,-home-than a 35
bottle-.of good- old: Ncrviline. ��--
-greater   'conscrvcr of'fuel-~the
To   socialize - Berlin's'housing and
servant problem, "thc_.municipal~ gov-
plans . to   tax   empty   rooms!
and-multiplc servants. -- The tax-will.'
be grad..d according to.the number of
rooms and.servants.    -  .���_'----'.    ..'���-.
%Vc qtrcr:.$10p.0C>..for .sny cose of catarrh
thnt--cannot'-', be:- .relieved by HALL'S
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n-,-1, ��fM.     v    i"-���    --,;,���     -���"���'- I     "ALL'S   CATARRH. MEDIdNE  is  Vak.
Bank of New York, says: "-I .am'aware ]. ���� internally-and .-act. through the  Blood?on
the  Mucous Surfaces of the System.    -" "   -
that "the '.banks, 'of'the.- United States
have little to'prcsent-itVat will be', m-
.structive   to/the   Canadian  banks:":-
- The Friend. of All -Sufferersi���D--'
Thomas' Eclcctric Oi!. is a' vaiuabfe
rcm.,dy to all. those .who-suffer pain'
It ��� holds .out, hope, to .-everyone- and
realb>s -it- b/stilling suffering everywhere. - It, is- a -liniment- that has "the
blessing,,'of ��� halt ;.a "       ���        --
. continent." --; It. is
on -sale- everywhere" and can , be-found
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CEUiadian Sheep Exported.
..Over  5,000  more   sheep ��� were, exported  from   Canada   in  January  of
this   year   compared with the same
month in 1920, thc figures being 14,779: age of the formation
; "The avcragc-.nian'will die for-.want
of air: in five, rninutcs,--for. want .of
water in a weck,.for want of slccp-ip
ten,'days. ...   ���- -  ".-���"''": '-.'.-"'
Minard's   Liriirrient
sale   every-
iireless cooker.
- Once cooked, thebeet's'shoukl be
skinned. .They.may then be cut into
cubes, or sliced.". Hot...beets wkh
melted butter are always an attractive, vegetable dish. -:For the oidcr
folks, pick!ed beets or beets .finely
chopped ;and niixed -wr.Ii vinegar.'and
prepared -horseradish 'is - always "-"an
appreciated variety.    ,".,'-.. '- :'-'-'/.
- .If.-.ypu -have-quite a few b��-et tops,
wash ' them . thoroughly, and. .cook
"therii .with"just'enough water;to prevent.:, burning.. "-'��� A>bit-.of"-i':>it.'.rork or
bacon may--be-cooked -with tlie bec't
tops. -. And just .because beet' orf-tiirV
nip'.or,carrot tops "arc :vii��pd,-do not
discard .them.^' .'Stand thcru in a.ja.r
.., of .-water. a.s-,-.you''would'.a^.vvjlfed
.   Two-fifths-of thc,'tb.trtV-catch..Qf fish;: flower-and .they^'.wi!!'" sooii stf.i
in; Canada- wa.V taken'. in^Rritish; Col-lUp- ".".";���. - \ ���-  ;. '.'    .  ", ��� './ '" '
.uinbian  waters.- during .1919,-and  th
-industry -gave  einploy'mc'nt'to.'nearly.|
,twcn.ty;-oiie: thousand - people,..acc.ord-i
ing. to statistics'compiled by a', prominent" fishery'operator..  The year 1920
was. equally strong'in 'financial   -returns,   .though-   the actual, catch .was
somewhat, lower..-,  ..    .   .,'������'���;������-'
isohltij   druBfiists  for over forty.years.
Vncc 75c.   .  Testimonials free.
���F... J,.-Cheney & Co'.-; Toledo, Ohio.
B.C. Fisheries
Send for
Book of
In 2, 5,10,
20-/6, iim
���^phe^Gorn Gems you said were the best
*��� ypu had ever eaten, were, made with
a tablespoonful and a half of Crown
Brand Syrup instead of sugar.
V, To be had at aS Grocers
Brand Syrup
���7��e Great Sweetener"
Grain Handling FacilitieR
Capacity-of Prirate Elevators at. Port
,"'V''Arthur, Is   N9w; 4r8QO,000. " ''- ..'
--"."���'��; :���'.-    ",'Biish'eIsV. "���..���-.    " '-, \
Dcyclopmcnt    .of,'.'grain-  handling
facilities' - at.' the ���. head: of the Great.
Lakes has - bccnr such.. that-.'vyhi.Ic
bday.'. there'arc.iess'i ^��in->-a uiis.utcn  sucn'.inar-.wiiuc tn.e
as '-many- .eveningi capacity of private elevators at Port
"there wore j Arthur, -Ontario;"' a year ago was
:'���'-   Lignite'Coal Near Le Pas.
An important strike of lignite coal I
has been, made by Indians dose to
the,shore of thcCandt River, west of
Lc  Pas, Man. .    On account of the.
,       T      . _ -    .   ln that area, it
for January,   1921,   and 9,764 in the. is thought that semi-bituminous coal
same period a year ago..   Of the 14,-��� may be struck at a depth,
toon    syndicate   has
779, .Saskatchewan exported 8,037 and
Alberia-;2,541v:W:"J;--v-'.';;- v
A Saska
.   tracts of. thi3 land,; and/ furthersdevej-
.,   PPment work, wilf'be ���proceeded'' Vifith/
' '-Tnc..:^0H^n7,Sf..ih'?' River.'. Ni!el.is-r155
^jles'v.-.widc.:...beUveeri'. 1h.eV:';extreVr.e
"   In- "London
than   -orie_-third
newspapers- published as ,
125 years ago.. ���'' ' ' .'" '.j 000.'bushels,.-it now :4.S06,06b" biisiiels;
 : '..'. "  '- "During- 1920.' the Port" Arthur ^Ship-
In-India last year l,le>2 people -were J building" Company, Limited,','cemp.le.t-
killcd by  ticcrs. I ed and delivered two  of. the-largest
ocean- freighters ever built' by the-
companyj-they -were; 320 fcct long-and
9,200 tonnage;- in 1921,- two vessels, an.
ocean freighter of 4,000 tons and "a!
lake.steamer of 3,000
completed;' :���;'';./,-"-._...
tons   will   be
'President Wiisoa Grows. Factious.;/
-:/The best "inside story1*'in Was'bing-
tonjg'one. of--President Wilson's' wit-,
ticisms,,-' =-'Rc-cchtIy: the president listr
cried .patiently- to" a-' man -who impress-./
ed, him/ as  having ;_ little  infeHectual
dent,--"is."a''strnplc. bungalow,//.He ias
no .uppeir/'Btory' .-whatcyer.'-'-: -'.'-',:/,-: /"y/;'
The: delicious pr��er?ct jou nould make it'.jta could valk.cat jai* aa ortbvd 9l
Ob* ThauMBi, Acre* ai Hpe, luscious Iruit, sa the pinl of conditicn," pitiing .only
��h��  choicest,  using  nothing  with .rt- hut yur�� ' cant-tiigar,''.ft'nd;-ifj  in addition, ��� iron'
had ut isotrt scirstiSc machinery'-to ,*ttri H ��ot���Bon'r J0n"ihiai y��ar' J��t��. weulij
i* jum ebont. taUti? ...,.:Thir is just hew"     ',:'-'���*'
[���y-k-^k-$imtrr & SONS, Limited
'-/���v.   KAKR  THEJH  JAMS  AHI> JKLLliES -
'.-".' Th��5   ver*   5h��  first   to  make-Pnr��  J������   In   Canada,   ����d  arc  sttll  te��^i��i
is sopolarity.    Trf  �� lia ��t  their  new  teasotu  strawberrj.     11  h  dcliciotts.
���;.','- A��k,.,y��to-  stTOCelor  E.   P.'.Smith's  Jams with  the.MrpI* Leaf  label'.
Froit Gs-��irejB and Preterr***,
Ei D.x^jnsith & Sons, limited
j..';';-'-";-'.'--'",  '.:''.;.   -/ - Weatera  DtMribntora
Wcfi��ft'& Tnsea&u*,- Wimipee, Regica aiid Saikatoen, Saak.
���    -./-,' . :'.-���.;'...������    -   Ca!irary -and 'EdaMntca, -A?ia-_
Dortald B.:i*aJo Co.,
z'FHE ledge
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance, or $3
when not paid for three mouths or more
have passed. To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Setray Notices :. 3.00
Cards of Thanks    .1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.60 for each additional claim.)
All other legal'advertising, 12 cents, a
-line first insertion, anil 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Trauscient'display advertising so'cents
an inch each iusertinu.
Business locals i2!.��c. a liuc each iu-
The Home Circle
About Income Taxation
Most peple are just beginning to
wake up to the fact that they are
being taxed at every turn. The
Dominion, the Province and the
Municipality. Each has taken a
shy at them during the past few
���years, and the Dominion and the
Province are still busy.
The question of the right of
these governments to impose
direct taxation has been questioned, but there seems no ground
.for. criticism, as to authority to
���tax," even though there be a question- as -to the expediency ��� of- the
different taxes- being imposed on
the same income for example.
/, TJie.British North America Act-
distinctly confers .upon the Dominion the right of "raising of money
by any mode or system of taxation." ' That surely covers the
mode of taxation known as the
"income tax," although not until
the. war.; necessity arose has the
Federal authority ever imposed an
income tax. ��� '/"''
On'the. other hand the British
North-America Act. gives each province the right- to impose '"'direct
taxation, .within/(ihe" province, in
order to help in the-raising' of a
revenue for provincial'purposes."
No question, has -ever been raised
.as to the rights of the province, in
this "matter. - - The/Municipalities
being subject, to provincial control,
receive their authority' to impose
taxes on income from the province.
-These rights all exist/but the
taxpayer would -.feel easier if in
this respect he had to deal with
one power only, instead of.two and
.sometimes three.
Do you feel,-yoiuig--fellow,', that you have a hard time?
Your hours are long-. Your-task is hard and the wages
small. The contents of your "weekly pay envelope will
scarcely carry you over the week. Sometimes you must
wear patched trousers or a frayed coat. Your employer
expects a great deal from. you. Other fellows dress well
and always have money. They have coddling fathers and
mothers while you toil six days a week to make a living.
Never mind, young man. You are ahead of the boy who
has every luxury at home, , You are getting experience
that he must get somehow later oh. Because, sooner or
later he must fight the real battle of life himself. And
you have the advantage;
���   OR/ J;  M, BURNETT
Physician and Surgeon
Office Phone 90.       Residence Phone 69
If men's happiness increased with their money, everybody should be justified in worshipping the Golden Calf
The happiness increases with their earnings up to a certain point���the point necessary to secure them the comforts of life, say S2.500 a \7ear. All beyond this is superfluous. Being superfluous it is productie of no good
whatever. The richer the man the greater is the prolv
ability that his sons will live on billiards and die in .the
inebriate asylum. With contentment and $2,500 a year a
man may be as happy as a prince. Without contentment
you may be miserable, even if your wealth equals that-of
Rockerfeller or Liptou.
One of the oldest books in existence is a collection of
proverbs by Ptohbotop, and Egyptian, who live soine-
where^about the time of Abraham. Among his injunctions is the following, which we commend to the writers,
on woman's emancipation, domestic economy, and other
popular topics, who may think that'the subjects they discuss are fresh and suggested by the increased intelligence
of modern civilization: "If thou be wise, furnish_ thy
house well; woo thy wife and do not quarrel with her;
nourish her; deck her out. for fine. dress is her greatest
delight, Purpose to make her glad as long as thou livest.
She is a blessing.which her possessor should treat as becomes his own standing. Be not unkind to her." This
council is hohe-the less useful at the present.'day," because
.3,500.years have elapsed since it was given. -, -'-.     .  ���'/  '-
Hints for Farmers
- - ("Written-.by a Farmer)./,
There is-: great/scope ..and -good
; profits,to be.madei if. the farmers
: will'get together and start's cheese
factory in Greenwood.;   With  100
tploO/head of milk cows, around
Greenwood'   and  -with    a.', little
good  will/and; energy, -'-'a' ''lot, of
things can be., done.   The farmers
shou 1 d start; a, co-operatiye -eociety
. aud.run a .cheese; factory, themselves and hire agopd cheese maker.
The members. of   the   society wilI
'sell their milk to the factory.    The
cmployeecontrols the. rni'k,   keeps
books, makes and sells the cheese:
The society would elect, a committee whose duty, it   is /to   see that
everything is  being run. properly.
Cutout all  unnecessary  expenses
and you will find there is a'good
returh.for your milk.  The.farmers
aronnd   Greenwood   .should    cut
down the   number   of their beef
cattle and.keep milk cows instead.
There is more profit in this than in
beef. This can be made a profitable
business;and with hog raising as.a
side line,.,wiiich wijL grow  fat on
the cheese milk; Wake up! .
Card of Thanks
The PythiaiV', Sisters/ wish to
thank the Ladles of Greeniwood;for
helping and donating refreshments
at the last two dances;   .      V.
The Pvrargyrite mine and mill
at Chppaka, "Wash,/commenced
operations on March, let,.with a
considerable force of men.
Mining' News
Development work is going on
steadily at. the Silver King.adjoining the Gold Bug-near Greenwood.
This is a-. gold silver property..'
The tunnel is-now: in...75. feet and
the-owners Ola L'ofstad and Fred
Johnson expect-to strike -the lead
in another 25 feet. '    '
:   incubators'-���;;-
..; _.We.._carrylllie largest _-and,most
complete stock in. -JK.C.'- Cash Cns-
. counts .on.all'Incubators,' Wire,'
Fencing and Netting -for. poultry,
.'���':  ...;, '.',   farm- and.berries.' -'../     -
���": '-/ /-Write,-for Catalogue. '.
844. CambieSt.' '��� .'.Vancouver, ;bTC. ,
For Sale or Bond
- Group of four claims near
Greenwood. . Gold, silver and
lead property. Main lead S feet
with several smaller leads, .run-
ning through property.- , Considerable development work-has
been done, consisting of tunnels
and , shafts. - . :Railway - goes
through one claim.. For further
information, apply to
. Greenwood, B.C.
Agents . for Chevrolet/ Dodge, - Hudson,
-.Chalmers Cadillac, cars, -/ . Garage, iu
connection.'. -.        '''���'.   -        ':-'. -   ' '/.
;:'(: john grassickv; r
V/' ���   Watchmaker :and Jeweler;    ...
. v.;-/} ;;���'. grand/forks .</ -;; " .'"
Mail your watch for .Repair! and I will
���'. mail it'back. "/'Charges are,moderate,-.
:���������'SERVICE  ���-/-.-���
-,. -The value of the telephone is/not only in. convenience, but at"
--,-- any. time you can reach anyone -you  want; . Call  tohg  -Distance, -- "���
-.    'give, naiiie and ..address of the'party wanted and the  time  at'which ���
yoti wou/d like to talk,..and'she will-do the' rest.   "Be  the- person.
- ���: wanted far .or near, travelling or.'at lioiiie, -he  will' be" located and ..-
will'be-ava'ilable at tiie.appointed time."     ���-      -.   -     ..'/'���      ���   .-_ :;
���   ������ .Long distasice'lelephqnc service is-niuclr-more "comprehensive
. -   than'one realizes.-. ~   - - , ' , . -���    '
* .
* -
'.* -���
.<*. ���;
; * .-
; *. v
$50 to $5,000
���No better'life investment available
���No better security obtainable   ��� ' -.s .
..���Cannot be seized or levied upon For any cause     ,...  --.-,.  ���
���Will be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.    .-    /     ": - %
-���Not affected by trade depression      /���"'.,",      :-/- ;'/'. '     *
.'-r-Free.from Dominion Income Tax --���"-''   '// - ".;/ -" : "-'-.   2
-���-No medical examination.required ' ���/.   ,'-���/-,'' ' %
Anyone oven the age of 5/years.resident or domiciled ia Canada''; /.*
One of the largest hotels in
the city.    Beautiful location,
fine rooms and tasty meals. ���
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG     -   -  Proprietor
n^t. A. MILLQY
All   the    latest   methods   in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   ---   BX.
E. W. WIDDOWSON, Assayer and
Chemist, Bos biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1 25 each. Gold-Silver- $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead ��3 00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
FRONT ST.,      NELSON,.    BOX 865
-/GREENWOOD; Bi 0,; -^
ry-'-yy .���*>.
��� *f�� 4* ^-^ ��?��� ^�� >fr ��|*'��|f'��|? 4
C LO A.T is nota periodi'c-
',-.. al. " It is a book con-
taiaing-86 illustrations .all
told, ..and is filled, with.
sketches and stories of
western.life. It .tells how
a gambler cashed in after
the" flush days of Sandon ;
- how it rained, in New Denver long after. Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at. Bear.. Lake in
early: days;'/ how   justice
-.was-dealfc-.iri Kaslo-in- 93;
:how:- the. saloon "man ,out-;
prayed thehvomenin Kalamazoo, and graphically de.>".
pictB-the .'-roamings    of   a
western editor among .the.
tender-feet in the cent belt. ;
-It contains the early history.
of Nelson ,and a romance
of the Silver .King mine.
7In; it are. ..printed/ three
western" poems, and dozens
of articles,s- too ��� numerous-
to/men tion;' ..Send for one
before-,it is too/late.;- : The
.price -:is- 50/..cents, ..'postpaid to  any part of   .the
world,     A4<lre68   aI1   ^*".
ter'sfto' ' V-, '.-���.', -' -',-   ;.,
: may purchase.:
*   Any.r^-b'pei^'ris.rri'ay-purchase-jointly^..///'.. -,;..'..'.��� -''-���';;'.-"���/*/.'%
' Emp'Joyers may/p-archa'se 'for/their employeeis-7��choprbbsrd3 for
their teachersr-^congrcgatipns'jfor ticir.ministers'..--;'. -' ..' . ':1:
. "Apply to y->yr pcitmsster.- or write',- postage free.'.to S.-.T.-Eittedo'/Sup*!--
jntender.t .cf.Anatr.iies. Ottawa; fornew !>ookltt and 6ther informatioa desired. -
State sex and asfc last birthday.-' '���-:.",;-.,,. ,;   :.-.-;' -'V. :-���;..---. ���.',' ������'"-..''���:���.' ,-;���������
''*****+$ i-#^ ����������� ���������!���
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties
Cedar Eoles, arid Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands. For Sale. List your lands
with me,'   Have a buyer for good rinch
Dealer in .Second-hand Furniture
""   -and Clothes, Metals, Sacks, .-
" ._'  ,-:. Horses, r.Cattle,/.Etcl-.. .'?/
;S.e'nd;;/a' Float to your frie��ds.^at
on'ce^ Cv-v5rou//{carj;/tret /.-iheini.'.'/at'
The; Ledge office
Synopsis pf
Land Act Amendments
Minlmun.*prlce  of  flrst-olass  land
' reduced to %5 an acre; second-olaea to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined tOiJsur-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which Is rion-tlmber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but eaoh making
necessary Improvements on' respective
claims. : 0.
Pre-emptor�� must occupy claims for;
Ave years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
���Where pre-emptor In occupation not
less than 3 years, and has; made proportionate improvements, he may,, because of ill-health,'or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without5 permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of.
$$00 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
��� or record same will operate ��� as for- ���
jelture. Title cannot be obtained in
'e/8.AhaB 6 y**"1. and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
rarm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.        a
UnsUrveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling resl-
���lal ana Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas   exceeding   640   acres   may   be
,??.? ty ono Person or company.
MMiU, factory or industrial sites on
timber land   not   exceeding   40  acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows" inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of coat of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made.       ��� ('s'
> ACT.
^JiJl5-BC<W* ��' mi* f91 ta "nlarged to
int with His.Majesty'* Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
Of -a- deoeased pre-emptpr may apply
for title under this Aot is eitended
from for one year from the death of
���-o, JP**r*?u' M .formerly, until one'
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege la al��o made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
.. due or payable ^y ioldier. on ' pre-
emptione recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued due and been paid since August
��, uu, on account of payments, feet ���
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
aiSL-'S *** l0",>��M by members of
Allied Foroes,-or dependents, acquired
dlreot or Indlreot, remitted frori/enlistment to March $1, mo. ���> ���
Provision made for issuance ' of
Crown pants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of oondltlons of purchase, interest and Use*. Where sub-put-chas-
ers do not claim whole of original, parcel, Purchase Brloe due and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionately   over
made'bFJk ^Wt ^  *
QRAZINO. * " ' f
./ Gnulng Act 191J for systematic
development of livestock industry provides for graalng districts and range
administration under Commissioner
Annual grazing permits issued 'based'
on numbers ranged; priority for established' -owners.- Stock-owners may
form Associations for range manage-
,ment. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, uo
to ten head. ���  ��� .    ���
The Consolidated Mining & Smeltii Co.
of Canada, Limited   -~
,   OflSces, Smelting and Refining Department  .
Purchasers of Gold, Silver,' Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    oi    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   kueslone,   Pig  Lead   and.Zinc
''"' "TADANAC" BRAND i��. \ ��� :  ���: ���
(Excert Optician)
GRADUATE   "''..���.
K. W. C Block      "-.'.-'    Nelson
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
OroyiHe Trains
Autos for Hire/The finest
Turnouts In the/Boundary
Light and Heavy; Drayirig
Palace   Livery  And  Stage
\        GREENWOOOD/B.C.       /
X>*'ffr*4'*��l'4''4'4''4' 4��4��4'4��.*^44'*^:*-ft.*
nelson, BX.
The only up/to/date Hotel in the intefior,
in every respect, -
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
eachroom-      <
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
... .   Steam Heated; Electric lighted..
RATES $1.00 per day and up; European Plan..
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
For G
e 1910
g ���Economy and Satisfaction ^
g combined with Promptness 3
p are the features which go to ||
p make up the Service we give 3
g our customers.     Are  you Jf
S one of them? 3
B =====-     ' ���-^= ~;  ��� =s
^��> ��� ".' . -~s
By.-. Letterheads, Noteheads,       ��
S^: {Ruled or Plain)" , ^3
&���; Envelopes, Billheads, ^
s=:r..;.._. ._:.-_-..-.. -r;:(Aii Sizes) ���������-----���������--- -. -        -.        S"
g Statements, Business Cards, ^
g Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. H
I The Ledge      PHQNE 29      j
g     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department   g
< i Th^ Mineral Province of Western Canada   /
���': .;���.���"...'.".   TO Ef4D OF:DECEMBER; 1*19:
,    Has prodaced Minerals valued as folibws:   Placer-Gold, $76,722,603; Lode
Gojdy 8100,272,431; Silver, $50,432,304; Lead 843,821,106; Copper, $153,680,965;
Other Metals (Zinc,  Iron;  etc.), $16,818,487;  Coal/and Coke,.  $199,123,323;
Bnikluig Stone,  Brick. ;Cem
$785,918; making. it�� Mineral PrqdncM.on,to the end of 1919 show an
Aggregate Value of $i
1919- $3m96M
The  Mining  La^s of this Province are more liberaUand the fees lower,
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,  or any colony in the British
Empire. .
Mineral locations are granted to diecoverers for nominal fees.
AbEolnte Titles are  obtained  by, developing each properties, the security *;:
:.Of .which iBgaaran^d;bj.Cr6wn;Granfe!./ y,:^.^'}^yS[~y!.i::.'"-;'y  '..��'--���' -'-"'/''.���"'��� -~;y'.:"";
: / ;;Fnll information, together; with mining Repoi:lia and Maps, may be obtained V /    /;
gratis by:addr^ingT^v. .-. /   ..y'X. ���'���'"���-.; ���-""-!'.""-."/:'.-' ""'.'���^'"--^'���^A'-.':7'^ ''���"'"��� /v.'-: ~-fi-~)~'y '"������ ;;:'>V/--'
ftS^/ ;��:0ry. '^M ���vfe^/-j��>:^^ICT0mA;;;.Britisii Xolumfcia.. /:


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