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The Ledge May 20, 1920

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01 a2
Vol.   XXVI.
No. 45
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive by filling it with some
of our choice and eleirant Furniture; Carpets and Pictures.
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and dining rooms        '.  ' . ���
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
���^mmmmroroimwmmmmmmmmmwmmffi mt
Order Your Garden
Seeds Now
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
l ^��<>0<><><X><>0<>00<><>OpOOO��0<>CO^^
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5 MEYER & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
Laco Tungsten Lamps
25 to 50 Watt Lamps���50c each.
100 Watt Lamps���$125 each,
60 Watts
100    ������
200   ��
-   <>   *   $1,25 each
,   -    ��� ' 2,00 ��
���   ,   ���   '3,50 "
Greenwood City Waterworks Co.
We carry a large line of
J. G. McMynn, Midway
i buy;and sell any mining
P. O. Box 1102      -      Nelson, B.C
Dealer-in Second-hand-Furniture
���'���"-   and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
"Horses,  Cattle,  Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER &  Co., 511 Baker St.
For High Class pry Goods,- and Ladies Ready to
Wears and Millinery
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of iny
goods sent upon request .;
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and-efficient manner.
Around Home
TheSlocan Strike
Kodaks, full line of Films
and Supplies at    --
Goodeve Drug Store
"The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity- Fine sample rooms. A comfortable home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wins j if yoa wane rooms reserved. The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettes,'cooling beverages,
_ - buttermilk and ice-cream.    >
Regular saving will soon show a handsome balance in the depositor's account.
It may be difficult for you to come to the
bank always when you want to deposit.
Send in deposits by mail���they will be as
carefully handled as though you handed
them over the counter. ***
PAID-UP CAPITAL . % -     - - . , $15,000,000.
RESERVE.FUND   /    --     \-      -$15,000,000/
GREENWOOD BRANCH, U S. Brawders, Manager."
Hot from
Straight from the great
news centres.of five, cori-;
tinents ��� come the" cable
.and telegraphic dispatches
which readers of the Nelson Daily News enjoy
every day. - ,x^~: y
And onpage 5 they: find
the   worthwhile, news", of
their   own   and   adjacent,
districts.     ,  - V    . .
A  great District  Newspaper
with  a   Great   World,  Naws
Service   in   concise,   snappy. -
"Subscription   Rates   by   Mail:
Per'month 60; a year $5. _".'-
* NELSON,    B.C.      #  \
.  (6)    |1
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Flood have
returned to the citv.
Dr. Burnett has gone to Kamloops for ai> few days.
Clifford Schenck qf Vancouver,
is visiting in the city.
D. R. McElmon, watchmaker
and Jeweller, Greepwood,   B.   C.
Pishing opened 1st of May.
Full line of tackle  at Goodeve's.
Two American ca'rs had a head
on collision on the road east of
Eholt on Sunday.   \
v George Hallett has joined the
staff of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce in Greenwood.
Ross Wood, of the Bank of
Montreal staff, is on a two
weeks' holiday in Penticton.
Don't wait too long. Get your
orders in ior sugar before the
next advance.    G. A. Rendell.   .
W. R. Dewdney has been appointed registrar of voters tinder
the hew .Election act,: in the
Greenwood riding.        .
See the samples "of the latest in
wall papers before you renovate
your house this spring. Orders
taken at Goodeve Drug Store.
Paul Nelson,.of Oroville, and
Mr. Jackson of Spokane, was examining some mineral claims in
this section during the past week.
Miss T.   Hallsett has returned
to her home in  Spokane,   after
being the guest of Mr.   and Mrs
A. Sater, for several weeks' past,
Premier Oliver and Hon. J. D.
MacLean are expected in Greenwood about the latter part of the
month, when a public meeting
will be held.
, At Ingram Bridge ou Sunday,
Chesa wfdefeated '**a~ tea'nr-com-
posed of Midway and Ingram
Mountain players, at baseball by
a score of 9-8.
G. B. Taylor, who for oyer 22
years has been city clerk of
Greenwood, has resigned, with
thejintention of going into business iii this city.
Miss E. M. Vladoyano left for
Trail on Thursday, where she
has been . transferred -to the
branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce in that city.
Men's Hewson's unshrinkable
underwear, usual $6 now $5 per
suit.' Hanson's pure woolen socks.
Men's leather gloves and mitts
$1 to $2.50 a pair. G. A. Rendell.
Montague- Frank Mudge,' of
Grand Forks, and Miss Constance
Louise. Reynolds, of Loughborough, England, were married in
Nelson on May. 16,. by Rev. Fred
H. Graham.-
John S. Sh aver, of "Rock.Creek,
has purchased, a ranch oh . the
Columbia river,-near: Trail,'from
Mark Lampman, and is-negotiating for. the purchase of a couple
of-adjoining-ranches'.'---./ *
Ah effort .is being made, to open
up .the Elkhorn, \Diamond and
Texas mines. cligpedy to ��� the / Providence mine: ..The- parties'-interested'are very,: keen on working these properties,- btit .so '������ far
no definite ^arrangement's have
been. made.:. ':-"���"������ ���������-.-;-.- -v. -'���-',
At a meeting of the operators of
the Slocan mining district, and representatives of fche International
Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter
Workers, held at New Denver on
May 12, an agreement was reached
for a new wage scale for' the mines
aud mills of the Slocan, .according
to word from A. Shilland.   V.
The new scale agreed �� upon" .iy
fche International Union ia practically an increase of 75 cents a
day over the old scale. The mines
party to the agreement are, the
Rosebery-Surprise, the Noble
Five-Reco, the Cunningham mines,
fche McAllister, the Carnation, the
Lincoln, fche Rambler-Cariboo and
fche Standard.
The strike which has been in existence practically Bince May 1,
was not called by the International
Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter
workers^ but by the locals of the
locals of the One Big Union at
Sandon and Silverton.
The statement recently published.
fchfifc "riot=a. wheel turns in the
Slocan" was riot" strictly correct,
for the Rosebery-Burprise' Mining
company was able to operate the
Rosebery concentrator throughout
the strike period. ���
GREENWOO D can make excellent profits this year by investing a few dollars of
.their earnings through the columns .of-
the Texas Pacific Oil News. Many
thousands of people are making .'small
and large fortunes by investing1-their
earnings with HONEST COMPANIES
operating- in the" greatest oil boom,-the
world has ever known which, "is," 'at
present "taking place in" the state.- of
Texas. Write lo Messrs YORK &
WEBSTER, 419 Winch- Building'-...Vancouver, B.C. for copy of - the -Texas Paci
fie Oil News. ��� ' .;,-.-
I Western Float j
Metal flames are now manufactured in Penticton.
William Dean Howells, novelist,
died in New York last week.
The population of greater. Vanconver is now figured  at 200,000.
Porter's sawmill
,  near Molson,
work    for    the
.Miss E. Murray, who met with
an unfortunate accident, at the
Fire Dept- entertainment last
week,, by fracturing a small bone!
in the ankle, was taken to Grand.
Forks'on Wednesday to have, it
x-rayed; ��� ��� X-X 0
H. R. Van Wagenen, general
manager of the. Canada Copper.
Corporation, is expected in Greeh-
iwood on Sunday from Allenby.
This will be Mr.. Van Wagenen's
first trip to the. city, since his
return from Colorado.
Jno. Mowat, who visited this
distfictVrecently has started the
manufacture ^f; the. rSawyer-sjs-
tear 6 f. isel frlockin g .concrete ;walls
at'; Regina.. y-Provincial -. rights
have been Secured-, and..-oyer :100:
snen. arempw/employed erecting; a
buiiding^for. .the;.-.manufactitr'e;Qf
- concrete;slabs;^^ix-ly yi-yyX;.
Last week five cases of liquor
were" seized_ in Midway, by the
Provincial Police, under Section
51 of the Probition Act. The
owners of the liquor were: C. E.
Winter 3 cases, A. Mueller and
F. Newman 1 case each. At a
hearing before J. R. Ferguson,
J. P., the four cases belonging to
Winter and Mueller were confiscated, and the fifth case was returned to its owner, F. Newman.
We are closing out our business at the end of May and to
effect aquick sale we are making
some very a {tractive ^prices"especially on our stock of mens furnishings, prints, cottons, fian-
nellettes, runners, tea cloths, etc.
We have a good stock of groceries, flour and feed at prices that
will help to bring down the high
cost of living. G. A. Rendell,
John D. Porter and party of
Spokane, were in Greenwood last
week enroute to ' Molson. On
Tuesday Mr. Porter and party
were going down the Molson hill
in a large Reo car, when the
brakes failed to work, the driver
then tried to stop the machine by
running it into .the bank. On
touching the side of the road the
car turned over, in-juring two of
the ladies who were in the auto,
and more or less giving the other
occupants   a  severe shaking up.
' A. very successful sale of work
was held .by: the W--' A; of the
Church of England at Phoenix
on. Friday afternoon and evening,
the net profits'of . which amounted to $125.., In the evening an
enjoyable dance was given. The
music supplied by.'Mrs; Terhune
and Ed Stanaway .was of an up-
to. date character, making the
affair a most happy one. Greenwood was fortunate in.; having
won .two.of.the raffles:".viz Mrs.
Terhune;and Miss V.. Gustafsoh.
Everybody;had a lovely time and
the ladies of. Phoenix are. to be
congratulated on "the "success:of
the affair. "'-.: ���';-..--'-."--.-..; -,.".   ..-���.-,'.':
. To step.; at one .' stride r from a
studio as a= commercial designer
into a star, part in.a "five-reel,
drama, with .no" previous experience and only a slight knowledge
of the. stage,, gained in taking,
part in amateur theatricals in her
native province;.to be selected for.
thepart from 20,000 candidates,
is the triumph just achieved in
New York ' by Miss "Bunty"
Manley. a native daughter of
British Columbia. In reference
to this new star bf filmdorn, the
Vancouver Sun,., says: "Bunty
Mauley 'wasborn,at Grand Forks,;
B. CZi in -1901v- and/eyerys old-timer
in- the Bound ary country - remembers and Ibyes the curly, haired
.tbt.whd-had a .way all,her own of
walking.'into;the hearts';>f-:fplks
and claiming their affections. "V?"-
Easv commenced
One hundret? v^ud ninety pupils
attend the public sGn*o(?fe-fif_Pfir,fcT
The greatest depth that could be
found in the Atlantic ocean was
27,366 feet.
A daily mail service has been
inaugerated between Duncan and
Cowichan Lake.
Sir Arthur Currie will take up
his new duties as principal of McGill, on A-Ugnat 1.
W. Walmsley,, formerly of.Greeur
wood and Rossland, is now C.P.R;
agent at Cranbrook.  . ,.;.i.
��� Robert Miller of Penticfeon was
killed in an auto accident near
Coalmont, last week. -���- v~
James Gordon of'Kelowna is the
new teacher oh  the High School,
staff in Grand Porks.
Forfcy-five hundred different
models of motor cars have been
manufactured since 1905.
The post office afc Christina Lake
will be open for three months,
July. August and September.
Ifc is reported that Df1. Ritchie,
of Princeton, will shortly enter
into partnership with Dr. White afc
Ben Baker, an old and- well
known pioneer of fche interior, haB
gone into the confectionery business in Merritt.
���The.- Highland -Lumber   com.-:
pany's mill   afc South "Cowichan,
Vanconver Island, has  re-opened
and is now operating at capacity.
The proprietors of two buffets in
Vernon enriched the city treasury
of thafe city to the extent of 8600.
They were convicted of violating
the Prohibition Act.
Recently near Keller, Wash., a
large touring car accompanied by
three men and 20 cases of Canadian whiskey, were taken in by
a number of American officers.
After sixteen years in fche employ of P. Burns &Co., W. A.
Martin, late manager of fehe Prince
George branch, has severed bis
connection with the company to
ehgagein a personal enterprise.
- At Revelstoke, recently 300
mothers, and daughters fat down
afe a ladies' banquet. A Mrs. Mcintyre occupied the head table,
accompanied by her, daughter,
gr^nd-daughter and greafcgrahd
daughter.' ; ;���"''.'."���", : -';," ��� -~ ������."���.,
> F.:W. Sterling,. C.P.R district
freight agent for the KJoofeenay district, has been notified of his approaching transfer to : a Bimilar
position at - Edmonton. . ; W. R/
Bamford,of Torohtp, -will succeed
Mr. Sterling;'"   . --. ;'-���;"'. -y-y. ;"
; Rev. George Lena Yuen, the
first native. Chinaman feo become a
clergyman in the Domihien of Canada, was. ordained as priest: of,the
Chnrch of England; on May 13 in
Vanconver, - by Bishop; de Pehcier
at..the' Ascension Day service at St.
Paursehurch. The Rev.-. George
Yuen has been a resident of British Columbia for. fche past .20 years.'
Returned men. who. have been
wearing old army uniforms as a
means of combating the high cost
of clothing,-will, have to take them
off, according to.an order issued by
the general officer commanding the
military district "centering at Winnipeg, says a recent dispatch from
tbat city, which adds that similar
orders wilt be issued all over the
wesfe. According to the., order,
now that.. .demobilization is coin-
plefee,"anyone who"i apperrs. in.parade or at. any function other than
that of a.military nature, in mili-
fcalry nniforni,.is liable., to ;prosecn-
feion, nnlessspecial permission - has
heen: granted; by the general: officer
coinEdanding.';.-^ X.ZXx-XyX .Xi;. ���;'-.���-
Mining News
Free Miners' Licences  expire on
fche 3lBfc of May.
The Horn Silver mine. afc Similkameen, at present has twenty
men on the payroll.
The Wild Horse Dredging,Co's
placer mines on Wild Horse creek,
near Cranbrook, will be developed
this summer.
The wagon road  between  Kaslo
��QA.4in��SH��,Jttl,-AP-4lSfng surfaceaV'
and will soon be ready for ubo.
Its construction was started last
year, and when completed will fill
a much needed want in that section.
The Nelson Mining & Development company will work their
Lardo properties this summer.,
Clarence Marsh of- Spokane, the
secretary-of the company, was in'
that section last week, examining
the properties.
The resignation of George  Wii-,
kinson,   chief Inspector  of  Mines;
for British Columbia since early in
1917, and the  appointment to the
vacancy     of     James    McGregor,
senior  member  of the  Mines Ih:'
spectors' Staff of the  Province are.
important  changes announced, by>
Hon.   Wm.     Sloan,    Minister- of
Mines,   last week;   in   connection
with his Department.
The following is a list of the ore
received at fche Trail smelter  during the week  ending May  7:    J.
Beber, Alamo, 34 tons; Wellington
Beaverdell,    25    tone;    Bluebell,
Riondel, 153 feons; Josie, Rossland."
269 tonB; North  Star,   Kimberley,
157 tons; Spokane Trinket,   Aine
worth, 45 tons; St. Eugene, Moyie.
47 tons; Sullivan   (zinc),  Kimber
ley;- 4", 103- tons,- Sullivan   (lead);
159 tons.    Total, 4992 tons.      ' ' "
Three hundred tons of high-
grade ore are sacked and ready for
removal from the Utica mine in
the Slocan. This ore was removed
from old sfeopes which the lessees'
carried up after the company quit.
Poyntz & McClelland are the
lessees, and ife is reported that they
will feake a bond and lease on a
property adjoining the Utica when
feheir lease on fehe Utica expires in
- "Five feet of snow is holding np
the progress of the machinery and
general mining supplies and material now en route to' the "Eureka
mine,""Silver- Creek, in-the HojTe
district. This mine is to be extensively developed by ifes owners'.
Messrs. Foley, Welsh and Sfcewart,
this summer, and large quantities
of material and supplies were
sfcarted in lasfe week over the new
provincial road . up Silver Creek."
- Chilliwack Progress."
After doing some 1300 feet of
work in the Eureka mine on. Eagle
creek in the lasfe JO months, fche
Vincent Development company,
which took over from the Inland
Mining company its bond from the
Eureka Copper Mines, Ltd, has re;
linquished the bond and taken off
its men, 'says a Nelson repoit.
The work done consists of sfcoping
and developing on the 250-foot
level and driving the long crosscut
on the 450 foot level to pick up the
,vein at depth.
Cranbrook.���The recent, strike
of.copper ore made on Skooknm:
chuck river, aboufe 30 miles from
this city, by Messrs. Pete Bnll and
L. Carmachial, has developed into
great proportions, according to the
latest reports from the scene of the >
discovery. Sometime ago, when
the surface indications - were encountered, ifc.was thought there
was a fair showing, bufe since development work has gone on feo a
depth cf aboufe 40 feefe, native copper, running at aboufe $150 per ton
in values, has been encountered
and ifc is reported the mine is'show-
ing np richer as work progresses.
Dan Mcintosh,' a well-known mining man, recently bonded the pro-
perty*for 815,000 and is actively at
work developing it. ' 'Ui-iKEXWOOD,     B.     0,
a heavy
wheat crop.
Onc result
doubtedly be
the  acreage  :
falling off in thc winter | Reviewing Australia's Fleet
in the West will un-
a substantial increase in
own   to  oats  and  other
coarse grams.    This will have a beneficial effect, as the past few ycars have
Prince of-Wales Will Review Something Like 30  Warships
The Prince of Wales and thc Aus
tralian "Digger'
are old friends. They
ud  thc
revealed a lamentable shortage of feed shared   the  mud  of flandcrs
tf rains which has had an adverse effect trenches   of   France,  but  thi';  Prince 1
owing- to  the rapid manner in  whicli and Jthe Australian "Blue. Jacket" havc
these western provinces arc coming to yet  to gain  thc same  fvienc.ly undcr-
For Sale by all Dealers
I Douglas &  Company, Napanee, Onl.
the   front  in   the  production   of
slock of all  classes.
live- ^standing. When the royal guest
reaches Melbourne lie will-be given]
au opportunity of seeing th.e remarkable growth of Australia's'fleet, for
lie will review something like 30 war-
Ill   Ontario ! ships in  Port Phillip Bay.    Probably
j    "   jthe   contrast   between   t.'lic   huge   Rc-
|Rural Schools Tell thc Tale of Migra- "0Wn and lhc Wi"-wonv battle cruder
Rural Depopulation
tion to Urban Centres
Australia will .serve \o point a lesson I
The  People Demand a  King  (vv.
1.  Their  reasons  for   this  demand
On Our Western Farms
Announcement by thc Canadian
Wheat Board that the wheat participation ccrtifu-aUs issued by it to the
farmers will, it is estimated, be worth
not less thau forty cents a bushel,
en me as :��� welcome surprise to the three, -16 schools with//our, 79 schools
"-.vm-ai ''p.ro\vr'i:r%;/rV^.cat.VuK^..l',co:.iJv;il_1 llv^. A7Xl -"SCteools with six, and
pie who hav.. mil���! th, rt,���....,i!n,,��i1"';R)"(5"s^ooIs wilh kss thnn ten P��P��ls
of 5,
attendance  of  two.
57   rural   schools,   live   schools
an   average   attendance   of   out;
12   schools    with    an    av/rrage
schp/aVv'  with
ave io
owed the operations l ,
A   v-o!oncl  of   the  great  war  lately
visited  the  schoolhouse  in   which  he
of  rcal  and  taught thirty ycars ago.      Where hc
had a daily roll of forty-five scholars
his    successor    could    muster    only  fail  to  relieve  constipation  and  indi-
fiftceu.      Some    lime ago a Western   gestion; colds and simple fever.   Con
t'd a king who \vpuld go out ancl fight
thcir battles (see v. 20). (The desire
to bc like others causes many to depart from the Lord.
2. Samuel's behaviour under this
He took thc matter to
The Lord coin-
assuring him that this
rejection was not hcrely his rejection
certificates would prove
substantial value, but they hardly expected a forty-cent pcr bushel value.
This sum, added to the initial payment on the basis of $2.15 for No. I
Northern at Fort William, brings the
Canadian fixed pricc well above the
guaranteed minimum price in the U.
S., and it io believed by yiany that
in the final out-turn thc average pricc
received by Canadian farmers will be
equal to the average received by the
United States farmers.
The announcement means that
when final settlement is made with
the farmers for their 1919 v.-hc it crop
a distribution of something like $75,-
000,000 will take place. The three
prairie provinces will, of course, receive thc bulk of this largc sum. It
will mean much to our farmers, will
Constipation   is   one   of   the'   most
common  ailments  of  childhood    and ' trial (vv. 6:9)
thc_   child    suffering   from  it  cannot jthe  Lord in prayer
thrive.       To  keep   the  children   \vt 11 'fortcd him bv
the bowels must bc kept regular and *
the stomach sweet.   To do tliis nothing  can   equal   Baby's   Own   Tablets, j but  the rejection of thc  Kingship of
Thcy  arc  a  mild  but   thorough   lax- God.
ative;   are  absolutely  safe  and  never
farmer returned to the township
where he grew into manhood. It is
on thc Huron shore, north of God-
crich. Along four miles of the stone
road, in.his time, there were 104 children attending school. The number
had dwindled to four.
ccniing them Mrs. Jules Gaugucrrau,
It. Samuel Tells of the Manner of the
Kings, (vv. 10-18).
He shows  Ihem that the king will
Nominingue, Que., writes:���"My baby1 be very exacting and arbitrary in his
was  terribly constipated and suffered i dealing  with   them,
day and night, I was advised to give      .   u       -,, .  .     .,'  ��� .       ,
him   Baby's   Own   Tablets   and   from      h Hc wl!1 lake lhclr S011S and makc
the first thcy helped him and now at them to serve in the army and do all
Do you endure the misery
of Asthma wltft sleepless
nights, difficult breathing
��nd loss of strength? However bad your case, quick
relief ls guaranteed by tha
usc of
This preparation 1 s the result of yearsof experiment-
. Ine and study. Thousands
havo derived the greatest
benefit through Its use.
-Write for free sample to
Tompletons, 142 King St.
W., Toronto.
Sold by reliable druggists
everywhere for $1.04 a box.
Beautifying the Cities
Of Saskatchewan
New Wheat Order
For fifteen years the standard
specific for
Rheumatism, Neuritis, Gout
. Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia
Many doctors pra.crlbo them.
Write to Teroplrtotu, U2 Tine St. \V., Toronto, tn
fr*n Miupln. Sold toy nliable druguliti cveiyirhett for
f 1.04 |��r b��. og
Automobile Industry
For Alberta
,New Car to be Manufactured by An
Edmonton Concern
Alberta will shortly add another industry to the largc number already
under way, when an Edmonton-made
automobile will be put on thc market.
Thc  machine  is  being  constructed
Many  Saskatoon Residents  Planting
Trees and Shrubs This
This season has already seen an unprecedented demand on the part of
the citizens of Saskatoon, for shrubbery and small trees for planting purposes, states thc city gardener. Plans
arc under way in the city to cope
with the greatly increased demand,
and this' year there will be morc than
200,000 trees and shrubs, planted at
thc  city greenery. .
Cuttings which are planted this year
consist of poplar, honeysuckle, lilacs
and willows and judging from results
on a small scale in.the past, this will
soon grow to a matter of primary interest in Saskatoon,-where the lovc
of beautiful homes has grown rapidly
during thc past year or two.
In addition to this thc parks board board,
has purchased large quantities of elm
trees and caraganas, and these will bc
cultivated with special care, as well
as distributed to thc citizens who wish
to purchase. 'They arc bcing handled
at the cost price, the aim of thc board
being to clear expenses and beautify
the city at all events.
No  Mixed Grain  Containing  WheaS
Will Be Exported From Three
Prairie Provinces
The,Canadian Wheat Board has is*
sued the following orders with effect
May 8: "The price' of wheat grown
in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, sold locally from
country elevators, in the said provinces for use as feed or seed, shall be
$3.15 per bushel, basi^ No. 1'northern
in store public terminal elevators at
Fort. William and Port Arthur, and
licenses of the board selling, such
wheat shall pay to thc board the sum
of $1 pcr bushel for each bushel of
wheat sold.
"No mixed grains containing wheal,
grown in the provinces of Manitoba.
Saskatchewan, Alberta and British
Columbia, shall be exported out of
Canada with a license of permit of the
Ask For Minard's and take no other.
Kenora, Ont., Jan. 22, 1920
The Minard's Liniment  Co., Ltd.,
Yarmouth, N.S.
Dear Sirs.���Just a few lines in favor of your Liniment.   I worild not be
anything, as it will relieve almost any-
by  the  Western  Foundry,  Ltd.,  and i !h,infif-    When I .go hunting I always
.,,   , r   .. .     .  . v! take a bottle in my pocket.    It is the
the  age  of "thirteen  months  hc   is  a; kinds of, hard work on his farm and'wi11  |>c  one   of  thc   most  up-to-dat��! j best for cold in thc Head'l' ever used-
Settlers for Peace River
healthy, happy boy." The Tab
lets are sold by medicini dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockviile
Trains Leaving Edmonton    Crowded
To Capacity With Best
According to J. D. McArthur, president of the Edmonton, Dunvegan &-
British Railway, the Peace R��vcr and
give an added impetus  to production  Grand  Prairie country is on the  eve!
He had Met Him
The premier of South Africa, Gen.
Smuts, is a hard worker and thoroughly unaffected. Consequently, says
Tit-Bits, he hates gush.   '"
"Let me sec," said a high and mighty young officer who sat next to him
in his house. Hc will also make slaves
of their daughters also.
2.   Pic  will   take   their  lands,   even
those inherited from their fathers and bcr of first class motors on the con-
fjive them to-his favorite officers andjtlncnt-
servants. Not content with that he I II is the intention of the western
will take thc tenth part of the produce 'foundry-to have the plant equipped
that remains and~givc to them. for   turning   out  a  large  number  of
III. Samuel's Protest Disregarded by  these new  cars,  and  that  some   the
the People (vv. 19:22). .tests bcing carried out showing that
Having  madc up thcir minds they j't is possible to produce an excellent
deliberately    shut '��� thcir   eyes'to thc (machine in Edmonton and place it on
cars in eyery respect. The engine is land for Cold in the Chest, and every
said to be onc of the finest on the ,jother part of a person, and for Sore
market, and is in usc in a great num-  Thn?a.* I1 has _no equal.    It is also a
e,..^ ..., ����uw ""i"-'^   "���  i"^"-"1'"   uranci   rramc  country is  on  i.ne  eve.'-'  J <=> -������   ������"�� -�����- --" -" ������ -      ,,���'������..., the  market  with  everv hone of  sue
thrnnp-linnt  tbn  AVpsf   mirl   nrnvirl^K  n      -      r i ..   t     .-> at i recrntion in T on Hon qhortlv after , truth  and. rushed  madly  into   the  CX-   ulc   m^rKct   wicn   every  nope  oi   mil
tnrougnout die  Vvest, anu piovidcs a  0I a forward movement. In thc course.      a 1LCcpnon in j^onaon snoinj auci | j rpccf.,1  rotV.r.otUinn    wiMi     tho    nr>
strong argument for a continuance-of  0f;l  si10rt interview,  Mr.   McArthur
thc Boer war, "haven't we~-���ah1���met
"Yes," replied the General.
"Thought so," remarked the officer,
speculators for a nominal sum at a
time when their value was problematical have good reason to congratulate themselves. ;
thc  policy  of national  marketing  of  said: "The'railway is at its wits' end
wheat, at least so long as the Europ-  lo accomodate  new  settlers  for this
can importing countries maintain na-  country.    Trains  leaving    Edmonton
tional buying and selling.   Those far-1 are crowded to capacity with the best iaddinS' with a borecl ,air' "0llc meets
mcrs who followed the advice tender-  typc 0f settlcrs.    Four and five hund- jso ma��y people!    Let me see, where
cd in  this column last year to retain j r"cd. pcoplc ari pac}ced on the train and ;dkl we sneet?"
possession  of thcir participation  cer- j it  is  impossible    with    our    present      "In   South    Africa,"    retorted    thc
tificatcs, and not dispose of them to \ equipment to cope with the question :Bcneral_ curtly.    "You surrendered to
 1���.     c���   _     ������i         _. .... . T.  ...     ... .   mr��   /111 rtn rr .thr   -ivrtrf-
cven of feeding them.    If this tide ot
immigration     continues,     something
must be done at once to relieve  the
congestion.";    .Regarding .-the-   traffic"
prospects generally;- Mr. McArthur
'���'Said .that they ��� were, never- brighter.'
; For  over  a- year, earnings  had" been
over operating charges.   ��� .   --
Balance of Naval Power
ccssful  competition    with    thc    cars
manufactured in largc eastern centres)
.  . At no-less., than three different con
. fcrcnccs to be. held, this summer the
problem    occasioned   "by-,-successive
crop  failures in. thc drought affected"
areas of the West will receive careful
consideration, with "the, object of en-
" deavoring to ascertain'the best methods' "whereby this   disability "may .be.
overcome.-'   One- such  conference, to
be attended, by officials of-each-of thc
provmcial'.Dcpartmcnts of Agriculture
of".the praric - provinces-, will be..held
. in .Winnipeg,. J Cil y 14 to -18, under the
auspices of the/Canadian Commission-
'of  Conservation.      A-second "conference", .to ��� be  attended "by  experts -and
farmers-.-'who'have  succeeded  in .'the
'.dry areas when mos4t."oi-'tiic-i.r lieigli-
. bors have -failed, will beheld -iiv Saskatchewan' . under   the joint. auspices
' of- the.provincial Depaftmeu't'of-Agriculture' and thc, provincial. College' of
.  Agriculture.",. Thc-siibjcct will, al*6^be,
considered .at. the land sctllcmejit-con-/
. grcss .to.be held in, Regina.from June
- 8.to 11', at,which.there will be present
��� -reprcsciita'tjvc's .of- the- four-"Western-
;���; provinces, ��� the. Dominion-.government,
and;.- it  is.- announced,  '-'many   of. the
';' greatest experts of-the'.Nprth Ameri-'
"-'ca'n. continent":"on tjie "subject, of suit-;.
-ablc 7>lants-for. dry areas".''   "    '.- .-"'._-
'.'.   - It ���is; known, that .iu .hiaii'y.' of.  tlie
.- ;;6-called-dry districts-\y.here-crop.-fail-.
.-������ ures arc general,.e'ertain-farniefs-suc-
,-' e'eeded iii*harvesting^-.fairly .profitable
��� crops:" - It is'propost'd to. invite.'thesc
-men to-attend-.one'or niorc" of these
������ conferences'.-and -"recite   their   experiences,. ��� outlining their methods of- faK
��� ming" -ancl .'the ."nature   of   the. crops
X grown by them, and then tb dissem'in-
", ate-^.this  inforinatiou  among  farmers
---generally in" tlic districts referred".to.
. ."(California. Syrup of Figs"
Child's Best Laxative
Britain Will Not Compete With U.S.
Or Japan
Il has never been the custom ,-ot
nations to- build.'against allies,, and:
therefore, there--is no possibility of
competition "with Japan"; and thc -Uni-
tcdiStates is' something.more than an
ally; and wc-can therefore rule "out
the. American navy. .,--.-
Whether., the    league    of"  nations
periment.    Men  today just as deliberately are turning from God's King,
going   after   the   lusts   of  their own
hearts, but' God makes the wrath of
men to praise him.
IV. The King Providentially Pointed
Out (1:10 :16).
Saul was sent 'by his father to look
for the asses that had wandered away.
While Saul and his father were act-      You   can   generally   tell   when   the
ing freely in this matter,.at the same  heart is affected by the faint and diz-
n   ,, '���    ' .���  izy spells, the shortness of breath, pal-
time God's sovereign purpose was bc- pftag011i th,.obbingi irrcsular beating,
mg .carried out.,-Although difficult to jsmothcring sensations, weak, 'sinking,
understand, G,od-carries forth his sov-| all-gone  feeling,   choking    sensation,
Faint and Dizzy Spells.
Weakness and
Shortness of Breath.
crcign .-purpose, .without   interfering
���vrith man's freedom.
V. The. King. Cliosen at  Mizpeh  (10:
-' 17"27)"-     ; -    - "'"     '-...     v
Tlie Lord- had already pointed out
to Samuel who should be' king and
Saul had been aniiointcd. Let us observe:      .       " ; ..   ' . ���"
1. Why Saul was chosen.    If thcy
would  have "a  king  the  Lord  would
becomes'an   effective  instrument'for [give them the one best suited to fill
thc place.'He was from .Benjamin, a
small tribe, which would, prevent undue-rivalry between' Ephraim and Jud-
ali, the leading tribes of Israel, hc^was
composing thc quarrels bf nations or
not, it is impossible that "any circumstances should justify-the two English-speaking nations ,in going to war.
We are forced, by.every,consideration,
therefore, to. rule but any .thought of
competition in-naval armauients' with,
-the' Americans'and'the.'Japanese:-. Wc
have ��� "'never. . nieasured pur -naval
strength against that-.of ���-the.. United-j
States ' and-Japaii.-;."Why: .should ..'wc
do so.now? .;'���". ���-,"���- ' '*���.'"���'., ���" ' ���.. "-. .--- ���
.What'other-navies, of the-'iTrst-class'
rcmaiif? .-There'are. only tv/o'^-1- tlie.
French -and .the Italian-.'���- and' botli.
these -countries,.-vwiich --.arc--' iu '-alliance
with ' us,"-have - been "-forced Ky"- their,
absorption, in" the ,\yar'o'n'.!aud to'.her;'-
���lc"ct their' naval forces. - Wc'hav'b in-:
.chiW":-is Jiavih^.the;l>es"t and; inbstt,,^^
in   "ships ' an'dv in "-'men
Many ir.cn and women. become
rundown and worn out when otherwise they could be strong and healthy
if they-would.only pay sonic attention
to the first.sign" o,{ heart weakness." -
��� No remedy "will -do so much to
make the heart regain strength ahd
vigor,'.regulate   its   beat   aiid   restore
good liniment for the hair as.I always
use it. I have also taken blemishes
Off of horses with MINARD'S LINIMENT and I would- use no other for
any reason For Man or Beast, as 1
think it is  far the best. .    - ���
I Remain,
Yours Truly,
British Tidal Power Scheme
Generate  Electric JPower From  The
Tidal Waters
The Ministry of Transport in Great
Britain is giving careful attention to
the possibility of building a dam
across the estuary of the Severn in
order to generate electric power from
the tidal -.waters. The., ministry has
also formed a strong committee to
examine the ambitious schemes for
electrification-put forward by several
British railway companies and to lay
down principles which 'will' lead to
uniformity iu electrical and mechanical matters so that through running
will eventually be feasible. .        . / '
- - - A Ncy/spaper's Value
- Every; newspaper  has' value'
advertising - medium"   because
"No mixed grains containing wheal
shall be imported into Canada without a license of permit of the board.
"Each mill licensee who grists
wheat for farmers or other owners
thereof and returns to such owners
the whole of the actual product of
such wheat, shall not bc required to
issue participation certificates or to
remit to thc board the $1 ou such
wheat, provided, however, that each
mill licensee must furnish a weekly
statement showing "farmer's" name or
other owner of wheat gristed', and the
quantities of wheat gristed; and quantity of flour, offal or other product
returned to the owner of the. wheal-
Canadian Boats Shipping Grain
An interesting statement was made
in the house of commons recently by,.
Sir George E. Foster, acting premier,
regarding the total export of. Canadian g^?ns.in Canadian ships as com-.
pareuVdth the export in.United States*
vessels'.   The minister, stated that 99.
55 percent of the wheat exported was
carried jn Canadian bottoms as well
as 85.94 percent of export oats. and;
89.65 percent of barley.
He Has it Coming
"Should uglier husbands have heavier damages?" was a question raised
ir. a.'recent^diyorce action. The better opinion is that the fact that the
ugly man must have gone out of ���his.
way to get married should tell against
him.���London Puuch.
Some of.the islands of the;coast of
Siberia are said to be made xip largely
of bones of the mammoth.
The Vandiver apple tree in Missouri
is' believed to be the largest in the
as an
tt, V'�� a^..n^nai comhlionv"CWS^P^is **** P**1? ��*�� P���"
as Milburn's H.cart and-Ncrvc. Pills.
Mrs. C. A.' S; Drake, Paris.' Ont.,
writes:���''I have usedon'towards the
second, box- of Milburn's Tlcart and
Nerve Pills and find "they have done
.fer.it to. every other newspaper���-who
believe in it���-who boost it���.who-insist that it has qualities which satisfy,"   entertain,'   instruct    and    inspire.
- , ^--   ,  w       ��-4��i,;      mivi      Jill VJ-      11&I.V        liMt^,      \��Wil\;ji- -_
me good.    I had those fainting, dizzy itllei"-'     *011 cannot .part a man'or a.
spells,- oticc in a while, and also weakness and shortness of breath, and
would.become so choked up at times
also .chosen because of his personal I" could.-hardly-"sleep without, sitting
fitness (v." 24)." He had the'natural |"p;'iii" bed"."-..Wheiv walking too fast
qualifi'dations- for his" work; ^a^nely:!1 ���uld I'avc to stop.and iry-lo catch
self-control, modesty, and' a ..military
. -Acc'epl:''Califbi"uia -Syrup of Figs',''
only���rlook for' the".name California on;
the "package;'then"'.yo.u-arc .siir.c' your
my breath..- I feci a lot better since
I have used your pills and know" that
they have,helped mc wonderfully, as
I havs- improved very much." ��� '"- .
" Price SOc. a .box at", all dealers .or
mailed' direct on. receipt of price by
The' T. Milburrt-Go.,! Limited,-Toronto;-Ont. ."    .    -'   . '-"��� /  ������''"
-Beseareh in.Corrosioii
.harmlass physic'-for. -the little-.slomach'.
liver, and- bowels.- "-Children?"lovc-,i'ts
fruity taste.-. Full;'directions-' on.'each
bottle'."'  You must-"say -"California."
No Contract^Breaker
Foundations    of.   Free    Gtveriihient
Tested and Not Found   "" ,   "
" Wanting'
Trades'    unionism    in    .thi
tha.t' there ,i::
no; '.'occasion , "for - anxiety as.to "th.e.
immediate' future.,'. We can . adjust-a.
two or three. "po\ycr,s Candai-'d.iii .our
mi'nds,- and yet fiiul," that the. actual
strength goes, far .bcyohd.it.���������"'We. possess.:!, supreme-- flcc.t "with a niargin of
safely  which ' is indeed  "larger    tWn   Others: mockedjandTrcfuscd "hini- allej
instinct. - -    ,.    " ;-     .    .
; .2...How Saul \vas:chosen. .Thc-mc-'
thod'was -byl6t:.-:Sam'uei-callcd them
iogcther,before the'.'Lor'd,- and .before
lot was"-cast; he- again', ���.rcmonsratcd'
with".them against:.-such"'action.' "   He
showed" thcm;"the base'ingratitude pf
their.; rejection .'of- God as, their-.King".
���: 3!  How-' the  king ;.was.-'.received by'.
tlmpcpplcv, Saul knew-.that-the Lord-!investigations' Being Made by Strorig
had chosen him, but-through..modesty J- .   ;,,- ."���:,.   ~ Committee " '���'"'"    ^   -'���  '������
and fear he. slVran'k from the-rcsp.'ohs- -'.,.'���������.-',.'���   '-    '��� '       -  ".-'.ir v ",,.:"'
.���;'.-,.:       T,   ������.--"    .     -���  -y -,    -T     -.  ,.       -At- ihe recent-congress or-tlu: Bnt-
lbihtv; ���   Bv  inquiry of  the  Lord- his I. '-.-.���;   ;.,- . ��� .-��� -., /.'"  '    , -,Y
���,.-...-"  ���--,-   ".     -.  -      ,'   ',---".        -,,,,.:   ;ish .Institution ot Metals-a-valuable rc-
huim'g^place. was'made known.   Avhcn  ������;��� : -  "-"-,-    ������'-. -y .   .���   ������ ������ ������   y-.
; ������ ������ ���-���   , - - .     ;   ���.     ���  ,-���'. ;       '-^port-was   read ��� on   the   corrosion-of
���hc-was-brought-forth Samuel.present---     , ,��� -      ���-.--   -    ���    .-."..    ,       ;. -.   ���.
",-,."   .   ,     ,'���'..    ,   -.     ,--"-.       -,'   '   jcondescr-tubes-H-a subject, in which -so
ed-him" 16" the people,; assuring', them" ry  .       .-     .'" ;���-.-  ':.   .'   ��� ���'.",-.
- - ���      "     -- |many, engineers.are keenly interested.
as: the'jTiftlr of'a .series;
woman from' his or her own favorite
newspaper any hipV.e .thair you": can
separate members of families who arc
linked together by affection.���W! C
Freeman.''-   . .      -. ...
Not A Blemul
mars the ^perfect
I appearance of her complexion. Permanent
���nd temporary skin
troubles are effectively
' concealed. Reduces unnatural color and corrects
["greasy skins. Highly antiseptic,
I used with beneficial results as
I a curative agent for 70 years.
Oriental Cream
S.   ,./ /'-.    /..,   .'. ,. / ,\   .. .
fERD.T. HOPKINS* SON.   M,,���lr.,nl
that Saul was- th'e' Lord's choice."' Some ���.,-,������ "" '0\-" '-'
������   '"���"    ���.'  ���.-...  -".".-   ,   :   ,   -...--���;   .   [ this, report was
"were. enthusiastrc. in their reception, -! "--,: .-��� '������-'���
:','","   "..v-V   ���   ,--.-..-.,,..-  ���  -recording, rescar
aud shouted,    God. save   the ,-kiiig-! ��� '     --. ,    ���- -,���- -f,
ever existed- before. What- we' hrve
to-do is to-keep alive the naval-spirit
in. this country, and.fnaintaih the"navy
Lniteu  jtj-fr^c in nil efficient condition-, so that
Statcs. and Canada has fought a good
��� if  thc  occasion arise,-,  owing to  any
A 1
All! "farmers- Avho   "have-   succe'ededifight with   anarchy    within - its "myn \c\XAng(, ;,,  the international situa-lion','
where "others-have failed have a pat-1 ranks and proved thai, labor will "keep.
riotic'_diity! to "perform    in    assisting its contracts.
these/conferences by .every' means at
their disposal7in finding a. solution of
.one of th<;'greatest problems confronting." the. -West:      .        -
;���"���-������''  and  the  fate of the  same variety oi
-."-"Although it is yet early to hazard j printer's' strike in  the Montreal Star
���a guess as to .the-extent of the acre-";oftkc.    The foundations of'.free gov
ui^cs amid all Tue darken;-
ing signs of thc .times. That -light
shines ou;t of the collapse,.of. the outlaw strike on tlie American railways.
as it-may wclVarise'.sooner than spn.c
of us' imagine, the whole organization.
may; lie  mobilized   and' used :in   any
] emergency-.--Archibald Hurd in- "Th.e
Xavv.!' ,
giauce.- -"-.  ��� - .. ���
VI.   The-.King   Confiriiicd   at   Gilgal.;
. Cch.'ii):  ..'_/���.'    ':- .;'
Soon- after  the  ekciioii-at  -Mizpeh
c li e s! u n d e r I a ken by' a
pecial cdminittec. of the:- institute;'
Experiments have been' made, with alloys -of copper and. zinc, and" inany;
suggestions .made- for avoiding;:qr rc-"
diicihg corrosion, hi" the. British'navy
trials  are  being ,-made  with-(.xidized
cess- which  deposits: and-main tains ;-n'
r of iitP.e' on -the -surface
oi tli'
'.tivc lave
-'tube-.'" :
age to be seeded to wheat ih Western
- Canada this .year, it is probably .quite
ernment  Were, tested  and not  found |
Jerusalem's   3,500   years   of  history,
records -only 500 years' in which  the;
j-city was  independent.
the. Ammonites ma.i�� a .desperatc: de-  Ulbcs", ,mh'1-a British company-has: been"
ihand upon the menol. Jaliesh-GdcadI ��� forn,cd to.cxplclt an-' electrolytic pro'-
.Saul, hearing of it, hastily, summoned
the tribes together foi;-war aiid won
a - remarkable  victory.- -As  he  th.us-
;proved his abilitj-', the people v/ished
to-.punish "the sons" of Belial, but Saul,
forbade,them.      Samuel took advantage  of  this" auspicious - situation  and
called::dl the people.togetlixat Gilga.1
where thcy    formally   'crowned
their' king.
wanting in an industrial crisis.
safe  to assume .that  the  preliminary proved its power to produce and ro
"���government estimates of a consider-! low a leadership  of .honor and  self
able, decrease in acreage arc corrcst.-!interest.���Toronto Telegram,
The late season has prevented much j ���-	
IabT1Dyecl Child's Coat
AitdHer Old Skirt
spring plowing, which  will   result in
a    decreased   wheat   acreage, but re-.
The Boy Scout Movement
Boy .Scouting will not, as a few oi
ports indicate that the seed is going its most ardent, eulogists .suggest,
into' th"< prrtuml well supplied with.' solve.! all .piir... moral , and social'difti-
moisture and -under satisfactory, con- j culties. But it is one of the few great
ditions, which only requires; suitable | original social inventions of our time.
weather to yield.a bountiful crop! -At C't rests' 0n Veal insight into the."mind
the same time a large decrease in. thejahd soul of bOyhoodi and the training
'Wheat crop., of the! United,States. is
^���-anticipated. ��� this-.year,;.; there   haying
that it gives is attended by the delight
that.fuses a new piece, of knowledge
right.into ;the character: andv makes it-
a.!trcasure "for., life."���From, the .Manr
Chester Guardian;.'. ���'���:��� XiX'  ���' X.-yy-y '...
I Kt3f8,Berres*et,So��il��i,
Beab-^Kcep yburEyea
i Strong and Healthy. Ii
! theyTirie,Smart,Itch,oi-;
Bum, if Sor^ Irritated, 1
��� w���..��.-���J Inflamed or Granulated, j    ,   ...    .       -. ���.,     w
use Munne oftea.; Safe for Infant or Adolt t ��� yP?Y* :;^ia M, .,lU{:.K j>
At all Druggists in Canada. Write for Free: l.zv'xX working;, today:". wLLa ��� Baioh-:
:'-.-���"".',������" "".���Us'eful'jSwaih Xy.X.- ''}'..'���
': "pa.r'iing'.-.ijVy-- heart; i=,';a,.-voicanq." ���
iji; '
"Diamond Dyes" Made Faded,' Shabby Apparel So Fresh
���    And Nev/ . ;'"
Dor.'t- worry" about  perfect  results.
Use."Diamond.-Dyes,,", guaranteed- to.
give a new, rich, fadeless color to any|nsC(i v.-erc" extremely low,
fabric, whether-it be wool,'silk, linen,
cotton   or. mixed   goods, -"-- dresses,
Liniment    Lumberman's
"��� Poisoning Grbphcrs Pays '
.Through" tlie po.isp'iiiiig of-gophers
and ��� 'grasshoppers, McLean - Gpunty,
jjj^j-North-Dakota, farmers-saved $l,(i4Si-
324.76-in 1919. This, estimate -is based:
on the reports of over 700' farmers of
the country as "to- the. money saved
Ihem through these campaigns."   '
100-Percent Pure" Paint.
���The- Paint, for --.wear   and
vcathef.. ���    '.-',-
-  Senour's  . Floor '.- Paint.",���
:Tlie -old reliahlc ��� it wears,
sad wears,, and wears.-
". "Neu7Tone." "������The    sa.ni-',
tary,_"iwashable--'Flat   ��� Oil
Paint   for   Interior'-; Decora-"
lioiis.  -       ...    ���-���."--
"Wood-I.ic"   Stai:is.r-Iin-"'
prove: the." new ���: "renew  tlic
:old..-- ���---   -  - -'   .    -'-- - ���
������' "Marble-ite." ��� ;The ' one
perfect .floor finish-^-wilJ "siot
! mar or s.er.ilch, ;>ylitte," under-
* hardest, wear. -X' '���'������'  ',
"yarnpicum.V��� -Kcaatifics'-
.aiid prcservRS, Oil-
Cloth, and
Every   unpaiotcd- surface,   inaide  and .outside your home, is losing money for you.
Wear and decay start at the surface.    Paint
protects  the  surface and prevents  decay.   -
-    Paint preserves wood, metal, even briclcand
cement";   not  only' the  outside  ol  the house,
but also the walls, .floors and.furniture in it..'
give you the paint and varnish .best, suited.for
every surface, to protect as well as beautify;
to  save, repairs;, to. add Tslut to the -whole
property.-'-...,..--      .-,',,���    .'���  " ���  ���' -' ;i.  ���;.
'-.   ;; Painfto'Sava
",-       "Money,"-'
Ask for ��� copies ��|
our ,,-two ������ books -:���
"Town and" Country-
Homes," and "Floor'
������ Spic-and Span.','.
Free oa request. _-""
, \
High and Low
Magistrate.;���Did  I understand you
to say that   the   parties    used    high
words?' , |
��� Police witness.���-Their'voiccs  were
pitched .rather high, sir, but the words
blouses, stockings, ' skirts,-' children's
co.ats, feathers'^ draperies," coverings���
everything..,-'.-..'y]'X-. X-'Xy'-., XiX-S XX- '
'- ���The'.pircction.Book with,each packr'
age- tells;! ho\v: .to .Diamond Dye 'oyer
an'y-���cblpr,'-,v ';'.:���'��� yy '-'-X... X-.iXX-- 'X-X-
."vTo^jnatcii-any^'maJerial.-'liave. dcaler-
.V^!^^^.i;ou,"Dianipn'd Dye":'Color Card.
'XyK. i: ��� ^b i r'd s_;;. jil cvoii fX "'���"!���? 4;:._, .MVq r:h"6 u s
r.iih-.b'er;!of .injurious
.lively ievv -honey ".b
.    The Negative Method
"I wonder-how; Mabel preserves her
complexion so ���well.''! ,   '      . ;;"
,.-: "By-: never .-attempting-: to  preserve
it"���Bos'ton:?Transcripti'y..-$ ���y'XX ���-.:
:-, Tlie ;oldest,."largest' and' -.most' i'niV
portarit... ni'atiufactoryv-of " aytbih.obiles,
in'-'I Barcelona, !Spainy^ lias'-Vaii(annualj
outpii t"r f.p.i'; :2.000 "cars j.-";
js1 ins'e'eis and.-rc-la-.iV-1 ..   r^"!'.-.-.  .   .     .    ."   .^^-rrrr-rj
?eVs;- ���: iyXX ;^.:;tv hy. yXwyZiKxiyxzimeX-iyXy} THE     LEI
/���\ ri
GREENWOOD.     B.     0.'
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dough. That's why most exacting
housewives choose White Star Yeast. (
6 Standard Cakes Each Carton j
Filling' His
Own Shoes
��� Ell   ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
* ��� Toronto.
"I'm glad to hear you say so, son,"
said    Mr. ' Downing    heartily.       "I
thought  that maybe you wanted his
Ruggles. shook his head. There
was. a flush on his cheeks and his eyes
were very bright, "No sir," said he,
"J don't want anybody's job. What
I want is a ncw onc all of my own.
I want the general managership of
the far cast���Asia and India and Australia. I want to sec the Walkeasy
Shoe for sale in Colomo and Bombay and Calcutta and Singapore and
Sydney and Melbourne and Manila
and Hongkong and Yokohama. The
California people can look after ITon-
aluhi-���and there must bc a fine.field."
Mr. Downing, tossed his cigar
through the "window. There was a
flush on hi��: own cheeks now.
"It's a big idea," said he, "but I
don't see why not. Look here, can't
you come lo dine with us tonight?
And afterwards wc can go over this
thing with my boy, Dick." Hc gave
Rugglc's a quizzical smile. "You
seem to. have got the thing pretty well
worked out," said he.
"I've thought about it a lot," Rugglcs answered.. "It ain't so much the
money proposition, because goodness
knows I've got more money,than I
can spend, right now. "It's just thc
idea  of doing  something big."
"Yes," Mr. Downing assented, taking out a fresh cigar, "after all, that's
the main thing."
"Didn't you talk about anything but; commercial ability and the faculty of
business?" she demanded.
"Well, no���not that  I  remember���
��� "Oh ���nothing." She turned her
shoulder to him, then looked back resentfully. "I only thought that as he
saved mc from drowning last night,
you might have���have"
Mr.  Downing laughed, v'    "Jealous,
hey?"  said  he.    His . face grew  sud-
making fricjids.
It cannot be said that Rugglcs was
disappointed or disillusioned. Hc was
more perplexed with himself.. to find
that he could sit unabasfied at the tar
blc of the high gods than critical of
the Downing men. .They were, after
all, just about as he had pictured
them. It was the utter lack of his
own early reverence-and awe which
puzzled him, for he could not realize
His. face grew_
denly grave,  "My dear little dauglit- ^'^-^^ ^sT'himself.
er,"  said  he,    Now  that you re  safe ^T   \    ���������,.���      ,,
I don't want to think about that any '     (To be, continued
more than I can help.   It's-loo awful!
He    turned    away    suddenly"   and
strode to the stairs.
"Ruggcls dined  that night With the 'Attains A Speed of Forty Knots With
Downing's  af the Hermitage.      "No *'
A Famous Motor Boat
shop" was talked during the meal, but
Dick drew Ruggles out on his Turkish
Full Armament and Crew
At  the   recent  motor   boat   exhibi-
experiences, listening with the most,tion in London, England, the most at-
mtensc interest to his bnct but graph- ,...������.��� ,.,.,. \   ���'-
ic descriptions, which were, like all of tiactlvc exhibit was the fame coast-
Ruggle's anecdotes, as impersonal as ar motor boat C.M.B.4, from the Bal-
one can conceive possible. That riat- tic after many cruises, (luring which
ivc modesty, which had'been a draw- she passed through lines of forts and
back  in   active  commercial 'life,   was f���_���-.,i.���,i -i     -r.  i ,     -,        .   ���   n,
��� i  torpedoed the Bolshevik cruiser Olc-tr
now an unconscious asset in a social ���.. . . .        tus" wil-h-
one. It drew to Rugglcs people who I"ls vessel is a skimover or hydro-
he could never possibly have known plane of thc type* invented before the
had he been self-satisfied.   ��� ������ jwar for sporting purposes.
Mr. Downing   spoke    but    seldom. |a speed of 40 knots with
It attains
full arma-
Hc confined hi���elf to watching Rug-  ,iicnt and crcw. . Thc shmv contaillcd
gles  ancl  we-        g  him;  and  despite! -,, .,. , . r ,,
his first strong, v favorable iinnros- 'I'l^y BrUlsh maniples of small aux-
sions, lie was surprised at his gradu- lllIUT inotors, which can bc attached
a'ly growing conviction that he had lo rowing boats and other small craft,
fallen far short in Uh estimate of his Some of thesc arc installed on board
youthful guest. As an industrial pow-',,,1 ���fi,���,.��� ���,.��� ���,t������;���i , ,i
er, Richard P. Downing had gained,am othels aia a"a��icd t thc stern
the greatest part of his success by a!w,lhout structural alterations. Onc
genius for the selection of the sight pattern, with an engine rated at 2 to
men  for the right place1;, and as he 3  horse  power,  weighs   only 60   lbs.
complete with propellor and steering
gear. "'
Waited. too Long
"Where are you going?"  thc
c-        , ... .not certain whether the answer would
of mockery when things go , ,      , , ,
d the dream is not carried to ,bc   a  hand   Srenade   ��r  ar.  order  to
march   to  the  rear.'
Has Tried Them
Has Faith in Them
..-';..-. CHAPTER XXV. .
;As..thc Downing's big limousine entered the grounds of "Rugglc's villa, it
passed Darthca, 'fresh' "and charming
in - white linen and a littic hat to
match. Dick, flung his big 'shoulders
back and'nearly twisted; his head off
in thc effort to keep her iu sight. ..
- "Is that onc of 'cm?" he asked.' .Oh,
I-say, she is pretty!"    -       ,
', "That is. my "niece, . Miss Wcst-
brookc,"'said Miss Challand. primly.
���. Dick jerked-back his head, subsided
against the cushion's and suffered" submissively. Ruth's vicious little kick in
-the-ankle.-'. ,"      '.' ���"   -'    '"
"Oh, I beg your pardon,"., hc.mum-,
bled.- "My head-was so full of these
Oriental beauties that 1 forgot "about
there being-other girls. Awfully sorry, I'm. sure���":~"
-   The car came  to a stop and  Miss
Challand    Oescendcd .and    presented   _   .               .   ^    c	
Dick  to" Darthca,  who  had  followed, check on any old bank in Hog. Run
- the car-to the house.-    Dick immedi-       "*    '      ���
atcly forgot, the    Oriental!.. beauties,
who happened at..th'at-moment .to be
examining' hini with  the greatest in-
,terest through the jalousies of an upper window. _ -Declining Miss Challand's  invitation   to, en ter,  Ruth  told
watched and listened he began to
think that there must havc*DCcn a
flaw in some part of his organisation
to have madc possible the overlooking of Rugglcs.
As for Ruth, shc scarcely opened
her lips.    Ruggles observed this reti-l. ... , ,       ,
cencc aud put his own construction lst askcd a man who started to.leave
upon it. He decided that thc thought,the waiting-room. "I've been here 45
of Roxana still weighed on the girl's minutes for you to pull a tooth for
mind. That problem, thought Rug-' �� "Well, I'm-ready for you now,
gle s sadly to himself,    should    have i .    it . . ���    (IT,
Wn settled between th"em beforc all,stcP lnvthe waiting-room.. I m not
these other things had happened. It ready for you now doc. When-I first
was therc like a broken stitch ��� in | came in here I was chock full of
a shoe-sole or anything else He did doughboy coiirtigc, but every second
not blame Ruth, nor could he blame ���   ���-���.      r  �����.'���' j       ��� i t
himself. It seemed to bc just one of somc Tof l4 ����ze,d ,awaj\ and now X
thosc kinks in the samc fate which; guess I must feel about the same way
had raised him from, poverty to opu- a German in a dugput felt just after
lence, only to mock him in the end. he had shouted- 'Kamerad!' and was
Very young people always look for1
this sort
wrong and
fruition���and at once.
Ruth, on her part, was not thinking
at all about Roxana. She had dismissed that primitive from her' mind as
easily as onc might forget the unpleasant sensations of being clawed by a
Persian cat. What puzzled and vexed
Ruth was the fact that Ruggles and
her father had ridden back to Le
Tourquet in half an hour more than
the time required to make thc journey and appeared to have talked about nothing but shoes. She began to"
wonder if perhaps Rugglc's long devotion to herself might not be less on
account of her ��� modest attractions
than because she happened to be the
daughter of Richard Prouty Downing
president of thc Walkeasy Shoe Company of America.
So Ruth retired ��� early to stretch
herself in b"d and ponder these problems, and aftcr she had gone, the men
went into the salon-couloir and talked
"shop."- Dick became an immediate
and violent partisan of-Rugglc's big
idea. -Wonderful thought!���the sun
never setting on the Walkeasy shoe.
Our slogan,''-'We Shoe the Wor.ld";
and cuts of the globe wilh -.the latest
model-of the .Walkeasy poised, on tlie
Pole! , Carry the war into the enemies countries! Big -stores to be established in every town of every"country where the people don't still;walk
barefoot! Palaces���rcal shoe palaces
���in thc capitals, with tea-rooms and
reading-rooms", and everybody .wearing a Walkeasy shoe-a welcome guest,
whether thcy want to.buy any more
or.  not.'-' Cash . Walkeasy _j>aIron's'
China is Land
Of Contrasts
-slwpens itself
that only a sharp
blade can give a perfect
shave, also that a blade,
cannot remain sharp without stropping. Couple
these facts with the
further fact that the
AutoStrop Razor is the
only safety razor that
shaipens itself, and you
will be in no doubt as to
which safety razor to use.
Any dealer will demonstrate the AutoStrop Razor
to you, guarantee satisfaction, or refund of purchase
Only  $5.00
complete with strop and twelve
blades in an attractive assortment of cases tb suit any purpose.
Appalling Extent of Human Suffering
Through the Lack Of
(By Dr.  Chas. W. Service,  Chcngtu,
West China.)
China is a land of possibilities" undeveloped but unbounded.    She is a
land of mighty  reserve   power,    but
this power, like that of her physical
resources, her  numerous    supply    of
mineral deposits, has remained dormant.    But she is awakening.    "When
the light of a better day. But when
we look into the medical work of
Christian missionaries we shall be
convinced that ignorance and superstition have done their worst and that
there is in China, as in other lands,
the dawn of a better day.
Concealed Seven
German Stowaways
Hoped to  Bring  Wives  Out Later;
Will Probably Be
Seven  stowaways  who  arrived  recently in New York, by the Red Star
. * liner  Finland,  and were  not discov-
C una is moved it-will change the face I ereduntil the steamship was ncaring
of the globe." quarantine  awakened  in   the  soul  of
A superficial comparison-of the so- \. sfc;pperi Capt Ncwman, a fervent
cia and other conditions of China ' dcsire tQ k)1QW how it-was possiblc
with thosc of India might suggest a for thc  gevcn  tQ a,  thcmselves
close parallel. Both have dense and SQ cffcctually on a fourtcen day trip
numerous populations exhibiting the,from .Antwerp, where they came
lowest depths of poverty. Both arc
deeply tainted with conditions fatal
to human health and lifc, conditions
induced by age-long ignorance of public and private cleanliness and hygiene
���hence, both arc cursed with leprosy,
loathsome diseases of the skin and
eyes. In both thc masses of the population are illiterate. Both arc idolatrous, priest-ridden. In both won.cn
arc inferior and are miserably handicapped in thc race of lifc. The treatment of disease is desperately evil, bcing controlled by gross superstition
and ignorance. The resemblance, obvious, but superficial, fades when we
recognize certain fundamental fact.*.
While India shows the enervation of
a tropical land, China has thc energy
of a colder climate.   The Chinese re-
Fire Prevention Campaign Among Farmers
or Turkey Trot, and no "questions ask
cd. . Help 'em iri- trouble.' Estab'ish
a ."Walkeasy cable, code and engineer
presentations io the Popcor^ the-Sultan'or the last man to fly upside down
Give.'em any. d���7���d thing they want
so-long;as_-lhcy"";wcar. the badge  of.
walked back to his villa in -a peculiar
;the: chauffeur to go "to.thc'ho'tci, where ' the guild  on -"theiricciX" "Bully big
.she sat for half an, hour-on-.lhe  ter-    -        -   -      -
race,, impatiently awaiting her parent,-
arid  saying  to   herself  highly  unfiat-'
tcr'ing things about the speed.of Rugglc's limousine;   When firially'.shc saw
it .approaching, she saw Mr. Downing
alight and "-shake "hands with Ruggles-
and  heard  him "say: ."Tonight,..th'cn
���Atr eight." ; From "which she  -gathered
.that Rugglcs was to dine \vilh.theni.."
" As. :her. "father  entered,'. Ruth  went,
forward, rather shyly to meet him,
'..;-"Hello,-"Too'dlcs'," 'said; h!e,'.-and  lie
caught- her' flushed, face-.in his. hands
and kissed her" heartily; to  the poignant- envy'of !on'c or two.bcflannelcd
Saskatchewan Fire Commissioner Issues Special Instructions ��
For Farm Houses
A special appeal is being madc by
Arthur E. Fisher, fire commissioner
for Saskatchewan, to the farmers of
the province to assist in reducing the
fire losses by observing thc spring
cleanup movement. ��� These sugges-
tions will apply to. the West gener-
"There is no class of people to
\yhom fire prevention should appeal
more than  the farmers,    who    carry
tain a firmness of fibre, a nativs in'el-
AutoStrop Safety Razor Co., Limited Hgcncc, a strong contrast to thc apa-
AutoStrop Buildintr, Toronto, Canada thy of the Hindus.    In China thc in
feriority of thc women docs not .-est
upon an unchangeable religious code,
but on, a flexible custom. Thc women
of China arc by no means decadent or
passive. While In'dia's progress is
paralyzed by caste, China has no such
handicap, for the Chinese arc-the most
democratic of people. The only aristocracy is that of learning. Idolatry,
while prevalent in China, is less gross,
unclean, multiform and lascivious than
in India. ���'���'
A stiong point of promise for the
future of China is found in her native
inventive intelligence and her ingenuity, and in the fact of the adaptability
of her people to any environment.
Civil engineers state that in less than
fifty ycars after keen young Chinese
have had access to technical schools
aboardf' Thc immigration inspectors
also want .to know the facts of the
unusual case and started an investigation in conjunction with thc skipper.
All seven stowaways arc Jews from
Russian Poland, and arc equipped
with German passports. Under a grilling thcy admitted.thcy had paid 1,340
francs to three steerage stewards
who passed thcm into thc ship at
Thc ages of the seven range from
21 to 37, Two are bakers, one is a
painter and one,  Solomon  Marco, a
Ladies Perfiirae Your Skin
With Cuticura TaJtam
Antiseptic, prophylactic, deodorizing, fragrant-and refreshing, Cuticura Talcum is an ideal face, skin,
baby and dusting powder. Convenient and economical, takes the place
of other perfumes for the person. A
few grains sufficient. One of the indispensable Cuticura Toilet Trio for
keeping the skin pure and sweet.   "'
Cuticura Soap 2Sc., Ointment 25 and G0c, Tallin 25c. plus Caniciui duties.   Sold everywhere.
"Catlcua, Dtjit.
cum     _
For sample each tres addreu
K, Boston, U. B. A.''
Historic Firth of Forth
Within Great Expanse Whole Flee'*
May- Ride at Anchor
Thc Firlh of Forth is, of course
one of the most"notable things in all
Scotland. From Kincardine, where it
officially begins,   to   that    imaginary
furrier, said he went from Siberia to [ ^ ' wegt   of   ^  ^   Qf
Germany1 and had suffered many'
hardships. Three .are married and
said they left their wives in Germany,
hoping to send for thcm later. They
pointed out thc stewards, who will be
held aboard the liner until acting
Commissioner of Immigration Byron
H. Uhl shall decide what to do with
them. The stowaways wcre taken to
Ellis Island, and will probably be.ordered deported.
Movies in Schools
a highly-r.espected -resident here, is-
onc of the many who have abiding
faith in Dodd's Kidney Pills as a remedy for sick kidneys.
��� "I havc suffered from my kidfi'cys;"
Mr. Smith says, "and I read that
Dodd's Kidney -Fills..were, goodj so
I tried them. Thcy havc:.;hclpcd' mc
so.much that "I will, continue to use
them when my kidneys trouble -mc."
The kidneys require constant lattesir
tion if-goodhealth is to be maintained
and serious .'disease warded off.. The
kidneys perform a most important
work- .in tiie huma.i system.. . Thcy
strain - all ��� the impurities, all" thc. seeds
of disease, .out of thc blood. " When
thcy are weak and unable to do thcir
work, the-system clogs and sickness
is the inevitable result ' 'X-
. Ask'_ your, neighbors if Dodd's Kidney,Pills, are riot the best rcmedy'for
"weak,- disordered or-diseased-kidneys.
Submarines Losing
Tneir Efficiency
Advantage Previously Possessed Now
Steadily on'the Wane
'"" Submarines'" have" lost Uvb-tiiirdsor
their' efficiency since  1914,  according
Rugglcs finally said good night and | to "Liei\t. -W.  S; King-Hall,  R.N1, in
youths ;-\vho. were; loitering ���about.
. "Think'we were.-jievcr coming;?" '/.' '
' '' -"What'-'!lc6kVyoir. so- -long?'-'    'Ruth
asked.";'"Tire, down, or' can't that big
.bbx'get over the.road?"--".;.;-.   ",-������-,.
"No.. WeMook it -cas'y.'o purpose.'
-lontr business talk."    A
slate of mind. It was,-perhaps, morc
difficult for him to adjust himself to
this.newly .sprung intimacy "with the-
"Downings," father arid son, than-it had
been, for him "to think,of himself-as
, a- millionaire' with.great, responsibili-
j ties or even as a suifof-for.thc hand
j of "Ruth.'-"Here he had been /actually
i-ih- conference. bvei:,..the future "development !of the.'cpmpany with its supreme
head' and its-probable ^successor,/and
outlining -an ,,ambitious policy- constructed alohg!bigge"r lines-than .cither
had- ever ventured- to- imagine. " * ���;'
- T.hjj-��� stranges't feature, to Rugglcs'next lew
'was''that 'it.-had"-all .seemed such.'a
natural, thing .for. him- to. do: "..The
persona!."equations,too; impressed him
Et.:recent address at the Royal'United
Service Institute'.on "The Submarine
and future.. NavaUWarfarc." . ':--'
- Thc speaker, maintained '.' that "tlic
advantage" "previously posscsed by
the-submarine' was ��� steadily "oii��� the'
wane./ Whereas at the beginning cof
the war in-:.19H-it was .as-ninc:-.to .one
against ..the /surface:- ship; it was. only
seven tp-three in 19i9,.aud was likely
Quebec Man Grateful for the Benefit
He Has Received, Pays Tribute to
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Grand   Pabos,  West   Quebec, May
17th.���(Special-. ��� Mr._ Ernest Smith, losses in mutual companies, as their
premium" notes are assessed in direct
proportion to the losses sustained by
the company," said Mr, Fisher, "In
brief;";hc~at:ldedr "tins'smaller the los^
scs the less money they will be obliged to pay under the mutual .system
to indemnify those who have suffered
losses.'     ' '-'      y-   '.-.     \ ..  :
Jilr. -Fisher announced thc following
as urgent -suggestions- which would
appeal particularly to the farmers:'
The barn is no place ior- the automobile.-'-Build a-garage, -. -
���Conserve your water supply. . -You
may. have' drought or "fire -and need
the surplus. -'���".., ; ,- "- "
-X A -pipe, -cigar:} or. cigarette has no
place in the barn. Neither have greasy rags rior old coats with.matches iri
thc pockets. .     , ���
Buy a fire.extinguisher/but p'ficc it
where you ��� can." get" at it in.case of
fire, and' sec. that it is" frequently inspected. ; y ���' .���
��� Have !twoi' ladders long enough" to
reach the caves of your tallest building.'//''^/"' '"-'������-"" "---��� "XXXy.y i'-'r
Keep gasoline a"way_from buildings,
arid preferably underground;'���".'. . ���
...Four ounces of cpmriion baking soda per gallon-ot water makes a splcn
airmen, tne
.best.... In^spite of the. Chinese wall of
inherited conservatism, in spite of .the
worst of conditions of human- life,
there is promise of the dawn of a
ncw day for China".
"' While China has many strong links
in her chain of strength,- there is one,
"among others, still! lacking, 'namely,
public, .health." Dr.."Edwards, on- his
return from a visit to .China-in thc-in-
terest of- a scheme for establishing a
Harvard medical school at some centre-in-China, issued a report in.which
he sought to make "clear tlic medical
needs of China. /He says in substance
���"Imagine thc United Statcs with its
splendid institutions, for the preservation and/betterment of-public"'health.
Now. in order to get a rcal conception
of what, China is .wc 'shall begin a
process of elimination. First, we will
take, out oL our country all the !hps-:
pitals save 250; next take away every
infants'"hbspital"".arid:"every -hospital
that is . given to -.taking - care- of. the
mother in her hour, of need; nextwc
must .close" the greater number of dispensaries !'for. our.' poor";people and
did7irc~cxtinguisher. - Four "ounces of ileave 'them-without care; theii" dismiss
salt per "gallon will -keep/water .bar--|fl'0���. cvPr>' city .the boards of health;
rcis from.freezing" except in "extreme
Manitoba Educational Association Is
Investigating Possibilities
Of the Movies
The extensive general use of motion
pictures in public schools in the ncar^
future, was forecasted at a recent
session of the annual, convention of
the Manitoba Educational Association
with a view to investigating the possibilities of the utilization of its advantages to the fullest extent in Manitoba,
of grade like our own, there will be' A committee of nine leading mem-
no place in the engineering work of bcr�� of the association was appointed,
the ^ar East for the white expert. An This committee will report its find-
aviation instructor recently said that ���S* to the executive in December for
while the Japanese are hopeless as, consideration of thc next annual
the Chinese   will   make    the j convention.
tycather. /-."'-..    /..;���   -"--  "-���"''���..-';'
!. Keep ,;y'ou'r :-"eyc- opeii . for  spontaneous  combustion, fires  in.. sv'ejL. grain,
feed/or hay.-' ", X '/���../ /- ":-
Do   not- stack  so-that  a   fire/wiil"
to He. only six-to seven-iii 193(X    He' spread to your buildings./Keep straw
. - - . -as .so different- fro--"-."anything- which
.Bceiv having a-.long business-talk. A he could possibly'!'.- '.crircconceived.
good man. Ruggles:    Got a clear   aiu   Mr.-Downing,-that omnipotent   Jove,
-steady head on his shoulders. Should i,ad suddenly" become-'to hint merely
not wonder'if'.we-nianaged to,do some-:.a ql,iet( clear-headed business-man, of
big business together: lies .got. t��e :.\vhich sort tlicrc were many thousands
right, spirit ���the sort-...,of. spirit"..I ve!whereas" Dick, "that wondrous paladin
always;(ricd tp- infuse purpcople-with, ^f cbP-^gc!and factory," whom.'hc had
-He iriipresscd nic a lot."-    '���'"._-      ..! worshipped-'as. a denii-god was/ after"
./���"Ruth's heavy lashes half ."hid", iicr-'-all,'no":-morc than a/fine", big, good-
sapphire /eyes.   ;    ':.:'���".  ."'-  ���'   .,'>'natufc^ boy .with-a normal ampuntof
was- of the. .opinion- that/within the
years ' there would- be' .a'
great development pf. submarine' detecting .-apparatus;, which.- would give
large'!and. important' ship's a certain'
measure of prelection- against tactical
at tack'by .submarines. : - - '' ';. '.--������
. He ! regarded-, as impracticable f tlic-
proposal -that ..battleships should -be,
made submersible: -. Uc-.ventured.-the
of cbP^gc /and factory," whom.."he had ', opinion - tliat  the.- use:', b"��  gas ��� might
eventually' revolutionize  .naval' war-
Instead of tea ot coffee
a cup of that healthful
IRe favor this pleasant table
drink is constantly winning
ii .'-"from; [ii e^'iusei^s;. commends it
to; .all:witH whom #04 -or ��o��
��� fee;r<iisa^0es;
fare much as gunpowder''"did- when it
was", first introduced. It might bc discharged, with'deadly effect 011-'ah enemy coastline. _' jt .was. actually .suggested during the German .occupancy jiiing, matches, rubbish arid
that the Belgian" coast should be "gas- j Carelessness figures in'all. '
s.cd," but lhc plan was abaudoricd"in
^deference to Belgium's .��� susceptibilities."'
and hay, .etc.;-at .a/'safe!'distance..-'' '-
'-���'Allow "no weeds/or grass',to grow
about the buildings/" - . ������: *. '".'
' Put- up. "no smoking'' signs ' about
the barns arid other buildings. " We
can-' supply" you for' nothing. .Write
for them!.' .- ,"- ,."���;.:!,   ' ';���      .
.'Keep your matches ii\ a incta.l box
away from'children:' -.-'-.."',;-. ���-��� '-'
- Examine/chimneys..,and stoves/.frc-
quciitly/ .=, - /"        ." ../���'/."   -!
-Most losses oii :-farm:'property are
due'to these causes;-given, alphabetically: adjoining.buildings, ;ash'es,-children, defective-flues and fire places,
stoves and stove pipes',', lamps, light-
Two' Sure Crops
- Therc were 2,348 millionaire's iu the
United States when the war began,
and nearly .7,000 .when it ended -7- a:
fact which causes the Saskatoon Star
to reflect that, war produces two sure
crops, one'misery, the other millionaires.���Toronto Globe.
/ /In Big-Hearted London .
;. "And *ow:.didst lpike: thec fust visit
o'- LuririoPi.-Gaarge?-^'/ xyyl"/ /.V."'_ ./���/
..."Ah!/ Thcy, be", main goqd-'earteid
chaps'up theeh iyent into-a barber's
to^^ve^a.'aircut/and^barber.'.fe ast.me.
would^ I,'aye a !champagni."~London
Purich'^-".;���;'���'"''-��� ������"'/,::-;- > y-.-i, "':'.:.-";���'.- Z
Political Picnic - Revived
} Thc coming summer will sec a rc-
jvival of the old-time political picnic,
i Leaders of the United Farmers of Ontario, thc party now' in power in the
legislature, are already laying \ plans
for these,outdoor gatherings where
political questions arc thrashed out.
Headquarters of the United Farmers
of Ontario in Toronto have already
received many requests for- speakers
for.: picnics in June. .
.: Watches vary, but the average.num-
ber of different parts is said to be 175.
To; 'manufacture" ,'a watch it, :has - been
estimated .involves np/Iess^thah.7: 2,100
separate '���- arid ;distirict /operations, XXi_X-
'the sewers must' bc. ."filled ��� up and , all
the -various institutions" .that"' serve ,to
preserve/good /healthful .conditions
for' the.people/must be closed..'- Now,'
it-sec iris as though that "is- enough tp
take 'away .'froni'our.'country, but-we
will  have  td-do;more yet! " All/our
���medical -schools' save a. few,'!and those
recently - established, must disappear.-
Further, :takc/aw;ay' from .^our/people:
all the .scientific knowledge'of how disease is" caused and how.it! is transmitted. Theii/take oiir,,forlorn coun7
fry "and,.pack- it/full- of.tuberculosis,
leave' no .'city: without .���small-pox,, and
scatter everywhe're/the, other- diseases'
.which wc have in greater or lesserex-
tent,. theii. add. the/bubonic. ��� plague in
the' s!outh, and the': pneumonic, plague
in" the -north; -and cholera'.in vast areas
then-all over oiir'stricken couritry-you
-must spread-the lo.thsome leprosy;
and whqnftiU. that has. been .done summon "just four times as many people,
al! of wh'oiri desire just as riiuch as we
to be well and   strong,   and-' whose
���hearts love and suffer and;break even
jas ours, and then say "Here's where
J-youmust live!" and that is a bird's-
(eye view pf China.
As w;e,vicw the appalling extent pf
htirnah suffering, the question of Chinese remedial measures, the native
practices of medicine and surgery natural!}' confronts.iis. Here we pause,
unwilling to enter far into a chamber
of horrors which can only inspire us
with repulsion and turn sympathy into
despair. /Moreover, superstition and
ignorance add to, the .appeal of woe.
Nauseous, concoctions of snakes' -skins'
liger.s"";c!a.ws,-etc.;;and unnameable"remedies of mariy-Jkinds,;- cruelrseedHngs,
arid:. cautterizations.; /.the/opium evil
arid other-.vices add..to. the picture of
horror,.and;.onc/wonders howVChiria
can/ever pass/out,of Tier, nights into
Pompeii, jiist' before its destruction
was' wrestling with thc problem of
suffragette pickets.
from the East Neuk of Fife to the
mouth of the Tyne, in Haddingtonshire, where it officially ends is a distance of 48 miles; while from shore
to shore thc expanse of water measures anything from one and a half
miles, at Qucensfcrry, to seventeen
and a half miles off thc Isle of May.
Within this great expanse of water whole fleets may ride at anchor
in perfect safety, and, although little
is known of the great scenes which
must have taken place in these waters
during the last four years, thc story
of the Firth of Forth during the great
war, culminating as it did recently., in
thc surrender there of the German
high seas fleet, will not be the least
interesting of the many stories which
still remain to be written.
Constipation Cure
A druggist aaya :  "For nearly
thirty year* I haTC comme'ndaa '
the Extract of Roots, known �����-,
Mother Seigel's Carative Syrnp, tor.
thi radical euro of constipation '
and indigestion.   It is an old.,
reliable remedy tbat never fails
to  do" the work."   30  drops
thrice daily.   Get the Genuine,,
at druggists* 3
Cord or
Chance never drew a neat picture nor built a fair house.
In the making of Partridge Tires
nothing is left to: chance-detail
perfection is secured by craft-
manship scientifically directed,
���, _ land -rigid- inspection insures -
tstanding quality.
���Partridge" Tires, are' all
that good Tires can
.'*'".        possibly be.
Came  o$  Their   Name
Not "Aspirm at "All without the "Bayer Cross'8
Tot Colds, P&inj Lumbago, Stiff-.
, asss, Rheumatism,; Sciatica, Neuritis,
and for. :Head*che, --iSTerHilgia,"'Toothache, Earache;, take Aspirin marked
^iritn the. name ''.'Bayer" or you are
'Bot taking Aspiria'-at all.'L
..Accept -onlyV'^Bayer   Tablets   of
'Aspirin" -fa "an   unbroken /"Bayer"
package which coutaias complata <�����>.
rectiona.   Then' yoa are get&lsg rea��
Aapirinr-rrthe   genuine   A^pinn   pre-
acribed by physicians, for [over nine-.
t��ea years.    Now made la. Casatfa-
Haudy tin boxes containing. 12 tablets cost but & few cents.   Drnggssis
also sell Iaigar-"Bayer��� packages.
.",./,- Xi��re U ��niy en* A��piri�����4*B��yes,>-To* asirt. awy *��asar��i!*"
;:. .'Aspteta.ls tho trsds mark (ireslstsr��d Jn Canada) ot EaTsr Haonftctarsw* Mow*.
*��Uctd(5eiter of Etllcylicacld.   IfThlle It ts well fcnowu that'Aspirin roaao* 'Bant'
taamtextors; to tu*!at th* pubilc astlert imiU-Uoa*, th�� TatleU of B*y*? fnrnjwwr
.����!.>�� st*as��d,wlia UiOr f��5ntl tr*4* aur^-Us "Ssysr Cwafc"      ���:���-���>   ��� ��� fTHE   LEDGE,   GREENWOOD,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.
Is $2.50 a year strictly in advance,  or $3
when not paid for three months or more
have 'passed.   To Great Britain and the
United States $3., always in advance.
Editor and Financier.]
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     700
Bstray Notices ..-3-o��
Cards of Thanks    1.00
Oertificale of Improvement  12.5��
(Where more than one claim appears ir> notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legalacUirtising, I2.cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Business locals I2^c. a line each insertion.
Tons of Steel are  Harder to Stop
Than Any Motor Car Made
Careless and thoughtless driving
of motor cars have cost the lives of
many people and millions of dollars damage since the auto came
into general use   in   the   United
States and Canada.    The railroads
of both countries have been forced
to pay out large sums of money in
It should ube remembered by all
drivers of motor cars that a train
has to run  on  tracks and that a
motor car has a certain amount of
freedom in this regard.    It should
be remembered that a motor car
can be stopped  within a few feet
while it often takes far more than
a hundred yards for a train to stop.
Always look before crossing a railroad and be sure to approach  the
crossing at a speed such that allows
you perfect control of your machine.
The  growing   list   of efatalities
from motor cars is alarming.    In
the United States it has reached
such a stage that the public is crying out   against   it,and   in some
cities some novel plan of punishment have been put in force.    In
. Chicago speeders are sentenced to
make, a   slow   trip   through   the
morgue under the guidance of a
deputy -coroner.     In  Youngstoh,
Ohio,  speeders  are  sentenced   to
hold watch beBide the dead body
of their victim or afe the hospital
. bedside of the injured victim. New
York  City  makes the speeders go
through.practically .the same . procedure on arrest Ifehat they would
the most daring criminal.    Phpto-
: graphs and finger prints are taken
.and. a  "rogues"  gallery is maintained. .���".-_ . ....      .   . .
Grand Jury Report
St. Louis gives a splendid  example of how serious tbe public are
considering this question.    In that
city a grand jury was.in session
:���  for four months and ;; two-thirds of
a lengthy report submitted deal*
/'.with' recommendations for the safe-
1 ;ty of the citizens of; the city. -"/..���-'
Undoubtedly much of these facts
.bear on accidents, on streets of the
������.- different   ci ties,., nevertheless,., it
vi shows how. public.opinion is sha'pr
/ ing in.the United States in regard
-   to:careless drivers. /.There   is no
. reason in the  world why. a driver
: of a motor caircanDOfe proceed along
a city street or a country road with
full control! of his machine;. -JLato-
-���"; mobiies are built for business and
:pleasure and not for .She purpose of
killing pebpla bufe they are not fool
_'.- proof and probably; never will be.
":-  The Chicago Tribune, printed an
editoriai;recen4ly as follows:,  '*In
.emphasizing the great number of
deaths .and   injuries   caused    by
motor car accidents The Tribnnei is
- trying to bring home tp the aver-
.age motorist that a great, majority
of mishaps are fehe result of care-
Pedcstriias Careless
"It is an aphorism fehat an auto-
mobiliat must not only watch himself but the; other fellow as well.
Drivers often are victims of the
earlessheBS of others. And this .ie
just as true of pedestrians, as
"Too many pedestrians fail to
observe the simple precaution of
"stop,   look  and  listen.'?/ /Too
..  many pedestrians insist ^upon pergonal, privilege to the point pf dis-;
;- astrpna collision.^ with anX automo-
-���' bile, v., XJC -motorist; V may"... plainly, be
^'���/;beyond'''hia:", rig;hte/by speeding, by
���/- ""thrusting ti.fo.car, .over '-'ft '���'- Grossing;
X: or by driving on the wrpng/side of
X.the;-road../This/fscfe thafe a motor-
Xytei is.', 'guilty, of:- grt^s, '''law Violation:
hardly compensates the pedestrian
who persists in martyrdom to establish the legality of his position
and the lawlessness of motorists.
"A pedestrian, haughtily conscious of his right to cross a street,
will saunter casually, though tho
pavement be slippery and though
there is not the slightest assurance
that the approaching motor, tons
of steel, will not resist the brakes
and skid down iipou him. There
is no question here of the pedestrian's right?; the motor may be
clearly at fault, but what principle
has been reinforced after the pedestrian has  been killed or iniured?"
At Railway Crossings
Investigations nave clearly bhown
that motorists will not take proper
precautions at railway crossings,
appearing to act in practically the
same manner as tho pedestrian in
the above quotation. They seem
to forget that the train, thousands
of tons of steel and wood, has perhaps gathered a momentum since
its last stop that would either send
the train tumbling into the ditch,
killing many passengers and doing
thousands of dollars of damage by
the sudden application of brakes,
or that ifc might skid far enough to-
mean the death of all those in the
motor car and tbe destruction of
the car.
A swiftly moving train cannot
stop as quickly as a motor car and
a passenger train carries a heavier
load of human freight than many
motor cars can do. Motorists
should constantly remember this.
They should slow down and look
for approaching traius. A few
minutes at a railway crossing may
save your life. It may save the
lives of many passengers; '���������"'���
An engineer will probably be
made unfit when he hits your
motor car. Statistics prove that
many engineers become physically
unfit for their position through
just puch accidents. It takes away
their nerves.
U.S.A. Statistics
According to the annual repoit
of the National Highway Protective Society, dated Jannary 1, 1918,
there were 455 persons killed by
automobiles on the national highways of New, York state including
New York City, in 1912 ancl 837
persons killed by/aiutomobiles on
these highways in 1917���an increase of 100 per cent, in five
years. The Society's report furnishes proof,., besides railroad experience and.records, that this railroad grade crossing, slaughter was
due to recklessness and  the attes
ting companions,   who almost in
variably accompany  drivers,   and
that   these   are the factors to be
dealt with  vigoriously  and  rigor-
iously if there is to be a cessation
of street and  railway grade crossing, accidents.
,The   alarming increase   in   the
number of accidents  to  motors at
highway crossings with the attending shattering   of   the   nerves of
euginemen and their incapacitation
for the very responsible  duties of
their positions caused   the Illinois
Central Railroad   Company  sometime ago,    to   have   observations
made at certain highway   crossings
on their system for the  purpose of
noting the conduct of persons about
to  cross  their track.    It waB seen
that  seventy-five per cent, of the
people either stopped,   looked  or
listened for approaching trains but
crossed the railway without apparently the slightest thought  for the
safety of either themselves or anyone else.
4* * 4�� 4* ��$��� 4* 4* ���& ���$��� 4* ���$��� * 4��
* *
*     ���==        &
4�� ��$>
4�� 4.
<���� p LOAT is not a periodic- ^
^ "    al.    It is a  book con-
<��, Gaining 86 illustrations all
ju told,   and  is    rilled    with
jf sketches   and    stories    of
*** western life.    It tells how
4* a  gambler cashed in after
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
W. E. Stanaway. Prop
Day and Night Phone No. 22
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE NOTICE that Samuel Fretz, whose
address is Eholt,-B. C, willapply for a licence
to take and use 1000 gallons of water out ol
Eliolt creek, which Hows westerly and drains
into Boundary Creek about- two miles east of
The water will be diverted from the stream
at a point about 700 feet East of the South-West
corner of said Lot 1052 and will be used for
domestic purpose upon the farm described as
Lot 1052.
This notice -was posted on the ground on
the 4th day of Mav, 1920.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act; 1914" Avill
be filed in the'oflice of the Water Recorder at
Nelson, B. C.
Objections to the application may he filed
with the said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within fifty days
after the. first appearance of this notice iu a
local newspaper. ..-.-���
The date of the first publication of this notice
the flush days of Sandon ;
how it rained in New Denver long after Noah was
dead; how a parson took a
drink at Bear Lake in
early days; how justice
was dealt in Kaslo in '93;
how tho saloon man out-
prayed the women in Kalamazoo, and graphically depicts tho roamings of a
western' editor among the
tender-feet in the cent belt.
It contains the early history
of Nelson and a romance
of the Silver King mine.
In it are printed three
western poems, and dozens
of articles too numerous
to mention. Send for one
before it is too late. The
price is CO cents, postpaid to any part of the
world. Address all letters to ���
is May 6,1920.
In the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
intend to aoplyJpr permission to purchase the
following'descrhied land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 40
chains; thence East 40 chains; thence South 20
chains: thence West 20 chains; thenceNSoUth
20'chains; thence West 20 chains to the point
of commencement, and containing 120 acres,
more or less. -   .
Dated at Mid way ,B.C��� April 24th, 1920.     '
* R. T. Lowery *
<*���   ��� ,- <��� *
4��      GREENWOOD.  B. C.     ��g>
*:. *
*$��� * 4*$. .$. .f��$. .$..$�� ^ ���$��� ��$��� ��f
Culameeti Botel
One of the largest liotelsiti
���  the city.   Beautiful location,
fine rooms, and Uisty meals.
Nicely furnished rooms, by thej
day, week or month
Nilson & Nilson       -       Proprietors
616 Vernon St.. Nelson
Brick building and finely furnished rooms
JOHN BLOMBERG    -' -  Proprietor
' Physician and Surgeon
Make Your Telephone Service More Effective
Anyone will -acknowledge' that - promptness in ;answering the
telephone is a courtesy shown the caller,-/promptness can be made
more effective when -you announce.who is speaking, with perhaps
the name of-the-" firm. <Not only is it courtesy to the;-caller,' but it
-helps your 6wn;business-, -il.shows you are responsive, appreciative.'.
---Economy and Satisfaction |f
combined with Promptness f|
are the features which go to Jf
make up the Service we give =��
our customers. Are you 3
one of them? 1
Announces   '.
That he has
located at Greenwood
���   Office
-  'Guess Block.
-   Residence   -
Dr. MacLean's House
Oflice,Phone 90
..     -Residence Phone 69
:'���;    -..'.':'- dentist" '"..""���'
'All Work��Giiafanteed
Morrison Block. GRAND FORKS, B.C.
.".:(Excert Optician).- .;,;'-
k:w.CBiock   ;  -���".'������������-;'   Nelson
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge,- Hudson;
Chalmers, Cadillac^ cars,-;and Republic
truck motors  .-.-.-'-   GaTage inconhectipn.
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
. (Ruled or. Plain) "  X'     '. .ZS��
Envelopes, Billheads, H
;""-'-" :X (All Sizes)   .     -  ' '��� .,- ��� ^3
Statements, Business C ards, ��
r.'    . '��� ��� . -      .   - -   \  - ���   -.    ���"     -   ,'_���'-'      /-'-.:--���' ��-**���
,LLc��C��9    &LCe .-^*
"IS j
��**$. -..-":"��� ���-,": "^ss
Ali   the   latest   methods  in   high-class
Dentistry.   .., -
Corner Abbott. &: Hastings Streets.
VANCOUVER;   -^   -   B.C.
Dealer in' .Farm. Produce, Railroad Tics,
Cedar Poles, and/Fence Posts, Farm'and
Fruit Lands For Sale. .List your lands.
with me,   Have a. buyer for good ranch
Hinlmum*price of first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
Mid which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. '. ^
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 6 acres,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 8 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be iugued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years aro required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ��
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding iO
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
_ conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, ls made. ,-' .
^ ACT.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
include all persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within whloh the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under this Act ls extended
from for one'year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one-
year after the conclusion of the present
war. This privilege is also made retroactive. "'
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due pr payable by soidiere on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued/ due and been paid since August
4, 1814, on acoount of payments, feei
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
t.0,TTn.��-�� ��^y lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indlreot, remitted from enlistment to March 81. 1920. ->
Provision made tor Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase. Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purchase. Interest aad taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, 1M0.
Qraslng Act, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for grazing districts and range
' administration under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for established owners, Stock-owners may
form Associations for range manage-
. ment.   Free,' Of partially free, permits
. for. sutlers, campers or travellers, up
- to ten head.
Dealer iii
Orders Promptly Filled
iyZy. "y ! ^MpHUfiHBHTAL'cpi7/ LTD;
FR0RTJSf;:^;NELSOH,:;:BOX 8fi5
Ik Consolidated Mining & Smelting Ca.
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig   Lead   and Zinc
'   "TADANAC" BRAND  ' ' ' : ' .-.'.
PHONE   13
Auto    and   Morse   Stages
Leave    Greenwood    Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos For Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in theBoundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Shamrock Brands
HAM,   BACON   and   LARD      V
Carnation Compound Butter and Cheese
\ P, Burns  &  Go,,   Ltd,,   Nelson, B/ C
X4>*ft��*'fiv'fr4r4''*4��'**'* *4��**������*������*���*4*4**��� 4*������fr*
Palace \Liyery M; Stap
,W.   H. . DOOKSTEA.DER, I��pop.
,E. -W. WIDDOWSOW, Assayer and
Chemist; Box biio8, Nelson,1 B. C.
Charges:-^~Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
$1 each." Gold-Silver ��1.50'.". Silver-Lead
$?.oo. ^ilver-Lead'Zinc $3.00.' Charges
(brother metals, etc.,"on application.".
fiume Botel
Helson, !!���������
The only up^to'date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Gold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
���-. .:.xi:\x Xy ���;;;j.;_^achj^nL._.-_^^^.._.;;; ".L���-_i_"l.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES 31.00 per day and tip; European Plan.
::    Bus Meetsall Trains and Boats.
^^^^^^���f*'?*,^,*fr,l*^4,'<f*4l**l��  ��� ���#��� *f*���f*^*���f*."^*���^���*#*9*^
The Mineral Prpyirice of Western iCanada     ;j
;. \ ; TO END OF DECEMBER, 1917    .';���'���-' "^
Has produced Minerals Valued^ as .follows: . Placer Gold, $75,116,103;. Lode   ..
:���/������ Goldj>J93,717,974rSilver, 843,623,701; Lead gSO^SGG, 144; Copper, $130,597,620; ,        ;
Otber "Metals. (Zinc, ..Iron,  etc.), 810^^
, Building Stone,  Brick.  Cement, etc.,   827,902,381; making ita Mineral Produc- ;
.tion tb the end of 1917 show-an. ..:. ,V^ ....'..'    / '"'-'"���"'���',:      .:'���'  \.
Aggregate Vato of i'$&$5nMT X-X
Production for Year Ending December, 1917 * $37v010,392
The   Mining   Laws of this Province  are more liberal' and the. fees lower   .
than those of any other Province in the Dominion,, or any colony: in the  BritiBh
��� Empire.
������'������"';���      Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
, ; Absolute  Titles are  obtained   by developing snch properties, the security
' : :: df which ia guaranteed by Crown Grants.
X'Xzy .Fall information, together with mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained    y/iy- Xz
ry ... .gratis by addressing---1    Xyy*X..y;X y yyiyXy .--.,:.     ."'-: -,; yxXXiy-iry ..XX 'y-y X yX '��� XfXyi ;


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