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The Ledge Jan 8, 1920

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Vol.   XXVr:
1 ft I
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it witli some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
v     .   and dining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
^mfmi?mmmm!i!mff?mmmmm?wmmmmmm mm
Just Arrived
Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
all   kinds   of   Nuts
Phone 46       LEE & BRYAN
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
No. 26
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 JOHN MEYER,      -      -      Proprietor.
i buy;and sell any mining
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson,*B.C
Laco Tungsten Lamps
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$1.25 each,
60 Watts
100    "
200   "
*   t>
?   *   *
$1,25 each
2.00 ��
3.50 ��
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for Winter
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order from selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
and repaired
Skins"dressed and mounted.at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks. Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
j Around Home!
Bob Halcrow went to Vancouver on Monday morning.
Fresh oysters and crabs on sale
at the Windsor Hotel.
W. E. George arrived in the
city last week from the Slocan.
H. R. Bidder is 'iu the employ
of the smelter at Tacoma, Wash.
Rae Lane, of Grand Forks, was
visiting friends in town this
Miss M. Keady left Greenwood
on Tuesday to attend school in
The Kettle River club will hold
a Dance in Riverside Hall on January 16th.
Spokane parties-' will open the
United Empire coal mine at
Ingersoll watches, Radiolite
wrist watches, Waltbam watches
at McElmon's.
Boundary G. W. V. A.
At the regular meeting of the
Boundary G. W. V. A., held in
the Club Rooms last Friday, tbe
fotlowing were elected for the current six months:
Past President, H. Rolston.
President, T. Hartley.
1st Vice-President, Jno. Finlay.
2nd Vice-Pres., W.   M. Wilson.
.Sec-Treas., A. N. Mowat.
Executive committee, McMynn,
Murray ancl Carlson. H. Bryan
was appointed auditor.
Tho Boundary branch ie growing
fast, new members coming in every
week and it is hoped that before
spring every returned man in the
district will be signed up. Much
valuable work is being doneand
the Dominion and-Provincial commands are well pleased wifeh the
Boundary branch.
tr *il
IWestern Float.}
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We   Always   Show  The  Newest  First
Tasty meals and comfortable roomB.    Meals served at^any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.,   Soft drinks, cigars'and cigarettes.
Pool hall in connection.
A Good Investment   I
, iTPHE money you save earns interest
A when deposited m our Savings
Department, and both principal and
interest are safe and can be obtained whenever required. Open an
account to-day.
PAID-UP CAPITAL      -       *       $15,000,000
RESERVE FUND .        -       $15,000.000'
GREENWOOD BRANCH, t. ��. Brawders, Manager.
_^Jn Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods'senbupon request
Watch repairing attemlccTto in a prompt
- and efficient manner. .-    ',  .
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
 10 fpr_$_l .50 postpaid	
Largest   line   sheet   music   in--interior
of B. C.
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
Stock Ranches Wanted
I have enquiries for Stock Ranches
from buyers in the East, call and List
your properties with me.
Real Estate & Insurance.
A Bright Boy
Merchant���"Did you deliver my
meesage to Mr. So.ith?"
Boy���"No, sir; he was out, and
the office was locked np."
Merchant���"Well, . you didn't
wait for him as I told yon?"
Boy���"There was a notice on
the door saying, 'Return at once';
so . I came back as quick as I
New stock of -Mitts, Gloves,
Socks, Woolen Underwear Fla-
nelettes. etc.    G. A.Rendell.
The latest styles of Signet
Rings in ' solid 14k go\i for
Misses, Ladies or Gentlemen at
John Skilliug is'; a resident of
Coltern, where he is on shift at
the Emma mine.    '
H. C. Lucas is back at his desk
in the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Princeton.
E. Jacobs the well known mining writer^ is now located at
Morenci, Arizona. ���
Mrs S. Fretz and daughter.
Miss Annie V. Fretz, are on a
trip to Vancouver."
R. C. Porter, of.Medicine  Hat,
is negotiating. for   a   1000-acre
tract near Rock Creek,
Finnan Haddie, ^Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at Ren-
^ell's-store^.GreeKwoOjd. ^.v ��� Jr>
After spending the holidays iti
Trail,'Sanford Pond returned to
Greenwood on Monday.
Miss E. M.���Vladoyano, has returned to the city, from a three
weeks' holiday in Trail,
George Clerf is opening a
plumbing shop in the building
known as the old post office.    .
- Jap Oranges, nuts, raisins, figs,
dates, grapes, candv, at Rendell's Store, Greenwood, B.C.
A fully supply of Royal Household flour, wheat, shorts, bran,
oats, etc., on hand. G. A. Rendell.     .
G. B. Grieve of the Bank of
Commerce^ staff, is ill in the
Grand Forks hospital with, ton-
Just received at McElmon's,
some nice goods in the jewelry
line. Suitable for the holiday
After being the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. G. A. Read ell for a few
days, Mr. aud Mrs. D. McKay, of
Winnipeg, left for Penticton on
. R. B. Masterton and H. M.
Stramberg, returned last week
from Spokane, where they were
during the holidays.
Dr. W. H. Wood, of Penticton,
will arrive in Greenwood, today,
accompanied by Dr. Barclay,
who may remain here.
Mrs. A. N. Docksteader went
to Spokane ou Tuesday,'having
been called there ou account of
the death of a brother.
The Windsor Hotel has eights
in' boxes of 10, 25 aad 5��,. for
the holiday season; ~*M$& special
beer in pints and quarts.
For that,, nasty cough -get a
bottle of Recall's Syrup of White
Pirierlaod Tar at Goodeve's Drug
The Grand Forks Sawmills,
Limited,' has purchased the sawmill of the Graud Forks, Lumber
Co., Ltd., at Lynch creek. The
new company has also bought
timber limits in that section and
it is understood that the mill will
be operated at its present site,
for a time at least.    This com-
Why Catch Cold?
Many people seem to think that
colds, so-called, are part and parcel of life's regime, that it is no
use trying to avoid them.
It should be borne in mind that
'colds are seldom acquired by cold
weather, else aviators and Arctic
explorers would have a succession
of them and seldom be free. The
place to escape colds ie the Arctic
or Antartic.
Colds are almost invariably
transmitted from person to person,
and the'main thing to do is to
keep oneself in a coid-reeisting
state of health and spirits. Fresh
air is a certain specific against cold.
To sleep with the window" ."open
even if a gale is blowing is also a
good rule.
A Generous Judge
Priponer���-Your houor, I inherit
this larcenous habit. My father
was a grafter and my mother was a
pliotograper. I can't help taking
Judge���Then take seven years at
Small pox is prevalent among
the Indians near Chilliwack.
A post office will be opened at
Christina Lake in a few months.
The Hudson Bay store at Fort
St. James was completely destroyed
by fire, recently.
The fruit and produce shipped
by freight from Kelowna, in 1919,
totalled 82,000,000.
The police magistrate's salary in
Grand-Forks has been raised from
825 to 850 monthly.
Tbe North Vancouver ferries
operated at a loss of 82,703 during
the month of November.
* Sir William Osier, Bart, noted
Canadian physician, died in Oxford, Eugland, ou Dec. 29.   '
During October, 87,251 autos
were assembled at theFord Motor
company's home shops in Detroit.
The Baston Transcript says,
there is no cold cream that will
keep away wrinkles so successfully
as the milk of human kindness.
Four tons of automobile license
plates will be required to supply
the demand at the New Wsstmin-
ster office of the provincial police
in 1920.
In Oroville an announcement recently appeared on a dance poster
that "no person nnder tho influence of liquor will be allowed in
the hall."
Saskatchewan made a big cleanup at the International Hay and
Grain Show at Chicago winning
fourteen out of twenty-five prizes,
including in spring wheat classes
the first six prizes.
- ^��a^Qbors,woriang on Jhe,dismantling of ^Great- NoiThern^oii
the Phoenix branch, were,forced
to pay the'poll tax. The government was enriched by so doing to
the extent of 8250.
Muskrat skins are commanding
high prices these days, as in the
east recently they were .selling for
a�� high as 83.75 each. In 1915
the best rat skins were selling for
55 to 60 cents each.
Mining News
Canada produces 80  per cent of
the nickel used in the world.
The Trail smelter handled 320,-
000 tons of ere and concentrates,
during the past year.
At present silver price, carload
shipments from the Utica in the
Slocan, run as high as 88,000.
Since the Granby commence operating, .this well known mining
company has paid out 810,761,438
in dividends.
, -..'il
The Ottawa mine,  near Slocan,
City, which is under lease to A. L.
McPhee   and  associates,   will   increase its working force.
It has been officially announced
that the Nickel Plate mine at Hedley will continue operations very
shortly, instead of shutting down,
as was intended.
Charles F. 'Caldwell reports the
opening up'oHive*feet,6f clean'ore
in the upper workings of the Bell,
on the South Fork of Kaslo creek,
the strike being made recently.,
The Association of Professional
Engineers of British Columbia is
applying for incorporation under
legislation to be known as "The
British'Columbia Engineering Profession Act."
J. D. Galloway, for six years
prominently connected with the
provincial department of mines has
accepted an offer from a New York
company, to undertake important
reconaissance work in Southern
Mexico.       X    '.
at Smelter lake,
Public Meeting
A Public Meeting will be held in
the City Hall on Friday, Jany 9feh
at-8 o'clock-p.mTT to"discuss civic
matters and to nominate persons
for 1920 Couucil, School Board and
Police Commissioner. It is important that ratepayers attend this
Ladies and childrens fancy
handkerchiefs in boxes or
or single, a wide range to select
from; also some yery pretty runners, tea cloths, tray cloths, etc.
G. A, Reudell.
The Card Party and Dance
given by the Rebekah's ou New
Year's Eve, was largely attended
and thoroughly enjoved by all
present. The first part of the
evening was spent stt cards, after
which refreshments were served.
The partv was brought to a close
with a Dance and tbe merry
throng kept daucing until an
early hour of tbe new year.
"- If reports are true Greenwood
is due for a big mining boom in
the near future. During tbe
past few days rumors have been
going the rounds, which seem to
have some foundation, that a
wealthy company has bought up
all the mines around Deadwood
and that diamond drilling- is
shortly to be started. The
mountain will be tunnelled from
a point near the C. P. R. station.
Further reports state that a,concentrator will be built. ''Where
there is smoke there is fire" from
this rule the writer takes it that
pany will also build a box facto.-y Greenwood's prospects never look-
____. A     ��?________  ___.? ��-��_��      ?_f-A> 4 *���-.*
ed so bright ia years.
During 1919 approximately 232
tons of surplus honey were extracted by the.beekeepers of the Kootenays. The output had a value of
813,93S at a wholesale market price
of 30 cents a pound.
A Canadian court has just held
thatj'finder" isnot ^'keeper!.' _ap a
largenumber'of people think. A
Regina boy found a watch and
pawned it. His youth saved him
from the penitentary.
The Hon. John Keen has greatly
improved in health,"":and expects to
leave Toronto for his home in
Kaslo early this month. Mr.
Keen, Speaker of the British
Columbia Legislature, has been
in a Toronto hospital for some
months past following an operation.
Two women were recently arrested in New York for having
unmuzzled dogp. In ,the police
court it was made known that the
two women had lived in the U. S.
for 15 years and because they
could not understand the- English
language their fines were doubled.
The I. O. D. E. of Grand Forks,
will donate a flag for each classroom in the public school of that
city, for the purpose of instruction
as to- its meaning and what it
stands for with a view to inculcating a spirit, of patriotism. This
move should, be followed by all
schools iu the province.
The grave of Father Pat (Rev.
Henry Irwin) the great pioneer of
the Boundary-Kootenay conntry ie
in a sadly negelected state. Father
Pat died in fehe Notre Dame hospital'at Montreal, having beeu
found in a frozen condition walking
towards that city. His body was
brought west and buried at Sapper-
ton near New Westminster. A
fund was recently opened in Rossland feo raise a small capital sum
the interest of which will be applied in the care of his grave in
���        �� 'if
:.��' ^oi'k^onjh^ljnperiaj^^rpup^ on
Prosperine"Mountain near Barkerville, is being vigorously, prosecuted, with three tunnels<Tbeing
driven and a shaft being sunk.
TheJCanada Mines Corporation has'
this property under bond:
The Northwest Mining Truth
aaya: "Highland Valley Mining
& Development, operating^the old
Chataway _group, 30 milee from
Ashcroft, British Columbia, has a
small crew at work on the property. The work in hand consists
of putting through of a raise,
which will provide improved ventilation in the mine, and make
additional development by shaft
easier and less costly of accomplishment.���As soon-as" the_rais���Ti8~
completed, * it is planned to start
The Florence mine afe Ainsworth, resumed operation last
week, after being shut down for
several week, owing to a freeze up
early in December. A new body
of ore that would be termed high
grade milling ore was struck just
before the shut down, in the middle of the great lime dyke in the
left drift from the main tunnel.
The new shoot has a width of eight
feet. This mine has a 300-ton concentrator and in all about 40
men are,employed at the mine and
mill. R. H., Hewer is tho mine
Mines being developed in the
Portland Canal district, may equal,
if not exceed, in value and importance the great gold producing properties of the Klondike of 20 years
ago, says J. L. McPherson, , manager of the Alaska bureau of the
Seattle Chamber of Comamrce.
Ore estimated worth approximately
'030,000,000 has' been exposed by
development work in- the Premier
mine, the largest mine in tho district, in whicji big discoveries were
made in 1919. The Premier mine
is in British Columbia, aboufe one
mile from the Portland canal,
which separates fehe poufehern tip of
the Alaska "panhandle" from
Canada. The Premier is owned by
R- K. Neill of Spokane, W. E.
Wilson and Trites & Wood of Ferr
nief and a Guggenheim corporation.
A half interest in it is elsimed in a
suit against Neili brought' by M,
W. Bacon of Los Angeles, Csl.
* Jr'"
*J -��
t \.l'
! 5'
. .    ������rv'
.^ - _v_-
- r-.- -L~'h._S��kK3 Iff^-ig^gg^x^pg^^^g
I .!���'!^'"; v
f-<-r > r-> it< V"Ytt"/-\ ,-vj-^
banning Work ol 1920
The need of briiiehsiT tlu- volume-
of production front the fields, Lhc forests, the fisheries, the mines unci tlie
manufacturing industries of Canadti
to the highest possible point [his year,
utul in succeeding years, is so clearly
recognized by r-uulenis of world nuance iind economies that it is not to be
wondered at that ihey are so insistently preaching the, gospel of greater
production. There is danger, however,
that this constant dwelling npon lhe
need and duty of greater production
may cause a feeling ot" impatience and
resentment among those who arc engaged   iti   productive   work   and   who
I thc world's highest prices. Unlike
producers   of  some  articles   ot   com-
: rncrcc, thcy need entertain no fear of
their products being a drug on the
market, or of facing thc necessity of
selling at slaughter or bargain counter prices.
There is another reason why maximum food production will be good
nisincss tor Canadians, individually
and collectively, in 1920. Not only
are. thcy assured of adequate markets
and good prices for all thcy can produce, but heavy production and largc
exports will enable them io buy more
cheaply abroad. Canadians, of necessity, must buy largely in the United
States.    Wc. buy far more from    that
j country than we sell to it. To thc
extent thai our exports to the United Slates fail ip balance our imports
from that country we must pay in
good hard cash. Because of the adverse balance of trade against us thc
et't'eci has beeu for somc time past
that it takes aboul. $108.00 to $110.00
ot Canadian money to pay for every
SHHI.III) worth uf goods purchased by
t.'aiiaila iti the United Statcs. This
enormously increases lhc cost ol* everything; American bought by a Canadian fanner. It increases the price
he pay?, for machinery, for oils, for
boots and shoes and eloihin
increasing production of those things
from our farms, forests, fisheries and
mines whieh thc 'United Slates requires, wc can increase our exports j Catarrhozone.
and thus remove I hi
Nasty Throat Droppings
Catarrhal Discharges
Quickly Cured
By |
Doctors recommend Catarrhozone;
it is nature's own
cure. It drives out
the germs, heals
sore spots, cleans
away cvery vestige
of Catarrhal taint.
You ��cnd the
joothing vapors of
the pine woods, the
richest balsams and
healing essentials,
right to thc cause of
your cold by inhaling Catarrhozone.
Little drops of wonderful curative power arc distributed
tli rough the whole
breathing apparatus
by thc '������ air, you
breathe. Like a miracle, that's how Catarrhozone cures
bronchitis, catarrh,
colds and irritable
throat. You simply
breathe its healing
fumes, and every
trace of disease flees
ns before fire.
So safe, infants
can use it, so sure
(o    relieve,    doctors
Airman Discovers
Ancient City
Wouid Never Piave Been Noticed on
The Level
Lieut.-Col. J. A. Beaslcy gives in
the Geographical Journal an interesting example of how photography
from an airship can extend our knowledge. When making an aerial re-
conaissance in Mesopotamia over territory occupied by ,the Turks, he took
a scries of photographs near Samarra,
which shows distinctly the ruins of an
ancient city extending twenty miles
along the Tigris River and two miles
and a half wide, largc enough to shelter casi'y 4,000.000 inhabitants. This
city would never have been, noticed
on thc level, since it is not marked
by anything but scattered hillocks,
although pottery and medals had been
discovered on the site. But the photographs show clearly its whole plan,
with its fortifications, canals for irrigation   and   streets.
prescribe it, so beneficial   in   preventing  winter  ills
no, person  can alFord  to do without
Used in thousands of ��� ^    . ���    ,-. . . ,      , ���        , ., ,
handicap which  cases without failure.    Complete out-1Captaln Cooper takes his palette and
Paints While He Flies
A   new   type   of  painting  is   being
introduced in the galleries in England
now by a member of the Royal Air
Force.    The   paintings   arc  by   Capt.
A.  E.   Cooper,  made  while  flying  in
a lighter-lhan-air machine over various      picturesque   spots   in   England,
that | Many pictures of flying subjects, have
, been   painted   on   the   ground.       But
: some women
jo iwoia Operations
Mrs. Etta DorioHjTof Ogdensburg, Wis., says 5
is now
of our
iOil Development Prospects
operating to thc disadvantage. "t  $1.00,   lasts   three   months,  and  is
,>,.���.,i. X  ,i,��� ,���,,,���,. ���r ,1,^,. iguaranteed to cure; smaller size 50c,
people m  tlic matter ot  ttieo '���..   ,    , .,     '/���  .      . ~
, all dealers, or the Catarrhozone Co.,
purchases, much  the same as  a vcrv i ICi-tcston Ort
feci   that  thcy  understand  lhcir duty j ,u!l?tanli.U ilK.rcasc j,, the protective  '      ^'       ' ���-	
and    appreciate    tlicir    opporlunil.es j a,slonls tar;ff wmllfl 0���cratCi !
just  as   hilly   as   do   professors,   edi-j    Tlles., ;u.e purcly busiucS3 ;uu!  ec 	
tors,  politicians  and   financial     mag-. ,���..,.,,,,;,. ,,,.,ifl,,-s. ,,-, k~ f.,i->��� ;���i��� rml
..Jjp- |Onomic. m.utus to bc taken into con-;���Thor0ugh  Investigation of  Oil Pos-
' stdcration,   not onlv  bv   farmers,  but1 c.n-.;i;t;��c ,������  ��.!,���  w.,.*���..,
i?.,.....���,.,   ���     n.,,-.;,.������,.,..   .,,.,.  <;..i.  ,,;:,        ,, . \    -,       ,    .      , sibUmes in. the  Western
1 Annus,  m  p..itiun.i.,  aic suk  ot , 1)y  r.u   1>ro(-inc0..p     -m  Canada  in   the! p- ,,
hearing  lectures and   reading articles   ,.i....���;.,��� ,-,r  ,\..-.;,-  ,,-nr1-  iVr  ilir. v,Wi !
pomtinc-  out   to   tl.,,-   ihcii" dutv  i,Jl      "   ?. , V Since   the  termination  of  the  war,
l>oiuung   out    io   it.ciii   men    uui\    in i .|.in..   uhie i   we have now entered ��� . . ....
this   matter.     What   they   are   much j   ' ' [resumption of interest and activity in
more concerned about is the inaiigura-l r��?iriT?H AT'/'    svrnn* V
tion of policies by the Federal Gov-! KHLUitlAiil    YWtlt
ernment which will have a practical
effect in increasing agricultural production by making it reasonably possible lor the workers ou the land to
secure thc necessary machinery
capital   to   enable   theui     to   incre
their operations. {impuniies, thus setting up
tct��� ,,   ,i.,i��� ��� ���  (  ii-,,       .- i ition iu the muscles and joints.
'brush into the/air. He has been astonishingly successful in his work, as
the pictures attest. "Edinburgh Castle From the. Air," is described by
critics as "quite wonderful"; his
"Aberdeen from R-29" is another
one called an exceptional painting.
"I suffered from female troubles which caused piercing pains
like a knife through my back and side. I finally lost all my
Btrength so I had to go to bed. The doctor advised an operation
but I would not listen to it. I thought of what I had read about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and tried it. The first)
bottle brought great relief and six bottles have entirely cured me.
Ail women who have female trouble of any land should try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
How Mrs. Boyd Avoided an Operation,
. Canton, Ohio.���"I suffered from a female trouble which f  "%
caused me much suffering, and two doctors decided that
I would have to go thrquglfan operation before I could
get well.
"My mother, who had been helped by Lydia E.Pinfc
ham's Vegetable Compound, advised me to try it before submitting to an operation. It relieved mof rom
my troubles so I can do my house work without any .
difficulty. I advise any woman who is afflicted with
female troubles to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege-1
table Compound a trial and it will do as much / _^��"T-'f-tT
for them."���Mrs.-Haeie Boyd, 1421 5th &tf[ /f   f,X>
' i #b-
Evenj Sick Woman, ShdiglA
Thirty Deaths Froni Razor
A physician in Chicago statcs
thirty deaths have resulted from paring corns with a razor.    Avoid -blood
Third-Rail System
In Belgium
Will ii-v Employed Except in Switching  Stations
The   Belgian   Railroad  Department
oil      discovery      ancl^     development J poisoning, by applying Putnam's Corn . is actively continuing its program of
throughout Western Canada has been;mid Wart Extractor. Purcly veget-
! very keen. Oii was first struck in Al-!able. Painless and sure is Putnam's
jbcrta al Okotoks, near Calgary, Octo-
;Can  Only Find Relief By Enriching j bcr 5^^ 1913-.  In  thc Alberta fields,
! the Blood i particularly  in   thc   Calgarv  Okotoks
.,1,ri|11Rll1L'um:lti!!,1n '? a dis01',llcr ,Df    tjie! sector, where for some ycars     there
���UKl blood.    . tt attacks   people when    the,, , . ,.       x, .
blood   is  overcharged   with   acid   and'havc bccn     Pa>',nB wclls-     therc  has
thus setting up inilamma-i��ccn   persistent  and  continuous  pro-
Extractor, 25c at all dealers.
Ancient Gias Statues
electrification^ the.iirst line to be tried
being that between Antwerp and
Brussels. The experiment will be
made on a passenger service. A subcommittee, organized by the Minister
Made of Green-tinted Glass of Local of Railroads, has decided on the style
Manufacture ; of cars-to be used and contracts will
Evidence  that  the   manufacture  of'soon  bc   ready-    The   third-rail   sys-
Alberla's..Final y'
1919 Crop Returns
Total Wheat Yield of the Province Is
Put at 4,283,503 Bushels   ���
A final report on the crop and livestock returns for Alberta has just
been received from Ottawa, representing a detailed compilation of the 1919
figures agreed upon jointly by the
Dominion statistical bureau and the
Alberta department of agriculture..
The total wheat ;yicld of the province is put at 4,2S3,503 bushels, and
the oat crop at 3,209,544 bushels. For
Czechs Do Not
Want Charles
will do otherwise than .welcome in-j
formation from authoritative sources!
indicating thc magnitude;:, of the opportunity now open to farmers, livestock producers, and others engaged
in various branches of food production. Like all good business men, thc
farmer must welcome information relative to the industry in which hc is
engaged.    ��� ; -. -. .".-      ���'-��� - '���
Since writing the'article .whieiw appeared in this column .last week, certain   events, have - transpired   .whicl
intelligent faVmer W���,^��� '^m'"JXi^t,,��� \ g'"CSS 1^dfVel��pm?n\dUring -1'^ SUm"! glass in Ceylon is no novelty has been  tem  will  be  employed"     except..-in j barley  the  figures  arc 414,212  bush-
imer, which recently bore fruit" in the i ,."���
.   , ., . r    .,  . ���        ��� ,    1 discc.
weather  or  cold  weather  of  autumn
mav start thc tortures of rheumatism,   _,. -i.��������� ���c    ..  ��� ��� L,
but" is not thc cause. Thc cause is in I f ,,kmg ��. ��1.1 J" ^,n?w wcl1 on thc
the blood and thc blood only. Victims I Alberta-Illinois holdings near Nan-
of this malady have every reason to I ton. This well is producing from 40
fear .the first dull ache in  the limbs  to 60 barrels pcr day and increasing
aud joints, followed by sharp pains
through the flesh and muscles; these
are the symptoms, of poison in thc
blood whicli may shortly leave the
victim painraeked and helpless.
Therc is only one way to cure rheumatism, and that is through'thc blood.'
Liniments,, hot. applications' and rubbing- may give, temporary case, but
cannot possibly root  thc  trouble out
rapidly in capacity.
, Thc Imperial Oil Company, which
for thc past few years has had the
best geologists and oil experts procurable investigating prospects in Al-
bertaj has been induced, as the' result
of these experts' .reports, to invest
$2,000,000 in the introduction of drill-
I discovered by Dr. P. E. Pieris, in the
Jaffna   Peninsula.       The  doctor  discoursed on his discoveries at a recent Iactual trials are not expected to take
meeting of the Ceylon branch of the!Place bcfore the end of 1921, owing
Royai Asiatic  Society.    He  declared
switching   stations,   where   the   over-1 cis;   rye> '83,804;   flax,   80,690.       The
head trolley will.be employed.    The 'timothy   crop   was  277,912  tons,  and
other kinds of tame hay 155,384 tons.
wells .covering various sections of the
country from the Okotoks'field to
Peace River.. '    -- - "
,--,,,-,,,.���. ,  /'or. the  system.    That .can ��� only     be i itjrr outfits, and commencing on twelve
-  only .-.del torce lo what was there s!at-.j(]0ne by the.rich, red blood which Dr. - b
. ed. .     Henry  R.. Thomson,   who "was! Williams? Pink Pills    actually make..
chairman of" the Canada' Food Board i Tllis i'.eu/blood drives-out the-poison-;
a,,..;,,* iuX ,..:..   X^c :. ...   -��� 1 ".    r      I ons acids aiid impurities, and thc rheu-
dunng the wai, has returned to Can-|-malism disanpea;.s; ;lf ;:0H arc a -suf.
.ada'after, ppciulmg  eight   month-s-jn j.fcrer f com "this painful malady, begin
Iiuglan'd - witli the Canadian- Trade j.curing yourself today by the use of
-Commission, and lie brings "firsthand j Dr- Williattis' Pink I'ills, and see how'
'.information as to thc demand fo.r food j so-0'1   tlle- I,alns   and   'tlfTncss   oI  tlle
products in the O.ld. Land. Mr. Thorn- jencrgv' and new h.calth.
son is of the bpiuionithat-tliefarnicrs
Aviator's  Spewed  Record. .
.  A.speed of-approximately 226 miles
an  hour    was reached- ��� by. Sadi  Lc-
' joints,fade_away, Icaymg behind   new  cointe, the French .aviator, in an officially tiritcd airplane ..test.      Mr. Lc-
.Vou    can get Dr.  \Mlliams'    Pink
]3o_ j I'ills..from any medicine dealer, or by
imail at".50 cents:a. box, or six boxes
for, $2.50,-from, - The   Dr.- Williams'
aud- livestock producers /of   tlie
million have thc chance- of their lives
to establish themselves-iit special lines j^ledkiue Co.,-Brockviile, Ont
���against all comers in the' British.mar--!-..-X .      y    -^yy���: :- .,,
kcts."   Canadian' bacon,  he! says,'has
.established itself (here atid commands
Thoughts of Life .
I..  Notice" that two-thirds of
-a-better price than the United Stales: tion'.' consists', of "Mblirir
.'product.--Of beef.; the United "King-
��� 'dom- -imports , five - hundred   million
hundredweights a.year, and if Canadian exports were.increased" , twenty
.times il would only .Just--fill-British'"
"requirements",,    not..to speak:'  . of lhc
���   great, continental   European   market's
- vvhich -will -probably-1 be- lopeiicd- - this
/year.  Tn 1920,-he. reports, .;GrcaL Bri^.
tain -will-, require two'-au'd a half bil-
Jion eggs, wliilc-- -tlic-'largest; export"
.   froin the'Dominion in-any-one-year
'. only totalled /forty-five million.���'.. ������ ���-'-"
- -The embargo on -Canadian/...'wheat
- . shipments, -to .the ;t'uitcd -Statcs  has
bccir raised "by the. XYashington gov--
^.crnnic'nt, 'and  one' of .-the-'immediate
��� results is" the salb-of many millions cf
.'. bushels across^ the linc.vby- the- Canada
" "Wheat Board; and... the' raising,of "tlic:
���price -to- Canadian .millers- from .$2.30'
������- to- _$2;80 a bushel; with- Corresponding.
'. . increases :tn. the price'of flour and;of
-.  bread -to'the -Canadian- people.. But;it.
"means/a better-price-to the-Canadian'
;'��� '.wheat- ���, grower -' aiid gives Increased
' value. 16 'the. wheat ���participation certificates, held . by-;.liiifi-   It.' would' like-
/;-.wise "seem;tb foreshadow a.good-price
-Tlicrc is a better, market for smiles1
than- frowns.        --",.'   .-���
Tlic only infliicncc worth having is
the influence" you 'yourself"create.  ' '-
'-There is no'higher rank- than that
of worker! -.No"' title can ever make
a-.loafer a.noble-man.-/" ' "������"'.
" There niusrbc""oulp'ut before there
caii/be- iiiconic.- /������ -���'... - - "-- -''-;."/
, ."iPcfc'atis often a spur to victory. _;
��� /The .best reward.is sense or-Worthy
;'achi,evcincnL���'.-: ....,'/-  ",  -/-'" ."���;"���-���
���. Good time's';f6r'.all can, only" be.'tlie
product ofgood- work?by all.���Forbes,
Magazine.   '-  .���'���    .-    ���-,"   ' '���.",.-'"���'"-'  :.
cointc", who holds the. French, record
; for height.and broke-the French speed
record    last September,   ."covered the
distance of a kilometer at an average
j speed of 307,255 kilometers (about' 190
1 miles) art hour, while - during some
! seconds.of: his/flight    he reached    a
speed of-364.5 kilometers (226 miles)
he had found glass beads and glass
fragments which proved the antiquity
of thc Ceylon glass -industry and
which, by their greenish hue, ' explained in his opinion the constant
references in ancient Sinhalese works
to emerald statues of Buddha. It was
quite clear from Dr. Pieris' description that the statues were iiot emerald, but were made of - green-tinted
glass,..which must have been of local
manufacture. The glass heads which
he'had, discovered were all of palpable
antiquity, for he' had found not only
beads which were bored with the
three holes converging inward in-the,
usual fashion, but. also beads which
were .not-so'-perforated..        '   -'
an hoiir.or about 3-;4 miles a minute.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if-PAJZO OINTMENT, fails to care Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles.. Stops Irritation;
Soothes and Heals.- -You can get restful
sleep after the first application. Price
60c.'-" ./   -;"-;' ���'   ������.."/''.'-'
Alaska's M;neral Production
' .'An advance statement by llie Geological-Survey gives the mineral-products of Alaska for 1919' "at? $18,850.-
000. The gold "produced, was $9.000;-
000,. and .since 1880,- .which marked
thc beginning oi" the mining industry
in Alaska, the gold produced-has totalled $437,400,000.-   .'       '    -V"   ���'���-"
German^Loan a Failure!
Newspapers Declare It Means' Defeat
.'���."'.���  of-Government..,,.'.
Many; '''of   the ��� Berlin   newspapers
Minard's .-Liniment,. Cures Garget in. gravely ...discuss' the ~" failure"  of'.'  the
premium loan, and '.'draw -the" -concha
sion -"that -its under-subscription-.denotes .-iittcr. lack- of, cpnfidciicc.. in. the
government'.   Sonic of lh'c-ncwspapcrs
tablislic'd'-about' a/'ycar-. ago..and- is
on' a "solid, financial  basis,  doing n'n'
exceptionally good .business.'   :AH its
for the-1920. wheat crop-, -aiid no'very. ofiiccrs-and; "dircctbrs^with; thc ."crc'ccp,-
-.-Yakima Indians Buy a: Bank Z 'y
; At' Wapalo.- Yakima'Gounty, Wash'
inglbii, is perhaps  the only ;-bank"-in ''blame Mathias; Er'zUcrgcr, Minister/of
thc United States owned 'and. control- j Finance,' .while, others declare that /it
led by  Indians. The .American. .Com-;.! means, -a defeat of.thc-govcrnrncnt,'-
nicrcial'"Ba;nk   in - the -center, of- thej '  The 7Dcuts,che\Tages'.7.citung calls
Yakhima Indiah:-.fescrvaiion,- -was; c.s- pit "Erzbcrgcf's .fiasco.'-''".  This "'news-
' A,, woman .is sure to be' troubled
with insomnia if her husband . talks
in-"his sleep.-  ...
to   the  amount  of   work   which--has
first-tp be accomplished.
Go  after  it  with   Sloan's .Liniment 'before it  gets7'"'
Apply a little, don't rub, let it penetrate, . and���good-by   twinge!      Same
for   external   aches,   pains,   -strains,
stiffness of joints  or muscles,  lameness, bruises
Alberta produced 45,848 bushels of
potatoes,, a  slight  increase   over   the
He Rolabci, 5500,000 Job. Offered Bj
American Paper
Former Emperor Charles of Aus>
tria and Empress Zita arc tired ol
remaining in Switzerland, according
to a telegram from Prague, and have
applied to Czecho-Slovak Government
for permission to reside in Prague.
Thc request was refused for political
One reason given for thc request
is that owing to the low rate of exchange in Switzerland the former
royal couple are receiving only one-
tenth of tlicir income from Vienna.
Empress Zita is reported to have been
forced to sell more of her jewels.
An  American  newspaper is  under
estimate   made   somewhat   earlier   in!stood lo have offered the former cra-
thc season.    New land acreage bro-jperor $500,000 for his reminiscences;
but, although financially embarrassed
hc refused.
ken this - year amounted to 583,063
acres, and the: area in summcrfallow
was; 1,717,747 acres.
The animal population of the province shows increases in sheep,-but
slight decreases .in .cattle. and swing.
The total number of cattle for-thc
year is placed, at 1,584,044, including
336;596 milch cows and 38,274 bulls.
Horses of all kinds totalled 800,380)
of which 318,050 arc mares and li,-
806 stallions,
Could Hardly Walk	
Without Resting
When you go to a physician to be
examined  for any heart  trouble one
Instant relief without tmissincss or      0thcr i;vcstock statistics arc given of the first questions he asks is: "Arc
soiled' clothing.      Reliable���the   big-, . ,. ,,, m     ,     ^     ^irosoiyou  short of breath?'
gest selling liniment year after year. | as . follows:   364,498 _ sheep,   445,8a8      ^ov, when  the heart becomes af-
Economical by reason of enormous
sales. Keep a big bottle ready at all
times. Ask your druggist.for Sloan's
Liniment. 35c, 70c, $1.40. Madc in
j swine,    3,987,131     chickens,    439,244
��� fowls of other kinds,
Women Prove Endurance
Earned   Distinction   Plowing   Land;
- Men-Refused to Touch    .    ���   1
The   war. has revealed    surprising;
The.rc will be-littic change in men's
wear tliis, winter particularly in the
pant's pocket.
.:; rapid- fall ;'tb' pre-war' prices.
' .'.Canadian farmers.have,'tlvcrctorc; a
., market .at'.hptiic and'abroad for all
-   the' things tlicy- can  produce, .and at
.tion."of the-cashier, arc Indians.
-The':most   welcome, caller  at' the
average front door- is. the-postman.
-". i
- i
i ���
supplies what ���"many
breakfast cereals lack
���solid nourishment including
the vital mineral salts so   ,
necessary to encourage
normal growth in children;
^ BodY~butlding food
wiF'jr'vrsrvrA'- yX v^K-yr.v-^-^, -
paper    points- out -tha.t-   it-...had liccn'
liopcil;. to ;obtain^"5,060,006,600 "."marks; !-
and that-as-half-tlie subscriptions will J
be., paid/in- war -Iban'sccurilics,' ���. ;lh'c.j.
'country;'will get only; r,900,0g'0,000. in).
caslii or enough to.keep '.the,-nation in",
operation "about;three^weeks.,'    -
.   The capitalists-nolpngcr have .anything for the nation.-.whi.ch.already is
approaching - bankruptcy,' 2J>iff- -Frejhit
asserts.; ��� It-adds that the- only..remedy is  Socialism, which  th'c -gov.crh-
-ment with the strong support of the
.majority- party is.doing'its'utmost to
.'delay.      ' -       .,'.--��� .
manual  dexteritv
ind- often -unsus-i ���- ���
peeled strength, in'niaiiy women.'Among -the.. English Land Army girls
decorated by Princess Mary is a high
proportion of motor-plow . women.
Naturally the work .is heavy,.and demands the-sturdiest endurance. ' One
woman, however, earned distinction
by -plowing' Cumberland .which men
refused to' touch"; and in" another
county'awards have been won by
thrce. women pii difficult; ���' sloping
ground; while the.-tractor average ^of
another; .working strenuously,for sixteen months,'doubled that of the men.
A' very .fiiic record, .'and . one .which
shows. that;-.when ��� the. necessity aris.es,
.English women- are as. handy/in - thc
fields as lhcir French'sisters1.'..      . ' ..
fected   there   ensues   a- feeling   of   a
choking     sensation,     a shortness  of
These   figures  are" based  upon  thc breath, palpitation, throbbing, irrcgu-
_.���    ^   ������.   1 1     >.   .1   ���t     r  i      1 lar    beating,   .smothering    sensation,
reports compiled by Doth the fcdcral   ,.    .    ���,    *":,   ���   ���.������!,    ���:���i,: ���n
, ... ... ��� dizziness   and   a   weak,   sinking,   all-
and provincial statisticians, which g0ne fcciing Qf oppression and 'anx-
have been checked up, revised and fm-icty.
ally adopted as complete and authen-' On the first sign of thc heart bc-
<:^    ��� -. ������.,.- ,    :*   ..���   1-   ' ��� a 'coining weakened or  the nerves un-
Uc, orasnear as U can1 bc uonc.    A    trung^ Milburn.8   Heart   and   Ncrvc
co-operative plan is in force between !p;p.s arc just the remedy you require,
the two governments in relation toi Thcy regulate and stimulate the heart
all crop and farming statistics, and;'"1'1** strei.gllicn and restore thc whole
the summary now.toha'nu is the rc-jucJ�� 7^n Grouse, East Clifford,
suit of .-the 1919 figures. ' j n.sv writes: "I suffered for five years
������-.- ' :-  ' 1 iviili  heart  trouble,    1  could   hardly
walk from the house to the barn without resting, as 1 used to get so short ,.
of breath. Doctors could not help
nic," My" wife" told""me_t<r"gct" a" box""
of Milburn's Heart and Nerve.Pills,
and I felt better after taking them:
three boxes made ine ..quite well.    I
-f_  -   _���    ���r .      t   ��� 7    ���        am now helping my son to work th��
face-pic of mysterious    complexion. f?m   and   clan Btrufhfu!ly  say  X  fccl.
like a different man."
Price 50c a box at all dealers, of
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
.. _By_Tbsir-Taste	
. "What kind of pie is that?" a patron iii a" Lamontc. restaurant is said
to have asked, pointing to  an open
The. small son of the proprietor, who
was waiting on the patron, stuck his
thumb into the edge' of thc pic, licked
it,, and replied: "Oh, it's pumpkin."
Just think how, fine it must be to live
in a littic old-fashioned town where
onc'still can' recognize a restaurant
pumpkin pie .by it's taste!���Exchange.
Ah Unusual Fruit Exhibit
Oranges-   grown    and    ripened    in
Western Canada are another and .uncommon proof of its  possibilities as'
a fruit growing" country.   .An orange I
grown at Tiixford, a small town about!
ten miles north of 'Moose' Jaw, Sas-j
katchewan, is being exhibited in  the.
.\vindow of a local store.   .The fruit,'
while- not .as large as the best Call-!
forinia products, is.considerably.larger
.than; the -Japane'se .varic-tv--Spd- appa'r-
c-iilly"pcrfectly formed..'' ������.'-'���������,....'. .".���-' .;;'.
"-:���: Pat: .-.Go --aisyi-: -Mikc;vit'5 .':'thrci
-mo!iesv.w"e;;have;beforc Zus.XX -���''���' Xy
...",;-MikeViSharej." that's V.rhy/O^n'liurry-
iii'l", Oi .want'.tp.'.get. there before.--O'ia
tired;'O'j.t^-Bc^ton'.T'rarjscfipt..:.- --,     .;���
[OST people! first, knew Dr
'ii.Chase   through .'hisXEe-
ceipt'-Bbbk. ��� Its reliability and
usefulness ��� mado .hini frienda
; eycry'v,*here.'- 'V
When he put his Nerve Food,
Kidney-Liver Pills and other
" medicines on the. market they
. received a hearty welcoriie, and.
their   exceptional   merit   has
kept them high iii; the - public
-esteem. -
Take - Dr. Chase's . Kidney-JLiver
iPIIIs for exainpl?. There la no.treat-
ment' to bo compared to them as a
means of reg-ulatlns. the -jiver, hld-
nej's and bowels and' curing constipation, -. btilousneas, JcMiieyX diser.so:'
l.'arid'.IncISsestioii.   .;    .   --;'";- ���/'.'-'.--.,--;'.
--.Oae '���pm^a.'iose'r.'iSe a tcs ac all feiler*,.'
���br.EJcJ'aasba, Bates & Qo., LW., Torbato..'
���..-:':.-'   The.87Hour Prirv'iple-.
,Mr.-'C."T." Crain'p, i>rc;iidcnt of ..-the
Xatiotiab ' Union ' of ;.Hailivayn'ic.n; - Iti
Hritaiii, .-started1 life at the age of :12
as'a gardencrj ",;.'.��� .;"    .;., ��� :".--'-."     '';
He has a fund'of goad"'stories!,Merc
'is.'one'of them: .;   /-" -' ���".'._ '' "":.
...-."You'll -'.be-; sorry.;- to .hear," '
O'Brien,.."that;. Pat.' G'Raffc'rty.'.
drowned, yesterday.". .'.'
"But" said DooIcy,'"''I  thought he
', was a- good; swimmer?!'-'
"Yes,"'replied O'Brien,-'-but,he.was
a-staunch .tmion man.'. He "swam for
eight hour',.and then' gave' itr-tip���"on
pruVciplc.-'- ,... ,     -"-..    .'   ,-' <
;-It is easier to. break the will of a
dead man <lliaii it is to break the will
of a live" woman.
;-It is impossible .to-defeat an ignorant1 inan~'-.in aii "argiiiucnt.
mailed direct on receipt of price bf
The T. Milburn Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont.
Fanner Hayseed: "We call this
Jack: "Why?   Because of his black
Farmer Hayseed: "Xo; it's because ���
he's always running from the pen."'
If a man has horse sciisc lie should
know when to say neigh.
Not Aspirin at All without ihe "Bayer Cross*1
- A -fa.vbritV inodc of suicide among
the African' tribes who- dwell "near-
Lake Xyas'sa is-to wade into-thc-lakc
and there" calmly wast for a -man-
eating crocodile . Income and finish
the job.
���'Canada js 'now.paying .war" pensions
to nearly.-90,000 individuals', at ail a:i"-
nWl '.coVt-'-of:;cv^r;'^24,0QQ,dy-;i'.' :X
���'It-sterns a:,pity that-.1'!;man .can't
disppse:bf his 'experience.- for.
S3 incest hini,
W,.    N. -  JJ.-;   1297.
-:Tho: isams-.''Bayer''  identifies   the
,; .6aly; genuino .'Aspirin,���tlia   Aspirin
prescribed by physicians for overiuno-
--teen years and now made in Canada.
'<:-.. Always buv an imbrokea package
.cf "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin'' which
.TJier* ia eiily ons Asplrftt-��"Bftyers'--'2'oa m��it say "Bayer^
���-���-���''Aspirts li'ths iTBia mark (��r1��*��r6d In Canada) of EtreT Iftanf&cicrp si Hoao-
*cfttcatld6ct��T.of Sallcj-Hcstia.   TTblI�� !t U well knftwa sh��t Arplrln xa��aa�� Barer
-* EnacufftcttsT*, t��- exsUt tha rnbll-3 atra-lrat teltatloBS, ib* TutHUt of B��y*3" C��S��9MX
.  TrtU_t�� ��:��;p��4 wtth ii��ir ��;^rat txsie xs&vt, lb* "Sir�� Crsa"
contains proper directions for Colds.
Headache, Toothache, Earache, Ken-
ralglft, Lmnbajfa, EhanmatiEia, Neuritis, Joint Pains, and Pain generally.
Tia boxes oi 12 tablets cost bu5
& faw c ants.   Larger **Btyer" packtje.i. 5-,/        "
-.. -'-..���"'
THE     LEWR.     G-REENWOOT).     B.     0.
Have Rosy Cheeks!
Look Prettier!
Feel Better!
Simplest Thing in the World
I��o at the Small Cost of
a Quarter
she spoke chainiingly.   Then, if truth jciliwn AW     CfUftnf      I CCCftitf
is to bc told, she was rather lazy and  uUllil/ll      OkliUUli     LfijJUn
You seldom sec a woman who is
pale, dull-eyed, thin-cheeked, and
utterly worn out,-who doesn't suffer
more or less from headache and
constipation. Her poor looks are
more, largely due to neglect than anything else.
���Most ' women can have sparkling
' eyes and ruby cheeks if they will but
use regularly a blood cleansing and
laxative medicine like Dr. Hamilton's
Pil's. - Just follow these simple directions. Tonight t\kc two Dr. Hamilton's Pills ancl note how much
fresher you feel tomorrow morning.
Your face will be clearer, your appetite better, your spirits brighter. Next
night take one or perhaps two pills
again. Gradually reduce thc dose as
mentioned in thc company.'s directions.
Day by day you will note a steady
gain. You'll quickly havc back those
happy girlish looks you once wcrc
proud to think about. No other medicine-can do so much for you as Dr.
Hahiillon's    Pills of    Mandrake and
Sold everywhere in 25c
luxurious physically^, though mentally active enough. Shc was also devout and prayed in thc mosque frequently. Ihil onc thing lacked her,
and that was love. Thc girl vvas as
ripe for love as a sun-kissed pomegranate for the. plucking.
I Consequently, as shc looked at Rugglcs, late salesman of the Walkeasy
i Shoe Company of America, and saw
| the light of admiration in his clear
i blue eyes, strange tremors seized
Roxana. As she understood the situation, she was his. Shc had been
left him by Hamid Pasha, together
with other real and personal property.
He might take her with the others to
Paris or any other place, but aftcr her
first glance, Roxana much preferred
that lie should take her for himself.
She thought him very beautiful-and
a hero. Perhaps she was not so far
wrong. Rugglcs was handsome, and
certainly a hero, if standing stubbornly with an empty rillc and lunging
viciously with its fixed bayonet at a
swarm of frenzied. Bulgarians who, in
their mad blood-lust, would have
slaughtered his colonel, can make a
man such. Hamid Pasha'had not
been sparing iu his praise of Rugglcs.
Then Roxana had just seen that ho
was kind���too kind for her jealous
taste. 'For the moment, shc hated
Rugglcs,  quite  unconscious  of  tlic
The indications arc that some
months had elapsed since Pentecost:
The believers were being taught by
the apostles, who were showing their
credentials by their mighty works
I. The Lame Man Healed (vv. 1-11).
1. The occasion (v. 1).    Peter and
Easily  and  Quickly-Cured  Witt
l-'oi   bale by All Dealers
Douglas  & Co.,  Hrop'rs. Napanee.  Oat
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BY ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
Another Irrigation
District Proposed
Result of the Movement for General
Irrigation in Southern
Still further territory is being em-
John were going to the house of wor-. bract;d by the exponents of irriga-
ship. Thcy wcrc going up to Jem-,tion in Southern Alberta. The latest
salem to" worship,-though thcy knew! rePort is that"three ncw big irriga-
full well the corruptions of Judaism, jtion districts adjacent to the town of
What is needed today is not separa- AlacJeod- a few miles west of Leth-"
tion from denominational bodies Solb"dS'e AH>crta, arc now in process
much as for thosc who know the Lord,of organization.
and  the higher  things of the  Chris- j    Since-the Alberta Irrigation District
tian lifc to help lead thosc who lack|Act came int0 clfect several irrigation
these things into thc better wav.     ^   j districts  havc been  organized in  thc
2. Thc place (v. 2).    lt was'at the!ncigI,borllood    of    Lethbridge,    and
these new projects arc covering a yet
wider field.
Thc largest of.these new districts
will embrace an area of 100,000 acres,
north of the town of Macleod.   This
beautiful    gate    which led    from the
outer to the inner court of the temple.    This man was placed at the entrance  of  thc place of worship,  be- j
suddcT passion   that he had aroused  cause where man comes closest    to
Sarah, entering at this moment
with unnecessary .salts, Ruggles ceded
her hi-, place. Misses Bulbul, -Ales-
sandra, and Roxana wcrc still standing, and there was a peculiar warmth
in thc eyes of the gorgeous Georgian
beauty.as they-followed every movement of Ruggles. Miss Elliot looked
at thcm all critically, theu at Rugglcs,
whose face had turned rather white
from tl.e pain in his ankle due lo_ the
strain put upon it when supporting
Rosa. Miss Elliot understood. Her
bright eyes had caught thc contraction of his features as he had practically carried tlic girl to the divan.
"Won't you sit down, Mr. Ruggles," said shc, and pushed a chair
to where hc was standing.
Rugglcs thanked her with his
qui,ck)<5flashing smile, aud his blue
eyes travelled from her to the three
expectant girls, who wcrc watching
him with a devouring intentucss. As
they met those of Roxana, the long
lashes of the lovely Georgian quivered. A marvelous rosy wave of color
flooded' her exquisite complexion. .It-
was the first lime since ' childhood
that any man but thc venerable Hamid Pasha had looked upon her vtn-
\'cilcd face, and her emotion was almost lhat of a maiden surprised at
her sylvan bath by some Prince
Charming hunting^-in  thc forest.
From timc immemorial, Trans-Caucasia has supplied the harems of Turkey, Persia, ancl Egypt with lovely
girls, just as Roitinelia has supplied
rose attar, and thc Crimea silk. _ It
has been a commerce, degrading,
from the Occidental point of view,
but not cruel. A lovely daughter
born to a poor Caucasian family was
a gift of the gods in more senses than
one, and lhat region is famous for
its lovely girls, as why should it not
be, considering lhat il was thc cradle
of human physical perfection.
Once a daughter of sonic rugged
mountaineer of trie provinces of Ku-
tais or Kars or Tiflis was discovered
to be endowed with beauty and intelligence, her fortune was assured ���
and usually that of her family. Her
plainer sisters cut thc wood and hauled thc water and tended the goats,
 while Miss Beauty loqkher t-asc.aiHl
laved her skin with fresh cream, and
slept, and grew daily more beautiful,
' until, as a little girl of ten or twelve,
she was purchased by some travelling merchant of this trade, and the
price paid would sometimes raise a
whole family from poverty to afllu-
ence. The family was as glad as
though the daughter had madc a brilliant match, as very frequently she
did. Thc "girl was glad, because it
meant social success, from the Near-
Oriental point of-view.
Perhaps she might bc sold at once
as odalisque, or little housemaid, in
somc rich household, possibly that of
the Padisha himself, whore shc would
perform light services and play in
the sunny gardens and be taught music and dancing and intellectual accomplishments. Perhaps the merchant, seeing greater possibilities of
profit, might havc her educated al his
own expense up to the lime of her
maturity. She was not degraded physically. One does not smirch a priceless pearl or drive in a coster cart a
filly that may one day win the Grand
Prix., No, Iicr lofwas destined to be
an easy one, for thc Turks, as husbands, are proverbial for their kind-
d ncss and indulgence to their women-
Such a girl" was tfiat lovely maiden,
Roxana, daughter of- a herder of Tiflis. She had been since her tenth
year of the household of Abdul Hamid, who was related to Hamid Pasha, and who had given him thc little
girl not long before his deposition.
Hamid Pasha had planted her inOiis
garden as one might plant a lovely
flower, and watched her bloom_ with
the same deep poetic appreciation.
But what of Roxana? Where did
shc. as an individual enter into the
general scheme of things? What of
her soul and her highly active intelligence?
Up to this time neither had suffer-
'   cd.    Lessons of various sorts had occupied her mind healthfully and sufficiently; shc had been taught music,
��� dancing, and two   languages besides
her own���French and English, which
in thc hot heart of this mountain
goddess, sank down into the chair
offered by Miss Elliot and looked
about him wilh a smile.
"Sit down, ladies," said he. "You
mustn't mind me. I'm still pretty
shaky." lie glanced over at the divan. "Feeling better, Rosa?" he asked.
The girl slipped from her cushions
with thc lithe grace of a kitten and
crossed thc room.
"Yes," she answered, "I am all better ��� and I will get you a something
on whicli to rest your foot, for you
are  lamed."
Shc pushed an ottoman to Ruggles's chair, and,-kneeling, raised "his
ankle, which was still bandaged, and
shoved the cushion beneath it. Then
shc looked up at thc young man with
a smile."
"Thai i> more. coirjforliiig?'' stie
"Yes, that's more comforting,"
Rugglcs answered, smiling back al
ber. ,,    -
Al a nod from Miss Elliot. "Alcss-
andra and Bulbul had seated themselves, primly arranging their ski'ts.
Roxana, however, remained standing,
her tawny eyes glowing at Rosa. She
was wondering why shc had been so
stupid as nol to think of the ottoman.
All of her short lifc she had been
trained to please somc lord and master, and here was this child from
Cyprus forethiiiking her! She should
get a good slap or a twisted pinch
for that, at bedtime.
"Sit down, Roxana/! said Miss Elliot.
Roxana turned slowly and looked
at thc governess from under her long
fringe of lashes.
"1 like belter to stand," said shc in
a silkcii voice that held- a trace of
"As you wish, my dear," said Miss
Elliot evenly.,- Shc looked - at Ruggles. "Don't you think that the girls'
gowns arc pretty?" she asked.
"Thcy'tc great," Ruggles answered. "The ladies look like they'd just
stepped off thc Rue dc Ia Paix."
Roxana passed slowly in frontof
him, walking with thc lithe, clinging
step of a lioness, thc foot about to
God he also comes closest to his fellow man. Human instinct is quick
to discern thi?. Beggars arc seldom
found at doors of theatres ana infidel
lecture halls.
project has been outlined since the
projection of the Lethbridge northern
scheme, farther cast, and these two
projects will bc supplied from the
same ditch.    Another project is out-
3. The man (vv. 2, 3).   This beggar;    icd southwest of the town, and will
was infirm from his birth.
4. The method (vv.,-4-8). (1) Gained the man's attention (v. 4). Peter
and John commanded him to look on
them. Having secured his attention
they gave him more than4jc asked or
cxpeclcd. 'He asked for money and
got healing. (2) Peter commanded
him in the namc of Jesus- Christ of
Nazareth lo rise up and walk (v. 6).
This' was the very thing hc had been
unable lo do for so many ycars. Was
not this mocking his very impotency?
Nol No! Il was in the namc of Jesus
With the commandment went thc
ability to do. (3) Peter took him by
the right hand (v. 7). Tliis act was
meant to give impetus to IiTs faith,'
not strength lo his ankles. (4) The
man's response (v. 8). Strength came
to his feet and ankle bones at once.
Hc stood, hc walked, he leaped and
shouted praise lo God. Hc thoroughly advertised the miracle. Hc ascribed thc honor to God for his healing
and -walked into the house of God:
Thc onc who has experienced the lifc
of Christ will surely make it manifest.
5. The effect (w. 9-11); Thc people
were filled with wonder and amazement. The multitude ran. together 'to
see this wonderful thing. There'was
no question as to thc genuineness of
thc miracle, for this man was a familiar figure for many years.    This
supply irrigation to 40,000 acres. The
third project is south of thc lown,
and will irrigate about 90,000 acres.
With the completion of these schemes
Macleod will be thc centre of onc of
the biggest irrigation sections in Western Canada.
n These piojccts have all developed
as a result of the movement for general irrigation of all iirigable lands in
Southern Alberta. -The surveys for
many of the schemes havc now been
made. Thc Lethbridge Northern project has been developed to the stage
where construction will probably bc
started, this coming spring. Thc Ta-
ber irrigation scheme has been completed, and will be supplying water
next summer to many farmers.
The Macleod projects are only getting under way and surveys will not
be completed on. these for somc time.
It is the intention, however, to proceed at once with thc organization of
thc necessary districts and the election of trustees.
Hurrah!  How's This
Cincinnati authority says corns
dry up and lift out
with fingers. -
The Dog's Acute
Sense of Hearing
Bulk of His Mind Reading Is Done
By Ear
"I have seen people laugh when a
dog howled shrilly on hearing the
notes of a violin or bugle, writes Mr.
A. P. Terhune. "They thought he was
trying to sing an accompaniment to
the music. He was not. He was
in anguish. Canine hearing is
many more times acute than is that
of a man and a high-pitched music
note has the same effect on the tympanum as would the point of a cambric needle. Thosc who like to amuse
guests by showing thcm how cunning
Fido "sings" when thc fiddle oi thc
cornet is played will do well to remember, next timc, that hc is nol
singing. He is screaming in agony.
This same uncanny sense of ucaiing
tells him of the faintest change in
his master's mood. A shade of tone,
which would escape a aunun is not
only audible but translatable to a
dog. When people brag that Rove
"understands everything we say" thcy
arc mistaken. At best, he understands barely one-tenth of it. But he
does understand the way they say it.
"No courtier ever hung upon his
sovereign's humors with half thc zest
that the right kind of a dog lavishes
on those of his master. And it is
by this sense of hearing that he
catches the nature of these varying
moods. True, he scans and reads the
face too. But the bulk of his mind
reading is done by ear."
Reconstruction in Canada
leave the ground drawn deliberately  ,   ���    . .     ,        ..    ,.,     . _   , ,
by the extended hip. Her straight bl0HSl11 ���hcr* t!lc h^ ��* God can be
shoulders were carried back, her Implied to them. Wc should bring
proud bosom thrust forward, and as j sinners to Christ.    (2) Taking him by
fe��t..t.'������.��tt��.��ii��,.*�����,. ���.������*. M'.|.4H|..|.Wi|i.|.4��f.4
Hospna! recoids show ttiai every
miracle may be regarded as a parable'time you cut a corn you invite lock-
setting forth the .work of the church jaw or blood poison, 'which is need-'
in thc world.   (I) The helpless beggar,1(,s<!' savs a'Cincinnati authority, who
ha'd to be carried to the temple gate.,' Jf"*  l��XAh2* q"arter ,OUnCue�� ?f 1
,r , ,   _,   .   b drug called Freezone can be obtained
Men and women  out of  Christ  arc at little cost from tlie drug store, but
spiritually helpless;  thcy need to be, is sufficient to rid one's feet of every
hard or soft corn  or callus.
You simply apply a   few    drops of
freezonc on a tender, arhinpr corn and
To Enlist the Armies Necessary to
Overcome the Ravages
of War
Sir George E. Foster, Minister of
Trade and Commerce, in. addressing
a largc audience in Ottawa recently,
dwelt on the problems facing the people, declaring that "if a mighty call
was necessary to raise armies for the
war an equally inspiring -evangel
would be required to enlist the armies
necessary to overcome the ravages of
that war." Ho greatly deprecated the
disbanding of thc war-time societies
and urged that they should be continued and put into lhe new work of
reconstruction. Speaking of the reconstruction problems facing thc
country Sir George said: "some of us
are anxious to reconstruct thc world
and wc are attempting to begin it
before wc have reconstructed ourselves," adding that when people
. , talked of reconstructing society they
| should remember that society had
| i grown from the individual and from
I j inside out. Speaking of the discon-
* tent which was.prevalent throughout
the world, hc declared that Canada's
share in the results of the terrific
struggle through which the world had
passed were slight.
Change Wanted
In Herd Laws
Saskatchewan   Stockgrowers    Asking
for Amendments to the Stray
Animals Act
Representatives of the Saskatchewan Stockgrowers' Association are
asking the provincial government for
amendments to the Stray Animals
Act. They point out that the variations in time and methods of application of the herd law in neighboring municipalities make it a difficult
matter for the ranchers to conserve
their interests.
The delegation also suggest the revival of hide inspection provisions,
which legislation was repealed some
time ago on account of the difficulty
of administering the law with respect
to the section calling for thc vending
of brands or the execution of a certificate of sale at/the time of sale of
Thc question has been somewhat
aggravated this ycar on- account of
weather conditions resulting in flax
being left in the fields unthreshed.
The drouth in some districts has also
madc cattle feed scarce with the attendant necessity for cattle to range
considerable distances lo procure
fodder. The problems also bring in
questions relating to fencing, legal
fences and thc impounding of cattle.
What are they? A mdtd form ot
frost-bite���a-chilling of the part to
ouch a degree Lhat inflammation ia
set up, causing a tingling pain, excessive ��� irritation and often swelling. Zam-Buk cure3 chilblains by
drawing out the Inflammation, thos
ending the pain and irritation aud
reducing the swelling.
-Miss Annie Lepard of Beaverdald,
Ont., says: "I suffered agonies from
chilblains and used many remedies,
but nothing gavo me any ease until
I used Zam-Buk, which, after a
little perseverance, completely rid
me of this painful ailment."
Regular applications of Zam-Buk
���will present a recurrence of tha
trouble.   Keep it handy.   SOc. box.
Let "Danderine" save and
glorify your hair
she passed in front-of Rugglcs, she
looked at him aslant from beneath
her long, curved lashes. No trained
cloak model in any of the big dressmakers' shops could havc shown a
gown more deliberately or with better effect. But in Roxana's act there
was something almost savagely primitive. Shc wished notice and admiration for her ncw gown and herself,
and therefore went calmly to work to
get it. She was quite successful, and
her eyes glowed as she observed the
cfi'ect shc had produced upon the new
master. ' ,
Miss    Elliot's    brows    contracted'assembled.   He told them it was faith[
slightly.      "Show Mr.  Rugglcs your
the  hand shows  the manner of thc
Christian's help.
II. Peter Witnessing of Jesus Christ
Before thc Multitude (vv. 12-26).
This miracle focused the attention
of the people upon Peter and John.
Peter immediately turned their attention from himself to Christ. This is
most .unlike  lhc  claimants  to  divine
power today,    Disclaiming power of
his own, hc seized thc opportunity to
soreness is_ instantly relieved.    Short
ly the entire  corn can b'* lifted out,
root  and  all   without  pain.
This drug is sticky, but dries at
once and is claimed to just shrivel up
any corn without inflaming or even
irritating thc surrounding tissue or
If your wife wears hicrh heels she
will be glad to know of this.
Wireless on Dutch Ships
Vessels of Over 1600 Tons Gross Are
Required to Have Wireless
The Netherlands Shipowners Society has called the attention of the government to ihc proclamation of the
Britisii Merchant Shipping Wireless
Telegraphy Act, 1919; Chapter 38,
whereby British vessels of over 1,600
tons gross arc required to havc a
wireless installation. Three months
i after thc act has comc into force fori
In a few moments you can transform your plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have it abundant, soft, glossy and
full of life. Just get at any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of "Danderine" for a few cents. Then moisten a soft cloth with the Danderine
and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. Instantly, yes, immediately, you havc
doubled thc beauty of your hair. Tt
will be a mass, so soft, lustrous, fluffy
and so easy lo do up. All dust, dirt
and excessive oil is removed.
Let Danderine put more life, color,
vigor and brighlness in your hair.
This stimulating tonic will freshen
your scalp, check dandruff and falling hair, and help your hair to grow
long,  thick,  strong and  beautiful.
gowns -also,-iny- dears,"���said-she���to
Alcssaudrn and Bulbul.
.   (To Bc Continued.)
Prince Buys Shorthorns
1,000 Guineas Paid By the Prince of
V/ales  for Sherborne  Fairy IV.
The last notable dispersal sale of
purebred Shorthorns in England for
the season took place at Sherborne,
Gloucester, where Messrs. John
Thornton & Co. sold the entire herd
bred by and lhc property of the late
Lord Sherborne. The A7 head of
cattle which came into thc ring were
all members of noted Scottish families, and sold for the big total of
��15,M1, averaging ��322 3s'each.
Thc highest price of the sale was
1,000 guineas, paid by the Prince of
Wales for Sherborne Fairy IV.,
while Mr. G. T. Brudcncll, ��� Deane
Park, Peterborough, gave 500 guineas
for Augusta 93rd. Among thc high
prices for bulls was 280 guineas by
Mr. J. Bowdcn, Belfast, for the "stock
bull Moonlight.
Windfall for Soldier
According to the terms of the will i British   ships,   it  will   also  apply   to
.   ���,   . , , ,    ,   of a bushman    in  Northern Ontario, ships of foreign nationality, over 1,600
preach v. inst to the;people who had Sergt> Arl,mr Drjscon   fl        ient  |n tons  gross>  calIing at  BriUsh  pofts
assembled. He told them it was faithi s dcnham Hospital, Kingston, Ont.,'The society declares that according to
in Jesus    Christ, whom    the God of ���       ���,        .��� . .    ���r .,     .   ,. I ��� r        ,��� i  ���,        ���       . ,
,_,._,   ,_ ^,    .'- E   , , , ��� ! receives the entire estate-of-the test-! information received,-there-is neither
tlicir fathers had glorified, whom they, ator#   He wiI, bc given a j sum of ��� suflideill personnel nor material    to
had dehverate y delivered up and de-|$Sf0fl0| and onc thousand donars a comply with the act so far as Dutch
nicd before Pilate, when he desired to | ycar for ,.fc_ Sergt> Driscoll servcd ships arc conccrncdi It urgcs thal
set him free and that thcy desired a,ovcrseas with thc sccond batlaiioil( the Dutch Government shall leave
murderer to bc granted freedom m-' aud on his  rcturn  wcnt t0 northcni' nothing undone to obtain an exemp-
Ontario, where he made friends wilh' tion  from  thc onerous     clause     for
stead, lie showed lhat the disciples
wcrc also witnesses that God had
raised Jesus from thc dead, and charged home upon them thcir awful guilt;
for they had denied the holy onc and
thc just, and chosen Barabbas, a murderer, instead of Christ, and killed the
Prince of Life.   He appealed to them
the bushman in question.
j Dutch ships.
Those Girls      - At Regular Rates
Mayme: I havc so    many    callers |    "Does your cook give you any im-
pestering the lifc out of me T hardly pcrtinance?" ��
, A Wiiolttisas, Cittasteg,
Kctresbiag md (Seating
Lotltn���Murine for Red-
Uftss. ::Vreaes3�� Grsaula-
j tion, Itchingand Burning
-��� j^ - of the Eyes or Eyelids:
*B Drops" ^.ttar the Movie*. Mcteiiae or GcU
trill via roar confidence. AA Yam DrUrpiA
Jar Mario** w&ea y��cr Ere�� Hte& Cm*. H-U
J>5��riu�� %y Rtmedy Go., C&lsags
A Frenchman was travelling in Ireland when he overheard thc following
conversation:  "
"Sure Pat, it's down to Kilmary .I've
been and "now I'm going to Kilpat-
"Ye don't say so,""said Pat. "\\'hy
it's mcsclf that's been-to Kilkenny,
and soon I shall go to Kilmore."
"Villains,", muttered the' Frenchman.
A collection Avhich is being made
at Buenos Ayrcs for the creation of a
fund to be called "For Social Peace,"
and intended for usc against Bolshevism, bar. reached a total of ��1,33S,-
to repent (v. 19), telling them that! ^
thcy had committed this awful crime
in ignorance, God would pardon thcir
sin if thcy would repent. Hc assured
them that Israel would yet enjoy refreshing seasons from the Lord, when
God should send Jesus Christ back to
earth to consummate the work of redemption. Hc appealed to thc Scriptures as thc basis of his warnings and
promises (vv. 22-26).
know what to do wilh them all.
Grace: Why, how long havc
Wireless for Venezuela
So great is the propagandist power
of the modern press that thc wonders
of thc wireless arc commonly taken
for granted by the veriest child. Yet
thc resolution of the Venezuelan government to install a wireless apparatus in the environs "of Caracas, the
capital city, was of such tremendous
importance. and news value, that it
occupied a good part of the front page
of thc Universal on October 16, thc
account being printed in largc type
and "featured" much as American
papers have recently been "featuring"
thc League of Nations.
When the right young man calls
on a pretty girl the old man doesn't
havc to squander any of his hard-
earned c?sh for a   patent gas saver.
Thc  most   welcome  caller  at  the
average front door is the postman.
A girl's idea of a timid man is one
who doesn't kiss her when he has
the chance.-
W.     N.     U.     1297
When most people talk thcy waste
a lot of va'uable time in giving unnecessary details.
ecu  a   telephone operator? ��� Baltimore American.
"No.    Shc  charges me  ten dollars
a week for it."���Washington Star.
Some women never change their
minds because they arc like the man
with onlv onc shirt.
Wife (as door bell rings)���"That
woman always comes hone just before
dinner." - Laws may bc    repealed,
Hub���"Then   it's  evident  lhat   shc different with oranges,
comes here after dinner." ��� Boston
but    it's
Loaf sugar must bc a shiftless article
Sailor Rides With King
The King and Queen had an amusing experience recently, which illustrates his Majesty's popularity
with the navy and his love for the
senior service.
- -Thcy-were driving down-ihc "Mat!
with Sir Chas. Cust (says the "Daily
Express") when a sailor, slightly the
worse for wear, jumped on the step
df their car and insisted on shaking
hands with thc King. Sir Charles
ordered him to get down, and the
sailor said: "No, I havc fought for
him, and I am going to ride with
Thereupon thc King said: "Come
inside," and opened the door for hini.
The sailor sat on the floor at the
King's feet, and thc King, who was
highly amused, questioned him about
his war service. After three or four
minutes the King said: "Now that
you havc ridden with me, don't you
think you had better get out?"
The sailor again grasped the King's
hand, swung himself out of the slowly moving car, and told his Majesty
what "a fine chap!" he was.
*��� ACiireforPimples
"You don'tnecd mercury.potash
or auy other strong mineral to
r-urv pimples f.-ausocl by poor,
biood. 'tak<-^.;:traci:oi-Root��������
$ druf<<ji*t v-faila it ''WOUieP Seigel's (<
Curative Syrup���attc your akin
WH-. cleav up as i> es". as a baby's.
it: wiu sweeten your stomach and
rogulaie your bowels." Get tho
genuine. 50c. and $1.00 Bottles.
At drug stores. c
Electrification Of
Railways Suggested
Would Permit a Marked Reduction
in  Labor Cost
As one mcans of economizing in
the management of the government
railways, the Toronto Globe urges
thc electrification of . unprofitable
branch lines in Ontario. It says that
"with increased wages and higher
prices for coal, machinery, rolling
stock and general supplies there is
a growing number of branch lines
that do not earn even operating expenses. The change from steam to
electricity would permit i marked
reduction in labor cost.. A motor-
man, conductor and baggageman
would suffice to operate a train, as
compared with engineer, fireman,
conductor, brakeman and baggageman  on  the regular  steam train.
"Unless the cost of changing over
from steam to electricity is found to
add too greatly to, thc fixed charges
of the railways, it would seem that
thc economies in operation possible
as a result of thc adoption of electric haulage would permit of a more
frequent and more satisfactory service than is now supplied on many
Ontario branch  lines."
Co-operation Is Urged
New Booklet on Work of Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture
, A bulletin on co-operative livestock
marketing has just been issued by the
Co-operative Organization branch of
the Saskatchewan Department of Agriculture.   The bulletin points out thc
advantages of stock marketing associations, and    gives    full information
i of the steps to take in organizing a
'stock marketing    association,     with
I suggested    constitution    and bylaws,
J forms  used in accounting, and_suggestions foPsclcciing a market.
Full details _ about the Southern
Saskatchewan Co-operative Stock
Yards Co., Ltd-, at Moose Jaw, and
the Northern Co-operative Stock-
Yards Co., Ltd., at Prince Albert, with
yardage charges, commission" fees'
and buying charges at both places,
arc given, and lists of commission
firm, selling charges, etc., at Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto
Other valuable features of thc bulletin are: Thc classification used by
the markets intelligence division of
the livestock branch in reporting on
j livestock markets, the shipping regulations of all railway lines in Canada,
and stock loading days on all ths
railway lines in Saskatchewan.
A self-possessed woman is one who
failed to acquire a husband.
.. .> * rr
-  ">
-' .:^-v.Kfer>i *^fc^raaaj^a^i..>,T��wt?Mife.%m..^iTa
Is $2 a year strictly in advance,  or $2.50
when not paid for three months.   If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always $2.50 a year to the United
Slates in advance.
Editor and Financier.
I. W. W.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
Allotlier legal'advertising, 12 .cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals i2l/ic. a line each in-
"Are you  a member  of  tbe I.
W. W.?"
"No,', replied Plodding IMe.
"I know a fellev that thought the
initials stood for 'Idleness Will
Win.' The first tiling the 'ssocia-
tioii did after he joined was to try
to make him set up a private bomb
factory an' work fourteen hours a
The blue cross' means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Did   you   ever     hear   a   clam
It is still   true that love must
pay the toll.
It ie  not  wise  to bet all  your
money on one card.
It ie also quite true that brass is
not mined.    It is matter.
Be sure and  buy your  wood in
the good old summer time.
Youth is prodigal,  manhood
struggle, and old age a regret.
Yotj cannot get richer by keeping your money in your pocket.
New Year's resolutions have
already become a drug on the market. 	
Some people only walk on a lawn
when they see a sign, "Keep of
the grass."
Iv you wish , to obtain self-control stop using tobacco, and other
bad habits.
What   do   you. call  it when,a.
woman is guilty of -loving her hus-
. band's wife?
When far away from home most
of the people read every line in the
paper from their home town.
The world did riot pinch -out on
December 17, so we  will  probably
_. return to Greenwood in the spring.
Corporation of the City of Greenwood
PUBLIC NOTICE is liereby given to tho
electors ot the Municipality of lhc City of
Greenwood, that I require the presence of tlie
said electors in the City Hull in the City of
Greenwood on tho I2tU day of January, 11)20, at
IS o'clock noon, for tlie purpose of electiufi
persons to represent them in the' Municipal
Council 113 Mayor and Aldermen, and far ilie
purpose of electiiif; one person as School Trustee and one person as Police Commissioner
lor the Mnniclpalltv of the Corporation of the
City of Greenwood.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall
ho as follows:
The candidates sh.ill Iio nominated iu writing ; the vritiiiR shall be subscribed by two
voters of tho municipality as proposer and
seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between tho date of tho
notice and 2 n.m. of the day of tho nomination
und in thc event of 11 poll hoing necessary, such
poll will be opened on the I5M1 day of January
A.D. 1020,botwocu the hours of !) a.m. and 7
p.m. at the said City Office, of which cvery person is hereby required to take notice aud rov-
ern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to lie nominated for
and elected as Mayor of the City shall bo such
persons as are male Britisii subjects of tho full
age of twenty-one years, and are not disqualified under any law, and have been for the six
months next preceding tho day of nomination
the registered owner, in the Land Registry
Office, of real property in the city of the assessed value on the last municipal assessment
roll of One Thousand Dollars or more; over and
above any registered judgment or charge and
who aro otherwise duly qualilied as municipal
The persons qualified to bo nominated for and
elected as Aldermen, School Trustees and
Police Commissioners of said City, shall be such
persons as are Uritish subjects of the full
ago of twenty onc years, and arc not disqualified under any law, and have been for six months
next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner, in the' Land Registry Office, of
and or real property in thc city of the assessed
value, on the last Municipal Assessment roll of
five hundred dollars or more over and above
any registered judgement or charge, and who
are otherwise duly qualified as municipal
Given under my hand at Greenwood this 5th
day of January, A.D. 1020.
Returning Officer.
(Diversion and Use,)
TAKE NOTICE that John Portmann aud
Jr-seohine Portmann whose address is Greenwood, 13. 0., will apply for a licence to take
and use 2 miner's inches of water out of a small
uii-iiamed stream running through Lot 312 S
whicli Hows southeasterly and disappears inlo
the ground South of tho South litie of said Lot
312 S.
Tlie water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 100 feet South and 400 feet East
of the North-West cortier of said Lot 312 S, and
will be used for irrigation purposes upon the
laud described as Lot 312 S iu the Similkameen Division of Yale District.
This notice was posted on the ground on
lhe 31st day of December, 1019.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act, 1914" will
be filed iu the office of the Water Recorder at
Grand Porks, B. C.
Objections to the application may be filed
with the said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Iluilding, Victoria, B. C, within t'uirtv days
after the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
The dale of the first publication of this notice
is December 31st, 1919.
Ii? you wish people to think that
you are rich, just offer Jack Dempsey part of a~ million to ,fight in
your town.      ���" "-������ '-.'.'-���     J .   ,-";',
, "Where has.theold chap gone,
who always stood in front of the
bar, and drank hia whiskey without a chaser?     ':������-..    .  .  .. ."-,;.      "
The size of many daily
in the States.has been  cut;
owing/to  the shortage- of
Thisjs a blessing.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of Britisii Columbia at the next
session on behalf of the Association of Professional Engineers- of British Columbia for a-
Private Bill to incorporate the said Association, the said Bill to bo known as THE BRITISII COLUMBIA- ENGINEERING PROFESSION' \ACTfor the purpose of governing
and regulating-" the, praciee of Civil, Mining,
Motaturgical, - Mechanical, -Electrical and
Chemical Engineering in the'Provhtce ofBrit-
ish Columbia, and the qualification, "examina-
.tion and registration- ot intending. practitioners, the discipline of" its members and forthe
acquiring of rcal and personal property aud
the disposal of the same and . for-the,general
management of-the Association.
.   -DATED at" the  City of   Vancouver,  B.C.,
this Sth day'of December, A. D. 1919.
H. S. TOBIN,.      .
'. '   of the Crniof Pattullp & Tobiu,
Solicitors .for the Applicants.
In the Similkameen Land District,.Recording
District of Fairview; ana. situate East of
_ , and adjoining Lot 1028^
- TAKE NOTICE, that I; Chnrlcs. Grascr,
of Boundary Falls iu said Districl, occupation;:
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following de'scribed lands:
- Commencing,at. a post plained at tlie
South-Easi comer of Lot 1023; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains;.tlience South 20
chains;'and thence-West 20. chains, and.cou-,
tainiiig. 40 acres more or. less, the same 10 b:
utilized for grazing purposes. ���*
.   Dated at; Boundary-Falls,   B.C.,  November
17th, 1919. - .---   ���,...--.-....-    ,-   _:-...-_:-..
;.'..=:   ,"'     .-'.' CHARLES GRASER.'. -."
X-. The.devil has opened a branch
hell in the. south, .The! races begin on January 24 at Tia Janana;
and .will run 100 days or. mor��:
.There.,will, be  1000 horses in at-
": tendance and -seven races will be
runeveryday. Several thousand
peojple^ wiil. gamble .011,. the * races
everyday.-'; .'--   ~\X; X-:
frfrfr frfr.fr'fr'frfr frfrfr fr
The German Ship "Paul"
.   The four-r.masted barque "Paul,"
of -Hamburg, .Germany,, the first
.. German vessel to,en't8r a. Canadian.
��� port.since the war began,  reached
i Halifax harbor last month; after a
; fierce hammering by Atlantic gales..
Her skipper, Captain Krueger,
served with , the German, air force
for three years,  and knows now
iwhat the eea-farers of fehe Allied
nations ..think of bis country.
Storm-;'-after'---storing battered the'
ships for, weeks; . ship after ship
was. hailed v and; asked for a tow,
but after ascertaining fehe registry
of the Paul, passed on or curtly refused aid, The "Paul". lost three
topmasts and twenty-one sails daring fehe voyage.
+ ���
ters to.
the -fr
pspsss 0*
asti ��ci A moments
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
ind which is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. m
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$300 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ��� A
Unsurveyed areas, not exceediiT^ 20
acres, may be leased as homesites:
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company
Mill,-factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
9 ACT.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
nclude all persons joining and serv-
l?s wl&.Hls, Majesty's Forces. Tho
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one year from the death of
cuch person, as formerly, until one
year aftor the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive. .- . -
N<�� fees relating to pre-emptions are
due  or payable ��� by soldiers on    pre-
��� .emptions recorded after June 26   191 s
Taxes are remitted for five yea'rs
. .Provision for return of- moneys 'accrued .due and been paid since'August
4, 1914, on account of payments,- feel
- or taxes-on soldiers' pre-emptions
Interest on agreements to purchase
����,^V�� olty lot3 helci b>' members' of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from
llstment to March 81  1920
OF.. CROWlM   4
Provision made. "for.' issuance of
Crown grants.to aub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete'
purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase in-
. tere3t and taxes. '.Whero sub-purchas- '
ers do not claim whole of original'nar-
- eel, purchase price due and taxes may
be    distributed    proportionately    over '
whole Jirea..'. .Applications   must   be
made by May 1; .1920.
-&.. -.-.GRAZING. . ���
- Grazing  Act, -1919; for    systematic
development of livestock industry pro-
- vldes for grazing districts ��� and ranfco-
. administration - under   Commissioner   '
- Annua! -grazing-, permits = issued - based"
on numbers ranged; priority for.established . owners.      Stock-owners    may
form Associations for range' manage- "-
-ment.   Free, or partially free, permits
.' for uettlers,' campers or travellers -up
. -to-ten head.      -   '-���'������..    . '    .-.
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage iu connection.
Culatneen Rote!
One of the largest hotels in 0
the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms'and tasty meala.
FRONT ST..     iNELSON.'ci BOX 865
(Expert Optician)
K. W. c Block       "-      -     Nelson
All Work Guaranteed
P. 0. BOX 148. TELEPHONE 92
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
SencTa Float to your friends^at
Christmas. You can get them at
The Ledge office.
Get your job
Ledge, before
printidg  at '
the paper  is
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or inonth
Nilson & Nilson
616 Vernon St., Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished'roouis
JOHNCBLOMBERG    -   -   Proprietor
E. W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist, Bos biio8, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$ 1 each. Gold-Silver $1.50. Silver-Lead
(r.oo Silver-Lead^Zinc fo.oo.t Charges
for other metals, etc., ou application.
PHONE   13
All   the
latest   methods
in   high-class
Corner Abbott & Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER,   -   -   -   B.C.
Auto    and   horse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trairfs
Winter Clothing Now
We Have A  Complete Line of
Mackinaws   and Mens   and  Childrens  Woolen:
and  Rubber: Goods
A full line of Christmas goods will arrive shortly
.   Fresh and Cured Meats always in Stock ���
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remit promptly.
Midway, B. C;
The Consolidated Mioing & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
"TADANAC" BRAND      ' .
0-00000<K>OC>000<?00<>00<>00<>00<)000<X3000000000000<>0<X>OOOM 1
Autos Tor Hire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Livery   And  Stage
W.   H.   DOCKSTEADER, Ppop.
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity., Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if 3'ou wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream. ���
<& ��& fr & fy ��&fr fr fr   frfr fr fr fr.fr fr frfr frfr fr Vi
on, B.C.
P^ Burns & Co., Ltd.
.   Hoiiie of  Shamrock Bacon,   Ham  and Lard .
Eggs,   Cheese -and'. Fish   of ,.all   Varieties.
Dealer in - Farm Produce; Railroad Ties
Cedar Poles,'.and Fence Posts, -Farm and
Fruit Lauds'.For Sale..- List-' your.- lands
with me,.- -"Have a buyenfor good.ranch1.
- -. - -When -you answer- the telephone,- you are., courteous; .in _:
your answer! - If you,are answering a .business, telephone,
���'-. ��� however,   it   would  be   more   courteous if instead of saying
"Hello," you announced the. name,of the firni or department.
Oue'greetsi another oh the street with "Hello,"  but then one
'sees the other is no need to annduce the' person' speaking. -On
' ' the telephone it" is different.   You' "anticipate what,.a person
.. .'wants'to know - when you reply to a call,   "This is. Hoe &
Company, Mr, Blankspeaking." -',.    \ y'- '���        -='.'���        ,"-..-"
The only up^to/date Hotel' in the interior.    First-class
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room, v
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;- Electric Lighted. -J
fr      X-
.ftfrfrfyfr frfr fr fr frfr frfr frfrfr frfr frfrfrfrfrfrfrSi.
-RATES.51.00 per day aud up;: European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.
y-". '���-',-."' ."""',.".'    _^____�� '
C LOA.T.i8 riofc a.pe.rioclic-
���"'--.'al.-"VIfc;is a,���-ho"6k\con-.-
taihing 86.;iiluBtration8_ all
toldj^and is filled ; witb.
sketches-arid", stories ,-O.f
.western'life. It tells How
a /gambler; cashed in. after
the flash days of Sandon ;
how it rained;in Jlew Denver, long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
.drink at Bear Lake in.
early diys; how; justice
was dealt in Kaslo in- 93;
how the saloon man puis-
prayed.the women iii Kalamazoo, and graphically de���
picts the roamiiigs of a
western editor-among, the
tender-feet in the cent belfc.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
Ih it are printed three-
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
tb mention. Send for one
before it is too late; Tbe
���price   is   50   cents,   posfe-
��|br/paidr to  any part of
��ii world!   ' Address   all
m fr
ryyxx-yx,y-yyy:y:  ffX^X-
::-GffiEENwpQi>^B^ a>;4��.
fry -"- -yXXyXX yXZX xy y.;fr
frfrfrfrfrfr fr.fr.fr-fr fr frfr
^xi'yxix;yyy' ixX'i^ h'y'X\y]
Has produced Minerals valued^ as follows:.- Placer Gold, 875,116,103;  Lode
",.:        Gold, 593,717,974; SilVer, 843,623,761; Lead $39s366,144.;\Copper,.8130,597,620;   "      /,
'"'?���.��������� Other, Metals  (Zinc,:'Iron,  etc.), 610,933,466;--Coal and Coke, /,S174,313,6y8;  x;
-Building Stone,^  Brick.,  Cement, etc.',  827,902,381; making'.itsj Mineral Prod ucr._,
'��� .tion to the end qit 1917 show an ���' i'-X -;';-       X.yy    'X ;.. '' '   ���.-.. -:.,':"
Agg#ate Value of $595371,107:    >      >:
Produetion for Year Ending Decein|er, 1917, $37,010,392
The Mining Laws of thiB Province are more libera! and the fees lower
than those of any other Province ih the Dominion, or any colony ia the British
Empire. .        ""'
Mineral locations are granted to discoverersif or nominal fees. ���
x-yXy Zy.-  /Absolute  Titles are : obtained' b^ developing snch\ properfeie^the security - :  : "'���. X >'
; .. > -of which is guaranteed by. Crown Grants. ���:xXXZrX..XyX ;.--.-���-'-'��� X:' -X' '���>"'
[y "y ;,^!5:Fnilinfprmatioii,Uoge1^er-:with mining Keports;and Maps,;maybe 'pbi^ned/'-;.,":,.;,;
'-.- Zi- '���''-ST*6'3 by.^addressingT-^ ;\ y-XyXiX' X'y'XiXXy. X-ZXZiZi X'iir'XX-'XX ���' ������ ''"'XyZXifyXZ'-'i
%xXxXyiiixiiiy^^-)^^<'^^'HON. TJ8E MlKISTERrOF miNES;
���-Economy arid Satisfaction =��
combined with Promptness 3
are the features which go to 3
we give.%
Are  you 3
(mstx customers,
one of them?
'".-' .(Ryled or Plain)' '������'���_ /   ���'.._;."
Envelopes, Billheads^
v;;-v.'-Iah sizes)-.;, ii-xXiX-X:-.--"������
*..-',     ."��������
g..-\:        Posters, Dodgers,:-:;Etc.-, Etc. g
| The Ledge  1,;S��^,.;;%
g ix: \, .G^ENWOODyi. x ��� Job Printing Departmetit   3
PfiiUiUiUiiUiUiiUiiaiiia iiUUiiiiUiiiiUiiiUl iiUliliUi.UiUUll


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