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The Ledge Mar 23, 1922

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 /ProTincial Library
<T   Fit'-
Vol.   XXVIII.
We carry a large line ot
Hardware, House Furnishings, Etc.
Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere
^tf?t?n??iwfinnt?TT???n??!f??nTiwi^??i!??ynT?niM?lm?H ihih^
FISH!      FISH!
Salmon and Halibut
arriving fresh every Thursday
Also a good supply of   ,
Smoked and Cured Fish
Send us your, order we will fill it promptly
LEE & BRYAN        Phone 46   1
Mackinaw Pants and
Suitable  for the lumber and
tie business
Lighter weight Tweed
W. Elsen 0 Co
Wall Papers
1922 Samples Just In
You Want To See Them
iiiiniiii iiiMiimnmiiiii	
The WINDSOR   HOTKI#   is Seated  with   iteam
^ " and electricity.     Fine sample rooms."   A comtort-
able home- for tourists and travellers.' Touch the
wire ifyott want rooms reserved.- The buffet is
replete  with  cigars, cigarettes, cooling beverages,
buttermilk aud ice-cream.
Commencing with Feb, 1st we are offering an
inducement _ to the public, for cash sales and*
prompt payment of accounts with our
Special  Premium  System
We are certain this system will prove a boon
to the thrifty public
We carry only the best stock procurable in
Beef, Veal, Pork,   Ham, Bacon, Lard, Etc       J
yXy'.y A trial will convince you    -v
Solutions of telephone probletns.are nearly always made in advance oi
:nece3sity. Improvements are; esrperimented -j-itli constantly -so that the
standard of service may be at alLbuhes the very best It is not that a standard may be. maintained, but that Use standard may continue to be as close to
���perfection as it is humanly possible to have it. Problems of speed; accuracy
and transmission are always-before telephone engineers,. ��id the/great and
precise.mechanisms through which the volume and complexity of telephone
traffic is handled are mechanically perfect in the light of .present invention.
Ladies Braclet Watches
A fine line'ot ' -
Waltham Watches
In 16 Size Gold tilled and Nickel cases
- $15.00 up
D. R. McELMON, Greenwood
Greenwood Theatre
Gray & Clerf. Props.
Commencing at 8 p.m., Sharp
Mack Sennett
Springs a Daisy
"Lave, Honor and
5 Rippling Ribald Reels
Charlie-Murray, Ford Sterling,  Phyllis
Haver, Marie Prevost.and a whole caval-
ade of comedians
Chester Outing
"The Ghost Coast"
Also a Bray Pictograpli Can. Edi.
'Drink on the Fly"
ADULTS SOc     -     CHILDREN 25c.
Patrons are assured of a warm Theatre
2nd Hand Lumber For Sale
All kinds of Lumber, Windows,
Doors, One Hot Air Furnace in
first class condition, for sale
cheap, at Mr. Keller's residence.
Martin Anderson,
A rumor is going around that I
am about to leave this district.
This js untrue.
���..-.,���   DrVJ. M. Burnett.
VIVam.^temporary out of baled
.hay. Expect7 my bale ties in a
few days. .,-.-'
-V'V-v.       -;-������- F. Haixssener.
Take Anybody's Wife
7 ���-Love,-'Honor and Behave"���*
new dispensation, to married men.
.Take your. wife,, or anybody's, and
let ber see for herself how crooked
and how treacherous is the lying
tongue tbafe babblea of rumors.
Iwve, Honor and Behave" is a
on Saturday^ March 25th.
I Around Home
Fred Walters has returned to
his home here."
Progress is visible everywhere,
despite the late spring:.
Service in St. Jude's Church,
Sunday, March 26,  at 7.30  p. m.
Tomatoes, peas,-�� corn and
beans 20c a can or 3 for 50c at
McMynn's, Midwav.
I. H. Hallett, barrister and sol-
iciter, was in Grand Forks on
Monday on professional business.-
Born���In Greenwood ou March
22, to-Mr. and Mrs. W. E Wilsou
of Meyers creek, near Midway, a
H. H. Summersgill' left on
Monday for Nelson to try the examinations for assistant Forest
Miss. B. Jackson returned to her
home near Midway after spending a few days "in town the
guest of Miss Georgina Lee.
G. A. Rendell left on  Monday5
for Penticton  where  he intends
to reside. " Mrs. Reudell will follow towards the end of April.
Jno. Wyder and-two sons left
today for Hedley where Mr.
Wyder has secured a position
with the Hedley Gold Mining Co.
Miss-Victoria Shillcock returned to Kettle Valley on Monday
morning after a few days visit
with her aunt, Mrs. F. Buckless.
Kenneth Campbell, Liberal,
was elected to the Provincial Le-
islature for the city of Nelson in
the by-election on Wednesday by
a majority of over 500. ���
H. Rolston, formerly of the
plant department-^ the " B. C.
Telephone C6.V Greenwood *ahd
latterly at Duncans, has been
moved to the maintaiuance department at Vancouver.
Waking to a world of white
has been no new sensation this
long winter, but the aspect on
Sunday morning was carrying
the game too far. However, -the
sun in the afternoon was the
wartneskthis season.
Rev. Dr. J. Knox Wright district secretary of the Canadian
Bible Society, will give a lantern
lecture in the Presbyterian Church
on Friday March 24th at 8 p.m.
AU are cordially invited.
British Columbia farmers will
now have until June -30 th to pay
their_land taxes. ~ ThlT oFdef^ex^
tending the time for the payment
of these taxes was put' through
the-executive council.
With the Curlers
Isaac Crawford, of Carmi and
F. F. Ketchum, of Beaverdell,
were the star performers in a rink
skipped by the former against a
Greenwood rink headed by Jim
Kerr. The West Fork team won
out by 13-11 after one of the best
exhibitions of the- "roaring-game"
seen on the ice this season.
Last Friday evening visiting
representative of the B. C.
Provincial ^Government challenged
the champion rink of Greenwood
to a match. Hon. Dr. MacLean
took charge of the Victoria contingent and showed much of his old-
time skill in si- ipping and making
his own shotB. The Walmsley-
Walters combination together with
the well-knovyn and complete understanding between Pete McCurrach and ��� his ending portege
Cavaye, proved too much for the
legislators who had to acknowledge
defeat 8 2. The Hon. John Hart
played a most enthusiastic game
end was anxious to challenge for a
few more ends. Many spectators
were present and both teams were
treated to cheerB in" a most impartial manner.
Al Morrison proposes to have a
Tarn O'Shanter -rink next season.
Geo. Hambly surprised his West
Fork colleagues by his masterly
display.  - ' -
Curling will be in vogue for the
rest of the week because Pete
"must have that guard" Hoot
mon; Atta boy.
Poly Docksteader is figuring ont
the cost of making a sheet of artificial ice for the summer months.
Doc Goodeve is offering a
premium for a capable fourth
member of the name, to complete
his rink of  "Arries"  next season.
On the heavy ice Bob Forshaw
would have been in great demand
had he not been crippled with a
nasty cut on his right wrist.
Rev, Hillis Wright will hold
service in the* Presbyterian
Church next Sunday evening at
7.30 o'clock." Rev. Mr. Wright
will be prepared to Baptise any
who may so desire his services in
that capacity.
Eugene Saunter, of Beaverdell,
was in town today and collected-
bounty on 2 cougars and 4 owls
which he killed on Cranberry
creek near Beaverdell. The
bounty on cougars-is $40 each
and owls $1 each.
J. S, Mitchelh'of Blackie, Alt.,
accompanied-*by his wife - and
three- children have come to
Boundary Falls where Mr. Mit-
shell is going to try his hand at
B.C. farming. May they meet
with much success in their new
On Monday, Mrs. W. Tronson
received the sad intelligence ��� of
the death of her two nieces, Mary
Mills 11 years old and Mabel 17
years at Clarkston, Wash. Influenza followed by pneumonia
was the cause of death in both
George Ellis, a well known
mining man died at Lillooet, on
March 34th of injuries sustained
in a rock slide at Bridge river,
where he was engaged in placer
mining. He was well known in
Mack: Bennett comedy and- wiil be Greenwood and was employed by
.shown at the-Greenwood Theatre the Granby Consolidated Co., for
a quarter of a century.
Allan Morrison and Thomas
Crowe, of Beaverdell, were visitors in town on Saturday.,
Tuesday, March 21st was the
anniversary of -the opening of the
great German offensive of 1918.
Those were the fateful days when
Canadians participated in ceaseless fighting. Haig's extraordinary order makes some Canadians blood still tingle when his
famous exhoration "backs to the
wall" was read on parade.
The Banff Orchestra Dance
held in the Masonic Hall last
Thursday night under the auspices of the G.W.V.A. went beyond all expectations, both from
the gay and merry crowd and
from a musical viewpoint. The
music was superb, every one of
the artists being a soloist at his
own particular instrument and
all combined made an orchestra,
the like of which has never been
heard in Greenwood before. The
platform was fixed up for the
occasion and the hall beautifully
decorated. It is years since the
hall looked so nice.. The dancers
had a gala time, the crowd being
evenly mixed everybody had lots
of dances. Nobody sat out unless
they wanted io and the music
was so hypnotising, tantalizing
and mesmerizing that everybody
just simply had to dance, encore
after encore being demanded. A
fine supper was provided at midnight over ISO being catered to
and that all had lots to eat speaks
highly for the ladies who had
charge of this part of the programme. The Banff Orchestra
are very well pleased- with their
reception and may probably pay
a return visit before they open the
summer's season at the C.P.R.
hotel in Banff.
Political Meeting
There was a good attendance at a
political meeting in the Greenwood
Theatre on Friday night when Hon.
J. Hart, Minister of Finance, Hon.
Dr. J. Du McLean, Provincial Secretary and Minister of Education,
and E. C. Henniger, M.L.A. for
Grand Forks were the speakers.
Mayor Gulley occupied the chair.
Hon. Dr.'McLean on being called
upon spoke very briefly contenting
himself with explaining the reason
why the premier was unable to be
present and disabusing the minds
of the public in thinking' that an
election was in sight, for he emphatically stated that there would
be no election for two or three
years. He hoped soon to have an
opportunity of visiting the district
again when he would go more fully
into the issues of the day.
E. C. Henniger spoke at length
on criticisms made in the Conservative press stating that it was all
"bunk" and if any part of it was
true he would be just bb ready to
criticise the Oliver administration
for he was independent, but after
carefully looking into the "criticisms
he honestly believed that the present government was conducting the
affairs of the province wisely and
Hon. John Hart was the speaker
of the evening and delivered a very
witty and able speech. Dealing
with the allegations in an anonymous pamphlet whioh he said looked like the work of Mr. Bowser
and Mr. Ealing. Mr. Hart Btated
that the figures given for the cost
of the civil service, were/incorrect,
being $1,600,000 instead or"$2,000-
000 as alleged.
At Victoria they had one great
problem, and if it were removed
the duties of finance minister
would not be very arduous. This
was the Pacific Great Eastern.
Mr. Hart went back to the inception of the P. G.E., and the terms
on which the original contract was
drawn. When the present government took office it knew something
was wrong with the P.G.E., and
held and investigation under oath.
It was discovered that parts of the
road bad never seen a contractor,
and that money had been paid for
mileage that had not been built.
Sworn evidence showed that
money had been paid into the late
government's election fund, Mr.
Bowser being at that time leader.
Mr. Hart said that four conservative members took Mr. Bowser to
task for this, and he was said * to
have replied; "Gentlemen, forget
my past, my future is spotless.
The minister referred to the con*
dition of the province's finances
when the present government took
office, and stated the treasury was
depleted. To catch up on sinking
funds, the present government had
to borrow $4,000,000. He referred
to the Government's attempt to
borrow in various markets, its total
requirements being $6,000,000.
Although plainly due the late government, this borrowing was
charged against the present administration.
-8The borrowings of the govera-
amoant to a hell of a lot of money,"
said the minister, -'but when ex-
plained, they do not seem eo
touch."   ,
"Mr. Bowser says the P.G.E. is
Premier Oliver's baby. The premier says it ia Mr. Bowser's. I
dont care whose it is, I have to
take care of it," said the minister
amid laughter.
Was the sums spent in agricultural loans  reckless expenditure?
asked Mr. Har&��
Millions were spent to open up
NO. ^ fy>j.
Kettle Valley Notes
Creditors have better memories
than debtors.
Eric Berg from Beaverdell was
in the valley for the week end.
Capt. Atkinson went to Grand
Forks on Sunday afternoon's train.
Women who smoke cigarettes
can be nice, but",women who don't
, Mr. Clayton, of Penticton, was
in Riverside on. Monday returning
on Tuesday.
Jas, Waburton, of Lake Louise,
was down Wednesday for the first
time this winter.
Most women qualified to give
advice at a mothers' meeting
haven't time to get there to give
After   all,   the  surest  way   to     -
elevate the human race is to raise
children   that  can   behave themselves.
One thing may be said of the
majority of calves in this district���
fchey don't develop foot and mouth
The   Womens'    Auxiliary will
give a dance in Riverside Hall on
May Sth. A good crowd is expected. .
Everyone welcome.
During these hard times ifc is
hard to understand why some
people spend the bulk of their income on their backs and then fail
to get them more than half covered.
The junior W. A. held their
annual meeting at the home of Mrs.
R. E. Norris. Miss Rosie Madge
was appointed secretary for the
cPmin8 yew and Miss Ethel Thomp- r -
son treasurer. --  ' "r ��� ' v.-   1 .   " 7" '<^i\
The Banff Orchestra gave a sur-
prise visif last Saturday night at
Riverside Hall. Over 100 turned
ont to a most enjoyable dance and
are looking forward to their, next
visit on April 28th.
the country with roads.    Was that
reckless? '_
Was it reckless to spend $2,000,-
000 to the returned men who
wanted to go on the land? The
government was able to borrow
more cheaply than the men, and
gave them this advantage. A sum
of- $3,000,000, was ioaned~to "the- "
farmers who wanted similiar privileges.
In both these eases the minister
said, the government had full security, and would not lose a dollar.
The Dominion loaned $1,500,000 "
to the province, for use under the
housing scheme, and the province
loaned the money to the municipalities, which loaned it to returned
men for building purposes.
Takeaway the $17,500,000 of
the P.G.E. Do you approve of
the other borrowings or not?"
-Mr. Hart claimed Mr. Bowser
was willing to change his policy to
suit each riding, even to build a
railway into the Pouce Coupee
The minister commented upon
the criticisms made on him for
borrowing in the United States,
which even the Dominion had had
to dof and for borrowing on short
terms, the latter enabling the province to secure benefits from falling
rates of interest.
He predicted that Mr. Bowser,
inebriated with vision*, of victory, -
would achieve about the same success as the inebriated mouse would
have achieved against the tomcat
if he had tackled it
The national anthem was sung .
at the olose.
Thtjmas Oxley, formerly a resident of Phoemx, dropped dead at
Prince Rupert on the 12th last. * THE'   LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.     B.     0.
Elevate'd to Senate
F.  F.
27 Years the
Same Good
Always in the
"I S
'i'lii* v.oriis employed as tin' liile to this article constitute the motto Ot
the l'rinco of \V-ih>s, and jjivinx consideration to the splendid services His
ltoyal llishncss has rendered io the Kmpire durins; tlio years since lid reached
his majority, it is prohably not far wide or the mark to say that no former
l'rinco ot Wales strove quite so diligently io live up (o the niolto of his house.
Edward, l'rinco ol' Wales, served Willi the 'Hritislt armies in Franco llirough-
out the war. iu>( in some sate billet, but well within the battle zone. Since
the war he has hardly had a moment's roat. from the really exacting work
of discharging ihe duties of a task which litis been aptly described as "the
Umpire's ambassador to all the world." lie lias unquestionably rendered
invaluable service in Canada. Australia, 'New Zealand, India and elsewhere.
But in the. -.vork of empire, and in endeavor' to create the best possible
Pardee and  Gustav  Boyer
Fill Vacancies
F. F. Pardee, former Liberal member of parliament for West Larubton,
and Gustav Iloyer, re-elected on December 6 last as member for Vaud-
reuill-Soulanges riding of Quebec,
have been summoned lo the senate, it
was officially announced.
Senator Pardee fills the vacancy
caused by the death of "the late Sena-|
tor Milne, and Senator Boyer that j
created by the death of the late Senator Arthur Boyer. These two appointments bring the senate representation to full strength and reduce
the Conservative majority* in the senate by two, tho late Senator Milne
having been appointed by the Borden
Conservative Government, while the
late Senator Boyer was a Liberal.
It Can't  Bs  Done���Thc Trouble   Must
bc   Treated   Through   the
The   pain  of   rheumatism   is   something you cannot rub out. "'.livery sufferer  from  rheumatism has been  ad
Sickening Calomel Not
Favored. More Agreeable
Medicine Prescribed
Calomel and Blue Pills are not used
as they once were. When the head
aches, when the stomach is upset,
when the liver is not working right,
don't resort to harsh calomel, lise a
pleasant agreeable remedy lfke Dr.
Hamilton's Pills. Being largely vegetable in' their composition*- Dr. Hamilton's Pills are extremely mild, yet
they surely Hush out all impurities
and wastes. No remedy is so well
adapted for general family use. For
constipation, and bowel trouble, Dr.
Hamilton's Pills can't be improved
upon. Good for the young, the old,
the sick, thc well ones. The benefits of Dr. Hamilton's Pills are manifold. Needed and useful in every
home,- 25c ail dealers or The Catarrhozone Co., Montreal.
j Woman Aviator Has     V
Given up Flying
Fountain Pens Not New
First One Was Invented Two Hundred
Years  Ago
It will be news to many people that
the fountain pen was invented 200
years ago. One of these ancient pens
was recently offered for sale in London  for S20U.
���lames   P.   JMaginnis.    who has col-
vised to rub this liniment or that <m > iected    fountain   pens' for   forty-five.
the affected part, but   after   all    '.he , years,"is now showing, his interesting
rubbing the pain remained.     Rubbing ; collection���said to bc the    finest    in
j did not cure it and can't cure it. I     . ( ...       _    ,,   T,      ..   ,
Thin blood and rheumatism come! ��-*--lencc--at the South Kensington
j together and if they are properly | Museum. It shows the gradual de-
it rea ted they wil! go together.     Jlheu-  velopnicnl of the fountain  pen  from
matism is in the Mod���in    poor   wat-j Uto   nib   constructed   to hold a .large
: ery   blood.     Sometimes    cold,    damp'  .���������,. ���,.��� ���'--,.       ,,,    n ,        . ,
suppljvol ink.   . All   the   early   eigh-
-,.,.        ,.       ,, ,,.,,.,, , ,    - ,, ,,.      ,,     -,-, ���       I weather starts the aches    and    pains,,
conditions tor all people following the upheavel of the Great War, the Prince ; ,)ul   jt   .g   the condition of the blood ItoenUl    century    fountain    pens    are
of Wales has 110 monopoly of jhe duty and responsibility of rendering service, j that is at fault, and only by correct-! heavy, and are made of metal.     Most
Each and every citizen however humble their station in life has a like duty j ing this, and .making tho blood  rich j 0f them havc quill nibs.
and responsibility and their own particular field in which to servo.     And it j'���.*1 mI cal1 the rheumatic poison be
is only to the extent that  each individual citizen discharges that duty and
gives service for The benefit of others that the desired betterment and pro
gress in human relationships and conditions can be achieved.
Some men and women enjoy
fellow citizens  and  to  the
greater. Particularly is it necessary in these days that men and women entrusted with tlie administration of public affairs should be actuated with a
keen desire to serve, because the consciousness of having served one's-country and fellow men will, in all likelihood, he the only reward received..
Addressing the seven hundred or more Saskatchewan municipal Reeve's,
councillors aud secretaries-treasurer assembled in annual convention a few-
days ago, Hon. C. A. Dunning, Provincial Treasurer and Minister, of. Municipal Affairs, after reviewing the difficult financial conditions now confronting
Western Canada, and sounding a note of optimism and encouragement, concluded his remarks by saying:
"Officials  of  municipalities  have  a   duty  to  their  people  lo  perform,  a
service.     These are difficult days for men who are in public service whether j
it. is municipal, Provincial, Dominion or Empire-wide.     There is a psychology |
���largely resultant   from the hysteria of the past few years ..which is passing
over the whole  world which will ultimately produce good  results
1 driven out. 77JTUS is what'is done in
tho treatment of rheumatism with Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Acute and muscular rheumatism show improvement
reater opportunities  for service to their ' as the thin blood is built up, and when
,     ,,,,,,.'. ,,   . ������, ���!���,���������    ..���   the blood has been restored to its nor-
extent  that this is  so their responsibilities are   ma,    condition    lhe tr(Ulble vani8hes.
This is proved by the experience of
Mr. John A. O'Neill, Port Hood, N.S.,
who says: "1 was a periodical sufferer from rheumatism for years. 1 tried
many remedies, but with indifferent
results, and I had about concluded
that the trouble was too firmly rooted
in my system to be got rid of. While
I    was ' suffering * from  an attack a,
Catarrhal Conditions
Catarrh is a local di.soa.so *?rcatly influenced by constitutional conditions. " It
therefore requires co.i.stitutional treatment. H-AUVS CATAUP.H MEDICINE
is taken internally and acts Ui rough the
Blood upon the Mucous Surfaces of the
CIN" jjives the patient strciifflli In' im-
pi'ovins the general health and assists
Nature in doing its work.
All  Drnsjasts.      Circulars  free.
K. J. Cheney & Co..'Toledo, Ohio.
taken them I felt much better. Then
I got three more boxes, and when 1
had taken them not only was the
rheumatism gone, but 1 was feeling
There ; better in every way. if you suffer
is only one thing for us lo do, only one thing for those o[ us who are public ' fl'om rheumatism 1 strongly advise a
-������ The By-Products
Grogan.���Oi'll not take il.  It's  too
friend advised mc to give Dr. Wil-Thigl1' There's ^ nmcl* nourishment
Hams' Pink Pills a trial. 1 first got jin a !��"<- av paynuts as in two
three    boxes    and by the time 1 had j pounds av steak, anyway.
Ruth  Law Carried First Bag of Mail
to Philippines
'Ruth Law, most famous of woman
aviators, is through. Ten years-of
airplane flights _ and air circus stunts
throughout the United States and in
other lands have given her all the
fame she wants. Now she will be
just Mrs. Charles Oliver, a wife.
It was Rodman Law, her noted
daredevil brother of-movie fame, who
attracted Ruth Law. to aviation. She
began preparations in 1911 and in
1912 made her first flight, in one of
the old machines which* had the driver's seat in .front of the motor, unprotected from the elements.
For four years she appeared ia exhibition "flights, none of longer dura-
j tion than 25 miles. ' Then she sprang
into fame with a sensational flight
from Chicago to New York, breaking
the American crosscountry record
and non-slop flight record. She flew
from Chicago to Binghampton', N.Y.,'
on the first leg of her journey, a distil nco of "590 miles. Her time from
Chicago lo "New .York was S hours
12.3 minutes.
During the war she tried every
means to get into tho army air scrv-'
ice without success. - Then she
went to France and sought to enter
thc French air service, but the
French could not be persuaded that
air battles should be fought by a
woman. ���    ,/
In 1919, Miss Law. went to Japan.
The Aero Club of Japan offered' her
a ruby for each time she looped the
loop over Tokio. She brought back
2S rubies. ..Sin inaugurated the Philippine air mail service, carrying the
first bag'of mail to Manila.
Mi-- Law seemed to lack nerves:
She.has even stood upon the top of
an airplane, driven by' another, while
the machine looped the loop, and she
raced Gaston Chevrolet in Toronto iu
1918. flying just above the race track,
as that famous automobile driver set
the pace below. '    '.,'������
Miss Law says she never had an
accident. -'-   ��� '
servants to do. Keep on serving. That is the way the world will be saved.
It will not be saved by theorists and shouters but by the men who stick to
their job, do their duty and serve with the very best that is in them."
The absolute truth of this declaration cannot be successfully challenged.
Any person in public life today who is merely striving to achieve some personal ambition, or to gain some selfish end, or is actuated by aiiy motive
other Ihan a sincere desire to render service, will prove a failure. No matter, how earnestly he may -strive for the public good, and even- though he
give all his energies and the'best that is in him, to the,.point,"of,great worldly
sacrifices' and the ruin, of bis health, the strong probabilities, are that, he will
receive.but scant thanks -from.-.the people who placed,him in office .and whom
he lias diligently sought, to serve.' The.public, as a7 rule,' are ungrateful and
the'mini ofthe hour today-is rejected Syilh" scorn tomorrow. 7     "'"'"���
��� The-daily: press teems with instances in support of this statement. Hard-'
ly a day passes but" records the. overthrow of some Government or statesman
'���who has" rendered long and valued service to his fellow -citizens, while great
strikes.and industrial upheavals the world, over indicate that countless masses
of. people are anything but ready to yield their quota of unselfish service io
tlie -welfare' of "all
trial of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
These Pills are sold by till medicine
dealers or wiil bc sent by mail, post
paid, at 50c a box or six boxes for
$2.GO from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Gratitude in Strange Garb      I Manitoba Needs Canning Factories
Butcher.���That may be, but there's
no gravy an' nothing for thc cat an"
no hash the nixt day.���Boseton Trans- j
Put right out-of business, a whole
family not of good honest folks, but
of Corns���sore, troublesome corns
that sting and bite. Putnam's Corn
Extractor is lhe only painless sure relief for corns, it never fails, 25c
He Would Reduce
Somebody    said    10   Bill the other
day: ""What made .the tower   of   Pisa
lean?" and Bill said if he knew, .he'd
try it.    '-.        ���"- -    ���' "-.-,-.
Earth Getting Warmer
Asthma  No Longer Dreaded.      The
dread of-renewed attacks from asthma j
has no hold upon    those    who    have ��� ,
learned  to  rely  upon Dr.  J.  D.  Kel-;
logg's Asthma Remedy.      So safe do ''��� ���-������
they   feci   that   complete   reliance   is   Professor Says Western Ontario Will
placed on tins truc specific with the ; B(. iMlv of pannHa
certainty  that it  will  always   do all!- '  Be    a,y ��f Canada
that its makers claim.     If you have j    Within a brief period, geologically
not yet learned how safe you aro with ! speaking,    London " may -became* tho
this preparation at hand get it to-day
and know for yourself.
Infernal.'parasites in the shape pf
worms in thc stomach and bowels..of"!
children sap" their vitality and. retard j
-physical 'development.-' They keep;;
the child iu a constant state of unrest!
and, if..not" attended- to, endanger life.';
The child" can be'.spared much "suffer-'
rather  selfishness. seems  rampant,   each, individual .or .*"��. and the; mother much anxiety by
using a reliable worm remedy; such
I as Miller's Worm Powders,-.which are
The War On Rust
Loyal to Britain
investigating the Nature of this Blight
and the..Remedy, -.-   "
Hundreds    oi: ."millions - of  dollars-
have, been lost in the prairie provinces
bf-Ganada by.the 'dest-ruPitoii-q?- wjieat-
thrpugh   rust: ... ;,A ��� committee  of -tho
"Advisory Council for,   Scientific"'and
.Industrial   Research, has' already.ac-
"conipiisheu important results in. irives-
��� .tigating the-nature .of-tins ,bligkf -and
���the   'means    of. preventing ^ir.    -The.
committee, has  discovered .thai '"her-.-
:a'rc several'-.kinds of ru-t,7 caused, by
..different' organisms,, and has "evolved-
'an. early-;-ripening variety    of ' wheat
which isoimmune "to," the.most
"ent -kind' of nisi7 ��� A-"varuU-
��� will.resist all  rust, organisms
. being sought. ' '
group striving .to attain their own, ends'.regardless of the effect, on other individuals and group, or the nation as'a, whole.. '  . .      ���      I sure death to worms
Tlie true and-loyal citizen, and the'one who .-in the final analysis, will en-
.joj- the satisfaction of the-commendation, of his-own conscience~-and that",
���after, all', is. the most-lasting and supreme satisfaetioiiT���is tlie one who," regardless of-temporary, success, or the plaudits or sneers of others, sticks to
his job and keeps on serving his country.and_ fellowmen.*- Only; so was the
world saved-through the great crises .oE the past;- only so can it be saved now.
- '. '   ���    Why He Asked
"Ma/do wc keep a hen any place?"
"Why, no, iny -son.. . Why do" you
ask that?" ���'-. ....".'���'.     '���- .
"I heard pa. tell-the new "maid he
.would" take -her.  out/riding; when' he
sentthe old hen away for   the    sum-
inci*."':���Boston Transcript.  '
it; now
U.G. Took Bulk of Shingle Output
'��� 7-OvetV'2,b'00.000,t>')0 shfngje.s .iiinety-
fi v 6 7 pe r c e n t,. o V v; hich we in into 1 h "
United Stat.es.-marUet.. wcre: ctu .-by
mills in-British-Cohinibia' during T921,
aceoi:dl!:s to-1hr' annual" report' qf���]'.:\u
Shingle; Association of.-British -Colunj-
. bia, ' -Tlii'K report is'on -all .grade'.-'".'-,'
'-;". The.' .water..-supply -. of.'ilie" i-i.fy-oi
..Tunis'"'!.-', obtained - Ji'dm''..th.e '-'same j
source"-' that,-   supplied. Carthage, and' t0
���some, ancients-cist erns.-.arp said -to bc j.
still in: use.-.,. ��� . , , \
Australia   Would   Like   Closer   Union
With the Empir*
Hon/H-. W. Barwell,    Premier- of
South   Australia,   who .is   visiting  iu
:London,---**as ��� enterfaincd-at ;luncheorij-
by the'Royal Colonial Institute.     Premier . Barwell.' said' there might' be a
very few people in Australia who talked of--".cutting the., pkin'ter/' but they
were either-fools or-traitors. .^Orice
cut the painter,'he said;.and thedooni
of  Australia -as   part  of, the''British
'Empire' was -sealed:'.-...They, werc-a-
froe.''state,.within, .a'-, free., .comnioh-
Vealth,.- but 'united.1,   by,   inseparable"
bonds' tjt7affecfio,ii'ainl goodwill;  .-���'..'
7--.The'war ha,d proved, the identity of 1
tho    interests    of Great  Britain and
Australia,     Premier  . Dai-well.   said..
Their only desire, if there, vfiin to, be
a change," was'in", the'   direction  Xol
closer - union...'^Australia's"-.- "greatest
need  was .- increased ' population',,   he
'pobtled  ot'il: ;.  They" -wanted 7.nii!lions i
of \ -im'mi'gr-inis.;.  .  -Their - .Australia
would  i>e- one-of; the- greatest --coun-
! tribs .iti the. world.- - Premier-"Banv'eli
I.said-'-that; three thousand  lettersvliad
j beba';'received 'in.two'days'from*- boys
1 prepared.io go -to A'uslralia-in connec-
i tion-with-a.,-scheme' to send out .boys
work on the farm. -    -'   -.-
Steady Increase In >���-'-".-
Denmark's Unemployed
Country "is Too'Small for Population-
' '��� -Say Statisticians '   ���  ���
��� Unemployment" in Denmark . lias
been steadily- increasing month by-
month,'averaging 20" per cent, for the
whole of .1921 and culminating in Dc-,
cember with -23.5 per-cent., of-the. to-
-- - -     /
tal- number   of   Danish   workers,- ac-.
cording to official reports.
r'.'I-ligh Swages.-'..and the dumping-of:
cheap   Central    European" goods are
generally. ' blamed  -for  this-state  of
affairs.-"     '   -,'.'-���. \-:i. 'V  ���    ' ..7 ' '
' -.'Economist's,   however,  arc  of bpin-
\ ion"..thaf'unemployment  in  Denmark",
as, elsewhere,^ '���is- ;a-natural:  conse:
quenceV'of.' theriact that- more, than
half-���'-Of';-Europe'_'s '.population  are '-un-'
able ."tot/buy* even-the barest-nqcessi-.,
tiesV ���";���_���.- ' . X. '������:���[ X. X-yi.- ''���
' -Some7 statisticians; assert .that the
country is too small for the -population of.less than 3,250,0.00.   ...
Indian Natives Have- Queer Way of
Expressing Thanj<s
Bishop AY. R. Lambuth in his interesting book, "Medical Missions,"- tells
of a native of India whose wife went
for treatment to a mission hospital:
On her return.'he. wrote: as-.'follows to
the woman physician in charge of the
hospital: -
Dear She.���My wife has returned
from your hospital cured. Provided males are allowed in'your bungalow, I would1 like to. do you the honor
of presenting myself there this afternoon. But I will not try to repay
you:  vengeance belongeth to God.
Another,"whose wife did not survive, expressed himself thus:
Dear and Fair Madam.���I havc
much pleasure to inform you that
my dearly unfortunate wife will, be
no longer under your kind treatment,
she having left .this world for- the
other on the night of the 27th ultimo.
For your own _help in this matter I
shall ever remain grateful;. Yours
Would    Eliminate   Yearly   Waste ' of
-- Tons of Vegetables _���'���.
Canning, factories   are  required ,in
Manitoba to utilize the vegetables and.
small fruit that can be grown in abun-.
dance and at> sniall cost.     Last year,
tons of tomatoes ^rown in;the prov-:
ince had to be shovelled but o'f the
glass houses, because they could hqf. -
command a price sufficient to pay for
their cartage;  and    acres,    tens,   of.,
acres, bf sweet.cornTliad to be fed to
pigs.   'Canning factories-are*needed...
to give some certainty of return for
the labor and investment    put    into
vegetable crops;      There is no limit
to  the quality or the variety of tho
vegetables lhat can be grown.
Atlanta, Ga., was settled under the
name of Herminus, in 1845.
For Spanish Influenza
The Liniment that Relieves All
' "Ailments
��� Kot" an uncommon experience,' was
that of'Mrs. I-l. S. Wilmot, ot Shulee,
N.S.: ''Many remedies ��� failed. .-still
splendid results were .'found in 'Catarrhozone.' ��� I have" been a most
dreadful" sufferer from Bronchial
trouble ami Catarrh. On,damp days,
I-would.hawk arid suffer great "distress-in my throat.-' I used" all kinds
of medicines-but didn't get permanent
relief till" 1   used   Catarrhozone.     It
Cairo of North America, from which
long caravans - may proceed across
thc sand-heaped wastes'of-an.American Sahara Desert, which will cover
what wc now know as the United
States. .;��� This amazing possibility is
presented by Prof. J. W.. liusseH, of
the department qf geology in Western University, who -believes, that the
earth is growing warmer.
' He submits that" that which has hap-,
pened before will happen .again; that
the world is now just recovering from
a long-continued glacial period and
will soon be enjoying again so gonial
a climate in "some sections that.oranges may-be grown in-Siberia, and
the famous Indian corn belt will, within a -few ' hundred years, hence,, be
found' in what is. now known as the
wilds of Labrador. - - . ' " V .
lie pictures as a possibility the
United States as a vast. desert, in
which" wilt be buried all the great interior cities, leaving only a small ar-
The Himalayas are clothed with
Wests up to the height of 13,000
The largest. stretch of fresh water
in' the world, Lake Superior, has an
area of 31,200 square Iniles.   .      ���      '
strengthened; my. throat, stopped my; able fringe on the borders of the two
coughrand-"made, mcr.wel],"- Try-"Ca-foceSTsT"its'is"no^the"'"^"^TUie
tarrhozone yourself���see   what   won-,1 -
ders.it works on a.'.'bad" throat, or
coldsT"catarrh,, bronchitis:'-' Different
from' the old .-way,"7 because you
breathe Catarrhozone.-' Get the. dollar outfit wliich'jincludes- the.' inhaler
arid -last t*Aro months. ' Small size 50c'.'
Dealers, The Catarrhozon.evCq.,', Montreal."' .-.'.- ;-X'-    ��� ���'.'.'       ' ���        . ...'
:��������� ; .New York Taxi.cabs'-
.7 New . Vork-City has'aO.OOO "faxicabs
operating- in-the -heart' ..of; -thc7... city,7
collect i ng" upward;' of 7.?200,tio6 "��� a \ day-
in fares.. .'..The'bu'sk'st" time .'of ��� the"
day'"-is" between-seven and., nine-in. thc
evening.'-.  ."        .-.-..; ;;,   7 -"������;".,'- ���'���  : '-'"���
��� Paris ir. to have .1,000 ;more.'pp]ice.'
THE racking*, agonizing rheumatic
ache is quickly relieved by anap-
plicat'on' of Sloan's Liniment.
,',J For. forty years, folks'"sit' over thc
.world have .{blind Sloan's to bc the
" natural enemy of pains and aches.   - ,
It penetrates������vr.lhotitriibJr.ng-. \
' You..-c'ari just tell .by_ its healthy,
" stimulating odor that it is-going to-do
ybu good.
.���Keep Sloan's haniy jbr neuralgia,
eelaticar, Jarr.e back,, stiff joints, .sore
-pauscles, strains and sprains.   .
7 At all druggists���35c, 70c, 11140.
Made "h Canada
A   Puzzler
7 'William   Jennings   Bryan   asks "a
poser .(hat'might be added to "Edison's
I famous list. He wishes -.to know!
j why it. is that, a black' cow can eat j
1 green grass and then give -v-hite milk;
I with yellow butter in" it. Question I
referred to dairv experts.���Vancouver ���
! -Province-.
! Sores Flee Before It.���There are-i
j" many who have been afflicted - with ���
[ sores and have driven "them away";
; With Dr. Thomas* Eclectric Oil. All ���
{ similarly troubled should lose no time !
7'in applying this splendid remedy, as I'
\ there is nothing like it io be had. It
' is cheap, biit its power Us in no vraj*
���j, j expressed by its low price; ,  t.
.{ The Hawaiian. Islands have as many
Buddhist .- t'ernples as ., " Christian
church���235,000 . pagans "to . 20,000
Christians.,'"   '���������/.'.���..'.    "":..'"   .":"-'"'
Minard's   Liniment   for   CfSgHs. and
Colds   ���':���"-���: .:���-���:. ��� yy.X":X.X':\
Teach Children To Use
Cuticura Soap
Because it is- best for their tender
skins.. Help it" now and then with
touches olCutiigiia Ointment applied
to first signs of redness or roughness. Ctiticara Talcum is also excellent for children.
Sat>2Se. C9)*aCT!23a��*5flc T*teaa2^..SGld
tferocrfioot the Dominion. Caaa*iiai! Depot:
bggw. Ls*u"kI. 144 St. F��t St.. W, Jfecis-iiL
north coast ol" Africa, Buffalo; St.
Louis. Memphis; Denver,-' Kansas City,
all these-will be deserted; and crumbling ruins-of former' greatness,' explored by archaeologists or' inhabited
by desert -tribes, the last survivors of
therace evolved from ihe "great Amer-.
ican melting pot.
���' On-the other hand Canada "Will be
the land'of promise. '. _Hudson -Pay.,
���will .bo-.one-of the great,commercial
seas of tlic.fchangcd earth.'. Its'sliores
will be lined wish- thriving ports and
seaside resorts. Western Ontario" will
be' the Italy of .this tropical Canada.
Oranse and lemon tree's* will supplant
the-Niagara fruit belt and spread Troiii
.Hamilton^.to Windsor.' .
266-268 ..     <
King St. West
Extra Large   -
?2.00 -
-  Largo;
Ex. Large
. ?40.00 '.
.    ?30.00' --
:  "Med. '���
Large " Medium '. Small"
?30.00 $22.50 ?12.00
$25.00       ?15.00      ,$ 8.00
Kits  Damaged
- and Shot
.   ?15.00-$ "5.00 .
We will hold Shippers',Furs the-neeesssiry time for them to.return
remittance if- not satisfied with our grading! . ^
Ship by Express or Parcel, Post. .Quick Returns Guaranteed
. Bank References���Dominion Eanlf, Toronto. ���
Sewl for Danca
end  SINGERS -Send for.
"essionai Copies -
Saskatchewan Villages
Number'of \/illages in ' the .Provinces
Is Now' 348"
Willi 1-1 incorporations during thc
VI months preceding, the-number of
villages in Saskatchewan, was increased- to'-"u to! :tl of -JilS a t: the'end.of- De-
ceiriber,'':-l fi.I,'it, was,reported,-by.-'ofuV
ciols" (if .the Sa'skalchewan'department
o'f- municipal7.affairs.V " ..",���'. --- . . - '-:
' .In' addition tb.the ,11-' hamlet;? raised
to tli.c; -statu.-; -of -yiliage,' one- village
was; created :a-town during1 the.year.
Star -City, "became' a ���-town] November
1, ���1921.7"7,-' .'���""���/ ' iy- ,-'X;\ ""���'-- :.
"- The- following; are,the- new villages.
incorporate*!" -during the- year, .-.'together with- the dates; of/incorporation:       -'���       ��� ;    '     ,- " .���"-'     ,7, ;"' '���"
February' "3".-   Ruthilda';    March'. 3, |
liirsav;   March   14,  Bateiiiari;   March-'
-   -       -- ��� 1. - 	
1,   Bcattv  and   Ddmr'eny;   April. 2S,U--..       -", 7,, ��� ������> ' ' -'* - .-'
,    - T,f ��� ��,   t.,..,^i'i. yXZ-'oo    " Mother   Graves'- Worm Extermina-,
vl.ns,ngc.r;. May .1, Lurstall,   June 22, -^ wiu'.(lt.ivc-.wc..ras;from'the 'system.;
Hodgeville;  November'   18,- -Kelv-ing-! ^-jn^^t; injury, to. the .child.- because ;
December, li;  Lintiaw:   Dcceth-! its"   action,   while   fvilly-   effective, is:-
BiV" ,'lREtOMi (OE^P^Ib^^^p^ieifcefcT-*>��: '^'PEP--ohie!ste|;. ...Jjfi
SjaEJSJiXV' W-jaleM^jWl^SiMlLi^^Jiii^s^^^Jt*^^.
'-Did ."Not- Halt at Death's Portals ..7
..'��� Seeking   data  'for   his. .bool-;7'.'The
Hereafter,"".Thoiiuis W. Wcggielus,.of.
Brooklyn,'^ -years old;; chemist',-swa.l--
;.joV.*cd7'. what.-   ho-'   thought' was' .just
enougJi''.anaesthetic, to- Jake,, him - to,
death's portals.'- -, '-. '���:.. 7' .7 '" '".
:   .Tlie" book will -never- be finished, for"
young Woggieius' .miscalculated    the
"dose".' and the "portals- swung .wide" for
: him.'.:      .,'"���'-'.      '   .*���    .-" -
ber    13,
Ridgedalc-7    December. -28.   mild.-
Luck in  Thirleens    -
. Dame    Fortune    has   .sniiled on a
French policeman of Strasbourg..
He had the -winning number of a
lottery fund-^131313���whicli entities
him to a million francs (nearly ?250,-
000 at normal rate of exchange).
An ��� AH-Cancrets' Elsvator
A. building permit has been issued
for ihe construction, of an elevator by
j-Parrish and Heinbacker,,pf Winnipeg.
jdni. the Port. Arthur'water front.   The7
I permit calls for an all-concrete build-.;
ing..    It is understood the "elevator is :
to have a capacity of 250,000 bushels.'
Not Quite Sure
..'Polite Peddler {to small boy swinging on {rate).���Little- boy,    is   your
mother engaged?.
..-Little Boy.���Come-in    and    l   *vi!l
s"ee7l think she is married.
Use Minard's Liniment for tfi�� Flu
WARNING! - -Say ''Bayer" when - you ;'.buy'- Aspirin:7
Unless you see the. name "Bayer y on tablets, ypu are;
not getting Aspirin at al!.   Why take chances? ...
Accept only-.an "unbroken package"'" .of.."B ay esV Tablets of-
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose "\v-orked out-by-
physjparis during.22 years and proved safd-by millions for
^    Nigh
^   -** Horning ��m._. _��� .
CI��Ef��S��TI��� OI��SJE����- -"J  f"f<e*'��3lJt-*-.y .
V"'i"J-* fv ?r%* W. C��r�� Bvefc fWrin* Co^OtwcVjo.t'-S-*. ���
Colds   *
Fandy '*^Ba7er,- boxes of 12. tablets-^-Also bottles of 24 and 10O���DrnjrgiaU:
-Vs-jsrtn Is the trade marl!, (resis-tercd in" Canada) of Bajsr-'ifaaiJaetare at Ji'.rL*-
mceiicacidestor. cf SalicriIcac*;S. ' 'Whiie it *3'*-r<?U isKowia<t}!-4t Asp.rin means ���Say-Ei-
msnsf-ic-urc.'ts a?'��i��f tfta irabiic asalasrt imitations, tbe Tablets oi B��,>-sr C^onpicy'
-3rUI Le-��'taaip*d VltSi t&*tr sellers I tn&�� mark; th�� -rBsyef 'Crow."
I- ./
THE ..LEDGE.     GREENWOOD.     B.     C.
Make It your handy household assistant. Use it for
making soap, in washing dishes, for cleaning sinks, refrigerators, garbage cans, etci, for cleaning clogged drairv
pipes, for removing grease- and; smoke stains, forscrubbing
floors and tiling. You will find that thelsystematic use of
Giilett's Lye will keep everything around the: kitchen and
bath room clean, sweet and; wholesome,'7'' Cleans a.n& disinfects', is economical; and stsre -in its effects.; Has;' been'-'
the standard for over V50 years. . It saves labor, time
and trouble,. . ^
���'-���"-������ 7    Madein Canada   v  v;   ;���
A Simple House v
Dress of Gingham
It has been decided to adopt daylight saving for thc city of Montreal;
Clocks will be put ahead an hour on
April 30 and bade an hour on Oct. 1.
Robert B. Robertson, pioneer Dawson miner and proprietor of the Bon
Marclic store, is dead at the. age of
.75.' He was born in Scotland and
came to Dawson many years ago from
Seattle. ��� . -:  ,1
Working in a blinding snowstorm
and with the thermometer near zgro
robbers tunnelled into the vault of
the Piedmont State Bank at Piedmont,
Kansas, and stole liberty bonds believed to total $50,000 in\aluo.
The Fermanagh Assize Court sentenced three men described as leaders
to 10 years' penal servitude for participating in the recent kidnapping
raids ��n Ulster. Eight others wero
given sentences ranging from five to
eight years.
���' Charles Tagel, miner and trapper,
has been-round dead in his cabin on
the Klondyke/River, 75 miles north of
Dawson. Death was duo to heart
failure.     Mounted   police,   travelling
Moving- a Mountain
6"n snowshoes, carried the    body    to
Dawson for burial.
' Baron Manton, of Conipton Verney,
was thrown lrom his horse and killed
Task Undertaken by Engineers.in Rio
'-' de' Janier'o
- gloving.a^*no.untain;is- the. -huge, task
imdertaken by ' engineers in Rio de
Janeiro, whore the Morro do - Caste! lo
���consisting of: an estimated 7,000,000
cu. yd. of earth and" rock���is being,
obliterated; the completion of which is'
expected to make the southern metropolis much more breezy, cool and
healthful, besides adding some 6G
blocks to the heart of the city. Various methods have been fried in the
transporting of this mass from Its
present Ideation and depositing it .in
the bay, among these being pick and
shovel, mule cart, steam shovel, and
"dinky or dummy train," all of which
are'described with full illustrations in
the April Popular Mechanics Magazine The presence of an old convent on the summit .of the mountain
has given-rise to the rumor that-gold
is hidden near it, and causes added
zest among thc credulous workmen.
, Novel Auto Truck
For    delirering    bricks,    a.'   motor
truck has ben designed with a body
that travels in such a way as to unload its contents neatly piled.    '
Constipation���that disordered state
of the digestive tract which is nearly
always caused by improper feeding���
can be readily regulatcdi by the use. of
Baby's Own Tablets. " These Tablet^
are a mild but' thorough laxative.
They it re easy to take and are absolutely-free from injurious drugs'.' Concerning them Mrs. Joseph Dion, Stc.
Perpetiie, Que., writes:���"I Irave nothing but praise for Baby's Own Tablets. When my baby was (hrce
months old he was terribly constipat-'
ed but thg Tablets soon set him right
and now at the age ol fifteen months
he is a big healthy boy and this good
By  Marie  Belmont
The season is approaching when
every particular housekeeper wants
an attractive dress to wear about her
health I attribute entirely 'to the use | duties indoors. The modern trend is
of the Tablets." They are sold by 1 lor bright effecls and gav colors in
medicine dealers or by mail at 25 i frock��. of tllls t au-fl the oxample
.cents a box lrom The Dr. Williams!
Medicine Co, Brockville, Onl
Dye Any Garment
Or Old Drapery
In Diamond Dyes
Buy "Diamond Dyes," nnd follow the
simple directions in every package.
Don't wonder whether you can dyo or
tinL sueccsEifullv, lipcatiso perfect home
dyointj is suarantecd with Diamond
Dves even if von have never dyed before.
Worn, faded dipf-w*. plcii ts. waiMs, coats
sweaters, blockings.' draperies, hangincs.
exeiylhlnir, become like new af-ain. Just
....        ,      ,. _,,    ,.     , tell  your dmsrsist  whether  the m.'itciial
while iox hunting near Slratford-on-^you wish io dye"  is,   wool   or   silk,   or
Oldest Post OfHce in United State
Avon. Lord Manton formerly was
Joseph Watson, head ot a big so'ap
firm. . lie was elevated to the peerage at the new year for his war service and philanthropy.
Reduction' of the size' of the United
States regular army to 115,000 enlisted men, has bepn tentatively agreed
upon by the sub-committee which is
drafting the army appropriation bill
at Washington. The present strength
of the army is approximately 137,000
whether it is linen, cotlon, or mixed
fioods. Diamond Dyes never streak, spot,
fade, or run.
A Hundred Dollars Worth
For Thirty-Fta Cents
._ Rent for Fighting Ground
A Viewpoint on the Question of Paying France for Use of Docks
1 Groat Britain, it appears, paid
France the huge' sum of 22 million
pounds as rental for docks, buildings
and Irenches used or occupied in connection with the British military operations in the recent war. A critic
suggests that this is the first instance
on record of one country paying rent
-for trenches in which.to light to-de-
Building at St. Augustine, Florida,
Was Erected in 1560
Erected Jin 156S, the post office
building at St. Augustine, Florida, ls
believed to be tlie oldest structure of
thc kind in thc country."* According
to official records in the "Archives of
thc Indies," at Seville, Spain, it was
purchased by the King of "Spain in
1601 from Gonzola "Mendez, former
governor of Florida, who erected it,
for ?10,000 as "a residence lor Gov.
Pedro De Yderra and his successors.
In requesting thai the
made, Gov. Yderra" wrote the king
that thc house in'which he lived was 1
built-over,the seas, and .was so cold |
and damp that tw.o former governors I
above is charming in red-checked
The square cut neck is flanked at
cither side by the yoke,'and' to this
the waist is slightly fulled at the"
shoulders. - Here and tliere Ihe skirt
joins the blouse at the lowered waistline, black wool embroidery imparting a striking n,ote. A slender black
patent leather belt finishes thc costume.
The same frock may be made up in
cotton, crepe or handkerchief linen
lor dressier occasions.
had died in it.
/ The Oil of ths People.���Many oils
have come and gone, but Dr. Thomas'
Eclectric Oil continues to maintain its
purchase be j position and increase its sphere of usefulness each year. Its sterling qualities have brought it to the front and
kept it there, and it can truly be called the oil oMhe people. Thousands
have benefited by it and would use no
other preparation.
"When it .comes to eating, working
and sleeping, I'm like a different man
from what I was ol short time ago,"
said Herman Kurtztisch, 40GM- Norris Place, Milwaukee, with the Northwestern Life Insurance Co., in relat-"
ing his experience with Tanlac.
"My whole system was about to
give way as a result of two years'
constant suffering trom stomach
trouble and I was so run down and
worn out I was hardly able to work.
I actually dreaded to eat, as after
every meal I suffered so terribly
from heartburn, and I was so nervous
I got little rest day or night.
"If it hadn't-been for TanlacTift
firmly convinced I would have had to
resign my place. It came to my aid
in the nick of time and I am strong
for it. Tanlac was worth at least
fifty times what it cost me."
Tanlac is sold by all good druggists.
Contributions For
Saskatchewan Museum
Mother, <Qaick! Give
California Fii�� Syrup
Far Child's Bowsk
E-on a sick child loves the "fruity"
taste- of "California Fig Syrup."     If
fend the country owning- thc ground.'the little tongue is coated, or if your
That is.not a candid statement ot fret. I c,-"d jf li;s"eiVs:,T-<lr0SS%fevei*islH {,1 ��['
_ ., . ,,.,,.      ��� ...    c��'d, or has colic, a  teaspoonful will
Britain was not fighting France's bat-|never fail, to "open "the bowels.     In a
tie,  but its  own.      That  it did  the icw  hours you can see  lor yourself
fighting in France, and not in Britain,' bow thoroughly it works alkthe constipation poison, sour bile and waste
trom the tender, little    bowels    and
Belter a good paying
low salaried position.
job   than   a
Minard's Liniment for the Grippe
"When you are awakened from a
sound sleep by Cramps, when without
a,  moment's  warning    pain    spiings   was a piece of good fortune for which
upon you, it's then you would readily, even the sum cited is a cbea-i price. ��,"����� Vo7i a welli'plavful dilld'again
iwi.v  a  linnrirerl   dollar.-;   for  fhi>  nnick .         ,  Q .....: ,      .'..' ��� ..���  ,?..
lit is likely, too, that the Lritish au- j
Millions of mothers keep
know    a
pay a hundred dollars for (he quick
relief you could secure lrom a thirty--  ,    .,. .    ., . t   ivip. qvrim.- -,.171fu-
five cent bottle of trusty, old Nervi-1 ����nties saw m this means a way to JJ: SjuiP   /^ saves a ,ick child tome.      Nothing like Nerviune .���� re-  give some financial  help to a -��"���<"-'m01*J0W-     As,. ^onr flrnggIst ,-or gen.
lieve. cramps,, stomach gas, diarrhoea   pressed ally wnoso sense of Independ- .ujne "Calilornia -Fig Syrup" which has
and kindred ills.     Nothing better for, e^w wcm-<- not permjt u to accept a directions lor babies and children of
Neuralgia, cold in the chest'and-sore 7. ,���KI   ���:>i     ���,,_ _ ���..���_���..        |all ages prLnte<1 on bottIe.     Mother!
You must say ""California" or you may
Grain Shipments Heavy'
Nearly one and a half million bus-
hels of wheat, oafs and barley, have
been  brought  down  from the Peace
' River and Grande Prairie districts by
j the Edmonton, Dun vegan and British
1 Columbia   Railway   since the first of
September, accouling'to figures issued
by the lailroad.     Nine hundred and
live   railway    cars   have come down
from thc north  country with 718,^21
bushels of wheat, 676.DS3 bushels of
oats, and 100,689'bushels of,barley.
throat. Tho price of Ncr/iline is
thirty-five cents, no more, no less, in
all stores where medicines are sold.
Incraas^ in Saskatchewan Cattle
Cattle in Saskatchewan in 1921
numbered 1,568,232, an "increase of
339,280 over the number of 1020, according to a report* of the Piovincial
Department of Agriculture.     It is in-
_teresting lo note that tlie-gresiest-in-
crease is in milk cows, 'which now
number 421,70S, or 70,000 more titan
Jn the previous year.
Skeleton in Trunk x
?.[. A. Vasari, a London anfiquc
dealer, bought an antique oa'<* chest
from a furniture dealer. , lie found
in it a human skeleton. Jle reported the find tp the police.
����������"����� '��'""' '. ���' ���
straight gilt.-,���Edmonton Bulletin.
Words that Breathe
Language is Vhe trumpet voice ot
the soul. Let children be taught to
study words, the simple words of the
English tongue, and their effecls
upon the speaker and . jhc listener.
Let tlio child be told that when lie
speaks a word he paints a picture
upon-his-own -and-his- hearer's^mlnd
that life to him will be good or evil,
"beautiful- or ugly, happy or miserable, according to the - pictures lie
paints. Such teaching would help to
give the boy and girl a greater sense
of responsibility.���Los Angeles Times.
It's goodnight for   the
walker- when    be   steps
s'traight and narrow path.
tight   rope
from   the
get an imitation fig syrup.
Japan Wants *B; C. Goods
Cedar log shipments to the Orient
haye taken a sudden jump forward
and 'during the past lew weeks ,over
SO.OOO.OOO feet have been booked on
various-steamers* bound-for Japan.
The demand for cedar in Japan is in-
ci easing and the British Columbia
market is finding difficulty in 'supply-
ing'the requirements.
Corns are painful growths,
way's Corn Remover will
them. *
1 emove
Interesting Donations Have  Been Received from Regina Beach
A history of Scotland, printed more
than 200 years ago, and a collection
of fossilized sea fish found in 18S4,
si:* miles west ot Eulyea, were pre
sented to officials of the Saskatche
wan Natural History Museum by Mrs
A. Duncan, Regina Beach.   -
Thc- donations were received at the
office of Frederick Bradshaw, chief
game guardian. The history was
written by George Bucbanan, and
in spite ot its age is still in 'good condition. In her letter, Mrs. Duncan
stated the fossils were discovered 40
feet below the surface of the Bulyea
prairie, while some of the Saskatchewan settlers -were engaged in digging
a well.
The donations__ will, be placed on
exhibition in the museum.
Tha largest salmon cannery in the
world is at Belliagham, Washington.
The   Flatfread   Indian" reservation,
Melon Growing by Mennoniies
Melon    Growing    as    a    Commercial
Proposition dn Southern Manitoba
The Mennonites in Southern Manitoba have pay_c?Asy_eal��lll!c-��lUentioii
tcTiuelon growing and have succeeded in cultivating   both   watermelons
and muskmelons of good quality.   Experiments at,the Morden Experimental Station, near .the Mennonite settlement, show lhat in hot years melons do well, nnd prove "BC excellent
flavor, but when the summers are cool
they do not flourish.     At this station
i tests have been made in, planting in
y Loan to Soldiers
The Soldier Settlement Board of
the Canadian Government has loaned
180,371.750 to 19,771 returned soldiers
for the purpose of purchasing farm
lands, removing permits on land owned by the settler, to erect permanent
improvements, to purchase stock and
equipment. The average loan per
settler is $ 1,061 .IS.
Thc reason a prophet has no honor
in' hi.-i own country may be because
we aro tirod _of _hearing_ him _say_'_'I.
told you so."
." -'������ ���:������- > XM''
��� ��~ -....
a packethoo.
e string jet
- It looked like a happy discovery: as.it lay_ there
on the sidewalk���until, the discoverer-reached
to pick it up.   Then the hidden string jerked it
7away. All William got was disappointment.
in Montana, contains 1,425,000 kcres.' the hot-bods and transplanting to tlie
open in comparison -tvith planting in
the field. Variety tests have, also
been made.' \On the whole thc;super-
intendentrat the station is able-.to re:
port.. satisfactory =iresults.. .He declares, that he sees '��� no reason . why,
melon growing should not bo a commercial proposition, iii Southern .Manitoba- especially-having', regard-to the
sucoessiachioved- by the Mennonites",
who- ".besides-.' having ; no scientific
knowledge' do not exercise a- super-
abundance of care.'- Muskmeidns.and
watermelons are alike.easily grown.-'.
. /That's;.-the way7-a. good -.���many;-.
people have,found it to be with.the.
comfort, and....cheer;they; thought
they had.secured in tea and' coffee.'
7 When they came to depend'on it���
.there,' was \a hidden strings arid
nothing- left but. disappointment;
The drug,. caffeine, in tea and
coffee, is. a nerve stimulant" Constant stimulation of the nerves often
produces rebellion that takes the.
fcmi. of sleeplessness, headaches,,
irritability, high blood pressure.
That's the string to.tea and coffee.
V ] Postum,   that  ^wholesome V'and;
.. delightful cereal beverage, is 7com-.;'."���
..pletely 'satisfying.-ahd.there's   no..
. harmful quality whatsoever,; to jerk'
V away the comfort which., you.'find,:
. in" this splendid, table. drink.   Any;
.rnember of-tlie. family may enjoy
' Postum with any'meal���and there
will be no after-regrets. ���
.Pbstam comes, in two forms ilnstani Postum
(in tins) made instantly in the cap by the edditjon.-
of-boiling water. Postum - Cereal. (in packages of -
' larger bulk; for those wbo "prefer to'tnak* the drink
while ihe niesil is being prepared) made by boiling
for.20 minutes. Sold by grocers' -. s
Postum for Health���"There's a Reason
.    Made by Canadian Postum Cereal Co^Xirnited, Windsor, Ont
'Sticking to'a.Pxsor Story .
; y"Voii -"-fi'ifi  -a   '$10   gas    bill
month," said; the dry "agetitV -.-���'; -...--_.
"The; wife'lias^er--been   doing 7a
little ���' canning,"-   s'aSl   the.,honic dis-
taitfr.- -V__";.- ' ' .   77 ���������'-.; '.������._-
': ".Hum. ' I. want to;.sam'ple:s6me. of
the stuff."      - 7 7. .."���'
', "Wife," caii'od.ihe-'hbnie distiller, in
quavering tones, -"open-a can-oi'7 salmon-for the geiitleraan.^-yinningham
Age-Herald.   '    -.'      ��� '.
B;C. increases Lurhber Export
'.. The"-Provincial Minister- of Lands
reports that the" water-borne" lumber
export from British Columbia in 1921
w;as in excess of lSS:.OOQ,00tf -feet, jrff
.eTxcess .61 about 4-1,000,000 feet over
tlie. record of 1320. - A large share of
this export "went to Japan, and China.
A'coin-in-the-slot niaclune'lias been
invented by an Englishman to enable
a passenger to learn "at what speed
fee is travelling in a train.'
Minard's  Liniment  orevehts   Spanish
Backache   ..;,
'.' Backache, is the outstanding
symptom of kidney disease.
Women often make lhe mistake of
attributing: other. causes and overlook the derangement ofthe kidneys . until serious .developments
have, made it difficult to obtain.
permanent relief.  ;:  .7.,   .;���   '-. 7.
This letter points to a treatment;
which has been, so thoroughly
tried and proven so effective ia the
great majority- pf cases.7that- you
cannot afford'to|-overlook it.Vrheh.
cause arises for/its uscV   . 7. "
Mrs! Alberb Brunet/R.R. No."
.1, Ottawa, Ont.-,'write-;:.
. /'I - have, used Dr.: QiaseV Ki3neyr 7
Liver "Pills for^the past lvro months, Having been afBtctal witH'kidney-trouble. I
used two. doctors1"; aedidne. previous to
this, without any-good reselts. A'friend-
told me to use Dr7' Chases Kidney-Liver
Pills," and ilia.second i-oxriade .racieel
* good deal better. I luive new tee,J
about sis or eight boiu, and'aniTam*-
plctely relseve-f."" '    7 : ���'
Dr; Chasers Kidney-Liver. Pills,.
one pill a- dose, 25c a. box,-aI!.
dealers, or EdmansdnV Ba.tes .&
Co., Limited, Toronto....,
The methpd ' of review will largely
be determiES?d by the taste of the
teachers and the grade in the school
concerned. To the writer's taste, two
good -methods are available: the biographical and the summary. In using
the biographical, the -lives of four
great prophets, Elijah, Elisha, Jonah
and Amos may be considered. These
four men are connected with nearly
all the lessons of the quarter. This
method can be used to good advantage in nearly all the grades of the
school. In the summary method the
principal fact of each lesson with its
leading, lesson.- should be set forth.
This method can be used to gooci" advantage in the adult /departments.
Tho following is a suggested summary:
Lesson I., Rehoboam refused lo
grant the request of-'the people for
the lightening of the burdens of taxation! Because of this ten tribes under the leadership of Jeroboam Revolted and formed another kingdom.
The most- effective cure for social and
political unrest is*justice by the rulers to those ruled.
Lesson II. Elijah, after announcing
to Ahab the withholding-of rain for
a term of years, fled and. was fed by
the ravens and by the widow at
Zarephath. God adapts Himself to
the circumstances of His servants,
and sometimes in the most unlikely
ways provides for His own.
Lesson III. At the request of Elijah,
Ahab called the people together to
witness, a supreme challenge of Baal
worship. Faith in God will stand the
most severe test. 7 The fire of God is
the unfailing sign which differentiates
true from false religioii,
..Lesson TV. Elijah, though brave before the 450-prophets of Baal, fled for
his life from Jezebel. God dealt most
gently with his" discouraged ��� servant.
We should learn from this that frequently we. fail in our strongest point.
; Lesson y. Naboth refused to sell his
vineyard to Ahab, whereupon through
Jezebel's plot he was murdered, and
Ahab took possession. Nations and
kings "should respect the rights of individuals. :'-..'..
.Lesson VI. When Elijah's work was
fmished,_ God took him to heaven by
a whirlwind. '"-Elijah had once requested death, but God had a better
way for him to go to heaven than by
way of death.
Lesson VII: The Shunammitc
Woman, seeing Elisha passing by on
errands for God, was moved to provide a coritfortable lodging for hint,
whereupon Elisha sought to recom-
-pense her 'by promising that God
would give her a child. Not infrequently has the prophet's chamber
brought blessing to the home.
Lesson VIII. At the command of
Elisha. Naaman dipped himself seven times in the Jordan and was healed of leprosy. In order to be healed
of the leprosy of sin, human pride and
vanity must be put away and obedience rendered to God.
Lesson IX. The king of Assyria sent
a great army to apprehend Elisha because hc had repeatedly informed the
king of Israel concerning the movements of the Assyrian army. When
the Lord opened the eyes of Elisha's
servant, he beheld the mountains filled with horses and chariots of Are.
"The angel of the Lord^ encampeth
round about them that fear him, and
deliverelh them." "Lord, open our
eyes!" .        ~.��
.Lesson X, At the preaching oi
"Jonah"," tlfe-\vicked~city "of Nineveh repented and God showed mercy. God's
mercy and forgiveness should move
us to 'preach the gospel to the
Lesson XI. The children of Ttrael
prided themselves in their security
and gave themselves -to luxury and
sensual indulgences. God sent Amos
to warn them of the judgment which
must follow. The Lord will bring the
ungodly to judgment for their ungodly living.*
" Lesson XII. In- due '.time^ the prop-
iiecy of. Amps came true. The Assyrians came .and - carried the chile!'en
of- Israel' into captivity, from which
they -never''-returned; - Rejection of
God and the.despisingof His wwship
will., be; followed .with judgment and
destruction.,'-' .-   ������ ��
Lydia  E.   Pinkham's  Vegei
table Compound is Helping
Sick Women to Health
The two letters which! follow-
clearly show the broad field covered1
by this well-known medicine. Women
from every section���you know soma
in your own. neighborhood���praise
Lydia te. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound as a wonderful medicine for
troubles women often have.
From   Prince   Edward's   Island���East
iMiscouche, P. E, I.���"I had female
troubles for two years. I always had
a headache and a pain in my side
and sometime 1 I felt so weak-that
I could not do my work.-N.,A friend
advised mo to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I
have taken six bottles of it. It has
done C3 a lot of good and I am still
taking it. I "Will tell my friends of
your medicine and hope they will
try it."���Mrs. Camiixe Des Roche,
Miscouche, P. E. I.
From    Saskatchewan���West
Wadena, Sackatchewan.���"A friend
in Rose Valley recommended Lydia
E. - Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
to me and it has been a great help
to me. I recommend it and you
can use this letter as a testimonial
if you wish."���Mrs. Pj:teb Nordik,
Wadena, Saskatchewan.
Helium Gas
Empire's Largest Source of Supply is
In Alberta
Helium gas, which the United
States Government has just ^decided
shall be the only gas used in its future dirigibles, exists in only one part
of the British Empire, and that is
Canada; and its largest source in'the
Empire is at Bow Island, Alberta,
where, 1,000,000 cubic feet is wasted
monthly in natural gas, according to
the report of the advisory council for
the Scientific and Industrial Research
ot Canada. Computed ��t 10 cents a
cubic foot, which is a low valuation,
states the regort, the value of tho
helium so lost at Bow Island amount's
to $1,200,000 a year. The tone other
place in the Empire -where this rare
gas is produced is in the gas wells of
Southern Ontario, which gives'forth
only one-tenth the amount supplied at
Bow Island. /
.Stops Hair  Coming Out;
Thickens, Beautifies.
\ S5-cents buys a bottle of "Dander-
Ine at any drug store. After one application you cannot find a particle ol
dandruff or a falling hair. Besides,
every hair shows new life, vigor,
brightness, more color and abundance
Dominion Express ^Monej* Orders are on
sale in five -thousand 'offices throughout Canada.
WANTED���Men to grow mushrooms for us; ?25.00 to $50.00
per week; send 3c stamp for illustrated booklet, and particulars, Toronto
Supply Co., Cumstock Bldg., Toronto.
You are nos
- experiment-
ting when
���ou uso Dr,
Chase's Ointment for Eczema and Sltin Irritations. It relief? at orico nnd gradu-
. aPy heals the-skin. Sample box Dr.
Chase's Ointment free, if *rou mention tiiii
papi r and "send 2c. rtiinip for postage. 60c. a
box; a!! dealers or Eduntnson, Kates & Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
-':'-    ���' ;.-" -Something Missing
A.farm hand saved a train from dis-'
aster, and   was presented by the rail-!
-way_company71 with a gold watch in a!
red--'morocco ;case;-relates the Pitts-j
j burgh'.-- ..Chronicle-Telegraph.'        The
- company's chairman at the end of an:
eloquent speech -handed the watch to!
the  , heroic . farm . ��� hand, and waited'
expectantly, to. hear' -the    recipient's'
thanks.. ..The-man :opened the morocco  case,'-took-the.-watch from its
rich satin bed,.turned it over and over
and -theh.'; looked'   "up    and    said:
"Where's the chain?". -   .
frcn one -weenation with
Cutter'* Liquid or Solid
Blackleg Aggressin. Absolutely safe. Cutter's Solid Agcrcs-
Pill Inicctors. If Cuttoc's Affircsiia
is tinobtaaubldocaUy, wnte
The Cutter Laboratory
"Tfej Latcraitrfthet reiai/W
Berkeley (U.S.Liccnsc)  California
K B ���Old Style Powder andPiU Vaccnes still nude
ioi tiufee who prefer, them.
.  Feed a H��n Jtist. Enough
'. A hen is underfed when gb en less
than-"she ���.wiil- eat, and overfed when
uneaten'grain..remains-In the  litter
after she-has."gone to. roost at night.
j Ability ."to   lay depends very largelj
! upon ability to' eat"and digest food
I-.���the good layer is.a good feeder.
f   jm+-u.    ^
/ ^jitfpj^,   1
nnri  How to  Teed
llaiied   Fie-;   io any
Address by ths
*->VagHfe JT
*"               Jr
32!*      West     Fourth
Street, New York,
X>os R^ir*edt- j
U.S. A.
Sted f��c1l��tef "a*����tlo��i* winlw! fc? Wtaufite-
Turti*. Fortwscc "sb���� fec*tt msec (r*as *lnJJ>*��
tdeec *'P��scb�� Projwttcn" tarel-let ��* -r��qwM*.
        JJi   BAVJt STRICT
Oil    derived    from- "the   liver'  of
sharks caught oif- "the coast of' Cali-
I fornia is. believed valuable as a leatb-
1 er, I'reseryative:'.
ij    Aim at
1 to land! ii
the top.
It may help >wi
Sk&'s Cotton licet Coffi��o��s3*;
A taft, n?j"ft&?# Tceulaling
fnnSicfns,  Sold ia  ihnro <!�����
!:raea cf *tr<Tisih���Ko. i.tlj
Co. 3, S3; Ka. S, $5 p��r fc��3���,
fio"<J by *Xi drusci*".*, or ��-n��
fre$>*id oa  T*csip��  of  r>t*e��J
^te.     pattsohlrt.       Atldrwsj
rut. cook m Eorciw*: coj
metr3. &T, C.S*��-5j Vittsa.lt
W.   N.   U-   14U V.
Is $2,00 a year strictly in advance^ or
$2.50 when not paid for three months or
more have passed. To Great Britain and
thei.United States $2.50, always in advance,
Delinquent Co-Owner Notices $25.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Bstray Notices 3-00
Cards of Thanks     1 ;oo
Certificate of Improvement  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears ir notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal-advertising, 12 cents a
line first insertion, and 8 cents a line for
each subsequent insertion, nonpariel
Transcient display advertising 50 cents
an inch each insertion.
Business locals I2}��c. a line each insertion.
The Home Circle
The blue cross means that
your subscription is due, and
that the editor would be pleased
to have more money.   -'
At any rate  a
every minute.
sucker ie shorn
The only part of dress reform
fchafc is making a showing is the
Some crops depend npon the sun
but; wild oats thrive beBt on moonshine.
Now that exposed knees are popular, rouge may be listed as one of
the bare necessities.
A15OUT the only encouraging note
in the present situation is the one
that is stamped paid.
An excellent frontispiece for a
war history would be a life-Bize
portrait of a tax receipt.
Cider doesn't provide a kick
until it gets bard, and you can say
the same thing about times.
Yery few poets are blonds. This
Live up to your engagement.
Earn money before you spend it.
Never play at any game of chance.  ���
Good character is above all things else.  .
Keep your own secrets, if you have any.
Never borrow if you can possibly avoid it.
Keep good company or none.    Never be idle.
Keep yourself innocent if you would be happy.
Make no haste to. be rich if you would prosper.
Always speak the truth.    Make few promises.
When you speak to a person look him in the face.
Do not marry until you are able to support a wife.
Ever live (misfortune excepted) within your income.
Save when you are young to spend  when  your  are old.
Avoid temptation through fear you may not  withstand
it. '
Never speak evil of any one.    Be just before  you  are
Never run into debt without you see plainly a way. to
get out again.
Small and steady gains give competency with  tranq uil-
ity of mind.
Your character cannot b.e essentially injured  except by-
your own acts.
Good company and good conversation are the very
sinews of virtue;
If anyone speak evil of you let" your" life be so that
none will believe him.
When, you retire to bed think over what you have been
doing'during the day.
If your hands cannot be usefully employed, attend to
the cultivation of your mind.
Tailored Clothes
Men's Suits and Overcoats
A fine  range of samples to select
from.     (Just arrived.)
Now on view at
Tailor and Cleaner
Tanner Ranch
287 1-Z acres, 1 mile from Kettle Valley.
Good terms can be secured.   '
E. W. WIDD.OWSOJN, AssayeT and
Chemist, Box biioS, Nelson, B. C.
Charges:���Gold, Silver, Copper or Lead
$1.25 each. Gold-Silver $1.75. Gold-
Silver with Copper or Lead $3.00. Silver-Lead $2.00. Silver-Lead-Zinc $3.00.
Charges for other metals, etc., on application.
Send  Your
GEO. ARMSON, Grand Forks,
The 20th Century Shoe Repairer
All work and material  guaranteed.   We
pay postage one way.   Terms Cash.
Agent for Hodge, Chevrolet, Studehaker,
and Overland cars. Garage in connection.
d. Mcpherson      -      Prourietor
Portmann Ranch, Nicholson Creek
3 1-2  miles from Kettle Valley. 160 acres.   Cattle;
Horses and Implements.   Terms can be had.
4 year old Shorthorn Bull, For Sale, in good condition.
For further particulars apply to
Greenwood Kettle Valley
-> When you have something
to sell, put a
For Sale Ad
In The Ledge
The charge  is reasonable
is probably  due to the fact that
poets are born and not made.
easily seen that his responsibilities
are strenuous.
Hon. Dr. J. D. MacLean, is too
well known and honored by the
people of this riding to need any
commendation, suffice it to say
that he takes the affairs of the
province seriously' and gives his
beat for his country's sake.    It is
"Be Prepared"
Lines suggested by Boy Scout Motto
In the old days the railroads
prospered by robbing the people;
but it doesn-.t seem to work now.
There are many safe places in
an automobile to carry hootch, but
. Inside the driver isn't one of them.
. Theke are fatted calves in abun-
dance for 'the modern prodigal who
���wastes his substance in, notions
flivving. '������'.
About the only thing to; be said
���?in favor of frequent divorce is that
system provides a frequent change
. of relatives.
Newspaper writers can do one
of two things. He can give the
people what is good for them or he
can make money..
About the quickest-way to end
your worldly troubles.is to remind
; an.ITlsterite that orange is a; mix-.
ture of red and yellow. 7
-";." Tnir citizens .were fortunate--in
having an opportunity last.. Friday
iri bearing such7ablearid7 public
spirited men asVHon. ..John Hart,
������: Minister of Finance,'.the' Honv Dr.
J.-.D. MacLean,   Provincial: Secre-
/tary. and -Minister of  Education,
and E.G. Henniger,  the energetic
member for Grand  Forks.    They
spoke; to an audience on .various
matters.dealing with, the affairs of
the province.',    '     -
.������"������ Hon. John. Hart is a pleasing
and convincing speaker   arid   his
duties as Minister of Finance are the
most difficnlfe in the cabinet as he
7'has 'to devise way6 and means to
raise money for the spending departments snch as public workfly
education* etc.   Although only 39
years  of   age,    coming  to    this
country fro��� Ireland when he was
17 years old,  he has worked his
way to the head pf a large financial
. institution in Victoria and is head
of the financial department in B7C.
Ha --carries fais cares with a smile
and has aVcheery word for everybody, but from his white hair it is
surmised that greater things are iu
store for the genial doctor and this
riding might well feel proud to
have a man of his ability to represent them.
. In E. 0. Henniger, Grand Forks
is indeed fortunate. He.is a fighter and that town and district may
feel sure that their interests are
being well looked after, On Friday night he spoke, for the first
time outside bis own riding and
favorably impressed his . hearers
with the keen interest he was taking, in public affairs.        -"*...
With men of such .large.calibre.
as these at Victoria this province
has nothing to fear. '���-."'.'
v Bpy Scouts   "���; 7 v",
Troup meets, as usual on Friday
at 7'p.tn. 77 ;' -7 - :.-;-,'.; -y'X
'" .     '.  ���"."���   '-'.7'CUBS X~ '-���''-     -,   -.' ���':
��� .-'-'Usual-meeting- on Saturday at
2.30 p..m-7 ���
:. An executive .imeetihg wiil be
held, iu'��� the Court' House, tonight;
at 8 p.m. ��� 7 -77 ''���; -.-7 'X'X.     ' '.-- :".-:��� ���
Nicely furnished rooms, by the
day, week or month
F. Nilson
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
"  Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers    ol   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
Mortgage  Sale
.. The .-Soldier. .Settlement; Board   of
Cinada" invites oilers  for-^ the.-7. Sale   br
Lease of the below'mentioned property:���
.7     ''Parce^No.'31:: Situate 74 miles" .
from Midway.   'Formerly held by F.' -;
Pennington.,The property comprises
-   280 acres of which 20 acres are cleared, 50 acres bottom land and 210 acres .
range.   Tliere is a .log dwelling and -
a log.bar.u on the property. ��� '
Terms of Sale are 20 per cent, down
and the balance in  nine  years at 6.per
cent per annum.
For further infoimation apply to the
District Sup'eruitendant, Soldier Settlement -Board, Vernon, B. C. Be sure to
quote the parcel number.
Physician and Surgeon
'    ���  ' Residence Phone 69
BY   DAY.or ; CONTRACT 7    -
X '-'���:��� ,-;    Wood. For "Sale- '������'-���-. XX '
Second Hand Pipe, Rails,  Blining Cars
.''7.:-.-and other Mining'Equipment 7. ��� '
Reasonable Prices-.'7;-7-:���";".-:���'
Aspiy to J. W. Clark,'''Pacific Hotel
When duty calls,
Whath'er befalls; ���
Boy Scouts, give ear,
Your Motto's clear, (
"Be Prepared"!
- When on Parade,
At borne, iu trade,
Where'er you are,
All grousing bar!  .
"Be Prepared"!   '   .
��� Scouts' rules are made   -
- To be obeyed!
..-  Your Chief's command
Must always stand!
"Be Prepared"!'
Remember this!
When aught's amiss
���With friend or-foc,-
Help.all you know. -.--
...    "Be Prepared".!
Heaven's Laws regard,
Nor. deem them hard; * .
God's on your side,
Whate'er betide,     '
. "Be Prepared"!
'--   Just do what's right     -   '
'    . By day,'by night,
To exercise, '���' -'���    ���    '
'."Be Prepared"!
-���-, -  To tell the truth���- .���;-..--. ������-.-���-X~
.'.     E'en-though forsooth :  -
,'--,' Aliei if told, -7.   .   -
"-   . .May mean a.'scoId,;-r   .
XX-Xy    "Be Prepared"! .7
Come weal, come woe; ���'.-'' " ���. , iX ,-
.; -'". Sunshine or snow,
���     - -."All's'well"���Don't swear,-'.;.
But grin and bear"! 7
; *>Be Prepared'-l -���_-���_   7'    . :
'::.'"-"   Scouts!sometimes fail    7.7 "   ���*.'
���7 ���'-*."' And-miss the trail.   -: ' -...-7
Well, try.again      -    ....:,
. 'With might and main.       .7
.-' :,'Be7Prepared"!';���-  '��� "x-."x"""X
... It's well worth while,   , -. -v .-...'
..' So strive and smile;  .. . ���        7 7'.
.'���'.���.    Life's race well nxn'.-X-'- .7    .
7   ^Viri^ni"''^^^��"!-^*!"   '/ ;
V;"--:7.:v--��'Be.'l>repared*M; -���''���   '.'-X...
.  7 .When Heaven's "Last Coil'!, '['������'
���'.:���-���'-,. -Which comes toall,7 .-','-
-Shall summon you   ""_��� 7.    :-���      7
To bid "Adieu",
"Be Prepared"! 7.-..
������ --'-' V  -.".���.- '���'' ���  .""V'������Anon^
Send a Float to your friends at
once. You- can." get them a t
Tbe Ledge office.
UNDER and by virtue of the powers
contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, which will be produced at the time
of sale, there  will be offered for sale by
Public Auction
-������In Front of the -
Court House in ihe City of
Saturday   the   25th   day of
March,  1922
At the hourbf-n o'clock in the fore-noon,
the following property, namely:���
LOT 2083, in group 1, in the
Similkameen Division of the District  of  Yale,  and. containing
.  320 acres more or less..
On  the  property  are  a farm
house;, barn, sheds, outbuildings,
orchard and cultivated fields.
For terms and conditions of sale' apply to
- -  Solicitor for Mortgagees,
.7    Greenwood, B.C.
Dated February 9th, ,1922.'
Auto Stage twice daily to Midway meeting Spokane, Grand
Forks and Nelson train, leaving Greenwood at 8 a.m.
For Oroville, Wenatcheeand Princeton leaves Greenwood, 3 p.m.
Fare $1 50 Each Way.    Hand Baggage Free.   TrunkB Carried.
Express and Heavy Draylrie. Auto's for .hire Day or Nieht
���We carry Tires, Oils. Greases; Hay and Grain     -
Office Phone 13. Residence Phone 3L
ajv*> ���* ������ _*^
' ��� -The Oovern'meiit Of   -
Tlie Province Of British Columbia-
Job Printing
���Economy and Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness %
are the features which go to 3
make up the Service we give %
our customers. Are you ff
one of them?
Letterheads, Noteheads,       3
(Ruled or PUin) 3
Envelopes, Billheads, ^ ^     ^
(AlLSlzes) .-     ���, -..���'���' . \'7"2
Statements, Business Cards^ 3
Posters, Dodgers, Etc., Etc. ^
PHONE 29      j
Job Printing bepaftment   3
-* The attention of V -x
Timber Licence holders who are
taking advantage of the provisions
of.the 1021 Amendment* to the
FOREST ACT,. wherby ��� arrears of
licence fees accrued prior to 31st
December, 1920 have been funded
and made payable in annual instalments, is specially directed to the
fact that any renewal fee. which Became due in 1921 is sot included Jn
the instalments above mentioned, and
such 1921 and all subsequent renewal
fees must be paid within-^ one year
after the date of expiry of the licence
In order to maintain the right ofthe
holier to obtain a renewal ofthe
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of first-class laud
reduced to $5 an acre; second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted coveVinf*
only land suitable .for agricultural
purposes and which is non-timber
land. ��� v
Partnership pre-emptions abolished
but parties of not more thaii four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residences, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy -claims
for five years and .must make improvements to value of $10 per acre,
including clearing and cultivation of
at least 5 acres, before receiving -
Crown G-rant.
Where pre-empjor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence
may be issued, provided applicant
makes improvement to extent of $300
per annum and records same each
year. ' Failure to make improvements
or record same-will operate at forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
less than 5 years, and improvements of
$10.00 per acre, including 5 acres cleai-
ed and cultivated,' and residence of at
least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptors holding Crown Grant -
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made "
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites; title
to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes
areas exceeding   640   acres  may   be -
leased by one person or company. .
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditionsfinciude
payment of 3 turn page.  . >
Natural hay meadows inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased ~
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act is enlarged to
include all persons joining and serving
with His Majesty's Forces. The time
in which the heirs or devisees of a der
ceased pre-emptor may apply for title
under- this act is extended from one
year from the death of such person, as
formerly, until one year after the con- "
elusion of the present war. This priv- -
ilege is made retroactive.
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-emptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.     v-
Provisions for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4,1914, on account of payments, fees or
taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions,
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by- members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 31st, 1920.
Provision "made   for   insurance    of
Crown ��� Grants   to  sub-purchasers  of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete purchase, involving forfeiture, on fulfill- *
ment of conditions of purchase, interest
and taxes.' Where sub-purchasers do
not claim ,whole;of original parcel, *pu"r-":
chase price dite and taxes  may bedis-.
tributed  proportionately    over whole
"area.-Applications must be made by
May 1,1920.     - 7
...   GRAZING    '
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic development of livestock   industry   pro- .
vides for grazing districts and range "
administration    under. Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based .
on numbers ranged; priority forestab-.
Iished owners. Stock ownera may form
Associations for  range   management..
Free,   or partially   free,   permits   for
Very Old Highland
Supplied to the P. & O, Steamship Line
for over forty years; to His Majesty's
Transports; to masy exclusive Clubs and
Officers'. Messes : all over the world.
15 YE &RS MATURED. ^ Ask for
Catto'sV. ���-.*���.��� ;.; ' -- ;
���.."For" Said .at
v-   the Mm
������yxxxxjv^x'x^ ".
���..'."'--  Has prodaeed Minerals valued as follows:   Placer.Gold, 876,944,203; Lode ^
;     :Gold, $102,753,828; Silver, 158,668,284; Lead 146,637,221;Copper,^$161,513,864;   7
ZSnc; $19,896,486; Coal and Coke, $212,578,4922'Building Stoise, Brick, Cement;, . ;
etc.y $345,168,217; Miscellaneoas; MiaeralB, etc.7$iJ037,408; mafeiiig; its Mineral;
Production to the end of 1929-show an s_ WV/ ,:\ ;"VV7
Production ^f^
The   Mixing  LawsVol fchia Province ar�� more liberal and the7 fees lower
than those of any other Province iavthe Dominion, or any colony in the British
Empire."  -������'���.  ���     '  '..��� V V'''���.'' 77.-~   '... ..���-.' ��� . \.V ���:' f'V'  - --;7' '���.'-��� V:.   ���.7'.-'v7"
Mineral locations are granted to dlacpveirers for nominal fese. -      V
Absolute . Titles are  obtained  by developing snch properties, the security
of which is guaranteed py Crown Grants. 7    -7
- Full informaMonVtogether Wth in^
gratia by addreasing��� -"'���
the mn. f be Mimsfm of mines
VICTOFtiA, British Cotabis.    -


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