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The Ledge Jan 4, 1923

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 j-r* **-?*��'Wi/IAti^..
W ""-   w- -~w
if - ��� .    .
<W.. �� *  *W>
x^iy J/illv ^x&^
Provincial Library  I*
- -i, -
Vol.   XXIX.
No. '24
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
v., Inspect our,stock
^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmfeg
We are Fishing for your Business
Every Friday
Phone 46
^aiiaiauiaiau iuaiiaaiiiiiiiimiaaiaiiiiaiiiaiiiiiiumlii\
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year to All
The WINDSOR HOTEL is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. A comfort-
��� able home for tourists and travellers. Touch the
wire if you wane - rooms reserved. -The buffet is
replete with' cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk and ice-cream."   "      "   ,
Apricot, Cherry* Peach, Raspberry,
Strawberry Jams, Etc.
From 35c and Up
They are. all of finest stock procurable
We carry only the^ best stock" procurable in .
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc.        ^
A trial will convince you
Prompt Answer Improves Everybody's
telephone Service
Sometimes when you make a telephone call, you do not gel the numbers
promptly.   When you tell the operator, she says, "I will ring them again."
Finally when yon get the party wanted, do you feel that the operator
has not given you prompt service, or do yoa realize that the person you
called may not have answered the telephone at once?
ft "will help to provide prompt service for all if every subscriber will
answer the telephone as "soon as the bell rings.
Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician
.Real Estate   (Licensed)
Insurance, Fire, Life, Accident.
Sickness. &c.
Stoves. and   heated   pipes   cause
many fires
A small premium will protect your-
house and furniture
Call at.my Office Copper Street
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8.15 p.m. "
Katherin e MacDonald Pictures Corpora-
.tion presents
Katherine MacDonald
My Lady's Latchkey
All through I*ove and a Latchkey, she
traded her heart for a stolen jewel, and
then lost both. Follow the American
Beauty through the romance and mystery
of one of her most distinctive creations!
6 reels 6
Oue reel Chester Outing
"When It's Time To Retire'.
Also one reel Christie Comedy
"Somebody's Baby"
ADULTS 50c-     -     CHILDREN 25c.
Presbyterian Church
Minister in charge
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. B. A.
Services, Sunday, Jan. 7th
Midway, 2.30 D.m.
Greenwood. 7.30 p.m.
25 Years To Pay.
The Soldier Settlement Board" of
Canada have Several FARMS for sale to
Soldiers or Civilians at teu per cent down
and the balance in 25 annual payments
at six per ceuL., Several to rent for 1923
For particulars write to. District Superintendent, Soldier Settlement Board,
Vernon, B.C.
Baled Hay For Sale
I! in the market for mixed hay,
I have a quantity to sell. 16 ia not
No. 1 as it; is somewhat bleached
bat .otherwise .alright. . Will Bell
ton or carload lots.    Apply to7
.. ';"---���, V - 7 V"Fr_.tz Hausseneb,. '-.'���
Box 364 /Greenwood, B.C.
Beef,- front quarters '4c..; hind
quarters.7c;   ���--' W 7 ' ���'"
X ������"... Walter Clabk, V
7 Midway, B.C.
Sleigh For Sale
XA flexible, flyer,: in good condition.    A.bargain.    Apply to    .7.
Dr. O, M. Grtfyes, Dentist, will
be in Ferry j Wash:, Dee. 30th to
Jan. Sib. I make good come, and
see nie.
Around Home
It takes more ink to .write 1923
than it did to write 1922.
Mrs. Walter Murra^v of Trail,
is visiting relitives in town.
Service in St. Jude's Church on
Sunday, Jan. 7th at 7.30 p.m.
��� '1 ���
This week Mrs. Rendell opened
up a new hospital in Penticton.
Cash paid for hides at Brown's
S. Fretz, of Eholt; had.the misfortune to break his wrist last
Mrs. Geo Allen, of Trail, is
visiting Mrs. Wm. Johns at Kettle
Miss Lilly Pickthall, of Trail,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G.
S. Walters.
A new sawdust burner is being
erected at McArthur's sawmill
p,lant near Midway.
F. L. Peterson has?', returned to
Greenwood after several months
in business at Crest oil.
Chas. Patsworth. returned ou
Tuesday from Grand Forks where
he has been in the.hospital.
Miss Aretta Weed and Miss
Alice Weed, of Ingram Mountain,
are the guests of Mrs. H. Murray.
Geo. Morrison, John Kerr and
Bobbie Mowat are up Boundary
Creek going the rounds of Vic
Barrett's trap line.
Miss Eva Murray left this
morning for Victoria where she
has secured a position- with the
B. C. Telephone Co.
A lady's shawl was left in the
Masonic Hall on Friday night.
Owner may have same by applying at The Ledge office.
Angus' and James McDonald
returned to Kimberley on Thursday last after spending the holidays with their sisters here.
Miss Ruth Axam returned this
morning from Trail where she
attended the wedding of her
friend, Miss Phyllis Spooner.
The wholesale liquor stores in
Greenwood closed this week owing
to the license "having been increased from $3,000 to $10,000. '
There is a fine not exceeding
$100 to anyone caught issuing a
receipt of $10 or more without
putting a 2 cent stamp thereon,
- Allan A. Morrison left for
Spokane on Tuesday_en_route--to
Pullman-where\he will resume
his studies in the State" college.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Roylance
and Peter Maletta, of Anaconda,
spent the week-end, the guest of
Mrs. A. Tanner at Kettle Valley.
Tom Taylor returned to Ash-
croft on Saturday morning, after
a three weeks visit with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B.
Mr. and Mrs. Andersons Mr.
and Mrs. Krisman and Harry
Fraser all members of the Dominion Liquor Co., left on .Wednesday morning for Vancouver.
- During the holidays there were
quite a number of parties in town
(too numerous to mention) ��� but
Greenwood Ms not been lacking
in gay homes and happy throngs
during the festive season:
:-. From 52. hens.a; poultry fancier.
in tpwjB got 911 eggs during the
month of December. They; laid
during all. the. cold weather, and
the average is,a little more than
29 eggs:a day. The hens are of
no particular breed and jiistgoes
to:show that there. is mo"ney .in
���X- Miss Phyllis Spooner, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.VSpoober, of
Trail, formerly of Greenwood,
was married to Roy Harris of
Trail, ih the Methodist Church
at 3.30 oh New Year's Day. Miss
Phemie McMillan and Miss Mabel
Axam were the bridesmaids and
Wm. Spooner, jr. supported the
groom. They left for Nelson
sad other poiat3 and on their
return will reside in Trail.
Norwegian Creek   School
Xmas Tree
On Dec. 21st at Norwegian Creek
school a most creditable XmaB
tree, concert and dance was given
by the teacher and pupils of the
school. Great praiBe is doe Mies
Burnstill, the teacher,vfor the able
way in < which the pupils went
through then' programme. Miss
Burnstill was presented with an
ivory Bet containing comb and
brush. From the Xmas tree all
tbe pupils were given a present
with candies. After the programme refreshments were served
and a enjoyable dance held. Quite
a number from Midway, Boundary
Falls as well as local people were
present. Tbe following is the programme:���
Chorus      . All pmpils
"The Winter Time is Here"
Recitation    "Christmas"    Daisy Watson
Recitation May Clark
"A Little One's Speech" *
Recitation Yves Bohemier
. "Empty Stockings"
Chorus "Jingle Bells"       All pupils
Recitation Lawrence Folvik
"The Stocking's Christmas"
Recitation'JGod's Lamps" Virginia Riley
Chairman's remarks.
Recitation ��� ���   '     Louis Caron
"The FourTWinds"
A Christmas Lullaby      6 girls and dolls
Recitation -7 Jules Caron
"Santa and the Mouse"
Chorus All pupils
"Santa Claus is Coming"
Recitation ..-....- Andreau Caron
"Johnny's History Lesson"
Recitation   ,, ��� James Watson
."Two and Two are always Four"
Recitation       "Frosting"      Mary Gidon
March - All pupils
Recitation 7      -Alice Watson
"The Shiniest Dime"
Recitation Alexina Gidon
"The Snow Bird's Song"
Minuet, old French style, 5 girls & 5 boys
Recitation James Riley
"All the Year Round"
Recitation Charles Riley
"The Snow Bird"
Recitation Irene Watson
"What Pussy. Said'; _
Recitation Mark Bohemier
"Three Cheers For December"
Chorus    "King Wenceslas"    All pupils
Hockey Match Cancelled
Owing to the mild weather and
the poor condition of the ice the
hockey match arranged with
Grand Forks ahd^ Greenwood to
be played on Friday night has
been called off.
Civil..nominations for Mayor,
Aldermen, School Trustees and
Police Commissioners will be held
at the City Hall next Monday.
The Riverside Hotel at.Rock
Creek was the scene of a gay and
happy gathering Irhen Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Snell were the genial
host and hostess to twenty of
their friends. At meal time the
guests went into the cosy dining
room and there set - before them
was a tempting array of the de-
letable things to eat that thoroughly satisfied the inner man.
It was indeed an enjoyable event
and the guests-wished Mr. and
Mrs. Snell a" bright, happy and
prosperous New Year,
The Dance held in the Masonic
Hall, last Friday flight under ..the
auspices of the Skating Rink
committee was very well patronized . by local .'people, nearly,
everybody, in town who could
dance being present... '���- Midway,
was also represented; 7 At .first
the usual pep,seemed to;be.lacking but7by. and.by with, the enchanting: strainsVof -Bush's orchestra, much of the .music being
new pieces, the crowd soon were
enthused with the.spirit of danc.
irig and everything went merrily
along. ; The suppler at. midnight.
was provided by, the ladies . and
as they never.do things'by. balvss
it-goes without saying that the
supper was an excellent one.: As
a result of the dance the skating
rink has been enriched by $45.
Tke committer desires to thask
all those who provided eatables
for the supper, to those who so
loyally attended the dance and
especially to the ladies who caa��
vassed the town for the sapper
and also those who waited en the
table���a most arduous duty more
especially when one is tired
after dancing half the night,
Provincial Party Meeting
at Rock Creek
An enthusiastic gathering of both
sexes marked the inaugural meeting to form the Rock Creek Local
Association of the -new Provincial
Commander Lewis, R. N., waa
in the chair and T. Walker acted
as secretary to the meeting.
The chairman openad his address
by tracing the evolution of this new
party from a number of farmers,
belonging to the United Farmers,
disgusted with the neglect of farming interests and the wasteful and
unbusinesslike methods of the two
old parties. These gentlemen at
successive convention's had desired
that.the United Farmers as a body
should f enter politics, but ife was
fiually decided at the 1922 convention that a committee should be
formed ontside the United Farmere
altogether to study the question.
The chairman explained particularly that the Provincial Party bad
no connection whatever with the
United Farmers which was a non-
political body,, but hoped that
many farmers would join it and
also many open minded Liberals
and Conservatives of all walks of
life who had weighed the,old parties in the balance and found them
The speaker then read communications from John Redman, chairman, Kamloops and B. G. Stewart,
secretary, Nicola; of the Political
Committee which included provisional platform of the party, , the
chief planks which are: -"The
drastic cutting down of the cost of
administration in order to lower
taxation" and "The abolition of
patronage in government appointments."
��� The chairafan then read cuttings
from the "Province" showing that
the .Political- Committee were getting into touch with well known
business -and labor men, both
Liberal and Conservative in Van-
���   *
couver and Victoria who had
agreed to send delegates to the
Vernon convention.
Comdr. Lewis then went on to
say that altho the various splanks in
the platform appeared to beTsound,
they all sank into insignificance
compared with the necessity of
getting an honest, baisnesslike
government, no act, however good
it might be, was of any use unless
honestly administered. He then
asked the audience if they - considered as taxpayers, that they were
getting valae_ for their, money, he
gave it as his opinion, that if
$40,000 was spent on the roads of
the Greenwood Riding, that $10,000
was wasted " and suggested that it
would be a nice little .sum to work
ont, on that basis, how. much was
wasted annually in the province.
What is the remedy? be asked. To
take all government work out of
politics, to appoint men to positions
not because of their - political persuasion, but because of tbeir fitness
for the job, to reward them by promotion not by the number of votes
they can deliver, but by the manner in which they are able to carry
out their work. He was careful
opt to blame individuals, it waa
the: system be found; fault with.
He concluded hie remarks by stating that hie considered : the system
could only7be altered by. the forma-:
tion of a.new party, as.7the two old
parties were too deeply- embedded
iri 'the system [oty. patronage . and
could.-not be cured .and expressed
the hope that everyone. present
would Join the .Provincial Party
and give British, Col a mbia a government that any citizen need not
be ashamed of. The cb&irman.then
aBked anyone present to speak on
the"subject, .
H. Martin,- made an interesting
speech, iri the course bf. which he
said that a great ehange was. nee*
cessary and inevitable, that under
present conditions both economic
arid political, it was barely possible
for a farmer to make a living. Ha
considered 'that up to the present
time the population consisted chiefly of s few clever rogues and a
large number of suckers and included himself among tha latter.
Joint Sunday School
Christmas Tree
The Presbyterian Church on
Thursday last was filled, Btanding
room only was the order. The
occasion was the annual Sunday
School Christmas Treat and owing
to the generous gift of a friend,
wboTdesires'to remain anonymous,
the school ^,'was] able to give a
present to every child in Greenwood and Anaconda. The following is the programme exceptionally
well rendered by the children of
the Anglican and Presbyterian
Sunday Schools, much credit is
due Mrs. G. B. Taylor and Mrs.
P. H. McCurrach who trained the
children in the recitations, songs
and plays:
Opening Chorus   O Come all ye Faithful
Recitation Jack Morrison
Recitation Pat O'Neill
Song Primary Clas3
Recitation ....'.  Lawrence Gulley
Chorus Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Song and Drill  Greenwood Cubs
Recitation Melville Fenner
Chorus The First Nowell
Play Mrs. Jones aud her Baggage
Recitation ......   Irene Inglis
Recitatiou  Tom Walmsley
Play  "Santa Claus Jr. Substitute"
Chorus  "Ring ye Merry Bells"
After the programme Santa
Claus distributed some 170 presents and bags of candy.
Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw waB
Receipts over $10 Must be
The stamp tax on receipts of $10
or more must now be stamped with
a 2c. stamp. The objection is not
tojhe.principle of a 2 cent tax on
receipts, but as to how and to what
extent this is to be applied.
What essentially the tax means
is that on a receipt for money as
ordinarily .understood, and with
certain exceptions specified, it will
be necessary to put on a two cent
stamp when the amount is $10 or
being quite unable to say which he
had the least use for, but hoped
with the new party coming into
existence, that the number of
suckers might be largely decreased
and the power for mischief of the
rogues be eliminated. He concluded by hoping that' their delegate to the convention would do all
in his power to see that "No
Patronage" _ should be a strong
plank in the Provincial Party's
platform.,     _____    .,._...'__:
H. Smith, hoped that the plank
referring to Immigration should be
very carefully considered. It was
no good inducing a lot of people to
come on to the land in B. C. with
little prospect of making a success
of it~unles3 the population of the -
towns was also increased to provide an outlet- for what the farm
G. Pitman in a short speech expressed his hearty concurrence with
the objects of the Provincial Party.
T. -Tippie expressed his determination to stick to the new party
thru thick and thin.v .'
Major Gray was in hearty sympathy with the. Quebec, liquor law,'.
with particular reference to . the
sale of light beer arid win�� in hotels,.
"Other speakers, were Mr. Bruce,
B.7 P. Hardcastle and A. D. TMc-
Lerinari all of - whom gaver their
hearty support to.the new party.V-:
"The following:were. then elected
to .. the    committee:..  . President,.;
Comdr. ..N".  Lewis,. R. .7N". ;��� Vice-
Pres., Mn TBruce, Sr.; Sec,, ,E; W.
Harker;. Directors, H.  Martin,; G.-V
Pitirian, ;7T.V Walker,    Mrs. ;Mc-
.Lennari and Mrs.. J. Richter.: Commander 1ST. TLewis was elected dele-,
gate to the convention, 7
: In responding to a Vote of thanks
Commander   Lewis., thanked the
audience aad said he would, do bis
best to press . his ' views of Rock
Qreek.aS the Convention;  that on
his return he would  call another
meeting, to give an -account., of _i% '
arid expressed the hope that by that
time1 locals   wonlcl be formed at
Midway,   Bridesville   arid   Greeny
wood. .-���-���_"-"        V.,'"    .VW
The meeting then adjourned. .. THE.    LEDGE,     GREENWOOD,     B.     0.
Last Of The
Light Brigade
Sola   Survivor Tells  Story  of  Famous
Charge at Balaclava
KUis (.num.. solo survivor of i Infamous "i.'har.uo ol {he Lkht lSrigade."
rode unscathed thnniidi that Kalian!
but futile aniuii in be bun 1>> a snow
Today, (Is \e;i:'s alter lhc ininio"
lal execution of blundered order:-,
(.'tiltine.. Sa yi-ars old. is alive and alert
around his homo in ivdar Ihipids. ia.
Ho recalls a:- ilio\ii:h ii were yoster-
day ihe eliaru-e at Ikiiaelava. ii! which
lie pai! icipated as a youl!) of 17. the
i liaise Tenn\ sen V pot-in iiiunonali/
Willi (he Criineaii War in p;-oi-.iv-;s
��� -I'.ritaiu and Franco allied with Tup
key against Russia-the Russians attacked the allies at I'.alaelava Oct. :_:>.
.1 Sol. hopini; to cut allied communications.
'The "Heavy Unmade" of Uritish
cavalry made a furious charge, swept
bade ihe attackers and drove- lheni
back behind their own artillery.
o I'ho "Lisht Uriprado," commanded by
Lord Cardigan, then received orders
.io charge theSo cannon aud prevent
tlicir removal. For cavalry mourned
and armed with lances and sabers, to
charge cannon was plainly suicidal.
Lord Cardigan road (.lie order, (.uos-
lioned the aide delivering it, the latter. Cant. Xolan. waved his arm down
tlie valley toward the Kussian cannon.
'"Forward, the Light Brigade!" commanded Lord Kaghtu. Unquestioning-,
ihe GOO troopers galloped forward,
camions Hying, sabers Hashing.
.Beyond the allied lines, Uuss artillery fired point blank from three-
sidos into the gallant horsemen. C'lipi.
Nolan, bearer of tlie note to charge,
suddenly dashed across the front of
the. chargers, possibly to swerve the
troops from the death trap. A .shell
made hi in the first io fall.
Straight at the enemy guns out in
from rode Cardigan's command.'- Tho
number    dwindled    rapidly    as    con;
... yerired .cannon,, swept, .th.em. ...._ ....
'.'''. '^nie^suS^
vv vyi'o^ jmvhw
X-- ��� Lu ud7 .(7 awlig;viiIW;i^Qii <?v pi: [ hTP WXXX 7W
xy. "'Suit Ing \ ?i a^^^>7^t^;ft47'i n"-^;ii j<7': iii. H i S1V^
";7 77i^c7eWA!<fcwas^
��� ;V-fii"Kniiit. 7&n;v:/wl7a|^
7-^ihneCl7aiiiWJ;&7';;7'. 'X-XT-yXXXyXx";^
x: Xi ixii>7|i:oM Xh at7.4i: V:jia^: /^Vei-V -b'oiva;
"7VE(VilS|Kjjt^ifep%'i*pSi iii^iipSf^if5t��iw:ff^'^
W��t���tinv. ^VilfeVi&jlflSi'^^
Vs7fti ssij; iiiVs* *77rtid>7hs;7VQiR js-- vjvii JmiiitSitrt.
Treasures Found  In
Old Egyptian Tomb
Explorers May Discover Royal Re-
mains In Unopened Chamber
One of ihe most sensational discoveries of Egyptian remains for a century is reported from the Valley of
the Kings, on the banlcs of the Nile,
near Luxor.
Lord Carnarvon ami Howard Carter,
who have been excavating for :Ui years
on ihe site of Ancient Thebes have
discovered the tomb of 'Tiit-Ankh-
! Amen, a heretic king of the eigli-
I toenlh dvnast v.
Pimzie Is Home Again
HEN Pimzie once more, reached his Euil-of-ihe-Eanh home, he found
iiis three Brownies and Stella, the Wishing Fairy, in quite a state
of excitement.     Thcy were almost beginning to feel worried about
him.      Never before had he been away  for such a terribly long
''Not  that we were realh  afifu;! anything might have happened to you,
rini: dear," laughe 1 Stella, "but, we., were oecoming a wee bit nervous and
i    Two   chambers   of   the   tomb have i were wondering if perhaps you might have decided thai, you preferred the
] been explored, and    according    io    a j ocean io your own home, and intended in the future to live iliere and stay with (
: .        .... . " i'earl." - 0 i
"As if I could love anyone more than you four!" ami the little fellow jump- j
ed up io her and threw his arms around her.     "As if I could possibly like any j
State   couches,   gilt and exquisitely ! l"her place more than this one!      Gee!      It's great to be back!" j
carved,  ebony and ivory  boxes, royal!,.      V10 ��''10.'. Bfovnies seemed as happy as he.,and they  crowded  around
robes     embroidered     with
By    Rea    Proctor    MuGec.   M.D..
D.D.S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
; message    io    the    Times, ihev
found- in be full of treasures.
^ i listening to all the things he had io tell them about'the undersea things he hail
precious : S(.t.���. Snookums and Kinkajou looked quite envious, but it held no allure-
: stone.-, and a royal chair em-rusted ; nients to l.orykius: tor poor little lazy Lorykins had never iorgotten the lima
j with turquoise cornelian and lapis Vll> had been cltoiiged into a shrimp ami had also had a swim undersea, and
(were found in the antechamber to the ; h:ul bo!'n *> I'i'Mhtenod by a goggle-eyed llammertish. L had cured him for
!,,,., . , ,     .        , ever ol any liking io7.-iiich jaunts, so there was no envv in his eves as he lisl-
: t.-mb.    while    ro.a!    sucks,    chariots, 101K,(1 I() i>inuk, %
j music:-,!   instruments,  ahtbasi.-r  vases j "Stella," said I'im/.ie after he had told her about his trip.      "I meant  to
! :;nd  rolls of  papyri  added interest   to ; ask Pearl something and forgot; but perhaps you can tell me.     Do absolutely
I this wonderful iliscoverv.
j From an historical point oi view,
;tlte relit s are of the first importance,
j i'i\e Utile is known of Tut-Ankh-
: Amen, except that he reigned about.
! K',5S-1".fiii li.e. lie married one of the
i dattgliters of Akhenaien, who built
I Tell-i-l-Aiiiarna.
j Interest is added to the discovery
I by the fact that there, is still a third
; poaic-il chamber in the tomb, iwhich
j was guarded by two life-sized sta-
! tiles oi the king, and which may turn
' out to be the   aciual   tomb   of   Tut-
Aukh-Amen and his family.
I'm il" ihe   great   collection   iu the
atue-ciiamber has  been    removed    it
remains impossible to enter this third
cno-.vn as the Itlindlish that has
A  Dying Star
| all fish have oy
I        "There is a certain one," she ai
; none.     Shall 1 tell you about it."
j As they all nodded, she continued:
"The lilindtisli isn't an ocean creature, but lives in Kentucky or ihere-
labouls in lhe Fiiiied Suites in underground livers and dark eaves where it
j never sees the light of day. I suppose you know that tliere are rivers thai
i course along the darkness of ages under Hie earth's surface?" <
"The iSlindfi.-h is a ghost-like little thing." the Fairy said, "for it is of;
such a death-like unnatural whiteness thai it looks unreal." - j
"How big is it?" asked Kinkajou. !
"From three to six inches," replied Stella. j
"However do ihey manage without Vicing able to see?" Snookums asked j
curiously. "~ t
"I should think they would have an awful time bumping into things and !
not being able lo see anyihing'to eat!" ���'   �����     . j
"Don't worry about, that!" laughed Stella.     "They are more than active!
and can ouido lishes that have eyes!      To help them findrtheir way around
their dark underground homes, ihey have several feelers ou the head, that are
so sensitive that these feel the slightest, movement, in the water, and they
more than make up
for  lhe  fish's   lack!
of    vision,    which!
.gjjvs^  .  you would know ii' j
.3$��55llw__^_^-""j77-7 "V~_'r_ >'ou eould see them I
scuttling here and i
there as quick as j
lightning. <!
"\V h e n nothing !
troubles them they 1
amuse themselves!
by foraging ' i'or I
food or in pursuing !
other fish, but Tet!
the tiniest motion j
or noise happen j
aid tliey dart down |
Pi-oxima   Said   to  be   Nearing   End   of
How many readers know the name
of our next-door neighbor among
ihe stars?
It is called Froxima Centauri, aud
it   moves  round   another  star, Alpha .
Centauri.   which,  up   to   a   few  rears iin a )l01'iect panic of fear and hide under stones at the bottom
���,     '      ' ',.,',        '   '   . "You know," said Stella, thoughtfully, "tliere is always a reason for everv-',
ago..was supposed to be the nearest j thinp.     The Blimlflsh is b,iml for lhe slmi,le reason llfilt it ,las u0 USe ,-or,
star to us. Proxima takes over a | eyes, as it couldn't see in the pitch black waters. Iris for.the same reason!
million years to travel round Alpha itJuu it is of sticli a deathly whiteness . . . all things living in the dark are ;
Centauri,   and   it   is about 21 billion '��� l)!lle-' i
miles from the earth.
For our nearest neighbor, Proxima
is not a very grand object. If our
sun were as far away it. would give
10,000 limes as much light as Proxima does..
Probably   the    star   is nearing the
close .of. its.,long. .earg.e.r, ..and .ilus. ,c.oik
%J;li;i7t7pUi!Oi771J!;Vy^77Jtf&& -Tiiptju 7s\Vgp^^^il;
qf ijbeiiig; 7in7 tltepf ^^ing:':i7lii%esV77'7777-
jpj; bMmh"J77i XXXy- Au. UiVfecf 7^j'hu.iie(fV
Copyiighi, 1922.
Banff Motor Highway
Opening Ceremonies Will Be Held On
June 30 at Vermilion Crossing
The.  otlieial    opening of the Banff-
>Yinde-rmere motor   highway   through
;i;ll.p7:;7igi'tti7tV7|i75^^-hit ie ,v;;7sfe&niiV^7:Wu.r.
A  Case   Without   Precedent
Heart  Beats  Five   Hours  After Tim? |
Breathing  Ceasss .    j
Manchester    doctors    rought    with ���
$��?:?��. -HAP��7!l.-��l���?U��P.i:! J o.:.:i-^sfr.re;Ji \X\oJ
iff f^e^^apf-7 ;iiA^
7c��?:a se dr.:tp 7teea i \ w 7 X i ���^XiyXsmiiiXh^Xiyr:
Xyiy Vi\iViptiXiS^}iXX:^XXXe{ti^:X^X
;;lMg4v���p7/ij#'|feo tithe^
id;7 Suiho^S7s��&��Vjt7ffi
yvjithV11 h%;Vneiifc'ia jfeighbtyV-Sii7;Wrf.5;i^.i:
,i :i;wo;iVc-iotitfyii wATiViie e s^ihfe:-7'tp7iWUh'i^V
When the baby has reached the age
of two and one-half! years his temporary teeth should all be in place. His
main business iu life is to get food
upon which to grow.
Iii his mouth are twenty little white
teeth with sharp cusps. His teeth
should be surrounded by healthy pink
gums and Hanked on ihe outside by
apple-colored cheeks and on the inside
by an active little tongue that is trying every day to master the English
The food at this period must require
chewing and must be of the type that
massages the gums. The circulation
of the blood in the mouth requires a
firm pressure upon the. gums to start
the venous blood back to be purified.
When food that does not require
chewing is taken constantly and consequently exerts no pressure upon the
soft tissues of tiie mouth, the mucous
membrane which lines the entire inside of the mouth becomes congested
and infection very quickly takes place.
Also, the constant use of foods that
do not require chewing do not give the
teeth the benefit of tlie cleansing action that harder foods give.
Consequently, about tlie leef.li and
between ihe teeth there will be lodged particles .that decompose a"ml form
an ideal spin for tlie bacteria to get a
It is just as important, lo balance
the food wiili %ihe ihea of the health
of the mouth as.it is to use a tooth
brush and when your m.auih is healthy
your stomach is very likely to be in
the same condition. "*
For a child two and one-halt' years
of-age, three meals daily with only
water between would be the ideal
timing of the food. The child should
have crusty bread, toast sufficiently
firm or: fibrous to insure ellicient mastication and teeth cleansing.
A child should be taught not to bolt
his food.
��� Meals should be arranged- so that
all soft, starchy, sticky and sweet foods
are followed by foods of the cleansing
variety, or a piece of celery or orange.
Such foods as farinaceous anil sugary food in general, without a fibrous
element, cake, soft bread, marmalade,
jams, hew bread without crust, bread
soaked in milk, milk pudding, porridge
and milk, preserved fruit, chocolate,
honey and sweets of all kinds, should
not be eaten except when followed by
ibaeoii; yiohitfv;- ;itinMpkei. Vv eggti;b.lei7;
l��.U-u��c.'.7'-S^ -SOleiry.'
��  ��
acco of Quality
���MTU' TMfi*w?arTH
A Living Wage For Farmers
Ex-Kaiser's Wife An Exile
^pfvped^gj^ VhmisilV linWi
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;|a75;t iimia 17 r^if ijfe^
Tbij! t-7'?r y; Ctjl u j'Bl \^ 77 7i- !-i t*" V 77^3 Vtj; (7i^r"l>^. ^ f *C V/'^iSiSv ;7?
��*��%fUT-'-'bfr.-t.i{^         _          _ ,
��tli^77ent?vjir jsraSV-^
__     ___       _^_ v>i J^Vi??.^1:.;'^^
'      "' " ��������������������������� 'Jv:"''"'''"'''���'"''''d'Aj'i^
7caiU-ri.: ijc>7 :tl:t jit7;j. f-7T(^l>:^-ai;|li:cniI&7W7;iwfV?7!
7: j-hi ciecf 77i;cjQH :ni i$ i !?rR!ifc\7W7*|>;7S07'fe:eK
.S;iy, j!lC;i^^g^h:ii:s7<ho.7p^
' ';7:Book5-^dcica^d:'^e7&p' ls77Reacf
V7Sit me7 ���i hft ]XXi_% \& Xi^HXX^XXiSXXXkX,
p|ivi>i;th.'^'70'ew;S:^ ............ .
^i^^t^^'i^ vi;;^ viA^K ��E Vm^i-iTt. iJtjV V^ ^^7. V VmKtE ? 17?^ ^i^ W; V:^
"Uitt^K-��� wei^;gS^V;S:liPttlu7'' VfadV -;7 a vSX
J'^heJ i^Gpsat? sX_ fll��x$'offitS$'-^S)ffi foXXlXtiy '.'���. 0$��
'P'tP yj h;c isS7 i:n':.lh;s,:\ .Dobi-iitt on J
Xgo V7 _i eii -iliiy s; i;ni'fii;i>: Wo ritiiotis^fSvVV
i:. ^jT-^ij^s^-Ttiracii; iy^&iX
;7:^iv^3b;igk7ii:it-c 11^77
���yi^'V. Wj$f .lK^j.;^r;iC7
7yii:5fseif�� ���?*.(, &_Yiim}r.X&::
XXXyXX 'i^yyi^XXXXXX. hon *e ^ svi-k7
i.j:i-:W:is l^Gsimision. ,i:7*i.iifijvteve-;spe:nbfeI.csv7-.:.:s-v>.-.�� x'xyyy-- ^xxyy i^x\.^-,---i^^--T":^u-:^-^i.\i.^-^-:x:--^f-.r^
k^t';i)ti:'>,O0rt-osince^.tlite;;a��iiistTC(��;.:O!ri'-.v X.y::,:y::-::-.:-:;:^->f:?y:y::.';X:x-,x-^
...:���....,. ,-.,...���:.,-��� ................. ......      ...,..,,....   .^itj^n^ii;^ ���--���������    --������
^P$m$^#^syX ig&&M&MM^tf&j-iii
::^:*;;i:;:7-'C 7 ;:, W::7^7:j77:77:yfe
��.':��:?*:":: ifytf^-'T.Z'-r^
 m *"""
ifyjjk LjiV;:,Kt le^fi ii ?.XX^iXiSX&ii}S^X^:Xl
i^-^|:^;.^7i^ 03^!^ ;;^7i;i}W 7:i?a: I ^4';i&^V7-V��j t j?7
X*XX?$X &f?\i&&Mr>$\rp$0_$^ HteififrjV
;Pi;e.,j:.BVatJ'!;\v5'aW:: ^^VGi^^inV^^fr
XXXX^ sh7iih0harfept 'ih'e7feml:a-cgt:<iual^
aj:;i:i^7l^x()en mental
:Vj:)iv?V^7.S ��� VIS iiii n ps ;.^o';C.;#l^
jf ;tcl'7|.^<H!;7;t^iD ��� ^��St^
tipg^w^ei-ei W|^e.iiJ7iih4^
^ngVifv;!!;hie; ;:tufl7a:nd;::aiitW edVtS;7tJioi7
7i>Ui b:e ilT/Vtt ii Uei':; t:U (^:777b e n r! i77 'a i i ii ujvitat^ x.S^
:r'et.iii i7e.tf7:iiul*spnie:7:soil^
:ii f-ipiLi^cir^ili ^jtv; i:ito. 1 V^IiV7 'i"ei7tvii v77iii:cV i>i tft W?>'
;TB:-7;J>V cU(il,eV li|% 77. ;a ivyi^L7KM7:[��hii7gy|
iioiinii;;i|ie|. ftitjiV-'^ $-ti<si Jhr^t^hubsj-i|
7^7^fe7^S7V^7^. S^7^@^ii'jte^ii^l;:;it:
I $$�� ^,iiisii^ij|^t'trci v. B-Q. X. Z$'b&hi?&>i>if(
iySlfel. *'?���'; 7P)^iW;vStiyM^dge-K=?fi i*| rjtijisJi^
iTaiil^ilT;! n;':i lie^iii;n ;t^7^ii}��p!.:ft:3io:fe��,
p^eJ'Sviip;;eii;jbp:Sp iS>7pfii ii & t^XlXXiXh::
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Many       Factors      Militate      Against
Success of the  Man on the
The Secretary of Agriculture or the
United States, in his latest annual report, declares  that among the handicaps wliich are making   fanning   un:
profitable tire:   (1)  Economic depression and depreciated currency in European countries, and (2) Unreasonably
high    costs    of    distribution of farm
products. ���-������-. , ,        ...
Tlie' high cost of distribution, he believes, mav'be met bv an extension of
the co-operation principle of marketing, and he urges legislation lo give
the farmer credit facilities.
At the same time,.the Secretary oi'
Labor made a declaration   as   lo   the
necessity of a "living wage" for American    workmen���around    ��1,600    per ��� ���������
year.   "'In 1913, tlie average ineome;in j | "
the United States was ��993 per person '"    "
gainfully employed, or ?3M per capita
of population.     In 1919, it"was $1,690,
prS,637.per.capita7biit if this' is stated
'iii77iernfs;-of.7Uie:;]9137;price: level,-,'it.Is'.
^7^hl^s1^i'emeaChas7sefVilie ��� fariner's-
7. :eai?s;: i;i;e:tlviije$�� like\:it7
7Us\i"a]iy 7 li^.VetS.u'r��ii. Mrn sel Oil ue'Ry (if'liff'
;Is 7sbl^7 jp;'7p^7hS:7ipi?i'e^
X hie-Tcppcliisibp,. Xh^ti; JS;:tlia:t;;ilie^ai;iii;i
���l>ii|i n es^��;;in e 11 .V^yithftii^
:g5js;l|:a|7op.i-7SjaryXXXX :XXiXyXXy
Mrs. Hohenzollern Cannot Travel
Freely From Holland to. Germany
The former [ Princess Ilermine, i:-i
]\jeuss���or Kaiserin llermine, as sin
is now called in inner circles at ilu
house of Doom���has become a" v'.i
lual exile from Germany thr-iu:;1
her marriage to the ex-Kaiser, ir h.-.:
(levelopetl. 3Irs. lloheiizollern. ;-
she(;is known to the outside wor-.v.
will have to go tlirough much red ii;;>n
whenever she desires to visii Ii-.
fatherland. The German, as well :
Dutch Governnients, in response t -
soundings from the house"1 of Do���::������?������
iuade known that they do.^iot i-;-:i ="i
the idea of llermine travelling b;!-':
ami forth, because political consider:
lions make it undesirable.
. + + +* H����M����4��H*����������**tt*��**����������**��4����������M
i indigestion; GAS,
i'  h
x  Instantly! "Pape'sDiiipepsiir'.
|v X Corrects 'Stomach so.7''
���hyXXXXXxx ^Veals -Digest :x yx y:
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ipaignVnpAyj-:h' e i 11gfciiW ;i ^itt!"Pniuiv}Jit;ij57c;p!7
rAiluns.����;i(g^in^ i7rives7e.-
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i 'piaiveS uv)7 a7leW:ico|. Viiith'gi^ttnd:7w0f%
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i) bout 7'tpwnVvvj' p.' ��� TwaTSv ^eaiei- f a hi i ij jiVJi-IvP
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KV;)fS?vaj7ite^::es?rSptw.!: d%& it; -feet! nip.,
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f77s��riptiojr*;tc. all^fenng'ss'I iH&}-~-
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f y^TSx-ia-S-a ii s7;:Ds?:pift;y;f jli^Jkji'i^i;' -X& i;i7;;7
;';.j%h^shivs;t;7 a.jt&tiipiXf^
if iTjt-3vi?Vi-li 'I:��li: -*^?.'SlV<��ilsU i$]i
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,?-gi;3.K..:i. w:H.OS-ji.'vv7^-;;i!-i$i ��'��&<.]���&& iifh'gSfcX-
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RU.i:t;tii7ii^;4i;f.lla:n-i^.i. fiS^Mi'jjcjif's'sIit^HVft.!
ilii^ffV; i^ ?'t'i;.:i^e^u' lt7i>B; jf li�� hjgl^irtiii r>\-
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7fe*3i7'7i3 ���eiiipite HXxM>i -v\X^Xk >& y\&XX^
siiift. :iviz&~ o;i^i:Xi^\iX^'^y;^o^uiiiA
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i Uixlng. >fc&:v*MVfis: ���unsrtUl.^JitiglJ'Xp- Y.l%*j
; WfrKKS   pi' ��� iXKvds   as. 1 /brhigei ami
i-i;ff;cii>jt^f;ur<j7i;i;s;ja \varii   t>;t:-:every1 'sPes,-.
JS'atiy  .. 7-?avisJi. p?��p.e Who: ��� Wi>r��<' .3iiOi
:.-Xion1>t  -in-   iMX   sympsrliife   TiSt'tfi
.i^fetiVsetl' tiieiir iiftiiud*?-
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wit, W:l?*v--ivt:e7-..    ...;���.=������.���   yy,y\,  -vyy:���:':"-::���; ���������������'������
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y/��v$pff&&.    ~-.X 'limn. Uus7 ;tp- '���]&;��� a.-c'i^nk-
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... .:���������:    -,.:    -. -.,,;��� i-ccxnuiiunKA:- :.go.  to-, not anit.-look: ottv-H^^-v1-^"^ s-*^��--^ ���������?���'��� ^^-^^l.*
;.-���������.. .-^.,-^-x-^���^. vf,--. ..���..;,..,>. ... .<.-���-..���;,.... .. ,. ....   . vegetableyompoant}-aiidJ'starteaatat.
-   ���:wrhirasel:,;.,M��isc. people : we   nof-V^   I:wa5^%db.%OTi!t^ceJ
iiiajt.    Jtappiiy'ffiost 're:r6i-iii;ing efa'nfe^niPre-atfa ft;.was':a Pleasttre, .notl^fiiir-
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"ipyiprc^piy se 1 f-to- -dia ii
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1&M*-p:,:7^ _ Pj *?7p i is vji rftibl' yiiotXiXf:
tibrft   ca-ire:   ivfia*.' t-ljfev .'-Ste  ���eaileai.l-.'B.eh.���' .T^c^" I have ^iS^%tSw%-BaSy |
m^: are :ths'-i0i>'i5*t:efe.'reK.tw-!i??d:^s^
-..'���' ,.:��� . ���.--.-; ��� A ., ���- . ��� ��� 1: mg my ".work;,-. I -.cannot- .belp;.recomr f
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giicaii.-ta||:i.recj3b'Ie-- cespltsi*. the ."iJlaTne
making its lian gar- in- Spit.e- of" fdg.   ���
���!t&?}X- l!*vii:iv*|;: tli^'Vim^^r^^Ss-iCi'tv
V:ty^t&^3PfcSfesT5f> ^ViteVlestV.;
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..__������"--_-���   a y.^-w^r ���*<--���     J":"-. ��"-��     .r       .**"���. w -t^v   -��i "1   _-_ ��� -
��� ;��� .^i-Sa.nada- Sets 'Geprf7Exan)j3'ie\ .:.',~.
,7"CiiBa��l;a,-..fais.es'- .^'ore' ���svl.ea.t' .per trap-'
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tp7-the Aniericatf Mitleiv'aJidf -SPt^-^tiie:
yt'oiId;: a^ppil;, esiaiapfe [,. -. iox3:& n'e :���; &m-
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.. p^siatatts ifiiiifng.ZTy&fk, ivneb ~p��ox:��&safe"fcf iiiHI^s----far-/
7::v:;d0k& -.xyx   Headache     Rheiimaflsni   \,
;.;^W^-;Ti&ott^c^^ "v ,    Neuritis'" :]    V.;
:7v7';7;V7iai^Glie7:V:':^;:    Lumbago- ' -.���    Pain. Pain    ;""���
iXXM^iifiiB&yxf!'\��ies <���?��� 12 tablets���Abo b-^ttle- cif iM/an-i 10O���Dm^ri^ts.
K'Osiris, i^.i^i 'fcii!* KarSr i �����=>'.-* ": ���-. Oa=a Ia"p of Eawr JSa=--fact-.r�� of ?fc=!>-
*:a=sifeaSaratto"fef SaycjUtS-.-^. Wi.'j '.: U f-.-'.l U-r.n-^-r. ��.-.��>��� Aryrli Tr.��i.r�� K*yv?
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���������.���.���'��������������isl' '-fe��-'��ii3B5>��sl Willi.- t&tir s����esral tiaui* n-��ii��, tee "��*zyrr Croaa. _ THE     LEDGE,     GREENWOOD.     B,     C.
I. *
ear East Conference
"   ��
Lausanne.���Jsmet Pasha lias tidied
to persuade fhe European powers and
the United States that Turkish oili-
c-ials and Turkish courts afford adequate protection to lhe lire and property of foreigners residing in Turkey,
and tbe Near East conference stands
in grave danger of breaking up on (ho
uuest ion.
..Europeans alfio llie....lrniied  States..
-insists that special courts, upon
whicli foreign judges sil, must.- administer justice to foreigners jn
Mustuplia Kennil's republic. Ismei
Pasha declares that such courts
would be an iiil'ringonient of Turkish
.sovereignty. in fact, he repeated i.ho
declaration so often . in today's;
stormy meeting lhat Lord Curzon
retorted: "1 bog thai. Isinci. Pasha
wrap up and place carefully away in
a cupboard Ibis question of Turkish
sovereignty, which nobody wishes in
lhe least to offend. Turkey; is not the
only country which enjoys sovereignty; many other powers have il,
mid. frequently greater powers than
Turkey submil (iitestions to international tribunals without tear of impairing their sovereignty."
Ismet. had declared: that .Turkish
laws and Turkish    courts    were    lhc
... etjual of any in Europe so often,
Lord Curzon continued, that, he had
actually come to believe it.
"But the important' thing is not
what tlie Turkish'delegation thinks
about Turkish justice/' added Lord
Curzon, "but what the"-rest of-1 lie
world thinks about it. England's
King George IV".    convinced    himself
"that- he had led the Guards af-.tlie
battle of Waterloo, but   nobody   else
' ever believed it, aud history does not
'record it. . .-..������ ..
���"'flic-plain' truth is Turkish lavs
are based on Moslem .law and vera
drawn by Moslem jurists and theologians. The judges are uneducated,
poorly paid and dilatory. The sain?
���is true of the, police, and the whole
mechanism o'f7'Turkish justice is detective.      Under Turkish courts, for-'
"" eigners- cannot'��� cqmluct business in
Turkey, and it: will be impossible for
. Turkey.' alone lo get the machinery,
..transport.ami food necessary for her
reconstruction   and   development"   .
From Amundsen
Norwegian Explorer is Suffering From
A Fractured Arm
Name, Alas.���Capt. Kaold Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer, now lead
er of an expedition to ihe North Pole,
is having trouble .with an sy-m which
was fractured off Sibcriaovhen he took
Ihe Gjoa from lhe. Atlantic to ihe./Ptiei-
tic Ocean through the 'Northwest .Pas
I sago from, 190'!'to 190".. ,        '
������    *  '
, Captain  Amundsen,  who is winter
ing here, lias hail an -vi'tiy examination made of his arm.
t :,   ���   .
\ Unable to hear  from the schooner
.Maud, in which he left the States
last summer, through the .Fairbanks
and Noorvik radio stations in Alaska,
Captain Amundsen has sent a message
Ihrough Stuvangor, Norway, lo tho
vessel, which is in the ice three hundred miles from .Wrangel Island in lhc
Arctic Ocean. < '
Captain   Anmiulseii,    who;  left    at
Wainwright,- 100.miles   southwest^ ol
Point  Barrow,   a   plane.-in  which   lie
hopes to fly over the  Polo next sum-1 ;nl(j
mcr, saiifhe'spent a ���pleasant Christ-'
mas. ���*'���-.
Form Last. Post Fund
Winnilieg.���With the granting of a
sub-charter by tho Dominion headquarters, announcement is made here
by 'Arthur 11. D. Hair, Dominion Organizing Secretary, thai, a provincial
branch of the Last Post l-'u.nd of.Canada lias'been formed in Manitoba.
Albert Pearce has been appointed provincial .secretary with J times Car-
vuiher and.Col. F. II. OsJle.r as trustees.'."   ..."'-.   ���  '"' ....   "- '���"   -���'     ���"   7
May Have Bank Robbers
Think Gang Who Operated in Western
Canada  Are   Under Arrest "In
New York
Toronto.���Ontario Provincial Police
are looking into the possibility thai:
men arrested in the Pennsylvania Station,' New- York, in possi-sison or
$171,000 in Canadian money, may bo
those wanted5 for.the Sioul'I'ville bank
robbery of a few weeks ago.  ..   .
While 'the Standard Bank litis not
yet' been notified of   the   serial'-num-
y. .���-.__-..
bers on the . bonds seized at New
York,noi- have they been notified'officially of the arrests, it is ll.bui.hf.
beyond all doubt, the "men are. linked
up, not only with the Stouffvilie
branch ': robbery," but also with bank
robberies throughout the west. .
The supposition held regarding the
Western Canada bank robberies, that,
safe-blowing and hold-up jobs liad
been, carried on under direction of the
big bootlegging bosses, is borne, out
in the finding ol'.liquor'labels",seixed"
along with tha bonds. '..-.,'
.. "_. _ ~: L.       '     /.'...
Royal   Yachf'Will  Enter Races-'
London.���King George has definitely'
announced-iiis intention of-fitting out
ihe famous yacht, "Brilannia" for.rae-
ling next year. .'-'-'
Battle With _Iimber Wolves
Elderly White  Man and Two  Indians
Killed,By Wolves Near ighace
Port Arthur, Out.-���The death of an
elderly white and  two. Indians, who
are said to lnn-e been    devoured/ by
wolves,'?   following //a/   losing    battle,
against a great barid-.of tiihber wolves
oji 7a trail severity miles north of Ig;
nacc, in the Sturgeon-- River country,
has   beep i-epoTtecU'liere.     ';The .h\an
resided; witli his two. sons in a cabin
some   miles  from���",tlie   nearest   office,
all three, being trappers'.     _--���"'.-
.Saiurday, the father hitched lipids
dog   tea'iii   and, started'   for the post
office,   arriving ,��afely    there to find
lhe. mail had iiot arrived, and- he.loft.
About,  noon,   Ohrisinias /day, 7 when
lhe old niitii "baih.not appeared' again,
the'   post master 7- grew ; alarmed_   and;
asked   two   ���Indians'.-to'   go "out along
the frail.     A few    niiles    along ���'��� the
I rail    these   .men   found   a  trampled
spot; iiuthe snow, anil a few feet fur-.,
Iher 'on-   ihe trapper's bones.      The
dogs had disappeared..' but -tlie    harness, torn to bits, lay-in all directions.
I lurrying' back toTthe settlement, the.'
Indian's "reported the   gruesome    find
anil themselves "set out in .pursuit ol'
the wolf pack.     -When thcy   did 7 noi
return   to   the   settlement, a.   search
parly...was organized,*and. led. by the
poslniastoY, put-oft" into "the bush.     1.1
is related- lhat jess   than    four   miles
from'' the .jieitlenienl.   and. about.. a
quarter "ofa/mile. off the"-main trail,
the 'searchers .found   the,--remains  of
the Indians.'"-,. Their guns were nearby
the   breeches   were empty and
scattered   about .'.were ..evidences   of
their being compelled' to   use   every
bit of amiminiUouV   'The carcasses of
sixteeip dead wolve.s,    sonic    gnawed-
at and ether' half eaten, .hiy.-ih a circle ''about- the   remains   of   the   Indians.������..'      ��� ���      ''v  .  - y -''.',- X-
Ed. Holmes, Editor and Proprietor ol
Tho Progress, Dauphin, Manitoba
Must Refund Money
To British Bank
Ex-Kaiser Cannot Collect Interest On
British Bonds
Brussels.���The decisions of the lower court that former Emperor William
lias no right to collect interest on British bonds has-been'.{sustained by the
court of appeals in a decision handed
down. The court ordered a Brussels
exchange broker to refund to the British bank involved several million
francs paid on coupons which the bank
later 7 learned belonged lo the ex-
Kaiser,   x
The ownership came to light, when
the British Government protested
against the payment. The Dulch
bank figuring in this case said to be
one of several through which the
former Emperor sent some coupons to
be cashed so that no trace of Iheir
origin might, be lost was exonerated as
an innocent party.
.mister Of Labor
Puts Blame On Reds
Crew of Vessel Rescued
,     Ottawa.���That   he   "cannot   believe
| that    any    real    friends of organized
~ i labor are behind the Edmonton strike,
Saved   From .Almost   Certain   Death | as llle muire situation seems to ha. e
After Battle With Storm J been han(1|ed jr, a manner cimvacter-
New York.���The captain nnd crew j iwiic'of the Workers' party or the so
of the two-masted schooner Gordon j called? Communist party," is the de-
Fudge, of St. Johns..Nlld.. came into j clarat ion of lion. James .Murdoch,
port, on  lhe British freighter 'Nenoni- \ "Uinisier of Labor, in telegrams fo a,
Greek Government
Cattle Buyers From Britain j
Refuses Turks' Demand! ,c,,i)ls,ln';��� �� Fud
U.S. Reds Are Active
Cattle    Kings   Coming    Over   to
Purchase Canadian Grade
St. John, N.O.���An interesting passenger on the Canadian Pacific steamship Minnedbsa, which arrived in St.
John recently, was lion. Duncan Marshall, Commissioner of Agriculture for
Canada, who has   been   in   England
since last September   in    connection
witlithe cattle embargo.
Speaking of. the embargo* on Canadian, cattle, he said that prior to his
departure for .Canada lie had the
pleasure of- seeing this important.
''Question set tied. The question of the
lifting .of the embargo was watched
with the "keenest interest throughout
England -and its passage payed the
way for a. visit to this country of
many of the big cattle kings, who
announced, their intention of coming
here during the winter to purchase
all grades of stock. All expressed
great satisfaction at the removal or
the embargo, as ,,well as the glad tiding'given them that it was proposed
to remove the Canadian quarantine, on
British pure-bred cuttle  in  this coun-
.""v"      0
Has    No    Thought    of    Withdrawing j
Patriarch   From  Constantinople       I
London.���An   Exchange   Telegraph!
despatch'-from Athens gives Premier j
Conatas as authority for the statement j
that, the Greek Government has no
thought of acceding fo the Turkish i
dernand for withdrawal of thc Greek'
Patriarch from .Constantinople even if
the Allied powers accept the Turks
viewpoint as expressed at the Lausanne conference. The Premier asserted that his Government considered the question a national one upon
which no Greek ministry could give
iuee, after being #.'S<.-uedfroin almost
certain death iii~a violent .storm at
sea five days ago.
The .Menominee picked up the
schooner 1,000 miles' off the United
States coast. Tho little boat was
bobbing around in the gale, her sails
in shreds and her rudder post shatter-
had    been
skipper md
owner of the -schooner, said he had
! been fighting the storm for. 11 days.
He had a load of salt which had become wet and his ship was waterlogged. Thc schooner was abandoned.
j cd.      Both her  lifeboats
,' crushed.
Workers' Party Cheers For a
New York.���'The second annual convention of the Workers' Parly of America closed here amid cheers I'or "Soviet America," anil with (he singing of
the Internationale.
7  One of the final acts of the convention was the sending of a cabjegraim of
greetings to the .   Communist'   Infer-1 ��-��     ��   A'J-C       IT 1 J- U)c '
nationale iii Moscow, in--which' it was. -Want AlU tOY UneiRpIOyiHeilt  Censors in reply to an inquiry
claimed that the move to commuhize
the .United States has gained new im
petus. ���".-'...''���        -..-'_
A resolution passed urged the recognition of Soviet Kussia by.the United
States. -iA-proclamation "urging /all.
.the workers-"of the United' Slates-to
join in a social 'revolution was enthusiastically-endorsed.. -' Tlie cablegram
'sent io-Moscow read: ���-"'..- -X ,'������':
"."Second National Conveniion.-.sends
greetings tp ihe'-- Communist" Intel-.
nationale. - Convention ..-reports-villi
joy;-absc'rice"oi'.all-factionalism. " - Convention devoted ��� it self ;to constructive
wWk>, of; building., a " powerful, j-'evolu*
liona'ry-.moyetueiiL, in. America. '���'. All
Ban Arbuckle Films
Situation in Manitoba is Said to be
Still Abnormal
Winnipeg.���Emphatic prolesjs wiil
be made by civic and provincial authorities against .tlie- vioSvVtnkcn by,
the-Federal Government'thai' employ-,
ment. is now-back" to. normal _ and-that
the cost'- of." relief' this winter-, should
be -borne by. the Provincial and'TMiiiii-
..cipitl* Governments.;.. -While .unempioy;
meni conditions in";Winnipeg and suburban .districts' 7 show-- improvement
civer ��� last winter, ollicials;hei-e" claim
that'they-ai-e:.ft ill' ab'ii.oi'iiialand -'tlie
���claim is-made ihat ihe Federal Government- has J'ailcUJn pledges" given" a't'
reports"- indicate , greater  influence  ofl the .unemployment c6iife.!-eni.-e'he]d7in
Will Not Lift Ban
Some Time Ago
���Toronto.���The ban on the presentation in Ontario of "Fatty" Arbuckle
films remains exactly as it was when
put into effect following the arrest ol'
Arbuckle in the Hollywood case". 'No
action -looking to tlie lifting of the
���prohibitory order has been considered.
Such was the Informal ion given at.
thc oflice of the   Ontario   Board    of
whether Arbuckle pictures, would be
shown again in Ontario in consequence
of the decision of Will If. Hayes, head
of the. movie industry, to give the fat
comedian a chance to redeem .himself.
Britain Will Import
Peruvian Rams
Wish to Test Possibilities of Producing  Merino Wool
London.���Several hundred head of
rams are lo be imported info this country from Peru in order fo test the
possibilities of producing merino wool,
or merino cross wools, in ihe British
Isles.    '      X
The plan is tlie result of effort:, by
many wool manufacturers in the
north of England lo breed sheep here,
���which would produce a grade of wool
as fine as lhat produced in South
America. At the .present: time' the
finest wool produced here - is graded
as coarse.
Should thc initial efforts be successful, it is probable Unit all the
present large flocks wil). be gradually'killed to make way for .the ���-finer
breeds, as these command prices four
times higher than the present Bri'isli
committee of the strikers and also lo
President    John    L.    Lewis,    ol    the
United ��� Mine    Workers    of Amciica,
dealing with the latest phase   of   the
Edmonton situation.
A night letter to the minister sign-
j ed by Joseph A.    Clarke,    a    former
| mayor, of  Edmonton,  and  by  Georgo
| Latham, A.  Farmilo,  Bickerton Peal I
' and Elmer .13. Roper,  was handed  to
j "ihe Department of Labor.      It charg-
| ed   "gross   misrepresentations  on  tho
I pari of the mine operators' publicity
i committee"   and   sets   forth   at   somo
j length the claims of the    men,    who
I state ihat acts of violence have been
: grossly exaggerated and misrepresent-
��� ed.
Replying to Mr. Clarke, the Minister
of Labor slates in part: "It can answer no good purpose for you and
those in whom you are interested to
indulge in further efforts'to evade the
real facts in relation to the unlawful
strike in certain of the mines tit Edmonton and vicinity.
"The undersigned is as deeply concerned as you or your associates can
possibly be in tiny injustices under
which labor may be required to work,
but r shall continue to insist, now and
always, that labor and the representatives of labor must maintain some decent every day recognition of hiw and
In his telegram to Mr. Lewis the
���minister sets forth briefly the his-
toi-y of the strike and exchanges of
messages which have taken . place
Willi regard fo il, and. asks I'or a
declaration as to its legality in Mr.
Lewis' eyes.
Will Discuss Boycott
Of British Goods
-. -��� --London.���The. British-'financial "inis-
.-sionio the  _T_iitpd._Stiiu.sVheaded by.
'  Stanley' 'Baldwin,   Chancellor .'"ofuhe.
Exchequer/ lias .sailed  for- Kpy.v> .Vork
bii'ihe linerMajestic. _r =     ���   ��� " .'- 7 ;
'.'-   It'i's expecied ihat the mission-will
��������-----���.��-.. .-������������-      -   -
.--.return about.the end .of-January.7 7.
- An. ii statement in" the'Evening. Sla'n-
./_4!.t_'dV.-_Mr.. ..Baldwin ���..poiiitecl-.-OUt���that
-'.'uuiler the 'present .arrangements,-Great
- ih'itaih's . .payments  '-.to7 the    United
"Slates .would amount to bet ween "�� GO,:.
���United Slates Governnieuf.to come, to
a' periiiaiieiii'Settleineiit pii the .terms,
.of .our debf.'to America of something
Iike"��-sr!(;,00.0,QO0..; ': WW"- . V
'."At present, .ii'.liiw o'f -Congress ;pro'-
-vide;, that"this.,must.'be. repaid within
tVvehty:five-.yeai's at "four and'a-'^ialf
per. cent: interest. " This .would, nieaii
tin annual payment- by- Groat"Britain
.000,000 and- ��.70,000:000 annually
'  VWe-hopo '16" fund "this  debt/.' -h<.
.said, "aiul-get the, burden .of" interest
. eased.      If. it-is success,  l.-'libp'c.'ihe/
United Slates'-will'-be kind tp'a'mifch
./niore important, .mission wliich ."Mi;.
��� IJonar.Law is shortly 'to undertake.'-".
":��� The -Evening Standard says this'teller'refers' to.a reparations settienicnt.
The'chaitcoilof..added, that it is of supreme' importance, io .Europe "thai- ihe   will: bo:.kind/enough.io.i!ie.'niu(.h.)iiort
.'���  l-'nited. States should'haye he.r say as. ���" jnii��irt.iuii.-   mission    'which; Mr. 'Bonar
7 regards Europe's'liiianri.-iI proiilei.).-:.���    (Law is sliih'-ily.fo-imdertake.-Ohe wbrd
' Mr". Baldwiti's/siateineiit  was as fiil-j ^'reparations*' was-.npparpni. >; inserted
low's: "7 r"-7" ���'"."- ': ���-7-   -rb.y-the npwspupi'r).-\v!iii:h is liioi-e-dif-
'..- "Mv- in.issi'0.1 concerns .o'ur-'f.'(i',.'U.> ���! iieul.7 than .mine." '���". .'"-.-.. ..,-.���-./
of .bet\v.ccn".-.-.C:U0.0O0,opO. and ��""P;00.0;-;f'xenfpie
QQOVa veiy hoav.y.biuilen on'our -budget./\-.We. hope to fuii'd Ihi^ile'bt/and-
get the'- bin-den -of.'-"iniere.si; eased, ,bu"t.
of course,. the, last 'Word,- is . with-
America,.' ;';:V' "r ���   '������';���
, .-"If'tve bait VlTect a. settlement on
siu-h a matter we shall, set.anexamplc^
to Eurojie, an example 'might ."well-be
itugtiry   .for- the  ���.settlement..oT e.veu
parly, in" actual, piruggle ol' workers..
.We'go I'orwai-U'with new sire'ngth aiul.
enthusiasm, ' .Loiig live; Cbmnninisni.'
and. (he-.Internationale.'"::.
X "A sign ifi ca ui -step, taken by; the- con-,
veniion; wliich,was -taken- to niean the
htuivchiiig. of an intensive pi:opagaii(la
a.mo'ng"/fiiriiiers. and -farm' -laborers,
was/tl'ic- authorization' of .a national
iigra'ria'n organizer .tor. the"-party/TRose
Pasl'or Stokes;',described Vis. "out "'of
town,',"- "and a. noted. Communist- agita-
lor.Vas oiio of'a nuniber ot".'new'in:e,iii/
bers elected to tiie Central- Executive
Co-niniitie'e, - The.'coiivention had been
:'in-" s'essipn .three"days at .the'Ljibpr
���Mghfy'-Fotirih Si. ���'"--".' -'.,.
Ottawa hist September../     .-.-"-
- Premier,-.���Bracken., Manitoba', 'made,.;,
public' -telegram's, bel we.eh t he .Proviiw
ciiil Government and "Oiti.wa,'.'��� dealing
iw.ith (Iic'Jsituation'!. '-/liec'cnily' pi-oyiii-
���ciiij and .civic "aullioi-iiies "asked  iliat .1
assistance be. given similar .to that, of j.
'v Refugejor Exiled Sultan v
May Be.' Guest' Of- King.Hussein Of
��� -, X- ������" ��������� Kedjaz. 'x ��� :'"���:.". -.-
?' Cairc).--v.-'",'iiio.ss'ag6:'-''frbii'v' 'j'echiiili.
sitites! thai,the "exiled. 1S11Itan of/Turkey
has inftunicd -King-Hussein o'f JTeiljaz,'
ihat he-, is ;iui;ible lo" say. yet whether
he-'will 'accept. Hussein's invitation to
reside.-'tit'.Mecca! .- . . -..' ."" ".- -" 7"
., Ile'-liit^j decideiTto' seek refuge "in-
some "Moslem country; and--promises
to. advisg King Hussein iiiter'-w-heiii.e'r-
his; choice .will- .be ��� Mecca. -- The--ex-
Stilian iiiak-e.s. hii- i-eferciic.e whatever,
id. the..-"fiiniijy."" lie'-deserted in 'Con-
staniinciphV ' - -."-_.;.    '���":   -    -'���'   X'y; 7
Alberta. Drought Relief Act
pi hm-7 years " in .r.elieying unemidoy
liient,    -A message froih .lion. Jaiiies 7
Murdoch, /Minister   "of Labor,- setting .'.Debts ��� to ��� Arrtcuint   of';_ Over "$20,00.0
Is Defaulting
forth-, -the- .-Dominioii    Gove'rniiient-s j
]Jb>;itibn,.said:  " -   '   -   -.   ... .-""��� ^ ���
-  ''.''The situalion as .it.'appeai-s'fo'the
Federal authorities is not'one, .which
justifies action on. .flieti-. "part' in ,;is-
'suiiiini.., ti"i.. liresen I...any Iproporiion .-of-
(lie o.bligatibiis falling, c'ustbniarily. to'
the. .lminicipal/iin'd.-provincial itutho'ti
ties.'-'''"V   - ' W V 7' 7   '-."" ���    .
Preparing for Alberta
Wi.Si-   Give  -Consideration
..'    - Wheat-Bb.ard "Question .'7: "
Edmo.iiton7-^f)aily7.cabieni-. meetihes
Not ��� Delivered '.Wood --Demanded
'���"..'   --','-���, ��� For'This Yea.r.,"''- 7'7".V.
.. Paris.-T-The/./Allied// \Repiirations
Commission ,fbv. "the .first-- time in.' its
history;..declared/ (Jernnifi.v to ��� be/ in
greater', problems.!ban this one���.-niter J voluntary default in one of her. rep.ara.'.i A.j.p.nbw-.being held by-fhe.:C'overii?iieni-
iiatioiiii 1" probjeiirs,' ���    . 7"   "���''. ' 7-7 "7 . - { Horn , obligations.".:   The . -default" .-��� w e-7i ��� i 1 j .-���] ,i-o n- Q-n t ipii V Lor. - the'., approaching
-   "If I.ain'successl'iil. J-.liiifi<\ Afiiericii; 'VhirodVvas'Jn-:tleljve.ry   of; wood/ .de"4Ve.ssion- of \\\c.iLegislature.'' .'A
having seen the re'siiliVQ.f <.uHMnissioi'V
vole was-throe", lo one FranefvBplgiuiii
and  Italy .vi.iting  for., ilie-de'claratjon
arid (j'reat Hritain'tigaiiist it-.' 7 7 ���-' . X
--.''��� Handled-During. Past Six   '���"-".
'.'���".    .' "   -. Month's'        ._.". ..... -. .-
'.Calgtiry.-���Btivihg' tlie^ six '.-monthrf
iusi". closed .debts "��� approximating -between .$20,000" ancL ?L'o,000 have, heen
handled -uhderr-ihe Soiiiiiei-n:;AJh'ef:a
_i.)rough.t J.<-h"ef;Aet. /.    ��� ���[    '-.-'���
...Erbm figures' prepared it. is,shown
All-Indian. National- Congress Taking
--' -7 Up Many Questions-
Gaya./'Beugai/ Uritish". India.4-Tl)eb.-,
���gate's- from-'a"U' iiiirusVof'- the" country
have- arrived -here- for. tlie'-aH-Indian'
National .-.Congress.,-, lntei;esi' c.eiijros
on the fi'uestion' of. whetlier tlieiion-
���co-opera tohs;.shoiiI,d,.seek ���;'election m
-the legislative,'councils!-���.- ..-
": -Tlie subject.-,committee, has- adopted
.if resolution' io-be.:sul)i!iitied-"'.:(o'-' the
"congress of - the appointment of ;t,
com'mitte.e- io'- report ..what British
goods can-be successfully boycotted.'".
_A niiriiber' 017���.oilier'political"and
religious conferences ..-will - be"'held"
Tluring congress weeli. ..Tliere" will be,
a- .discussion oit' .the; .caliphate ,,c6'n-
���trbversy,':'.niahy,- ."\Iusstil,iiians.:.hokiiii/,r
thai ihcValiphate :uul sultiinate-imisl
be', vesio'd'-in tJie. sanie "individual.-���- '
Takes Pictures By Radio
Wireless Photography Nov/ Claimed to
Be Accomplished Fact
London.���Tlfe Daily Mail announces
that   an-/electrician, T. 'J'.    Baker,    a
.I pioneer, in photo-telegraphy, has com-
Ipleted'ti process for.-wireless    photography oh which he litis been working
I'or sonfe'-tiine'. :������ It is sald'Vhat ho has
I found ii possible to. send by wireless
i-ai photograph" which"-i.s reproduced oh
|.a;' serisiiive  iilm some  dislanou" away
cj from .the sending .set;
.; The   .newspaper"'jirinis-" -a. picttu-e
which' 'it    says., ���' was -truin-nut 1 ed by
Mr.  Balcei-.-frimv oiie" building .10.. an-.
oth.er : building ,'100   'yards',  distant,
iwi'thiir, ihr.ee.'.-mini! 1 es'7"   Jt'.���idds.Lhat:
'he-process beiorc/long'miiy be used,
for;"the  transmission" oi.'.pici.urcs over
t-hlhiiited-areas^. -. -. ;,. - -.-".'' ' -'- '- ���"-. 7 ." "
7   ������'.'   X Beinoving to Ottawa.   :   ,.-
- Lethbridge.' --.Sehatbr Dev'erber,'
pioneer inedieal man and.politician, 'is'
leaving Lethbridge..and m'oyihg io "'Oi-'
I a wil. -''; Tlie sena to l-'-iiiul.., his. "wife/ex'-,
P.ect- (,0=,leave early ".in 'i.he,--iNTew--/\*e:-ir
'fo.rnh'e" capii'aL"Where"vhe.y" will,spend���
the rcviiaihder ",oT .their lives: :; After:
2!) ye.ars as".medical health'officer "of
Greeks and Turks
'���Xy: May -'-RenewHostilities
that .the office-staff ,was"22, consisting   fhis city,-the senator, has-resigned. Up
,.01 the/ commissioner;:'six clerks, eight |'wil I. b.e succeeded-by1 Di*"., Lafferiy. /.
st'enbgritphers, .six eo'rresjiphcling'arid'
filing clerks and .bub" inspector.-    The
lotiil expenses for the si.v-monihs,
eluding, sitlari.es,'w.ere.;?1fi,p6.0.;.'V
sid'enible, anionni.'of \v<>)-k -in the' way:
of-.new legislation is. being "pr'ep.ared,
including the revision oi th*',"City"Act."
The wheat,'board ' is- :i!so':bcing given
held by  the
i'i)ii<-d/sia.t<'S'-ai"id'i:.'- ii
!    It is of--Mtprei]ic7 ii'np.ortarice i.<i.'Ku"r-
.deiii-ine' oiie.-
- - \\"i:' ii i'<\ i 11 -i hi' -1 i'jfi lion
<)pe-,.iliat". Ajnerica'sln/iild  ha\e, a   say
ol.-.ilebUirs.. 7
Wi-.iliiust  tread", wari'y".
in ihe/riiany perplexing mailers"jiuw
_!   !io|ii;7tii  prrstiiidc the.
���/���ngagiiig" I he..atlen,i ion (if -slatcsiiien.''
Reserve /Seats. For   Overseas   Paper's j 'vjs^-.
���, London".-���'Announc-f'.iieM i.is
thevGo-. erninetit's close" a'tiMijion just
Mu-   di-cisiiitt; - - iiitH: -yet - -been
made; reached its, 10.wlj;;i'.'action wilTb'c 'ia!;-
Photograph Drunken*-Men
."-Picture Cure'^Vyill Be.,Tried . Out in
��� . '' .-' - Des :Moines''" / '-' XX,';-' '���
.'-: i)e.s.,.\ibiiies. ,].iiw;i.--r,loIin"ij/ J lam
iiioiid.-.X'Jiiel'- of Police,, has ainiiiuiic'c'd.1
that, every; ..Iriiiik'eif'- iii.-iri _ "Nv-'bb ���' is-
brought in.to'phlii't?' lieadqii'ar'ter's .here- J
i'ifr.0!-- will 'h.-i've, .his /picture/-"jal;f-n~.'
\V!feii tin-'ofietiili-.r has-become sober-!
���War on Belting-Traffic ...
. 'J)eiroiv."--C,0"mphiiht,s".,;iigiiin.si , lianil-
booh, men;"newspapers publishing bet:
Lting oddsjind- dealers handiiiig/'siu-I
|"f;.ublica(.io]is; lii-c. lei be- made-.-here, "Po
! lice" ;('ouiii)issioher -James' Iiiche.-.' an
I nouneed."'. - All- 'periodicals
���,; be "affeciedhy. the ordei'-
Re'po'r.ted ��� That; Entire Greek- At my 10
',-.;'' -   Moving On .Thrace
.'"-London.~A   dispatch   to. -lhe   Daily'
���I.-":ciiress- i'rom'/ Athens!--sa> s" -the entire :.
,Gi-eek--;a)'i)iy" is" lhoving Toward 'Thrace,/
war being.eonsh.ie_.e(l;in.e"vii.;i.ble."_ _,i_V.i.
- /'The' dispatch" ;idds tliat' fonher-Pfe.,
.! uiier... Vehi/.'elos felegraphed "th'c-'reyo-
huionary-: govern hi eni -"advising -it*, /to
.send"' reinfo.i-ee'niehi-s'.-io  the. Thraciaiv
front inid.a'sking io -be/in formed of the
number of troops here.     A nieeting of
the   cabinet.. followed   .and-tho-army',
���moved,   ; ;-"   .".'-.    ,'     - '     " '", : , ". ������
' .The-reservists, of t-he. 1.020 :in'd.3022.
classes, the- dispa'ich"' continues/ 'jiav-e'"'
been railed: ici"iht. colors.-.     AV.ai- .Slin--
ister-.Pangiilo's .has   .been    appointed
in chi'ling icciivimaiiirer-iti-cliipl'    in- '��� Thrace!   and
lis . Secretary    IPr-,
i). be issued. iS.itloniki.;, ;���..���--'������'--.
j tliiir admissioh tiia"lio.p.i-t'_ss,;galli>rv- of';.",.u 'jn- ibis .'piVutei-'.-iiiii" ihe hi format ion. .:t".aiii he will, be" .p/resent'ed. with ..' pic-
' 1 hep.I:louse" ol'>Coiiiiiiiius; j.��t - to" bo-' ;tc ' in iW. hands'-Pf the"! hivornlii'ci.
liiiw i rorded,si,\' repi-i'seiilal iv<>s (if- the" press. .Voiinii-"\: mciiibei
Iroiii-.'-itU'e of-hiji'isell'-.. so-thiit
>>f  the. House" and !7iu.st -  in-w.    lie    looked
.he" -may "know-,
when- he' ,w:ts
$ Tmela Ripe
-';" i'liit'iiibi'i'
from ov.eisQii.s. Doiii.iuiotis'.' ' -----
��� t.'ei'iain'.-rejiresen'ufiive.s'.' -liiive
'Spine tiiii'e/jiiist beVn'.iidiiiiited to',.'li; '"tbiii  -a'Vsirongn-    ileinah'd.'ihtih ever
ifibb.\;' .iinl.t In* press writ in.V.!;e.\i'stedv itiroi.i cihou'i.  Alberty'.-. , for,   the
���-,     '"'--"-/' ������'���   .       '��� I wheat   board..;     This-Aviis-Tonftrnici!
���'^7-rrr��� ���.���.���.������ '7 .-���-   '      -also by the Alberta- -i'ederiil 'ui'-iiiber's
..;-������.    -Earthquake, In- Aiistralia  -    ,   -:-j who    were- - in    co'nt'"tfri(-i>- with   tho
. . Melbourne.���The-   ./ earllnpiake . - o< ! cabinet ;T i'i-.w 'days- ago. -';.. ���.--.'.,
Ghi-isiiii;',s. ai!.erii(|on  v..;is confined! 10! "     -     ���' y���'������
tire iippi'V -and middle portion <>]'- tin--'   "    For Permanent Wheat.Board
roni' the iariiiin'.g-pii'lilic'. ai. I.itrge.- -is 1 -liro'nghi. io .iail..-:'llaiUiiiond hope";, ibis
for ; ro ihe;offeci;.say-".J'reniicr -Greetitield,';:'"l;ii'ttire, ciir./'" wili be a-poti-nr. .w-V;ijio;i
"ngainsrdrunkenness. -<���  "".-.-' -.���
Ldne Stand In Respect
. '���__���    .   :.'.*; ;���;-~-V���������";";" -.' "   -   _���'   ���.Pa-r-rs:���Hrapce- "^'ifiiieil an'- irnpori'ant -ii) -tho .-Fieiieii sidf in', the .reparations
'"' Bank--Deposits Show increase      - . \icioryin theAJli.Ml Jiepa.niiibiiK;Goni-   "contro-, eVsyV'" ;!".-/"',.':".;, , ' :       - '",  '
Ottawa;���-An  inti'eiise, of -in er ��� ?1J'i !'"nVis>;ipn; .when . ibe-coni'niissipn.'-by  :i '���. Oi'i-m/iny-has-cari-ie'l'-'mii -iiiore than
I'Hin.iiiit.i in th.e'lolal-'ain'oiini'-ol'-^aying. .vote  rii   ihrep  to   on.*. : *lerliu-ed,...Oer-:/(ID" pei- cVni.oi' _ih   schedule-' of .wood
deposits in'(.'anadia 11 .liitnks-during -.in/ttuany "involuntarily. :'il   iJetiiult.. in  ht'r-.;ileliveri<;"s  for-1 Iiis 'j'ear..'-. ������ When  the-
iiKinth O'f Novemhcr-. -and .of    iiear.i.y-/-woo.d deliveries for Pj22. /   '-/-���.: Oertuan .experts'-iyere"'.|>efore'-'tiie com-
. SVJ.bO'i.f'OO /in --deiiiand   deposits    is |-  France'..Tjfdiiiuni and Italy "stood ii. "Jiiis'sion   seyeral  weeks" jigo,--1 they, an-
Tli<> i'iis.. ..\Inn.--Tliai
iu connection - with the
tlie situation. [ dealtwitli-at' ihe Saskatchewan Grain ! Cheviot Cou.nt'v in J.'IOl
south, ishiiid,     The shock was <-speei-!    Winnipeg.-��� Legislation,.-i"o--}t'uUiorize j^-howir    by    The     si;iiemen't     issued ' favor of.i.h'e deelai?.tiJon-,'"while,,..Gr'Ciit: npttnee'd /thai Germany .had lieen 'tin/
���illy s-.vei-e in Noi-ih" Canterhury, and -;j rjie  appointment   of ;i   royal, conijiiis- hhrd'tigh the finaiieo department...   ,-l.K- ' lirifaiji-, cast, "its ..ballot'- against"; it., Vibhvto deliver, more tha 1.1 "she -hail .and
{ recalled, memories; 01"  the' -'quake   in 1 sion to invo'tigaie every'detail-of ilic-j- mtftnil deposits at.theend pi! ',^>ovembc-'-'"��J"he- decisionof the   coinmission'   wa.- . tii.,t   tlu': .deliveries1 lor.. i!i2:';niusi  be'
I Iu d.son 13ay f Growers coii'vcniion to be held in
is criiical and that tlnv pres-!'January, and would .also "be discussed
ent is ihe psvcliologii-al time' for the 1 at the l.'.F.M. convenuon at I'.rjiiidon
v:est- 1.0 unite and light for .the com- |.in Januarv.
pletion of'the roail.. was the contention
oi' (.ommr.jsioner J. A. "Campbell at a
lueetirtg held iit The I'm. und��'r .the.
.-tu.ipices of the Hoard of Traflp.
A cpnspii-ac\v( he said, was on foot
among, eastern interests to light
against completion of this; railway,
and propaganda' was being circulated
'.Mr. Campbell stated   that -" I'mniei j wilt) thi.s object in'view.   _ T.'nles.s tiie. declined a judgeship.
Prominent Regina Lawyer Dead .-.
Kegin.a, Sask.���-X F. Fra'tne, tvJC'.,.
prominent in Saskatchewan legal eir-
cles- died suddenly at his home here
of apaplexy.
!iIo! had served on :i number of
(.overnnicni conu a is sjons ami in 10 3 f*
grain" handling .��j.��iein, ..closing oi' ,al!   totalled." -?54il,-i Jt5.-720 as compared with Jimmediaiely communicated to live -Al- ��� :rreaiJ> reduced:
mixing houses, -and a p^'rinan<'nr wii.^aii ?5��T.-I!)LI2S :it   the  close  of the  jn'-e j lied. Government for their actjon.     It.,-   All hough
lhe:-: deiiveriosih' wood-in -
���board, to hav<�� a m'e.:opoIy of all --grain [Hpus moniii. Notice dep'osits cotalledj may hav�� a: vital effect, "oh the repa'ru- themselves are of lessZ-iniportance'
purchases    and    sah!s    in   the three   ?h1l"*f.G09.'',f\"> as agninsi ? 1,15(5.-1 HVI3G 1 lion's problem if France ran retain; the I'lhinf.ihe other- mailers'connected".with."--
on October 31. support of Italy and    liplgium    when ; reparaiioiis: tlie French' point out that
prairie pro\ ince-.    are    urged    in    a
��� resolution passed  by the rural  municipality of Franklin, Man.
���. *.
'IHinnjng. i;a<I -proniised 1 ha 1. 1 he ..'"as.- :
��� kaichev.'au Legislature ~would con-:
'shier th*- inaM'-i'.;.""���-th*' -nVst-'srssion/j
and-P:'e.mif-i John ISi-ai'l.^i) ���arid . Pro- ���
.rinrial "Treasurer JJlac-k Ji.-ol given .^nj
(Vest awakened from its state of -iom
nolenec," the Past "would prevail, ami Prepare for Opening of Parliament
not out. "would the completion of tlie Ottawa..���-With the return to Canada
<ine be'post potted indefinitely, but put |oi" .Hon.' Wi ���!?-. "Fielding.,- Minister of
of the "ihe already-laid would-be/d^s-1,Finance,"and. Hon! ' KraesL-Lapdlnte,
. Liquor Wrapped With Newspapers "
('liicago. ��� - increased international
circulation of M*-\i<-:u�� and Canadian
St. Lawrence Waterway Question
Washington.���Senators  from north-
v/este;:n and Groat J-akes siates; who
Sr.l claration by Great Britain was in a'c-
policy,   which
coming i aciion might have   a   dj?r,strous   ei-
aro   especially  interested   in   iii.
Lawrence   waterway,   and    who
ar^;oord.iH-�� with British
pa pei-   bioucht  about   Of   dis^nerj   keeping in close touch with advocates. has been opposed to    declaring
thai  bootleireeis  ha\e  been   shipping]of  the  waterway  in   Canada,  p- _-<ikt   many in defauir, In the tear that
brandi    and   *\\lii-I.p>" in    ir-n ftimcef act--'"   ���,-:"   v-"   <->!-����   ���������   "��� ���--'
the reparaf ions question is discussed ��� the -"decision, is-.ot real-, value .10
at. the January -meeting of the pre-j--France's position on reparations/since
miers. - mi'-reverse's the order of   things - and.
The lone v;ote CTSt  against   j he.- de-..places Gre;it nritiiin, . iri/. an ..-isoiated'
position on -the issue.'". ".- '-.'.'.-  '.['
Som��-- of lhe. French ".observers'aT--
l'etied io see in'jiie vote, an indication"
ihat   Franrer'-Jtaiy. -and- Belgiiun' will.
assiiranct- .liiat, !!:<���; Manitoba .Govern- j
���men't woiifi] fall" .in line" with i.!iskat- .em. menibers. iit ,tnta'fta;V this
, chev.an. ,  Tie hail.i'so received an bj��-.j could
'tf��iranr<��� jO-^i i:.e .'nue
md   'wlii-kpj" in    iT-nOiin.cc] action,  will  be   taken   at   the   coming. acuon migni nave   a   oisr.s-trous   ^1-: j?pre.-��'5U a united'ij-pn't'before. ,Great
. ty.be-^. capped in the p-ipfi.-. iedcra!|ii")e^;ing 01  the Canadian Parliament, j feet on the airead\ precajfous stale of | T>iirS!n on the -ciuestipii".of.-reiiaraiions
iroyed.- Wirli complete; .unity: 01'71 esi-1 .Miiii^tei;; of;/Marine-; and    Fisheries;   ofliceis   '-aid   h'ie.      TwcL*-   n-gniaj J The,    e\pect   action   authonzing   theJGennan finance.      Italy'< support  ot I.
's��5.>-riib.!?. were    ane-ied    i^-centh ! <*anad'"an    GDu-rnmeiit
.M.-itM'r   t-;ui>
.the.New Yt'ai', final rpVeparar
received an bj��-.j could. - Jie.-.-vvari   cpistidonr^. he .pusiVo-I ��� tsons' wiil bei made (��>���-. the-opening'01   Search I01   th��\   tth.-i tiption -oii��-itor.-J nfgoti
stion' wotild'-be^.tlirougli!-.""-���;"���    ,/'".':'  ',  ���'���"' 7'-7 '7: 7/!f Parliament.;',".:'-.'// /���.'/',//!'.   ������'/-"   '-. is "io-be masle.'      *- .       ' 'tlie,!*!
i Canadian Gmyrnmeni to-entrr into! France in the haiioting" came as a
iation�� .over the waterwaj w ith j surprise, and as an indication that
iiited States GO">ernnient. ! Premier JIussoiini is   swinging   o*er
a; the coming meeting hei'e" of tlie pre7
PliTs. ' - ��� .   . '���-'  --yy '-'������-
'W.  -N-   V.   1453,
K \
8��gg!g��pauM^9SI^��ftJ! Wi��BlfflgWgWW
Is $2.00 a year strictly ia advance, or
$?.'.S0 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
the United States fa.50, always in advance.
G. W. A. SMITH   -
delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coil and Oil  Notices     7.00
Kstray Notices 7.7 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where  more than  one claim ap-
pisars in notice,  $5.00 for  each additional claim.)
il other legal'advirtising,   12 cents a
��� irst insertion, and  8 cents a line for
������-:>    subsequent    insertion,    nonpariel
���; n-uirernent.
7-uiscient display advertising 50 cents
-;/cli each insertion.
��� '���ashless locals  i2^_c.  a, line each insertion.
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
tl:at the editor would be pleased
to have more money.
Unless farmers prosper, no other
line of industry can prosper.
The smaller the mind, the surer
iii is that it need not learn.
Your town should blow its own
horn. Nobody else will do it for
You can help your town by
boosting her whenever and wherever you can.
Money comes easy to some
people, while others can only get
it by hard work.,,
Some men should quit hunting
faults in other people, until they
first correct their own faulte.
Some - narrow.-rriinded. -'.to wn
���knockers.'may -have"  �� real" good
sul-phuricVspot in- Hades ..reserved
for .hem.." V-W '"'.���' 7-.V; ���"' -
���'-.'Farmers -' must "have- price'B-'and
.market ��� conditions that; will yield
; enough  profit.. to 'induce.; enough
rneii to stay." on the farmland make.
iarmiug their, life -work. - -, -   7 7-;
The newspaper thai does not
-reveal'eqme .terrible .scandal', some,
glaring human!: foible,   some   de-.
pravity. vhas  '.'nothing .in,- it"  for
the.person-who feeds on:gossip and
��� fattens   on !7garbage ..and . kbows
.everybody's "business 'better .than
, his'ow'n.'���'  "-��� ��� X. .-' V -'-��� '���"'.-"
'With some people an. important
; rWs.ion.'is i,how   toVinvest, ,'their
;-r!\ings.    Keep.your money -in a.
' iV.iik'.or.a; -building, and loan com���
7:pGny "awhile.and  take  plenty   bf
tinie and  thought.. Investigate it
corefully before you. pnfe.it else-
. ���vyhere.V.It.is better.to.bes safe than
���' gorryv.V . \VW"V '��� ���'-���--/-WW.       ���'.'
i -YisiTok.3 7- to 7towh . Should ;,be
X. astounded, when they visit by finding every, citizen so kind and so
:anxiou8... to; 7make1 -their   visit   a
-piedsant, one.;   ��� They .'should   go
away saying that the. hotels  are
������' splendid,, the stores are; splendid,
,. and courtesy and; comfort are to
be.founded everywhere.
V "My'Lady's Latch Key"
Katherine MacDonald, the star
of vMy Lady's'Latch   Key" the
. feature attraction at the Green-
tvobd Theatre, knows a successful
business man who in hia spare
hoars writesplays. He. has never
had one produced and begged Miss
MacDonald to intercede with the
reader employed by a big film company to pa?s on mannecripta. The
reader took the effort home. Next
day   Misa    MacDonald    and   her
. friend called on him for a decision.
"Xve worked on the play nearly
two years and want your candid
opinion'*  said  the  bagines*.   man
author hopefully*    ,wAh, that's the
point;"  said  the reader, All work
and no play."-',.''���'��� '!'.    7    "';.
"My  Lady's  Latchkey" wiil be
phown. at   tbe  local   Theatre on
Jan. 6th. '':'.'���";': -.'"K-. ~ '
Not Necessary to
Surrender Pelts
Efiectiv* January 1st bounties
have been enacted for coyotes,
wolves and cougars, of $2, 825 and
HO respectively, and it will not be
necessary to surrender the pelt-
provided it is produced for inden-
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. EWeleth, of
Ferry, Wash., desire to take this
means of conveying to all Midway
and Ferry friends their deep gratitude for sympathy and kindness
shown in their sad bereavement.
��� Vancouver.���Three hours after the
Queen of the Pacific, Empress of
Canada, Capt. A. L. Hailey, had
made a graceful landing- at C P R
pier A, section 2, a long train witli
her valuable silk cargo rolled out of
the yards on its way to eastern
points. The magnificent ship was
tied up about 4 p.m. and a battalion
of stevedores got all the silk in the
cars and out of the yards at 7 p.m.,
24 hours ahead of a similar cargo on
board the President Madison, which
left Yokohama thc same day as the
Empress of Canada.
��� Lethbridge.���Jurisdiction V-of -the
'Lethbridge. division; 'Alberta district
Canadian .Pacific Railway;  was. expended far inside the western bord--
,ers of Saskatchewan .when .the L'eth'-'
-. bridge operating/department of .-the.
railway; took...6ver-oh .-December- II
the. operation- of   the" nc��wly'   constructed" portion of. the-; Lethbridge- -
"yVeyburn, line." ThefLethbridge-.di-'
' vision npw,."extends  to "the' towh=-"of -
-.Shaunavon,- SaskV, half way. between
Lethbridge'and Weyburfi, 122 "miles
east-of Manybe.rries; -which" has been
the.end of-the steel'on the :west,'and
the. territory--of- the'.Let:hbridge" division now covers .72.5 miles.of line-
frp'm' Crow's; Nest to. Shaunavon and-
frorh. Calgary!,to the. border. V
. Owen Sound.'���Joseph - Lee, section:
foreman on! the-C. P. R. at'Dundalk
for.seven^or" eight years, has, been .appointed, sec tion,. foreman, at- Orange-
ville .-ahd'-has  moved , to  that  tbwn.-
Just before his departure from. Dun-
' dalk; Mr." Lee; received ."a cheque" fo'r-
;$25:0(j. from: the C;P. R. representing the amount- of. the prize offered
by-'the Co'mpany.to the Superinteiid-
_.ent having,-the Best- kept section on'
��� the  Bruce .division. .. Six  years ago
; Mr..,;Lee was the winner, of the Road-".
.master's rprize. '-'-", "V"',. '.. ;7 .;,-'_ "'"" .7.
��� _"Ottawa.���Ottawa, loses, a popular'.'
citizen, arid ��� an able railwayman in
Mr. FY P, Tinker, .district .freight
agent for the Canadian Pacific-Railway for several years, who.has.just
received a-promotion. -On the first
of the year Mr. Tinker '"fakes7iip the
; position of district freight" agent for-,
.the,.Canadian.Pacific an.d. associated
lines'in Detroit.' 'These ���lines1 include"
.the Canadian Paeific Steamship" Co.
the Minneapolis, St, Paul and Sault
Ste.    Marie    Railway,    the    Duluth
��� South Shore and Atlantic Railway
-and the" Spokane International Railway.
. Mr...Tinker' came to Ottawa on
December. 'Ist,- 1 Ol(>,-��� from St. John,
��� N.H. "Me "starte'd- railway work on
the'old New "Brunswick'Railway on-
. Oct."7th-. 'l'887.V'and. was taken over
by-'-'the C,P;R;-.7-\vlie"n ' the company
purchased tlie road aiid." has ��� been
with -the  company ever .since.
'Mr.-C:   S.   Morse,   of   Tbroiito,   a-
well-known   C.P.R.   man,   has   been
transferred'to Ottawa  to take over
Mr  Tinker's duties    -Mr." Morse arrived in"" Ottawa on'December 26th.
Chatham, Out. - "Speed-mania"
has again broken 'oose in the city
and unless some strong steps are
taken to eliminate this craze it will
gain a strong foothold in the city,
declared Chief of'Police'Groves.
A complaint was laid to the police
by the C. P. R. to the effect that an
automobile going south, on William
St. at a considerable rate of speed
sfciick one of the northrside gates
which had just been lowered far an
-oncoming ���- train- and - completely
smashed it.'
��� The tower-man, realizing"that ona
���of.the south'gates was liable to be
-similarly.-treated' by-'the- speedinrr
. motorist,  raised   these' gates 'at- a"
. considerable speed, being just quick
. enough to- make- a--passage "for. the -���
speeding.motorist:    The..number of-
]he car. was- secured- by one; of the'-
local section, crew arid, turned" oyer-
'.to the police.    . .'.-'.  .���-' Xx-i Xx -"    ���-;
X'^'the -driver 7of 7���theV'-carVwill"-' be "
-charged with reckless- drivhiir" stat-"
.��i-the Chief.-It.is high tfme'that.-
. we   ,ake decisive:steps.; to -prevent
any accidents -which.can be directl*
traceable to reckless driviBg,"--X   X
Montreal.���Calls at Belfast on
both the eastbound and westbound
trips of Canadian Pacific liners sailing between Montreal and Glasgow,
instead of only on the westbound
trips as at present, and more extensive use of Southampton as a
port of call for passenger traffic
are innovations planned by the Canadian Pacific Steamships, Limited
for the 1923 season. '
The calls at Belfast on eastbound
trips are an inauguration of a new
passenger service from Canada to
Ireland. This service will be maintained by the steamships Metagama,
Marburn and Marloch. and will commence with the sailing of the Metagama from Montreal, bound-for Belfast ��nd Glasgow, on May 3. This
will */e the first Canadian Pacific
sailing from this port in 1923.
Winnipeg.���"With the completion
of the Canadian Pacific Railway line
from Acme to DrumheUer, Alta., last
month, five new mines were put into
operation along this line, according
to .Charles Murphy, general manager of western lines.
The coal mined is of excellent
quality for domestic use and should
remove any danger of coal; shortage
in the west this winter, Mr. Murphy
states. '       " ���
Evidently-the farmers of the district  are   not  confronted   with   the
fuel problem; for.Mr. Murphy.'.-while
travelling through }the.' district, no"-'
, tieed. farmers', filling - their ' wagons
-with'-coal- dug up with shovols.W .-������:''
Lethbridge.���The requirements of
the Canadian Pacific Railway for
men for -construction work on the
Foremost line, has helped out the
labor situation in the citv very materially. About 80 men ' have' becn
placed on this job through the lc,;-:i'
government bureau, but in spite of
this. 194 nanus apoear on the idle
"Lethbridge is doing better than
most of the western cities," said
Supt. Thomas Longworth. "We ;ire
placing a few men right along, the
C. P. R. helping us out greatly:"
Lethbridge. -��� The Lethhrict-e
"Herald" says: "Miss Doris Carter,
of Del Bonita, drove into Magrath on
November 6, to meet her little
cousin who had travelled from Vancouver, in charge of the conductor
of the C. P. R." It speaks well for
the efficiency of the raflwav authorities, that a little girl of 11 years of
age could travel so far alone in
safety. Thanks are also due to the
kindness of the Travellers' Aid, who
took the child in charge at Calgary
and Lethbridge.
Fort William.���That Fort William
is rapidly getting into her pre-war
stride again was shown by statistics
given out to-day by Building Inspector McNamara. Before the
year closes, the building permits
for the 12 months will have reached
Up to November 22 the total.value
of building permits issued for this
year is $986,485, to which will be
added in a few days a permit for
the building of another unit to the
Canadian Pacific Railwav coal dock
on Island No. 2, which will run into
hundreds of thousands of dollars.
St. John.���Eighteen members of
the C. P. R. Investigation Department who are on duty at Sand Point
during^ the winter season have arrived in the city. Others are expected, and with the cessation of
port activities at Montreal and the
shipment of all remaining freight
from warehouses the full detective
force will be transferred to this city.
The same corps of investigation officials work at Montreal during the
summer season and here at the winter port, and as the respective ports
gradually open or close the C. P. R.
police are transferred as the changing conditions warrant.   .
Moose Jaw.���Approximately five
thousand bags of second-class mail
are being handled in Moose Jaw at
the Canadian Pacific Railway depot
every day by government transfer
agents. The greater part comes from
eastern points and the United State's.
.The volume of the mail began to
increase about two months ago,-corresponding with the commencement
of threshing operations, and it has
steadily grown in proportion to the
present time and it is not expected
that the increasing tendency will
cease until after the turn of the year.
In addition to the mail,, actually
handled here by the transfer men,
baggage cars crammed full of ssc-
ond-class matter are daily passing
through the city for points further
... Montreal.���A-'new week-end/cable
letter service-" is^ announced  by  the
Commercial , Cable - Company,   con-
; necting with . the   Canadian : Pacific-
Telegraphs." The announcement.wiil:
.be  of- great  interest-to those "who
-have-frequent--use   for, .cables-  to
Great Britain, !as "it. sets forth, acoh-
.'sider'ably" lower  rate", -for"-.messages
over" - the -, Commercial  .'Company's
���cables.-. Xy'".,.-     '��� ,     ..."    -   .,-77"
J.   The rates are effective immediately
.to Bradford,'-Bristol', Dundee', Edin-7
-burgh,-   Glasgow, :��� Manchester,', and
Newcastler6n-Tyne.    :':.- ��� V . -.- .- '-
. .From." Ontario and'Eastern .Provinces the new rate is. $1,20 fora. minimum of! 20 words,-and! 6c' for" each
additional:. word...-'"-
���-"- From-Manitoba: $2.20 for the'first
20. words'/and 10c for each additional,
word. ��� "--''      "'-'"'     . V "-   !.'.'   " '���
.   .-]>rom' Saskatchewan and Western
"Provinces: $2.20 for first-.20.. words','
'= and'.Tic for "each additional word.-'-.
; '.'���".'-To other "points, in the'British Isles!
. the rate.' will be:' from Ontario and-
_ Eastern'.Provinces'! $1.60 for the first
"20 words, and Se-for. each .additiohal-
! word.''".-  '-��� ���     ��� V'!   ":���'������ -   V- ���
��� :_ From Manitoba:'.?2.-40 for the first"
20'words, and 12c for each additirjai'
'word.  -..,���- ..-. ; ;-' 7' '. .
"   From "Saskatchewan andWesUp-.
- Provinces :_.?2..60. for,, the- first -20:
���words',, and- 13c for: each-additional
;-wor"d.   '.!:'.". - '.--��� "-��� v-..- -���    ��� . y-
Cprporatioaof the City of Greenwood
-' PUBLIC'..NOTICE' is" here".y 7 given '.to tiie'
electors of tho .Municipality of .the-." City-of
Greenwood, that I require the presence of the
said electorsi;iri -the City Hall in tlie City of
Greenwood on "tho 8tU"day of. January, 1923,' at
12 o'ulo.-l. upon, for- tlio purpose i��f electing
persons to re'sii-csunt thorn.-in'the '-Municipal
Council 113 Mayor aiicl aldermen, and for the
purpose of.electing--tn-o persons as School Trustee ami two persons as ��� Police Commissioners
for the Municipality of ��� the Corporation of the'
City of Greenwood.
The muricot nomliifttioir of-cawl'iintes sJinll
be as follow.':
The eamlii.ltttes shall lie nominated in -writ-
in*?; the "writing-shall be, subscribed .by two
voters of the-nninici.iiiliiy' as-proposer unci
seconder, arid slmll be delivered to' the Hetur'n-
;injf Officer at any time between the date of "the
ncilic-o and 2 p.ni.ortlie day of the nomination
and in thc event of a poli'heinj. iieccitinry, such"
pell will be opened on the: lith day ..of Januarjv
,A;D. l!)23,between thc hourri of i), a.m. andV
p.m. at the said CityOflics. of which every per--
son is hereby required to take notice and-, govern himself accordingly. -..
Tlie persons- qualified to be nominated for
and elected aa Mayor of the City shall bo such
persons as are mate British subjects of the full
a��c of twenly-onc years, ami are not dbiqnali-
fied under any law, and have been for the six
months next pr. cedin.. tbe "Say of nomination
tlie registered owner, in tbe Land Registry
Office, of ical .property, in the city of the assessed value on the last municipal assessment
roil of One Thousand Dollars or more; over and
above any registered judgment: or charge nnd
who are otherwise duly qualified as municipal -
voters.    .      ; -       ' . - - .
The persons, qualified lo be nominated for
and elected as Aldermen, School Trustees and
Police CommissiouersofsaidCity.sliallbe such
persons as are British snbjects bf the fall
age of twenty one years, and are not disqnalt-
fied under any livw. andii'ave been forsix months
next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner, in the. Land Kogistry Office, of
land or real property ia the city of the assessed
value, on.the last Municipal Assessment roll of
five - hundred dollars or more over' and abov<?
any registered "judgement or charge, and. who
are otherwise - duly qualified , aa ' municipal
voters.-���.-��� .   ..--",-- . \ ....    -! -; .v. ',    ;.   -. -,
,;. Given unddr my hand a. Green-svood thig2Sth
d.ay of p-eceinber, A.D! 1922.���,'   .--  ""' %���;.'
yX'iXXxXX'XiGiS. WALTERS/'". .'���" !7.::
��� 7:->-!���,.���.-'-"'������,-"  ." .'-. ���-��� .'7-"^���turning Officer-*-?'���!'
^^U��tett��i3v��Utt���� ..~~*~r. ^^/^MWo^^O^^M^MMMMMMMeMm^^
1. Packing away the rugs after having had their turn on the-vacuum.
\ FEW hours spent in the Winni-
*"* peg, Montreal and Vancouver
yards of the Canadian Pacific Railway while the dining and passenger
trains are being cleaned gives one the
assurance that there is little need for
travellers to worry as far as^germs
;n;e concerned.
The yards are equipped^with thc
very latest devices for the cleaning
and equipping of its trains. The
same'pattern of equipment is in use
in Winnipeg. Montreal and Vancouver, and at these three terminals the
coaches undergo a thorough cleaning.
Approximately 110 cars are cleaned
in" Winnipeg per clay, and it costs
$18.00 to clean each.car.
When a passenger train arrives at,
say" Winnipeg Terminal, it is run
clown to the coach yard and everything moveable is taken out. Then
commences the. cleaning and germ
ousting process. The heavier tapes-
.tried cushions; pillows and bed blankets-are placed ..under a vacuum
cleaner yvjth 90 pounds-pressure..This
-is"".the first-process of "cleaning, then
.follows-the disinfecting. Tiie carpets
are placed .on  a wire netting, :\vhiclr
2. Cleaning- the pillows on the va-     3. The train carpet beater in action.
cuum cleaner invented by Cana- Straps   attached   to. the   roller
dian Pacific employees. quickly loosen all dust.
Iooks_ not unlike a bed spring only
that it moves'on wheels. At one end
there is a huge roller to which is attached scores of leather straps, which
is referred to in the ��� yards as the
"cat and 109 tails." This revolves at
a terrific force and after the carpet
has been twice beaten there is a poor
chance of any dust;remaining. Carpets usually stand this treatment
from 18 months to two years. While
all this portable stuff is being cleaned, workers are busy; inside the car.
They do not spare disinfectant or
soap and water.        ., ��� ���
The kitchen tables and ice boxes
are aluminum, and all the sauce pans
are of copper. When one considers
that several hundred meals a day
are prepared and served from one of
these small kitchens, it is no wonder the" diner, service is considered
one of the most remarkable features
in connection with passenger traffic.
There are at present in the entire
system 155 dining cars in which approximately 8,000' meals per day are
served. Back in the Winnipeg coach
yards' is" the . Dining Car supply,
building-and linen department. It
is here that bread,  rolls, cakes and
pastry are made each day to meet
the demand for the Buffet and Dining cars. There is a first-class artificial ice-plant installed so that the
supply, of food on hand is kept in perfect condition. Every'room is well'
stocked," with the exception of the
wine cellar, which boasts of nothing
more than soft drinks. Several
seamstresses are busy in the linen
room, where the bed and table linen
are kept in repair. The linen depart-,
ment of the railway, is well'-stocked.-
There are in the entire rail "service
alone 245,253 sheets; "204,867 slips;
68,925 cloths; 201,933 table napkins;
and 373,267 face towels, as well as
many other pieces The laundry lists
when checked at the end of each year
show that approximately 33,000,000'
pieces go through the wash tubs,"at
the three big terminals and other
divisional pointi-along the line. No
steward, cook, waiter, sleeping car
conductor or porter, is put on a Canadian Pacific train without having
graduated from the- school of instruction. .-.They attend lecture '. classes
every, morning until fully qualified to
attend to the wants and needs of
travellers over the Canadian Pacific.
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
Fall and  Winter Suits and Overcoats samples (Just arrived.)
Now ou view at
Tailor and Cleaner
; Roy Scouts
��� :T.roup: meets7 ;6n Friday at
���7 p.m.. ���' ��� ...,.--'-���-���";"��� "7V
: W ..- V-.V."/cubs-".'- .' W - y W
7 The Gubs will: meet on Saturday at 2 30.p..m! in the Fife
Hall., '������ ':". /."."���   ������-���'���'., -XXX
Agent for Dodge, Chevrolet, Studebaker,
and .Overland cars. Garage iu "connection.
d.; Mcpherson Proprietor
&ALAOE Livery  Stable
v Express and Heavy Draying 7
; Auto's and Truck; For. Hire. Day or Night    w
.xy.yyy-.XX W   -..We. carry, .  W x-'~-' ������   ���'..'- V--"
Tires, (Mis, greases. Hay and Grain v
Office Phone 13.   V: V-7~     "���_ Residence Phone 3L
:. E.. W. WIDDOWSON; Assayer and
Chemist, Box.biio8, ..Nelson,. B; ,Ci
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$i!25 each.v-Gold-Silver $1.75... Gold^
Silver with Copper or .Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00.���'- Silver-Lead-jSinc $3.00.
Charges" for other metals.' .etc., &n application.; ' ,.:'   -'���'.,.     ,. ."
-":7v""'---' Send-"Your''7--
;  BOOTS  and  SHOES
,-W '.���!-.-".. V; 7.to ' W --.".-��� ,������'���'
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work.and.-material guaranteed.   We
.   pay postage one.way!   Terms Cash.
- Sealed tenders will be.received by tbe tdin-
ister of Lands .at. Victoria,- not-'later thai,
noon "on the Uth dajr'of January, 1923, for. the
parchase of Licence ��� X4650, - to. cat .400,000 feet
of Western Yellow'-Fine,.. Fir and Tamarac,
sitniite- on an" - area- 5 miles West, of Midway,
Similkameen La fid District.'
��� One(U-year will be allowed for" remoTal
of timber.
Further ffcxrticnlara of tiie Chief Forester,
Victoria, B. C, or; District Forester, Nelson,
B.C. . ���' '' 7       .-"   -' '���-'
"    (FORM F)
Certificate of Imcroveitients.
TORKSHIRE LASS Mineral Claim, situate
.-   in the Greenwood Mining- Division of Vale
" ���' District.'
-.   Where    located:.,   Horse-Shoe  Mountain,
Main Kettle River.    ''     '    .
TAKE NOTICE that I, David G. Smith, of
GreeawwxS, Ii.C, Free .Miner's Certificate No:
54950Cj intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to'the Mining Recorder.for a Certificate of Improveracnls.- for the parpo&e of
obtaining a Crown Grant of tiie above claim.",
-'"And farther take notice that actios, under
Section 85,  most.- be commenced   before tbe j
issue of such Certificate of Improreisents. "    f
,. X Dated this 21st day of Septeiaber, A.D7 J925S.'
y  ^7-''J'v"vV:!^of;Canada;\.Um.ltedV-'.^-^o        '���������'
=     7...   Office, Smeltingand Refining! Department V -       ;  ���    7_
-    - ' .""   TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA;     ���    .    . ;.
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ores
. Producer?  ot., Gold,.. Silver,. Copper,. - Pig. Lead   and Zinc      :;
"-,.'". .777        '-7   X''' "TADANAC"!BRAND   -  ">"""-'"-;
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price   of first-class   land ���
reduced to 35 an a!cre;  second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parlies of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions-
with, joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims
for five years and must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving
Crown Grant;
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, andu.mprovemento of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleared and cultivated, and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors "holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
aiid residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas hot exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling- residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one-person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres
maybe purchased; conditions include
payment of stum page.
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them, Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of, purchase
price, is made.
. The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and'serving
with His Majesty's Forces,   The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a de--
ceased pre-emptor may apply for title
tinder this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the conclusion of the present war.   This privilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-empr
tions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes.are remitted for five years.
-Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, .on account of payments, fees or ,
taxes,on soldiers' pre-emptions.f
Interest on. agreements to purchase-
town or city lots held by members of
A Hied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from en-
listment to March 31st, 1920.7
Provision   made    for. insurance ��� of
Crown. Grants: to   sub-purchasers.7of
Crow 11  I^ands, acquiring. rights trom
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture,  ion fulfill-!
ment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes;-.Where "sub-purchasers do~
not claim-whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may  be distributed  proportionately    over whole.,
area!  .Applications 'must be made by-'
May. 1,1920.- .7 --   '   '"
7 7    GRAZING     ",='7-   " W'  .
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic de.
veiopment of livestock industry provides for grazing-districts aridrange
administration ;; under - Commissioner.
Annual! 'grazing permits'.issued, based
on'iitiinbers ranged; priority fqr.estab-
lished;owners;...Stock.owners.inay form"
Associations for range,, management.
Free, or partially .free, permits for
settlers, campers or. travellers up to. ten .
head. .   .      .,","���'     ' "''      -; ���-.   -"
:v flieMineral ^
..;   H��b produced Minerals valaed as follows: /Pla(w..i^^dV'���;876,,i77j403;'i_odi','l-
Gold,.$105,557,977; Bilvw;.$55i.M?;486yi^^ "���'        .
Ztnc,;t21,8$il5.81;.poa!.Md^ Stone/: Brick, Cement;    V      7
'$3^072,016; . Miscellaneous     Minerals,   .81,2.10,639;. ,. making'ifea.   Mineral V
Production to lhe end of 1921 show .-\ '^'-" ;.-"'!V ;-. 7
uctionfbr the Year EMin? Decemfeeri 1921 v $2$,066,6^1
The  Mining   Laws of this Province are more liberal; and. the fees lower, '.'
than those of any other Province in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute  Titles are  obtained 'by developing such properties, the seenrity
of which is guaranteed by Crown Grants. "
B'nll information, together with Mining Reports and Maps/ may be obtained
gratis by addressing��� 7
; ,- w;- wr    the hon; the minister of mines
X^'r-    vVv;.vJ .-^.;. - VICTORIA, British Columbia.   - . '."
- j


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