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The Ledge May 8, 1924

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Array ii
Vol.   XXX.
Now is the time to  Brighten up your Home
We have just received an assortment pf   -
Paints, Oils, Floor Stains,
and Varnishes
Fit' Reform
Made to your measure
Order yours now
j Around Home I
��� '
Five Roses, Purity aiid
Royal Household Flour
Crushed, 3��c. w., 2 c. w., and   SEED   O ATS ���
Bran,   Shorts,   Oat Middlings,   Corn,   Etc.
For Quality and Value Order From Phone 46
W. Elson & Co. |
 _...__.  W    *. A
Just In A Big Line Of
Box, Bulk and Bars
Buy a box of these extra fine fresh Chocolates
*    Curtain Scrim, Drapery Chintz    $
��& ��� yXXXx*"
x$' and
%       Extra Special Dress Goods l|
W^ Have Just Arrived
7 ,$     Our stock is limited. Pirst come fint ��erved.I
Real Estate.
Fire,  Life Insurance
Licensed by B. C. Government
Accident & Sickness insurance
Auction off your surplus Stock
^ '
Call  at my Office and see, rue in
reference to any of above
New Spring Hats and
Now open for your inspection
Store. Hours
..8.30 to 10.30 a. m.;   2.3b tb 5p. tu.
:y>:iyiXyxyXy yXXXXyXy.yyxyy ���������.yXXX -xxy:?x>y yXyXy,::,y::,yy:y,
' fe:;^===^====SH^ ��� --���--��� X-XX,..r -.     y   ..,:,yr  yy,-:
".-... Chiropractor    .
Office: Bank of Montreal Residence-
'-=      ' near-Post Office--���
' .' Office  Hours:     -  ��� =''"    f*
���_-   Mori.ifTues., Wedi, Thiirs.'" .,"���
10 a.iu.-tp 12,- 2 p.m. to.5 p.m,' "7 to-S -.
������..   ' Friday, 9 a; m.'fto 1 p.in'f ' '"': -
Greenwood Theatre
Commencingfat 8.15 p.m.7'
Eric Jackson left for Beaverdell on Saturday.
C. Noren returned to his ranch
on the Kettle river on Friday.
H. H. Pannell, of Midway,
was in town on business on Tuesday.
Geo. Inglis, of Beaverdell, was
in town during the first of the
Mrs. Thos. Jenkin returned on
Tuesday from an enjoyable holiday in Trail. j
W. A. Ritchie met with a painful accident on April 25 at Loner-
view, Wash , when he had his
shoulder dislocated.
S. J. Mitchell left last Sa'turday
for his home in Tipperary, Ireland, after spending a couple of
weeks in town.
Ernie Carlson, of Vancouver,
was renewing acquaintances in
.town this week, being the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. John Hallstrom.
Bert Summersgill, who has
been at Wallace, Idaho, for over
a year is spending a holiday in
town the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Jerome McDonell.
R. W. Clarke of the staff of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce was
this week transferred to Nelson.
J. R. Phinney of the Oliver
branch, being moved to Greenwood. ���
Mr. and Mrs. P. EJ. Crane and
son, Walton, of Beaverdell, were
ia town on Friday night enroute to Soap Lake, Wash., to
spend a fefrdays with .Mrs.
Crane's brother.    7
. A report from Midway says
that Jack Crosby will have his
Chevrolet-Ford running, by June
1st, 1926, and that he intends to
celebrate the occasion by going
to Greenwood for a barrel of beer.
Miss C. L.- McDonald, who
has been the local operator of the
B.C.. Telephone Co., for upwards
of 3 years has sent�� her resignation to take effect on the 10th of
June,- Miss McDonald intends
going to Wallace, Id.:
City Council
of Canada, LimH
Office, Smelting and. Refining Department-''
;X[y TRAIL,' BRITISH COLUMBIA /"".-   '''       '_���     >-'"
Purchasers of Ml; Silver, Copper/tead and Zinc'fe?
-.Producers; of   eoldWsilver^-Copper,:: Pig   Lead fan d -Zinc ."    )
[  '-  ���--"'-'   '.-  '..- 7 7-.'.-."TApANAC"- BRAND:-." X'-y
Woman's priceless possession!
-���if she isTobbc.d of honor, can she regain
lier position in ihe world?���or must she
remain a "social exile! "-'_.-
-a drania-of great eiiiotioas- and thc.-.-
- -   -.' unexpected '.    '.'--.-
-- ALLUN HOLUBAR.Presents -���'-
f Dorothy Phillipsy
..--   :    ;}}- [ ": , - in }��� ,-���,'���   '������ .'���.'.-X .'-'���-'
Slander the Worrian
Adapted from ..the.'.'While.Frontier''7Vy
....  -    Jeffrey Deprcud , f    ''���"������
7 While riding, ori a bicycle on
Sunday Tommy Walmsley painfully; bruised >nd . strained 7 the
muscles of his .right .arm which
keeps him confined to his home.
At first.itfwas thought the arm
was broken but "an X-Ray examination revealed, the injury7as
above..:.- 7 v;. Xy[x;.:. iX.._ yy ,_-'_..��� yyy
, -Iff people; .would.7l:sWat" the
large wasps now seen on gooseberry and :current bushes, it
would help to eliminate, the pest
of wasps later oh, as these are.
the-Qiieen wasps,. ..which will reproduce; a thousand fold by the
time the fruit is ripe. Great
damage was-done, last year by
this'pest-.'7'. . '":���'' 7"
The regnlar monthly meeeting
of the City Council vwaa held in the
City Hall on Monday evening.
Mayor Gulley presiding and present Aldermen Taylor, King, Mowat
and Morrison.
Correspondence from Trastee
Awrey wsb dealt with and the
Clerk reported having completed
and forwarded the forms and documents required by him.
After discussing letters from the
Union of B. C. Municipalities the
Council confirmed their decision to
remain separate from that body.
Unanimous support was given to
an appeal from the , Amputations'
Association in regard to a minimum basic rate of pensions for
totally disabled war veterans and
war widows and the Clerk instructed to reply to that effect to the
Association with a copy to be Bent
to the local M.P. at Ottawa.
The lighting committee reported
the work on resetting and stubbing
of lighting poles to be almost completed and work on the renewal of
the fire alarm circuit could be commenced immediately.
The chairman of the Street committee was congratulated on. the
excellent work done in connection
with the clean-up of streets, alleys
and vacant lots. Steps will be
taken to compel certain tenants to
have the scavenger remove their
rubbish at regular intervals instead of allowing it to accumulate
and then expecting the City to remove it free of charge at clean-up
Authorization was given the
Streets committee to build a new
sidewalk on a section of Copper
St. fronting the business houses
and hotels on the west side.
Considerable trouble has been
experienced the last two weeks
with broken connections on the;
water mains bnt prompt action by
the Water committee in having repairs effected has _ kept tbe incon��
venience of water being shut off
down to a minimum.
The estimates bylaw7 was reconsidered and passed.
Report of Finance committee
was approved and accounts as submitted ordered to be paid.
Oliver Government is
Given Clean Slate
Kettle Valley Notes
Mrs.  Stanley   Bubar  has   been
visiting friends in Greenwood.
Mrs. and Miss Shillcock spent a
few days at Penticton last week. 0
A Service will be held in the
Anglican Church on Sunday, May
11th at 11 a.m. Sunday School at
10 a.m.
Miss May  Caldwell  returned   a
few days ago to her home here, '
after   a   spell of 5   weeks in   the
Grand Porks Hospital.
A meeting of the Womens Auxiliary was held at Mrs. Beaven
Gane's on April 30tb, 10 members
being present. The next meetiDg
will be at Miss Welstead's on May
A local celebrity walked up the
Creek on Sunday morning with
some Talcum Powder in hrs pocket.
The delicate aroma wafted by the
spring wind,, brought most of* the
residents out. It was remarked
by those on the higher plateaus
that there was still a niprin the air*
and that they were not so favored
as those on the lower benches.
Midway .News
Born���To  Mr. and  Mrs.   Chas.'
Bing, a son on May 1st.
Mrs. Hawkes and children returned from Nelson last Saturday.
Mr. and. Mrs. Bonnett and
children, of Nicholson Creek, paid
a flying visit to town last week.   -
Miss B. Jackson left for Trail a
few days ago having accepted a
position as stenographer with the
Consolidated Mining & Smelting
Co.     7
7 Arthur Nelson -and Ernie
Carlson, of Vancouver, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Lund,
Green wood road, for a few days
last week.
The United Farmers local met
at their n��w headquarters on Saturday 3rd inst. After business
was over a dainty lunch was served
by Mrs. T. A. Clark and Mrs.
!-f ...,:,:--(Ttipse-ii_agic boots of old���-the seven-league boots^were7the work of an
-X-. imaginativ'e'-n.ind_; Who cp'ul(Lefyer espect-to.-walk seven.leagues ia a single
"".'��� - "-' The story of the sevenf-league boots was ..written in the days .long before
������- ;the present time with'its great'possibilities.- .These days there is "no need
for such wonderful steppers..  There, is the telephone..: '.-It is go effort now to
.-  talk-a hundred times seven leagues.   -The world is virtually at one's door.-,
"This age of -R-ouderment-is based, .too. on imagination; but fit is imagination;
���'.-; plus practicar experiment-and, great development.  -.:;��� yy-.- .yy:  '������'���-���  Z,;.'-y[
XXXxX}: 7;Etihi}&X.:^^iip0:"piiX; 77'.. 777 7
:-7W7W7W^^nWW :'-���'.'...
XX,)^^,}^^;^^.   ���_ W"'
iyXyXiXXM^i. hii^'fin.ftfheni j)f f.:. yZyxy:
.|^tde,|^K6igugh fanSJMii^;
7W. XP&cciieioti M^s^0iyyM
X A meeting of the Greenwood
District f;RodTand Guu Club will
be held in the Old School House,
Midway, oa Friday ,May .9th at
8-���'fo.'cl.opk."". It .is hoped; there
will be a large attendance as the
delegate, to the recent Game Conservation meeting in Vancouver,
will givehis report.; ��� r 7.    ;.
, A Junior Baseball. Daace. will
be held in. the Co-Operative Hail,
Rock Creek ori Friday, May 16th
commencing at 8 30 p.m, Bush's
^-piece orchestra has been en-
eaged'for.the occasion.. Admis��
sio'n:" Gents. $1.00, ladies; SOc.,
supper included. Everybody come
and have a'good time.
.Bush's Orchestra, dance . last
Friday night was quite an enjoyable affair, the crowd beinglarge-
ly from the; surrounding district.
There were fvery 'few from town
present. The music was up ...to
its high class standard, 7many-fof
the hew hit's ,���being-. introduced.
The supper proyidedatmidiiight
..w.as-fample-fand good. .7-.' "       ...
{"Asitting of:. the. Court of Revision will be held in the Court
House, Greenwood, ��� on Monday,
May 1.9th, for the" purpose of revising the list of fvoters for the
Grand Forksj-Greenwood electoral
district;".:,An adjourned sitting of
the court; will be.; held at the
Court''7House,>.Grand ."Forks, on.
.Tuesday,..May'20th,;;.when taew.
hames.may. alsofbefadded to the
.list.;-, X-y X '[ 'XX 'x'y X-X - x' ���':   -.-'���
.  The Oliver government has been
completely   .exonerated     on   all
charges brought against it by the
Provincial party,  according to the
report  of   Mr. .Justice   Galliher,
commissioner,  issued in   Victoria
on Tuesday.    In  these words his
lordship-summarizes his findings:
f   "I find nothing iti the evidence
in thisenquiryftb warrant the imputation that there; was' anything
dishonest,, or  any dereliction   of
dlaty,'6r. disregard..of the public interests, or waste, ;.extravagence - or
incorflpetence in the. carrying out of
this work.by. the government.    In
conducting a work of. this magnitude: it would  be   astonishing   if
some errors or mistakes  were not
made,  and perhaps I might say,
more thorough methods in some instances might have been adopted,
bat ori the whole,  considering the
handicap: that' those carrying   on
railway construction': during these
year.8 labored under, it. is  not surprising that, the work, has cost the
country large sums of money."
f  Mr. Justice Galliher 7 begins his
report by dismissing the Provincial
party's charge that - Hon: -William
Sloan,, minister  of mines;; in the
Oliver government, and Hon. W.
J.. Bowser,: Conservative  leader,
accepted:, .$50,000 7 apiece-   from
PacificfGreat Eastern railway conr
tractors, and that as a result, these
contractors were accorded favorable
treatment in the legislature.   7
Kettle Valley, B.C.,
May 7th; 1924.   '
Editor The Ledge
Dear Sir:
I, should be much
obliged if you kindly print the
following in The .Ledge:���
Provincial Party
- Certain- rumors  - -are-���going-���
around   to   the   effect   that   the .;
Provincial Party intend to throw
in their lot with the Conservative
Party  at   thej coming   election. _--_-
On behalf of the Provincial Party.7,.
I beg to state that this is abso- Xz
lutely   without   foundation   andf.f
these   rumors   must   have   been 7 ���
originated by the proproganda of 7
our    opponents,    to   whom,   no    .
doubt, "the wish was father to the- ;
thought".    The Provincial Party
has no intention of amalgamating   ..'
with either of the two old Parties- /
and has no desire  tobe  tainted-,.'
with the old and dirty brush of. _
Political Patronage and Corrujp-. 7
tiol��.        - �����       '    "'-..yy-'.
, Yours truly,   ..'X[ X-yy
��� . ��� Rupert Grayj' '���;
President,. 7'
Grand Forks-Greenwood Riding'   f
" Provincial Party.   -���
Oscar Lachmund, E.. M., whose
home - hasf-'been-.- maintained in
Spokane, but who has been
latterly engaged iu building
operations aiI.os.Angeles, was a
visitor in Spokane last week}.and
statedio.the Mining- Tnith that
be is again' back in the mining
game, and has an eye on two or
three projects of importance.
Mr. Lachmund is endeavoring to
dispose of his property, in Spokane, with a view to locating
permanently ..iu California, f. The
setback being experienced there,
he believes, is only temporary,
the; unusual combination of .adverse circumstances such as collapse .of. the-Los .Angeles real
estate boom, the drought and foot
and mouth disease --epidemic having af bad effect; for '���[ the. .time
bsmgX[Xy'-i"XxXyX-yyXiyXi:yX ���
-Mothers'Day   ���;.-.'���
-Sunday the 11th of May is
observed as Mothers' Day through-;
out Canada. In our - own district:
the Sunday Schools are meeting
with the congregations and the
children will lead the Service. Ife
is hoped that every' man and:
woman iu the neighborhood will,
make a special effort to attend
Service on Sunday.
' Note the hours of Service: Midway 10 a.m.; Greenwood 7 p.m;
Hon. W. J. Bowser
To Speak Here Tuesday
A Public Meeting will be held in -
the Greenwood Theatre on Tuesday, May 13th, at S p.m., wheri
Hon. W. J. Bowser, Leader of the
Opposition, ;John McKie, Liberal-
Conservative candidate and others
wiU address the citizens of Greenwood and', District on Important
Subjects of f the day. Everybody
cordially invited. J  f.Wf" T!HE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   B. 0.
; \
FLAKE LYE i.s lho
first-aid to home Miniulion. Nothing equals it for rltsninu out
iink�� and drninn, clranlnc Krrasy
rookinr utensils, triiiint lWr��
clean, etc. i',t\ a can from your
irrocrr. It will otvc you much
hard labor.
JLua. ��l��
Report For 1922 Shows Force Upheld
Its Reputation
Difficult ii would be to locale a
-movie fan or a reader or magazine
sioiios laid in lhe far north who lias
not thrilled to llie exploits of llie
Hoy.il Canadian .Mounted Police, better known as tlie Northwest Mounted
Police, wliich. "never fails to get its
man." That the organization deserves
(he reputation it has achieved i.s indicated in lho cold figure.-, contained
in lhe annual report of tho force foi
last year, which has been maile public
by Governor-General Lord l.tyng ol
Vimy. IJer.ween ihe lines of ihe official document, however, lie siories of
daring and devotion to duty, of crime
smd death on down to more prosaic
deeds performed by a small but gallant band charged with preserving law
aad order over a vast territory -which
stretches into the reaches of the frozen Arctic. The personnel of the
Royal Mounted has been dwindling ot
- recent ye/irs, -and. ai'vpresen i- i ("consists,
, of only if.-IK,compared1 witli.-l;G71- lour.
years'.ago.      -v  '-���''..'   '"-   ���
��� ''-There-' -\\\e;V" .lU.-lG'.'.." eases iuve'Kti-
' gated -a.."d_'.2.SCo"'convictions secured
��� for,, various.- crimes- aud ,-' misdemeanors--inf'-the _ TOiulno.-o'C -1923. . In ad-,
���dition .to handling -criminal cases, .the
force acts- as. an -'aid, lb-.governmental
departments.' .'The police-were organ.
. jze'd a.-half century -'ago for- tiie' purpose of maintaining law .arid'-"order in-'
.lho \ Ideals '������ "and- trackless' "noi'thwest",..
;where,even.today tliere are only 20,000;
inhabitants scattered, over an ntiea-nl
! .-'.82,000 .square; intli.s. ' That. means
an area-;:iiieludii;g-;(he :Vuk'bn. 'alinpsr
��� half the size .of ihe ,-'e,n lire .-con tinenlal.
l.'niied. Si.aler;., ���. It* is. iti -ihjV - region
."Hint the police, "have ;.chir\"<.d7 ilii-ir
.reputation. ���- : Stationed- - -in  ��� '-lonely'
-'ii.niis.of .a-\_prpornr.s   guard.-  or    le<.<_.
.they,   have"' managed '������ i'o-uphold  the
dignity, of British law.     -.,        .    -    "
" M<;inber.V uf Ilu   Xorrlnvest ,.Uoum-
���ed act as mTi.gis!rales., coroner-mar":
i-iag.e.iici.-n.-.e clej-ks, postmasters,, immigration   and   i-.iislc.ms,ollieeis, ��� rec-
- .order.*, cgame -'wardens,-��� fishi-_-ioK7.'iri--
i-pectorf.,- adniii-.e-tWitors.-.-'anfl.- oeea-
.sionitlly .a's/c.rergyirii'ri. ���'_���:' iris ca.suaiiy-
.iiieiuioiied 'in  tlie annual: report; that
;,lhe a-lleged-fmurdrr ofan-1-...kiriK. north
; of ���Kr.pulso/j.lay. in. the, winter of 1920
' li ad - come.. to. t he "a I't" f'-ri't Ion of - th e force.'
"and ��� t liiit . t his ���'in.a.ccessibl.e.m gion" will",
���he peneir'a-ied- a.- soon-as possible. One
. ouipost./speht a, year in (< rritory- s"r>
.-ili'sol'a'.e- thiit.fii'.l .Eskimos", would-live
lh.ere; "maiiiiaining' jwirplsVloi''" a 'dis'-,
'taiice of- seveniy-five iniies..'"'tf-pui-ing"
- (bat timc.'the.Miien-.encountered -tern,-,
pera.iiirv-s.r,] degieV-s below z^ro^-Hr...
-srhomas-Timi\s-Journ;i!..7".-���-���'-'' -'-   '"'-' '.;'
Jewelled Map Of Fiance
Presented  to   Nation   by  Late  Czar  ot
Muring the Palis Exposition of lyim
the ihen Czar of Russia presented io
the French nation the "jewelled map"
of France. It is not only priceless,
bin unique, because many of the precious stones employed io make ii are
found in Russia alone, and every one
found in ihose days was the properly
of the imperial treasury.
The map, which is now in the
I.ouvre. I'aiis, is foriy iuelu-s square.
Tin- wal'-rs of the oceans are represented by a whitish-gray marble. The
groundwork of the general design is
jasper. Portions     uf     neighboring
countries are uniformly shown in
slaie eolon.'d jasper; but the various
deparlnienl.s of France, eighty-seven
in all al thai, day, are done in many
colors and gradations of color from
pure while to deepest red.
II must noi be supposed that the
pieces of jasper (hat represent (lie
departments have been shaped, ���'anyhow.-' They follow faithfully the
oui lines laid down in official maps ot
the country. So cunning i.s tlie workmanship that no joints _:how at the
boundaries, au I the eighty-seven
pieces have beer: fitted together with
artistic regard (o the effect, produced
by the contrasting nnd blending colors.
The rivers of France are Humorous
and long. In this map they are duplicated by threads of platinum that,
���sunk iu (lie polished jasper, shine like
silver. But to most visitors the chief
attraction of the map is the hundred
and six precious stones that mark the
eiiies and towns���these places being
indicated also by their name embossed in,.letters of soiid gold.
Naturally, tlie eye travels to Paris,
and there it stops, enchanted by the
sight of a magnificent ruby that must
be worth a. small fortune. It is probably the finest and most valuable
stone in the whole map;
Away norlh is Lille, a trifle smaller
in size, than the ruby���not a diamond
as it appears but a phenacife, a variety of rock crystal that ls very rare.
Bordeaux is anoilu-r large gem that all
would mis take for a diamond. It is
a-'very,, line aquamarine.'. - ";��� . -' .'���.;-.���---
....-Havre '.is7;a 'splendid-.emerald; fai-'
though' not."Xh- line'-tis'the.."egg.-shaped
emerald'-, -t'liat.' --marks- 7 Marseilles."
"Nantes sparkles" flke. si, tiny' pool' ot
e!uimpagni\-''ii" ."pXrticularly-" handsome
beryl;- _l.oue.ri"i.s a.saiiplii'rt\-j.ypris;.a'
tourmalin^,. Nice "a garnet, 'a'iid: Chcr:;
.bpurg- an alexandrite,, a.stbne:-which,
'although ii.-looks green by daylight,
is seen"by-"_artificial,light, as a mixture
oi' red'arid blue... ��� ���- 7,-V' >'" ; '���-'-. - ..'���'
.slio'wriVin -.'diamonds,; quariz-..crystals
andf/the 'like.j.-'thirly-'flve are .-toiir-,
ihaliiies:--and-"t.went-y-'one are .. iniip'-.
'tliyst'i..'.;-. The known., value'of. these
gems- 'does', not'.'h'ejp. one- (o,-.e'sliina{e
the," cost, of tlie niiip-, 'for -the ��� finest
stones !.r.e'-_'iot in.rth'o. jewel market'.
Replacing. i'i'ei-i. ."wiih rptircluisable
gems-, of ��� -corr,es])0!Hlihgf--"sizo���dla^
monds, rubies,-sapphires arid theflikc
���-one' might lie able to duplicate the
map. of half.a riiillion doliars'7   ''-."-���
r,-, ^'Canada's.-Oldest-.Newsie"-. Di'e's ."
,f Thomas  " Klalii-r.y,'. i"��-imii�� <l.,lo . be
7'!aniida^s-oide-sf .'-���Nev.isbv"-- -and-, fwhn
for-.UO od<l'yea'rs, lias--  le-en. - one . of
, J-'ort"' XVilJij'-'.ii'.s    -mo's'i, - . ideViiVesqu*!.
; characti.'rs, is- d'-.-d y.A ilie-^igi-.0)7 S?��;:
lie -was'.a veteran -ofc -21 year's" eon--
flriuoiss- 'active' -Kerv-icO in .tho- 'fiii-
P'-rial .Army,   - ���" '
.-.Cucumbers ' contain   .apju'i.ixiinntoly
hini:ly per cesif.- of water.
Eagles Attack Airplane
Huge-Birds-VVarded ^Off-By"Hardness
..W-'v". -���',.of Rudder". .7. ���',-}.������-}-.-
:_���'-- Aerial ina.il hi en have- made-' a liad
'impression.,"- aiming"',' the ", f i'eaiheyed
freatUres iri ���- interior ���Alaska. , On
a - recenr7'irip .froni Fairbanks io' Mc-
Gratli vatii .the mail,-Aviatorfi, Ef Kl-
sori was followed, by three.bald eagles.
Once" .uv.o of'the. birds" 'attacked, tlie
sfwirigingfrudder.-.but were- warded.off
by' the' surprising-hardness?.'"'-' -'Returning; io Psiifbanks li.ste.bhi'.-'nvening.K!-"
son declares .he was-tagged by a num-
be-i:; of.'big owls,_wliicH .ciune from a
deep .forest- along!,the" Yukon. Kivcr. ������
.'-Wants.Separate-;Irish7Ctir"rency- , :
:- MaJTell Figgis;-, a leading .-independent member of the.Mail Eireann, raised - tlie fiuestion. "of ..a ' separate", Irish
Free -Htate'.currei.'cy, _the _Fr..-e" Hi'aic
having :tln.'.'right t��t-abandon; ilie"liiit-
It-;li.'.cyrretiey.'aiidf establish' one of ,its
;own.'- -There, seeiii.s to.be sio general
jiubH'o.:sui��jiort-for-this, view at present.
".Football;Is. played, with th����"jiigsk.in
and fins liiiiy be why there are so
many rooters.
I   - i
Dyspeptic, Bilious :
Strong purgatives have kill- j
ed many a good man.. Cos-1
���tiveness is bad���violent cathar- j
tics are worse. If bothered!
with stomach trouble or bilious- i
ness, use Dr. Hamilton's Pills, j
They   are   so   mild   you   can;
By  E. A.  Henry, D.D.
Interesting Stories For Young Folks
Published   Uy   Permission
Thomas Allen, Publisher
effective that the entire system
is cleansed of wastes.
Br. Hamilton^ Pills j
Dr. Hamilton's I'ilis move the
bowels gently, ihcy ione the kidneys,
assist digestion, dear the skin. For
those subject to colds, biliousness,
languor, Uiere is no boiler medicine.
Dr. Hamilton's Tills. Sac per box. 5
for $ 1.00. all dealers, or Tho Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
Dois of young  people would like; co i
be  well  known,  and  called  rt  genius, '
scarcely feel thcir action, yet so  ""d a wonder, and shine oui so thai;
J people   would   look  at   them   as  they:
passed hy. Well, genius is just sweat-!
ing over thing:-. (.cuius means hard ;
work. it means being iiuense���thai ;
is a word thai suggests elaslic pulled i
oui. We call ii tense. ~ li is tho:
pulled mil elastic lhat, when lei go, i
makes the power of yonr catapult.
Columbus wis a great, sailor and a
great man. In his journal is found
ibis senience; ������That day v.e sailed
westward, which  was our course."
Think of thos last four words.      lie
sel  himself to de    a    filing���made    aj
i course and did it
| got there.      That is what a rille does.
'And  all  the gieat  world  people were
like thai.
Jesus "sel His face" to go .to Jerusalem.
One of iv.y  University class was the
">&> Speedy <.
Skin Diseases & Injuries.
With The
Boy Scouts L;:i;;_;r;;;
Living  In  Cathedral  Tower
Mexico's   Custodian   of   Bells
Descends to City
Apart from the historic interest and
P.   Ls.   Given   Chance   to   Run   Troop
Once  a   inoiilh   for  several   months
followed ii. and ho j !>��������" ��-s��L-h Patrol Leader lias been inking his turn  running iho Hoop meeting.      On    the    last
occasion    after   roll
architectural beauty of Mexico City
caihedntl, the oldest iu Latin America,
tliere is a human interest attached to
Ai the western angle and between
ihe main structure, and lhe lofiy
lower tliere is a small set of apartments, iu which ihe custodian of the
bells aud his I'niiJy live. He ls named Francisco de la Breiia, forty-eight
years old, and has live children. ej
Willi him lives his widowed mother, Uniilia Vasipiez de la Orena.
who has had her home in the tower
since the middle of the last, century,
and site has not descended to the great,
���plaza facing lhe cathedral for forty,
eight years. lirena himself descends
but rarely to the sphere in which his
fellow mortals live and has not done
so for the last live years. All I.rena's
children were born in the lower and
they never have been outside of it.
The family's backyard, with its usual
allotment of chickens, is located on
thc convex roofs of the church.
The third generation of ilrena now
is being brought up in iis unique surroundings.' '��� The 'little 'onVjs, -like their
-father:. ii'nd./ grandfather, all doubtless look with disdain:."on life- "oh
;the";i"e'vcl;" ."a'ntCnuriniii.hf, thei'Y. 'lofty
refuge, from'.'vyhere ihey -'may gane'.
on tlie incompatible:fYfalte.v.of Mexico
arid\oh- Mexico City's "line- Plaza dc' la
Constitii'cion, -tihvsiys ..crowded- with
;(Housands;'."of' human beings, "who up-.
pear- like .hungry ants- in-, an ...extc-rrial
scamper for the"-"necessities of. life.
'KreniiMia.s -rio'''intention- cf -leaving,
'.his'home.. -Borii itrUie.tower,-, lie wi.1T
die "there. ":'J-lis little son, now" three
years./ old, ""will be.Iiis .Kuceesosr.^is
'.','guardia'n "ofthe.. bells."-    "_.;:.   f ���',-������
being interpreted, means missioner.,
The Hawks finished first the Eagles, j
Curlews and Otters following close, i
An adjournment was then made to the ]
school basement and a lively game of;
"defending   the   line"     followed,     in'
proved victors over the Otter and
Hawk patrols. After the usual yells
ami the "Promise," the troop dismissed .���S. M. Pickles, Sth Vancouver
Troop.   ''
A Scout Staff Test
In    view    of recent opinions arieni.
the usefulness ov otherwise    of    ilu:
Scout; Staff,  the  following may be
interest to you:"
Two meetings ago 1 told  my troop
(llih) ihat some lime iu Llie near fu-
Islands That  Disappear
Small -- Islands- in  the/. Aleutian .-'Archipelago Come and Go;in.' Mysterious  .',
���-.-.: '[���'' XX . 'X -} Way-"  '- V" i :X'': ":
7 Tradition li.is it - that    Mount   "Mc-f; with'   a-  single
Kiiilev; the-' loftiest!, peak" on ihe.j-iniU's eye! .-'-- ..'. . . .."'- '; 7
American continent, sinks .aboul ,<wo" |/-. Tli^<i is a &'$" b>'"a "-y'Z^ Uinii.call
feet, 'a"year from' its o'llicial- aliitude:
champion mile j-u.nner of America. I
guess he would noi mind if I told yon
his name.     It. was George Orton. i
At tiie University games a lot of us'
students were sitting in the bleachers ^XfV fomo  lough  nuts  to
watching the contests.      Ono of them   crack in tiie deciphering of five or six]
was the mile race and Orton was in jt.  jumblc'of leLterfl ,vhich Jire cai>ablo of
As tliev settled down lor the mile jog,,,   .
you could see them watching one" being turned into the name or some
another, and tryii g lb keep as close j Scout badge, e.g... NRMSOEIS1, which,
together as possible until ilie last lap.
Then some -or.e said, "Look at Orton!" And as we looked, we saw tiie.
great runner coming down the track
witli his face as though turned into
granite, his eyes set, his leeth together, and every muscle hard_ as steel,
lie did not seem lo be the "same person. "His face was set" and in a
second his breast, had touched the
tape line at the winning post.--
Paul said: "This one thing 1 do,"
and It was because he put all his passion and force behind one great object . that he became a rilio in the
hands, of the'Christ. *
The Book of Proverbs says, "Let
Ihinc eyes look straight  forward.''
Oh, girls and  boys, if you want to
make your mark in the world, choose
i a great aim, endure   ihe   work 'thai
brings if, near, and then gefat it and
slay witli it!
It was one  of lhe most, wonderful
mornings of history when was fought
lho.bailie of Vimy .Piidge. ihat help-,
ed'to turn back tlio.'German hosts; litre.'1 -would as'k each patrol to dem
;'I   had  a-friend  in  Vancouver'.who
stood"at one end pf thar. fiery line, at
the early xero'hour that day. . Ut; said
it-was .lhe most, majestic sight he over
saw. when,' in Mho  gray   dawn."three
ihpus'and artillery opened-ai once and
.lipiched' forth .lire   and   shot. ..all  concentrated; on. ohe;""ypot-; -... He; said ; it.
was" ��� so ,ierrible ihat he. could " hardly
ihink'of- even, a pin being lei'|.. on the
ground"./    .'."""-���-���;���     '"zy. ������ -.:'; 7 ���'- -"
- If" was-.a- clean, sweep,'-thai  barrage
'lhat prepared - for thefWyonel- charge'
.of the;(.Minjidian.-:P>righ.de.,' .     ; .'  . .".
.   Do you not want vic.tor.y-.   ,  -"     ;''.",
'  I ant siire you do not.want fo be" "defeated .ii.uy.our life.'-' '.You ..v-an'i.' to
.makea'.bnll's eye:' "if you do.-talce, a
-definite aim"; -form .your" pi'ah.'a.nd fire
.in. th"a'l direction... "'."..'.-      "-." -���-".-.   '   -'-'
lio''"ydn know thai/ one of lhe.Old
-Testament-words ior sin-means '.'missing-the.mark?*-'. 7-v. XX ..'-���- .'X "}
-���You and 1 aie not made to hit -the
tiirgef. ofdife on 1 he=oujside vdgv. "'.A\re
| are, made to hit it In -live .centre: - -
] - Therefore, young 'folks, be a -rifle
iim.- and- make your
proper method of sitting upon it, and
the correct, way to salute with-it.
I   called  each   patrol
h ;    Court,   of    Honour
: room and gave ihem five   mimiies   in
; whicli to demonstrale the uses of the
| staff, telling each .patrol Hot to let l.ho
i one  which  fallowed   know   what   was
i going on.
j    The   number   of   uses given were;
| Foxes 21. Beavers 27, Wolves '.IZj.
I ,
:    All tlie uses named might have been
rail, inspection, etc.,. (,mp]oJ.l>(1 1)v  .,. boy,m.  c;oUcctlon   oC
troop   went   by ! boyj. bcU-oon tho ilges of 12 ;uul  H>
sense uses.
j The iotal number given by tho troop
must have, amounted to well over 50.���
the troop   went   by
patrols to Die class-. am, woro g0,jn(1 conimon
room    where    P. 1...;
Seibie    gave    them
1-1. L. Fraser. Mth Ottawa Troop.
Woman   Has  Lonely  Job
Watching Bird Life on Remote Island
Off Norfolk Coast
One of Ihe loneliest jobs iu England is being undertaken by Miss E.
.L. Turner, a leading naturalist:, who
lias gone to Scolt Head, a remote is-.
which  the.  Eagle and  Curlew patrols, ]ana    ff ���le NorfoU. eoas(i ,nul thej.e
she will remain for six months, carrying mil her du1y>p as watcher for the
Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society.      She. will  be. the only human
being on the island, lier food and correspondence    being    taken to her by
boat, and her object is to obtain data
as fo lhe autumn migration of birds,
wliich has never been adequately ob-
(��! served on'this part of thc coast.     She
j also hopes  to obtain -photographs of
| many of the rare birds which breed
��� on the island.
.ed Goethe.. . 'It'.iAi.a''liltlh hard.-biit-I
believe you can 'understand  it if you
of"-20.'a00 feet.- 7  -"      ':-,     :.;-',   -  study.-;jt out. a .id,-it-i.s worth ah'tile
Residents, of'  ihe7_'..reghni iu^'c-pji: ;.?_udy^7_H���7>_lMi-:-^  -..---,:..;.. 7.7'
vinced'tlt'a.t tiii^ happens. '..fTlVey point-'""Are- you. in   enrnesi?' '.Choose   Hie
out -that-there'1 is an average"of-, four _"' ;     "-'H-ry "1lmil,(:   f" '-., - 7.'- - '���'   -'
. - ���-.-.-' ,:-.- ^.hat  you- can do, or "think .you can
eaitlujuake shocks a year, and.contend   .: ,:'   jjf.'dn it:" - .--' ���<   - - -; ���'  -.
that,the.mountain-set ties about nlx'-iii-   Iloldries'Sclias gerius-, power, niagicf-in
"ches.with'each-irehior;'.--   .-���.: 7"   ''������ "'��� |-'   -."-ik.'." ���"' '-'    '-.-"'".-"; 7'-     ''X-'X-
iny way .of attempted-confirmation |p"b'"engage, and ihvn ihe inind grows
they refer to;the'.f "Al.eutiaii' "Islands
According ' to- - recent -'report s' ���- from
scientific-'sources;'. ho "one/can state
thef.'locatioh or , altitude-, of. many "ol
lho -sihall ->Jslands-;--in- tho' Aleutian
ntchipolago. XOm\ vday 7 an-, island
may appear well,; above7water,; and
t.he,.iiext .day It may- have vanished,
; Numerous''small /'island.;;, "including
Rogdslov.'are reported, to --have''- dis
P.egin.--. and ..-then .-.the..-'work'"will, be
completed..1'-    "/' . 7-- -..","     .���,'.���-':..   '-"'.
... f-Honesty As An-Instinct'. V-.-
' You. cannoffvnry. weljf argue.about
being honest.;. -;/If you ;ii.re, ->ou are;;
if ypu are.not.-you-are-nof.f And thai
is aboutf.all. there is to it;,' .-Honesty'.
-lis an'insiinct. 7-A7iiian'Is honest for.
the   saine,. reason   a .woman   blushes.
appeared-wit!iout'a'1race7f Uogoslov ] We;sa>; honesty 3mys. but. if'a man is
is--recalled- ��r the. island whieh'sutb I hiin-"P �����**? }*><-'F*���('"!t ���,il^ ��c.has-a
di'nJy api^aVedXhile^h-vorew of jIh.. j W01} Xh^ :'07 honest y.^hicago
coastguard 'ifutter- IJeiii:. loolie'd  on- in       ;):
nw..X-z:xXXxX)X-'' '-'-��� :X)-"X   '-���-���-
.."��� For. these., 1 opographical freaks:ihe
blame,-'"is-- f)lac<"-��s'_- fon.-M<jitnt-. Kalmai
and;; Pavaloff frolciihoes.--'' .which in-
terniiitehtiy. send'���', out .- dense .. clouds
of smoke- and -fiar,_o.-'   . ���,"..
..- ���' ���:..". y 7Qn.!y Trivial "���'.' .-- ���'.-"' '.
: .Cusiomerr.-^-!'Hai!g it .'"--'You've nipped" a piece off my ear!.'-' .-.7" ���'. X-X.:
:.- P'arber.���"Sorry, -sir; /-iiV.-...t'nly -.. a
stiutil. piece;- not'-', enough ;to. ...affect
lli<v'.earing, sir..''" -,"   '   -.-���..:���   .-   ���_""   .
New-Government Eleva.tor
Cuntract" for';the- new .Gov.ernment'
X&^}m)i��,}0j)^^ ;tte-:|S/ SO-
{'    In ' Ilu.th    England.' '(J'ti.Oft*), persons
j are dependent, upon jli'e'-fisdiing indus-
eIe\;alor ut Edmonton here "has been [try. '-.'-..       ���-'-.'''���"
awarded'to a cf>ntivact'ing 'firm of Win- -��� -----X.-- , ���:' "'
nipeg. according" !o'an announcement'     London   .Bridge   has   been    burneil
made by the Depart ment." of Trade anil j down siy times. ������_._'
Commerce.      The elevator, .which  is!   =r?������' . "  ��� ��������� -mir��� ���". ""���   ���''..������ ���������   ������
-to have-a'capacity of- 2.500.:0n0 -bushels, must be cojnpjeted, according to-
-terms of tlu? c-oniracf. by September
.15��--l'SZfc: The; pitedrivihg: wonk:has
jbeetf coiii:{>lefed:':i.^..t;he govBriinienL
onst.rale the various uses of the staff. I -Sumnior and . Christmas were the
They-had not previously boent.old of j nuint-s of complainant and defendant
any  usus- with the  exception of ihe; in a" recent court case in London.
W   ... io���sislcncy.o�� "j^r^s is obtained
Save money by using SMP Enameled Ware-:cooking;vessels. They'use7
less fuel. To satisfy yourself try. this
convincing test in your kitchen. JUake
sin SMP Enameled Sauce:Pan and one
of equal size made of aluminum, 4in
or other metal. Into each pour two
quarts of.cold waters Plaice each sauce
pan .over:' the fire. The water in the
SMP Enameled Sauce Pan;will be boil-,
ing merrily when the water in the
other is.just beginning to simmer;
Save your money.   Use
*A Face of Porcelain and a Heart of Steel"
Thrtt fmUhtti P*��rl' War*, two caati , ��f'
petTiy-grtr rnamtl in��fd�� xnd oot: Piamond
->V_ir��,- three tosis, -3lj-ht blue mild white eut-
*td*, -nKife lining.. OjnUl W��rr,.. (iirre coato,
pur�� >hit�� in��Id�� and-oat, with KojatHlue
^XtfyXs nia3Ij|^io;3 jfiSinifii ^r;SJi.i t;;fjjp'fjfii
41 ;���'
' THE   LEDGE,   CffiEEWOOD,   & li1
Ottawa.���"I. utterly deny and repudiate that tliere lias been any bargaining between this group and any other
f.Toup in this House," said Kobert
Forke, Progressive leader, in the
course of the budget debate referring
to statements made in the House and
ou the political platform that the gov-
i rnineni had bargained with the Progressives for. their support.
"So far as I know," added Mr.
b'orkc, "no group in this House is
under any obligation to support any
other group, So far as I am concerned, I am pledged to support no
Group except lhe one which did mo
lhe honor to make me lis loader.
"1 stated in the opening of the session lhat the government would get
Progressive support when it brought
down Progressive measures. 1 repeat
that slatement today."
Ife would not vote i'or the Woodsr
...worth amendment because it meant
nothing. To support it would compel him to vote against the budget,
which he believed to be better for
the country than the "mere gesture"
contained in the amendment.
"If   anybody "in   this House thinks
- that the Progressive-" movement- is
done, he is vastly mistakeu," continued Mr. Forke.. "In Gr.eat Britain
progressive government is an accomplished fact. in the United
States there is a drasifc change-impending, in the system of governments
We of this group see brighter things
Tlie Progressive leader then commented on conditions in" Europe, the
reports that population was increasing and production decreasing, 'and
expressed the opinion that building
up tariff walls would not help, to solve
Europe's ' problems. He deprecated
the idea that, Canada should follow
Europe's example in the tariff. Britain, whatever anybody might say,
was free trade. The comparison made
by thc Conservatives between Canada
and thc United Siatos was not reasonable. The United States had the
advantage of climatic conditions, of
{rreaf, industrial development, and of
the huge war profit she "made before
entering the war.   '- ��� -    'yy
"-. IIo" regarded the. budget as".a step
. fonyard.   Canada had .turned the c-or-
- ien--"arid, started in a' :new' "directionI
. and he. hoped lhc government, would
. continue "in that, "direction". - Put .he
,. Rgr'eed wiih. iho member-from'31rome-
(A. R, MeMastor) that there was no
". reason " why".ft he., budget should not
bo- presented--.-in 'simple language,
Which "/could   'be-understood, by-the
'man- on- the   street. '���_--'-The.. financial
'conditions .of   Die country should.be
- apparent by sirnplo>mcihods'.of hook-
-'keepkig.-'7;".   . '   :'-  .-   /'���"._-..- ;���_'/-
, - Economy in'. _'.id_wnisf ration .was. ft.
desirable aim:-Mr". Forke. said,-biit'he
��� hoped that;';hoii.lt!. ���' ;��nd. edue'rftion.
would not .bp.ov'eriogked. . Both, were
of .paramdun t" importance. -_���"
Prince May Visit
Ranch This Autumn
Calgary.���"As His Poyal Highness, the Prince of Wales/is likely to be with us again this fall���"
This clause, in a letter received by
William Header, superintendent
of Calgary parks, from Professor
W. L. Carlyle, manager of tlie
"Royal rancher's ranch" at Pelt- '
isko, gives oflicial indication of the
manner in which tho Prince of
Wales intends to spend his autumn vacation this year, following cancellation of his proposed
tour of South Africa, owing to thc
election there. Pror. Carlyle Is
at; present in London, having been
called to England' to consult with
tlie Prince.
Manitoba Farm Help
Few Farm   Hands  Want to  Sign-Up [
For the Season
Brandon, Man.���While a number of
men are going daily from here to take
work on farms, few of them are willing to accept a contract for the sea-
Tliey prefer tc take employment by
the mouth, or as long as seeding
lasts, as they hope to be able lo command higher wages during thecharvest
time than would bc possible under a
seven-months' contract.
Ifo More Pains
In His Back
That's Why Manitoba Man Recommends Dodd's Kidney
Mr. Stephen Kozak found relief and
tells other sufferers to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
: Okno,' Man.���(Special).���"After i
had used six boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills I felt no more pain in my back,
and no unpleasant taste in my mouth
in the mornings. ��� This relief is duo
to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
This   statement   is   made   by   Mr.
Stephen    Kozak,    who    lives1 in this
place.7   He sends this as a guidance
to other sufferers.... There   are,, two
things certain, in this world:   one. is
j lhat everybody is liable at some time
j or    other    to    an    attack of Kidney
I Trouble,    the    other - is. that'Dodd's
I Kidney-Pills relieve all forms of. Kid-
j ney disease, such as Diabetes, Dropsy,
j Rheumatism,  Madder' Troubles, Gret-
i vel and Urinary Disorders, even when
: other remedies have' failed..--    -' x ���
!     Kvery "-'sufferer   who   tries   Dodd's
i Kidney   Pills    is -delighted with Uie
[comforting "relief"that ihey so quiclc-
j ly create.   '.Thousands are buyyig aiid
using them solely;, through    the "recommendation .- of/ their, friends who
first -, discovered - their, relieving'.and
healing.properties;'       " ... X ���; -'���
. Dodd's Kidney Pills can' beobtained
from all-druggists.1    ,"���'--.-.        ������ -i'
Chinese Big Buyers
Of Canadian Wheat
Stood Second During March in
Markets of World
Ottawa.���China stood second in ilie
list of buyers of Canadian wheat in
the markets of the world during the
month Of March, 1921. During that
period China-imported 2,519,95-1 bushels of Canadian wheat, valued at ?2,-
393.655. The United Kingdom took
6,721,591 bushels, valued at $6,92?,-
9-17. Belgium and France were "the
next most extensive buyers, each taking slightly more than a million bushels.
Thc total amount shipped during
the yoar ended March, J92-J, wits 250,-
870,237 bushels. This shows an. increase over the preceding year, when
215,07-1,500 bushels were exported.
The value of the wheat expo'rted dur-
inig the. past year was .f2G7,75S,559,
whicli was an increase of ?15,012,75-1
over the previous 12 months...
Germany came second to the United
Kingdom in the quantity of Cana'dian
wheat flour purchased during March,
1921. The United Kingdom took 3-17,-
741. barrels;. Germany, 339,639; and
China, 151,921. : The export of flour
during the year ended last March was
11,714,929 barrels, an increase of 486,-
869 over; the previous year. There
has' been a notable increase In the
exportation of oatmeal and rolled
oats during the comparative periods.
Tlie value of oatmeal and rolled oats
exported during the year ended last
March was $2,081,510, compared to
$1,596,527 during the previous year.
May Allow Carter
To Carry On Work
Egyptian Government Wants Complete
Control Over Tomb and Contents
Cairo.���The budget now- before the
Egyptian Parliament provides 4,110
Egyptian pounds for next season's
work in the' tomb 6C Tutankhamen,
with the intention of continuing the
London.���rThe Cairo correspondent
of the Morning Post understands that
the. Egyptian. Government Is. still: in-
] dined to allow Howard Carter Uncomplete his work in .(.Tutankhamen's
tomb,, on condition that he acknowledges, the government authority over
the tomb .and its contents.
The government,;.'he' adds, proposes
to bear all costs- in. connection with
���the. .toiiib henceforth, and to permit
no monopoly" of "the, news .concerning
the'discoveries made. .  "-. "-
On a Visit to Canada
Predicts Coming Of
International Peace
.London.��� Prime Minister .Mac-,
���Donald in his May Day message
to Labor and the Socialist movement, expresses the hope that another May Day will see the league of Nations transformed into
an "ail-embracing parliament of
peoples," and predicts the eoniing-
of a day of international peace.
"The nations, tired'of conflict and
disillusioned of their war hatreds
and war mentality, ;ire seeking
new paths that make for friendship and security," said Hie Premier.
Managing editor of the London Times,
who is a recent visitor to Canada.
Will Inspect Railway
C.N.R. President to Make Personal
Trip Over Hudson Bay Line
Winnipeg.���Sir Henry Thornton told
a deputation from the "On-to-the-Bay"
Association that he intended this summer to secure first-hand information
on the Hudson's Bay railroad, through
a personal trip of inspection which
would lake him to the end of steel and
to the bay Itself. "Sir Henry said that
If the government would vote the
money I'or completing the road, he was
quite willing; to go through swith it.
He had found it very difficult to get
the actual facts with regard to the line,
as both supporters and opponents of
the project were very enthusiastic in
presenting their cases.
C. F. Gray, former Mayor of Winnipeg, was spokesman for the deputation.
-For sure .relief apply  Minard's
.daily.-���.'-"-" .Excellent for.- bunions.'
total df'$J9;130,55'J.
Canada Exporting More Cars |.,v
- .. Smallpox at Sudbury .
Sault' Ste',- .MaiTef ���On't.V-Eight ..new.
Vases of smallpox- have been' discovered .in the district/tributary-. to.Sa'uit
-Sfe.' Mario, and.an appeal In-made for
rowinusiiic^-of compuisdry vaccination;
of school children.-,      7 ,     - ..-;-.
exportation   during
Head: Covered With Eruptions, Haii*A!i Fell Out.
,7.:,, Got Little; Sleep, W,
.:. "When, baby was a. week ��Ida
fine rash, broke out on'his forehead
and Bcalp,-which later formed small
blisters. The blisters "soon spread
and when he was three months old
his head was coyeredjWiUi sore erup-'
tions'.- He cried and rubbed Iiis head-
sind hishsir'all fell out." Hegdt/but-
. very little sleep. ['���.-_'���
'--. "A friend, recommended' Cuticursi
Soap _ind Ointment. After using
he got relief and in two-months he
was healed." (Signed) Mrs, Allan R.
Caldwell, R. F.-&. 2, Auburn,-Me.,
���Jan. 12, 1S22.
.-.Daily use cf Cmicera Soap, Oint-'
ir.ent aiid-Talcum helps to.prevent
"skSn troubles. -'
6*c j>V ttxi. Prw ir KiS.'* ��&*��'_. "fcjw&SB. XJflt-
Hrt, t*4 SI. ?��__ Et., vr��� Wmcswii..". S_id erery-
wfcjr*. Sc��p__6e. lrt��3Ett��SI___.d5(V.r��.ii_ia_5tS��.
^ntieu'ra Sosj> s__xirt._>r.1_kan_ii m.sg.
Otuuva.-rSales "tax> already paid: on
manufactured implements of -produc;-
. ers and'-.dealcrs'/will be-refiirided. J Ion".
;. J..A. Robb',.acting 'irimis.ler. of ;finance,
���j tabled -a. number= of, additions _to; his-
', budget .resolutions, childly 'benefitting
Manufacturers of-, implements" and ot
steel. '' The '.resolutions" provided .for
reduction of the sales tax, In-line with
the original -reductions, oh implements
fabricated before thebudget was announced: " This is -to 'place the Canadian seller on an   equal   basis   with
-United --.States -dealers, -who ��� pay no
sales'tax-in their; own country:;
.:- Shovel- handles, and steins"- are-"placed on'the-free.list;-, --These,, it Is" understood, all -are importedf.from , the
I'nited States. ./Rolled'iron and steel
which'.goes into, the manufacture':'of
inipicmows alsi' is placed on.rhe free
iis'7   '.   -X���   .������ - 7. 'z-: y':yy' xXX
As a concession to the-sic ei manufacturers, .ingot moulds, .which .'."are
now   taxed   five. r.Eevcn   and a. half,
tind'ten per cent.; are reduced to-ISrit-'
ish . preference, free,'' Jive, and - seven
anil a-half.-   .-.���'.-, ���[}''  ."��� '-.-_'       .-.--_
The    duly:  h  "reduced  on "racing
.shells used- hy.utnateiir rowing clubs,
imported,   for. "ihe   exclusive ' use of
the clubs.       - ,  '-". Z'X X Xz-.���'������ x. '-.}
. Other articles.exempted froni ,4'a'les
fax'are:'Firo brick-,-ingot moulds: and  - ���   7 Sncrease In Shoe .Exports
j ari'icjes%sed'-_n the smelt.erlng.of iron - .Ottawa.-���T-he'7 value'.of boots.and.
[ore;-  tapioca;   Lapwelded  tubing- not- shoes, exported--fay Canada during the"
: less ihan four inches iri-diameter for  year ended  March,  192-1, .inert?- thari-
i water, 'oil' and natural- gas well;- hia-' doubled the value-of "Canadian boots
j . ������  1   ���������-'_..
rerials for the manufacture- of fertil-"; exported   the  preceding year. .   Last
izers ;'tlrj: BiHtoriai:; to be,used for the"! year the expprtntions" were valued at
same'purpose'a's.'sprayirig;---.;.���. [yX ':���] $304,913,.and'the previous year, $.130,-
\y TIrc'-vaIne.-Qf-j!uii"ort'��id .matcIieV-fahd^.OS-f.'fr-^The:. ;t"nitfid."'States .- w.is   the
j imported playlns cards:' will'-,:ineiu"de  chi��;f- buyer, vi'aki.cg ;".2"7..:pairs;.->vith
"i excise taxes.".' This change ..will "iiiaUe | Japan' second','-" taking- -l',��;2S;.j*>airsf.' :"7"-"
j the same; system:: of. valuation on im-i-   ������'���. ��� .;.-v" -.   ' -;f ",_:-'.'���-'������'' -Z-XyX..   X
! ported  as-on   domesitc :mafches.'and j       .    .Valuable Cow' Kilted 7,-: ['.'_��������� X
j phtj5ng.cards.." -.''--���-; y:;,   -';".'_���.;. "-:-: . -|.-"."Sacramento, Calif.���Tillie.:.AJeart.rax.
,i ���:.'AH wholefaki/. and - jobbers-are,' au-^ famous mi. eh .e&w.',y,as''��_h6t.-_an;d fkiil-
. l.il5onzed/-t6;iake--our.;']ic;c-ns;r.r/i)rpyid-'.'--<?d"in Los "Angeles.after,-srffwas;lean'.,-;
,1 ed  thtfy- give ;th?7'n<'C^Sfeary-se(-uriiy:->d ^lie^wa*'inteei'e.d,..wifji;';iie; foot-arid'
-���; for, the .payment;'of th -. fox.'a'nd'-.'othVrV-mouth 't\i��>;XXX: f.Iivr owney',7'rf:cent.!j'.
,;/r,v<ruirc-ni��..nis-."7'.���"."''--   ���'X:-XXx'X.. '-; }X'i refused:?"j.0,h0�� for .'ilie-��-ow,'..;-:-.OnV;of
:'j [;','Tiiis1 .c-h'Ahge:,wllI put.all whoiesali'i-.s - hiy.calyrs .^bhr.for-..?��l,0i;ij.,w j!"t.'n.;onTy
",'\ and-f-jybbers ��� ori. ili^-fsame ba.-Ia;- 7...-K;-^;-:"jtferee,r-!aoaibs;'oJd.
H.B. Road Cost
$6,250,000 "is  the. Estimated'Cost   of
.. Finishing the Road
7 Ottawa���The" capital-expenditure", to
March-"31, 192S, 011 .tlie Hudson's liiijV
Railway was $1-1,459,911., -according to.
information 'given . in"'"-the! louse" of
Commons. -'' f' . ' y'-- -���- ' y-Z [, '..'} ���-
"���'TI16 sum of.56,2'f.d.000.is the esUniat-
c-d .cost .;of finishing, thp ruad.-'txclu--.
sive of-.terminals or. harbor-develop-"
ments. ^ .There Is no; specific .authori'ly
Atlanta, Oa.���Towns and rural com-'
munities stricken by tui epidemic ol
tornadoes tliat; dipped ruthlessly
through seven sorthern states aro recovering slowly. Relief worker.--
from oi'gauized services and volunteers had their tasks well under way
in the scores of villages levelled.
Reports gathered placed ihe tola!
death list: at .11;:. There is still no
definite eslimute of Ihe persons injured, but belief persisted lhat the
! number would reach 000. I'roperi.y
; damage will he much greater than ai
Alberta Farmers Now
Have Sufficient Help! fllf ������,��u^,iii,-d: }t ���* ��"""��<^��� '��>��
r only estimate atiempted, that oi $10.-
000,000, probabiy will he eclipsed.
South    Carolina    was    ihe    worst*
stricken   of   iho seven states.     Prop-
.,         ,              .     , , ,    .    . erty-damage in this stale at Anderson
well caught up on its labor supply ior    , .-,������������
 , r_   _...,_    _.,       ,....,���   ! alone was ?.50,000.
Latest tabulations disclosed (lie foi-
Demands Practically Satisfied to Aprill
_30 Say Labor Officials
Edmonton.���Alberta  is  now   pretty!
spring" farm work, according to officials of the provincial labor branch.
To the end of April, d,-i77 placements
of all kinds hava been made by ihe
several labor offices of the service
since the. first of the year, and in
April aloiie the number has been
2,100. For tbe four months there
have been 2,700 more placements than
in the same period last year.     Farm
lowing defiths: South Carolina, SI;
Georgia. J 3; Alabama, 11; North Carolina, ti; Louisiana, 1; Arkansas. 1;
Virginia, 1. ���
The additional deaths were reported from Columbia, whero two injured persons died in hospitals, and
at Rob'ertsonviUe, . N.C.,    where    be-
wages run from $25 to $.50 per month, j.
laied reports told of a twister strik-
and the fanners' demands have been
ing there.      Thirty homes were said
practically satisfied to dale. There
is still a'-shortage,, however, in domestic lielp'and tlie new arrivals of old
country immigrants are-being awsiitcd
I'or relief in this respect.
; to have been destroyed.
Big Land Deal
States Urged To
Join World Tribunal.'
Off-No Pain!
Churches       Back       Up      Plea
4        Participation in Court -
Washington.���Leaders in church or-
English Syndicate Purchases Mention- j 6��nJzalIous, industry, the bar and the
ite Land in Manitoba field of education urged United States'
'Winnipeg.���An    English    syndicate! P��i\Ueipation  in. the   world  court  at
lias   purchased   60,000   acres  of landj opening- hearings on the question by
from the Mennonites at Winkler'aiid   a sub-committee of the Senate foreign
relations committee.
The   Federal    Council of Churches..
Morden, in Southern Manitoba, according to au announcement made
here by II. C. Johnson, of Slrailord-
on-Avon, I_3ngl?nd. rt presenting the
syndicate., The jirice is undersfood
to be $1,800,000., The syndicate will
pay ,$800,000 cash and;.turn over 130,-
000 acres of-ranch lands in ".Mexico to
the  ^Mennonites.
Mennonites- are" - ncw��� "iu 3Mexico"; --a 11 d
otherVjnembers fof Iho colony.-tire -preparing to .leave shortly.- f" ' f ���   " ���"
It is-Uie intention-of .fhe-'syndinaie
to sell the'-laiid'to' Russian, JMenuon,-
i.t.es,-;whd,' "it:-.is.7 declared; -.. are - .lii-ci-
"pared to = conform 10 "all the .requiro-
iiien Is of .Canadian citizenship.   7 -, ..
claiming   membt rsdiip   of ,20,000,000,
gave iis endorsement lo 1 he court.
j    The Heverjil  speakers declared the
' court     had    been     set    up    largely''
I through  L*nited.,Si.ues initiative, was
it.o'.all "praeticai   purposes   Tree   from
Mrtny    Manitoba ' li1|e'lj,--_l??u^. of Nations,' ami   met   the
' demands, .of '. the "great..majority of
the. thinking." public of Americ;.".."
.'Doesn't hurt one bit! -���- Drop a- little
"Freezone" on an. aching, corn, - in-
" ~.    ,- Steal Station Safe ,   "-"
���'. .Fiji-f \yjljiaui;.'-Out.���When- tho sta-
ii'o'ri:ngi,;n't7it- the Westport, Canadian
!.National  I Jail way  depot.- 't.-nlcred' iiis '
j d/Ilce he found the safe niissing.- .Rob- ;
j bers had entered the building early in
jihe mbriiing.Tiarried:- the-' iron; safe,
1 "weighing -n. (jiuu-ier uf a".ton, ���'.}) yard's,".
'and''pried. It open.   . For .their trouble
liliej- obtained  several xlieckii,"'-valued
ar. $ J SO,, sonie    blank ' hioney'-ordor.
.l'"ornis;aiid h.bout--?-l in stamps. "    ,'.���.."��� "���������
,'Otiawa.���lAiiing"   a-   deba'ti' oil ihe
budget, Gen. J. A..dark (Conservative,
.stant.ly that .corn.-stops.hurting; then
shortly.- you "���- lift -.' it -right. off   .with
fingers.,-'- .. .7-"-"7 ".;"., -   :-.   - '  '���
.Your "druggist; sells a-'tiny.bottle-of
."Freezone" for a.few." cents, .sufficient
.under;the-po'minioh;Lan'ds:Act=for-the'-;--t6irem6vo everj*-hard cdrn:;soft "cornf JJurraj-d)",-was'slrbhg'in cordemniin'on
sale" of.lan'd.-.for the".'pu'rpbse'-'of l.Iud-, "' '  "
son's". Bay Hailway construe!Ion,-but
iVre-emptiohs; arid- .purchased'; -hbm.e-
steads are sold under the provisions
of that act, v.The net amount collected on p'rcreniplion-sales up-to March j Royal- Grai'n'flnquiry Commission will J Fielding .tariff policy,
31, ��� 1.924,/w.as. ?15,981,134;, and - fro.iii j not be ready for.atieast three months. Uie peopl... willfsay;" .
homesteads-purchased,. ?8,i4G,42l,l'dr a i II. J. Deachman, secretary "fofi he .cpm-':.. Mr.". Chirk - slated
or .corn between the toes", and the -foot ;ff he'budge'i- was- a" "gross niisrep'rescn-
wliouses, witbmu sorenoss'-oi; irrlta-.; ^ of.,^-,^',,=^001; Lhe country's
"Royal Grain;Inquiry Report
j-iinances.  " He'challengt^d .the. govern
fluent-10-go to tlie country ii rid-ask .fori
'.Winnipeg.-���The .Aili "'.report -of ' the] .(.mandate 'io;depart irom .t.he.Li'iurier
si.-i"-'  what 1
mission, stated.'here. -'���
. Mr7' jSeaehman-. said
ie 'Vancouver session
that  the acting
j minister . of...-'finance. -. siiould',, have,
a: denes., of $_2ii,t.'i!(l,<J(t.!��7insfe'iid
Tin?" com--
tn-'pa risons;. given- iif.the   'budge' ��� -were"
"a -'separate j shown
probably-'.would .be -i.-sued  on jof a-, surplus of ?30,00i.>,'on0.v,
aiid. that"
Increase  Chiefly'In. Automobiles, For
"Freight-Purposes- ,';
f.Ottawa.-^Th.e. exportation'of Cana-
dianfma'de'.. automobilcf.;.during ''the
twelve .months ended- .March, "1924.
n marked^ increase over - the
the ,12 months
ended March,/ 3023.. , The increase
was chiefly in aut.dniobiiosffor..freight
purpose, of which J.5,396 were: f-xport;
ed during the; past.: .twelve' :inontiis.
During the; preceding, year drily 3:720
ofthis type left Canada; ' During the
year ended March, :1924, '54,522- passenger cars valued at' ?27,2-!C,02il were- ex-
ported and-during- the previous year
45,-108' cars fvalued;:at f $2.5,60G'.35o' were
shipped,from Canada..
interim report would not.be .made.
Have..You-A;.Daughter-? ; If
You" Have, This Article
ill Interest You!
ir.n_i.iiton,.Out.���"Dr. Pierce's Favorite
rrescription is the best medicine I have
ever known for the building np of-girls
and women who are ruii-down iu health.
It-has been takenby. different members
of -my family with, gr.e&t success.-- My-.
���,daughters have been wonderfully helped
'. during m'othcrfcooiI-'bv'taking-FarorJtfl'
..J'rfscriptlon; It.is.'the'best"medicine thii���'
.vrspoeiaijt-hiotlier can .take-for" health-
-'and-..sireagtb.'.. And  after' having - tha"
-Influenza my granddaughter was left; in-
rrescription, and; thru.uhe"use;of th!��-
-medicine.--her- health* was 'complete!v
resioied. audsfee'.is as'-welj- as-evc^"A
: Mrs..garan Wiisaavr.'403 Cannon SUE-
imfair."" ,,T]ie' resuli would be., that
Canada's- national debt .-weiihl bef'im,-
possible,- io 'ascertain, if"tlie-sanie
methods. of '-keeping".?he - nat-iolial'- sic-,
'cbinilsiweiv'pur.s'iied."'-'������.--" ��� ' '">; '������"_,������-
.'." .Speaking of 1 lie exodus to the l:nit:.
ed Stales; lie 'said ' most- "Canadian's
���who were' leaving wont. from.'.T.astern
Canada/ and -the  west- Ay'as.--leiisi "af-
!Vcled..'-f'  '.'.'7 7        7  '.,.-' .- :' Xy.-  ������'_���   ���
.: The.minister-of jusiice'liad ?een.to.
lit thatfthe boot and shoe' industry, had
j hot b"een7trqubled -by. ihejiuifiV.'saldf
! the:speak��'-r. - -;Tlie aciing.riiihister of
Jlinance had taken, care of ihe'flour in-
j-dustry. -.'lion... Q. -i*;,'Oraham", as vice-'
J'presideni- of the. Canadian" Foundries
had  seen -Unit Cfrtain-'iron .products-
were giveniariff-benefits.     Xeyer liad-
there been such a, .conibiiic ss .shown,
by the. ministers of this' governnvnl-Z
in protecting the industries in t\ hich
they Ihemstdves"'yr-:-e- interested.
. From''the;ranks of the Liberal/.,.!:.'
A. Lapier're, of Nipfpissing,. came.'.fo'r-l
ward in defence of "the- budgV-fW-.il>*'
declared' that. tlie...goyerhmeiit -was
living up to .the; LiebraF-platform- of
1919,.   The budget;-, was "a >. t ej>:' to wa rd
stability--and-'-.pro'gfress-. aiVd.-weuld do
a' .great_;dt_a_L '(o;-res]ore;noi maT comli-
tidhs ;Jn ..Canada'.;/;. Manufacturers, he.
said,".-.had " inade7such', profits diifiug
the- war- that some'of- tht-m- bad; bins]:-
ed to lake ihein/,;',- 'Soni*-��� had 't.;:-rni.<l-
back"excess*.profits-.Into/tlu- br.^ir.e>*
1 and-.-.b.iilrfup..huge-'plantrf .wlj,ii'Ii.;,noj-ji
:Headaehe  ,;.
.Rheumatism .
Accept-only a.
Bayer package
-vvliichcqniains pro ven directions
Handy/. "Bayer?' ..'boiea"of-.]_2 - tablet*
ilao bottlcs-uf S4'ODd lOO-^-Ilruggiata
"X��_i!r!n Is - lhe'tMJe mirk itrslftittA ia
Oinad��)- of ISiytr Meiiuf��ctu�� of Mctii>-
*eHSoic]��5��trr .ut Sallyyllcael'l   ....
/ Bridgebtxs.Oat.i fyrftrid $i.<;k%^-}}y{ (hy tluaitd; ihe IradgU.W:
f A Fr^h Powerful Battery
,   at the Right Price
.NOTE���We     guarantee     thess
Snttertss Eighteen ivi'onths,- If
dissntlsfied  in 90 d.-iys,  r��tum
FrcJght   Collect _ and'  we   will
. refund money..
Km..IJ BnWrrv e Vnlr. J5  Plsre.    Toi
Fov��_. Chr^r.3l#t   *SO SHpnf*r.   Grt'-   "
limrt. OrerianJ  4. Mi"! itcgJ^iii- W��.
-- rXV JMS. IM7. E<4. E4S. E.��5. HI.
.    rdct ..;..-.  i.iJlTS
- N'��. IS B����t��.ir*r. S V��!t. 33 Pi*re. l��"r
. ,cm:oi��.-.,(:i__���im JA ��bJ jtb, M��t-
'   ��e(J   I3Z!-2i-i2.-*:LU<_c>)��l!rr   JS1*  ��t
- t<e__ Mci.Kujthiin i��;��-sai_i. ;���: '
' , Prir*..,., ��� . .���.._..;...-.yy...-:,. j.sss
." ;  2 ������. 4insd 13-14, e=rl>- 2S '.'.*,  Ji-S.ZS
X'. N#.~ 7 ' tZ-T-frlV -��� BnMerl**;" #_l 'Tl-Mf<* '
,-.    Mo*.Ii -.;���.-_.-���_-.._._.._,..���:-;-. , .. K8^S
-'--'. X. *>�� r�� t* jter r�� ____otS��l 'tr.4 .yea r p* ��#�����-. -
'��� ���''y-KAS. ItASVTACrvklSfi CO. yX
>-.-'.ynxstrsG-  ������:-"-,.yZX.xy cakXita THE LEDGE.   GREENWOOD,    BRITISH COLUMBIA
Is $2.00 a year strictly in advance, or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil  Notices     7.00
Estray Notices ...3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears it> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal advartising, 12 cents m
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcieut display advertising 50 cents
au inch each insertion.
Business locals i2^c. a line each in>
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Greenwood Superior School
Report for Month of April. 1924
M. A.  McLoughry
cNo. on Roll - 18
Average actual attendance     16.5
Percentage of attendance       91.66
Proficiency List
Grade IX: Mildred McLaren,
John Wyder, Robert Mowat,
George   Morrison, Ernest Wyder.
Grade VIII: Allan Fraser,
Mary Kerr, Bessie Bidder, Cicilia
Hallstrom, Edward Johnson, Ruby
Goodeve, Jesse Puddy, John Kerr,
(Mary Klinosky, John MaDonell),
Silvia Price. ,   .
- Regularity ".and .Punctuality: -
George Morrison, Robert Mowat,
.;.". Ernest Wyder,; John Wyder, BesBie
7 Bidder, Allan.'Fraser; Jesse Paddy,
>-- Silvia Price, .Mary; -KlinoBky, John
7 7 Kerr, Mary Kerr, Cicilia Hallstrom:
. 7   .division ii '. W   -   7
'." JST. 7.E." Mormon' ."-"        .-:
No; of pupils on-roll. ' W- 32
7 Average actual attendance' .7 ' 731
f -Percentage of attendance ~-y   ,91.17
.'.   PitOFJ.CIEJS-CY-'LlST    \"
Grade;yil  a.,:  .George. Bryan,
f   Helen--Kerr,.: Percy,7 Fraser,,,A.n-
- drew ���  Anderson, : Leof MaddeD,
-.- William WalmBley... f
--'-.. Grade V. a;:7; Allan McCurrach,
.,' (Alice ..Hingley, .Margaret  Royce,
;7tied)  f.Edwardf .Parry, :   Lewis
f'Mitcheilf,, Eileen   Bryan,   Wilfrid
��� Tromblay, Harry. Hallstrom,  Mar-
<7guerite-   Ritchie, -   Lawrence  Du
: fHamel,. Robert .Mitchellj  Meredith
-;   Fenner,. -Bertram   -Price,.   Daniel
7;Kerr, .ifllan Morrison, Arthur Cox.
Grade IV a..:  JJobert.'Forehaw,
7 Cleo' Toney," Lewis" Clerf,   Jack
Morrison, .Francis. Jenkin, Thomas
f   Walmsley,   [Frances ...Lucente,
Robert Carlson, Charles Royce...,
Regularity-, and.^Punctuality: 7 .
"7-7GWge   Bryan;'-. Eileen   Bryan,
... Robert,,.; Carlson, ' Lawrence    Dii
Ham el,; Meredith  Fenner, Robert
Forshaw;   . Percy f.Fraser, "Harry
��� . Hallstrom. Alice fHingloy, Daniel
'.-;."Kerr,7 Helen: Kerr,: Francis Jenkin;
.. Leo .Madden,-;Allan   McCorrach,
Lewis -Mitchelj;   Rob.ert; Mitchellj
;.; Ed ward 7.Parry,7  Bertram :Price,
. ������' Charles Royce,   Cleo Toney, Tom
. - Wa! m sley, Frances Laden te.
���y. -"'77;'"" f .'division-m !���'���". .--f'W
Xy'X''x.    .    7Elsa A. Oisou;,7 : .7 7;
7 _No.. on Roll'.'���������-,.-'. .;-;7.r'7-...;- ���'. 7."-2.3,
Total actual attendance -: -;' 307.5
.Average,actual attendance "���-], J9.21
Percentage of attendance 7 7 83.41.
���: Proficiency List, X:������] :.   ���      "7 "y
.'.   Grade. Ill ��� a.;,.   .Beatrice.   Mc-
' 7Laren,7Eugene Spence, Rath Cos,
'���.'Violet'- Benson,   Munroe   Spence,
Rosa Lueehte.
Grade II a: June Toney, Alice
Ritchie, Hugh -McCurrach, Laurence Gulley.
Grade   II   b.:    Mark   Madden,
James ForehaWj   Celia Klinosky,
, Ralph   Spence, Leonard Sortome,
.7yicier Ritchie.
.ff.Grade I   b.:    Ernest   Johnson,
Ernest Cox, Melvyn Fenner..
.���-.Violet. Benson, Ernest Cox, Roth
Cox, James^Forshaw/ Ernest Johnson, ,CeHa7;rKlinosky,, Hugh Me-
CHrrach,7Mark7^f)Bdden,; .Leonard
Sortonfie,"77Jape/,. Toney,;;fEagen8
fSpence,- -.-Ralph~y8penea,7
���.Lucente.-77'.'..������'7: V-.-.7; IXXX}-.}.;
Norwegian Creek School
Report for April
B. Thorsteinsson,  Teacher
Number on Register -      21
Total attendance - 310i
Percentage of attendance     92.41
Lates -   ' - 0
Proficiency List
Grade I (a): Mary Gidon,
Bertille Bohemier, Just Bohemier.
Grade I (b): Virginia Riley.
James Watson.
Grade II (a):    May Clark.
Grade II (b): Angemarie
Bohemier, James Riley.
Grade III (a): Charles Riley,
Alexina Gidon, Christiane Bohemier.
Grade III (b): Louis Caron,
Gisile Bohemier.
Grade IV: Alice Watson,
Daisy Watson, Marc Bohemier,
Irene Watson.
Grade V: Jules Caron, Madeleine Gidon.
Grade VI:    Yves Bohemier.
Grade VIII:    Andrea Caron.
"Slander the Woman"
A number of scenes in the Allen
Holubar production, "Slander the
Woman," which will be Bhown at
the Greenwood Theatre on Saturday, May 19fch, are laid in Montreal, the gay and cosmopolitan
metropolis of the Dominion of
Canada. Here each winter, gather
the elite from various sections of
Canada and the United States to
participate in the winter sports and
social activities.
"With a large French-Canadian
population, Montreal is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque
cities in North America and annually thousands of tourists visit this
historic metropolis where Volstead
amendments are unknown.
In "Slander the Woman," starring Dorothy Phillips, the city of
Montreal is shown..    ... y
;Somb men are constantly, trying
to lower the record of. meanriess.
Thb path: of glory  leads, bnt to
the grave���as do all other paths", 7
Preferable is the man who.ex-
agerates his success rather than
hie troubles.      .'    ;"7   7.        ...7
.'���';;������--������������..- .'FOUND.; .:/.:_-" ~y 7"
['-��� Wleader box. near-S.-Fretz ranch,
Eholt.road. Owner can; have same" by
calling atThe. Ledge .office and paying
forthis advertisement;
- Send your eggs to H.Hi' Pakneu.,
Midway,;for incubation.. Three dollars
per hundred, two dollars for fifty. .. X
FOR. BOYS attending-High and Public
Schools. Fees$30.00 month. "Particulars
apply to"the Heverend; the Principal,
1186 Nicola St.,, Vancouver,'B.C. - ���"-'"���
��� ')���'''- ��� Send ;-Your7 .   .
'���;. W-. --. ,7Wto---7.W,-/-'��� 7.-7"',.;
GEO. ARMSON^f Gnind Forki
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work' and material  guaranteed.-  We
pay/postage one way.. TermsCash. -}���
.99 uses-head rg:roor~G��UA/i to ____rarc;:
Fuller Brushy are. made in
Canada���r by Canadians 7 and
for Canadians
The Fuller Man who brings these
Dominion products to your home is a
resident of your community; He will
come 'round to see you soon and
show you his'large family "of personal
and household 5iebs���Fuller Brushes.
Box 268. Penticton.
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Sunday, May 11th.
Midway 10 a.m.
Greenwood 7 cm.
The Sunday Schools will meet with the
congregations at both Services
Note the change of hour of meeting
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to tlie Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa
until noon, on Friday, tlie 6th June, 1924, for
the conveyance of His Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Contract for four years, twelve times
j>cr week each way, between Greenwood and
Railway Station from the Postmaster General's
Printed notices containing: further information as to conditions of proposed Contract may
be seen and blank forms of Tender may be
obtained at the Post Office of Greenwood, B.C,,
and at the office of the District Superintendent,
Postal Service.
Office of District Superintendent, Postal Ser
vice, Vancouver, B. C, 25th April, 1924.
District Superintendent'
Certificate of Improvements.
"BANANZA" Mineral Claim, situate iu the
Greenwood Miuiug Division of Yale District.
Where located: In Fish Lake Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,
Solicitor, as Agent for Timothy Sullivan, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 57821, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37,  must be commenced    before the
isBue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this27th day of March, A.D. 1924.
"Provincial Elections Act"
���'" 'NOTICE-IS-HEREBY- giveti "tliat if sliall,
011 -Monday, tlie 19th day of'- May; =1924, at the
hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon,, at the Court
House, Greenwood; hold a-Sittiiigof.tlie Court
of. Revision for the pin-pose of revising the
List of Voters for theGr.-iud Forks-Greeuwood
Electoral District, ami of hearing and determining any and all,.objections to. the- retention-
of any name oil .the said List, or to the ''Rejj-
istration as -a. Voter of any applicant "for rejj--
istration; and for tlie other purposes sot forth
iu the "Provincial Elections'! Act.   '." <���������'.���*'.'.
... Dated at Greenwood, B-fC, tills8th day of
April, 1924.    .    -      "       - -   ������.'-   . '   ���' ' '"-.-���
.--_;- "7 '... f P.f H. McCURRACH,' '_'. '
- ��� Registrar of-Voters for the Grand Forks-
- '    . Greenwood Electoral-District,
'Sealed tenders will be received by. the Dis.-
trict Forester, Nelson," not later than noon on
tlie-I6th day -of" May,1924, for "the"; purchase
of Licence X6U4 iiear Greenwood to cut 1800
Hewn~T.es.-  f ���'._���'-.    ��� ,-:   '  '7. -.-''', '���'
.   One (1)'year will be-allowed for-removal of
timber..'  -_-  - ���'"''���    -,.-',--'���.-���'  "���-���'.
''.''  FurtherpartictiiarB of the District Forester,
Nelson.-'' '���  - -      ' .      ��� ,-���   ���     ���."-���''.���'"-.-   ��� ���,'...
7;f->      NOTICE xy)'xyX
Tg,Whoin It may concern:��� ���'������"-
Oii March 8th,'.1924,- at aPublic Auction.sale
at Grand Forks, I was, "the, lijirliest bidder.(or
the Providence Mineral Claim;*'Lot. 618,; in the
Greenwood-Mining Division,'and am claiming
.delivery qf title thereto., - -. .-���''''.."���'-
..-' I am.not, and.will not'be responsible for
any work ilohe'on such Claim, or any material
delivered for use thereon, or-for any improve-
ments after'this.date: .'-". ';./ , ;* ,.''.'.-'
-Greenwood, B-.C,,-March27t_i, 1924.- - - ���'- ���'
7.7--- "_,.;'...'-"JAMES KERR.-.'.
XXH'dve^ ijouX paidf jqiir;- sufo-
^scription ��� to: ~yChe} hedgelyy x
-,���'��� IP, >I_. FAIL TO GROW HAIR : f
Oriental Balir Root ;flair Grower
World's Greatest >Hair Grower.v fGj-pws
liair.oa .bald.heads.r..flt * inust .not (iefput
'._ :[yX['x T-.-.Agents'Wahted.-'.-.' -'";���' '.. yz X
y X)y 7. "NOTICE- ������;;-W
. . - NOTICE is here by-given that the statement?!
madeby: Mr. James. Kerr that lie has purchased
the ^Providence'.' Mineral Claim are not correct
and if Mr.-Jamess'Kcfr-.or. anyone reprcseiitiiig
him is--lound onthe -"Provideoce" ' Mineral.
Claim, Lot "618,. oi tlie ' Greenwood ��� Mining;
Division they will be prosecuted for trespass.    -
DATED af Grecnwoodi B.C., this 3rd,dav of
April, 1924.
���   (Signed).. WILLIAM MADDENV
Registered Percheron Stallion
Black Tartar
will standi for this season at
' E. F.'.Keir;"^"-Soi^8jRanch
.-.7.7 :Midway!|^ai3^7:./.77:7
--Saturdays;''^ Qhly.f.
'-Teinnai- as .usual
Insist on
The better beer���
high in food
At all Gov't Liquor Stores
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control
Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Summer v
Excursion Fares
To Eastern Destinations
Winnipeg.:.'; ,.._
.,.....$ 72.00. 7
'.". Fort William-';.;;..
Toronto .....,;;,...7;
 7.-H3-7-5 .-���.
-���    -Niagara Falls .',.*;.
.'.'-.,......' ;I20f62
......... "3*75   ..
. _ '-Ottawa ....',....-.-..",._
.' .-.-127.95
...-.:..:.-113.75 .7-;
. Montrear.;,..-.-.'.-....
Quebec"..",..../.,..- .-���". ���
;..;..���.'.. 141-80 '������ -"���'
... -, Moncton  ..;;...',;'.'..
.:;.:. .x 147.90
st. John .......:.,:���...
 "��.. 147-90   ���
'Halifax-.,........, -.-	
-,."-  iS3'.45
St.- -Paul -.'..;..;;	
........   72.00 .
.      Chicago .'.'.	
.......;    72.60    -^
-..  New-York ....,..,'...
.;;.:..-.. 1.47.40
Duluth   .._"...,.-,.-..."..
 ...-'  72.0.0
7- -; Boston .;..;.-..;-.. ...
......... 153.50
Ask for Rates7 From and To Any Point ?
���fRoute yia.;Port Arthur   or   via Spb Line,".through.
Wianipeg or.Portal,,tkence via Chicagoor Sault  Ste., Marie
via Great Lakes; or via California/at adiiitional fare; or good
"to go via oae of the above routes, return another,X-X", ';.���}';*"-"���'
. See 7L/6cal Agent or Write for Details : -    f.';'
J. S. CARTEiR, District Passenger Agent, Nelson;
Done at The Ledge office
. Tailored Clothes
Special Display of
New Patterns
The Seasons Latest Styles
For Men
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood. B. C.
Has opened an office above  Chas.
King's office.
Open 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Vacant; unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by ���
iirltlsh subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and improvement ��or agricultural
Full Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions Is
given in Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge *"
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not tlinber-
iand. i.e., carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre Vest of the Coast Kango
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions  ara
co  be  addressed  to  the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are mado on printed
forms,  copies  of  which  can   be  obtained from the Land Commissioner,
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five -years  and  improvements  made "
to  value  of $10 ' per acre, ��� including .
clearing and cultivating at least .live
acres, before, a-Crown Grant enn- bn'
received..; -,-.-..,     -���'..������    ���[-.������'-���
V For "more detailed information see"    ���
the     Bulletin.   "How     to.^Pre-empt .   "
. Land."  .- ���"   -. .-       .".' -..'..',
���- PURCHASE 7    ; -7-:-..
��� Applications are.received for purchase    of . vacant    and _' unreserved
.Crown  lands,  not.beinff- timberland,"' ."
-for agricultural, purposes;- minimum'.   :Z"
price;,of. first-class (arable) land is.$5 ."
per acre; arid-second-class, (grazing)'-
larid". $2.50 per .acre... Further information, regarding  purchase  or  lease..
of Crown lands is., given in .Bulletin ".
'Nd. 10, .Land Series,  "Purchase- and .-'.'-'
Lease of Crown Lands." "   '    . ' -
....Mlli, factory, "or. industrial sites on'-    '
..timber', land.vnot' exceeding "40'acres,..'.
'.may be purchased or leased, thecbri-  .'-"
ditlons.. , .-including,';-    payment '-.."of
stumpage.7    .:.,..-     ...   . _
- Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20'.'.
acreB, may be leased as .homesite's, -.-
. conditional   upon   a   dwelling - beinj; -'.
erected 'in', the first year, title" beJna - - -
.obtainable  after-residence   and 'im- " "
provemerit   conditions - are .; fuifllleci   :
and land ha* been surveyed. ��� '"    >-  "f -".
For. grazing'.and   industrial
poses areas-not- exceeding- 640; acres���
- may ,.be_ leased . by one person. or. a
comjm.ny.  -7   ''.   .
Under'the Graiing; Act the-Prov-
Ince. Is divided Into graslng. districts
.and the range administered;under a
Grazing -, Commissioner.-- ' Annual
-grazing .permits, are ��� isaue'd based 'on
numbers ranged,, priority ..being- given
-to" established .owners. Stock-owners
may -form' .associations for' range
management. Free, or partiailv free;-
pemilts are available for stettlers,-
campers and travellers, up' to "ten-
head;" ' -  ���  '".    :  .'. '.     ���_.'--��� ---   -
px}}.7Tlie JWitieralPfovinceM.Western Canada;> >
.  Sas .prpdaaed   Minerals V ;foliowb:    Placer   .Gold,    876,962,203; jLode.v
. - Gold, SU3i352i655; Silver,.$63,632,655; L8a(L$58432,66i;!Copp6r, $179,646,568; '���-. '
' .Zinc,  $27,904,766;, MiBceUaniBous Minerals, 81^408,257; [ Goal and eoke,..$250,'-* ���,
968,113;-Bbiidlng Stone,, Brick, Cement, etc., 839,415J234, making fita Mineral.
f Production lo 4he and of 1923 show an 7    .
Aggregate Value of $810,722,782 7 f ���'
Production for tie Year Ending December7i923, $41,;
The   Mining   Laws of this Province  are more liberal, and. the feeslqwer,.
Shan those of Any oSher Province in the Dominion, or any: Ctolonj^jni the ^British v ���".-. 77
-7""'     Ehnpire.  .     77        7 ��� XX X--:XX:Xx xz}X'yXy.;}Xy'))xlyyX zx-XyXXXXxX y'yXy.
x'X}.'7- 7,^ .
7777 77 :A)^la^f.:.-^ittes are'7iqb^ihed;7';by.;ideveiopipg snch'properties/ the secni-ity ..;' X". /
W7,77-7'7(jf which.iagnaranteedby'Cro'wn Grants.'' W.; 77Wv77^7:7 7' : ":y),X-.X ][xX'x')':y
'"[��� '<VV-Vx "X .7Fall,InfoJ:ai&t?oni togethei^6h:Mming.Reportei and Mapsjmsy W.obtained. ��� :"   '-[
���y "X. vJgratis by. addressing--:. 'y'X)XXXXxX)XP yxyy-x-'y [yyXX- X-XXy    yyxX x-zl'; '���- yXy ;,


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