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The Ledge May 17, 1923

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 _ V V' .' ;.'vy
.Provincial Mbr.aTry
V6l.   XXIX.
GrE.BNW.OOD. B.-.C., THURSDAY, MAY 17,  1923.
-. We carry a large line bt
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc,
Inspectourstock^ yxx
'...'" "       ��� .   -. .    W       '.-'_'      ���'-.,'   ���V.5i.'   "-. '        ���   X
Mens Hats
v -for'.-' V
For Spring Cleaning you will need
O'Gedar   Mops,   O'Cedar Oil,   Liquid. Veneer,
Brooms,   Scrubbing    Brushes,    Stove   Brushes,
Sink Brushes, Mop Sticks, Self Wringing Mops,
Liquid and Dry Ammonia, &c. &c.
���For the best go to
Phone 46
New ���
-*    /^^S^W'-W^1
Samples for-Suits
and Styles
. Elson & Co
miimimm mmmmmmmimiiiimihmK
���i i hi���ii ��� HhiimiJi qrTumi
MAY 1st.
Fishing  Has Started in Well
You are almost assured of success if you buy your
:     Tackle
Splendid Assortment to  Choose From
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you want rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete "with - cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages, -
s, buttermilk and ice-cream. "   . -
tt -__ ;.-' X   -'".-:	
Ladies and Childrens Hose
Prints, Cottons, Flannels, Flannelette Blankets,
Sheeting, Towels, Toweling, Etc.
Overalls, Mens Shirts, Work Socks, Etc.
Just in and of Fine Quality    7
-' '-.We carry only the best.stock procurable in
Be<sf,'--.Veal, Pork^7 Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.:
; A,trial will; convince you.  .
.-. u.
Proprietor '$
Sunfloiter   Miristrels
���  ~'[     ��� 7-    .'- ..    (Of Greenwood)     '.;',;  ;���'
Will giye aa Entertainment under the- Auspices ofthe Women's institute in
Thursday, May 24th, 1923, at 8 p.m.
New Songs        -        New Jokes
Concert Will Be Followed By.A Dance Aiul Sucper   'W
,4. -
One Bfjr WsMQf Entertainment Ani Fbb
Agsalssioa: Geats $!.O0, Ladfes 73c., Children 25c, Supper laciudfcdL.
Real Estate   (Licensed)
Insurance. Fire, Life, Accident,
"Sickness, &c.
Stoves- and "heated   pipes   cause
inauy fires
A small premium will protect your
house and furniture
Call at my Office Copper Street
You are cordially invited to inspect
our, Spring Millinery, which includes the newest ideas in Ladies'
Hats, Novelties, etc.
Mrs. Ellen" Trounson
Next door to Elson's Store   .
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge.
Rev. YV. R. Walkfnshaw. B. A.
~. Greenwood
Services Sunday. May 20th
Beaverdell, 11 a.m.
Greenwood, 7.30 p.m.
Oreenwoed Theatre
Gray & Clerf, Props.
Commencing at 8.15 p.m.
John Barrymore
in Albert Payson Terhune's great story -
��� The Lotus Eater"
i Xs   y Personally directed by 7  7   - ���
--   Marshall Neilan; ;,
From'Broadway to a South Sea Isle,'with
drama,-'' humor, aiid ��� .thrill- atV" every "step
Wesley Barry, Anna Q.���- Nilssbu, Colleeu-
- Moore and J. Barney Sherry in.the:
' . _��� -   ';..-supporting.cast'
.    .   .   ;"' ,--���     7"reels-7  '"-'.-';���'_"'-" --
7 One/reel-Chester Outing
Broadwaywill, be Broadway
-' -Also one reel--Christie Comedy 7 .'.'.
Bolbby Comes Marching Home
ADULTS.50C      -     CHILDREN 25c,
.���;''.'-'W- Lost-
7 A Walthain-watch on',-. Government.strcet.at north end of town.
Finder.will. be rewarded be returning same to The Ledge Office.
: ,-'=    7 ������/--Found'./. 7.-.; ..'��� i
��� VFound near .the Post Office a
emblem of.the order of Moose.
Owner can have same at The
Ledge Office.   .-  - , ��� X-_  -,VvV W
'- ..',.'W..;. Notice.. _w'w\:
- I)r. O.V MV-. Graves, Dentist, will
be in Ferry." Wash.," the. first 8
days of" every: month. '     V
For Sale
; Early and late. cabbage plants
plants, for sale at- 1-ceht each. ���" V'
P. Cameousto
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
aad Overland" cars: Garage in-connection.
EL McPHEHSOH        -       Proprietor
All ratepayers of Anaconda are
requested to attend a meeting ia
*he Anaconda School House on
Saturday, May :I9th at 6 p.m.
_ Around Home
Mrs. L. Portmann left on
Tuesday for Grand Forks, for
a few weeks visit.
Matins and Holy Communion
in St. Jude's Church next Sunday 20th inst at eleven o'clock.
"Cash paid tor hides at Brown's
All Free Miners' Certificates
expire on the 31st May. Gun
licenses also expire on the same
Mark Smith, of Beaverdell,
spent the week-end in town,
leaving for Grand Forks on Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. A. Sater and daughter
left on Saturday morning on a
six weeks trip to Vancouver and
Portland, Ore. W
^Pythian Sisters are" requested
to keep in mind Friday, May 18.
Important business will be
carried on.
���Mr. and 'Mrs. .R. Bruce, of
Ingram Mountain, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. James
Kerr for a few days this week.
. Miss^ Gladys Jackson returned
to- her home near Midway on
Sunday, after several months
visit to the coast and Kamloops.
Walter Forshaw left for Okanagan Landing on Tuesday morning where he has secured a position with the C.P.R. as a carpenter. " . _
Miss M. O'Co'nnell left on
Thursday, morning last for her
home in I^puisville, Kentucky,
after visiting her sister, Mrs. M.
Maloney for a number of months.
There was some rain during
the week but not enough to stop
seeding operations for any length
of time. The bhWers freshened
the grass and made the lawns
look green.
Miss " Simmons, of Nelson,
supervisor of B.C. Telephone Co,,
was in town on Friday and inspected the local telephone office
and found " everything ih first
Elsewhere in this issue will be
seen aa auction sale advertisement to be held at Midway on
Saturday, May 26. Wm. Jenks
is disposing- all' his stock,X farm.,
machinery and implements; Read
the.-advf.       . - V-.
,7. James Joseph Callahan', former
Captain. Engineers and7Mining
Company.. iu "-Great_ Wary7is. .requested ..to call oil,. or communicate with E. H. Cuddy, General
Claims'-''-Department, -C. P.V.R.
Depot,. Vancouver, B.' C. ;
. 7 Mothers'- 7Day . was, fittingly.
celebrated in Midway and Greenwood .-on. Sunday.. In7 Midway
the children of the Sunday School
under theleadership of Mrs. .Kerr
and Mrs. Romsted.had the church
beautifully decorated .for .the
occasion; 7 ThW attendance of
parents' was disappointing, but
otherwise the \ser vice was
bright and enjoyable., Io the
evening at Greenwood the church1
was tastefully decorated -with,
flowers; -The.congregati.on numbered about; "oO . and thQ -pro;-'
gramme of Mothers' Day was
carried, through, the children contributing to the singing and recitations. .- -y ���"..._ ' X" '
, The. time for the rheubarb pie
is here, and hundreds,of 'mouths
in this community are-ready. Vlo
give it welcome.. -But.-, rheubarb
pie requires sugar, and a lot of if.
And sugar has gone up to a startling price ..because speculators
have been playing with it. This
is,the cruel pari of it. We want
our money for the- picture show,
and ice cream; and we Want rheubarb pie too. If sugar was .only
a reasonable price we might-have
both, aad then have enough left
to pay the^taxes. But the price
of sugar has upset all our plans.
Many farmers aire through with
their seeding, but some have
barely started. Oa low places
that are not well drained the
seeding- is late-.
P. G. E. Becoming a Real
Railway at Last
Victoria, May 16.���The Pacific Great Eastern Railway,
that unwelcome foundling inherited by the Oliver Government from its predecessor, is becoming a real railway at last. So
reports Hon. J. D. MacLean,
minister of railways, who has returned to Victoria from an inspection of the government line.
The road-bed is in good condition
and plans have been completed
for the provision of a good service this year. Sleeping cars
and a dining car have been added
to the equipment and travellers
are now able to make the trip to
and from Quesnel in comfort.
.The minister states that while
the province is shouldering over
$40,000,000 of a burden in carrying the P. G. E-, still there is no
way of getting rid of the obligation and his determination is to
turn it in to a genuine asset. A
strong bid is being- made for a
fair share of the tourist business
coming to the province this year,
and before the summer is over
plans will have been completed
for the settling of many new
farmers along the line.
Hon. William Sloan," minister
of mines, has arranged for'a
splendid mineral exhibit from
this province for the Empire Exhibition, to be held in London
next year. Specimens have already been obtained from many
of the mining centres and others
have been arranged for. When
the collection is complete," the
minister of mines claims it will
show in a graphic manner the
mineral resources of. British Columbia and prove a splendid
medium of advertising the opportunities here.for capital.
In order, to promote-interest in
British Columbia lands among
prospective settlers from . Great
Britain and other parts of
Europe, Hon T. D. -Pattullo,
minister of lands, has appointed
Major J. W. Clark, colonization
commissioner for British Columbia in London. He' will work
under . the direct supervision "of
the Federal Department of Immigration, but., will direct his
efforts=; towards -... directing7 emigrants, to this province,.*' -.  .   ....
.Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Docksteader
and family and 7W.V.C. ...Wilson,
motored to 7 Keremeos and Cawston via .Richter..'Pass, on Sunday v. and,. w_ere_.the; guests, of _Miy
and Mrs. Murdpck. .Mclntyre- at
the ;���_ latter pi ace.':..TThe; .return
journey- Twas made; by Fairview.
arid Oliver; .The distance covered was about "160. miles and was
made in ten hours, Mr. TDpck-
s.teader: states that: the cherries,
and apricots are' well advanced in
the similkameen and they, will b.e
ready about the���end of.the month..
.. SGrangers; coming ' to _. Greenwood; are. ^impressed with/ the
beauty of tEe place, the grandeur
of its mountains.and the richness
of the surrounding country. '-Yet
there are people living here, and
sbme'of them owning property
who never say ;a good, word for it.
This is noti.the right thing.to do.
It.is not neighborly nor kind.
Let us take a lesson from our
American friends when they come
oyer here in the summer. -V*Tm
from Youugstown, Ohio, the finest little city in the:state, and the
finest sta.te7iu the Union."' Some
oaevfroni Pennsylvanriia, another
from Michigan, from Illinois and
from half the states in the Union
have the same story to tell. They
are not here an hour till everybody knows where they came
from. "If we had this place
what a lovely place we would
make of il!" they say many times
while liere. Boasting a bit it is
true, but that is. better than
throwing mud, as we dojdurselves
so many times. "Boost jour own
town", is a good motto. Children
should be taught its advantages
in natural beauty, its resources,
its wealth, and of. every, good
thing that it has. :
Roek Creek IT.F.B.C. Notes
There wiU be a meeting of the
District Association U. F. B. C.
Greenwood Riding at the Co-Operative Hall, Eock Creek at 2 p.m.
Saturday 26th May to disenss July
let picnic and the question of obtaining a hospital for the Greenwood riding, As the latter is a
matter of interest to everyone, the
general pnblic are cordially invited
to attend.
There will be a debate followed
by a small dance at the Co-Operative Hall, Rock Creek at 8 p.m,
the 9th of June. All are cordially
invited to attend. The subject qI
debate will be "Prohibition." Midway United Farmers being "for"
and Rock Creek United Farmers
Midway Rock Creek
W. Tippie Gommdr. Lewis
"B-.-Kerr Capfe. Brew
F. Landers B. P. Hardcastle
Mining Notes
Spotted Ho*^,52Q,c feet above
Greenwood on Jif5y?^W'ountain,
is owned by J. H. DuhaiM. The
lead is stripped for 1500 feet
across property. He is running a
tunnel which is in 20 feet in 2.f t of
solid ore. A picked sample
assayed $12 in gold, $fa8.30 silver
and $112. in lead. The ore increases in value in the t unnel.
Mr. Duhamel has 5 tons of this
ore sacked and will ship when a
car load is ready. The property
was formerly owned by the Wood
A. J. Sandquist left for Vancouver last week after doing some
work on the Bell in Kimberley
camp. A new lead was struck on
the claim and it is Mr. Sanquist's
intention to try and interest some
capital .to fully develop.the claim.
. Win. Jenks returned ...from ...the
coast on Sunday. Mr. Jenks has
several places in view but has
not yet decided to which place he
will move.
"The Lotus Eater'
Albert Payson Terhnne, the popular, novelist, is the author of "The
Lotus Eater,'? an Associated . First
National attraction personally
directed by Marshall Neilan, which
will be shown at the Greenwood
Theatre on Saturday, May 19th.
George Ade, the famous humorist,
wrote the subtitles.''.
John Barrymore heads the cast,
which includes '��� Wesley Barry, Colleen Mopre, Anna Q. Nilsson and
] The story ,is an unusual one,
ranging from ..the Mediterranean,
New York City and Palm. Beach
to a desert island.iri the South Seas.
A trans-Pacific -flight inVa. d irigible
is one; of the spectacular 7 features
of the production.   .
John Thorslund. left .on Monday '���- morning for 49 '. Creek,
Nelson, driving with a horse and
rig.V Mr. Thorslund 7expects to
work on his ranch for a month
before returning, to town. ':���
Kettle Valley Notes
Comdr. N". Lewis left on Tuesday for.Nelson.
There will be no service on Sunday in the Anglican Church.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Whiting were
visitors to Rock Creek on Sunday.
Keep the 24th open for the Sunflower Minstrel Show at Riverside
Hall, at 8 p.m.
J. C. Jacques has returned to his
ranch at Myncaster after a biz
months holiday in England.
Mrs. A. G. Birch, of Midway,
iB the guest of Mr. and ^Mrs. G. P.
Harper, prior too going to Vernon
to reside.
A Cricket match, Kettle Valley
and Grand Forks, will be played
on'Saturday 19thin Grand Forks
at'12 noon.
The Sunday School Picnic will
be held on on Saturday, May 19feh.
Picnic lunch^afe 12 noon, on Major
Davies land up Nicholson creek.
4 Grass Hockey was well attended
last Sunday and it was decided to
haye a Hockey Match on May 24th
at 11 a.m. Meyers Creek v Kettle
An excellent Chicken Lunch with
Ice Cream is beiDg put up every
Sunday by T. R. Hanson at the
Rock Creek Hotel. Mr. Hanson
with his many friends should do
well this summer.
A trial match will be played on
Sunday at 2.30 p.'"in., between
MeyerB Creek and Kettle Valley.
This Bhould be a very exciting
game as both sides have excellent
Christian Valley
Jack Cochran and Charlie Noren
will start work on the trail to
Lightning-Peak shortly.
Mrs= F. O. Peterson-is leaving
shortly with her family to join Mr.
Peterson at Britannia Mines.
Most of the ground is seeded
down, the rain of the last week
helping the gardens  considerably.
Roadwork has started at the
upper end of the Valley, but will
not stop at the lower end until
next week. .7-.
W. S. Abel, of .Rock Creek, has
rented the Peterson ranch. He is
improving his own place alittle
further up the-Valley.
The. young folks had a social
evening and dance last Friday,
7Mrs~ CHristiari~~arfd Master "John-
Noren played for.; dancing. Coffee
and cake was served and all enjoyed themselves. V7
":;    Boy Scouts
Troop    meets. Vori   Friday   at
7:30 p.m. in the Fire Hall...
'";' 7";.'   '.,'��� CUB��5"- - "���-'- -���   '  "   -
;  The Cubs', will' meet on Satur��
day  at.2 30 p.  m. in: the   Fire
HallW'V   :."���;,- .-.'-.-.. .���--;,--.-'. '
William   Jehks,   of   Clfeeiiwood,x B. C.,   has   given
instructions to sell by  Public Auction at
r. a j bro wisi^s corral
'/-Vwv^midWaYv^b:^ '-���"....,
SATURE^Y.  MAY 26th, 1^23
V1 " At'2\pVm.7Sharp"-Vv ,-:
���'".'- Aiim,,;":      ������;.-���':;
together .with   Xyy,y. ;'V"7 V'V.'V.-7,'
Horses and   Haraiess, Machinery^  anci   Implements,
Wagons and SIeighs,: &c   '.;."'���
For full particulars see Bills of  Auction
Charles King
�� &1 ��� THE     LEJJUE.     UliEJiSS'WOOD,     B.     C.
Speed   of  Birds
Call A-National Coal Conference
.\ii(ii'cs/iiiir Uie (.'anudum Club at London, Out., recently, Sir Henry
Thornion. Prr-sidc-m o. llie Canadian National Railways, dealt with the problem oi niaUinj. .'.Iberia era! uvitilable for use by the people of Ontario���a
Kubjori discussed in tlii.s column in recent issues and which, because 'of its i ;uuj
imiioriaiH-^ in all Canada, we venture fo refer io again even at ihe risk of
b''in.i:  wr-ai i.-:iim,-..
In his address Sir Henry Thornion said lhal, while unable and unwilling
to lendci ;uiy dv-i'iilo promise, ir was just possible lhat coal could bo brought
from Alluvia !����� Oniarin wilhotu less io the Government railways at a price
thai would ''i-acii'.-nily eliminate the t'nitrd Slates mining interests as .serious
eor.'.].r-liioi-;: for Canadian [talroiiinre. .Sir Henry added: "This is a big problem and 1 spf-ai; with every lii'sit.-tiioih li is largely a matter of freight-rales,
l! may be possible dat we shall be able t'o li.v lhe rates in order that the coal
lir.iy he lirt.-ii..!:L lo Ontario villi u small prolit to ourselves. We. cannot, or
will not, uiviei-h'.ke in handle it ill a loss."
.Ilavini.   i:i:ub>   live  above  slatement   as   to   (he   posilion  of all   Canadian
Aeroplanes   Can   Now   Travel   Faster '
Than Any Living Creature
Man has beaten  the birds  al Iheir i
j own game, observers declare.      Itec- j
j ords of over 200 miles an hour recent- i
ily   attained   by   avialors   at   Da.vlon.l
, Ohio, is declared to be speedier than
! any oilier living creature we know of.
' Some species of hawks have a -speed
��� of 200 feet a second,    or   about    13G
miles an hour.    Tlie canvas-back duck
can fly from 130 to :t(>0 feet a second,
but. its usual rate of GO to 70 miles an
hour would bc pretty slow lo be enjoyable in an airplane making a pleasure trip.     The. crow is Ihe least rapid
of a list of 22 migratory birds, flying
an insignificant average of -15 feel a
second or 30 miles an hour.     Curlews
jacksnipes can fly 55 lo Co feet a
j second, while quails, prairie chickens
I and ruffed grouse can make 75 feet.
The dove can reach a speed of 100
feet a second, or OS miles an hour, although ils usual rale is less. Ked-
heads, blue-winged teals, green-winged teals, Canada geese and different
varieties of brant can fly over :100 feet
a second, ranging in' sjpeed from GS to
OS miles an hour, but usually lly al a
much slower rate.
a manner as to transport Alberta coal to Ontario to
v.iiii l"r'i:*-*<; Slates coal, the mine owners of Alberta and the dis-
ol' coal i'l Ontario must, shoulder their share of the burden and not
compel c.
I rib 11 lor.
increase Iheir rate;.
Summed up. tlu
��de(jn;i!f  fuol suppl.
the  coal,  h.i'.s  oi' ii;
Stale.-:, ilr.1:: dntinin;
ihe adverse balance
Henry uli.croil a warning to all oilier interests con-
*d thai, should tlio C.N.K. find itimpossible to adjust
Cuticura Beautifies
it *Aair ana nanas
Make Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
Talcum your evcry-day toilet preparations and watch your skin, hair
and hands improve. Thc Soap to
cleanse and purify, the Ointment to
soothe and heal and the Talcum to
powder and perfume.
Soap25c. Ointraent25smI50c. Titccra _Sc. Sold
througliouttheDominion. Canadian Depot:
jlSSS L!m.ittJ' 3A* Sl- P"nl s,-> W- Montreal.
2S8?~Cu_icu.a Soap ahaves without muir.
A Charming Dinner
Or Dance Frock
posilion in relation io this vital national question of an
for Hie Kasfera 1'rovinees is. briefly, this: Alberta has
On 1 ario has no coal, is forced to buy from the United
; millions ol dollars oui of lhe Dominion and forcinig up
of trade against. Canada, and in recent years Ontario has
been unable lo secure stttlicieni coal at any price from the United States to
meet the needs of its people: ihe only obstacle in tiie way of replacing United
Stales coal with Alberta coal is lhe long railway haul and consequent heavy
The President of the C.N.II. says ii. is possible, but not probable, that the
present freight rale cm be reduced sullicienily to enable,_\Jbe-*la coa.1 lo compete wiih l:.S. coal and slii! yield a sniall profit iqX'^, .ailway. Sir Henry
distinctly says they will noi haul coal at a loss���and, in view of C.N.It. finances, -rightly so���but this does not imply that ihey would not haul at actual
cost, assuming that the earning of even a small profit; would operate to prevent the business altogether. If there was an existing coal traflic between
Alberta and Ontario on wliich Ihe railway was now makiug a profit, the C.N'.R.
might, well hesitate I.o. forego even Ibis, but. as 110 such traflic now exists, the
railway would lose nothing by inaugurating a business which would entail no
loss, even if il did not yield a profit.
The mine owners of Alberta should regard this question in the same light.
They now have no business in Ontario; it is a new field for them, and, like
mosi business men. ihey could, well afford to supply coal to Ontario at a very
small margin of profit, or even-tit cost for a period while developing that new
market. Even so they would find it profitable because they would be able to
so largely increase Iheir output as to reduce all overhead expenses proportionately, nnd. by reason of providing steady. a.ll-Uie-year-round employment
for miners, greatly assist in solving one of their present big problems���labor,
including hours of work and wages.
The Ontario coal distributors., too, must, as Sir Henry says, be prepared
to do iheir part iu this great national and economic development.     Those now
engaged in  handling U.S. coal will probably be opposed to handling Alberta
coal at a smaller commission or smaller margin of profit.     If so, new agencies
for the.' handling nnd-disr.-ibuti'on' ol-Alberta- ,cbal" in Ontario-ran assuredly Vbe
created, and arrangements nuide.'foi- Lho financing \>l':;sucli.'bii'sine.ss '.on a small
but-safe. margin.'-'./."--"' ..."    .'.:'���     '  "'���'.,['-        s    '.-"""" VV '���''-.,   '    -'"   V.'������ ������ ������*"- ;
.  ���   ;'Itis ;iol ;p'nt;ii;i.o .alone-I hut is vii.-iily'.���'onc.env-.il in'Tntdiiig' a'-.s'olulion.to
1 his'problem.- VITie ".Ve.sM.s deeplyintorested.'because anything "that -will/lead
. !_>' "a. "partial -solution- of labor tiifUt-uli ics-ntV the: Alberia mines,'that will red nee
���'ovi.rhe!i(l cos I.s of-production -find administration/,' and encourage .larger.'pro-
diiejion and further development musi react favorably for -all- M'esterh eon?
Miiiif'fs of* Alb.er'ii.' coa-l./bothas. to price,- qua-liiy..an'd''quantity-.   .7 .   "' ..':. '   '."-
/'.' \\"h'h-tiie: Canadian TN'afiona.l -Railways 'prepared Lo'"discharge its full ditty
���7'intlie inauguration of-a-truly.national ;coaI.pqlioy",V.su'rely- ih'e'lihve.is "ripe for-
- the-lii7l(iirig-:of a" .-'repi:esenlal-ive':- n(tiioh;iI "c.oni'eren'ce' of '.Governments. Vbofh
���.-Federal' "and   IVoy-jnpia.l.'-'.raihvny.' executives,  mine owiiors,.'-'coar'di's.ribufbr-:3,'
-. r--Mres'.'Htiiiives-of."fhp--iuiners =1 he msc lyes'.., and bankers, at which each group
should Iay..i'heif. cards'. on-lhe'Vab.Ie and.-say .what, l.liey "are. prepared to-db-to-
' make such-a. national policy possible :in,d a.'su'ce.e'ss...    ' ;      ".,������-'���������'.-'������������. 7.-'.,','.'
'" Xtf"time sh'ouh.i'-be'.'los-. in'';haying.-'-sui;h'a  round .-'ruble-""conference1' take
' place.    .--   : ..   ���-   -Xy     '-'������'      X-y    ��� .y   .'-. yy   - '..; .-..  - ���:-   '":-."7'-."���-. ���   "'77
Painful Sprains, Bruises
Restored By Nerviline
There is soolhing power in Nerviline
that, lias mado it famous for Hearty fifty
years past. ,. IL sinks in deeply, it peuo-
liaies quick'i'y, it lakes away llie p,-iin
lrom a sprain and brings sxiiteftil relief
lo In-nised. aching muscle.".. If your
joints are .stiff and you arc suffering i'rom
Rheumatism or Lumbago: if Neuralgia
bothers yon now and uK'ain. use trusty
old "Nerviline." It works wonders,
whotlier tlie pain is internal or external.
<!e.l: a largo 35 cent Pottle from your dealer today.
New Passenger Service to Ireland
Inauguration of a new passenger
service from Canada to Ireland, with
weekly calls at l.elfast by the Canadian Pacific'liners, is announced for
Ihe. opening of the St. Lawrence navigation. Westbound calls at Belfast
will be made as in the past, which
service is slated lo have proven very
Migrating to Canadian Prairies
No other medicine gives the same
satisfaction lo mothers as do Baby's
Own Tablets. They are equally good
for the newborn babe or the growing
child and are absolutely guaranteed to
be free from opiates or other harmful
drugs. They are a mild but thorough
laxative and cannot possible do harm
���tli'ey always do good. Concerning
them Mrs. Jos. Ache, Coteau Road,
N.B., writes:���"I think that Baby's
Own Tablets are a marvellous medicine for little ones. I gave them to
my little girl with such good results
that-1 now strongly recommend, litem'
'to. all. mothers.". -. 'The Tablets" are
sold by', medicine dealers or bv mail
at. 25 cts;-a-box from "The Dr. \V1I.-
liniris''Medicine. Co.," J.rdclcyilfci.'CXnt.,-".
-Sortie Face  Powder..--.
Betu.ity [iint..-f-A woman'at Npi'fing--
ham,   Kng'.,   who   has' worked seven
years as a chimney sweep,-.stiys.her
���tfbrk has "improved" her .complexion.";':
- Requisite'.on the Farm..���Every farmer and-stock-raiser should "keep a
supply ot Dr.-Thoiiias' Eciectric.Oil oil
hand,- not'only as a ready'remedy, for
ill's., iii-the;family; but;-becnuse"il is- a
horse-and:"cattle..'medicine, of great
potency. ... As.-a .substitute, for. sweet
oil 'for horses 'and:''cattle affected' by
colic, .it-far surpasses -anything that
can be-adniiiii"sle'red.- - ���-.'""��� '     ' -"."
Rural .and  '.City    .Dwellers   -About
_'. .   - Equally. Divided  in' Canada" "-
', ��� -An-interesting-compilation based on.
- "C.ariiuia.'.s' .census" returns- shows  .t hat
- the population" is .divided- erpially .be-..
.  tween city, dwellers and cotintr;-' dwellers
The-; tola!., urban  population is j Kami in Alberta.
Shire Horses for Canada -;'.-".
Shire- Association of -Great..' Britain
Send'Six,Fine. Hor'ses'-to -Alberta
Tlie gift of six fincihirehorses-from
the Siii're Horse.: Association of; Great
Britain to .the .Domiiiiort of Canada is
to go-- to the .Lac'onibe' Experimental
The-horses -reacii.-
Increaset In   B.C.
> Mining'
-.: given--as "���l-,;!5'.>",?'7J-;irid' ihe-toial rural red"Cariada-.recently ih'Vcl.arge'of'GV B.
;" populidi'oh'' -I.-KJ^.TIO,.. '   In Prince. Kd--- IvOthwell/.Dominion -Animal .Husband-
:- ,'v.ard Island,.the rural pbpulafion is as , man,, who [sta'tes,-that-.they will come
-high -as -7.S per cent.'of "the'-whole,, and r, into" -direct' contact ' and. ^comparison-
.in.   Saskatchewan^ "V'per. -cent,;,'" I.n |;witl_:'th'e.p,opuiar draft breed's already
only-t-wo.'i>royinces���Ontario and;,Que-1 here:'. They'wiir be-,exhibited at yari'V
-be'e^is. ihe - rural ."popuiaf ion snia.ller ;,-ous,"shows"" in'AA'es't ern:. Canada." this
-���than  the city, -pbpuTalion.   - TheTfoial-; sura'meiV'i-'Wkh' the'' horses-���'"eamcVVa
1 uiai' population- of" the ' iiir.ee ] prairie jconsigninenf ;of: Ayrshire' ca.tUe'-'fpr,t!re-.|-out, the prediction' of Mr"., Sloan ...some
provinces is "now given as 1,-252,7.";. as !7.I-:xp'eriniental.F;irm at Vottawa arid ,ri I time, ago that' the.  mining : tideV liad
eon-.p.u-red -.witii-;sif),0-i2 in 'the 'c'e.iisua.i n'umber-":of slioep" for'.lhp-^YanQUs.;*'
'-'oi ion7'77'" ' 7-" . VV..   - --���;���':'���'��� ���-V  '  "
I Output Last";-Year -S7.092.202-'Over
j. - -Previous Twelve. Months - " ���
.-British. Columbia mining production"
for .the-last year;-with-a. tolal oulpiit
.valued ;at .5G5,15S',S-i3" shows an. increase of 25.per cent.-.over the. previous-year, according lo" tii'e'repor't.0*
lhe,-: IIpn.'AVm, , Sloan,, Minister of
Mines. .. Tli;e actual:-, increase'; .was.
?7".092,202:W ���[���[ ���'-��� "[ X V~.. V-.r': '
..' This.i-year's;"production," .it '"is'Vestl-
maied, will- run -aver- forty .million
.dollars,; and'close! to fifty- million. 7
.' The-final,-returns .for -the year 'ber.r
is now given as 1;252,7.";5 as 7j-;xp'erlniental.-Farm *a.l: Ottawa .arid ,a i time.ago that'the
turned;-and 7 everything:'.p"oihi"e"tl'.-. to
-|:1.ions..-' ,���'���-' ���   7.-'���'-': .-���-���;.���   '.-.���-..'.''.;'���       - greater .and-.niore peri'ua.neht-business
Romance    in    the   Game   of   Settling
Farm Lands
(By G. C. Poster of Winnipeg)
Si. Paul, Alinn.���Tliere is romance
in ihe game of settling farm lands
from the viewpoint of this section of
fhe United Stales. It was through
this gateway that the D'akotas, Montana, Minnesota and Wisconsin received their crowds of homeseekers, the
majority from abroad, Central Europe
and Scandinavian countries supplying
unusual quotas, and it comes natural
for.the second generation of- these
pioneer people to migrate to the Canadian prairies and repeat the experiment in cheap lands. In other years
these states have supplied the cream
of the movement northward and there
are many indications that the movement from litis section will be heavy
this year toward the Canadian
prairies. ^
It. A. Garrett, a veteran of the service and a keen mentality, is in charge
of the St. Paul immigration station for
the Dominion Government, while
George Cook is the agent at Water-
town, S.D., and W. 13. Black is handling the Canadian Government's immigration business at Fargo, N.D. A. IT.
Davis is in charge of the Natural Resources Branch of tlie Canadian National Kailways at'St. Paul, and J. N.
K:-Macalister performs a similar duty
for the Canadian Pacific Railway here.
These gentlemen are vera, optimistic
over the prospects of immigrants and
land buyers going north this spring.
Their estimates of increased prospects
vary from fifteen to thirty-per cent.
Mr, Davis -went so ..Tar as toteli irie
(hat his inquiries'and "prospects" are.
better'today-than theyhave been during the .past' seven"���-years and -all
���agreed' that'..the'.inquiries _fqr: hui'd'lo
buy-, 7 rent';' rind-' homestead -. on'" -tlie]
prairies-and British;,Columbia wcreVof
'a-..yoluuie.-;tb be -most promising-. --; ��� .'.
.. ihdep'enV.ie'nt.idf.al.er's., in : Canadian
���farm-lands, ot \yliich-Ihere arc.inariy
.in these.Vihrec centres' of activity,'tiro
.not so enthusiastic'.though Ihey.admit
that pi'ospec.ls-of'doing business north
of the. line-.this", season are-better than
for "some "years'.-I-'have -been told- by
f hes'e independent rsalesinen, -who represent a very "considerable element-of
the speculators, that the-wild land tax
on:the priiiriesrlias.made"many.of lhe
/..mericiinitiveslersshy. - /They claim
tliey can't-.interest ilic man who wants
to buy largc.-block.. of.farm lands, on
/the .prairies or in British-..Columbia for
'���purely speculative." purposes-.ori-- this
account. ��� .Their.- business; "��� today" V is
confined more .to lhat-Vcjasa of'people
"wlio want to buy improved-'farms.-.on
iy.-hichjo live, iu" Canada.   ''.;.. -.'-' '' '_' -.-
Addition .to '.'Museum: Exhibits
-Gorgsous Dispjay'of .Butterflies Pre-
-���- se'nted 7-to Saskatchewan'-Museum-
."'Seyerar cases .��["".tropical butterflies
have. just -" been .'present, by"- George' Gi
-TMacBea-n to;the, provincial museum)
located, at-.-present in the - Normal
'S.chobl, iRegiiia;. . 77- --. ,-- ���- -=' ���
.". All the ��� butlerhy.. specimens '"are'
tastefully -mounted in; boxes;   . Thcy
Penikees crepe Romain, ot tangarine
tint, with a silver cife girdle makes
up this chic frock which could be worn
as a dinner or dance frock by the debutante. The bodice, which is without ornament, follows the straight line
set bf Paris. Tlie uneven side panels
are caught with metal rosettes and are
strikingly, accentuated by a soft diagonal overdrape. The girdle which
is very distinctive is embroidered in
A Divorce Granted
After many years of patient suffering, you c^tn be divorced from ecrns,
you can get rid .of them completely by
applying Putnam's Corn Extractor.
This wonderful old remedy acts in 21
hours and never fails. Refuse a substitute and remember ' Putnam's" is
the only Painless remedy. 25c.everywhere.- -. "��� -
Financiers   Say   Ford    Has   Replaced
John D. Rockefeller _
New York financial men declared
that Henry Ford is tlie richest man in
the world, following publication of the
Ford Motor Company's statement of
Its financial condition as of February
2S, 1923, showing assets of $536,351,-
939. Actual cash on hand was $159,-
Last February 2S, the statement'
shows' tlie profits and loss, surplus
was $359,777,592. Wall Street estimated net profits approximated $119,-
000,000, equivalent to more than $690
a share on the 172,465 shares of $100
par value capital stock _ outstanding,
which\Henry Ford and his son EdscI
own outright. . Wall Street further
estimated that the Ford fortune totals
something between $600,000,000 and
Ford is said to replace John. D.
Rockefeller as the world's wealth
leader,, the Rockefeller fortune being
depleted to .$300,000,000 by the oil
man's gifts, estimated in round numbers at $1,000,000,000.
London,'  Marriage    Bars
Four thousand married women
teachers, in London,' will lose tlicir
jobs, ..because ,of the ruling of tha
London -County Council, that, owing
to the unemployment situation, all women teachers must be single.
Married women, however, whoso
husbands are unable to support them,
or whose husbands have deserted tho
family circle, are exempt from tha
HOW'S THIS?7    ',
what we..claim for it���rid your system of
Catarrh or Deafncs3 caused by catarrh:
We do not recommend It for any other
disease. - ���   . ���>
liquid, taken internally, and act3- through
the  blood  upon the  mucous  surfaces of
lhc system, "thus reducing the inflammation    and    assisting -Nature in. restoring.,
normal conditions.
All Druggists.      Circulars tree.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
'Top-Notch' Steering
Grasping 'Wheel Near- -Top
-,"'!, ,': 7". .'-''Position' iri ^Traffic -V '.' "-'-....,
Steering 7 is" V'muclr easier���.-and :-3n
maiiy ��� instances-- safer-7-Vby ".grasping
the"1 wheel at-.the sides, "near Uhe top,
Wiih the ; hands .in. .this, position a
quicker,- sharper 'and, easier;, turn- can-
'be -made''iii- either." direction". "-A full
right or'left turn, can- be 'ma'de'wlth
one' downward,'pull on" the.wheel by
the hand on the" respective'-side. For
ordinary, driving it may bo .more comfortable to.'k"eep-the;liahds at'the bbt-
,10m of the'steering wfieel rim but when
driving through' traffic or on a' w-ipd*
ing road, the.top-of-the.wheel is best
for top-notch steering,      ....    " .'.-...'-
Dominion Forest. Reserves
Over Thirty-Four Thousand Square
Miles of Forest Reserves In
Western Provinces
The total area of Dominion .forest
reserves, or national forests, is now
3-1,609.20 square miles. All these reserves are located in the provinces of
���Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan,
"and tiie railway belt'in British.Colum-'
bia." -'The 'areas' of ��� tlwse . different
provinces are as follows:.-Manitoba,
3,729.18"'sauare miles; Saskatchewan,
9,30.2.2.' square miles; '.Alberta, 1S.S9-1.5
square-' .miles; '7.British , Columbia;
,2,683.38''square miles.'"- Much" lias-been-
done in" the', endeavor" to-make", the.
vaVio.us resources of these 'areas-avail-'
able-to the-public,- .nnd ;. steady '.-j>v6y
gress. Is-being 'made in'furthering this
policy-?   .X-.X'X   '. 7-V ." ���'-    -
Burglar Alarm Takes Photos
I An instrument designed, especially
for jewelry establishments has been
invented that will not-only raise tho*
alarm in 'case of burglars but will
photograph the intruders as well.,
Experiments have been conducted
successfully both by day and'night.
Irrigation 7ProjecM)pened
. The official opening of the 105,000-
acre . irrigation . project of the Lethbridge northern district will take place
in fhe month-of June. Water is now
being turned into the ditches.
.A girl in Chicago,'it is said, is nblo
to.read only with the book or paper
lield.upside down."       '    -,    ..-""'..;.
. Praises-this-Asthma- Remedy. "-. A
grateful: user oC'Dr.'J. D". Kellogg's
Asthma Remedy.findsit the-only remedy rthat will.Vglye-" relief, though for.
thirteen-years "he'.had- sought other
help.-.-Years of-'needless "suffering may
be 7 prevented' by using-.tills -wonderful
remedy at Ihe.flrs* warningrof'.trcfuble.
Its-"use" is .-sinip.]'e>'.-''i(s- cost is7-slight,"
and/it can. be'purchased-almost anywhere. '' '.'.- ,7-        ."'���    : . V-.-���   - '"
/ ."��� ' Started. Savings7 Bank. " V;-.vl-|..ma>d>-,'-'unimen"t
'.. 'rhe, plan oi" il ���Jiiimb.Ie I'resbyterian 1 _. " ' ' Rains" 7 -:>'-..
n'inisfor. i'or-the gdodof-liis-poopli. in j
;j''rciiioi e '--parish'- icd to" the Post,.'(?fi,ice i
���for ' Aclies
The   London -.Lancst   Nears-,-100'
-;   -jdcvclopnientVthim evor.befoi;e7wit!i ^lm^yy.-frQYfr0Qns "display-with"-their
and-;.J��l,se incwasc.-'in the.number.of���l>rop'|-E;e/iii'umiV;co]oi:iiik?.' '^d.  H.'lJ.XMit-
.    jcrties working/  .    "- 7-7     -7  7- .-.."..-.' jVlicll/'the  Provincial '-Naturalist,  savs
',7Coiidiiions iirllrrtish Columbia :u-e j nieV^iH form i.ie-.nu��lei_ri.'o. d fir^t-
���iiow -s'lich.--Air.  Sloan; says,  liiiit". tlioy j.-,
v.-ji.lr-i7 TJio,.,London   l-.an.cet.. probably; Hie?have" reached 'a point-Vwh'c.i'e it'iirargin i
-8;i.y.iri.ss".L!,alilc.".'iri  Creat'IJrilitio
well.'whose brilliant. Pjfts' i.��igh-i "i'uivo j--istenf'e^.ivv;.'t; Octpjier:.- ..-.-,.    .--. .   .
fitti/d hini.fi">!' a far'widf'i- spiicre',":.v, hb ;'_��� .-.'      7 :X���������.;���r~\--���X,     ,--;-';,",-,'���
sini-tcd Iiis- sayings hank in," :i- Jf.itIe-j ; Crush'od egg shells aro "oxct-lloni. I'or
7 Avhiifu-.nshed' collage. :-'lt 7-)yas;" site- j'clean.iris''.pans; -.cnamelhHI '-sau'cepiiris.
' <-<'.--��i'iiI tint! T.f?on- copied.all oyer -Scot-..! ;cnd the like, and ;will' remove" every
��� IniMl. ,  ��� ���    "--'- '   ��� .��� ,'\ speck.- .;-.' X'X-.     ���       '     ''X.   -V
U'Ki.'.jhillion  dollar .deposits'- by ']>o"oi-| b.oril-'knaw'.n.o.f all.medical 'journals. -U-, of profih. for" ilie;hiin"ei- is.-.'visible.    -It j iurnr. �� ��1"\   PtTniMT'  rv'��nrV
m ojiic, ���  li \vas.br, lKi"n,ca'n,7.oi7J;utli7:: fo-eeJebrate the lOOtii. y^iir of-its' oxX\ is7exir?viiKly 7g.aVifyii.g -\o_Vn"pie---tiiai. j HUtSBAND-' DIDN X DARE'
apy   .
-"���V' Nlrs.   Peter A.  Palmer,   Salt  Burn,
Sask..1 writes:;_.  y<'"-"->xx
: "Dr.^Chase's;'V.Ointment:". ha*Vcompletely
relieved''"rrie':. of/ecze^ia'ahd,:piles., "7,.Ii,aiso-,;-_
used this Ointrnent for my." b'aby,-.wHo;broke,.-'
out in eczema,'    A few'appIieatibhs-wcreV-aHV
that.v.'as necessary in her case.     Dr, Chase**   7
Ointment, has been "wwrth a hundred dollar"
to me���before using it I had sp;nt a great.";
deal more than-'-that "in. unsuccessful treatment from doctors..V.'We have,also.usedJDr.;.
; .Chase's -;otherV"inedicines.. "'the-"Nerve.- food;.";
; liaving;, restored, my health - after, ^suffering [������
.from severe, nerve trouble. vvhenVgirl/i* ;.-, ...5
DR.' �����&����&$) QIH'MkNTvV
60 c;-��t9 a. ?>oir all deaiers, or.E��lni*u*on, P����<�� A. Co;, lAA., ToronUj ...
the buiput i'or'.the year'lias only'been.
oNcci'ih'-d .iiirice.-i:ntt;S-:jn,.i!.ie' liisfnry";
of-.-jiiininn; -i>i "(lie pr.ovin':V'-'.aiid': lliat '
wsis-' in" K. 107 when -produc'i.ioh.reached'!
$ l-',2&0;-iG2,'. in l>!S7wlieh' it; wari' .?Vt-!,-j
o.2,1'7 fv and-.in 1020.when; the valu
was ?:j^!.n,01S."-- "-'..;.'-.' ��� - .,;.-. ���
Synthetic Coa!
-High-. Grade   Anthracite   is' Produced
7,,. ...From -Stone Quarries.'.
German-science;'it "is-reported, has
.actually succeeded" in-.'manufacturing
Synthetic coali' ,/i'he.achieveinerit is
credited    16   a.; ""Munich'..pharmacist,
Prucckner-.by ."naine, who- is reported
tbVhav'e'produced a liiglPgraiile anthracite",:.roni ������'stone-'Quarries."' ..The production of-synthetic. coal   "erjual"  in
every' respect -to Vantiiracite, is said to
have' been - established --beyond' doubt-
j by a. number, of oflicial practical tests,
j Tiie process of "niiU��ii;;'pynllietic coal
j is si'inple.-!accordinj.:lo (he inventor of
.'l.tiie .method, .'wlio 'is- quoted, iis saying
'.rthat'two.different kinds of soft.,stone
-   ... - Paper Mills For Vancouver
iPlans for the erection in.North Van.-
couver of a.pulp.andVpaper mill'.at .1
cost of-'$S,000,000 are.said to.be nearV
Ing. 'completion in /the..'offices .-.of the.'
Qeamen-Paper Company, of -Chicago..
..The company-Is interested, in -British
Columbia'paper'induslry" through.. its
president,'who-was for years, a director ;6f-Wiialcri Pulp.--and .Paper. Com-,
���QdhyXXXX" ~ .;' "-.'    .-.;.-';  -'... ��� X ���.   . ���
-: The" new. mili-will-operate from pulp
lands owned near''Vancouver'b'ytJi!. .J.
Young, - of- - Madison," Wis." -' ^Employment for about! 1,000 persons will be
afforded by .the new pul p.mill, which
wiil have'a .'capacity, of about. 250 tons
a day. '���-....,'..-���'-'."" V     ���'.-     ,.-: -  '���-   ��� -' ,
Ur A DT -Ur A C  ����A Ti 4 ri il��� 'ri:iIsi,crt 1,n(i wound- into flrie sand
llfiAill    XI kb oU'.DAII j and'.; mixed - .wiUi'-certain'u-ijemiciils". ,:
. ;.A bachelor "says;- tliera". is nothing
green7 about,. :the- ..weeds worn. by. a
young "widow. '. ,''"."-��� . .
New Eyes
; Bat y��B cia Prsaate a
Keep y����r Eyo CUmm, Cl����r aid Hcaltbr*
= Write for Free EreCare Book.    7
Kvlit EnBtatir C��.,�� C11I �����!��� lirMI.CUuK
Back to Work
,Kend��H'3 Spavin Tre��lment will get 'that
Um�� hone back oti'the job ag��in. Fer
morelhsn forty years a* KenclaU'* Spavin'.
Cure it" hat been removing; ipavin��, ��pllrit,:
rinebone,- thorouctipin and .all kind* ot
body srowtht.   .       -r. '-'-X" ':'-.-
.-'    CiillatiiourJniltiil'itaSausaUathtfres  -  .
.   book /A^Tmalise.anthc fhrae ani hit .'
Dlseaxs", or write direct la " .
. Enoaburg Falls, Vt.( U.S.A.    -      ^
Spavin Treatment ,
Jewish lncrsns-_P.1snb.r12n3i
'i'he .Towi.sli Year Jiook i'of 10
poi-U ihe present    lota!    nuriiber   of
���ToUr; in the world as 1.1,-IOiKOtrO.   Tliis ;
i.s ji  viHirierviilive   estimate.      Others :
���frurtfi .-iri h'i'-zh aH T7,00"r>,0/""*.y..".A 'wriUn;'
:- -Those -fee!in.!.s  of.-- fairiinessVthose
dizzy-spells', tlie'-hl'l-sbn'e sinking:sen:
nations which come-on
lime   indicate   a weakened.."conditia"n'cd?
1-of the heart and a- disordered state of
i the nerve's: V     ���-"
WhenVto; Slaughter.,Calves/for  Food
:'  X.E.'Ontario bounty.^-\Vh"at is-tlie
from .'time  (.6|ase at wliich calves, maybe .slaughter.-;
V:   MILBURN'S; ,���-,;..
ReKulatioiiri adopted under .the Meat
and Canned Foods Act provide that no
animal tinder three w<_e.ks-of age'ni'ay
I be. slatiglitered for food.
'OifO.OOO; ,ih IDl'l it was 1(,000,Oi"iO; and I h"eart  trouble.      My   husband   didn't
now. piKlit' veilrs later, it id 'certain?'.- i dare leave me alone, and often had to
'stay up at. night'--with me.     I would
j ju'it'feel" kind of faint and my heart
j would seem to slop, beating.    I would
just faint away, ?and-, it - would sometimes be an hour.;before  .they   could
,r>ver-15,O00;��yi)O. .' '-\v".ii"c.reas the Kuror-
I.pean -population increa-cd during' tlie'
.|'corfe-spondins. periotl'. only  threefold,
rjewiihexpansion has-been fivefold.".
-J . ;Somf-are,7bbrn-;-wi;.h- a silver s'pooh
installed in a. lumber miir at lloqniam,
Wash. ���   ���    .  .     "'-.-'   ��� - - ".-:'���
UNLESS. ;3'Ou-see the name'.."Bayer" on tiibjels, you
."V"7"7-V7:-7.v" are. not. getting Aspirin;at.all.;V.;''v|'.- [-y-' x- .'
Big threshing Bill
V Estimates recently made of the. cost
.of iiircsliing Saskatchewan's 3f��22 crop
SlbSX-Sn^Si^S "nf^e   P^- ��". ^^ ��f ^.000,000. which
Pills. ;��� I .got; three, boxes; I took'them |Js "perhaps, the--' bjsgestvtlii'e?liing-bill
.Jheir--jiiputIu'".;~-.--Tlie- others' have "io ['and'felt much 77 better,', so: continued 1 on record-.
;'t.?t -jtmt.-and.siirjfor fhe.mselves:
,M:nard'3>:7-"L5ni_risrit.;''   Lurnbsrrnan's
��� VV' ;.;Fris..d ; .'���-. -'yXyX' -.- '7..;;!77V^
x\\-y n.>*:l'... J4T
all Winter!-and'now--1 never fee) any.)
such falntaess:'---'! surely do appreciate j -       -   g        - - .-       - p;lo:jie]���'0tIfew-
the.good thev have done for. me."-  -.  :|   -,    " .->��� .- l     -    -......--���   , -'--;���.���.-���-
-'-Pricij 50c-a'.bo.vatJ.-a!l.- dealers."or; to help themselves, yyy  ������--.;-  .-7--,,-'
'mailed'.-direct", on..receipt of.-price,-.by.|..;.' 77-���"'-_.'V-'-'--���Xy--���'~y^- V-.'7,-v "'"V
The T: Miiburn.;Co7T,Liniitcd; Toronto,'Minard's Liniment-for. Falling. Out.of.
'Accept only; an "unbroken pack-age" of-"Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains.directions and dose worked out by ,
physicians.'du.ing' 22'"years;and proved safe try. millions' for
7 V77 Colds':- :',. /;��� ;7V7 Headache .'��� .x,.^^R;hgj^#i^'^^.
-7/77.ToothachevV^^Neuralgia". "f^^eu|rjttl$|^^%f^
Xx'xx' Earache )���X -." '���'���- Lij mbago V ;v "^^W3^ln*^J^��^^^Wi^S
"llaidv^ayerV boics of'IStableta-^AIso. boS^e^'of IJf-aiiU tOO^IS^^^tiL'V
-���Asr-trin i�� ths"tradff mark-f'.-?:!a!c"r.<l in Caraua)-''6f.4iSiy*r-^fsfttjfi'ot-i?'r^"!^'.'Sf*��n6>-��":
, acticari'l'ster o" fialfcyjlcueid. ,1Vhi!e it ir. T.ell kruawj)' tliB;i -Aspiriji. '.li.sans, "Bayer.,,-���-
���- rnar.tifactu.e. to a��sl*t- ths public asralnsi Jmtta:!oni��.':tti:?!' T*6i��l��:of F'ay'er.'Gjroi��aa_..'.-7-"
��� iriil la staiaped'.witJj tJaeir yeatraS tr��d�� nttk,'r.t&i-. ?'&j*i-'et.,'12rsi&y.y:���.?:   ���.."-������?--.:.i "77
* - v- IP'
Colds Stoppedln
Ten Minutes
There -is a .new'
remedy that is very
pleasant���it fills the
no'se, throat and
lungs with a healing balsam-from the
pine woods, and
utilizes that marvel
^/f j'"'      ous antiseptic ot" the
_��  / Blue   Gum   Tree of
The    remedy     is
*w*_/ ���and you can't find
its equal for colds, coughs> or catarrh.
Composed of medicinal pine essences���tt remedy of nature, that's
what CATARRHOZONE is, and
you'll find it mighty quick to act
and certain to slop your cold.
Don't dope your, stomach with cough
mixtures ��� use' CATARRHOZONE,
whichis scientific and certain; it will
net quickly. Two months' treatment
guaranteed, costs $1.00; small (trial)
size 50c. Sold by druggists everywhere. By mail from The .Catarrhozone .Co., Montreal.
Supplies Microbes to Scientists
V\ < ( ������    ������.-V
Doctor   in   England  Cares   for   1,500
Different Varieties
-. The largest collection of microbes
m tho world is housed in the Lister
Institute,- Chelsea, Bridge, where Dr.
St. John Brooks, nurses them with the
care of a mother, for her children.
He has 1,500 different varieties growing in little, glass tubes. They are
sent all over the world to scientific investigators, and during the past" year
300 new species have been added to
the collection. 7
To one species, the bacillus tular-
cnse���so dangerous that its culture
liad to be discontinued���the curator,
Dr. Brooks, with'his assistant, Miss
M. Rhodes, and Dr. Schultz all fell
victims recently.- Tlie disease is unknown in ' this country^ but in the
United Stales all laboratory workers
who tried to cultivate the microbe
suffered from the disease of tularaemia,, which is very protracted,
but rarely fatal to man,' it is a form
of blood poisoning, due to multiplication of the tularense microbe in
the blood.
Don't Neglect
Your Skin
Ladies ��� A few days' treatment with
wiil do more to clean
up the skin than alf-
the beauty treat
menta in crea
stion An imperfect complexion [j
caused by 1
sluggish liver.      m���^    r
Million! al people, old. vounR and middle age,
take them (ot Billoutnesi. Dizziness, Sick
Headache. Upset Stomach ��nd (ot Sallow,
Pimpli and Blotch? Skin. They end th*
misery of Constipation. ,.
Small Pill���Small Dose���Small Pries
Household Hints
Recipes   For
the   Busy
Construction of a provincial highway linking York ton and Canora will
be commenced tiiis summer.
Dr. F. D. Banting, ���of Toronto, discoverer of insulin treatment for Can.-.
betes received the honorary degree of
LL.D. at Queen's University, May 8th.
The British Seas Trade Department
is about to concentrate' its efforts on
the Canadian Pacific Coast and is
sending a commissioner to Vancouver.
Hidden under a haystack at Vondal
Sask.,- an Oldsmobile car owned by
Earl S. Farewell, of Saskatoon, which
was stolen last October, was found by
police. -        . ..
The Roman Catholic'Church at Bos-
Ton, England, claims the youngest organist in the world. , He's Norbert
Rouse, aged 10. .He-has been studying the organ only three years:"-
Sergt. Bury, Lebourget, France,
has broken the world's aeroplane altitude record for a machine _ carrying
550 pounds cargo. He reached an altitude of S,250 meters. 7
One hundred and five of the larger
cities of the United, States have petitioned the'Post-Office Department for
.an air mail service, offering-to provide
local facilities. ,-'.,.,
The_Syduey (N.S.W.) Sun in a leading-article urges, that an earnest conference should be held at an early date
between Britain and the various Dominions to decide regarding the .future
as to a co-ordinated naval policy.
Dr. llendrik Loenlz, the Dutch phy-
chist has officially accepted membership on the commission of intellectual
co-operation of the League of Nations.
He will replace Prof. Albert Einstein,
whir resigned some lime ago.
N Surveys of flood damage, with the
waters receding, 'show that tanners
and the railways are the chief suffer-
' ers from the rush from the streams of
-Saskatchewan and Manitoba through
the tributaries of the Red and Assitiir
.boine;     Some' 30.000 acres cannot be
seeded this year, through laiids'heing
7flooded. . ���   ���   =-���-'--      .- ���      -' ���-.-���
Irritation by Day and Sleeplessness at
Night the Result
'-Tliere is no torture more intoller-
aoie than nervousness,    The sufferer
starts at every noisC is shaky and depressed.     The least thing produces a
teeling of irritation, ��� and   nights   are
often sleepless.     Often although in a
completely  exhausted condition,   the
patient js unable to sit or lie still. The
nerves are in this jaded condition because they are being starved by poor,
watery blood and to restore them to a
normal condition the blood   must  be
made rich, red and pure.'     For this
Purpose no other medicine can enual
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.   ' They act
directly upon the blood; they bring to
H the elements.: necessary   to   enrich
and purify it, thus bringing new health
and. strength to run-clown, nerve-worn
People.   There is no doubt about this;
thousands have testified to the blood-
improving,   nerve-restoring   qualities
ot these'pills, among these is Mrs.
Aubrey Coldwell, Melanson, N.S., who'
.says:���-"Iwas badly rundown and niy
nerves were in a terrible condition.   "I
would sjart at the least sound  and
often faint away.     I-'could not sleep
at nisht, and only   those   who   have
been in a similar condition can tell
what I suffered.     At my mother's request I began taking  Dr.   Williams'
i'lnk Pills, and after taking them for
several months I am surprised at mv
Present condition of good health.   My
nerves are as "sound as ever;  I cati
sleep well and eat. well, and have no
more fainting spells., ,,l can only,say
tliat I cannot praise Dr. Williams' Pink
nils- too much for what they have
done for me."
You can get these pills through any
medicine dealer or by mail at 50 cents
a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Interesting Stamp Collection
King George Has Maintained Hobby
For Many Years 5  ,.
The stamp collectors of- the world
are going to hold a marvelous exhibition at London, England, within a few
The stamp collectors of England are
hoping thaW^Cing George's .collection
of stamps will be exhibited.
It is not commonly known that King
George has one of the most interesting
collections of. postage stamps in the
world. The King started to collect
stamps when he was a middy In the
navy, and he has maintained this
hobby , ever since he ascended the
Excellent Lemon Mincemeat
Vi cup shortening, 2 large lemons!
"l   teaspoon   powdered cinnamon, 4
1 teaspoon powdered ginger, 2 cupu
1 teaspoon salt, ^ cup chopped nut.
Vi. pound chopped and candied
lemon peel.
Vn teaspoon powdered-all-spice.
Vs teaspoon grated nutmeg, l._ cups
sugar..,       -
Vt, teaspoon powdered cloves.
Vi cup Sun-Maid seeded raising.
Extract juice from lemons and remove pips. Now put lemons into
saucepan; cover with cold water, and
boil until lemon feels quite tender.
Change water at least twice, drain and
peel to a paste, add apples, cored,
peeled and chopped, lemon peel, short-,
ening, currants, raisins, salt,' spices,
lemon juice, nut meats and sugar. Put
into a jar and cover. This mincemeat is excellent for pies and tarts.
Sufficient for four pies. All measurements are level.
.;.*��������� _��%��� yyx* Xu -X-" X X-
give  your digestion a "kick" with
Sound teeth, a good
appetite and proper
digestion mean MUCH
to your bealtb.
helper In all tbis
work- a pleasant,
beneficial pick-me-up.
Double   Freight  On Weed  Seed
..' Miller's Wornr-J'owders can do, no
--'injury/to the most.delicate child. A'ny
��� child; or infant'in the.;state of.adples1
-.cence,7wh6' is   infested'with   w'orms;
Vcaiv .take this preparation without a
..qualm ofthe stoin'acIr,;andwiIl find'in
it-Wsure'.relief smd a;l'ull'protection
from, these.-'destructive:- pests,-.which
- are responsible-lor much sickness and
groat'7 suffering .to . legions "of. little
'.ones.    .":'.  ..-    --.'. V ���     '--" - -     -"
~~7   ;"Mai'vufacturing '."Antique's"
;'-."-.T'he.-"anti(iite-"7fufnitiire trade flour-
' Ishes riii, the? town of TDinan,' .France/
.Wonderful "ancient" Jacobean side-
; boards', chairs and'��� .spinning .7 wheels
may .be purchased' in' profusion.;, The
'..dealer makes and caryeshis furniture;-
c.opying the originals of ihany.periods.
Haiti "and  sun impart .'the  necessary
semblance of' antiquity- to the- pieces
��� which" stand-..'oulsit.e." the '.shop.-iii ^ail
kinds o.f'weather. -'   -."���-. "V. '" '���'-     .��>
Where   the    Farmer   Loses   at Every
Point'of.the Game
During the winter, it is claimed. Alberta   farmers    brought  in from Ft.
William nearly sixteen million pounds
of screenings, say 230 carloads, to use
us feed for stock.     There couid hardly be a more strikiug'illustration of
Uie loss that is involved in shipping
uncleaued grain out -of the province
-:��>tl--bringihg'back.th'e,i'cfiise.from the
distant elevators,';- .iVi(a'-safe-.esti-'
. jnate "that, as .many "carloads of screen-
Mgiovere.shipped, from-Alberta.to' Ft.
.Williamr-mixed;wilh;the; marketable.
.Brain���as .were!. inij. orteil' from -...that
.point.- .The farmer paidfor tiie east-
Ward-^, haul- , of .this' feed-stuff .'clear
across the prairies' in-the dockage lhat
;.vas charged-againsc-hiiii because :_iis
grain was"not cleaned.;'He paid i'or
the returniiauKwheri .he '-later '"on
.fiom his- own..or7some-oilier farmer's
Brain, and he paid .for"lite-screenings.
a: price sufficient 'Uncover .the" cost of:
cleaning the grain. 7 That is ."to say;
.'i.o .farmer firstgave away the weed
seed and inferior- kernels In the .grain"
that- in; delivered to'the local elevator,"
paid, the railways to-hatiltheni to Ft.
AVilliam and' back again^rid paid tiie
���terminal  elevators'-for llt'era.,7. .".That
looks like losing money at about 'every
Possible-point, of-the "game. "' If Alberta, grain were cleaned.in" Alberia
.'���lie farmers of-the province would secure the refuse-at the: cost of the elector charges, and wpulil.be in pocket
ihe rreighfehargos to FlVU'illiam and"
back..;' Incidentally, we ivouhl-lii.that
case be keeping" Alberta weed-'seeds
��l home, instead .of'->;lil|ij,lng - t'hem
abroad   and   .importing'.carloads���- of
9.lher.~and.'-   perhaps' -'. worse���weed
seeds ;in.ii. Saskatchewan and; Manl:
loba.^-Ed.iiipnton IJulletlii.'   - '"-
An Oil that is Famous.���Though
Canada was not the birthplace of Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, It ls the home
of- that famous compound. From
here Its good name .7.was -.. spread to
Central and South America, the West
Indies, Australia and New Zealand.
That is far afield enough to attest Its
excellence, for in all these countries
it'is on sale and in demand.
V ~     ~
Penalties for Defeat
How Failures Have Been Rewarded
In Some Countries
Two "hundred years ago the British
executed .Admiral Byng, of the same
stock as our Governor-General, for
getting beaten in a naval fight. We
have goty more sportsman-like ideas
since then. For instance, Jellicoe,
in his'first Jutland despatch, seemed
to consider that who won the battle
was a mere detail, and that the great
thing was the fine fight everyone had
put up, especially the boy Cornwall.
But in the Balkans they do things, differently. ..... Bulgaria has just sentenced six Cabinet Ministers to life imprisonment for having drawn her into
the world war in 1916. Six generals
also got prison and fines. This is in
line with Greece, which recently executed the official responsible for the
defeat In Asia. It is one way also of
solving the expense difficulty about
pensions for ex-Cabinet Ministers.
."Down Town Veal Stew"
1% pounds lean veal.
4 tablespoons vinegar, Vs teaspoon
ground cloves.
2 teaspoons horse radish.
[Vs teaspoon ground cinnamon seasoning of salt and pepper, buttered
% cup Sun-Maid seeded raisins.
\ Place the veal, which has been cut
into inch pieces, in a casserole and
stew slowly so that it will cook In its
own juice without burning. When It
is nearly done, add the vinegar, raisins, cloves, cinnamon, horse radish
and seasoning- of salt and pepper.
Thicken the sauce with the buttered
bread crumbs.
A Medical Companion
To Women Folks
A   Healthy   System   Is0 Assured   Because 'Regularity is 'Established
They  Bring the Stomach, .Liver and
Bowels   Into   Fine   Working
She Received Great
Benefit From Them
Mrs. Leo.-Gaudett Found Relief Vand
Tells All Sufferers to :Use--Dodd"s
Kidney Pills.-
Saulnierville Sta.,N.S.~(SpecIalj.~-
Th'e:,value of "Dodd's- Kidney Pills as a
���household remedy.is shown -by the following statement of Mrs. LeoGaudett,
a well-known resident. hereV "  -'.-.-'.-
"r-suffered with" "kidney 7 trouble,"
Mrs. ,'Gaude'tt."state's,'  "I took Dodd's.
Kidney Pills" and-have .received  great
benefit ��� from them. ��� ,1'think they' are
very good.";"V7   'XX  '''-'-���'   "7
---Whai'-Mrs.-.Gaudett states is .all that"
has ever been claimed for Dodd's Kidney Pills���that they are.good for sick
,kidneys.- The roa'd.t.6 good health.lies
through the", kidneys.-.- "if.7tliey; are
kept strong and .well, all the impurl-
.tles are strained, out,of the blood.   If
they .are. weak and'out of order the Impurities stay, in the, blood .and disease
is the' sure   result. -.' Dodd's   Kidney.
-Piils-keep the.kidneys, in good condition to do" their work of cleansing "and
purifying the blood. -X\"-
.���-Ask'your neighbors If Dodd's Kidney Pills do not:make.sound/healthy
kidneys.     X '-
Nowadays, Dr. Hamilton's Pills are
considered'indispensable to every
lady's boudoir. They positively remove constipation, and in consequence
prevent headaciie. Best of all, Women who use Dr. Hamilton's Pills can
���boast of their fine complexion, and
certainly do enjoy good spirits and
buoyant health. Bilious fits and poor
color Quickly give way to rosy cheeks
and buoyant good health. Sold everywhere in 25c boxes.
Japs Desire Progress
By Peaceful Means
Farm Labor Shortage
Big- Movement From  Farms to Cities
Reported in U.S.
- The "back from tho farm" movement, Is now In full swing in the
United States, according to the New
York Post. "I-Iigli wages in the city
and low prices for farm" products are
having their expected result. 'The
agricultural department, following a
survey of 10,000 representative farms
and groups of farms, estimates that
during 1922 the agricultural population decreased approximately 4C0.000.
Had It not been for the excess of
births over deaths in rural districts,
the 103s would have been 1,120,000���
that figure measuring the net shift
from farms to cities. At the samo
time the agricultural department announces a marked shortage of farm
labor. Two years ago it tells us.
there was a surplus of 9 per cent,
one year ago even a surplus of 11 per
cent., and now there is a shortage ot
12 per cent. These figures contain
proof of the fluidity of American labor,
which swung to the land during the
depression of 1921, and now that
wages are rising in mills and factories, is swinging back."
Progress of Science
Story of the Development of Anaesthetic's For Use in Surgery
.   There   were   no anaesthetics when
Trafalgar was fought.     A man must
watch and feel his leg being cut off
and haveHhe stump dipped in boiling
tar  tp be  cauterized.      Anaesthetics
were one of the great mercies of the
late war.     They were, perhaps, first
used seriously by a United States dentist, Dr. Wells, of Hartford, Conn. He
suffered so much when he had to get
his own teeth pulled that he attempted the use of gas for his patients. That
a certain gas produced a harmless Insensibility had been known'hefore but
just regarded as a useless scientific
curiosity.     Dr. Wells tried it but gave
It up because he failed at first. Others
followed him successfully.     Sir James
Simpson,  a  famous  English   surgeon
was really the practical discoverer of
anaesthetic  surgery,  and used  it  in
mid-wifery.   He it was who discovered the^propcrlles of chloroform. When
Jesus Christ was crucified, the bitter
drink he refused was a form of anaesthetic provided by charitable people
for condemned criminals.     Ages before Christ a Chinese physician uscd
a drug derived from hemp to dull pain.
Hemp  also  yields  the liashish  with
which dervishes used to craze themselves    before    charging    to    death
against the enemies of their faith, and
also used by the first emissariess of
the "Old Man of the Mountains" who
.were known as "Assassins."
: It is never-too early'to begin. iobli>
ing'oh.-tha^bright.shie.e-f life. - Doit
now. "���- .��� '-"��� '-     -".     .-      ������--'��� "- ...'���
- - Worms cause fr'ctfulness and rob the
.'infant of sleep, the'great.Jipttrlsher.
Mother..Graves'..Worm Exterminator
will clear the stomach'.and ihtestirie.s
and restore he-allli.illness.'
Militarism   Dying   Out   Says   Russian
Soviet Representative
Japanese militarism Js rapidly dying, having reached its peak of attainment during the European war,- ia the
opinion of V. G. Antonov, unofficial
representative- of the Russian .Soviet
Government.. ���'.       ���''.  -       ... - ."���. V. -
Mr. .Antpnoy declares "that" war between.1 Japan"1, and tlie United "States'
would have been inevitable had it not
been for the'Washington conference,
and;that agreements reached at that
meeting were tantamount to" a crush-"
ing'- of ��� the militaristic element iu"
Japan'. . ..-. '  .' -,..' ��� ���[���<[' X ;  -���   y ���'.- .
The'rise of the agrarian, movement,
which lias been raphjly^accomplislied
[during ..the'.past few years-..in ,Japan,
is. interpreted by Mr.---Antonov as'- an
indication - of . the..-'. ;clianging . social
structure; in Japan-and the overthrow
of- tlie' imperialistic . faction -by.; the
masses of the population .which desire
progress by peacefutVmeahs..   ...-.,
Mr. Antonov believ.es Japan' must
In future lean to'a-greater .extent on
Russia,. Russia, being a vast potential
market. for .Japan.and. easily access'?
Ibie, while the; people ."of Russia are
half- Asiatic and therefore-better.'able
to.assimilate .with'Japanese than the
people of'_theVvestern continents.'
New Source Found
For Procuring Insulin
Cure For Diabetes Taken From Deep
7,        Sea Fish.
The Biological Board of Toronto has
advised a Halifax fish company that
the extraction of insulin, the recent
discovery for diabetes treatment, from
deep sea fish had been "highly satisfactory."
Arthur Boutilelr, President of tht��
company, said that Capt. Rigby, of
the Dominion Biological Station at
St. Andrews, N.B., .made a trip on
one of their trawlers and .selected
suitable fish from the ship's catch
and these "were-forwarded to Toronto.
Insulin was taken from two kinds of
flsh.-he said, tlie monk and the skate.
A comparatively tiny part of-the fish
was,saved for the purpose.      .'""   '
Canada Gaining Lead
As Auto Exporter
Premier Position Now Being Held By
United States
Canada is rapidly gaining on the
United States as the world's largest
exporter of motor cars and, according to no less an authority than the
New York Journal of Commerce, will
within a few years time hold the
premier position.
Although up to a few years ago Canada's export of cars was practically
negligible, last year's official records
show that the Dominion already exports half as many cars as the United
States, the only country by which she
ls exceeded In this regard. With the
rapid growth in the number of automobile industries now locating in the
Dominion this lead is being continually reduced.
.There are now sixteen firms producing motor cars in Canada compared with eight such industries in
1918, and a number of new factories
are to be opened up this year. There
are, in addition, ten Canadian truck
companies. The scheduled production of cars by tha Canadian automotive industry for the current year
Is .over the 130,000 mark.
Mrs. Matthews Pays High Tribute To
Tanlac- For  Ending . Stomach ,
"I am so thankful for the wonderful
benefits I have received from the Tanlac treatment I just want to tell everybody in Toronto about it," declared
Mrs. . Ellen Matthews, 104 Eastern
Ave., Toronto, Ontario.
"1 suffered so terribly with stomach
trouble and a run-down condition that
I feared nervous collapse. My appetite almost deserted me and even the
little I did manage to eat disagreed
with mo, and I bloated with gas till
my heart palpitated and f was dreadfully short of breath. I couldn't get
a good night's sleep and was so worn
out I couldn't even do my errands to
the store.
"I heard so much praise of Tanlac
I finally bought a bottle, and it was
worth its weight in gold. Six bottles
have made me perfectly well, without
a sign of the old troubles I had suffered with for seven years, and my
weight has been increased, too. I
consider it a duty to recommend
Tanlac." '
Tanlac is for sale by all good druggists. Accept no substitute. Over
37-million bottles sold. ,-'
"Dead Man's Chest" Uninhabited
Minard's Liniment for Distemper    '-'
V" 7 ��� .WiU.! Visit "'Japan
The-Canadian-Manufacturers' Association has received" an invitation to
send'.a "delegation' of business men to
Japan in.thefall .to .see.If some plan,
can7.be worked out'for broadening of
trade- between-, the.two "countries. In
view. .of. that, plans "are under way to
have .^representative ..body-bf Canadian manufacturers', visit "Japan in
.'September.       ���   .'
Canadian Mothers Have
Healthy Children
W.H Y?'"  READ THIS !.
London. Ont���"Dr. Faroe's .Favorite.
-!-r.r��v,i<'n"!,t't"1,w;!S-SlJ l;i.ti<*liejal to.jnet.bat.
:i,ff(-i.'it my iln.ty-. .o.sejid'.tin's stiifpiiietit?.
'for publication." so that it "may" bo of.
���ji^lp' to otliPf yuiintr-'mothers.: Duri.iiT
my lift'- f'Xtwv'trsiif period 1 felt j!i*tf
ii;i-��raHi��. imitated yo that 1 could
not vomiti my food, my back ached
fnd I just seenicd toaehe and pain
all over. Doctor I'mm-i-c's Favorite Prescription put tne in perfect physical
(.'otidirion-. 1 was ahlo to eat my nieals
without that awful sick feeling- and I'.
kept well and Strom? right up to the
-" last.' My baby seethed to.be behciUcd, '
"100���was as stroii? and healthy a�� a .
liaby. runld be.   I think so much of I?r.'
J'iercp's favorite Prescription as an aid
. to iiatrirer in; motherhood -'that I would -
not. ��:��>   thru--expectancy  without, its
lu.Ip."���Mrs. Ernest Morris,-'3 Webb St,
; ���   Ootoypjir neighborhood drug: store
Vat <.>ncr and. obtain this .Prescription'of.
Doctor I'ieree's..tn tiblets or liquid, or
,.��?a<l Vf cent* io Dr. Pierce's Laboratory,.
. Bridge!" sre,. Chst., for trial pkg. tablets.
; .''Apartmeht^Hote.l for Victoria,; .;.
7: Plans are-.tinder.-way -'at Victoria' for
the .erection of a modem.apartmeht-
; hotel:,lo.cost in the neighborhood' of
$66i>,p66: ��� "The proposed building is of;
a type "that/is being erected In large
centres of -population ami is particu:
larly adapted" to ihe (tourist trade.
There has' been a. largo .increase 7 in
tourist'.' traffic to VJcloriii.iaii.d. ihe-.ls-
".land during_'{he.'pn'stV'fe'sv year, -ma'nv
People coming from ' the Western
States and ihe. prairies.
��� -VDryden Sulphate Plant - -7- .'
7". Extensions to-'-thc plant-of-; the"'Dry-
den. Paper .-Company.: have been, completed, including, a 'power development
at .Wainwright .'-Falls.. .��� :The. capacity
of "the plant ..will- now be' 75'7tons'/of
sulphate -.pulp a :day. . Two-thirds "of
the production'.will go into wrapping
paper "and sulphate building'paper.
"The   Winnipeg   City Council voted
down. .11 to Oy^-niotiomto"; irii'i-joduce
f-dayliglii" sa\ ing "there
V" 7 Soviet Gold" In Wall. Street'-;.'-"'
��� There-is approximately ?250,006,000
in. Soviet gold.in .Wall Street, according to .Weslon.B. Estcs,. formerly a
captain of the ^.United '-Stales'-, army
I'Intelligence Service, who - was. prison5
' er of Bolshevist llussi.vfor more than
���a.. yearV.beginning .1920.- Mr.'Estes
says -thereVhas 'been a steady .influx,
ot gold .-from'-'Russia' for propaganda
purposes during- the past-' few. years/. - -
Many Bridges For Quebec
...-.-Provision has. 'been made for the
construction ", of -forty - colonization
bridges ia those sections of the prov-'
ince. where they are-"required as a result of settlement'ln-dlstficts not already entirely provided with roads and
bridges." '   ���������'...'.'''���'-.'
. .A -woman seldom makes a fool out
of a man; she usually acts as nature's
The Cautious Scot
A Highland ferryman, whose, boat,
ladened with passengers, was.caught
in a sudden sauall the oilier day when
only halfway- across tlie' loch,, turned
to his "fares" aiad" said: 7 ' " " - ;>. "
'..'"It-:looks'.bad, and we dinna-ken
what'iiiieht- come ..over, "ui ." .SoV.we'll
just take'your twopences noo;", 7 ���'-'- V
MT- 2v7   U.    147;
j-   Mdy.���"\VellfVdo 'you Vam7a"Trii'enl
j badly enough,to .work for'U;"'.'-.'""'- '.V.
j    Tramp.���"I'm jUst hungry, nsunr. not
desperate."���Pearson's WeeRiv;   .[X'X
Frog:; -that bark like dogs were discovered'in the wiids of Santo Domingo
by .an exploration party.
���  ��� OWN VET.   W-
Pave-volor'lnary '..ills on jour stock
1.5- usinn Mionnl'5.     Host for Ciit.��.
Jtmlses.' Strains. Saddle lioils, Dis-
-t^inijer. etc.       - ���    -'
.-Smoke-More Cigarette's..   ''   ..
-, .'Gigarette- production in-.'the United
States increased 36 per cent.- the past,
year, according .to figures announced
in the financial' district.^.,: 'Last March,;
5.04 IjiS.Ol Wigarettes "wer"e produced,'
as-   against  ��� .s.G37,-i64,-lGI    iu   March,-,
1922. '   The cigar production was 57-S,- ]
.511,601,    and    manufactured  tobacco, j
32,269,0.1-! pounds.
Busiosss Policy
Farmer.���I see you have reduced the-
fine-for speeding from $10 to ��5. J
Country. Judge.���Ye'S,    the    cusses j
were'.'beginning  to   slow' Up.���Bos'on ���
. Transcript.'-'���'.'."���.;.'"-' ���
England --.lias, '"-'a--travelling'tailor's
shop,- so.Tic'tr.ins. likfi tlie- aulo groct?ry
truck; ,wiiicH';go'es UVrough theTountry"
and stop-.-;-at tlie.villages on .market,
days .and7mea.s.u.res.7 ���cusiomcrs - - foKj
suits'to be niade.-arid.; delivered -.later;.
-A iiaUbufe7'Vjy?k^VjH^fa^;^
weigliedj ;.?'Sf'^t��iid's7f||V|77W^;^l^"|
WeakVand Nervous.   Made
Well fey Lydia E.iPinkham's
VV Vegetable Compound
Webbwood, Ont,^~"I was in a very
.weakVand run-down nervous condition,
always tired from the, time I got up
until -I. went to bed." Sleep did not rest
mo at all. My sister recommended
Lydia E. Pinkham's" Vegetable Compound tome and others told me about
it;. but it' was' from. my" sister's advice
that: r.took''it.--;lt.did not take long
untilM ;felt- stronger, -headaches left
me and niy appetite came back to me.
I am a farmer's wife and have many
things to-do outside the house, such as
milking, looking after the poultry, and
other chores. 1 heartily-recommend the
Vegetable Compound to all who have the
same trouble 1 had, for it is a line medicine for women-"���Mrs Louis F. Elsas-
ser, Ilillcrcst Farm, Webbwood, Ont.
Another Nervous Woman Find's Relief
Port' Huron,- Michigan.���"I suffered
for. two years with pains in my side, snd
if-1 worked very much I was nervous
and just as tired in the morning as when
I went to bed. 1 was sleepy all the day
and didn't feel like doing anything, and
was so nervous I would bite my finger
nails. One of my friends told me-about
Lydia E, -PinkKanv's Vegetable Compound,- and it helped me so much that I
soon feltfine."���Mra. Charles Beeler.
501-1-ith. St:,".Port Huron; Mich.
'��� 7 Woinen who sufTe r.fromany feminine
ailment should try Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound!; ��� -'  '���-,' C~
What the West Can Produce
Exhibition  Steer From   Edmonton  to
Be Shown In Great Britain
Great Britain will have a chance to
see what the west caS produce in the
way of cattle when a, young Shorthorn, bought by Colonel II. A. Mullins
at the Union Stockyard3 arrives, say3
the Winnipeg, Tribune. This product
of the prairies at two years welgbs
1,440 pounds, well over 250-pounds
heavier than the average threetyear-
old, and is so broad that he waddles
when lie moves, Tlie price paid to
the owner, Oscar Brown,, of Edmonton,
wa3 $143.28.- .    ^    -
The ..animal will be sent on lour
round all the principal livestock
centres In the old country as an example- of- what-'Canada- can���ralse.-
He - Is .a splendid specimen almost
ready for the. butcher, and with the
help of the juicy grass of England
and the care of British experts; will
make the choicest beef. Plump and
sleek, he walks with diiliculty, and
the breadth of ids back almost
dwarfs his legs.
- Co277Mullins Intends to ship him to
"England along with 300 head of steers
whicli constitute the remainder of tha
herd of 500, bought recently by Mi'.
Hill Foster for shipment to- his feed
lots in .Suffolk. ���- This particular
beast, however, will remain the personal property of the colonel and, by
arrangement with Mr. Foster will, bo
s'enton tour to all Britain's livestock
Island Existed Long Before Stevenson
Wrote "Treasure Island"
Few people who have read Robert
Louis    Stevenson's    famous    novel,
"Treasure Island," with its "Fifteen
Men on the Dead Man's Chest," aro"
aware that there ls actually a place
known as Dead Man's Chest. Such a
place, however, docs exist, and it existed long before .Stevenson ever
thought of his novel.
Dead Man's Chest is the name of a
small box-like Island in the Virgin
Islands (West Indies). It is 500 feet
long and 200 feet high at Its highest
point; and, it bears a considerable
resemblance to the recumbent figure
of a dead man floating in the sea.
. It lies some five miles from Itoad
Town, Tortola, the capital of the British Virgin Islands, on the west side
of Sir Francis Drake's Channel, and
is uninhabited. The first settlers, of
the Virgin Islands were pirates, and
this Is doubtless the fact that gave
It. L. S. his inspiration.
Not far from Dead Man's Chest is
Norman Island, where there is a curious cavern, approachable! only from
the sea, and that at low tide, through
a hole in thc cliff just big enough for
a ship's boat to pass. In this cavern the burled hoard of a pirate's
treasure is supposed to have been
found many years ago.
The name -*'Dead Man's Chest" is
frequently abbreviated to "Dead
Chest," and is marked in thc Admiralty charts under-the latter designation.
W��roen_WiII Help
British Women Still Anxious to Ba
��� Ready for Service of Country
A-scheme for the re-organization
and future utilization of the women's
Voluntary Aid Detachments widen
rendered such conspicuous service io
ihe Empire during, the war is being
completed by the British War Office.
During the war these detachments
were enrolled only for home service,
although many voluntarily went
-abroad. ���The-new-seheinc-provide{r
that the women's' forces shall supplement not only the military but the
naval medical" forces' and also the air
force. - They would serve wherever
the forces themselves were sent..
No surgical operation is necessary
in .removing corns if Holloway's Cora
Eemov.er.be used.
Wheat In-the Yukon'
A despatch from Dawson City states
that spring wheat was planted the last
week of April at the Dominion Experimental Farm,'seven miles from Dawson.       :
Several varieties havc been grown
there successfully during the past seven years, as high as sixty bushels to
the acre having been obtained.. ;Th��
average jield compares well with
prairie" liar; ests. , Fine Quality flour
was milled,fiom thc wheat last fall.
Improved Airplane Wings
Inventor    Claims    Lifting    Efficiency
Increased Ten-Per Cent.'
An improvement of at least 10 per
cent, in the lifting efficiency of aeroplane wings is expected to be made
by an invention' wliich - hasv been
patented by a young 'ex-oGicer of the
Hying corps in England.
lie claims to have discovered the
method by which crows and other
birds glide at fine angle?, and experiments "which have been' made with-
gliding models,.suggest'that the" wing
tip feathers are not merely for balancing" purposes. but contribuU
largely to the lifting capacity.
Good Prospects For Wool Market
The Canadian Co-operativo Wool
Growers' -Association', through which
a number of Alberta sheep growers
market their v.00!, lias had a successful year, marketing 3,170,CSG pounds.
Prospects lor the marketing of the
1523 wool clip seem brighter than for
s>0jne time.
The  Boss and ths Office Boy
Employer.���"Why        didn't yon
laugh ' when I - told that joke?
Kverjhody eNe in the ofiic�� laughed
but "> 011."
.   Uoj.���"'I'm going to lea\e on Satur-
Von ara not
1 n s when
you tno Dr.
Cha��c's Olnt-
m^nS for Eezrirta and .Skin Irrfta-
���tioii.: -It rplievri at onco and gradually heal* UKTsictn. Saroplo box I>r.
Chain's ointment fr?9 l�� you menUon this
paper and s��-nr} 2c. stamp for postage, 60c *
hoi; a_ld��a!eis or Edmstnlois, Batei <fc Co.,
J.imite><l. Toronto. .    -
I      IJo.r.itiipn   J-.-;ire>._    .Money.  Ordeia   are   *��
', ��ale in  (ire ihousiuU  oiSces   throughout  C*i-
_ Some women are capable of believing the things they want to wh-a they
know they don't believe Uieia.
HirmkiJ, pbtoI? Tt.eft.S-, itUttit"
CsriMres's R*?ti!ftUr. farads ���& vttaj
GiiriolreJ s����-:isrr��H_. *t��-��fe��t��l��c
Tie idsid' aad CU7jlrtji'< Kcta!*!*.
Children smm _i��t__hy and ir��*
from colic. diarrlKwa. Satoiency.-
CRnitipdtion and otV-er tre'iMe ii
riven Hat teething: time..
S��f>. p!ea*��nt���b5t-��s-�� trine* nr-
rnartjtb!��*nd ersufyinz reanlt*.
AtAti'y   y**-^        .v THE LEDGE
Is $2.00 a year strictly in ad-ranee, er
{2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States $2.50, always in advance.
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $35.00
Coal and Oil Notices    7.00
Batray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears in notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
The Combination Mine    |camP-   "The first discovery was
the Providence made in 1S92 by F
A. Bartholomew, there  is a  series
Development    work    has   com-  of   rich  streaks,   (small  vein?) of
menced iu earnest at the Combina-   gold bearing  galena,   one of which
tion   mine  about  a  mile  north of  shows  twelve   to   eighteen inches
Greenwood.    Drilling   commenced   thick  in a 65 foot shaft.    Several
in  the  tunnel  on   Thursday   last carloads of ore were shipped to the
and   the  following   day   the   firsts Tacoma-smelter and  yielded   from
round   was  fired.    On  Tuesday a 51 2 ouuees gold and 238 ounces of
large blast of eleven  holes was set silver  to 1-2  ounce  gold  and 438
off  breaking down  about   40  ore ounces of silver.
cars of muck. - m.    ��� ���
lhe Defiance, the vein on which
Last fall C. E. Bartholomew, of carries rich sulphides of silver,
Sprwgdale, Wash., the owner of made.two shipments iu 1893, yield-
tshe Combination, and C. R. Garris, ing respectively 3S0 and 6S0 ounces
of Spokane, Wash., were instru- 0f silver and LS and- 3 ounces iu
mental in having the Eholt Mining1 goid.�� (Here other properties of
Company formed for the purpose of the camp were reported on, each
fully developing the  above  mine.'showing high values).    Further it
All other legal'advertlsing, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals 12.4c. :a line each in-
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Ax ideal husband is  one  who
can keep his month shut.
You  can  be a  pessimist when
you can't be anything else.
Hats  are now being trimmed.
Husbands will be trimmed later.
Just because old Tat is petrified
is no reason why you should call
him a hard guy.
The trouble with having a wife
���who is a good manager is that you
are usually what is managed.
The trouble with the alarm
clock is that while it makes you
get up it can't put you to bed.
They used to. say thai, a girl was
a little dear but. nowadays it is
more: proper to say a:little bare. - V
... Mabried people are like the
Irish, each.beiieves-in Home Rule,
but they cannot decide - who shall
be the Home Ruler...; 7 .   ..
������Bobbed hair is very convenient.;
VThe.girl does not have to take so
imuch care.of her hair,, and you.do.
, not have ,to .take. so7much,care of
- the girl WW ���' ~y-.y:-.
��� ''...Vancouver man/says' he saw an
-aurora-, borealis the   other   night.
.7 Weil,, when the .bright  lights revolve    around.;  one's   head   fast
enough they, have that effect.
,- Each- acre' of- corn grown in- Ohio
-.costs- on an; average 46.26"hours -of
.'-'labor.-'���.��� i'y - '-.- .���-���'"���<��� -"- ��� ��� 7 ������"-'���-.
7 Canada-is now .second 'ontheMist '
Was",an-exporting,land, the-per.capita -
.... being; $100.63 per. annum. 7...
'".-,'A. new station is being" built by'
. the Canadian Pacific .Railway -at-
7-FredenctonVst a-cost "pf $50,0001
: 'X Half a'-'million "Canadians, look to'
, the forests, each-day for- their/meals '=
.and. lodging, and more'than.100,000
7 Canadian,-workmen-'aire; engaged in
,-��� converting-forest products into one'
-. form or another. ....
-   The' large;. party .of .HebrideansX.
'. ..who,, were'brought to Canada ori the7
; Canadian pacific' Steamships;-"Meta-'
--: gama" and-.."Marloch""have''gone tof.
- Red ;'-Deer,   Alt*.,- where 7 they "wiil
'.form-an" agricultural;colony.--      '-
���[,'77. Seven" -hundred farmers' and farm'7
/laborers- arrived in Canada "recently V
on .the ��� .Canadian ; Pacific -steamer'
"Montcalm." 7 These'-.colonists .-are
proceeding-to Ontario and western
points where they will take up. farm
work; "
..- The project of a. ship .canal across
Scotland', from the" Clyde to the
Firth of Forth .was brought to the
fore - again at.; a;. recent meeting of
.the , Mid-Scotland'; Ship 7. Canal Association, and 'there7ia.a';possibility-,
of' something being started ",;in --'this '���
connection in the near future/- ���
A single pair of.-potato bugs
-would, without cheek, increase to
60,000,000 in on* season; the hop
aphis, developing- thirteen genera-.
lions is a single year would, if- unchecked to th�� end of the twelfth
feneration, have multiplied.,,tauten,
���Canadian air pilots ftew ' 294*449
.miles, carrying 9,153 passengers and
77,880 pounds-of freight in 1S22,
according to a report of th* Canadian Air Beard. Saskatchewan
pilots led in tht Seminion, carrying
3,622 passengers. Manitoba pilots
carried 1,622 people, nnd British
Colmnbi* pilots 1,122.
It is incorporated under the laws
of British Columbia and the State
of Wapbington, with a capitalization of ��20,000 divided into 200
shares of the par value of S100.00
each. Oue hundred shares are to
be sold and tbe money from the
sale of tbe stock is to be used for
tbe running of a tunnel of about
200 feet to connect with the shaft.
The bead office is located at 309
Hyde Bldg., .Spokane, %hile  the
B. C. office is in the J. H. Goodeve
Drug Store, Greenwood. The
officers of the Company are: C. E
Bartholomew, president; M. E.
Swetland, vice-pres.; P. J. Whaley,
treasurer; C. R. Garris, secretary.
Directors, C. E. Bartholomew, F.
J. Whaley, O. R. Garris, L. W.
Perkins and J. H. Goodeve.
Mr. Bartholomew, the energetic
manager, commenced operations
at the mine last fall and on not
been able to mako much headway
with hand drilling, a 3-drill Rand
compressor was secured aud installed near the property on Eholt
creek. A dam was build 156 feet
above compressor and water, to be
used for cooling purposes, is conveyed to the compressor by a pipe.
Electric power is used, a mile
power line was constructed to connect with the City line, power being secured from the South Koot-
eriay Power and "Light Co. A
75 h.p. motor, with a controller,
drives the compressor. A _pipe
line 1000 feet long, connects the
compressor with the tunnel which,
conveys the air forVbhe. drills, ..... ..
'"-���" The," tunnel.7iei.'-.'ii. .95>.feet aiid'
within. .60. days.ore should be. 'ence uu tier ed.-: ajp'the.Vbotloni:' of the
shaft ;in',vvliich -rieh-.ore.- was .taken,
out iii the'early days; '"-, V   V"..-
',;At present.5,jneh. are employed
and; andia/6th'will"." be added ,in a
few days time.   - :." -        ,- 7 V'
7A;400 lb.'.Rand, drill7 is used and
makes.'. gi?.eat'.-.headway, into 7.the.
exceeding hard- rock. -. VV 7' X- _. X,'.[..
- - -A short distance'belbw ' the -tunnel is an outcrqpoihg .containing .a
i'-foot ledge ��� and. in going down *8
feet from.', the.-surface '.the ^ore
"assayed.- 870.7 in - gold/ 7" It; is, ��� the
management's intention-to pul. a
drill to .work on,; this, ledge in. a
short time.
"Twelve-feet ."from "the.7BbaffcV is
another, -outcropping- of. - ore,- but
no. work' has been ^one on; it since
the early days.-';,', V . -, ".>
���[ )AX-. good; tunnel site is available
on Eholt creek and in the event of.
locatiug pre.in the tunnel,:- ifccoulci
be.driven to tap 7the7ore at depth.
.The Combination is , one.bf ;the
oldest miues-iu.'the district,;'having
been - discovered V and ^located in
April," 1892,',; :by-th4 . late F. / A."
Bartholomew and C; ,;E. Bartholomew, the original-vrtiscoverers-of
the Providence .mine. -: Later they
sold the. Providence .which : is "only
a short- distance,from 'the Combination.;., in. the 'early days all supplies had.'to be .packed .in, from
VMarcus',' a ".big-change -to- the. pres-:
eat; day, when the main highway,
runs through the:property- and the
C. P.: -Railway is .only '.&[[short
distance away, making'tra'nsportaV
tion' excellent" for. shipping.-, ore.
The"success of this enterprise will
help to. bring a.revival of. mining
in this part of the Greenwood dis?
tricfc, as the owners of other properties will, be given, an incentive
to .commenfceVwoi^VV^.';; .7.- ,y;[ X.,
/" On Sept/22,".'i922,.~Av. R/ Moore,
a'.'��� mining 7engineef. of. ,Sppkauej:
examined the property in the interests ofthe UV S. Metals Co.-----He
was accompanied by .0. R. Garris,
C.V E.: Bartholomew. and 'Mr/Deal.
Mr. Moore's report was..very favorable and a summary of. it follows:
. - !?In-i.a.paper/ covered v,vplume,
entitled, " ''Mining .in" theV Pacific
���Northw.eefe'':and; edited7by L.vK,
Hodges,.'17find .the following remarks relating '/to'-'.the Providence
says: "F. A. Bartholomew (and
C. E. Bartholomew) also own tbe
Combination ou which tliere ia a
two foot ledge, between slate and
quatzite, with a six inch pay
streak of very rich ore, carrying
native silver, galena, aud free gold,
assaying 100 ounces of silver aud
$25 in. gold/ A shaft has been
sunk 25 feet, showing the native
silver to increase in depth."
This book was published a great
many years ago, and the several
properties spoken of above have
developed to au extent, that $750,-
000 worth of ore has been produced iu the Providence mine
alone. Owing to the death of a F.
A. Bartholomew the Combination
alone, remains but partly develop'
ed, but the shaft spoken of by S. S.
Fowler, M. E., of Chicago, 111., the
author of the foregoing report, has
been sunk to a depth of 100 feet
since that  time,   but at  the  time
1 visited the property (Sept. 26,
1922) the shaft was partly filled
with water, making it impossible
to examine the lower workings,
however-, ore on the dump and the
general geological formation and
reliable information furnished by
several "old timers" of the district,
would indicate that values have increased with depth as predicted by
Mr. Fowler.
Stephanite, - commonly called
black silver'Vis prevalent in a stope
of the shaft. "This ore is associated
with pyrargyrite, it-woukKiudicat'e
that both minerals:are the.result.of
first, concentration,.resultion to pay
ore throughout the, -vein.' Pyrar-
Vgyrite, -,' or 'ruby silver, carrying'a.
certain' -percentage of "antimony,
copper,..'.lead,, sulphur,; and .zinc,
would indicate secondary- enrichment" when-".not. "associated -with
stephanite. -These Viiinerals.- pre-
with pyrites/and a quartz gaugue,-.
except a streak" running hear vthe-
quartette"" foot- wallj' carrying, iron
carbonates, oxides .and" "native
silver,'- .this, would indicate:" third
concentration;of.; no/small', import-.
ance/V'(.A.ti, the "Smuggler Mine,7
Aspen,'. Colorado,;.- native ; sil ver .is
found that "is -the products." .of' third
.concentration,- the -steps '��� being
galena/ to'- silver ^ sulphides" and
thence .-to. lia'tive"-��� silver.r-TJ-V S;
Geog. -Report.for.State;of Colorado'
G"/;S. '128/j "The" same condition
exists in the Combinatipnpfoperty.--
A -'cross/cut,.V.tunnel /has. been
driven towards^fehe vein,'('on .which'
the. shafts'described above is sunk)
for a distance of .-approximately .75
feet: -;"V. W",; 7/7 ���-; ':-'-,'. -." '��� ���"
7'Tn;the tunnel./aa^ described-, two
parallel-,veins -have"been cut,' the
first; ..but an'incbor two in width, is
mineralized,/;the:Eecond- is three
feet in width,"walls well, defined,
bufe.ho mineral is-'visable to. the
naked eye;- and acid ..tests''shows-
tha-; vein.- to,-be .filled., with'a"aedir
rae'ntary.substance, pbsibly decotn--
posed shales and lime, -however/as
'certain-- districts have found very
rich-pay chutes under .like, cbndi.--
tibns/rny, advice' wmild'./be.; to/ex-.
plore. this. vein.at ;a later,date..The
great Comstock-.'.Lode/ of .Nevada"
and several mines of the, Edreka,
district have been . proved 'to be
sedimentary in character! A.t the
presanfe time! howeyeV, all, work
should be done oh "the tunnel to
cut the main ledge, where rich ore
J8.V!i!hown: toVb'e.;?..:~WV';." /.; /.. 7 X-x .-
'~- To fiummerize. The locationi of
the property could: not be im proved
upon, and every indication is that
with, df-pth the Combination will
prove as rich and productive as the
other rich mines in the camp, have
proven," therefore my. advice "is to
ontinue the driving of.the tunnel,
how started, to cross; cuts the ledge
oa, which the shaSt has been sunk;
.A;.few thousand dollars/spent carefully arid wisely, in rhy opinion,
will be ;;retnrned, ^multiplied,/-['a
great many times.'!""-.. //.-���
Kettle Valley, May loth.
Editor The Ledoe:���
Dear Sir,���
There is a saying that half a
truth is worse than a lie. I have
not heard what one tenth of a
lie is described as. In an interview
with Dr. MacLean published in the
last edition of Tho Ledge that
gentleman is quoted as. making
certain remarks with reference to
the Provincial party.
Firstly he states t-hat-"its leaders
are real estate magnates, corporation lawyers and others" of that
type." To refute this statement
the fairest thing I could do would
.be to give a list of the executive
committee consisting of 9 farmers
and 9 business men, this I cannot
do as I have not got it by me, but-
what I cau do is to give a list of
the most active members with their
professions who may well be called
the leaders of the movement.
Gen. McRae, chairman of the
executive committor, lumbering
and fishing.
J. Redman, vice chairman of
executive committee, farmer.
B. G.-Stewart, member of executive committee, farmer.
Mr. N"ixon, labour leader.
Dr. Macintosh, ex-Liberal,
M. L. A.   -
Gen. MacDonald, sec. of executive committee, engineer. 3
It is true that E, P. Davis, one
of the foremost.lawyers in Canada
and a life long Liberal and Mr.
Beaumont Boggs, real estate, one
of the most respected business meu
in VJctoria- and a life long Conservative are members of this party,
the latter gsutleman being on the
executive might possibly be classed
as a leader. Here you have the
oue tenth of the truth, ia other
words au absolute misropresent.a-
tioi s of the/facts. .7
Secondly, lie 6tates "It has some
supporlers in   the  rural   districts,
but these are chiefly   among  men
who live on, but do  -not   malie  a
a living off   their   laud."     Again
we have one-tenth of the truth.    I
can categorically state that 90 per
cent qf the delegates from the rural
districts"to the Convention,   90 per
cent of our farmer   supporters in'
tho .rural districts  in  general and
tbb'Gieenwood' riding  in   particular are .dependent for a living'fro.m
the land they live_oh/_   ..- -."/-.- '-'::"-,.
���:,. Thirdly he,states, :'f:Before--'the
...next'election, .they'V will have to' a'
great '..extent- .'-disappeared- and' be
again... supporting  'their;-natural-
.-leadcr'W';   J7: -��� Bb.w=er.;   . Possibly
one .tenth "-of-"the.'.trQth-V once ;made.<
Lets/me inform".. Dr.-; MacLean' that
.majority  oi' Conservatives-T, have
met BtateVin .-110 -^uncertain ��� terms
that" on no'abcDunfe will   they ever
vpteVfora: Congervatiye  candidate
while their'. natural (?) - -leader   is-
��� -,,-  .- .      . - ,- . - -���
..W.-X- Bovvser and thafe'-as.. large- a.
huinbei'.of-Liberals.state-that/oh no,
account will' they.support "the present administration and-1 presume
.that these gentlemen may -be credited, with knowing'tbeir/own/minds-
as-well as,.'oV .even/better, than Dr.
MacLean. V pr.VMacLeanV enters;
the field "ol; prophesy by predicting"
that the/life "of the.Prbyincial-party
would be .short. .To me it is a
matter'prihdifTcrence how/long, its
life may-.be,. providing -it -succeeds
in'accomplishing the object'it- has
before it^ namely,, -t-he '.purifying of
the administration of;-Government
in British Columbia, .and I -will
venture to,prbphesy that/ this .the-
Provincial ".party Will eucceed in
doing.;-//-"/:.''... ,- "..- ,---���.-.,.,-/"
"���'  / 7'"'--'- "'-'/'/ N. Lewis..-- .
ZJ��X\&Q 1 afl t>
mmer Excursion Fares
To Eastern Destinations
On Sale Daily May 15tlt to Sept. 15
Return Limit Oct. 31
Winnipeg  $7200     Fort William ...��72.00
Toionto ..$113.75     Niagara Falls .......I120.62
Hamilton $113.75     Ottawa ji27-9&
Loudon: $113.75     Montreal .; $132.75
Quebec ...$141.80    -Moncton $160.30
St. John' $160.30     Halifax-................: $166.95
St, Paul.. $72.00     Chicago "...$86.00
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
For Spring and Summer
Splendid Arsortment of New
Samples JusaArrived
" Call and see" them
"- at������
Tailor and Cleaner
Greenwood  '
Minneapolis $72.00
Duluth $72.00
New York $147-40
Boston ..,  $153-50
Many Additional Destinations
Ask for Rates from and to any JPOint
Route via Port Arthur or via Soo Line, through
Winnipeg or Portal, thence via Chicago or Sault Ste. Marie
via Great Lakes; or via California at additional fare; or good
to go via one of the above routes, return another.
J...S. CARTER, bist. Pass. Agt,
Nelson, B.C.
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
first-class   land
second-class to
Commercial Travellers Will Find Long
Distance Telephone Service A Time
And Expense Saver
>     -Travelling men can save themselves and their firms endless time and
travelling expense by regular use of our Long Distance facilities.
Within a few minutes, direct personal conversation curt be had with an)'
desired number of customers" or patrons whoicould not ordinarly be
"covered" and "spoken to" without,, the loss'of many days', time aud the
many   discomforts,   inconveniences   and    delays   incidental   to   country
y In addition t�� these factors it will be found cheaper to telephone than"
'travel.      ' '     ��      ���      .
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Office, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper.[Lead!and Zinc Ores
.'    Producers   of    Gold,    Silver,   Copper,    Tig   Lead   and Zinc
|VWV;P::W7:W|:vvv;w .
In Simllka'tnecn Division of Yale Land'District.
-".- -Kccording.District.of Penticton. B. c. aod
.- situate near Spencer, B.C., situated west of
7    'and adjoining Lot 17 37 5--D. Y. D.  ,
' .;', TAKE NOTICE, tliat CO day's afterdate
I; -AbelvTrot!ible}',of Kiio1t,;'I).C., occupation
raiicbcr.-iiitcuit to apply. for perraissiou to jiur-
chasc-'tlie following described lauds: .. ������."-
' -'ConimciiciR^at a post planted-20.chain?.
Soutli'or.thu -Nb'rtb-Wcst Corner, of I,ot 1737,
tlicMte South-li cbitius; tlictice -West 20cbaiiis:
tliuucc Sprth 20cbaiiis;. th'eiice "Rast 20 cbains
and cout'ainliijf'W acres more or. .less, for graz-
illj; pnrpur.es.    "    ���  '>���,���      -" " ���:    ' '.
'"_,  '  .ABEIi T-ROMBXEY,
,7 Appliciliif.
���7 Dated Sfd.'April, ilii..  ._
iSi��i^^8i^^ilBi&yor Night
l^^^^ra^g^g^g^g^Hj^and Grain
[il^i^lllSSSiiwiSl^^ Residence-Phone 3L  -
E; W. WIDDOWSOJN,; Assayer and
Chemist., Box Bii68;7"Nelsoa,. B.. C.
Chafges:~Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
11:2s each. Gold-Silver.. $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3,00; Silver-Lead $2.00.. Silver-Lead .Zinc I3.00.
Cliarges. for other metals, etei,: Mi,7ap-
-piica:tioti._        X' 'X 7"���'.-'���".      ".,   """"   -
Send Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
:AXlV.wprl^7tnd;. material,, guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Minimum price, of
reduced to S5 an acre;
$2.50lan acre. s
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only. ' 'i '.
. Records will be "granted covering"
only land sui.table>*n'for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
land,   j,  '
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties'of uot more than four may
arrange ''for adjacent.-pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per. acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least S acres, before receiving
Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, aud has made proportionate improvements, he. may because of ill-health, or other cause, 'be
granted intermediate certificate, of improvement and transfer his claim.*"
Records without permanent residence
������may.be. issued, provided applicant
'makes improvement to .extent of $300
per annum and records- saihe each
year. Failure to make improvements
or- record same, will operate as forfeiture. "Title cannot be obtained iu
less than S years, aiid improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5,acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding "Crown Grant
may record anotherrpre-emption, if he
requires land in' conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and -residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not' exceeding 20
acres, may. be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after-fulfilling residential aud improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas ex-ceeding : 640 acres may- be
leased by one person or company."
Mill,-factory or industrial sites on
timber, land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions -include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows: inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
condilional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road,_ not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope'of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war. This privilege is made retroactive. .     ���
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 267 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision made for insurance of
Crown Grants- to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lauds, acquiring rights from*
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase, interest'
and taxes." "Where sub-purchasers do
notxlaim-wholcof"original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole
area,' Applications' must be rnaclc by
May 1,1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic "dei
velopment of livestock industry provides for gracing districts and range
administration .under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged fpriority for established owners. Stock owuerss may form'
Associations for range management.
Free, or partially free, ^permits for
settlers, campers or travellers up to ten
SO.TICEip hereby ffi^cK that 1 shall I10W
a Court of Revision at the Court House, Greeu--
CTnod.II.C.-, on'Monday, lliel.Stll day of J-'une,
.193,-at 10o'clock i" tBe forenoon; for tlie purpose of revising tbe Vtfter's. List of the Grecn-
TWiod; .Electoral'District*, and of hearing and
detcrminiiiif, any and all objections tc the retention of any name or names on.the register
<M A'crters ;'for"t��ic- said Electoral District.;"'-' -���
'Dated at Giecn-wooa,E, C., this Stii day- of-j
Mayvi923s'   -���-.';��� - -'.   ; 7 '-.'- ,--.-���' -   ���"., -��� . -���   ���...".
"".'..v.'.'."-,''-."/-,,.7.p.'h. mccurra'ch, ..-- ,;���--. ���
-,   ���  -'.- -..- 7.. -. .7; , H��f.istiar of Voters foi- tUe
���7 -'7 ���'- -y_7\'i Greenwood Electoral',District-
������ j^ The Mineral Province     Western Canada
Has produced Minerals valued ��8 follovFB: Placer Gold, $70,542,203; Lode
Gold, ;8109,647,661; Silver,7$59,8H,266; Lead $51,810,891; Copper, $170,723,242;
Zinc,. 824,625,853;-Miscellaneous Minerals, 81,358,839; Coal and Coke, $238,-
2.89,565;. Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., 836,605,942, making iis Mineral
Prpdriction to fehe end of 1922 abow7  .;>   y '
''.yXii. imimte Yaloe of $769,418,462-
roduction fqf the Yeaf ^^^ $35,158,843
The. Mining Laws -of-'thiB-Province' are more liberal," and fehe fees.lower,
Shan those pf any other Province in.ihe Dominion, or any Colony in fehe British
Empire. .
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles *r* obtained by developing such properties, the security
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants...
Full information, together withTMining Reports and Maps, may be obtained
gratis by addressing��� V,. -7.
."���W--';W .:   yiCTORSA, Erltlsli Columbia,


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