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The Ledge Dec 11, 1919

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**   ���
'       r ..
\|   '
f-iy  -;,^�� ���   I
Vol.   XXVI.
Cosy Homes
Make your home cosy and attractive t>y flllinjr it witb some
of our choice and elegant Furniture. Carpets and Pictures-
Use our Crockery, Granite and Tinware in your kitchens
and-4ining rooms
Oils for machines of all kinds, coupled with a large stock of
well-assorted Hardware
T��� M. GULLEY & CO.
!mmmmff!?mwmmmmmmmn?mmmffW! imwg
Just Arrived
gj Kippered Herrings, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Haddie,
""" Sable Fish, Salt Cod
Jtifle and Shotgun   Shells.   Eire-
arms of all kinds
" Pathephones and Records?
Men's Furnishings,  Shoes, Shirts,
Hats, Rubbers, Clothing, and Gro^
ceries, at reasonable prices
J. G. McMynn,  Midway
I Around ;Home 1
What  Makes a Profiteer?
Hank Leonard ld,ft on Sunday
for Rossland. '������
Layer   Figs,   Dates,   Peels,   Currants,   Raisins   and
&fi . all   kinds   of   Nuts
Phone 46      LEE & BRYAN
i buy;and sell anyjmining
Ab. McQueen has left Allenby
for the coast.
in  Grand
P. O. Box 1102
Christmas  Cards,   Personal   Greeting Cards, .
.   Ivory Goods, Silverware, Flash Lights, Pocket
Books, Leather Goods, Christmas  Stationery,
Dolls, Toys, Tissue and Crepe Paper, all colors,
Neilson's   Chocolates,   both  Bulk   and   Box.
Full Line Toy Books and Games.
Kodaks  and  a full line of Films
Best prices paid for raw furs
Manufacturing Furrier
Guaranteed High Class Furs
Nice selection kept in stock and made to
order froin selected skins
Customer's furs made up.   Remodeled
ahd repaired
Skinsjdressed and mounted;at
reasonable prices
416 Ward Street Nelson, B.C.
> o^oooooooooooooooo<x>ooocoooooooobooooooooooooooo<K> (
Independent Meat Market
Phone 5;. JOHN MEYER,      -      -      Proprietor.
' - ' ��� <
Dealer in Second-hand Furniture
and Clothes, Metals, Sacks,
Plorses,  Cattle, Etc.
421 Baker Street
Stocks, Bonds. Notes and Debentures.
MEAGHER & Cd;, 511 Baker StT
For High Class Dry Goods, and Ladies Ready to    |
Wears and Millinery _ . I
We  Always  Show  The  Newest  First *     |
In Great Variety
Suitable For Presents
Approbation parcels of any line of my
goods senteupon request
Watch repairing attended to in a prompt
and efficient manner.
Tasty meals and comfortable rooms.    Meals served at any time.
Sample rooms for drummers.    Soft drinks, cigars and cigarettes.
Fool hall in connection.
W. D. BUSK - .... PEOPBIETOE' ' .
o - '    ' <
Dealer ia General Merchandise
MasseyvHarris Co��� Farm Im/
plements, and the Canadian
Fairbanks / Morse   Co,,
,    Gasoline Engines,
H.  R.   Bidder  vyas
Porks this week.    !-
Fresh oysters and crabs on sale
at the Windsor Hotel.
Mrs. Geo. White; recently returned from England.
At McElmon's. Walthatn
Watches.    Boys Watches.
A daughter was .born recently
to Mr. and Mrs. A; J- Grenier at
Born���To Mr. apd Mrs. Clarence Smith, in Rossland on Nov.
30, a daughter.'
The amount of- fruit shipped
from Grand Forks this season,
will be 141 cars, '!"
Finnan Haddie, .Smoked Sable
Fish and Golden Fillets at Rendell's store, Greenwood.
��� y
Tim Sallis, of Allenbv, formerly of Grand Forks, will <>speud
the winter in Vancouver.
Rev. Father F.'- Coccola was
the guest of Rev. Father M. A.
Phelan, in Trail, last week.
Jap Oranges, nuts, raisins, figs,
dates, grapes, Xmas candy, at
Rendell's Store, Greenwood, B.C.
Archie McLeod, chief scaler for
the Forest Mills, Ltd., will make
his headquarters in Midway.
New< stock of' Mitts,   Gloves,
Socks,   Woolen  Underwear  Fla-1
nelettes, etc. . G. A. Rendell.
For that   nasty cough   get  a
bottle of Rexall's Syrup of White
Pine and Tar at Goodeve's  Drug |
StoVeT^" > ��� "/'";: -~ ~
Mrs.  T.   M.   Gulley   returned
last week from  Spokane,   where
she had been visiting  for several
f weeks.
Born.���To Mr. and Mrs. C.
Rock, at Mrs. Rendell's private
hospital, on November 30t>, a
Received today from Ogilvie
Flour Mills Co., a car of flour,
rolled oats, wheat, shorts, etc.
G. A. Rendell.
"Dan and Billy Biner of Phoenix, left on Tuesday morning for
Los Angeles, where they< will reside, in future.
In casting about for some method
of attack npon the cordially hated
profiteer we slipped, somewhat unconsciously, into the interrogative
mood which produced the question:
What makes a profiteer possible?
and tbis suggested the old college
Strike up the band,
Here comes' a sailor;
Cash on his hand,
Just of the whaler.
Wherefore we decided that what
makes possible the profiteer is the
number of approaching sailors with
cash in their hands; in short, the
American public bn shore leave
after four years of perilous voyaging.
Is the profiteer to be blamed for
striking up the band when he sees
a sailor with cash in his hand? Or
is fche spendthrift public, displaying its cash in hand,'to be blamed
for fche eagerness with which it
tempts natural cupidity?
We are aware there will be many
protests against this argument.
The protests will come from those
who honestly are endeavoring to
practice economy and sincerely are
devoted to prudent management.
To those we must say that there is
profiteering in the necessaries and
\we must admit that tbis profiteering is not induced by -he prudent
and economical. It is made possible by the imprudent and the
wasteful. j
It is unfortunate that the thrifty
should suffer for the extravagance
of their fellows; but this is what is
.happening., And it will, continue
until the extravagant learn - better
management or are compelled by
force of circumstances to forego
their prodigal habits.
As a nation we had better quit
playing the role of sailor. We are
seen coming,���Chicago Tribune.
I Western Float
Bevelstoke wants a public library.
The new addition to the Keremeos school will cost 812,000.
An effort] is being made to establish a Soldiers' Settlement at Cascade.
Mining News
The  Ruth-Hope afc' Sandon has
discontinued work for the winter.
The Northport Smelting and Refining company expects to resume
operations this week.
D. Brander, an old timer *u
East Kootenay, recently died at
Fort Steele.
Mickey McKay is playing hockey
with an "amateur" team in Calgary this winter.
Save sugar. ,Ifc is reported that
there will be no relief in the sugar
shortage until February.
Kitchener, Ont., will remain
Kitchener, and not Berlin as it was
named before the Great War.
V. E. Forster, mayor of Cam-
rose, Alfca., was recently fined $600
for not paying his "income tax.
About 500 children attend the
public school in Penticton. A new
central school may be built in that
The Canadian Government merchant marine fleet will have 23
vessels launched by the end of the
year. -
The Bear Creek Road house in
fche Yukon was destroyed by fire
on Oct. 17. The loss is about
John May, a cook from a Great
Northern bridge crew, died in
Phoenix last week, from drinking
wood alcohol.
The Providence mine, Greenwood shipped' a carload of ore to
the Trail smelter on Saturday.
There is a gold rush on to the
Rice Lake district, 30 miles east of
Manigatogan on Lake Winnipeg in
Thirty-eight tons of ore was recently shipped from Lucille Drefus
mine at Danville. One hundred
tons removed from fche mine at the
same time is on hand.
The Premier, Big Missouri, Mineral Hill, Forty-nine, Bush Limited and Lakeview mines, will operate in the Portland Canal district during fche winter.
The Standard Silver-Lead mine
of Silverton is earning again. This
mine has been dug out three times,
and now it comes back with a new
zinc shoot. Ife has paid S2,700,000
in dividends.
A Western Favorite
A Good Investment
TTHE mon^y you save earns interest
\ A when deposited ia oar Savings
Department, and'faoth principal and
interest are safe and can b�� obtained whenever Fequiwd. Open an
account to-day.
Greenwood Branch     L E, Brawders, Manager
Sheet Music
Latest Popular Song Hits
IG for $1.50 postpaid
largest line  sheet   music  in�� interior
ofB. C.
Write for Prices
Modern Cleaners & Dyers
P. 0. Box 152
The"new Pass" Creek public
school, 12 miles north of Grand
Forks, will be opened after the
Christmas holidays.
��� J. J. Strutsel has lett Phoenix
[.for Vancouver, where he has been
transferred   to the office   oi the
Granby in that city.
Mrs. Chas. Nichols and family
have arrived from Vernon, and
they will live in the Gulley house
formerly occupied by Ed Pope.
Mr. Patterson, district land
supervisor for the S. S. B., was
in town the first of the week and
located two veterans on the land.
Chas. Bing, the Midway vegetable man, was in town on Saturday, making preparation to go
to China, where he will get married.
Keep in mind Friday, Dec 12th
���Rebekah Card Party. The last
card party~was such an enjoyable
social affair that the Rebekah's
have been encouraged to hold
another. " -
Music Lessons
Lessons given by a qualified
teacher ou the violin, mandolin,
guitar and banjo. For terms, etc.,
apply P. O. Box,  201, Greenwood.
He Right
Bobbie:   What the meaning of
I. W. W.?
Daddy:   I wonft wash, I think.
Ladies and childrens fancy
Christmas handkerchiefs in boxes
or single, a wide range to select
from; also some very pretty, runners, tea cloths, tray cloths, - etc.
G. A, Rendell.
A movement is now on foot
with a view^to merging the Presbyterian and Methodist congregations at Grand F<Jrks, Greenwood
aad Midway. Over ninety per
cent, of members of the Methodist church in Grand Forks are in
favor of the change, but, before
anything can, be done, it will
have to be sanctioned by official
f Methodist tsta
It is said The Family  Herald
and''Weekly   Star   of   Montreal
reaches   over   ninetv   thousand
homes in the four western  provinces "each _ week" There-must
be a reason for this.    The reason
is not hard  to find.   To farmers
iu this Western County The Family Herald and Weekly Star is regarded  as  almost   indispensable
aud each issue is worth to  them
more than  the  hole year's subscription- price.     It   is a   most
wonderful production of a weekly
newspaper, family magazine and
agricultural   journal.      It   costs
only SL.2S a year  (after December 31st the price, we understand
will be $1.50) and each  subscriber receives free a large handsome
portrait of the Prince of Wales,
10 x 22 inches.   It is wonderful
value and no home in the West
should be without it.
At BriIIiant,the Doukhobors are
now sendiDg the little girls to
sfchool. Previously only boys were
allowed to attend.   -
One hundred and four persons
were killed-by,-automobiles in the
State.of New York, including New
York^city, during the month of
October past.
Trapping is good at ^Christina
Lake tbis winter. In less than a
month, Grant Chase and George
Wilson trapped and shipped 37
marten and 40 weasel.
A shipment of brick was recently
sent to the Eock Candy concentrator. The brick will be used in'
the construction of a drier for the
purpose of drying the flourspar ore
prior to passing through the
No Patch There
Teacher���"Johnnie, come here!
I am ashamed of you! Tell yonr
mother that next time she patches
your knickers to patch them a different color."
Johnnie���''Garni That's nofe a
patch���that's me."
John Quarries, a well known
old timer of the Kootenays, died
in Spokane last week. He had
been a resident of the BoiiLdary-
Kootenay for over 25 years
Penticton is haviug trouble with
its electric light plant. The situation is going Jrom_bad_to_ worse,
tbe Herald complaining that the
lights are off almost as often as
they are on just now.
There is an epidemic of mumps
in Fernie. Kecently the calamity
city had 500 children absent from
school either with the disease or
held in qnarantine. Five school
teachers are also victims.
The herd of 300-500 wood buffalo or bison still roaming between
L. Athabasca and the Kooky
Mountains is the last wild herd of
the continent. The Government
herd of plains buffalo in the park
at Wainwright, Alta., now- numbers 3,500.
San Francisco capitalists may
put in a mili at Port Hill for tbe
sawing of cottonwood. It will
have a capacity of 30,000 feet a
day, and it is estimated that there
is enough timber along the Kootenay river to keep the mill bus#
for 25 years.
Iu the 420th year since Cabot
first took fnrs from Canada to
Henry VII the value of raw furs
exported was 88,600.000. Canad-
ianif ur-farmers now breed "silver,"
"black," "red" and "blue foxes,"
"Persian Lamb," "raccoon,"
"mink," "marten" and "skank."
William Moore has given a bond
on the Iron King group at Beasley-
to Carl Mohr. Mohr has.the Monarch mine adjoining. Ife iB said
the ultimate consideration is $40-,
000 to be paid in instalments over
two years.
The Consolidated "Mining and
Smelting company received 7705
tons of ore in the lasfe 10 days of
November, afe its smelter in Trail.
Of ' this amount the ���Providenc,
Greenwood ^shipped 35 " tons; the
Sally, Beaverdell, 43 tons; the
Napance, Beaverdell, 1 ton, and
the Emma, Coltern, 479 tons.
Silver mining is becoming more
active in tha Yukon, due to the
high price of the white metal. The
Whitehorse Star says that an old-
timer in Dawson came through
Whitehorse a few days ago enroute
to the ontside,-andwiiiile"here_ga"ve_
Government Assayer W. C. Sime>
sample of silver ore to assay that
went $6,000 to the ton. The find
is located in the Rockies, about
200 miles from Dawson.
O. S. Caldwell came down from
the Eleven Mile, Wednesday and
says tbat .ISTeiison and McKenzie,
who'have the contract for driving
the 100-foot cross-cut tunnel in tho
New Alaska are breaking about a
foot a day, and are now in over 35
feet, They are doing the work for
Chas. F. Caldwell, the well known
Slocan mining man who has the
charter for a railroad lap Salmon
river.���Portland Canal News.
The Swedish Canadian Gold
Mining Corporation, of' Port
Arthur, capitalized at ��3,000,000,
has purchased the Foley Gold
Mines, west of Port Arthur, which
ceased operations in 1898 on account of heavy operating expenses
and mortgages. From Engineers'
report submitted the property
shows $2,000,000 worfeh of gold ore
already blocked out and immediately available. Seventy men will ���.
go on the property soon.
Sam  Larsen,   of Rock   Creek, I
went   to    Spokane,    last   week,
where his wife is ill in a hospital
ia   that   city.      Mrs.   Larsen is
slowly recovering.
M. D. Hamilton, general inspector for the Canadian Bank of
Commerce m  British Columbia,
recently, visited branches of the ,
bank in Boundary and Kootenay. 'who may be diblefw"*^!^
According to a recent Order-in-
I Council issued from Ottawa, atime
limit has been set for ,applications
for Vocational re-training. r The
Order states "Limiting time for
applications for re-training coarees
three months from November 1st.
1919 or discharge which ever is
later.'' Tie officials of the department S. C R. wish this fact to become known tO all returned men.
A copper   property   four  miles
down     the " Similkameen    from
Princeton^ will resume operations.
It is owned' by the Princeton Mining & Development Company and
*~* F. Foster, president and  manager, has ordered a carload of lumber from'the sawmill at Allenby
and a bnnkhonse will be erected on
the property.    A compressor and
[boilers   will   be   installed   in   the
spring.    This property was located
and held for several years by CoL
Bobert Stevenson.
&      -f v.
���>,*���! I
W trk   ���UiiDGE.    (iJiiihiN vvnai).    b.    n.
Timely Words oi
Warning and Advice
The addresses which Hon. T. A.
Crerar, former minister of agriculture and prospective leader.of the ncw
farmers' party, recently delivered at
a number of places in the West have
a greater value and importance al
this particular  lime  than usually  at-
organized labor came very close to j
destroying itself. Jt largely alienated!
the support of all reasonable men and
women, and lias created a division in |
its own ranks which it will take a!
long time to overcome. )
If Canada is to grow great and
prosper there must bc neither distinctly "class" nor "sectional" groupings in this Dominion. "Classes" and
"groups" as such may very properly
carry on educational propaganda with
a view to convincing the people as a
whole that they arc right, and, when
they succeed in so convincing them,
thcir views will find concrete expression in thc laws of thc laud. But the
attempt to pass "class" legislation can
More thasit
yrs.. ago
an English chemist began to manufacture BEECHAM'S PILLS.
Today they Jiave the largest
sale of any medicine in
the world!
St!J erci/wlicto j; Cenia.
hboioi. ��5c.C0c
57G Heroes Receive Victoria Cross
��� ' o
j A.     British     War     Office     return
only end in disaster, hinder the dev-[shows that war honors conferred, cx-
elopmcnt and prosperity of thc Dom-1 elusive of thc air force, number near-
inion, and lead to turmoil, trouble and j b' :l Quarter of a million, including
possibly open  strife.
The crying need - of Canada is
greater unity among all classes, races,
creeds and sections���not further riv-
ision into "groups." Out of thc common sacrifices of thc Great War there
should develop a broad and strong
Canadian national spirit. Patriotic
Canadians everywhere should set
thcir faces sternly against the creation of further class distinctions, and)
should seek to encourage thc idea of  "
, L, ..,.    .   ;l11 Joining hands in a national cause You   don't   have   to   rub it in
taches to speeches from thc political  ,,ascd on   sound  pr;nciplcs  and  dcs.
igned to accord full  freedom, justice!
and equality to all. !
"  i
thc Victoria Cross, 576; Companions
of St. Michael and St. George, 2,092;
Distinguished Service Order, S,862;
Order of the British Empire, military division, 3,019; 'Military Cross,
36,707, and Military Medal, 114.000.
platform, and thcy arc fully deserving of the attention which has been
devoted to thcm, not only by the
press,  but the public generally.
Thc avowed object of this series
of addresses by Mr. Crerar was to
outline to thc people of the cities of
the West thc main principles of thc
New National Policy promulgated by
the Canadian Council of Agriculture!
the policies in support of which the j
farmers are uniting irrespective of
former party affiliations and to invite thc support of all classes, in city
as well as cpuntry, who believe in
the principles and policies enunciated
in  that  Platform.
It is altogether probable that Mr.
Crerar's series of meeting1; was also
prompted by the fact, lhat in thc
Cochrane by-election in Alberta Mr.
Wood, the U.F.A. leader in that province, look thc ground that the farmers' political movement was a distinctly "class" movement, and that
he advocated other groups and classes organizing along similar "class"
lines. This is in direct opposition to
the policy of the Canadian Council of
Agriculture and thc leaders of the
farmers' movement in Saskatchewan
and Manitoba. Thc Grain Growers"
Guide made chaste to repudiate the
views advocated by Mr. Wood, and
Mr. Crerar in all his speeches was at
great pains to impress upon his hearers the fact that the promoters of thc
New National Policy, so far from encouraging a "class" movement, were
openly and strongly opposed to such
a course.
Apart, however, from thcir primary object in explaining the Ncw National Policy to the people of urban
centres throughout the West, the
speeches of Mr. Crerar served a truly
national service in that hc gave utterance to timely words of warning
and advice, addressed particularly to
the farmers, but which have a much
wider application. Quoting from a
verbatim report of his speech at Regina, wc find Mr.  Crerar saying:
"In these changing times a greajl
responsibility rests on the organizeB
farmers of Canada. It rests_ on you
because from the very accident of
circumstances these things you hold
dear are being discussed from"one end
' of Canada to thc other. It is a time
when reason should guide your actions and course in every way. If
you do not, and you are animated by-
impulse alone, this splendid ediface
you have reared and the opportunity
-that-lies ahead ,of you will be largely
"I have observed in some quarters
what I would term fair weather Grain
Growers coming lo the front. By
that I mean not those who have stood
the heat and burden of the fight for
ten years, but men who stood aside
and let the fight go on, and now when
they see the tide is turning and running strong, want to throw their lot
in with" us. 1 have no fault to find
with it. ' You will not find your truest
and best councillor''; among such men.
If. you did you wouhl have found
them in  the movement  a*- the-first."
These words of warning and advice
apply to more people than the farmers. ~ There'is--a tendency, in thc
present 'world unrest and upheaval,
for people in all walks of lifc to break
away from thc true" and tried methods
and leaders of the past  and -turn  ;o
to get quick, comforting relief
Tungsten From Peru i    Once  you've  fried  it  on   that  stiff
The  United  Stales has become bv'J0'11.1' *01'? "'"-'clc. sciatic pain,  rheu-
.-.,,, .   ��� . ,  , ,  " I malic   twinge,    anic back,  you 11  find
lar  the largest importer of tungsten L,   warm>   billing  relief you     never
irom Peru, taking thc place previous-'thought a liniment could produce,
ly occupied by Germany.      Thc min-      Won't     stain   the  skin,    leaves no
.oral,   used   for   making   the   hardest jull,Si!-  ""i?les     no   time  in  applving,
,,   ,i   ���       ���     i , .. .    ,        'sure to give quick results.      A  large
steel, is mined by natives, washed out|boUlc u��a|ls ^onomy_   your own %T
by hand and transported across thej any other druggist has it. Get it to-
Andes on thc backs of llamas and day. 35c, 70c. $1.40. Madc iu Cauada.
B.C. Fruit for the West
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta farmers' organizations havc
closed three separate deals for their
supply of apples, and for the first lime
in the history of these organizations
thcy have all purchased British Columbia fruit.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Facts About Our Country
Has a Population   Averaging    Less
Than One Man to the
Square Mile
" Thc area of Canada is 3,729,665
square miles.    Population 8,500,000.
Compared with the United Slates,
Canada is greater in size than the
United Stales, including Alaska, but
has a population less than that in the
three cities of Ncw York, Chicago and
One half of Canadians live in
towns. The produce of farms, forests, mines-and fisheries arc the output of a population averaging .less
lhan one man to the square mile.
Thc total area of land fit for tillage is estimated at 302,200,000 acres.
In 1918, only one-sixth of this land
(51,427,190 acres) was under crop.
Of the 179,000,000 acres fit to farm
in the 454,000,000 acres comprised in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
but 26,000,000 arc under crop and 25,-
000,000 under livestock. There ' is
room for settlers on 128,000,000 acres
surveyed farm lands, ��� including 25,-
000,000 still open for homestead entry.
��� Madc a Difference
Thcy had just been introduced to
each other at the reception. Presently thc younger girl, glancing at a
man who had recently entered, remarked:
"I can't think what's the matter
with that tall, dark man over there.
Just before you came he was staring
hard at mc, and looked as though he
wanted lo bc introduced. Now he's
turned his back ou me. 1 wonder
"Perhaps," said the other, "it's
because he saw mc come in. I'm
his ^ifc!"
Miller's Worm Powders will purge
the stomach and intestines of worms
so effectively and so easily and painlessly that the most delicate stomach
will not feel any-inconvenience from
their action, Thcy recommend themselves lo mothers as a preparation
that will restore strength and vigor
to their children and protect them
from thc debilitating effects which result from the depredations of worms.
Tt takes a hundred cents to make a
dollar, but it takes more than a dollar's worth of sense lo make a man.
There arc twenty-eight pounds of
blood iu the body of an average
grown-up person.
Heals Inflamed
Stops Catarrhal Discharge
Cures Colds Quickly
Has a Corn Any Roots?
Yes, and_ branches and stems as
well. . Can-it bc cured? ��� Yes, by applying Putnam's Corn Extractor; it's
painless, safe and invariably satisfactory. Insist on only Putnam's Extractor, 25c at all dealers.
History of Chinese Cash
Poor remedies have given Catarrh
thc reputation of being - incurable.
But it is curable, easily and quickly,
if the right method is employed.
Snuffing a  powder     or ointment  up
Began   With   Coins   That   Had   the
Shape of Knives
-Witli-iheend;of the war comes tiie
end, one may believe, of an odd spec-
j lacle sometimes seen in thc neigh bo r-
jhood of Tsinan, Tsinglau, and doubtless of other Chinese cities���the sight
Of-'a Chinese coolie pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with coins���on their
way to bc incited down for thc mc:
tal. War conditions raised thc price
of brass and copper to  such an ex
amining  a  powaci      or  ointment  up   lrlU  that  it was  foun(1  profi,abIc  to
-the nose won t cure Catarrh, neither , ��� ,',..,
will   tablets,     douching'   or stomach P��"*asc col��s and melt Ihem, a prac-
medicines cure.- These- treatments
fail because tlicy only affect local
conditions, they do not remove the
cause, which is germ life established
in the lungs, bronchial tubes,- and nasal  passages.    Ordinary remedies do
tice vvhich brought inconvenience,
for it materially ' reduced the circulating medium. . Laws were- passed
against it, but'thcy seem to have been
more or.less successfully evaded, and
not   reach   these "remote, parts,     but i wheelbarrows continued to bc used in
Catarrhozone docs, for it is breathed
through thc inhaler- into every air cell
in thc'hings, into every air passage in
supplying the smelters.   Thus is added  another incidcnt'.in   the  long his-
sotncthing" ncw.    Changed.conditions] the head and throat. No matter where  t��ry-of   Chinese   cash',   which   began
"from what have prevailed" in the past I t'��c  Catarrh - is. * Catarrhozone    will
arc admittedly necessary.   This is re-!rcach  h\    l\  kills  the  germs   heals
��� - " jsorc spots, clears the nose and throat
cognized on all "tides, but the danger
lics in the apparent willingness ��� of
many people . to thoughtlessly seize
upon anything new, and of running
to extremes. As M.iv Crerar declared in another 'portion of his "speech,
this is a time above all others for all
people- to be reasonable, and- to bc
guided by reason and not impulse.
Thc danger against " which Mr.
"Crerar warns people to bc.on guard
probably has found its greatest and
most tragic expression in thc ranks
of organized labor,
groups ol men showed
instantly. Universally used; pleasant
and clean; guaranteed to .cure ' or
money  refunded.
' ,'Don't bc an object of aversion to
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Throat Trouble, spitting and gagging.
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3,000 years and more ago with thc
circulation"-" of coins^ that had the
shape of kimes still to bc seen used
as paper knives by foreigners in
China who havc picked -them/-tip
searching for antiques. Other shapes
were introduced, and_beforc thc Choii
dynasty, about 600 B.C., thc Chinese
currency was ax-shaped and spade-
shaped as well as1 knife-shaped. "At
that timc round coins with a hole in
j thcm.-so that thcy might be held together with a cord, -iwrc introduced
How NU-Boats  Were Trapped
One of the  novel devices  adopted *and found much more ,convcnient.-
by the British  for the co-ordination | -
where    largc of thc efforts of trawlers and snbmar-J
wii-lines has just been divulged.   A trav.-i
to desert their former lead- ler would drag z. submarine by a ca
ers, and their ' great "international
craft unions, and follow, ultra-socialistic, even anarchistic, leaders and
their will-o'-the-wisp nostrum of- the
One Big Union.    Here in the West
%?**.*���* wm ��raooJafed EyeLids,
B. V������  suretoSa^BHfMdliffed
E�� ^dsa.1**. quickly reliered by MsrfSS
V 4B$�� lr*Baae#y; No Smartfe*
. &,- w*^ jurt Ey�� Cojafort. At
yoar Drargta ��r ty nasi fiSc gffBottfc.
Tor Btek ���! fee tjf fres writ* *st
Ifsflsc ��y�� R#M��tfy �����* ���Me*g*.
ble and maintain communication with
it by telephone. When the trawler
sighted a German U-Boat the British
submarine would slip its cable' and
attack the German boat before the
surprised German could. submerge or
prepare to give fight.'.
Women ought to make good legislators. Many a man can testify that a
woman's word is law.
Many a man, like the moor, shines
with borrowed light -
1.   Peter  Denies   the   Lord   (18:1.-18,
1. Before the servant maid (vv. ISIS). Peter's first blunder'was to attempt to follow Jesus at this time.
Christ had told him lhat he could not
follow now (13:36). Presumptuous
boldness oftentimes places one in an
embarrassing position. In such cases
compromise or -'cowardly denial usually follows. Wisdom as to our weaknesses should move one to avoid unnecessary trials. John, seeing Peter
standing at thc door, introduced him
to the house of the high priest. Here
under thc taunt of a Jewish maid he
openly denied his Lord.
2. Before the servant and officers
(v. 25). Peter had not only ventured
where it was not necessary, but was
warming himself at the enemies' fire.
Haying quailed before the sarcastic
impudence of a servant maid hc openly denied his relationship with thc
Lord when questioned by the officers
and servants at whose'fire hc was!
warming himself. To havc a clear and|
independent testimony one should bc
separate from sinners (II. Cor. 6:14-
18). _ ���
3. Before lhc kinsman of Malchus
(vv. 26, 27). This man had seen Peter with Jesus in Gcthscmanc when
Peter in his rashness smote off the
ear of Malchus (see verse 10). Hearing Peter's denial this servant of thc
high priest put the question, "Did I
nol sec thee in thc garden with him?"
When Peter uttered thc third denial
thc cock crowed, bringing to his attention the warning words of Jesus
(Mark 15:72). This is an example of
what a disciple of Jesus may do in
the hour of great temptation.
II. Jesus   Commits    His   Mother   to
John (19: 25-27).
Though suffering thc indescribable
anguish of thc cross, he tenderly remembered his grief-stricken mother
and charged John to care for her.
Mary had other sons who should havc
cared for her, but thcy-were unbe-1
lievcrs till after Jesus' resurrection.
Hc knew that his mother would have
better care at thc hands of thc beloved disciples than at the hands of
her own children, who did not believe in and love Jesus. Love to
Jesus is stronger-lhan human affection.
III. Peter and John at Jesus' Tomb
When Mary came in breathless
haste, announcing the fact of the
empty tomb, Peter and John "ran to
investigate. When John came to the
tomb hc gazed into it, but when Peter came hc went in.' John with holy
reverence hesitated to enter, but Peter through his impulsiveness entered
at once. The difference docs not lie
in the fact that one loves more than
the other, but in their different temperaments. One should not expect
the same behavior from all. This investigation was convincing (v. 8).
IV. Peter's Restoration ancl Commission (21: 15-19).
Peter had thrice denied lhe Lord,
so before he again entered thc service
he had thrice to confess his love for
Jesus. In this commission to Peter
is set forth the motive and nature of
service which is incumbent upon all
Christian ministers and teachers.
1. His .motive ��� love for Christ.
Love is the supreme qualification, for
service for Christ: it is the very
spring-from which-all-activity flows:
It is not learning and eloquence, but
love that makes a pastor. (1), "Feed
my lambs." Thc word for "feed" as
well as "lambs," signifies that thc
work here is that of nuturing the
babes in Christ. (2) "Feed my
sheep." The word here means to
feed, guide, correct, and lead the
matttrer class of Christians. It carries with.il-not only the responsibility of feeding, but correction and discipline. -If this bc attempted without love, failure will inevitably ensue.
(3), "Feed my sheep." This relates* to
the care of, the aged Christians. The
word "feed" -returns somewhat lo the
meaning in the first instance, where
hc says, "feed my lambs," so lhat
the ministers' responsibility to care
for- the aged is equivalent to thai of
tlic young.   "'
Easily  and  Quickly  Cured with
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Prices in Germany
The representative ox a foreign
woollen firm travelling in- Germany
writes that the demand for cloth is
enormous. ~ The mark has -fallen so
low that it means the Germans must
pay nearly four times as much for
their foreign goods, but.if the .money,
trouble can be adjusted, huge quantities of material can be sold in Germany. The French supplied the first
demand at greatly inflated prices, but
that era is passed, and although the
people arc wearing paper clothes or
anything they can get, thcy will not
buy except at reasonable prices. -
The American Attitude
All mothers can put away anxiety
regarding, their suffering children
when they have Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator to give reiicf.
Its effects arc sure and lasting.
An Irish lady well'known to society contributed to the gaiety of tja-
tions_ the other evening by dashing
into thc nursery and reproving her
eldest born.in manner following:
"I just wish your father was at
home some evening to see how you
behave when be is out."
Britain Buys from America for Cash
-.;���'.. and Sells to Europe for.
Xi' .     Credit '   "     6 i
��� x>  '
Refusal :of- the LTnitcd States Senate to-ratify the peace 'treaty has
come as a sickening surprise 'to. the
mass of British people. As to \vhat
the actual effects of the Senate's refusal will produce, statesmen are anxious that Americans';, should "realize
the enormous and" disproportionate
burden' England is enduring of the
after effects of the war^ The 'main
:ost of feeding the people ,of. Central.
Europe is falling' tippn 'England, the
nation paying dearly, both directly
and in deflated currency. "England's
currency is too heavy a load," says
thc London Globe. "Every week we
pile up our debt to America by buying goods at inflated prices. Every
week we sell about the same quantity
of goods to continental countries
which cannot pay for them. This
system of doing business cannot go
on. Strong.as we arc, it will break
us. If it docs, the allied partnership
in ocace has broken down." <
It appeals tc America .to comc.to
the rescue of Europe now, as it did
*o thc rescue of the allies in 1917.
International action, alone can avert
a crisis. -
ForThreeYears. Hard and
AwfullySore. Disfigured.
-   Cuticura Heals.
"I had been suffering with a pimply "face for three years.    My face
-was full;: of'pimples and tbey were
hard and awfully sore. They festered and dried up, tod wero scaly,
and  disfigured   my  face. .    They
f.cauacd mo to.lose a lot of sleep,
and were awfully itchy, making mo
scratch and Irritate my face.
"I started" to use Cuticura Soap
and Ointment and I used two cakes
of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of
Cuticura Ointment when I was
healed." (Signed) Clifford Ycomans,
East Chezzelcook, N. S.
Use Cuticura for every-day toilet
purposes. Bathe with Soap, soothe
with Ointment, dust with Talcum.
. Fbr.fne umpl* each of Cuticnre Soap, Ointment and Talcum addr��u poet-card: "Outlcur*.
XtapkA.BMtMi.V.a.A."   Soldovorrwherc.
Minard's Liniment  Cures  Garget in
The Milch Goat
Goat enthusiasts  claim, that goats'
milk  can  bc  produced  al  one-fourth
the cost of cows' mi'.k.in the matter
of feed and with half the trouble of
keeping a cow; lhat.goats' milk has a
belter flavor than cows' milk and the
milk contains twice thc butler fat of
the best cows' milk; that goats'   milk'
is  easier to digest  than cows' milk;j
that goats  are immune    from infec-1
tious  cow  diseases;     that goats are
three times    more    profitable-   than1
cows; lhat male kids are morc-valu
able than calves for meat.
,Y    '-tfVV-: ,IT-��B
lSi3lliIi3LH5��^i ff
���   .... i-.-i���������.-.   r r ���" ..���)--.���.3^-.'
VKint andMaeaadenWmWBj. Canada .*j
To Cure a Cold In One Day
(Tablets.) It stops the Cough and Headache and works off the Cold. E. W.
GROVE'S signature on each box.   30c.
New Branch Line, for B.C.
A contract has been let to the
Foundation Company at Victoria for
thc construction of .the extension of
thc C.P.R. from Alberni to Great
Central Lake. With thc completion
of the line, great timber tracts in the
vicinity of the lake will be tapped. It
is expected that the line will bc finished by July, 1920.
Settlers For Manitoba
Many U.S. Farmers Are Purchasing
' Choice Manitoba Lands
Hoy Jenkins, Mount Vernon, Ohio,
has secured three hundred and twenty
acres on Silver Plains, south of Winnipeg, at seventy-five dollars per acre,
while in' the districts q�� Dufrost and
Morris, -an cighteen-hundrcd" acre
farm lias been acquired by a* farmer
froni Sibley, Iowa, at forty dollars
per acre. A~ largc number of American .farmers arc settling in this district. Another district which is receiving, attention is between Balmoral
and Clandeboye, where.a number of
returned soldiers are,talcing up land
at $27.50 pcr acre. A farmer at Mac
donald has harvested' two thousand
five hundred bushels of turnips from
two and one-half acres seeded on fall
plowing, May 15th.
Letters arc delivered in some of the
islands of the Tonga group, in the
Pacific, by skyrockets fired from steamers.
Constipation is one of the most
common ailments of babyhood and
childhood and unless it is promptly
cured will undoubtedly lead to disastrous results. To cure this trouble
nothing can equal Baby's Own Tablets. Thcy arc a mild laxative which
instantly regulate the bowels and
sweeten the stomach, thus .banishing
constipation, colic, colds, etc.' Concerning them Mrs. Eugene Vaillan-
court, St. Mathicu, Que., writes:
"When, my baby was constipated I
gave her Baby's Own Tablets and am
well satisfied with the result. I
would strongly recommend them to
all mothers for this trouble." The
Tablets are sold by medicine dealers
or by mail at 25 cents a box from
Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., j
Brockviile,  Ont. ���
Indians Get $500,000
Indians in The Pas district, have
been paid-more than $500,000 for rat-
skins, receiving $2 per skin this yedr.
Hon. Edward Brown, Manitoba provincial treasurer, .reports that business there has been exceptionally-good
during this season, and a feeling of
hopefulness and anticipation is awaiting the report of -the engineers who'
have been inspecting the Flin Flon
Probably the longest ;xor<l hi the
English language is anlidisestablish-
mentarianism. It is a word not found
in most American dictionaries, but is
sometimes used in Great Britain to
refer to thc principles or policy of
those who are opposed-to thc disestablishment of the ' Church of England.
. New Variety
"Mamma, I want a dark breakfast"
"Dark breakfast?  .   What do -you
mean,; child?"     ,,
-"Why, last night j'ou tokl-Mary to
give me a light supper, and I didn't1
like  it."
"David said that all men arc liars.
He might-have said that some men
work it overtime.
Won Fame on its Merits. ��� The
unbounded popularity that Dr. Tho- ,
mas' Eclectric Oil enjoys is not attributable .to any elaborate advertising,
for it has no.t been so advertised, but
is entirely due to the ..merits of this
Oil as a medicine. In_ev'ery city, town
and .hamlet . in the country it is
sought after' solely -because "of its
good qualities. .    ,
..  Work of British'Praised
Shprwobd Eddy, secretary for Asia
for the" Y:M.C.A.,-speakingin Chicago
recently on his return from Asia and
the Near .East,,said of' the unrest in
Egypt that they had there the catchwords of, democracy but that they had
had more good government and good,
water supply under  the  British  and ,
General Allenby in thc last" 12jiichnths s
than   in  the   last  12   centuries.    He~
commended the British for giving liberty and religious toleration and expressed surprise   that  other  nations
had .not learned lhat Britain did this.
The man who repairs watches
doesn't" complain of working overtime., " '���    \ %
A "Liii poster knows his place, and
there he sticks.
The earth has delivered her bounty���provided for
her own.    Contented, she sleeps the winter .months.
An<3 the men who worked with her, who toiled in her furrows and delivered
the harvest���they, too, have earned a rest. Thoughts may turn to hospitality
arid social evenings.   The
plays its part in the warm-hearted social life of the country.and'in the mote
formal functions of the city. Wherever a particularly dean shave j*
demanded Gillette service is commissioned.        v.
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THE    LEDGE,    QKEENWOOJ),    B.    0.;
Cleanses the B:ood,
Builds Up Strength,
Improves Connexion
As a result of debility, sickness or
improper diet, the blood ofteii becomes weak and unable to free itself
of poisons.
Mo'rbid, unhealthy matter accumulates-and breaks out in sores that
discharge and will not heal. .
Washes, salves and ointments are
useless- because they have no action
on' the poisoned blood.
But Dr. Hamilton's Pills cleanse
and enrich the diseased blood, drive
out impurities and' (ill it with nutriment and strong building material.
Ulceis, boils aud sores heal up.
Likewise all weakness due to impoverished blood is cured by these
famous pills, and anaemia, erysipelas and rheumatism go before it as
chaff before fire.-
The skin grows smooth, complexion clears, health, vigor and strength
arc evident on all sides.
A blood remedy for blood diseases,
the formula of a famous physician���
no improvement can be made on Dr.
Hamilton's  Pills.
Their use extends to the people of
many nations and. thousands have
proved that thcy do cure when all
else fails.
No mattcr_ what your ailment may
bc, if it has its origin in thc blood it
is curable with Dr. Hamilton's Pills.
Sold everywhere, 25c a box.
Filling His
Own Shoes
��� BV ���
Copyrighted. Printed by special
arrangement with Thos. Allen,
"Oh, yes, I know all about that,"
said Ruggles. "But 'the part that ���
that's bothering me is about these ���
these ���" He paused and the color
flamed in his face.
"About the girls? Yes, I know all
about that. You're thcir guardian and
sole trustee.   What of it?"
"Oh, Lord!"
-Miss Elliot dropped her flushed
face into her hands and her-plump
shoulders shook. Ruggles regarded
her witha mixture of resentment and
relief; resentment' at her laughing
over a matter which iiad caused him
such mental .anguish, and relief that
so apparently sensible and clearheaded a person could find any source
of humor in so serious a situation as
his. Miss Elliot raised,her head ami
looked  at  him with  brimming  eyes.
"Please don't(1 mind my laughing,"
said shc. "but it' does seem so funny.".
"I wish it hit me that "way," Rugglcs answered, a little crossly. "What
In the "dickens'am T going"to do with'
'em? I've never laid eyes on 'em.
Thcy don't Jmow me from Adam.
Who told you about it?"
"Hamid Pasha, himself. You see,
Mr. Ruggles, we're both in .the same
to say what they were to have and
where they were to go, and lhat if
you disapproved, it might go very
hard with them. They're frightened
almost to death at .the mere "men tion
of your name."
"Gee!" Rugglcs muttered.
"You see," Miss Elliot continued,
"you are their bogey-man. I haven't
mads any actual threats, but I've
given them to understand that they'd
better be good if they want to be
happy. I'm sure we shan't havc any
trouble with them."
"Gee!���I hope so. But what arc
we going to do with 'em?"
"The first thing that we've got to
do with them," said Miss Elliot, with
decision, "is to get them the proper
European, clothes. I've had fitters
and cutters coming over here from
Pera for the last week, >and you may
have heard thc sewing machine buzzing away all day long for there havc
been two Greek seamstresses at work
in the haremlik. Thc girls love their
new clothes, and I'm sure they'll try
to act up to them, like most people
in these days���or any other days, for
that matter. I've been hard at work
giving them lessons in deportment���"
Miss Elliot dropped.her face into her
hands again, and once more thc
plump shoulders shook until Ruggles, who had been listening.to her
discourse, fascinated ..' and glue-eyed,
began to wonder if he ought not to
try to restrain her in some way. She
seemed to be on the point of shaking
herself apart.
"From the way you talk, you'd
think it was a regular picnic," said
he. "But after they get their clothes
and all that, what are we going to
do with 'em then? That's what I
want to know."
"Why, after that," said Miss Elliot,
touching her eyes again with her
handkerchief, "all we have got to do
is to find them suitable husbands. I
don't think there'll bc much trouble
about that. They're the prctMest
things you ever saw, and far more accomplished than the average American society girl. They all speak three
or four languages, and thcy are all
musical, and can all dance beautifully,
and arc ight and merry .and full of
fun and mischief. Besides, they've
got a dot of two hundred thousand
dollars each. I assure you, Mr. Ruggles, although I'm a graduate of Vas-
sar and managed to collar most of tlic |arr.ccc]
honors in my class, those girls, make j ^'^j^
me feel like nn ignoramus 'it times." '
"Well," said Ruggles, dryly, "don't
Wash Day and
^"ASH day is the least welcome day of the week in
most homes, though sweeping
day is not much better. Both
days are most trying
Tho strain of .washing, ironing and
sweeping;- frequently deranges tho
kidneys. Ths��� system is poisoned
and backaches, rheumatism; pains in
the limbs result.
Kidney action must. be. aroused���
the llvei"' awakened to action and the
bowpls regulated by such treatment
as Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
(This fayorlto prescription of the well-
known Recolpt Book author will not
fail you in the hour of need.
JVot Encouraging1
Male Immigration
Salvation    Army    Officer    Declares
Organization Awaits Soldier
Col. Charles A. Taylor, of the Salvation Army immigration department, in an interview at Toronto,
said: "It is not for us lo encourage
any male immigration until all the
soldicrs are re-c'stablished." Canada's
first business, he added, was to look
aflcr her returned men.
With reference to the Salvation
Army's immigration policy, Col. Taylor said: "It will be our policy to
encourage men who are agricultural
'aborws or those who arc prepared
to do woik on the farms. But it will
depend entirely upon the demand
that there is for such workers. The
wives of thc immigrants will bc sent
for after the husbands have been
established. We shall endeavor to
send'-to Canada the best class of
on the j people"
Col. Taylor said he was glad that
tlic Canadian government had
authorized the committee of the
Council of Women, but he did not
know the relation which thc Salvation Army would have tb it. During
lhc war the Salvation-Army had kept
its immigration machinery intact.
The Army was willing to co-operate,
provided that it was permitted to
work in its' own way.
How Railways
Are Swindled
One pill a dose, 25c a box at all dealers
���r Bdmanson, Bates & Co., Ltd., Toronto!
An Automatic Pilot
Insulated   Wire  Acts   as  Guide  for
Vessels Provided With Proper
! Electrical Apparatus
Accurate,   automatic   guidance   of
vessels through any and all weather
Tricks and Deceptions Which Invariably Come to Light And
Result in-Arrests and
Discussing the recent arrests of
.sleeping car conductors charged with
accepting money from passengers
for fares and not turning 'this money
over to the companies, a well-known
Western railway official made the
following statement:
"Frequent arrests of sleeping car
and train conductors by. railway companies in which fraud against the
company is exposed always, brings a
certain amount of adverse criticism,
the generally expressed opinion being that 'it is not fair to the employees to expose thcm to lhc temptation of detectives,' generally
known as spotters, who arc popularly supposed to board the trains and
offer the conductor an amount smaller than the regular fare to bc carried between certain  points.
"Recently telegraphic despatches
appeared in Milwaukee and Chicago
papers to thc effect that 'further arrests and disclosures were promised
for today iii an alleged $75,000 swindle whereby the Chicago, North
Shore and Milwaukee electric road
was the victim.'
"One of. the men arrested is the
manager of a film- agency, another
a film salesman and the third a conductor. The mode by which this
SAvindle was conducted is an old one;
the conductor simply neglected to
punch the tickets collected by him
and turned them over to a syndicate
of   his   friends   who  in    turn    resold
Protection By
Flood Lighting
Unexpected Result of the London
Railway Strike
One unexpected result of the London railway strike was to introduce
flood lighting to the British public in
two forms. At the Hyde Park milk
depot searchlights were employed to
assist in transport and in loading and
unloading. The ordinary army projector is rather a crude device for
this purpose, although it served well
enough in an emergency. The other
application was of a more orthodox
character. The roadway alongside
Lot's Road power station, from
which London's "underground railways arc worked, was flooded with
light from, projectors which enabled
thc sentries to scrutinize everybody
and everything that came near the
building. Whether any trouble was
contemplated by the strikers, or-not,
the flood lighting vvas an effective discouragement to any tendency in that
lhal our best plan would be
_ take thc girls lo Paris, where you
might  rent  a good-sized place  with
, ��� .. ia garden and    grounds just  outside
let it worry you any more than you the c;ty. Lady Chartcris suggested
can help. /I ve'been feeling that way Ncuiny- Then you must find some
all the time ever since I came out -wcii_connectcd wonum who migIu bc
1\cr��_\nd Ithought I was prctry hot;willi to ukc a id pos;lion as the
stuff when I was selling shoes for a girIs.__wcll  soda, gpdmothcr as onc
conditions into thc safe anchorage of j them to friends at reduced rates
*�����   :1iorNrti��    iirfMilsJ     lit! fill Aft tnrmKlir'  X\t\     In   ����� "/"">�� i��. ���>,      ^U ,-,�����*-.   +I.^i rt      *i''(Yn'.n     '/*/-\
"And don't let that worry you.'' retorted Miss Elliot briskly. "My father was the leading baker in Kansas City, and when - he marne:'. my
mother she was waitress in a Karvcv
eating-house on thc Santa Fc. But I
don't see'any reason in that for making me afraid of a quartette of pampered harem ladies. No, nor of any
of-this whole European outfit, Lord
Pembroke included���though he's the
only one 'that ever came anywhere
near making mc feel thc least bit raw;
because he's so kind^and natural, I
suppose. Listen, Mr. Ruggles; you
and I are Americans, and as such we
can make good where lots of other
people in our positron couldn't", because they'd be so hobbled and hog-
ticd by old traditions- that they
wouldn't dare assert themselves. Now
Hamid Pasha was a very wise old
man, and he rather felt that hc could
trust us to carry out his plans for
these girls more honestly and conscientiously than lots of people am
boat, more or less. Only you're the ong hjs acquaintance who had much
captain. Hamid Pasha's idea was that better positions in society than wc
the girls should be given the oppor- have. He has made you thc guar-
tumtics of. modern social conditions, > dian of thcir fortunes, and their well-
just as though they were American being, and hc has made mc thc guar
orv-English or  French.    Hc consul-jdian of their education
ered them only as-daughters���" 'It
was now Miss 'Elliot's turn to'blush
and her high color being richly reflected from Ruggles's face, there was
a blushing match which lasted for a
moment or two, and which Rugglcs
"Then, as I take it," said Rugglcs,
who had been curiously put at case
by thc momentary confusion of his
capable companion, "our job is to
take 'em to some civilized country
and get 'em respectably married off."
"Precisely,^     said      Miss      Elliot,
touching her eyes with her handkerchief. ���   ' ���
���"What do-they - think "about "the
scheme?" Ruggles demanded. '
"They're crazy' about it���" Miss
Elliot bit "her red lower lip. "Let me
tell you, Mr. Ruggles, that the girls
are merely lovable, mischievous children. When I explained to them the
plans_ for their futures, thcy began
jumping up and down and clapping
their hands, just as though I'd promised them some sort of a treat. I explained to them that they must be
very_ careful not to make you angry
or displeased, as it w"as now for you
and behavior
and we're both being mighty well
[paid for it. All we've got to do now
is to make good���and we're going to
do it, too." '  ' /
She leaned back with a rather flushed face and sparkling eyes. Ruggles
stared a*t her with an admiration too
deep for words. , ���
"Gee!���but that's thc talk," said he.
"Well, all 1 can-say is that you can
count on mc to do my,-share."
"Of course I can���and I do. Now,
Mr. Rugglcs I've been thinking a lot
about it and have talked to one or
two people���" She paused, a littic
disconcerted _by_ the_inlcnt_expression
in Ruggles's blue eyes.
"What did Dr Pembrokc-sav about
it?"-he asked. __._
"He - said���well"-���defiantly���"what
make you 30 sure that I went lo Lord
Pembroke about it?"
"Why shouldn't you?" Ruggles asked: "He's about the handiest person
around these parts to ask advice of."
""Yes���of course. I talked'it over
with him and with Lady Audrey
Chatteris, who came out here with
the British -Red Cross. Thcy both
advised about thc same thing.   They
A Nervous Wreck
How many business
men feel fagged out, nerv- -
ous, with a "soggy brain"
���worn out completely
before the day and ita
tremendous tasks are half
oyer? Try the right way!
Clean thc body first.That
will help your nerves,
youx_head and your circulation. Your .doctor will
tell you that anything
. from a headache or a
common cold to grippc.or a serious illness may result from
allowing food to ferment in the intestines. - Don't give the
body a chance to absorb the poisons. Remove the toxins
from the system and give the tissues of the body,aid to
resist, disease by taking an occasional laxative such as
castor oil, or a tiny pill made up of May-apple, aloin, jal#p,
and sold by most druggists as Dr. Pierce's PleaMnf; Pellets.
The kidneys and bladder suffer froin the wear and tear, -
and we get chronic inflammations sometimes. Indicated by
backache, painful voiding of water���dull, heavy feelings.
Perhaps the uric acid is stored up in the system in excessive
amount, and consequently when the urate salts are deposited in muscles and joints one suffers from lumbago (pain
in back), rheumatic pains, gout, etc.
Nothing will act so nicely as "Anuric" (anti-uric-acid),
a recent discovery of Dr. Pierce's which can be had at all
drug stores. "Anuric" washes away the poisons, cleanses
the bladder and kidneys���rendering them antiseptic���
consequently one 13 soon cured of lumbago, rheumatism,
gout, and the body is put into a clean, healthy state.
might say; somebody who could see
that thej'- met the better class of people' and madc nice acquaintances.
Thcy shall, bc introduced as Hamid
Pasha's adopted daughters, which
they really are. You yourself are
Hamid Pasha's * adopted son. I am
merely their governess-and companion."  You catch the idea?"
"S���sure," said Ruggles, with no
very violent accent of conviction.
"Well, then," continued Miss El-
Hot briskly, "that's' the general idea.
Of course, it's subject . to modifications,"
"Of course," Ruggles agreed.
"It shouldn't be so very hard," said
Miss Elliot meditatively. "You see,
you will havc an income of about���
about a hundred thousand dollars a
year, so the lawyers tell' me. That's
quite independent of the girls' mai-
riagc settlements. cA hundred thousand dollars is something over half a
million francs, and there's a lot of
back interest that hasn't been drawn,
and which is now lo your credit in
ithc Ottoman Bank. As soon as you
arc strong enough you must go over
there and establish your identity.
Lord Pembroke will go with you."   ���
"I'll go over tomorrow," said Ruggles. "I'm strong enough���all but my
"Well," said Miss Elliot reflectively, "I must.saj' that I think thc soon.-
er you go the better. Thc lawyers
sceined"*lb feel that tlicrc might be,
some disposition on the part of the
Ottoman Government to hold, back
Hamid's real and personal properly
here in,.Turkey. The Sheikh-ul-Is-
lam, who as Lord Pembroke says, is
a sort of Archbishop of Canterbury,
is after this place already, and thc
chances are thai it would be easier
to let it go than to 'tiy to hang on
to it. Thcre'd be no cnd_of_lroublc.
No;"Mr".-Ruggles, so far as 1 have
been able to find out, thc sooner we
leave here the better."
"I guess you're right," Ruggles
agreed. "They might try to hold up
thc girls"���he was entering rapidly
into the moral sense of his protectorship of these helpless damsels.
"I'd just like to see 'cm try," snapped Miss Elliot pugnaciously. "Those
girls arc in our care now,, and anybody who tries to interfere will think
he's fallen into a steam thresher."
Rugglcs stared at her admiringly
and felt his own confidence beginning
to return. Hc would not himself care'!
to bc the person to interfere, he
thought,'"as hc took note of thc vital
face with its steady, comprehending
eyes and resolute chin.
1 harbor would unquestionably bc an
improvement in ocean navigation and
the change is promised by an invention described the other day by the
prcsidenL of the Biitish Association.
Germany is credited with" the initial
work, designed to provide a means
for guiding her submarines through
mine fields, and British inventors are
said lo havc made it practicable for
surface vessels in times of peace. To
put it briefly, an insulated wire laid
on the bottom of thc sea acts as a
guide for vessels provided with proper electrical apparatus, so that the
path indicated by thc wire can be followed in thc dark, and the vessel
come into port almost as if shc trav-
Yoting- man, beware of the girl
ed possible to provide such guidance
continuously for SO miles makes the
invention immediately practicable for
Worth More Than When Purchased
Discussing the disposal of the old
Winnipeg exhibition buildings, a civic
committee was told by the building
inspector that the lumber would now
be worth more than was originally
paid for the material. Alderman H.
Gray said that lumber bought 32 years
ago is worth more today than it was
actually sold for then, and. instanced
a local transaction to prove it.   ��;
Constipation Care
A druggist says t Tor nearly
thirty year* I hare commended
the Extract of Roots, known as
Mother Seigel's Curative Syrnp, for
the radical cure of constipation
and indigestion. It ic' an old
reliable remedy that never fail*
to do the work." 30 drops
thrice daily. Get tha Genuine,
at druggist*. a
Four Thousand Canadians
Will.Have Decoration
Special Honor to be Given Men Who
Were Mentioned in
In ' connection with the despatch
from London that it was contemplated that those who were mentioned
in despatches during the war should
have permission to wear a small oak
leaf on the'ribbon of the victory
medal, it is estimated that four
thousand Canadians would be entitled to this extra decoration. It
has been suggested that the Maple
Leaf would be more appropriate for
Canadians than the Oak Leaf and it
is probable that some effort would
bc madc to-have the Maple Leaf
authorized for Canadian.usc.
Only a short timc ago a conductor on a Canadian  railway was  dismissed from the service for a swindle of the same kind.      It took no
spotters nor experienced     detectives}
to  catch this man.    A clerk in  onc |
of  thc departments  of  thc  company
applied to his principal for a reduced
rate to" a point one hundred    miles
distant.    As   thc   clerk  had   been   in
thc employ of thc company only four
months  hc was  not entitled,    under
thc rules, to a reduced rate and was
told this by thc head of the department.   He (the,clerk) remarked, 'Oh,
that's all right; I can get it through j
my aunt.'   Naturally, the head of the!
department began to think. He wondered  who was  this  aunt   that  she
Look at tongue! Remove poisons from little stomach,
liver and bowels
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only���look for the name California on
could break down the rules of the jthe package, then you arc sure your
company and with apparent ease. He j child is liaving  the best    and  most
[reported   the   circumstances   to    his
will  hardly be allowed to wait long
for adoption. "   " ��
Take "Cascarets" if sick.
Bilious, Constipated.
harbor entrances; and the cost is so | superior officer who in-turn made.a
definitely a form of insurance against .'report to thc ticket auditing depart-
loss'of ship and cargo that the idea;ment.    It was easily found out that
thc -clerk boarded with his aunt as
did also the train conductor on thc
run 'between those two points. The
'aunt was asked to come to the office
-of the auditor and at once confessed
that she had been the broker between the conductor and friends of
hers whom she could trust. It took
no spotters nor detectives for that
1 "The fare between stations A and
B is five dollars. A man who frc-
; qtiently traveled between those two
stations one day said to the conductor: 'Why not make a split on this
fare. I go over the road cvery week
and you might as well havc it as
the company.'
"Half fare was agreed on and the
traveler paid the conductor two-fifty,
This went for two weeks and onc
day the man said, 'I don't intend lo
pay -yott-two-fifty- any -more���.���Here
is one-fifty.' The conductor demurred, but lhc man told him he could
Prize Shorthorn f IieTr, li!ke .that or noU;i"g- fHe ttook
it.    I hat price was paid for two trips
Cattle Change Hands  then one dollar, then fifty cents and
. ��� tlicn     tilc    crowning  of it all  came
Sale  Held By  the Western  Canada uvhen  a  cigar  was   tendered.       The
?>.��... ............���.���������.���c~������a������<��'.."��"#*.."����."����*..��..��."....-��
Enjoy, life! Straighten up! Your
system is fi'Icd with liver and bowel
poison which keeps your skin sallow
your stomach upset, your head dull
and aching. Your meals are turning
into poison and you can not f el
right. Don't slay bilious-or constipated._ Feel splendid always by taking Cascarets occasionally. Tlicy
act without griping or inconvenience
Tlicy never sicken you like Calomel,
Salts, OH or nasty, harsh pills. Thev
cost- so -iittie,_too "������"" Cascarets work
while you sleep.
harmelss laxative or physic for the
little stomach, liver and bowels.
Children love its delicious fruity
taste. Full directions for child's dose
on each bottle. Give it without fear.
Motherl You must say "California."
Canada's Army Abroad
To Shut Up Shop Shortly After the
New  Year
The    department    of the  overseas,
militia forces in London, which  had,past that has cost them so dear."
Heligoland Fortress
The   Most   Notorious   and   Sinister
Speck of Land in the World
; The Manchester Guardian, com-
(nienting on the change that is being1
I made in Heligoland which proved of
such great service to Germany in
thc war, says: "Thc change which
dug a huge fortress a. hundred' feet
deep in thc cliffs, covered them with
gun emplacements, and girdled them
with a labyrinth tof walls fifty feet
thick was a more than doubtful
blessing, and Heligoland must have
found her transformation into the
most notorious and sinister speck of
land in the world a severe strain on
her zeal for thc Fatherland. When
the war actually came her fishermen
were exiles, for they were one and
all shipped off to the mainland and
the island was given over to the gulls
and the gunner. It is now thrown
open again, and a beginning has
been made���with thc dismantling of
its mighty forts. The inhabitants will
cheerfully see the last of the guns,
and apparently thcy would like, too,
to be quit of German taxation; but
they" hope, quite reasonably, that the
island's final disappearance may be
at least delayed by leaving the great
seawalls the Germans built. This
might well be done, for Heligoland
so long as it lasts will "be a lodestar
for the curious, and there would be
a certain rough justice in the fact
of its people profiting in the future
by the world's interest in its sinister
Shorthorn Breeders' Club
at Brandon
One  hundred  and two   Shorthorn
cattle brought a total  of $51,985 at
thc second annual sale held by thc
J Western Canada Shorthorn Breeders'-
Club at Brandon, Manitoba, recently.
The average price for females    was
J aboul $487 and $810 for bulls.     The
"Gee!  but you make me  feel  bet- i ''"fihest priced animal  was  Lavender
ler aboul this job," said he.   "1 wish < 47th, sold by John Barron, Carbcrry,
I'd .met,you sooner;, it would  have
saved me a lol of worrying."
Miss Elliot smiled encouragingly.
"Well," said she, "you're nol to worry
any more, but to get well as fast as
you can. As I said a few minutes
ago, Mr. Ruggles, we arc both in the
same boat. You must know that
Hamid I'.isba left nic in his will about
twenty-five thousand dollars, with the
request that 1 continue to act in thc
capacity of governess, for which ser-[
vice I am to bc paid onc hundred and
fifty dollars a month by thc trustees
of his estate. Your position is of
course, a Httlc different onc, because
you havc nothing more to gain in a
financial way by devoting yourself to
thc carrying out of his wishes."
(To Bc Continued.)
Mining and Lumber Districts Busy
. Considerable activity prevails in
many oi thr towns on thc Crows
Xest line of thc Canadian Pacific
Railway! Their principal' industries
���coal and timber ��� arc very busy
and providing employment for a
very large number of men. The two
towns- oi Coleman and Blairmore
now have a weekly payroll of between $80,00 and $100,000, says a correspondent of the Herald of Lethbridge, Alberta.
There arc too many men in the
world who are not content with wasting their own time.
Wise is the man who lauglis at the
pointless jokes of his wife.
Manitoba, to C. G.. Bceching, of Dc
Winton, Alberta, the price being
$5,000. A few hours aftcr Mr. Bceching had purchased this heifer he was
offered $8,000 for the same animal���
an increase of $3,000 on his bargain,
Mr. Bceching,-however, declined this
offer, stating that hc did not want to
sell but intended showing thc heifer
at thc Chciago Livestock show. Star
of Hope, judged grand champion at
Brandon and Saskatoon summer fairs,
was sold for $2,500 to M. L. Kelson,
of Midalc, Sask.
There was a great livalry between
Canadian and American buyers for
the best animals, Canadian stockbreeders wishing lo retain such prize
stock for the improvement r��f their
own herds.
conductor said, 'This has gone too
far now. You can pay full fare or
get off!'"
'"Get oft, will I? You put me off
and sec what will happen to you.'
"Thc result. Thc man rode for
nothing. Not only that, he would
send his card to this conductor with
'Jim, this man is al! right.' Finally
Jim got to the breaking point, went
to the auditor and confessed, and
asked. tb... have, the man. prosecuted
for offering bribes.
"A short timc ago a hotel in Montreal was raided under a search warrant on suspicion of being thc headquarters of illegal ticket selling.   Of-
chargc of the affairs of Canada's
army abroad, will shut up shop shortly after the new year, Sir Edward
Kemp has stated. The minister of
the overseas forces said that.at the
present time the department was only
retaining sufficient staff to complete
the records and wind up thc business.
Only about a thousand Canadian soldicrs now remain in England, some
undergoing treatment in hospitals,
some wailing until their dependents
are able to cross thc sea. The fighting Canadian corps and almost all the
organizations which-helped~to maintain ils efficiency, has been disbanded.
Woman Judge Lectures
The Women's and Children's Court
iu Edmonton, and her work in connection with it, was thc subject of a
lecture given lately in Hamilton by
Judge Emily Murphy. She ascribed
much crime to thc drug habit, and
said she hoped in the near future to
start a crusade against d^ugs. She
also spoke of deplorable housing conditions in both slum and country districts.
Canada's Work For Soldiers
An army of soldiers trained thoroughly in the arts of peace constitutes
part of Canada's reconstruction program, and shc is now fitting 19,290
disabled soldicrs for the duties of
civilian life. Col. Hugh Clark, M. P.,
parliamentary secretary, says that
tne investment of $57,000,000 for thc
fiscal year, which makes it possible
to offer a seven months' course in
vocational training to_these_men, is.a
national investment, since it encourages thc disabled soldiers fo become
prodticets, and restores their independence. During tiie training course
thcy receive from $60 to $150 monthly.
Thc provinces of Manitoba and
Saskatchewan import annually from
Pennsylvania about half a million
tons of anthracite or haid coal for
domestic fuel, and send out of the
country,, therefore, more than four
million dollars.
Running may or may not bc hcalth-
���.    , ��� �� , ful exercise; it may depend on what
"And you tell me several men pro- -    �����,..,;������. ,.���.,
. *      .��� ., I is  chasing  you.
posed marriage to you?" hc said, savagely.
"Yes several," thc wife replied.
"Well, I only wish you had married the first fool who pioposed."
"I did."
AVorry is the   undesirable thoughts
a fellow can't help thinking.
Wlien a man has no more money to
burn his old flames soon desert him.
Negro Miner Dined
On Diamonds
In Central Africa in the diamond
mines of Dc Beers some timc ago a
negro miner swallowed 21 diamonds,
weighing 347 carats. As thc stones
wcrc worth from $350 to $500 each,
this little Afiican dinner cost thc
mine owners $105,000. An X-ray installed at thc mouth of thc mine is
now used on the miners as they leave
for thc day.   When there is evidence
.   , ���    .. . I that diamonds havc been swallo%vcd,
A iamotts woman novelist was once;   ....... .     ,......,,..,...   .-������..
a strong emetic is administered. De-
asked why shc had not married. "T
have thrcfc things about the house,"
she said, "which represent so closely
the characteristics of the average
man that I don't want any more of
"What do you mean?"' her friend
"Well," the-novelist replied. "I've
got a' dog that, growls all the morning a parrot that swears all, the
afternoon, and a cat that stays out
all night."
spite these , precautions, thc mine
owners lose about Svc million dollars
in diamonds each year.
Not Aspirin at All without the "Bayer Cross"
Increase Wanted
Permission to increase the charge
for heating- refrigerator cars carrying
carload shipments of perishable
freight from onc cent to 17j�� cents
per iiile is being asked by the railways from thc Board of Railway
W.      Hi      u.
2      Co
of Ii
Conscience doesn't make
literary romancers.
The aim�� "Bayer" identifies ihe
oaljr mnnine Aspirin,���the Aspirin
|>re"Berlhed bj physicians for overnise
t��ea years and sow made ia Canada, j tia. Joint Piin*,' and Pain ge&er&lly
Jgj**?* feay.an unbroken pack_��e
-��f "Bayer Tablets of Aspiria'^which
tantaios piop*r direcUoas fof Ootii,
Headache, Tcothacac, Bunch*. K��u-
ralgia, Ltuafciffo, Rheumatism, 2?euri-
Tia borea of 12 tablats osa* bik
fllewcenis. LMger'TayM'-'padbigeft.
Xfeere Is ��mly one A^pfcria��-"Sajre?M���Tan sraafc *sy "Pay*?"
AspiriB t* ti�� trade stark Crtgietertf la Cosafis) o* Bar*r WESSfsetsri ef X��=��-
acaUeaddMter of SeUcyllcietA. WIiSl* le la trail Sowwa that A*plrtn iscssc Btyw
dMafMtera, to sjubrt tbe jrablla ejalfirt talUUosi, t&�� f%fcl��ts el Bar��r C*s?����?
jjritl ��3 r��*ssj>94 witfe ts��tr f��crrM tr*S* ��w% ��fce "Snpw ��w*��"
otiisSSsJ;^^ THE LEDGE
Is $;> a year strictly in  advance,   or $2.50
when not paid for three months.    If not
paid for until the end of the year it is $3
It is always ��2.50 a year to  the United
States in advance.
Editor and Financier-
Skating Rink Opens
Delinquent Co-Owner Notice* $35.00
Coal and Oil Notices     7.00
Estray Notices 3.00
Cards of Thanks     1.00
Certificate of Improvement..  12.50
(Where more than one claim appears if notice, $5.00 for each additional claim.)
All other legal 'advertising, 12'CenU a
line first insertion, and 8 centt a line for
each subsequent in��ertlon, nonparlel
Business locals I2_^c. a line"e��ch in-
The blue cross meant that
your subscription ia dna, and
that the editor would be plaattd
to have more money.
Din you  ever  see a dumb dog?
Take more air.    It does not cost
. truing.
ie man in the  woods does not
-������ coal strike.
wv iis hope that nobody will be
5'���<���; in the Slocan this winter by
If the world comes to-an end on
December 17, we will not return
to Greenwood next spring.
At a meeting of citizens held in
the Rink last week "The Greenwood "Winter Sports Club" was
formed and . the following officers
were appointed: Pres.. Wm.
Bryant; Vice-Pres., R. Taylor;
-Sec.-Treas., Win. Smith; Finance
Committee, D. McPherson, H. McKee, Wm. Smith; Ice  Committee,
Applications for permits to graze livestock
on the crown range witliin each grazing district of the Province of British Columbia must
be Bled with the district foresters at Cranbrook,
Fort George, Kamloops,.Nelson,Prince Rupert,
\>       tut..*** n       t->      /-1   ��� ^.   I Vancouver  and Vernon  or with the Commis-
K-.     Murray,      U-.     B.    Grieve,     R.   sioner of Grazing, Parliament Buildings,  Vic-
��� toria, B.C., on or before February 29th, 1920.
Dl 1. /  i-t-..   ._ . !*. ~ .:
What is the name of the lady in
l^T'lson who lost her diamond ring
v.-hen she was chopping -wood for
ihc kitchen stove?
Prrv the unfortunate people in
She South. They never see a real
hockey game, or get a chance to
break their necks on a toboggan
During November one person
was killed and 14 seriously injured
]->y auto accidents in San Diego.
J'Tothi-jg like this ever . happensr in
Boundary .Falls. .'. .."       ..'        -    ���
Wood, T. Knight, P. Docksteader,
II. Royce and J." Hallett. It is
the intention of the club to operate
the rink during the winter on the
condition laid down by the directors, viz., the protecting of the insurance which is $60.00.
Season tickets will be: Gentleman (sixteen or over) $5.00;
Ladies 83.00; Children under sixteen, $1.50 each. When more than
two children in a family $1.00
each. General admission, adults
25c, children loc. Skating hours,
afternoon 3 to 5 o'clock; evening
7.30 to 9.30 o'clock.
The rink opened Monday evening, the ice being in splendid condition. It is to be hoped that tbe
citizens of Greenwood will patronize this place of amusement and in
so doing will help to encourage the
boys, who have undertaken the
work of giving all who "can, a
chance to enjoy this favorite winter pastime.
Blank forms upon which to submit applications may be obtained front the District Foresters at the above named places or from  the Department of Lands at Victoria, B.C.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands, Victoria, B. C,
December 5th, 1919.
Spspsh of
land Act Amensfmenis
Dealer in
Orders Promptly Filled
Agents for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hudson,
Chalmers, Cadillac cars, and Republic
truck motors Garage in connection.
'"' Jt snowed in Los Angeles, November 27, and the orange trees at
Riverside were, white with the
Beautiful. Must be the fault of
the spot on the sun,.        ���.
Ia the Similkameen Land District, Recording
District of Fairview; and situate East of
and adjoining Lot 1028-
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Graser,
of Boundary Falls in said District, occupation,
Rancher, intend to aoply for permission to
purchase the following- described Muds:
Commencing' at a post planted at the
South-East corner of Lot 1028; thence North 20
chains; thence East 20 chains; tlience South 20
chains; aiid thence West 20 chain's, and containing' 40 acres more or less, the same cob^
utilized for grazing purposes.
Dated at  Bouudnrv Falls,   B.C.,' November
17th,1919. \
Dealer in Farm Produce, Railroad Ties,
Cedar Poles, and Fence Posts, Farm and
Fruit Lands For Sale. List your . lands
with me,    Have a buyer, for good ranch.
Minimum prlc. of flrst-claa�� tend
reduced to $6 an acra; eecond-olasa to
J2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to ��ur-
veyod lands only.
Recordi will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purpose*
And which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but eaoh making
necessary improrements on respective
claims. ' %
Pre-emptor�� must oooupy claims for
five years and make Improrements to
value of |10 per acre, Including clearing and cultivation of at least! acres,
before, receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$800 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained in
(ess- than 6 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, lf he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land. ��
Unsurreyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions;
For grazing and industrial purposes
area* exceeding 4-10 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land .not exceeding 40 acres
may be purcKased; conditions include
payment of stumpage.
Natural   hay   meadows   inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased -
conditional upon .construction of a road
to them!   Rebate of one-half of cost of
road,  not exceeding half of purchase '������
price, is made. ��
FRONT ST..      NELSON.'a BOX 8(53
(Expert Optician)
K. W. C Block        -       -      NelMS
r,       ���
~ V
Culameeit Sstel
���       ,- . ��� \ '
On* of th* largest hotels In
tke city.   Boaatifttl location,
fine rooms and tasty meals.
REL10R, B.C.
Jtteoly fwnishad r*onu, by the
dey, vrMk or rmonth
Hilton A RIImb Proprietors
Buy Your Winter Clothing Now
We Have A Complete Line of
Mackinaws   and Mens   and  Childrens  Woolen
~ and  Rubber Goods
A full line of Christmas goods will arrive shortly
Fresh and Cured Meats always in" Stock
Ship us your hides.   We pay cash and remitfpromptly.
Midw^y,B C>
AH Work Guaranteed
Morrison Block, GRAND FORKS, I.C.
j ACT.
The scone of this Act is enlarged to
Hn^&,?�� Majesty;, /ore...    Th.
* * ���*! 4-rfr 4* ����� + *'��fr& * *
This .winter.'tourists will spend
$225,000,000. in California. With
proper advertising and. accomodations B. C. should get nearly that
much from tourists every summer.
The dream of 50 years was realized in San Diego on December
1-pfc, when the-first trans-confcinent-
V; a! train over theSan Diego & Ari-
.. zona railway pulled into~ that city.;
The event, was celebrated - for- a.
week in a wild and. enthusiastic
manner. ... ���,.'""    .' '   ������   '-..- - '..'���", ..
��� It does not look as though'peace
���was yet eternal'..-,. In. one. day  re-
_ cently there were 7.0 .wa'r::vessels' iri
���'fjhe/ii.'i s b:>r at San , Diego.- ��� Oae" of
.;.  . was the "-New.. Zealand.on'ita
".-;.' .1 round the  world;... It carries
'.--'w of nearly 900 men, and. will
". i; on Adodiral.; Jellicpe^'ai"Hat-
,V.i.;' The southern   people   were
.j.'iui'i'a- disappointed   at   not   been
v;b:o to'see Jellicoe. ���      ���",-.'''���'������..
;���   iXi{xyXK,lsy-XiXy-'  yr
1st.Germ: ; .They're going 66 reduce1 the sizeIof paper mbriey.,.
-    2nd. Germ: ; ���Well,   where- .we
goin,  to-live? .. It's 'overcrowded
now..- -   -.--'.-'...''   '.-.-."'     - .;'--"
T^ rj LOAT is not a periodic-  y
,    r - al." It is a book con- ^*
��g* taining 86 illustrations all
- told,  and  is    filled    with
. sketches   and . stories   of
j? western life.    It tells how.
"P a gambler cashed in after ^
<^�� the flush days of Sandon ; y��
Jk" how it rained:in"New Den- *s*
time within which the h��ira or devisees
oi a deceased pre-emptor may apulj
for title under this Act Is extended
trom tor one year from the death ot
such person, a. formerly, until on*
year after the conclusion of the present
war.: Tht. privilege is also made retroactive.
No fee. i;elatlnsr to pre-emptions ar;
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June it, UU
Taxes are remitted for five year..
Provision for return of. moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
���4, I��14, on account of payments, fee*
or taxes on soldiers' .pre-emption^,.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or oity lots, held by members ot
Allied forces, or dependents, acquired
direct ot indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 11. IS JO.
Provision    made
^ ver long after. Noah  was ��_?��
��- dead; how a'parson took a ����s
*?: drink  at Bear, Lake   in - jl,
"T early, days;   how   justice 'a
��j��., was dealt, in Kaslo in '93; j"
��|�� how . the saloon .man out-  y
A prayed the women in Kala- 4^.
�� mazoo, and graphically de-  ��!{���
'-J? picts the   roamings    of a.^
-���4* western editor amorig the X
����� tender-feet in the.cent belt.  T*
��|��. It contains the early history ��� *>*
A, of Nelson and a   romance
A"; ���c*'- *^e. Silver King mine
In if are. printed . three; ��2��
A;'western-poems, and'.dozens , j,
jX , ot .articles; too numerous, jf;
^ to miention. .Send for one' y-
"��*. before at: is too. late.. The &
��$��.; price   is. 50 Veents,  post- ��}���
paid;'to "any:part of. ;the
world. Address v all letters tO;"";,' -'.-.-' -""''":
4�� ������  GREENWOOD, B.. G
*f* 4* *?��� 4* *$* ��f*,f,*f*,|'*?'*l��^'4t
15 to 60 Watt Lamps���50c each,
lOO Watt Lamps--$L25 each.
60 Watts
100 V"
200  :���'
���X y ''XX' JV:#$I_^5?eactit:i
Batteries Charged Repaired and Stored for;; Winter
curchwe, involvlnjr forfeiture, on ful-
ftllraent of condition, of purohM.-in-
t.r��ji and tax... Where sub-pur^Ml
er. do not claim whole of orlgTnS^lJ:
cet, PWyW Drice du. and t���� S^i
��* distributed proportionately SS
whole   are*.-.-   ApplKatlona   murt   iJS
development of lfv^tock^ndS^io-
videa for grazing di9tricta and r����a ~
administration under . Ccmiffi
Annual grazing, permits-lssucsd baaei���
on numbers ranged; priority for established . owners. Stock-ownera may
form Aasociat tons for range. manaiel
ment. Free, or partially fFee, per^ta
tor settlers, campers or traveuW ud
to ten head.' _ ��� . U"
made by May
Oraalnr. Act,  19J>;, for
development of In
Send'a Float to yourjfriends'at
Christmas. You can get them it
The Ledge office.
Get your job printing at The
Ledge, before ^'the paper is nil
the , latest   methods   in   hlgh-clas.
Corner Abbott & Hastings Street..
VANCOUVER.   -   -   -   BX.
<16 Vsnitc St.. nelioo
Brick bmildiag and fln.ly fr.rnlihedfroom.
JOHN BLOAIEIta    -   -  Prosrietor
B. TT. WIDDOWSOU, At��ft7��T and
Caamist, Bex tiioS, Naleon, B. C.
Charges:���Oold, Silver, Lead or Copper.
ti each. Oaii-ailv��r ti.50. Silver-Lead
t*.o�� 81lver-Lead-Xlnc 53.00. Charges
far ataar metals, *t����� ������� enp] icatlon.
The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Auto and Horse Stages
Leave Greenwood Twice
Daily to Meet Spokane and
Oroville Trains
Autos Tor Mire.   The Finest
Turnouts in the Boundary.
Light and Heavy Draying
Palace   Lherj. And
W.   H.   DOOKSTEA.DEE, Ppop.
P. Burns & Co.? Ltd.
Home of  Shamrock Bacon,   Haw.  and Lard
Kgg-s,   Cheese   and   Fish   of   all   Varieties
V 31
The number of telephone, in tma yraviBaa baa aaen iaarcaa-
V ing rapidly of late/and natarally, particalarlj in tha dtita,
there is more telephoning. With; aaany nara aaen, ii ia no
wonder that telephones are more aftan ia af*. Thianutybe
one of the reasons why Centzal my, "Una's aaay," aote aftan
- thau formerly. Remember it i. taaiar aa4 mora oanTaai.at far
Central to complete than t�� tall yen tka H?�� ie ��aay.
Mlka^UM tLUJU.'UMl L.
Offices, Smelling and Refining Department
- V
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
Producers   of   Gold,    Silver,   Copper,   Bluestone,   Pig  Lead   and Zinc
The WINDSOR HOTElS is heated with steam
and electricity. Fine sample rooms. ��� A comfortable home foK tourists and travellers? V Touch the
wire if you wane rooms reserved; The buffet is
replete with cigars, cigarettesi cooling beverages,,
buttermilk and ice-cream.
O t
���fa .
Cbe fiume fiotel
nelson, B.e.
The only^op/to^date Hotel in the interior,
in every respect,
Hot and Cold Water; Steam Heat and Telephone in
each room.
First Class Cafe and Barber Shop
Steam Heated;  Electric Lighted.
RATES S1.00 per day and up; European Plan.
Bus Meets all Trains and Boats.    J _
! For Good
Job Printing
V       ;     TO EN?) OF DECEMBER, 1��17
..Has prodbced Minerals valuedW,follows:   Flaoac Gold, 975,1 It, 10f; Lode
���''';-Gold, 193,717,974; Silver/Sis^S.Tei; Lead,839;368,H4; Oopper,^l*0,597,C20;-
.    OihW Mefeals  (^ Coal and Coke,   0174,*U,65S;
'v.BaHding Stone,' Brick, i Cement;; etc.,  $27,902,381; making It* Miueral Prod bo- '_:'
.  '-   tion.to^ the end.of 1917 shovf an.;: ,.,,' ' .    '  \'
;X;Xy% Aggregate Value of $595,571,107
Production for tear EndihgDecember, 1917, $37,010,392
The   Mining   Laws of" this  Province are^. more liberal and th�� f*as lowsr
than those of.any other Province in the Dominiop,  or any eoloaj la tka  British
"" Empire.-  -"���>������'     ���;."
'��� , ^Mineral locations are granted tp^^ discoverers for nominal fass. \
'\-:L;".'"-v:.,-'."Vv.Ab8olnt6-- Titlesara  obtained .by developing auch properties, fes Mearit/
VI ;'"���^.;qi'which is'gbaranteed by Cfown.Grahte. ���/;^;; ; ^^ '
._; Fall information, together, with mining Reports and Map*, m*y fas ob&a!a*d
."-'".".':-:' gratis by addressing���yi ...".. XZi.i":-   " '
xx:y3y'��':&xy THE MIKISTE8 OF SINES
���Economy and Satisfaction %
combined with Promptness %
are the features which go to %
make up the Service we give %
our customers. Are you H
one of them?
.-*���*������ ��� '.ry-- i
______!'���:': "������"'�����
38 ��|
��� a
(Ruledor Plain)" ���     ,
Envelopes^ Billheads,
7 *+m
(All Sizes)
J   =3
Etc. I
| The Ledge _
B     GREENWOOD        Job Printing Department    3
iiittuumiiiuiuuumiiu -iiiiuuuuiuuiiuui imuauuiiiaiK


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